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Western Clarion Apr 1, 1911

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 Local Brandon's
Address to Workers
Education Being Dealt Out Assiduously in Prairie City.
The Local's Position.
ation; insubordination being usually,
protesting against tbe condition! under
which they are compelled to serve. The
fear that the competition of tone other
country, wit! annei his wealth la ever
present with the capitalist.
He must hare a navy, under tho present system; a system under which the
Interests of a few are considered of
With many of you this Is tho first
ropy of the "Clarion" that you have
ever received. We are leaving this
ropy at your door because we want you
to obtain the same knowledge that we
Who are we? We are, like yoursel-
ven.members of the working class; but,
unlike you, we are members of tho Socialist Party of Canada, whilst you are
What Is the Clarion? It is tbe one
worklngclsss paper published in Can
and. It is published wholly by working class men and Is devoted to the
interest* of tbe workers. Th* word
"Clarion" means: the clear note of an
Instrument The "Western Clarion" Is
tbe note ringing clearly from tbe Socialist Party, the Instrument of working class emancipation.
We want you to read this paper. It
may not please you but read It anyway.
All of tbe articles are by worklngmen
and many of Jbem by your fellow
workers In Brandon.
We aak of you to read this paper and
remember that it is written by worklngmen with tbe same interests as
yours. If you wlsb to follow tbe nutter up you could not do better than
subscribe to this paper and receive
it regularly every week. It Is published by. the working class party, the 8.
P. of C, solely to advance the Workers'
Interest and makes no profits.
We would also advise the following
as worthy of your attention in the
order named:
The Manifesto or the S. P. of C.
Tbe Manifesto of the S. P. of Q.
What Is our posltloo in life as work- [tunas at the Headquarters where you
logmen and women? Compare our
lives with those of the rich capitalists,
"who toil not neither do they spin,"
yet they can loll In luxury while we
often go short of the necessities of
Ilf«". Did you ever stop to think of
things as they are and wonder if tolling from Monday morning till Saturday night, when you hare the use of
a Job, and walking tbe streets when j
you haven't, for a bare living was tlie'
best that life held in store for you.
Consider now, you have been working ,
since you were about 12 yearn old and
what have you? Practically nothing,
except the little shack and fifty-foot
lot that you have squeezed and pinched to Ret. There Is one result of those
years of tnll.and do not forget it
You are so many years rtesrsr your
'Thou art a slave, whom Fortune's
tender arm
With favor never clasp'd: but bred
a dog."
One of tbe cherished notions of the
worker is that he la free, and when tbe
mora Importance than tbe welfare of j Socialist tells him that he is a slave
the many. If be cannot get a voluntary i he gets mad and will have none of it
sonrlce, then he and his government Some of the labor leaders, etc, etc.,
will Institute a compulsory one. j also get mad when told the workers
Is'nt tho idea of a compulsory her- are slaves: first they won't admit it
vice of bearing arms, or manning tea- j then they say "well we know they are
sels a revolting one? With many In- but don't tell them."
dividual* the bare thought of conscrip- A slave is one that delivers up a
tlon conjures up an indescribable fael- j part of the wealth he produces to some
ing of repugnance. What Is the differ- one else. The wage worker does that:
ence, however, of being forced to un- he gives the greater part to some idling
dergo a period of military naval train- capitalists who revel In luxury while
ing, and being forced to labor approxl- the slaves exist In misery,
mately eight hours out of ten, so that; A slave Is one who has to work, not
someone else might be able to have when the slave wills but when some
a good time. Is'nt It Just as repugnant; one else wills. That fits the workers
and revolting that some people have-to a "T." When the masters want
to labor day in and day out, year In slaves they put up notices "Hands
v    *■<• y«ar out, for a mere subsistence wanted;" when hands are not wanted
A Proletarian In Politics    6c ,B f*ctorte*' «n|n«<. workshops, etc., as they put notices up that the mill will
It Is for others to be compelled to be closed till further notice. The work-
serve the capitalists as their assassins? ers only get a chance to work when
And yet the very people who profess j their masters can make profit out of
snch indignation over tbe one, are tho them.
j roost Indifferent over the other, and j   Throughout their lives the workers
parently deem It quite   the   right have to bow to the will of others; pro-
thlng. j during wealth for others   to   enjoy;
How long are the proletarians going building homes for others; making
to stand for this servility? How long clothes for others; their whole life do-
are they going to submit to these. ing something for others. The Socialist
conditions? Until the system of so-' says to the worker—do something for
defy is changed they will be compelled yourself. Is that not worth your no-
to both produce and protect the wealth, sice?
The Slave of tbe Farm      St
Socialism       6c
Wage, Labor and Capital      6c
Tbe Socialist standard (pub. in Ens
land), monthly, 50 cents a year.
Tbese papers and pamphlets, besides
many others, can be obtained at the
Socialist Headquarters: Room 10, Nation Block, 804 Rosser Avenue. There
is a lending library of over 200 vol-
ran obtain books on Socialism, Science
and Soclologlc subjects. The Headquarters la always open, reading matter and games provided, and we have
meetings on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m.
Brandon I-ocal. S. P. of C.
but not get tbe advantage of It If
they would be free, themselves most
strike the blow. '
Tonrs for the revolution,
Don't forget to recognise the real
Labor Day, May 1st, and wise up, your
fellows by handing around the Clarion.
Having nothing else to talk about
Colonel Loosevelt is delivering lectures
on bible reading. In other words tbe
climax of American Bluffs is preparing
epitaphs for his own political tomb.
