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Western Clarion Dec 20, 1913

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Full Text

limoi BOB mahao-
1UO   «»
Owned and Controlled by the Socialist ft«^0<c*n_^.
^^B^Ae^rking (2«"J-^^
thb woasmo class tt
•___*."—BAB*. MAaX.
Subscription Price    -»*-   *~%rt
PKK YEAR SP l,;****!^
IN "J l»*_il-*_*-a_SStl**       ■ ' " -*-"  __      _    _-. *aa
MmRSUiemOHlfAGUETHE H0M^-.^^w_w M1,.
_U__FARaM «W»TlM'ltMllH8
XV ****** **•* -*T  1 -  -»____. -** *%,-* Miners Increases As the
n -.^encet^VMCOuverlsUind Ruled jrom
■Dt* Current Events the World Over
iron. \^jj*\wmx>** v*'.~~--t t^a   ,   aa_^__-_
Be Under the Heel of TneirM«tcr»-
^ ._._ of the Miners Increases
Facts Become Known.
Monday, Kov. S, * crowd of about two thousand people gathered in tke l
.. -~ u-itrtln-r to rasiater * further protest against the sentence passed "Home Bale" for Ireland
That th* assembly waa not twiee or three time. | regarded a. on*
impr!*****" ******
ascribed to ib« frost and dens* fog which prevailed,
and also to
For many yer. ra* th* r^.ttFaZmV «*^J£
Uevc mrant beat. J+^Jg^,
of the most vitnl
discu«M-d In the Brit'tt Honra of Com
ittteb *r. taatrnf   Wra not the I
^ZoJZtd ot  tt. rtolnf bourgeois-
****      ..-.-„« on tte feudal
^ *toroaeblnf on tt* fradal arts-
Bl^trie 0*. retorad point blank Xo carry « .*V"3rttra ,«.--^ ^-^ ^ ^     mm^
i i,i- »i«« ni»7 b*
OS tbe fender, of the street cars, in spite
at tb. teroiinu* of one of th* city line.
Thi* it something that th
■ '*■_______
„.,..„, „f the mtott*S
"■' ■lMii£mm?wmmmw-em«wl    -
>   l-*** * *"** ___Tb*nr is mind ato* next thi. company erne, seeking
,.,. of \ *******- sa**** ******
havs no pArtdateatly claimed
Other problem, kav, x* "* 1^^* ^
I irat . ^**.^t2^
TmZyZ BtttXT* ** * iTtti°m'
******* -..^ •_.    _«-*.   T-n   aft
-to sfidrrarad tk* -rating we,.:   B T. Bingrtra <**•»*»■
wm (wns*****^ ^^^ t W. W.j «• W. Wllkinraa T-neoarar
xt, ay. A; Sam Atklnran, S.D. F- of Oi
and Mr.  HatcAlJMOB, wife
tt f■ af I*;'
f„r favors,
Th. toetmvti*
Tai. Osaacfll
of "** °* *** "Wfld!___rtt* meeting by readiaf the invitation, -tent to Me
"rid* "wltt tt. ra* from tt. J-*  ^ ^ „,„ „^ -b
-^_^ m*»br* •* tb. •«•-*-**,' *Utrkt
„* »to (*Wttl*t mia*ra.
"l, tt** ot tv, vacant raaU o. th. ptotform « m.ny ato
•A r*n»w *-*• -        .... ..    At <B, raBe time a bw.
A* a cm 'bat none . 	
k j thc attention of bath political factions
for such a lengthy period Of tlm*. Orator* and statesmen from the day. of
(■"-rattan, Cnrran, O'CoaneU and Parnell, jlitieal event*
up to tke present O'Connor, Redmond ' — - st
and O'Brien, have occupied the floor of
the house, In every session, to display
, their imparaioned eloqaeuce, aad *f-
■ fnsive rhetoric. And for whatt To ra-
i Heve the Irish worker, from tke
j and oppression to which tkey kav* brag
been subjected by tSeir «**) raaatent
Most certainly not!    '^^^^^^^^
eoat, jnd to sell
^ria ** ** ^a**1 po^ibU:
th\tU.-«rhct   would   aUowt
 -B____r.ara ttSB tkto form of free ,,acil of tt*
yo**m*$ t* ♦>« ***^*r'\ammeagmm»mi -** *** *,rwtic,"i  : Hl!",eh*fd ?__,
^r*ir* tk. rral tratt* ^{"ZtZfiTTtoy kave tk* frradom ,to fceld •♦ B*
i. tk. BFTtotof •«  **_*21 *
fot better   B*l»|   *********
K*"l**tsa**.   ,____
*. Ka> tt* wottara*   _
c****T ■"      * ^g^  |e|*lk*r when
gincc ****y*$m
mi tinted IB A
spitejof tka "I
Tto B*bitt^*r»tt
at kut fr- tb. **1«*W/aB«i**^
tad greased fto -raat.*******- **»_^
'   '   V—■.   aetor*—as to ts*
All tt* "tMnicsl Trraddl*
(overnaewt, .tow-attj
^.tloraltot ara-, * *^*_f rZ^
,m Ai.xmmi tkeir a*« "***-•■» *• TT
Tk* tret
- -H. tk* raB-* ***** tk* l'remier
,«t,Bg, w«a ia* «-*F*r    -
■ ato"*^."*^*^^	
STJ?*-? c I** •■-••^r/iw*^ *«
 toben Inve-rled witt power, iteBt —_n______mra
_.     ra..    st.-a.iv   .-■.   - -i-i «.fca vii-/ -ro(*4 car* to a** tb«lr jireland ea^tot Bnajeao. _   ^^^^
•ti W****-*-^ of Justice  tUM. »—— - tfc-* »^ -^        •
Claa* Roto, Hot BaHttt ***■
labor power
-„.. ... _   .—.^  l<wj whenever
S^iTts- «<« - trMbleHbu;
^^^ m**t*r *a* **** *******
aSaraoflf tbls eoatention is eeea
SX I** that tb* sovrnment **• ■*
**^       TJ-eiaa to -reiieimand tke
taken no *etJ*» WT-r^ZZZZ. .v.
The -Wrfl'f*tts1Si^'iBisBSSsaraaea *f tt* Ul-nation League in Victoria came
•iff ox i**tonday,.1i*"* Bittaaraeolor Tkeatra.   A. Watchman, of the S. Y.
r wn. ,mirm*n wtto Sftoksra W*ra Geo. Winkler of the 8. D. P., A. 8. Well*
■it th* R P* C,,aB*«*IB. twlMaii* *f tt* TJ. U. W. A. The Utter was the pan-
.-ipHl »^*^» "*^ *»^J a*><a*< •***•■* •* ■*• *-!-d«»t. that have taken place
n VaaeoBvar BaaaA  *** laB a«S packed, and a collection of SM wa. taken.
 .Ua'aMSliaaiaHStt aaeeativa work kaa been done, and their effort* cul-
tt* pt-ineipal sttraeto of tke eity on Kov. 29.   In
H* tt* parade etarted at 8:45 p. m.. headed by the
■a*, fr*m tt* "labar Ball to Ooverament St., Fort Bt.
Igtta vaato was covered twice, and then a mass meeting
ltt**»y, tt* crowd being augmented by the thousands
. ^_ tt* paraA*.  A-ddrarara were given by A. Watchman, 0.
tta m- C. f*aar*Ho* of labor, aad Oeo. Pettigrew of th.
'—■• - -       Xm*mA mat tb* Bcccwity of all worker, reeog
wh-- did ntttaa**,
.Siv>-4ts, I
I-". -fl- *■   y.r__
°hi* ^JSa%
ketp^-th. 0**m*'m*m ■
ployed by agk:
meet of ttS
a- raajr-
re-ed tb* ^ttto. ttal tkr I********* ^rmV.\r[.
:;:B,,r^ *S***** *****££ i^,^ of the «thC.i**m *at«^ to , „  a^irh
!H.f-r*w*S*"**-t-i-^ r„„0,t.n.   »»«.   «cady   **d Uoaid tak.
ate oat lratrad of Frotra
Oaly wbra. tt* *d-jeation of tke work
era baa bra* oceoapltoked to the extent
of aa-ietatSBdlag tkeir elaa* position.
•ai to-tte aerassity of taking control
of tte bonrgeoi. state aa tke initial step
to tkeir eetaaeipatioa, ean their social
ec-aditaen* be materially changed from
— «**'*»■  Mxmrdless of hotv
mittid IO
this ■Wttoaf-a.
:*a ttate*. sad tt* function of tke State a* a mean, to
tto*k <***Algiaw dealt witk tke Russian methods em-
to toftot tt* minejr.' demand for th* strict enforce
employed to break tke spirit of tke strik-
Ouriag his incarceration without trial
a eksld.   Requcting that he be per-
 4*_»->>a certificate would be
"S'V-r'*       . "_t ram___a^a*toaBB—a
.as** m. tfmtt%g*mw.
^W^^mtlsta^tsVor***^* *** *******> ™e™X7-  AUt
*^^HTrm^^^*m*rTxa**e "rappcacd" to be mnoccn
UDtafra-a^*^__!^JSrMa saflsV-Ji. £* J^ and 3,000
Wb** tke gathering broke up it wat to
*"9 l***"_n*-to_^am*lm».M    -    •
tit. atraia* t*y*W***: ****     „
n W* ^*Jr*a-la*rOa^ «  \Zit-*. *** ***, r*fl*rdlea*
.^-fttJ£Ttt*^— m*tX,*:**^y:J.
Vietori* Local No. S, 8. V. C.
-«« fi.rmer w
the Srat *t*«*a a* mm •**«•«•>**
urt a**fi
>uppun bow, witt tte aerrarary financial aa*i«taae«.
hsd replied to tt* Coaacil ttal he had rat into motion tbe machinery of inquiry
-    ._-*-_ _-»_, aaatoaera, witk the intim.tiun ih.t it did not matter if he j
t inflocnec his decision. '
being |
a-ma, mv* — g,        .	
of the condition of tke Irian tkougkt tk*y weir* frra--".
slag due to tbe horrors of Eng- ttto. to gtofl *B*BBJSl    vTlry
'■—m..inn* bmm k***d ead aat* ra**.
woold to
elsss of
member, of the be**-
.mo the toatto**t tt*s*M«**ra, wiw <m ..-«.  **** "WtusBy *** ** **• J****!*^*
leccived oa* or aa* Ibimrand protrat*. a. rack would B«t inflocnec hi. decision.      lratrad -** *«*-* -*■■«•>-»-» <a »-. „__tttiK»alit thoy w*t**^ft**~ T*ar *aa41-
ihat mrant tbat k« woald not keed tke ootbrrak of feeling which wa. being ? *orker "°*1 - . BBuV t*t
.iikcifratai, bat to WW • *raU**-^l .ppointee, and could be influenced when vote* | h*B TU*e* *wh ** ***** loq«i*cio*-**
-ere ia Ib* air. Tb* agitation could sad woold be brought to such a pile*"- that ; »Pok<**»CB woo-d lttA ,-,„, -^ b,u,ve,
te would b*«ta to WaaidOT the matter from the point of view of what was good ! Wf ***> on • 1ui*-k snrT»y of *** ****'
f.-r th* kilBtotar «t m**tmt*    Tk* speaker concluded by contrasting the adrnini* ;t,on' **** '* *******, » 1* «*"*ry other
.r.tloa of Brfttob law I* ***** where th* worher. w.re oppoaH to their employ- !«•■-*, the .ociai condition, in whicfc^^^	
qaotiai tt* MM af Carao. and Urk.n a* an iUu.tr.tioB of th. bo-ted '' i. I »*» **** ■**wil7 V   "'   pe°ple *M l[_.*
sad B*t*ltoa aat U. parallel In tha miners' esse. f-*re*d to exist » da* aot lo natioral aat .
*^   - W. bl f A, haviug .pohen on the r*»e .object in \ **• ** ** "***  ****'   ™*.   ***      "***>** bri<_» *** **"« •» *•
-    , ,. " mKan ,_, fg<,t tnt, (been denied the luxuries aad even tka *ral rnl*" to tke slaves whom tkey
 ***** ■■. Ufa. while producing all! rale.   Tke otter of tke BngUtt ■
; krtlality.
^^^^^ WbtbO V. *J. M- tt *-.  BB..U, .,„„	
Vanconver baf era, was totof ia bi* rvmirka.   He laid strra* upon the fact th.t
■be Attorney Uiaetal bad Ued In addretaiag . receul meeting in thc city when he
•   -- - a •«. ..„,,ii„B ia tt„, demand of the nwn
iBccption in
mad. tto statement ttal Ike trouble bad it* i»..,-..	
•or recafaitto*- Bad aot *• tb* result «f the lack of enforcement   nt   the
Minee' * -*1-1— »-* ..a tha di*mitt«l ot lhe men'* official, for rc|«'rting go*
n-H-essitia* of life, while producing all jrwe.    ta« *.»«. — ,— ^^^
jthe wealth which thoa* above them are tant worker, to care tor tte Btrikers'
enabled to enjoy, not beeaura -"***— "■-' *M*dre* unta aa ngreeaaeat eoald be
Pope or the Prince it Orange
vowed vengeance upon them, bnt bemuse of the fact that their eapitaltot
master, in their greedy pursuit of profit
. must make use of evety possible meaas
. tn achieve their goal.    At far aa th.
I worker*' position i. concerned, no ma-
rill bo noticed whetk
«*" *' IS^ wratialwwa oobBy by **
ot the
__ taken of the;
fbe'ekarekolders of the
of Imperial
eial *ratotanee
iWera Act aad ihe dismissal 1.1 is* m**.	
B T. BtagBBtf. of tb* B F- 0, raid that he haew their prote.1. would not '
urn-mat to matt I* inds-aing tk. ruling elaa* to release the men, but the meeting*
*-ottld do good Ib making tk* worker, realise their position in society, and psve
the way to* anltofl action l« th. future which would make tbe ruler* tremble in
ihair beat*. Be k*s*d tt* time was sear at kaad when thc worker, would "' put
the boot*" to tkem and knock them into oblivion. (Applause.' There wa* .
time whan a*** tmtt a* war* bow l»*iag coatanittad upon tke alave. could put.
Thea Ike -avra did not raalls. th< Lr power as tkey do today. They were rapidly
being raUdtfled iatoraatianally, and would soon be in a position to knock tbe
* **t*    Police and militi* were nrceraary to hold thc , "-'*"" ****"	
a. th. logical counterp.rt of ! rfct ***}' ******** ***** ****** °*
■■-■■*-■-        -T*£L_, I from Dublin.   Whether "king" Caraon
Redmond    shall    finally
terisl difference —
er  thc  represent at iv «  whom  tkey. In
have   elected   to   fur-
interest*  .kail dl
j their  Ignorance,
ther their master.'
triumph, the position of
"Kiag" Capital Will ■•main
This fact haa lately been driven home
in such an open ^^^^^^^™1
CotaoUe Atcamrae** ef Dakita,  wbo
would aot listen to rack on arraag*-
meat not to allow tt* etarviag
of kto flock   toJ^^^
witk any form oi kypeeriay otker
ki. own.   Hungry and neglected ttongk
tbey may be, tkeir plastto salads mnat
still be crammed witt-tte asual theological rot concerning "better worlde"
wkiek tkey eaa inhabit if sufficiently
meek and submissive In tkto on*.
Ttotr •Atafttttoaal Attitato.
The iaduatrial and political leader*
in tke rank, of tke so-called "Ubor"
can bowl to long, and on load,
the *hra!awTbott «--«7\t:"'; Cpeatr 'raid he held -o brief to,**
..ae* Ih. flrat -v. wa* -tockW' ^ o# UttnM ., ,to b.ck of the ptotfom.
Bride and Brrarar. bto * "* *fV^.l.ttWd *** t**** «-«*-' "<*« **
tod arablag la ******** ^ ''^r. the ..»• *• <»**>*« ,n *"?T^.! K.d
tdodera eondiiton. w.re^n ^^^ of tb, worker
parties v.« 	
j...... . ** tkey witt about tke tyranny ef tb*
and straight forward  Dublin Tramways Company    aad . ito
*    -u—a,-.   Bat ara not tkrae
^^^^      fciTerent
»*.j-.-.;*f tt*t etera may endeavor to
c-totot ladlvidaato, or sections,
etow **%o (ssajlay tkem.
Notice tto«ld ntos to
fact tkat among tte .kar
Tramway. Company appear the names
of many of tte leading light, of both
CatkobLe and Orange factions, as well
to srany member, of tke Irish Nation
•last Forty, tko**   eloquent   Spam...*.
whose verbal picture,   of   wr.-i.L--
eraeatlw adore tb* page.
raeaeaa,, aad   eeveral of whom
-traraBefl exten-rfvely through
nad tt* United Btatea, raliciting finan
for tteir worthy rau-ie.
  Bi**B Be Learnt.
Long ttov-gk tt mny take in coming
ats-crtst, tkaee trutk. will undoubtedly be
driven kome oa* by one in the nuuier
on* Strsggtoe wktok must of necessity
tak. plsce between tke owner,   of
commodity wkiek' tkey are forced
s*Q to aaeraw ttalr —mtenaBce
owner* of tt* meant of production vthi
mnat pnrebara tkat power
ordej to racure tbe wealth
8o the straggle to by no means
Hon worker* nre aware today
ever befor* tkat tke can*, of their op-1
prewioa to due to tke clans ignorance
tkat prevail. In society, and observing'
tte real Impediment to their emancipation will take aU poerible means to re-
move tt* ototruetion, aad take posses-
of aB tkat to tkeir. for the taking
i*^mWitif^,fI-1Mllto,*4*orTHBW roML
_, _itt       -'**£__wT5. w*F. Mm o- bck*tf of th. orpnired miiet*
of ttu pt-trriatoaf Oatort*. pntosta againat tne bruiai «:„:..., ...
pa s»d npea tt* netn-n-B of Vnacwnver Inland and demand, of the Minuter of Jua-
tii'-Tor tke Damaalea of Canada tkat tkey be restored their liberty.
