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 Vol. V., No. 3.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY/f-MAY 24, 1912  <*^P*>8 $1.00 PBR YEAR  ��������� KiTbm  -"������""������������������-'  r������T=T?g������^r^:Tr������������n������ra������t������^./iv:ra������i^-iB^^ mi ���������mnrra=r^-������-r^ll-������-n--^^T1.|.i������i. ��������� |ff.. if. ������. ������������������-,���������.������., .IMn ., r*���������r^y  ������g������ttr^^<^9^^^ ;  #:  *  *  rencn ropnns  White and, Colored 20c yd.  merettes;  All colors, 36 inches wide, 15c yd.  Laying of Corner Stone  ������������������? Witnessed by Many People.  Saturday Last the Corner Stone of New Masonic Temple Laid  Many Visitors Present From all Parts  f'" i y ��������� ���������       ���������  of Fraser Valley. _,  2KX2  S=S  "nut  Woman's Auxiliary.  HH  || New Stock of Ladies' Slippers  and Patent Leather Pumps ;  *  Men's Balbriggan   Underwear  50c per Suit  ^  New Assort-.  Onion Sets, 25c per lb.     All kinds  of Garden Seeds.  Fresh Rhubarb and Lettuce  Daily.  '"-> 'iSajtur'diay. last  was. a  red. le/.ter  dajy' for the lMas)q.ha;;of, Abbots*ord  Favored .wif-h glb/fiio'iis weather, Ab-  bo/tsrfqrd;. looked - its Chest %hen' the  car- am/ved "vviitrh.'a "goodly; proper-  tn'ori of- the ibrethernKfrom'-Vancou-  veii*, (Weiisftmcws-ter, _ ������������������"Gh.;illi.;watck  and  Sumas.], Graivd iloidge was opened In  the iM'aiple Leaf,"ffiia;!lj;&y Moist Worshipful  Grand"';Maste.r F,   J; 3urd  ���������and (miany of tlie; Ideal; bre(thren had;  th   eprivilege   of;'attending  (h-and  Lodge (Mr  the; ���������'itrsft'. time iiv their  career /' After ".'the ^ lodge had been  duly opened,, a ,p>qcessipn numbering s.ifx,ty  brethren,"'h|ade|d by the  Gnarndi Tyler,, marched to the adc  of Itihe- ne'w halilt   These Grajnd Master VBurd   peirforimed.j-the"''ducy  of  laying ifche stone'before a large attendance {of the,.people ofj Abbots,*  ���������foirdj wb,o.:..waitciii^^gerIylv.!thi3iiitni-:  pressive ceremony.'' Grand  Master  Bund idom-p'l.:,niented   the. .brethren  q,^-(Abbotsford'"oft their e,nthusi.a&rii|  which'had   carried \the|m'. thus  fat*  aind '.expressed   a ��������� hea,rty w|i,sh' fox  'the* (good  welfare "of the IpdgeUo  bd'a-nd f<o<r thsijcffmmunMjjJvpf Ao-  btatsrordC at Vlarga:- In  fche>  caiity  under' the stome -was placod   a  l:st>  of 'the officers of the* Grand Lodge  Officers/ takfing   part in the  cero-  an'oiny, tjhe name(s of the propoicd  oifficeins of the new lodge, the o'-  ficors   of-  the  Abbotsford   Temple  .Ocimpany,, copies oi Saturday's Van  comver  Province   amd  A.bbotsfjra  CUSTOM HOUSE   TO  BE  BUILT  Post, #nid t!he dii!ffe|rent coins, of the  rea'fan:,   The; IRev. Brolther .Yates, at  the stage presented the Grajnd Mas-  ter with   a  si.Uve/r troiwel. suitably  ���������nsoivlbed; as  a memento of; the occasion),   After .Brolther  Cooksely of  New. /Westminster  had taken sov-  erai] pboltos dT.tihe, group), the pro-'  cession was re-formed ajnd heaJed  ���������back .'to tine h'ajll,;  At the. clone pi  Dodge an excelleht'supper was provided 'by' the Bre&hren of Abhiis-I  f'o/rd��������� w.lnen ne(aa'ly sixty sat down to  .w-hiat' ,wa$   ome Ot the, pleasantest'  funic t: o;ns. -ryet 'held im A-bbotsfoi d  Brolther   Astley,,   Director  of  Cc:f-,  epacihies,, aeted .a,s toastmaster, waol  the; pri',niciipal ojf'fLcers-of >t}hel Grand  Lodge itesbifiiied to their ^leasureL.in  being present and cojmpliimented 'n'e  brethiren, oif-  A|bbotsfprd   for   x.h',e,  ;veiEyi,icomplete -arranigemenlts mi at'  fdir-iiije Verembny/a'ii^.',fqr,th'e Heai<'  ty  rwelcome ' and' kind' cnterf.ain-v'  tnernit'v-accoii,'de'd the visLtor^"  Cajion  0)"richicl'iffef oif" GhEfl|iwack|,--inJ~'a happy ispejaclr also told of ihi-s-pleaisure-  iin^ibe'ihg" present;a,nd reaewXhigl -acquaintance 'W-ilth  Grand Lodge! Of-"  fiicers,, and ajso of meeting.somany-  brethren aroiusnid   Abbotsiford,  and  secomided Brother Raine's imviitatiion  toj the Abbotsillond Brethren to. visit  ChHliiwack,    Brolther Yates suitably  replied   and   all  our   viiisSitors  left  talking wiith them'  a   hi(gh opinion  6,f Abbotsford,   and tl;e hpspitai-  ity of the citizen*  The''tender for the ne;Wv customs-  ���������house iheire has (been let to Mr. Ev-  eriett wtho- will shortly begiini work.  The lbui:,ldiiing will be erected just  east*of.'the present station,-and will  be a credit to> the townt and a.  model-oif architecture is guaranteed.  That the building will be^erecled  n 'the ha(ar future removes alt Irut'a  in the rum'oirs to the effect that the  o'lfftces would be', removed again, to  Huntingdon at a;n early 'date. Abbotsford has beep/Wade a^ port oi  entry <a!nd is ��������� likely tof remiaiii such  for irian;y a day.  V-���������  ^���������li i H^i|MM������ JIM  THE ANNUAL MEETING  The, a,nnual Jneeting of the, B. C.  Provincial Grand Lodge of the Loyal  True   Biue Associ'atiiom  will be  held; in the Maple Leaf Hall, Abbotsford,, on Wednesday, June bth.  when representatives from all parts  c'f *he provincial lodges will be pres  ernt-t   Thei morning sessiion will be-  gi'.rfat.-lO a. m,> and tlhe afternoon  fir;cm(2 to 5 p.(m.  Every effort is being put forward  by 'oiur citizens to make the ss'.ay  here pleasant and profitable so that  aHl will go aiway WiLth-' plc\asant remembrances iqif the little town/and  .impressed with the future possibilities of Abbotsford.  I ��������� i������MU)WWW  <r   i ������mmi������1*"  3C  A  mee/ting  'otf the   Agriculturdji  Associatiin w"U b e!h:'ld in the Mapl^  Leaf? (Hall om Moinday, May, 27th, ;at  p. -m.    This is an importajnt meet-  THE   MARKET.  There was  a large attendance^ a^.  the New-'Westminst'er'- market "Friday and the offeiriings were -a littl*  more varied   and inore   numerous  than of late.   Eggs were quite num-  eriausj,, and, sales 'wcte hri&k. at tlws  standard price o/f 35 cents   g.   dozen, "3 for a dollar. Butter.iwcnt rapidly, ait 35 to '40c a  pound,.   Sprang  Pinions,,, ,grpwn on Lulu Islan/d, &ua  rad'ehe^ froim the same place;Vera  o,nj sia-le. La^. 5 Rents' pey bunoh; kand  found a ready marked   Vegetables  by/ the sack are constaintly', becom,-  ing .smaiier   in v.ariety,  and  now  there) are mo onijons or, turnjps oa  the, market, and the price off carrota  has rc'sen froan 75c to $^,.i25 pej sack.  A' 'fair  quantity of veal and pork  appeareCd' on the wholesale .jnarke I,  but' mutton   and  beqf  .were, verj  scarce, though prices were ynchang  ed.   Me,ats at retail were to aB large'  variety/as ever aikL lamb} made ita  appearance,  oince   mior������, selling a I  froim 16 to 25 cents pe^-pcund^  Ooi-  ichans! 'having run their, cycle^ h,a% c  disappeared from the iish. market,  and> herring have, taken their!f'pjace  seiliing rapidly.   The steajmer Trans  feu Ibnonight  in   a  good cargo  of  seefdi ypatatoes, veal and eggst (rom  Ladner and way points.   Tidy's flor  ist stand was the oinlyone^ handling  cut fLoiweirs/ but both- the. stands did  a  rushing   busSness   -on   haniguig*  baskets, and be'dding and vegetable  plants. ������  Next Friday beapg Victoria Day  the ���������market-will be held on Thursday  next^_    .   J  The annual meefcihg'of the Woman's. Auxiliary was he.Id in(.St .Matthew's  church ' on  Thursday   May  2nd    Th?r3 was a-large,attendance  D>ft,(members and visitors,, he' latter  :,i'ncluding( IMrei Owen and Mrs. Van  Noistrarid, imem'bers of -the Diocesan ^boTaird/,   Vancouver.   The vbua-  iness; Meeting was preceded by, a  very Cpleasant   lunchcioin  at   'Mm  B'cyd'rMwho' had (kindly invited; the  oif-fr.cens of  the_ Abbotsford branch  do.(meet the ladJes-fro,m Vancouver.  At 'tlhe meeting reports were read  fro/m the   secretary and treasurer  slh'oiwing. a- .reicord of  a ..V|Ory aal������  iafactioiryi year's .work.-  During tho  past.yeia'r the auxiliary has raided  thc(. /eoinsiderable sum of $511.2J and.  stall Ih-as  a balance of oye^ a  han-  dred'doillars to thelir credit^,.  Thev.neporta were.followed). b>. a  sihgrt address froim' the president ���������  Mrs-, !Eby. The formation ' of a'"  Vaiing ^People's Society was 3ug-  geiste.d Iby Mrs. Boyd, it was decid-  ed, to. di.scuss t!h>e matter, further ac  tha ixiex<t business meetiing.  The, election  ot officers for the  comma /year neixt took place w,.th  ���������[���������he ;floil!|0.wi:ng-'TepuIits:" ���������- ������������������"-.-. >���������;-:���������---.-  Hjoin^ Presideiht Mrs.'Yates"    Preside^^:!Mrs.'--'ElbyV'-,-'v'.-'  '^        -;'  yiice President; Miss Steede. '  , ^Secretary-Mrs,: Part on'.   ������������������  .  Treasurer, Mrs. Boyd. . ���������   .  $eiQ.' |f(qr rBa'Mejs*. Brancdi-, ,'Mus,  Bo us fields '  Sec-  lior ^-liank Offering Bpxea,  M'iss (Hilll-Tioait. - '     .  Sec. ,*oa' Leaflet, Miss A.M. Steede.  Mrs,. .Canipbeli then addressed tu������  meeiting, expressing h^r sympathy  wj'th, the work andvobject of the1  Sjociety, and her pleasure a;t be n^  present and congratulated the members ion . (having ������.gccompli,shed bo  mucth; during the nineiteen months  af-existence of'thie'board-.  Mrs.'' iBateman's   aMence? >.qwing  'to oll-'healith'  was  much regrelteft  and/', the secretary was requested to  write .Setters   of sympathy to heiy  Mrs^Millstead and Mrs. Yates.-,'  The names of seven new members  were taken. '" i  Afiteir; the meeting the me.mbiers  and .friends returned once "'morel to  the (hospitable ipiof of Mrs. Boyd  where, they found tea and cake,  a wart Ing them, and when they pan-  eld they felt that a pleasant and  profitable afternoon had been spent.  The regular business meeting of.  the ,W.  A. Is held, on  the ^gecotid  Thursday, ������o-f each ,m/onth, and; anyone 'interested  is cordially invited  td attend.  g ot the Association  p .... ������������������  ijPofttmued pjo. pa^^re. six).  ���������HAPPILY WEDDED.  On. Thursday May l&th a._wedl-  ing was solemnized at the, houso of  the grqo,ni's father, between John  Tit<M-i.lst.ed, youngest son oi\ Mr. J.  M 'Mil8tead of Abbotsford, andAltsa  GracefWaiLLs, fiftih daughter, of. Mr.(  John' WaKs of Ripon, Yorkshire,.  En/glandi.: V  The ceremony was performed by  the Rev. Archdeacon -iP'ejatjre^ih..  "The Vp-ice that Breathed o'er Eden" being sung by the company  present.   .       v- .    v  ���������, ,  ���������. '  The fcr-.'de looked chat|m/ing in  creiam', w.ais given away by Mr. P.,  Holt of Vancouver.  Thei young couple. wi#.rest,de in  A|h'botsford, .'!i  THE ABBOTSFORD, POST, ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  ~3������  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Published every Friday by the Post  Publishing- Company.  