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Western Clarion Oct 11, 1913

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Array immw
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godalUt P*vrty
of Canada
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Last and Meanest Form of Slavery, Due to Disappear
When the Masses Move On Their Own Behalf.
By J. A. McDonald
of all the forms of slsvery through
wh-rh humanity has passed, there has
lln none that inflicted poverty and
' IS.TV on so large a portion of human
" lotv. or that triad to gloss over Its
irrsuBy and oppression with such s
,Uiv mask of equsllty as tho wage
•vsii-iu of today, la other forms of
u-rvitude <of which th*r* havo been
j-raral -tribal,  chatt*!    aad
iiav*ry) ***** *** *****' **■ * lroe'
,. th- main, but two contending and
.mix-site faction*—*si"doiters and pro
aucirs. msaters sad alsves. But
owing to th* srehafc methods of producing the nec*s*arl*s of life, th* l*ck
portrays the condition of the peasantry
of France.
I»y studying the worls of these
writers and reviewing the Investigations of those of a later date, we can
see for ourselves that never before ln
the history of human-kind was tbe
-•(-sition of the major portion of society so perilous and Insecure as we
feudal | And it In the capitalist or wage system
of today. The steady progress of
human tribes and races through tbe
past centuries.
Instead  of  Resulting   B*n*flol*lly
to  present-day  society,   hss only  re
! suited in tbe still greater exploitation
of machinery, of laarBats, and the of the wor|d-t worker*, and In the in
many other esssntlals of commercial CIVBIMM- prosperity of the few wh(
activity, the lines batwean tbea* iwo7^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^
classes were never drawn so tightly
or exposed so clearly, as they sre
In reviewing the osriy history of tbe
human race (s history which was only
made possible by the **lf-*acrtflc» snd
devoted efforts of stndanta wbo preferred.* knowledge of the sciences to
ilu- .uiogles sod Isurel wreath* of
their < apital masters), w* find that in
these primitive forms of society social relations wer* far from being harmonious and happy. The various
tribes, differentiating from each other
•in location, language 'snd religion,
often waged cruel and relentless
-* ••* of extermination against each
other; th* weaker one*, naturally,
rolng down to defeat and becoming
the prey of their stronger opponents.
Rut even among these savage and
tn-ai herons contestants there existed
a form of union through which their
differences could be Mttled in s fair
nnd friendly manner.   Councils could
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^_ who
maintain (by our indifference) possession of the means of ltfe. The
club, sword, snd battleaxe, by which
the masters of other systems secured
supremscy and slaughtered the slaves
who refused to do their bidding, or
were not required In the production of
commodltlea, have given way to the
far more modern, effective and decisive
weapons of hunger, destitution and
want. B
81111 entrenched In a position of
safety, having complete ownership of
the various branches of Industry, tbe
capitalist class have so constructed
snd organised their position thst nothing less than a complete overthrow of
the existing order can In any way better tbe condition of those who toll.
Tbe simple, ungainly tools which our
ancestors used to extract from the
•-srth the maize, fruits and vegetables
that kept them alive have slowly
evolved to the gigantic machines of
production that are seen today in
every industrial centre.   Around these
be called together coa*l*tlng of tribal; machines men, women and children
chiefs, military commanders, and aa {are forced to assemble or die. They re-
spmbtles of the people, snd. ttt**i 'onir* i a -»Ml*rs to watch their every
-n-lgblng up evidence, arranging de- movement, for the machine dictates,
tails, and making awards, their de- j -, regulates their speed. It tells
rrees were respected and obeyed *>T = the-xn when to finish and wben to start.
ih* rival tribes, who reaumed tbelr'ft ■•«-**.--* their mind* and Angers In
former 'kOsKloas sad carried on their -*.,rpetu»l motion till others are ready
methods of saining a livelihood In tbe j to m0Te into their places. And so
usual msaner. the tide flows on.
U, a later period. The Masters Control th* Situation
Cov.rnm*«t Wmtxdod on Pr*B**-ty \ SSBSaas They Hava -****» to do
took the pise, of gentile Institution.. ***£**£*!**. " ***** '" the
,„-, one ^*^^^^. "%g *w"r*..st. only so long a. tbe
1 ,th* Tf!?. bmJSL ?bo wer*foi?ed' workers remain ignorant of their class
tion of their foltows who wens forceo d ^ t0 etaet Tepn.
:he.7™a\,?*^^c«0rtIub^gTthree«£&**• of their oppressor, to keep
meir oajiy a*asi.---u-M-*.-= ....--j in them In subjection.
larser part ***^'   ™J$%* J '    "»* • ***** **** »oon **** •>,*c<!
subJeeUoB.   tmi «h*   *,1^^,*,0^„t'Social and Industrial evolution ts fore-,
.heir Isbor wss then.a \J*Jg Jg ,,*,, lhe mMa«a to think, U> move aftd:
£? ifith»aS" Tumbera Tf' to act on their own behalf, and
^iteeataSV ore*? to -sarapa *j>*     Th. A.m *f th.. Secl...*t Party of
Ing ln the told*   and    forests tbem-' csnsea.
selves furthermore, the *lave being j 'a to educate the tollers to understand
the private propertr of his msster. fed j n,etr position tn caplullst society, to
Md clothed to emable blm to work on know that In their own hands Is
his master's behalf from day to dsy.i placed the power to rree themselves
•se can easily understand tbat it j from the bonds of slavery; and Just so
wikiI-i slwava be to that master's In- „,„,„ a* this knowledge, Is sccepted the
tin si to sea thst those- on whom he j WOrkera will use their own discretion
The following article taken from
"The Public," Is refreshing tn the
frankness of IU criticism snd for ths
sentiments expressed. Tbe remedy,
of course, from the point of view of
the writer, is Single Tax, snd s return to free competition, where "privl-
leges" wtll not be "special." It one
were not aware of the adherence of
the writer to the Single Tax theory
as the remedy for all social inequalities, It could reasonably be regarded
as emanating from the pen of a Socialist.
"Criticism of the late J. Pierpont
Morgan for leaving most of his fortune to his family and friend*, witb
only small donations to charity and
none at all to public uses, is childish.
So far from showing tbat he bad, as
one of these critics puts It, "sn inadequate aense of tbe debt be owed to
a people whose energies snd abllltlas
contributed to the foundation* of Us
own acquisitions," it shows his keen
sense of tbe eternal fitness of tbings.
Our contributing people probably regarded the fortune as Mr. Morgan's.
If they did not, tbey should bsve demanded their rightful share in a rightful,   What be believed he owed, he
they did contribute to it, by foreed
contribution*, is true beyond peradven-
ture; but pusillanimous Indeed would
it be of tbem to look for their share
by way of bequest* through a daad
man's will.   Tbat Mr. Morgan himself
regarded tbe fortune as all his own
was apparent throughout his life sad
evident st his death.    All honor to
him for not playing Deadman Bountiful.   What he believed be owned, hs
bas paid; wbat he believed was his,
he ha* disposed of in his own way.
Whatever else may be aaid   against
Mr. Morgan, he has st sny rate not
tried to buy immunity for his memory
by largesses tn his will. The shame
for "an inadequate sense ot tbe debt
he owed to a people whose energies
and abilities contributed to tbe foundations of his own acquisitions" is not
The Con**rv*tlv* Gab-feast
Tbe Conservative picnic held here
recently, from a numerical point of
view was a complete failure, even
wben such shining lights as the Dominion representative, the provincisl
representative snd the provincisl Minister of Education were billed to appear. Possibly the inability to secure
boose in this district bad a lot to do
with tbe 1 *•*"*, of enthusiasm. However, the composition of the attendance
waa quite a study. I classified them
into three groups.
The most prominent were tbe small
business men and real estate, guys,
from amongst whoa wer* appointed
the managers of the Association snd
to whom are given sny government
Jobs that come under the heading of
"easy money." These men were very
busy having personal interviews -with
the members, the result of which generally means special grants and privileges that will enhance the value, of
their holdings. It appeared to me a
debasing sttitude, but perhsps they
calculated that tbe most of those present lived in glass houses, therefore
tbere would be no stone-throwing.
The second group were those who
sre clapped on the back and addressed
as "horny-handed sons ot toll." They
are recruited from the hardy survivors
of the struggle for existence among
the stumps. Some of them had a determined glint in their eye aa they
approached the member for the. district. Tbey were there to plead for
an opportunity to sell itheir labor-
power for three measly dollars on the
government roads. Others wanted tbe
assurance that their team ot horses
would be employed on tbe roads. After receiving a friendly tap on the
shoulder and seeing another leaf of
tbe note-book filled in, I suppose they
left with a righteous feeling that they
would do or die. to elect a Conservative to represent "tbem" at the next
election.  -
However, unfortunately or otherwise
a new situation has cropped up. If
these ranchers could have, spared the
time (which tbey cannot on account of
their eight-hour Shift*—one in the
morning snd one in the afternoon) to
travel to Cumberland, they would have
seen a motor-track In operation that
la displacing both the men and the
bones. I cannot for tbe life of me
see how the worthy MLP. will be able
to reconcile thla bunch.   ~    ~
The Small Fry of Capitalism's Jungle Reduced to
I will admit
Mr. Morgan's shame; it is the shame 11 have not seen a motor-truck used
of those who look for, beg tor, &%■•{<** *>* ***** among the farms. I pre-
—. ..  ■_! same that is on account of the feelings
thanks for or welcome restoration fa
the form of benevolences. Mr. Morgan's fortune was all his own, or It
was wholly or partly common property. If the former. It waa ss much
his to give at death as to control in
life; lf tbe latter, let us secure lt
man-fashion—the common part of It-
of the tanner that might bave a reflection in the ballot-box soon.
Before leaving this group I might
say tbat one of these fellows uncon
*   »—   -* **- V-l,
Tbey howl, howl for sll they are
worth, causing a noise like the screeching of filthy crows, chased from their
table d'hote of a carrion strewn battlefield. Tbe blind, mole-like, pin-headed
little business men, with their "bril-
snobbiah presumption of "I know sll,"
their condescending behaviour towards
the workers, suddenly smell danger in
the air. No beseeching, no praying,
no advertising, no "alaughtersales"
help to bring the credit above tbe
debit. Stubborn, cold-blooded are the
figures in their ledgers, implacable
their Influence. Trade ia down to nil.
Bank managers demand such fabulous
security on small amounts that it almost looks like satire on tbelr part.
Summer stock yet filling the shelves,
-without the least intention of moving
from the premises, and here fall and
winter domineeringly notify of their
coming with their fresh demands,
their respective programmes.
But how execute these pressing demand*, when day by dsy tbe most
{threatening notes arrive from their
despots, the wholesalers and manufacturers? With Insisting fire they stuck
them.from all aides, so that when "little business man," who during the
day smile* in everyone'* presence,
straining hard to appear wealthy,
comfortable and confident of his "genius,*' wrings bis hands in despair
whea alone, scheming and planning
how to remain alive out of this dreadful panic
He Do** Not Enquire aa to th* Real
for these cataclysms. Tbat would mean
to be "too socUllstlc." He Uvea within
s "coupon shearing" society for instance, and is nevertheless too shortsighted to notice that the same class
continually threatening blm with bankruptcy, this same class, composed in
moat cases of the same Individuals,
erect gigantic department ctores next
to his pigmy place, eventually to blow
blm from the map. Like the blind
mole, be digs, day in. day out, at his
miserable trade, sold body and soul to
every object around him. Sold to the
handkerchieves he sells, as well aa
to their buyers, but above all to the
topnotchers in commerce, whose abject medal he is.
And now, when the panic is on, and
bis mean little existence is menaced,
he fusses around, vainly trying to put
J. K. M*rg!*r
young generation, for having the suds-
city to make a step forward, out of
blind Ignorance. "Soelaliat!" "Rogue!"
"Anarchist!"—these are the invectives.
They consider themselves honest mea
of business, and consequently wish
tbelr offspring to follow the same racy
Yea, they howl, these Jackals ot our
trade society. All over the civilised
earth, where tne present panic Is felt,
are their irritating shrieks to bs heard.
Meanwhile the blind evolutionary
forces perform their function,
Pulling the Rope Tlghtsr
and tighter around the -neck of the
tittle middleman, strangling htm st
the command of the commercial law
of natural selection. He the "unfit"
for coming society, is exterminated
and ceases to be a factor tor commerce.
Out of tbe chaotic state of a market
fair, where numerous sellers In front
of their stalls cry out their ware*,
evolves the shapely department atore,
wtth its magnificent system, its concentrating aim.
And like all other up-to-date Industries, so this leviathan of trade awaits
the hour for the revolutionary working class to advance in all their might
to take possession of it, for their own
use, to farther a life ot Joy sad luxury
for all who labor.
sciously made a huge Joke of the whole ■* i*-"""-***.*"""""• •-":■* — —?
- -- - 1—,» .M.v.ri a dam to it   He organise* with others
depended for bis •*** and comfort
wen- kept In a proper condition to
enable them to live and wo**.
As social evolution still further ad
vsneed. sad the chattel form of BW
ery was replaced by the feudal system,
where the possess ton or
Land wss ths only Av*nt*- *t
snd where ths feudal serf. In »*c.urinf
master to fight  In some  war abotf1: are wartng for them^ ^
which the serf knew »«"»*f««^|   M.7ero revolution on Madero's promise
Ing to obey tbe commaude trfMs lofd), "/^^™SoaJ and franchises.
yet even ia this for* *f2oaUS' K.t'taS powa?wlS the money of this
as  t mav have been, snd unaouoH-uu »     i  ..   nron,u«>
a* to how tbe propety of a class can
affair.   After the prominent speakers I* om*** *** **•   **•* *»e*-***«~-	
were finished, having devoted    that o* ** clan ***° Uttl,-> lMGCt societies,
I fraction ot their time that wa* not to improve their condition.   They en
used praising tbe good looks of the deavor to re-establish  obsolete laws
"'*"*■     "   half,"   telling t0 *dvance their Interests.    Debtor's
'—'"-**     —   *****   .»*-t--in*nlnat<
The Minister of Commerce has recently published a statement under the
heading "The Protection of Health and
Life of the Industrial Workera," giving
data concerning accidents. 77,608 accidents, 458 resulting In fatalities,
were recorded in the year 1910. in the
work* coming under factory inspection. In the same year 84,882 accidents, resulting in 61 deaths, happened
in the mining industry. Altogether
290,578 accidents, 4,562 of which ended
fatally were officially recorded in Russia in the year 1910. The official figures Include by no means all the accidents to workers engaged in industry.
According to Bikow, no fewer than
325,000 accidents happen in the Rus-
t slab industry every year,. ot which
number there are 40,000 esses of serious injury, and 6,000 of death. Capitalism ls already making frightful demands upon the Russian workers.
i     .1 —'m *»n in ■ ■
for «mmon use InThTso^ ^^"^^i^Tr-the  extermination  of the
! their "great heritage,'' etc., this fellow I trusts  by the  state.    They beseech
■ ■-- ---• —.-■*. *-»_ *,«.! that thnlr Itheir government in their stupidity to
it may be. __
"All this criticism of Mr. Morgan's! got up"and made" the bowl that their
wtll for not giving to charity or other great heritage was rapidly passing
public use, Is of a piece with the im- ****> *-•-« hands of the Japanese. In his
™.,«i.- m.x.mA ,*» k.n.*»i.ri». nt ■«<-- 0WB words, ten or twelve of the best
munlty asked for beneficiaries ot »**-•„„,, „ ^ ^.^ haye ^ tunwd
clal privilege when they do some pub- "***"""*""*"***»*,**T1,,,*,1*r»ssssBBBBBB*'«
lic-splrited  and  spectacular act    In
Ohio, for instance,  because men    of
over tn the last year.
On the third group I will not waate
any time. Tbey were there without
enough sense to bring along the pro
be utlllted for the benefit of mankind, j fortune whote fortunes rested on spc   *.----- -yr.-,A --«,.„ „ „„ t.
^^^^^^""TaTf * ,; verblsl axe to grind.   Tbey were tne
clal privilege, poured   out   unearned gtrlke-breakers from  Cumberland.
^^^^^^^ WM. BRAES.
P. S.—No, there was no mention of
the kilted herders of Orientals.
No man Is wise enough to save another man's soul.       	
WE SAID «^0NC AC0' ! money to help sufferers    from    the
One group of capitalist, is fighting! floods, a cry for ****f** ^
another group of capitalists.   That Uv privilege was raised ia their bebau.
all there is to the situation In Mexico,For a moment it seemed as7Uw»\pro-
and all there Is likely to be.   The po! gresstve legislation ln *«"J*"^^
tential riches of the country are In-Mature was to be  arre«ted.  becau.e
of the world forsooth. It would Interfere with un
I earned money-getting by men. who,
as It may have ^""X^'.li^rhVm-.e.to keep hi. promise.
