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 ���������  ���������~)\  W  m  m  IV'  I1' ������  Ml  *  A  I  Hi  i  St  w  fel  : i  If  m  M  m  i  i\ aa  ^ Legisla ti ve^?5^  Alj^ 14 19 J  %\  o������^  .<.<>  ,/  Vol.111., No." 14.,  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRJDAY,   AUGUST 11,1?11  <^^>8 $1.00 FEQR YEAR  "���������"~  , .'     Bfl       a������ LABOR DAY SPORTS.  Board of Trad������; meeting v;FromFra^rvaiieyR6cord.) ���������.   ���������   m  WW  ^ .a nublic meeting was-held in the     The market today was in marked  The   icgala*    moeW ������t    the   ImperPlal Hall on Monday evening to   contrast to that of last ���������e���������������e.  Xh*   '^L^^s-held  in the   nnnoint committees and arrange for offerings were large and the crowd or  buyers were numerous and    all    the  ���������i.  Thi>   iPi-alasr    meeting    of    the Imperial Hall on Monday evening to contrast  Board   of  Traders-held  in the appoint committees and arrange for offerings  l'sou-ci rooms'Monday evening, Aug Labor Day sports for Mission City this buyera y  i\ \\  a fairly good attendance being year.                                                   ��������� stands in  7th, a.iauiy K          . . ^ meeting was called to order by  Officers for the coming year were  elected as follows: .   >  _  President���������J. A. Tupper.  'Vice-President-rR. C. Abbott.  1 Treasurer���������G. A. Watson:  Secretary���������J. .A. Bate's.  The treasurer"'gave a summary of  the financial standing    of last year,  chair   ���������  .      "    -"j; *     :a ' '���������'  Minutes of last atfeeting. read and  adopted :-:'    .      ;        , .  .The   folrowmg   n*w    memb-ervsi  ���������wc-we elected -    ;      '        .   ."   '  .  H McKenze, proposed ;b.y Messrs  Suraner and Sparrow  V'DeLair,' proposed .by Messrs.  Sparrow, and Samneiv-  r'   McKenaie; jjrqposed by  stands in operation were kept busy by  a constant stream of buyers, which  began early, and ceased only when the  offerings were about exhausted.  The main features were the very <  large offerings of poultry and the  ���������slump in the price of new. potatoes,  the tubers dropping to ?1.75 per sack  at retail, and selling at $30 per ton  wholesale. There were plenty of potatoes on the market, too.  There was an abundance    of   nne-  the financial standing of last year,, There was an abundance ui ������u=  stating that $75 were in the bank to looking fresh vegetables on sale at  ���������U nrorin nf last year's committee.       unchanged prices/ and the buyers were  n   McKenaie; imposed by    tne   the credit of last year's committee. unchanged  rfcairman an-I TtO&oos'an.,    .        '. . Moved by C. P. Grant and-seconded numerous.  Salary iMbrlitf -reported- ion, by j., A. Tupper; that we now proceed There ���������  '  ^,,\to'& fire'committee- that: t0 nominate the different committees. than nere  behalf- oft lie fire'committee- that   thev were meetin&'-With'-the'best .of Carried  support from' theVpublic .and that      The   following  the material had been .peered and then appointed  i.-j ������������������u^^i-1,1.:_v'':?-'���������'': Finance  Con  to nominate the different committees,  Sam  and  Money .back if not satisfied.  as expacted shortly    _  progress; i^regard/to_the.'.agricul-  tu'ial'committee!.;; \-'���������   ... - ���������   ���������  ;3Y    Mr-   bQinner-"-Btateft^ that.:.Mr.   "~~Entertainnient    Committee-W. -T.  \������\ Campbell'was'.quitef.wUlAng'to Jet  Abbott> A- B< Carr, Fred'.Gibbard, A  >li\- the Hoard have ther'site*"���������  -' ; . Brown and C. P. Grant.       ,     -  ������,,..*  ������u..      Advertiaing,: Committee-nJ.. Michie,  Finance Committee���������T  Gibbard,,G. A. -Watson.^  Sports Committee���������F. Fabry,  Giles, John Jones, Neil Fraser  Chas. Winslade.    .     .,   - ...  Entertainment    Committee-W.    T  \*k\ Board' autHb'rize������-tfie-������'augric':ltural  R  c Abbottand, J: A,Bates., ".-"  ''- ��������� \M conimitee to take, fe matter-'of the - - Refreshment   Committee -Harry  -���������"���������^v^;--$������|^^ Geo.  Cade,--E;:-Bushr'D.  W i#^:Vr4*( ^or-rt-'as they*sea fit Carried,^ ..,y.^ Gibbard and T. J. Cox. . ,; .  ->   : .  There was a larger, variety .of. fruit  than heretofore, and it was of-good  quality and sold readily. Half a dozen  committees "were boxes o������ appieS from Chilliwackmade,  their appearance' "and all were snapped  J. Coz, D. up by one buyer. C White and blackcurrants were on the. market,and were  soon disposed of.  There were no .'changes in the pr,Ice  of eggs and"butter, except a; slight,  stiffening'of the'-wholesale price of  eggs. The supply of fish was large'and  there were no .changes in prices. ,  The'supply of wholesale-meat, with -  the exception of veal,- was not large,. .  ,ancd:the . prides, ^^3^^  ,������-. ---.       .      . _���������   -:.viWiioxt.andtfiatwa8^11*^oM1ott;.  "or it"as "they*sea fit Carried,'-' ., v.,' Gibbard and T. J. Cox."..-v .���������->   ; -.      . beef carcasses. There^ere.no changes -  ���������''��������� Mr'" Sparrdw^ fl&Might -uT the     - Grounds  Committee^-A: Tupper ^ & ^ ice< ������of; retail. meat-���������  m'atter of tradesmen from   the 0    j. Michie, R. W. Dick,-G." AJ Abbott and.the suppl>'Wa9vlarge and'the pur-  ^ ^eiurn^t^r "\ ^  ^ l������������FL> the W. C. T.' U. ���������s were num^,   ',  ^rS^r-tio. was then       ,. . jj.meeting for.e pu^e  ^The poultry seC^n^^ b.y  )m���������n    -That   -^ron%heUndsthat^  ^ecreZy   write   the   Immigration  exception being^^.^^"^^p^^)^^^  ���������^n^^ and the King ^^^^ ������  ^^^S^^ -^ ^~   ^  1,  who, on  the trade  question, ��������� ack 0f discrimination , send- ******  - JJ- ^^  ^S~^������   ^   ~ ^S^^^  talk d sloyalty    in Canada, are    the  ing English press comment to Canada   ^^^^a to the .atten-  charges to the W   a T. U    seeing were o ^ ^    The of.  jr:eTCZs^i::z\e,,^lii^���������^ 10*^...*���������,****������,   .     -.   :rethinkingof���������^^^*^^t^.���������*���������*^  tors,  even                                                   ^ eariy date _Winnipeg Tribune. moUon ^3 ,gecretalry was m-  SS^^tl" of Canadians  .      ^     arucied   to   ^   the; Attorney  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. G,  S^������^^^"^- AN EQUAL CHANCE.   -    '      ^a,g department, recommend,  steps of the Motherland, are notorious*    0ne of the features of.th*'Canadian that ^ government do some-  . "Lef makers, traitorous   alike to %^^^^^ ,h,ng to abate the nuisance.of do^  Canada and' the Empire.-  In  earlier j^60^ wh0 is middie-aged en- rUnning   at large by imposing    a  days the state dealt   severely    with  .^ ^^ advantageg with the man >do& tas.  such  characters.    In    our times we whQ starts at a younger age, for he     The meeting then adjourned  ������, ��������� in rPlv upon good sense of the may by the payment of a lump sum    have to xely_ upor  g yivalent t0 the total amounts which  public to rate such mischiet ^1 ^^ ^ ^^ had he eatered at  at their true value -        '-; ������"1"<'  are thinking of building and to which ^sw���������������-^ lwaok train  they have already set by a sum from The  arrival o ^^ ^  a recent entertainment.   Carried. and later of the 1 ^  Any other person wishing to run a the river almost overt tf &  side show, bottled drinks and cigars section    lt ���������ld.^    gcould   be . ar-  are to apply to the secretary and de- small poultry bmUmg  :������   posit a ?ePe of $5.00, the ������.���������* *V~������  ������ ^^T the poultry section,  a  ^proved of by the entertainment com- as^smelW   ^ ^ ^    ig    of.  Amotion was passed that the price fensive to^'  ^/Tlist  of admission was to be 25c, chi dren malned tliejamoM^^  under 12 years 25; and no rigs to ABBOTSFORD, TOO. '  allowed on the grounds. __        SEEN m ^ .   _t ^  ue ,., ���������..- Paid had he enxereu ������ COMING ATTKALTi^       "A communication-was read from n.      Every pers0n of an obBe^"Jti^���������  their true value. age_ g0 on fr0m his present membera of the Abbotsford      A C re an orchestra    for a have noticed the comparative^y  Old countrymen resident in Canada ag .f he had be.     1       irootball Club will give their  D. ^acKne ieft in the phenomenon that is seen  are in a position   to dist nguish be- ������e at the For example> Juuor loo .q    ^  Maple   dance    The ^te committee. "^ Jtreete.   It is probably sixteen  twee*  the "fixed,"  -e^Uo^e*    un at any^ ^ ^ ^^ j���������t   PeJ b��������� the 9th when  ^^g^^^ to meet on ������ ^^ years old, and may be  ing sheets of London and ne^Papers Qf payg m n>. ii produce a three act.com-      Jjeet   b me  of reliability, but "nfortunately many    base an fc      wha.   the, wdl P Aw������ul by  August 28th^t^^   Canadians are led into ������ellew������at ^J during.^     ars edy, *^    ^#y    Th. ,boy9    are ^^"^^eTt.N  the fulminations;   o������   ^ of ^J ^ w     ^ ^ ,       ^ ^a.^ ft   g ^^l?���������^ Rev. 1  London journals    are really   ���������BriUBn:'Jft"    ���������   S5005 each year until he is 60, *ecf v"l������   d that everyone will^et  opinion of Canada    and   .-^adlanB. ^^50.05 Jjy ^ t0 ,b������> ^o^d t^yery ..  r'���������"rl::==sz":-������,���������*.-~x srrscar���������- -*��������� -' "-���������"''������������������""'   "   tage there are men wn     _^  ^^   ^ .._ ��������� +mQ���������tv Vfiar endowment policy   J0^..^ he isgued shortly,  CONCERt"S?:?LAY      \.'^^/*;^rpWo8e;--of.\'PVu^1a.'as.can be attamea.    -_-^j- ���������   t  ALcertandplaywalbe.giyen7^^  ofhismoney.   Kbed^-^-   ^t-no      ^  60, the total amount wh ch he pay     y ^e  amis of the entertainment committee. ou our street3. lt is p~D"'y ^;;  Meeting then adjourned to meet on or geventeen years old and may be  M _. .0^ ** *h������ Bame place. Uy or not, according to ta*te-  apparel    is   distinguished   by   great  ..EVANGELISTIC ^T'"fpId. snugness   oTrcut. and    Us    ^  on Monday last the Rev. Dr. Fid    klmp and short, qibuw   t,  ,Zn   of Westminster   Hall, Vancou- wnich are, as often-as not of usefu  aay  .  ^.....^nn that the Dominion 60 the total amount which he pays up  to'the time of his death, with 3  cent, compound interest, will be return-  Swtord; Bev. J. Alder Mt. Lehma^,  Rev. Douglas, CMlliwack, and V*  r"' Ersklne Po������ rf--.MtoB.on OIW  S.tMl^onO^o.Monday,^,  S*!S^s5S^-Sfisr23  nt. compound interest^ return- o^^  l to his legal representatives. A;ea^������ .   ^ . of st   Matthews   wlth the modern   ideas  A supply ��������� "^ ^^^"^^STT^S"- "ISciS^a.^^r ���������- _:._.,.._���������  line3' ~-o--- ;-J    ._        Your he  perial Conference that the Dominion  should be relieved from the operation  of the most-favored-nation clause^ of  the old treaties.   It was disloyal, they  Cnirt " After consideration the Conter- SUT)ply , of interesting    ������������������������..>������-       ��������� ���������        ,���������i.0:T  ^e ���������an.mouS.y adopted^ the   pro- J���������������       Annultle3 ScUem^ay An^^*- ^^^ ^.^.^  Doaal  which was nothing but fair. be had 0n application to the Superin     mo i       ___���������___  -Canadians will act   wisely it thejr ^   of Government Annuities. Ot- merchimt. have bar ���������  ���������^^^^.^^������^^^^i^-^^P>^*^:^^iUf.     Try them.  nr^r%S^^ohG^ age.       ,        .       ,      ��������� .',.,  roramy bouo"w.   ������������������- fr������r  ?u1 ^^^0^ pn Thnrsaay. ^^^ ***J?������������Z ������ -^t^^^^^  ^���������^w������  ^^^.presentative, "^^������^^^^^^^^^^^  "^  lines. ____o���������   s  Brooks"n^������or^at Hunting-  ,       ���������������  now completed and is   ,a  ^U to tW^vinB community  your home merchants carry nj  t0 date stock, not stult that Jnust  te sold by .auction to get pd of ifv/o  ������������������;,. PutiliJihtng Company.        ���������'     ' ���������S'-m I    I /r\r-tmm\ f~** ��������������������������� >������*,  ������S������S.?itt������ J     HQRSE -SHOEING  PHE ABB0TSPGRD POST  Published   evary   Friday   by   ������ie>- Post /���������  PutiliJihtng Company.        ���������'        . '%���������  A      "      ' "'    ' '  uU  trict.  Adver.tiaing,,Rate3 made know.,   i, ap- I  plipatlfin. , j  MSfrA*. Am^i^TiatNO���������12,cents /per J.;  "f������ fltf Unit krjs&ntIon,->;n,na, 8 cents xi nna^  f������r atf flttbp^wcht oooseoutlve Insertions   ft  Our RWbboletU^-Weitfaor for iwr, -ft*!^ i:  the   atoveramont "  ~E t^^??0JM) P03T'       ABBpTSFbiD.B. 6.  B_J;;j3E!  BTJTT-n.. 'n.HHiifB.T-TIjn;  horif M"   ,7"'      '   'j ?��������� Wh������ Hp**! ���������*���������   -*������V of a'  couTe,  lot N ������,        tC TiCeS ������'M'- John  B<>""-<>f  Van-'  .3;]   (���������f R r ?   ���������'������"'Ty"e' En8'and' wI������'W* ������* ���������^ ever  "������l ?! y  efam'na,io������-.     B���������*    your  lame hor.es,. your,  onppW.hor,M,a���������d fancy driver..    I guaran.ee salisfaclion  and  *J: K.  "Harness;       Saddle^ Hardware  Trunks and Valises  P. O, Box 45  Abbotsford, B. C.  FRIDAY., AUGUST-11, 1911  J.TW1 AH  ���������..OUR CLAIRVO.YANT.PREMIER.  ��������� Premier.McBride.has. added to his'  many   personal .-charms the gift.  of.  clairvoyance. ' He- landed   at- Quebec  less    than a week-ago ^after.having*  spent nearly-three months in-England  and Immediately announced-that Canada is overwhelmingly-opposed to-reci-,  Procity.   He-repeated<the statement-at-  Winnipeg and-again-, at'Golden;. Van-;  couver, and on-his-arrival at. the capital.   One is compelled to imagine the.  premier-phj>chically-,breathing -the at-  moaphere of this opposition as-he gaily:  '  swooped across the continent    in his-  Parlor car.    A healthy optimism is a-  good- asset at-all -times,-but -we .think  the premier is slightly, overdoing it.   '"���������  Having added this second sight to  f;L!^r PerS9naI ��������� virtues' however/ been used by-the-Conservatives (ana  Young Nursery Stock to Sell this Fall  -..ONE AND TWO YEAR  OLD  APPLESvGravenstein,  King of  Tompkins,  .Wealthy  .        Northern Spy,   Grimes Golden,  Jonathan, al  grafted on whole French Crab Apple stock   <  CRAB������APPLE$--Eyslop, late.  Have also a choice lot of Clark's Seedling  and'Magoon. Strawberries for sale at $5.00  '  peivthpusand. - Raised on new beds.  -2 year old 25c. each.1]  1 year-old 20c. each  LIVERY AND^EED STABLE  Having- purch^dthe business of Mr  best iff LlTFrem'eA t0 e',VQ the  best of satisfact.cn as to prices and  2^ta?Yi������'3'     St^lesPopen. day      .  night to do buskess. ,. - .  We solicit your patronge.  Fruit Ranch and Nursery  D. H. NELSON, prop. Abbotsford, B.&-  h. & d. Mckenzie, props.  vertise in  values  in  some  sections,   and    more  .particularly  in   "near-ity"   lots"' have  J.. A  ���������-.v-m,kj^. in ������j(juu sub-  urban  and  city - real - estate is  to  be  desired, but when,.these booms .reach,  the - balloon stage;'hhey will sooner or  later be pricked as sure as night foi-"  ��������� n^ -----���������������*    vxituea, nowever,' ucc" "sea oy the Conservatives  r-inn  tnere can no longer be any mistake in  the Observer is not    oxpieSS7ng any"  ing   hTman W   "* "^ fT*" " * tto^������S  ������ft        S P U    Whose    striking' t0 force a ^rong Government to an  -tatingthLgs    '    ^    a8'Sllghtly0Ver- "   iCy' ValUGS  in  SOme  ������ections,   and    more  _.     