From An Organizer's
Point of View
!•! i
"Hibetrnicus" Reviews the Situation as Applied to the
"The Canadian Navy presents attractions for men and boys. Strong, healthy
and Well educated men gad boys only;
are required, and they must bear good j
•Such is Ihe part contents of a pos-j
ter. Issued by (he Canadian Government jous thing it is, that we allow Science
iu Its efforts to create a navy. The to become more and more divorced
poster Itself I* brilliantly colored, with | from handicraft? When we lookback
a picture of the ship "Rainbow."   The i la history we generally find that nearly
The Inventive Faculty
Have you ever thought what a sert«
Aml what pleasures have you had in
return  for jour years of toil?    You 'purpose of this iwster is that young jail our great inventors were experts
know tbat your pleasures have been
few and money scarce. Ask your wife,
the woman that works from dawn
till dark and mends socks in the meantime, ask her, she can (ell you how
bard It Is to make ends meet on your
Income. She knows that the pleasures the formation of a navy.
men and boys of the proletarian class
will be duly impressed and influenced
into becoming government assassins.
Tbat being so, ft would be advisable
to examine what benefit, or otherwise,
would accrue to the proletarian with
of worklngmen, and women, are few.
And the "Whites" and the "Thaws"
who never did a day's work, spend
millions In riotous living. Why is It?
Can you answer tbat? Mb, but your
Socialist friend can.
All wealth is produced by the tabor of
the worklngclass. If you can disprove
It you can have millions and join the
New York 400. Then why are idlers
rich and workers poor? It is because
all good things are produced with the
aid of large machines, and the Capital.
1st class, a email percentage of the
population, own and control all these
machines. The fact of the capitalists
owning the machines, compels us to
work for them at their terms: Which
Is just enough money to buy tbe necessaries of life. While working we
never get but just enough to do that
bo matter what country we are in,
where living la cheap, wages are low
and where living Is high wages are
So long as the capitalists own the necessary machinery of production we
■hall only get a bare living. As the
main bulk of the wealth (about 80 per
cent) goes to the owners of the machines the only way to benefit the work-
era it for them to own the machines.
Until they do that things will remain
•a they are, or get worse.
The only way* to do that Is to have
laws mode In your Interest and to do
that you must make the laws yourselves, that Is, the workers must control
the forces of Government. Knowing
this the Socialist Party of Canada has
tor Us object the conquest of political
power. When tbe workers CONTROL
political power they will be able to
write laws In their own Interest and
not tin then.
Of course, In this letter we can do
no more than awaken your Interest.
What Is considered tbe function of
a navy? To protect the country and
Its commerce. Naturally the next
question is, how much country and
commerce are owned by tbe proletarian; whose young men and boys are
called upon to do service for it? A
few lots, shacks, and with the more
fortunate ones, houses, are the sum
total of the country owned by them.
Commercial concerns! A whole heap
owned by the workers.   I don't think.
What are the attractions offered by
the Canadian Government? The doubtful benefit of being subjected to a most
rigid discipline; the most abject submission to a few individuals, known as
"superiors;" the presentation of some
wearing apparel, and, after fulfilling
the length of service required, thrown
into the maelstrom of Industrialism, to
gather, as best as possible, the means
of subsistence.
"To protect the country and its commerce." The proletarian, not owning
the country or Its commerce, it follows
that the people who do own It are the
only ones having any use for a navy.
The Canadian owning class, want a
navy In order to protect their property
from any group of foreign owners, who
may have desires of annexing it for
The American capitalist requires a
navy for a like purpose. The British
ditto, and also the German, etc. THE
is they who require "well educated"
men and boys to be ready to slay their
fellows, and In turn be slain. It is
they who want "strong and healthy"
men and boys to go down into tbe
stokeholes of battleships to labor In
a noisome atmosphere. It Is at their
bidding Individuals are put Into Irons
or cells at the least sign of Insubordin-
in handicrafts. Take Newton, Watt
Stephenson, and Faraday for a few examples. They each in their way, found
that their knowledge of handicrafts-
manship was of great importance in
bringing out their discoveries and inventions. And what a set back we
would have if these discoveries had
not taken place.   No doubt If these
tions, and/therefore I wilt be content
by saying that his economic position
makes it necessary for him to sell
his labor-power. This being so the
master uses his position as owner of
that man's labor power to as much
advantage as possible. Consequently
we have a weak, tired body at the end
of tbe working day, and our wage slave
is absolutely unfit for anything but
"recreation." The master is not out for
philanthropy, nor Is he out for anything unless It is for his, own material
benefit. He buys labor power and
he  nants that power to be used at
men had not lived, there would have top speed.
been some other Tom, Dick or Harry,
who would have acted in their stead;
but that does not alter the fact that
Further than this, bo finds that by
employing wage-slaves who do not
understand tbe machinery, and whose
many would have been delayed, if these ,knowledge of mechanics is practically
men had not had the power of applies- j nil, that be will be able to get cheap-
tion as well aa the quality of Initiative. «r labor. The consequence is that prec
If this Is so, then we should try to discover the reason why our men of inventive genius are not allowed to apply their knowledge, or on the other
hand, why the mechanics In the factor-
lea are not allowed to develop the inventive genius that some of them must
possess.   Let us find out the reason.
Is It because tbe mechanic hss no
Inventive genius, or Is It on account of
another cause? I think you will agree
with me when I say that It Is not lack
of Inventive genius but because of bis
material position. The reason why I
say this Is because in the first place,
in spite of his difficult position, we find
that our proletariat still adds his little
lot to the ever quickening advance of
science, discovery and Invention.. On
the other hand, I believe It to be true
that hla material position Is so bad,
that It seems practically aa Impossibility for him to make tangible an
idea that may have germinated in bis
Capitalists in certain parts of England have found this to be true, and we
find that in certain mills and workshops, that the employer sends his
apprentice hands to the Trade Schools
in the morning when their brains are
fresh and active. They understand
perfectly well, that if a person is
fresh, he can think better, and they
also know that after grinding toil for
10 and 11 hours, no wage slave is fit
for anything only a night's rest.
