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 VJi������������*r*J I*  ,���������y, ���������.>.?���������*> .-Ja^ '  ^  it'1  to  i'  ��������� -1  M  :l  7,  I  H  HI  I*  11  hi  Vol. IV.; No. 9.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1912'  8 $1.00 PER YEAR  uk  ���������u^iUHUMn MMmImmi  ^ 9^? <^? cf������-? 9j������f v^? <*-$? <?#? <*$? ^,- <$? <?$? 9ft? *?$? <$? <^T 9*^ <?������* ?f? <"$*? <?$? <$? <"*f? ?������/** "?jk������^  ?$'"  *  *  ���������������������������������  PROBABILITIES  Snow, Lee,  Rain  and Sleel  On many   a   City  Street.  | Abbotsford as It Appeared in 1910  CERTAINTIES  Your feet will never care  If McCready Shoes  you wear.  *  .J&.XLro     b*e  J  Bind  %  of Winter serve only to demonstrate the fact  that'   surpassing   Leather   and   Y/erkmanship  ������|tj  have made        "  McCREADY SHOES    '  INVULNERABLE TO WEATHER  h������i������.   ---   *-f-���������  Sold only by.  Compare It With the Present Growth and .Watch Future Developments  S4*5>  MATTERS   MUNICIPAL  In Matsqui-municipality. there ap-  FINE COURSE;OP LECTURES  Under  the management '���������* of 'De-"''; ,";*'  ;.T;IIE LEAP YEAR BALLL.  "IN. MAPLE";LEAP  HALL-  .9���������___  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  pear&ito'cbe-every'iprospec^^  contest for the reeveship., Mr. W. ' Scott andProvin-cial-'Arohardist,R.^Majaie" Leaf/HaU*?Ml'l;i^qnday,-\Jan-'  Merr^f-Vejd  wh/o dials   been ,reeve ��������� M. Winslow <a  -series. df, ' lecture "\Ua*ry ist was a   grand succes8;an"i,  for some years is a   hardt .man .to demonstrations in -fruit, arid veget- "there- was ".a   large   number  pres-  oust from office should he'decide- able growing w"ill be held through "ent to participate in .the first ball  to again, stand.for office, and he is out the district.   This- p   articular   of, the. new year.'   Everett's orclies  it is understood in the' field .again -jounse will be under the direction ' tra was. responsible for the  good  ^_^���������^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^v^^���������-. -;,      Mr. J. Hargitt a   farmer welland of the horticultural branch of ..the ' music / -         ��������� '���������'   '    ' \  l^������o������^!^C^^^^^^S^^^^S$^$$^^^X2  ravor'ab]y known  on  the  Matsqui department  of  agriculture.   Dates      One. good thing, always leads "to  prairie  believes he" would  like   to and places have been arranged as' another,and now the ladiea of Ab-  become reeve; in the mcantimD- as follows;                                     .'       ���������     botsfor'd, are,-going to give a leap  heisaws wood with his gasoline en- /Aldprgrove,   Motid*ay, ..January ' year ball on the 12th; and oh! ye  gine  he   is  evidently   considering  the  matter.   Nomination   day   will  make his decision public.  So far as is known to this paper  it is not likely there will be a contest in wards 1. and II., but in ward  f  ^  -'"���������grg'&-&s*-K'"s^^  Men's Hats, Stetson  13.99  !5, 1912, 2 p.m. ,,   *   ' ; bachelor men, watch out, for you  Abbptsfofrd.. Thursday,. January ' will be  loyally  entertained.      In-  lb, at 2 p.m. ; ; vitations are to be out in a day or  Not only  fruit and-   vegetable ' two.'- ���������*..._.  growers, but all agriculturists will '��������� 0���������'������������������-' ''*������������������" '-'���������  find the lecture on soils, cultivation  IV.vthere is hope of a   good lively an dplant growth, of value to.them  fisrhi.   Councillor Aish.is in the run Short courses in fruit -arid veget-'  again, and our old friend Charlie able to< be held under the direction  Bell is   talking   about   taking      a of the horticultural branch of the  MATSQUI  PUBLIC   MEETING  The public meeting at Matsqui  on Friday evening last was an interesting, one, although all were  not present who were expected.,  Mr. J. T. Aish. explained  to. the  We are going to take stock and before doing so would like to reduce the amount of goods  ������n hand and are prepared to sell at reduced prices  This is an opportunity to secure  ��������� reduced prices  nmcmwotf  W  chance.   He is quite popular for   a   department  of agriculture   al; ���������'  new man and might give "Mr. Aish   Aldergrove,  Monday,   January   15,  a   nice little trot  for  the  desired  Abbotsford /Thursday, January 18   mppM_ _ fW .. a . .    ,.���������    .,  ..Kn������a,rsnW At Aldergrove, on January 15, tha ^ "J- ^V^���������"*     Y~  In ward III.'there is also rumor pprogramme will be; Pruning De- ^'"S*0 do with the govern-  of' a contest Councillor Cruick mqnstratiori, M. S. Middleton; Soil  shank is in the field again, and cultivation and fertility, JT. P. Car-  there is report that Mr, Ware.be- p'enter. Evening���������7;30 wmall fruit*  lieves he would like to be council- culture, J}F. Carpenter;.8;30 ren'o-  lor for that ward.Should both come vation of neglected orchards, M.' S.  into  the  limelight  of  publicity  on   Middleton; 9;30, illustrated lecture.  Abbotsford, on January 18���������Prun  in demonstration, H. Thornber; soil  cultivation  and fertility,  B.  -Hoy;  Monday there should be an  interesting contest. ���������' ���������  For school trustee there are all  kinds of rumors. One' is to the effect that .William Elliott the Laid  of MaLsqui will be in the field, and  rnent money on the roads. There  was an impression that the--govern  input 'handed the money over to  the municipality to 'spend, but it  was not the case. The governn-  ment grant was spent by the gov  ernment under the supervision of  tlie road buperintendent.  Several good speeches were de-  fruitgrowers vegetable .garden, P.   l>vered  on municipal  matters.  E. .French.   Evening, 7 ;3C, culture of  fruits, B. Hoy; 9;'30,  grafting  and  another  that  Ed.  Dalt'd-n-     would buddung demonstration, H. Thorn-.  like to see what young ladies .are ������������������ ������������������   -to be hired to, teach the young iiea -Mr# Bime Black from Vancouver  and then .there is another  report was jn town on New Year visiting  around that'Q-eorgeDuguii will be ������ his old friends.  in'the field if no one else wants to ������������������o _.  run.             Monday tells the tale. ���������,,'��������������������������� ".  In Sumas the big fight is for the . Mr*. H!5tor McKenzie was a   vis   'Clari'ce   Trdthqway; -jMiss.  