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 ,'���/��� tl<w.'.'.Wf I'*1*!-M
:'-��:.v ���-<;i ii*y*
Vol.III., No. 29.
8 $1.00 PER YEAR
1 $? tfp <# <# ���$? ���# <ty? ���#? <# <# *4
Junior  LeagUe  Match
Snow, lice, Rain
and Sleet
On many  a   City
Your feet will nev"
.   er care
If McCready Shoes
you wear.
Having the privilege, of witnessing 'he above game,last Saturday I
was asked to write'up an aeconnt
of ihe .game. It is 'too' late for me
to give 'any accurate details, and I
will content imyself^with. a. few
criticisms And let me say right here
these are not" intended as personal
criticisms but 'as a   little help'   ��� to"
Mrs, Edson and Miss Heath enter
tained a- few of their friends-', at
progressive whist on Wednesday
evening last.- Six tables played nn
til eleven o'clock after whica.-sup-.
per was iserved. Then . a - few
hours were spent in.mnsic and,also
games. Among'those present were
, Dr. and Mrs. S/wift; Mrs. McMen-
,emy; Miss Caswell'; Miss Hilda Nelson'; Miss Annie Nelson; Misa Ma-
��� On .Wednesday evening. last at
Clayburn Mr. P: Fleming and.
Miss Flora Moena were united ""in
Marriage by the Rev Mr. Pow of
"Mission City at 8 p.m'. The bride
is one of the ��� charming? young ladies of Clayburn while the groom
is also a   resident. "'
After the marriage ceremony the
wedding  party isa't   down- to      a ,
sumptUoUs  repast, .after    ' which
i^j.)  the team 'from and old pViyerwho, bel JNelson;'Miss Blanche McCallum, they,.spent the time in onei,of the
has been through the mill. 'Mats- .Miss Annie McCallum; Mr. and Mrs
The Rain,  Snow, Sleet
$*\  of Fall and Winter serve only - to demonstrate  w��>;
<��*$ ��� the fact that surpassing Leather and Workman-  i#!
ship have made
. McCREADY SHOES,:, . .,.., t..,_
qui were fnll yalUe for-their'win'
but considering the difference ifl
size of ''the two teams Abbotsford
did well to. keep themj within .'the
three goals. .The iscore .was 4-1���
two of them ga'ineds from penalties.
I . will not deal" with the. Matsqui
!team further than- to say, the goalkeeper di de.wll... Campbell Watson
excelled both in defense and attack
Nvhile Paige/struck me as; the. best
forward on the field,, He has got a
nice is     " "
.lightweight ;.was~<rvery   clever.
Alex McCallum, Jnr;; also Messrs
W. Williams;; B; Lowers; H. Brown
J. McCallum; Q. H. Kerr; H. McKenzie; C. Howland and A. J.
. (Froin Frasar-Valley Record)
���most pleasant and enjoyable      of
dances ever held in the Valley.
The young conple will reside at
Clayburn, amid the best wishes
of their, many friends.
Sold only by	
.It.was the pleasure o'S the editor
,'of Jhis paper to yisitf, the St. Ann's
.... '     ' ��� Poultry Yards yesterday, a   report
Without  ostentations .display   of,  of1 which 'will, appear in', next issue
fiags or the sound of trnmpetj or   Abbotsford may well.be.proud' ^6f
the bl'j��w:hg , the enterprising firm of, E.: and'G.
last- the,. Glrpday. Six imonths has worked
new ferry boat to; be,', used on th��:/wonders^ah:a"if the1?succeeding, six
Fraser,between'Mission and -Ell- months'shows as .much progress it
For Abbotsford Miller in goal.did' hotville, tied'*up, at the ferry. vfllip WlH be'a marvcHbat w'll'open the
all-that-was .required andi I coUld on the north {bfa'nk "of the Fraser/ eyesrof visitors to tjft* town all
hoc .see.-an^, reason for changing /sone were to meet her; none we're
Boyd and him at halft. ime. . For. (here..to' welcome John H. Sprott,
one thing Boyd was in much belter;" Lthe name of /the new ferry boat;
within the reach of everyone in Abbotsford and district. Beautiful Scenery
and Artistic Work
From $1.50 to $5,
Have you seen, bought or
used our RUBBERS,
Oc.   A PA
Turkeys and Geese for Xmas
Now is the time to leave you order for Xmas.
Turkeys and Geese at our store so you won't
be disappointed.   We have a limited number.
It's up to you.
condition  and really   played   well
���in.what was to him a   new* position
'J,.   Kucker,.played   a      poAverfjUl
game at back and his kicking ���  was
good although towards the end -he
played the man more than .t he ball
McCalahan was steady rather than
brilliant and faces'up his* man well
although he made one costly mistake.   The goal keeper and backs
are  good  enough  for   any   j'Jn.'ji-
team.     The half backs wure^n'K an
good as might be. ��� Bertrand play
cd a   mixeu-game being  gu^u  ai
times only.   He tackles pool'ly and
an^uld iearn'i.0 go  in  straight to
his man also ,to remember it is his
duty to look after,, the' inside wing
i,ppuiieiu "and .leave the outside^ to
Li.- u��.^K.ivj.iLi.-neii tried his best but
.    .n.iiK Viie  selection    oouuriittee
erred in playing so jgh-.f ana   .inexperienced player in the moatim-
porcant position on the ifeld.   This
position needs strengthening, audi
-.^u..  ii-om  what i   saw' the   best
man for the position is-N Right. He
��do  eaMiy   me  best  of   the home
halves 6'hSaturday and Used both
^ead and feet to great Advantage;.
^ue tor Wards aid not work toge.th.
er .well  on  Saturday, and -seemed
to bunch too mUch.   TUpper Mc-
iMiieie,  .U'saiiy  ,their   best   fo^vvai'.d
was crippled and should not; have
i/iuye.u. while - Stewart ,has  played
many a   betcer game than, ne. did
on  Saturday.   Leslie      Tretheway
was ah goou form, and has wonier-
control of the ball.   He wants,    to
shoot of tener ho.we ver and lie f ur-
uici up hc>ween'vhe"hacks....iivans
worked hard, and seemea untortun
ate, having extremely   hard  lineis
one occasion with a   splendid shot
Both Boyd and Miller did well   at
oucside left and towards the finish
lciiuer got .across some good crosses.   He  should be  a   help tot the
team  when he has   a   practice   ot
two ���'��� i"' . /���   ,   ���      ���  '   '��� f
but.nevertheless the,boat is a welcome addition to the coming: prosperity and fnture greatness of the
district it will serve.
