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 Vol.III., No. 12.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.',,FRIDAY,   JULY 28, 1911  PER YEAR  iVninrirTaK"  i&SZ  HmHIH^II    JMMIlft������������V������VamClffl.  aac  2Z2  <? <jjjft <$p *$? <?$? <?$? 9$? 9$? 9������;V 9$? <$r 9$T 9������  >*V/V/N.'������>-^./  ??$?#'<#<#*'������&  Workmen -���������. ������������������*"'  Around Abbdtsford  The New Ciay Works    An Experimental Firm  TEA  A good tea that continues goo<  A   few days  it suddenly appeal   started the construction.of a   huge  ...',���������     ,  ���������   A ,.,._���������,;.    ���������    brick   and   if ire-   clay   faotoryjnear  Tho, Norton-Grlf'h-J  Messrs!" C   .and   F.   McCiure   of      Tho,'site"  for   the   experimental  brick, and no Iter y fame have now   ranri   which , the  federal  government   decided  some time  ago   to  is a good tea to continue to buy M  kind of a good. Tea,  Blended and packed expressly for my  own trade.  *  od to Abbotsford that there ,was  something wrong- with (.'ha' worh  being done a-round Abbotsford, especially was !his Ihe case -when  a building' within xlie li|mits of  . tne- town was. b-aing rushed, along'  by a contractor lliving .'at the  neighbor r^', town of'Sumais in the  state- of Washington. His jmen it  sterns a'r.'; also from the,same tbwxi  Ihe matter was 'carefully gone  into by several .citizens- before it  was decided to act. On Thursday -the contractor was interview  ed and after 'being told the pred'.ca  merit he was placing hm el*? lie dt-  cided in the meantime to return fo  from, whence .he 03,016���������his own  country ,         On investig.ation.it is'found that  there are some twenty men work-  Abbotsford.  i'iths   steel   construction company  have undertaken the work of-er-  establish on Vancouver Island,  s,ays the Victoria Times has been  selected and Victorians "will be in-  ectingj the plant'for the'new com- tereslecl in knowing -that it is to'  pany and one long string of,wag- b&'in their immediate vicinity.  011s loaded'with .up-to-date machinery line the road from Abbotsford to the 'scens of operations  amd Abbofc-sfo'rd is a busy town in-  ciev-:d these days. *-*������������������  The company whic- his called the  Kilgar'dio .Clay 'Company intends  to turn out more than half the  brick   fire   clay   and   drain',pipes;'  The," Veitch Farm, between Saari-  lchton  and  Sidney, on the     main  Saanlch  road, is the site, and the.  choice has "been fully) approved b^y  the responsible official of the depart men c   of   Agriculture. - .  Whilo here -during- recess "lh,e  Hon. William Teinpleriian,, on behalf of the'igovernment, acting ou  that  will  be used m   me province   i( ,    ,     _  ���������....,.     .-;    . '-,   v 7,     .    ., '..tlie reports made iby Duncan An  lneir(  plant is situated'���������������: the foot     , l     ,    * ..*,       ,   ,  $k\ ing in tna vicinity, of ^Abbotsford  *���������������-? who corne to .the" province from a-  eross   the  international   boundary  derson, who wm sent out-here to  look, over sites, secured an option  on   the   proprety  from the  B. ,C.  Electric Railway Co. The Minis-  i3ter. of Mines himself visited the  farm and was satisfied that it is  admirably adapted, for the purposes of an experimental farm,'for  this po.-tion of the.p?ovirice.  On Sunday afternoon <J. H. Gria-  dale, Director of Experimental  Farms, arrived from Ottawa".'"He  '{^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  THE    MARKET.   o   RETAIL MEATS��������� . .   ,        ,.        .      . ,  -Beef,.best rib roasts - 15c to 18c   V���������?������*"  caanot.be  otherwise pb-  tained.      I? is unlawful- to engage  of   a   hiil   a   short  d'slancc-. from  the town and their scheme for get-'-  ting  the clay, of wHich they have  irnuic-iibe- uqaintities   to the  works  is by the endless chain' system ^aDd  it us "claimed this will'be 60 per cent  cheaper   than   any   other      firm a  system   and   'enable   them   to   cell  line every morning with their din- ;th&ir   gQQd   chfeaLper_   . -  ne-r pail,- and return each evening       Abbotsford   is   built   for  an' in-  af cer   their^ day's ^ work},4,.^"^ '__^ duslrLal-- town. \ Land is .cheap .and  '    Not .'only 'are the citizens of'the jt has the finest of freighting fae-  town and immediate vicinity in the Cities  (hare 'being already   ' three  -mocored   out   with  Senator  Riley  habit   of   getting   American, labor railways running 'through-and fw..._ and  made; a   thorough, inspection  for  carpenter 'and painting      jobs others   in' course  of  con^ru-tVn.,'ol''th<* whole farm^fhe-result - . of  111    particular," Ibut ,it  is   reported-  The   town' -has   <a   foeauitiful   srr-    which, was that He approvedof the  that' thy lumber company at Clay- rounding   country  land  a   splend;   choic^-with as much.enthusiasm- &  Iburn   now employs-in the  .woods id climate.   It is one of the     'bus-    a. man'of his well-knowncaution-  men who live and make their home iesD spots in the. south Fraser,. Val-" ^d experienced JufemjeiU:"   could:  in  the United States, working     in ley at the present time.   The fact   bo expected to/ahow.   