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 wr  J-tf������&  ..\ vv.^ i   -, '-.^**.  Provincial Library  illl '.',.  . -JJiV  ssr  V0L.IL, NaT7.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C., FRIDAY,    MAY ' 12, 1911  ; ^^9^^'^^?^fr%^5^  >8 $1.00 PER Y'B  r;  OUR  s.  *  Presents Trophey  TVuly, the reivarcis-'of those who  follow the strenuous game of soccer, football do not consist in bark  e:d skins and glory, only. This  fact was brought/home very forcibly to the1 members of our football' team last' Thursday' evening  when;- on- the invitation ofM r. C.  flill^fqut," the prfigiHerjt x>! ' t]\e  Abbotsford   Club/  they   sat -down  Vicc-Pres.���������H.   Alanson.    ���������'-  Mud   Vice-Pres.-A.  Tretheway.  Capt.-Cyril, Harrop,   re-elected  Vice-Capt.-J. A. McGowan,  Se,c-Treais.���������Mr.   Broiwri,  Th.e lP,??tiPMS tl������en resolved itself into a smoking concert to join  which several visitors dropped in  Songs were -given <by Messrs Ear-'  re-:, Hill-Tout" and McGowan. __11  songs had choruses, t^d all ehor-  ii Council  ' The regular council moet'ng w.-s  held in the municipal hall on Saturday, May 6 with all members of  the council present and the reeve  in  the  chair.  The. minutes of the previous meet  ing  were   adopted as read.  C'|omimuni,qations   were   received  ":U   follows;  '';  ���������From C   B. Hill-Tout offering to-  Ig TQHQLD YOUR TRADE  MS*??  W-9  UHe?4:up by the boys  "With a   verve, and gusto that "set  ^_          __        the   wild echoes flying.'?   Mr. Hill   Io������-and   aIash road .between  see-  toi"in excellent" supper in the Ma-   Tout  next  presented ' the cup    to   tion3'17' and* 8> township. 16 for 75c  pie  Leaf  Hall;   The  occasion  was   the   clu!b.   Jts   g}is&eiu_,g csuri^aqe" ?** rod. ���������    Accepted,  the   formal   presetbaition   of    th*   seemed to. exercise" a   very gtreng ������m'the   Mt.  Lehman  football  presentation of the challenge cup   attraction  over > Qajifc.' Ifarrop; so  which Abbotsford -ha's (so success-   on r.^u^'he was allowed to bear  *  *  I*, . -  ^i|  fully defended during the pa.gt sjea   il   ������H  m  triumph   toh   is  "vaca.nl  H Li.  very strong     ,   _  .. ��������� ������ ������   club asking use of grounds and die  |   LOW PRICES!  y  HIGH QUALITY!  f  ���������son,. Tables loaded with eatables  ot "all description attested not only  to the" liberality \pf Mr. Hill-Tout  ]^m(- also, in the words oft h<? Q������ ������������������  I'l.'e.oiatiyg .diners, ftp 'the "ba.ng������  iipness of the cook."  After toasts to,the King aindthe  Empire had 'been enthusiaslicaliy  drunk, Mr. Hill-Tout proposed the  toast "Our Visitors". These weri?-  visiling members of the Mt.' Lehman team who had so gallantly as-  in  room"   All  soon  followed, ful-1 of  football���������and   cake.  ��������� ���������--���������0���������   Fruit Tree Shipments  iFrom Fraser ''Valley Record )  J*  S. BROOKE,  ������  ABBOTSFORD,and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  ���������sisted Abbotsford in the - hard-- tW train he -was interviewed by a  fought battle with the .foyers of representative of this paper, and  '|v;eStniiuster. , Mr. Hill-Tout spoke asked if he had: anything for pub-1  *S?������ Jn .glowing: terms ^f the sportsman'.Ration ho began to tell about .the  $5*1 like manner in which the Mt. Lieh-" fruit tree shipments'^ titter pro-  man boys had ",played the game' vince��������� this 'year, ���������a^.tiag-' that it was  ^5 during the past season." -It is true t:>nd:r$urQted]j> 'th-& largest-(in- 'the  j������.l   they had been unable to wrest the   h *$������_*.# -qf the (province.  ������  cup "from the grasp of the Abbpts-  3 < ford .boys,  but they had.   demon'-  ;������< 6tr,ated  tft'eir lability (to play clean  ?%\  football, and  play it well.      , Ho  learned that they had recently added  some  "imported stock" to  hall on July 1st.   Laid'over.  From the Providence Orphanage  asking assistance.. Filed.  From the Fraser Valley Progress  ive Association tasking name of the  nominee,  on   general      comrnittef-.,  filled, ".    ,   '      ���������  From Lindsay Russell re poor con  --_���������.o  dition  of roads on his property at.  Last  week Mr   Torn Wilson, in-^ Clayburn.   Coun.- Cruickshank sta~  spector of fruit pests for the Don}-   l^'the desired work would,be com  inion   igoernment   was   ir,  Mission   P^ted ^   '^������rt timei   . ���������  1       .    > . From   Wm. Gurney and fourteer.  City   inspecting tfcft trees  al  the   othera   be.;nig \a   petition to   graut  C. P.  .^ Ration while waiting for   the' Mission  City Telephone Com-,  paiiy   the   right   to  instal   a   telephone system in Matsqui.   ThiB was'  laid   over  aiid inconnection thira-  ������������������with Coun^.-Aish-gave 'notice to introduce a1, by-law .at the next meet  ing  to .borrow money to  build    a'  municipal telephone system. '  '  ; From , Whiteside, Edmunds     and  Johnston, solicitors for J.'A. Morrison  claiming dmages for flooded  Tfee   shipments;  this  year 'came  .f-rom'  many   parts   of the   world;  from   Belgium,   Holland,   Framed;  the United Kingdom Japan and the   land- The elaim' oX dma&e'3 wa-s al-  Pnited  States.   During the month   lowed  and the aniount waS  to bc  ol April'alone,  V^ere. were  about   determined   by/ arbitraition.  E.W  Sumas Council  The regular meeting of the Su-  tea������' rnuiiicipal council was beld.oa  Saturday. Therp were ippe'sen't,  jReeve Angus Campbell aind Councillors D. McKenzie, C. Everett, L.  O. Samson ani/T. B. Straiton.  The minutes of the previous meet  ing  were 'adopted /ais read.  The following (bills were passeo  for payment;  ichool" Aeeourits=AB?U iRcjcJeus  tals, $26.30; W. G.Gaimble, April  salajy $60; G. Hamilton, April salary $50; N. B. McKnight, April sa)  ary $50. i  Municipal  Accounts���������Dr.   