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 4>  If'  ������- v  D ���������  Hiix   '  ''-������������������  ���������r4 ,   ' <  .',.'������  /'!.-'' jr  ,      ,rY  r i,  .l/'      *J  y <"i  . *i  ,'           'A  v  41  With which is incorporatedp*T$ie Huntingdon Star",  Vol. X., No. 17.  4BB0TSF0RD, B, C, FRi������>AY,   AUGUST 6, 1915 '  &>8  $1.00,PER YEAR1  .*. ���������  A HOOTS J/OK 1> M A OH IN U G UN  SUBSCRIPTION   LIST  The following is a list of the subscriptions handed in to date by the  various working committees. Sonic  of the committees have not yet handed in their lists. Tho full list will  probably bo completed about tho end  of tho mouth, whou tho full ruport  will appear in this paper. Tho foliow-  aro tho names handed in to this paper by Mr. J. A. McGowan:  J. A. McLean  .".���������. $  J. A. McGowan .: :.  IS.  Scotsvold    J. McEwon : .....  E. A. Chapman    R. Shortreed, Jr   C. It.   Davison      G. E. Hay*. :   It. Steiss  :   F. Broad   J. D. Clarke    W.  L.  Hillior    W. P. Taylor    W. Laheny ..::..:   W. McClanahan -. .'..."'.:���������.  J. Carl  :....: ;   D. McEwen   H. Gordon .....'..'.   e. i:. Rix ..:. .'.:   D." Higginson-   F. Chester,'...". .....  T. H. Pateman .-   H.  Gnmley  .'  C. Wooler ....- '.....  25.00  25.00  25.00  '25.00  10.00  10.00  10.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  5.00  v 5.0������J  5.00  5.00  5.00"  5.00  4.00  :j.00  2.1.0  3."0  8.00  'MISSION*   FERRY   SERVICE  Across the Eraser River at Mission  Leave Leave  Mission Matsqui  "Week Days  7:00 a. m. 7:20 a.* m.  L' Trethewey-.  - T. Jackson;...--..  - E.   Copperberg  A.   Witchell   ..  J. Currie    N:: J. Holleyj..  3.00  ,- 3.00  3.00  -2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00'  Wy Mctria-Tah������n^hr:'/;:i-:':'::^V:.v "-^:2:0 0'  T.   Maximonko .". 2.00  J: Caldwell-':::.-. : ...:... '    2.00  J. Godson .'. '..:  2.00  R.   Powell  ...-.: 1 : - 2.00  W.   Jeffs  ....:.....: ."  2.00  J. Gillen ...'. '..: : '���������    2.00  D.  Lovedar   -.   S.00'  W. F. Wilson   '   2.00  T.  Caul - .'..' 2.00  J. Moret :...'  '     2.00  J. Mahoney   2.00  R. Anderson  :  2.00  M. Higginson  2.00  A.   Mains    :  1.00  N.   Lackmance        1.00  A. Gosling   1.00  H. Grimloy ..... : ... 1.00  B. Binns  '. .-  1.00  A. Dolby  :  1.00  G. Blair .: -.  1.00  D. Blair ::. 1.00  J. Duncan   1.00  E. Schluter   1.00  R. Duncan   1.00  Japs   49.00  Sikhs- .'  14.00  Chinamen     13.00  Total     346'.00  The following were handed in by  Mr.  Hulton-Harrop:  J. J. Sparrow  * 25.00  R.  W.  Houghton   5.00  M.   W.   Copeland    10.00  7:4 0 a. m.  8:20 a. m.  9:00 a. m.  9:40 a; m.  10:20 a., in.  11:00 a. m.  .11:40 a. m.,  1:00 p. m.  L: 40 p m.  2:20 p. in.  3: 00 p. m.  3:40 p..in.-  ,   4:20'p.,m.  5: 00" p. mv  5:40 p. in.*  0:50 p. m.  8:00 a.'in.'  9:00 a. m.  "10:.30 a. m.  11:00 a. m.  11:40 a. m.  1:00 p. in.  '2:00 p. m.  3:00 p. m.  M:00 p. m.  5:00 p. m.  5:40 p. m.  -6:50 p. m.  8.00 a. m.  r"    -8:40 a. m.  9:20 a. in.  ,10:00 a in.  10.40 a. m.,  '    11:20 a. m.'  11.45 a. m.  1:20 p. in.  2:00 p. in.  2:40 p. m.  ���������     3:20!p. m.  4:00 p. m.  4:40 p. m.,  5:20 p. m.  5.45 p. ,m.  7:00 p. m.  Sundays  8:30 a. m.  9:30 a. m.  10.30 a. m.  11:20 a. m.  11:45 a. m..  .1:30 p. m.  2:30 p. m.  3:30 p. m,.  4:30' p. m.  5:20p. m.  5.45 p. m.  . ."7:00 p. m.  A. J. Anderson   Rev.  Campbell  ........  :Av',-McCallum" ...'.���������.   C.-Wallace .=.-. -.   D. Copping' ;..  E." B." de la Giroday .  B. Nelson     G.   Cobley     F.' W. Kickbush   W. Porter  1 ,.  Malcolm  McGillivray  ���������W. Fraser, Jr   G.   Clark     W. H. Lines    A. H. Manley    F. ,C. Wiggins    D. McCrimmon    F. Munroe   H. H. Logan   T. Ushaw  '.   Sutherby  Bros.    E. Ruthig    A. McGarva    W. Everett  .-.   HI "E :   J.  J.  Bannerman    T. Waddell    G.T. Phalen    T. DeLair   R. Shortreed    S. J. Bates   Total     '10.00  10.00-  -.5.00  .   2.00  5.00  1.00  5.00  .   5.00  . 5.00  30.00  1.00  10.00  5.00  2.00  1.00  5.00  - 1.00  10.00  5.00  2.00  5.00  '  5.00  2.50  5.00  10.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  1.00  5.00  5.00  .it was a solemn crowd of people to  the number of more than 1000 we're  congregated at the school grounds on  Tuesday last;.August the 4th, to consecrate the day and' themselves in  memory of the Declaration^of War  by the British Empire, against Germany and Austria'���������solemn because  realizing "the importance" of-the result of the present" European conflict  in the interests of freedom to -the  British Empire and-the whole, of the'  civililed wold ^solemn because of toll  the war 4s-making-of = the number of  human lives; solemn; because' few  there be,"- but lose a brother",' ~a .husband, a child or a" friend/'' Without  the pomp and show.attached'to usual'  gatherings the'people from,. Abbotsford, Sumas Municipality and Matsqui gathered on the school,grounds  long before'- tlie, appointed, hour appointed'for the opening ceremony.  The school ground's" had been prepared tor the occasion by'a committee, and there was seating .capacity  for" about 600 people;' a platform,  most suitably, decorated' with flags,  and oh it were two .sentry boxes for  guards and chairs for-vthose who were'  to speak-and sing. ,'>:       ".   , -  -  At 2 p. m. the meeting was called  to order by the chairman of tire committee, Reeve A. Craicksrank of  Matsqui Municipality";',.and on .the.  .platform.