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The Western Clarion May 5, 1906

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Published in the Interests of tlie Working Class Alone.
THI" >«
... -*■ . t
Struggle for the Eight Hour Oay Developing Conditions That are
Striking Terror tt too Heart of the French Rating
Clan   and   It's  Hangers-on.
■n,,. dally press, perhaps more par-
■ularly la this "neck of the woods,"
p ,,..■,■!-. Ui Im- oblivious of the fact that
amis nre in m. exceedingly critical
\C *.',„niion In the Republic of France. It
M leaked out that the recent strikes
f * hi. h some mention has been made,
irl). expected IO culminate In such a
p-gantlc (lfinoiiHtrntlon of workmen on
May Int. us to endunger the precipitation of a revolution thut might topple
French ■.-iipltiillsm from its throne. The
following, from the "Literary ingest
while It throws llttie light upon the real
condition of affairs from the working
class Kiiindpolru, affords ample evl-
Jtnca to show that the situation is sufficiently threatening to ruling claas Interests to excite an alarm that Cleanly
borders Upon tenor among Its discl-
plee. Uu purpose in view with tha
French workers at present Is to force
tbe recognition of the eight-hour day
in all employment. Whether thts Is
■-.ni.. .1 at present «r not, it la absolutely certain thai the time is not far distant when the demands of the workers
wm !*■ much mure far-reaching and
Li, k. 1 Iiy a power that cannot be suc-
ctaafully resisted by their capitalist
In the meantime the silence of the
eaprUlUt preaa Is ominous ot events
•jj-snlplrlng in France, the significance
hnd magnitude of which our paternalls-
tU Mi|.ltnMst* would considerately keep
fron us lent we be disturbed  thereby:
Nothing can be more odd or biaarre
than the condition of the Ijabor Party
an.I it* relation to th* other parlies and
t.. the ti**-iiiber« iif the Government tn
France, The Freeh ' preas tell us of
rlota and strikes f.jm«-ni.*d by members
sad il.putlei. Of the French Govern-
BsaatJ of Koclsllstlc rlubtr founded by a
minister who In . ..lied c.-mUly rapacious
..mi -m..|KIi>us. lender such leadership
ax tills, the employees of the public
•srvaoi are planning a mnsseiislt ik.
a lil.h win caaasj a sus|iension of busi-
r.. hi and transportation throughout
luiu.-.     In     The Coming  ltevolution."
a tabes at artfclaa in the Beao de Paris, We fitnl n full account of tha great
m*. VbJch the Socialistic journals an-
bOUOOl fur May 1st. The General Con-
f.'l.iatlon of Leber, we are told. Is an
tirtanlsatlon comprising 3'si,issi mam*
bersj, ..iui two years ago ot a meeting
Iii i;..ur-r.es it decided on this date to
'■' .It. "ii. h a demonstration as would
*Hh| fr.nn employers the I l>lll a—Ull of
»fl slfht-bour day. If this demonstru-
lk>ii r|.^*» not succeed, the workingmen
"' tha different corporations will drop
Ihell UhiU and leave their workshops
wh.n ihe clock strikes the eighth hour.
Front all parts of France, according to
il-v Echo, news arrives which Is Bjalctt-
latad t„ bocuurag.. the hopes of the
Confederation. In many places strikes
and riots have already broken out. nne
Of the leaders of the Confederation Is
reported In the Figaro (Parts) to have
"Thla will be a general strike which
will possibly paralyse all branches of
lhe pub-Ik service, In nil probability 11
"ill tie Joined by the minor government
functionaries, who will sup|x.rt us as
one man. The movement will be most
Keiieral in par la, where all corporation
"nipioyee-i have responded to our ap-
I ►-* j* 1. - -
All the postal employees and those In
•riegraph and telephone offices, are
"aid la be Implicated ln the strike. < >f
'In government dockyurds In Toulon
'■)'• (Ccho do Purls glvea the following
.1.. ,,unt:
I.v.-r sine,, the month Of May, 1904.
Tot-Jon has been given up to revolutlon-
iv .oli.-rtlvlsts. The present collectl-
\lil council was Installed by Mr. Cuin-
"]« PetletahL lhe minister of murine,
who has just returned from his wedding trip on pounl the Ironclad Stiff ron
* Jaunt which cost the country $40,000.
His brethren nnd friends have since
•hen made hny while the sun shone.
rP to that date they were starving; «t
present, they hnvo an extremely prosperous nir. The annual expert** of the
'locltyard to thc French government
Usually tootn up to 1600.000. For the
lns( twenty-four months It has exceed-
<;d that sum by IMo.000. The wind has
"*en kdbti by Mr. Pelletan; other people will reap the whirlwind. His occupation of ft place in the ministry haa
r"lne,i discipline In the navy and pro-
narsd the way for insurrection. Since
the last strike in the ursennl, dn 1908,
'ulnbr's have gohe abroad that Brest
""I Churhonrg will Join Toulon, Thus
the revolutionary movement la aggravated. The man who fpread thmke ru-
•"'"■■ Is a blgh offlclnl in the araennl.
•no he circulates in the ntrecta forged
"••'♦Knun* in  support of  his  fabrlcn-
•">".   He excites the laborers against
he local papers, which, ha snya, print
' ("".grama garbled by order of the gov-
"•"iment for the imrpoae of concealing
• rom tho T6ulon Soeinftata the admlr-
">>l« way In which other arsenals nre
Preparing to Join the strike. As n mat-
l»r of fact, Cherbourg and Brest have
not Joined tho strike. This forging official !• qmla ,.wr,re -f mu (aotj ftIU,
'<» »ot nn,he does while an officer of
'he government, la criminal in thc highest degree. Hla conduct la known to all.
Toulon talks of nothing elae, but he Is
.< ft unpunished. While the guilty man
Is still In active service in the arsenal,
fir. Thomson, minister of marine, ls
afraid of hirn because l(f h|H professional and official stundiriK. The wretch is
a representative of authority, enjoys
the privileges umi advantages which
belong to inllitury rank, although he
sets hn example of revolt, resorts to
forgwy. and he also han behind him
the deputies who represent the seaports, who in turn are supported by the
extiemiHiH on whom the prcs.ru government relies"
The Qanloia (Paris) thus sums up in
the words of a retired marine officer
<lic condition of demoralization at Toulon, or, to us-,- his own term, "The
R«im   of  Terror   at   Toulon."
"Luckily our laboring men arc not
radically depraved. As Individuals they
nre not easy t„ handle, but i owardly
the roost noiay Of th.-m. We are almost
i 'ri.-ntals her.. Listen to me. Theae
fellows are all cowards until yon get
them In crowds—then there Is blood In
their eye. Th-lr leaders stir up their
hatr-.l U) B boiling point That point
is now reached, and    the government
will soon have to pluy its last card-
the ...lonlal troops. So far It has hesitated to do so.    Those ragrnuffins will
<>rne to the rescue soon enough, t'se-
less to say to them, 'Ground Arms!'
They only enlixted for the sake of klll-
ng- they rare not whom. Once you
unchain thern on a mob. who can hold
them tot We must look things in the
face. The local pn|*.-rs give you no Idea
of the condition we are In. The advanced organs are always mealy-
mouthed,   honoy-tougued,      and   mince
T.atters.    They are always say,
ministry will do this.'  The parliament
>ill do that.' Hut under their boliey
they conceal the venom of actuality,
"thers, Liberal or Republican organs.
r]p not slate ont-guarter of the truth
for fear of having their offices Sacked.
The Toulon news or the best and most
Influential of them, I mean the reaped*
able Petit Marseillaise, is always su-
K.irc.l ..ver. It iJih'h not wish Its fln»
urflre trutte.1 by a mob. To put It brlef-
.y, ara are now under a reign Of terror
whether we own up to It or not. and
ih« whole blame rests with th.- neutral
■covernmciit   either Ihe <Jujm* or the ac-
mpll.e of revolutionaries.'-  — Translation made for the Literary Digest.
It has always been considered by
many that the making of a millionaire   pre-supposed    1he    converting  or
dJlrecltof of th.- wealth produbefl by
thiir* to this one sj-ecific purpOae. It
has now b<*.-n dlaooverad that this need
not of necessity transpire. The millionaire can be made by a much simpler and easier process. According to
an editorial ln Hearst's Chicago American, all that Is necessary to make a
millionaire Is to "add water and serve."
In explanation of this simple process
un Instance Is cited of a little wire nail
company down in Salem. Ohio, some
few- years ago that snarled business
with the modest capital of IT5.0O0. One
dny a man with a -'trust" idea came
along and said: "Join with us; water
your stock; and through our combination and the nxing Of prices we'll make
id" Tlie little nail company did
ami found themselves worth one
million two hundred thousand dollars.
Another chap came along with a similar proposition upon a still larger
scale. A greater amalgamation was
rffectc-d, and several buckets of "water'*
added to the Jack-P0t The former ow tiers »r the nail works now found themselves worth iwenty-flve millions. A
couple more similar stock waterings
and amalgamations landed them in the
huge United States Steel corporation
With lheir millions no doubt above the
on, hundred mark. AH accomplished
|,v following the simple formula: "Just
add water and serve"-that Is. If we
are to believe the editor of the American. ,
Is It possible that any human being
outside of a klnd-rgarten eOttM believe
that a millionaire could be made by
such a process" That which the editorial writer saw- In the case of the little
wire nail company was only the ever
mater massing Of capital made ncees-
-.nry bv highly Improved mechanical
and technical methods of the iron and
steel Industry of modern times, and
the cotiscduent eliminating Of much of
the waste and unnecessary labor which
former methods of production entailed.