You all know the reason why the
wage slave submits to these hard condi-
tlcally all wage-slaves are just termed
"hands." They make the same mechanical movement every second, minute
and hour of the day. All that they know
about the machine is, that if the raw
material Is pushed In at one end, a
certain article will be "produced" after
Its passage. We talk about the "mailed fist" what about the "Iron monster," that rules men! Fancy an Intelligent society allowing men to be
ruled by these "Iron monsters."
And then again, what is the cause of
so many accidents in our factories?
Would It be far fetched to say that
a great proportion are done to death
because of their lack of knowledge In
mechanics? I don't think so, and I
think that if we are to reduce the awful death roll, we shall have to look
to science, and if we find that there
a obstacles, then we must remove
them. At the present time the great
obstacle Is capitalism, and nothing can
bo done of any great Importance, unless
we remove this obstacle. When we
have done this man and nature will
get their chance. It will only need the
right man to arrive and then scientific knowledge will bound ahead, and
superstitious ignorance will take a step
backward. Remember the saying of
Herbert Spencer's: "All preventable
pain is the result of ignorance." Has
the time arrived for the removal of
Ignorance? Yes! and we are the instruments. Get to work all ye wage-
T. M.    j
In tbese days of "social production"
we are well aware that the farmer is
not In a strict sense, the "producer*'
of wheat, fruit or anything else. The
only "producer" Is the working class.
The farmer merely takes a certain
part in wheat production. When the
farmer is spoken of as the producer of
anything, therefore, the word is used
merely in a rough sense, for the purposes of simplicity.
To understand the farmer's economic
position at all clearly, we must know
a little about what the economists (Socialist economists) call constant and
variable capital. We cannot go into
this at all deeply, but, for purposes of
clarification, "constant capital" may
be called the wealth invested in machinery, and variable, the wages paid.
Now, as we have often pointed out
with tbe development of capitalism,
the tendency is towards more costly
Up till recently the farming industry has been the most backward of any
in this respect. The machinery of production here has been smaller and less
costly than in otner branches.
In other words, the amount of constant capital necessary for an individual to go into the business of wheat
production" has not been very large.
Now all this is changed. With the introduction of large machinery into tbe
department of agriculture, the "farm
jer" is up against it in competition
with his rival wheat producer, the land
{capitalist. The land capitalist, with
| the large farm and the first-class modern machinery, can "produce" wheat
| at about half the cost of the small
{farmer with the little holding and the
ipoor machinery. To compete success-
| fully with the land capitalist, the farmer is forced to purchase machinery.
But how shall he do this? He is generally about broke and has no money
to purchase with. However, purchase
he must, or go out of the "game. He
purchases, on borrowed money and so
much per centum per annum. So we
find a large number of the agriculturalists with chattel mortgages and
other things. In such cases we may
consider them as merely business
managers for the capitalist class, who
are the real owners of the tools of production—the farmer being merely in
such cases the nominal owner. Or, in
other words, the constant capital invested in the farming industry is that
of the capitalist class, not of tbe farmer's; and the farmer's function is really that of an operator.. And, since,
under normal circumstances, profits go
to owners, not managers, 'tis easy
enough to Bee how and why the hayseed never gets ahead of the game to
any great extent.
The same Is undoubtedly true of the
farmer who rents. In this case the
land, which the farmer must have access to, is the property of the capitalist class, and here also the farmer is
operating the constant capital of the
other class. We have seen farmers go
broke or at least come out with next
to nothing after operating good farms
with fairly up-to-date machinery. And
yet the crops have been fairly large.
Why, then, did not the farmer make
his pot? Simply because the price be
had to pay for the use of the constant
capital he must have was such as to
leave him with merely a wage-worker's
reward in the end. In other words, although he used the machinery and
the land, in reality the real owners of
the land and the machinery were using
him. Such individuals as these may
be possessed of the Idea that they are
capitalists. In actual fact, they are
merely the capitalist's dummy, his
proxy, or whatever you like.
Tbe next few years will undoubtedly see great improvements In farm
machinery and consequent increases In
its cost. The smaller farmer will be
more and more forced to go out of the
game or borrow money to buy tools of
production, and the direct grip of the
capitalist class, through its ownership
of the constant capital necessary tol
proouction in tbe field of agricultsrst,
will become- stronger and stronspsr-
Whenever it is to the interest of fine-
real owners of the tools of prodhctaasa
to foreclose on the nominal una—
(the farmers) they will do so, and esa>
will see a tremendous increase fni tsse>
number of syndicate farms, etc.
tbese in active operation, the log
the small farmer becomes harder si
the "weeding out" process goes* am
rily on. How long it wrll take fox 4
to happen we cannot say, but it is m
dent that already the process fas I
In many states of the V. S: A. ar I
present time, the percentage of'
era is over 60. In some it is as ■
as 80. What the percentage of tax
mortgaged is we cannot say, but
know it is also very high. In
practically the same conditioner ■
vail. Tbe prairie provinces will ass
ably feel the pinch first and am
acutely. Conditions there are sorts.
to render large farms worked with) i
to-date machinery not only prof!
but almost inevitable in the. near nature. It had been the writer's faff
tion to go into this question- sears*
deeply, but through lack of time lax-fa*
forced to leave it to others, mba, *n-
deed, are perhaps more capable. 1ha>
any farmer, or agricultural wosSaau
who is desirous of studying tflis qsassv
tion, tbe writer can only say that m
perusal of Socialist literature and7 sasr-
ticularly of the Western Clarion,. wfH
undoubtedly lead him or her not osatr
to a knowledge of the facts, but
to a realization of the remedy for I
; We, the Socialist Party of Canasta,
stand for the emancipation of the was*-.
