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 ll>  VquIII., No. 11.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY,-\J,U;LY 23, 1911    ... ������������������ .',   Li���������   ������������������.-'������������������������  sass  'M   *������������������' "fiiir^niinP'il '''       ' Uy- wished to'-wkten the a-oau, tliey  '      iVl^lSlfui    ^OulSUSl ,iWOuid/haye;'to remove the feur^at  &*'' '     '   .\- tW expense of the-council'an i pay  The- matsqui couucl held    .then   ^  ^^ 1&nd    Mp   Carapbe;   fur  "regular   * monthly *>'urioeting     on-.   ���������     .���������..,,.  :.._..,.i ^.--..^.;v������  8 $1.00 PER YEAR  nil'   J     i ������ ' '  Public Meeting  The; trustees have called a   meet  wi.   v,-~~  .-: ,        ^-     v .       por-the 28th "to ibe "lield in the  regular     monyuy ���������-n"n--������"&.      ��������� ''ther  stated he would r.oc  remo,\e to    .   ,                             ,    ���������  Saturday, Jury BthUn the municipal   it  or  allow any other, person  7o Bc^0^. "'J^' that  ihere  l8   BOme  Ua.II.   AH   members   of   thccouncil   remove, it- <untd-     a   sauaiac .orv ,     ^ ^   in- >egar0 ;.to   the  <���������   P������������* :-'���������������������������.       ' "   S^^u^d1^     -,en^ -lar, voL  the principal of the  /'Minutes of the previous meeting  ^.^  Camt)bell a8 appiied~to him School ������-the annual meeting.^The  Wore "adopted1-*aai 'se&d,.  PURE   BREAKFAST  COCOA AND  CHOCOLATES  W\  All. flavors.   We have a large assortment and  prices right. >  ANNANIAS ABROAD   0   The modern Annanias has taken  THE MARKET.  New" Westminster,  July 14th-  and" Councillors   Cruick=hank  and   t������ ustets  ac t^r re b  " Thfl following^ >,!communiealionS   Lundeberg-  were ��������� ^pointed a   ^. the principal th   sunof $9  xnq louu      j onnunittee to inspec tthe fence and   per   month;   while  at the- annual  came, before the council and wexe  ^, ^ ^xt-:meeting, ^^   feting,   which  is  where  ;dealt- with; ;.;:, t .inspector   of  dykes.:.slat-   the. salary   is   really  set,  he   was  ' Prom James^fferryfield, at., re- ^ ^^.j^ would "by com-   voted, the Bum of $1000 per ..annum  questing'-the-'council  to open  up      & .ggue ^   tax  aaig   deed  There  are a   number of the rate-  uie- west-end of. the  Harris road lh"   roperty of ^ohn Bengston' payers,  not realizing the^port-  stating   that  he,/intended  fencing      pm PDeputyJ Attorney General   aiicc  of  the  annual meeting,   did   -  .-pj hi" properiy. which* would close any    0rroboratin.g    the    statement   ox   not attb-nd,'and now they hasten  \M running  into   it". 'Coun.     Satchell  ^   :      ector and further adding   to remedy the1 difference in salary  l2j ,ycax   requested :,<tb   report   at   che   ^^   ,h.i-c03������ of the maintenm.-e   at  a /public meeting of the rate-r  |^>^ex\ meeting. ;,^.   , l0f Mr. Bengston-would have to be   payers. _  . . ..--.. -     '���������  '^*     VrQim A. J.'.Hiil and. ih> AT.ai.ce  borne, by -the province   ��������� ' ���������        jn conversation  with several of  Trust and Investment Co., re si'.b ��������� ,������h& reeye reported that an of- the ratepayers this week it was  division plan of west half section 10 ������.cLil adui.nigtrator ,bad been api lc,arned that there is" a strong  and wefat half, n.w. quarter, otcii >u illte(1 t0 i00k'-after the property feeling that thesalary of the pres-  3, !to,wnship 14. ".The company a- -ir0m' Major Poctinger ask ng t,nt principal "should be at least  geed to pay Mr; Hill's account for a   road>   Th&.  clerk iWa3   jn-   $1Q0   per month.     Excellent work  prufile plans and on motion the. ^tructea. to -inform Mr :Polt:nger is b&ing done as shown by the re-  i-eeve and clefk were authorized ^j. fche 6nly feasible route lay 6ult o������ the entrance examination,  to sign the plans on receipt of a- ^ SumaiS taunicipality and that on Good teachers, especially, princi-  pian of diverted road and a   pro- viods OCCasIons the taxes from  pal8   are   diff.cul't   to   obtain   for  '3j perly   signed;';;a/fireement ire     .the..^^      operty had been offered to   Bmall  c0untry  schools,  and  wher.  ^La^vuemeiii;-upon-the said^compa?y   Suma!g  municLpaUty if-they would" orice5;obtained, every effort should  !^>? maiung ;fresh,:arrangements to th.e":underfca,ke! 'the construction of this   h& made tb retain such services.  '���������"I. approval to-LhV present; council.-   r toad   which  they had declined  to ���������   lt   jg   understood, th)at  Ab,bots-  .?���������".��������� FrojnC.   O   Bradshaw enclosing.; doA .   ���������    , ���������    ,     ford has enough pupils who have  < -proposed; plan ,of' sub-division ' oi.,, ������'   . y    ^ c# E^Canad: .-passed   the   high:~h^ *x^n*"  E one half ofS.e.one-quartersec:ian ^thern Pacific Railway ft?: tions to P^eJ^0 ^ke up  t-oii 19 .townsh.p" 16, 'asking if any--^ refund.for hunself-and par- the superior schools to taK p  obiection, would be made.   