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The Western Clarion Jun 1, 1907

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?.»   .!
bltsbed * in the interests • oP»tbe • WorKii&
:***   427.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Saturday, June 1, 1907
SolM-rtptUm Trie*
the writings of   Rodbertus, in the
other the address of thanks of the
Anti-Semites, and in his month the
imperial message, places himself at
the head of the   defenders of the
j>r< inerty of the nation and   stands
_________________ I guard.   As soon as the burdens are
Bud down thev chase the workers
"O, Laziness, Mother of the Arts and the Virtues, Be Thou wi,h ,lir"M of ,,avonc't a"'* dub, and
d_i_       «*.***••* ' °Pen tlu' ''{K,rs ,0 l'lc Scalers, man-
BMsanr. for the Pains of Mankind"--from the "Right nfaciatrers and hankers,   in   wild
T*». tt_. I <_•_» d„ n- i i   i *       confusion thev   throw   themselves
IO HC laiy,    By Paul Uf argue. apcm the objects of value, grab the
<________________^ manufactured   goods,   thc bars of
gold, the sacks of grain, and empty
When the shortening of the work-j liumaii nature, for the hypocrites '■"' sacks* ^ last, they can coning day brings new mechanical j and canterers who openly preach :"Im> no mnre a,u' "*"- cattle wallow
forces to social production, the duty! waler and secretly drink wine. At in ,lu'ir ow" min- * * * Then the
'of the workers io consume as well jthe great peoples' leasts, where *jwm'break*, the earth trembles,
as to produce lheir products will,; glasses will circulate, savory roasts ",'.storica- Necessity steps forth,
have as a eonsci'iictiec an enormous jam! cakes invite enjoyment, the ^V'1''ir,,n f°°t she crushes tte heads
iutilliolieati.nl of the working forces, i members of    Board- of .vhication, "f ,'",,se wli" p,act' themselves in the
The bourgeoisie, rescued from its!tin-   prte.ts   politico-economical 	
mission of Ining the consumer of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or free
Ite whole world, will speedily set j thinking who wander aliout in frock
free the great uunilier of soldiers, I aud rok-. she propagandists of Mal-
officials. middlemen, etc.. whom it|tliusiautMU. of (..'hristian or philosi-
ha* withdrawn from useful work in *hic morality, in yellow costume.
order thai ttey mav assist it con- will Ik- forced to hold the candles
some and squander; that signifies— until their fingers are burnt* they
free them    for the    labor market, will go   hungry   at   1
tallies, served   by arm
capitalist exploitation, not to proclaim the "Right to Work" which is
onlv the "Right to Misery," but to
forge an iron law forbidding every
one to work more than three hours
a dav, will the old earth, trembling
with bliss, feel a new world stir
within it.
.JSir*™ ;7S*_£r_r-:*«* **•* ***m^' f«e.V*at_».I-r..!
way. and with powerful hand she
overthrows trembling Capitalism
covered with thc sweat of terror.
When the working class shall
have thoroughly lilx-rated itself
from the vice that governs it and
degrades its nature, and shall have
rupted by capitalist morals!
Like Christ, the embodied suffering of the slavery of ancient times,
our proletariat, men, women and
children, for a century has climbed
the rough Mount Calvary of suffer- • At a recent meeting of the Irish
mg. For a century compulsory Socialist Federation of New York
work has broken their bones, mar- (a body composed exclusivelv of
tyred their flesh, destroyed their -Socialists of Irish birth and paren-
nerves; for a century hunger has toge) the _te unCaiied tor attack by
tormented their stomachs and stupe- fj-# jjrann upon the demnstration
ficd their brains in {avor of a fair tria- {oirthe im_
O Laziness have thou mercy up- prison€<i leaders   of   the   Western
on this eternal misery!   O,   Law- Federation of Miners was taken up
,ness.   mother of   the arts and the for discussion.   As the statement of
l^Tft^vH*"^ ba,sam for | this reverend   gentleman that there
were but few Irishmen in the par-
Dr. Brann for  His Insulting Criticism of the Great
Moyer-Haywood Demonstration.
the pains of mankind!
This,    "Alien   all social   force*, are
brought to it, will be so overfilled they will thir-t mar filled casks.
that it will te well nigh a matter of roar times a year when the seasons
compulsion to forhid work: it will change, thev ui!! hav,-to grind wind
Ik-almost iiii|K>ssilile for this swarm in me treadmills ten hours at a
of hitherto unproductive human be- -'inch. The **ame punishment will
ing* to find employment, for they lie meted out to lawvers and barris-
arc itKire numerous than the 10-CttStS. ter*. In order to kill time, that kills
Then some thought will Ik- taken of us second by second, theatricals of
those who hail lieen compelled to,'ill kinds will be arranged -healthy
labor to supply the costly and use- work ior our Messrs. 1 .cgislator.s.
less wants of tte*e people. When Ihey will lie organized into troops
il is no longer to adorn lackeys and who will travel from village to vil-
(•enerals, to swathe married and lage and give exhibitions in law
unmarried prostitute* in laces, and making.
to east cannon, then men and wo- j * rencralS in riding hoots, their
men in passementerie, lace. iron, breasts bclaccd, adorned with med-
rtC. will, in the interest of hygiene als of encounters and covered wilh
and the cnnoltlement oi the race, lie orders of all possible beasts ol pray,
enjoined hy Draconic laws to trow-(will run through the streets and ining and dancing exercises to restore vite the dear people lo Stare at tin in.
tlieir mtdc mimed health. From (Bismarck, Stocckcr, Cleveland, Mc*
ihat moment when "merchandise" j Kinky and Talmagc will crack their
is no longer sent forth to the whole (little"jokes in froni of their booths.
world, the sailor*, the |iorters. UielBismarck, COttumcd as Iron eater,
watermen    will    tegin to learn to u ill roll his eyes, curl his mustache,
heavily ia(jen arisen m its giant strength, not to ing in Austri;
rant women   demand ***   bunpus   "Rights   of ported to lia
Man" which are but the rights of jment.
a result of the second ballot-
\ustria the Socialists are re-
ve 80 seats in parlia-
;ade was regarded by the members
! present as a reflection upon the public soirit of our countrymen, plac-
! ing them before the American public as being indfferent or hostile to a
demand for justice, the following
statement was prepared for publica-
; tion, in criticism of his position and
I in vindication of the   character of
I those Irish   who   marched itr the
! "horde," as    Dr. Brann elegantly
! terms the flower of the organized
j workers of New York.
We, members of the Irish Social-
■iiiiiiiiaj-n'.iir-i   i.i  ijnii jist Federation, speaking on behalf of
r_j*_»_J'c»   P«rsi-_t4sj   it     A**j-*_tC__    l_»'t'lose working   class Irish who in
LapwaHSt      roperty   Its   ApOSlieS   UO every movement for freedom have
ever taken a foremost place, who
As  a  Bulwark  of
Valiant Service In Bamboozling the Workers Into Submission To Its Exploiting Process.
have ever been as pioneers, ready to
noint the   way in every movement
] for progress, or as fighters ready to
~~~~T—————- llay down their lives for its realiza-
There is    a goodly    number of and nianv of the mvster.es of thef1*0"* des*re to ******* Rev. Dr.
. ,    ,   ...    • •-."■ j^.' '....«. "..,.*     jorann that we as Irish have a his-
weak-backed Socialists m our midst universe winch are graduallv being \ ^^   l]S_a   historv   ^
who are thrown in a state of ex-!""folded  would  forever  remain »\speaks eloquentlv against the inter-
secret.    Under this svstem of So-j '   *,*     Ti „i„ " .*„ :M ...m.^..-,i
for fear there
Iwirl their thumbs. Then the happy
South Sea Islanders can give them*
selves up to love without need to
lear the footsteps ol the- civilized
Venus and the sermons of the liour-
geois nioralists.
Still more. In order to find work
for all the unpr.-dnctivc forces of
tlu* present society and to promote
still further the perfection of the in-
tttrunicnts of work, the working
class, like the bourgeoisie, will h;i\e
to place restraint upon its tendency
to abstinence and seek as imuh as
|>ossible lo increase its capability of
consumption. Instead of eating
from twenty   to   thirty grams of
tough meat a day, it it ever doetl eat
meat at all, the working class will
cat one or two pounds of juicy Ixvf-
steak. Instead of drinking one
modest glass of wine which is more
catholic (i. c, baptised) (ban thc
I'o-K', it will drink full glasses of
Bordeaux and Burgundy, that has
underwent no industrial baptism
and has left water to the cattle.
Tlie proletarians have got it into
their heads to hold the capitalists to
ten hours of factory work that is
Ihe great mistake, the cause of social contrasts and internal conflict.
Work tmist bc forbidden, not imposed. The Rothschilds, the
Krti'ips. the Astors will be allowed
to furnish proof that they have been
do-nothings their whole life long;
and if. despite the genital Idas for
work, they promise to live as complete do-nothings, thev will lie
placed under supervision and every
morning a five-dollar gold piece will
lie given them for their little pleas*
urcR. Social discord vanishes. Once
convinced that no evil will happen
to them but that thev will only be
freed from the trouble of bcmR
forced to be ovcrconsiuncrs and
soendthrifts, the capitalisl" will !«
tlu* first lo make common cause
with the people.
The bourgeois who arc unable to
prove their qualifications as perfected good-for-nothings will In- allow
ed to follow their instincts:
are callings enough to provide
them all.
But bitter rcqtiitlal is in stoic or
the "moralists*' who have perverted
shall be any utterance of socialism
against the church.    These
' ■'7r*_       X* | position of clergvmen in temporal
drone would have the!affai Hator?tb_t warns iiYof
well-oUnC "g m I3* W°rkerf andlthe follvof
[there would be no incentive for ai cjher wisd j*^,
expectorate burning tar, and threat
en cveryl-ody with sword, revolver, s.titution  speaks  in  regard
heir mug, etc.: but a> soon as he is daHsm it is to condemn it
cialism the
tU_     ,.__ ,; anairs. a nn
expecting from clergy
ailing   comrades seem to forget:man to do his best, he having tbeT"' """ V,l^°m' ^'t,^'
:,. whenever the church as an in- \ knowledge that his efforts could not ,dcnce*   or   2*2_f*£  ££_?£
to So-.lie devoted to his individual needs,!
This is ihut shared with a fellow who cared!
once thev-    step into   the political
arena.   How often in Ireland have
town theportratl of Herr von Mu- because the church, as one of the.for nothing   save for the   right to
.chhar.sen. will thr.iw himself into  nstitutions under capitalism reflects!exist    in the easiest    manner   the
a deep pit. its class origin, and opposes what-j Lord would allow."
Stoecker, Dr. Hall and Talmage t-Vcr menaces thc existing condition.) The entire paragraph is a collec-
as apostles of Iwotberlj love, will Bisbop Carroll is distinguishing!tion of rubbish. Anyone who has
preach  the  weal  of the  workman himself in a most unsavory way in been to any sort of higher institu-
ind   hatred   of   the   exploiter, of this regard.   In a recent sermon initions of learning where Socialism!. ..   f .     .       .
