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'fen"- -.
I ������'/$���;"���'
.' J .v.
sir *���
With which is incorporated "The Huntingdon Star"
Vol. XIX., No. 16
$1.00 per Year
I'lSONKS:   11.  C.���.V��       Kiirincrs'  - ���
Al'TO-\IO��lliK   KKIWIHS   mid
UAHH   KOK  I'lltl*.   DAY  Oil  NIGHT
C.  SPRING,  MiiniiKcr
Wc handle���Oxy-Acetylcne Welding, Tires, Gasoline and Oils.
Gemiiiic  Ford  I'arts  and all   Khuls- of Repairs.
Owing to the absence of Councillor
Clodhill the Matsqui council did not
strike the 1920 rate on Monday last,
at their regular meeting, and, adjourned later to meet again on the
loth for that pur rose.
The rate will be larger than last
year. Wages have boon fixed at one
dollar an hour for l;am work and 50
cents manual work with'55 cents for
foreman.    As tho demand for roads
Tenders are to bo called for at
once for the clearing, stumping and
grading of, a road from Braaner io
Rand. This follows the inspection
made by the council last week. The
soldier settlers" need for a direct put-
let is'imperative.
Councillor Keay will, spend $100
on the Nicholson road and tenders
will decide who shall haul and spread
3 00 yards of gravel from the Riverside road to the Bell road. Councillor
The Board of. Trade met. on February 2nd.
A communication had been received from Mr. Barrow's department
and he has taken''up the negotiations
regarding the Hazel Street crossing
But with .regard to the uniting with
the Matsqui Municipality it is too late
for special  legislation  this  year.
. Mr. Kerr gave a report of-the. big
Board of Tiade convention held in
Vancouver early in February. He and
the secretary Mr. Hill were asked to
supply written reports as records.
The' Publicity, committee requested
reports from the various departments
of business so that they may be published and advertised before the people.
The secertary was instructed to
write the provincial government ' in
regard to the housing proposition, for
the expenditure, of this $1,500,000
within the province, suggesting that
instead of municipal commission's the
x ,��__W-i_ J--- r��L,<.?>
, The G. W.- A. Whist Drive and
Dance held in the Masonic Halt on
Friday night February 27 Was a
splendid success. Thirteen tables of
whist were played and the proceeds
amounted to $21.00.' Those winning first prizes were Miss Taylor
and Mr. Angus Campbell. Miss Anna McCallum and, Mr. John  I-lutchi-
minster Hall, gave a very interesting
lecture 'in the- Presbyterian church
on Monday last. Other speakers were
R-3V. Rowe, of Sardis, and Rev. Mclnnes, Clayburn and Rev. W. Robertson. .    ,
The W. C. T. U. held their regular
meeting in the Presbyterian church
on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Angus
Mclnnes ,was" hostess.
The Ladies Aid met at the-home
of Mrs. Kennedy on Wednesday after--,
noon, but owing to so much sickness
son received the consolation prizes.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd and Mr. B. B.   the attendance was not. too large.
Smith were visitors in Abbotsford on {     Mr. and.Mrs. McMenemy and child
Friday. j ren motored to Murrayville on Sun
Miss Grace Kennedy was home for   day.
the w-aek end.
Mrs. Legh and Miss Pickens of
Vancouver spent a few days'with the
Misses Steede last week.
Miss Lamb of Vancouver spent the
week end with her sister Mrs. (Dr.)
Mr. Stewart McPhee',spent a few
days at his home here.
Emily and, Jack Alanson of Mis-
government should deal  with  ft  df-i sicm City si:>e*u Saturday with Irene
is greater than ever, the .council can   UeU naiacH juuc 30 as the time limit
not meet requirements on the old income. The councillors as a body arc
bant on making good roads and roads
where they are needed, higher taxes
are therefor.e inevitable.
The ratepayers of. Matsqui are to
be called together this week by Councillor Charlie Bell to talk municipal
problems over. lie will make his
stand in accordance with their wishes, either more taxes and better roads
cr its alternative.
for this work to be done. 	
A. E. Humphries will be appointed engineer for all surveys under tho ditches and watercourses act
and any such other engineering worl
required._rby_ .the council. Mr': J. E,
Thorec". is constable for Matsqui district.
The rcr* o will attend the good roads
ccnvcnt'o.'i at Victoria.
The department of the interior.at
Ottawa notified the council that ap-
rectly through their own special commissions who would be directly responsible to the government.
The side walk ,is to be extended to
Mrs. Pelapicce's and the government
is to be asked to connect up the present sidewalk with that one. ill is
just possible that Abbotsford- may
have a clean-up day this spring.
Arthur Ross of /\!dcrgrove wanted plication had been made for the right
a sub-division roadwal out to the G. I10 Prospect for oil on property ro-
N. station. As this road was gazetted'served by the municipality for a do-
before the bylaw came out demand- -mesHe water supply.- This applica-
ing owners to grade new roads, the i Lion was withhold for the council's
council ocorcd to meet the owners on -.permission.
The property is the proposed location of the reservoir for the Matsqui
Waterworks Association, who at last
a  50   cent  basis.
Councillor Gledhill will    call     for
tenders  for the straightening of the
White road.    This decision met    the j month> protested against the cancell
request of Jacob Fitzenberger, who is
desirous of fencing in his property ac
cording to survey lines.