This massing Of capital really meant
the massing of laborers Into an ever
larger more thoroughly disciplined and
efficient productive force. With every
atep In the advance from small production with Its puny Instruments,
manifold waste and destructive competition, toward gigantic, systematic
,„,, economical production, and the
eI , .liiatlon ot the waste and folly of
,,mpetl.lo„. the owners of these mask*.
of capital became rated higher In the
w.„)(. of millions, not because they
watered their stock, but because there
•as brought under their hands a more
■orpp etcly organised, better equipped
and    powerful    army    Df    production
of   stock'
crease of expense, either one or both
of which may be brought about at the
same time by the introduction of Improved methods of production. A concern coating one million dollars, employing, say, one thousand men, and
bringing e profit of one hundred thousand dollars per year, would no doubt
be considered a fali-hy good capitalist
Investment. The Introduction of
improved machinery and mtMboda
which would raise the profit to two
hundred thousand dollars would at the
same time double the value of the concern aa > capitalist Investment, even
though the Improved machines and
method* had been adopted without tne
outlay of any capita, beyond the original investment ot one million. The
Increase of value would come from the
Increased productive efficiency of the
labor force which the concern waa able
to command, and not from any ao-call-
ed "watering of atock" or other flimflam that Is only calculated to fool
gudgeons that are Incapable of acting
as custodians for more than thirty
cents at one time.   True, In the Jur-
gling and manipulation* of stocks deal-
era and speculators gouge and cheat
each other aft every opportunity, and
by auch meana often-tlmes hasten the
gathering of large masses of capital
Into a few hands. However much they
may cheat and swindle each other la
no concern or the workers. The big
shark* may so "water" and manipulate stocks aa to enable tbem to pick
the last pin-feather from their adversary without Increasing the burden
borne upon the shoulders of labor one
Should a millionaire appear as the
result of theae atock market manlpula
tiona and stock-watering processes, the
working man ahould remember that
this social monstrosity haa been made
solely from the toil and sweat of himself and bla fellows in. the "blood and
bones grindery" of wage slavery. Mll-
lionalrea can be made by no other process than the robbery of labor. Any
editorial apology who fanclea they can
be made by any other process would
find an excellent field for hla talent*
In a home for feeble-minded.
sal-acrt ottos l
Vr '"'SP^ifaPfr
7f.TUHlPi ^
Ottawa Political Poppet Can Pot Any Peblrcatlen Out ol Bost-
neit When Nit Maters Poll tbe String.—Son*
Aftermath ol the Wtnnipef Strike.
(By E. V. Debs.) islon of all tbe virtuee. nobility of soul,
With open arms and hearts attuned' loftiness of mind and purity of heart
aiul.Whner- products they could, possess
What Is this "watering
rTgitoat which such an outcry Is made"
Xway but the paper expression of
the inched value gtUchlhg to any
\Vven concern. In OonaequenMirfMb*
eWMtkf volume of surplus  value that
an added productive cep»cli> or a de
to love and greeting, we of the proletariat welcome Maxim Gorky and hia
wife to these shores.
We know them and we love and honor them.
They come to ua as international revolutionists, comrades in the common
cause; and in bidding; them welcome,
these brave spirits and unconquerable
souls who have Buffered all the tortures and terrors of Russian despotism,
it is with mingled pride and Joy that
Is marred only by the fact tbat th* Indignities to which they will be subjected by the bourgeois ruling claaa In
free" America will be more brutal and
shocking, if possible, than those they
have Just escaped in their own native
cxar-cursed wretched land.
Maxim Gorky's career la aa painful
and pathetic with privation and suffering ae it is luminous witb brilliant
and extraordinary achievement. Child
of the .oocal abyss, he has climbed to
the very heights of fame, and hla genius triumphant commands the homage
of a world. But through all die wondrous . hanges of his life, his heart baa
remained ln the social depths and continues to beat warm and true to "L*s
Miserables" of all the earth.
Christ-like Is hla love for tab lowly
and despised and hla sacrifice of self,
and Chrlst-llke his persecution by the
heartless Pharisees.
Had Gorky been an Intellectual prostitute he would be the social lion of the
hour, especially here ln the United
States, and every door of the "Upper"
(?) class would swing Inward at hla
touch. But rhrough all the fiery ordeals that have fallen to his lot he baa
preserved Inviolate hla mental and
moral Integrity; he haa fought bravely and unflinchingly the battlea ot the
oppressed and heavy-laden of the
Bold and Intrepid champion of aocial
justice and passionate lover of freedom,
the ruling class, to whom he haa never
crooked the knee, muat find aome excuse to pour their garbage upon his
head, and so they, arch hypocrites tbat
they are, affect to feel shocked at aome
Irregularity alleged to have been discovered In his domestic relatione, and
now- raise the cry that he is unclean.
Ye gods! From the prurient plutocracy this Is the very Quintessence of
sarcasm, and on the stage It would
win immortality.
The real trouble with Gorky la that
he Is not some syphilitic duke and tbat
his wife is not some leprous countess.
In that event our pork-chop bourgeoisie would break their lily-white necks
climbing over each othe* to grovel at
their feet and bask in tbe pollution of
their diseased presence and their artificial smiles.
No wonder their refined sensibilities
an< shocked by the advent of genius,
healthy, moral and sane. In full posses-
no wonder they bar the doors of their
harems and hostelriee and draw the
blinds in dread fear of a fresh and purifying breath of moral atmosphere.
Caar Nicholas, tbe ruler of all tbe
Russians, haa a "legal" wife, but actually Uvea with hla mistress, and both
wife and mistress ere domiciled tn tbe
royal palace. All the world knows It,
but the caar baa lost no caste with the
ruling claaaea on that account, and
were be to land in New York he would
be received by the personal representatives of President Roosevelt, tbe
White House would be made brilliant
for hla reception and the elite of the
nation would fall on their faces to
serve as the foot-mats of the royal
parasite to hi* triumphant march
through the "Land of Freedom."
The "society" of the bourgeoisie is a
devilish curious contrivance. The product of vulgar and debasing exploitation. It Is essentially Immoral and corrupt, and Ita ethical sense, If not to
tally destroyed, ia shockingly perverted. Gorky and hia wife must not take
ita repulslvenesa to heart. The malady It la suffering from Is a loathesome
one and Is sure to have a fatal termination. Like any other mental, moral
and physical deformity, lt ia entitled
to pity rather than condemnation.
When it cornea to "domestic relations." the Gorkys ought to be provided with the transcript of a critical analysis of aome of our "upper" of "uppers," the "Four Hundred" and tbelr
satellites. Whew! Talk about community of wives! Little wonder that
they are sensitive and eaaily Jarred;
they and their cheap imitators have
got to divert suspicion from themselves.
If Gorky and hla wife had paid some
blear-eyed justice of the peace two-
bits for a tobacco-stained "permit,"
"domestic relations" would be stainless
and sacred, and not a whisper would
be heard upon that point, but some
other miserable pretext would be
trumped up by the acavengers of the
ruling claaa to apew tlieir vomit upon
these apostles of freedom, these heralds of the brighter day.
Welcome, thrice welcome, Comradea
We greet you with the love of comrades, and thia love la made all the
stronger by the vulgar hate of the ruling claas which you have Incurred by
your fidelity and devotion to the cause
of the proletariat In the great atruggle
for freedom.
The message of affection and good
cheer sent by you to our kidnapped
and tortured comrades ln Idaho la one
ot the noblest acta ot your noble and
unselfish life, and from end to end of
the land the proletariat Join In hearty
—Toledo Socialiat.
A free preas is supposed to be one of
the blessings that capitalism ha* conferred upon the community. Any reference to the censorship of the press
as practised in Russia haa always filled
the bourgeois bosom with pride tbat we
are not as other nations are. Here in
the British Empire we are given to understand the press is free to publish
any opinlona tt chooses, provided they
are not what a pious, hypocritical ruling clasa denominates blasphemous or
obscene, and provided that they do not
preach sedition. Like many smother
fab- sounding statement made by the
ruling class, the statement that the
press la free la a lie. Leaving out ot
account the bondage of the press to Ita
advertisers, the press Is still not free.
There is an autocrat In Canada who,
by a word, may put any publication
out of business as far as this country
I* concerned. The Canadian Postmaster-General may at any time forbid the use of the mails to any publication, and haa recently done so ln the
case of the Appeal to Reason. What
does It mean ?   We know that the Post
Francisco, and their stocks were seised by the police to prevent these cor-
morants from waxing fat on the necessities and Increasing the distress of
their fellow* by charging exorbitant
prices for their goods. One fails to aae,
though, what became of tbe eaaftid
right of running a business In the way
the owner choose* to run it. What became of the sacred right of the owner
of merchandise to obtain tbe highest
market price for his wares? Theae raj*.
sons for a lalaees faire policy became
as naught when necessity arc**. As a
matter of fact, the necessity for food
and shelter Is Just aa urgent for hundreds of thousands other than those
at San Francisco, but these unfortunates are more or lesa out or sight and"
make no sign. The only friend they
have ls the Socialist, who claim* for
each and every one of them the right
to work, and the full aocial value of
the product of hla or her work. Reformers may come and reformers may
go, but poverty goea on forever. Yet
not forever. Tbe day draw* near when
the capitalist cormorants will be compelled to yield up possession of the
means of life, the day of tbe dawn of
"There is something more important
than fair wagea. and that Is the right
to work for nny wages the workman is
willing lo accept. There Is something
more Important thon an eight-hour
dny. and that la a free day. Any enhancement of wages, nny lessening oT
tho houros of labor, any Improvements
in the conditions of employment would
lie too dearly bought by the surrender
Of the smallest fraction of Individual
In granting a temporary injunction
recently to restrain aome striking
printers from interfering with men who
had taken their placea, Juatlce Stafford at Washl-igton. D. C. gave utterance to the above on behalf of dear old
-Individual liberty" and the "free day."
