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 i> '  Xi  m  r  il  jl!NlVl9Vi  S VICTORIA, ^V^'  ijL,  t/JfS,-"."(IT.'.'.'."-..  c           iMk                                           ,���������  isP-si  ������           ...::-:-MIh38bshS  '������������������������������������':$HwBi!il  /Mk1\ jS^^^BS^^^^^s^^  JS&j&'II  M^m  Wmm^^^^  ������^SfflSssSS  Is  ll^^^^/^^gfafl^^SgSffl^B^SS^^^  t~~+f&><it&)tii*s  ^^^PS^a^^  ^^^aB^^flflH^-  Vol.Ill, No. 5.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C., FRIDAY,  ~ ���������rrj^-rr-  JUNE 9, 1911  ���������~r '���������    ���������  8 $1.00 PER YEAR  ELIABL  SCOTCH  <3*  I*  *'  I*  *  *  SUMAS   'COUNCIL THE BOARD OF TRADE MSIITS CORONATION DAY SPORTS  Tj     Tlie   regular   (meeting   of      th^ The   regular   (meeting   of      the ������ The Coronation Day sports com  ^jfl  Sumas municipal councfl'. was held Boaird of Trade was held :n their mittee ��������� are making excellent pro-  ?<  on Saturday June 3rd,'present be- rooms   oh /Monday  evening  last, Sress  with a, .programme for the  *%">   ,  ..  ...     0     ���������,    i    ���������, ~ ��������� ������������������' .���������        ~ .;,-           . t    .   ���������.��������� m    ,   .        .. day Abbotsford will celebrate and  .������> S. ing  theRce������'b uind, Councilors  D with  president  Hill-Tout  in     the . ���������      ���������          ,          ������.  *?>>                           '-'..���������/., r  ��������� enjoy.   Several meetings have al-  ���������V>   McKenzie,. C. Everett and S. 0. chair.                   ,���������..,..         . ready, been held and it is hoped to  Samson-         -/"   '           .;         . The minutes of the previous meethaVe afl eXceIlent pPOgramme draft  m        ���������   ' *       r xu'        ��������� '���������������������������              i. ��������� ms were read land adapted. ,  ,   .          .      .,    ^    ������-  The minutes of ths previous meet ������l             ...                        ,   , ed  in a   few days that will meet  ���������  ���������  ���������                 ,        ..    .-'��������� ,���������j-       : .Communication   was   tread   from  ing  were read and adopted.  the Chilliwack Board of Trade re-  Samson ,McKenzie,   that the.   que,sting; the Board to endorse the  council .-will not spend any money  resolution pafiSed "by them, asking  on the Bouehier road until thepw  *  An especially large and attractive assort-  in  ment of Ginghams in fancy stripes,  checks , and-  ^f  self colors.    Width 28 in., fast colors.  *  *  hers of S. 'ii. 1-4. S'. 31 and N. E. 1-4  S. 30 T. 19 agree as^tp the line.  P, 1j. lfoucmar was giyen     permission   to ' work  his  1910   sta,cu-.e,  h.toor   under  .Pathmaater   Marcey  for   a   regular  (mail service  over  the B. C. E. R.  with the approval of all its citi- -  zens and he the means of drawing.  a   good  crowd  that day.   '  The   Atjbotsford   baseball   team  is making arrangements to have a  Moved by H.-Alanaon and second   -ba'stiball ffame with some team,of  ed. by A. M. King thai this Board  endorse^ the Chilliwack's motion.  A   communication was read from  provided  the work is done in ten   .,     r������r>-t> ������   -   u.    l.   ���������   o  * the  C. P. R. re freight aheJ. Re-  uays  Councillors   Saaxison,"  McKenzie  the, Eraser Valley (on that day, in  all probability 'it /will ,be Mission  City.  ��������� .The cricket elu/b jiare arranging to /have la match that day  with Chilliwask if possible.   Agame  OUR SPECIAL PRICE  *  I*  *  *  ards tor  \  ^  ceived and filed.  Prom   the   Fraser   Va^iey , Pro-  and   Everett   were 'appointed  .   a   gressive Association and aski.g f->r has   been arranged with Westmin .  committee   to   examine-A. Camp-' a   representative   from   this board ater for the 24th but it is desired  bell Boad south, of the ,Vey road      Moved by H. Alanson and sec- to have one on Coronation Day ai  and to instruct F. Munroe to com   onded by J. J. Sparrow .that Presi- 'so,.  plete his contract if they consider   dent   Hill-Tout> represent         this The' L.  O. L. have arranged to  +g>{   the   ground   fit  for the   worW.'. -      -board   at the (association. .provide' for  the evening and      a  ^.j      Everett-McKenzie,  t^hat  a      box      A. communication   was  .      read pleasant) evening Imay be expected  be. put in the e&st end ht ditch on   froni the po9t office ingpector re from' the arrangements they have  Angus Campbell Road and diccn be   mail services.' Received and filed, made.             -.--������������������-,  cleaned out.   Box to.;be 2x12 and ,���������  ... ,   .    .    ���������--.,.      ��������� -.   The. isecretary  stated   that   the  about ten rods in lensLV   ....        ., ...   . ���������    ���������. -���������-  - ���������������������������:'-    ,    ,        .- .  ���������...- ������.���������-t-. "���������'-������������������.   . -��������� ..r- .    .printing jcommitte  ihaa  not gone  .  