T.    A.  is not yet completed.  their team ^nd he was of opinion   1,000,000 tfe*% s^d shrubs.   During   Kin^   to   act  for the  Municipality  that if the Abbotsford captain wish   V?& 's.ea.s.pr.i, j,ust ended there     was  And   whereas   the   council  have   ed to continue to exhibit U\e, cup, ^om.ething like, 3^^,0.00 trees came  been generally and /severely criti  cized for not having said contracts  completed in the specified tirri'e.. l3  And w^epe ia,s the Council have  been hampered in dealing with Ml  to admiring v.Ulty^s he must be up through th-e ^tion.at Vancouver,  a^d clqing.'" Mr. Lehman in re.ply moat of which, was for this pro-  hig oii'behalf of the Mt.     Lehman. vince.  team,  characterised  our  team    a3      Q������  the shipments about 2,000,000  "true,   Upoa'ts'1   They   had   r.'w^v    came from the United States  anl  Munroe   on   account of his   being   ustd the Mr. Lehman boys right,   tne balance from. Europe and Jd-  government   road'foreman      and   he hoped that many friendly match-Pan-   It   wa.sa   mostly    ornamental  that  to  have crowded him might   es  would  take plaice between  the   tree^a t&at <&a*me from, Europe. He  and Mr. A. S. Murray 'for Mr. Morrison.  From Canadian Bank of Commer-  erce  acknowledging deposits ; .  Municipal Account $111.98; Trust  Account $32.42, School Account  $428.- 35  From  Mr   White,       engineer-in  chief' asking   what complaints the  council had to maike coneerning.the  have interfered with government  road work on the trunk roads of  the   municipality.  #nl flfliga-S U \i fM'ixiered that  i',l'P.   XHutfrV may be  aorjoLntRa  Mi  govejrivment  tins year.  may  be  appouitea  road   foreman ^   for  two towns during the coming, s^~ instanced this as showing the pros " ro^d crdf infs ������f 't^e.C-\N' Ry C������'  " "^ '^ perity  of the province  that      its      CounS Satche11 aJld Alsh Were ������r_  ' The inany speeches which follow r^ide^s   we������  in  a   position    to  .,* .r lM ***    ^ indulge m the) luxury of other than  ed   showed   that   our   boys   wer ������ ���������       "                          J       UIUC1 ""  tv    ���������    i.-               +v���������  ^.^ fruit tr^es. - Of course a   small pro  quite   enthusiastic   over the  pros- . oiuau ^iu  pects of their team.   They had tied PWtion of the trees coming in were  with the pick of Westminster.-, was *������* *���������fting  purposes.  Be it therefore resolved thatthiS   there   any   reason   *o*  supposing Tlie ^rees came ln on the whoiti  council strongiy disapprove of they, cp.ulci 'not hold their own dur- x ery clear of pests. There were  Mr. P. AIun;roe a.9 ^vermnent roaa ing* the ' coming 'season with any ' no ca8es of San Joae scale* but-ther  iOr'eraah" VvhJe   his  road  contract   team in the valley?      They could  Shrift, vaccine points, $7.35:    B. C.  'Ga^tte, "upiifljtingf   i)d<:ic^  $16.5fi;  J. W. Stewart, road work, $107.36, witii tiie municipality is uncomple- see none. Perhaps the most high-  Swan Peterson, ditching, $63; M ed-, " ' ( ly applauded address of the even  Murphy, ditching, '$3; Theo. Porter Samson-Everett, that James Mc. ing was delivered by Mr. Hayes  bounties, musk rats, $3; W. J. Fra- Adam b epaid $75.90 for 1002 fee' The graceful maanner in wh.ieh he  ser, fencing, i$1.20; 'Maples Mcican ������* ditch and that he be intructed responded, wlieft called upon, prov-  tile Co. wire fencing, $70; A. A. Sul to dig an additional ditch from e..^ that he was equally in his element in the field or at the festivt  board.  * The financial standing of the club  was then fully discu,g$ied. As the  ���������secretary   waa   not  present, Capt  were  a   few  of the trees slightly  affected.  There was one batch of 10,700 ros  dered to examine the various cross  ings arid formulate their complaints  at the next meeting.  From A. J. Hill re alleged faulty  survey.   Laid   over.  From J. F. Boyd stating he had  incurred a bill for road work for  $5.00. Referred to Coun. Cruick-  shank.  Assistant Clerk, Burnaby stating  salary  of official at  land re-  e.s  from the north of Ireland, and   Zl*tv*   offit:e   would be  _75'00   per  ftir.  Wilson said they were the fin-   7month-   The  clerk1��������� instructed  ttpad   work, $2.50; C. St.  G.   Yar- Carr  Creek,   west ,a   distance" ol  Wty 'tytyy' iRci'dent^ls $������'5.4,������V^ ������������������ut ^5(f JTebt.   '  Bi   Chudley,  bounties,  musk'rats Vamson-Everett   that   tenders be  $2.75; Columbian Co. printing $13.50 called to build a   four-wire     barb  W. Porter, road work, $63,75; J. W. fence  across   the McGregor ride-*  they  est stock of the kind he had ever  seeii come into the province, ^hey  were 22 days from date of .ship-  raent until they reached V~ncou-  ver.  It is only the American and :he  Japanese^ trees that need fumigation.   The trees from Europe were  iSte.waJrt,  /brijdge   rqpaii- ,/material,   on the north side o/th^Ve/road' JRawop! read -a   ^statement showing found  not  to require fumigation.  $4.5.; R. W.Uopks, road work $105 Cedar" posts with^ thAoe inch face 'the-club; was in debt to the; a^ The only disease the trees of Enron, each side of McGregor Ridge to mount of $55. Almost before he ope have are the Brown .Tailed  connect with the McGregor fence. had finished'our hustling .-real, ey- Moth���������a nest of immature cater-  Tenders' to be sent to the clerk tate agent, C. A. Sumner, got busy pi,lLars���������and the. Gipsey Moth -a  inside of ten days. Clerk to award with the l^a,t, and in a few mo- nest of eggs. But the trees this  contract. Work to be completed, rrseiita had collected $37.00,. This year were free from this,  by   next  council, meeting..     '   " - -    leaves  a   deficit of $18,     not      a The  majority ol the trees  were  Jas McAdam. moving fence, $25;  Iff, and )L K, Ifaips, bridge repairs  $\t; '6;'C; Kenny, cleaning and  fencing contract, $75.  ,Sanibon-McKenzie, whereas 'Mr.  F. Munr.oe was road foreman for  the provincial governmet <and al-  ������o   had  roa,d  contracts   fr,qm  the  Municipality''ift   the'year 1910.  Aucj whereas dtij of Mr.Munroe'd  contracts was only completed a-  ibout two weeks ago and the other  ' jgver^t;t-j|^cKenzie, that tenderfl  be' calfed for digging a ditch con  tinuing north from ditch on eatit  wide of Kenny road, about 30 rods  (Continued   on  Page   Two.)  large debt for a   young club- The apple  trees,  with  a   few carloads  members, then" proceeded to the.el- of peach trees.  cction  of officers and committee^  for the coming season. ~ 0-������������������  The   officers  chosen are; Sunday,  May   11th ,is   Mothers  Pres.-C, Hill-Tout,  re-elected. _,ay.   Wear   the 'white   carnation  to ascertain how this would be apportioned among the municipalities concerned.  Several sub-division plans were  presented for approval but only  one was accejjted, namely the west  erly 120 acres of N, W. 1-4 sec  tioii 7 township 16, the owners C.  Hili-Tout and V. E. Thompson hav  ing executed an .agreement with  the council, tho salient points of  which were; to /slash the roads 40  feet wide arid render'+hem fit for  vehicular travel when these roads  are demanded by actual sttlers on  the adjoining lands, and in default  the . municipality may undertake  the work and recover the cost in  the same manner as taxes, and they  further agreed that the municipality shall not 'be required to do any  (Continued   on   Page   Two.) ���������\\1  two  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  -THE ABSOTSFORD'POST  H.'t>Mt>ii*hed    every i Kuidtky    ky    the' .Post  ;*PiiWtahh _���������:Company.  ?������Y  <&Jg*Mf  ft)  w  Tur.  w  11)1  fn  i$������r  i  I  2-  3l  4  5  6  7  6  9  (0  ii  \l  13  14  15  16  I7|  18  19  20  21  22  23  24|  25  26  27  28  20  30  311  r-rwd  road   in  proper place  alter  it baa       .   .    . ,        ,- .      ...        ,  , provincial   government  will under  been   surveyed. ���������' to  , , . .  .'   . take   to   construct   dus road.  .       , , 0.   That a   further appropriation      ftvere.tt-Straiton,   ��������� tlia.c   $V5      be  "  ''   Avweel^J������ur������al ilcvoted U- tj_e int������r- 0f  $75.00 'be  made  towards   improv m-mmm-Tind   in  Wade   a    nortion  ��������� ��������� e-st������-of Aobotsi'ord and1 ������uu'Min������1mg <Ji.-;-                                                                        -1 appiopiiaueu   io   giauL   <i    puiuun  (, trtct. iu������   the;hall grounds  to   be spent ot  the div.ersIon 0f the   1'ale road  -  A.4vei-tls������������jf Rates- made know,    ii ap- under' the 'Supervision of     Walter _u.0ujrh''Starr's   place  throu������-h the  vpiication. -rowian.                                            , IWqmD   30'feet wider  LKGAt. ADVIBK.TtSl.NG���������.2 cents  per -swamp,  6U  leui  wiuci.  Ucofor flrst/'Hiseption, and'8 cents a una      '-,   That'the reev.e and clerk ,   be      That Elmer Mercer  be app-vln*--  for all ������ubHe*i'M������i>t oomiecutive insertions,   authorized - to  isign the   sub-divis-  ed   .pathrnaster   for   the   nor..horn  Our Sfcttboteth���������Noither for nor a_i������-   i'0n plan of part of lot 204, group 2   ,.,���������,_   01   Waird 3.  >ii������  government, township 16 -by the Clayburn Com-     ,Straiton-Sarnson,      that    . Elmer  "~ pany   when   conveyance   has  been Marccy's   tender   to   construct  the  made by thesadd company of the Uerz road for $180 be accepted,  strip 33 feet wide, along Uie north The clerk, .C. Sn. G. . u^v.od,'  "ob-ndary of the school lot in lieu handed in his resignation stating  of a strip .of'Similar width of the that under no circumstances wcu'd  Bcbool lot shown on the plan as tak he act as clerk after the end of the  en  for street purposes.  - current year.  Councillor Cruickshank reported Council adjourned to meet first  incerviewing Councillor McKenzie Saturuay in June.  of Sumas council re road south  lroni Abbotsford and will .report  'later 'what action Sumas council  ' will take. Tlie Reeve and Councillor 'Satchell reported that a .belter grade' 'could Ibe obtained on the  Barnes" Hill 'by "going 'farmer o Own  Liicniii.  Only one tender was received on     _    are, quietly* working:and planning   ^erdeen'or Giedhill roadin'\V������J  was' urged  by the attorneys i_  a  and expecf to' get real busv verv   "; !"-      ,��������� -   ������������������ laid 0VCr"      doS case to .help them out .Volum  and expect to get real busy veiy      The   usual   monthly   accounts   a-  mou8   evidencc waB .inlroduced   to  shortly...In   the   meantime; it      is   mounting   to   $1291.45   were  passed  sh(jW  LhaL the defendant had shot  mind to help-some-and make it   a   *ul' pivmunc. ,���������      . .. , ..      ., -    .    .  r u"":     . *      .'.,-,  the dog in -malice, while other evi-  The Cemelerj By-law, the Wiae _tllce went, to show that the dog  Tire By-law and the Temporary ]iad attacked defendant." Vest took  Loan Jby-larw were finally passed n0 Ijart jn the trial' and was not  and signed uy the Reeve ana clerk, disposed to .speak. The attorneys',  ' The Kate By-law was inu-ouueed hoWeVer urged Mm to speak. Be-  tiiu p-*a.d tlu xirdL, be.ona anJih3'ing thus urged,, he arose scanned  th.rU readings. Under this the the fa.ce of ,ca,ch juryman for Jt  r^ ua *e^ .