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s u
�� V I
With which is incorporated "The Huntingdon Star"
Vol,: XIX., No. 15
4.BBOTSFORD. B, C.  FRIDAY, FEB; 20. 1920
$1.00 per Tear
��� ������.*.
PHONICS:   R.  C.���3(5   .   FarnuTB'       Residence  10M
C.  SPRING,  Malinger
Wo huiullc���rOxy-Acetyleuo Welding, Tires, Gasoline and Oils,
genuine Ford  Parts and all  Kinds ol' Repairs.
with the 'Scheme
at Victoria,  says
Hon E. D. Bar-
A request by 'the Dominion gove-
ernment that payment at the rate Oi
$L an-acre he made for the 12,000
acres of Dominion land to be taken
over in connection
has been received
the Vancouver Sun
row, mininstcr 'of agriculture, who is
deeply interested in Lhe Sumas Lake
scheme, both as head of the department and as member for the district
is endeavoring to have. the. Ottawa
authorities stick to its original offer
cf deeding the land free for the bene-
lit of the reclamation scheme.
The.original offer was made many
years ago, when, .early.-efforts were
made to initiate a reclamation
scheme, The plea is now made by
Hon.'Arthur-Meighen that _,within
the-last two or three years a policy
had been adopted at Ottawa in dealing with the ��� prairie provinces' of
charging a nominal rate of $1 an acre
for all Dominion lands deeded to the
provinces for- reclamation or public
purposes. It is represented that the
Dominion cannot very well make an
exception in the case of-British Columbia.
Hon. Mr. Barrow is pleading the
original promise, and also the" fact
that a portion of the lands, probably
a couple of thousand acres, are to be
set aside for returned men.
Some interesting tests have been
made by Hon. Mr. BarfHw of the soil
taken from the bed of the lake, "to
demonstrate the wonderful growing
qualities of the soil. Wheat, oats,
peas, vetches and other varieties of
garden and field crops were planted
in pits containing some of the dredged material, and have shown wonderful results. Prof. Bovingyof the university staff, has made an analysis of
the soil, which proves it similarity
to the famous reclaimed lands of Holland, famous the world over for their
Ridgedale Notes
The "J and M' Wood Co are busy
these; days cutting cordwood on the
"Dalton" ranch. Already they have
considerable cut and sold, and intending purchasers should place their
orders early to "keep the home fires
burning"  next winter.
Mr., Hy Hayton is blowing stumps
from his ranch to the "J and M"
Wood Yard. Some strength to that
Ye,editor is . booming Matsqui-
Mission bridge in the columns of th.e
Fraser Valley Record. This is a good
idea. ' More power to your elbow,
brother.scribe... ?     ',  '
The ."Dance Yama"-Factory vboys-
���calrie^overvtoi-learn- some ^pointers :Au\
basket ball last Thursday eve. Suffice to my, they learnt.
The Matsqui Women's "Institute
commenced its year's work with the
election of a very strong executive.
Mrs. Phinney is president (re-elected), secretary-treasurer Mrs. Frank
Beharrel; advisory board, Mrs. Seld-
on, Mrs. McCulloch and Mrs. Reid,
with Miss Millar and Mrs. Reid as
auditors. Miss Cruickshank heads
���the.flower show committee.
Much confusion existing throughout the institutes concerning the existence and status, if any, of the institutes' advisory board, Mrs. F. B.
Fadden, the 'elected representative of
the valley, being invited to attend the
next meeting and explain the position
The election: of delegates is not considered valid but it is expected that
the government will remedy this during  preset session.
��� In answer txr a question by Mr.
Bowser, leader of the opposition, the
provincial minister cf nance has given out a brief statement of tha a-
mounts borrowed by the present
government since it assumed office,
and the purposes for which the money was obtained, as. follows:
Loans to Pacific Great. .Eastern
Railway Company for construction
work,.   $5,450,000.
Loans to .farmers through the land
settlement   board,   $1,800,000.
Loan to the district municipality
of South Vancouver, $790,000.
Loans to municipalities for better
housing for'soldiers,   $750,000.
Loans made under department of
industries  act" $110,000.
Expenditures in carrying out of
the soldiers'  land act,  $170,000.
Expenditures for the conservation
or irrigation works,  $200,000.
Expenditures by department of
public wo.-.-; on ens an en t works.
To meet deficits and liabilities
laft' by previous administrations,
Total, $13,770,000. '
No amounts have been borrowed
by the present administration to
cover current expenses since It took
office. No commissions were paid
loans. All. (direct:.... xzfiflff ffivbg
in connection with any of these loans
All these loans are outstanding
with the exception of two treasury
bills for $50,000 each, which are held
respectively for the department of
public works and the department
of industries.