A. description of the boat has already .appeared in,these columns
and although many are of; the opinion that the ferry is too small,
yet it must h�� rememberx* , / that
once' there is a ferry established
and a   travelling trade developed  .    ' t
more  comuwdious  accommodation       The American Lumber Company
can be secured, by. the replacing of .have purchased five acres in, HU.nt
all of
whom should visit the .yards.
Abbotsford has two striking e*-
, ariipies of enterprise^that, should
r.',not. be overlooked���The St. Ann's1
Poultry Yards  and  The    Upland
Fruit Ranch and'Nnrsery., as they
represent two  branches   of  agri-
cnlture.that ishoUld prove good ex
a'mples of what can be1 done here
and there is sure nothing' to eqUal
them elsewhere in the' valley.
a larger ibo-ajt. The hull of the
new ferry ifi built wj-th an eye to
the future and will accommodate a
much.larger deck.- The boat is indeed the picture of strength    and
beauty considering the size.
The ferry will he free! to the public between the hours of 7 a.m.
and 6.p.m., after which hour it will
be necessary to pay ,to secure a
crossing. ���      '!-\'j-
Captain MacKenzie will have com
mand, while Engineer Dugnid will
officiate in the engine room. It is
not yet known who wilt have the
highly honorable position ofpleni
potentiary . of publicity, an~i
whose duty will be to look after
comfort of the passenger, and to
point out the grand fertility of
the Matsqui plains and the; advisability of chosing that as a home
for intense farming; and the vast
opportunities now open for the.Ln-
vesting of a little money in the
Strawberry Metropolis of B. C,
the home of the world's renowned
''Enormous" potato; and the coming iindustnal centre of the Fraser
Valley, boot it isure will <be some -
good man with a flow of eloquence, at least eqnal to that of
ingiion for the purpose of starting
"a planing mill 'and sash .an-i door
factory;.and will begin building at
an early .date.
Mr. Samuel 1. Giles the genial,
proprietor of th?'Huntingdon Hotel
spent  Thursday  at the .coast. 4
Mrs. Giles who has "been' sick/s
now convalescent.
It is rumored th,at oUr genial
Johnny- will journey to Mission to
purchase a   coUpling licence.
Mr. Skinner has returned from
hi? holidays.
Th2 post of/i-e ha^ b?en removed
to Brooke's store and is under the
able management of J, D., who is
experienced in waiting on the public's wants.
The Upper Sumas post office has
been   closed,   and   the      residents
come here for their mail.
There is urgent need of a black
smith shop in this town, and any
young man who wants an* opening
of this kind should, come and mves
t'g.ite. for himself. There     are
inducements that will be told; him
when h�� comes.
Pr. Swift on behalf of the Masons
of this distru-t has purchased' a lot
on the corner of Gladys' and Pine
p troet'ts   where   the   new  Masonic
will not go. back even   although
they are beaten by heavier, teams
but will persevere Unti,l they get   Temple for Abbotsford and district
a   head the league.   A '��� littk> mo-re   will-be built, and the home of the
Taking the igame as a   whole the   combination and keeping.more to   lodge;about (to be organized here.
their respective places should help
a   lot.   ' "' ' tV '���  .  ���
hpyis did swell and have ��� sho.wn
wonderful improvement'sincet hey.
s.tar.ted last year,   li   hope     they.
Abbotsford Feed Store will have
a   delivery waggon next month. -���������2*w  -<S  TWO  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Published   every   Friday   ������������'    the - Post  Publishing Coinpi<"l'.  A WfOkLv .Journal devoted to tho .Inter  Ir-ict.. . , .  ,  Ailvcrtlslns 4������������������P?i���������^.-^"0?jV.������ ^ "^i;,.  plication.        .,.;���������    / i/.j'      ;n!     }',-���������    ;/  ��������� !*i>V  LisoAL ADyEHi;iaiNfir^l2^flPt8i I"*.?  lints fur Hi-st'lr^eialon; ai(^. cqijw a-nn^  Tor till sulwequfitit aonseoutlyo iita6i-tlonrf. ?  Our Shibboleth���������Noltlior .tor aor, affln'  tlie   Government.     _       "     ,  '   !"f TJ  H        THE ABBOTSFORD POST,        ABBOTSFORD. B. C,  J-J  A weOKLV .ournai uov������i��������� ������-  ";iv.-.--,r   .  e^ts of Xbhot.sn.rd and suu -n^jejH"-.  The Biggest Value Ever Offered Residents of lhe Fraser Valley  ,. 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'-.'--;,.   -Tv"   -'-"���������*��������� .'Ws^ what. Mrs., ^ .aid  to, Mrs.   jaw and,Tool that you, arc, pulling  Krfull of good BgfcestioMr we; .^V ' * '       .    . '     he    ;etc etc,tl,e muscles or,cords np from yonr  .��������� ���������,������  ������������������Q   si'ia'HfiArl   in   nhlishiner    w V   -���������    .���������. ���������?.--���������- . ..-   - .-_.._    ���������-   -  lieve.,we. are justified .in" P.bUsMh& ">;.h? v 8"?i?;f--/v "-" r/-v~"^[i  shoulder blade,.   Do, this,;first; with  it    There -appears' torus' aiothjng-. ������??<��������� :*<>������, ^nk  an  ed.tot   coTJld de of ^ |Mte ���������d ^ tken  it. . meie  app 4   ,   .  :f/> o   ornoamv. ^aT)er? the other-.for a   few minutes each  day,.   A   little' soreness .may.'    be  , ., x,     . make quite a   gossipy paper?  spiteful1 in-it and ;if.. the ;boyB,seem---        -���������>    - -    ' ���������   ���������������������������'���������-.  to take kindly advice from^ne who; , B j^here" we putyish, the set of S'foT ia" few. days, tut. will,.wear  does not .care, to makers name regolutions'which > according to re-,, off. This will Strengthen the mus-  known why bo' much the. better.  .^)0-rt  the.-..Superintendent. objected' cles of the,neck. .^t   .  It may be that same of,the boys%Q ^ 'Tl^le!e convention spread-'    'i   Swing" y������?ur head in. a   circnl  or their f rierids^ay !fcno^the ,par ��������� ^ on^e minute8 0, their meet. ������ "f^/^^,  resolutions   themselves;  ing ��������� The resolutions them selves..^.^.^ ,h^ .^ the .0������posLte .lir-  are no thing, jni^re than the result. ec*t,i6,n.. -Do-' this rather ;slowly;This  of a aeries of what the teachers- will .scfengthen-the -muscle's of thd  from 'experience'and careful study   front ahd back-'neck,. , ,   ...  