As the Smith Brothers and Mrs.
Gallagher are on the same road the
improvements that Councillor Bell intends to make on the Gallagher road
will meet, their requirements, it is
ation of their charter. While there
are no present prospect s of either oil
wells or water works, the council
felt they should safeguard the interests of the people, and they will protest against any oil development in
that district.
Half a mile of road north ot the
international boundary on  the    line
3artor and Christie were promised   between  Sumas  and   Matsqui  muni-
lliat tho opening of tho extension
from the Peardonville road to their
property which would relieve five sel-
cipalities was the subject of requests
from several returned men who are
unable to travel it at present. Coun
ters would  be left in  the  hands of | cillor Benson will call for tenders to
Councillor Gledhill with full power to   srade and fill and will arrange with
act according to his judgment.
Resolutions came in to the council
for endorsement, first from Kamloops
that the Provincial Government build
at once a  highway into the interior.
Another from the Mission Board
of Trade concerning a proposed ��� a-
mendnient to the ferry 'Schedule was
aproved most heartily. This calls
for a half-hour service fro in? a. ;n.
to 12 p. m. midnight. This would
entail two crews but there was traf-
Councilor DeLair of Sumas about the
In view of the considerable losses
incurred through pilfering and careless handling of goods in transit, losses which amount in a year to close
on three million dollars, the Canadian Railways have recently been conducting an active campaign against
:--;ch robberies, not only in their own
interests but also lo .protest ���the mer
fie sufficient now to justify Hie change |cl,ants aml !'lli*,.1)er    who    -1*Uural1i'
The resolution from    the    Abbotsford Board of Trade passed with ap-
��� suffer1 great inconvenience, even
though the losses may be made good,
probation. The complaint against,The loss ��r Portions, of a shipment
"the lighting on the B. C. E. R. trains ! ^enuently. renders the balance of a,
is universal through the vallev. This jslMnnenl useless or depreciates its
memorial appeals for both better iva,ue�� aml afCcrt8 L1,e "Alness, of t��e
lighting and heating. -.      j merchant.    As a result of this cam-
rm      '    .-,   .-,   r,   . . .   , p-iign. the C. P. R., for instance have
The B. C. E. R. have turned down
a request for a spur at Bradner station, Avill be again approached, the
council maintaining that the increas-',
od  traffic  al  this point  warrants    a ��
Victoria, Feb: 2 8.���The evident do-
iermination of Die opposition to insist
ipon its -righfsvia-nd not be birked in
iO* far'"
Is criticisms of the government, not
.-veil when frowned upon by the Speaker, was again illustrated on Thurs-
laywhen Mr. Bowser and Mr. Spea-
;cr Keen went to the mat consequent
ipen the hitter's ruling that tho op-
'-ositiou  leader  was  out of order  in
'is criticisms of the bill to amend the
Jauie Act, a measure which, by tho
vay, he tore to shreds in his characl-
ristic manner, declaring i|, lo be    a
nasfs of contradictions, silly res I ri clous  upon  sportsmen, "and  compiled
*>y one wholly ignorant of the actual
iame conditions in the province.
Mr. Bowsers criticisms cf the proposed amendments of the Game Act
were pungent and clearly impressed
:he members, lie showed how it was
proposed by restricting tlie granting
if hunting licences lo non-residents
:>f the province, to jjritish subjects
resident in Canada, to put a ban up'fn
iOngiishmen or residents of oilier British residents in Canada, (lie while.a
���ociion provided for the granting of
licences to visiting officials "or in
special cases'' free of char_e.
"You don't propose apparently to
Allow British subjects from outside
.he Dominion to conic to this prov-
nce and shoot, but come American '
.'riend of Dr. Baker, perhaps Mr.
Vandcrvecr, of Seattle, the gsulleuiaii
who figured in thai plugging scaua���l i
s to be given privileges under the
Suisse of a 'special case' " he said.
Miss Clark of Vancouver was the
week  end.
Ellis McMillan "of Powell "River
visited his parents last week-end.
.The True Blue Lodge met on Mar.
1st and formed a committee for the
May   Day   Celebration.
Mr. and' Mm. King and Irene were
I Hie guests' of the Alanson's at Mis-
| sion on -Sunday.
Mrs. Thomas of Mission City, was
'in Abbotsford visitor on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Albin Johnson, formerly of Abbotsford, who have boon
in California for the winter, have returned home.
Mr. Anstey. provincial high school
.'ns pec tor, will speak on tire consolidated schol question in the Alexandria   hfill  on  March  1.1th.
Mr. John McCallum visited his parent s, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. McCal-
���uni   this   week.
t. Mr. Aiex McCallum is Abbotsford's
prohibition delegate to the con\en-
lion in Vancouver Ibis week.
Dr.  Smith, principal of the  West-
Mr. W. N.  McClenahan was home
for  the   week   end   and   his, brother
Tom returned to Seattle, with him.
A quiet wedding was solemnizad
on Thursday, March 4th at 3 p. m.
in St. George's church," Vancouvei,
when Miss Dorothy Parton and Mr
Ralph Gilmore, of , Abbotford, were
united in marriage by Bishop D_
Pencier. Miss Vivian Peele. New
Westminster," was bridesmaid while
Mr. Frank Parton, brother of tho.
bries. assisted the groom. After the
ceremony a. reception was given by
Mrs. F. Boyd. Mr. N. Hill, 'of the
Royal   Bank, attended th_  wedding.
