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Western Clarion Dec 4, 1913

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Full Text

f/JB§    0** _»»W
Owned tnd Controlled by the Soctt^P*^ <*"-Cf___f
T./»ciPATioa or
vr*. wnaRaro class
onr* zs -*a_ wwnt or
s_'T-r.''----KAia. staax.
i bscriptlon Prlc*
mHf.amiKG S. P. OF C, TMTItS the ITiKW
-ol' *na
h„. h*« th* **lt*
  ■ rldl
lavwtlv. hart** at th* Ho
t l>a*ty of Oaaada by th* vari-
Messiah* who** altralstte fervor
t„n,-.el!ed them to arak th* leadership
of ta enslaved .tew, aa* t* f**tly lead
them from • *t*** •* mbxtry **d op-
prewion into to******* Wadm* of pt-r-w and
pb.ty. Th* r—***• why **r attitude
.h.ml.1 be *» **lw**j MwUad, aad why
out -,.>»iiio» sboald h* st omto vaeated,
»*, *.i *aa*y that th* mar* eanmcrstlo*
„( then would reaalr* BMt* ***** than
rficial Critlcittnt of the uget-there-quick" Oppor
tuntote Analysed.
tention a* onr critic, hav. advanced
immediately fall, to piece*
Th. other great reason presented why
our position should be modified, th.t
W* An ' 'Too Ttevolntlonary,"
' is just as flimsy .nd far from th. truth
a. the other*. The present *«*ire of ambitious politicians, who are antiou«ly
striving for the fruit, of office, to an
tagoniu*  the conservative admit-i.tr*-
tion, declaring it to be rotten, and call
ing on other faction, to sink their dif
ferenrea anrl ualt. la the overthrow of
Tory rule, hss had many precedent* in
thi* aad other countrie*.    All govern
meat*, regardless of nam. or cumber,
     -a  *.*...
To a
„ ,. _..«.' Ub*r*tto* Img**! ******' **____ Mkiaf tot t*
y. Cooh, Becrrtary B. C. »••» J~5th la*tTr*sWSf **• ********* """
-. ^mmA  mam. latterOTSm  *f **•  l"* -**•*,
OHtemm, No*. 13, W13-
af cartel" miner*
 ■       _-** iMttfy th* mott*** ot clem
I have received yonr ****£**    -___y-     -.-..
in custody in th. Provtee. of ***^rTTZt *,» to
I .ball hav. th. usual r«porte obtained, with* *****
eney.   Your. riw.r.ly, -wfMBtulLAin*- Wt«M-» »"£_taje^****"***"^
mll--atm*>i>mma* ^^ **^.^l\*dx*M***' p*ed*r*'» ** th'*
., tbaahin, th. Warn' "■»'«^^^ *~* ""
three mJath., tb. Cu-ber-sad I-oeal *l™*\Tt„ th* i-**»***** o* *** www
.     _  -* m.J.. Cnla-bte."  Who at* r**PO*-b»* "• ** .-_;_ , Umtf W|,|.h  m.j
mmxmtabs *e Vo*. .' ******* f**
One Of tha *&** ^T J?.-J*mm*t*-.
beh-ve is ***:**%^t^ima)',
...... .t_* km*-*'.*** ~
th.t ttary **t
und raalalS'"-**
r ,-i. e'onal-
T?7x»- —*
After i
mat _jm-T *-'"•*-* *
"on''   *" "^7*7T'^Lm*tgm*'<*r
r-.oti ih***:*^."ia-
Tb.m.i-1 re*-
TJa*v*7 -lhat *•**«•** ** **°*
amm*d *f ** ft«***=
           •->»• ■•» *** ________ni
for over three mttatn., «• v—•"••-—y ,-poarfble f*r IB* l*ea--.-  . „„,, ^••rtty, ****■££* t
lhe .'rovince of BriU.h Cols-bte," "ho at* r-po*- . a. BBS* St *S frste"* ttaM;1, *"'*,   Z   .-aM •**• *h» *** ",-,i-
ther resolotioM U follow.: ^     ^ jntett*. **»*»» -l^Lbla ***• • •***• ** **"    /.!. ' "-*T
Be It B-oW^, That w. do **J**?^'£Z w*thm**t BrW^^J. *t**P£^ ^,.r «*,!-*.    ! m>J„^|
*-saaaBB*_--r:'#    .**♦
grr -i«a
<V t**M i
ntly   h.v.  *h»  tondlUoa.
yamhixi poaml.:* a mor.Uty of mot. or
bm %***•** ******** f00 J*
-„,    Capital***, motid by so higher
J^tten tba. th. lust of law, **
oreati^; .ooditloa. which compel thwart.*, to aait. la .vie ********* *t
Il'ivvr-ij,     a a*—*     -*■ -r   — _!*__-.	
,,. the -CM of .bowing ***JMlulJI^J^ ***-~
reckoned with wh.» aay of thidr .-ber are ft*** •*-***-.
*e hsv. St
their wrath oa
l,r bri.fljT
w. a» T#* '"T'^r
•amt sad **a
•.ami** ft** • •»«-*"* trM-*
we have
aad try,
1-tt ••
,, paUhK t******** * **ri\ *""
.ith tho** "wh* hava
„atM t« *«<**£ nt0tm tttBt, **
T.sias ****** fwmZm ..77 -.
b*   hladly m*
ba*h*-**rd" **ture, o*t
are perpetuated i. Ih. interests of th.
dominant class, and ean alw.y. be depended   upon   to   hold   in   subjection
those whoa, position i. the basement of
•ociety.   Th* bast snd mott •ateimfal
gevmnnwnt is, ef couna, th* on* thst
mat sscat* th* right* tt th*
aad awst •ftecttvelr -ante* en
th* easteitatton ef th* steve*.   That
UcBrid. aad  Bowser  have  performed
thi. function i*   aril; seen.   They are
able, *ad ready, to command the militia
to roe-re.   or  .hoot   down,  defcnscles*
•triker*.    They can control,    .nd    in
Tbe Liberation League
Work.*, of Amartea, by th. W.
Party.   Also by th. l.it*BsteL   .
Mln. Worksrs of America at Sonth WeOiagtraV a\ 0.
^S^Amm^mlmiTm^mn^ .*     th*     t»Ud
* ™ ms*. Ms*tiag, -testh ****^%T--?
AnslUary Oaten of Amsr-le* •» ***~*~\ i___al SA
A -ama^amtU *f ta. W--U T*m*y tttwrnB ** Oaamtu mm
motettea of th. Uhtaattm I
». o, sa Be*. **•
B 0, Tb.
tb* *-">
original   . . kill,"
J*** mm
1 of ot'
fws-w. Tk. rit. of Internutioaal
red* i-.ioss aad the groath of . world-
aid.. Socialist movsm..t, are snorn
|*i >' ' by tb. »v.iluti.in of * diati.Ctkv.
•king cl-is* mnr.hty. 1. s . :*** tuled
jsc.te tbe virtue* ma*l rstefully iaeul
sated af. rwpaet for authority, obedi
,   , tribe tt IPBSs   "SB     »*-*   - •*-***, «oate.tm*»t, and * credulous *sd
. K**a BBS ta»'■•-|--a*»'-aS**-»wM aaeritlcl attitad. toward, lifs g*«*r»l
., ^ a*sMM*t *. h* vl-ai.vo.1 sal- tyi *v.*ythiag is good which tends to
-hit*.    ThS, aSBsV **T*i   ■*••  •" *****   *<••*- th. worker* quirt aad •ul.su**.-'*.
 -■—__■_!, **, ,. i-*i»»    t  Bat tb. morality which i* ipecially d.
signed to protect and promote ruling
claa. lat.rests, i* losing its hold upon
the working elsm. The milita.t prol*
tarter*, at* deeliniag to sreept th-
-<•'     : - in -__ . ,   aa*> i-
•_ te *as*aaWS s ,   *^-*
rsaad 'T*f,,****:'***'   '»■**"
at*hUBmm\* '   » •*•   •***,■
"-2»-*f   ov tteaaw
I* ^ a    ,'..      .-'.  ^_  ..^a>.-rt-*a
_    ataaaaaavA ta.
V-m. T^**U»w»'
- i. -A wh. i*
*» *• "T.i ^ _T ^-- **p*^!___J1^* •-*-
•a r-rls -ad f^_«f*» * _^_f ^v^. wM*th* r^^jr M 11iere .
»•< •
th* d*sfetl* r_.
4* aad Bow
tbe •nsw*rv»»»
the court, of th. l»«d to d«*Jl«t j ^^    TJw tMtgtH **§
On Hunday, Nov. 9, ia the Lyee-m
Theater,    Edmonton,    speak***    fi
TrrAs Oateas, th. L"»?. W, sad th* **-»• ». ,__ _.
clalUt Party of Oaaada, addremed » Uwraae*, Ma**, *fl -pf whote
crowded  house on the "-abject of the released a* th* i-aa-K of th* Baited St*
trestment handed out *~ •«- «a*riet*d test ef Ue wothwrs. Ltjf.the W*lh*n of
™~*■*»SSBSBB**B"'___», _J*,-,
- ^ !!T^! ^vS d^d i^.-* _!
on returning   n>ciit '''r_*r^^L
at th* basis of ruling el***
- _    thtt .v.rything is ordered by * divi.e
I'M jl'rovideace for the best.   ln-*-*tig*tio.
a little i.depeadent thi.ai.g ahow
_otal- Ite a di*i»« P»D'
^^ ^thmt «tio... Thw ww
»-  ,r!!!!T-iIte».*»dth.ughtof
af a
let ua***
«ould be r*sis— *****
i-indn***, and right**** adsstaistratioa,
Kalpb thalth or a Ctem Dtobba—
If th* -dtaatioa Is all onr ia
•troctors bav* palatad.
Thoa* wh* ****l*t*ad the parsonnel
of th* BH
Ubsr liidssi *%%* Asftr* I*
>. th. l"rovia(» (had I bav* *o doubt
thst U. sajsw applia. to other t*-*ct!.-**-.
»f th* couatry) haow that they hav* ao
l«ve far th* peehloa adt-pted by the ft.
H ^"■"■WsssasS. ,. ♦.. tj^
l-liev* we are. ao
struct —___________.. ___
,hat.vrr brawl of j».tU. tb. mattef
d«w, *******wmm^Llli
8-e*m.ry iaatltutiom tbea. **»***«
tooUcs- carry it on j»« M w.tl a. *»7
Oar mhomiadg* ot <******** *****
eathoste*- IVaaeouver
tie i*
ing the point* mad. by the (peek***.
chairman, and Intro-1   He
fat Vanconver
to  dis
- '*^4^^w ghmmth I.tem
New ideals, more
tUan thoca of s-ny
on    of
„*:«. ■Att^Wt'S
v **».'. w**"s^r- ■—■•
tm--mW*y m ^
linteycat.    of    a    comparatively small
And th. worker begins to realise
h.v. alfur* coa-
va.l.le* a. to understand that the pre.
eat economic *y*tem, with its claas laws '- uking that all
aad distiueti'-o*, is based oa capiUuit | joining the mill...
ownership of the mean, of life,   That j lutely without rei
*   *    wealth oi »oeiety lit wm . property
then    S*~*      . —aasBBBBBsas
Com 0*IT wa. eheira-a. I*t~*_'™_!    ar^atA of th* ■itlstlsl TSStT **
^^^ i ..._* tke trad, uaioa.,  aever ■»* »*-"*    "~*r ._
had just eircnlanaed ta. iraoa        —•
member. reff»»» 'rei	
•- *i\* •es*" «*■*!""' '•^^^i^F^r'-'
(naebte* ** ****** •*W*^.K.t   these'•«•*•' '' *» ??*l*^i' ■ Tf When the 1-ml.Bdidly  huma*
^..g to a~riy their nor;  ^^2^ ,* f^attM as
a o*:'"*»*h*-J
lEdmontoa in * - -    ^^.
a-adieast that *l*»^",;-
I worse. .   _.__,
tending toward the realization ot" these
**** ■*-**—I ataadards of
., by mmi'm-        .
the moral -rU.daxds
And becus., M i" the eW
r. tor vm* —_.„-..
of c, aad that, If w* ware a* far b*
nd th. timaa a* thay woald lead «• to
i-.-lieve ar* are, ao sd*aJw«*   ot   aay
dcseriptloa would he forthcoming from
item self af-rpuiated saviour* of soeT.r
mg manhi.d.    The very fact that la
• very poUtieal move that   ha.   beea
ra*d« ia recast years, wbetb** it be tb.
f-naatie* af a labor party, a prof***
•iv. t-s-HM-isrioa, th* **try of •"organ
wed" talMtr lata m»»icir-al politics, or
pniaeal c-aatesaaia*** **«** *a th*
-    i_ii,  ~n—a_tA__g*te--au,   |«
their w*.^ i,,
^^^^^ ^^^^^^ from aB parte of the world within
in tbU sy«em -.11 the wealth oi *M>ei«, ... .   .        protecting iartitbtio*,  living was .era***; -«. _>., ._ eteamaaleatl-m with Vancouver,    j ,nl'a*jrj, _.  .»_,—,__
te produced entirely by th* member* of' and th.ae who joined certainly had ao or thw* weehe ahead! U the mate the      The preeeM of evolution was appar   B .t th.*r>.a*W--L^-^*«
a clasa who are deprived of all owb«•  property ta protect. worker, did xtk raalsW that th*y were  eat to all mea ia Western Canada.   T* ! »'»"%t :^X^^a\aj
•hip iu tb* produrt of their labor. Th.t',    He nhortly g*ve xay to W. Webster   used aa a eteb te * hip their fellows  day very tew of the worker* had more j '•■>M*f|_f_.
* —._ ^_-„   and |ef the L "W. W, who endorsed wbat the  into Use.   H* wonld  Eh* them te pteee  thaa two weeh. tebor ahead of them. ''«'■** h*"**,
'--- v.j „;a     _r   T*/«t»-   themselve. ia th* pe Won ef the mla-  a**, it WM tlw they got wi** to their j
era.   He was quite « re that if he had  psaltio* **d rebelled.   The philosophic  »m**aawrf
been thw he woald have beea jelled  8oei*»st who t*t i* hte chair with his
for te* year..   It i is therefor lsehy  beds elevated, aad split   hair,   over
for him that he waafaway.   He traced  tecbaieatitie., wa. about aa much use j 'ty
of the steaggk*, how a maa  to the Bot-telut movement as Can
la the  "" w-a-a-aa.   It waa   to   eduv.«. ...
^^***"***SSBB*4 I I 0.    BJ
BWa*fi, ,'   — „# 1„« nther elssses.soiiu*. "j	
m >^*V^J-SE   i^tl*I » is becoming t* rt*t.
. im.ya.'\m • -*«'-a*ar* a*» *••- iposaiu**.    ,         . . Mf-.d*d
tke few  who m»inl-un p<-*e*»ioB
m.ke »efure
natur.1 reaourc*.	
I,    Tff    —•»-*--	
pesker had said.   Mr.
ma'-"--**"   rT^^ : r rt'vi«*>Ui   apt*****.'   t-xv*  a*.-—-     —
their ownership of all the |p rf worki,g_eu to wak. np
rcsudrnwhineryof pro-j« aoettioa    Th. srmory
duct ion, do *o through the .id of the t this militia  quest i
„„! Edmonton h.d j*st bc*a burned to the
»PiM     .  _.*v »*i it* murderoo. impte
• Bd m-t
orgaair^d puw« ihey h.*-«   *--* ^larfatmd  with
withia .oriety-tb* mmkm ****** SS *»d ***** ***'°™>.        .„
that therefore tb, «tion    ^_JJ L^ Uk, ,o ^ B* b-1******. of the
*** "*> ^ M"X^ry iTwii" ! *****
Th*  -ratty
'rrtr*f earl— •*******'
bi.. agaisat Tesy
soc-aim fmm at     m
and i-ihif t. **«*« ** ******* **   *tte.tl*a
^Z^matoamtwt*  h.v.  lsjj-21    — ■
dirf, tetmxlmif gm *J*«nl%*"JKX.
ward, bat te, «• *****tX^J^m  „f
•dvmwd that aU th*a* *»***<* *
empathy i_M^«_r£ —' ""
... -matly aadar-stesi
Touag fellow.," he
not   kaowing
m».*t    That
from the e.ondltioa of ..avery tn waica , r**-*», "** po'* *- V~>*, burned
th.y bav* remaiaed for many eeaturie.,  i° Uhe manner
mu-rt be m revolBtionary a* to entirely j**"*1. "joia th. militia
i»sm»iiis»» .um. - . mhaS-.-at-.Jaally
•t-atchlas   Of   *  Itecaytag' themselves forcw
- j froek-co.ted snob called an officer,
____________! B-awSSBvala^vCvKlv ^^^^.ja^^^
^■■ssbWsbbbbbI I to shoot down their fellow worker*. All
tbat economic ^^^ '•^
mi.hog, snd devote their unreserved
to changing the .octal base.
*  class,
C.rncgie j
M was   to   educate thej
-ara forced ***%*X?*Z ^At^**> »* «"* ^
-«, .Uvea ^\^ltSL^xlmZ ^-^JT
aatl* '.-*«,, «-*• ***•  ^ "■ 1      !* !„, haa-t' wd quarter
*** "" ■" ** *^Ta»- 1-B-' -11 '"*,l'or NeW*'
^'•'Ix^-eteaf hm
f it, **aaa- ■-«,.. -a>l«*f;*al*amt
B. 0.
jgnj-gaa. LfflEBATIOa
zz-*•--«-eS-^'^"» ri-ifaIS"araTs*- - -,r;ii".»-*;
ar. tb. only useful portion
^iety. prod-*« •»'«*" ?-"*£
.k«t are pbveed »» **   »-**•*•   ***
to is raah ^ |fh. woVloTtertec.; *ad l» «J-i.h s*
*ma 9*—~ZI.?t«the efa«l««   ,,k,r -,,_•, f.w in numbers,   but   sU
.   ^ST*d^t   ta.   Uwhold^o  !ti0Bl0 perform
d.v.lopmBBf to steadily j^ m<n ^y ^ ^ ,he new
armory would inevitably be used for
their deetructioB sooner or later. The
Nanaimo miser* had either to strike or
be starved to death, The strike wa.