He fur 01- moneyPa,id as statute la-   first,and "econd ;7e������^h -ch  ther-stated he had 400-acres ���������one    fj     comm^ion,   claiming'.Joey  -work   w " r^n^ *   ^regul-  one-.half   mi^es  toom x^bptsfox.d . Vere   nou   ^sidenW Referred  to   is ^Wied^o.carry <^^^  whTeh   he   proposed   sub-dividmg, ,solictors. . '  ���������  '  '  but if he were required to open      -^ j^  ,Q McGlure stating ,that  and rough grade aU the roads ��������� he ���������   - ^ G1 re bridge were, not  .would allow he would noc care .to ^   forthwith  aie  WOuld close  proceed with.ths sub-dividmg. The   ^^ ��������� liQrtian   of   the  road   which  clerk was instructed to inform Mr.   ^^   thraugh   fois   private   y.';-  ��������� Thej modern Annanias has taken NeW   ������f.?���������^ '    the moriiig   Eradshaw that he would be requir         fc      Couneillo.r   Satchel!   B-.a'ced  a   horrible   dislike  to  Abbotsford fethajg *������^������ *?n���������Z$*  &d to sign the regular agreement  ^J^ WQ^ wa9 noW underlay  '-.nd takes opportunity to dp a lit- ^rd7n.oil it plcked up consider-   lading   roads -^rough      sub-      Fron< Mr. iMaclure on behalf   of  *> ^no!Cki.g _^ry ^ppo,^ ~   ^ wag ^ a   bad          ���������       'aivl^-bat ^J    ^ ,         Maclure^estaU  ar curricu'.um of such schools; and  a good salary is the only means  of  securing a   teacher for such a  &ehool. - -   ���������"  tl is -not ;anti|cipated that there  will-b? any objections /raised at  the meeting on behalf of the ratepayers  to increasing the salary.  3h it picked up consider-   legating   roaas . uruugu      ���������    .   FroiK Mr. jMaclure on oeumi   -  tie .knopKing   evci-jr  {u^-..^-, -   -.     -g ^       bad  da   ' all   divibions but in the plan submit-   the Maclure  estate   clamung   pay  t?sj&ssr^^s "VpLr:, H,yi������g ^t������������-^^-i-r- -- -^-^i^*n  or K������ui.iviu5 ���������������"      ___ ,    ���������    number   (  amount,  $409.50.  he. can,   iiis iat-ep<- ***^������ ������* *���������**������- "*-''   ,, ������������������������������������   ���������nr,c.;Aa.r.aA    "Frnvinp1     kent   teu n. nc "o-^* *-������*'���������. ��������� -~- - _     ment lor oii������s-u������������.* ~- ���������  -    - tu clei'k was instructed to  o? knocl^g the town aaid district  f^^ot^  SSS    aZ   tag  on one ^*^^   land used/forbad purposes along      ^ -       ^-  appeared   in   the  Vancouver  and ^ ^ were nQt flQ num_  cfanStrucied   that   ,hat  would sui     the  Westminster   papers   about  , dea,th   of 'a   baby  caused by. the  biting of "mosquitoes.  '.Upon. inv<:|.ti������8|tion this .paper  positively, denies That any baby  in or near Abbotsford died from  mosquito bites this week, last week  or the week tiefore,. or at i^any  time this summer.,  ", Several citizens have asked this  -paper to.ask the paper3 at Ihe  coast to deny the false statement  about Abbotsford /appearing in  their papers, as it is     considered  erous as usual" The atfEibn ma:ket  Xice- ,  was poorly attended.     ��������� ;      "  From W. &. McElhanney re the  There were quite a. number. of reqUest of a 66 ft road allowance  new'pilaloes offered for'sale and tUrouglx block 4, 5, 6, 7,8. and 3  the price went down fifty cents a o������. a. e one-quarter section 12 t.  sack from last'week. This was.the iL The cierk was instructed to  greatest change (noticed in the itl������01.m him .that the location of the  prices of products' of any kind. r0ad that leaves the section line  Potatoes sold at $3:50 per sack", as ^ runS through the n. e. one  against $4.00 per sack a   week a-  go-  Strawberries stiffened -in price  and sold at 50c per ctfate more  than they brought last week. Two  their papers, aa u io     uuuo.uwv-   than tney orougni moi wee-w. iv.w  that it is an injustice to the town   crates of red currants made their  and   district to  have such  state-    ������  -������/i tu^y an\A nnioiriv-  ment appearing in their papers,  when there is ab3olutely no truth  jn  Hie report.  It is reported that at ithe next  meeting the Board of Trade "will  take the matter up with each of  the papers and ask them to publish  a   denial.   -o   MET HIS DEATH  port of the n. e. one quarter of  section one to the' north of said  road, it is-necessary to provide an.  w  outlet road along the section line;  appearance arid they sold quickly   j,i&n  at  .    . .    ^   to the engineer of the Canadian N.  the B. C.'E. R/-. No action was tak-   p   R   Co   requeBting-tfifct proper  fen by the council - culverts- be  put in the    crossings  From;/G. Purver asking payment   of th& Glen .Valley and     Mathers  Tor   services   as - quarantine  guard   roads;   aiso   to  do-theioUowmg  S ri^burn having been appointed   work m,ade  necessary 'by the  di  by iSfStu^ot Mission ���������it,.The   v,rSion of theiHtl^fJ������>ad >  clerk" was instructed to inform Mr.   the   Fraser   nv^tj  the   river  Purver that Dr, Stuart is not tV.e   wharf   tno  crihbmg  M ill' O. for Matsqui and therefore   bank  from  the lower ^  and runs   through the n.  e. one-                         .  