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Western Clarion May 20, 1911

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 NO. 632.
Vancouver, British Cotaftia, Saturday, May 20, 1911.
SVBatFliptftOfl   fjmCB
;Suppressing Trouble
Postering Working Class Ignorance in the Property Interests
of Capitalists.
Comrade Editor:— I    Changes in the modes of Production
The capitalist class are afraid of So- j are silently taking place; the outward
i iallsra. lord Curaon of Kedelaton, a manifestation of these changes ia the
forked radish with a ttrlng of titles!increasing discontent and misery of
after his name, made a speech in Scot-! the workers in those countries where
land the other day. lie said: "One of jthe capitalist system is most highly
the needs of Japan Is to prevent the; developed. The ice and snow of Can
growth of Socialist doctrines amongst jada melts and dissolves. Just ln the
her industrial proletarians." sarin- way the stupidity and ignorance
We can -well Imagine what steps Jap. |of ■*• workers will vanish away. They
an will take to repress the Socialist jare becoming more fully conscious of
element in her population, sanctioned
by that Christian potentate, Lord Cur-
zon. Curaon does not allow himself
to be Imposed upon by that abstract
their economic condition.    They will
get control of the productive forces.
Where there ia now anarchy in produc-
[ Uon, there wlll be organization.  Tbere
word—liberty.   The only liberty he de-!'» nothing sentimental about capital.
sires is the liberty of Capital to crush J**ort Roaebery said "Trade has neltb
er bowels nor conscience." (Oh! these
The  Socialist must not
the workingman.
He baa been lording It over India's
teeming millions, and he knows that
with all his boasted superiority the
Hrlltoh workingman it economically
on a nar with the Hindoo. Tbe Brit-.
let- -workingman Is an efficient working
machine; and because be is efficient.
he creates more profit for the master
class than any other workingman on
tbe globe. He gives moat for least,
therefore he is the blggeat slave of
them all. How much does he work for
bis own benefit? How much does he
work for the benefit of tbe matter
claas? His efficiency Is only a means
of enriching others. Hla efficiency results In Increased productiveness; what
the British workingman secures in
comparison with what he produces is
least of all. He plumes himself on his
efficiency. He Is proud ot being a hard
worker; and yet he, leaat of all, enjoys the wood of his labor. And that
is why tbe capitalist claas do not wish
waste his
time on drivelling, maudlin sentimentalities.   The economic forces are on
our side.   The dissolution of capital-
baa  commenced.    We have the
] calm assurance of victory.   All tbe Socialist desires Is to be put alongside
jthe enemy and give it bim good and
j plenty.
Much has ben said of late years, and
most of it decidedly uncomplimentary,
of that type ot person known aa the
j agitator. He has been condemned by
the majority aa a disturber of the
peace, a fomenter of unrest, a public
' nuisance, and In general a person more
dangerous than useful tn the community. We bare not hesitated to call him
anarchistic, and to put upon him
blame for much of the social unrest of
them to understand tbe Socialist Pollt
Ical Economy. Why Lord Curxon gave !tne Ume
the advice he did to Japan was to keep |    Tne agitator it one who is so im-
the working class In subordination to  Pressed by some particular evil or In
robberv. justice that he uses every available
_.    "       . ... - «. .    opportunity to make public declaration
The writings or Mars and  Engels    •■7 ' •
. . , ,        .. , ■ of the fact, and to arose the people to
have made It plain to the workingman       ,,,'.,        , ,.   ,
•u ,. a _i .,       ,    ».     j _,   ;» similar realization of wrong.   He is
that Socialism le baaed on economic 1 ■*
,   .       _. .    , .      ..     usually willing to adopt any method of
facta.    The economic facts give the      .„ ;     ,    •     „    '       '
„        .w   ,, , .     ,   ....   pubicity for the fact   After   a very:
lie to the identity of interests of capl- '      .   ,       .     .. ,     ..   „     '
, ,       . , . * „.„    ,   .  short time he discovers also that the
tal and labor.   Cunon was educated , 	
1    a*.   1 ..     a. *        j   -11. •     an 1 average person requires the    drastic
In English schools and colleges.    All *
..      .       . .    ....     _..„ dose to arouse him from the apathy or
his education amounts to tbls—ciaea ,    7:7/,.
■ . ,->. ,1-11 1.-—  Ignorance    by   reason of    which the
interests.   Of course it It a well known   ■* r"       	
. _    ,      ,.        ,    .  ..,,„  wrong is permitted and continued.
fact that theae lords were tpeclally      . , , ...
created by God At a matter of fact, our usual Judg-
jment c* the agitator is unfair and un-
The worker toils in the mill, the fac-1^   0ur rondemmuJon   of   hlm c,„
lory, the trench and the field. He ls on,y ^ JuBlined on   very   ,uperfici,|
shaken Into a consclousnegg of their
peril and their duty.
If all agitatora were banished. It
would mean death to Canada. If every
man who had a conviction of truth and
justice were to close his mouth, and
never give expression to It, we would
be on the highway to national destruction. The very hope of the country lies
in the existence and the efforts of that
class of people who by every means
in their power attempt to make clear
the fact of wrong and the possibility
of right
economical and adulterating processes
The way of the agitator has always
been hard. He has been compelled to
use harsh and noisy means to accomplish his commendable purpose.
He hat found that the whisper and the
touch were practically useless in the
majority of cases, and that men could
only be roused by harsher methods.
Every reform m the past has made this
evident Almost never has right been
won except by tbe use of ungentle methods.
And practically always Is the agitator tattoaBderstood. All manner of
mean motives are imputed to him. He
ia accused of seeking notoriety whenever he makes declaration of hit message. He is called a disturber of tbe
peace when he seeks to waken people
from tne perils of slumber. Almost
never Is he given credit for tbe con
vlction tbat thrills him on to further
action for the right and for the desire
he potaeaaea to accomplish the people's good.
in every age thus far tbe agitator
haa been made the martyr. Misunderstood, he has been also misused
He has been abused by the very one*
whom he haa sought to help. Tb*
pathway of tbe past la strewn by tbe
bodies of those brave men who tried to
stop humanity's wrongward progress
and who were trampled under foot for
their palate.
Let us of Canada   be   more   wise.
Wherever one of our number    perceives more clearly than the rest the
existence of evil, and declares the fact
let ua not be so suicidally unwise as
to prevent the utterance of hla message.    And let us not be so tank in
apathy regarding the concerns of the '
nation that he will have to retort to I
harsh meaanres to secure our at ten
Let every man be beard and heeded.
Wisdom la collective. The conviction
of every* man ts necessary to the common good.
Into danger. It la the worst kind of
folly to hold up to ridicule the man
who is doing hit utmott to warn hit j
fellow-citizens of a real or even an,
Impending danger. Let us give every
man a chance to declare his word of
warning.—Ottawa Citizen.
Mexican   Revolution
Had a good meeting of Farmers at
Milestone on Saturday and came on
to Moose Jaw the day following. Comrade Sandy Stewart had engaged the
Trades Hall for the meeting. In the
afternoon Sandy's boss called him out
to deliver up labor-power and I was
left practically alone to manage the
meeting. Wben I went to the Hall in
the evening it was locked. I thought
this strange as it had been open all
day, but I calculated it would open at
the appointed time.
I went to the street corner to get
the crowd. SonTe Socialists from the
old country instantly came to my assistance. We borrowed a chair and
proceeded in the usual way and I
soon had a large audience.
I waa pointing out that they were
slaves when a plain clothes officer
came and requested me to move on.
He said I waa blocking the street I
refuted to move for tome time and demanded on whose or what authority
be prevented me from speaking. He
displayed a badge on tbe inside of hit
coat and told be that I could speak
on a vacant lot or where I did not
Impede the traffic but not there. He
caused a larger crowd than ever to
gather and I told the crowd tbat they
were not only slaves bat muzzled.
Eventually aa we thought tbe Trades Hatl would by this time be opened
I led the crowd to the building. It waa
atfl! locked. But fortunately a vacant
lot wat near and for an hour and a
bait afterwards I did tome good propaganda work.
Moose Jaw should in future be
named Muzzle Jaw. The slaves here
are more afraid of tbelr -masters than
any other workers in the province.
The trades unionists seem all that the
capitalist claas can desire in this direction. Let us hope that this little incident will lead to the raiting of the
Moose Jaw local from the dead.
And so the revolution proceeds.
Division of Revolutionary Ranks into Proletariat and Petty
"Overseas Dominions" are convenient places to send undesirable relatives In the form of governor-generals,
To repress any is to run | section-men, drunks, etc.
educated by toil and suffering, by bis
agony and Moody eweat be pays tbe
Price of his education. And he arrives
at tbe tame conchwion aa Curaon -
clam interest Well, then, we have
one class interest arrayed against another chut Interest The capitalists
are growing weaker, the Socialists are
growing stronger.
The process of the robbery of the
worker lt veiled and shrouded In mystery. The average worker knowa he la
robbed, hut he doea not know how he
It robbed. Tbe process of exploitation
waa laid bare by Marx. He revealed
the easential character of the capitalist ayatem of production. "It waa
thown that the appropriation of unpaid
labor la the baalt of the capitalist
mode of production."
Tha workers produce; the capital-
lata appropriate, bence tbe anxiety of
Lord Curxon to keep the worker* in
Ignorance and In darkneat.
Material Interettt dominate man.
Curxon la an Illustration of thlt fact
If he bad to dig and delve ln a ditch
till hla eyet ttood out like hatpega. be
would still be keen for hla material
Interest—but In the opposite direction.
Whereat be now supports capitalism
he would then be an ardent Socialist.
In their marriages these Lordt are
dominated by material interest. Mitt
Van Tromp, wltb a million dollars
and an ugly face la a far more Interesting creature than Jeannle Deans
and no greenbacks. They mutt have
turplut value, and the working clan
mutt be kept In subordination to create
it They say lod created the heavena
and the earth. He never created turplut value. If he did, and decided not
to create any more, the Lordt and cap-
ltalitti would go to Wettmlntter Abbey nnd cry out: "My Qod, My God!
Why bait thou forsaken me."
grounda. He is worthy of entirely different treatment, judged not only
from the quality of bla motive, but
from the final retultt of his agitation.
The agitator is absolutely essential
to good citizenship. The menace of
thla country it not the man who declares with rough emphasis the fact of
evils that exist, and to our social
shame, but rather the man of silent
dignity who is either ignorant of real
coodlttont or diffident In making declaration of them. Of all men, he It
the mott to be dreaded and denounced.
The opposite of agitation ia stagnation, and atagnatlon It death. Agitation simply stirs the public thought
and prevents the community from
sleeping through the hour of peril. The
agitator ia a human alarm clock,
sounding inalttently In the ears of the
drowsy dreamer, and warning blm that
tbe time for action haa come. He receive! jutt the same treatment tbat
we vocally or mentally accord the
alarm clock, when It baa crashed Into
the fairy fabric of an early morning
Whatever of evil exists in thla
country today, exltta limply becauae
of of the lack ot agitation concerning
It. There la enough good in Canada to
wipe out all the Injustice that may
exist at the present time. It remains
purely because we have not yet
awakened to the fact of Itt existence
or the evil of Itt Influence.
And whatever of good will be won In
the future, to the gain of all, wtll come
finally aa the reault of thote who agitate It, and create the demand and the
power whoreby lt will at last be made
possible of attainment. By methoda
gentle or rough, refined or boisterous,
must the truth be thrust upon the
public mind. If people will not awaken
at a whisper or a touch, they mutt be
Plain Pointers for Poor People
Waterloo! Trafalgar! The Capture| road. These are pointers we are getting at now. We see that the capitalists have an idea that they do everything just because they get everything. What they do in reality It to
keep out of the fighting and aneak the
bones away. While the workers are
shaking the trees the capitalists are
of Quebec! Do not these words send
the blood tingling through your veins'
The pride you feel at being of the
British race ts natural. You were
taught to think that the British are
the salt or the earth which may or
may  not   be  true.    The Americans.
French, Germans and Japa are just picking up the plums.   They find it
as certain as any other nation, that
they are IT. I am proud to aay that
to the best of my knowledge that none
of my ancestors have been hanged. I
would be proud of a dog that fought
for a bone and won. if he were my dog.
But I would feel sore If a third dog
sneaked the bone while the other two
were acrapplng snd I would certainly
try to put my dog wise to what had
Except for a few offlcert who lead
their regiments from behind wben
there Is any fighting, a la Roosevelt
In Cuba, the armies and navies are
men of the working claaa. Not only
doet the working claaa do tb fighting, but they till the soil, mint- the
minerals, man the shipt, railroads
build the buildings, make the mach
Inet, catch the fish, keep the books
and nothing else, contract colds
coughs, consumption and debtt. Tbe
whole of this list, they get neither
glory nor credit except the last mentioned.
But I say they do not Ask anyone who won the Battle of Waterloo and they'll tell you lt was Wellington. You know very well lt was the
mighty Nelson who battered the
French and Spaniards at Tafalgar. It
was the heroic Wolfe vho captured
Quebec. It was Ironslatt, the contractor who built the City Hall. It is
McKenzie ft Mann, not men, who are
building the Canadian Northern rail-
very hard but fascinating and are always hunting more trees for the work-
era to shake and the working class
will ahake till the capitalist system
la "shook" to pieces.
