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 '���������-'VI   !/(,,.  ^6W -^  f(v'      AFfl o 4^  \  V^S^5IA,J^  Vol.If., No. 21.  ABBOTSFORD, B.C., FRIDAY; MARCH, 31, 1911  ������4B������*8 $1.00, PER YEAR  ������������ i'$? %^ ^ tfk? ^ ���������% ���������% ^ ���������$? ^ ^ ^ ?$? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ <$? 9$? ^ ^ ^ $&'  c  <#*  <*<  .*������  >$������>  *|  1 (V1  #  *  FAC  Come in and  We are showing, the best suit (shirt and  drawers) of Men's Underwearfpr 50 cents in B. C.  Ladies be sure to ask and see our Ribbon's at  10 c per yd.  m  6-  Special for Monday and Tuesday only  ROBIN HOOD FLOUR  $1.50 per sack.  ASK  TO  S. BROOKE  **  SOLE'.r;-  <y     OWNER  D. W. TURNBULL'S OLD STAND  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  i^d^:-^^^a^4^(^^d^54������>4i56d^>^^^  Matsqill Association      Will Pay Official Visit      A Pleasant Evening  .A meeting of the Matsqui Agricultural and Horticultural Society was held in thc Glonmoro  school house ion Saturday evening'  March 25th at which a constitution was drawn up and adopted.  It was decided to hold an annual  fair and live" stock show, the date'  'to be set later.  The rules .and .regulations to  go\ern the same were adopted and  followingcommitte-'es were appointed to-prepare prize list for the  various; divisions ; .  Horses���������A.'jJ. Morrison, Wm.Khk  Patrick (and'A. L. Bates.  Cattle���������H.-j\F. P^ge, D. Sog'ren,  and J. W. Taylor.  Sheep and Swine-^W. (Elliott, W ,  Towlan and E. G. Westlow.  Poultry���������R:-Owens, T. H. Lehman '  and A. ,Grillis...  .  Daiiy. Produce���������A., W. Ward, C '  T.  Pur'ver, C'. A. Gustafson.  Vegetables and Field Produce���������'  W. E. -Bates, -B. White and H. R "  Phillips. .     ' : N  .  Fruit 'and Flowrrs���������W. Merry'field"  il. R. Phillies and R. Owen.  Lades'Work���������The   secretary was;  "Tlie JRightRev! A. W. Depencier,  Bishop of New Westminster, will  pay a,n official vis'it to'Abbotsford  on Saturday, April .1st., remaining   until   Sunday .afternoon.  At the Sunday morning ser\ice  the Bishop will formally open and  consecrate the new chancel addition, andwill also adminsLer the  rite of confirmation to a 'number  of candidates.  It is expected that the new veat-  nients ordered .from Toronto for  tiie- men's surplice choir will be  here i.n time to use on that occasion. The ladies of the local W. A.'  having already made nejessary.  vestments for the .boys and girls  While h:r , the Ii hip Will prob  il  ly consult with the church of:'i ers  .n regard to the appointment of a  resident vicar, the Rev. Mr. Yates  , who has been filling the vacancy  for v.he past few months, expects  to , retrun  to   hiis   own  parish ' of  Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Howe were at  home to a   large number of friends'  at the-'r new home on Wednesday  '���������������,",n,'nsr.   Cards,   music  and  dancing   provided   a   delightful  evening's lentcrtain'mlent. -,    \   Among  hose   present  were;  Mr.  <������nd Mrs. MfiGqwan, Mr. and  Mrs.   We'r, Mr. and  Mrs. ���������  -Victor ���������  Harrow, Mr. and Mrs. Eby, Dr. and  Mrs.  Swift, Mr. and fMrs. Coogan,  r.   and   Mrs.    Zeigler,      Mr  and  Mrs.   Percy   Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.  S.  J. Bates, Mrs. Heath, Mrt������. ,Mc-  Menemy, Mrs. Edson, Mrs. Taylor,  Mrs. McKinnon, Miss Hjlda Nelson,"  Miss Anna Nelson, Miss' Mabel Nelson, Miss Amy Heath, Mi33 Annie  McCal'uhn, Miss Bi.?mchel McCallum',  Miss Margaret McMillan; and Miss  Bell   Elliott;  and Mr.  Morley, Mr.  Williams, Mr. M. 'Brown, Mr. John  McCallum, Mr. H. Nixon, Mr. Lowers, Mr. Kerr, Mr. E. Brown, Mr. B  - J. Ge'rnaey, Mr:'Jack McLean, Mr,  Golden   immediately   after  Easter' B.  Bcotavold, Mr. Black, Mr. Bar-  rett.  WHAT ABBOTSFORD NEEDS,  A-itibofcsford  '5n   the   making   re-  ' Mrs.   McKinnon ;and  Miss  Hilda  Nelson received the Ladies' prtnes  Dr.   S.wift  and  Mr.   Morley,,    the  instructed .to  request  the   ladies-quires; ' - gentlemen's   prizes;   and      Messrs  Institute to,-appoint .a   committee '   1.   More manufacturing concerns   Eby and McCailluml the consolation  of -three  to- prepare -a,' prize  lis*:  ti '2.   The   completion  of the  Fra-  -.  The pleasant gathering broke up"  ror-������thlsVdiv&<6ji: -1;- ^^^.^U^Jifv .Valley Auto ,?.?.ut.e-      ...... at an early hour.all wish ng, as thry :-  School  Work���������Trustees . ' Merry-'    3.   The Matsqui-Sumas Fall Fair"J wended "their "wa.y^'home::that''thVy-'':"  field,. P./Ross and P..Conroy. 4.   Good   advertising '.majtter for- c:oul(i. ggent mor&  eVen-ngs' thus.:     '  Sports-W. j. Marsh, P. Jaekman   enquiring .settler's."  and J. Gibson. '  ,   . ' 5.. The  vacant land close to the  The next .meeting will be held in   town  a11 settled.  Gk nm'ore (school house.   The sec-      ^.Finally,   incorporation. ���������"   OOO���������" ':  AN  EXPERTS  SPEAKS  The March number of the E. C.  Fruit Magazine, Thomas Cunningham. Inspector of Pests, ifter stating that the Reciprocity Agreement'is one of the biggest blunders   a.^ower   ,sp<-(y\\      Early  over made toy lany government in ���������onth X exPect to 'rePeat  the history of ithe Dominion, says;  My first objection 'to the reciprocity agreement is .thait it discriminates unfairly 'against British   Columbia  fruit-growers  had'some experience of this in my  early  life. ��������� \  The  British Columbia ifruit-grow  er is still obliged to pay duty on  many of his implements. During  -.he present week I have had to  put up a   hundred dollars duty on  ~    "     'next  the  process.  Last summer we paid two  mmdred dollars duty on two power  ispraying   machines.   That      a-  retary will give a/t least one "week's  notice of this date,   o   Silver Medal Contest  The fifth Silver inedal contest  was held by"the ladies of the' W. C.  