It la quite evident the good Judge haa
no serious objection to the workmen
enjoying high wage, short hours and
comfortable conditions of employment
But liberty, dear old "individual liberty " must not be Infringed In order to
attain to such felicitous condition* Of
course lt la Quite commendable In the
Judge to throw hlmaelf Into the breach
upon behalf of liberty and the "free
day." against the aesault of thoae evil-
minded, ones who would outrage them
both for the baae purpose of obtaining
aome surcease from the burdena of
toll they are privileged to enjoy under
their bcneficleut away.
The Judge, like all of hla Ilk, aa well
aa tho system of property whose Inconsequential puppet he Is, ls a rank hum
bug. The "Individual liberty" and the
"free day" of which he apeak* meana
merely the unbridled licence
of hia capitaliat masters to take
the greatest possible advantage ot the
condition and circumstances of the labor market without interference upon
the part ot the working "plugs" themselves. Whenever the "plugs" endeavor to restrict the exercise of auch licence of courae " liberty" la threatened and the "free day" endangered. The
"liberty" of the maater to exploit, and
the "free day," In which the alave may
be forced to surrender hi* hide without
Just what awful tyranny ts to rear
Its head once the "Individual liberty"
and "free day" or capitalism I* destroyed can be readily ascertained by
applying to D. M. Parry or the editorial sanctum of any capitalist newspaper. The Information will be furnished "free gratis for nothing," with a
certificate of genuineness attached.
Hurrah for capitalism and ita courts
aa the palladium of individual liberty
and the "free day."
master-General  is but a puppet that I the co-operative commonwealth
dances    when    Its masters   pull   tbe SPARTACUS.
string.   That section of the capitalists
who call the tune to which the Ottawa
grafters dance is   responsible for this
high-handed     method   of    regulating
what the working class shall read. The
It Is gradually coming to the light
with  iui" immense circulation, I that the loaa of life by earthquake and
fire at San Francisco muat run well
up toto the thousands in spite of the
efforts being put forth by the power*
that be to make lt appear but a few
hundred at moat. From the accounta
gathered from numerous refugees, the'
loss of life in the working class districts of the ill-fated city moat have
been something appalling. Stories are.
told of hundreds of corpses dragged
from the ruins and piled In heap*
awaiting burial, while thouaanda were
Incinerated in the burning wreckage.
Aa though this awful loss of life were
not enough the fool civil and military
authoritlea must needs give to the
blood-thirsty ruffians In uniforms the
licence to gratify their Mood tnat upon
the slightest pretext or provocation.
And right good uae did theae ruffian*
and assassins make of tbe opportunity,
by adding to the death Hat resulting'
from the catastrophe to an extent that
will probably never be accurately
known. Doubtless some were shot who
perchance deserved it, but more than
one eye-witness reports seeing men
shot down who were entirely Innocent
of wrong-doing, but merely fell a* victims of the blood-thirsty instinct that
must have filled the cowardly hounds
responsible for this contemptible trick
with fear of its doctrines being acted
upon and their privileges abolished. Repression is ever the weapon of tyrants,
and the men who, time after time,
elect to power and place the puppets of
capitalism are Just getting what they
voted for, whether it takes the form
of a swat on the head from a brutal
policeman, aa some experienced recently In this city, or a censorship of the
press. With half a dozen Socialists ln
the Dominion house no paper would be
arbitrarily denied the use of the mail*.
Parliament is tbe last place In which
the capitalists desire to see Socialists.
The German Emperor stated not ao
very long ago that he wanted to aee
good honest workingmen in tbe Reichstag, but no Impious Socialists. Socialism ia tbe only political movement the
ruling class fears, reform movementa
may be inconvenient and a nntaance,
but the capitalists wm move Heaven
and earth to keep Socialism out of
parliament. The moral Is obvious—
put Socialists In. In the B. C. Legislature there are Just two Socialists,
and they have managed to give tbe
capitalists many a bad quarter of an
hour.    A  few ln the Dominion would even yet lurks beneath the skin of the
do likewise and could certainly prevent
any arbitrary press censorship.
• •  •
An aftermath of the recent ear
strike in Wntnipeg was to be found
In the compulsory arbitration resolution of the city council. After the heat
ot the time was over, the reaolutlon it
was carefully explained, referred to
arbitration ln case of public utilities
only—on no account wa* It to be Inferred that the resolution covered disputes in private Industrlea. By "public utilities" the conglomeration of
Solons at the city hall evidently mean
such things as transportation, water
service, etc.. which are used dally by
nearly all of the community, but why
confine arbitration to theae? Because
the cessation of these services at once
inconveniences the ruling claaa itself.
This ia the reason for the paternal interest evidenced by the gentlemen of
large abdominal girth In the street railway strikes and the like.
• •   •
Granting that a "fair wage" la a
possibility, and the principle of compulsory arbitration to be to ltaelf correct, and supposing lt to be attained,
could the working class expect Judg.
ments ln Ita favor from
courts? The police, the military and
tbe courts are the instruments with
which  tbe capitalist government exe
white savage, and I* quickened to
deadly activity by strains of martial
music, the glamour ot military accoutrements, the poaseaaion of a
and the licence to uae It. Some <
may be given for shooting those *bb
were caught in the act of robbing tbe
dead provided the shooting were done
by men whoae own hands were clean.
But when done by thoae wbo awi
themselves merely hired assassins and
murderers In the employ of tb* daa*
that lives by robbing the living, such
killing cannot be Justified In the mtoj
of any reasoning man. Robbing the
living ia an Infinitely blacker crime
than robbing the dead, and thoae wbo
live by it are certainly not morally
qualified to alt in Judgment upon ta*
acts of ghouls.
Twenty-three militiamen and marines are now under arrest for the
wanton murder of civilians. No oae
need be alarmed, however, for tsar of
any of them being convicted and hanged, unless perchance they made* the
mistake of killing aome big gun In the
commercial and financial world. Tbe
evident rellah with which the soldiers,
more especially the mllltla, engaged In
their bloody work, should be a cOm-
capltallst | fortlng assurance to the ruling claaa
that their uniformed assaaeins mar ba
depended upon to do valiant work
against unarmed workmen in daya of
We are told that "Father Hagerty"
la now selling real eatate ln St. Louis.
Quite natural that he ahould return
to hla former occupation ot celling
comer Iota, but Just why he ahould
choose St. Louis in preference to his
former field ot operation Is not clear,
unless It be that the boom In "
olher place has "petered out."
en multiplied and made wore*
by the unbridled exercise of capitaliat
martial law. uniformed ruffllanlsm and
murder. All of which ahould Impreaa
upon every cltlsen the necessity of enlisting their boys in aome mllltla company or church lads brigade at the
earliest possible moment. In order to
get them in trim for such glorious aad
christian work.
cute* its will. They are all three In serious labor trouble*,
the same category and worthy only of The horror of the earthquake and lire
all the contempt that can poesibly be: was enough In itseir to shatter even
poured upon them. To suppose that; nerves of steel. From all account* It
Justice Is to be obtained from the| has beer
party hacks on the bench ls to show a
pitiable Ignorance that nothing can enlighten. Even granting that here and
there an honest and fearless Judge
might be found, could he give a decision in favor ot the men to the face
of a falling market? The anawer Is ob-
vtoua. No time should be waated by
the working class In bothering with
arbitration, compulsory or otherwise.
The wage-system wants not mending
but ending.
•  •   •
The awful catastrophe ln San Francisco showa that capitalism haa notj
yet killed every humane feeling to the
breasts of the wealthy. Hundreds of
thousands of dollar* are being contributed to the relief of the stricken
city, yet we are told that human nature
must be changed before we could Inaugurate the co-operative commonwealth.
At bottom, human nature Is all Tight.
It Is the fierce light, entirely unnecessary, for existence that warps the
conscience and turns man Into a very
brute- Give him the opportunity to
maintain himself and family bountifully on the fruits of bla own labor,
then he will not show the trait* raqut-
alte now to get and to keep what he
A band of young Socialists has developed -among the aristocratic pupils of
staid old Eton College, which haa long
been looked upon as a forctng-houee
for Conservatism. The leader of the
band Is Charles Alfred Lister, the 1»-
year-old son of Lord Rlbblesdale, and
heir to a large Yorkshire eatate. The
young man declares himself a Socialist
because he hi "convinced of the Injustice of the existing social system, and
that ruin will attend us If we adhere
to Its absurd anomalies." We do not
know just what sort of "critters"
these "lords" are, but lt would appear
that their offspring need not ln all
cases be devoid ot Intelligence nor
blind to reason. It la one of the cheering signs of the times to note that
many of the younger generation among
the upper classes are breaking away
getb of the fruits of others' labor. The  from the traditions of aristocracy and
desire to obtain money waa, however,'- -■••-     - ■—    ---*  —•*'	
too great a temptation for a number
of   the retail  provision    men in  San
■i TWO
Saturday ..Hay 5,1906.
if m
U|j   ;•
tl'   ''j
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your aubacriptloa expiree the
next laaue.  .
..Mav 5, 1906.
Capital is everywhere the same. Us
glorious rule works out along Identical
lines to all countries. It is the great
conservator of individual liberty, as
anyone can see with half an eye. And
yet it unselfishly takes upon itself a
load of paternal cares over its subjects that Is at times quite touching.
Take Canada, for instance. The workingmen of the Dominion have already
been fairly well relieved of all the
cares, vexations and responsibilities incidental to the ownership of property.
Capital has, at least to a very large extent, assumed this toad itself, and
where it has not yet done so manifests
not only a willingness but a positive
determination to complete the Job. It
goes without saying that this paternal
solicitude upon the part of capitalist
property, removes from the workman's
pathway much of the temptation that
tends to lead them from the kingdom
of righteousness into the Jungle of selfish desire to obtain for themselves
much,atore of that which "moth and
ruat doth corrupt and thieves break ln
and Bteal."