The. op-'ion  the dav time Ln Canada. that   Messrs   Norton-Griffifths   Co    was closed and the Dominion go/-  It is "a   very serious offence    a-' have interested themselves in Ab-   ������������meni.  is  ndw the      .possessor,  gainst the laws of the country to 'boferord   is   a   positive -celrtam^  .employ   alien   tabor,   always   pro- ������r   iLs   ^ommg  ^   place   of   un-  vided that .skilled labor for   ,that l)U1,1;anct>-      "���������  C. A. S.  22c  New   Westminster,  July 21���������The- .Beef, loin    market   was   rather dull, the   0f- 'Beef, round steak  , ,       , Boiling" Beef      fer:ngs  being about Jas usual, and v^al  : 17 to 20  the changes in prices,very small pork " 18c  to   20c  The   feature   of  the market   was Mutton-  1   18 to 20c  the} absence of old-potatoes, these porfc     10   1-2   to   11-    l-2c  ^gp   those not .residents of Canada for  iOct 0 H, a.ny knJ of woik,   The penalty for  MATSQUI    NEWS ITEMS  With   tho   disappearance .of  the  short of legal formalities, "of one  of the finest pieces of farming'Und  on Vancouver island.  The .Veitch farm contains 12!  acres, adjoins handover's . farm  and is not only an ideal spot for  experimental purposes eo far ai  soil  and  genaral. agricultural aiid  violations  of  this kind is a ,heavy   mosquitoes   and   the  wet  weather   horticultural  capabilites  go, but is  being off the market entirely.  Meat at wholesale showed on'y  onei change, land 'that was . in  large and omall veal.  There- was a dearth of strawberries at wholesale and these  delicious fruits sold at two iboxes  for 25 cents. The assortment of  "flowers was poor and though the  cut flowers were numerous v.the  potted   plants'  were   scarce.  lioney in combs .made its first  appearance on the market and  sold readily at 25 cents per comb   jjucks  There   wis   a   fresh  ibatch      of   Tj)Uc.kijrio-s  tomatoes on the market and they  sold   fast. .      ���������*���������     '.  The  poultry  section iwas somewhat   slimly   -filled.   The  i&mallest   '  There'.s a.   man in the world who  offering   for  many  weeks has  to   is   never  turned   down,  wherever  be   recorded. ..The   quality  of the   be  chances  to stray; he  gets the  offering   was   about up   to      the   glad liana  in the  populous  town  usual  standard  an the prices  re  mained unchanged .from last week   hay;   he's   greeted   with   pleasure  A  couplo of pens of  fine look-   on deserts of sand, and deep     in  ing I'lik n dacks were offered and   the aisles of the woods; wherever  Spring Lamb, each.- $6.00 to $7.00  VETETEBLES���������Wholesale-  New Potatoes   -----  3 lbs   25o  Potatoes,  new,  per pack ----- -'$3.50 ,,-,.,       Tt ,.,-,.  Onions  5 lbs for 25c   oemS looked into-   Ifc ma,y.be >hat  uncS   the  fine being anywhere  be-   farmers  are flbusy haying and  fin  tween, $50 and $1000, the employer   ishing  their 'barns of which  about  and   employee   (both  being  liable  Ihe, immigration agent at Huntingdon wa's communicated with a  f'.;vv   days   ago   and  the  matter *is  one dozen have ibeen built  in the  vicinity   of Matsqui village.  Our   genial  butcher got married  eminently suited by -.reason uf its  accessibility. A prime .mportan c  for such a farm' is that it can hv  reached without . trouble by farmers,   stoek-hjreeders- add      fruit  some  startling  results will follow  tho investigation that is sure  ' to  Cabbage,   lb.       Oc  Eggs, wholesale   30c to 32c  Eggs,   retail   ---    37   l-2c   '0)1������w-  Butter, ' retail   ���������   35c   to   37 '   1-2      -Every   idol far   sent   out   of   the  Hens,   small    -    $6 to $?  country for labor makes, ths coun  J-lons, large  -  $7 to $S..try  that (much poorer.  Broilers  Chickens  $3.50   to   $4     $6 to-    $8    $7.50 to $9.00   -'-'$5 to $7  THE WELCOME MAN  POLICE   COURT   N3WS  The case in the police court on  Mondiy last whereby Mr. Murphy  of the Home Restaurant was cftarg  f,' ', for selling Liquor without a  licence, was dismissed.  After  a.'l  the 'evidence was      in  or   out   where   the   farmers  "make   a������d   th* magistrate  was suninrng  up tho evidence he stated l[ha-.  he was "much shocked at the fact  that l-.-y be'ieved that some one had  to all appearances perjured himself or herself." He was unable  tc state who it was, but evidently  someone;' was guilty.   He dwelt on  recently  and  is  now enjoy.ng  the   gr0Wers  who desire to visit it and  congratulations   of /his friends. ^ whai i3 being done#  Mr. Hayton has sold several ten      In this the Vancouver       Island  acre .blocks   of  land since  he  put   farm   will   have'facilities for    ac-  cebs - greater than any other     in  the  Dorhin'on.   Situated Within  a few miles oftha capital of th^  piovince, it is on'th2 main Saani;:h  road, as mentioned, the V. & S. Ry  The mosquitoes were rather hard runs close byv and the Saanich ex-  on the miners who had been work- tension of the. B. C*. Electric Ry,  ing on farm.3 during tho- day an:I av'UI' run- through it. The farm  watching their minss a*c night. Of runs down to the shore &n,d,ha9 a-  cocrse the mines might have run a- bundance of spring water on it.  way. ' Mr.  Gri&dale, bsfore leaving for  Mr.  Jacobson   is all smn'ea  over   the  east last 'night stated, (to     a  hiH   subdivision   on the market.  The: Western Canada Power com  pany is tmak ng arrangments to  erecti poles, towers, etc. across ths  prairie  the   arrival   of   a   little   girl.  A fine new store is being bu'lt  at- Clayburn. This will make two  stores  for the little town  ICayburn Works is now run by  electricity. The poles (belong to  the Canada Power Company and  the power to the B. C.  'Miss Edith Catherwood of Mission   City   has  been  engaged      to  were   sold 'before the  crates   had he   goes   there's   the      welcoming  touched   the imarket floor.     * hand-he's The Man Who Delivers  A   few  heavy 'Plymouth      Rock the  Goods,  birds fetched the top price for the The failures of life sit around and  day,  $3  per dozen be.ng  paid. complain      the gods     haven't just the importance ot'when under oath  Ihe  following  were the  quotat- treated   them   white;   they've   lost or giving th? wlule truth and nn-  ions;                                                      # their   umbrellas   whenever  there's th'ng but ths truth.   As it was he   teach . in   thb  Abbotsford  WHOLESALE MEAT-    ���������. there's rain, and they haven't their was   unable   to  lay the  charge a-   next  term..   ���������:.    '   '"  ............:..... Xic lanterns at night; men tire of the gainst, any one'but some, one (.was  ���������  12c tc   lie failures   who   fill. with their  sighs guilty.                                     v  ���������������������������- 9c to lie the air of their own neighborhoods- Mr. J, E. Bird of Vancouver act-  121-4   to   13c there's a   man who is greeted with ed forth? defence; while ths pro-  ----- 10c to 13c l,ove-?|\gh,ted   eye;s���������he's. 'tl^e   Man vincial police  officer from     New  Times representative that a -better bite for experimental farm purposes could not have been chosen  He looks for far reaching advantages to the 'agriculturists of  Vancouver Island, from the establishment of the farm here.  Beef, carcass ������������������-i������  Beef,  hindquarters  Beef, forequarters  Mutton   -"������������������������������������  Veai per lb    Lamb  "���������  14 to 15   Who  Delivers  the Goods.  Thistles should be cut. Those  holding property are evidently responsible, not only for the thistles  on their property, but also for one  chool   ha,li< of the Public highway opposite their property.   If not cut with  in  a   reasonable  time; with        or  without notice, ^thosejn authority  have the right by law to ������end some  err/ to cut them and have the ex-  Mrs. Coogan and ifamity .ffieflurn. ������������������ peni.es   of  same   charged   against  \W:t|3tminster . pfosecute'd'  for .'the   ed this week from spending a   few    thtv property,  crown. .. -days at Bowen Island. ,  . .  ' Miss Edna. Broe will teach .at ths  Grifib'n school-next'term. -  lit  ������������P TWO  THE ABBOTSFORB POST  tIb ABBOTSFORD POST,   ABBOTSFORI). b. 6.  .Published    every   Friday   by^the ,$2>st  VubUHWng- Company.       ,$j|  e>t������s of���������vtb>o,t������l'<iii<Jl.aii41(3uivr|:rf������ai������is'iils-  trJct. T*?.'*.  /,    Afi,y0r|i������intf-Hfttefl made kp,n������.    -&JW  f'p,llcatJoiv ' '        k'sj������  J   -LEGAL ADVEJRJTiajNO-^SicentB&or'  .-.lino fpv.flpsjjX^natjBtion^nod to u������iue 3'ffin%  for ail aupsoti|ioot.������ODHe������'utiv'e'1nM0rt(S%at ���������  Onr Shibboleth���������Neither for nor 'Mfca'  "'  .  tho   Government. ... - -       jTjfi   ,_       '<a  . JfQESEj SHOEING  I>afine,'art,'fenowu*best,-,to those who understand fthe ahatoinyl of a  horse', foot,;, I have,secure,d the .services of :.Mn John Bonner, of''Vancouver, late\of Newdiitlerun-Tyiie, England.who holds.'cnly medal ever  awarded for.,B. C.,by examination.:. Bring .your-jlame horses^your  cnppi������d howcs and fancy drivers.    I guarantee satisfaction. **"'  B.^GERNAFY  Tffarness        Saddlery Hardware  ^'^Tninkg.-tfiid-V'al'ises".  P.O.Box 45 ...    ;    Abbotsford, B. C.  FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1911  ^Sftr  Tr^fny^  or-  1mm Nursery Stock to Sell this Fall  CV/ ONE AND TWO YEAR  OLD  .APPLESr-Gravenstein,..King of .Tompkins,   Wealthy  d ;:. Northern Spy,   Grimes Golden,  Jonathan, al  ���������;-:-grafted on whole French- Grab Apple stofck.  -���������dWMlAEPIJEfr-Hyslop, late. ��������� *    ������������������>  f   -    j i ��������� t *^'  * &cv Save.alsa^.chpice lot of Clark's1 Seedling' &   ���������  ���������* "M&M&goon. Strawberries^jsale.4 $500 ^  '*^^Mhp.usarid/^Rab8d;onffl8wbeds.        ^ ���������   -.  ipe. 2.year old 25c. each  ^A,:l-year old,20c. each  ���������&:  .  Lc&s-J-  Jgfaiitf  D-M:MELSON, prop.  ���������> C:l i'  *-* Abbotsford; 'B.C.  :Ph.om, Connection  w. R.'CROSBY-  -^-if.   v-  '-  -   The- people  ot -Victoria  wili  nc.  doubt  bo pleased to'have an* ex  'porimcntaI...farmjt;oca^d   at*?  ne-ar, to its. yery..daors, c}o^tpJh���������  capital   of'.the'proy.nee^.itjf to  brv.bopQd ,thatai:i.8: not.. to^the  - .^li:y   l&m 1-0cated^o.n.^.nCpuver  ...  Island. ,. Tlie, .clfo^ic-.qohditlaM 618*  - . ajiother,8hbula^,be; establish^ at  ���������   tho northern part of the' Mlafe.  In   establishing experimental  farm^in Br^i^cojumhia it i, our-  impression- .th^a ^ha^. dozen rf o?  ��������� -'"^.w.ouiqV not huriri.;JSTithVFthe  varied, cl-mate, .with.its local con-,  ^.dit.ons, -'th9 -mm -who- devptea his'  ��������� time   to ' any   agricultural .purauft  ���������'  ^h)c!}.������f.::P������?e)y.;loca.Ljo hia dis-  - -Jr'aiil,and,ith^exper^ents. ins' one  ��������� '.part;.. of,.,-the.j province are different from thd.se to ba carried on in  ". 0ther ?������?>��������� "������* A?;p;roVnce, that  3S   ^���������--b-.r>t!^rou^^b3nefjciaJ  to  ..the .farmer. '"'  - - -Jt/mfgrht-bs mentioned that it hag  ���������tykt'l^^dpminion;gQ.v;.?rnment   ,  ���������   ^Ml^-^decide:,where .they  ������������������  ���������uJ4, locate ^...experimental  , /arm... It-ia navvr, considerably over  four years since the late Dr Saun J;1^'  ������������������-������-������__^__  ders visited all parts,ofthe-i8-and.    ������   . ��������� , -������������������|-���������-. ,��������� , Ja?am  ,'^,.%  Purpose pf :atudyiff"-the^     - f^03^'3'^1^ that: a ^i^-ts>that,,ils; insistent song  ^ch^ron*.,locations:^nd.-Low^^^     ^ Sh������Uld haVe to di^iss'Wui-Se-  out hope-s of^a   farm.-Po^'b'v'th! ^r*' CaS'1l'WlBh the idsa>foremost be-' ������������������-^^"oderii.ooIence.haa'madeMt  .���������matter, would not have been 5    l��������� ^^  that'^eo'ne   f^a ^at������the.-.mosquito- is -more  "ed even now war^I      !5   '' '"  h-��������� ^er^Fed himself. '     ^/^ nuiaanee-oor. -theme     lor  ' the   eve   Qf  I lol    ��������� "*?" tKe       llhC' trUCh '3ho^d ������b3 spoken     .:   Secialf' ' " T^0* * ****������  CVP. ^f'i^/tomimpA,eleotion   *11 times   ,ln^nR       , "   eSpecial1^^.malaria and fevers it is  ^t .running-for   V"etoP^   "   t^'^             P^nai.offe^e. --     -^ to piipilo health,, and..a   g���������"  might hWbeen well for rnM "  '     ' ""T- *   ' "?.   pd-MSoroua,,-warfare ;   . ;a-  edfrom'  working in  ���������..,   ._ -p-rtmanl:   0f--   -Agricuture        ^."  .   .  _��������� ...    . emedies. atfd ��������� prevent'a-  to so tav as.possible. support Jiome   ^'^' g3'"st LmosVMo~es.  .msrtauUons. asBr������r as possible,   It- sta^rjT"00* breed onl* "V  Our pa,nter, our Wacksmit ment  of the-wato With^'".-  .adiier,, ���������ur at���������res, etc. aU. conW-   ^*?n;.hi?W?-^Mctwe;   .wtorewr'  email  eca'.e  ev  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr    '  W. Lyle, lam prepared,to give the  test of satisfaction as-to prices and  comfortable rigs. .   Stebles open day    ���������  ���������   night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.. '  h. & d. Mckenzie, props.  Ivertise in  vC.A;SUMNER&CO.I  P. 0. Box 68'- Phone Centra] 1  m i _, -rnone i  I.elegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C.  lied with  . i     ^t'' '  Painters and; Decorators  :<JT... SUMMERS  J    JL"vi      r'l  Mission City  IS  - At.in,haa.:t.he hor,our,able. gent^.   whT- *    *��������� ^ ^  ���������*k   "-.pastfew  ���������man .been.chosen to run afrain ���������       1       ?;^ne, Americans were stopp   has been issu  -that" dislr.V '  '    " '^   * edfromLworking, in  avnd   arouna"Pdrtme������t   of-  =-     "     '. -���������   :--t-h?^3Vu.������h������uld.bea--lessontoai;';g'ar(|ine'rem'  ~T~������  to so far a&-nn������������,-Kio. .,'___. , tivesa- gainst  success  C. A. Sumner & Co. beg to thank  then; numerous clients on this auspicious  occasion  for thsir patronage  and assistance in building up  the  town and country round     a-  bout Abbotsford.   Our remarkable  perspicacity   has   Enabled  us      to  place   scores   of settlers  on  suitable   ranches   where   they     havo  teen J v^  Urowned with Success  .Our straignx iorwara'   mecfio.is'  comoinea   With .strict attention'to  business  enables  us to.' guarantee   '  every sale  we make, hence     our  large,   satisfied  -clientele,   consist-'  mg  of Speculators, Investors and'  Settlers.  ^  On   the.,eve #. a ^omimoti. or  .��������� hl'any,, inducements- to* vote, for the  government  party,      The  peopit:  ot V^toria,ar0 to got.the expe-I-  mental farm if fhey yote for**  Minister ,of, .M.nss; -th?,Liberah of  -.Mi*s>n���������Gity. will wink .on9 eye an(J 1  tell you.in.a: gQOseVwhisp3r'ihat^  - it would, b* well to" vote for   '^  ^ik^al. candidate for,,that ], flure  to 'bring���������tW ��������� Apng .d38ired  p���������b|!c  building, which tie-Board of Trade  ho.ve   been-'agitating, for  for"a  .long time/but which.,wa3 /not forth  ^S^m^fi^hfcK^m.jxot forth  ...com,ngf,becaiise;..thv3.^i3trict     was  i-epreWntcd,, by-  *.. Liberal      can-  dWato.at.Otcava.    Nowlh-s que>  butu more or less to the .status of   pi'^Sed;   ������"    .   _,.  ev.  the, town -and are each and all of   !f? /amil*caMo.sitaUar work^on^  tbem   doing .thier Bhare.to make   yXVaTnT"^ CeUaM' back'  Abbotsford .a   bettor    i     \make   I*1*3'  ,dram6' gutters. siSeds and  _ .    ia.*   better place to live   ���������������������  there are dozens of neghTct  ������J   ^e.m.y not always agree wUh   e^' -oeptacles where the presence  ���������what,our- neighbor eays a*d does   ������f SUadil^ Wate^ * hot weather  'but  ,f  t,_   , any ^^      u   ������2T  ������**������!������. mosquitoes   to  can   throw in  his  way  ic   ahvavs      r  Pays tp do it. A dollar srw * fftr PI]eVent the. ^noying and. of  borne, is always snrll      ? POieonoua   bites .the  govern-  ������rh������? ��������� . , 3su^to return-but ment.mosquito fighters-urge care  *IW*-eitttaJ,|^m the t0Wfl wm ful screening of doors and.w^dows  budd;i up  Bame othejl.  d.str.ct the use 0f bed netting, in bad dis  tricts,, the use.fumigants in.houses  and of smudges.byrenjaTjrirs. Oil  ol .citronella on.,the. person or the  ^M-haB no -taenio*    r      '  '"     f '?'  WUI   keep-rth"e.^p.ests  away  ben the i^^Z ������n' V"'^  IT n      "' "^ Camph������r' ^^  ������Avaqmco Was-not ahnrr-    ai,. pennermint-   1^,^^��������� .. j   . J  ���������.���������������������������^^^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^  AAAAA  'INSURANCE LOANS  ��������� ;.��������� Abbotsford Homesites  THE   MOSQUITO  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acreage or farm  property  ".  see  ; ��������� The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  i*   i ' i    ' ' i 'in I
m -
���' EtJS&f
b-^5?�� -.'S'ai-'gl'f-'g'TK'
��� 1L U.' ~
Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England
Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.