A woolly journal devotee* to tho interests of Abbot.sfoi'd and suu-"iidlng district.   ��������� ::���������   iNMi  Advertising1 Rates made know*. 11 application.  l.KflAL ADVI3KTTSINQ���������1-.2 cents P������r  line for first Insertion, and 8 cents a Itp.*  for all .subsequent fconsecWlve lnsortims.  Our Shibboleth���������Neither for nor agto'  the   Government.  FRIDAY,    MAY 24   1912  <i���������. ^1111.11 ������������������ii'. a j,.1 . -. uj.su. . nxi.j-iia'-'m-Ji  Friday/is our regular day of pab-  lica'LioiVf ,'bul as it is also a pub'.u;  hoil'iday throughout Canada,, wo  publish a clay earlier to permit the  ..stuff enjoying a holiday. Some  o\P our readers may not diave the  pleasure, of. scanning the columns  before (Saturday, owing %o the fact  .   thati Friday iis also  a  holiday, with'  the-ppsit office; ��������� ���������   ,:"   ���������_* __  Friday is Victoria Day.  Thct |naime  Victoria will ever remain -.wiiifh the British English speaking race as  a  day to be \revere,d  Foci icons'.-.deirably over h^ali  a  century /'the '24th of May ,w,as celebrated .'as "The Queen's Birthday, and if  you don't ��������� give- us:' a  holiday,  we  will all run away,," has beep, repeated timee  without jium'ber by probably every  Canadian born citizen  of 'Canada in childhood days. There,'  is Isurely a reason for this as there  is  for   everything���������the  prosperous  rule -of Victoria, the Good��������� answers  it all.    British- history during that  reign is  the pride  of th.e ��������� BruJ,3h  born.1 ���������  ARE NOT CUT  Htxidy by Criminal Expert Shows that  the Lady Lawbreaker. Too Often  Neglects to Cover Up Ifer  Tracks.  Several recent crimes in which  Women played the leading part have  moved the French writer, Jean Frollo,  to study women criminals.  The, .woman criminal, lie says,  never displays, in her exploits what is  known as tho "simplicity of genius."  Her crimes arc always too complex,  too ramified to escape close observation on the part of cIobo.investigators.  There is plenty of' ingenuity in them  ���������more perhaps than In those of men  ���������but where the man criminal leaves  tho one inevitable overlooked '��������� point  the female of that class will leave  a dozen.  In   particular  do   many   essentially  feminine attributes display themselves  in women  after the commission of a  crime. Frollo assures us that criminal  woman cannot conceal her secret. She  'must  blab;   and  as   another   trait  is  her unfailing desire for sympathy-In  her   hour   of   tribulation,   it   follows  that the inevitable confident is bound  In long, or short time, to extract the  secret from  the peccant feminine.  , And as for returning,  like all  criminals, to thc scene of the committed  crime,   woman   is  far  worse,   in   this  case,   than   man.     Just, as   when   in-  Jurod woman intends to take her life  she always  returns  to take it whore,  her: traducer. >stabbed  her heart.- and  her,love, so the woman who has committed  a  foul   crime   always   returns',  to tlie theatre of tragedy.  Courted   His   Own   iMoilier  The custom of  finding a  mate for  life through the 'medium of advertise-  A young Polish engineer stationed at  im    out-of-th'e-wor'ld    place    in    the  Crimea recently felt he ought to marry,   studied   the   advertisements   In  a  Polish newspaper, and replied -to one  Inserted, by  a "widow  in   the  height  of her beauty."    He  used  a nom  de  guerre,  and   gave  an  address- at  the  nearest town.    The  widow  also  used  i  pseudonym, and  they  interchanged  ;ypewritten  letters.    The young man  tvas delighted at-the propsect of becoming   engaged   to   a  young   widow  !rom  his  own   town,  and   the'widow  ooked forward to marrying again in  i'town only a, few miles away from  ler  dear., boy.    A   meeting   between  hfj widow- and the engineer was ar-  ���������anged,  and   then   it  was  discovered  Uat all  the affectionate correspondence had been wasted between mother  and  soul'  ' ^ <C  ' , AXLE GREASE,  HARNESS -OIL, ."WHIPS,  ' CURRY- COMBS,.  ,HALTERS,  .BRUSHES,   SWEAT COLLARS,'   and also'  ���������BICKMORE'S   GALL  CURE, whlctV we warrant  a satisfactory  Cure for Galls, Wonnds, and Sores upon animals.'  P. 0. Box 45  Abbotsford, B, C  AUGUSTA   STOWE   M1LLEX,  Miss'Stowe was the first Canadian  woman to study and graduate in-  ���������nedicine , in the Dominion, the first  to take a degree in that branch of  study from a Canadian University, and  the first to receive an appointment  an ' the teaching staff, of a Medical  College in this country. In 1883 she  graduated from Victoria University,  'Jobourg, and in the same year when  the Ontario Medical College for Women was founded at Toronto, Dr.  Stowe Gullen was chosen Demonstrator of Anatomy, a work she continued during the history of the  College.  Abbotsford  Livery, Feed and Sales Stables  The best and most comfortable  Livery Rigs, and an automabile  for hire. Teaming and Draying  h. Mckenzie, PROp.  Russian Town of Irkulsk Alleged to  be Toughest Known to Modern  Times,    Producing    500  Murders Per Year.  V'ictio.rii2\iDay comes at a. Urn^ of'  year1 wjhein- everyone feels like taking a hioliidayj The wintejr, is. past, ���������  an|d {the balmy days of summer, aie,  iheu'e.;". It is 'the .first real holiday, in  the (year that permits the Canadian  to enjoy Ih? outs.'de sports, of which [  'enjoying, In itflne spring 'a young  (manta ifancy turns to- love/ so doc's  the) ope]n, air sport appeal to atl,  an Id we believe the 24 th of May wi.il  .ever remain a' holM-ay for many  generations yet to come. '  One would hardly recommend  Irkutsk for a rest cure. -With- a  population of 120,000. persons crammed into a couple of square .miles oh  a bend in , the Angora river,, it produces 600 murders in a year, with an  average of one arrest for each fifty  killings. And for each ten arrests  there are but five oonvictions. ' This  is . a transcription from the city's  criminal records.' In one day last  ~,,ri���������/ +i i.'     j u -i    .. i month   there. were   twenty-two   mur-  ev^rV.-the most sedate are fond of |ders wlthln the city limits.  ��������� Irkutsk is pretty gay at nights now,  but the citizens look back enviously  to the zenith of its career in the days  of the recent Japanese war. Then,  It is said, champagne and wines were  often- cautiously transported free of  freight" charges from St. Petersburg  and Moscow in steel cars labeled  Powder ��������� cars militant with painted  Imperial eagles and Cossack guards,  A colonel - of the regiment openly  boasted in the Metropole restaurant  recently that more champagne was  drunk in Irkutsk in one month during  the Japanese .war than Is sold on  Broadway, New York, in half a year.  ��������� The-fun. at'Irkutsk starts at midnight;;-the city is as dead as a Sunday an hour before. Then the moving picture shows, of which there are  three -to a block on the' Bolshoiskala  spin off their,last films and the officers and mining engineers ��������� for all,  the w'orld goes to moving picture  shows in^the towns of Siberia ���������  crowd into the restaurants.  ��������� Here, too, the sons of Uncle Sam  keep the old :flag flying. Last year  there . were, for instance, the young  Harvard graduate of a town in the.  north of Pennsylvania and his friend  the clergymans' son. They sojourned  here for three hectic weeks, spending'  $25,000 in one hotel during that time.  The Harvard man disbursed $1,000 in  one day and another day had $2,500  stolen ' from  his person.  Drl AUGUSTA STOWE GULLEN  Canada's First Woman Medical,  Graduate*  ------ " - - ...- ,-Z-ZKO.  In hinity tihefre; fjs strength.) ..The  united efforts of the citizens of Abbotsford, will ever tend to greater  expansion.' of 'the progressi/ve town  to \vih.:,ch all roads lead.- If every'  citiizemt, and every one who; has an  interest of any kimd In the futuro  welfare jof the town,, will co-operate  w-ith the one purpose of taik-ue������  -f-'iibotsford- a-cenftrejj thcie is.no  power; on e^afcfchT can prieventf. .!*.-,'  'Breaches (there a citizen with, soul  a'o (dead, ,w.ho has .not said I ,w'LI;  boost'for Aibbotsford,, go' inark h;'.m  we)i;;' Forwsure. he has xip.t his own  a'ntare.stft /n/oir (htis iineteJbftjars, -at  Iheart, .,     -  A Judgment of,Solomon  An English Judge has set up a.new  legal   precedent,-and. one. which' the  peaceful,   law-abiding   public   is, not  likely to desire to see generally acted  upon.     A   man .was' brought   before  his  Worship ' charged  with  being ..-on  premises with  felonious  intent.    The  circumstances were, that a young lady,  on retiring for the night to "her bedroom,-happened in a' quite-accidental  manner   to. discover  that   there   was  a man lying concealed under her bed.  She rushed out for.help, and the-man  was arrested and brought before tlie  judge.    It  was   alleged   that  he  had  got into the house through a window,  and had found his  way upstairs unobserved.   His excuse was that, under  the  influence'of drink,  hie had  mistaken, the house.   To most minds the  ��������� excuse   would   appear   to; be   a   particularly thin  one,  but  the  court-so  far accepted.it as" to dismiss the case,  holding > that  there   was  no   evidence  of  felonious' intent.     People   do,  not  enter  their own houses  thrpugh  the  window and conceal themselves under  beds as a rule, but:one has heard of  it   being -done   before   for .unlawful  purposes.    In  future  Bill  SIkes  will  have a legal precedent to quote in his  favour whenever he'is found oh other  people's premises, and the decision Is  one which will doubtless be welcomed  by the predatory fraternity. ' :  If  your  Subscription  to  the Post is not paid pr if  X     , not already a Subscriber  i    ��������� ���������'���������'���������''���������  *-  ABBOTSFORD, B. 6  Builder's Lime, Hardware and  "*v ���������' ' ���������- ��������� 'Cement'' ;;v  Have you secured your Poultry  Netting yet ?  .X.I.      '    \  3=3  Let ms take a leaf from the boo^i  ing oif our nd'/ghlbor to itihe aouth of  ���������us.; Wei ^ave as much to hoast of  why thioit 'make-it as jpromi<neni.! A  feint ibe.art never won fair lady..  Tih.^lHiitttJing' Star 'is taking a  great' interest im the Abhoitaford;  Pair,t There; ffis no doubt'the Star  .appreje;.atejs( a go)od thiag, when, 'it  se^ss it., ..Some t'hfi/nk it 'another star  tajUhe thirteen,, but don't belLeve it.  It. is'-a true Canadian, Star.  