-r-were- the -ohairman-....888;  platform, were ther-committee, speakers," members of the Matsqui and Su.r  mas councils, the speaker and ��������� the  various artistes,' and tre tnvo'sentry  guards. ' '   '  '  -The B.,C. Horse of 24 troopers and-j the arrangements:  Mrs: Sam MeClure ,was kind enough to paint three recruiting posters for the coininittee and these were  exhibited in front of the platform and  were most'favorably commented on  At the close of the Meeting Mr. Hill-  Tout acted as auctioneer in disposing  of the three posters in the interests  of the* Red Cross,-netting $7, $8 and  $10, which Avas handed over to the  Red. Cross Society; and the pictures  purchased by Messrs J. F. Boyd, J.  McEwen and J. K. McMenemy,-were  kindly donated to the B.C.,Horse'to  be placed in the Drill-Hall.for recruiting purposes. '"-  Mr.- Hill-Tout also acted, as auctioneer in disposing of the balance ol  the eatables at the close of the day  which realized a handsome sum fou  the Red Cross. - ' ���������'  The committee desire to thank all  helpers who so gladly came forward  to help in the arrangement and decoration of the grounds and the plat-  iorm and assisted in Red Cross work.  The meeting lasted from-2 p. m." to  6 p. m.'and to' show the fgreat interest that' was evinced in" the: meeting ferere were about the same number in the audience at the finish a~  at the beginning  ' The committee who' had charge of  all arrangements were: Reeve A.  Cruickshank, chairman; S. A. Morley  ,socreta>ry.,v,F. ._C.. W.iggins;.. Ted ..Bar-,  rett;' W. Taylor and Reeve ;Muhrbe .'of  Sumas; D: Blair, snr... leader of the  choir and D. Blair, jnr., pianist, to  whom the public are indebted for the  able way in which  they carried out  Mrs-.' Gadley who has returned from  the Da'.tcn'Ilospital at Sumas, is considerably improved.  It is P. L. Birdie- instead of J. J.  ,(P. L. means Poor Lone)  Sure the Post'was-right in a recent  issue when it said the grass.widowers,  had   - their-: Sunday     go-to-ineetin:  clothes on' during holiday-time  . "  ,, Rowe"- Holland was so _ Impressed  -with Abbotsford arid its people that  he'.said he would make many an ex-'  cuse to come again to Abbotsford for  a day: ���������    ���������    .  Mr. Wm. Elliott .of Matsqui is sick  in the hospital at New (Westminster  The Abbotsford Lumber Company  lent the lumber'for. the'scats at the  school grounds on the 4th.  Mrs.. Bateman has taken the house  lately occupied by Mrs. Brooke and  it is reported will conduct a hospital  for Abbotsford.  Mrs. Wm. Holmes of. Ladner- and  Mrs. J. 'J. Sparrow of Abbotsford, arc  enjoying a pleasant tour of Vancouver Island in Mrs. Sparrow's auto,  and breathing the beautiful seaside  I breezes of.Qualicum Beach. .  Mrs. J. 'K.- McMeneniy and family -  returned from White Rock on" Saturday.       '  -.' ' ' ..    |  -���������rM'r. :J:--Muhroe-of ������������������-the -^Canadian-  Bank of Commerce, Portland, Orb.,  is visiting  his old  friend  Mr.  Wm.  Campbeill, the jeweller  JR. A. Trethewey  $ 100.00  .$   774.25  J/-R. Thornton   Starr Bros  '..'   Spencer    &    Hill    D. Nelson  .'   J.    McNeill   J. Downie    T. Williams    C.  Hilltout   ..:   A. M. King    A.   Johnson    ���������  A. C. Salt -   James Ross    P.  R.  Peele   S. A. Morley    J.   Vanetta      J. G. Copping  '.   A. Lee      F. Fooks      W. Fooks  j.:.. -  W." Hill-tout .. ..  J, Higginson .................���������...  S.   Kravoski :   B. B.   Smith  ....:........ ...  P.   McCullock   J. K. .McMeneniy ....... ...........  J.  Barr ....;.........-.....  W. Fraser, snr. ..............������������������  W.  Fraser sr.  .-. .............  G. F. Zeigler   E. A. Barrett -  Wm.  Taylor  ..................������������������  Rodger Bros. .......  T. Firlotte ...............  A. Knox  ...........................  T. F.  York,  Snr............. .....  B. T.  Malcolm   S. Vanderhoof .......  W. Blatchford   Angus Campbell   Mrs. Marshall ......���������   Fadden & Sons   O. Zeigler -  H. Eby .............;.-  W. Roberts   25.00  . 10.00  25.00  5.00  .25  5.00  50.00  25.00  5.00  10.00  5.00  10.00  20.00  10.00  > 5.00  25.00  5.00  50.00  5.00  10.00  5.00  5.00  20..00  5.00  10.00  5.00  1.00  [.00  5.00  5.00  50.00  5.00  10.00  10.00  '���������' 5.00  5.00  15.00  5.00  35.00  5.00  30.00  2.00  5.00  2.50  W. Ross ....  T. Tebbutt  G. Reith ....  J. Teng ....  $  5.00  3.00  2.50  2.00  886.75  List of Contributors to Gun Fund  CLAYBURN,   B.   C.  W.   J.   Liversage    $ 5.00  A. F. Brown   3.00  A. E. Barker   2.00  H. Hill   1.00  R  Fillipino    1.00  C. H. Read  5.00  A. Turchett  :  1.00  G. Tusenjo   I'.OO  F. Tomasso   2.00  H.   Gillespie    2.00  Jas. Shearer   .25  Geo.- Fox  1.00  J.J. Plommer  10.00  C. G. Copley  1.00  P. Mathieson ........................ 1.00  J.  B.  Miller  100.00  J. L. Miller  (Rev.)  ............ 5.00  M.  Duncan.   (Miss).  1.00  It. A. Cooper  10.00  T. Fred Seldon , 7.00  E. D. Seldon (Mrs.) ............ 2.00  Marion  Seldon  ...:................ l'.O0  Shirley  Seldon  1.00  E...HV Port  (Dr.)'..:'.  3.00  L. Brown   (Miss) ,  1.00  Matt Bergen  2.00  W. Brookes  5.00  R, Roncato  2.00  A. Zanni  1.00  $177.25  Further subscriptions will be acknowledged in' next week's issue.  (Any corrections to be made will  be cheerfully made.���������Ed.)  non-coms, under Serg.-Major 'Huttbn  paraded "and formed guards at-,the  platform, entrance'gate and1 street intersections in- .the, town and ��������� various  points, on. the . ground: The B. C.  