It wa. a crime for
S*sutf^*i**o,,tow* v-
"_ Jg\\\h**m **-,**
fa   .^m-*&>«*J*******
anioy the advantage*   <*   *» -"J.- ' th., tswla:'**  '«# to» fc^^^^_!!«
*njoy *•*-]      _   , .„ tne vforld. .   yj^g  __»    _.-.,.   ,ke    worker.
Vancouver, Nov. 15, 1913
V. Cook, 74 Hwtiugs St- West.
]!„, meeting collection
CKerflow mW meeting .
I»rom a «yWm is which on.
W, hand *«d |Tb.y -«*
^.■uelrrTb^ wer. *B te the «-. H^0^ "taVy and thrir childro*.
BBd ta. ^j^u^ci-.
„bre.k of tb. .trlh. were Iv^-atA.
It wa. MeKensi. I* *******
„_* v* out te enmb wbeof hUo-   ouin^^ -~ ^ ^^ ^^
- -R v -**ia .»•—-- .
,__t-v^. i'^J* ** •■£;
aAAnsaai-* * -w"*** to t:"
r ibs*w>"• ~*|^__^__^_e.,   . i "t'iTl; **»■
-4-. rtiould d.vote their ef ,
aapomibt. chance tel11
of   civilization
 U        .".    •——-*T,™.
„u, Obrtet*. iAt-*> •"«**# aat ri-mble of
.p.-Ay  tarfpipasw,
. - —tios* aad th*; *****
m mi* taa aaagmmmm, ..*,
*Lm  '**■-- *>i__a uadt. • Ooastaa- . ._,
''TS-JsTaaiailii*   •'   *• 1**°***** wag°n   ^
. .tl3»-**5
^ h. would put mat *_-__»._2  _ii on the other hand, what. al*
Total j	
ti*   «altiir*
to th* very last detail.   Their, was
genial   climate   of   Bout hern   Europe.
while the worker, toiled for a bare ex
In   the rigorous northern ell
Kent Bominion hall
Wagon and h.nd mVf   "_", '
Twelve matt meet*- : cards..
Twelve m»» .-ioiting
Carrying sign ana
« so.oo
than mere
as soon
aad enaasuAl* otmrnxg****
tbay   *rrlv-sd   -*   - -Aiwtea
aotori*ty wlma the d*rh»m* «* ***
^raTm^t^*  -^T, _,
hava^saU- to tah. I-rt ***£ |*-^^
.ng. 1-ea.aVriafa Bfrte.ltmal, *ai *JJJ ,»ma, *hi.
iBdvatrte.   of   thl*   **^'mZl».
ti...t hav* th. wsraw. W-**J* *£
a kaowtedg* r^rdtof ****%!
ta. w-termw. *** '-r^LbiL
their llttl* tehem*. xxd pl*»»
"Oht 1st ***** ** T#* *•*•'"
ia human society other
ownership of tb. means of
life, It I. our program to so transform,
a* th. workers are .uBci.ntly
with   their   owa   require
Fiadaettv* Ma
Oum aaasrship ot the
IsWl,   Wm*   -.—        .   ,
witb tb* iaevitebl. rcsmlt that
Nanaimo wa. aow organised.
Be wished to eomplime.t th* women
also.   Th.y were just a* revolutionary
clan it wa. oo loager a crime
wa. the difference! It was 1
and Mann who war. interested la th.
Vancouver Ulead Brian., and the
militia had beea brought Ib by their
influence witb or control of tb. B. C.
government. The miners having backbone fought back, with the result that
many war. throws into priion. Thirty-
sine had just been convicted aad seat-1 war. aoau-% • ___ _
- *  •■"* vaar. I rounded by th. militia, aad a machine
"       -   «V» »m-*.*-&-4b4*
_ th. men, *** "^^J^ZoIm
bav. beea impossible.
of th. miner, a hall te whieb  they
—leetiag was «-*>•
Capitalism bad don. Ita work. It had
organised the worker* for .ocial pro-
duction, and kept tb. product. Now
waa the time to tak. the product for
I* conclusion  b. .aborted them to
that night tb* Salvation Army
-aa-ssssssssssHS^ •_£   ^Ster of .ustice.
wm imted, what *«**   **
-rut ear ptalUen ****** .
ttat w. shottJd so ***
______■_____________■    ih*d
late th. colleetiv. owoenihip ot thos. i concern wa. hi.
wh. tak. part ia producing tb. neee*-1 men  Hnd   '
txtioa ot Ufa   That thi. action eoui-i j month,
ba " too revolutionary'' we fall to sM.
The  worker, being .lave, today, just
a. completely as th.y were ia the other
forms of society   that   prec«d.d   th.
ao a*.ist.nce oa Ih. part of
ever b. eipected to
  wor. holding * union
ust been eoavu:.---* — i
em. rangl^ from two year*
'« t°.ti:: 12TttehM.   Th-e o»ti».l»fto««-   Bear, ^ ^
r.d to ^ixngixgttoxx 7^15^2. - z-- ?• -rsi
.       _._.    n_i huadred   »nd   thirty | gun_*v__^^ ^ ^ t^wm ^ e«r*e
irdercd all tk
ln..Bgl*««-     E'     - ..
then picked-mta^e*^
U tlrZx** the *»«•"• *** doW,,
teto thT^kete aad produced IIH  (
^ w^chTb. espeT ^.^.
lat-afi. h**V   «*  ***** .I-"1  *"J
-ai-t»*hyliM«*^--'M«       '-•of
-aa-*^«W':»te«*a'«» •"» to *°
th.- wsii-w***' w*ia*-aBt if at"*--*** «***•
'.,-. th**w*-viV»#'aira.*- "7- ■ ._____.
T»tal -•
Balance oa
Eer-ort    **■??'*' *<"■
E-^utiv-e Board uf - C-tpMrwM1.,
eratioB    '•■WS'-     '
Hall, Nov. 12, I-*"
deluded    ariUtiamen    who
Ml   tii-ket
already been in prUo* t**\
trick wkleh aU gov.mmente j*u.
baen forwarded.)
_.__ Imply'
la not"* ***iw»» ***
Hardly. t*w *™ *—--. €0r,t_a
oar pUflmr. th*t   It   ****** Q.
olaehB mmt**l*f fJ^ZZw
every l-rflvldwd, **"*". _-,. ta
ctem ha hatosftAt »s. Nol *« _
aomlaatlng «adld*t** **«*£,.
Uon* w* do •• *stlwto «er ***~™*n
th* masters tan ...
actually tastes their own power, or help
ia th. em.ncipatioB of thoae who hav.
bean «• lueiol In thair swrvle*. Thl.
transformation eaa be brought about
by intelligent worker. .Ion*,'and the
•fmtettea «f th* aacUUst Hcty *t
All th. miUtia have besa withdrawn from Cumberland. Ia Nanaimo th.y are to remain for some
time.    (Vld. "-**-
. -.j^^  seven
month.' imprisoument for James Lar-
kin, tb. maaager of tb. Dublin strike,
serured hi. rrieae..   Th. temper of tb.
British worh.r. i. .howa In thetr enounced d.termin.tioa to declare a oa-
, whether Larkin    te    re-
leaaed or not, to help th. liublln atrik-
lecur. their demand*.   Th* alow-go-
mak.   thing.
ed to hear th. miner.
on —»au»/, •  .
-m.   ,m. a laraw audi.Bce g»th
color Theater, * ***** **"
_ .v. -i-.r.' rid. of the t
UdaVaV *<-*▼'   T?
i,«$.Mmm,:>%''&''   * A*
Mi.ijV**-'  '
al ■ssstnsil ° *      <"•
Kr.A , Iftsiaawaa,    -*> '■"" '
\*M^:-s*mym»  •• ■••■
st 0**—»**, Alte, "3
1 .*saw)a .■■■*....
j,s.r***"s***iB,**^^ ~T"»-
i.aatSS .*»«•■"«*,"    *•' '
I .'i-^tmmw^^7   •    "**"
i    tad I -athwboad . a*ter>,
A gwmmt-Btixi'i
2.00 I
By Bsrton *****
out of murk
uobb wf »» — ■*-—*T. M.al.od I* XO
    >ad th* »•** W**-*T*** **.
****HmT'   *r-"-!-.rt.r of *spr**.lo*.
mor* th*n a hM*m*-*r oi   jr
a. iadteaU*. ot h«w onr t***ff£
^-.. i_*i.*_i   Owing to w* »■
Is to so spread thl. eduction among
th. member* of onr clam that th.
change will b. aceomplUhed la th.
.hortest poaribl* time.
"We n.tur.lly flnd many obstacle, la
Keur-sd by politic*! a*-|tfc, lttmaAXoa 10****, *** ***
Out of ehsoSi
I aroM »nd &* m1
■While   the   *g<*»
MS 5 Md mtm  o^
when b. i» .uffl«l*»tly
our path i. trying to spresd **..'*^
ganda.    ** ******* ***** fttBd*',
• * a..—-   ..a -.Khva a
7* .*.. militia in Naaaimo  "*--„.        WM ^eured by (*»•••»"*   the Uaarmwa *—--'-
hotbed of _r*voI b«!•» f ln.    gno ted by ^ prealden - t, Mm were
"^l^rXp^Th. brtef
suppremed by th. ****** t0
tiaation giv.n sbov. *«y''nt„iiM
K* al* -*• D
through th. g*n.r*l ***• 	
11 for   .oa*   tlm*
oflrmatio. of .u.plete._« mtm
hat.   On tbe V**tov .    „
|,^ Plate, theritting member !**.
bu he*s Mrdssltet**.  - --- .
d-wtrtal strtf* U*i ^*J*** -
th* s**t IV y»««. ••f tk".""■*,„,
th* aatat la testtering the rr<***
from «• tertl*. to ..other, tb.*«r
•w^r*t.d*d^i. **lc0tot rtUcao- ^ t_gAJf llJJ■-^J _£
phy «. jtsA M BMfsl faetorily aAvad H to SB to. *««?
B_______BBBBBBBBBB*a*B--      BBSBBamm " I BBBBaaBSaa—SaBSS—•aB—
W.°!5 hvUtb7ml.*f thst tbey
      telned by ta. ■»■ u  bye
reed"V.".p*.V.«, sad .bov. .11 -* |he k.Pt on ^^jS.'jSr. of tb.
Sh.***raW«*laartl*«t»^ b.   u
organ, th. VVtofrn Clr^lo..    __ government ******
TO      BXmAmwBmtwVLi     C*f*     Wlta     tA*     SSW UtftjA , „hO    BT*    B*t
tb. Attorney
*♦ aisaa. Jaw, B T C
I "tig. mmPrnfm, V**h-, V. 8
raids Arfcaa*r Oraatdl, ■*•
njp-^ataa.*...- •"
^«1 BMth f«rt O*>or»*, B.
&jM"*.+, **C ••
s,ia|i ma, Alta, A-^ttiaa, Pol-
islr" -sWdSsa*' x*A   British
der to. J»- -■'-- b   .eatenc.d to *«J llri«t IS. «**"""- """_„-.-   the   action ,     -_7**__rsi__.     -m_vWre7
r.«H, .Th.yt!»»y J- rears,   or   to. *|    Koolutiou-   ^^"a^ of the | ^^J1"1 "'       ^'
"tily, No. SH, ■•
tendered in.ligibl
I years.
and A. »•***«•
0f   Dl»trict
whose (lis
S conviction ..on. 1. -f*--^ ^ ^ .. -- W- of A   l^«-
* th. _»J__rtfl&aa. to «y trict th. troubl. ******   ,
Mtw^ Oa-wral bbw^-* ta tenced    Th. object »I tas^ _M uken ttp- ,
Wwtlon amounting
been accouipllihod UtS
W«B0BS la ths
{T'lIZtm, -*_*-ad H te *» to •***-/ BSBS-   the *«»•"'' ,— ..„„ . ti.uiC di»fr»*> l,ng BIWJJ *.  "     *jCell  ace.iwpii»»«*-j 1*4'*  «»■ »—--    • ■ 'aw--_-t
^^^^^'^.^.^-e*9 ^i^J&' • P-«- - *
driven.   Onr *hj**t hrt*I th. ?»•*;
■laa of th* stst* hy th* worlwr*, this pmrty faad.
aoaa av* »*«.»*——*_,. *T_. -^ ,fc. _„_.
"-"" "* ^iSS^S^SI&S i:ra»^:u™*^-.--*-;r^
Thi* ws. th. I
"Tm^h*"*^teiFU*iwd ay th* 'Ot* lit. «.«., or ohieet, e.«   ohlde   ow \^ J active *»*** I**,.   ta ^   t>
and matt h* S***mpii.a-* is. _ _,__J ,_ __ w<- __ ^i, ^Jghmt feM-llX. .udsoedlMI *l*P*J"*",-. .n-l .oe ld"*fronchise<l,
in Italy h.d ave
aa-la. oa A. itwT•< **• rank. w. h.v. .*t th. *H|k**t text. ^," ,^-oeding step* **.ruelnTT„d *9>
•lone, •• any s*tl»a ** ** 9** *g* ZZzZlzZ. „^.. v. -tivis-d.   "W* ar* i *w-... nmoer ord.r.   Regular a-*- ^
dtepoNMaad to *htala th. owMMhlp
sad Mattel of %b* Ssa.ate.ry of prodiM-
•sa ttBta Im^mateited M IteltttetU
Oar raah* aaanot h* dividwl. "W. are
atomis-. of a rs-rolnHonrtry orgaalsa-
tio*>ahtM* w* «*d*tetead ear se*i*l
n this w|ll tad
tbelr proper
and pro-
ITTjJEii-ii bv their Intuiting
SsirftAi r'of'St*-
&«^> w*rrr«co»^-_
,a   onu»l   numb.r (or
E-t the eti	
more, we
isea,    »»   .-*•-.,, flgure*   or
Borisllsts and Bepnhli-
Catholic vote
triumph of tbe ____________
can*.   To .cure thin result au unpre
i-edenteil change of policy    ha.   been
initlnted,   the    Ministerialists   having
Igned a compact nut to support the'
tbe Pope allowing
r. "s3H.hl-.-M. Ivt, Moatreul
Bich ind.****1 "** *y,n'\
Kteda«l«4 h^J*
With thc mark. «* •t'jur*
I  the tiltor of th. sod,
trim th* -die JO the «»SJ.
uled through th. wen
8h.mh ^^^
Crushed   and
Herring   best,
but   tatvt,
worst,  ^^^^^
ed and cheated, goui
ged and
i-s* -s_ to.r
*~ ••—  _,„«* tnsir prop*r j*w» ■■ v.-™. ■->•»•>, -*-
th* ptteriUty of l«*h »» •*-**** "UM  w, .tt not dUtorkad, b«t will .oatlntw
'**■*_. ....    ^.11    -*mtsi n    at tin V. ji___    ._.
.-"■pesr obvious to sll who study,
Betene. being but . systemstle ar-
ng.m.nt ef hnowlodg. nothing enn
■   • •_* aimnta or mors to tb.
•KSl^aWiMrim. than this wtll tad | ^ risilter tacric. ^'Tto .ou rt by
their propor pls.es In other parti*., so i -*ttnl.hm.at w*»"*,^0 th. oatbr.ak
r^bly he ««or* *l-r.P» or more
172   ATsorr-tet .s^.U of **7 W
to promote .lM.-eanwteus.-Ms «y.n In
th. en.my'. camp, snd oeeupy our poal-
tlon a. th. onli p»rty "*%-tmpo.ed of
worker., »nd oWnls*d In th* ««t*r-
ssts of woirk.rd tbat *sl.t.   oa   the
lb. miners.   Th*«'«•*."<i%0 produc,
thw* oouditlon. w*w "-.oum t ^ by
tb* flood teg of Ik. dtotrw"     offwU;g
the mlUtla for th. P0-T*-**    ,he,   th.
Ih. «h*lml.|MggSbt' oWJW   W*
in the gov.rnwn-»;> \        .     .g^tune. lanli c.ei«—■
th. first step '
.nation of * (,*^Mc
aipseiTv "*  ~ „„™«nt It l» .»««"**— line  vs.
??i5lk_at1ffi^ ot • -Si.lc.thoU.
tto!,r of   rttd'B0Wier ^       This to
.potter of iu«      ......utT. ,     .,..
ehargw,   *B   """"T.w, ,»|ner»
Wa- be . mord ^^
wen, it *»**_*:. mi
j i thor*'»
•nd th.
many  . aup    *wlxt the  cup
Up,*' aad "th* beat-laid plans of mice
and men gang aft .gray.'1
Of oa. thing th. ralM-owaer. and
th.ir political hireling* ran re.t assured—th.y will not hav. a walkover.
towards the for-
party   I*   th.
the antlclerieato
In th. face
 .    to   oppose   ...   _
and defend religion. In th. face of
thto opposition the 8ocl.li.ts (all kind.)
in th. Chamber now number    78    a*
* —»	
, m. D. P. of
0a*. ,-••
Oem, a D. P.
Mo. 6, Fiaaiah, IttaaV
8-ik., B. D. P. of C...
Oaoato No. SB, Lead,
. Blwtow*	
Oswto Ne. IS, Laad,
■mil Koiva	
ad, Wyoming, TJ. A,
■*! hotxl 	
, 1N3, brought forward 2,208.18
In the world myseU
Up from .'.very I rtoo.
D,.am. and «»nder '" "
After brutal **• V**
I w„ blind- --        ^
-. tk. builder, MJV—„,
I'th'e'd,.e ^S»«_fT-
Blave and serf »» fcw „
Kaow my If****'**
1 rr 2 sawTtS^--* •°**"
Awtest liw a"0 thf„w*,
AH th.t ****£„ ows-
1 shsU tak. *»d ***/ ""*
•-c-rs-jsr?!- -•*■'
•g.la*t 44 pr.vlou.ly-
9        e**m PAGE TWO
The Western Clantili
The Weatern Clarion. Vftncoiiver, British Columbia
-UTimiU-f, DJ8GKMBKH e
two   wmIm   by
th* Socialist P*rtr of Canada at
**0*%Ujt*ty *^it,-;ric'i.rton,Ti6"-*a=*r"*t-. »-»»*■«.
tl 00 per year, 50 cents for sir month.".
a 0-
Strtctly I. AM*-*"*   I
Bundles  of  6  or more --J**-'***.