Councillors   McKenzie   and   Ev-   ^ the question of stationery yet -^  but   would   T>e  jsubmitted   to   the      Mr- H- Alanson' was afc the coast  l#  *  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  erett   were  ,a(p,poiJBted ^a   v com-;  mittee.. to look into'the jnatter of '^ti'aens" of"the town as" soon as re-   on Thursday.  #1  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  MATSQUI NEWS ITEMS NEW   STATION   COMPLETED ,  (From Fraaer Valley Record.) ^ Thq new C. P. R. station at this   o  poin6 has been comi;leted an J. ���������Mr.  Miss Crist was In Mission City on McQuarrie has made an excellent  Tuesday on business. job "of the building. He is now at  providing   a . road   outlet   for   F.  kjU Munro in N.E. 1-4, Sec. .14, Tp 16  c*������.7     jSaimiso.n-Everejtt,   that iW.   Peta  \dji\ piecei be allowed planking  *^'  box to straighten the roadbed on  received  ''     ' . '     . A   lawn  tennis   couH  has  been  _      A   petition -was   received   from   made at the vicarage.  -   ,      the, citizens asking for a   crossing  0 ,  to make   ovgr thea p> R> and fi: a E_ R> ofl  Mr.   J.   Hayes   'has (bought  four  ,.,,,,.. 'Hazel   .Streftt.   The   petition '(W^s j t           c    n street  Samson road m 'front of his lPlace endorsed  b^ the Board of  Trade C7"_^   L_  provided he does the work of the Moved by H. Alanson and second Miss   Vanetta    ,.r.tu..nocl   to Van.  hauling and grading at his own ex- ed  by M. lCop6land that the .sec- J������^  Monday   ,������  Pensb rotary   write   the  |superim.ten(d,'ent                        0   The," clerk was instructed to com of the, B. ,C. E.  R. to reduce the ��������� Rev> Mr> Campbell },.[t Tui,sdav  munifiate   with   G.E.Corbould   re Hpeed  of their ta;ins crossing Es- for   the ea3t on  q   month's  ho)i-  garding the. cancelling :of gazette sendene avenue, as at the present dayg> ���������  on the north line of'S. ,E. 1-4, Sec^ rate  Qf speed that the trains are           '            0   6, Tp. 19. running   across   this   street   it   is  Evereitt-McKenzie,   .that   the a,p-   dangerous.  Miss  Kirby  who hais  ucen  v;s!t-  ing at the vicarage, left yesterday  for, her home.   o   W. X Vogel, Davenport, Wash,  was in Abbotsford this week looking for land.  Mrs. Buker of AlJhrg'r-ve was  with friends ' in \oootsford for a  few day's this week.  Mr.   E.  A.' Remington of Ma,ple  is now not to be built .this seasm       Samson-Everett   that  .indemnit-   good to him and he intends to go   Grove' has sold liis property at   a  ������ ies   to   Reeve land Councillors   be   back   shortly.   He   represents      a   good   figure.  MET  WITH SERIOUS ACCIDENT   paid for half year. -" company of Abbotsford capitals:  (From Fraser Valley Record; Ratg  By_law Nq   m> fixing ^   and thinks he has struck something  On Tuesday afternoon Colin Sol-   rate at x M per cent /0r the year   Pretty g������od-  ��������� o   School Rate By-law No. 112, fix-      Messrs Hammond and family ar-  rounding   district  to a        ibasket .ui&; nu. ieg anove cne an^te yery the fichool ^e       2     , ^^ ,n thi8 toWn a   ahopt time fl.  social in  the Matsaui hail    There badly smashed and his ankle brok- ��������� ���������        ��������� .,                      , ,     ,                ..              j ,������    tt             i      j i ������������������  were   aXlbev* prtient 'fro   che en. He was hurriedly taken to Dr. ^ l911 Was I>a93ed ** tbe <=������uncil   ^u&nd Mr" Hafmra������nd and hf13 son  suri.undmg.cowns   aaid  hamlets. Stuart's  where -he received     tho .Report of Councillor Samson on  .E^'^  There   was  a   large number from best  that  medical  surgery  could O'Donnell road;  "I   find ..that     a   tractors   and   builders.   lhe>   we  lueie   ftr  a   lAl^ uumoei  "um ���������.                ���������             &                            , ...j nF ���������na_, ���������~aiia nan    \,a   from Australia and are delighted  Mission,   some   of  whom  brough*: provide.                ... good road of easy grade can    be                     nUmnip  ami������������������linn������,.?nni<  bask^s. 'There   were ^8   basket, - It appears that "Col" was cross- had   on   the   quarter -section   line   ^thAJ���������he,;d^te_ ^ "PPOituml-  put  up; Miss Crist was awarded inS ������������me shafting when his pants' through  the centre of Dr. Hack  the   prize  of a   gold jewel     ,box leS caught in the ehafting, draw- ing'-u  place."   Report adopted.  This basket brought $6.55.        Thd ing him with it.     When   he found      The   fallowing  ibills  were pass.  proceeds ;of $71 will be devoted   t j be   was caught 'he grasped at the ed for payment;  Mr   Nelson met with a   serious   lh6 work "of buildiVthe new plat   Propriation  of $40.00 ibe made .to      Thq meeting then adjourned.    -.  accident cutting his foot very se-   form  to  the south of the station   &ravel   about   18  rods   of   DeLair      .  o   verciy \    The  are two (most       delightful   Roa(* ^ front of Ml*- Austin's,barn,   STEAMBOAT LOOKS GOOD  The, green fields -and the -beauti-   points  about  the new station  the   work  to  be  done by  Pathmaster . TO F^RED WOOLER  ful grass, igiving the last touch to   people' here should appreciate, vs    Gillis- '��������� Mr. Fred Wooler,returned        a  the grand farms of Matsqui, makes   tne size of the station and,the nice       Saimson-Everett,   that ������,  inde.m-   gam  from' Steamiboat mining dis-  farm  life   one  round of pleasure   artistic   way   it  is  painted. nities to the Reeve and Councillors   trict a   few days ago .