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 ������������MiiwsfiHHiiiffifflffl^  " ""J ' "!" ���������^~r~<���������r;  ���������Aii;:.V' ���������:'.':''/ j.j ' .v.. J"/,*  it  E  \y  ������  f     ?V v.;.''.? :*.- i.-i.J^i-^.uii&j'i'jiil  x%^...  '������  Vol.III., No. 22.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY, OCTOBER, 6, 1911  tfiiKT.1  ^jTeiH^^ ;  # A good tea, that continues good  f is a good- tea to continue to buy  | SUNBEAM TEA is that  f j Kina or a g  *  <������*; Blended and packed expressly for my  own trade. ','.'     *'. ),..    .      .  <%*y���������'    ;-r���������- ���������-���������   ������������������     / -"-'      ,- ,~..'.mf. ill-^���������l���������^^^ZJ^^tfaM^i^:;^^������^Jt���������^������������������;.^^;  <> )��������� '.. - ,. ���������    .      ^������������������~*-J";, .->.- -,. ^ .������._-' rife  '.*  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  lift-pw ^r^^6^^6r?$#^#$^������##$^*#S^^;  GOT THIRSTY DURING THE '  !      . ���������    'NIGHT.  On Wednesday evening 'last .a  temporary citizen of Mission City  created one of those thirsts that  .won't come off unless properly*  receiving medical aid. In this case  it was dedircd to quench the thirst  rather than the medical aid and he-  gained admittance to the In-lie >ue  Hotel bar byN breaking one of ihe  windows. He was caught in the  act without being aole to gratify -his ambition ana obliged ui ...he  jau over night.  In publishing1 the lolloping .we  do bo wichout accepting any responsibility as to \i;ue arucie an-'l  at the sanu t>me hoping sincere iy  lhac Lhe writer is absolutely mia-  taken that any true: spj.i w^u u  attempc to break up pur ..football  itam.  The  following is addressed  'To  Sportman Only���������  '���������What right has ijne football  club that is being prganized to call  thLmjelvea the Abootsford .Club?  ,\\ ha^ are they trying to break up  other ctubc for by trying lo gee  playerB. Let them (get . players  iiom, their own town. If they can  nut they 'must stop the silly idea  auogei.ht.'r of trying to spoil a  "very good oub alt-Lady loriuuu.  "A   Lover   of  Sport.','  The little isix-year old daughter  of Mr. T. B. &triton, of Straiton;  who had the misfortune to be crush  ed by a wagon, is recovering very  rapidly, and it is fondly hoped Bhe  .will have fully recovered isoon.  SUMAS FARMER3' INSTITUTE   OOt)      ���������  A Farmers' Institute was organ  ized last spring and noiw has a  membership of eighty-five farmers  of the district who purchase their  slumping powder 'direct frc-m the  factory .thus mak'ng a great saving in the clearing of the land; the  spray, seed (grain and dairy .feed  are also'purchased'atlower prices  Mr. J ames Nelson the - secretary!  visited the Westminster - (Fair thsi  week for the purpose of purchasing some thoroughbred etock for  the improving of -the herds of the  members. The institute is under  government inspection, and pay  50  cents  per- (member.  All  roads lead to Abbotsford, success  and happiness.  A   NEW BUSINESS  I> new stoie is being built on  Essendene Avenue E.. land will oe  ready   for   occupation ishortly.  There are iseveral i-umors as ito  what the new business will be and  as to whom tho new manager will  be.   0   MOVING HIS BUSINESS  Rumor has it that our barlur  Mr. Isenor. wjll move into the now-  vacant store on Essendene Avenue  E., next to 'the B. 0. E. <-R. track  The new preniirfea will be corn ���������  modicu3  and pleasantly, situated.  Mrs. James Nelson ^Visited the  ."Westminster,, fail'   on  Thursday,  THE CANADIAN PARLIAMENT  Tho "British Columbia Magazine,"  of September has a fine article copied  from McClure's which-undertakes to  explain the difference/between Canadian and American, governments and  is well worthy the. perusal of all 1 who  took an interest in the' recent election,  and particularly the."Annexation Cry."  The article claims that the United  States which says that; It "is a government by. political parties" is not ac-  ' coi'ding -to the Canadian - view a government by political parties. Then the  article starts in to eulogise the Canadian government and. its methods 'in  comparison with that ..of the United  States'. We take -the following extracts from the,'article, the whole article being to our mind an excellent  reason why the people7pf;Canada- would  never annex to the' United States, unless that-country, adopted our consti  tution.1   Read-the following:  "Why," said a Canadian publicist,  "if you Americans have a government  by parties, tell me what party is run-  - ning your government now?" "And indeed, what party is running, our .government-now? The present situation  at Washington ^affoeds a perfect example of the- contrast between the  Canadian political system and~our own.  "For do we not read that the Democrats are. in 'control'"of the, House,  the Republicans in-'control' of the Senate, and that a Republican President  ,'sits in the chair "of Washington" and  .Lincoln? Our/Senate and House must  come to an agreementon -bills before  the congress- passes them;- and "even  ,.tl>r������7p^!Stt'- .President, max ...veto..., these  bills. ,        -,  , '  '  - "Even if those in the. House .who are  ���������termed Democrats were in full accord  ���������on-policies and laws,,'and if the same  were true of "those in--the Senate who  -are termed Republicans,.' still    there  would- be.no. party  'agreement - that  . would.- pass   any   law- .through . Congress or adopt any- programme as a  party  policy.:   For,    even    supposing  party solidarity' in House and. Senate,  yet a different party in in 'control' of  each.- house."      .-     ���������   ���������  . The article then continues and tells  about   the"  party   caucus   and   shows  how the .United Slates cannot have a  party caucus to determine party politics, but says  of the Canadian  "For  a Canadian party, caucus is a caucus  in deed.  