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With wSiich-is incorporates;"The Huntingdon Star"
VolVX^III.; No. 18.
Abbotsford, B; C, Friday, March 31, 1922. ..
$1:00 Per Annum.
miss cAMPnidiiii to mo
• A special meeting ol' the' Womon'a
'Auxiliary of the M.-S.-A. Hospital
was,hold in tho Bank of Montreal
chambers on Wednesday afternoon
with a splendid attendance. The ladies had tho pleasure of meeting
Miss Campbell, who has accepted iho
position as matron of the now hospital, and who arrived thai. day.
The newly printed    copies of the
' constitutions and bylaws wore received. Plans were laid for the assisting of thc directors at the opening of1 the building, which will    soon
■ lnlu> place. Current _ accounts' were
passed for payment. A com mil tec
was    appointed    to    arrange    for a
' dance which is to bo held on tho evening of May 1st.
. A report  was  received '  from' the
.ladies who spent a long tiresome evening helping their husbands unpack and place the furniture in the
hospital on Wednesday. The furnishings are all .very satisfactory and
the'ladies are to he complimented on'
their successful, work...
'; HUNTINGDON,    "March '    28.-.-
Banking on the .word of authorities
that the"prairie will he safe' from  -a
' normal., high .watery /the farmers of
'the-flooded area a"re;preparing to put"
in crops." S6d"-thatf-nas- _ never" been'
"tlie latest machinery, as tractors .-and"
gang planks  are .assembled .for, the
- fray.   Nine' power tractors have been
■ counted already  and    more are expected.    The    lake    lands    will    be
transformed--from  the wild hay and
water    that    has    hitherto    covered
them. ;
Reciprocity must now surely come
to pass! For on Saturday last, nineteen members, of tho Abbotsford 0.
W. V. A. visited their comrades of
tho war at the Everson Post of tho
American Legion, ISverson, Washington.
Such a1 programme as was presented would be hard to beat; we must
admit il excelled the ono given by
tho'O. W. V. A. in honor of the Evor-
son comrades, a short time ago,
On arrival,' the    ceremony    of tho
■Peace-pipe was, carried out with full
honors, after which the air    became,
scented  with the funics, of many    a
The .first half of the programme
was musical, in which the male-quartet and the local tenor deserve special praise. Followed an act of vaudeville which brought . forth such a
storm of applause as necessita'i'd
tood and refreshment to revive thc
assembly before carrying on.'
•After supper, two bouts of boxing;
two more of wrestling and.a splendid
exhibition with the Punch-bag) completed the programme.
.Commander Hamilton and.-President Whitchelo exchanged the~ compliments of the Legion* and the Vet-
rans, in short speeches,-and the'Canucks bid Au Revoir-but not Adieu to
their hosts.'      '■:-.'
*J>-* —-~,
VICTORIA," March 27.—"The .reports appearing recently in' certain
newspapers regarding the ■ abolition'
bf the faculty of agriculture] iii the
University of -British Columbia were
entirely' unfounded and incorrect,"
stated Hon. J. D. MacLean; minister of education, on "Saturday.
'.'Furthermore," he said, "I am not
prepared to recommend to the government the abolition' of this faculty. The suggestion had been made,
but I was endeavoring to ascertain
the'opinion of the members of the
legislature and of my colleagues ia
the cabinet before taking the matter
up, with a view to action."
Hon. Dr. MacLean sai.d-that an increased'grant of $90,000 over and
above the university vote of $445,-
000 had been asked for, but the government did not intend to meet thhs
..... ,      '.;, __ „ ys
tract for the construction of the new"
"male acute" block, a unit .of the
,mental hospital at Essondaie. has
.been let to the firm of M'cDougall.
McNeill Limited/stated'-Hon. W. H.
Sutherland, ^minister of public
works, yesterday. The. completed
structure will cost approximately'
$600,000.'   The tender accepted was„ SAYS NEWSPAPERS
, .VICTORIA, March I 0.— Plans
for permanent, paving of some of
tho few remaining macadam sections
of the Pacific Highway miming from
Vancouver to thc International boundary, will likely be announced within
tlics-ncxt week by Hon. W. H. Sutherland,'minister of public  works.
Work to be undertaken this year,
according to presont'.plans, includes
the paving of three.miles of highway
between Johnston Road and the
Serpentine Flats, and;.improvements
to the drainage of the'"road crossing
tho flats and the section near ihe
boundary line! The A'ills across rhc
Serpentine Plats have hot yet settled, enough to permit, paving this
year. . '."£..'
One mile of pavement will be
laid through'the' tdwn of Langley
Prairie, the pavement stretching a
half-mile each "wayVjfrorti the centre
of the town. ' As tenders will have
to be called for'this:$'ork, the minister did not care to'_ 7, anticipate' the
cost of the work. "..-Concrete paving
usually costs, about,$.4,0,000 a mile.
The government also expects to do
some' "paving, in, the!'Chilliwack district,, perhaps miles,,, the exact location to be decided" upon after an inspection. In this'^-instance, tarvia-
macadam may be used.; Which/costs
about .$14^0 00;, per .mile.' ' This material has' beem.used successfully in different places,".explained" the" minister,
and it will probably^ be "giyen a further -trial'.' ,' , '.S;V'u ,-^"-V t%- -\" '
has. been -pressing ' the i Government"
to undertake this'paving' and last
week took'the pren\ier, Dr. - Sutherland, and David .Whiteside, M.'P P.,-
cver the highway .-and showed them-
just what he thought'."ought to be
done.        ... ■'-•
the lowest "Of seven received. The
tenders were nearly uniform in
amount, varying only about 10 per
cent, from the lowest to the highest.