Be it tm*saratrafl. **%*» tk* Mintoter of Juatiee be requested to forward an
•"--ly reply f tt* Btorntniy of District Union No. 17, W. F. H., stating ».nnt
: -.on to paaaran to take la tke matter.
Be it tmTttto t«a*H*«. That tt* arganixed metal miner, of the Province of
1 • tario -^raflBBra'-wb* go*. *l am li nt of British Columbia for refusing to enforce the
, r vision* a ll atraw' Ragnlation Act, wkiek refusal on their part U re-
B_*0to *rto *B tt* *ia**^riBg tkat tk* coal miners and their families are now
tteasfl aalsanasjat tte Qtrgaal-ted Miners of the Province of Ontaria.
'•''■■■■•■■■•■■■■''■^■"■■■■■■bb.xB T. E. RYAN,
and the
Hon who
to labor in
etoitk they covet.
Diatrito Oataa B- «• *• ■*_■	
-naDBs abh LABOB -rx>iJ»on*.
Edmonton, Alta. ^.M*^
pBaaa   ram——	
Co«ttcii -with the joint coi^rttioo
-      -       •     asrr     -_?
of the Bocioltot
.to* •fiidim ana -raw ^*_...   —
of Oansato, and tt* Loral Braneb ot tte L W. W.
wlB pwbttok same, —"■ thankim* yo
and thanking yen
ia anticipation,
I am
b. expected.
Kv^Tawttt-moa-to-or ^^L^. 1. wraith l*wdtoUO»«
the question*
The lash had
Never h»d
bow.   Nevm
.7... -remendora fort* ** ***"" ,v'~~tmttA them .prang from
slsvray pmani.rl *•*■ ***m ""   .  .   a.wti0n. that pcateretj in'»   r
-,a.tt\v^ra.raistat. xt raw. All the^q.^ ^ ^ ^ „„ ... ^^ ra the
nob tnai •■wsi*, »■*- —*        *    -    ——z==zs:^ss^=========—*^	
•Bam •*• *   *^ ' .1  ^i. „^m\mm,   we sre f-
''%\7:*m\m***-\ ***** ***' — tm~* '" " A- FABIULO,
.  -ra toasj, General Secretary E. T. A I*. C.
BESOLUTION w„Tker» of Amer
asttbSkttSir^rlrttt to «rg*ato*, *•*,       • {       ot perracution and
*ant___,,.,...,«-a«.              ^m ^tjjeeted to •'•'_"        JJ^ tta -»i,«.
.    -=_, • «»- »* »ke use of tke miuua ag"-*   	
'£m^^***y**^ mMamm .,-p-a. Its ndmiration xn* -ndorra-ent
In tk. iaane of the B.
i.t, dated Nov. 28, 1H13, a Certain crlti-
—i -..rr.i,-,otident ot Ladysmith, B. C,
nd fervent  pie. to
cal correspondent
makes . fearless »-U^	
thc editor of th* official organ of or
iii/.-il labor tn thi. province, for tk*
* *--**j
plied t*
of th. much-touded
Party.    This  plra to
hlu. of "L*t«h.rc beUght
This   1»
th. fraMiTta^ were ^..^LtT.;^ -*" b' ^1"
l....d to ls.it* tbe- I'^'lV'rf." iug of th. ******* _» "*ZZ"JTutil
ih. preen** of Ib. mWtnry nnd «* ^'JJ „, m,B. b*d violence ***rM^
Tto ******* *** *** **rrl*?*e' »-*«•' •*"•   N0W ^ ,rT inlb. X
^tt^m\tf^** ^^.tt'^ phctmra*
men ww heard la oil par** °> w,„ M»ctly tne saa.   i
tb* ******* **T "FIZbZ were -**H *** ^ " ^ '
"jr*Tur*s"daatk s*- '^;;::\r;.k^tk;Tx',r:r;:
rrara. ..Ul tt* worker* rtood *■ on. mniia we0.pl..h the tart. **
,h.y wrra tk. raly ****** *7T'™ * in »„. .Itm-sl * UA'Z*X on pro
-ompltoh tb* Sbnag*.   tk. •»U,«_r,,thplr M_rat« po*". ••* ."'.rket  *nd
eurria, deprra-o,., ****Za^**^**** th* t^i^^S^
dnetlon. Tk.y bb4 *****<*'* J *'* mJktn r.MlW -^"V^wrar-
tkra mod. tk. prabto- •«■*• ^'l, wm to r.ply i* ** w0«* °'JJ*u „.
tkra ttrtmt »po. ttom, *****t *»**m*Mriat HI. ktajraty'. »•'*" ,„t"toy
"Itofor* tosraraow'. *** \'^ " rat tto *"y l'fob,*,B,   By !"       Tke .nd an*'
V*ra*.m -Mara*.''   ^J-J * Udlty of tke workera   Ttora«l        ,
•rak.rad tttt* go*** ^',2Sr tb* tin horn pollticl*-*. of tk. ;M•
aow within mtototobto •^••^.f*0,I_i tk. work.- ray to th.m-  **J   ■»
Bowrar -rtris*.  IM *••- «° w^ „ougkl" (Appl.o--) _,de the
Pr.c . .ar* not r.l.M*d. tne m—  . eil
formation w*  «_	
'    made  und.r tke"
___^ BBBBBBM____Z^I_BbI
r'*",l* *^^*m____________________Bfter giving several of hi* own reaaon.
another, aad just so loag a* one held the   ^ ^ VormmtloB of % ^,t,M, pirty
- *^-vu. -umu*** and In    for th(, fot(ioR of        .-^ Ubor| mlVei
thc following (tartling statenn-nt:
probably   hereay   frum
thc regulation Soct.list standpolnl,
but   we  might   a.  well   recognize
things a* they Ito.   Th. great ma-
^^^^■•■■■■-aot Social-
worker. »r.
their   ld.*»   *r*
it thoa they have any
of C. i. not a very kindly or tolerant institution.   If there to to be
no progren until tte worker, are
gathered into that fold, my grey
heir, are likely to come ta .orrow
to tk. grave.   Ides* are too valuable to be suppressed entirely unless  one  I*   willing to walk tt*
ch.lk line drawn by tkat raetloa of
tk. worker.   Th. n.w party, if tt
come. Into existence, may be a reform party, and tbe 8. P. of C. object* strenuously  to reform.    Bo-
form ba.ed on revolutionary principle, to  In  fact  revolution,  and
tbere I. *. better ekanc. to underpin the structure one* (t to formed.
Taking thto .t.t.m.nt point by point
we are willing to admit, In the. flrst
place, that th. great majority of workers ar. not Socialist..   Taking tke action, of tke animal for tke prat few
years, 1* tkto provtaee, w. .re forced
JTS. eonelraio. tkat tb. great ms-
toritr ara Imp.rtoltotie Con.ervat.v---
£w.vToor ■*«..* inform.   -   thu-
tkeir Idee* •**• ****** *" ,t
tove uny Idea of*   -nking a. •
to it than they
tot a ma. wko .aderrtand. the wort
**1-^***-^***-^***-^***-^***r-      — from the
mo**m*** *to »*-•^^TsTtt.n ll- Mln* Worker, to ratnb-
tha aateto ttst as* -*** V** ******* ■''   „ -„^-,M
BtoatoSSV»-»» **• ***** 1*-r___J_Ira« by introducUng the mil**
J-       ra kmra aea^bt to eoera* •**»•»« *'TZfc„ w. demand thst nn in-
rSVaUraaaSs- aatom ****** * °** **[ t^JZ*n7**d pending W.
d*> ********* 9*ZLtsm*^ mr tk* Domini** CKraernment, •■«■*-       _ t
ing. of tt. eapitaltot system
proletariaa standpoint, w. again
agree witk onr Ladyamltk friend.
whea we or* informed aa to the unkin-1
ly aad Intolerant attitude adopted by
onr kumble ralvw, we gladly doff cur
hate,   for   many   moon, have passeJ
sine, such   a  nlncere compliment »n«
knnded ns.   To nny who profess to -
tkemralvw up as leaders of the work
er*, a. tkeae wko have been specially
placed upon tkto planet tn lead thc Is
borer. Into tk. promtood land, kindn. --
tolerance can not be shown by u*
ontlnued on page
,nmmmramra lartltatod by tt* »T>W?J7^Z_""^_ furth.r, Thst
:E^S.-*:s^ * rari-.'rs-.. **-, -
t»tot-»»Wl^r«.**<^-^  rraraadad by T. Boa^
t-^-taaad kv A lHrmllc,  m**o*dm oy
<b* aaskt Bo.orabto tsr Btobwd
-_aarlaa7mtl*tot*r of Ml*-. B °:
tt* Blfbt Ho*orabl* W. Bovraer,
Atonraef 0***ral, B. C:
A.  M.Otslre,  Member
Bf. O*
C. V. Cook, 8raret*ry-Trea»urar B. C.
Miners' liberation League, 74 Hast
tog. St. W., Vaaeouv.r, B. C.
Dear Sir—I beg to acknowledge witk
thank* yonr favor of recent date, Inviting m* to attend aad eprak  nt  n
mam meeting to be told oa Monday,
Dec. I, la Vancouver, to dtorara tb* actios tak** by tt* Provincial Oovera-
. ment la ratatt«a to tt* etrikiug mlaar.
^^^^ Membra oi n Vaocearar Utoad*
****w*atam*x Tto reaaon. for ewray ratio* af the
Wataoa,  Member   of j^ fttallBiflt-,tioB tot wktok tt amy
be told losponribl. In —■ -t to tta
Mt. I3lmrlra <
TUfWl, M*mber of
.   xt*    H    B.   "W**-****   ——-— tmmma ——  ...  a.
i •>   __"• Ito told iraponribto In rrapras ra
„ a »i~.- ■j*-"-"**?_iJr. \tLn*. - •*■"*" *• r***i?
ling refrared to.   Tonw very .*•**»_
w*** M**tl*g, to *   ,
'mmmmwglmm   mm*  -*******'
tk* year.
msnt bad battar aot go not
coffra In tb* ss*r*lng.
Tk* mtotlng ana brongkt to a
■*-5^____S£ » SWS i* "*** M™M" "*    "Wr.- m- S '■* to* - - - "' "
th       *t k*v. realised tkeir utter kelpie
Hi ''-■
a Q>
May l«»t tke mine
out  t."
older It tovors *f flaaasiBls perraeotlo
vineial Ooverameat.
"Tberafore, ba It rat***. ««»*_
i tb* Mtatottr of Jastto* tbat fnrtki
mi«« m* toto.d*rad . ^b.tata_.att.«pt
of tb* stttran*
ovineisl, in their eagerness for
imlu.trial .xpan.lon (profit. **»*££ *£,
■ <^?tJ~*-anaaTB-nTB*B_
, dtttas. Vaneoavar, B. 0.
oak aartalala*  t*  tt*  rttlOB   wBien
1XSSS** tk* Brittok Coto-WB
iffSkB* t^varsarass la ralatloa to
In tt* nottra aA-nttslng tta a**t-
k.ld In New Weetmimter oa (toa
day, Nov. SO, on behalf of tk* imprto-
loned miner., It waa stated   tkat   tk*
i, in tk. Miens* of f^JfjfSiratt 1        ^J0. tnnttMi .trram "f Imm.graUon mm ^ ^ „„-„,„, „f drastic crimlna^ Is^^ f^m, lnvolved. | ^^2**** *, ra_K>B» tor tk. ****** \*J-'    _, tfc, ptotfor.
„^j_flswl way *fos «<>"•'»' ^_,"»|^ -„« on tk* t********
aak for * definite \ _mU tre
•trlke .11 the force, of the Btnte I
iUi,.tr.ct., and bodies of them
TZvmM*** - »*** "4 °M' ^ " " irth. -worker, powerless during a	
rraly to onr ^SS^L^ rf lBrtlM hav. Ion. — bto* ft* -Jfl*    Today the mlHtin ***-£*. M, here to p^ -^-«»«.
hundred, of sperlnl P*W««
-•5i^-fa**^ r-=="-" ""h ISKras »**- --* -
their wive, and oblWw* to
' aaswXTt i|sw*-ww»
refuted,   kM
 ,        i_ong tt* *»*<• * V'1"0'1 ''ul Is.   eprerautati
-^•-a_5_s3-sasi----- A*7      ii  P  P   the working clas* ri-p«
^ alibi Ind tke ra.fras.on of I AUo J- rW, M. ?._,_»  ^^ p(witlon „f .ny in
i,,, .'^i
«l*(l to «v v.  -	
i.„ fceves kav* been acquitted of tbej"""" —.
Tke .trengtt of ««»• **»>** ****[
ment lie. v.*** \* *** **>**** *
attata^*tkT;...t .avsneiH. politic*! posit.
******   ■*   .   . -n -.lit cal rli
lr most active brother.-
the I>«miuion.
eligible for provincial .nd municipal office
»-— - -g Tke worker* of this district have
In the event ot these men being convicted, they
for «»• .VP**r-"
ttaraTef riotl»« ** I*«y««ith| "* *
tow trlsl kto bran o^.r.d by A* «»*.    Ao otd„ -u pd
■well from Ottaw* an-
Lrtlsans .klll.d or on-
nd guUly And ■•ntnuced in t\\B !«««I
„- „u pel"'-' "«b" " ' Byi0g triumphant over
*h*t.w:.,i::; : iyurgc«tiy .*•«*_*_■„
of tk*
_^  tt(*pr«*
wntation on tt* platform at tk* mrai-
•  ** — »k« **eeviou. Monday, an
of   ito   Mew
doe tt* auspice.
atoastfnl aU
Do nil you -"an
working el***, help 1. urge
heir greed would force
Forward all muni--* to
i. Moor., Secretary, *■
Donation* will be n<-'
'Z *******ot ori•n,'l,,•or
to become homele.* tr.mp*.
in their greed would force u« to
forward all monies to Defense Committee,
Q. A. Moore, Secretary, Box 890, Nnn.lmo, B. (!.
"— -ni be acknowledged ln Western Clariou, Cotton •»
a-^, Appeal to Ueraon,.«d otk.r Ubor papera.
ting aa early reply, respectfully
w 0. V. COOK,
s,v.*lk»y Treraurer, B. C. Mloara- Lib-
rr;>**iia League.
i:.''l-**aT OOflDBN,
KiSJaSlv. Cknlrman.
g labor Caaaeil.   Thto
ealaraar Trad*" - —^ ^ .„, pto»
etaiemeat was
»lso m.
form of tt* meeting 0.
Kov. td, **d •
Ugkt. ^™~£mnmmm»*
that lb* *****. " _. ,ad th. wxth*
tot ratiraly »^B"''.;ur.,y ratl*f«
Wc. o- th. ptolfr--
**!    Z PAGE
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r Is on It, your .
with the next Issue.
Saturday- December 20,1913
~0l*_f» understanding of himself and his class, and is thus becom-
•tirstter equipped to engage in the struggle against his exploiters.
'3**** ******* that the seat of his misters' power lies in the control of
we ma-minery of government, by and through which he enforces his
'****- to ownership snd mastery of the workers' means of life, he
v^va-trtTfidence in the weapons of rebellion which he has previously
so valiantly wielded, snd makes resort to the weapons of revolutionary warfare against his masters and oppressors.  In oth**r wards, he
Iwjj&ea less reliance upon the strike and boycott, snd sets s greater
, ***** ttpan the w-japoiis of political conflict.   In this lies the only
f ***%* t**i*eat to the continuation of capitalist rule and robbery.
i-i^Sf *^^ **r *•» °' niBOe*"ity. * »tn-&g**- *or the mastery of the
«**W»ial field. Whichever side to the conflict holds possession of
WW law-making and law-enforcing power stands master of the field of
Wtistofy^and consequently master of the products of Isbor. This is
^#w*J*-f« that should command tho best energy of the worker. His
etive and earnest psrticipation in the conflict means breakers shesd
**r*W ruling elsss. His non-participation in its means breakers
f*aad far himself snd his class.
At the big protest meeting held in the Horse Show Buildin
this city on Monday last, Robert Qosden, speaking on behalf of
"Industrial Workers of the World," took occasion to indulge in "*-<_£
of the most reckless and nonsensical utterances   that   have   as  H
dropped from the lips of any one connected with the labor n-aH-
ment and who might be considered either sober or sane.
According to Mr. Gosden, all possible peaceful means to effl
the release of thc persecuted and imprisoned miners would be "__
until the first of the coming year. If the application of such p.-acelB'
means failed to bring about the desired result by that time, otH|
more drastic means were to be adopted. These means were more tIfiS
hinted at by the threat thst Premier McBride and other nit-mber-aH
the Government had better not go out hunting after that date, or tijH
might get shot; they had better get some working man to taste ib*_|
coffee before they drank it, and a million dollars worth of propenf
would be destroyed per week.
Of course everybody knows that such reckless babbling is ag
tributable, as a rule, to mental indigestion and the victim of thjHj
outbreaks is usually, looked upon with that compassion that is traB-
erally accorded to he who has hsd the misfortune to contract ''St.'
Vitus Dance," or the "Seven Year Itch."  -
lf Mr. Gosden is to speak thus for his organization it is up to tfcjgj
body to assume the responsibility. It cannot be avoided upon the
plea of the illhealth of its spokesman. If the utterances of Mr. Goa>
den meet with the approval of the Miners' Liberation League, undsr
whose auspices the aforesaid meeting was held, it is up to such oi'gan^|
sations as may yet remain sane, to sever their connection with the
League at once. The only alternative is that the League at onceijg
pudiates Gosden, his utterances and his organization.
There has been enough folly committed in the name of la! ^^
during the past without now indulging in the supreme asininity af-l
indulging in anarchistic Hari-kari.
