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 OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE GRAND LOYAL ORDER OF BOOSTERS  Vol. VI., No. 21.  v-    'ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY,   APRIL.   4,1913  $1100 PER YEAR  PUMP GUNS ARE NOW BARRED.  . According Lo the amendments to the  Provincial Game Act made at (.lie Into  session of the   Provincial  legislature,  ��������� "It shall tie unlawful for any person  to use or have, in his possession a  pump or repeating shotgun-of any kind  with' a magazine capable of holding  more than one cartridge, or any automatic shotgun of any kind. Any such  automatic, pump or repeating shotgun  unlawfully found in the possession of  any person may be seized and confiscated by any game-warden, constable,  or peace officer." N ;   ���������  It shall also be unlawful ,for any  resident of the Province to hunt for,  take, or kill any animal or bird, or  to carry firearms of any description,  or airgunsjor traps or other devices  for the purpose of capturing any animal or bird, without first taking out  a license in that behalf." . Licenses  shall be in the form of a badge, the  -.carrying fee for which shall be as  follows "For badge and ordinary  license to carry firearms and hunt  birds and deer, two'dollars and fifty  cents." "For badge and a general  license" to carry firearms and hunt  birds and animals,' five    dollars."  Ordinary ��������� licenses " shall be issued  free of charge to, prospectors having a  free miner's certificate, during the  open season, while actually engaged  jn prospecting,/,. anxL to -farmers, jand-  their sons hunting on the land  on which they, permanently reside.  Members of^the Canadian militia  while carrying rifles on dut or to  temporary visitors who come fox the  purpose of shooting in- clay pigeon  competitions, are also exempt from  the license fees. -    ���������       *  These amendments will undoubtedly  have the effect to abate the dangerous  nuisance of the small boy with the .22  rifle and air-gun.   (  TO ASSIST FARMERS  With a view of assisting the farmers  iirsolccling the best material for their  dairy herds, Mr. Henry Rive and Mi*.  V. Bjorscn are making a tour of the  agricultural districts of the Fraser  Valley. Testing station^ for the purpose of discovering the percentage of  butter fat and other qualities of each  individual animal" thus enabling the  dairymen to. select only such cattle ~s  will give tlie best results, "will be  established at different points. Two  stations at Chilliwack, one in Lajigley  and the other'in Delta, have ben selected.       v /  A competent official will be stationed at each of these testing points  and dairyman desirous of acquiring  statistics "as to the performance of any  animal may bring same there for his  information. Animals not reaching the  required standardrmay th\is be eliminated from the herd.  Mr. Rive is a provincial dairy inspector, while Mr. Bjorsen is a member of the animal health department  at Ottawa at present investigating the  records of pure bred dairy stock in  the -Fraser.-Valley,, dis.trict  .  Register your vote to-day.  It is reported that salt has been discovered 46 milesjfrom Prince Rupert:  H. N. Springer' and R. i. Bryne of  Vancouver have taken a lease of the  Coquahalla Hotel in Hope.  At an expense'of $6500, the Baptists  will build a church in Prince Rupert.  f-  =\  Our Goods are open for  inspection and comparison, quality considered,  with    those   anywhere.  see  or yoursej  ���������liiu.'.'.iijgggag  Electricity is fast becoming a prominent factor in the generating of motive for running large - industries  throughout the country, and more especially, is this apparent in the smaller towns where there is an electric  line in close proximity. In nearly all  cases the growing industries in these  localities do away with the old-time  steam method and adopt electric appliances to drive their various machines.   . ���������  As an instance, of this the Western  Canada Power -Company, whose large  electric plant is -'situated at Stave  Falls on the north bank of the Fraser  River, and who supply nearly the  whole Fraser- Valley ' with light and  power are opening up a sub-station at  Kilgard. From this new station light  will be supplied to this rapidly growing community, as well ' as motive  power for the Kilgard brick works.  The s'cation-'ls" built' on the"'same  lines as the Company's various substations throughout ��������� the Valley, being  of metal sheating with a concrete  floor.  The building at Kilgard is already  completed, with,all the machinery on  the. spot - ready for installation.' On  Wednesday last a number of employes  from the central station at Mission  City with their camp equipment and  other paraphernalia passed through  Abbotsford on,.their way >to put the  'finishing touches to the work and in  the course of a few weeks the juice  will be turned on.  The same company which supply  Abbotsford with light'and power have-  their men busily engaged remodelling the present office here, and in the  course of a few day's a number of new  transformers will be installed to take  the place of the present ones.^which  are becoming inadequate to the increased demand for more light and  power.  GONE,  BUT   NOT  FORGOTEN.  My. Dan McGillivary, well known.in  football circles and who for several  years held a position in the grocery  department of,.the Pioneer Store, left  on Thursday to take up,a similar .position  in   Saskatchewan. \        ���������    \ ���������  "Dan's" genial smile will be missed-  in Abbotsford as he was a prime  favorite with all.  Mr. W. Wells another well known  Abbotsfordite, also left the same day  on'a few weeks vacation to his people  in Alberta.  Mr. Dominy, of Rosedale, will also  join the above two*and 'journey to hjs  old liome on tho Prairie, where he intends to dispose of his iuterests there  and then return to Rosedale where he  has purchased a livery and feed stable  there. He also intends Lo bring some  thoroughbred stock b'ack with him.  Mr. Domiriy knows va good cou'ntVy  when he sees it. .  "Dan" paid a parting .visit to, Mt.  Lehman to bi:l a fond farewell to  friends there before his departure, and  the'showers'-of copious tears shed on  his leaving resembled a-young cipud  burst.  PRESENTATION  SURE  SIGNS  OF  SPRING.  The C. P. R. cleaning up around  the depot.  The Abbotsford and >v Commercial  Hotels getting a fresh coat of paint.  B. J. Gurnaey so industrous he  could not change his adv. in the Post.  A. J. tienderson, "Fergie," and Rube  Thornton out fishing.  J. J. Sparrow 'wearing that smile  that won't come off.  Jack Bates wearing a straw hat.  On  Monday evening,   the  24th,   the  paster, suprintendent aiid teachers of  the   Presbyterian   Sunday   School   of  Abbotsford, met in the home of Mrs.  D. ^Fraser and presented Mr. and Mrs.  Alex. Johnston with a handsome.copy  of the Bible in appreciation of their interest in    the    church    and' Sunday  School.   . During  the  evening refreshments  were  served and a jolly time  enjoyed by all.   Mr. and Mrs. Johnston  leave for Vancouver, where they will  reside in future.  Tennis Meeting  ^  J  A those interested in a Tennis  Club for Abbotsford are cordially  invited"'to attend a Tennis 'Club  meeting to beheld in the sample  rooms in the old Pool Rooms  next to the Abbotsford- Hotel,  on Saturday, April 12th, at 7.30  p.m. sharp. Ladies are especially invited to attend-  \  NQUIREY RE GOAT  During the'past few months the Live  Stock Branch of the Dominion Department rf .Agriculture has been in receipt oi numerous-' inquiries as to  where it might'be possible to purchase  either Angora or Milch goats. It  would appear that in many parts of the  Dominion the demand for these useful  and profitable animals is rapidly developing and that those who at present  have any surplus stock can .find a  ready sale for them if a channel of  communication between supply and  demand is established. Accordingly  as a means of starting aK convenient  Directory of Canadian Breeders of  Angora Goats and Milch Goats, the  Live Stock Commissioner will be  pleased to receive from such breeders  information regarding their respective  flocks covering the following points:  1, Kind and number of goats kept.  2, Usual number for sale each  year.  3, Approxpniately the price asked.  