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 wi  %  :L  i  I  '111  ���������������������������S.HI  ;1  S'/  -f n  :'v<|8  1  1  B,i  ���������4  51  m  m  1  m  1  1  ������  -9  1  j'l -^   0 -"-,u-  Vol. II., No. 23.  ABBOTSFORD-/ B. *C.,.FK1E.AY, .^FRIL, 14, 1911  <m|g!:  ..00 PER YEAR  . _ _U   3  Flag.   The Jam Factory   Our Cricket C  Kv.-"������v ."'l-nol .^n .the "British Em-  pire ishould haveja   flag pole and a  finer. . -      .,/'-..      i  .    .  _Several years ago the provincial  government caused quite >'an agitation throughout' the.province in  regard to the land of flag that  should fly at the school. II memory  iserves  ri,ghtjthe ���������government  The Kootenay Ja.m Com.pany announce  that the new factory     of ..  the  Company, now being  erected,  at South Westminster, will, be open  A , second meeting of  the     Abbotsford  cricket club was  held in  C. A..Sumner, & Co's office on Saturday last ��������� The secretary was able  ,    .     .      ,,     ^ . ,     t������   report   the   total   amount      of  and ready to handle this season's fund8 lo hand to be $39. The c'ub'.  fruit crop, and that the Company bank account was opened this week-  will require unlimliited quantitieb with their first deposit' of $62.50.  of fruit as per annexed list, and is Further sums have isince .been'col- '  ment agreed to .donate to _ the prepared to enter into definite con-' looted "and promised which will  schools a 'flag^ndall that was r*- tracts with the growers for the bring" the club's funds well over  quTred was', tp; ask "'the government   suPP!y, of same.-and the company   $70.00.   Good   finances'to work  on  Will be.glad to hear from growers ^ is sure to make asucce'ssful season  in regard to the quantities of fruit'-Friends "are requested to send any  they will be able to ship to the donations to the Hon-Sec.-Treas,  factory.  -The Company also "desires to  impress upon those .growers who  have ��������� not yet put in any of    the  for the flag an doit would be forthcoming. The discussion wax,ed  warm and it appears the provincial  government' wisely or unwisely,  ..i.ipptfd 'the matter.  A few days ago the representaC  ive of this paper had occasion for  pleasure or for' news matters not  to travel out isome, distance ' from  Aio.botsford. 'Passing along and  r.ding easily iin his buggy he pass  ed bya country'.school .with a  flag pole and would you beUeve it  a flag ��������� flying*" The road lie 100k  was up the hill from-town. Now  you know-Avhat-school it must-"be.  Charles  Chbnall, who is "empower  ed to acknowledge same.  The  club is giving its  first ball  which i. i3 exp ct:d to mike an an-  vrieties named )o'r who have only nu .1 iffai , o.i Thursday the 27th cf  very ,.small patches( to   plant  out^ this month in the Maple Leaf, Hall.  fresh'  areas wherever possible, - as The   lnsley  orchestra  will, attend'  -they   may'rest 'arrured  there  -is Tickets for this Masked Ball    on  a   ready market provided close at sale  from the following committe  . nand.              j       .   . Messrs Victor-Harrop, Charles Sum  The  following are the terms and ner, Geo. .Hayes, Charles King ana  conditions   re "fruit .shipments    as James McElroy  at $1.00 each. Th������  ladies-are of course free, and all  gentlemen are requested to bring  own or .someone else's sister  ','Costuikea   can be  procured      in  m  .; D. W. TURN^ULll's'dtD1 STAND  ABBOTSFORD; B. C.   . .  ford Grow  In the course' of human events a  newspaper main butt's up against  all kinds and sorts of people; yes,  even inthe town of Abbotsford  there are p"eople (arriving and departing . almost every day of the  week and' unless they,.are met at  the proper time andin the proper  mood; one never knowswhat they  think.   It is what (people think   of  issued by the Company;  Packing;   All   strawberries   Hes-  There may be aiothng unusual in   tined  for the factory to be-pick-   ^eu.  the' fact ^hat the-flat;  was flying   ed' without the ^hullsy-'-and^aaiv-fr-uit^,  but  upon reflection-it -may-xaeain, to J>'e pickedjust, when ripe;   but    ' -.--_---.-���������   -���������  ~~  *-      -**���������������      '"  considerable. -Some^ loyal-,' citizeW NOT'over' ripe"or greeh^T " -' -v ^^V&P* ^y^ur^rder for *  ���������- ��������� ������ -i.. ;        i ���������    I   r-    ������. ���������    '-   ' i        , -    ��������� .o.,     the finest masked suit-you,'can'get *  and   a. British   subject  first 'sug-,.-   Buqkjejts;   Each (gifo,w,er ^ .w.f.'h-  foJ. the ,27th-   How,g  that^urilpire?. ���������  fasted, that  tha.t  flag-should- fly; /whom' a t contract , is (made'will" be- "contributed;   ''*'��������� '  he'suggestion wasjstrphg enough ' provided   with " a   'sufficn^ht'hum^ v-^ '',, *'    "   '_'���������_n: '.". '   ' '">  totake.hold of others and carry but ��������� Der of buckets for', the,conveyance  the idea,and now each child of that"' 0f the fruit to the factory,-for the  school kho'ws,, or should know what use of which a hiring- charge 'of  the British flag looks like. Proba- 5 .cents per bucket :for the season  bly he knows why the Empire has will be made. These .buckets wil!  a flag; perhaps he knows that all all be numbered iand the numbers.    'nations have a- flag and what that   ->i the pails lalloted tr>each grower  7 ���������~        .������������������-���������.-j'"-^--.-.���������-.,   ' flag looks like. In the child's young will run consecutively/ Each buc-  f or settlement, besides, (making the .-6 _                  ,    ,                   '-     r' ,,-���������*.      .���������     t       t-         +*,,>   ~���������-,,-^)a  ,,-'       ���������   ...    ,,-.. mind'are sure to be sown seeds of k'et   will  aiso   have   the   grower's  present pasture laoid much better -,.���������,,       .    .-,.    .  ,.      +, .'   ���������, ���������     ��������������������������� ^ni���������t  ���������iQO,.iv  1    ,.       .      ...           '     ,.'   ... loyalty.   Thus mcidientahy, there- name   and  shipping point  clearly  by keeping it'from flooding  there lvy^     J\   .                   ,   .,   ;\    ni    , ,    .  '    Vv    ���������������*    -4-1     a 4-^ vl-u^ ���������^���������+ fprtese|ata,t.fve   mused   that   around ^Loaiched.  is .excellen'; fruit Land to the west ..,,..           -,       u  - ��������� ~            ,      -nit. mi,��������� ���������i,QQQa  ,  c.   ���������   ���������               ���������.'-,*.'      11     a *. that flag might be learned a whoxe Covers  for Buckets    The  cheese  and first-class agricultural land to L             & .   6    ���������   ^         ,,-             .                                   '      .,          .,    . ,.  6 lot of history-that would prove to ^luth cover.ng for .the pails, togeth  the' oh'il'd.not only useful informa-   cr' with the twine, etc., will he pro-  hia" vided by the company; each pail o[  festival, tod at the evening service'  .  ��������� .,   . ,.     -    <.  +���������      v,o������7t.   wili a(id a^ few words of farewel-  tru-3t   before   shipment, to      have  cheesecloth isecurely /tied- over tht:-  the north and north-east of us. And  to tell the truth about the mater,  this  isa   centre .'between the coast  and Chilliwack"  "Yes I have heard iof Chilliwack  and been there, but "this town appeals to me and I' want to know  more about it. Where do you keep  he real estate men?"  After taking out a scopy of the  Abbotsford   Post' and  handing   it  him,   and 'showfng  the   advertisement of- the realestate agents the  The Easter festival which   'takesf1-'  precedence to all other festivals.!;!  the  Angi'can" church will be ,du'y  observed  in St. 'Matthews' Church  on Sunday next.  There will be 'special Earter muric, and a  celebration <of Holy ConY-  niuniori  at ,11 'a.m'.'; (evening     at ^  7,30 p.m'.   The JRev. C. F. Yates will  preach eeririons appropriate io tho .  ���������the  town of Abbotsford that will   man .who  represents   th'p ���������RapeH  eventually  be of imaiterial, benefit  and make Abbotsford grow. "When  a   man decides for himself.that    a  certain  town, no (matter -   where,  "looks good to ihi(m" and he is look  ing for a plaice to locate', he does  not usually go to ,'every man     in  town and tell ihim what he thinks  and what he intends to do.       His  mind to him 'a   kingdom is.      But  standing  ou the istreet the other  day  in front of Mr. H. Aianson's  hardware       store       a represent-,  ative of this paper came in contact  with a   stranger.   He was in that  curious^pxood of .asking questions  He began with, speaking evidently  to  the reporter, "You have a nice  i..al,e ifown here!"    ;  "Yes, it is pretty fair."  t(What keeps the ftown up?"  walked, up to isee S. Brooke for a  change- of  advertisement.  Later the 'satisfaction -was given  of knowing that land had been pur  chased in the .vicinity. ' .   000   A   GRAND   CONCERT  A grand concert including recital 'by the ipupils of the Misses  Steed willbe. hild in the Maple Leaf  Hail   on   Tuesday  .even'.hg, . April  tion   that- would  help   him  in  ���������studies, but help him to become  a  btfUer   British   subject.  -  Living, as we ,do' in a'1 city like  Abbotsford we have-arrived at^the  conclusion that the patriotic people of the Empire donot all live in  \i\e confines of cities.   000   Uorner Stone Laid  While in the course of news gath-  Weighing; Each grower should  weigh the fruit, -before shipping  same, and mark the weight on  the slip provided, .stating " theu  total number of pails, together  with the total net "weight . of the  fruit with each consignment. Each  bucket will be carefully weighed  on arrival, and the .slip returned  with the empties, .showing the to-  advice to the^parishioners.  The annual meeting of the congregation for the election of officers for-the ensuing year, and the  receiving of reports and passing  accounts, will be held on Wednes ���������  day 'evening the 19th inst.   ,  Mr. Yates expects to leave, for his  home in Golden on Thursday, .April  20:hi   . '   ���������  ering on Thursday 'last the repor^^j ne(. weight of the consignment   Stra-wiberrr.ee,   all  varieties  Consignments; All fruit inten-  red for shipment to the factory  must be consigned to the K. J. Coy  Ltd, anJ .addressad accordiag to  route and Bills of Lading made out  is      Shipping   Points;  All  shipments  travelling by steamer to be consign  "Well, we have some of the swell -good crop of the former but  estcountry to he found anywhere  ju&t oyer? there, pointing to the  south; there are thousand and  thousands of .acres further to the  ease and south .that when the Su-  ter happened .to wander down to ^ wc: hed at the factory.  where1 contractor IMcQuarrie , " is  working at-th^-new iC.P. R. .station  "Just in time fo perform this cere  mony with due leelat, Mr. Editor;"  was the greeting Ireceived.  We  are .about ito day the corner  stone of-tHelnew .station, and it can accordingly.   This is most import-  only  be well land truly Laid, when ant to avoid confusion and delay.  16th,   1911.   Toy  .symphony,   v6cal   a   representative  of the ;press  violin and '-pianoforte Music.    Tht   present.     ,                              i      ,  admission to this .grand concert is      The only otherAibbotsfordite who ed to Brownsville Wharf.   All ship  Au'ults   50  cents .and   children  25 'was present was Mr. Hughie Rad- ments by rail to be consigned  cents.   Everybody   come.     ,;            ford.          :     '               ^          k South  Westminster  ___ooo ������������������.'"������������������   '���������''..'���������..    