Mr. ,T. Bradstofck Browj^, editor of  tihel (Htinibingdiom Star ,was mi lown  ion. )Weidne^day  for an inspiration.  The,'- 'ai'r of Abibotsfiord has alvvavs  been considered good. .  An Unstable Platform  One of the most remarkable poli-  ial. meetings on record is described  a' Paris contemporary as having  taken place at Riga. The Letts So-  ���������oiolisfcs desired to hold a iheeting.  The Riga police expressed an oppo-  Bite view, and then the 'contest began  in reality.. It was brains versus determination. Wherever the Socialists.,  determined to pitch their camp the  police checkmated them. At last one  of the Socialists conceived a brilliant  Idea. He circularised the members of  his. organisation to have a kind of  swimming match. Qf course, the competitors were the orators. They went  into the water, and the assemblage  stood around. Then swimmer after  swimmer delivered a speech, and invited questions from those on land  It is claimed that, although somewhat  damp, the meeting was a great success.  British Columbian Fruit  The apple crop of British Columbia  will be about a two third yield, says  the Canadian Pacific reports. Peaches  are a failure with the exception of  Pentictoh, B.C., where some fair  shipments' will be made. ! Cherries  have been a good crop in the Koote-  nays, Plums, and prunes are. fair and  apricots have proven a very regular  crop. One! grower in Penticton,  gathered 5,400 pounds of apricots from  100 trees, and after, paying-.the-.cost of  picking, boxing and packing he  realized a net profit of 8 - cts. per  pound or $<J24.00, for his crOp. The  fruit shipment from\ the -Okanagan  Valley for the season will be about  300 cars.  The amount of land, under cultivation in British Columbia :and devoted  exclusively to fruit represents 140,000  acres, or an investment of easily forty  million dollars. One million acres of  land is still available for fruit culture.  Of the lands- under .cultivation only  fifteen per cent are yet bearing, so  that a yearly shipment of 7,000 cars  cr.n be looked for when all the present  -roh^rdc ;arc preducing.  ���������������������'..i", V!*W ���������    LMf I W**"j^ivJKJ^IVI^  Jas. Elliott  Manager  INSURANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  If. you.  or  are looking* for a home  snappy investments  town lots, acreage or farm  property  ������������������^.'.������������������.':.see:.:.  ��������� ' ���������'    v iW   ..��������������������������������� . A  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of -Abbots* >rd  &i  1;  f  \4  I!  5  a  \....,, _*.  i  i  '��������������� 'il  -.:���������������������������.������������������...���������..���������....'���������. -'. (     il  h..      - _r> . _,_ __������������������, ���������...____    ���������  '     .,.,...;..' '-"���������". "���������������������������������������������'." .:���������     ��������� ��������� ������������������:;���������  ^������������������������������������'::-v -; f'^i2 1/  1  ������*t  ssflssasiSESEa  j?*JZ  ".VjPFWSr  /3  }WW������W'  a^JBBWKr)r3.*uM������MM,������M>,7TWM),  Ja  Young Pullets, S. C. W. Leghorns  weeks to two months old.  iron six  I  .w,/.'  9  These,Chickens...have   been   raised   from II  EC"  tf.WA''������6  frpSj?5  ar  .'(''���������''-/.'I'.VK-t'jV^V^;  :ro^j  -lW* , ������ '  v*i  SE3&  '������������������)^p������^*ir("i  ^M^siii^s^  "5v  ^l^^p\w/nter layers., Price 75(Tup.'   '     ������������������  Some specimen Cockerels weighing fro.im 1 to 1 1-2 lbs. (l  selected from more than eight hundred chickens, raised *'  in our big poultry yards.'  Price .$1.00'and up  58?i  ff  *U.  *&���������  \Pt  7 5-.,''.l, 1W-5IT-rr  uw.'^iwjmff ���������/ju-ai nwMsMwt. *r^.-K.Y*  & G  d*������ Is GIROnAV  Q.-X,   HbJB   MX,   iiOl   VJliiV^JL^/'k JH  Proprietors-  Ablntsforil, G. C  BSW^flrW^i^^  y  p^ ON'.T think that concrete can- be used  <m  -*������SS!S'  $&  W*  $  '.-'*'  I  m  '���������*M'A  sppsf  .i*s*=r      I l-vrjs4v-  .ooooooooooooooooooooooooor  WHAT CANADIANS   ������  ARE DOINd1 c  o  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQO  j" IVjJf.   HI RICH,  I Mon real.  I To lake a lending part in Ihe  ���������raising of monies, on a largo scale for  .philanthropic and educational pur-  1 poses and lo succeed in Iho work, i?  [something that any man may bo  j proud of, particularly, when  the hard  A  .Reliable men with 's-elli.ig ability  rind some  knowledge ,of  ui.j  Iruit  ���������"7* .,  business or Nursery Stock, Lo xe-  prosont us in British Columo.a as  local, and  general  agents.  Liberal'  inducements    and 'per-  ensh  ia  ])crsuadod   from. thc   pocket?   manent 'position for the right men.-  Writc. for   full   particulars;  STONE & 'WELLIKGTON  The Fo'ntliil! Nisrseries.  (Established  2537)  jfrom a supposedly apathetic public  1 This Is thc work that .Sir. Win. 613 irks  !of   Montreal   lias   been   doing   lately  though   for  a   lojig   time   the   Birlc'f  family have been great factors in an>  '���������and every good  work that meant (.he  , raising of their follows.  I   ,Tlio,t\vo great institutions that Wm  ���������'Birks hr.s been raising money for are  tho  Y.M.C.A.  of  which  he  is  o-j.o  of  .the   Trustees   and'   ?.f("i!'-o:r.'7-    r ;���������>-, ���������  M   1  J   U    only  for building bridges, silos, walls  -and walks; because if you do, you will  probably overlook  all  the. places  where you  can use it noiv.  T. Iy. Jrying, of North Georgetown, Quebec,  used concrete for 81 different purposes on his    L  farm in 1911.  There are probably at least a dozen profitable uses for concrete on your farm at'the present moment.  _ Perhaps you haven't thought of  Concrete, except for a new barn, or a  silo, or sonic other big improvement for which you aren't quite ready yet.  That's why you should read  "What The Farmer Can Do With Concrete"     B  It will open your eyes to thc hundreds of uses that other fanners have  found for (his material; In plain language, and with the  aid of many photographs, it explains just what tHese uses  are,  and  how they  can toe applied to your farm.  Concrete can not only ibo used for all tho purposes to  which wood has been  applied,  but also many others for  which   wood  would   never' be  suitable.  .   It is not only a building material;  it's a "^andy" ma-  .  terial,  something that you'll  grow  to  depend  upon  more  and  more,  as you  learn  its possibilities.  So write for this book. You'll find It Isn't a  catalogue, .nor nn argument for you to buy our  cement. Every one of Its 160 pages is, devoted to  telling you what farmers have -done and can do  with   concrete.  IT'S FREE FOR THE ASKING.  Your name on a postal, or in a letter,  ,   will   bring   tbo   book   to   you   by   return  mail.    Or use-the coupon.      Address  CANADA CEMENT CO., Ltd.  National Bank Building  ^E9?sasfg . MONTREAL  mmMm- v$?%^  A������S  'TV* a  mmM  TORONTO,  Ontario  watHKUMzatKSL*.*  =S*S3flCia3������3^*<cT^  ] Vancouver  jP^^s^^sraHiia^ss^gms^^  ! ^iiy  -D  ���������&������  Ess* W������  This Market is owned and \ ;  \ operated by the701 typhus. ||  J guaranteeing all -'trar sac-1||  '���������   - We solicit  your j"'|!  gnments  - of  Fruit, \, t  ions.  sent of learning, McOii! University.  llr. Jlirks is a p.iemhr.r of Henry  T3ir!.-- and Sons r.td the great firm  of diamond merchants and Jewellers  j Poultry, Veal Eggs,  Etc.  j'Highest prices, sharp re-J  ; turns, smart settlements. I  ;> I F3  ^'.'? v -ij? ^ *$������ '^ ^r> ^v> ������S 4p r.S ^<  1' TOT Tir^j^r -f-'.-  ���������^ *$> ���������$ V V V'?������ ^ Ve^ ^ <%> $������  John  ���������^  \V/^ want your subscription to this Great Family  Vv   Weekly and as an inducement to those who  pay one year's subscription we will give a box of  "Go Ahead" Chocolates, specially made for us by  ��������� the new chocolate factory,  at Mission City,  B. C.  Chocolates sweet and mellow and guaranteed to  make you feci sweet  -i #  Manapjer  "*WWi. *23.'JrZ2.������3X?i.+^ ^,  i������x*.io3������_������a������i cr.Tgj^^f,  ,r  !atS<  (,  3]:>niors.H!!������n!������r C.-sr-ofiiUy  Xo(o  <kfjc.;cs of Cli'Mroii .SoTJir-y .ir.ij  Jk L'iM <o CojigcjiL'iI Work.  Observant paronis can usually trace  a distinct inclination on the part of  their children (o take special interest  in either one or the other ��������� either  head-work or hand-work. One child  is never so happy as when given ".a |i  book which keeps his brain busy; another finds chief satisfateion In  making something"with the hands ���������  a wooden boat, a doll's frock, a paper  kite, etc., etc. '  These   marked  preferences   can   be  a great help to parents when deciding  upon the kind of work likoly,vlater, to  prove congenial to a girl or boy.   But  it is a mistake to allow a child, during  school years, ..to follow only that line  which   most   appeals   to 'him.     "Oh,  Jimmy isn't cut out for book-learning,"    or    "Janie's    fingers    are    all  Jthumbs,  so I let her  read,"  are  examples of the kind of remark which  should  never   he  made  In. children's  hr&rlss:.   Instead, it should be taken  squi  MISSIONCITY, B.C.  '  This hold makes a  specialty of  home-hke comforts for Commercial  ^  J revellers.     Comfortable   sitiiW.  room and   best  of  hotel serviJc  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: ${Io^$2 rer day-  CHAS.-F. Demil,.-Proprietor  ^  ^""wnmmai,  '<->r "/;���������)';���������;;.  'inin;y c;-n l:eeo;r:n a  l'i   their   presence  goofi sehol  ^^pHIS offer is good until May 24th when the  I chocolates will be distributed' at this,  or at any other point convenient to the subscribers  Secure coupon when you pay a subsciptin at our  office.    "Go Ahead" and. subscribe for  jc  hut   lakes- tlif.   trouhle,   and-'thai   fe  an o a fir.svors are as tcacliablo tis any   |  Tin s- rii>;--H!-a.    This would help laiW-   1  .vjto present that self-satisflofl  one-  ^ii.ef'-icsp   which r-:o  manv  people cx-  ���������iihit, and which leaves them so-fer-  ;'iL4;y.-..at. a..?oas when anything hap..  ���������"ana-to' hinder tlieir doing the only  worn of whidv thoy believe the^selve"'-  "Hjifsbla. Cliildron-s herid-work 'and  r.and-v/ork srioiild go together and  -������������������?-". an en cv.o another; so that no ir-^-t  ���������"���������'.'"'������������������ily he -left, undeveloped and' ^n-  ��������� * *-j ��������� ������������������*��������� ��������� ...  I if %k 1  ������������������.Jr ��������� ������4i."������ii������..-'''~2.l- -t  ^  s=?