Boyd,-  -'iNTTiRTlINED.- HER   FIENDS  Miss, Alder entertained a party  of friends at her home Thursday  evening December 28th.  Among those present were The  Misses Hilda,"Annie, Mabel and Set-  ma  Nelson;   Annetta,   Emma   and  =J  reeveship and it will in all probability be between Mr, Atkinson  and the present reeve. Both are  good men,'good runners and equally good on the platform and Sumas  municipality is fortunate in having two such men for the chief office, in -municipal affairs.  itor to Vancouver this week.  The  public schools  will   reopen  on, Monday, January 8th.  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Kerr moved  into-, their new home on Monday  last.  Miss FraBer; .Miss Bailey; Miss Mc  G-owan and-Miss Grayce Mc Callum*  The Messrs Boyd, Barrett, McAr  thur; McLeaa; Scotsvold; Bellamy  Chamberlain;  Drummond;   Donald  son; Muirhead; Baker and Fraser.  Refreshments were served and all  had a   most -enjoyable evening. THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Published   every   Friday   by    the   -Post  PubllsliliiB Conipi"-:'.   .  A woeiay.JouruaLdevotcd U> the-iln teres ts of Abb'ot.sfo'rd and su-w.-'Mialns nlB-  .Advertising- Rates rnmle'know.    Ii application. ������������������        -  UWAI. .ADVI-JRTI-S-INO���������12 contB per  11.0        ll/l-lHOl.t lllalllltld  OOOOCX30CCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   here,   to-day   -  and you   wore doing  ������   it.ijuBt now."   She addressed them as  O  THK  BACKiVTOODSJffAX  By ArtoiP.-S^j'mcnr  O  8  ooooooooooooooc "���������"���������on-'-'Oor: c oo  men   would.-.addressMraen.   -She  used .  the  language .and the' tone--that.. Bill:-.*  Kylo .-might have  usc-d. ���������  "It's  the' girl  of Cornelius  Corran:,'  certain ' suspicious,,   he   scratched   a   tnat's  talkln' there, r-ali  right,"tirnura-fv  ���������3K'match and dropped It upon,->n consider-   bled ��������� the  tall   man  at,. George's--side. -  TZZi������s'^z":rz^::::\i^**���������������������..������ .*..������������* ���������n:-o*. .,,-,> .w a h������.M ������������*������ ���������������.  Our SMtrtaleth���������*STeit"Uer for nor agin'.J; tho trunk had Bhed at Its  Impact on talkln' to men."  the   Government..                                       & the' platform.-'," "I   see   your'e   lookln'   at   thorn  {    The experimenter's suspicions wo.ro things." explained the -governor,- Justi- ������������������  confirmed:' fylng  himself . and, his  friends: *   Her  }. The black stuff '"flashed" with ������������������ vi- indlguant   eyos   were   rlashlng .froms  clous   hiss,   and. fire   ran   aiong   the embers  of   trunk   to  smoldering, ,ap-  trall. parol on the.wires.    "Them ain't an-  "Powdcr!" yelled the man who had tics,   Miss   Clare.-   It   was   accident.  ���������convinced himself. Tho dude's  trunk got blowod  up."  *���������    The station agent saw the chasing       He   pointed   to   the1  foroBter,. who  serpent of  the blaze just  in   time  to stood apart wtlh certain poor salvage  throw  himself  over  tlie  edge   of  the In   his  hands.u He 'did  not  make  a  platform   and  duck   his  head.   There  waB  a  breathless   Instant,  every  eye  In Kyle's crew on the trunk; and then  the fateful piece of baggage exploded.  "Erupted" might ,bo the, better ,word.  Have a^prosperoiis New Year by; purchasing; a-set-of Single' or: DouM&H&r-  ness from-" -  S"0  ffo  Tue  P  m  nn  SOI  1  I  3  4  5  fr  LZ  14  21  8  9  10  If  \l  13  fiS|  16  17  16  (9  20  n  23  24  25  26  si  26  w  30  31  Bi. J.-GERNAEY  P. O, Box 45  Abbotsford, B. C.   i ,!i ar. aiaar J,.iuaxmn'  trm*+y*vMgi^%%*ttB������*^ma**������ra***TliTlT&*'*r*'**'  mfiurrftyvm  FRIDAY, JANUARA 5, 1912  ."���������fi V tfm  horolc    spectacle,    thus;  but  her  The Post in wishing its readers  all the."igoodliuck desirable' in 1912,    Never   wore   the   passenger's  .secrets  and needful would call attention to    of property so instantly opened tc- the  the britrht "prospects ahead of. this-   w.orld- ���������  u     ULl*n- lil     v ��������� Following   the' muffled, "hoof!"   of  section of-the rFaser Valley.-  The,   the explo'sloni tho alr*was alive with  growth, of the town and , district belongings. Blazing shirts .took sud-  during the coming year will unless den, flight,- and .looped themselves over  we are touch, mistaken be-greater,' ^ telegraph, wires.    Clothing alight-  ed on, the ��������� log cars and smoked, and  than   ever,, Everywhere   through-., "Bmoldered/., M(|n   dodgqd -mysterious  out the Fraser Valley we--find pros missiles',that,..whizzed   past,  and, ran  perity" during  the  past-year,   and and recovered them, finding them  to  there is no reason why  it <should, be   brushes ..and .-razors ��������� and    toilet  ���������- ',   ,    .       ,, ������������������ articles,- of whose, nature  the  simple  not be.continued-during the..pres- ha[)[ts-o{ tne woodB, hfld not .informed   <  charge you. But I'm going to favor  you a little, X'fx going to allow that  you'd boon drinking*and didn't realize,  what you wero talking about. You  get Into the wods, where* you belong.  You stay- there, attending , to your  work, and we'll let the matter drop..  Remembor that..I'm doing you a spe-  ��������� clal  favor.    Make,-, good, now*  and  I  ' won't report you.".  It was threat, promise, and brlbo  combined. The ��������� Insolence of It stung  the young man.- It. was perfectly*plain,  to him that the Great Trust Co.-and,  ������������������Wlggln were in collusion. The prompt  visit of this stranger to the old'.man,.  and   their   equally, prompt.-visit' to  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE"  Having purchased the interest of Mr. D.  McKenzie I am prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable "rigs. Stables open day  night to do business.  I solicit your patronge..  H. McKENZlE, prop.  squelch,'the man who1 had presumed'  to. interfere   with'* the*  plot, ..showed"  ent  year.    . '   - the ;finders.''  The.district 'around Abbotsford si v ' They, came .'bringing��������� these, back- to   ^m"^j  each season becoming, more, popul-    George,., who   stood   staring, at  .this  with* the prairie man who comes to ..wreck In a state'' of.