British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.
For your Insurance.   .:'.'. Fire time is coming along.
. ���'y^sapgawaggasrogs
M, k'.,ji.iiJli.^��--MMy-*"'-JtJ��^-i.-i|.i.i.,.i.t.j-'.M|..i.i'��->^-'>j=i3g!
j .Mcelroy a co.
C��r>-lsse^��ae Ave/ and Osear St.,
������"i��* -"��� -���  ~
Presbyterian     Church��� Rev    j; L.
Campbell, B. A,, B.'D. pastor.
Afrbolsfurd, lLa.m. ana 7:36 p.m.
At Musselwaite ,School 'House-
Service'  every alternate Sunday
at   3 .p.m.
Sunday  school 'every Sunday, at
2 p.m.
At "Huntingdon School House���
Service  at every alternate Sunday.
at 3 p.m'.
S.  S. every Sundayat 2 ;30 p.m.
Upper Sujuas, $ay ?9, a��d ev,ec.y
srlternate Sun.day' at 3 p.m,
C. E., WedflesAay a* 8 p.m.
Sunday CciiodI at 3 p. m.
.Sunday  School every Sunday at
- Presbyterian    Church���Rev.   j,   Q,
Gienmore, 11' a.m.
- Mt.   L ohm an, 2;30 p.m,
��� P,ine Grove, 8 p.m.
ST.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)/ .
Rev. A.'E..Bruce, Vicar.
Services 11:00 a.m. and 7.:30 p.m.
���   Holy   Communion,   1st   and'3rd
Sundays each month.
Catechising..and S./S. at 2:30p.m
1 'Choir practice, Wednesday at 8-
I beg to intimate to my^numerous  Patrons and
Friends that I have taken into partnership Mr. J.
I Clark late.of.the Abbotsford-Lumber Co.- and  th��
business will now be carried on,as
, ���   ���    ��� IT'     '
strict altention to business to obtain a:$hare...of.your patronage
Office'hours freip 8a. ra. to. 7 p.rra
Mail-for.J?eai'd(Wivilie.e.v.ery.,TiieBday  years
uninitiated that they are actuated
solely   by   philanthropic1 motives.
The  following  article,     written.<.Andi to their credit be it said that'
by   John   T.  Hall, publicly   com-   they  often .dSpart with a   big.fat
missioner   of   LetWb'rfdge, and   contract   tucked   away   in     their
published . in   the  Lethbridge.Her- ��� breast pocket, andy ou learn when
aid .and interesting to many, parts "fis- too' late that you have been
of the province of British-Columbia   gold   bricked '^**J**-'lm*
. ,j v    +u *���   And in passing,.,it.,is,-Worthj      or
There  is  an old proverb     that   ^  ^P  ^reputable, maga-
imitation  is  the sincerest form  of   zin& .Wrtters of note, are   .   not a-
fiattery and there are always in the . bbve lending their .names to  this
wake of-successful and legitimate nUterary-cconfidence game;
publicity ��� and genuine advertising      There, are' several tittes4n west-
a   horde  of  counterfeits,      whose   em  Canada^that  we coudnam
stock  in trade-cohsists of monu-'^hat-ha-ve Mbeen  easy marks   for.
mental   gall   and -nerve   and   the *h*-wily   and   astute^ advertising
.goTds that  they- deliver are only: .fakir and-they ^e;beenrehev d
^reflection   or  shadow  of   -the   of  thousands -ofdollars and   the.
a   reiusciiuu results  derived from,,this counter
genuine  article. .-,f6it: publicity ^'would ,be-w a par
.During'the  last  -     twenty-five   vvjtn .what; a-,  pork packing esiao-
the' advertising   of     large   u&lunent   Would  (get  from adver-
and Saturday, 1 p. nv.
.r merchantile   and. ; manufacturing,. tisixtg'Xm a': Jewish Journal;    or of
janstitutioiis-including:the modem  "buns in a  hardware Review.    ��� "
department-store-has been under      WcJ have no desire to under-es-"
.go���e a   p-cces.  ?��on .��d: .��.^�� ^0��^Z ���
ium  on earth to make  the wan.a
%:Abb6tsford, b. c \
tot-class ia ��ysry rfispeet: The bar is
��l,Tol��a.OG PER  DAY
Pork Mutton, Heet,;. Veft P��rk Samsages,  Weinies
and Balof na always on harf    . Fish every Thursday
& I Grain S
J. J. SPARROW, prop,
Cuhpiidbr E��i and Poultry
Our., prices .are hard to
beat, eall and inspect stoek
, Forty acres improved farm in
th* Pr����er Valley, with or without
houa*. and. buildings, convenient to
atation or landing. Apply to J.
H. Smith, Straiton, B. C. for
full   particulars,   first   letter.
EyeSight Sps&afist
Does the Finest  Optical  Work.
M.edieal men-and others pay tribute to bis skill.
793 GranVilH St.       -    .yaneou.-d-
Em&aijners and Funeral Directors
Vancouver,.Office and..chapel--
103:4 Granville St.>    Phone 3486
worth Vancouver, " Oince and
cSapel--U6 2nd st. Phone 134
Greatest Nurseries
Want   a   ttpresenltative      for
and surrounding district
The reliability, healthy condition
of .our. stock as well as trueness to
name must be appreciated-by the
Public or  they would not     have
helped ua to increase our business
year]y since 1837, the date of    our
establishment. ' J
0ur firm's  name lends prestige
to our representatives.