2G cent-* for three months.
In V. S. single subscriptions 11.00 per
If you  receive  this  psper.
p.rD,oduoFnot' i* •-«•..» th«* «;***%&
the rati- nf : .ent-- '*'r.DD?,_tfi_**•*«**
Advertising rates on •pp.»s'-_____
It in paid for.
Tn  n-hte. --ffio^a^a'K^3.eT«S,V
.16 Main St. yaatoartt.
woe Watch (he label on your paper. U
lOO this number Is on It. your sub-
serlplion expires with the next Issue.
Address alS
B. C.
Su _2k.^-l ^? *Z**y •# up •nd ««• ****-*• «
Ss^^f^i^•***,■•*•> been so ple_tifuliy
«■ waratang <-f BntM_ csrtnabla during recent yesi-a
J********'* "i*O«m01t Ztf THS
Saturday, December 6,1913
The labor press throughout th.- Dominion is iiow prott.v-,*Wf*JJ
informed of the use of the powers of government  judicial ana;«.
ecutive, in handling the situation on Vancouver Island in ***..£
way as lu further the political and economic interests ot me «*%'*
owners.    That the readers of the majority of these F**!*jM.*J
gain anv knowledge of the fact that government is a class m*m»**-
tion, created, organized and functioning in the interests of -M-HM-**
ing class minority as against the working class majority, w'||fs
due, not to any education received   from   these papers, but trim
other sources, and to their own ability to analyze aud i8jtUG^'*lSJ:
facts and draw the proper conclusions.     The   "iniquity"  0lJpA*''
McBride government, its "misuse" of its powers, its "rottennBjr,
etc., etc., are dilated upon, issue after issue, until the average ya.
er must be coming to the conclusion that B. 0. enjoys the dia|
tion of being ruled by the worst of all possible governments.   J
This attitude on the part of a portion of the trade union M
is but the reflection of the conceptions held by the non-Soe^pi.
majority of their membership as to  the  function  of l*ov«rnniSiB
the relative positions of the clauses,  and their own positior
members of the working class, in the mechanism of capitalisf
ciety.    In thc extractive industries, coal and quartz mining-
ticularly, the organs of the unions do not come under this criti-
There we find an intelligent appreciation of the underlying
rents that force the hands of all concerned,   miners,  niine-o
and governments, in this and similar happenings.   The class n-*^s*»:^»>M^>|^a- ^^-.^ .,•*■.■-.■.,...,.-■■ ,'-*--■■,.*-*.-.
of government, and its proper function as the guardian of thAta*-   j^t.^^iy.-.^f'y^'•***;'■******
\^r*^^*^*X'^****^*******' ■***'■ S*t **:
I* DU OXyAxix^tot Oct. 1 the editor
*** Sat Mr-alt at th* annuel
■ft* t** 0*cauu» Social De-aoe-
****' raesatiy htm. at J***, that is to
**hrm*d*i%i^ Of    the
trn'^-tegm.:*^.-^ ttg* party.
___^*-wtt-» -it,*w**gkt to light tb.
■•»P?rsBA:..t*a<Msals| wittia th* party,
•^:fa*;*a;aaA^.t* ta* aau-tkeriag •*>
#***&;-*m rnhkak both ''ojjaart*-
■**m*'mmi •••aalsal*'- eotght to aid*
»!•** oaaataaM* la tt* eoa-rantioaa of
***a*,,jmml,' jrayaasily ***--pi-oa*.l*es Wtoe
t** ,;*ial*, t»f4 tk4aoMaqa.nl amothar-
•lag., at tmdmXAl Uoa*' aaA polieU* ■ gave
****^.*'ef*'**ma^'ag ••oBMrtaa-
M**iiffv' '
aafa-«^*av s-agr.ss «aw a ******* ia
, *^ W****Wt  *l*iw radHaU Ul. year, by
||i|vl|^*-(a|MMp*oa ta; ntoat ■ aad   as-
*"B*MUa aad by the -asHs*l»a *f r«*o*
mm ia.,*tli*:*as'*sa*sl*a ltortf, pat th*
•*_S___»^£-a^ tt. -**!•«.•*
t- tWlotXA^man tt*.******-
zU*^'r-**^.**)m*^mm\. ^fiAmWgHmit
- mm-, ipottaat a****** tht.
. ****** tt approval *r *_apprev*l of
|*CBsattMftg rrgitai*.**J,T-to' attltad*
-*»%«•*•****» mtHtery WA Mil the allied
tsaitlos a|jL   .the, hmmt mm* dsarly
arswa,aad tt* ■ial.gstes wava-aMisatl
I* Is-Kssu ttalr pttottce- U tt* goaty
ratal* "•*•*»♦ «r «aafi»*
•boot tk* purpose, of a.- .xpendi
turos, ar of making * decided break
with tb* corresponding praetie. and
theory and bring guided by what th*
eoaeervatlv. wiag called 'the barren
doetrinariaaism' of the Geyer-Lnxem-
barg re*olatloa."
Th* bourgeois press, says Die Olei.h-
heit, Is already chuckling at th.
thoaght ot how easy it woold b* for
th* gov.rtua.nt to raise fund* for raili-
taristie and imperi.listie parpoMs
should the Social Democrat, be willing
to support »ueh proposal*, provided the
funds are raised by direct taxation.
It waa upon the maa. strike aad tax-
atjoa qnastion tkat th. minority ekose
to tart their streagtk, aad th. votes
upon these two, 1*0 aad 148 to 338 aad
133, avast ladicate very nearly the rela-
tiv* *t**agtk. of kiaority aad major
ity. Tk* rituation revealed is certainly
vary dlffareat from tkat of aot t-o loag
ago, whea Karl Kaatsky twitted Bos*
Lueatbarg witb aoidisg aloft tk* baa-
Bar, of r*T*lattoB -rarrounded by *
crowd of s*ve* sdker-tata.—-K*w Terk
The elass hB* V*** ********* **' l******  -*•-
j ul uase »**t**(*aa.*-__A:.a_.a_.-.^„-.^...,,.^.-~T---.T.*     .
ploiting interests,  are fully recognized,   and  the  moral difM;
home.   This, also, is but the reflection of the degree of intellij
class-consciousness of the membership of the organizations in   ^^^
interests the papers referred to are published, and the direct i'<fi?$$
of the necessarily undisguised nature of the robbery to which fl
are subjected.
So far from being "corrupt,"  or  "recreant  to  their di-ft-*
those who direct the forces of government in B. ('. have demonwa*
ted that they have the correct conception of their proper funcwat*^
and that the confidence reposed in them by those in whose ii»!**y
ests they were elected was not misplaced.   Government  is always
in the interests of those who govern, and never in the interest! af
the governed.   It is, always has been since the division of sot$ety■•
into classes, and will continue to be as long as classes exist, thef re*
pressive force in the hands of the   ruling   minority  of  propiftyi
owners to compel the subjection of  the  dispossessed   majority- ta i
their scheme of robbery and exploitation.   It never did, and n*#raaT%
could, safeguard tbe interests of both, and the line of cloavagei'ber;.
tivecn the classes is now getting so apparent that no pn-tenci i#:
made by the henchmen of the ruling class who hold the rein* af
government that they are there for any other purpose than £ka
protection of capitalist interests.   All  over the capitalized wiMj|*
governments are rapidly discarding the velvet glove, and displsyi-'-'
ing the mailed fist as the answer of the ruling elass to the growth itf
class-consciousness amongst their victims.   So-long as the worlajwi
were contented with their position as the mudsills of society, as t_e J
hewers of wood and drawers of water, the display and exercisegff
the final argument—force—-was unnecessary, the result being resell*'
ed more easily and with less risk by   a   scheme   of  education'.ia
school, press and pulpit that paralyzed independent thought,   ffc* v
remorseless evolution of the machine is compelling the worker* to-
think new ideas which are not the ideas of their masters, and tha
veil of lies and sophistries which so long clouded and distortAd
their vision is falling away from their eyes, and they are be
«r p.r»a**l ekaraetar, but
■ha"**-mm, *** a**? la ta* ..Urtari*
f-*r*BB*ftiosB aa*** Wlaek   tt*   Garma*
p*aa*t*riat i* .cssiaatUg h***«*agg»»
- «.- — —w.B..i.   No longer able 'o con
the thoughts of the workers by their  schools  and  other agenefff
ths*   nil-a***-   ******   s-.~*.— —   -* et- *.
ning to realise their potential strength.
the thoughts of the workers by their  sc,.u- °   -■*-*-■
the rulers are being forced to reveal that the final secret of th&i.
„l,.-i:.~ *- J-    •      - ssaams
last analysis, in their ability to set one section of the workers ta:
slaughtering those who have the temerity to rebel against lh*S^'-
slavery.   So long as they have the organized power of i
"    * *_*'.IU_   I—   *L
ability to dominate them and command their services lays, in the
•■■^^^^^^^^   "       fforkers^B
litis!    tlslis<:
represented in its totality by the  capitalist  state, at  their ctt^""
mand, so long will they remain dominant.
The workers are fast learning that the line of attack that
open the way to freedom lies through the capture of the power§
the State, the reins of government, by which they are held in si
jection, and, when possessed of it, using it to restore thc unity j
tween the Men of Labor and the Instruments  of Labor uhich %-ji
dissolved by the advent of class property in the means of life. TlB7
linitir    *XV* *xt*     a.-*.*-.*". --iss-aaBaBasaBBBBaBa***************************************************" ut'lsi-al*        „.»-.aA* -a
,'|a'.*4siar a****, a a*w p*tt*i a* salt*
mthmmmmm him bag**, wklrt Is a "lair
***** f*f tk*. «oslia**(l das-jdo**is«*t of
'mmKm&ttgfc'mmm^ *t**dy,
«*». tk«a* lasssa*. ta* "raAswte"
*****   a-itA  tt* ataaai  mmmMmewty
Wbat- tk* "teaorvativ." Isadm are
•aUaf *'«*• defMt of  tk*  'ladieal'
f*r."tk* - eoavaaUo* -aas r**w*k*a<-a
ta tk* -partiy ."ta* d**li» aad tk* ba-
jMta* for a* •**- and'—rA—t straggle
aft*r r^iw*l"»* Br»a*t*ri*s aad r*vo-
[bl taetlea.    •    •    •    It   kaa
taafjbl.'taa ••radiwl*' to rely apoa thrtr
-wr* *tr«*glk aad to aapert asitk*.
issc)M*iaisl sm a#ptwval"*fr--rm -th*
Isadss* af tk* party."
Tk* *at*C later*** -waa eeatered la
the "Msste. aa th* sbms strike. Th.
aarty exacativ. i*trod*e*d a resolBtioa
•xttreMiag tk* —lid beK.f that a *****
ttrik* ralght tom* day b* poartble aad
-saaty. Its* "rs*-ad%''-rap-
ay Bass Lasaaabarg, pr**
a *ra*olatfo-|i wkfek would kav.
pWugvd tb* party to fcamedist* sad ae
tty* p**QB*gsaAs *f tk* a-** atrlka, aad
J pr(*».rt preparatioa far it by ****** of
a«tloa* *f eamtmxUv* ton*. ;
tartaBstely, IA* aspaassd thee-
twtmmxl d-wtmatm •*."**•■ bum* stria*
did art tak* ■****, da* aalafiy to ta*
party. ex*t**i**'a. wport,. waiek aatlei
'"•    %h* •*-*** ot tt* "
lag tkrtr   -psslHoa   f*r*sd
tbaa*. td JlSSiSiS —I of ttalr allotted
[thwo im rafotUg ta* aria-rtat**i*at*.
" "vThsa tt* nsolrtloB* **** put to a
 i&.M*ha party *s*Mtlv. was
'   ' *y A» agslart  lit tar tk*
unity once restored, the foundation  on   which conflicting clai___
arose will have disappeared, and the repressive force of the StatS,
having no function to fulfill, will die out. Fis-aa
Before that consummation is reached a great deal of sound e 1
cation has to be disseminated, and that is the function of the ■
cialist movement.
-.-,P°!it-!Caily ,g.Peak!nK conditions  existing  in  British  .
cannot be duplicated in any other subdivision of tt. m
Capitalism    The government is now, andTi bee, for
»n the undisputed control of the Conservat"   ,1h,! .i"°n,e S
But two seats in the house at Victoria «rp hlid l     u"1   mach
servatives.   There is nothing that hv xh     ^ld by other than C'-J
-tinatiao can beUs^L^^J^1 ""^ °f the *
That such an unbridled mastery should -W^i, „ • .      .   .
and arrogant disregard of even tl? w^ota nt>l P mt° a bru
(joes without saying.   That aove«_oan?1SS       T-Dl0n d**»
ditions, should discard the mask o?TrlT' underl8Uc1' "vorablec
It. nakedness as the Ta^p^ntJtt^f ^T"1 iUelf S
sion, is a foregone conclusion    ThaTi??      ruffian"'ni and rep:
lumbi. ha. m/de iSHSEmF&ffia^
every one who has taken note sf ij iu K.     ^ths ,M known
bor trouble, on Vancouver Island coni*et-tion with the
. iK o^VpeS iire&vEteis«—m
there i. no .mall-frV oajitalist class T m! T&hly <Jarnned'
strong to warrant the hope of its L ,-.!?• P-r°)",,(!e Kut'<i™n
that its iight hM Zxeto,ai tZ luhe11 i "afe ,0 *«*»
that certain Mlf.8ceker,of the L- j ^   ^though rumor hath;
'Hfsme in the labor movement ara rS *ZF ?.'d of moie ** ■
csntaton. around the corpi J th"jjf gj mllfn* »o perform
into life and navin-r _a#.«viJTi ^r:n_the .W.o' «*.
V*t«a:-**« for tt*
';':*att •*•*** tt* aaaay..
larai *f dakfrtas   wh*   aa*
M»       WMy #►' Bflrf  fsf0TICl# m\ aaaMM*
|IW braadtt asaf ***att *f ta*
-faaaasaT   ia    tt*   S**t*/ itsslf
ammrmmnnmmmm        ^^m      -t v^^V    .   gy^^^e*      ^^*T*^^^*r
i wlttsk wat ssfrttsd la thl* r**e**tia*
1  *TSS#IP|^    ,P'gmt    •aa^m^>^iXm9Wm..  aaw     ty^tmXW     * W*t If* *gBtav-Wt*
a__M_|________UMA   m_\   ta      ' __■_,   ____*-    _e_tt   bbbbW
****BBB*BBB*e*t*BWT*r *m *****     %****» aaaTsaW  mma gg*r
***** »*H»Bt la tt* amrnXtm    tt   ear
-WBri^ sr.ysls.ll.ai wsritsa -to   tt.
^^^^^M (fatraSat** *t tt* Hull-11~»—» «
1 ■■lumfcia   1^, asisilisi ****** caatral satst I* tt*}tk* t**t
a -all aat a* rtrM
1-m"jmtit''''wt Msaaai of MS
_r___r__  ■*■*.-* ■**—*» « atla.h. af
mam X^nB^mm ****** *L**.  ***^^*****^s*ws*sBsj«^m    ^asr^*s*Ha-B.BBS    *m^
*aaamt**d *M*ts°*waa SSd **•** *sT**t* *t
f" ;i««pia»--a*»a^
isajtfdtowhrt )gf
:•«.-.-■■ __|'-_t-,__a.
■■■mxmimr mm^f _m .—    ..
to giv« tt*» a g-nhygm amd
', ':'Jmtimm.^tm* i*    •**»>    SB*
.ppr •Qssto^a'Mst'. (UfAtalt
Tk* gesarai electioa ia Baden kaa
"ramiltod  la a seriea* artbaek to tt*
Socb-rt party.   Of tk* tweaty *****
h*ld by 8-arialiato ia tb* tart ParUa-
t>  •«• bav*  b*ea  lost  deSaitaly
eight  ntaiaed,  walk   oae  aew
kaa b*s* eaptBred.    Tb* party
to latorarted is s*v**to*a attend balls**, bat *aiy four or iv* an promis-
tag.   Bat far more serioa* thaa the
tsss la teat* is tk* drop I* tk* pop*-
tar -tot*.   At tk. ge**r*l eieclioa ia
iflOS tb* party r*oll*d *A,*M votes, oa
Tuesday, Oct 21, oaly 7i.S38> Tb* if
ure* fat tt* *tt*r parti*, are:
Mea.    wis.
Catholie* aad   Conservative. m.lO*   1*6,4B«
Utrarab aad Badicab.. 106,B*» 1104»8
Tbe tatter parties have, therefore,
malBtaiaed their positioa (takiag Ut*
eoaald.ratioa -tt* aataral lacreaae of
tb* etaetorate), while tbe two reaetioa-
l*t partis* bay* iaer.*a*d t9 p*r seat
Tk* drop ia tt* Socialist vote is *T1
the more remarkable to at tt* atottt*
stag election tke party was able to
iaerasse ito vote to 118,000 from 97,000
In 1909. This was, of coarse, from a
■ore Bumerooa electorate. Oae of tk.
reason, for th. setback ia ao donbt the
abar-ae* of say harming qaettioa; al«o
th* fart that tke party was really ea-
gag*d 1* defeadiag the status quo on
matters of taiatioa aad *due*tioB.
Ia tt* last Parliament tk* Liberal*
had seventeen scat*, the Radicals seven
sad tb* Bocialiat. twenty. The., three
parties formed the Hoe of the Left
against tt* tweaty-aiae Catholic aad
Coriaervstive mmnbers. The agiaameat
brtwe** the throb parties of tt* Left
provided for mutual help ia the n-eoad
ballot*, aad was catered ie to to prevent
th* two other p.rtita obtaiaiag a majority. Ia this tb* tactician* of th.
Left parties have *-*p*r*atly failed, a.
tb* Catholic, hav. already returned
twenty-nine members aad tba Conserve
tiv*. iv*, so that th.y need oaly to
win three seats st tb. second ballot,
to hav* a clear majority ia th* House
of seveaty-tbree member*.
