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 I  I*:1  y  m  n  'Ah  W  Vol.Ill,, .No. 6  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY,   JUrfE 16, 1911  *&&>?.. $1.00 PER. YEAR  MATSQUI  COUNCIL  SkU  hail  grounds, $10.50; John White,  White,  hail .igrqumds. $6.00; Harry  CORONATION DAY SPORTS  flThe Firemen want 1 000  feet   of hose  Sios<  ���������t -^r-V  . . ��������� '   ��������� ,.0.w-������v.u,   <pu.vy,   nany  0   Tlie .-J;cgu>.vmeeting   of      the   baJl grounds $7.55; Fred Whitehall' ���������   Evei^hnrfv   u,���������i,a,  council w,s hAld'on June 3rd with   *">"������*.��������� *���������; W. Fen wick, .     hail   m'   T"    ������ n '"   *"*"  alU-tho member. i,r;aUe������linci Sround3, $7.55; .VVal.,er Tomln, fore   ������"  Thur6da*>  Coronation Day, tc  unii,0  .-p  ., .       ' man,. $9.00;, powder, caps and .fuse   ProYlde  enjoyment (for  the main-  iVc , /   ,''���������*��������� '0tlS l" c-in*- 'or wards 1   2   and ' 4, $U7 90; road.  * IbUops who will spend the" da* in  B>     ;,'    d,Kl Hl������lur';l-    .        ���������,  . work -in-.ward .3,   $276.25;  Charlie   Abbotsford   a,t  the aports. in  this  Jim   j.r.ncipa,]   bu3.air>s3.,di;:eu::secJ   Matsqui for .fencing reser���������vjp alo,ri������-   town",  waa-lho   app'icatio.n' of' i:ho   Mis-   Abbotsford   and  Riverside'; v roaT,     The  sports committee have *ol  ;-������"   ^^i���������V   Cc!mp-^ ':������    tf������-  J14"80'"   H- C-Benson, road",   wonc ��������� ten' outan' 4cTen    Pr^mmV  tend  their -system in Matsqui mum   *W.������3; E. A. .Demp.ey^road work    and the final arrangements "ape he  cipalsly.   After contfdera-b.e     cli---   Powder $5 60; grate seed for hall, ing made :o have an excellent dav  *    cuss.on   the,following     resolutino   grounds,  ;$9.25;   Jones  and' Rant,      In., the evening the bfg en erS  ** was  passed;     That  r.he-    Mission   road, work in ward 2,. $54.95; C. M.   ment in the <Ma7nle Leal Hall Z  ���������relephona   Co.,.',be ,grated  per-   C,May ...alary, ^30; .incidentals   der, the auspices"lithe L0L *d  mission to instad a   -telephone sys-   ^"/.$12.00; ��������� Wm1. Robep-a, repairs   wind up with *   dance   is aureo  tern on tho Page, Riverside, Anuein .*";������>;'  C.  Gepharv,  repairs, ���������*������/;;,��������� be,    will        ^tended       n  and  Harris -p0ad, .we.t of -theMt.   f ��������� Coghlaa, .cutting down trees a'   very best of mus^ll ^  Lehman station' on the B. C. E. .R.   Long?a .hi.l $3.00; H Alanson  thn'������, ,  .    ., ���������  / 7 \ ���������,   P      '  under the usual: condition, ��������� the- for road, woA.tl9.otSc Gaze' ^ SB Z'tl! h ;"'  J" * 'b3 .t������ted>Ith,n thWy. te, $9;;I. J. W. Go'ld a-oad wSk ^^^ZZtLhZe^  ck.,ys  alter tugn/ng <he agreement  $24 ., on ��������� th* ������*n *     ,���������  if fe^oT ^"h 't0���������dt^      ** ���������ting adjourned to Sator   2^ StwT ^l"^  j*frj -1 .Lam lorJi*un wh,n an average   day June 10 at 10 o'clock. the.,.Campbell block  u  ltiiree parsons per mile a*k-for   .   The/ adjourned meetiu- was held      Thursdw   wni ��������� i'     v,    m       ~  *i  SV���������!*1'0-40^ ^ r"   ?   lhG ���������***^ on������ Saturday    the"^ J1/^^^ ^  ^    th-ii   $..20   par-monOr per   phono June. 10th with all members of the   True   Blue   Or^h-n  ^f    f  *<  on  party  lines'dast of and along   council   in   attendance 1 il  k . Pu      g"'   Jivery.ne  ti.e Mt; L,hm.an road and notmor"      Thp     ���������     attendance-   ... will be sure, to be tagged ,and al~  ine minutes of the previous meet   as often <a3 possible.  . - All stores willj |be closed on that  m  to  b, agreed up.n-oy the council   & ^ZnT^n^ ??* **!"*' ^  ily: ord^ to ^e:everyone.a '  ahd-the-c'ompkny.. ' j     R      1 f   n, V^'^^   chance to enjoy .themselves     .  The company  further .agreed to   ^IhTh^^lT^^^   fc^^  *1U ^-^-y ^stake  ���������sell  th i, .system m Mat;quimuni-   ea,e of hl, clnld s!^ Sth mea^s   ^ ""V* t0 Abbot9ford th^ay.  cipality  to.the municipality at an   and .recommending, thaf action  b-        ?'Secretary  of.the sP������rts  com~  te? arbitrated   value   of  the   tangible   ta.ken. . "   mjtte.e .informs  us that 'a   number  ^b  tlian   $l.j,0   iany whsz'c   else.      ,The   ,��������������������������� ���������T^ , ���������     ,     ,-  ���������A>   ���������      if, ,. , inK were read and adoDted  ^���������<.,nuimbcivoi phone9.co^V;a-Jparty< lixic       - p ea'  ABBOTSFORD and  {IUNTINGDON, B. C.  Secretary   Ladies'   Aid      society   ^7^i^Tn.L^Leh  mJNTINGDON     K = ^3 to the public and justice to the high   asking permission to serve refresh' of the lo?  vZl   ������^ ,    ,15  v "FrnnV   lATimvnp'   hqs' c'n-.'p'!    nosii-.inn:' fhov  n^imv m^nk   r,n   h-,n   ���������^n���������^a  ^^   r. :_       . - UL'   ������eierrea  Ho   the  Reeve  TIiq'-reeve  was authorized to ,n ���������   ������f Pe6ple fr������^ ������Ut ������f toWh ^^  vestigate; .this   complaint   and   to   "ffn-,fif?, thei? .intention'of coming  fQb-Q   a,.   ���������  All road  lead to Abbotsford  and  no matter where one lives he can  find where we live Hurrah ��������� for  Abbotsford on Coronation''Day���������  where everybody gets' their mon ���������  ey's "worth of enjoyment. ' .'  ��������� o   en  force  the   due  observance of" the  Health   Regulations   Act.  