Complete line of Nursery SStock
lor SSprlug 1911.
Write  for   full particulars.
, The Fontfiill Nurseries.
f ,,   | ,"���,  , Ontario
'General Stores ���
Autfcier Brtfo.
S. Brooke.       '  I      '* "   \"'R:
' ^Abbotsford Ilotai;-B.'.FreaiBan, Pr��p.-
' Commercial,'McElroy & Co.
Re��l   Hatttte���
,.    J. W. M-cCaUum.   . _'_
-"C. A. Sumner & Co.
Bernau   ^ Husband, ^  ,��� '-       a
���J.   J. . McPhee,
��� Auctieneersr-
J.  W. MoCaHum
��� FEEiD STORE���"V :    - "'
J.   J.   Sparrow.
Creamsry��� ���
S.   J..Bates, Proprietor.
Hardware and Fwrnfture���
. H.  Alanson. :
Butch ore���-
A. M. King.
Livery Stable'���
J... E. .Geary, Proprietor.
Baker. aiwJ jGonfaatlaner���
..���I(. Legaee.
.a Cofivi'ad.- Attd\6raen.
. .M. Bauser.
Board of Trade���
J...W. MeGallum,-Secretary.
:   J.  McMenemy.
Barber and Pool Room-
Jos. -Sanderson.
'Tobacco and Neveltles���
J. V. Means.
T>. A. Swift.
SAI>Bfc31SY  and iVAR-BWARE���
B. J. &ernaesy. l
T. C. Oooffan. ��
Henderson- and  Taylor.
Miss Alice Steed.
A.  Everett.'
Hammond' ~& -Son.
Geo. 'Zeigler.
stages,   from'' chaotic  intermittent
and abortive methods,.untilit'has
reached: a . point of perfection, aud
...is/ placed) upon^a: aciehtific basis
������; thoroughlyvi systematized. -.     :The
- ���;advertising   and ..publicity . depart
.of aman or community known,
. . It-is the fakir���the-parasite���who
makes -his1 living  by'sacking the,
life blood out of a ,legitimate busi
menV. of  large  merchantile '   ,   or   ness,;,and giving nothing substan-
jna.injfac��uring   estajbl'iahments V9   tial in return, that Ve are after
., become,; in; this.^processj ol.evolu-
tioni the most important ,branch
.of   their.'i institutions. \Large  ^sal-
' ariesv are ,-paid;,to experienced men
who'have the,training and the ex-
periencet,vto���.enable ^thenn.td select .such ^ledinmsjand,channels, of.
���.Western .Canada^,seems- to offer
ah excellent field.��ot the;man with
the publicity.-"gold brick-'t-,It ia
the new \ country of magnificent
distances and immense; possibilities.   Its  people, "aire anxious and
ms,ancl channels p: . -.^      - -h       king
advertising, as, ,wiU ' give the best, wiunff        ^eaource-a . wd  future'
possible.results, for.:the,leaat.ex-   ^ ,-enthusiasm      regarding
,i,Lure.-and   m   K)rder,,to-^t    ��^d    ^ t - of ���'- tte entire
the,  erybody; pull together for western
Canada ".   On .account of this en-
a^   fail   dollars, worth   for 'every. -"    ^j^.. BlogBsn heitig, ��E v-
duiiar..expended   they must  have counuy.
' the  faculty   of separating
chart from the wheat-the counter ~-~ - "p^t   they -are ali  the
feils from the genuine and fully re; ^"^-tTrk 1 Wo the trap'.et
cognizai-the fact that m no .branch mor^ apt t
of their business can more money b^ ^ ^ oril  : oh��t and aim
h> frittered away needlessly;than i*Mr> wnoaw u   ,       j
t>3    nuereu *"/    J r71 ., iB   to   eepa^nate  you   from    y.our
in   ignorance   or  inability-to   de by BOme- plausible scheme
tec,  and separate the counterfeit ����� n^ caseLut^o^en, will
from, the genuine art.cle ,n advei ��   ^^ of,reBult8..
li,nguSHSS�� western Canada".   This ,u vwhere  r,;exparien,ed
as every wLre alse where there .is .man, can,*ave a. city thou.and>of
f Son the-part of the pubUc   dollara. annually.   He has-.lhe ad-
To   mX Zl  generally -known   vertising. fakir haarked and.wastes
L^aTuraf resources and advan-   neither, time nor fcnoney upon htm
ly oti  ci?yv- or .. communvty,   He is the -green goods" man .o
tnev  must-be-on the. lookout lor   ffi0dern. publicity   (and  should  be
tie publicity .ehark .and the-pro-   stamped   "counterfeit"  or  placed
f^bional   fakirs   Who.' are       over   bt?hind the bars for receiving mon-
ou     the   .alert,   with    -   epme   ey under false pretenses,
elaborate . and- plausible      schem*       lhe   principles   involved  in  the
that  may ..appeal very. - strongly   foregoing  apply  with equal force
to  ilios�� noc fullyconvensajilv.with   t0   lhe advertising  of the    local
th-   w,��y.and'sinister methods of   merchant, and he should exercise
the  publicity igneen-goods i.  man, - gre>at Care and judgment if he ,de-
and presented.by them in the most   sireg to get best results;
tactful   and.- alluring   form.  Elim-      Qno ,iilustration   will, be   auffic-
ating  and. blotting  out the  fakir   .^nt  tQ ^ake^our point.. clear-a
in civic ���advertising, can only     ibe   bundreti  couid be given..,     Last
accomplished by excercislng horso   woek in on��� of our.print shops.we
.   sense  and  applying coldblooded   plcked up a   letter head that was
business ��� principals. ���.   .                      being  gotten (up  for  one  of 'he
Thev are generally ihale fellows   hotels. ,lt was on cheap paper and
n Lt  tlib of tongue and.vivid   on the back contained the business
7ta��u^ito Wow into your   cards   of   about  12  of   our  retail
of imagination wno hi              j         merchants   whose  lousiness  is en-
town with a scheme to pa.nt the   merch ^   ^  ^^  ^
advantages of your city     on tne          j                         gg cent of
"Sun by day'�� and the "'moon by   not conBiue  ^  AiL.tnn,
^UM  -j   ���. j   tel   stationery  igoes   to ^distant
mlght�� and with one �����**��*l ZtBlAe points that are not  buy-
as keep before the thpbrfd       eocenes, or dry
entire; universe, the name of Leth ^^
 = -jof brilliant genius keep
Karai^RE^k   \itti\M   Q     ff*~     entire; universe, the naiivo ^. *.���- ,
WONG   YICK   |     CO.   ������. ^^JSZ^^  "��* the hote! pent o, V.ew it
We. do not know who was re-
sponbible for the scheme, but���
it has all the ear marks of the
fakir. .