! ing class. We are a revolution
\ Party, and being such, we utufur
| the first step the Working Class
take, is to raise itself to the positaSsa
of the Ruling Class.
Whenever Society takes un interaual
change, that is revolution. Of course)
: we  cannot  have' an  internal  chaste**
{without external manifestations.
Whenever a change leaves tbe inter-
j nal mechanism untouched, we have sat-
■ form; a change of form:-.
This is where the workers'arei
! into trying to patch up a system,
| is already   struggling   in   its
, throes.   Taking notice of the ma
ettes,  instead of looking behinrfi
scene at the manipulator.
We Socialists are not Refor
We want a change of the iats
mechanism of Society. WeidMUl
er with the effects of this Cape
system, we get right after the
The misery and degradation of ansa
workers on the one hand, while-ma Has
other band the idle capitalists Hat fat
luxury, are effects of tbe system.
The only way the worker might MsV
ter his position is by instilling fear ant
worse to come, into the hearts afffasaa
capitalists. That class will be gfaaf se»
give the worker a little more of i
products, less hours, or a little
conditions to work under. (?)
The most effective way of pr
that fear is to go after the lot, i
out for an entire change in the a
tern.    By doing so you will gat
kinds of reforms, and still have I
ultimate aim in sight.   You will ha
no power to enforce Reforms; to t
them you have to cringe before y.
masters, the Ruling Class—the Pa
sites that live by your toil.   By 1
forms, you cannot abolish the dm
loyed, the misery and degradation, j
are still slaves and still compete
each other for tho means of
Wake up! you reformers, cue
such nonsence as immediate den
What is the use of a reformed CajiWaaT
1st system. Centre your energy ou f0ke»
abolition of wage slavery and the esr-
anclpatlon of the working clasa fnsaaa
all exploitation. Establish a new esses*.
omlc base from which to build up m
new system. D. FRANCE.
.   at
U) t Ke
on Ht I
umentary evidence in the Bri'ish Mu   that political offenders (especllly So- for the Simple reason h
seem.  The second point, however, ttill delists i might have cut off their last j thing for tbe stomach to work
requires substantiation, means of escape from the savage ven- j swallowed the bait and h
Now according to government sta- seance of tbe knout and the appalling by iu consequence.
u«ict about £** million members of horrots of Siberia. j    I appeal to all fellow Worker
remain fools;  get sfter Uw
government. Human life d<;..,,;
While, on the industrial field, the weaken have been by means of its coflectrve property in the means of produc- t-e ^^^ cUm ^ fcBnutlir ln ^ The capitalist pr**s. pulpit, and plat
steadily losing ground, a new alignment of the forces has boa. To sprat of Socialism seeking to abolish such narrate etipt of poor relief. That means tbat form continually gloat over the apathy
been taking place. The battle is shitting from the industrial property is truly ridiculous, for capitalism has already abol- they are, to all intents and purposes, and indifference of the workers hailing
to the political field.   Here it becomes a class struggle.    No ished it-   Not even the small captufist can say today:   "Th* •■ «** **ry verge of destitution. Over | from other countries to their own ut-
longer a struggle between sellers and buyers of the com- factory is my private property."   He landlord or has banl- ,***? woraers annually meet with *c-
.      . , .      . . j .t j        * *" ,i . ..       .    .       j_      .   ndeata (over &.«K> fatal 1 in th* course
modify labor-power, but between slaves and their masters, ers may have more real claim upon A than he jus. though L, their emptoymeut. and most of tbese
between those who produce wealth and those who own the his name may be over the door.    Capitalist property is col- accidents can be traced to the want of
• lec&ve and mteraauooal. just as is the process of production, fife-protecting contrivances— whicb are
food, clothing and sheft.
ter poverty, misery and degradation,
and • whenever the dominant class
make an attack upon tbe Socialists It
suits their purpose to praise these
"aliens" up to the skies as splendid
* lotto!
OMj x\Jt
these are assured are freedom
and higher human development
ble    Socialism is the only
Thorn** A. Edison, the
ventor. has predicted that
be abolished from tbe »..
means of production.
Into the straggle on the industrial field the workenjAs a class the workers produce th* world's wealth by thctTj00* adopted br
cannot enter as a class.   Bring all sellers of the oae couvjcollectrve labor.   As a dass the capitals* own ceUectncry jJJU" ** ""*
modify,  labor-power,  they are rivals,  not  allies.    They'Ae means of products*and coBectridyexploit the workers.   ^ ^^^^ to ms% mjJiy awaiMoit iw, scribe the poverty a th.- na   more than his ju.t »har~
the master class be-, examples of "peaceable and law abld
would    lessen   pro- Ing citizens."   On tbe other hand, the basis and muM change, so
master class, when.it suits their pur-  will  be able  to  procure
f"u,i)' tig j
orl,j ■•lilimtjj.I
next century. Civilisation u Wl t (71
'*>« no»mj
'or hin^jl
to The!
struggle there against one another, whether singly or iajof the wealth they produce.    Profits, die proceeds of that[gr^^jiy #3^ to death, for not all the workora to the presence of "alien;    Comrade O'Brien  answer^
Indies.   As. with the sellers of any commodity, competition exploitation. low into ihe hands of the capitalist class to ^unemployed and destitute workers Ip-. workers" In this country, or to the'call   He was with us on th* 15,, ^j
Thousands, too. Importation   of  labor   products   from delivered an address la the achoolhoaj
jdie through over-work, bad housing, j abroad. at Content   The house was fii!*i l0J
He dfjj.1
working clsss against another la order with his subject In a very ;,[.;,. ^
to prevent them perceiviog who are ner.   He proved to the farmers ^1
their real enemies.   Hence the outcry; they were in the same category llls
against the "alien" which has follow- other wage slave.   They had a %lt#, 1
forces cnanVaMfssOn to a certain extent, fo with the workers, divided among its moaners according to the extent of then jptr for poor relief.