A marriage has boon ui-raugod.
uid will shortly take place between
;:a.pt. VV. S. Hill-Tout, R. A.' F., and
Miss Kathleen Sheen, yount.es1.
daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs.
Wliecn    of Cardiff,   England. The
wedding will take place al Spokane
at the home of Mrs. Milne, tho bride s
������jist-cr; also of
Lieut. Jack Duiilop, M. (,!., of Go:--
vnn. Scotland , and Miss G. Mildred
Hill-Tout, daughter of Prof, and Mrs.
Hill-Tout, or Abbotsford.
Both young couples will reside i:i
Abbotsford   after   the   hon'-yniobn.
The tax rale struck at Port Coquil-
lyii! is 22.10 mills. Last, rate 17.Hi
j recently brought into court and secured convidtions against several offenders.
Medical authorities say    that    the
freight spur between    Jackson    ana 'nresont rain i3 the i,CBt:medl(dne poB- |
Dennison.    The railway company do  ;,il)U; f       ho                 sicknesses, onlvi , ,   ���    .,,
not  think  the locking up  of  freight I   ...., .        :.._.  !��-C the deceased. Mr. Howard Moffat,
The funeral of the late James
Moffat took* place on Monday afternoon.' March 1st, from the Baptist
church, Matsqui. Service at the
church was conducted by the He v. A.
F. Baker, of Mount Pleasant Bopiisl
church, Vancouver, assisted by U12
Rev. Mr. Frederickson.
The pall bearers were A. B. Dixon,
John Lusby, W. Page, J. W. Beharrell and  Cornelius Kelligher.
The deceased was a brother-in-law
of Mr.' I-I. F. Page, of Matsqui, and a
native- of Amherst, Nova Scotia. The
death took place at Cranbrook^B, C-
at the home of bin daughter, Mrs. A.
W. Hodgson, the remains being accompanied from ("ranbrook by a son
Elegance is a term that applies to our clothing, (including
hats, gloves and shoes) with as
much force as do the qualities
of fit and wear. The superior
appearance of these high-clasj
garments is what distinguishes
���pup' A\ii3u*p.io 3i(i uio.rj uiain
Tlie expense is not so much in
the cloth as in the details cf
workmanship, which repr-seut-;
the valuable time of skilled labor.
We sell clothing on a Imv enough margin to plae-.- the class
of garments on a level in price
with  the merely common place
You will notice that the well-
dressed men of Abbotsford,
whether of sporty or sedate
characteristics, are among our
See our window for a line of
Hats, that for price and quality,
.are above the ordinary.
sheds at flag stations will work satis-
,'oople must keep comfortably dressed and protect themselves from chills
'interment being at the new cemetery
Dressmaking,   fine   and   plain  tewing by a capable and  qualified
dressmaker.-���Inquire   at    Dry Goods Department.
R.   C.   Phone,   4
Farmer:-,'   Phone   VK)7
{near Clayburn.
Mil II"' f   &}\{\'t7> W v-*Tf *  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Thursday, March 4th, 1920.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST "���������  Published Every Friday  _. A. Bates, Editor and Proprietor  FRIDAY, MARCH 5-  11 02*0  L DASHW00D- JONES  BAilRJSTER and   SOLICITOR  ttOSH Rogers Rldg. Vancoiuer  Ccuasol, J.. Milton Price.  tn-rrctr:  "I'd Simoa  pure,  llolii-r than  thuu  rrci.-fcr jit Victoria, should by all ;-,������������������-  <(��������� ;i i j s af;ct-pt  file  n. signal ion  of  bis  iniuir'or of finance.     There is ample  pro*.   'lent   in  B. C. politics where ro-  ,- igm-ii-'-iis havo been ;i'-c-opled for    a  gi-'-a; deal less ilian $2000. Bul.inay-  l.o   ii   Hie   pr-.' in if r   madi!   Hon.   Hart  par!  wi'li bis imh-I folio, ha mighio   be  wor.-'- fit   telling l.l:au   Bowser is sup-  po.s d(iJ';   '-'.'  and   thou   there   would  br- ;������������������( iiicl !Li!,:-  ("oiug     prcbaldy     \vi;h  HoiM.S)t   John    (Hart's   name   is   also  Juii.i ) Th1"!-.' are. fli'm two Johr.s. one  i'loiu-d .John and iho other Ins unmet-  'John, boih with lots of assurance and  t-e'!'-(���������-:toom. but tho opposition    seer,  tin o-fgh th--1 little game.  That mighty P. G. E. is sure mak-  ;���������*.-*: history in 111 is province:���������once it  v>us .ntppesed to be a vote catcher;  then it was the making of a railway  ma.-jj.ate, and now il maybe that it  will _ive birth to a financier. But if  ii only gave service to the people a-  long f. lie J in a people migiit condo.no  all the things the P. G. E. has tried  to  do,  A.-- nvay   it   should   lie   thoroughly  I;i:*iJ3';.ssod  upon  the  finance r_in*isl:-v  that it is important to either hand in  his resignation or toil the whole truth  'find nothing but the truth about the  , P. G.  E. insurance scandal.  couver Settlers' Rights-Act twice dis  allowed by the Dominion, the measure will be again enacted at the pres-.  ent.session Premier Oliver has stated  The Act, one designed ostensibly tc  permit issuance of crown grants    tc  land  in  the  coal area of Vancouve.  island to original settlers or descendants thereof but    which,    opposition  critics have declared, was one merelj  lo permit of the Gran by Consolidate:.  Mining & Smelting concern, to securt  coal producing properties despite legal rights of the E. & N. railway ,b.