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Western Clarion Jan 18, 1908

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Vancouver, British Co*ijn^'Saturday, January 18, 1908.
4ufeMriptiou iric*  «■ Aft
r» vM.      11.09
i of j|t Rank and fie Sees fit to <*Kttion the Attftude of
Ccttain Leader, and Critidie Their AMNty to Voice the
»r Clarion.
tike    United    MId*    Workers'
brnal of Dec. l»th, a whole column
[ the front page la given over to a
IpUoo of the    eighth    annuel
ser of tho National Civic Feder-
In New York City.    We are
»rae4 that    the    gathering was
ipoeed of financiers, employers,
leaders, publicists and  other
slnent ritlaeus."
kawng the assembled  diners we
told    were   Andrew    Carnegie.
Eliot of   Harvard   University.
in Mitchell. Pros. U. M. W. of A..
Samuel Gompers of the A. F.
I have selected   these   four
not to criticise the   (act   that
fraternised around the banquet
rd. although I do not deem It ad-
or appropriate, hut to show
neither John Mitchell nor 8am-
|Gomp*n proved himself capable
(vacating labor's cause la that
|lo environment.
rlah to be distinctly understood
tiding no animosity to either.
guided solely by a desire to
iHkm workers to a realisation of
that It Is folly to hold to the
iMllty of "Labor leaders," and
Implicitly In   their knowledge
marked the graves of its martyr*,
but the obscurity of the past does
not dim their valorous deeds, nor
minimise the grandeur of their devotion, It does not Impeach their
fidelity, and It bears testimony to
their determination to be free. This
they left us for our Inspiration, a
glorious legacy this, and their unfinished task.
"Their memory, let It be to us a
guiding  light."
They failed.    Why?
Because they did not realize the
nature of the struggle.
Do we?    If not, we should wlth-
cesslty oMfferlng ourselves for sale
In the market place, as we are compelled to do today, because unlike |out Paw,on "* prejudice Investigate
the dealers In other commodities we jBnd on the *>toco're"'r of facta be
cannot separate ourselves from our jDreP»ped t0 "knowledge them and
labor-power. .be sulded by them.
Are the following facts?
1. That owing to improved machinery the discrepancy between
jobs and workers is continually becoming greater.
2. That the workers of this continent are In competition with the
workers of every country    on    the
Mr. Gompers "took exception to
President Ellots classification of a
labor anion as a commercial organisation." 1 cannot for the life of me
see why he did so, or how he felt
Justified In thinking "that as far as'
labor was concerned the term was a
face of the globe;    and
The indlvldauls who comprise the
steel  trust are surely  no  leas men I
than we, for Instance, who comprise
the  United   Mine    Workers of Am-1
erica.   There Is hardly a dissentient j
opinion as to the trust  being born j
of economic necessity,    and for the te the mm*}MTy ot Production that
specific purpose of eliminating com- i
petition In aa great a degree as pos- !^e'
Bible, in order that It might realise
the eichange value of the commodl
the rapid
transportation nowadays, makes it
necessary for us to take this into
consideration in our industrial ambitions.
3.    That In  the final analysis it
organises the workers and that no
on earth can assemble more
men around it than is needed for its
often starvation to win on the economic Held.
7. That (Dan. De Loon and I. W.
W. to the contrary) we do not
possess economic power because the
employing class owns the means of
production which we must us* to
8. That with the concentration of
capital it is absolutely Impossible to
wrest concessions from modern employing Industries.
t. That we are dealing in a commodity that Is a drug on the market and we must abolish the market.
Some Reflections Upon the Happy Manm* in Which Capitalist
Production Turns Out Ms Prolific Grist of Wealth for the
few and Poverty for the Many.
In the Montreal Star for Jan. 1st era as enlightened charity dreading
Here la where Mr. Gompers dls-.*0" wHI fl»d lf *«» ■*»«* «»«gently 'no evll
played bis ignorance of what a trade enough, three plain unvarnished
union is. Scab-hero Eliot was,ul«": here "»** are briefly;
right, the trade union Is "a com-| London, Dec. 26—Thirty thou-
merclal organisation" and every *** Person* are in want, and many
mother's son of us who belong to*,"* homeless and hundreds are starv-
trade union la a merchant—a two-,,n« ln Sunderland aa a result of
legged peddler of a commodity. Jrtoppage or curtailment of the ship-
There Is no use In our balking at the P|nK industry.
of them might see good to
it.    There    It is as j
4.    That as a result In times of
prosperity"   when   trade  is  active,
Igment.   Far be It from me to j is enabled to. as it
any ulterior motive to eltb-j finger on the pulse
ha Mitchell or Samuel Oomp-
it I will Insist that tho   reattributed   to  our   president
ko synopsis of Mr.    Gompers'
would  not stand the crltl-
our friend scab-hero Eliot.
. unscrupulous   exploiter of
rthe philanthropic (?)  Osme
tics In which It deals.    The opera
lion of thia Industry on a gigantic! **»-•—«» —■»» —w .» -v....^
scale enables it to produce much *ai mucn Production Is carried on,
more cheaply than In the hands of ;our organisations become strong and
a number of Independent and dla- ,««ressive; when dull times succeed,
connected producers; further, when lM they do> we have a consequent
It approaches the monopoly stage it i<»ecren»e «n our membership and an
were, keep Its 1'ncreaae in the    unemployed,    who
of the world's 'threaten our efforts to improve our
market; and so regulate Its produc- conditions.
Mitchell says that "ten men
and talked—operators
men to men." The
were men undoubtedly.
on the workers. In the con-
to which ho refers; and 1
doubt that there were good
both sides, that they belly to inch other,
compliments about, and
icosaafal effort In compro-
totae points to the estent
off an Industrial conflict
have mad* It uneomfort-
• citltens of not only
but other places. But
la hero, although Mr. Mlt-
quoted aa saying so
there were "sides" In
- operators and
They talked—about what?
hedaess about the condl-
which the workers would
that, which the operators
tho production of coal —
,y to dig and handle the
for shipment—the labor,
the nvhae workers. There-
conference was a bargaln-
u the representatives of
on the one hand, and
lors on tho other. The
dickered about, or trad-
not manhood, but a com-
•Labor-power. They met as
buyer respectively of it.
is to me that the sooner
ourselves to recognise and
it the better It will be for
wore useless, nay It were
| to shut our eyes and soy
ot see. It Is hard no doubt
that as workers we are
but It Is tho truth nover-
aad the realisation of it
a clearer conception of the
against which we have to
and enables us to deter-
kisi with scientific accuracy the line
•Wit 'which we must move to reach
• SIMM where we can he productive
▼Mfctts without the degrading ne-
5. That the legislative, executive,
Judicial and police departments of
the governments are against us.
We are face to face with repressive
legislation, Injunctions, bludgeons,
rifles, bayonets, bull-pens.
6. That we must face hunger and
The Dawn of freedom's Moraine WX
the Profit System and Make of the Slave a Man.
tion as to make the supply about
adequate to the market's demands.
When we take Into consideration
what a factor this Is in the regulation of prices, we see what an advantage an Industry under trust organisation has over the industrial
organisations which preceded it, and
whose demonstrated Inefficiency
brought It Into being.
Now, what of the labor union?
To what end was It organised? To
what extent Is It successful? Is it
not true that the labor union too Is
the result of economic pressure?
The workers, by virtue of the competition obtaining among them (where
each one governed by hla or her
Immediate circumstances were compelled to accept the conditions laid
down by the employer, and submit to
horribly long hours and meagre
pay I were forced to combine, as
many aa possible, In an effort to restrict competition among them-
selves, and by acting in concert to militant organlatlson of the West.
embarrass the employer or employ- j whose battle-cry Is the emancipation
era. and wrest concessions from him W «he working class.
or them. In the matter of decreased | The brutality and Infamy of cor-
hours or Increased wages, or both, j"™1* might In the Coeur d'Alenes
less isbor-power    for a given  mining district of Idaho more than
! fifteen  years ago, brought  together
Then the labor union is a combl- jthe local unions of miners through-
nation of  workers for the purpose jout the metal regions of the West
into a federation that has scorned
to yield mute obedience to the die-
turns of a master class.
recognition of
plain as day. We are mannfactur- lty Is face to face with a very serf
era of Labor-power, and, like all oth- Jons problem, in connection with the
er maanfactarers. if we cannot din-' supply of food to thousands of vlr-
pose of onr product we go to the tually starving children attending
wall; this. In the case of the work- the primary schools in Berlin, whose
logman, means to his grave. As is numbers have been greatly augment-
the case with all manufacturers the ed this year in consequence of In-
cost of production Is his xero, so too dustrial inactivity. ... No fewer
with the laborer's when he has to than 11,947 children attended school,
dispose of bis commodity below Its In most cases without breakfast,
cost of production, he takes up his and in all cases without prospect of
residence In the cemetery. He Is at obtaining a mid-day meal at home,
a disadvantage too in that his is a I As Blatchford says concerning a
very perishable commodity and newspaper clipping he had occasion
when It perishes so does be. to write    about;    "These are bald
keep alive."
We shall, however, be better able
to prescribe a remedy when we understand the cause.
What is all this distress attributable to, according to' the writer of
the article I am quoting from? "The
„   „ „     „,_ , ,    .  .amazing decline in shipbuilding, ow-
Berlln, Dec.  26.-The municipal- ^ t0 ^ ^ prlc<( of ^    ^
If these are facts, and I believe
they are, we have absolutely nothing to gain by Ignoring them; it is
a duty we owe ourselves to take
cognisance of them.
Labor is enslaved because labor
has not access to the means by which
It must live. The present form of
property ownership divides them.