-and has with  these  days. Mr- McQuarrie had the contract   for the year 1911 be as follows;For   him   a   number  of excellent sam-  Miss  Bent of New Westminster   of   buildin������  the new station      at   Reeve   $125;   for   councillors  $100   pies which may be seen in Mr. J. J.  is visiting" with the Misses Page port  Hammond  but that  building   each. McPhee's office.   Steajmboat  looks  On Sunday a number of our ret,i  dents took 'an excursion to Harrison Lake in a gasoline launch an.i  'refpor.t   'a   pl������<aisant (Voyage^  On Friday evening last the resi- of Matsqui entertained     aj   l������Way   met   wifch  &   very  serious   mi wag pasged by the COUncil.  guesta  the dancers from the sui-   accident, which resulted in his hav-  ibasket   i"i? hiB leg above the ankle very  *ok-  Dr.  the  ies  this  district affords,  Mrs. V. Hulton Harrop has  re-  Mrs, and Miss Heath left Tuesday morning to join Mr. Heaih at  Mission where they will make  their home.  Mr������ C. O. Bradshaw was in town  this week taking parties to see  iproperty in the 'Hill-Tout sub-  'diviision.  Mr. J." P. Sim has removed with  his family from the Bouehier ranch  and taken up their resideuce     on  turned   from'   the  hospital  at   the   west RailWaL^2.  fixing  up; the hall.   Mr. W. Elli-t   Warns   above  and succeeded     in,     J. H. Starr, road work, $15; Wm   coast   very   much   improved     in      Read the new advertisement of  was  autidneer.  GOOp VALUE FOR LAND  The property in Maple Rjdge s iin igood ipri'ces. now. Ai.  Whonnock 21-2 acres sold for  $2,000 cash'; The property belonged to George Walden Mesirs G> >d  ���������berry   and   Sayers,   near  Kanaka  T,r^,.t  <con.    t^i.v.   health   and   will   probacy   spend   ._ _ ,       ,- ,   .  work $20;    John ���������      x .j Messrs Hammond and Son and also  the summer at the seaside.  The Gun club had a   successful  partly saving himself.     The saw- Fooks,      road  yer  stopped  the mill instantly. Campbell, road work, #15; FraBer  Yesterday   it   was  reported   he. Campbell, road  work, $11.25;     A.  was getting along nicely and that GUllis,. road work, $17.2^5; J. A.Mac  the   doctor   has   high  hopes  '   of Adama, road work, $97.25; W. Fra-   "i^l^^S^^l!^^  speedy recovery of the     crushed ser, road work, $1; A. A.,Serl muni     Thef'school accounts were order-   Steamboat,  and   will put a   pack  Jimb. cipal   constable  $30.35;  Thompson   ed paid; Incidentals $37 60,' W. G.  train   on   the  trail.  He   has  pur-  w-   \t     "~^i������~'��������� Stationery Co. maps $11.50; J.  W.   Gamble,  May  salary $80;     A. L.   chased  a   number  of fine horses.  Mi'.   Harry  Eby 'has leased  the Stewart  com.  on road tax,, $3 9C;   Harvey   May  salary $00 -t Mrs.  G.    Harrop  Bros.; the change of Air.  S. Brooke will interest you.  Mr. J. E. Geary has returned to  rllS^Kir rTT ������0rmerly ������Cb^ied 'by Mr> C- A������ Sara80n' on road ���������*WMi Hamilton, May eafary $35 88;. Miss  '������       1?^fythp i^t Z 5 / r' A' Srne,r m a   real GState ������f- C- St: Gfe0r^e Yaf'Wood salar^ and N. B. McKnight $50.  ���������^^^soldlor^lZt^ I'"' ^       U ������Pen f������r bU3ine"' in 6UndrieS   W 60;  J-'  W'   8'^^ Council Mourned to July 8.  acm. were sold for $8,000 apotcaan the confectionery line. road work ,.$46.                . -   ��������� C. St. G. YARWOOO, C. M  ".  FOR SALE, CHEAP-One heavy  Farm Wagon*; One Cleveland Sewing machine, new. Enquire at the  Abbotsford Hotel.  Illlgllll^^ TWO  THE ABBOTSFORD POST (nj-nna      . ..,  i. ��������������������������� .   , tatoes   which   hold  readiiv   -n-      <i  '"^/JV^'  by   U,e   P^ P������>^ds for 5   cents                          S  ���������A  w,eWy.Journal ,|,voterJ t . the .������������������ T %    ������J   GggS   Waa    faif'y  <w* of Abbotsford ���������������,(0SueJ J:.,,^ J?������ g������������d  and. P^ces (remained firm  a*  l"fj'    ,. ,                                              ' 27 t0 30 cents wh.olesa.le-anda   cor-  piichm���������* n"lM "U,,e K'n������%v-    * aiJ" re������Pondlng   figure   detail.    '      ���������  U.CGAb ADVKKTISINO���������l 2  con is  ner ThB SUf pl>" of veaI continues good  lino for first b^Uon. IlIul s eemK a /^ and   th-   ---  ������.._  for al) subsequent con/ecutivo Insertions  ^ THE ABBOTSFORD PQ3T,        ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  THE   PUBLICITY   COMMITTEE  (From Fraser Valley Record)  As , will  be seen by reading the  council   meeting  iheld  last   Satur-  - -~6^���������   da>',t   hc ' "Mission  council.has   set  ���������e price firm.   