Horsehaveimprovel wonderfully in  the past few weeks and looked like  veterans on the field.  Boy Scouts,. ten in number under  Scout Master Morgan ��������� were also in  attendance, and ushered people to  seats and looked after the public  wants generally  The Red Cross Society had-large  refreshment and ice cream booths on  the grounds.the money for which will  go to Red Cross work.  The machine Gun Committee, also,  had a collection booth-there. Some  $284 was collected during the afternoon, leaving only a.balance of about  $100 to be colected for the second  gun, which it is expected will be  subscribed to within the next few  days.  The principal speaker of the" afternoon was Mr. Rowe Holland of Vancouver who spoke for about'45 minutes, giving an excellent oration on  the war, the cause and its issuts, em-  hasizing the righteousness of our attitude and our innocence in bringing  about the conflict; the responsibilities  which lay upon every citizen, of the  Empire to do all in his -power to aid  the authorities in bringing the terrible war to a successful issue. He  was listened to with a great deal of  interest, and enthusiasm.  The following is the programme in  part:  "GOD SAVE THE KING"  Prayer by Rev. C. F. Yates; Introductory Remarks by Reeve A. Cruickshank ; Anthem by the choir made up  of voices from Abbotsford, Matsqui  and Sumas, led by Mr. D. Blair, snr.,  and D. Blair, jnr., pianist;; Solo, MiisiJ  Wilson; Address, Rowe Holland; Anthem, Soldiers' Litany; Address, Red  Cross Work, Miss Cruickshank; Recitation, Miss Tattersall; Address by  Rev.. J. L. Campbell; Solo, Miss Drew  Then came an interval of fifteen minutes to enable subscriptions to be  taken for the Machine Gun and the  audience to enjoy Red Cross Work in  eating ice cream. After the. meeting  was called to order the choir sang the  Maple Leaf;The Resolution, moved  by Reeve Munroe. and seconded by  Mr.. Cras. Hill-Tout, both of whom  gave interesting addresses; "Rule  Britannia" by the choir; Recitation  by Miss Tattersall; Solo, Mr. Blair,  "Soldiers and the Mon"; Recruiting  address by the chairman, Reeve A.  Cruickshank;  "GOD SAVE THE KING"  CLAYBURN   AND   VICINITY  Much comment has been made on  1 the speech made' by    Miss-   Cruickshank  on  Wednesday afternoon    to  connection with the Red Cross work  Mr. -Miller has written - the Post  that it was in error last week in giving the amount of money collected  in- Clayburn. The Post gladly makes  correction, in this issue.   .  Haying is still in progress.  Many fields of oats have already  been cut and- standing in stock.  . A. P. .Slade & Co., of Clayburn  Station, is doing a rushing business  in hay, grain and milk- with the farmers of the district  WANTED���������A correspondent from  Clayburn for the Post  Many people from Clayburn attended the Conseciatiou'services at  Abbotsford and highly, appreciated  the entire programme  Mrs.' Parton wishes the " Post    to  state that "the ice cream sold by the  ladies of the Red Cross on the 4tlr  at the grounds was MADE and PURCHASED IN  CANADA..  The Red Cross will publish- a  statement in the next .issue of the  Post srowing amount taken in and  the expenditures, showing a balance  of $156.00. '���������   *.  MATSQUI COUNCIL MEETING  ABBOTSFOED  Mr. J. K. McMenemy was with hi^  brother at Clovei'dale when the automobile upset, and the brother receiving severe injuries, but is now recovering. J. K. escaped without a  scratch.  Mr. and Mrs. Alanson and family  who have been spending a month at  White Rock returned to Abbotsford  on Saturday.  Mr. A. Hultou Harrop was a visitor to Mission City on Tuesday on  business.  Rev. J. L. Campbell looks well after his tl'ip to the east.  One of the grandest boosters in  helping to collect funds for the machine gun was our genial and worthy  shoemaker, Mr Williams, who v/as a-  rnong the first subscribers;  The Pest had one put over on it  last week by Mr. J. Higginson. when  he informed us that he had sold his  property to the Vancouver Machine  Works, instead of as he" should have  said the B. C. Telephone Co. He  was not to be found by our editor  this week���������So ashamed of himself  he was hiding. We'll watch . "Jimmy" hereafter.  J. J. Sparrow says it'was hot for a  couple of days this.week. He was  thinking of making out a big draft  on the winter deposit of rain, but  changed his mind when he saw that  they were having too much rain in  the dry belt of B. C. just at the  present time.  The regular meeting of the Matsqui  council v.as held in the exhibition  juilding'of the Matsqui Aga-icultural  and Horticultural Association on Saturday, July 24th, with the Reeve in  Lhe chair and all members of the  council in attendance.  The minutes of the 17th inst were  read and adopted.  Communications Received  From W. F. Coy. stating that lie intended building a house on the N. E  1-4 of the S.W. 1 4 of S. 18, Tp. 16  and as the Higginson read was not  built-west of the property of Mr. W.  J. Higginson, he desired to know If  the council would open this road in  front of his property.  Referred to Councillor Melander.  From Royal Columbia Hospital,  advising that Iver Hedland, a laborer with Marsh, Ilutton & Powers Co.,  had been admitted therein as a patient en June 30th. The clerk was  instructed to reply that this company is operating at the mouth of  the Fraser River and that Mr, Hed-  laiid is not a resident of Matsqui  Municipality.  