That ownership the State guarantees
to perpetuate with all the forces at
Ita command. Then the State must
be the point of attack for the workers.    It Is within reach in thia Do-
(Cootinucd on page four)
facts, told in bald language; the
reporter does not pause to moralise
nor trouble to arrange." But there
is another yet; A man forty years
old took off his shoes and broke the
windows of a police station recently for the purpose of getting into
Jail for the winter. This Is from
the editorial columns where moralising Is permitted. "We can hardly
claim the term Christian utll we j
have dealt with this problem."
steel and over-production. Some
blame the raising of the Plimsoll
mark as a contributory cause." There
ft Is, ln Its bare hidiousness. Some
one has said that "He is a benefactor
to the human race who will mak*
two stalks of corn grow where one
j grew before." This Is a sophistry,
j Such a one would be a malefactor.
For look you, my masters, would not
the price of corn go down through
the law of supply and demand, sap-
posing this to be general, i. e., the
doubling of the earth's productive
power; and would we not have from
this cause the same effect as we
have from over-production in any
other commodity. This Plimsoll
mark which old Col. Pllmaoll fought
so long for in the House of Commons, prohibiting captains from
loading their ships too low in the
water having been raised, thereby
Increasing the carrying capacity of
{all vessels at present built, consequently curtailing the immediate demand for more ships, therefore lee-
But concerning the destitute in genlng the worlds work; equivalent
Sunderland I found an article In to making two stalks of corn grow
the Morning Albertan for Jan. 4th, wnere one grew before; thereby pro-
the writer of which had gone to the
trouble of arrangement. Here are
a few of the extracts: Many people
are literally starving, and going for
days without food. Babies are born
[in bare rooms, where the mother's
the Misery of .on,y *•*  ta  the n°°*   Vk*
workhouse Is   crammed.
It Is becoming more apparent day
by day that capitalism throughout
this country Is concentrating its efforts. In the hope that the Western
Federation of Miners may be ultimately destroyed. No labor organisation upon the face of the earth
has withstood the    assaults aa this
I. e
of eliminating competition to as
great an extent as possible among
Its members In any particular calling
or Industry, to the end that they
may* secure for themselves Improved conditions under    which to toil.
The slogan of the federation,
"Labor produces all wealth, and
wealth belongs to the producer there-
decrease hours, and secure higher of," has aroused the fury of ex-
remuneration for their services. | plotters and combinations of legal-
The extent to which it has been Ued pirates have utilised all their
successful has at all times been de- devilish ingenuity in devising ways
termined by the pressure which un- and means by which the federation
employment brought to bear upon .might be slaughtered and laid away
It.   The condition of the labor mark- in the cemetery.    The    battles    in
ly 2,300 unemployed have registered
their names at the offices   of   the
distress committee    and    hundreds
tion of Miners was deathlees.   andlcome every day    ^^ are only a
they spurned the abject slavery of- ^^ for 8k,Ued workmen do not
fered by a Mine Ownera' Assocla- reg,8ter. . . . ,n thi8 duJtr,ct hun-
tlon. They were actuated by the dreds of chlldren are ,olng t0 Khooi
aame spirit that fired the breast of' Uher 8hoel688 or wlth boot, that
the immortal Patrick Henry, who Lfford n0 protectIon trom «,,<!, nin
proclaimed: "Give me liberty orland 8now Many nundreds obtain
give me death." 'practically no food but free meals at
The history of the Colorado out-j^,^, M one 8choo, alone the
rages and the Insults heaped upon head mtetro8l| toid me --ftallv a hun-
brave men who refused to aurren- 'dred chndren had g0M todv dlnner.
der their manhood and Independence j^ and  would  fjsnJTWXBm  a
bite  of supper    until    tomorrow."
.... Said a head teacher of    an-
et marked It for success, or doomed
It to defeat; Its powers of achievement were measured by Its ability
to embarrass the employer
Idaho in 1891-2 and 1899    demonstrated the heroism of the miners of
the West.
Though they were confronted with
Glorious has been the record of j federal injunctions, though they
its efforts, untold the sufferings of were flung behind the walls of foul
those who Inspired It. and led It on and death-breeding bullpens. though
from defeat to victory, and encouraged the membership to press on to
new conquests, or cheered them to
new efforts after some disastrous
defeat; unnumbered and unknown
Its heroes and    Its    heroines;  un-
thelr wives, daughters and mothers
were forced to carry pistols to protect their honor from black libertines, who wore the uniform of the
soldier, yet their allegiance to the
principles of the Western    Federa-
are still fresh In the minds and
hearts of every true man and woman who are yearning for that glad
day when the sunburst of economic
fredom shall abed Its rays upon a
regenerated world.
The federatioa has met the injunction of the court, faced the bullpen and scorned to sacrifice its principles, even when gasing upon the
machines of murder manned by state
militia and federal troops.
The membership of the federation
realises that their cause Is Just and
that Justice muat inevitably prevail.
Corporate might, backed by legislative assemblies, judicial tribunals
and corrupt executives, may win
temporary victories, but a time will
come when insatiable Mammon will
hear the tramp of a mighty. Invincible army, whose Samson strength
will strangle capitalism to death.
It will not be always night for
There will be a morning, when
the sunlight of economic freedom
will dispel the misery of the profit
system and the slave will stand
erect upon hla feet as "the noblest
work of God."—Miners' Magaslne.
other school;: "The distress is In
some cases too terrible to contemplate. This morning for instance I
noticed a girl of seven at breakfast.
It was plain she had had nothing to
eat since school broke up Friday.
She was trembling violently and at
first could eat nothing. At last we
got her to swallow a spoonful or
two of cocoa which gave her
strength to eat."
Oh, the pity of it, comrades; the
pity of it; seven years old and two
days without food; but, heaven and
earth, must this be so, or must we
accept that somewhat savage sarcasm of Carlyle's an an axiomatic
truth and the only way out of the
tangle. "The old Spartans had a
wiser method, and went out, and
hunted down their Uelots, and speared and spitted them when they
grew too numerous. With the Invention of tire arms how much easier'such a hunt. . . The expense
were trifling; nay, the very carcasses would pay for it. Have them
salted and barreled; could you not
victual therewith such Impure papu-
ducing shoeless, trembling, seven-
year-old girls who are so hungry
they cannot eat. In the meanwhile
what think you of these words of
"Ye scurvy politicians who seem to
see the things you see not."
He who helps a child helps humanity." And did not, you
High Priests, Popes and Archbishops, did not your master say; "Suffer the little
children to come unto me" and "inasmuch as ye give it unto one of
these my little ones yon give it
unto me?'"
What do they propose? But I
am reminded here of the State of
Kansas once trying to pass a law
forcing shirt makers to lengthen
shirts some foot more than customary, thereby creating a greater demand for cloth and stimulating
trade, and yet, ridiculous as this may
seem, It Is in strict accordance with
an economic law that he who decreases the social labor-power necessary for the production of a given
article decreases the comfort of the
human family. (True enough under capitalism.—Ed.) Lord Cromer,
tho perpetrator of the Denshawi outrages, has been presented with a
gratuity of 50,000 pounds and a
pension of 900 pounds per annum.
He has been In receipt of a salary
amounting to nearly $800 a week
while ln harness. The German War
Lord has recently been feted at, I
am afraid to say, what cost while
sojourning in England during tho
exposures of Harden; and I read In
the Montreal Herald for Jan. 8th
that, subscriptions ure being taken to
provide funds for a pageant In London which will eclipse any previous
effort in that line, the proceeds going to build a hospital, and the
Local Government Board, of which
the great John BurnB is president,
has promised to look Into the matter, the while babies are born on tho
us Ion uiriffl
every Saturday In tbe
i of too working comb atone
•ft the Offtoo of the Western Clarion,
Block b—ssneat, 16S
Vaneowver, B. O.
fl.fiv FEB ANNUM
Strictly la Advawce.
Yearly subscription cards ln lota
ot five or mora, 75 coats each.
Bundles of 6 or mora copies, for a
period of sot loss than throe months,
at tho rate of ono cent nor copy per
Advertising rates on application.
It yo* rooalvo thia paper, it la paid
la saaklag remittance by cheque,
ofchango most bo added. Address
all communications and make all
orders payable to
Vaneowver, B, C.
to bib   bo
Watch tab label en yoi
a tho
All linotype operators are thorough
Egyptologists, and, therefore, highly proficient in the art of deciphering
hieroglyphics. Place before ono of
them a clay or stone tablet no mat-
tor how ancient, and he will speedily translate the characters upon it
Into aa up-to-date soap advertisement or tho announcmnt of a
"gneat sacrifice sale," as the case
may be. Bnt there is a limit beyond
which ho cannot go. It is possible to
no arrange, or rather, disarrange
dabs of ink upon a sheet of paper as
to reader their intended meaning beyond tho power of the most erudite
antiquarian to determine. In such
ease onr Egyptologist Is up against
It, and the only way out of the difficulty la to requisition the services
ot an astrologer, a palmist or an Inventor, articles not usually kept in
a print shop.
la writing for publication, for
heaven's sake, write plainly. Do
not crowd your lines. Write large
enough to be easily readable. Write
on one side of the paper only.
Illegible copy has probably been
more potent in encouraging profanity than any other satanlc device.
It correspondents will comply with
the above requests they will become
a power for righteousness in the
print shop, against which the wiles
ot Satan cannot prevail.
To those slaves, if there bo such,
who are possessed of a desire to
break the bonds of servitude that
now bind them to tho chariot wheels
of capital, these reports will he invaluable in showing them the magnitude of the task In hand and the
tenacity with which the master
class will hang on to Its privilege
and power to rule and rob them. To
the donkey so long "accustomed to
the lash of exploitation that he believes It absolutely necessary to his
peace and happiness, the doings In
the house will be of little interest.
In fact the leas he reads outside the
capitalist press the better for bis
peace ot mind and the stability of
this most glorious civilisation.
We hope that present readers of
The Clarion will exercise careful
Judgment In the matter of extending
tho circulation of the paper among
those not already Infected with the
revolutionary microbe. The smaller the number of subscribers the less
the expense for paper and postage,
and the less the bother of mailing.
And besides this our conscience
would be sorely troubled were we
in any manner instrumental In stirring the stupid slave into a frame
of mind adverse to that required to
best conserve the interests of his
dearly beloved masters.
