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 ***;  <vl  dW4  l8g*���������>ft.&  OFFICIAL PAPER OFTHE GRAND LOYAL" ORDER OF BOOSTERS  Vou VL, No. 6.  ABBOTSFORD,.B. C, FRIDAY,   Dec! '20, 1912  ansa's-  Sfa>8  .00 PER YEAR  TO  The fall/owing 'has' been sent for  publication :���������    ''  Sa'yi young, man', I want to talk  wi/th  you via minute., Get .up aiVd  dust,..don't wait for something to  turn up;   gqi at it-and'turn, it up.  Pult the -harness right on'anci pull,  no matter-if the bellybarid chafes  a. 'little ' or" the  ha'mes 'don't  fill;  pu'll, you'll soon> get hardenied to'  it; - a collar spot' here- and there  db,ntt .hurt, any.  Don't try 'to begin'  where the.old man left oii'.' If you  do, ytou wlll| quit where he began.  Get into 'tho1 'deal yours elf g \d-q as  the oCd man did.- If you* can't afford  a "thing,''don't -buy it" until  you  can.   The old' gentleman - did '  that way arid that is how'he got  his credit.  That credit, young fellow,  is  worth -more'' dollars ..than  'yoiu('<will��������� ever/ earn;'' No mat-tersa-  bout   money,   get   a   credit,    and  ���������maintain   it;   it is" the  beat  a9se't  anyone   ever  had.       Eull .all  the  time ;      don't     be     stingy,      but/  bei-'iprudent-; don't. get.jper(.^m.is.tic,^  shut' your suspicious  eye.   If >.  a7  neighbour' '  goes     wrong,     don't  doii'bt the intergrity, of the neigh- ,  hour ;o.n tho, other corner. Pessimism is a mountain,.and darkens the  view;.-, iit ;is"only   its   obstruction.  ,to yfooif ��������� vision ' that* 'makes' it look"'  .so.,   Pu'll  and ' keep"/your   faith1  -bright itn humanity.   The world is,,  just what we make it.'���������Opppr!tuh-.  ty 'rs 'o.n  all   sides)  awaiting' the  'man   \vho  puTls  steadily .all ' .the  time, .no. matter "what* his  station'  or. line" oi| business.'  Take.'this" ad-;-  vice from your uncle.T^A'FRTEND.^  PANAMA  AND "INTERIOR  TRADE.  Numerous Structures Proje'ct-  ;   ed, the Building of which  will Help Trwn.  Some of the inland'cities are^ becoming aroused- to! the fact that  they have, a -keen interest in the  early loipening of the Pan'ama canal-1and the trade changes that  must fallow. The Association of  Commerce at St. Paul and . Jhe*  Commercial Club of Kansas City  'have all'ready taken upi the question and propose to havq a, aeries  of .meetings this winter. Ifc-u be addressed by experts- on what the  canail -means for. all America. >.  The big change, of course, will  be in the business of .the transcontinental railroad lines. It is becoming more and more apparent  that \ports like Tacoma will transmit, not originate, the vast traffic that will represent American  export trade en route for South  America, Asia and Australia, via  the Panama canal. It is important,  therefore, that the inland cities  shall! know.how this changed condition will affect their manufact-1  ui'ing and other industries.   .'    '  ; lit i's 'highly 'importaartth'at ^'this  J3ort of .propaganda should go- on,'  for congressional action, today is  hot shaped, as^ it was 'formerly, by  ithe ������������������- opinion /of representatives  the Atlantic -seaboard states. Authority/has passed over into- the  region between sthe Alleighanies  and the Rockies, an,d, it as there  that gospellers are needed most  to preach fan-Americanism' arid  interriationaaiism.        . '<���������  ' If all-, the building goes ahead  that is promised,' Abbotsfiord '.will  be one of the liveliest towns, in-the  Piraser Valfey ��������� next spring. : People are beginning to realize that  Abbbjtsfwd -is going to be a good  centre arid' are govening them,-i  selves accordingly.  ' A hew livery .stable is to be built  'just west- of the piresent stable it  is. reported by local men. , It will  be large and commodilous, being  90- by ,50. feet; It is reported^ that  "Messrs':" Stafford f&" D'eL'a'ir * will be  -'he new proprietors..  ! Then"theme: is'- a rumor that- the  {Western''.' Canada- Power5 Company  .'willl'���������at'an rearly.'date;build a cem.-'  'erit '[block - close to. Vthe ' ��������� p<resenit  ���������building.'tor;, a-power' station'. . -  '. .Abbotsfcird' may 'have another  !-new hotel- in; tlie- course: of (a few  .months. It ,is common irepdH vthat  a: local main will/build, an! .fact it  is reported that the, lumber is now  being- shipped , from New iWesi-  minster, an up to date hotel opposite the jail and will'follow the  practice of the Americans.and sell  5c beers. It is .'not known what  size the building. wi^ll be but report has' it that, it .will' be as large  as (any .oth&r hotel in,'Abbotsford.  Mir. J:'Copping is making' so  much money ,in' the butcher, business! that hie wi'll^at ,ank early date  start the cement block that'he has  for'some time contemplated.. Now  that he sees other people have  faith in Abbotsford 'besides himself he begins to realize .that' it  is about time four him; to get started. If he builds then' the baker,  Mr. Lee, will also build .as his lot  adjdins that of Mr. Copping. ���������;  There are several other buildings sipoken of but it is not likely  they will be started until late in  the summer.  NMSTIWINSTER  The stares 'of Abbotsford .have  certainly taken on a Christmas appearance and are doing a lively  business this season which goes to  show that the quiet agitation canned on in/ the .past luis %orne-  fymit and the people (are investing in Abbotsford goods Nfor the  C'hinJabmas trade and for the pre-  Be-ilti^ "It'o jfrienlds. .A. visit'to? the  storeisiB^ow that the class of goods  cairr-ied this season is much superior to that carried during \ ant^  yeair in the past. The stares w,iill;  adl imjwiove s,o long ;as the local  people paifcronize them ��������� as they  shoulld, if they twi,sh the town to  go ahead.  