4, If possible a brief statement regarding expenses found necessary and  the returns which-may be expected by  one engaging in raising this class of  stock.  Communications supplying the above  information, should be addressed to  the Live Stock Commissioner, Ottawa,  Out. Such leters do not require postage.  The Abbotsford Trap Cldb held a  very successful meeting on Friday  evening, when Dr. Swift was' elected  president, with Mr. R. Copeland vice-  president and Mr. Geo. Clark, sec  treas. ' '  The treasurer reported a credit bal-,  ance of $32 besides about $20 worth  of pigeons from last year.  It was recided to, move tho. present  traps into town as soon as the necessary arrangements could be*made with  the B. C. E. R.  The membership fee which was last  year $5 has ben .reduced to $1,50 for  this year,' while-targets will-be lcent  each. f"Mr. Alanson stated he would  provide'members of'the club with' ammunition at wholesale prices.  The first shoot of the season will  be held on .Saturday next and all are  invited  to  attend.  A letter was received from the Vancouver' GurwCliib" as'kliig'the'cri-opera-*  tion of this club in forming an Inter-.  Club .Team   Shoot   with-the   various  cities throughout the province' which  possess a gun club.   All- clubs to shoot  on  the same day    and.the     highest  scores sent by    wire to headquarters.  The   rules  and   regulations   would ��������� be  defined  later if the. club declared  to  "join.  It was decided to join this association, and the secretary was instructed  to get the details.  BUILDING ACTIVITIES  KEEPING PACE  Mr. F. Kickbush; of the Customs  department, is now in charge of the  Customs office at Upper Sumas, Mr.  Ruthig, the former officer having resigned. Mr. Ruthig intends moving  >back to Abbotsford.  Messrs. Henderson & Taylor's surveyors were engaged Wednesday in  getting the proper grades, levels, etc.,  for the construction of the Gazley  block on Essendale avenue, an account  of which appeared in these columns  recently .  Mr. J. A. McGowan is erecting a  fine dwelling on the Yale read a short  distance from Abbotsford.. When completed the building will bo occupied  by Mr. Blair and family, the recently  arrived ladies' and gents' tailor.  Mr. Gillon is erecting a handsome  bungalow outside of tovn hi th<? Y<������?������  road.  The bungalow recently erected on  Grand Boulevard for Messrs. Liddell  and Morrison is now completed with,  the exception of a few artistic interior  decorations which these gentlemen  claim they will soon possess if they  have to beg, borrow or steal them from  their numerous lady friends. In the  meantime a house warming will be  held on Saturday night when the new  householders will give a correct  demonstration of the meaning of the  word "hosts."  The PionecJ1 Store has just received  a choice selection of spring goods for  ladies, including silks, ginghams, and  other attractions dear to the feminine  heart.  Mr. T. Sutherby, of Ladner, visited  Abbotsford this wek.  ami������a������������iMMMiiM������i������ii������iM������mK^jm^Utt^^  tmmmmmmmimmwm fcfeE AfeBOTSFQRb POST,       ABBOTSfrOfcD, B. C,  THE ABBOTSFORD POST.  Published Every Friday by The Post Publishing Company.  '      A weekly Journal devoted to the interests of Abbotsford and  surrounding district.  Advertising rales made known on application.     ,  LEG'YL ADVERTISING--^ cents per line for first insertion,  and S cents a line for all,subsequent consecutive insertions.  "���������  Our ShibbolcUi-Neithor for nor agin the government.  Friday, April 4, 1913  Have you registered that vote yet?  It might be  worth money to you.  