.fjoW atatSrtM fth*«a* ***_ ***j***
the part or tne -""»"•'"• ""J j. .    controi of thing*.   IU supremacy
of tbe social condition* and   «l« ™n'ro" * «   h»   „n,„clers, nun-
.., -*-»* futility ot P^fgu'Sas WirlftlWrW Hence -«-
than th* mastars and their families £> and mQTe §„Ughters
These simple facts, most of tbem
*   -  -   United
could consume. ,„..„h	
As the taudsl system P"***"*-1 * *TCla" ,„'» report of a United
mining, handicraft. »ndh™an"'ac(L"r:^ ^"e." Senate committee, make the
lng were •volv.d, "d„.^/e^^. i daily news reasonably clear.
junction with the *****JStateKl^mt us have peace In Mexico," say
...i       ■    —   *-_>-*  aur-h  treat oivi-        «**** uo "*• " • ,    __„•-     ««»
many orlKht, optimistic souls
on tie occasion of a great public
calamity, had been ss kind ss spendthrifts to beggars. Thl. is the old
Romsn spirit of 'bresd and circuses
VUCis      **|v>v.-.*_.	
advance cash loans to their respective
cities, for new circulation, and at the
same time arson is committed in numberless business places throughout the
These cuff-and-collar honesty brag-
gers are usually the ones on whom
Triangle Factory murders leave their
bloodstains. . Tbey suddenly see how
.far honesty goes when life's bread is
{menaced. They shrink from no crime
whatever, as long as night covers their
acts, and so long as crafty lawyers
can be promised a share in the plunder. *
But This Is the Law of Our Modern
Jungle. "^llllllllllllllllllllw11111"
come again. Have we not advanced
far enough beyond the ancient Romans to quit their beggarly custom of
tolerating privilege so long as tbe
privileged are generous witb their
Our message is for the toilers. Tidings of deliverance from toll. Too haa
been our lot through the ages. In
sweat, sorrow and anguish we have
wrought. As the coral insect uproars
upon the bodies of its dead, islands
and continents, so have we built kingdoms and empires. Babylon's gardens, Egypt's tombs, Hellenic collon-
adea, our sires built. Their kingdom
is no more, their glory a forgotten
tale. "Tbey say tbe Lion and the
Lizard keep the courts where Jamshyd
gloried and drank deep;" but we remain.
The. world was a wilderness. We
have sown it with our bones; enriched
It with our blood: watered it with our
tears. The harvest is surely ours.
Tomorrow we shall reap.
For thousands of years our masters
have revelled by our torture. They
have   trodden   us   under  foot.   With
They film flam in their bo**8 *° ** j crucifix and cannon they have alangh*
to be able to retain some funds in j teTe$ our heroes. Our quivering flesh
case of emergency.   But woe to their, hag jorn|B-jed forth their feasts.   Our
sons and daughters who dare to ad
vance new ideas before their ttny presence! Their very eyes burn fire, tbelr
lips  utter  irretrievable  bulls at the
ml pursuits, formed such *f*»Jf J1*1.
■leas of labor that the vast btmyot
slavea were divided up Into ******
groups. Some obtained their livelihood from the soil snd some from -he
mines and factories. This state of
small production existed <or m****
yeara, gradually evolving *nd .*;ecom-
ing more complex, on* elsss still Po»*
sesstng sll the resources and the otner
class likewise forced to produce an
the wealth of the time.
A very fair account of how tne
tollers ot that age existed can se
Rleaned from s knowledge of tne writings of the poets aad authors of the
•lay. Th* condition of the psassatry
of Scotland Is clearly explstnedi by
Robert Burns in his "Cottar's Sstarday
Night" snd other poem* Those of
the New England settlers are. reflected
by Whlttier In his "Snowbound, and
Irving In bia "Rip Van Winkle." The
position ot the Rngll»h workers at a
slightly lster dste Is very well pictured
by Oeorge Klllott In her "Adam Bede.
and the "Mill on the Floss," while
Zola tn some of his works graphically
waMj    --a*. --SB*---*-.   — —  r •vlll'©.
And thi* !•• exactly what we shall have
whe- one of these groups extinguishes
the other or when a wearied public
arises and extinguishes both.—Pear
Propaganda Meeting
mtmuf artta*!vtwarBA** Byvr.
Bbut-bxga B*. aaat
tat-ea-aats *f U* Wwktag
*** **•**•.„
Poors opan  7,»0,_	
ta ta*
Montreal, Sept. 25.—Partly as a result of plain statements made by Will
Thorne tn his address to the Trades
and labor Congress In the morning,
the delegates to that body were today
discussing openly the possibility of a
full-fledged political campaign being
run at the time of tbe next Dominion
election to place In the federal house
a labor party which, numerically, wlll
command the respect and attention of
the other two parties in the house.
Further, a resolution to this effect haa
been presented to the resolutions committee by Delegate James Ames, of
Wlnnlpi-g, for the consideration of the
Coni.. -ess, which suggests that the
('oogri'H. a* a Congress lend Ita financial and moral support to labor candidates.—Dally Press. Comment is
Vancouver Island Defense Fund
Fellow Workers:
We, as brothers of the two hundred miners at present tn jail and swatting trial on Vancouver
Island, at this time appeal to you aa members of the working class for moral snd financial help, that we
may free from persecution and the brand ot criminality men whose chief offence is their prominence and
activity in tbe labor movement on this portion ot tbe Pacific Coast.
Tbe miners, tn thetr dealings as Individuals with the corporations tn the past, have -realised their utter
helplessness. Time and again explosions occur with the loss of human life. The mining laws provide
for the appointment of a Oas Committee by the men. This committee on examining the mine and reporting gaa, was discharged. The Government, tn lining up wtth the mine owners, refused to enforce the
laws.   They are therefore the violators ot thetr own laws.
The men were thus forced to organise, and on the 1st of May last the mine workera of this Island
came out for recognition ot their union. ,
The governments, Dominion and Provincisl, lu their eagerness for industrial expansion (profits for
  - ** -—*—"— *--«m (V-tanta! countries.   Wtth the atd
No man Is good enough to make another man's god.
No man is good enough to be another man's master.
the master class), encourage a constant stream of Immigration from Oriental countries,
of this reserve army ot labor, whose wants sre few compared with those ot white men and the enactment of drastic criminal laws, which sre intended to render the workers powerless during a strike, sll
the forces of the State srs st the disposal ot tbe capitalists Involved.
Today the militia are encamped In our streets, and bodies ot them with fixed bayonets patrol them,
and act aa a shield to hundreds ot special police who are here to guard strike-breakers.
Tbe Jail, are crowded with our most active brothera.   With the exception of a few, ball haa been
Among the men tn prison ars many earnest and active workers, who are eligible tor provincial and
municipal office. Also J .Place. M. P. P., the working clasa representative ln the Provincial Parliament.
The workera of thl. district have attained the most advanced political position of sny tn the Dominion.
In the event of these msn being convicted, they are deprived of all political rights for five years.
Fellow Workers:
In this life and death struggle with the Master Class, help us to keep the Banner of Labor flying
triumphant over what we have already attained. It ts our turn today; it may be yours tomorrow, ln the
name of the solidarity ot the working class, help ls urgently needed at this time. Do all you can, and aid
us to hurl those from plsce and power who, in their greed would force us to the standard of Orientals,
or to become homeless tramps.
Forward all monies to Defence Committee,
G. A. Moore, Secretary, Box 830, Nanalmo. B. C.
Donations wlll be acknowledged in Western Clarion. Cotton's Weekly, Appeal to Reason, and other
Labor papers.
tears, their gladness. Our toll, their
ease. Our degradation, their glory.
Our darkness, their light Their wine
is ruby red with our blood. Their
bread, salt with our sweat
Now their sun is setting and onr
day breaks. We stand upon the
threshold of our destiny. We are tbe
heirs of the ages and the hour ot our
inheritance is nigh.
Tollers arise. You that are weary
and heavy hearted. We have for you
glad tidings of great joy. The hour of
our deliverance approach**. Th*
freedom we have wrought for and
fought for through the ages la now
within our grasp at last.
At last the great task set us by
nature solved, her great problem of
providing for the race. Her mighty
powers are harnessed to our will and
The stubborn mother earth Is con*
nuered and yields full-bosomed to our
nourishment. The Giant Machine Is
our man-servant with mighty iron
thewa and sinews to do our bidding.
iWlth little effort we can produce
plenty tor all.
Between us and our heritage thera
stands bnt the last and moat worthless ot our rulers. Clinging parasitic-
ally upon our backs. Incapable of
aught, sucking up profits, Gorged
with that to burstinK. In the last
stage of senile decrepitude. The giant
Labor has but to brush them aside
and the earth Is his and the fullness
Struggles on the industrial field are
commodity struggles, and the length of
the struggle ls determined mainly by
the number of the reserve amy of un*
employed whose necesslti** will force
them to accept the terms offered by
the capitalist. 	
Thought is prior to action.
Lite ls cheap, dividends are precious,
labor Is prolific j«--»*»,..
A little leavening Is a dana*erous
th'ng to Capitalism, or any other
specie* of tyranny.
J^aakJ*t--i. ..-it 'U.. 'tttilu'.*-.'.-.' ■""•....••ILi*!-
**-''■•*'-■■'■ ■■■'■■■■i-...i—iUAi—mmam^tama II
BoaShem as" t mr  matt •*****,   tor a!
mmrUmt <4 '•*••. "*tm Bam tana* ■rmavatm. at
Um tr-..   ■■' - »-•*-«*• saw -os** »** statu,.
Arnvm*-., .iAt rmsmt mm  assail s i sm.
if -v-. r-*-*.** -tote near. « -» j*au«
-f**ir ;BC*BJ
la -taw
the Btasaas af fgamammtmrn, *****
a&wTt* *M ram ■enstinii'. aad the arc- '
Br i**I*Jag .tfafs taw
I *f*i'^i^Jf*saTj     JtstwsO
J it   i7i*,« i:..*
*-sia***>** -%-ost a*
*i»aiir,s*-*v». ***»
j****** *
Tie osijert 1*.
«*>j«7—BJsaBB   Siiaif-sWt--   ni(|iilrmnsst»   te,.swi. t/ata as
' km sTSssaaaMa. aaf -aer tafivi-fc*"*. •B**»•i*r,*•■rf,* ***«-•-••*••**■  awa
ot (t-5*.**»£BK *-**-*•***«,    wsatk   aw-    laflaj
ar' wo*-** into Oae vavy ikimmt ot tb*. fa*-
aSv rlc */ «*■*- chrnssSiia,    Thaa* pssraau-
*a ■■ as*-** srcataiBs of "-m**-*, aai BTssHj *****
a*p:'fcars-tsi la txwtr rharetsss*. am th*
said tk*
**wf Bsfcsf  •r*Ts*(sSa>*rt'jr
•jasTioa of th*
•ana. isaaa*«-i**tiic **n«ag*a. sal «f "the
en*-***, bmbbi af th* hadtmd. aasf fJ
*f i**** J-Baj-BBaasssaaatsa what**-* «
Ua*- a«**Sa«a amttatr TW mtxm tst
.»-     J"*!f~J* sji-srt-fa: aad floM!-a--a-:--*!t «Btia*iar4j4Ss-;
^Hr!2 *of "t*11*8* *» **«^»»*- to •» Jb wbws i*
■'^"•■iOBC'wa ss -*vVart*aar .irireisssatiiaa fa.
1   "^   * th* -*w*aaa* ar •»■**«*• eff ■Baaaat:   Thorn
-.ii* r.-otaaaa g»»* **-> ****B»amBgBsTp/ wis-
!w»wt  H* ■****•** ta a (faaa*aaaasaaa
•a*   iimiar'sM*1  samaMW ot yasasninn ■
*«*. r«- ..^»,_2 •-rat********* a* if ta* aaaatai -ra-nL-tag **** ar
i******. tor ._-*• *fc«=ta I ^ort, anw sM «» ae 'bttotbt «* Qaa****
ol aaarate*.  bsffwn* la asill*n_   fetes  of
"^ saJvctoa, tsrsesns' -wata****-**, trnMnafart■
astsi iasnsr.    -d**-**********-*aa*d awe tar*-****,   try far tfses,*B*** "**f™ *** **■» •oxaaas fmema aad   . to-*--™-,   .i, *,,-,..,.  --i.^^
-;  !*^t»-«" -part -af o» *f»w*i*** mam, m*\*****< ** ** **&** is fa asake *»sa*t■w *****>*-*■ «-"" "**a*a*.
-*i>*a* ■■asjags—»BarUB cad ■isiiIbmt—i">*"*l'<, ** *"*- '■■liiiiaaanaii aasL earn -     *"* *** ***- sasajl to afaww.. tfaat
 — -tor -wadnsuii* i*mrpomu:  ana —i;' *•*-*-***»*<. •»■ nsssasl S. [taa taa **as*ta*sat of ta* "Bra-*aas*a>
a-f-C-maEK - '-—"*"* •*"-«**' •****- *»«*ia*i«w-a*.'M...  -    . ■ trairwre. taw i bibi iisiii. rf riteesw a-eca*
.JfZZfEEJ-Azzt itmrnxry vo pr-Adw^-t.   fa sate to «*w-T ***.   'f' " * "f g"'1'"w*"" ir *r*aa at* atBaaty earvirsas of th,
y th**r rawst ->*-*■ ax*****aa to rtissai ctoa* . ^^ ea^ireaawaBf luissaSus aaa*»a*ty. • *a*-»^-*rts*V» ot xb» tarVirtu  ar*>
aoaratra -POHSirCsta «ywW^*«aaVoJ' -x-l- g-Tl-lsmT <SLl^,-"7 fa ***""'.* ^ *-*♦*»  ^-r rrv**J caMavsevsw. ta -aa as eaa*
JSow.   aa  tbs*   dass psasaasBfoa Bt$T**mmtmM' *_* ***** **** ** *sav|*a*i ot aaitsi/osa Wssf aad -frtwL a*
slassmr. is bead ***** saarai tfsaa Bmtlmf^^_^_**y^**,'^l*UUm  ** *° ** rntrmpt to aaaaw mmymBj emmOUmr
itt-rff. is i**rk**tl  by every *-sr«3sata***l i Z2S^J" 1* Vr* **?5: *"" <*wr *-**-^' •***«■ •»■ kanag Bc*xirtB> ifoautls** t-gd
mrh-A ru* ,*» yanhd, lhe* uvtb ot iorvt u  -^^jrMsssrt, ta baUow* thai J *™- to*rZTl^* *" t*m *** -:**i**sitty   tatea'aae   ti»r»   dt,   mmtb
to tehmxm taasaa. ss*iifr^**f *^J±* *™ asal taa cosraga tt*tajs. wear s-ach ciocb-** or J**«a sav
t-i»»   **-tacB»a*r .»s «•
WtrivtMH. rxytrtm aaKth (Osi
St.  -*w«r
-*-•*  f-wis*   j-*t-t*-=r*.7.    Ti*-*   *r*
■6**TTr**r"rji»* t7 a rrja£tr*iy few
B, c. lot -wsx or****- *f -pr***a*rt7 ■ma*****.: aa-a'i
'"" «*- bav« atca tfesat **w*»»«gsfct»- la ta-nL
txOur im izx ratbv to ycaiif'srtna a.*a*t ■ jaa. » ia*
tsmSmdf&t.   Tbe sri3t»j-ri*a efejtc* **T a£>..
rhVmtOt ta*e
e-i«i-» *b« sasa -avaa* ffse «-*i ittsim*'
bar* '*»*J«soe to sssaar to aj*. ae tbat
be arbv runs esa MBsL th* trvth oi
th* myibg tei Man that "taa- *o*ems** tb*- rigbt <**
of tbe t!ti«^d*srB **** is s*-*t a eaassalSsSB |f""*P*fs*5F.
' -. _ io If* lisw 1f_ Is isittrsly it lbs
tor rawtisasiis tb* rimssuPB aJtsara **<%%£ 7Z!m Z^mm^rtH^^q-u
th* wmmtt bomgrmmMmr   AxwTtmtm tmm- '-ae worn** to tbs* fife wat** or *mv\
timm* to im ttiatm* oa (fas ssast i-tvotoe* ;ci**** Mas ttxm ta. to
W**>-»|*  aad- tbe !■***«»ia* a-*aa*a*tratc
at *<»».«i*ia-*i. is bw> aflrfraa* to Tbs* "aj-*v
oubsIi * ju»s: "uti-ae ban. a4t>j»t* tbe
aUs«a«e 'jf due -jwssls faJMars i*-j-**-M*t*.
aad aVjv-a ~Ot* wttb Is 'aad'' *■**&***
**♦ rj-v-Uw baa a -cfeaan* a* «**» it.
Gem. P«*t*i«Tew, iatairaaitssa*! Board
M*-*a I*-? (A tlm-.. K, it, tt", "haa ***-*« ar-1
to *rt*aty th*
to as* af
to rsriHsnass tbat
tb* rigbtoesa" ef tbts
la otber words, tbe
tb* ttrntatomtty laU-r^oaer. bat
•amaot -raarssBiT 'atase; it: tbe i
tor akia* oaa* tbe awaas for Its <
sobsjiOos.   Tb* *aberer, to Bra.
Ia th* atosty of tbfa ,-(**>*** *-arb ideaa
aaya is teS*er> toSsaat <acb Isae-fta.
aet aaly, «»r«i--ass*tosa. aad afi taseaatw ef tbea*-..