A good deal of th* drop la th* Socialist vote may be du* to this agree-
meat. Tk* party bavtag pledged itself
te support Ubstal* aad Badleals In tt*
aseoad b*H*t i* tbese coartitaeacl-r.
a>k*r* tk* Soei*H*t caadiaate* war. at
tk* brttor* of tha pell, lt i* quite po.
slUa tkat a f*sd maay elector* wko
•saaM attsnti— have esat • SoetaUrt
veto waat liasraj or Badieal at tk* s*e-
oad ballot, aad that th.y would th**
Bom* of us hav. had onr heart,
wrong by th* rtori*. of how a ham-
handod custom, inspector swooped
down upon .ome dainty lady returning
from Ejirope, grabbed h.r, held her fast
and .nipped from her hat it. erowaiug
glory, tbe fin. fllamented aigrette.
Thi. beautiful millinery ornament i.
merely the tail feather, of th. oeprey,
tt. mother oeprey, grown ai th. tin*
.he i. covering her egg*. When to.
is killed to make aa expensive ornament for a lady*, kat, th. eggs msy be
left to rot and the young to starve. But
tbe rtylea must be followed.
Now there come. * revelation that
free, from all reproach th. ladle, who
wear these beautiful ornaments. The
feathers are not plucked from the
bleeding mother bird. They are arti-
acial, made by mere women aad children worker, in th. ten.nMaJ*.& Pxrit
and other Europeaa cities.
The wonderfully delicate, alssble,
flexible, pink, sensitive flngsrs oft ekli-
dren have worked thos. marvelous
.pray.. Instead of committing the
crime of killing a bird we have put a
child to work. Tho** little haads,
thos* dimpled, divia* little hand., made
beautiful the hat* deaeeratad by the
coarse haad* of inspectors.
So it is possible that the hat adorn
meat* of tbe ladies so ruthlessly assailed will be restored, with proper
apologiee, as ia the eas* of young Mr.
Ooelet, to whom a magirtnt. made
proper amend, and knocked ki. alleged
forehead three time* o* tke Soot.
If we had known all that wa*
involved in thia adulterated, artisrial
plumage whieh our society people took
for real, if we had known tkat It wa*
oaly child labor, aad art birds, w*
eould have put a wekomiag commit
tee at the Whams instead of • snipping
W* hav* do** them gnat wrong aad
for it are heartily aony.
Tkey were merely *iereisl*g their
divine right of ki'ttag ehildrea, sad
wsr* aot breaking tb* gam. taw* by
kilaaf birds.—N.w Tork Call
Th. report of tt. .xecutiv. of tt*
Socialist Party of Swede* for 1B18 k*s
been published. It states tkat •-*•
membership of the party i. bow Ot,-
000, an increase of about 4,000, which
ia satisfactory. On th. politissl .id.
the Swedish party ba* beea eminently
successful. Its electoral victorias hav*
beea very great.
In 1807 it had just on* rsprsssata-
tlve in the Lower House, Braatiag,
It gained mor* and mor* seats even
under the old franchise, until ia 1010
the thirty-fifth seat was esptur*d.
After the franehlse r*form tt*
party .eeured slaty-four ***ts 1* th*
Lower House, the Uberal* 10* sad tt*
Conservstivee sixty four. Is tt* Upper House the -party has thirteen r.p-
re.ent.tive., some of them rvesnt adherent* from th. Radical party. This
Upper House is elected by th. local administrative bodies, tow* aad coaaty
council., etc., where tt* party ka* al**
been exceedingly sueeaaeral.
To and elass warfare I* tb* eoasei****
ai  of tt* Socialist  movMB.at.    8o-
eiabtia are aot aimiag, aa assay people
•appose, to overthrow tt* "rale of tt*
ter claas merely to set up the rata
of another etaas ia Its pise*.   It Is aot
• queetioa of ebaagtsg the positioa *t
tbe else.*., bat of d«rtroyi*g etas* ral*
one* and for all.   That la th. ultimate
aim, th* goal, of tb. Socialist mov*-
ment of th* world.   Socialists beiiev*
that   the   pretwat   guerrilla   warfare,
which injure, mott of all tt* workers
aad tteir families, toe-old giv* place to
otter asd saner method*.   Tkey baii.v.
tbat we should aim at tb* permaneat
solution of th* lame upon which tt*
elaaae. divide ia th. oaly way that ia
possible, namely, tt* ramoval of tt*
fandam.nta! caua. of the division aad
-rtruggl..   That, ai we have wen, is tbe
system of claaa ownership ia tb* ******
of production and exchange aad thdr
oae for profit.   Thl. system of capitalism ha* played its part—an important
part—ia  th* developmeat  of  society.
Now it Is no longer necessary aor adapted to th. seed, of soetal devrlopmeat.
Moreover, it i. plainly aad rapidly die-
integrating, and it is, Soeialirt. bebev*.
powibte to .nd it without bringing upon
society aay of   the   lament .bl. .vila
whieh follow upoa att-rmpte to abro-
gste, or interfere with, tbe great ual-
ver»al  law. of evolutioa.—-New  York
A great maay miai.ter. of tt* Oto-
pel feel ofeaded whss maa IdanUsto
with th* tabor movement look upon tt*
church aa tbe ally of capiUliam- Tb*
man of experience aad oteervstio* la
labor'* rank* ka. art b**B .bl* to (low
hi. eye. to tt* attitude a*sam*d by
church potentates, whenever labor asd
Capital are engaged la * eeufiiet. Al
mart invariably tt* raaa wko occupies
tk* pulpit ia found arrayed with th*
At the Bock attver aonferen.* of tk*
Mrtkodlrt churches, Mm. Creorge P.
Eekmaa, editor of tt* Chrirttea Advocate, exprwwd klitolf a* fallows:
"Maa of weaKh t'looli see that they
owe tketr wealth to Ckrirtta* preach-
•r*. Chrirtiaaity Is tb* e*ly tblag that
keeps tt* great mi***. a< soar p**pl*
from asssultlag th* rich aad tauiag
from them tketr richsa. Aa tmdew.
m.nt would aot be a ekarlty. It «**M
b* • small payment oa a large debt."]
II is p-rewoMd "laat stev. tieorg* P.
Eekmaa, editor of th* Ckrirtta* Advocate, know wkat a* wa* talking about
whea k* daslared that ssw af wealth
owe ttalr wealth to ****rtattaa praaik*
Th* above rtatemeat from •
aaat man la tt* ttartt Is very etgaiS-
cast, aad sboald *a*a*r*t* tt* ss** ot
**tm     saa>4a**a*a     BBm*Aw^^sV*a-**A wFBaP        .l-a-.Bav.'^A.nBrBBB'
chai-g. th* ttantt wltt *e-*p*ral1*f
wftt (utplatter* la porpatoatUg tk*
raiga of that krtlteh ladartrial *y«l*m,
that oak*, -attltaaarr** of
pauper, of tt* many.—Minan
aWt    mw*m\mt*f
Caadidate* te NS«a*SSt tt* A P. af
C. .haald be aaataatod a* ***a a* a**>
slbl*. Tbe Domlaioa slsitls** an aa-
proschisg, aad tb* d*prr**ioa prerail-
iig will (Meoaattat* mtsre U*M tt**
usual for raising tt*
nie^i, „.
*!• Kiei.ii,
mAtraon. •&£
JOlai    __
rcawito i?'--**,
Addrru,   I,
. 8«. Bin,
'- caul i. i„.
.. *T     teUltif
|B*     Koclalttt
sr«-  ulwar»
i If you art
..~m  -  mi-nH',-f   „,
ranaailun. »,-(„ ,,,,
a*oa. ii,..,-, «,
l»   U.    «!<,.,
'I   *l.-n■.;■,,-.
Baelaii*.  i-.in,
*V*ry   earns.!   .td
l*ar-*  itr«(„,,
erttal ri(r».-i,
pa* Caehrsn., s*w.
Mil* Bay, s* -
*i*** xVH0^}:,ttc-
*** moor. si. Si
IMerati-.n  aiiil
ion   m»n»r«.
_„  o, ao-to
ta tb* v.-.-,,
•**Y   »t   : w
y In Men
— ^. claa* «v-
at in   w. i.
a 9. at c.
***ty Sunilai  »i
Jt    Orjran.wr
.JBO*  lit     Un-
Plalanrl.!      Hall
Sablii*. aee-
fa I* rialaml
fj*«£_A. nvt.
■s"ew***v—saBWsy»lt     ft.
I*. S T. tt
o**fmey arta-maa-Tar t.M*ilT**r .V.'.;''.
H*il. A mwxrty torttot*** Is *-i*i..i-
ad In all w**e ****** vrtthm r-«.. ■
«*• to atwad oar i-*-*--<Un-r» n,.-.--..
m»*ltoS* are MM Um lr*i *»-i v.,:
SaaSa—i af eae* ajmrnth at .-> i-i »-
sssL'BmmaR'WmjrB. *•
of C.
Waa*——     BBJ1
ftmmimXi.J asi7_PrW|S**a*_« «.**Hn.
f^Kkoi, teeSrTh""
tk. Stat. «k*wk   aow   aaatii* abort
35,000. aad tt* Aairar, *M*iM*f H to
8-ie-ieliat  agitatlca, ha* fstMisto  IS
Socialist smss mertlag* eattod far th*
natioBBl Peniteae* Day.
A p. it O. s9*saan aam *a>
Pt*m lertlMd for tk*
Montreal, Nov. IS,—After baiag *a-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ gaged for 40 year., Ml*. Bv.lya Smith
bave t* vote aaykow for tt* Uberal I ett, aged 78, of Glasgow, ha. decided
at - a***ssary t*y
"■to life and paying acOvity i "i. mZ •u°pc.-,of, "s-tlvsiiBiBgl
of their efforts WSSSp\ V^iT. 7^7.}*°* ^»t the refJ
ing thai
 His -affltaii*;	
>la_S'tfto-am* toa-a* to-aaaaa* tt*a_ Dto
■ f'VSSB*--'**99'■****■'**'******.'. ****' *********'  *****m~*m*a   mmtamaj
sumZwf'Mtii.'iAA•_ .- _._L__^L      tha^m.-   ^_ttv__l y_*s*aT^s__
wklsti ertttslsai tb*
iv«  far  gtviag
-aaajatt t* ***** w
KB* tt* p *f aAltter*
itt* a****B*rr,raads
j wasps'    *raaa^w**sa I  a* ^^^wt—r
Wkrtbar thl* to m or aot could, of
******, **fy b* ascertained by * com-
partoo* *f tt* Igare* i* th* different
polaaf dtrtrirts. However thia may be,
  that tt* party vote,
ia tt* at******* af (Matt* »oeiaiUt of-
ftortv* tertka, wHb asttiag better
tbaa a sudstoa**** *f tb* b)** «* » re-
salt sf tt* **as_o*, ha* goa* b**k eon-
It Is J******* thst tt* (sadrtrtssdiH
wltt tt* libml sad atadtaal partle.
ha* aot krtpad tt* Soeialirt. la th*
taMt, kat ka* prebabiy Injorsd tk*m.
attrtbrt thto aoawMtoss   Will   Indue.
MM   Of   tt*   BMBtlBNt   SMS   Of   tt*
Bad** party to ravia* tkair "revieioa-
to be s**a^-r(lx.)
.' 'y >     - 	
,       —w, -- -w i'iuic iiiaii IlKP
fyinjr their hopM"-*' tob«« them ^ obUvipn^^ 7^
mere is next to nothing in British Columbia between hi-- ca
tsl snd the proletariat.   Big ospitsl is now in the saddle of gi
ernment.   No opposition can spring up that in any manner -
thresten the ml* of big capital except that opposition comes fr
the camp of die proletsrist.  It is the working claw slone that c,
easUenge tbe rule of the now dominsnt elsss.   It is from workii
elsss intermts oaly thst ean some sn opposition thst wiU imrog
fsree snd -i delusion. ■^sBamaaaTsaaamssaBaa****************************—
Never wa* s fairer opportunite.
with the-	
i-sr tt* ******** *f Wwm't
aaaao-vtoa th* artiaa (sf tt*
-*ma*—Bm*w^ *a^p,   W**sw    mrwrw^^^gw    va.   ^^m^
aV*a»**sw>«—aBa> A ******     •jrvfAaT    wsT*bW   Br**9
MMslT   im   A*-: "***-***tt*BW'-'''*a-t'' _____jj__.'
~sar********    a**   m   ■•pasw'^Ptow    **^   sa^s^rai^ww
to   'tta   'WasAtea*    auma
. m*m   . •'ygg^g.     ■ mWmWwm^^*B) ',- ******
1 faraMfi* '1*'' ilfasl **■ laiiltitol.
•r*-T**1-**,*-*7a*S» ,-iSW , mm* —■——^ :Sm '."■Jpt*.*-".
flAjgl      _J_|i___f>      ______L    BM ; -tpaCr
*a\w^^^K^BBB*mym'mm     ^m*m^^'fJ*W   :Ty.>
■i \mfa^B&**ZT&yf
to mary tor sane., J. E. Campbell, of
Wiaalpeg, aged SS.
Ml*. Saithara arrived her* r**eatly
on tbe Alta* User Virginian, •■ rout*
for Winnipeg, a tor. tb* ceremony to
to tak* pise*.
IMtortv Mias Smith.**, wh* beesm*
eugagad te Mr. Caa,pb*ll ia Ssotlaad,
hs* been afraid to mos* th* ocean, aad
put tt* marrlag. off from y*ar to y**r
tn tk. kope tkat Mr. Campbell, wha to
a grocer la Wiautpeg, would make
enough money io rrtir* oa, bet k*
failed to .ue.**d.
Strttotto* toauad by tt* factory ia-
rpirtraa tadtosto *kat aottiag ctaas aa-
-rait, wktok asd btoa rttayod during ths
to .arart tsiStfisl *"** im't*M' ** *** ****** **'
flili miflsltit mm tmi['mni '** ***** * ******* *****
lagrssj*.  VT(Bll*laltlOtb*trt*lB*ai-
tor *t -rrtiaars'was 41/**, il raw to
ni is mi, *** mm i* on. it
aat Waa MSUssted tkat durtsg tt*
srtotot f*ar l-Stf.OM xaetory hsad*
k*v* alrasly pwttoipated ia rtrikat, I* j
saaittes to flA-fOO rtkars ab* ar* **i-
pt*y*d Is s*taW*a*a**-Bi art ssd*r tb*
lertory A.t
Ta* twvrttoae aamlwr of *torlk*rs to
A U-soargarte* te*ek*r with * pile
«f book* 'ato am aa* about to gat
off a- rtrart ear jart *s a geattoaua
whom to. thought tt* r**ogais*d ss.
th* parent of * pupil la k.r sskool got
"Oood Slowing!" tt* salsV with •
chrary mall*.
Instantly sb* a*w, by tt* qalsstoal
•xpreaslon es tb* f*e» of tt* sav* ad-
drasMd, tkat .to had aud* a ad-Asks,
Istendisg t* tomet It, tt* *dd*d
"Ok, p*rd*a met I tkongkt yoa
w«r. tt* fstkar of oa* of ray *kildr**."
Edison Theatn
Sniar. Nov. 31,1M-
*»0« MA
•A*. '
It RcAding Then
Mss's risss la Vassra aTattoa.
Ta* aas Watf. -Tatt ]
Baddtotf tt*r
0«d s*d My A.
Art Oattty, a
"  * •"  rtafaa,
B-m «a; Saaasy *-.*. •<
a. PublU: LtXerary raaui -"->' «
Saeralar-r: Aadrew Alln- "r-
Sa.Ta.sr «f
 toa .very ae.->r,ii sur.-
Ik. -a-mih. a* |0,.'j a. a   » »
1 (,   m
h* * "■
'rr**^ *   sBBBB^aaaw^^^^^^_*
Msaa*f aa* VrM*.
tit   11*
■ JM*- c****r
1l-**,'rTs****iw.   aw*at
=—        *   A>. *i c.
aooax. ».. -.*
BMWttP.   -mi
th an.l pri>-
Ab*i-1» i-
1, 1-sl-or
K   imat
  o.   4*.
,..-„,-,. Btorr    tmvoe-l    *■■■'
toagSgj^la Ito .manlt. at
0«M L,li-'J   :--
iZmthyim*^ "*frr **"
t*t**w.       _g*__________—
jf-mmjjRf _^J^^Eg---*ffi**a»«^>j~--     -
«». a 9. C, Mart* Srat an-l .'""
***** •* toea n*««ta in s~.«i.-.
Mrt»V.#. N. Hhilaa. Bacratary. Olh*-
I.  S.
Plr»i s.
Br •( »
A reotr. i* -I--
a to a.m. t-   •
t, A. S  Hmiii
•II;  Uur*i..r>'
9*-,   *o    »
lous*   l'r--i-*
th*  (Ir-.!
•teltowjns nj-apaaan-la meatln.- at ■
Qraaalaar. tTsieele. Colemnn. All.
Sacratary, Jaa, Oicntonnln*. ii»« '
CoU****., Alia.    VI.	
         _ Olk#f_t
to ia**-|ln«e "*i s gtrnTotT th.
IMr* Suators of.ito mondi
BMstina* oa Tburad.'  *v«
Isllor. may r«-*i.
larormslton any day at Mlnsr* n»
Secretary, Wm. Oraham, Hex II, oi
roan, Alia.
A Bird, 1»<I
09     O;
_ .   Hs"
-•tary, W
Sundsv  .'
1__ _ta_asl_'_  ___a____.
inrMHS iMSiwt
is (etorra k W-, Tsasiaw*. ft I
tbat, »*A*r
la spite of tb* Ckrtotls* tJeUn*.
trsatm*st tfcst i. bsing adrcJnlrtered by
the p*fsa**4*rtty boorter., time* sir* get-
tiag bsrd*r ud th* outlook for tt*
coming winter to abort a* gloomy as it
can b* for tkos* who sra d«*a*d*st «*
;«* for ttrtr sjdMtoteasa.   Tb* ksr
Fropajtontit Meeting
■■•■-•■■■■sW   a**WaB^m*B^^B9BgmmUtm    awwrnamm*
^** '"w7^|^_^?
as ta*
™*aj^*at**rtTP sw^B*sara*s*s^p
▼vaawMsWWlVwiq    8***    *tWt ■
" mmaxat.. A*___-.
