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Vol,III., No. 3.
ABBOTSFORD, <B. C, FRIDAY,    MAY '26, 1911
14 ' '
$1.00 PER YEVR
./  ���
Matsqui Council Meets -     Will Probably -Dia
Wedding Bells
���-J   I"-���    B-���'     |
I s
Money Back if not Satisfied
A   regular   meetifig   of  the coun.
eii  was held in the,- ununiciipal ^all
on   Salurday, May /20th at  3 ,p.m.
with   all   Ihj- members  fh" attend-,
.ance. -,i
The mJnulos' of the.    aidjourncd
meeting of the Court of Revision'
were read and adopted.
The minutes of the previous meet'
ing of the council were read and
amended by striking out "The
cla'unoifi,, damages was allowed and
the amount was to be determined
by arbitration" (and substituting
the following "Mr. 'E. W. (King,
and Mr. A S. Murray were appoint
ed ,to adjusticate' on the matter,
and determine the amount of damages, if any." The,, minutes were
l,.cii   adopted.     '   V��
Communications' were   read      as .
From'the municipal 'solicitors stat
ing. that  the municipality had  no.
puwer'to install a   telephone sys--
lain.   (Afiter   considerable   '.discuss '
ions   the  matter  was referred    to
Councillor   Cruickshiacnk   to   bring
in   a   report  at  the- next  meeting
From R. H. S. Carswell asking
that the road north from Dennison
station be graded, stumped and
gravelled., Co"unciir��&T' - -Satcheil-
wais instructed to report on this at
.'O next meeting.
From the Canadian .B3nk of Coin
nierce sta,ting,they would advance
At four o'clock this morning     a       On   Monday   evening  last at
noise.a.woke one of the partners of   St   Peters   rectory, New      West-
the general store at- Whonnock. He   minster, Mr. LaiWrence J. Chapman
wont down into,. the, store and
found a man in tiie stor3. ' ��.
scuiLe ensued in'which i-he parlner
was shot through the stomach and
will probably die. The isailor es--
ca.ped. The police force of the val
ley are now. out, on thehunt; .
of Abbotsford and "Mrs. Desanges
Crocheliere of Fraser Mills were
were united in marriage, the Rev.
E Maillard of the O. fit. I. officiat- -
jj:,'j. The witnesses iwere Theodore Theroux and Fhihp Grogan
Mr and Mrs. Chapman arrived in
Abbotsford on 'Tuesday morning
and 'will reside here for the sum-
v  -. mer at least.      The Post joins in
On   Sunday   morning  the   agent    extending  to  Mr. and Mrs. Chap-
for   the   C.  P.  R.   Mr,y Clark   prevented  what might have been   a
very serious accident by his presence of mind and grit.   It appears
that   a' man,-.perhaps   rather 'the
worse   for   liquor   wanted  to   ride
blind   ba.ggage.   He .made a   grab
and   caught  on   by hJs-hands .but
would  surely  have fallen between
the wheels had not Mr. Clark been
on the spot a,nd caught, hold of the
man and jerkingJhim from'the cars
held  him  until the train passed.
Wedding Bells.
>mun many happy days'.
,(   <    On Sunday, morning as No 97
'"was passing��� throughJWho'nno'ck at-
A   very  successful basket picnic
ender the auspices of the W. C,, T.'
TJ. was held in the old orchard May
24th.   This   is   the. Baud  of   Hope
annual   pic-nic  and a   large cum'   '
ber   of  children  gathered  for   Hie
���occasion.'��� *Mr.   and   Mrs.      Fra^k
?Iunro   with   a   large ��� party       of
friends  arrived hy the 10 a.m   <���<)'��� '
["oin   Huntingdon   'and   were   met.
at  the   depot iby members  of the
W. C. T. U.   All then oroceeded ti��.
,the  grounds, which had bcien most
comfortably ^arranged  by .ihe cn-
Dr. Schumacher, a well-known
expert, will leave here ro'ext Sun-
day for Pemberton Meadows to
report on its possibilities -for the
growth of augar beets. He ��� has
in view the establishment of a
plant'for the"manufacture of beet
sugar. He has lample financial
backing and if the conditions are
favorable, purposes locating a
refinery at Newport or in the galley,which hais an area of over fifty thousand 'acres. The expert is
confident that his expectations respecting sugar beet growing will
be realized. He has also been ad-
' vised that the climatic 'conditions
���are equally favorable in the Suam-
ish Valley adjacent to Newport.
He will accompany Mr. F. W.
Hunt of thJeHowe Sound & Northern Land Company which owns a
large area in Pemberton Mead-
o'.ws. (Mr. [Hunt 'is bringing i,n a
party of (settlers who purchased
farms there last fall. The trail in
from Newport is open-and in excellent condition 'according to Mr.