Of pork,there   aSlde  $150. ������*'the municipal funds  o^sa^Sl^^r^'r'a^^   ^   '^Iarger   ������"ering   than" for', J?P?e^rPO������o of-advertising Lhi  the   aor0������unent. ������" affl"   'somo  t,me l^st, and in 'quality hi-   Missil0������ ' district   on   the      prairie-  eluded  everything  from  a   heavy   '3rovJd^ that $450 is raised "other-  hoary  headed salmon-fed  boar to   m*f  the   very    finest   .milk-fed   young Publicity   committee-is'    a  pork whio hwent as high as la cts   cwnm'tlcc  ^ tho Board of Trade  Your duty  to vour rnwn   ������������������      '���������   by the c'awjass. -.  ^^"^d-to  inquire" jnto the betL  i _        ,   y        youz town is not  .   The  fish staJ] ^^ means   0f  advertising  th, distr'ct  '     aJ1U   t������  carry out their scheme  of  Friday! june9,  1911  laker  to have vour hnmn    "                            '   The   fiSh  sta" showed ������P  b*tt������r ,        01   "^rtiaing   the  district  i^ejoui name appear as, of ten   than.for some weeks past   one, \     L������ cawT'out their scheme of  ;"   th.  .oil of fame as a   phiiam    the   chief   attractions   being      Lhe ^T^ ������? behalf of  :r������r������p,8t|    working   ,for   the   good   firat smelts of the season ^'^  of the  town  without at the same   *C?ce   but  ^Proving la the-key- , Tho more widelyMission d'strict  respecli of the, citizens. ^^ the 6taPJe. lines  of  food   ��������� 1 rW *���������      "     concerned.   For  the  The ronovf opn     -n       , ' m many moons  a   few  lhe rcpozt of the Board of Trade   carcasses  of mutton came in   ,2  which   appears   in  this issue   does ^ of a   high qualiiv, soldIvad-  ���������t contain  a   report of what the '* *������r 12 ^ to 13-������nts aaJ <he]e  '"���������e protection committee has done nricV^ 0.n.3 1carcass "< beef,     the  *o* it is a   very important matt. The          ,?      WM " ien!* ������������' <������  to have  the town ^Jl"f? ���������������!   ^^   ������f ������* ^r     was  .     -Tiess ,..      Saddlery Hardware  Trunks arid Valises  P. O, Box 45       ' '  Abbotsford, B. C.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Jrom this district ,to the prairie  from here to the prairie provinces  ������ one of the best  tho district can have, yet it Ls not  ^8/d������jd by the general public as  ���������suffic.ent to induce the settlers to  come ancl settle in thedis trict *nd  Ha  fS Eurchased the business ot Mr  W. Lyle, lam prepared to give the  best of   satisfaction as to prices  and  ^ W  the town ^;:  ���������   I  ^   Tl0������l ���������' tat^     ~   ^"^^ t0 '������-������ tho7cSe��������� t  thai   f���������e   would ,iake  were  it >Lo   ���������������������?  ������  ������Il line,  was  .trong  UllS    fhat good fruit ,houIcJ bofJ,|^J, out m any part of the town   1ja,ld,nff   be.n-g      thronged      wuh    by   ffood   'itorature   to  gjvc  6l)lJ,0  comfortab  oo.  night to do busjjie^  We solicit your patron  J'igs.      Stables- oDen d  av  o-<n  hreakj out in any part of the town  Any organized scheme of jjr0  protection would certainly be better than nothing, and it is to be  be hoped that the .committee has  ���������not   yet   ended' its  labors  in    the  building   being  buyers  ; There   were   Several crates      of  l^tertf   birds  (which   boM   very  quickly at from' $12 to $lfi per ^  ^^ The. lowing were the. quotat-'  WJTO"Ll?SALE MEAT-  belief that a. wis^ Providence will ������'H?L������*LB HEAT-       '.  -  burn  any nart of Abbotriori ^ ^^^������������������--^ ^ ������������   ooo���������-   ' Beer   forequarters  ... 10e tVjlS  There is  a   very strong ^^. ^ton   .-. ,    -  sion  among  the .Ji������herra,:n on  th.   Lamb'.:.   leaser  RiVer  that soniething will   Ve'al   .: "...  have   to  be done at a   very earl'v .'KiiiAlL MEATS-    '  idea of fruit growing condti,;ns  "i the district and last but no.'- the  ,lea,st the -beautiful Himaie wlu-re  the fruit is grown, 'together' with  al. other advantagos-'tha.t is possessed by the people who enjov  Uie noble heritage that is ours  in   the ��������� Fraser  Valley.    ���������  It is the Boards of Trade through  out  the  province.fha,r usually Uu-  I2l-i   to   13c   derUkes    the    adver'ti^ino-   0f' tlio  -��������� ���������      121-2c   "istrict,   over  and above"what th-  ��������� ' " to 15 ���������locaI Paper may .be able to do  8   to   12'1-ic   -   The 'Mission   District   Board -of  Trade has not yet underlakbn-anv  D.  IckENZIE  ?    PROPS.  POST  JS,a   Wi^ev ?eal is destroying   VeaJ  very  little  doubt as to  the  truth  of the depletion of the species, it  have   to  be done at a   verv Pq,h-   ^^J-^il, MEATS��������� .    "   t^h/i ".'   "*J"'tL   fl"ara   o  ������   th. ft������������������ Ki���������, sprtag salmon   *������;   --��������� ..-    22c   ������t.   B���������t   thi.   yMr ko,BcaS������ta  ���������-c. ^,sclaimedlhat .^Bee/.^.:;::::--- ^r^X'tr^'*  ' A e-w -��������� Potatoe's'":::..:;;5 lb39 /������r ���������??��������� -^ ������* ^W SCttlerS    Wh:le" *me ;  Carrots, ������ack ...:.        ������������������"      lbS,2������������   -pr������ba-bIy   all-members- of     the  time  tJiat Bomething WasTn������l"tLr   TwniP*> ������ack  "V." ""' ^   fh������p^     wi������   derive .benefit;  .   