cOU    u cannot     tak,   wharf   ^   \he apP  carter of a. 1,'being in a   ravine            lxaMe  %  hia'.appointment,.    ��������� tame ���������������������������"������ Jhe r.    J *    ^  ann not easily accessible from ih/;       ^      ( J# B   MiUer. on behalf     of   ana  the .pace th ^  . ...i.--p  t-u,. r,   o   nnfi ouarter  of         , :   P^^e.nv .    asking   filled   with  igra-ven.   j."  Hi   Clayburn   Company -asking Hlled ^^ Thi^i, ^  that   ihe  statute  labor  of      that abk    he  log                             ruckg  district   be   pxit   on   the      Wngh the   met  i  a-oad and that the bridge there was -������ ^s b en th                              ^  ates of red currants made their &ullet road along the section J.nes             an(] that the bridge there was aH has   *-en "J               fee laiJ for  .pearance arid they Bold quickly llence the requirement of. a   road!  .       &   dan    rottB   condition.   Coun, vears. also cnac p_.          ^^^   .^  ten cents pbr box.   There were alloWance  on  the  plan.                  "          lek6hank   reported   thaf     tho "   ������PProa^  Ir   ^ent   e'arlh   ap  >. changes in prices of vegetables Fi.om the B   c< Telephone.Com-   1jridge would be built as soon as suwfl   oi  id the only ones offered     were gtatmg that they would re     he    Ue  driver was availab'e  r.nd proach.  no  and lUv v.������*j  ������������������          carrots and beets, and' these sold  readily at five cents per bundle. uu uxma  There, was only one rsduction in few day  tho price of wholesale meat, and  that was in pork which went down  a point. There^ Was mo change in  ihe price of retail meats, and the  pany  stating  that they would  re  move their pole at the new ferry  on Matsqui dyke in the course of a  s. ���������   .  From   Canadian   Bank   of  Commerce   acknowledging       deposits;  the pih-    ,. .      ,rn  no  further  expense could be considered on that road.  The   follorwing  (resolutions  were  properly   introduced   and   passed;  A   Jap met with ������n accident at   &upp.y was large,  the Abbotsford Timber -and Trad-      The feature of the wholesale meal  COBt   market   was   the  large  supply  of  merce   acknowledging       deposics;    j     * ,    .  .    author  Munioipa! account $Sm.,0; ������=hool   That   he ree^a ������rid������kto    ^  boarti account tNIMi'fiM. . ?**"������.������,?, of th. Canadian  From D. K. Ca.mpbo-11 re the mov- -"��������� ������-u^ d���������k_  his   'fence   narth  of   ih:  Mr. McNeil oYi behalf of the  W C P. C. addressed the council  re' the building .of the Fore roaJ  south to the Clayburn road between sections 10 and 11, t. 17, and  n and ������, t. 17. This road isneid  ed by the company in getting sup  plies in for a pole line. The coun  cil estimated the cost ofc onstruc-  W1 -Bank of Commerce, sign the sub     _ ^   ,        -,i     *i. f      ,nat   market   was   tne  large  HupPiy   ui   i������8   hl&   'lence   nartxl  U1   ,iUJ ^L : division plans of n. e. 1-4,8.4, t. 14, u        nd appr0priation damages at  tag   company's   mOls,  that     cost   nuiket                                              .                                               ^.^ ^ & ^ ^ ^ g< ^       on receipt of and   CouncillorB  Aish      and  him   his   hfe.   It appears  that *e   veaL                                                                                              ^ 'onnUhe s lllc  USUai  agreement duly signe .                      .          . ._: ���������., ���������  f el^w anVnad8hS M^id   cu    bat ther^re *> smelts ofieXed  ,urvey  posts  and run the line ,n  ofT" STwSf Sn    o te Sum      for  sale. There; were no:; chan.es   the proper, place.   When he^oc,-  $3600   ������.._       Cruickshank were 'given power to  this  ho^^^^ > "^^ day it looked"? as  0Wrv and Mrs. E,P; Ruthig, ^nd though   the   poultry   market   ^ as  family are spending a   few days  n/w*~%~n~%~~^���������^  witli friends at Blaine, Wash (.Continued on Page Pour.)  "ted the line he went up .and got:  Mr. Merry field land ishowed him the ���������  ������*r on the construction of the roaus   complete   negotiations   on  ���������ahowifc on the plain- and refeyrea to   matter  with  the company  in said agreement tothe saasEact-  ion of the reeve aind Coun. batchell  line.   Mr. Merryfield as reeve ap-   ^hat cheques^No  m 2^,^^  proved, of the line and stated-hat.   ^13 ^ ^^canecUed ^  if at any later date the municipal-���������:   -fine* be uubstituteu  The usual monthly ac20unts were  passed.  The council meets again August  5th. ' ���������'���������������������������  P  ffr,, I,  SLffii*;  8fefi3  4> n ' JJ,.'