James Punch -a pioneer rancher in
the valley who came to town yesterday., ������Mi'. Punch stated that
the season there is farther ad-
vamced than in Vancouver, the tern
perature several days ibefore he
left registering eighty-four "degrees. Settlers were ibusy /plowing and getting in their. crop;s. Bev
veral farmers from the prairie pro?
vince's ha dalready reached the val
ley and taken up their purchased
holdings. They came in <by the
Liliooet tnajH, (Mr. iPunch added,
that the fruit crop promises to Joe
The Ladies of the Woman's Auxiliary held their afternoon tea' "and
home cooking sale last Saturday,
this being thc second of the kind
and was largely patronized by ihe-
residents of Abbotsford and surrounding districts. The room was
most beautifully decorated and
the home cooking booth laden with
all kinds of tempting dainties in
addition to their first venture at
six o'clock a most |fcasjtg/uj]yj
prepared 'Supper' was served of
which a great many partook and
greatly   appreciated.
A hearty vote of thanks was
"passed to Mr. and Mrs. W. Campbell for their kindness in lending
the store for this purpose; also ,to
the many ladies and tradesmen for
their kind gifts and patronage,
helping largely in the success of
this work of the W. A.
abundant this season. Three different survey .parties are now in
the   valley   fciub-dividing large
tra,ctis inlto Ifruit orchards.���iS.at-
urday's   Province.
New, Westminster, May 19th ���
On account of the May Day celebration in the -ialterndon, the shop
pers were 'early on hand at tne
market in the morning; The offer
ings on the market in general
were not out of the ordinary and
perhaps the feature ��f the day,
outside ��� of the auction ring, was,the
paucity of "fresh vegetables. There
were plenty of cooking potatoes
on hamd and Heed potatoes  were
(Continued on Page lour) "
full   speed-that   train,-does     not   ergeticjand capable -president Mrs
stop   at   Whonnock-the      engine   H.   Smith. After the    beaaaiul.
struck a   black cow, thecow was grounds  had. been explored     and
.thrown   against   Andrew.    'Angin,.  admired and a   social time spent,a
$6 000 as requested and acknowledg \"and' a   fisherman (name-unknown) lunch   wa<s' (served   and   the   long
ing deposits of echoorboard to the    from   Vancouver.   Angin   Was   al- tables  filled with children and ad-
amount   of  $928.35."   Filed.                     most   dead, when /picked  up,   a"nd ults   twice  over, grace being   said
From   F.   C.  Saunders,'attorney   he died on the wiay to Mission June by' Rev.   Mr.   Camphpll. After
for J. H. Malsher asking wthat ac-    tion,   while  the  fisherman escaped ]unch the party were photgrapHed
tion had been taken re the     sub-    with a   hurt leg.                        ' and  al 2 p.m'. %the Rev. Mr. Camp-
division of s. 1-2, n.w, 1-4 s. 23. t/l4       Ita ppears that Angin was  try.- bell, Mr. Frank Monro, assisted by
The clerk  was instructed to reply    ing to- drive the cow off t he track Mr. Husband and Mr. Jack Milsted ,
stating   that   the  roads  as   shown    where  she was quietly grazing a- na.d  a   series of race? for'children
were   not  pracicable.                              bout three or four hundred yards 0p  au ages, who received     many
From Lindsay Ruaseli r- th- tar-   east of the station.   The fisherman Dea,utiful   prizes.   The- ladies  then
diness   in   constructing  the   valley   was   WW   to   Persuade   the   old Hcrvcd   afternoon   tea, which  was
road through the land held Jov him-   ma'P  to  lea*'e the C0W al0I161 tha^ much   appreciated. .Music was
she was all right, which would very supp]ied by an Edison Tr'umpn
probably^ have been the case if phonograph which sounded -well
left alone. among the trees and at 5 o'clock.
' Word was sent to the father's the party dispersed well pleased ���
sons who arrived that afternoon With their day's outing, and very
and identified the body. grateful to Mr. D. Nelson for the
The following have been chosen uSe 0f his beautiful grounds.���Con-
as jurymen and have been hearing tributed.
evidence   \as the witnesses can be  o	
secured; Messrs C. H. Croke
jO. Scott, Chas Winslade, G. )A.
Watson, F. Fabry, and J. D. Mc-
Intyre,  foreman.
as representing the Provincial In-
.vejstment OctoV(pan,y. iR,eferr:Ej \"o
Councillor   Cruickshank.
From the Provincial Secretary
sanctioning the .passing of ihe
Matsqui   Wide   Tire  By-law.   File J
From Registrar, County Court
New Westminster , stating that the
Temporary Loan By-law had been
duly filed.
From Secretary Foot-ball Club
asking for the use of the municipal
grounds and hall- on July lst jnd
the usual donation of $10.00. Grani-
ed.    .