Chriatian mildness   and   Christian lUutc. in    St. Patrick's church, hejis discussed knows the man's state- have thls tam" renea,e<l m A,nen
Socialism, of national manners and takes occasion to sav a number ofjments are deliberatelv untrue.
we seen clerpvmen claiming their
right to take sides in politics as men,
as Irishmen: and how often have
we seen these same individuals
when criticized bv some opponent,
denounce such criticism as an attack on   the church?   Are   we   to
! ca ?   Are we to hear gentlemen like
then,   suddenly    dropping   their things on socialism so false and ab-|    Anyone who has ever consulted
robes will stand there in black white gurd that the   veriest   tyro on the
Costume, in one hand a knot, in the subject would |>oint out his untrut.:-
other a contribution Ikix ;    around fulness,
their  nefks    will hang a placard:      He first    flatters the   miners by
"Agent for the    land    barons, and saying it is to   them that the city
(that is. the
the Rev. Dr. Brann hurl insult and
a dictionar "or ^vck^^OT'tteIabl,!f. at a Sphering of 60,000
subject could detect at once the fal- workingmen and women, and stand
sitv of the position. But the bish-\™\to bran/* as me.mCS °1 u*
op" presupposes that he is talking ch,u«* "» of. thc *"*** ^.att^'
to ignorant working people who!e,! «ho dare to say a word in their
don't know whether what he is sav- iowP Aei™ce'    Ho)v ,(!np ar*e   ^
performed.    Bouigeoil lints are not overflowing with "'pros-
m   buffoon    costumes perity".)     Then he compliments the
awe their simple minds by the au-
thoritv of his rolies, education and
apitalist Princes. owes us   prosperity    .......   ,.,„...,.. „..„» ..^ .,.,„, .       f
Inside the booth, first the election high-tones of the citv.   The miners' ing, is true or not: and he can over- ito have^the^soectacte ot a pnest ot
rick will !h
will   execute the   political-freedom miners' union for the stand it   bas'position. .
dance before elector's with wooden taken against socialism. Of course! Socialism does not teach equality ,r *"*tt*o foreign^birth and to
(kulls and donkf-ys1 ears, by wearing men should In- complimented for be*,as to the personal product, but only |CC"° evcrv aP"ea' to Uie basest pas-
sandwictl election programmes full ing so ignorant as to wish to con as to opportunitv to all to develop men w'e repudiate with scorn his at-
of promises; with tears in their eves tinue their own povertv and misery,'the best that is iii them. sion of the lowest element— know-
will talk of the suffering of the peo- while thev slave to make others rich Every individual strives its best nothingism. As Irish men and wo-
„le and with bratcn voice will pro- The following is an extract from his,under the test conditions. *?""* to represent our race as hos-
iradc of misrepresentations: |    Creater education leads to great- !t,le t0 the.   labor movement, ri as
Socialism Impossible cr development of   art, literature,, orescent in face of social injustice.
The sneaker said that from a his- music and the sciences, and the;We affirnl our s™e"in conviction
torical and rational i>oint of view bishop knows it. Otherwise we that the 'Jn-gnage pf Dr. Brann is a
Socialism is impossible. Socialists would tear down everv school house «*r«iter danger to his church than a
misinterpret the constitution of the in the laud. thousand Moyer-Haywood   demon-
United States, he declared.   "Thev     Socialism  savs the    drOne shall j Orations are to free institutions in
meii have no rights'; that onlv the pro-jA-™™*'   Does the reverend gentle-
claim    the    glory of   the country.
Whereupon the beads of the ekc-J
tors will Mar in chorus an emphatic
Then    begins the great    drama:
Tlu- "Theft of the Property of the
Caoitaltst Germany, a monster of take the opening   lines, 'all       „-.. .  ,... .....    ,- -   ,  .  ,-
., _  ,„•„, with coarse face and bald arc created eipial,' and thev main- ducers have the rights, and tte bish* <"an believe that theohgical studies
sknil       iv    ridn    and fat bloated tain that    should be the condition op knows it. ,equip clergy-men for grappling svm-
,,       lies' stretched out on a sofa which should prevail through life.     His own last words arraign the;pathetically with   grea  political or
''i. r   -md with lustreless eves. Thev  make no allowance, granted capitalists, who 'exist in the easiest!social problems?  Will he permit us
\   l Weet  Industrial Capitalism, a that all men are created equal, for .manner tte Lord will allow." j tci cite for him a few instances cull-
r';, is.n of iron   with the the development of a man's talents.     Read of tte way in which the ed from Irish   history.   wh.ch. in
I   if  t monkey   devours auto- intellectual gifts, bis spirit of econ-'early apostles lived and then com-.thunder tones   proclaim   the con-
-.£ -ssj-s     u-omen and    children omv or his ability.    Thev demand pare these words of the proud and trarv. 	
SSLSS iS£ pS-S that hc should    remain   equal and wealthy bishop. i    In 1898 all Ireland ami al
'nl     Tin -hank"with Martin Snout. Surrender to those less fortunate, or     Working people, don't be fooled;"™ and    women the    world over
hyena body, aw
, ,   (     u ,„,,,. .,„,,„.„ ,„  1I11S. „„„  ....   unn     Slimiid0 this' policy; Christ never talked*tha\ Way' and | of^ 1J08. but in their own day these
crahlc emaciated pn
ped in rags, escorted by i
wilh unsheathed blades   driven by
lm;'• U,'0,laV Tvs&Toi alikS, in"hun.""Therc would te no devel-lthe followers of the Nazarene talk
^;llflff SI        J opment of art, literature, music and in defense of this grab, graft and
'•', V 22 o iSand lav them all that goes to make up the enjoy- plunder, it is time for the working
ful ?f "; ' SStolfst (SmSny. ments of tte world. There would oeople to wake up even if they are
Mr AdSph WwfS one hand.be no development of the ScWnc^Snot,nt.-Monlana News.
■n.,ls\l.ws si.-ils vho develop vicious tendencies, a because so"ne man pretends to handij proudly and solemnly honored the
. i    ■  -. -.fi.-.- another from share of that which his ability has it down to you out of tte sky. Jesus j memory of tte Lnited Irish rebels
'""'   '       P  Wl    i  -m   e' of mis- won for him.    Should   this pottcy Christ never talked that way. andjof 1708. but in their own day these
rolearians wrap- he pursued it would mean the ruin we believe even tte bishop will still .rebels were denounced in the most
,,,,l bv oolicemen of a nation.    There would te nojclaim that te founded the Christian|solemn manner by the wht e titho-
" endeavor on the part of an individ-religion. j lie heirarchy in Ireland.
inl to strive for the best that is with-l    When those that pretend to be!    In 1848 when scores of thousands
" "of the Irish race were perishing of
famine in a food-exporting country the Young Ireland Party raised
the holv standard of insurrection as
the only hope of a perishing peo-
pie, but they also were denounced!
from the altar as enemies of relig- ;
ion, and stoned by mobs of ignorant f
fanatics led on by priests. To-day \
the memory of their movement is
among the most sacred treasures of 'g
our race.
To-day we honor and revere tte I
memory of tte Fenians of 1867, and I
cver>* year tens of thousands of tte I
brightest men and purest women *
in Ireland   decorate tte graves of
those who have passed away, yet the
Fenians were denied the rights of
tte Church, and one member of tte
Irish Catholic episcopate, tte Bish-
op of Limerick,   publicly declared
that "Hell was not hot enough, not
eternity long enough for a Fenian."
Bu why pjie up more examples? |
Had Dr. Brann   had the slightest I
knowledge   of   Irish   history   be ;■
would have realised that the Irish j
are the last to be deterred by priest- \
iy thunders from pursuing any path j
they believe to lead to justice. Long
EanoUarity with such thunders has |
destroyed their terrors among the I
thoughtful men and women of our I
But history is not the reverend
gentleman's strong point, as witness I. ■
his jointless contrast of tte "Star-1
Spangled Banner" with tte "Mar-
sellaise," a   hymn, he says, "identified   with   bloodshed, strife   and
carnage."   Well, does   he   believe
that the   "Star-Spangled   Banner" I
was identified in its birth with love
and Christian   brotherhood   among
the nations?   Does te   forget that
the   "Star-Spangled   Banner" was
born out of the attempt of England
to re-impose by   force its domination upon the   unwilling people of
this country, as   the "Marsellaise"
was born out of the attempt of England and the other   monarchies   of 4
Europe to re-impose by force  and I
slaughter, a merciless tyranny upon 1
tbe people of France ?
Let all the Dr. Branns take notice
that the   working   class is on its
march, that its   march is not the
carefully organized bluster of a few
politicians and their   hirelings, but
the spontaneous   manifestation of a
class, conscious that it holds tte future of society in its hands, and resolved to tolerate no further out- j
rages from   tte beneficiaries of   a I
system   they know to te hurrying I
headlong to its downfall.    In that I
onward march of the working class
the sons and daughters of the Emerald Isle are taking and will take
the part worthy of tbe traditions of I
a race that never faltered in tte face
of danger, that for over 700 years
has   never     surrendered     in   its
struggle against injustice.
Fellow Countrymen: In our own
land we have long seen the packed
juries give our test and bravest to
the hangman's rope; shall we stand
idly by while the same atrocious
crimes of power arc being consu-
mated here?
Committee Irish Socialist Federation: Elizabeth C- Flynn, Thos.
O'Shaughnessy. John Mulry, Pat.
L. (~'uinian. lames Connollv.
A resolution condemning "Terrorists" has been indefinitely tabled
by tte Rusian parliament. This is
to be regretted. Tbe brutal Czar
and his bloodthirsty gang ought tip
have teen condemned long ago.
"The wheat crop of Alberta is   in <
splendid condition and tte farmers,-
are most hopeful," says a press dis |
patch.   They arc probably hopeful!
of saving   enough   of it from the
clutches of tte railway, milling, elevator and otter capitalist tuteves to
enable them to have bread enough
to last through next winter. raMT-Tr      *m
lb Wostorn Clsuion
Pub-sted meaty Saturday in ths
int-rests of the working class -tons
at the Of-e* ei tha Western Clarion,
Flack Block basement, 165 Hastings
Street, Vancouver B. C
Stricter la Advance.
Yearly subscription cardg in  lots
of fl s or mora, 75 cents each.
' Bondlei of S or more copies, for a
period of not less than three months,
at the rate of one cent per copy per
Advertising rate* on sppHeation.
If yon receive this paper, it is paid
In making remittance by cheque,
exchange must be added. Address
all communications and make all
money orders payabl * to
Box 836,
Vancouver, B. C
mtSt* «-n*a_W_gB-*l   1 m-r, . .-„
I in servitude ana4 wbo fought tooth
_,_.' I 1 -i j. ___ _*, 1 I j .1	
j   t
THB WMtMIl** OLUttOIS,. VAKOQttvia BttlTlgti 60-UM»-.
_-_»_i_»_»_M-*-a—_a__e_a_w_*-^  * *™™""
JUftteAVu...iWtt I. iboy
and nail to continue to so hold them
would be an act of supreme idiocy.