At sellers of labor-power they combine in trades uwoos. holdings.    Oa both sides the individuals have been sub-
making an effort to support one another m enhancing the merged.   The two classes alone stand out supreme.   In the
price of their commodity.   But still they struggle against one one. all the workers; ■ the othet. nil the capitalists; the mter-
another.   A victory for one is a defeat for another.   Were aarionaJ proletariat
they all welded into one organization there would yet remain their forces for the final conflict.
the unemployed to whom hunger would dictate tne
of canpering with, and not aiding, the cnsploytd workers
ia their struggle. To form the workers, eaaployed and un-
employed. all into one anion would be but to transfer the
Msn|Mliliie from without to within the organization. And
were such an organization even to achieve success it could
achieve nothing but failure, for the rise in wages would be
counterbalanced by the consequent rise in prices. The
and unsanitary conditions, or are driv- j   la short. It Is the business of the . full capacity, the audlenc
en insane by the awful economic stress capitalists to set one section of the, posed mostly of farmers
of the present system of society
So the Socialist allegation that capitalism spells the robbery and murder
of the workers by an alien class is
fully Justified    And the workers in the
whom the master
The coming struggle ii not one so much of expropriation
as of restn^samav.   AH the wealth the csfMtahst class msaessrs
l    1 ^^^T_ jT   j 7 -       C^T ~T^T*T i'tnM9 •"*■*»." dirty -foreigners." and
has been produced by the working class. In taking at the j the like, sad against whom they as-
working clsss would bat be taking it back. Wealth is not ]isidaoesiy try to foster popular hatred,
a fixed and issdcstjnxtsble Quantity. It is bring constantly , th**« workers form a part of tbe army
destroyed and renewed.   Even the most stable portioos are * «"• «•**•*■   And as such they
.... , ,       , , , 1 -  )t_^      *__»i j       1     j     tl     _j.        i *** roc^^ea with open arms by the
wage might be increased but the real wage would remain being constantly worn out and replaced.    The workers of ;vwy titaM whjch   |n ordef ^
one generation aaay be said to produce with their own hands '
ed upon the recent affray.    But the job, the only difference, the}
development of the present murderous, the land, but, like the proprietor of tht
class direct "their epithets of "undo- {"*•»•• te gradually revealing to the hotel, they did not own the keyset*.
When in 1905. during the debate on
the Allen BUI in Parliament, an amendment was moved to keep the foreign
workers out during strikes and lock-
workers of ALL countries, that between worker and worker there can he
no alienism, because there can be no
alienation. They we bound together
by the common ties of their class position—a common class interest On
the other band, they have nothing in
common with tbe master class, whose
interest; are everywhere opposed to
theirs. Therefore, It Is the master
class who are the aliens
H. J. N. In "Socialist Standard."
Yours la
Content. Alts.
"Seeing  an   advertisement   !o t^l
Press on Saturday saying that the Req
Mr.   Robertson   was  going  <» .-+4tj
oa 'civic morality.' and being of as &]
• quisltive nature, 1 went to St  v :.v», j
l church to see If there was an) tmn]
ieoce between civic morality *nd tad
: ordinary kind.   Tbe speaker raade u»
j their own plundering,  attempt to di-1
In the industrial field defeat is inevitable. The work-1 practically all die wealth in existence at the end of thor; rect popular anger and scorn against
en are crushed, not only is spite of their mambers. bat be- j generation, so that ia taking it they would actually be taking i '**». » the authors of working-class
cause of them.   They maid ccma^ete as job hasnlers—seln^
seeking a buyer. They are not a class thus apart from their &** without any coinpensabon. They would therefore o* e
employers, for they, too. are tellers of wares. They. too. jceaapensation for them to none. And. indeed, there can be
swartwaxwhnoiseaiiotherasv^aswto )•» <l««ation of comprmaring the capitahsts.     The dass
Tbe class hne can only be drawn between the possesion j«"»gfc ■ not an af air of purchase and safe.    We do not
and tbe dispossessed.   Here the interests of all the sntanbers j propcee to boy os» fieedosm. but to talre k.
of each class are identical    It is to the interest of all the) The ontcoaae of this struggle will be the Social Revolu-
daawssessed to regain possession; of all the possciaon to tion.    By possbiral force the working class will wrest from,
retain k.    Between them alone is the class struggle, and the capitalist dass the reins of government and will use thejment nth    I have been using every effort do not come from heaven.   They »r« j
political power it the weapon.   The dass that has not that powers of the state to legislate in its own interests.    The j   T** patriotism of the master class, j to educate the slaves of the farms 001 here because they are a universal ui
waw*'ks*^*ttemacjotli*iU»&»th*.   By nsea» of wealm larodnx^ now the co^^ ■•*■•    *<**»'* " - "-"M
7.            *          ,      ,       , ,,, .      ,... .-       j_     _^.u^   1       _ii i_      j. a„     iu_^.     ^.   1 «">«*ty. «»•   aisgnaniniity.   is   sheer to how they are being exploited at the «* historic devetopmenl. end a prodar.