believed would remedy  some  lit-"  ^ Swing ^the centre of body  as  ^���������.���������������������������.o   ^������������������;-:/:,-i���������    r:,M';:.v      ;   as   if   on   a  ,pivo(t   in   a   circular  -' %#?$!������������������* $?������&: tf:e-. %    6 -P>aS'   mbtion from - front ;'to ; rear;' While  caused annoyance  to  both  teach-   ^Q^g thiS place the "hands'; on .the.-  yt as he says he,-was asked to tell  us abont the game.  Hf the article should ineet_ the eye  of; the; writer ,wectrust. ,he ,w^ll -take  the ihint ahd'flend -his/name, next   uciicvcvi   nv ^ tf   _._,  time;   Ther article ^ould ��������� liave- -apl , t^ajjSef^^ye in!tne>ast   ^^^ [rom/fr-nt-tovea3.;wme  peared'. last *week"' but' w������,v appose'   cau8e(i annoyance . tp  both  teach-  something . happened.^o  it ;.in'.. the . er. ^ipu.pii, ,and. ;pr.obaly  parent   hips.   This will strengthen- the'- airmail ."between here and Chiliiwack. \Refo'rms<<'arV!-urgently needed:    .at   dominal muscles,'also'the;inscles of  ������������������   ���������' ���������    least they were/a "few' years"ago,  the back. '    .-    ���������  ��������� This is nofint,ndecl U.^\W:&'^W?*&u .'** goT tSSh" r^ IffiliW  mark that in your -fa'at be/ore y<?U   wishing remedies. for abu.es. each day, always'with the" feeling.  read the next line, and then remem'     -^mayt.be; that   . Super,n:enJen;   that there is-'a   resisting force or,  ...... .   . . ,   Robinson'did not approve  of  the  that something iB pulling in the op-  '���������������������������������������������'     "     ' ������������������'-  ' "���������method of'bringing the resoluttiMis   posite direction.  The other;,day .a., man -came  to.  .,   -.-���������;.-....     '-.'���������������������������-- ���������....   -"    ���������.-.-.-   ...     ���������     .      :���������'.-' :,.,'  before   the   Trustee-.     conven-aon,      ThP ahnw *vf?rfi  ..      j.i.   ,"    A   ��������������� j ������f ������������������..,������,,"'.^;/i   ueiulc ^'^if'r^.     convention,      The above exercises'are all con  the editor'land said ."Iij.aee ^ypiij did       ���������. ���������  .��������� i      ^' ������������������������������������ *"���������  and  before   the .Trustee.  tne eaitorwana saia ."iijaee^youjuiu       ���������. ���������  .��������� i:   .::-.���������  ���������:      -i -~-                          -        .���������������  .iW ,.             . .     x..    ,"      ���������    Who can blame; the .teachers   for ducive, to  a .healthy   body  riot put^kriy-i-riame-iw-the.mpaper   "no can-UIW    ���������    ������������������ eood for anv person.  ,    ,       -,- * V   ^:- *���������   -j t - 1--1. *   while prbbably -^he. principals  be- sopa tor any peraon.   ^.  last 'week when :i'; was- drhnk- las, -���������     P            7 i      ^                   & 4. The hum is the ,bas5s of.place-  week; I   believe if you  did" there . ^ved  it. would strengthen   their ^ ^ ^.^   ln_8tudy.ng     the  would not ibe iso .manvv'Of^U3i fel-   ?*^er,.; .    .     .. ...'" ... ��������� .>;':.   ,    . placement of :the voice, we must  lows making a "nuisance  of'oUr- ��������� - Xt 8?eras f-T'W?. ho-w.ev>^ that' bring our power to think) and-.im'-  selves   when-*.we   had-a   glass   or  ���������������������**���������������������*i-be.any canse, for worry \gine-into play.-��������� Think a   place at  n ������,i.n    ���������,������ ������^,������n ������ ������rt������t������   as if.the suggestions wonld benefit the-bridge of the nose.   Hum from  two, or yell when we smell a cork"                                 .. ���������                       ���������   .    .   ..   ..         ,.  .i    ,         -   our-eddational system they ;shonid the-diaphragm���������not  at  the      dia-  There ar,.many f^-jbl    ^                                     ���������      .. I)hl.agm-.tt, the bone on- the bridge  paper thinks  of publishing  aboUt..      .,        .-        . .    .;     ,     .  ".ny person.   'Yet. if some. one. ,has   ���������.;���������-..  .       rb   a   guilty conscie^nce'afbont'    some   . The Greeriwood'Ledge say������ ed  particular point it is often'said the   itorrially,  "We-.Kaye -a'.bi!?le    40  of the nose, feeling distinct Vibration at that point; Make the hum1  a' dull nasad" ���������hnm; 'feel that the  action" from   the   diaphragm- is   a  years *oYd   that  is  still  in *a good" kind of a   roar on the-hum'.-Start ���������  state-of'^reserVavioh.'?- Musi" have   on ,yonr   upper   notes ��������� and .. work  been printed on buckskin. ��������� < " ' cioWn the sca1^ (sustained notes)ia  ,    ���������;   -. c    .rr-t    _,-.   ,;    ; ���������    'kmg. breach   between  each      note  / -������������������ ���������-������������������1-.-r   ���������������������������:.-:-.v .r"~>    ���������-"'.-��������������������������� ;   -_^'     throngh  the nose    -keeping'    the  >0r^~������~~^'   '���������'���������������-vi ^      '.SJ-o.;>-.������-i r:;.1^^ 'South'closed;- When-yon find-the  '"   8 oc^nn<s nn ^intyinff     h��������� at bone of no3e> tr-y with y������nr  LCddUIld  Mil  ������?rK*������III������ mind t0 spread the vibration5 to.the  cheek bones.-< Be sure yon get yonr  - starting -point froni.your diaphragm  and ,not from your, neck or larynx.'  editor, no matter what,paper., has  it in for so aho", so, when really the  editor is not aware thafy tljat particular person .ih'a's'a' -conscience at  'all.   People should be-indeed'thank  ful that editors are sTJch gopd gen-  i erous follows and dp .no*: nUbliah'  all they know or think. they' know.  If half the gospel-were/.published  that one hears on.thef streetor ev- _,.. J[panr'De Reske.has ,said the voice '    Imagine-    a   ���������  Jine     from   .';he  eh at fl'om'e'meetiwgs would-.itjnot, is   all: nose.,'     Carusa. says '   the 'diaphragm arid this .will keep-the  .      .. . ��������� -..    ... ,.    ��������� ., .. ���������,     ���������,i   ������������������,���������<.   