it        " .The Conservatives    have    accepted- partlcuIarly  *n   "near-ity"   lots", have  ��������� wag it..because the country is over-' the issue Sladly. In this electoral g������ne bey0nd aI1' reasonable -limits. A  whelmingly opposed to.reciprocity that' ^/m ' ������r\ Morrison has come out Sl������W' moderate increase-7n both sub-  Mr. Borden obstructed parliament and' P01nt-blank  ������  bis  opp'ositibn- To  ������e-  "          '  forced an election?  "Why then do his  ������Jroolt*"   The  'Liberal    -candidate,  organs cry put against    the - govern:  Z    V^ 'he  may be'  win   take '- his  men^ for .going to the . country:for a  "and."JU8t as'"rmly for-Reciprocity.  later be PrIcfced as sure as night foi-  mandate upon the question?   Surely if' JnheMlssue is  unmistakable and  it is  Iows  day'    *���������**  $* bigger  this  real  the premier is right, Mr. Borden should'     r elect������rs to decide. estate balloon becomes the more seri-  we come the early accession to power j'  f ^me-resPects it will be an excel-  ous  wil1 be thQ collapse.    This coun-  7IcniBsure to result from the appeal' f^'"1^ a" round ^ have something  tr������  is  growing- and   will   unquestion-  to the people."   yef   the    opposition  ������������������ter *  Rght about- ��������� Since    1896  a���������y C0lUinue  to ,gro.w in  population  Papers    all    the. way, across the con-  ���������ost of-^-elections have been made  and wealth for a great many years to  tinent, complain; that.the, government ^ ������   bo^'Par������es- trying to load sins   Come' but the difficulty is that it can  ^responsible, and, seek to exempt Mr   21 fell0WS'   Jt was unProfit- J      "  Borden, from.the .blame of forcing- an*"8 ^ai^^ on both sides, as  election., If the. , Dominion is sol!d %ZtT ** *" t0������ readi]y beIie^d  aganst reciprocity, it,should-be Bor 1"! f everf ������ng said by both sides  dens glory to,have.forced.the govern Wa8,,true'i the11 Indeed, thie. country  ZTort0otTPPeal ^oniaZ:SeT ~ ^^ ^ -evil and the dee!  thl h i 1S C������Untry' but- " appears t  that he. does not^relish the.prospect.       r frailties, rank and bitter, mar-  Jime was when-the-proverb "Politics 1908 ^r^8 ������f 19������������' 1904 a^  make strange bedfellows" was cZ i ��������� T 6 Can' or shouId be, largely  mo.   it niust on,his ocScaJ-    com- ehmrn^d from this campaign!  ^can  vised toread that politics make addled  Iff ' COnducted by both sides  - ^ of-otherwise    c^^ ^  ^^ - -thout ,eaving  ApLEAN-cuT,su,    c^i^Sor^8,::  ������������������������>������������������<������������������$  ;^-C  sible reason, to doubt, and it was full  time, that  the  banks, did   their -little  part in  depressing ..the    excitement.     <$>  Here in Toronto, where we have the   ������������������������  p,Q  ER 8c CO.  Tele^am-s���������,. AbbotsforSc.     " "  List'Your  Property  For the first time since 189fi \h������ ���������i "SS' Wlthout passi������n or ranco  ������;of-Canada have^beifr?-^eml" T" " ^ leaVing the **ty work w,   "-   "-1- ",--       ��������� -etween the-Two ^r:8011^^1136 t0 tbo- who Ue to  WilS������n'    when  *  tors: of. Canada have.. ������������������WB   LQem a  single clean-cut: issue between theTwn  ������f Pei  Parties of this country   ���������Z    * L   dabble in  procity    on-that single"  is ue' the  ������bSerVer-  Laurier Government-staked   its ex st  once in dissolving the-House;  and on  V*   -ingle Issue the Conservative Op  Posi ion practically forced the Government to go   to the    country,    it ^  not and will not grow fast enough to  keep up with the real estate man.   It  is full time that the Chartered Banks  did  their, little part    curtailing    this  boom.    Give  us    a  breathing    spell,  make it difficult for the town lot real  estate man to finance his project for  a, time and  the  country- as  a  whole  . will  be  vastly  benefited  in  the long  run:���������Toronto Saturday Night.  WAS, NOT GOING TO HURRY.  Andrew Wilson, an'   attorney, was'  named as .the.administrator of a New  York estate.   It was his duty to find  the lucky but missing brother.-   "He  was slicing turnips for the sheep on  his, employer's farm, up among    the   :  mwt-clad .hills of Scotland," said Mr.    ���������  found  him.  ,    I have a number of enquiries .from a  number-of  People in the. Old, Country  anxious to come to. B. C.  At right prices Lean sell  - ���������- ������-������ iuvb m *         z lia-d  le in that kind of thing -Venn-on Gd hiS life from the old farm on  ���������er. .   ���������        rsien which   he  was   born,  step    by . step     through the forty years of ill-paid, and  '   PUTTING  ON  BRAKES ������ften m������St unijleasant labor before I  Canada's    money-bags     i���������   ' nHl      app���������ached ���������������������.    It was not difficult,  words     the   Eastern    bankl,    h ������        ^ held bUt a few P������siti0Qs in  come to the conclusion Z\ the bcT ?������Se ^^    Every one in    tb*  in western real ^  1^ ^ b������������m  co������nt^side knew-him.   'Are you Alex-  H^M^X^X^M  ''X*******^  - o~    ^ L1Ie    country,    it will   - LU Lne conclusion that th* w  . ���������       u,Ci^  ������ne  in    tne  doubtless, be argued otherwise  but       in weatern real estate  and mo" C0"nt^side knew.him.   