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 *������.*&--i  With which is incorporated "The Huntingdon Star"  Vot, XVI., No. 28.  ABBOTSFORD. B, C.  FRIDAY;" NOV.   15, 1918  g������j^8       $1.00 per Year  HAS the Reputation for giving its customers the very  best workmanship and a first-class service. We lead and  others follow. Those who ha vedealt with us claim that  our expert mechanic, Prank Brown, is the right man in  the right place.  We have added GASOLINE, TIRES and OILS to our  full line of Ford parts.  car  See the K. K. Auto Repair expert when you have any  troubles.  Seven passenger Cadillac FOR HIRE.  Farmers' Phone���������One short, one long, one short  IJ. C. Long; Distance���������30.  'iSd^f-SH  has  and  fully recovered  is back to her  McPhee has recov-  She is home for a  Miss Graham  from the- "Flu"  pupils.  Miss Florence  ed from "Flu",  few days.  Word was received last Saturday  that Mr. John McEwen had died in  the east. He was well known and  well liked by all and intended to return to B.  C  There - waa a committee of three  appointed to secure a victory bond  'for the Presbyterian Sunday School  thinking they could get one. Two  were easily gotten and it is anticipated that the third will be secured before the limit if time was up.  The celebration was not quite so  noisy on Monday when peace did  come as on the Thursday before but  we had a dandy bon lire.  When the call came I went out to fight the common -enemy.of mankind.  1 sought no other reason, asked no profit:    Tho Empire's call was for "MEN  j and I went. ' ' ��������� "  1 left, you with a trust. 1 demanded of you that you "carry on" whilsi  I was "over there;*' that, you watch over and care for these near and dear  to me and foot tlie bill, for them aud'for me.  For more than four years 1 have stood between you and destruction. I  have been through.hell and suffered tlie tortures of.the damned; have succoured and again gone forth to drive the enemy back.  On foreign soil I'am greeted by one and all���������poor and rich���������as the  saviour of mankind.   "  When I return to' Canada I shall call upon you for an accounting of  your stewardship.  I shall ask of you "How have you kept your trust" and  woe betide'  those who have failed me; those who have been mere boasters whilst others  and I have paid the price.  I am coming back from a laud where men. poured out their wcalth'till  told to-'stop���������till there was none to pour���������but there the wealth was blood.  . ��������� My account-lies-^iUi-.a.-man named Foch, but yours is due to mo, and  unless you can look "me straiglrfiir'the face-and; say "l.-fough^-wi.th.'yQU^'^uid  show me your bonds. 1 shall deem you have been the Kaiser's friends, aricl  no quarter will be shown.  I will judge you not by yourcheers, or the flags you waved when peace  came, but by the aid you gave, the bonds you bought.  There is yet time, for you to make good, and I warn you that if you have  not, then waste no time in doing so, because I, the man from tho trenches,  am in no mood for dallying with traitors or idlers.  Only until Saturday to do YOUR bit. If you meant those cheers when  you heard of Peace buy your bonds TO-DAY.  .^*>^WdnttV.-jE3J5S5raSS������.WSi^  agg^ssg^aEffiS^-'^^^^'y''^'^ \  i  11  ~^rt  *u  Perhaps you never had an account in a bank���������maybe you've  never done business in a bank���������hardly even cashed a cheque in.  one.    But���������  that is no reason why you cannot go to.a bank and borrow  money to buy Victory Bonds.  If you are a steady, industrious, thrifty citizen, working and  saving a part of your income, you are just the kind cf person  Canada's chartered banks stand ready to help to-day.  Any bank will lend you as much money as you can save  during the next twelve months, with which to buy Victory  T>  Bonds.  All you have to do is to pay ten per cent, cf the amount you  want to buy and deposit the receipt for that ten per cent, in the  bank.  The bank will lend you the 90 per cent, balance at f>Vo p'^r  cent, interest'r.nd will give you.a year to repay it, the interact  yen get on your bond being just the same as the bank charges  you.  fo a fine opportunity for you to begin a real savings  to make a first class investment and to help your  t the same time. :  Why net see a banker to-day-���������he'will, tell you all about it  r.nd you will be glad of the advice and help he can give you.  On Monday evening a Thanksgiving service was held in the Presbyterian church. There was a large gathering, l-tev. Mr. Robertson, Mr. J.  McGowan and Capt. Whitchelo gave  splendid addresses. Sunday evening  will be a peace Thanksgiving with  special services and music.  Miss 1-1 annain from Victoria is the  guest of the Misses Steede for a faw  days.  Mrs. Parton attended the funeral  of Arthur Hume at New Westminster  The deceased was one of those who  met death on the Galiano .  The regular meeting of the Sumas  council was held on Saturday last iii  he hall.  The matter of- utmost importance  at the meeting was the settling of the  deadlock between the reeve and the  councillors.    Last summer .-work was  done on a road in the Indian reserve  outside of the    municipality.       The  recv.o has persistently refused to sign  cheques paying municipal money lor  the  work,  maintaining that  thereby  the Sumas council would be establish  ing a precedent and committing them  to probably the completion    of    the  road, which  would be in the neighborhood of !j:2000.    The annual taxe3  of  the municipality, is about $5000.  The reeve however, in order that tho  men be paid has offered to .pay his ,  share of the wages due the men it  tlie councillors would do their part.  The councillors take the stand that  the municipality is    responsible    for  work and have insisted that the bills  be paid.  