«aea»oflhe^dieworkmhavebee.he^ » flat sjaamt for prott, afl point s^.sw,agawlTgtt very U evntathny   it has its origin h, a,
and by means of the state they shall be rmarirspatrd    The the whole people.    By that stroke classes will be abohslied barrters are broken down, and the ca^                                                             isoclsl Instineta of the human rs« is
state it is that guarantees to the master class, ownership ia j and all shall be workers; wage slavery will be overthrown ; itallst's love of his country withers be- i   We are infested with a branch of the' the material necessity of social l.'.t.
the means of production.   Not a title deed but is issued under and labor-power cease to be a commodity: production will for« * fraction per cent, on the yield  V. P. A., that has published a plat-iand seeing that the Ideals of aoruil
the aegis of the government and it is the *>venanent thai: I* for use a^ He ha. no scruples in j form  of   "direct   legislation,"   which; drroocrsr,   *r* direct*  to ,    .«
protect and defend the owners in the enjoyment and
of thrir property.   The gomumtnt it is also that
cam revoke all these titles.   The state is the sword of the I
- statement that a minister was in 1 p»
Comrade Editor:—The slave of thejsttlon to be aa authority on omn. I
outs, the great mass of the members farm in this rural district, in my opln-| Now I say that ao man ts in a posttki
of parliament, representing the vested  ion. is a hard not to crack, quite dlf- u> bean authority on any o.u*-t. i itu
interests of the capitalists—the   rob- ferent  from  the  farmers  that  Com- does not understand it.   Kowvbatmj
bers living upon rent, interest, and pro-  rade I^stor refers to In his article that  morals?    The world could  not sshtj
fit— of course rejected  tbe amend-j appeared in the issue of March tbe without morality and order, and mortj!
dass.   It fives by this sword and by this sword it
shall perish. ^
The dass  struggle  must   therefore,  be  a  political
struggle.    A struggle on the part of the workers to wrest
j u-      1   -j i_» j_- :-— ^-« -t jlt TV. **• BB*M*r ■ displacing tbe native!means initiative, referendum and re-'order of social life, they must mm\
out and be replaced by an admmnmntion ot things. I «* i worker with the "alien.' provided that j call. Welle thrashing out tbe subject I •*n«r be moral Ideas. HnraJh, ,
workers, being the owners of the means of production, will it pays him—any more than be hesi- lit wss proved conclusively that theyjauman evolution.' the essence i» »is»
be the owners of the wealth produced, individually to enjoy tstes to displace either with macbin- [had no solution for the present system Mag. the forms sr« fleeting.    What %
what they collectively produce.
Various crioneous ideas prevail regarding what wealth j
is.   We read and hear such expressions u "natural wealth."
"mineral wealth." "forest wealth." etc    But to the mass
MB the hands of their masters that sword—tbe state—and' of humanity the term wealth carries a suggestion of money,
me it against them.   To such a struggle there can eventually! In reality, however, wealth is none of these things.
moral in one country ts cslletf v:>
Tbe speaker on Sunday night risa)
dealt with effects, snd left the no*
i untouched.   What ia it that d«-'--2iv
mm  morals of the  race?    It tU»
be but one outcome. Tbe very numbers of the workers
which, on the industrial field, spelled defeat, on the political
field make victory certain.
jery. directly he can save wages by so jof robbery.   One of the enthusiasts of
doing. :this organisation, to my astonishment,!
We do not stand alone when we a!- < etnphatical.y said that be was s cap |
lege that the "alien" workers of thejitallst. and had no use for Socialism.
Bast End are even more completely ; This remark had me at the point of I
robbed snd worse treated, if that were (Indulging in anathematising, for as a j
possible, than the native workers. The i matter of fact this same so-ealted cap; dominating method of wealth p-sb*
Rev. Canon Parnett. of Toynbee Hall ftalisi l« using the labor of hi* wife;tloB' M* u»** '» •*» •■ hnve -.tar;
fame, writing in the Daily News of and family from the early call of the different codes of mortis over th* »9rti
January 10th but. on the "Sidney ; rooster until dusk to enable him to'tod*''- Waea the race nms lh ;«g h»
regarded as wealth, for it would be impossible to conceive j Street   Lesson."   made tbe following .live.   He is also to be found swinging »ut* of **vagery »f >«» »*'     ';
of the natural  resources of an  undiscovered  uninhabrted '««*«>>«*•: two and a half pounds of steel around w" *»*« **"** '"J*1"! ' Ci"
The great need in East London is his bea<l under the burning h»»at of Old h,m *Bd eit Wm    But ,k* r*"
eradicating the first crop, com-
The sum total of al! that is produced by human labor
is the wealth of the world.    Natural resources cannot be
island having any value whatever.    It is only when those ,.   . , ,   . ,, ,,,.».*.,.
