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 ���������.<JM.*-.t*.,fr*u-.i .W-iffrJwiliftJWri wi*J-������  i&L..u&yj������j������^;z-A^fiy.L'&;\iyjj^ ''ftvv'l'''^"f;r''|''r>|M''*r'*' ��������� /'- ���������'  ������.!-m. . '..'r ;    'l  '.-   ^A-'VjwVVcS  $1  ::���������; #<l j  '"''��������������������������� v'l  I'1  1/1.  "Hi  Ik.  V  If.  P  KS32  SEE  Vol.III., No. 23.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C., FMDAY, OCTOBER, IB, 1911  8  $1.00 PER YEAR  sas  "iiSfimi  SUMAS COUNCIL.  ST.  MATTTHEW'S  WOMEN'S  AUXILIARY/ABBOTSFORD.  Correspondence  HUNTINGDON", B.-C, Oct. 9.���������The --    n   regular mooting of' the Sumas Council '    The'  first" anniversary- of - the St.   ' . Abbotsford, B. C,  was held Saturday,'October 7. :'  Matthew's 'W.-A.,- Abbotsford, ��������� took 10th Oct., 1911.  * .There  was   present   Reeve  Angus Place' last -Thursday evening, October'' Editor Abbotsrord Post.  5th, when a'"social"-and concert were' Dear Sir:���������  held-at the home of 'Mrs:' G/ F.J Boyd. Aissaoou em ess }ou op 9ay en".A\  The'groundsi/of Mrsf'Boyd's-were, dec- of another'football team in Abbots-  orated with Chinese lanterns, and-the- ford, we wish to state in all fairness  various-.parlors were'all suitably ar- to'Mr. J. Heath that the leter appear  ranged 'for this festive- gathering, ing in last week's Abbotsford Post did  There^wasa large attendance of>mem-  bersand.-friendsy-and there were present representatives .from the other  Christian 'churches- of-the town.  Campbell, and Councillors D. McKenzie/ C. Everett, T. B^Straiton and O.  Swanson. The minutes of September 9 were adopted a's'read.  Mr. J. Johnson on behalf of H. N.  Vanderhoof, requested the council to  Itditch and'timprove jttie Angus Campbell road from the B. ,-C: Electric Railway,   south   to. the   Boundary.    The  Reeve  appointed*' Coiihcillors . McKen-  zie and Everett" a committee to meet  -not come from the Abbotsford Football Club.  Mr. Heath has come to us personally and explained .that he did not m-  Mesdames Boyd , (the ..hostess) and .,<?nd t0. ask any player belonging to  t - ni ���������,.    A     e   ..       ������ . ... '  'the senior club, nor to solicit subscrin-  Mr. Vanderhoof on the ground next ��������� Ely, ^president  of  the-Auxiliary,.- re...tJon8 from the merchants in town.    '  Friday, at 2 p.m.-^                  '' ceived the.guests.    Under^ the direc-  His idea is to have a game for-those  ���������.    ..        tt,       x..    ''      ,   ^'1 tion of-the Miss .Steedes,.a'capital pro-, outside  the  senior  team,  and  rather  Straiton-Bverett,. moved  that, per- -            iven    among8t 'those s to 'help   them     by   playing    practice  mission'be given the Kilgard Fire Clay *     ���������      ^^JL'   -^ - ^-L   ���������', tVl-:j matches with ,them occasionally.    As  and Sewer Pipe Company to cross the takmg   pf-rt b*lng **'; Bro.wn, ������f the.long ag Mr  Heath works alQng thes(j  Sumas Mountain road at a point about  one-eighth of a mile southeast of Harris bridge at S.' W. 1-4 Sec 29, T.,19,  with an underground' ��������� gravity tram  line. The' work to be "satisfactory to  council. Also to cross same' road at  same place with a sluicing trough to  carry water overhead 16 feet above'  the road. AIbo permission to erect at"  same place- bunkers on the road limit  20 feet,from centre line' of road.  -," Straiton���������McKenzie moved that this  ^Kcojuncil -donate..$5Q^lQwar,ds^expenses  ^>< nfJ "sending  Mr. "Rolston   tn " *h������ 'nirt  of  sending  Mr.'" Rdlston  to - the" 'Old  .Men's Home at Kamloops.  Tramline- Crossing.  ;The. Reeve -reported-that-he had1 interviewed  Mr.:; Purvis'"regarding  the .'gathering.'''  Presbyterian choir,   Miss   Clarke and  Mr. Hilyard Boyd.  A highly amusing hat trimming con  test employed the energy and. genius  of several of the men folk, the prize  being awarded by the Rev. J. L. Campbell.  The - Rev. A. E. Bruce voiced the  greetings of the officers and'members  of- the Auxiliary- and also explained the  object of Church- activity.  - Refreshments, were' served , by the  ladies, and ��������� an ' offering was taken ��������� up  on' behalf of the - work- of this society. -  . We cannot speak too' highly of-this  organization, and trust' that future anniversary - meetings maybe'even- .better attended than' this-"first'-'happy-'  lines we have no kick coming, and  will be glad to have the opportunity to  watch "for young players who will  strengthen the original Abbotsford  Club.  Yours truly,  M. R.  BROWN,  '    ���������    Secretary Abbotsford F. C.  Editor Abbotsford Post.  Sir:���������   '  My attention has been called to an  article published in the Post of Friday last, addressed to "Sportsmen  Only," and'-"sfghed"A" Lover of. Sport'.'"  As I happened to, glance at the signature before reading the; article, I  naturally ' expected , to find at least  some- sportsmanlike expression. In--  .stead of-, this," the' whole"'articlevreads  unsatisfactory-state ofr-B.' C. Electric    .._..,__  ^Railway-crossings'and that'.Mr* Purvis,Doiga: on the-road. bppositeJMrs.< Mil-: to ^e as thouS^ there Avas.a desire,on  ;had agreed-to-come up /and- inspect larls. "^"���������"���������"r^- ������������ part-of-the writer to monopolize  , said crossings. ' " '   ,    ". Samsoli���������Everett-~mb ved "^thaT'jiofl  ' C. A. Samon's tender for 45c; per-rod .be-appropriated to cut -down- hill; by  for fence on west line of lot 100 was W. C. Rowman's barn on Maher'road,  SOCTAL   EVENTS  DEVELOP-COAL. MINE.  accepted.- -  Everitt���������McKenzie - moved that W.  