������w������-SSSSSSi2ES^SS23S  ^^Mri^^smm&z^^  ���������EftT'ST* am awaaKU  ���������i,ii - -^iinm  ^���������r i       ��������� i ���������  mi n������ ' it*  enough' to" fake "'cafe of, * wftEdut'*at-,   storehouses,,   offices,    an.:   b'g - clriil'  -     ��������� ��������� '11. mU ������-.���������-  00000000000000000000000000   stand   rooted   to   the   spot,   watching   be alone wltn natUre   and when you   enouS"  Lu  Lil*c ������-������"? ������*.   ������������������* ��������� .   -.-      -    ,.    ���������  SliriiinrnilTr    Hinv8   traiu   after   traln   PUU   ln������   emigrant   understand   the   lure "of   the  prairie,   ^P^ng   to   adopt   that   lusty   child    hall, all making quite a village. They  ihiimb iihbmib-    Hiimv  v ,���������. 1_..__ ���������  .,,,,,        _a ������.��������� ,,������������������   .Canada,  who  would,   perhaps,   crowd    were giving a dance that night,-but  trains from the east, silk trains from   you understand, the lure of the des-  the    west,    tourist   trains   from   the   ert.    The  people brought up in  flat  ' countries    love    them.   Tire   prairie  y "SHALL      SAUNDERS,  Author  of  "Beautiful  Joe"  States. The people were so fascinating���������where did those bands of  strong young men grouped round a  government interpreter get those  queer coats and hats? Among Aus-,  trian -mountains,   on  German   plains,'  homesickness  is  terrible. ,  Later  on,  when Punchie' arid . I. got among  the  mountains,   we   found  many  a  sore   ~~~ ���������~ "      If  heart,-crying out for the flatness and   eQUal m s-e' '  wideness of the old prairie home.   If  you out of your own nest."  "We have more territory than you,  haven't we?" asked Firefly. :  Judy put a map before her.   "Canada and the United States are __ about  we  had   no   evening   things,   an I   no  time, so we could not stay."  CHAPTER XYI.  Mounted Policemen Heroes.  "You   wanted   to   go, to   a   pblicer  "But the  upper  half  of you con-   man's -ball?" asked���������Dixie.  Bists    of  - grinning    mountains    and       "i   should   have ��������� considered   it   an  you are born in a flat country,  tne   windln    gheetg of snow> doesn*t it?" .   honor   to   dance   with   one   of   these  OCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU    ln   Russian   valleys?      I   always   re-  Weslcrnors.     yce      the     post-office,   cognized   Jews   of   whatever   nation-  mountains make you crazy  Nobody  spoke  for  a  few  seconds,  then  Peanuts' said,  "Whatever  made  the   people  ugly name?"  'Let  "No,  no.      Five  hundred  and fifty soldier-policeman,'   'said  Judy,  miles'north of Edmonton near Great me   tell,, you   what  they   are.    First,  Thar was "built  four years  ago,  and    al|ty; and,! never  saw  one   without, IIiei1  "J11115,'"',   '"*"* '"'������������������~""   Blave   Lake,   the   Dominion *Superin- I will hark back to your Indian wars,  now it is so small for tlujm that they'  a   sigh   of   thanksgiving.     What   a   ^ people^give  this   town tendent   of  Forestry   reports   finding Were you ever kept in. school for not  have to put up another.    Within four   |ieaven to them, must be the liberty, ' ....       ,.....,._..  , o������  years,   the   population , of   the   town    equality  and  fraternity   of  a  Canad-  inorc    than    doubled     itself.      That   [,m  town,  after  the  iniquitous   treat-  r,lV  I121TI16 f i,w���������������������.v���������-     ��������� -  "I will tell'you" said Judy. "Years In July wheat in  the milk, -potatoes remembering  your  history  lesson?  and   years   ago,   Lord   Dunsmore, " a In flower, peas fit for use, tomatoes, , Dixie  rolled, her eyes reminiscent-  famous   sportsman,    was    travelling rhubarb,   turnips,   ripe   strawberries ly:   "I-was-kept in once for. an hour  round   dome   belongs   to -one   of   the    ment  l0  which. many  of  them  have    a^OUS   Xe   west'on   a   Red  River   currants  and  gooseberries: . At Fort    because I couldn't recall  the sum of  .    .. .    ,     _, ... t    ��������� ..    .        *_'   u    '  tnrougn   tne   webt   uu   a .^     .        <,���������nj;aii   a*,    tonnnnnnn  ������ vpnr  that  our  Govern-  Unest Methodist churches I was ever' becn subjected.    The women  touches  cart.  one   hundred   de-    $20,000,000  a year  that our  Govern-  more   eeonomical   than   to   fight  -This   cart is" made without  a Ohurchi-11, ,it   too  In.    lly   the   way,   Marigold,   I .went*  me most.    Oh, how many bent backs! "7;ticle1J?fS [TQn_lt ifj o������ n<wa wood . grees in the shade with twenty hours    ment had spent In subduing the west-  there   one   evening   to   some   moving;  Those  European  men   know   how   to l'    <                  ci       j    h d   togettler of sunshine a day."    , :  era Indian alone.  pictures  of San  Francisco.    I  never   make the women work." * ������  a0n������- of deerskin.    When  his       "Faith and we'll have to go to tlm       "Your    Government    would    bettoi  reamed   that   the   dear   ancient  old;     -t   remember,"   said   Firefly,   "my. ^^ ������0 ^e   p"sent site   of topics - for    cool    summers,"    said   have  done  as   your  Oeilerul   Harvoy  Yerba Buena  had  picked  herself, up; first   feeilng  of   indignation   when   I "  town   tte wheel of his primitive Biddy. suggested,"   said   Judy       Bonid   the.  so    wonderfully.      Why,    there    are   Baw  women engaged in street clean- ^j^^^psed     Being  a  man   of ' "A ' large   part   of . the. Dominion    Indians   at   the   Fifth   Avenue   Hotel  crowds   of  new   buildings,   and   they, ,ng ln Germany."                 "                 : m         partg>   he   mended   tho   wheel ties   much   further   south   than   does  are more splendid than the old ones.;     "These   Immigrant   women   nearly, ^j^ ^ jawbone of  We   used   to   think   that   old   palace   ,ul   nad   children,"  said  Judy.    "The ^^    fflB  Indian  guideg  quite good, but the new one is away   weather   was. beginning   to   be   cool, ^ 'lngenuity   dlspiayed,   ever   after o������ Spain  and   Italy,  ahead." | and   the   babies   would   be   wrapped caUed Uje  gpoJ. Th#.piaco.whoro_tho-      "Now  Judy,  get out of  this place  "Are   the   American   hotels   nicer, ln    thick?   0ld7fashloned.   bed    qullts-, white . chlef . mcncied - his - cart-' VVhere - the - White - Chief - Mended  than    the    Canadian    ones?"    asked   making an enormous armful  for the. wlth.thc_jaw.bone.0f wnoose.       Mil-  Dixie.                                                      ! mothers, who  ahyay^  had  the  baby.. ^^ wouldn>t Induce bbe Moose Jaw  people to change the name."  "And right they are," said Firefly.  'Peanuts,   listen   to  a funny  thing  ^ h N        we   Canaciians   ]iau-   in-  a moose lie had   England,    said, Judy,,    ana  we uavu .���������������������������������������������������������������  r,.noc   i>i,w'-  ^ ���������������������-.  at   ,u  P>ace3,  ������������ c^ate  rf the ������ort������   tog too -J*^**^  Moose,   anu   i.cn   uo-.������������������.o������������.  "There is a difference," said. Judyj The father would be loaded down  thoughtfully. " I don't know that I1 with queer looking bags and bun-  can define it.    It seems to me  that' dlte, and'each  child  would have  its        ^^ ^  the   American   hotels   are   more   or-: burden.    Nearly  all  the  women  and PunchTe"d7d,"  said Judy.    "The year  nate,   and   are   furnished   with   more1 girls   had   handkerchiefs   over   their  money and less taste than  the  Can-! heads,  and wore  woolen  dresses.    It  adian.    I  would  except some  of the; [loesn't take them long  to get those tj.ayel^thr0ugh the woods to spend    t   never   saw   one   that   would   com-,  most exclusive and .expensive of tliej handkerchiefs off. their heads, and to &  ^   with   me     He' found himself   pare  with  this." ��������� .  American hotels.   There is about the' Bhpd  their shawls,  and  to make the '       hlg  breakfast at  the Moose-'     "You  ought  to  see  my  brother's,'  hotels of Western Canada a touch of men dp the carrying.    As we would ^ ^ ^ morning Defore ne ar. - Baid Dixie  Bomething   that  one   rarely   finds  in pick   our   way   out   of   the   station ^^   ^   ^^   &nd   he   agked   tho       ���������And-.mIne/.. said Marigold.  hotel life.    It is  a home or  woman' among  t^ese   settlers   and   their   ef- ^.^   Jf    fte   .proprietor   was    up.-     ���������And  my slBter.s/. said  Peanuts.  touch.    Many of the hotels are prerj fects, my sister-in4aw .would tell me ^ ^ -^ he was nQt   <Well>,       <<And & yQung doU cougin Qf mlne>,  Bided   over   by   ladles,   and   the   fur-| that this crowd is nothing compared ^  pu ag hg  ^^ hjs name. ^^ Biddy  Dishing of all the new ones is done; to   tne   spring.    Land-seekers'  over- ^ ^ visitorg, book as comillg from -   ���������  where this'country has "helped ours,  we wished to profit by your mistakes,,  and learn the right way to treat the  Indians. What should we do to protect the men constructing the railway and the settlors" streaming along  His - Cart -Witlu- the -Jawbone -  of   -   a  you wont went next."  "You've   got .,feo   hear   first   about    i>0siclo It? Out of perplexity and com-  Eunchie's   baby,"   said   Judy   firmly,    plcxity, was evolved'a body of luvdy,  ���������, . c, L tt ��������� a "for1 th'ouirh ~i have seen many mounted men 'something like the  I was in the Maine State Umversity or though I ha e Constabulary. For thirty-  ���������"ith   you,   Punchie   came   east   and    babies   in   the   course   or j������j    ���������������������������-,      _ j .,       ,    .,  ���������,.,���������  by   a  lady  whose   taste   is   remark-: run thls place, till ttie hotels are sp  able." ! crowded   that  people   have   to   walk  "Probably   that  is   why  the   thing/ tne streets."  bueceeds," said Jane.  '  "The  tiniest  detail    helps    to    make    a    perfect  whole."  "Doesn't the fast Soo train from  St. Paul and Minneapolis go through  Moose Jaw?" asked Firefly.  "Yes,"   replied   Judy,    "and    some  Moose  Jaw,  'tell  him  the  man  who  owns   another   division   of   the   ani-j  tnal has been here.'"   ' :  "And sure that brother of yours  seems to have a pretty humour of  his own," said Biddy.  