- hi ao; **.-* s-** be***ass* of sav -rasl
merit la *fb«B**rn*L   fa
at tbey  ara ead* aad  fraaaa. aad  the
*****.*** ***■ "**bo*e * mtmTmtty ta a -prratos^faws joke
ate ta aria*, wbera it Is aet a tracedy.
ar farm
tm%vA  eWei   Ktrnwrnrntmrni
^ a»*i«iMSsf» tbis -KMfssday tar sfbers;
*bar»* of mximmmmtimm. aad ta* -srwyerfe £?****'* mwamrmhtg oaa htm
bind 'try <&* M******** ImHama* f>mmi%- TO   ^"
toe ha* ji***. f-dkrwaaf Mas. Tbe latter
-ssae is tJu* rawtmt tbtag aat***) osT yet
HiB of}*tit*, asjcsas to bob* beea tbat
be mmOkted at mtmm at th*- attfJ*»bnsds-
*•* eorateg <*st ot a *afa* is Naoaimo
Tbe *Af *oa whose aa
e*t ft) tit* tet^TmWtttm -mm. -„..., ,„ -^ ,
. —~Am-   W*i F aivaisw a wsna
all (BBSBpsssStT rtgbt of aa-
Tb* sssaasr wifj gls41y owe
mstam th* iabor-aowcr. wifj **ersstt tb*
fa-borer to •cafe* tbe ns^natto es-
<baase, oaly oa <xadf*Joa tbat tbraagb
eacbsajge be, tis? aatsster. sbafi ar-r-air*
saant eotaawdn:** thaa fall to tbe lot
•*» miamiMm-^ett tbe laborer. Oct of tbe excbaaa*
mhitb be wa* j-^ nrstir ssast get mot* vaiaj*? tbsa
avre*tod Seat** att aawatfedae of tbefka yraats wltb: tb* laborer ar-n* give
aaalr, *-**} ataua tbat be bard r am- ,uu g^saw thaa be racelve* Tbat hTto
tfeedi bim stair^dJat: tbem. ta aaito of tmft «., tofc^,,. -.^ -^fc,,*, to J^
•as** te was estarasttei tor trial. As jj^ rebfeery ealSed "-**i*!-*--1*1K-* "
be bss rise r-iartatloa of bein, tbaj «--,«--. . v^tiou woxld oertataly be
assart**** <rt**SisaI lawyer fa B. C, the ;r*naebeasit>le evea tf tbe Uborvr wer*
saerJv* of tbe srreat fs adssr. igraatesl tbe risbt to •**-******"»« asa»iny
"Tbe politbisl -•bara-.tov of tbe eaav aieat, tb* -right" to be oaaUaaoasly
r-atr* aaaiws* the atbwrs is betas re-jrobbe-i   Wbat tbea saaii w« aay of
*«ba*«5sac«-aJly. *w<bcaoc»e»Jty
ogasally. tbat Is to aay. ss
so tbat yoa bm; arrive at
af tb*
oa tb* sriacipie of
cbfsf SBBBBS *f
•tmmbvA Tbe B. C. V**w*rmlm-m\*t
draw* att*ywtioa to ffse a»-*nd«<*at to
tb* Km^im-Mat. Act pot tbroaab laat see-
*ioo, whteb bars froas tbe «s»*r-ri*e aay
ILsefaen "who shall bave besa --<* vst-tod
«*< say ueaaoa or ladtefa^ie otfetNse."
The traie of eveat* raiba-touaat to tb*
last aetaton of tb* irrovtoclaj **srita-
raaat tbrew* a gr*at Hgbt on pa* «sr»-
fstfjy -f-repared sad ca*-f*r«Kica!!y eae-
eavad '-*»f-aig» to daarfre tbe worker*
of ffMfy re **r<f*-Btation far parilaneet
asd d**tr-#y thetr orsaabtoUoa.
fa tbe early swaths of this year
»** notoriMy-aeebfag reform element
wftb wfel'-b every Isr*> city la carsad
wry* ntatma a fear***** row over tb*
•*r*m*t»r* fa tbe city of * nratrtotod smss
wfMrw tb* female -rietfaw of exploit*-
lion are allow**/! to ply their trade of
tite'yatltntUm Maa** arrests wer* made
sad convtz-tUm* arynrtsd. bat wben tbey
wer* eonducted to tb* eoaatr Jail tbey
wore refused admittance. In reply to
a dooststion from the *»ii»?r-thai>-taOii
•.eirs/le th* Attora*y^S*-o->ra| statod
tbat tbere wss ao room in tbe Jail, sad
aay bo w tbey were going about tbe Job
is the wrong way. gcattaratlon wss
■ayrwm* (ban segregation, sad tbe sc-
t'vitfea of the people rapreaented oa
ttie deputation were a confounded asf-
m*r>«&~-»r words to tbat eEeet. Tbs
ordinary man would sgrea witb blm.
However, the true motive is refusing
sdmlttonce to tb* Jail* for these wo
awe was -revealed by aoaa other tbaa
tbs Attorney-Oeneral himself ia aa
unguarded moment, wbaa be is reported to bsve stated that be would not
sand tbe resident* of tb* "red-light district to Jail because all tb* room would
ha needed is th* near fator*- for tb*
m(B«r* of Vaaooaver Island. This ststo-
raaat wss raade st a public meeting
ia Victoria by Com. Parker Williams
some time ago, snd bas not been denied.
The next event In order of sequence
wss tbe simultaneous outbreak by
strike breakers In Cumberland, Riten
*km end Nanaimo. In all these places
these tools made tbelr appearance,
armed, and used every af/ort to pro
volte the strikers, wbo bsd hitherto
bean strictly law-sbidlag aad enjoying
their unwonted respite from toil. On*
Hat tight took place in Cumberland,
Extension was shot up by tbe strikebreakers, and tbe strikers of Nanalmo,
m self-defence, proceeded to run tb*
disorderly element ont of town. In-
eluding the vermin known ss spa-Hal
police. That wss all tbat wss necessary, snd tb* militia wars sent in, snd
assd to mak* sll taa amsts dictated
by tb* Conssrvstlvs machine.
. Ia the provincial (Ssaetlsa In 1912
Nsnsimi. snd Ladysntstb followed their
usual custom of rotarnlng Socialist
candidate*. Tb* msjortty fa ths latter
district was IS (tbs smaltost sines ft
was Arst captarsd). Ia Nanslmo it
was also ths «nsll**t oa record for
tbat camp, 41 Ths total vote for tbe
candidate* if. D. P.> was 1007. Ib
Oaatbsrlaad tbs candldato of tbs S.
P. C, i-ollsd IH -rotes sfter a very brief
campaign, saying his doposlt. Tbs
nasi el-sctlsa would undoubtedly sea
tbat seat caatursd by tb* work*rs.
Some Sod of tbe niaara of the** dis-
trfets ara a#a» Ja Jail, charged with
"Indtctsbls" ogjgamm. If convicted
land who doabt* Hf> th*y will bs da
atltad of tha traaobt**, and tbs seats
Sll r*v*rt to tb* Con*«Tra'lv* party,
l political aaprssslon of Mg capital
It tbs provlao*. Wb*th*r thsy srs lost
or not .o tbs ato-tsltsts, tbs campaign
of adttestloa. so ably assisted by tbs
Mstaods of taa fByaramsnt, win be
^ta notr tbs anty Ot srery local of
, tal* party to gat -teWB to business and
ssrtously sot abtHtt prspsriog tor tb*
stsstion that mamma. ■ t* ho coming
WbMbsr wa srs dsfsatad on th* la
baaaptarad'andSafaWld basa bean
rspturad long batef* tbts, if propsr
attostJon bad *waa*fl*/fB to tbs n*
CBJsiijr offsniisHog
am fadiistftai systoai tbat does aot
evea gnat him tbls "right" (or
abaee profit to th* employer Is s
rssaisfte to tb* suut*r"s grsnUag ess-
pioyiaeat. It follows that tbe ooestioa
bs to whether a laborer Is to be
granted access to, or b* sbat out from,
bis Bsaaas of life, mast tag its answer
Is. st boat, temporary industrial eoa-
*Bttp*ja Por it Is aot la bassaa possibility tbat eonatsacy sbosdd •cbaraetar*
ise aocb aa msriurtioa ss C*p.tallaai.
Purtbermore, tbat condltioea sboald
ever be sneb ss to demand so much ss
temporary eaployrseat of sll tabor
at oa* tira* is ss Improbable a
aay heavenly body -should be
lately st rest aa long ss tbe law or
gravitation obtains Tb* nacmp*oy«d
we man always have wltb bs ia Csnt-
talisra. gOCIAIJUT.
ef asarbartaa
from 8*1 -
b* raOci mXwtmatTf.
the haersa-c aaitta*-
tbat ariirht he t*wwM*l aa*
r tb« aaatarv aad aapro-
by aai-
or -MJaerwto*.  Tbe
•gbt fs
tb* lasttect of work
tbat wbaa oa* Basa'a watt te
with aaotber** tb*
sa tbatsoa st oaa* come* to tbe fore    Tb«
rsassBssasal baater or warrior is. thtrn-
.    ~- , ■''••**- ■**• ** **** **m*bt, ta boaorable
tor Ct** Hear* to be raaatabl*. It was aaea*-
» sarj to be ss*x*sa«s*!y «grc*»iv€   To
ap or aay of; rrr0v*. srstaacas It was biiiibbsij to have
Socialist Pat ty Directory
. "s aaa-a: S t JSasa ac
ass»wiisslia.  airan-WT-	
SSi'Slas  ai]  inn rsii t _,-aa*Jtey 1st raw
t«--e. i*wn   *• losasaasaasoa**  *y**t**S*
«ie ■T****rs****pv*****' ss*tt««*.    Aitgraaa., S-*
pagaaBsj  *" -aato ««-. 3**- »*■». ******
Jam. Saaav
Tfcia esvr-* bt to
**w aa***waj*sats*anw
  _aa   fl-irtaftii
„.     HsOCJAliiTS  *i-*  alwair*
sssraTaaars *rf «**« Party, am U r«"*» or*
twtBrvam ot ss-c-asaoaw * *s**a**s*r. ot
srtsa to *** aay Ufetsaatl-.--.. writ* th*
a <jr*<XMry It c BkCauaasav Rassa t.
ll* Maaa St- WHiaH I*	
~1  ~   HV^TiJt^^.^l.g
*> *t**jm*¥tK2t™J™ **?>«xTm
*^a*mW' W^rmmmhmH^y   ^
jSSSt .a'\mtmttTtmat-
Messrs' Hall aa4 ....
*f^_*m****m*tm Tbaisity *»»«*«-,
fvl'Mnrtaar Brs*ssT**S* ■*-»««•». W.
ijtytambm*. T. Bbtota, CmlttxoS ..,.'•
gsM'su-jry, Jaa. OjiaaiiMiu-.,;. B->i «-'
rtmwmmK., Alt*. rMtora -aa-, - **
iwttwmmtx-vm mmim* at M ,»,.-,'•„;*•
a-vfatarr. Wa. Oraisasa, ■• - ■
a-ass. AJtS.
Wmh **l
fmmm rna!:
**•  OO   Xle* Si
am «. SC
***ry a—Say...•"—"»*.7*4" ' ►s"*?
i*«i.. asf-Mtory. "*
m   ..  ■. ..    ■*.       - hhtVAm am u
B P. of C. Masts a*ar> »b*i4«-. Z!
S.S* p sa. la tetoasw Mali, a^^f *'
W aaaw. Ji* 1MB St K.   m\Ti^-
Cv-*aa*aalt**-a. Soe»ail*»» rar-»y af Caaasa*.
saaMv a-raar-r asotwt asat faortli San*-.
Bar* to ta* ■**•**• ss***** *•<-* «f «»»*!
Tarty. Ciiisawwrlal Bbroet, Glace Bs*-!
K. m. "Cask <*a<*sa»*».. Sac-ratarjr, ***-*;
a*i. *33-k* »*r. Jf-g* ____-.
P. of r
mm tt*Zm^ahmr-t**wmg
L* i»S tli ft*
''war-ra*-**   »eir«»s*s.
Kt*a Baa Ut
      no TV
Baslaaaa «t-f-r-..-.r.
st   t   a,**.
*t   Com    u,
•*•   -**       V-siii-,.
S-w-rs-arr   C   tt
 , A w. *f a,	
__   Bt-MJiac*   ia   tas   aUaars
KtS   *<er7   awnAsr   •«   Tr**
_j wasttTis twr* Saatoy la ***h
, ^ ia* pax    Bciia issfr e*Ur*  as*
try Baa-Say sfttrso** *» J »a    W. L.
•f-tJUiT»  *la«y«t*v7. fcilM
asas-ts ia aMsw-n.' Ball -*-*****T a******-* al
Tt* bsb C C**to*-r*L «*>ra*Ba-s*v.
Tsmi Ab-ho, ll-*<i-**»afT. Sac lit rta-
atat* towsMa ssim la rtoaaa******* Man
8«rs-Sa«-s at TJ* ass A.
retarr.  Boa t*.
B.  C
B?~s*j-***-S -*-*a**-l*j*i-*f saif ww.-j***:- r:^—
ai-ary W*rls*-**s*Sav ataalar at (jaa- i.
-SiktUlM't. U Btato At, aW Hill Pr-x,.
avMsto* tomOtsam trvtttf S-.B.U-. t -, „
at Uw M-*a**« TlMian-. S-*-*r*u.*r. W-.'
H-Lrnaon. i*S Maaa* at Ora*a/a*r a
>■ F of^" l«-*ad<ii**ri*-. Ubof
Ttrmpot thmintma mamtkmga .-.«» -r*
asd «Ut TksnTwSar Is ts* nt.*i'. .- i
tBB. rr-aaosm*** ja-»*ci*s* *„ry .- ,„.
Say at f a**-> M**S**t «<■-•»*-- w
Bna-ae. Btt'tutmrr. Ut *HsB-wt-Hi .-•
C fcolo* muss***** a»i*-tr»*-s ***-*-y
aaaaa-r aruv* saa at S.S* ta Crahaas
HaB      A  fcsarly   (ar-ltaU**   I* ait-s**-
*-g BS SH srraaw ato-raa wltaia rcStf* of
mm to attaasl oat -awUsgi. B-*»l**--»a
SBSMttaas art mttd lis* Srat so* totrd
St«Ma-rs ot aaea aaoefA at I* »• am
la taa aaaa* feaiJ Party s*-s*as->acfa
toaa mattmtm.   T. W. Bream. *>M*r*«tary
i*9oaa ovvawa ia t s r. -t tu
Rtt*l*M*a as** flag* ta* Srat Sat*-!*-, ts
•sMasitti ia to* Labor Man. us Baak
atrast, at • a.s*. Bacrsaaij. A Baaaa-
s-**h«. ttt La-url*r Av*. a,f%mitfT
A a MKLailaia. Biasrtla** s*cr.-ary
Was.   -  ■-•---
   a. tu sa. ».• a
9- a* C    Busla-*aa asM-tiaa-i at Sociai-
Ist  S-wi*i*art--rs f-ntnit  *r~*h*-rs.Js*a af
srwoita    B  r. Oarasaa. Sa-ca-elarr
therefrom,   for
assar we will call s
w* will hava tb* tbree
tb*  aasT/BBBV   tb*   Bs*xt**Uaan.   sad
long as the wage* of certain
claa*** of workmen are oaly -Mtfldsat
to keep them during tb* period thoy
•re employed, so long ss tbat* Is sa
ebb and flow of Industrial activity, so
long ss certain trades employ men at
certain sessons only, *o long ss those
wbo close* tbe factories continue to
hsve ao responsibility for tb* outcast
workara, so long as tb* law* of competitive industry make tedustrtal de-
prcMioa BBCSBBSiT, sad so long ind*ea
ss tborw is such a tolas ss enforced
unemployment—ja*t so long will tbe
sources ot vasrsney be ever active.
Neither artificisl etaployment nor char
ity remedy tbs ovll. Tbs worker Is
hlmsslf bdpless. He is s wastrel, bagging to Ih nsad fa a competitive in
dustrial system which la its preaent
form -raoair** Its eoatiasod esistoacai.
Ha is a wsstrel baggisg to ba med,
Tbe modern system of Industry will
not work without some oaemployec
margin, soma reserve of labor. There
are various reasons wbich make necessary this rtmmrve ot Isbor. First, It
present* s monopoly of tb* commodity
labor-power, s cornering of tb* market,
as It were. It is to the Interest of
capitalist* that tb* standard of sub
stetencs (tb* proportioB of labor"*
product that go** to Isbor) shall a*
kept as near tb* minimum require
meat aa p**i*ibie; bene* tbelr herculean effort* to throttle aay attempt
st combination of tbat commodity by
those wbo, by say sort of artificial
means, wonld area maks It area temporarily more exp*e*tv*. Sucb a move
on tb* part of teborsrs is trespss*
upon tb* capitalist's private srssims.
As long m thla rssory* srmy is knot
Is th* fl*id, ss long ss thor* is * plethora condition la tbs labor market,
ther* Is ao imminent dsagsr tbat ths
exploiter's share will suffer from ex-
cesslve demand* on thc part of the
sellers of tabor-power—("ladustrisl
Problem*," by N. A. Richardson.)
"■y John aatrtm, WO>H»
Fefiek* UnrvsrsHy.