Porter, -.pathmaster,- be instructed to  clean out Vey road-ditch from M. Mc-  LastVThursday, October 5th, a most-    An  extensive - coal  field  almost  at Gillvray's corner to where ditch en  enjoyable evening was spent when the the door of the city is the dazzling ters   box  near  Sumas  river, . also . to accepted.  dirt to1 be *put in slough next bridge.  Work'under Pathmaster Samson.  StraitonT-^-Everett moved '��������� that; Mr.  Everett's tender for $25 for -slashing  and piling' brush on Everett road be  Woman's Auxiliary of St.'Matthew's  ��������� Church" gave their first anniversary social at the residence of Mr. J. F. Boyd.  The grounds were prettily lighted with  Chinese lanterns and the.jacko' lan-  ternsi smiled-a. welcome- from ,the verandah.   Inside -everything looked cosy  prospect opened up by a transaction clean out ditch on the-Angus-Camp-      An  application  was'' received   from  bell road from the Vey road north to  Mr. J. W.'Winsbn, of "Huntingdon, for  'the creek. ..     ���������   the position of clerk.   The' clerk' was  >The clerk was instructed to request instructed to request -Mr.- Winson to  A. Cruickshank, councillor for Mats-' be present at next meeting of the-  qui, to have the road 'work done on council.  Accounts Passed.  which has just gone through, whereby  a  company  formed  for  the  purpose,  has secured an option on 1,500 acres  at Sumas Mountain for a figure in  the   neighborhood   of   $200,000.     The  company in question is the Carmanah iU    ,,    . . ��������� ,.t    ,        ,  Coal Company, Ltd., of Vancouver, and the  Municipality boundary near   Mr  and. inviting,-with jars, of pretty cut the deal was put through'by Mr. H  fiowersun. the-brightly lighted rooms. .  Edmonds, acting for a local syndi-  An   interesting   little- programme   of cate of which he is a.member,  vocal-and .instrumental r>musichad in July,'1910, the' syndicate secured  been .-arranged by  Miss Alice Steed, a twenty-one year'lease of the prop  Hogan's as he promised.  Will Move Poles.  The councii agreed to move poles  The following bills were passed for  payment: -  A.  Gillis,  Yale  road,  $71.75;   B.  C.  of Farmers'  Telephone  Company on Gazette, publication road -bylaw, $5;  ",the game of" football','throughout- the  district    ',-.    - ,'       ' '. ���������  ' "  ,'   - '  ., First of all he asks, "What right has  the Football Club that is being formed  tp   call ' themselves   the   "Abbotsford  Club"?. Now this proves at once .that  the writer was in absolute ignorance  - of the facts.    The new club was only  organized on the Wednesday preceding'the Friday on  which the article  appeared, and the idea of calling the  club the '-'Abbotsford Club" was never   ���������  mentioned  by  any  responsible  member.   As a matter of fact it was unanimously decided that the club should  be   known   as   the   "Maroons."     The  writer of the article goes on to ask,  "What are  they  trying  to  break  up  other clubs for, by trying to get play- -  ers.   Let them get players from their  own town.   If they cannot, they must  stop the silly idea altogether of try-  hiXrthTlnPaWnvnrilp^rmnnv  ??** J^ iS ^H^A in, townshjPs the Huntingdon and Abbotsford roads **��������� McCrimmon, road work,;$10.50;  A. jng to spoil a very good club already  Hearing tne local favorite, and many. 16. and 19, near-Abbotsford,-from-the     u ,    T.       .    .   .       ,        ,    xl_    -a    <?Pri   onn^tihip   $2 50-   Ahbotsford formed"  thanks .are .due them for-their kind-. Dominion   government,   at  an-annual "where slashliaS 1S beinS done to the'A-  Serl,  constable, $2.50,   Abbotsford wrmeo.^  ness   in  helping   with   the   entertain- rental  of $1  per    acre.      Indications west side of road 6,feet from property Lumber  Company, $5.76;   L.  Munroe,  ment/ found   at   that  time   and   since   are line.    Pathmaster F.  McCrimmon  to road work> $9! A- Bo^y> bridge con-  A novel and amusing feature of the .that-coal-exists, in-commercial quan- do the-work ' tract, $495; Dr. T. A. Swift, examina-  evening-was:.a hat.trimmining contest titles, and of a good quality.    Where      c,    .. '   v    -. ., ������. * ������.    tinnBeaulac    ' K-     Columbian  Com-  for  the-gentlemen.    Hats  and  trim- the cut was made for the C. N. R.     Straiton-McKenzie-moved that the "on Beaulac     $5,     Columbian uom  ming   were   provided,- ,and   so   many  line,   crossing    the  property,    small Reeve be appointed a delegate to at- Pany������  roaa  py-iaw,   $t>.4u,   u   ot.  u.  minutes; allowed-for. the trimming of seams have been uncovered,-and the tend the,,convention-.of-the Union' of Yarwood,    salary., and    incidentals,     ^^ ^^ ^,CiJuliC lulBl.  S!+h^������i;^rioLWM. grI^nSn Sf ciay.bHrn Brick Works are at-present B; C. Municipalities to be held at Vic- ?39.10;   J. W.    Stewart,    commission ested that nothing was further from  SSlfK^SSi IwLr^2S S mS obtaining a supply    of    coal  from a       j     November 15 road tax, $11.10;  C. A. Lamson, road the intentions of those responsible for  pointed as judge, and when ten of our property in the same area. lona' iN������vemQer 10. JAn\n.   ���������    a    c*.������.ttnm    .n,^  its formation than this  prominent  townsmen  trooped' in ��������� for      The Carmanah Coal'Company will     Straiton���������McKenzie moved  that G.  work>   $47.50,   u-   A.   Satiaiton,   roaa      Then as to getting players from our  inspection   with    these   creations   on now proceed to make extensive drill- C. Kenny's proposal to grade up the work,  $5;   E.  