Home Ave.    -   Mission City.
ity,  they paint in glowing  colors
EMPLOYMENT      OFFICE.' rthe, material benefits that will ac-
.  cur  to-yourcity if you will only
We buy EggS,   Chickens and accept-their proposition and they
iv c uu.j     55 y ^often   succeed   in (convincing  the
Pigs. fOtJR  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  BIRTH-On   Thursday, July  27th,  to Mr. and Mrs. M. L. McPhee, a son.  BIRTH-To Mr.  and   MrJ.  Charlie  Bel!, on July 25 th, a daughter.  -.������������������������������������ f���������K,n-if..v.. twaaa.-.  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL   n   VUUNLi WIDOW���������without en-  (/-(iimib ranee- Ireuqires position , 'as  llo&elcccper Children not objected Lo. Apply E. F. F��������� Abbots-  furd,' B. C.  Mr. L. J. Chapman is happy^now  (he mosquitoes are 'becom ng less  'Mr. James Gamble has left for  for a, three mon In' trip to the old  country.  FtO,UND~One Steer,' both ears  cut. " .Can be had for expenses  All Black.     Apply to Chief Ne\d..  Mr.. C. E. McKeen of Vancouver  was in  town on Thursday.  Mr. aaid Mrs. H. Alanson sp?n������  Sunday at White Rock.  Mr. II. Alaaison's auction sale Last-  Saturday turned out .'satisfactory  .aid  he disposed ol aBb'ufc fialf of  \u->  bu^gi-js.   if;   These we keep, in stock of /first-class quality and at  prices that will pay you to deal at the Home Store.  Let us figure on your order.  per   'crate.   'The ��������� ���������wholesaler      re-  cer.es $.'0'j per crale,, out of which  ���������JS  cents express.and 26 ccn'-'s sell  Mr. James Elliot reports bavin*5,   !'nS" commisf ion nur t bo taken. The  enjoytd   the   Seattle PoHatch  Mrs.   A.   M. .King-hai'3   returned  -homo after /spending a    few days  at the coast.   0   -   Mrs, J   J. -Sparrow is hpms.after  M3i,tmg in Vancouver.  Mr. U. A. _Howe a.nd Mr. Jack  Anderson spent (Saturday in Mission  C !j   and Vancouver.   -  Mr. J. W. McCallum- spent a few  days  at the coast this week.  Mr. Prank McCallum returned to  ���������H^p.e Wednesday evening a ���������-.-  ���������spending a fe(w days with his parents here.  ��������� 0   Mr.   George   H.   Kerr   oi  Hope  -   spent Sunday in Abbotsford.  _:���������o���������.���������  Mr. Harry Johnston sprn.t ami-  daj renewing old acquaintances  in town.  FOR SALE, CHEAP-One heavy  Farm Wagon"; One Cleveland Sewing  machine, new. Enquire  at the  ��������� Abbotsford Hotel.  PACKED   TO   DECEIVE  .BUYER  .   (From Fraser Valley Record;  Ail American  fruit boxes exhibited for sale in Calgary must b3 in '  ��������� the-   future  -stamped  "Short:'    ' M.  IJ.  McNeil,  the dominion fruit  in- '  spec lor wired Ottawa and re?eived  th1    ."bviv?   instructions.  Inlh.3 paist the Britiph Co'um-  h;n fruit growers have had no-,  protection from' American competition. According (o ih'* dr-  m:n:on act, all Canadian a'nwo^'-  rr bnvs 'ni'i-t h.-ivc n capacity of.  four-f'fths of !an imperial qu"rt  rnd raspberry boxes must hold  two-fi/lhs of an imperial quar^.  Tli?1 inip'>rt?d 4.rneric.iin ibi\c3 a'-  tho'nrrh to Ml appearances <" of  standard size, until placed a'nn''-  sid<������ ''"ng British Columbia product  have- false bottoms, are in reality  appreciably smaller in every dimension and the consumer really  receives lens for his money (ban  with; th? Canadian product.  Pedlars   and   dealers      handing  American fruit make no distinction  ''betwe..'n   the   .two   product     but   .  call   tht>  American  "fllKbrt" boxes  ��������� "tuairtu"'   as   well   ai   th? ' full-siz-i ���������  Canadian goods.  '���������There is -no doubt that the Canadian fruit grower will suffer  should rec'procit'y igo . <iro:.;:*l\.  The American fruit is grown, picked a.nd packed largely by Japanese J.'.'.bbr, and therefore can b'a  produced cheaply,'������ said a local  ���������jobber.  .'This* season in British Columbia  bjriypickers. are very scarce, and  it coats to cultivate, pi k andjpack  tiK"  Bri.i h   Co'u nbi.i b.Tries'$1.30  WHY  KILL YOUR  WIFE  In the kitchen when you can gel fresh bread, pies and calces at the  ABBOTSFORD  BAKERY  ALBERT LEE, frop. Abbotsford, B. C.  mMaaBSBESBmSBEBBBSeSBSBSSS  balau^e of $U56 H what \hi grov c:  receives, leaving' liim after deduct  ing $1.' 0 for the cost of la.bo:1, on'y  56 cents' for his crate of berries  -and as interest on his investment."  Ed.���������The above was handed us  for   publication   .o   Professor R.' W. Thatcher, the  rii -l ngui he-d; specialist in soil phys  ics has been retained by the provincial department of agriculture  to give a series of practical lec-  tuiied- under Farmers'-ilnstiiiUives  (auspices, having associated with  him in these meetings as idemon-  istrators and co-lecturers Mr: J.  