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 '    \ ���������      ' ' lilt fa   ,  .���������    ���������    ^r&f������iA; * ���������  Vol. v., No. 4.  ABB03>6f-ORI>, B. G., FRIDAY, tjMAY 31, 1912  -S33C  BBS  asaa  ^���������8'-'      $1.00 PER YEAR  .I-H-Tm-MT-I    niffi^Tnil������r\ai-ri������w������rgaaMr^ . . j.   -l..  INSTANTLY. KILLED BY  ELECTRICITY  #  r renc  il*!  White and Colored 20c yd. ffl  merettes   '    ��������� ������������������ '-$  All colors, 36 inches wide, 15c yd.  New Stock of Ladies'. Slippers ffj  and Patent Leather Pumps  Men's Balbriggan   Underwear  50c per Suit  Ori Wednesday   afterribion, J.  A.  McCo.nvXe��������� .aged   3d,"* whio  arrived  Mi'o*nday;'last fir oim*J Mission City, to  work at tlhe Western.panada,Rower  OcVtipane's .(st'a.tv.o'n Jher'e- imel"''.;nr  stanit "ddatV 'whiHe,. engaged   n his  WiOirlc,, in the power house, i|niSitaliin'g.  bur; bars, ,hrts,.(pairitn1eir;'"*J;*.Jioiap3 be-.-  ..n.gouts:de-thi2ibu!lding.';:Jo'nPshbiid,  a'" -slhioirt o'ircaCftj,' ajnid ruhriingijinlside  thef bui-lding  hie* fioiurLci .McConvuicf  Jyingf -oin. the %vet wirbs,,jand ijjrjac-  ���������bioal'y  de,ad,  )hiavMiug^proibably"rer  caved the 12,000 volt', shock* .After  slhMb&ngTojff .the, power an*-taking  McCoin,vi.'ll,:e/ \oiff    .,then "wires; J,ones  quickly secured  medical assistance  Fprtunately-JDr. - S;wif't ,.was iin������ town  andjaa-r.'.ved im a; short'time,, as 'did  Dr.  Da I torn,  oif /Sumas,--but it   was  iimpossible) 'to  r-eistqref/fespiratioii.,  Whiile installing .thejbus bars most  of .the wires fov the^ transSonneis  weiPE- dead wi'lth the ^exception, .o,f  one. It. 'is suppaWd jthat McCon-  vM'e', must havens ripped aindt Losing'  hiis control fetf .on trie j-wires' toueh-  ���������ngthe live wire.' " j'::, '. ' .'���������. ' .-' j  At, 'i.nqueislt wa<s-ih>e'ld o*n Thursday, the   verdl'ot being accidental  MATSQUl COUNCIL.  The (regular meeting of the council'was he'd om Saturday last with-'  Reeve -Merryfield Jit the chair, a,  full council present and . Mr., Jas.  *Q\bson*, clerk. , '    -  The iminutes of the last.'meeting  were read and confirmed.  M, <L. McPHEE AGAIN SOLE. PROPRIETOR.  ���������The 'partnership betweea Messrs  McPheej ..and Kerr. haY aeon ���������*.'lis-  JgJlved^ as. t'Wwdi in another, column  (Mr. Kerr- 'has -retired and Mr. M.  L. 'McPhoG.Wiiir assume' full, con'rol.  Mr., (McPhee, aa"a" ion������i'res:dent of  ere read /and confirmed. ' '     |M^ McPhee. asTa' ion������ resident of  Mr    Cruickshank. addressed  tta   J'���������* ���������n������- ***������������������**?** htoself to be  ���������..      -..j,. .     - ".'.���������"      .   . nojf   ������Vn1v    it    ff.nnfl'iinaiha.a   mnn    .'.nf  mi_Vj-_'JJ    *.  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  *^>i^5  ^O^bffii  r  :=\  DISSOLUTION  OF PARTNERSHIP  't   >'  The partnership existing  between M. L. McPhee and  Geo. H. Kerr, carrying on a  business under the firm  name of McPhee & Kerr  has been dissolved by mutual  consent.  The business will be carried on by M. L. McPhee,  who assumes all responsibility of the business.  Soliciting your patronage,  I am,  Yours truly  M. L. McPHEE  'death/.!....-'  . The jury was ooatiposed of Messrs  J*; R. Pejcik:ll.aimp- fioirejman'; H. Mac-  Kepiz'e, Geioi. CjLairjk, M. L. McPhee  ���������and Bernard 'McElnoy,  ' ' EvJdence'.was. gfiven, by Dr*.,Swift,  J��������� Jones, ellecfcriiiciilajn'at the jpower  hoiuse. and* Augustus JElIedige,. operator sit the* power houses  SECUiRED OPTION ON GROUNDS  A rniee^mg oif the Agricultural As-  aoc!.ati,oin ' was ���������-held  in the  Mipie  ���������Leaif> )IIa!ll onnMowday e\*-ening with  a - noit very large attendance.  --The Imaiih olbjAtt of the meeting!  was to hear the report o.f Mr������ Peck-  ham ;w(ho."had 'been seat to Victoria  by, the ���������Aissocteititoirj- re the, securing  o:f the   charter.1  He reported that:  ciwong to*  lhe, ahsence  of Mr.   W.-  Saoitit, Deputy Minister o*f Agncui--  fuire;, the, charter could noJt be is-  siue5d|,./bult that it wiould be along at  an -early date,.   . j   .  1% was decided; 'at thel. meeting to  aqeure the opfcoin' on. the frounds  for 60 days until the charter was secured, when another meeting will be  held.  A.BBOTSPORD GUN   CLUB  lA/.b'b^o,'tslfolrd, lha*s /a gun club and  although ail 'the meimbers do not  take a very entlhusiastiic interest  inftlh������ shoots, yejt those ,who do are  hiavnug >tlhe qujieit time ol their lives  A s'hsojot wasjhe'ld on Wednesday  afternioioin^ land albhiough unable lo  geitl'the score tlie folio w,|ng( w the  oco/re'for May 19th:  McElroy 10011000 0 0 10000101111001 0-10  Murray 10 10 1100 1 110 0011111100001-14  Evorettl 1 0 000 0 0 1 00 0 0 110 00 0100 1 10-8  Walters 1101010001100000000 0110 0 0-8  Clark     10.111110 11 111000101001 01 0-15  T.hq (hfcg-h wimd, tooimi'n-g upt during  liho sho'ot   causefd   a   rather poor  fiihoiwrng on the part of some, of the  meimbers, yet a loiok over previous  ul-.\;|oits vwi:iU show that the high ideal  always imainitaiined by tlie,. ciuh.- wi,ll  ev^tuail'y. ibe reached and one of  those Hijj'e days -tlie tow.n will  be  c'urprised, tojfiind fchat representatives Ifrom other clubs in the differ-  em'J,.fpajrits of the valley., wiiiil be en-  teirtaiiaiejd !by th^club m pne of the  grapadjefsi^ 'sh/oioits aver h,eld ia the  Fraser (Valley..' J  coiunccl with refere-nce-to.his sub-  &.visioaii, - the plans . dt ,wh(i(ch were,  approved.; aBiso, the1 plans, of Mr'. A;  McAl^in's ^���������sulbdi-yiflioin.,', riock' bitafc-  er,s on -��������� -MiatBiqui-Mt." ,Leliim^ifli''".xioafi.'-  and plan of,.Ware Road). Council-  ioirs 'Bell., and Ware were appcnnled'  ta.'inspect Smith Road.  On; ireisumiing .aiflter lunch a. letter  was re-adi stating that -Mr. McNeil of  the Western Canada-'Pb(wer .Co.-  waajun^hle fo 'be .present that jday'  and' asking'few another date, a spec  ial meeting wajS arranged for on  Saturday, June 1st, at Merryfiield's  stoo-e at 2.30. -,    ,  Rc/beii'ts-Lehiman, that   the  plana  j^-subdivision, of <������;E. i-4Secv,Tp  L3 \be approved, -subject, to condit-  ioxii.    \  ���������    '    .'."���������������������������-.-.   .  iWa-re-Roihefts. that   the  Cpuncil  ojf. PubKc  IrisitructiiOini be. aste^d to  'cdhveiy.'tid^Maibsqufl poun.cil\tkei. 6}d  schioiol-ffiite a)t ���������A!bblotsford..-i*.*( -   /"*���������"  The .compiiuniicatiioins to the Council were- then, read byth'e.clejrk^  From Mr. Crass well, as to.tberoa.d  leading North from Dennison, on  whiich'Coiun.'Lahma-n, was asked to'  report. ' '.',-..  Froni: MajpT P^ottiftiger, ^akiag'  for a* rjoladi out1 of hiis 1-4 section on  th*s Mabsqui^Suoiias * ho.undary, on  which. Couhc&libir ���������Ware-will^'report;  A icrcular letiter ��������� froni the Canadian (Municipal Jouurnal was lued.  Messrs. McNat) and diXlette wrote  asking, if or assistance'en their road.  Ware-Roberts,, that $,50 be granted, provided SumaB Council grant  .the sa^ns arn'OAiiifc,  Tho Childireii's Aid Society, wrote  f rioim) Vancauveir acknowledging re-  capt oif -cheque for -support of three  ch Idren beio/ngiing in the, municipality, .w,i|th a reipomt oui\ the child-  reni.,  Mr.."-Aish addressed the oo������nc;l  wuth re/ference to> a cheque for $100  ha had returned t;o*i the clerk;, saiso'  'asi to the, balance of; an old <jappr,o-  pKati'om of - $800 atili unexpended,  ������������������; l whr.ch the Reeve anid( Councillor  Beli!| repliedu Mr. Aish *also*������ ont the  invitation oif the: reeve., gave his  "vieWjEr'af further; financial aid on  Haytoin,1 diitch;  Fpir the Boiminiilon Day sports and  picnuc th������ use*, of the ,hall <a.ud*  growndsi, with a domatioS of !r10  waft granted tflue. Matsqui Farmers'  Instjitutet,.  A.' d^putabi'oin was introduced by  Ccmiiciidior" {Robeirtg  an*3 Mr. Pe.ir-  do,n land otheria asfo'ing for a srant  t(0|W.ai,,d*s1 the holding ot  a, fair at  Abboitstord, (but the council did aot  ooimside/r that th^ funds W;ould allow  far  further   granits foir  fajiif pur-  p_0|seis.i '..;-���������'���������'.'���������*���������'   '���������������������������������������������-  !K /btjrt's-Lehiruanil    that    $150  be  spent Cn." giraveiling, yioiad. in front of  'hall,. $50  be expeinded  on Gonroy  ���������Htllil anid that tenders bet .called ioi-  to, ihuild road anpund Baioes' Hill  on Ross road.       *   ���������"  Beflil-i-R'aherts,,- 'that  ^50 be spenT  on S'.'m Road and that the proposed Beillraad fbe changed from blqckf  2:and- 3 to betw^e-n..1 a,nd 2 otiEast  not oally ,a gioqd"ou3,inej8 man,, but  .public/, spirited man also*, w.riiig  iii-.it. oinlv for> jibiniseiflf��������� but for the  ���������go'ud ,-of; the communi'ity -ait. large."  ;The :pifon*eer "store* of a, thriving  town,j3uclhjas 6������urs ���������needs; a .strong  )r>nd ti) guiida ita destiniest-and we  may he sure, tihaif with 'Mr. McPhee  ait. the head the score will igtve. the  townsfolk. tfhe iajme ,gene,r,al >atia-  fiaoKonias. lifirtotoiforej, iand wei wiah  h������n every succesw.  Won First Cricket Game  (Continued oa lastjPage;  .On th.9 24th the wioket team went  ,  oven? to' Mission* City for, fchiejr first "  m'aiticlhr, Ufp'- on   the   Agricultural '  Gr-oiuntdsl K\he' piitchl loioked good*, after the  week's- rain aod.^he .hot.  early imibrniing sun, a/nd at 11 o;c,loek..  MCsisiiioin/.we'nt' i,*n 'to" bat. and ^tuade  ily&U ibttt, by lunjdh, ,7- W;ickets A ail- '  i.i������g;:Jta tfliiei"bowling, experts and,3 ���������  .were; caught.-��������� IKesley was respon-  si.'.'b'let 'f'oT 4 wifckeits and iHayes %.  'Thie"tejuns a.d/J'aurned for an hour  fiO'i*. (refreshments, after which Ab-  b/-;it'sifiotr(di took to, tfae, b.at a^d /an  ui;^34, 'Blayesf (majk'ing 10 and'Bart-*  lefbti'lent by the Mission teani, made  Q,\. Irn itihe secioin'diinni,ngs .the^home  team1 igict 52j ol wjhc'ch; Fostejr, mad*t,  i<anid Cn Catcfhip,o.le ll.jfjve, of the  "wnckelts falling to Hayes'   lOiwlin^  one jn,an was stumped arid 4 caught.  A!bbotsf|o'rd( lf;airly excelled ijii tlieir  seiooinidi innLngs, 60; runs fioTt 6 wick-  etsK' Knoitt makJjng; the to*p score of  the day���������26 and snot out.   Although  stumpsf were to. hiave been .drawn  alt, 4J15 the igame; kept ion till v.5.30  wihenithe. Xinal sccre stood. Mission^  93, all" out, Abbiotsfiord  94 .with 5  wickelts* tio  fiali   We look" or,w,ard  w.:.t!ht iple,asure bo; the return\piiatch.  The ifull score is as fiollows:  MISSION   vs.   ABBOTSFORD  Mission 1st inning  Vercheref ' 0  Ports mouth  Pakeinlha^nl  Orea.nwoiod  Brassey,  Parker  Wench, -  Catchp;oii������(.G.  Catcihpole B.  Bowden  Foster  10  0  5  12  1  0-  1  2  0    .  