A Real  Party Caucus.  "The members of Canada's Congress  are present; the members of the Cabinet are present as such, .and as accepted party leaders; the Premier himself is there, as Premier and as the supreme party chieftain. This caucus,  thus constituted, threshes the whole  matter out. It determines the party's  policy and course of action. The executive and legislative act together.  They are one, practically, speaking.   ���������  No such caucus is possible with us.  Our two houses of Congress are separate and independent, and of almost  equal legislative power; the executive  is separate from- and independent of  both: and so. there can be no singleness of party action and responsibility.  So, in Canada, there is a party solidarity such as we know nothing of,  and can know nothing of, under our  system; for in Canada, it is the party  which governs all the time. Canada's  legislative and executive welded into  into a single governing unit; the Premier and his Cabinet, also members of  the House.and both" of them merely  the manifestations and instruments of  the party in power���������a unity of party  thought and purpose results, as impossible under our system as it is foreign to our notions.  "At the supreme head of this strictly party government, stands the Canadian Premier. Not only is he in reality the executive head of the nation,  not only is he also the legislative  leader on the floor of the House, but  also he is, in a literal sense, the political head of his party.  "It is as if our American President  the Speaker of our House under the  old rules, the leader of the Senate under the ancient regime, and also ,the  leading debater on the floor���������all were  combined into one composite official,  this official party engaged, as a party,  in governing the country.  "Imagine this, and also that this  composite official appointed our Cabinet, each of whom, as well as the Presi  dent himself, was elected to the House  as a member of that body. Add still  further the fact that he is tlie leader  of his party as much as a Scottish  chief was the head of his clan in the  old days; and "talcing all these elements together, you have a rough outlines of" the Canadian Premier.  - In Canada there is no such thing as  the "titular head of a party." The  head of a party there must be a genuine head, not only in name and ��������� by  official sanction; but. by the commission of Nature itself. He must be a  real leader of men; made such by his  courage,  decision.- and-experience.  "The Dominion of Canada is little  more than forty years' old; yet two  Premiers, Sir John" A. Mactionald-and  Sir Wilfred Laurier, have been at its  bead more than-thirty years of that  time, although-either of-them might  have been ousted at any moment. And  either of them, would have lost power  but for their rare qualities of leader-'  ship which made - each of them .the  first of his country's'statesmen of his  time and the head of the Canadian  nation.  "During the same period we have  had eight Presidents. Of these only  four were elected for a second term.  Of these four Grant was re-elected because of his military achievements  in our great wrar, whose smoldering  fires still heated the blood of men.  Cleveland was elected the second time  as a reaction against Harrison; Mc-  Kinley chiefly because of the wave of  patriotism enthusiasm following > the  Spanish American war, the'determination' to keep and. administer the new  .-posse'ss^.-s-' -which-that-'war--had given  us,* the^'p'rofound "antagonism to the  free coinage of silver, which was the  primal cause of his first election.  Roosevelt was reelected as the exponent and personification of that'-historic .and epochal movement for-.-fundamental reform which distinguishes'the  opening period., of the-twentieth century. "-'.,.. '. . . " '.'."'' '  Laurier in' Control for Fifteen Years.  "But in Canada Sir Wilfrid Laurier  and his party have been in continuous  and supreme power for fifteen years.  It is as if an American President  should be elected to ��������� the presidency  four times in succession. Yet, at any  moment during those fifteen years,  Sir Wilfrid Laurier could have been  put out of office by the Canadian people. This makes it clear to the American reader that the Canadian Premier  must be a man of commanding and extraordinary powers. And such a man  is Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Let us consider this dominant mind and character  of Canada, not only "in order to describe ��������� the man, but also in order to  understand the personal-qualities that  a Canadian Premier must possess to  hold that mastery' Of his party and  the confidence of the people for. so  long a time.  ' "First of all, then,- even in his early  manhood Laurier was a captivating  public speaker. For almost forty years  he has been by far the greatest of Canada's popular orators. Long before  he came to the premiership, friend and  foe conceded that, on the stump, he  was the most effective man in the  dominion.  ' "Almost from the moment he entered the House of Commons he was his  party's most skilful debater. He has  the gift of clear and simple statement,  persuading even his opponents by his  sheer reasonableness.  "Said a seasoned and reliable ne'ws-  paper man: T have seen a debate  which spread and ramified until -the  main thing was lost sight of. Then I  have seen Laurier rise and state the  matter with such clear reasonableness  that even the members of the opposition, perfectly unconscious of what  they were doing, would nod their  heads in approval."  Then, of course, Laurier has solid  ability of the first order. "One of your  Americans has been described as 'a  inan who thinks in terms of continents'; well, that describes Laurier's  mental operations,' said one most careful student of this notable Canadian.  "In the big sense of the term, Laurier is a politician, but not in the ordinary American understanding of that  word. For example, from his ambitious youth clear down to the present  moment, Laurier has never been a  'mixer,' as our phrase has it. He never has gone to clubs, for instance, in  (Continued From Page Two.)  8 $1.00 PER YEAR  THE MARKET. ,   '      ������������������"���������   I <i  There was little doinj on the market this morning. The flower stalls  wore a deserted appearance and vegetables were not as plentiful as usual,  though there were new offerings in  the shape of pumpkins and citrons,  which have not heretofore appeared  on the locau market. Buyers were  not quite so numerous as usual, but  those who did attend the market evi- ���������  dently went there for the sole purpose  of -purchasing and bought what they  wanted and - then departed without  lingering to listen to the alluring remarks of the gentlemen who sell remedies that cure all theills that flesh  is heir to and some that it might ac- >  quire.  , One of the features of the market  -  was the rise in the price of eggs at/  wholesale.      They, jumped  from    40c,  to 45c and 50c per dozen, while" the   ,  retail price went to 50c flat.  Wholesale meat ,prices showed- a-  slight "change, but' the offerings were  small. There was no change in the  price of meats at retail, and the fish  market remained unchanged, with no  new varieties offered.  ,      Poultry.  There was a fair offering of poultry  today,,the heavier breeds of fowls predominating. There were .some good  looking Rhode Island Reds and a  bunch of well-bred Plymouth Rocks  on the market. These were retailing  at $1 each' .and a considerable quantity of poultry was .bought up *n  small lots by���������priyate.buyers for table-,  purposes.    There was a fair offering .  . of l.brnUer^jand thcsfcl_- f ound,l.ready.,.; -  'purchaser's-in u the ' Vancouver contingent of, buyers.   . There were a "number of enquiries  for  this  year's' pullets,  but  at- the -present  time,- none  are being offered.    Geese were-plentiful on thet market and'found ready  buyers at $1.00 eachi    There were a  number of choice ducks on the mar-  Iket and these wholesale, sold at "somewhat variable"   prices.      The smaller ���������  varieties of ducks were sold at, $9 a,  . dozen, while the larger varieties wholesaled at ?l1.0fl��������� .,......' - .       '   .  -Wholesale Meat.-  Veal, small ll^e to 12%c '  Veal large 9c to 10c '  Mutton .10 to lie  Spring lamb, pr lb 12c to 13c  Retail   Meats.  Beef, best rib roasts 15c to 18c  Beef, loin- 18c to 22c  Beef, round steak  -. 18c  Boiling Beef  10c to 14c  Beef, pot roast   13c  Veal  - 15c to 20c  Pork   18c to 20c  Sugar cured bacon ...... ...15c to 20c  Mutton   .' 18c "to 20c  Young lamb  15c to 25c  Dressed chicken, lb 25c  Vegetables,   Retail.  Onions, per sack  ...' $1.50 ,  Onions, 6 lbs for '. 25c  Cabbage, 4 lbs. for   25c  New Potatoes, sack $1.00 to $1.20  Cucumbers    3  for 5c  Carrots, bunch  :   5c  Beets,  bunch  5c  Ripe Tomatoes, 3 lbs 25c  Green Tomatoes, per lb 2c to 3c  Vegetable marrows, each 5c to 10c  Turnips, sack  50c  Green corn, per doz. ears 15c  Green corn, sack   $2.50  Cauliflower, each 5c to 10c  Pumpkin,  each    '. 20c  Fruit.  Apples 51bs. 25c  Plums, basket 30c -  Blackberries  2 boxes for 25c  Pears,   per  basket ' 25c  Egfjs and Butter.  Eggs, wholesale  45c to 50c  Eggs, retail  50c  Butter,  retail    40c  Honey, in comb, per box 25c  Honey, in jars, per lb 25c  Fish.  Halibut, lb 10c  Salmon, red, lb 15c  Salmon, white, each    50c  Steelhead, lb 15c  Sturgeon, lb 15c  Alaska pink salmon, each 25c  Poultry.  Hens, small   .$6.50 to $7.50  Hens, small, retail  $7.50 to $8.50  Hens, large  $7.00 to .$8.00  Hens, large, retail $8.50 to $11.00  Chickens  $6.00 to $8.00  Broilers  $4.00 to $5.00  Ducks    $9.00 to $11.00  Ducklings $7.00 to $9.00  Geese, each .;.���������..,... ;..'..���������',..'.. .$1.00  ?^!r������w^ TWO  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  PubiUlieU  .every    Krlday    by    the    Post  - , Publishing Coinp":'.  A weekly Journal devoted iv the Interests of Abbotsford  and huk -'tidlntf di.s-  ti'Jct. -  Advertising Kates made know,    "n uu-  plk:al.iyii.  L'KOAL ADVISKTISINQ���������12 cents per  line I'or first Ui.se������Uu'n, and 8 cjeniH.u una  for all Hubserruunt consecutive insertions.  Oar Sliibtoolctli���������Noitlior for nor agfia'  tha   Government. ,  FRIDAY. OCTOBER 6, 191  Horseshoer and General Blacksmith  A good stock carried for rejpair.s on all kinds of  vehicles.      .  A first class carriage painter in connection.  J.K.McMENEMY  Abbotsford, B. C. "  . J. GERNAEY  Have you ever stopped to consider  the future of this, little town? - Its  possibilities are beyond the fondest  hopes "of the greatest day-dreamer.  Situated as Abbotsford is, there is  nothing impossible. All roads lead to  ALbotsfovd���������even the road to success,  which all men attempt to attain.  There have been two great days for  rtise in  ome Paper  LIQUOR   ACT,   1310.  today, at seventy years of' age, having  had absolute power in his hands  for  fifteen years, Laurier is  without any  kind of wealth, owning, I believe only  tlie tewn within the past few months the houssin which he lives; and that   Coronation Day and the Abbotsford-   was presented to him by his adoring  Sull,aS    Exhibition   *���������������    "���������������>������������������������ '"WllTioo   ������r,or  .  otar..l������  been a grand  success., ,1 he  Hat  hat. gket(jh  of (hig  flrBt of Canadlau and  gone forth  that whatever Abbotsford commanding general of Canada's dom- .  citizens and  the  citizens  of  the  sur- inant political party. I reproduce these the hotel license to sell liquor by re-  rounding district undertake'they make outlines, to show tlie American reader .tail in tho hotel known as the Hunt-  ���������     v;hv nm rri^ifP -i   ������?n(- the only type of public men that, under  a success * .    