T. U. on Monday evening last with  a   good attendance.  The medals were .won iby the f ol-  .Av.iig; " \  Seniors���������<Mrs. Stinson. There  were'(three   qohrpetitoirs.   i(.  Intermediate,���������;Mis's Lulu Zeigler  with   three  competitors.   ~  ,    FAITH IN ABBOTSFORD  What faith have you in your  town? Mr. C. A. iSumner appears  to have unbounded fa^th in Abbotsford, and is doing his share to  boost the town. He' has been busy  distributing freely- 'among the  citizens  some envelopes with    the   ooo .  Quarterfy commum'on u service  will be held on Sunday In the Presbyterian church-both morning and  evening services.  Sold His Interest  Mr. D. M. Stirton, of the B. ���������"..  Safety Powder company has acid  his interests in the Canadian Patent  but   will   retain  the   managersihjp  the- following nifty' saying printed   here fop 8ometime ,to come, but ex-  ,.    . .... . , - Juniors���������Miss 'Emily Alder  with  mounts to an expenditure of four  four/Competitor's. '   ooo   THREE PETTY ROBERIES  Three  robberies (in our town in  hundred dollars, which the Amerir  We   had   no  agricultural  .policy can  fruit-grower will not have'to  worth  the  name until the advent expend, so there is that much in his  of    the    McBride        government, favor.  Since   that  eventful day  we have Then aga^.n the insecticides. We   foue  days is a   bit hot.. On Wed-  been making  very raipid progress have to pay duty on fungicides and   nesday   evening   someone  hit   thc  in    all    lines    of  .agricultural   de- insecticides,   ranging all  the   way   B.  C. E. R. till and secured about  velopment, horticultural   of  course from   20  to  25  per  cent.,  and  yet   ,j;2.00 in cash. Then on another oc-   sharp in Sumner's office with   the   factory to all.concerned.  in large letters above where the  address is ' usually . written���������"All  Roads Leaid to lAbbotsford" Now  :f you want 1a few of these you  best call on toijm for them.  If "All Roads Lead to AbboLs-  ford'' then the place must be a centre, are the fljdeais that these envelops suggest. Help along a  good idea andiSee Sumner.   ooo   CRICKET   CLUB   MEET  to go to Juneau in the fall.  LLonite is a .powerful explcive  bnt at the same time an entirely  safe one. It ,is .claimed for this  that it will not freeze so requires  no thawing. There /are no danger  ous- or obnoxious fumes' about it  and that there .would not be a  headache in a ton 'of it, which is  or should be interesting news to  those who blast in mines. The air  is perfectly clear, Several "i.tests  \. meeting has been (called for for the purpose of exhibition have  Saturday,' April  1st -at      8  p.   m    been made and turned out satis-  BRANCHING   OUT  Report  has jt that the firm'   of  Messrs McPhee & Kerr intend opening   a   store  at Hope.   The  lot  has alreadybeen purchased and the  BOARD OF, TRADE MEETS  taking the lead. ' meet, our competitors upon   equia  The British Columbia fruit- grounds. Surely there can ;be no-  grower in most icases is obliged th'ng fair aibout this.  to clear his land and spend a year There is a silver lin/ng in the  or two in getting out stumps and cloud, however���������that is, the pros-  roots and sweetening the soil in pect of the government who a-  preparation for his 'trees. Tou greed to this unfortunate arrange or not  wili thus see that the initial ex- input, sealed its own doom  ponses incurred in planting an or- and when the opposition comes in-  'chard'in British iColumbi.a are great to power, the chances are that our  ly in 'excess of our competitors. ' V;^t;'V''uri'sts   anc^   horticulturists  So   far as  our  British Columbia will  be abundantly iprotected, pro-  markets are concerned Ave may not babiy   better than before.  suffer very much/from competition      As  far as regards the policy of   store   building   to   be   commenced  but  when we, meet our American the   British  Columbia government -early next month,  competitors in what justly belongs I am glad ,to state for your infor-   ~~-~~~~~?-'    >~~~~v^v~v~v~  to  Canadians  (I   refer to the tier mation that we shall go on plant-   that  are now .being planted-shall   that  affect the future of Abbots  of provinces east of British Colum- ing   very select varieties  of fruit  have come into 'bearing (and I am   ford   We want to "make it a   town  bi.uj,  we nnd ia.   very unfortunate We shall spare no efforts in put-  glad to say there are many, as is   .--Abbotsford���������6,000���������1911.  condition of affairs. ting  the orchards (of British Col-  shown  by  the returns  of  inspec- ��������� 00������������������������  Another   object:'(on, to   the   pro- umbia in a   perfectly,sanitary con-   tion   for 1910, when 3,770,470 trees   .'.'.'The d.ncing cla>ss hdd by Mr. T.  posed rec;procal agreement is that dition and thus improve the quality,  and" plants,  passed through      the   McEiroy in the Maple   Leaf Hall   on  it tends to the introduction of free of  British. Columbia fruit.       This   inspecting ���������station .at     Vancouver)   VV/ednesday   even ngs  is    a   grand  trade, and if there is any po.itical tem-porary   backia(et AvAll not,      I   we   shall''have'.'a   government   at   success.   The number of pupils are  hereby .thai lias ibeen a   curse   to think, discourage the, intending set  Ottawa fully committed to the pro-   increasing and coming to the school  Canada it is that of'.Free, Trade.   I tiers,   for. Jpmg 'before the     tre,es -lection of the Canadian producer.      lor miles around.  -ooo   TO BEGIN WORK ON STATION  Contractor McQuarrie, of .Vancouver, who has the contract for  our  new  C. P.  