The Ne'er do Wells do well some
times, especially when they make
up their minds to win. On the 24
a cricket match was played between the Ne'er do Wells .and the
Aristocrats. The sco^e was o^y
.17  for   the  latter and   107 for  the
haul ng puncheon on township road
$6.00; J. Le Feuvre and G. W. Le
The secretary-treasurer of the Feuvre repairing roa'6T'$6 06; Wal-
Matsqui Agricultural and Liorti- ian; removing tree and cleaning
cultural Association interviewed ditches on McGregor hill $6 00; 0.
the council re grant for a fail fair M. C. postage $5.00, Bounty, 80c; former,
The request was laid over until the supplies 15 cents,
next meeting. The bill of the Maiple Grove Lum
Mr. G. Alexander addressed the   ber Company was referred to Coun
council  asking that  a   bridge  be   cillor   Aish.
built on his road.   Councillor Cruik      Several   bills   were  ordered back
sha.nk promised this would be done   for   adjustment.
Councillor   Satchell   reported  he      The Rate by-law was reconsider
ed and finally passed. The rate
will be, on real property 10 rmllia
r n wild laind 45 mills; for schools
2.1-2 mills. The last day of rebate
veying the .���lands of the .Provincial   will be  October'31st. ,
Investment Company at Clayb irn      The  Public Morals rBy-la w   was
From   Canadian   Agents   of   the   introduced   and   passed first    and   oftener.
Austin   Drainage   Excavator  Corn-   second  readings,
pany re road and excavating ma-      Councillor   Satchell  .gave -notice'
chines.   Filed. . to  bring in an amendment to the   his property for sale in this issue
The following bills were ordered   Trades' License  By-law. This   is   a   fine (piece ��� of  property
paid; B. C. Gazette,'$l'i.'0;.Work on The meeting adjourned to meet which should readily appeal to the
Sweeney Hill. /$l(i8 4'3; 1. J. W. Gold at 11 o'clock on Saturday, June 3rd homeseeker or investor. J. E. P.
$5.00; "H. T. Kirkpgalvanized  iron   i.n   the  Municipcl 'Hall. ' shows his .confidence in the Post as
roof cap for hall $.85; John Pace,    J- JAMES   GIBSON,  Clerk.       an   advertising   medium.
would have the brid.ge on the River Road 'movecT'by .""day"labor..
From A, J. Hill stating that char
ges would have to be made in sur-
On Saturday last Mr. Jack Cop
ping celebrated his twenty-first
birthday (we presume that is right)
by inviting a large number of
his friends to his home, -wlie're' all
participated -of his 'best hospitality. Refreshments and lunch were
served and hif -Mendi returned to
their home wishing that Mr. .Capping would-'have a   birthday much
Mr.  J.  E. Parton is   advertising
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BATES, printer,  ,  STRAWBERRIES   TO   SEATTLE  The following taken from the  Times-Democra.l of [New Orleans  might ba interesting to thc grower  and shipper of strawberries from  the  Fra.ser  Valley;  "Strawberries to (Seattle. That  is the latest enterprise shown by-  the strawberry growers of Louisiana. Aided and abetted by the  American Express Company, which  operates over the Illinois Central  Railroad, the strawberry growers  of Louisiana have recently invaded  the Northwestern country, in open  competition   with strawberries  from California.-; Just as the Loiis-  iana   orange  is  far, superior        in  juice and flavor to that of,Calif or-   Mr_   Nosier,   'orders   having  come       Senator McCfJmjber,     of     tfpi'th  nua, so the Louisiana berry, by its   by    cable   'for   them.   The   berries    Dakota    also ������������������*  dtiliciousness, has  won favor over .had to be shipped green, and were      '-Canadian Annexation is-the io*"^.  the  California  prod-act even in the   kept   in   a   refrigerated   condition   jcai  conclusion  of reciprocity with  far  West,-where the long distance . fr0rh   the  time they were  put    :,.-   Qanada "  from   which   the Louisiana',berries   board   the   ca/rs.   We   arranged  it    ' Ex-Governor N. J. Bachelor Nr-w  cams would seem to have militated   So  that the car was-switched right   Hampshire   says--*  against   them  in the market. to the whairves here, and the straw ,     "The  on'y fair way for trade+o  berries were then /placed in <ihe -,be- established woidd be to let the  refrigerator compartment of ..-no gLars and stripes fhoat over Can-  of   the  fruit vessels.   