Why not make a sue uie Canadian systeni( cau succeocl in  cess   of  the   business  of    the   town. h0i(]jng   power   for   any   considerable  There is just one way of doing this, period.   Only a man Of, Lauder's stat-  and that is to do ALL BUSINESS in lire and strength can    prevail.    Only  the town.   Trade with the merchants such should prevail in any party,  ot the  town  in  preference .to that of  any other place. ��������� Any man in business  in Abbotsford is in business for all  that there is in it���������some do not advertise in the Post, but that is neither  here nor there; they are here to do  business.     If   the   citizens   demand   a  All  roads lead to Abbotsford, fortune  and fame.  (Section 42.)    I  NOTICE is heroby given that on the  first day -of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of  ingdon  Hotel, situate at Huntingdon,  B. C, in the Province of British Columbia.  Dated this 3rd of October, 1911.  SAM GILES,  Applicant.  LIQUOR ACT, 1910.  SPORT AND PASTIME.  (Section  42).  (From Fraser  Valley Record)  The second meeting of the Football  certain article,' the stores are bound club was held in the Imperial Kali ou  to keep that article���������they can always, the 28t'h inst.  send for it, and  ought to be able to      Moved  by A. Adams,  seconded   by  sell to the customer just as reasonable  r  j. shannon, that secretary's report  as elsewhere, when you come to con-  0f iast year be accepted.   Carried,  sider the fact that a dollar spent, at   ������ 'j/ho   minutes   of, previous   meeting  home is a dollar saved, as the dollar  were then read.  is sure to come back again to you. Moved by. A. Adams, seconded by A.  ' It is with regret that this paper Kraemer, that president sign minutes  notes that some people do not give'all and that they be accepted as read,  their, business to the local tradesmen.  Carried.    - ���������      ���������  Some people ask the local merchants' Moved by R. J. Shannon, seconded  to do business on credit, and when ^y W." Weir, that A. Kraemer be se-  those" same people have a little ready iected to design the membership card.  cash they go outside of the town--to  Carried. ' ���������-         ��������� ,        ,,    ,     .  purchase. ' Moved  by R. J.  Shannon,Seconded   His **W sJ^?"Jf^f:^l^r^S  Is this in the best interests of Ab- ]jy ^ ^. verchere, that secretary write  .botsford? From our point of view we ciubs and arrange games. Carried.,  say not. Some people think other- Moved by It.-J. Shannon, seconded  wise. All have, a right to their own })y a. Adams, that managing comrnit-  opinion, but money earned in B. C. tee provide new goal and corner posts,  should be spent in' B. C, if we wish Carried,  to see B. C. grow and prosper. Moved by W. Weir, seconded by R  NOTICE Is hereby given that, on the  first -day of December,' next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for. renewal of  the .hotel license to sell liquor by retail in' the hotel known as the Abbotsford Hotel, situate at Abbotsford, B. C.  in the Province of British Columbia. .  Dated this 5th day.of October, 1911.  J. R.  PECKHAM,  Applicants.  RETIRING FROM BUSINESS.  *  Mr. N. Authier has decided that he  will retire from business, and is pre:  paring for one of the largest sales  ever held in the town of Abbotsford.-  auguration sale beginning at an "earfy  date, which can be found out by consulting the posters. Mr. Authier has  been in business for about nine years  in the town of Abbotsford "and during  that time has built up a good business  and it is only after . very mature  All know the story of the man who j. shannon^ that it be left to the man- thought.that he has decided to retire  marked a dollar and paid his sub- aging committee to see to any altera- after the. sale takes place. An excel-  scription to the local paper. Week Lions and improvements in the lent stock in "M1. !ine������ are carried- in  after  week that  dollar turned  up  at grounds.   Carried. tne store and now should be the op-  either the grocery store, the hard- Moved by A. M. Verchere, seconded Portunity to put in a good winter sup-  by A. Adams, that secretary purchase Ply of groceries and the kind of wear-  a marker for field.    Carried. ing  apparel   that  is  required  in  this  Moved by W. Weir, seconded by R. country during the winter months, and  J. Shannon, that secretary be instruct- at a pricethat will please most people,  ed to ' communicate with Vancouver The sale will begin next week and all  District League regarding referees, who can should be there as the best  Carried. - ;  Moved by A. Adams, seconded by P.  Jamieson, that membership .cards be  giyen to members for purpose of dis-  ware store, the dry goods store, or  from some private individual, until it  became a familiar figure. One day  his wife got the dollar. It went to  Eaton's or Summs, and never returned.  goods will always go first  THE  POWER  OF COMPOUND  INTEREST.  A   man   may- secure  an   absolutely  sure income of $600 a.year for his little  a ' general  5-year-old  daughter, or grandaughter,  THE CANADIAN PARLIAMENT  Continued From Page Ut.e.)  order to meet men whom a politician  'ought  to know.'  "Again, in going out. to speak to the tribution.   Carried,  people from the stump in political cam-      Moved by R. J.  Shannon, seconded  paigns,  he always has gone as scare- ^     ^   ^   Verchere   that  fully apparelled as if he were to speak t{ ^ be held in the- Imperial Hall  from the time she is 55 to the end of  m Parliament or address some emm- "^'"b ^ "cm        "1C   U1*c -   ent body of men. on   first   Thursday   in    every   montn.  her days, if he will pay to the Cana-  - "But,  in the large meaning of the Carried. dlan Government the sum of $964.75.  word, Laurier may be called a master Moved by W. Weir, seconded by O. If she should die at any time before  politician.   