To the slave who realises his
chains every move made by his fellows in his and their behalf, is of
the utmost importance. He cannot
keep himself too well posted as to
every move upon the field ot class
war, the struggle between the enslaved working-class and its constitutional enemy, the capitalist class.
They can 111 afford to miss the accounts of the activity of onr three
members In the local house during
the present session. Such of them
as are not already subscribers should
get on our mall list at once. At the
top of column 1, this page, will be
found the information necessary to
enable them to do so.
We hope, however, to be bothered
with as few subs, as possible. It is
a blamed nuisance to have to mail
a large list each week. We run Tbe
Clarion purely for fun. There is no
fun ln too much "work." We bate
it. We were not intended for a
mule.   At least that is our opinion.
Three men were recently haled
Into a Vancouver police court for
having committed the heinous crime
of sleeping In a C. P. box car. It
was learned that one of them came
to the city some two months since
with $48, as the result of his par
ticipation In the recent era of prosperity. Upon this he bad lived for
the two months. When this fabulous
sum had thus been squandered he
had taken to crime as naturally aa
a duck takes to water. He slept In
a box car. Just think of It. A
Canadian Pacific box car; the hard
earned property of God knows how
Socialist papers have as yet at- ™»»y "widows and orphans." Tbe
talned no pronounced    fame   upon magistrate, the Judge, his honor, bis
thia western continent as money
makers. Most of them have so far
boon able to hang on to an exist-
worship, his magnificence, his nobs
or whatever appellation it la good to
use, very properly chided the crim-
oaly by a continual    begging *nal for bis   lavish   expenditure in
blowing In this stupendous sum of
$45 In two months. Also for his
lack of respect for other people's
property. With dne solemnity he
was told he should not sleep on. In,
tor sabs, or soliciting aid from outside sources. This condition of
things speaks volumes for the intelligence of the proverbial "work-
lag ping," who baa tho peculiar fac-
alt* ot giving loyal support to every wound or abont   tho    property of
laotUattoa of capitalist society that others.   As he had none of bis own.
having  recklessly disposed  of  f46,
makes for bis enslavement, while
carefully avoiding any encouragement to such movements as might
threaten to break the chains that
fetter him to hla masters, the capi-
taltsta.   He la a rare bird, this mule,
in two months, It la not clear Just
where he was to sleep nnless he
hung himself up In tbe air. He
probably thought that even the at
motphere was owned    by some one
ranking second to tho ostrich that .other than himself. At any rate he,
buries his bead ln the sand in order ulong with tbe other two villians.
to hide from bis pursuer.   That Js, fot thrty days at hard labor.   In tbe
ho la aa near to being a bird aa it
la possible for a long-eared quadruped to bo.
Tho    Western    Clarion    "bums"
chain gang, that school of repent
ance so wisely    provided    by    his
Christian rulers, may he become con
scious of the enormity of his crime
neither, for subs, or any other as- and firmly resolve to, in future, be
sistanee. Though run nt a heavy less prodigal of the wealth entrusted
loos the publisher conjures forth j to bis care by a wise Providence,
by other moans the necessary end when he has no property of his
"dough" to keep afloat. Whatever own to sleep on, stay awake. The
betides, ho remains content and em- fate of ths arch-criminal should
inently satisfied. His soul is at prove a wholesome warning to
peace so long as the assurance re- j vicious-minded persons that they
mains that the "working plug" Is cannot reasonably hope to escape
quite satisfied to swallow the dope
provided by his masters for the pur-
"British Justice."   Tbe name of the
magistrate is not Jeffries.
of keeping him blind.
With tho next isstte we shall begin publishing reports of doings in
tho local bouse at Victoria. These
reports will deal especially with the
activity of the Socialist members In
their efforts to, aa far as possible,
farther the Interests of the working-
class within the limits of the present wage-slavo system, while at the
same time pointing ont to the slaves
the necessity of overturning that system and asserting their freedom
from its galling bondage.
From every quarter of the land
comes the story of bard times, lack
of employment, and a general depression . i industry that promises
to be long continued and disastrous
ln the extreme. The ruling class la
everywhere confessing Its Impotence
to deal with the problem, by resort-
In^ to the only argument it knows,
the argument of force and repression against the rising tide of dis
content that is inevitable under the
Tbe earth was never more fruitful
than now. The moans ot production
were never so powerful as at present. Never was It a matter of so
little labor to supply the reasonable
and legitimate wants of mankind as
at this particular period In human
history. But not only does- the ruling class stand belpleao In the face
of tbe present conditions, but all the
forces at Its command are used to
prolong the property regime tha '•
alone responsible tor the widespread disaster that Is now making
itself felt throughout the length and
breadth of the earth.
Human society cannot longer feed,
clothe and shelter itself under the
present administration of Industry.
For the past century it has been
living a hand to mouth existence,
even during the best of times. Time
and again has the fever of so-called
prosperity been followed by the ,n*l *re Krouped'
chills of adversity, each succeeding
attack of either being more severe
and exhausting than its predecessor.
The limit of endurance has about
been reached. The capitalist class
Is stuck for a remedy, and It Is not
in its interest to apply on* even If
Human society can escape the misery that afflicts it only by the application of a most drastic remedy.
The present system of property In
the means of production must be
overthrown. Production for profit
must be brought to an end. The resources of the earth and the tools of
production must be made the common or collective property of all the
members of human society and production for the use of ail become the
order of the day.
It is a drastic remedy and one
that can be applied only by the hand
of Labor. This giant that Is paid to
conquer all things is called upon to
apply it.    It Is up to him.
City of New York who are starving
during these glorious capitalist days.
Lest there be a misunderstanding of
this matter it is well to mention that
none of these starving ones live on
Fifth avenue. They are to be found
only in the "warrens of the poor,"
down In tho congested districts
where herd the slaves from whose
blood and sweat is coined tbe pomp
and power of the bargain-counter
thieves who rule tbe city and the
to Mr. Smith! Ho has availed him
self of not ono of thorn. Surely, It
was his business to hav* warned
parliament and maintained hla position Independently of tho Government. Mr. Smith, however, preferred to truckle to the powers, and remained as dumb as a clam, aa motionless aa a statue.
Now ho would endeavor to make
political capital with the constituents
whom he betrayed through tbe very
question where the evidence ot hla
treachery Is most manifest.—Winnipeg Telegram.
•    •••••••
oatmeal? But If It cam* w „
changing oatmeal for a new kilt ,?
trouble would commence V*
featjy exchange by weight or *'■'•
uro would not serve. aftfl m*«-
commodities mentioned ■ h*v. n**°
top inatftlal j„ common .'which «! «
could be used as a basis!?' ^
•Oh. But luckily they ha0vfCOnWrt-
mon an
lve In com-
We have
August Bebel has, owing to ill-
health, been compelled to abandon
his contemplated' trip to the United
States during the coming    summer.
•    •    •
Though brother Capital has little
or no love for brother Labor he has
a healthy appetite for the delicious [
Seven men in the United States
are credited with controlling 75 per
cent ot the railway mileage of the
country and with handling 85 per
cent of the railway earnings of the
seven systems into which their hold- j
These seven men In the order of
their importance, are Morgan, Har-
rlman. Vanderbllt, Hill. Gould, the
Moore brothers, and Frick. This
alignment is In the order of railway
mileage owned and operated by the
several systems; in the order of
earnings the list would read Morgan,
Gould and the Moore brothers.
Out of a total of 225.000 miles of
railroad these seven men dominate
perhaps 170,000 miles. When tbe
average reader traveling fifty miles
or a hundred miles between local
points in his home territory steps to
the ticket window at his local Button and pays for the    bit of card-
make a reasonable guess as to which
of these seven pockets his money Is
destined to reachT
into the m.k*up of .^Z T
thing,   raw mat.ru..    ** £
Thto   ben  give* the „>««„„ £
ponent of all   commodities.   Ho!
ever varied and unlike may h. Z
While the meaaure ot Ralph Smith raw materials entering Into the
has been accurately    taken by the position of any given commodiT'
Telegram no one should be led away labor they all have \b common
with the Idea   that    It   has   been {on the basis of labor   tbey c   *°d
prompted by any consideration  for compared    and     exchanged ^n
tbe working people of Smith's con- »- *   -*  •-••■- ""
stltuency whom he has so basely betrayed. The helghth of his offending Ilea In the fact that he waa
"Liberal In Ottawa."    Had he posed ,    uoiiubwcmuws, wen, exehsn*.. wllh
aa Labor In B. C. for the sake of 'one another according t^ih,. »mou
displaying Tory earmarks In Ottawa, of labor contained in each    Tb!"u
the Telegram    would    undoubtedly known an their
have had a different song to sing. Exchange Value.
Rlph Smith belongs to the type of j    «_d„    ,nAMj,nm.
political  Judo that I. rapidly be- J^sIV™" .   «,rod«*•   •
. _. _a     iUian would be foolish to sin> «„.
coming extinct.   Time    waa   when jftn ^^ „. *h" 'or
such   unscrupulous    worthies could
amount of  labor contained |„ ,,,,
kilt would determine how raueh oat
d- meal should be given i„ „ch
a for It. *T
Commodities, then
flatted     to
Harrlman. Vanderbllt.   Frick.    Hill. J^g ^^ ^ „ „rM |w, |^»» «■» •» '«»»"• «*• ..
capitalist Devil in, without running
serious risk of being exposed In
their Infamy. Economic pressure,
however, haa opened the eyes of too
to make It.    It would pay hitu w
iter to make It himself.