. -_  two  ������������������' rr ,  sBBsasaa  f TBS AB&������T$F������R������ PO������r  Published    evary    Frtfe?    fcy^ ������h������ "..pist  <Pt\ibli������hlag Co������saN*ny. *  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFoM. ������ C.  ���������sfca of Am>0t������rft>rt antf; ������u������v ->H������  ''!'.  tateF-  trdot  Advertising Rfttos madc.kn'ow..''.tt ai������-  plteutJon.  Hno ������fe* Spat te������e������V||ftn,-abd v9 oen'ts a(.tw������"  for all subneqaeat g*iw<wuisi*������ lniiertf������W  Out ������UMwai3*i���������Wattfcwr^for u,;:^  th*   9ovenun������a<l.  1 ii  Is a fine^ art, known best: to tKo.e- who :uKStand .th������ anatomy of*  hor.e* ooU Uave8ecur������d the; .ervice. of Mr. John BoWr, of Vancouver, late of :N^wca,tleic41-Tyne^EnglaaWhohcJcI������c���������lyjmeiial ever  awarded for* B.C by ^examination. Bri.g -^ ,I.meVh������������.,..yoUr  cnpplW horses and fancy driver..    1 guarantee wtisfaclioa.  ���������*Jovr\������  Abbotsford, B. C.  i-\  ^  p. ;h: 'Nfei:scyN;>Rop.  FRIDAY. JULY 2 I, 1911  itenr,    t-t.    n~T r,n���������r..^-r?���������,   {        M ^  As man  was created for he'aKh,  so  was mankind created-for ���������hip-  piness; and to apeak of its misery  only,   though  that"misery ���������every*,  where seemed everlasting, '   is -jn  ..   Jy   to  aay  words that'falJ  ifelit'Iy  and soon are forgotten.   Why hot  speak; as though mankind we.-e, ai  ways, on the eve of .great cer'titiile  of   groat   jby?   Thither,   in   truth  is man led by"his'iinstinct, thbiigh  ohe miay nover" live to -behold the  long-wiaKed-for to-rhorr nv-  Maeterlinck  Lawyers stand ."up^n courthouses   \  before jure���������,, in the presence , of   y  large audiences, and 'denounce men   ������  as   Jiars,   scoundrels,   thieves' and  perjured   villains; ;,and   when   the  court adpurns the men appear to  harbor   no   ill.wiidS������gains.t    'them-  But   let  a" newspaper 4ftntly--intimate  that  a-'iriah^cnffracterW,  bleniished-aiid' h.��������� W to face��������������� a  horse pistol, stand trial;- or-.utter"  what  tho people thnk^to fc3 the  greatest    of  "ail. mortifications-  lose' a   si,b briber. ; Why  we-wbiilfl  ll.k!;o������ikh*������������'  i^yer-any-niore  right, to  tell  the truth' -'about   ' a  man   than  an' euitor.-Ex.  Editor, - ":,���������������������������,  I>ear  Sir, :-    ��������� -������ '  As   the   representative  hi  B    C  of the Colonial Intelligence League  I beg to send you our isaflec *' and  wou'd   eirnioHv  ^-i - - - ������������������ . .'-      ��������� "  i u earn stly 3sk vour interest  ~-~*-~~ r-;   ��������� ���������    -  ��������� , -  and sympathy in this Imperial and ������. -    -.-ir���������=aae  pra tical   movement'                   ' their  ability   and  general'-cnaiae-  We aim-not-merely.-hor'.even ^ter,'wiU Prf������.Vi? wholi(J- justified,  primarily, at ,the immediate ben* "������������������ An:d iu thus-finding work for our  '������t  of  the educated  women      til ai\PUcants'  we Pledge     ourselves  Yooog Nursery Stock U Sell this Fail  ONE AND TWO YEAR  OLD  APPLE$rGravenstein, -King,of  Tompkins,   Wealthy1'  Northern Spy,   Grimes .Golden, -Jonathan all'  ��������� grafted-on whole French Crab Apple stock     ','  CRAB APPLES-Hyslpp, late.  ,' Have also a choicest of Clarke-Seedling       t  V*BdsMa������oon-.Strawberries.foihi������fr]eat-j$Mfl      T"  ;-per thoiisarid. ^Saised on new tads. ,,,  ^ICBS'fOr^Onfp" TrPPQ 2:year old 25c. each  .MUM WluMppVS.JWfth ! year ������Id ^Oc^ea'chi  t  Mmff :  Abbotsford,, S.C.J  - Fhonr-Connection  VV\ R. CROSBY  SignsahdGefBeral  Painlers and Decoraftrs  R,SUMMERS  '*}"-.���������<  Mission Gity  .   ,    . NOTICE.  ..-.���������MQKOR, ACT,   1910  '������t  of  the educated'wS;^ for ^f���������**'  we P^e     ourselves .   _.  ..       "^M?n.iA9)       ,  whom we hope-to-Wnd-affifcaihl-'-i!    onlyto P08" we have^nvestigated ;.Not"e  flI b������rehy.-given that-.oa  eers in th.-? overseas Dom-hfonW '"*d   cac' 8r������arantee . reliable    and ?. 5tlv df:y ot ***���������Unext,; appU-  qui'*' as s-ncerely at thTt of h!     ������"eiing -ailequate^emuneraeun caftlon Wl������ h.ejnade to the Super-  emp'oyers on this Bide a������dl."-W ���������' F '���������-tol1' be ���������'most 'g������te(i..|.  ..for "^^ ������-' Provincial, Police for  ultimate   advantage, of ^he ^ ?������y'ib4lP in't^ work-and-infer- hf tra^fer *?f thelicence for,the  .trie,  which have liee^canLnr   ***!**> ^iaWe-openi^ T   <? ^^ .^ "t-Hfeand-upl  on the Motherland t^p^8'   ���������?"            '   ^o������������ faithfully on; the; premises  known. as      the  daughters.          ^ t0 flend merits                                 POROTHYDATIS JIun^don Hotel, situate at Hunt  1020 Nicdla St.,-Vancouver . SSn!^^^, ?<?I"ta^a������    jTOm  "\AT FLY-.