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 .../^  With which is incorporated "The Huntingdon atar  Vol. XL, No, 12.  ABBOTSFORD, B, C. FRIDAY,   -JANUARY 7, 19lK (j> **������g5**8  $1.00 PER YEAR'  Kcil Cross Work  A' few odd lines of seasonable  goods to clear- at greatly re- ���������  . duced prices.  Girls' Bearskin Muff and Scarf Sets, regular  $1.50,  for. $1.00  Girls' Bearskin Tarns, regular 75c for 40c  Child's Bearskin Muff and Scarf Sets,  for. .'.,40c  ' Child's Bearskin Coats, $2.25 and $2.50 for.$1.75  Child's^Bearskin Coats, $4.00 for ���������, .$3.35  Ladies' Knitted Wool Caps, reg.  $1.00 for. . .75c  Ladies' Knitted Wool Caps, reg. 75c for 55c  Women's and Misses Knitted White Wool  Sweaters, regular $3.00 for $1.5.0  Ladies' Shopping Bags, each 15c  Japanese Table Mats (5 in a set) per set. . . . ,. 10c  >-��������� i  Tlio local branch of tho Red CK-.js  workers resumed their work on ' -si  Thursday quite a uumbor of workers  wero present in spite of tlio in**k*m--  ancy.ol.' the Avcafhcr. A number; .of  pairs of socks were turned in from  homo knitters who cauuot atleii/I  the work meetings. Another shipment of goods will bo ready to{_forward in a- very short time. Mrs.  (Dr.) Swift sent a cheque of .^5 to  he forwarded through this society to  prisoners of war; ,$25 donation was  also sent to same fund from this  branch; also sixty dollars to the general fund for hospital supplies making a total of $110 for tho Hirst  week in tbo New Year.  PERSONALS  Gazley Block .  Phone 4 Abbotsford, B. C. |  J^iSiiiaix3Ss^u^SSSmssasMs������rsfSssti^2^^S^msisixsti!^.  Bs&zsasfsssxxiiss .f^  Your Ad. in This Paper  BECAUSE THE BIGHT PEOPLE ARE  LOOKING FOR YOUR AD.  If you COULD (although, OF COURSE, you  can't) stop, every-mail yoifmeet on ,the streets  asd ask: "Do you want to buy a pair of shoes?"  (Or any other kind of goods) You might find  half a dozen who would;say "Yes." Perhaps not  one of these, however, would want to buy the  article you want to sell.  If your advertisement, however, were to be  printed in these columns this week, it would  "stop" EVERY MAN IN TOWN WHO WANTS  TO BUY SHOES, OR CLOTHES, OR . ANY  OTHER ARTICLE���������and it wouldn't "stop" anyone who didn't want to buy- That's the beauty  of the advertising way of finding a buyer.; The  ad. finds the buyer through the simple process of  being easily and readily found BY the buyer -  And if, among the prospective buyers of goods,  there is one to whom your goods would be a bargain, and your ad. is a convincing one, you'll sell  what you want to sell.  (THIS SPACE FOR SALE)  BORN���������To Mr. and Mrs. i<\ Uibsou  daughter.  Mrs. J. L. Campbell was a visitor  to Vancouver for a few days last  week. ���������  Mr. M. L. McPhee was a visitor in  toAvn last week.  Mr. and Mrs. J. .K. McMenemy  and family spent New Year and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Thomson at  Langley Prairc.  Mrs. Lamb has gone to Vancouver  to visit her son  for  a while.  The Abbotsford mill has shut  down for about two. months for repairs. In .the meantime the people  are making use of the lake for skat-  in.������*  School has again opened but "'many  pupils are, absent ou account, of a  regulr epidemic of mumps.'  The concert and dance given New  Years 'eve by the True Blues proved  to be a grand success. Especially  the dance as all reported a splendid  time and igood music. - Those who  stayed for the dance thoroughly enjoyed themselves and kept it up till  4 a. m. Although it was to be the  "Ladies Choice" after midnight, they  seemed too bashful and went back  to th'eold  routine.  Man litis  Zeigler   was  a  visitor   to  to New Westminster last Friday.  ,Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clark entertained some of their friends New Year's  night.  - The Fancy "Work Club met at the  home of Mrs. Wilbur Longfellow on  Tuesday cfternoon.  The W. A. of St. Matthews church  gave a card party and dance in (he  Masonic Hall Thursday evening ali  present having, as usual, a very enjoyable   time.  Mr. and Mrs. A. M. King entertained at whist on Wednesday evening. Six* tables were ' played, the  ladies prize was won by Mrs. Barrett  and tho gentleman's by Mr. Mor;;an,  while Mr. Smith received tlie consolation prize. Among those present  wero Mr. and Mrs. Kby, Mr. and Mr::.  Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Mr.  ami Mrs. McMasfnr. Mr. and Mrs. W.  