From W. J. Mathers, stating that  he was surprised at the attitude of  the council with regard to development work required in the shape of  roads. It was his intention after a  few years, when he could* without  proving in any way oppressive to the  Council, succeed in getting' a read  through his property to subdivide it  when he could be in a position to  take people to show them the land.  The attitude of the council was that  no roads would be opened up through  (Continued on Page Four)  i " :   .                  ���������              ,i           ,MTuM������.i,i..iiM}w.jLj..Yhift..yia^^^^  J'.A,"       ., THE ABBOTSFORD POST;  .     .11,. Post PnUWita* ComPW  * weeUy i������������SwK?^ -������������  0"  'll",Catl  Advertising  rai������ ^e   Government  ,     our   Shibboleth-Nelther   for   *or  ������^ ^ proprietor  ������������������ J. A. BATES, "      "  ���������  - ���������--:���������     Eggs'nad Butter ^  Eggs, retail  ......I ������ 2 6Tto"29tf  Eggsrwholesale. :L. 25? to ^v  Butter, per-lb    ��������� WilMtl^MliniUllli   Nil       ���������   grass, and who was the officiating deliverer of the missle ori  that occasion. Deroche is sure  Ekfh-wholesale :l *������? Lv ���������������-* tuat ocua&i"-  "~v-���������i" , ,  b������������p. per.lb':.........'.:...- v-55{ .playing very good ball this sea  Butter, wholesale, per lb  ^? *    J    n(1 each and everyone o  -..n   -t lA   Mont     . 3U     '    .                       . .   ���������i���������,,5v,rr  nT1   tf"������   tlK  FRIDAY, AUGUST G,  1015  . Wholesale! Meat  gteer Beef, In carcass 11[ ^^J  Beef hindquarters J- 13������ to ij/bj  Beef, forequarters ...} ---������������������������������������--  fa  Veal, No. 1, per 10 .......    v ^  piaymg vcij bw   son, and each and everyone of  the players is playing up to the  form. So with such a twirler  as Snodgrass in their .ranks, I  venture to think, that Deroche  1   "' -1   u "���������"   ^wn   "with  Kilning the programme^ or^������4eU ������������^fg  !T "l^orf oK all that was asked ana aU that  "SfeSfi. next ������h ol^~������S2n!������������5������  The killing of tne'Aurt^Ti^^. ~n;^np^  the side "o( the mountains reminds ot the um���������kk tUe  the great Hannibal to conquer "������'������,,��������� dowll the sides  S&fW France he was met y |o������ctiveft was then; the  ^ofThlf we* tenfhoi many Austrian* were tolled.  'lThat triumphal ^c^^^-JXTJ^o^Z  -Sl^'lnS:"^- *������ Paris a  few months ago. successive disappointment*  ,^^^^5^^L^b"tKe third    ���������������������������  Vo��������� Hindenburg m"*!^^ ^ f^eraU-  man Emperor: he has na^ a c^ex ^ and send h  .  does he plan to IgtVOn Hmdenbur^        ^ ^ boat and the  out to meet the British nav^ j d���������  great general who has notyei^^^  "   ��������� , .,,. tv.rpp-r>ent stamp according to the  Canada will ^.^J^^Kt-that it would be nec-  Postmaster-General.    He has. pomtea d t0 send lt   to  essary after having aQthrf jXnmUonal postal union  Wiethe  .    Berne, Switzerland, to ���������e "!cflerl; mp    In addition it would be  ,  declaration *at it was a valid |amP ��������� r ^ ^ Qf.  necessary to send to !Be���������e ajufficiem administration m  to supply three complete sets to eveiy i  "pSSbt the Postmaster-General does not think It will be nee  :     essPary to use the three-cent stamp very long.  There is a report -r������^ M������J��������� *������ ���������  ���������     ������emednaryom!a:ngHf has & S?^- approva. of the leader  * jMS&K held mTorTcoouitlam he bade good-bye to  the electors.   All right, John.  Veal, No. i, per iu  ~-T .- venture iu imun,   -  Veal, large, per lb ...; 10* to 12? | can safely hold her own with  Mutton    .':'. ���������. '.-. 12<*   to-14(( ���������     "--��������� ���������n���������  Spring Lamb 15  Young PigB, each ....' $3 to $a      . --;-  uted as follows  Msh  WHAT OTHERS SAY���������  The following taken from an; exchange is so nicely sarcastic that it is  really too bad to let it pass.    He says  Have you noticed :-  That - the man who minds his own  business has lots .of friends? They  are  curious  to    know   what    he  is  "minding."  That prospective bridegrooms and  condemned criminals receive consideration that is almost akin to awe?  They have this, at least, in common  that they are both equally uncertain  of the future.  That the woman with the homliest  *   looking child on the    street ' never  seems to realize that everyone, out of  kindness to her, is doing their very  best not to notice it?  THE MARKET  Peaches   grown  in  the   Okanagan  valley and particularly fine in quality/together with apricots from the J  same district, featured the fruit dis-l  plays at the New Westminster market  last.    Only two  cases of  brother  *' inn  Sockeye salmon; per lb  12 xk4  Spring  Salmon, 3   lbs   25tf  Herring,   3   lbs  25^  Steelhead,   per i 15������  Smelts,  per  lb  : 10<i  Whiting, per lb  AQ4  Halibut, per lb  15<$  Codfish,  per .lb  12 %4  Sturgeon,  per lb    ..-. 15^  Crabs;. 2   for  :...25tf  IMMIGRATION  KKCSUIjATIONS  Ottawa.    July 1.7.���������An      order-in-  council   has   been- passed   providing  that  no  immigrant other than    the  member of a family shall be permitted to enter Canada between March  1 and October 31 .unless they are the  possessor of at least twenty-live dollars.,,The   hoad   of   a   family,   must  have hi his possession $25  tor each  member ot" the family upwards of 18  years of age and  $1-2.50    for each  member under that age.