He has vision. He discerns wim that' secretarv  notify  each  reaching the Annuity age the money  ��������� the coming issue, and plans tor it as  vvllllcViI1������>   >-"ai- ��������� *. .-, x ������^        .^^ ���������  a general might for a great military member at least one week preceding paid, together with three per cent com-  engagement. Arid then, when that is- meeting, and that any member not"at- pound interest will be refunded to the  sue comes, he throws himself into it tending meeting' shall be fined 25 cents  purchaser, or as he may direct. There  wi.thJ"s, whole heartland soul. unless suitable excuse be offered���������that  are but few parents who, when they  "'But,   said  an  informant,   Laurier ,. . ,    .   .- , ., ,     A     , .. .,,.,_  never makes an issue for himself.   He regarding  girls  being non-acceptable,  understand the matter, will not be anxious to make the investment, if they  then   adjourned   till  can spare the money, in order to have  first Thursday in November  lets events and the elements of the sit- Carried,  uation  create the issue, and  then he      The    meeting  becomes   the   personification   of .that  issue.' .  "The most impressive thing about  Laurier is that mingled dominance  and charm of personality which make  people think of and talk about him,  whether they are for or against him  HOW NATIONS ARE  PREPARED FOR WAR  NOW DECLARED  TNRKEY'S NAVY���������Five older battle  and "without" any visible effort of his ships, one first class cruiser, two sec-  own. The'personality of Sir. Wilfrid ond class cruisers,.two third class crui-  Laurier absolutely saturates the Can- scrs, two.gunl-oats, four torpedo boat SCheme may be had on application to  the assurance that their daughter, no  matter what reverses overtake her  after she is 55, would have a comfortable income in her old age���������an income-  I hat she cannot be deprived of by any  person or by any process of law.  Full particulars    of   this   excellent  torpedo   boats   and  the superintendent of Canadian  Gov-  .-/'-'LIQUOR ACT,  1910.  (Section 42)  NOTICE   is  hereby  given  that,  on  adian people. destroyers,   eight  '"Why,* said an admiring opponent, 300,000  men. omrnan*   A���������������������������in ���������   ���������* *       t,  ���������with us- Laurier is a tradition, a le-      ITALY'S NAVY���������Seven modern bat-, eminent Annuities, Ottawa, to whom  gend, an institution.' tleships,   six  older   battleships,   eight letters go free of postage.  "In deed, so great is the power of armored cruisers, 14 first class cruis- .   ���������_ __���������__   .  this curious personality that it has ers, 13 gun boats, 13 torpedo boat des-  captivated the English people, only troyers, 153 torpedo boats, six submar-  in a lesser degree than the Canadian mes.and 29,941 men.  people. All of us will recall the news- TNRKEY'S ARMY consists of a to-  paper accounts of the amazeing de-' %};war:_sjtrength ������f_^5_>00_0 with^.000,-  monstration at the cor<  E''AncI SrierahlsScourage as one ���������witt a reserve "oY 350;oo7which nV not ������*<* provincial Police for renewal  might expect, also. -His personal hon- at once available. ot the hotel license to sell liquor by  esty never has been questioned by his ITALY'S ARMY consists of a total retail in the hotel known as the Corn-  bitterest antagonist. With the oppor-���������,*"J^f^ ������f���������^6'?In ^ J^f mercial Hotel, situate at Abbotsford,  tunities that. Canada affords and- the a Peace strength of 240,000 and 806,- Provin0'   nf Rr,tjch nni,iWwn  high position    he   has   occupied,    he 00 men available in the reserves. m^the Province of British Columbia,  might today be a millionaire, and that ������������������   - f ~~7Tu���������~~ Dated this 26th day of September,  quite legitimately, according to certain   An roads lead to Abbotsford, success 1911.  standards of American public life. Yet and happiness.  ...   ���������   __ the first day of December next, appli-  ronation of King ^J^^J^SLS^^mX C^ ^ ^ "^ade to the Superintend-  Saddlery -Hardware  Trunks and Valises  P.O.Box 45  ALbolsford, B. C.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, I am "prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables open- day  night to do business:  We solicit your patronge.  D. McKENZIE, props.  Ivertise in  James Mcelroy & Co.  ���������^���������J~!~J~JhJmJmJ<mJ^  ������������������  ���������  ���������  *  $*{><{��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� |>  C.A. SU  f  ���������  ER&CO.l  P. 0. .Box 58, .    Phone Central  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C.  f  <���������������  ���������!���������  ���������!���������  Chicken Ranch  l.-mile from Abbotsford,  Small house, barn and  good chicken houses. 5  acres cleared. Price $1,750  c  at once regarding this property.' $600 will."handle.  T  :f:  T  f  I  T  t  t  f  ������������������!������j>4&<~M~H~i^^  INSURANCE  LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments-  in town lots, acre-  age or farm)  ��������� '��������� property.  see  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford   I',|i "���������'���������   " ' ���������'���������"   '   ���������' '     ��������� '���������'   -H...I M        !������������������   ���������   ������������������������������������    ���������   I ���������'      I   ���������   I     )������������������        .lilW       ���������.  ���������������/  111  v2  I'V;'  I'  ������  wilt  S'r  .-* A Pi  n  nM  F-������  ��������� ii \������ JB  ������  h-  t>VS  M  W  4  HI  e^J  M  ���������"���������&  n5  B'  m  M  1/  l?a  Si  |i  m  h  u  L  m%iw&iiit^MGsa0M&&M-\M H  JSSSSS^SSSEx^^^^^^^js.^ ^^j-Yc^v^c-^^i'j-^ ;::&l������i  ���������s.r  ",'Xf<^if;'< ."UliM  \HV  hi  ft  k  ti  h  .10.  I'M '  r  10  r1"  !���������<  THE ABBOTSFORD JbOST,      ABBOTSFORD,  ..MM'... Hi ._ I*  B.C.  