>  a contest through'the    courts,    was  passed at the  11)18 .session to permit  those settlers whoh ad failed to take  advantage of the 19 0-1 act passed by  tho   former   administration   to   come  Some     182'    applications  were received by the-government but  despite (he hitter's professions of interest  in  the  welfare of the settlers  but (wo grants were issued,  both oi  which found their way into, the hands-.  i     .      ,      .    . .     ������     , ,    , '������*  Lhc Oranby concern.     The Domin-  l m'or he  had  sougnt to  have probed'���������������������������   ,i;_���������n-. ���������,  ,,  .  ..     .���������,,..       7-    ,-      , , 10n  disallowed the cat and last yeai  al tho 11-1-  investigation by a house'���������, ���������,.., ,.���������_���������,,,   ,      ,    ,    ,    ,  " ; ,<< was re-enacted only to be later dis  cern milt eo at which  time, he assert-  .,,.       ,  allowed.  ���������;���������;���������  clmnges  in < xisling  legislation.  G.  II. liaiics, Liberal member    toi  iVorlh Vancouver, .who broke into Hit  lime-light  two   weeks   ago   when   lit  .'r-sucd   his charg.     against    Premier  Oliver of obstructing government inspectors'in lliei.' duty    of    checking  ��������� I.) iis'.-els of the P. G. E. which should  .law come info tho possession ofthe  i :>ro\ nice   under   the   settlement   be-  j:\v.--n the iirovinoc- and the P. G.  E  'iiicrests, a charge which the Premier  ��������� o'.ilended himself with answering in  nisi i-p:>?c!i   in  the debate on  the Ad-  ' '..;:���������;.   will   not allow   the  matter   lo  . v-ir.aiii as it is.    He has given notice  ���������!' a   motion   he  will   move  in   which  ho   demands   the   appointment   of   a  'loyal  Commission  to invHSfigatc his !,-,,., ,  j i o i \. a i ci  charges.     But the North    Vancouver  member  wauls  to  go     further    and  i  j delve into that old question of P. G:  i E. donations to campaign funds, tho  j manor which, he staled when recent-  ! ly making his charge against the Pre-  l  SERVICE  Aj&L 1  SERVICE  When ycu say "Hello?" when-you answer the telephone  do you realize that you are impeding your telephone ser-  | vice? The person calling invariably asks who is speaking  and you give the information you might have given in the  . first place. When you answer the telephone why not give  your name or the name of your firm and department in  the first instance? Then yon would be getting service  and giving service.  BRITISH COLUMBIA TELEPHONE Go.  cd,  Hi.   Attorney-General   had   urged i      ,.   ,_,������������������_��������� .     ,     .      ...  , .     : .    . .      ���������.    .  ,    ,     , I     H begins to look as if one of the  mm  i,o go easy m h-s eflort to have1, :;,���������,.,,    ,    t.  ,,     ,, -,-,,,   , Liboial election crys at the next gen-  Mr. Bowser, opposition leader, bo ore   ,.,.,,    ���������    ,. .,,  . ,     . ci a i elections    will      be  :l:o     conimitfee     because       Bowser  i .'mows too'much.  From present information of tho  r.ew Flection Act of -_h_ Province it  looks as though if would be a -good  scheme to make votes, or unmake  votes, thus keeping the Oliver government in power after the next election.  Provincia.  Rights.       Since  the present govern-  ,, ,  , r. ,        ra-ru took office every effort has beei  i-or the past two years Hanes has . -,orll .. ,0 . .,    ,   ,  , .  . <    ,     ,i , ;'^aclo to cast upon the federal author  'ic*n striving to get the House to a-!,���������,,,.. .. .....  ,.   < b ;Uigs the responsibility for any failm\  , gree to  nrs demand  ior a  probe but' . .    ,.   ,  |    .,,,     .       , .... ��������� on tne part ot the provincial govern-  without success.     It his numerous rs-1,,,,,. ,_ ��������� ,. ,  I     .   ,.        ,    .,   .    ,, ,  ,  ; -llCl-1 Lo-meet questions arising out o  uioiutions to that eifect were not left1.-,,   ,     .        ..        ,.       ' *  I ,   . , ,       tne exigencies ol  the war, or other-  si ranc.ed on the order paper when the  , ��������� m  "   .   , ,,     V'1SG-    T������ critics which    assert    the  session   euoed,   they   were   promptly   ���������__   ������������������, ,   ,   .  ,,l]pr, nui  n, nr,lm. - pru.ince is not doing its duty by the  Gall Stones  ���������Pains in right side, radiating lo  back, shoulders, under shoulder blade  and across hips: Avoid these through  the use of .Hcpatola. (.$5..->0 treatment).     Information   on    request.  Sole  Manufacturers  MRS. GEO. S. ALMAS  >1M   4 th  Avenue,  North,  Saskatooon  ruled out of order  returned soldiers,  the answer  is re-  Those days we are often asked  what chance there is of a bridge a-  cross the Fraser at. Mission City, ami  ir.ifor! unately we are" not in a. position to say how soon the bridge is  coming, but our firm opinion is that  it is sure to come���������all things come  to tiiose who wail.  There is one thing sure thai if will  come sooner if everybody would keep  bcostiug along the need of a bridge  across the Fraser near lhe route oi  the present Mission-Matsqui ferry.  Keep a little piopaganda in your  pocket ready for distribution at all  timer-, day in and day cut.  Don't scoff the idea o\' a bridge,  but  keep boosting.  .,,,,, J ,       H.I.1IIUOU  o_n.w<=is,   li b  answer  13  re-  It should ne apparent to Hanes bv 1 ,.,..