Work'will be commenced on May 1
and it will require two" years to cojn-
plete the building, which will be
three storeys'high, with attic and
concrete basement. The specifications call for a reinforced concrete
frame with red .brick veneer, slate
roof, special-tile floors in the main
corridors and kitchen and t mastic
floors'elsewhere. The builMng will
accommodate 250 patients aud a
staff of frotn thirty to forty.
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall have takeii
the McNeil residence" and will make
their home here. Mrs. Marshall was
a nurse during the war with the
Scottish Women on the Marne' Front.
Mr. Marshall is manager of the
Brackman-Ker Branch in Abbotsford.
OTTAWA, March 30.—-The freight
rates',hearing before the IDominion
Railway Commission yesterday was
marked by several interesiing passages. - In the morning, Chairman F.
B. Carvel and Commissioner Rutherford charged Western - newspapers'
and Western public men with unfair-
nets and with conducting a campaign
of propaganda against the hoard.
Both members used strong terms in
expressing their opinions. At the
afternoon session, when' , (L, G. Mc-
Geer, K. C, of Vancouver, was arguing the case for the Coast manufacturers, he had an exciting' run-in
with E. H. Chrysler, K. C, of Ottawa, who is appearing for the"Canadian Pacific Railway. .Mr. M'cGeer.
in winding up his argument, said
that the principle of rate' fixing in
the West was unjust and that sometime the West would bring the Canadian Pacific Railway to time .
Mr. and Mrs. Webster are receiving congratulations upon the arrival
of a little daughter, born last Saturday.
A merry gathering of friends surprised Mrs. S. D. Trethewey at her
home.last Saturday evening.
The Abbotsford and Clayburn
Football team played the game at
Abbotsford last Saturday afternoon,
tho score being 3-0 in favor of the
local team, "who deserves credit for
the fine showing they have made
during the season. This Saturday
they-meet Langley at Clayburn in the
final, game for the cup, and-it-is up
to you to go along and shout for
them. '
Friends and neighbors gathered o.t
the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Rucker
on Tuesday evening and, tendered
them a jolly surprise party on the
occasion of their .wedding . anniversary.-
The many friends and acquaintances of Rev. J. L. Campbell of Colling-
wood Presbyterian Church ' will be
delighted to learn that he is exchanging pulpits with Rev. W. Robertson on Sunday April 2nd and that
they will therefore have the opportunity ofihearing him speak. Rev Mr.
Campbell was pastor of tlie Abbotsford Presbyterian Church'for many
years, previous to-the coming of Rev.
W..- Robertson.
■ Mrs. t Archibald of North -Vancouver spent^ the week-end- with her sisr
-t-er-Mr's-VrUpliain-. '•-.—^.^v-_.-._■-- [■
. Mr.iarid Mrs..Tliomas.'-have come to
Sumas-to reside, where Mr. Thomas
has .accepted- a position with the B.
C. E.  Co.
"Dr.-Miller of Victoria was the
guest of his' "sister, Mrs. McKinnon.
Mrs. Miller, Sr., returned to Victoria with him where she will receive
special "eye treatment.
Mrs. G7 R. Wright was ir. Vancouver during the week and heard Madame Galli-Curci, the noted singer.
Miss F. Waters' spent a few days
in Vancouver this week.  , "o
Mrs. Tapp of Huntingdon was a
v-isitor' in town on Monday.
The local Bank Staffs are holding
a dance on- the 7th. inst.
The'Misses' Helen and Anna Mc-'
Galium spent the week-end at Mission City, the guests of Mrs. C. McCallum. Mr. and Mrs. A. McCallum
joined them on Sunday.
Mrs. Hodson of- Victoria is the
guest of-her sister, Mrs. H. Eby.
Miss A. Steede held a successful
rehearsal of some of her pupils .-on.
Friday. After the music had. been eh-
joyed, refreshments were served.
Mrs'. J. Parton is a visitor in Vancouver and attended the concert of
Galli-Curci. '' (>
The local Caledonian Society held
a jolly social evening in the Masonic,
on Thursday, when a- very suitable
programme was rendered. ,'■'''
Master Lome McPhee waa home
from  Chilliwack over the week-end.-
.Rev. W. Robertson has received.
the news of the sudden death of his
nephew. D. F. R. Robertson, which
occurred the early part of the week,
in Edmonton, where he had been attending Robertson College. This summer he was to have completed -his-.
theological course at Westminster,"
Vancouver. The late Mr. Robertson
was a brother-in-law of ex-premier
Meighen and is survived by a wife
and   one   son.
The Comrades Bible Class held a'
business meeting on Wednesday evening.
Mr. Lionel' Lyons left for Prince
Albert -'last 'Tuesday., ^y^. ..^.:-.".-'/ „-,'
'.'Mrs. ,'Cook --of'Vancouver, spent:'-";ip'
week at the home of' Mrs. ,Thorne "
Sr/ '     " :""'    '•'-■.'     '"
Mrs. P. R. Edwards of Vancoftvfir
is' the guest of her parents, Mr., and
Mrs.   G.  R. Zeigler.  ■ • .,  .\
. Miss B. Pratt of Vancouver is'visiting at the home-of her brother, G.
F. Pratt. .#■"..•■
Services will be held' in St. Math-
ew's Anglican Church at Abbotsford
every Sunday night at 7:30. Rev. A.
Harding Priest, vicar.
Branch £>tore in Abbotsford, and can take.care of your requirements for Grain, Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies. A
fulV line of Seeds is kept in; Stock.