Then again, the wage market of capitalism so nicely adjusts the reward
for service rendered in the vineyard of
capitaliat property as to preclude the
possibility of many of the workmen
weakly plunging into the wasteful expense entailed by married life and the
rearing of families. Thia wise provision makes it possible for large numbers of workmen to be free to respond
to tbe Lord'B call for laborers even in
remote parts of the vineyard. In
every centre of population beyond the
dimensions of a country cross-roads
village, capital has generously provided a 'red-light district," where the
unmarried workman, and even the married renegade of either high or low degree, may gather and glorify the stability ot the home and family and the
sanctity of the marriage tie. Thia
happy arrangement assures a sex virtue and rectitude of conduct that
should insure the continuation of the
reign of capital even were it possessed
of no other virtues.
The Canadian workman has, for some
time, been prone to Indulge In certain
mental food entirely unfit to he assimilated into that spiritual, ethical and
moral make-up which capitalist property has ao long and assiduously cultivated. He he* been reading the "Appeal to Reaaon" and other grossly material publications with their eternal
twaddle about food, clothing, shelter
and auch vulgar and Inconsequential
things that really have nothing to do
with "Individual liberty,;" the "stability of the home," the "sanctity of marriage" and other lofty conceptions of
the "higher life" which shine like diadems ln the crown of capitalist civilisation. In obedience to that tender
paternal solicitude over those whom
Divine Providence haa placed under Ita
charge capitaliat property, through Ita
' duly appointed and annolnted disciples
at Ottawa, has wisely cast out the
baneful reading matter. The Canad-
- Ian workman can no longer poison hla
mental apparatus with "seditious" doctrine, but must perforce slick to the
wholesome, pure, appetising and meritorious provender that capitalist property so unselfishly and lavishly pro.
The workmen on the Intercolonial
Railway were discovered lo be ln danger of 1 plunging Into the corrupting
pool of municipal politics recently.
Capitalist property unselfishly, and
disinterestedly came to their rescue/by forbidding any of them accept-
, ing a nomination tor office. By thla
prompt paternnl action theae workmen
were saved the painful experience of
becoming contaminated with the filth
their faithful guardians knew the pool
to contain.
In the catering department of the C.
P. R., In obedience to official edict, the
workers recently offered up their moustaches, galwaya and goatee* as a
burnt offering upon the altar of capitalist property and that "individual
liberty" of which such property la
both sponsor and custodian, and the
incense arising from this burnt offering was as an Oriental perfume and
a sweet savor In the nostrils of their
good father capital.
And now the Lord's Day Alliance—
but hark! what ia thia that doth resemble an earthquakeT Ah! 'tis but a
thrill of horror running up and down
the spine of the Canadian workman. He
has been reading extracts from D. M.
Parry's book, "The Scarlet Empire," in
which that erudite gentleman portrays
the conditions that are to exist under
the future Socialist Commonwealth,
when everything, even down to the
drawing of one's breath, la to be done
according to official rule, regulation and
edict only. No wonder a miniature
earthquake cavorts up and down tlu|
workman's spine, and then cavorts
again. Having lost his property, hi*
home, his family, his •political rights,
at least in part, his moustache, hla
galways, his goatee, and many
times his Job, by official decree already,
he ls amply Justified tn experiencing
a thrill of horror at prospective further
encroachments along the aame line.
Capitalism has yet left him the proud
privilege of trimming hi* toe-nails according to hi* own fancy, and at times
to suit his own taste. He should take
warning in time. He ahould take a
firm stand against the advent of tbe
"Scarlet Empire." Far better to cling
to the toe-nails of capitalist individual
liberty than fly to the "Scarlet Empire"
where doubtleaa they would be trimmed
to tbe quick by official decree. Down
with officialdom. Down with the "Scarlet Empire." Up with Individual liberty. Let us save our toe-nails before
It Is too late.
The Supreme  Court of    the United
States has set the hearing of the Hay
wood-Moyer-Pettlbone   cases   for   the
first Tuesday ln    October next.    This
will give the hell-hound* of the Mine.
Owners' Association tn Idaho and Cot
orado time to carry out their allotted
task of railroading   these men to the
gallows   through   perjured    testimony
and a farcical trial.   The action of tbe
bunch of big-wigs known as tbe Supreme Court ia equivalent   to an approval ot all the highhanded acts already committed by the anarchistic officials of   Idaho and Colorado.    Tt la
the last link ln the chain that shows
government from top to bottom, from
its most "august" official down to Ita
meanest flunkey,  to   be    but the Instrument    whereby    the    masters   of
wealth production hold their slaves In
subjection and wreak vengeance upon
them when they become unduly rebellious.   The acta of officials that have
followed each other tn rapid succession
since the inception of tbla outrage upon the W. F. of M. officers, and which
have culminated to the decision of the
Supreme Court to postpone the hearing
of the habeas corpus case* until a sufficient time ha* elapsed to enable the
active  conspirators  to  complete  their
murderous work, ought to be sufficient
to prove to the moat stupid that the
law Is an institution Intended to preserve and safe-guard only the right*
of the particular clas* In human society who may tor the time being be in
control of its machinery, while at the
same time It becomes   the means of
striking down   and   over-riding such
rights or privileges   as    an  opposing
class, or objectionable   individuals   of
such claaa, may fancy they possess.
The capitalist clasa of the United
States to-day hold tbe supreme power
of life or death over the working class.
While written laws and constitutions
may profess to assure to workingmen
and citizens In general, certain rights
and privileges, the fact still remains that when It cornea to a showdown none have either rights or privileges except that comparative handful
of people who own the corporate wealth
of the land, and wboae tools and
henchmen fill every government post
from dog-catcher to president.
Law la merely the edict of power.
Government la Its physical expression.
The confusing jumble of constitutions
and written laws are tbe veriest farce,
and serve only the purpose of lulling
slaves Info a fancied security in tbe
possession of rights and privileges that
they are merely allowed to enjoy ao
long aa lt may ault the convenience
and purpose of their masters. All law
that possesses any merit whatever ta
that which I* made off-hand at the
moment it la required and enforced at
the bayonet's point. In the last analysis, stripped of all sham and pretence,
that I* all there ever waa, ts or can be
to rullng-elaa* law.
The Weatern Federation of Miners,
because of the policy lt haa elected to
follow has become a menace to the interests of corporate wealth. By turning ite attention to the political aapect.
of labor's struggle It la approaching
capitalist property upon Ita vulnerable
aide. It 1b threatening capitalist interests at their weakest point. The
very exigencies of the case demanded
drastic action upon   tbe part of   tho'
threatened Interests. With the power
of government tn their hands these interests In sheer self-preservation atrip
the mask ot hypocrisy from their actions by brushing aside euch written
laws and hitherto established procedure aa may stand ln their way, and
exercise their power along auch lines
as appear to be necessary to conserve
their ends.
It haa evidently been decreed ejmt
Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone shall
be done to death. Heaven and earth
Will be turned ln order to fake up sufficient evidence to afford plausible excuse for their murder. Thla accomplished a precedent will be established
that can be followed ln the case ot
others who may, In the opinion of the
powera that be, prove a menace to
the Interests of the banded thievea
which constitute the ruling claas.
Those who are vociferous in demanding an Impartial trial will have their
labor for their palna. An Impartial
trial of a case springing directly from
the Irrepressible conflict of Interest between master and alave la an unthinkable proposition. Were auch a case
on trial before masters, or their bench-,
men. the prejudice would, tn spite of
all protestation to the contrary, be
against the slaves. Were it tried before a court and jury of slaves, the
masters would be condemned and practically executed beforehand.
The workers need place no reliance
upon the law to obtain justice for the
Imprisoned men. The only thing that
will prevent their being murdered ia
such a vigorous and emphatic protest
from the workers that the conspirators
will not dare carry out their scheme
for fear of precipitating an armed uprising. There must be no let up In the
holding of mass meeting* and demonstrations in protest againat these infamous proceedings.
The action of the Supreme Court la
an intimation to the workera of the
United States that they may aa well
abandon all hope of successful appeal
to the governmental machinery ot their
brutal rulers. They must depend upon themselves alone. France la to-day
trembling upon the brink of revolution.
The force that ls Impelling It la the
ever growing determination of the
French workmen to attain their economic freedom. In ooedlence to the
same hopes and aspirations, the same
reaching out for a more comfortable
existence and a freer life, the worker*
of all other countries are moving forward to the aame revolutionary line. No
man can tell when out of the Intolerable conditions Imposed upon American
labor by the organised forces Of capitalist robbery, the hour may strike for
action both drastic and far-reaching.
It behooves every workingman to to
provide for the hour when It doea
strike that he may not go forth empty-
handed to take his part in Freedom'*
their employers? It la that whtch la
always the price between slaves and
masters, and that l* meekness and
submission upon the part of the slaves,
no matter how great the exaction of
the masters. Peace can be purchased
between master and slave at no other
price. The "peaceful methods" whereby "Brother" Hannahan affirms that
labcr troublea can be settled, logically
Imply that the employe** must and
can be made to quietly submit to such
encroachments upon their privileges as
the conditions of the labor market may
make possible upon the part of tbelr
employera from time to time. No matter how miserable their lot or how galling Ihe conditions of their employment, the slave* must be kept In a
suitable frame of mind to "grin and
bear" it, accepting only such ameliorations aa their maatera may aee fit to
freely offer. Unleaa th* locomotive
firemen can be kept In auch a frame ot
mind, thus ensuring their continued
meekness and eubmteston to their masters, "Brother" Hannahan win not enjoy the comforts and luxuries of travel
In a private car at the railway's expense, and mattera will no longer "run
along the smoothest and moat harmonious lines."
Let the working men In whatever line
consider themselves Justified In looking with suspicion upon those "lead-
era" who are showered with marks of
favor and esteem at the hands of capitalist buccaneers and pirates. Let
them not forget that the price of peace
between themselves and their exploit-
era la that meekness, submission and
docility upon their part that la at all
tlmea the hall-mark of the cringing
mm or ra World Ukite"
any^Kytty Labor Union ta the pton„o
rtted tu place a card uiidrr thu bead. 1
mouth.    Secretaries Dicta* sola
act i> ia
100 •*,
Phoenix Miner*' Union, No a
W. F. M. Meets every Saturday
evening at 7 30 o'clock ig Miners.'
hall. V. Ingram, preatikat. w. a
Plckard. aacretarv
J. Edward Bird,    A. C. Ilrydon Jack
Geo. E. McCrosaan.