'■■■ .  BOSn*-* TALTJE.
la order tkat we saay understand
•nrnJsa value it ls necessary that we
jknow something about labor-power. La-
bor-power is-tbat whieb tke employer
Miaaa*** froca, tk* tobt-rar—not lxbor,
bat labor-aarn-r, the >hy*ieal energy,
..... ''*** brain aad brawn embodied in the
'ZSm'wa*>**taA*.   "'
**Si i,. tl'tk* wn-re-slaves wM their Wm*
f*W w*a« be paid for the w**Hb
'-sMsat^"'aaii. tk* eapHalUt elass eould
iaJ.'S*l**Axxl***e., Tke laborer Is not
p-Ud for ala labor, for if be was be
*mH b* paid * different aura fee overy
***** worked, according tatke labor
perfertned. He is paid by the hour,
mfc/ ****•*"*-mouth, or j***r; hence hi.
*M^n*r*,Uon In not mearared by tk*
Mtaal natoaat of tk* wealth produced,
h*lL by S meter   known   a.
There has .never been a more severe and widespread business depression thsn that now being experienced by the business world. From
every quarter of the globe comes the same tale of woe. Business at a
standstill (or at least greatly reduced in volume) and no better prta-*
pects for the immediate future. t *
That the working class is the chief sufferer goes without sayiij-g.
With a purchasing power but barely sufficient, even in the best mt
times, to cover their daily meagre living, as soon as production slows
down they begin to feel the pinch, and if depression continues thsiir
position becomes, in time, all but unbearable. That there Are thaw
sands of workers in this country who have had little or no work duiv
ing' the past summer is well known to every one who cares to obserfa
things going on around him. By virtune of this these workers are jSa
no position to meet the exigencies of the winter season that is now
upon them. That misery will be the portion of many during the co*av"
ing months is a foregone conclusion. There is even less work in sight
now than hss been the case during the summer months just passed*
This condition is especially pronounced right here in British Columbia. '(;'■'..
These are facts well known to every one at all familiar with taa;
labor situation in this province.  But in the face of all this forces srs
persistently at work calculated to still further aggravate the situation by the continued importation of labor from other lands; an importation thst cannot be continued without resort to that deceit and
chicanery thst is the chief characteristic of our profit-mongering civilization.   An alleged "Labor Paper" published not a thousand miles
from this city snd supposed to be the mouthpiece of organized labor,
is even now carrying a half-page advertisement of the Dominion Gov*
eminent holding out golden promises to "farm laborers and domestic"
servants" if they will only come to "this Canada of ours."  Any obj
at sll posted ss to the labor conditions throughout Canada knows ths
such advertisements sre nothing short of swindles of the lowest aa
most vulgar type. ' .,.
That there sre breakers ahead for the working class is beyoB-jL
question.   As bad ss conditions now are they will speedily grosyt-**-
worse.   The concentration of eapital is going on at present at a t*r-?'jl*
rifle rate.   The smaller business concerns are giving up the ghost of.
existence upon every hsnd, snd their erstwhile property snd power
is passing over to the big financial and industrial despots.   At ever**-;.,
tain of the wheel the economic pressure upon the enslaved workiaji]
claa* increases snd it is rapidly nearing the point where it will bs£
come positively unbesrsble.   A sweeping snd drsstic change must
some in the conduct of the industrial affairs of human society, so that
a more decent snd equitable distribution of the things necessary If*
the common welfare may be secured, if the sinking of the working-
elaa* to even lower depths of misery snd despond is to be avoided.
Whatever change may be necessary to effect this csn only bs L
brought sbout by the working clssa itself, for the very reason that, I
the working elsss is the.only portion of present day society whassll
matsrisl circumstances not only determine the nature of that change
but render its accomplishment imperative. It is the only psrt of humaa
society whose material needs demand any radical departure from tha
existing arrangement of industry snd property. It is, therefore, thl—
oaly part of human society thst could be expected to generste tlf- j
fores asesssary to bring sbout such chsnge.
OeoeraJly speaking, the working men of this province hsve bain!
found in tha forefront of the advanced Isbor movement.   In several
oonstitaensiss Socialist members bave been returned to the Provincial
Bouse, While a food vote hss been polled   in   others.   Especially I
throughout the mining districts the labor movement of B. C. is ad-J
vanesd and radical;   The same ean scarcely be ssid, however, of tie!
Iliatinn      tf *>■•*. in Va«_»..*•*.*. *L. _-_.-'—J     I
continued ttorie. have-an end *om*-
titne, let n. hope that we nre nearing
the end of working-elan, exploitation.
W. O. M.
*LalM>--power takea upon itself the
nature of a-eonunodity whoa It enter*
the market to be sold or exebaaged,
and It exchange, according to *a eeouo-
atie law tkat govern* tbe exchange «cf
nit e-namwUtiee—the coat of Its pro*
anetion. What is tk* cost of prodoetion
of labor power f Nutorally, tk* (Mat of
(he materials that ar* nwenwary to p*o-
food, -th.Mar *a*l clothing. Tk*
cost of producing tb* aMaty to war*
ten or twelve konr* a day doe* net ow-
tennine tbe ******** at w*r*Jtk w*Uek
can be prodneed tnS***na4 time. Thi. Is
twry weU in-tofaatod by Lftart Ma—i la
tke*. words* "Tk* attoaat of food a
korse want* and the distance it eaa
carry a horseman are suit* dtotiaet.''
Carl Wright has said that th* workingmen of tk* TJ. a receive oae-ifth af
tk* wraltk prodneed ia tkat e**antry.
That is to say, if tk* workingmen la
tk* States works ten konr. per day, ke
receives tb* valne of two kotOT labc-r-
power, or the am oont of wealth created
ia two hot***.. This leavee eight hour*,
lab*r-t*ja*. saxfta-s paaaet, ar
Yda may ask tk* queetion—"Wbat b*>
of tbl* vast amount of rarplu*
valne or product I Tke following are
s few of tke items smeaa-st wkiek It is
durtributsd. There are the maaaioBs of
tk* waaJbtky, lnxurie* .of tk* master
eI*M, and aal—riee for oaelea. fnnetion*
arlea. It bailda th* pleaaure yacht*,
from it I* tak** tk* priee of every pur-
thta** prlnee, wketker ke east a sail*
to* or a hundred million; it build, snd
tymport* a*vie* nnd armiee, buy. legis-
Utnres, and dominate, tke Institntions
of learning. Tk* following might also
•b* Inelnded: Tk* aapport of * Harry
K. Tkaw, Da CaateUaa* or a D* Sagnn,
sad the reet of tkeir degenerate tribe,
with their monkay dinner, and expen-
sivc and nnanvory davorea eaa**..
Ovat and above all these and marly
\other tteaas, tbare Is a wast amoant of
•Bfflm left. ■**_!• i. reinverted and be-
eapttal—in other word., csfttal
Misasr.  Tkl. procM. u ilk. *
tontinned rtory, every round of produe-
tton is Iih* anotker .h.pter--bnt as aO
imresntsrsof popuUtion   Here fn Vanesuver the orgsnised monil  3? ""y '"* ? T0^'
ment hss fallen under the dominion of s small coterie of individuahUl   m**_i^Ti- *****
_^_^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^_^^___J indivi4_H
the eonerets exprsssion of whose interest in tbe movement appears to
Us solely in taa arranging of sinecures for themselves snd clinging
tasreto most t*su*aisusly by every trick snd deviee tbat low cunning
ean javsat atsyend this typs of aetirity there is next to nothing do*
ing upon their part in eonnsotion with Isbor mstters. In fset it is
more than hinted by those familiar -with recent happenings that *om«
of thsir setivitiss of late have been svsn more viewus in their eftcots
upon the eaase of labor than ths msre matter of creating sineeurss
and -tatteainff thereon. ,
Tbars an brsaksn ahesd for the e-rganissd labor movsment, unlaw it ean shake loose snob barnaeles as may fasten upon it and thu*
eonssrvs its eneriy for ths purpose of waging warfars along the lines
of working deMmtorasta as sgainst those of its oonstitutional enemy,
the ei|>itsli*t ■mfmgg.
tliere are break*rs ahead for the elass that now dominates eve*ry
avemie of pMrtea-taen and distribution, the ospitalist elsss. The
ppgAgm gt pf^aaTUen ever Whieh this elass now holds swsy have ba
eosaese-peat timtit is no longer possible to dispose of lhe product of
industry oad«r th* eap**aJist system of property and control. Unless
the produet ean be dtapesed of. **du*li*n muat be eurtsiled. Frod
duetien *anjBB_y«be cortaJIed If Issssning the humbar of workemj
aaapkysl t Its slteajtfrt to i-emsdy matters by thta m*sas_' ' '
**^''*r*I *****\!'¥*:e****!&'***,l
aXmrnVV   *va*a* (OaV-Tu at)
•svATXlVBI '
Harfcl tk* salt to battl* aouading,
tat **ek auudy k**rt b* bound-
flocial     Commnnw—Itk     w*'r*
Tdahasala tb* sght -
***** yoursalf ye workers,
Iwed ao mm tk* **lrk*rs,
Dow* witk those who wear th*
Aad ent tk* food yoa'v* tolled
Witk reform, no longer dally,
Bound    tk*    taw-let    Standard
Workers of tk* world suite;
Tea hav* • world to gain.
'■'We assy rend in history's psges,
.  ***g**i
'Tul It rMekad th* form of wags*;
■aalavisg working Ms.
Wage-slave*, for tfcsir sssstsr,
}-ll* up rickw fMtor
, TkSn any eknttel .lave, or (terfi;
Tkey're    robbed -of    prodnet*
With reforms ao longer dally,
Bound tb* Scarlet Standard rally,
Workers of tk* world unite*
Tk* World I* yours to gsls*
Working**** of overy nation,
Strik* for yonr em*nclp*tion,
Free  yourselves  from   aplaita-
Cn*t away yonr ehaia*.
Long you've been efprsssid,
Wrong ahsU m rodrmtoi,
-Tola  tb* tgh*   witk   all  ymu-
Winnipeg, Nov. SS, 1913.
Comrade JBditor—Aa a common ping
I would like tb lodge a protect again.t
an article written by Comrade MeDon-
old under tke heading of '' Marvellous
Ifisston of Mann," whieb appeared in
the front page of the Western Clarioa
a few week. ago.
Now I don't.know Comrade MeDon-
alA personally. I only know tkat ke
write* for tk* Western Clarion, but I
am fairly naU aeqaeinted witb Comrade Tom Mann. I am a .koemaker,
and not in tk* habit of writ-lag very
ranch, and I think I would he better
able to deal with Comrade McDonald
if I hnd him tn my oM shack for kalf
an hour or so, In order to toll blm brief-,
ly what I think of tke article in question or rather hi. views concerning Tom
Mann nnd hla mi*.ion. I was particularly astonished to- net* such "rush statement* by Comrade McDonald to the effect that "Tom Mann is no common
mortal." "He ia surely a rare combination" and so forth. Now, I don't
think it is in line witk truly Socialist
spirit to be so sareaati. with another
commie, when the only quarrel with
that eomrnde is really a question of difference In tactic aa to how th. alave.
buried in^ the alums'of th* eitie. enn be
made elaas-eonsciou.. Th.t is the only
aUffwene. (as far a. I eaa see) between
tb* Socialiaa*. - of Comrade McDonald
and Tom Mnnn.
Prom the drift of Comrade MeDoa-
aid's article in question I infer that all
labor leaden, particularly Tom Mann,
bav* .till * aril* or two to travel befor* it It possibl* for their theory to
emnneipate the, worklag claas from
wage slavery. In this connection doe.
Comrade McDonald really think tkat a
man of Tom Mean's intelHgenee kaa
never read Karl Man's works, or *v.n
heard of Karl Marat I think nil *vi
dene* goes to prov* that Tom Mann
haa .tudled Karl Mara in no mean order, aad sa' * result of his study (or
rather nnalysis.of same) he knows kow
imponribl. it is to gst the wsg* tl.vet
to read any work* of this uutur*. .If it
wn. left for Karl Man.' and Engel'a
work* to be paaaed round amongst thc
.lave.; Soeialiam would indeed be a long
way off. Th* very -net thst Comrade
'lorn Mann ia erasing up tha very poor-
eat of the proletariat gas* to .how that
he i. thoroughly alive to condition, foi
Socialist propaganda aa tkey «i»t at
preaent, aad if k. oaly succeeds in
causing them to rub their eyes after the
■go-long deep Mmething will hav*
been aeeompliahed ln tb* nature of
primitive Soeialiam, and at th* conclusion of this stag* in th* proces. of
Waking up tk* .lav*, tke Saal ra*******
of Socialism ens then be delivered,
with tke a-Murane. tkat itk will fa* w.li
und.rstood by tk* a.i.e.. I venture
to aty th.y will then be 1* • bettor position* to study Karl Marx' works,
wk«ck,*r« admitted by all tkinkers to
kave placed Socialism o* seitatlfe
In my opinion Tom Maaa skow.
greet InteUlgeaee ia leading the under
dog to battl* against tb* capitalist
elass ia their flght for bettor eoadi.ioBa,
nnd what bettor weapoB ean be found
tkaa th* strik., whieh comas down to
th. A B C of showing tk* eta*-. Ua*.
in society* W* kav* got to flght th*
battl*. of tk* slums for bettor condition., if w* ar* ever to make **y bead-
way in the direction of • eompl.1. revolution. I* this eoantotioa I might
point out that in •very etostlon son-
tost when) a Socialist candidate is put
up, th* majority of vote, in every esse
polled for Socialism com*, from th*
educated working cans n. for *s-
ample: MUwenk*. two y.sr. ago, wk*n
• Soci*li.t was elected mayor of tkat
city. Wkst system would Comrade Ue-
Donald snggmt, might I sab, in ord.r to
wak* up tk* submerged toatb, wko are
May pray to tk* capitalist elsssf Take
tbe .**• of tk* agrieulturnl wag. slav*.
In England whose v-eebnlsry of word.
•v*n is vary limited—-how are the**
tlxvat «vsr to b. in * position to read
•neb books ss Karl Mara kas written
in order to beeom* Soelaliat*, or in
otker words rip* for th* revolution!
I asi, yours for th* revolution.
(Comr-Ml.) 3. JOHNSTON.
thing tnat the shoenuker in question
greatly abhor.) I wouldn't mind telling him that, were I in hi. .hack, I
could toll him in much le*. time what
I thought of hi. jumbftd up conglomeration of idea. ,and tho«i of hi. " comrade, "Munn
What he mean, by hi. reference to
the Soeialirt ".pi-fit" I can hardly
fathom, a. th.r. 1. nothing .piritual or
ethereal in connection with the Soeialirt philosophy, and my experience with
thing* of thi. nature i. confined entirely to wbnt i. known in real estate language a. the "Seattle .pirit," and a lit
tie batter acquaintance with another
form of spirit, .ncloaed in • bottle
labelled "Black and Whit.." Both,
question of tactic, is the only difference
between the Socialism of Tom Mann
and my own.
Might I inform our critic that 1 happen to belong to a clan that poMewe.
nothing, not even a separate and distinct brand of Socialism f Were the
difference between the party to which
I be)oag and that represented by Mann
to be merely one of tactic, well, even
this might be quite ,.ufflci.nt to cnl)
him to time. But it isn't. There is n
wide, and n fundamental difference between the position of th. (dentine Soeialirt, aad that of th. Syadicalirt. Th.
one, understanding th. method, of
Capitalist production, surpln. value aad
vain* in Its various forms, th. .lam
struggle that tairts, (not between the
buyer and *e|ler of commodities, but
between th* -pceoeasor. of th. mean*
of Bfe, and thos* who ar* striving to gala the supremacy) th*
materialistic interpretntion of history, whieh, briefly .peaking, Is •
di.elo.ure of tke fact tint tke sum-
ner in which human kind ka. lived and
worked In the age. part haa genemlly
determined what all the social institutions, political, artistic, judicial, or religion, have beea. That instead of tke
great historic.) .vents beiag du* to the
personal exertion., or achievement, of
prince*, generals, or rulers, that all
have beea brought about beeauee of
economic change, or the manner in
whieh society secured n livlihood nt
those particular time*. Th. other, vain
ly aeeking on tke surface ^or both ea«*e
and effect, paying little or.no attention
to that social and economic development through whieh the worker aad the
machine hnve pasted, aad a hnowledg*
of whieb is the primary essential for
thoee wko are fighting for their emancipation from the bonds of slavery.
Being forced by the condition,
around th.m to notice a little of that
conflict of intereat. existing in humaa
.ociety, the tfyadiealist cannot wait to
get any further, bnt suddenly come, to
th. conclusion that something mart be
done nt once. He is much in the nun.
position ns a maa suffering from diaease
who, seeing hi* condition, haa ao Um.
to have his caae analysed and a proper
remedy prescribed, bnt loudly ineiata
that h. must get well nt once. Like
tke early Utopian Socialists of tk*
Owen school, a siekly aantimeutuliam
overwhelm, him. He view, with alarm
the terrible condition, thnt prev.il
among tk. alum elemeat, M h. In hi.
higher potation (pcer'bly the owner of
n .buck) mutt sacrifice himself to uplift th. other. The poor nnfortunnte
slnnt dweller, grovelling in filth aad
misery, must be cleaned, scrsped, hi.
eye. robbed, snd gently fed with n
spoon on n .milk and water mixture of
imagination and c-.thuti.tm in order to
bring bim to that rtage wh.r* he to
able to imbibe the ".pirit" of Social-
"The beat cared-for worker, are
alway. th. easier to make understand—
for instance—-Milwaukee." (Ia thi.
Irony t) While if thee, enthusiasts un-
derrtood the workara' position a* It to,
th.y wonld hnve no difficulty in knowing thnt instead of beiag able to bettor
it by strikes and reform legislation,
tint it kas a decided tendency to become worse snd worn*. Tb* rent Wag*
to continually falling, thus lowering tk*
itsndsrd of living, nnd .nuking .v.r
more insecure the position of those who
toll, nnd totting thto into eoarid.ratlon,
granting thw thsir premiss (that the
better fed aad clothed th* worker to,
tk* easier to make our propaganda
Alt) to' not tk* stsnd of tk* Socinlirt
Party, to edueato tk* workers while
their condition to nt it* bet, th* only
logi.nl nnd feasible oae to take!