The mtttion of tbe Socialist Party
la to teach tbe workers to band together In order to change the present
Hate of affairs for a new ayatem. The
capitalist class through the schools,
churches and newspapers is trying to
make the working clast think with
their way of doing business. But we
Socialists are anxious to get along ln
the world and are satisfied that there
la no chance to be better off aa things
are now. The workers don't have
to put up with all this misery. It is
because they have been taught to
atand for it that they do. It la our
mitston to put them next to this false
teaching and we are making great
Here are a few more pointers. Pay
no attention to anything you read or
hear about Socialism that Is not written or spoken by a scientific Socialist You can bet you bottom dollar
that any objection to Socialism will
be found to be a sore spot on the present system. Just tell them they are
hitting capitalism and not socialism.
Our enemies are cunning and deceit'
ful but they cannot buck Socialism.
Every dog has his day. Ours is coming, theirs it passing.
For some time past a section of the
working class haa been fighting against
heavy odds, freely giving life and limb
in a bold dash for economic freedom.
This struggle is taking place ln the
Mexican Republic, lying south and contiguous to the Great American Republic" and whil-i the capitalist prett have
adopted their utual method of either
a conspiracy of silence, or of malicious
misrepresentation, murder will out,
and a true statement of conditions filters through now and then.
While fighting in co-operation with
each other against the hated and tyrannical Diaz' dictatorship,, the lnsur-
rectos are more or lean divided Into
two campion the northern bordera, under the
leadership of Madero and hla associates, the fight it of a political and reform
character, merely aiming at the overthrow of Diaz, and the placing of Madero in the Presidential chair; with
the expected enactment of a few reforms, and of greater political freedom.
The other wing of the inaurrectos,
under Magon and associates, are aiming much deeper, at nothing more or
leas than complete economic emancipation; the abolition of slavery once
and for all, and of claaa ownership in
the means of production and distribution.
The insurrectos may thua be divided
into Reformers and Revolutionists.
The existence of the Socialistic aim
of the revolutionists la not generally
advertised in the capitalist press and
periodicals, tbey merely confining
themselves to conveying the impression that the trouble ia only political
in character, and not calling for much
uneasiness on the part of capitalist investors in Mexican blood and bone;
but it is there just the same.
Listen to Magon ln "Regeneracion."
"Without exception the great dallies
of this country exert themselves to the
uttermost to convince their readers
that this is a political quarrel, to be
settled by the installation of a reform
prealdent and cabinet But tbat it precisely what it ia not It ia a fight
against the money power—the economic fight of a disinherited people."
Whether the Mexican workers are
sufficiently Intelligent, claaa conscious,
and organized to carry out such a drastic program remains to be demonstrated. And even if they were, it ia doubtful if international capital would stand
idly by, and let a profitable investment
slip from its grasp. Uncle Sam already has his watchful eye on the proceedings.
It Is a repetition of the Paris Com
mune, in its principle features. The
petty bourgeois were being ao badly
squeezed to the wall that they revolted, and, of course, enlisted tbe workers
to help along the good cause, and Incidentally do tbe fighting. But, aa
before, they reckoned without their
hoat, and now that the workers are pre
pared to go the full limit and aelze the
ownership for themselves, the bourgeois are beginning to side-step.
Will history repeat Itself? And will
the bourgeois, aa before, throw themselves Into the arms of their matters,
and betray the workera?
Meanwhile the fight goet on. Aa
"Regeneracion" puts it: "The entire
nation li spontaneously in arms; every
plantation la a battlefield; every slave
la In personal revolt against hla masters!" Many American "reds" are
fighting with the insurrectos, In overalls and shirts, when they can be had,
their fighting regalia consisting of a
red ribbon around the arm: rebels In
practice, as well aa theory, never hap
pier than when fighting their common
foe. Better a blow for freedom, with
the spice of death thrown In, than slow
but sure starvation in tbe ranks of the
unemployed, or a living death in wage-
Foolish? Perhaps! but then we are
all more or less fools, only differing
in degree.
The Internationa) working-class can
gain much useful Information from
an Intelligent study of the   struggle.
Marx and Engels, in the "riiiiiiiiiinss*i
Manifesto," stated: "There fax «me>
thing that the Paris Commune
to the workera, and that It, they <
not simply lay hold of the ready-i
state machinery, and wield it for I
purposes." The Mexican Revobxt
may again demonstrate this fact
Meanwhile, help is badly needed*-,
and lt is to be hoped that every ctaam*
contciout member of the woriratBE
class, with a drop of the red blind eh*
revolution in hit veins, will do so> -at*a%
whatever meant he hat at hla
Comrade McKinnon suited at I
place to address the workers of
riding and to   explain   the
stand  taken  in thla as well am
other elections.   The crowd was* 1
large and  listened  t»  Comrade I
Kinnon for an hew.   The speaker-i
plained the movement in   Caper B
ton since some ten years ago; * 1
Comradea had got together to try ■
spread Socialism.   At first the nam
ment waa, and    ia now, abused, 1
the workers are beginning, ta
that they muat be up and doing.-.
In November, 1909, a conven
was called and it waa resolved, tmmt
the Socialists place a candidate. On .mm
field at the next election. Agate *****
May, 1910. a convention waa called *•>
nominate our candidate, and you maam
the result of tbat convention. X -e-mm
you to understand the SoclaHsor am
not out to abuse the old parties;
stand for the present order, while* I
Soclalista stand for a complete
tion. Our Platform it for tha
tion of the wage system and the 1
ering in, peacefully, if possible,
co-operative commonwealth and
duction for use instead of for pr
Not being able to use the hook am
eye style of taking notes I just had •
do what I could. The chairmaa m
plained that Comrade O'Brien* woasl
be down among ua some time, bsatsm
long, and now the outsiders are and
ing when will the speaker he ssm**
from the west, so Charlie ahould ham
good crowds here.
Yours  for the revolution.
Since last report we have
pretty buty. I joined Com. Ho
ln Fernie and, happening to be
to the route with all IU various I
rail and trail ramifications, deefdadma
double back and fix it up for kmc
also to do work which I had been |
vented from doing on the laat
Doubled back to Nelson, the
and got In touch with all points.
Houston called at Cranbrook,
and Creston on the way round.
Friday I put up a spiel on tha
tory of the Working Claaa, ia
Miners' Union Hall, and yeat
night, by inviUtion, we delivered mm
goods on tbe subject of petrktf-mmt
Next Friday Houston spiels in -asm-
Miners' Hall and every night bar raAn,
we are out on tbe street ukin-g ■****-»
tome phase of working claaa econmm-
ics or philosophy.
We are telling quite a bit of
ature or the r'xht tort and a
through the Boundary points ta
arranged for tbe near future,
week Com. Houston goet out over tma
Sandon route. Comradea In the Beam-
dary country, willing to co-op urnm**
and help in arranging meetings, -mc.
are requested to write care Box SIB,
Local Vancouver No. 1 took
hundred of the party's new nmniftmmm
laat week and has already dispose*? en?
over half ot them, selling 200 at
propaganda meeting.
Don't let Vancouver get the whole 1
■ U
it ^
SATUMOAV. MAY 20. -»,-
m mm clarion
tart    e-rery    Batorday    bt
t Party  .; ■><■-.  a: tkm
Ketarjf—.    ttartr.-r.     !**.*-£«
t. Hi HanUAet* Street. Ti
ornti asoazsa.
we coeMn't get srosad it
GradaaOy. however,   to.   percolated
throtsgh ocr mentai raMaafe damp tha
•» *■_!: (Ball is*«**>•;-~a 1 effott we wer-
i'.i* to expend bai iii been wasted I*
«a eEJearor to locate a re-asoa for tfc -
ir.a- s at a -las*, ro which we did ao
letkx.*. which astscs, in ibe-aseires
were occaataMi ty the dl.*??es« of tha
clas* it 7s attem■:-'.* ta explain oa   .-.
tot '.
U oawxm tar
BmOeeUj is aa-vi
of   $   or   more
at not leu v-ur. t&ree B-KtAva, ax
rate cf o*ve cent per -woy paw
A4*ert.«..«»; rate* on  «;,ji'.axian.
Tt yon  reeeiae  this  ;.ip»»r.   it  le
Batatas, far a,
borate defecee its members formshue
for Bhtft" position bettor* it is attaesed.
For onr part we tan see verr little
differw.ee b-Kwees them. Both aui-
-ad-ta smelt ratber tzrozsl? ot boar-
«*» geota s-tatiment, aad dUslay &o iar-oa-
stteratle aatk o* sett** of jro^-anloat.
Can anybody iaform **» what cisefci
object is to be terred ty a body most
as the S. D.  P.  paHriag reaoteJotii,
«tber f or or against mJitarismT   Who bootless pwrsait. prodnctlre of nangfc
is iBtereated in it* opt-job oh the **ae*-' fee: insomnia aad diaeompoeare.
tioa oae way or the other, ex-res*, ef]    Then is tot hrtJe to explain.   Xc
coari*. tbe reaolotjocisa ihemteJTea* are there depths to fathom but can fee
Will it add or tsaltrwtx one soldier or eocsfo-rut'y waded.   There are the ma
sailor from the armed forces? : chines  of  prodsctioa  and  there  ab
We bave troobles eooagh of oar own  the taws which give tbem to a caplu
witbost worrylBg atom the Kaisers tsr etas*.    We, the workers, moat d*
' designs*  oa  the  British  throne.    Tbe   eolith those laws and take unto ou:
„        ^_ pr*-asifka-jon of England, were it po»- selves the ownership of the machine*
-am* 'n^'lrSdeV ** AA*rw£   aU   aible, ™&l not be to the disadvantage' -
Kraii-y-w   and   maA*   ai!   ■ — ty  ryt English in tbe long ran. lodging by ,
| a comparison of the labor moveac-enis •
s in tbe two countries, certainly, the,
German 8. D. P.. whOe it mar not be
S all tbat it U cracked ap to be, will compare quite faTorabir with the English
3. D. P. The German capitalist is jast
as good aa tbe British capitalist and.
the? are both inspired by the one lofty  ***T*    ^ ',t,!« !0     ''   i!C*
Watch tbe label on yomr pa-1 motive—to squeeze as much profit out
per.   If this number is oa it.' of the workera as they can.   And after
yonr -mbecriptioo expire* the j ^ capital U neither German nor Eng-
a«* mm**- iflsh, Jewish nor Jap.   It U just capl-
- * tal, and it rule*, whoever reigns.
MAY 20. *!• 11. !    vVe bave nothing to lose  bat our
■chains, and mo can't lose them.   The
Meeting heat May isth, m%.
Preaaet-   — Comrades    Ptugetald
.-&airmaa». Karme. Measet. Morgan.
p-*eraoa aad tbe SecnKary.
Miantee of preriotts me-ftiag aaprov-
Charter gnated Local Naramata B
Socialist Directory
Cerrvt^aSBdeae* dealt with from I ~
■•tit St John. X. B.; Jjon'reaL Qne.;
F. ■aatford. Toronto and t-ttafa. Cta!.:
tbe Ukrainian Coa*reaCkoa. Orjaaixers
0 Brieo. Fillmore., and Lestor.
I^xal Brantford S iW
:jxaX Montreal     ».0*)
Uteratnr*: —
Local   Vancouver,   IM;    ca*h
Kr*ry '.<»% .if xbtt Stectattat P^rt'- *f
Casita »!x««i«t rusi « rami bb!«t tilt*
Sea 1 ti.#* par W-. si*. s?*vr«tajri-*-*
p!«-a «e Bote, ^___
Doirraioa axEctrnvr coKxrmx
.»--.*.»'>-*    t'^rty    i-.'    Cina.ta W«t»
rt*«rj   aWarnei*  Mawxlaj      i> O   it.-
fliailiiL  Btertnaay   I   \   Htg. V'n«»u-
itr. H  C.
EX< ■ ■ ■• .:.-.•-;•*-* S- • Uii-t Part»'
ot Osasata M<-«>(« »v#r>- altarttaW
MaaSaSBI !• <.« McK^asSa, !«♦.. tWary.
Rot ltd   Vinismii   t!   fi
-Locax. SOOTS roar OCOBOE
''ra.Witt*M-*r>  ia*«i »-. .77
>%ew BulMins. Mat-stlb ■
.■<-»» moetms;. |i,t;  s^-
J   PB:       N«»1   «.*^k   .-.
MrlanL.   ■irsjaa.arr       i ,
-'■,''      ' X   «'BI)flS   |.„   j. .
■      •■     i   petteswied   *.,  «r-v
IUt>:a itifors-utttott.
*• **"*..
■vocal vA-fcotmn.
= '    of   <*       Bt»»lri««»
»- e, ao
i. a
_ , .        ..   . ^*mm>****** may I*,*-* • . --. f ^
Mate Mrwt    *    rvrr,    ...,
swraJkie te
Personally we cannot say that we
regard Comrade Hawthornthwaite as
anything like a correct imitation o'
an aageL In fact not a few of hi
performances, and  non-performance-!.
o«*er we are not the least bit inclined
to be charrubie abom it. Nevertheless we have no difficulty in perteivi*-?
that his delinquences have been d .-
to temperamental weaknesses rather
than to evil designs     Certainly were
sale*.  »•)(.   	
; O Brien Tour Fund —
W. W. L.. $\o'm: h.
Geo. Sehott,   *\.o*:
Bryce, $Li**o	
N. IM)*:
W>   K.