Longfellow, Mr. and Mrs. McMenemy^ Mr. and Mrs. JEJLL1I. Mr. and Mrs.  Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, Messrs  Weir and Messrs Downie and Morgan  Miss Trethewey of Vancouver is  visiting will-:-her cousins here.  A parly was given at the Manse  on New Year's Eve. Those present  bad a very line time, but on account  of the bad weather and so many other social functions several of the  the-Young People Society, were com:  pellecl to be absent. -  Mr. and Mrs. L, Murray gave a  party and dance at their home Thursday evening.  The Ladies Aid of tlie Presbyterian church have commenced their ten  cent teas".' Mrs. McGowan ia to be  hostess/assisted by Mrs. Ware and  Mrs. McMenemy (at her home near  the lake) on Thursday afternoon and  evening from 3 p. in. to 10:150 p. m.  on January. 13'.' There will be an informal programme in the evening.  Mrs. Lowney entertained at card'.-  ou Wednesday evening.  Mrs. Crawford of Clifford was visiting Mrs, Fraser on Thursday.  Ou public schools opened u Monday with Principal Sutherland. Miss  Thomas, Miss Laxton and Mrs, Green  at (heir posts. The cold weather has  lessened the regular attendance of  pupils.  Mr. McCullocb is greatly improved  iu health and strength and may he  about  again,  soon.  Lives there a man with soul so small, - ,_  Who never-heeds his country's call,  Who'd serve'his nation not at all; * -���������  Sly ml idly by and watch her fall-? ��������� ������������������  Then hark! hear-the call from the trenches -    ,-���������.,.-.  Echo .through the future dim;  - .-  Scourging the Slacker, with soul so slim;  Shame to him? shame������shame to him!  Pin. Morris Freda, from 'Somewhere, in Belgium" who left with  the 6th Co. Divisional-Engineers, writes to his uncle Mr. u a.  Christ^   from which wc,quote the following:   "1 have-met a  rouiicoV hundred fellows 1 know, outside of the Queens bunch  TheVe. seems to be half of Queens University, here, but there are  si-ill quite a number who could and should come.    Ihey will be  the or.es to tell-us later ou.what mistakes we made and how,  the thing should have been done.    For myself I prefer to be nere  and'make "the base-head plays-instead of leaving it to some  other fellow to do for me."  Do you remember lie clap 1 to  you about who had his ankle broken m toot-ball last tail^and  then had his leg broken while we,were bridge-building m Ottawa? Well, he blew into camp night before last; his leg is still a ���������  trifle weak but doing Que; and he has got to the iront with the  list of us after all.    I wish some of the other fellows had one-  tenth of his sand; they would be signing on in bunches for they  sure are needed.    But the day may come when every man that  is fit will have to pack a Ross rifle, and I should think any one  w6"l<? r?thev join of his own free will.    If that time comes, they  may have something Jo kick about, for, they won't get used as  we are, Cor we have certainly been treated "white.    We have  nlpiity woollen .underclothes, shirts, in fact, all a man really  U*xl for his comfort except some would like Macdonalds chew-  inr tobacco.    It's often as.much as a fellow's Hie is worth to  smoke at night; you are courting death if you light a match for  the Germans never miss a chance to take a shot-at you.  "Conditions in the trenches are not as bad as I expected to  find them but the country itself is certainly on the blink. I can t  begin to describe the destruction you see everywhere Not in a  hundred vears will Belgium remove the scars ot battle But foi  ourselves there is just enough going on to make thngs interest-  ?n- and give life a little pep and keep a fellow on a nice edge.  We arcseiicrally 48 hours in and 24 out of the trenches These  builf of concrete and we remain in them during the day, but ..  a night ge go out in front in charge of working parties of infantry and then we see some great fireworks for the-Germans are  constantly sending up big star-shells and by thcii��������� Ugh try a  shot at us If thev come too fast wc drop flat and lie still foi a  bit Some of the nihavc come pretty close but an inch of a  s is as good as a mile. Oh! this is the life! There isn't a spot  onearth HI sooner be than right here while this war is on. 1  hd"., chance to go to the heavy artilWy but I stay right here  for r don't believe there's a liner bunch of fellows on God's green  earth, or a happier. "  "We have huts built for us and get back to them about every  (bird day. We have a sieve iu ours that heats'the hut up in no  time.  ��������� Wc havr- j.isi finished a 76 hours shift on a rush order for  smoke bombs and we sure bad a royaUimo. We did a fine job  and got great praise from our headquarters. rn-i  ' "\V( '-OOM ~o\ us-'d io ihe sound ot shot and shell. 1 think  il js r'-oiug to h������n fight to the. lininsh with the Allies, or win; I  do noUhhik for a moment that any terms of peace could ever be  acrcp'i upon now, for Germany has gone too for ever to expect  uiiv sort of arrangement that would be acceptable to her. So  i'i's men wr- ri^d now and it's about time somebody was giving  soiii" of iliebovs a thump on the back to waken them up to what  is jroi'i-on 1 know there are lots of boys who would come in a  minuTc'tf thev only realized how badly they are needed Gee!. I  h-,i:-> to think what .the-little1 home, town would look like il a cou-  ulpof these bis shells struck it. The members ot the basy Club  won't have such a good time if we do not come out on top in this  war."*  Flo Charts Stokes writes: 'We were going along and fteard  a shell coming and we lay down and. it busted right over the top  of" us bi it we "got' off withou I a mark.   When we were coming  home (boy started to shell us again, so we made a bee line for  an old house.    I guess they saw us go in for they sent over about  50 but il r-'tart<>d l'o get too much like war so we slipped out the  back'way"one at a time, and after we were all out the wall we  had bpcii standing behind fell in, but all those little things go to  make life worth living.    Charlie Bray is in the hospital for a few  weeks    He is having his tonsils cut out.    We expected Duke  Keeves and sonv of the other bovs down this afternoon but they  did"not come. Had a letter from Fred Plumridge and he said he  saw .Horace Card at Folkstone, and is looking fine, and expects  to come over again in April.    We have four kinds of wounds  Mushie one is when' there is not much hopes: and a Blightie is  when you pc! a nice, one iu tlie leg or arm and. get to England;  and'a Coushie, one when you only go to the hospital for a few  dVvs    Herbert has been transferred to he artillery.    He has to  go" to England for six mouths.    We expect to go on leave a-  bout the middle of next month.' THE ABBOTSFORD POST, ABBOTSFORD, B. C,  ���������^������2*:  THE ABBOTSFORD POST.  Published  10very  Friday  by The Tost Publishing Compjuiy  A weekly Journal devoted to the interests of Abbotsford and district  Advertising   rates   made   known  on   application  Our   Shibboleth���������Neil Iter   for   nor   ajytin'   the   Government  .  ������ J. A. BATES, -"-      -.     ,   Editor and Proprietor  FRIDAY".  JANUARY   7,   1 91 0  Have you broken that New Year Resolution yet, or did you  make any at all? , , _     ' .���������,..,..^  ��������� The fruit growers of this' district have an opportunity that  should not. be overlooked by them, as it is an oportunity to  place their business on a better scale than' heretofore. We refer  to the inquiry of the Economic and Development Commission  recently appointed by the Dominion government. Last week  we published some of the points on which this commission were  desirous of securing information; also stating* that they had received many communications directing its attention to', these  matters of public interest.  One-of the greatest matters of public interest in Canada today or any future day will be the agricultural interests, and this  commission want to collect accurate and reliable statistics relative to the agricultural production of the Dominion. The  great object of this, as we gather it, is to formulate some kind  of a system whereby; the producers may secure definite information so as to get the best out of the land that is possible, and  the best method of marketing that produce, whether it be grain  or fruit or any other product,of the soil.  Then comes the question of long-and short term,credits;  the important matter of co-operation; the question of protecting  both the producer and the consumer; the question of settling  the vacant lands of Canada. All these questions are of vital interest "to the fruit growers and farmers of this district.  This commission should be made acquainted with the difficulties that the agriculturist meets with in this western province  and more particularly, the Fraser Valley and its markets.  