-CATECHISM  There, are1 waiting in En������iahd  how.over one hundred womehTand  gala,of the.very best'Vpe;c^dJ  by this League from among rat  present) four times the dumber  oi applicants who share'the:eager  ncss of their brothers to fnd  flcope /or energies and abilities in  Ati, Noreth CaroUna;the fohow-  -sw ^'���������^^Gateohi^,,, isdist-itut-  fnd   ed to the children;  ������, ������.   i���������  j      ^������~- *"-.������������'������������cs.in 1.���������Where is the flv ^nm������;     ������������  nLW   land������;   Home-hpi���������    \i��������� y oorn/.     Jo  n.-������������������. *   i        ������u"/e-nejp3,    Nurses, manure and Mfh  OiessmaktM.   TmoU,..    t ._ ^    *.^.   "a ""���������  Philip McDonald to Bam Qilee of  New Westminster, British Columbia.  Dated this 5th day of July, 1911.  philip Mcdonald,  Holder -of Licence. ,  '   SAM GILES.  Applicant for. Transfer  MaSBgK  .���������:dL3ELl  L&mess  Hardware  Trunks;and Valises  P.O, Bok 45  Abbotsford. B.X.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W.  Lyle,  Iam prepared to give the  best .of satisfaction as to prices  and  comfortable rigs.      Stables open day'  night to do business.  We solicit yotsr patronge.  h. & d. Mckenzie,  profs.  I)ieasmakeM|   Teachers,. Secretar-  r-tr^-jte' -r ���������vn0-"yth,ne ������-^-������s-th: rr" -*-*-^*-  are   entirciy   dependent   on   th^r     *4-la.   wfcA^  a' S-^hero are the greatest rium  earnings.   in  eith<?V cases each of . he'leaJes th/ vvZt* w    ** ^,en   lberof ca8e3 of ^Pboid .fever, con  ���������sumption  and flummer compia.nt?  .u.i.w, n._.,g..are the'greatestnute-  7���������      .: -_ ���������   *** "    -  ^���������~i������������'/    ������vnere  does  hp  --���������-.   In  eith<?V eases each of . he! leaves the vault   fh������   " *"    them is not only thoroughly qual- Pile and fl������ ��������������� Ir '��������� h? - ��������� man ,re *������mptiotf a  ifved in her own line, *JT^, 'ki������i,iS ' ^ P^������n? Il,to ��������� <he Wl,������e ther  able, and   wil,ng, if ?���������eces" ry/ ^   d^^'^-^i.b,   Wh.t   b.r of flies.  undertake   successfully    domestic the bread awSi S^^u.c^:'"W'-^ere:^.lra.';.the  most; flies?  work o   any kind.  We p^ge0Ur W wipe^Ks'J^^TT"^  *elve     to .���������.upnljr   only' the   rnost   betheiT in 'thf buSerSStbutlerand      ^-^hy. should   we.kiV     ^  ^pab^^nd impress on" each ap-      5.-Doo, K|tv        i,ly? Becau8e ne W-Jdll us.   ^  ��������� and^ir ??V;e^^^ , 12.-Kow shall   we ki^the  fly?  and that the Iflcompeten -.nd-8mi> V^aod cholera ih^aritum^^ e" )H J>efltr<?y aI1 /iIth--**obt the  Jrlr  ^"^������������������������������������"^-������������������������ere.,*ndrW.catt *������^ *nd yard; (b> ponr Ifane on  ^propose to .deal chiefly u^ith ' ^-^iheinyLn^^ ,Tl% ! |Q,ithe ^ultand on .the,manure;'(c)  ������end eiT ^ !'dWts������ ib������t ������hall ^^n/s ,.>0P.t pest^dW.! Hf'l* ��������� ^m with, a^wire screen  ���������end g.rls to^posts 'in towns when   gerouS, than wild be������l * "*  the paddle'    or    ������ticky paper, or  ������>er the conditions are suitable.     <n..kes. *������W-Peasta or rattJe- kerosene oil. 7 P P   '  ^fe  therefore invite apllications      7.,-VVhat  dieeflBA rf������      ., ".-Kill the f# in any wav hnt ':  to   us  fo,. women-workers of all  carry f He    2^'^     f^ ^ the ������7l T  P^ldd,S7; ^^t.-^Wr^^J :whrr������   4^ToaCannotir^  vu n! ... er farmer8. dairy-������i^.iRy.-A?iu   (What' is ^^ ���������call.-..the Office of the "board     of  ������dentn th" "^/���������f-s.con  namef Typhoi^y    /h,S ���������ct  *^> and ^ for reSefo^  naent   that  our ������*,���������*���������������������.-..  ,.      ������_fl..��������� ,. y yon are stricken'withwnseasef and,  *W he ever|k-il anyone? W* ^������'J ^ 8tri^;  ..*u*..oiie7..,������������. -perhaps;  death.  vertise in  \ 0. Sox  ua-Sumn������r, Abbotsford, B. C.  Central  ned with  C A. Sumner & Co. beg to thank  then numerous clients oh this auspicious  occasion  for their patronage and assistance in building up  the  town a<nd country round     a-  bout Abbotsford.   Our remarkable,  perspicacity  has   enabled .us     'to  place  scores   of settlers  on   suitable   ranches   where   they      have  teen-  * .  Crpwoid with Success  .. Our. straignx iorwara mecfiods  cojnDinea���������witn etnet attention to  business enables us to guarantee  every, sale we make, hence     our  . large,   satisfied ^clientele,  consist-.  ���������ing  of Speculators, Investors and  Settlers. aa  ^^^^^^^^i^^^,  LOANS  home  lii^towii^ots,' a^fe-  ' $ge or  property  Tim<m.Mml JSstate Broker of Abbotsford  US  ''1  <7.i  l.  \\.  ���������'ii- >.i'  1*3  ' \\.  PEE A BBOTSSJORD k OST,      ,. ABBQTS^O&]),,,B. ������.  BWWMW1UJ,    mm   .IMJ..IH1MHI.   il    II   IlliHWi^w.  HSH  Wgmff  mmgmism&!!:^MmMmm*!WLMa!mK!rt a  We are Agents . for  c<  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance.Co.,.of Toronto.  