This well-known firm, with branches throughout British Columbia, needs no introduction, as to Prices and
Quality.    Give the branch a call.
Brackman-Ker Milling Company
Gazley Block • ABBOTSFORD, B. C.
will op,en on SATURDAY, APRIL 1st with a nice
Abbotsford, B.C.
The Abbotsford district 'Hospital
Fund will be^ augmented by a substantial contribution from a military
whist drive held in the Alexander
rooms at Huntingdon on Friday evening. Mrs. Frank J. Tapp, superintended the arrangements of tablas
and refreshments, Mr. Hectbr Tapp
being field marshall for the military
engagements. The party thoroughly
enjoyed the capture and recapture of
the various flags of the countries represented, "Canada" finally sweeping the field, leaving poor "China"
bannerloss in defeat. Pleasing
prizes were distributed to the successful contestants, Mr. and Mrs.
Finlay and Mrs. Lunn. Mr. A. M
Ham .brought in.a party from Clayburn, Mr. and Mrs. Shortreed another from Abbotsford, and Mr. R. Mc-
Culloch, president of the hospital
hoard,' contributed largely to the enjoyment of the evening. An auction
sale of cakes terminated the proceedings, the guests agreeing unanimously to a repetition 'of", the;.programme
In .three'weeks' time.
by attending the Real Sale at
Whitchelo's Store April 7th to
April 15th inclusive.
For full particulars see Ado.
on Page 3 of this issue.
Considerable road work is being
done by the government oh the Hunf.-
ingdon-Riverside road and the Chilliwack road. The read to Chilliwack
is reported in good condition.
nwnitnumiBinSftaiBMgj PAOB 'VvVO  T H E A.BEpTS.FOBD,PQSI  zees:  r, ::/:::,?;������������������  *��������� *i *w ^** ������.**������*.  3^R*r^.V*r^^i^  ���������I  fJEffi ABBOTSFORD POST  Published Every Friday,  J. A. BATES, Editor and Proprietor  FRIDAY,  MARCH  I 1)22  J*S������"  The position .which-Mr. \V. J. Dowser holds appears to be a thorn in  the side of many people of this prov-,  ince. And first one scheme and then  another is brought forward with Vur  object of having him decapitate himself and permit another to take hi.-1  place. Mr. Bowser should be high-y  delighted, and he probably is, that he  -is receiving so much attention from  those outside his own party. Ho is  the one politician in this province  that,stands out prominently for tho  right's of the people against the maladministration-of the present government. -.-Mr. Bowser has' made a splendid leader of the opposition, and now  that "the" day is approaching when ho  may be expected to reap his reward  and lead the Conservative party to  victory- in this province at' the next  election, some want to oust him, so  as to'give a lease of life to tho Oliver government or their successors  of Liberal persuasion. And the present campaign would  waged against Bowser  e'rs or near followers  government:  .  By those, who have become disappointed in ' the    Oliver-  government  and would likoa Conservative leader  whd'ha'd a    small    touch of    Liberal  ideas, so they'could support him, and  ��������� probably reap their reward:  ������������������  ' Those1 who would follow no leader  '���������long; and finding that    they,   cannot.  ,   support Oliver any longer, are soc.k-  ... ing anew leader. 'But finding that  ���������   within .the present  Liberal  political  followers .there are... none .that    can  compare in strength-with the present  "leader of the opposition want him Ox--  leted and a weaker man    put in his  place���������one that would be handicap-  ed:.by lack of    experience. Thus giving the    Liberals a    chance to    hole  . power", longer:  The disgr.unted Liberal, and there-  may be many'.'of them these days who  ���������' haye not hadHheir-'"reward,-  among  others from the, Oliver government.  ���������,...'. Those who want a Liberal to repre-  .SQnt'.Vancouver"at Ottawa, expectin,.-'  ���������to.noiake a saw-off ".with the Conserva -  made a  Conservative win at Nelson.  ���������Grand-Forks Gazette:  Premier Oliver; has protested , to  the Dominion government against  stopping of'work on -Vancouver Island section of the C. N.' R. ii.  would also be much to .the point if  the same premier would protest to  the Dominion government about  slopping of the dredging in  Fraser at or near Nicomen Island  t lithe  In commenting on the place for  conventions an up-country paper  lets the cat out of the bag, when it  says "it will probably rain." Wc  have never heard of any person at  thc coast being jealous of- the people  of the dry belt, -where it .rains., so  seldom, somtimes ��������� not for months.  Thc coast people love the rain, and it  makes them healthy, wealthy and  not jealous of neighbors.,  appear to be-  by the follow-  of the    Olivoi  Where is the proper place for the  next Conservative convention? Kam-  Ioops or Vancouver? Thc one place  that will bring out the most representative gathering.  The barbers of Kamloops have reduced the haircut a full 25^. The  high cost of living comes down gradually.  tives.. :    ."       '  -   -\> ;,     -._...  ���������i''���������..Bui-the true Conservative doe*  .-.-not; knock.Bowser, as leader of the  party, as he knows that he stand;  head and.shoulders above any mar.  who.cOuld.be asked to occupy thai  position, even if there may be thost  in -the party who have personal ambi-  -tIons-.andj.do. not .agree with the present choice.  ������ No better choice could have been  ���������made and, although we Hold no briej  .for W. J. Bowser, we still expect to  ;see him leader after the coming Conservative convention.  