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The Abbotsford Post 1910-07-15

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v.ri.,AB^SFOKD>-,-B^G.,:J?RID^Y,;'J.ULY 15jl910/    •    • '
< /,?<-•>»'* ■■'■M*'
w ■ ***• wmwmw* %**i
i * 11   l M * •    *k
^LINDSAY RGSSELlLiv -auctioneer
,,-. l" '
! r^Mat^ujiifpuncil: -;
Tho'reguhi'Vmc'eling'of'the Mais'-
ed ' am en dm but' to' th'c''M'ihi:':ip'-i!
Clauses Act,.which ,is intoni.le'.d tt '
intended   to   provide,.a mpan?! '..of
'provide, a .moans  of. .building., and
uo Wc (io r.i><  h )!;•(
S A L ES^FOR0 O &m-^
til "3aft ef -• Toes day, 26th
"T /  O
Commencing. a.t_JLoMo.ck.
"'    ,/Horses, Cal.{Ie,r(Slicep, -Hogs, and. Ghiekens- are'offered ench./day.
[Clearing'Sales are'conductedlKroughout lhe* DistricL    t   havej* alargc    .
'list of farm properties and town lots for private sale.'^'^V   ""* ^c.**-'-
listed" with" mFrbr"privateTaIe or"17a"ding_purposes.
'hll?-i"€?H1^?'IIi)^^ "^?W."^'ft f^19.>Wu""tIS~ . K"'P,:°-N J'n^ '1-°acl3 •wtthout.'recourccv silile' for the", o^niuii.o-f .c.oiT.Q£pon^
Jj:'<ll*Il<i^^ '' to the issuing of bonds-Jon-dobeh- j-don is as expressed- undertheiV alg-"
i?n iO.^-^^^L*iAVi4 »\L>.9?»n.9l)lptil.jn.rK1?rea  -;---^l...~^-.-',ivaturc.^o:-^oVwoH c/.o'-i.v^w J-.
.1-   UJ^.ilO.
w /   B ■ WI
- o -.-- '><:
•  .-. «.   >. ^. y.   ...  -.
Opening-of New-Auction "Rooms on the
Furniture will be offexed^Chairs, Bedsteads, •
Tables, Dressing- Tables7"Dressers, "etc.
iit^ii i»i	
1 •<       /^\
;-  ..:  - -...<-.w.:.u.^.--. uy..-«;   \Vi> I V*\s.
• „Arrjmgcmenjs_cjin_be made tor all, classes
• "of'Survey   an3~E!ngirieer work   through
'this office. Ask those we have? -forked; for/i \-They will tell you our
'-"work-is correctr-aud - well-'done. -: r-Our^iees:"aie more reasonable'
because we know our busineis^and ;wbrk'iqmcrkfy.'::'*,"^:'^
ri , (». c4'/ _i31   _,      -
  % ' 1 /-y> <(j ^\*- ^,f j!*^ ^vh'     .^ ^*
.AUCTIpNEEa-iLiyE-S-TOCK,   RE 'Ml Ie^TAEE &il
.CJ cJAND-l'NSUJ=?A'NCiE AGENT  '.    « . r • r
-1   ' - ' - Jl
attendance.,. -.» .'
'inffj.w.cvc. -ndoiited ,as .read. •  ,...,.,-.
j", Co.mtnxijJ'iation\iwora;-.'"received
[^'''hJ-MJd .c*.o/alt.,w.ij Ju'aa-fo'd-cnv;.;- i.,
!) I^rom.,.T.'i*oldi-s£atirig;.that lie in.-.
jTcriciedj crecting^a^fence .along-the
$°'|dL°!!'1 ■.1li.<'aR'roj>§r'iy» iof/^B,.Op"
j2,  j whi 2J1,;,Xcnee .,v\y ij*,:• nlpse   a,;]jor7
itiohr.of.said' road^an?daskimg-.that1
tthe J*oadF;bi3vjg)ut onjtheilineo'i J:::i-
j^Referred .t^Cgiin.'i.atch^l-. -C7ani
^ FrbmlrB-. vB,,-MoEgani,i seGrdta'rybot
TEej Orl&n.: "Via:".ley.iLumborLCo;' -asJsing
'that the roadibe :p'u't 'on^ths-line'
Referred .-to^Cftuneil/.QX'.-Sa.ich.e/Ji   ci
v;Frqm. E.jrB.iMor.gamiAeicre.ta.ry; Qf.
the v GIqb,- galley, t Laodf. .Qp.ffip/i n^c
akkjing: tJiatotl^ccba'd.' beillopenedl
from-th,? §rfiH. ccornsr oi Isection at.
jo the-ftj Ci^.iiRyc.CouriciUo^Sat-
ch.en..was.;jnstrwc;tea 'Jta-^aUL fortenr.
dQrs.forrtbjej-work'ii'^q^.i o^ial U.^
{{From J. E. Smith.and f:ve.o*ther.e
being^a petitipp. ,fpr. the. gazetting
and: jppining 0f, a jjqad., beginning,
4!t tl^g N"vA"y._ J'rclc>rn,ar"j.0f. lot^ ",382a,'
then; o, jiorthly ;tq.. the .Fraser- river,
<if. a width, of thir.ty-thre.e feet .on
each'""^"^''^''"-^'-''-'--'--""-^ "--:*-"'" * "'
In  conncctuon   therewith*.,it; .^vm:!
rkoved  by"Councilor briiickshantx
th,is| road.
\pl oj x:ci •■•yJv'"" : o:  ---.u  r.O-
■:0n 0
and Lmidebcrg thatthe conncil en
'd'orfle's the' amdnc'mo'nt to 'themnn'i-
cipal 'c-Iau'sG3: act-'Avi'th' the 'ch'a-ngcc
suggested '.in -letter, attached to-t-hC'
copy, thereof which,.*9..pi'Qppacd -l^y
'ihe B. C. Goo,d,Ry.rids:a!.soci'ili jxi. ,
"From Me3sri3 Moresby and.OReil-'
ly and from'Messrs Wade! 'Whoa'-i-cj'
'McQria-rriel'ahd Maf'tiir* Tcquestrn- '
that-the. applipa;tiOn '^to .:register'
'aHax sale deed again|t.;the, ,nort.h-
hidl'f. o.f ,the sou-.Lh,-,wcst. ciuarter. of;
's'etl' 34,'' fown^hi'i) ,"13" H. \y/b'/he[
withdrawn by the municipality oi
^Matsqui"-; • "This-wa'l sgranfed -hf re-'
'■^blutib'n::. .: ^ ■'. •'-   ' i:-.:.i..Z" lo -^i i.'. i!
/f1he:-XoHp.\vingv i*e5oluti.ons-. fj-rwere'
lOditor Post;
, fj«    U -<. 1. ■ *'
s - Yp.ur., correspondent, -who/ sicrnr/
'himself UJ. L. C.» plajnjy •doesanotL.v«;
'belojpg, .tfliJAi3i:.oAdfir„'.ofl.-athletesv'   .
Whom "1 alluded to" in my descrip-^ •*
.burst oi oenunciation does,he ,por.>
sess   any   syri?p.a,tKy jwrch .athletic. -. >
aims ancLpursuira.,To,describe box- .
ing  as an,  Jfabomination..and.^ re-r1 #y
j«proach, pn\.t]&e;'i\amevof ;a .Christian.\
nation" betrays an intolerance,and >,.,
;6h ,t1i"e•'Pa'tersojT-''ro-aci"frhH^chequ^"
t!b'-'be:rcj:aifixdl>by:Oiu'n'oir."o-r' S'ateli-:
-ell- until .tha work be completed.