"At present there is no great labor
trouble that cannot be settled by
peaceful methods, and there ia no
chance of any coming up that cannot
be handled In the same way. I do not
wish to see the laboring men of the
country pitted againat the capitalists
in a war that will be of profit to none
and my aim will always be to have
matters run along the smoothest and
most harmonious lines," aald.J. J. Hannahan, Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, to a
News-Advertiser reporter during hi*
recent visit to this city. It may b*
incidentally remarked for the benefit
of the locomotive firemen, thoae alavea
of capitalist property whose labor is of
the most arduous kind, and whoae
wages are far ahort of the amount necessary to cover the expense of frequent
leisure and Junkettlng trips, that "Brother" Hannahan waa at the time of
hia visit here enjoying the pleasures
of a continental trip In a private car
placed at hla disposal by James J. Hill,
Prealdent of the Great Northern Railway. That Mr. Hill la a close and dear
friend of labor Is probably well known
to every railway man In the country,
and more especially to every employee
of the great railway syatem of which
he is the head. While Brother Hannahan reclined at ease upon the sumptuous cushions of the palace on wheels
placed at his disposal by the railway
magnate, email wonder that in bla
mlnd'a eye the dove of peace ahould
hover o'er the scene and call foith
from him the expreaaed determination
to ao. strive aa to have "matter* ran
along the smoothest and most harmonious lines" for all time to come. Could
more potent Inspiration be offered the
good "brother" to bend his energies In
the direction of maintaining peace and
harmony between the firemen and their
good employera, than to experience the
joys and comforts of a journey across
the country's vast expanse a* the honored guest of he who occupies the position of one of the chief pirates of th*
band of buccaneers whose magnificence, power and glory are drawn from
the blood and aweat of their vtctlme
who, from sheer necessity, find themselves bound to the chariot wheels of
exploitation by the bonds of wage servitude?
And what la the price of peace between   the   locomotive   firemen   and
For eeveral weeks past cable despatches have hinted that there was
likely to be something unusual doing
In France In the near future. Last
Tuesday a special cable mesesge to tbe
Chicago Tribune of nearly two eolumna
announced that France waa on the
"brink of a revolution." The Tribune
correspondent states that all the
trouble is caused by "s few misguided
and Ignorant working people," and that
they have so alarmed the government
that "It Is regularly cenauring press
telegrams in the hope of preventing the
facts from getting abroad. Two despatches were stopped In the last two
daya. It haa been necessary to aend
thla despatch by messenger to London."
Now what can It be that these "few
misguided and Ignorant working men
who have brought France to the "verge
of a revolution" want? What la It that
ia frightening the capitalists and rulers
of Europe? The Tribune correspondent
saya It la a very simple thing. These
Ignorant, discontented and misguided
working men are on strike againat the
conditions tbat prevail in the mines
that resulted ln the death of over n
thousand of their fellow workera a f*w
weeka ago. And then a lot more "lg
norant and misguided" working men In
all trades and Industrie* are preparing
to strike on the first of May for an
eight-hour workday. Ia It any wonder
that the Tribune correspondent calls
the workera misguided and Ignorant
when they haven't sense enough to
want to work aa long aa the capital
1sts will let them?
The Tribune correspondent saya the
government la weak and vacillating becauae It haa not aent the army Into the
mining dlatrict and ruthlessly crushed
out tbe discontent of the Ignorant and
discontented miners after the atyle of
the authoritiee of Pennsylvania and
The French workera are not striking
nor revolting againat the republic or Ita
government, but for a shorter workday
and better working conditions, and In
thia they are supported by a strong
group of Socialiat* to the Chamber of
Deputies and a lot of powerful Radical*.
There I* never any telling what will
happen next to France. It la true that
a general strike for the eight-hour
working day la very revolutionary In
Its character. It would be In accord
ance with the fitness of thing* If the
pending social revolution tn Europe
ahould first start In France, the scene
of so many victories and defeata of
the progressive workera.
Whether there la any good ground for
the startling story cabled to the Trlb
une or not time alone can reveal. In
the meantime the "Ignorant and misguided working men" who know ao
little that they don't want to work
more than eight hours a day are In.
creasing.In numbers In every country
In the world. And an ever-lncreaalng
number of them are becoming Socialists and are organtalng to capture the
powers of government and take possession of the earth and the meana ot
employment. When they do that,
they surely will In the near future, the
present capitalists who will have to go
to work If they wlah to eat will think
that eight houra la long enough to work
out of each twenty-four.—Chicago Socialist.
The press despatches record that
prospects are good for a huge strike of
workmen at Paris on May 1st. Already 80,000 men are out, though the
naive assurance la given tbat not over
20,000 of them belong to the "disorderly
element." Of course there are soldiers
galore with which to suppress all disorders that may be stirred up by the
hired thuga of the capitalists. The
building contractors of the city have
decided to cloae down all work If the
men decide to remain out after May
lat. Wherever capital reigns continual
trouble and turmoil abldeth alao.
We, the Socialist Party of Canada,
in convention assembled, affirm our
allegiance to and support of th* principle* and program of th* international revolutionary v irking clas*.
Labor produce* ali wealth, and to
labor It should Justly belong. To
the owners of the means of wenlth
production belonga th* product of
labor. Th* present economic syatem la baaed upon capitaliat ownership of the mean* of wealth production; therefore all the product* of
labor belong to the capitaliat claaa.
Th* capitaliat la maatar; th* worker
la alave.
80 long aa th* capitaliat* remain
ia poaseaaion of the reins ot government all the powera of the atat* will
b* uaed to protect and defend their
property right* In th* means of
wealth production and their control
of the product of labor.
Tha capitalist system give* to tha
capitaliat an ever-swelling stream of
proilt*, and to th* works* aa *ver-
tncreaatag measure ot misery and
The Interest of the working claaa
lie* la th* direction of setting Itself
free from capitalist exploitation by
the asbfolltioa of th* wage system. To
accompli* this mescal tate* tha
transformation of capitalist property ia the mean* of wealth production Into collective or working-class
Th* irrepressible conflict et Intereata between the capitalist aad the
worker la rapidly culminating la a
struggle for possession of tha power
of government-—the capitaliat to hold
the worker to secure It by political
action.   This la the claaa struagle.
Therefore, wa call upon all work-
era to organl/e under the banner of
the Socialist Party of Canada with
th* object of conquering the public
powera for the purpose of setting up
and enforcing the economic program
of th* working claaa, a* follows
1. Tha ti-auvrformatloa a* rapidlv
a* possible, of capitalist property in
th* meana of wealth production 1 natural resources, factories, mills, railways, etc..) Into the collective pro-
party of the working; claaa.
3. Thorough and democratic organization and management of in-
duatry by th* workors.
8. The eaUbllahment. a* speedily
aa possible, of production for wee
Instead of production for prolit.
Th* Socialist Party, when la ohV*
■hall always and everywhere until
th* present system ta abollahnd.
make the answer to thla question H*
guiding rule of conduct. Will tht*
legislation advance tha intereata ot
tha working claas and aid th* worker* la their das* struggle against
capitalism? If it will, th* Socialist
Party Is for ft; If tt will not. the
Socialist Party I* abeolutely aaaayt
at to It.
In accordance with tht* principle
the Socialist Party pledge* Itaelf to
conduct all th* public affairs placed
In Ita hand* In such a manner aa to
promote th* Intereata of th* working claas alon*.
Tel. 830. P.O.
834 Hastings St. . .
Box, 983.
Vancouver, B.C.
Socialist Directory
•Jag""* Every    Local    of  the  Socislist
Party of Canada should run a carl
under this   head
Secretaries pi.
11.00 par mouth
Hrltisli Columbia Provincial BxecuUve
Committee, Soi-lnllst Parly ..f 1 •■.•„.
uda.    Meets every allernst.- Tuesday.    W. H. Flowers, Secretary. Rooa
S. 31! Prior St.. Vancouver. It <■
lauiiitoion Kin-uUvn C<Hnmlu>. Socialiat Party Of Canada M.rls
every Alternate Tuesday, j q.
Morgan. Secretary. OM Barnard
Street.  Vancouver.  II. C.
Five yearly sub. cardtw$3.75.
hereby  apply  for  membership
ln    ...   .Local
 Socialiat Party of
I recognlae the claaa atruggle
between the capitalist claaa and
the working claaa to be a
atruggle for political supremacy, I. e., possession of the
reins of government, and which
necessitates the organisation of
the workera Into a political
party distinct from and oppoaed to all partiea of tha capitalist class.
If admitted to membership,
I hereby agree to maintain or
enter Into no relations with
any other political party, and
pledge myaelf to support by
voice, vote and all other legitimate means the ticket and the
program of the Socialiat Party
of Canada only.
Admitted to Local 100..
l/M-nl V sun-outer, Nil. I, K. P. of < mi.
a.In. Business meetings ever)
Monday evening at headquarter*
Ingleside Block. Ill Cambie Street,
(room I, second floor). Rdaea*
tloiutl meetings every Sunday at t
p. m., to Hulllvnn Hall. Cordon
Street D. P. Mill*. Secretary. Box
IM. Vancouver, B. C
IjocmI Titroniu, S. P. of C.—Meets wc
ond and fourth Tuesdays. S... iallst
Headquarters, 115% Queen Street
West. P. Dale. Secretary. 41 Henry
Street. Jewish Branch meets every
Sunday night, same hall.
Lot-al Winnipeg. S. P. of <-M.ru.
first and third Sunday in MaceabM
Hall, corner King and Pas Iftt Avenues, ut l;lt> p. m. J. Cosoa.