_, , , l-lj. i-.l 1 iLiirii 11 that the P«>Ple ^ receiving more re- Sot. eradicating the first crop, com   lo * *,Bte *h*f* tn*^ foac''
The two classes between winch this struggle is to be natural resources are. by the hand of Labor, worked up ispm shoujd ^in Klt.reiJ^t   -r^y 'po^ii of wll|ow brus>h gr8n(ed by K[ng It paid better to capture hire si      j
fought out have existed in one form or another since the be- into things useful to man. that wealth comes into being. tdo not receive such treatment.   The George and thrown in with the title, nim worii tB,ln lt **ia ,a kl •
spnaing of slavery, and ever the antagonism between them Two factors, then, enter into the production of wealth, j streets in which they live are not light- until the perspiration ts coring out of eat bim- ••*annanmt|| it bees dm
has increased.    As each slave-system has drawn to a close Taking the first conunodity that comes to hand, it can be j6*3 w <!«M8e<* according to tho stand- his cranium at rich a rate that, if add
this antagonism has been brought to a head in despairing: perceived at a glance that it is made by labor out of raw
revolts oa the part of the slaves and bloody reprisals on the material.    Raw materials, in the final analysis, are the nat-
part of the masters.    In these conflicts the workers have!oral resources, the forests, ores, etc
attained nothing, as conditions were not yet ripe.    To per- j Given these raw materials, man, by the exercise of his
feet the economic organization of society capitalism was physical energy, his power to labor, produces wealth. This
necessary. This organization perfected, the working class power to labor is called for short, labor-power. It should
organized into a disciplined army of production, the utility not be confused with labor, though this is frequently door.
of slavery is past. The time for freedom is ripe! The final j Labor it a condition of labor-power. It is the act of apply-
straggle at hand. j ing labor-power to raw material in order to produce wealth.
al to eat him. and as the ays'- -
ard which respectability demands. The jed to tbe perspiration that fails from *** •*•* 'OUBd Wit ,h** oldtl ' b*TMa
second or third best in buildings or in the brow of his brothers, ko-ealled cap- buy m*n »1"1 women on the slat* km
Today the classification of society is clearer than ever
before. Oa the one hand the capitalist dam; on the other
the working class; between them, nothing. The individuals
of each dam have become completely merged into the class.
The individual master no longer exploits individual workers
by means of his private property m the means of production.
The capitalist class collectively exploits she working dass
(Continued In Neat Issue)
When labor-power is applied to raw material, labor is performed and wealth produced. The wealth thus produced ia
the embodiment of the labor performed. Labor is abstract
Wealth is its concrete expression. Its existence is the evidence that a certain quantity of labor has been performed.
The sum total of tbe worldV wealth, therefore, represents
the sum total of the labor performed in its production.
entertainments are good enough for j itelists, there would be sufficient to
the Uast End, and police court humor', propel an electric plant. This looks to
and police court law, which most vlv- jme to be anything but a capitalist.
idly represent the attitude of society, | This same capitalist, as be calls him-
are often insulting. I doubt if it would jself. senses the Socialists of being no
have been possible for the police to tgood to humanity. This same slave to
have adopted in a West London Square ' capitalism, a tin-pot merchant, a com-
the methods they adopted in Sidney rade hardware dealer, and other tblr-
Street Respect for the neighbors and jteen aleves of the farm, made the Jour-
neighborhood wo'Id have prevented i ney to Edmonton as a deputation to
them from setting men to fire at and I plead with their premier, Slfton, for a
to burn two criminals in the open ^diversion of an arm of the great octo-
streets." pus to enable them to get rid of the
The recent world-stirring East End
mesodiwma (ia which provoking police agents seem to have pulled the
strings i has afforded another opportunity to the capitalist platform, pulpit
and proas to thunder their well-worn
epttbns against the "alien." The
pseudo-Socialist organisations and
press have, th their fear of losing sup
porters through this business, been
ia their repudiation and Conor the "crime," and in their
nratse of the srmed forces ia deaUag
wttfe tr. It is, as usual, left to the 80-
ctalist Party to point oat the Socialist
lesson, both with regard to the "crime"
and the anti-alien agitation which It
served to stir up.
On contemplating all the facta of
this "mysterious anarchistic" display,
tho question rises uppermost in our
minds: "Who are the alien impostors
and erimlnslsr And the Socialist
answer Is—"the capitalist class."
Why, the attempt to obtain property
without labor Is contrary to the rery
principles of Socialism, which Insist
upon labor for all and subsistence for eminent
all. Bat those who today are endeavor-
hag to obtain wealth by filching—end
with the aid of armed force into tbe
hnrgaia—are only carrying out the bs-
ase principle of capitalism to lti< logical
Who is more honored today than the
successful thief, who has filched millions from the product of other peoples toil? For his operations capital-
lot economists find such high sounding
names aa "Industry/' "foresight.'' and
"thrift' And who to more despised
and downtrodden than the worker,
whose labor produces ail wealth? His
outrage and robbery, ao long aa It la
carried on In tho orthodox way (which
converts the plunder into "rant, inter-
eat, and profit"), is "las^llaed" by the
robbers and supported by giant instruments of murder, while hia aspiration
to keep for himself the produce of hia
own toll, draws down upon him every
term of reproach and contempt
Let us look back upon tbe record
of the British Government for tho
last twenty years, and we shall see
that the armed forces of capitalist society have been used again and again
against unarmed, defenceless workers
—men, women, and children. In contrast to this, the modern burglar is up
agalnat the whole forces of the State,
armed to the very teeth.
In September, 1893, the Liberal Gov-
with Mr. Asquith ss Home
Secretary, sent soldiers to Feather-
stone, and striking miners were fired
some being killed and others
(See "Hansard/' vol. 17, pp.
1725-17M.) In 1894 the same government sent s gunboat to Hull to help
quell the dockers on striae in that
town. Ia August. 1907, a Liberal gov*
eminent again aent military with Maxim guns to Belfast, whore a lock-oat
of dockers had taken place, and the
police bad gone on strike out of sympathy. In that iastanro again unarmed workora were maimed and murdered. And recently during a lock-out
of Welsh miners, troops and police
were sent to fight tho masters' battles
for them, snd once more wounds and
death were dealt out to defenseless
workers who wanted, to enjoy a little
mora of the frulta of their toil.