The;,interesting icerepony     was freight;-"Freight charges will he  It is not every rancher in these  performed, but spate forbids   go- delrayed by the Company on     all  parts who knows Ihe differ.n;e be-   ing   intodetails.   Now rests in'th'e shipments  of ten buckets or over  concrete a   copy of ithe Abbotsford On consignments of less than ten  Post of March '24th, .Hughie placed pails, 50 per cent of the     freight  a   coin of *he realm alongside,   a charges to be paid by the shipper.  .C. P. R. Tame Table of recent dato Bad and Unsound Fruit;   Under  waft contributed by Contractor Mc no circumstances will the Company  Quarfie.' '.while the two carpentars accept 'any bad or unsound fruit, or  sang .loudly  the pratees  of     the any  -winch, in, the  opinion of  the  use.  tween-   oats   and  tomatoes.   It  understood one gentleman has  a  he;  thought   them the latter.     Is It-is,.  gentleman;known t6 His Nibs?,  (The above is meani; for a joke)  piae dyke is huilt will be available   iias  The treasurer of th^cricket club   bauties of the young ladies of Ab-; Company,  is  unfit for  asnot yet been, put under bonds botsford, ...      ''Fruit and Prices;  per ib  ���������--   6c  Raspberries, red and white    51-2c  Black Currants  -'-������������������8 l-2c  Red Currants  51-2*  Gooseberries       7 l-2c  Blackberries       4 l-2c  Plums, any kind ������������������      lc  Cherries   (Bing,  Lambert,  Mor  Cherries   (Bing, Lambert, Mor-  ello, and Royal Anne  preferred)   Prices Later  Apricots ..................��������� Prices Later  t0 -Apples  - ������������������ ��������� Prices Later  Crab Apples ��������� ������������������ Prices later  Peaches  .������������������������������������������������������ -- Prices Laier  Pears -.���������������������������.- ���������'-��������� PriceB Later  . -Terms,; Payments for fruit  will be made on the 1st and 15th of  each month, or c.ish paid on prrson  al delivery ait factory:' if required.  Payments 'made on factory weights  only.  Applications, for Contracts; Ail  applicaitions for contracts must be  ,be .sent to the secretary, B. H. Fox  hei.ore  May 1st.  w  &Ti.J:ii:^;������.y1.rff'.j^.;ii^stvo".> *a.'fe.^fc:i^:{j:*i������Frf>..w^^j.jaA^:swi."-i.*<h**i.i. \-*r,;:Vi*"*puU..,ii"5irt..ii-M ���������fW0    57  r  ~r  > 'i  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,.    ,ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  TKJK ABBOTSFORD POST  Published    every    Friday    by    the    Post  Publishing Company.  A weekly Journal devoted t������ the interests of Abbotsford and am. -'Hiding did-  trict.' ���������  Advertising Rates made know, ti amplication.  UflOAL. ADVKKTIS1NG���������12 cents per  lin* for first Insertion, and 8 cents a line  for all subsequent consecutive insertions.  Our BhtMjolctb���������Neither for nor agin'  the   Oovernmant.  other for new'settlers, .the efforts  should be. permitted to lag for  lack of the sinews of war. Spalum  cheen has led the way indoing the  right thing by assessing the cost  of advertising on thr\ community  in general so that the "tight-wads"  who will not join the Board of  Trade or contribute directly tp  any advertising scheme, yet are  freu.ueni.ly the first to enjoy the  enhanced--value    of land,   can    be  probably be required for two or  three years. Even when a lawn  has been established fpr many  yeans, it sometimes becomes dead  m patches,, during'very dry'lsum-  mers.  The lawn should be liberally fed  It should he .well fertilized when it  is sown, or px*eferably the fall before. So far as ithe best plant food  is concerned, there can be no doubt  but that well rotted stable manure  B. J.GERNAEY  Retail Saddler, and , .  FRIDAY,     APRIL  14     1911  FACTS ON RECIPROCITY  The following article ' from  World's Work, a loading American magazine, may be of considerable interestto those who favor  reciprocity with the United States  ption of "Some Figures About Reciprocity" and may be an eye opener to those whohold the opinion  that American manufacturers are  not looking, to the monopoly of  our   markets;  '���������In the little town bf Welland.  Out., are 20 manufacturing plants  which have gone from the United  made to pay their whack through   is best.     It has this drawback, hovy  taxation.   Let   Kelowna   follow,  LAWN  MAKING  Four things are required to  make a good lawn; time, soil, climate, and intelligent labor. I.n  this country where we are trying to make .suburban homes while  we wait, and where a month or  two soenus a very long time, people are too impatient. It  speaks well for their ' ambition,  that they want lawns as soon as  they move into their houses, but  they are really expecting too much  Ac   the  very best, it reuiqres    no  ���������ever���������it is likely to be contaminated with weed seeds. On this account chemical fertilizers are larke  count chemical fertilizers .are large  ' ly used. These must he strong in  nitrogen. Many dozen of these  prepared and. eold by leading dealers in fertilizing chemicals. The  rule should be,, to use these liberal  ly.���������The   House  Beautiful.  ft t  DO YOU KEEP A   SCRAP BOOK?  Every bodv should keep   a scrap  book and cultivate the habit of  o.^jnis' uuc of ihe farm journals  unu iKoor paper's che lh..ng3 which  are read and it is desired to romcu.'.'  oor or call to mind again. It is ,a  poor   plan  to   destroy  your  farm  Harness Saddlery Hardware  1 Trunks and Valises  P. O, Box 45  ALbotsford, B. C.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  ������  ������tates in the last ten years. These' less than three years to make a  include branches of-the-Plymouth presentable la,wn and five or ten  Cordage Co.np my. o, Deure & Com Y&av3 to make what we uncrit*ca*  pany,  plow makers from IOwa, of   Americans call a   good lawn.  L^f.sburg Tube Company/ ������.