It could not te entertained by men.
Freedom is not a thing to be
bought like cabbage or limburger
cheese. It is not a merchandise.
It is a something absolutely indis-
pensible to the life of man. Without it human existence is but an animal existence of a low, coarse, vulgar and miserable type. Freedom
is to be fought for and attained by
those who are denied it. It is to te
gained by the world's workers at
no matter what cost. In gaining it
tte working class will lift civilization to a plane of possible decency,
and that is more than can te said
of the present.
When the day of reckoning comes
the blood-thirsty and profit-hungry
rulers of the capitalist world may
Ito say that tte Issue at stake with
1 thc lawyers of either side is to win
This is   preeminently tte age of jthe case and draw down fat fees,
work.    The forces of nature have more especially the latter.   Protestations of a desire    that justice be
done wil be made as vigorously by
the onc side as the other.
Orchard bas teen trotted out for
inspection by the reporters for the
capitalist press.    This contemptible
Watch titia label on .
per. If titis number is on it,
expires the
JUNE 1,1907
teen harnessed to do the bidding of
man and although it might at first
glance te supposed that this would
result in a lessening of tte burden
of toil upon human shoulders^ it
does not seem to te the case.   Upon.,
those who perform the world's cur who confesses to more thair
work the burden has never been j twenty murders, and who has prob-
greater or tte returns to them more [ably been a sneaking Pinkerton dc-
uncertain. jtective all the    while, has now te-
The instruments with which men I come as pious as a church deacon,
labor, the means of production, are | Mcl'arland has converted him to
to-day hehl and operated as capi-1the'straight and narrow path" that
tal. Owned by a privileged class leads to everlasting glory, hence his
thev become tte means whereby this! testimony at the trial should be
class controls the product of indus-jriven unlimited credence. No
try and through this control dictates! really pious son of a gun was ever
the very terms of existence to those \ known to swear falsely. As to the
outside of its ranks. Under this genuineness of Orchard's piety there
consider themselves extremely for- j regime all of the increased power !can be no question, considering the
tunate if thev receive as "compen-j'tet comes in consequence of tak- j source from which begot it.
sation" that which will te measured!'"S advantage of nature's forces ml The dailv press has ten spreading
out to them bv sparing tlieir lives. I tbe matter of producing wealth ac-;rcJJ.jrls palore that Boise was filled
Even that would be a more generous "tics solely to the owning or capi- j w--n -^j Socialists who contcm-
compensation than thev have cver'talist class.   The burden of toil «p-| plate the commission of acts of voi-
teen willing to accord the workers.
Many persons are greatly disturbed over the question whether,
in the event of the rise of the proletariat to power, the capitalists will
te deprived of their property rights
with or without compensation. To
them it seems a matter of the utmost importance. Imbued as they
are with the bourgeois conception of
property it is quite logical ttey
should so consider it. But the
bourgeois conception of property is
a misleading one as will te readily
discerned once it is subjected to
careful scrutiny and analysis.
The value of property under the
present regime appears to inhere in
the material things of which such
property consists. Far instance, the
value of tte property of a manufacture appears to lie in his factory,
machines and raw materials. It requires no very keen perceptive faculties to see, however, that unless
these things can be used for the pur
pose of commanding the services of
workingmen they are without value.
If ttey can te so used they possess
value to the owner inasmuch as they
now become the means of bringing
him revenue. As it is labor alone
that produces the articles from the
sale of which this revenue is de
rived it becomes plain that the
value which upon the face of it appears to lie in tte factory, etc.,
really lies in the workers whose services the manufacturer is enabled to
command by virtue of its ownership.
If his holdings te of such magnitude as to enable him to command
the services of a large number of
workers he will be rated as a big
capitalist. His concern will te
capitalized in big figures because
his large army of workers can produce the usual rate of revenue or
profit upon such large sum. If he
can command the services of but a
limited number of workingmen he
will rate as a small capitalist and
will cut but a sorry figure in the
The value of capitalist property
lies solely in the workers whose
services it is able to command in
the matter of producing wealth
Capitalist property is thus virtually
property in human beings, in slaves.
As this system of property is practically universal it is unnecessary
that legal title should te established
to the bodies of the slaves them
selves. As the workers cannot exist
away from the means of production,
i. e* the lands and tools, it becomes
necessary to the master class only
to establish title of ownership to
these things to secure actual ownership of the entire working class
from the ranks of which each in
dividual capitalist or concern may
draw the requisite number of slaves
to meet their reqiu|enKuts.
The factories, .bm^^'ltc., of the
capitalist cUn», ewiftlW^nicrely its
title deed tollSe working class. Thc
value of tbese properties is determined solely by thc volume of
wealth the workers can produce in
excess of that actually necessary for
their sustenance.
In the light of this to talk of
compensation in the event of the
workers attaining to power and
breaking the rule Of capital is moonshine. To break tte rule of capital
is to attain their own freedom; to
lift themselves from the category of
alaves to that of men. To compen-
aate those wbo formerly held them
on those com|x>sing tte working ||enCtf< Plots to kill Orchard have
class is not only not lightened by h)cm discovered. Tte professional
the application of these forces, but fogf* _ grcat on discovering things.
is even intensified and made more As near as wc can ---,!«. out thc
crushing.   The lives of the workers |0nlv j^.j nien j- Bo*^ at ti,c prcs.
are but a long drawn-out agony of enttime are the State officials and a
work, unceasing, unremitting and choicc -ot of blim .gun men» aiM|
unremunerative work. sneaking "gum-shoe"    artists who
The worker has teen extolled to are as -at,-ra||v associated with rnl-
the skies as the very personification ing c,ass officialdom as magots are
Orders have lieen issued to of dignity and manhood.    He has wjtn „ purifying    carcass       Tte
been pictured as sitting by his fires- krfanee *vho are there are probably
side of an evening   after his day s (|ccent ,c    f)Kmv of whom afe
toil was ended, with wife and child- (1
ren gathered about him, his manly
Between 50,000 and 100,000 men
employed in the railway service in
the United States are to be laid off
before the end of the first week in
reduce the   working    force to the
lowest possible limit.
There has teen no shortage of
crops, the land has not teen ravaged by pestilence or famine, yet
thousands of men are to te turned
from their employment, their means
of sustenance cut off in order that
idle and useless capitalists may conserve their profit-mongering interests.
This retrenchment upon the part
of the railways is ample evidence
that the prosperity bubble has been
pricked and its collapse made certain. The last decade has teen one
of rapid capitalist development.
Production has been speeded to the
limit*   Prices have risen to a phen-
Tuberculosis, consumption, or the
"white plague." as it has been variously called, is recognized as •"*
most important single cause of
death in America and Europe. The
tuberculosis is a "civilized disease"
or a disease ol civilization. It is
tte result of living in houses with
little fresh air and insufficient sunshine. It has been noted that wild
or barbarian tribes, as Indians, Eskimos, etc., when t-fiey get civilized
and live in houses, succumb to the
disease as readily as white men
The same has lieen noticed of monkeys, which have been caught and
confined in cages and monkey
houses, and even cows, horses, and
birds which live in endosed places.
And this is the reason why tubcr-
culosis or consumption is mainly a
proletarian disease. It is tte disease
of the capitalist era. It is tte workingmen who spend many hours in
dark and dismal and poorly ventilated shops. In fact, in our climate
a work-shop will hardly ever get
ventilation enough to absolutely
prevent the dread malady as long
as thc capitalist system lasts. It
costs money to ventilate properly.
Add to this that the workingmen
and their families live in crowded
houses, sleep in rooms—often many
in one room—with the windows
closed in order "to save on the fuel
bill." which is also tte result of tte
wage system and of   poverty, and
Sodalist Directory j
****** Evtir  Local of  IU  So.i*il,i   p,n>  u|
Canada  ahould   run a  card  u„jer „ •    ,
11.00 per aso.nl..     Sacrturln p|nu"*uu7
Socialist  I'arl* of Canada.     Mm.   ..    '
aimMM.Twe_r.     J.V..  MmiV-Ii/v?
o.   *-.
Ul   Barnard   Sir**-*',
raulive    ( oas-alllc*.   Socialist    •.,,,[
*tm**mt***t  »llr,"-ir •Iws.laV
"~       K30.  \an'.
J. A. tftttmm, Ses   lary. Bo*
couvcr, B. C
Canada. Huaine** ineeiin-** rs-tri u..,
day cs-nina al bcattqus'.-*.. li„i-«.
Block. Ill Cambie Siw i„„.ni ,"*?«
floor).    Educational meetiiii, brl.l ,|,1M1.
MMM   on.   Sunday   in   ra.1,   „ Ih    ,*
t-rand   Ttseat.e.      l-'rederi.    Peri,    s^„
lary.   Bos nm. Vancouver.  Hi
every Sunday In 111 Adci*i.tr -1    „ , ...
eeery •m-.it>*'. ... i
P. Ol   1
*.•«•>» Hlr
'-iii I S
"• LSn*Mn- *******' *• ■■■'* i' ,
eel.  V» inn.|**a,   —-
I.IH-yi    NELSON,
cveiy    Friday
a, r. ov 1
rsrn.H* tl * ,,
Miner*' I 'ni«n 11*11. N'ri-..,,, it ('
It-illi--*, llr--aa.fr. I. A. Aosim
**■•  in
* <-..k
lli».*.li) Loral asms rvn, .r, ..„,| *.u„
day al I p. *». and f.*.i..s halm i , j<
7W I* as., al law 1 i.u.i.ii CWra
Victoria and Miilnn Si f,|1fc,i„.,ui
m-tline. rsriy *rt.«ul Saturdas .1 : v.
a.  m. and  f.nuil. Suuday   ,.1  1  1    „      |
M.  Ilirfcu, SWtelaiu.    I'.   Il.mu    ,,,
ganiict.     Boa W.   N*ium>..    I.   1
the ground    for the purpose of \QW can no» xVmdcr Uwt 'hr™™£C*
,    ,       . , .   „    .etching the priKeedings onlv. and 1 of tuterculmis are so terrible.   But
visage wreathed    with a veritable L^^    intention   of   committing evc"Hjf W,H ■f"*/1"1 ■ » **"
halo of beatitude at  having earned . am. ovtTi ac*   " --••-'-
a night's rest by performing an honest day's work. All of this fulsome
rubbish floured out upon the workingman for the purpose of glorifying him in his own estimation as a
work animal is the veriest "tommyrot.
as a rule never did a stroke of work
in their lives if they could manage
to slough it off on some one else.
It is pouted out for the purpose of
urging the fool workingman to persist in his devotion to work and
cheerfully pack not only his own
burden but that of those who slob-
We have stated that thc entire
proceedings would prove a farce.
All capitalist court mummery is a
mere farcical pretense for thc pur-
nose of covering up tte dirty busi-
, i       .     , i     ness that    transpires    behind and
It: is poured outby those who L^ ^ waKt..skinning l)rocess.