From J.; W.~Taylor.and fifteen  others-being a protest against a-  gainst the location of the Mt. Leh  POLICE  COURT- NEWS  Mr.   Frank  (Munroe   has' s'av'e'.!   position"'they occupy.                     ~ monts on hall grounds on Domin- roundllors   sltchlj1 ^H^a-^'  Work   gravelling the road leading       Mr.  J. ���������McMurphy feels that .his ion D~Y-   Tha clerk .was-instructed ^Froni R   K   Nicholl���������kini   ' r  towards  town from the Vey .road,   presence is required in New West- .to inform the"society  "hat tha.foot stumping   powder  i       '             ������������������  Mr. E. Brooke will move into his   minster   this   Saturday   to  change ball club had bee ngranted the use witb   e-overnment   n   HCOnnettlon  new   store   next "month.      Mr;  E.   the luck of the world's champions. ������*  "1E  hall and grounds  format AhpHL   vn A       ^������       WOrK   ������n  Murphy is fitting up the store for   If he is absent you will know where day. ���������ppri  f"   r������ad' +u T,he  counei:   s"  nnr mprcliant                                             he  is                                                  >--���������" ^ gieea  to   carry thirty case.,   more     .,      ,        ..   v   ,            "���������T7   "   ",���������  qui meichant,                                        ne is,                                             , prQm ,A    Gmies  .amd ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^             Blder how to hehave in future when  Miss  Da-vies has started up  the      ^r.   Phil  'McDonald  was  at  the being  a   petition lagainst -D.     K.     From claims agent V V & E W  bako shop again.                                   coast on "business this week. tonpbsll encroaching on the estab and   Navigation   Comp'anv  statins  Miss Clara Faddeq who has bsen      Conductor   Kell'ey   was  in   town .-lishcd   road., The   clerk   was     in- that  Mrs'  PrOsiloski had fal d\i  iU with typhoid-fever, is now im-   this  week.   Since we last saw him structcd   to   inform  Mr.  Campbell fjR our the elalm blank which had  proving and will soon bi convalei     ,',;"^       haan       ������..��������� -���������-j   <���������.    _   ���������  .,    .,._,.   ,.,_-..  .....!   -. ,,   , aiiR- WUIUJIJdi  A. Stewart who was sent to\Ne-v  Westminster some weeks ago for  inartistic) cheque work" was on trial  last .Monday given a itwelve  month  sentence  in  which to  con-  escenc.  ^Irs,   McMenemy   and  Mrs.  Sin  cja-ir  of Abbotsford wej-'e in  town  vijjit.ng. on Wednesday,  ���������  n^JBea      pVOmoi������d,to   a futl   thait  this I,oad wou!d be S^tloa  ieArenrhe���������CorncaiOTLu^^^^  fledged   passenger   conductor. G6 feet in ,w������ith and to move his   accounfc for        -file p^fof roads  ������"-���������."��������� "���������!������.  ivi   plume  p'an ox   roajs  .fence b.wk accord nS to this width   ,bnUiWn on north h lf    f       fc. ���������  ������u-. ^, i\. ^-ruicKsnanic, provinci.il                                                                            *          i ���������    '^                            aecuon,. ������u  govci-nmeuL   roaa   ���������jp ���������iMHeivl-- -r       Prom Tom Su,,ivan asking com-   township 14.    The clerk was to in  made a   trip of inspection over the    Pensatkm  for  road Property talc     ,nrm"  "   XTl11 *u"* il "'  Mr. A, A. Cruicksh'ank, provinci.il  in need of money.  JohnFos'tLno. , {wap given twenty  days  under the immigration act.  Lugi Candiennete was given i5  days for carrying concealed weapons or 20 dollars and costs.  Mrs. Edson spent a   few days iu  form," Mr. Hill that the council had   Vancouver  with friends, returning  ..��������� ^���������* ^��������� t���������^^w^.   uww.w ..^     ���������--   ,.-.��������� *^ng anyex-  Councillpr   to  report <ot the  next   pen&e  in  connectfont with     these   j---~ -1"-" Mr.  John  Bonner has taken   up  on   Wednesday.  ,    a   position with Mr. McMenemy ab  court  horseshoer.   He is known through  Mr. -A.  A, Cruickshank was    in-   govcrnmt,nt roads  lhis ^        ,   en for road purposes.   Referred to   n0   intention  of incurring any ex  flpecting   the   road   being  done   m   ,.nnf,���������f���������  fk���������  ���������.,.  , . v'     K  ,-..      &,      .   ..       .,.      b lcpoiLS  the  work progressing ir "a  tiub  part  of  the r.dmg. ���������    ve,y  ,sa,tisfactory  manner    6 meeting. plans.  The B. C. Long Distance has been  ���������       ' From Wm  Bailey'asking that the      From   registrar  bounty          , u n    .    ,. ,.  out  of   business  for several   days      -nha t,   n   ^ ���������. , 11om vv m   ������a,uey asiung cnat cne *> j horseshoer.   He is known through  this  week ..V16, ?' J' dl,u^ists Phased thro   xpproacK be bunt to the bridge on   ���������aci<no!wledgnhg   (rece.,pt   of  muni-   out   the   coaat  ci^ieg  ag   the   be88t  There   is   talk   of' a   new   hotel   ^^^^ their excursion on   the Ross road and a   culvert built  o.pai  by-laws.   Filed. ^^  jn  hlg Ung {    the        vince  budding  for  th    town, a   modern   ?ednc^..th" ^.- . . on his road    Beferte* to Councl-      Fron, Alia,  Rurvis; manager of   He   was  examined hy H^and A.  BP-toJate -building; o ual to any       r]       n    ~' TV~ Lundeberg. Interurba^ D;vsi.on oi B. C. E. R.   uunter, veterinary surgeons, New  inthe Valley, 1 he   Abbotsford .