Abbotsford   seems   to .be . coming
into its own again a's far as football
is concerned, and r.s'long r.s the bcy3
put up the same brand of game as
was furnished last Saturday, the in-
interest will increase.
|     Sardis  came down'"determined  to
win,  and  with  a  team  considerably
heavier than the local- boys, it looked
at  first  cs  if  they "might    succeed.
They .opened  t  he  scaring,  but Abbotsford came back- before the,finish
with   the   equalizer,     also   claiming
that���the ball  was .over the line on.
ianother   occasion,   an,d   it   certainly
looked  like  it,but  the  referee  gave
Sardis the-benefit of-the doubt. Abbotsford '.  is, gradually   getting   to-
another good team. McGowan in goal
with  his expprience,  gave the "team
the   necessary     confidence,   r.nd   on
���Saturday showed good judgment- '-.n
several ocaeions in meeting the ball.
The backs were both good, the Kil-
gard   player  playing     a    consistent
game, throughout, while Brown also
showed   well   in   defence,   and   even
better after lvs moved forward, scoring  Abbotsford's   tally  with   an   un-
saveable shot.l-The  halves played a
reliable  game," there being  little  to
choose  betwween  the  three.  Of  the
forwards,. Joe played  a  little  better
than usual, but seems .to hang beck
a  little  too  much,  instead  of .going
after   the   ball     first   time.   Douglas
played   his     usual'-"bustling     'game,,
while^Walters    "and  Griffiths    made
,"up��thorcjnore,;con^Ktont.; wjng.Vc?iif-,
fiths playing wclHh ihis new'position',
"specially in the second half, Sardis
iilflvod a good game throughout and
a draw was a fair result of the match
Mrs. YV. Longfellow and Lila, of
White Rock, lonnerly of Abbotsford,
were visuors in town last week.
Miss E. Firlotle, of Nova Scotia is
visi'tiug her brother,Mr. Phillip Firlotte. -  _ ,
Mrs. C McCallum. Of Mission City,
has been visiting her mother Mrs
Alex.   Ryan,��� and  Mrs.   Alex.   McCal-
4th,   a   foot-
here' between
The  game
Mrs. F. B. Fadden returned this
morning from Hatzic where sbe addressed the W.I. on question of dismissed advisory board. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Middleton
of Mission City, who spent the day
with  her.
Mrs.  J.  Carrol,  of New Westminster, has come to Abbotsford  to reside and will take'up the position of
operator at the B. C. Telephone office.
The funeral of the late Stanley
Aish, of Matsqui, who died in Calgary
of the "flu" was held this afternoon
to the Matsqui cemetery. He was a
son of ex-Councillor T. Aish.
Miss Mable Alder of Cloverdale is
"Doughy" Spring has quit lacrosse. So he informed the British
Columbian when in town yesterday,
presure of business at his new garage at Abbotstord being given as the
reason. The majority of lacrosse tans
both in Westminster and Vancouvei
will give little credence to this announcement, but Cliff was very emphatic about it 'when he announced
that the summer of 1920 would find
him sticking strictly to the automobile business, which is making good
headway- in and aound the rising
settlement of Abbotsford. "Doughy"
looks for a big increase in tourist
traffic��� between Washington and this
province, and intends going after"
i good slice of it.
The absence of Spring from the
Westminster home would Aleavc a
big gap that will be hard to fill by
Manager Gifford when the veteran issues his call for spring training
However, it is a little eorily in the
season. Two months to go before
spring training'starts and should
the rovincial road gangs make a~.y
Improvements to the Yale rood, one
can imagine the champion goal getter
hitting the high spots between Abbotsford and this ci*v in record
time in order to jump into the. fray��� ���
"Doughy" has another mission to
perform, one that he is doing most
successfuly, and that-is putting Abbotsford on the map as a real live
sporting town. It would not surprise
anyone to see him have a junior
team going after the Mann-cup ���from
here this year.
lum. ���
On   Saturday,   Feb.
bah  game was played
Sardis  an   d  Abbotsford.
ended in a draw, 1:���l.1'
On Shrove Tuesday, a Pancake
social was held at the home of Mrs.
J. K. McMenemy. Pancakes were
served from 6 to 8:30 p.m., then all
enjoyed t he impromptu progi amine.-.
The proceds are for the Missionary-
fund .
Rev. Dr. Smith, principal of Westminster .Hall, Vancouver, will preach
the aniversary services, in the Presbyterian church Feb. 29th. He-will
give -an address on Divine Healing
the noxt evening in the church.
On Thursday evening, Feb. 12th,
about fifteen of Miss Florence Par-
ton's most.intimate friends gathered
to say good bye,' as she was leaving
on Sunday. ' o
���   Mr. L.McNeil sold his ranch to Mr.