P. Carpenter, Mr. D. Middle ton and  Mr. J3. Hoy of the horticulturist's'  branch- The dates at present arranged for the series of meetings  in the Fraser Valley are as follows  July St, Alde-rgrove,'afcernoon and  n\eim\g; August 1, Hammond, afternoon.,   ooo  '  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  ii.  Winz< 'Varrow  W.  J.   Sliea.nv:>y, Ci(y.;  R. S. l'ickni:.in, City.  D.i..v d  Jravi , V. n o.ie".  p/W.^h, City:  S.  Nord.'i.ng, ��������� Vancouver.  Ooo. K. S.ii!, Vancouver.  V\'.n,- Aiken, Sain Francisco.  Chas   Spice,   Vancouver.  P.   A'ngJe.'Mid,   Vancouver.  John   K.  Ward, Camp 2.  J. IE.  Vanatta, City.  A. E. Ruppa-rt, Westminster  U.   M.Mdia.n,    Westminster.  stimates given  ABOTSFORD,  6feJ{&������a3������gg3gvS&^lgS^^  Hotel  MISSION .CITY, B.C.  Matsqui  This hotel makes-a specialty of  home-like comforts.for-Commercial.  Tra^ ellers.     Comfortable   sitting-  room and   best  of  hotel   service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $i!5otol2 per day  W. T. LUCAS, Proprietor  HOTEL ARRIVALS  '- Commercial.  Ccn.'l'-n.-j-rc'.a.1/  Chas   Welch",  City  V TC"r-y   Mission  W   M   Onin^.n, Cly  Hugh   McOff'^y,   Ci* v  V F<"i"s (-.���������!'.   VMicouver.  T. J. Carlson, Vancouve". ���������  Wl  G. B'vdsall, Vancouver  '"   i'-. ni������h"no*",,j V.i.riconvcr.  O    Inerson.   Vancouve".  p."P;  Mordr.nT, Van:ouver.  T;. i-Iu'h", Vancouver.   -  I.'  Jo-nes,  Vancouver.  W. K. Armour, Vancouve-.  C.   A.   M.tinTard.  Vancouver  E.   Belles,   Vancouver.    ,  T. Coiem.^in, Sumas.  Da.n   McGillivray,   Portland.  J.  H.  G.iy, 'City.  R. E. Turner, Mission Ci'y.  Thos Campbell. City.  Abbotsford Hotel.  A. H m 'ton, W s'm'n tc/.  F. Monk. M;., frhm.-n.  n    C.  C'r.'.f'::  Vancouver.  W.   C . r p' n ���������'' r    We s ���������'.m i ns' c ���������*.  II.   Johnston.    Wevi'itminstcr.  \V". J. McrC'y, Wo3'min iter  -. McGregor.'.a.nd 'friend, West-  l/n'riaLer, '   .  ���������Morlcy; Fn ry  V .neouve.*.  S. F. CI.'.uk, Vancouver.     -  .1    D-nd.i.'!, Vancouver.  D.   W.   Muir,   Vancouver.  li. F. a.nd I'M1. Ca'33e!m'j.n Vancouver. ;    *" ���������������������������'",  Win.   CI.���������;���������!;-,   Vancouver.  C, E. Mj'Kevn. Vancouver.  0us Lucy, Vancouver.  D. S. 'Morris, Vancouver-.  Vv, T. W nton. Va.ncouver.  R.  W. Bigg.ir, Vancouver.  Chas And-j-riion, Cloverdale  G. E. H/.:yo3, Mission.  ii. E. U. Hayes, Mission.  NOTICE.  LIQUOR   ACT,   1910  (Section   49 )  Notice si hereby given that on  the 5th day of August next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for  the transfer of the licence for the  sale of liquor by retail i.n and upon the premises known as the  Huntingdon" Hotel, situate at Hunt  ingdon. British Columbia, .from  Philip -McDonald to Sam Giles of  New Westminster, British Columbia.  Dated this 5th day of July, 1911.  philip .Mcdonald,  Holder   of Licence.  SAM GILES.  Applicant for Transfer  TENDERS  Tenders will 'be received by the  und.'isigned up to ('and including  Jaiy 31st for the privilege of conducting a restaurant in conn"c':-  ion with the exhibition to hi held  under the -auspices of Matsqui  Agricultural and iforticu tura! Association at the Hygcnic Dairy  Farm, Malsqui Prairie, on Wednesday  September"   20th.  Also for tlrj priv.lv.'ir.i of so'ling  ice cream and 'soft drinks.  The highest., or'any tender not  necessarily  accepted.  JAMBS  GIBSON  .     . \    Secretary,  Mt.  Lehman,   July' 10th, 1911  egjggaSva&raaamEiEk^^  o rruit ^rowers  The factory and plant of the  ootenay Jam L.o.  and ready to receive  All kinds of Fruit  Mission City,' B. C. June 21st, 1911 i  Geo. Zeig-ler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Cal and get prices.  <*iiii\r-' AH work guaranteed  djlOr Abbotsford -       B. C.  (Associate   Members Can.   5oc. C. E.)  Painting, Sign W.ritin  General repair work  J.E. PARTON  Abbotsford      ���������       B. C.  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  ivii riiisfineers  NOTICE  R. A.HENDERSON-:  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  O/fiec, next P. O. P. O. Box I I  DISSOLUTION  OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE.  F. Leroy Getchell and W. S.. N.  Johnston   of   Northbrook  Shingle  T. J. DeLair has been appointe 1  Company, have dissolved partner-  my agent during my absence, en-   *hip.   W.   S.   N. Johnston  under-  L.tiing iiim to collect and pay all    takeS a^ liabilities from  4,pril 24th  bills for me...' W. S. N. JOHNSTON.  W. LYLE.  I  vi  CI  I*  ������  ������


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