Phoenix Assurance, Co. of London, England '  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.  lfer==E  y- y:rr-  8SDk  CIAL  j Mcelroy a Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES  AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. Esseiadene Ave. and.Oscar St.,  CITY  OS3B:  =^������  OTSFORD  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  Strictly first-class in every respect.  "The,bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50 TO^$2.00  PER PAY     ;  PROPRIETOR  I H. FREEMAN,  atftmL-i^.. i���������..,'���������.��������� ri   .in   5=aSB������  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, ?teef, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Weinies.  and Balogna always on hand.    Fish every Thursday  Eyeigftt Specallst  WANTED TO PURCHASE  Forty  acres   improved  farm   in  the Fraser Valley, with or without  house and buildings, convenient to  Manufacturing   Optician  station or landing.   Apply     to J.  H.   Smith,  Straiton,  B.   C.        for  full   particulars,   first  letter.  Does the^ Finest  Optical  Work.  Medical men and others  pay tri  Bute to his skill.  793 GranvilN St. .Vancouver  SE  CHURCH  SERVICES  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  Want, a   frepr,eseniative      for  MISSION CITY,  B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as true,ness to  name must be appreciated by the  Public or they would not have  helped us to increase our business  yearly since, 1837, the date of our  establishment.  Our firm's   name  lends  prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStock  lor SSpring 1911.  Write  for  full  particulars.  STONE .& WELLINGTON.  The Fonthill Nurseries.  TORONTO,  ^.-.1;^^.    '       ���������';    0������tariot  on 1  (Associate  Members Can.  Soc. C. E.)  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  ��������� B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Offiecnext P.O. P. O. Box II  HARRON BROS.  Emfraimers and Funeral DMors  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel   l&M Graavill* St.,    Phona 3486  flte&tb Vancouver, Uttlce and  e&epel U������ iad at. Phoms 134  All  roads lead to Abbotsford, success  and happiness.  That is a fine map that Abbotsford is on. In fact it is the  only map, but aty roads leadfi;om;  Abbotsford, if you don't believe it  see the Board of Trade, envelop^,���������������������������  Presbyterian    Church��������� . Rev< T L.  Campbell, B.A., B. D. pastor.  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7;30 p.m.  At Musselwaite School House���������  /Service   every alternate  Sunday  at  3 p.m.  Sunday  school tevery Sunday at  2 p.m. ','    ,  At Huntingdon School House-  Service  at every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m. <  S.   S. every Sundayat 2;30 p.m.  Upper Sumas, May 29, and every  . alternate Sunday at 3 p.m.  0. 13., Wednesday a<t 8 p.m.  Sunday School at 3, p. m.'.  Sunday School every Sunday at  Presbyterian    Church���������Rev.   j    rj.  Alder:  Glenmore, 11 a.m.. .  Mt.   Lehman, 2;30. p.m.  Pine Grove, 8,p.m.  ST.   MATTHEWS .(Anglican)  Rev.. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.'  Services 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Holy   Communion,   1st   and  3rd  Sundays each month.  Catechising and Si S. at 2:30p.m  Choir practice, Wednesday at 8  ABBOTSFORD  P0STOFFICE  '.   Office hours from 8 a. ns. to 7. p. m.  Mail for PeardbuviHe every Tuesday  and Saturday, 1 p. nv.  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  f ���������r.i'- '"  r:  General ^Stores ���������.   i  Authier Brcffe.  S. Brooke.  '.   Hotels���������     '  ,  Abbotsford Hotel, IJ. Freeman, Prop.  Commercial, Mc-Elroy & Co.  Real   Estate���������  J. W. McCallum.  C A. Sumner & Co.  Bernau  &��������� Husband, .  ,"J.-" J.   McPhee,'  Auctioneers���������  "J,  W. McCallum '  FEED STORED-VI' .  ~ J.   J.   Sparrow.      , ' ���������  Creamery-:-'' " .   '  S.   J.  Bates,-.Proprietor.  Hardware and Furniture���������  Hi   Alanson.   "    -  . "  Butchers���������  A. M. King.  Livery Stable���������  J.  E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and, Confectioner���������  L. Legaee'.: '���������  -  RESTAURANT-  Co-nrad Andersen.-  Shoemakers���������  -   -'   - >''       .  M. Hauser.  Board of Trade���������'  J. W. McCallum; Secretary.  ' Blacksmith��������� '  J..,.McMenemy.  . Barber and Pool Room���������  "   Jos. Sanderson.  G. Isenor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������~   '  J. V. Means.  Doctor���������    ��������� ���������  Ty A. Swift. -  SADDLERY  and KaRDWARE���������  B. J. Gernaey.  MERCHANT   TAILOR. '  T. C. Coogan. '  SCRVEYORS  Henderson   and Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG STORE.  MUSIC TEACHER-  Miss Alice Steed.  CONNTRACTOR& BUILT  R-  A.  Everett.  Hammond ~& Son.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER- ,  Geo. Zeigler.  Matsqui  Hotel  MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers. Comfortable sitting-  room  and  best of hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $lSo to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWitT, Proprietor  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg- to intimate to my numerous Patrons and  Friends that I have taken into partnership Mr. J.  dark late^of=the Abbotsford Lumber Co. and the  business will now be carried on as  HOGG & CLARK  HORSESHOEING  8c   BLACKSMITHING  We hope by strict attention to business to obtain a share of your patronage  FOR  PARTICULAR PEOPLE  WHO  " Demand that their Office Stationery must not only be of lhe best  quality but that it must be neatly   and' tastefully  printed.  Those are the people who patronize the Fraser  0     Valley Record office; and they prove  that they   are - pleased   by   .  