The Presbyterians are building  a new church in Huntingdon, or  willl" when the beautiful spiru'ng:  beautiful spring weather begins.  A meeting  was  held the  other  day in which the managers of the  hin,e banks in this 'City, .organized  a local clearing house association.  Operation's" will start' <on* January  2nd,: 1913,' and the  maliage'rs': ,'afe '  prophesying' that the figures -will  create considerable surprise-when  they become  known.   Up-to-date,  New    Westminster    ban'ks     have '  ,-jIeaired  through  to   Vancouver.  ���������   The officers ofthe Association  will be���������'&,.  B. Brymner,  Bank: .of'  Montreal;  chairman ;.    Mr;  B.V R.  Davidson, Canadian  Bank of Commerce, vice-president; Mr J. Gra-  cey, Bank  of Toronto,  secretary- *  treasurer and manager.  .   Thei banks   concerned'   in- ' the  clearing   house   are :��������� Ban,k<     of  Montreal, .Canadian  Bank |Of Commerce,  Royal  Bank    (of   p Canada^  Northern Crown 'Bank, Mercliantrf''''  Bank of Canada1;'!'Bank'-.;of 'Tordn-"  to, Bank of Vancouver dominion  tBank and the Union 'Bank, of Canada. -      -   -       ��������� .'.-.. -^  THE GHAMETOVOfl  Groveling pessimists  who    find  but little in this world .to- cfiee^r  them!  would   be',le;33t! irielinerf'-'to  unload- their  gloomy "meditations '  on' their  patient  fellows   ifr they.-  would but look-for the chance.to-  do gjood. ' ���������  Always there is a chance to do  good;   it  may be  that the   good  service' 'will ball for no, more than  a  cheerful   word,   or   somie   little  ���������word o"f enoouragement .in a moment of individual distress; t or it-  may be  that the  opportunity  to  do. fgiofod"' will 'call1 for a more substantial ��������� manifestation"  a������cl   so'm'e  little persona' sacrifice, as in the  case  of' M..SS- Zoe   Barnett,    anS.  merribers  of  her'   company  , wh\o  eag'erly arid   gladly   took' advan--'  tage of the' chance to, aid "in ad-  dii'ng   somewhat' of 'che������:)"'��������� to   the'  lot of the -poor'in Seattle' during���������  the hdliday .season.  In the life of the average human  being these little services are  t right incidents, and if they brighten the lives ;o'f .those, in' ' whose '  behalf they are rendered, it is true  a'lso that they add much (of sweetness to the lives of those who  render these unselfish services.  Good service is a double blessing, for it blesses the' giver nw  less than the recipient;. and'ithere  always is a chance, to render good  service, always a chance to do  good.  "MADE IN^flBBOTSFORD"  The Abbotsford hardware store  has a .show case that" -was' "made  in  Abbotsford. '  Mr. John Rogers, an 'ojd man of  about 76 years lof ajge is the,maker of the above-mentioned show  case, and it is' certainly a work  of art. The w.ood, work Js of mahogany. ahd'"walhut, ������������������ and ' most,  beautifully tpolished^by hand. Mr;-  Elliott, the manager, is quite p'tfoud  of 'the show caisa and, iBhows it-to  his firiendlsi as of the. style "Made  in Abbotsford." ....  ii 3������ms ABBOTS#d&D POST,     ABSdtf SfrOftt), 8. &  ��������� ������������������ VWS   rf������|    ���������i-~-r���������-pi**3?w  ..ATiX.  ^^SSf-a;.   -ii.--_������,  ---,.*-���������--=**���������  THB ABBOTSFORD POS  Published    every   Friday   by    the   Post  Publishing Compnny.  A weekly Journal devoted to the lnter-  eHt������ of Abbotsford and suu undine district. ' ���������     '.I ���������*:*.']  be  administered  exactly as capa-  ,b'le      and      honest     . as bus  iness men carry on a private, business. "��������� ��������� !.  ;������To take but; a single instance of  the   superior   advantage,    merely  plication.  LEGAL ADVERTISING���������12 cents per  Hne for first insertion, and 8 cents a, line  tor all subHequent consecutive Insertions  Our Shibboleth���������Neither for nor tiffin'  the   Government. ,  "111 'f- "IWfi��������� "���������������" ������"'"l'r  FRIDAY DEC. 20, 1912  ���������r���������  7&X.  from, a business, point of view, of  Advertising? Rates mado know..   i������ tt*>-Y appointments  to   office  for  merit  .instead Of Lor political or 'personal considerations. Before ^hc mer-  .t system was, introduced into the  consular service ,of the United  States this service, was the laughing stock of the world. Compe-\  tent consuls had ao motive,'for doing good work, and incompetent'  men abounded. The consequence  was that the consular service/ contributed almost nothing to the  growth of American commerce a-  broad. But since the merit system was made, -operative' ItfKese  competent consuls have multiplied and American commerce owes-  an expansion of millions' of dollars annually to their intelligent  and faithful efforts.  The srpo;)lis system, is a curse to  whoever practices it. The,merit  system is a blessing to the party  that forwards it and the nation  that   supports.���������Exchange. .  Reform in t,he Nevada divorce  court looks like an infringement  on the personal privileges of Nat  Goodwin.  Eastern millionair'es ane selling  their yachts. They probably don't  want to ber at sea again when a  financial storm Comes along. s  The goose that laid t"he golden  egg \b >ai back; number when compared to the American, hen with  her annual output worth three'  billion  dollars.  