Secretary, 22C Princess Sir.. t Winnipeg. Man.
.       KaMMIsshed  ISM.
lbs* SMtt-wl la-bor
Paprr In Caste-la.
Always a  f.-arl.-as-  exponent  In
the cause of labor.
for one dollar the paper v.111
be sent to any address for on*
Workingmen of all countries
will soon    recognlae    the fa<t
that  they    must    support and
read their labor paper*
ISHCKt)   RVBHY    Kill I'AY
Tbe Votco Puhlialiing Co.,
Win-nips*.    Man.
Published Weakly by tha
Wte»xi ftafergba*. M ■ton
A Vigorous Advocate ot Labor 1
Clear-Cut aad Aggnaalv*.
Per Year $1.00.       Sit Months. Mt
Danver. Colorado.
WANTED: by Chicago whoUaak
house, special rir.cn—nut** la
each province la Canada. Salarf
930,00 aad aapan— paid weekly.
Expeas* money advanced. Bua-
aaaa successful; position perroam*".
No Investment required. Pr*****
rapertence not eaeeatlal to engaging.    Addraaa
General Manager, 183 Lake St.
. Chicago. Ul- «*•**;
5 yearly nib. card* for |8.78
Bundle* of 38 or nor* copies  w
on* addraaa, for a period of    thn*
month* or more at th* rata of  •*■
cent per copy.
Patronise onr advertisers.
twoest MarlooAM.rlon. New York Life Ukg.
Moutraal 1 and Washington, D.C, VMJL.
•0   V«A"!'.
-     -TlntlonIBM
aassssl —ins, whkeat essige. ■ we
Scientific Jfiiitrkajf.,
1 obasTea r ou wsrtis.i«». '»■c-
Anrona seating s skst eh aa<
-.•fakir asst-rul* oar optnlon
Jfiamss. .May 5,1906.
.. b„ long been considered th.t tbe
,   ._,,„, „eld a close monopoly of ' pe-
"notion."  relating    to capitalist
v and Its particular method of
business. You've no Illusions about
■'open und honorable competition." Is
tl.. re such a thing? Tell inc. Honestly now—Common Merer"-.
'Tsrtag promaOl* juice from the flesh
"ri , ton* and marrow of the work-
U"" ,-kh it la becoming atrlklngly
|,lK '     .'  ,.r  lute that  numerous  per-
 ;;;;;,;U; wam. of llf. than that
H;",Ve mudsills" are becoming prone
,"' l,ve voice to almimr "peculiar no-
l, ... that are quite us pronounced aa
1"""' „ „e otlrtspoken Socialist. As
,h° nstance of this, or • couple of them
'"' , «e (IIP the following from our
^Angelas wchang*. Common Sense,
"'■■Ti Kreatlng to note how the
" f to-day 1. gradually admitting
'only the literature of exposure.
, , ,i many Itema and articles which
Ml(,'' lr cHy to the cause, of the grnft
i", l -ed which Ctl«* our modern clv-
., „    As an example w* print a
.,r im ent duAe:
., in.iatl AorU nth.-ln accepting
1,;.':..,:,WttlnuPt Hill branch bulldlng|
7,h. Public Library of Cincinnati a
', v .lays ago. Mayor E. J. Dempseyi
,M not mention the name of Andrew j
rarnegie, who Hbcrany contributed to- \
„ro the erection of the edifice. The.
v*'..,r when a.ked about tbe Incident!
,,'.,!...•! mild   the   omission was lnten-|
""i" have no admiration for a man wr.o;
ha* made million, out of     the sweat |
. ', blood of the tolling classes andj
wl',., attempt* to atone for the oppres-1
Ion by giving away building, and then
as   he   is
blK unions around
A new term has been Invented
least H Is new t.i uh. It Im the appellation given to a thlnif low enough in
the acute of being in allow hlmaelf to
be utilized an a tool of the detecllve
agencies for the purpose of disclosing
to the employers what transpire, at
trade union meeting*. It Is
known that th** 'snitch
called,  Is In  all thi
the Kreat Industrial centers, arid
through his agency all proposed movements of the union are known to the
employers beforehand. Out of a hiave
civilization It ls possible to recruit
creature* for any purpose no matter
how base. The thug, the detective,
thu soldier, the policeman, the scab.
the strike-breaker, the "milti h" und a
host of other objectionable characters
may be recruited nt libitum. They
are the logical products of such a
civilisation, which In Itself, Is base,
low, mean and vile. Being such products It is of no greut use to waste
time In heaping Invective upon them
as Individuals or even as types. They
are what they are because of the parent—slave civilization—that brought
tbem forth Slavery does not afford
the atmosphere conducive to the breeding Of men It Is only moral fibre of
the toughest Stock that can withstand
th* withering Influence of a slave environment   without   mapping  asunder.
We have little or no sympathy to
waste- upon any of the specimens enumerated above for tbe reason that they
In order to
necessary to
abolish   the   parent   from   whoce  loins
-succeed In securing the eight hour
day it will only be a matter of a abort
time until the toller, of otber lands
will also secure It. So long as capitalism and competition lasts every effort
to shorten the hours ot toll I. a step
towards the time of final triumph of
the worker.. When finally the profit
system ba. given place to co-operation
and production for use, and each gets
approximately the value of what they
produce the question of the number <*t
hours people wish to work will be easily solved. We can see the time coming when the conditions under which
people will work at most Industrie.
win give pleasure Instead of pain, mental and physical. But until the competition for Job. among the worker,
is replaced by aome sane method of
co-operation the condition, described
In "The Jungle" by Comrade Sinclair
mum of necessity continue to be the
common lot of those who work for
We shall watch with the keenest Interest the struggle of our French fellow workers to secure more leisure.—
Chicago Socialist.
Mon by giving away building.   Mtnen capitalism.
ajv.rtlMng himself asa philanthropist. a w|th  -^ „
h.,1,1   *e    Mayor.    Tlr...   place    where 1^   ^ f   ^   __    _
beneficence should have been oegu" th,v .pHn|( Wl tjro||f1(.;,iiy. Sympathy
wm In his workshop, and the woramen | w(th ^ ,..„„„„,.,, pr()(f,.nv w,„ not pro.
should have had the firm beneni. obeaoulea of the  parent.
Is a creation of the system
I vide for the obsequies of the parent,
Hence nn
""•"• " ~ ~~~    '., ,. t,._ j.„_i„h   I Hence no sympathy from  this quarter,
of special privilege. *^hJ.M 'nrlch- r > ^
,., ,h, few at the WW**"™"'   pem, energy lambasting these worthies
1 .m not at all in accord with his man-J • _ .„,,.„,,"_,•;„ nr ,¥n^    w ,   w#)
of    making  money,  and    scarcely
so wilh  his method of spending
Still more- lo the point I. the follow-
■i- quotation from Eugene Wood In
April Everybody's, in an article call-
ed "The Gathering of the Churchea"
In the passage quoted he ls referring
t.. Washington Oladden'a address be-
f..r. ;he Inter-Church Conference st
lir Oladden** economics may be
sjaauned up by the statement thnt you
h»\» a right to beat your wife, onlyj
yoa mustn't hit her with a wagon-j
s;-k.- The moral teacher and panhandler may take the money gained
by .pen and honorable competMlnti,"
'.it he must give back that 'gained by
'iriift  In  the Wage System.
"Open and honorable competition!"!
What do our "moral teachers" think
th>- scuffle for a living Is? A game of
tlddlyw Inks'- If two starving men se<
ri loaf of bread. Is It going to lie "Af.er
you. my dear Alph.ms.-T" And If th*
two starving man see one Job of work,
will one glv.- way to the other, or will
each underbid 'he- other until the man
that gets th. Job makes out of It Just
enough to k.«p him going? I'arl of
it Churches is to'
as Individuals or types. Still we cannot refrain from enjoying an energetic
flaying of, for Instance, a policeman
or a "snitch" when some one pops up
who ts both willing and qualified to
administer It. The following dedicated to the "snitch" Is peculiarly meritorious lacking nothing In cither symmetry, vigor or description. We clipped It from an exchange. We don't
know who wrote It We never saw a
"snitch" that we know of. After
reading the following we are quite
sure we never care to make the* acquaintance of one
"Man may rob his friend of reputation; he mny enter the home of hospitality to warm his hands at the fire of
welcome, and then defame Its hallowed
hearthstone and  despoil   the  connubial
couch; he may filch the fruits of a lifetime  of  labor,   and   send   a  confiding
comrade   to   ruin   with   reason   reeling
; from Its Imp*.lal seat-of power; he may
i worm  his  way  into  the  secret  soul  of
j a man of sorrow and uncover the »ane-
I tlty   of   Its   seclusion   to   the   mocking
multitude, he may do these things and
1 all   else  that   come,   to    a    dastard".
i dreams;   but   there   is  not   one.   whatever   his   deed   of   dishonor,    however
Ood  may hsve gifted him fc r treachery,  whose black  brutality  :.nd infinite Infamy can equal that of him wh*
what th.. l*Vcl-*rntion .^^^^^^^^^^^    >    _     __^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
do when It get. started Is to denounce J {^JJgTfcj,, brother  In the bitter fight
graft     Indeed,   but   what's    the   whole industrial freedom.    The act of nn
esge system   but    graft?    What .are
profit, but the difference between what!
t man earna and what h<- can live on,
lhat difference  going  to  his  employer
as a tip, a gratuity, a bribe- graft. If
iron please And this employer must
tiit.r Into open snd honorable c-ompet-
Itton with others In the same business
iv.; m«-. you American merchants and
m-."Ufaeturera whom Dr. (Madden
praise, so. how Is H with you? Is It
"After you. my dear Alphonse." or I.
it "Dog eat dog?" Tou know well
enough wh*t you hat* to do and yet
what  you've    got to do or go out  of
Arnold were decency when contrasted
with such dishonor. Compared with
this creature of the competitive system, Judas lscarlot was a gentleman."