Weinstern,  road  work,  own town exclusively, it does not re-  Is this lover of sport so much in  love with football that he becomes  jealous of any other fellow who dares  to like a game? How he got the idea  that the formation of the new club  is an attempt to break up or injure  the Abbotsford Club, I cannot imagine.  I can assure you and everyone inter-  ffm? hM?%?������;rC??rr?ped1^hffdthetDMzS \ne ^W^w ^T   the  W<X" Ken^ road and Put ln- culvert if the  WW H. D. Straiton, road work, $7.50; .quire a great deal of consideration to  time.    Mi. Lauer carried off the prize founded belief that there is a magmfi-   ��������� ._,���������  _...%.��������� ...         .     D. a. Straiton, road work, $13.75;  E. P���������ve  that  this  is  ridiculous.    As  a  WpinatPi-n    rn-id   work    $11 2^-    H    D Pr00f ������f this'  cast a  S^nce  over  the  Weinstern, road work   $11.^5    a. JJ. Hst Qf registered player8 on Uie Ab.  Straiton, road work, $8.<5; J. Radford, botsford team, and  then I think you  (Bob  must   be a close   observer. of cent coal deposit in- this vicinity  and council win Pa^ for the grading, be  ladies' theadgear?), and "Teddy" Bar- if the anticipation proves the reality, accepted.  rett's was highly recommended.    All the option will be closed and a system RACrti.,*irt������������  the   ladies   present  determnied   that 0f coal mines rivalling the Dunsmuir wesoiuuons.  hereafter instead of trying to evade properties on Vancouver Island opened      Everitt���������Swanson moved that W. L  the eagle eye of the custom's officer, up. Blatchford be given a contract to grav  they would patronize home talent. Associated with Mr. Edmonds in this el 30 rods on the CamnbPll road for  Dainty refreshments were then serv- deali,i8 Mr. T. H. Walters of Abbots- S       '-.?.���������      Campbell road for  ed and a collection taken up. -.ford, in whose>name    the syndicate tbe sum of ?4������- '-'*'  During the evening the Rev. A. E. held 385 acres; making the exact acre-     Straiton���������McKenzie moved  that D.  Bruce gave_ a short address. brieflly. age 1515. ;���������   , McMillan's taxes for this year be-'re-'  outlining the work of the Woman's _!___  Auxiliary in  the  past  year.   _     ; The  entertainment    given    by  the  S^^'^'SLfc?������^^  SardTs lo^l ^mP^rs fn"Maple Leaf  mitted.  Straiton���������McKenzie moved that $35  good night, felt theyhad spent a very h^wa^en aUen^d'a'ndlr^atly 3': be appropriated, to, gravel; the road op-  bright and pleasant little evening   Mi. j     d   b      h t     The  j     ^ posite Mrs. Millar's property between  ^^t^ti^^J0^ **bsn^ branch of the W. C. T.  Ii. provided the bridge and hill,, Pathmaster to do  the hall and refreshments, while the the work  ��������� friends  from  Sardis  assisted  by  tal-      0i.    .."���������'    ���������',"'��������� ,"'��������� J      '::':  ent  from   Chilliwack  and  Vancouver      Straiton���������McKenzie moved that Joe  road work, $8.75; F. Archer, road will agree with me in saying that "A  work, $2.50;  F. C. Brown, road work, Lover of Sport" would do well to bo  ������tiK. a t t n+h,.������n ^o/i r,rn^ ������9o 7r,. a 'little more consistent. According  $15, A, J. Lathrop, road work, $38.<o,   t0 hlg theoryj .f a chap nveg mtsl(*  F. Munroe, road work, $25; E. A. this town, be he ever such a good  Mohler, road work, $12.50; A. Camp- sport, he must not have a show at all.  bell, expenses to Westminster, $3; G. Tu^is ���������lf������ be his idea of sportsman-  Kenny, road work, $79.^5; D.O'Don- f1?' but-{t certainly is not mine, and  nell, road work, $50.  School Accounts���������Sept.  Salaries:    .  ������������������   A. L. Harvey, $50; E. A. Hilton, $60;  ,"j. Roberts, $55; R. T. Evans; $50; R.  T.   Evans .(August  salary),  $50;   incidentals (September), :$50.10,  sincerely trust it never will be.  I agree with "A. Lover of Sport"  when he calls the idea of breaking  up a team a silly idea. It certainly is,  just as silly as the idea of trying to  prevent the formation of another  team, but as the idea of the breaking  up, or injuring of any other team was  on business,'which called him to Cal  gary,  a���������       h   . ,h ������������������ Ahhn*RfnrH   ���������,,.������������       " ^-" -"-"���������--;- "--- "^" ��������� -  n.    .'       "���������',   ���������,    ,     ......        CouncU 'adjourned to 'first Saturday ?eyer intended, I fail to see any point  All roads lead to.-Abbotsford, success: gave the program of songs and recita- Cole be authorized to do his Btatute in November ��������� article.  and happiness. tions and addresses. labor and also Messrs, Eldridge and C.ST. G. YARWOOD, C.M.C.      ^^Sn^d^h^V ^P T^  ua TWO  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  I'uljil.ihcsd    evtti ���������\     I-rUI.iy    by    Uio    J'o.,1  PuhlifjIiliiK: Uonipi'";',   ,  A weekly Join mil devoted t.' the Inler-  6-ts nf Abbots Co I'd mid, .suu -"inlliiK'iilH-,  tr-let, , '  Advertising Rates made know, ti uu-  p'lic.'illon.  LKGAL, AbVrl3HTlHlNG--l2 centK per  line :or iiivst l-n^ertioii^and 8 oeiitH u una  for nil Kub.scq-tiunt uoii.-ieiutlva Insertions.  Our Shibboleth���������STolfchor for nor a;,'lu'  the   Government.  FRIDAY, OCT03ER 13, 1911  The   country   has   decided    on   the  question of reciprocity.    The decision  is���������with all due rog.'ird to our Liberal  friends ���������ugainst reciprocity. This  country docs not want reciprocity.  But this country in the past has'asked  for' reciprocity from our noighbors to  tlie south of the line and wore turned  down. One good���������or bad turn���������deserves another. This time Canada  acted.  T  least  we  shall   call  him   as   knowing  what   he   wants���������has- retaliated,   and  our neighbor to the south has had the  Horsesboer and General Blacksmith  .   