If we value our lives according  to w.hat we pay 'our life-savers,  it isn't w.ontbj much to live, ini this  homeiof thejbrave and land ofthe  free without a good naval policy.  A Kansas preacher says women  wear halos in heaven instead of  hats. Theire 'is no longer any djoubt  among men folks about heaven  being .art jdeaj place. t  (Why shouldn't women.have suffrage? iWe' let 'men vote 'wh'o' can't  talk the"English, language and, refuse the ballot, to women; who can  talk enough for all of us !  The modern Woman 'wh'o:; spends  thau'sanidis of dollars yearly on  wearing apparel isn't much like  the first member of .her 'sex, who  didn't care a fig leaf for clothing.  THE    MARKET.  Absolute div-Orce of the . civil  service from politics is indispensable to the increase of integrity,  efficiency and economy /in carry-!  ���������ing on the government, whether  of the natton or, of the states.-  Replacement of the spoils system, that m!akes public office the  private preserve of politicians and  thei'r henchmen, by^the merit system, that make's; it a public trust  to be .administered for the benefit  of the pdop.le and their government, is considered by the National Civdl Service; Reform iLeague  to transcend in importance the policy of any party as to tha tariff,  the trusts, the Philippines and;  Porto Rico, monopolies, and currency and ban kiln g.  This iis a< strong statement, but,  whether endorsed or repudiated by  the reader, it, at least serves as a  measure   for   the   surpassing :im-  portance  of  the merit sy������ten\ in  the eyes  of an  exceptionally  intelligent and ���������p-atriotic. body .of public-spirited    American      citizens.  At any .pate it can not be^ denied  that the spoils system in, American  politics  and  public life  has   done  immense   mischief  to    republican  institution's       and democratic  ideals. On   the    other    ha:ndy  the merit system Stands for the  idea that public officials are trustees for thq welfare of the, people  and  that   public  business   should  Local and Vancouver { buyers  wexe j>iiesent :at the regular weekly New .Westminister market this  morning in numbers buying i up  the offerings of Christmas turkeys,  geese and poultry of all kinds and  business was brisk) in this department. Turkeys were offered, live  weight, at from 33c to '35c a lb.,  dressed. Gieese were offered at  20 to 23l cents a p'bund live weight  and aft firom, ,25 to 28 cents a [pound  dressed. Ducks, live weight, {were  offered at 1������_ and 20 cents a pound,  and at $7 tq' $9. a dozen. Chickens  brought $i to $6 a dozen, :ypung  birds $6 to^ $8 a dozen and brpilers  $3 to $4 a> dozen. ( ���������  Eggs aTe reported more plentiful and although some . vendors  asked 60 cents.a dozen; at the opening of the. market.they dropped  the price to, 55 cents and later to  50 ..cents. The demand wa.s. small,  however, and the best wholesale  price obtainable was 40* and 45  cents. Butter fetched 40 and 45  'jents a pound.  There was little change, in the  prices in the meat .department.  Some excellent park brought 15  and 18 cents a .pound retail. Head  cheese was .offered at 10 cents, a  pound. Sugar-cured ibacon 20  cents, sugar-cured hogs heads 5  cents a 'bound, home made <p,ork  sausage 20 cents and loin beef,  18 to-Q2\ cents, a pound.  In the vegetable section there  was a good supply .of all lines.  Potatoes remain the same at $13  to $15 .per ton, beets per sack, $1,  carrots 70 cents; onions $1.25; celery per crate $1.50; turnips 65  cents, and cabbage at 1 cent a.,  pound wholesale,  the  following  prices  were quoted :  Chickens, per doz.  $4 Lo $*���������:  Young  birds per  doz  ���������  $6 to &3  Broilers, per  doz.   $3rj$i  Poultry, live weight  18c to W  Ducks, par lb. 18c to 20c  Ducks per doz. $7 to $9 .  3eese, live weight  U3C  Geese, dressed  --  302  Turkey,  per  lb.  live   weight-33c  Poultry, cleaned, per lb.  25c  Young Pigs, e'atth '���������������������������������'��������� $3.50 to $5.50  Geese, per lb. live weight' 20c  Turkey, diressed, per lb.  ��������� 38c  ���������VEGETABLES  Potatoes, ton   $13 to $15  Beets, per sack  ������������������"��������� $1.00  Carrots, per sack  ���������-��������� 70c  Cabbage, 'Wholesale, per lb  lc  Tuirnipsr~per  sack ��������� -���������;  .���������60c  Cabbage, retail, per lb   2c  Cabbage,.per head  10c to 15c  Cauliflower, per head   5c to 10c  Onions, per sackj'----.-*  $1.*>5  Celery, per  crate   ���������'���������-   -r-$i.50  -SMALL FRUITS  Apples, per t>ox  80c 'to $1.25  Apples,   5   ibs.   ...-���������".. "15c  PeaTs, iper Ibojc..���������'������������������   $1.00  -EGGS AND BUTTER  Eggs,  retail,  per, doz.    50c  Eggs,  wholesale' "40c  to 45c  Duck eggs, -per doz.,  60c  Butter, retail, per lb.  40c to 45r  Honey,  per  comb  ���������' 25c  ��������� WHOLESALE MEAT  Veal,   ���������     I3c.to 14c  Large veal   10c to lie  PoTk,          13c   to 15c  Mutton, per lb    12c  to 12&0  Lamb,  -���������.  \  14%c to 16c  Best Heifer, No. 1. ���������'������������������ j.0c  Beef steer, No. 1. - lie  ���������RETAIL MEATS  Beef, best rib roasts  15c to 18c  Beef,   loin    18c to C2c  Beef, short loin    'J5o  Beef, round  steak   20c  Boiling  Beef       10c   to  14c  Beef,   pot   roast    - 13c  Veal       15c   to   L8"d  Pork,    ���������>,  ���������   15c  to-18c  Sugar  cured   bacon    20c  Sugar  cured   conned  pork    20c  Mutton,  v 17c to 20c  Homemade pork sausage, lb.