>:iT'hat ...CgunoiUo)?.,-Lundebe.rg. be
avt"thori2ie,d   to ^construct . a   .rovad,
ifrbni the south'-west" corner.of" boc'-""
■^ojn'V t'o^hs-hlp-'^S" al'ohg"th& ln-
-terna-t'ional cbounda'ry..'eastei\'.'y-i"'>f0r:-'
/Ane-half; mi-.e.:::-„• -i:\l   -x; -v -i\:d. ■
joThatr.Co uncillor-Satchell .be^au-
tnorized tq^.call for, tenders for fixr.
:not   ao ,pitably___imrro_w„._.mjnded.
•Such condemnalo.xyTje^ jthet^,iperejlu
do icredit to Vlit^>y^itei;'8>ip,erfervoid   •
fiilmagJnation   and  4.Us--f-ertllity    of
"incturesque  invective ^Tid;:"-rcVea:f8'l'''?,~i
■"an j attitude of  mind whi6n"-{V«JifldPA-
•provide .interesting  myt't'e'r'^for^'a'^
:4")sychiologicai study. To^'confuse1 ,1>" '
^.boxing w;hen practised  and pUr'-"'^
;s"uedlunoieTn proffer condi^orrs''"''^'^^''  .
the1 fi^RtHlteft tf'srtfk 151ace' af'rtenb  "  ,
between two professional, pug'-is^ts *".
'..;.,' .., ,     .   .111!.:!;. J-;r.. 7w  .1
• shows  either a   desire  to miijcpn- --.
cstrue,'tbei meaning., of my "remarks,',"-- •
or am inability to differentate.
■ 0_OJ-
tV %*w  i;
f-i [--v.
C5**^   —■» —
'i- r
Tl":^ '"1 "100/i
" J. "     17 7 * r
^v/AiiWtefbr^s^PJonWr Stores
r>',?. a a, ,^„,t*s*:,, A,
From ^.^^Mcdallum, 'sepet^'fy,'
Sumas^Mafs'qui Board-of, Trade"ask -'
ing itor^the co-operacipn^qLMatsqui
Municipality   Avith  Sumas , Munich
•pahjtjjr,,Abbotsford Snd^untijigd ni
re t:Ke* format Jan of a"'disrriVi."ai'-'.
ricultura]  society'.     File.d.,       ._,.,',.;,
f{ from, .tlva^A^botsfor'd, Timdcr^and
Trai-rng'' Co. "sjiating thajt.^hey, nad
-paid^the funeral expenses, fo. rthe
i,4.  SiV:J-'-'''U-" "j- < ;-■■-••,-'--;<;•■—^'^vi;
iAte Mr. Dundas. in Qr.deri.to avoid,
i"    C_;'.            >.Oj      .Jt      ji..^-     ,(,'.ij..
ithe la.W3uit .and .asking the.Council
U:o reimburse...them.for .this outlay.
-iA^tits,  75c per dM^^^^'
Quarts, Sl.DG p^r.doz; \
M-i -J.       ».
50 v
 ' '-1    -■ '' f"     "/!jy^-''■ ■■■ ■l ■   -"*-
Laid ,over
' ! "JO
0:   -.O'l
We ^elP^su^^ -
lowest p^Mbte- pices
\:    C   1 *-.;! I V '    *'- 0 i-:
From secretary Board pf'Railway
Ctliiim.iris'cn.era   rs. A-^h*.. .crossing-'
Pi?fAia .".:.". jr-oq ,^:v
From, J. P. Hampton.Bole .for Mr,.
Smith.-brick maker, Mt. ., Lehman,
string, tha tthu muni^i aiity, had d-.-.
v.ert3jd^   iasc.re.3.m  o f.water,, on/his
land,,.,also   had   trespassed >to ,the,
exfentYOf .five.feet..on -his, land^in
.'jtha ! building   of _a_road." "anor^hau
-Pllalcied  three  logs   din his  land  in
.^hat'-thesa! matters' 'complained-'-'of-'
^e^rjemedied. „ .c..:;'..-,*;-.
jjjTlie council ins time ted—the e'erk
to iiifprm Mrj B,o.le.'tha.totheselc:om-,.
plaintsr;hadi:.nQoCOundaticui.';or fact;
also! t:hat;Qnq-,oL-MCi.Smith's ib.uiid-1
.,1    j --   -       >'. -
iiigs, w;aLso-n.;t.h5;:r:o.a din !q ties tion. 1;
iilFrom C.anaciiJnj.B'ankjL'.ofh.CojSx-
rtierce acknowledgingt .deposits as
fa'llo'ws; . ■ ,	
! Schorr Account $565.30.; ,   .
,;MunlsipaI  Account..,$193.52
'•From nupciintendent. of -B. C- E-
Rl staling.tnat'cattle guards.would
ulgjt'Ke puncheon, 'digging ditches,,"t^e-en  sport  whenriit is  folfoy^d".',
Htp.i on thq Morrison road.     —J""| merely for the ^veW Vpoitiand^.
That  Councillor-Lu'Meoerg      ;jc   gport. when -it isrfoKowedJ.for'r,thef; ,'
•anthori^ed-ctp .hayeia siiiafeydr dorwhfovfe  0f    "filthy'lucre^,^190 -^o"^
ca'teu'the ro,ad,around,±he, S.weenev ' n.-..-./--. .  .   .
'Hill on the.Huntingdon road.   .. r.
J yThat ^Councillor Aish  be author-,
.Ize'd "to" pnrcfiaiie^io'o'O'^eret cb'f" lifm-
b6r| for-drainirigj'purp'o's!as -'brI(-:tKe
.Edtluff;rpad.;;bj t,j -.^r,; joi:-rp r:\vo i
i..-j ^hat; /CouncilIor./.Lund.eberg   be.
;authorized to spend a* sum. not ex?
need $25 iit"p'uttihg^h, a culvert on
.the; Feardonville -rbad. u •; -^ ,'-^"J'
.-;.lThat°Victor L^fimad:;bS'jpafd-^t)
,oni lacedunti!6f: feo^':raclr0onijTheI" lie
^e.uvri^adr^ u~i[ -'' ^-^ Y': i' Jl"
.■j.That 1 Ji :Murphy -b-'f.'c^aii"$35':0'0!
alsl payment ::o'n:'Cdri tract c6:n1d;re'eri
'r.o'adithe cheque'to-be'held^by Coun;
ci'lioroLWdeber-g- '■ u-nt:il!--tH:i*''worlt-
-bel'lrtspedted^ **:   !';°''-'i  1\"-""^
■j-That'.r-CQUriciM'or -'SafccHalil %^rjau2 ■
th'oriized -"-to remove • the1- bridge'%n'
'the iGlenmore 'road-.--*•'•' '"'■■'•   ' --1"'
''q^fote extracts from my letter wi£h^,-;.;£
loui jany^reference^jt^their, full LCQn-o.fi
;^ext wwas bad literary tasteidgepiy:
,lyv.t'o bd deplored.   I   can onL^enr.io-iO
"deayor to justifj^mxcXftFin.^.'aBJ3err.!'