Under    social    production, ho,.
ever,    greater   complexity   pr*?»u«,
(but nevertheless the same retuit u
many worklngmen to longer allow a|ftU .utomat»c«..y     wZL
such political   stool-plegon. to sue- L, reMOB J    g    „ *£
ceasfully  practice    their    nefarious L^ w ^ •
arts.    Henceforth    the    men    who !—.»..„__ „,M.   ,„_ '     "*
Z «"•* for Labor w... have to do so In C^SfsuS^ZLT"   '" *
board stamped by the agent, can hoi They must    come    with fif iS^JZ^X^^
" '     , . .   .     bed Into that place to take aduat-
clean  hands.    Their garb must be of m ^^^ «
free from tbe stench that to peculiar of(en ^^
, .to the political skunks   of   capital. _hl#>h „-. Am:,, _ ,.       '''
The control of a railway today 1. wW *"£*W"T,       I°'
in the hand, of the man who would ^    ^ IttS «H-mM> Ull It. nrkaagk,
control and who owns or holds *he|noMnc^     y#J<  gm|(h, ■' I*** «h»n    its   exchange   rsha
majority ot its stock.   Railway stock
la a merchantable thing—a good
collateral accordingly as the road is
good—and perhaps no president of
any  independent  road    today Is so
When thia superabundanr* i, ,,».
oral Instead of local thr protarttm
of that commodity mtiM lie mruM
or must cease till the prefer i»v*i it
««. attained.    The  normal tendency of
Thus far are we arrived that
hedged about by the Interdlctlona of see  In  society   two classes,  one of ^commodities la to exchang* at ihHr
Ralph Smith, M. P.. is reported to
have made an eloquent speech at
Ottawa on the question of Asiatic
exclusion, which waa punctuated
with applause.
That would be easy for Ralph
Smith. He has a natural gift of
language, and the Astatic exclusion
question has been his platform stock-
in-trade for the last twenty years.
In the provincial politics of British
Columbia Mr. Smith first came Into
prominence through his strong   and «hst which he requires,
eloquent stand on that subject. So
that It could have been no great task
to burnish up some of his old rhetorical weapons for use at Ottawa
law as to claim absolute Immunity
from the raids of the "system" pirate.
Men organising railway systems
Juice (proflt7that Is squeexed from Ihave made raids In order to satlafy
his bones.' tbe,r ambitions for the system. They
organized raids merely to satisfy old
Just to prove that the Inudstrlal grudges  and   personal   feelings  and
depression is over    we beg leave to Jealousies.   They have raided in or-
call attention to the    fact that on der to hold faster to that which they
Jan.    4    the    Baldwin Locomotive
Works of  Philadelphia  Inaugurated
an eight-hour day Instead of a ten-
hour day, with a corresponding reduction in wages.    This affects 15.-
800 employees.
• •    •
A Chicago millionaire, by the
name ot Craw, says that "conditions
are as bad in this country (U. 8.)
as In France before the French
Revolution." Yes, and the historian
of the future will record the fact
that it required a similar blood-letting to right them.
• •    •
As a result of the rent strikes In
New York City some 2,000 families
have secured reductions. If the
workers of the entire city had sense
enough to act together ln the matter
tbey could put the landlord's pipe
out completely. It Is time the workers everywhere ceased to pay' rent
• •    •
The New  York  Times  says  that
250,000 workers are out of employment at present In that city. Being
out of work, their ability to purchase
the necessaries of life may be readily measured by any one who Is familiar with the margin between wages
and the cost of living when the
wage-slave is fortunate enough to
have a Job.
• •     a
The United States Supreme Court
has decided that the Employers'
Liability Act Is unconstitutional
upon the grounds that Congress has
no authority to legislate on the relations between employers and employees. This seem, an eminently
proper decision, and rather emphasizes the fact that slaves have no
rights other than such aa their master, see fit to bestow.
In Munlce, Indiana, a street car
strike is on. The Governor has ordered out tbe militia. Five hundred
"good citizens," largely members of
a gang of pirates known aa the Commercial Club, have been sworn In as
deputies. The "men of God," pious
retainers of the present ruling class,
have lined up for the fray along
with the rest of the scalawags. It
is by no means difficult to determine tbe outcome of that strike.
According to the Secretary ot the
United Hebrew Charities, there are
more than 20,000    children ln the
which exploits, the other of wealth exchange value,    that la, thr labor
that it has produced. which to embodied In them
This  exploitation  to accomplished ;    Now. as we ha*e seen, under th»
in the society   of today-—the cap!- present system the only m*tno<: of
taltot society by means of the wage- acquiring tbe commodHlen one seeds
system, which to the cleverest piece •* by giving something In etefcaar*
of flim-flam ever perpetrated  upon r°r 'hem.    This  Is well  enough if
the producers. In that, while It. to *«>« have something to give, bnt It
all appearances, frees the slave, that ■*» happens that    the vast majority
to, makes of hla person no longer a have nothing tangible <o eirhsaa*
held.   For a doxen years no man has!commodity, a thing    to    be bought 'Their sole-asset   is  their power u>
slept the sleep that might have been and sold. It In reality reduces him ,*bw     Th»*  •«»*<   therefore eiiher
his were he not on the raiding llnejto a condition of yet more degrading *° without the thln«# tbey need or
ot tbe men under the black flag of (servitude  by   making  a  commodity •*■ •*» ,B*lr labor power    UsatBf
rallway     aggression. — Hollls    W. (of his labar^power,  his    very   life- they do a little of both
Field, in Chicago Tribune. energy,   tbas    compelling    him    to j    Lnbor  being thus    n^ured to «
peddle himself piece-meal from mas- commodity exchsngee according to
ter to master In order that he may the laws governing the eirhange ot
exist. commodities      generally      Its   n-
As this making of labor-power a change value Is the labor thai it
commodity to the very essence of the taken to produce it. that u the labor
wage-system. It to necessary to *a- embodied In those thlng» which go
quire somewhat closely Into the na* to make up the laborer's tl*1njt. «•
ture of wealth under Ita aspect as cording to tbe prevalent atandari of
Coaasnodltlew. living.     In  favored    localitiet   th»
There are various ways In which 'Hcr °r tobor-power. wag* »»J
a man may acquire the articles he Anctuate temporarily somewhat
needs. Of these the commonest un- •*•*■ "» «»«hange value, but '■•»
der tbe present system to by rlrcunntaoce attracts to that local-
exchange, that to. by giving some-'"* aellers of labor-power, laborm,
thing that he haa In exchange for w,,h ,ho «■•*«*»>'«* ""*"" "' ■ Wl
Of course
to the normal exchange value.
he might make the things he needa, fcl«hly "civilised" localities, whm
but Individual production Is today ,l,*r* •• over-population and an u*
the exception and social production •»Pi«»T«l problem, the exchange
the rule, so for all    practical    pur- 1n,,n* of tobor-power ha» a conitut
He, If any man, could   display   tbeiposea this method can be disregard- <h>*»*ard temleoo.    o*1"* ,0 "
dangers to which Western Canada
is exposed through Oriental Immigration, in telling sentences.
No man has ever said more on
this subject than Mr. Fmith. and no
man haa ever done less. Before he
was sent to Ottawa he built up an
Impregnable position among the
miners of Nanalmo as a man of
sound convictions on all labor subjects, and particularly on the question of Orientals. He was finally
elected as a Labor-Liberal. In his
case this means that he was labor
in British Columbia, and Liberal In
Ottawa. He has always had bis
weather eye open on the cabinet,
and he has never failed In that dumb
subservience which might win recognition.
The question which now confronts
Mr. Smith is, how he expects to fool
the British Columbia electors by
orating on the dangers of a situation for which he Is as much responsible as anybody, and a great deal
more than most.
Representatives are not supposed
to be mere demagogic talkers, but
occasionally to do something. Politics Is not all words, but action as
well. Ralph Smith, M. P., has sacrificed the bone of character to
grasp the shadow of personal ambition. What magnificent opportunities to educate the people on this
question, one to which be had peculiarly devoted himself, were open
ed.    As an alternative    he    might o«*aupply •» luhor-power, the nrk*
steal what be wants but this Is the '•H" be,ow th* «,*fhan«'  v:,t'*"'   "
sacred and closely guarded privilege •*<l(",flt'y the
standard of IHW *
of tbe exploiters, and the practice lowered and we have a new a
nd low
of the art by anyone not licenced so *r "change value for l*l«»r po««
to do leadeth to the house that Is B#,ow wh,ch ,h" |,r,ce U B",ln ,.,
hard to get out of. «*» *■««' » In* beautiful step ■•■
Therefore,   the    method  of    ex- «*r of •***«•«« hl«hl> «r»"f>ln' '"
change is deservedly the moat pop- ,h" •«P»r»r.    M  «» ,,v    n0 ""'*
ular and an article that to produced ,«»«*««-y that    the    laborer sn
for exchange Is a commodity. jlrecelve even the actual ■i^*T|(,
ira »r*
Primitive man barters one
modify for another, civilised man
Mil. hi. commodity and buy. the
one he need.. Actually there to little
difference. He exchanges the commodity for money which i. Jj>ased
upon gold, itself a commodity, and
then exchanges the gold for the
commodity he wishes to acquire. So
really he is exchanging commodity
for commodity. Therefore, for convenience, the Intervention of money
ln the transaction will, for the present, be Ignored.
In the exchange of two commodities the first thing to be determined
to the basis upon which the exchange to to be made, that to the
comparative values of tbe two commodities. If the two commodities
are alike, of course there Is no difficulty as they can be exchanged
weight for weight or measure for
meaaure; but there Is generally no
object to be served by exchanging
commodities that are alike. Who
would want to exchange oatmeal for
con,, illfe, aa In the   great centre.
!lltontlon" thousands of workers"
actually starving to death •« "'   '
Thto then Is the wage-sy»i'«>- Tb'
result ot It I. thto;:    W« hs» «*
that wealth la the product of l«w»
power  applied    to    raw mat*n»
The labor-power having   be*n "J
belongs no longer to the labor,"r
becomes the property of th<- i'«rfD"
er, the employer. In ™nfiWlUtn|C*tl()n
wealth produced by the »P«,,U*
of that labor-power I. .j* "J J^
erty of the employer    l" ""''
ner the wag*-*y«t«n' ",,MI "', \L
ducer of all right or «l«l«' « hU "
Tbe laborer having sold his l^J
power delivers the noo.:* ^"^
Ing It by working for hi. nt-*1*
tlisiiruffuotoothto labor he hM
has n»
claim.    He has received *•        ,„
price for his labor-power and     ^
all that to coming to him.   »      §
literally sold his    MrihrHW
mess ot pottage.