Though buying klmself witk tk* d.ni
sens of. the slum, th* -Syndicalist cannot explain to then? what th* trouble
to, for tb* simple reason tkat ke doeen *t
know bistMlf. Bnt whst he lacks ia
knowledge to made up i* both courage
aad sineerity. What .ould be rimptor,
nnd yst mor* to tb* poiat, tksn a
rtrik.l Just fold your arms, aad lay
down your tool., aad all siss. lines nre
at once .rased Th* capital!* murt
loss. Tk*re to no necessity to know
that labor power to a commodity and,
xt such, It* vslu. to determined by tb*
.mount of Metolly neeeMary labor-time
required in it* production, wktok re-
sol v.. lts*lf into tk* tlm* *M***ary to
produce the food, clothing, and shatter,
esssntial to th* reproduction of tkat
power to labor. Obeying tb* lsws wkiek
govern nil eommoditta*, tk* workers'
m.nt.l and physical .n.rgy exchange.
oa tb* market at its vain*, la raactly
thc ram* mann.r as show asd spnds.
Whil* IU *xpm*loti la gold, wktok to
regulstod by  supply nod demand, may
Sub. B*c.lvsd
(A prsmlujii of. tl-00 Worth of Socialist books to given for •v*ry 110
worth of subs ssat in. No tta* limit.)
^^^^^J Y. H, Q.
H. Seeley A Co., Nelson, B. 0. .6 10 tl
W. Gribble, Montreal 7   I
C. M. O'Brien, Alta fl   0
H. F. Stanton, Blond*!, B. C...8   0   0
P. J. Connett, K.nora, Ont S   0   *
N. McAnlsy, city  .1   fl
D. Thomson, lit. Oats 8   0
0. K. Dafoe, Brockvllle 8   0
W. Watt., elty S   0
A. Mood win, Cumberland 1   1
M. I.., Ottawa  0   •
H. Adle, Calgary 0   S
W. Shaw, Lethbridge  1   0
J. A. Mi.n-.ifs, Merrltt, B. C.... 1   0   1
J. Borland, Montreal  0   1   8
K. Johnson, Montreal  0   t   0
C. 0. Johnson, Carml, B. C 0   8
J. W. Shorrock, Calgary 0   8
R. Dickimon, Victoria  0   S
Local Victoria No. 8 0   1
W. A. Pritchard, city 0   0
C. E. Scharff, MiU.it, Alta 0   0
A* * elass-eohseioas member of tbe
worklag  elass   I  had,   up  till  aow, _                                           r ... .
though! that being ta .neh • position I somrtimM hover slightly soar* tl* val
bad nothing wk*tov*r to b. thankful o* mark, it to, a* Man has fteAsd, mor*
for,   Bat I bav*.   I have good reason likely to b* tk* sm* thst It take* il*
to **<gtotnlat> mj-natf oa being tatty noailion below.   A* ih* tobor m*rk*t i*
fi^i^S^n^ ""m      "
"SHB*. tt£!Z jsssa-,%-
of Caaada meeta same as abov- *"'
18 mo*—Ji* Naylor, H. M. Harmon,
J. Rolls, Chris, Pattlnson, I. A. Austin,
V. Blester, W. Kennedy, P. B. Mile.,
Local Baroa*, Alto*, No. 47, John Pol-
loch, M. 8. Purmich, B. B. Vogea, W.
Oreen, J. Bay, B. C. McCutcheon. B.
Walker, JO. McM. Smith. Adair Heyer
(» not.), Wm. Warner (9 mo..),
S mas*-D. A., B. Levitt, J. A. Beck
man, T. C. Makepeace, W. B. Bird. A.
MnUk, Leo T. Biekey, B. Undgraft.
3 Bsta.   J. Stuart.
The P. O. cannot deliver tk* papers
to tke followiag name, for th* reason,
stated: . C. Thomson, No. Battleford,
not called for; P. Smith, May wood, B.
C, not called for; J. l^iBroeq, Lane-
do wne Ave,, Winnipeg, removed; David
Ballingall, et*. Blc-or St., Toronto, removed; P. Taylor, SSS St. Clarena Ave.,
Toronto, removed; 8. B. Blaney, 714
Keefer, city, removed; P. Ore**, MS
Pender, city, removed.
One hundred and nineteen new render* thi. week. That to not so hnd aa it
might be, but it would be a whole let
better if more of oar reader* soaked
their neighbors fer a sub. Onr circulation now only just pay. th. expeasM
of production, aad it ought to produce
enough to pny the railroad fare* of two
organisers all the year round One .ub
n week from every reader will do tk.
trick, if it i. kept up. Onr circulation
now hover, around the 4,000 mark.
Mak. it 10,000 by Dee. 31, 1*14.
-ry alternate.Tueaday. at «}, v
province   _^^^^^^^_
on ornanlaalloa. matlar*.
McMlilaa.   »"a»ISton   Rd.
Moeee Jaw, *"*r
Commlitse    —-
eerted  toe   th*
•*vm?*' Tt*-*1^3
meainer* ot
desirous  of
«UI*   BS.
*. 9. or c,
"if In .-...
Willi th.ni
Adilr, ...  11
So.   Hin;
^-'rry*-** raid i» i».
ouraae.   of   tti.ln«
».,¥!-"••    Borlsil.t
_J-Sss.':.■,*J, ynu "*
—■-"-—  ■--   ■—Jaitpa*  a  meni.»-r   ,,f
• ten ta S*t nay totorToallos. .,.,. ,
a-eratajry. a. & MtCmUMoon. Hoom ,
********ry. W  I
aa/'"as*a*w^lL' W a*i-—"i^*a^_j** ***•-"•*
lai.IslaSSea. aa _at^-*-ttitaU..''i,.'i;'.i
than, not only capitalist production, but
•11 production, cease*, aad thoa* whose
k now ledge of eeoao**iee txteads beyond
the study of "Merrie England" eaa
easily diaeover that the worker, whose
position, at bast, to bnt slightly removal from tb* starvatlo* limit, stoada
a mighty poor chance with tho** who
own, aad by mui et th* Stole ar*
able to control, tb* wealth of society.
A* for the statement that he inferred
from my article, that tobor leaden
have a mil* or two to travel before
achieving th* emancipation of tb*
worker., such an inference wat never
given. The reference In question, as
sny on* ean see (eves the agricultural
laborer* with th.ir limited vocabulary)
who read it, to ia regard to th* w«rk-
»r» themselv**, nnd not to their lend
er.; aad had either Maaa or his cobbler
apologist, studied th. work, of Marx, or
gleamed from aay other source* *v*n
the .lightest knowledge of tk* Marxian
theorie., they would know n Uttle bettor thsn to imagin. that th* worbers*
emancipation will ever be th* work of
any on* oth.r than themselves. That
s knowledge of Mara aad Bagels must
be acquired by ***ry worker, ur eves
by a majority of workers, befor* • social revolution ana be aeeompU*h*d, no
scientific Soeialirt thinks. Bat for thai
portion of th* worklag ***** wko «•*•**•
to beeom* Soelsltots, to nndatntnnd
thsir elass position, aad th* lis* of *e-
tioa aMMsary to tohi.ve tkeir fr**-
dom, ao bettor Uxtbook. asa be
studied. Trn., tb*** great eeososstot.
Uac.m. Soeinltots by peraeing "Capital," *r "Pwrbeah." Th*y had to
•rank for, «ad arraag*, data wktok Ik*
sv.rag. worker kas a* tto** to Indnlg*
In,.v*n dM h* posssss th* ability to do
to; but tb* fruit of their labor belongs
to os.
As fer Tom Maaa showing IntoOi-
ganto I* leading th* under dog to bat*
tto against hto matter, wtdl, perksp. h*
doss. Bat th* dog tkat to **tag tod
doesn't show any svldeaM of Intolli-
gen.*, nnd It to tk* fuMtio* of tk* Socialist P rty of Canada to edueato aim.
To «xpl*i* to bim tk. natnr. aad do-
v.lopm.nt of th* .oei.ty ts wktok k*
Uv*., aad to skow kirn tk* nttor futility
of followiag rantlnr l*a«aaias*s Ilk*
Tow Maaa, aad tk* social pallintor. of
th* Milwaukee tyn*.
eXmrnmBg* **•   a**t
*p*a. TJ*. •
ar^ Uiaralaev shaaM #rHt :ie'tt. ais'>*
.torsst. aad mtb toamta ptampx ttt.»iio„
aara sosssa 9aarvniax aaacu-
STfS 0*BnwBr*rrm*a aocislisi i<m,
ol Canada. aaM. every aacoml a,.i
tourth Hun-tars in lb* C*|>« H.. -..-.
-*Stt of tb* -"arty, Commercial «tr«u
ai.ee Bay, N. 8. Dan Cochran-. ->,..
.stary, Bo. .ti. Place Bay. N s
raury, »•. Hya**, 1.1 Moor* St. SI
-laha, W..B. T*r party lllaratur* an4
Inr-M—taltoa re ar-taalaatlo-t mstt.r*.
etc. writ* t* ****** Omdroa*.
bacaa nBKKjEj*. *t a. bold
aduaailacal tasettae> la lhe «.n»n
I'nloa Hall every Sunitar at <:ie
Buatne-M mt-slln* third Bunds> ln huh
mi.nth, ; la pm K-rotwm.c class every Bur-oar aftentoaa *t 3:1*. W. 1.
11-llltHa. Hec-v-wry. Bex Ml
locAa iosBTijra, ■*. saVa. oi o..
meet* In MlaetB* Hall avery Sun-t*> «i
Tl. am. B, CasapaaU. i)ra*i,.«*.
Will Jones. Secretary, aaa lit. ».»•
Disk branch maata la rtaland.r." iui.
Sunday* al T.I* ».*». A. SehMs. .-. •
retary.  Be* tt,  WoaBtaatl.  a  <'
"™ 'a. a, *airia7a r. *t
C. hat** prutia**e-la HMMrtlnss ««i
Sus-lay sf(e*-*.o--*i. at IA* In frsh.t. .
HailL A hearty h-ivitajtoa I* *»."-.
ed ta all was* alave. within reach <•'
ua la alien* onr m-**(laa* Biw.r***
-aott-ise era MeM the Brat sn-l (Mil
Sundavs at aot*, s*Amtb at I..I. sm.
in the aame hall. Parly erssnlwr*
tska notice.  .T. W. arawn. Seer*.*'.
toe.a •anatul'iirs.'s' r. sr c
H. s4e»tn*n aa* walla* rs>-*> »
Vsi-w St- auelneas meetina *<»;>
Tue-nlay. S ana *Aws*c*nda nweiins
Kur4s>-. I p.m-. Kmpraas Ths*.'- '
C_ Turner. sVwrai*—'-_^_
-rMaaTaavm aaaw faanvsa a c
Ns. *l. aetata avary Saaaay s^ki •<
I o'clock In Public I.lhrary room J'<*<»
Mclnnls, Set-retary; Andrew All*, or-
ganla*r '
*f-aoa> 'owaaa-as-jm'ata. aii.n
C Baalntaa Baaatlaf every aecond Sun-
*sr Is Ik* Bstatk, at toiSO a ■ >* *»
ttail.1 Mali appetite P 0 kr..-..--i-
tisssts every Mea.sy aa* friaar. !» •
Piwf**ujaaea aaetlaaevery Snator. I? «
ia Si-rlalM Hall. That. Cataey, r.-* - *
Baa ; lea Btrlwr. Car,asp. *re        _*__■
oca aaaoava-si a*. _ a a. ei c
n-i«laea. jaeetla* at ery T-ie««l«
nl*S_*t   .1-
Ct Kast
, I.    Mm.
ers.   IIS   Hs*.ii .-:-
!«re retary
Bo. tn.
8 PL of (?— a-iata*aa meatlns *»*
eeewnd Sunrlav (>f lhe month and pr.,
paaaada meettn* every fourth Kum1« -
Heen ta everybody it It-em III. iJthar
Temple, al S p. m Secretary, B. Am.:.
Sa*   1.1.
.'-abaa 'VaaMf-tm'' tf'-'cTsje. «,
P»nni|ih.__ Heat;   evfry __ eeceira __sn.j
Wedneads-rs In' the month •<
SI. Raul   Ovln l.(nJ *-*-•
'.'.'It I'eti'er
sadaiL WiBBBB-i ~Uam-mva.Bc., m*.
», a  P. C.    Man* Seat Bad  im- '
Sundays  ef each   month  I*  nyx-lsli*'
Hall,   J. N. Hlntaa. Secretary. (Il.«--
Helffhta. ac ~-—^^—^^^^—
•r*aaaa eaaaaaa. aadra: st*. *.* *
*t C->*>a**ln-n« merlins ever}- Sai...
day evenlns at S aviorl ut ih. heej
aaariMn, ftoA.  Mb *•».. Bsti: i   «
C-mmwmTBw.    I.    S
-rtoea. Ut first "*<
every Tuned.* ». <
Buaine-ia meelince eve**** —
P.m. aherp.   Oar reoAIn* nmi
Uiblie tr**. fr**t IS i
Wl IS <-l -
to  11
Bm     *
louse. Props
•and.i meetina. « lam. an the Sr.i
■nd third Sundays of lhe month. l»-*i
***** nweltnas on Thunder ev.nm-r
follow/a* nro-Mcaada meetlns* si «
Or-ranlMr, Tlffeala. Oeleman, Alt.
Secretary, Jas, Olendennlna. hoi 11
feleiraa. Alia Visitor* may r*c*i--
lnfoi-fi*tlo_any day al Miner.' Hsii
Seerelury, Wm. Or*****, Bos II, Co.*
man, Alfa
J- P. of c "Saets .
lLl*_*-.m, in aflnet*; I
I 1MB Btj	
•M, iMLM
Baalaew mestlnst •
al       (B       aa maa asd       -**nnI
er 0:
_*  Hall
.tary. W
day «<
__:-. *r c.   Busineas meetins* .»"
arft,«~ **"»" a,,m K
torsT  l.st""
. Saeretery. Ill Bdmohlan «'
m.. leeretary. A. B*n*n-
auHer  AV*.' Ort.nltf i
a*oordlns *eJr.Ury
in tn*  JMI
ii «*mmimtk**J,
bB  ■
'tbi OLAii-oi,-
'■-. *-,-". '..v..     .[J, 'V-9.™:'!':
The W-Mtera Clarioa. VaVihcou v«, Sftllilt Cokmbia
Tlils  P*** .**, ***!**
Oeneral Pr
>t^xta\^*'^AAmta.^t Ji ***-"*•. <^trtt.-^ Loa-Tena
.%,'. M*ftTSt  Vanco"'.'^, W"*,«***U**»«- t0 J  H^BurrouVh.
Vansouvar, Nov. 88, IBM.
. „,.v*aed nt old Mala St. at 8 p. m.
l-r-»*»»t~WtobBfl..' ildBW»y, Beid,
l'„l,„u, and isMretary.   Baid   In   the
Minute, ot prsvtoas meeting adopted
„.  M-ad.
i ,-rMponde*-**'•«**Bt- N. D. Thsehuk,
-.-,.,.,.., o. .K.'M*r*t:***t*t*yy V, L
-.,.,--.' liefeaS*WaUl 9,9. Scott, Vie-
;,.,..,. a. Msllbsi«:M'»^-*-tt-> v**,i
K.-.-». Fernlei A. Onodwin, Cumberland"
(i velge, l^*ae«i» Uk** Local Bader
-,, No, «5; Dnvid Ev.ns, law-ue-ti to.
Bmitln*.   F.I**..
inll*-*Doai. atsa* 0*., -**l sandri**,
(i.iui.   Warranto ord**r*d drawn.
risasriril sTafati.
\,„ B| Vancouver N*. 48 (FiBBtok)
.uppll*. .........    .....8 .so
\, per warranto,.. 81.35
Vaae-mver, Nov M, 1»13
< ..nvened n* *****, -aid I* the chair
Minute* ot •***•»_** SM*tl*g sdoirted
»t read,
.rrcpondene* frar* "Oonstant
lt.--.der," altyt C »»Wte, V. tj H. P.
*-.<<.-ito*, ltloadel; B. C.j Mom* Berlt*,
Wn-alpegj Prov. Bttrn, N. B.j C M.
ti Mrien, Calgary <t); D. Thomson, St.
(•-.thcrln*.* Oe»fc »»rsltor, Toronto; W.
... ..Hto, Montreal (*), T. D. Prnlt, Bd
tsi-nton; Jabs lf*H**, Warberville,
Mta.i C. W. ayiBgford, hfarwayno,
Alt..; Jn*. itoshbort, l*oe*l Moatreei
N. |; Adolf Heyer, N*"ritle, Sank.; M.
i.. (Htanm; Flaa* awmtoor*, Ss*. & P,
w»«h.j liotxi OttawaU*. A-
-- -retary ltutractad to r*ply to com-
nation* from Moaaa Barilt and'C.
w Hprina^tord*
• "'.sirion tmba .,,,....... S 8S.88
n-xion  fund  *■•**>
I .ncsl End«rby, B. C, No. 68,
I iadle* '..;  1*00
-     ltoatiter, Toroato, bandies 2 50
'•■■••  Bossiter, Toronto, liler.
iur* 60
("r-.e. tUtU, V. B, da* -"tamps... 8.00
I'.ov. See., BT'TI, snppUe*  *.*9
w    irtlble, due* .'. 8.00
Vd-«lf Heyer, Oa* Iron Heal... 1-88
'■   Nelao*, On* Iron Heel...'... 1.88
* ■..! Edmonton No. 13, bundle* 8.00
Special MeeHnf.
Vancouver, Dee. 1, 1613.
Convened at 6I« Main St. at *t p. m.
Prewnt—Beid, Bahim, Mdaw.y and
•Mretary.   Sidaway in the chair.