throat   open   with   a   low   larynx,  make fine .sensational reading?     ������   reason there are so few really, great l J  %:  !by\cHas:f. wMb;  ~J>  iaKe  line .sensational  reaiungi      *   reason.-mere are su icwre������uj(,gi<;������i - .  ... ���������' Humming is good for the voice; ev  Supposing for instance a   paper   -singers, is because they sing with en after it is'placed.   In choosing"i  published as  gossip  a   lift   some-  ,out a .mask.   Botn gentlemen are teacher, no ..matter  what- part  of  thing Ike the following, the papers   authoritiep. "par' excellence"    ,.jr.e- the world,''go to-the one with     a  would sell lite, wildfire.   The editor., '^ighised. lhe .world over..,In mak -voice,- for without that how canhe  could  of-conrse* carry; a ; gUn   if   ihg 'tlie- above statement they:, aim*  ov^ properly  demonstrate? ^  ... ,._    .-  .;?    , ������������������:.     ..,.,-.��������������������������� ������������������-   -Pupils are working- int he- dark  his life-was'in'danger, by ;the per-   at the same thing and that is true ,to) a   great extent  if  they  have  mission 'of the police if'_ he happen.. JrpAtal or na^al .resistence (npt /n0. ,/exaimple.; also pick out- one,  ed to'be on the .right side of poii- nasality) v, You hear a teacher say -whom -you- think the- best, ,Give  ties; A list of the common. or "'Ohj I; don't .care,rwher.e.; you sing him or her a good fair trial by.  garden drunks: the names of those ���������$*?#*!& &$ tone^i8;musical"This . doing exactly what you���������*. are ^tok  is a .poor way of doing it and will   ���������you are paying for it���������and don't  who were loving other men's wives   ,not   -fl?    Concones   and      other, always go to theone who ischarg-  when they should be at home lov- good vocalise are excellent in their ing the smallest fee. It is usually  irig their'owh; foretell coming, ev- place,and that place is not the,, the-most.expensive article in' the  ents; "'how old1 is Ann"; wh^h the building of the voice, bnt for phras end and means usnally a lot ,to  villagers expect Mr, - and".':  Miss' Mg/jof bilildihg- is a   tnjng in   oe unlearned.      This holds good in  , '������������������        "Itself arid  ���������-to .get married;.ih;e-las.fe.family t adm'itfhat  quarrel; who la ������������������ visiting MisB .-������������������ the~ point a healthy "body is nee- : Lices at difftrent times during, the  and:ho wfmany fellows she has had  essary. 1 ,.... \     .  ...    ., '. * day  is   the   one   thing   necessary  and where he used to.spend his ev-,      1   Chew with oixe aide   of  your, When tired, rest  ������������������* *���������    - ^~���������*0 "������������������*        *~ -w*������*������*������j J������������ ^/V/      kKAJ-A^-CAl. iiyuj ���������. JL .UAB     U.VJ.MW     ^\J\J\*     AAA  Itself and a   science and you  will   any   branch   of,musical  edcatipii.  science saves waste. To   Remember good .���������systematic, prac-  antord s balsam o  als woun  sores  ?J  G'ER  AEY  P.O. Box-45  Abbotsford, B. C.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  ��������� Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, I am prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables open day  night to do business. . ..  We solicit your patronge.  H.  & D.McKENZIE,. props.  [vertise in  ���������S> ���������4^>^^>*JMJ4<M^ <KK^<^H^KK^K* *f  ���������>  lIC.A. SUMNER & CO.  4 -P. 0. Box 58 Phone Central  Y-'...       Telegram-'Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C.  X  t  t  f  f  .���������!���������  Town Lots, "Farm Lands  Business Propositions and  Realty in every shape and  form For Sale.  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JjmTnrni      TT~imiTr^iiiiniHiTiiTmiiTri^^���T1 	
Patronize the new store when you wish to buy
anything in the line iof Boots and Shoes- or Gents'
Furnishings. :
A complete line of Granby Rubbers, Rubber Boots and
Overshoes carried. *
All our goods stand inspection so do the prices.
GEO.   C.  CLARK,Abbotsford,B.C.
That Came In Like a
Lamb and Went Out'
Like a Lion,
auytmng .in reply, out uimutea tnat i
could screw up my courage*.
"   There was Just a little March breeze
.about ttils, but.tbus far there had beeri-
so much .April. softness that 1 didn't
think- tbe season could;go backward
and our courtship go out with a bjaat. ���
About this time June came on, the
month of roses and marriages, though
Wilbur and 1 were not to be married
till  the. following autumn.    He had
agreed to spend,a couple of weeks���bis
vacation���with me during tbe summer
either in the mountains or ,at the seashore' or "'any place ���. I...might .select-
Presbyterian    Church���
Campbell, B. A/, B. D. pastor.
/ Abbotsford. 11 a.m. and 7:,'50 p.m.
., At .Musselwaile ,School Ho.use���
Service  every - alternate Sunday
at 3 p.m.-
.Sunday school fevery Sunday at
2 p.m.        ��� ,' . .
Copyright by American Press Association; ,1911.
fields, open  to  women, and we were  l3* j.among^my; o,tIigrLweaknesses..Is..in-,,,
not   ambitious   to;" occupy   those, we  decision.-,.auditor, .my. life J "couldn't"'
j. Mcelroy & Co.
;Cor. Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,
At Huntingdon School House���
Thin pleased me. v.erj;much,,and,JLtold Service .at. every alternate Sunday
him I would-think i over th* places at at 3 p.m.
$'" '""'  ^"""J"''"**-".' -<���������  $. which I should like to spend this hap-  S. S.- every Sundavat 9-in ��'��.
*^*S^<����*��^^ py ippriodl and 1|-t ��m ,kw,��llbefore-!t     Upper s���mM Say 20  and  ��"
In my girlhood there were very few should .be <tlme tp:'j^^;*3uj3:unto,rtunate- }   alternate Sunday at 3 ' ���       every
C. E.,- Wednesday a^8-p.in.     ^''
Sunduy School at 3 .p. m.       ' '
Sunday School every Sunday at
Presbyterian'   Church���Rev    t    n
^de,rv r.r ���;--:' '-,,',. ,
, Qlenniore, ll a.mV
Ml-.  Lehman, 2;30 p.m.
Pine Grove, 8 ip.'m'. *
ST.. MATTHEWS   (Anglican)
,  Rev.. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.
-Services H:00 aan. and 7,:?0 p.m.
