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The Abbotsford Post 1911-12-15

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 VOL.IV.,-NO; 6.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 15, 1911  8 $1.00 PER YEAR  to  rrvr- '^'^���������-T--���������-r   SUMAS "CQlTfkCLb  a=  A   GRAY HORSE AT LA'RGE        NO CROSSINGS THIS WINTER  CHINA 5ER,RY   SETS, CUPS AND  SAVCEKS, PLATER SHAVING  ��������� _ ���������" Ml/<3J, .ETC.      .',  ���������COLORED 6LAJJ  VA-5E-5TROM..  GLOVES AND   HANDKERCHIEF BoXEJ  1,1 V  Full line of nuts, raisins, dates, figs,  oranges and apples.  The'regular .meeting of the Sumas council wa sheld on, Saturday,  end, all members'o fthe council b<������  "nig  present.     , " ��������� "' I   ,,  M'rinfes of -November read  and  ������������������=>S adopted.       '/, '   '  Order Xo. 15392 received from th������  .Board of- Railway' Commissioners,  OUawa. giving, the V.-V. & E. Ry.  permission to cross certain roads  The weather is full ol mysteries There are yet ,no Crossings- .on  Every paper one picks up-froml a   Essendene Avenue from one  side  .--cigarette paper to the boarding      ' '���������'-'-    '"    '  '     - --''������������������"'  of the street to the. other. Winter'  with its rains has come ��������� and of  course the quality of the mud ,on  the street is improving with each*  rain, but the general public have  but little pleasure in crossing ev-,  en. in, first-class mud. A   fe,w| dol-  LAR6E AJ^oRTMENT OF. CANDY  ^f c^a !b. up  house menu���������is  full of mysteries.  Even'the quiet, slumbering city of  of Chilliwack had tip "Mysterious  Swede" . But then there are - mya-  .teries and mysteries.   Take for instance a   box or two of; chocolates  ,r  .i,'��������� ~    ��������� ���������    i,'  - a,,      ,        .     -" ���������No.������ne could imagine a   mystery   en, m, xirsc-ciass mua. a   term dol-  n'rucSdTw F'JHf'^WaS-^nectionwith,them,butther, -law spent in crossings  would  be  inaructed to wnte the railway com   j9.   The answer may be.found in^highly appreciated by the citizens  missioners that the plans-furnished   that ,old  familiar  expression "Ask   to say nothing o fth^'people who  lo the council by the-railway, com- a   policeman'*. ,     ^       ... visit'our. town on business and on  panj have been jaried^y arrange .    A ' ne,w.s,p adman's Texper.ierices   pleasure.' Have  you   dear  reader  nienc w.tlv die engine* o. fthe V.   are numeroua and varied, and, one   ever stood and watched the people  v. & E. Railway^ Company. -That,, would, hardly .expect (to hear any   who .come of fthe B   C   cara'at-  no copy of the .pjanavas amended - poetry geminating  ,fro(m   a   livery, tempt to cross the street to either'  has been furnished-tb-thef council.- stable; but strange to relate while .of the-hotels to'stay?   The. look ,of '  in search o fa "scoop" for." /the disgust would make any true, citi-'  benefit o fthe.readers d fthe Post zen of Abbotsford feel ashamed/.at  the other, night, the scribe's, mem- /the carelessness displayed by. the  ory was reverted back to school powers, who .control the public  days, by a voice, stentorian, pror1 funds for the purpose of having  claiming aloud, "My beautifuVmy work done in Abbotsford. It is  beautiful!  that standest'     meekly    .to������ ^4   Twenty  doJlars  <worth;  o,:fiiimber and the same   amount  lh?it said variations-have nolt  yet  j bcen;-copipleted'by "the  #V.  V.  &  - E.  Railway. Company.'That      the  council   therefore  protest 'against  h^< "these decisions affecting Siunicpial  ���������"''y road,* embodied in order No. 15392.  f     Letter was received from'tha In- ~-  ��������� ���������^^^���������*.     u  >ternational Railway and .Develop-' by"   With .hushed footsteps.-   the  > m,en,t {cojmpainy  islating' !th>a,t  the, pencil  pusher  listened'wondering   ojf  Woi"k  would ,look  Ask to see our foxes .ofLowney's Chocolates    %\ j^SSg������5J^-"5 t0^*0.��������� ^-t^^thoughthew- 1,mch ~'  that  worth      aa  thousands  y&mO:3&  I*  I*. ..  ������<$ fy i(F> V*NR ifr  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C.  J^|><^;r.Th"e;,'foIl6wmg  'pa&bed;      v  '  Ever^lt^'amfioaa���������Ti'at <;$30 Y/'bk  ftpr,pprlated to ,bla|st 'Vi^mps on  the Whatcom road under Pathrnas  ter Porter's -supervision.  ���������Lamson-Everett���������That Pathmas-  tcr Lamson be authorized to dig  a   d.lch to drain Maher road.  sEverett-Lamson���������That W. H. Pad  den be allowed. $10 in payment for  wont on Straiton road or,' else com'  complete his contract.     " ,        Straiton-Everett���������That the road     taxes collected from V. V. & E. for  ==^v   jno vein ber be divided between Pa'.h  \\ masters Fooks and Giillis for re  -repairs  on  roa.d.,  "Who. said  that, I      had';giyen   erossings'4-one-.,on" the east' side| of  thee up? Who said 'that: thbu wert   the /railway^ crossings'��������� somewhere  .It-has beenaugge'sted-that^one be ���������  laid across from; either the. Abbots  ford or the drug atorej the ,other  $1.00  to $6.00  Nicest  assortment  per Jx>x.  m  town;  Equal to' the best of chocolates  stoied?  " 'Tis false.' ������Tis false,-, my .'.'gray  .isteed I   I fling them .back'jeers un'r  told." '  J '  "Thus--, I   leap ,upun .thy  back,  and scour the distant plains, Away  Who overtakes us now shall,claim  thee for hiaVpains."  And with .a flourish out dashed a  rider superbly mounted on^ a  thoroughbred gray isteed ��������� and  tore up Essendene. Avenue! (the-'  Board of Trade will see that the  street is repaired next election)  The P. p. stood rooted to the spot,  the,   the..spot has since been removed,   companies having 'crossing's  BOI'nVl       Url-iOTl   fk-nmirrU   4-W^   V..M *. j. _ 1  ������       -,. , ������  ��������� McKenzie-,Sitraitoin���������That  clerk be instructed tomake a search when through the silent watches of  u" records to ascertain if assessed the night a voice rang out, wild'  owners are registered. ���������    and clear,  "Stopp,  Mon,'   Stopp!  Serai ton-McKenzie-That nomin- or I'll sh-o-o-o-t!������ But the rider  a'.ions be held in the new municipal .was/b^usy "scouring 'the- distant  hall; that J. W. Winson be;appoin-   plains" in search of the owner of  his coveted house and lot.  