-mind -,that.,com-  B-C.jo engage in farmingWfruif -bllied astonishment.and. ferocity. ., .. .hiB������vague plans o������.belping C  growing .on small, areage, -where * A certain -tall, man -made., the..most��������� r������m , But M* .spirit,���������rose/U  b   :;      to notable capture..-,,-.He had ibeeii'loung-  the climate,-is such that .he can en-   [ng agahl3t< the, Bide . of  'tne,,Nation  joy life while earning-money., The,   ^^ .^ traln,.came ln> :-.He..sRW,a  British Columbian-who .returns to . palr of,huntlng.boots;oomlIlg:hlg way  to us after a   visit to his old homec-. They, were.tled together<by the lacings;  on the prairie, telhvus that people.   and ;revolved ��������� about,; each -other^in  there are becoming more-and, more*   their fligtit.;  The".tall .man-'stuck'.up  enamored with  the .delighful    re-   -0^e gaunt arm and. picked, them-out  ports and results heard' from-this    of theair by thea'aclngs...-;.Th'e..owner  province of farm and country life    .was   landing  .beside  .him,   but   the  Far away hilla ���������������������������always look .green ' captor-made no' move ' to* return  the  but  when  tho-se   far ..away, green    B]a0eB...,,  ..     ;   ...  hills show results such as  we can .- "Sort--of'-what   the ^ newspaper  ad-  produce,' there '6a  bound -to   be  a    vertIsementalwouid..call   an   openln'   g0*t 0nlT a"peek'in.-��������� I can't tell yom  bigi influx of people of the better   0f   gents,' .fumlshln's,".  he ��������� remarked- detailg    -it's-; none* of-your'"business.,  class to-vsettle and make their home ,.cheerily. ,"- "Spontaneouu -.come-bust-��������� 0ur  conipany"is  going, to use-every  oirithe igreen hills of results. up,-scientifically" spcakin'.    Was that  There are"rat'.the /present- two ex-    your.,trunk?"\. ���������'..   , .-    _ -  cellent results  of successful  small   -    "It's,.- my   trunk-.  ���������   and   It's   my  agricultural   pursuits . eloise   in   to ., powder for my shells ��������� and.��������� and a  Abbotsford��������� the 'nurseries^and the    fool .with fire!" cried the young,man  poultry  ranch.   Intending settlers.   angrily,  who visit these two successful men    . The rest of the mob ceaBed to take,, j.evoly.ing in George's, mind for^three;.  Advertise in  Had.George been less Indignant/,he.'  might have .given up;- there .and. then,  Clare, Cor-  nderthla,  contempt; ,  "'.You're not , dealing * with ������������������ a ten-  year-old in' this matter,-'.- he blurted..  "I know perfectly, well . what the  Bcheme Is, and you're, talking big to  the' wrong man ��������� let me ��������� tell you-,  that!"' .   ' i  The -stranger knew men. He under- '  stood, that   he   had   to   do   with ��������� no  craven. '  '"George,"    he    said    conciliatingly, '-  "you   don't  understand ' the  thing  at1  all. - You think-you do-,'bub you have\  one ��������� alL right., Now, you.' travel * on. .-  I'll see to it that you never -lack for.  a job'While* we operate In-this coun--  try. You're: a ��������� Great.. Trust Co. man..  Of course, you know how-to be. loyal.".  The whole-; .problem.������������������ that,,had-.been  V^8r*V  *"*^������$������<8><* ������$M^  CO. I  !��������� P. O. Box 58 Phone Central <|  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C. \  days  was  laid  before, him,-, now, .for.  Instant solution..The bribe-was .offer-  cannot but be impressed vwith the Interest  In   the  Incident,  for  one  of  results obtainable, especially when the bands had listened to entreatlps.  juat'as good can be obtained with and now beSan t0 Play tne tune mos{  W without disguise ��������� the threat was   -  energy and ability. 'These,'are not eagerly besought: "A" Hot Time In tlev beh[nd it    0n the'c:ie. hand, he had  the only successes on farms' but'are 01d Town To-night."-' Tramping mer- a  hold  on   tlie  company  _  he  had .  taken as illustrations.   What man kicked ,tlle  femalns- pf ..the  smoking .stumDled   upon   their   secret   by' the  naa done, man can again do is>the *���������lrunk "rlSht  and-left;- garments  still    senile  bungiing  Gf  old  Wlggin.    On  wav an iritendiri* aettler will* look AUUS theIr t9rclleB ������n U.-e. WireS" the other hand,-"was a girl-who had .  !J      irrff    ,��������� 1 In'-fche   ul3roar-   George   had   not   given  him  no-right  to  feel  interest .  at^andtl^ fact of striking exam-, heard- thQi hQrge   comLng      He.waB..������v^r    ;  plea  right -here   will   go'   a?'long.   gtarlng  up  rVgretfully .at. a hunting.     .Tm'hlred by the .Qreat-TrUst- Co.,"  way towards.locating'others- close .. coat ;juat dr01)ping lllto .shreds.- The   he admitted.   "I know-that. My place,  at hand. ���������    ��������� man with  the" boots'yanked-him out,  ls  ln   tae  WOods���������I  know  that,   too:  There is,ample room for-a good o{ ^e,vayi and the, glri wcnt-p.ist,. But this man Wlggln is .ready;; to sell  sized business centre on the south, and; almost, over him as Le stumbled out. the interests-of his employer.���������  side .of the Fraser between- "West- She dld not look-at Georgel'.The. big and that employer is . an orphaned  minster and Chilliwack, and.': there ,-black that she .rode crouched,- back.-girl . if he'll resign/.as trustee of that  ia no other- point with -advantages when ��������� the music ��������� blared- ��������� under his estate, and let a man. have- the job  such, as Abbotsford has in the'/way frothing -muzzle..* But she, lashed, him who wiu take, care of her property,  of central location and shipping, down >the platform, scattering musl-. j.j go into * the ��������� woods and-keep this,  facilities. It is up to .us all ,to ,do ��������� clans and listeners. .. The music- thmg to myself.7  che boosting for the town. stopped. "What kind, of a lord-high-gull do'  Combined, with the shipping lac-''      "Three cheers for Queen Clare, tin   you think you are, anyway?" demand-   <  ilit'ies, central location of the town, daughter of "began a man, raising , ed the company agent., "Who-gave .you.  looms up the fact that there is am-,  Wb   hat*    But  she .struck .dov.i  his   1Icense to .outt'in on other folks: busl-  ple  cheap** power  here   and  good  aLtes for manufacturing industries  If the B.'-C. E. R: and the Western  Town Lots, Farm Lands  Business Propositions and  Realty in1, every shape and  form For.:Sale.  ��������� ui  ness  v  swinging   hand. with, her   crop,  her Indignant cry stilled them. *    "Any man has got a right to butt  "It's just as I thought, and. that is jn> when he sees .the, helpless, and in-  why I'm here.   You haven't,the sense n0Cent being done out of their own."-  Canada    Power    Company, cannot   vnd decency even to bring my rather's ������Are  you^ going  to   quit  being   a  coffin   to   the  house .without   a   riot. fool?.Are youAgoing to slander your  supply enough cheap powe rfor a  manufacturing tow tnof 50,000 it is    y'ou areciruhk. already.    You are de-   0wn employers any more?"lTie agent  not possible to obtain it elsewhere  in British Columbia. When all is  done and tho-last-word- is <sa.id the  electrical energy, is the on(y, power  for   satisfactory   results.    ���������*  stroying. property." Her keen eye got up and .shook his.fiBts at George,  had noted the flaming garments on He had been furious ever since Wig-  the wires. gin had told him the. story. He had  But -Governor   Harrlss; had   been-   restrained  himself as  much' as  pos-  marsballug/ the. unloading -of ;the huge- ��������� sible   ln   the  interests  of  diplomacy..  box.    He  rushed to her through  thei   But he saw that this-young-hot-head  Fortunately or-unfortunately Ab   press,  his  ancient  hat  In  the  orook . was-not amenable -to diplomacy.  botsfordt is mot excited i'tiesed days   of his elbow;- bowing-to her as to a  over municipal  election**;  but  on    divinity.  both sides of us there is   consider-       "I am in charge, Miss Clare, and It  able municipal pontics. Lin  the'air   shall   be  done  right'and   proper.    I  But it tnakea but little���������������������������'^difference-'1 know  how."-*  to Abbotsford who ^ins^ except if       But the-divinity -was --not calmed.  progressive men are the ���������'���������i-holders of    . "Stop this drunken, noise, then. I'll    ini that, land   of   man',ito  man,  .the  office  then  the   surrou in 'ling  dis-   haVe y������u t0 understand, men, that I'm   .primitive passions; got hold of him.  tricts will  develop  fas-teirand  in    carrying. out the wishes of my  dear    The thought of slinking away into the  - woods, in his own. interest, made him  t hate himself because he had entertained it for one moment.    He was  'I'm going to see -: that Corran's  daughter has a square-deal."-  Harry realized that, he had made  hls^cholce.-. Fury-/Impelled him. His  temper, had been ; strained -for -many  days..    He -thirsted, for  combat..   Up  INSURANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or-snappy investments,1  ��������� in town lots, acreage or farmj  property  :������������������������������������ -see  tricts will develop  fasiieir   and  in    carrying. out me-.wism* oi m    u������a.  that way help,our  toMm.   If  you   fatber'   becatUse  Vm   the  ono fhe Rde  have.eLB%n,������,.^.a1���������.Ili    Pended  on   to  carry   them  out.    Bii.  have a chance to say a *��������� -vo, rd in '.he  interests of progress.  Id  e     a  Tk������ Pioneer Real Estate Broker of  J'il   not   have   h<*  \ .���������>.  m  M  4  it-  %  \.)  ,i - *  ..i't'j  ,  "A-'r  Pi,' V  Hi ai'i��.J��>ii. .'*���-*'";
It, <i '
V.}.'.��n *
' 'a'-'. '' '
fi.' V
rt'-:;-   '
'ji'-.'.i' i
< <
J-l'-A tiil^JJM'^.'.iui.w ���L'uli.'r./w^i.'ruL^H
itiieStajj^i J-VJ^fjWh^*Jii^rtmiw'**i!.i��*.
_Fi. S. -,'���
 i LHJJ.''l.J~! LJ-'.... ���'������ ..'.i-i J.I���-
ABBp-rsvoRUf'tf. e<
���������: AND ��� -	
To our Patrons and Customers we wish
GEO.  C.  CLARK,Abbotsfcrd,B.C.
us.    You open your'head about this'
matter, and I'll have you in jail for
li.I'i'yi^V <S--Vi,?n��.?\*i'.v^''.'';'~rt^V��y',��.<1'.*'*''^
...  ,." "iqiL. xi~:
j Mcelroy & co.
m  IIMIIMMflll-BIIM llllllllll HMlll ihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimh
Cor.'Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,
ggSaj��*H"��a^'..WItf. IV
raitimj-w ^rfat-i'i^'i-Tmm^
Strictly first-class . in every respect.   The bar is
stocked-with the best-of -wines, liquor and cigars,
RATES,  $1.50.ToI$2.0O PER  DAY
thinking less of Clare Corran at that
moment than he was of his own ro- . you aro !)nl a P��sI^on 'tfeumuorktand
sentment. thorn bettor than any'cno else at this
"Take your job and go to the devil to do wIth vour busineas. Ho said it,' ���tIme- J wa"t you to engage suitable
with it!" he raged. "I can find honest d,dn'fc he? I don't know what business lawyers,, and manage my business
people to work for!" ho waB tellin' youabout, but he' lied,   unt11 thl�� ls straightened out!   It will-
"You're discharged," said the stran-   "whatever he said. It was because he   not take loh��, I hope.   And then you.
ger.  "I  was  going to. make you an, was caught buttin' into your business   can S�� on'about your own affairs."'
offer, but I won't-.let .you blackmail   tnat he was fired." "If that skunk stays in this section'
She waited coldly. many hours more, he'll get his, with
''Now,  Mr.  Evana  Is' here,' and  Is   tne Pepper pot emptied on it," roared
trying to blackmail.'You're, up against ��� K��lnK to arrest him for blackmail,"   the-old man truculently"
the'biggest'proposition hv this coun- |WiggIn went on.    "That's a part of    ��� Her proposition'had' taken George's
try,  Just now,- youngster.- You don't- the blackmail, what he's been tellin'   breath away.' Wiggin's threat Jumped
know what It is; ,but you'll find out   you."        * '   nlm Into acceptance. He was no cow-
quick,  if  you  don't. get; out  of  this  '��� "Have you overheard what he has   ard-  He'would have seemed  so,  had
section as fast as^that train will carry .been tailing ,me?" she asked. ne refused at that moment,
you." I   "No, but I'know what he was say-*     "I'll accept-the position,"  be said
"You leave it to' me ���- I'll see that   In'-   He was accusin'-ine." bluntly. -
he goes," declared Wiggin venomous- '   "Be careful that a'guilty."conscience      "This gentleman ls my new mana-
ly. ,   ���.        does not betray you"; Mr. Wiggln,'" she   &QT>  Wlggln."    Round   spots   on   her
!Tra; riot'taking .any  orders  from   warned.' "You' appear to know more   cheeks were very red.    "You'll have
any'   one,    just'   now,"    ahnouriqe'd   about this matter than'an* Innocent  to deal with him from now on."