This Page Is Devoted to Reports of Executive Committees,
Locals and General Party Matters—Address AH Com-
muftkatiom to George Dales, Secretary, Box 836, Vancouver, B. C
The B. C. Provincial and Dominion Executive Committees will meet
on Tuesday next, 21st Inst.
• •    •
The discrepancy between the Items
and total of Provincial receipts published Jan. 11th, arose from the
omission of Items, Rossland $7.60
and Book Bales 20c; the total,
$47.65 waa correct.
• •    •
Tho Dominion organisation Is
three years old this month; n very
healthy stripling for Its age, not
free from growing pains, but with a
trip on the Dominion that It will
sever relax till IU programme to. realised and Its work to done.
• •    •
Toronto haa not supplied us with
detaila of the civic elections but
every comrade In the Dominion will
feel gratified by the vote of nearly
4,000 for Comrade James Simpson
In the mayoralty contest.
• •    •
The Executive to doing Its best to
hurry on the Finnish Constitution*.
A press of Christmas work to the
excuse made by the publishers for
the delay. Finnish comrades may
feel assured they will be promptly
distributed as soon as they come to
• •    *   .
Comrade John Mclnnto, M. P. P..
gave ns a call on his way to Victoria for tho session ot the B. C.
legislature. He is expecting, and
prepared for some brisk skirmishing
and trench-work between tbe Socialist trinity and tbe plutocratic side of
tbe house.
• •    •
Local Montreal reports good pro-
trress. Some crowded meetings have
held, addressed by New York and
local speakers. A successful ball
was held oa New Year's Eve. In the
matter of a ball the Party to still
pursued by the malignity and con-
tervatlsm of the bricklayers. Just
why bricklayers should be more
stupid aad unprogreaslve than other
wage-clave* does not appear on the
• •    •
Comrade O'Brien left Vancouver
on Tuesday afternoon for the Okan-
agaa country, making the first call
at Enderby when he expects to secure the co-operation of Com. Jaa.
P. Johnson. Every comrade In the
valley Is again urged to render their
best help to rouse the Okanagan
and  make O'Brien's visit a success
for the Socialist Party.
• •    •
Minutes of previous meeing read
and approved.
J. Huffman admitted to membership In Local.
The applications of H. Machell, J.
Plynn, T. H. Elliott, Q. Webb to take
usual course.
Warranto ordered drawn as under:
For rent of hall, $12; for due
stamps, $10.40; for Janitor, 50c; for
rent headquarters. $10; for literature account, $10.40.
Correspondence read from Secretory Krueger of 8. P. of Washington
re speakers.
Programme committee reported
Com. Emll Herman of Tacoma as
speaker at Labor Hall Sunday, Jan.
19th.   Com. Btebblngs, chairman.
Com. Herman Titus of Seattle for
speaker Jan. 2«th.
The Local to subscribe for the
following Socialist publications: Renewing Justice of London. Eng.; Seattle Socialist, Chicago Dally Socialist. International Socialist Review,
and the new paper. The Wage Slave,
or Hancock, Mich.
Financial Report.
Collection. Sunday Jan. 12  ..13 00
Sale of literature 10 40
Dues for week     » 25
Total $32 65
Toronto,  Jan
Dear Comrade Dales.
Enclosed please find express
money order for $25 part payment
of account for supplies to Provincial
Executive. I also enclose the charter application forma you referred to
In your last letter. Send us at your
earliest 600 due cards and 500 due
The local municipal elections are
over and although none of our comrades were elected, we are not
downhearted. We diatributed some
30,000 pieces of election literature
and Intend to repeat tbe dose several times before another election.
Fraternally yours,
Our worship, It is wholly Thine.
O Lord, in these, Thy tatter days,
Rebellious men against Thee rise;
Nor to Thee offer prayer or praise,
Nor fear of Thee before their eyes.
They constantly blaspheme Thy name
At home, in workshop, street aad
We pray Thee, put   these   men to
For this especially we call.
Put forth Thy   mighty    arm,   our
And amite   them   with Thy golden
These men, O Lord,    be    men    of
We cannot bend them to our will;
These men would go to any length
To work Thy chosen people 111.
They cortant all our powers brave,
They do not seem to care a cum,
We pray Thee, Lord,    Thy servants
Who are Thy people. Lord, but us?
Tbe greatest boon we ask to this,—
O Lord confound these Socialists.
Their Party, Lord, la getting strong.
Their numbers ever larger grow;
And If we don't look out, ere long
They'll make of us a holy show.
We put It up to You. O Lord,
We're at our wits end what to do,
And so we cry with one accord
It's up to You, It's up to You.
O Capital, our Lord Most High,
To Thee, and only Thee, we cry!
This llyma May He Haag with tireat
Effect by a tlwir of CaptialM
O. Lord of all the earth, to Thee
The mantfeato tosued by the Party A«*"» " °a«< ™*T "^l
Long may Thy rule continued be.
for use In tbe Toronto civic elections
It an excellent one; educative and
Inspiring and baaed squarely upon
the platform of the 8. P. of C.
•    •    •
With  the Oranby settlement   the
liovc of Prosperity    seems    by    no
At   leaat, throughout   Thy  servants'
Good markets we would ask of Thee,
Ijirge profits. Lord, we also wish,
And that our slaves submissive be;
In short, we're out for    loaves and
means quite    assured, and  to  very, ,
timer... of nettling    down   In the'"™' ■• th™ M«",B«-' *♦"*' ""d
Kootenays, the grim, hard dividend
mill of B. C. From the coal camps
comrades report shuttings down,
and In the metalliferous camps a
general shortening of sail. No dividend, no work and the Devil lake
the workers.
iwe ask, confound the Labor men.
One would think there was something very serious to Judge by the
terrible picture painted by the divinely appointed pilots who would
steer society through the stormy sea
of civic politics, avoiding the shoals
of Tory Infulness and the rocks of
Socialist wickedness and infidelity,
so that tbe ship of state may be
safely brought Into the Liberal
haven to the eternal glory and profit
or the faithful.
What a wicked place Nana I mo
must be! Surely there never was Its
equal! Sodom and Gomorrah must
have been models compared to It.
Wide open, running over, reeking
with rVh and Iniquity, sin and sorrow.
In the contemplation of the awful
state of our much loved city, how
these pure patriots, these pious saviours, must groan with anguish.
How fervent their prayers, how bitter their sorrow over the unregen-
erate heathen who will persist in being wicked and happy in their own
way despite the efforts of their
would-be redeemers.
Bah! These ghostly knockers
make me sick. Will they never
learn? Has creed and dogma and
theoldgy so warped their hearts
and brains that there is no room for
reason and common sense, love or
pity or mercy? Will they everlastingly shout "Law and Order"; always invoke the policeman's club
and defend its use. no matter how
brutal and merciless? Wherefore do
they always wield their spiritual
treacherous clubs to beat the Intellectual rebels into silence if not subjection? Cannot they see that their
"Law and Order" is invariably unjust, that It rests upon the policeman's club and that It is the very
antithesis of Christ's doctrine,
whose followers they profess to be.
Weekly  Haul news Meeting.
313 Camhle St..
Jan. 13th, 1908.
Comrade Dales, chairman.
[Wo wish all Thy desires fulfilled. Ignorant, stupid,    dishonest,    de-
'To Thee we light our votive fires;   fenders of a brutal system of    or-
To The«« we goodly temple, build       ganlzed murder nnd robbery, which
towering! produces the very things they    de-
i cry.    Cowardly traducers of a brave.
generous, essentially good people.  I
With    sounding
And men of fluent speech we hire
That they may serve Thee all their
And many a Bweetly singing choir
To carol their melodious lays,
To Thee we take cigars and wine,
to the case, tried. Bat of crime In
I Its real sense there to practically
I none In- Nanaimo. Why, they were
forced to close up the Jail for lack
of tenants, and time and again there
have been no cases for the assizes.
A remarkable record and one, I venture to say, scarcely a city ot her size
In America can > equal. And .till
these priestly detainers will branzen-
ly lie, and say that the law Is not enforced; that bloody fights te'v nlace
and no one Is punished. Possibly
this may have been true and I have
not heard of it. It Is very certain
that in tbe last ten years not a
dozen real fights have taken place
and Invariably the offenders have
appeared before "His Lordship" and
paid the penalty. It Is very true
that in the field of athletics many
hard battles occur and the offend
ing have received and deserved the
highest hours we could give. It Is
also true that these ssme heavenly
tutors have denounced with bitter
wrath and sought to prevent these
manly games being held on Sunday,
the on)y day It was possible to hold
them successfully, or course they
tailed, as they ought to tail. Better
for the youth of Nanaimo that they
should devote their Sundays to manly, health-giving contests, or flock
to witness them, rather than sit In
stuffy churches listening to drivelling Idiots or solemn owls denouncing what serves to make manly, self-
reliant men and women. We have
had many ot these defenders of the
most high endeavoring to blacken
the fair tame or our beautiful city,
to blast the characters ot our citizens
with malicious slanders. I have yet
to see one who Is tbe superior morally, socially, and mentally to the
average miner who dally risks his
life to provide the luxuries of his
traducers. As a miner myself, I
know the miners ot Nanaimo, or rather did know them, for capitalism op
to date which now rules us with a
rod ot Iron, has forced many or our
best to wander tar.
Brave hearts, I know them. 1
have lived with them, worked with
and for them, argued with them,
fought with them and for them, and
I know whereor I speak when I say
that no braver, better, more moral or
law-abiding class exists than the
miners and citizens ot Nanaimo. I
have seen them race death without
flinching, in the effort to save their
comrades when the fiery blasts
spread ruin and destruction ln the
darkness of the mine.    More than
But my masters, the liquor traffic,
brutal and Brutalizing thought It be,
cannot be suppressed without at the
same time destroying its source, for
cause. It is based upon and results
from the blind worship of the God
Profit. The actuating principle
which underlies modern society.