^Immigrants  seeking to enter Canada between Nov  ember 1 and the end of February will  be subject to the same conditions except that the amount per head necessary to .have is $50 instead of $25.  The following exceptions to the   foregoing general regulations are provided for in the order-in-council:  (A),The immigrant, if a male, is  going   to   assured     employment   : at  farm  work, (and  has the .means of  reaching the place of employment, or,  (B)     That the immigrant, if a.female,   is   going  to   assured   employment at domestic service and has the  means of reaching the place of such  employment; .or,   \  .   (C)     That the immigrant, wheth  er-male-or female, if one of the following descriptions;'" and is going to  reside with a relative of one of the  following descriptions, who is    able  and   willing to  support  such   immigrant and has the means of reaching  the place of residence, of such relative:  (1) Wife going to husband.-.  (2) Child going to parents. '  (3) Brother or sister going    to  ea as luiiuwo..  isadore Deroche, Manager,.  Clyde Snodgrass, captain MicK  Devittsecretary.Denms Roach  Roach; Brian Roach; WilUe  Michaels; Glen Cox; Call Anderson, J^W^Breeley.  E. O. Brundage  Painter and Decorator  If you want any artistic work in  Painting, Fapeihanging and Decorating 8ive ui a call.  Practical work at practical. prices  Gladys Ave.  Abbotsford  Meeting Held Firs^Monday of Each Month  Write'the secretary, regardi������g ������������������f^^wer  with unexcclled-shippmg facihUe^and cheaPPOW^  YOU  ARE  DELIGHTED  when you can get plenty of hot  water, but when the plumbing is  out of order, that's a different  story. It is a good plan to have  your plumbing looked over every now and then, to see that  it is in proper condition. When  you need a plumber again, remember that we do good plumbing, and our charges are all  right.  WM. ROBERTS  Plumbing Shop  Old Creamery Bid? Abbotsford  T        Nothing  will  A ^������tOgf &pft==add more t������  the pleasure of the friends and kinsfolk  at home.  on  Friday  last,    umj ,������,���������     peaches were sold to individual pur  chasers and these fetched 75^. The  balance of the fruit, some fifteen  cases was wholesaled for 60^ and 65tf  The apricots were rather small and of  silghf inferior grade.' They retail  ed for 65<f.  In the fruit lines, early apples and  blackberries predominated and there  were some fine plums shown. Apples  sold all the way from 75^ to 90^ per  box. Red Astrachan apples in round  lots were sold at four cents, per lb  by one vendor, but he failed to reap  any rich harvest at that figure.  Eggs took a slight advance in the  (4) Minor  going  to  married  or  independent sister.  (5) Parents going    to    son    or  ^TfeBe''regulations will, not apply  to immigrants belonging to any  Asiatic race.  DEEocheexo txhece moej3  That a woman with a. handsome  child always asks if it is not like its  father? Of course you know what, she  "expects you to say?  That the man who discusses politics on the street and isn't sure of his  ground always talks  fast and invar-  b ..     ..!���������_���������      ..n/l      i������     Klir<  EggS  tOOK   a   biigm.   a-ii.u,^^   wholesale prices. Several were sold at  29^ per dozen as against 27 last week  Along the retail section dealers asked  from 30tf to 35<S but there was very  little demand for them and the major  ity wholesaled their stock before the  market closed.  Chickens opened to a busy market  and  despite  the heavy  demands  on  ���������-���������  ..i.i���������i,m���������,  marifi every  taMT attracts attenuonc- .������������.^������PPly ths  u������  of a certain class of followers. week   tor .ui������   iiaot  a^     That a mother-in-law plays just as Quality and quantity of the bird  . n , n( ��������� ,���������,���������. ., ��������� mnn<B m-��������� ,1Q seem undiminished. From 10 to 1  important a part in a mans hie as|cents pcr  p(jUnd WM the pTGVaiUn  the acid does in nitro-glycerine? ���������-..._ ��������� nr-aon,  That the man or boy who whistles  the loudest has a cheerful soul but  a mighty poor ear for music?  That the chronic pessimist is one  of- the least understood men on the  face of the earth? Few people realize that he has a good heart but poor  digestive organs. He is sorry for everyone but only digests half the food  he eats.   *   State canteens are to be established  They will, I presume, not be called  public-houses. In view of the kind  of juice obtainable therein, and in  honor of the oratorical methods of  their initiator, it is suggested that  they be called Lime-houses.���������Bystander.  How little "consideration is given  the fatted calf when the prodigal returns home? It is a case o the  innocent  suffering  for the guilty.  the  supply  ui .tun.nu.L,     week   for   the   past  six   months  the  ������������������,!  ,(���������QnHtv    0f tho    birds  seem unamumoucu.    ^ .~ . 2  cents per  pound was the prevailing  price for hens, and there was practically no demand for roosters.  The following were the prices.  Poultry  Ducks  old  ,live weight  13^   to  140  Ducks, young live weight 15tf to 164  Chickens : 10^ to 13^  Broilers  .������������������...................l5tf to 18������  Fruit  Blackberries -2-5  crate $1.00  Blackberries  4-5  crate   ?2.00  Apples per box ................654 t������ 95tf  Plums, per 201b crate ....50<f to 65'������  Red Currants, per quart ld.tf  White Currants, per quart .........li>4  Logan berries, per crate   $1.35  Vegetables  New Potatoes, per sack 90tf.  