J. Wilsonv of-Vanvouver.
The W.A. of St; Matthews church
-held a- most succesful whist drive,
when twenty-one tables- were played
and many.stood up as there was not
seating capacity. Those wining .the
���firstf-prizes werei'Mrs:-.Gazley.,_-sr-.A'a.rid
a' gentleman of the Great Northern
at Kilgard. Tiie consolation p ios
were received by Miss Connie Carter
md Mr. II. Tapp.
Mr. Anstey, provincial high school
inspector, will speak on the Consolidated School Question in the Alexandria hall, on March 11th, followed
by a discussion. The Parent Teachers'
Association requests the interest of
ill   tho  community.
On Feb. 27th, the Woman's Auxil
iary to the G". W. V. A. will hold a
whist drive in the Masonic hail,
commencing   at   S:30   p.m.   sharp.    '
The Forward Movement committee
of t he Abbotsford and Huntingdon
churches are pleased to state that
they have gone "over" the."top" iy
by $150. The amount ns-i'gned was
$1000, and they have colelcted $1.��-
Mrs. A. H. Harrop retprnod from
England on Tuesday evening
' Mr. C. A. Duffey, cf Burlington,
Wash., has taken the position of
agent at the Great Northern depot
formerly occupied by Mr. W. Longfellow.
Miss H. Carmichael, of Bradner,
is visiting her sister,  Mrs.  White.
Mr. Ackland, of Victoria, has accepted the position a,s accountant in
the Royal  Bank.
Miss Anna Nelson spent the week '
end a: hei home in Abbotsford.
The Sumas \V. I. held its last mealing at the home of Mrs. T.Simonds'
Those present were Mesdames W. n.
Fadden.   Yarwood,   Mei    Fadden,   T.-
F. Yorlf, Wm.  Fadden, Fin lay, Lunn
Fra'/.er,   Y.orlc,   Austin,   Howard,   f.lc-
Cillivray  and   Wieison.
Mrs.   Hart   of   Huntingdon -is   tho
president this ye;n\ :       ���'.'..
Tiie programme for 1920 was. :i-
doplcd. As, the ..June meeting falls
too early in, the .month .for a. ruie-
crssl'ul (lower show , it was decided
to make this an extra event. Mrs. W.
U: Fadden was appo!ntedf. tho convener --of-'a'.--commlt(��7Q'.to,,niaKo<���,yiow.
:in-!iiuromc?its when Hie time'fame."
"lid" the council will bo- asked for
tho use of the municipal hall. H is
probable that outside entries may b?
R^ppii'f ir"'s wcr" endorsed that
requested of the government district.
nurFos for outlying settlements, and
Hi" formation of a central executive
of Woman's Institules suHi as are in
operation in other provinces and in
P.elgium and   ICn gland.
buys a real Phonograph; will piny any make of Record
The Boys' Club has now a membership of 2G and the boys hold their
meeting in the S'. S. room every
Beautiful Hand-Painted China Cups and Saucers
Our Boot and Shoe-business has more than trebled,
reason is noL hard to find. "We stand behind cvwy pair
Men's Black and Tan .Elko Calf���a real wearer, al   	
15 pairs Men's Fine Calf Bluchers, sizes G to 9 \k .special
w-2 sell.
���S7.00 o
u p
��. T.
Mrs. J. Caldwell is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Tythcou, of Vancouver.
���Investigate our CASH AND CARRY plan,
money on your Groceries.
20th  Century Tailored-to-Measuro Clothes  for
this for it means a straight saving of from $15
,V\"e can    savr    you
to -$2 5
on your'suit.
The Forward Movement of Abbotsford and Huntingdon had a quota of
$1000 to raise.
Store opens 8 a. in. ' Closes 7
Except Saturday we close at .0:30 p.m.
JO p.ni
The new Mission-Matsqui ferry is
supposed to be on the run about the
1st of March. It will be larger and
reported to run longer hours and" of-
blind hero,
a guest at the home of Mrs. Bed low j hammocks,
Downie,     Abbotsfor'rt
does      oil      kinds    of
lady's   hand   bags,   etc.,
B.   C.   Phone,  4
fine   and   plain  sewing  by a  capable and   qualified
-Inquire   at.Dry Goods Department.