If we abolish the Iniquitous profit
system, the liquor traffic, with all
Its horrors would Inevitably perish,
for who would engsge in the vile
business if shorn of the lure of great
profit? Wherefore ye sapient ones,
ye heavenly guides, it were wiser to
follow the precepts of Christ, your
master; that you strengthened the
weak ones; that you taught the Ignorant ones; that you dealt kindly,
lovingly and Justly with the poor,
misguided victims of an unjust social order: that you directed your
scorn, your invective, your Influence, your power, to the overthrow
or the cruel, merciless system which
dooms countless millions to starvation, misery and degradation, which
acclaims successful vlllany; which
fosters robbery, injustice, crime;
which manufactures criminals, and
that at least you do not bespatter
with your foul slanders the city
which supports you and the people
who provides so handsomely for your
comfort and luxury.—J.
Take notice, that 30 days after date. I,
iH. L»y,o( Vancouver. B.C.,occupation
»ner, intend to apply for * {ease.'ior a
stone quarry on Blind Bay, Nelson Is'anri
ms follows:'Comuienciag; at a pott planted
on the shore line dire< tly npj osite Hardy
Island, thence East i«o chains, thence
Sooth 10 chains, thence Wet about 100
chains, thence along shore line to point
wf commencement.
Dated Dec. 50, 1907. ■
J. H. LEY.
OBteat* wwun om
la*«ntloo M) srokawi
aant ••*••» Oloeet ace*
Passat* usm tan
mSalaitlM. ttIISiisi
■ tctontiflc
The Price that to' Being Paid by tbe
Russian Revolutionists in Their
Struggle fee Freedom.
Recently    there   appeared an account of the number of the victims
ot the counter-revolution In Russia
for two years.
From October 17, 1905—the day
upon which the Czar's "liberty manifesto" was published—to October
17, 1907, 18,274 persons were sentenced by the courts alone. Aa large
as this number is, however, we
know that the greater number or
cases have been disposed or by administrative process, which to much
more speedy, effective and less pub
The fate ot the 18,274 persona
disposed of by the courts was as
-Sentenced to death 2,717
in    the
-Penal    servitude
mines ot Siberia 3,873
3—Exiled to North Siberia..     502
4-—Prison  with  hard labor..   2,586
5—Military      prison      where
corporal     punishment    to
inflicted 1.538
one mound In the silent city marks g_Conflned ln  Fortre88 ....  1,307
the last resting place of a hero who
gave his life to    save   his   follow- j
workers.    I have seen them    daily!
stripped to the waist, the perspire-1
?—Prison  and  arrest.
Total 18,274
The majority of those sentenced—
streaming from every pore aa f< 624_,8 made up of workingmen.
WofkingmcQ of Canada
If It be your desire ,aa it should be) to act intelligently
and with effect In all matters political, you must bo supplied
with knowledge from some source.
Without an understanding of the position your class occupies In society, how It has been evolved, and how, by explolt-
ttlon through the wage-system It to kept In a dependen and
slave condition, no Intelligent or efficient    political    action Is
Two little book, published by the Dominion Executive
Committee, 8. P. or Canada, are designed to turnlah you w.th
the Information you need.
One I. The Platform and Constitution or the Soca.lst
Psrty ot Canada, prefaced by an outline or the Evolution of
Human Society.1 -^-      ,.._,,„
NATIONAlTsM" by Gabriel Dev.l.e. translated Iron, the French
by Robert Rive. Lamonte.
Price 10 cents each ot
Dom.  Sec'y, Box 83$,
Vancouver, B. C.
deny their right or qualifications to
sit In Judgment over the morals or
conduct or this community. I deny
the truth ot their statement that
Nanaimo Is a wicked city or that her
people are Immoral, corrupt or
quarrelsome above the average. I
assert that the contrary is the tact.
That Nanaimo is the most orderly,
law-abiding city on the Pacific coast
or on the continent. Take the records or the courts for the last 25
years. You will find serious crimes
are almost unknown, even the tew
recorded were almost Invariably
committed outside the city and
nearly always by non-residents.
The most common offence Is
drunkenness, but that Bitrely Is but
a venial offonce and In no aense a
crime. It is more otten than otherwise the endeavor ot some poor
wretch to forget the miseries of a
slave's lire and for a brief spell
dream of the freedom he never enjoyed, or some weak brother who
succumbs to the temptation so
abundantly provided to lire him
from the path of sobriety and part
him rrom his slender store of cash.
The result being that the police
gather him ln and thus add one more
they tolled amid the Inky gloom and
grime and poison-laden atmosphere
so that wives and children might enjoy a slight measure of comfort. 1
have seen them share their last dollar, their last loaf, with a more
needy comrade. I have seen them
facing misery and want In their
battles for their rights and I have
seen them robbed of the fruits ot
their struggles. Brave, generous
miners and workers, why will you
forever endure the portion ot a
slave, a lire or ceaseless toll, a crust;
the policeman's club, the scorn and
contumely ot the parasites who ratten on your toll and misery?
Remember that the whole tribe
will do anything to help you but the
one thing requisite. They will not
get off your back till you yourself
pitch them off.
It Is very true there are evils in
our social life, great and grlevoua
wrongs, much want and misery and
sorrow and sin even in this fair
city or ours. We have a hideous
liquor traffic, which spells want and
misery In many homes, which Is the
fruitful cause of moat of the drunkenness and practically all of the
crime, so-called, ot our city and
which In large meaaure dominates Us
political lite. But these same priestly slanderers go on preaching "Law
and Order," the policeman's club
tor the helpless victim, but for those
who control and profit by the accursed trarric there Is not a word of
reproach, nay, they are enterprising
citizens worthy ot all conridence and
respect. They go on tinkering
with the results of^ the business,
prescribing more "Law and Order,"
more policemen's clubs, seemingly
oblivious to the truth that there is
but one way to suppress crime, and
that Is to abolish the causes that
produce it.
It It to shown, and the recorda of
.the courts prove it, that the one
cause or practically all the crime In
Nanaimo to the liquor trarric. surely
It does not require superfluous wisdom to see that the one thing to do
Is to suppress the traffic at all hazard..
It 1. Itself but an effect of a deeper
peasants,      soldiers      and      sailors
Toronto, Ont.
(Our correspondent is a Russian
who formerly lived at St. Petersburg.—Ed.  Clarion.)
The Old Conservatism of the Trade
I'nions Being Broken up by the
Growth of Revolutionary
Editor Western Clarion.
In view of what haa been, and
what Is being accomplished, through
the Instrumentality of trades union-
Ism, on behalf of tbe working class,
it were well for Socialists to investigate this phenomenon and determine
once and for all the relation it bears
to the revolutionary movement of
the workers of the I world as expressed  in  International     Socialism.
Last year, in your home city, a
trades union convention declared for
the revolutionary programme. Although it was evident from the very
opening or that convention that it
was "packed" in the interest of the
Liberal party, and for the express
purpose of giving the S. P. of C. a
slap ln the race, the principles of
that party were vindicated by a
sweeping majority.
This year in Alberta a representative convention .with far greater
unanimity, adopted the platform of
the Socialist Party ln its entirety,
and pledged Itself to raise funds for
the propagation of Its doctrines.
Now these occurrences in different provinces and at different times
indicate the growth of revolutionary
sentiment in the membership of the
trades unions.
The "collective ownership of the
means of production" ag Its ultimate
aim plank or the Manitoba Labor
Party Is an Indication that the workers of that province see the absolute necessity or changing capitalist ownership or these things into
social ownership: and it is almost
safe to predict that at its next con-
NOTICE is hereby given that, 30 days
tfier date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work*
for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe lands in Township 2, Rupert District, Vancouver Island, described as follows:—Commencing at a post
planted at the >( post between Sections
toand 11, in Township 2, Rupert District
and marked R. L. Kiiimnn; N.E. Cor.,
the nee South 80 chains; thence West 80
chains; thence North 80 chains; thence
East 80 chains t o poin t of commencement.
Dated December 29th, 1907.
E. L. KINMAN, Locator
NOTICE is hereby given that, 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hen.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect coal and petroleum in the lands in Township 2, Rupert
District, Vancouver Island, described as
follows:—Commencing at a post planted
*t or near tbe North East corner of E. L.
Kinman's claim, marked M. P. Brophy's
N.W. Cor., thence South 80 chains;
thence thence East 80 chains; thence
North 80 chains; thence West 80 chains
to point ol commencement.
Dated December 29th. 1907.
M. P. HROPHY, Locator.
E. L. KINMAN, Agent.
(Continued on Pago Foar.)
A general election is soon to take
place in Canada. Once again the
working class will have the opportunity of sending to Parliament men
to write thw law in tneir interests.
Excepting in a few places tbe
workers of Canada have never yet
gone into politics for themselves.
The only political action they have
ever taken was to go to the poll, on
election day and cast their ballot,
for the candidates whom their capitalist masters had put up.
What the working-class expected
the capitalist to do for them to a
Through hard experience the
world's workers are finding out that
what they want done they must do
themselves—a man cannot separate
his ballot trom his bread and butter.
In every country on earth the
wealth producers are beginning to
send men of their own thus—who
understand their class Interests—to
Parliament. The capitalist class
never support a working-class candidate but rather make laws to hinder as much as possible the worker,
from going into politics for themselves. One ot these laws is that a
man has to put up a deposit ot $200
before he can be nominated It Is
very easy for the capttalitt class to
put up that amount, but for tbe
moneyless class it is not so easy.
However, the working-class of
Vancouver are going Into politics for
themselves at the next election.
Their Party -the Socialist Party-
has started a subscription list for
the purpose of raising the $200 deposit as well as the other expenses
necessary to a campaign.
The interests or ai: workers are
politically the same, so if you are
a wage-earner and want to be "better off" and to "own your Job," a
contribution towards the above fund
will be a step In the right direction.