The general financial head of the  United States has passed away, leaving thousands of dollars for some .one  else to finance better or worse for the  community. It would be a good idea  for us poor fellows if all the money  reverted back to the government above  a certain amount and to be spent in  building roads and bridges throughout  the country. Some day the same would  happen when some British Columbian  millionaire passed away, if that were  also law in this country. But then in  the meantime there is a whole lot of  work and thinking in many of us yet.  whose mission it was to teach the  science of business and city building  to all parts of the British Empire  ;nt?  besides  a  number  of  carcases. .  The supply of eggs has been very  noticeably    decreased,    butter,  ever, in the same department still remains steady in both supply, and 'demand.   The market was attended by a  splendid array of shippers this morning and  all   household,   commodities,  flowers  and    foodstuffs    met with  a  brisk demand.    The supply  of meats  was somewhat .larger although prices  were seemingly  not affected.    In all  departments  the proximity  of  spring  was noticeable, more fresh meats", less  eggs and  poultry, and  the supply of  greens  and  fresh fish, heralding the  arrival   of   springtide.     Cut   flowers,  rose bushes, bedding pansies and wall-  These words mean different things to different peo-  .. pie    Takentogether they will, in a measure,  .   describe for all the.people- the quality of    .  His first contention was that a city.������ flowers and seed potatoes also spoke  posed not of houses but men.j this fact aiid the demand for the produce  in   its     briskness    recalled   the  markets of the middle months.  A good supply    of    duck  eggs for  hatching purposes were offered at 50  and  75   cents,   respectively,   and   buy-  were found at both prices.   An un-  cessfully  lis   citizens,  weak   cities  ���������     (From Fraser Valley Record)  In regard to the lighting of the town  there is no person laying any blame  to;-the Western Canada Power Company, because the light is in darkness.  The committee having the matter in  hand asked the company to turn off  the lights that is the reason why they  we're turned off. It is generally understood that the'lights would still be)THE  burning if tlie committee had delayed  instructions.  There is however, no blame attached  to the committee as this paper believes  they.were acting as the majority of  the people thought was right, but did  not see where the money was coming  from/ The committee were not authorized by any power to keep the  lights on when it was not known how  they were to be paid for.  The fault all lies in the fact that a  bill was not made law at the last session to enable the provincial assessors  of the town and other unorganized dis-  , tricts  of  the  . province    where  light  could be had to pay for it in this way.  Of course it was an oversight, there  is  but. little  doubt,  unless  it  be the  fact  that  the  provincial   government  are asking us  in this manner  to  incorporate.   But then they are treating  us so'well in respect to building streets'  and  sidewalks- in  the  town that the  majority  of  the  property holders  do  not feel like incorporation f-.t the present time. 1  There are many little towns in the  province���������several in the Fraser valley,  placed in exactly the same position  as Mission City���������too young for incorporation, but yet needing all the requirements and conveniences that  would be forthcoming if they were in  the proper position to incorporate.  v/us L.oinp  and that in order to build a city suc-  it was necessary to build up  "Build weak men and  would result; crooked  men' and a crooked city will follow.  The value of a citizen to his city was  not to be measured by what-he spoke  or did, or by his reputation, but by his  character. To build up a man attention must be given to physical development, for, though the body was not as  important as the brain, well developed  physical powers. And greater .than  ���������jither body or brain was the soul."  The great thing to do, continued the  speaker, was to, find out the point in  which each citizen was lacking and  put that right. Often a small change  would mean the difference between  the failure and the successful man.  