Colonial Bakery
its Jol-nsoa St..  Victoria. B.C.
l-allvtrad to any  part af th* •"J"
liriver  le  call.     Thon*  •*»
l>o you know we aell from 10 to 35
cents cheaper than our compctltora
-rom -a. cxasto"*
videos. •- C
TKLaruoNK am
' | MmelK'im af
:; navmm
• I Rt. • Cash* St.
■II 3 CI all
Co   <
Armour A Co.. In an artistic advertisement, ar* telling the excellencies of
Sylvan toilet soap—"the soat> with sentiment."   This brings to mind an Item
which appeared not  long    ago   which
helps   to  explain   the  sentiment,  says
the Chicago "Socialist."   Alderman Carey, ever alert  to thc interests of his
constituency, discovered an obstruction
In the south branch of the river, which
proved  to  have  been  placed  there by
Hlnes Bros., wlih a view    to    catching
the grease which floats on the   river.
Tbe commissioner of public Works was
notified and the obstruction promptly
removed.    It was then discovered that
other  firms,   nm.mg   them   Armour    A
Co., hnd similar and much larger skimmers In operation.   Investigation showed that the grease     so skimmed     was
largely   used   In   the   manufacture      of
soap, nnd ns it cost nothing but     the
skimming, was an Important factor In
the economy of the production of that
useful article.    So, Instead of removing
the  remaining sklmnierB.  thc commissioner, being properly Imbued with the
utilitarian spirit of tbe age, recommended thnt   Inasmuch ns  the contents of
lhe  sewers are  public      property,  the
city Is entitled to compensation for the
grease   they   empty  Into  the  river.    A
permit   was  issued   for   the  rebuilding
of the  first   skimmer and   steps  taken
to find what the city should charge for
the private consumption of public sewage, and the  skimming     of the river
goes merrily on.  We can now reflect,
—.«« ,,„,, r.\',.|. the
Toronto Local held one of the most
Interesting meetings In Its history on i
April 2«th. three new member, being
enrolled. The exclusion of the "Appeal
to Keason" from the Canadian mall*
because of the publication of an article
entitled "Arise' Ye Slaves," by Eugene
V. Debs, was discussed and a resolution
condemnatory of the capitalist censorship was passed and ordered sent to
the press, the Postmaster-General and
thc Canadian Press Association. If
this precedent is allowed to stand there
Is no reason why the Clarion might
not be suppressed for "leee majesty"
and auch papers as the Toledo Socialist
excluded from the malls. Toronto local
will co-operate with .Ontario Socialists
In a campaign against the censorship. I
Another matter discussed was the action of a preacher who Joined our local Hnd then arranged a series of Sunday meetings, calling himself a Socialist, but exhibiting absolute ignorance
of the subject In his addresses — even
eulogizing the bloody Union Jack. The
"comrade" was promptly brought to
book, and being advised to quit talking
until he had learned something about
Socialism or to resign from the party
he accepted th* latter alternative.
Twelve hundred lives were lost In a
mine disaster ln Prance and the papers
gave brief reports. Three hundred mll-
lic ns worth of property was destroyed
In San Francisco and the papers give
pages upon pages. As usual capitalist
property is held higher than worker's
lives. "Save the mules and let the men
die." will the human mules ever
learn ?
Organizer C. M. O'Brien haa been
turned loose and Is now trying to find
revolutionary Socialists In Eastern Ontario. He will probably tell Clarion
readers what he found with his fine
A Joint conference of delegate, from
the Socialist Party. Industrial Workers,
Builders' Uahorers Union and other bodies was organised a month ago to
arrange a Moyer-Haywood-Pettibone
"protest" meeting on Sunday, Hay 6th.
Committees have done the preliminary
work, but the 1. W. W. delegate who
Is In the secretary's office, has- shown
great Incapacity, as It Is now only a
week before the meeting and not a line
of printed matter is out to advertise
the gathering, the Secretary not having
ailed a committee meeting for two
weak*. The Labor Temple and T. If. C.
A. hall have been refused for the meeting, the former because the I. W. W.
are connected with the meeting, and the
latter because it Is a working claas
meeting being held on Sunday — a day
when we ought to be reading the vulgar
stories told in tbe Bible.
The Finnish comrades are again trying to organise a branch of their own.
They have bought a building on Adelaide Street west and will fit up a hall
for meetings.
The "Appeal to Reason's" exclusion
from the mails is another instance of
the postoffice being an example of
•public ownership" when the capitalists
own the government. But let 'em come
on and close out the Clarion. Toledo
Socialist, etc., and Socialism will grow
all the faster, a* ls well instanced by
the policy of suppression In Germany,
Russia and Japan. Let's give our
thanks to the P. M. O. W. W.
Toronto, April !S8th, 1908.
ward thc work of organizing auch
part* of the Dominion of Canada aa
hnve not yet been reached. There ia
a vaat field to be covered which will
of necessity entail considerable expense. Tbe necessary funds can, however, be obtained if Locale, individual comrades and frienda will take
tbe matter up by gathering and forwarding auch contributions a* may
be forthcoming. As uoon aa tbe requisite funds may be gathered it la
Uie intention of tbe committee to
arrange trips, for one or more organ-*
foera, covering aa large a 1-ection of
territory aa possible. With energetic
action in the matter of raising funds
and jUdictoua application of the aame;
by the committee a much needed
work may be carried out that will
bear fruit in future election campaigns.
All money received for thia fund,
wHl be used solely for the purpose
stated. The committee, at It* meeting oa Feb. 27, appropriated from
the General Fund the aum of 925,
to be applied to the Organizing Fund
All money received for thia fund will
be acknowledged through the column* of the Weatern Clarion.
The following sum. have boon   received to date:
Dom.  Exec.  Com.    $25.00
Toronto Local     6-00
Comrade O.  Rayner      1-00
Comrade il. McLachlan      1.00
Comrade J. A. Teit    1.00
Comrade L. T. English     1.00
9      MMMM       ■HsJ-*«HNMM
|* Some who started early are now selling ten
q copies a day; and it pays from fifty to eighty cents
H a copy. Send to us for circulars and wholesale
9 prices.    The book is now ready ior delivery.
S BOX 2064
Total   *«•<»
Forward all contribution* to
J. O. MORGAN, Ser.
551 Barnard St.
Vancouver,  B.C.
The following amount* received up to
Previously acknowledged $43 50
Local Revelstoke      & 00
Comrade  Burroughs      2 50
Total »» 00
Single copies, 5 cent*; ■
copies. 26 cents; 15 copies, 50
cents; 40 copies, $1.00; 110
copies and over, 2 cents per
These rates Include postage
to any part of Canada or the
United Kingdom.
"The Western Clarion
» ♦
To Publishers
Of Country Weeklies:
We Have two cases (lOO pounds) of Bre«
vier  type, 8:point, almost new, cost 52
•As a pound a year ago; will sell at
25cts a lb.    Following is a sample of the Type:
Hartford, Conn.. Jan. io.—A certificate
of incorporation ot tbe Caxaca & Pacific
Railway Company of Hartford, has been
filed with the secretary of state. The
authorized capital stuck of the company
is $40,000 000. These figures exceed
those of any other company which has
filed such a certificate with the secretary
WRITE.   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Western Clarion,
P.O. DRAWER   836.
Box 836.
among the wage-earners of British Columbia, "The Clarion" is
a winner. It has over
2300 paid-up readers.
Mail-order houses will
find it a business-
Many complaints are reaching this
office from subscribers who fall to get
their papers. In some Instances there
are several complaints from the eame
locality. Aa every subscriber's name
and the number ot paper with which
his subscription expire* ara kept continually In type and the mailing list
printed therefrom each week, after all
corrections, alterations and additions
are made up to date, the frequency of
these complaints Justifies the suaptc-
^^^^ ion that postal employee*   ar*   often
goes merrily on.  we osui ......    ^.-jy ot reprehen*lble laxity In   tb*
ns We drain the dripping pan over the   ^j^^n^  ot  thelr  AuXim> eVfm  -f
sink,  thnt  the  grease aaat- ur-on^ the   they ^ ^^ Qf noMnm worta,
"* "" The publishers of the Weatern Clarion earnestly request any subscriber
who doea not receive hla paper to
promptly notify thla office. Missing
copies will be supplied at once and necessary steps taken to locate the reason for such non-delivery and to avoid
Its repetition In the future.
tOUtl BBAtlNO.
BWK,   mm   ...c   .......
waters will return to us after not too
mnny days. Sylvan soap is to be obtained in many odors and our dainty
lady at her toilet may marvel nt the
wonders of modern science which
turns the semirings of that cloaca
maxima, the Chicago river. Into the
delicate perfume of her favorite flower." We Roclnllsts are apt to complain
of the wastes of capitalism, but here
Is &n economy which our analysts
should preserve that future generations
may know the art of performing the
matuttlnal ablutions with the postprandial dish water.—The Worker.
Victoria     Representative    for    thr- _ ^^^r
Hearst publications, as 'olt&tfe:^ Wm    ^^  ,,-,,. ht-HOIR MOl l-.MfcN • *
Kraiicimw Examiner, Is* Ajigclw I-** .
amlner, Chicago Amerlonn, New lork
American, Huston American; Home
nnd Farm Wevkly. Clilcatro; Cosmopolitan Mag-aalnc. Now York.
Also agent for tho following:
Seattle Times, Portland Oregonian.
Han Francisco Chronicle, 1/os Angeles
Prompt and regular dally delivery
service to subscribers.
Adrcrtlseinenta of every description
taken tor any newspaper.
P. 0. Box 444, Victoria, B. 0.
mate tt
ing  a   R<'i\
elght-li""-'   *-vorti
through the nation
day  for a"  t0,|er!"