The curtain drops,  Mr. T. Coogan has moved'into his  new premises on Essendeoe Ave.,  across from' Alamson's corner. Of  course no one would object to a  slant in either o fthe' crossings |f  it was deemed necessary by the  road superintendent.or his assist-'  ants.  ., - -     >     v       i      .'....    .   ,  ...     . ������   i -. i   i.  The Board of Trade ought, to g^t  busy and seek incorporation" then  the town would be supplied with  the urgent necessities for the convenience of the travelling public/-  It would not hurt to, ask-the two  a-  cross Essendene to fix up   .their  right  of   way   a   little   better.  THE MARKET.  ted returning officer; that the- poll  for municipal elections,. 1912 be  taken ;at the new municipal, hall.  Committee appointed to look in-  tu-a matter o fa road for Major  PcUinger report that - a fairly  tfood road can be got up the hill  and- they recommend that  J next  Commencing Monday  *������. cou,f -uta-tt. ma������e> UP -SSTiST^tulSng  ihe   Regular  monthly . ^counts ___0_-_  were  passed  -.A'.  is  Council adjourned to January 2,  1912.  I .nut' ��������� " Q'  Mr. A. McCaiium was in,' Vancou  ver (his week.  Mrs. J. W. McCaiium' haq return  ed from a   trip to  Spokane.  Miss   Caswell was  a   visitor  to  Vancouver this week.  Rain' had Ira/ther a depfrei&slng  effect on the New Wieistm,in3t,er  market on Friday morning "last, although the day turned otfo to be a  east. He has no,w one of the finest' TJt beautif������f Z������������������*7 ������De' but  tailor shops In ;the -wnote l������������er **hu**n 'and ������fffrI^8 Were both  ^r���������i,...   ^T._   -J        wpTaq     S    ��������� scarce.   Only one vealcar-  *ie   nas   - nis   caas made itfl appearancej a,nd ab_  solutely  no mutton  was   offered.,  which is rather an unusual condit  ion o faffalrs.   A   few quarters of  ���������brjj.lr twere on the market andpork  was there in abundance, the) dross  ed  hogs  being both  large      affd  -mall.   There was mo change in the  price offered for,meat at wholesale  and there were no changes in'thfe  prices of retail  meats,  which,   as  -usual were plentiful.   Eggs at re-  Ub.il were quite plentiful and were  '.,'urst offered <at 70 certs per dozen  Mr. J. J. McPhee ������sf now an employee of the government, having  had his-- name added to; the list of  immigration officers sat Huntingdon. Congratulation $. J,  Best delivery in the city.  Mr. and Mrs. Campbell of Salmon  Arm are in Abbotsford the guests  of Mr. ahd-Mrs. Clark. Mr. Camp  bell is opening a jewellry store  in Abbotsford, iat present he is occupying the isame building as Mr.  Clark. ! ���������'���������   ' '  Five Roises Flour and Se&\ of- Alberta ait A'bboitsfbrd) Feed Store.  Mr. A. Alanson was on. the aick  list yesterday.  Mr. Chaa Hill-Tout leaves on Sun  day for Pittsburg, Penn., where he  ^nrattend the convention or th3��������� ������ lai^d^ S"������ %������������  Archeology and Phylological So- doze���������.   Fruit was pretty     scarce-  and vegetables at retail were; fTot  plentiful, the vendors stating that  they did not lbok for a heavy sale  No changes were noted in; the prices; Vegetables by tlie sack were  quite numerous but the prices re-  ci.etiefl. He lias consente-d to read  a paper. He expects to "be back  early   in   Janu^afry.  A   special sale of work Will  be  given by the Ladies off St, Matth-  ^^o^^^bMS^IF?f^>  ___0_-  -    : :. ,,U8ual variety iand priceii, with> the  Five Roses Flour an.3. Sea) of Al-   ainSle exception of Smelts, which  berta att Abbotsford Feea StoreV    ;"^  - 7  sv/  ������fe  BSBrW3S5E3ffiSMBt,Ras^^ W6  i -**! *-t  i.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,   ABBOTSFORD. B. 0.  aoc  5s:  SZMXXSaSi  THE ABBOTSFORD POST OOOOOOOCOOOCJOOOOOOCpOOOOOO  ijiio   la   iho   girl   of   her   father!"  squalled Governor Harries, hlB voice  THE   BACKWOODSMAN 8    breaking in his fresh..passion.    "The  A weoklv Journal devoted to tho inter-   0 Hv  A^ilwnu.nr 8    Pa>of_ her father - wi^h grit enough  eitn of Atibotstonl ������������d ������uu -������ n'dliiff, ills-   g    ,( "J  A������ou ������ejiuour g    to "be., his  Bon, but wlth^the love for  tlIviM:*pOb66o0OC)OO000000000000O00    him''that .only girls caa:;,feel.   That's  1'ublinliod   ftvory    Krlday   by   the    Post  Publishing Conipp������������y  mas'  trtot  A/lv(.',itl������lrvg  Jtat������������ nia<Jo���������kiiow..'   to'Jap-'i >��������� ���������  ���������   >;    ��������� i. ������.      vi    n*f    .Clare Corran!"...''    ,  million acr������H. nbr.-iwhcthervbl^'tltleri'   v..'*   A -��������� i -.w  ''...     , .' *.       i    i     *���������> .     '   And  </ho says an*  ,  million acr������H. 'n6rv-,whether^hls:,tltlefl'!''  v.,'A  ,,-���������;        '" ->     ?'���������'"������     Win   -���������#)  CKOAIv A������VJ5KTlSINOr-ifl.������entH..per. *,ouid .Btaiid law. nor how he handled.    '.   -^ -fl������ B.^������ 'Sh-e lsn *r r0ttr������! a  line tor Und mention, and 8 corns aim* they ' didn't' toe   thfl    "I" ha^ay'.a.own-.the <?4    "i? came  ft,raU^ub������oiiuMit'������on.saontivojiDHertiwiHr:-TtBj,non "ne" ���������W'i" \���������* ���������* ub-the aiale,;elbowing right and h&  .nftttMWMW^'ft.w^^tcli,   nor   how   hf   spent   poney,, o^r   ^   W '   ^"g^  t������������   aoyurwnoat. n;s.    i������\     fes"  .iwwhen  he  was  spendln',- nor how  ha ���������   .��������� .->       ���������:���������:     ,���������������? i.������1BlHf.!'.iro���������     v-  ���������:���������w^*-t*^to m^ ".^f!r" ^������ S'o^ es-sr; ^:  FRIDAY,   DECEMBER ,5, JUW   $&'Mi^^XSlF'**��������� " ."WJ*.W ������   .-���������--i-i������������������ ,-n.11nrr,T^^T,.ja������=P,,. memory ;'far" a "long 'time   to   come. ',  .8 *'���������   T"  zr    :     ���������-.���������������������������' .'.������.';..%   '  '     " " '   ' ,, ���������,".'-   T'",J   i       ivin ������������������   *ti    i ';���������''    Gwvernor .HarrlBB was on his feet  j. i-i. ���������*��������� Ar>      -....v������,.iyoung man, I reckon It'll settle into   ni%���������     ������������������   ,        . "       " reei������  '     ...    .      . ."'..            .    i-nlrt   Khnno   nfi   fluR   WHV  r;  tegular  V .,*     I.1} I ('  *y.i  Xmas price:'$39.6Q  r',*    ., '!.    >     ���������;������������������'���������.���������      ������������������������!.<."'iS-l''!', ^  a J. GERNAEY  shall discover a   tax tne impoaii-   - ~- ������������������/ v-,...,    .  ,,., j     ,    -.-  r     i ��������� u '...-ii \ o/������-������������.','������������. r,u..f ''"Id chaps up this wny po; aB for the  ion of which will bc< popular.,'But, ���������        ���������   .' ���������    '������������������,,.,,   ;f.,'    ,.rt     s   ���������.  .   ���������      ,. i        <   ���������r   s&unK   onoa   ���������    ins   Claro  Corranfl  even in taxes there are. degrees of  ���������*"���������������.      ;���������.,,,   ,,   s       v.     - .7 .,,     ."  unpopularity, and to the height of  unpopularity '^ British Columbia  ](:\e poll tax has attained.' Prosper  xy has of recent years' made xJ. C.  financial conditions, such as  province' of Britilsh Columbia  had long been a. stranger 'Co, l-ut,  in good times, as ini bad times.^ in  davs that are heavy '.vith sa lhes<  ping ������mphaelB upon, the shoulder,"of,,/  that dlsconoerted young man.     '��������� ',   .':' ; p r\  r/iv  ac.  And  If eho rldeo, dresBod In hor,  Abbotsford, B. C.  best,  but  with  sorror In  hor  hiiart     *"    ;���������������������������������������������-"---  ���������������   what   that  rldeB ahead to be !tho/.firBt at tho bod    ��������� t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  '.*..!.'.'.J.  i-rsir  'father,   nnd   you'll   laiuw  moanB wh>������n yon see.her." whero Cornelius Corran will Bleep hia  Then Mr, HarrlsB smoked In alienee Jaflt Bleep ��������� ridob, ahead because with  for  a  while;"letting  that'  BUggoHtlon  hi������  Wng   breath   he  asked   her. .to.  sink In.   .     ^ hnd put lit Into h'lB will ��������� ain't she  HI aB K00*1' atld M sweet,' and no true,  Ckorge'afld not feel-any consuming "   ���������7   ������\ 7?���������& J? ^ *' *>*������������<*���������  curiosity as to  what this girl of th! ^ ^'l* ? ^ ������Q a CU,flh 0a ln  6      uv ulo.a hack? If ohe^ain't, .say bo|  If ������ho  "1   back   to. your ���������  ..ays  the  poll tax." inispue      01    ramer must be.   The Idea of tho riot- "���������""'    ;""'*"���������> that Mr..HarrlBS ((,  tests' o'^press-'arid public, in spite    oub ottoVulea  tl'mt' Cornelius Corran' ^07f   belng  ln   the  "votnsh^ aa-d ' -  of remonstrance with'the.Cabinet    hnAJfro^Wto^ his will'appealed th!i'he. wolcpmed, this .opporunlty.  and without the provincial govern    ������d nVl'cJok'-at>(m just', then.   " The man  who, had made tho f}r^t,,.  ment still, uys; The  poll  tax   .ye- to  AT.'1 Ration' oV* Ao' bizarre'- ruah 7?;^^ r,^.;^^^:^h^ ,  have always with yoU; '                     .   JoutiftaA tha> aprreclatI<iA. But Hnr- "J"^.,?1,.^ ft**? ^;Pg .?!������,���������;.,,  .,     ���������    '-i.-1 -x'^i."���������     "���������'      i    "    ' ���������      rv Ofior'in AV������rt/>  frnrli  ���������������������h  ' h   nn  'Climbing .over  sotits   In   order ,to,he  For a   tax to be  unpopular      ia    ^ George caine  from good,, old, Pil- . <P ;���������   -'    -���������     .    ������������������     '.>,������������������.  badehbughVbut &t ah unpopular    ^������,^^^;^^������>^, with' .death i^VKS^ :  tax torbe'c'oll^cte^ withVinThail of    ahd 'rts  myBterious'^un'ctlty' shocked  any ^<������������M������??: A11^ GoPr������������. w',^ that,  I!    l^L .-i'������������������������������������ ���������   "m. *   -���������*:.- "J . "*'   hlm'VhiVe IrintereBted^'Wr 'riniri,.' 'gaunt flnffer t*PP������ng his shoulder, ,be-  thfi   PhiMftfmafl fleafio-n  as   is   beinff    "-'  ������UI������o 11 mieresiea.    Mr.  llarriss       -     ���������-      .,    - ��������������������������� .-      :     ���������  ���������������������������;������������������.   -i     '.  .(i-^'jh'.i  and in   days-that  are   bright, with north country mlght.be, Ho Imagined ",*    ^ "0K'Jv  gladneas1 and festivity there isj al- he knew what the daughter of such a    '    ���������   :   J   ' ��������� ��������� 'v ������������������ -l ��������� '8  ways  the Voll^ak." IhMspite^ A"of father"niu8rbe1.'  THe^Idca'of tlie 'riot-  dud������^    ^-W^lft!n tta1  i*i.m'.~i'ir^W~wA  ^;,ki<������   !n ������;iti mia W������VnV������������a "Vii;^'^:"'r;.:. ���������������'-'���������  .J" enjoyed   being ln   the  -i  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  , v  ���������-".    Having purchased the interest of Mr.D.  McKeiizie I am prepared to give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable* rigs.- Stables open day  night to do business.  I solicit your patronge.  h. Mckenzie, PROp.  whicn tne   collections oz   ine, pon -..,   ���������iW>-'������-    i',-.<, ���������>��������� m>ii;-".   <ernoi  .-������������������������������������ ���������/:-:   -:\--' ��������� -V\- ��������� V r "V'1*1;.'"ftt thc funoral-   s^a ������o!n' to, lead the     ,  tax J*.obJectionable.^TOt?alQAetM, parade:'Tfio'Will ordera'a parade1 In-   gIngf  the collection in. this casajnoppor^, 9tead, of ,:.;a  fune-al' piston "that's' ������Ver  tune but the.manner<of,collecting " maii������'i,vlv������* ;(?,^'-k:.'i'"l!;.'i":! ������':������������������'?���������'   j"If  tin payer,, like another- ������word1-" 1.1  Damocles the tax is au9pended over the" neck of the tax-payjer and  may descend'at"any time. In one  newspaper  office 'in '"Vancouver "it  way.   for that ' matter!  Bays'"he ���������'hv his' will,i';decbratlbns, arid  the coffin Bet'.'Into:'a- bateau^ oil wheels;  '���������^and all wrapped' steml"to stern 'in" tho  -< Canadian,���������and   Irisli'.'flnEs.-'-And 'she's  ;)goln*;,to-lead-J:<That's;in Ithe--will. She'll  quavered  Gov-  as full, of.  ginger as I was once, Td put a rosette  your; eye." ��������� '   ���������     ' '"  ,'there's dccoratih' needs to be  worry about  Bald. the. first  pattern. What  ���������did thist spn, of|-a. beeswax say .about-  Clare; .Corran ?'*  .