R. station was  in  casion the butcher's till was made j.doa of starting the*- AJbJbo.tsford  vacant to a certain amount - in Cricket club. It is -hoped, that all  broad   daylight. Another tlrae   who  are interested in cricket wiill  the barber .suffered. ��������� ,put   in  an  appearance.   With   tho  It   is not-,known  whether     *he   united effots of all a   strong club  same  party ,is iguilty  of' ail force   can bo formed for this'little town   town   yesterday.   He has1 ordered  and  it id believed there are isome   the   lumber and .will  begin  work  in town who can handle the willow,   shortly.   He   says that     Jie      has  heard a   great deal about Abbots  ford and now) aince he has seen it,  . The regular monthly meeting.of   he   believes it is  the only  inland  the Sumas-Matsqui Board of Trade   tou-n  [n the Fraser Valley with a  will ;be held In the rooms on AIoi..-  future.  day 'evening at 8 ;jp.m. It is hoped  that all mem bier s will attend. Turn      Messrs   Alahson  and .Tretheway  out and dsicuss the broad qucs ion3   who were appointed by the school  board to revise'..the assessment for  the town have completed their  work and the iboard will meet soon  when all will know what sphooltax  ts  they will have to pay.  The Ladies Aid of the Presbyter  ian church met ;on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Percy  .Wilson.; '[ .-'.   i.  <���������. IV  _. <->'>o   ���������'...ili'V1 fW(3  THE ABBOTSFORD t^OST,  ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  I'!  THE ABBOTSFORD -POST  PubMatiMl    evwy    Kriday    by    the    Post  Publtehing Company.  A weekly Journal devoted ������<������������������ the inter-  e-ta of A&botaford and suk -������ncHng district.  Advertising Ratos made know, 'n application.  LKGA1. ADVERTISING���������12  cents   per  lin* for'first Insertion, and 8 cenm a line  for all subsequent consecutive Insertions.  Our Shibboleth���������-Neither for nor agin'  tha   <Sov������rnraaut.  li^HH  m  0JL7  18!  moss around Abbotsford, we want lightly.. toasted  on  one  side turn  ,;        '        ,       4. and toast the other. The cheese will  c-iii.��������� m and lots of th m. The boost ������d^elted enough and themar-  er ought to make things move to- maJade just warmed enough to be  wards  prosperity, and give every deilciously   appetizing.  enterprise   encouragement, and he      To   clean  white  kid   gloves,    if  ou-ht to make things move quick'y they  are not Gained, only soiled  ought to mane         b              h uttle  .sweet ,milk,   apeice  But   tt seems that like a   prophet "^^^ ^^ ^^ ^ fche  the booster has no standing in his ^^   Qn  the  handj   and  put  the-  own   community,  but'   .mostly.      a flannel   tightly  over-your   finger,  knocker can get a   fair-sized aud- dip it in the milk to moisten     it  fence on "Knockers' Corner" at al- a   very  little   rub the -soap, on it  ' ^ ������ t rV,P rlav    or and rub the gloves gently,  moat any old time of the day    or  . J, GERNAEY  &  arhe'ss  The  ihifr,   almost   any   day   in  the  kid must, not 'be wet through.  few years-  ��������� four   score  years.  FRIDAY.    MARCH   31     191!  Have you registered your vote?  If not get busy right away. J(  there should be 'a federal election  this fall the May voters' list will be  used.. Every British subject is entitled to vote at all-elections and  ' should exercise his franchise when  opportunity permits him. _  ������������������'   ' ���������- ooo   ���������    Borden has not resigned, and had  no   intentionof  resigning.   He  is a  far seeing  politician  and   saw  his  '���������������'iriortun:iy of uniting the Conservative party.   The'question of reciprocity has claimed as backers     a  number  of  good old-time  Conser-  \atives and Borden knowsit. There  were dissensions, so to say in the  ,r-nk and file'of the party���������this dis-  ���������sension would mean the destruction  of the party and the returu  of /t-tie Liberals and reciprocity to  power   again,      Borden's  resgina-  tion   blutf: was  nothing  more nor  less  than a   clever     organization  scheme to unite his party.   He ran  the bluff, his party were unable to  call hun.   He called them however  and now should an election materialize this fall, he will receive  the  } acking   of  his  party   as  a    body.  There  are' tricks in every trade  except  ours.   ooo   Reic^Rrocity is not popular in B.  C. It hits vth;e giant infant' industry ofthisprovince���������the fruit grow  ing industry.  ���������evening,   almost   any   ������������j   "���������   ��������� ,   jn cutting out dress'.patterns it  week. -is often difficult to find a   piece of  Th's life lasts at the best but   a   paper large enough, and one may  ,_three .score and ten or  not happen to have any paste at  ,   three scor ^^ wWch to jom the piece9  The  next life ^ ^ ^ emergency lf you' have  we  are told from the Good Book &   ^^   oI cold ,DOiied potato    it  and  the .pulpit lasts  for eternity, ^tfianswer   the .purpose  fully   as  Further, that in Heaven the angels well as paste.   Rub the potato ov-  U1U"M'                                            . Tf the ed^es to be  oined and press  sounding   eternal praises.   If ^������Zy together.     *  so, land there is no reason ^^^  Unenwindow shades     bc-  for doubting, there jean be noplace ccme to(j fioiJed for use they may  in the happy eternity for thc b������i,g aUer being, washed, bleached   and  knocker, for -like fche chameleon he ironed,  be "utilized as a   covering  ���������       . .         ,        ���������,.   thP for an invalid's armchair, thc linen  cannot   change   h.  color,   or   the fox ������ ^^ ^ ^  ^.^.^  The cover should be cut in two  p.^ces���������one for the scat c and on*  lor the.back of the chair, and the   o ������������������. edges feathers-stitched in .white or  Maybe   the  editor'does  not be-  a   dainty color.   