Farmers'   Phone' l'.)07
[and is sometimes quite busy. PAGE FOUR  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Published Every Friday   .  J. A. Bates, Editor and Proprietor  22C  =co:  FRI .DA Y,  FEB R-IJ A R V ' 2 0 ,��������� I J) 2 0  If was a solemn .charge that Premier Oliver  made against  the  Dominion government whan he slated in tho  Hour" at Victoria the other day that  the U-deral government bad not from  Lhe     first     day     of     Confederation,  acted  witli justice'   towards    British  ��������� Columbia.     II,  may  bo I rue and  Mr.  Oliver   may   bo   right,   but   if   comes  with poor grace from the Premier of  our province at these times when the'  province  can  gain  so  many concessions from  the Dominion government.  The present federal government    no  .matter  what  their other  faults  may  be   are   apparently   very   kindly disposed towards the various provinces,  particularly so   towards   British   Columbia, on account of the fact that so  many soldiers from other parts of the  dominion and empire are settling in  our midst���������have come to British Columbia as a new country to carve out  a home.     Such antagonism  is likely  to  injure  the chances of  these  new  settlers, as not much will come to the  province to their aid when the Premier is so minded. ��������� '  At present the provincial government  is planning the  dyking of the  Pumas lands.    There are some 12000  acres of dominion land  to  be taken  over in the reclamation -scheme'and  this, land was years ago promised to  the province provided the lands were  reclaimed.     Now   comss   word   from  Ottawa that the federal government  fore Bowser lost out when a -straight  party  majority  sustained   the   Premier's contention that in formation asked  for in  the 'Shape of. questions on  the   order  paper   could   be "���������expected  only in the shape of return's made <o  the- House,  an   attitude on   the  part  of the premier which Mr. Bowser stated, simply  meant  that as had  been  Hie case on previous occasions, information sought for by the opposition,  would  be  brought down  on  the last  day of the session when it would be  of   no   use   to   the   members   of   the  House.' .   ,  W.   R. .Ross,  having in  mind  that  attitude asked for a return of reports  made  by   forest rangers  to the Minister of bands, covering a recent serious forest fire at Cheakmus', on the  line of lbs P. G. E. whereby a valuable saw-mill and other private property   was   destroyed.     The  Minister  refused   to   table  the  reports (on  tiie  ground that they were personal opinions expressed   by the forest .rangers I  and were,  therefore, confidential. He  erstwhile supporter of the government, when the ' latter complained  that the legislature was marking  time. The Premier asserted to to hz-  as much the business-of members of  the House as it was.,,of the govern-  .inent, to bring in' legislation, that,  was what they were .there for and  paid for. But he did.not deign to ox  plain why promised bills were not as  yet forthcoming.  Five private bills,and    three    gov  eminent measures have so far been  introduced,  the  latter .of  but  minoi  importance.  In Vancouver it has been suggested  lo tax the candies that the babies  eat in' order to swell the coffers of  the city���������candy' is where the sugar  goes.it is said.   .>  OUR VICTORIA LETTER  I      (Continued   from   Page. Three)  j grarp of the Province by reason ol  the Premier's interference with th .���������  work of the inspectors.    '  The nature of Hanes' charge was  such that members of the Legislature  expected the Premier would be con-"  feint with nothing less than a formal  investigation. But it-appears there  will be none.. Instead, the Premier  will content himself with making his  at do: You say.:wliee  4  the Telephone?  If you work in a store or an office, your ambition is to  give service.' What do-you'answer, when the telephone  rings? Hello? Or, do you announce-the name of your  firm or the department? "Hello" signifies only that someone is talking. -It entails interrogation and results in loss  \of time. In many cases, it causes annoyance. Why not  be efficient and courteous?  BRITISH COLUMBIA  TELEPHONE Co.  refused to be budged from that posit- j rei),y in. the course of his'speech in  ion despite Mr. Ross' contention that iLhe  deb'ate>  probably  on* Wednesday  all official  business was open  to the;       "  legislature.  ! next.  wants $1 per acre for these-lands.  Luring the last two'or three" vears  the nominal  rate of $1 an acre has  pressed   by   W.   D.  Howells, ��������� perhaps  the: goldex age of man      j  PeJueen the Vears of Fifty and Sixty  Declares Howells, Octogenarian  Novelist.  That lhe goldsn age of man. is between fifty and sixty is the view ex-  been charged for all dominion land;  deeded  to other provinces,  and that  Eritish   Colubia   cannot     very     well  make an exception in the case of B  C.     .  lhe greatest of American novelists, in  the course of an article in Harper's  Magazine. Mr. Howells is we'll over  eighty years of age.and has, therefore  ���������     ���������,    . . experienced all the phases of life in  Mr. Barrow in whose district these  man's allotted  span.  