There are many men in this district who are thoroughly  familiar with the difficulties of raising fruit and the marketing  of it to advantage; also there are men who know some ideas  that if put into practice would lessen the difficulties of making-  fruit raising :a success, from the point of yield, marketing and  above all, the securing of the proper financial returns.  We believe that-all this information should be placed before  the Commission in Ottawa during the present winter; but there  is the question of the best method of doing this. The growers  cannot send a man to meet the Commission except at great er-  pense.to themselves, and then that one man might forget for the  time being some important points; they cannot ask .the Commission to come here for a' sitting as apparently thet Commission are have the sittings at Ottawa.  The next best thing we can think of is for the fruitgrowers  to get together, form up a true statement pf the difficulties that  are met with���������a satement of the business as it now stands���������and  send it to the Commission. Suggestions might also be made as  to the methods that might be adopted to improve the situation.  So far as we can learn this is what the Commission is after.  And although many of us may not have much faith in Commissions and their results, yet no opportunity to improve the present  unsatisfactory conditions should be overlooked.  Other agriculturists than the fruit grwer, residing in the  Fraser Valley, have their difficulties to be met, and a statement  of affairs should also be placed before the Commission.  Think it over and have a meeting at an early date.  No wonder some of our public men sometimes become tired  of public life and wish to retire; while others do not wish to devote their time to politics. Cartoons are all right but sometimes  they are carried too far. We have in mind one a few days ago  in a Vancouver morning paper that is certainly obnoxious to  British Columbians no matter what their politics. It is labelled  ''Sir Richard" so there is no mistaking for whom it is .meant  We presume however that it is by such tactics that the Liberals  of the Province are without a daily paper in their interests in  Vancouver. ���������  Egypt has now become one of the puzzles of the situation.  The stories seem to be circumstantial enough that defensive  preparations are being made there. The size of the army is variously estimated, but an army large enough for security icannot  be a small one. And while there amy be many doubts as  to the intention of Van derGoltz to harass Egypt, there is no  denying that the Turks have the will to do it. The opening of  the road through Serbia and 'Bulgaria means, Whatever happens,  that Egypt is laid under threat; and whatever England might  have left unsaid about armies that were too late in Belgium or  armies that were too late for Serbia, no excuse for being too late  in Egypt would be taken, and no government had better let itself  in for the necessity of making such an excuse.  Already the damage has been partly done, for if Dutch  ships are sailing round the Cape because they will not trust to  the risks of the canal, risk must exist for other ships than the  Dutch, and we need not be surprised to hear, any day, that British trade to and from Africa is again following its early paths,  on the long journey around Africa.���������Beck's weekly.  Many people look upon Monday as "Blue Monday", but not  a dark day is there in Bro. Simpson's Mondays for that is the day  The Victorian is published; and he publishes an inoffensive paper full of news.  A dejected Tommy was struggling in an unsuccessful attempt to clean his rifle. This is what he is supposed to have  said: "Well, of all the pullthroughs I ever pulled through, I  never pulled a pulthrough through that pulled through like this  pullthrough pulls through." Say this fast.  Well the boys are still in the trenches-  Christmas can't still be quite over.  -so we presume that  There are quite a number of people who think that their  day's duty to the country is done after they have paid the one-  cent charity tax for their evening movie show.���������Exchange.  GAY DOINGS AT CLAYBURN  Old Year's, night was a gay night  in Clayburn. The boarding house  being decorated for a marriage festival, and tables laden with a splendid supper for the' wedding guests.  The happy pair was Elia Fisher  Brown, from Musselburgh, .Scotland  and' Peter 'Mathiesen, ,Clayburn, Bo  C. Mrs.. John Ford, Clayburn, sister  of the bride was best maid, and Mr.  