On Saturday tho    councillors    appointed  Councillor T.   DeLair to  act  as reeve  for, the purpose of signing  cheques  for. the  men's' time  on  tho'  Kiigard till. ' . '     ,    -    >  . On',.Monday-,Rcevo ' Fooks    vetoed  the' motion passed by tlie council overplus head;  how it is upto the bank.  The deadlock appears to be increas  ing. On the one hand the councillor^ feel that the work should be paid  for out of the municipal funds; while  on the other hand Reeve Fooks feels  I liar the duty of his position as roove  is not to pay the money out of the  municipal funds.  It will probably be a matter 'or  tho ratepayers to decide on at the  next election.  The B. C. Telephone. Co has written to the council'agreeing to clean  up the ditches on C. street .damaged  last winter by the breaking down of  their poles in the ice storm.  Mr. John Farmer objected to the  report sent iu by the council regarding the road he asked for but nothing was clone to change the decision  arrived at by the council and Mr.  Farmer does not get repairs to  road.  the  Make vour money fight.  VICTORY LOAN QUOTA DOUBLED  This  account,  country z  ���������**���������><  ���������������'-���������..���������'���������> Tf"w^^>"T AT  b k*: .'.;iv   ii P tj ty  C���������i-d'iii  To  ice-cry ooeos  I-sued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee  i;i co-opera! ion with tlie Minister of Finance  of the Dominion of Canada  ���������.������p������igireatMj<������iMHqiyff^^  As we go to press we have just learned that the Ab-  botsford-Matsqui Victory Loan committee has doubled its  quota of $50,000.���������" The "total is now about .1*110,000 and  there is still a little time left. It is anticipated there will  be a few apnlications received before G o'clock Saturday  evening, November 16th, after which time no applications  will be received.  .The committee are to be congratulated on tlie great  success of their efforts and'tlie total amount subscribed has  exceeded the expectations of all. The Abbofsford-Matsqui  Unit was the first unit in the whole of the Fraser Valley  to reach its quota. This was accomplished in the first  three days of the campaign to the great astonishment at  headquarters in New Westminster and there has bee1.) a  steady run ever since. In addition to the honor flag,  which has been received, this unit has earned at least six  crowns, which will be attached to the flag in due course.  Vr^T^^t-*<utJ^.J!MBgMraBeggrTOB  Messrs Whitchelo and Scott wish to announce that  they have taken over and are conducting the business of  Mr.'H. B.Hill.    v  In order not to inconvenience the customers the store  has been kept open during the transfer but both Messrs  Whitchelo and Scott feci that possibly many customers  have not had the usual attention in regard to service and  delivery; and take this opportunity to ask their indulgence  and promise at the earliest moment the best possible attention, and to make SERVICE one of the FIRST considerations.  A formal announcement will be found in these pages  next week.  b I
Publislie'd Every Friday
J. A. Bates,' Editor and Proprietor
���_- t.'kJi^U^i.VbuA.a
It certainly looks as though the war'is drawing to a close
��� and our soldier boys will be cbnung'marching home. ��� It is astonishing how quh-kiy some of the soldier boys have advanced during iho war. Here is some young fellow, tlie pearly down of
vol:Mi scarce shaved off his cheek,' who has borne the honored
title of lieutenant, captain, or even perhaps major. But a short
couple or three years ago he was rcgardod as only a boy. Now
he has the lives and fate of a group oi' men aud the interests of
country in his youthful keeping, lie litis carried a heavier responsibility than elderly ones in poMl-ons of power and influence
This is one reason, perhaps, why army life has appealed so
powerfully to our young men, and thoy have been able to write
home such cheory  letters-from the dugouts ami tin; trenches
.In time of war, the doors to advancement are thrown wide
open. There may not be much money suoccss. Rut there is
i'amo and reputation, which are rewards that men prize equally
well. And ail these opportunities may come within a few months
or a year by the quick recognition that is given to ability.
The fellows who have accepted the risks of service, or who
are cheerfully complying with the government1 call, arc ontitRd
to some compensation. It is .right thai, they should be given
prompt advancement in life alie:*i.cl 0/ those who stay at home.
When a young fellow returns from tlie war, victorious, witi
a good record'in an officer's position, it shovJd help him in tin
pursuits of peace. 'He has1 shown ability to lead under cir-
cumtsances of great strain. That ability should be valuable'ir.
any business field. So the'fellows who are making the sacrifices at the front are going to come home and be the coming mei
in the future days of business competition.    -
Thus Ave say- the return of tits soldier victorious from th
scenes'of the battlefield will make changes in business, politics;
and all walks of life during the next quarter of a century. They
will shake up the dry bones of civilization the same as'they have
helped to dowu "barbarity.'
" '�����_r\**\>-%_/*%_'
God save our gracious King,
i.onfe-  Jivo  our noble   King,
God save tho King.
!=.-)rici  him victorious,
Happy and  glorious.
Long  to reign 'over us,
God save our Kins.
Ye sens of France awake to glory
l-lark!     hark!     what  myriads hid
you rise!'
Your children, wives and grandsires
Behold their tears, and hear their
Behold their tears and,hear, their
Shall hateful tyrants mischief breeding.
With hireling horns, ruffian band,
Affright and desuhiLu tho laud,
"V.-*i 11i0 pcaco and i'uerly lie bleeding!