��������� ' 20c  Salted Pig's heads, lb. '-��������� 8c  Pickled pig's feet, lb   10c  Pickled pig's shanks, lb   15c  Sugar cured hogs heads,, lb��������� ,������c  Sugar cured (pigs foet per lb��������� 8c  Sugar cured corn  beef, lb���������10c to int.  Pure lard  ���������  15c  -(PISH  Salmon,  sockeye  ������������������ 2 for 25c  Salmon, steelhead ���������-  15c  Sturgeon,  t--^-    i5c  Halibut ���������,-������������������ -     foe  Smelts   ������oc  Herring, 3 lbs  for   25c  Crabs 2 for  ���������-��������� ��������������������������� 2>j  Cod ,blue. or gray ���������������������������- ���������'2oZ  3kata ,--���������;'���������.,<������������������'���������---,������������������-���������'   ~ j.yc  flounders '���������>- .��������� ���������      10c  =g������>  Sole.   10c  TO.THE ELECTORS OF MATSQif  I-. wish to solicit your votes fry  Reeve of theMuinieipality of Mits-  qui fiotr the coming year.  I ,a/m ,ain 'old-time resident of the  district aind ajiv owner of property.  I believe I am sufficiently acquainted wiith ��������� the n'eeds of the  district fo be able to serve the  people in "the capacity of Roeve,  as I am interested ia, the municipality laind wisfa,' to see thai tht  taxes sire expended to the interest  of the ratepayers.  If elected, I   sihall do all in my  power to see tfhait everyone  gat*  a fair deal inalll tttigft pertains  tr  muiniicipal m/atters.       '  yours trury,  WILLIAM ELLIOTT  The  editor sat in  hits  sanctum!  He .had grown old. He, had served  his country as a soldier, and\ after  laying aside the sword he had. taken up the pen, which is sometimes  considered  mSore    powerful  than the sword, the next number'  was  to be an., anniversary  of .his  first  issue, and  this  is   whjaft ih.31  said, " We have at no time  been  a/ble to  make  the paper what it  shoull-d be, but we have, succeeded  in attracting attention ro 1  ajnd iplacini'g it firmly upon, the  map as qne of the very best little,  towns-weal:  of  the    mtoum'ba.iris,"  dConitinued on  pa;ge. Three)  SOU!- SOMAS  !D OF TRAI  President, Ghas. Hill-Tout   Secretary, S. A. Morley  of Abbotsford, B.C.  Meeting Held First Monday of Each Month  Write the secretary regarding manufacturing sites  with unexcelled shipping facilities and cheap power  h   or information regarding the farm and fruit lands of  \^ the district, and industries already established, Jh  B.J. Gernaey, Esq. ontreal, Nov. 1st, 1912..  Abbotsford,    . . .  '��������� Sir:;    '  :"       '     ' '. ���������   ' "' ���������  "' ../'  'h e firm will not stand for cutting the order in two and shipping  part later, it would probably. Day you to take all at once. I w!ll= see' you  about .December 5th, and we can talk it over then. You had better prearrange your shipping order at once if you wish as there are 6 doz. 52 '  collars on spring order. Don't cancel eny as leather has reached the. un- '  -heard of price of 45c per lb here, so, I would cancel nothing in leather  goodr. I got another raise in price of 5 per cent, and harness and collars  when I.got to Regina.    Will explain when I see'you." . .  W. Brad win,. Salesman.  From Lamontagne ��������� Limited.  A useful present is always an appropriate  one,   and .what  could   be  better  than  . something in cutlery?   For instance a:;firie  carving set.    We have them at all prices.  J������1S������  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  ;ElI!ott"  If you are looking  for Bargains in  Town Lots, Farm Land,  or Chic  Randies  Insurance-Fire and Life  Telephone Connection  Here is a secret. Purchase an Abbotsford lot, or better  still a house, make the first payment on it and then present it to your wife as a Christmas present.  Houses and lots at special holiday prices, and on the installment plan.  Have some fine bargains in Abbotpford real estate.  cL.allum BBWHzaxaw.'vaaaHwu  I-  P.  si  '������' /'  -v.  i*  t-1    n  1 I  -���������:������*,  4>HE ifeBOHSPOR]} ������6ST,       ABBOTSFORt), B 6,  ,.*..o..���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������>������������������������  ..,..������..������..���������..������..  ..������.,������..0"*..������������O..>.  ristmas  makes the most appropriate of gifts.    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It 'is claimed' that if  a pnper .'can attract attention to  its home to\v,n' it has fulfilled its  mi'saion' and should nto be ashamed  of the service thait. it has'performed. By"attracting attention 'to  'a-,town a paper Jh-as 'mad'q it- the  homo.of apmc who no, doubt have  I or nd pleasure in living in- the  town, ma'de the 'town mjore'' prosperous, f|or no town, in , the west  that is before the public eye, but  can "benefit by having its advantages .placed -before the people  who are ioiqking toj the, .west -with  its opportunities' and it's salubrious climate, a fitting place sfoa*  j\. white������������������miaii to, live. ��������� <   ���������  ��������� The Poot prides itsed4 on1 :havingv  'done a little tor A'bbojtsford and  hopes that in the future" it will  be able to- do- much more.- That  the services have been lapprecia-  tod the advertising columns ^o-f  this 'paper should be considered.  