C -r.r-..:>v BaMtallet Part] **t <*.ina4av
Mrr:- »-.-r a Inut. Momiav Ir- baiM I
Hail, ij-thih .*»» t'-Atl, oj-po^lte po^t-
■.-«•,■•■ r**"tvlmrr will h* piaeart t,>
mmsrwet ar.y ivmniitiliaiKiM r-*(ar itrt
tha? rna'-crn-a-r-t in th* rm*vtr-o». V
l-anbv     **»«.r<,.ar>      Hoi    *4T.   I'aisar?.
laoeax, vj
Rna Ub       »•—•<,,    txt-rt    .
rourtri Tbetaf-mvi is th« ■
Matn tttryyt      »M*cr--lAr--.  W*,
of I'     Maa-t*
ar.arp.  at   L.
W    ft <JllTnor».
m. m  c. ao
»>«!    TlMMKiai
>    t-    M*il    tr
. $*>J.S«>
Meeting held May lJtb, 1*11.
Minntea of previous meetiag approv-
Caaamltle-f Satica*- T!.;a rarj U Ir,- of r
»»-rti--J for li** purjx*»« at s*ttma
■ Vol"* !ctvraat**4 In tbe fttMriaiiat
iwiMMri j^xj-IALISTii arr .,.*»,.
mettbens of lhe Party, iw if >*»« ace
de-atroua <<f t— i-:'.r.< A member. ->t-
» ■■-■- to ct anv int<trm*l:on. write the
•e-a-retarv W" H St«"">b"*-Sa A.Mre»*.
::«  Ciood Street.  \Ha-:;<t
«  c   no  a  i ,
K-.-llDS r>-t-tn am tira-:-.   ,- .
Ul*   »}«veen-i-#t.t   j*t,    Kwora '
OtttllateV, Oi» Wure      Bu.lL.  -^
ta-ps   every   Tua-adar.   I   p.     ,>.     *
pads.-twa-tin-r. ,»,rr *u---u» ■■
tai Theatre     T   Oraj. gemlAr
AiTa.. ao
*U<*«tl-i«»   every
aU..r  H.
CorTeepondence dealt with from Lo-'
call Tmir. Malakwa, West Burnaby. j
and Nanaimo: Orgaaixers Houston and j
Desmond and Comrade Hawthorn*;
Sutemenu of Local Nanaimo No. 3 i
and Comrade Hawthornthwaite ordered published.
t-,, -,.-->-»--, ,7 y-rt do^s nor t^m   *'«r as !■--*■ haa r.-va>r — fan.,! to ot- I  ^^ UUt Uc*1 N'n*i,D0 Ko* *'•
won tbe battle of Hastings and be- \™ J^gT-aV-X tHrite home  tain u. a job a. turnkey every Ume we  SUt*m"t *r'JW* **• »• Committee
King of England.   Tbey teU - K'^jSSISt?of thSr bare wanted one. we are in no £*fc",!!!? v"' m*liCl00,• ** "T^
-aaanerofo, pirate he was andl-^^^
with Com. Hawthornthwaite's realgna-;
The histories *>i. us that ia
he a personal friend we would bave
j victorious" "invadercannot do a thing! ■• diO«'«y "> ftnilom them excatabl*
i to as that our own masters bave not i Ani in ■■"■ of <*** we «* bound to
,M  already done.    Tbey might sabstitute •jilait **** be bas shown himself to be
•t^soa it 1<i*.?>. William the Coaqaer-
iantocracy for democracy?   What of It? ■» Prettr *«*•< man of his inchea   Any
ecative Cummitlee. *Joctai;«l Party of
■ ■ ,r*li Meeti even flrat as»i Uklrd
Saturday lr> t**e tnemth. 1:4a* |*m. at
headquarters. Main Street. Kerm Battleford Sfecretary will an.aer at-.y
i-omm-iiti-'alk-r*. regantitm: the tnove-
mrnx In tht» ProviiK-e A. GiMen*ee-»-
ter. Saacretary, Box 2*1, North Battle-
furdL  *-a«->
Committe--, HoetaJl.t  Party   t.f CacaJa.
iTK-eta  every   aecotn!   and   fourth   *un-'
dayc In Hm Cape Breto*i  i*"Bce of tbe
Party, rommerctal  Street. Olace  any. .
S    S     l-an   C-aehraae.  Sex-retary.   It^x
411. Ota-re Bay. tt. 9
fj-thth Ave   t. inear pewt •-*•
er.'t  rtmtiitio;  rvvm.   Lea**   Hal
ito aatter, 9ecretary, Bos *»:
COLantaO.     AX.TA       sn     ,
Miners- Hail and «>perj H.   iae     1- aT
gar^la nw-etine«  at  »  p ro   oa   •   . ."■'..
and third Sw-Jjia of !•■♦ m-.- •
aeM   tneetios.   on   Tnur-adaj   .-.-    '«
foilowiii-c   p-TapasaiJ-la   n-aeejlnr,     •   i
Ormmlsar.   T   gteei-..  t**nt«msii    -.' •
»e**retar>',   Ja..   tJiendet-nifj-r    b t  ->
< -'letnaB.   Alta     Vi.Uora   oia»   na-sHaj
lrifwrmatlun   any  day   at  Use*-.
fr--nt   ■.•<>•«.   W.   tlrahara.   .-*- r», .-,
C    il   V,   ot A.
; bim yet_
be was crowned aad bow he
..j. -.<_<» i    -«^  righu and most certainly do not de-
and who was his wife s ancle, and nririleaes    What they have      But aa for Local Nanaimo (a pound , ,    „
information ****^J^J^^ encamb^ce to j of civet, good apothecary. If it w« J"J'^ *JJj* * ** !*^ ">
tbem a. they serve to keep tbem more not for oar proleurian. monurt phflo. h" °W* *i«™'"' ■*» ^ ^uest
Lt. tr a,
•dajeattoeel meetinx. in t?i* Vl'.n-'r-i'
t'nion Halt. Victoria Aie J'errit*,
every gun-lay eieoin** at T «J Bu.i-
moma ist«tin| Or»t Sunday in each •
nwnth. urn- place, at ; J» p m. I*atid
Patun. (Secretary.   Bos  1*1
P   of C
H•-,.■>,r■ - -
aiTA   «a. 1. a
Healt|uartena «:; K;r«t fc
an'J propaganda Ma-amaa
e»erj Thursday at f.« p B. .■ ,...
i>or rradica n>orr. Is ..p»n u, t -
Ik: fre*. frt>m 1* am. to l| pm •',,"',
l*--i-retar>, A. Kartnllo. t:z tT**»l -•
OnpmtWa-r.   W.   Mteph-Tison
■r as a lot more
family aad about his saccessors-
historiaas have rooted around and
their eye-sight digging ap this
of information with as mach pate and enthusiasm as if it was
TWOAOy reqaired, and they have taught
caa **tii theae things in school with.as
amath penristence as if it mattered.
3RBrwever, if some oae wrote ap a
rami book on bees painsukingly set-
Tjmrz forth that Bumble XIX was stung
tern death on April 17. VM by Bimble,
tben bercame Queen Bimble VI;
. contented.   Let all the invaders come.
ophy and the fear of outraging Com
They can do ut no harm and we will! rade Fillmore's sensibilities, we would
I aot last exactly weep if  they  raise j »ay something.   As it it we will have
hell with our present masters.
] to content oarseives with remarklnz
Nor, on the other hand, can we work \ *•* w« c*nnot tmdontand the Mind
up much enthnsiasm for the'0*" of the McBride Government,
sacred caaae of Peace, or be deeply! w"h*t ***** "-vteitel for eminently
borrined at the ravages of war. We!lu*llfled ««»- orders can ther re-
have read theae gory Ules of battle hulr*- Certainly the S. P. of C. can
aad slaughter, out we have also work!not *• rid of th*n» too quick.
that, in caae of resignation, he give the
committee  sufficient   notice  to allow
for the nomination of his successor.
Ijocal Ymir  $ 2.00
Local Malakwa     5.00
Ix-cal Vancouver  20.2s
Local Naramau, Charter Fee...    ».<*>
x-ocax. oBSaonrooo. a a.  ao.   t.
■L V <-f C, m«*t* every Sunday svsa-
lng at Miners' L'nicm Hall. Greenwo-nl
Visiting cumradew Invited to call. C
G   Johnson. Secretary
ed around some, and it looks to ua
Tbe  Locals statement  in  itself is
i-hat «h» -lrofeaBion of arms ia getting, certainly all sufficient, without consid .., ,
that her sister, with a large nam- "iat tne proteaaion or arms is gerang, n   ;~7    «.,,-,„„,-,_.„.     organizing, 150M
!to be about the most safe and peace-*"11*     Comrade    Hawthornthwaite 1]
And aa for tutement at all
Total    t32:5
WarranU authorized to J. D. Houa-
toa. organiziag, lio.-m; g. LVsmond,
laocax. upitMJTa ao  10. a p. of
C Business meetings every Saturday.
' p m... In headquarters >:m >*lrsl Ave
J H Burrough. fi-.v II. Lajysmith.
R   C
._ mm, a*ra_ no
K  P, of C     Meet* Brut and Ull     *
days  in  the  month,    al     4    ; :
Miner.'   Hall      lievreiary.   Cfcaa   f
cix-h.  Bus   Itit
I.  C,  VO.   Itll.'
of C. beida propavgan-la i-,-«-i.t <- '
every Sunday afternoon al I 1» p in ..-. '
f'rmt.an'a Hall A hearty invttatl**-* la '.
mended to all wage atav-m within ,
reach of us to attend .mr tne-eilngs 1
Raolneaa cnef-tlng. are held the first 1
and third SuDday. of eaKh month al
14 *■■ a '■■■ in the «sme hall, Party '.
■rriitii-r. take notice. A. a Jiulan. 1
x-ocax, BBoma. aaaa, ao a
evrry   Bunday   at   '.  2o   p m    In   Tr*:-i
Hall.   !»»-«rth   Sir-*--!       Bu»tne«»   b*wsk-
!ng.   »a-<--.'ii4   and   fourth   Fridava  «t   t
pm.  Tradi-s  Hail     getrstarr. B   --
rm*na   Bos  1"»«
The wonder Is that
maatOH of the dialectic should
! at adherents swarmed on May 10th
am* lit on the seventh branch of the (able occupation there is
t-tt-rd limb of the fifth apple tree to jthe billions it cosu to maintain anna-.
right a. you come in at tbe gateau *** ** «tber bilUons which nig *fM ■«• ot * * *'ir *»CJ
■d *o forth, tbey would be tending, *** **» DP- *** <J°nt ke«P u« awake! ment. in place of unburdening them
l—,.HI,, of experu around to look !»«**» »«««•   The' a« oar masters'i «*»^« of a purely brazen attempt ar
! billions.   True they came out of the character  assassination,   unsupported
shred of evidence, and
D. G. McKenzie,
Sec. Dom. Ex. Com.,
Dear Sir: —
»- C
'■3* p
tn .
m, ■
•r.  iUs
at   i'.-
 g, N.UI
>-f   i        Headquarter*.    .So     is   Nttn-a
Block. Hoatsar Ave     P*rui>aga*'.U ;;■.--■
leg. Hun-da* at  I pm ,  business -Met-
lng.   .,..-, ,1  and   fourth   M   • •..'.*   -   M  I
p.m.;   ec»'------!ilr  clnnm.    -Sunday,    st   :
p ov; speakers' i-laaa, TTwtasails.i tl
» p m alget.ra claaa. i>■;.. ,- .
pm.; debating esaas. first aad :■—
Hoaiaan »t % p r» l> France. Orgaa-
tas-r.   1 ISO Victoria Ave
S.  P. Of <"
Che workings of his upper stopes.
On motion at the last business meet-
Abeek on bees" would be expected to jokers' hides, but, as always, after, by a ahred of evidence, and then to|lng of UtCml So u s p of c ofl
-Mil bow bees lived, how their Ktm\***T bad sold those hides and beenj^P It all most fittingly, hastening to Mgrch j^   „11# „ WM UDilnimou,lv
Xoocax, nzLaoa. a w. et
fiery 1 riday --vrnina at
M'.nrra- Hal). Nelson. B C
tin.   Secretary
e    (HI.     I n
I   A.  Aus-
txere the capitalist press therewith.
a-rh-r   ih«v! worth.   Oat of those hides they would j _	
wby    the- THE LOST BANNER.
-sawsre laid wrt, what kind of a social | **** for th*m aboat   *U    ther
rnqpinization   they   had;
•swarmed  etc i C0,n'B anyhow, armamenu or no arma
29a -with human beings, the history J ™«M* war or "> war
*.3taci -matters is just the story of their
.■•—'ul organizations and of their ways
mxmt meant of living.   And tbat story
ath alth our usual wisdom, very much
matfected and very little understood.
Tbe Important fact about tbe Norman conquett was not tbe validity of
mawt Bill's title to the English crown,
mm tha fact that It waa a meant of et-
-tmHmhlng the feudal system in Eng
smmbn.   This feudal system waa then
'•m anodern  Innovation, is, in  fact, of
1 recent origin, despite all that haa
: aaid of the "good old days   and
lt had been preceded by
ads of years of chattel slavery,
I -the two together wonld hardly fill
tthe Anal chapiter of a complete hla
sketch of the human race,
feudal ayatem ran itself out in
eight ceaturiea. which is not to
I mass when we consider that it hardly
yaaaatt aa time to have more than a
--arnsm grandfathers.   It waa toccoeded
mr ibe  capitaiUt ayatem  which  haa
aomwn up almaMt within the memory of
mam, *s1 -men were given to remember-
"mm; matters of any importance.