To arms,  to arms, ye  brave!
Th" avenging sword unsheathe!
March, on,  march  on:   all'hearts resolved
On victory or death.
.   All onward!      All onward!
Tho tombs are all open, come forth
our departed,
Our soldiers arise and our hearts be
\Vi".h  swords In  hand, and  our face
towards the foe, '
The   fame   and   the   name   of   Italia
will glow.
All onward!      Yes, onward!
Advance gallant  warriors,  unfurl  to
tho winds banners so glorious,
Arise  with  your sabres,   down  with
our enemies,
Arise in your glory, Italians arise;
Depart   from   our     borders,     depart
from our shore,
Depart all.ye strangers, return never
a tik ��� I M JfcJPi
Speak with,your lips close to the mouthpiece; that is
the whole secret of successful telephoning. There is no
need of voice I'ovcj. when you talk INTO the telephone.
Speak in an ordinary, tone and every word is hcard( distinctly.
""'*""-'- *�������� ~s "s      f*�� ' . is. * ."*..'��.*'*�� j^. i~*.s*. f. r:,\.
Canada's Minister of Finance
Curo   Siek    Hjads-,ho,   ConstipaVon,
Bifiousncss. 3r.ur Stomach, Sac:
Breath���Candy Cathartic.
Ivly contry 'tis cf thee
Sweet laud of liberty
Of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the Pilgrim's pride,
From every mountain side
Lot freedom ring.
Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's
early light,
"What so proudly we hailed at the
twilight's  last  gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
thro'  the perilous  I'glit,
O'er, the ramparts  we  watched,
wero so gallantly streaming?
And   the   rockets'     rod     glare,     the
bombs bursting in air,
Gave   proof   thro'   tho   night   that
cur flag was still there.
Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave >.
O'er the laud of the free and r.hc-
hoine of the  bravo?
Inc odds how bad your liver, sfcoTr.colj
or bowels; how much your head aches,
how miseysbJc you are from constipation', indigestion, biliousness and sluggish bowiiis���you always get relief with
Cascarets. They immediately cleaj]3c
and regular the stomach, remove the
sou*-, fermenting food and foul gases;
taZco tire excess bile from the liver ami
e-Gi-r?- eff t-ta constipated wfi?te aiattar
t-.rci Tjoisor. f-ro:n tho inlusiir-.ea rrm
^r-jls. A 10-eeut-bo:-: from voiu- (b-t'-r-
����'.', will '. eep your liver and Va\r.i:
sUitVt; stomach sweet and heat! clear '-v.-
u:oi<"is,   lliey wc^k wliile you. sleep.
3        M
Funeral Director
I ?tew Conusotlon. Mission Cte
The years of slavery are over,
'i ho Melgian is freed from his ehaim-
I'y.hhi valour lie has reconquered his
good  name,  his    rights    and
glorious (bigs.
"With'their    powerful    daring    right'
Hereafter the people boldly
K'ngravo on the splendid old banner?'.
For   King,   for  law.   for' liberty.
Engrave on the splendid old banners
For King,  for law, for liberty,
For King,  for law, for liberty," '
For King,  for law, for liberty,
KiIv.'I OA YO.
May  our Emptiror reign   for ever,
Ah   the. sun   for   thousands  of   years
shall shine;
Hail   our   King!    may   our   Emperor
reign  for  ever,
Strong ;i7id linn.
Strong and  firm as stone and   rock.
-3J-'-"i   ' ->*���:   f."1
J". b':.J7 ������*������ -"'Y.'^-\\
i   .^1- *'     "...      - ".     '-K *������   *
'���-���;��� ~'-i:'!b^ ���;:'���>,
Jn days of yoro, from Britain's shore
Wolfe the dauntless hero came,
And planted firm Britannia's flag, ''
On Canada's fair domain.
Here may it   wave,'our  boast,     our
And joined  in lcv'3 together
The Thistle, Shamrock, Rose entwine
The Maple Leaf forever.
The  Maple Leaf,  our  emblem   dear,
,    The Maple  Leaf for ever.
God save our King and Heaven bless
The Maple Leal' forever.
0 Canada, our heritage, our love.
Thy worth  we    praise    all     other
iands above t.
From sea to    sea,    throughout    the
From Pole to Borderland,
At Britain's side whate'er betide
Unflinchinlgly we'll stand.
With   heart  we  sing   God   Save   the
Cwl Mkiin-r Kjyius 01" ttic /KiMiinion ii.
,u.^;ntob:i., S.iri!t;ilj;lt;-.v.i;i .mil Alu.-i-t.-i. the
iWi'.on Tciriuu-y ;nid in n fiorlion of tin
Pix-vliio; of Ui-ifisii Oohii';bJ;i. m;:y Ije li'-jis*(.',i
luv p. U'vm of tu-.tity-oiiu yenrs.at ,-n .-imiiu'l
/���u..t.:J. of J-i 'pi'!- 'iurc. 'Not ��� move than JifjOO
acriid *.vill be io.'isud i.o oiio iipiilicant,
Asipllfation 'for ;i l^a^e milst lie m.-i.ln by
tUe ;i[ir>lii.-:m.l in |I'Thd:i to tile A^.-nt or Sub
Atr.-.Jt of tho (li.Htrict ii, which the riwlils up-
ufcit-'l   foe .���!.!���(���' -HiMt.f
i:i .-iiim-ycl tiiiriiory the. Lu-.tl ninst be ([<������
su-lovnl by sfiosion.), or' lc-i,'jil sub-Jiviiioim.