Stcneren, Matsqui, brother-in-law of  the bridegroom was best man. Rev.  Mr. Millar officiated and the wedding  ceremony went smoothly. Mr. Andrew Brown the bride's brother also  residing in Clayburn gave the bride  away. Clayburn has few young men  nowadays���������most of them being' on  active service (all honor to them).  But any young man .present at the  wedding -would I am sure have been  only too delighted to fill Pete's place.  It is not evrey day one sees such a  beautiful bri.de. Her dress of old  rose silk most tastefully made and  trimmed and orange blossom in her  hair only served to enhance her looks  They sure wore a.handsome couple.  They delighted the hearts of the  company with their radiant happy  faces. The bridesmaid's dress was of  tussore silk. After the ceremony and  when everyone had congratulated Mr.  and Mrs. P. Mathiesen all sat down to  supper. It surely had been a' labor of  love. It was a .feast of beauty to look  on the tables alone and everything  that willing hands and loving hearts  could do had been done to make everything a success. If the mother  and father in the old country could  but have been present they would  have rejoiced to see how many true  and faithful friends their daughter  had made in Clayburn. Well after  supper speeches were made by Mr. A  Brown Rev. Mr. Millar and replied  to by the bridegroom. Then the tallies were cleared and moved to make  room for dancing and the dancing  was godo. Mr. D. Lamont gave the  company great pleasure by dancing  the Highland Fling and sword dance.  The New Year was brought in by a  crowd outside with crackers and a  band composed of old tins and cans  of all descriptions. After the commotion ceased they all came in to  wish the married pair much happiness. Then more dancing and the  most delicious coffee, cakes, sandwiches, .wines, etc., were handed a-  round. About 3 o'clock it broke up  and everyone departed home leaving  all kinds of good wishes behind  them. For presents: they have been  ovewhelmed with. them. In fact, they  wil.l have't have-Jigger house. There  is no room for parading throught the  night in their present house. It is  overstocked with handsome presents.  The wedding cake three stories high  was made and presented to them by  Mrs. Stenersen, Matsqui. It was a  dandy and -was greatly appreciated  and admired. The other presents are  too numerous to mention. We will  now leave them with all good wishes  and may good health and good fortune follow them all the dys.���������Communicated.  ELECTIONS IN MATSQUI  Election talk is vigorous in  Matsqui and it looks as though  all the offices to be filled will be  contested, and after election a  few changes may also be made.  For Reeve the name of Mr. A.  Cruickshank is again mentioned. He has. had a fairly successful year.under very trying  circumstances, and wishes to  carry out the work he has begun. Ex-Reeve Merry field's  name is also mentioned, as is  that of Mr. Jackman; while  the name of Councillor Melander and Councillor McCalium is  also spoken of, and was practically announced that a few  weeks ago that either one of  them would run, but not against each other.  Mr. Nels Fore will contest  the councillorship of Ward I.  with the present councillor Mr.  W. Elliott The contest should  be a hot one as Coun. Elliott  has a good grip of municipal  matters which should help him  and Mr. N. Fore is popular on  the prairie.  in Ward II. it is altogether  likely that Coun. McCalium will  run for councillor, if his canvass shows him that he would  have better chances than as  reeve in a many cornered contest. -He-will not likley be opposed.  For Mt. Lehman ward Coun.  Owen is again in the field and  the ratepayers could not do better than elect him by acclamation.  In Ward IV. Coun. Melander  will be the Candidate if he decides not to run for reeve. He  may not be opposed.  0 IMJW'JWfl  ttzammvarvctm*  Drs. Gilbert ��������� Ma^a-^derson  British    Cotunqbia's ___Le_gjjj^g.       Dentists  *'���������'��������������� 1  '-"'I  .'A'* I  ���������J*-���������  W'J  m  A' I  ���������rt I  ik'MtrnxuaiUEHvaatfaKsaurkaoj  tacs^atTri nnar tnainaji  WHY PAY ItlG DNNTAL CIIAItGKB?  You will more than save your faro to Vancouver by having  your dental work done in our Vancouver ollices. We have  special arrangements TO SAVE YOUR TIMID. ��������� Not more than  two, days aro required to complete your work. ,  OUR PRICES ARE. ABOUT ONE-HALF THOSE CHARGED BY OTHER-DENTISTS.