:tfon! that boxing.tift>;a.-ni'manlycandid»H
^scientific form of sport" b.y^asking .Li
JH&l ;L.-   C"   to look in.any Btesrd-sJLQ
-ard jdistionary. wherein he-w-illf-ind A
..boxing  described as .thft>Iuar'fc' :>br'-'^
iskiU  of fig-hting with    the^lc:fi3tsl''-,'i-
rw,hi2h co-incides with:the:.Ia5t-pbi>-'*":.i
^t^orn  of my-  deserip-ti-b-n.^*^^ tbir-ita:"c'w'
b,eing   a manly recreation, 'all5;'thV •"
riuiii^erisities,   public   sc4i5b2B''-"'afHd1'^-^*
•athletic  associations-iirri-itfee1 -'World3,-'J
,loo"k with favoi; on boxing, antHts/"'-'"'''
fde.vote'es can be, found in the^'High-; -l-
'^^tjoffi=ialB of the church. arT^Tafra!,ai<w('2
state.     This I     think justifies 1;rne'R
•ir.Th&'vfoIib'Win^aecburi'ts wei'e'' pa'i1
sed if or payrnent;-W*ar'd':'lV'SuK7ey-"'
ing j Le' Felivre- rbad^iAldergroVe'
' oorn'ot-oi'vl    ani^i--A:lflPT'ort''Hv'^    !o*t-Jn\,!^'
surveyor1 $12 50\- &.:,W.';ii-'e:Feuvr'e;
pairing roa;d,'j$1.0.0ai"Po\vde   J~
upholding      boxingT^as1   1l,
.desirable]  art'vtb- cultivatelJBy*'; ali~ •'"
athletes,  but  I   fully  realize"({that>!'::51^
it,.is   beyond   the;   power^'of' any "
human  agency  to~'g'6t?^r^ijii^l^^102
:pegple  like  "J. ,L.
C." to under-    ,
-n.0ipin|c    atani dor sympathise with aff^ath-    , ..
^fei%; 'ge'i  feelings.     -^\^^<^,oi
,   - ■ ,.     .  .%, r   ;   .ri?2'^',4!r»'     .With apologies for occupyingjip-^-tC
E.-'G'. Phil ipsj-remov'ih'g'stu'r^p f. 9m
■rob'd,--$5.'00 ;'- 'Total r"$i2Mi\ :^ '■"" .'.'
be  installed''ajt'^thb'/varioJlis, croso-
ing3jins-aiatsqui;""Filcd;J1." , V,""//,
JFrpm;'^ E;('!W^lmo^;';j^p^ioiv.'b','i
waa j asseslStl"Tor' "73.0-f acre's .a'rid'
that the court of revision would be
lpicld  in   the   public "haTf,   Matsqir.
.jjunc S24th;[;-";A; f.^iFilea;--!'' -T- -1
j*l!L"1rpra:clj.I.;RuS^li .^eVhilbBin'g. -three
dbpics��� J dfioAlddi-rgi'o-'ve^g^avel^ pit.
FilecU:' tiirK-rcilvMsioIl L-:c!.Jco..f.
lljFrbmlosfecretar'y^'b-f- Bi 'Cr'Grbod1
'-MVard :1I,-Siirvei ing" F6\vl9s' r'b'a'd
$18."00';"Vict'or'Fergtiso.:'»' on account
Snell   road-■"contract," '$50.60; 'Caleb"
..Smith':repai.ring'road- $5.0,0; "A/ t1!'
CarmicHael • repairing " bridge      pn
tilcdhall- road- $'2'.50'; "PoVdVr,;" .account,! $20:20','- J.'-E.'/Israep/iau'.'ihj
"gravel '$1:50.- Tot'al'$100.20.; [/'//'//
"Ward  III.- ,H. "Logan: r'drfys' c.'ut'
pologies ,for occupying jo,-;
mmen  of your valuable spaee.„and    -;•
thanjking,, y op-in^ .anticipation.:: j jt c •'..^;. ?.
YourBj.--.;:;.".TOO  .'\, .:.[
.:;t',.0'.; i.U,n.:Biv.miiAO
""',"/   i;:i07jL\ ;-L*G
*       I       t
'""Th.e seeretary"of\the Mission Dis_-' ^.:l__
tric'tj B'^lar^wp^.i.l-raiJg-Uws-:.received
\voi;d from gbvernmen'; to the effec. T    ),
ting oiit^windfalls):a'-nd fillliig'-hdlc^   that It he first assistant engineer of
jio^Oj'-VVyif.'Jbhhstdnr'^ aays,';$5.0ti' the" p'l
Maple Grove LiimbbT'Cb^lHO'lS; Kj
im.dQ ■ W:: Ting)ey | H-iJOO.;^'Liiclwi'g
; Johmson-^'iVdoV AV^EVerett^t^OO"
• A-.'-McCas'kill;;$-39.'O0'-; '-Wm/-!BHidt-.$ijb'4
- Harry -Fbster,r epairinj^" t h'3L Wrrglit'
noadj $9',00;--P.^Gbhwa-y,'"repairing;
^Continued on Page Four.)  •--
ie* p'tibH^i^pr^s^dQartment    at   \\
pVictoria Vi"ir^*^s*lio^tly malce*an ex"
"aminlation of the Fraser River and
'rei^i"/: rei^fb^ Aaabflshm&nt^Qg• '^
.feri;yj a£rosscU^e,,l7rasejrI,,;|    [>p.-,,<.
*. 'It d;e:pends'^muc1i upon "Engineer
,&r)ffjith as to v^*t-'&te'iisj-the--gov-
'ernpnent wi|l[^tak.ei in ttieDmat'ter. C.