:uiU. In nJisiirvDyeU t-.rritury the tract ii|)|>llsd
for fch-ill be staked out Ijy the ������ipoli-.-Miit liim-
.'���"'.'teh .-���;���:-1J-:*; 1 tio! 1 must bo .'uxonipauk-d liy
it fee of $Cj v.-iiieh will be n.-f','ii.i(-:! if '.-h;-
ri-riits aopli-.'d ior'ure not .-ivi-il.-d'lc. but not
oiherv.-i.-x-.     A   royally   s'ia!I   b:��   t.:.i'.l   on    tl:.'-
K      ing, mer.'h.-iMtnlile output  of  tl::.-   -ni-.c  -.(.  i he  rote
Guard   thou   our Empire  wide  do!   .'���rt"e pw-i-oti ntcx-.-itiii:- t!-c,inu-.e sdiaii ftu-n-
WO  implore f0f.    t|)(1    fulI- (ju..m.it}.    ���.    ni,.-f::)iir.|;;Wo    eo-d
Alld    prosper   Canada   from   Shore   to   ! mined   ,:iui   pity   the   ro'y.-.lty   thereon.     TT   JJie
Shore. | eo:d    ���nhiier?   ri'jliis   ;n-e   rnjt   beiny   operated
. siu.h   i-L-turus shiill be lur/i'sbcd at least once
" ! u ytu.v.
What about Starting a Colony    of j     "Tho  lease   v,-iu   inrlude   the     coal     minUv-
decrowned    kings,   placing the   King   I ri>'"'nt3 onl^ bllt ll"= I'^eee may be permiUed
C'onstantine as ruler.and the former    ��ar���c*��K^^
Kaiser  r.S   Chief   "hotalr"   artist"   and j of   t-hc-  mine  :it  the  rate  of  SIO.OO  per ncn
b.zV    tlie   mtO 'adopt   as   their   nations1   j      Yor   ru"   iufortnatiou   applieation   shouil   b.?
c.r,.n,.m   a   song   entllieu,       HOvV    ,\ n    ,.j,u iuif.rior.  Ottawa,  or to any a:;eid. or sub-
Knecked    the   Spots   Off      Dear      Old   I a^ent of Dominion Lands.
Cain.'' ���    ".      I w. w- cor7,
Dcfiitty Minister of Interior
Back up the Boys. L"end!
L   2L   B.���Unauthorized   publieatton    of    tM,i
facrv/Gi'"i'a<;nieut  will  not  be  Paid   for.���5S782.
riU': rict.N'n::iS A3CK sow  iT.woniv ox
EriSisIa Columbia Directory
Compiled    and  Printed    in    Pi-ith-li Columbia���Endorsed    by    11. C.   O'oveminent
Hoards of Trade, ^lanufaelttrers' Association and other bodies
I5IUT1K1I Ci)Lr."��i!5IA VMAEt I:OOK���Oiw lumdrtd |i:��ses of otlicial iliitn, fovcriiii:
AisriciiUtivc, F,i>iid:i Tiiidjw, .Miidnir, l-'ishrrii's, Stiipbuilrtiiii; smd I'ublio
l\"o:-ks, i>!'ii)iii't.'il  by  ihe various   i)cp:ii'lnH'iiis. This  section  v:M  cover
fully  the development In  ISridsh  Colniisbia.
GA'/AiTI'i'.y.li, des;';-i!i;n;v over !!)��(�� cities, towns, vllhvires and sr.ttleinriils within
the i'rovinri1, .������!ii>vvini,I loeii'tijn, dishuu'.-; t'loin hir^or points, how reauhed
and by what lines, -synopsis of local resource*, population, etc.
A!.:'!2A;:irrJCAL IJUIKCTOIIV of all h'.isinoss tiiul pi'ol'fssiunal men,, l-'armers,
Stock Kaisers,  I'ntit  Growers, etc.,  in rtli  towns  und districts.
CLASSIFIICO   l)IKl��CTt����V   of  Ulnmifuctiirws,   Uct��il��!rs,   Producers,  DeaUire,   and
Coiisiimeis,   listing   nil   proclucts   from   the   raw   material   to   the   finished.,
ur tie! e.
TI5A152 NA.MKS AN!) TRADli MARIfS���A list of popular triwle niirm-H ulphubct-
ietilly. If you  want lo  lainw  the uiunuft:eturcr or scllhis irgcut of a
(rside-najue'article, look ��y this scetiun.
IXCOIU'O'SAT.SI) CXTIKS���All {���,a/.etteiT iiiforimition in the Directory of tlie in-
em-purntril ciiic'i of (he i'rovince will be prepisrcd by either the City
Cnnnuil or the I'oanl of Trade, thr-rchy ofiiical.
Am-:-:::'rtS!N(l ijXITISU COl.V,:.lZI:\���It is i:ee:��a:-y to continue to advertise
British Columbia outside of the ti'rovhice, in order that tourists and settlers
wiil continue to come. With' th's ;:hn in view, a copy of the Directory
will be placed in lciiilini; Libraries and Hoards of Trade thruushout the
Canadian 1'i-airics, Knsteiu Canada, tlie United Slates and abroad. The
Directory will he used by prospective tourists and settlers an mi . ollicial
{Uiide of the Province.