'Are you Alex- .  ���������lector,  tYrb0  have_.any.,   kn^e^  "cularly in town lots  near Zn  lT        ?l StepheM������n'' * ���������^-    'I am/   '  Jhatever of poUt|CB jn ^        ^  edge and ^ ^ ^X^1^ tB"d be' ^thout taking his eyes from  ^futile and. foolish  to put up  any  and are n������t������ has ��������� reachedTthT* "ie turnips    and    the'  knife.    Tour  other-argument. .Either a government P������lnt'      They   have      her So 'TT       1  ? ^ " dead in New Yo1^'  !  ���������^T^BUpat^Al-^^^^h- wo������,d  that  lines of creS wm '.    ^eel, aweel, all men must  ������ack  has a right to put. through'any n0t be tended and that fur7CmIl   In i*"'   ** said- s^"g away.    Tie  legislation it^may:,produce;   or it has  CUStomers ������ust come to the    on        ,' i    7������"  a gl'Gat fortune', said I-    'I '  ������ot that.right and..can only put its  Centre and Pay at least a no,h        < Y������U t0 COme to the house with  jork. th rough by grace; 0f the Opp o   T^ they n0w ^     Of cou   e Y    T "^ ' ^ GStabliSh yo������r ide- '  ^ticn .-Under the present' system an   Cha'-tered Banks  in  Canada    fin      ! ^      ^"^ for you to enter into  ^PosiUon can^block anyjeiiiauon^' JW.���������* on i^I-es^J^ yPe������S;teSsSa7 ,������[ tbe -tate.'   Til talk to  v!'^     ' a' bad Wem;.rthe initia- ,considered a sufficiently   iquid asset    Til L i  ������ c,ock^0^ mon/.sald he.  -Mv^ the..referendum  and  the' re^M  ln other words,    cannot  hi       t     ' e busy "n then.    Thay fortune  -uw be infinitely.preferab^S  is the  system, and th* mi��������� -"::..  ...most urgently,   rw _..... squired    INSURANCE  LOANS  Abbotsford Homeiitas  la the system, and the only'way a^  f^.������t*nrwUcMtcan'beme7(u5  ^.eosurelsadoptedXis^byVge;.  ^f!f^_aS,^tbe present.ear  ^omro7-thBUr������"the0ther^     ^ Griffin 0f^^^et with a  th*      ?       f the ^nks do figure in  serious accident on the C p  p!5  :ase-      ers or ,iT" tS t0 ^eir custom- ������*��������������� now-lies at Mrs, Middleton'c m-i'  thing,  either ���������hnn^; a matter of &ct  face"    He will probably recover.  Obstruction is  not    Q   ^^  ��������� i^ new-   tning,  .. ^.     .    .       ���������*������>. *���������"������������!, according- tn   rtlue nosPital with a hn.i<,^ u  If yoo are looking for a liome  or snappy investments  in town lots,  age or farm  property  ���������see. - ��������� ;  ;  It.was..usedby,thei;be;rhi^  -hen   they   talked   a   dy^ ^ "^STff*  J -o   uovern-      That the country, has. run  ment right into its sravp "7* ,   ������vern" ;-  - bat fche country has. run   wild  nn  Donald o  en Island.  The^neer Kea] Estate Bmker 0f AbUferf'  'S,  L'������.   .' - k  I-iy.  B^m  IS&  !4.  15S������-jSvci Mm*.  mm  M  I -lint'  "'t  m  M  k'.l-w>  4'������|^  Ik  I]  tfc J  SI  s  Sa.'i������H'ff &?���������'���������* ,^J&Uf,������,",',:,vri  ; AtiB ;ABBOTsfrORi) '* QST\    J ABJ3QftS#0Rl>, B. ���������!,  SHS  tmmm1  . . ^awwaaram1^,vvr ������������������������������������������. ��������� v, ..������������������ ;������������������ ���������������������������,,;,:,r-  arar'  =033:  =3=XS  EL'^SS  are Agents  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe^ of Liverpool, Erig.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto.  CHURCH  SERVICES  SEE SUMNER  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.  i  EEEE22SE25S3E5SS������!!  ^^W  ae^VCixaiJJS^^^ft^iSirarjKnsascsar:  .  Presbyterian    Church-1- Rev#    T  L,  Cainjyjteji, B. A., 3, B. p.aator.  - '���������' Abbotsford, 11 a.aa. awl 7<J3.0 B<m.  At Musselwaite (School (House���������  Serviced every alternate Sunday,  at  3 ,p.m'.  Sunday school fevery Sunday at  2 p.m.  At Huntingdon School Houee���������  Service  at' every alternate Sunday  at 3 .p.rn'.  S.  S. every Sundayat 2 ;30 pja'.,     '.  EASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my  numerous  Patrons and  . Friends that I have taken into partnership Mr.1. J;.  Glark late of the Abbotsford,Lumber Co.- and  the  business will now be carried,on as  HOGG & CLARK  HORSESHOEING  &   BLACK5MITHING  We hope by strict aUention to business to obtain a share of your patronage  <-:. E,  8 g,,m.  "anvixtr  OTE  j Mcelroy a Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES  AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY,  I.-Osttvlsseiafeie Ave. and-Oscar St.,  CITY  Sunday -fysgssx&l at,3 p. m  Sunday School (every Sunday at |  Presbyterian    Qhurch���������-Rev.   j#   q.  Alder. ,  Glen'more, 11 a.m.  Mt.   Lehman, 2;30 p.m.  .,_.. Pine Grove, 8 ip.m'.  ST.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)  Rev. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.  Services 11:00 aiJnV and 7;:30p.m. ^  9   Holy   Cominunion, <������at  and- 3rd '  Sundays, each.Jmjonthi. . ',."7 ,.r  Catechising. and S. ,S. at 2:30 p.,m' 'j  Choir practice,, Wednesday at 8  ABBOTSFORJD  POSTOFFICE  ���������   :������flice,ho������jg -feeja^-.a.. ra...t������ :T ������,'������.  ,, -Mail fer S^ffS&aviite-.e^ry-JTxiQ&Aw  ;,and.. Saturday,^ P>i������r.        .   -  -  BUSINESS   BIRE������T������RY   ������F  (.      .    ABB������TSF.0R������.  IL IW.I"...'    '11!'?'!1....- .-. ~ .    ..-.a., .-���������������h.���������.T  iTi.mii-n;.*-i r-fn'-mnrr.irn  (���������  ������������������BWWgae  sss=  .ia',1.'":1 f "-''n.if,' .!������������������;, '."IB*1  ifm'yrn  ABBOTSFORD, B. C  ���������iiiiwiini������i���������i>n������<mii<niiiiii  ^ferktly first-elass , in @very\':.re&peet. .  " witk the. feesi>f ���������wia������s;:-!ij|a������r.-aiid -digars,  RATES,' $1.50<TQl$2iOO-PBR DAY  Hi FREEMAN, proprjbtor  ^xe  ,:r;Gen.epn|-:81iQj;e3 ���������  ;.''S;.-Broofc'ey   -ill  Ho^s.���������  '-Commercial, MaBlroy ft Co.  S. W. Hs^ii������Bi.  C A. Sumner & Co.  Bernau^&J' Husbaod, .  J.   J. -McPhee,  Phone Connection  W. R. CROSBY  Signs and General Advertising  .PBBD, STQRH��������� ,  .   J.   J.. Sparrow.  Crevnery*���������  S.   J.  Bates, Proprietor.  Hardware and ;Furnfttape���������  , ..^...Ai������flso.a,  Butoiiars���������  .   A. M. King.  Livspy 6tctdle>������������������  J. E. Geary, Proprietor.  Painters;;and Decorators  f; summers  SCOTTISH". IMMJGRANTS.  ) Mission iCity  BUTCHER  iPork, Mutton, Jteef, Veal; Pork Sausages,  Weiriies  and Bal@gna always on hand. .- Fish every Thursday  Matsqui ���������/ Hotel  -MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a , specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial.  Travellers. Comfortable sittmg-  room and   best  of   hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1:50 to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWfTT, Proprietor .  . - WANTED TO PURCHASE  Forty,  acres   improved  farm   in  the Fr-aser Valley; with or without  house and buildings, convenient to  station or. landin'g.   Apply     to J.  H.. Smith, Straiton,  B.   C.       for  full  particulars,   first letter.  @@2������&3 AlSrs������n.  ShoemaJseEs���������  ��������� M: H&user.  Board of Triade���������  I. W. iir$B������alluiH, Secretary.  Blaoksmith���������  J: McMeneiny.  Barber and Pfiol Room���������   .  Jos.. Sanderson.  3ftHt0B.    -  ToW^Sbo ������nd Nevolties  J. V. Means.  Doctor���������  % A.-&TW.  SADBLSKY.aad Ka������������WAR������-,  B. J. ^fiasjaey. '*'  MffiRSHA^T TAIZiOR.  ��������� T. ������. Googan.  SCRVEYORS  Henderson  and  Taylor.  ABBOTSPOa������ ������BST������ &E������RE.  MUSIC TEA������!������E���������������  Miss Alice Ste*������j������3.  MISSION CITY,  ������. C. C0NNTRACT0R & BrjITjr.,.R_  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  Want   a fepriesen^ative  for  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as true^ness to  name must be appreciated by tb,e  Manufacturing Optician Public or they would ndt     have  helped us ta increase our business  yearly; since 1837, the date of our  establishment. ;.  Our firm's name lends prestige  to our representatives.  Complete- line of Nursery SStock  for SSpring 1911.  Write  for  full particulars.  STONE & WELLINGTON  The Fonthilf Nurseries.  TOE.ONTO,  f'Ti.j..;'.' ���������  OntariOi  A.  Everett.  Hapunond^& "Bon.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER-  Geo. 'Zeigler.  Does the Finest Optical Work.'  Medieal men and, others? gay���������;';tri-  toute to his iskill. ���������  19$ GraiivilM St. .yancouVdr  HARRON BROS:  Emfeahners and Funeral Directors  VancauVer, Office and chapel���������  im GWBVillQ St.,    Phjone 3486  8T������J$6 VaAQOUVer,       Office    and  Q  Z  Home Ave.  Mission City.  EMPLOYMENT     OFFICE  dkapei���������116' 2n(? st. Phone l3i:;IJ  We buy Eggs, Chickens and  Pigs.  In the past ten years the increase  in the population of Scotland, was. only  a quarter., of a - million.",.The previous  decade the increase had been half a  million. This state of affairs is due,  it is contended, to the large emigration and it is deplored by many local  Scotsmen in the home land. A more  serious aspect of the case is that while  the city-population- continues to increase the-land is being gradually deserted.  . It. 'Seems strange that in the  twentieth century there should be an  outcry against the emigration that  was so conspicuous a feature of the  early part of the nineteenth. The  descendants of .these early immigrants  (form a very large part of the popula-  M tion of Canada and are to be found in  every city of the United States. They  form, on the whole, a very prosperous  and enterprising people. The descendants of Highland fishermen and  crofters are filling chairs in universities and are heads of great business  and industrial concerns. They have  been among the successful pioneers in  "<. every province. In every profession  and in every legislature in Canada  they fill honorable places.  Canada in the past century had not  as, great an attraction for the prosper-  our farmers of the Lowlands as it  had for the clansmen of the Highlands.  But wherever these settled their  knowledge and.skill in the cultivation  of the land ensured prosperity. Our  own province is today An much the  same position as Ontario and the provinces of the Atlantic coast were a hundred years ago. Our valleys are ready  for the strong arms which, with experience and intelligence, will change the  forest into meadow, farm or orchard.  