- Big. Bill made .the.last stage of his '  Journey( k by.-^;junipipg -t two.^ woodsmen,  down into a seat and. cllmbjng across.  Ivertise in  V^ ���������Jh^mJmJ^ v  C.A. S  P. 0. Box 58  TelegTam-^umner, Abbotsford, B. C.  8c CO. i  Phone Central Y  fell oh'AuWust^lsethrs've'ar- ih a'n ;i������0ln i ?- -le^ -.That's; in Ihe. will. She'll   -������"-!".'?? .^"������ ^^!������ws ^obb. .  ^^SctoK^^  ber    ln bn^,offlce'fin"New"'W������t-,> >iK. ^ack.hoss pf^er'n." ������������������   ,   ,:i;        !-���������    -1 \-n^hl-'-      ���������Panted..!.You.ll((.do.-  ^L^^f SSJ^wJ^:^ -^at ������a.?t detail was; too m^h.for   S' -^^v?i^������'������������.^^-'  Trust.Co."don't��������� have'^ to pay for car.  minster1 it descended1 oh '.Wednes- -���������..        -   ..*.>-������������������ .-, Trust Co   don't h������v������ tn m������  dflv'iat,fc ������������������ ��������� th������- "������,un? m?P -.who had  passed, his -J. ���������      '   -,- d������V 9*Y������.to ?a  day .last.    - -    _. ,,.,,,. , fe anio-   ^      nvantfoilB, ,- ..damages/;... ^  i,i,-v;s,   ;;.;  measure.-,   ..^  .Harrlss/'"he. "aald^ronroanh-'     "ThIs a,n>t f,^ht' bo9S' !t'f  It is objions that .ome measure-,   ,<Mr .Harrla'-;.������-h^ ;Ld-'reproach-      "ThIs a,n>t f,*ht' b09S- !t'������ * ^^  of method-might be      mtroduced ;fuliy;.'r^iie;Ve-yoli are, one of these   ,n"' y^d th^ ^^^fffifh,^? .-dn������la.  orpiir  nnvn.nra o������p>-info  rhd  r������m      _ ..        .   :'.".:   '',-.      -��������������������������� ��������� hoo nnenn^  ������'  nv..������i.'������ j   _i x  /-..   ���������������. *    j       i. , 77, .",   .ru������y.-i. peiieve-you are. one of these   :*    'V"<?* ������5 W^vif^W'  with great,advantage .into the* col    CanaAlah Jok-er- ^0 go around mak-   haS paSsed ausku^k -^rd about������,ar*  leccing the poll-tax   Leaving out. <T,������, ������������������ ������������������������������������    *    -   , , "Corran.' -        .    ...   "���������'',--'���������.���������,   ,���������;���������.**���������'-       ings up yarns.to  fool  people.  I don't   ^Uiia-Ul     ,���������-..,* ���������. -; -;. , .���������..-.  ^-���������.;-;,-J:^';  "That's different." said Kyle. "Don't  of sight and mind,the. argumenta.. "b������HeverTh^reV-'eWr'lwas ai  whichha.vebeenady^a .,^4   .from   ''Gorrahrs'or" that"ttien.'s"',  tim<������  fn  timfl' fr������r  ifa.n/inh'ninnniiiiK     . _-_ '    ������-_.  . ..  people.  I don't  uy Cornelius  time to time, for ita,-continuance'or  for  its abrogation^ t}ie, statement  a'ny funeral."  going 'to   be   worry about th? Be.ata u ^at'8 .so-"-  '-'You' and   me 'don't   want .trouble.  "Now,   they   hemmed   Georf���������, f back,  front, and sides! Harrlss's finger'still  "    ���������*���������   '      -*-.  .  .   ---    "������������������"    ���������������'������    5*������" 1     won 1.   .Lruuoie,   ..   ,.  may safely be made .thafi^ ordinary  'but' tl'i'ere'l'i   pa,'some   between  us .If   played  .tatt??? -0.? , 9n1e- sh!?u>^f -��������� .T^ ^.-t  a . liar,"  clutch of the leader of the mob,was  on   the   other.    It   was   all   so'.un-  business methods should be obs������r-  :yo'u   undertake   to'"call   me  ved in thet collecting Qf -the poll tax    Btated Mr. Harriss, witnf:,algnlty".  '."But no'girl' would ^ho'Buc'h a' thing' rea80nabIe������   bo,unjust,  so   prepos'ter:  ous,  this  druken onslaugnV 'that his  Moreover the 'mode of     collecting        ----- -7.������    ��������� ������������~" ������ <.������"i*  might be improved in. some  par-    at that- even1 If.'-her "father's will did   ous'  thia d]   ticulara .w^iich are more thanbtwi    orIer ;be^ t0'" ������rl������d'- the y���������������S man  '���������������  anger- now  blazed  as :hotly .as  ness -like;   For. example th������ \poll    "It'8 Imjiosslble/   It's shameful!'' thelrB-' He'surged to hlsfeet. breast-  tax should be.differemt from ' 'a  mere counting p.fpoSla/or bJe&da  employeea should, not' be' grouped  together like ao many! flocks of  sheep or herds of cattle, :atid the"  yux collected according.tb the en  young  "���������It's Impossible/   It's shameful'!"'  "Meanln'  that  Clare   Corran   would'  ��������� do-  anything,.'that  was'nt-right   and  proper?"   inquired   Governor ' Harrlss'  -,a baleful -li^ht ,in his eyes. ���������' .; ���������  "Doing' aj4thipk .like .that  wouldn't  be proper."  -   ,  And th,3D; and  there,  Harry' Georgo  ing'them from, him.  'Hold on,, right;"here," he shouted.  "What do you mean by pitching into  a-man, in. this way.?.I have:not Insulted any young lady.,,_I donlt know this  one you are-talking .about." He clutched Governor Harriss, -,lifted,, him out  ..m.Mf.  n      ,-,     ,.     -������  ���������  ���������-. ��������� Ana u,3Q a.na  tnere,  Harry'Georgo ������������'������"������������������   *i������i.���������,,miBu?mra  oui  J    u            i?a?e    y *** emPloy*r    received a"lesson in what it meant In . of  ^e. se^t....and...thrust^him .among  oucn a   method of pollftntino. ������   ^������v    *,     ^"���������_.'::...":.V \ ~,      ~    ���������' th������ men in th^ i>nr nict*  Town Lots, .Farm Lands  Business Propositions and  Realty in every shape and  form-For Sale. ���������  .   ���������  north country to doubt Clare Cor-  the men in.the car aisle.  Such a   method of, collecting a   tax  utterly   irreconcilable  principles o fdemocracy  ien to Canada/ ah ihfiult  ;h>Jo4.  In all humanity, we auhinit 'flifh'to-St. Agathe.  to New Westminster .belongs,  .the-'".. Governor'���������HarrlV--'H'ad'been''h'urglng  credit  attaching' .'to'.the' principle ''���������*������-bat on^hlff'knees.-'He, replaced it   bay'        -- ';.     . ���������     ,.���������...'...  Which would .rer^eV.'thp ". poll-tax  ��������� o������\-hi������-hdaa'; "ThusV he'croWne'd'h'im-    "rm ,a Btraneer In  this  section.  I  innocuous, unobjectionable   reason    *elf\-witli-..h'is rd'ri#Ib-;',?aWmed:^ I^t said.,  able.   The" poll   tax   was   im0f.8pd : rightful .position   as'official   sl)i6'kles-,"anythlngV -^a^.beon. misunderstood,  '���������"!'    '"-""    ���������*      J xuan. of   the   territory "'m^ wh'lch-! h'fe-' -I'm"-sorry.    