-^opercy w,U be 10 m���������|tisnt and sa,id;  milifa; on. Wild Land id mills; for KQentlemen ol the jury, the best  school-purposes  21-2 jnills. , friend a   man has m?y'tiv n acams't  The-council 'adjourned to meet in him and become his enemy. His son  xrsnMr . m  B������Mi>,  EY  ������$ aafts  B.  Laiiiess  ���������FRIDAY, . MAY  12, ���������"1911  Abbotsford is. to celebrate the  i'2nd, Coronation' Day in royai  style-;"'The-'-committee ,!   appointed  i'mind-'.to help! a' little and'make it  day long'to������be'remembere'd by all  who come to help' celebrate that  auspicious occasion. v  What  are  you doing 'these  days  ' to  boost for' Abbotsford, and  get  - the town permanently on the map  iNo  town in the Fraser Vallev his'  ��������� J , jLiic   <juuii<.ix   aujuumcu   tu   meet in   ni.m   3I1U  DCCUUiii Jit's cuemj. xj-'  '��������� better   opportunity -of���������������������������"= coining   to   two weeks in the municipal hail at  or   daughter  that  he   has    reared  the  front  and 'showing that' it in  ���������the- field-.for a- big, share, of  the  business:;between. New   Westminster; and Chilliwack- than has Ab-  ��������� botsford.   Some  of  our neighbors  Jl o'clock a.m.  ���������SUMAS ^COUNCIL  (Continued. From Page One.)  with loving care may prove ..ungrateful. '.Those who are'nearest  and dearest to us, those whom' wo  trust with our happiness and our  good name, may become traitors  their faith. The money that a man  h- s h i m; y i.o.s. .   it 1 i~. a.v-,-.s i    iu  are; getting extremely 'busy those .'terrain- in  slough., Cie v:  outlet .               -        .       .       no.B ., ny���������ur  -,',..,         _, .           -               '   .       ,       ,.  ���������       ,      ���������   ,        ,         , h.in. perhaps when he needs it most  , days.and will run this town an av-   1,n 'slough 3:rods.. Tnders to      b������ . r        >���������  , ful lively .race for the business that   comPleted   in   30   days.   Spcsifica-  " rightly belongs here. We   do   not   tionf >'- "Ditch' ^ be four tee', wide.  .. . " .      -   on'^top, 18-inches wide  on  bott mi  'mention -" anyi place ' Barnes at   the , and three feet- dee,p.  "���������'"���������present- time1,  but put your ear to   Councillors-Samson   and   Straiton  the ground'and you.hiight be sur-  .were   'aijpo/ifnted   a-committee' to  ���������- prised to-hear.the rumbling of the' look" intothe' niatter of an outlet  for- D. O. Donnell on Ved.der Moun  ., MATSQUI  COUNCIL  (Continu.d-from Pa^3 One.)  *^������, ���������     ���������    sores ' that come in  the encounter  wilh   the roughness  of   the  world,  guards the sleep of his pauper mas'..  tor as if he were a   prince. When  all other friends depart he remains  A man's reputation riiay be sacri  ficed in a moment of ill considered  action. The*'people who are prone  to fail on'their, knees to do us honor when successes with us may be  the' first to th.ow tha stone of malice   when  failure settles  its  cloud  whPPlq'-nr   rho   nua ��������� *   '        t, i^r. _,. u.-jL������onneuon  veqaer moun 'u^on ourheads-  wheals   of- the- charts- as-  they ,tai,n,,back-of Dr.-Hacking's" place       "The   one   absolutely      unselfish  paw- -along   with  the capital      to      Eve(re{K--$ap,son,' that     G.       C. friend that man can  have  in   this  advertise1 aihd- boost.' All .   roads   Kenny   be'Vllowed $18.00 for  putt sulfish   world, the  one  that never  lead   to"  Abbotsford,   Grab before   ing the  culvert across the Kenny deserts   him,   the   one   chat   nev--r-  too .late.. They .should  sto.p here.   road: over :the ^ougK. ' Culvert 18 proves    ungrateful or treacherous   M                          feet,.long, 'two" feet 'stringers    on is his dog      A'man's dogstands by  ���������side, cover to be-not' less than six' him  in prosperty /and  in poverty,  inches-thick -covered with dirt     "2 and in health and in sickness.     lie  feet   deep. -Remove   cedar  stump will sleep on the cold ground, wher  Councillors  McKenzie and Everett the   wimtry   winds  ibloAV   and  the   ^���������������������������    w,ere   appo'lht'ed   a   committee   to _now drives fiercly, 'if only he may  ���������work  on the 'said roads  until'' the ' examine - and report on the bridge he  near his master's side.   He will  council thinks, the .amount, of taxes-at Mr.'A. Boley's.              " ^j-5S the hand that has no food     to  pa:d .warrants ,the   work.                       The  council  agreed to'meet'Mr. offer, be will lick the wounds and  In future-all owners of-land sub--Mackey,' V. V. & E. railway en-  mitting -plans of. -sub-divisions v^ill gineer on Wednesday/May 10th,  .be. .required to execute, similar ���������_- to ' discuss1 change" in road near Mr.  greements,  and  these, agreements-'tfiins.  will be "registered m the. Land'.Re- - Samson-'McKenzie/'thaf the plans  gi&try  office  as a   charge aga.nst-of;-'sub-division - south'east 1-4  of When richness take .wings and re.  thf, Ian    "                                         'section   22,' township 16, presented pucat.wn   falls  to qjieices  he   is   as  The_ following-resolutions    were  by   Lihdsay'Russell  be" appro ved putation  falls to 'pie'ees  he is    as  pasSl, '                   .                                  ;and' trie-4Reeve   be  authorized   to constant in his love a.s the sun in  1   That  the  clerk notify parties signsa.me on- condition  that      <he its  journeys through the heavens-  installing   telephone   systems   that'owners  of this sub-division     con- "'If  fortune  drives the"     master  they must  use poles according  to. struct   all  roads'called for' by the forth   an   outcast   in   the     .world  CT SSt'cobnl Lundeberg be auth'1^11  ^ ^ ������Wn ekPense-    .       ' ^endless and homeless, the faith-  brized to expend $130.00 I_f comX'^ S^JtOT-M^efiri6'   ^t   the lim ful    d������S    ****    no   higher      pri-  ing' the   grading  of the  -Sweenev Lt on the ^uantities ������f powder, stor vilcge   than that of accompanying  -Hill/  purchas "four  road' scrapers   e.d  in "ie warehouse of the B-     C. h.-m,   to  guard against   danger, to  grade  a   portion of the 'Hunting'   SaJ)e'ty   Powde^   company   be   re- fight  against his enemies.       And  don road and be allowed an appro- n'������V'cU for the year"1911- when the last .secene of all comes  priatio'n  of $1500 for road' work          McKenzie   Samson,   that  an  ap- and death takes his master in its  '<    Tt,,f p��������� ,������    c * u ii   i.         *    ��������� propnation of $300 be made for the embrace and the body is laid away  o,-ta to grade ������������?������������ ���������_ f 'T K������ad t0 *������ eXpMded "" ��������������� ������������ ������-l" ������~������������4. ������������ raa"-' ������ a������  on the tee road, -cancel V Perlus- JVf su"e"ls!on oI Pathnxaslci- all other friends .pursue their way  ������������������!. *������������������f.������������������. ������    .u    o    ,,'       , F. C. Brown. . u,orc'hy the grave side will the n.-  r9LThelrt           !?      TOadand     S^naon^lcKenzie,     that       the L dog'b, iound. hi. head between  maire the road ipassable for 'trails              -i    *                                 , ������������������   n   <.  and cal Ifor tenders for 'a   bi-d.e         T     Jtrongly recompiend     the his   paws, his  eyes  sad, but  open  * ���������,v ��������� ������.      i       u        I,           0i.*iet  construction uy tne provincial gov in  alert  walchfu.ness, faithful and  across the plough on the nver'road'eminent of the Vey road from the true even in death.'  th.  tenders to /be opened  at next'Yale road junction to the Vedder ���������,.       Vfq,   ��������� f flnv.T1    ���������p h.,_ 9n0  regular meeting                                       -.r       a.  ���������       ���������   ,               , Then  vest sat ,do\vii    1-1 e bu.u spo  i    ThTrl        p    ��������� ,   ���������    ,       _ . Mountaifl' as f18 l-������a'{ 13 '" ch' ���������������  ken in a   low voice without agos:-  -  1    That  Coun.  Cruickshank     .be  per place   a,nd  will be  the"   main He hiade no reference to the  authorized to engage a foreman at trunk" road when construct J. . |v.idence or the merits of the case  the  rate   of 331-3 cents  per hour     The council paid Rennie Ironside   wh n h3 fJnUh.d the julge and (he  w ':tMi Chafgue ������f r������ad WOrk in & CWb<e11 '$450 last year for jur wrre wiping the5r eyes^The  WardlH. and be allowed an"approj throwing .up'dirt on this road a:- ;��������� filed  0ut  butaoon  entered "  nation , of-,$2000 for s#d  work. lowance when they were construe-   with a   verdict of $500 for thephin  ' '-5. -?That Councillor Aish ha.ve ting, the B. C. Ele.ctric 'Railway. tiff whoae dog was shot, and' itis  some work done on Sim'road'by; JP. "grade and^ the council'wi'il appro- sajd some of the jurors wanted to  Olesoh's   farm   and' put'  the   Fore  .priate "'$500   more this year-if  th.e  h.:ng tiij defendnai",  SS  Saddlery- Hardware  Trunks "and Valises  P. O, Box 45  At-botsford, B. C.  ���������>^^^^^^$^_^_5_^^^_^^^^$^^S^^^^^^  TRIBUTE TO A DOG  One of the most eloquent tnbu'.ts  c\er- paid Lq a dog was delivcrr'i  by the' late Senator Vest  o fMLssouri some years ngo He  wfih attend n������-.court in a coun ry  town, and waiting for the trial of a  >o j   in   which   he 'wain in teres ted,.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  -  W.  Lyle,   I am prepared to give the  best of  satisfaction as to prices  and  comfortable rigs.      Stables open day  night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.  8c D. McK  Lm a  PROPS.  .���������>;  S^4^_)_______i___J  7=aisG  INSURANCE LOA^NS  Abbotsford Homesites  #^#^#'#^^^##^'?|?[#'5j|?       "   '  If yon are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in "town lots, acreage or farm  property  . see  Cv^/~\I A ji  V-Kt>f=  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  vertise in  ���������|* H^KK^H*^^������KKKKKHW 4  fC  ���������>  f P. 0. Box 58  1  Phone-Central  Telegram-rSiimner, Abbotsford, B. C.,'  T  I  ���������fl' f*i  1 mile.-from" Abbotsford,  Good :honse-and ��������� barn.  10 acres cleared.  Here' is a chance to ��������� double  Your:money at present' prices  fc i*<^t*<H^lH���������^ *  <%>  &Y  ���������M  riffiWMMMO&ltMMa d1  THE ABBOTSFORD Jt.OST,        ,-ABBOTSFORD, B. C  7;  .'-ri-'-j.jL::!.'.'^.^^!*  ���������*.. > i .^^..<Nk\.ai.i  __������  .1  :ents  CHURCH   SERVICES  7^mwBm^H3Bnasssm  Phosnix Assurance Co. of London, England  0  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  -British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  For your Insurance.      Fire time is coming' along.  -fr--*vg,~<n_r3T  P tl������T ������1WttM������������  'JUS.  ,>tfi*..������_ij __tv^if������ .-y-t^r-yF;  ssgnt3S5Si^'iiwTCw.;:viTiCgj^3c^  #/J^L-n.  3j__JLi  BBsasao  __BsswssEaaEaHEHBBH  iwaKaTmifflgm^ffiBffaaBmaEgB  ������m<������Mg������jBaai������g������BgMgHHg3������iWB������jaBaia-������M������aa  j Mcelroy & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor." Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.x,  CITY  Presbyteriani   .Church��������� ReV-    I    L.  Campbell;1 B. A., B. D. pastor.  ��������� ���������  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p-m.  Upper Sumas,-May 29, and every'  ��������� alternate-Sunday at 3 p.m.   '  ��������� ��������� Ci E.;--Wednesday->at'8'p.m.  ,.. '/.Sunday School, at 3 p.m.  *   Sunday School''every Sunday at  Presbyterian    Church���������Rev.   j#    _.  