Any business .worth referring ,to  in the. ��������� town,, ha3 an ad. i;h th\'.s"  paper. Read the ads. and patronize the men; who*'are investing in  goods that -are for sale, in, Abbotsford. It will" pay and- the money  will "be returned to you wJith in-  creased value. .. You .and your  friends.'will have, more ��������� pleasure  out of Christmas- if-' you , can conscientiously . say?.:-that- you <��������� -have  purchased:''kir ."that you,, possibly  could fVm Aljbqts'fbfd merchants  for this :me'rry tChristmas4   :   ,>'  complete map will be compiled i,n  the course o������ a few months.  British Columbia's forests yield  .only a smajl fraction, of this at  present, but with the development  of the iresource the amount will  be as great as 6>/2 million dollars  per annum, according to government officials. -However, this will  be-quite impossible if fire ,is allowed to raviish the mountains as  it has in the palst. Jit is obviousi  that, this is not an ag.riculftj.iral!  province, and,the greatest resource, the forest, must be saved  from' destruction.  MATSQUISCHOOL BOARD.  A. regular meeting of the Matsqui Scho'ol Board was held at Clay-  burn on Saturday aftern'oo;n, Dec-  'embar -7 at 3 p.m. There were  present .Trustee Page, <. Conroy,  VVdo'ler and Merryfield. The chairman, Trustee Cruickshanks, neing  absent, Trustee Page was voted  to the chair'. ���������''  Resignation of teachers,received  which showed that the Association  was in  tho best of standing, had  done a gaqoY year's work ano\ was  in good shape for the work, of. the  coning year.   $3,500 had  been-re'-,  ceived   from   all   scources   during  the year.  $36'5 had been paid out  in   prizes.   The   Association    had  started  with  $295.'cash  last  year.  $1,000   had   been    paid '    for     thei  grounds and  $100 for' clearing 8-way the small trees  and  stumps  and levelling the ground.  The lo-  coil donations for; the year were, in  the   neighbourhood   of, $300.    Ths  membership .for 1912 was 171, with,  the prospect "thatne'xt year it will  be double that number.   $130 had  been given in voluntary work o,n  the grounds  and building  during  the year.  The report showed that  the Association had but very .little  liabilities.  The plan's for the, .coming  year -  were discussed and'it was intended to finish, the hall and, paring it,  besides   putting   up- a   few   more  sheds.  A vote of[. thanks was passed to'  were as  tallows:  Clayburn  school, J ^ f'eB|d*Bt Mr"  0wen''and 'to  .- The"' forest ''-Branch y of' the'-' Department of 'Lands' is undertaking'  a survey, of/.the -Pro^yinoe of, Bri-  .ish Columbia' which will <give. definite- - information heretofore incomplete and scattered.' There are  -twelve parties of reconnaissance  men' in'the) field, in the valleys of  the Adams, Salmon,'Nicola, North  Thompson, Omineca; and Columbia  Rivers, around Mable Lake, and  along the route of the G. T.P.  The surveyors will note every"  natural feature, the topography,  bodies, of water (including- water  powers), all the, agricultural areas,  down t'o 40 acre tracts, the nature  of (the soil,- and in, a general way  the amount of timber standing. It  is expected that the reports which  these men will make will prove  a revelation to the public. Undoubtedly .there are many tracts  of- land which will produce good  crops lying idle because their location is no|} known accurately. ,  The difficulties of carrying '.out  this survey .are very great, tf>ar-  ricularly in view of the season,  but the ground is being covered  as  rapidly  as  possible,   and "the  (senior division) Miss Anris G. Mel-  lor; Matsqui scho'ol (juniior divi-l  sion) Mns. Lesta Wright; Peardon-  v.ille school,. Miss -Una! E. Pearson.  The resignation of Mrs. Lesta  Winiight w,as accepted with regret  and the secretary .was asked to  communicate-to Mrs. Wright the  thanks of the (board) for' her splendid work while An charge of one  of the Matsqui schools.  Miss Muriel Law was appointed  to taQce charge of senior division,  Clayburn, at a salary of $70 per  month. Miss May Elliott, junior  division,' Matisqui, at a salairy' of  $60per month; Miss Eva McCul-  lough, Peardonvdlle school, at ^ a  salary of $60 per. month.  ' It wa;s moved by,' Messrs. Wooler  and Conroy that -whereas abojut  one-third o'f the expenditure of  the Abbotsford school in excess  of government grant is paid, by '  'Matsqui' school board, the secretary is hereioy' instructed to\ for-  walrd/a-protest of this b'o\ard to'  the secretary ,of the Abbotsford  school-board -against such heavy  expenditure without first consulting the  Matsqui  board. |- s  The [ secretary .reported having  received plans1 and specifications  of. the hew Bradner scho'ol, from  Mir. J. E. Griffiths, public works  engineer. Tenders for same, being  received to the i&th day ,'o'f December and that changes asked for  and inspection of materials and  work "by the Board had ' been  granted.  The meeting adjourned to meet  on the next regular date at Clayburn, January' 4,  1913,  at  3 p.m.  all who hadLso, kbly assisted, during the year in making the. aninual -  fair a success, and in constructing'  the   building   and    clearing   \the"  grounds.   , .'.',.  .Jhe following were elected  for  the coming year:-���������      -  -'  ���������  President,��������� R. Owen; .1st Vice--  Pre's., T. J. Aish;' .2nd Vice-Pres^  P. Conroy; 3rd, Vice-Pres., W. J.  Marsh; Sec.-Treas., A. L. Bates;  Directors, M. Alexander,' T. Aish,  Wm. Bates, P. Martin, C. Bell, R.  Beaton, P. Conroy, W. Elliott, N.  Fore,, P. Jackman, T. H. Lehen.on,  Wm. Merryfield, W. J. Marsh, J._  A. Morrison, J. Paice, John Olsen,  R. Owen, ML T. Pa,ge, D. Sjogren,  J W, Taylor, C. Hill-Tout, 3.. S.  