 Ba-aaaasa mawssmmmmrawwwpVJ ■-.*
BW*_sa_Hn*s7sBBBMm-*>>> ■ -
,7£Y        '   -•"■I
VV, *';■:* 7',  '
«s_rm l*V»«*ihS*!__!'1'- ■*.',"' y.-r-z" -'■
pfaCTMB-B 6.
at.!--"", -
to raporia of Kxecutlr* Committee*, -Local.', aad
VaMouvto <Sm-m~,lc*ll00» «* -"• H- Burroush
Th« Wcstero O-ri-iw,
B o. PA<rv_a*t»-U. «I-tTlTTI-B
Vuctovw, K*v. 14, 1013.
fhnr,i aad S*«r*ta*7-
MlDOte. of ****** **totlBg adopted
 Br. h.
a o. oBOAjnznro ram
Hjilance on hand, Kov. 11...
Balanee oa band, Kov. M...
.     all
at read.
('.,rr**pond**to   *"*♦*** ttoxx
}i..ore, Nanrtm*; A  "    	
w Watlac*. CW!Bwa«a» 3. C. Suttor
-.,,1 cariboo B&f »* <*- MeKenric,
B-velstok*. (Dl ****** ~«ral* No. 17,
n, »o. Ft. O-toTg* Ho* •»• «lb>-<)f
«... rent, |*M0. WaWBt orfarad draws.
1.,-eol poUtlcal *>vdfB(B*ata w*r*
j„. ussed.
Vancouver, Nov. 17, 1013.
Convened as above, Pritchard in th.
Correspondence read from Alta. Exec.
Committee, Mom. B.riu aad If aemil-
Ian Co., Toronto.
Charter granted to Local Chinook,
Alt.., No. 00.
Secretary instruct--* r. communication from lto.es Bariti. Warrant ordered drawn for 433.30 to Macmillan
Co., for final payment ob Iron Heel*.
Local "Winnipeg ba. started its winter propaganda in th. Colonial Tbrater.
Th. first meeting wa* bald oa tb* lOtt
inst., frith Moses Bsrlts aa speaker.
Local Vancouver No. 45, (Pianitt)
has handed in 04.40 a. the proceed, of
nn entertejameat given ia aid of tt*
Maintenance Fund.
The labor Party Is ia proesss of f or-
-nation. It is a source of gratification
that it is not regarding tk. A P. C.
with nny greet affection. Ther*'. s Mason! ,
,,,„! Vp*. g*.U (iMt*) da*
■(amp*   •   •••'	
u,al Kernle A*. 17, tttoratera..
C  K*ea, UteratW* .,.......*...
or(i».is*r        ,^^^^^^^^^
Br-rrctary, -up***** tt "llstorla,
Ofti-e   r.at    •"
.» 0.20
. 10.00
.  t.so
Total   ....
Vaaeon-m, A**. 14, 1013.
Conveaed a* that*, Prita-hard I* tt*
M mute, of previoua aveetiag adopted
*» read.
• -1-.-xiudeaee tt*m Loeak Moose Jew
N 1; Vetera*, Alta.; Calgary No. 4.
■:: ■: Uibbridg* Ma 11, At. Catherine*
>.■- 30, Itftv. Baa, If. A; Prov. Sec.,
•*-.-«. <!)- Org*als*r Walk*r, Colem.n,
Al.*,; ()rs*a*i**r Ori*****, Parry Souad:
! -1. Hamlttaa aad Brack-ill*, A D.
1- A. 0. McflulUm*. Ottawa; B. T.
H.-*»b>, Braadoa; 3. A Oshon*. Oak
Urna. Coi, (t); teal* A Lano*. Ox
t.'.le. Alt*** 0. P. Hera, City, aad Mas**
I. • u, Moat* -law.
*-.-retsry  Itotrsctai  re  eommoalea
in  • ttom D. P. Her* aad tort* Lor-
All co-TBepo*d**ce tied.
!'ill*----S*er**arf. wagaa to Nov. tl,
H" OS;  •osdriae,  0178;   prltrtiag aad
, ( larloa No. 733, MAO. Warrant*
Billing CUrie* Ho. 733, 000.60. War
unts ordered draw*.
I 7.50
, 0.00
.   fi.00
Vancouver, Nov. 31, 1013.
Convened at 516 Mala St., at 8 p. m.
Present—-Hidaway,   Karme,    Bahim,
Beid, Uintaa, (l.oeal Oibion. Landing
No. 40) and Secretary.   Karme In the
Minute* of pr.viou. meeting adopted
as read.
Correepoadeae* from W. L. Phillips,
Organiser I-oeal Pernie No. 17, Cumberland No. 70, Gibsons landing No. 40,
So. Pt. Oeorge No. 61, and O. V. Sumner, Cowichaa Lake. All correspondence filed.
Bills—To   OrganlMr   Prodsham, advanced for Vancouver Island expense.,
•30.00; office mat, fifi-50; telegram, toe.
Warrant* ordered drawn.
Flaaactsl Basott
O. V. Sumner, -iterator*........t   -35
3. A Odegaard, literature    1.00
Local  Cumberland  No.  70,  du*
etampe     5.00
Local Kanora No. 31, Oat- ka* b**n
through the period of rtagaatlo* that
generally follows th. first blush of «*•
thiuiasu, aad is bow reorganising with
a view to getting down to steady work.
klauetf or hawssaf to ,
one new sub for rack too*. That wiO
nrt be difaanlt, war w*B tt tab******
of your tlm* to •asarafAtt, BBS tt*
camatattv. effort wltt fat the paper en
It* feet aad keep it tt«*.
Tk* P. O. raaaot deBver tt* paper te
tke followiBg name, for tke reasoa.
B. S. Cox, 700 S-rymowf St, a«7—
romovsd. 3. Parker, 117 MaJtatoba A,
Mooee Jnw—removed. vTa*. Irwia, 561
Butherlaad St, Bdm**ta*---t*r*o-*r*A M.
L. MeCautoy, 460 Bartiags A, Ctty—
removed. O**. Arthur, 040. Utt St,
Edmoatoa — removed. Mrt. tUa»f*s%
So. Hip, Moos* Jaw—*rt raited for.
Aaaa Br-tterleed, tteparto, Cei—aot
called far.
AXtsTAATA PaU)*e*IAX*IAX> AX_**"J* "
Calgary, Km. IA, Istt,
Dear Comrade:   W* " ' "***"
Comrade Viaraat i*re-d*waaa, teraMr or*
gaaiter for tt* Previa** at Ataarta, to
aaw deia-r ofsjaalslac t** tt* -party oa
BriiiAfa C^maOaa
*-rtf, woald to tosaraoo aad .up
*Zgjp£ tgh* oaaMdxtwte* ot B. A. BiKi*
to -B*d*rH**to -taarMdate for Ward V,
aad B. M-tAl**tt for Ward VII were
kewrtlly -r»*r*JWl>*^^v"1**' Vov- 14--
A. per warrant.
t 6.25
. .02.75
Hum Barits request, tkat Us friend.'
sad correspondent, is England allow
for th. fact that he haa been rick *
good deal of tato, aad ka* art bto*
able to attend to their reoaert. xt to
otherwise would have done.
Attention of readers to agaia ealtad
to th. request for miamag aa-ben
aeeded for biadiag pnrpoaea. 1012 aad
1013 will be put up ia tb* ram* volume.
A three month.' .ub will be give* for
eaeh eopy eeat ia ia good condition.
Local Baroa. No. 47, Alta- ha. mat
Ib 017.00 for .ub. card, to that amount,
and report* that mora will be don*
along th. aame Use ia the near future.
Thi* i* a -mall farming community of
about 800 people, aad if tb* otters
earn, through according to ttalr ability, the weakly would be with us before Chrir-tmaa, If you waat to aee the
weekly back you will kave to work for
it.   We are ao magician, at thi. ead.
aow doiag orgaaiaiBg
Veaeoaver Ialaad.
Mae* tato sturdy wetter far tt*
eaas* to back ia ksrsaa., y*a will p*r-
hape be able te aa. *onM ef bto prater,
i* tk* work oa tt* lmmx*d. Ab*at A00
wer* toft ov*r wbaa k* «*it tato Pra**
laee aad I skaB torward tt* baadto to
your office immediately par 1>o*A*1«b
Bxprass. Tfcmr* to atoo * k*adf*l of
Caaridy'. *o*tarx, which wttl b* srat
la seeuriag tho snvtes* of
yo* bav* enltoted tt* •tort* *f aa «f
^^^^^^^^ (Meatal  or  physical
"-aargy. Power to later.)
' ft to s osasBMdlty.  It to bwght snd
aahi oa tt* raarketa as all other com
It** v*lu* to d*tensla*d by the
tossaat of food, elottiag and .belter
asewssry to reprodoce tke tabor-power
It* ptto* to drtanalned by tke value
Sad tk* eoatttie* of tk* labor market
-m«r la ettor words by tt* supply and
d*ss*ad of -tabor f*w*r oa tke market.
Tb* workers grt VMS far tb* tabor
sowar that tbey deliver up to the master ctato. Ia *tt*r words tkey get paid
far ttalr pww«r to tab**-, for th* ex-
paadttar* «f mratal ar phyrieal energy
aad art for tt* arooaat of work they
da, «■ to tsartsBy ssfptsid.
Ia axpradlag thto tabor-power they
eawtSmt* vUmm tat gamm* than that
of ttttr tab*r-p*w*r. Tb* value that
tbay mrtlggt **** sad above tbe value
of tt* tabor power  to  sailed   surplus
Whea Ik* workers an bind they sell
ttrtr tabee-pawmr   »♦   tt* -fan   vsiu*.
Tbsraxar they eaaaot expect aay more.
All eotBuaoditia. are aold arouad their
-rata**, aad as loag a. tabor power re
maias • romssodlly tt eaanot
aay asec* tkaa it* value.
SoCi*li*i Party of Canada
oaary ********—„.
a—ill of Paa**!**- IB coov.ntlon assembled, affirm
,*lP*fi_. jj-i fa principle, and programme ot th«
wh* to
Ia bto
' l-.noa Pu*d	
Hahon tab*.	
Clario* ad*.  	
I si PMraie No. 17, baadto*. -.
I, ■ »1 Perai* Ma 17, direetory.
l.o**l Hortk Pt Oaetrge No. 61,
direetory    3.00
:    .I Moem* Jaw No. 1, **in*tory   1.00
I.- »1 Moose Jaw No. 1, b**dlra
1... v.acoaver Na •*> (slreetory
h*.li. P. A C, dirartwy	
i   it. Ur***, Uteratw*	
<    lartor, bead's*.	
"  ii***.. buadle* 	
1." Ilsmllte*, 8 D. P, Btaralur.
Total    , |W.t6
As per warrant. 010J.2S
".* Dentin!*** aaee-jll*** tove ine M-
n« Hierstara toe rata.    iPuWlaSto
'ii. party.l'.
■*'->rt -' .......
K- lallsm    anajto    Bi
■'val   el   Ox*   nttoat
.'on»«t||     •-._.,.,  	
Ti-e war I* fwamr U. B
ol.orns)   ..... ...-.	
""',<*lt-m ass Ual.ar.m*-
"•r-JOSte* f*7*Brtrt**M*—
_ '*> i-st-iim-m.   .
*" <••   a*d   ftMWSJI.t*.  ..
'■ -prwa toarsw *****
i.-i»* Card. .„„.....„._ 1.0*
nar ito a tap,
fl.*      IJe
_ t.to     l*e
Vancouver, Nov. tl, 1013.
Convened   a*   above,   Kara*,  la  the
Minutes at previous meeting adopted
a* read.
Correspondence      from      Organiser
Walker,   l^thbridg.;   Organiser  Orib
ble, M.-nlreal, ft,; C M. O'Brien, Cal
jg.ry; Alf. Budden, Calgary; Secretary
Alta. Exec. Committee, (J); Local Cal
gary No, 4; 1. W. W. Local No. 322,
City; I .ocal Winnipeg   No.    1;   Local
Baron. No. 47, Alt*., (2); J. R. Knight,
Edmonton; Local Kenora No. 31, Oat.;
I ..-ral Red Deer No.  11, aad Uitooa.
Mr-ding No. 40, B. C.
letter from I. W. W. ordered pub-
liehed. Hecretary instructed to inform
Organiser Dribble th.t clubbing Pear
eon'. Maaagine with the Wasters Clar
ioa waa deemed laadviaabl*. All eor-
reapondenc. filed.
New rharler ordered i—n*ed to Local
Delburne No. 40, Alta, to replace oae
lost in fire, free of .barge.
Clarion sub*.   ._M	
Clarion  ads •	
C. I^tor, bundle.  	
I .oral Winnipeg No. 1, bundle*..
Local Winnipeg No. 1, directory
Local Baron* No. 17, *ub card*..
Meal Barons No. 17, button....
Local Calgary, bundle. 	
Local Calgary, directory 	
Loral Calgary, Uterature
Alta. Exec.   Committee,
fee (ChiBook)  	
Local  Vancouver No. 46,
alsk) Clar.** f**d ....
Individuals, Clarioa fund
a.rioa eaafc      	
Organiser Walker will eoon be on hi.
wny bach to th. eoart after what has
been- n ttrenuoue trip. The question of
piecing a permanent organiser ia the
field for the Crow'e Neat aad the
Boundary districts will have to be
taken up aa soon aa possible. There
.re cBQUgh red. ia that part of the
country to warrant the experiment being tried, aad the motorcycle will be at
tbe ditpoeal of the man when he ie on
the job.
Sclent aad feartoss
aot afraid of "roaghing it
work ia tato Prav.Be* Pre
hi. mettle, attekiag te *
task ta a a*w, sparasly artttod territory wltt a detcraaiaatioa wertky of
a bulldog, aad U spit* of the ototacice,
humaa aad rtherwias, tamo eat sss-iag-
ly oa -top.   PratarnaBy, year (assrads,
Calgary, Nov. 10, 1013.
Dear Comrade: la the -'Soerater-
ial" aotes oa page 3, third eoiama,
Clarioa No. 733, tart** is ultra referring to * "projected" tour of Alberta
by Comrade Bob Walker, aad "fisrtter,
statiag that thi. tow was declined by
Walker because tt* am .gran wate at
several poiat* la Alberta wen beagled.
Thla to * v*ry deplorable occurrence,
aad we ara indeed aorry that Comrade
Walker to* toft witk * bad impreesion
of Alberta. It- as suss' to ua, however,
tkat tt was uaf air of Walker to judge
the whole of the Prevince by the*, un-
pleaaaat .samples of .lothfnines*, dis-
  couraglng as it may be.
l.oeal* Calgary aad Wiaaipeg have I bold ao brief for Coleman, or Hill-
come through with heavy payments tor errat, for r-om. of oar own organisers
good, supplied, and both are bow out bav* bod Bke experience, at theee
of debt to the Party Executive. Thia
to especially  creditable to the  former
W* aataral rraoarera eaa have
sxebaag* rata* nnlsss tabor-power has
beea ar eaa b* *ppli*d te them.
Labor-pewcr to * periahable commodity.   A buyer arart be fouad   for   it,
albwi..  tt* own-rr  of it  stands
good ehaace far rtarvlag to death.
Ubor power to tt* eary thing **>*-! H0IB^•**_«•
warkara hav* to MB
Mbor-power eoasists of two forms.
nkiiled and BB*killed. Tke ekilled work
er reeeivee more for hi* labor-power | th„
tbaa tt* uaekilied beeawe it took long-1 &m
er.to produce. • ' J WSJ. TwxBa\_^^___
A worker using • pick and shovel   gui.] ^jj, %mtaJkmi:*a*M.
vary rarely kaa to go through a cour.e  preparatory _\^^^
ot training in order to know how to use  r -r   f rln-rrlrr
It, aad this also stands good for all com-!  ^ chack TUt .gt-'BUt*'
mon tabor. Tht.M st- ,«, ,**aiS--*L
•l-he skilled raeekanie take, l^ger to [ in th, ^ ,,4 -^atefusy af kitting,
prodace tkaa tt* other because he has .,,;li ,,_,„ <Uy ttafy -»S|sld ia all Ukeii-
to learn kia trade, keaee it take, more ; howl htw ljniJ Ikllissil. ot working
of the aeeeemriea of Kfe    (a   longer i cla„ p,^ , to   ssa-Ua*   that
 to tb* producers It should beloi.fr,
ia b***d upon caplullst ownership ot
ly aB th* product, of Ubor belong
is therefore master; tbe worker
  In possession of the rein.
*f tt* State will be used to protect and
ta tb* raeaa* of wealth production and
■     _
to tt* capitalist an  ever-swelling
t)to WSrkaa* sa *ver-increaLaing measure of
la the direction of setting
fey the abolition of the wag.
„ of the working rlasB at th.
this aaceraltate* tbe tru.isforma
of wealth production Into col-
at taterart between the capitalist and
la a straggle for posses.lon of th.
to botfi, tbe worker to secure lt
 to organize under the banner
with tbe object of conquering the
SB Sf *rttl*fi up and enforcing the economic
stasa, a* tottows:
a* possible, of capitalist prop-
_,___ 1 (natural resources, factories,
eoB*ctl°ra property of the working cIbm.
*ad r**B***ea»ent of Industry by
a* posBible. of production for
IB offle* *h*ll always and everywhere
id, _*k* the answer to thi. que.
__    WU1 thi* legislation advance the
_—, aad —A tt* workers ln tbelr class .trug
tf A wttl. tt* BociaiUt Party t. for It; if it
to *a*olately o«posed to it
         _ Soelaliat Party pledge. lUelf
afBiliB mbxc*t\ fa It* hand, in such a manner
at taa worklag class alone.
Fd. Clarioa: "' __■_____*_
the Litest QMBSa",Sl**sp * -ws* •*•
atarttorg •*■* «a -A* **■
. t.7l
local, which haa beea laboring under
exceptional difficulties during the part
year. The panic, ia conjunction witk
the uaual falling off ia iatereet m.ai-
fested by party member, following a
strenuous campaign, resulted ia many
of tke most effective worker. Mattering in Marek oV other pasture., aad the
work connected with th* local haa had
to be haadled by f.wer comrade* aader dieeouraging circumstance*. That
they have passed the test is evidence
that they are not mere stove-pipe philosophers.