The self-reliant man so far from being  afraid of obstacles, welcomed them as  opportunities of showing his power to  overcome them. All that cities needed  to become better cities, greater cities,  was more-'men, better men, and they  mus^t strive to see that they were  building such men in'Victoria.  Get that cash discount of 10 per cent on ..Harness.  B. J. GERNAEY,   Abbotsford, B. C.  SMALLEST      COUNTRY  THIS   GLOBE  OF  OURS  ON  a  heads.  TO    BUILD  A    CITY    BUILD  CITIZEN  THE  London, March 17���������The newest of all  Europeans countries js far and away  the tiniest. Its name is Mount Athos,  and it only came into existence a week  or two ago, when the ambassadors of  the Powers decided that, however else  the Balqan question is settled, Mount  Athos is to be an independent holy republic.  It is a mountain twice as high as  Ben Nevis, near Salonika, and is certainly unique among the countries of  Europe in the fact that no woman has  set foot in it for five centuries. When,  some years ago, the Queen of Rou-  mania announced her intention of visiting it, the rulers of the holy mountain threatened to commit suicide if  she persisted.  The new republic, which has a little  seacoast of its own, holds another  record. .It is the only state in Europe  who national income is obtained solely  by selling cruscifixes, rosaries, amulets, and similar holy objects. As  Mount Athos contains 21 monasteries,  the export is quite a large one.  The least known o,f the other pocket  countries of Europe is San Marino, in  the heart of Italy.     It also is a mountain, surrounded on three sides by perpendicular cliffs.     It possesses nearly  J.00  castles  with  an  army  of  about  one man  to  each castle.      The  last  :me San Marino was at war was when  one  general  and    23  men t solemnly  marched out to assist Napoleon, who  received    them      with    full    military  honors.  A    little    principality    in    Austria,  Liechtenstein, has nominally been at  with Prussia ever since 1866  ers  usual number of squabs and pigeons  were offered for salt; at 00c a pair and  met with a mediocre demand at that  price. Chickens wore more scarce  although the prices in this department  remained the same, as iast week.  Although the supply of apples were  not lurge, several boxes . changed  rands at. prices ranging from $1 to  $1.25, some securing the latter figure.  In the vegetable department prices  uf potatoes remained stationery at  from $S to $12 a ton, seed potatoes  selling for $10.' A supply of fresh,  early lettuce was offered at $ L.25  box, containing about 30  Flowers were especially increased in  supply this morning, cut narcissus  selling at 25c a dozen, cut tulips 25c a  dozen, and cut carnations at 40c a  dozen, were offered in abundance. For  rhe first time this year bedding plants  pansies and wallflowers, were offered  for sale at six plants for 25c respectively.  The  following prices  were quoted:  The Prices.  Eggs, retail, dozen   30c  Eggs, wholesale  23c to 2bc  Eggs, duck, per dozen   35c to 40c  Chickens, per dozen .������12 to $13  Pullets,- per dozen  $12 to $15  'Young birds, per dozen  $6 to $8  Broilers, per dozen  $4 to $b  Poultry, live weight   20c to 23c  Ducks, per doz. '""  '  rior   1h     jtc    lw  3Gc  ^ Abbotsford  Livery, Feed and Sales Stables  When you require a comfortable rig;  one that feels good and looks good;  ring up  CURRIE ��������� & McKENZIE  President, Chas. Hill-four Secretary, S. A. Morley  of Abbotsford, B. C.  Meeting Held First Monday of Each Month  Write the secretary regarding manufacturing sites.  withUnexcelled shipping facilities and cheap power  in   or information regarding the farm and fruit lands ot  | the district, and industries already established.        J)  ���������_  $12 to $24  Ducks, per lb  20c to 22c  Poultry, dressed', per lb.......... 3Gc  Turkey, per lb. live weight.. 33c to 35c  Geese, per lb. live weight..'.. 