Alder.  ; Glenmore,, 11 a.m.  *"'    J .^hm.in, 2;'30 p.m.  Pine Grove, 8 p.'m'.  At Musselwaite .School"House-  Service  every  alternate  Sunday  at, 3 .p.m.  ��������� Sunday  school 'every Sunday at  2 p.m.  At Huntingdon School House-  Service   at  every alternate  Sunday  .  at  3  p.m.  " ,S.  S..- every Sundayat; 2;30 p.m.  CHURCH     OF"-ENGLAND-ST.  JV1ATT1IEW'.S-Rev.   C.   F.   Yates,  v-car-pro-fcem..  ��������� 'Abbotsford Services every Sunday  ai 11 a.m. and 7.30 p. m.  . ;'l-loly Communion.every:alternate'  .Sunuay. c-  , S. School1 .tiver.v Sundaywat 2.30.  ,  Choir, practice, Wednesday at 8  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my- numerous Patrons and  Friends that I. have taken into partnership Mr. J.  Clarkv late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co. and the  business will now be carried on as .  HORSESHOEING  &   BLACKSMITHING  We hope'by strict aHeniion to business to obtain a share of your patronage  MATSQUI   CEMETERY   BY-LAW  1895 /  AMENDMENT BY-LAW 1911  The   Reeve   and  Council  of  the  my brother is cook in this hotel  and he weighs two hundred pounds  and last week he wL'ped up this  dining'room   floor   with   a .fresh  e'as___2_  rh^rrVr,^T^^^^^,i^M������r5  ?GSS������  "'il.  ijfcflBMaMUMawratfsmw^^  ���������! ABB GTS FORD;- B. C;     -     ���������  '������������������ Strictly: first-class in every - respect.   .The. bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor,and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50  Tol$2.00   PER  DAY  .* ��������� j>        ill ������������������!!������������������!��������� ������������������   I    Mill   III    I I III II  Willi  H. FREEMAN,  ������__������  -uUfWU  .������....< ..������fcl^fcfc<  SKS  PROPRIETOR  33SE  ZE_____=3:  mismmmmmmiimmum^mss^smimmi^  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, ?*eef, .Veal, Pork-Sausages,   Wemies  and Balogna always on hand.     Fish every Thursday  .ABBOTSFORD  Feed I Grain  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  Cash paid for E������gs and Poultry   ,  Our prices are hard to  beat, call and inspect stock  ���������i  Eye Sight Specalist  Manufacturing Optician  Doea the Finest  Optical  Work.  Medical men and others  pay  tri-  butie to hiB skill.  793GranvilW St. .Vancou.cr  HARRON BROS.  tmbalmers and Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office  and chapel���������  ���������;���������:��������� 1034{Granville, .St.1*    Phone 3486  STorta Vancouver,        Office    and  ' ���������    chapel������������������116-2nd St.-Phone 134  WANTED TO PURCHASE  Forty - acres 'improved  "farm   in  the ���������Fraaer Valley,- with or without  house and buildings, convenient to  .station ,or landing. .Apply     to J.  H.:j Smith, Straiton,  B.   C        for  full  particulars,   first  letter.  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  Want   a   fc'epr-esenjtatjve      for  MISSION CITY,   B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as trueness to  name must be appreciated by the  Public or they would not have  helped-us-to increase our business  yearly since 1837, the date of our  establishment.  Our .firm's name lends prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStock  for SSpring 1911.  Write   for   full  particulars.  STONE & WELLINGTON  The iFonttiiil Nurseries.  'l6l:ON.TO,  !'���������!'..!  T'l       *" Ontario.  ASBOTSFOHB   POSTOFF1CE  Office houFS irom 8 a. m. to 7 p. m.  'Mail ,vor Peardonyille every Tuesday  and Saturday, 1 p. m-.  BU.Si.N.ESS,,DIRECTORY   OF  ���������ABBOTSFORD.  ������enercl Stores ���������  ' Autfejer Bros.  E.   Brooke  ���������   . ;  i  ^Hotels���������,.  -   Abbei-sJvord Hotel. H. Freeman, Prop.  Commercial, McElroy. &,Co.  Real   E3tate���������  ���������   T.-'W.'McGallum.  C A. Sumner & Co.   '  Bernau   & ' Husband,  '. J.   J.-- McPhee,  Auctioneers���������  J.  W. MeCallum '  FEED STORE���������  J.   Jt - Sparrow.  Creamery���������  5. J.  Bates,  Proprietor.  Hardware and Furniture���������  H.   Alanson.  Butchers���������  A.-'M. -King.  Livery" Stable���������  J.  E.  Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and. Confectioner���������  Lf"Le^;flce.  REST4IJRAN.T-  Con-ratl. Andersen.  Shoemakers^���������  ' 'M. H'auser. '  Board.of Trade���������-  J. W- M*8ei'luia, Secretary.  J. ..McMenemy.  Barber, bimj. Pool Room���������  Jos. Saadsa-aon.-  6. Iae-nos.  Tobajjrew and Novelties���������  J. V. Means.  Doctor��������� .  T.'A. Swift.  SA.DBL&KY   and   KaRDWARB-  B. J. 6-er������aey.  .  MERCHANT. TAILOR.  T. C. G<*e-gan.  SCRVEYORS  Henderson   and   Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG STORE.  MUSIC TEACHER-  Miss Alice Steed.  CONNTRACTOR  & BCJILP-R-.  A,  Everett.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER-    .  Geo. 25ei'gler.  Corporation, of the Municipality of- .dollair-nionth   travelling   man who  Matsqui   enacts , as   follows: tned   to   make   a   date   with   me,  That  the  Matsqui Cemetery By-   Now what'll you-have?"   ���������  Law  189D  bo 'amended by  striking      The  dapper little travelling man  out clause I. and substituting there   said he  was not very hungry, and  f01.; a cup .of coffee /and some hot cakes  That  a   Commissioner be       ap- .would   do.���������Western  Tours  Mag.  pointed annually toy the Council to .        ;~"������~  'manage the Cemetery at Mt.L'eh-      Ask your grocer for Abbotsford  man; also one for the cemetery at _ Creamery - Butter.   -..  Aldergrove and one for the cemet-  0 ���������  ery at Maple Grove. GET  WISE  ' That clause II. be struck out and If business is poor advertising  ;the"following (substituted therefor: will make it good.' If business is  That the salary to be paid to $qod advertising-will make it bet  each commissioner for the year  shall be Fifteen Dollars ($i5.00). -  This .may be cited for all purposes as tlie "Matsqui Cemetery1 By-  Law, 1895, Amendment By-Law,  Irtll, A. D."  