There are many openings for shrewd  business men in the ports that are  being, opened up   and in the   larger  cities.   In one respect there is a great  difference between the settlement of  this province and that of .the old'colo-  nies on the Atlantic coast.   Rapid communication and the   advancement   of  science have robbed    pioneer   life of  most of its hardships. ' There are few  of the comforts or even the luxuries of  life which-are not-enjoyed by the residents of our new cities.   The rapid development of our resources    and the  consequent increase - in ��������� wealth have  created a demand for women's labor,  not only in the home but in stores and  offices.    To fill such places the Scottish girl is especially suited;   Strong,  skillful and intelligent, her services are  in demand everywhere. . It is not to be  wondered at, that the loss of the farmer and rural laborer is looked upon as  a misfortune at home, nor that Scotland is loth to lose so large a number  of its young women.   But it cannot be  expected that Canada can experience  any other feeling than satisfaction at  the acquisition of thrifty, capable and  industrious citizens.    It may be said  that of such people, those   who have  come to Victoria and its vicinity within  the last quarter of a century, have, almost without exception, improved their  circumstances, while many have prospered   greatly. ���������. Very   few ~ of   these  would be willing to live again in Scotland, dearly as they cherish the memories and- the traditions of their homeland.   They, in common with their fellow citizens, are ready    to    extend a  hearty welcome to all Scottish immigrants.  NOMINATION CONVENTION  TO BE HELD AT NELSON  The convention to select a Conservative standard, bearer for the constituency of Kootenay in the forthcoming  Dominion elections will be held in Nelson on Thursday, August 17, and will  be called to order at 11 o'clock in the  morning. Several delegates will attend  from this riding and it is almost a  foregone conclusion that A. S. Goodeve  will be the unanimous choice. Sour  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,      ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  BIETH���������To Mr and Mrs. John Mc-  Thee, on the 7th, a daughter  Miss   Young   of  Vancouver,    is  visiting} with Dr 'and Mrs. Swift.  Miss Grace Seath of Vancouver  is epending ho* holidays with Mrs  Alf King.  Miss Margaret Miller from Alder-  grove is , visiting her sister Mrs  Mis Hwrol.1 M^KLmnnj     ��������� ;  Mr< Kerr from Hope, spent Sunday  with  friends in Abbotsford  Mrs, Carr.bell is visiting her sister, Mrs  Coogan.  ,'Mr Alex. Cruwksha'nk spent  Tuesday in town   -  Mr, Rogers and Mr. McAlpine of  V.anjgp.uver were in /A'Hb'o/tisfond'  Tuesday* ,   O r���������  Mrs Sols well from Kamioopa is  visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs.  Gazley,  The, Ladies' Aid met at the home  of Mrs Weir at the Lake on Wednesday, afternoon, there was a  good attendance present.  Mr J. W. McCallum returned  from   Vancouver Wednesday  Saa  SB  yoe  YOU WILL REQUIRE  Hardware      Furniture  Sashes and Doors  These we keep in stock of first-class quality and at  prices that will pay you to deal at, the Home Store.  Let us figure on your order.  UMtAf  J.Jl'.IML1  aae  WHY  KILL YOUR WIFE  In the kitchen whea you can get fresFf bread, pies and cakes-at the  ABBOTSFORD  BAKERY  ALBERT LEE, prop.    ,   .    Abbotsford, B. C.  iMss  Barrir  from  Vancouver: is  visiting - Mr    'and   Mrs.  McGowan.  ' Miss Moore is visiting Seattla and  the Sound cities  A blacksmith shop is needed very  badly at Huntingdon ' Here is a  chance, for isome artist of the anvil  to make lus name famous  Mrs^ Copeland of Vancouver was  visiting friends in town Thursday   -o -  C, A. Sumner was in Vancouver  Thursday? on<a 'business visit  ]f you want a chimney or any  brick -work done call on Edgar  Chamberlain who is inow prepared  to supply your wants in these lines  Mrs J. R Peckham of Vancouver  arrived, in town this week to join  her husband who has recently purchased the Abbotsford hotel  Patronize your home merchants  they are the ones who help build  up the town  { A.bbolsfiTd is again becoming  famous, A "white hope" has been  discovered; in our midst AH heavy  ���������weig,hi.t, light weight pr pape'r  weight champions are requested  to take note and govern .themselves, accordingly.   o   Mr. M. L. McPhee paid Vancouver a  business trip on Monday, passing  through Mission City.  "A,'-  David Jar-'i'i, V^n:ouer.  P. Walsh, City. .__   1-.  S. Nordang, Vancouver.  Geo, R. Sail, Vancouver. -  W,m'.: Aiken, San Francisco.  Chas  Spice, Vancouver.  B.   Angleand,  Vancouver.  John R. Ward, Camp 2.  J. E. Van&tta, City.  E, Brooke, Cuy.  J  Fen wick, City...  A. Bates, Vancouver,  E   H n on,  Coujhar;,  J   N. Miller, City.  Ai Allen/ Vancouver.  F. Saunders, NesW We3tm;nster.  W( E. Brown, City.  W.4 G. " Bu(:hqn, Wectniinstcr.  iMrs.' M. Williatms, Vancouver,  W. Kyno.k,- Vancouver.  F. Buker,'PIne Grove.  W. Gaety, Vancouver.  W. Gaety,; Vancouver.  Alf.  