New Potatoes per.ton $15.00  Green Peas, 8  lbs for ................254  Celery, per bunch ..5'<f  Lettuce, 2. bunches for 5<f  Onions, 3 bunches for  5^  Radishes> 3 buches for ..54  .Cabbage,1 head    ������4  Spinach,-per h 4^  ��������� New Beets, 3 bunches ������4  I C.ucumbers .....0^  (From-the Fraser Valley Record)  On Sunday a very interesting  ! were sold at | game of ^^^XL*  t 27 last week I Harrison Mills in tne P^������  dealers asked    f    large gathering, of speptai  iere was very,       b n teamB representing  Harrison Mills    and   Dfrocae,  Great interest was centred^ in  ti^P eame    As all the Deiocne  ans wSe out in countless nunv-  also to help to bring victory to  their home team, which tney  ably succeeded in doing. Although Deroche outclassed  thdr opponents and piled^up a  8Coreof26.to-6,,cr^itm^e  given the Harrison boys for.the  cheerful way in^which^  they  took   defeat.     The   Harrison  forts   (throughout,   .still   tney  could not exceed the tactics o  the Deroche nine    wlur were  very carefully coached m- aa  vtn'ce by the old reliable bate-  ,11 magnate^Mi^Clyde^bn^  THE ROYAL STUDIO  ABBOTSFORD  :-:     B. C.     :.-:  J. H. JONES  Funeral Director  Furnisher of Funeral Supplier  Phone Connection. Mission City  nsmMMt  W  mm  ita^sg^^  n^iTOOTflcragsp?^^ To assure patrons of printing a thor-  n������������rjfv aSnropriate and artistic product  ZSu\resK a theoretical and a practic-  ^qknowledge--m other words a mental  conception gaes well as- a practical one.  Both are at your service. i? ^     ..  BATES, The Printer-���������JOB DEPARTMENT  The Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  PRINTING SERVICE  The shop is equipped with every modern  K1 ������necesslryP for the execut*^ of  hieh-arade Printing, and  our worKing  .      aSlitS ar<  so   ample   that   promp  service is both a pleasure and a possi  ' bility..  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BATES, The Printer-^-^B DEPARTMENT  ?he Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  Such as Letterheads,    Envelopes,    Bill-  ���������   leads   Cards Circulars Statements and  - -in fact anything in the way of Printr  ..illg_will. receive   intelligent   attention  ���������  . S'l-tnorough highgrade    production  . if "left in our care.  BATES, The Printer���������JOB DEPARTMENT  ThfSome of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  POSTEB FEINTING  .      We print large and small Posters of all  ������ay is part of the secret  BATES, Tne ^^^W���������^���������S  The Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  PUBLICATION  PRINTING  We have unrivaled facilities for execu-  ing all kinds of Printing, as is attested  , by the large amount of Printing we have  handled in the last seven years. Quality  of work unsurpassed, and delivery m  time assured.  BATES, The Printer JOB DEPABTMENT  The Home of Good Printing at Suitable Prices  r-MNTER AND PUBLISHER  smimmimmBammmsmmmmmmmmwmymmm^MmssmSi  tis,mi!?ii}M STB'SifSfi  *^.m������Z8^mm^Wx^  ���������.*.i HIKj.   rljtf.ifl1!-4!li ������.> ���������-���������-������������������! ������������iJ.S.4-.l;_*iit,.Llf>MR;-%������ TMS AfcBOtSPORD P6ST,  ABBO>rSFOM>, ������.  6.  yiXZ&Ci    -*   ���������;���������&���������: *.-'Z>*.'ii      ^       ���������'   .".'t.  r^"-'-  MATSQUI COUNCIL  (Continued  from  Page One)  hinds on which there were no actual  settlers, while ho would be unable to  get people on his lands because there  were no roads.    So between 'the two  alternatives  he  was  supposed  to  sit  down quietly.'for the balance of the  natural life and provide taxes to be  spent in other parts of the district for  the benefit of other people".    He asked  that the council  reconsider their  decision and while he did not ask for  a large expenditure in any one year,  lie would like to see some work done  each year and was willing to wait for  linal results.,The clerk was instructed to reply that it-was-the desire of  the council to meet with his wishes  with   regards   to'.roads   to   facilitate  settlement, of the land.    However the  work of the council  at  the present  tinie'was being carried on with money   borrowed  from  the  bank  in  anticipation  of taxes  and  by arrangement was fixed to a limited amount."  When the taxes are received and the  obligations at the bank provided for  the council may be able to undertake  additional work    And while the. policy  of giving  the  actual  settler  access to his market has been forced on  the council, the past expenditure    on  roads has been beneficial to the district as a whole  From W. J. Ware stating that he  was not agreeable to the conditions  under which the council'wished him  to remove the tree on the roadway,  by the-property of Mir. C. A. Ryall.  Filed. '.  From Winnipeg Safe Works, re  Safe cabinets.    Filed.  From A. N. Wolverton of Wolvert-  on & Co., Ltd., Vancouver being a  lengthy, dissertation on the advantage  of good roads to a rural ..municipality.    Filed  From Registrar County Court-advising that the following By-laws had  been duly registered:  Annual Loan By-law 1915,, Marked "B". .   *  The Boucliier Road Improvement  (Bylaw, 1915.  Matsqui Revenue Bylaw, 1915.  Matsqui Pound Bylaw 1915 and a  bylaw entitled A Bylaw to Repeal the  Matsqui Dog Tax Bylaw, 1914. .  