A good stock carried for, repairs on - all kinds of  vehicles. -���������  A first class carriage painter in.connection.    ,  J. K. MCMENEMY  Abbotsford,'B.C.  B. J. GERNAEY  -dwmmmmmmmmwm  Harness Saddlery Hardware  Trunks and Valises  P.O.Box 45  Abbotsford, B. C.  income of $600 a year 'so long as  they both live, and to be continued  to the survivor so long a^ .she  lives. The cost of thi3 Annir'ty,  $3,613.65' has been invested at 5p"r  LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.  (Section 42.)  su. --'  "��������� -��������� ���������������������.- ������������ ������** *       NOTICE.ia hereby given that'on the  'he intelligent voter of Canada���������at   ccu'' and hud brought .u less than   first  day of  December next,  applica-  Jt  we  shall  call  him  n.a  imnwinc $1^5.00 annually, with tne 'udficu'Cy   t'on will bo made to the Superintend-  and  annoyance   of  re-inveHtmour.   ent- of Provincial Police for renewal of  _  _ _ __ wiw The annu'ty bscc'mes payable wlr.n   UlG ll0tel Hcense to sell liquor by re-  happy   feeling   (?)   of   being   turned   the'younger isister attains'the agf*   Ulil m Lll������ notel known as tho Hunt-  down, of 55, and (should both die before   l"t'tlon  Hotel, situate at Huntingdon,  There  are  always   two   sides  to  a   thatf time the purchase money will   B' p/' Iu tke Province of British Col-  question���������to  this  question  there is a   be   refundei   to their, heirs      with  male and a female side, sorry to note.   3   per  cent  compound        interest.  The male side  has said   by his  vote  Each, is now earning her own liv-  that  he  does  not   wish   to  patronize   ing and the sum pai3 is the fruit of  trade matters with the United States   t'heir > labours   for' many      ytai-s.  any more than possible, while at the   They   were   thus  able   the   bettor  same time the "ladies of the house"  to   appreciate   their aplendil  op-  Bay:    If we can secure a better bar- portunity.   A   card  of enuu.vy ai-  Tre\Z������^Z^lTl ^'fr ^  dl'eS8ea   t0  ^'fi-P^tendent of    ' NOTICE is. herlbT^iyen that, on the  chase the !   L    vf h    1   r      T Canad':an  G^������nment     Annuities,   first day of December, next, applica-  hou    ho d  Z  ,J^u        lad,e8���������0ffa  0ttaWa> wiU "cure for you any in-   ti0n will be made to the Superintend  household  ai e generally  supposed  to  f0rmation you desire ,on this Bub  consider   the   best   interests    of    the ject# '���������  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  ,? " ���������    ������������������  ,L'   ������ ' ���������   -   -  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W.. Lyle, I am prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as to'prices and  comfortable rigs. . Stables open day  night to do business.  We solicit your.patronge.  umbia.  Dated this 3rd of October, 1911.  c ���������"������������������'    SAM GILES,  Applicant.  LIQUOR ACT, 1910.  -���������.:<   i;   (Section- 42). ��������� '   ���������  home; and it is said that "a house divided against itself shall fall." Where  are' we at? The Chilliwaclc Free Press  has something to say along this line:  "That the people of the Fraser Valley and the Chilliwack portion of it,  generally   speaking,   favor   the   home  market, and also favor the protection  and fostering of home institutions,' as  a principle, was made decidedly- plain  in the vote cast last Thursday.' Taking that as a fact���������and placing it along  of  another���������Chilliwaclc,   we  naturally  look to the people of the. valley ana  city to remain true and  loyal  to the  town   which   we   call   our' own.     Patriotism in the larger field should also  produce loyalty in the smaller sphere  ���������on the same basis of reasoning.   In  LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.  (Section 42)  NOTICE is hereby given that, on  the first day of' December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of the hotel license to sell liquor by  eht of Provincial Police for renewal of  the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in the hotel known as the Abbotsford Hotel, situate at Abbotsford, B. C.  in the Province of British Columbia.  Dated this, 5th ,day of October, 1911.  ���������  HARRY FREEMAN, Applicant.  . RETIRING FROM BUSINESS.  Mr.\N. Authier has decided that he  retail in.the hotel known as the Com- will retire from business and is pre-  mercial Hotel, situate at Abbotsford, paring for one 0f the largest sales  .n the Province of British Columbia. ever heId In the town', of Abbotsford.'  Dated  this  26th day. of September, -His $?(0oo stock is.'to ������be sold, the in-  h. & d. McKenzie, props.  Advertise in the   POST  I C.A SUMNER & CO. I  <g. P. 0. Box 58 Phone Central ������������>  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C.  1911.  james Mcelroy. & Co.  FOR    SAL"E���������Chestnut   horse,  atiguration sale beginning .at; an early  date, which can be found out. by consulting the posters. Mr. Authier has  been in business for about nine years  in the town of Abbotsford and during  -t  i  -.r/i-^a   ~i,j j   L ������������������     .   , ;    JU ultJ town oi aui  years, old, /soun  and true,  weight,...'      .       .      .   .,, ���������-������������������,-   .  p.'^vonf hnnAr.*..*      'ai���������a        - that time has built up a good business  e.e\en hundred      Also an imporc-       -, ..    .  - ���������   < ���������- l anri i<    ]S   oniy   after   very   mature  .development of Chilliwaclc.   