To understand is to Issvo behind—
thst Is, to bs dee* with—tb* probtem
that bss *x*rd**d tbe thought apparatus. On* of th* queri** tbat bss eota-
msnded tbs attention of thos* eagsgsd
In th* ravolutionary movement bas
been tb* eras* stnpidity of tb* pro*
tetsrist sad ths Inability of its anlte
to sens* tho sntsgoaism of interests
batwssn tbsms*lv«s aad their •xploit-
«ra. To many of as this problem bss
been bsffllog snd Inexplicsble ssps-
clsliy so st thst stags of oar darstea*
m*nt wb*n w* have just bsgua to se*
qulrs tbs orthodox n*tsp*ctivs of tbs
^ff^*! °i ****** Vsla* sad tbs Ms-
terisilst Conceptloa of History
TBs Bomomtwlc *r#*aHare-
Tb* aeoaosate maa Is oae wbo bas
slrmgaad off tb* dcadwood of tbe pra-
viou* eaHarea sad bss baraoalsad already wtth tbs aaw envtroaraeut. but
wbo bas st tbe same time retained tbe
pervtoiv* caaract*>rtatlcs of tb* other
cutturea wbich are btmeflcial aad aae-
ful fn *n stages of developraent. Ha
believes la aervlcesblllty snd eJleten-
cy. aad dislike* futility, waste sad la-
cap*erity. The bnt Is tbe Instinct of
workmaaabip. He ase* deaafte tse-
tors to prodace rasuits. aad believe*
ta tbs srjoeeasion of pttoaosataa aB
(BBBB* aad esfect H* la tb* typical
MtsaKw-rtaa. aad believe* oaly wbat be
see*. Faith, wltb him. It belief la
wbat tbe other fallow know*—if be
think* tbs other follow has th* good*
to rrors tt.
Insofar as prodorttoe Is socio! sro-
doetlon. we ars now living aader tbe
Economic culture, but ownership Is
still ta th* BsrbaiisB stare. The fall
statu* of tbe sfco-soraie culture will be
reached so soon ss we bsve social
owBerSbip sad socisl administration
of tT-daat-ry
We has* alraady potetod to the ort-
sta of tbs barbaric culture ss betea*
foundad oa emulation. Invidious dts-
Uactloas.sad trophies wbich sll resulted la slaves sad stoves ia proper*
tr. Wbaa tb* days of predatory war-
faro gar*' place to toora or laaa peaceful condttioos, feredty also gars place
to chicane sad fraud. T* fhc, **■
1*1x4 and to aarnatvato tb* stetus of
th* r**a4tlng divteten sf Isbar and tb*
rl***ss (Msasssrllv Bwarlrtf tb*fwfr*m.
tb* *rosnlastlsa of tb* stats was •vet-
W*w9*3.        Thtffl    vT^*9vW-9*lT)rr    sMarfl    *sM*fsaatfl"«s9   t*W
au-*SA*asaats*i    *a*aa-    aa*.*a*-a*.aBBSB*al*B*-sBft*a-bSBi    aWssasdl    **a^s*a*s.s*aaBaB*m
Ww*m\y*ff9\rW ajg BW*JB*WwWl*ta*w mmm BW*W****m*mB\m
•srbartsri CttrUtro.
We bave bow to ssa whst charsc
terlatlcs, still -surviving (snd st tbe
•same time useless from our preaent or
n»w Economic culture), grow op under
th* predatory or *eml-ared*tory statu*
of Bsrharlsm.
If the possessloa of slave* snd the
product of then* Jsbora raade for rapti-
tability, ther* muat slso be eossplcn*
ms* evM«ace of thl* status. Tb* naturally most conspicuous evidence
would be tb* sbillty to Uv* without
work, sad to oojoy tb* moat conspicuous of leisure. Bach a condition became hoaoriae la Itself sad its con-
verse, tbs Bacsssity to labor, became
without repute, tbat Is, disreputable.
To show tha status to sll tbe world,
ft wss not oaly bscobsbit to abstain
from all ladastry, bat slso to dress to
such s asaaar -tbat ao oa* would over
stjspeet oaa of worbtog. Hfrce the
track eoat. tbs blah starehbd eollar, tb*
spate sad patent leather soots, tho
g-lov**, tbs can*, tb* tall bat, all without msrfc or stata of labor or its muck
sad sweet. Hsae* slso the myatertea
aad miraclas of tbs fsshloasble feminine toys of tbs laisar* elass, their
woawa folks.
Bat ss tbs tosttact of workmsnshlp
Is s pcrvaatv* trait. It wss neccsssry
to busy tbsaisslvas at sosMtblng, aad
ao tbsy, tb* tottur* elsss, found oeeu-
patioa to fovsrnasoat. to war, to devout obssrrsacs, sad ta sports, sad
wsr* still sbls to consider thsmsslvss
tTOT*l*a. saeb as scalp*, deer born*
*1<«*' daw*, bear teeth. Woasea were
aascaa tha eartleat tropkiea of aaaaasa
fsi warfare, tbea siavea. raate aad female. Last, wives, both *lave aad
fre*. and good* becaase eviaeaces of
prn«*ene* aad prowtaa Maay words
»ad terra* to tb* preaeat day Hterature
•tfli show that tb* Ideal of tbe honorable or repateble awn was shanty to
be ferocious. Examples are aofnerou*
In the praarbera' addreaacs to tb* Deity aad eoats-ofartos aad bcraldlc
de-rleaa have ferocious bird* of prey
•ad as-sage beats aa symbols of tb*
aaronry ot tb* flrat progenitor* of ail
tb* best famine*. Till now. tb* hlgbeat
boeora go to tb* general* aad wantors
most Baeceasful to slau*htor. aad th*
prcfrsslsaal killer, bumble Tommy At
ktaa. haa the country yobct akiane-l
about a BMa* to tbe good grace* of tbe
Ullage boll*.
A-rreatod developaseat, evidenced bv
tbe sarrfval of archaic traits, manners.
cBstoms. habits, preeepta. maxtms. b**-
llefa ideals, etc, would be called *a
atavism if these eridesces were a**t
eommon to the majority of the society
We muat, therefore, examine tbeae
archaic traits, which, sooner or later,
will atrophy asd disappear onder tbe
'elective prfn<1p!*> For the purpose of
classifying our barbarian brothers of
the farm. shop, mill sad factory, with
the object of estimating tbe forces of
restetaac* to be o-rcirorae befor* we
can maaa 8oetallste out of theae rough-
seek brother* of our own. education.
sat* tbe reeognltion of the survivals
of tbe archaic traits to ss snd in other*, will help tbe good work a whole
The flavaga Celtor*.
First let us take ap s few of the
survivals from Savagery. We will begin wltb animism, which might be
defined" as s belief to extra-natural
power, or influence* ta Inanimate
thing* It I* revealed to us to tbe
belief In luck, to spells, destiny, hoodoo, and mascot. Animism, where not
modified by tho Barbarian culture.
•bows op to sa amiable aad tneflcienf
sort of foollahn*** when confronted
witt* force or fraud. In religions peo
pie Its mark ts aa *xc***ive devout-
ne**, bi antithesis to the bigotry of
tbe theolorlan. Almost every gambler
I* devout st heart while tha -tendency
tor sports snd college athletes to take
aa Bctlve part Is tbe retigtoo* service*
of tbe non-tbeolorlcal cults bss often
been noticed snd rr-mmaete-d upon.
Billy Sunday, sn e* base ball player,
gives ns a good examo!**-. Another survival from savagery Is the low Instinct
of aorkmsnshlp. almost slwsys accom-
pSBled by good fellowship sad sa eaav
going, unambitious temporamont tt
fs this typo of msn wbo makes the
Mksshle loafer, snd the fellow who
pots emery dust In the wheel* of th*
msch'.nery. sad performs other sneaking sets of sabotage. Ths Catholic
church like* to piste* thos* of its mem-
bars having the** traits into convents
sad the servfi* brotherhoods. Mssy
of tha delinquent* of th* predatory culture sad the Isefleiente of the leisure
etas* ara scat to IK* colonies (ss the
typical remittance msn) sad tbs whole
bunch of y*l!f*w legs srs mora or lee*
tarred wltb those salmistlc traits. Bv
sry imblle works camp bas six to a
dosen of that* tocfl.ctente. Tb* femsle
type becom** sa assy victim of th*
white slsv«r, sad If not caught young
hy him, nor taken car* of by charitable
Bt tbs natter tato question'foru:  „.._.,.„., „. .„„ .
^«*L#?••^f-.'^"!vl*,•, "-1** *•» **\****** Wtoa* to all tbs world.   Thus
!?,,•iLto.!&, *********** «»•» bsitbsrs grow up staadards of r*putebll*
 . ™.  m*y • nta, still *twab*rnly and *ften •*•*' Uy In sspwdltnra or consumtitlou of
M-Mislw, f^oi^tb, ai tb* last day'siottotely, think In termirap-aduca'tn* ^ooo*. %TtoXX"sfTto7^bs
sa t*ramoalBlly cUsn.   Tha voters'i or phlUntbropic orgsnlsstloos, th* Isdy
Is apt to svsrsgs sn lll«gitlmste per
annum. Tbe ssms trait in a less de
vekiped form. Is tho impulse wbich
Issds tb* woman of the leisure clts**
to settlement work sad Inconsequential and Inefficient charitable and missionary •ffort.
This entlrs claaa of Inefficient* has
about tb* same chance, In modern life
ss hss s tribe of savsgss exposed to
ths wll**, tb* temptations, th* fore*,
chlcsne snd fraud of th* civilised msn,
with bis brutal might snd bis trained
facility for deceit snd exploitation,
wbich bs smugly terms "business cap*
aad tbsa, trader tbs bssd
of oecupstioa, eoatato tbs dsacrtptlon:
"gantlmBSB.'* Thla Is tha *urvlv*l of
tb* Idas tbat to do aay sasful labor
ta Industry Is to bs aat boooHflc. (Wo
frsely sssrapt tbs I.W.W. from being
aader tb* inflosne* of thia archslo sad
barbarous trait).
Cossplcuou* consumption of goods,
or (Konomleslly wssteral oonsomptlon
of goods, was another rasaaar to which
tb* raputebllity of tbs owasr could bs
Bo. B. B 9. at Cm
a*aa*s*-*aavt****a   a***   raaattss   rmnta   Ut
Tales St I-astses* saasltaS emery
TuasSay. t pax. *P*-**-paa-ui-ta aaastlna
Ssia-toT. I am. t>»fv**«» Thaiatr*- i.
C   Tarasr. S«er*»a«T^__	
Km. «S. EMti -rva-rj* ftmSmy -!wmi st
f t> tloc* la P-jMIc UtoatT rasa*. J**ia
Melania. ftorretary: AaSraw Alls*. Or*
a. a. or a.
St Hail -»r-
•Mr St I'rtaaia aad Prime* artt-ur m*.
al I V as. Biaslwis* aasatlsc. W*4a«a-
Oaya. • am S*»-*atory. I0* raustinaa.
P.. O. Bub ttt Sutton B. M«etr*aL
•wu sues ut. sa i. or Maat-
Msa*   JliaSiiiiaiUis  la   Bakasla  Ulk..
(********■«Ulal  St     Oaaa  atari   *-irnlst
«*»*-(:•* al
. al I {• ia
Bet IU
i -.itimrrriai   mx     iflsaa  ovary
a**aln*aa aa4  Prtnammdx tot
BsaaVBttartar* ***tyTa-i-"-attar
Haraid O. Maaa, nWcrstary. B
te. to, B 9. ot
ra*c*ias **>*ry Sanwlay.
at t to pm. la Steciallst
Hail oE-ewslt-' Post Oases. Erotrtetat*
ctaas*** h*-l<t T-***sOar **4 Frv-Ja*-. T
p-m. rr-ja-sa-anda .aaasttBt; «*«--ry
Samtay. t p.m. HaaSiuarter* Socialist Halt <*»e-Klt* -post -»SV*. I'laaiwilsJ
Btetr. TTMiir-as Caroay: C->*T*t*s*-*M«4taa
aarrc-tary. Jo*»t>h Nay tar.
m*x sir
nt C Hi-aa-iaartsra at M"-.*>rv lull.
Bv»»*-•** T«r-»t**s» atari; Bnt •**-! sac-
«*.*! SoaOay ta to* raset*-. N a
Ttsaefc**. »s«*fwl*ry. fSsa HI. Cs*.inert,
ato am as. a a. or
TWMssay »t : it p is
MtastW    tial-r   Hail
C—Meat* riery
ta  xh*   atttidan
C-a*riiv9ai*w**>Mit> la to aSSriasnl f>r*v-
«* K . Baa-toa. B C.
8.    9.    tt    Cm
mvmry tttmmXT at • ass. I* Mir.  »»' l!aIL
Nola-ta. B C.     I. A. Aaatta.  Drrturi
ia. i. a a. sf a
Baaiasaa ssarrtBS *vcry Turarlay •«*•'
stoa at Hss-Joaartars. tit Haatia**;
Ht Eaat.    H. Rakia-w Bscittary,
S   P   of C—■Bnatata*   ns*#tlr>-* *>**,. •
aaeaaa Saaday »f tli* mc-stb aad pro-
BBSaaaaal m**tin« avary foul (h »u*«i*.
Opaa to everybody at Vtoom Hi. lexbor'.
T*mpl*,   at  J  p-m.     Secretary.  H.  W.;
C-v**.  Boa HI*
worn*, llttl* vaiaaas af vto-IW vera*
*tatm        msaetat    -arte*
*-**V« far saaaUliaa
TaarvowTBav b c a*.  *»
Ptaaisb.     M«*t*    *-. *ry    **acas>4    as*1
fourt*s   Wa-tnaarlaya  to   tin*  Booth  all
Kit Pao-tar St. bast   O.ta Uad. Use-  ,
retarr. . }l
«»,   R   P.   C      M«*U   Srst   and   Utlrdl
Suadays   of  aach   month   la   Soriallst
Hall.    J. K. Htataa, S**cr»t*ry. Oftotss I
Hrtshta. BC- ]
£«OAX. UIWsT. BMsTiZ Bt*. *e\B. W.I
ot C.—Buslo««» asaattaa every 8*t*r-.
Say *T*elns at I nVlork st  th* h*Od
quart**-*.   114   Ninth   Av*.   West.     It
A***. ««*tr*t*ry, Box ««:. I
A Warid Bawiaw af S*>rialism
By (to beat wrttat* la Kara*)* tn-i
Arr.rrirc win h* tawmd la THF".
KRW HKVUCW whtafe «**!a la an
aaUiarttaUv* way with ail r*aa**-a
of ».<iall«m-aot tot •aitao***r>,
but (-4-Matleia Pahlt*****] sawofhlv
tt M a*r yrar: CaaaaUaa *---berrir-
iUmXm. gi.gg. stoBS is* for » •*•"*--
pi* oupy.
Socialist Party of Canada
We. the Socialist Party of Canada, ta convention sassmbtoa. affirm
our allealsnce to snd support of th* principles sad programm* of tb.
ravolutionary worfclag claas.
•Labor BTUdaess all wa-ith, aad to the prodaeer* It sboald bclons
Tb* praaeat a**oao*nIe aystem Is based upon capitoJust owaorahlp of
tb* means ot production. con**su*BUy all tb* products of labor below*
to tb* capitalist claa*. Tha capitalist ts therefore master; tbs worker
s sbLva.
So long aa tha capitalist daaa remain* ta passcsstea af tb* reini
of government all tb* power* of tb* State will b* assd to protect and
defend tbsir property right* la tb* meaa* of wealth production tuni
thetr control of tb* product of labor.
Tb* capitalist systsm gives to tb* capitalist sa sv*r-*welllns
stream of profits, aad to tb* worker sa *v*Macr*a*lag measure of
misery snd degradatioB.
Tb* Intereat of tb* working clasa He* la th* dlractioo of aettlns
ftaolf fro* from capitalist exploitation by tb* sbolltion of tb* wrote
system, trader which is etoakad tb* reMtory of tb* worklag claa* *t tb*
poiat of productioa. To sceompllab thl* n*c**sttato* tbe tras*forma
tloa of cspiteltet property ta the meaas of wealth productioa into col
toctiv* or worstag-clssa property.
Tb* lrr*pr**slbl* coaflict of tatersst between ths capitalist snd
tb* worksr is rap*dly culminating la a atniRglo for po****atoa of tb*
ratas of government—th* cspltallat to bold, tha worker te **cur* n
by political action.  This ts tb* elass struggla
TbsrsfOrs. wo call upon all workers to organise uadar the banner
of taa Socialist Party of Canada, witb tbs object of conquering tb*
public powers for tb* purpoa* of ssttlag up aad eafordog tb* *coaomu
programme of tb* worklag class, sa follow*:
1. Tb* transformation, ss rapidly ss possibl*. of cspltallst prop
arty in tb* means of wsalth productioa (natural resources, fsctoriet
mill*, railroads, ste.) tato the oollcctlv* property of tbs worklag class.
t. Tb* dsmocratle organisation aad managemaut ot Industry by
the worbsra.
S. Tbs sstabllsbnaat, ss spssdlly ss possible, ot production for
us* Instead of production for profit
Tbo Socialist Psrty when In offlcs sbsll always sad svsrywbare
until tb* praaeat system is sbollsbsd, nsks tbe an*wer to thl* que*
tloa Its guiding rule of conduct: Will this legislation advance lbs
iataraste of tha working elass sad aid th j workers ta thstr class strus
gt* sgatast capitalismf If It will, tbs Socialist Psrty ts for It; if »
Will aot, tbs Socialist Party Is absolutely opposed to It
la aeoo-idsnos with this principle tbs Socialist Party plsdgss lt**l-
ta conduct sll tbs public sffslrs placed ta Its hsnds In such a meaner
as to promote tb* interests of ths working class atone
•aaa, -     at iOOIALMM AND
Pamphlets  TrK^T
NOW READY y-aWltfr
To LocaU, 12.75 par 100
86© psr dossn
IEVlltO niCI [Iaaltsdas Egnrssssfls]
(By J. B. Oiborns) OCTOBER I, IBIS
mZi~. oaf* ..Taevotoa  to rwrtt of Executive Committees, LocaU."an-l
^olnorot Tartt ******   t^*^* *aSy*>**1*** -* J.' a BurrouVh.