Such a   cover w. 11  Harness Saddlery Hardware  Trunks and Valises  Abbotsford, B. C.  P.O. Box 45  a re  that be  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, I am prepared to give the  best, of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables open day  night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.  leopard his spots.  DOBS THIS HIT YOU?  J. E. GEARY, prop.  first  long to your church or lodge or wear and iaunder for years  agree wi,th you politically*��������� -flays To cjean white fur-cloth  an exchange, but he is doing a bj.u8h 'the, g.arment to get all the  lot more than you have dreamed duflt out. then d.i,p a perfectly  oi   doing to keep  your town  and   c]ean eponge i,n lalcohol and wash  t >jn<> .'thoroughly. <White it .is.  still wet sift into it all the powder  ed starch it will1 hold. Mix fine  borax with the istanch in the pro-  district on the tmap. . And- ��������� he  can't keep it in glowing colors and  buy Venetian red to do it .with forever unless he is a man of independent fortune. If he's the right  sort he won'task you to subscribe  or advertijse unless .you get 100  cents on the dollar, but he can sing  the town's virtues in a much cle'ir  er tenor if his advertising columns  are well filled and the citizens occasionally help him by telling him  the news, instead of criticising him  because he does not happen to sec.  things--as some of them do.  GREAT INCREASE IN  BEE-KEEPING 'INDUSTRY  portion of one! part borax to f nree  of starch. Put the- garment a-  way in a box, free from dust and  leave.three days; and then take it  out and -beatand brush out all 1he  starch.   ooo   THE VOTING WOMAN  The   day, had come  when  Mary  Ann could go and vote just like   a  man.   She dreamed about that day.  for  years,'had prayed for it with  and  now      'twas  LOANS  sighs   and  tears   o  her's the sacred (boon of voting; so  An   illistrated     phamphlet      of just afternoon, she .to the boudoir  some  fifty pajres dealing with the dhnbed   the stair,' for  that great  subject   of  bee-keeping in   British junction   to   prepare.   She .   firs'!  Columbia has just been issued   .by tried on her dress' of blue, then rfhe;  the   department of agriculture.  It thought   that it would never do,  is the work of F. Dundas Todd who ������vvhen- woman votes," she mused;  is an expert on the subject and.-it ������j   gUe,3S   she  ought ito   wear    a-  contains   all  the  information  that sober  dress; that new pink gown  could be desired by any person who i8 most too light; the brown one^  wiishesvto   go   into f this   industry. makes  me Beem a   fright.   I'd like!  Most  of  the phamphlet  is of      a to know what Mrs. Bowles decides  technical character, designed to be on wear; the polls." She called  INSURANCE  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acre-  age or farm  property' -      '  see  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  Where does "the Booster" stand  In the community? " Who is the  Booster and hovv many are there  amqng us? .Several years ago  there was a very ipo,pular saying  throughout the 'province, "If you  can't b.bost, don't knock" It was  popular because, one of our public  men was credited with repeating  itb tefora a public audience. Then  throughout the province there were  organized Booster Clubs but they  appear to all have died a natural  death. . No -reason .pan foe assigned  for this than the other* saying,  'Knock and knocks with  you: Boost <and you boost alone."  Most people like a crowd. Few  of us like to stand on the pinnacle  alone.   All   like  an  audience.  But honestly .without any joking would it not b ea good idea  . if the people of Abbotsford got together and formed, a .Booster Club  with a xnpttp like this���������"Abbots-  ford-6,U00-1914������ Wouldn't it be  worth while to try? The situation  the inducements in the . way of  cheap sites, cheap ,po.wer and excellent (shipping faciliities with an  ideal climate, would lead us to believe the goods can be delivered.  Who will is-e.t-the iball a-rolling?  They say a. rolling stone gathers  no moss.   Well we,do not want any,  T  f  6i 'Strictly practical value, but  there are, nevertheless, some factb  in it which'will be of interest to  the general public, and copies of  the phamphlet may be had oh appii  cation to the department of agriculture, i  ��������� ���������ooo��������� '���������  HOUSEHOLD NOTES.  To clean a veil take one pint of  wood alcohol and iput into ������v *glass  jar;, drop veil into'jar,-cover and  shake thoroughly for *evenal minutes. Remove veil, squeezing gently and allowing the dripping to  drop back into vessel. Shake in  the open air and draw into ishape  on a   round, .perfectly cleanatick.        ---    .  ,   ._i,f_  ^���������L-    ,4. _  **. '   4.        4. and his faithful wife, aged eighty-  It is a   difficult matter to cut a-   a������" "                    ������������������  ...       -,      ,          . seven,  were returning from     the  way  the material nn-der  lace    in- f"     . ..   ..      ,.   ���������������������������   m-un v,j  I.          .,., ���������    .             .                    ��������� bur al of their only eon, who had  sertion   without i&evering  a wrong u.   "                      ,.   .    ft,_QO mu  ,                            ���������                ������������������  ������ d:ed at the age\of'sixty-three. Ihe  thread unless means of overcoming f^4, tfking his loss     very _  the   trouble  be .employed    Use   a ^                    t ^ ^ mothfir     t j  piece^of cardboard four xnches long ^ ^ ^ &nd ^ y  rounded  at one end.acd cut w.ide t|T.     ... _ ai ,���������_ PaBtnflVm. ���������  that lady up by phone; came back  an answer with a groan; "I real  ly don't know what to^wear; the..  .girl is "doing np my hair." So Maryl ���������  Ann in frenzied haste, put,on a yellow skirt and waist, ere she remem'.  hered she had no hat. to wear with.  such a, r!.g as that. The long  hours passed with leaden feet; at  last she toddled down the.street,  where the voting booths were plac  ed. "How do I vote?'! .she asked  fin hastei Then said the watchman  rwirple-nosed; "You've come too  la*e;'--the polls are closed."���������Walt-  Mason.  Mr. Johnsing, aged ninety years,  CO  C.A. SU  f P. 0. Box 58   .. Phone Central  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C.  f  t  f  i  T  T  ?  T  T  mile trom Abbotsford,  Good house and barn,  acres cleared.  t  I  T  T  f  T  t  4  I  X  T  ennough to sliip along between  lace and the material. This will  make the work easier and safer.  My white enameled bed became  very muchjsoiled ������and a friend advised washing it- with soda water.  She disolvesorie teaspoonful of baking soda in one pinf. of wairm water, and, after .was'hipg the bed  with a soft cloth 'saturated with  the solution, wipes 'it off with a  dry one. This .'treatment will  clean any whitejenapieled furniture?  Make small, dainty sandwiches  apread with butter Jand a layer of  marmalade or thinly isliced cheese  Put them on pie tines and then under your gas hauler,, and       when  "It ain't iso sudden, Rastua.You  know I always isaid we'd never  raise dat chile."   ,   ooo   Teacher���������Jimmie, what is an island?  Jimmie���������"The   Island,1    sir?     .  Tecchcr���������What  do you know a-  .boot  ilThe Inland1'?  Jimmie���������I   know   a   lot  ojf^ people from there and the most of the  younger men know more  and do  jess  than anyone I   know of���������except it be- \.i^M  Techer���������That will do, that will  do. I see you know all about it. ;  When you bury an evil habit  not visit the grave too often.  T  f  t  i  Here is a chance to  double  Your money at present prices A  T  T  t  i  ���������!���������.  ifiA ������������������-������������������:...������.'��������� T  -r-win qf  THE ABBOTSFORD *OST,  ' ABBOTSFORD, B. C  V  '  rzsr  e are  s  CHURCH  SERVIC-ES  TJIE HAREM SKIRT'S  SHORT   HISTORY,  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  .... SEEi. SUMNER-     ���������  i"  For' your Insurance.      Fire time is coming.along.  Presbyterian    Church���������j^ev      j   ^  Campbell, B. A., B. D. pastor.  AbbotsTord, U a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Upper Sumas, May 29, and every  alternate Sunday at. 3 p.m.,'  C. E., Wednesday at 8 p.m.  Sunday School at' 3 p. m.  and    its   predecessor,   the   Extinguisher,   which  hid -all   but the    tip  '��������� .of-the wearer's nose, were chiefly  Toronto   has   seen   (he      Harem'   worn  by the ladies connected u <th  skirt and having seen it, was pro-   Hie   stage.   There   was   also   gen-  bably   able 'to Understand  why' a   *ral   rebellion  from the  ,   .       ,    '  .        . tablidhhig   "little  girl" frocks. The  prominent citizen m Rome ommlt   ���������ry8ipela8   veil|  one   of   the   most  tvu  su'eide because his  wife -   and  Sunday  School 'every Sunday at   daughters .insisted   in   wearing  it.  aiufymPlf^em'wiv^BaBm,w^wf:iB,vsw7mF-n  j Mcelroy & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES   AND    CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Presbyterian    Church���������Rev    j ���������  q_  Alder.  Glenmore,  11 a.m.  ' -hmn'n. 2;30 p.m.  ���������   Pine Grove, 8 p.m'.  ���������At Miisselwaite ,School House-  Service   every  alternate  Sunday  at  3 ,p.m.  ,,    Sunday  school leycry Sunday at  2 p.m.  At liuntingdon'iSchool House-  Service   at every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m.  S.  S. every Sundayat' 2;30 p.m.  CHURCH OF ENGLAND-S'IY  xMATTHEW'.S-Rev. C. F. 'Yates,  \ .car-pro-tem.. ���������  Aopjcsford Services every Sunday  at II a.m. and 7.30 p. m.  Holy Communion e\cry alternate  Sunday. < ���������������������������  S.  School  ttver.v Sunday  at 2.30.  . C'Jio.r practice,-Wednesday-at 8  TJie harem skirt it is .safe to fay  w;th ''.-, utmost .dogmatism will  not   'become? ;a   (popular   style   .fa  unbecoming of styles, was reject  ed by English women. Parisian  dressmakers and milliners are los  ing their grip and apart from the.  Auteuil race course 'aind the, boule-  men's  styles are set.���������Mail  MOST  HAPPILY   WEDDED  DE WITT<-FERC. USON,  Cor. Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,  CITY  ABBOTSFORD   POSTOFFICE  Office hours from 8 a. m. to 7 p. in.  Mail tor Peardonville every Tuesday   the hobble  tills city.   It has neither     beauty,  vard--, Ihey l'iad on'y on sufferance  nor utility to''recommend it. for it   for   .whierfthey   aijtefmp't   to   exevit  is is merely'trousers for a few inch(   authority   against .popular      taste'  es above the'.skirt-and allows     no'   Uiey are leftwith their samples on'  more' freedom  of movement  than   their   hands.      The  day   may   not  ah   ordinary  skirt 'that  is equally:, be   far  distant  when  the  real  ar- -  tight   fitting  above  the' knee*. If   biters of fashion Women's clothes,  it   were  really land  truly trousers,   will   liveinLondon, where now the  Eometh'ng might ,be ,said in its favor, and ,as it is, the harem skirt is  not /more im,modest 'than  the tube  sk rt.  Tlie   harem   skirt   is      n.   natural  sequel   to   the -..'hobble.   The   latter  was  made so tight that its .wearers, were hardly laiblo to walk any  better than -a,   man equipped for a  sack  race,   in  order to ,perm,it its  wearers to toddle across the side-i  walk  to  their carriages  it becamo  necessary that the skirt should bo  taken  off, or that, some  improvement rshoiiid be made in it.   Thecal  ter alternative .was adopted by the  autocra.ts   of  the Rue  de  la Paix,  and   a   slit  was (made  in  front  o[  The edges of the sev  and Saturday, 1 p. m-.  