The very pretense that this mum-
merv is carried on in the interest
of justice is the most riproaring
farce of all. It is on a par with
"stealing tte livery of heaven to
serve thc devil in." To fully set
; forth just the sort of farce it all is
j would require embellishment at the
UK O. TORONTO.  S,  P.  Or* <
every   Sunday   t a.
CJWiser    Oi
'airu*.    So
Ml I l<
ai !>,. - 11,11.
and Stsulin* 'irmon
iip*«o. Sweats ry, )« !t>.. „
A.enue. Finnnh His- ■ . kium, *
nirlii*, aaaie halt trwuli Branck, '■■«<,,
•taatlsl*. al IU It Otrrii Sl Vim lt*t»a
Branrri.   Saiurdas   *>*«.*,*•.  mi>»   Iu
Union Directory
m'k-ra They Xr-rt : »r»i. Thr, Men
■Every   l_l~*   Un».n   in   ite  -at-mart  n
ber over him and glorify his toil. ,    ..   .. , ,
Tte size of the    matter is that ex.iense of adjectives so rolnist and
marily the    result of the capitalist
system.—Victor I.. Berger.
Such distinguished enemies as tte
western miners have!   Haywood is
being prosecuted by a United Staters
senator who is under indictment for
timber land thievery.   And now tte ...........
distinguished owners ot tte Color-1 Tnvne.1 n* place a ca»d »»4*-t .a., head, n
ado coal lands, where labor was •" ' ' ™- •
grilled and crushed and hullpenned
(luring tte meimirable (."olorado labor war of 1903. are on tte rack
charged by the federal grand jury
with extensive frauds in acquiring
the coal tracts. Such distinguished
enemies \—S. P. Herald.
omenal point.   Investment and ere-(work is for mules, horses and oxen I*"! .hatict a,, *?, s,^kuthf «^P"
dit have^een pushed to the limit.Ul not for men.   The four-footed ii™* ^;''|« Orchard and Mc-
Tte breaking point has evidently
teen reached and the inevitable collapse is marked for the near future.
Bitter is the experience of tte
wage slave even when in employment. When out of employment it
is far worse. In the former case
though his work is back-breaking in
the extreme, he is still sure of at
least something to eat and a place
to rest his weary bones at night. In
the latter case even these capitalist
blessings are rendered uncertain if
not absolutely denied him.
A wage slave who has no master ; i. e., a job, is not a particularly
inspiring, object. Without one he
is the most helpless object on earth.
His haven of refuge is a job, without one he is a wandering pariah
and outcast In neither case is he
a man. A slave cannot te a man,
for slavery is a denial of manhood.
A slave belongs in the category of
horses, mules, oxen and other useful animals only. Without a job he
is a "maverick," a member of the
herd without a brand, but wandering aimlessly around in the hope of
getting one.
The discharged railway slaves
may enjoy their summer vacation
by shambling along the highways
and byways in search of masters.
Many of them will te forced to
leave their families and chase the
ever-elusive job to the uttermost
parts of the earth only to te lost in
the motley throng of superfluous
slaves that periodically emphasizes
the tenificence of the glourious rule
of capital.
- Periods of intense industrial activity followed by periods of industrial depression is thc regular routine under capitalist production.
The torture of intense activity.in the
industrial shambles during times
of "prosperity" and the misery and
suffering experienced during times
of depression is the price the wage
slaves pav for its baneful rule.
It is safe to assume that the majority of thc men to te laid off are
staunch sunnorters of thc present
system, either good. Republicans or
good Democrats, it matters not
which. During their summer vacation tliey should find ample time to
ponder over the mutability of human affairs and thc wisdom of divine providence in appointing capitalist guardians to rule over them
and give them a summer vacation
whether they want it or not.
During their vacation they might
also thoroughly discuss their future
prospects under the rule of either
the Republican or Democratic political wing of capital
animals will get out of it if thev!P",anfl for inst?ncc' ,     ,
can. Thev have tetter sense than L Thc ""^nipulous nowers that te
to work voluntarily. Not so with *now c,xact v what disposition is to
the human animal known as the fe ™ile of .the «n^nsoned men.
workingman. Saturated by centur- ™ey k.n.OW ,l "°W ,USt aS Wf" 8S
ies of twaddle dealt out to him bv!t,lc*v w,n know u latcr,onL !! ,8
priests, parsons,   professors, litera- jnccessarv however, to play the farce
teurs and other intellectual pimps of jof a tr,a* m ord<rr to sat,s(>' foo,s
tte ruling class, he is a perfect hog that thev arc hv,nS "n,ler th<" wign
for work. He even glories in his!of ,aw and that J"stlce ,s ,,cah out
shame bv boasting of his mule capa-1wi,h an tven ,ian''' AroI the ma-
city. He looks down upon one of l*0*** of thc foo,s win risc to ,hc
his trite (working class) who de- h3'1-
velops sense enough to shirk.    To
Bride*, and St.*—lu.al li. - ■>.•• I ..
N<. uf. Meet* in l_l»>r II* I. lusi ul
third T'tdsy of ibe paaiia M • p. m H.
I*..In...    Mi—.-rdma Set.euj),    H-.s   ll-*S.
vtmmmtm, ft. C
The retelling wage slaves of America will not down.   Cuban workers are among tte latest to squirm
under thc    voice of    owning-class'
bondage.    The state department at  i.hh*.
Washington has declinetl to permit
the l'. S. consul. Mr. Holiday, to
act on tte strike arbitration board.
A company of artillery is guarding
the dock and warehouses. Tbe typesetters have joined tte strikers and
no newspapers are appearing.
"Tte blow of
M. Meel* every Satoi—tl «... *•
T:»9 w'clwk Its M.ne«»' !l*tl. '***■ M<
Inn**. I'rtiaides.i. V\«l.*« Uuttifm. Srx
lis 'lis MINERS' UNION   Ml   111   \>.    1
M       Jdee.* esetv  S**|..j.l».  T la p   *.    »i
M..*er*   Hall      T.   RoiIw.ImI    *-<-.!rt»r-.
Van  Anda.  B.  (".
this work-crazy fool    that is
greatest crime in the calendar.
Work is now, as it has always
been, the jienalty of slavery.    It is
The Socialist movement of Canada has within its ranks no small
thc price tlie fool working peoplei,number of men who are well quali-
pay for their chains. Among free fic*' to ,x,th steak an(1 write on b***
men yvork were an unthinkable ■ha,f oi the proletarian cause. Hy
term. True it is that free men reason oi avocation and location
would of necessity have to expend'■sollJe oi theni at ,east are *tf[or6et\
at least some energy in providing n,t,c ■' any opportunity to spread
themselves with thc necessaries of |,le propagamla by word of mouth,
their existence and their freedom, There arc none of them, however,
but that this would spell work, in wl,° c,^,,(1 not assist materially in
the common acceptance of the i furthering thc work if they were not
term, we emphatically deny. i'oo mentally lazy to shajw tte know-
It is safe to say that three-fourths i ledge they possess into form for
of the energy expended to-day in' publication. The mission of a So-
what is termed work, is absolutely • cialist paper at this stage of the
wasted in-so-far as conserving any'game can be little more than to
legitimate and hea'*hy human need'spread tte light amongst tte mem-
is concerned. What portion of bu- ters of the working class. To make
man society contributes this work!such "a s-lct'* a v'r'le and effective
everv "plug" in the wage market j medium for this purpose is tte first
ought to know without it being ^consideration. Iiy no stretch of tte
pounded into his head with a brick, i imagination can a Socialist paper
It is time all of this "tommy-rot" that is true to its mission of cnlight-
aliout work was cut out, and thelening the working class to tte ini-
plain rtrtt .lieclo«i>.1 Wnrl- "« nnt 'quitous workings of tte wage slave
a badge «3i honor.   It i-t a badge of system and pointing thc way for its
slavery and shame. It never applies, in the ordinary acceptance of
the term, except to some teast with
more or less numerous legs that is
driven under tte lash of a master.
It does not matter whether it te a
mule in harness or a wage slave in
a 'job.
When the rule of capital ends
"work" will cease. When Freedom
reigns, when exploitation ends, it
will no longer te necessary.
There is little to show that any
progress is being made in the trial
of William D, Haywood at Boise,
Idaho, The usual monkey business
and legal fanfaronade over the
matter of obtaining a jury is *till
dragging its wearisome length
along. Each shyster lawyer is trying "of course to get the better of his
opponent and if jxwsible get men on
the jury that are already fixed for a
satisfactory verdict.   It is needless
abolition, te made a desirable financial undertaking. It consequently
becomes imperative that hc or they
who undertake by this means to
carry the message of deliverance to
the enslaved toilers stop at nothing
to effect the purpose. To carry tte
message is, however, jjic duty of all
interested, and not onc that can
properly te left to the individual
here and there who may perchance
te sufficiently persistent and determined to make the attempt.
To those few comrades who have
forwarded matter for the columns
of the Western Clarion and thus
manifested a disposition to do their
part in spreading the gospel of emancipation we take this means of returning thanks for their assistance.
Those numerous other ones who,
though competent, are evidently too
tte polkemcn's
club on the striker's tead is but the
echo of the vote te cast at thc.last
election." says Debs.
"No member of tte numbers'
Union shall enlist in any military
organization on antl after January
1, 1903, under penalty of expulsion. "—Constitution of tte riumb-
ers' I'nion.
V. M 1 H »
I'ni-jn. IjJstal Sn. »* II * U
lte«*dml;    t*-**.     »-M" .«•»■•.«.
dee.i;   Mr*.   I las     I J**!.-- I
CH** tVs«i». Ttea*u»»r. I II 1->V.'i».
Secis-tary 1U Cof.W* St » . I ' «»'•
d»fl. lnvide f.ua.d. ««*'• •' ****,
j.*-.--*.*. US C«.Ws Sl »
Ibi.d f'.Klay aflerm-nn. »i J - '■■ • •"
. ml and f.-u«<B I . •■!»» MSI
•me*.*************** **
%******** *t
Some dav the working class will
take hold of the railroads, steel
mills, saw mills, coal mines, sugar
refineries, antl other means of life.
Then there'll te no more rails made
with flaws in them; telegraph operators antl trainmen will not work
over-time, and most of the terrible
railway ami other industrial accidents will cease.
The Red Mag is the emblem of
the International Socialist Party.
The color represents the red blood
that flows in thc veins of thc working class of all nationalities and It
is the bond that unites us in this
mighty brotherhood that the capitalist class sees its doom and it is no
wonder that fbe capitalists are willing and anxious to pay out their
good money for thc brains of tte
intellectual prostitutes commonly
known as "editors."—Peoria Socialist, a
On Sunday next Brigadier Howell, a Salvation warrior, is to explain to thc Vancouver public the
little strike-breaking episode at Bul-
len's shipyard in Victoria, in which
the Brigadier's military establishment was mixed up. Wc shall be
forced to forego tte pleasure of listening to the sturdy warrior's ex-.
planation of tte affair as Sunday is
the day we devote to religious re
. „     . ,.,      , . ,    ,   . A01'0" an<-    Pious contemplation,
mentally shiftless to   scratch their i Upon that dav wc never allow such
own liacks, if such an expression is grossly material and worldly mat-
permissable, will have to call at this
office to get what is coming to them.