20c to 23c  Turkey, dressed, per lb 40c  Geese, dressed, per lb..... 23c to 25c  Vegetables.  Potatoes, ton   $9 to $12  Beets, per sack 75c  Carrots, per sack 75c  Parsnips   $1':00  Cabbage, wholesale, per lb 3c  Cabbage, per head 10c to 15c  Onions, per sack $1.25  Celery, per crate ..-  $1.50  Turnips, per sack 75c  Small Fruits.  Apples, per "box  $1 to $1.25  Apples,  5  lbs 25c  Pears, per box  $1.00  Eggs and Butter  Duck eggs, per dozen  60c  Thoroughbred white Plymouth Rock  Cockerels. None better anywhere  and the prices are right.  Eggs for Hatching from the above  strain at reasonable prices.  war  At  Some thirty-five members of the  Victoria Progressive Club met at the  weenly lunch at the Balmoral ��������� yesterday to, listen to an address on the  Science of City Building from Mr.  James Wood Pogue. Mr. L.. P. Mac j  lean, the president of the club, was in  the chair, and after a few words from  Air. J. L. Beck with, introduced Mr.  Pogue as the field manager and director cf the Sheldon School of Business  Pi-Vding of the British Empire'.  Mr. Pogue described himself as the  child of an Irish father and a Scotch  mother,    an    American    Anglo-Saxon,  any rate, peace has never been made.  EGG   SUPPLY   SMALLER.  With the diminishing supply of eggs  on the market, caused, it is said, by  the reservation of eggs for hatching  purposes and the cessation of the importation of the commodity from the  States, a strong tendency to, strengthen was noticed in the price of eggs at  the weekly market this last week,  and some of the farmers exp'ress the  opinion that the price of 35 cents per  dozen would prevail next week. Cut  flowers, seed potatoes, fresh lettuce,  also featured on the market this morn-  Young birds, per dozen $6 to $8  Butter, retail, per lb  35c to 40c  Honey, per comb :. 25c  Wholesale Meat.  Pork, per lb 13c to 13%c  Lamb, per lb ~ 12 l-2c  Mutton, per lb '. 12%c to 13c  Retail Meats.  Beef,'best rib roasts     20c-to 22c  Beef, loin  ...............  26c to 27c  Beef, round steak .... 20c to 25c  Boiling beef '....'    ..........   14c  Beef, short loin  .    28c  Beef, post roast  ................  18c  Pork  20c to 25c  Mutton ........      20c to 22 l-2c  Sugar cured corned pork........ on"  Homemade pork sausagge, lb  Salted pigs' head; lb.................  Pickled pigs' shanks, lb.   Pickled pigs' shanks, lb .......15c  Sugar cured hogs' heads, lb  Sugar cured corned beef,  Pure lard... .j .....  Sugar cured bacon   Fish.  Salmon, cohoes  i5c; 2 for 25c  Steelhead salmon, per lb. . 1Kn  lb.  20c  20 c  ..8c  10c  8c  .15c  .15c  .20c  T  9 1   X&/T _���������?  15c  15c  Sturgeon i -~~  Halibut..... ..10c  Smelts .......10c  Oolichans, per lb. :....'. l'Oc  Cod, per lb.  10c.  Herring, 31bs. 25c  Sole ......:.. '.........10c  Salmon, frozen, per lb  15c  Halibut, per lb  12 l-2c  Herring, 3 lbs. ...:..  25c  Spring salmon, red, lb 20c  Spring salmon, white, lb..... 15c  t  en's  Practical Ladies' and  Tailors  will open temporary premises next door to Livery  Barn April 1st:    Trial order solicited, x  Satisfaction, guaranteed.   Pressing. I  and Repairing done ��������� I  ,m  M  m  h  M  I  1  if  si  9\  m  mmmwmmMmmm  ;r*T?S^^ Ml   ',  ��������� A-;'���������":���������  M& ������fcfetfi?Sft6M> fbSlY    ABfiOT9F6RDi b c;  i   : i :��������� -    ' ��������� '. p'  We have just received a complete  collection of the very latest designs  ; and shades in Suitings,1 Trouserings  and Spring and Fall Overcoatings,  etc., for.-Made-to-measure Clothes.  As Easter comes early this  year,  we  would urge you to  call   and  make your  selection as soon as possible so as to make  J   sure of the pattern of your choice.  Abbotsford  ���������,^^.|..}^.|^������^������^������{.������$^������{������������^J������������i^^������4,^^^^^'^*M**W-,*W  .. VI EL* JT\ v^i/���������\  wwm���������n.jwimtiuiM mimmi  <- i  IIW������llMWU������^lgJ������IU'UBIW>MUB������lXIOBUUm������lBiiml  Q83B:  IV  ������������SB;  j Mcelroy & Co  LIQUORS,   WINES;AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  Con Essendene Ave. and Oscar St.,  ���������snronararaes^a^^ 'MOumimimMMM  mmwutiwn  ABBOTSFORD, B. CI  Strictly first-class in every respect.    