George.    "I'm  my   own','*man."   "He" man Is entitled to know." She' turned"     "I'd nke to see him manage," stated
dragegd out1 his wallet,' and'threw',-a/to Harry.    "So  you- have  lost  your   the old man.   "I've got the law behind
packet of bills at the agent.   "There's* position'-because- you-;interested' your-' me-" ���    --
your company money. -Now, get out' self in my behalf?"r'. Harry  allowed  himself a  bit of a
of my room, the two of you,' or I'll    * He protested* i again'-'that' It'.was a   boast���he was young and very angry,
throw you out." ' business .that "concerned" him' alone!-  "I'11 Put some more law behind you,
They departed. - . "I can only assure you that I've told   Wlggin.    It will  be the kind of law
He   stood   for   a   moment, in' the   the truth," he-added./ ���''Now that Mr. ������' that will push hard."   -       ������ ���        ���     ,
middle of the rooim    Then, he threw - Wiggin Is present, I.accuse him. to his      Wiggiri hurried  away.-'*
his ��� arms   above   hlB ��� head,  with' ��� a   face,- in. your -presence,-; of proposing      Harry remained for a timr? in con-
gesture of  relief.. c    ���.''���, to me to sell you out.   You are warn-   sulfation with his-new employer. At
"I'm a fool,"< he-Bald ��� aloud;-,"but.--ed,  Miss  Corran.. .That's'.all  I  can   the end, both* of them, realized"-that'
,        /                                     "������           dttf'    He  bowed,,.and  stepped  down   they needed legal advice to regulate
thank God,  I ,can look at myself la   0ff the porch." .    t their future,acts. ". Once assured that
the  glass without being aBhamed  of       "Will  you, .wait' one  moment,. Mr.   he  was   right,- the' young -man- was
the man I see there."        .                     George?" she' pleaded:Vshe'disregard-   certain that'he would-be a match for
VIII.'                               ed the, presence..of. Wiggln, who was   the schemers ��� such',Is the optimism*:
With "his- mind   made   up,   Harry   tramping, about   cursing   under   his   of youth.    And,  looking- at- the girl,
George was no longer a laggard.   He   breath/ "I propose" to '''take" action/in   he felt that a. man .would be craven,
did not underestimate  the power of' this" matter!   I "can 'do' nothing-^*���-"   Indeed, who allowed the interests of
the Great Trust "agent, or of Jepson   she'paused and'called "him back "to- such ,a one to, suffer.
Wiggln.    He   determined   to   go   to   her.-'' 'Sh'er"sala- in '���tones Jtod"low for"   He proposed toher that he should
Clare Corran;  marifashloh, warn her" Wlggln  to  hear:   "I  can  do  nothing, start at once for the nearest city, in
of  Wiggin's   contemplated''treachery,   to put this man ""but--of his position   order  to procure, advice  and  set  in
and  then  leave the' section,"' seeking/ under--the-: will;'- unless-'! have you as   motion the necessary legal action to
employment where'he could preserve   a wltnessfor me.-:-And-I.-ha.ve no man ; protect her property.    She gave him
his   self-respect.    It 'was"' 'important''"of business to-'consult-.-with.-. Can you." a- copy  of  the  will   and. such  other
that-he should reach-the'girl'before'"not arrange.your affairs; so, that; you -papers' as she "possessed,
harm-happened to-himself,"or Wiggiri-can stay here,,a few days? You ,see   .   ''It will" not do'for you to" goby the'
could prejudice her.                                  that you will'be leaving me In soro   company's'railroad' to  the junction."
He armed himself-with-the revolver  'trouble unless you stay." ���                       she'" warned' him. "The* men aro only
that he had salvaged from-his-wreck---- 1 warn-yoii'to. have "nothing mora   tools,'and I-shall fear for your safe-
ed trunk, hiding'It, and:followed the  to do ^th that Uarj Miss-Clare," call-    *?-    You may take my horse ~ ni
men   down   the -Btairs.- -."They'were* ed "wiggin;  ,��rm ths'trustee of your ��� trust you botl1 t0 win out"   Reach the
talking  with   the  landlord,   and-J did >wtatem    i'propose -to. see -you" pro-
not Bee him.                                             tected.""'  '       '  '
Harry hurried straight ��� to the- Cor- g^.' went-,'to' ^ ed^. 0^ ^ plazza>
ran house. It was on, the slope of her chin ^upVdisdW-in her features. .'
the valley set in a circle of old black , "Mr:*Wiggln," she', said, ""my' father
growth trees of virgin spruce.- Prom trusted ybu"-;:trustedVou too much!
the porch of the tavern, he had seen This:*--new's'/tnat "Mr. "George .has
portions of the- houWV through'-"- the,brougn't ,Is- ^ fiew "fo'ume"��� It does
trees;-   But when he approached, he  not Surprise "me", miich,'-tori "have
railroad below ' the junction ��� ' I'll
give you rthe, maps_ of-the trail. Then,
they will not know where you are, or
suspect -why .you' havo   gone  away."
' He -prepared to-ride out of Corran-
cache   under   cover   of   the 'darknesa,-
that -evening. Kc ate his supper .with
-her -at.-tKe jCorran'"house:,: / -\"" ' :,,   '
' "Tell- me-."' Mr.   Georga," _ ,'che   said,,
"Just why" you decided so quickly to.
One   section "was   of   loea      It' was   ^ /-V   ������-'������ ""���' ���   "������,/-.-��� -i-;.- . ���"���"  ������"-��� take charge of my affairs. It's an in>
uuc   BCt,'luu   waa  ol   w*3-    ll   waB ..that-^-I. amr a 'woman,'and a woman *
but   I'd   l'.'~e   to
Pork, Mutton, }*>eef, Veal, Pork Sausages,  Weinies
and Balogna always on hand.    Fish every Thursday
ienoarson & sayior
(Associate  Members Can.   Soc. C. E.)
Manufacture optician   Civil Engineers
lifrCja tihe Finest Optical  Work.