The great   ZZnev   EC  majority have said in effect that Can-   L>t-Wdnev������ B   I-   advocating reciprocity we  believed it     ^1    f^Z'P       T'"1^   ���������* ������'  would be beneficial generally, and at   ^lj    a     ,���������,n^v   ^'      ^  ������u     ttiou^t that he Welded-to retire  the same time increase the growth and   ZLL ^t   p \  T after-the sale take* place. ' An excel-  {^**d[. Ar?P7' R- A- ThomP90^   lent stock in all lines are carried in  the store and now should be the opportunity to put in a good winter supply of groceries and the kind of wearing apparel that is required in this  country during the winter months, and  a,t a price that will please most people.  The sale will begin next week and all  ada must  trade at home  for that  ic  the way the subject or "ciproCty las  "IAN0 ���������ACHER-H.  G. Copley,  presented   by  the. victors.    That  our  the pianist at the Vancouver Opera  House intends teaching in Mission  in the immediate futuz-e and would  be pleased to receive applications  through the mail.   Terms $1.00 per  what the Free Press would like to see   iVe^BoH^Sou���������Vfi Ad"  is  that sentiment  carried  into  effect Vancouver, u. ,u  markets .would have suffered in competition with those of the ^merican,  is believed by many, and . therefore  the subject must be turned down. Now  who can should be there as the best  goods will always go first.  locally.   In other words, "Buy in Chil  liwack.'the home town, the home mai-  ket.V   That this is not being done to  the extent it should be is too evident.  But  if  people  believe  as   they  voted  last Thursday, Chilliwack and the valley, and not Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg, will receive the oenefit of their  trade.    We  have  heard  a  good  deal  about Canada for Canadians, and why  not Chilliwack for Chilliwack people?  We have also been told considerable  about big monopolies getting our trade  and  profits,  but  why  support out of  town   departmental  store monopolies  by sending the  ready cash  to  them,  and asking the local dealer, the home  man, to carry an account for various  periods of time, or perhaps turn him  down altogether?   Hardly "Canada for  Canadians" sentiment there.    Let us  bo patriotic toward our own town, its  industry,  its   capital,   and   its   talent.  This is good Conservative argument,  Which  has  been  very popular in  the,.  Fraser Valley, and the Chilliwack portion   of  it    particularly,   and   should  meet with general approval and practice not more than one hundred miles  from  Chilliwack.    See J. D.  Taylor's  majority."  INSURANCE  TH13 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY  Among the persons who have  recently imade provision for. old  age, when it comes are two sisters  age-d respectively 33 and 34 years;  They have purchased 'from the'  Canadian; Government a last Sur-  \ivor Annuity, that is an annuity  which will give them together    an.  ITheWcstgmHomc'Mohthly.  TSse Fraser Mey"Record��������� ��������� ���������  ..BOTH FOR ONE YEAR' FOR:S1;25  These two Periodicals are tlie Jeaders In their  respective fields, and would be welcome friends to  admit to your fireside during the winter months  SEND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IN NOW  And you will commence receiving both publica*  -  tlons next week. ���������--- -���������=������=w  Abbotsford Homesites  are looking for a home  snappy investments  town lots, acre-  >  age or  property  see :���������'  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  ' )  VI  iji 11 "i i" '>i ii'ii1 ii  Vj.'W^'1'-'^-'-' -^  MllillilMMlliai'i'lMMHM^Ifl.ffiM :'V',?K'  v-A-vr -?V'  ,:'.:\-  c ���������  T&E ABBOTSFOftt) rQSt,     ,AB BOTStf Qfti>, B. &  I  8'V  I!  81.'  aHBBR  saw  S���������SKH-rt  SE5EBC  SEE"  BRSEESSC3S  iubiu-jj���������mum j.xuuue  sBBxstssrva  11 ."i.' ���������j_  >W ^''If   <  S=  We are Agents   for.  Phcenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  SEE SUMNE  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming albng.  CHURCH  SERVICES  lanJgJTStec  ,.^.1,,-JI-JL.  -rr-rrrr-rr���������������������������n.-'ftTTt: ii.ft 'i '.J ��������� 'a. !"���������' '���������'. '.'������'  ERCIAL  -OBHB  HOTEL  j Mcelroy & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES   AND    CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. EsseisSlene Ave. and Oscar St.,  CITY  Presbyterian    Church���������    Rtv. J. L.  Campbell, B. A., B. D.'pastor.  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7<30 p.m.  At Musselwaite jftchool House--  Service every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m.  Sunday school tevery Sunday at  2 p.m.  At Huntingdon School House���������  Service at every alternate Sunday  ���������at 3 ,p.m. ���������'���������.,"  S. S.c every Sundayat 2 ;30 p.m.  Upper Sumas, May 29* and every  alternate Sunday at 3, p.m.  C. E., Wednesday ut 8 pira.1  Sunday School at 8 p. m.  Sunday School ������very Sunday at  Presbyterian   Church���������Rev.  j    q#  Alder.  Gtlonmoro, 11 ajn.  M(. Lehman, 2;30 p.m.  Pine Grove, 8 ,p.m'. -  SI.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)  Rev. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.  Services 11:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Holy  Communion,   1st  and 3rd  Sundays each month.  Catechising and 8. ���������S. at 2:30 p.iri  CJioir practice, 'Wednesday at 8  ABBOTSFORD  PO������TOFFlCE  Office hourB from' 8 a; m. to 7 p. m.  Mail for Peardonville every Tuesday  and Saturday, 1 p. m-.   "���������"' *  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  .* *   Kf~-\  EE  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  ^Strictly first-class in every .respect.   