DeLair, R. jLC- -Nichoil, C. P. .Pur-  ver, S. Holland. Hon. Members,  J. D. Taylor, M'.P., I. ,Cawley, M.  L.A., Hon. Price Eilison, minister  of Agriculture., ���������' ��������� -  SUMAS LODGE, No.- 1084, L.OiO.M.  , Meieits the. first and, third priday  in ������ea\ch' month.  AH visiting! ibreth- ,  ren are invited to attend.  W. C.  Bonds,   Dictator;   E.  W,  Young, Secretary.' -   -  MATSQUI AGRICULTURAL  ASSOCIATION MEETING  The annual meeting of the Matsqui Agricultural' and Horticultural Association was held in the  Gifford Hall on December JLOth,  with a large attendance of '��������� the  people of Matsqui present. Mr.  W. J. \Marsh was, in the absence of  the president, voted to the chair.  The   annual   report   was   . read,  YUSSIFF MAHMOUT  Mahmout is the'- man whom Franfc-  Gotca   declares   is   the   Dest   heavyweight wrestler "of .them all.    Gotclj,  .ought to  know;- he  has   beaten  th������  bunch. *     ,  It is not strange, tmt Interesting  to those who keep tan on the rough,  work of the promoters, that Mabmouj  Is not given another chance at ihi  real stars.  Last year, it may be recalled, MafcJ  mout met 'Zbyszko twice.    The first  was a handicap match, in which thfl  Bulgarian was to topple the Pole iq '  one hour.   After working the publta ���������  Into a near-frenzy with the bluff that  they were to" meet In private,  the$  consented to let the public give uj  good money to watch them.  The tesult was that Mahmout dldnV '  i throw ZByaKo-'; "'IV 'i*r'doubtful If {&*  (really tried. ^But the thing looked  bo exciting that when a return matclj  ��������� was announced, the public wa������  tickled. That's a weakness the public .  .displays occasionally. The pair mel  and Zbyako -won, although those wha  had seen Mahmout upon other occasions could not understand how h<j .  managed to let hie huge opponent id  turn the trick.  ! But Zbyezko was due to win. He  was to meet Qotch later, so could nc4  bo-."  How are you fixed with your supply of stationery for the Fall  Business? Remember, there is an old proverb which says"A  man is known by the company he keeps." To this has been  " added the following, which is equally correct and meant es-  , pecially for you "A merchant is known by the quality and  style of his stationery." Of course you wish to rank among  those who have reputations as good business men. Well then,  get your printing done at this office, where firstclass material  and workmanship are combined with right prices. The busy  season will soon be here, so get your orders in before the rush.  aw- \  *HB ABBOTSFORD POST,  Mrs.  J.   J.   Sparrow    and Mrs},  Fired/, Folks', are   visiting at ������the  coa/sfc' "this  week,   doing   a, little  Chinifftmas shopping. i  The f.Vst dance of the season,  aft'eif'the new year, till; be given  in'th'e Majple Leaf Hall on January Anil. It'is promised to bei one  of'the swell affairs of ,the season.  Ou,V barber, next the . Abbots-  fo-rd/was over to Sumas oh Thursday,1 it'is whispered to get a good  shave' fqr himself, while many*  doulbt this the , Post is not in, a  position to ' vouch for the truth  of it, 'ain/d is'merely stating w.hat  is'ireported. '-\'       ,        '���������  ( -��������� ..,     ��������� ���������.    ������������������.������������������ ,������������������,...,���������  The .Spinsters' Convemtion will  b.e*giivein ini the Maple Leaf Hall  this evening. It is reported that  a go'ad time will be given all who  are present.  CHRISTMAS  A fine display next week of ICE CAKES:   The best  in the land.   We can save you, money and.  at the same time please-your palate  \' '   ' ��������� '���������'  We sell Almond Paste ready to put on the cake  at 50c per lb..    .  'Mr.,'Mavlcolm. Morrison, of Mt.  Lehman, was' an town on Thursday,' On being interviewed ,by the  the P.qst he -stated, that; he might  possibly be a candidate far'Councillor, in his ward this cbming el-  ���������ec-ti'oin. ,���������  SUMAS LODGE, No. 1084, L.O.O.M.  :-.Meets the first and), third ;Friday  iin each month.. A1V.visiting.brethren' sare invited to attend.  .|W..:C. Bonds,   Diotator;   E.   W.  Young, Secretary.   -' ���������  ALBERT LEE,  The Abbotsford: Baker  i;jm-',, i  i.  PRESS-OPINIONS.ON-  LAiE'e'S SPEECH  Mr. J. J. Sparrow has disposed  of-live cajr loads ;of feed during  the past ten 'days, and' three cars  of>c'6al;'s'some 'to. localparties and  sqme''ta'qutaiders. Since J. i'J. got  his"new;'lead pencils if seems no  ���������trouMe'\for him' to '.write; out or-  'ders:''' ���������  The C.P. R. are fhow building a  large ''station at';' Huh'ting'dah' onf  Fourth) street, The station! ,will be  aa large ais the station' tat 'Mission  Cu'ty-and will, be rushed-.to .com-;  plosion:-   , ...  Mr. W. J Fraser, his' sisters and  famf:)ly',:have" fieft<; for- the east-  Quebec, the Misses Fraser may, not  return but. it .is likely that Mr.  Fraser w'ill in the course of a.  fewr.months, after the' -February  .salels. '��������� " >' ���������  Montreal, Dec. 13.���������The Gazette  this morning comments) as .fiollqyvs  on ' Sir Wilfrid Lauriof's amendment to the Naval Bill : <     '   '  " Sir WiilMd Laurier, as the re-  suit- of the" government's proposals in,regard to the Imperial naval defense found himself in- ,an  awkward position. Mr. BordenV  policy has been 'well-received. "In'  Canada it was regarded'as promising something 'immediate 'and ef-'  fective towards strengthening the  chief protective .force 'of Grea.t  Britain and of Great . Britain's'  trade.        