Holy   Communion,   1st   and  3rd
Sundays each.month. .  .. '
Catechising and -S.-S.~afr 2:30 p.m
Choir practice, Wednesday at 8
wore at  liberty' to enter.'' : A woman-
would at  ihat  time rather rely on-.a
man  for ber
Ileve' that women are fitted for the
borne and are nor. fitted for making'
their own living.    When Wilbur [Crust
ftving lhau on her own
1 am one of'-tbqse who be-.
make; iup,..my, injnd'���whether 1. preferred
the mountains or the seashore, i knew
a place in the former that was perfectly lovely, but the hotel was bad.
Then- I-knew. a.:placet,at, the..seashore
where the hotel at which,l(shpuld( wish
to stop was excellent,. but a woman
went there every summer whom 1 de-
cnme courting me'I persuadA'd myself  tested, and I couldn't bear tbe idea of
that I loved hitui'possibly because'It' being shut up .withI her under the same
was to my Interest to Ibve'blm:/ He   roor-      "'' " ""    ������ ��� - ��v
was a strong character.- ' At1 any "rate.      The lst or July came round, and I
he  had a strong" wflli'and T-suppose'  ha_d._deci<?ed   ��?thi.n.g
the " former eauriot  exists without the
latter. - ��� ��� �������� ���',-'��� </<'��� ' <* "<: " '.'.',
' It seemed to me that be was Just
the kind of husband for..a weak wo-,
nmn -like -myself. |. would be content
to let him broast tbe battle of the'
world for us" both, and that' was just
ABBOTSFORD, B. C       -\
Strictly first-class in every respect.    The bar is
stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars, __ ���
RATES,  $1.50 To!''$2.o6  PER  DAY; ^ "
'���''�� :...   ��� ">���   ��� ��� ������ ."���.-'��������
j- -<"���
Wilbur asked
me"one~ day what :T-bad done,'and I
said 1 bad been unable- to settle,jon
anything.! L.asked .pim-Uoj.decide.^the
matter..-..- ...  o.  \i., .^aot j -.o,w  ^ . ,-
'*.i-know nothing about summer ho-'i
tels,", be, repll.ed.... 'T've never "ha'd-'oc-"
c'as'ion to^use bhVof'.them'."""Y"ou must
seftle on" the' place."' "  '   : -'-'*���:' -'  ' -'
He'had"arranged for his outing for >
two weeks from thel5th of July. .Just.
,before*the time-to go be was very busy
getting ready :to .be, absent from busl-,
ness, and I didn't' see him for a week.
Then be came around- on the .evening
of'-the -14thtbf-July.'and,.asked.,where
we were.going;. .1 .told, him I didn't
knpw,A - :ii  ..<l: /;.;, ,;/' ".',_,;
;��� Therei._.was, a,rflne, March, wind, be- '
tween.sus.    I told.him' that l/had' eh-
gaged" 'myself to  a' strong character-
that-1 might have some one to rely on
in-such matters, and he asked me what
matters -1: intended; .to. take. under my
own,,care.; This made me very angry.-
I,told him that 1 could, make up my
mind quick enough If I wished to, and
I'settled on the place in a twinkling.
He -aaked, me to name' It. and I -told
him l--would drop him a  line.    The
v  "' ABBOTSFORD,     ���'
General Stores ���
/, A'iithier .JB^os.     ."'
S. ...Brooke.,"/��� ' ( * ���'���
McPHee i&''Kerr.    -      '    ,
��� 'J-'^Ws^McCallum
'JV J.- '-Sparrow.
Creamery���'��� ' r
"S.   Jr Bates,  Proprietor.
Hardware and' Furniture���
' .H;. Alanson. '
A. M. King. '
Livery .Stable���
-���', jyJBl iG'ea'ry, Proprietor.
^Bak'er''arfd;'Confectioner-:- .
next morning.cat 6 J took a .train for.
thei .mountains. ...A, few, days alter.,!,,
reached, ,my ,.destination ,V wrote ^m-V ;rbs"^^jj^^ij,__
where I, was and'that 1 should be happy,
to see him.   He "wrote that he had, decided" to ���give-up his vacation since'he
was very busy-and really - should < not
take^the^tima-i ���,-, r i.v...;;,... ,..��� ..   ',\ ji...
.(This.came pretty near making a'permanent   break    between  .us. . I    .was
miffed at having been called upon to
take the Initiative.    But our betrothal
survived its and ��� when > 1 % returned  to
���the^cityrall .was.made. up ,be.t.ween,us.
,Jt looked as lf,;we.^bburd have April
ttersTa7d^hTwould-<7not:be .weather ajt^.this, Jm^ne^eve ding [an
.what be liked. *'l could .see by the way
'hejt'alked that he* had very little respect for women's -opinion's' in busi
ness  ma
'likely to consult:me about his��� affairs.
-But 1  realized that I - could not. help
-him in this-respect, and 1 had no-de-
���'Cbirrad-Andersen. .''
Shoemakers���   >   .
'���-'M'.''Haiaser.   \/ ' ' ������". /
Board ;oif-.Trade--        ''/'���
'/J. 'W.'-McCailum,. Secretary. v.
&lacksmitri~'    ,'*-; '
J. .McMenemy;
Barber and. Pool Room���
Jos.' .Sanderson.
0L. Ifl'enQr."
Tobacco' and Novelties���
. JJ. vY.:J\leans: .
Doctor���, ���   _ .. ' -
T���i A., Swift.
Pork, Mutton, }^eef, Veal, Pprk Sausages,  Weinies
and Balogna always on hand.     Fish every Thursday
Eye'ght Specalist  ,
Manufacturing Optician
Does the  Finest  Optical  Work.
Medical men and others .pay tri-
bute to his skill.
793 Granville St. .Vancou.-di-
Greatest Nurseries
Want   a   Representative      for
���'.-      and surrounding district
The reliability, healthy condition
of our stock as well as trueness to
name must be appreciated by the
Public or they would not have
helped us to increase our business
yearly since 1837, the .date of ou*
0ur firm's  name lends prestige
to our representatives.
Complete line of Nursery SStock
lor SSpriug 1911.
���i Write  for  full particulars.
The Fonthill Nurseries.