If there's any one wants  to fight me,. after, that,  he's   . '.mpjy.  ' had  been  threat, or, appeal..-   Georgo., .*'���������,-       -,���������-,-.���������-  backed ^to the'window,'and,ptopd'at    .^^fr^MJH^^K^^^  at a   time .when conditions "in Brit   Illttn   of   the   terrli:0^' ���������" In'" wfilcn1 hb'-'  EsEgJSSSSS  iBh Columbia :wer,e;,very  different ruled  from what^'hey vjip  da>s famihes^e   comparatively ������������������^- ''SaS^maybe 'iVZ^  ^at business, forty-to one.!!  Vsnn a . .mn r. ^^ l.'"'   ''VI   ".   i\    . ....  from whit.Vhey/a7e now   7nMuV������e '"   VIu that- <fcde?r,d. henpecked,' milk-   Joking for fight without^excupe/for^  .^..,     now.   ancnose    and.wa^r  localHy ..that. you've. come'- U ~" and there'a no man-fashion about  son,"   declared  tow/, and tk^    n  f" '   * '."P* thought proper .to^loye..a./athor, all  essel!   .^    P������U  t-Mc-w*������^n its through ^his  life  and  obey  him,  and  n.^nna   ���������"/^������������������������������������������n;f'b^Chfeld"rS'*' f^ then   love   and   obey-hWafter, he's  ln\���������?\' V ^uca-tion-   To-day a- 'dead and r leaves you. on your honor;  poiogiats for .the poli tax poth,t'to Mebbe ''them'^wobble-necked   women-  ne number ,9f-Orientals in theipro geese down there think they're mourn-  ,vmce an.(tAiBay vthat this': taxi-pro^ iq; when they load a'. lot of crape- on  vi4e&a;.taean8;:orma^^  %ntal contribute (to the fiscal mva~:j \nnlAn   whYf*?"ihfi ''miniRtftr'B ' n'mvln'  manner which ,-  been dealt, wi            sier meri,ts.i ithe  attei^ioin'oiP^ pro-- 1���������*:ner  tnan  faI1 ^^.-'^'.-'^hat-'he  Vincial  legislators.   The  road tax':-'^Bked her ^ do-",������������������-      ^ ���������.,--     , ,..-' ���������>  >    ������������������> ���������    ���������-.    <  is a   tax which the residence   &a- >J    He' haa ,^W  ^b   voIceV .'till'Its' sald the raan ,wno had.1������d the. ?h  ������������������      kvS'-|ttWUne8iK.klithr^^  ir^l^amen^h!^e<car.'^heln^^ our Queen Clare, of the (  ��������� '���������That's fair, talk,  Kyle, and. he .straddled a seat back  and stood down besldo George. '"Now,  Harrlss, what have you got to aay?"  Governorj Harr.iss .was,.between\ the  hostile lines, a^precarlous;place for a  non-combattant. If he gave the signal  f for :combat, ^iti.irie.ant. damage to;-him-  aelf and his precious, plug ���������hat- He  temporized.  "I might have been mistook," he  admitted:' ;'a,Cpme . to think of. It,, It  don't stand to reason" that a. man  meant to insult Clare Corran." , ['}";'.'.  "It he^ right;1 let him' prove 'it"  said the man who had led the charge.  love  Great  fNSimANCE LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  capes      by    ,becpming'^%mis^\    Should not, the provincial'govern- l'-''^e/-men^n'tte car.  mtut     n^ake^ . .the     citizfeti        6t' Rlrl-caught''tSeir 1 .._     _,   ���������  ^i-.iush :;?���������:' Columbia exempt-   -war they began,to^llBten,', jf was,plain   .. Wlth .^9* iwrath ..and rev0  rom the .bbtioxibuft poll 4eU.?-The     that It Vu'i magic name "to" them.'  cn'eeks> ther.^o,.ungAmaii .wl^  - .- a.t^_i��������� .   - ������     . -  Tbban."  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'."I'll set with you," he  Informed the' young man! "I never  knew old Harrlss, to get on that,plug  hat but trouble chased after him, like  a storm after,a s'undog; You go away  from here, .governor'." '  " '  "You grinned when '/you said it  about her," muttered Mr. 'Harrlss;'  leaning close,to George. "But you'll  tell her that some day, and you won't  feel like grinning then \ You'll waller ''  at her feet. But'she'll never marry a  dude."    ' /  ."    ������������������'���������;������������������:,���������'���������.   '  .-  , He swayed away, ominous prophet,  sooty as a crow, In his fuzzy hat and  rusty black. - ���������' )'    ���������'-.'-'' ;���������  "  "It'll be tike'-livln' through a tornado ln tophet,' the next-"two, dayis in ���������  Corran-cache," said'''''Kyle, reflllllng' -  hlB pipe. "But'I'm startin'" a day  ahead! with this.'bunch sbV to be  there," he admitted. "The- governor  gave you the gist" of Cornelius' will,  ���������did he? I reckon it Bounds like a  nightmare to a city chap Wke you."  "So much so that I got Into trouble  by talking about It,"-said George sourly. "I'd like to talk'a little about my -  own business, Mr. Kyle.    Now, about  Smart and Lunch.   Do you������������������"  "I'm thinkin' that the death of Cornelius Corran and even this funeral  celebration   will1'have   some, bearih',  ' on' your  business,' more'n" what  you \  realize,"   said -Kyle;'-'with   a''shrewd'  wink. .(���������,.--  lie did not wait" for the young man  to comment.    '      ���������'v-' f"-l,; '/*,���������'.;"'' l"!  "Cornelius    Corran ' was    quite   a-  grand-stand ���������player,' sfo'rij "biit-.lt-.wasn't/'  all-, grand  stand. ���������withJ'himl '��������� L'et'me'.'  tell. you something'���������"when0 he 'was  alive, he held the reins"over-a ter-'-'  rible slat of timberland'.'*'-Hevdidri't  get all of it,by plankin*"d6wn-'*iollars l  on every acre.   There's'more thatT'oite1'  way  of, gobbin'"timberland'f up1, this'  way.      When    tax'-< titles,~;'squatter  claims, fake lines, and all'the -"'"'are"  guaranteed   by   grit  a:.d. ���������chdek   and ."  plenty of friends at "your back, you  don't need quite ������o much -help; fro.T������' <  the courts and the registry of deeds. '  "Dennis Kavannagti had the friends. -  , , The opportunity for the man1 of moderate means  to enjoy, the luxury of' the world'sjbest music in .'his.  home was never better. ,We are, making .a.special  Xmas offer of Columbia Graphophones to enable  everybody to possession of these latest models.,; We,  have the..new. Hornless machine..as well 'as the other  styles, and carry a full line of records.:��������� Let us demonstrate these machines and tell you of our special  offer.  Other Christmas gifts we have in abundance are  Tpys, Dolls and Childrens' Furniture.  .Our s'tqek of Ladies' and Menjs,.Fancy, .Sweater  Coats is most'complete.  