He has'been a  lands lie is using every endeavor to  careful observer, and there is no cne  have the federal government keep to  whose opinion on-an bstrusoa    point  the promise made years ago, but with,  of.this kind  is better to pass a ver-  a premier in our province antagonist-, diet.     He   writes:  ie to  the authorities at  Ottawa  Mr. '  Barrow's chances we feel will be but  slim.  The offset of (his may be that the  reclamation scheme may fall through  and the fanners In that part of the  Fraser Valley will be the sufferers.  This is only one instance,and there  may be others.  Victoria  The present session at  appears to point to the fact that all  is not harmony in the Oliver camp.  Mr. Walters struck the nail on the  head when he pointed out the weak-  part 'of the working system of the  Minister of Public Works; the only  mistake was when the member from  Vale apologized to the Minister of  Public  Works.     It  has     long     been  whispered ���������sometimes  loudly that  Mr. Foreman was the chief,     it looks  -After sixty one must not take too  m?.ny chances  with one's seir';  but I  should   say   that   the   golden   age  of  man h between fifty and sixty, when  one  may safely  take  them.  One hay  peace   then   from   the   different  passions;   if  one   has   been   tolerably   industrious one is tolerably prosperous  on   has   fairly   learne  one's   trade  or  has mastered one's art; age seems as'  far off as one's youth;  one is n^t so  much.afraid   of death as earlier; one  likes   joking   as   much   as   ever  and  loves beauty and truth as much; family cares are well out of the way; if  one" has married timely one no longer nightly walks the floor witn evei.  the youngest child; the marriage ring  is then, a circle half rounder! in eternity.    It is a  blessed time;  it is indeed the golden age after it is more  than" silvern.     The best age'after i  r^^^i^--^^>-^^������~*^r  true in Dewdney will most likely be  (-������������������lie in other constituencies of the  Province. Ft has often been said  that if Oliver knew how some things  were carried out in the line of public  works in Dewdney, he would no:  stand for it.  With   the  traffic  truck   comes  the  necessity of more and  better roads.  ty, but one cannot make so sure of  ninety as of seventy in the procession  of the years, a':ul that is where fh������  'gold turns silver. But silver is one  | of the precious metals, too, and If  need not have any alloy of the baser  ones. I do not say how it will be in  the years between ninety and a hundred;   1 am not yet confronted with  between fifty and sixty.     In that time  parts of (he Fraser Valley between  the city and the country districts and  the settlers appreciate the convenience. One is being run from the  coast to points in the Maple Ridge  district and one is being rim from  Vancouver to Abbotsford, and in both  cases the people swear by them.  With the advent of better roads  more motor trucks will be put in  operation not only for the distribution of freight but for the purpose of  carrying freight to the railways.  This truck service makes a demand  for better roads and better systems  of road making.  riittMiKi: ouvku not in  A  COMMUNICATIVE Sl'IKIT  The opposition ran up against another snag in the legislature last  week in its efforts to get information  from the government.    The week bo  il   on-  has   made oneself  wanted   in  the   world,  one  is  still   wanted;   bur.  between .eighty and ninety, if one is  still- wanted, is. one wanted as much  'as   ever?     it  is  a  painful   question  but  one must not snirk it;  and    m  trying for the answer one must not  do less than one's utmo st, at a time  when one's utmost will cost more effort than before.      This is    adisaiJ,  vantage of living so long, but we cannot change the conditioning    if    we  wish  to live.  There is always the'. question  whether one does wish to live.but for  the average happy or unhappy man, I  should   say yes,   yes,  yes  Mr. Hanes gave many inside details  of the^ now famous P. G.  E   inquiry  during the 1 917t.session. Ho referred  to his repeated efforts to have W. .7.  Bowser announced   before  the  committee to give evidence as to the alleged   disposition  "of    contributions  which D'Arcy Tate had sworn he had  contributed  to  pay  campafgn  funds  But there had apepared a strange re:  lucta.nce,  Mr.   Hanes   stated,   on lhe  part of members of. the" government  to have that step taken. He had been  told by the Attorney-General to "g.������  easy   because    Bowser   '"knows    too  much".    Even the suggestion by the  North  Vancouver member    at    thai  time  to.the .then  Premier  that^'we  have  been trying f<jr a long time to  got Bowser; now is. our chance", apparently did. not move the ministers  Mr. Hanes said.    He also stated that  the attorney-general  had     promised  the action brought against the P. G.  E. interests would be prosecuted an.;,  if Mr.   Hanes desired  it, to' give the  alter a written undertaking to. that,  effect.     Mr. Hanes told the House ho  had thought that such-was  not necessary and, he naively added: "That  is  where I missed my opportunity,  I  only took his word for it."  But  Messrs Hanes    and*   Walters-  were not the only party members to  give indication of the-rising tide oi  insurgency within    the    government  ranks.     