B*or*tory. »»• ■■•*» mm. ■——«.»»*. •*. v.
Ssptanbar li, IMS.
convened st .If atata stro*t st 8
•"S .a..t   Rahim. Pritebard. Sidawsy
^l.r etsrV   Pritobard la th* chslr.
"tnS^pr.rlous moating adopted
"•V^iwnd-Mos from Locals Nsskup
^-TlClelto. 17 (t). Oumlmrlsnd
No ',,' victoria No. % W. Orgsnlier
So I*, in Moss* Bsrlts. N*lson: E.
sv"'   it   Waker, Oimbarland,  sad
Sh:ur oiS Colombia,     Routm*.
"mito-To Orgsnls*r Cassidy, W.OO;
Ma.    IIJI:    *****    *******   0B
Sr cVcte   -JIO-W.     Warrants or*
dewd drawn.B>ne|i)
slbln to form a Prov. Exec. Committee.
AH correspondence filed.
Financial Report
Clarion receipt*  $58.80
0*o. Rosslter, literature    6.00
J. H. Donneuwortb, do 60
Man. Exec. Committee, supplies.. 11.55
the wlll to do It exists. Tbere will
probably be a local tbere before many
moons. Very soon B. C. will regain
the position It ha* lost, of being the
best* organised   province  in  Canada
Applications for charters are es
pected any day now from Ontario snd
tbe Maritime provinces. There sre
bunches of bard weaken In several
centers wbo are not •retting the grass
grow under their feet
Clarion Fund-Nil.
Editing No. 7*0  $10.00
P. O. Dept, No. 7»     2.80
Job Printing ...„    9.25
Sundries ..,„ „    6.00
^nt^-A. psr wamats, llttl*
fteptembar 11. IM*.
as above.     Pritcbsrd In
Emotes of ptotum mast-tag sdop-
^cXmmmmtmm     t***      ft-f*
"d" oue pJS. awSSSS. H. Radford.
snd U«-. "g*^-  Winnipeg;    T.
ft  William;   Ab*.  Benen
B. C. locals wlll not do any harm It
thoy begin making preparation* for a
provincial election before the Dominion election Is announced. Nothing definite is known, but thing* look
promising. Rush In all the subs snd
keep the paper going, not forgetting
the Maintenance Fund.
C Maintenance)
Bal. on band Sept 15 $18.00
Orant to publishing acct  13.50
Bal. on hand Sept. 27 $ 5.50
Tv. Morgan. KlUKOty. Alta.; R, Tun*.
N. B.!
j r-Osboras. Oakland. Cal.;
Boat-rota, Sat S.  P. Wash-
No. 730.
Hubs $65.25
Buodl** 12.!
Directory    **. .._    6.00
Ads    4.00
Orant from Maintenance Fund     13.50
Editing   ......$10.00
Printing and mailing  91.65
Editor Clarion: During Comrade
Sophie Muskhat's stay In the Twin
Cities from September 7th to September 15th she gave five lectures under
the auspices of the International
Socialist Party of Fort William and
the Social Democrat Psrty of Port
Arthur as follow*:
On September 8th she spoke to a
well-attended meeting In tbe I. 8. P.
Hall on "Industrial Unionism snd
Socialism," showing that the ballot
was an Important factor for the emancipation of tbe workera. Those pre*
ent were mostly Socialists and were
very well satisfied with the lecture.
On September 9th In the Finn Hall,
Port Arthur, while tbe attendance was
not a large one, the close attention
and the Intereat taken In what Comrade Muskat said in her address was
highly appreciated, and the collection
was good. ^T^^^^^^^~^~
On September 10th she lectured in
tbe school house at Kakabeka Falls
In  spite of the  weather, which was
The i-osttion of the Clarion was discussed. The secretary pointed out
thst sll the funds wars still being sb-
sorbed ta producing tha paper, and
-nm* heavy bills wars ov*rdu*. Oaly
118 75 had been raceived for subs.
•Ine* tb* laat mtotlng. aad whea tbe
next Issue cam* oat ths funds would
be --ttiauatod. Ths following psssed
without dissent:
Sl.lsway-Rahlnr— (I) "That the secret* n* be instructed to write sll locals
In tbe Domtrion asking for a levy of
ten rent* per member for th* current
month  for th*  Clarion   Maintenance
'.'■ "That the, secretary prepare s
motion for submission to referendum,
making the abov* a  regular assess
HiUs- Printing sad melting No. 7».
1116$   Cat ms,   ltodretary. wage*
to Sept. $«. I10.0S.   Payment on typewriter. 110.00.   Buadriea. $4 $5,
 ...Plasweiat  f-teaert
R-^elpu—Clsrton Pund. $1; Directory, til; bundle*. $16; *ub*. $18.75;
•Mia, $2; literature sstes. $4-90; lob
printing. $2.50; total $56.15.
Expenses—As psr warrants, $115.90.
~~Sept M. WIS.
Main Street at t
Bal. on hand 8ept 13	
I Collected by J. Sldaway-
lanky,'* City 50
•Unknown"   -    1.00
Subs Received.
Y. H. Q
W. H. Ferguson, Rlondel,B.C...10   0   0
H. Maxwell, Edmonton 10   0
Mom* Barits, B. C  9   1
W. L. Phillip*, Fernie  t   4
W. B. Mclaaac, Tmlr „... 4   0
J. Mclnnls, So. Pt Oeorge. . 6   0
J. Hiscock, City  _ S   0
T. 8. Cassidy, V. I  t   8
S. Larson, Lethbridge   2   0
R. C. McCutcheon. Winnipeg.. 1   S
W. Steven, Victoria 1   1
O, Borland, Montreal I   I
M. L., Ottawa  0   X
H. Adle, Calgary  0   S
A. Manson, Nelson  0   I
W, P. Black, City 0   0
12 mos.— H. C. Besant J. Rolls, J.
C. Tu-fuer, W. Watte, E. S. Schulte, C.
E. Scharff, V. P. Morgan. A. Goodwin.
6 mos.—J. Wright, J. R.  Donnen-
worth. O. Rosslter F. A. Johnston, J.
3 mos.—-C. F- Gale, R. B. Wlding.
The P. O. cannot deliver the papers
addressed to the following names, tor
the reasons stated:
W. J. Wsyne. Calgary, aot caned
for: E. Routcllffe, 103 Erie Ave., Tor-*!
onto, no sucb number; John Rosen-
baum, 148 Craig St. W., Montreal, no
such number; Zabud McLeod Amherst. N. 8., not called for; 3. B. Cassidy. Seattle, not called for; O. Richardson. City, removed.
To explain some of the complaints
rescblng thia office as to non-delivery,
the notices from the P. O. will be Inserted as above every Issue.
One hundred and four subs this
week. If you keep op that average tn yearlles for each issue the paper would not be In difficulties. As
tbe circulation increases the. cost of
the Individual copy drop*. If (Oh! you
very wet, the *chool house was ^	
filled.   As it was a farming •tommun-i^.,T"^^'p\ar*ty member, let alone
" ' "" "- '"- 'every reader, made It a point to send
Sept. 20, second payment on motor-cycle $10.00
Sent 27, final do _.... S5.00
Convened at 516
"present Bidsway. Pritchard. Rahim,
Karme and -toCTatary.   Karme In the
"r^eawmdeaca from Local *****?]
No 74. Nelson No. 4. Tmlr No. JI (2).
8o**.h Fort Oeorge No. 61 VWorto No
1 (2). Feral* No 17. J. 8. Ro^-JJ00/
Nsnslmo m, W. H. Forgo-ion, M**
(tel, A Msason. Nslson. 1- RoUa N«w
Westminster. Geo. *•"«•*"• f"*;
Moses BartU, Fbrsle and Organiser
Cassidy (2). -    ' ■***
Secretary authorised to *-*-***
Comrade Barits sddre**** of *oc*l *ec-
reurle* from Bov*I*toh* to !.*«-
bridge. Offer of Geo. McBwan to accept $35 bb paymsnt ta full J*****:
eycte (being a redueUon ot $6 ta total
smount due) tt psld by the end of tho
month, considered. Comrad* Ksrme
loaned tbs eommltto* tbe money, and
secretary was Instrocted to pay It over.
Request of Local Nakusp for *p*****
for that district dlscu***d and left
in th* band* of the secretary. *»
cormpcadsacs filed. _,»-.»-
Bllla-B. T. Klngsley, Job printing.
1*50: Dominion Express Gb*W-
Wc; P. O. stem****, $1: -**- H0*8*,,*'
fitial payment on motorcycle, »"**>
Warrant* ordered drawn.
The question of nominating *«■■?•
didst* for th* vscsney tn the *****
*n* considered, snd Uld over pending
the return of Comrade Cassidy.
All secretaries will have received
the circular letter mailed last week,
and It Is superfluous to dwell upon
the matter here. The condition of the
finances has been frequently referred
to, and no Improvement has yet taken
place. In spite of tbe attention of
the party having been directed to the
necessity of keeping up the contributions to the Maintenance Fund, everybody bas left tt to the other fellow,
snd no one has done anything. The
funds will be exhausted wben this
Issue ls paid for, and if enough Is not
forthcoming tn two weeks' time for
another Issue, we wilt have to wait
until It doea come. It Is up to each
and every one of you.
Uy the lecture was suitable for farmers, and every one present enjoyed it
Quite a number of ladles and little
girls were present and tbe collection
was good.
September 12th Comrade Muskat
gave most of tbe time to answering
questions, which took up most of the
evening. Tbe questions were very
Interesting and very capably answered
and to tbe satisfaction of those present
On Sundsy. September 14th, a special meeting of the I. 8. P. in the
afternoon at. Comrade Mushkat'* re
quest, with the idea of Joining the
S. P. of C. Comrade T. Mellalieu very
ably assisted Comrade Mushkat. Tbe
opposition was too strong, especially
i against the 8. D. P. of C. Those present were not In favor of Joining either
the 8. P. of C. or the 8. D. P. of C
but a resolution was moved and
passed in favor of the amalgamation
of all the Socialist parties of Canada
into one party
September 14th. in the evening.
Comrade Mushkat spoke to a big
crowd. The criticism was varied, even
among some of the Socialists. The
subject she spoke on wss "Patriotism,'
which accounted for tbe critics. Questions were asked for at the close of
tbe meeting but there was only one
asked. Comrade T. Mellalieu waa
chairman, and opened the meeting
with a well-delivered address on economics, which was Interesting to all.
The following day the capitalist paper
gave prominence to the meeting.
I remain,
In one yearly sub for each Issue we
would hsve tbe weekly back, with sn
extra page. If you sre s member of
the party the first thing to do Is to see
thst you subscribe yourself. Local
Edmonton seems to have made the
move, lf we are not mistaken. Local
Vancouver No. 1 makes every new
spplicant for membership subscribe,
snd we should be glad to hear tbat
the othea locals are dotng the same.
As things are going now, with hsrd
times everywhere subs are undoubtedly hsrd to get All the more reason
for more comrades getting in snd do
ing something when their aid is urgently needed. It is not likely that
we will be forced to suspend. We have
the alternative ot issuing every three
weeks or every month left If we
have to adopt the monthly we can
probably make lt six psges, but that
Will not be aa effective as the smaller
paper Issued every two weeks or every
week. It only means a few months of
hard work snd then the spring will be
on us. when this panic can be expected
to have run ita course.
The B. C. Organising Fund ls now
wiped out by the payment of the final
Instalment on the cycle. The machine
is bow the property of the psrty. snd
an asset whose value the coming summer will demonstrate In a much
greater degree than Is possible this
fall. As It Is. It hss made it practicable to keep Organiser Cassidy on
the road when tbe Executive waa
bankrupt, an Impossibility In former
times, wben railroad and boat fare*
killed all attempts to start organisers
out with no fund*. This with about
half of tbe working population of the
Island Idle from the strike or from
Inability to find a mastar.
Only $15 remains to be paid on the
typewriter, and that drain will be removed, and a start can be made to
wipe out the debt owing yet on the
printing of "The Way to Power," anc
for offlce supplies, totalling about tl05.
which must- be met from the party
•"•avenue. The bill of $70 for the con
slrnment of the Iron Heel I* overdue,
and li teals are again rtMiutjated to or
Editor Clarion: I note from recent
Issue tbat the management is investing in Gasoline, so it ts evident tbat
there are traitors within the party,
who Intend to make short work of It
I wss a subscriber to the Appeal to
Reason from Its very beginning, but
when I learned that Wayland had In-
veeted In sn automobile I dropped It,
on general principles—and mighty
glad I waa after what later ocenrred.
Now the 8. P. of C. have too much
trouble In getting speakers to ever
trust any of them on top of a gasoline
tank, and I hope that the management
will take that motor cycle down to
the water front and drown It and
expel that fellow from the party that
first suggested the purchase of lt—on
general principles.
"Wooden-booting" ia bad. but gasoline ls intolerable.
10 o'clock at night we went through
to town, back to our cars, singing
"The Red Flag," then that "bull" came
up to the can to ""restore order," and
some of the boys got a hold of him
and threw him out Into the swill tub
and we have never seen Mr. BuU since.
Tester-day 43 of us got fired. Now we
are tn Kamloops.
Everything is going fine. The Revolution ls going strong around here. At
Revelstoke last week quite a tew rata
ed hell with the C. P. R. there. We
had the sky pilot at Ducks nearly cre-
ty with singing The Red Flag
Wll. I guess that Is sll this time,
hoping you are still keeping well. Kind
regard* to all the boys. I hope to be1
back some Ume in November.
Up the North Thompson is fierce.
I hear Vancouver is still on the bum ■
yet - If you have sny news write me»
to P. O. Kamloops.
Beat wishes.
Tours sincerely, H.S.
Vancouver   No.   45.   due
stamps   , '■-■*. i"
local Bouih Fort George No. 61.
and local* sre again requested to or-i 	
di-r sample copies for sale.   They seili    Organiser Cassidy has returned from
with very little effort ln Vancouver. -ho UUnti, -m-i the following Is a dl-
StSmPS       met
local Nakuap No. 74, supplies -™
Local Feral* No. 17. du* •tamp* boo
l-ocal Fernie, 6 Iron Heels.- *■*
More. Bsrlts. FBi-nta, literature 2.00
Organising Pund   * on
A  Karme, Loan..
wiui   Very   •'•"s^saaaaasBBi
and If a coal camp like Fernle can get
away with an order for six copies at
once, the locals in the larger cities
ought to have spunk enough to do at
least a* much.
The financial condition ta all the
more provoking tn face of the expressed desire from all parts of the
Dominion for organizers and aid tn
the way ot speakers. There are no
internal scraps dissipating our energy
All eye* seem to be turned towards
the enemy. v-*
Local Nakusp, No. 74, D. C. hss
written for s speaker for their part
of the country, offering to guarantee
eest of his report
Miles travelled       682
Meetings held          9
No. people present  \.....   1850
Receipts  „ $61.35
(Includes $15 from P.E.C.)
Expenses  _ _   40.60
Surplus    20.75
He started on Sept. 6th and returned
Sept. 29th.
The roads are in wretched condition,
being under repair, with very loose
surface, which made hard travelling.
To make matters worse, heavy rains
prevailed moat of the time.
Under these condltlona with all the
miners on strike, and unemployment
rite in the other centers, the tost of
As p*r warrants »
Adjournment. _...„,„ «._«,
iopt. 26. 1918.
Convened as shove, Ksnne ta the
**>"•*. A, .mA
Minutes offrevteus meeting sdopted
Corrbsnoadshcs from Local Loth-
•■ridge No. is. Cslgsry No. 4, R«d Deer
No. ll. MSB. s-anM.- M. L., Toronto;
OrgsBlssr Gribble, Waterloo, Out. W.
•1. Cartel, St John N. B„ Geo. Rosslter, Toronto (2), J. R. Donnenworth,
Ucotnbo, Alts., snd F. Hyatt, Organiser Local Bt John. N. B., No. 6. The
•otter ot C5omrsd«Hystt re the form-
Btton of s Prov. Exec Common** for
New Brunswick was dlicusied. Sec-
rstsry Instructed to correspond with
the Maritime Exec., and Local St.
John No. 6, with th" objsct of obtain-
in* their approval to ths appointment
of Com. Hyatt ss 'Prov. 8*o. for Now
Brunswick, until such Urns as it Is po*-
or me eowunj. «-■•-.••-■» — "v__ _„,, rue in me ouiwr wu^ni »» *«-* «■
his expenses, etc.. In •conJ""'?"0" "*** the feasibility of this method of organ
the locals in thetr neighborhood, ana |MtJon hM beftn a B€)T/#r-, one.   The
by the time this ***** ^SJ-J.  fact that all expenses have been met
.  * .     .^-.    _     —..m     W.II1    h*    All    tn«     lOU.I . ..     . .-    .1...    —mm*    mrmm,.
hoped thst s man will be on the job.
Comrade Barits Is now In the Crow's
Nest, and reports good meetings and
literature sales. He will probably
visit all the locals between Revelstoke
snd Lethbridge. He has turned his
attention to sub-rustling, and made a
respectable start.
Now la the time when many locals
begin their active season, members
returning from the summer's work.