And now it appears, the British  North America Act does not permit  women to sit in the senate, so says'  the Minister of Justice.  Women had all but caught up with  privileged mankind before Sir Lomer  made his ruling on Friday. They  had followed them into the professions, into the political clubs, onto  ihe voters' lists, info the city councils, the legislatures, and- into, the  Commons itself. British Columbia,  which has led the provinces of Canada in the emancipation of women,  lias had a woman cabinet minister.  The past week witnessed the triumphant spectacle of a male" barrister  selecting a lady lawyer to conduct  his defence in a civil suit.  Disappointed men who have not  been calley to the dignity, the comforts and the emoluments of the  Senate have been known to refer to  it as "the old man's home"; som������  have referred to the members of the  Senate as "old women." Neither description has.been at all accurate,'for  che average age of the members oi  .lie Senate does not appear to-be very  much greater than that of the Commons', and-there are some- very'virile  personages in the Red Chamber.-'- ��������� ���������������������������  It is hardly likely that'the ladies  will, raise the cry of '.'sour grapes"  when referring to the senators.  If the ladies of Britain can be  peeresses' why .can't the " ladies of  3anada' be .senatoresses?  The government of the United States will'stand aside and , watch the  -.ountry being tied up by striking  miners. It may be a costly "test of '  .strength" for the government' ' of  that country.  - The result of the Nelson by-election on Wednesday was neither a  ^surprise to the Conservatives nor a  ^'.disappointment to the Liberals. Nelson had its' price, the building" of the  Ymir road; ;john Oliver agreed to  .the.figure and carried the election  in his vest pocket for days before the  :P0ll. :  '   This is the same road that    Premier Oliver practically refused to agree  .to build last summer.    Nelson    city  even offered! to assume a    consider-  -able portion/of the cost and the Do-  :minion Government was also to pay  a portion.    The Oliver Government's  portion would then have been around  ���������?1(>0,000.' .But a.by-election altered  'the'-situatlon in the eyes of   Premier  Oliver and he now agrees to build the  .road at once and    under    conditions  that it will cost the province $300,-  000 or three    times    what it    would  have cost last summer.    But a    few  ���������hundred thousand    is not    here nor  there with the    Oliver    Government  these days. r  Wnether or not    the  Government  -really intends    to build the road    is  open to doubt,    for it is    well-known  -that uieiii finances are not overflowing, and most of such promises usually fly with   the   winds.   The   new  ^member, Kenny Campbelly, promised  ������������������the electors that he would resign if  the Government did    not    start the  ���������road in two months But Grand Forks  'has intimate    acquaintance with preelection promises of resigning if certain things do n6t come to pass.  ���������;'���������'   Some'are !wonjt to try and    fasten  blariWforlhe defeat of the Conserva- J  tive cause on "Mr. Bowser, hut there ]  was never a chance for a Conservative against the six    Cabinet    Ministers' and two Government   "road contractors with big'money bribes. Not.h-  ���������,ingiV..ehorjyjx a-���������miracle   could hayo  Tho worst feaure of the Irish situation is the fact that the Irish peer  will have no standing. The ladies  of Ireland may have something to say  in the matter.  SOVIET    GOVERNMENT    COMEDY  To find a husband, divorce him  on the same day, and a few hours  later to marry a -beggar from the  street would form the plot of a comic  opera which would outrange in improbabilities anything which W. S.Gilbert ever offered the-public. Yet  these are the facts of an actual inci-  dent as related by the London. daily.-  in the life of a most respectable Ru.Si  sian lady-:-(   -  "Her husband, a well-known merr  chant in Petrograd, had been mobilized by the Reds in    1919 and    sent  against Denikin.    After many adventures he escaped    and    by    gradual  stages reached this country.    Meanwhile his wife and    his    family   had  continued to    remain in    Petrograd,'  where they endured great hardships.  Only a few months ago was the husband enabled to get into touch with  hff. wife and to send her some money  through a friendly Bolshevik    courr  ier.      The main object was to get the  family out. of the clutches of the Com  missars.    The lady, a very energetic  person, discovered very soon that to  obtain an official permission to leave  was quite impossible.1  As regards an  escape over the frontier, as so   manv  ether poor people have done, she did  not want to take this' great    risk because of her three small children. At  last a friend sent her to one of    the  mysterious middlemen    who    simply  swarm around all Soviet institutions.  This important    person    carefully  went through the facts of   the   casV  and gave his judgment    in one   sentence:    'Quito easy, but you should  be a foreigner.'    The lady explained  that her husband was a Russian, and  that, therefore but she was interrupted: 'What does' that.-  matter?  