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.  2~S2S"ZB"ffiS"S"l"2i"SEE5  ���������wmmMnmrom  ���������mvw.iMii.ii nam  l.Mll. JH. ���������*-**  J   MCELROY fi< Co.  ,r WINES AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  ABBOTSEQRD, B. C  ���������-> ������������������-,. Q���������aawuwMaiKWsasissBssgBsi���������  -flnt^aMf*-is ;������T���������ffy respoet.   The bar is  :std������k������d with t&e h$$i:������i wfam, lijfter and cigars,  RATS������, ������1.80 T0l@fi.00 PER  DAY  H. FREEMAN,  I8gg  PROPRIETOR  CHURCH  SERVI6E6  Presbyterian    Church���������pev    r |_|>  Campbell, B. A., B. D. pastor.  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7:36 p.m.  At Musselwaite' .School .'House-  Service  every  alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m. ���������- ,  Sunday  school evetry. Sunday at  2 p.m. '      ;  At Huntingdon School House-  Service   at every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m'.  S.  S". every Sund^yat 2;30 p.ra.  Upper Sumas, ,l������a-y 49, a-ad every  internet!? SujRt&ay at. 8 p.m,  <*:. E��������� Wed^eskftF. a* 9 p.m..  ftu-u&ay 8*&������������1 at '3 b/bb.  Sunday  School tevery Sunday at  G.  ."  Presbyterian   Church���������Rev.   j  Alder.  '  Glcnmore,  11 a.m.  Mf.   Lehman, 2 ;30 $.jpi  Pine drove, 8,p.m.  e PT.   MATTHEWS: (Anglican)  Rev. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.  Services ll:00.,a.ra*>and 7.:30 p.m.  . Holy Communion, 1st and 3rd  Sundays each month. , : ~ .,  Catechising and S.\',S. at 2:30 p.m  Clioir .practice, Wednesday, at 8'.  A *������H  ABB0T8F0R������  P08TGFFJCE  .   Office hours from 8 a. is. to 7 9. m.  Mail for, Peardaaville.every Tuesday  and Saturday, 1 p..-.m-.    -��������� T  ��������� ���������        ^ i at,: '   ���������>'  BUSINESS   DIREGT&RY   OF  ABBOTSFORD.  r   ef  ?;.   WANTED TO PURCHASE  .Forty -acres, improved  farm   in  the Fraesr Valley, with or without  housd and buildings, convenient to'  station or landing.   Apply     to J.   Doctor���������  H.   Smith, Straiton,  B.   C.        for      T* A- Sw*ft  full  particulars,   first  letter.  General Store* ���������  AutMe'r Bpo'S.  S. Brooke. i  .Hotels���������v .      ., v  Abbotsford -Hotel-, ED Rreesasua, Pr������������. -  Commercial, .MeBlroy. ft Co.'.  Reart   Estate���������  J. W. WcCalJum.  . C. A. Sumlier_&-Co.' ;.     ,.,."   ������������������*���������    u  -Bernauc<fc .-Husband^ ,v  \J.   J.   McPhee,      -���������-���������'*.  Auctioneers���������        *.--.-'���������  .  J. W/ Mcjealium "."���������'..,  FEED STORE- ' . "'s. L  J.   J.   Sparrow.        ,      ,  Creamery���������  S.   J.  Bates,-.Proprietor.  Hardv/are and Furniture��������� .  H.  Alanoohj.  Butctiera���������  A. M. King. '  Llveny ���������8t*b"e���������_  J. E. Gearyy Proprietor.   ��������� J  Baker and Gonfeotioner��������� .  L(. -Leg������ee.  RESTAURA^T-  6onrad Andersen.  Shoemakers���������-  \M.- Kauser.  Board of Trade��������� ���������  J. W. ftioGallura,' Secretary.  Blacksmith���������  J.  McMeheiny.  Barber and Pool Room��������� -  Jos. Sanderson.       , j,  Or. Iaenor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������  J. V-.--Means.  CANADA'S  Eye Sli^it ipseslfst  Does the Finest  Optical  Work.  SADDLERY and K'aRBW A BB-  B. J: fiteraaey.  MERGHANT   TAILOR.  T. 0. Coo'fifan.  SURVEYORS  , Henderson   and  Taylor.  Greatest Nurseries abbotsford, dhuo-stohi.;  Want   a tep^senltative      for ^^^^" L  MISSION CITY,  B. C. CQNntractor &,,BmLr:r-  and surrounding district A   Everett. '  The^eliability, healthy condition      Hammondr*& -Son.  of our stock as well as trueness to  aaine must be: appreciated by the   CARRIAGE   PAINTER-  PubHc or they would not     have      Oeo. Zeigler.  helped us to increase our business   =  yearly since 1837, the date of    our   |  Medical man and.others pay tri-   establishment.  fettte to feifl fllill.  7M GranvilW St.  .yancou.&r  ������ur firm's  nam,e lends  prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStoek  lor SSpripg 1911.  Write  for   full  particulars.  Home Ave.  Vancouver, OXfice and _ ehapel-r���������  ,, 1034 G>raftyiir^ 8t,    Phone 8^86  W brth Vancouver,     r/bt Hoe    and  ���������j'rchapel������������������118' 2nd st. -Phone 134  WELLINGTON  Tfie Fonthili Nurseries.  EMPLOYMENT     OFFICE  i *. ,i r."  a or.onto.  .Ontario.  We buy Eggs, Chickens and  Pigs.  PLEASE NOTICE  I b^ to intimate to my' numerous Patrons arid  Friends that I have taken into, partnership Mr. j.  Clark late of the 'Abbotsford Lumber ;Co. and , the  business willnow be carried, on as '  HOGG &���������LARK  HORSESHOEING &   BLACKSMITHING;  We hope by atrict aUeatien te business to obtain a share of your patronage  FOR  ..-" . WHO  Demand ^jal their Q&ee Sta&oaery ..must n������t.oa|yrbo ei the best  quality.hirt.lt&at it hum* be nea&V -������wl   tastsh^y   printed.  