But a tour of Alberta ia another
thing, aad we believe that a sari*, of
good meeting, could, with the assistance of thla office, hav* bra* arranged.
Pleaae teader our apologi** to Caav
rade Walker and ted him that if la tt*
future he decides to give Alberta another trial, we will do our utmost to
auk* kia trip a success. Fraternally,
your comrade,
Exp**— -
Dom. E«P <"*•
A*g*U Eng  Co.
Editing No- **
p. O. staatf* ■ • •
Oar far*. 	
(A pramlna of 11.00 worth of So-
dslirt "took* is gtraa for *v*ry 310
worth of rate ssat la.   Mo ttaw naat.)
W. B. Bird, Begin. ...     ~
C. M. O'Brien, Mt. Hoora..
O. Hintsa, Oib.o     Laading
B. Walk.r, Crows Nest	
J. Churgin, Calgary	
3. W. Bhorroeh, Calgary	
O. 3. Beamish, hVoa.rn.ad...,
M. I*., Toronto	
Loral Virtoria No. t, B. C..
P. A* JehutoB, City 	
T. C. Mahepeee*, laeombe .
t*t       !•
K&i**~: nTtrr ^-*
raaaaatBA lttttt mm. i, A a* •» a. \M. Kndsrby N . M, Aas't.
*"? **L*\***m»'-'■ rtoth-bouB* tooto *«lw. Walla.* 	
"i.var, a. L  ,. I g, p. McKsnsl*	
It ma-Jo* Naylor, T. Hyatt, Wm
Horrisos, Chas. P*M**h, A. Barms, W.
WaUac, A. Orakasi, T. D. Pratt, H.
Masw-41, W. Dav.*port, M. B. Bills, J.
P. Stett, W. SblBBW, A f. M.K.BS.*.
g Baas.—B. C. M.Crtebaoa, C. D.
Botortaoa, W. K. Brys*. T. 8. Caarldy,
W. Bltoyj J. -T.Bklas, 3. Sidaway, W.
L. PkilUps, D*vid Tkosraoa
3 tsos.—J. A Jokaaneeon, Jr., u.
Bragble, A. C. Mills, A. HcdUngh.r.
**\*     •■*-***■«•*.«•*.,.•,.,,_«•»*••->•-->••-•    l.Ww-
1. of Mantis* lo-stoitsm
)M„tory'.f^H^ lM
fu^^'ftfa^iVtr.::* i
vT?tU iwlriv j;j
-j*****«floa of'sfSilorji
A Burg* ■
A. Bud***
.    .60
A total of slaty-thru* new subs In
two weeks, just about halt the number
yoa ssat in tart Issue. If tt had not
bran for th. two or three local, who
cam. through with their payment, on
bundle, and direetory accounts, with
Iroeol Baroa. purehaae of $17 worth of
.ub cards, w* should hav* bran in th.
At th. regular burinee. meeting of
Local Vancouver No. 1   ob   Turaday,
Nov. tl, a deputation appeared from
the newly formed Labor Representation
Committee for the purpose of enlietlng
th* rapport of th. local for the laudable object of inducing tt* woolly-headed atave* ot Vancouver (-p cease supporting the  Con.ervative    ticket.    It
wa* pointed out by tke spokesman, Mr.
Beaaoa.  of  tke   l>pograpkical Unto*
and president of tke Trade, and Labor
Council, that th* educational work-so
long carried on by the A P. C, while
very good ia ita way, was not produeiag
aay remit* that eould b* noticed.   The
Coneervative candidate, .till held their
raata, and lt wa. tim. that th. different
worhing elaa. organisation* pat their
head, together and deviled ran* ways
and means to induce the workers to set
•easlbly   by 'refusing to support tke
".olid «v." any longer.   Mr. David-
son, of tk* Amalgamate   Carpeutera,
alao spok. along similar Unas, aad considered tke crisis so Important tkat it
wsa justifiable  oa hie port to relax
Mm. of hi. principle* m a pkiloeopkle
Anarehi.t aud join with the rart in at
eoeiatcd political action to accomplish
ttrtr eommon object.   Mr. P.nd«rga.t,
of tt* Engineer.' Union, also .poke,but
stated tkat altkougk rant on tke committee, ke wm Ignorant   a.   to   their
object, aad being a Soeialirt, wonld not
support a labor party.    Mr. Sully, of
the Laborer.' Union wm also present,
but did not .peak.
After a brief ditcuuion th. following motion wm propoMd by Com. J. A.
Maedonald, seconded by T. Connor:
"That thl. Local, adhering   to   it',
revolutionary   attitude,   de-
period) to produce, ead it. value is thus
When the worker bays a commodity
ia a store ke pays for It before he gets
it, but with tt* worker', commodity
(labor-power) it to eatirely different.
He deliver, his tabor-power for eight
hours, a watt, a month, or evea for a
year, and at tt* ead of the period he
received Its value in the form of wages.
Labor-power ia paid for out of unpaid labor previously expended by yonr-
self or by other workera. ,
The seller of labor-power is "free"
because the master class- find ita cheap-!
er to bay tabor-power   than   to   buy
The ''free" British (or foreign) sub
jecta are referred to by Soeialirt. as
wag* As vsa because they ore compelled
to deliver up tbelr tabor-power to the
owner, of the mean, of wealth production fot wage*, la order to live, where-
m the ttsttol stara belonged entirely
to tb* muter, wko fed, clothed and
.h.lt.red him.
Wbaa tt* "fn*" British os foreign
"ob-tort'' "toeoaws IB, disabled, old or
diee, it mean* bo inconvenience to the
master elaa., nor the outlay of hundreds of dollars for another slave to
take tke place of tt* one wko drops
oat Ia proof of thi. just watch the
iee-.e ease ted outside * factory or em- j
ploymeat agesey that to advertising
for "kaads."
Labor power ia tt* "-common aortal
rabrtaaee" ia all commodities, it. being eommoa to all commodities aa.bl*.
u. to me.sure tt* vol** of thoee com-
moditl... Heaee th* value of all com-
modltiee U determined by tbe amount
of "socially neeeawry tabor time" embodied iB ttrtr production.
Lab*r-p*w*r to brtsg dtosloosd on a
very large aaata by sM.hia.ry. Heaee
the unemployed anay.
Labor-powar prodaora ■raklasry by
which it to dlsptaeed.
Ta* ssltars of Ubor-powsr do art own
tt* BlB*bla»* which they pnduce.
Heaee tbe benefit, derived by the introduction of th* machine do not accrue to tt* producers.
-Tb* ssll*rs of labor-power, after producing the machinery and the necessaries of life, are forced out onto the
streets to starve when the master cIm.
have ao further um tor them.
Labor-powar murt be removed from
the category of commodities and the
worker murt own the machinery of
wealth production in order to do .0,
Then th. work.r. will b. .aabled to
enjoy the fruit, of their labor.
of atamgamh7*l*** -*• *fd
Abtrt, twttwi^****-** ** **+
,*ntimt»m,^a**m*^     ***
^ncethaykiaillhMM.lva* with
killed them. Ia.tt*Ae-v*aato«* karry to
-I ::-.'::''>-  for UIBAf tt*" a-V*t-4*a»raa*iBg
the     >^	
Th.- tat* Igrattoto DrttaaBy *** »
wis.. Loag-he*d*i' a*aa when to wrote,
year* ;-go, hi* "CaBssr's Calamn," dee
: eril-iui;..thw* d*t**m   in   actioa trad
'thor iffeets.   Off aA tta aAagoriral tt-
ilustrhtir* writora ttrt bav* *v*r at-
tempteaVt* fantoB^ tt* fatal*, tt* 1st
,'-: e\ eat. have jsrwrad that Mr. Dowel
iv takes the toaA
The book shmsld b* of -sptotol iater-
tu Alberta aad aattirttikinia raod-
ers laasatok u tt* Mofy to'-**M**w In
th<- ~ ttatetointo VaBsV, th-ra, st tk*
r.e--. aad «*** i*aa**bsii ia N*w Tork
l: has bra* *** mt tt* .waadsr* to
me f- r a aaatt* r off yaora >wky Bwatal-
i.ts do art tak* raora totes rat la ttb
some t
afflueiic* ia
to**] v.
huV* t*Bsu
F..r y*m ttap ******* for a sskfisa to
eon-i-'t tbam watt VsBsaarar, stUl bo
bri.1-:.    Srtdi wtoeguy:   "Wby
not vipfstt, ssr      scat ra***rara, oar
UuparalllM M    BWwt W* Will pNSBOte
tkeuis BBBBBB *» tt* tea «f Oar
tt* local dope rag) of the arrival of
that lonely engine.
Talk  about the shade of th. lone-
some pine!    It  wasn't near so inter-
eating M the shade of the city wharf
on that memorable    day.    Prominent
citizen* of aU shades, some still duing
business at the old stand, many, alas,
gone broke in tbe financial pinch, were
there, and loud and fervent were th.
prayer, offered up   to   Capital's God
that  prosperity should  once more  hit
North Vancouver with a kiss, and enable .aid citizens to once more thine
1 around, m in tbe dear dead days gone
j beyond recall.
'    All   the   speeches   centered   around
' Prosperity,'' which word should lose
the "8" and the "I" and you get the
meaning correctly, but quotations from
one will serve.
The vice president of the N. V. Board
of Trade was so full (of optimism we
presume) that he gave us a picture of
many great trancontiuental systems
running into "Our City;" the shore
line lined with a continuous succession
of factories employing a multitude of
workmen, with an immense "local payroll," (mark the "local," This forthe
benefit of the cockroaches present),
.ending local products to the four corner, of the earth, and N. V. would become one of the biggest ports on the
Pacific coast, etc.
The writer eould bear no more. He
left, and dreamed all night of the coming wealth, when suddenly that damned
whittle on the only locomotive went
off, and he was awake once more to
the possibilities lying before the average man wbo works, thut is. of failing
to be on time on his master's job.
But never mind, we are very hopeful
that some day we will get hold of that
wealth, by united effort.
"Cement" Beid—-Write your mother
or Store intimation as to your future
"The Iron Heel"
(By Jack London.)
Cloth bound copi*. of this,
London's greatest work, can
now to obtained from thi. office.
In outward appearance >t compare* favorably wltlv any book
on the market
To Local*. 90c.
To Individual*, $1.25.
Postpaid. **^^^^
BaleuM* oa koud, No*. 14 11M.16
A*. T36
ttabMriptlras .OW.OO
Ukj^'i'''*^^^'^' '•_#
an (I.Lbknaoht.)
■M.rs.1,      ______
•*•■"•«.-. of Karl Mai-,__-,-,   	
3ft£ %«dten\'.nr, (A*
',-nu.of Mind in Plant.,
•wrira. Include esprae* .bar*..)
KdltlBf  ..<_	
frintlng and mailing j
hoi. aaaln.  If you ran't g.t doUar. out eUnM t0 ».he part in th. formation of
Tt-?p\»**i** »•»«• ** **>*"]** *-*« ™*. o* *" ***** «_»:
Kv.rVn*w   oader   U   .   pro.p«tlv.   totM  nomiaat.d by any other part
husVtor snd you n.v.r know what good   tnBn Ue Bocl.lUt Psrty of Canada
vot .re doing by ..ndlng in * -****      Thc motion carried without dbraat,
r«arteri,    W. L.t sot think of lay   Ma the deputation, h.ving been .up
las ob our oars tor wm. «■• 1**   ** plied with a copy, withdrew.
to", .t l«Mt four .*•» «o»th. shrad      U0re ,Bd.th the Srat Imsob-
of ra, a.d U possibl. w. will start tt.
weekly tofora th.y k.v. OnUkml, but
WmmP**** AXagttaiy on tho reader* or
this pop*, (f H to to. b. accomplish.*!.
T**at forgot that tko Dosalnlou •!*«•
tlm. ara gwtllng «l*rar *v.ry wrak, and
w* will I* oU prababtttly   k*»*   tk*
fore opporad lo m -rtr**glk.B*d by
tk* appwroac* of a raform p«rty ma.
queradisg uod*r tk* nam* of*' **•
bor" pnrty.   To Oght to ih* brat *J-
vMtag. w. smst have   the   w..hly-
On.. ag*lB-l.t   **r*ry   reader ra.rt
A meeting of th. locals of the Social
Democratic Party was held In the head
quarter* on Jarvis Av*. oa Sunday eve
ning iMt. Comrade Ooloboff occupied
Ih. shalr. It wm decided that th. party
would not run candidates independent
ly at the forthcoming eivie election.,
but that .ueh candidate, aa wer* proponed by the L. B. flL- whose vtows ob
labor matters were ratisfa.tory to th.
It is possibta that tb* mm int*—ib-
tional Boclali.t Congre*. will be held In
London instead of Vienna, *• now
planned. Thl. I. due to a disagree-
ment amongst the Austrian Socialists
a* to their ability to hold it. The Congress will be held next fall, and will
celebrate the fiftieth anniverr ,ry of the
founding of the Iateraalioasl, which
took plac. Kept. W, l«M, lu London,
BMutifol atosaa    a" taraton *a tk.
fern tosay.«M>:Sw tt* A** •* r*ilrrad,
but. -.itot, soAA sartt, bat
on a !'■*__■     *d(Sfl tt* Sid* wail of
the i>i'ui|' Maaa dtoan still tramp m
of yero, and «a* SBaaHto B*W aot Into
the •■-ton *t sat tosal atas gay*.
n»< i**g;*am.h*m*mm* *•** **
built   ->* pap** . **l tt* real thing wm
coming bt t*aa aaaatta   -
Mu.y *jm my* ■ gsssd taagingly
wf*t«..if a«to* tt* draary fata, but
Ood t..u. ttf te dato asat a* dook to
satisfy A*ra atoadtoto prat*.
But toAttlsiSfc'.^ ttir
city hetsA •«• I totlBg of * rallro*d
whistle, (SMl SB* (Oto*r7 ****** •** **
brood A| to |IS -aoentop aad bttold
an eugitt Sal thxtrnxt T*x insolratly
acr.vss -to jrord, where he in*
wont xM      rate hi* waow 1* tt*
aucict Aa, t at htotatken.   Por so it
ito MM*.   True, it to
It*f, bat Ik* kopa tkat
"m  tt*   "lakuraaB"
Back Number. Wasted.
Additional copic. of th. following Issues .re required to m.k. up th.
bound volume, for 1013: No.. 714, 717,
710, 7£0. A thro, month*' .ubeeription
will b. given for each copy «ent In in
good condition.
aotort Blatohfottl
buu.bd roa lie.
saBKATOoa aaw* aaaaor
_■ 110 First Av*.
SASKATOON      -      -      -     SASK.
iT wnraia oanrais
velum* Of virile v.rs*
Neat little
at th. "Clsrion"   «
A World Review of Socialism
5rVfne?yrar; tbnm*-Z*-**tt
pi. eopy.
It 78 -par 100
j. i. Osborao) PAGE FOUR
Svnoptls of Fr*v.ons C*i*y.*r»;      Mntarl** ^*M,
The story I. sup-foTed to be P«b".heo .boul *>«,<*%*, uB
and copied from MSS  found Ir. the heart of S^rAbMf'
SSsV'sBdJffKJtjB * jflgftS -^SsaiSrrev.lt in >«*•   !J
Hie "time of this second supprcsslo
^^■Sa^V^ouS .Mb. a- -gj- J»
invuea io » u...«*» -• ■■■-:-.   ,trawn Into
During **JSfa^!nm*& **i
hinmclf more than ab1. to hold tit.M .
battle he shows
battle ho snows nuoscu "'",',h* " .r7;« who expresses his »"'"
Morehouse Is the on y one of the clerics ?*h* MP"** )( ^
to again meet the champion of the •»«»« « *****H whjn Avls •<
eSt'on the occasion of Everhard, w^vl^B« mJ,
Braest of  teaching  class
This   ho  denies,   and  during   the  c.-.i
hatred in
"the clas
a  book  which .... - - ,,,„..
versatlon  dtHnes tbe -ttftr*
•cl«-s- !'='-r,-d» •»«/■!!« «"rfX"i'aim througb ttsinito*.
h bt r
1 Ern.
mes to the assistance u. ...c •■'-■";' *u,|,, ,
her "attention to the fact _that_ she .and^her^athe^ »™e^,cfotM,
between "class-hatred'' ami    t-e - '»■**-■*■• ■-"■- .    .hroujb tW maun.
,,na„y he challenges^ *\^W**&m$'^t*&
that to do so wil]_re.ultjno|il*odlschtr«       i
trial heU   and       aIl«wai-.» expose the -**,m"ll"""dT"'hw, trem-Ltti'
"' ntng hlm that to do so will "f  ,'V,^on »d%«« {***
Avis comes to the assistance of th    Bishop, *"        „, ***-•£
there, warning him
cnllon to me raci iu». "',-="■• ,„.
d'Jnds" derived from the Sierra Ml Is. and
wears are dripping with human blCOd.
that the very
appears at the front of the house a large, pc£I„y „•„,, him 0* aa
Sa* *** ri*»™ ?IVl. -"Ei TT,%trf a-nurawi* ra*wjto
p;,s„1-;,r.i„: ...in-™...,'-. »n,, in* «:>-'j'';» «it%&-tf *%
man. etc. he wa* defeated -ln_ni_.__
Ernest points
yackson,""who prM, worked In lhe Bra JJjO. ««- C*igl
arm in .he machinery, and._owlng tojlh. ******** $ tt, *-W tor,
attempt to gain comt»M»U»L
investigates ihe case on her own account and "1c,"7k^MaTtto
iufflclnt proof of the slavish position of all th* n> ' ™**^££fij
ruthlessness of Capital. Sick and shuddering from her eiperleiice^aar
oplnlon of Everhard undergoes a change . b ., the atoat
Everhard Is Invited to address the Philomaths. » «"".,„ £gl
wealthy and exclusive circles on the Pacific (-oast «"« «JJ,g„, KP
that he wlll provide them with good sport The «P'«,ut°" fa ,tuJ,
ized. Instead of being amused they are *larm*d MW»w_2J
spectacle of the coming revolution portrayed to them *J™****
d.-nant *ddr«.. Liter on he .ddres.-s « meeting ol amall ******* _ ZS*
bi" com. off worsted ln encounter, with Ue trust-, **dJ*^"**.£-«__
o( their effort, to dissolve the tram "d revert to unre-lri*-*- *-apein*aa..