Ashley,  Toronto.  ���������Nj J. -Mitchell, City. ���������  K   Barret, City.   ���������  K   Car'son, Ci;"y.  W:- Jam&ison,   VVe;tminster.  J   Sheilds, Cloverdaie.  Torn; Keogh, Sumas  T,.  W. Boy&s, Vancouver.  Chas  Anderson, Vancouver.  J   E. Peck, Vancouver.  '  E   Lariglsy, Vancouver.  D   W. Muir, Vancouver.  Commercial.  J   B. Na3h, "Vancouver.  .'A, W. Co .Hrinp, Van^ouv r.  N    Lu:ary Vancouver.  II   C.  Sd'linjfleetj V. mcorver.  J   Gavin, City.  W  E. H-ad, Yam'2, Ariz.  Mr. John Oliver was the unanimous  choice of the Liberals at the convention  held in Westminster on Friday.  FIRE AT H0P3,        !  The  town  of Hope was  nearly  destroyed by fire on Tuesdayla ,st  destroyed by fire on Tuesday last  when   two   (business  /blocks   were  burnt, causing a loss of ,$7000 Foi  three hours the fire Threatened to  wipe  out the entire town '   The  fire brought over 500 men into action but there were only buckets  available and   the rtlames ha J   to  great   a   start   ,  Two  big  hotels.  tho Emprebs and the   Coqualialla  would have gone if there had been  any wind      The losses are as follows,   C    De^bar,   building   $2500  Miller & Purdy, groceries,   l$30uC j  bothw ell insured; P & W Furetta  ���������barbers,   building   and   furniture  $1000, uninsured  HOTEL ARRIVALS  Abbotsford Hotel.  Tred Lynch New Westminster  fl. Wing, Yarrow,  W.  J.  Sheamey, City.*  E. S. Picknian, City.  W   A. M:.Leod, .Westmins'er.  P   A. McDougail!, Westminster,  M   Davis,  Vancouver.  Mrs    McKay,'  Bremerton..  "Miss  Nellie. Midwan, Port'and  F,   Harrison, City.  V������m   Cullenn, Ha'ifax,,  J   McAu'ey, VancJuvcr.  Gus'- Wunch, Ci'y  J   M. M Rie> Vancouver,  Bob Miller City  D   Kenny, Chicago.  C, W. Oalrown, Vancouver.  J    Langman,   Vancouver.  J, J. Jacob, Camp 2.  C   Ne'son, Vancouver.  C, A. Kramp-y   Vancouve". .  W   K. Arniver, Vancouver.  Thos,   Campbe'l,   Ciiy  AV.,   Skinner,   Huntngdon. s-  A SURE ROAD TO A HAPPY OLD  AGE.  This describes in a few words the  Canadian Government Annuities  Scheme. That this "sure road" is  available to. all residents of Canada  who are over 5 years of age, irrespective of sex, health, age or worldly position, is worthy of consideration. Parents may begin the purchase of Annuities for their children, or children who  have prospered, may find in this  scheme a safe way to provide an income for fathers and mothers who  have not been so fortunate in life as  they. On the other hand, people who  have a limited income can increase  that sum substantially by the transfer  of their capital to the Government for  the purchase of an Annuity.  Full particulars may be obtained con  NOTICE.  LIQUOR   ACT,   1910   , ,  (Section   49)  Notice d hereby given that on  the 5th day of August next, application will 'be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for  the transfer of the licence for the  sale of liquor iby retail in and upon the premises known as the  Huntingdon Hotel, situate at Hunt  ingdon, British Columbia, .from  Philip McDonald to Sam Giles oi  New Westminster, British Colum>  bia.  Dated this 5th day of July, 1911  philip Mcdonald,  Holder  of Licence.-  ;   '   SAM GILES.  - Applicant for Transfer  DISSOLUTION,OF  PARTNERSHIP,  NOTICE-     .  F. Leroy Getchell. and W." S. N.  Johnston of .N.orthbrook Shiagle  Company, have dissolved partnership. W. S. - N. Johnston under ���������  takes all liabilities from 4.pril 24th '  W.S. N. JOHNSTON.  NOTICE  T. J. DeLair has been appointel  my agent during my absence, entitling him to collect and pay all  bills for me. .  W. LYLE. *  ABBOTSFORD  (Associate   Members Can.   Soc. C E.)  Civil. Engineers  R.A.HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Office, next P.O. P.O.Box 11  nam  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  Uonractor and Builder  HAMMOND & SON  BUILDERS  AND   CONTRACTORS  Estimates given for all kinds of Buildings.  f; ABOTSFORD, B. C.  BiBBaBEaBMiafliaaMiiiiH^^  No need to go to Sumas to have  a photo taken.   . Try  MURRAY, at Abbotsford  Developing done for amateurs just the way it is,wanted. . '  *jl-;j.>qa.  HE WESTERN HOME MONTHLY  AND  The Abbotsford Post  BOTH  FOR ONE YEAR FOR $1���������00  REMARKABLE, ISN'T IT? If you want to obtain the very  best monthly and weekly literature at the lowest possible  price, take advantage of this offer quick. No need to  spend money subscribing for other papers If you take this   ���������'��������� ������������������'���������'��������� club, as you will have enough    READING MATTER TO  LAST YOU ALL WINTER  Jobbing Brickwork  Chimneys a specialty.  Geo. Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  Orders left at th������ office of Call and get prices.  ^^T&J%^&. C. A. Sumner& Co. will re- All work guaranteed  ment Annuities, Ottawa.  Postage free.   $ 1  ������ pro mpt attention. AbbotsfOrd - B. C.  Painting, Sign Writing  General rep-air work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford       -       B. C  Good Storage Roenn for  Furniture.  ���������II Ilium  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW .


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