Campaign receipt books have been
provided for every member or the
Party and can be obtained at the
yeading room. 313 ('amble street.
An acknowledgment of the amount
collected will be published ln The
Clarion at the end of each month.
All comrades and friends who
will agree to contribute one dollar
or more per month, until the necessary amount is collected, are requested to send ln their names.
ir convenient, any sum, large or
small, can be sent by mall to the
address  below.
Let him give now who never gave
before, and those who always gave
Yours for working-class politics,
Caro Western Clarion.
Box 836, Vancouver, B, C.
!' PP-T'
(Continued from page 3)
ventlon Its ultimate aim now, will
bo Its nolo aim then.
I, with a whole lot of other So-
ctoltots aad trade unionists, recognise that the trades organisations
are aot a class movement, and that,
contrary to a far too common idea,
they do not reflect any Identity of
Interest among tho workers on the
economic field; but emphasise a conflict that nothing can eliminate but
the abolishment of the present system of production.
Tho awakening to slow, but It Is
evident, aad who 1. in a position to
nsaaanre the rapidity of its growth
or estimate tho extent of Its lunu
la almost every local body la to be
found some member or members
who are conversant with the economics ot capitalist production,
gifted with more than average power of expression, who are afforded
opportunities at every meeting of
educating their fellows, and I can
without any hesitation declare that
they et-gerly take advantage of them.
Pew readers of your paper but are
acquainted with the routine of business In a union meeting; requests
from sister unions for aid ln time of
strike, or to assist in prosecuting
some legal proceeding; appeal, for
moral anpport by passing resolutions
of protest against repressive legislation, or oppressive Interpretation
of some existing law; to forward a
petition to some governor or other
muck-a-muck "humbly praying, etc."
Now thto gives the class-conscious
worker a chance, at an opportune
time, to point out the true course to
pursue; and hla audience is in mood
to listen attentively, for the question concerns them Immediately,
aad a satisfactory solution to desired. Those wbo have been interested la Socialist propaganda know
that It were useless to send out a
lecturer who cannot secure an audience to address, and, having secured one, cannot arouse Its Interest
la the questions he discusses. The
trades unions furnish an audience
hatoroated already, and the effective
work done to bearing fruit.
I Imagine I bear some comrade
any; "All these trade union Social-
tots deal ln 'sloppy economics.' That
I emphatically deny. Thought Is
progressive aa well among unionists
as outside their ranks. Men Search
there as eagerly for truth, as readily
recognise facta, and aa fearlessly
proclaim them with a fnll knowledge
of tho disastrous consequences that
are likely to ensue.
Tho growth of our movement to
measured by the number of those
who absorb the teaching, of onr
■arty aad subscribe to them, without
regard to the sources from which
they are recruited, or recognition of
tho Influences responsible for their
There was a time unquestionably
Whoa tho trades unions could be accused of being reactionary, and It
could plausibly be demonstrated that
the* were hindering progress, but,
whoa wo look back now sad see tbe
rhanajea which a few years have
brought about, we know that influ-
eaeea were at work which could aot
then be discerned, or, at least, were
aot prominent. Five years ago Just
lawaglae a delegate having tho
taaarlty to introduce in a convention) tad resolution sdopted on Dec.
14th la Calgary. Why It would have
bona rejected only one year ago.
Take the Manitoba    Labor    Party
Winnipeg Trades and Labor Congress, where unions from coaat to
coast were represented. Fifty-one
against 39. I do not cite thto aa a
claim that all wbo voted for it were
clear-cut revolutionists, but to show
that a larger percentage evert year
are brought to a reltoatlon that the
ultimate aim of ths working-class
must be the Co-operative Commonwealth. And I want to remark that
some of the ableat fighters. In that
convention and most influential delegates opposed the adon oh 1 ilpofrf
gates opposed the adoption of that
We, in tbe trades unions, are beginning to "size up" our "combines"
for what they really are. We do not
balk any more at the acknowledgment that we are "peddlers of labor-
power" and muBt submit to the laws
of the market. The enclosed letter
perhaps will show just how we are
admitting things which we were
prone to deny, and which it is humiliating to acknowledge.
But we know too that we have an
element of power. The moral support of hundreds of his fellows will
give a man the courage to demand
the fulfillment of certain conditions
which, the employer, are reluctant
to concede. We are aware that thto
power I. waning; but aa long as we
can embarrass onr employers, they
are loth to provoke a suspension ot
production which entails a loss to
We have tbe power of reasoning
together and determining what will
best conserve our interests.
We know that we can lessen competition to some extent and maintain a higher standard of living. This
claim is not made absolutely but
will apply generally to the membership.
With greater knowledge ot our
economic position we can act more
Intelligently and no matter Into what
conditions the development of the
future may land us, while tbe union
remains even a slight protection to
any of us we would be foolish to relinquish it; and we will not, till a
class-conscious proletariat makes it
Yours for the Revolution,
Coleman, Alts.,
Jan. 1st, 1908.
loaning It out for a sot rats of inter*
oat. Now, if a working plug waa to
go and manufacture bill, and draw
interest on them. Wall! they
would not do a thing to him except
to pay his rant and grub bill for life.
But tbe idiotic working mule will
work for a government that gives to
Its own class the right to issue aa
many bills as It sees fit, as long as
it deposits 6 per cent of its issue.
As an illustration, Mrs. Cassle Chsd-
wlck borrowed hundred, of thousands of dollars from prominent
banking concerns on a supposed
collateral in a Cleveland bank, and
when they Investigated tho quality
ot ber security they found It absolutely worthless. Now, one can
readily Me what would happen If
the people demanded payment tomorrow In national currency of all
their assets. Well! to begin I showed that the limit ot legal tender In
the country waa thirty millions;
against that amount I will put their
note circulation (average) $84,-
452,899, 40 per cent of their reserve
fund; an amount which Is demanded under the Bank Act, 53 Vic.
Cap. 31, or $38,213,902, also do-
posits by the public amounting to
$1(0,529,719 payable on demand,
and deposits by the public of $408,-
902,274 payable at notice, making
n general obligation to the public of
$682,098,794; in other words, if the
banks had in their possession every
cent of the Dominion Issue of thirty
millions they could not pay in Dominion currency 5 cents on the dollar. Do you wonder why a .Canadian bank never fails? How in the
name ot common sense can It? Did
you ever hear of a bank In Canada
being called upon to redeem Its
notes? One, snd only one, viz., the
Ontario. The rest ot the defunct
Institutions were taken over by other banks so that the rotten scent
would not contaminate the nostrils
of the public. In conclusion I wish
to state I did not go Into specific assets and liabilities of the banking
corporations because as a rule the
one offsets the other and It would
take too long a time to thoroughly
show to the reading public what
gullible propositions they are anyway.
Yours for the Revolution,
W. H. S.
P. S.—Statistics token    from the
report ot the Deputy    Minister    of
Finance, dated 30th Nov., 1907.
Winnipeg, Man.,
Jan. 1907.
Comrade Geo. Dales,
Tbe farmers and business men of
this country are blaming the banking institutions for the present hsrd
times, setting forth the argument
that the banks. • Instead of withdrawing their money from the
country should loan It ont to relieve
the pressure. "Well! of all the
idiotic notions," that one takes the
bun. "What? Loan tbe people's
money back to the people?" Wbo
ever heard of a banking Institution
engaging In anything but pure business? . For the benefit of those Individuals who are so afraid that Socialists will not be able to handle the
money question. I would like to present to those defenders of onr capl-
tallat mode of dispensing money,
first, according to the laws of the
Dominion of Csnsds, the Dominion
can only teuo thirty millions of currency, subject to s compulrr»ry reserve of 25 pe-- cent in gold, snd for
every dollar over that amount a reserve of dollar for dollar must be
kept in gold. Now, according to the
last part ot that act, no sensible
government would exceed'the limit
of their permit, unless something.
very extraordinary occurred; aad we |
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floor of bare rooms and children
cannot obtain food.
What a glorious expression was
that of Hugh Pentecost (may the
earth rest lightly on his great
heart); "How long shall 1 be able
to restrain myself from running out
.Into the street and barking like a
mad dog?"
Oh for a Thomas Paine, an Ernest
Jones, an Alarlc who Iwll whip
these patriotic hypnotized subjects
into Ooths and Vesta Goths, "masse*
of indomitable living valor" which
will sweep capitalism and Its hideous concomitants Into that land of
vague remembrance where auclent
Rome now stands. They loaf around,
the fathers of these children, the husbands of their mothers, "with pinched face, and sucking empty pipes,"
as ths writer from Sunderland says,
and doubtless with "Clod knows
what vultures tesrlng at their
unless something hearts."
But st the general election    two
know from published statements is- .years ago, what then? ? Our honest
aad recall tho attitude of Wed by the Finance Minister that Do-1 workingman with a leery  grin   on
his fsee which wss not pinched then.
Mew s cloud of smoke from his pipe
which wsa not empty then, when the
kind lady kissed the child which now.
starves snd said; "What a handsome
young chap, and how like his father," and declared that "The lady
waa a toff, none o' yer upstart Socialists and that his father voted
Liberal," and "Oorbllme" he would
vote Liberal too.
Yet nevertheless, only Insofsr as
sn empty stomach will lead them to
think, can we hope to convince them.
It Is no us*, notwithstanding very
eminent authority to tho contrary,
we can never gain much from oppression alone and if so, those who
are willing to est the bitter bread
of servitude when work to good,
who will turn Socialist, when his
food to atopped. to ot a breed I care
nothing tor.
Shall we have food enough in that
glorious moment. Are we so certain
we will not come to the barricades?