4  Extra 6 Extra  2nd.  0  0  3.  Il  6  1  1  l!i  .0  1  13  2  Abbotsfoird  IUeslje.y,  Alanson-  (H^Harrop  Knott  Hayeisi'  Rhodes:  King  Morlety  WiiHiapis  Bar'tleit.t  McLagan-  41 ,52"  lstunning   2nd  tl .  1  4  2  10  0  1  ,i  \:i  9  1  121  r  7  E^xltra*  1 \Extra4  34  60  ���������In itihe 2nd part Knott not out and  IUesley, King, Morely, Williams did  mot bat.   ���������:���������.::'���������"���������  \  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^p?4^^ PI  II;  it's  f|1;  **vJ--> I  Mi ���������������������������.- ���������(������������������  5 ���������' ��������� ��������� ,  ,:���������(;    : i  ill: .."4  J. ,:;',..  n<--������-.' '���������>  THB ABBOTSFORD POST, AMOTgOB^a  ���������t���������T~*    "  THE AB-BOTSFORD POST 'alter on*,jif he; "us good.  Published    every   Friday   by    tlie   Posi     jM;'.}?  UOrtHhe purpose, .pf this ed  Publishing Company ���������n-*��������� *K������������-wou:<  ^a'bV say anything tha������Jwoud  ^a&y.p^on,, The.Wt'Sjn-  te^ted>> the advane'ementotJ������e  "*     * bc^l-We-w^d  not do-busmew  harwJtf'^B 'dold .-nioft belteve ** ^*  Bfcn.V.   ���������������������-  Sure ^!lh,3 town.   There .*; every  *: .." '     ' ^.Aa ih&*.a ,tib m(a/ke a busi-neas' cei  '   niuii3������������*������  -- , j  A w,.oU,y Jourw. ��������������� ������ *-*������ U. -  ti-.ict.  A.ivortlslnB Rates made ������..-������-    -   - ,{uture'iO't in,: ^wi..    ------  A"                                       ������������������'.:' tS;:ifi^ra*tlbIniakeabus.1ness centre  1,1              AnvFRTTSiN������-W <������������* *r J^^^hallB0BnfB day be. proud of,  liBGAT.. AD^^^i|d 8 centfl . ^ !^f,n ^emaWag o,f Abbotsford we  Our Sliibbolotb,���������Neltlxor for aor ftffto>*  the   Government, '���������'  ''���������'  Wur atfa pKod) away withjh,  ono object to view-that ot bu,ld  belSd Ith* n*#e;r .of .tojm^* ���������  ,Ag.xrcuWural,rAs^ociialt.ion   that   *J1  ___^*������������*^^ work' ������>:fui:y..*or yejj  to    ec  rrr"K^^"~     .. k��������������� of women'B  tuG;lT  olbjctot   attained,   After  nav  S:nce. the  ta**������t.on ol  ^������������ to*    i, with sKorne'. o. the ous-  EJght   Years-'Ago   ,Mrsi - Klngebiel  Started Out to Build a House on  $10 Per Weck-B^Vages .-r,  Which  is Now, Worth  $5000.  (By special cable)  Des Mohics.-Eight years ago Mrs.  Nettle Kingeblol of Dos Momoa, atari  ed out with a lot of courage and ono  ai',1 "'i       ������������������   FRIDAY,    MAY 37    191.2  '^���������^\*SS?������*f������-"-apro"  put ia  a pieas*"     .      -        ^    ery  ,;taible, Bftew-ooDj   *������  *  alfa^ and at the .same.tip,e parrel  ono object in vieiw-���������bu.*i. ^^        ,u  Vn'g^ip Abbjoitsflomd;.' Therekare tnen| bill. ���������  .  - ��������� - ���������       .^'j.^.. nf *n,r.m*,,n,t an (     She owns her own homo today and  a tract of land valued at $5,000. ���������  Mrs. KUngebiel 1b a widow and  eight years ago* was working ln an  office at $10 per week.  One day ��������� when the future looked  unusually dull Bhe made a retsolvc.  She took l'ive dollars'from her week's  AXLE GREASE,1,  U ; -va.yKx.a^ ��������� HARNESS-vOIL,/ WHIPS,1,,*  r   .d^T^T*     \ ��������� CURRY COMBS, .  HALTER'S;   RRUSHEfe"SWEAT  COLLARS,^   and also, ,  BICKMORE'S   GALL".CURE, which  we  warrant- u sattafoQtory' ,'%  Cure for Pails, Wonnds, ond Sores upon animals.  P.O. Box 45 Abbotsford, B. C  ���������tin-e^ir   on*j*-*.-������- ,        ,-4.1 ������ ������mj  .m,gi -* tajUfci with ������*: o,r the dus  work   w,tfaou,t   Wndrance.   aept,L  salary to a rem bsuhc i....... _.  w  fifty-foot lot, and made weekly payments of  $5. until  the  lot wa-a  paid  for.   She bought"$40 worth of lumber  in the same way. 7*  To avoid paying rent, she then had  ���������     -  1--..H   ..���������*  Hvod in It until  ���������������, .wcll������p;ai>d te"^J"������"|,, ,        w������. , . ,-^ggm^;.,. .  iirre������i,staib1ie<,  THE MARKET.  ' Fo'r an ,oif������ day'the"Ne.w Weat-<  m:n*iter\(marke!t':Eriid,ay was a good  omwi; ^Offerings .were fa'nr and of  gu0iod7quali:ty uand'the attejndaneej  waf\ iairge���������'coosid.eirih.g tuie weather.  Butter^as.'.lnpit very' plentitul-, It  ���������   ' 1 '-���������'"j'- -.'^i 1 &*^- jif 40 tehtg;per pound  Z7S^������ "W MS^ 9BS2S,^t ������������.n^  and'it is pur regret that itUF -������������������^y deposed; al.   Bgg������  t0 'M * f0 heS thJTaS un������������ Th, ��������� w JTvJy tf-^W B*. s f������  will m������v*  he the ������we. OR   ��������� I      , :^, j^-^^s ^^ ���������  'tat;-   a &*&*������'<* ������:'     ' '' '"*'��������� ���������"���������"  "  welbad vWor������'from "^f"-",^  tta ,*at���������t,   many  ������W*������  ���������������  and1 BOiDd steadily air 3D cw. p.* 'dozens ^Veg.  et^a'-#>ilie'>B^-'were* ^ .ne  Muat-.Varfoay^and - price ��������� and .he  steaks 'Tranter -brought ������v about  "our ton������ of Bee^-potatoes from Lad  we������Mu   ,.-.��������� rorlnerr''a>id!'Vay'/pointB,*Rad^8 afaci  the idisHr-.ct,   many  coanP^*   ;������   no^-f^:L^ I8!cnd. sold we.  the pnZe,s. that were f^^-^ ^ Ze ce������t. per bunch,   Mejt at  ocdrittfittefij fti-avimg ��������� the ��������� affair    *|*������'1V.,.     ,.   .    ^ ^^^-^^.vphere  kRSi  KINGEBIEL  * .1 . " > ���������  the lot was paid for. Then she borrowed., $200 and put up a two-room,  cottage." Soon after there was a boom.  In1 another suburban -section. . She.  traded* her.- property for. a.better lot  ���������-'���������      A   <iac\(\  fn build a four-  *:;:������*p������^tf*he������ s*������^.w������>������<*.,*.r  0TT;Vp*e7that"we 0,biam-| w",o?������fe ������������; ^P^Jft���������.. 1 "������R^2Sfc houra Mr^KHnrebla  pay altt bhe prizes that were o.ova pork/tut mut-  ad!   A,' iBflPd el^an record was   ^^   J^f V������^ were very flC,arce. The  ITtef-Ke  hours -Mrs.,klingebjel  ^   * iBflod e^n recora w^a ������-7   ^V^^ Were very ^arce. The .^>pal������   on  u������   ^--^ w>  taWahed,  whiich -wou-d p>ce   tta.   ^f ^ .^ j^ at wholesale. ^yla^otnTher setting out trees  year's exih,:bi;tio.n on a good f.ootmg  geea������       ������          unchanged, ana ^lyvlnes.             .     ���������--��������������������������� J' ; . _ -  Stto the  general public wh, P,^ and rgl,_rejn            ^^ wag &(jl ^^.^^-paymg for���������her.homf  ���������wimni xne g������'^- ^r.^.x "' ������hmild  ,,onf.Ze w.i,th their, exhibits, .Should  aether exb*Ltton.*.: Lc, ljpld ,th������  Veaac with the same, success theie  J .   ..     t  ..1.4. 4-ur,f* ,-hkp  Aasoc-  and r'dtavil, repaameu uuw������u.b , _.  tihd.'supply- Of retail hiea't was riot  aslaiTge'"ad usual^ but,one stand bs-  3ng liua -opetratibo;   There were  110  ;���������r;ah- u- ^:-^^i.Sw-2T^*-ii^ ���������**������*���������  en.'>H>'Pocar spots   furb-A'ea by the florist-stands, wheb  i JboflU would be-.P:.ac9<?, onL a.. a?M  f,o,o.ti,nlgj 'and es*tabliished^n,^g^ IluriQL.D.__J .. -  gra,c������ ������A its pa,tmns ;,tp say: ,no    f^b������J by m<,  gv,-ng.o,f the ^^^^^   *Z  ^fere   two  large  rhododen-  woruld be to the community of wh,cn th^e  .were ^ ^  Atl^ts^ dan.  to-be .M ,en-  ^^^^tio^ quick-  'So,me(:m^;ti(me,ag,o^���������:^  ci^dthait iit w^uM be.;;ye.l!lViflotjth������  ._  _.* *>u^r Aon/ifiatiion, lo. suu-  ly'aold-at 60 icemts a dozen; potct-dj  plants' from  10 .'to 50 *cent.g ' each i  and vines. ���������i;''-���������,  j- Whiletshe-'was"paying for her. home  SH-^1 C:NEVER EARNED OVER $10 A  WEEK. ' '" V    - .  ; : Again-, there ' come a boom : in. an-,  other suburban'district.' Mrs. -Kllnge-  biel'-looked^-'at-'her neat little'rhome,  ,'a'n'd pluhged;agaln..This.trade.brought  ihcr a beautiful property valued at  ;$5;000*.- -She built :another -cozy little  !home and vows she. will never leave  It.  ADMIRAL  GIYES   VV  TO  REBELS  )lauis  irum   xu   ������"   ������-   cioeu-wirtt uK ������,v^t-   --=.������������������  ^''���������in'Hiib-l-'-.hanB-hiE.baskets $le������ch; bedding  ,,ke to   ������h;������. A. ������������mittge ������aa   the.^er��������� ^ ^  appointed to Bftest, a grp^-,- 4 Idar' thf S    1   ;,.B. c^���������-.,,l,������ ea-  c-h.a:ce w.as madc.whLch ���������was.apparr.  enitly aoit. sra.tOs^acbory.to ajij ^"r  plther. meetvug, wlajs held a-t wh ch  - j.t w,a,s dec:de!d.*tJo iiayej a 'dijf.ferent  grounds   ankl.an:optiptt,,faja.9: 9^a  secured  urtb'll. tlhe Associa^ ***  ".     ..        ~n   _^.*_-     than **hP la'fld  deir. xn������  pavc������ ...������."- ---       ."���������  ,BCdo of Front   fr'e'et rnade,-th* entrance 'to'-the market-bad' early w  r'tiieVno-rwngV^ut thLs-^pnovedi al-  Yer (t'h.e:'^orkm6,nih:ad shovelled the  djrf''oif 'the sidewalk. ���������  '''Poultry">as  In1 ..pleiidM -supply.  ^..r.'jn^i'4m  fvinf :fhp mur-  secured  ui**. *e Aawoflfeop. I������ad      ^^^ te[adedl> .glut, the mar*  receded its  charter, then the la-aa   i^Tis^'tome<lxieoay fwere  low-  ������������������������������m :hP  KrvnerM idx the..'na*nae  of, -j.-^,^-,la,at week. "Uve wenghl pro  duced (from 17 to 19 cents per lb and  -'6ro:-lers'25 to 30 cents.- Some youuff  'pullets"'sold'for 45 .cents each and  laying hens averaged $105 oach,  or Ifrom $12 to 15 per duzdn. Duck  LingsT f-etohed 25 cents per lb. Mid  th������i*e   was   no   parce   for, -manure  wlould -be  bought ijn the. iniajme  of,  the ���������Asisioc'at'iion^. It  is n\ot for us'  t'o criitiitcize  fehe choice 'of grounds  but) it sieeras '"a pity that any. u,n-,  pleasant, WfOrd^s Wiere.'8poii:e>n w*h:.ch,  mi.ght   im   any   wiay   sndanger   the,  ufn'ted eiffiort   off ajll in anjaking' a1'  success of the affaiJr.   In tmiifcy there  ������s str<mgit:h|, but a house divided a-  If your Subscription to  the Post is not paid or if  not already a Subscriber  i  SW������W������^*^tt^*^  ABBOTSFORD^B^i  m  m  m  Builder's Lim^^        and  Cement  Have you secured your Poultry  Netting yet?  Manager  is streai.git:h|, buc a ii.uuac u^.u^ ���������  gainst 'iitsellif  ffhiall ceriainly fall, is   "uc^s'  Just as true t'odiay as It was a thou's-  and iy^ars ag������x It surely applies to  al'- [matters of puibKc welfare im Ab-  iboibafoird., and there is mo reason  Avhy it should be a znattejr :for  public' rudicu'e that' the. citize'ns  ���������ca-nmioi.t; laigree. on those thf-ngsi that"  are fioir tihe edviancement of the J  U:\wyi. ���������������������������'..'��������� ]Vu  (L'JttleJ 'biirds 'iln their nest agree,,  'tis saAd0 why should not the*, ,cu,v-  n.zeins -of a tawini &gre,e jtjd aidvance'.''  In oine Tn{a|bter one man or two men  m,ay have an qp^iiniiicxn to bffeir which  iif ajgreepibly discussed,, can be made ,  tio Imaejt"the', ildeajs of.all; but.ther������  -xtsr^-\ "\ytryar,^  ADMIRAL SAH  l ..'