*3>iwB we tarn round aad nay "what's
-Aaenae? Ton can't change it Things
mama always like this and alwayt will
•a" While things are changing with
•mwOe-an rapidity right under oar noses.
mmv-b ayatem developed with greater
than IU predecessor and this
the capiUliat system, has
up like a mushroom and ia alia an advanced stage of decay,
by the stink. It haa hardly
my*, luelf in working order before lt
Hm tmcomlng unworkable. No sooner
mwt It harnessed steam and electricity
mm 3tj- machinery and trained IU alav-
am hy working collectively to produce
-mtOi facility, than It is becoming ne-
to limit their production. Tbe
have hardly learned to belike masters in their own house
thel*-' aervanu are planning to
them out on the ash-heap.
a a newt Item with the above head-
we flnd the Information that the
Social Democratic Conference
I a resolution in favor of an "ade-
navy aad a citizen army."
On the other band it lt quite a fav-
■mHi otnnt for Soelaliat bodies to de-
sHMmet mlllUrUm.
"Imn latter would, ot courte, denounce* the attitude of the S. D. P. on the
Gemmation aa a cue of tbe most aban-
depravity. While, humorously
the S. D. P. Indirectly appear
■-ha fail guilty, aa witnessed by tha ela-
carried tbat we secede from the 9, P.
of C. and form a Socialist Party.   We
were compelled to do this owing to
I write to impart to you the sad, the auitu,l* of the Dom. Ex. and the
?"* *»J*r  "f-!*!!'.?!0"!™! I •»<• **** of the final extinction of So- \ HwMAarenca     that      waa     exhibited
cialism in  Montreal.    It received IU  tbrouisbout  the Party  to the reform
death-blow at the hands of the Police tactics of the S. P. of C.   We felt that
locai rarncB bu-fcbt. a. C. Ma. 83.
S    P   of   l",   meets   every    Sunday   In!
tail In i.r: ;.r—« Theatre Block al ;■>•»;
p m     I.   II   (wrham. Secretary.
-locax. BBTax-anoKS. a. c  ao.  7.
I S i' of C Business meeting* «t **»'- I
cialist headquarter* fourth Tnur«iaya j
of each month. B. F. Gayman. State* I
Iter. B. V Gayman. Secretary.
and worries, tbe making of war or the
maintenance of peace, defence or aggression, disarmament or increased armament Tbe only war that concerns
as is tbe claas war and may that come
on the First of May. ' w* conl<l no longer appeal to the work-
They arretted our flag"   From   ray in* '**" to join such an organization.
(own hands it waa    rudely    snatched!Enclosed you will flnd a copy of our
J when our little procession, numbering! Declaration of Principles    and    may
several hundred marched off from our J »t*t* that a detailed reason for our
home.    Not only my flag,   but   two! action and a statement of our position
others are now in "durance vile," to | *■  b^-'aK prepared  which  I  will  for-
aay nothing of two feet seven Inchea j *ard you at the earliest opportunity.
of two-inch red ribbon, which a per-.' wl" return charter. aUmps, buttons.
severing comrade raised on the end !«tc, in due courte.   We ask of you the
locax. aoaaLAw-o. wo. as. u. r. ot c.
ma-els in Miners' Hall every Sunday at
J !•• p ro. **■*, i"an>pt*--ll. Secretary. P.O
Box 471 Hussland Finnish Branch
; meets In I'lnlanders' Hall, Sunday* at
7:19 pm. A. Sebbie. -Secretary. P.O
Box 54,  Roaaland.
of C Head'juart-'rs. ttt tri Matn ft
tlov.m :. neil iJreamiand Thea:**
Uuslna*.. mea-tlng a>very sIIt- . 1
MonJav .vcnlng at I p ni.. propagva
meeting every Wednimday at > -
economic   claaa   everv    Sunday    iAb*.
r    m. i pm     Grgaataer.  Hugi
low.  Itr-om  I,   57* 1  7   Ms'n   St     «~-».
tary.   J    W.   Hillings,   :7o   fenrt •
local orrawav a*, a, s. » ort
Business    meeling*    Unit    Sui   -•
month In o(-en  air, tonewed
alt   during   >oimii*f   month*
ganda mevlinga eve*]   Satut :
at   S  p   m. st   th« corner of  V  Ksssa
Avenue and Ktdeau Slreet     Itaw H 1
arith. Seiretarv. 77|  *Usa*V .-•
ta»a.  phone  777 <.r lljf
of bis umbrella.
We had an excellent meeting, well
attended and enthutiaatlc to a degree
Our apeakert were Comradea Kllllng-
What makes tbe socialist position
ao bard for the novice to nndersund
is IU simplicity. As in the mechanical world, where the solution of a puzzling problem is often so absurdly
plain, once discovered, tbat the Uy
mind is incredulous of IU efficiency.
80 vast and wonderful la the volume W* <* O^***- *fr **» ^BAen. M.
of Uws pumped from leglsUtive re-,L^' Alberu- ****** mr **** ""»-
aervoire and sprayed over a verdant j8t* M*rtin *nd Edwarde.
I-opulace through Innumerable legal! But our ctawi w«re cot' we WCT»
nozzles, to deep and complex are tbe j Powerleat. For waa our Flag not un-
mighty problema affecting "the maaa-|d*r ,ock mn* k*r*
00.- when presented by exceedingly Comrade KHIlngbeck addreaaed ut
learned and beaepectacled ttudenU of\°* *• indUyentabllity of labor and
avociology. that aa bumble plug is led *n°M to the kWnappln. of McNam-
to think that only a mighty and much mr» *** Wl "«>cUtoa, nnd Comrade
coUeged Intellect could dare to even OBrlen W'O in abort, pithy aenten-
approach tucb tubiecU.   HU mind it •" °° «*• ******** *** »»• object
Both were listened to moat attentlve-
to befogged by the learned and voluminous evidences of ignorance coming
from others, who have nothing else to
do, that It ia difficult for him to realize that since be, the workingman, U
tbe source of society's "problema,"
those problems can be no greater
than himself, and consequently easily
capable of being solved by him.
Some time ago, when we were a
wage slave aad went around burdened
with tome other body't opinion that
we were not, theae social questions
used to worry ut a good deal; in fact,
lost of aleep waa a common and fool-
1th occurrence. But to huge and complicated waa the lUt of thinga which
required fixing that our obfuscated
menUllty gave It up and retired within
the hope of Divine intervention.
Juat about tbU time, a socialist
came along with whom we proceeded
to get involved ln conversation for (at
we thought) our amusement. Thla
gentleman delivered himself of the
terse opinion that If "you tlavea would
get together and produce wealth for
yourselves instead of somebody else,
you wouldn't need to vex your weak
beads about all tortt of tllly conundrums."
Tblt was not dignified, moreover, It
waa diaguitingly thort and atmple.
Also was it quite clear and came from
a workingman who was Just a wo'king-
man. All of which ruffled ut up and
made us mad because, under those
circumstances, it couldn't be true, yet
ly and the applause waa aponuneoat.
Bnt our sting is gone. We are now
quite harmless. All we can do now ta
buzz and by tbe powers. Comrade ws
are buzzing. One of these days there
will be auch a hornets' neat about the
ears of capitalist Montreal that they
will be flying a red flag from the City
Hall. Tbe Mayor Is evidently a far-
seeing coon. He haa borrowed our
flags ao aa to be "an fait" when the
time comet! Speed tbe day.
Yours sorrowfully,
We are ln receipt of the following
"Edmonton, Alb.. May t, 1911.
"D. O. McKenzie, Box ltU, Vancouver, B. C:
"Comrades—The second  Ukrainian
Social    Democratic    convention   baa
voted for affiliation with tha 8. P. of
C.   We got sick of Wlnnlpeggers' democracy.   Yours ln revolt,
M. 8. FERBY, Chairman.
"8. FODECHUCK, SecreUry."
We read with some Interest and
no little envy that Mr. Taft attended
four banquets In one night WHUam's
lines were designed by a far-sighted
It la said that the caplUllsU give
ui work. For the take of their wlvet
and children we won't hold It against
favor to notify our action ln the CUr-
Yours in revolt,
Sec. 8. P. of N. A.
On Sunday, April 30th, Comrade
O'Brien spoke here under the auspices
of our Local, at tbe Family Theatre.
In the afternoon wltb Comrade Matthew Wayman in the chair aad in the
evening with Comrade Cameron ln the
chair. The lectures were considered
tbe beat revolutionary we ever bad.
Comrade O'Brien ta, of courte, too well
known by our Canadian Comradea to
need any comment However, our
Comradea were ao benefitted by hla
addressee nnd ao well pleated with bit
gentlemanly manner of apeech, that
tbey voted a hearty appreciation at a
subsequent business meeting.
Yours  for the revolution,
Subs may come and aubt may go,
but the deficit abldeth forever—maybe:
C. M. O'Brien, Montreal 12
"Smith," Vancouver  2
Lestor, Saak  2
A. T. Hlggent, Brandon, Man  2
W. K. Bryce, DeMalne, Saak. 2
A. H. Orewar, St. Catherines, Ont.. 2
A. W. Baker, Brantford, Ont  2
Local Brantford, card and bundle 19.95
Wm. Allen, Sidney Mines, N. 8.; R.
Hetllngber, Montreal, Que.; J. A.
Wright, Dauphin, Man.; Geo. Pa ton,
Content, AIU.; H. Collingwood, North
Battleford, Saak.; Joaeph Hey wood,
Michel, B. C; H. Gildcmeetter, Mara,
B. C; M. SUfford, South Wellington,
B. C; H. Striethorst, Oceanic Cannery,
Skeena River, B. C.
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B. L. J ii.oo
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aid's Hall. l*nl<n Street All v- wtt-
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rinaiit-ial    t<ecretary.    utBee    In *>
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rates we are obliged 10 make Ue
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For M.os we wlU mall three
coplea of tho Review to oae Caatv
Slas tUdr—s tot eae year.
For IB cent*  ws will mall tea
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^•■HURTl'^^pAv4»5M BLOSSOM
n sr iN B.C. ri(,M^' SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1011.
This Page Is Devoted to Reports of Executive Committees, Locals
and General Party Matters—Address All Communications to
D. 0. McKenzie, Sec., Box   1688, Vancouver, B. C.
Local Nanal-no't Statement.
Sec. Dom. Ex. Com.
Dear Comrade: —
Enclosed under separate cover I am
forwarding to you a copy of the Nanalmo Herald, in which you wlll nnd a
report of Committee from Nanaimo
Loral on Huwthomtliwalte's resignation. Please consider this an official
notlflcitton of same, for publication
in Western Clarion.
The appended article which was
endorsed by Local Nanalmo, Socialist Party of Canada, at a meeting
on Sunday last, was handed In at
this office last night with the request
for publication:
Loral Nanaimo,
Socialist Party of Canada: —
Your committee In making Its  report with a view to tbe publication
of same deem it  necessary  for    the
benefit of those outside of  tbe pro
vlnce to state that the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia Is In session   for  about   two   months   of   the
year, and that the sessional allowance
ol its members ts $1,200 per year, with
transportation  pass within  tbe  province provided by the railway company,
ln investigating the cause of Hawthornthwaite's  resignation from  Local Nanaimo 8. P. of C, by referring
to the minute book we find that considerable discussion had  taken place
with   regard   to  the  organization   of
Vancouver Island. B. C.   As a result
of these discussions we find In    the
minute book that on April 10th. 1910,
Hawthornthwaite  was  Instructed    to
proceed aa early as possible to   organize the Island and he promised to
sun  in  the  following month   (May.
As he made no attempt to carry out
the wishes of this local In the matter he waa repeatedly asked to    do
so and aa repeatedly excused himself
on one pretext or another.    As a result   of   this    considerable    friction
arose in the   local   over    the    time
wasted and as   the   session   of   the
Legislative   Assembly   for   1911   was
nearly over the local was of the opinion  that  Komethlng definite should
be done this year.    On February 26.
1911   Hawthornthwaite was criticised
for congratulating  the    Conservative
Government regarding the Coal Mines
Regulation  Act.      This was  followed
by a suggestion to form a committee
to outline a plan of organization for
Vancouver  Island   to  be  carried  out
by Hawthornthwaite.     As   soon   as
the suggestion to form a committee
wat made he Immediately stated that
it  seemed  to  him  he  had  lost    the
confidence of the local and that   he
would resign hit membership, stating
that   he    waa alright   anyway.      In
being naked If he had always received
a fair and square deal from this local, or If he could name one occasion
on which  he had not been    treated
fairly he replied that he had always
been shown every consideration   and
been treated as   well   aa   any   man
could wish to be   treated   by any   set
of men,   sUtlng   that   he   could   not
rise above his environment   and   that
he   belonged to the bourgeois.   The
following week he made a statement
on the floor of the Legislature that
thla would probably be the laat speech
be would make In the House.   8eelng
the tame ttatement In the Western
Clarion, Hawthornthwaite waa aaked
to attend a special business meeting
and explain his position.   He replied
at follows:
A Jordan,
Sec. I,ocal Nanalmo.
Dear Comrade:—-
Your letter of March 13th to hand.
I have no further explanation to offer
your local than that given when I resigned my membership in lt, that is.
that it waa made very evident to me
that I had completely lost the confidence of Ita members. Under these
circumstances to continue to represent
It in the House would constitute an Injury to the party and myself. I therefore took the first public opportunity
to notify all those concerned officially.
The capitalist press reports to the
effect that I Intend to run for the Do
minion House or any other Houts are
without foundation in fact. I am limply trying to attend to my own private
business at boat I may and though
no longer a member of the Soelaliat
Party of Canada do what little good
I can aa an Individual for the pretent.