You can divorce your husband, can't  you?' The lady, well -acquainted.with  the amenities'of Bolshevik divorce,  replied in the affirmative, but added  that this would not make her a foreign subject. ,!That need not trouble  you,' she was told, 'we'll soon find  yo;i a suitable husbaivl���������that is if  you can pay the price.'  "So,  in  the    most    mafter-of-1'aei  way, the bargain was clinched    am)  the miracle-worker began operations.  The first difficulty to bo    got    ovor  was the absence.of the husband,    According to Bolshevik law, instantaneous divorce is granted    only    when  both parties are present in court. The  miracle-worker immediately  produced an obliging friend who, for a consideration, was quite    ready to   play  the part of the real husband.    But in  Soviet Russia ^/.passport is more important than its owner himself. The  problem., of  providing the ._ spurious  'husband'  with the necessary proofs  of his identity -was ' most    elegantly  solved by. the ''miracle-^worker,    and  this without having recourse to such  vulgar means"as forgery. It was most  artificially done.    The    'husband' addressed a paper to the committee   of  the house where his wife lived    and  where he had but just    arrived;    he  asked for a    bath    certificate.    This  .-was duly entered    in    the    visitors'  book of the public bath he next went  to.    There'his'clothes suddenly disappeared, and the poor    victim    received  from  the    managements confirming tho fact.    lnra'  nude    condition he    was    brought back    home,  committee, on    the strength of    tho  bath certificate, delivered to him    u  new paper.     With this the 'husband'  went to    the    local    police    station,  whore    he    deposited    a    complaint  against persons unknown, and in exchange    for the   house    committee's  certificate received a new document  in proof of the fact that ho    had applied for a new passport..  After   this  all was easy.    Husband    and    wife  went to the Revolutionary    Tribunal  where in five minutes the whole business was settled. There was, though,  a moment 'of tension when the 'husband' could not remember his name,  and had to be audibly prompted    by  the;miracle-worker hovering in' the  background.  "Meanwhile    the    miracle-worker  had prepared a new 'husband' for the  divorced lady.    This was a    regular  inhabitant of the worst slums whose  name happened .".to have an    outlandish sound. "'By'a' wise manipulation  of certificates he  was     transformed  into a Lettish citizen, to whom    the  lady, was duly married by the    same  judge who had just pronounced- her  divorce.    But all was not yet in    order.    The three children,  according  to,law, retained Uieir father's    name  and nationality;Hhe,lady could leave  with her Latvian husband,-but   the  children had to.,f remain in    Russia.  The miracle-worker    made    light of  this new difficulty.   The next    morning he brought the whole 'company  again before  the' obliging judge    to  whom  the lady,; previously instructed, made the following speech: 'Here  are my three children,.     whose   real  father- I  only married yesterday.    1  appeal to  the   justice of  the    Soviet  law to repair the    injustice ��������� of    tho  Tsar's regime.' ^Two.most imposing  witnesses conjured'   up by the    miracle-worker immediately stepped "or-  ward and affirmed that the lady had  ���������stated the truth.    The judge    made  an impassioned    speech    about    the  merits of Communism,    and    declared that the Latvian    'husband'    was  the. legitimate father of-the    lady's  children.    After this there   were   no  more obstacles to  the family's    de-.  parture from the land of    the    Free  Russians.    The miracle-worker's fee  was  5,000,000  roubles���������quite  chean  considering    the    rate of    exchange  Needless to   say   that   the   Latvian  'husband' did not leave his cherished  Petrograd slum'at'all."���������Daily Tele-  raph.  BY'ELECTIONS   TO liE   Dl^AJtiu*  VICTORIA,   March   25.���������Premier  Oliver states that it is not the intention of the government to    bring on  the by-elections in'   Cranbrook    and  Vancouver until    after the court    of  revision.      It is    generally    thought  that these contests will    take    place  late in the summer or in    tho    early  fall, the government ^ being    content  with having won the by-elections    in  Omineca,    Revelstoke    and    Nelson,  and trusting to time and perhaps better general conditions to strengthen  the Liberal cause in Vancouver    and  Cranbrook.  I  SH8LOH STOPS  THAT COUGH  For grown-ups or children. Safe,  sure and efficient. Small dose  means economy and does not upset the stomach. ��������� At allt dealers,  30c,. 60c and $1.20. 3  1 Fin������ Spring TenSe  Says Th������ Druggist  There Is no hesitation about recommending- this blend of pure herbs and  roots, so safe and sure for all.  Running through the telephone cord are a number of delicate flexible wires.."Kinks" ar,e formed  when this cord is allowed,,to become twisted, and  some of these wires mav be bent or broken.  , This ni.eans a "noisy" telephone line. You cannot hear or be heard as well. In fact,, a twisted  cord may cause a complete interruption of your  service.  Keeping the telephone cord, straight will give  ypti greater satisfaction in the use of your1 telephone.  