SBe4ifi,al ,m#n and others  pa'y tri>
TS3 QrahvllW St. ��� .yanoou j<&v
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the value of the concise,
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of our stock as well as tru^ness to
name must be appreciated by the
Public or they would not have
helped us.to increase our business
yearly since 1837, the date of our
wur firm's name lends prestige
to our representatives.
Complete line of Nursery SStook
for SSpring 1911.
Write  fo��  full particulars.
The FontJtiSI Nurseries.
���!���',_., :���_"..������.. . " Ontario.-
saw what a peculiar ^structure it was.  read--y0'u forf'a long; time.'���'* Remember.'
pertinent -qucstKKi,'
���   vvau   sec   n uci c a  uinu'io   uuuu.,    j.   k1*""       . >> j' - ���
eating from his M "dishes 'on rough. you -fair ^warning-that I'm'-going "to.-     ,*'.nrjJ* ;'* "n^ n  rr.-nfnt    The
tables -with -his'menr "living th<Tlife;put you oat, ot your;trdst.>; Will' >ou; -    ^   ocl^d a   hnj a m.a.enL    The
of a-woodsman, Harry -had"been told reBign?':It-wiu'-be^bette'r-for y6u;��- eterual femiaJl0  " *
of his tastes in that respect;   - * ''or course,-*I won'tr'reslgn::!. don't   But he, with the fatuousness of youth
Attached to-the - rude log "'walls- was-prop^ to ��� lWve Cornelius "-Corran's" and in order to quiet tho conscience
a wing that consisted'-of-a cottage," "e8tate to. be, piclted-v-up ��� by the first * that whispered the name of Mary
dainty and graceful.1 ��� The great log  crook "that' corned "along." i Laroche to him, said: "I have a very
house was plain-and-gloomy, with its "Then, yqu're:'going.-'-to. fight me,. dear "girl'malting ior me in the world
deep-set, little panes of. glass and its ^a yoU'n -ylsh'-'you hadn't tried it,"������-.outside.' I have my way in life to
rough* walls';- the cottage 'was-fresh, Bhe aecYared-,'"with 8p'lrft.'"'r own what .make- And tlle fought of her gives
vine-embowered,':^ arid ���-picture'sojue.-' CorneliusTCorfan.'lef't." I am-mistres.s -^e ccufr.ge.to befriend another who
George knew that Clare Corran dwelt her^-: r-'gfve.you'a chance to" save. W need .what poor assistance I can
there; it had- been her father's whim your-fleif* from' disgrace. I ask ;you,
to lodge her thus/ - once- ^0T<--__ yrm��� m reslgn q^{_
The girl, herself, was on the porch,' iy?.��- :
and rose -to meet him:'    ��� ���ni n'ot^get bu^-in ^y- "such:way>       .
He did not sit-in the chair she-prof- ;rm ^going;*to :-obey' your ��� father's to a declaration that nuts another
fered;. Standing and looking straight wl8hVo.;-What's the reason-you're dis- woman above hei.' Even entire lack
'into her eyes, he told his story.   -        obeying them all of'1 a sudden?" ' of personal interest in the man hard-
"I realize how it must sound, . she-flushed.'It was'a tender spot ly serves to console. She r���ered
coming from me, a stranger," he said, he ^touched-on: -Perhaps her con- from ner surprise- Iir.tantly. She
at the close.   "I can only -remind you  sclenc^ toltf her that ;a- strange reason " smiled at him-
that I am disinterested. "I am not an "prompted "her-an impulse she- had * "* am Slad t0 hcar'thrft," ~^ said,
employee of the Great Trust Co.,, even, Qever felt before- she-advanced on "l am relieved. Men have "been fools
I  am  leaving  for Montreal  by   the  the  obstinate'old-man:-���'-There ��� was
render'.   There are two strong reasons
why I'm 'doing" this", Miss Corran."
For 'one fleeting' Instant,- her eyes
clouded.' -No' wc**man listens'unmoved
fire In her "eyes.i
first train that will take me there
She had listened Intently. A1 'flush
had come into her pale cheeks..   Her  t0 me;now that-my father" Is gone
eyes narrowed as he, talked. Her noB-
trils dilated from time to time. -
enough to annoy me wi.th their attentions.   You and I can go."*, along on a
"Wiggln-,.I allow-no man to dictate   str,ctly business bash-. J hrsve nothing
to worry about"
no man to question my motives.    I       He went awav- f���U?-Z 'a-t matters
have   good'  reasons   for   discharging   were exactly right be1, wea ���. them, and
.:   "Why do you  leave your employ- you<    My father  could not read.    I yet her cvidcnt relief, wl on he had
ment with the company in this quick can>    i nave watched some of your confessed, piqued him
fashion?" she demanded. "Has it any-, dealings in the written word, and I Tx
thing to do with what you tell me?" know that you are dishonest. I have n was  a  uonc-wcarlnrr trip.
"Pardon me," he replied. "But my oniy been waiting for the right occa- black   horse   knew    th(!    wav>
reasons for leaving -are strictly per-- sion \0 tell you so.   I tell you, now." brought  him  saiel.v  t0  the  railroad,
sonal.    I prefer not to discuss .-that "You wait till I get to the probate Tlle rallroad took him to the city and
part of the affair.';  *        . .. ���.'; ^,., judge/', cried Wiggln.'"I'll have you
"Once more, you correct my jnan- taken..care,of> Miss Clare. You ain't
ners," she cried hotly.    "I'm obliged responsible..-:-You'd ��� better   let   this He   could   Bet   the   necc:sary   legal
to you, sir."        ' thing,drop."J- know, more,law than machinery at work to dispossess the
���   "I did not mean to be impolite, Miss you ao.' You're going to, be sorry."
Corran.   But   why  I   left   the  Great She'turned her back on him, un-
Trust Co.  has  really nothing to do dismayed,
with the matter."                                  . '   ..jjy;  Geo"rg^��  Bae' said, "you  see
"It hasn't,^ hey?" They turned, Jep- x>m % sore '"t-rpubieV'Just'nbw.;'i; have,
son Wiggln had hurried up, the soft plenty of friends in this north coun- needed an aDle and fearless manager
carpet of tree-fluff hiding thei sound 'tryi but'they^dp"riot understaha busi- on   her   properties,   for   law   had"  a
of  his  feet.   "He's  been^discharged, nessv ' I need ^ your assistance;    I'm" rather'i unsteady grip on the outposts
Miss  Clare.    The company  wouldn't   not appealing"to you  as woman to ��-c the'north country, so the lawyer
have him.   He's a meddler, and a liar, man.- I don't want 'any chivalry. I'm explained -He   told   Harry   how   ho
,He just lied this minute to you.-   He-' talking straight business.   I want you could proceed so that he rould pro-
said his_Jeavlng_didn't have_anything to  take- chargei *.of  my  affairs,   for (Cwtinued  nej;t   Issue)
the lawyer.   The grave i.ian of Justice
could   not   console   his   impetuosity.
false Wiggin, he assured E .irry, and,
no doubt, in the end would save the
girl's  interests.    But  this  could  not
be done in a moment.