o .  "���������Mr.,Hazeu was' justified in..de^  scilibing   Sir- Wilfrid   Lauriar's   a-'  mendment as having, been .prepared simply JJrom the point -of view-'  of painty .strategy,'.and a piece ot .  party, strategy it is weak.   It- suggests.' ia idesirei to oppose, .the '.government/rather than a .purpose to  strengthen  the  navy,  either' now ���������  or inftt'ha early future."- ��������� -\ .��������� "  ���������Mr, H. Freeman, formerly, 'of this  toYwn!, was in Abbotsford this week  on .business.  The public schools .'of the town  will" close this week for the Christmas Vhdl'idays, This is, the last day  of '=schjo[o(l and then the boys and  giir'l'B*'wiiil 1 ��������� be free for the rest of  the/year.'  'Ajb.bpltaford has reason to be,  proud .of the teaching staff who  haVe- had 'charge of; the work during the past term. But then, Abbotsford is always, fortunate , in.  tKis respect. The Post wishes tea-  chefrs/anid pupils a merry Christmas and   a Happy  New  Year.   .  Mir. Charlie,Sumner was in town  on Thursday. He is holding down  that job of his with a vim that is  rndfet'surprising to his friends .who  said that he could not stay away  from Abbotsford for a month.  When "Charlie" leff Abbotsford  the; town  lost a good booster, i  The Sunday school of the Presbyterian Church will g'.ve a new  Christmas cantata, entitled, "Santa's''Surprise,", in the Maple Leaf  Hall' on Christmas Eve, December  24th; IvJr .Turner and his (assistants' are busy preparing the chil-  idren for .their several^ parts |nthe  cari'tata, which promises to be  most enjoyable.  Pondeired Long; Chose Wrong.  Toronto, Dec' 13.���������The' Mail and  Empire; commenting on' Sii\'.Wilfrid !La'urier's naval scheme," says:'  "S'ir Wilfrid  has'pondered'long ���������  and  chosen wrong.   The way was:  made   easy  for. him, .to  take  the  better   part, . but   he   deliberately  preferred the worse and sought t,o  make^ that appear, the :befrter.   As  if fated to, continue in the qourse  .of blundering upon which' h,e entered 'when he joined in the Taft-  reciprocity- pact, 'Sir Wilfrid, Laur.-.  ier yesterday took up the weapons'  of pmrty. against, the .Borden '.navy  policy.  A wiser party chief would  not have mlade./thait mistake.   Sir  Wilfrid^ party .will weary of.such  leadership.   He  has not hurt  the  the, naval /question, .went straiglt  to the. heart of the whole matter  and proposed a policy, infinitely  mare sound 'than that,of -Mr! .Borden; inf that-it ��������� provides for all  the essentials. Tha;tTis to say, Sir  Wi'lfirid proposes that .Canada shall  give effective aid. in the matter of  naval power; a truly patriotic and  Canadian policy, not merely sending mon!ey to Great Britain,, but  preparing, an'd -placing ,,at the disposal ��������� of' the .Empire in time of.  'tironrble���������a Canadian , navy Jpai'd.  for and,maintained by this coun-.  try, (manned ,<by(."the Canadian and  built as fa'r as possible in Cana-  lian shipyards."    " ���������  ,  Halifax, Dec. 13.���������The Chronicle,  d'is cussing the Liberal, naval, policy,  say's:.:      "      ' _ y'  " Sir Wilfrid Laurier,,,has struck  the clear note of a proud Canadian nationality a'nd virile Cain a-'  Van'manlhood. ' "'  " The policy' embodiedl in the, a-.  mendment' /submitted by, Sir Wil-:  fri'd Laurier is'- the logical develop.-  men't ofthe policy upon' which,the  Laurier  government  embarked' "in'  1910."     ' . :'"'     V-.  -~"C    '"       '-'       "'  "t  Thanking you  for the patronage extended  during the past year, I wish all  -A-Merry Christmas  and a  Happy New Year  Hardware and Furniture  .:. *^ti  notice, the goal keeper^ walking ja-  bout with an airmjin' a sliirig. This  injuiry, we believe, .was'not received on. the footb'a,il/ field,:'and we-,  sincerely Hope thajt it. will be alright by Saturday.*' TfTe visiting  players were royally len'tertaihe'd  by Mr. apd .Mrs. .Campbell,'at-the^  Manse an!d' all .spent almost enjoyable time indeed. "''  CONSERVATIVE BANQUET.  It--must  not be  forgotten  that*  Mr;"Borden's' naval]hae'asure ishot,  '.he pe'rmiarient "andj' final ffi'iayaipQ-''  licy   of   the ��������� administration.   (The  proposition to pay for three "of the  'argest and,/strongest (,ships iof ,war  wihiich science ,can# build.',ior money ,  supply/'  is 'the, imme'diate   share'  which   Canada,.is .taking .toward  strengthening. vthe .^navy .of.'. ;t^ie  Empire.  This.is the' aid'.which the  British, Admiralty ."after    carefuli  consideration has_,pronounced, the  most,,.effective   that .Canada- can*  render at. the. .pr.es.ent.time. [ ��������� The���������  desire: of .the government' and' of  the peop.le,of Canada is*to render  the most effective aid.-.possible in  the, existing situation. .     "  i  The idiiffe,rence betwen ,Mr/,Bor-  The Mount Lehman \ Conservative Association held their second  annual banquet in the Orange hall  on Friday, October 25.- There' was-  a vary.good, attendance. considering the inclement weather,' aild al-.  so the meetings at Kamloops 'and  Rev.elstoke prevented ..many form^  attending. Howevbr, with^ the help  of local -talent all "went; .well. There-  were several good speeches. ,Reev  Merryfield spoke ,'r on >mu"nfepal  -work ahd" R. Owen, president of  the' Matsqui Agricultural 'and, Horticultural Association, - addressed  the meeting at some -length. Mr.  I. Taylor and some others also  spoke on various matters. Songs  by. Mr. W��������� I* Marsh, and Mr. 