It is generally evidenced by large orders for dues stamps, and South Fort
George hss started the bal) rolltnK
with sn order tor $8 worth. Many
more are expected, and will be doubly
welcome just now.
There are a hunch ot reds in Rlon-
del, B. C. (Arrow lakes), presumably
a quaru-mlnlng camp, who have been
rounded up for $20 worth of atibs by
two hustlers, Comradea Gill and Ferguson, both of them Mndlng tn $10
for yearlioa, and the latter writes for
more sub-blanks. Thla can be dupll-
.cated In every mining camp In the
I province where work is steady, snd
and a small surplus to the good prom
Ises well for the next summer's work.
J. H. B., Sec.
Dear Jim:
Since writing to you last there has
been a big change.   At Pritchard a
week last Saturday a foreman came
on the job from Seattle, and he ls
some driver.   He fired s man when he
had only been half an hour on the. Job.
He was the worst man I have ever
aeen.   A week last Monday noon we
sll made up our minds we would not
work under him.   There were 8$ men
In the camp, so we sll came out at
noon to make a complaint to th* road
master, but we could not see him that
day, but a "bull" from Ducks came
down and told us we either hsd to go
to work or get out, so 82 out ot the 86
quit.   Then the most of. us got a Job
at Ducka (that la 14 miles east ot here)
on an extra gans*.   It waa all right
there until last Tuesday night, which
was pay night, and 50 ot us went to
the hotel at Ducks and got drunk. At
Editor Clarion: According to Dan
n«v*hrnne. Sec. oi the Maritime Exec.
Com., there is practically no movement
'n Nova Scotia, the organisation hav-
'ne been killed by the Colliery Com-
-«*-n'ee and the workera have heen
victimised until they are afraid. Three
vesr* ago Comrade Gribble came up
Ibvnngh here and six locals were or*
esnlsed ln New Brunswick and St.
JCnn is tbe only survival, with practl-
celly nothing doing in Nova Scotia
Now what can be done to remedy
tbls state of affairs? Glace Bay is a
long way off. and ao ls Vancouver. To
mv mind. ***ew Brunswick needs a
-Provincial Executive of its own, with
S* John as a base to work from. I am
;l*o communication with Com. Stuart ot
i Newcastle Fillmore of Alberta, Butler
f *f*T**deri-*kton and have lately held
meetings at White Milts and Bays-
water. Miss S. Mushkat addressed
About 100 "farmers here. (She must
snrey be out of pocket qutle a lot).
Com. Eastwood, who Is travelling on
the road, wPl be. at White Mllla next
week some time, when I expect to get
a local orffmtxed there.
The trouble up here is that we have
no money, not many friends, and few*
er speakers, and the only way out is a
little help from headquarters and to
establish a Provincial Executive for
New Brunswick.
I am arranging with Comrade Irish,
State Secretary of Maine, for O. E.
Kirkpatxick (author of "War, What
For?") to come here In December, as
well as trying to Interest our comrades on the Lyceum lecture course.
1 have not heard a word from Gribble snd have no inkling when he will
strike New Brunswick. I heard from
Barits today. I hope you liked his
lectures. We had good meetings tor
htm here but churches are thicker
than flies around this neighborhood,
and what with the patriotic, loyalist
spirit, we have our work cut out
The labor movement Is beginning to
go, A Provincial Federation of Labor
has just "been formed and I am the
Executive, but th* labor movement
here la wholly antagonistic to our
We have had 1400 saw-mill workers
on strike all summer, and all longshore
contracts expire in November, so expect trouble on the waterfront soon
Tours for a better movement
Eastern Canada.
P. HTATT, Organiser,
(Continued from last issue.)
In the development of the modern school of physical tcienee aad ths
publication aad widespread distribution of scientific literature, the tchoolt of
technology and the conespondence schools, and the compelling of ths proletariat to acquire st least sn elementary education, the whole world of
knowledge is opened up to the propertyleM. The proletarian today hat power
to resd, is developing power to think, snd just in proportion as he reads sad
thinks he -will be sUe to discover his position in modern society, his fclsbos
to the rest of society, snd his mission ss s proletarian, and slso just ia
proportion thst he does this, will he travel on -the way to power.
The limitation to the development of the forces of capitalist prartactioa
is not mposed by nature, but by thc mode of capitalist productioa itself. Ia
the latter psrt of the eighteenth ceattvy, when the feudal system of production
hsd sbout nm its course by developing those powers of production for which
there wss room -within the feudal tociety, the problem of the great nations of
the world was the problem of production, because they, with their systems of
production, found themselves unable to produce enough of the necessaries of
life for lhe ever-increasing popuution. This condition gave rise to ths
Mahhusian doctrine. MaJthu* pointed out the tact that the prif-Blstiim of
the earth wss increasing st greater ratio thsa the ability to produce wealth,
and argued that therefore the earth would hsve to be visited with aa epidemic
or famine in order to reduce the popuUtion. or that the nations would haw
to go to war with one another in order to loll off enough of the populaboa so
thst the remaining part aught hsve sufficient food, clothing and other necessaries
of life. t _,jr\tjajaMBa
Then came the development of the beginnings of machine proaucboaaaa
steam engines. Invention after invention followed, until the develcpBM-at of
the forces of capitalist production hss aot only solved the problem of production, but oa the other hand it has brought sbout s world ecoBomie problem
equally ss intense;—de., the problem of consumption. Hence, today, the
problem of the great nations of tbe world is not the problem of productm
ability, but the problem of finding a market tor what they actually produce.
This problem of consumption is today, and will be for some tans to come,
the pe-rplexing problem of sll capitalist politicians and every ipnhajil of
capitalist class supremacy.
Todsy. Germany, France, England aad the United States, the four
great capitalist nations, sre searching the uttermost parts -of the earth for
markets for their surplus products, not only conquering for markets the popu-
' lsted -aland* of the earth, but colonizing sad increasing the |-*r<riJstirm of
imdeveloped places ia order to extend their markets for manufaxlured pioducts.
As long as capitalism can find a market for what it produces aader tbe
caphalist system it will remain with us. Whea it has dt-veloped sll the
productive forces for "which there is room within it it will disappear, sad we
can begin to see the rwginning of thst disappearance. Capitahst nstiom sre
more sad more perplexed for markets, snd the greater the developaaent of
their productm forces the greater this perplexity will become.
Out of this condition has arisen sll the wars of recent years. The war
between Japan and Russia grew out of the desire and necessity of Japan—
just recently developed into a capitalist nation—for markets. The war
betwaea England and the Boers of South Africa came from the same economic
cause. The wsr between the United States aad Spain, in which tbs United
States assumed a protectorate over and took Cuba, Porto Rico and ihe
Philippines, also grew out of the necessity of American capitalism for larger
markets. On this ground, expansion was justified by Mr. Mark Hanns. The
war recently threatened between Germany, France and F-»*r-*i*-*l about
Morocco was over the cjuesuoe of markets.
The expenditure st the present ume of such enormous sums in the building
of warships by Germany snd England is the direct result of the contest for
markets for the product* of capitalist production.
But this problem of -toosumption cannot be solved by national wars.
England has been unable to solve it by free trade, just as the United State*
has found a protective tariff of no solution. Prohibition of liquor or say other
traffic would not evea be a tendency towards its solution. Shorter hours or
higher wages will not solve this problem. It can be solved only by removing
the limitations imposed by the capitalist mode of production upon the consumptive capacity of society. The limitation imposed upon the consumptive capacity
of society by the mode of capitalist production is found in the wage system.
The greater ihe forces of production sre developed by capitalism, dm smaller
becomes the relative portion received by the working class in wages.
In the United States seventy years ago the wage-working class raceived
83% of the total production in wages, while todsy they receive but from 15%
to 17% of the total product in wages. In other words, when the produciog
class produces five billion dollars worth of wealth it receives about oae billion
dollars ia wages. This meant that they have produced four billion dollars ia
-wealth that they—the great majority—csnnot consume, because it is not "theirs
and they have no power to buy it Thu is the economic situation ia all the
great capitalist nations today, and capitalism in the past has been able lo
prolong its life by finding fortign markets for its surplus products.
Past ct-mditions hsve been favorable- for even now over half the population of the world is living in countries that have aot yet developed the modern
capitalist method of production. However, b die last few years Japan has
rapidly developed into a manufacturing country. The recent revolution in
China with its upward of four hundred million of popuUtion, has opeaed the
wsy to the development of the forces of capitahst production there. India,
-with the three hundred million population, will soon witness the appearance of
capitalist development, as -will likewise the continent of Africa, and then,
where will be the markets for the products of international capitalists?
It, therefore, becomes plain that the only solution for the world's great
economic problem of consumption lies in removing the limitation imposed upon
the consumptive capacity of society by the wage-system. This is the program
of the Socialist Party. Through the collective ownership sad deraocratk
management of sll the material instruments of social wealth -production, all
limitations upon consumption now resulting from the wage-system will disappear
as the wage-system itself will disappear. We will still be able to develop
higher and still higher forces of production snd to reduce hours of Isbor in
proportion to the progress made.
But-this cannot, in the very nature of things, be done within i^piialiit
society. The wage-system, the form of labor upon which the capitalist system
is based, prevents any further room for the development of die forces of
production within the -capitalist society. Capitalism, therefore, by performing
its mission in the development of its productive force, at the same time digs its
own grave.
Economic power is that power arising from the ownership of economic
wealth.    Under the capitalist mode of production the entire product becomes
the property of the capitalist class.    Hence they are called the eceaoaric
It has been the mission of the capitalist class, as has already beea ahowa,
to develop the forces of capitalist production in all their concentrated and
accentuated forms.   In the developaaent of the economic formation of capitalist
society all of the forms of labor previously existing were converted into wage-
labor, snd just in proportion as the forces of capitalism become larger snd
more -thoroughly organized, the wage-working class will grow larger and larger
numerically, and continue to form a relatively larger portion of the population.
The wage-working class found itself forced by sheer necessity to sell its
labor-power to the capitalist class as a commodity to be used in the process of
capitalist production.    This condition of labor gave rise to the organization
of the trades unions snd the organized labor movement, on the theory thst
since labor-power was a commodity that had to be bought by th* capitaust
class as a necessity in production, if it was organized into a union the price of
the commodity—labor-power—usually called wages, could be deterraiasd by
the union.   Thereby the working class could get a higher and still higher prks
for the commodity labor-power, until eventually it would receive tha full
product of its toil.
(To be Continued)
^nasHBBss "■"
,1BI»"*   "iiwrii    . i   iass
Tist rturr is *finw*wM:c  x* Im j>vt.'jaias*. saVasa sua— ■
sums -jw>-K-e f.rva- i***->   ta-saS n um- i**j***t <a* •*> toe aak as Vak*
lAta*, *«-(£  iwrawrt av t* «*rir.«9>  *-;   .•>■*»  IDsarksara.  *'*«   uf  eras**
«*«*-**»-«. wto> tost tela itt* rt. tlm ars* -mi***a(*to* J-*****.* ss ISM.   T*****-
t*43 t*f Ids* fau&tv* «f tltis tow ayr-sai* «f tt** w<-rk*r». s'luci. waa ttmp-
ynnisaf. fry fib* •at**w*-#.i..-* -*Tto««s*j« at**.** "*M-r-*r-1*** •**-*-**--•'*** tmotm at
::., n.-.tig mlttrnXOVAiy *4 '.--' W** Tw-y Ma* ****> «** a a»u*a«-jl nissSf ta
• .**'*«.uti'j*. '..nm, »-fJM*t, Iii it--* vsdawsa i,' sbet awtlirsaaa. •****£' pro** a
S--J1J.J---*. T*-*"*. tou. *«rv.- -. ti-' <*-*• a -U=<-lu-**. aB* M *s si*-*u**-rf 1* to St
tie* tie"-* ** IM* mtxjuut: *vyyn-*aivti *t ti* ww-fccs-s Slsvt to*
0mWmiU4 t>r tb* -S*-*-**-*-  * *-* LK- trtiard.
T*i* mXvrt eattemm ••*-.». to* a-onwont «-f ta* an* saastlla-a;
Avis ate. Zirttvet ft**-***.*.- t. v-it*-* XaA*» Jila-a* to tor tats-ws Imwi to
*•.. K-ar 8*14 sFl*a*a town >•».*-* iv a thm-ar as wtacsi sfc* sar>**tr **
••:■-,** i-mtatxl ar* sStaia. ~-r'-^S it* n-j***-. ffirxH-st is ion *•*>.* Is**
<a«:»•«*-*♦*-**- '«f to* fwratrt*. at*. *-**..tw*r its** w-e-r- tost »*}«*• ttsoan.
i-.-r*-"* ii* fc-sacfc* sax .*■*.?-.»*»■;; sait <-.**.-.}.. «*uC la. fa* mrtaai
intSXi* k* airtiwa Ktaraulf n.ur* a*.' «IUe ta 'in** Us frvmss BMIbv*>
m-.*•**-----••-- J* ta* asdr «*•*- -**" t-** «***» **•*■*■* ■I'v-nrasas* ui* -sjMBiaaaBs
ta aaa.it. ****£ ti* -s-toatniji.uj *•* to* uat-a* vf lAi-ur H* Is agato
**- -»s «* niinssani- --*♦ E*-*-***-**--* a **»ii(-tsB(I *****. fssBS Ato *-*>
Kn«( vf laa-rSiilaf tiiaa* xratrttt a. a in*** at*-** to
*T"W it* flrrrfm*. Wend tur.-.a -r** -a-**-**srsa*-*tia Osstoa* tot 4**X-sn*s><**
1..-1 »'.-*ai  '-'saa-t-st**--*-  ai.-*  "ti*  cJsMsi--*-iri»srlt.."
FiasX-'r xm **f*-*-f- -« Ba.:..ij toi tsTAtvm xtm tmjttarX' to* tea>ba-
ii-i*. ?*»«a aad -jat asv«r«-i-*f«* *v*J**w* ***** 'jiMigJ-flUaa -artotet to "aflffl as*
CU«rc. aatraf-iic toss toavt J* o* •*• wiX /*ava»t -***• -**rta»^mr-as) -tram, to*
CluwOL. Arte c-wkmm t*y «* aastoft.t* ««f to* ai*a.t--,, tent Ersssl «**ls
i*r «*.<it!t.r>us to «** tons -Jtout **to* *** tor «s*aar ar* It easy «*T s»vl-
<S.-s,s» Of-rit'--* ***** Ct* *rr*rr» htlSiA ami tkmt tb* **ry
wejara *r* drivvtma; WMS.   liauaa.  tS**-*.
l>i*r-ltt* flto rnTtrnk *» u* *>i-ij»"-i*rsa*a--a* ussaiS.ay.tos :
j--***-' «f «** asna^-ar*---**-* mod to* «*-sa*ax-»*»S ■«■»*>****« *f tb* ssSB ssw*-
-ii*j. «*e. to sras dtflAmVUeit :t u» ati*-j*o|*l la **•*• tusaf msarlnai. Avto
.■.tv«*u*{-.-aB la* ****** -' 1*9* var tWi--**---«t. ab* **«lni ta***** Ibac
a-abtaat »*i*«f «f to* aiaviat -*-i*a'tivt- vt all Xkm attUJ wta-aars sea* to*
■ t.-i:li.ias*li-a» «f OssStol. JS** t-t-S «*ii---*»-3rt--« f**«s*- ***r *sa***WaSssa), i-er
■jj.'-.tiiv-ti -uf El rrtiaia •as.ci-.-*■-** a ttam**
•Sertritert bt S«vturfi -.<• i..£.flj,*-s* tt* *Hi:.U<.-Bmtto. a ctoa vf tt* auatm
*«aJ.r.>'> aa.* ssnaasstm ,•:.-■:-, ot: tl* I*acuS>: OHM*, ta* «a>«-iat»*t« *mbs«
'.Li.-  -•» arm t*we*\m* ti^-n   »■•«  *-"i*<* "*■>*--«**
Be  it-r-Mrc   *mi*uBsBVii7  agma
was IsaTassiaa.
""Tbsa. •nbae. to oar ati—wr. Wehsv*
jsw-vsorts* to mmXm-t a* jwa. *sVs*«a» ?*•*.
j****** aat ****»• vaamtoA *t»Hg bamas
• far onr jaatoaea axtd jmsyied -a*** *e
■wfls samw r*s wbat anangab at.  fa
Of  aaafs]}     aSid     JBasS IllsTf   SBad  to
wiii oar aaawer be oosKiitaL   V« wlE grisi! y>sti
iiu*alaUtori*aa a*wra  waitr oar to**!
aad wa fabaB w*3k mjam yomr tmom.
-Th* w*taj%t ]a o«a. wc act- Hot itxius.
saw it sstofl iubbbji    ato -tor ib*
oT sabar, bt has heme la tb* db-
Isbae* tstotur- basam. aa*. I j-ead hbrxer;
larigfat*   Axit to  lb* dirt it tasasl it*
Isaaas sa laaa; as 1 said satoe aasi ttios*
'■thai ts*-* am\m a* iasve i1*  x*xtm*g
LTi**-'*   it   limt   Kitd..     &   I*  lab*   ttaStf  *£
Mst CbnL  aot   TaUa*
Port it ewer yot.*
Tfil ft ttogte* wfttb fa*.    Power *
*T aa aaswarad.*" Erwaat aaid «■***«•
ly-   "ft Is taw oaly aswwer that ooule*
-be ss**-*-    ?:-*««.    at I* wbat  •***  t-*
|tb* urwrbbag dans praacb.   We baww.