„   XXtJ"/iJJ>2lt tmg**&*
!2^.SJ+*JA *w t4\W«»
■ oMri "A. C^uickshankp^qf-Ch^Uiw.a^k
/.wa's mitowh'ffiis^vtfeky ~lc;' t^c1^-
- hist.si»ter-v-"t'«-:;--'''»";>''''-*"";':'^";";*" ""-^i- ■"/••■'•■■'-'' •
>'• 1
/jV""iaS«K 1 111  Four)  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  CHURCH  SERVICES  Presbyterian    Church���  Rev    j  ^  Campbell, B. A., B. D. pastor.   -    -  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. ���  Upper Sumas, May.29, and every  alternate Sunday at 3 p.m., ,  C. 15., Wednesday? at 8> p.m.  Sunday School ut 3 p. rn.  Methodist Church���Rev. A. D. Storoy,  pastor.  Abbotsford, 7:30 p. ra.  Sunday School 10 a. ra.  ���  Presbyterian Church���Rev. A. D.  Aider.  Mount Lehman, 11 a.m.  Pine Grove, 7,-30 p.m.  Glenmore, ;J ;Ml  St. Mathews Church- -  Rev, A. E. Daviss,     Vicar.  A b hot s lord.���  Services for July  July 10 at -2:M', July 17 at 11 ;00  am., July 24th at 2;30; July 31 at  11 a.m.  Uiuyourn���at 7 ;30 p.m.  ' HENDERSON i& TAYLOR:.. :  (Associate.Members can., soc. civil .Engineers.) :���/  CIVIL   ENGINEERS  R. A. HENDERSON  B.   C.   LAND   SURVEYOR  P. 0. Box 11        Office, next P.O. Abbotsford  VVV^VVVVVV^AyVVVVA^VVVVvVvVVVV'VVVVVVVVVVVlVVV>A/VVVVVVV  mmm-mm^^  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  tho    Po.st  ABBOTSFORD  P08TOFFICE  PubllHliod    ��very    Krldity    by  Publishing (.'oinpsiny.  A wiseUly Juurnul devoted to the Intur-  e,;t�� of Abbotsford and sun '-'Midlns district.  Advertising Hilton made know, ii up-  plleiulon.  LKQAL ADyiiKTiaiNO���12 cuiiIm per  llrie-foi' Hi'st InHurtlon, niul 8 ooniij �� into  for nil subs��uiierit consecutive Insertion-*.  Our Shibboleth���Noltlior for nor agin'  tho   Government. .  THE   MARKET.  Office hours from 8 h. m. to 7 p. m.  No 314 Mail'train from Vancouver  and east due 8 ;07;  No 307 Mini train from States due  0 ;53.   : ���  '    Tra'i;i No, 314 aouth bound.due ai  8;07;,No 308 due at 17:27.  Train No. 307 north bound due at  C,-53;No 313 due at 18 :22/  Great Northern���going north at  C;20; going south at 7;15.  Alall tor Upper Sumas every Monday,'|  Wednesday and Saturday, l p. m.  Mail for Peardonvllle every Taesday  and Saturday, 1 p. m.  Mail for'Aldergrove, Shortreed,  and Otter,Jevery .Tuesday,'Thursday and Saturday at 1 p.m.  --.t'j.1 'jk.1.  FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1910        I  BUSINESS;iblRECTORY  ABBOTSFORD.  OF  General Stores ���  Authler Bros;  D.'.W. Turnbull.  M. L. McPhee.  Hotels���  ',..'*.'���  Abbotsford Hotel,~H.' Freeman, Prop.  Commercial, J.' A. Blair^ Manager..  Real   Estate���  J.'W: McCallum." '  C. A. Suniher.  ., Western Realty,.J..J. McPhee &".W.  Nelson:"   ''.".'  Lin-djaay'Russell/C; E."  Auctioneers���-i ���   '  Lindsay *Ru8sell,"'C. E."   .'  J.  W. McCallum  Banks���-'' " -  ��� '���  Royal Bank of Canada, W. H.Kerr,  Manager,-^- ������>���������  Creamary-r-:    ��� .  ^H. A. Howe, Proprietor." - -  Hardware-and :Fiirniture���   H. .Alanson:  Butchers��� ->  J. Monkman. ,' ,  Ruthig and<!King. - -.  /.  Livery Stable���  Lyle & Anderson-  Baker, and Confectionerr-.  .;-  L. Legace..-,   -..-,;;���  RESTAURANT--.  Conrad Andersen..;:..,  Palhferc���  J. W.-Goldem- , ; .  . :,  Shoemakers���,.   . ,  M. Hauser.  Board, of Trade���  J. W. McCallum,. Secretary..-, -  Blacksmith������_;.   Stanley Ausneau.. ���  Barber.and P.ool Room���.  Jos.' Sanderson. . ".'"'  G. Isenor.  Tobacco'and Novelties���  J. V. Means.  Doctor��� i ���'  T. A. Swift.  SADDLERY- 'and  HARDW'A RE--  B. J. Gernaey.'-   - - -  CARPENTER^ and  CONTRACTOP  RrJ; Shannon,  MERCHANT   TAILOR.  T. C. Coogan.  SURVEYORS  Henderson   and Taylor. ���  The   provln^i-al   government   are  not forgetting .our Mtt'u town this  buminer.   The revenue of the town  to   the  government-is  not  at  our  disposal   but   Ji.dging   by .appearances' at least  tho 'full amount of  this gear's revenue is being spent  in sidewalks.   If .wrong  wo would  ! ike to bev corrected. ���   ���  The citizens .of our town appear  to appreciate the effort put forward to give a good sidewalk on  each -side ,of Essendene avenue, the  main i.-strefet,'*. and also -from > main  streiet towards the Great Northern  station, which sidewalk we understand will be extended to the station once the hill is properly graded  It is wonderful the difference in  appearance the'sidewalks make' to  the town. To those of U9 who use  them eyery. day, we begin to depre-  ciat3 their value, but will add fully  .fewdaty-five per jce.nt to the value  of- property in the town. It looks  go-ahlead. ' .  There'  is   talk   of  our   neighbor  across the line ilgoiag dry this fall"  and   thief News   believing   that   it  would not be in the interests of Sumas to be, a   dry town has started  in its own quiet way to educatethe  people.   Here   is   what   the   editor  has to say in. a recent issue.  -   No   legislative ^system  has   ever  been more extensively or fairly tested than' that of prohibition.   Dur-  thel ast sixty years it has been tried  on the slate wide scile in many different sections of the country and  under the most diverse social and  political  conditions, the  period of  trial  .ranging   from   thr|c(e(.   yp#rs  in  Nebraska   to fifty, three   years  in Vermont.      By   its   own  record  by- what it has done and what   it  has  not done, prohibition must be  judged.   On -every pa,ge of that re-'  cord,  from beginning  to end, are  written the words" failure,    folly  faroe.   Nowhere and at no time, in  all its history, has prohibition ac-,  complished  a single one  of its  a-i  vowed  objects.      Nowhere - .has  it!  abolished  the  liquor  traffic;"-   nowhere has it prevented the    consumption of .liquor or lessened the  evil   of  intemperance.   Neither   as  a   state wide system or under Lo-  New 'Westminster,   July   8th���A-  bumper market, one that has not  been equalled for many moons, was  what the buyers and sellers found  .when they go' in o the commodious  market. qLast week the market was  a failure because so, many found it  impossible' or  inconvenient'  to  be  present;''but this'week made up for  it.   Not  only  was  a large attend-  but there was a fine supply of fruit  poultry and moats of aU kinds.   Although no new potatoes ,to speak  of, were in sight and but few old  oldroiiiCH,-there  was, on the other  hand  not a few currants in  three  colors   and  some   other   fruits..  One of tho features-of'the-day  was the arrival of the. Beuv'er load  ed'to the gunwales with chickens  and other-fowl ��� In fact-, she- could'  hot find room for her cargo in the  ordinary spots, so -a he-was forced  to load stuff, on her hurricane deck  but as 1 here were no hurri .an:H,t'.ic  stuff .was not blown off.   ,   ,  . Tl;e rqason'/that- potatoes ��� aro  cheap is-that last-winter there was  a good demand-locally^the growers  could not find laborers to dig kthe  tubers out of the pits, so they were  not -Brought;-in accordingly local  wholesalers as well, as retail deaii'r3  .bought" large supplies in the United  State's.  '   . .  The meat supply was a 14' that one  could desire. ' There was ��� 'a" good  deal of veal and afair' supply of  pork. "Mutton was also in evidence  The following-are "the quotations  Beef, hindquarters, per lb ������'��������� 10c  Beef, forequarters, per'lb; ���'������  8c  Lamb per lb  ��� 17 to 18c  Mutton per-lb- ���' ���-- 15q to'16  Veal; large,per. lb ���-��� ���'-.��� 9 ,td 10  Ve-aL medium,'per lb'��������� 12 to'l2 1-2  P6rk< per lb     '  ....:.'...:..: :  15c  Egga,'retail; per'doz -������'"  ioc  Eggs, -wholesale, per 'doz--:��  33c  Buttfty wholesale',' per lb     25c  Butter,"retail, per'lb'--   30c  Fu\vl, per doz '....'....'-...:..'..-..: ��,; to $9  Chickens, per;do;z, ���.-���..-.... $5. fo $7  Broilers, per doz '���  $4. to $4.50  Ducks, per doz -."- ��� -. $7    0   '$ 10  Potatoes,ne'w',per "sack $1.59 to $1175  Potatoes,'  old,- per   ton ���-   $10  Strawberries, per crate  ���-��� $2  Raspberries, per crater --���-' $2 to $2.25  Gooseberries, per lb      ���  6c  Red Currants, per lb ���-���'��� ���  6c  Black Currants, per lb'  Gc  Cherries, per'lb   6c  Onions,- per  sack'' '-���- -.   $1.50  GENERAL MERCHANTS  ���>WMWMU��aMlMBMlMftMBM��MliiMiw.��*��-M..., 1    |||1|T n��fWBT1W11IC  Only first class '  Groceries,  Dry Goods,      .  Flour, Feed, and Grain  Boots and Shofes  Kept in stock  Essendene Ave.,  Abbotsford, B, C.  J. GERNAEY  Manufacturer and Dealer in  Light and Heavy Harness  Saddlery Hardware  . . MEXICAN SADDLES       '     HORSE CLOTHING  'When do you intend to purchase that new set  of single harness?  \ tMfWilMBBEgga \  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  AND   ' .'a  TOURING AUTOMOBILE  We can give you the best of attention at Reasonable Rates.  . Our New Touring Automobile is in great demand.  Wm. LYLE  Stables on Essendene , Avenue  ft. J. -Shannon  ' Builder and Contractor  .Rough and Finished Lumber always on  hand  , ;. Estimates furnished free  Abbotsford and Mission  Turnips, per sack ���  Beets, per sack  Parsnips; per sack ���  Cabbage,  per  sack  Carrots-per sack *-���������  '..  o���  50c  75c  75c  S0c  75c  cal   Option  has   prohibition 'ie.\wj  ^**^<^*^^��^^^^#^^4^^^c^##^^  ������  v  .ic  'if  ABBOTSFORD,  BAKER  Bread, Buns, Kisses,  Cream Puffs   -'���;:,.  Wedding Cake a- SpeciaJty^  ABBOTSFORD, b; G; |  made the slightest contribution toward the solution of the liquor problem. Tho one .solitary'service it  has rendered to society is that of  furnishing a ��� warning'example of  the folly of -attempting to legislate virtue into other men's lives."  " The following gentlemen will  goto Victoria' with the deputat.un  for" the Sugar' Works,--Mr. Lucas  for "Agassiz, Mr. VVindebank '(or Mis  fion City, Mr. Kearn for Cloverdale  A. R. Pearca of Vancouver is in  town (enquiring for lots on Essendene avenue.   *   Miss  Edna  Boyd  who has  been  attending   coL'ege  in   Toronto  arrived   hom'ej  oh  Saturday last   to  spend the holidays with her par  ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank-Boyd.  Mr. Anderson of Vancouver sperft  a few days visiting with Mrs. Eby'  .. o   J.j'W. GOLDEN  Painting    j  Paper Hanging  Decorating j' *���:'���  Sign Writing-���  Kalsomining  .Graining    l "  ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  CANADIAN  FAIR' DATES.  Winnipeg 'Industrial Exhibiton at  Winnipeg, July 13" to 23.  Inter-Provincial    Exhibition,    at  Brandon, July 25 to 29.  Saskatchewan Provincial Exhibit  ion at Regina, August 2 ito 5.  Stock  Show and  Race Meet, at.  Edmonton,  August - 23   to 36.  Canadian National Exhibition at  Toronto, Augusc 27 to Sept 10.  Dominion Exhibition-at St. John  N.; B., September 5 to 15.  Western Fair, at London, September 9 to 17.  Central  Canadian-Exhibition   ai  Ottawa, September 9 to 17.  ��� Provincial Exhibition,"New Westminster, B. C, October 4  to 8.  SHOULD RETURN THANKS.  (Kincardine Reporter)  .' People who get mad at what the  newspapers say about them should  return t.hanks three tirr.e3 a day for  what the newspapers know about  them and-suppressed.    ,    .,  ; Mr. J. J.. O'Sullivan, of New York  has been/ staying "at the,' 'Abbots'  ford Hotel for the, past few days.  He is greatly*, struck with^ the position and possibilites of the town  and may make an investment before leaving.  ' *   INSURANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  Mr. J. J. Sparrow has purchased  iXrom Mr. J. Olsen two lots .and pool  the'Valley can be, canvassed during the next few weeks and the deputation made as representative as !  possible.  n is k^wwj <-i   4.' i.^ ^*��i�� ^.. "��� "'sen \.wu lOLs.ana pool  ?L- v T u he remaindc' of   worn on Essendene avenue, next to  ,th.e Abbotsford.Hotel where he in.-  tends, building to conduct a whp:e��  'sale and retail, flour and feed busl-  ���iness. ,  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acreage or farm  property  ..see ;J   ���;  The Pioneer Real Estate Broker of Abbotsford  '{  %  1  i  I  k  4  i  i  ^1  ���  M  1.  'I  I  m  '%  w  I  ife- mnmttwm  f./;'.vi  Ma.;  f'.v'f0,  ;"',ri��  <'#;i  ii.,  i.  'I,  I  $.  ft��>  {'.,.  ^  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,    ' ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  THREE  SPEAK' KINDLY  HOTEL  J. MCELROY & Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES   AND    CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,  CITY  ��� caastf  25KT  ABBOTSFORD,  B. C.    '  ���  Capitaipaid"up7$5ro00,000. '  Reserve Fund, $5,700,000.  Total Assets, ,1570,000,000.  A general banking business transacted.   -  '   SAVINGS    BANK  Accounts opened -with Deposits of $1,00 and upwards.   Home Savings Banks issued.  Banking by mail given every .attention.    We  have correspondents .throughout the .world.  GEO: H KERR, manager  To Farmers and Fruitgrowers-  G. BROWN & CO.  1048 Westminster Ave., Vancouver, B .C.  See H. Alanson's Show Room for  ��� '        Mowers, Rakes and Hay Tedders, Cultivators &c., ���  Lumber and Farm Wagons.  DAIRYMEN���Write us ra the Hazelvvood Milking Machine.   We  have now 7 milking plants working in the vicinity of Chilliwack.  H., ALANSON, Agent, ABBOTSFORD  orse I ourm  Owned arid'operated %' H. LJ Nicholson of 'Matsqui is  " Never oilt of order".  Travellers and small excursion parties taken' /wherever  they wish to go. Will meet people from Mission at the  C. P. R. bridge.   Call me over the phone at Crist's store  MATSQUI,  NICHOLSON  B.C.  e  Our "Want Ad." columns are  steadily growing:. as people approbate tholr value., (  They help one 'ovor many of  llfo's difficulties.  Have you'sot something? you  do net need, or need something ,  you have not got?       (  ���   Oo you wont to 'lend, borrow,  buy or sell 7  A Want Ad will do the worn.  aiivassers  Next door* to Post .Office.,  Elbert Hubbard, of (h.) Phi'istine  says;  ,' Should the Angol Gabriol come  to me and/in a confidential undertone declare that a certain man,  or any man or any angel was a vi'  lifler of ths/ truth, a snare to the  innocent, a pilferer, a sneak, a  robber of grave yards, I would say,  "Giabriol, you arc*,troubled with incipient paranoia���1 do not believe  a word of what you say. The man  you meintion may hot be a saint  but he is pl-obably just as good aa  you or 1". Ir< fact I think he must  be very muc't like you, for we are  never, interested in either a person  or a thin'g that does not beai'somc  dii'iCicL relationship to ourae'voB.  Then Oabri/i, do you not remember  the words of Bnhop 'Ik-gum, who  said that no man'app ies an epithet  to another that cannot with equa  truth be nppiiod to hini.se.f. Wuur,  wo romon'ibor that hoarse guttiu-a.  i-n- oi "Away wiJi him,���a way with  him !" and when we racall that some  of the bos: anil noblest men who  have ever'lived have been revi.ccl  and traduced by so-called good inon  ���certainly men who were sincere  7f-how can we open our heart's to"  'the talcs of 'discredit of any man?  Hubbard evidently believes that |  no man should k'nock any other  ir an or company of men; every  man no matter hi3 profession or  oecupaiioin should know'his place  in the community and keep it.  THE  SACRED' DAYS  The 17th of March and also the  12th of July recall dear old Ireland  St.  Patrick's birthday,  ths'patron  saint   o!.Ireland:'and   William  of  Orange and the battle of the Boyne  the wearing of. the. green and the  wearing of the orange I;is well no'  doubt.to keep, in memory, the good  deeds  of our fore'fatherJ and     to  speak   the   praises   of   those   who  have, goris, .before.    ' Patrick'-' was'  ��� aYpreacher of. the gos'pe1., a,lover of  peace and a gcodman   -He b.-ovght  Christianity of the Pauline type.to  the beautiful green isle, "Erin-go-  ���bragh,"   and   the   superstitions ' of  the inhabitants,    "who     like'    '.he  natives of    England ' and Scotland  were heathen; -' fled "away on' 'heir  ���reception of ,the/gospel:" '  It'is said that ' the' shaken fled too  .and never returned:'. Happy Erin.!  Patrick  brought' freedom  and joy  to';t;he  people .of the  land of the  Shamrock.      William    of    Orange  came to. Ireland many, many years  -after  Patrick���in : 1690���on1 an  errand of peaoc( too although he carried a sword and-robe at the head  of an. "army/ an army of Christian  soldiers',  some "Catholic   arid some  Protestant,' names' that "came  into  existence  long after" the 'da>*  of Patrick, and long before the bat  tie of the' Boyne.'   William was in  .yiied   over   from . Normandy '    to  lead the"'British'forces thai' were  fighting'against a'king who wish  ed to be an absolute -monarch' aiid  to rule'tha peop.'e"without any reference to the, Hou3e of Parliament  The 'Battle of the Boyne was the  decisive 'battle in favor of' ' tlier  rigfhts of the people' and of their  13folitical   freedom,    a freedom     in  which Protestant'- and ' Catholic a-  like equally rejoice.  A* ^Pro<;estant" is   literally   , 'a  person who objects t oand speuk'.-  against what ho thinks to be w;;;mg(  in the teaching or life-of others,  and in this same sense every Christian whether English or Roman is  a. Protestanf?.   In*   Canada   we   are  a.im'ixed people and need to culti-  vate   the;  things   which  make, for  'peace,  the  great   things  of  faith  hope and charity on which all agree  ignorance,  Prejudice  and   Bigotry  are) an evil  brood and more and  more  as   true   religion  progresses  must give place, to Knowledge and  Justice   and  Tolerance.   In   essentials let there b eunity, in non-os-,  sentials, liberty, and in ail things  charity.   We   are   fellow-traveUers  on a short journey.   . We " eannot  afford to fall) out by the way.  | VIDEO  EOR SALEr-Portable bake oven  capacity 120 loaves per hour.* Very  littljeuaed, cost new $150, f.o. b. Van  cpuver $100.   Enquire at this office  . inmr.CTmaiMMgMiaai^^wMMty.WMfijMiy����! ffttintl  HOTEL  ABBOTSFORD, B.-C,  I  Strictly first-class in every respect./The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  i  ( RATES, $1.50 TO  $12.00  PER  DAY  *auj*n QMCTWfcttitMKCJUM����  H. FREEMAN,  PROPRIETOR  i, ���..������ ,:.v,,;,.:nrTirTT��bsi  CjFive and ten acre blocks of  the very finest land irirB^^  -,.....��� ,.. J:   ; ..;.   . .,-' i--jyv^-f. :  One mile froml ^bfcbtsforcl  stations of the B. G;E. Ry;.?  G.N. Ry. and C.P.Ry." and  on the Yale road.  GlHS  per acre-on easy  terms.  j  j  imam  ^f I will guarantee this as a buy  bti which you can j double your  money m one year;!  WRITE, WIRE OR COME AND SEE -ME  C. SUM|NER  Land Exchange Office    -    Abbotsford, B.C.  I will not sell anything'but what is value for money.  !!  [i  I  tit  ''  '*��� I  w  1  it  Al  I  - FOUR
TJ^L! U.ML,'. „ r~ J-r
All kinds of fresh meats in season.
•  ."*** ' . '
„'/,. „,   .,.. ,,.nl< *,Wc deliver the,goods.  *.,
' u «tM7oui>yii»>ij>.e«iVM.nswirj«Mii>w
' " <        i ' r •      i /       "* .
.'■'■■'. i . . ■ •. ■>
, .     By buying one of our Screen Doors and a window or two.
'    Our Stock and prices are right, and you will be suited.
'." »■.'    ,f ' ." •'       . ■ '■'.■" \
/       Leave your order with usffor  Binder Twine   sblJ  at /very,  low
!,(       price and for cash only. ,
In!Dish Pans that  sell at 75   cents   there, is still   e window full at
!■'        50 cents each.    Don!t miss this bargain. ,
h Milk
■ i;j  15 quarts, $1.00   Delivered twice daily from
/,a ,v :;,. ....,. J!une 1st. 1910.    Apply,' - ■:v-;-i?;;.;./
Harrop Bros.,   Lythwood Ranch,-   Abbotsford
.Our cows are specially selected and quality guaranteed..'   - r
; Good cows always for sale.
Social and Personal.
;         °—"V |    I- :'..
Mr.' C. Keir who was on a wisit to
Mr. J.. A. Blair this week returned  home  to-day. ---.--.  - ■'■
Miss Campbell of the Abbotsford
Hotel made .a visit to her parents
at HaWy on Sunday.; . [   ..... ,.
Thursday evening the Abbotsford
Lumber Company/.engine washing
ing some-cars-down to-'the s'tatidn
and while doing so had the misfor-
tun/e io^hav^the front!'wheels   of
on,e of ItheiCcars' ifjump \ .the', track?'
It was'4bou'f-6 p.m.   If was not for
long though {hat thejearRemained
so,  andthe'v" .all  say_'thal'.iengirieer
has been haTppy ever since.
Onie of our citizens who w.as visit
5  p.m.  train. •  	
Don't  you  ihink      "Silver Tips"
looks overworked at time.-!?     Poor
. r,       ■  »
(   I'
'-■"  i.
,5       I   '. \ ■v____0-.
Lindsay Russell's furniture sale
■on Tuesday, afternoon 'was a* grand
■.success; our.'citiz&nJ-'and friends of
the surrounding district taking.the
opportunity to snatcH'up (he bar-
gains..»:'. i f .; ._. v -
fMr. "Ooli.i Frasec has baen ar>-
pointed^, assistant \to .Mr. Clark at
the C.   P. R.. station.
R.  Farfchlntg, of'\A)'de>grqve  wasr
in   town   Thursday.    ' ° Same" old
"Bob." ,
 o  i \>:;/-\
Mrs; D. Nelson and Mis-j Hiflhivs
started a hospital at . New Wes.t-
mi,nater. Both 'are well kn(own
here. *;
Mr. J. '"^.(M^eajl'um wks'in Noqk-
sack, !Wak.', oin Thursday."