|i,nd   Claybuim      From! I.   J.   W.   Gold istating he   bating   that   proper  facilities  for   / ff.tle-pn-Tyne,   England   and   a-  ���������":������''���������������      ^'-       t      -      ,. football, teams \vil!l meet in a game   wished  to, feitje his propji-.y and   height would uoon iba furnished at ��������� warded   s   medal    His   work   will  i^s^^m^^^t  ^^r msS������^y- ������ iBlo   liy  so  doing would be obliged to   Afford  and 'Mt. Lehman. be-appreciated by the facers and  nMliiinnlS !'   ������?      d[Jt:d our b^ have stained   Hmct: in pare of the -road and offer      Several  plans  of     sub-divu.'.onb   teamsters   here.  ������       Z   T     5     ��������� ^"   their  ability  against ail comers as   ing to make passable road at the   were  ordered back for alteratiior,  eriment S ^modPlHn^Tn- g������n   * *  underdtooa  ths -Clay.burAites   rate' of $5 per dayfor.a   man and      The following MLs, were    passed  :.0ZLS**���������������tof������\   f -^ -hac is^m^^ackerjac^   team. ..,    for   payment, .  tention   shed.   The  Ibuilcling  when    ��������� thp   i.riin.   nt ix     r,     u ���������������������������.���������..'������������������;��������� Tenders .were  opened for. grad-      Grading   an (gravelling     prairie  completed  will  contain ol'Lc^s fit-   ff  n T n   L   >-.       ^esbyter.an ��������� llJg  15 chains on Lee road; Armi-   roads in war 3, $1439.25; C. Doher-  ted  up in-keeping with .the prest-   served  ani \me ^4^^������^        C^1 Nicholson ^145' P' R- Kea^. ^ lamination of John Burgstou  Ige of the off.cer.s ,n cu-^> ..    6l-r'od. any. time dui.ng the af.er   $310; Arthur Eoyie $320; A. Nich-   $50.00-; A. Nicholson, Gillis road $lt.  U-parate   aparimtnc   will   be  pro"-   k.00"      ,     m an?Bee them at their   ol3������n   was  awarded  the  contract.   Murdock   McLea,n   $4 95;   A    ;: ,  Vided   for   the fx-nxles and  fema.eh     a'PPy    10m^'_;..0���������_ Tima limit three months. Lee and Gillis roa $7.70; E. W. King  ���������WhQ   ha.ye   to  be detained   at. thld      FOR   SALE,  CHEAP-One heav      Completion of McTavish contrr.c'   Lee roa.d an Gillis road $9.38, .Wm.  point. Congratulations   l0   our  Farm Wagon; One Cleveland Sewl  on Boyle road, $253.63; leaving F.   ^Iw'L^1^ "f" ^T^   T*   Jui Thi-n^  ������f We^iQ5^r  ���������Wends on at last ifindhig a   hap-   ing machine, new. Enquire u the  McTavish   $66.i;   (Mr.      ProsiUski,   P.l0W, f������r  ^f"1'1' $3,"5������?  C' ?to"   ^t Abbotsfofd      a   ^t   ..   this  V.0/le* fI- Abbotsford Hotel. poor relief $25.00;  W. Bailey work^: ^^^ A TT ^ ^ "     o        '  Tlne( ,s one, of th3 beat managed -         ��������� on hall :p,ounds ^o,- Wm;^Tom.   ber fi*}*1^*���������?*'*9*"--.^    w      ~ '  porta and the officers have estab-      WANTED���������A   Correspondent    ir   ,      .   ���������        '    j   *   ��������� count $10.00;  Columbian Advert-s-      Mr. Frank McCallum has gone to  *..*��������� ��������� .  ������p^.eM   ,���������,- coul,e35.   c,ayb���������ra  ,��������� th, We, ' ���������Sl.'f^'ti^ofV'^?t *T^-^-  ^'^' V ^ '" M6S3r9 '^  . ������������������ ���������        '        i������������sw*1'"       ��������� (Continued on Page I'onr) I'he^ & Kerr's score. Next.  ��������� -���������ooo   Mr. Joe McCallum was inV ancou  ver for a   few days this week.  Mr. J. F. Boyd was  on business  to Vancouver this week.  Miss   May   Smith ispent  a    few  days in Bellingham this week.  A.   W.   McLeod  of Westminster //  TWO  *J>idfc������. ���������������������������-  C: !",���������  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,       ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  ,    THE ABBOTSFORD POST  PubMBlied    evw-y    Friday    by    the , Post'  PuUUahine  Cenujmny.  A weekly Journal devoted to the Intercuts of ABbotfcford and siu- s,������ntfi������*s d*������-  tWct.  Advertising- Rates made knoTv.. 1������ application.  LUCIA!. ADVERTISING���������12 cents per  lino for first liiKtM-'tlon. ami 8 cent* a un*  Tor all aubacciuent couHecutivc Insertions.  Our aai\3tool������th���������WelMier for nor afifln1  tho   fiorornmeut,  wmmmmmmwfflmmmmiimm  HORSE   SHOEING  Is a fine art, 1 nowu best to those who understand the anatomy of a  horse's foot. I have secured the services of Mr. Jchn Bonner, of Var-  couver, late of Newcaslle-'onrTyne, Enf'and, who I olds only medal ner  awarded fcr B. C. by exa nination. Bring yrur lame horses,, your  crippled horses and fancy drivers.    I gvarantee satisfaction.  J. K. MCMENEMY  ���������FRIDAY. JUNE 16, .1911  Abbotsford, B. C.  ������sxawBSSBaBsaBUB^ssaas  5������<  THOUSAND   DOLLAR "TROPHY^  The following communication has  been received from'the Deputy Min  ister  of Agriculture at Victoria;  "Will you kindly, through the  medium of your valuable paper,  give publicity to the following  communication recently received in.  this department, /with regard to  to the. One Thousand Dollar Stil-  well Trophy to .[be given ,for .the  best exhibit of /potatoes at^ the  American' Land and Irrigation Exposition to "be Jheld ,at Madison  Square, Gardens, New York, November  3rd  to "the 12th,  1911, viz,-  "At the American ������Laoid and Irrigation' Exposition  to |be held  at  Madison   Square  Gardens,        New  York,  November  3rd rto-12th,  1911  there   is   'a   One  Thousand  Dollar  Trophy   offered   for  the best  exhibit   of   late  potatoes.   