And If the worst comes to the worst
will not these brothers, product of
capitalism be It remembered, cry out
as did the Israelites In the wilderness ot sin, "Would to Ood we had
died in the land of Egypt when we
sat by the flesh pots and when we
did eat bread in full." Which man
among us could supply the qnall or
toast? Or who would amlte the
Rock of Horeb? A pretty kettle of
fish we should then have. No; periodically, while capitalism holds Its
sway, shall its Juggernaut car, the
panic, roll over our fair land and
claim its victims as remorselessly
aa did the brazen Image of the Ammonites In the Vale of Tophet, and
under Its wheels shall be crushed
our brightest and best. And we,
whst are we to do? "Here are
books apd we have brains to read
them," says Carlyle. Oct busy, all
you wbo can read an hour without
reeling that something to tearing
your eyes ont and knocking the top
of your head In. "Read anything an
hour a day and you will soon be
learned," says old Daniel Johnson.
Get wise to and then spread the gospel of discontent. Older countries
are horoscopes wherein newly developed countries may read their
rate with some surety. Hear, oh
dwellers In the fruitful vales of
beautiful British Columbia; there.
In that seven-year-old, trembling,
hungry-sick child, stands your child
at no distant date. In that bare
room shall your wife bring forth
children. If you continue to slumber. "Arouse Ye Slaves" and when
the tempter comes and offers you the
earth and a ten dollar share in the
sun for your vote, say unto him,
"Apege Satana,' the earth Is ours,
the fruits and the fulness thereof
and by the virtue of womanhood
and the helplessness of childhood we
will have it.
With thirty-one Labor . members
and one Socialist In the Imperial
House; with, shall I say four Socialists in the Dominion House, and
out three stalwarts In the Provincial House, we have one of their
arms tied at any rate. No more
Peterlooa, no more Ernest Jones
episodes, no such a fearful affair aa
the Haymarket tragedy, nor Colorado outrages.
Then we can go quietly to work
to create class-conscious, intelligent
votes, with the object of establishing production for use, Instead ot
for profit which Is the only remedy
for the dlassse of under-consumotion, which will be (tell It not In
Gatb) Socialism.
Air;   America.
Word, by Mary  F. Morrill,
ton, Calif.
(Continued from psge one )
asoje prominent members of Vancouver Local, on the question of
pisiform, sfter year, of sound eco-
aoaUc environment, and what choice
Is left between thst plstform snd
their wlshss. Yet the movement on
the coast has purified itself. And it
will In Manitoba, when the fallacies
of those honest men will have been
exploded by those who are thoroughly capable of analysing capitalist production sad showing the hopelessness of a palliative programme.
The agents of this regeneration
may aot themselves be members of
say trade, unions, but their influeses will penetrate the barriers of
economic Ignorance, and political
prejudice, and make Itself felt
wtthls the onions. Their arguments
will echo In tho debate., have a
hearing oa their decisions snd s
purifying offset on their   economic
Another straw which Indicate,
tho advancement of thought among
unionists was tho vote on tho "collective ownership of the means of
prodsetloa aad distribution" la tho
minion currency to s long wsy under
the limit. I bsve quoted figures
which plainly .how whst the Government can and can not do ln regard to tbe lane of currency. Now,
I would like to point out, some statistics issued from the Deportment
of Finance bearing on tbe financial
condition of 36 banks in Canada.
Their combined capital is $98,623,-
$41. Notes in circulation $84,462,-
$99, or approximately 90 cents for
every dollar of capital. It doe. not
strike the people very forcibly thst
those eighty-four million, of notes
sre promises to psy, but, can anyone
show me the time when they ever
called? to use a poker expression.
Tho banks of Canada are using those
five, ten snd twenty dollar bills
throughout. the length and breadth
of Csnsds, snd have done so slnces
their organization and you don't
know whether they are able to pay
five or one hundred cents on tho
dollar. They have been loaning,
and are still loaning, those bits of
dirty paper and drawing interest oa
•very dollar ot It, ss   they   keep
minion snd the United States, by
reason of their political equlpsasnt
and their numerical strength, whenever they choose to grasp it.
Mr. Mitchell may "endeavor to
control the affair* of my organisation ... In the cans* of peace,"
but so long as the present form of
ownership obtains Just so long will
tbe "Irrepressible conflict between
the capitalist class and the working
class" msalfest Itself on ths part of
each to obtain a larger portion of
that which labor alone produces.
Mr. Gompers may be "riled" when
the A, F. of L. Is numbered among
tbe commercial bodies, but he may
be reconciled as long aa he continues
to support a system that depends on
a labor market.
We, of the rank and file, with or
without leaders (?) Intend to abolish It entirely.
As an evidence of my sincerity,
I remain,
Yours with a Socialist vote,
Sunday, Jan* J 9-8 pom.
We fling thee to tho breeae
O'er land aad o'er the seas.
Red flag unfurled!
Beneath thy folds so bravo,
No man shall be a slave—
In Freedom proudly wave
O'er all the world!
You teach no creed or clan
But brotherhood of man
And power of right!
Beneath thy folds of red—
Is heard no martial tread—
No worker's blood Is shed
By tyrant', might!
O! worklngmen, unite
Beneath your banner  bright;
Lose every cbsln!
O! Red Flag, ride the wind
In brotherhood to bind—
Proclaim to all mankind
The world we'll gain!
C. PETERt *2?J5!
Hand-Made. Berts aad Shoes to order la
all atvtcs.   Btpattlas s« oaaptly end neatly
ty done.    Slack of staple  ready-made
Shots always oa hand.
/0rintt Local o( ik* SodsuTpTr
Canada should' rue a card uda    ^       *
11.00 par sssntk,    ht^ZSifJZ* "■*
Socialist FattyjFCsaada*  al^M,TT^
teraaw  Taraaday.    Uo.  d£T,£«' a).
boa SIM,  Vancouver,  a. <.-/"'• WKSri,
BRITISH  COLUMBIA   Movtsn..  """*
eeutlve CeaasrJtu*.  SortSS!  liSE"^ Ot-
ads.   Meats ever. &?£ £&al Cs,.
iMlas, Secretary, loa M6. v.^1 St
• ancotnet, ir"
LOCAL FEBNTE. 8. p. of r uni*.-"*
actional astatine, in Z uSSR,**
Hall. Vieloria Av... L"'*" Can,
day evening at 7:,s sUlw» W
arii rrtosy*to act U,fe ■"*.
kp.ra. a. ruetrr. tux mr ***» tt
so. ». s. r ot
evening at beadquinr,. Ii-u./h. IT?
Sis famine street ,,m^" "* «H
floor). Frederic ft,„, Se,,!,.^
SSS.   Vancouver.   H.   C **'«*'».    k,
LOCAL NELSON. S. p. Of t. .„«
every Friday evening at I a - 2mS
era' Union Hall. ».,„«,, \ */ " *►
fMIUrs.   Organiser.     I.   A.  Aaai, £*
2>r. W. J. Curry
Office and Residence »4o York St. Near
Take Kiuilano Car Vsacoavcr. S. C.
TEUtraons btt*
irar at
vicToau. b.c.
HI Qomi
•very Sunday. 1 p. ra. ai !>..,, a,. '*
jer Queen aad Snsdin. ArnJH "
Simpson. Sscretarjr. l* Barton A,e*«. j?
mtk Branch meet* Sunday ^l? **
hall, Jot* Branca. SurJb»7n*n?!
IS* If Qutan Siren WnTZu?
Branch.  Saturday   night*, mm, k*
LOCAL VICTORIA.    NO. I  g   r- m f
Third Wedwraday ia  <«th m^t        ,M
Sec , loa :;*. Victoria Si  (
1 '«>.
O. A. OKKLL. Manager.
delivered to airy pert of the
always   defend
Bread and Cases
sky. You can
Try  -
Union  Directory
When They Meet: Where Tbrv Men.
£0T*r*ert Labor Union in i>.. p-mare a
Tnriled to niare a ear*) «rn<f" rk« tai V.n
t-er month      .Wrrtaftsa SleaM mm
IMC?*?*: M1NEBS' UKKiH, sn n «
f, M., «neets every Satutdir M V* t a,
John Mel •aw. prtti4ent. .V -t-^a.
tosacia!  •acretsrt.
M. Meet« e»e»v .S»iu><|»i ».**«« m t B
o'clorh in Ihe Minrr'i H..1 VY ) U»
lilt,  I'rewdenl:  W. A.  IVt»<l.
Vector!*, B. C.
When Visiting Victoria Kat at the
The one restaurant in Victoria
employing While Help Only.
R. MSB, Prwd*.
6> Johnston St.
Union $*n
when at Victoria don't fail
to eat at the
The best n cent sacal ia the
O. W. Bruggy, Mgr.
346 Johnston St.
Bright young girl to help k
light housekeeping. Cm goto
School. Good home andvuga.
2248 York St. KitsiUno.
aTawi*ein*n1al1rrrT-^Tr-'— *****
My ed havia*- their r*t»«t twuneu inivwM
by Kswrrta. rVutiaUtMry advice frn. iWnjw
aMoWeaSe    Oar la  inlu'i Advteef veivwa
11 nasi Marto*f Marfan. Hew Vor% Uh 1%
Uontieal I ' »l w«»hir>ji„n 1>C I".**
Bird.    A. O. lirydos-Ja*
Tel. •». P.O. Boa. ••».
SM Hastings tt. . . Vsacotrver. ■ &
United Hatters of North America
Whan yoo ar* buying a WU HAT sm»
that th* Oeauln* Union Label la *ewe<l w "•   .
a retailer has soon* label* in    his j>t»a»essi<mi
offers to put one in a hat for you, do not ►*"
him.   Locee   label* In retail store* are counter.
Th* genuine Union    Label    la perforata on
edges, exactly th* aim a* a postac* »Ui'"v- .._*.
terfalta are aom* times perforated on '''"* „o*,
and   aom*   Urn** only on two.   John B. »"'l,w
of Philadelphia. 1* a non-union concern.
arOHN A. MOITrTTT, l^rrdde-ni, Oronge. N. '•
WLOH, gecreury, 11 Wsvcrif rs«-»
MAHTM LA       Mow York.
Cheap Fuel
Our Genuine Gas Coke at
$6.00 PER TON
is tbe cheapest fuel on
tbe market
Try a Ton for your Furnace and Ra»8c


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