N Ontario,
Forty acres improved farm in
the Fraser Valley,'with or without
.house and buildings, convenient to
station or landing^ Apply; "to J/
H.:- Smith, Straiton, B. C. - for
full   particulars, .first  letter.     : *
other"witi'd'came\upai;good deal fresher '-than anything-'we-had - yet experl-
enced'-and-ended- tn, a- tornado-   A_,cer?
sire.todoso.    My"'dep^rtmerit "w'oufd   taini performance *&&*.theater  was    SADDLERY..and KaRDWARE
be the. home, where! would,have all   to. be .given, th��,.lx wighed^ery ,much Gernaey.      %
the'responsibility. ��� ��� - -    ��� ��� - - =    ^s *\ ^^5% ^*^TV^n * "
It  would  seem  from  what I have .phoo?d.WUburf, that,, ,1. wished: him, to
said that Wilbur and 1, would be espe-   e�� w'thK^ ,t<5 .Jheplny.  j Be replied
thathe^had a; business rengttgeraent for
the- evening- and-couldnrt.-go ���I asked
him\w.bafc->l should do, and.he .replied���
through.; thej,jte|e,ph.on.e,, miud_ you,; so
that, the ;wbole, world;could hear-f-that
he .was,top^busy,to .advise me and that
if 1 intended to-rely-'on him through'
cially Qtted for each other. But to
"make assurance doubly sure,there 13
always between couples the engage-
meat period-' -Yet.; I am free to say,
- sometimes, like ' the-mouth ot. March
reversed, it comes .in like, a lamb and
'< T. O..Coogan.- ���.   -
- .Henderson^ and Taylor.
A. Everett.
- . Hanimbnd "&-Son.
That is a fine niap that Abbotsford is on. *In fact it i3 the
only map, but all roads < lead from
Abbotsford, if you don't believe it
���gee the Board of Trade envelou^
^in&Cr^-kiS^li^   h^for-little things like that he wou!d   CARRIAGE' PAINTER-
!each other 'before" marriage.: ���-���.--���:���;     carry aUoad.- - - -       - _   ;'-Geb. Zeigler.
���Wilbur' said that;f of- course, after , a V- That, provoked, me..   Before, I  had-   ; -    .
betrothal'with-him 1 must drop any ot time,to,:get over my huff I had tele-
my-old names. ' 1 had but one-Ed- .phoued(tp Ed Tucker and asked.him to
ward iracker-and he didn't'eount,1 be- be my attendant ��� Be said he should
cause 1 considered biin too-much like be delighted I. had no-sooner reoeiv;
myself ' At any rate.'he was very lazy, "ed his ariswerthanl was called up by
1-thought my fiance' might.have.left at -Wilbur to say-rhat he-had succeeded
to me to drop :my<old-, flames .without In putting oflt his business eng��gcmp.pt
requiring me to. do so. However,' in ��� and woirid be-with me for the -the^rpr
Wilber Ibad v?hat 1 thought I should .... Bow;,.could 71, be expected to.know
have���a man to manage me^andlin- . what to say to him at. once and over
or some
a���ain. ,        thing-like that, and be. being In a bur
'   But somehow I couldn't    It was 1/ry; shut me-oft: ->���>���>      - - ..
who. should have liked to mate with -   4 couldn't'-make up my mind  whnv
Edward If he hadn't .been-so "easy co- 'to do?ln>the matter, being rather weak
iny. '������ He hadn't beenmakbag love to about .such, things,, and hair an hour 'ing he sbould call again'when I had
me_at leaat not for some time���and It before it was time to go to the play lCd 'cooled,
would seem out of place for me to dis-- drove up In a. carriage and. carrying a
miss a man who was not a suitor. Be- bouquet /of beautiful flowers, ran up
sides, we had long been friends. So the steps. I met him at the door and
when be called again I utterly failed <>took-him Into the drawing room. 1
to say anything about his keeping, was about to.-explain,.the position ,to
away' from me. ' '?' V/jj ���*?',. -. .him: when.along pume--..Wilbur.,.7W,hen
1 made a clean breast of the matter he saw Ed hjs.face,looked like a thun-
to Wilbur and saw the corners of this, .dercloud.i He said nothing to Ed. but
.mouth come down and his chin stick he,said a good deal to nie. "'.As',soon
out like the map of Spain. It was as he paused I tried to explain to him
evident that here was a case for his   that "I was engaged to go/to the the-
bit'bf'fan edg^-oh Itj but 1 was. sup-   |yinR on the table.
(Associate������Membefs!tan,;/^oc. C.rE:)^tended to tell" Edward the next time   a...telepbo.ne?,, 1. dldnH say
jT\"     ������!    t^ ��� be came to see me.thaf+he needn't call, but  "Weir   or   "All   rlght"-
Civil .Ea-gin,eers . *"- Ml~ K",���,'
bffiec, next P. O.       "   P. O. Box j I
. ���'.������������.''���        ������ ���'���
Embalmers and Funeral Directors;
Vancouver,  Office  and  chapel������
1034 Granville St.,    Phone 3486
JKfOrtn. Vancouver,        Uince    and
'I lie 2nd at. Phone 134.
All roads lead to" Abbdtsford,- 8uccess,.��yt^g wui;tbiboister%pmy'weab'one,_ater: with,both o? them.  -At that
and happiness. ,        He^ made' a remark with just:a lUttle'Vment'he-caught ^aight'of the floi
" ion snouid'nave beard his talk. He
told me. that he had .feared I was a
very weak-woman and he had found
me not even the consistency ot mush.
-IrStpod .it .as long as I-could, getting
-madder every ; minnte. Suddenly I
pointed to., the door and, with flaming
eyes and cheeks,' said:
He subsided,ahd startt-d In to say
something pleasant, bnt 1 repeated the
word "Go!" and said it again and
again till-my voice was like n trumpet
sounding a charge. 1 bet-ame so infuriated that be feared I would throw
something;' at* him and went out, say-
>  ."By   Jove!"   cried   Ed.     *Tv�� long
been looking for a woman ro brace up
my .easy going nature,   i've.found her
/.at lasjL,   Will you marry me*i" ,
' "Yes, 1 will." ,-���'.-
And T did.
And so It was that my engagement
withr Wilbur. Ernst, came In like a
lamb and went out like a lion. "My
husband, who ,has turned out '.to be a
man who will..fight tor his own way
ineyery.thing, says 1 am the roost ob-
Btinate* woman' he* ever knew. But
;i one thing-, to'my surprise, he adm1tf�����
prised that instead of being strengthened 1 was nettled. He admitted that
the matter required of me was embarrassing, but essential. Doubtless I
would screw my courage up to the
sticking Dojpt in time.   1 -^idja'S aar
Be looked from them to Ed, a fright-   jhe declares that no woman can make
ful light-shining in-hls-eyes: then from..