{ Ma���������y u.M -,..,,., ^ ...oil J^"^ r������e'dV TA������"Z *  the United Motors ,from Dtroic and ������ is well known that our dwelling as ?ou nave ieaa tnxougn. in  s.xleen others. The '.own has, in houses are often built in most un- sUad go carefully,oyer it.and clip  fact, been made by American manu l^ely places. Building lots are out anything you find out that in-  fac.u ing pi nt , H milt n Ont too oiu excavations or "fills" It is too terests you, tables of valuable m-  boasts of "36 American" industries much to expect to found a good .formation, recipes, plans or illus-  incl-ding branches of the American   iaWl1'   on   a   -geological formation   trat.ons that you might think you  of empty tomato cans. A reject- might need for future reference,  ed dump of coal ashes is not a fa- Cut out these articles ��������� and paste  vorable site: Even an ordinary them m.the scrap book under some  sand-loam'^ cannot   be   transmitted   system   of  classification   that   will  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, lam prepared to-give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. Stables open day  night to do business.  We solicit your patronge.  J. E. GEARY, prop.  Lan Company, the International  Harvester "Company, the Oliver  Chilled Plow Works and the like.  And'there ' are other Canadian  towns that .-boast of a similar  transplanting of American factories, for 755 companies from the U.  S. have built factories in Canada  s.Hcc. ibiio..-  Many of these are lar-  inLoa good lawn���������at least, not  without great expense or_.time,  labor and money. Many suburban  lawns are disappointing Jor this  this fundamental reason. In many  ger than the. original plants in, the   cases-go.o.d .sp.il must.be brought in  uiilteu  States.  "The tariiff .against \- Canada���������,  which was necessarily met."by a  Canadian tariff against us���������was, ol  course, designed to piotect out'  manufacturers,; but the result has  been to drive these 750 establish-  mets out of the country in- ten  years. Most of them .were built  on' the other side of the border .t'o  If the sbil has to. be brought in  it should be fairly stiff, though well  drained. A good preparation of  clay, with just, enough humus to  give it life, gives the best results.  Sand is to be ^avoided.  Whatever the nature of the soil  it must be deeply stirred,; partly  because, it will need good drainage,  and parLly because a, lawn cannot  #  take care of the Canadian trade, be replowed freuqently...after it is,  Many, however, moved from . tin,*  United Sta .es, because they wishe j  totake advantage either of the  luwer cost of living for their employees or of. the more favorable,  arrangements that Canada enjoys  for her products in European  marktith.  "Yet the. reciprocity treaty is  supposed,, in codfish.circles and-  sume agricultural areas, tp. be a  h.ndranie to American prosiierity."  ���������ooo   SAME HERE.!  -o���������  Tho Kelowna Courier isays; Last  year the city council of Kelo.wha  voted $��������� 00 to the Eo-rd-of Trade as  <a-. e,onftr ^bujtion towjards ��������� the exhibit at the National.Apple Show..  and nothing for ordinary advertising purposes, while the people of  Spalumachieen cheerfully / taxed.  themsejy.es a rate on the. dollar ito  provide'Armstrong. B.oard of Trade  with ample funds for a campaign  publicity. The publicity commiit-  Ue of the Nelson Board of Trade  bpem $1,525 last year in newspaper  advertising alone, using Canadian-  and Britieh journals, the funds be  ing supplied by the city. On Feb-  13th last the Summerland Municipal council voted $400 to the Summerland Board of Trade for pub-  established. If. the- drainage is .not  perfect, it is well to, put in stpne  or tile drains, although there is  some, danger of their being choked  w:.th. the. roots of weeks.'  The surface of the lawn should  be very carefully prepared, both.  w'lith regard to the artistic effect .of the curves of the surface, ,  and. with regard to the reed-bed.  furnished-by- the tpp-s.oil. . ,, It  should be fine, friable, warm and  adapted to germinating seeds  quickly.   ' i .  The-'luwn should be sown in early  ���������spr.ng.���������-the earlier the- better. An  abundance, of 'seed should be used  The best lawns, in. middle- latitude  are. made of June grass,, some time's  known as Kentucky blue grass. In  Southern states,, the Bermuda grass  is best-. Thio often gives a fairly  good lawn, though inferior to the  June grass. J.une grass, should be  sown at the rate of three bushels-  to the acre, oiten more. Four-hush  flo will noi. hur:. Bermuda, grass  should be sown, at the rate of fifteen pounds, to the acre. Seedmen  offer, for sale various, lawn grass  mix.tureo all of, which ore good, pro  viding they are made up of good  seed. Still none of. theni is better  ih^n yuvc. Jun.' grass, ,at least for  muse conditions. Unfortunately,  some of the less, scrupulous, dealers  oe a   good mdex of titles.  HOTEL ARRIVALS  Abbotsford  Hotel..  i>. J. McGugan, Westminster   '  , R. E. Hayward, City    ;     .  . L. -D. .Birley,-'Montreal.  P., A. Devine, Vancouver...  A.   D.   McQuarrie,   Vancouver  W.   H.   Cuthb'ertson,  Vancouver  John   G.  Scott,. Vancouver.      -;.  A.  Sampson, Vancouver.."'  F. Lighter, Vancouver.  .a.   Wilder, Vancou   ->..-.'  E.   West,, Vancouver.  E. G. Hobbs,"Vancouver.  M. Farr. Vancouver.    .v   .  L.,   E.   Mason,  Vancouver'.  F. E. Anderson, Vancouver.  J.   R.     Rent, Vancouver.    ������   ; ���������  P.   W.   Nicholls,   Vancouver.  G. R. Burnett, Westminster.   .  Tom Keogh, Sumas.  S. r-'o.ster, Vancouver.  E. E>. Hollinger, Vancouver.  Rev.. Father1 Deruscha, Mission.  D. A. Currie," Chicago.  Commercial.  C, Ro.b:nson,   City.  T. Lellwan,. Spokane.    '   -  -A.. Pastro,' Clayburn.  G.   Bened'otta,   Spokane.  J.   M.   White, Westmins'.ir-.  S.  Campbell, Huntingdon  S.  