.';>  t^ino sense w reia;son inopposuag, a^  gjo.c4d ide,a even i|f it doeB come from.  'jo'jne wih!0,m som^pne elae( doea uo.t|  3?lk^ Tihiere, .shtoiuld be |tn,ore of a,  givet aind.take; in-.'tihie! discussjuons of  the Ibest jm.ethipidsi, and itf'; a- ��������� ma.u.'  has faothiijng batte'r to advance than  ���������wih'att). is 8ug;ge!8(te(d; he, shotuldl keep  quiet.   He^imay *^e't a jKJfpular I4ea  ' , .,    H0G8 WITH SOBE.BACK  Sore-back on plgB Is a" very common  trouble where the swine are allowed  |-to run, on rape , pasture.    The soro.a  are qauBed by the^dainpheBs on tins  L rape.,getting','bn W the'pigs when pasturing'; a form of irritation or burning ' takes'���������, plate,   which   causes   the  pigs to.rub,a,great deal.   The lrrita  tion and;rubbing, cpmbihed, cause tin-  skin to..becomei'nearly raw, and the'  hot' sun then'-burns At, and cracking  and even bleeding then takes place.   -.,  v This .trouble is not usually serious,.  and: can,be ..prevented by not allowing  ���������the, pigs 6) "run out in" the wet rape.  An' excellent method forfeeding rape  is;to have the. pigskin movable pens,  and. thesft Lcan .be .mbvecl everyvday. It  is peculiar that white pigs are more"  susceptible   to   this  body   burn   than  pigs of other colors, .but it is known  ���������to affect .'all. colors at times, but not  as.badly as occurs to white ones. The  .uneasiness caused by the pain of the  ���������sores   will   cause   the   swine   to   fail  rapidly, sq,it. is important to prevent  the pigs' from running in wet rape.  Peking.��������� Thirteen vessels of the  imperial Chiiicse fleet surrendered to  the revolutionists 'at Shanghai. Admiral Sah' gave up because,;of lack  o'f coal and munitions. He is now In  hiding.-: -���������:������������������;  ...,.-���������..,..;  LLOYD GEORGE'S MESSAGE :  London. ��������� The Chancellor of the  Exchequer, David Lloyd George, has  addressed a message to the National  Union of Woman's Suffrage Societies,  in which he says':    "   '.;  "The Premier's pronouncement on  the attitude which the Government is  ���������'adopting- towards ^the. question seems  to me to make .the carrying of a woman's suffrage amendment, on broad  democratic lines, to next year's franchise bill' a; certainty. ,Jl-.-'ain- willing  'todo all in my power to'help those  laboring to reach a successful issue  in... the   coming   sessions   next .year,  which provides a supreme, opportunity'  and nothing: but unwise handling of  that can' compass faiiure.'L.  en       i .i '���������'"'" i    i i- 'V''  Look carefully to the fit of the work  harness. -Use .long. .whiffletrees in  working so that,the legs will hot be  bruised and  made sore.  INSURANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  a       a       ft      it (\~~.Clr.<~Q\nr$la  If yon are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acre-  age or farm  The Pioneer Real Estate Brokerc^^^ lib  For Sale to Mate iRoom  ' ' 'i  Young Pullets S. C.Wi/LegHdrhs' fron'six  weeks to two months old.  ������k TheSe Chi(^ens! ,,iave  'been : raised ������������������fronr  *^������fS0 winter layers'.   Price 75c up.     '     '"     '*- ''.  Some specimen Cockerels weighing from 1 to 1 l-2ilb������  selected from more than-eight hundred chickens raised  in bur big poultry yards.  Price $1.00 and up  C'f*i  wllii j n  ^4  '/vol  Tn  .'���������j-**.,  .U������!������ri.'M  in.t in  ������������������=s-i  *��������������� / W"*>  i^���������^  VVM/W*-4?  ^8*5  E. & G. de la GIR  as Proprietors  Abbitsford, B. C  AN TE  -Reliable-inen with aeliiug'. 'ability  and some 'knowledge Vf \h\i iruifc  business 'or Nursery Stock,. to le-  present us in.British Columbia--tw  ioca'1 and general -agents.  Liberal    inducements ! and ���������'-jier-  manont position ..for the^right^raen::*  Write  for   full fpartidulara.  stoM wmton  The FonthilhNufseries.  (Established  i������37>  TORONTO,        ��������� - .      0n,ari0  nbotiver  uninA'tt  fjriEF IVJiiAKTVIiSS  Ono of tho most remarkable charno.  ,   toriHtlcs of tho Chinese pooi'lo'ls thoir  absolute Inability to comblno'ln'u suc-  cosHful   miuinor  for liny  iuirpose./'Aa  bunkers*,  morcluuits, contractors, 'etc.,  (hoy aro a success from both a commercial   and    an    ethical    standpoint.  No pooplo aro commercially mdr'o 'honest or  have  a  more  exalted   Idea of  tiie sacrodness of a contract ��������� dither  * written,  verbal, or merely Implied ���������  than   tho   Chinese  merchant,   banker,  or contractor of any kind; unless contaminated by dealings wi������h':imrelia'b']e  foreign hongs at tho open ports. The |'r  non-official word of a Chinese-is us'u-    >  .   ally as good as his bond, and his'bond  Is as good as the woalth'of his family.  In fifteen years of dealing'with'Cliln^  ese merchants and contractors of "all  sorts   I   have  never  found -them -ma-  Mi-iously doing work contrary  to  the  specifications or attcmntlnjr .f.o"b'r"eak-  their contract even if it was "a 'losing-  one for them.    Dut when- the 'busings  becomes a limited corporation and,the  executive    is   a   beard   of  'direefors','  everything goes to pieces. This division   of   responsibility, -together ���������"���������with ���������  the fact  that -most 'of the capita! -invested  does not belong  to  the direc-J  tors, destroys all sense of comrncrciaV''  rectitude   and   of- personal- 'respond  bility.     It   is   a   notorious :fact 'that  hardly    one    single    Chinese vlimitedi  company has been a success from the  standpoint of the shareholders:"'This,,  includes   the  China Mcrchan'tsr'Steatm*  Navigation  Company,  Chinese .mining1'  companies,    electric   ���������lighting*-fplants;l  watro-works,   Chinese   cotton -factor-,,  les,  etc.,  etc.     The  railway's that-are'J  managed   solely   by   the' ''ChlnesV'axe'  soon   allowed   to   run   down, -aha ho  funds  are  set  aside   for  repairs -'arid1"  Improvements.  Since the Chinese took over'the" Po-  klng-Jlankow Railways-'fronr'the''B-el-''  gians   in   December,   1908, rrio* regular'  repairs   or   replacements ������������������have'-'-becri-  made.    hTe profits have been.^scjuan-.,  rifM-ed,  and  both   roadbed'- arid   rolling"  stock   are   going  to   ruin:    ThV (5dm-'  pany has just been making vai'n'-"e'ff6rts  to  flot a  largo  To reign   loan   for*.t'he*  . r-nair of this-railway.    If ,the people.  a.*e   unable   to  combine   with   success"  to iu:-:!jige the affairs of a small cor-  J'Tation,   how   much   less  cbuTcT-'ihcy-1  c-ombiny' to   run   the   affairs   of-  the*  -   coutnry?  The  present system of "government.'  is hoju!l(!ss.    The Central Government  has  but  little hold on  the: liroVihces,  and fears  them.    The taxes -and;rev-t  times are practically farmed out..nnd  Lnt a small percentage of the amount  taken   from   the   people' ever 'reaches  the   Central   Government  The whole effort is to gut 'money -at*  any cn.st, even if the source of revenue  is   eventually   destroyed   thereby. " As  an   example,   when   the -railway-from  Peking   to   Kalgan, ,-one  hundred'and'  lorty-five   miles   north   from 'Peking,!  was opened, the amount of traffic.and  profits    were    large.   ' What   did- 'the  Chinese  Government  do   but at once''  establish  six or  more  likin'-'(Chinese'  customs)   stations   out   his   line wand-  collect customs,duties on all traffic!  Within  a few  months  the cars "were"  running   empty   and ' the   goods   were  being   transported   in   the   good   old-  fashioned   way   ���������  packed   on   mules  and camels.  The people have no confluence'In  the officials or the Regent, and during  tlie last two years this lack -'of 'confidence has broadered into utter contempt.    The only thing -that holds the  to  iae Ta'aAise    .- i-u^.^i,,, . Wilbur : Glenu  have no confidence In any -of the :&o-\t?lr' euoyessor to. John Alexander  called revolutionary 'leaders; -as 'not:: '^W������'.:^*;:'by a barrel in Shiloh  one of them has shown -'any 'ability-I J������b,e*?ani?; vlately! and watched his  beyond that of getting'money'from'the' S^^f .t03������f,Y*27'500 lnt0 it a ������saeri-<  people    and    spending   it   In    safety      ^#?e."nS-';��������� .  f abroad.       .   'ty   .. .Voliva -kisser all of 'the infants and  h;?.nSTra.te(?   ^he���������/;in    Exactly'   4?  ���������������������������      .    , .' ���������   -    ..- -.   : '     ���������-���������!    Winutesfl     Sunday   Was;'the ���������a'nnuar  EJssed 286 Babies and Conxm -S*>7 Sfa  S?!fra'^ <?t -Zion, andMin the line;  "^^^m^^^^  v\  iUk������  Goncrete-mixing is Easily  Learned  y f\  ��������� l^LS������iv!1������--^or?/dlfflcult than mixing bran  -���������*V.to()S?'reade thesimple instructions ��������� have  -������'J������!?Aei[-m*iter'a,s~sand' crushed* rock ; or  rrt,yelJ?nd '���������'cement���������'each1 play a. sei>arate  ??& T������e r<-c.k'PrpvJdos the'-bulk-of votuml  fctyery Sow cost.    The sand nils in all ere���������  i;iralMetW^n''t,ie Pieces *'of rock or  . gravel. The . .cement, ������ mixed with  '  water, -forme ���������W-'bond;*'' In other w5S5.  other    materials    firmly    together  with a strength  that Increases with time.  Concrete !ls   really   artificial   rock,   more  . fl"'y   hound, together   than  natural   rock.  ��������� which-often-has cracks; veins, -fissures and  other  weaknesses.  Any farmer can learn how to mix Concrete  and-to apply-it to the hundreds of uses to.  (,which  it is* fitted.  But in order to be absolutely sure that his -  ���������proportions tire correct and that his materials are,, properly, suited  to   the  purpose,  fae"  mrn-.ii.-    "      "  should send'for the book,  '  W��������� v   > i?^A? T?E FARMJER^CAN DO WITH  CONCRETE ������  ^^b������nltdhe^ThlUd^^ '0,-all purposes^* It also de-J  -m^yconjforta^e  ^-^^t^^S^S*���������} ^g- *��������� farm -   -^Cra.'Tle^y^lTr-lt^S^e^ MSS������  fCma^dd CimeAt Compaajr, Ltd.,     Natioi.il B������������k.BuiI������UaB, Montreal.  SEND  ME YOUR  BOOK.    ,  M**-*.****..,.  J, w  L.     ��������� ^���������.  This Market is -rdwnedfiarid ���������  Qpemtedby the.. City, -tfhu^  guaranteeing all ..trar>sac-  tions.      We solicit- :ypur  consig>nrnents    of ---Fruit'  .poultry,,Veal Eggs; mt6.]  .Highest prices, sharp r������  ���������turns,- smart "settlements.^  Manager  ;     MISSIONCITY, -B.C.  ' This hotel makes a specialty of ���������  Whke comforts for,Commercial,������  IravelJers  ��������� Comfortable, sitting-  room ;and   best  of  hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  ; Rates: $7.50 to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWITT, Pjopr/etor  E ;wahtyourJfe'u;bBc,ription to this -Great'Family  Weekly'������������������and' as" an'inducement,-to those^ who  pay-one/.yearns subscription we willrgive' ajbox of  "Go-Ahead"'Choeolates;.specially- made' for us by  'the -new -'chbddate factory   at Mission-'City,  B.C.  :Chocolates-*sweet'and bellow and-guaranteed to*  make youieel.sweet  THIS ,offer; 'is good' until May 24th- when the'  chocolates    will   be distributed   at    this,  or at any other-point convenient to the subscribers  Secure coupon when you 'pay a Subsciptin   at our  office.    "Go Ahead" and subscribe for  >-r>5  ft'I m  oooooooobbooooo'oooooGfooooo  WANDERING JUDY  by  3P1SHALL     SAUNDERS,  Author  of ".Beautiful  Joe"  'The   straight  level  line   wins,'  is   a'  --ttstt,-. ���������'-*- r-���������  ������ -r-1--r������������������ ~r-~  to   hear   tfie   Iafter   P'art   ������'f   Judy's  railway saying." Talk! - r defy yoii to set Punchie Boston boarding house, had different soliloquy,   and   she   turned   away   to  "What   does    thfit'-Tnp������n9������    ������v4, down anywhere that he won't find a Prices   for   the   rooms   on   different hide a smile.  Dixie friend, or a friend's friend, or make ������o������rs.   Firefly, who shared some of Judy   was   surveying   the   decora-  ' a friend. -I believe if the passenger Lara's privileges, was on the i������:ond tions.   Someone had sent out a hur-  that it pays, the railway to seek cars   were   empty,   he'd   cllimb   into ������oor which with the one,above, wis Tied  order for  potted  plants     Thev  the level,   replied Judy. "For example, the cab and talk to the fireman.   We tenanted mostly by older women en- were  exquisite   and   her  eye   rested  when   the   railroads   were  first  con- had   frequent   parties  -   breakfast, Joying incomes as business and pro- lovingly on the'bank of heavy-headed  Btructed,   they .were  in  some  places luncheon and  dinner ���������.no running fessiona*l. workers.   None of them be- odorous hyacinths* in one corner  and  bunt curved and ascending. Now the out to secure guests.   They were all longed to the -younger sot in the Pil*. the   blazing   polnsettias   in   another  v    incs, In order to ease curves, elimin- on  the  spot - antipodeans,  hyper- grim  Circle,' the members  of which, standing straight and stiff like scar-  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   ate' SWMJes and overcome rises, spend bbreans, transmontanes,.and acqualn- roomed ,on the upper or the.next to let soldiers against a background of  Ulke my daZ2led eyes from the 'mll<*   closed in a glorious haze.   We were   bed-room  of  the  house,  and  tapped    cut flower, except a single red rose  in the breast of Firefly's pale yellow  .      ��������� - sa,d a voIce' and enter'.   sown'that she covered with her hand  numbers increase, and may God bless   night round the big stock ������nnhp! !n    ^T Kiplti"g/They haVe so much   ***** f1 *T* ^^ hT t0 ^ "whenever J*^ eye fell on her. Jane  thom'" e     ,        J, ,,,*   , r'ln<*es in   natural gas  that they lot the street   w!th   Judy   who   was   putting   on   a   hated to see a flower taken from its  "must tell vou a little more about   L������n    on" SI ?^      t^T���������' \ "   lightS bura a" day' lhat be,ng cheap-   b,Mk "l,k ^ '        ' ������^   ^ life is a    too short wii-  the.ZiitedPoHc,-;:;-   :   ^^��������� ^;:;s:ier urto,<put them ������ut-rt iook8 ..���������r?,y ]ook? ���������;^^Tr1'out the cruei ^ ^ ^-^  connection   with    the   American   In-    vhic^agea   resort of Ss ^nd    T      /"   '" *" , ^   Wg   ^^     '    o^'    " ^ " ' "'^    "^  dlans.   One day, Punchie sent for me   of  swans,   geese  and  peIlea"        The      *        , T, *   "?   "' ������ld   11CWS-      ������L,������������������B  t  r   .   ���������    i,������      i���������   t ���������        ^^ S������me ������ne CaHed Judy'S at"  to go down  to his bank.    There was   clucks we e dear ^Jwlron-t tw    r^'     J' ^ ba������k my tand  Whett    '        ?m 9  U       ^ ,   \ ?l , ,   Y    tenU������n t0 the do0rWay' A ������������"* stood  a Frenchman from a settlement call-      v   g a ^Im wIUi ���������T���������nnfl������    ������    T    m"   ^   ^^  **   ������f   '^   T? r   %    T������   1hT ^ d?'    ^^    Md    behlnd    her  "s "��������� scwa umo Wltn n0 gunners   inside.    No ashes,  no dust ���������  what  and lots of tetters with calamity in  a  blissful  sort of  fire." , each  one."  Is  that so," said Firefly thought-  ",-'   ,,     t        ,   ,     ���������. ,      ������������������ . laKe my dazzled eyes from the miles closed in a glorious haze.   We were   bed-room  of  .ire y   turned   to   1 Dtxlo,   "Friend of track, and look for antelope, and approaching Medicine Hat, the  town   on the door.  rom  the  south.   isn't  this   the  right prairie dogs and coyotes.    Years ago, that   was   born   lucky   according   to      "Come'in,"  lend  of  soldiery?   -  say,   may  their I used to hear the latter howling at Rudvnrd KinW <���������i ^1 1 J?. in������r. the rirl f,  ed Willow Bunch, thirty miles* south near.    ,1 never got tired of watching  of   Moose   Jaw   near   the   American the little dark creatures bobbing and  line.    How   delighted   the   man   was diving.   After passing more lakes and  that I could speak French. 'You must ponds,   and   the   pretty  little  stream  (ome and visit" us, Mademoiselle,' he     ������f S'V,ft CUrre"t' W'e came t0 a place  iaid.     'We   will   tell   you   all   about  Htting Bull who after the Custer mas-  lacre  crossed   the  border,  and  lived  vith us for a long time.' Fancy girls,  were    two  elderly men.    Accompanied  by  Mara  and Firefly, Judy went to meet them.  "You could never see things in that        1S inac BO'    sa,a irircny mo^m-       "Father," said the Jewish girl soft-  fire," said  Marigold  dreamily.  "Cas-   fully' a"d &ho gazed round th6 ,leaf    ]y> ftn<i she put her hand in that of  ties,   and   knights,   and   horses,   and   llttle aPartm*nt with'Its big radiator  - vhat a trip ��������� to go to that primitive  Trench settlement, and talk to those  Trench people about the seren  thou-  land    Indians    under    Sitting    Bull,  ' Black  Moon,   The  Little  Knife,   The  (Ian  Who Crawls, Long Dog,  Pretty  Bear,   and   Sweet  Bird   who   fled   to  Canada,   and   said   they   had   origin-  illy   belonged   to   the   White   Father  Seorge III, and why he gave them to ;  the Americans,  thoy  didn't know."    I  Judy paused an Instant, and Jane  ���������aid dreamily, "Fancy the confusion  >f thought in the minds of savages  ts to our dealings with them."  "Of course Sitting Bull was an old i  mischief-maker,"  said  Judy,  "and ' as I  (iute as a pet fox.   'In Canada, I am \  . In my Great Mother's Medicine house,1  forests and hobgoblins-  "I cou'ld," said Firefly sharply, "I'd  called Maple Creek. I admired this  town, for it was stepping out with  Its   best  foot  foremost,   and   instead  nlraTS /������   USUl3t'   dirtleSt   Part    trusty charger; andin his good right  near   the_ station, there  was   a  nice    hand   was  a   lance,   and- before   him  good-sized   book   shelves   and   table,  and tho dainty bed.    "If your salary  long garden, and   behind  it  rows  of  see    a    doughty    knight    galloping   werc   ralsed'. Ju*y>   wouId   you   tako  through  a wood  on the  back of his   R   1&rger   room?"  "Why should I ��������� I'm comfortable  enough here, and I'm,away a lot."  "I   wish  you'd  put on  your dove-  fled the spectres of Poverty, Hunger  the gray-boarded melancholy man  who stooped and kissed her on both  cheeks.  "Good   evoning   Mr.   Ostro,"-  said '  Firefly'  shaking    hands    with    him,  "this   Is   pur   Club   President,   Miss  Alden."  Judy put her hand into  the  long,  Pine   looking   stores    and    buildings,    aild Dlrt( and beside his path would   coloreti  dress to-night." said  Firefly,    lean, hard   ono   of   thc   tired-looking-  backsnStnheth/aCe?'  irtStf������ad10f  thelr>lse   up   women   shadows   and   child  backs,   to   the   railway   track.     This  town is largely supported by cattle  ranching and when we left it, our  train skirted the northern base of the  Cypress Hills where we saw the  cattle and horses luxuriating in the  rich valleys, ample groves,"and well- -  shadows, and oppressed men shadows  to call him blessed. Cheap fuel is a  Godsend   to  the  poor."  "There's   no   Poverty,,: Hunger   and   Bomeone knocking."  Dirt  ln   Medicine   Hat,"   said   Judy,  Judy stopped dressing; and stared  at her. "My nerves are all on edge.  I don't feel, like .obliging anyone ���������  openi   the   door,   will   you.     There's  man, and said frankly, "Welcome to  the Pilgrim Circle. We all love your  daughter."  Firefly's  face  was  a study  as  she  'looked   Into  the  shrewd  eyes  of  the  Firefly took a letter from a maid. Jewish    financier,    and    said    ''Your  "not for the honest and haTd-working   '"hen she suppressed a smile as her ' friend's name?"  people. Alii about is a magnificent Qntek eye caught an address.on the . He gave her a glance of perfect in-  watered plains that abound injury .m*ixed. farming district. Small fruits corner of the envelope. "Luck turns," telligence that was intercepted by  grasses they love so well. All the abound, and the Government has one she observed. "Perhaps there's some' , the observing Judy, as she caught  country  along  here  is  a joy  to   the    of   lts   gran(1   demonstration   farms   g',od news ln thIs epistle for you." the  name,  "Mr.  Bertwin." ,  Here a/lso is a station of those good      Judy ^PP*-*-1 ������P������n ^e envelope with       Judy greeted Mr. Bertwin, politely,  "It must have been an aggravation1* fellows  the Mounted  Police.    There  irritable fingers, and began to niur- but wondered inwardly at the fc*\;end-  to  you   with   your  enquiring  mind,-'    are brick plants, flour mills, and ex-   mur fragments aloud','"From my chief ship between him and the tall, Vaunt,  said Firefly, "not to be able to leave   tensive greenhouses, and the big as-"���������cr'a" I S������ to Buenos Ayres on short unpretentious Jew.   Mr. Bertwin was  the train at all these places." set    of    the    Saskatchewan     River  notice ���������  six  months'  trip  ��������� Latin dapper,   smooth,   of   medium   height,  le said, 'I am going to st     h ith I      "Itwa8������" repiied Judy, "and I re-   which is navigable for eight hundred  American, arousing  attention   ��������� po- courteous    though    not   polished    in  these p'eople'    Then he w^   lP h k   i Solved to g0 back ^ain as  soon  as    and twenty mile's to Lake Winnipeg  litical complications ��������� allowance for manner, exquisitely dressed, and'with  ou     s a e    j   possibly  oould.     