The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES, $1.50 T0?$2.00 PER  DAY  PROPRIETOR  H. FREEMAN,  General Stores ���������  Authier Brdis.  S. Brooke. i  Hotels���������  Abbotsford Hotel, PJ. Freeman,  *    Commercial, McElroy & Co.  Real  Estate���������  J. W. McCallum.   ,-.  C. A.: Sumner & Co. .  ' Bernau  &   Husband,  *rlJ.   J'. 'McPh'ee,J":'" -*'V:o  Auctioneers-^'-"       '���������'������������������  ..-J. W. McCallum        ;,  FEED STORE���������' ��������� ,,     /,.', i'     i  -J.. J... Sparrow.  Creamery-^- ..       ���������-,  ���������;' S.   J. -.Bates, Proprietor. '  Hardware and Furniture���������  II.  Alanson. ,������������������  Butchers��������� ���������-   '  A. M. King.  Livery" 8table���������     ''���������������������������}  J. E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and Confectioner���������  L. Legaee.  RESTAURANT-  Gosxrad Andersen.  Shoemakers���������  Prep.  /  M. Hauser...  t-wvr* -v"-.! I  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, Heef, VeaT Pork Sausages,  Weinies  and Balogna always, on hand. . Fish every Thursday.  WANTED TO PURCHASE  Forty acres improved farm in-  the Fraser Valley, with or without  house and buildings, convenient to  station or landing. Apply to J.  H. Smith, Straiton, B. C. i for  full  particulars,   first  letter.  Ey&ight Specalist  Manufacturing Optician  Doea the  Finest Optical  Work.  Judical men and others pay tribute to bis skill.  793 Granvillsj St. .Vaneou?dr  IS)  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  Want, a   frepriesenjtative      for  MISSION CITY,  B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as true.ness to  same must be appreciated by the  Public or they would not have  helped us to increase our business  yearly since 1837, the date of our  establishment.  Our firm's name lends prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of NurBery SStock  for SSpring 1911.  Write  for  full  particulars.  STONE & WELLINGTON  The fonthill Nurseries.  : T@RONTO,  O "rCrn 'r . '      Ontario.  snderson I  (Associate  Members Can.  Soc. C. ������.)  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Ofnec, next P. O. P. O. Box 11  Board of Trade���������  .J. W. McCallum, Secretary.  Blacksmith���������  J.  McMenemy.  Barber and Pool Room���������  Jos. Sanderson.  G. {eenor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������  J. V. Means. .   .  Doctor��������� \  % A. Swift.  SADDLERY and KaRDWAKE-  B. J. Gernaey. .  MERCHANT TAILOR. J  T. C. Coogan.  surveyors" --,,;.>..  Henderson'"��������� and Taylor; "-'  ABBOTSFORD DRFG STORE.  .  MUSIC TEAOHHK-  Miss Alice Steed.  CONNTRACTOR & BUILI . R-  A.  Everett.  Hainmond "& Bob.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER-  Geo. Zeiigler.  tisMms n$i Funeral Drettors      M&tSGll!    Hote  ranpoiiv������r.  Office   and  chanel 8 ���������.    M   .  Vancouver, Office and chapel   UM Gtranvtiltf) St.,    Phone 3486  iHtes^ Y������tacouver, Office aad  qafcaye^-'���������lift 2nd! at. Phone 134  All roads lead to Abbotsford, succ&ss  and happiness.  That  iB   a   fine' map th&t "Abbotsford is  on.   In jta^t it ia the  only map, but r1^ roads lead f\-om,  Abbotsfor^ u you don't beUeve it  ���������gSS.'-ttie Board of Trade e^g^elog^  MISSION CITY, B.C.  .,: Tltft Hotel makes a BP^Valty of  Kome-like comjoj^ \or Commeicial  Travel^ Comfortable silting.  f^Zai and besl o{ hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my numerous Patrons and  Friends that I have taken , into partnership Mr. J.  Glark late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co. and the  business; will now be carried on as  HOGG & CLARK  HORSESHOEING &   BLACKSMITHING  We hope by strict attention to business to obtain a share of your patronage  TICUL  FOR  PARTICULAR PEOPLE  ��������� WHO  Demand that fheir Office Stationery must not only be of the best  quality but that k most be neady   and   tastefully  printed.  -Those are the people who patronize the Fraser  Valley Record office; and they prove  that they  are <���������- pleased  by  duplicating orders  We can supply in any quantity, on short notice that beats city prices  Shipping Tags, Window Cards, Note Cirulars, Receipt Forms  Notes, : Invitations,  Professinal cards, Lodge . by-laws,   Lodge  membership  cards,  Agreements,   Blotters,. Butter  wrappers,  Dodgers, Auction bills, Envelopes, For sale  cards,   Wedding  invitahoni, Memorial cards. Meal   tickets, .Private  post cards,  Letterheads, Beheads, Memoes. Statements,. Lodge  constitutions, Legal forms, Prescription blanks, Labels gummed or otherwise,   Pamphlets, Reports, Pesters any size.  Real estafe  contracts, Loose leaf staBsments, Menus plain or  fancy,   Receipts  Lien notes, etc., etc.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY.  *m*M*ui������**m*mjMF*8^^i*mv \*3a  e Abbotsfor  . A. BATES, Publisher  1, *  B. C  ���������4  w FOUR  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABBOTSFORD;,B;C.  THE   MARKET.  