The f-iuhscriptloii  price or  the Directory is $10.00.  express paid.
2i()-::i'i   .MKT'tOI'OUTAN   KiAHi.
Mission. Garage
Vs/v/ i'H?i^*S"&
���>i v."!-. c--i <-^>. ''i"> *~>i ,53��j5j \\f>  . fa
hgiz  We have the best equipped Repair ==
SsegsMesga^gggy gg   Shop in the Fraser Valley, iiiclud- 5
Ij      "g   ing a ..����������
^   When  L'��   trouble  give  us  a c��ll =
2:   Vou will bo assured of Courtesy ~
��   ixnCy square Dealing by our skilled S
���^Vrt ^    woi'kuiou. ~
Free Air  At  AH  Times ~
��� hi
���^ i &.  TERMS OP ARMSrriCE MrcANK  AHJRCT SUKREtfDUK ijy HUNS  if'  I'  Washington, Nov. :U.���������Germany  signed an armstice today that branded her before the. world as beaten.  She .surrendered in the held to a  greater force than the military machine her war lords had builded. 13y  the terms of the armstice she agreed  ' to evacuate occupied territories, surrender, a generous portion of her  submarine and battleship fleets, arid  gave up war materials. Briefly, she  admitted America and the Allies victorious, and agreed to strong stipulations which made her unable to renew the strife even if her shattered  people were so inclined.   '  London,   Nov.   11..���������-Marshal   Foch  issued the following order to all Allied commanders  today:   ".l-lostilities  will cense November I lth ,nl 1.1 a. m.  along the French front. Allied troops  will   not  until   further  notice go .beyond the lino reached at that hour."  Washington,   Nov.      II.���������Armsficc  terms  include   the evacuation  ofin-  .vtid.ed    territory,'   including    Alsace-  Lorraine and   Luxemburg;  surrender  of a vast amount of guns and equipment, evacuation of the loft bank o!  (he  Rhino;   unconditional    nurrondei  of till Gorman  forces in -Fast Africa,  repartition lor damage done;  surrender of .scores'of submarines and lint-  ilealilps;  coiieenlration of aircraft al  ���������    stipulaled   points,  imd   repartition 'ol  all Allied and llnilad .Stales mercliani  vessels sunk.  The abandonment of Bucharest  and Brest treaties and evacuation ol  all Black Sea ports is also provided  for.  The duration of the Armstice is set  at thirty days.  Washington, Nov. 11.���������The president this afternoon told congress and  t he world the terms on which Germany accepted the armstice. They  pictured Germany surrendering abjectly to Marshal Pooh in the field of  battle, her armies beaten, her govern  nic-nr. overturned, her master in flight  Congress had only a small crowd to  hear the President's burning words,  but enthusiasm ran riot.' The terms  es announced wore:  Evacuation of Alsace-Lorraine.  Luxemburg, and all' occupied territory must bo completed within fourteen  days.  Occupacion by the Allies and the  United Slates forces jointly will keep  -pai=o wiih this evacuation.  All inhabitants of evacuated territories must be repatriated within  fourteen  days.  The German army must surrender  in good condition 5.000 guns, heavy  and   held   pieces:   30,000     machine  -guns,   3,000   minewerfer    and-2,000  airplanes.  Evacuated territory on the Rhine's  left bank will he administered by its  local authorities under Allied and  United States control.  The Allies will hold the principal  crossing of the Rhine, and also May-  ence, Coblenz and Cologne, with  their bridgeheads at these pointns.  A wide strip along the Rhine's  right bank becomes a neutral zone.  Eleven additional days will be allowed for tho evacuation of the Rhine  lands. The evacuating armies shall  noc harm the evacuated territories or  inhabitants. All food and livestock  must be left, behind.  The Germans must deliver to the  Allies 5,000 locomotives, 50,00b  wagons and 10,000 motor lorries  within fourtoen clays. The Alsace-  Lorraine railways must be. .surrendered within the same period.  The Allies can requisition, from  Germany, for the upkeep of all alliec  armies.  Germany  must    immediately    re  lease   alt   Allied   and   Quired   Stat-i:  prisoners without reciprocity.  JXa\al Conditions  The  immediate  cessation    of    al  naval hostilities.      Definite information to be given as to movements o;  German shins.    Surrender to the as  sociated  powers  o\'  1G0  submarines  with  their complete armament    ant"  equipment.    All otiiL'r submarines It.  be at  once  paid  off and  completely  disarmed   and   placed   under     allied  supervision.      Germany,    to    disarm  and intern in neutral  ports s'x hut-  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  H?i -r,n'  ���������*^-_T*itt*vmf .������m  "sagsgaggg^88^  PAOB THRF3B  at*  "<JV  ���������    0  SHIPS'  4-  ���������*���������*'    Jr  iHillli  m.   it  "5 Pi  <&*  4  .-&  ,^>.  ^  .*  You are a farmer.  Canada is a farming country-  . Canada grows more food than ths  people of Canada need.  To prosper she must sell that surplus food.  Great Britain is our best customer*  for grain, pork, beef, cheese and other  farm products.  Every practical,man must see how  important it is to hold the British trade.  