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He never needed It' ��������� not" ln real  action.. -It was enough for'the other  fellers ' to know'' that'- he"'had ' It ���������-"  bought;and owned by the rum, '"-'nib,  and gobd-fellershlp 'that he spread  with hands and tongue. Why,'son, if  he had ever called'on/'even^' the'Qre'a*."  H jdTrust Co., crews would have quit the  US big  fellowB   and- joined ��������� this  bunch-  ssociate . Members Can.  Sol C E)^ ^en ?e ******** ^^r--  'poration,  whoever he  is,  on  a' rail  across the line.  "It's fashionable: to 'steal lands up  here,-but the other" thieves' had;to'let  Thief Cornelius alone so longaa^he"'  lived' and had hla "clutch" on; things}  P O Box 1 )Tnere's more to this funeral'than a'  ��������� ���������k^zU~^hurrah'- Ho left Kvtf'ifiouBand dollara\':  ,    .     ),; to spike down the memory of-Cor5-'  CANADA S V   ���������      nelius Gorranas'the-king-orall'the  Gik t '���������'   ���������       good fellers that ever stole land up  reatest lNurseriesthlsway- And W"-������irM������ me^^m  "   f-:        of his lands and his memory. ��������� Beef '  Want   a   ^epr^senjtative     .for    He reckoned that when an Ice cake  erson  e . Memben  Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON  "    B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Omecnext P..O:  The Biggest Value Ever Offtf aid "Residents of the. Fraser Valley^' ���������.  ���������    By special arrangements we "are in a,position to make the following bifer:  The FwfcHiraW and^Ws^ Sar ofMntml  Tiis feeautifii! prenjjum picfL're entitled "Home Again"  'Size.'22x2S'allrea3y.for framing, and    .  THE ABBOTSFORO POST all three for $1,50 <  The beautiful picture "Home Again" is the best pic-  when he was alive;' he-'tended right; ^ure ever' offered iiewispajper readers'.'. ���������, Itis simply mar-  to it, keepm- an ������wir^^r ���������.������,,.. ^no^^hoV^such a ^'picture' can ^ be" included with The  Family Herald and Weekly Star at so small, a price.  Send your order-.a������ pnee.to......u  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  .       ':";'..-������������������  '- ABB6fSFORD,'.B..C.  ehrewa u..uars cahuiii������."  "You're got me sized up wrong ���������  and the company' that you" work for,  too, I-think," objected "George.  VKeep up' the'* bluff,' that'p what  you're hired- 'tor.""giglf!d"' t,he ''"uoe  skeptic. "We '^mdeli������trhppe^'"'.,, tli������  Great Truer'dbVt expec'* - 'to be let  into headquarters secret^. We only  grab in ana clean off 'the', lands after  they've been-stolen.1 But-you'd bWtfv  not show .^your "hand-'ln 'the-'fi'ame  you're on now till ttfter-this section-  gets over the funeral' ��������� ��������� -and -that  funeral may last quite a'while, Just  X  ^    ���������     im tc Cornelius planned.   I'd ra'thtr have  MISSION   CITY,   B.   C.1^ ^J^tJ*���������^** u? aSa,nflfc "my job than-yours." ���������    -  The new forester of the Great Trust  Tho secret of tho succooa of our  Want Ads. le that they are short  and snappy. People Ilka a plain '  business story told In a few words,  snd If they want .anythfng'they  refer to the place where they  will find It with the least trouble,  viz., tho Classified. Want Ads. Is  your business represented there.  and surrounding district .that memory of his, It would molt bo  The reliability, healthy condition quIck that ^ couldn't put man* denta  of our stock as well as true,ness to ln' hls estete- J reckon he left the  name must be appreciattfd by the eIrl Protty weir barricaded."  Public or they, would not have. "Do you mefln' that'our company  helped us to increase our business would E������ in on a land-grabbing  yearly since 183T, the date of. our echeme?" asked George:  establishment. * Mr>  Kyle laughed so uproariously  wur firm's  name lends prestige tflat tears ran dow_ hla cheeks,   ;  to our representatives. "Oh, you city sharps do know how  ; Complete line of Nursery SStock to wear the velvet glove I" he compll-  Co. decided that convincing this  colaborer was profitless work. But  be had found a text for'Bome rather  lively ponderings. And especially did  he wonder of ^What'-Bort 'waa iaifl  forest queen, 'whose'-father'1 had loft  to her a herltafed1������'of protecting ���������������������������loyalty;  find the young ..man's indignanFpro^  tests a means of whlllng away the  time. He grew more impertinent in  his baiting.,,,  "You're a'mighty good-looker," was  one of his.impiBh' thrusts, "and, perhaps, .they've sent you up here to  catch Queen .Clare, and mar,ry the  Corran lands' right,, into . the Great  Trust .Co.'s'clutch'.'"        "'' *  George's retort was violent enough  to suit even Kyle's taste for^he gamy  In repartee. '  "And, furthermore, you've got spirit  tp go with your size and looks, and  girls like that most of all. She knows  what spirit la. She'B ' all tuned up  herself like a fiddle ln the front  parlor. But If.you marry her, you'll  have to beat Blinn , Wiggln to the  Bortin' boom. .Ever hear of Bllnnfand  his father, Jep?"      w >  "Of course, i have never heard of  them��������� and, in addition to .that, Mr.  Kyle, I don't care to, hear about them.  bought with BUch'Q^eatiohable means. - Why dont' you tell me. where I can  for SSpfing 191L  Write  few   full particulars.  STOftf. ^WELLINGTON  The Fonthijl Nurseries.  T@RONTO,  datarlOj  VJ'..,!    i  mented, after getting his breath. "You  spoke out, then, Just as innooent as  ��������� that   civil   engineer   that   they" sent  down here last year to steal ten tho '  sand acres ��������� and he got away   !  it on fake lines that he run."  Mr. Kyle took him hv wf  The Journey beoame tiresome aa  night drew -on. / iBig; iBHl1' gossiped  about the affairs, of- the north' country, but he was r:.ther prosy, except  when he threw.- in. further- malicious  hints as��������� to :whatrGeorge's;real business was In the, woods. He seemed ...to  fiiid Niles and Smart;; if you've got  to talk?"     , . ' v. '-/7 ' '  " 'Cause I can't keep you mad that  way, and you're more���������interestin' when  f  (fs<intjn.ufd.. <Ne;ct  T������ FOtftt  ���������WW  ;A, PUBLIC CONVENIENCE  The new ferry acroa-s the, Fras<?r  hu.