I   screamed    at    ���������  also  they have  a  light  snowfall,   trip.    Why, Firefly," she said raising a  diamond  ring on his. finger.    His  something I saw at Maple Creek that   and a short winter, and six thousand  a beaming face, "This' is luck ��������� An- eye* were hard and inscrutable. .Tucly  I had never seen before. 'Punchie,' I, ��������� .  ,,'*  :     . . other trip and lots of money ���������. Cer-. knew him by reputation.   He was a  said, look ��������� there is a man'trotting'  happy  ^habitants' growing  to   sixty   tain,]y   i'h   put   0n   my  dovercolored rich,   well-known   merchant  of   Bos-  ���������lands with the Mounted Police offi  ters who would say, 'You must obey  ..lhe laws of the country of the Great  tVhite Mother Queen Victoria. You  must not cross the line to fight the  ���������imericans. You -may have ammuni- '  Hon to hunt buffaloes, but not to hunt i  a pair of oxen harnessed to a cart,'  thousand.'  gown,  and  my pearl  pendant.    Any-  .... ,                                                                      ���������                     .   . .       .                 , ton city, and reported to be merciless  and they have bits In their mouths.i   ' "Another. Pla-ce I'd like to go to,": thing to oblige* a friend."                 ��������� and unscrupulous in his dealings with  1 want to get out and drive with him.'   B1fbed Peanuts*                                      \     u  judy  had  not  been   so  preoc.' his" feMow men.  men.    In  the  Queen's  land   w  .11 i     "'Th&t'B & COmm0n slght'' he said   T   f^ *, in ^���������ioTJ^\^, cupied,  she  would  have noticed  the "If x had a barSain to make,  I'd  live  like  one  fami y'    The' wav  in    C������0lIy'    '' ^ h6'd haVe a rUnaway'   'nlm        I    i            "'    *"* ^l curJous manner in ^<* Fi^ took m^ke **. ^'^ ^w," she reflected,  ^hich the Mounted PolJ IJt ���������i h ' S������ y������U  C������Uld See hoW  those  fellows     ?           Particular evening, we walk-;          newg     The, wegtern while   she   said   aloud,   "My   friends  the Mounted Police dealt with- g0  when  ttey got  ^  Wte  Jn  ^^   ed -up and down toe platform in the, RQt  &  single   ^^   Jt  pluQged will wish to meet you."  into her own affairs.   "Judy, I have After she took-the two men round  something to tell you." the   eIrcle   of   ^irls,   she   looked   at  "What   Is   it'-dearest?" Firefly ��������� whose    restless    eyes    .were  Mara's  father  is  here  from New golng toand fro Hke shafts of light-  khis sudden accession of Indian souls; i teeth.  >vas a masterpiece of , diplomacy, i  finally, under an inspector, they all!  went back to Fort Bulford and sur- !  rendered to your government. I was '  unused in hearing of these Indians,:  that once when Sitting Bull and:  Spotted Tall  were having a confer- ���������'  "This was a Soo train we- were en,  and some of the. Americans were  much  amused   with  those oxen.    It  blazing gas light, watching the':  kaleidscopic combination of forms!  and colors. So many persons thatj  night  seemed   to   be   gaily   dressed. I  started them talking of their western   The iin'mi&rant women had' dashes of , york; . He  Jg  gQ.       ^ ,        nillg.    Judy, loving  and understand  towns. One man with a nice drawling voice aaid he had a friend in a  prairie town, and he was the whole  reds and yellows, . and some of the  girls and women belonging to the  place must have been  on their way  r n^j^TL Lr������:< *������������zr*������z ��������� r^z ^.^ ���������'���������=-. - ���������-n*. *:  he had to be the bride, and if there  rose up and harangued the men. Her,  lame      was      The-One-That-Snpnks-  tace, and she said. *! wantedf S^Sl i ���������   * ���������*"������*   "6   M   *������   *������   tte  toy  children In  the American, coun-  corpse. Then he said this friend was  the most optimistic man the Lord  ever made.    When a .fire came and  gowns  were   light  and  pretty.    One'  woman in a cream embroidered suit,  looked   as   if   slw;'  had   stepped   off  Fifth   Avenue.     It   was   warm   and  pleasant, and we'sauntered to and fro  night, and bring a friend with him,   lng her as no  other Person  in  the  another elderly man." ��������� .   room did������ not even  -^ara������  saw that  "Weil?" said Judy as Firefly hesi-   sbe    wus - tetooring    under    intense  mental    excitement,    and    at    once  I want ttiem to have a good time   PluQsed into the easy management of  ���������an extra good time," said the west-   affa.,rs-  ern girl  impressively.    "Promise me       She would have loved- to question  that you won't get a dreamy fit, or a.   their   guests   about   themselves,   but  too well trained to be guilty of this  burnt down his barn, he said, 'It was' a lon_s time before our train started,   contrary fit. Do anything I want you   unconventionality,  she salt* genially,  try.    They did not give mo time.    I  ���������Same over to this country to have a   uujul .  a    ���������   fenouehto0^ if^6 Te St0pped long   an old one.   I waa just going'to build' Punc!hie went away  to send  a tele- to   in   the   way   of   amusing   these "I daresay Mr. Ostro and Mr. Bertwin  io snaKe nands with th* ������������������������   a dandy/  Nexfc winter & blizzard tQok   gram, and I stepped up to our.dining- visitors."                                                   - would like to know something about  his  stock.    His  neighbors  came   to   car where the wnite-jacket'ed^waiters ' "You've got something in the back this Club.   Visitors always ask what  console.    'It  was  a  scrubby   lot  of   were loitering about the steps watch- of your mind that you don't want me we are, and why we came together."  animals,' he said, 'I was just going   ing the merry crowd enjoying them- to see,"  said Judy shrewdly.  "Hook Both men had been gazingvintently  to buy a new set.*   Next misfortune   seJves  ln  the   warm   evening  air. me up, like a deaf.   I promise to be about tb^ room ��������� at its unusual fur-  "It was fifteen minutes past twen- good."           ���������                                         . nlshlngs, and at the circle of bright-  ty-three o'clock when we left Medi-       Firefly's   hand   was   shaking,   and faced maddens gracing it most of all,  cine Hat, and I simply dropped into Judy    twisted    her   head    over   her and both smiled assent as Judy spoke,  bed.    I think we had  all better  -Jo shoulder to look at her.   "What's the "The   Pilgrim   Circle, was   formed  ���������likewise."  enough to shake hands with the police  bfficers') That is all I have to say.  Bo home Americans. I stay with the  Canadians, to raise my children'"  "Hard on us," said Firefly with a  Bhrug of her shoulders.  ������������������T t,oQ. ������,   t*       v ��������� , was to get Ms feet frozen, then am-  mJf, >     f fed Sltting BU11 putated'     N���������   ���������   neighbors   sand,  ������,dv     ��������������� turnIp" ������������������ae Wlnter'" saId .'He'll begin ^confound the climate,'  Judy.      The next time I go west, I but when they visited him, he said,  xa tlv     IFf 7  ^7% find   ������Ut 'Glad  t0  get rid of my feet - ^e  fexactly.    If PunchJe and  j had had blamed th}ngg were aIwayg CQl     an  time,  we would have driven  oat to way"  to^the^r' '^ ^^ JUSt leaViDg      "ThiS man'S neXt ������t������^ was about  ��������� Newfoundland ��������� the stubborn colony  "Why   didn't  Punchie's   wife   go?" that will not come into the Dominion  Hsked Dixie. of Canada."  "She   wouldn't   leave    that   angel       -"Why,  I   thought it was in,'  'said  baby.   Our hearts sank when we said Firefly.  CHAPTER XVII.  Mysterious Callers.  Firefly was in the most extraordinary state of excitement. It was six  o'clock on  the  evening  of  the  next  day,   and   she   was   tip-toeiig   about   play, or do anything I indicate.  matter with you, Duckle?" eight years ago," afce said, "by some  "Nothing." young  girls   of  Pilgrim  or  Puritan  "Oh!     Femiina!"    laughed    Judy, ancestry. They were lonely in their  "You   mean   everything.     I'll   follow rooms In the evening, and were too  your lead, provided you tell me 'no- tired   to  go .out,   so   they  petitioned  thing' after our callers go." for this room at the top of the house,  "1    agree,"    said    Firefly    briefly, and furnished It.   The Club is purely  "Now Judy make the gins  sing, or Bocial, and now we have dropped the  good-bye  to her one  lovely  October       "S������ do most people," replied Judy,   ^ ���������������m' her black eyes blazing' her       "Make   them,"   said   Judy   with   a  flay.   We stepped on to the Soo train. "but it isn't.   Well, this man said he  to go west.   I shall never forget that was   a   lumher   merchant,   and   had  flay.   There was a haze over the prai- been speculating in the wilds of New  rie, and the air was warm like early found land."  September.    We sat on  the back of "Ever   been   there,   Judy?"   asked  the observation-car, as we pulled out Firefly.  from the big railway yards with their "Ye^   In   St.   John!*s,   the   capital.  cheeks on fire.    She could not keep   gesturo, "they're as stubborn as little  still, and rangad between her mi.*'*or   pigs."  where she threw surreptitious glances       "Pigs can be coaxed."  Pilgrim ancestry qualification."  "~ : (Continued),  crowds of labourers at work making  mem still larger. Punchie's head was  bobbing to engineers and train hands.  Moose Jaw is a very friendly place,  tn a short time, I became almost hypnotized in looking at the two straight across it  ���������shining lines of track behind us. Not "Didn't you and Punchie talk, to  incurve,  not  a  rise^  dead   level.   anyoneT asked Dix-je.       _ _  "not back where the lumber camps  are." ���������  "Are. there any railways in Newfoundland?" asked Biddy. J  "Yes,    on-e   narrow    gauge    tight  at herself, and a half-open door dividing her room from Mara's.  The Jewish girl sat reading  quietly in the firelight by her open  grate.    There was a journal of con-  TUBKEY'S WABNINGf  Constantinople. ��������� Turkey sent no-  Judy began to grunt impishly, and   tices to all the PowerB to-day, that  Firefly fled from the room. if Italy resumes offensive operations  An hour later,  the girls  were allV ������'Turkish waters, as threatened, the  ,., A   ,     ..     .,    ���������'     J?   . Ottoman   Government   will   be  corn-  assembled   in   the  big New  England   pe] led   ,to   take   defensive  measures,  kitchen'.     "What's   the   matter   with   which  cannot but  endanger neutral  structive philanthropy  in  her  hand,   them   all?"  murmured   Judy   as  she   a^PPing.  and her expression was anxious and  concerned.  Firefly shook her head as she  glanced at her, and finally crept  quietly to another door, and,slipped  out  into  the  hall.  Bradford Housg1.like many another  surveyed her chattering bevy df  friends. "They've all put on their  prettiest frocks without a murmur  ��������� usually they growl���������'��������� and they're  Tall! ;  Mike:   "And have they tall  buildings in America, Pat?"  Pat:   "Tail   buildings,   have   they?  all in the wildest spirits.    They act   Faith, indae'e, the last one I worked  as if they'd all had a raise." 6n we had to lay on our stomachs to  let the moonpassJ"  I  ,;'.*l  "i������[  'Ml  #tf'i  !1M  , firefly  was ^standing near enough  wnr*������������a������~a i  /-     rrr       f-4   n ir     ! '- 1       O, ,.    !���������').'������  THB ABBOVSPORD JfOST,      ABBQ-BSPORD, B. 6,  -.->BX..ii.  I  -,������-. .*  A?  ^���������|  3s^  !1m  jsa  ���������WHff  awwif ������i������im.   J ) mm .' ji    "I  ���������rewtnmaHwli" ������"��������� iw i".'"i.'i>Wf"  aMfe^wayagg^^  CLARK'S Gents1 Furnishings, Boots, Shoes  See our summer suits  in-StanfielcTs Balbrig-  gan   and Zimmerknit  Underwear.  GEO.  C.  GLARK,Abbotsford,B.G.  WWM^*.^^  ���������IW.l'l    ..I*.'-HI   I.   ���������' *  .' ..M'lll   '���������'<)! I������  ������������������ I'.'-'LHI inn    J-M.KH-   t" L>JMI'..������L'.|i     . I U Ll.H  xs=  LLjIi\\->'I/a.J i  J   MCELROY & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES  AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  H Cor. Easfcndene Ave. and Oscar St.,  Iss&saa  CITY  ��������� Li...    -m Jt ���������   ju-ju *:r;  ���������>i     i     i  ���������rs. a  Strictly.first-class' in* ������very-respect.   The bar..is  stocked with'tKe best qf wines,.lifluw arid cigars, 3 -  RATES, $1.50 TO $2.00  PER  DAY  PROPRIETORS  PECKHAM & HUTTON     \\  i i iL.i, ;J.;i,iAMyij������wwg*Hwii  ������ * 3  tro-*.-/  (  ������'.>('  r ������������������    BUTCHER n   ��������� ar . .   j  Pork, Mutton, Keef, Veal, Pork Sausages,  Weinies  and Balbgna always on hand.    Fish, every Thursday!  ������������������������**** r-r*r-*-r   -t*^**-^    ^  T -*    ** * Of ; I   ** f  ..*     ;   .'--     !  ������oaa the. Finatt Optical Wosfe.  "dedieal E&*n. and ottarfl ^ty tri-  folate safeAsafcill.   --  '���������7OT'&������avillfi( St.4 yancuu v ������r  nclers  (Aueeiate . M������mb������rs Can. Soc. G. E.)  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Ofiwc,next P.O. P.O. Box 11  WHEN   THE   BEAVER  BITES  '" A"' young beaver,. In Regents Park  Gardens, London, was once placed at  work upon a tree twelve feet long  and two feet six inches thick, just  as the town clocks sounded the hour  Df noon. The beaver began by barking the tree a foot above the ground.  That done, he attacked the wood. He  worked hard, alternating' his labor  'with dips in";, his ,,b,athihg:pond. He  bathed and labored alternately until  ; 4 o'clock in thjv afternoon, when he  ate his supper of bread and carrots  and paddled about in. his pond until  half-past 6 o'clock. Ten minutes  later/when only one inch of the tree's  diameter, remained Intact, .he bore  again upon;his work, and--.the*.-tree  fell. Before it fell the beaver ran  as men run when they have fired- a  blast. Then, as the tree lay" on tho  ground, he portioned it out mentally  ���������jtnd again began to gnaw.  He worked at intervals all, night;  cut the log Into three parts, rolled  two of the portions into the water,  and reserved the other third for his  permanenj^jhjd^ar., ���������'-"'. ;j-  Helps Keep Him Good  In Japan it is not v/ise for a young  man to neglect the maid he is courting.  When a Japanese girl has been  slighted by her lover she revenges  herself according to the following  quaint custom. In the dawn of the  early morning she rises, and puts on  a white robe and white clogs. Round  her neckvshe hangs a small mirror,  which falls to her breast, and on her  head she puts a metal crown with  three points each point bearing a  lighted candle.  In her left hand she carries a small  figure of straw or rags ��������� supposed to  represent her unfaithful lover ��������� and  this she nails to - one of the sacred:  trees surrounding the'-.. family shrine.  She then prays for the death of the  man, vowing that if this comes to  pass, she will pull out the nails which  are hurting the sacred tree, and make  offerings to comfort her family god.  ' Every:night she comes to the shrine;  strikes in two more nails, and makes  the same prayer,.her idea being that  the god,to save his tree from further  ���������njury will kill her lover.  iMnBir  Commencement was.but a couple of  months away, and 1 was very busy  getting my classes ready for the" exercises, when Laura Warren, a senior  of the Woman's college, -remained after lecture one afternoon to ask me  some questions about her graduation  speech. Miss Warren was to have tho  salutatory oration, which is always  spoken in Latin. She bud become very  proficient In the Latin language and  literature nnd selected for the subject of her commencement oration  "Augustus Caesar, the Founder of the  Roman  Empire."   "What, professor." she said, "do you  think I would .better bold up to the audience ,as. the. prominent feature of  Augustus' character?"  ."That, living in an age of magnificence a Dd luxury, be personally maintained simplicity of living."  Vile built or commenced that marvelous structure the palace of the  Caesars." . /j  "But lived and died in the house  in which be, was, born. He never left  tt for its splendid additions."  Miss Warren did not. seem to have  heard my reply.    She appeared to be  - ��������� w#M'-$-.  -     HER BEAUTIFUL ,0BB3 8ANK TO MINE. ,  thinking of something-else.    1  asked  her what was on cher- mind.  ��������� "Suppose," sbe replied,  "instead of  Augustus 1 take for my subject some  pure, noble .Roman woman, one with ���������  a love story in her. life7"  ' "It: would. Be", a   more   Interesting  theme* to your audience."  Miss Warren sniiied.    1 asked what*,  amused: her. '.-.',:. ���������'--f  "Professor," sbe replied, "It. does not  occur*to you that my audience will  not understand qnejword of my oration."   , i '"     "' -  "Really.  I did not think of that."  "You are so immersed in the affairs"  of the Romans that you live some six-":  teen or seventeen centuries ago.    Ton;  are singularly oblivions to what goes  on.about you.   Tou would be of great,  assistance to me in'an oration on Au-"  gustus, but if 1 chose-a theme based  on the love of a Roman maiden you  would be useless, to me."  "Why so?" I asked, surprised.  "Because you know nothing about  love. You do not even know that one  of the students in. this college lovea  you.'"  (. '.'  .. "Loves, me?".,  "She has given you her whole heart"  "Who Is she?"  ��������� "You surely, wouldn't have me betray the poor girL But enough of  this. I came' to consult you about  my oration and should not have spoken  of a private matter. I shall not speak  on 'Augustus.' I have a topic, much  used, it is true, but one that excites-  powerful emotions, 'a vestal virgin  who loved nnd suffered the frightful  penalty attached to the crime of a'  vestal's loving.'"  ���������Miss Warren left me with a smile  on her very attractive lips, left me  a changed man.J Dp to this moment  .1 had been so absorbed in the ancients,  that I k had taken n& thought of the  moderns, .and, as "lor the matter bt,  .:|oye.', I did not know what It meant  My pupil had awakened an Interest In  me..    Why.   1   was   thirty-five,   bald.  nrore spectacles and was nn acknowledged bookworm, a widened specimen of a man without one attractive  feature.3  Miss Warren.came up to me after  lecture again in a few days to tell  mo that sbe would not select for her  topic a vestal Who broke*ber.vows, but  one who. when the.Roman people were  going over to Christianity in crowds  joined the* throng. 1 told Miss Warren .that if sbe vacillated among ao  many subjects sbe would have no oration at all.* Instead of being impressed with my caution 8he laughed and  submitted,-several more topics���������"The  Conspiracy of Catiline, "The Death of  Jugertha,"' "Wan Romulus a Myth?'!  If I favored one of these topics Bhe is-_  cllned toward another.. At last, finding '  It impossible to concentrate her mind  on any one of them, I gave up trying.   The truth is ! wished to ask her:  again which one of the girls she had  referred to ln her former conversation,  with me, but I considered such a sub-.  Ject between professor and student interdicted, and, since sbe bad refused to  tell me before, 1, bad * no hope of her  tejllng me now.    .  So' passed the time, till within a  month of commencement One day  when <I rdlsmlssed my class 1 called  Miss-Warren up to, my.desk and asked  her. bow she was, getting on with her  oration. , She smiled and said she was  .still hunting, for a subject I; strove  'to impress'"upon* her1 the1 necessity of  a decision,*'whefeuponf she said she  was -thinking, of taking for a theme a  girl of "Pompeli\who. loved a man and  was pondering on a*modest way fo let  him know-rU] when -the dreaded; volcano of ^Vesuvius opened, buried the  city under!ashes, and the man with it  I looked' ^so lugubrious at this indirect reference to my own case that  Miss Warren'smiled. That smile up-,  set me/ I( didn'tr know' whether 1  was a professor :coaching a student or  a-,;,man'.''wth an-unsolvable loveprob  lem to deal with. Was it sympathy  for this unknown girl who loved me  or was I In love with the unknown  girl? Nonsense! How could 1 be In  :love'withran--unkn6wn person?  ��������� 1 ; was:; conscious of appearing a  fool while'..Miss Warren stood looking  at the floor in that respectful attitude  which a student is supposed to maintain in-the-presence? of.-a professor.  At the same time there remained a.,  tiny: curve i at the corners - of her.  -mouth and a soft, look in her eye that'  puzzled and at the"same time made"  me feel, very queer.  "   ;; :  "Select my-to'pic for me, professor,"^  sbe said.' ��������� "1 -will use:any you name.'  and 1 am-sure.that with the feeling-  .ever-present that jt is your choice 1  shall write a good oration." !  I wondered-what she meant by that  ? .'"In-that^case,-! will choose.the one  you,first named..!Augustus Caesar.' "  From 'this ���������time Miss   Warren  took^  hold of the matter seriously.  