���������   ,,,*...,     _.  m,;c. .,,���������_ ,,,., ,, ; ."   td'nwl that it is the Dominion's sole  fms Lime that Hie government wants :,        .,.,..     ,,_,  ���������,,   mn,a   ,��������� ,-,.���������        n������;���������:������..   ���������     ! iespunsibiluy   -Passing  the   buck   to  <! *tSTi-?    ������"'; VIVY.!*- ? I    I   ii-TTi.'^  (Continued   from    Pag**   Three)  f.Li.e Associations,      regulation       of  creameries and dairies and other min-  10   more   inquiry.        Opinion   amon���������  mc.mbeis is  that  were he  to confine  his demands to an investigation into  his   recent   charge   against   the   Premier he claims he '-an  prove where  at.  I--asi  $100,000  worth   of P.  G.  12.  icquipmont rightfully tlie'property of  jihe Province, has been allowed to go  J back Co the former P. G. 13. interests  be  would   then  he  putting  the  issue  ���������,'iuare'y   up   (0   the   Premier   on   his  lesponsibilily as a member of the legislature and. should he fail to make  ������������������'ond,   his   only  course   would   be  to  rc-ign.     But his bringing in matters  on which members of the government  are somewhat touchy to say the' least  givrs ikein a favorable opportunity to  have .iho  demand   for  a   probe  side-  Ha-vked.       Members predict that the  iiancs' motion will never get beyond  :'!..-; present stage.  Not content with  having its Van-  ttawa", and expressive term used by  the opopsition leader to describe this  attitude on the part of the provincial  government,   has   become  a   popular  expiession of the legislature.     Every  play that can be madei'to create the  impression   that  the Liberal- government   of   B.   C.   is   vigilant   in   safeguarding  provincial rights,   is   being  iesorted to.    Even the Attorney-Gen-  jial who recently went to London to  .\-   .sent the province before the pn-  . y  council  and  whose  trip,   while a  pleasant one from his standpoint.cost  lie province a  tidy sum  besides necessitating payment of some  if4,000  to counsel for one of the litigants, to  have him permit the province to se-  ���������ure- the  credit of appearing in the  eas*!. Hew his trumpet on his return  in an effort to give the government  credit for favorable decisions rendered.    As a matter of fact, these var-  ^^fflj(-p^_iii_c_B_jL_5r__]5^^  J. H.   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Complete lamp equipment, mohair  tailored one-man top, top cover and side curtains; tilted  windshield; speedometer; electric horn; extra rim and carrier on rear; complete tool equipment, including pump and  jack. Foot rest, robe rail, pockets in each door. Price  $895, f. 0. b., Oshawa, Out.  Vi  \i  CHEVROLET and DODGE AGENTS  ,U) The oldest Protestant Church m the CTity of feosata  bait- fe m Gmmwl  more than 1,000 years ago, brat was renovated about 12 years ������gs>, feSr-^-^T1  (2). View of the Wailing Wall.    Note tij_e Derate Drayini       ***'W&& -"  ions' actions were the. outcome of pol  -:ks adopted by the former Conser- !  .tiv-2- government,    policies     which  reed an appeal to the courts by the ���������  ontending  parties  and   which were .  upheld by the decisions of the high-  .;Jt court in the'land.    In only    one  f-ase, that of the responsibility cf the  C. P. R. to pay the assessments 'ev-  ied.'liy tlie Workmen's Compensation  Beard to recompense dependents of  victims-on the Princess Sophia wreck  was the case one which was .not  launched by the former government  and in that instance the final decision  fully supported the validity of the  legislation passed by the former ad-  miniuiiation.  - ��������� ii -i'.  ���������"- rf--;_.  'X'-.v  f  j';j  j- .-'  f  .'V  1  ��������� ���������<_  I -zd  Thursday,  March  <lth, 1920.  f HE ALBOTSFORD POST  PAGft THtllSli  "R  *  'd  _*  I  .'V  1  I  i  DENTIST  adv. m  Letter  Heads  Bill  Heads  Envelopes  Statements  Posters  Shipping  eople  T,  ags  Visiting  Cards  Etc, Etc.  The Merchant who advertises his goods thereby shows  his confidence in- them. His  advertisement is an invitation to the people to test his  sincerity by testing his goods.  This paper has a bona fide  circulation and an adv. in it  will reach the- man. who  spends his money in his own  province.  For job Printing.  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'30S?8?������C������3  OUR VICTORIA LETTER  ill  . Victoria,   March   1.���������Entering upon the second month of its labors,the  Legislature is just beginning to get  down   to   real' business.   After  three  solid .weeks, -of spell binding on the  debate on  the  address in  reply  the  house was provided with some of the  government's legislative bill of fare,  ipening the week with measures of  ninor  importance     and     concluding  t on'Friday with the new provincial  .lection's  Act    which,     undoubtedly  will prove easily the most interesting  ' item lo the members. Practically the  whole  week  was devoted  to  getting  legislation under way and to .date a-  bout   twenty   bills   have   been   introduced though- few of them could  be  :;aid to be any enunciation of government's policy on a broad scale.  ���������    Tho- new Elections _ Act    proposes  some radical  departures    from    the  old  procedure.    The elimination    of  tho requirements of a deposit by candidates, the provisions requiring state  men'ts from the candidates as well as  from the secretary and treasurer    of  the. various political parties' of election expenses, the provisions for absentee voting,  tlie granting    to'   returned soldiers of whatever ago and  nationality,  the franchise,  especially  to Japanese veterans, and the greater  ease afforded to voters to get their  names upon  the voters'  list are, tht  chief features of the bill.    There    is  one  feature whtch  undoubtedly will  call  for opposition criticism,  that of  providing for the appointment of deputy registrars to assist in the preparation of the lists.    These officials  will, apparently operate on the same  basis as enumerators engages at the  1917  federal election. Opposition  members are unkind enough to suggest.that the plan will prove a glorious opportunity for "the boys" to  draw down a substantial stipend irom  the public purse. The absentee voting, too, will be productive of keen  debate. "While, the Premier informed the house it was a most radical  *3tep, there should not be abuse.  At   the sain,   lime  it   was  evid::iU  THERE IS ONLY ONE  GENUINE ASPIRIN  Only Tablets with "Bayer Cross'  are Aspirin���������No others I  that he expects the bill will come  under strong fire for he admitted ho  knew he was running into The Diu-  gest bunch of trouble" he had ever  encountered. He appeared to take  great pride in the provisions calling  for submission of statements by candidates and parties- of their elect io.i  expenditures, though it is apparent  that the obvious method of getting  around such a provision would be to  entrust election outlays to some party stalwarts who need not keep'tlie  candidate nor the party officials informed as to details. But he saw, in ,  such "regulations; the elimination of  the former practice of donations to  campaign funds. Old lists will be  cancelled and the new' registration  will be held this year and thereafter  tins list -will be revised annually instead of semi-annually as now, expect that should an election be held  more than six months after the last  revision, an especial revision will be  l.eld to permit of purification of the  list. At elections -each vol.r will be  required to sign his name and address  i\t- of that date. The signature will  be compared with that on the original  implication of the voter lo bo placed  on  the voters" lists thus. to.some cx-  ��������� --V  lent at least preventing personation  and at the same time forming a basis  for them next, revision of flic list. Absentee voters may vole in any polling  division in which lliey happen to be  on election day. voting for the cau-  ijidatc they favor in their division in  which they are registered and reside. '  Thes'3 absentee votes will be forwarded by the returning olficer to the voter's homo division to be counted in  that division. But according lo lhe  act the final count including thes-2  absentee voters' ballots is not to be  made until at least twenty-one days  a for the election  day.  Other hills which have been under  consideration are: Amendments to  the Soldier I/and Act to increase tli-j  amount of $000,000 set aside in the  present act. to one million to permit  further operations on the South Okanagan Settlement scheme on which  some .f3r,0.000 of the original sum  together with $ 1.90,000 taken from  Consolidated account has been spent  and which, when the irrigation  scheme is completed, will probal*ly  cost another million, the Minister of.  Lands staled: an amendment to the  Mineral Act to permit rco.rvalion oi'  iron ore deposits and the fixing of a  royalty on production: a change i.i  ihe Mineral Survey Act to permit the  Minister of Mines to demand further  Information from companies seekin-J  to sell stock to the public, as to the  properties; a m--nd men Is lo the Came  Act,: provision for the establishment  of a sub-normal Bays' school at Cc-  i-uitlain, and consolidations of the  existing provisions for the incorporation of Chai liable Societies, Co-oper-  /v>/vv/v/.v..>  -^-.^v- - .v-..~" '..-^"^/--^-~  (Continu'-'J on Page Four)  jF YOUR CHILD IS 'CROSS,-  FEVERISH, CONSTIPATED.  If yon don't [inc. tlie .-"13-iyor Cronr,''  on flic tablets, refuse them���������they are  nut Aspirin  at all..  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Representing- Roartl Companies Only  TRAFFIC TRUCK LINE  Fast Daily Freight Service between Vancouver, Abbotsford and  intermediate points including New Westminster, Cloverdale, Langley  Piairie, Murrayville and Aldergrove;  1  SI  rre,Qr  O  ht Delivered  enerai  LONG  DISTANCE   FURNITURE MOVING .  Xot?iin_ too large Nothing too small  COlUl'IiRTK .SATISFACTION CCARANTEED  P. and H. COX LIN  Abbotsford Ofiico: Abbotsford Garage, Phone Abbotsford 7.  Vancouver  Office:   321   Kingsway,   Phone   Fairmont   3700  Thili   P.  G.  E.   IXSUR'l.S'CH  AGAIN  Victoria. Feb. 2S.