It-would not look well in print
ters as the traffic in human flesh or
the breaking of strikes to intrude
upon our piety.
\*\*9    W  M**4******   *%.
** te********************4
R K<i I* I 1 >' '
G  A. OKBLL, M*.rurcr
Bread and Cnke» delivers! tu any
part of the City.    Vou ran al« *•>«
depend upon our bread.     Tr)' '■■
37 Pandora St        Victoria. B. C
m \m m trousu
H«StH I  •••
Rirkuai- i l«**l
Is snMto, •«•*;*( ITIttllS
Vino out why
*yt****t •*> ff"1"
Aak •/t»«r local Hardware
ar Sporting «o<mI* ***■
eb-s.11 for tka HTKVINS.
It yarn cannot obtain. »••
•hlr dlrsssH, aapre.** rr>
■aid, upon rae-ipt of « ata-
lo_ Prioa.
***t« Maita Irs at-mpe lor1*0 r*s*
lllaatrmtosl Cat-lot. lorludlna«•" «•'-
Uraol latasst •ddltl.Mi. to «»■*''"•;
CimUlM polnla on «lM»otliif. *»«»»,i"'
nltla»,tsM>rop«rear*>nf a Brear'n.
ate., m*. Oar •ttnai.tlea Ton < «>•»'
Ulhac-apkaa Haaassr n.slled aul-
wlaara lar alaeumMln *tam|.«.        J
j. stbvjSns abms a tool < <»•
******* rstt*. m***.. v- H* -*-
■ CURtUi
wan. tna *aaim***'
art and •Mhera who rra Haa I
jj* iheads'liuil"1;
RartMariawiwiiwawno/-••••"'" ...n-m.-i.tl
llyVhairlBfJh* r f-alent M*/" ,r*Cho.grt
by Battel  ftalimlMiradvice '"*   ^lt „,*;,„
request. **r**k**stW*^«^*m,Tm.A.
ttoulraal I and Waaliiujj.on, »■<•-
, V.t-i
_^_M_a_i .utUiu^YuMt]ttt.i,ii-wir
i " '   ' — ^*■—**——^-
List of Supplies.
Membership cards, each 01
Application blanks (with platform) per 100 ...*. 25
The same in Finnish 50
<(institutions, per dor  .3:)
Thc Committee, being a  stockholder in the co-operative publish-!
house of Chas. Kerr & Co., can
object by tlie longest road possible, j
The bourgeoisie is afraid of neither
trade unionism  a outrance nor fan-1
tastic anti-militarism.'
NOTlCe If* HittiliV GtVZtt that so
days aftrr date ! inlcnd to S|>-jly lo ibe Chief
('omi'iitsiuncr ol L—ads ami Woik* for a
Herns* to cut and carry away linibci from the
folio—ins, described land* in the Coast District:
runiinriiL-inK jt * pust planted on the West
•i'lr of I 'mm.!»•.!.i'i,'h Inlet, about va* and a
half miles Siiiili ol P. X. i--'J; thence West
HO chains; lhenc« Noriti HO chains; thence
I'.asi bu ilianis; thente South s« chain*, lo ■
slailiiiK   point.
1 mo 1 April I'tii. i'"',-,
J. A. ItAG-E.
  -""" 1
Notice U hereby given  tbat after 30 days I
i   thet.ee   Soulh   KM   chainat   thenc*   West   40
i  chains to point of commencement.
No. 10.    Commencing *t same point aa No.
I  ».   marked   S.   _,  corner  poat;   thence  North
West   SO chainsi   thence     South    SO  chain*; | l«o  chains:   thence   Eaat  10  chaina  to  point
f commence-! of  conuneiicetnent.
tbence Fast Ml chains to point o:
ICO chains; thence West 40 chains-, thence
South IHO chain*, thence East to chains to
point of «mune*~emeiil. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
No.  11.    Commencing at  a  point  near  the tbence East 80 chain* lo point ol csmmence
N. K. corner of section tl, marked N. E. cor- ment.       ^^^
ner rJost: thence South 80 chain*; thence West So. tl.   Commencing at a poke about twu
HO   chain*;   thence   Nurth   BO   cbaroa;   tbence mile* South of the S. K. comer of lection 10,
East 60 chains to point of commencement. marked   S.   W.  corner   post;  thence  North  ao
No.   lt.    Commencing  at  tbe   N.  E.  corner chain*;   thenc*  Ka*t  SO chains;   ihence  South
of  section   tt.   marked    S.   E.   corner    post; *" chains; thence West SO chains to poial ol
thence   West   loo   chains;   thence   North   40 comineia-emeut
chains; tbence East 16o chains; thence Sooth •*.    CanaaaeMg at the «ame p..int as No
10 .bains lo point  of commencement. *4.  marked  N.  W. corner  post, thence  South
No.   13.    Commencing    at    a     post    about 1*0   chains;   thence   East   IO   chains;   thence
Stralli ..i the S. W. comer of aextion IS, T. S. North  1-j.j chain*:   thence   West  40 chain* to
point of cownjcnceiiiei.l.
commencement. .v***********.	
_   ._.    „        .       . _ „   „     . , _ No.  31.    Commencing at a  point  near  lha
No. tt. Commcncinf abaut one mite North S. E. corner of seciion tt T S 11 marked
from If. W. corner of aection 17. marked S.E. I S. E. comer po»t; tbence North 180 chain*;
corner post; tbence North 80 chain*; thence; tbeive West io chain*; thence South ISO
West   80   chains:   thence   South     80   chaina; | chains;   thence   East   ij   chaina   to   point   of
__^_1^_B^__H_^__^__^__^__^B  I Ijiidi nnd  Wnrka'iar"* '.,^»'l"uZZ"."?^ .7.'. '. 1*.  narked N.  W. coiner  post; thence South ^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
"ll   the   last   day   of   the      debate-   ttinrrY a«^li**ber frSfsL <££_!_. 2_ : »«*■**»!   'hence   East    so    chanr.;     tbence .No.   H.    Con.meiicir.fi  at  a   point   near  the
Seinliat  nibbed int.. ll.          1       \    i-I "wt,            ___tV_&_fc M"*'°* ** j North   80 chai.w;   tl-ence   West   80  chaina  to &   W.  corner  of   section   tt,   marked   N.   W.
... 1.1     V.   '"t0 t,lL Wde Of Uri-        N. ,     ,''.."J,;,„'* '.' T,lL mhmll x^i, J point of eUmm«-ce*ncnt. corner  po..;  thence  South   80  clusins;  .hence
ailtl  tllC. Jatt  Hal   he  Was tin-   f-.»l,j«.    "ol, East   ,   Z N    1    ™„i,    < I""   ^ »«   1 *»•   '«•    Commencing at a point about Mm Ea*t   80 chains;   thence     North     SO    chains;
Of ih,-   *,j.r..   .    I          .                        Jdtller. *f\**S £JH/** '.v     "''.'*.S*f "?£.!!. «»«  ****  "<  «»»  S    W.  comer  of section thence West 80 chains le ***** of commence
PI   ht  very iinhev lu- was now on-   Worth i«T___- i_L-f^ .^.siE!. ' *">. »»'**4 •»• *• ****** t**i ,heo« &omi' "*?■
POSbut      C'le....*!..*;.-... r-.-   II                '       ,,"     sI,.,       ,,' , ,', .     ,i           u   ?  j.n isl   chains;   thence   East   »   chains;   thence , No.   87.    r-*mmo*eing  at   a   post   near   Ihe
■■IL..     •v.ltll.UKeau recalled a COM-       ,'   '   *    '    ]"'/'■""'•   "'*•"",•   *"«   40 I K*r_ ISO chain.;   .heme  Weil  40 chains to S,. W. comer of secti<«, 18, T.  S.  13, marked
Venation   he    lad   had   with   a,%**A.         ■       '    Vc£££E^**l***t           - . V*bd «• commencement. N.  W. comer post;  .hence South Ion chain,;
11.1(1   Willi   l.ncsdc    ..No.   .     (on men. ing  ai   the  same point  as Ko   ,-     Clm,raenc...g *t tbe same point a* thence   East   40   chains;   .hence     Nor.h     16..
I,   marked  a   S.   E.   earner  „«..:   .!»-,. Kii    u    mrVM   N    ^    corner   po,,. •",_„« chain.;   thrnce   Wcsi   lo   .lain,   t„   p„mt   of
South   ino  cliams;   thence   Wo.    40 chaina; commencement.
thence   North   100  chains;   tbence    East     40      t No.   *8.    Commeming  a.   a   [**s.   near  the
.  t| j chains to lulint of commencement. V W. corner of section 18, marked S. E. cor-
■*)' I No.   18.    Commencing  at a   |>o»t  near    the ner   post;   ihence   North     Su   chain,;     thence
N.   W.  corner   of   section   13,   marked   N.   E. West   80   chains;   thence   South     »0    chains;
Jo.n the Cab-! Efi^J^Ja^CS^S j %?4H^h^b «t;£ ***? *" W **'"* '" P°,m °f ri>ramenre'
general ( wfederatkw or uy body |, **£< STS-ftL? "Te »%*,%**+ • _^ ,T* ZT****** « ,he —« **? "' 5« I t^f-mtS-4' south' it* \ ,.*».- North i« ■*****.l***r**** cSi™
1-r.i,   incnce   ,>orin j^(,    1(J    marked   S.   \\.   corner   post;   tbence ■-«•-■—- ••--J****•^■"■"■"■"»■■"~"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"■"—   -
l'l   chains;   tbence ' *Jm^"~~~~
vears ago in referenee to cullaborat-: Nortf, m ,ik*mlh*m
nrocure litertaure for the l.oeals -it    ,_l!r?.ro.ch ri'for"ls as S.xialists  ,,rr,rc s""h f? rhnin"-   ,h"'«   ^'
ijijuire iMjWWW- ior mc LACaiS dl  aiu   j^a . , '•    clwin* «, p.,1,,1 of fl«™cment.
~—mail    eoiii.i carry through      Ko. fc   . ...nmm.-ing at «ja»**t abouf
together, and when he took ..iTire. 1...' *   ""'**   Wc"   ■'"'"   ll":   •*•■ F-
-mlc.*.! I..v   <C-    •   I-   . tte    **cl'"n   »"•   T.aB.   IS,   marie!   S.
■lSKt.i two.SiH-iahM* to join theCab-: >'°*,; *^'iC' "oni ion chain.;
•net.    Bill he would not tolerate the   w '-""'■ ,he"c<! S?u,h lft° cltti",: "'","
corner of j
W. corner i
thence Ea*t >
mi t ., was held in the hea.r<iuariirs. ...,„.•„„., ■„,,, ,,     ... .___•    ■----—.      .
      •*•     ....       .-' lonilt-nminf' the   Muustrv was  de-      s
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_Jg*t   |  chain*  to
pomi of tommrncement.