She ������nv  ���������suited- 'me constantly,, and as  I saw1'  .herf'oratiqnugrowxup  under,  my-encouragement* -and .influenced here and'  there by. my suggestions my interest ���������  'hvtbe young ��������� oratress constantly  ln..:  creased.i';l-forgot about the.girl who  had honored-me with her love and began to wish that Miss, Warren might  stand In her place.  '��������� Otti  commencement  day, . when  the  salutatorian stood.up in the attire of a  girl graduate���������spotless white���������and in a  melodious.voice. spoke in a language  that'died  many centuries ago, I listened  in <->apt attention.    1  was  fa  'miliar''with'It-all. but as I listened to  the words come forth, every one. enun  ;ciated musically. It seemed to me that,  no language has ever been so beautiful, so impressive, as that of Cicero  and "of Horace. (  ' Once only1 th������ speaker cast her eyes  down'-upon 'me, sitting with other  members of the faculty Just beneath  her, when-uttering a sentence in  .which she. had made an error and  which I had corrected for her. instead  of the Latin, word "amare," "to love,*  she had used the word "amavi," "1  have loved." Her beautiful orbs sank  to mine only for a moment, then were  raised to the throng.  I could not but be astonished that an  oration so beautifully delivered and so  well composed should have produced  so little effect But when I remem  bered that I and possibly one or two  others' alone - understood what the  speaker was talking about my surprise faded Into a regret that the audience could not have enjoyed it as I  :did. ;:        ���������"���������''���������'���������"���������'������������������*< -"':'..      v *  I did not see Miss Warren after the  delivery of her speech, but called upon  her that evening���������before her intended  departure-rto ��������� congratulate .her upon  its merits. I found her expecting me,  and so enthusiastic was I over her effort of the day that, taking her hand  to express my enthusiasm, I found it  difficult to- release It When I did so  she led me to seats where we could  sit side by side, and I went over her  ������ration, repeating sentence after sen-  tehee in rapture. . .  '  I   was 'surprised  that she  did  not  ed somewhat Impatl^HiK? to mem an<J  wJva i restea for breath said:  "Do you wish me to tell you before  I go the name of that girl who has  given you her heart?"  '    "No; I don't"  We were sitting close together, she  bending forward, toying with some ornamental work on the skirt of her  dress, so that my eyes fell .upon the  curves of her waist Something���������I'  know not what���������got into my arm, and  without, my consent it dropped upon  the waist For a moment I was frightened; but seeing that she paid no attention to what I had done, I took  courage. ���������.;    ,  i, -What else occurred during that eventful evening I consider too sacred to  give. I have written It out in a dead  language, which no one but myself is  likely to.understand. Before we parted. I, said to her:  "Since we are betrothed, perhaps you  may not object to tell me who Is, the  girl who. has given me her heart"  . "Don't trouble yourself about her,"  she replied. "She is not worthy of so  guileless a'man."  All this happened years ago, and I  have since learned how stupid I was  not to even suspect that the salutatorian of that year, having become attached to a bookworm, was obliged to  turn his attention from the dead languages to herself or leave him to his  books. She cared not for Augustus  or the vestals or any other of the persons she proposed to make ber theme.  There was a living person of more  Importance to her than even the dead  emperor. That person, I am proud to  say, was the bookworm���������myself. _j_   I TRUE NORTH  .Compass of Columbus' Days Getting  Closed    Out,   Recent   Gyroscope  Improvements   Helping   Man  Steer Safer Course.  u that struck home:   Some girl loved JgiioW   evidence   of   being   especially  pleased at,my  She listen-  wiwimwn '������������������������������-���������-������  The magnetic compass, which haa  been in ,'use ��������� by every mariner . who  sailed the- sea since Columbus, ia  nearing the end of its usefulness, at  'least for steam vessels. The Burer.'-  -of Navigation of the United StaV<*  "Mas':-decided- that it must go. In 'ts  .-place there- is being installed in the  ���������warships, the gyroscope compass,  which it is'said is so far mii'.-r.::  'to-the magnetic- compass that ��������� *. i'  'are-'not hi the same class.  .So long as ships were built of ".",''  the'' magnetic   compass   was   as   w,  a   -guide    as    the    mariner    n^'-.'1-.  though- ;its   shortcomings   were   <-���������"*'  that   to" understand,  its   use   rern* "'  much "study. "To    begin    with.    f  'magnetic''compass, except on a -3    *  meridian- of longitude, does not into the North  Pole,  for  the  very  ���������-'  vious .reason that the magnetic N ''  Pole is many hundreds of miels tt  south of it. ' The effect of this in ���������-  .'in-the. fact .that in .Iceland (he r-o-  -pass needle, points  almost due   ���������" ���������  "and "in   Northern   Alaska   due  Because /of  this,   allowance  muet   '"'-  made "for variations  before one  "> ���������  ���������thow' where lies .the true north. "  before he may  discover  what  a1',!-  ance to make latitude  and  longit.u'!*  must be known.  An examination of the gyro con-  pass shows that its most v'ondprfu!  feature, next to the way it find:- the  north, is the tenacity with which it  holds it A magnetic compass is b^'l  'to its position by a ��������� force so sl??s'.  that a breath will-disturb it. I:*-*  power that holds the gyro to the  meridian, on the other hand, is more  than  7,000  times  as  great.  GEBMANY IN THE HOLT LA>'D  It is undeniable that the Holy Land  is gradually being Germanized. More  than' two-thirds of the philanthropic  institutions in the way of churches,  missions, hospitals, and hospices are  In the hands of the Germans. The  leading polytechnics, public schools  and ' educational institutes are also  governed by them, while quite large  German colonies are now to be found  In Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jaffa, and  other places. Recent excavations of  any importance have been carried  out by the Germans, who also virtually control the country's trade. It  la well known that the finest and  purest bitumen is obtained here, also  quantities of excellent sulphur. According to Professor Blackenhorn's  report, copper mines have been worked near the south end of the Dead  Sea in Byzantine times; and also  marble porphyry, and other fine  classes of stone are to be found there  ae well as phosphates.  It has also been stated by American experts that evidences of coal  and ; oil are very apparent. Salt is  found in great quantities; but upon  this the government holds a monopoly  with the curious result that salt is at  present imported from Smyrna, and  Englan^-  If It is true that every man has  his price, it is equally true that few  ������g th������m are worth it  iA  '.': sji-ifew.^t-.v;:  It T  *r  L'-"J"  ti S/ I i-L.  ._JU-~.LJVJ'J  max.  TH8 ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD,  ���������i^iiiii i lUMinuiyi uiiiiuij. a nnnagsggg  B. C.  ess  LOCALS.  Muss \Mi0iOire iis tajcing  a   vacation  'i,ni\V'iicboji',i,A,  '- (Mir,,. Alebc  .'Jiojlwusion's ./l^iW . into  seems too run we'll fend well i|t ougfcit  ���������to,     >  -,   (Messrs   (MoCtoNvan,,  fifdoitsviolld  ispeinit    a  Vwc'lioir.iia .las-t week  McLean  and  few   d,ays  In  Messrs, Sparrow, King and Qer-  naey  isp'ept   Wednesday' at   New  Waatmi.nstfcW ���������  "     ���������  ���������Mns, iLon McP/lifte returned home  (finilm Botttoglhiaim thii)9 week, where  she visited her parents  ITfod pUbtooitfsifioird   Luimbejr  Com-v  pauy  trepoirt  'thiifl last mio'nth tho*  largest', in. the**'history oft that com-;  pawy,.  Who  .has   mat bean  tempied to  steal   a  Jead pencil,,  When opportunity affords?   Didn't you m.ss a  black 'cine?  With prosperity in store, are Assured to all June brides who have  their wedding cakes made at  lhe.  ALBERT LEE, PROPRIETOR  poirtodi /the- rec&ipt^o.f $87,; from the  treasury,, (Expenses   incurred .with  general caustic act ton of tihe^ spray,  as. wfltlh Liime Sulphur.   To g&X r -  *  rtaSv 1 otf an ins ne px J&whicfc suits w)th contact uuectlcide* rv-  *M,r, :W. Lo'nglfeJli'iO'W (returned iron*  llih-sl ISioiuth   oro Tuesday, where lie  atitenide.d the (meeting of the.Shr.i.n-  eirs   <He~ looks well after hJs trip.    ;  Thsi Pre&bytenian Sunday School  Iheldtbeur piicnlc on Tuesday, after-}  mpiouv ���������e.veiryone enjoying the out-  omg although the exciitement had  beeta (delayed si'mce last "week  5 REWARD���������'Lost, a .chestnut pony  ima'rej, .8 yfijays old, wihifte stripe on  tfn.rel'aiead and left eye howiing  whi'itej, Anjy\oina returning ihe  same} 'to Majom Pottiing.etr'w,i.U rer  ce'/ve tlhe aTbove reward,  Mr, IH. McArtihur, principal o.f our  pubjV(ischioiO'l, has decided ta leave  Ai)b-.;'tislf;oird! hit Hue' clofee of ihe  P'reaanlt; 'term,, All will be ep-fryi to  haah thart he. hasi decided tp make  ai cihajn/ge (as he is'thomght a great  dea/lio-f by both, the pupils ,an*d theiir  pairents.. i'  INCREASED  SCHOOL  ATTENDANCE  Thc .prpsemt Indjicaitu'Oins are that  f)hcir*a wrlll be a/ 'necessity for ,a  fioiuiri'Jh; teacher far the Abb.otsford  s-tfhlncil (ait the 'beginning oi the next  tetrim', So/ fmalny 'new sefftlexs ar������  cjomi'-ng 'imto tlhe district . unrounding Abboltstfotrd'tihat the three teachers, will be ���������unahie to' handle ^them.  Increased E.cJh'Oiol attendance ia | a  goofcKaidiicatoir of the growth of the  cclrmmuinuty.  JU2JE BRIDESI IN SIO.HT\  It .will floon.De titme for thieiVJun.e  brides, a;t least one would almost  nuppo'ser so "il 'ihe werei to visit thef  Abbot s-ford; Bakery, It is quietly  jnltlimatedi at tfcie present time our  geni'ailJ halcer .ha-s in* his charge the  ���������making /of some 'half doze^ wed-  di'inig! cakes for 'brides-to^be during  the ico'mi,nig ..months, "He jwJilL have  more" !he says, "once these leave  ���������tihJJ, sh'op,,'? Asked as .to what the  aames "Oif the, happy parti/cipants  war.?,, Ihie init'ifmateid that It was a  sccfi-eit |Wh,ich he .was not in a poait-  .'(injto reveal, Tthi,s paper hopes to  give a full irepjort'of/blue weddinff*  i'(V la'ter issueia. ������������������-.���������:���������  MATSQUI   COUNCIL  (.CoiniKn-ue'd, Prolm Page: One)  half o.f Lot 44.    '  Counic'lltor Be^l gave notice of  motionf 't,'o introduce a by -law to  gazette, a road from to.ViHn'p'line  I'.aad, south, betw.wn D. L. 20-23 and  N. tW. 1-1 sec. 35. Tp. 16, a*������o at*Ke  c'oiuneil meeting on June 6th, -a  j-ate. bylaw far municipal auc("i>tliool  expenses, 1912.  