Campbell, Huntingdon.  D. Warden, Sumas.  J. Flood, Spokane.  Mat'Nelson, City.    "  Paul Miller, Vancouver.,  W. J. Weii;, Frisco.  A.. Carlson,, Spokane.  Wm. Scott and son, Baldwin.  F. J.  Gillespie, Vancouver.  J.   A.   Blair}  Vancouver.,  J.   E.     Proscial, Spokane.  Thos  Campbell, City. ���������  J. Asher, Mt. Lehman  M.   R.   Irvine, Chicago.  INSURANCE .   LOANS  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or snappy in vestments : "  ��������� in toVitn lots, acre-������������������-;;���������.  :' ��������������������������������������������� ���������:��������� /"^;."'age or farm "''.': "  ;;';-; property  '��������� ������������������*    ' ;;:::. ��������� sfee' ' ~  The Pioneer Real Estate,.Broker of Abbotsford  fo^^^^^^tf^******  t   ���������  V P.. 0, Box. 58  rt<&&H><&&b$ f  wO.  . Phone-Central  T  f  T  lielty   purposes.   These   are   facta   dumi:'  their refuse grass  seed in  in the face of which is the Kelowna  city council to repeat, its. parsimonious .policy of last year? The  Work of the Board of Trad j is carried on by a small hand'fulof mem  bt rs who give their time ungrudgingly and (in most cases) pay then-  subscriptions, while the town and  diistrict   atlarge  profit by      their  to their la.wngrass mixtures, If any  one prefers to use a mixture' of  grass sets,,he may as well make it  himself. The fcTlow.ng, formula  will be 'satisfactory in most cases  J une grass, three 'bushels;, red; top,  one bushel, timothy, three quarts;  and white clover two quarts.  There are nearly always patches  labors without helping physically wh*-ch do not catch, well at first  or financially. The good work ac- sowing. Re-sowings, may. be made  complished has spread the name two or three times.during;the first  and fame.of Kelowna over the land year, choosing cool, rainy, weather  buc in these .strenuous days of ifor ^ne work. 'Similar re-sowings  competition one place between an-   uxldler   certain   circumstances ,will  ROOSTERS NOT GOO, LAYMEN ,  A hen was set to hatch sixteen  eggs, and ten of these turned out  to be pullets and. the other six to  be roosters. When these chickens; had/ grown to a fairly good  size, a Methodist conference^ was  held' in the own,; and the roosters  wors dLcapitatod and served tothe.  ministers, at- one of their big luncheons. "'-'-'.���������  The hen 'Scratching' .around the  yard met- the ten pullets-next day  and'enu-iired-aft^r her ohsr chickens and' was informed- that they  had entered the ministry. "That's  fine" she said, "for-they--certainly  wouldn't make good laymen."  t  f  ���������������������������f  T  ���������I*  f  f  t  Y  i*  ���������T  t  Teieg-ram--Sumner/' Abbotsford,- -B. G.  T  s-  1 mile- from- AfefeoMord*.  Good house and barn,  10.acres cleared.  Here is a chance to  double  Your money at preseiitprices  ?  T  ���������T*������  T  t  t  ?  T  *���������  ���������!���������  T  T  ���������}������������������.  t  ^H^^^<^><^<r^>^^*<^^^ 4  i w  THE ABBOTSFORD IrOST, ABBOTSFORD, B. 0  agents  Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  .British'American Assurance Co., of Toronto. ���������-  CHURCH  SERVICES  SEE SUMNER  For your Insurance.,;  . Fire time is coming along.  7T7V  JtfMt'HuJfc tJIJ.'HyUl 1'  Muj������jMwu*irnffffg*f  mj������.WWl������W<JIB������WTl.!IHl|ll-  mm^Mim^im^KffimMmMEB  .���������;���������*���������������������������',���������������������������������������'������������������.-���������     j Mcelroy & Co.   ���������-      _,.  .LIQUORS,   WINES  AND   CIGARS  v    "OF THE BEST QUALITY  Cor. Essendene Ave..and Oscar St.,  CITY  Presbyterian Church���������Rev . f L.  Campbell, B. A., B. D. pastor.  Abbotsford, 11 a.ni. anfl 7:30 p.m.  Upper Sumas, May 29, and every  alternate Sunday at  3 p.m. '  C. E., Wednesday a<t 8 p.m.  Sunday-School at 3 p. m. '  Sunday ..School tevery Sunday at  Presbyterian  -Church���������Rev,    j     q   '  Alder. ", " '  ���������   , Glenmore,-. 11 a.m.  M'.. I^hrann, 2 ;30 p.m.  Pine Grove, Srp.mV  At MuBselwaite ,School House-  Service;, every  alternate  Sunday  at  3 p.m.  Sunday  school every Sunday  at'  2 p.m.       "       ,.'!������������������    -���������  At Huntingdon 'School House���������  '"������������������v " i.v   .. cn Li-y auiernate Sunday  at 3 p.m.  !S.  ti\ every Sundayat 2;30 p.m. '  CHURCH > OB ENGLAND'���������ST.  MATTHliW'.S-Rev. C. P. Yates,  \ car-pro-fcem..  Aobolsford Services every Sunday'  ai 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.   ''  ���������Holy Communion oyi/ry alternate  S^inuay. i .        '       '���������  S. School ever.v aSunday  at  2.30.'  Choir -practice,  Wednesday at 8  mmmmwmm������.  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to_ intimate, to my  numerous  Patrons and!  Friends that I have taken, into partnership, Mr/J.  Clark late o? the Abbotsford Lumber Co.- arid   the  business will now be carried on as  Who hope by strict attention to business to obtain a  share of your Patronage;  eemsss  EMmmssML'a  CORRESPONDENCE       Smallpox in Royal City  The following letter has been  received .from the "Secreitary; of  British Columbia Dairymen's As-  soci'ation  of Victoria.  Victoria, March 25th' 1911  Dear Sir,  ���������   In  a   recent communication     to'  (From Fraser Valley ..Record)  The city of New We & train sle-    is  not quarantined but if the authoril-  ies were as strict as they were in  M ssion  City and other places     in-  the   Fraser   Valley  last   February  you,  from 'this department, it was  sttaed  that the Dairy Farm Com-  it. is just possible  the whole' city  petition had been divided into two  classes   and  that  a   separate   cup  ABBOTSFORD  POSTOFRCE  Office hours fronts a..m: to 7 p; m.  . ��������� Mail' for, Peardonville every Tuesday  as   the  "Lieutenant  and Saturday,- 1 p. mi  was going to be given for the best  ;small dairy in the Province, as well  as Lhree medals. , .  