M. B. Jackson, Liberal member  for  the  Islands,   came  out  flat-  footed   with   the  assertion   that   the  people are expecting the government  to formulate some definite agricultural   policy as  to  land-clearing, .cheap  stumping-powder    and      settlement,  While that member likened Hon. E.  D.   Barrow to  "Abe Lincoln"  in appearance,  the    comparison     stopped  there.    He declared the Department  of  Agriculture has  been  asleep  and  he damned with faint praises the policy of the Lands and Forest departments stating that something should  long ere this have ba'en done to provide shipping by which B. C.'s timbe\  products could reach     the      world's  markets.  Owing to the confusion m mail  orders of this medicine we are advancing the price from .f 5.20 to $5.50  and paying air charges. This will  give our many customers quicker  service.  Sole .Manufacturers'- .  MRS. GEO. S. ALMAS  521  4th Avenue,. North,  Saskutooon  .-Wm. Atkinson  General Auctioneer and   Live  Stock   Specialist, o  2:1 years among- the Stockmen of  the 1'Ya.ser Valley., Am familar  with the different breeds of  stock and-their values.  .Address   all   communications  Box 34 (ShiUiwack, B. (>  live  to  J. H. JONES  Funeral  Directoj na  AGENT   FOR   HEADSTONES  Phone Gannectien. Mission City  For 3 Good Smoke Try  B.C. & Old Sport  C) G A R S  8.   C.    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Hayne's, Liberal member for North  Vancouver; "whose' advent into the  ranks of the out-spoken critics of the  government he was elected' to sop-  port, has been the chief topic of discussion in Legislative corridors. His  arraignment on Wednesday oi Premier Oliver and his charge that the  latter violated' the provisions of the  settlement agreement reached in  1918 between the government and  the Foley, Welsh & Stewart intersts  promoters of and contractors for the  P. G. E. railway, now the government  owned road, was the political sensat-  tion of the session to date:  From the commencment of the  session there have been many plain  indications that all was-not well w.ith  the Liberal party. ' These pointed  to a decided condition of dissatisfaction within the party ranks, a spirit  sooti : made manifest in the early  speeches by givornment supporters in  the debate on lhe address. The barrage of complimentary references  which Messrs Nelson and Sutherlana  mover and seconder, respectively, of  the Address, threw around and over  the government trenches was not  long in being dissipated as member  after member expressed their disappointment at the inaction of tho government in bringing forward policies  of a real constructive nature, something more original and of more  lasting benefit to the development of  the province- than the single idea of  gouging more money from out or the  pockets of the already over-burdened  taxpayer.  -This spirit of discontent readied  th'8 climax on Tuesday -when Joseph  Walters, Liberal member for Yale,  roundly condemned the administration of the Public Works department  assailing it as a "miserable failure"  and asserting that the Minister if  charge, Hon. J. II. King, long- known  as. the silent minister, could also be  appropriately termed the "weak minister". Mr. Walters declared that.the  GENUINE ASPIRIN  HAS "BAYER CROSS"  ���������"���������      '���������'      4"  Mi.imitimmtnmim������imh\  Phone 7303.        WILSON BLOCK Mission City, B. C.  SPECIALTY���������Crown and Bridge'Work.  Platemaking by Dr. Hall's (of Chicago) method.  Extractions, using.Somnoform  (French)    system,    instead of Gas.  Special attention given to Pyorrhoea Cases.  OPEN EVENINGS.  csnataoBEaaMSEBBsack  minister is merely the nominal head  of the department,(lie real "dictator"  of which is Public Works Kngmeuv  Foreman. Walters' charge came un-'  expectedly, though' other members  ,'nad also shown market, discontent. '  with thai particular department, especially in respect of road-work. He  declared the members and the dist-  trict engineers had no say in respect  of expenditures in their respective  districts;'Foreman was supreme. But  by Friday Walters had been whipped '  into good behavior again. He. made  an.abject apology to the House asserting .with considerable ingenuousness that he marvelled that members.'  could have construed his criticisms  as an attack upon the honor and integrity of the Minister against whom,  aparently, his only complaint, was, as  be put it, that "it is that peculiar  bedside manner that has been so disconcerting to me on several occasions  when I have approached him in a  somewhat ruffled frame of mind."  Mr. Hanes' assault upon the administration centred upon the premier who, he asserted, in his capacity  of Minister of Railways, had violated  the terms of the act by which (.lio  Legislature had rati lied the agreement with tho I'. G. F. interests. Tlr.������.  Premier, he opined, had been wont  lo criticise the late Conservative government for its violation of the statute! y laws, especially in connexion  with this very P. G. F. project. Now,"  apparently, the Premier's ideas had  changed. That .settlement was .the  outcome of proceedings tho government had initiated at its first session  in 1.01.7 to investigate fully tho affairs of the railway under the regime  of the former government. The facts  of that investigation by a s-jlecf corn-  mi flee of the House and the subec-  d ii en I issuance of a writ against the  P. G. F. interests is now history. Tint  It remained for the member for North  Vancouver to add, even at this late  date, a new and decidedly interes:.