Ed toime.   fle. .waaith*^maddest,,man
.1. ev.ejifsa*r.^n nd. yet ii, was,_no,t at lault
at all.   1 hadn't even had a ohatice to
accept or decline the ^l|t. '���_-���������"���
up her mind quicker when she wishes
to than I. and he <miy regrets that I
won**: give him rime to com*4 to h1��
own "deciaioha beJcre  i  spring, ualne
I FOUR   "' ' ' ' ' "  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  < ABBOTSFORD, B. 0.  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  Abbotsford Feed Store will have  a   delivery  waggon .inexti month.  Mr. Hooper (moved into his  new"  home   on   Wednesday   last.   ,  Mr. Hector McKenzie (Spent Wednesday in Vancouver.  ���������   -J  Mr. E. M. Brown returned home  Mr. James Nelson has accepted a   Wednesday   evening.  position with  the  Patterson  Lum-  LEAVE  YOUR ORDER EARLY  FOR XMAS CAKE  Wc can make it cheaper than ycu can make.    Icing and decorating done  We also sell Almond Paste all   ready to go on cake 50 cents a pound  .  Abbotsford,  Bakery  ��������� -   ALBERT  LEE, prop.  wwfflRmmmEifflwmmMwmBfflEMmmm&ki  '���������i ���������'���������  ,/or   Company   at   Chiliiwack.  Miss Alice Shortreed spent a few  days visiting in Aldergrove thio  week.  We have "Silvertips" with us a-  gain. He is the same happy hoy  as ever. i   .   , \   I ���������i  Mr. William EKiot of Elliotville  shipped three cars of hay-" and. one  car of hogs this week to the coast.  Mr. Hugh Campbell is spending  a well earned holiday with friends  at Peardonville. Hughie looks as  \ juiig a������ he used co, ^and he likes  to tell about Abbotsford as he first  knew it.  Mr. Geo. C. Clark's advertisement  appears  in   this  issue,    \vxacn    a.ii  -.-,...... *������.;_a.   J.UI-, Uiark has a    line  ;mp oi   th?  base  good's   p/oourabic  in Boots and Shoes; Genes-Furnish  General-1 That immediate B'teps  for the immediate appointment of  an advisory council of education  as .this has received the expressed,  approval of the minister of educa-  tion, said council to have thereon  representation from the various  branches of public  instruction.  2 That the boards be empowered  to make more liberal provision',for  teacher's who are unable to report  for duty on account, ofi illness.  3 That the trustees grant facil-  Just a few words on  J8 Inch  $2.35' 22' inch      $2.85  2i Inch   $2.65 , 23 Inch   $3.15 i\ inch  1 here are   only sixty oi.these in stock    Do you wanl one?  Perhaps  a few prices on windows might interest you?  '12x24, -i Light Window    $1.6: '  2-1x24', 2 Light Window   -, ���������  sjj.75   -  14x28, ,4 Light Window  -...'..  $1.55  24x23, 2 Light Window  $  1.85   '  24x30, 2 Light Window   $i.fc5  28x28, 2 Light  Wijidow     $2.15'    ���������  '���������-��������� '      30x30, 2 Light  Window'    $2.2o  eaters'  '^  I  $3.50  '*   I, ,  ���������.'���������!  ��������� gsSbp  ities to teachers in order that they  might travel for purposes of study  ings and shows his faith in the fu-    or conference. '  .u-   ox .^oootsi'orcl  ., Texts-1   That all free text books  Oh, Ye editor, what is the matter   be *iven outri^ht to PUPL1������'  Mr.  J.   S.   Bates   of   Abbotsford  Creamery fame   was* a   visitor  to   with y:er  ''u's"?  Vancouver this week. -: They   got  jfo.Ugh' U's.   A,  swell  ���������: ~ *?,J.V  came along on  Saturday la-uc  Mr. Prefontaine left on Thursday   tnoUght  he   cot/id   do   -a   ,   man's _  work on me typesetting machine, auapica iorr classroom use, and  a resole ot which was that our that immediate steps be taken to  smalt u's were all broken excep-  oue lor each line.  2 That the texts now prescribed  in .our schools in Canadian! history,  hygiene, geography. grammar;  spelling" and   composition   are   ill-  to spend the winter in California.  1 ' it  . Mrs, Campbell has sold;tw<j lots  at the corner of Essendene     and  , Cyril to Mr. J. 'McMenemy who intends building  a   blacksmith, shop  and dwelling house.  Mr. A. J. Wiebe of El Paso, "Texas  arrived in town on Sunday .to visit his sister Mrs. Howe,*-',-" and was  c;'|3up,pointed . to ;fi.nd, they  left for California. He left ofi  Thursday's delayed train to join  join Mrs. and Mrs. Howe at San  Diego. ; '  in  A   BEAUTIFUL PIC1*URE  1  prescribe  more  suitable   texts  these  subjects.  Curriculnm���������1 That history and  geography be .restored ^o th������  High School crriculnm, the conrse  in history to inclde ancient, 'mediaeval and modern history, British  and Canadian constittional questions to receive special attention.  2 Arithmetic���������That the entrance  corse be curtailed by. the.omission  of  iseh ,-subjeets   as   partial   pay  '-   K,ing"the butcher, who .always'is  tu.uVe fore with good meat,-had  'a*  treat  in istore   for   his   customers  thifa week, when he offered to.them  some of the prize heef shown here.  in -September   at  the   Exhibition.  As   a   consequence  isome   of .his  customers���������the  lUcky      ones���������will  enjoy a   fine dinner oh Sunday.. Tis  said by those who know, that the  choicest meat In the Valley is /or  sale   always  in  King's   shop.  Mr. Gordon, our genial friend ia  times of troubles, retrnnetf fi oni  Fernie on Thursday, Where . he  had bsen sent by the provincial police department to quell theyonng ;  rebellion among the striking" inin- '  ers there. When he left :he men  had returned to work and all was.  peace 'and quietness. Mr. .Gordon,  ���������says he enjoyed the trip ou': that  there is itoo mnch snow there'-.for  him. He prefers the coast clinjate-  particularly  Abhotsford.  "Home Again" is the title ofo ne  of the most ueaucifl plctUres. eve-r  seen in this country. It is an inspiration of love and affection���������a  had picture that will be like a member  of the family. This delightful p.c-  tuie   22x-^y   inches,   all'  ready   for  fram ng is given absolutely free ments, present worth, tre discount  l-o ali. who subscribe to the Family metric system, .temperatre - and  Herald and Weekly Star, of, Mon-  'U'oai this season. This year's sub-  liioripcion including the picture, is  only- one dollar. "The picture, , a-  lone could not be bqght for the  ii'" -ney ^anU everyone knows what  magnificent paper the Family Her-  IRSAOE PAINTER  Geo,  Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       B. C.  Painting, Sign Writing  , Generalfrepair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford        -       B. C  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  specific gravity.  3 Literature���������That the entrance  examination in , literature.; be; a���������-,  tensive as regards "T.'he Lady of.  