•ad weS w» ba*w by totter rppssfSsaag,
■Itbat no BK-eal for tbe rtgwt- far *ua
itfe*. tut biistossty, «aaa ever Toarb yoa
Tosv baatto are bard aa your beea
wltb vrbkb too oaad ajaai tbe tores
of the -poor.   So  we bav«  ptmmXtoet
"-Taa. Ta* -aad,*  tatsar asasTrmorl
hm 1 -a*-oSca*t b-jBssu k.   *f*t aay rate.
•t is asMy a* -saacb
Saaaa Im say
"31 SS   l-atTjitia  to «aUS   Wat. (tome.
L-ueR wtst Vm "tt yam bnaa** !i j our
]«JitT -of *-f1i*g tba** sj.ii isTaffi aad
-riaasnals af aal asn* m pmwt btn-xtt,
tc» s*sJ! torlBttog*
* .'law wbat «-*■ aysosa said Aad af
aX m.sa.iaan-sa' ahis«s' 8* aaid tt
vat to i*aor tosii tasesrty -predlti-aca
ia.r*"ar. mmi aac ta faaniioaty wbb asst-
<«r*Ssj rrasttarats aad aarbry. He
sairt. -aaKBi snsee af tb* aaaw *hg\*
•tn. ami I cmiMta't |da asm dt**** to
ULrU-tog asmdsbc. i assss* a ;*r**ar
i» e-strfj far torn, ar** be ootod osuy
troth* an sitorad
I raa-i aa Irisb*
. rasa tb*
~ tttss waat b* caaa* to
. reaesas. Taa attgjbt bs sara R waa not
for waM. Car I bad adaac? of tbat at
i htm*, - fat ate twmiy lie* a grast trstb.
: wticb saay saor^rtoafcad by som* aad
; *ggsaaa% wig oaaaa tbaa aaly to
:teng*c   To aa ta****%«at aaaa tbass
few  words w'JS mat ftfss to *tbiBb*ag  Arieaoito*'
[ag ao* -a*.}* the IrtobaMa. bat Scotcfc.  < *f
Et>g1i«b.   ttoJiaaa.     Preatb.
A Goad nam to Eat at
ir Cordova Street Wett
It Remding Therr
iwaara*»f* M
t» ea  -e**jaj*aBaaa> lun-a*-!* (sad toila-g
ii* <-*>« mmmxh im isimmi-'.red a*. tXxi * "J  E.=a*S»3** ear.. ar* 4**a? **»;tes "tbeir
toe *aM bsaBapiid a**., aa a raJ«tlst; ooimirto* to eosae aad aetii* aa tbie
It aaaat aa agreatJa*- taab lor *»•» | r^-fr-Tat
'. txasld aa* be dUa'X Im* •*.*" %:_—   i*.  —. --» —.*,.   -^ ■■
""He wa* aet a fcwe agtif*." Era*--«*    ^^" ^^   ^^
saiC   •'The l**g-bsr la xmt stSSgg assai j Do tbey toave bsrai* tba citatato Is?
• Rlddtos *t tt** Uahrars*. m-*,. ? '
Waa»tera af Ufa. Naask-H "Jj ,
tvatou-to af Mas*. Matiiai ? <
Postpaid m
r: JI»l^;»iBusstore
■*« *«      jag Caatoaa Ba. ^. Taaecsr*- a >
•ac* beaitby Car
cut Sf htm j^o, ^^ !**„   fl^
*■***' "*••*« asA tb* tooad* tbey Itead wtth?!
!1 Uf M.    Let  aa sac what Is thia
CHAPTEat T. f-Camttaaed)
"A* tor thia retom to ImVxi* that
yo* say yoa liaraad at «as***a-t- to**ora
f wa* mvrm. motyamt at* to votot out
tbat oa tbe face sf It yoti ca&not haw*
mmmtmtA aartauag atooe SM-iaitem ba*
Tor a tevTcr, -faa ar* tb*
Ua a***** to a p*tot I ever sa
bafam hi* aaawer to tb*
My ytratb has aotbiag to da wtth what'
Nor bas tba wattb- 'of woraa   Very stead.   Power R abaB
of tbe    wtrktog    clasa.     1' *e.   Aad ta tb* day tbat we s-weey to
-        -      s*T>lgbbo*vba«d. th* 1
tb* sadvaraity s>asaa*l ever •«*!
this year fbaa tb*
km* wa* wilttag to •fun-is*   aad tbat.
rt Baat «xsme from aeaatbj aeratataa^a i ..a*s*e tbat tot\.*m ths* smlgiailua
abe otmld ac* ton be eCcmdad by the,    -j-t^ *«rorfsc*ra. *a*lb*ar of thl* country
-rawnSag ot tb* arJieraatL*   trwa tts j     rf ^^    .. ^ ■ TT"
ksa* Mead -rf tb* j*a**aBLtew smsib!     ** "• ***°*» wsrkL ""^ ***** *
at BBBgBBBBa  m*mmmt*.,   yrhm Ij'b* aame |«*tton.   Tb* sxtmttm ct
t-tod to ni*  bia aawa to ataat my]the see of *t*am aad   watc-r
U-S-* af* bad to de vrfc.% seevvtag tbej w)Ql .tt a**s*asjg*a*
*-**J*^-*aaTy  "fri-aa sis katb    Meal.    *•!»___ ,^-w*-   -*•-».    -..ni.n^i,.* -«.
.raaaaai me a two yeara' Tacattea, oa ■»*" %o6v- ****   ^*'>-*»,1«*'ir«** •*>
 .to tan tba go*- ;*un -pay. te Ttaroa-e. for •*■*-*•*-**•**■**» aatfi****tT-    ■'  bavteg
to yoa after yoa have | -sssaa*.   Of eoerrae I eeaMa't **-*r-ej«t ] for tb* tadlilsteal workar to owa tbsaa.
at tb* ttsdtot-aB-a.'T' | tt tarier tb* ttrt'iimtiBC-WB.*'
It woes* have baea bv better If yo«
By tb* -war af emtr *b»3-«»
day wilt wa take gxyvvm
away from yoa "
tf yoa do get s stajwrtty. •
i etowtoa dayr
la   to
tbat wai
a* -more to do wMfa tb* state tt nature cbargad tb*
tbaa bas <ULgereattol *m*Vcuiu» with a. tag
mttm* * 'Jaa*.   I bare «m*tod your eteas aot *to*werai.
stofdd xramxi oouUt th* natal of bas- -j-^-,« to aa*
btoac     To*, sfr, have bftajburtiy ea-
saBfBJfed sty mmt i mtaf
Tbl* torrflde ci-stlaallrsi of ber baa-
-staCl-ivsVtosswd  dstlsr lawyer was too
tor Mtes hb*nstwoe*°rs mortem.
society.     Toa bave
war* kav- '"ri-rtory at tbe
frme to tara over to a* tbe
:we havo
Toa bave stad* ao at-]f«ny  tmafjtrmd, aad you  aesaaad  to
tr.   Whr*     Is tt bo lmow wbat w* are gotog to do about It
easate yoa ba«* a* aaawar?   Tou arwl^*- *** **f- l **•-*• *»*
th* ibsnjsoa sf
Every oa* ber*. tscsst ste, fa
aa your Spa tor that rnmwtr
(To be
aad to roar ef tt-eB
sad to wbtae of
'onr *a*w*jr b*
"Toa eaaaot escape us.   It te true
Usury artgSrt   It
ywa r*>|TI**ssx*
Tb* Csvaaxal of Alberta,
caartaTtet frt*ad* srouM
Mbe to torm tbe etxy baaattrai, tb*
boat* of pcrpc-toal ,<: jagtiiBj:
Bach   tSsgPsaataf   It   "***7   Bpf«ra*at.
ap*ta*tot atuss make* tba
dtooevery  that   there ara
*""^*wkea tb*
' ■jsarve-loa*
Iter hyaurria b-wetsw *totes«. and *h*^* *** **
«aa (a*-.ped. wetadag saw if^gbiag. **%.****• **'■
ot th* room   It waa tost a* weM. ter * ** ** *** ^
th*r* **» worae to follow '•2JJ?B ff'J1^*1*?.'*"  ^ .     , ,.
-Deal take my word for It."Ern**tj    "2teJ!i^r*ii*21 S^flffU?"
fteoUaued, wbatt tba tatorrvKi-ai bad ' >)-™o*ri cr«-d out   TTus to toaalt,
be-w ted away* Taar owa safbottttesl. T7***, ^J***}* 1!*LSf,w*L.'*J*r . te tbe Mr*. I arm* wtth y*x
witb </!** <:uAttrWwQtAt vatoe trUJ prove M,lttsaht*Z Era*** repited grartJr (f1*™" JJ* a?Jrtwf,.^«r t-a*7 -lu
•***/ ai«a«ii r*Z7«JlrM,^ J***** "No aMa eaa be tot*rf**ectoaJIy taaaitedL*• **** **** an tbat yoo have aato
yoa atossd.   Toar owa hire** par-er- .rr.^yT." ™_rrr^zzymZTZZZTZZZT iVmmam wm mm tw ataSie-r. aa H alwavs
era of  kMvMse  wrfl tofi   yo*  ttoJt L***it ** H" ***2 ■*ifre- to "^S*} iBaVb^rartoT-JbvteT    It to a stresai-*
Om to yo*r eM#k*mt < Rocovsr youraell   OT»e aw aa tateM1"- •**• t** •"",Il,T    **■*»* *xrts*xir
pm        sterna  ta
Btaow aay. itbat you bave read history arigbt   « -jn-s^m***  Ca-attal
r aa* ti  it ita trus tbat labor bas from th* bagta-j •nodktog nrvetettes
ntag of btetory been ta tbe dirt.   And ai>d xawva^ aLtwaya
tt is (tauaJly yroe tbat ao teas; ss yov, vbm *re lad the
aad youra aad tboae that coate aftor"
yoa bave power, tbat tabor shall te
la I
of  Alberta  Is
B**~m*   **  •***    *
or ta other worda tbe greatoBt e^ptcit
atioa, w« Aad tbe stoat aagradad poverty.
Aaotbar taat-jtuttea whieb gne* atoag
yoa sre * roag
3**t a* your class draaaed
down tbs old feudal uoatltty. so shall
It be dragged down by my ctaas. the
Mttl* sasictaat iaaitactor of wxtetegy •fexuai Baawmr   to   my    totolAectual
bad ask bim wbat te tb* W*r*m*x ****** ***** ** ******* *m* bss
between RoBtacaa's theory of to*- re- ■testaaagod sr**aety.
tora m naton* sad th* thtr-ry of so*      CaMou«I Van MBSst reassdned slteaL
taltem;   ask your greatost  onbodot * suiteo. superior *«oir»aslon oa hi*
*»*%%.. <**r™^ ********   •£iK Z* ^Iw^tlSh^mSZ tbte ead I have feaevfhed is taaurJUHa
•ateteloigtets;    **ieas*loa   thttrtgh   th* <* * **** *mo mm not aaaay woraa :iTT^^!JTr*Jir_*.-»»^_ -. t. <. —
of every Ust-boofc written on onth a
tba mb\**% aad stored oa tbe shelve*
of your -wbatetasd ttbtarte*; sad from
aa* sad all the saswer will be thst
tbere is aotbiag «**(atsgraous betwesa
tbe re-torn to nature amd wxtelisat.
Oa the other hand, tba Basairsous
■■family* saswer wttl be thst tba
ftttara to natare aad -aactaitam ara
sataastricalty opsosad to each otbar.
As f say, don't tab* my word tor tt
Tba record of your staiddtty to tbar*
to tbe books, your owa books tbat
turn sever read Aad so far ss your
atagldtty is (rBfawnsad, yoa arc but
(Im exemplar ef year etas*.
"Too know tow sad faasta-tss, Coi-
oa*i Tsa Gilbert. Tou baow bow to
sera* -wrpo*mfbms mat taeresss divl-
dsads by twtotteg tba tow. Very
good, sttea* to ft. Tee are suite a
•gar*. Tea sr* a very good lawyor,
bet von ara a poor blatortaa. you know
aetbtog ef ■sociology, aad your biology
to eo*f*mpo*(-*neous wltb i'llB'.*'
Here Colonel Van (OObert writhed ia
bis chslr. Ther* wss perfect quiet
-ta tb* room. Everybody sat fascta-
atod—parslysad. I atay say. Bucb
fasifal treatmeat of tbe great Colooel
Vaa Gilbert wss anbeard of. ua-
drasstod of, Impotoibte to beUev*-*
tb* gnat Coloael Vaa Oflbert bofore
fsfeem judges trambted when be arose
te court But Eraeat aerer gave quarter to an enemy.
-This to, ef course, ae rafle-rtton oa
yea*M Ernest ssid. "TBrery man te ato
brsde. Oaly you sttek te your trade,
aad I'll stick to attae. Ten have
SBodalitod, When ft comas to s
kaowiedce of tb* law. of how best
ta *vsde tb* taw or stake new tow
fer tb* baasftt of tbtevtag corporation*,
I sm dowa Is tbe dirt st your feat
But when It comes to sociology—my
trad* you ara down fa tb* dirt st
my feet Remember tbat Remember,
slso, tbat your taw is tbs stuff of s
day, and thst you sre aot versatile
fa tfte staff of/more thaa a day. Tbere-
(sr* your dogmatic asaattloas snd rash
seuarallMtions on thtag* histories!
aad sociological srs aot worth tbe
brsath yoa wsst* oa thsm.**'
sstaast paused for a moment sad
ragarded blm thoogbtfaUy. noting bis
face dark aad twisted with snger. bis
ch**t, his wrttJttog body, sad
> *llm white heads nervously closcb-
b*g sad unctearhtog.
•"Bat it sssms you have bractb to
ass, sad 111 giv* yea a chance to ass
It I ladlcted your elsss. Show ms
tbat my indictment to wrong. I pointed out, to yoo tho wrstcfasdnass of
faodern sssa-thras mlUlon child
stsvss ta tho United States, without
whose labor profits would not be poa
Bible, sad flfteon minioa aaderfed. 111-
"Do not be dowacaat.** Eraeat said.
Take coaaolattoa ta tbe tact tbat ao
miraltr of your ctaas has ever yet
ajMwered tbat charge."' He turned to
tbe otbar atea who were saxteus to
speak. "Aad now It's your chance.
fire away, sad do aot forget tbat I
bare eaaiteosw you to grr* the aaawer
tbat Colooel Vaa GBbcrt baa tailed to
op tfJl  BOW th* BBBaBaaTaaf of EdaKU
tow baa aet beea great cooagb to re-
--*3i*-e a aoup lrhcb**«; bat lo aad be-
_,„        . ' bold, preegerity to here, with all ita
woffctag ctoas.   If yoo wffl read yw ptragihtnaiAa. asd  we.  tbe  working
biolocT sad your *ocioJogy »• ttttmrtr. riMm # **^aM-toB, are gotag to have
m rmi*oyom\x^o*^ymm^ j-^j -*„ .^.p ggubm this T*tater*
..... To tbe capttaltet elaaa we ara great-
It does aot Btatter whether If I* ta oa*
dotbed. sad worto-lwiisad people, I
Bototad out that modern man's pro*
docing power through social organlsa-
«« snd tbe as* of mscblasry was a
tbsa*snd *haass greater ttoto thst of
the caveman. Aad 1 stated that from
the** two fast* ao otbar cowtasion
•sras possfbts f-taa test the cspltallst
etoes bad mls*ataaag*d. This wss my
todtotsisBt. gad - speeiacariy snd st
taaatk naatliSBial you to aasw*r it
mT^mmnm^rtrmm      »»»'sss-sss-*»^w^»ti^^^^ ■     m
ttmt, I dM atera. I propbssted thst
saa would not saswer It remain*
for your brastb ta SBiasb my prophecy.
faa called m ***** fo'tocy. Show
taa fallacy. Cctoael Vsa Ollbart An-
*w*r the todkdtaaat Bug I snd my
sand comrades
psar class sad
bars brought
t%moma. Vaa Oill*art «dte forgot that
to dVSr iUraa kto faot ills*gtag
Ms arms, ato -raeUrrto sad bis coatroi
to   the   triads,   aftafaatoly   abusing
class, staliofattog %*» Igegardsacy and
It would be impossibte for m* to
write aB tbat was aaM ta the discussion. 1 never realised before how
assay words ciuid be spoken is tbree
short hours. At say rate, it was gio-
rtous. Tbe more bis opponents grew
excited, tbe more Eraeat deliberately
excited tbem. He had an encyclopaedic command of tbe Held of knowledge, sad by s word or a phrase, by
delicate rapier thrust*, be punctured
tbem. He named tbe petals of their
tnog-tc. This was s false *yIlogtem.
that concruBlon had oo connection
wtth tb* premtoe. white tbe next premise was ss Impostor because it bad
cunntogiy bidden te tt tbe conclusion
tbat wss betag sttempted to be proved.
Tbte wss aa error, tbat was sa as-
aumptioa. sad tbe next was sa aaser-
tioa cootrary to sscertataed truth aa
printed la an the text-books.