Charter laaned to Montreal comrade.,
a. to 1-oeal Roeemount, P. Q., No. t
Bleven charter member., Percy llobton,
Secretary reported that charter it-
sued to Loeal Delburne, Alta., No. 40,
on Nov. il, had not been signed by the
chairinan, Com, Karme, and he has been
unable to get in touch with him .inc.
On motion, the charter was algned by
Com. Sidaway.
Haecipte—l*ocnl   Roeemotrat,   P.   Q.,
No. 40, charter fee and supplies, 88.10.
J. H. BUKROroil,
Sm retary,
Vanconver, Dee. 6, 1813.
Convened at 516 Main St. nt 8 p. m.
I'resent—Heid, Bahim, Karme, Sidaway, Pritchard and terretary. l'ritch
ard in th* chair.
Minute* of previous meeting adopted
aa read.
Corrcpondenc* from A. J. Godfrey,
South Wt-lttngton; Organiser Walker,
fernie; Local Cumberland No. TO;
Stove tollman, Enderby; Paul Andet-
ton, Webster. Corner.; L. E. Bartlett,
Whonnoeh, nnd Local Victoria No. 2.
Applicatioa for charter from When-
nock comrade, approved, nnd ..me
signed. Five charter member., L. E.
Bartlett secretary. Local to be known
a. Local Whonnoeh, B. C, No, 81.
Bill.—l.ocal Vaaa-inv.r No. 1, for
good., #10.00; Organiser Frodsham,
|S.00; sundries, OOe; offlce rent, 82A0-
Warrant* ordered drawn.
nnsacial ""top-art.
Litersture tato* I 1.00
Loral Vaa- Mo. 1, due .lamp.... 10.00
Local Whonnoeh No. SI, charte*
.nd supplies       5.00
Total  8H.00
A. per warrants I1S.0O
Total ....*;    8 tW-SA
i": -uiaoe  Stationary   Co..  ftnal
payment en lypewriter 8   8.00
''-.nttag  nnd  mailing Clarion
***••< retary, wage, to D*e. *.
•■  T. Kingsley, «* *e«	
< "'flee rent to Bas. S	
— •••iini'li-tffcaji
The D-v-ali,"-*-* Eaacuitve ha*, the fol-
i' •in* lliaraturn fer aale. (I'ubtisi.e-i
hy the parly.): . _
To  Individ-
tresis   osla
per IS* aropr
•Unlfeal* S. P. ot C ..      M.f»     !SC
wi.at I* Soclnliara**  _... i.M     >•«
^-iistlant    and    th.    Bur-
Nival  ef  toe  Mtteat   (J.  .  ..
uniwih SS.TB       to
T... Way te Power  li. B.
i-"''lal4<tn and Unionism*
-<><• n*r daaen.
sir.i«*le lor Kxla»*nt-**..
^le par dueen.
*"»'»   and  Ooyernm.nl*..
f-i- per dontn.
Vslue, Prtee nnd Pro*!*...
,*.«« per d*>*en
'I M.rea* ehnrses added.
|\ii. stamp* 	
; atrorma. Bnallsh...
'in (forms, roralan...
,''■** t*am* ..—	
1 'M.atltUllona    „
• Aw<|-|*_prlea* a«r IM)
I He each
a... m..
Vancouver, Pee. «, IM...
Convened at above, Pritchard ia tbe
Minute, of prevlou. regul.r and special meeting, adopted a* read.  -
Corre.pond.nee from M. B. Furtnieh,
"lofleld, Alt*.; Peter P. Otoen, O.rden
Plain., Alta; Cobalt Miner.' Union, W.
F. M.; Edmonton T. d I*. Council; I.'A.
Austin, See. Local Netooa. B. C. No. 4j
F. Hyatt, Prov. Sec, N. B.; Q. B. Da
foe, Brockville, Ont*; C. M. O'Brien,
MacLeod, Alta.; Mcae* Barltx, Ft. Will
ism. Out.; Organiser Oiibble, Montreal;
D- A., Toronto; Mr.. Stott, Victoria;
Geo. Bossiter, Toronto; Pearson Publishing Co. New York; H. T. Baetable,
Brandon; Loe»l St. Catherine., Ont.,
No. 8di H. Seeley nnd T. Qrogaa, Nel-
-wn, B. C; M. L, Ottawa; Ed. Ful
eher, Brandon.
Clubbing offer from Pearson's Bag.
sine declined. Communication from
Comrade Fulcher eoaaidered and laid
over for further eoniideration. All «or-
recpondoaee Bled.
BllU—Editing Clarion No. 735, 810;
P. O. stomp*, 13.05; Angell Eag. Co.,
84.05; E. T. Kingsley, on account, 810:
Local Van. No. 1, for good.. Mc: Dom.
Express Co, 81.60. Warrant, ordered
Finaadal Beport.
Clarioa sub., 83*1.85
Clarioa saJ«.   XM
1*1. A, bundl. W
J... Biatoul, bundlo   1.00
Loe.l Van. No. 1, bundl.  ».W
Local Victoria No. 8, bundle... 2.80
Mow. BariU, bundl.   «00
H. T. Beatable, bundje  4.40
People '• Booh Store, buadto.... 8.10
Local Nel.ua, B. C, No. 4, di-
rectory  *-w
Local Van. No. 1, directory..
n'rs*ain*r»* Report Sheets
i'sny Button. ..„. 8.8*
ilctMb *lst*M   ***** Vl*3t0rit N°' •» it****°**'
!»,»♦ yetJto,Literature sale.  ..**....
Wsrrani loekB ..
.11 each
li* do*.
.  .Maach
i.lMo. Ad* 	
******, B. C. Executive, charter fee.
rawoovvar* aaaaa mm. i, b p. a* o.
outer. B. Li
eloth-bound Ii4»l~ on
Th. Iron Heel (London)  M»
m.tory ot the (Commune ot 1171     ,
(Ltas.tary)  i-*0
■.andn-lurka  of  Bclentlflo "Soclaltorn
(8ta*ito) .m...  i-M
I nnMfrlfl History of Bnaland (Olb- . .,
b*n)    .„„.,yff|„, ..m-    i-l"
Jitiltal, vol*. I, J .nil I m s-a.a**
The Eatt.m Qusaiion (M*ra>.„....... JO.
<"rltiqu. ef Pol, Kconomy Thtetxy... 1.00
Ancient Lemty, v*L 1 and t (Ward) 1.00
A. por warrant.
Calgary, Dee. 8, 1818.
M^Slw^t^waia^ fjj   Csllnd to order by th* secretary st
In-tii.trlal    nbtory    of    Knsland        !'   Preeent—Wm.    Scott,    (Boe.-SM'y.)
wtlSmmWm**^^ 1:5. i 8«rge, Bsvbss, W. O. Scott  And.r.on
8s sunt Briars (Sw'y.), »nd Wllllp-.on.   Orgnnlser.
id aevol-itlo* (pnie«*wi*nn.> 1 Buddnu nnd O'Brien were also In nt-
Writer*! -s^A*S*Ta.,-t«*.
I aad- sdoalSd     *'■     '
. ■■ j *^e**toap«7d.n-*. M/flisai StM*. Bier
at (A»'«tin I-**!*.) ICommlttw <»); T. C. Makepeace, 1 -»■
Proflt (Marx,)cmb,. j, r, Donnenwwrth, lacombe
CounW-ltovoluttM,*^ _toontMt    w>    viMMt
Frodihnm, Vaneouvw m-, Local Chinook; Looal lllllerei (8); C. W.
Sprlngford, MarwayneAAlts.
I ..tier,   from   Poinhlon   Secretary
anent   recent   politic^   dovelopiuei.ls
disctuMd, and tb. replies of the Prov.
Secretary thereto endowed.
Secretary reported, that Comrade
Mutbhat filled date at Lacombe as re-
qnetted by comrade, there.
Secretary instructed to reply to C. W.
Hpringford re property of defunct Local Dewberry; to ^rito to Secretary of
Local lethbridge r. condition of that
local; and to communicate with Comrade Piaher, requerting n report of hit
trip ln the Crowsnert Paac. Correspondence ordered filed.
Comrade O'Brien .ubmittod, on the
new report shoot., report, for th.
month, of October and November,
showing a total in these two month, of
41 meeting, h.ld, 4,380 persons ad-
dri-ited, and 8,0*4 mile, travelled.
Comrade Budden reported poM-ibility
of bye election in Bed Deer.
Increasing of th. circulation of tke
CLAKION discussed. The suggeatioa
by Bndden th.t the Executive mail
copie. of the CLABION to Locals
where there are aot many anbeeriber.,
wa. adopted, and Secretary instructed
to get Mm. feasible plan under way of
syttematieally eireulariring the province.
Plans for organizing work ia tke
province this winter dircneeed and Bec-
n-tury given instruction..
Financial aaport.
Receipt-—-      ,
Total ..s..
». E. C ..,	
Expreseage  .,	
Pottage      1.S9
.. 1.55
WM. iMXrtt,
Calgary, Dec. 4, 1813.
Ed. Clarion—Comrade H. Adie sends
the eneloeed six-month* sub, whieh
pleatc send to th. addreta given.
I am sending you a eopy of a letter
which has just been rent to m. by the
Secretary of lx*cal Hillcrest, in which
nre given the facts regarding Comrade
Waiserii meeting, at Hlllerwt. Comrade O'Brien ha. just returned from
the Pass, and he verifies the statement,
of Comrade Collinridge.
I hope you will give space in th.
column* of th. CLABION for the publication of thi. letter, in justice to the
comrade, of Hillcrest, aad ia order that
any false imprettioa of th. matter in
question may be corrected. Fraternal-
Iv, your em-trade,
Nov. 3, 1»13.
Burt E. Anderson, Sec'y., Alberta Prov.
Ex. Committee, Box 1196, Calgary.
Dear Comrade—I hav. read your letter in CLABION No. 734, in which you
referred to Comrade Bob Walker's pro-
test in a previous iaaue a* to im- arrangement, for him in Alberta had
failed. I did not Me '.hat issue of the
CLARION ia whirl* Comrade Walker
made ki. protect, but I gather from
your letter in th*- CLABION that place,
like Hillcrest and Coleman were e.pe
cislly referred to.
Now .. to Hillcrest, I hnow that
there wa. no local in actual exittenee
(at that time), but arrangements for
Comrade Walker were in no wtoe
bungled He h.d a good meeting In
Union Hall and a fairly moderate .collection.
Then on the Friday following the
meeting, our union 'of the U. M. W. of
A. granted him 825 nnd the use of the
hall on the following Sunday. A few
of u. got together, advertised the meeting, and decided to form a local, with
the result that a .fairly good meeting
was held. So I think tk* remark, as to
"bungling" were not justlfled so fsr
a* Hillcrest i* concerned.
I might .Ito add that Comrade C. M.
O'Brien addressed a good meeting in
Union Hall on Sunday, Nov. 30.
Thanking you for the good withe,
for tbe .ucceat of Hillcrest Local tendered to ut. I am, fr-uereally your.,
See 'y., Local llillerest No. 57, 8. P. C.
Revolution    **d
'*falr. or Karl Man. ,<***$.*,***■'
Orlstn of to* Fnmtly tEn**l..»
focTillBrn. tfteplsn and Bolai.tlfto (**5n
-rm- of Mind In Plant..
£ito.s  l"clt.d. .xnress  <•(■.*•«*..
Minnies of meeting, Oct. 88, 1918.
Meeting called to order by the secretary, at 8:30 p. m., in the new headquarter, at 818-A 8tk Av*. E.
Member. pr*swnt—Adi», Williamson,
Knud.on nnd th. .ecretary.
The minute, of th. tost r.gul.r meeting of th* executive, held Aug. 15, were
reed and adopted.
Owing to the fact that the correspondence ..cumulated between these
two meetings wm of .on.idetnbl. proportions, it wa. decided that all correspondence relating to routine matters which had been .Headed to in th.
Interim by the swretory, be filed without reading.
Bavaral eommunientlon. relating to
the Provtaetal Office Assessment were
rend, and-considerable discussion took
In view of th* fnct that local, were
not responding to the assessment sufficiently to warrant keeping n paid see-
rotary in offlce, it was agreed to hold
a special meeting th. following Tue.
day, Nov. 4, for th. purpose of going
into th* matter more fully nnd decid
ing upon tome Hue of notion, n bettor
•ttondaao. of th. oommitt.. being de-
•lead. _____.a.
**^a***B*BB*aa*S*a-*sTa   *m,r*xm*x*nm m.
Bnlaaea os aaad -Inly 1S.» »****
Receipt.   46.15
Advert* balance .'    8.95
Total .,,' 858.45 858.45
Tho financial report bring adopted,
the committee adjourned.
circle" on the blackboard—-tracing the
route taken by th* *rystallized product
of the famwr's labor from the farm
to tb* mlrasd, then to the elevator,
milling ccsmpany, back to the railroad
again, than tb* travelling salesman and
tb* retailer, from whom the luckiest
farmer procure, hi. personal "hay and
oat*;" He said that women were thirl*
ing their duty "In not demanding the
right to vote aad thnt sharing* with
their brothers tbe r-eponribility. Men
should be more than pleased to grant
them the franchise. 'He atoo illustrated
on the blackboard how Jeans, if he had
lived until now, with an income of
8800,000 n y«ar, wonld have lees than
Rockefeller., (600,000x1913 equals #95,
850,000.) Boekefeller-e income amount
ing to nearly one billion in twenty
eight year*.
The evolution of human society w«a
dealt witb by my-alf, pointing out how,
whea MB* r*eeh«d tb* point where he
eould prodace more»than anffleient for
kto k*ep, elavery beeaaae possible. That
elaase. originated nt the time when one
maa bega* rack-tag slave* of other*,
and that alaia*. bad been with ut ever
sine*. W* reeo-rniaed ttto fnct of their
estotoM* and were out to-do away with
tbaa. AB systea*. of elavery had one
feature ia eomston—tbat th. maatet obtained all that tb* .lav* produced, over
and abwva that r-eeeseary for th«
slave'. harp, *ad euffieient to produce
another generation of slaves. The ao
eial nature of preaent-day production
wm ..gsaa- into, ahowing how plowa,
bis-dera,' twin*, *te*, wer* neeeatary to
th. produetion of whest, nnd how in
their us* they could aot add value
greater than their owa to tbe result
kave twtdv. or f***t..n who -tala •*•»* ing product.    Labor-power alone po.
in th. elsisss, which w* bold twit* a eaaaed the peculiarity of being nble to
Op to Nov. 1, six locals nnd several
individual numbers have sent their us-
t-etament* in varying amounts, as follow.:
Local Bold HID    -8 8-00
Local Star Bldg*    4.40
Local Calgary   It.Bo-
Local Bed Ds*r    9.00
Local Veteran    t.t»
Local Markerville 8.40
E. E. Faulkner, Calmar    1.00
G-eo. Futon, Delburne.... .'•'.     .40
T. C. Makepeace, Laeoutbe      .80
Jo* Bright-**, Mt. Howm......   S.40
Total,....   ..,.t.. S61.S0
The above cover, th* ntoatks of July
to October,  nnd average*. 8X2.90 per
Per Burt E. Anderson,
Ed. (uitoa—Pl****. find satsassi BL
O. for "K-4d-«44A for -Ctoitoa hill* ss
pot account sat tba, balaa**, of gtSw,
to cover cost of two b»Mk*: *'Pbll*so-
phieal Esssys" (Wetsgaa) aad "Posl-
ttv* Ontaam. of PhiloBc«*hy'' (Dtots-
gea) whtoh I weald lib* y*a t* Mad sm
a* soon a* possible.
xHaa* writing yo. las*, th* wrftor
ha* bee* soa>*wbat baa** la roaadiag
op th.'bU«k-.Udera and *rympr*thU*e.,
wltb th* taw-told obtoe* of -aanrMing
oat* keailun.rtet., and *f(a*lrisg *a
sc^somie alaaa, aad up to th* ptaraat
■nan hnd vsry eBc*iyngi*g-ra.*lti    W*
week, Wednasday night aad Baa-lay
sight. ,Eaeb etas* sonatoto of ste or
eight; soma eaaaot attend every etas*
owing to their having to deliver thair
•aergy whan tb* rest of as ar* generating mor. life-force tut delivery tb*
next day. However, tke only wny to
gain onr end* 1* by edneating tb*
worker, to U*ir slave positioa in **■
eiety, and we bav* foaad from «sp*r-
ienee in tb* past, that if we eaa only
keep them attending th* ***** regularly, we vdU, by r-priwg, ba** a fairly
good buaeh to start oat witb wbo wiU
underetand how aad wby tbey and their
claa. are always ia poverty. Bo you
will see thnt we ar* doing car llttl* bit
in the grandest fight tb* ham** race
haa tab** part la.
I woald like to stay bar* this wiator,
solely to tak* part to tk* elaanea, aa It
i. about tb* oaly. thiag vr* bav* to look
forward to down here, but mast go sad
have a look at tke uld folks In England,
as it to seven yeara sine* I left tkem.
Thi.*. to all now. Tour* for Soeialiam,
Meeting keld Nov. 17, 1913.
Borland in tke eh'tr.
Treasurer announced 841-00 ia treasury, including Organizing fund.
Fay-Jobnaen. That 880-00 be paid to
Comrade Gribble for expense, to date.
Fay Johnson. That tb* P. E. C. entertain, no speaker, not npproved, by
the D. E. C.   Carried.
Johnson Buckhold. That we write D.
E. C. asking for a list of speakers wko
eould legitimately be endorsed by the
Party.   Carried*
Johnson-Buchhold. Thnt Fay be unpointed Secretary of tb* P. E. C. Carried.
Secretary instructed to write, concerning Direetory in Clarioa, to that
paper.   Carried.
Fay-Johnson Thnt th* bill from D.
E. C. be paid.   Carried.
'    A. E. FAT,
Nov. 84, 1918.
Comrade Editor:
Eneloeed find 81 for .ub for Clarion.