These are the peopio vrhe patronise the Fraser  Valley Record o&oe; aad they prove  ,that fchey  are  pleased   by  .".duphcating orders  /��������� _.        , , .       . . . . r'   .,    .    ���������  .We^ canjsupply in.any quantity, on short notice that beats,city prices  ~*U ;.''S^iaf"rT^?\^dpw^(^<k-N������������te CiruSaw, Receipt.-Forms.  Notts.   Invitotioaa,  ProfessanaJ ca^.  1^^-by-laws.   Lodge  .  .��������� aisabershipi cards,���������1.i^s9je^eaiB.\'Metiers,   Butter  wrappers,  :-:-D������dges8y-At������ca'on y&i, .Enveiopest'.For  sale., cards, .'r'^dcHng  mw&Asm, MetseriaJ carde; M������al^ti^e4a,; .jPriy^c_,f'p������st., cards,  Lm^hezdi, BM>xsAt, Meaoask %*^b������0^ ; i Lodge . oenentut-.  \ iom. LefftJ forms. Prescriptiess bLu&ks, Lahals gtimmcd or other-  . r wiro, . Ppsspfalets, R������porfcE, .PoaJoraiaa^' size,1* Real ertate coh-  -1  traeta, .Leose Leaf giafrifflsents,, Menus' plats or  fancy,  Receipts  - - Lien notes, etc., ete.        . '     ������  ALL WORK GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY.  A. BATES, Publisher  Abbdtsford  B. C  ���������A /���������hwWH.i-fM" '.r.m-������'j"r,.#**  ������  FOuR  .O/  TSfe ABBbTSPORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD,  1*;  I*  ���������'  I'  ULUJ1  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  ,Mr. Dajn Smith and family, are  spending a few days at Whi.te  Rock.  Miss Rose'd.a ZeigDr returned to  Ahbotsford   on   Tuesday   evening.  after   spending   a   few   days      in  Vancouver with friendii.  i -  Mrs. A. M. King is vHifLng in  Vancouver.  Messrs D. Win ton. and D. McGil-  livary are out haying on their  raJich   near  Abbotsford.  Mrs. J. McMeriemy and children  are at White Rock.,  ffiBBfe)  ^W'WW'*''^^  Are you Building?  YOU, WILL REQUIRE  Hardware      Furniture  Sashes and Doors  These we keep in stock of first-class quality and at  prices that will pay yott to deal" at the Home Store.  Let us figufe on your order.  as  SEES  scgSSiacs  ���������.trtfw-w'ltr***-*'****  'Miss Archibald, Mrs. P. Wilson,  Mrs. Coogan and Children, Mrs.  and' Miss Wooler are spending a  feW days on Bowen Island.  msmmm^msm^memmmmss^^  Leslie DeLair is confined to the  house with a   soret hroa''.  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCaUum  went to Vancouver on. Monday.  Mr. McCallum" returned on Tuesday evening, 'but 'Mrs. "vicCallum  intends  stay'ng  for a   -while.  WHY  KILL YOUR WIFE  In the kitchen when you can get fresh bread, pies and cakes at the  ABBOTSFORD  BAKERY  ALBERT LEE, prop. ..Abbotsford, B. C.  THE   MARKET.  (Continued Prom Page One.)  ��������� destined to be a frost, but Hie  Mi.a. Tf. H A. Howe <and children Chilliwack train and tho do*vn riv-  weut to Vancouver oh Saturday er boat arriving greatly relieved  to spend ia couple of weeks. Mrs the market. The only product not  Edson and daughter joined them sold was that for which the own-  on   Wednesday.                                 ', ers desired a   price which the buy   0:                 ' ers were not will ng to pay.   There  Mr.- G.  Clarke.left for  Victoria were  a   large quantity of broilers  on  Saturday where he intends to offered and these sold at the same  join his wife 'and children who are figure as those of last week. The  visiting  there.    ...     v bulk  of these were rooster*.   o  The  following were the quotat-  (Miss Lulu Zeiigler is relieving ions;'  ;;   ���������   -.  Mrsv Edson at the telephone.   , WHOLESALE MEAT���������  Mr.   and  Mrs. Si Mitchell,  Vancouver.  Thos, Mason, Victoria  Commercial.  Beef, carcass  Mr.  H. C. Nixon of     Vancouver   Beef,  hindquarters   12c to   14c  spent Sunday in town.  Our announcement of the wedding of Mr. Ellwood in last week's  issue was a little premature  That gentleman is as yet enjoying single blessedness. This  paper will be pleased to publish  the wedding of Mr. Ellwood when   BoilinS* Beef  Beef,, forequartera  Mutton      Veal  per lb -:   Lamb ���������   RETAIL MEATS-  See/, best rib roasts ��������� 15c to 18c  Beef, loin  ������      22c  Beef, round steak  ���������������������������_���������  16c    lOet o 14  it takes place and also to wish  him a prosperous and hajppy  married  life.  That popular air sunjg with a  far away look in the eye���������"My  .Wife's Gone To The City" has  (become more popular than ever  these days around town,   o   Veal  ;-���������:: ���������-.  ��������� -17 to 20  Pork    -_- -, 18c  to   20c  Mutton ���������  18 to 20c  Pork;,     '    10   1-2  to   11     l-2c  Spring. Lamb, each - $6.00 to $7.00  VETBTEBLES-Wholeeale-  New" Potatoes    3 lbs 25c  ]'otato.es, new, per t������ack   $3.50  A. Cl-mrn'1, Vancouver.  P.  Honrfnco, Spoka,n-\  E. A. D.������mpsey, Vancouver.  Ralph   Dicki^, -Vancouver.  W. E.  Dickie, Vancouver.  P. A. M Her, Vancouver.  Geo. II. K3rr, Hop-.  A.   Gough,   Hope.  W.   Crick,..".Hop?.  D, Wells.'City.  K.   Kllgour, "Westminster.  Sam   Robinson,   Vancouver.  U. H.  Vic'ary, ^Vancouver.  