I'orninenciog st a  point half a mile
fealt-d  l.v .mil tn r.-.   -_ i  .t VVr''' °' ,,ir ".  W. carnar' nf   section  15,
41    '   ">    ,""   IO 60,   anil   the   gOV*    Jf-rfcad   S.   _   mtna post;  thence  North  160
Ibe   regular     weekly   businessithat ,,,,-,,„.„   . *       ,• ' r*"'!*- ra-rl•c', s- K- «,rn«
inretina of Vancouver I oral   S   P PfOWgated Anafchiwn and »n*   "■" ***h»; ih™„ w..t
in.tt.ng ot vanonvtr l^cal. S j . ,,.„.,,„„,„„,        VifflMtl|   ^.^i w.._;«o 0^.;^..
.11.1 1 amine street. May :*?.
Com, Pritchard was elected chairman.
Minutes of previous meeting reatl.not vc,
and adopted. j
The Program Committee reported
thai I om. Hums of Tacoma. would I . ,,u* ''""ectors of the (row's Meat j "^ 7" ',",
si-cak in (jran.1 Theatre on Sunday. \\.      CfWJttSnj* have "gh/en" a mi
June '.', at 8 p. in.
No. :!■?. Commencing at a point about
half a mile West ui the 5. W. corner of ***;•
tion -I 1. 8. U. marked S. E. corner post;
thence North* 1*>'J chains; (hence West 40
chain*: theme South 140 chains; thence East
40 cliains  to point of commencement.
No. 33. Commencing at a point near thc
S. E. come, af teelion :',, T. S. 13, marked
S. I'., comer post; (hence North 80 chains;
Ihem-r Wwt 80 chains; ihence South 81
chains; thence East Sl) chains to (mint of
No. 34. ( (jriioiencing at a point near the
S. E. corner of aection SO. T. S. 18. marked
S. E. comer post: theme Nor.h 80 chains:
theme West 80 chains; ihence Soulh 80
chains: thence rasi 80 chains lu point of commencement.
No. 35. Commencing at a point near tbe
S. E. corner of section 19. T. S. 13. marked
S. E. corner poat; Ihence North 80 chains;
Ihence West 80 chains; (hence South 80
chair,; thence last 80 chain* to point ef
No. M. Commctwring near the S. E. corner
of section ti. T. S. U, market S. E. corner
*jo*t; ihence North U chains; thence West
*0 chains; (h--.i.:e S*»..lh *n chains; thence
Ea»t *0 chain* lo |*r*int of commencement.
No. 37. Coiaaifm,Ins ai n I'-'m. near Use
tt, \V. corner of section 19. T. ^. 1$, marked
V. * W.   corner   ■*•*.(;   (hence   East   80   chain*;
 . _- North   180   chains;   thence   Weat" 40   chain*.
eminent   secured   its      Votes  l.v   c.K   ! H****  ,l""''   VV'"*'  *" t**"'**'\  ,,"*n":  Sou . I   thence   Boa-   1W  chains;    Ihence    East    40
..   , . .       ' v« -    """"I  IKo ehain*; tlience  K»«< Itl cliaini to point of I
Manual niniorittes.    But the end i<-1 *w»"«ncem»*«t.
" j      No. fi.    ComaMB_ai a. the S. E. corner of !
taction 10, nwrkc-t!   N.   I., corner -h**(;  thence .
South   IBS   chain*]   tbatlH   West   40   chains;  '
^. Iheiwe   Nor(h    IfiO llw-nce     East   40
The directors of lh«* r-vmr*.   M*_*l ***** U rarfnl  of commencement.
►ti'mriicinit at   .he  same  "*oint  as
No.   t,   mtthed     S.   1..   corner    |»-sl;    .hence
tlience   Wfeal     10  chains;
tain*:    tli.nce    East    40
chain*;  thence We»t   iii chains:  ihence  North
North   ISO   chjo'.,;   thence   East     40   chain*;     100 chain*; thrnce la*t  lo chains lo point of
thence    South    100   chains;   tlience   West   «0 j cosnmenceinenL
chain* (■' point of cc-rnmerweineiit.      Hffil No.   30.    Commeneinu   st   a   point     half    a
______________Jpn«t:  thence  South  180
cbains;  thence West  40 chains;  thence  North
.._,„„■ ... y...... ...  ,,,. niMiiw ■_ So.   to.    t ommenrin*-  at  a   p.jint    half
So.   IS.    (ommencine at the «me ptnnt aa i „-,.  --,,.  0, the _   w   CUTnet  o( uxtmn
No.   17,   marke.1   S.   r_   corner   poat;   thence , ^^^ N   *.-   corilcr ,,«,.  ,*„„„  s,,,,,*,  i
tlience Sooth mi chains: thence West itO
chaina; (hence North 4.1 cliains to |*oint of
commenccm* nt.
Hated at \ancouser,  fl. C April 8th, 1907.
T1MBI.K   &   TRADING   COTtt-
jlion and a quarter   dollars for the   SS_ 's^'uto
rhe Couunittte   was rnttharuwd Jp*uP0>e of expanding and develtw- |,1J.:"' '■> ■*■»'of <**«««»««
in expend   |T.« t..   adv. rtise the \in* ,,K' com|»iy. property."    Th.-! wS *, i*T^ZnV T m*L\ "l
'■ '' '•"_. M lf•'"•"ificy,<!■   «I'V5   capnalist, i.; £** ^ ^.r^L^^T's^
No.   w.  raartual   S.   W.  comer    post;    .hence
lhe ejection of a new Treasurer;'""*• BStOtJlishJng,   They are always! "'" i,i',i,». 'hence West 40 chain* to point of
in place of the present one wlwi is l'lv'»'*r.   'lhat is proliably why thej | '''\T'I<wc'n,n.rncin», *t the «,,ne psmt a*
Laving tlie city, was laid over for n'm:'in *o poor
one week. — o
The following warrants wire or-
<| drawn  	
i.nt. headuiiarterf,  <"""■
lanhorTiT!  JO        ls ,""rm« British t olumbia in
And now  it is Brigadier Howell
of Toronto, a Salvation Annv hero.I
chains to point of commencement.
No. 19. Commencing near the S. W.
corner of section Jt. marked S. VV. corner
post: ihence North 8o chain*: thence East 80
chains: tbenre South 80 chain*; thence Weat
80 chain* to point of commencement.
No. tt). Commencing at the fame point as
No. 19, marked S. E. corner post; thence
North ISO chains: thence West 40 chains:
thence South 1C0 chains; thence East 40
cliains lo **oint of commencement.
No. tt. Commenci.ie at a point about one
mite South of the S. W. corner of seciion tt.
marke.l S. E. corner post; thence West 80
chains: thence North 80 chaina; tbence East
8.1 chain,; thence South 80 chains to point of
commencement. a
No. tt. Commenrins- at a point near the
S,   W.   corner   of  section   tl.   marked   S.   E.
Buy no Cigars Without
This LABEL on Box ...
North    140   cluiii-;   thrnce    tjist   40   rhains; I   corner  post;   ihence   North  80 chains;  thence I
I». nation .
■sno I-* louring i.ntisii ( olumhia in   1*111313     DlafTIlOFQ
the interest of    slave importations  g Ktsfluj    I IvIUI\Eo_l
*,,*... .r.t'.icr   ...      .1**-       CI-.-. -
Royal Crown Soap Wrappers
Mieiini' adjourned.
j,,, v, 'aecor.linjT to    the    Salvation plan.
j Having wisely made provision i<>r,                     _._
$•.» sor" am,jlt" fabor 0M'!»!y te the Koo- I * '"OH. .j	
* ;t *dt  I('"av  rc<s'0«. he is  next to devote   la- of the 16 x 20 Pictures can tie »i_d in large Oak and Gilt Ft_mc, for fpl.00 taUm, or Gilt or Assorted Colors for BOo* e_tr_, or in 2 inch Gilt for 3So. oM
his nitention to tbe Coast     There i** wi^ the numlxT of Wrappers stated with each picture.   Framed pictures can onlj. be sent out of the city by express at vour cost for express chargi-«S sjam
a Splendid field lu re i< .r his iff >rts miKht amu,f{e «*h your merchant and have it shipped by freight with other goods and the lutpense for freight would be very small
»^w?j*w. of the awfui Address: THE ROYAL SOAP CO., LIMITED, VANCOUVER,
H-arn,;,lflal,,rh.r,aU;u!-. ,.,,,- UW V e^mmwm   o«MU
i isllv thos.- who have dirhcttltv  mI ^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"
Itndmg a job.
\anrouvrr.    It. I"., May    ."*
oms.   Stibliiiii's.     Prtlipicr,    I'nt
It will be   interesting   to those
tomrad.s who think the Australian j
Latere I'arty is a Socialist Party to
    'leirn   that   at   the   I.inI   conference
chard. Peteraoa. Kingsley and   tlu* of the   Victorian [<abor I'arty at
■ cretary. Melteurne in   Aoril a proposition
Minute* read and rspproved. to announce a> their Objective the
Tin'     following    eorres|j..n«leiicc "seeuring of the full results of their
wa« read and Setrttary instructed: iitihistn lo all producers by the coi-
I'rum Hamilton. Qarrsholm, and lectivc ownership of .ill lhe means
VV'etasktwtn Locals: from Com. J.lof production'' in place ot "through1
lahlon Itarnes. National Secretary the collective   oarnersl-p of iiwno-
I". S. Socialist I'arty. ooliet, nnd the extoisioo of the in*
The Literature Committee re* bistrtal nnd econoniic functions of
imrtetl that pamphlet*, ordered were the state or municipality" was voted
.ilnvosf completed and were further down hv a rote of lit to 89,—
instructed. .SY.7''/f Socialist.
A  warrant    was ordered drawn
■   s™
WUd Bonos.   (Disci and Wliitr.) Hpiritrd B-inea.   (Blaca and Whitr.)
No. S-Ky_- . ■ Wrs-prrs. No. 1--K_«. _ Wranpan,
Honr* to Stum.   (HI*.* and Whit*.) Tbr  U.*us.    (lu Colors.)
Nc ML   fan- P.™.       U Wr»r*>m. No. 2-l«i_. IS Wmvtra.
Two paupers ai   Bratntree acto-
inr $T.*i.'MI on literature account.
Receipts. ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_
U C. Prov. Ex. tlom $81.70 all) showed   themselves such -jo.*!
V. etaskiwiii Ijtxal   I0.W painters, having   saved the Guard*
Rosebud l-ocal     tt.lO inns $1,020, that they have appoblt-
Innisfail Load ...        1.50 ed cm* of tbem   painter-in-chief nt
VVmirinetf Local".'.'     2.00 $1.VM a week with rations, etc.. and
<-ilgary Local ..'."...       •'t.,»" have awarded the other extra food
roronto Local '..'. .','.    10.00 snd tobiicco,     This goes to sliow
11,-unilton Local ... .'    g.OO that abiUti and^brains are properly
< Inresholm Local     5.W annredatcd even in tliis somewhat
Hunling Sornt.   (BUil. and Wtitf,).