The clerk was instructed to writ������  Mr, C. AlverflOjn giving him' 30 days  motice to gFve -up to the council the  planking o.n the oid bridge onGlen-  mtoiro. naad, also on. the; proposition  ���������ci'C iCouncXor BeOJt .the, C. P. R. Jae  ���������wrObteirj to tot an; under.head cros-  's1'mg at P.o're RiOad. .  On the Valley Roiad it ,w,as agreed  to| lexpe|nid $;100 txibW |ae(a*r to Kiy-  eRsidei', across the prai/rie under, the  trestle om the C. P. R.  On Jfiinanciial business the cJ^Ekve- J  he (had been endeavoring tof obtain  foir over a ye*ar, and .the following  accounts .wore ojrdered pa/id:  WionW on McLaii,n roadh $.87; Crist  .^230'k Ferguson* 1.75, J. -Smliith, .10  Fisher, #3,10; Hainaom, 6.00; Rigot,  g������X00; (Maple Grove, Lumber Co.,  $'100.',20; Auditor's fees, 30.00; Powder, #ML8.05;. Hiill & Burne,tt, :-l.Mt  llenderso.ia, pai*t account, ..$67.*5;  McNa-Wfc Qi-Ueftti $12,35; .B. C.tJiz-  e)ttev $>8.00; C. M. C������salary and of-  fiice expenses $6(*15; fjjoiunfor -^.n-  musk rat tails, $27.00. A cheque  was* oirdereid drawn ]>n favio:il_of W  A. McLean, to he paiid ion receiipt of  de-ids,j  The council 'dejdided to lay over  tell 'next meeting the Trade Licence  by-lawj, hvt .\adopteid iand finally  passed the Marrji Hill-Qten, Valley  Hill Roiad, Boyle Road nnd Road  Ta������ By-lawa.  In*, icomcludiing the busijneiss of, the  day. it was deoiideid to, obtain ^3,00*'-  shingles; .f/pom North Brook Shingls  Co,.; to. refer tenders for culvert to  the special' ..meeting om June lbt  anic'i 'to appoiint Mr. Jas.. Gjilbson, C.  M. C as Road Taxi Collector.  _���������-.#  ORCHARD PESTS AND THEIR  . l CONTROL  F\cv the purpose/of study and of  treatment/ .'Orchiaird Pests may he  diveded into four* great classes.  1. Insect peats, such (aa the Aphia  Caterpillar^ tihe Oyster-shell Bark  Louse and the Tent Caterpillar.  ,2.| Fungus Peislfcs,, such a3 Apple  Scab and Peach Leaf Curl.  3, BacteriaOcdlis-eases, such aa the  Pear; Blight  4.,   Physiologicail diseases., such rur  Oherry-treo\ Gunias'rs, FruiJt Pit and  Water Core.  INSECT PESTS. Before destroying any insect affecting tlie orchard  three poiints should be carefully observed.  1.1' ��������� 'Whethefr it is. actually injurious or heneffiiicial. iMany' insecta  siucil as the La'dy Beetles and vtho  Syrphmsj Flies, aire of gr'&aiti benefit  Watch clO'Sely and determjine ''ha  fm.rm 'of injury.  2. With 5,nju>rLouS' insects,, note tUe  manner i'.n which the food is absorbed, partcularly wlhether from tho  Burface or w.he/ther by suction from  belio-w- it.  S| Dec'^de on the most vulnerable point in the inaect'e life history  Fo'i* geme'ral purposes of cotiiro"  by? Isipraymg, insects may ber divid-  dd into two classes:  F.'o-st���������Biting InaectB, provided  wJtl*'bating jaws adapted to che**w*-  ing tfood/ Theae are usuaLy co-i-  troil-ed 'by covea-ing th.e plant with  a B'tomaoh poison, such op ArseJl!L,  in a suitable form  Befcomd���������Sucking Ina-octs. Are  morej dtiffiicult to* control, The-y ai'c  provided iwith sharp beaks, with  whtehf they pierce^ the surface and  draw the'ir food im the form of plant  Ju'icqsi from bejlo.w it. Theire is no  way-of rciadhing thorn with a stomach poison,'.���������just as a mosquhto.  whx!h "ia one .oif this class, cannor  be$ pcJaoned by Paria Gi-Cjen^' Th*  Aphius and the variioua scale inse^ta  axe^ (o*ur priipcJpal foe-a in tihlE( class  ,Fo������l iSuckinjj Inaects we, therefore,  use a eanfaot InHectLcide^ tlut ii,  'c<ne which Willi kill th������ lnseo' nv  touching it, either,.by filling up [the  breathing 'iporesi, which arj situat ���������  ed* along the aides of ���������the bjijy, A*  wiirbh) Kerosene. Bm.u'lsfofl,, or by th?  ery* single insect mu*^ be covered  With sitom'ach insecticides, we spray  tojeover the entire surface liable't������  ������inju.ry..| With icointact Inscjcticides,  we Bpray to eoVer every Insect.,  Mast "insects jh'ave four atagea in  theiT lilfo hiBt-OTy:  F.'tt-st���������The egg.    .    ���������.  ���������Seeooi-l��������� The lsrva!,, or wo J������ form  wh.c*h fL������ the porfod of growth,, and  during_ Which m'oisit insects da thdir  ilnjury. .;'...  Tihiird���������The pupal form,, usually a  restiaig ibrm, and usually invulnex-  able in practice.-.  Fourth���������The adult or perfect form  In the case oif the Tent Caterpillar, for i/nsftance, the eggs are de-  pcsi'ited in the Fall, in a (mass, surrounding a young twig,, and coated  with a wateirppooi covering.'. The  wJnter spray usually does the^n little, feiatrmi The eggs hatch in th������  spring, thelarvaor oate^pMiar growing rapidly on the young leaves.  This is evidently, the time to de-  ti'oy "it with a stomach poLeoa a* rt,  is) a biting inseqtt -line Codling-  Moth fa another .example J The egg  ���������.s'(la:'id.o-ii the s.urjfcace of the.leaf or  fruitt;; arid Is tn'at vulnerable to any  pra'cticable. isprayx As the young  larva hatches outfit may feejd for a  few days on the surface of the. leaf  but usually it 'makes its first meal  pri the surface "ot the. fruit, .gener-  eraUy im- the calyx end. As we havo  no .moaus of attacking it unless *.\  has .penqtrate(d the fruit}, iit is evident that some stomach poiyon  must be administered with its first  meaiL This) we secure oy an arsenical spray, thoroughly appljod j.ist  'aiftjr. the bloasoms' fall. We .have  n:< moa^ns; qf ^trtackioig the p������p;l  PcnnL.dqspite many trials. Wii.h a  fcrtowleldgo oif. the^ pfmclpal facts  co-ncarnrngj the.; litf-e hietoiry of any  pe8it, we are able to determine pjs-  fliible and practicable (mejiboda of  contrdl. ��������� ; ;  (To be ������onttnueid)  Dr.iiSwi'ifit iis opening &'n> office, on  Pine! iSbreiet.  S.   J.  BIRTH���������To  Mr.   and   Mie;  Batesif oin May'j9th. a r-on  Oo-nisrtdblej Faulkner has returned  finciml the Prase*? CamyoAi, wherei ha  ������l>enit Wci.ne time,as guardia-Ji of the  peace anvoug ..'the; I. W.i W. Ts. Hr^  Pa-ulkne/-' I(o/oks.'.weJl..  iMnsji iE. Broioikei of Viictoriia- WLfti  oif lour ecteemed merchant^' spenl: a  fe,w days m Abboitsford*.; During  hie(4 'sihon-.t stay hejre, w^cfe i|S her  fiiirst v:isi:t to Abbotsford.. fclra  Brbjoke thiiinks Abbotsford aU-i'igh4-.  Mr. 'E. Redfelrni Turner* of Van-  cfoiuveri, wihjo Willi have charg). of  the' *qnit|^tai:*n|me;nt in tiie Maple  Loaif Hbil on /Sabur,day,. June, 8th  spend ri(.*3, tjh(5! week emds im Ab-  bto.tjsifioittl durf^nig t(h|e' Hummeir. 0,n  Sumdjayj.*} hje wiSil (have charge, of the  ' Epieic>otpai qhurch choiir; .and whU(e  on, A'bfcp^f oir'd will 'bake amy, pupilsj  w'hJO/inay desire to have hils iinatruot  :/t������n._ The) "k^nde|rspi,el"  :wiU',b'e   a  time ilntroductijon for iWCr. Turner, to  the /people of Aibbotslor.di, wlio, all  .appreciate, musical  eniter^ainimepLs  of a, bjgh class/ Mr. Turner has a  matftomai .reputatiion  as   a   teacher  a-nic-/}m.uy*,e.ian.   Far seve,n years he  was  vjueall instructor ������n the Lom-  bardi Qanservatory of M,usilcB Muan,  Italy ;mid -assistant ichioiir maslei of  the 'R'ojmari CaJthoiic cathqdral for  fivetyeaiivs.i   He mo,w resides in^an-  cioiuver^wihere he io well and favorably fettawia.  Enjoy Life During  by buying one of our screen doors  and a window or two. Our stock  and prices are right and you will be  suited with our screen doors and  Windows. Our Meat Safes are per-  fection and our wire screening etc.,  will be useful during fly time.  ALANSON  Hardware and Furniture  BEES  FOR SALE  M. McGILLIVRAY  Huntingdon, B.C.  WANTED FARM -^LAND���������Ia exchange for **ny $1150.00 .equity in  Vancouver lots^ Act quickly ' for  a snap, R. A. Copper, Clayburn  B. C. " -*������������������*������������������  Timoithy, Clover and Field Peas  to .be had "ait the Abbotsford Feed  Store  ���������      *      ���������  When next your watch needs attention leave it with Caiaptoll, tfc������  Abbotsford Watch-maker. Shop  loteated Ln Clark's Geflta' Fupaiekr  ing ������rtore...  An rnterestmg Watch.  ���������An Interesting horloglcal, sidereal  novelty has been perfected by the  Rev. Daniel B. Marsh, D.Sc, F.R.A.S.  The watch contains many ingenious  features, and is conceded to be a striking example of timekeeping mechanism. It 1b adjusted to five positions,  fully jewelled with twenty-one :ub'..a.  compensated for temperature, and  owing to the special construction of  the face-mechanism there is no lost  motion in the hands. The watch has  been acquired already by the hading  observatories of Canada, and is being  manufactured in Switzerland, the  watch-makerB of that country alone  having proved equal to the delicate  nature of the task imposed, so as to  bring It within the reach of all.  Safety Window Cleaner.  The Invention consists of a wire  frame made to clip the window cloth.  To the frame is attached a loag band  of webbing, which passes over trolleys  running along the top and bottom  of the window-frame and continues  right down the" inside of the window.  There is obviously no danger in cleaning the outside of a window with this  invention, as, of course, the pad is  moved to and fro, up, down, or side-  wayB, entirely by the manipulation  of the webbing strap on the inside of  the room. The necessary pressur,-  upon the. surface of the window is  obtained by springs, and in obstnial  cases the busy maid can of .cours*--  revert to that well-known domest.:  dodge of adding a little methylated  spirit to the water.  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J.   E. PARTON  Abbotsford       -- B. C  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  If your Grocer has not  Five Roses Flour  On hand you can get it at the  Abbotsford Feed and  Grain Store  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  Geo. Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       B. C.  HARRON BROS.  M lm������rs end Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel���������r  MU (Swmvitte, Sfc,    Phone 3488  &B9& Ysftcouver,       Office    and  STRAYED���������Red yearling hle^er on-  'to nay place on 3rd 'Marchi^ O ������v.n-  er can have 'sam'e hy paying ex-  pensea^ W. L. Barrett, old Campbell place, iCLearbrook Road.  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  For Factories and  Industrial Plants  Convenience       Comfort      Economy  Attention will be given to all applications tor service from our line*.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  Holden Block, Vancouver.  ;h Columbia Electric Railway Lt  hi  m  .OS  .'* 1  #5  M  f-S-t  m  ^���������'cV'l  *>r|  M


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