-  ing chapter.  That action never came to tidal for  in the meantime the government and  the P. G. F. interests got together  and the result was the settlement in  I!' 18. Among the provisions of that  arrangement was one set forth in  section 14 of the Act as follows:  "Tiie parties of the second part covenant that all the rolling stock, c-  quipmoht, plant and machinery, r.ow  in. upon or about'the said lino of railway, or adjacent thereto, and heretofore in use or required or contracted for use by them or any of the said  companies, in or in connection wit!;  the construction or operation of the  said line of railway are the properties of' Lhe said companies and ;ire  to be transferred, set over and delivered to the Province."  . Mr. Hanes charged tha following  the ratification of that arrangement  by the Legislature the government ;vi-  specfors who were s'.-nt out to check  up these assets preparatory to the  Province taking them over, had Irjon  iuterferred with and obstructed in  the execution of their duty of proteri.-  ing valuable assets of the province.  He gave a specific instance of this  in support of his charge, the case of  the saw-mill on the P. G. E. operated  by Walsh, Day Lumber Company,  lesses from the P. G. E. interests, to  whom the Premier had sent instructions to disregard the instructions instructions of the government inspectors Anderson and Morrissey. By thr.t  action Hanes declared, the mill, a  valuable property, had been lost to-  the Province. Assets which had been  valued at $1,000,000.00, he said, bad  been affected by the agreement. Ho.  intimated that other valuable assets  had also been allowed to escape ;Jio  (Continued on Page Forjr;  Tablets   without   ."Bayer   Cross"  are n������t Aspirin at all  Get genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"  in a "Bayer" package, plainly marked  with the safety "Bayer Cross."  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Manson, president occupied the chair at the meeting held in  the Council Chambers, and there was  a good attendance.  The  chairman  explained     to     the  fruit industry would rapidly increase  | on  the  banks of the  Fraser and  the  'district   would   be   worth   tapping   by  the Canadian National over a bridge  built for the purpose.  Mr. J. A. Catherwood stated that  locally the north side of the river  needed the products of lhe south side  and easier communication that a ferry was necessary. The ferry was an  improvement but a bridge would be  better.  Mr. W. IT. Mathewson pointed out  that  with  the  facilities  of a  bridge  guest of the evening the object of th������ ',   '��������� , ,   ,  miptinir     m  tmi m \       ' busmcss wo������ld develop that was now  meeting,���������to  talk  over the question   i   ���������  e luabuoti | ly.Illg dormant or going another dir-  AL' ection on account of the difficulties,of  of a bridge.over the Fraser Rivei  Mission-Matsqui.  The chairman spoke at length on  the necessity of a bridge over the  Fraser River and gave a short history  of the past efforts on  the  part  of the citizens. . ������������������;  ' --*  Mr. H. Alanson was    called    unon  OLIVER HAS DOUBLED THE ,  DEBT OF THE  PROVINCE  the present methods of communication. It would mean the development cf this part of the Fraser Valley  and facilitate business in many ways.  Mr. J. P. Cade told Senator Taylor  that the district was growing very  , ,. ,rapidly;  that new settlers were com-  and  outlined  the advantages    of    a ' ing and soon the north bank of the  bridge,  in  place  of  a  ferry,   from  a j jrrascr woul(1 ])e 0n,3 largifi berry  local standpoint in business interests, I den with a big demand for the pro-  m the interests of the growers of the j duct.     The growers would now have  district,  thus  giving  better  facilities'a   cold storage plant of    their    own  lor shipping to and frcm this point��������� j which  would mean a lot to the per-  two  roads  instead   of one;   a   bridge ��������� manent growth and prosperity of the  would open up a new and better district   for   tourists   to   see   when   they  cam.?  to   the  country,   being able  to  come in at Sumas, cress the bridge at  Mission-Matsqui and down the north  side  of  the Fraser,  and  back  home  via   Blaine.    Settled  and  prosperous  districts  would   be    passed     through  and the scenery was unrivalled.  Mr. F. J. Roche spoke of the value  of uniting two prosperous districts,  socially and commercially    and    the  district. 11= too thought a bridge very  necessary.  Tho chairman th?n called on Senator Taylor, who on rising expressed  delight at again meeting so many  citizens of Mission City and to talk  on such an important matter as a  bridge across the Fraser River at this  point. He went into the history of  granfs to bridges built throughout  the Dominion and the establishing of  precedents  by  the  Dminion   govern-  Victoria, Feb. 13.���������With the recent loan for $2,500,000 floated by  the province for P.G.E. purposes, the  aggregate bonded indebtedness of B.  