The    exhibit does not .necessarily need to  'belong, to one individual, but may  be  exhibited  by  a   department of  Agriculture,   Farmers'-      Organ'za-  tion   or  'by la   District.   The main  point is that the One Thousand,Dol  lar Stilwell Tro,phy \& to ibe vgi,ven  f or't he best exhibit of (potatoes .re  presented   by   marketable   quality,  smooth, appearance ,flush eyes and  uniformity   of   size.   The  yield   of  each  variety  per acre, which acre  must.be  officially surveyed, must  be sworn.to by  the groweiyand'  attested by two or more reputable  witnesses.  "It will readily appear to you  that the winning of a trophy of  this character will advertise your  Province at this ]great exh:,bitio:i  expensively. We are confident  .that splendid potatoes can be  grown in Western Canada,, and are  very anxious that one, or all;of the/  four- Western Province^ shall take  this matter up in a pyste&natic  and careful manner, supplying a  creditable exhibit so; that, if possible, you may win the handsome  trophy refrered to.  "Will it not be possibl efor your  Department to take up this matier  We would like /to have a reply  from' you stating what you would  be prepared to do in the wiy >.l  g.aitnermg   this : exhibit.'"  .   P,OLICE    COURT   NSVVS  ^From FrE������er  Valley Record )  Last year the report spread a-  round that the Indians hal taken  Hatzic, ��������� but this iyear the climax  has been reached in the stern reality of the capture of rtha Indians  near Hatsic by the hand that wields  the sword of the law.  Happiness and whiskey reigned supreme among the Indian berry pickers eajt uf Mission City a  lew days ago But what a difference in th2 morning. On Tuesday  two Indians and a half-breei appeared before Magistrates Ver-  chere and Murray who dealt out a  f.ne or imprisonment as th3 case  deserved  in the eye3 of the ,la\v.  A special by the name of Levins  \va;a appointed on i''i6day last to  investigate the report jthat whis-  key was 'being 'supplied to the Indian berry pickers /and on Tuesday  the  following case3 were ueit \vn.n  Harry Cheer, ;a Whonnock In-  dihiii was finju $,O.0J and cos^-s tor  Lc.ng   .uruiik.  Harry Dan. ia Ma'usqui Indian,  was given 'six months imprison-.  ment for 'being 'drunk aind having  i.quor in rns possession.  .and a halt-breed was fined $50  and costs for heing drunk and having liquor in his possession,  Daring th3 eviuenae in the lndi.au  cases   they   stated that  they   had  secured the whiskey at the Matsqui Hotel. John Doe the bartender, appeared 'before the magistrates, and pleading gui.ty t-j ihe  two charges. The fine levied .was  $100 on each of the two countd together with $3.50 costs.  On Wednesday the following cas  e.s were'heard and resulti.i;  Henry Joseph, Harrison, fined  $30 and costs together with t.uvu  months in jajl���������\_or in default "of  payment of fine three months ad*-  ditional.  George Pennlar, Harrison, $50 and  costs and threcmonths in jail and  in default of payment of fine an ad-  '���������uditional three months.  WAS JOHNNY ON THE SPOT  (From Fraser Valley Record)  "Every little moment has a mean  ing ail its own" and from authentic  authority this saying was certainly  fN.emplifi.ed to the /limit on Monday night, in our two by . lour  skookum house. It appears two  parties were arrested for dispenj  ing liquid ' refreshments co.iir^i y  to- the intrepretation of '.ha liquor  Act, and a bottle was found in  their possession. The two pv'.scn-  ers were lodged in 'the aforesaid  domicile while the evidence in the.  case was cached behind the judge's  desk, and presumably marked Ex-  'hib'i-t' A. "-"'-:. . :  Though there, are no electric  lights at present, a lamp burns  burns brightly .through, the dark  hours  of the silent night.  It  might also ibe staged  that .in  this domicile for it he transgressor  blankets are provided, provifang  one arrives early enough to get  a reserved^ seat or rather a blank  ct. This was *a quiet night and  there wer etwo blankets. Both retired���������in separate apartments. Fx-  hibifc A remained in'the-lime light  Ihe occupant of suite T/o. 1 stud  ied this phenomena for sometime  while his-, thoughts 'reverted back  to the days when his forefathers  roamed the plains and lassoed the  wily buffalo while he himself .was  at one time 'considered the on'y  and original twirfe'r with a ' rope  and exhibit A was *>oo tempting  to overlook. So tearing his blank  et into strips and tying them together, the way Exhibit A was  llassoed was a piece of artistic  work worth the price of admission  alone. Then with the &id of moxv;  blanket Exhibit A " see-sawc'l  between suites one and two much  to the enjoyment of the'occupani3  Next morning the (judge found,  nothing but the laibel on Exhibit A  and now the delinquent is do;.ng ttlx  months laibor 'Without any recompense.  Extract Tobacco Leaf, Hellibore,  Paris   Green,   Bluestone,   Sulphur;  Potassium Sulphide, etc., All summer tiprays at  STEPHEN'S DRUG  STORE,  MOST  HAPPILY   WEDDED  On Friday evening last at All  Saints church Mr. David Rees and  Miss Sarah Waller .were uiiked in  marriage. Rev. Mr. Weatherdon  .performed   the  ceremony.  xVIiss Harris acted las bridesmaid  while Mr. J. A. Haddad was the  bes*   man.  