In the meantime If your local wtll
give me the date wben It desires the
speaker should take action to fill my
■ent I wlll date my official resignation
In accordance and do all I can to help
elect your nominee.
J. H. Hawthornthwaite.
Thlt letter came up for discussion
at the next businesi meeting and the
(secretary was instructed to notify
him to hand hla resignation to   the
ter was registered, and as he failed
to acknowledge receipt of letter after
waiting two weeks the secretary
wrote the postmaster at Victoria and
was Informed that Hawthornthwaite
bad received the letter on March 28.
1B11. On April 13, 1811, tbe following letter was sent (registered):
J  H. Hawthornthwaite: —
Dear 8lr,—At the request of Nanaimo Local I forwarded you a registered letter on March 27th, 1911,
informing you that your resignation
was to be handed to tbe speaker on
April 1, 1911. As 1 have received no
acknowledgement from you and have
not been notified that you have complied with that request I would consider it a favor If you will Inform
me If you have taken any action In
tbe matter, or what you Intend to
do. Hoping to hear from you aa
soon aa possible, 1 remain,
Yours truly,
This letter was also Ignored by Mr.
Hawthornthwaite. Finding it impossible to get tbe necessary information from him. Parker Williams waa
instructed to write Speaker 3berU,
asking if he had received Hawthornthwaite's resignation. Williams notified us that the Speaker did not answer his letter. Parker Williams was
then Instructed to go to Victoria and
ascertain If Hawthornthwaite had
resigned his seat In tbe House. He
Informed ut definitely that no resignation bad been given in by Hawthornthwaite.
The committee wish to draw tbe attention    of the    lx>cal    to   the   last
paragraph  of  Hawthornthwaite's  letter In which he sUtes:   "In the meantime if your   local   will give   me the
date wben    it   desires   the   speaker
should Uke action to fill the seat  I
will  date  my  official  resignation  In
-accordance."   This   is   only   one   In-
! stance of the lying sUtemenU    that
! have characterized his career during
I his representation of this Local in the
j Provincial House.    With all his abtl-
j Ity he was only capable of resorting
to such mean and despicable acta   as
the following:  On January 29th, 1911,!
at   Hawthornthwaite's   request  sever-;
al members of this local were   nomln-:
ateel    to act    as    commissioners
taking      affidavits      (without    pay).
Hawthornthwaite    to    hand    fn    the
names   to   the   Provincial   Secretary
Young.    After waiting     about     two
mouths and    no   appointments being
received,   Parker   Williams   was   Instructed  to  proceed at once to Victoria   and   Inquire   why  appointments
had  not been made.    He found that
Hawthornthwaite had not handed the
i names   to   the   Provincial   Secretary,
and he Immediately    got    Provincial
Secretary Young to    make    appointments.   This gave the commissioners
only four days to add names before
the  voters'  list closed.      They    succeeded In putting on about 2i>0 new
The committee wish to draw your
attention to the last sentence of
Hawthornthwaite's letter in which
he states: "I will do all I can to
help to elect your nominee. " Contrast his statement with his action
in this matter.
A recent Issue of the Victoria
Timet contained the following statement; "That the Socialist Party had
been film-flammed by Hawthornthwaite during his representation of
the party in the local legislature."
In order to correct thla misstatement
of fact It ia necessary to define his
duties as a representative of the
Party. In conformity with tbe aim
and object of this party his duty is
to endeavor to transform aa rapidly as possible capitalist property in
the meant of wealth production into
the collective property of the working class. Aa he wai a member of
this Local he was under its Jurisdiction and so long as he remained a
member he must submit to Its rulings and perform the duties Involved
In his position at representative, and
when he tried to evade theae duties
a committee wat appointed to tee
that they were carried out. At he
had no Intention of carrying out any
organization work he aaw that un
less he resigned from thlt Looal expulsion would follow. Outside* of hit
duty to the party he wat given every
personal liberty to attend to hit
own private business to long ns It
did not interfere with the purpose for
which he wat elected.
In regard to flim-flamming this
Local we with to state that In our
opinion he did not possess sufficient
ability to do to at he found out on
various occasions when with all hit
ability and hit bourgeois education
he failed to hold hit own with a coal
miner In discussing proletarian monistic philosophy, and In discussing sociological questions he proved himself
a novice ln the use of the dialectic
After full consideration of all the facts
slgnatlon mis committee is satisfied
this Local has taken the right line of
action in Insisting that It. ruling be
complied with by each member   After
event, have more than proved their
line of action to be correct.   It Is the
aim of this local to express the interests of the working class and so long
as Hawthornthwaite represented this
Localhe expressed these interests and
this Local supported him.    When he
refused to do so tbat support was withdrawn.    What that support meant to
him may be judged from the fact tbat
during election time it was necessary
for the members of this Local to strike
names  off  the  voters'  list  and   put
other name, on, attend the Court of
Revision, act as election agenU and
scrutineers, provide  his election  de-
Potit, organize outside meetlngt and
do   variout  detail   work  involved   In
parliamentary    campaigns.   All    this
was done without him either being
asked or expected  to provide financial aid.   This is the policy followed
by the Socialist parties of the world
the Socialist Party of Canada, being
no exception.   The caplUIIst political
parties are subsidized by the section
of the capitalist class they represent
but the 8. P. of c. organized to represent tbe workers, has to draw Its nnan
clal support from the working classes.
Such being the case   all   necessary
work has to be done gratuitously.   As
long aa this Local is In existence tbe
workers can rely on every effort be
Ing made to further their InteresU and
any representative who fails to do so
will not be tolerated by this Local.
In the estimation of   the   committee
this Local has nothing to Uke back
and further states that in their opinion J. H. Hawthornthwaite    by    bis
double   dealing  and   treacherous   ac-
tiona haa demonstrated that he is an
enemy to the revolutionary working
class interests and the committee as
members of this Local and members
of   the   revolutionary  working   "itt*
warn our class against this man: —
James Hurst Hawthornthwaite.
We, the committee recommend that
the Local give this report the widest
possible publicity     throughout     the
Socialist press of the world when endorsed by Local Nanaimo No. 3 8  P.
of C.
•   *
apeaker on April lit, 1911.   Thlt let-'lauding up to Hawthorathwaite's
Hawthornthwaite's Statement
Victoria, B. (*•., May 14th. 1911.
D. Q. MacKenzie,
Sec. Provincial Executive, S.P. of C.
for Comrade:—
J    I wrote you a short time ago stating that some trouble had arisen between lx>cal Nanaimo   and     myself
which  I desired to place before the
Executive at the earliest moment.
The facts are briefly as follows:
I was instructed by Nanalmo local
In April, 1910 to proceed to carry on
organization work, in conjunction with
Comrade Williams, in Comox District
and Nanalmo Dominion Electoral District, which includes outskirts of Victoria.     I   was   further  Instructed   to
make arrangements with Victoria Ix>-
cal.   This latter I did and proceeded
to hold meetings around Victoria, having arranged with Parker Williams that
the more outlying districts could be
jointly attended to when farmers had
more time, later In the season to be
present.   Victoria local opened a fund
and   some  successful  meetings  were
held.   On reporting this later to Nanaimo Local a row at once started and
I was openly accused of endeavoring
to  build  up the Dominion  Electoral
District for my own political benefit
I tried to assure members of the lx>-
cal that I had no personal ambitions,
and had never sought nomination at
their hands.   I was instructed to go
Into Comox  District.    I pointed  out
that I could only do so under Instruction from the   Provincial   Executive
and all collections would have to be
dealt with by that organization.  This
was considered "flim-flam" and only
made further trouble and heated dis-
Thlt unsatisfactory state of affairs
continued for some time, during which
my actlona were continually harshly
criticised outside of the local by certain of Its members. I was then appointed local organizer and, previous
to the session, arranged several successful meetings, with outside speakers, in Nanalmo Opera Houae, in addition to the usual propaganda meetlnge. During the last eight years I
have Invariably attended these except during sessions of the House, or
while attending outside meetings. In
fact it it safe to say that during the
past eight years I have ipoken whenever possible upon some Socialist platform at least several times each
During the last Session the Government Introduced a Bill to introduce a
new Coal Mines Regulation Act. Comrade Williams and myself, at will be
seen by the "Clarion's" reports, Introduced a mass of Important amendments, and were successful In having
many embodied in the Act. During
iU discussion Premier McBride Introduced a clause, the effect of which
would be to destroy the "eight-hour
day ln coal mines" which we fought so
hard to obtain a few years previously.
In response to our energetic stuck
and appeal, the Minister held this over
and later, in the House, announced his
Intention of withdrawing it, and also
bis acceptance of several of our amendments. I briefly thanked him (and
every Socialist knows what such
"thanks" amount to) and went on to
say that if he would accept some other
amendments, more particularly the
one Introduced by Comrade Williams
to give miners the power to elect
their own inspectors at the Government's expense the Bill would then be
(in my opinion), the best in the world.
This ls one of the charges as the report shows. Shortly previous to this
tbe local had nominated John Wilmot
Place and James Macintosh for positions as Chief Warder and Assistant
Warder of the Provincial Jail in Nanaimo, which was being re-opened, and
as usual, nominated a number of others
for the positions of Commissioners to
take affidavits under the Election Act,
and other positions. I duly turned all
these in together with a number of
others, possibly fifty or more applications for the Commissioners, etc., received from different portions of the
Province. I was not aware that these
latter had not been acted upon until
informed by Parker Williams, to whom
the Nanaimo Local bad made representation. I then Immedately filed
duplicate applications for the positions
of Commissioners in every ease with
the exception of Nanaimo, which Comrade Williams had attended to himself.
These are I believe being Issued everywhere.
The Government refused to accept
the nominations of Place and Macintosh for the positions of Chief and Assistant Warders, and declined to accept the nominations given for Police
and License Commissioners and I reported this matter to the Local. A furious discussion took place and I was
openly accused amongst other things
of simply using my position aa a member to extend my own political influence. This sort of thing could not go
on so I turned in my resignation, and
asked them to nominate someone else,
and fix a data for my official resignation to be aent in to the Speaker. I announced my Intention to ao retire in
the House at the earliest possible date
and proceeded to go Into bualness in
Victoria. I next received a letter from
the local asking what I meant by the
Clarion report of my resignation and
in reply wrote the letter published. I
received a further letter telling me to
send in my resignation on April 1st
Now I did not consider tbat this matter was any April Fool joke, no matter what the "Committee," Place and
Macintosh, thought Further had I ac
ted on those instructions the Government would unquestionably have rushed an election through in two weeks
or less, before there was any chance
whatever to attend to the Hsta, the Revision taking place in May. and I would
have been charged then with the inevi
table consequence, the loss    of    the
- **-
In the meantime I was being openly
denounced by certain members of the
local, the walls of the Headquarters
were decorated with brilliant cartoons
of myself and a reporter of the Liberal
Press was knowingly, or otherwise, allowed to examine and report. Hence
the "Times" cartoon and screed.
I next received a letter from the secretary asking me what I intended to
do, I did not answer either of these
letters, feeling sure that the local,
swayed by the personal malice of cer-
Uln members, was not acting ln tbe
Interests of the Party generally, and I
wrote to the Executive at explained.
If the local was "flim-flammed" It waa,
In part, by the agenU of the Conservative and Liberal Parties and by the
Daily "Times," who have succeeded
ln making the election ot their nominee in the coming election possibly
somewhat less arduous. Com. Parker
Williams on behalf of the local next
Interviewed me and I Informed him
that I intended and was providing to
Uy the matter before the Executive,
but the local apparently decided to
Uke public action bofore waiting the
result and appointed the Committee
I would draw the attention of the
Executive to the difficulty of maintaining for long periods of time the good
feeling ln small locals like Nanalmo.
One or two members actuated by personal feeling or malice can frequently
exert powerful Influence for good or
bad. It Is difficult for any representative, no matter how anxious he may be
to do what is right, under such circumstances to please even a minority,
and sometimes the conditions are rendered unbearable. Co far at the Nanaimo local la concerned, however, I
have never had reason to object very
much to itt actlona and have always,
until these troubles arose, been treated with great personal consideration.
In this Instance, however, any fair-
minded person must see that even if
all the alleged "charges" are true, I
have not, more particularly after some
twelve years of faithful service in the
cause of the workers, deteryed the
harsh treatment accorded. I enclose
herewith my undated resignation, addressed to the Speaker of the House,
which I trust the Executive will act
Yours In revolt,
Socialist Party of Canada
We, the Socialist Party of Canada, In convention assembled, affirm
onr allegiance to and support of the principles and programme of ths
revolutionary working claas.
Labor produces all wealth, and ts the producers It should belong*.
The pretent economic system ia based upon capitalist ownership of ths
meant of production, consequently all the products of labor belong ts
the capitalist claas. The capitalist to therefore master; ths worker a
So long aa the capitalist class remaint In possession of ths reina sf
government all ths powers of ths Stats will be need to protect aad
defend their property righU tn ths means ot wealth production ami
tbelr control of tbe product of labor.
Ths capitalist system gives to ths capitalist aa ever-swelling
atrnam sf -pronto, and to ths worker so ever-lncreaalng measure at
misery and degradation.
Tbs Interest of ths working class lies to ths direction sf setting
Itself free from capitalist exploitation by tbs abolition of ths wags
system, under which to cloaked ths robbery ot ths working claas at ths
point sf prsductlsn. To accompllah tak necessitates ths tranaforma-
tlsn sf capitalist property ta ths means of wealth production tats collective er wsrldng-cltsa property.