In- the   meantime,    Clare   Corran
��j'.'^i^iiHrP1 m^,,\'^i".
^ J*.  'JIM.  FOUR   J'-!  ���������JJL-1   ���������"���������UIHJa  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,  _-   nui. -jm  ABBOTSPORD, B. C.  .JLi'.'.'L.J-'.  =S=  IJLW���������'JJl���������i. JS1,LL������. 2ZZX  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  Mr. E. iM. Brown returned fr< m  Spokane last rwcek where'he had  spent the holidays.       _..        .   .    - ,  Mr. Paul Taylor from  Vancouver  spent. New Year with hi?   broth or  .  Mr.  Alex  Taylor.  Miss  Moore  returned   home     on  Tuesday   after spending   the   holidays with her mother in . Victoria.   0   The many friends o fMr. and Mrs.  Why. will be sorry .to learn their-son  Victor ia ill in Vancouver w.'hdip-  theria, but all hope for a speedy  recovery for the young lad.   0   Mr. H. Lamont and bride from  Nanaimo visited iMr.v and Mrs! Mc-  Menarny this week.   0 ���������  Mr. and Mrs. J. >W. McCalium left  for their mew home in Wes^u'i-s^er  on Tuesday .last.  Miss Leila Zeigler returned home  from', a   visit with friends in '.Vancouver. -*   0   Mrs. Rob Harvey and Miss Mclnnes from Vancouver spend the  holidays with Miss Mclnnes' brother, Mr. Angus Mclnnes.  Miss Elliott and Miss Crawford  of Vancouver fepent New Year  with Miss  Elliott's  parents.  New Year day brought back to  town some of the old faces we were  ohoe familiar with. Strange how  living once in Abbotsford makes  people    love "Abbotsford.  Abbotsford like .the rest of the  Fraser Valley has donned her man  tie of -snow. Must be ao many of  the prairie people who attract the  ���������������������������.now. rati,** at -lecus'-*:. enjoy tne  change.  A   PIONEER PASSED AWAY  (From. Fraser Valley Record)  There passed away .at the general hospital at Vancouver .on  Tuesday last one of the pioneers of  minnBiasfflaBBHm^^  WHY OF COURSE!  The names of Abbotsford Bread and its Bak. r  Albert Leo, are on the lips of all who relish fine  Bread and Pastry.  Abbotsford,- Bakery       'ALBERT  LEE, prop.  ������������������"''gg-"^^  ���������f     "        ���������       ...  his vowels well, but few  arc alive   made for proposed plantations and  to the fact that  to  enunciate con the  results   of recent   plantings.  sonants  well 'requires  perfect   re-      "The value of forest plantings by  laxation of all the organs of speech the prairie isettler(to establish wind"  All consonants  contain the   vowel breaks and shelter belts, toproduce  ue% "E"  vowel   is  the   vowel   for fuel, fencing and'" other  timber and  piace. All vowels sung at*, "e" place  ���������fr-*****���������-f * w ���������&' > ������lft^WF~ft?!-Mfr-������'������-^-^1>'A^  ZZXZ  Thanking- you for the patronage extended during the past year, a  .  ear  is assured those who patronize  wil lhave their own place. This  shows the value of "e" as a build  e>r and placer, ,honce the 'use of  consonant combinations with the  vowels.  At this point "comes a difficult  part, both for pupil and teacher  that of getting jthe pupil to hear  himself.   The average pupil is un-,  to add to the comfort and"beauty  of the farm home has been well established (in recent years. As  windbreak'alone it has been shown  at Indian Hea 3that a forest grow  th on -the windward side of a field  will establish a protective influence, of 50 feet for .-every foot in  height.-" , , *  Tho annual handbook of the Dry-  1   1  Hardware and  Furniture '  See our new Stock of Wall Paper.  237:  "'���������m'-" -���������'���������.-''.I  ���������������'  conscious of half the things he docs  Farming congress in which this re-  Lesson;���������Imaginne   a   line     from   port appears, is a   compendium uL  behind the top teeth down through .more   man ���������eighty   articles   cover-'  the chin.   Sing on this line the following words;  der, pronounced tur.  sme'r, pronounced amur. ,  ker, pronounced leur.  .Sing down, Imagine- the word is  started at or behind the cushions  of the top teeth. Roll the "r" at  the end of the word. These words  if ispng on the -above line, will give  frontal position and. lower tongue  an dlarynx,  thereby   opening   the  ilj^Vd'^.  ONE CENT PER TREE IN CANADA  Lethbridge, Alberta���������It costs one  cent to plant a tree in Canada,- according to a report submitted to  Congress by .Notman M. Ross of  Indian Head. Saskatchewan, -aa^d  just published oh the annual Con  greas* handbook.Mr. -Ross is chief  of the dry .planting -division' of the  Dominion" forestry department.  He stated that 'the Dominion forest  nursery .station at Indian Head is  annually: distributing to settlers -in  Western Canada free of      charge,  ing the progress of dry farming in  eighteen states of the (Jnite:13tat^8  tiie Canadian prairie provom-es and  ten oidicr. nations of the world, and  I'-jaLng with every .phase of 'the  great -science which is to-day so  Aiuidly. clianejing the wc-stern  ranged ountry into a region of pro  duvjL.ve l arm* and cuniU'ri.u.ijit1  h  mes  ONE ADDED KERNEL MEANS 20,  000,000   BUSHELS  If one, exir apotato were added  to each" plant grown in the United  States the actual increase in the  annual yield*Lo*f '(the crop would a-  mount Lo 21,000,000 bushels. The figure ia given in a report on "Dry-  ii'arm Crops and Their Improvement" by Prof. F. B. Lindield of the  Montana Agricultural College, and  published in the annual handbook  "If one*extra kernel were, added  to each Yhe"ad of oats, barley, wheat  or ear ofcorn," says the Professor,  "we would have of oats 20,000,000  bushels extra; of barley, 15,000,000  bushels- extra; -Of   wheat  15,000,000 '  Geo,  Zeigler   ���������  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       . C.  Painting, Sign Writin  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford .     -       B. G  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  ���������o-  trMkt&ti:  -* ���������!   I  ��������� *" *?  -f  more than two and three  quarter  .      the  Fraser Valley  jn   the   person   ^ill/������)n seedl^gs and cuttings and    D7snels extra; and of corn, 5,200,000  .i,vof ...Mr.,.JoseLh ��������� Lennpn, ,who ;.for. >that, ^JfiT the past ten years, the,   ^^ fex.^ and nofc |op Qne  ^H^efy^  :;.-'������ion?City;':arid/Agas8iz;':;;^:-  ';-^W^^4,882 .settlers, ,an-;average <wouidao!d mmy min^of bush.  .:. The deceased had been ailing for'  of 1>m to e<*-ch  applicant,, AC the   e]a -to bur our cropSi  some time and believing that bet- lowest estimate, it is said, 85 per ������Clean,-plump, selected seed, true  ter care would restore his..health cent ol these plantations are sue to variety, free from weed .seedand  he went -to the hospital, but ..was cessful and, based-on the total ap- fromi disease and with strong, ger-  there only a few days when he propriationn spent by the tree minating power should always be  d.ed. planting division last season, the   planted by the farmer as a  Long continued'service'-and      a   cost  to   the   department   amounts   of increasing his own yield."  genial disposition (made him -many   practically  to  one  cent  per   tree  friends friends .among the railway   planted in the permanent -site. .  men, who all looked upon, "Joe" as-      "The tree planting division" says  Mr. Ross, "also issues and distri-  tributes a great quantity of print  ed matter in the "'form of illustrated  ABBOTSFORD  ed & Grain Store  Don't forget  WHEAT  $2.00  A sack  We, buy Poultry  J. J. SPARROW, PROP.  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  Matsqui   Hote  MISSION CITY-, B.C.  This hotel makes a specialty of'  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers., Comfortable sitting-  room and   best  of   hotol service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  OMnUHnnw  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWITT, Proprietor  'as-agES**^^  means  a friend. For., a number .of years,  he was chairman of the mainten-  of way committee on the C. P. R.  He' was about fifty-nine years of  age, but has no relatives in this dis  trict; but formerly came/ from On-*,  tario. ;' . .  INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS  (From Fraiser VaJtey Record)  On Wednesday evening  of   this  bulletins   and   circulars,   and  .fur-   Week lhe members of Pacific Lodge  Lessons on Singing  ���������.        BY CHAa F. WARD  3SE  ggfrr-Z  SIXTH LESSON  One is often tempted to believe  thajt true or ideal singing should,  have nothing to detract from the-  simple, emotion of tone, viz.- song"  without words. It is very certainT  that many composers when looking-  for the greatest musical expression,  turn to forms that are wordless,,  the poet's greatest aspirations be-'  mg useless to the composer.  Pure legato is as rare as it is  beautiful. The. absence o fit marks  the amateurs, and the use of it a  step towar dthe artist: It is diffi  cult   togain.   Therefore   few   sing-  nishes speakers to attend the farmers institute meetings organized  by   the   provincial   authorities.'On  - the ' nursery station two large  .areas* are set ojut tof permanent  plantations in order that data m-ay  be gathered as to- the cost of establishing and the prqbable returns  that may .be expected from the  ���������prairie   planting. -,  "The assistance offered to permanent tree, planters is -eriiinently  practical and, during the past ten  years, has shown results o fa very  t'.cjH'/ncing character. The work  .is'under the direction of the Dominion director of forestry. If a  settler wishes to- plant trees on  hLa farm the forestry .branch provides him .with as many-jtrees and  cuttings as possible, under certain  -.conditions.   The   conditions   which  'have to be complied with before  trees are granted practically ensure the success of the plantations  The ground must be thoroughly  prepared, the trees planted accord  ing to instructions supplied by the  No. 16, A. P. & A.M. .installed their  officeru for the coming year. The  following will direct the destinies  of the order here for the coming  year;  W. M.-Bro. R. W. Dick.  S. W. ���������Bro. C. E. Blaney.  J. W.���������Bro.' Neil Fraser.  S.  D.���������Bro.  Jas.  McLaughlin.  J. D.���������Bro. J. McLean.  Treas.TBro. J. Plumridge.  Sec���������Bro.  J. A.  Catherwood.  Chap.-rrBro. .E. Bush.  I. G.-Bro. R. L. Pallen.  Tyler.���������Bro, E. -T. Jones.  S. S.���������Bro. J. A.  Tupper.  J.  S.���������Bro. G-.  Docksteader.  .   Bro, Stuart Wade of New) Westminster was present:.  We are prepared to  book orders. Eggs for  Hatching and Baby  Chicks from the best  strain of S. C. W.  Leg-  sjjiorns.        Our    poultry  *SP      i '     ��������� ���������  ���������Af yards are open to visitors,  who will be able to  ||j|f judge the flock before  buying, Chicken Fertilizers for sale from one  to two and a half tons  per month.  ������"  We are ready to book any order, big or small.  E*������  de ia  Proprietors - . ��������� Abbotsford, B. C.  mmmmmmimimmssi^MmmmmMmwmmmms^^  ers  have   it,   notwithstanding   the  iact that all admire the wish for it   ^forQjsitry   branch,  ,and   cjulfuva'tion  The problem is t olearn how to*    carried on for as many .Reasons as  Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairs at Campbell's the Watchmaker, Clark's Jewelry Store.  All roads lead to Abbotsford, success  and happiness.-  ectric Light  combine all consonants and their  combinations with the vowel wiO.  out interupting the flow of towe  Consonants are almost invariafcj y  delivered in a rigid condition. ��������� oi"  the organs involved. This inker r-  rupts the flow of tone and deatiraj- ys  the xlftgato. The average aingi >er  feels he is doing well if he. siaaf ;s  are necessary until the trees are  thoroughly established. Trees are  granted only on the recommendation-, of an officer of the forestry,  branch after a personal inspec-  ���������tion, in each case. The tree planting division lemploys eight inspectors- during the summer monthswho  visit; and report on th epreparation  HARRON BROS.  Emb'imers and Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel   1-934 Granville* Stv,    Pticne 3486  Worth Vancouver, Umce ana  Okapel������������������116 2nd st, phone 134  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  ectric power  For Factories and  Industrial Plants  Convenience       Comfort      Economy  Attention will be given to all applications for service from our lines.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  .      Hoi den Block, Vancouver.  Britisn Columbia E  JH  r ,t  F  ''M.  \.'l  )]  Ivj  n  ���������������*'  1  ������ *  ���������  w''  ; j  1)'.  u  \\  r  \\  j.'.   ,������<  ii  \y  ? j  '���������1  V  S.v  r B  i 9'1  (\:  i  til  ���������'m  '^Vinbl  i-m  *���������-& i *  mli  0 '  fmh.  I-���������"->!


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