Great and   numerous as its    attractions   are   the  provinohl      exhibition  fa'locl to cut ;lr>\vn  I ho at-  ��������� (ervlau'cr1 at  I: hi Now Westminster  'market   on   (Friday   r^orniniT   lnist  <hough   from   the  offer'rijrfl it .was  very   evident   that   the   producers  thought   (hat   the   big   fair   would  make   for   a    smaller      attendance  than usual  for there was  not   the  usual amount of garden truck on  tlie vegetable stands an J the dress;  ed   clvcken   sellers   from'      Blain-3  conspicuous by their absence    The  flower, stalls were almost denuded  rand   furnished   a   'Significant   pe~  m;nder that autumn was almost at  its  zenith,  with winter lurking  in  the   back  groun'd    For the      first  time  in several weeks quarters of  , beef   made   ;their  'appearance   on  the   market   and soldat'from   9  to  9 1-2 cents pT pound    Other meats  at: wholesale'Showed no zhxuga In  pjices and therewas no change, in  the retail price of the meat  While the vegetables wore not  qu:te so varied as usu'l, there was  a grease/ range oT prices, due to  more classes of pro ducts There  was no material change in the prices due to more classes of pro due's  There  was no material change  in  ry~>  * QQ  Apples, Blackberries, and Plums,  all kinds, in large and smalF  quantities. Windfalls -and culls'  taken.  ...������/'  Mission City, B. C.  you  YOU WILL REQUIRE  Hardware'-     Furniture  Sashes and Doors  .These we keep in stock of first-class quality and at.  prices that will pay you to deal at the Home Store.  , Let. us figure on your. order.  FINED FOR RESTING ^<Con^uedJ?romHPaffe Oue.)  ,'From Fraser Valley Record) CnVThhig~'A ��������� Lover of ~Sport" cer-���������  As the season of the year has a- tainly  has .managed' to  do,  and   that'-  gain returned when the Sone  When in Abbotsford call at  THE BAKERY  and take home some^home made Candy, Cakes and  Pastry of all kinds.  | Abbotsford,  Bakery ALBERT  LEE, prop.  the prices of first clas vegetables Change  and Rest .are seeking the  Fruit 'showed little change and if genial   atmosphere   of  the   coast,  anything   was   a   little      cheaper the- C. P. Ii. have made 'special ar-  Eggs  and  butter we.re firm,  with rangement, for  their reception  &s  prices the same as heretofore The  fish' market was 'good, with no  change in prices, and for the first  time this season little neck clams  made their appearance and, sold  at 8 cents per pound  is this: He has written an article in  which- he makes some foolish insinuations, which seem, to-be calculated to  injure the now team,. but which in-  reality, >have only served as a* reflection upon himself. .1- think It Would  have been a-good- deal more .sports-.  manlike in "A Lover of Sport" if he  had had the pluck to. have signed his  name to the article. . It would at least  have placed above suspicion everyone  else.  Whoever  "A Lover of Sport"  may  be, I absolutely refuse to take his ar-  ed two  of the visitors sleeping in   ticle as an expression of the real s$nti-  .        . ,     , a   car of hay on the western track   ments of the responsible members of'  ply of fowls as far as quanuty is   ind  very considerately conducted   the Abbotsford Club.-  I am uroud to  concerned! appeared to justify the  the attention1 it received In quality  nothing   of  understanding      merit  were  on sale but the  birds jwere  mostly   fairly   good  although      of  the common or igarden variety In  they arrive in the yards on ihoi:  free box-car passes and have- sent  out special attendants in the form  of constables to assure them accommodation. One of these having been isent to Mission to asBist  Of the fairly large attendance at Constable Lumpard. On Sa'.urday  the market the greater number of evening these constables discover-  people, appeared to be interested  in the poultry section, and'.he. su.j  them' to the Hotel de Ville.        On say that I was one of the first to join  Sunday  two young imen from the the/.last mentioned club, when it. was   .  ancient-city   of  Venice  were   also formed,  and nothing* in  the  sporting  found seeking repose under even world has &iven me greater- pleasure. ������  ���������e s comfortable quarters-the hard than the success of the club from.the:.  the   main .Leghorn*   and     barred   boa?'ds  of an empty box car.They ^ ' who'took an active-  Rocks DredamhTnted   ������   numhprnf   were  als0 given a   snug corner in'    As ������ne or those ��������� t00lc an actlve  -  j^ocks preaamijiatea, a.   number of e s t j    th zation of the "Ma-  ������������������  ca,seS of the lattep breed changing Ihe eame hotel. -Monday-sawyet , J ^^ ^ ^ . ^  hands at good prices, considering another son of Sunny Italy sleep- objectg Qf thenew���������club In the first  their small size. 'They appeared to "iff on the seat at the de-noMo-t t- 1)]ace ir is impossiDlerfor every foot.  be compact birds however, with- <he cares of the world.- Magistrate ball.er to play in one team, consequent-  out undue profusion of feathers, "Verchere sent three of the gentle- iy. there are several young fellows,  and possibly had the weight which mcn to ..New Westminster for 14 good sp0rts, and with-.the "ability-to  is after all the basis on.whichpoul-    days -rest and the sleepinJg Italian become good footballers, who hardly  6eD..-Zeigler-  try  is sold.  .it   should.  We  believe that a   cabinet min-  A1I prices rejrri'ained )rnuch the.  same The following are the quotations ;  Wholesale Meat.  Veal, small ii%c to 12%c  Veal large 9c to 10w  Mutton  10 to lie  Spring lamb, pr lb 12c to 13o  Retail   Meats.  Beet", best rib roasts 15c to 18c  Beef, loin 18c to 22:;  -ister  besides being the best ava.l-  Beef, round steak  Ige  ta-ble   .should  jeprdsent rthe   moat  Sn!Mf?oaSt':::::::::::10c.!������.^ ���������������^"������'���������������(l������ ������* p���������^  Veal  15c to 20c   ^^ie   -t������"iberals   'took   vCamox-A^.i,n  Pork   18c to 20c  while   the   Conservative      cabinet  Sugar cured bacon   15c to 20c minister comes from Ya'.-e-Cariboo  Ymmfiarn'h \8-C ? II* Neither  of these districts -are re-  ioung lamb  75c to 25c: ,   .  Dressed, chicken, lb 25c  JPretentative   of the  industry  and  ' : V" Vegetables,,   Retail. firowih   of   the   province.  