���������Disclosures  made Ihrough the agency of questions asked by opposition members  and more or less skilfully evaded by  lhe government concerning the participation of I lie firm of Gillepie, Hart I  & Todd, of Victoria, in (he "pick- j  in_s" "afforded by the P. G. 13. rail-1  way, the government owned line have  -proved of immense interest to meni-  b->::? of lbs legislature.- The associa-  Co** of li,_u. John Mart, Minister of  i- i;i:i*v.-., with that firm and the ilnan-  cialbfts ii. secured through its be-  in.'*; awarded the tender for the $2,-  241,070 insurance on railway equipment, rclling st.ock, etc., has beon  tho subject of interest ing gosiy in the  I '.--.jit-lativi' i-ircl".-!. The premium paid  by the !��������������������������� liway to tlie Fireineti's Fund  JiiLuritiice company, of New York, the  Jir.*_ which Giiicspie, l-'art and Todd  placed the insurance, totalled !?9,520  1 he customary commif-sion paid to  ������������������.geni. s en that class of business is 20  to   tlie   Victoria  Minister if ropu  firm,  d to  some" $2,00 J b.v  DC  til  per  cent.  which th  partiier, secured  transaction. -  'i U_ o;)*r;o.s:1 ion has been pressing  I lie mailer. Last week Premier Oliver .siippiir-d answers to the effect  that lenders had been called for and  had boon received from the following  f"i-Tii.--: I'uitf-d Stat*s Fire Insurance  Coir.n.ir.y, New .Jersey In.suranoo Co..  f-iu.yv- Kant insurance company and  flu:; Ins:-ranee Company of the Slate  of Fv-.rti'iK.vviiiiia.'at 3fwr' per 100, from  till.' i!o;:i': Insurance -Company of New  Vi'i'liiU HO cent s and from the Brit-  ;*:h Ciown Assurance Corporation Ltd  at !0 ccntK. Put tlie Premier stated  the lowc-fil bid had not been accepted as that course "had not be mi  (\;i(-\:\m\  advisable."  'I his week further questions were  put .by tho epposftion.' The Premier  rep^cd that' Gillespie,. Hart & Todd  had tendered, though he failed lo  f-i'.r.t-.' " ' '' ���������'  Ciat.  the province, and that tlie placing of  the insurance through Gillespie, Hart  ft Todd had been done upon the re-  i commendation of the chief engineer  !o!" railways, Mr. Proctor, though just  j \vhy the head cf ��������� the engineering  i branch should have had anything to  i  I do with placing insurance was not  set forth. Gillespie, Hart & Todd got  the insurance on their bid of 42 1-2<i  per if 10 0.  But it was when the Premier replied tiiat he had "no official information" that Hon Mr. Hart is a  member of the firm of Gillespie, Hart  & Todd, or, even, that he is a director  of the P. G. E., that the amusement  among members became pronounced.  For the past two years the Premier  has been silting wilh Hon. Mr. Hart  and Aitorn'ry-General Farris on the  Lonrcl of Directors which is composed of tlie three, and yet at this late  date he lacks "official information"  concerning Hon. Mr. Hart's status on  that Board.  in view of all the circumstances  Cue pertinent query is being made,  should not Hon. Mr. Hart resign as a  member of the government? Previous ministers and meiiib_rs of the  house have resigned because of similar broaches of the regulations prohibiting them from having financial  relations with the government. There  is ample precedent for such action.  The premier's lack of "official information" is hardly considered as a  proper >c.-xcus'} ��������� for his failure to ask  for that, resignation.  Setting Eggs for sale- from my spec-  ally selected pen of Barred Rocks,  winners of all First Prizes in Utility  Classes at Mission City Poultry Show  ���������Vlated'with "College Boy", who comes  i'rom trapnested'268 egg hen (.Four  year pedigree shown on reque^)  Price $3.00 for fifteen. Shipping  charges extra. Apply Gordon Kirk-  patrick, Clayburn,-'P. O.; B. C.  over the programme and announced  that the Rev. Mr. McDiarmid could  not be present owing to his illness  and Rev. Father Rohr was suddenly  called'to Lillooet. President Winch  announced that the first Order ol  Business of the Great War Veterans  Association was to stand with bowed  l heads in silent meditation for thirty  sce.onds in memory of", and out-of respect for our fallen comrades, and  asked the assembly to stand in silence.  The service then opened with the  hymn "Rock of Ages" was followed  by a brief but touching invocation by  the Rev. Mr. Ridland. The Rev. Mr.  Wealherdon took the Scripture, reading. The Rev. "Mr. Ridland spoke for  ben minutes but was truly eloquent  touching on the atrocities committed  by he Prussian Guards in their invasion through Belgium; the sinking  of (lie Lusitania and many of the  other crimes committed by the Germans. The Rev. -Mr. Weatlierdon in  very able manner told how nobly Mission City responded to the call of  the Mother, Country, that he had  known all the "Boys" before they  left, had bid them God-speed and outlined how he had ' followed their  movements on the fields of France  and Flanders and closed his address  by stating that we must not forget  that our country holds her place  largely through the sacrifices of her  soldiers.  The hymn, "Abide With M." was-  sung. The benediction was pronounced by the Rev. Mr. Weather don  The service closed with the singing  of "God Save the King."  