Berries     in-   ���������da ���������,- ���������  tended for .shipment to a warmer " The attitude of the press Is un-  country ha.ve to be handled more raistakeable. Occasionally an ed-  caa-efully .than those going L.      a    jt    iaJ   Suggesta  that the. writer is  Hub Squire  Mission'City  larness     '' Saddlery Hardware  Trunks and Valises  P. O, Box 45 Abbotsford. 13. C.  AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, I am prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as- to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables open day  night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.  D. McKENZIE, PROps.  ^U^Kaffrft^ygl .���������J3gC5B'IJ.������lJ.',i',-VVl.������rrr-r->. _���������-  "Much of the credit fort he .success achieved by the Louisiana  strawberry growers in the far  West is due to George F. .Nosier  general agehc oft be American  Express Company in 'thi-s city. Mr  Nosier  saw "that refrigerated cars  colder climate.  ,w^.   .*.,*   ���������.,... *^���������6^������������.*.^- The shipiricnls   a   nttlc scared lest     a     Canadian  of   the  best make were  provided   reched   Colon  m ������ood ordci.'> ^   might h^r hi mtlvnking aloud jbut  for the fchiijmients of Louisiana  strawberries to Seattle, ��������� Ore., and  in addition selected expert fruit  men to ,go along, with the, cars  and keep them at just ,the right  temperature. The result was that  the Louisiana strawberries showed no bad effects whatever from  their long journey of 3500 miles a-  cross the continent, ,Mr. Nosier  ���������stated yesterday that he had received  telegrams   from  the     men  mere orders have since come for  1 anama. Altogether four si <p-  i.unisli ave been made to Colin.'''  EVENTUALLY, BEYOND  '     QUESTION ONE NATION  The  New York Journal is very when we  want her.   Meantime she  confident   abodt   tha   fu'.ure-;--      ' is, so to speak, keeping herself for  "Intelligent   Americans   will   fa- us  in  colonial cold storage."  vor   this   treaty;  intelligent  Con- The  Chicago. Record-Herald has  gross men WM voce for it.^ Event- no doubt about tjie parting of the  as a rule there has been a splendid candour about the musings of  the  scribes.  The New York American thinks  it speaks for Canada;��������� '  "Eventually of course, .Canada  will   come   in.  Thait will  .  happen  INSURANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acreage- or farm'-  ;  property   '  see  II  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  that   accompanied   the   shipments 'uul'y, beyond question, the whole   ways;-  staling  that,  the strawberries  h,aU   North American continent  will'be  arrived in first class condition. No   'jl1' nation."  better   confirmation   of   this    was  needed   that   the  fact  that      the  Liouisiaiiia   btrawiuemes,   m      open  compettion ' with those of California commanded  a   -better price in  in the mairket.   In fact, as long as  the  supply  of Louisana strawberries lasted fruit 'dealers found the  California   strawberries   unsaleable  "Mr.  Nosier  in  speaking of   the  strawberries  came  from Indepcnd  ence  and  Ponchatoula, and     had  been routed by the way of Chicago  over   the   Union   Pacific   Railroad  over tho entire system of which thc  American Express Company operates.  "The people across the line re-r  cognise that Canada is about to  choose between Canadian and A������  merican interests, and between the  Empire and the Republic.1'  Teacher���������I   would like some one  in the class to define the meaning  of   vice   versa.   Bright  Boy��������� it's  any  future  need of "knocking it"   6keping   w.th   your  feet  towards  in o   prop:r uhaps. ihe head of the bed>  When   the   International   bound-  I  %  ���������I*  The Oriental Review of New  YolIc regards .he trick as aire idy  don?;���������  "This great republic has morally  added to its union onfi more ttate,  without fighting for it, and without   hoping   for  it,  and      without  ary between Lake Superior and  Pacific was being delimited, the  United States desired it to be at  latitude M.-jO, instead of at parallel 19, where it now is. Ardent  .spirits ��������� wished   to nettle, the  ques-  Cook claimed that he had reacn  ed a certain laltiaide���������but not  half as high as the price of meat,  peuple of that name handle. "  When   speaking,  do  so  through  tion  by the sword,   .The difference --                           w  .           , between, -19  aand '5-1.10 is north of yuur  n0Be    People can't ever say  IrtooK five clays,' said Mr. Nos- thc  Saskatchewan, and that ir the tl,cu  diat a   "e ever passe-dyour  ler, ^ or '^the ��������� strawberries to read! butmdail,y had bcen ifixed thoro JU) , M*.  Seatte,  but  they arrived in good part of the Canadian west that is ���������0___  coi.dit.on   so the men who ;accom- g,,owing  wheat 'for export would "Beware  of tha dog-'-especialiy  pameJ  the .shipment, all the way have belonged to Canada>   The gt ,the one y0LI m,et in L.h3 8ausa  c3  wired me.   The fact that tl.,s first 1>au(; Di      tch js romin-iscent.  "ThL'   arrangement   is   just      aa  f  T  %  T  f  y  y  i  t  t  CO. f  'La^.  P. 0. Box 58 . phone Central ?  Telegram-Simmer, Abbotsford," B. C. %  nMAMarngmapmiMM  mile from Abbotsford,  Good house and barn,  10-acres-cleared,-.:  shipment was ..successful means lar-  ger. shipments, to   the   West  next   ffooU./01. ih,e United States, so far  season' and a corresponding increase in the.strawberry Lndustrj-  along the line of the Illinois Central Railroad  in Louisiana.'  He i:in'.t <a   progressive magician  who is always up to his old tricka  For reasons uhtiecessajpy to men  ���������A  Y  as  i-';  g:)33, ,as the policy of "54.40  or -Fight!' wonld have been had it  succeeded.'*  The  unique position and poa.sibii-   tion some'people rnever have'brain  "Mr.N osier -said that the Ameri-    ities  of  Caanadu in world  pontics   fy������' ,  ���������can Express Company, had carried   are keenly realized, by many ousi ��������� -0���������   shipments  of Louisiana slrawber-   ness hi en and publicists in. thc Un-   Ching  L.ng Lung 'and Ching Lor,-  ries as far cast as Boston, but that   ted   States.   They   see   ,that   Can-        ' i a'ey  the Seattle /shipment held the re-   ada's   political strength withnthe   CouhJ  not get'enough chop-suey;  cord for ia.  long distance shipment'   British Emp.re-wiiPoe increased a.?   One dav Ihey ate until the died-  We have .-also supplied .Louis-   her   trade   with. Itho Empire      in-   One day they ate until they died-  isua strawberries to Panama,'said   creases.    . -   ,. ,      md   th       COmniit  chop-suey-cide?  Here is, a chaiice to ;double  Your money at present prices  up"'  ������? *><~H**<<+4^Z^^^^ - IlV  '. /  A#:  1.&E ABBbTSFORD * OST,  ABBOtSFORD, B. ������.   . L.-, .  CHURCH   SERVICES  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England ���������  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng;.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto. '  LfcHSEE  For, your Insurance.  ,   Fire time is coming along.  i   -  BBnnaaaaBiBmai^^  EgjBBsmnaraHffaHicBB^^  j Mcelroy & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES   AND    CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,  CITY  Presbyterian    Church��������� Rcv.   J. L.  Campbell, B. A., B.''D.. pastor.'  '  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. .and 7:30 p.m.  At Musselwaite .School House-  Service'  every  alternate  Sunday  at   3 p.m.  Sunday  school 'every Sunday at  2 p.m.  At Huntingdon -School House���������   .  .Service   at every alternate Sunday  at 3 p.m.  S.  S. every Sundayat 2;30 p.m.  .Upper Sumas, May 29, and every  alternate Sunday  at 3 p.m.  C. E., Wednesday at 8 p.m.  Suiiuay School' at 3 p. hi.  Sunday  School icvery Sunday at  . Presbyterian    Church���������Rev.   j,   C.  1 Alder.  Glenmore, 11 a.m.  =  t ivl .   Lahman, 2 ;30 p.m.  Pine Grove, 8 ,p.m.  ST.   MATTHEWS' (Anglican)   ���������  Rev. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.  '   Services 11:00 a.m. and 7.:30 p.m.  Holy   Communion,   1st   and  3rd  Sundays,ea^ch month.  Catechising and S. S. atv2 :30 p.m  ���������.  -Choir  practice,  Wednesday at 8  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my', numerous Patrons and  Friends that I have taken, into partnership Mr. J.  Clark late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co. and the  business will now be carried on as  ;    HOG'      & CLARK-  HORSESHOEING  &   BLACKSMITHING  We hope by strict aUentibn to business to obtain a share of your patronage  ABBOTSFORD   P0STOFFICE  T1CUL  Office hours from 8 a. in. to 7 q. m.  '   Mail for'Peanfonville every" Tuesday  and Saturday, i p. na;  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  ^as������<������-  ABBOTSFORD, B.C.  Strictly first-class in every respect.    