From IT. J. A. Burnett, certifying  that he had duly examined the books  from Jatnuary  lst to June 3 lst-and  had  ch'eclred  up.all   entries  therein  with vouchers, The correctness of all  payments had been duly verified .by  reference to authorization given,at  the several meetings as reported   !in-  the,minute book. The impropriation  and contract book, had been duly  checked up. Cash receipts had been  duly checked up in the receipt books  and also with the Collector's Roll  and Bank deposits and the Bank Pass  Books had been duly checked and  verified . He stated, further that he  had gone carefully over the school  accounts.    Filed.  From W. G. Murrin, General Superintendent, B C. E. 11. Co., Ltd., asking for- the plan and profile showing  .location and graue. of the crossing  desired over their track at the north  boundary of the N. W. 1-4 of S. 22,  T. 1G. The reeve suggested that this  matter be left in his hands and the  suggestion was agreed to by Councillor McCallum.  From B. C. Telephone Co., Ltd.,  enclosing a bill for damages alleged  sustained by the men in the employ  of  the  Council  when   their  line 'on  tenders to be- in,, the hands of the  clerk by August 7th. Carried.  . . McCallunvMehinder; that the reeve  and Coun. Owen consult with the directors of the Glen'"Valley Land Co.,  in Vancouver as; to.-the construction  of the Inter-Provincial-, road through  their property and other matters including the question of finances, and  report at the next meeting. ��������� Carried.  McCallum-Oweri. "that Coun. Melander be authorized to expend $125  in grading the Aberdeen road between sections 3 4 and 33.    Carried.  Owen-Melander, that whereas the  Provincial Government when assist,  ing the different municipalities to con  struct the through trunk road-known  as the Inter-Provincial Highway,  found it "necessary to.,divert the said  road 1-4 of a mile north at the inter-  section of Sections 2 and 3, 10 and 11  thence due west-through sections 10  and 9 to the section line between sections 9 and .8' all in Township 14:  And whereas the construction of  this trunk'road does not . free the  Matsqui Municipality from Its obligation to provide when necessary, a local road between -sections 3 and 10  4 and 9,..hut serves, in addition to  its being. a;part of. a through trunk  with the Reeve to, consult with .the  committee at Abbotsford as to how  many meetings should  be held    on  day and the places, he to make,the  necessary proclamation calling oh  the residents to assemble for the  Empire-Rally, services and to show by  their attendance their stand in the  stupendous struggle in which, tht  Empire is at present engaged.  "He that is not for .me is against  me."  The council then adjourned to  meet in the Municipal' Hall on. Saturday, August 7th at 10:30 o'clock  in  the forenoon  THE LATEST WAR  LEXICON  the Aberdeen road was blown thro'   road -t^the coast(/ as a gubaivision  blasting, operations Councillor Melander agreed to enquire into the matter -.' v   -        . ���������;  From James Robson of Glen. Valley, stating that he had finished the  brushing out the road running from  the Fraser River at a cost of $1000  as agreed upon- by Councillor Owen  Also that it was the intention*' to  make use of a threshing machine this  fall and he desired that the bridge  road to the properties through which  it is diverted:  Therefore be it resolved by. the municipal council that assistance to the  extent of $500 be given towards the  construction of the said road in Section 9, provided that the owners of  lands adjacent to..the, said road in  Section 9 expend a like sum of $500,  and that the council's appropriation  of $500 be expended under the dir-  over Beaver Slough- should be made  ection of the .councillor of Ward 2,  provided also, that    the    Provincial  Government- connect,this road  with  passable, alleging that it was in a bad  condition Referred to Councillor Owen.  From various property owners, stating that they had made arrangements to have the noxious weeds cut  and destroyed on their several properties.    Filed..  Resolutions  McCallum-Elliott, that Councillor  Melander be authorized to call for  tenders for stumping and grading a-  bout 15 chains of the LeFeuvre 'road  north from the-Huntingdon road, the  .KING  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, }teef, Veal; Pork "Sausages,   Wieners  and Balogna always on hand.    Fish every Thursday  3ESB������ '  KBmBBUMBSm  BMUBWB^IWBHiaiHfflMffi]  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  Strictly first-class in every respect.   The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50 TO  $2.00  PER  DAY  A. J, HENDERSON 8c SONS  PROPRIETORS ji  B  tfr  Ice Cream/ Soda Drinks,   Sundaes  Everything in the Ice Cream line  Have you visited my new. Ice. Cream Parlor.    Fitted in first  class  style.    A cool retreat."  We carry a full line of Groceries.    Get our prices '  Fresh Fruits in Season  ALBERT LEE, GROCER AND BAKER  Abbotsford, B. C."  the Inter-Provincial road in Langley  Municipality..   Carried.  McCallum-Owen, that Coun. Melander be authorized to expend $100  road east, of-the Mt. Lehman road,  and also, $75.00 in ��������� gravelling the  Ross road. -   Carried..'^ :"  Councillor Elliott reported thatiie  had been trying to gefc:4n touch with  the owner of Lots 1 and 2 of Section  1 Township 17 so as to-make a diversion of approximately 100 yards of  the east end "of the Harris road a-  long the base of Sumas , Mountain  but had not been- able to do so, and  the "Reeve advised that he make'a  trip to Chilliwack in order to interview the owner and try to arrive ai  a satisfactory arrangement.  