still  either  the  doming y Lettuce   ���������'-       Z i"'"0 Tf ������thers-   Por this-reason  . uie  do^mion  or provincial Cabbage,  lb      ������ -per head-   ^e - Publicity  committee  are ask-  ffovernment to  do something     to Celery* .:.._... "T] T^' ^��������� the '^raJ IP������b������c to  donate  Protect   the  =fish vandMncidentally. ������huba,b| lb   SZ  '2 headfl 15c   toWfds Uie '������**, and the Beeret-  ^ occupatJon-of the fishermen of'   ���������*������*  -oaen ���������..l.-^oito |,S " -^ip.'o"/^ ft^ f������r  Oie   Lraser   Eiver.   If  a     ,bount     ^   wholesale      ...  27c    to '.' t0 the fund'  were   granted   per  ,hea.-,   ,n .- -������Sgs, retail  *Wc       rhlS Paper is -in favor of a   good  '  >y^:������z^;^::; ^^-^:vr Sr~"-~^  ������'a   I-o, two, a.d the Zndian,   ������- Avenue  oppoX ^ c" 11   I ^,1^ f��������� J������: ^ *������"  ,a''C "^"btodUr- fcmUiar ������������������ tolhe   .tatton. consisting ot two SJ^   ���������5J Jf ^ >' ������������g and he.p l0  ,Cl1   Ti"3. V������ies of sealit is ���������n.   water   bat,, 7? CMreme������*.   ^vmS   <���������������="'   services   gratis   al     '���������                                                  ������,���������������:.'���������ta1U,:.W0?dshed *ta Price   "������������   contribnting tao^V i0 Te     ���������  <i> P. 0. Box 58  Phone Central  ��������� i n -    rnone(  ielegram-Sumner,, Abbotsford, B. C.  4  -^ *oes not ,e:i ii ^ JS������ a^o^ia^^ it& P^  -ter^l the time and report .has ^ -/p^AbtSffd^^ "  1L. thaL   the 'breeding- grounds  are       - . ^~--~^~    '  "cheme    Prom  50   cents a. mom-i  Up,  'P'^-Per .month for a yeai. ln  - -e head of th8 ^'JJ . J^BD AT^CE-To'hire or   " ^^^0^ ^     "  -^h   from    one to    two hundred   !^!^li?Ply -to  X' Y-  Z-   ^ ^ *eri������P������ ��������� ' hundred' fold  Pounds.   It wm thus )De seen that  a   spring salmon has )but very nt-  Ue  Sh0w- of escaping,- .and. a   seai  coming against t^fiafceilnen's net  while  making ,a   drift js also      a  source  of considerable  :annoyan -e  ���������000���������  THc    MARKET?.  f        15   or   16 acres. cleared;  |. acres in orchard, bearing.  %        Balance in pasture, fenced  ������ alJ round.   Good water.  I   u- ?   Dwelling    Houses,   4 of <|  :< which are rented  and bring in *  j. $564 per annum.  X This property adjoins the Townsite.  f Price $29,000 ' f  One-half cash, balance'over 5 years at 7 p. c. ~  &  Westm'innier.      '.Tunp'-       .2--'  A   startling  feature   of the market   was   the   failure   of   the  Ion-  promised   supply   of   local   sprin^  :re?MameS   to   ma^eriaifee. .Lata  vegetables   to materialize.      Later  than usual this year the"able  crop has been delayed by   .   c-,iJ  weather  in   April and May,    ' but'  according   to   reports, brought   in'  from the district,'all Mie'crops are  in good condition, ajid when'thr-r  come,  which should toe within     a-  week  or two now, they  will be if "  anything better than ever.   In the  meantime   however there  is groat  '  .scarcity.   JVo   Jettuce    or   parsley'''  were  offered, the on!y fann  t-ur-k  produce   offered    wa,s   cabbage.'  There   weve  also (some  ve'.v^-po-  >er an<  I rading Company  | Vancouver and New'Westminster  Lumber    iSfef De^rs >" aH kind, of        ^ '  .    Fish and Fruit Boxes ���������'  -Large Stock Rain and Fancy :Glass. \  Farmers Attention!  -Lumber Always in Stock for Fencing and Draining  ED. BUSH, Agent, Mission City, B. C.  k  t   ...  INSURANCE  Abbotsford Home&ites  m  '-      -i-      ���������(������      ������^v      iy������-  -^.*   *3jy������  *vc Tgft TJ������ TWf  If you are looking for a home  or snappy in vestments  in town lots, acreage or farm  property  The Pioneer Seal Istate Brater of Abfeetsfcrd  ������.H������-W������-^-UfeJ.MUu^L^i.i.nju..........��������� :  ���������      ������������������  I*        .    iSroiiimnuinf i..ji j ip-iiJiim..m..jj.,,i., ���������������������n'. ,a{i,.vj|-i.tnTgTgnEii- 'totbtw '^���������H*-if*l'**"tWrtJjVjWBh." y-'-,:'-'-Vt<-l?J'-"'^'"'"-a?WjiSj^^  ilTj^w^aLi1 '.���������a-. ���������^:-t,\i.-'L*.Y.--.,-*^i*'������>,.-'i .s."������i������i-k.1- Vr dFJ^rr.yTj.'iwi^^v-ft'Kv'SMf^np������������������-���������,(������ *-^:Stfje.fl^i-liv iV������*iii3SSBrw^1:'v* MnBaamnKiSa 113
ua:.i.ii^.i,.tf.i/,,v.l'.<ir: ��� ��� ���
are Agents   for
Phoenix Assurance Go. of London, England
Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.
<������ . ,
British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.
For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.
j Mcelroy & co.
Presbyterian    Church���Rev    r   ^.
Campbell, B. A., B. D.-pastor,
Abbotsford, il a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
At Musselwaite .School 'House-
Service'  every alternate Sunday  3 ,p.m.     - ,    ,
Sunday  school tevery Sunday at
2 p.m.
At Huntingdon School House��� .
Service   at every alternate Sunday
at 3 p.m.'.
S.  S. every Sunda.yat 2;30 p.m. ���
TJp^er Sumas, May 29, and wver-y
i.Lern.:t'e Sunday at 3 p.m.
> ���   C. E., Wednesday a<t 8 p.m. ���
hunday Stafo��s>l at 3 p. m.
Sunday  School tevery Sunday at
���   Presbyterian    Church���Rev.   j    c<
Alder. ,,.
Glenmore, 11 a.m^
:.': ., 2;30,p.m.
Pine Grove, 8,p.m.
ST.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)   , ,
Rev. A. E. Bruce', Vicar.