The   ha.ppy   young   couple   will  make their home in Mission City.   0 .   .  WANTED AT ONCE-To hire or  buy a good-sized TENT for camp  ing   purposes.   Apply   to X. Y.  Z.  POET BORN  The  father  of Isaac Watts   w-i?.  determined that his boy should n it  become  a   poot, and when he  did  catch   h'm   making   rhymes,   after  tiring   of   remonstrating . with him  he   flogged   him.   As "li'z   ''.applied  me wh.p young Isaac creid;  l'Oh father, dj 'some pity take,  And another rhyme I .shall never  make.' ' '  This provoking the father slili  more, he applied the lash w.ith a  still greater ee verily, 'and young  Watts, again cried out;  ,vO,   my. father, do ispare m.y back  from  pain,  And I   shall never make a   rhyme  again."   ���������.    .  Ths   father   thoroughly (discouraged  in   n.j  viidi atttinpL   cj .b^a''  poetry  oat o fche bjy, sent him a  way to 'jchool, with the special re- -  quest   that   the  (principal  fiog   tlv;  boy    if    hi   caaghc    him    malcng  rhymes.   The   first 'moaning tut the  chapel   excercise   the   bjy,   Wa'Lt ���������,  looking   up   at  the  ceiiiaig  .during  prayers,  saw  a   rat coming down-  ihe   be.l  rop:.   He laughed        so  loudly,  that  the .teacher, stopping  in   his   prayer, demanded  why   he  laughed.- Tlie boy tremblingly answered; ������������������ ������~ '��������� ���������    ''i   i   i  ���������'Well,  teaehar  as there was -   no  stairs,      ������������������''���������'������������������ ; ������������������'���������������������������'  The rat came ijown the rope,tosay  his ..prayers/' . -   f~" :  The" teacher discovered the genius of the boy and encouraged his  rhyme making and 'his h.y,mn3 to  this day ar^ sung the world over.  hATZiC NOTES  ���������Mr. Gerald Ketcheson has seemed a position on the C. ������. R. as  mail clerk and will; be located east  of Calgary. His many friends will  wish him success in his new venture..  Miss Florence McTaggart of  Vancouver is-'spending the summer  at   White   Cottage.  Mr. J. G. Michie lias b.een appoint  Dominion Express agent for the  coming   summer   at this .point.  Mr. F. L. Ketcheson has been to  Vancouver  this   week on  ousuiess.  Mt. E. A. Earle is on .the sicK list  Mr. G. Ross formerly express a-  gent here stopped over Jua-layon  his  way to Revelstoke.  Mr. Donald McGillvray of Abbots  ford spent Sunday at Idlewyle, .  -   Miss S. A. Mjlls spent the week  end   in  Vancouver..  Mr. C. Croke of Mission City is  taking the census. He .need ,not  think he has all our senses ^though  Mr Clifford; Slack of Abbotsford  spent 'Sunday'"' here. l  Mr. F. Stratto-niof Vancouver-is  spending a .few holidays here.  Our Classified Wont Ada. are  real dollar doubters. In shoe  leafhor and nervous energy they  will save you many times their  n small cost by bringing to your  I door what you require, whether  It be efficient help, a desirable  borrower for surplus cash, a po-  oltlon or a domestic.  A most convincing: and Inexpensive proof would be to try a  Want Ad.  B J.GERNAEY  etail  ��������� Harness. Maker  Harness Saddlery Hardware  .. Trunks and Valises   .  P. O, Box 45  ALbotsford, B. C.  aa-t-nmu-iHJ 'i.J"- I  AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, lam prepared to give.,the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables onen day  night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.  H.  8c D. McKENZIE, props.  vertise in the   POST  ���������> <<Mj*^������^^M8M$M><M$i &<Mt������$Pfc<fy4&<&<&^Hfr'  tC.A. SUMNER & CO.  fP. 0. Box 58 Phoiae Central  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotfiford, B. C.  Crowoeci with  C. A. Sumner & Co. 'beg to.thank  theic numerous clients on this auspicious occasion for their patronage and assistance in building up  the town and country round- a-  bout Abbotsford. Our remarkable  perspicacity has "enabled us to  place scores of settlers on suitable ranches where they have  teen  Crowned with Success  Our srraignx rorwara -meifioiis  coniDinea wYth jstnet atrenaon to  business enables us to guarantee  every sale we make, hence our  large, satisfied clientele, consisting of Speculators, Investors and  Settlers. '  >*ii"t  ��������� !'��������� .''SI  m  t'i  *i***4  ���������Vi^K^K^t^XK^^KK^ {  iwmmmmmm&MSMiMsm  INSURANCE  LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  looking for a home  town lots, acreage or farm  property  see  ���������      A  Tha Pioneer leal Estate Broker of Abbotsferd    S //  til  ['I  li'1.  id  A  J "JL1  3SBCW!WffWgiqsap  ens  II l    nn.L)������Hiy.Hl J      !���������������������������������������������   ������pi|  !.'.-.iJ."J J]"J.1B!  ttiB ABBbtSFOfct) fOST,  ABBOTStfOfcfc, fi. 6.  ��������� IV.! I '.L J J ��������� JLL . JBU,JL'JIUJlii i.t-J,.'...'.  are Agents  CHURCH  SERVICES  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London," England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.  ..ill'.'i.Hr   111 'Xmff.UJ.'JM.!  assas  sssass:  9ik������bbebeseb;  BSSZSBIEBZES  J   MCELROY & Co.  LIQUORS,   WSNES  AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  C*r.~BwMiidtne Ave. and Os������ar St., CITY  ���������JUB.HM1 '..nmuinmuL  ���������'���������-        ���������������������������������-������������������*���������  -'''���������������''  4--,  ^Xjl'  V.;<AUA i  i$������  '���������>#H  t'Jjj  abbotsford; b. c  Strictly', first-class in ������very respect.   