No. lH>-l6s». 15 Wmpps-rs.
■  ■,yrw*4m&vw-i'.
Unntint Swric.   (Black aad WalU.)
No. S-1__CL IS Wrar-**rn.
Dof.   (BUra and White.)
No. l-l(_t.   Fraim- $1.00.   15 Wrap*****.
rraches and Cream.   Un Colon)
Na --1<-«L IS Wi
•"ii. E. Jordan, im'tnlierat-
large, Tantalus. V. T	
■- ■-»-	
callous age.
~~T7-!   "•N,,nv 1,;"'' s;'i''''"' 'l",^(' to an
•*W*8° old offender, -what    brought    you:
here again r
"The    |>o].ccnun.
laconic reply.
"Drunk, i suppose
was the
nuerried thc
Orapes and Apples,   tin Color*,) Or****** and Banana*.   (Ia Cotas.)
No, l'»-lf_». U Wnppent. No. 17—M__B. U Wiai^pei*.
8tr*wberry   Itipc.
No.  il-mxiB.
tin   Colon.)
IS Wrapper*.
1-Y.iit »nd Plaster*.   (In Colon)
No, lU-lh-. IS Wri
1   Pat "both av
Comrade T.   1
'.urns   of    Tain   th.-   Grand
A vigorous attack has been made j,,,^,.
I>) the Socialist Party on the gov-     ..y|S   s,,,- -j**'
"iinit-nt for its anti-trade union ac- ,],;„, ••
tion.   \ aillant. Allenuinc and others
have joined in the attack, and Jaures
delivered a speech (in two lections I
°t seven hours' length,    fhe great
urator of thf French movement did
•-.defend   the idea of a general «mi^™^     ^      |um, , ,
Mnkc, ant| (|„| not endorse all   the < catre. Dcvc,opmenl ,.,* the
•-..ons of the .Confederation ..i: La;;p   J;;«:M rt  in  „,,  unltcdl
'■ot. but he nomtetl out tbat ti State '^   ' „
"••u'ials   wante.1    to strike no Ian , • 'j!^'    u. ,.„,,,, is a cigarmaker
winch might bc passed could pre- old-timer in   the
unt them.  .He suggested that Ue* |^"g   JJJ^     Bcing   well,
economics and having;
The riarmate.   (Black and White.)
No. __t—16x20. 15 Wrappers.
Th* Cake Walk.  (Black and Whit*J
No. KS-IS-O. IS Wrappera.
Kreniiia H.-ran.   (Black and White.)
No. J-l—X. 15 Wrapivers.
Lunch Time.   (Black and Wh__)
Na _-.„-». IS U'MH-
"leneeau, from his past career, was
'•ie last man
nied thc right
,    Km havr, de- grounded in ccm.om.es anci uaving
who shoul.l hav< d    a .       rit..,f.. „, the trade
.    _ ;.„..l of civil servantsflto Jj^ ^^ ,,, ls well m.ali-
I'mii a union.   Jaures especially at-, interpret the progress being
lacked llriand, who in the past hart  '       lmv.in|s t|u. emancipation ol
been an advocate of "direct action. ,      f|.()lll ,|u. bondage of
and urged that Viviani. if he «l,T      j^f *
'"iisisleiit. should no longer remain ** I   ■ ^ fg.. (o ,u,ar !liin
'» the Ministry.   Briand in Ins reply ^        ,|t * .•„,
also accused Janres of inconsistency,     ^^j-g ca||ed to order at 8,
and of being, led by the Anarchist
w'»g of the trade union movement,
Outside, our old comrade Guesde
has lieen   denouncing "<-'r*Tt ac
lion," describing i
•hist theory"
sic"   Said'he,	
armed with their voting ■•• -    "••'"-,;,,,,,,.r pott; i
"<>t cajiable of sending men of then   ;;;;.,„,. „,„,•* io ctaimu
nwn class to" enrrv on. the public | tMjjMj"-- * «
•'"ties, thev are still less capable ot   , srtri "•Uffjg,1:and ikawno co
risking their   skins to attain   their  'muk.
Nose Out of JolaU (B!ar+ «nrl Wlille.)
No.   24-1-20.        15   Wrappers.
Tlie Finish.   (Black and WUIla.)
No. 124-16x30. IS Wnppen.
Intermission.   (Black and White,)
No. 1_-1~M. U Wrappers.
Uanctng I«uon.   (Blark and While.)
No. as—16t_0. IS W^psl
Admission free.
NOllurs ■»»•;;.  /.»,K. ,hkf li.iiiinissiiMK-r
lenouncu.g    m«       • w,. ,„, ... »,^ ... m t-MTSSTtt
»ing it as   the   Anar- n *«*«£«««tfi;U U.^ tbttajv*
" =»"' "antiquatec  mn- g StO tf J^JBrM
ie "If the   proetariat, me,-cins «.• t««j" .»    ii(11 n T. s ,-.
Lr voting cards, arc %*f m ■ SQsjtSt2»4.'
thence     west   Iflu
hains   l»  P«IU   "f
Ooartahtp.    (Black and WUlt«.>
Ma, IM-lfedQ, U Wnppeia.
I'rli.-llla and John  Allien.
iniack *nd Whit.-.)
No, 6 i6i_o. II Wrapim*.
Sun**!   tn   Kentucky.
(In  Colors.)
Me,   US-lt-V. IS  Wnpiwr*.
Uot a HI.!-.
Mo. a-ls-S.
111 lilllimilllHllll I M-M 111111111 - M 11 1 III11 1 111 I M"M"]
News, Views, Aspirations and Activities of Those Who Do the World's Work
—Local, Provincial, Dominion and International Events Indicative of
the World's Industrial and Political Growth and Development.
- 0^mameUa by B. r. PETTlilKCK. ta wham all coi*r**eiMH*jJen«*e for tbla department ***** be addreaanl.
SATURDAY ..... jUNfe l iBft-i
A municipal telephone system is
being installed at Calgary, Alta.
Two or three more miners killed p
off while at their slavery, last week,
in the Kootenay.    The   "risks of
capital" once more in evidence 1
According to the Labor Gazette
thirty-six labor disputes were reported to the department in April
last as against twenty-one during
April, 1900. Business is evidently
"If Moyer and Haywood die; if
Moyer and Haywood die; twenty
million workingmen will know the
reason why." *
At a special election in Belfast,
Ireland, for a member of the British parliament the Socialist candidate came close to winning the day.
It was a great surprise to the politicians and they fear that they will
lose the district in the next contest.
"Crime will exist as long as men
may profit by it. Make conditions
so that no profit will result from an
act and men will not commit that
act. Remove the incentive to crime.
Make it impossible for any man to
live without useful work and you
will have abolished the conditions
One of the regularly recurring
items in the capitalist press is to the
effect that the Socialists are in pow«
cr or have had control of some locality.
Sometimes it is San Francisco, of
Colorado, or London, or Berlin, of
New Zealand, but always Socialism
has been tried and found wanting.
It is useless to point out the false*
ness of all such statements and to
state that    Socialism    has as yet
that make for crime. When men never been in control anywhere and
and women can have the good cannot bc until it shall gam coin-
things of life only by having evi- plete sovereignty in some autono-
dence that they have been aiding -•*«»* nation,
directly in producing the good. When that does take place we can
things of life crime could purchase
Another new Socialist magazine
will be started from Lake Charles,
La., entitled The Red Flag, and
edited by May Beals. The subscription price will be a dollar a year,
and those wishing to subscribe can
address Miss Beals at Lake Charles,
424 Bilbo street
nothing. Crime increases more rapidly than population because thc
conditions are favorable to crime.
Criminals get rich, honest men remain poor. Most crimes are committed according to law."
The United States Census Bureau reports that at the time of taking the census "five females were
**A local organization of Socialists I employed as pilots; that on steam
has been formed at Tonquin, French'railroads 10 were employed as bag-
Indo-China, for the purpose of gagemen, 31 as brakemen, 7 as con-
spreading the doctrines of Social- ductors, 45 as engineers and fire-
ism among the Annainese. This is men and 26 as switchmen, yardmen
another break into the west in So- and flagmen; that 43 were carriage
cialist organization, as it is in capitalist production.
The Ohio Penitentiary News has
suspended publication owing to the
fact that there are no printers incarcerated in the "big stir." There are
plenty of opportunities, however,
to start a bank there.—The Commoner. Too few Moyers among the
Our present political and economic system is rotten, honeycombed
as it is with bribery, fraud and graft.
However, it is but natural that the
representatives of those who are
profiting under this system should
severely oppose those who are agitators for a change.
The industrial slaves of the world
should loose just as much sleep and
shed just as many tears over the interests of their employers, as the
employers do over tbe interests of
their slaves. If the workers were
as much concerned over their own
interests as the owners of capital,
there would soon be a change in the
form of property ownership.
The Chicago Daily Socialist is
doing splendid work for the revolution. Its pithy interpretation, in
headlines, over Associated Press
dispatches are simply immense. It
is issued by the Workers' Publish-
in* Society, 180-182 East Washington street, Chicago, III. Send for a
sample copy, or better still, potlach
right away on spec. It's worth the
The Vancouver police force and
magistrate should have their wages
raised. Over $2,000 in blood money
has been wrested from unfortunate
victims of capitalist society, below
.the dead line, during the past
month. The latest civic method
seems to be a regular fine from each
of the unfortunate girls who inhabit
the tenderloin. The landlords also
demand their portion, and the horde
of male pimps and parasites tolerated about town get their share of
the proceeds of the sale of women.
and hack drivers, G ship carpenters
and 2 roofers and slaters; that 185
were returned as blacksmiths and
508 as machinists; that 8 were boil-
ermakers, 31 were charcoal, coke
and lime burners and 11 were well
borers." The millenium is evidently approaching for masculinity. It
will soon be the happy lot of the
male biped to lug "glad rags" up
and down the street and cast admiring glances at his reflection in
plate glass windows.
The Merchants' and Businessmen's Association of San Francisco
has forced the malodarous Schmitz
to turn over the city government to
a committee of seven appointed by
themselves. The city's affairs will
at once be purified and purged of all
graft and corruption. The committee is composed of six chamber
of commerce pirates and sandbag-
gers, and one lawyer. The latter is
expected to leaven the lump.
assure our capitalist contemporaries
that the fact will be well known.
There will be plenty of thing*; doing
to show that a change has taken
place such as has not yet fallen to
the lot of any portion of the capitalist world.—Chicago Socialist.
Dr. Geo. VV. Gray, a religious reformer, speaking before thc Social
Economic Club of Chicago, recently, said: "The price of a beautiful
voting girl in Chicago to-day is $50.
Inside of an area one-fourth of a
mile square, lying near Halstead
and Van Btfren streets I have found
257 resorts and 1,7-9 fallen women." He declared that a regular
traffic in country girls was carried
on, the above-named price being
paid for the delivery of each victim.
The girls being enticed into these
"resorts" by "help wanted" ads. in
the big city dailies. Those who may
be shocked by such disclosures
should comfort themselves with thc
reflection that capitalist rule is
based upon the enslavement of la-
fapr and the traffic in its flesh.