The Irrepressible conflict of Interests between ths capitalist aad
ths worker lt rapidly culminating In a atrnggls for possession of ths
reins of government—tha capitalist to bold, ths worker to secure It bjr
political action.  This Is the data atrnggls.
Therefore, ws call npon all workers to organise under ths banner
of ths Socialist Party of Canada with ths object of conquering ths
public powers for the purpose of letting up and enforcing ths economic
programme of ths working claaa, aa followa:
1. Ths transformation, aa rapidly as possible, ot capitalist property In the means of wealth production (natural resources, factories,
mills, railroads, etc) into the collective property of ths working class.
2. Tbs democratic organization and management of industry by
ths workera
S. Ths establishment, aa speedily as possible, of production for
use instead of production for profit
Tbs Socialist Party wben la offlce shall alwaya and everywhere
until ths present tyttsm It abolished, make ths answer to this question
IU guiding rule of conduct: Will thlt legislation advance the InteresU
of the working claaa and aid ths workera ln their class atrnggls against
capltalltm? If lt will, ths Soelaliat Party to for lt; If it wlll not, ths
Soclaltot Party it absolutely opposed to It
In accordance with this principle ths Soclaltot Party pledges itself
to conduct nil ths public affaire placed In IU hands In inch a manner
aa to promote the InteresU of ths working class alone.
Tradc Mam*
CoOTmaMTS -he.
Snyeas tradlnc a sksti-h aad dssalpUoo msr
-ntcM. sscsrtsln ear opinion tree whethat ss
luTsntlcvs is probably f
quickly sscsrtsln ear opinion i
InTsntloa Is probablr Mtsnta*'
ttss-i ta-i-MJ-r mmmmmmm.. MM
•sal rrsav Oldest sssocf for st „
Pat-mis tatsa tErouk Mann a <
Scientific Hmxm.
A tnn.ww.lr glilatnliil wsskly. UirsaS dr.
ralsuoa ot soy KtaSatto* JoarasL Terms tor
Canada, jaa a ysst, pasta** gtaemia.   Sold by
Issued   by   the   Dominion   Executive
"Store of the Barm," or "Proletarian In Politics," to locals subscribing
[to the publishing fond, 11.00 per 100;
to others, 25c per dozen.
"Socialism and Unionism," to locala
subscribing to the publishing fund,
f 1.00 per 100; to others, 25c per dozen.
"The Struggle for Existence," to locals subscribing to ths publishing
fund, 11.00 per 100; to others, 25c par
"Value, Price and Profit," to tub-
tcribers to publishing fund, 12.00 par
100; to others, 30c per dozen.
"Socialism, Revolution and Internationalism," to subscribers to publishing
fund. 16.00 per 100; to others, 76c par
Sunday. May
Capital. VoL I, II, III. Karl Man.
par toL  $2.M
Ancient Society, Lewis Morgan $1.5*
Sto Centuries of Work and Wages,
Thorold Rogers  2.M
Woman Under Socialism, Bebel.. 1.N
Essays on the Materialist Conception of Hlttory, Labrlalo 1.00
Socialism and Philosophy, Labrlola   1.04
Positive Outcome of Philosophy
Dletzgen   1.0*
Philosophical Essays, DleUgen... l.Ot
Socialism and   Modern   Science,
Enrico Ferrl 1.00
Evolution Social and Organic, Arthur M. Lewis  60
Vital Problems in Social Evolution, Arthur M. Lewis     .50
The above works will be tent poat-
pald to any part of Canada This to
only a selection of our stock and almost aju bound work in Chas. H.
Kerr's catalogue can be had. Ordsra
to be addrested David Galloway, 2241
Main St, Vancouver.
(|If you would like to spend less time in your kitchen
and woodshed, and have much mote time for outdoor
life, recreation and pleasure, look into the question of
doing your cooking with a Gas Range.
Telephone yonr address to onr office and we will send a man
to measure your premises and give yoa an estimate ol cost of
insulting the gas pipes,
Vancouver Gas Company, Limited.
Etxsoccarr lsctoke •**
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C. M. CriB-risa. M. P. P. tee Jits-iy
"Mouautoa, AB-erts. -e^T*-*-*-**-; aa. t»>
Jecuer* *-*-, SwtaJtom. Js  -d»  CM-gee ««*ampi*« as «•**-*-   Tsaat wha* ester-
is   tttt   inzrato.  wita-h trjnem  van. *j*t
-l    •mwiagh.  sat aa
vantage fcucaeai the ;*rt«e of hda j*re .is**   wi3
ap-pcrt-tooed If  r*i ii
Th»s»?T* ****** ♦/t*s£x*l,. X IT. faafmoed
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«s>w tti'Sa&xg a surge i-er-t-Btsaai* *d
•se*..  hnstoeM "&*_.
A    •j-*--JSO.i   tr«^--Z*.-*J-3S«.   SSid    Xf7.
O'fcrtea. fc*£ aprvsg tone e*-*Cas*aat* m
deaJ W. *i th* pre-ra&tag s-v.ia. ■asrett,.
hat th* •EatiaJi*; o-*~ga-s-_f*fix)s was tbe
va.i von 'tt: nan.: -**, the roc*: -if The
crfla Th* -rJUrrt Igaflred the tasses
aad tried to --ere th* erC hy -r-taJhcg
w. -1 th* e*T«a-*u
Arj&srM lutaA that th* 'aa** of
porert*- f_ ■*-<_ -f-17 ru ■-),-_, yt&tv.-
tarn, la the last few -rx-a-t^rvt^t-s ttax's
pr-wfta-e-Or* *-w*f» had! -sarreOwaJy
teer-eased, ye* poverty -perms-ted. Wby
waa this? It wat i*-***.*** s naif -*«■-»« »■** seeking of SI—it law -cz-Oer
ez^-tottad th* labor of th* mseaea «*a«uhsm ts th* cam of tmkmaMti. ■*
Formerly th* a>_ilfc»*ri*s hyp-eoti-zed ** «*• «T«**» lamar. aad i* *u ; -v
eer ten-tethera tote th* hehef thai '■*=** ■1*or* **" **** ****&* **** **«
their wealth 'am* from hear-m*, <c** *■****«■ ***"■**' <«- *« n m *«*
th* kMs wasted te kaow when aad •** *** ***** &«-**• ****** ***
how the m^Siamatn gm Ma wesjta. **&&** *** *»*««**«< to *** ■**
rade*- stovwr, etaa* exsfesta-u-m d*y •• ■i'**-***** «■****■. tb* *v«age ««
peaded oa th* ow-aerate-p of mem. U*. «* *M«»«*c* *®«m sdll dssermi-ae
der feedahsm th* Una* a*-*-*-*--* th, ■."■*** »■** ** ti*ir J*9*** ■■ ■**
hnl Md they had as mmtti j*w« a*. ^ ***•- *» * *<*• '*** 1»i,w f^-* «*
er th* prvteevta at itUn ma ii \l*j i*{ ^ 'WSl*,' I»i,isir*f;i-
sw*a«e4 th* serfs. Cndcr capiUaUam a - J r*v^JaK' ****• n ** ******* **>
*ms*3 E*a»i*T of jeafrie «»a«d the '■'*s^ '-"********>- emjvtoysts of tohor,
atatfeJaerr r/f *srt>tS.-i«k-a tt *B,ai4 *■* ^em-    T5s*T
err    of m**e&m    nfmenti ti*'*0* t3s**f i»*««^ *■<■ •• «!«**«
aossmetoUd ka«*i*dir4 aad tohw «»5 Tw«wh«r; th* tai^alte »ym*m wtwid
timaaadt «f yeara.   T«t a few men :•* **• •^o** •wr>*w vaiss*.
««e»«i J-.   Tweaty-sia* men to Can-     V. y Umited laaowieivtea ef e-x>aomics
ads had tt to their power to my wh*- -matas ate tmwimag to erttktoe betur
ther the Mg *iadaastriet ahssld he kept' toformed    wrtuts:    a»trverth«leat   ft
to oaerstto* or Mt.   The mea wb*> seemt te mc that Lasster aad l^Bddca
-tea^reOed   the  railways,   tuamhoau are ia*i-a*d te cealae their view teo
aad ether arteries ef rratawn t ewa-*a»sit* te aet*rate pwejf— ef tod***-
ed the prca-tacu of earth.  The farmers try er te tadtriwaal factors  to  ths'
aad  hmiseet men might  have title tame, aad thst we have a user view
deeds  te vsilesa Uads of yrov-rXT ot ths sttaatioa V we keep to miad
*nx tatty merely smessted te s eeftt-ltae ecseemV. retadcmttlj of the two
mtmtw te a eUa-fy Jot. like the tasor- ftsaam as a whole, the master aad .
era, they were merely wage-esrsers,|alsve  etomes     Thane other
se-mag ao» bay or U*aa, hat their life I whfch are to the mtormedtoU
lAMbv: tav Sat a tt':<:».i aaffirrvent.'!. sh- ■.**.*
-Dng   his   t2a3BaV*ot!^a.-ataa,   ■■■ifM**" ':■        "7%* Zb«aa-f  rf  wasajsl  >
er'....  lavj'-*   'JSaW!  iii  ef*3afe*£  i-*  >rv e*   -js*-  teauocssv*   ;ir:■;-*-***.-     ;(*
ants aS»v»'* -ttmtT 1 .  i-js  "Jkfs.    Ti*     ;•:•• 1 -.'■.•$    stf
L-tar.Mr avsti 3^4-3*3. '-*Ji".»a-f -jis? i*.-* *j-**i* zneaas sC wetstt  -fasa-UBties U
a£ -ites* #joas*&-ac.:-s--i matt ttevT*\tttw tr* *3>e aaStmt^^t Imvctio-E «tf the vwtai
j"-*-**-.*" eat..  i'Si-m-t th*   Psny   Maa*-  *-:-r..t  -Mai  i«n  srS2 am-nC  th*   ":
-a.*)*  W'-Jtii   ti*  ,'»i-i-K.;i   siAt*  ia ;«*&*.       Ti*  iij-r_3ir  a-eatmrrr 2a as-'e-'-Jtii * a The wsrS-E of %ws£s^ z±#
Dm mvvowr^   'arbere w*4-sitS he he*aelB£? oiasaasfy,as etsw^risoa. 3* th* TSsitv   Ai   t.,..:;.■  :<* *>s* weaiteh s*taa jc-x t*-..*
L-aesstr say*.     *"<Jr*r.* a  laizts*3r  ix j-r>t-K*av: ^^f-jMnA. i*rn;*j&s i» *^he asaae'er'.***.
-*<----£   -t-aa-at'iam-^Say.    T*f*cr
.   :*•   worth  wlafci'  gt  ansgX:
V--V vtaz a** jaa*; -**-*c*-«--> « «* *3-s*«ct      aa> ji 'ua* -the.* the a****-***-** «"a***«r--h I «*e» owater e-rm-f- oa aris -nrmm     L
fc"    >*a Sa**»*-«»3ae jcaoss wtots. yttt -st* aJ-^ra# ar aesh^ir as es* ef sm rear- gpmaHl of alt h**tss«a. *&«■*. -w-gA^..*
hi v* -i te aa>£ thss it at .as is dsr the *rTSsoae» jway im- that* m ?eri "la I ■*«*» ta*   ws*e**Ug   **%*»   staa**^, ,."
the ■wi-rfci* cast esacuahias sc *a*e *a.*ax«  ci* sir*"*   K -*-. .- cwtchs to *&£ ttm  '-hs mesas aweatof aat*m*e*dkdag s*-t**J'>
;r:*cwsa«m.   Them yea w«e--. z**t   *o»c-*h»*-'  **-x>«-  Sse-  those  ia  j**rG  *^,',K*4*a  trma  ts*   sss^en   mi
iaic*-*  -a-ttoora.*" -EtJe*** IU ** ase«rs-»i that th*  at*t«s hash M a* »a*tlM---t j-. co^^
"-•*   ^aJares  ha«e  tsaghieasf roaft».  as*-.:.-  ^neawe.
:<*«   ':•.*•  aa?   -mar-r■**--**  tha.*:   stltikt  i^-** Ss * "    •
tzZ gMxanyt. *me« -Bauhstw* arc--* *asa# hr-;    "Ol udto ye t-bnoM-ssy. th' tataa  , 1
"•-   ?»**«■ *aS*-**-«» la the -rsc-heam** of th* r; to aB -fafga* vhia they p*rea*-h«s 1
' ""'i-rs-sitetaaa-*"   .Now H**aa*a-a-H?
ZaTCtea **»'*• "■■nmsn_     .-saFas aT.m»i-W»y, tb«   •,
x>-t*>-ato£e   Jara,   *avue*vi   iajia-3ia-*a,'i*. jmifcta.iii* -B-f-tht-t *Ji*t tie s-fs^em -tit UESTO-E.   tHa -^r*me*---is-is** that »:*» --.— a-
**fc, aaa-j i* j it?. roi-t-SfB oxm txaa  a  -i-**-*' !■■:*: -ay ti* *Bs*u!-*r >:^t-as la : ■■■ , Eeei «acat* fAas-ic-isf to
aaaretabts' ^•aBarts* mitat-r tie snaett." Oa**m -*i* sssag gaMMriava *« & etml   Satbocy   howls  so  iati-eaaM^Jsty   Sor'
Ttaa to iatrtEy ti* --aisit.    .4s I saad  res-, ti* ;rsda ti-ot-fi  t-wz-ershaj  -of <-*2-'-'**r*»T at he  who aa*-*  ts  S*
T»T»a* ; Marrj. that oo-re A--o-i-th Ta-*a * ?-.■, ,
1 + ta***" || th* Oiaaaataa .aad other'tat**  th"  awmhens   shtaas*   ajt
gmmtom ytox or*      Th*   w*ai*t4.T   mrt ■ thst «w*v*ta ye ws- -n-Yi cT-ia-rr -,«.