The bar is  stocked witn the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.90 TOM2.CO  PER  DAY  nnnnnBBBKm -   -  PROPRIETOR  H. FREENfAN,  ABBOTSFORD  irain  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  Cash pi'ti for Eass and Poultry  Our pricfcfl are hard to  beat, call and inspect stock  Doe* thtd Finest  Optical  Work.  Medical men and. others  pay tri ���������  Irate to bin skill.  798 CtraavilN St. .yancou;*r  HARRON BROS.  Efaltfite������rs w& turns! EHrecters  Vancouver, Office and chapel������������������  1034 Granville* St.,     Phone 3486  Worta Vancouver, ohim and  chapel-���������116 2nd Bt. Phone 134  WANTSD TO PURCHASE  Forty   acrae   Improved  farm   in  the Fraeer Valley, with or without  houoa and buildings, convenient to  station or landing. Applj^ , to J.  H. Smith, Straiton, B. C. for  full   particulars,   first  letter.  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  .Wa'iit'  a   J*epr^8en)tative      for  MISSION CITY,  B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as triteness to  same must b.a appreciated by the  Public or they would not have  helped us to increase our business  yearly since 1837, the date of our  establishment. '���������������������������.'..,'  Our firm's  name lends  prestige-  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStpcfc  for SSprliiff 1911.  Write   for   full  particulars.  TONE & WELLINGTON  The Fonthillfturseries.  IQFvQNTO.  :  ���������''*. Ontario.  ,  Presbyterian    Churoh���������Rev.   J. L.  Campbell, B. A., B. B. pastor.  Abbotsferni, 11 a.m. ana 7:30 p.m.  At Musselwaite .School House-  Service'  every  alternate  Sunday  at  3 .p.m.  Sunday  school levery Sunday at  2 p.m.  At Huntingdon School House���������   ,  Service   at every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m. ,' ' ���������  S.  S. every Sundayat 2 ;30, p.m.  Upper Sumas, May 29, and Wbry  r������ icrnate- Sunday.., at 3 p.m.  ('. Ii., Wednesday ������t 8 p.m.  Sui/Ouy 8cfeeel at 3 p. m.  Sunday  School every Sunday at  Presbyterian    Church���������Rev.   j_    rj.  Aider.  Gicnmorc,  11 a.m.,  v      Li'l'.raau,  2;30  p.m.  Pine Grove, 8 p.m.  FT.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)  Rev. A. E. Bruce,'Vicar.  Services 11:00 a.m. and 7.:30 p.m.  Holy   Communion,   1st   and   3rd  Sundays each month.        .  Catechising and.S. S. at 2:30p.m  (.Jioa- practice, Wednesday at 8  ABBOTSFORS   P&QT&FFICE  Office hours fcrera S a. m. ta 7 p. m.  Mail for FetH<*oavtlle every Tueedflpy  find Saturday, 1 ������. m-.  BUSINESS   ������WB������T������flY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  , GenerCi! Stores ���������  A-uttoier Brou.  S. Brooke.       p .���������''' f r".������.'.  ���������  Hotels���������  Abbotsford Hot������l. H. Freeman, Prop.  Commercial, McElroy & Co.  R������a<l   Estate���������  .  J. W. McCallum.    '     ,  _  C. A. Sumner.& Co...'  Bernau   &   'Husband,  Ji   J.   McPhee,  Auctioneers'���������  J. W. MsGaHum  FEED STORE���������  J.   J..  Sparrow.  Creamery���������  S.   J.  BateSj  Proprietor.  Hardware.and Furnrtur���������������  H.   Alanson.  Butchers���������  A. M. King.  Livery Stable���������  J.  E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and Confectioner���������  L. Legaee.  RESTAURANT-  Conrad Andersen.  Shoemakers���������  M. Hauser.  Board of Trade���������  J. W. M������������aUum, Secretary.  Bta������ke������iitto���������  J.  McMenemy.  Barber and Pool Room���������  Jos. Sanderson.  ������. Isenor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������  J. V. Means.  Doctor���������  % A. Swift.  SAliBLSRY  and I.'aIWW'AKV���������  B. J. G-eraaey.  MffiROHA^TT  TAIL0������.  T. C. Ceogan.  SURVEYORS  Henderson   and  Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG ST0RE.  MUSIC TBAOHBR-  Miss Alice Steed,  CONNTRACTOR  & BUILIV.-R���������  A.  Everett.  Hammond'''& 'Son.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER���������  Geo. Zeigler.  Q  Z  <  Home Ave.    -   Mission City.  EMPLOYMENT     OFFICE  We buy Eggs, Chickens and  Pigs.  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my  numerous  Patrons and  Friends that I have taken into partnership Mr. J-,  Clark late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co.  and   the  business will now be carried on as (; ,  HOGG & CLARK  HORSESHOEING  &   BLACKSMITHING  We hope by strict attention to business to obtain a share of your patronage  FOR  PARTICULAR PEOPLE  WHO  Demand1 tW tbeff Ofk&a Stataoasry must net oaly.be of the best  quality brut tbat k must be ae&dy   a&d   tactafeifiy   printed.  L  ' Tho������������ aro tine people who ptatoeasae ^o Fraser'  Vafiey Record ol&co{ aad they prove  &at they   are   pkiesed   by '  duplicating  orders  We  eaa supply ra any quantity, on abort notioe that beats city prices  Shifrpiafl Tags, W&Aovf Cards, Note Cirukurs, Raceipt. Forms,  Notei,   kvkaAiofts,   Proieraiaal carcfe,   Lodgs   by-laws.   Lodge  meetberBhip   cards,   A&*emeai\    Blotters;   Butter   wrappers,  D������de<i������% Aadion biHa, Eaveiopee, For   sals   cards,   Wedding  nvi&fe&Bs, Mesaerial cards,  Meal   tickets,   Private   post cards,  LoStarhaafils. BSbeads, Menaoes. Statements,   Loclge   constitHt-  ione, Legal forma, Prescription blanks, Labels gumraed or otherwise,   Pamphlets, Reports, Posters any size,   Real estate   contracts, Loose leaf statements.  