Sub. h.v. been mighty hard to gat
lately. The .Uvea around here being
hard-put to it to find decent grub. Most
of the firm are on abort time. Those
that are aot have fired a big bunch of
"free" men, to find n new matter,
Around the new.p.per office. In the
aftornoon to Men a struggl. for th*
paper, to M* if jobs ar* goiag. That
to th. plac. to wo tr-ae boasted "ft**
men" tub for muter*. Anyway all to
grist for our milt. The ground to being
prepared where we .hall reap a rich
harvest. It i. hard work just now, bnt
in our fight w. ennnot be beaten. Tour.
tn rnvolt, W. OBEEN.
St. John, N. 3., Nov. 86, 1913.
Ed. Clsrion—Be my letter of the 17th
in»t., .end another 85.00 worth of
stamp., making 810.00 in all, on credit.
By the time they reach me I .hall have
the money. Atoo Mid me three copie*
of Jack London'. "Iron Heel."
Re Fredericton and Newcastle Local.,
hav. received tax up to date for Fredericton, snd NeweMtto up to Deoeoi-
ber, 1918. Am trying to get th.M
Local, going .gain. Am al.o trying to
got Moncton. dribble i. still in Montreal.    Yours, .to.,
Prov. See., N. *x
Ed. Clnrlo-jr—Comrad* Irwin Friday
and myself addressed a meeting at tho
Netherby rchoolhouM on Nov. 25, and
it lasted from 8:30 p. m. to 12*30 a. m.
A collection wa. t.k.n to defray expense., and 82.05 wa. th. result. Please
credit 75c to Maintenance Fund.
Comrade Friday showed the "vielou.
prodace a valne greater than that embodied la its owa cost of produetion.
Tb* average socially neceetary
amount of labor-power required in the
produetion -*t wheal wa* illustrated on
tb* blMkboard, and It* price {value, in
term, of naoney) demonstrated, atoo the
tendency towards aa average wage and
average -return from- eapital invested.
witb agar*, from stottotie*.
Socialist Psirty of Canada
 i    mi JsJBtTSliT 1** •*--• ■** in convention aasembled, affirm
*^\et^*** ** ***** * **» «,rincl*>l**« ail<i Programme ot th.
aiutioaary "(snajsaag -*sws
our _
j jibor p*rs***S8n*S SB
The s****Km*!SSS.
to tb*
sad to tb* producers it should helot...
t* baaed upon capitalist ownership oi
caaaaaa«atly nil the products of labor belong
Tta eapitaltot I* therefore master; the worker
Mi '
«*as* -raaaaias in possession of tbe reins
"" tb* Stat* will be used
tb* mean, of wealtb production aad
«». Mac aB''-anBt'BlBs*lsnnal'*»*• reataini
arttsaaTstr-tl* BBwar* ef tb* State will he used to protect and
to ta* capitalist an ever-swelling
sn earn or pmst-us. —— — — ******* sa ever-increasing measure ot
mi**rr *ad   .
Tb* lrtfan^t *f taa *ui>t*s ctoaa Ue* in tbe direction of setting
, .eat trmttom SaattoHl •sa^aftotioo by tbe abolition of the wag.
*»«sL BBdaP Wb**a I* timtkad ta* rabWry of tb. aorkln*; claa. at th.
?,oiatof SSasaaOaa^ t> aswsspltoh this naceMltatee the trantforma-
'        1 inrtlsaaat I  II   *l ta tb* BMaa* of wMllb production Into col-
LiOIl W 'B>*t**^*^_^i--E.-|,a_r__i|^ i ii-BsmBBBM
ie.tlve or •aatf-aMrjsPS •--»-*•*.
The |-r**»aww*sB***»*S S—fMtt ef totoreat between tbe capitalist and
the mot*mW*Ul »f iBaailBSrlag ta a dtruggie for poesesslon ot th.
r^ns OffafS *** *° *"*' *** worker t0 ****** <•
-r-tu-i-trftwai SW «SB Bf*a SB worker* to organize under tbe banner
„f tbJT SncSsaat gr-'anf ClBBSll, with tb* object of conquering the
, ,,kbv m     iBar faa sara*** af **tU—s np aad enforcing the economic
'""•*»<: ir*-**—..   , ,.~ ■  -. .        .... —  gg follow.:
l. Tba
a*sB__-.^bbmb* j^asnaasnaL
SB rapidly a* poarible, of capttsltst proper. *• i   ta* aaSBBB a*      iwa l*od*aetloa (natural reaourcM, fsctori**,
milk,7tamtgm\m**'**~ ********** Pr*P«ty of the working claas.
2.   'Itt AMaBllllto IslSBBlisllna aad saanagement of Industry by
.„ mm. JlftpTaCaTaSr " *~B1**" ,"d"U°* *"
Th* BBBxgm* Fnfty wbaa- la offlc* .bait always and everywhere
til tha araMSB ******* hs abnlinbnd. sank* tbe answer to thl. que.
ti qTito asSsTtab*at aaadaet: WU1 thto legUl.tion advance the
n er**t* «7ta7aMbtaa ehMB *ad aid the worker, in tbelr rim .trug
L-v BBBiBBt SBltalaaBT If H win. the Sodall.t Party It for It: if It
.11 ^^mmmmtaSt Party t* *b*ol«toly opr**«d to tt
tot iLiuiitaaa* Trtti *T*r*r■g—-*T*- tb* Socialist Party pledges itself
to condaet aB tB*v8^8ht SffairB pt*cad ia tt* band. In sucb a manner
at « ■jris*jiTf...fTrt.*~*~~*~*' *• *** ******* <*** *-***■
. i
Coleman, Ah*., Dm. 1, 1913.
Ed. Clarion—I wn* nt Bellevue and
HiUerest Sunday, Nov. 23. At Bellevue
I waa attacked by one of Fr. Donnelly's
victim., who neeused me of insulting
the priest from tke platform. Thia it a
charge thnt no eae who haa heard me
speak can prove. The man also admitted
that ke aas aot at my meeting, but
tkat some one had told him that I .aid
ao and ao. Explanation, were unacceptable, the only manner ot settlement
with him waa the Limerick style, fist
nnd claw. Could. I have forgotten how
I used to be myself, I might have been
ns eager aa he waa. But I realized that
the man waa la the very tame state of
mind that I waa only some five years
ago. The maa wn* hypnotised, and was
not responsible for his action.. His
mind-had been controlled and moulded
alnce hto birth by wage-paid priests.
who are alwaya aad everywhere defending the property and interests of the
ruling claaa, and defeating the aims and
intereat. of the wage-working class.
Although thto man wa* home for repairs, having hnd a tow rib. broken in
tke mine, what I was suppoMd to have
Mid about the priest hurt him more
than the rock, or whatever it was, that
broke hto rib*. Probably, like myself
when I wa. under the influence (not of
drink, but of religion) ke believed that
by billing a Socialist, all bis sin. would
be forgiven him, and when he died he
would go straight to heaven, without
even calling nt the halt-way house.
where most of hto kind are auppoaed to
call. Or maybe, he was seeking favor
ia tb* eyM of bto master, th.t he may
be given a better opportunity than his
competitor, in the struggto for existence in the mine. Aa I had no deairc
to injure anyone, but at the um* time
I am more desirous that* no injury be
done to myself, aa my would-be auail-
ant cant voueh, I aueecaifully pressed
th. gentleman he nnd hi. kind appoint
ed nt the tost election to heep him in
hi. pine, iato my Mr vice, viz., a mem
ber af the Northwest Mounted Police,
and so the incident passed off without i
any serious effect.
Outride of thto I •** well received
at Bellevue, the local union of the V.
M. W. ot A. granting me the .um of
The red. nt Hillertet reorganized the |
local there, and a* there i. a good, intelligent, and entbu.iattie bunch there,
1 hope we will eooa have one more lo- ;
cal oa th* map wort ay ot the name, as
they Intend to hav* economic and
speakers' etoSMS throughout th. win
tor montha Th* miners' union here also
granted m. a sum of 825.00.
I addretted n Inrg* and attentive au
dience at Coleman last night. When
question time came, one of Fr. Don-
nelly', boys sprang into th. limelight.
Apparently he wm too light to settle
argument, in the nm. manner as his
colleague in Bi-Uevue, nnd eo, he confined himself to ashing questions, and
a pretty interesting discussion arose,
m to whether a man could be a Christian and a Soclaltot, which wa. en
joyed by all exeept oae or two.
Enclosed flnd money order for 8225,
for three .ub*.   Two from Bellevue and
on. from HlUcreat.   Your, is r.voH,
P. B.—The resolution patted by the *
citizen, ot Vetnie i. being endorsed nil
along tb. line, and if those hireling, ot
capital on the coMt are not careful,
they will lead their employer, into a
mix-up from which it wtll be difficult
for them to extricate theme.lve. without severe lots.  Th. miner, of Dirt. 18
arc full «f
truth ofthe,
it wouldpl toa*:
them to.'rebel la
as a protest
that i- being sMtod
strikerg.-—B. '*^te,¥.4■:',.
%h*f kaaVW tb*
eatbaUUad, aad
ab .ato**- ta- *n-_*
. w*jr ef a rArik*,
«*t to tb* Island
M«*Ato*J. Vftr. 80, ISIS.
Dear Comrail*   T****Ma**r I —*$ FO*
on five subs. Bare la th* aric* *or*tve
mure, four yesritoa aad •*• half-yearly.
More, many r*a*ra, to tsan ■        **
say. I feel glad. "What r*b*l wouldn't
feel glad to aa* islsr tbings at*'going
now*) Figkt b-*tt*r tkaa *vwr, Ctorion
Letter thrj ever, -wo** a*-*.mg**dtoto
in tr.,- field..'tbaa'Mtar. ss*** aetlve
-vi-rk.rs thaa. *>**v.'aat igMpdsr *******
ise than' ever. Obsd toa** B*b Walkar
is -n the trntt. Ti ba «** -anage to
reai-h Montreal latM "•*"_ aee be does
not rf|*t*t''tt. I tbink n tot of Bob and
am glad to hear that b* -ba* not de-
t;,-.-r:,ted into a xtoMly "briHiant"
-ij-i-aker.'        . ' -, T\Z.\:
O'Brien to   -M*aaing  eaat,   w* hear.
(i '■' He eaat eonMtoo boob to please
thi- .- mradM ia''IImIm*!, wb*re he to
n anted to Stay ** lo*g M It* be Can—
no it—aad to seMatoad good meet-
inp« :.ad a good ttx** penenaUy. He
has i ea her*, bafota, well, bell find
thing* different thto tint* tor better—
and he can Mat BMMld thai tb* eom-
rn-les hew wffl IkiWmt b*M to prepare
for tho vtoit ■< -A* *M*t efftotive
speaker Uat tb* B(NiaB*t Party of Cnn-
ada has ajodUMd,*^ that 1* itt th. i*ld
in ..'anaia today that to, anlwn Bob
Walker 1* up to kto Mandard, which to
har.ih \mx*\f rat, M Charii* ba* *o big
a start.'vj^
Th.< ctmradM wgat m* to stay here
r.ght 'Jest, >utf tlprargk X •aaaot do
that. I ara gniag to ntoy seat* tlm* to
as IrittiantnMur, aad bop* by that
time ih-» will _sal si-ata—* wUHag nnd
able: tak* e« |^-^ rf organiser for
Montre^aaflilil^^ They bave made
up their miada «hat aneb job must be
hUe.i hy .BMHto-a. ae* oaly speak
,,, i-u^Uvb«'*aa_ aa* |*rav*d hiaueU
m th.- 8, p. «f Hast to ba** bran too
f"A o do m/aiamoth, boasnt la the
...-' **ds,t*a*|WMlby,s>nd aa tronble-
■••bbIbJI gsr tba eapitaltot el*M.
- -** tora *is»s*d MMtiags in
''tor.*f'tb* t/Uy, sad savMsl on
•***«^;'':'Ara»a-a»*al has been
1 * *aa at tbt IBbaibs. The en-
-ha M. tM the Bryant* taken
Balanee oa hand Nov. 24 $159.15
Brittoh Columbia.
O. Velge  8100
C. Bowie   1.00
Hattie Bo.e  25
J. A. Beekmna  1.00
C. E. Seharff 50-
Peter F. Olsen T8
Balance on hand Dec. 9 8163.85
No. 735.
Sub. 8 7«,25
Bundle.     32-85
Directory       8-00
Ad.      5.25
Total 8120.35
Editing  8 10.00
| Printing and mailing     82-25
the C
tho -
nt las
■**■■• tba Hatform.   I
o.-a-b **^ • mm*, rritb eae   u   to
' ■*- M I^M*M toke a certain
sut.-. toit.i     tsaa-tab* tt, ** u is *
binti-r -**» 1 **-! aevar scrap with
a iogg« | am aajMU nnlM* I
->ar« --1 * *.:gi« ao mm*' partieulart,
i • ask '%««' 8^|iSk..lM-*rd to great
things toraa saaaTAttal, aa tb* seaarade*
her- iiava-toai* af tbaar mind, that
nothing a       Hh|- s__| ktr~  th,.
<'-"'<■ -■^•JhSaiaB tb* srineiplee laid
d-«n   TwhyaPyyt t±
Mo..- vtaf,ahiU{,7\taiBlB la ravoH
The -t-rsntaMMasaSBt *( Man' "
• '' •* jaM a«tMMd {. Finnish. Two
years ag* k* flantob Paritom*nt xp-
V'''l''''-^$****yi*a::§mt th* purpoe* if
^•'^*M/:m'moh7 tatmilar appro-
r""'"^ to*u*at InhFlnland. ' Th*
work * b tbbahed In lMtallm*nta
bv T-M M.-.K.. p«par u
Bjalance on hand Nov. 24.
Receipts, nil.
The lot of the workers is jult aboat
the tame in every place where Capitalism has secured a foothold Ther. i.
more poverty, in the East, aa there ar.
more people, and, therefore more poor
people. In the West there are not
quite to many people, and therefore,
not »o many poor people. There are in
both place, more "hands" than job..
In B. C. the wages look a little bigger
but don't go any further.
"The Iron Heel"
(By Jnck London.)
Cloth bound copiee of thla,
London', greatest work, an
now be obtainM from thl. ome*.
In outward .ppe.r.nce it com-
pares favorably wltlt any book
on the market.
To Locals. 85c.
To Individuals. 81-25.
art-art, BlaUhfoM
MAtxao »oa is*.
babxatoob aawa aaaaor
310 Klrsl Ave.
SASKATOON      -      -      -     BABIt*.
Rhymes of Revolt
ar wTMW eatasaa
Neat little voluros of vlrlU »«rn
ie-        Specl*!   P.*"1,"
/DC        for quantities
•M* Sal* at th* '*tnAtta*•• o«m
A WorM Revlsw ol Socialism
Uy the best writers ■» Kurop. •»»
Ani.rii-s will be found In Tils.
NEW REVIEW which dtal. In an
MlSorttaiiv. way with nn nhttM*
of Boclallsm-not to***^*}**.
hut education. PuMlshad *****$*:
11.0. per year: CnnadUn ."™f"P
ttoaa. Ii.io.   Swa •*- *°* * **m
ple aw-8ra-r aariaar
us.-ahHaam      anrT.rttato
taeals, 12.76 ear 100
85a par dossn
tjmm .. flnrsll, *-****»
(By J- B. Osbora*) m-
flwWcBtern Clarion. Vancouver, British Columbia
thTiron HEE|L
a*     *****   ^^ __.»., I.-.M
KUCCCSH.     Th*S,   IOU,   |Hun«   v-   --   -
the time of thin second suppression of the workers that
deposited by the lleelng Avis Everhard. . ,
The story  opens  with  the account of  the flrat meeting mi*
Avis and Braest Everhard, which takes place ln —   -    nam
.. tier Sti-rtS
However,  he   attacks  them   fearies. i>
hat.le he shows him.*
Breast of
Tl.ts   he   'lenlea,
te-a'chlng   class   hairea ^»n^r^ironWdiflnese.h« '''•'«**J'f
hat.le he snows  uim.-.. -
Morehouse Is the only one of the clerics who ex.
to .iK&ln meet the champion of the cause of labt
ent on the occasion of Eve-hard's second vial!
*   -*   .anchins:   class   hatred   in   a   book   w
wears are
her attention io mc *«»... 	
di-nds di rived  from  the  Sierra  Mills,  ami
"•-»*" are dripping with   human  b|ood.
* reuk In the conversation c
ont of the house a larjte, po-
.-...no and bamboo handiwork,    trnesi v"..... - ^^
who previously worked In  the Sierra Mill." until he loll *]M
-■-■■ —--. .».i talent tt tat """*_"
eatfaf the fron,_of ^Jr7Ln<l\"Zrn. *%%» point. _*_? ■
appears at tne  .rum v.  mm.
ing a load of rattan and bamboo handiwork.
Jackson, who previously worked In  the Sler,« 	
arm ill the machinery, and, owing to the smart legal talent ■■• y. , ^
posal of the mill-owners, and the concocted evidence o. the mui i< "Jg
man, e.c. he was defeated in his attempt to sain compensation. f*W.
lnvestlgates the case on her own account, and receives .-now ."'J.
sufflcint proof of the slavish position of all the mill worker* ana .**•
rutl.lessness of Capital. Sick and shuddering from Her experiences, >***.
opinion of Everhard undergoes a change. -       j_:
Everhard ls invited to address the Philomaths, a club cf the ""'_!
wealthy and exclusive circles on the Pacific Coast. Hie e-cneetatli-n heiMf
that he will provide them with good sport.   The expectation It aot re-*
-   ** *--'-— —*"...a ihev are alarmed and stuplflea at tl
— *. v..
.   HO    V....    ,,, w-.m.   	
Instead of being amused they are alar.
:tacle of  the coming revolution portiayed
(tenant address.    Later on he addre-ne* a uu-etiiig i
have come off worsted In encounters with the trust., and snow. .«.*« — -
of their efforts to dissolve the traits and revert to unrestricted -omtn.it
, to th'enfTn' Ever_rj»
ot smsll bvisines- m« »g
and shows .-"*** **J"**
OHAPTEB IX (Continued)
"From your own figures, we of the
middle class are more powerful than
labor," Mr. Asmunsen remarked.