British Columbia Telephone Company  Made in Canada  ENJOY YOUR :CAR NOW  There are weeks of ideal motoring weather  ahead���������weeks-in which to enjoy your Chevrolet,  and keep you fit lo reap the full benefit of  Ganada?s returning prosperity.  The Chevrolet will bring you pleasure to-day  and make your work more efficient through tha  winter. At to-day's, prices you certainly" have  nothing to gain by delaying your purchase.  Chevrolet and Nash Agents. ,,  Mission City, B. C.  Chevrolet Dealers have a reputation for Servict.,  MODEL "490" TOURING CAR  Alex. S. Duncan  Barrister.     Solicitor  Notary Public  OFFICE  J. A. Catherwood Building  Phone 8601 P. O. Box 69  MISSION CITY, B. C  Vm-. Atkins������ n  General Auctioneer and Live  Stock  Specialist.  BARRISTERS and  |SOUCITOR?  LAW OFFICE  OPEN   EVERY   FDIDAY  ABBOTSFORD,   B.   C.  23 years among the Stockmen of  the Fraser Valley. Am' Samilar  with the different breeds of live  stock and their values.  Addregs a.U comuiunipations to  Box 34 Chilliwack, B. C; |  J. H. JONES  Funeral Director  AGENT   FOR "HEADSTONES' Ii  Phone Connection. Mission City;  drives away feverish colds, dull  headaches and skin eruptions. Brew  it yourself, costs only a few cents.  Gentle and pleasant to take. All  druggists, 30c and 60c.  r%.   Sid.  (Late   Taylor   &   Humphrey)  B. C. Land Surveyor and  Civil Engineer  Boom   0   Hart   Block,   Chilliwack  Box   422. CHILLIWACK  For a Good SmokeTry  B-.C.--&-01d Sport  CIGARS  B.   C.   CIGAR   FACTORY  WILBERG &WOLZ. PROPS TliK AKj^TSFORD PO&x  PAGE THRHDfc  / '���������?#  BaanBBaBBDBanag  /  ,"'  if  ^  THE PUBLIC are continually bombarded with Sales, SALES.and MORE SALES until they wonder  ' just-how many are the real thing, hence our heading A REAL SALE: To be a genuine sale there must be  roal and legitimate reasons, when a manufacturer comes to us wih a bargain, we have to know the why and  wherefores, before we are convinced, and we believe the same candor should be coming to the Public: Our  reasons for this sale are: First; We aim to give the people of this District, the best equipped stock of only  HIGH CLASS Merchandise at prices equal to the Mail Order Houses, to do this we must have your business!  ���������1������  ly; We, like allMerchants require cash to run our business, and we want this opportunity to prove to you  that for CASH we can do as well as the out of town and FAIL. ORDER HOUSES.x  ���������EVERY ARTICLE offered for sale is new���������this season's Merchandise. We stand behind every article.  Satisfaction or your Money Back. We want permanent customers. >  s        '     ���������      '   ���������         . .;-...  To stimulate early morning buyers, we will present every morning, during the sale, to the first TEN customers buying $1.00 worth of Groceries, .%��������� lb. of our No. 1 Bulk Tea; To the first TEN MEN buying $J:00  worth of Furnishings wc will present a Tie;- To the first TEN LADIES purchasing   $1.00   worth of ; Dry  Goods we will present a.full-sized !in oi' CoJgalcs Talcum Powder.    Only one present to each customer.    You may rri&ke   a  choice of what you wish. :���������  ���������  c ,  Store open at 8:30 a. m.    Closes al 7 p. m., except Thursday, the 13th at 9:30 p. m., and Saturday the 15th at 9:30 p. m.  Girls and Misses' New Style.Pull-over Sweaters, fine all wool cashmere; Colors, Green,  Blue and Purple, to clear, each $2.75  Ladies' Fine Black, Tan. or White   Hose   all-  sizes, on salo at, a pair  . -25$  Children's Ribbed Hose,, White   or   Tan,   all  sizes, on sale at, pair ''...:'. .-".��������� 25^  '. ,Ladies',W>ite Cotton Vests, on sale, each 25^*  ..-:- tLadi.es Corsets, good;quality,-medium bust; all  ��������� .. sizes", oil sale.at, a pair .,". $1.4.5  -... ���������r Curtain -Scrim, whiteY -Ecru, 36 inches Wide  "" 'b'ifsale at,-a'yard'/.V.,'. .....;..:;.. -ITVL'^   ��������� Ladies' Bloomers, white and pink  ;,���������-. -Gingham special, a wide selection of patterns      0l1 sale at' ?acn   t:-..-:., A't^a^yard.-;.,;; ........ 28$*  Table Damask, 72 inches wide, a particularly  ��������� fine cloth, per yard  , $1.95  Ribbons," all widths and colors, on sale  From '-'. -.". .'"...'.  "5^ a yard, up  OUR DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT is J complete and well stocked with all NE\V GOODS.  All at reduced prices. No old or shop worn  Goods here.  '���������> 'ii  ;.������Hn./  Remember a special Price on Every Article in     .A ful1 stock of MEN'S and   BOYS'   Clothing,  the Store, except Contract Groceries        sizes to fit all; Men's all. wool   dark   brown.   _L-.iL���������^ ���������i Tweed' Suit on sale jit $15;75~  Ladies, Girls and Misses':Straw'Hats; we have  all the new Ones.  Boys' all wool untearable Tweed Suits  From : ��������� '..'..  35c  1gg?!WWIa'WJfTflr������7,i1M*tl'^lutw  SILKS���������We carry a complete Stock, Paiiete  M'essaline, Georgette, Habitai and Jap, and  China Silks���������at very Special Prices.  / -  up  Men's Every Day Pants, not overalls , . ���������-:.,-..;  On sale at ., ,.. .$2.95  We have the most complete stock   of   Men's  Furnishings in the Valley: Linen Collars, W.  G. R., all styles, sizes 13y9 to 15%  At 2 for ". 25#  Men's Work Socks on sale, 4 pair for $^.$0'  &���������'.:./!���������.-  .All Wool Navy Serge, 54 inches,  On sale, per yard .-. $1.75  House Dresses, to clear in 2'lots, No. 1, $1.95  -���������Lot-No."-2.