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  IfflSJ������  aajmmxwBXMAWMimiMJWw^isam^Y^^  ���������^wiiuMaimemMimmiMiiMiii  ABBOTSFORD, B.  C  '. Strictly first-class in, every respect.'. The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,   $1.50 TO  $2.0O  PER   DAY  PROPRIETOR f  H. FREEMAN,  ���������������S8_;  ~4B������������  A. IVL KING  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton,. Jieef, Veal, Pork Sausages,  Weinies and Balogna always on hand.  ;������v*:w'.^4*!X������*;^?  ABBOTSFORD .  Feed & Grain Store  J. J. SPARROW, PROP.  Cash paid for E������gs and Poultry  Our prices are hard to  beat, call and inspect stock  WANTED TO PURCHASE "  Forty acres improved farm in  the Fraser Valley, with or without  house and buildings,, convenient to  station or landing;. Apply' to J.  H. Smith, Straiton, B. C. for  fuil   particulars,   first   letter.  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  General  Stores ���������  Aiithier "Bros. ' '  E.' Brooke  Hotels���������  Abbotsford Hotel, H. Freeman. Prop.  Commercial, McEiroy & Co.   '  Real   Estate���������  . .T..W. McGallum.  C. A. Sumner & Co.  Bernau   &   Husband,  J.   J.   McPhee, .'      ..'"',.  Auctioneers���������  Js W-. ��������� McCallum  FEED STORE���������, " ' '  ' '* ���������    *  J.   J.   Sparrow.  Creamery���������    f ,  S.   J.   Bates,  Proprietor.  Hardware and Furniture���������  H.   Alanson.   -  Butchers;��������� (  A. M.'.    :.  Livery Stable��������� 7  J.  E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and" Confectioner���������  L. Legale..  RESTAURANT^- -    . ; ���������  Conrad Andersen.  Shoemakers���������  M. Hauser.  Board of Trade   J. W. lUflCallum, Secretary.  Blacksmith���������  ��������� Stanley Ausnea'u.  Barber and Pool Room���������  Jos. Sanderson.  Q. Isenor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������:  J. - V. "Means.  Doctor���������  T. A. Swift.  SADDLERY  and KrvRDW'ARE���������  B. J. Gernaey.  MERCHANT   TAILOR.  T. C. Coogran.  SURVEYORS"  Henderson   and  Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG STORE.  MUSIC TEACHEk-  Miss Alice Steed.  ercd panels were then'caught back  ���������at ������each ankle, and fastened with or  without a bow of Tibbon, thus  transforming the straight skirt into -a divided one. The idea once  adopted it was carried out in several styles, one extreme resulting  in a regular pair iof bloomers, very  much like the divided skirt that is -eci to ret-urn from their honeymoon'  An  learly .morning wedding waa  solemnized in New Westminster on  Saturday   last   when 'Miss"   'Mary  C   Grace      Ferguson,  of Mission,  was   united  in   marriage   to      Mr  Charles Elmet De .Witt, of Vancouver.   The  ceremony ,was performed at St. Andrew's manse' by Rev.  J.   S.   Henderson.   The   'bride  liv>  ed in New Westmins'ter'for sometime and is .also well-known in Port  Haney and other .towns of the Fraser "Valley.   The happy young couple left by boat on a   honey-moon  trip   to Seattle, Tacoma and Portland arid upon their return will"reside   in  Missjon   City.   Both    ' are  well knoAVn in Mission City anddis-  trict where their (many friends will  wish them long life and prosperity  ' Mr.  and Mrs. DeWitt are expect  ' so popular with .some equestriennes  Tiie   short   tailor-made   trotteur  skirt is fulled from the waist      in  ���������such a    way that'thought the skirt  is"-divided into two from the waist  to hem in'the front, the division is  invisible,   and  thc 'material   is  cut  ��������� to  fall so that  the wearer enjoys  air the  comfqrts of  trousers, with  all the feminine-grace of a'full skirt  Another   form'. of the-.juvpciulotLe  grew out;of the panel', gown.    . A  ���������wide panel shaped like a " stole was  worn both front .and back over     a  fu:I underskirt of mousseline.     The  panels   back and front were  long,  reaehed  to the lower edge of the  gown while the .full underrobe beneath  was split -up in front     and;  gathered  into baggy trousers that  ���������were   closed   around  each   azifcle.  were   closed  around each      ankle  When in repose the wearer of' this  sk.rt  still  appears  to   be   waaring  j     d"  an  ordinary  gown, with full-pleat  ed  underrobe, and straight paneled tunic,,, but/as soon as she moves  the :frousers become'-apparent.  The above a-ble description may  be absolutely relied on,, as. it is  .stolen almost laterally from the  Paris fashion correspondent of the  London Express. She does not believe that the new style will  popular in France; we have  jaunt   on Saturday or  Sunday.  THE POLICE COURT.  An interesting case .waa heard  before the local, court this week  when action was ibr.ought against  Wo Chong for committing a nuisance by allowing ihis poultry to  ' run , at,.large on the property of  Silas Yoema.ns      ���������   ., ���������:_    -  Evidence . was   shown   that    ��������� the  poultry  in question .were an J had  been  for some time a   source     c'f  ���������Treat   annoyance   and-damage   lo  <he  plaintiff frndthat repeated requests had been imade to the     d-Sr  /���������tndent  to confine them, but with  out result.   The .plaintiff stated be  did not wish to press the case beyond  having the nusiajice" Ftopped  Wo   Chong was. ordered   r.o  dispose of his property'at once or to  eep   them   confined'on   his   own  As no case of this kind nxs been  heard before the defendent was  only assessed the'.amount of cost*.  ���������Fraser   Valley  Record.  NEW STATION AT HAMMOND  An 'impromptu  meeting  of   the  residents  of the district was hur-  be   riedly called by the C. P. R. agent  al-   for the purpose of discussing   the  Want   a   (representative      for  MISSION CITY,  B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition    CONNTRACTOR  & BCJILr    R  of our stock as well as trueness to      A   Everett.  