- . '..  All work GUARANTEED and performed WITHOUT THE  SL1GTEST PAIN. ' .   '  ?CQ  Sficond Pfoor, Qatninioh Bi&q. ZtMhatfinqs St W. Cor. Camh'te,  President, Chas. Hill-Tout   Secretary, N. Hill  of Abbotsford, B. C.  Meeting Held First Monday of Each Month  Write the secretary-regarding manufacturing sites  with unexcelled shipping facilities and cheap power  or information regarding the farm and fruit lands of  Wit-he district, and industries already established,  J  DW.QL'^Wri5Cl'������*-SS,*7--^^  A'WASH   IS A JOY  when one's bath room is rendered  luxurious by our ornamental and  open work plumbing. It's an artistic triumph. Have the bath room  a joy. Let your plumbing arrangements be as santitary as the  latest developments of the art will  permit.    We'll show you the way.  WM. ROBERTS  Plumbing Shop  Old Creamery ������31d������-  Abbotsford  (tt  =S\   Nothing  will  "add more to  the pleasure of the friends and kinsfolk  at home.  THE ROYAL STUDIO . *BTcOR������  ���������^i  30  <5?  ?Sn  See me now about that Insurance  I have a large and splendid supply of  '  Raspberry Canes for sale at low prices.  Finest quality.  Abbotsford Jilfc���������t-*'44.It.j->,  y.,.  v.mj  r^;/  !ifi  l"i  '^���������1$  1;;  '-*'.<���������  W   9  ���������V>-j'.ffl  1.   1'  &   7'.  -WHS  ���������"���������WTO  If  w$  ��������� .)������  ������'f '���������������������������  I V-  1 -,i  ^ym  ���������*> fifi  ������''/.'  -ilS  w'  ���������/"/ flttj  mA'  '^JgH  If  V  THE ABBOTSFORD POST, ABBOTSFORD, ������.  C.  ^i9)  To assure patrons of, printing a thoroughly appropriate and artistic product  requires both a theoretical and a practical knowledge���������in other words a mental  conception as well as... a practical one.  Both are at your service.  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Our  prices for this kind of work is cheaper  than in the cities, and the quality of paper and ink is just as good. No rent to  pay is part of the secret.  BATES, The Printer- JOB DEPARTMENT  The Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  PUBLICATION  PRINTING  We have unrivaled facilities for execu-  ing all kinds of Printing, as is attested  by the large amount of Printing we have  handled in the last seven years. Quality  of work unsurpassed, and delivery in  time assured.  BATES, The Printer���������JOB DEPARTMENT  The Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  1  ��������� <i  Proper - Publicity - Proves - Profitable  Hub Square  aces  Mission City  PRINTER AND PUBLISHER  mvrmmmnvnim J  THE ABBOTSFORD. POST, ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  ^  i  p!.v,-,������a������  '<*!.  ������*���������*  What  is the  8   W  nre they?  who*   <"aii's  Mr. Yenny is scik and Mr  c.ie is talking his pla.cc.  P. Run-  Skating is good and is enjoyed by  the young people these daysv'aiul evenings.  The Abbotsford lake is frozen over  and affords good skating for the boys  and girls. ',  JS;ivo  Any   1'ipe  Dreams  ���������On  Lvmbcriicr  Uc:.* tiers will probably got some  sensible editorials out of (.lie Sumas  Snows now.'that if is a dry town, as  ���������Herman scientists say a'fellow cannot have any pipe dreams on J."ym-  berger alone.  HANKY IIAMMO.ND jMAPJiK JlllKiii  The Red Cross sewing circle met  on Thursday in their rooms over tho  harness shop.  A social was held in the Masonic  Hall on Thursday cnvening by the  Young People of Abbotsford.  The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian  church met in the home of Mrs. Kennedy on Wednesday afternoon..  We are asked t oconfra'diet the report that a consignment    of    glow  worms  arc  en   route   to  Abbotsford  to lrepace the present lighting of the  town.        , o        .  The Presbytery    of  will   hold   its  regular  "Westminster  meeting    on  Tho. meeting" opened with a statement I'rom ��������� Reeve Lougheed as to  tho financial status of tire municipality giving the assets as $300,000  and the liabilities as nil. Going into  details, he explained many points, and  answered several 'questions asked of  him showing that the affairs of the  municipality are in good'shape. He  explained again the securing of the  water privilege for the municipality  ���������which he had been instrumental in  obtaining and -which,.was secured to  the municipality for all time: Mr.  