Canada wants not only the profit on  this trade, she wishes to create a goodwill.in Britain towards Canadian pro^  ducts and thus assure our export business for the future.  At thev moment Great Britain asks  for credit, asks Canada to sell her the  products of the farm, "on time." To  hold her trade, it is necessary to give  this credit.  This takes capital���������immense capital.  For Britain's purchases from Canada  are huge, and these purchases must "be,  paid for in cash.  In these times, it h  for a nation as wealthy  procure' money.    Certainly,, no  country can lend us money.   The only  way now open for Canada to secure-  money is to borrow from the people  Canada."   . "    ���������*���������  This'is  & w[AM n N  the reason for selling Victory  .Bonds.   ���������  Can anyone deny the sound business  sense, of., this plan of .protecting our  valuable market?  From the standpoint of the man  who lends, what better security, could  he get for his money? Where else  could he get a five and a half percent.  return on such security? Where .would  le  fir  h  so  to u  have  ���������i 1  nci an  investment to pay interest  with so little trouble  iencierr -   Certainly Canadians  in   opportunity to  benefit very"  ariy  1  investment  and  v? f   ,  directly from this borrowing-'plan.  Ar  s?c  ii;  .d the money  c  Canada borrows is  cnrircjy m Canada���������a verv-Janre  part  ror trie very croos  the  rarrner  to sell  f..  Therefore  . <0 ���������-*. V./I v^ y  if-the Vict  Ol  :c*  cor/i  f^u'-")  be  am  ry. Loan is a  cy business .in Canada must be  the nation  must prosper and so  to  eno  carry  on  1  vigorous war  t    !  m France and Flanders.  not easy even  as Canada to  other  As   a  approve of  Then It.  ���������orri'>'i  1    man   you   must  Victory Loan plan. ,  ut your own  ,i.  r>  money into  frienas  -O  rr, \ i r  if)7?,  ip it along,  Victory Bonds; -ur^e vour  buy;   work   hare1  -. neighbors  to  maiv^  among  *������       4.1  ���������^   tne  Victory Loan  19lo  o  an overwhelming  S LlL- x^ o oo .  "^���������fc^'  &   $'*&  ���������allyot������ ca.n pa,yj*hr in ca..  \a\j-' .  r-'t  M3  and all  you ca.ti carry on tn*stct.imetv������sm  Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee  in co-operation with the Minister of Finance  of the Dominion of Canada.  147  igss&gtsBSEEssBag^Egsi  rKl3~<*Z?w'7VS5r' "*v������f������-;-M5*pr i'-'r-j^T-w^c---;;-- ?~v&;v**vz&.w~'rz^���������'ty'?i**~r&:JKrr  S^SE3S!S^!S^?^ifSg^sSS^SSSSSeSF^i.r,  THICK, GLOSSY HAIti  FREE FHOM DAKDEUFI  Girls! Try it! Hair gets soft, fluffy anc  beautiful���������Get a small bottle  of Dan'ierine.  tie cruisers, ten battleships, eight  light cruisers, and fifty of her most,  modern destroyers. All other surface warships, including river craft,  concentrated in German naval bases,  shall be at once paid' off and completely disarmed, under allied supervision.  Tho associated powers shall be given the right to. sweep, up all enemy  mine fields, German officials to indicate their positions.  Freedom   of   access   to   and   from  he  Baltic,  with   the Allies  occupy-  ng all the German defense works in  he entrances from the CatelgaU  in-  ���������o  the "Baltic.      The Allies existing  dockade conditions are    to    remain  mchanged.      A     German merchant  -.hips  found  at sea shall  roma'n���������]'-  ible  to  capture.     All  naval  aircraft  ire to be concentrated and demoiiii-  ���������//ed in German bases to bo spoeilied  ">y the Allies.  dm  If you enro for heavy lin.ir that {rlio-  tens v.uth beauty and i=i radiant with  life; has an incomparable softness and  is fluffy and lustrous, try Uand-erine.  Just one application '���������'double's'' the  beauty of your hair, besides it immediately dissolves every particle of  dandruff. You can not have nice heavy,  healthy hair if you have dandruff. This  destructive scurf robs the hair of its  lustre.,", its strength and its very life,  end if not overcome it. produces a fever-  ialmcss and itching of the scalp; the  hair roots fami.-Oi, .loosen and die; then  the hair falls cut fast. Surely get a  biiiall bottle of Knowltou's D.indei'ine  from any drug store and just try it.  All German troops in the territory  formerly belonging to Russia, Ron-  mania, and Turkey are to be withdrawn inside Germany's frontiers The  Germans must immediately cease all  requisitioning and seizure of s'lipplic?  'Financial" conditions. "Reparation  for damage done; enemy is to reiuo\e  during the arnistice no public, securities, which can serve as pledge for  recovery of allied war losses. 1m-  ;mediate.restitution of allcash deposits in the Belgian National bank, also  Immediate return of all documents,  specie, stocks, shares and paper money Restitution of Russian and  Roumanian gold already yielded to  Germany to be delivered in trust to  the allies until peace in actually signed.  In evacuating the Belgian cons'-,  Germany must abandon all merchant  chips tugs, cranes or other harbor  notorial, with alFsLores, arms arma-  meii'. and: apparat us of all kinds." /. i '  Bi.'