-at .......,, .. . .,..,.. ,.. . $2.95  CRETONNES���������We offer a wide range to' se- Men's Work Shirts, good quality of shirting,  lect from. All prices reduced. all sizes, each 9g#   " ���������*���������"������������������������"��������� ym^^mmmmfmmmwmr.^tmfflrmm Men and Boys' Felt Hats all at pre-war prices.  Linoleum, Good Quality, 2 yards wide Men and Ladies' English Raincoats   at     less  On sale at,  per sq. yd $l-";05 than cost prices.  Department is so well known for quality that it needs no introduction  here, such well known makers as McPherson's, Williams', Nursery,  Metcalfe* Cummings;are all known for quality, and we have a full new stock. ,;,,.  Boys Solid"leather,.Williams school Boot, sizes to;v5^/o-.at . . . .'V..$3;95   Men's Box Kip Bals., Cummings Make, sizes (3  to 10 at $3.95  >^   :' '    ��������� DEPARTMENT is fully stocked with fresh quality goods at prices that cannot be beaten. We  ill      \JjfOCGl y     invite your inspection.   Give our service a trial.    We are looking for permanent customers:  .it requires your co-operation to make Abbotsford the trading centre in the Valley.    We can save you money.    Spend  it at home   assist yourself, and build up the town.  DATE, and be here whether you buy or not. See what we  have and get acquainted with the lines of Merchandise we  ca'Ty and the kind of business we are trying to build up.  STORE OF QUALITY  ABBOTSFORD, B.C.  ^ssatsiaQgiaiKedBaiBSBeaixsiaBSiiKseataauastaaHSBsa  .*������������������.."    *.��������� .���������������������������>  wmBBBsasasamBBM  r..-.f>- the .ApB6Word post, abbo'tsford, b. d  CLEAN AND WHOLESOME  It is an important feature with us Lo keep every tool and  appliance in a thoroughly sanitary condition. Ml our surroundings are sweet and wholesome, nofohly those which  are exposed to. the view of the customers, but all portions  of the premises.' No better-meat can be offered for sale.  I   ���������    '' S. F. WHITE  ���������B' ������:^te,'9o������      '   Abbotsford, B.C.  Forethought will tell vou that now is the lime  to .have your car overhauled. The Spring rush  will soon begin.  Let us make you enjoy your car and make your  outing trip a pleasure.  Our mechanics are. experts and with an up-lo-  dale equipped shop can give you. Ihe best of ser-_  vice and a permanent job al a reasonable cost.    t  A little knowledge of electrical systems is a  dangrous thing. Better let us check up on your  ignition. :,.  i A rolling car gathers no crowd'.  ';   Don't forget our Specialties:  :������������������   LATHE-WORK,  ������������������������������������    ACETYLENE- WELDING AND CUTTING  OVERHAULING and RE-CHARGING OF  '   -���������������������������:     BATTERIES  ELECTRIC MOTORS   INSTALLED   AND  RE-WOUND  We guarantee all our work lo be Satisfactory.  Abbotsford Garage &Machine Shop  ��������� -���������'���������        Limited  ;   Phone, B. C. 7   -    ������������������  ABBOTSFORD B. C.       Farmers 1918  F. ��������� V. HUNTINGDON  ASSOCIATION  ABBOTSFORD  AND  HUNTINGDON  ABBOTiSFORI)   BRANCH  Phones:  B. C.-27;  Farmers 1908.  HUNTINGDON BRANCH  Phones:  B. C. 14 L; Farmers 1312  We sell Flour, Cereals, Butter, eggs.  We sell Poultry Feeds, Mill Feeds, Hay, Salt.  Head Office Huntingdon. B.  Advertisements under the    above  heading cost 25    cents per    issue.  Leave copy and money at The Abbotsford Garage.  SPLENDID ������������������ SITUATION���������2 lots  for immediate sale, cleared au'l fenced, etc.    Apply 143  Abmtsl'ord.  l'-'-2 4   3  FOR SALE���������5000 Raspberry  Plants, $7.00 a thousand. No 1  plants, Cuthberts'. Apply M. Millar,  Abbotsford, B. C. HI-7*  <��������� Mr. S. D. Trethewey visited Se-  chelt last week.  Mr. and Mrs. R. Cummings, Mr.  and Mrs. D. Cummings, Mrs. McLean  and J. McLeod of Murrayville were  the "guests of Mrs. J. Stinson at tho  week-end.. ;  The new millinery shop opened for  business this week under direction of  Mrs. Phillips.  The, Embroidery Club spent a  pleasant afternoon at the home of  Mrs. J. Downie on Tuesday.  Most of Your Home  Actually ihe greatest part of  Uio area of it, is covered with  Wallpaper.,, Wallpaper is iis  distinctive feature: it forms tho  background for everything  else.  Let me show you samples and  give you figures'' on hanging,  painting, staining, calsomining,  etc.  I.  J. E. PARTON  AtfBOTSFORl),   B.  C.  tt&Z&i&i&iA&Z^^  NUT COAL  ������������������   For Chicken Brood ing  I'lastet', Lime and ��������� Cement   '  COAL AND'tRANSFMK  PRICES RIGHT  J. W COTTRELL  ABBOTSFORD  A^BBOTSFORD^  AUCTION MARKET  . First Salurdaij in  Each Month  al 1 p. m.  ALAN M. SROKOVSKI  Auctioneer  Of. McPhee's Stable .  P. 0. Box 94  SUBDIVISION   OP FARM LANDS  Lot 1���������3.364 acres uncleared land.  A. 1. soil, good water, electric light,  facing' the -Hospital. Would make  fine fruit or chicken ranch. Terras,  $900.00.   .   - ;     ;  Lot -2=���������5 acres-. "Same as above.  All this property joins the town and  this 5 acres':is partly . cleared., Per  acre,.$250.00. ���������.'��������������������������� =;>: :  Lot.3���������5 acres.partly cleared, per  acre,   $250.00,  ������������������'.' iYn'    ��������� ���������     ���������;  Lot 4:���������One acre; splendid home-  site settled all around ' with a good  class of houses, .$30,0.0.0.  Lot 5, 6, 7���������Same as lot 4.  , Lot-.8~7One acre;.?,; A ..corner . lot  having a   large    frontage :,on.   both  streets and a splendid view:    Lots' of  water.. Electric light. .$50.0.00.  Lot 9, 10, 11, 12���������One acre  jFine homesites, each $300.00.  