Onions,. per sacjk ..' - ?1.59*  0   Onions/ 6 lbs for 25c:  VabVage,  4  lbs.  for    ...25c:- GOVERNMENT WORK.  Jfew Potatoes, sack $1.00 to $1.2QV '    Cucumbers    3  for  5c      The   Provincial   Government   have  Carrots,- bunch  5c; bigLd ^ steam roJler workmg on Rail.  had to pay $5.00 and left looking ever get the chance of a game.   Now,  surprised that he had to pay   so to my idea it is extremely unfairt.-to  imuch.  for bo little accommodation* say that these fellows have no. right   :���������0  to organize and get matches.    Again,  The "Borden   cabinet .has      been 'it is also  very unfair and; unjust-to  'swoin in and entered upon     their register  a  player  in  any  team   and    duties.   As usual British Columoia expect  him  to  abstain  from   playing ..-,.,,        ,  has not.received the consideration in any other team on the off. chance ..v&ll aim get prices.-  Carriage, House  and Sign: Rainter  Painting, Sign Writing  .   General repair work  J.E.PARTON  Abbotsford        - ���������    B. C  Good Storage'Room "for ,  Furniture.  of getting one or two matches in the  season.    If a player signs on to play  for a particular team exclusively, well, Abbotsford  and good, but to expect players to remain  off  the  field  week  after  week     when they have not bound themselves  to do so, is to my mind expecting too  much. If Abbotsford can run-two'  teams, so much the better. A good-  football team is a good advertisement.  for any town, and surely two.-good.  ones in the district must-be-better.  In conclusion, I may say that I do  not harbor any hard feelings against,  my    misguided    friend,    "A Lover of  Sport."    He  does  not require  abuse,  but   sympathy. "  The   best   advice   I  All work guaranteed  B. G.  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  ABBOTSFORD  gar unamoenain  ABBOTSFORD, B. C;  eed & tain Store   uonractor and Builder  headlong into print before you. thoroughly understand your case. ' Never  make statements on insinuations that  are- not true. Never write an article  that you are ashamed- to acknowledge, ��������� '���������  and try and deserve the nom de plume>  behind which you have chosen ��������� to --''  hide., viz., "A Lover of Sport."  J. HEATH.  Beets,  bunch    _���������. 5c . , .        . ,  Ripe Tomatoes, 3 lbs 25e Wdy b',treet 10r the past ievv davs>-aild can give him is this:    "Never put any  Green Tomatoes, per lb ..si to.- 3te intend u> take it out to Hatzic when 0DStacle in the way of- fellow sports-  Vegetable marrows, each .......3c to; 1:0������ the work in town is completed.    The man wno  js  trying to  do something  GreenPcorn,Cper'doV'^a'"'"'" lSc TOller- arrived   in  town  on   Saturday  for sport in the district. ' Never rush  Green corn! saclj. ..Z.^--..'��������� ��������� '���������'��������� ���������.'.".'��������� '.$2:J/3 lrom Port Mo������dy  Cauliflower, e.%^ 5c to> JJGte    Pumpkin^ <&xh,  2X3o  Fruit.  .     .    ' Trtbx. 25c  Aini^o, -.    - -t 30c  Plums  bask..       '...".. 2 b'^" tor'25c  Blackberries ........ 25C-  Pears,   per- basket _   Eggs anc* Butter. ^        ~Qq.  Eggs, wholesale .-45<i ^������ -  i'jggs, retail   50Cf  Butter,  retail    49C(  Honey, in comb, per box ���������> ��������� .25c:  Honey, in jars, per lb 25o  Fish.  Halibut, lb ^  Salmon, red, lb l-^  Salmon, white, each  50-c  Steelhead, lb l5������  Sturgeon, lb 15������  Alaska pink salmon, each 25c  Poultry.  Hens, small   $6.50 to $7.50  Hens, small, retail  $7.50 to $8.50  Hens, large   $7.00 to 38.CO  Hens, large, retail $8.50 to $11.00  Chickens  $6.00 to $8.00  Broilers  $4.00 to $5.00  Ducks    $9-00 to $11.00  Ducklings $7.00 to $9.00  Geese, each   $1.00  Don't forget  WHEAT v$2;00  A sack  . We buy Poultry  J. J. SPARROW, PROP.  jobbing Brickwork  Chimneys- a specialty.  Orders left at the office, of  C.' A. -Sumner & Co. will re-  cieve prompt attention.    .  We w3ll   devote   this   spaco  ���������larly to a aeries of adver-  'f*^ *o stimulate Interost  tisemen^ - ,m    ��������� Want Ad������-  In our ClasslflOta  ,.  Wo are  publicity   a3v������^  and practice our own precept*  because wo  appreciate thoir  value.  This corlos will be pregnant  vrilth pertinent points of general  Istterest, whothor you wish to  buy or toll, to employ or bo  employed, to borrow or to lend,  to find a finder or an owner,  It will pay us to run these  advertisements. That la tho  best proof we have to offer that  it will bo profitable to you to  -use our Classified Want Ad.  Columns.  ABBOTSFORD.  A convention of Christian  workers',  will   be   held    in    the    Presbyterian  ol���������,   -h.on Tuesday, the" 17th instant,  Cillli v������. ��������� ^  when sevelt:-.noted;:^^ke-rs  -re ^;  pected.to.be prc*5t>,������.*    " ' ^  An   evangelistic   campai^. \ e-   -  carried on in the Fraser Valley, boe,Jn"   .  ning   on   Sunday,   October '29th, .and '-'������������������  continuing for about a fortnight.    It  will be held under the auspices of the  Presbyterian   Evangelistic   Committee  and a committee of the New Westmin-   ,  ster    Presbytery.      The    Abbotsford  meetings will begin on November 5th.  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  For Factories and:'  Industrial. Plants/  Convenience      Comfort      Economy  Attention will be given to. all applications for service from"our lines.  , Address all enquiries to  LigfctAand - -Power Department  Hokien Block, Vancouver.  Electric Rail  ntis  i  w>  \\  4  i^i  14  ���������*i]  w  M  ffe  k-  aitfl  e >  ���������Wftt  V  m  fit1  HM  M  vVJ


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