duplicating." orders  We can supply in any quantity, on short notice that beats cily prices  Shipping Tags,. Window Cards, Note Cirulars, Receipt Forms  . "Notes,   Invitations,  Professinal, cards,  Lodge  by-laws,   Lodge  membership  cards,  Agreements, , Blotters, ��������� Butter,  wrappers,  Dodgers, Auction bills, Envelopes, For  sale  cards,   Wedding  - invitations, Memorial cards, Meal  tickets,' Private  post > cards,  Letterheads, Billheads, Memoes. Statements,   Lodge ,cotistitut-  . ions, Legal forms, Prescription blanks, Labels gummed or other--  wise,. Pamphlets, Reports, Posters aay size,   Real estate' contracts, Loose leaf statements, Menus plain or  fancy,   Receipts  Lien notes, etc., etc.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY.  isa,  *������fc'������m������'i^.'jlllliiiUiil''^������?iiii".i!UAii.L>Ui'fn/i' iViAVV. '������������������}'<  I j. . j������  Abbotsford Post  . A. BATES, Publisher  Abbotsford  ������   v^������  $1  sra  33?S  T*F%Q&3Tr*Z&ES&&& i^^^^^i^S^^lS^r^y^l^ It  M  EOUft  t/HE ABBOTSFORD PGJST,      ABBOTSflORl), B.' G.  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  All   reads  lead  to  Abbotsford, fortune  and fame.  Mrs. J. W. McCallum left for  Spokane in Thursday morning on  a visit; to her daughter Mrs. Fred  lluauch.  Miss Amy Heath who was Visiting, at the coast returned'home or.  Wednesday  morning.  Mrs.   Ware /who  was visiting  at  Vancouver is home.  Mr. J. VV. McCallum left for Van-  cou\er  on Thursday morning  Air. S. A. Morley returned fiom  a.    u-'.p   to   Afberta   ,on   Thuisdiy  Mr.   W.   Logan,  who  was   acting  as manager of tlieRoyal Bank during   the   absence   ofManagcr Mbi-  lay. hu& 'gone to Hope for a   short  'time.  Mr. and Mrs. McGray of Lym\,  Mass, is visuimg Mr. and Mrs. M.  L ' McPhee.  Mrs. Whi-'ley of Vancouver "ho  was visiting Mrs. Geo. Clark returned home on Monday.  Mr. Geo Clark had as guests hid  father and brother "from Lylton,  J3. ,C������ on Sunday last  Mrs.   Edson   land   daughter  left  Apples, Blackberries, and Plums,  all kinds, in large and small  quantities, Windfalls and.culls  taken.  am Co., L  Mission City, B. C.  All  reads  lead to  Abbotsford, success  and happiness.  HL'M'XN HEARTS  ^u^hTa^cToTi^eYuian an apple, and , Tne beautiful Southern play "Human  being very juicy will start to rot, much |_]earls" wjH appear at the Maple  Loaf  more quickly. Hall on October 12th.       Note the fol-  When To Pick.      c lowing favorable press notice received by  Perhaps one of the    most    didicult 1uyv,ub                 r.   .  things in the handling of pears is to this comyany:  know just when to pick them.    It is "Princess Theatre-The biggest crowd  said  that you  can  tell   by  turning a ever jn tne Princess Theatre greeted the  pear up, and it" it parts readily from rjsing qj (he curlain on  the drama "Hu-  the branch it is ready to pick;  but I (             ^       The packe(J  have found that this is not always cor- "d                                    ^���������mf���������rt������hle sur-  ^.o.^.   ~               w                    iic   v,                                                   11T1+4i house fullv indicated the comtortaole 8ur-  yesterday noon for the fair at New   ,-ect,  for some  varieties, if letc  until house ruuyinai  f v'.&stmiii'ster.  Mr. and Mrs. B. McElroy visited  the  Westminster Fair ion Weflnes-  <-- day   this   week.  Mrs. Freeman is with friends in  !New Westminster.  Miss Moore returned home on  Thursday   last.   ��������� .  It is reported that our station  agent at the O. P. iR. will ahorCly  ���������sever his connection with the cjp*-  pany.  Mr. Lloyd attended the Fox-  Haine nuptials at Dewdney on  Wednesday   last     .. I  .  Mr. A. B. Catherwood, of Mission  City was in town on Thursday.   0   NOT WANTED HERE AT ALL ..   q .  On Thursday morn:ng Immigration Agent McMurphy of Huntingdon passed through from Mission City with sixteen Italians who  attempted to come to Canada from  the United States with the usual  . custom house office inspection, etc.  Mr. McMurphy finding -.hat they  could be located lost no time in  rounding them up at Mission .City  on the C. P. R. platform.  On-- Thursday   afternoon  Mr.  J.  J. McPhee held court at Huntingdon, and the ItaTiani were k:o ivi  ed   and   will  spend  some  time  at  New   Westminster.  PICKING   AND   PACKING   PEARS.  then, would be too ripe for shipping, roundings.     .     The scenery was good.  In order to reach the market in good ancj tne whole play was very interesting  condition, a pear must be picked green. ���������gran(jon. Daily Times.  This is especially true when shipping  ;_ .   in barrels, for pears ripen more thor- ������]Liuman Hearts" is one of those pas-  oughly in barrels than small ventilated ^ ^ ^ ^^ to grow old,  ^1?wouid be very difflcut to give an and as presented at.the Regma Theatre  infallible rule with regard to the cor- made a big hit with a packed house. It  rect time of picking pears. Some var- jg decidedly emotional all the way thro,  ieties need-to be picked much greener ^ though tears areTmuch in .evidence,  than others.    Experience is  tha best opportunity for many a hear-  teacher on that point.   In our orchards mere ������ *'f      *T . . . /  we judge a good many of the earlier ty laugh. ^. ��������� '��������� ���������--  varieties'' by their changing .from a '  dark 'green to a lighter shade, but I  know this is a very indefinite rule, and  one would hardly become an expert in  one season. Winter pears may be left  on the tree as long as there is no danger of frost.  Barrel Packing.  While picking is in progress, when  the baskets are full, they are emptied  into bushel boxes made of slats. It is  a good idea to plane of the sharp  edges of these slats before making the  boxes up in order to prevent the pears  from being cut by them.  