There is neither power nor attribute of the human body that is not
an article of barter and sale under
it. The traffic in the virtue of women is every whit as clean as the
rest. A slave civilization cannot
rise above its fundamental purpose.
It can produce results onlv that are
as foul and loathsome as that upon
which it rests.
James Stark & Sons, Limited.
It Will Pay You to Watch
This Space Every Week
Women at a distance who are not acquainted with the
Stark Store, we want to tell of the advantages of oi.r great
mail order system—
—We carry complete stocks of Dry Goods, Millinery,
Women's Rcady-to-Wear Apparel and House Furnishings—
—We're always conducting special sales from thc various Departments—shoppers at a distance who forward orders for goods similar to those on Special Sale, are always
given the advantage of any sjiecial reduction—
—One experienced person is in charge of the Mail Order Department and every order is filled as conscientiously
as though you were shopping in ••erson-—
—We should lie pleased at any time to forward you
samples and quote prices on any line of goods you may require.
If you are not already acquainted with us—try us for
hest qualities at lowest prices.
 Vancouver, B. C.
170 Cordova St.    -   -
J. Seward MM,   A. O. Bryno.vj.je_
BAaaitriM, »oucrroas, arc.
tat. p.o.
Box. m.
C. PETERS   *«*«iMt.
my*   ■ -j.i-_.mw    |-a||i||(
Haad-Madr *ou*n aad Mora to u,«i,, ,„
allatytea.   ***fP-,'l«/ t-ra-npil, aud n«t
Bbata ala-ajrt an haad.
Developments in the Haywood-;as they want you to, you work as
Moyer-Pettibone conspiracy are full'they want you to, you vote as they
of intense interest to the workers •; want you to, and you fight as they
of the world, t )ne thing certain has want >ou to. Get out from under
been demonstrated. If ever there that dull sleep of ages that has been
was a downright pair of curs whose least on you and your ancestors,
necks need stretching, it is C-ovs. \ Men who would be free nmst stand
Peabody and Gooding. And if they, upright, not cringe before some flab-
nnd a few more miserable pimps of by-flcslied paunch called a capital-
ruling-class tyranny, escape with ist. He men!—Appeal to Reason
anything less, before this class war
is ended, the workers will have failed in their duty, antl the protection
of their own class. It's about time
the workers quit spending good
money on law antl lawyers.    Eire-
A $1,000,000 TRADE.
William Ellis Corey, a most
arms and ammunition would be sirablc citizen," has married Ma-
more to the point. Thc mine-own- belle Gilman. the actress, after some
ers have ruled rough-shod with their LrfealraWe notoriety hatl been at*
•power to enforce." let the miners U^ to ,,-,„ fa &„&-*&
profit by the methods and prece- w*fc -^ N Y)jr|< ,,VW f
dents of their nidus rial masters. rf ^ rf ^ transacti<* |t,
freedom onlv conies to those whoi.__    _.__-     ._ a    ___- :-
The lands of thc Canadian Northwest are fast being converted into
canital, the function of which is to
rob labor. The Chicago Ranching
Co. is the latest aggregation to start
a large ranch north of Prince Albert. The company is composed of
Canadian and Chicago capitalists'
and has been organised with a capital of $100,000 to ranch on a large
scale in the north. John S. McDonald and Stanley Hutchison have the
Work of selecting the land. They
left this week for the north, and will
select their land and secure a lease.
They expect to secure about 4,000
acres. The necessary buildings will changing
be erected t*A fencing done—all by childhood to
wage-labor. This ranch will be on [change be made,
tlie Green Lake trail, about, ninety .cialists are only
miles north of Prince Albert. mans \—Appeal,
When I pick up the daily papers
and read the many pages of every
conceivable sort of Crime—crimes
against property, crimes against
person and crimes against confidence; crimes of petty stealing to
stave off starvation and stealing millions on Wall Street to blow in on
fast atitos, fast women and fast living—I say! when I pick these up,
day after day, with always the same
array of recorded crime, I feel that
it would perhaps be best if every
criminal were turned loose by the
juries and left to prey on the society that has created them. Criminals are either born or made. If
they are born so, they should not
be punished"; and if they are made
so by their environment of life, then
they should not be punished. In
either case, society should suffer the
penalty by h.aving the whole horde
turned loose on them ami perhaps
then they would take up the study of
criminology in a scientific way and
proceed to make conditions in which
there would be no crime. Every
criminologist knows that such a condition can be produced, but the fortune hunters who control society
are so busy trying to cheat each
other that they have no time to
study anything but their gambling
game. It is only when conditions
become so ferocious that they arc
no longer safe in playing their
games of graft that they will ever
stop in their money-mad career to
do any correct thinking. For just
as sure as if you were to raise your
baby daughter in a house of prostitution she would come up like unto her environments, just that sure
docs society make all the criminals
that infest its body. Penalties will
not do away with crime. Only by
tlie environments from
maturity can such a
But then we So-
half-cracked hu-
Yet if a poor man who toils like a
slave six days in the week for a
mere subsistence is seen on a golf
ground or tennis field on Sunday
he meets with severe rebukes from
the church-going community.—Ella
Wheeler Wilcox, in New York Evening Journal, May 15,
Tho I slave six days a week
Like thc devil—so to speak—
On the Sabbath I am meek.
For I know that pleasure's search
Would my character besmirch,
When thc pious go to church.
That is why I'm never found
On the golf or tennis ground
When the Sabbath rolls around.
That is why I never play
Pony-polo or croquet
On the sacred seventh day.
That is why, on moral grounds,
If the hunting-horn resounds
I refuse to ride to hounds.
That is why I always scorn
To disturb the Sabbath mom
With mv automobile's horn.
That is why I snap the lock
On my steam-yacht at the dock
When to church the godly flock.
Ella Wheeler needn't fret,
Working people never yet
Sinned so wickedly, you bet!
—Tom Telby, in The Worker.
♦When in need of printing, telephone 8-2-4. Thc Clarion will do
the rest.
 ,„.   ... o ****
One of our exchanges complains
because the daily press refers to the
working class as thc "lower class."
That is, however, a mild term compared with what we sometimes use
in referring to the class that rides
on the workers' backs.
take it. The cracked skulls of a few
dozen I'inkertons, a half-dozen mine
owners, a governor or two, and the
institution of a drum-head 'court
martial" by the workers, would have
a far more salutary effect than mere I
sophistry. A drove of docile oxenj
wouldn't Stand for half of what hasi
lieen perpetrated u'joti the workers
bv the mine-owners. If the defenders of capital want to sec their finish let them defiantly proceed,
There'll lie a dull, sickening thud
some of these days—ami thc sooner
the better, for the workers. There
never was anything worth having
that wasn't fought for. The sooner
fought for, the sooner gained. Will
the workers of Colorado antl Idaho
fire the signal.gun?
should have a copy of tlu*
pamphlet "Platform ami Con-
stitution, with a brief sketch
of the Evolution of Human
Society," issued by the Dominion Executive Conmiitttv, S.
P. of C.
Barnard St., Vancouver.
Notary Public for II.
Office ' I Irene «!M>
House 'Phone UU.'.t
PAHTltl.l ABS OF ANY K1.ll! Of
the steel magnate and finds it
'reaches over four million dollars.
Among the items of expense are
[$3,000,000 to his first wife; $300.-
000 to his mother; French chateau
for Miss Gilman, $200,000, and
other little incidental*, fif like kind.
The "family" and the "home" are
safe in the hands of those who swap
women like StaTect urchins do pocket knives.—The Worker.
There is not a nation to-day that
does not hold its territory by the
right of confiscation. The ruling
family of Russia is German, not
Russian; tbey took thc land from
its original inhabitants and divided
it up among the robber barons' retinue. England has lieen confiscated by thc Rood, strong sword, first
from the Angles, then from the
Norwegians, then French, then
from the Saxons. Italy, France,
Egypt, Turkey. Africa and America all tell the same atory of confiscation bv sword antl torch. And all
these fellows and their beneficiaries
hold up their bloody hands in holy
horror at the word confiscation!
Don't you know that every great
fortune, the world over, has lieen
confiscated by the present owners or
their immediate ancestors? Don't
you know that no man could create
a fortune of a million in several lifetimes? And if they did not create
it or its equivalent, that they took
it from those who did, anil are
thieves and robbers? Yon know
tnis, but most of you are too con
ardly to sav it; that's all. How
many of you dare to say in public
what you think in private? If you
•hadn't been trained to the shackles
of wage slavery ami superstition,
you wouldn't defend your menial
position in the social organism by
vour vote. Your masters have
trained your skilfulness of hand so
you would be more useful servants
to them. Whv don't you wake up
and be men. and not be scared at a
word anil cower at your master's
feet like whipped dogs? You working people have all the power. Your
masters have no power except that
which you give them. The only
way thev keep you in bondage is by
controlling your mind.   You think
Considerable unrest is rqiorted
among the natives of Uritish India.
It is more than surmised that Japanese success in dealing with Russia has stimulated the natives of India to efforts to break the rule of
Britain. It would lie a shame if the
English were driven from the coun-
trv after they have made such sacrificing efforts to "improve and civilize them."
(Established \m,
Estate, Insurance *%i
Fiaacia. Agents
600 Westminster Avenue
Cor. Kcclcr St.
Linotype composition f"r <h**
trade. The Clajuon, Hack block
basement; Box 836; Telephone 824.
BE S T   I N  B   C     . C
United Hatters of North America
Whan vou are twj/lni » WH HAT ** *» f
that thai OMuliie UiUoii Label to a*-w#4 In "    •
a retailer till loess label*  In     hla  |!UM*»*l<>» **«''
ettere to put on* In m hat for you, do nui l"*""" "*'
him.   Loom   label* In null *tore* sua oounurwi •
Ths genuine Union    Label    I* perforaieil oni»»'
sag**, exactly tht •arot aa a postage »i»"'i'- ',u
terfatu ara soma Urim parforatad on three •"««•
and   aomt   tlttiM only on two.   John B. atei*"* •*•
of Philadelphia, to a non-union concern.
*H»MN A. MOFMTT, rw***t**U Orange, N. »■
MAKTl.N   LAWIX)it, tt***taty, II Wawrly Y***>
He* ream.
Don't Burn Money
With OAS You Burn fail ONLY Whlltt Cooking
With Coal and Wood the expense goes on liefore, during
and after.
Vancouver Sat Company, Ltd
1**1****1 ISSUES
*y   ''' 1'*''"■>'*"'•
■ acres, ine necessary buildings will changing the environments from
be erected and fencing done—all by childhood to maturity can such a
wage-labor. This ranch will be onjcliange be made. But then we So-
the Green Lake trail, about, ninety .cialists are only half-cracked hu-
miles north of Prince Albert mans I—Appeal.
That is, however, a mild term compared with what we sometimes use
in referring to the class that rides
on the workers' backs.
masters have no power except tnai
which you give them. The only
way they keep you in bondage is by
controlling your mind.   You think
Vancouver Bat Company, Ltd.


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