The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars, ���������  RATES,   $1.50 TO^$2.00   PER   DAY  H. FREEMAN, . proprietor^1  ABBOTSFORD  J. J. SPARROW, PROP.  Cash paid for E������gs and Poultry  Our prices are hard to  General  Stores ���������  Attthter Bros.  E.   Brooke  Motels���������  Abbotsford Hotel. T-I. Freeman, Prop.  Commercial, McElrpy & Co.  Real   Estate���������,  J."W. McGalmm.  ������������������ -,C. A. Sumner & Co.  Bernau '&   Husband, .    v  J.   J.   McPhee,  Auctioneers���������  J. W. McsCallum  FEED STORE���������"  1    J.   J.   Sparrow.  Creamery��������� ' ' '  S.   J.  Bates,  Proprietor.  Hardware and Furniture���������  H.  Alanson.  Butchers��������� .  A. M. King.  Livery Stable���������  ��������� J.  E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and Confectioner���������  b. Legae������.  RESTAURANT���������  Conrad Andersen.  8hoemak������r���������������  M. Mauser.  Board ef Trade���������  J. W. MaCalliwn, Secretary.  B4a������ksm+tsfa���������  WANTED TO PURCHASE      '        J-  McMenemy.  Forty   acres   improved   farm   in    Sarber aad *kH Woom-  w, ��������� ...'. -t.1.     i.       Job. Sanderson,  the Fra&er Valley, with or without      ^ Isenor#  house and buildings, conven:ent to , Tobacco and N*>v������ltleB���������  station or  landing.   Apply     to J.       J- V. Means.  ���������' -n     /-i *~~   Doctor���������  H.   Smith,  Straiton,   B.   C.        for      ^  ^  ^^  rticulars,   first   letter. SADDLERY* and l^RDW.ARK-    B. J. ������era-aey.  CANADA'S *     MERCHANT  TAJLOR.  T. C. Cooffan.  FOR  PARTICULAR PEOPLE  who ��������� :;  Demand that their Office Stationery  must not only be of ihe best  quality- but that, it must.be neatly   and   tastefully   printed. .  Those are the people who patronize the Fraser  '    Valley Record office; and they prove  that they ;are   pleased  by  v duplicating orders  We can supply in any quantity, on short notice that beats city prices  Shipping Tags, Window Cards, Note Cirulars, Receipt FormsJ  - -Notes, Invitations, .Rrofessinal cards, Lodge by-laws, Lodge  membership cards, Agreements, Blotters, Butter wrappers,  ' Dodgers,. Auction bills, Envelopes, For sale cards, Wedding  invitations, Memorial cards,. M *I tickets, Private postcards,  Letterheads, Billheads, Memoes. Statements, Lodge constitutions, Legal forms, Prescription blanks, Labels gummed or otherwise, Pamphlets, Reports, Posters any size, Real estate contract*, Loose leaf statements, Menus plain or fancy, Receipts  Lien notes, etc., etc.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY.  BUTCHER n  Pork Mutton, ?teef, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Weimes  and Balogna always on hand.     Fish every Thursday ^  Uur prices are naiu.  ^ _ . i. ^. wn������������-  beat can and inspect stock Greatest [Nurseries B\teJ������������������Kn6  ���������R-  Eye Sight Specalist  1     Manufacturing Optician  Does the  Finest  Optical  Work.  Medical men and others  pay tri-.  -bute to his skill. ,Vanc0U:oV  793 GranvilH ������t. ������������������v,'.lu  HARRON BROS  Emlialmers and Funeral Directors  id  Taylor.  Want   a. feprjesenjtative      for ABBOTSFORD BRUG STORE.  MISSION CITY,  B. C.    music mACHER-  and surrounding district Miee Alice Stead.      ��������� ���������  The reliability,'healthy condition   CONNTRACTOR & BUIL1  of our stock as well as trueness to      a.  Everett.  name must be appreciated by the  Public or  they would  not     have  helped us to increase our business  yearly since 1837, the date of     ou*  establishment.  Our firm's  name lends  prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStopk  for SSprhig 1911.  J. A. BATES, Publisher  CARRIAGE   PAINTER-  Geo. Zeigler.  Q  Z  ������- I   Abbotsford  Home Ave.     ���������   Mission City. ���������  Write   for   full  particulars.  STONE & WELLINGTON  The Fonthill Nurseries.  B. 0.  i or. ONTO,  Ontario,  EMPLOYMENT     OFFICE  We buy- Eggs, Chickens and  Pigs.  ' \?;>y t'OuR  TfiE ABBOTSFORD POST,       ABBOTSFORD, B. 6.  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  . ,  n   FOH SALE-In Abbo'sforJ a de-  si r.'.ible p.ece of property on Railroad Avenue opposite B. C. ,E. R.  .station, consisting of two lots well  fenced and in crop, two storey  liousc 30 x 36; every convenience,  water, bath, woodshed etc. Price  $1800; a bona fide, anapN Apply to  J.   15.' Parton, Abbotsford.  