-������  started  running  and  a    large  number of people  have   taken   ad  vantage  of ,it  during, the   present  ��������� w - ������������������'���������  r" fiTijwi jiaoic ana, forth     It  tal;e������ about four minutes to come  across,  which   would  seem   to "be  very  good, speed  for   the    .little  craft,   There is no  doubt that    a  traffic will be developed that will  demand  a   larger  boat. There  were some fifteen rigs, including  an ,auot.crossed the first day the  ferry started  its regular runs.  Conversation with Capt. MacKen  zio  elicited .the  fact that  he w.asi  .given instructions! to run the   boat  every hour or of toner if necessary  It J* -1,'here .for the^.cohvenience. of  the (public, and the ������eauty of it is*,  that the trip back and forth costs  no     money     except     a   plens'nt  . "good-day'-' to the genaial captain  It te t(he,������a:������e price; to     Liberals  and  Conservatives.  The hours free to the public   are  fron-4 7 a.tm. to 6 p.m.  Let it,not be 'forgotten that a big  banquet  was  promised  by  somebody to celebrate the opening of  the ferry.-     Was it the  Board of  Trade   or  the   Conservatives   that  made  the promise?   It makes  not  mu..h difference. Someone will have  to waxen up or the'ferry will develop   into  a   bridge   with   trains  and  teams passing  over.  #BK ABBOTSFORD POST,   ,  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  ������  9E9  LEAVE  YOUR ORDER EARLY  FOR XIV1AS CAKE'/������������������:  We can sell it cheaper ihan )ou can male it.     Idng and decocting done  We also sell Almond Paste al!   ready to <;o on cake 50 cents a'poVnd  _ Abbotsford,  Bakery ALBERT LEE, prop.  ' tiB������������y?raiWin������BBB^^  aaaaa g^gacs  ^B^K^SSS^ES  THE MARKET.  (Continued from Pag".  One.)  TELEPHONE SYSTEM  . GROWING VERY FAST  Tho Misfion City Telephone Company is one of Mission's home institutions and is growing very rapidly these days, the demand ..now  for phones being greater than W-  er-.before; the service all- the time  improving.  This year a franchise was granted for the Matsqui municipality.  ���������s;nce which time about twenty or  more phones have bee-n installed  with a   central at Matsqui.  There are 117 phones on this -side  of the river in fine working order  In conversation with .'the eecre-  we:*o no; on the market.  Plenty  of cut  flowers  wore   on  h:': market and found'a . ready sale  The poultry offering was hot up  to the usual standard along      Ihn  line   of  quan'.itiy.    Thc   quality   of  , the   b'rda  was   well   to   the  mark  ���������  and   the' offering   was   somewhat  more'varied than usual.   Some exceptionally fine Pekin'"''ducks wen*  offered and .among them  were    a  pair'of drakes which; wero; finally,  sold at $2.00 each. The  buyers purchasing   them   with   a   number   of  others allowed $1.75 each for these  particularb   iuis  and   uirncd   them  ovcr;again at $2.00  per  bird.  Some Houdans attracted a   considerable amount of attention as it  is seldom that that .variety of bird  is offered on the market.      These  were bought up bybreedera of fancy ������Lock at $1 each.   Aiong<.generaI  lines the prices remained exactly  ,  the same as those of last wee-k.   It  is expected there will be no partic  ular change until Christmas  week  when a   considerable advance may  be looked forward to.   The prices  '  are bound to rise just{ as soon as  the New Year arrives and breeders  are looking, for choice stock for the  coming season's breeding.  Following, are the quotations for  the   day;  .<_��������� frUbiisALE MEAT���������    '  Veal,, small    H i_2 tovl2 l-2c  Veal,   large   :........'....j.      9c  td;..10c .  Mutton  :.....'.  iqc t'o-ll-  Pork,'per Is ���������-������������������"------...'i21-2 to 13  K.KTAiL, MBATHi-.  Beef, per lb ������...:..'.:i.' 8" l.-2c''.'o.'ilc  ���������s 1  >i.;^--^���������;-  HOTEL ARRIVALS  Commercial.  i\ r!. L"w. C;in) 3.0   "     !  W: J.orr-lnncl  Mt. Lehman.  >/.   *.  f-uW-hank, Chilliwack.,  3. Cameron, City.  ,.l:ir..   McPhcrPon,   Vancouver.  "'   '    '"-V'h. Victoria.  TFnMore Rosscvelt; Jnr. Victoria, 13. C.  if.' Mol.'or, Fernwop'd.  0. Porter, Camp  3.  r. P n" d ������������������ r, V ,i iy: 0 u v er.  1    * ik-'Vj Vancouver.  L.'-O. Conner, City.  A.   '���������'?.  McDonald,  City.  C. Fortune, City.  Goo.   Wilson,   Vancouver.  Mike Hallakl, Camp 3  A..It. Lacombc, Camp 3.  M. Raphcal, Camp 3.  John May, Camp 3.  Chas  Chamberlain;  City.  H:, C. Nixon, Vancouver.  Jack AViderson, Vancouver.  .Frank Fanner, City'.  J. A. Blair, Vancouver.  Frank Burnett, Vancouuver,  Thos, Anderson, Killgard.  W.:E.  Brown, Vancouver.  \V> Graham, Killgard.  ' C. _Ci..d'j, 'ij'lgard.  Thos. Russell, Victoria.  fla,rry   .Coates,   Bradner.  W.'. Grant. Matsqui.     ' '  Abla������te,fe>rd Hotoli  Just a few. words on  o  ft iil a,  lr'  ���������$2.35  lean  22 Inch  $3.15'  $2.85  ii Inch  IS Inch ...  ;2I Inch   $2.65  1 here are   only sixty of Ihese in stock   Do you wsnl one?  Perhaps  a few prices on windows might interest you?  3 2x2K 1 Light Window  2-1x24'. 2 Light Window  14x28, 4 Light Window  ^l.:2S, 2 Light Window  24x30, 2 Light Window  28x28, 2 Light Window  30x30, 2 Light Window  t MrPW������"n^'*mm������ft^^  -irrvvnasr  tary, Mr. Catherwood a   ������ew days; ���������i?ec������������ be-3t *!ib.  roasts - i&c to 18c  ago he informed a   representative   B*ef' loin "��������� ;������������������'-'-.-���������;-      22c  o flhis- paper that at  the present   Beef' round.steak  - * lac  '''me there  was appUcatiom for a-.. BoiiinS tiaei --'.:.���������  10ct o J4  bout 100 more phones,  birt as this  (jailed for a   large expenditure the  company had the.matter fetill under  consideration  The application .for phones shows  the growth and prosperity of the,  district  and company.  BROKE INTO LAND'S STORE  ; Some cne 'evidently .