'' Calling us weak does not make you
stronger in the face of the strength of
the Plutocracy," Ernest retorted. "And
furthermore, I'm not done with you.
There is a greater strength than
wealth, and it is greater because it
cannot be taken away. Our strength,
the strength of the protelariat, is in
our muscles, in our hands to cast ballots, in our finger, to pull triggers. This
strength we cannot be stripped of. It
is the primitive strength, it is the
strength that is stronger than wealth,
and that wealth cannot take away.
'' But your strength is detachable. It
can be taken away from you. Even now
the Plutocracy is taking it away from
yott. In the end it will take it all away
from you. And then you will eea«e to
be the middle class. You will descend
to us. You will become proletarian..
And the beauty of it is that you will
then add to our strength. We will hail
you brothers, and we will fight shoulder
to shoulder in the cause of humanity.
"You see, labor has nothing concrete
of which to be despoiled. Its share of
the wealth of the country consists of
clothes and household furniture, with
here and there, in very rare cases, an
unencumbered home. But you have the
concrete wealth, twenty-four billion, of
it, and the Plutocracy will take it away
from you. Of course, there is the Urge
likelihood that the proletariat will tak-'
it away first. Don't you aee yo-.r posi
tion, gentlemen! The middle class is
a wobbly little lamb between a lion and
a tiger. If one doesn't get you, the
other will. And if the Plutocracy gets
you first, why it's only a matter of
time when the Proletariat gets the Plutocracy.
"Even your preaent wealth is not a
true measure of your power. The
strength of your wealth at this moment
is only an empty shell. That is why
you are crying out your feeble little
battle-cry, 'lteturn to the ways of our
father..' You are aware of your impotency. You know that your strength
is an empty shell. And I'll show you
the emptin.s. of it.
"What power have the farmers!
Over fifty per cent are thralls by virtue
of the fact that they are merely tenant, or are mortgaged. And .11 of
them are thrall, by virtue of th. fact
that the trusts already own or control
(wbich i. the same thing only better)
—own   and   control all the mean, of
cause the politicians -
of the old parties
will have nothing to do with jopr ata-
vistic, ideas: and with your atavtrtl.
ideas, ther will have nothing ti>'*gp be-
chusc they are what I Mid thgy are,
henchmen, retainers of the PHiiararaajf,
'' I spoke of the professional men and
the artists as villeins. Wht*»> «tat are
they! One and all, the professes*), th*
preachers, and the editor), aolg their
jobs by serving the Plutocracfc. asd
their service consists   of   proptaatisg
onlv such ideas as are
either hsisil***'.
to or commendatory of the PlutSenejf,
Whenever  they  propagate ***t*UM ***M
menace the Plutocracy, they lo*"i*an*"*1r
jobs, in which ease, if they h**ta'**%*
provided for the rainy day, th((jy a*S*
cend into the proletariat   and    either
perish  or become working*!**** agitators.    And don't forget thlt its** ti*
press, the pulpit, and   the   antotrelty
that   mould   public   opinion,   sit   ***}.
thought-pace of tbe nation.  Ab for tt*l
urtists, they merely pander to th* hit-J
tic less than ignoble   tastet   af   th*
'' But after all, wealth in itself is Bet
the real power; it is the <n**B* to
power, nnd power it governSMBtaL
Who controls the government today!
The proletariat with itt tweata **_-
ions engaged in occupations* at***
you laugh at the idea. Doc. th* ad-Idle class, with its eight million oauspsSP
members? No more than the prota*
tariat. Who, then, controls thejj
ment! The Plutocarcy, witk ita palb-**
quarter of a million of occupied]
bers.   But this quarter of a wild	
not control the government, th**gh ft
renderB yeoman service. It it tla* braJA;
of the Plutocracy that controls ti*
government, and this brain -onetotS of
seven small and powerful groan* **
men. Ami do not forget thai;, ta***
groups are working todiy pr!-**tieal*J
in unison.
"Let me point out the power***? tai'
one of them, the railroad group. Jt'****
ploys forty thousand lawyen t->.aw**c**t
the people in the court.. l*g
countless thousands 'if free pa***, to
judges, bankers, editors, mWstortVJ
university men, memhe-B of itiito °*t-fl*-
latures, and of Congress,  ft m
FnBrswiat Hit* tanadar -apt «pon
*** BnafaMH M.n*. r_«.er, occurred
***t'*t*m;**]im of teerifyin* mo-
*****i ta* J, ..**»_.. who had lived so
I>~e**l7 na my d.y, u the qniet uni*
****** *****, foaad myself and my per-
*****:*A-m**..,'**n*t* late ta* vort** of
*** .-gmttt wWld-yrair*. Whether It
was s»y love for Xrneet, or the clear
*-s*t; % had given ate of the society
la Wfakktl Heed, th*A mad. me n revo-
-att*a^'l'*tiMrw aot; bnt a nvolu-
***M$ I m-*mh *** I was plunged
tat* a wWrl «t hnpp«ni*-M that wonld
tav. bna iunnwl-raMe three 'short
month* bfrfoee. ...... ... *
***••'.-B^iiBaS- to^-aaif *"■ at*r-sTi;«BiriMiMa earn.
*rimttlt*n*»n*ly with great eris— In so-
•iMy. tlm ef an, fath*r wa. di*
char-f«d fiom th. university. Oh, he
w**' rj*t.;;-.toehaiM_y,. dteharged. His
***g**wmmp ws* all.
***, la t^wl*, ,gtf not amount to
Um**, la-taat-. ia fact, waa delighted.
. mm '■«**., **f»MdBily Settghtad fMeana*
ths- il**j*ajf* asjrl ***a ptacipttated" by
«»o laalii^^' hla' book, "Boobow-
** *tw§ Mn«atio-'' It cUnchod hi.
Ma-_Bwt*t, h* evatended. What better
•"fifth*** eould h* ndvaneed to prdve
that oduentloa wa* dcaainated by th*
tnpital-* elass! .'       ■■;■■.:7'7Z    .
■ut tai* proef never got nnywhere.
}tohpAy knew he had been forced to
ws^.fxaii th. UBivt-rrity. He wa.
s* «asia(itit a aeieaUat that -raah an *n:
nnnaeesMat^ "t*«pled with 'tit*- -reason
far Ua **tiir**d -resfgnntioB, would
Im~* tnemt^ *om*what of a - fnret* nil
o**t the -erld. ' the aewepaper. show.
mdUn with prniae and honor, and
en*-iSs.Bd*d him fo* having given np [
tai diwilgmt of th*'teetur* room Ib or-
a*r to Serve** U. erh*** *-***** **-**■
tilt i*s*tiiih
At Irst fSthar Ikuighed. Then he be*
ttqgg sngi. IiibU angry-* Thsa eaas*
thi' **«-j-u-easion of- Ms booh. Thia enp-
pisssio* wa*'-. performed eecretly, so
•aerator that at irat w* could aot eom-
mm\\*a^7*k%* pnbHctioa of the booh
'ws^-'lala-aoVS^ oanssd a bit of as*
riM-ataat ta ta* eeuntry. father had
b*«B polKtly abnned In the capitalist
pr***,' taa t*M ef the abuse being to
thi effect that It was a pity so great
a actontiat r-oald leave hi* Sold and In-
-irad* taa r**lm of so*iol*gy, *b**t
wblta a* l*a*W aoahtag aad whereia he
nar): p§*saf*r**'' become lest. This laated
tor a wc*k, while father ehaekled aad
•iM th* ao*k had touched • aorp spat
oa *»*B»t*iltm Aad than, abruptly, the
uewspapiirs and tt* enticJ Magazines
e****d saytag anything about the book
at alt. Also, nnd with equal sudden-
Bsas, ta* book diaappearod from th*
m*rk*t. ,. ***** a?*t*By w*« obtainable
from say fasfaieller. rather wret* to
tk* fauh^ tkat
{tk* pfatosI had been accidentally In-
jnrad. An aasatisfaetory Mrrespond-
ene* toOowad. lnivea dually to aa aa-
(a-juiv-ieal ttaad, tke pnblisher. stated
that t-aay «mM aot •** ttalr way to
tiling th. book into type .gain, but
that -ttay'' war* aatto wilBag to re-
liaqniak ttair rigkU ta U.
'♦Aad y*« wan't tad another pub-
Uaklag h*S*s la tta eooatry to toach
tt," aVaest said. "And If I were yon,
I'd hant *Of*r right now. You've
atwaly gat a foretaste of th* Iron
«**-*''* '
'-."•;.' Bra -tataar w** nothing if not n
A*l»at**>* ':"'p* ***** believed la jomp-
isg t* tooal-aSloaa. A lAlwr*Aory *%•
*>a*lamS wa* a* eaperimeat if tf were
Mtttfrir. through in aU It* details.
>* *M fattsatly w**t thc round of the
*n**y guv* a muKi-
bat aot   e. *•   hoss*
"I tell you we ar« on the verge of
the unknown," he insisted. "Big
things are happening secretly all around
us. We can feel them. We do not know
what they are, bnt they are there. , The
whole fabric of society Is a-ttemble
with them. Don't aak me. I dont
know myself. But out of thi. flux of
society something is about to ery.tal-
ise. It i. crystallxing now. The .oppression of the book i. a precipitation.
How maay book, have Been suppressed!
We haven t the least idea. We are in
the dark. We have no way of learning. Watch out next for the suppression of th* Socialist pres. and Socialist publishing homes. I'm afraid it',
coming. W. are going to be throttled."
Braest hsd his hand on the poise of
event, even more eloeely than the rest
of the Socialist., and within two day.
the flrst blow waa .track. The Appeal
to Benson waa a weehly, and it. regular
circulation amongst the proletariat waa
•even hundred and fifty thonsaad. Also,
It very frequently-got out special edt-
tlona of from two to Ive millions. Tbeae
great edition* were paid for and die-
tribnted by th* small army of voluntary
worker, wko kad marshalled around the
Appeal. Th* first blew was aimed at
these special editions, and it was a
crushing oae. By an arbitrary ruling
of the "Poet Office, these editions were
decided—W be not the -regular circulation of the paper, and for that reaaon
wer* denied admission to the mail*.
A week later tke Post Office Department ruled *4kat the paper was sedt-
ttotas, an* barred it entirely -front tho
mail*. .This: wal a fearful blow to the
Boeialiat pro-pagaada. The Appeal we.
de-rperata. It d.viaed a plan of reaching it. -mbaaribera through the
eompaaiee, but thsy declined to ha
it This wss tta end of the Appeal.
Bat not quite. It prepared to go oa
.witk Its book publishing. Twenty
thousand copies of father's book were
in the bindery, and th* pres.es were
turning oil more. And then, without
warning, a mob aroae one night, nnd,
under n waving American flag, singing
patriotic tonga, set fir* to the great
plant of the Appeal and totally dea-
troyed it.
Hew Oirard, Kan*.., -waa a qniet,
peaceable town. There had never been
aay labor trouble. t*-ere. The Appeal
paid uaioa wage.; and, in fact, waa
the backbone of the town, giving employment to hundred, of men and women. It wa* not the eitixen* of Oirard
that eompoeed tke mob. Thi. mob had
linen up ont of the earth apparently,
aad to all i a tent, nnd purpose., lu
work done, it kad gone baek into the
earth. Ernest aw in the affair the
moat sinister import.
''The Black Huadred* ar* being organised in th* United States," he said.
"This is th. beginning. There will be
more of it. The Irrn Heel it getting
(T« be continued.)
*mm* c-r- *» •»« - ___*" gSmZZ"** mmm'e
tamm^l*alemi.**.me*l..mamme.is»*mmm- .^..m
SSatiM-a »U» ntmataav* ****** t_Tl^ 1-lK
-fianauty Imago* took tk. **^J"JSS£2* * *»* «»««
stated at th* oatMt that whan sa* *^ll*^rt_^1_^r_. ___. M -a. her
a-Mttag aa Aaa*fa«ragist aad aot oa* wko waatta ^^""^J^JS,
mOf«d    After miinittliu that to* womaa'. vet. *^ *^ *^"^^J^_
cS^ttTw^*?^^ —J. ZSSSXSmm\
ot all r**tricOon« ksaptng -	
rtattng bar eaa* Ooaarad* Stott ask*d Miss Davis how tta proposed law ■MSB-HI-
lag msn to gtv* to ikatr wiv*s a -portion of their wag** woald work tf ta* awa
aw* oat of a job, and Miss Darts frankly ropUed that tta ajSantoa
Oeawad* Stott'. paptr was as follows:
Wtll Woman 8en*rag* tW-** th* Beenc-lc rteblesi?
But the us* of that labor-power is limited only by the   active   anergie.   aad
In my opinion, Hoi We have ao evidence to warrant ul in thinking thnt
tho woman 'a vote will be any more in-'
telligent than the man's.
Economic salvation can only com.
through intelligent claa. actios, trre-
ipective of tax, and th. working elaa.
already have enough voting strength to
emancipate themselves from economic
bondage if they only hnew how to us*
A avsrsly l*BCT*asi*l number of votes
will aetVemove economic problems, bnt
the latalUgmt use of them will.
. Looking'over th* -eform. demanded
by advocate, of women'. anffrage, sad
phyaival strength of tta laborer.
Now by the divisioa of labor, aad
the aid of modern machinery, tb* worker produce* four to five time* ss anek
value a* he receives In wag**. Thia
i. proved by the government statistic*
of both Great Britiaia and the Ualtod
Mate*. \
This means that ia aa eight hour
days tta worker (on tta average) produces the value of kia own wage, ia less
thsa two hours, aad tta -remaining six
hoar are spent in producing surpltu value, which ia tta form of iwst, tot*********,
and profit, finds ita wny tato tk* hands
fourteen Mil* sad rawlutiom coo-
eernlng th* right, sad condi ti,,,,,
of -a-aavra sad ehildrea. Only one
of tbts* ka* bee* pMsed-a \»„
mialpg th* sg* for marriage f,,,,,,
18 to 17. Oa 1st sttar qwttioni
sight aaagsaHMit wmaan hav.
mt qu.t-
ttasa at jwkikftiBg atgkt work for
SBlld   labor,
K. **orklng
b*f«t* SBtt BftSf coniins-
^ nsatrtsg fasbw* ef all tiiegi
t* etmtrtbute to
What tta tatalttgaat worker* ■,,.:
t* **t ***** refc-rra, ask tke giving Wk
ef a ItttIS' 'SBWS «f what they produce,
bnt tke equivalent of tk* fall product
of their toU. »
Alt wraltk t* **rodi***-*-d by n, u|,
pHcation of kaauu htar-power «, th<-
aataral r*s*at«*s* aad tk. w-....(.m.c
problem atlsts fro*, the fact that thu
natural sStoaw** sad maehlnery „t
production sr* owned by a .mall mim.r
ity ****** tta anpitBliat clas., while the
majority *f tta **op\* »r* denied ac
ami to tt*. BMBB* Of weslth pro.! :-|i<.„
unles. this smali miaorily can make .,
profit from th*ir lata*, lt makei m,
differeaee kow maay email children »
maa may kav* t* rapport, If hi* l«l».r
urged aa reaaon. for th.   vote   b*ta_|
granted to women, we find • number of of the capitalist clasa.
them are purely question* of property;    In the feudal period, whea tk*
rights.  Evea the dual ttandard of mor-  er wa* forced to work three day* o*
Coatinned from Pag* On*
OadsrstsBding the composition of mod-
era society, recoguiring tta commodity
nature of thnt powet tke worker* kave
to tell, labor-power, we take our stand
of uncompromising hostility to ell po-
ality we hear so much about today eas
be traced back to an economic base.
In the old days whea the communal
life of the tribes kad given wny to tke
Patriarchal Period, with ita private
ownership of lead, tta Patriarch, or
father of the family, wishing to mahe
sure that his heir waa hit own flesh sad
blood, set apart one woman, who wa.
hi. legal wife, and whom ao other man
wa* allowed to approach, while at th*
tame time ke had concubines living under his own roof, hmpte verifieatloa
of thia eaa be found In tta early boohs
of the OM Teetament, which it the
clastic Uterature of the Patriarchal
period. We kave left this period • long
wny behiad, but we still cherish many
of ita ideas.
In the word, of Oliv. Behriener—
"We must cast aside the mantle of
ancient received opinion., nnd take the
shoe, of dependence from off our feet,"
then enn we walk untrammelled toward,
th. land of freedom.
- Tha war to freedom it alosg tt* road
f Mas-state totosSSBSBt*. which to th*
Ifmnaattoa «f ttharty.
But I would like to .taw tke futility
of hoping for any rent independence,
for either tbe working woman or the
female para.it. of tke owaiag class under th. pretent iadostriel aystem.
All human being, need food, clothing
aad .belter. The struggle to secure nn
adeqnnte supply of these aeeeeeariee la
the economic problem of today,
Tta oaly way tbe authority of people
have of getting the aeceasaries ef lif.
U by selling their labor-power for *
iitieal parties, whether opealy eapital-1 sum of moaey called wage*.
the kad for his -feudal lord, sad three
day* for. himself, the .robbery of th*
feudal serf, as tke worker ws* tta*
called, waa apparent. He wea robbed
of oae half of hi* production. Bat aader tk* preaeat eystem of wsg* *l*v*ry
tta robbery wkiek tak** place to oh
scored by tke worker ■gtMaatty being
paid for bis labor wbaa ta to really o**gr
paid for hi* labor power, aad is kto
ignorance eompUeently allows kimaalf
to be robbed of four fiftk. of tk* wealth
h. create*. I* tta day. of hamMcraft
industry th* production -of tke Individ
ual worker waa little above tbe amount
neeeetsry for kto own sustonenee. Ta
day, with th* aid of modera machinery,
production haa •Bbrmon.ly increased.
yet wage* .till bring to tta worker lit
tie more than the neeessltiea ef bf*.