j     Lot    13���������5    room    cottage  50x150, rented,  $900.00.    ���������  Lot 14���������5 room cottage. Lot 5Ox  150,  rented,  $900.00'.      -  Lot. 15���������6 room" house. Lot 5Ox  150,  $1000.00.        . ������  Lot 16���������5 room house.  ;i50, $1100.00.  . Lot   -20���������13.26    acres,  house, large barns, outbuildings, orchard, good water; on main road over looking and adjoining town. Splen  did view. $5000.00  Lot 21���������11.54 acres, house, outbuildings and clearing; fruit trees.  Fine situation overlooking the town  where there is a market for all kinds  of produce. $3000.00  . Lot 25���������Building  $250.00'  Building  each.  Lot  Lot 5 Ox  room  Many additions  being    made    in  days..,      .   ,;.-.,.  to    buildings are  ���������Abbotsford    these  Dates of the  Valley Fall Fairs  The list of fair dates arranged at  a recent 'meeting of the B. C Fairs.  Association held in Chilliwack, has  been released for publication by the  secretary, Mr. W. J. Bonavia, of the  Department of Agriculture, Victoria.  Forty associations out of a possible  6 1 are members' of this organization  and every circuit was represented at  the Chilliwack meeting with the exception of Prince George. .The most  important resolution passed at' the  gathering was . one requesting the  government to restore the annual  grant on a fifty-fifty basis. Officers  elected were elected as follows': President, W. Waldon. Duncan, B. C.,  vice-president, Coun. A. K. Gold'  smith, Aldergrove; directors, H. S  Rolston, Vancouver; George Sangster  Victoria, and D. E. MacTvenzie, :Ncn  Westminster, secretary-treasurer, W.  J. Bonavia, Victoria.  The dates of the lower    mainland  are: "  Vancouver  Aug.  19-2C  Agassi'/  Sept.  6  Langley   (Milner)  Sept.   6  Maple Ridge  Sept.  C-7  lot    66x132-,  lot    66x132.  -Building    lot      66x132.  Lot    26  $250.00  Lot   -27  $250.00 . ��������� ;.-... ;'  .    Lot 29���������One acre, $300.00.  Lot 30-r-Ohe acre-, $300.00.  Lot 31���������One acre, $300.00.  Lot 32���������One acre, corner lot, frontage on two roads, $400.00.  Lot 33���������1.118 acres,    north of B.  C. E.  Ry,  $300.00.  '  The  whole subdivision    would  be  sold at a price and terms that would  make it a splendid investment.  APPLY TO  JAMES MILSTED  ABBOTSFORD, B. C,  Mr. J. W. Wright of. Vancouver  has come to make his headquarters'  in Abbotsford. - He will represent J.  R. Watkins' Co.,.Winona, Wis., dealers in Spices, Extracts, Medicines,  Perfumes, etc. It is the intention  of Mr. Wright, who is a brother of  our. esteemed townsman, Mr. G. R.  Wright, of the Abbotsford Garage, to  maintain a store in Abbotsford.  Chilliwack   North Vancouver .  Burquitlam ..........  Whonnock .....,:.....  New Westminster  Matsqui .....  Abbotsford  ....'.   Aldergrove ...���������...:....  Mission City ..-,   ......... Sept. G-8  ..;...... Sept. 1-2  ........ Sept.  7-8  ............ Sept. 8  ....  Sept.   11-16  ...: Sept. 19-20  ...Sept. .21-22  ......... Sept.  27  Sept. 2G-27-28  SKJISiE  '       " ������        ������  Our bread comes fresh from the oven each morpi'S,  but it doesn't remain here long, we proceed at once to distribute it. on nrompt schedule time. Our bread customers  are "Boosters" for the home made products they claim it  the standard quality of excellence. ���������   .  Have you called to.get'our Grocery Specials lor this  next week?  Our Motto: SERVICE QUALITY AND, PRICE  ALBERT LEE, Baker and Grocer  Flour and Feed -   Prompt Delivery  <fc  i^  A T. N. T. Explosive of great strength,  safety and freedom from noxious fumes  No Headaches  Take advantage of the   Government   refund of  .50, up to ten cases of powctei4, and blow  " your slumps  ���������en  Insurance of all kitids  .NOTARY PUBLIC    '  Marriage Licences Issued  REAL ESTATE���������Money to Loftu on flood Parni Mortgages  cCalktm  Abbotsford  Malkin's Best Marmalade, per tin .: 78c  Corn Starch, 3 for X.;.... ,���������.."...., .".,-.,- 29c  Currants, 2 lbs. for ��������� 3oe  or*  Waterglass, per can  ^?c  Molasses, per tin  ...:.... .-...:���������....:.,; -'20c  R .G. MacLEOD  Abbotsford, B. C.  JL OL   hJ  AGNES AYRES anil RUDOLPH VALENTINO  The book is the year's sensation! You'll never forget the  Picture.  SATURDAY, APRIL 8th  CHARLES RAY  in  "PARIS GREEN"  It is generally considered that the  -road on the north side of the river  to New Westminster is1 better than  the Yale road. The only bad place  spoken of is the hill at the red  -bridge, across the Stave. Repairs  however are being hurried along all  parts of the Yale road and it is hoped that it will be in good condition in  the course of a few days.  More acreage will be sown on  Sumas Prairie this year then ever before, as it is expected that the dyke  will prevent flooding, and give a  crop of 'bill-lesB" inosquitoeflV  Mr. W.'J. Cottrell was at the coast  this week on business.  Don't  overlook  Ker adv.  Brackman-  Abbotsford's brush artist says that  he is exceedingly busy these days  which speaks well for the looks of  the town, as spring'paint is the sign  of optimism and prosperity.  Mr. A. G.. Andrews who recently  disposed of the Cash firocery to Mr.  MacLeod, will devote his energies to  arming.  ''Why is your wife so   jealous ; o-  your stenographer?"  "She used to be my stenographer."  The things that a man intends to  do when he.gets time never help him  up the ladder of success.


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