name must be appreciated by the ' ,   Public or   they  would  not     have  '/Manufacturing Optician  helped us to increase our business,  yearly since 1837, the date of our  establishment. ,  Our firm's name lends prestige  to our representatives.  Complete l.:ne of Nursery SStoek  for SSpring 1911.  Write  for   full  particulars.  ready spoken'for the English part location of our new station.. . Mr. J  of   Canada,  while  for   the  Roman Laity   was appointed, to the" chair  Catholics the world over the Pope and   Mr.   McKenzife  as    secretary,  is prepared to-speak.   In the organ Blue prints prepared <by the C. P.  of   the Vatican, "Osservatore  Ro- R-  were shown marking the loca-  jmano,"  the harem 'skirt has been tion. of the .new .station to be     on-  denounced in vgorous language as the same side of the track as the ���������  .an  "exaggeration apt to diminish oJd on0 which was strongly resent  the , wearer's   self-respect. .and   to ed by the meeting    'and     several  'abolish  the' distinction  of  the sex- pointed   resolutions .were  unanim-  les."   We  don't know what sort of ousiy adopted some of which were  trousers   are fashionable in  Rome afl follows;  Eye Sight Specaiist  Does the Finest Optical   Work.  Medical men; and others, pay  tri  bute to his skill.  793 GranvilH St.  'ii'*^":!'^"^^^********^^^*^*^^^  I  I  &  L, Legace  HARRON BROS.  ��������� .Erabalme'rs and Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office and chapel���������  1034 Granville St:,     Phone 3486  North Vancouver, Office and  chapel���������-116 2nd st. Phone 134  ;?  WELLINGTON  The Fonthiil Nurseries.  TORONTO,  "i       i "*������������������..   dntario  %  .sfe"  ABBOTSFORD, BAKER  Bread, Buns, Kisses,  ���������"- Cream Puffs  Wedding Cake a Specialty  ABBOTSFORD, B*. Ci.  but in Toronto /there is no difficulty in distinguishing 'a woman  wearing a harem skirt-from  Wearing linou'S^rs. The .Osservatore goes on. to say that (pagan  imatrons would 'blush with shame  tat the sight of the harem skirt, and  at is announced that wearers of  these garmets will not be allowed  to "enter Roman iCatholic churches.  The, general unpopularity ol  % this Turkish style calls attention  $C to the fact that Paris can no lorigej  $ impose her whims in dress-making  jjg. a.ud milinery upon the rest of the  1 world No well dressed Engli^sh-  f w;oman wore the hohble skirt. Few  ji accepted the Dii'ectoire fashion,and  An Irishman was once serving a  regiment in India.' Not liking the  t'lhuate, Pat tried to evolve a trick  by which he could get home. Accordingly he went to the doctor  and (old him'his eyesight was bad  The doctor looked at him a wliile  and then said; '���������:   ���������  '���������How can you prove to me that  your eyesight'is bad?" .  Pat looked about the room and  and at la3t isaid, "Well, doctor, you  see that nail on the wall?",  "Yes,"   replied   the  doctor.  '���������.Well,   then,,:  repUejJ  Pat,      "I  can't,"   ���������oop���������������-  Of  all forms ,of atheism loss of  The   Chainticler      hat   faith in man is the deadliest,  ^^K^?7!!^^5W'!U������*t^,"#J,mTrBlI^x'5^'^'l':^'y^:,^!,? i ;  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABB6TSFORbF B. C.  5 per ct. Discount for Cash  **    I   in���������   11 ��������� 11 MMW ���������WIITII---I   "' "    "*m '"  MaHMft^MMMMi__������*������_������^ ^^^^  A- Carload of Carriages Just Arriqed.  A nice little cart with room for two  for.;  .$35  Al   Top   Buggies,   leather   trimmed,,  . -    for ���������-��������� S105  First-class Market Wagons, two seats,  for "... $110.  These prices are right for such goods and you  'should call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere  J  i ammBSSBBa amm/soua erof  When You are Trying the New  Electric Road Call on Us ,  Singer Sewing Machines, Victor Gramophones,'  Edison Phonographs, and all the latest Records  always in stock. Largest collection of Records  in the Province. .  NOTE THESE PRICES  Victor No. 1, $31,, Victor No. 2, $42.  Victor No. 3, $50, Victor Ho. 4, $83  Victor Victrola, Oak and Mahogany, 250  Edison Phonographs  from  19.50 to 250  We have Violins,' Mandolines, Guitars, Banjoes, all prices to. suit all pockets, Sheet Music,  in fact everything found in a first class Music store  You are welcome whether you, buy or not.  call and see us when you are in town.  I. H.TODD'S   Music House  j n������i   419 Columbia Street, New Westmin stor, B. C.  ocia! and Personal  "' Mr.9s Alberta L&ivery -of Westminster spent a few .days in Abbotsford, visiting friends. While  here one was the guest of Mrs. H.  Freeman.   ooo   Mrs. .A. Tretheway spent a, few  days visiting Mends in Westminster this week.  The Hammell & Hawley show  on Tuesday nifght .was one of the  best ever seen /i'n the Maple Leaf  Hail.   s '..   J.L.   -ooo   Mrs. .Dwight Ruckerte 'mother  and sister from' South Westminster visited her last week.  Mr. Thomas Calvin, Tanner, of  the Bank.of Vancouver, was in Abbotsford on Thursday, doing a  little more work towards the opening of the Bank's branch here.   ooo   Chilliwack  has lacrosse  enthusiasts.   Abbotsford   has   cricket enthusiasts. ���������     i  ���������  ��������� ooo   Baseball is now the talk of some  of our boys���������not between the north  and the south but between the east  arid the west. The winners pay for  a supper at one of our hostei-  ries. ������������������.'.....������.   ooo���������   Mr. John Jl. Cowan, representing  Caperley, Roun ;f .11 and Co., of Van  eouver, agents for the Liverpool  and other well known insurance  companies   was In A'bbotsford  on  The  Board of Trade should i.:k  that   better  police  protection    be,  given to Abbotsford.