Mr. ^Lindsay Russei: went 'to the.
coast "an Thursday evening to attend the niai'ket at New Westmin
ster  today.
LOST—Either "between Aldergrove; and Abbotsford or Abbotsford antf'iCJiil'J^icK;^ a" i'triped
coat containing a fountain r\-<n
a   bank   book  and   a { pocket-book
\% Chilliwack, ^or atf Commercial Hotels Ab-
botsfoird.   Reward for return of the
coat aind contents, $3.00
Glasgow, who-don't-know Glasgow? *;Well he is an independent
sort of fellow. This week he was
going to VancouveiyWnd la friend-
in consideration for a small favor
offeir&d to pay his expenses which
was ^mph'aiti'ca.Hy   refused.
VbrJ Sjvift/h'as.pl'aced.his now g.;sc
line launch on Sumas Lake.
f.  Mr: S'. J, EaJ'esi.Hasjth,el umber on
the ground for his new house.
Maifsqui   Hotel
This hotel has been   thoroughly '
renn'ovated thrCughout and-is now
open to the public.-'' '■'■ •   •
•'   The ■' Bar  it stocked' with   the
choicest wines, liquors   and cigars.-
-  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day .
SAM GILES, Proprietor !
an application will be made, under
Part V. of the.'"Water Act,'l909,"
to obtain a' li-jcns-j in iliij", Chilli-
wnc'k Divi■»'.''>,n 'of tha New \VcHt-
minster   District.
(a.)   The name, address and occupation   of   the   app.'i'jant,'   H.    A.
Howe, Abbotsfoi-d,' R. C.,' flaw  mill
jinaniigcr,       ' .        '
i   (b.)   Th'c nanic of the lake, ttroam
!or '.source, ah unnamed spring n.*»-
jing in tlie N. W. 1-4, Sec. 11,' Tp. 13,'
il3. C. M., with'irLtlicV limits of    the
•V. V. & E. Ry. R .0. W. • '    ' J
;   (c.)' The'  point   of   diversion,' at
the southerly boundary'of the r'f.,ht
",'of way'cf >the V.'V. &'E. railw.ay. "
j   (d.)   The1' quantity   of water' ap-
[plied'fo'r (in cubic feet per second;
'l-lO cubicl'fbbt.' ""     ' "' ' ' ,:'' '   '"'!
;'   (e.)   Tho character'of tho proposed  worksj pipe line."' ''"    ''' '"
(f.) 'The' premises 'on which' tho
water'is io be used, Pine Grove'
■Lumber mill and premises,'situated
vin. the 'NV 'VV.> 1-4, 'Sec. '14, Tp !13/ ""
,' (g.; ; The1 purpose's for which the
"water is'to ^be'used;''water supply
[and'.pond for "mill:1.'' .' •' ' V ,- ''i'«
\ Qi). lArea'of'Grown land iriterideil
to' be occupied->by'• the. 'propost-d
■works; none'.1' i •' - ; '■'. ■ ''( -'
-. (k.) This' xiot'ice was"'■posted;' on-
Ith'e- 25th. day of; Jun'e;"1910^ and ap-
Iplication will ibe '.mad'e^tq^ the Com-;
[missioner 'on the '27th 'day 'o'i^'J lily,
IfllO. ■■ ■.'■.;" • ■.:-•».■ ■■'•.• ■'
;~(1.) • G.iye'the'names and'addres's--'
os. of "amy'riparian" proprietors'.'or;
iie'enaees* whOi or whose.;lands .arc'
likely,to,be affeeted^by thepropo-a
ed.AVorks, either,-above or below.th
putlqt, none., .-i, ;•;.- t-,n ;.-.'    h'< ■■
[ ;''.-• '-HENRYi A.'-HOWEj ��:• v-'"i
; : ., , '»<.: ; ■A'bbotsfbrd;' B.; C.-'
;' July 1,'1910.-.j ' :-" '»*. ■.'O.^il :..'
^    ! • ;'jl   ' lA   _1_1 o———"' •- "l"i-
It maybe hot today and cold tomorrow but you
, wilI- rieeUta; wear ,'shcres. all"thel same.   .We"' ma:y:" not.
sell shoes as- cheap.in -cold-weathep-asr now?	
,  Here are a few Hot Weather Prices:'   '    "■    *
';•■■, •    ■ ft'., '. ,,'.,..,'.'.
;   '   Ladies'Canvass Shoes; reg:; $1.35 now 90c ' ' (
1 "  -Men's-     //  • "       "   ,    1.76-"-1:G0 ""
_    Ladies'.Tan. Shoes  regular  3.00.^.2.45 .    ..
Men's ' "       "          il       4.85' " "3.95
(*■ ?
Just a few left at' above prices so come, early
. Essendene Ave.
I" -)l
■ 1
Abbotsford, B. C
,.';——O-„:—: o' '•.
The B. C. E. R. have1 abided
Name, d,n jbaiik   bo;bk,< Al j
Finder; please ,at P. j. Hart
build their ncv^ stationWTthe' cdr:>,
(heir pi Ra'iCway'and VHazel istreets'
.• v.---,-,'    iL^i>Q-i ^- '>s--  » ^r-
Mr. H. ( hapn an'had his first fire
this   weokl..He   soon  had   it   under
c on tVol.-->.",;'
''•'■-'•-•^    —o—
Mr. D. W. Turnbull was in Vancou
ver-this-week-on business.'    "  *
Mr.  and Mrs.-gythfirbyy returned
trQmryaxiero;u>;eri VVednesday [eve.
i MatsquiiCouncil!.v.|t» ;■
-v *	
Mr. Bernard McElpy o;f Clover-
dale ^was jilv t6wn on' Wedne's^tlayj C
V *	
A number of th,3 Orangemen of
Abbbts'fbrd '.went tb]'Hammond}on
the   12'th.   Good   time   reported.
' Mr.'F. J. Haft, "Mr. A. Purvis'and
Mr. Tennant of Westminster went
.through  Abbotsford, -.yesterday «pn
'their way home from Chii.iwack' '
Mrs.^Eddy and littl&fdaughter ,o \
Westminster were in/ towh.on^TuCi
day  visiting Mr. Eddy.    '
;•     «"V ("V_J_*r.'l,.;,J;.^<.S.s/:;
MlsB;06i;rAlder^whofn,as'/be'en at
tending high school in Vancouver
is. home for. the? holidays.1 b'V ;.i ■}>]
■Rev.^A. E. Daviss Intends takin<
an  extended  holiday
. "     J  o— *"'   •    • ;      •
, Watch  Abbotsford  GROW! - - -•■-.
Mrs.   Jones;  mother   of  Mr
Jones is visiting her son here.
|,\L'i(ttle. iknnic McLeo'd  of Vancou
\Vkfa-'a! gdest  ^i.th Mrs. Milstead
■- tit- r'ft'f
Mr. Q^GflBjir^n/imaWigD^^.
Mr. Lindsay Russsi:, compbt'jd the
;^le: P,h 7/ipMi ?&.#Wy*.*yw-i?$%to
NT" "S. Tretheway at'a goad fi<nirr
an application will.besinade? ^under,
'Part V.'_qf the,' "Water'.^c't,,1909'.^
to .'obtain.a.lipe'nie ,in   .the.' '.New.
Westminster Distri2t.   , i ,  .  .