Menus plain <ar   fancy,   Receipts  Ltae Botes, etc., etc.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY.  MaMaaa���������  Abbotsford  J, A. BATES, Publisher  Abbotsford  XKBBWKaB^t.Vi������3������aROT Fotffc  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,       ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  THE   MARKET.  New; Westminster, May 9tR���������Despite the ra(in the market was  thronged with buyers iait an early  hour and long efre noon all the  BOme,what scanty supply of produce of the various kinds offered  for ������ale had "'been bought up, pn-  ct/s ruling 'fairly 'strong, and in  some instances showing a slight  stiffening, over the figures of-astl  week.,  At the opening it looked as if the  market would be unusually small,  bdt^ the arrival, of the Huntingdon  train helped some and when "the  steamer Transfer came in. late sh  brought from the lower river p.nj  a large shipment of the various  kinds of produce prominent amoi-g  which was a   good offering of po-  ���������"..MW'J"  per ct  ...A Carload of Carriages Just Arrived.  A nice little cart with room for tvro  for ".. . $35  Al   Top   Buggies,   leather  trimmed,  for............ .: S105  First-class Market Wagons, two seats,    '  for: :: $110  These prices are right for such goods and you  should call and inspect before purchasing- elsewhere  o.  ���������ft'&tejyM:/:  re:  "F-yrvrerB  R.   Phillips  30 ibbxes of      powder,  tato-es from Delta.   These were in   $169.75;  good shape for this season of the      0,mstead Bf08> Bubmilted a   bil,  year,  and   almost compared  with  the! best brands of highland pota  toes, ot which there was a   small  lot on the market.  Despite the ever increasing supply, the price of potatoes has  apparently) reached its limit, as no  riae wad recorded, figures remaining at the same price.    New    po-  for land taken for road.  The, clerk was instructed to state  in reply that this portion of the  Mt. Lehmaji road was constructed  by the provincial government 27  years ago and under the act of 1905  is a gazetted highway and as no ,  real property has ibeen taken no  compensation of any nature woui I  tatoes. of the home grown variety bg c0naidepedi  are not yet to the fore,,and only a  ���������    ���������      ���������      .                        ,,(-,- The, public morals by-law passed  tew Cahfornians  were sold at  Joe l                           J  lor three pounds aa before.   , its  third  reading.  The  ne^ cabbages'on the mar- The  Trades Licence by law is.1.1  ket were of a   larger variety than Amendment By-law 1911 was intr-  those   offered for  the pasL      few ciuced   by  Councillor Sarchell and  weeks, bai vlxiy uX.o weie jmpo.-- pa&sed  us  first, second a,nd third  ted from the sunny south and sold rea,dings.   Under   this   amendment  for 5c  par lb., wjiich is .a   some- lhe   iieence   for pool or      billiard  what^ pronibmve price for general taiD[c,  wili De $25 for six (months.  purposed. ^he   following  (resolutions  were  Two changes in the price of meat properly   introduced   a,nd  pasded;  were   recorded   when pome    ba^f I hat  che  Reeve and Ciork sign  waa oitercd and sold at He a notch a   note under auchority of Tempor  lower  than  the.iprices quoted  re- aary   by-law for $i000.00 and is.ua  cexvtly,   while   veal <on  the   other a . cheque..in,favor of school boairJ  hand, of prime quality, went up a for $���������0u.00                                .  .. ���������. ,  That   the   clerk   write   to       the;  i..ii.c.pa.;  sji..ct;or3 and lay befoi;-  the 111 the case fof-John Burgston  worst ciaiiineu in 1I12 iprov\ncia,i aoyl\..iu  iLiiJ asa itidtrucaons as to having'  an aumm.J-trai.ur appu.ni.eu 1* r  lufl estate.  That new  tenders be in/;t->J for  grading the Lee road to be oponel  point  selhne  at .13 cents.       ,The  quality   of   this  .latter      offering  ranged very widely, iand was slili  Bold as low as 8c for the  specimens. ���������  Pork waa a little more plentiful  but maintained the reasonable  price of 121-4 while mutton wac  unrepresented ���������  In  the  retail meat  section" only  two stalls operated,   by ^- *eeve and Councillor Sauh  and the prices remained the sai e  ai,  previously  T.hole&ale ������ggs sjtill remain firm  and the supply is apjui *nrly inexhaustible. In the retail aection-  the. price of 35c remained unchang  ed, as did the pries of .butter.  There was a considerable offer  ing of poultry at the market, and  alt offered was sold, the prices  ranged about the same as that of  last week.  1  The following were the quotations ;  WHOLESALE MEATUS, carcass   11 to 12c  Beef,, hindquarterfl    13c to 15c  Beef, forequarters ��������� 10c to 111-2  Afiutton    ������������������������������������ ''���������   12lHl   to   13c  l'ork    '������������������������  121-2c  Laaab ������ Htol5  Veal    ������������������    8   to  121-4c  MiiTAIL MEATS���������  ell   on   Wednesday   evening  June  14th, at 8 p.m.  That the clerk request the B. C.  'Teieaobjone -.Company ''to 'jremovo..  their5, pole on Matsqui dyke at the  ana  01  tne Riversiae road as tn.3  pole is in the roaid of the proposed  landing, of tha .provincial ferry.  