Services 11:00 a.m. and 7..-30 p.m.;;.
Holy"   Communion,   1st   and  3rd J
Sundays each month. \" ���_���
Catechising and S. S. at 2:30 p.m.-
L'boir practice,. Wednesday at 8
I beg to intimate to my numerous Patrons' and
Friends that I have taken into-partnership. Mr. j.
Clark late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co. and the
business will now-'be carried on as
We hope by strict aHention to business to obtain a share of your patronage
��-ffice hoars ftr��aa 3 a/as. t�� 7 ��.. m.
Mail for P��awfl'��av*le.every .T.ueaKtfty."
and Saturday, lvg. nv. ���',    ��� '"
Strictly first-class in ��very respect.   The bar is
stocked with the best of wines, liquor, and .cigars,
RATES,  $1.50 To5$2.00   PER  DAY
H. FREEMAN, proprietor-
��� I  u -'-  -1.
ffff?1!, Ii*".* 'Wulf   Vl' ���"*">
P@rk, Mutton, ?teef, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Weinies
and Balogna always on hand.     Fish every Thursday
Forty   acres   improved   farm   in
the Fra&er Valtey, with" or without
houses and buildings, co-nvenient to
station or landing.   Apply
H.   Smith,  Straiton,  B.   C. .
full  particulars,   first   letter.
General Store*
AMtfcier TSrofc.
S. Brooke.
'    Abbetsfond Hotel,-H. .Frsenaaa, Prop.
Commercial, McElroy .&-.Co.        . .
Rea-I   Estate���
J. W. McGallum. ��� ;
C. A. Sumner &..Co.      ."- -i
Bernau   &   Husband,
J.   J.. McPhee, v    ,-
-J.  W...SfoCaMum
J.   J.   Sparrow.-
S.   J.; Bates,  Proprietor.
Hardware and Furniture���
H., Alanson.    ,
A. M. King.
Livery Stable���
J. E. Geary, Proprietor.
Baker and Gortffa��tioner���
h. Le&eee.  ���-. ���
��ossrad Andersen.
M. Sfauser!'
Beard ��/. Trade���-
J. W. &��s����31uisi, S*��retary.
J.   McMeriemy.
Bar&era��*l Pfe��d R��em-
Jos.   S8B8AeVS9B.
#. Iseaa-E.
Tefes$s�� C83KI Netvelfeiee-
J. V. Mean*. ��� '���
to J.   B)ec4or���
for      % A. Swift.
Demand that their Office Stationery must not onjy be of the best
q'uajity;buttliat k neafcly   a&d .tastaftt&y   printed.
Those, are the -people who patronize the Frasor
Valley~Rec��rd'office'; and they prove
that they   are   pleased   by
duplicating orders '
���We can supply in. any quantity, on short notice that beats city prices
Window Cards, Note Cirulars,. Receipt - Forms,
Notes,   Invitations,   Professinal cards,  Ledge   by-laws,   Lodge
raaBbership^ cards",   Agreements,  (Blotters,   Butter l wrappers,
'Dodgsrs, Auction bifis, .Envelopes, For  sale  cards,  .Wedding
invHaboiKE,..Meinorialcards,, Meal   tickets,   Private   post cards,
Letterheads, BiBheads, Memoes. Statements,   Lodge   constitutions, Legal forms," Prescription blanks, Labels gummed or otherwise,   Pamphlets, Reports, Posters any size,   contracts, Loose leaf statements,  Menus plain or  fancy,   Receipts
notes, etc., etc. -
SA.-BM^&Y  and KrvR��WAH8-
B. J. ��*TM����y.
. MSROMAWT  f AIL����.
CANADAS tf. e.o��o����wa.
G.       .      \T ' SURVEYORS
reatest Nurseries a******* and-T^or.
MiBS Alice Ste^d.
.A.  Everett.
Hainmondr~& -^on.
.   Want   a   teprjssenjtative      for
and surrounding district
The reliability, healthy condition
of our'stock as well as trueriess to
name must be appreciated by the
Public or   they would' hot ���   have   CARRIAGE.,PAINTER
..      ,    .   .      ��...      helped us to increase our business      Geo. Zeigler.
Manufacturing OptlCiaH   yearly since 1837,the date of    our
Doas the 'Finest Optical  Work.      establishment.
Our firm's  name lends prestige
to our representatives.
Complete line of Nursery SStock
for. SSprihg.1911..
��� Write   for  full  particulars.
The FonthirlNurseries.
j. A. BATES, Publisher
Medical men. and others pay tri
bate to his skill.
793 QranvilW St. ,yanoou-;dr
��B I   Abbotsford
o. C
Home Ave.
Mission City.
EmWsersaBd FuB��rai Directors
Vancouver, Office ( and chapel--���
��� 1034 Granvillcs rSt'.il;; PHon'e 3486
Worttt Vancouver, Office anci
chapel-^.-rll6.2nd: st. -Phone 134
.;  i
We buy Eggs,.Chickens-and
'.. Pigs.