eight years, they havo covered themselves with glory. A recruit comes  hero to Regina where he rides and  drills, till no' difficulty, man or beast,  can'unsettle him. He is'also taught  police duties, a smattering of law,  veterinary science, care of fi.spo.  and saddlery, camping-but-duties and  many other things. Then he' patrols  "Couldn't hold a candle to my little' the' prairie, and the forest, the val-  kid fox nephew," said Firefly. ��������� ; ]eyg an^ the "mountains. He pro-  :'I repeat my former assertion,"; tects cowboys, and.the coal miners,  said. Judy. "Of all angelic, dimpled,; the gold miners, the Esquimaux and'  iarling, crowing, ��������� gurgling, cooing/: the settlers. ��������� He helps to extinguish  little creatures, give me that cherub'l forest fires, he recovers persons lost  hild.    When we said, 'Smile Daddy's'   in  the  woods,  he. tracks  the  stolen  he"Hgot'SMsWnToya������m'enS' .'"*   i^W  ie   wou.d  "ewl   up  his'mt.e: '=at0f-and ho^es, he^orce^game  "To return to Punchie," said Judy.   Amerlcans. pUt their heads out of the  "His   house   stands   where   the   last   car   windoW3   and   say,   'Are -we   in   Dnce when he was a-lad  he had been feet,  clench his. little..fists,  turn his j  and fishery laws, he has an eye on:, t  hole ln  their  golf links  used  to be. > Canada yetr    i used to love  to see        nting  witn  a friend'and got  be- round   head  from ' side' to   side,   and;  Indian "reserves.    You hear of  these  The town keeps-chasing the links out   the  goQ   train  come  ln>    Sometimes   calmed     They had nothing but can-i then,  showing "his  dimple,  he  would!  soldier policeman  away up nor1 \    -  ned lobster to eat   'When he arrived'; make a  little noise just like one. ofj. a settler has. been murdered in.a lone-  home  he looked like a boiled crusta-i Yout doves,  Jane.    Oh,  how  I hated j  ly shack - there is a swift and sure  to the prairie.    It is just about the   j  gaw frien(is  on  it,  going  to  Van  same  sort  of  house,  with  the  same   couver or Seattle."  ' iuuiu v>������ ^^w������w������.-. nome  ne ioun.*;u-iin.e ������ wn^n ^^t.^v-, .  ,��������� ,���������     .j .. ,,     .    ..     xp  sort of furnishings one gets  east���������a      ���������j wlsh you wouldn't coax so many him^lf   and had to go to bed. I  to leave that baby.    I must tell you.  avenger of. blood on the trail,    .bear  big   veranda,   hard-wood   floors,   and   Qf our peopl���������  up  to Canada to  set-  the   latest   kind   of   plumbing   and   tl   ��������� grumbied Firefly.  heating, and all that.   Living is more      ������Coraei    come,"    eaid    Judy,    "we  expensive   than   in   eastern   Canada,   fl    >t grumbie about the million and  but   their   wages   and   Incomes   are  higher. ' When    a    bank    man    goes   g^   ^    cQaxed    frQm    CaQada  west,   an   extra  living  allowance   is   We ^ Qnly abQut thr8e.quarterg of  made him."  "How do the people amuse  themselves ln those small prairie towns?"  No   one  could   go   in   the   room   but, of an  mother,  brothers .  to fits of laughter which was bad for! the capital of the Province  excusrion iuy sister-in-law and;, is a stranger to him.   He rides alone  r  for at the sight of any of his1 I had  with Mm,  and his nurse,  and;  into an Indian camp, or walks s; en-.-  r's ^and sisters, he would go in-| his   little  sister  Priscilla  to  Regina,:   te   hto   a   saloon   full   of   drinking  . ,       u.���������t, w������������������ v^oh fnrl tho rsnUal of the Province.   We took)  desperadoes.    Sometimes  he  is   v\).  |  desperadoes.  a    half    of    Canadians    the    United   ^  he&ted  blood     But  x must  tear    a local  train,  and'ran  down to  this j   down.    Usually   the  guilty   one   sur  a  million  Americans  yet.    In  1909, gald Mapa  ninety    thousand    of    your    people   -^ ^  ^j, ^ Judy  came, and tihey took up in free farms  asked Dixie. a slice of the prairie as big- as Scot-  "Just about the  way  we  do  east.   lan(L   In the year of 19io, one hun-  This   town   has   the   largest   curling  rink in the  myself from Moose Jaw." | sister town about two hours distant, j renders, for behind that slim  lad l?-  "Tell    us    about, your    brother's' Like Moose Jaw, it is a distributing! the mighty power of the British Em-  : point In a fertile territory known asj pire    You can kill him, but you oan-  I    the park country.    We arrived about; not.  kill   it,   and   another' man    will  ���������j   ���������-li.-j   *a'. ������.,!.��������� v.������n ,'������ionQ Q-nri n'-nnthof till -instiee'  ��������� . a    ���������      Bf������HV������T,������r    seven in the evening, and walked to",   trke his place and.a'nother till justice  them, and the other children m  ia.~,  electric lights were blazing ��������� by.   oilier   day,   three   of   these   splendid.  those   western   towns   men  were found" frozen to death on  After    the Dawson trail.   They were patrols,"  place, and it seemed to me that they! the  ��������� -       - - -  ,    -  ���������    * . ���������_���������,_   ���������_ 1f thp elec-1 the   way,, 'all  world.    They skate, and    dred  and  fifty  thousand have came,  were specially lively, as u we .^^   ^. _   _^,   nghted  snowshoe,  and  go  sleighing  in  win-    and thig year we expect flve hundred  tricity   of   the   atmosphere   naa   g    , ^  ^ ^^ &n putUng babyand:   an) one of them, I am proud to say,  ter, and in the summer, they have in    tnougand/.    . into   their  blood.    L-looked out;  tne. prIgcilla to Ded> for my sister-1   was ; a  ^Nova   Sect'an.    No   subject  the parks baseball, football, lacrosse,       ���������_-. ., te    f ^ Q back,"  said window one day, and saw a hock ol.   ���������- . .-...,. ..-_ .u������������������ *������������������.  ������>ul  wm  U1  "     e . .    .      ,       -T.:u���������       careering  cricket,   and   they   motor,   and   drive,    ���������.    fl  and  ride  on   horse-back,   and   canoe  and boat on the river.    There Is an  Indian encampment nearby,  and one  sees through the trees on the wooded  banks of the river, the gleam of light  in the Indian houses,  and hears the  barking of their dogs.    Shooting- Is a  great feature.    Punchie used to drive  away out to the hills, and come back    three years  neighborhood      children  Judy  laughed.    "Report says  they round the -flag staff on the lawn."  do, statistics say they don't." "Flag P������ e,������ said Firefly.  "What    do    you'   mean    by    free     "Flag  pole,   then,    Judy went^on  farms?" pursued Firefly  'the   boys   had   long  ropes  in   their  in-law,   and   I  wished   to  call  on   a; is too feeble for them to protect. Our  friend.     Little   Priscilla   who . looks: Indians who have not given us  half=  like a second Goldilocks, hung'about the: trouble   that your  Indians   -'.ave.  tier    mother.    Like    most    Canadian: given you, informed through a  ha'f-  children, she is well trained In loyal-: breed,  on  one  of their number   >\ho  ty to the British Crown, and had ex-: had   deserted  his   children   away  up"  "Nominal  fees  only.    Each  settler ^nds,  and weie  lass������������^g tte  ^ ' : aiblted signs of great pleasure when!   north, on Lake Athabasca.    The two,  gets one hundred and sixty acres of -a regular Western &���������- J ������������������   ! we  told her  that we  were  going to!.   terrifLed children had wandered a ,-,������t.  land,   if  he   will   live   on   them   for Puncnie  ordering its  J������<������������t������uan^; Btay in" the 'King' Hotel in Regina' the woods, until wolves had devoured  ,  and  cultivate  a  certain  ^   said   it  was   too   rough  for   tne.   ,Mother/ she gaid> <before you g0 out,: lhom. . The good Indians who,found   ���������         '    .       ,,        , ,      portion.    Then   one   can   buy   at   all  B^.  and t0������ hard ������n      ,���������P '  '���������,;  do   you   suppose   it   would   be   con-.; the  blood-stained  clothing  were  de-  with great bags of duck and prairie . P they appropriate every foot about , ��������� P������ - ag wItnesBe8f thc guilty In-  chicken which o- cant buy from Prl~ ..The" * ������������ ^ ^ ^ the place. I think the good scho Is , ^/^^ hearta to wr dian Was arrested,-and the Mounted  butchers.    You  cant shoot on Sun-                      ���������     ..^ .fc Lave somethlng  to-do  with  the   m   ; B^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ gergeant travelled nearly. two  England.   She is a plucky little thing/ thousand miles with his prisoner by  'and would not cry, but she had re-; trail, boat and train, until he lodged  'ceived  a crushing blow ��������� nay  two! him   in   a   penitentiary.     One   often  *' blows.    The  King  was  ever so  far, sees these mounted policemen in their  day.   Indeed, the Sunday laws on the    P^s3 you?   asked.Peanuts  prairie are more strict than ln east- not monotonous? telligence of the children In the  ern Canada. In many places, you No- n0~lt la llk* th������ sea' ^f" west. Just round the corner from  can't get your mall. If a man goes less- and vast' and reB������e" ,and InJ Punchie's house was a Collegiate Into his office to do any Sunday work   terestlng.    Punchie would  take boh ^ my sister.in.law took me  horses,  and  we  would  drive  swilftly  he pulls down the blinds."  "That's good for  a new  country,  said Jane.  dnv     It had  a splendid ! Erom the prairie, and the had made a   smart   uniforms, -riding   about   Hie  ��������� over    the   level   roads   outside   the  to  se^ ��������������� ���������l'   fchings havIng come ��������� mistake, that Mother and Auntie, de-.. country, or at stations, or in trv.ns.,  town to places far away.    We were   ^Germany    Think of a town of Bpite their best efforts could not' lwlp":  One day a straight young officer en-;  "^Dl7"uie    ladies    call    on   you?" like a lltfcle raft ln the middleof a  fifteen    thousand    spending   $150,000 Bmlling over.      ' [ tered   our   car, .and :8atopgtte^  ."   M"Lir ^g.  prairie  ocean.    It stretched   on  on a high school which is better than      "What   were   the   Regina   women woman with a child.   The child be .  ������S vP^na''we had tea and din-' aif sides of us, full of life, and pro-  ^^eWe in Halifax,   Univer- like?" asked Dixie. ���������   ; gan to tremble.   'He won t hurt you,  ner and  I'unch  and  even ng parties > ���������^' a"d we had bhe *hole vault of   B^tes are^ springing up all over  the      .-Delightful - we met ever so many |  if  you  are  good,'  said   the  mother  and- .^peWu.ri oVneendogesPeas^ the sky over us-not bits of It.   