That Thomas Lehman municipal  constable be present dn his official capacity on the municipal hali  grounds! on July 1st; also that he  be appointed Noxious Weeds officer ' and notify all property owners or occupants where noxious  wetds exist tnat the same mus toe  cut not later than July 1st uno^r  berg promised 'to .attend lo this  matter.  From' the Solicitors of Roderick  McKay re the road in course of  construction "by the municipality  between lots 215 land 360 and ask-  Beef, best rib roasts ��������� 15c to 18c  Beef, loin  --������������������    22c 1UG for compensation.  Beef, round ate-iLk   16c The  clerk was instructed to re-  Boiling Beef   10ct o 14 P������y   that  this  was      a   gazetted  y^aj  17 to 20 road  and no compensation would  pork    18c  to   20c 'be   paid  as  no real  property was  Mutton   -,���������  18 t0 20c he[nS  taken.  VETETEBLES���������Wholesale��������� From, A. J. H'llve     outstanding  Onions���������- 5 lbs for 25c !penaity   of   the  law   The  council  .New Potatoes  ... 3 lbs 25c emphatically   stated that     unless  Carrots, "sack -���������  $1.16 stringent measures  were adopcei  Turnips, Back  ��������� ��������� -0c especially   regardin  Canadian this-  Lettuce   ���������  6c per head, ties   the   municipality iwould  <oon  Cabbage, lb.   - ���������������������������  5c ie overspread.  HOTEL ARRIVALS  Commercial.  M.  Hoga.n, Vancouver.  John   Sprague,   Calgary  M. TowL'mkI, Vancouver.  D. Bcntlcy,   Vancouver.  1'. A. Mitchell, Vancouver.  1311 Howard City  E. Riley,  Nicola  P.  Vale, Vancouver.  A.   Nelson,   Westminster  H.   Newell, Vancouver.  E    W.   Morrison, Calgary.  J   J.   Bailey, Vancouver.  A   M. Johnson, City.  Thos Flynn, Vancouver  Stanley   Burgess,   Spokan.i.   '"  J.   McDonald,   Westminster.  Jas. McCallum, City  John  Wolfe,  Jnr. Calgary  S. W. Holland, Matsqui  S    Burgess,   Vancouver.  A. J. Trigg, Vancouver.  E. Singer, -Vancouver.  W. Towla-n, Mt. Lehman.  John' Vaganes, Bellingham'  Joe   Osborne, Bellingham.  John   Young,  Vancouver.  J. F. Todd," Westminster.  F. J   Clarkson, Vancouver.  E.   Bady,   City.    ..'  Jos  Storvic, Bellingham.  W.   J.   Vogel,  Davenport,  Abbotsford  Hotel.  fUUM ���������  IT   T. Lo"k  P-rrndon, M-n.  H.   C.   Stillinerflcet, '..City.  James   Holland.   Powder   Works.  P. -A. Ragan, Powder Works  J.  W. Pe'tch, Victoria.  Geo.   Blackmert,   Vancouver  E.   T.  Abbott -Mission "City.  A.  F. McCrimmon, City.  H. Johnson, Matsqui.-  Ike Berry, Sum.ais.  Thos Chalmers, Calgary.  A. D. McQuarrie, Vancouver.  .N.  ii. Rupert, Westminster.  W. H. McBwen, Westminster  M.  Devera,t, Vancouver.  M.   Anderson,   Vancouver.  Geo." Blackmer.  V. mauv.   .  W. H. Suit, North Vancouver.  M.   Mackay,  Vancouver.  D.'  McPherson,   Vrncouver.  Fred   E.  Ellis, Vancouver.  J.  J.  Black, Mis-ion June'tion.  W.   Le   Sugar,   Vancouver.  W. J. Alia, Vancouver.  C. B. Tormbey, W. C. P. C.  W. C. Cha,ppall, .W. C. P. Co.  T/ W. Toop, Sumas.  J.  W. Martinadale, Westminster.  %  ^  HAMMOND & SON  BUILDERS  AND   CONTRACTORS  Eitimates given for all kinds of Buildings.  ���������   ABOTSFORD..B. C. .,   r������^5ESSi  mesm  Fee at time of service.   ���������  HARROP   BROS,  ABBOTSFORD, B, C.  m&m  Mfflsm  GIRLS wanted to work at the  FACTORY of the  'am  5 Apply by letter to the Company at Mission Citjr,  after June 1st personally at the Factory,  Celery     Rhubarb, lb      Chickens, dozen  Bggfi, wholesale  Eggs, retail  Better,   retjail   -  ���������  2 heads  15c  ;������������������ $6.00  to $7.00  ���������  27c    to    30c  35c   to   37      1-2  Matsqui   Hotel  MISSION dlTY, B.C.  This hotel makes a specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers. Comfortable sitting-  room and   best of  hotel   service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W.T.LUCAS, Proprietor  VXZM&KB&Iffll  MATSQUI COUNCIL.  (Continued From Page One.)  That Councillor Aish b3 permitted to expend $200.on on the Sim  road  and $200.00.on theForv. read  That Councillor Satchell-bo auth  orized to expond'to expend 5>JD0 00  on the Pem;berton roiad in coniecc  ion   with   the  statute   labor.  That Councillor Aish give notice   (Associate   Members Can.   Soc. C. E.)  to  gazette the  Walter and     Aish  road  on   the  west side   o,������ centre  ������������������ line to connect 'the roajd immediate  Ing   $19.20;  Maple Grove Lumber   lv west cf the road.  Co. $:615; A. F. Cotton, surveying      The   council   adjourned to  meet  road  through   lot 209 $30.0;  Mats   on July 8th ,at ten oc'clock a.m.  <iui School Board, Loan, $500.00; H. JAMES GIBSON, O. M. C.  ienderssn  ssociate   Member:  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Ofnee, next P. O. P.O. Box 11  Geo. Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices,     -  AH work guaranteed  Abbotsford     '..������������������-..' . B, C,  NQTIGE  T: J. DeLair has been-appointed  my agent during my absence, en ���������  tJtJing him to collect and pay all  uillh for me.  W. LYLE.  linting, Sign Writing  gj'&l reyajr work  J,������,FARTQN  Good Btprap Boom for  Furniture,  ���������W������������ ������"."������������'  DISSOLUTION  OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOflCE.  F. Leroy Q-etchell and-W. S, N.  Johnston of Jforthbvook . Shingle  Company, have dissolved partnership. W. S. N. Johnston under ���������  uuves all liabilities from^pril 24th  W. S. N. JOHNSTON.  ,.    \l  lv


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