Waito tt* -s-ehta* has wad* tnrtmm
tta tt* -aaassr clasa, what hat tt dam
tor tt* wother*.?
It ka* taken away the .kill of the
craftsman aad made of him * "haad"
who mechanically toad* tta machine.
It ha. flooded the labor market witk
cheap aad nn*hill*d labor. Mock of
the work formerly do** by .killed *r
tlxnn. ia now performed by maehis**,
tended in maay eases by women and
children, it haa minimised the emouat
ef human energy needed in wealtb pro-
dueUon, thereby cresting a ehrosie
army of unemployed, wktok net* a* *
saver failiBg lever for beeping dowa
A Otas*, Mat a gas, Btnggto-
I dont doubt for n motoeBi tta claim
put forward by tta advueate* tor Wer*
to attend primaries, pack eon
get  on juries, bribe judget,
every way to work for itt int
" Gentlemen, i have merely
the power of one of the seven
marketing the crops, such at cold ttorJ	
age, railroad., elevator., and steamship   that constitute the brain of thS^ffaS
iina***— Anil     r'li-t In ur-nuro        •»■_       .*••_*_     «»......       V.... *     a * ■■■■ 'Zm
cracy.    Your   twenty-four   billBW* :ST
wealth does  not  (-'ve you UeM
f'ppioot   __________________
luxurious lobbies nt every tttte **aills- mmmM ******* ** *>**•  '
and at tbe national -apiUl; tn| th *f' ;    Wh** ftttat m***** *oariB*ed that
; the cities und towns of the It,,* U ***■ (fjsf b**k.tad' 'B<-ta*lly'b*e* *npprss.*d,
' ploys an imin.-i.ne army of petiifogf****. h* trt*d t* get th* t**t into th* newn-
-*■"<- "mall politicians whose burls***** gmamnf hat b* eoaunnnieation* -were
ennts' worth   of   <{.'.eii,aett»;Laa»**;.i
It it an empty shell, and soon «**** tB*
lines. And, furthermore, tb. trusts
control the market.. In .11 thi. the
farmer, are without power. A. regard.
tbeir political and governmental power, 	
I'll take tbat up later, along with the J empty shell will be taken av.tr '***
political sod governmental power of tbe ! you.   The Plutocracy bat all pfiS
whole middle class. jits hands today.   It today ■■ ngf
"Day by day the trust, .queese out t lawt, for i*. owns the Sent* C^^^^^
the farmers a. they .queered out Mr. j the" courts, and the state legi
Calvin and the rest of the dairymen. *-*■---•
And day by day are the merchants
squeezed out in tbe earn. way. Do you
remember how, in,six month., the Tobacco Truat squeesed out over four
hundred cigar store, ia New York City
alone! Where are the old-time own
ers of the coal fleM»! Tou know today, witkout my telling yoa, that the
Railroad Tru.t own* or control, the entire anthracite sad bituminous cosl
Held*. Doetn't that Standard Oil Trmt
own a teor. of the ocean line.! And
does it not also control copper, to ssy
nothing of running « smelter trust a.
a llttl. .Id. enterprise! There are ten
thousand eitie. in the United State,
tonight   lighted   by   the   compnnie.
aja-stiif- At a sattt^al aseetiag of tke
*Xgf. Whare at-Any reBorter. were
**r«a**t, fatker saw hto- etaaee.   H.
•aw -mi tolstod tta Mstory of tta
sii|yti*HiB *jf tta book. He laughad
sBHrt Say when ta r**d tta newspapar.,
t* a degree
And not oniy that.   Behind l»w
force to execute the law,   j,
Plutocracy make, the ltw, t.i*|Jp-iS|»J
force the law it has at itt JW anW]
call the police, the army, tb. naMsal,
lastly, th. militia, which it vagi'-"*'
me, and all of ns." W&'-.'^M
Little   discussion   took   vh<.gZe£*AMf
thi., and the dinner soon broke M   A|r
wer. quiet and subdued, ud 1,2
ing wa. done   with   low   voj||^   'gg
•earned .lmost that they were .-*fSrl h*
lm*mmm*t ,
*^ thaa k* grew sagry
^ *aads«*d «U teale q*»«H«.  Tk*
|SB*ss aaa* a* sseatle* at th* tank,
brrt -Itay *a-t«»ort.d him ta**lif*Dy.
,*hm ******** ***** *** p*****
    fraai tta eaatsst, aad turned kto
aad aeatrelled resaark. lsto a
lasmiltli epoch. It was doB.
SrtfaHy. I t»« tostiMs**, U partl.Blar,
^tttmmnhtU.  IU had **a tta akraa*
f'SMlsfilli'-nkjIll*." tta reporter mere
ajr.      gp*d oat "r*-*UL"   Thto wa*
•»** Oat all otASf tk* eouatry la aa Ae-
*atl*t*d Pre*, deepatcfc, sad from sU
sadS''Jras9''**BBti}r sroe* a ery of *lana.
"IVtar' was btasaal' as a nihilist aad
M aasirMet, sad Is oa* earteo* that
maa atgtmd Mdtrly k. wa. pertfayod
aarvi-sg Bt** 'ttag. at tta taad of s mob
««||Mg-talMd, wil4-*y»d sxea who tare
J* -^taade tortkM, knlvas, aad dy-
JJ*aavaaPiWBvW' w\*w*mre**m* , *"       .
H* waa .Basiled terribly la tk* ptmm,
.ta leag sad ahaslvp ealtottsai- far hto
aaanky- eta Mat* .wer* atoge of sm*-
**  —a,.-*.*— m*j waav VVIKUSillttlsl      _L_     A   _L '■ . "" ****' '*f,~7$
owned or controlled by Standard OU,' \ „  the *om> "{th" mi"-<ile -li****
--• ■•-' - 'shall survive. -—       ■        *•s******1
■agree w_| ftaj
- •""' *<^ .hall , verttata
and in as msny cities .11 th. electric  tge irutttt
trsn.port.tlon—-urban, tuburban and in-      ,,.   ____________■___■■
tcrurb.n-i. i. th. h.nd. of Sta.da.d ! _   l**'*"™ to tie **7* #♦**
OIL   Th. t--a.ll capitalist, who were In  fat•tor,•    K,nfni fini"hB*1 '« hif| ,
theto thouMBds of enterprisM ar. gone.      "Even   to,'   Mr.   < alvin   aaaW****
Ton know that. It "a th* same way thai  |r»v*ly.   "I know it'-. a Wrt !#'!#•'
yoo nre going. chine-breahing, and that it it ^^^
"The .mall manufacturer is like the But **** •-'* »*•■* <-«*«n*l*'
f»rmer; aad small manufacturer, and I ot *** "toWnntioae of th.'
farmer, todsy are reduced, to sll in- \ Ant- **JB
hsaawwal    fa****    ***^*ff*m*B^**m    wtll
th. virion of thc time, th.y h^|
"Th. situation i-, indeed, i-b_bu_1
Mr. Calvin taid to Krnett
iatie, or proferaed labor.
that many partiee calling themselves
Sociali.t. will gladly accede to tta request to "get together" nnd form x
united front to tta common enemy In
the name ef labor.   But we, willing to
be dubbed intolerant,   etc,   knowing,
from past experience, tta "mulligan"
nature ef saek a formation ef tke workers, sab to be kiadly allowed to stead
aside.   The old slogan of   Han   and
Engels, "Worker* of tke world anile"
wn* never intended to be used as * call
for tbe gathering together into one maa.
of a horde of ignorant workers, witk
all th.de. of opiaioa. a* to tho economic problem to be solved, looking more
like a political meaagerie tkan a proletarian political petty.   The very fast
tkat th. Uberal. are engaged, la various ways, Ib tab/tag the forraatioa of
this polkieal hoteh-potth, to saflUtoat
for tra, witkout catering   into   deeper
reeaoaa.    However, tta symnatkto* of
tU. bow Mrita nr* with tke grey keir*
of aay poor deluded dupe ef sapitaltom,
headiag eorr*—f*lry to tta boneyard
Y*t, reaHsiag   tb*   attor   futlUty   of
sympathy ia w—etling wtth nay eeoao-
a-ie problem, taetkiata a stady of " Val-
ue, PriM aad ProSt," or "S(jt*i*ltost,
Utopias sad taleatta*" would ta oi-
eeedlBfty beneficial to say oa* unable
to w*lk tt* *taJk Ua* of tke B. P of
C. To thoee who woald rather lead thaa
•tndy, who oaly reiqair*   a  ekoep-llhe
■oh of ignorant workws to follow tkaa
to tta last chapter, w* tav* aettker
.-fmpathy aor advice, outside of tkto:
0* to It, fMa yirsr Ishsr gsatjr,
fw tt eaa anw  taaa*aa» .say
 'salaa.  Tat erer
sf tta aystssi is vast WH
my «-r**—-  I — »          -
tt may be'    ****** briefly consider this question j an'. Snffrng* that tta women's vote
* • --»  —*u.M  n.n-.llv  ha eaat 4a  favor af **■
ot labor-power and wage*.
The Srat thing w* must understand
ia—Th. commodity nature of labor-
power. A commodity I. nay article
haviag aa exchange valne; it may It* *
carpet tack, a dtaaoad riag, or a work'
woold naunlly ta east la favor «f re
forma. The tognl diaaWlitl*. aader
wkiek women euffer today iB regard to
tta taws of iakerltaace, divisioa af
property, and giurdiaBShip of children
in divorce ease*, may be abolished. At
-havtor, ta tk* part .*t tta Mfitoltot
!<-***,-«• Bothlng aew, Braart told aa
It w«* th. (wstlma, taasld, to sand ra
jawtor* t* »U tta ataiatat aeetUp for
j ftaeasesas suryoee of aleresartlsg asd
•Itatoetlng whst was arid, ts ardar to
fright** the atiddle al*** *wny frcat
say poeribl* affllieU-m With the prole
toriat. Asd repeatedly Braast warned
fathvr to ****** fightiBg aad to fata to
Tfc. -rtatomeat that reform bused oa
revolT^i--**-' priaelpl*. 1* la last rev*-
latioa, ****** tottar *naay free, a far*
•oa who wast* tta fometio* of a so-
lltUal orgsaiwtita f*» "tta gnat am*
jortty et w*tk*rs, wh* an sot 8ostal-
To tta (uabitios* laaagantor* of thto
eoasotidstio* of tta tobor fore*, of tta
proviBse, who ar* seittar «**Mbto, aor
Billing to wait*, tb* stalk lis* of tte *\.
— — - ...     .^.A
ers' energy. The price of * commodity tempts may be mad* to suppress tta
is determined by the average amount of white stove aad tiqaor traffic, while
tocial labor time it ban take* to pro- child labor aad tt* sweated ladtatrie*
due* it. Tak. a chair, for instance. In would slso be loudly condemned. Heir
tta ekair is ineorpor*ited tke raw mn- far that eoudemnntion would tak* •*
terial—the tree ia tta virgia forsrt—- * concerted aad effective form to sa
then the tabor of tke logger, tke trans- other question. To sm there to ao eas
portatloB of tbe tog to tta sawmill, tke struggle, tat oaly a* spparent tea
labor of th. miU-hnnd and his maehine, draggle, whieh upon nnalytto -faaotvw
the* on to tta furniture factory, where itoelf tato a class struggle. I tklnh
by tbe nid of more human tabor end when women g*t the vote they wilt veto
maehlaery, the chair to ready to be with their ctoas, just ae tta am* ta".
.hipped to the retail More. Tta labor end that sex taa ao pert ta polltica.
of trans-porting the chair and tta tabor ! B*r* to an ettraet from tk* Novera-
of tke ekrk who sells it ar* all incor tar number of tta Mrtrepellta* If ag*-
poratod in the pnietaae prise of tta rise beariag out tkto view:
Snppoee it to ta a .ommoa everyday
sort of a chair and that It* value to
Take any otker e-*n**odity----s*y a.
pair of children', shoes—sad without
tracing tk* evototioa of tta ***** from
tta raw material to tke irtatad pro-
daet, If ttay retail at tta sssm prlc* **
tke ekair, We haow, tkat S similar
sm*a*t of soetol tabor tlm* taa tan
npended on tbelr production. Be we
en Hint tk* average ptrtow of eommo-
dltto* ar* stad by tta smonat of aeeoe-
•ary s*etol labor tlm* lasorpwatad I*
tkem, This prtoe to nbjeet to flucina-
tloa oa account ot tta variation, ta
nppty aad dnuad.
The nam* taw hold* good ta tta prto*
of totarpowar. A wertar onT*r* kto labor pewer I* the' tabor market far sal*
nnd If ta tads a paretaeer, that to if ta
to task*** nough to SMura eaiployaieat,
th* prto* to what it will east la food,
etatklag, »ad staltor to reprodaee that j
energy freea day to abf, sad a margin
to rain a fataly wko will tak* kto
plan wko* ta le deed, or consigned to
the .(-"-tor-trial Mray-hnp.
Wag*. *-*ser*l*y hover wad eubeto*
teaee level, When the npply of tabor
Mend* tk* demand, tta srie* lowers,
asd where * teareity of tabor holds,
the prie. go*, up. -laat Uta eggs, or
aay   ottaf   «n*a<*d»ty, oaly egg* ,.»r*
don set aa***. pregt for hi. emptover
bto easrgy mnrt wea** and hi. children
tt r-squiia. nry little thinki,,.-  to
realise what tta prnent order -..-„,.,»
to the wet-tan-a-MB we rntsmb-. that
over SO ear aeat of th* population be
leag to Ik* wwhiag Am* who owo pr«r
tieaBy *«lbing hat their labor power,
while tha r**Mlalng CO per cent, (he
eapitaltot else*, owa aU tke natural ..-
aenrtsM, tta taad, mine., and factories
aad anektswey.  Tkey *wa th**. but do
ast aat ttara*   The worklag cia-* u.
thoa tai ta a*t ««a tbeet—.n-i what
to tta nsalt-l   Sa tta dietribot,,.., «t
wealth SO p«r «**t of tta p**>pie who
prod*.. aB tta wealth receive b»ck, iu
tin form af wag*s,.>0 pee cent as their
Share, whlto Ik* train***, M per -*nt,
gen la tta farm of real, iaterest, tad
pregt, to the kaana paraaite* who ntim-
tar nly IS per Mat ef th. population
aad who perform a* trafnl functioe in
Ita rssifilfln of Uheny
W* know that th* ba.it of ni..--.*- ,-
eeeaomle inda*ne*d*n*e, nnd we know
atoo tkat n*a**ri* ladenea-i.Bc* it m
possible for all Ihe people uo.lrr tb*
praaeat todastrial eyetoat of productioa
for promt, intead of far see. There ...
be no eetntio* ef tt* *eo*omir prvolrm
until ts* npiteHrt *waa*f*hip •■- tt.*
•wan of Uf* to tln-tabrl
Today w* tav* eeetal pr-i■■.'■!.- -.
•vaa tk* maallaet article hat- emt-wlicl
t* It tta taber ot a mnltitude of work
•r*. Tta aeat Btop I* iadustrial «oi.
tlOB I* (MStSl *Wastttlp of the machin
ery of prodaetle* and aa equittl.lc di*
tribntioB *f tt* prodoete-
Tv aneare tta beet moH for t.-ri.ty
a. • whole w* murt hava the nniu-.l ef
forte aad tsnahgaat vote* of b«"- -a---**
Ota yea traagla* that ab.ii:. thing
called "Uberty " forming •*■>-<•( h*i<
around aa 4'0jn-*f-wt»kM of Mtb" ***.
who ha* aotbiag he*, aa «Bpt> '*v.ty
w»r* tbeir dl***r eheaJd be!   I *■«.'!'
Th*r* to aottlsg thet* bBt the animal
ineti-tet to prr-eara feotL
On* ita pisisnlns of the -« by
tta SMa guaraatee tta*. econo-m mde
pendeac.t   I think aot!
W* leek around out ker* in this " last
beat Wnt'-W'to qsote Mr. Meltr.de
nnd kia army ef satellite., "the -.r..m
toed tand" of tta old eoentry «n*ti*rat.t.
aad mo—th* ana with the vote and <h*
wosasa witkout oae, taBting th- elu
sive -Job.
Asking for a efcaan to wor.. in <>r
der to get teed, clothing end -.belter
seceeeary to reprodaee tb* **<•<.} <>"'.v
•ell, dsy by day-   -*** ****** "* n0>
t* go SiaBBd    under    tb.
■fdaSI ts ra* to tb. .c»no
asa pnatasi sf %edmy, aad I claim tbat
(Bf tta nt* by tb*
wffl aat sstn tt*
Finland has tata Me sixth aa-
anal etoetloa etnee the establtok-
stent of equal adatt suffrage, sad
again tta. Soeialirt. tav* at*** a
gain. Bsftaalag with eighty nt
of tta MO memtar. ef tta ptot*
they have woa. addltleaal ants
•ach ynr aad aow tav* alnety.
Am.Bg tta fkietaltot depstto* *n
tkirtees w*awa, wfcil* then an
eight women ia th* Dtot reprseeat-
iag other partiee. Ia a reont
aamber of the Berti* Vorwaert*
HiIJa Pa*r*siM*, oae of tta 8o-
elallst waaara dapstto*, gitm as la*
toreetlag anonat *f ttalr ntl-vi-
. tin.   They hsv* istrodwed la aB
'"■        ■"   i   ■ 1"  'I   l-TIT'l-iTi'-illi  tl-T-t
Of Indi.i!.»P
otto, neordlng to Aeeoelaled Ires* <•»
pstahee, wn toreed to *urr.nder to the
strikers beeaun tta mUltl. wa. in "I"'"
sympatky wltb tta tatter.
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the Intemation.l Brotherhood
of Paper Maker*.
A (nod Han to Bat at
Bnt of Ev*rythlng Pjr*p*'iy
Vancouver Island
■ i ykmmmmi****> *•■


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