'Phillips added to the enjoyment of  the meeting. The. .thanks of the  meeting a<ne due to Mrs.-t;.H.Lehman for getting, up such" a fine*  spread. The hall was nicely decorated, by Union, Jacks and red,  white, and .blue bunting. At >a late  hour the bonquet was concluded  by singing "God Save the King."  HARRON BROS.  Embalmers: and Funeral Directors  Vancouver,  Office  and  chapel���������r-  ,���������' 1-034 Granville St.,     Phone 3486  Worth Vancouver,        urrioe    and ;  Chapel-^-116 2nd St. P^ione 131.  Builder and Contractor  Estimates Given Free  Pihone Connection       Mission City  /  The  Borden scheme, but has damaged {den's  plan, and-the Laurier,. poli-:  cies is 'thatj Mr. -BoTd'ein- giv(es some":  effeativie;. aid,'toward .the-.defence '  of , the Empire includinj?, Canada,  while Sir Wiilfrid^proppseiS,.costly  ineffective, and 'dilatQrynenterpri-  sesi' The", one thing .that , can J be.  said , of Sir: Wilfrid?s plan, in. opposition is tjhat, ��������� it makes., the*  Nliobe,-R'adnbow an,U Bri'sl^ol performance in, of f ice more absqlute-;  ly redibulous than it,was before.  ���������News 'Adveirtiser/   ,��������� '  \  ' ��������� '  Next Sunday, Christmas service  will'\ be  held in the  Presbyterian  church at both morning, and.even-  .ifng/hours of worship. Special mu-  .sic}yl*ill be rendered! by, %he choir.  FOR SAALE���������5 young milch cows to  freshen from the 27th of this  month; Apply to R. OWEN, one  mile south of B. C. E. R., Mount  Lehman.  his own party."   o   A  Divided  Fleet.  London,    Ont.,     Dec.   13  Free Press says :  "Sir ���������-Wilfrid Laurier's policy declare 3, .for a, fleet, each headed by  one Direadnought, on each of .Canada's coasts. Either of vthese  fleets would be uniportant in any  attack Wihich might be made, by .a  foreign.enemy. United they might,  make a stand. Divided they could  not. A Japenese fleet sailing a-  gainst the Pacific' coast ..would regard one of Sir Wilfrid's fleets  as a picnic. Inevitably it-must be  accepted that only a united Imperial fleet is of consequence."  It  Last .'Opportunity.  Quebec,  Dec. 13.���������The Chronicle  says this morning:  "Sir Wilfrid Laurier has lost the,  opportunity jof his, life/time to go  on record as a statesman '''.who*  could rise above petty party politico. He begins by a statement  that .the matter) is. too great, too.  sacred to be, the occasion, of mak-  :ng political capital out of >it.i  Then he straight away .proceeds;  to take ithq- very course which he  a'fects to deplore." , .  CHILLIWACK v. ABBOTSFORD.  A Liberal View.  St.   John,   N.   B.,   Dec.   13.���������The  Telegraph itoday says:  '��������� S.r.Wilfrid Laurier in the great  A  go'o'd   game  of .football  .was,  witnessed on Saturday, December  14, on the Abb'otsford\ grounds; (between, the Chiliiwaqk team and the'  home eleven, the latter*'club, being  again  victorious,  in' spite of  the.  fact that they  were deprived  of  the services of  three good  rrien.  Their, subs, however, playedcup- in;  good, style, the defence being able  to break up .the occasional-pretty  com/biination in the visiting team.f  Abbotsford seems' to  be  exceed-'  ingly unfortunate lately,     In j:he;:  match of a* week ago, ,C. Harrbp  was disabled and had to leave the-';.  fie;iid early in the game. In the 1st  ten-minutes o"f last Saturday's playJ.  J. Heath managed to sustain a bro,  ken wrist and although, remaining ���������  on the fieiid was practically help-/  less.  Early in .the second half ofv  the same  game  Morgan received;  inju/i'y to his kn,ee which made it"  necessairy for him to) lay off for a  J. J.  Dried Brewers'  Grain  In Any.Quantity  Great Feed for Dairy Cattle  sparrow, prop.  Abbotsford  Presbyterian Church Notice  a  GRWETT  Eyeight Specaiist  Manufacturing Optician  Does the Finest  Optical  Work.  y[edical men and others  pay tri-  j bube to his skill.  7;93. Granville! St. Vancou-. c.r  Abbotsford  Pastor���������Rev. J. L.  Camnbell, B..  A'., B. D.  Services���������Sunday school  10  a.m.  ,  Public iWotrs/hip 11. a. m.  Teacher training class 3 p.m.  Public (Wansnip 7.30 p. m.  . Choir Practice, Fridiay .8 p. in.  * Meeting far. Bible    Study ��������� and  Prayer Wednesday 8 p. m.:  ;  Huntingdon  Sunday Sdiooi, 2.15 p. m.  Public Worship 3.30 p. m. .  Watch Abbotsford grow.  FOR SALE-T-ue Abbotsford LV<a-,  ery, including building, machinery; ajnd three iocs.  Pr������ce and  STRAYED���������To my ^plaoe,   a Grade  Jersey ,Hei'fer,     about. ������������������ .seven  months old, on    Decemfber   1st. j terms ��������� satisfactory  to  the  l Owner can claim sam/e (by .pay-   party.    Im-vestigate   thits   propodf-  ''linjg for notice and, .board.  G. C.   tion. ��������� Apply, J. Hdgginson,   Ab  rigut,  ^K-enney, 1% mile   easx, .%  np,rith of Vye Station^  mile  bo.tsfprd, B. ft  ._ . i  /������.-  For the^Residenee,  Store or Office/  iectric Power  For Factories and J  Industrial Plants  Convenience      Comfort      Economy  fipeech        he delivered     ?fl   time, agdnqw, fcg Qrow^ allj   we  Attention will be civen to all aoolications for serviceJrom":our lines. ^  Address all enquiriesjo v  Light. and Power Department i M  ���������   7 Holden Block/Vancouver,   ���������-!  8rjt|h Columbia Electric Railway Ltd  -(  I  m,  1-' irt  ��������� f> H&i  3tfSf  Mm  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmflk


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