As soon as a load is ready, I draw it  into the packing house and unload it.  but I let the pears remain in the boxes  until they cool off. If pears are packed as soon as they are picked, they  will =-swcat. This will cause them to  ripen far more quickly than Ihey  otherwise would.  Later, they are emptied on the table  and sorted into three grades. The different grades are then put into barrels, boxes or baskets, according to  the market to which they are to be  shipped. A market where the fruit is  all consumed at home usually calls  for the smaller packages, while a market which reships to smaller points  generally prefers to three-bushel barrel.  Barrel  Picking.  In facing a barrel, pick out pears of  avoiding    extra    large  n.  F-.  W.  G. E.  J. R.  \V. C  L.  W.  ,u e.-.  (W.  E.  Beman, Newcastle,  Ont.)  By   way  of   making   conversation   I  once said to a man with whom I was  talking:     "How   would  you go about uniform  size O������������������oar  ��������� , ��������� *    u-    ���������      ��������� w ������������ .w,���������,?" ones, as these would spoil the appear-  picking and shipping a lot ot pears? U11C ' Olo  ,  He looked at me in surprise for a *nce of the barrel when opened. S ai t  minute, then replied:    "Why, I'd pick ^g at the outs de edge, lay   he peat  then, or shake  them "down;   then I'd on itB Slde' Wlt * ^e stem pom  ng to  put them into  barrels, nail the head ^ ce^e' and C011tIIU,e m thlS Way  HOTEL ARRIVALS  i -        ���������  ���������    Abbotsford  Hotel.  Tom  Wilsonn,  City _.:'*   ���������'"  Win. Burns, Vancouver."  VV.   McKay,   Vancouver.     ��������� '���������'" "*���������  Thos Ramsey, Lynden.  J. B. Welch and wife. Pine Grove.  C. N. Choate, Woodstock Ont. -  Percy G. SUngsby, Westminster  W.   W.   Vieiand, Westminster  H. Conley, Vancouver.  Ford, Bellingham. Wash  C. Lucas, Vancouver. '  Cooper, Vancouver.  Gray, Vancouver.  Gladwin JN^r-h vane.  Greer, Coquitlam.  D. S, Ponsford, Vancouver.  F. E. Jones, New Westminster  u. u. Siram, Westminster  J.  Meahan,  VVe3'-min8ter  C.  B.  Brask, Milwaukee  "W. J. Linton, Vancouver.   " "  \\.   bpUer,   Agassiz.  An Archibald, City <  E. U. Fleming, Vancouver; '  F. Burnect,   Vancjuver.  Hugh   Ettinger,   Spokane  pe^e   Larson, Vancouver.  Miss Larson, North Vancouver  Mrs, Larson, Nordi Vancouver.  ax/AiiueraOu,     North Vancouver  R.  Carmichael,  Westminster  v.   W. Muir, Vancouver.  Asahel Smith, Ladner.  down good and tight, and send lliem.to  the nearest market. How else would  anyone do it?" I laughed and changed the subject, tor I did not have time  to go into details just then, but  thought that he surely must be an  Irishman, and only accustomed to  growing "apples of the earth," as the  French call potatoes.  There is no  fruit    which    requires  more careful handling in every partic  until the barrel is faced. Empty the  pears in carefully out, of the baskets,  and shake the barrel gently every few  minutes. When heading up the barrel  j do not press as tightly as for apples.  The pear is a firmer fruit than the  apple, and will not give quite as much.  With regard to tlie.grading of pears,  it is very important that -each grade  should be as much as possible of uniform size, for if a few large ones are  ,     ,,       it ,    .,     >.   .    ,        put into a barrel marked.No. 1, it giv-  ular than the pear.    In the-first place;1 .   . ,,   ' . .       -  t ,., ���������  "   , . ���������       -. ,       * ���������   .',,   es the buyer the impression that the  I always instruct my men how to pick ��������� , &   ^ e  me        e  for I have often seen the fruit pulled ^ thn.htflfi������ lnnk Bmfl,ier  from the branch and tossed into the  basket. This is almost as bad as the  Irishman's way of shaking the tree.  Pears should always be turned up,  insted of pulled off, and then laid carefully into  the  basket;   for a pear is  ones making the others look smaller  by comparison.���������Canadian Horticulturist.  All roads lead to Abbotsford, fortune  and fame.  Cammercial.  A. F. Long, Sumas.  A. J. James, Vancouver.  John Doy e, Van.ouver.  T.  H.  Hoight, Spokane.  Tom  Burns, Vancouver.  M.  M. Lea,wn, City  T.  J.  Clark, City,  D.  C.  Kenny, Westminster.  J.  Chance,  Vancouver.  G.   Crawford,  Vancouver.  W. K. Armour, Vancouver  W. 0. Smi-.h,- Westminster.  R.'A. Logan^New Westminister,  J.  E.  Stuart, Sumas.  J. Cary, City. . ���������   ���������  A. D. Stuart, Sumas.  A.  Anderson,  Vancouver.-  H. R. Macdonald, Vancouver.  Joe. St Lawrence. i  W.  Ash,  City. !  H. Johnstone, City.  H. L. Smith, Vancouver.      i  .  Ray Anderson, Vancouver.   ^;  ;;; Are yon Building?-  YOU WILL REQUIRE  Hardware  Furniture  Sashes and Doors  These we keep in stock of first-class quality and, at  prices that will pay, you.to deal at the Home Store.  Let us figure on your order.  r    .- ">  HAMMOND & SON  BUILDERS  AND   CONTRACTORS  Estimates given for all kinds of Buildings.  ABOTSFORD, B. C.  CARRIAGE; f AiTER"  Geo. Zeigler  Carnage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       B. C.  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J, E. PARTON  Abbotsford        ���������-       B. C  Good Storage RoonPfor  Furniture.  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  ABBOTSFORD  mberlain  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  iraifl Store   uonractor and Bu ilder  Don't forget.  WHEAT  $2.00  A sack  We buy Poultry.  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  Jobbing Brickwork  r  Chimneys a specialty.  Orders left at the office of  C. A. Sumner & Co. will re-  cieve prompt attention.  lectric Light  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  Convenience  Attention will be given to all applications for service from our lines.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  Holden Block, Vancouver.  iritish Columbia E  4  m  f  H' r*  At'  1  V  id  M  Hit  a'-;'  ttr.:  1  1  U'>  m  % (A  m  4  M  li'i  ^


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