J", Oleso'n, Matsqui.  C. E. Nelson, Vancouver;' .  Wm.   Kelly,   Vancouver.  W. J.  McMahon, City. ���������  14 to IS   - Mr.  and  Mrs. Williams, Vancouver. ' ' i   .      i    ,.  W. Finlayson, Vancouver.  T. E. Haywa*r9, Vancouver.  T, G. Vincent, Vancouver.  Kicolo Memne, Spokane.  Thomas   Campbell,   City^  A.  Maclure,  City.  G.  Macklin,  Vancouver.  lie    9c to lie  121-4   to   13c  ������������������ 10c to 13c  -ooo���������  TENDERS  Tenders  will 'b.3 received by the  iv^v.vvu, v^~, v~* >-������-������      ������*"'" undersigned  up   to  and including  Onions.. .- 5 lbs for 25c T ,     , *   ���������      ,~      . . ,,  Cabbage, .lb.   ���������   5c Jul^ ilat for th? Pri^ge <*fcon-  Ceiery.- ���������-��������� 2 heads 15c ductinS   &   restaurant   in conn.c:-  lf  you  are going to  Chilliwack   Rhubarb, per lb.       :.:.-.-... 4C ion  with the.exhibition to ba held  on   the  25, Tuesday, secure  your   Eggs, wholesale   30c to 32c UI)dfcr   Lhs   au9Pice3   o*      Matsqui  ticket  from   B2rna>d McElro/Tae   Eggs,.. retail       37  l-2c Agricultural  and  Horticultural-As-  tickets   axe   $2.25   including      thje   Butter,   retail   -   35c  to  37'    1-2 station   at   the (Hygenic     Dairy  fare.   Three   good   preliminaries'.      liens,   small    ���������.  $6' to $7 Farm>   Matsqui   Prau-ie,   on   Wed-   0. 1"     ���������     ���������������������������         nt->n*. large  -'  $7! to $3 nesday   September .20th.  Mr/ WMIanft, of the Royal'Bank   Broilers       $3.50 .to   $4 . Ala0 for "������e privilege of selling  left  yesterday  for Vancou er.         Chickens   -  $6 to     $8 ice cream and 'soft dr'nks-   0                         Ducks   ���������  $7.50 to $9.00 The  highest  or lany tender  not  Mrs. J. J. Sparrow is visiting her   Ducklings ���������--:  $5 to $7 necessarily  accepted  niv "her, in Vancouver.   She left on   Potatoes,   old,   per sack     $3  JAMES  GIBSON  Thursday morning:- '"  Mr. Beckett of S-iskctchowan was  in town this week looking     over  some  property   with  a   view     of  bcLtlingj in the district   o   Mr. J. P. Elliott left on Aionday  to spend the week at the Seattle  potlatch. All hope "Jim" will have  a   good   time.  A   BOXING CONTEST  A numbeii of Abbotsford sports  Intend, to take in the 'boxing contest at Chilliwack on Tuesday evening the 25th. Pete Mtildoon and  and Tommy Nolan will be the  stage performers on this special  occasion. It is according to the  round town aports going to be  a good boxing content between  the two participants who ha /e  (previously covered '''themselves  with more /glory (th.nn is al'owed  the   ordinary   cport. . ,:  FOR SALE, CHEAP-One hoavy  Farm Wagon'; One Cleveland Sewing machine, new. Enquire Kt the  Abbotsford Hotel.  MOTBL ARKIVAk.0  Abtataferrf Hstol.  M   Pi keiinjr,  Cl-yburn.  John   C'.ink,  Cla.ybu-n.  A.      A. K.-Mnihiwa, Vancouver  K. Shi'", Vancouvrr.  F.   Sanders,   Vancouver.  Ed. Cicko  V.*n-oo'iv?r.  W. C tl-.b r>on.   Ci'y,  D. Walkington   Port Rolls.  Al Sn^en^n   Chicago.  ���������., Gay,  Vancouver.  E. C. Stroh.m,'Vancouver.  ���������  T.  H'gginson, City.  H. C. Craft, yancouver.  D. Montgomery, Vancouver,  W.  Cimpbl',. Vancouver.  A. Mack.- nzie, Vancouver.  R. J. Ma:k nx'e, Vsn:ouver.  Jak} Walterr, Vhiicouve\  W.  M. 'McKay, Vancouver.  Frank  Nolan,  Vancouver.  Chas Anderson, Gloverdaie.  S. A. G. White, Vancouver.  F. Becott, Kultus Lake.  H... Radford, Yarrow.  S.  M.  Young, Mission City.  C.   Presson,  Mission.  Thci Misse3 Pottinger, 0i!y.  G. Kirk, Vancouver.  Secre,tau-y.  Mt.  Lehman,  July  10th, 1911  Auction Sale  I hajve in.ctruqti.ons to sell  carload of carriages, consisting of  '.Buggies, De/moc4'..]bs and ������. Road  Cai ts. This is a chance of a life  time to secure /a rig cheap, as this  lot must he converted into cash;  These are all 'first-class rigs and  they, have not yet been unpacked.  TERMS OF SALE-Cash. or ne-  giO|ti.a/ble joint cadges /for three  mouths at 8 per cent.  Sale  will  take place at Abbots-.  fo.d, B. C. coAini n^injj at 11 a. it:  on JULY 22nd, 1911  J. W". (MeCALLUM, Agent  r:  ninserson &  (Awociate   Members Gan.   Spc. C. E.)  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Omec, next P.O. P.O.Box II  Geo. Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford.   '     -       B.C.  NOTICE  T. J. DeLair has been appointe 1  my agent during my aibsence, en-  tilling him to collect and pay all  oil Id for me,  W. LYLE.  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford       -���������        B. C.  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  DISSOLUTION  OF  PARTNERSHIP  NOTICE.  F. Ler'oy Getchell and W. S, N.  Johnston of Northbrook Shiigle  Company, have dissolved partnership. W. S. N. Johnston under ���������  takes jail liabilities from 4.pril 24th  W. S. N. JOHNSTON.  I"V;'*j3T7'i


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