;ThtWwt-M-n CUrion, Vancouver. British Columbia
^■7wj.'':|?^jf*-l',*jw'' '    , .    '"  '■ ;•'• "■■-
tit to*.
J**** eaa be aaaSTwltt itl
Sli*oaa*,»»   Mr.   Kowalt
toa MpUsllst
•Xw/StSf jt^****
sn-17Or, ■  my*r> * **  **  *****
■jy«*»l«»_i tUt mart to (ot rid of,
Sf *** ***}*ig* rid of abroad!
W_* tra* *f tt* U*tto* Atotos is
*2ra as^J** ********* *ountry
•rltk dc*veJopeel rrae-art-es.   mWy oae
•oaatrtos ka* oa iBeonmu-ted
CHAPTEE VIII (Continued)
"Not when the government suspends
civil law. lu that day when you speak
of rising in your strength, your
strength would be turned against yourself. Into the militia you would go,
willy-nilly. Habeas corpus, I heard
some one mutter just now. Instead of
habeas corpus you would get post mor-
tems. If you refused to go into the
militia, or to obey after you were in,
you would be tried by drumhead court
martial and shot down like dogs. It
is the law"
"It is not the law!" Mr Calvin asserted positively. "There is no such
law. Young man, who have dreamed
all this Why, you spoke of sending the
militia to the Philippines. That is unconstitutional. The Constitution especially states that the militia cannot be
sent out of the country."
"What's the Constitution got to do
with it!" Ernest demanded. "The
courts interpret the Constitution, and
the courts, as Mr. Asmunsen agreed,
are the creatures of the trusts. Besides,
it is as I have said, the law. It has
been the law for years, for nine years,
"That we can be drafted into the
militia*" Mr. Calvin asked incredulously. "That they can shoot us by drumhead court martial if wc refuse!"
"Yes," Ernest answered, "precisely
"How is it that we have never heard
of this law!" my father asked, and I
could see that it was likewise new to
"For two reasons," Ernest said.
"First, there has been no need to enforce it. If there had, you'd have
heard of it soon enough. And secondly,
the law was rushed through Congress
and the Senate secretly, with practical-
Tkera^.JJ^'10   ••   •**•   *****
iC^aa* 52*^* **** Of AOttiBf rid of
***-** *to_^r?Jl2' Tr',Ur **.
***** BotwtV^ -*-   A'VU
•laheaa^Jii* tl****   ******    to
&^££*t****r-   "welaluV
ao'atrmi^mZ^? '**** AAC's I k*ra
fa^S^.iS2?,***4 *****«■ ***** **>
\£riis£ f*m ********. "Tk*..'*
i^^lytf It.    Aad I'm toing to
******* you aitk   tern   rtgat   sow.
__!-_?   ^ »•  •»»••*****   *•«   r.
**t*** »«> txttitd that tkey kara
•Jr*»a> traded jiifTea* aaottor, aad
^rj^sa-rplaato-ftowarala Labor
"Yon tell me thst I dteara* ▼«**•*»
good. I '11 give you th* rati-*•*_«•* of
my dream; and here, is id-fan**, 1 ehal-
lenge you to show thst ay niAhesstoies
art- wrong. I shall develop tie iaevit-
ability of the break-dora of "tt* eapt-
talist system, and I stoll dea*BstTr*t*
mathematically why it auSt hreak
down Here goes, and be* wjtt SM If
at first I seem irrelevant.
"Let us, first of x% isveatifBt* a
particular indnstrial procejs, aad wkea-
ever I state something with which J™*
disagree, please interrupt ae. Hen. is
a shoe factory. This fMtray- tak*.
leather and makes it iato st-oto. Here
iB one hundred dollars '"* Worth of
leather. It goes through thf faetO*7
and comes out in the fons of shoos,
worth let us say, two huodreJ daDara.
What had happened! 0»e k**dr*d
dollars has been added to the vol** of
tbe leather. How was it ad led I L*t
us see.
"Capital and labor added thi. vain*
of one hundred dollars. Capital tarnished the factory, tke marbjaee, Bad
paid all the expenses. Ubor furBished
labor. By tbe joint effort ef capita!
and labor one hundred dollar, of vol**
waa added. Are you all agreed Ao f*»f"
Heads nodded around the table ia affirmation.
"Labor and capita] having prodaead
this one hundred dollars, so* proceed
to divide it. The statistics of tato division are fractional; to let ur, far tt*
sake of convenience, aake then roughly approximate. Capital take* Any
dollars as its share, tnd liber get* 1*
wape- fifty dollars at its share. W*
wilf not enter into the squabbling *V*t
the division. No matter boar muck
squabbling tt.ki.-i. place, in one pereeat-
age or another the division is arranged-
JL__*h2' •»^»"*tt ** ***** ***
******, bo* eaaaot bar any oftke -mr*
Plasra. Capital i. all tkrae eouatrira
kra flwady eoasna.-M all it is able ac
"JtodlBt to Ito aatura.  Aad *tHI rraralB
**J*_**m*-' taw eaaaot dispose of
*********** to 'oa* aaothaTHow
^.l*iffr**** *** *-t *- *****''
''aVtfl tkra. to muairto* wltt oad*-
-talaaM'-'laiwBs^'r.-llr. Kovolt rag
■■■Ife'f**:.******-■'. ** ***, **r ****■
sml to to^atoaa^aaA stop* tt*t la
ymttraaratad*yo*torrrlioB for ara
Aad aew fer tt*. B*_t atop. &jmm
tt* Oaitod fstatos *_Jt**ra*of tlfraT
alto to aaotratry vritt (--developed ra-
o*xm** fflt*, say, lra-**a. Aearamber
ttto surpl-ia to over aad above trad*,
wkiek srttolea of trad* hav* bra* eoa-
•ssrad. What, tbaa, dora tke Ualted
States -rat la return from Braiilt"
"Omit,'* aold Mr. A*a*alt.
•"Bat tt*ra la oaly to much gold, and
BOtmuok of it, to tt* vrarld,^- Ararat
otrtoetoi. -
r«OoM la tt* form of •eeuriti*. and
"•  aad   to  forth,"   Mr.   Kowalt
"I*.*** yvx'vo .track it," Ararat
said. "Wtom Braail tte Ualtod Atotos,
iu ratara for ker surplus, get* boada
•ad securltiw. Aad what do** tkat
meaaf It meaas tkat tt* Oaitod Btatee
to eossiag to owa railroad* 1* Braail,
tttoorto*, miaee, aad laada ta Braail.
Aad what to tt* meaning of ttto la
Aowalt poadered aad ttook kto
ly no discussion.   Of course, the news-1 Al'd take notice here, that sttat to true
papers made no mention of it. But we
Socialists knew about it. We published
it in our papers. But you never read
our papers."
"I still insist you are dreaming,"
Mr. Calvin said stubbornly. "The
country wonld never   have   permitted
"But the country did permit it,"
Ernest replied. "And as for my dream
ing—" h. put his hand in his pocket
aad drew out a small pamphlet—" tell
me if thi. looks like dream-stuff."
He opened it and began to read:
" 'Section One, be it enacted, and
so forth and so forth, that the militia
shall consist of every able-bodied male
citizen of the respective states, territories, and District of Columbia, who is
more than eighteen and less than fortv-
nv» year, of age.'
" 'Section Seven, that any officer or
enlisted man'—remember Section One
gentlemen, you are all enlisted men-
that any enlisted man of the militia
who shall refuse or neglect to present
himself to such mustering oflicer
upon being called forth as herein pre-*
•cribed, shall be subject to trial bv
court m.rti.l, and shall be punished as
**** court martial shall direct.'
♦l.l c    .L0B .ff*> that  £onrt» n>»r-
lhl'JiVh° lr\V.ot offlcer8 •*" *** °*
-•!"8ec.t.io.B.N'ne/  that   th.  militia
^.fj-l*. tn. actual service of
he United States, ,hal| b. .ubject to
the tame rule, and articles    "
rticular industrial proeeas to
industrial process**.   As* I
whole table agl**d wttk
of war a*
the   United
th.   regular   troop*   of
J| There you .re, gentlemen, Am.rl-
•   citizens,   .nd   fellow-miiitiamen.
that llmH. ***? *" ■3ocinll«t» thought
"at law was aimed against labor.   But
"HIT th*t '* '** ***** ag«.n»
&'°?' Congremm.n Wiley, ft the
brief d„cM,ion thst was wrmitted
•aid that th. bill'provided^ a^'
ZZ*otct -° taie the -ob   by  tto
throat'-yon're the mob, gentlemen-
■rad protect at all hazard, fife iZrt7
"d property.' And in ...%„&
come, wten you rise in your stren„th
JffSJ lh* *>'°f***y of the tru*t. anf
to Sno< the ***** -«3|
m. I*w, to squeeze you.    Your ti.iii
»«■...*» WM -"troduced in the
mPi °1 1%rew''t»tive. on jun,y *%
a   \ 7"** *** reply.   "It wui...'
dlicaj bv Bemraaani.st       ™ .** i*tT(>-
of this part
true of all
Again the
'' Now, suppoie labor, Wing received
its fifty dollars, wanted to buy baeh
shoes. It could only buy btflcAftT dollars' worth.   That's clear, '.-1 ttt"
"And now we shift from this particular process to tbe sua total Off *—1
industrial processes in th* U«H*d
statesi which includes tke leather Itself, raw material, transportafjoa, toU*
mg, everything. We will .a*-} far tt*
sake of round figures, that 'tt* total
production of wealth in th*. 0a*tod
States in one year ii four hOto* Ad*.
tars. Then labor has reenndT
during the same period, two I
lars. Fuur billion doUan kai b**B traduced. How much of this eaa sSB*r
buy back! Two billions. Ttora 1* *•
discussion of this, I am lore Pot tt*t
matter my percentages are Aim. •**
'■■«** <>f a thousand capitSltotl* %*■
vices hbor cannot buy btc, .«*•* tottt
oMhe total product.
"But to return.   We «il! -_•/ tofra*
buy. buck two billion,  t  nTsSsaat**
to reason that labor .a. «,_»*' *****
HonstoT"    Th"« « **"*** **•
lions to be accounted for watah tobor
,oZ ,r*»voM**< m ***k
even," Mr
. KowtJi-puH-^r'If
t d d, it would not hsv. Ir- d-mo-tt.
m the savings banks"       W^^
"Ivor's deposit, 1, lb#, mrltht*
bank* are only a lor, 0* t-^m amMmi
that .. consumed as fast ,jjKra£ia-
tales   These ,i-,.,„.itl *   -, rf-
Jge, for sickness ,„J ^yffl £
'..nera eipen.es The ».u.^a-SZ
Posit* is .Imply a   .^"5*«_**J _S
**« rushed through.   It »■•7*7""a
mimou.lv bv th.*Bs«.*.       * puKi
100,1    a.i i   .       oen.te on Jan. 14
■"*"•■•■.   And ju.t sever, day* aft.-»..J
approved h* «k. ».:>.*, "terward
No, labor: rairaa-. al?-?Xl_
consume the K*mIM*Td
consume all ,,f itl tg*   "
They,hook theirBh:iU
"Of course you ,i0 .. p.. _?___ 'ai-
'Stop and think \w\o£fflS&Sm.
consumed it* ,har* .. ' JftffJP _e
capital could ,,tilt '"WmtaM
"ma n eoa,tant. It^MgZ
tho economic history of   _8 %_   "
share.    Do y«u
land owned
"lit toll jrou," Kraast eoBtiaaed.
"It ******* that tt* rasoarees of Braail
am toing developed. Aad aow, tte
**at point. Wkaa Braail, aaasr tk*
ea^taHst tyxXatt, ha* developed ker re-
•asasBB. ska wid kanelf kav. aa aa*
cM-s-sBMd sarplua. Con ske get rid of
ttto surphr* to tte Ualtod Bt*t*|f No,
baraara-tt* Ualtod sTSatos to* kanelf
» sarpto*. Co* tt* United Ststse do
whst ska pra-riourjy'did—get rid of k.r
rarplto to Brasllf   Ko, for Braail *ow
f-^kat^tapBMsf Tk* Oaitod fltotos
aad Braail mat both rack oat otaer
Mtntrira witk uad.velopad reeoureee,
la owtor to *ato*d tt*1 surplraw oa
tkcra. B*t kr tk* **rj sroesss of *a-
kmdiaff tk* rarpluaee, tt* reeoureee of
tkrae raoatrira *n IS tara developed.
Bora ttey kav* trntaX****, aad *re seek-
lag ottar coatorto* o* wkiek to *a-
toad. lf*w, gMttoataa, follow ta*. ta*
ptoast to vaty ra large. Tkera ar* oaly
ao away etoStrtos la tt* world. Wk*t
will aas**** wk*a overy eouatry la tk*
world, dowa to the smallrat aad last,
wltt a sarplo* la its kaads, stoads eon
ff-ttattsg *v*ry otter eouatry witk sur-
ptoaws la ttalr kaads t"
B* fwstod *a4 rasaraad kto li«t.**«.
Tk* b**pructo*)»at Ib their faces was
atoltolos*. Ala*, ther* Was aw. io tkeir
faes*. Out of abstraction. Braest bad
-mijarad * •rtattm *ad sud* tkwt rae
tt tkey 'wiai* to'rfi • if thin, .* th*y
aat tt***, aad ttsy wui fr-g.»teaaJ by
It* "
"W* *f£»rtod'**itt ABC. hu 0*1
eto,'* Brsrat ssid slyly. "1 bav* aow
giv** jr*a tt* wst of tt* alphabet. It
to very stospla tkat to ttt toiuty of
It, ' Toa ssroly kav. to. aa-nrar fortk,
eomlng. a/b*t, tk**, 'wh** *vray
eoaatry IS tk* wrald ha* sa aseaa*
•aatod rarpluaf Warm will year *sai*
tsliM systrat be ttmf''
Bat Mr. Galsia sb**bl   •   troubtod
,  H* wa* (»bvloia»lT oawtiag sask
ttrragh aVarat's rraaoalag la ssaraluof
not o
i*So*?in,riy>the *****
'-"J.--   And just sever, dav
remember aTsl
,.    "uch of 0T^
tnc years ws.,*l
°»e bonds,
bondsf "a, Z.mch ot <"-
•^"•t part of e
that meant
""Sinn boiiil.   i....'T M*»l'
■***-•***.*      ' **" •m.tmfnm.„iunJ
■*ra sjserted the '
Italian ^
"•caning   j,
ttto. Tou
(did not con
"l*tt sm brtofly go over tt* ar*aad
witt ya* agat*," Brsrat said. "W* b«-
go* wltt a portUulsr ladsstrtol pro-
•^ tt* ttra fMtory. WaJroaaattBt
tt* *****!** of tt* Jolat |tod*at tkat
tott ftoe* ta*r* ass -rl-rsllar to tt* dl-
vtotoa tkat took plae* la ttosam total
of all iBiostrlal proeMM*. W* foaad
tkat labor scald bay araak wltt It*
w*gw o^y so strab of tt* prodact, aad
tt*t tofltsl did aot eossusM *U of tt*
raaulssar oft k* prodact. W* foaad
that wh*a tobor bad *oasasMd to tt*
fall (-(stoat of Its wags*, sad whsa rapt-
tot bad eoasaawd all It wsstod, ttora
was still toft ** aasoarastod wrpla*.
W* ogrrad tkat ttto surplus could oaly
b* 'cltopotod of Abroad. W* sgrrad, also,
ikat tk* *f set of ualoadiog ttto serai*. *a saotsar «o»*try would s* 1*
devolop tk* resourjra of tksi soaatry,
Sad ttat la a short tlsra tkat -Mnrairy
woald ks** •* saeoasusMd nupla*. %f*
catwaded ttto proess* to all tk* «•**-
trira oa tt* ptoato, till »v«ry toaatry
til prodtolaf .vary yrar, aad arpry
day, an Baeoaau/aed rarplu., wktok It
of to ao ott*r (touatry.
If so simply tkat I, too, sat putrl.d and
dttobfotrnded.     ,
Hm-i -u tell you a way to get rid of tke
.UK-phi*," Braest .aid. " Throw it into
the ato. Throw every year huadred.
ot million, of dollars' worth of .hoe.
and wheat and clothing aad all' the
commodities of commerce into the sea.
Won't that to Itt''
"It wilt certainly fix it," Calvin answered. "But it is absurd for you to
talk tkat way." *
Ernest was upon him Uke a flash.
"Is It a bit more absurd than what
you Sdvoeate, you machine-breaker, returning to tke antediluvian ways of
your for.fath.ret What do you propose
in order to get rid of tte surplus t You
Would escape tt* problem of tke sarplua by not producing any surplus. And
how do you propose to avoid producing
a surplus* By returning to a primitive
method of production, so confused and
disorderly and irrational, ao wasteful
aad costly, that it will bo impoatible to
produe* * surplus.'?   .
Mr. Calvin swallowed. The poiat hod
beea drives home. He swallowed again
aad cleared hto thoat.
"Vou are right," he said. "I stand
convicted. It to absurd. But we've
got to do something. It to a esse of
life and death for us of the middle
elaa*. We refuse to pariah. We *toet
to be absurd aad to return to tte truly
erud* and wasteful methods of our
forefathers. We will put back laduatry
to it* pre-trust etage. We will break
tt* maekiaee. Aad wkat are you go-
lag to do about itt"
'■But you caa't break tt*mMalaas,"
Erarat replied. "Yo* eaaaot stake tte
Ud* of evolution flow backward. Op-
paced to you ar. two great forces, each
of whieh to mora powerful thaa you of
tt* middle elass. The large «apitali«t»,
tk* trusts, in short, willn ot tot you
tara back. Tkey don't waat the ma-
ehiaea destroyed. And greater thaa
th* trusts, la .sort, will aot tot you
It will not let yoa destroy tt. ma-
ehiae*. The ownership Of the world,
along with the machines, lie. between
th* trust, and labor. That to the battle alignment. Neither aide waaU the
dratruetioa of the maehiaee. But eaeh
aid* want, to possess th* machines. Ib
ttto battle th. middle claw ha. bo
place. The middle elaa. to a pygmy between two giant*. Dont you rae, yoo
poor perishing middle elaa., yoa ara
eaagbt between lb* upper aad nether
mllUtonee, aad evea bow baa th* grinding beg**.