.fk Sea port's v re'io be evacuated  All Russian warships seized .in tiie  Black Sea by the Germans shall be  delivered to the ailies.    All neutral  moi( hant vesseis.* seized must be forth  vith released, '.ho Germany govern  nent must .foniialiy notify a'l neutrals particularly '*\.reden, Norway and  I-iollancl, that si: restrictions 'pi:.i- t.ii  iu tlieir trade MKii the allies fir.-, im-  ir.ed.ia.tely cancelled. The Gernuui'-  must not transfer any merchant ships  to neutral flags. The armstice shall  continue during thirty days, with an  option  for  extension.  "The war thus comes to an end.'"  said the President, "for having accepted these" terms, it is impc-ss'bli-  for the German command to rer.Q'r.  hostilities, 'it is not possible yet to  assess the conserjuenees of this greni  consummation. We only know [ha  this tragical war, whose, 'consuming  flames have swept from one naf'en  to another, until aii the world ir...:-  been afire, is now at an  end."  Tf  Victory  Loan  -l.il  ui lion  iic  over the half  must do it. The '  public buildings to  (hat  public  meefin*  is to  be sent  mark the l.Jress  Flu"  has  closed  such an extent  s  arc impossible  ui u very targe portion of  ion. Consequently, the  do the WOj'  opportunity  be lived up to.  It is really up to the readers to  read every printed word about the  Victory Loan so that they wili know  their duty io fh.r-.5f.. dv.s: Lo the boys  who lie p.";:- . uliy in France: and to  the boys who have fought no well.  Sl'CCMSS OF  ,    UP  "JCTOKV no?7i>  I'O  "WiOKKfiY  The Weekly Press has a spec!  duty to perform in this campaign, is  the wont sent out from headquarters  thus it. is that this paper has devoted so much space during the days  of the present Victory campaign. It  has been a victory campaign indeed,  as during the campaign the [Cais.ov  has had to get down on his knnet-  to the Allies���������now he is hiding. Just  imagine the Kaiser hiding! 'What  would it have meruit had he hid-before August  1914?  Canada must go beyond the $500,-  000,000 mark, which, means that tin  rural district where thousands of pur-  bravest soldiers came from, must  come through handsomely. So they  say it is up to the Weekly Press.  It is often claimed that the wpek-  !y paper goes home better than any  other kind of publication in the  country. It probably gets close;- to  the people in the small towns, villages or country than the big "daily"  possibly can. Unquestionably! it. has  strong influence. What it says on  the Victory Loan has been repeated.  K'^::iifJi-a  L  JvTNC' ALi'.JORT OF ttELGWM, one of (lie Min.v.s, Behucd hy Hi.s l"eop**e.  While tlio Ktiiset- I>e.'ives Js'is IJap'p.v Home Kir.;', AU'ct i������ Helisrn'.n^  (oMis, and  Will rroluibly .Kilter   Ghent this  Week  Tiiiiinphantly. Q-  PAGE  SIX  fMBMBWBBlflBjgCTBgtgg  THE ABBOTSFORD POST, ABBOTSFORD, B. &   ���������iHmi|iHi1Ummjni<ji;i".'j������w.) .ii1  i-TTTpri��������� i   i J ��������� Ti'i"-   ""���������'l - -'���������T  SSBBBBB������EBbaia������IIIW^  r"-"Ti i-TumiM ini**iiniwir*irt"ww'iini  <--  Of course every city, town and district  will earn its Honor Flag.  But how about the crowns?.,  ������  For   every   twenty-five   per   cent,  -in-  excess of its quota, each city, town and  district will be entitled to add a crown,to  its flag.  Can you do fifty per cent, better than  your quota���������that means two crowns for  your Honor Flag.  But double your quota and it means  four crowns.  Hang a Flag in' your hall, that for  years to come will show that your city,  town or district did better than well-  That it was a realtfactor in the huge  success of CANADA'S- .VICTORY  LOAN 1918. \  Issued by Canacla'sVictory Loan Committee  in co-operation wirfpthe Minister of Finance  -. of the Dominion of /Canada  >3ISS MURPHY OF HUNTINGDON  DIES  OF THE  '���������FLU".  Miss Ruth Murphy, elder daughter  of Mr. M. Murphy, died Saturday at  Agassiz.-of.'Spanish influenza. The  young lady was educated at the Convent of St. Ann's, New Westminster,  and later entered the convent hospital at Victoria as a nursing probationer, staying on as nurse  until this year, when she went into  the Military Hospital at Victoria as  trained nurse, but left there two or  three weeks ago to attend to relatives  at Agassiz���������Mrs. J. Boyer and family  After nursing both Mrs. Boyer and  "Miss Sue Boyer well the young lady  went out to the neighbors to carry on  the good work but the devoted girl  herself succumbed to the plague.  The funeral took place on Sunday  afternoon, at the 0. M. 1.  Tho father, sister and relatives  havo the deep sympathy of the community.  MRS.  i.  H, KADCLIFFF  1)1 KS  mourn  her   early  demise. . She  was  born at Nicomen lived-in/the district  most of her life.       During the past  year she and her husband��������� resided on  the prairie and had just-: recently re-j  turned to  came sick  sister of Mrs. Rex Bryant.-,  Some beautiful llowe-rs had been  donated by friends.  The pallbearers were Messrs J.  Jlidnall, R. Boyes, C. Paton, C Ches-  ney and --. McGiiivrcy.  The husband, and relatives have  the sympathy of all'during 'this time  of-sorrow and-bereavement.'  