-fee-in? that  he \vas m need, of new^l othes such  ��������� '-r>n be procured a(-. Lane's only  f"-oke into Clarence, Lane's store  late Sunday evening; or early on  Monday morning arid helped him  scU,and to all ��������� apTppearance left  vn 'hp next train;- perhaps to at-  ���������'       ^nd,the  opening ;o  fthe  Panama  Can si, or some social function,'' for  he has not yet bean locafeoV   '  Mr. Lame fcas tfot been .aWe to  [I;1;Tf,y h��������� 'much waa- taken  but he. k-rwvrs tt.at he  missies     a-  b:)u- $5 :tt cash; that the suits were  picked; over; t)ie boots 'disturbed;  a.   hat   missing;   ties      disl.urbed;  *Ack boxes opened; handkerchiefs  $n$ eollara . out  of   their   regular  places,   Ik   fact  it -would1 appear  th& raster or robbe-rs needed     a  wlxQfe neu-; outfit, b: r the way they  jerked in the stor e during  their  short time of occup ation.   It .is not  known how much   was taken,- on'e  ���������or 't|wo or three o-utfits, as at the  present,time a   he avy stock is car  *--fed at this time ;of 'the year.  A   sto.ae   waa    thrown    through  th.e.pUU glasa in the door, making  *.   biQj.e. large eno ugh to get in and  Wit or to open 'l.he door fr,om the  outside.   An ,aut empt   appears   to  have been made   to  cut  the door  <*pen with a., knijfe but jt evidently  ];oxiked too slow' a   job.    The aide  wihndow in the tailor eh op was also broken; and it is ,jua.t>,possible  that is where the screw clrfyer was  opened that enabled the !,ro Wr to  open the cash box itt .the fctotfe.-  A   report was isent out &% iVe on  the  look   out   for  tie', colpri.t   or  culprits but as a   des-cs* ilptlon - was  wanting it would be ������.'���������  hardf matter to  catch  who cd$ Lotted' the  -18c   to   20c  -  15c   .0   20c    12c .Cb 20  15c to 20  ... ..   25c  '.Pork  Veal  Mutton  ���������-���������   Young Lamb ���������- '���������   Dressed chicken, per lb  VFGLTABLES,   Retail-  Vegetable  Marrow     I0c  Carrots  per sack -.-.- ��������� ���������' '.' 75c  Onions, ,b ibs for ���������.- -  25c  Green Corn,-'doz ���������::-..- ���������5c  Cabbage-each -- ---'  5c to 10c  i'oiatoeE,   tack'"    -  '$ljo   to' $l.-iU  Carrots, .bunch ..........I...*  5C  fleets,   bunch    ------ 5C  i'uinjpo,   t;ack    :.   75.to   85c  Parsley,  bunch  - '- :  5c  "'Kgs, re a I. per dozen, Coc  to 70c  Butter, retail, per lb ������  40c  Omuns  per  sack   1,75  Honey,  per   lb  --������������������������.-   25c  Hens,   small      $6.50  to        $7.50  Hens small, retail '-������ $7.50 to: $8.50  Hens, large  $7,:t0 $?j  liens,  large,  retail  ���������  $8.50  to  $12  .Chickens  :...,..������  $6 .t0 $6  Br0l!eM   -...- $4 to $5  Duckhngs   $7 to     $9  1'ulIeLs   -���������' )       $9.00  I>ucka    ���������.:. $10 to $13  Turkeys, live  weight, per lb  - 30c  THE ANNUAL MEETING-  ,    The annual meeting of the Matsqui  Agricultural   Association   was  held on Tuesday evening.for buBi  ness and election of officers.   '"  The officers of the presenl\ year  were all re-elected.  The finances of the  association  were shown to be in good shape.  The B,, C. Legislature opens     on  Thursday,   January   U,  DEWDNEY STORE ROBBED  Someone broke into the store, at  De.wdney on Sunday night las,t and  helped themselvfes.   It. is not known  what  was  taken,   but" a   sack   of  .grass   seed   was   emptied; on. the.  floor evidently  with  the   idea   of  getting a   sack to carry away Jhe  goods.  ��������� No person sleeps at the store and  it is in a lonely place., and thus a  midnight marauder would have a  good chance to do nisi work and  get  away   before  being  caught.  G"n J. Rayner, "Vancouver..;'  Thos J. Roy, Vancouver.  Jaia.   Sanderson, .yancouy.er.    .  W. M. Glasgow, Vancouver.  Palper   Higginson,   Vancourer  H. Kennedy, -Vancouver.  Ph.U'Morris. Montreal    .  Geo.Alexander, "Quebec.  Louis Gatu're, Vancouver.. '  D. F. Hall, Vancouver.  C. E. Carr, Vancouver  F B. Elliott, Vancouver. '  Wm. ;Craddck,   Vancouv.ar*   ,..  Al'en   Mathers,   Sardis."   "'"   .;  S. H. .Waugh," Westminster.  ���������VV. G. Bidrsall, Vancouver.  C.   O.   Bradshaw,  Vancouver,  M.  Lazarus,  Vancouy������������:.  A.   Sampson,  Vancouver. -  W. N. Brewster, Seattle.    '  G, W. Neeshan, Dayton, O.  Fred A. Richardson, Vancouver.  H. L. Hayes, Abbotsford.  P. Brenton, Vafiteo������r������������.  S. B. Hodgson, Vancouver.  W. W. Miller, Spences Bridge  A: Bates, City.  J. Bradford, City.  W. Gannon, City.  W. M. Russell and wife1'  A. W. Forger and wife.  M. J. Hall and wife.  T. G. Wallace! City  T.   Edwards,   City.  S. Harris, Seattle.  ���������  ���������Miss La Donceur, Vancouver.  Miss  E.   Faye,   Vancouver,  Geo. Hayes,. City   .  D. McGillivray,  Vancouver.  J. Browning, City : *���������"  .F. B. Dallajs, Kamloopa, ���������>;*.'���������  W. Ross, City.  K. Herscole, Vancouver.  .'"'#l  S. B. Hodgson,   Vancouver.  E. G. Fleming, Vacncouver  H. McKenzie, Sligo Co.  -NEW MAP OF ABBOTSFORD  Blueprints'of. the newmap of Abbotsford, price one dollar; can now  be obtained at the office of Messrs  Henderson and Taylor, Civil Engineers, Abbotsford.  All roads lead to Abbotsford, success  and'happiness.;  HARRON BROS.  Emb-.imers and Funeral Directors  Vancouver/Office  and  chapel :���������  1034! Guanviile. St.,; VFhcne:-3486  ������������rtn Vancouver,       Oince    ana  obapel 116 2nd st. Phone 134  Geo. Zeigler ���������  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Call and get prices.  . All work guaranteed  , Abbotsford - . "C.  Painting, Sign Writing  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford       -      B. 6  Good Storage ftoom for  Furniture.  ABBOTSFORD  Feed & Grain Store  Don't forget.  WHEAT  $2.00  ;A sack  We buy"Poultry i-:;  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW  Edgar Ofiamberlaln  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  Conrtactor and Builder  Jobbing Brickwork  k Chimneys a specialty. ���������  Orders "left at the office of  C. A. Sumner & Co. will re-  cieve prompt attention.  MllMMMaMff^M^MM^  AP PLES  I t  all kinds,  quantities.  taken.  Mission City, B. C.  For the Residence,  Store or Office.  For Factories and  Industrial Plants  Convenience       Comfort      Economy  Attention will be given to all applications lor service from our lines.  Address all enquiries to  Light and Power Department  Holden Block, Vancouver.  to  I  lM


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