fx^^^sssss^ii^&MM^mm^^mm^mii ������0uR  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABBOTSFORD, B. C,  "*"#    ��������� ���������    it ri���������  per ct. Discount for Cash  A Carload of Carriages Just Arrived.  A  nice little cart with room for two  for ., ������������������   ^3^  Al   Top   Buggies,   leather ' trimmed,  tor  ^dIOR  First-class Market Wagons j:two 'seat?  for %\\6    .  These prices are right for such goods and you  should call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere  A   PLEASANT SUMMER  ;,   ' DAY'S SPOR1.  Lalat Wednesday, afternoon ,-in  the backyard of the post office, to  demonstrate   to  Iheir friends that  in their younger days they had received   excellent   training -in   the  noble  art  of self defense,   two of  our   friends,   Bertie  and   Chappy,  met jn a  'square .circle to     show  they were in theJohnaon class.   In  jTighiting   attire   ithey ,   appealed.  Tho day was an ideal one and the  green   grass  .was   soft   and   dry..  Th������' bints were Hinging their tweet  songs; while the two gladiators  ,sa-utigieu ior supremacy in the  ^ng. The men were rquaallv  matched as far as Iheir ' weight's  were, concerned, 'both weighmgm  pounds   5   ounces. .Nine      rullllll8  tfere. necessary to decide the con-    '.    fl . , " ".   test, and ac -cue end of the same    m ^ an    landed where ChaP  neither, man could stand up-beinJ   JJie'hatl '3tood ten minutes  before  very  much  fatigued Chippies   was   trying   to  got      a  The is the i:ight be rounds   t^T ������*\  ?er"e,"i*ht   ea*������  hu  Rqun^d   l-Bertie   dLced   a   iS   41      ^ *** hS ht ������n  his uo*e Cn  and hit  Chappie  two .nches  o'Ver 8c.aP'iron  Pile"      Afci'r '   ^  his  head,  scaring Chaup e    C>'"        8Cr^ "'������n had ibeen remold from  P*   made   tu,o  j^mps   at' W>   ?h^^ , V*1***6*0^  the  ������>������<������������  and landed several short b/ows in     ! * Wa9 re?umed-   Chapp.e  Bertie's   sputf tfo'is    Ciia     '   i struck  at  him  with a   hard  blow  down.   Bertie's   round which, he held in his left h-ind, but  -Rewind   o   nu       ���������'������������������'"' missed him.   He hU him     several  auicT 1  2~lC^fpie   l3hot   '"������      a   times in the same place with olec-  nb���������My iT       ^ Bt:rtie'S  bcn- tricaI  r^id^   whe"  th^     both  ���������������*   ������    J^ h18j"ffht *������o jiigh, mis- came together .and fell.   Time   was  ero    ri    S.t ^    landi^8* on      the counted; and neither could get up.  rmn*         ,&   timekeePer   counted The  contest  was declared by the  one,, two, three four. five. six. and referee   to   be  a   draw.  l''ndPd1Q" W3S raLSed ������" hLS fSet :ind       There   Were   a'b������ut 150      Pre8ent  on j   in   the   solar   plexus,   and  it  was .ona of  the hardest(?)  i-oui kjeicd over and needed assist   fought  battles  ever held in      this  ance to, get on their feet. Chappie's   part of the country.   It is under-  stood that one of   these   contests  und  3~Cha'PPie  fell over be-   will be pulled off on     Coronation  lore Bertie had a   chance at him,   Day.   The men are both in train-  ��������� out eventually got .Up and landed   in������ now', and a   good time may be  one on Berth's ibeafc.   This is where   looked  for. ��������� Only  the     absentees  tne   first   blood   was ahed.   Bertie   wil1 be charged.  got mad and shouted to Chapp*?, .      .. u   *ou murderous  beast." and thPn       ������-i  went   after   -him   t f xh(3  ma*hinery of the Koolenav  ' blow   Thev clZr.17  a ^������Ckout   Jam  Factov?  ia all connected   up  Round 4   qm     I aW>   for ������^rationS ^y the end of this  wound 4-Silverbps got the post   week. .     '  meter's   wash  pan out and  gave  o���������  ���������the   lightweights   /a   drink      and  cooled   them   off aand  the   fourth '*   8urJPriSin������   wiia*   a    large  round was started.   They both eot   'a,mount may be tP^ced in the Pub-  their  second   wind.   Chappie B������dH    hcitX pund if a11 the 'business men  ������r?  ���������r*  ...;i,_        .  .. L      ��������� .Witt give a   smalt amount monthly    the< officers for the new year were  appointed   as   follows;  President'<-Mrs.   G.  Pinchbeck  1st   Vice-Pres.���������JUrs.   H.  M. Ab-  ercrombie.  2i,d   Vice-Pres���������Mrs.   W.   Abbott  Recording ; Sec���������Mrs.   Fred  Sol-  lo way.  Cor-Secretary���������Mrs.   G.  Miles  Treasurer���������Miss  M. French  Press. Supt.���������Mrs. C. Winslade.  Comfort   Bags   Supt.���������Mrs   Card.  -  Purity   Bags   Supt.���������Mrs.      Geo.  Pinchbeck.  Medal    Contest     Supt.-Mrs.   I-  Solloway.  . Foreign  Literature      flupt.���������Mrs  ��������� J/ Hairis.  Anti-Cigarette   Supt.-Mrs.   Wm  Abbott.  ^  off  with a   left undercut     at  -B;er.tie>a   north   fear.   Benie   came  m With a   wind mill twist and land  ed   just   over   Chappie's riffht  ^o.ulder. ,Cha(pPie fell face *���������'_  wards Bertie looked urourtt and  couldn't see Chappie. ,happie  could see several Ber**,. dapple  got up just as the timekeeper was  counting  time    Bertie's  ro-.nd.  Round ^-Chappie landed seventeen  short blows at B-.-Jie's  suspender buttons and then laid d.uvn  for a   short rest.   