Miss Moore is on a '' visit to the  coaht cities.  Mr. J. C. Alder holds , regular  Si.iuiiiy morning (service at Pear-  donville'.  l  (>  There will be quarterly commun  ion service ac tho Presbyterian  church on Sabbath June 4th.  A Carload of Carriages Just Arriqed.  , A nice little cart with room for two  for-    S3 5  Al   Top   Buggies,   leather" trimmed, .  tor 351Q5  ,   . First-class Market Wagons, two seats  for ���������������������������- ,-,$110  These prices are right for such goods and you  should call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere  Mrs.  Stuart  of Mission City (was  the guest of Mrs. Ware last week.   ooo   Miss  Robinson  and Mr. McEwen  are   visiting   their   uncle Mr.   Mc-  Ewan of the Abbotsford Mill Co.   ooo   Miss Lucy Parton returned home  on   the  24th from Everett,  Wash,  and   comparatively   few cases  did  qh.-inge    hands.  There was a pen pf well bred  brown ledhorns which were offer  ed ait $1.50 each for breeding purposes and ,a registered roc������*3r.  of the same /breed for which $5 was  asked.  ,   The fisli markets, -so far as pricct  are concerned, showed little chang-  where   she  has. been for  the last    ^ thsre.-^M ?������ ���������f*��������� otietod  ���������noinhs                " ''         sea30n for these ten-  der dainty  little fish having  end-   o                          ed  Messrs Chamberlain and Bellamy Vegetable   plants   were   numer-  recently   from'  England  are  visit- 0us  on the market and sold at 25  ing  with Mr. J. C. Alder ^nd may cents  a   .box, each box containing  locate in our town. two dozen plantg>  ������ ,'       The   following were Ihe, quotat-  Mi-.  Geo-ge Black of Vancouver *���������������''      ���������  was  in Abbotsford on Sunday last WHOLESALE MEAT-        ,   0  Beei, carcass   n to 12c  ,,     e        _     .        ,,  ,     . Beef,  hindquarters      13c to  15c  Mr.  Sam Cawley, M. L. A., stop- Beef>  f oreqUarters   ... 10c to  111-2  pea  off  in Abbotsford Sunday  on Mutton       llc /to m_2  iJovk       121-2(i  Lamb  - .'.  14 to 15  Matsqui   Hotel  MISSION  CITY. B.C.  This hotel makes a   specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers.     Comfortable   sitting-  room and   best  of hot.-l   service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W. T. LUCAS, Proprietor  his way home from Alaska  Miss Annie Vanetta spent last  Saturday and Sunday visiting her  brother  Mr.   Jack  Vanetta.  Mrs,  William  Buker from Aldergrove   spent   a   few  days  visiting  friends   in   Abbotsford   last   werk.   o   ' Veal    ,   ioc to 12   1-2  RETAIL MEATS���������  Beef, best  rib roasts ��������� 15c to 18c  'Beef, loin  ..........     22c  Beef, round ateSuk   ieP  Boiling Beef   ioet o H  Veal   17 to 20  Poi'k    18c   to   20c  Mutton       18  to 20c  Flirting, Sign Writin  General repair work-  J. E. PARTON  A&oQtsforrj        -.        (j# rj.  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  Mr. AIbx. Cruickshank from Chil-   VETETEBLES-Wholesale-  Potatoes,   per  sack   $2.50t  o   $2 75  Onions, lowland, sack   $1.50  Onions        6   lbs   25c  Geo.  Zeigler  liwack  spent Monday in to;vn   000   ;Miss   Nettie   /Trethqwa,y       from  Westminster spent  the  wmk   end  c.t her home here.  Carriage, House  ������"-ons        6   lbs   25c ,    0. .  S: -* ::::::::::_��������������� and Sign Painter  June  22nd is going to  be a  oune  jjana is going to  be a   0���������;   Cei   ~  day  in  Abbotsford. There will  be   ^^   lb     ? _2_ heada  15c  CnMvlr.     cnrl     n-Qmoa    4-n    nnif    4-I^a    Ttn������ __ "*-  Turnips, sack  :qc  Lettuce      5C per head  Cabbage, per Jb  Celery  4c  Cill and get-prices.  ,2 heads  15c  spjn-U and games to suit the ,var-    pai.HleYj  bum,h  ica tastes of our citizens. The L. O. i-hi/.!*-*���������   Hn,Q��������� ������e ���������A L    ������  T    ���������,.,, ,   , u      ���������  ��������� j L-nickens,  dozen   $6.00 to $7.00  L. will help ouc by giving a   grand tt ,  concert and box ,oLl in the^Ma- ? 1t< T* *" *" ��������� $������! t0 $13  5c Abbotsford  All work guaranteed  B. C.  pie Leaf Hall.   See posters.  There will be ia rally of all Temperance workers of Abbotsford  and district at the Presbyterian  church on Wednesday evening May  3ist. Several leading speakers of  Vancouver and the fraser Valley  Will  address  the meeting.  