Aad so tt waat Sometimes be exchanged tbe raptor for tbe dab asd
went smssbtag smongst tbelr thoughts
right sad left Aad always be demanded tacts sad refused to dtocuw
OMortes. Aad bis facte bbs4s for*
tbem a Wsterloo. Wbaa tbey attacked tbe worktag class, be siwsys
torted. Tbe pot CBlttag tbe kettle
black; tbat to ao auewer to the charge
tbat your owa foe* to dirty'' And to
oae sad sll be aaM: "Why bar* you
aot answered tb* charge tbat your
class bss mbnasaagedf Tou bare
talked sbout other things, bat yoo
have aot saswsred, IS tt becacas you
hsvs no saswerT
It was at tbe ead of tbe discussion
that Mr. Wlcksoa spoke. He wss tbe
only one last wss cooL snd Ernest
treated him wtth a rsspect as had not
Bcoorded the others.
"No saswer to aacessary." Mr.
Wlcksoa said with slow deliberation.
"I bsve followed the whole dtocusatea
wltb ssusemeat sad disgust I sm
disgusted wltb you. geattetasn members of my clasa. Tou bars behaved
like foolish tittle sdtootbors. wbat
wtth intruding ethic* aad tbe thunder
of the common pollticisn tato sucb
s d'scutstr***- Tou hsvs beea outgea-
eralled aaa outetossed. Ten bare
been very wordy and sll you bsve
done ts buss. Ton hsve busted Hke
gusts sbout s bear. Oeatlemen, tbere
steads th* bear" (be pointed to Ernest), "sad your butting hss oaly
tickled bis cars.
"Believe me. the rdtustlon to serious.
That bear reschsd out hto paws tonight to crush us. He bss ssid tbere
sre s million snd s hslf of revolutionists to th* United States. That to a
fact. H* bss ssid thst it to their to-
tention to take swsy from us our go*
vernm-tnte, oar palsees aad sll oai
purpled sss*. Thst slso, is s fsct
A chang*. a great change, to coming
in society; but, bsply, |t may not as
the chang* th* bear sntldpstes, Ths
bear hss ssM tbat hs wttl crush as.
Whst If we crush tbe besrT"
The throat-rumble arose in ths greet
room, sad rasa nodded to rasa wtth
Indorasmeat snd certitude. Their
faces wer* sst hsrd. Tb*y wsrs flght-
«rs. that was certain.
"Bat sot by bussing win we crash
th* bsar.M Mr. Wlckaon went on coldly
and dispsasionstoly. "We wUI hunt
the bear. We wffi net reply to the
bear fa words. Onr reply shall he
couchsd ta term* of lead. Wb sr* ta
power. Nobody will d«ny it. By fir-
tus of thst power w* shall rsoato ln|
tea. or s thousand— r<mr ctarn
shall be dragged down. Aad tt sbsll
be done by power. We of tbe tabor
beets hav« conned that word over tCl
our minds are all a-ttarie wtth ft
Power.   It te a fctagty woH."
And ao ended the night wtth tbe
tt wss sbout this time tbat the
warnings of coming event* began to
tan about ub thick aad fast. Ernest
bad already queatioued father'* policy
of having aocialtets aad labor leader*
at hla house, and of openly attending
Boctaltet meetings; sad father bad
oaly laughed at bim tor bis pain*. Aa
for myself. I was learning much from
this contact with the working-class
leaders and thlnkera. I waa aeetag
the other side of the afaield. I wa*
delighted wltb tbe unselfisbnees aad
high idealiam I encountered, though i
waa appalled by tbe vast phlloaophlc
aad sdestJBc literature of •octetism
that was opeaed up to me. I waa
learning fast but I learned not fast
enough to realize tbea tbe peril of
00 *T pOSftsOaaL
Tbere were warnings, bat I dM not
heed tbem. Por Instance, Mrs. Perton-
wetthe sad Mia, Wlckaon exerdaed
♦remendou* social power ta tbe uni-
veratty town, and from tbem emanated
tbe sentiment thst I was a tooforwsrd
snd •eif-asaertive young woman witb
s mtocbteTous penebsnt for oiBcioua
nee* and interference In other persons'
sffsfrs. This I thought no more than
natural, coasMertag the part I bad
played ta Inveattgsttag tbe case of
Jsdrsoa's arm. But th* effect of such
a sentifltoBt. enunciated by two such
powerful social arbitera, I undereati-
True, I noticed a certain *loofn*«s
oa tbe part of my general friend*, but
this I ascribed to tbe disapproval tbtt
wss prsrsleat la mr drdes of my Intended Burriage wtth Erneat. It waa
not tOI some tlm* afterward tbat Braest pointed out to me dearly thst
thia general attitude of ray elsss wss
soauthtag mora thaa spontaneous.
tbat behind It were tbe bidden springs
of sa orgsntaed coaduct Tou have
given shelter to sn enemy of your
class,'' bs ssid. "Aad aot alone she!
ter. for yoa bare given your love,
youraelf. Tbte to tresson to your
class. Thtak not that yoa will escape
being p*nsUted."
But lt wss before this that father
returned oae sfternoon. Ernest wss
with ms, sad we could see thst father
wss sogry—philosophically sagry. He
wss rarely really sagry; but s certain
measure of controlled anger he allowed
blmsalf. He catted It a tonic. And
we eoud see that be was tonicangry
whsa hs entered ths room.
"vfhst do pea think?" he demanded
"I hsd luncheon wtth Wilcox."
Wilcox wss ths ssperaanusted pre*l
dent of the university, who** withered
mind was stored wltb generalltstions
thst wer* young la 1170, snd which ha
had sines failed to revise
*T wss torited," fsther sanonnced.
"I was ssat for."
Hs p*n*tod( and ws wslted.
"Ob, it wss done aery nlcdy, I'll
sllow; bat I wss reprimanded. II
And by tbat old fossil!"
"ill wsgsr I know whst you were
reurimsnded ror," Braest said.
"Not ta three ftogssss," fsther
"One guess will do," Ernest retorted. "And It won't be s guess. It will
be a dedndion. Tou ware reprimanded
for your private lite."
"Th* very thing!" fsther cried
"How did you gnossT
"I knew tt wss coming. I warned'
you before sbout it"
ly iadetaed for this boon to alteviato
ba-taaa softer-tag. We realise, bavtag
-m-doc*** an -**rerab*»ndaac* of far-
pin* values, the capttalbt claas are
gotag to give as a share of tbat accumulated -nrplua te tbe term of *oep-
Bacb te tbe state of Edmoatoa. suf-
fertag from tbat porlodteaL recsjrrirag
dteeae* peculiar to aptultot prodoc-
ttoa. termed by tbe Imargeotete a Ba-
anctel dapraaaiira. sad whfcb to dm*
to tows* aotar dtetaibaaee. Bat we of
tb* revoludouary eleraeat of IMreoa-
tea. uaderatandlng tbe undet lying
forces of capttaltet prottoct-loB. do not
require to embark to any etbere*] re-
gioo* to flnd the cant-* of thi* financial •ttrtagency. We know ft la a visit
of oar old friend ovrfrprod-sctiou. vis-ts
wb!rfa occur more f-reoueatly a* tbe
development of capttaltet production
seta more tat*a*e. We Socialists of
Edmonton are therefore taking advan
tern of thi* atrfklng Uloatntlon and
en**or*atloB of our phllo*opby. and are
out on the street*, educating tbe work
taa pta* to nmXilt* thst owiag tn the
fact tbat he has produced too much, he
to now thrown on tbe scrap heap to
•terve—-or live ou aoup. Such ia th*
reward of capitalism to the Industrious, ene-t-getie snd humble wage stave
To edocate tbe worker to the fact
that be la a alav* to tbe "function of
this local, aad ta our puny efforts, we
seem to ratee tb* ir* of tbe local
hangers-on" of the capitalist dasa.
by their various canning devices to
burst up our meetings. Whea we have
s good crowd, taterested snd attentive.
our friend* *«nd the Are brigade for
a ramble though our crowd, sometimes
tbey try ead cool our ardor by sending
tbe watering cart, but to no avail. A
bowl of derision arises from tbe crowd,
tbe crowd increase*, and our propaganda goes en wltb renewed vigor.
In August we held sixteen meeting*,
aad more would have beea held if Jupiter Plttvtn* bad not been ao persistent In visiting ua. The speaker* were
Com*. Knight. O'Brien, Barltz sad local comrades. T?-c collections a-npunt-
Sd to $52.65, sad the Uterature aale*
fM.46, which ia good coturtdertag the
state of tbe tabor market
The geographies] position of Edmonton Is a drawback for getting speakers
In, owing to tt being off the main line.
A spedsl Journey here b nsr**tsry.
which make* It expensive, hence our
visits from organizcra sr* tew sad far
between. Tbe night* are starting to
gst cold bow, which wttl soon put ■-.
ban on open air meetings, but ws hop-
to keep them going for s month or so
yet. fn tbe meantime, we srs endeavoring to secure s theatre for our winter propaganda
We have a reading room st fJS .at
it., where there te alwaya a good sop-
ply of sodsltst literature snd periodicals on the table for the use of •very-
body. Strangers coming into this
town sre Invited to onr reading room,
where, beside* th* reading material
they can gst access to information regarding the labor market and th* dty
in g*n*rat.
Tbls reading room ls free to sll snd
w* went th* worktag elsss of Edmonton to tak* advantage of lt. and call
and tab* part ta th* discussion which
invariably take* plsce.
Com. Begner presented to this local
four fin* engraving* of Msn, Engels,
Lastalle and on* of th* Preach Revolution. Tbey are being framed snd
will decorate the wall* of our reading
Comrades will please take not* thst
misineea meetings srs held every
Tuesday st 7:80 p.m., snd tbey sre
requested to attend snd take sn active psrt In psrty affairs. All comrade* sre requested to look st thdr
membership cards snd see how they
stand with this local, and if behind In
dues to squsre up with the Secretary
st oace.   H. 8. MAXWELL, Organiser
tb* acrker* are i
abiii of th*
YMCouvef island
tesvtag as-other claas ta aortety which
can be called tb* toot aavsiag etasa
Now tbea. tato   present   form   ef
o*a*rsblp of tbe ma-fbtoary of wealth-
proeaetioB dlvtoat aodety    tato two
classes. sasaaTgsaasaaT. tbe das* that does;
aot owa to be st tbe stsrer of   the
other.    Purtbcrstors, tt compete the',
Boa-ovratag ctaas to go to the owalag
CtaB* aad. by BaabssaaaaUa. to
tool*. *o aa to prostee* the
tbat th*y aad aoctety require, la
-short, tb* worktag ctoas must **H
thdr tabor power ta order to get tnetr
tivtag. aad the cap4»i.*t etaa* bay tb*
bthor power. Boding great tatarest ta
dotag so Thi* mat as tbat their labor
power baa ttocerae a eommo-dJtr, being
up for mte. and thereby to rabi«ct*d
to tb* *ame taws as ara all other eem-
ConatodiU*-* etrkaaa** wtth oae aa-
other -tcoordteg to tbe qusatity sf
labor that to *mbodted to tbem. to
•peaking of tbe value of aay o
fifty, we flnd that Ita vafoe te
mteed by tb* amount of (socially
aery labor reqalred to produce
other oa* Rk* tt.
tt to tbe same with tabor newer.
Labor power to tbe living tadivMuai
tty of the worktag claa*. Tbey eaa
oaly get a Bvtag by dally aelttaa their
labor power. The Btoaey war* that
they recdv* oa thto rate, gaaerally
speaking rovers tbe value of thetr
tabor power- This money wag* ta tb*
rtrtee of their labor power. Tbe price
<f tbe rum modify, Isbor power, is sub-
tected to the asm* tew as tbe price
of di other commodities, which tar to
tbe taw of supply aad demand. Tbe
supply of tabor power. In s rttry great
proportion, exceed* the demand (gaae-
•"•sty speaking > everywhere, raustag
Uie price (wages) r*oa*taatly to tend
downward. Now. thto aupply of tabor
power exceed* tbe demand ta the dd
world more than ft does oa thto continent, causing the price (wage) to be
tower tbere thaa ber*. Or, ta'other
words, making tb* -condition of the
working claas wore* there thaa here.
This la tbe reason that the workers
continually emigrate to thla eoatiaeet.
bavtag better condltlona here thaa
there, aad dthough they love thdr"
"home," family, "couatry," "king" aad
"flag," fet tbey sre compelled to leave
all thi* through economic coadlttoea.
Although be Is raised up witb this
teaching of loving king, country, flag
Ood, be to compelled to forget the**
Ides*, by his economic condition*,
and we Socialists try to help him
Indeed, the reflex In thought of tb*
economic conditions Impress** oa the
mind of the working ctaas quite different Mess from tbe reflex of teaching In tbs public schools snd dl other
capitalistic Institutions, whieb are
taking special care to "Impress tbe
I©** of couatry, king. flag. Ood. etc.
Tb* reason so much car* ia token la
teaching the workers to be patriotic,
or, ta other word*, to adore aad wor*
■hip, Mag, etc. Is because la this wsy
can they only survlv* aad rule. In
tbls teaching lie* thdr (ths rulers')
salvstlon. Whea we Soddlste rate*
our voice to put oar fellow workera
wis* to tke tasaas teachings, we sre
celled snti-patriottc, aad we are look*
ed upon by tbe Ignorant mob as if wa
were trying to rob them of something
thst they hsvs sn interest ta keeping.
We hear than speaking of England,
Prance, Germany, Italy, ss lf 1$ wss
"thdr" couatry. sad bavtag property
la thdr particular country to love asd
defend, Tbay sre Ignorant, aad that
because of thdr Ignorancs thsy sr* so
led, snd teat so long ss they remain
In Ignorance will thsy bo led.
Our teaching Is different; we do
not tell snyon* to believe snd hope;
we tell thsm to study sdd reason: ws
do not teach thsm to obsy Issdsrs, to
•hoot down their friends, brothers, sisters, fsthsra, mothers, etc., when thsy
sro called upon to do so by thdr
leaders. No! W* teach them thst intelligence snd knowledge does not
need leaders.   Ws ara aot aiming st
The strike w still en at tit*
(-h-we-n Mine. 8aeen Creek, B.
C, also Silver Dollar. t*W,
stsy swap
"gassa sir* argsd to
aaril tbte atrii* a
tl* Plrsl A*a
SASKATi>.>***       •      .
Ta* sat* shoe* in B.C. xtxxng
Mdl Order* tteeetv* Prompt
**»1 ttomiuten Mtdrng
w****a**i. at c
Th* "r»it»u*jj»2-j txec-*-v« »-,,. -.*.<- fo|.
lowta* ut-rraiar** to* mmXa. i Pvi-Ii**"**
or it** *«-->-
Te   :•';>:!-
Locals   cais
p*r IM af*»7
°ata*ilf(st*> K. p   of C ,    .   SIM     l«
WTsat Is Borlsllsmr* |.*f      !**
SociaUsni an* I'i* Survival «f th, nttaat li.
i"-j(.-**-l|- ....   |I Tl       k
Th*  Way  lo  Power  (J.   B
•lab..**-.*» J.TS
Hoc lal Uto aM I nloo*****        i tt
ti* ptt iloson
Svmagia for Ki•*(*-*<-*•  .   i M
• *k- ptv thum.
Stat*  ated   >io.»n-im*-;t*        i.O*
!f-c per df.s.fc
Valit*. Prlna ami PraSt«_... I »*
IS* par d'tteto
•r.s->r*a< <-nars*a* a-M*4
l.i *
Du* Stafnps
Platforms.   Enall.h
Ptatfarma, Korelga
tiuat Cants     , ,   ,,.,
CortsUtutioaa   ..     l*ae
< Abo»a prXttm ear IS*)
Hecslpt  IV-oks    _   .t*each
Wart-ant  Booka       "I vaeh
Butlons (party) .._. II* doa
MvM«   "
|« fl
«!->. te liwliTiduals
A* *s<*h
11 90 >!0I
| | Mto
I ,•.!.-!
depriving anybody of somethlcs thst
honoatly belong* to tbem. Uut «« »"*••
•imlag to deprive the capitalist riasi
of tbe wealth and power thst they
have, by cunning aad brute tore*. *c-
Nothing tbat to useful to hum-mltr
can be had without labor. All tl.*
wealth tbat is produced and win **
produced, being sll produced by !'!"•'•
naturally enough, it mast and thdl o*
long to those who hsve performc-d the
tabor. We era aiming at raatorins the
country, homo, tbe world, snd •'"-'*'■-'■
thing therein, with sll th* freedom
thst csn bs hsd thsrawith, to dl tbo**-*
tbat hsve striven to build th* bou *•<-•.
chics, railroads, steamships, in *■''«<••
•11 the wealth produced, snd to deprive those that have dl this wealth.
but wbo got It by cunning snd trauo-
The-world for tb* woric*r*t
They srs ths oaly useful portion of
Tours for the sccompilsbmont of the
revolution. PftraJCR ZANON1-
Japan -"Osaka Jlgl" raports that a
strike recently took place among ths
workers st the shipyard, who stopp****-
work st s tlms of great uproar as a
protest against the brutality of x"f
employer. Th* tatter—so the report
continues—committed suicide, leavimt
behind him a tetter la which he staf"'
thst he hlmMlf wss tha csuse of tho
strike* snd dlscontentmsnt snd had
therefor* taken his life. The striker*
resumed work st once.
POR HINT—At Ml Prior Btrest. I
room cabin spsrtmsnts. tardshed ror
housekeeping. Sinks, free electric
light, rent 8 snd » dollsra per month.
* -tosr!-'       . >^<4*--*-*i*«-*wN-«*-*»(.
'.     lUiiiiiin


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