The  ^ "he s'ettlers are ambitious for Df them at a big tea, then we were-  and   that   ^7th^^h^-  and  we  used  to  go  shopping every' vastness   and   llllmltablllty   got   hold.  their; ^^en..     The  spirit  of  this taken to call on the Governor-n -.wile   even, know that ^e-^^^ :  morning.   The shops were large, and of  me.    ������Oh!   drive  faster!   I  would       alrIe town got into my blood, and who  is  much  interested  in   the   in-1; men  are.there >^?^-^  ^������,B|  had   enormous   windows   to   exhibit' say,    then   as   we   flew   along,   the  J bated to leave it.    Americans and tellectual  rife of women.    She  p^ef  My chief hero among these. J?���������?Va*  their,goods.     The   display   of   fruit' browns and reds of the soil, and the   ^sternera   g^  0n   finely  together. tt3  beautiful chrysanthemums grown; one  young .^������^o^ ^^  was especially fine. Everything wore yellow  of the straw, and  the pallid   punchie  and his  wife run, down  to In  the Government House ^lv������-'-.���������rere;.ep^  an   air   of   prosperity.     I   saw, no houses with their huge barns burst-  Minneapolla  t0  do  shopping,   as   of- tories.   The buildings in the town .re    dlphterh, ^mong some wtUew^Jwr.-  hovels, and no terrible looking peo-! ing with plenty drew me to them, and   ten as ^y g0 to Winnipeg, and they imposing and handsome, but the most   from.^et       .    /^ devotIoll' He sup-'  pie   such   as   one   meets   in   eastern I would say, 'Let me out, I want my haye many frlend8 there���������" Interesting tniug wj uie. ������������>���������-^ ��������� pu^'thft "afflicted'-people with food,  cities.    I  used  to  beg my  slster-in-i feet on the soil.'    Old mother earth ..Doe������n't. that look 'like commercial .;...   ���������   ������������������     ���������_      ������������������ ��������� ^t Mc;uu!.ed he diSinfected their houses, he ,v>k.  law, after she had  done her  order-' seems  so  near  one  on   the  prairie. EQd polltlcal union?" Bald Firefly. quarters pif ine. ^^.^        Q care 0f the sick, and buried the dead  ing, to go down to the station.   All] She   stretches   out   her   arms,   and ������Noj������ said  Judy, "It's only  neigh- Police.    We    sir ���������          ^    ^ _ and his superiors made him a.;sor-_  the transcontinental trains stay here] grips   one  to  her   expansive   bosom. bQrly vlBlfcIng.    You Americans have quarters tor   men _^ ..     .   ���������   ... -      ���������-      _^-_         qg^e'd)  for aji h_Qux^oj...mj?j^..andJ,used,Jp_j You lo "'.". ..'     ^ ���������- !���������       ���������'���������*. .-��������� : -. ������������������-*.-���������������������������������������������������������������-  -No -QJlfi ^������a��������������� jJDAer^ajttd'. .this- .  r.  I  f,'  '������������������������������������M  kt  ��������� 1 hi  \<f  :  'til ^���������/f'^���������v���������'>f-^^^^'^vf���������^ff')VWfT^^t^^-^,'^;^T^>m*.^J'"  .���������MWTvr'ffinJ-iT? THE ABBOVSPOED *03T,      ABBgESFORj), ft fl,  ^r  3E  ;���������.t.-^���������H     ���������' "    .*  Gents' Furnishings, Boots, Shoes  A large shipment of. STRAW HATS,  See these before buying  elsewhere .  GEO. C. CLARK,Abbotsford,b.c.  "r^srr-T"  ->**��������� ini^TiZZXjiA.  -*x -"-r  "WlWy^S  S=  OT  Ui  gaes*:  MERCIAL  <sssassszgaiasxsssaawi'its!^jM'iM!Jtit^  j Mcelroy a Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES   AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,  CITY  -fiKBv  ������������s������{~������;  3E  an:  i.twUll jjt ,i,i    ilmiammi  taagHBas^swrffjw<wv^a������������ifeMfa.MM.tf-ji^^  IfctWItHIIMMIWWIIBHIIIII���������  ABBOTSFORDJB.CS  ���������MM���������IIIIM  . Strictly first-class in every respect.   The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,' \  RATES,  $1.50 TO  $2.00  PER  DAY   -,-"."  I  | PECKHAM 8c HUTTON  PROPRIETORSe  The club was' almost deserted' that  summer afternoon as Leiand strolled  through the empty rooms. One or  two elderly men craned their necks  around the backs of deep leather  chairs at the sound of his clicking  boot heels on the polished floor, and  then ,thpy drew back into their shells  like very much disgusted turtles.  In oue corner of the library Denny  dishing was yawning over a newspaper. Leiand uttered a little whoop  of delight at sight of his old friend.  "Denny Gushing, by all .that's great!"  he cried as their bunds met in a warm,  clasp, ."[lore 1' am wondering who  will take pity and dine with me tonight. Would have considered myself  lucky to get that addle pated .Johnson  hoy, and here you are! Where did  you drop from, ehV"   "  "Keen motoring through the Berkshire*--beastly dull too. -Just got in  this morning. What are you doing in  town In this broiling weather?"  "What am I doing In town? I say,  Denny, you're - a nattering , sort of  friend to have. ' I've just returned  from, a four months'- stay In Porto  Rico. Too late now to say you've  missed me." He grinned good natured-'  ly at Cushing's startled face.  "Porto Rico. Jack?" stammered Denny, reddening. "1 had forgotten you  went down. The -fact is I've been all  muddled up over some affairs of my  own, and 1 wont beat about the bush,  old maii. '1 forgot there, was anybody  else in the world except myself."  /'And  the girl,"  added  Leiand cool  iy.  "What?"     Denny, sat  up   suddenly  "What do you mean. Jack?"  ''Fudge: Forget it! Forget yourself  and listen to my adventures in the  land of the palm." rattled on Leiand  VHad' a bully time, motoring around  those country roads; but, as usual  when your uncle goes out for a good  time he usually, has adventures and to  spare." He leaned back in'his chair  and pulled out a cigar case.  "You'll dine with me?" he added..  "Thanks,   .'with   pleasure."   said   fhe  other.    "What about your adventures  T "Bad three or four good hours to  whUe away in that jungle, which did  nor   seem   so  attractive   now   that   I  could not get out of it    After awhile I  decided to walk along and amuse my-  self as best 1 could.    I knew the machine was safe enough, for the. native  Porto Rican Is too lazy to bother with  anything so ponderous as an automobile.    The road led up out of the bog  Into a fine open country, with here and  there, a coffee plantation.  'The first place I came to was set on  a sloping hillside, aud the cofifee-bushes ran up the hill to Its very summit  The house was one of those low wh'te  dwellings with wide verandas and'gay  striped awnings, while the lawn wa������  dotted with little summer houses and  rose arbors. Over the front gate was  a climbing rose, and swinging from  the arch was" a little board with the  name of the plantation painted on it  "This place attracted me because of  its   homelike  air  and  also   because   I  there saw the most beautiful  girl  in  the world���������the most  beautiful  girl in  the world." repeated Jack Leiand emphatically.   "1 thought I had seen love*  ly  women;  but,  by Jove.  Denny, she  was���������perfect   The southern type,- you  know,   blue-black   hair,, dark,  lustrous  eyes fringed with long sweeping lashes, creamy skin, with a soft rose glow  on   the  cheeks,  and   her   mouth   was  simply indescribable.    She was gowned in white and was leaning over the  gate   looking  anxiously   up   the   road  when  I came in_view.    She gave me  one sweeping glance from those glorious eyes and then turned and disappeared up the path that led between  tropical ferns to the house.  l0f  course   I  couldnlt  stand  there  quite pretty"-"began Tacit, w"Een Den  ny leaped to his feet  "Who had a sister?" he yelled.  "Mercedes Provost had a sister, Inez,  who was quite pretty."  "Quite pretty!" roared Denny Cush-  Uiff. "When you said she was tha  most beautiful, of course I thought  you were speaking of Inez Provost"  He looked pityingly at his friend/ who'  was smiling. <������������������-  "Inez bad a lover in the states here.  He was frightfully jealous of her, and  when one day he saw her' kissing her  cousin, Simon Cadena. who was Just  home from a military school, this  chump of an American quarreled with  her, broke the, engagement and ran  away. Of course poor Inez is breaking .her heart over the worthless  scamp."  ���������Denny Cushing grabbed Leiand by  the coat collar and rushed him through  to the office. "You look up a steamer  for me, that's a good fellow." he pleaded. "I'll run up to my rooms and  throw some things together ni g0  on a scow if there's nothing barter!"  With sparkling eyes he started for the  door.  "What's the name of the place you  are going to, Denny?" asked Leiand.  "Why, Paradise, of course." blurted  Denny as ��������� he disappeared through the  door.  '. "And that was the name painted on  tile gate." murmured Jack.  and stare at her retreating  form-in pTexans Who Didn't Lynch Youth Who  fact. I hadn't even naused   n mv wnltr ,���������     .       .     _       "J "^" 1������ul"  "'"'  - '���������' '* - ���������  .������Pi3&!i������2SS������������22^25!SES3  ���������   ,   ,T ,    BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, ?"teei, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Weinies  and Balogna always on-hand.-    Fish every Thursday-  Eyeiglit Specalist  Manufacturing Optician  Doe.s the Finest- Optical. Work.  Medical men and .others .pay tribute to his skill. - .'  rsoii &  (Associate  Members Can.  Soc. C, E.)  Civil Engineers  793 GranvilW St.  Vancouver  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR ������'  Offiec, next P. O. ��������� P. O. Box 1 I  JtrOIIAOTMETU N  WITNESS  New York. ��������� Thc Criminal Courts  building was searched in vain today  for a copy of the Iloran, & demand for  which arose when Mqhfltnmcd Ali, a  Turk, refused to b* sworn on the  Bible Lo testify in a grand larceny  case. "To he sworn on the Bible  means nothing to  urn," declared  the  .''witness, and court attendants searched high and low for a copy of the  volume sacred to the Turtt. When the  book of Mohammed could not he found  Ali was allowed, to take oath after  the fashion of those of his creed  holding up the index finger of his  right hand, lie said:  ���������'.."! swear by the great Allah and by  the beard of his only prophet Mohammed,'to tell the truth, the whole truth,  'and nothing bu the truth.    In failing,  ��������� may I be swept off the face of the  'earth."  I    Ali was then permitted to give testi-  ��������� mony favorable'to  the  character of  ;the defendant in the case.  ent of the Times says that China's  failure to pay the monthly interest  on the Anglo-German loan need not  cause anxiety. The half-yearly coupon  is not due until April and all, loans  secured by the maritime customs will  undoubtedly be paid punctually. The  revolutionaries are as anxious as the  Government to avoid foreign interference and are nowhere attempting to  hinder the collection of the customs  revenues.  