Wiler, -whom current report says is  to be a candidate for Reeve providing N. S. hough cod will" withdraw,  leaving a clear field. He paid a compliment'to the items given by the  reeve, but criticised him on the assets and salaries which lie had omitted and said that be (Wiley) did  not count, the cemetery and the road  Tuesday next, the .11th at 10 a. m. in. roller and other municipal machinery  Chalmers   church.. Vancouver,   when; which the- present council had    inn-  cha.--.ed and land ior, as    live assets  (laughter)  as tlie reeve had describ  the members-wil^'ote on. church Un  ion.    The   returns   from   concregai-  ions show the following results:.  In  Favor -Against  '35 .....,: '. '-      9  T>: Mission Fields    3 student fields    ' 1SS Elders    2 690  Communicants  ....  782 Adherents    1  (  1/  1 13  13S9  3 56  , The officers of the Red Cross desire to extend to the Abbotsford Post  the compliments cf the season; also  their thanks for the "courtesy" and  kindness in publishing all the details  of our Red Cross work and-everything  inconncctionwith.it. (Signed) Mrs.  F.J. Boyd, President; S. A. Parton,  Scc-Treas.  Tho above note was handed our  voung reporter and on the corner it  was marked "For Publication". The  Post wishes in turn to thank the ladies for their thoughtful ness in sending the editor cf the Post the kindly  greeting'.    The editor appreciates it.  MARRMCI.) at the home of Mr. and  Mrs N. C. Fraser on California St.,  on January 1st, 1916, by Rev J.  Thorburh Conn, Frederick P. 1-1''".-  sen to Helen Christina Hcndrickson  both of Matsqui, B. C.  ed them. He then thought there had (  been lax maun semen f in. road-makiug ;  saving thai the road supervisor had;  been "paid ten per cent of all expeu-j  diLure on roads, while he should havcj  done it for five per cent. Hfc criticis-1  ed severely'the method of road niak- ���������  ing in vcque. claiming that it .was j  y complete failure, throuf.h being:  performed in the -vv-rong time cf the  year; and "ventured the opinion that  in the whole of Maple Ridge, or indeed the whole province, a group of.  men could not'be found who could;  show as little benefit for the money!  ���������expended, as our present reeve and j  council, and it is time for the rate-;  payors to wake up, and secure a coun-,  cil'wuh brains. (This sounds a little;  obscure; as the money was not spent j  on reeve and council: but it sounded  V.n* fresh from tlie spout.) .'Just here*  a voice colled "Will you come in and.  provide the brains?" "No." replied,  M<\ Wilov. "hut if I were looking fori  ���������municipal honors, f should prefer (he;  present reeve to anyone I know as an,  opponent.'" ;  i   I  .���������How About Your  CTFM'l  fcwlll ^ I  kTlfYh  <S  '^*K  xTtm  A' FIRM   IS.OFTEN  JTDGKD  BY ITS STATIONERY.    WHY'  IIA VE      C H EAP      PRINTING  YVlJiON WHEN YOU "(JAN  0>:T NlUT FEINTING DONE  ������ON GOOD PAPER AT THIS  oi'TI(% AI-MOST AS- CHEAP  as plain pater. bkjlng rx  y:ctk okders for '  -  tiHALh 1THE SUNDAY EVE  (From  the Fraser Valley Record) .  A small fire was discovered  under the saddle shop of Mr. G.  A. Abbott., oh Sunday evening  last. It was seen- in time-or it  might have been very serious.  Willing hands assisted in put-  tin?; the blaze out.  MISSION PERRY SERVICE  .*..  H  *w"������3A  w-n  TtfTJi  es,  >p  ?  11 Heads, -statements  ices,  ������els  .&  9  v������  AS TIHS PLAXT IS-THE. 0X-  EAr UP-TO-DATE PLAKT 13  THE DI.STH1CT ORDERS (JAN.  BE PILLi-in WHttTIIKK ��������� JUti  OR SMALL, AX I) AT PRICES  AS RRA'SONAIHi'E AS IS- T-HK  CITIES JUST AS GOOD AS  WO UK TOO.  A LARGE     '  IP   YOU   HAYE  ���������8  ua  'odger '  tt  CAS  BE 'DONE-AT. THIS  O.PPICE ON SHORT NOTICE, ���������  HAVE THE FRASER VALLEY RECORD.  TO YOUR  PR1ENRS.    $1.00 Per Year.  SENT  Across 1  'raser River at Mission  Leave Mis  ."���������ion  Leave Matsqui  Week Days  a. m.  p. ra  a. m.  ���������-p. m.  7:00  1:00  7:20-  .   1:20  7:40  1:40  8:00  2:00.  - 8:20���������  2:20    ���������  .   8:40  2:40  9:00  3:00  9:20  3:20  * 9 : -10  3:40  10:00  4:00  10:20  4:20  10:40  4:40  11': 00   ,  0:00   ,  11:20  5:20  1.1:40  5:40  11-: 45  .   5:45  Siin<iA.vfl  a. iu.  p. m  a. m.  p. ra.  (���������  1 :00-  1:30  9:00  2:00  9:30,  2:30  10:00-  2:00  10:30  3:30  11:00  4:00  -11:20  .   4:15  11:40  4:30  '11:45  4:45  WANTMI)   AIMM/US  VOK   CANNING  Will give $12.00 per ton, delivered  at Wharf for shipment per S. S.  "Skeena". The King-Beach Manu-  'fficfnring Co., Ltd.,' Mission City,  n.-c.  FOR SALE���������An absolutely new  McClary Range, Four Holes, Warming Closet, Oven Thermometer, Reservoir, etc., at $32.50 cash;.also, a  Double Bed and Mattress, only in use  G weeks. Apply Rev. J. C/Mittou,  Abbotsford.  "ROUGH ON RATS" clears out Rats  Mice, etc. Don't Die in the House.  . 15c and 25c, at Drug and Country  Stores.  iKTRl^algl^ialHl-giaiaiaiiMlgtMiMigiMTg"^  $2..">0 buys 1000 prhifed Kn-   ._  ���������vclojjess  ^J������7^ pays    ^5-    50<)!^  Eirvolopcs.      Those prices  arc:  good for halanee of tlais month, j  Some Resolutons That  Won't Be Taken This New Year.  By certain   Maiden   Ladies���������We  will  forget that  1916  is  JONES.  Funeral Director -,  Furnisher of Funeral Supplies  Phone Connection. Mission City  iMHSKl^lM^iiMMlSlISSlMJli  S  .ign-  By the man Who Invariably Sits Behind Us���������I will never  .        ^,.e ^, ������ Tr> ! discuss mv household affairs my opinions on politics., sport, busi-  -->-  ^rad^    rLOUK; ness, the war, and the mayor., while, an act is in progress. _  *������������������*���������'- By tll0 Ka3ser--That I will make a personal subscription to  UKsisi 'the starving women and children oC Belgium.  Bv President Wilson���������Thai J. will not write a single note.  By Sam Hughes���������That 1 will not say what I think, regardless of whose corns are stepped on.  By Henry Ford���������To have-the boys out of the trenches by  next Christmas. .  By Sir Rchard when lie goes lo London���������J wilr forget the  province of my birth.  "By John Oliver���������i will always maintain that the financial  i condition of this province is O. K.  i By B. C. Cream���������I will never run.  _r^^__^^^^^^^������^^r^.-^ B*y  thellyphenates--l   will   deny  the  German   blood   that  '^M^^^^^^^^^M^^^m  nows through my veins.    J will be true to the land of my adop-  .^a.^,���������^---.. . I iioj^ nf_ niaj������t(jr whdt hai)Ijens._not so loug as Germany can pay  HUGil Mc  General Blacksmith  And Horseshoer.  are alwavs kept in stock in our store -?mtl tiie -prices  are always consistent with first quality.     1 here are  no better flours' milled  anywhere  than' oun,     i ry a sac;-:.  IS YOUR HOME BAKING A FAILURE this cold weather?  ���������if so, get your bread, or cakes, fresh from Our ovens.  Flour and Feed  Fresh Groceries  ALBERT LEE, Grocer  ABBOTSFORD,        -  B. C  fijf^^^Mff^i"f^^^m^^SSi ^^  "���������^'i^-a^^SSS^^i'SSK^ flie price she docsfor spy work  -While there is life there is  A  Pork, Mutton, 7*eef, Veal, Pork Sausages,   Wieners |  and Balogna always on hand.     Fish e/evy Thursday |  . M. KING  BUTCHER  ^^^^^^^sssmmmm^iMi^m  I  A j  ABBOTSFORD, B.C  Strictly first-class in every respect.    The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50 TO   .$2.00   PER   DAY  A. J, HENDERSON 8c SONS PROPRIETORS g  jy the Municipal Candidates  a (ighing chance. .  Bv tlie School Boy-   I like one day extra io be thrashed this  vear. ' , ,    .  "To be successfui the woman physician must be good-looking." says a Cornell professor, thus handing the hook to the old-  fashioned belief thai a slight knowledge of medicine was also  necessary.  ELLiOTT"HU:xM"TOR ���������..-,.. -  ,., .'���������.' COUNCILLOR AGAIN  There was some report that  Councillor Elliott for Matsqui'  .Would not be in the field again.  Couii. Bilioft was seen ��������� a few  days ago in reference to the  matter, and he wished it to be  known'that he was in the field  against all comers. He had a  notion to quit but his many  ���������friends wish him to stand and  it is only after studying their  request most earnestly that he  dicided lo run.  Robson Bros.  Poultry Tonic  ���������and���������  Lice Powder  Abbotsford Feed Store  ������sat-  (SSS/Q  rr:ififiHASii\a- morses  VOR THE .PRAIRIE  Horses will be horses pretty  soon, as the Irishman would sayl  The Valley is again the head-j  quarters for a number of horse'j  buyers who are shipping to the;  prairies, and have laken some!  of the best horses they could j  Report has it that some hand-j  fjome prices are being paid.  Farmers' and Travelers  trade solicited.  ���������Newly. Furnished  Thoroughly Modern  iRPHY,  PROPRIETOR  HUNTINGDON, B' C.  ������9lUW.MW,IMi������.UJ.������.UW*������������������������������M^l������J1������V^^  m  EEHBgaBESgBEgferi^


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