C. is approximately $33,000,000 or  nearly double what it was at the  end of 1916 when the present administration took-office,a little over three  over three years ago. Then the debt  was slightly over $18,000,000. The  present Liberal administration has,  therefore, borrowed about $14,000,-  000*. Next year this large total will'  be swelled by a further loan for $4,-  000,000 to be utilized in completing  construction of the P. G. E. into  Prince Georgeflaud for other purposes.  The financial operations of the government will undoubtedly be a fruitful topic of discussion at the present  session. TI1.9 opposition scoffs at the  claim advanced by Hon. John Hart,  Minister of Finance, to a surplus of  $1,040,000 in current revenue over  current expenditures for the fiscal  year ended March 1919, as shown in  the public accounts just tabled. They  assert the so-called surplus is merely  a book-keeping one; Mr. W. R. Ross,  Conservative, has suggested that the  Minister, being a young man and  more or less inexperienced, was "just  CHEAPE  ADVERTISING  On the claim that it is "Cheaper Advertising" than  newspaper advertising, a good many unnecessary advertising schemes are sold to business men.  & The plans for buying are usually made in the-home at  the warm fireside, not when the family is on an amusement jaunt.  Supplementary advertising includes   all   advertisin  outside of newspaper advertising.  !!  Now is the time to get your supply of Butter Wrappers for  summer months.  Get them at BATES' PRINTING OFFICE.  kidding" himsalf into  had a surplus.  believing  HOLD    ENTHUSIASTIC    MEETING  Lcs mean? ol doing tins was by a j ment and told the members of the  bet er traffic connection between the'club many things. Formerly it was  north and south side of the river. Hejthe  custom of the    government    to  also thought that'll would be very advantageous to both sides of the river  to have better railway connection.  The-rich district on the north side of  the river would have better distribution, for their fruit had they a choice  of two roads to the prairies.  Mr. J. A. Bates pointed out the  growing importance of the rich berry  district to the north of the Fraser  River, and that should    the    modern  'bonus railroads for the development  cf the country, hut the present day  idea appeared to be to encourage the  building of more and better roads  to act as feders to the railroads, thus  it was that B. C. was getting for tin  next five years about $250,000 for  the building of roads in the province.  The grants were given through the  various   provinces.     It   meant   much  A large and enthusiastic meeting  of the shareholders of the F. V.  Farmers' Feed Association was heL.  in the Imperial Hall on Monday,  1 February 17th. The president occupied the chair and after speaking  of the bennnts that had come to the.  Fraser Valley since' the Farmers begun to co-operate, he spoke of the  special work and objects of our own  association.  The purchase of a building has  brought the association to a new  stage of its development.  A resolution was passed approving  of the resolution of the Board of  Trado urging better ferry service  from the Department of Public  Works.  FIRE   AT   STAVE   PALLS  Fire on Sunday morning,.which is  believed to have been caused by  would-be robbors lighting matches,  before being frightened off in an effort to find a light switch destroyed  the storehouse of- the Western Canada Power Company at Stave Falls  The loss is estimated at between  ?l'O.OOO and $15,000.  Mr.  John Paterson,    who    is    in  charge of the storehouse and is post-  The     members    present     pledged   master, entered the burning building  themselves  to   whole-heartedly  sup-  and  with  difficulty  opened  the safe  port the Acsociation    and    quite    a  number  of  nev/  shares   were   sold  methods now being adopts  bv  the I IV^TT^ "���������* ^^ Up ������f   nUmDer  0f  ^shares   were   sold,  cowers  in  the  esL^n"^o^X^Z^ '* ^ ^ *��������� ������ H *���������'   '^^ns   regarding   new  "   '        ' . limes   of   business were   referred   to  He spoke of the bringing of prairie ' tho  directors.  cold-storage plant  be a success,  the  and saved $1200.    The building and  contents are a total loss.  According to the story which Mr.  Paterson told to the insurance company officials, he left the storehouse  one end of which he occupies for his  personal use, at about 8 o'clock. He  went to a dance and in returning at  12:15 o'clock passed the storehouse  and everything was quiet At 1 o'clock  he heard the company fire alarm, and  when he went to the storehouse a-'  gain found it in flames.        .  The company has a small fire-  fighting apparatus at Stave Falls, but  the fire had gained such headway  that there was little use to combat  the flames. The corrugated iron walls  fell and it was impossible to get  water onto the inflammable interior  which burned rapidly. It was whib  the walls fell that Mr. Paterson entered the building and rescued the  contents of the safe.  It is understood that the place is  fully insured, Rand &,Fowler having'  Mr.  Paterson's  personal  property  a- ,  mounting to about $500 covered. The  company's  property  is  insured   with  another company.  ���������K.l!  I-..'  V J-t  v; <


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