It was also .stated that the name  of this Cup would>be announced later and I now have the honor, as"  well as the pleasure, to inform you are 29 kll0Wnca9es of'small-pox in  that this Cup for the small Dairy the. .^7 and the Columbian' hos-  Farm Competition, is.to be known''pital   under   quarantine. The  Governor's   -, ���������.    ,  ,      ,     ' ,   ,    '        , ,, ,  despatch also states that the med-  of New Westminster would be under quarantine, according to a private despatch to .the Fraser Valley  Record Wednesday even'n;; just as  we go to press. ,  The   despatch, states  that  there  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY. OF  u Abbotsford.  ���������tStO  u^.KKi.uisrjLM!imtMM.*Aimsmailsis  <mkmmtmumvimmmtm>msw>,iMm  mn*!B*<mi.J!uemxuMMum  or   ABBOTSFQRD, :B. G *[  Strictly first-class iri every-respect.    The bar is  stocked-with the best of wines, liquor.and cigars, ���������  1      RATES,  $1.50 TOr$Z.OO  PER  DAY  H. FREEMAN,- proprietor  \  "���������flEB-0  A.M.KING  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, ?teef, Veal/Pork Sausages,.  Weinies"and Balogna always 6h;hand. ���������  Ge-ner.'.l Stores ���������.  Authier Bros'.  ' E.   Brooke   r,:' *  Hotels���������  Abbotsford Hotel.-H..Freeman. Prop  -     Commercial," McElfoy & Co.  Real   Estate���������    J;  .'  -J. W.'McCaTinm.' .  ��������� C. A. .Sumner & Co. '  ���������   .   Bernau '& 'H-usbundV/       _;    '���������  J.   J.'McPhe'e, -        ':'; '"    -  Auctioneers��������� " * '  '  J.  W. McCallum-  FEED STQRE-,  .J.   J.   Sparrow.  Creamery-1- ,       , ,;  ,  >S,   J.,'Bates, Proprietor.  .   Hardware and Furniture��������� >' -  H.   Alanson. . ,  Butchers��������� ��������� ���������  rA. M. King.    '"  Livery .Stable���������  J.  E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and Confectioner���������  L. Legatee.  - RESTAURANT'-  Conrad'- Andersen,  j'Shoemakers������������������  M. Hauser.  Board of Traded-!    ���������     ,  J. W-. McCallum; Secretary.  Blacksmith������������������.    ���������  Stanley Aus'n'eaii: "- -  . Cup '   The small Dairy Farm Competition is lor. chose having five to   ica1' hoaltn  officers  are  handling,  Lftecn cows milking, the  matter in 'a   very lax way���������a  ,  ILs Honour has oifeved this very   mannor   wh:,ch      guarantce3   . tl,e  handsome   -      cup  to .be  com  peted for under'the rules andregu-  spread of the'dread disease,  lations   laid  down by   the  Dairy-    , The local press iSefim dumb on the  men'-. Association.   , . present   state  of .affairs, although  Thanking you in'anticipation for,,the- disease'has been rampant, for  any publicity which you may give /abo.ut  a   week.  th.s matter, I   a.m,  ^ Truly, yours,  P. H. MOORE, Secretary;-  FRASER "RIVER FERRY    ^/ ~ yj  Elect Officers  (From Fraser Valley Record)-  (From Fraser Valley Record)  It   is   understood- that-' 'negotiations are now on -w,ith/thc.Dominion- government for the-provincial  government to take over the wharf  .&'���������;   Riverside   and .make.-that   the  landing   for. the-new  ferry.   It. is  proposed that if /arrangements' < an  be  'satisfactorily arranged   that   a  slip some three hundred feet long:  On   Friday  last   a   Conservative   on the south side of the triver.    '     >  Convention was held in the Imper- o   lal hall, Mission City.. There were '    - - A   PROTEST,  representatives from all parts of Tlie following is taken from Ui3  ,lhe riding except Harrison River Chilliwack Progress and .speaks for  and Agassiz. ',       itself;  The   officers  of  last  year  were      M. Hall, of Sumas, one of the few  re-elected; " ���������������   ��������� survivors of the large'company of  Hon-Prcs.���������Hon.   R.  Borden  and   K������yal   feng^neer8. sent (to .British  Premier  McBride.   ���������  lion:   .Vice-Pres.���������J.  D.  ana W. J. Manson.  I'resident���������R.   Abernethy,      Port  Moody.  VLcie-President���������J.   A.      Cather-  wood, Mission City.  S 2jcretary���������J.   Mars,  Coqu^lam.  Executive���������George   Nichols,  Ag-  Columbia in the year 1S58, was' iu  the cityonWednesday and a caller  at this office. He ispoke of the pro  posed dyking; scheme' at Sumas,  and reqaesed that (the following  notice posted in.the B. C. Gazette  of last December be copied an this  i i).  WANTED TO PURCHASE  ���������  Forty   acres   improved   farm   in    Sarber and'Pool'Room ���������  the Fras-er Valley, with or without' '    Jos. Sanderson..'  houlse and buildings, conven.ent to   _^: Isenor. ���������  ������ Tobacco and'Noveltles���������  station or landing.   Apply'   to J.       J. V. Means. .-  ���������;H'..  Smith,  Straiton,   B.   C.        for   Doctor-  full   particulars/ first  letter. T. A. Swift.-  SADDLERY and LaBLWA-RU'  ���������7    r~    =       ~ ~     B. J. Gernaey.,   j..  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  T. C. Coogan.-  paper;  To whom it may concern.  ~    A,^j -o .,.,'        ���������       Take notice, we, the undersigned  assiz; G. Alderson, Burquitlam; R.   |aucj 0^TI 6  ABBOTSFORD.  fJB3d&-Grain t  J. J. SPARROW, prop.  , Cash paid .,f or E������gsand Poultry  ' "Our prices .are hard to! CANADA'S  beat/caii and inspect stock Greatest Nurseries'S h!^T  Booth, Hillside; E. Bush,     Mission  'nerd of .Sumas 'Dyking Dis-  n-+ .        i t. -n- -d    t ��������� *<  rr trict' in lhe ^"'strict of New West  City; and E. W-. Beckett/Haney.    ��������� .  .r,;.,..i.ar, lU���������;i.;.i   r- ,      L-      ���������,    ,  . .niuioter, 'British Columbia, do here  Eye Sight Specalist  Want   a   frepresenjlative      for  MISSION CITY,  B. C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, healthy condition  of our stock as well as trueneaa to  name must be appreciated by the  Public or  they would not     have  Manufacturing Optician helped us t0 increase our business  Doe.8 the  Finest  Optical  Work,       y'eaj,]y since 1837������ the date of    our  Medical men and  others, pay trl- -establishment  Our firm's  name- lends  prestige  to our representatives.  