.&*&*» 'Oansa. Ajirfl 2m<. tr*a tarm- th* o-Jb«r ssbku o? w*a&i iradat-^aa. *^  i'-'wajL    H the swtol rewotaciee  -s^Tta* ta  tar »»«** MM poS-r     Th*  em* at itrh o'cteck aa' oaty m-j-^ '
eiraowM i* ftp. » ommtsly the seme  Be -ohm (Us j-rofe s&a£ he tajaM* g:« •» aaaafcms atofc *• » g».. we eiS to„ fc, ,,»,«« iton 1 |to» if  y» at atz at soight afthi r   ww -»•■•-*
modem  btato. they   waeU   st23   be rt *rr«**_ i7 .ouaJ    *r   <a«toKts**a   » aaEORaa. hat ther* -etB J* *a«h  -^g ^^ M -^, KMt9w »*& aw* t* stnagth has tie ui.# mm U
roto**, aaiaaai li wages of schsets- toTmsc    at^ror*!    .^thaesT   aad jfct " «W«at im omwttreo a*d ih* .^ -^ j, ^ -KTte,^-   ««»,.  th' aa««B stm** of ma '^a**-*, ,, ',
***• **** iki^' -**T *^»«JJ»Q« »*« ****■ **>■'-**■ u th* raji -^.^ -„ eaoy m rttw drams  y«  wwoa this   ti   eft,  t-,-!
At itataaBt. tkemacsimsly -apdw^ »»«■ « t an sM. ton tto ca««- ^^ --             M -^^^ th* ratht fcem a s*a*    tis«e drmver team -M. -t^-
toimer, who to stSl to a adaority, tak- ti^i--   -am   *-.-  v»t7 *.-*vuiJ» th*      * ~\ * t1MT -1" ** ™*m»d to sttmd  .^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^ •   s   •
ad- aaaasd^p «? ti* tarsus aad the SarmJ^"    •*-*•-"'*••*•■"
at   tost   ics-cw    eheoe   he
B. Gu GR-rr.
wmat aaotrr rr*;
mpn rorruicwcE.
Lashor is the susdsrd ->f Tain*, bat
it haa to he sj te th* tcsastord to be
so. We try to I* Marztoa SociaiiaRa r.%SBKt«Mm to a dUease tha: * t
why thoaid we? Mart ataid th* best ;■-*< -riaari^ by Manattow oi a r*n»
mxlmg b* -rrer ttU say wh*a be said "I fc vajtxym jiiialajarmiaiitog the sy-Keait.
am so Marz-toa.- Vhca w* ssady the; ta^tahtm is hs greatest tav&m: *s,4
tormen' j«afa» we doa't -art a haag ffi lili wiii t« iu satr-* aad os>*
shoot Marz. w* stedy the larmer. Th*a [<»„. -aascw th* MM^ bj a*i-
we eaa tar*' so Stars aad a** what thst (tanas ?or Stxiaitoas-
aoa sf a gsa haa to wag ahost St aad I	
if he agrees with aa, afi right, tf he! Tt**. d*ttotrr and fee* beer saw!
docaa't well kaock his Mock o» aa-joor; ssach bsimhatssiiiej atatemeau a*
til we maae him fare so be fo«ad to tome so-called a»
hem ; ia.- :s*\:
:... we jwt as ea_| to :t.    Every eacaer .     Soax- of  the  «*•:*rea-a**  so-**..*-
  tha: -.hey toad mgg tart o«r way aad  SocUiWt j*isers vhkh *ater to
oae ae -*earu^*>^ ot the ***? ** evenhrow -rsch a rouea. ia 1,   desirable*"* rather thsa to '»;--, -t
thiag-foraethmg syswm ' htos"   are   caattoaaliy   exjactiag   Ma
  jcajatefist to «*« oi' th* 1*-«j «*• r-.*
Ur Wortngmaa. year nucs. s«*rra-j aork*fa I woader »ha* ea^tui.*-.*
aea. aad jESoery an #8>od •meat** fori ***** klok J1**- **** bad «ot! off •.-.-.
yew wh3# «oe are eae tested with I ***** ** lk* "«o«*.*Ta AA I <aa isu_?-
them sad a to«* tor either Ummm*. et\ *P *iow " •» *JsAt l3s*Jr *o«M be iaad
Coasenaov* is a sore aua that ytw ] <«**t*ii«* ilk* M«'s ,aoa<oe*sr,*-»
are coateeted with row atUefabi* lot' Wm0m £»«»«# Woods wasu t*ai;a
Taer* is
:fir__ty «d PetaeaJ act-toe aa h* whoa*
are Mat bed hy a a%.-:'-:t*ti-..
tmrnagmmt with tM the   «a-*m;>loysMBi.
of joar fefisw wort-ws Oc th* other
haad—0 vote for -S-or&atisa- e-o**-.;>'#ed
wtSM ^ostiss«3«ss efforts to saak* all
/>;- v:;c*~ woTi«."-i do ".b* tajse. ;♦ a
sere si«a that yos are dotaj the osiiy
•_iss.it tiist will e-ter bat yoa aad yosr
!e_ic*w-warhers M of their rotten posi-
tsea aad jwt tbem where they «aa Bve
os the "fat of th* toad"
Feathered   fcirds  that  toy  ao  e«s.
ers to wmuaut* acatosL
s     s     s
""What's that yo*s"ve .got**
-1»*iBy Socialist Uteratsr*. rK a Be
ciaiia-t. yoa haa*.*"
""Ho"  yer bar. bar yer*    Hl'ts  ■***.;
ther mtypgmtnit*.. bat bi eeppoo* hmry
j Baa "as a rt«ht to *ls bows beptodot;
Tea." tayt  f. "eves  the laMMa
whea they are whet** ih*y eae do ;■>
daasag* by exerctotag their optok't
•   •
No profit eas possibiy be aeade or.
ot coBmoditiea. aa they ail sell at cost
of {trodactioa.    Ptoaa* r*»east*r tbat.
it ail aud* out of j**-**-*--*,* «-.
yredaced aa the farm as!
firmaaratly below their vatae.
There are tsry few farmera who art
to a aeatttoa to farm.   Kemortog
Ie searty every Job yes will Ssst | th* pe<v>e  psrssites—<he  better ot
he-1 tbey will be.    SortoJtoa «Ul rtd the
'asea who dsat deserve the
for   days,
tor*** or toborjower. are oaly dtogauedly aad iemjemrflyi****** ***** *** ****** ** *** ****,*** of th**u * ******** ***
'  A. to ig*** tb* BgmmMmr «mK — "J™* ^1*^ 2! ^ "«— «-^* ***«- *********** +" «—
that tt waa the see -Ktomee of sodel-|'Mf
dgy. dev«joiatd by ths toberfag di_e"ta tk*^***,,^ w*«*ar'lrteeto ,-._-_..-...«
tef taMsuaee," with s toOtag auad- **• **«■
te order to ezprcat lhe f-etst of vtow'
of the worttagatta.   The   -taj*ultot .•**•
had taaght the workera rartoas Mads 1    Ltetor 9aot«a Hyadataa
to Eagto&d. the real of toad
whea by ao dotag the <
ctoeeyof the laborer was toerwaed. * thst porttoa of tmtai,  hoards
them       ^mnw   UBWh^jl^^
w        .   mat   » "TIT ^"^**~.*?^™ STjot,   B«tfewlSLe^.^fo«S
was aot >>dvtoabto to reveal the ty*- ia    — —  —_^_—__-_•« -.
Mereereria elese eorneiattoa!    tt to   aboard
the'aeat of farm toad ta a eaaatry where "J*   Jg^? JTS "Jf""
it to the e-srta. to A* fMta «U- .**« J» »W ui iv « *•
labor tktoaera os earth.
Bet they had aet Uaght
trae atfeace of tottology
WJgjggem, where toad-evaerahf*
of labor ez^Sotutios.
ths eapittltou eoald mot get at
tmtxa. beeaatc it was aot to their ma
ttttol isteresu te de ae.
History as taaght ta  the    seheoto
-fare false ImpraaaloBs.   Th*   grts*;* ***** *** rmrely won-
maa theory bad beta exploded, yet!   Loag ago Cartyto   wrote
school histories deal almost    wholly "Preach Be-veladM
There to ao dosbt that the iadsstrial '■*■■*..!•. tapers wrtB aever he. seder So-
worher eaa traastorm atouetf tote a|cto_sm Tos will get or pay the fall
FARMER ea-tefcer thaa tato aay other jv».'.-* of everythtog yos hay. or seil.:
farm ef CAFITAL18T.   The desire for '«&■*-.«* Soetatotm, ao profcs either way. |aad taa<7 dressed peoeto who do ao
ifterty oa the port ef the todaatrtal j Tos wQl proteMy be sheet five timet! work sad saeh Uke oraam«au are ao
thst comx-e-titioa aad Ihetter off thaa yoa are right sow ss a j -pood  to the  wor-cag ctoaa aad  th*
also that saaecessary tohor Om* which | ctoat sooaer the workers wake o;. and get
atvaara tsaaoaathls for the idea that!   \rki ot s!l tack paraalt*e-«ep*<tollyi **** *d4 ***» to »«X*» "wawdlti*.
Frodt la therefore amd* out of labor
or bomaa aiasri* aad brain cotaed ta
to aoods. aad aot oat of labor-po*-*-
whhth to alhrwed iu com of prod***..:
Uoe out of each day's labor   The tr*..
bi* ta ia tbe owaersbif of tb* mteni ':'
j wealth prodartioa    Thee* ail 0*^:1
; to the capttaltot class aad tb* worker*
owa aothiag. ao they have to sam-ai
• er their tohoepew*r to th* -*arit* »
' for th* bare prtvtl««* of baftag avowed
*' acreaa to these isesas ed prodacisf
' wealth and they are tbea made to labor
cao-ogh to a day to prodsc* St* days
tabor-power tata*.   Of thla tb* mast*r
claas keeps four aad tb* stov* on* -var*
or iu eqvlvai-eat. i.e.. eooash food aad
east* they are each asiahlng sn-rkers.
T*k eaa easily tad them eat: for. directly yoa begta te talk Roctoltom to
of hcaattthl aftmgMetty where- *** vftk ***■ tools of Caia. or
its ta
see if 1
at that pestad.    AR'.yocoree*
s aaaeesatary tohor--fag to a Socialist.
te hear
workers of th* whole beach. Every
thing tbea win be prods-red tor aa*
aad ao parasites will thea be produced aor Batetaiaed-
Th« inJfkset aad best way for woke to ttstea-j-sea to get the vote sad be oa aa
I ssed to me*? hxajeeaafity with  mea ta everythtog.  is
time aad the farmer gram Mea becaase of tich bat I ehame them into beia«(for tbem  to  study ap revolstioasry I
aaytes ** w°***'t *** **** ior lt-   T**t ** to jho&est to themselves wherever it ts ' Socialism and help lt ahmg with all
to oaly m "** POBi^Soo ot the wage stove eaa -pois*:>    Some are too tor gone, sad itheir op*porto&ity sad ttreagth So>-tol-
aaid  ■*** we* trom tkM tMev    °ff*r ***** a*-*'"--*:*-* **"■ death will part them from 'torn will give eqoa! riahU to all. and.
»•**•' ....  . ^  ._,. a—_. ~„, rngggg -Be--jrja--; ttavtoh. belly-crawling, {special privileges to MONK    WoaMOi
wa; i. j will then  be equal  with mea.    Thisi
—  mlddle-ctoasproperty-qtialtfl-atiOB vot-1
Tbe shorter the average   life.