FARMING AS A BUSINESS  that  fa:'!t in  his  first answers:  tlie insurance  was  placed   with  njr-TJKSwrvK 'me������:mohial skrv  YlCli AT  VICTORY' TKHIOATIIK  (From Fraser-Valley Record)  The Returned Soldiers and citizens  assembled on Sunday evening in the  Victory Theatre to pay tribute to the  n ii returning brave at the Mission  City Theatre, G. V.\ V. A. Memorial  Service.  The service was the most impressive -and reverently dignified event of  the  kind  ever  held   in  Mission  City.  Through tho courtesy of Mr. Fred  Banister   the   Victory   Theatre     was  .Organization,co-operation and education are going- hand in hand  throughout the agricultural district:-  cf the country" is the opinion of W.  J. Rutherford, Dean of the Saskatchewan College of Agriculture, who expresses the following views in the  Agricultural Gazette for January. H~  says 'Farming is not the independent  self-contained occupation that it was  a generation ago. Conditions have  changed from the pioneer days, and  production has not only to do with  supplying the demands of the home  but it must aim to create an export  trade. Farming is a real business,  successfully carried on by men and  women who are not only skilful in  the art and practice, but are versed  in the science of agriculture. Farmers today are. not content to know  only how to grow good crops they  want to know also how to market  them to good advantage. They are  interested in the economic problems  of their own communities and to a  great extent In the problems of their  customers in the city. Agriculture  is both industry and commerce and  affects both the rural and the city population. The agriculturist of today  is not merely a practical farmer but  is necessarily a social worker. Rural  communities have problems which require college trained men to solve. '  I  These fine days put  one in notion that the  Garden needs   attention- again.        Some  people will plant seeds early. "    Our seeds  are particularly adapted to. early sowing.  GIVE US A CALL.  ALBERT   LEE,   Grocer   and   BaKer  _���������������-���������*  AT.N. T. Explosive of great strength,  safety and freedom from noxious fumes  No Headaches  THE SCHOOL GARDEN  tiio Firemen's Fund insurance com-j kindly leaned for lh_ occasion who  pany brough the Victoria firm despite also volutoered his services in provid-  tho   fact   Unit' the   otbin-   companies  ing music.  v.e:e licensed to transact biu-ircer.  in  Picsident   Norris   Winch   presided  "The school garden as a feature of  agricultural education is tending to  become, as time goes on and its function is more fully understood, a permanent part of tho school accommodation in Ontario," says J. B. Dand-  eno, Ph. D., in the Agricultural Gazette for January. He presents facts  regarding the school gardens, showing hindrances, and difficulties encounter^ and indicates the trend of  Insurance of all kinds  NOTARY PUBLIC  Marriage Licences Issued  Abbotsford  ^-5  .  '  HE  On the claim that it is "Cheaper Advertising" than  newspaper advertising, a good many unnecessary advertising schemes are sold to business men.  The plans for buying are usually made in the home at  the warm fireside, not when ttte family is on an amuse-  : ment jaunt.  Supplementary advertising includes  outside of newspaper advertising.  all   advertising  rrj_ij;)_^-v3y^ _.^ar._f___t__w^  Now is the time to get your supply of Butter Wrappers for  summer months.  Get them at BATES' PRINTING OFFICE.  die movement in the following paragraph.  "The number of schools undertaking school garden work in Ontario is  'ncreasing  steadily  year  by  year as  ndicated from the following figures:  1914,  208;   1915,  222;     1'916,   324;  1917, 460; 1918/588; and 1919, 700  (approx.)       Most  of  these   gardens  i'orrn a part of the regular school property, but, as might be expected there  !s a considerable number of gardens  only and secured only temporarily. It  should be said  to  the credit of the  farmers that In very many oases the  land was loaned to the school board  'ree of charge.    The spirit shown in  *;uch acts as these demonstrates more  han  words the trend of the school  ���������jarden movement."  In view of replies made to quer-t-  .ons put by the opposition, it would  appear  that  the     term     ingratitude  might be applied to the conduct of  Joseph Walters, Liberal member for  Yale, whose attack upon Hon. D>\  King, Minister of Public Works and  the administration of that department is still fresh in the public mind.  Mr. Walters declared the department's administration to have bev-Mi a  "mi.erable failure" and asserted;that  the minister,besides being entitled to  the designation, the silent minister,  m (,ht equally well be dubbM i.he  v-LHk minister. It appears now that  Mr. Walters has not been overlooking  any bets. It would seem that "favorable consideration" has been given to  his application to lease coal lands in  lots 1303, 1304, 1305, 1307 and 1308  property of the South Nicola Coal  Company sold for arrears of taxes  in October 1919. The lots, after the  sale reverted to the Crown, Mr. Walters applied for the leases in November and, as stated, "favorable consideration" was extended to him,  s  A'  w  A  $  '%  ������  I  i*!i5  v.  J}-**'.  '���������W.  M  ft".  *-  :  ;  *  5  .������  /C  -i'-T-i  >.v


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