\ (a.) The. name,.address and.o.qcu-
puticn of'the 'applicant! E."M,..Curr
os.' Huntingdon,   B.. C., Pa,rmer,
J (b.)! The'name: of; the,lake, stream
or s6urce,lMar9hall Ci;e'e'k..' '(      '    "'
j (c.) ' The po'nt,!,. oK': \ dlvj'erBion
where creek crosses north line, of
night"of way of/thB.'y'ey Road, on
section line between' sections ',-3
a'nd 10 in township 16,' New West-
minster 'District.
.J(d.)   The''quantity 'of1 water ".ap'-'
plied'for (in cubic'feet per second)
four. • v-
v    ' ..        • '', •- ,,;|      ;   i>ini|..-;,',iii
<-(e.)   Tha character of the proposed works', ditch.'   '. '. "' '   ''  ' .'" /
v Cf.)' The- premises'" oh. which*  the
\<fater is'to be used ('describe'same)
S. E: 1-4'ahd South 1-2 of N. !E.' 1-4
of section li',  township la, (   ,Ne\v*
Westminster 'District.    '' . ' "" '     ' '
>.' (g.)   The; i u'rppses 'for whicht. he^
water is to'be used,'watering stock
and  irrigation'.v ',  ' '.''        ,    '
'(h.)   If 'for irrigation describe the
land Jritended to be!irrigated, giv
ing; acreage, ;Sf kl-1 and' Soiath 1-2 ,.,,.. ,
of N: E. lJl!|Ofi:Se^.ll!,;Township;16i  scrapers purchased $2.00; C.-.M. C
New1   Westminster  'District June  salary $20.80; ,..P.oatag.eji$ 7.60 .
aei-M ! ' ;- ■■'   ;'-   ."•"'■ =■■■-'■■'   ''■'■.'   '•    'Renders—Work 'oh jiGlea/rfi road
. Ai jj. Carmicha'er$25bid';* V. Lehman
';. i
'(Oo.ntinued  from PJagel-'Ony.')
Wright roa'd,; [pM;: J.'-Corira'y* "(L -
'pairing :" Wright' road1 J$l'.00 j'-SpikesV
"^b'blts * etc;.5..'$i!0'0;;\Gr.a'dirrig.,iHar-ris
froad Wm. Elliot $105.75 ;V.^Ne}sq,B.
4 days all $2.50; SlOf.OO^iMr^TBeh^iier.1
'G'-dayS'-at $2.50, "$15.00; F. Lancas-
"te'r[ 7t day's^'at $5;00jnP. Lancaster,
'16' days'at* $2V50r'$4o7oO;v,Totai"-be-
v, 'Ward IV, C. R. Crist-$1:25: Maple
0*rdve Lumber company'.'$19.45; R.
'Beaton  4 1-4  da!ys: a\'' $6.00, $25.50;
'O. Soremsen, 2 days at $6.00; $12.00
S:-Hunter,   3   days   at   $2.50;, '$7.50
O". jSorenson  9.; 3-.4.. da-/s, ;at $6.00"*;
$5S.50; C. Sva^J^l day>-^!0N0;O. Sor-
ehsein 4 .1-2     days at     $2.50, $11.25;
W. I EKiptt,   grading   Harris   ro^adi
$105.75 ;   A. _Ej'erett, j)lqwing_Har-\
'ris road^9\'00^'"#s..Ei:i6t\road fwork
,$196.62. Total"$44^82.^       	
The, Columbian, Company $16.30; B.
plan-;.p^.dis1trict4.|p1tsi-,45. andj^O^ont :''
north'line of ""district lot '45 to "tl\e   ,'.
ndrt1h-west.vcprner'i o:fJ district   lot    !"
'   . ■ • * ^.        i    v \" *N '• f' ' ' ■
407 is nereby cancelled." [.
;; iA:s' 'thus'1 amended ■ tho <bylawVw'as'   j \
^pu'h.throygli;' theAf inalj stiagap 'and ' I-'
the-reeve, nnd'clerk, ,\\<ere'authoi'-iz » [
ed lo &igh the same, and affix cor-    ; i
pjratc fseal.        I       ]..}■ •
The reeve and clerkrWer,e-insti\uc.'
ted to borrow $2000' from" the 'Can- f
'adiaih'-Ba'hk'of-'Cb'm^erce. ior: two- ^
months, $1000 of whi'jh is to be trand
ferred to the scool board account.
The j;council-then   adjourned • to "*
i j
meet jji thei muncipal hay.o'ri Aug
ust 6th at 11 o'clock
.0 /V.     ..  ■
i >.
,'Xk.)'; This''notice'"was posted'    on.
t^e:27th^ay36f'^unoyi9^oV.and apV
plication' Will be.'macle^to the'Com-,
missidher'on tne.27thday'of; July,'
iom • '.' •'   ■   '•■'   ' l v   ....,>
0. Gazette $21.0.0 Westminster^reS3
$35.50 ; FrasejrJ"Vid^ Record'01.50
C. A. Society"$21.5*0'; Balanee'due for
scrapers purchased $2.00; C..M. C.
A B. C, E. R. car arrived on, Tucs
day evening with -the carpenterf.
who are to build tha Abbotsford
(': 'e: M. CURTIS,
\   •'  ,,  .-!, Huntingdon/!B.'C •;
July. 1,. 191^';;o:r.,..,;",,,...o! i-'l \r-:v.
. vMrs.;Ju ,h JSpdrroW* is -vis'itmg in
Kamloops with friends.
;$195i00; A. E. Gledhi'-I; $175.00; tho
latter was awarded the contract
time  limit 'two\.m.o1n'Bhs'!T ;■'"'*;'
'     ,: ' V   ' v -;'- "^ ■■'■ '' ;
Victor LehmanVwasjawarded -the
contract on the LePe.uvre road for
>for $325. Time limit tji.r*e;e;]m6nths^(.
:-' Tlie Bates road by-law was, taken
up' ind amended by cd inpv'lie5f Vl-^
!lbwlng; 'That part   of    tha    road
shown on a registered sub-division
Thef'results• are out;io^the'*'qrlal
examinations  for entrance  to, the
, i   v     — I   <    I        ■    \       j      t. 1
high .; school\ and/ ,the',-: resu-ts
show that.dutVpf 3211" pVifiiis /who
tried »the, !<exarnin(at\ons o^ljf 156
less than fifty:.per cent^were,1 suc-
successful iri-securing thfe' required
number of marks, entitling -tnern to
high school;privileges.,--,,...,'„,. ....-i
The following were successfui,;
Stave River,-l-wrotje,1!-'passecl~
Donald  H vGi;1christi;/ *'].'':' ^ ,u  '"
PorndAle, ^,;,wr.o(te. a^d|^3' :jj^s;!o l'
—Millicent 16. ■ Tunbridge,'^ 712;-' E vas
M. Barr, 017,;, Evelyn $'?$. jVrer^heVev
597.      !; . v"-- >■■ v<?
ii'      .-toiv cr.'.-ct; t;i'.v t'-". r* .;v A
Clayburn, 2 wrote  and '!■ .passed^
—Laura ^P\iry.cr,G00///'i/i\-[/^L/:>::2:
Matsqui,  1   wrote   and  1   passed
^Campbell"; d. Watson N627.
Mt.'Lehmah," 1 wrote [and 1 pas-
. sreci-riThom,as.; JTHompson>
The highest number of marks obtained was 773
ij a
■ Vi
■■  W
i»&rv**i* crv-*x?r* c *t ft >.»rtn* i
■i"M i«v«".M \#vnoK **ft »«.vt V^it"»»pB^!-# «W tm^^rfiC •^^nff;*J*M'";'''jf rCtiM*


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