The Lake" or'other, iong\ poems.to  be from :time to f time-'prescribed,  and fe���������Intensive as- to     a t limited  ABBOTSFORD  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  Edgar Chamberlain  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  eed& Grain Store  ^mc{or and Builder  -������, * * V   ~ ��������� ���������-��������� ��������� ��������� -   .    ���������      H.������       ^.w M   f.     ****** - w ������������������  aid and Weekly Star is.   Ali Can-    number, of selections fro 'mthei 4th  ada is proud of that^ great weekly    Reader to be'from., time    to {imai4  The /publishers ;deserw>   the,' im- prescribed", and c-That the mem-  uiense circulation the paper enjoys ory selections b elicited and defin-  The-pic!.ure can be Been at SUm- itely prescribed. '"  ner's office.       * -.,������������������������ *   Nature   and **  /Hygiene���������That  o should the present texts in  these"  -  THE MARKET. subjects  be retained,  I'hat   a���������The  All morning a   steady "stream of entrance  requirements^ m hygiene  buyers   attended the  market, and be from definitely prepared chap-  the  retail   offerings  were  insuffie ters>  an^  b���������That  the   first   year  lent to "meet the demand.- Were   a lessons only in nature be prescrlb-  count of all the people, taken dnr- ed for entrance.  Don^t forget  WHEAT  $2.00  A sack  '���������'������������������' We buy Poultry  J. J. SPARROW, prop,  Jobbing Brickwork  Chimneys a specialty.  Orders left at the office of  C. A." Sumner & Co. will re-  cieve prompt attention.  Mr. Harry Freeman of New West  m.miter spent a   few days in Ab-  boLsfurd this week. He-has started in the real estate, business arid  now carries with him a- fine satch  el containing bargains dn  Abbotsford, Huntingdon and Mission Cky  properties. 'Harry's .'genial ,   smile \  ... .un.ng   ways   andexecutiv'e   abil- '���������  ity wili no doubt be,-  che (means of  ������������������bringing ^many   jnew   settlers   m~.  10 ihe Fraser Valley. Moz-e, .po.v������r  'to  his   enticing   ways.  ing the morning it would have  sshown that probably the largest  number of pedlpe in months attended the market at New; Westminster on Friday morn.ng last.  Retail offerings in the vegetable   instead .of names * and name  .line were very few, only celery, oa-   school.  .ions,   beets,  carrots,  cabbage  and      ���������   mu ,i- <-i.~ ���������    1.1.        ,-c   1  ,. u ,x      j      --.,-.        2   That the  pubhc school   . en- ���������[  ���������turnips being offered,-and those in ,���������0������������������Q Ua n       .    A ,  ....   , t..      '   ^ , trance, be examined by an examin-  ia   lusted   qua^y.      Only    -t,wo ^   board   compOBed    of     publio  Examinations���������1 That" pupils on  entrance examination be given dis-.  tinguishing nUmbers, >as is done at  High School examinations, these  numbers to nsed  on- their  papers'  of  There is rumor that a large  manufacturing concern is ��������� ihvesti  gating Abbotsford as a possible,  location. The article to be made  i'i enc that si much^in demand. It  is liopod that fuller particlars- -will  appear in this paper within a short  'time, but at ,the present time- we  are supposed ot conceal .and not  ���������reveal. , *'    ���������',���������,,  Mr. T. L. Hutton was at the coa'jst'  this   week   again  returni/ng   -alcnti  Thursday evening. '  The engagement of Mr.��������� j. H. McLean of Cumberland, B. C��������� andMass  May Campbell of Vancouver is aj 1-  vegetable stalls were in operation  iv'egeiaoles at whoiesaJte were nu-  inerous, and 'the byers wer������ fairly  .plentiful. Little change in prices  >of vegetables of any kind ���������. was  moted.  Beef again made' its appearance  on the market and isoldf at slightly  advanfeed prices. ." iVa.al, ������imutton  and pbrk were quite p.^itifnl ac  wholesale the prices remaining unchanged. Meat at (retail showed  no change though the bying was  very 'brisk. No change occurred  in the  pnee of  fish,  and a   Large  school men and public school  inspectors, and that the High School ���������  papers  be  examined  by   a   board  consisting of High School men,  3 Inasmuch as the principal has  no power to say who shall and who  shall not write that thej published  list of those passing the- entrance  examinationr.shall (give the number  of candidates writing, but merely  those  succeeding.  4 That the paper on each sub-/  ject be set by a   board of at least  three persons, and that the exam-  Apples, Blackberries, and Plums,  all kinds, in large and small  quantities. Windfalls and culls  taken.  , /  am  Co., Li  Mission City, B. C.  bunch of mallard deks  brot ..JJ51.25* aminers' nfmes  be printed on  all  pel- pair, which was an| increase of   papers, and that the yalue assiga-'  :.I6 cf-ntst per bnicu ovtu* what they  teuiu for last week.  ces ranging from $1.50 to< $1.75'per  teox ���������'������������������-,.  About a hndred crates of ponl  try j^ood, bad and indifferent, aoi.1  be"mg the largest for some weeks  Tjiere was an exceptionally  fin  od each qusHtio-n shall  be printed  on each pajier.  STRAYED  STRAYED  on   to   my   premises  about September, 15th,  two gra������������������������  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  For Factories and  Industrial Plants  Convenience       Comfort  offering of ducks which fonnd rea-" Holstein heifers, nearly black and  dy . purchasers: at "fcom   a   dollar    one. jgrado   HpJstein   bull,  to a   dollar-and a   quarter enoh.  ���������������������������000- ������������������  WHAT MADE ROBINSON ANGRY  . ..iiC"ar,V-.  white   all   about  11-2  years   old  Owner can have same by paying  expenses and proving property.  If not called for by December  16th will be is old by public auction  at Abbotsford, B. C. to defray ex-  -.���������.._... The following are the resolutions  nounced and the happy event \m passed by the Principal's Associa-  reported to take place oin, the Id������ '������   tion of Vancouver, Victoria, New  Denaes  e^oo^Z'^w1 W tta W: "' We.tmln-tor--.iid South Vnconvar,     Datek at Abbotsford November  eymoon will probably *be      spej������:     which the Superintendent of Edu-'-:6thf mi  .with friends near Abbotsford.      1     cation eo bitterly assailed; "     '. A. N. STINSON.  Attention will be given to all applications lor service from our lines.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  ��������� '.'..   Holden Block, Vancouver.  iritish Columbia Electric Railway  n  r  f  ������i  if  3,  1  m  B  iji-i  4  ".; 3


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