Fassed the open council on. April  1st, 1911, A. D.  Reconsidered  and-finally passed  on the 6th Day. of 'May, 1911, ,A. D.  - WILLIAM  MERRYFIELD.6',  Reeve.  JAMES   GIBSON,  - ������* Clerk. "  ter.    - -.,.--  If your, 'business is doing, -well,  advertise to keep it so.' The o-.tier fellow is delighted when his com  petitor is 'a "dead one" arid has  it all figured out why he does not  have to 'advertise. "Doing business  on reputation is like trying to collect a bill twice because :t was an  honest bill. The other fellow is  just as keen on making reputation  as  you  are.  FOR SALE, CHEAP���������One heavy  Farm Wagon"; One Cleveland Sewing" machine, new. Enquire   tut the  ' HELD  HIM "FOR A  .WHILE  The   dapper  little travelling man Abbotsford Hotel.  glanced  at the menu and then he . ������^������ .  looked1 at     the     pretty     waitress.      The following notice was seen m  "Nice day little one," he'began. the   post office   yesterday;  "Yds it is," she answered, and  so..'\vas yesterday and my name' is  Ella,, and I .know I am a. iijttle.  peach 'amd have' 'blue' eyes; and 1  have been here quite a while, and  I like the 'place, 'and I don't think  I'm too nice 'a girl to be working  in a hotel,, if I did Fd quit my  job,a nd. hay wages are satifact-  ory and I don't, know ifi there is  any  show or dance' in town     to-  COME &  SEE  .the Football Match  .    SATURDAY-. MAY   I3TH   ;  THE. abbotsford  bantAMS  and  ��������� Mt. Lehman JR  3.30 P. M  night and if there is iJ    shall not go  with you, and I'm from the country J Partoa       L H McPhee     \V Moffat  and  I   am  a   respectable girl, and capt;nn Presdient  "______  VM^im-miMmssmssw  mM������3  __s_____^rae,^3  -1  | Do you want to purchase a good  TYPEWRITER   at  a very  IGYICK1 Co  Home Ave.    -   Mission City.  EMPLOYMENT     OFFICE  We buy Eggs, Chickens and  Pigs,  reasonable price? Been used  about a year and in excellent  condition; almost as good as new  Can be seen at^the office of  J. A. BATES, ���������������     ..  Huh Square      :     Mission City FOtfft  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,       ABBQTgFORD, B. C.  >m  A Carload of Carriages Just Arriqed. ,  A nice little cart with room for two  for .;.,.. $35 .  Al   Top   Buggies,   leather  trimmed,  for $105  First-class Market Wagons, two seats,  for $110  These prices are right for such goods and you  should call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere  H, ALANSON  1 __a___8SZ2SDl  When You are Trying the New  1  Electric Road Call on Us  Singer Sewing Machines, Victor Gramophones,  Edison Phonographs, and all the latest Records  always in stock,   Largest collection of Records  . in the Province.  NOTE THESE PRICES  Victor No. 1, $31,   Victor No. 2, $42.  Victor No. 3, $50, Victor No. 4, $63  Victor Victroia, Oak and Mahogany, 250  Edison Phonographs  fr@m  19.50 to 250  We have Violins, Mandolines, Guitars, Banjoes, all prices to suit all pockets, Sheet Music,  in fact everything found in & first class Musie.store  You are welcome whether you buy or not.  call and seejus when youfare in town.  J.H.TODD'S   Music House  419 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B. C  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL ' Messrs   Berneau   and      Husband  have taken larger and more corn-  Messrs H. and D. McKenzie have   modious   offices   in  the  Campbell  purchased   the   Livery  Stable  and   Iblock.   "Silyefrtips"   repojrts   but>i-  taken possession on the 5th of this   ness   booming   these   days,  month. _ ..0   ������ Messrs   Sumner   &  Co., put  the  Mr. H. Heath has purchased some   deal through for the livery stable.  property   in   Aibftotsford  iand   in-       '  0   tends to wride_he������ permanently,      Mr   j  H CameroxTof Upper Su-  mas and Mrs. Annie Johnson were  Mrs. William' Campbell returned   united   ih   marriage  in Chilliwack  home on Sunday last. jast week.  Mr. J. W. McCallum spent a few Mr-  P.  P. Halverson of Matsqui  days  in  Vancouver 'this week. was   seriously  injured in a   runa-  ���������O:  wav  at Sumas last week.  Mr. Williams of the Bank return-  edfr om his holidays on Monday. .*     -rw   n,   a*- i. .    ������  _, J ^"uu*jr. mr< j)   M> stirton was in Sumas  , last   week.  Mr.  George  Kerr left for  Hope  0   last Saturday to open un the new       %>       tv    a   ���������    x j ������  store there *>ew Westminster and Sumas are  '  " scheduled   to   play baseball        at  Sumas on Sunday.  Rumor has it that there  will be  onn   direct   telephone      communication.      WATCH HUNTINGDON GROW  between   Abbotsford   'and  Steam-      tw,���������   m    ,��������� , ���������  boat  Mountain.   Let  us Ho,pe   so.     -B0*N-To. Mr.  and Mrs.-Blatch.  1 ford   on  May 2nd, a daughter.  Mr. McCarthy who has been re- Mr. John Boyle of North Dakota  !eT!ng Mr- Brown a"d then     Mr is visiting his old friend Mr. Harry  Williams   at   the  Royal  Bank  left Freeman,   whom  he bad not seen  for Vancouver Tuesday evening. for  twenty  years.   Mr. Boyle sees  ���������-��������� " ������    - .������"   great future  ahead of Abbots-  Mr.   H.   A.  Howe   spent   a   few ford-  in   Vancouver  this   week.  ������-   ���������������������������- 0-  The   many  friends  of Mr.  John  Mr. J. E. Geary having disposed ^T "*��������� V" ������ T��������� '^ ^"'h������  of his livery .buLess-will Xba������ " qU " "?__!L ^^mevev  biy   leave   for  the  Klondyke  this       vr..    n, T    ,"-  summer.      