The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  RATES,  $1.50 TO  $2.00  PER  DAY  A.J, HENDERSON & SONS PROPRIETORS  Pork, Mutton, ]teef, Veal, Pork Sausages, ������ Weinies  and Balogna always on hand.     Fish every Thursday  UARROM    RDAC    STRAYED-To my place,   a Grade  rlAKK^IN    DRUD.     Jftrsey He,fer)    about      seven  Maimers and Funeral Directors    months old, on  December ist.  Vancouver, Office  and  chapel-���������      Owner can claim aamJe ..by ,pay-  1-034 Granville St.,     Phone 3486     ing for notice and board.   G. C.  Worth Vancouver,        Office     and     Kenney, VA  mile  east, ������������������%���������   mile  'Chapter-lie' tad'-St. Phone 13 i.     ���������'north of Vye Station,  Vt.jTiT.-j..?'"  f-jflt ...(-10'-   Sf��������� ������������������^,-���������.���������"!������r/uni.i TV-l.'fii. ���������. VJS-i?*������o  ������������������*. '-������  STBMLujiiji.,  ���������*&���������* ii  ,'-n(        Til ���������TfiE ABfeOTSFORD POSt,  as:  I.UItTH���������Oil  March  81,  1913,  1.0 Mr,  and Mrs. .Chas. 13. Hill-Tout, ii d'aught-  o  Mr. Waller,, ol" Peardonville did a  hind oflicc business in Abbotsford last  week m the insurance line.  Mr. Roberts, formerly of Peurdon-  vi'lle, has opened up a Plumbing shop  in the old creamery building and expect, to do a thriving business.  Logging operations are becoming  active on Beaver River, a logging locomotive and a,car load ,of ties passed  through Abbotsford bound for that  locality.  Mrs. B. 'MclSlroy has returned from  visiting her mother, Mrs. McCrusker  in Seattle. Mrs. McCrusker accompanied her daughter back and will  enjoy the splendid climate around  Abbotsford for a few weeks.  No bread, no matter how perfec  is too good for your family,  product is as nearly-perfect, as  be made.   Try.it  t  ������*:  a  ALBERT LEE,  The Abbotsford Baker  ���������SB3^"  Messrs. Blair & Son,- the ladies' and  gents' tailors have opened up their  new store and from the numerous  orders already ��������� received expect to be  kept busy.  Mrs. Thomas, accompanied by her  sister. Miss Messick, were Sumas  visitors Wednesday.  ���������  Miss  Zeagler  spent  the' week  end  with friends in Vancouver.  Lloyd Vanetta is convalescent after  a severe attack of typhoid.   :       \  Mr.' J. Turner of Vancouver, has  been appointed by the B. C. Lumber  Association as weighing inspector for  Abbotsford, and commenced his duties  immediately.  THE WELL ASSORTED  You will requice various garden implements  to assist you in in beautifying your home.  We have a large stock of implements  [to choose  from and you will  find the prices right  PAINTS  OILS  VARNISHES  Hardware and Furniture  Little Miss Clark entertained a  number,of her young friends on her  fifth, birthday.  Mr.' Lee, the Abbotsford. baker expects, to be in.his new premises by  next Monday. The building is all-completed, but the delay was caused by  the glass ordered for the front  windows not being the right demen-  sion.  trial order will convince you/that  we have the right goods at  THE RIGHT PRICES  Essendene Ave.  Up-to-date Grocers-  Abbotsford. B.C.  FOR SAALB���������5 young milch cows to  freshen from, the 27th of this  month. Apply to R. OWEN, one  mile south of B. C. E. R., Mount  Lehman.  NOTICE.  APPLES FOR SALE.  m BREWERS' DRIED GRAINS  Cheaper, better than Bran   Order from   No.  1  N.  Spies/per box....: $1.25  Russets, per box ...?.:'." .���������  1.25  B. Davis, per box  1.00'  Kindly leave your order with Geo.  Q. Clark, and they will be delivered  to any address in Abbotsford.  '  McNABB. &   GELLETT.  Miss O'Sullivan, the popular teacher  of the Peardonville school, spent the  Easter holidays with friends in Vancouver.  H. Windebank, Mission City, B.C.   J.J. Sparrow, Abbotsford, B.C.  Byiider and Contractor  Estimates Given Free  i*  Phone Connection ,     Mission City  Sir.-Broderick and family, formerly  or Vancouver, are now residing in  Peardonville, on the property known  as the Roberts Place.  