Complete line of Nursery SStock  for SSpring 1911.   -  Write   for.  fiill  particulars.  Henderson  and  Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG STORB.  MUSIC TEACHER-   *  Miss A'.ice Steed.  CONNTRACTOR  & BUILT  R-  A.  Everett.  The. association passed resolut  ionsj of- confidence 'to Hon. R: L.  Borden, leader of the opposition at  .Ottawa; Hon.- R. McBride, premier  of B. C; Mr. J. D. Taylor,, M. P.  for the New Westminster District  at Ottawa; and tc Mr. W. J. Man-  son,..M-.-L. A. for Dewdney at Victoria.  Rousing speeches were made by  the newly elected officers.  ' A resolution condemning the  reciprocity agreement was unanimously passed by the meeting and  the secretary instructed to forward 'same to the Conservative par  ty   at Ottawa.  by pro Lest against having ourlanda  bonded or otherwise encumbered  against our will hy any syndicate  company or commissioners, for the  reclamation or pumping of Sumas  Lake and the turning or protection  of the Government stream known  ao ':he Vcdder River or westerly'  of the Chilliwack River, and fur-  Uier \vc will not be responsible for  Buy indebtedness incurred by any  synidica'.o, company or cemmissiion  cia inlng coact on our behalf.  Dated this 8th day of November,  1010.  4.  L. L  egace  bube to his skill.  793 GranvilU-St.  Vaneou.o'r  HARRON BROS.  Embaimers and Funeral Directors  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel   1034 Granville St.,    Phone 3486  North Vancouver, Office and  chapel Hfl 2n<J st- Phan^ Vii  : & WELLINGTON  The Fonthill'Nurseries.  ABBOTSFORD,  BAKER  ���������.    ��������� i  Bread, Buns, Kisses,  Cream Puffs  Wedding Cake a Specialty  Mr. M. R. ������ro.wn, of the govern-  The  Conservative  association of ment offices,     New   Westminster  M.ssion City  tendered tho  visiting was in 'town) 'on Thursday,  j-   delegates a   banquet at the Mats-  0   t   qui Hotel in the afternoon Avhere 1 h; N n irno H r 1 ��������� has changed  t  speeches and good fellowship flow hands,  and the new owners being  t  ea  freely. Mowatt   Bros.   Mr.   T,  Booth, who  l      The next annual meeting will be nu& contributed much to  the suc-  >::; held at Port Haney.  TORONTO,  Ontario  3E .S.'ir   Hibberi   Tupper   and   Hon.  #            ,       '1 Dr.   Young  will  officiate   at      tho  U               ."   "         '" ������. laying of the corner stone of     the  |.  ABBOTSFORD,   B. C.   | Chilliwack hospital on April 21st.  cess of Lhe Herald will continue as  biis.ijj&a manager. Dr. Rej-npJds  will probably remain in Nanaimo  when; hi: has large*intcresLs.  By-laws to the amount" of $111,-  0U0 are to he voted on in Chilli  wuck on' April 13th. fl  FOUR  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,   ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  '5 per cL  >v  Fool Ball Match  A Carload of Carriages' Just-Arriqed.  A nice little cart with room for tvro  -  for <  $35     '  Al   Top   Buggies, < leather   trimmed,  for' ..-$105.  ' First-class Market Wagons, two seats,  for v.., $110   '  ^Those prices are right for such goods and you  sliT.ild call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere  A. large  4������  crowd 'turned  out  J  ������ao ssa  t tLaiEssammass vmmwummt  to  When You are Trying the New  Electric Road Call on Us  Singer Sewing Machines, Victor Gramophones,  Edison Phonographs, and all the latest Records  always in stock, Largest collection of Records  in the Province.  NOTE THESE PRICES       *  Victor No. 1, $31,   Victor Nor2, $42.  Victor No. 3, $50, Victor No.* 4, $63  Victor Victrola, Oak and Mahogany, 250  Edison Phonographs  from  19.50 to 250  We have Violins,1 Mandolines, Guitars, Ban*-  joes, all prices to suit all pockets, Sheet Music,  in fact everything found in a first class Music store  You are welcome whether you buy or not.  call and see[u3 when you are in town.  J.H.TODD'S  Music House  419 Columbia Street, New Westmin ster, B. C.  8        . '���������  '   Social aind Personal  The date of the Misses Steed con-  Cfi,!'.   is April 18th..  The  True Blues tand  Orxn^emei.  of -llv.s   district   will   have   church  parade'' next  Sunday  and   worshp  in " the  Presbyterian .church  at  11  a.  nx\.  ���������:���������000   Last Sunday Mr. J. C. Alder exchanged with Mr. J. L. Campbell,  while the latter conducted communion services at Mt. Lehman  and Pine Grove.  On Monday the land surround-'.-  ing the 1-resbyterian Manse was  ploughed by Mr. {P. Munroe and  Ins brother Armidas of Huntingdon.  ���������-��������� a 00 ���������-���������  Special   Easter  services  in      the  Presbyterian   church next .Sunday,  at 11 and 7.30  ���������"*������''���������''  Mrs. J. D. Beckman of Fairview,  Vancouver, has been on a few  days visit this week to her brother  Itov, C. F.Yale-.  Have you met the lieutenant? He  is a nice main but who said Summer? - _  It has brten a   bit hot this week,  in  town even if the weather   was  not -so;  if you  doubt us  ask   Still we are not mentioning names.   D.O     ,  Mr. Robert Carmichael wishes us  to state that .the firm of Cawley &  Carmichael do not .and have never  been backers in .any business concerning the Chilliiwack .electrical  railway. .....    -j -  chill   ui cciiLLic   was   v.aii.- -. ���������        ,   -,   , . ...    ,  ���������,q m���������   rra������������������ u������on ������������������.*Behffle   is all right, work will he  ana Mrs.,Harry Jbreeman .       ��������� ,  ,  ��������� A student from Westminster  .H II.. Y?.n:ouver will conduct services on Easter and following Sundays a/t Sumas school house at 11  o'clock at' Mussel.white sr..v.I  house at 3 ip.m. and at Scraitor.  ���������school house at 7.30 p.m.   :-o;)o   Mrs. Merritt of Seattle was visiting  Mr.  of  tho Abbotsford Hotel  Mr. J. P. Boyd has purchased another piece of land beside where he  resides at the /present time  and is busy ma/king it aspretty as  his other .property.  Mr. J. W." McCallum has sold 108  acres of hi.s property west oflhc  town to a   Vancouver firm.   .,  witness the football 'game between  the Westminster Rovers 'and the  Abbotsford boys. .  The game resulted fin a draw';  and was orie 10f the most exciting  games ever witnessed 'in Abbotsford- The Rovers started out  with a rush,''making Cor tr.o Abbotsford goal with (cover combinations thait only igood >sportman-  ,sh',p, of the Abbotsford team'sent  back to the! .centre of the field.  In the last ihalf the ball was kept  in  close  proximity (to the Rovers'  , goal nearly half.of tfheti.me.'  Elliott las' goal ,kee,per made some  sensational stops a dozen .or more  times sending the'ball mwny bev'ond  the.centre of,the field." One of the  Westminster boys lias tit that the  goal keeper. hWisomc kind of a mag  not which acts scientLCically upon  the ball the {moment it comes near  ill*  Abbotsford, goal.  In .the full''back Hayes did most  excellent work, tand lis sure making  a   record  as a , full hack.  Harrop  by his dribbling showed  up  to advantage; ith'e other play-  .ers .were .all lith'ere with both feet  every' t'me.  The first goal wap an exciting  time for the Abbotsford .people and  cheer after cheer- Irent the air that  shbwed . that ;Ahbptsford .people  were pulling for (the home team by  their kind words and cheers of  encouragement. To be able - to ���������  make a one draw-with a team like  the Rovers is saying some for our  team. ���������     ���������   . '. 1  The following are the teams;  Rovers;  Goal, G-. Saimpher.  Full backs, Lyons ,and Collier.  ���������    Halfs, King,- McLaren and Fergus  on.- .',"''"  ' '     ���������  Forwards,'1 Ha.yes, Brisbane Petrie  Chadwln and Alsbury.  A;bbotsford; .-  Goal, Elliott. " '  ' Halfs,   Ha.yes. Lehman  Full backs,!    Featherstonehaugh,  and Nixon.  Forwards, ^ Le'hrn'an, Harrop. McGowan, Ryder and Wells.  ENERGETIC LADIES' AID  ; -The Ladies Aid tof the Presbyterian church met -this week on Thurs  day afternoon at the home of Mrs.  Parton. The A:d well deserves its  name as the ladies of that organization ��������� have through their efforts  'contributed . $200 to 4ihe.. manse  building   iund:  TO BUILD HOUSES  Messrs'Moore & Co., of New West  m'nster are negotiating with local  parties for. the building of some  new houses. If satisfactory arrangements' can ,b|e (made and it is  assured   that  the   local  end   ofthe  Mr.  J. G.amble has isold his 160  acres to a Vancouver firm and it  is expected that'the -property will  be subdivided.   ���������000 .���������  The Great Northern have three  carloads of ities and 2 carloads of  piles on the'ground and will short  ly begin work of tunneling Montrose avenue. They have until the  fifteenth of November to complete   the  work.  ' ��������� -000������������������  * Mr. Campbell will .preach at Hunt  ingdon school house *at 3 p.m. on  Easter Sunday and following Sundays at the same hour.  MORE LIGHT  The Presbyterian church had electric light installed/thts past week  and w?ll be ready for use on Easte\  Sunday   teveni,ng,  begun. at an early date.  The: Westminster firm have certain rights on a patent cement  block to be <uaed in the ouilding  of houses and intend to start in  Abbotsford' first,' which of course  shows   their, good  judgment.  After it. haa..ibeen demonstrated  locally that .thescheme of building  is ' a success", the rights for the  town would probably be sold to a  local contractor.  Citizens generally will hail .with  delight any scheme that will give  to  Abbotsford'more good houses.  ^������  Wft>  ���������\*&<  w*.^  >*>  ���������v'  %  TA  &  PSSSS^KHSfiZHaSKSSESEESSS  ^mmwmmmBmsmsmm  BY THE  am v^o.v  Growers to contract for,    ���������-.'>������������������'  Strawberries,- .  *.     ,  ��������� ,, .Raspberries,;.' -;.\.;.-.'.  Currants,  And all other Sro all Fruits  Applications should be made as early as possible to  THE  SECRETARY,  BOX 308 NEW  WESTMINSTER, B. C.  *  Matsqui   Hotel  .Mission city, b.c.  This hotel makes a  specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Traveller's.     Comfortable   sitting-  room and   best   of hotel  service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  W. T. LUCAS, Proprietor  (Associate   Members Can. ..Soc. C. E.)  !. Civil Engineers  R. A. HENDERSON v  B. CI LAND   SURVEYOR  Offiec. next P. O. P. O. Box 1 1  NOTICE  T. J. DeLair has been appointed  ���������my .-agent during my .absence, entitling-.him to collect and ,pay all  uillfc. for me.  ���������W. LYLE.  WANTS  Apply Box 58 Abbotsford B. C.  Single   light wagon.   Must      be  A~ good  cow, fresh, must be   a  ���������good milker, not over $50.  FOR SALE  Apply Box 58 , Abbotsford, B. C.  A f'ne grand piano in excellent  condition. Price $150, 1-2 cash. A  bargain. '^k~^.  ���������:..-':. ���������''[���������'���������        1    '  A   set  of heavy harness,  hand  sown in first class condition. Sacrifice   price $25  A new Williams sewing machine,  almost new, all fittings.   Price $30  Painting, Sign Writing  r j j ^'  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford        ������������������        B.'C  Good Storage Room for  Furniture.  Advertise in The  POST    . ' V;  ABBOTSFORD, B.C.  Leghorns  Pure bred (single comb)  Settirigs can be ob-  fine -saddle horse, quiet  or drive. Cheap.  to  For particulars,    J?v  Apply as above.  i s'i  :,::������m  %-:t-m  :':'&1


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