���������lSwsll Guy.   ooo   The Presbyterian Manse is completed and. Messrs Weir and McKinnon the contractors 'deserve  credit for the high-class workma.n-  bhip they have .accomplished,  A new donkey engine has arrived for the Abbotsford mill, "t  ���������is supposed to ibe a very powerful���������imu|ch. more so than 'any now in  use. The company expect to hav'e  it   working- in '.a   few   days.  Mr. A. Tretheway As -adding improvements to his home in thc way  a   new fence, etc.  Mr. Boyd is clearing his lot.  Mr. Calder, the harness maker in  connection with the Great Northern is fixing up the harness prepar  ing for construction .work hero  when camp Hand* 2 is started up  again next month.   ooo   Mr. Hill-Tout met with a nasty  accident on Saturday -last. Gom-  '.ng ubwn Trothcway's hid the shift  broke and the horse becoming  frightened went at a higher .pace  than usual and shortly found himself in front of Alanson's store, but  Mr. Hiil-Tout received injuries to  his   leg.  Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Sparrow were  in Vancouver this week for a few  u^ys.  (.     i   L  Thursday and has appointed Messrs Sumner and Co., full agents for  Aobotsford and district. There is  now no need for any of our friends  to run the unnecessary risk of a  financial loss through fire. Just  call on write to the agents here  who are able to write your insurance for any lamouinjt. Protect  your premises against fire,   ooo   Abbotsford   is   in .line   with  the  largest cities in the world���������Lond-  don has 250 moving picture shows,  ..uuoLSLovd has one.   ooo   And (everybody buys his own  3U..L oi clothes !   ooo   What is the difference between  a Scotchman raised on .the shorter catechism and oatmeal porridge  and the man of Scotch descent  ra.sed on fish? /   .  .  An old saying was "If you want  to know the time ask a policeman  ...'. .ii these ,parts it is .aftered to  "If you want to know "where to  leave your wagon ask the gentleman   in  mufte."'���������Swll iGuy.  The Abbotoford Timber and trad  ing company m.���������de their record cut  and record shipment iof cars this  month. It is trusted ithey .will  cont.nue   to break  f.ormer records  Mr. A. S. .Hooper of the B. C.  Mining   Exchange   of    Vancouver.-  , .juai ' tiia ,B. (J. Safety Powder  company's factory here this week  in   search  for news  for his  pa;n.-r  Who is it that cam look  one's business better than themselves. It is understood that it  was reported that a certain gentleman crossed the istreet FOUR  times in one day to a certain house  where all ,are welcome so long as  they know how to 'behave themselves and have the price.' 'Tis a  pity that the person who makes  Lacae reports has .'nothing better  to  uo.���������Swell' Guy '''  Messrs McKee and Winton of  Vancouver, representing the Phoer  mx JKire Insurance, company were  xii lOVvii yesterday.   ooo���������   HOTEL ARR.IIVALS  ���������   ,*.  p '  Commercial '      ,  A. J. McKee, Vancouver.  L.   Champion, Vancouver.  C  JH.   Jolhifiton,' 'Aldergrove.;  J.   C.   Paterson,   New   Westminster. ���������'. . . ._��������� i..ll  J.   Vanetta,   City.  S.   Barber, Vancouver.  A.   Reed,   Cfty\  W.   Fransen,   Everett,   Wash.  Geo  Brpdie, Sumas.  W. S. Baldwin, Vancouver,  J.   Robinson,   Westminster,  .   Griffiths,   Vancouver.  A.   Smith,   Vancouver.  T.  Williams, Vancouver.  c   Coiwau,   Vancouver..  M. Cowan, Vancouver.  J. E. Allan, Vancouver.  A.   E. -.England, .Vancouver.  W.   J. Curtis, Vancouver.  W.   Spence,  City.  Abbotsford.  A. R. Graham, Vancouver.  VV. E. Eradwin,'Chii;iwa'jk.  M. H. Nelems, Chilliwack.  J.   A.   McLaren,- Toronto.  E. Champion,,  Otter,  T.  Campbell, Otter.  N.   J.   Baker.   Vancouver  Ernest  Hogg, Vancouver.  F. Gorden, Vancouver.  A.   E.   Wilson, Westminster,  Sam   King, Vancouver.  W. M. McKay, Vancouver.  Mr.   and  Mrs.  Rogers,  Seattle  C.  Hammel, St. Louis.  A. E. White, Westminster.  A.   Statter,   Hazelton.  S. D. Wilson, and wife, Vancouver  WANTS  Apply Box 58  Abbotsford B. C  Single   light  wagon.   Must      :be.  cheap.  A   good  cow, fresh, (must be.    a.  good milker, not over $50.  Strawberries,   -  ���������  Raspberries,  Currants, ..........  - And all other Small Fruits  Applications should be made as early as possible -.'������  THE   SECRETARY,  BOX 308 NEW   WESTMINSTER, B. C.  Matsqui   Hotel  MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a  specialty of  h^me-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers.     Comfortable   sitting-  'oom and   best   of  hotel   service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W. T. LUCAS, Proprietor  Henderson & Taylor  (Associate   Members Can.   Soe. C. E.)  Civil Engineers  lR. A.HENDERSON  B."  C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Office,cxt P.O. P.O.Box II  FOR SALE  Apply Box 58 Abbotoford, B. C.  A fine'grand -piano in excellent  condition."Price $150, 1-2 cash. A  bargain. -\ ^ ^  A set. of heavy harness, hand  sown in first class condition. Sa.c.ri-  f.ce   price $25  A new Williams sewing machine,  almost new, all fittings.   Price $30  ���������A ���������'���������fine isaddle horse, quiet     to  jide or drive. Cheap.  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford  P. S  Good Storage Room, for  Furniture.  Advertise in The  POST  ABBOTSFORD, B.C.  White Leghorns  Pure bred (single comb)  Settings can be ofo-  .,-,'.' -   tained.:  For particulars,  Apply as above.  Ml  ammmuwmMm  ____���������-   ���������,.. . ,��������� ��������� ������������������ i ���������     j    j i       m���������^-- i������i7wrwwr!rt���������fM^ia������jf;w'JlJl  t/,,,,^.:-- <- ������yxi wwi.: *������ ������r s  'l/^v'.iV.*- i.  ���������;,'-.friJ-fcan  'V^mM


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