Be.t^ i,il, and  rolled   into   a   pile  ot s-rap   iron.  Chappie had intended ^o land the  knock-out  in   this round, but   his  gloves got tangled up in his 'feet  iracted     from this awkward pos-  had to be extracted from this .position.   Chaippie's   round.  Round 6-A   whirlwind came up  ���������and both men fell.   .Bertie was pale  so  was  Chappie.   Chappie's round  Round   7���������Bertie   gave   an      exhibition  of a   sick automobile. He  ���������blew   out   his tire  the first thing  Chappie   realized   what  had  happened   and   endeavored  to  knock  him   out,  but Chappie  busted   his  spender, button and time had to  be   called   until  a   belt had  been.  procured.       Berjtie, hit Chappie on  ���������his   thorax.   Ch'a,ppi,e   Cell.   Bertie  ascertained, if (he wanted any more  Chappie   answered   in the affirm*  ���������m. 4.1 \iv..   Tj.n;e.   Draw.  Rounds   8���������Bolff. exponents' o-  the manly art were allout of wind  and this round was not as,brisk as  the  preceding  ones.   A   little water poured down thei necks seem  <jd  to  invigorate them immensely  Chappie- posed and was awaiting t  ehanca to land one on Bertie's apparatus   but, (missed him and  fell  mtq Silvertips arms.   He was very  quickly raised'and shoved into Ber  tie  that he had to  do something,  ���������so  he  let a   loop and loop glide  down  poor Bertie's spinal column  Bertie advanced and handed Chap  pie a   bunch of sky rockets. Draw,  A. EI wood,  Seattle.  A. Riggcs,-Sumas.  J. Gavin, Brandon.  Fred Johnson, Maitsqui  Chas . Elmhund,  Vancouver.  And Nelson, Vancouver'  T.  A.  Graham,  Westminster.  Peten Snell, Sumais.  T. O. Gorwan, Henry, IU  Thos  Campbell, City;  A.. Nelson, Westminster.  Oseair Larsen, Vancouver.  Peter Andersen,  Matsqui.  Charlie   Hanson,  Sumas.  J. Perry, Bellingham.        ,  C. E. Oieson, Matsqui.  G. H. White, Vancouver.  Frank   Sutherhy,,   Ladner.  Ed. Judd, Salem, Or.  C. H. Wells, Vancouver.  A.   Mclntyre,   Vancouver.  E.   Griffiths,   Vancouver.  A. A. Cruickshank, Matsqu1.  Rod Lidgate, Sumas.,  P. A. Dennie, Va/ncouver. r'  A.   McCallum,   City.  John  Cavangh, Shelton,  Wash.  Dai\.Donahue, Shelton, Wash.  W.  C. Mclnnes, Vancouver.  R. W. Baldwin, City.  W. S. Baldwin,. City. .  FRANCES   Er   W.  C.  T.   U  The1 Frances E. W. C.  T. U. met,  with   Mrs.  Solloway  on June  2nd.  Ati the close of the busy tessi...n  ���������o   MOTEL ARRIVAL*  Abbotsford  Hotel.  Fred  Ch?s  B.   C.  S?d������-wi"k.   Spokane.  P     ftro /���������!.   c..,-ttIl?  Job-son,  F'-.TJcr-  John "B^nn"r    Vrirjcoi;'. ������������������:���������  J).  R.   Whitr>h?ad, Toronto.  Jos   Scott,   Chilliwack.  R. Om^h^l M;-. Lehman.  R.   Turbayn?,   Vancouver.  -   John   K.   Urquhart.  Mt   Lehman  J.  Knight, Vancouver.  F. T. Elliott Vancoa/er.  ��������� E.  K.  Taylor, Vancou/er.  Alex.   Johnson.   MioJ'-.rt City  C. Rchm:dt,  Mission  Cuy.    '   ~~  T.  M.  C".iv?n Vinfoiiver.  J.  Mackenzie, Vancouver.  D. MaYka.p,  Vancouver.  H.   ',   Vancouver.  P. W. Forrest, Vancouver.  "W.  J. LeZuger, Vancouver.  J. J   Bl.^-k. Mi^^ion Jnn?tion.  Fred  B. Ellis, Vancouver.  J.   H.  Hennessnv, Vancouver.  P.   Andersen,   Vancouver.  LV   W.   Ligh->i'ood,  Vancouver.  Prank Malone, Sumas.  T. C. Jackson, Vancouver.  W.   E.   Woodley,  Vancouver.  W. J. Allan, Vancouver.  Wm. Hood, Vancouver.  Rod   Lidgate,  Sumas.  David   Miller,   Brandon.  W.  Eu'ker, Aldergrove.  T.  Larsen,  Vancouver.  W.  C. Feguson, Brandon.  J.  Carroll,  City.  J.   Gamble,   City.  H.   <j.   Stillingfleet,  City.  W. Bain, City.  ;G.  u.  Biacicourn, Vancouver  V. S.  Young, Vancouver.  JD. Elmer, City.  ,   Commercial.  HAMMOND & SON.  BUILDERS AND   CONTRACTORS  Estimates given for all kinds of Buildings  ABOTSFORD, B. C.  Matsqui   Hote  MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers.     Comfo*table  sitting-  room and   best  of  hotel   service  Cuisine Unexcelled,  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W.T.LUCAS, Proprietor  Henderson  (Awociate   Members Can.   Soc. C. E.)  Civil Engineers  Panting, Sign Writinj  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  E. Bedy, City.  W.   J.   Vogel,  Davenport,  Wa7h  Harry  Grigg, Sumas.  Thos  Price  Seattle.  P.  Suius,  Vancouver.  ~A.  Kellet,   Vancouver.  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Offiec, n������*t P. O. P.O. Box II  WANTED-A lad to fearn >.  printing businesB. Apply aj th  office.   Good  wages  Geo.  Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  AH work guaranteed -  Abbotsford -       B.C.  \^^^^^^^^^^^ DISSOLUTION  OF  PARTNERSHIP  j.  |^-..p_. NOTICE,  i\KJ I  (Ut F.  Leroy  Getchell and W. S. N.  T. J. DeLair has been appointe 1 Johnston   of   Nortftbrook   Shingle  .-wy-agent during my absence, en- ComPany, have dissolved partner-  h.<     tilling him  to collect and pay all ehi^'   w-   s-   N.  Johnston  under-  bllls   uiIls for me. u.^3 all liabilities from 4.pril 24th  W. LYLE. W. S.'N. JOHNSTON.  i. c  Good Storage Room for I  Furniture.  it  'Ah  '���������t!  mmmmkmmiimm  xmmmmmwmmmmmmtmwM  mmmmMmmmmnmmimmmmmmmmmm  msmmsmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmkW^mmmmmmum^^mmmi  mmmmmammm������&zmMmM$


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