DISSOLUTION   OF   PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE.  F. Leroy Getchell and W. S N.  Johnston of Northbrook Shiigle  Company, have dissolved partnership. W. S. N. Johnston under ���������  ta.kbs all lialvlilies from \p-:l\ 24th  W. S. N. JOHNSTON.   o   THE   MARKET.  (Continued From Page Oi.o.)  very   plentiful,   at  normal  prices.  There were no turnips, carrots, or  radishes   in   evidence   and   lettuce;  was very scarce  No celery was shown and rhub>  barb was not quoted at retail, although there were ia few jsacks  of it on isale at wholesale, which  averaged   four cents a   pound.  The price of eggs ait wholesale  aliowed a slight increase, which  w&s'not reflected in the retail market. Prices in'butter declined a  little  but  the qua-lity was .good.  The poultry market this week  did not amount to a great deal  The offerings were not Iairgeand  the prices generally tended to rule  a little lower than those of last  week. The chiel buyers were the  Chinese   merchants   of  Vancouver  27c  Eggs,  wholesale  Eggs, retail   Butter,   retail   -   35c  to   37   o   HOTEL ARRIVALS  to   30c ������������������CHUCI5UII  &  lim  *���������  (Associate   Members Can.   Soc."c.. E.)  Civil Engineers'.  Abbotsford  Hotel.  M.   McNa\bb,   Vancouver.  O.  W. G-ilMt, Vancouver.  Geo. A. Odium, Vancouver.  E. T. Jones, Haitzic.  C   W   N^w'on   Pitt River.-  Ted  Parry..  Marysville.  .G-o or"-"   Chesboro,   Vancouver.  Victor   Harrop,   City.  J.   Stillingflreet,    City.  ,n    Win-'on,  City.  W. C. Chappell, W. C. Power Co  Neil Nicholson, City.  P.   Tibbie,  C.ly.  R.  Eli.i,  C:(y.  R.   Chambers,   City.  M. Bovine, City.  R. ChisholmjCity.  H.  M   Walters, Vancouver.  ,E. J. Jones, Vancouver.  J. Duff, Mission City.  F.  Hughes, Mission City.  P.   Edwards,   /Mission   City.  Sydney   Ashdown.   Vancouver  II. C. Watson, City.  Victor   Martin   Abbotsford.  E. R. Synder, Vancouver.  Geo.  C.  Higgins, Vancouver.  C   W  Drew. Vancouver.  M. Down, City.  W. J. Allan, Vancouver..  J. R. Fleming, Vancouver.  E. Langley, Vancouver.  S.  W. Holland, Vancouver.  W.   V.   Archer,  Vancouver. '  Jiiia.   Rothin,  Regina.  J. E. M'en^ies, Chilliwack.  R. A. HENDERSON  .   B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Offiec. n xt P. O. p. o. B������x 11  Commercial;  C. K'eir, Vancouver.  J. A. Blair, Vancouver.  F. J  Gillespie, Vancouver.  Mucklcy s,nd  Wife, Seattle.  Messrs  Williams 'and Moody, *p-  fl.r'l"   Wash.  C. Rowland, Calgary.  J   Irvine, Vancouver.  T   Wilson,  Vancouver,  li. Elia. Spokane.  E. Fa/rry, City.  D. Nevin, Rosedale. J  M. L. Krall, Regina.  G.  Taylor, Peardonville.  A. Dowling,  Vancouver.  C. L, Cook, City.  B. Johnson, Spokano.  A,   Sparks, Edmonton.  T. Moorehead, City.  A. E. McLeod, CaJgary.  R. B.,Anderson, Winnipeg.  J. L. Bouchier, and wife, Wash.  F.  Roakey and  wife, Montana.  John McLeto, .Montana.  Thos. Campbell, Vancouver.  D    Win.ton,   City.  W. J. Howden, Vancouver.  J as: Acheson, Vancouver.  W. J. Sa������haw, Vancouver.  Tom Nash, New York.  Party   of   75  Americans  looking  for land.  When I ou are Trying the New  Electric Road Call on Us  Singer Sewing Machines,     Victor Gramophones,  Edison Phonographs, and all the latest Records  -always in stosk.    Largest, collection of Records  m the Province.     - -       .      "   ���������  NOTE THESE PRICES  Vletor No. 1, $31,   Victor No. 2, $42.  Victor No. 3, $50, Victor Mo. 4, $63  Victor Victrola, Oak and Mahogany, 250  Edison Phonographs  from  19.50 to 250  i      We have Violins,   Mandolines, Guitars,  Banjoes, all priee-s to suit. all pockets, Sheet Music  m fact everything found in a first class Music store  You are welcome whether you buy or not.  call arid see^us when you are in tewn.  J. H. TODD'   Music Ho Uf <  419 Columbia Street, New Westmln ster, B. C.  ������:illlll!llll[|IHI!ll!l!il||HI!l  GIRLS wanted to work at the  FACTORY of the  lam  , Apply by letter to the Company at Mission City,  after June lst personally at the Factory.  NOTICE  FOR SALE, CHEAP-One heavy  Farm Wagon; One Cleveland Sewing machine, hew. Enquire a,t the      T- J-DeLair has been appointe1  Abbotsford Hotel. * | my  agent during my absence, en  titling  him  to collect and nav all  oills for me. k   y  " M  I  ������V-S  -\  ���������tfl  '%?  Watch  Abbotsford   GROW!  W. LYLE.


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