However desperate China's internal  finances, the foreign bondholders need  have no fear of default in payment  of any interest similarly secured.  KO DEFAULT ON LOANS  -���������' -TAe Eekin.j?orraaj2oad.-  ItEBELS HOLD THElll OWN  Hankow. J��������� The rebels -are'holding  their own oh -the. banks of the Ha!  river.    Sharp fighting and  bombard  ing  are  daily  occurring.    The  rpvo  lutionary forces are now awaiting thi  fall   of  Nanking,   which   will   perm;  the fleet to come to;'their assistant-  In such event, the .Imperialist forci  certainly will not be able to hold St-  .tion Kilometer Ten, 'which can be cc./  ered easily from the river.  "YOU LOOK OP A STEAMER F0H ME."  in Porto Rico, Jack?" "He hesrtated  a moment and then added slowly.  "You know I've been there."  "So  I've   heard   you  say,"   returned  Jack, rather absentmindedly.   He flung  .his half smoked cyrar "into the empty  fireplace. lighted another one and leaned back in his chair.  "Ever   been   around   Del   Rosario?"  be asked.  "Yes." said Denny shortly.  "Great    scenery."    went    on    Jack.  "Some of those highways running, up  into   the   mountains   are  simply   gorgeous  for  riding,   buf  there's  no use  reeling off descriptions  like a'guide  book. >I suppose.    You know th'e country   and   understand   Its   fascinations  for a chap who has never been down  there.   It was my first visit, and I enjoyed It    I started  with a guide for  the other Hide of the island, intending  to take In the coffee plantations' on my  way ,and   to  roll   along   the   military  road. ,'���������';"��������� ������������������'/":' '������������������;;���������' '.-''���������'���������  "Well, I got' off the road, turned  down a rather fascinating byroad In  >pire of! the protests of my guide, got  mired'.In a bog and couldn't get the  machine out again. I ' sent Manuel  back to foot it ten miles to the last J  Village, we had left ..- -������������������w."  -   --������������������������������������ ��������� -'������������������������������������  -,'������������������-   ���������������������������-���������   ���������;>'.-������������������  fact, 1 hadn't even paused in my walk.  But I'll confess I did turn my head to  such effect that I walked plurcK into  a donkey carriage driven by a very  much exasperated old gentleman, who  swore at me in. good United States  talk.     ' .  "'Why didn't you honk-honk, slr7' I  asked him, and he replied tartly, 'Does  this beast look like the kind that honks,  sir?' Just then the-donkey let out a  terrible heehaw, and we both laughed  outright.  " 'I notice you speak the language  of the automobile, sir," said this flue  old gentleman, 'and you wear the insignia of the fraternity. The sight of  your goggles and duster compels me  to believe that, there is a motorcar  not far away.'  " 'It is mjred in yonder bog,' I explained, and I also told him of Manuel's journey back to the next village  for assistance.  " 'Humph." snorted my new acquaintance. 'Lots of help he'll find in' Del  Rosario. I'll seud some of my .men  down.there.' I've got three Americans  on my plantation.- They'll get you out  in a jiffy.'. ,   ���������  "I expressed . my gratitude ihd exchanged cards with him. I found he  was an American, like myself. ��������� He  had. married a Spanish girl and had  a large family growing up about him.  I told him news of the States, and we  discussed matters until once more'the  beautiful girl came down to the gate  and looked up the .road. There was  no doubt she was looking for my new  acquaintance, for she waved her hand  at him and came forth to meet biiri.  " 'W.ait a moment, Mr. Leiand,'- he  said. '1 want you to meet my daughter.'  '"She came toward him, slender and  graceful as a lily, and-1 congratulated  myself on'my good luck.  "I was invited Into- the house and  pressed to stay for dinner. Afterward  several of the men went down to the-  machiue with me, and we pulled It  out. much to the joy of poor Manuel,  who returned all alone. I stopped  that night at the house of my new  friend, and the next day I persuaded  him to accompany me on my tour.  "We had a splendid time, and the  old gentleman" seemed to enjoy himself wonderfully. Said he' wouldn't  be happy until he had a machine of  his own. His daughters were delighted with the idea, and 1 came north  with his check in my pocket to purchase a car large enough to hold a  man and h(s wife and four daughters." Leiand lighted another cigar  and twirled; the match thoughtfully  between his 'fingers.   '  Denny Cushing muttered something  Inaudible and withdrew Into the shadow of bis chair. Outside were the continual roll of wheels on the asphalt of  the avenue, the shrill whistle of the  traffic squad at the corners and the  distant music ^of a street piano playing from "Florodora."  Jack Leiand hummed the words  soft iy, beating ;time;with his hand.  "Cut It out,"-growled Denny hoarsely, and Jack Leiand stopped instantly.  "To make a long story short, I fell  in love with the most beautiful ol  Mr. Provost's daughters, and I'm going  back In October to i marry her. Con  gratulatejrhe, old man."  There.wqsja dead silence after that.  Denny Cushlrig's fingers tightly clutch  ed the arms of bis chair, and he did  not lift his moody eyes to his friend's  face..- ���������' ���������/-'��������� "������������������ ��������� ;; .'"'  _J!Mercedes   had. a  sister  whg jyas  Murdered     Defenseless    School  Teacher Are' Now Wondering  If It Pays.  1 (By special cable)  i Pecos, Texas. ���������. Reeves-co passed  up'an excellent chance for a lynching  been last July, when hundreds of  virile citizens were itching to string'  up_ a young Mexican" who confessed  insulting, then murdering a white  school teacher.  The murderer isn't hanged yet.  ���������Emma Brown, pretty and 25, iert  'the general store at Saragosa Inst  July 22 and drove out over the prairie  with a supply of groceries for her  sister's ranch, 10 miles away. Half  an hour later Leon Martinez, a young  Mexican clerk in.the store, left on a  pony. Later Martinez returned. Miss  Brown never reached the ranch.  Next morning a stray horse and  buggy were found. Four bullet marks  were on the buggy. Pink Harbert. a  cowboy, deputy - sheriff,, -was hast.'.y  summoned. Some distance froriv the  buggy he found the corpse of Emma  Brown, scarred with two bullet'holes  and six stab wounds. Worst of all,  Emma BTown had been stabbed in  the back!  ^ Ree,ves-co heard the news and boiled. But it agreed ..with Dist. Atty.  Will Brady before- tlie murderer w"<j  discovered, that  there   would   be   no  LEOff  MARTINEZ  lynching. Reeves-co would let legal  justice be done for this terrible  murder.  _}   Then Leon  Martinez  was  arrested  'and tie confessed.  Race feeling and horror almost  brought a lynching. But they held  in.. A telegram summoned Judge S.  A. Isaacs from Midland,'"70 miles  away.      j.-_f.  wea������Maasc������Bwsa^^ THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  L-l.������.  .1 !���������'-.  IKlfl ' ,-i ���������l!a,!l  ���������oast  ssrr  LOCALS.  Tho beautiful rai.n of the past few  days iliiis ���������beo.-n a blessing to.'the  fruit"'gi^Aver a;m:l the-jthUer of tm  stfl���������just what was needed.  Mr 17. McKenzie was atffche coast  this week  iMr. C. Suninejr was &t Ne^v West-  ininstor on-Mondaiy.i       ' .'.    '   ���������   Oli Te/tldie,, where -did -you, get  that pippin! Yoai cannio't ".1/lame  Jack the Sparrow, wJth fus lLLLlc*  bow,an' arrow., Well jm ay yejjlush,  and utter Hush ! Hush ! 'Twill teach  yiooi) to say aga'in 'Leit-tdr flicker."'  ShomkV play the game on Firday���������  it lis  a lucky "day.  -Sornei pe/oplo ,say it is not blackmail ibii't black ejya.  0VIr.c and   Mrs.  Vo-gal  of  M.as.un  City were in town on Wednesday.  'Some of our citizens intend tak ng  iri Ifche lacrosse' imja-tch at Weslm n,-  stcjr< WioaideWuil! what boosters tho  /Sa'l,miO'rfbo,.,'j:.es have :n tlie' Fraser  VaKoy. ' '  Mr.. A.   A.  Crui'okshank   of Ch'l-  liwaek was in town on Wednesday.   * __.  iTihe jMatsqui   oaunciJ meats'   on  Saturday; at Mt. Lejh,mani   ������ ,  Judging* Iby trhe thoughtful 100k  oif io'ur teachers and serious.demen-.  or of ttoe elder pupils, one would be  led to suppose that an examination  was dose to Iha-ndi   .Sure it. lis.  Last spring we-heard consideraole  about se\e.ra'l new ic&ment block's  .on 'Essendene Ave,, but since tne  . T..tan.,(? went 'to tl*������ bottjofmf of Che  sea' 'noith.'.ng is iheai^h- It cannot be  ���������that' faith in 'large strictures has  also .'besn wrecked? It p^ght be  remarked that all ivs plain sailing in  Aib'b'otsford 'and the future, has ino  lioe'ber.gs -a'headj, All want to tec  th0 .cement blocks  a reality.  iltf (does n,o.'t always pay (o nave  a| "stand  in" if. you -have another  etn'.ng .to pull.   ��������� ���������  IMr.. Jdh-nson   has   a   new   aui'j  illch'Ug.ht to .   ��������� , __.  ISlom*. i-lh'ngs we are proud-of.  Tiha!t..wih'ch we have.  T'h-ait'.iwhiich we have moitj, but ex*,  pect 'to have.  Our etff'ic^nt mail 'service* Wha't  town, c-sai boast of better?  The genial amide of our station  agenii When he domes up town to,  collect a biltt.  Our. ,n.ursery���������fruit of course.  (Tiiialt -Sum(n)e'r expects to be cus-  totnery^  T.'\-Jt iSCIver't'ips 'has not written  h-'s ''In Memcirium,." -   ���������':  T'li-ao "All l-ciaids lead to Abbo'.s-  ford."       ������ ._  DELIGHTED WITH MISSION  DISTRICT AND CITY.  Mr. F. J. MCKanrca, M..L.A., for  the- Delta, spent Saturday and Sunday iwi.-th his brolther, Capt. McKen-  z'.e\, of ths .John' TI.: Sprott' While-  heir?, Ihe too'k ' a a*un/ through, Mis--  siiona Municipality and was surprised  to If'.'nd that we thad such 'be,autifai  fru.1t. growing here. If some more  of the pepple at the coast cities  ���������would take opportunity $y tke  forelock and take a-run around  through "The home of the Big Red  Strawberry" it ip true hat their  eyes would be opened as to the  future 'possibilities that await those'  who make theiir hiame wijth us,-,  Mr.-McKerizie goes away with a  much better opJnliion of th<^'district  tlianiwhen lie came, and lit iisd'i-ke.'.y  Hi^'w-Slt again (return thej next iiuij*  ���������toa twan/ts  a pleasure trip.   ���������  -  MARKET IS  LARGE. .  (Carttinuied From Page One)  Fowls, were plentiful and on the  whofle cheaper, a large num'ber oe-  ing secured from the Vancuover  market.; Live weight fetched from  20 to'. 22 cents pea-j pounds Laying  Iheoisi w.epe sdid for $!) to .., 15 ,j>er  d-ozenj according to bre������d and^ size  Ducks xeftlizeld 27 cents per! pound,  and young pigs .were disposed of at  '$5 eaah. ������������������. . : ''  arreJ  *&*������*i***Mmam  yet you can get 16 Loaves  for  The Abbotsford Bakery  ALBERT LEE, PROPRIETOR  ���������7 :;UOOCOOCOOOOCXJCXX)OOOOOOQ  ! WHO'S WHO  j ��������� .IN CANADA  0OCXX>OOOOO0OCXX)OOO00OO0OO0  SIR HENRY M. PELL ATT  - Few men of the Dominion have  done better work in the direction of  bringing, to the attention of the world  beyond the seas what sort of men  they are who compose this Canada  of ours. Others have done their part  with the pen, with the'brush,xand in  other literary connections of a more  or less beneficial, character. Sir  Henry produced, the goods, so to speak.  A.t his own' financial expense, and  doubtless at no inconsiderable personal trouble and inconvenience, he  took to the old country the "Queen's  Own" of Toronto of which he is Lt-  Colonel, first to the coronation of  King Edward, and on tne second occasion ! to the Aldcrshot Manoeuvres,  thus showing to the folks in the old  land,how well Canada was following  in the footsteps of her martial progenitors, and at the same time holding out in front of all whom it might  concern, a suggestion, that should"bc-  casion arise there was a conjoint Imperial army of good men and- true to  be taken, into account.      '���������  Silt H. M. PELLATT^  Jit-Col. ''Queen's Own" Jtifles  From the mere advertising point of  view,- it was undoubtedly a great producer for Canada of brain, brawn  and  capital.  By those capable of judging, the  Colonel is reckoned a clever business  manj methodical to a degree, with the  virtue of patience running all the time  ln the correct direction. His knowledge of public affairs is wide, and  his application of that knowledge is  directed along lines that are broad  enough to bring appreciation and of  commendation from men of all colors  of politics and shades of religion.  In addition to these, and a number  of other admirable points, Sir Henry  Is first and all the time an Imperlal-  iet, ��������� and a strong ty>pe of the breed  at that.  Born at Toronto in 1860, the Colonel  had his civil life education at Upper  Canada College. His military attainments were handed out by nature.  At the age of fifteen, young Pellatt  entered the office of his father, and  If he did not actually scrub out the  floor and polish up the handle of the  big front door, he no doubt went  through the usual ordinary schedule  of the office-lad of the times. From  the outset It was on evidence that  his business acumen was right, and  when yet a young man he blossomed  out as junior partner with,his fat/her  In the firm of Pellatt and Pellatt.  Since then his name has been associated with a large number of commercial and Industrial concerns, and  In every Instance, be It said, with  honor and success.  Amongst other things, Sir Henry,  is a director of The Crow's Nest Paas  Company; is president of the Toronto  Electric Light Company, of the Toronto and Niagara Power Company,  and the Cobalt Lake Mining Company; vice-president of the Manu-  fin/vf"jr.->ra .,2JZ.% ,I^lI������2Il������^������2ffJ>ajTV; '  dTrecfoT" orihe Toronto jrcallv/ay co.,  the Richelieu and Ontario Navigation  Co., the Dominion Iron and Steel Co.,  the British America Assurance Co.,  etc., etc., and also ..finds hours to devote to the duties ..-that fall on a  governor of Grace Hospital, and a  trustee, of Trinity University.  Joining the CJueen's. Own regiment  in early life, Sir Henry- has passed  through all the commissioned ranks  to the command-, and (was, It will be  remembered, major, of the Canadian  contingent to the Queen's Jubilee  celebrations in England In 1897. He  Is member of , such clubs as the  Toronto, . National,-and Rldeau, and  all the. recreation demands of .his  nature are satisfied ln connection  with his military duties. .  H. R, H. WAS DELIGHTED  Since his arrival, H. R. H. the Duke  of Conn-aught has- signified his  pleasure' at the complete arrangements made for- his transportation  from England to the Canadian Capital  both on board the Empress of Ireland  and on the special train by which, he  was carried from Quebec. to Ottawa,  and he has highly; complimented the  C. P. R. officials on their forethought  and attention! ' One of the minor details that especially* pleased the Royal  party was a s"pecial::-ediltioh of their  annotated; time-table,,, provided for the  trip from'Quebec :jtb .'Ottawa.; The  time-table was bound In white padded  kid,' bearing the' Duke 'of (Connaught'a  coat^f-arms embossed in color.  Corn-mills are often mentioned in  the Bible. The. original corn-mill much  resembled . the" Jmo&ern jj'druggist's  pestle. Moses forbade'* corn-mills to  be taken in pawn,'for that, he thought  was like, taking a-.maS.'s life in' pledge.  Following an Outbreak of War There  Are Various Important Rules to  be Obserred by Nations that  Desire to Stand Out.  When war is declared, every  neutral power must, .observe a strict  neutrality and impartiality in its attitude towards, both belligerents. It  may allow their war, vessels to enter  Its ports, but must limit the duration  of their stay, and must regulate the  nature and amount of.- the supplies  taken on board. The usual rule' is- a  visit of 24 hours, but ,-if a-.vess'el of the  other belligerent is in, port, then one  of them must not leave the port until  the.other has had a'start of 24 hours  ahead, though, it would seem that  there.Is nothing to prevent the vessel  that leaves the harbor first to await  24 hours outside the three-mile limit  and attack the other "ship after she  puts out to sea. The supplies that  such vessel take? on board must not  be more than enough to take the  vessel to the nearest home port, and  supplies-must no* be ^again furnished  within three months. As an example  of the enforcement of the foregoing  rules, the procedure "when the Span-  Ish-American war broke out in 1898  may be ment oned. The ultimatum of  April 20, sig-.ed by President McKin-  ley, demanding the withdrawal of  Spain from Ci.ba, was taken by Spain  as a - declaration of war, and the  Spanish government pa the following  day sent the American minister his  passports without waiting for him to  present the ultimatum. On the 22nd  the Americrii ships at Key West  started south to blockade Cuba. On  the 23rd tie President called out  125,000 volunteers for two years' service, and on the 25th sent a message  .o Congress declaring that a state of  var existed between Spain and the  United States since April 21. All  aeutral powers took notice of this including Grcr.t Britain, which knew  hat Ccmmouore Dewey, in command  if the American squadron in the  Pacific, had been for some weeks in  the British harbor of Hong Kong,  where he wns permitted to remain  pending a formal declaration of war.  On the same clay (April 26) the Gov-  srr-or of Kong Kc.v.g notif.ed Dewey  ���������ko leave the harbor, and he proceeded  to Manilla Bap where he destroyed  the Spanisji sjjy   ojU.May; L  gS������:  Enjoy Life During  by buying one of our screen doors  and a window or two. Our stock  and prices are right and you will be  suited,with our screen doors and  windows. Our Meat Safes are perfection and our wire screening, etc.,  will be useful during fly time.  H. ALANSON  Hardware and Furniture  BEES  FOR SALE  M. McGILLIVRAY  ' Huntirgdon, B. C.  WANTED" PA'RM'.^AND-in   exchange.'for iny ,$1150.00 .equity  Ln  Vancouver lots^ Act quickly for  ;a- snap.   R. A. Cooper, Clayburn  'B. C. A'26.  . T/moibhy, Clover and Field Peas  bo be had 'at the Abbotsford Peed  Store.   *  When next your watch needsi attention leave it with. Campbell, th������  Ab.botsford Watch-maker. Shop  located in Clark's Genie' Furnishing ertore. .  A Woriif in" the Forming  The planet Jupiter, whose volume  is 1279 times that of the earth, and  superior, in dimensions and weight to  all the other pdanets put together, Is  just now. attracting the attention of  astronomers. M. Glacobinl, of the  Paris . Observatory, who has made a  special, study of Jupiter, has described  .a red spot which possesses a relative  fixity, but within -the last year its  mobility has increased in great proportion, and Its longitude by about 30  degrees. It,is possible this may be  the forming "of a new continent, but  who can say so with certainty? M.  Oamllle Plammarion, however, expresses himself with confidence ln  the matter. "We are assisting at the  creation, of. a; /world. Under .our  dazzled eyes. ai new world is' being  created 'in the infinity, and in Jupiter  we hail the world of the future."  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J. c    PARTON  Abbotsford        -- B. C  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  ive Koses  A Safety Kicker  They were examining an old-  fashioned shotgun of murderous build.  It-looked as If It would be an effective  weapon against anything short of an  elephant, and Its owner was boasting,  with that scorn of fact which is allowed the successful hunter, of its power,  "Doesn't it kick like anything?" asked one.  "Oh, yes, it kicks some," said the  proprietor, "btu that's the beauty of  It. Why once I shot at a grizzly that  was charging me. I missed him, and  on he came. If It had not been that  the gun kicked me so far back that I  had time to reload, I shouldn't have  been here to tell the. atory."  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  On hand you can get it at the  Abbotsford Feed  and  Grain Store  _     J. J. SPARROW, PROP.  CARRIAGE PAINTER  Geo. Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       B. C.  HARRON BROS.  Emb Inters and Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel   1634 Granvilla Sk,     Phone 3486  jtfdrtk Vancouver,        Office     and  STRAYED���������Ked yearling heifer on-  . tio my place on 3rd 'Marchij   O #n-  er can 'have 'sam'e hy paying e-x-  penses^   W. L. Baxretit, odd Campbell pLaoe, lOl'earDji'Ootk Road.  .  lectric Power  For Factories and  Industrial Plants  Convenience       Comfort      Economy  Attention will be given to all applications tor service from our lines.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  Holden Block, Vancouver.  lumhia Electric Railway  </  ir-T  fl  VI  .n  L   I  til  >,  J  >'  n  i  in  vi  <d  Hi  A  I  'il  XMp.t,w&nv*K<\%nvwT!rxi  'mmsmm^ieimml^m


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