Councillor McCallum was instructed to inform Messrs Henderson &  Taylor that the Anderson road would  be established during,.,.. the . coming  v.e-'k and that they could proceed  with the plan of subdivision of that  part of D L. 38 0A which was owned  by Mr. C. E. Anderson,    '.  Councillor Anderson gave notice to  introduce a bylaw entitled "Annual  Loan By-Law  1915, Marked  "C".  Councillor Owen gave notice to introduce a Bylaw to establish-a road  of a width of 66 feet from the Pem-  berton road (so-called) westward  through sections 9 and 8 Tp.  14 to  the western boundary of Matsqui.municipality.   .  Councillor Elliott gave-notice to  introduce a bylaw to establish the  Harris road (so-called) from the N  W. corner of Section 5.'Township 17  to Sumas Moutain of a -width of 66  feet. Also, to establish, the Page  road (so-called) from the S. E. corner of D. L. 200 group,,2 Ito the intersection of the Riverside road (so-  called)  of the width of 66 feet.  The matter of holding suitable services on August 4th in- accordance  with the expressed wishes, of the  Prime Minister of Great Britain was  discussed at length and. it was left  HUGH McBRIDE  General Blacksmith  And Horseshoer  Carriage and Repair Work of  all Kinds  Automobile Repair Work  Satisfaction Guaranteed  Next to Alexandria Hotel  HUNTINGDON B. O.  Trench���������A modern substitute for  home.  Official Report���������A system of concealing the truth.' By reading all of  them at, once you come back to the  place whore you started.  Reprisal���������A philological excuse  for committing any crimo. Sec Murder. Arson, etc.      ,  Battle���������Any event in which the enemy loses one hundred thousand men  Victory���������Any event in which from  one to one hundred irousand of your  own men have been ��������� killed to gain  two feet of ground.  Arbitration���������(Obs.)  Loan���������Putting all your money on  a killing contest.  Pryasnysz���������A more or less infectious disease afflicting war correspondents and editors, who are violently  seized by an attack of it every time  there is news from tho front.  urday making a heavy, shrinkage and what peddlers call job.  Blackberries are so different  from rasps. Rasps if soft "can  be used for raspberry vinegar,  etc., but soft moldy blackberries  are unsaleable. Blackberries,  are being used less every year.,  People prefer putting, up other  fruits. The demand, for ,them  is soon off and no price isvan inducement to buy. Usually they  are a safe berry to. handle but  this season they have come soft  moldy and unattractive.  Peaches, apricots and plums,  etc., being .early people have  turned to those,fruits. We regret having to wire ��������� and stop  shipments but there is no use  letting them come in and be  sold at prices that would net  the shipper a loss.  No. 4 due Sunday, No. 14' due  Sunday night and No. 4 Monday  are delayed by the mudslide at  Rogers Pass and are due some  time Monday, night. The weather is how very hot. . Whatever  berries are on those trains will  be next to worth less.  S. J. FEE, Manager  Vernon Fruit Company, Ltd,  "Cheer up, old boy," advised the  married man. "You know it is better to have loved and lost than never  to have loved at all."  "Yes" agreed the rejected suitor,  jingling a'bunch of keys in his pocket; "better for the florist, the confectioner, the messenger boy, the restaurant waiter, the taxicab man, the  theatrical magnate, anl the jeweller."  "ROUGH ON RATS" clears out Rata  Mice, etc. Don't Die in, the House.  15c and 25c, at Drug and Country  Stores. ''     ,.       '  WEEKLY  FRUIT  REPORT  Of the Vernon Fruit Co., Ltd.,  operating at Calgary, Edmonton* Medicine Hat, Ke-  gina and Saskatoon.  , The.past week has been most  unsatisfactory one from . the  blackberry point of veiw. Heavy receipts came in Monday,  a very indifferent demand. Tues  day was light,but No. 4 brought  a good supply, more than could  be sold on the afternoon; Wednesday's receipts were heavy  and the demand was light, the  day being a half holiday. As  nearly all stores close at 1 p. m.  many of them would not take  berries at all on .this account  and-to make matters worse  there was a hard steady rain  and peddlers could not go out!  These facts made it necssary to  carry most of Wednesday's over  to Thursday. Berries were already soft and showing moldy.  On, Thursday they were in v?ry  tough shape. Thursday again  was heavy and.no demand so  hemes had to be carried over  to Friday and Friday's to Sat-  {Ors; Gilbert ftant\a-At\derm!  iSiiMilSil  These are features in our  Vancouver offices. It will, pay  you to have your dental work  done in Vancouver. All .work ���������  guaranteed for ten year.-  EXAMINATIONS" FREE  willllll  207 HASTINGS ST; W. COR. CAMBIE  Robson  Poultry Tonic  ���������and���������  Lice Powder  Abbotsford Feed Store  CHARLEY'S POOL ROOM  AND BARBER SHOP  Huntingdon  Go-With  The  Bunch  Don't believe me but come any night  and see where the bunch Is  2 New Tables Just Added  Laundry Agency in Connection  Farmers' and Travelers  trade solicited.  Newly Furnished  Thoroughly Modem  M,  MURPHY, PROPRIETOR  HUNTINGDON, B  C  i  U  ^  *������������������  v'  X  ���������hi  1  1  v  ���������������


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