IN MEMORIAM  Our advice to our regular customers  and any prospective customers,, is to  buy their Christmas Groceries NOW.  The price will not be any less, while  now you will have your choice of" the  best for this season.  Our Stock of Christmas Groceries   is  now complete.  Don't forget your Daily Bread.  License   No.   5-1088  ALBEIT   LEE,   Grocer-  and   BaKer  See me  iSt^^^^^SS^SJ!!!^^  I  now about that Insurance  ij���������i  o  ������  o  9  Ltc. tic.  I have a large and... splendid supply of  Raspberry Canes for sale at low prices.  Finest quality.  Abbofsfcid  fyw.l J.^������rr H#-< H ***** H.M  Farmers' and Travelers  trade solicited.  Newly-Furnished ,  Thoroughly Modern  M-   MURPHY,  PROPRIETOR  HUNTINGDON,  B   C.  -At; the,'service  in  the  Presbyterian .church  last  Sunday  special  reference Avas made to the death of Mr.  i and had just-'recently re- j"      ^:rMcEwerii Who for the last ten  Mission City,  ivlien.she be-1 _ii^vhad   been  a   highly   respected  with influenza.     She was a ^tizGn of Abbotsford.    The Rev.    W.  Robertson referred to his genial disposition and kindly generous spirit.  He had been an adherent and supporter of the church all his time here  and was .beloved by everyone. The  secretary of the church was asked to  convey the sympathy of the congregation to his mother and family ai  Maxville, Ontario, where he was visiting when he died so unexpectedly.  He will be greatly missed in Abbotsford as he was the life and soul  of many of the social evenings, and  no party was complete without his  cheery smile and kindly word.  The sympathy of the entire neighborhood goes/out to his aged mother  and-family.    -,;i.  The funeral of.the late Mrs. J. If. ,  Eadcliffe, who died at Mrs. Middle-!  toil's hospital on Saturday evening J  last, took place on Monday at 10 a.;  hi., from her parents' heme, Mr. and |  Mrs.-A. Rouleau, to St. Mary's cent-j  etery, O. M. 1. The deceased was in  her 24th year and leaves a husband  and little daughter, a few clays old to  There is a dyking meeting at the  municipal  hall  today.  Mrs. Starr of Sumas was a- visitor  to Abbotsford on Monday.  The knitting club met si Mrs-. "Eby's  home on Tuesday.  Since Miss Graham    returned'.'  to  take her school Miss Fraser is Reaching Miss Simlett's room.    ."  Mr. McGowan has had word i.*ecent  ly from Teddy Barrett, cur former  postmaster. He has beeci wounded,  but just enougli to take'him ba.ck to  BlightV  Mrs.  The Red Cross officers   are ��������� now:  President, Mrs. Thomas; Treasurer  Mr. Percy Peele; -Secretary, Mrs. Mc-  Moaemy; and Mrs. King, Custodian.  ���������Miss Annie Bousfleld die<S suddenly  on  Sunday  in  New  Westminster  ,,,   ,       ,       , ��������� ., ,      ,,     jirom the "Flu"'.    She was sick only  Wednesday   from   the   hospital    after !-LJU14  Ferris   was   taken   home   on \ y  v, euiit'sday   from   the   hospital    after!11 -  recovering from an operation for ap- a rphe F,ra8'er Valley   Teachers    will  pendKUUS" Ijjold their convention in Mission City  :on Friday,  22nd. The public are iu-  yiied to enjoy the programme, par-  ABBOTSFIRD  DISTRICT E6ARD OF  TRADE  President, Kope Alanson   Secretary, N. Hill  of Abbotsford, B.C.  M of Each Month  Write the secretary regarding manufacturing sites  with unexcelled shipping facilities and cheap power  H- or information regarding the farm and fruit lands oi  I tfee district, and industries already established, ^ J]  Captain Whitchelo, formerly of!  Brandon and a returned soldi or lias  purchased  Mr.   Hill's  buisinesH..  :[ticularly the evening programme.  RED CROSS STILT/AT WORK  A correspondent to one of coast papers conveys the idea that the work  of the Abbotsford Red Cross is now  finished, that the war is over. This  paper is asked to say that the Red  Cross work in Abbotsford will be continued indefinitely. The ladies meet  every Friday in their work room in  the building formerly occupied by  Mr. Clark as a store. These are the  best rooms in the valley, being large  roomy and comfortable with lots of  light.  At a recent election Mrs. McMen-  emy was appointed as secretary in  place of Mrs. Parton who resigned.  Although the war is apparently over the Abbotsford Red Cross ladies  do not feel as though their work was  done and expect to- continue their  sewing until such time as the boys  have returned from the front���������probably two years.  The ladies aid met at the home of  Mrs. Ryall last week. There was a  good attendance considering so much  sickness.  Mr. R. J. McMenemy of New Westminster was a visitor to Abbotsford  this week.  The Post is brought but one day  earlier oil account of the Yictory  Loan advertising.  CARD OF THANKS  I wish to thank my many friends  and particularly the people of Aga3Siz  for their many kindnesses, sympathy  and floral tributes during my recent  bereavement in the death of my  daughter, Ruth.  M. MURPHY.  Huntingdon, B. C.  K  M  ''  t'  I;-  h  n  !'">S  rasss^m^Bitmmmmsssmimmmmms^w^M^^^S^S


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