Now If it can he shown that the capitalist clasa have obtained their possessions by robbery, that in the process of robbery thousands of workers'
lives have been sacrificed, and that ln
their effort to protect their ill-gotten
gains they employ the srmed forces of
tbe State to butcher the workers, then
It la proved op to tbe hilt that it is the
master clasa, and not the foreign workmen, who are tbe real aliens, tbe race
apart from and antagonistic to, tha
The last point has been sufficiently
proved by the preceding description of
the British Government's action during certain strikes and lock-outs. The
first point Is most fully and effectively
established by Karl Marx, In his great
work, "Capital," particularly In tbe historic chapters, which are based on doc
ket, if they owned the land, cowe
quently it became immoral to bu>' 0*3.
and women on tbe stave mMh>
ly because it didn't pay as well Asi
then we evolved into serfdom, -'<* '•>
was very moral for tbe lord » P^
the serf four or five acres to feed hia-
self and family, and work half bis that
for tbe lord for nothing. That »yst«ni
evolved into the present system It i»
very immoral to aak a man to wort
three days a week now for nothir*;. tost
it   la perfectly moral to approprlati
not made to deal with foreign
thugs of the twentieth century type.
I am not discussing the existing Isw. I am only suggesting that
the police should be legally empowered to deal with undesirable allei..- to
mediately on their arrival at any British port la all such cases aa this,
where the foreign police have warned
our police agalnat an .immigrant, that
Immigrant should be sent to the right
shout at once. In cases of suspicion
tho immigrant should bo detained and,
I a aatlsfactory explanation,
should be deported.''
The above is not quoted with a view
to proving Mr. Blatchford to be an
anti-Socialist of the worst type. Hia
actions have fully exposed him, and
vary few people Indeed can still believe him to be out for Socialism. His
Gorman war scare, his glorification of
tbe army and navy, and lastly hia present attitude on the "alien" question,
show distinctly enough that Mr. Blatchford is Ignorant of the very rudiments
of Socialism. And that la not tbe
most annoying feature. That which
Socialists most resent la that the capitalist clasa should obtain from professing Socialists, advice as to measures
of repression and persecution against
members of the working class.
The whole Houndaditch spectacle
looks aa if it had been instigated by
Russian police agents In order to ere
ate a popular clamor for legislation
against "criminal" aliens, to the end
about two-thirds of what be pr<>!>K«.
and when we have evolved out '
ill BO
Image to plead: for ~aTbing they' hadfof theproduction of   atyons *
within their own grasp;  fifteen pro-!*1**1""" «P°ke snout the social
ducers of wealth, with their ears larger I w,n,l,P«»-   » *»» through that
than they should be. stood before the ju«*t,on «d •°»* "»• ' "*> <(
great Jehovah like figures la a wss
And what has Robert Blatchford. the [surplus value of their commodity labor
Jingo rats-paw of gutter-press Journal- power.    Fifteen slaves were led into
ism, to say on that question? The fol- (the chambers, like lambs to the slaugb •),,WD' ' hM* no a**1* t**1 il
lowing is from hia nrtlcle In the 'ter, to stand before a man of their own |Terr immor^ lo appropriate a:
Weekly Dispatch of January 8th:
"Our wise and kindly British tew
work, never uttering a word. The great
humanitarian emphatically informed
them that he could do nothing for
them. Oh ye fools! When shall you
get wise?
The aforementioned so-called capitalist supports humanitarians that build
huge machines for human destruction;
,1! ot
cats on the social evil and it» >uM
and effect on society—L. Hodgkinaoe,
ia 'Nanaimo Free Press."
Blologiata have   proven   beyond »
doubt that tho human biped was not
always as he la. but has corny throus*
ha supports a clasa that Inaugurates a, vsrious stages of development (P***
boys' brigade and educates IU mem
bora to submit to the rule of having the
obercullary oris muscles coma In contact with the leather boot oa the foot
of a human brute, and also to obliterate the unemployed, they are all
drunkards, anyway. Not sstisfied with
the work accomplished by tho monster
machine, other tactics most be resorted to In the ahape of lead. This same
U. F. A. man upholda a class that go to
church and pray for God to give them
grace. If not, 0 Lord, then give us
gold—we'll take that In Ita place. He
la also found supporting a class that
preaches heaven and practices hell,
and strongly advises to look after the
heart and never mind a dam for the
stomach; he also supports a class that
carries around trappers' decoys at election time In tbe shape of a nod. A nod
from a lord ia a breakfast for a fool
and the fool swallows the bait right
away. Being elated at the tribute, he
goes and baa a drink and that aettlea
the matter.   His stomach won't work
catty and mentally), at all times ■■< :n<
forced to adapt himself to his materisl
and social surrov idiags. Blofogi'ti
also prove that it was tho scarcity or
tho plent(fulness of tbe food >»w,|y'
and tbe manner la which It * •< - (,r°*
duced and distributed, that determined
tha Ideas, morale and customs of v^
pies living at different geograi
points of the globe. This can be noticed very forcibly when an Individual
migrates from one country into »r.^tier. For Instance, take a chunk of cob-
aclous averdupol from Peru **&
transport him to Greenland—It *"ul<1
not be long until he'd discard his ^trR*
hat and bathing suit and beget!..': •'';
Inside a griasly akin, likewise l»<!"uD
hia lunch baaket with blubber, kl- '■>'
nose, and perform many other 1
posed) foolish antics Inflicted <
by bla associations. No doubt many
you will think that this la a very
way of describing oneV bringing W
but sfter all It'a only natural.


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