Mrs. Clarkson and daughter, of  Chilliwack, Avere the guests of Mr. and  Mrs. W. L. Campbell.  Miss Clara Fadden and-Miss Gladys  Fowler, of Sumas, were the guests of  Mrs. 'Davenport on Wednesday last.  PROFIT   IN   KINDNESS.  Speak to a Cow As You  Would to  a  Lady.  Too few breders and dairy farmers give the needed recognition to the  basis on which the dairy industry is  founded���������the motherhood of the animal furnishing the milk. One of the  most successful of the early "Wisconsin  dairymen had for his motto, "Speak  to a cow as you would to a lady;" and  when he was asked if he removed his  hat when entering the stable door in  the morning, he replied that he certainly would if he could get more milk  thereby, writes a contributor to Farm  and Home.  What owner, especially in''testing,  has not noticed that some one of his  milkers are liable to get more milk  from the cows than were the other  milkers. It is the personal equation  the regard the cow has for her attendant, that gives hand milking an advantage over the, machine; and the  more nearly the cow has adopted her  milker in, the place of her calf, the  greater will be his success as a milker.  There is usually a vast difference in  results between the milker who gets  a cow into position by pushing the leg  of the stool into her flank and then  kicks her on the shin to make her  step back, and the one, who gains the  same end with , patience and gentleness. Who can blame the cow for  ���������wanting to kick, the first man?  Aside from the knowledge of how  to feed in general and the study of  the special wants of the individual  cows, to attain the greatest success  a man must win the affection of the  cows. Some will say that this cannot  be done. But if the calf and growing  yearling is treated gently and kindly,  and then is stabled and handled before freshening like a cow, there will  be no such thing, as breaking the heifer  to milk; she will take it as the regular  thing.  SCHEDULE PROVINCIAL ELECTIONS  ACT.  ' Notice is hereby given ^hat the List  of Voters for the- Chilliwack Electoral  District has been cancelled and that  applications to be placed on the Voters' List will be received at my office  at Chilliwack, B. C,, where printed  forms of affidavit to be used in support  of an application to vote will be supplied. The list of persons claiming to  vote -will be suspended from and after the seventh day of April, 1913, and a  Court of Revision will be held on the  nineteenth day of May, 1913, and no-  lice of objections to the insertion of  any name on the Register of Voters  must be given to me thirty clear days  before the holding of the Court oi Revision.  Dated this 3rd day of March, 1913.  JUSTINIAN PELLY,  Registrar of Voters for the Chilliwack  Electoral District.  If you want the best in  House Painting Paper Hanging  Kalsoming and   Graining  and Carriage Painting  go to  ABBOTSFORD DECORATING Co  W. Davey, Manager  Workshop in rear of S. KravoskiY  Blacksmith Shop.  atsqui   Hotel  MISSION   CITY, B.C.  This hoteh makes a specialty of  . home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers.     Comfortable  sitting-  room and   best of  hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWITT, Proprietor  FOR SALE.���������Eggs for hatching.  White Wyandottes, prize winners at  all the local .exhibitions; also a few  choice pullets and cockerels. Apply  C. B. HILL TOUT.   P.O. Box 63.  E. O. Brandage  Painter and Decorator  City Blacksmith. Shop and Carriage Building  S.  KRAVOSKI PROPRIETOR  For Horseshoeing, General Blacksmithing,"  Wagon-Making  and   Repairing,   Carriage  building   and   Expert  Carriage Painting  If you want any artistic work in  Painting, Paperhanging and Dec-  orating give us a call.  Practical work  at practical prices  Gladys Ave.  Abbotsford  Henderson &  (Associate   Members Can.  Soe. C. E.)  'Civil Engineers  R.A.HENDERSON  B. C. LAND   SURVEYOR  Office, next P. O. P. O.Bo*l I  mnmrnmammm  ������������������^^


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