He has (made many   a ��������� CIare���������*   Tingley-.of  Van-  friend here during Ms sLTsly,  MrTl^n" gS? ������W '^  may,  Mr. J. J. Sparrow on Thursday.  Dame Rumor says one of our  popular a.nd ismiling young men  will one Tuesday tend all his .worries and join the grant! army of  benedicts   at   New  Westminster.  Mr. "Larry" Chapman, our genial government1 fire warden will  make Abbotsford his headquarters  for the summer. We are all safe  from  danger  now.  Mr. Groves of Peardonville was  in town on Thursday looking hale  and hearty..  Ab.botflford is ' bound to be a  great'football town and the Bantams are the coming star players  Mr. J. V. Means gold some property recently in Sumas.  , ������������������-ooo   The Sumas News is sometimes  dated   for   Sunday.  / 0   The Chilliwack Progress is now  a   six column eight page paper.  Mr. and Mrs. George Ferguson  of South New Westminster were  in Abbotsford on Monday. George  says Abbotsford still looks good  to him. u    _,  ,    .  Mr,   Charles   Surnner   was   aery  busy   fellow   yesterday.  ���������- ooo   MATSQUI AGRICULTURAL "  AND HORTICULTURAL ASS'X.  The  Matsqui  Agricultural      and  Horticultural      Association has  been granted incorporation by the  Department of Agriculture, and a  meeting will be held inth e Glen-,  more school house oh Saturday,  May 13th at 8 p.m. Tor the purpose  of receiving reports from committees appointed to prepare prize  lists. It is the intention of the directors to make the fall exhibition  one of which ������ach person may well  be  proud.  Clayburn  is   organizing a   football' team. ...  ^  :'���������>���������'VV'������  Kft*  [M  m  ittt  :.*;-  ii,"V-  %A  Notice  ammmmiMMmmmaitm  CHANGE OF  LOCATION  The new factory of the  I3.ni vXXj  THE  COMPANY,  \  Matsqui   Hotel  MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a specialty of  home-like corr forts for Commercial  Travellers. Comfortable sitting-  room and   best of hotel   service  Cuisine Unexcelled.   *���������  Sates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W. T. LUCAS, Proprietor  i ���������_.  HOTEL ARRIVAL*  Commercial.  T. Williams, Vancouver.  W.  Haydin,  Vancouver.  T.   W.  Gardner. Vancouver.  N. Petriff, Vancouver.  T. Nash, Vancouver.  Patrich  E.   Coney,  Vancouver  Herrfry   B.-v'tefl, 'Vancouver.  H.  McKenzie, Vancouver.  A. McLennan,  Chilliwack.  J. A. McKenzie, Vancouver.  B. Ferguson,   City.  James 'McDonald, Vancouver.  F. H. Kirkland, Westminster.  E. O. White, Westminster.  John Meehan, Seattle.  W. C. Chancey, Vancouver.  O.  Fahey, Vancouver.  C. L. Akers, Vancouver.  ���������Sa^m   S&groos,   Vancouver.  John   Johnson,  City.  Henry Rutas, Vancouver.  II. -Anderson   Vancouver. ���������  W.  Hill,  Vancouver.  Abbotsford Hots!.  J.   Cosgrove,   Bellingham'.  C. M. Chibnall, M. P. City.  K   F. J. McElhern, Vancouver.  F. P.iM/\v.SumaB.  R. A   Nord' Spokane.  D. Golden, Everett.  H.   Bidlnke,   Vancouver.  C.   Somervitch,   Vancouver.  C.   Nickoff,   Vancouver.  T.   Hatery,. Spokane.  Chas Soole, Spokane.  W.   Stewart,   City.  C.  Salvador, Chilliwack.  Thos. Mason, Victoria,  G.  B. Clark, City.  M. J. Jackson, Vancouver.  Chas, R. Brown, Vancouver.  A.   McQueen,   Vancouver.  A. E. Nelson, Vancouver.  A. Brieff, Vancouver.  Sam   Glozer,   Bellinghajm.  Wm. Smith, Vancouver:  E.   West, Vancouver.  Mr.  and Mrs. James Dye,  Vancouver.  A.   Mathewson.   Vancouver.  A.   Holmes,  Vancouverr.  John  Boyle, Dakota.  W. McDonald, Kamloopa. *     .    ^,��������� ���������  G. Y. Spring, and wife, Vancou���������   &'���������  A.V are considered "just  Yer< ./ .'..*       TJ.ght.������,"  is to be located atAfISSION CITY,  B. Co and NOT at South Westminster, as previously announced.  All shipments and communications te   be addressed  MISSION CITY, B. ������.  Painting, Sign Writinj  Genef&J rgpah* work  J. E. PARTOSM  ibotsford  C  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  tea  Henderson &  Dance a Grand Success  (Frojn Fraser Valley Record)  The M. W. A. ball held on the. 5th ( a       ��������� ������.    i\/f ���������i   - r1       c      r*  x: \  _ ,r        , _. ,       . .   _,    ,    " (Associate   Members Can.   ooc. C. ������.)  of May at Matsqui m the hall, prov .  Civil Engineers  ed !a grand success, socially as  ���������well as financially. In spite of the  "bad weather prevailing on - that  date it turned out to be a lovely  night.   Mission  City,     Abfootsforl  NOTICE  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Sumas and other adjoining places OiTiec.next P.O. P. O. Box  "as well as the prairie were Wdll represented. The music which we#  given   by   Oppenshaw's .orchestra  off New 'Westminster was the beat T. J. DeLair has -been appoints)  <ever given in Matsqui. It is to be my agent during my 'absence, en'  ihoped the. dancers in Matsqui will c.uing him to collect and pary all  iiuve the privilege of dancing    to uilLs for me.  ;such good inus.c again in the near W. LYLE.  ifuture. "������������������    ' ��������� ' ' ' ���������'   ii���������n���������i������ii.i  The hall was most tastefulZ/jde^  corated to suit' the occasion and  the floor was as fine as glass, Che  Doys having taken careful pains to  make the floor the best possible.  The floor managers played their  part to perfection.  About twenty or more attended  .tihe'toall from Mission City and all  report having had a   good time.  The M. W. A. are to be'e-'mgrat-  oJated  upon  the excellent supper .     ~~       "    ~~~  provided their guests. Gall and get prices.  With the Matsqui people the M. Ali , ,     '_'  ��������� m All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -      5. C.  '.:'-Ge61'-':Ze'igIe?:'.-'  Carriage, House  ahd Sign Paint@p  m  ^^S^^SI^i^^������^^^


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