"I have demoastrated to you mathematically the inevitable breakdown of
tke rapltaltot system. "Wkaa every
eouatry steads witt a* uaeoaeumed aad
unsalable surplus oa its hand*, th*
eapitaltot ey*te— will break dowa ua-
d*r tk* terrile strueture of proflt. tkat
It itself kaa reared. Asd ia that day
there won't be aay dratruetioa of tbe
machine.. Th. strugglo tbea will be
for the ownership of the machine.. If
tobor win*, year way will be assy. Th*
United States, aad tt* whole world for
that matter, will enter upon, a aew aad
tremeadou* era Instead of being
.rotted by the machines, life will be
mad* fhirer, aad kappier, asd nobler
by tkem. You of tt* destroyed middle
clara, along wltt labor—there will be
nothing-but labor tbea; so you, aad all
tt* frat of tobor, will portielpat* ia the
equitable deetribution of tt* product*
of the wonderful machine.. And w«,
all of us, will st*k* saw sad autre woa-
derful mockines. Aad ttora wos't to
any uncoaiumed surplus, bee.ua* tk.r.
won't be any proflta."
"But .uppoee tk* trusts win in thi.
battle over tte ownership* of the machines and the world!" Mr. Kow.lt
Tk**,'' Brsrat aaswarad, "you,
aad labor, aad all of us, will, be .rutted
under tke'iroB keel of * deepottom as
-aeatless sad terrible aa aay deepotl**m
that haa blaek.ned tt* page* of tk*
history of smb. Tkat will b* a good
nam. for that daspo-Uass, tk* Iro*
Ttora ws* * loag pause, *ad ovtty
■sa at tb* tabto meditated la ways «*-
woated aad prof ouad.
"Bat thto Soeialiam of years to s
draara," Ut. Calvia^raid; sod raprated,
"• araass."
"I- skow yoa ***a*tki*g ttto Isn't
* draara, tt**," Erarat aaswerad.
"aad tkat somHklag I AaU .all the
OUgareky. Yoa Mil it tt* Plutocracy.
W* both m*a* th* raara thief, tt*
large e*plt*itot* or tb* toaat*. t*t as
see where tk* power ties t*d*y, Aad la
order to do so, tot a* opportloa eoeiety
lato Ito .loss dl-rlsto**,
'"Tkera sr* ttre* big .toera. Is society. Ftost soaara tt* «uto«ra*y,
wktok to wstporad of wraltky batters,
railway msgastes, eorporstioa dlrrat*
ors, aad trust sragaate*. Sesond, to tke
i, your class, grattom.*,
wktok to **aipo**d of fsrarar., awr-
eksats, r-msll auwafaettrara, aad pro-
frastoaal atoa. Aad third aad tost
crate* ray ttus, th* proletariat, whieh
to eomporad of th* wafe-work.r..
"Yoa eaaaot bat grar*. tkat tt* owa
erttip of wraltk eoastitate* rarasttol
p»*«r I* tk* Ualtod State* today. How
to ttto wraltk owa*c by thera thro*
•laasraf Bar* ar* tb* flgurra. Tb*
Pl*toei***y own* sisty-sevea Inllioa. of
wraith. Of tk* totsl a**ab*r of pert
sou 'engaged in -leeBpatioas ia tb*
Ualtod States, only siaatoBtts ef eu
par rant are from tb* Autocracy, y*t
tb* Plstoerscy owns seventy per sent
of tk* total wraltk. Tk* lalddl* elaaf
ir bUlios*.   Twenty-slae
Among tbe "important raying, by
important people," which are chronicled from day to day by tho press, a
recent utterance of Lord Mllner, at the
Midland Institute, Eng., to given a
prominent position.
Milner to an important person, no
doubt, he being one of the South African millionaire gang who engineered
the Boer war, destroyed the two Dutch
republic and grabbed the gold fields
of the Band.
Hto utterance may be i-aportani alio,
but it i. quite a. remarkable for the
curious manner in whieh he ..pressed
"Capitol,"raid Milaer,'"ha. .trueh
tor higher wage*. Th. whole vast eon-
tinent of South America lies open. Germany', raah into th. front rank of in-
dustrial nation* hra been »t upefying.''
- Thto to interpreted to mean that
"capital," diautiined with the ever
decreeing return, from government
stock*, wkick for yeara kave beea depreciating in value, wtll turn it. ntt.n-
tion more to investment, in foreign
countries, and South America offer, tke
best opportunities at preeent for exploitation. Tke growing preponderance
of Japaneee capital in China aad Ear-tern Asia, hs. presumably removed that
part of the world from the position of
the "last and greatest commercial
prize," which it occupied until a few
year* ago. Africa haa already been
partitioned for exploitation, but, aa
Milner rays, "tke vast continent of
South America lie. open."
It to almost a stroke of genius to
describe "capital" going out racking
whom it may devour, a. a toiling,
•writing, hard working, ill-paid laborer
golag ob strihe for higher wages. Probably Milner borrowed hto Imagery from
the condition, at preaeat exiiting ia
England, where a national strik. of
million, of underpaid worker, to pend-
Hto description of the indnstrial advance of Germany as "atupefyisg" to
no lew euriou. for ita mode of expree-
•ion. If it mean* aaytbiag at all it
convey, the idea that other eapitaltot
group, regard it with anything but
pleasurable feelings. Bo the oaly thiag
to do to for them to rush still farther
forward in tbe iadustrial race aad thu.
stupefy Oermaay ia turn. And South
America form, the told wkere tke race
to to b* palled off.
And whea South America ha. been
rat united with eapital aad tk. limit of
exploitation reached there, what then I
Milner didn 't ray where tte aeat rueh
would tahe place, as there area't say
more "vast continent." where capital
eaa go oa strik. for higher wages," except perhaps the Antarctic Continent,
but aa there isn't anybody to exploit
there, it may be toft oat of tbe ealeu-
When that time eomee, however,
there will be oae laal rash, much mora
"stupefing" to "eapital" thaa aay
whieh toe yet taken place, aad il will
be aa iaduatrial ruth atoo.
It will be the rush of the workers
into Soeialiam—iato iadustrial democracy—witk Oermaay, is all probability, again in tbe front ranks.
Aad tben "capital," by which Mil
n*r really mean* the rapltaltot, will
hav. a chance to become * real laborer,
though there will be no aeeessity for
him going "on strik* for higher
wage.."—N.w York CaJL
(Continued from tost issue.)
Tke arduous duty of .nopptng any
sometimes be omitted in order to take
afternoon tea with giddy female* of a
like kidhey. We might spend quite a
time exposing tbe moeh culture, the
horrible attempt at art a* expressed in
the furniture and pictures, the former
is Its veneer and .ham polish truly indicating the hollow and h;-poeritie*l
life of thi* Igaoble specie of humanity,
and the latter being confined to a few
poor reproduction, of th. old maatera,
or portraits of relation, aid frla*d*.
following upon this, and is true harmony with it. (If such a thing aa tor
many ia poraibto) i. the literature to to
fouad withia th* precise.* of thto
"rasrad home." Chiefly Matlm.Btal
trash—love tato. witt a cartel* religious has, tbe authors of which are for
the moat port effeminate clefsymca of
iarafiletont -tit-end., stranded lawy.r.
with questionable reputation*, and sour
vlBBgwi .plait.-, wit.h dtoordsrad *r-
gBBie function.. Talk abont tb* murmur of tte wind In hollow valley*, and
tb* rolling on of ocean—tJop—.lop—
.lop—tk. wavra of slushy raattraeat
watting upon tke .limy beach of hypo-
ertoy-erab! It mabra ou stok to
tklak of it. Tkto Uterature, whieh to
supposed to be for tho moral benefit of
tb* "tr**" wife and "pur." daughter, reprasses any e«tapok*an«-a* uaea
th* thiBgs of life as ttey are, .v.* to
tte replacing of tke eolloqaialtenu,
dams, where it become* necessary to insert something of that kind, fritk a
d—*-, tke meaning of wktok eupkem
ism, by a polite flinoa, ta* aforarald
wife ud daughter aro (apposed set to
Mention has bees mod* that tb*
petty bourgeoi* invariably ssppltostra
ueaves by tk* altar, sad On* of tk.
staple ingredient, of tte family Uf. of
tkto grovelling U.k-.plttto of tke
"artotoeratie" to raltaioa. Through
thto m*tHum smu.em.atl. afford.d the
feminine portion of (be family, In Sundny School work. Sister's sewing Societies, stok visiting, baraars, etc., a
••-  virtuous mode of relieving
lemralvm of the weartoomenss. wkiek
otkerwise eould net fail to overtake
tkeir empty and useless lives.
Tke peculiar psrt of It sll Is, tkat
wltt *n the attempts of tkrae semi-
rrapectnbto unfortnnstes to uplift and
enlighten tk* poor In the asm* of tbe
• tra** of
martyred on the -Btrimonymsrt may
meet nnd become int.re.ted ili SMS
other it further net. in tho ****£
of a fashionable lounge, wkere the Store
luxuriously ftrrayed may dtoptoy tktdr
vulgarity. - .   ..   ,,M.
Anuthor noxious shun of thto Stored" family Uf. i. the manner in which
the tailor, milliner, etc., graduate I*
m«thein..lically neeurate ratio, th. emblematic block which indicate. mourB-
ina for a dead person, according to IB*
decree, not of sffection or devotion, but
of relationship. Tbe utter roiteBSto.
of petit-bourgeois fwnlly ».nllm*Bt M
in nothing more closrly evinced thaa
in the mockery of .orrow and empty
ostentation manifested in th. clothing
of thc relative, of the dec.ti.ed. To
signify a bereavement to the outelde
public (if ono to destrou.) by a bond
of rr.pe upon the arm or some other
such simple token i. one thing; to tak*
advantage of an Individual ■'akuBing
off thi. mortal coil" for tk. purpose
of adorning tbe person in a aewrat designed coat, for th* dtaptoy of marau-
line shoulders which do not extol, sad
lhe putting on a "stov. pip. skiner
to give warmth to brain, conspicuous by
tbeir absence, or wel.t. in which tb*
folne** of the femnl. breart (generally
inflated rubber) is dtapl.yed is another
and a very different one. However, let
ns draw th* eurtaiB on th. hypoeri.jr,
cant, and fraud whieh stalk around la
(he name »f truth, goodneas, aad Justice, for surely we h.ve **en enough.
Thi* then I. the "besoliful f.m'iy
life," the "sacred he.rth," Ih. glor
iou. and noble institution which our
masters and their heachmeB ar. »o
iealoos of prcorvlng.
Ia vain do enthusiutie member, of
the "gentler rax of both R.-ad.**" oro
mote Mutual Beasflt Societies, like
"The Son. of Canadian Conscience,"
rifht in ttolr owa way, |0W. on,
frlni* of tt* somewhat bet.,!r ,j,'[*}'
and lacking real root tbey withe- .i
time tbat tkrae in-Tividuals, « 'uv"'
whom ara si ccs r. in th.lr .*«*,"',*
l.r humaalt*   .kn-.l,<  A.   .  '" b**l
t lit,
a .mall percent.
"The Roval Archangels af America,"
te., with atetaphysicai S*. bag* like
"The grand old man of Oontoto*," ra
their ideal*, hoping that the low level
of modern racial lit. with ito hypo
ertoy, ehieanery and ugliBcw, tl*r«Bgh
ram. wondroB. edneatioaal stimulua,
flowing from their own nrtistic being.,
may undergo a proeue* of reformation.
After many y**ars of thu* vainly -striving for effect, without aay attention being paid to the root-cause of preaeat
day conditio** in Society, what to th*
A ptuedo culture and miradue.tion,
which paara* for refinement and learning, out of all harmony with surroundings, art, literature, etc., being a* ar
tiflr'al in eompariaon with what accrue, under a sane syatem of estoteac,
at a rag aad paint flower ie compared
-rith a healthy plant blooming la good
s -il. No healthy living art or refla*
m*L-t has existed a* a remit of cob.
sciou* effort.   When it cornea lo aayiag:
"Come aew, tot a. be learned, or let
ut be artiitie." it to certain that Ik*
wisdom or culture rwolting therefrom
will aot amouat to vary much. Reaide.,
what ha. modera art to offer but trad.
imitation* of th* art of long ago, which
had lie root Ib the condition* ef the
part I
All thera mutual improvement aad
brotherly love eoeietiee,   pert**,   all
ter humanity, should descend -wlT
clouds of abstraction JB which tw"
have .o ton* existed, and plaHng ,-JJJ
feet oa the bwlroek of econl.
ecleaee, should look fact* J»
Ira ^^wrald'ihfv** ,Ly '«»
are.    ra*n  would th.y  rceoanu* nf.
futility of their effort;, and "hit  S!
ranson   ft*  the  ..me  lie,   iB   .."'*
tonoranejofth. compo.it.,.„ »Bd n*
tlon of Society, in At* mi*.,.-.'„„,--,"
lft k'.w*1' fc""?B "**1"""* "-•"•■•crning
whieb tt*y sr. *lwtyr. .„ verl-ose, at5
In tk«r niter disregard of the MOiw_
bssie of oil human activlti„, TrL,
would perceive tk* absolute imnoatihil
Uy of lhe development of »„v ,,„, "
or culture, ia tte slimy fllth „'f ,»pwi,'
and prt-fltmoagerlng, la other «•„,<•,
ia a eoeiety wheralh. m.-:,„,
ar* held by a usele** ami
class, eaewrtoiBg bul a «.
ag* of tb. who), communitv
They_ would era further, ti,,,, ,h, ...
of proflt aad elaa. rule rsnn.it i,. „
compttobed by *-nthusi..m or K.„„i u
teaiioaa, bnt mast be reached bv a verr
different route—perks-* through '-
number of demoBatratlon* of ■■ytf
Iro* Haad" as sees oa V»oruuv*r ut
aad, aad eleewhera, and mail,.- atill
rougher Ibiag*. Tto chasge „f ,k,
form of fh* prate * I family, bated u
it to, a* iheeeoBomic d,-|,.-i; i,-,,. „-
women, tb* msiateBaace of thut* ia-
r.pabl. «f producing wealth falling ..,
rertala tadividtral. rather than ik*
community to ft whole, Into * .,,|.,,
mor* real, aad Iherefere. a higher .,„,'
mast inevitably, aad oaly c»», >u*c<**d
the wwkitig-ctaw ravolallon whirh »,||
place th* ms*** of production am] <fi-
tributloB la tb* haad. of all, to to
operated by all, for the benefit of all
Th* boor***ol* "sacred home," with
il* Jerry architecture, its flinuv an iu
shoddy faraltara, ita puerile litc-sto*.
it* flimsy religion, aad it* pretentious
psuedo culture, will tt.n be u -ir»,i .,
Egypt or Baby
Ik* -rap-ires of
la «o*c!**ios. It would be ** «*n to
rtaia, that tkto QBBAT BoiKtiKoiK
TWNITY_"TBe Tkroae, Th* Alt«
aad Tb* Hmrtk" today have tk*„
roote I* tt* great aad ever ei-ma-hag
rapitoltot market, aad eaa exist only ..
long a*, tt* capitalist system u inaia
taiaed. Tkerafera the message to the
worhera mart ev.-r be until that na-
arrivw who* ""Pwee shall cover th*
earth Bke the water, the great .**.*>:"
**" *^too**ttsg year *floru ud era
srgtra upon .Sett*.
to s crarart cone*.
•f stoBaTB NCtotr. and th. it
tt tt* teal, and jots with
tt* atassawaatoaB Bmmh.n of ytmt
ttam fas tt* WltoHBg of tto owne-t*.!.
tt am to*L SSW *SMbb* social. fr«a
•f tts ■■star clas*. by tto
•f taa B*w*n *f tto *ut«
Look for This Card in Shop Windows
*fh* eombiried wnrkisgm.n'. orgaalratioa* aader tte B. C. Miners' 1 -"'""
ilea League kave decided to torae * bualnora card a* a mcaa. of d.tern.i..i<K
tbe seatlmente of tto btoknera element and cltlssns of Vsraonver in regsr.i
th* situation affecting the miners of Varaourar Islaad. ,_
This card will be preranted to overy b*stn*ss how* is ttto .11/ «<"""K,!h,
following week for tteir aceeptane* or raJeeUoa The la*g"» l*"-""-"", ...
tk* miners now I* toil kav* already suffered mora tkaa eaough, snd li*i.<»*-*
slso that tte greet bady of btadsras sras sr* of tt* asm* opinion.
Baslnws m*n who favor tte retrace ef th* impt-too*«d miner, ran best >
prera tteir ranllment. by grating a card from the authorised sge.it- »' "
League, and working**** ran ssprera tkeir appraelatloB by patronising
Membera of oy.r sixty flve Ubor U*to» OrgaalratloM are eo oper.t I ng
.th. B 0. Mlaers' Uberatloa League, bratdra maay of lb* progressively
*ll**d poHttool bodira of this vtoWyHFortyW tbo*-raud worklngmc .n
Van.ouver ar* asked to look for tkto sard aad thereby support th.ir struggi"'*'
brother.—tb* misers.
Tbe above ent appears on each .ard—B. CI Mi..r*' Uberation league.
A...'. 0. V. OOOK. Searetary-Trea.urer,
Phone, Seymrar 19*9. fl Hasting* Street W<-»'-
KOTICB—Tk. Le.gue Coarmittee of Ob* Huadred meet Sunday. *" P ■"•;
labor Temple Building, (Adverti*-«ii..-..t>
The only* skafi In B. 0. using
paper bearing tb* Watermark of
tk*   International
of Paper Mskers,
A Oood Plara to Est st
B**t of Everything Properly
Vancouver Island
I... -: '."I
i' ^__ara_^_to*i_to'
▼rarauvee, a 0.
Phot** •eymaar 410


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