T-icker evohitloaary chaages aad ad- jdyter kicks of tbat rtoas. aad to aotb-
to offer that price for the stoves they
vaacet are made.
shelter for 00* day and night   80 rat
f IS-ff T*?1" l*l9,'*nK*'m*mt *{*** if the stoves all became teto
tou sad took over th* owwerabip :'
dacted by the ewasr thst win leave
the farmers com?*ttsg for ths toad.
ta    his
"A widow is
Ths faaatost this*-- to -me to that tb* 1 I-ou of folks thiak If a bub is a So
Ulry sat skins bo o&e ao much as bim /toltot is theory he should be to prac
•elf aad hit. The termer bas the Idea tice. Imposeibie aa ioag as capitalism
that what he produces himself, togeth -j to n. -ling things. Ia fact tbe very
er with hla wife aad family costs him j people   * to   vote  against   Socialism
I tog for st tosspport. itk# mmmm _, wmJlh p-^-^j-^ -^
Althoogh a farmer might parrhaaei^ gj g» * ™* *• **' J
Ave sakes tb*y raised their mc:.-.
that commodity known as transports-1
tion at cost of prodnctloa still, it most
sot be forgotten thst It gets incorporated into the value or coat of prodsc-
of tivtng which they most cenair.>
would do. Then tbey would oaly *■» ■••
to work a very few hours daily, with
      . —_    __    -  ■.. . ■ .        ___», -—         *        .— egr  WUS   Uim  WU«  mm. imtmuy   KUeue  uuu . ^oiyK      »l.u      "«a     aaain.,     mmemme«-_.     —_   —wm   _—    -——    _- —    m j tAstest X   e\t   hn'Msra     ss   tKanr   sr-wiM
with the dotegt of alleged great mea. jgathertog nettle*  fer her  children . -..^-^   wbaUv*r he geU by work 'aad thus preveat the Soclaltot from tog what commodity is b*ta« rtlpped) J*~7"*T 77"    ,,   ,   ™,
The matertoltot)« eoaceptioe  of hto- idiaaer.    A delicately perfamed seig- j__ ^^0X1 or whatever he does cotu i practtsteg what he preaches are tb* j by the farmer to th* tarn* positioa ss ** JjJJ J**^"    mmtfel^Am bmZ
tory was th* only tree oa* j seer is loangtog to the OeO de Boeot *.„,_ metMog.   But if sayoae else sells iworst oaet to accuse bim of not doing j if h* bad delivered bit wheat to the! 1 tiT .^SS'iTi ■?' ^     fa >
Tsratog to the qoeattaB of terphuiHe hath sa alchemy whereby he ez- Mj_ pjtnbinm -_„ _,,_---- -_,_., tor|,-.    l_- , coatervatire, or  Liberal, elevator to hto towa. SSaat Z, n, ,iTa«r-iVL!«iu ^:-
values the speaker tsid that If thejuacu eveiy sereath Bettte sad ralto u ^ _^ „robb_r_ „   „,„ ,-gjg»to |sa by hi. losesome. try u practto* j   JKBSSKfRiE     "
on an average Bve times aa much v* -*
workers were    taaght    to    measure jit rent/"*    Buddes seks If Capitalism -_,_----  to  g-^-  ^  fetching   hi*    lstereational peace," or prohibition j   "Froeperlty" It a meupbytical term
salues ss they were taught to measure!*** ataort wealth f.-om ;be workers Iggagagggg mf -g mjua. sad a raUway aad see where be gets off at
lumber, capiultom would toon fall
Labor was tbe tear-*:* of vslue. A
gold mio* st the north pole would be
of bo -rslo*, U cause labor eould not
beapplieo to it.
Speaking of the class struggle, b«
asid capiuHam when it came ob the
stage of human denHopme&t ruthlessly abolished the old first, second,
third, fourth sad fifth estate*. At firm
it built sp s middle t\am, bat now tbe
trasu sad comtrioei were abolishing
th* middle ctoaa.
The age of fndlvfdualtom had passed away, but tbe Individual Idea which
west with tbe use of the individual
tool still survived. Collective production waa sboitoblsg private property.
Ko ttockbolder to tbs C. P. R. could
lay bis bands os a s)ngi-= tie snd say
be owned it.
Social production mad* man a soctol
satoMl sgalnst bis win. Men bad been
obliged to work aad live together; aad
were now being forced to own together. It wasn't tb* crookedness of ths
politicians or tb* casasdaeas of the
capitalist that canted suffering in th*
•Mat ef plenty. It was the tact that
th* workers failed to recognize tbe
force ©ftb* necessity to transform
th* capttalltt ownership of tbe mean*
of production Into public ownership.
Th*r* ws* aa tatcreattog dtoeasataa.
Mr. O'Brtoo will address aa opea-
alr BMsttag on th* Market Square to-
•fgbtc-SL Jobs, K. B-, -iuadard"-
by tocaautioBS.    Weil, eto» owaer- eomeJ| .^ ^^ ^ ^ ,__ Wl_ „_ -_ . 	
ship to s wonderful akbeny and .---i--^ -^ to robbed by the railway J Let every man who aaya "SoeUliam
workt in tasidioot snd m/Merioai'_,---_-- -jsK-aaae he reckons, to his u alright In lu placa" vote for it
way. to tkim the cream of the worlds jiwMn --j-^ mthn people'! labor to : because lu place to la polities but we
industry aad to ws-***/ the eWiamllk. f^mttho same raise as bis own. And 'doat waat him to vote for it without
At Lester aayt, tt to not toad, machln- M ,,,_ tobor te wovaj ,,-^eceassry \ studying up aU thai It atsada for. We
ery and railways tbat capitalists caH- tabor „_ to ^^^ u re#Ux_ ,t „ __- ^^^ h f__ ^^^g -4-, --_ ,___
ulto*, tmt tbs carcaaaes of the stoves., worth mujk ^^^ ^jt^mm   &   geu ! Wh« says lu alright, kaowt what it lt
that  la—so  far aa  tbe   worker*  are ......
st.!    in.    .uw 1   —i.  lnu> '** P»od* tbey handle as tbey «*
jroncerned.   It it like tbe ten!—much |  _., .
ulked about, but never teen
aad they do It by virt** of owning aa _,,__ fortt „_ j^-. m mxKh, Hto
a class every key in the todastrial uttmggtt4 min4 tries to fcrf a way oat
position and ooatielling all the pro-:_, ^ agmglg.
aae**'   ' j   Oh. my fellow ttove. who think you
I would like to use ss sa illustra- a-c s capitalist. If you could only boy
tion a short article in the Int. Soc. ■ w|mt yov, waat aa cheap a* yoa would
Review for May, note* by W. E. Bohn. |-|-e> -^4 Mti what yoa have to sell as
on the vine growers' troubles ta desr u yon would like, you would be
France.   He tbere shows bow s com- j ga right, wouldn't yoa?   WsU, yoa cad
It seems Carnegie and Rockefeller
are racing neck and neck to give away
wealth. If esch of them gsve about
ten millions to circulate the Clarion
they might help some. We don't begrudge their getting tbelr wealth.
Might It right.   We cannot bold tbem
monity of fairly procTerous pesssat!-ot do IL   Even If yoa bad the power ,
owners used to grow tbelr own grapes to do it you coald aot   Yoa eaat slur "P at the ^nt of a gun and Uke It
and make the wtoe themselves.   Thsa ithtaga. your goote to cooked by th* tow Iron thein- ** •*• *«■■•« *w woM
.    .     .        - ...            I -  - •* ** ...... -~a  r_.r-.li la      «... ... -lahl na>r.h>faa*
capiultom tayaded the fidM with ft* ©f rata* (which I ibeuld Uke yoa to j -** P*™'1 ,l   But w« ni*ht P"*'h*p*
and enured Into competition with aad |«u«|y).   Ton are checkmated by the   «-**••" th«m t0 ****** * *** ■Uto
ousted the termers ta that  part of |I|(I.- ,-4 ltM 79m aor* aad you ^  li  hy  *ent,e  autwatlon-I   dont
tbe prorata of production tbat gate i c-yj-t mere.  Ton are In a beU of a fix.
them the control of tbe product aad j %ouf 4oa't yoa cooperau?   Ton will
have to co-operate tb* world over, and
then yon will Just be ia the same bole.
Look around yoa aad yon will perceive
thst everythtog to monopolised save
the particular boatessa yoa think to
robbed the farmera of their indepead
ence.   To aay that theae grape-growers are still getting th* foil rata* of
their product seemt to me a quibble.
Tbey are becoming desperately poor.
while th* capitalist win* bottleri and your*. Too are atiU subject to tbe
merchants are making huge fortunes, j trmt working of tb* taw of supply aad
aad aO th* white th* market price of .gamaaa, aad oftea when yoa must sell
th* flsished  product remains  much ther* to bo demand aad no price.
Lsstor ta tbs Clarion, April 2*th,
and Budden ia May «tb, come to tbe
for* again to uphold th* theory thst
th* termer gate tb* value of what be
produce*, Judged by (tbe necessary
labor time. Surely it to admitted that
tbe average tenner geU, on the average, tb* tsme as any other laborer In
production, tbs coat of aubalitence;
and, for the tame reason, tbe ctott
ownership of th* meant of production
aiad control of tb* product
If tb* farmer at present geU the
sain* of bis product, by virtus of what
somoMte law or .dendflc basis are
w* going to promla* him a bettor
•tea-Hag te a eocteltot aoctetyf      In
the tame.
Commodities ezchsnge on the whole
at their raise ta th* world'i market,
k«t th* proportion of -rain* that
reach** th* farmer ia steadUy de-
cresslng, becaase capiultom controls
their product aad spproprtotet a larg-
«r proportion, by virtu* of owning the
strategical position in tb* full process
of production and distribution.
Both Lestor and Budden admit In
detail that farmers are robbed. Budden aaya: "It to true that caplteliaU
rob ut to a large extent by abort
weight! snd mtogradlng." Hs might
hsve added many other methods of
robbery. But tb* detail* of the robbery process do not to much matter.
It it evident tbat tbe only source from
wbich tbe robbery can coma la tbe
value of tbs farmera' product, and It
to alto strident that tit* farmera muet
aubmlt becaua* th*y must bave sc-
caae to meant and process*! of pro-
Ib tb* other branches of tbs capitalist ayatem the price te near th* value
all ths time, unless it te ta th* ttove
market, where yoa really belong. If
yoa wUI itady yoar positioa over and
read Soelaliat literature a little while,
yoa -will eventually come to tb* conclu-
Free competition In th* midst of
monopoly In other branches of Industry forcss each termer to compete with
hto fellow to each aa extent that tbe
soctol necessary labor time required
to produce the commodities tbey tell It
much lett than st flrat appears Aa a
large number are working wltb obsolete tooto and metbodi, the unnecessary labor time spent by tbe latter it
mors real thsn apparent Ths result
to, that taking tbe working farmera aa
a whole, ths commodltiea tbey produce
aro worth bo more than the labor-
power that baa been employed in producing them.
$18 to $30
Entire profits from all Suit*
aold through this advertisement go to the fund for [Hinting leaflets and pamphlets by
the Dominion Executive S.P.
PLAN — Write A. F. Cobb,
Oadaby, Alta., for samples of
cloth and measurement forms
2. State about color and price
of Suit desired.
3. Return samples and order
with deposit of $5.00 to A F.
Cobb. '
4. Suit will be delivered CO,
D. by expresa.
"Hennessv me bhoy, com*
whoile ol whltoers sn open secret In-1
ter yer ear. list (anybody shouldn't,
hear it—whin the Socialists to In r-ow. j
er and got things in good wurririn' or-.
der thin, all tb' carriultou thot's alive
in thlm dayt 11 an be did begorra.
paid  in wage*, or the coat of thtlr
. labor {tower    One* tn a while a cat-
B      jtomer geU short weight, etc-In which
case hi. real wage is lest than hi. note
inal wage.
r r
Judeinc by tbe amount of crystal
rock tbe stoves discover to their rice,
one would think that some wholesale
rice merchant also owned several dental establishments.
Whit's the use of the farmers
owning their farms. If the capitalists
own the farmera. To quote O'Brien
(our Charlie of the Rocky MounUInsi
"Who own that to which I mutt have
acceee. In order to live; owns me"
Tou see why the termers are no different from other workers tn the matter of
Trying to make Socialists without
educating tbem out of their false
Idsss and Ignorance, or In other Wordi
without analysing the rotten raplul-
Jtt system to them—root and branch-
la Uke the story of th* Irith soldier,
who, Ib ths middle of a bsttle waa
caught running away, aad whea told
he might get tbot aa a deserter, he
said "Share, Colonel, sad ot'v* laat
heard that th' wurrld la round, and
oi'm runnin' to catch thlm In tbe
rear-r, Colonel."
Slavery and freedom are opposite*,
just Ilk* the two poles (opposite! of
the same thing). We could not light
for freedom nor know bow to appreciate snd mslnteln It after we shall
have got it, had we not Buffered th*
torturea of slavery for ao long
When Ulking of any tradesman
such as a storekeeper, butcher, termer
or any other such man, Soclaltot* refer to a working itorekeeper or working butcher, etc., all owners of butl-
nettei, who do not themselves do
their work hut drew profits out of
their laborers w* claaa together aa
capiuiltu. Thut a farmer need not
necessarily be a term owner hiring
'handi,' nor a manufacturer be a fac-
A* the Clarion to conauntly gatttal
Into new hands or Comrades *".* •>■-
reading certain parts of it, it b*< •""■*•*»
necessary to be constantly re-itera * -'
on certain potou. Robbery oi tbe
farmer Just bow being oae of these
points There is laat oae weak astal
my comrade In your letter—A Fanner
prtdocing a commodity (wheat for example)—that Is the woak point *
commodity to not PRODCCBD until II
Therefore a farmer doe* not produce
wheat, or aay commodity, but hit own
labor-power. Commodities with tbat
one eiception are all socially produced. Not only are ths railroad emplor-
ee* snd car builders, miners *'■-
mine tbe meut of ths rails, etc., but
every other line of Industry In the
commercial world helping to PK(>
DUCB aay oae commodity. Even the
ttore clerks aad paper sad etria-f or
bag mfg. worker. Soetallste do not
call the owaer of a factory a manufacturer. Hlm we generally call a
capltaliat ln so far as he draws pro-
Ste from hto employee*. A manufa -
turer to a laborer who asslsu In manufacturing—In the true aense of tbe
word, otherwise capitalist and manufacturer are synonymous In one sens*
When you buy a commodity at itn cott
aU Ito coat has been Incorporated into
It at the time you contume lt and you
pay for It at ita coat. But wheat delivered to an elevator to not n<*rlr
produced, and tbe farmer geU i""1*1'*
ably lest tnan a quarter (for the i'*<rt
he play■ in the production) of tho cost
of the wheat, when fully produced.
Thut he would mott probably have to
give five Umes the amount he realized
to get back what tome people might
call hla own wheat.


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