,,    it is strange that
 ..     .\*  modern   machinery  and
with all our m0*J        ot nature to
control of  tht     ior«^ ^ ^or j>
ago?    There
drive It. that th- Tnere
not been  reduce I loi * M   hag ewr
ls no demand    On" revolu_
***"» ■£» ,t demand    -     -
Mount Sicker Comrade*, organisation fund tS* 00
Hevclsioke Local,  organisation
fund     & 00
Com. Burroughs,    organisation
fund     1 M
Revelstoke Local, stampa     t 00
Com. Burroughs, dues     1 00
.$43 SO
eight-hour day.
If our fellow
for  the
orkera i"
The Dominion Executive Committee
I has iU-cUasd to call tor funds to   be
France  uses! (or tbe purpose ot pushing for-
by buying thlt
reliable, hor*e*t-
high grade se»>
ing marhinfi.
National Sewing Machine Co,
• factory ATaaLvioeaB ILL.
United Hatters of North America
When you are buying a FUR HAT see to It
that the Genuine Union Label la sewed In It. It
a retailer has loo.se labels in his posaesslon snd
offers lo put one In a hat for you. do not patronise
htm. Loose labels In retail stores are counterfeits.
The genuine Union Label Is perforated on four
edges, exactly the same aa a postage stamp. Counterfeits are some times perforated on three edges,
and aome times only on two. John B. Stetson Co.,
of Philadelphia. Is n non-union concern.
JOHN A. HOIt'IIT, PrcHl-lent, Orange, N. -I.
MARTIN LAW LOU, Secretary, 11 Wavcrlr Place,
l       Near York.
s-^nli-vxtmnxtinn'«*-«<* • I
THE Wgttttttl OLAMOM.  nttOOlJwTBtt    BMTOH OOLWtBtA.
■ May 5,1906.
j? Edited by R. P. PE"TTIPIECF,. to whom all correspondence for this department should be addrr—m, 41
The representatives   of    the   ruling | RUSSIAN REVOLUTION.
in the new Province of Alberta, ^■*****a*******a^aa***aaB*B**BBal
I adjoining British Columbia to the eaat, I Prolctulre
■ il
The Dominion Government, by excluding the "Appeal to Reason" from
the malla, haa consciously and almost
officially joined hands with the Mine
Ownere' Aasoclatlons of the West; a
sweet and most fitting combination.
• • •
Recreant to every plank ln Its patchwork platform of ten years ago, and
faithful only to the endowment of ita
heelers and supporters, together with
th* conservation of those class Interests for which It stands the Grit Exe-
vutive staggers to its Impending doom,
the football of plutocratic and eccles-
laatlaal hierarchies.
• • »
It would almost seem ns If the capitalist claaa through its courts, governments, press, etc., had determined to
force the fight with the working clasu
before Intelligent understanding and
organisation proceed any further. The
supreme queatlon for every wage-
worker ls "Am I, with my class, prepared for the struggle."
• * *
From lock of opportunity, or indifference to the subject you may be short
on economics. You might find lt a little difficult to define a commodity or
propound the law of value Intelligently, but none are too poor in logical
sense to apprehend result. You see
then the wealth and power ot the world
being rapidly gathered Into hands that
produce nothing and do nothing but
defend their robber gains with the tools
of atate. Tou cannot account for this
by low wagea, the moral degeneracy or
superior Intelligence of the ruling class,
It operates everywhere with uniform
results, to wit—the aggrandisement of
a small class and the degradation of
the mass. When you have traced the
tendency and found the law that governs you will find that the whole machinery of society is set to produce this
result, moreover, that it la kept so set
by the aids civil and military, industrial and political, educational and religious reflecting the interest of the ruling claaa. If you have not already
done so, examine the Socialist analysis
and solution of the problem.
• •    •
The Victorian age is supposed'to have
ended with the last century, and current times await a new name. We
suggest one, it should be known as the
mortg-age. Surely nothing Is no typical of our times nor so common as that
legal Instrument that proclaims our
homes are not our own, but the property of the usurer.
• •    »
With bis hand on the muck-rake
Gsorge Euias Foster has fished out
some nasty specimens of ex-officials,
big and little. , The Government
doesn't like the stink; it ahould deny
George the use of the Malls.
• *    •
Truth versus Trade. The latest and
no doubt most reliable, accounts of the
San Francisco horror reveal the sordid
and Inhuman conspiracy on the part of
the monled and trading classes to conceal the truth as to the magnitude of
tha disaster. Just what we might
have expected and quite In line with
capitaliat policy and tactics. Some
daya after the fatal Wednesday the
official list of dead was placed at less
than 396, but from accounts coming
now 10,000 would be a nearer approximation. To have told the truth would
'have frightened not only human beings, but that most timed and honored
of all things the Sacred Beast "Capital," without which even the wreckage
that is left cannot be removed. What
Indeed ts Truth as compared with
Trade? Just a sentimental figment of
old-fashioned brains, but out of place
and out of date In tbe mental equipment of the modern man of business.
Tbe capitalist pre** ha* been squealing becauae a few score paupers have
been quartered on the community, apparently because they are not paupers
of our own genuine, domestic," Canadian
make; but are weeded out of the
stream of emigrants flowing in, always,
by tbe way reported as a "very superior clasa." Thi* squeal la untimely,
unherolc and thoughtless. To expect
"proaperity" without Its concomitants
Is foolish, and the profit rate on wage-
slavery could easily stand 6 or 10 per
cent, of tbe paupers, provided tbe balance ls good material for exploitation.
But what are the few dollars necessary
to keep these soelal wrecks and 'vie-
tlm* compered with the cost of para-
amaa at home? Take this small town
a* an example. A recent round-up
gi*«* us 10f lawyers and about 600
engaged In the real estate trade direct-,
ly and Indirectly. Theae, besides
thousands of others lay and clerical,
pure parasites for the most part. The
lawyer does not live by chewing old
parchment, nor the . real eBtater by
eating dirt; with the rest indicated
they live well, on the fat compared
with the workers who support them.
Watch them from morning till night,
or early morn again, and all thc time
they are consuming'the products of
labor, solid, fluid or otherwise, and
none of them intrinsically necessary
to human society rationally conatl-
' tuted.
These remarks are not Intended as
reflections on the exploiting and parasite els**', we recognise the fact that
they are all necessary to the system
under which we live, rather to divert
reflection to this system and point out
how small a thing a few Imported
cheap paupers is compared with the
host of home-bred expensive parasite*
have decided upon Edmonton as the
Capital. This will be entirely satisfactory to the Socialist administration to
be.   Alberta workers please note.
Maxim Gorki has at "least made one
discovery. He has found that the
people—ruling class—of the United
States "are the same spitting, vulgar
people that Charles Dickens found
them." and that "personal liberty ls
as much hampered in America as lt
Is in Uussla."
Harry Sibble. the Clarion sub-
hustler, la getting In his work at Fernie und vicinity. Ho reports the
workingmen aa taking a continually
increasing Interest In the socialist
movement. The big list of subs.—
nearly all yearlles—that he Is sending
In, would indicate that something was
doing round the Crow's Nest sountry
tor sure. The thanks of the Clarion
are extended to all thos* who have
extended favors to Slbble during his
travel* He reports the number of
these aa legion.
The ruling claas of France must have
a better opinion of the cleanliness ot
their politics than Is the case in America. Their elections—the next to be
held this month—will be held on Sunday. In Canada—aye. In Vancouver,
too—politics ts recognised among the
old party adherents aa too corrupt to
even discuss ln public places ot meet
ing on Sunday.
The dally press has been rather in-.
dined to squawk about the harshness
of the paid assassins of capital during
the recent 'Frisco catastrophe. Probably a recent heading In the local C.
P. R. organ will explain the phenomena. It reads thus: "General Manager
Poarce of Pacific Coast Steamship
Company Was Forced to Labor on
Street by San Francisco Soldiers.—
Gives Interesting Account."
.•asserting   Ttaelr Demands
for Freedom ln Face of Every
"A thing I* never ae'.tled until It'e
settled right." The autocracy In Rue-
sla haa "settled" the revolutionary
proletariat of that empire about twice
a month for the past two year*. But
some how or other It refuse* to atay
"settled." A recent St. Petersburg despatch says:
"The really dangeroua element ta the
political situation I* not ln the attitude of the Liberals, but la the possibility of another upheaval at the very
moment when the Intellectual force* of
the country are united. For some time
the Social Democrats aad otber proletariat organisations have been trying
to arrange a general uprising to coin'
clde with the convocation of perils
ment, but apparently they w*re mak
ing no headway. Now, however, a
great movement among the idle work'
men of the capital, who number 41,000,
has come to the surface, and there la
more than a suspicion that their move
ment ls simply a cover for a real uprising which la being organised behind
A council of men ont of work has
sprung Into existence like the famous
workmen's council which directed the
big strike of last fall."
A local of the Weatern Federatt*n of
Mlnera ha* been organised at Britannia
mtnea, B. C. with 125 members.
Cascade Beer,   sells all
Queen Beer      Over the
Ale and StOUt     Country
Specially Recommended.
As B. V. Debs haa well aald the kidnaping of Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone la. ln Itaelf "prima facie" evidence
of their Innocence."
Tuesday, May 1st, May Day—the
good old world-wide Labor Day—ls
being celebrated again this year by
local socialists and their friends at
North Vancouver, on Saturday, May
;,th, for the reason that the greatest
number of workingmen can attend
on that afternoon. Sunday's meeting,
in Sullivan Hall, gives promise of being a bumper one.
"Colller'a" aaya that Gorky "ran
against the stone wall of American
domestic morality, the existence of
whtch seemed to give him a shock of
affected surprise." Had he run
againat the capitaliat brand of It the
stench would have knocked him Into
a "cocked hat"
The Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Telephone 429
Local socialists hops to aecure a
meeting; place In the new Oddfellows'
Hall, now under construction at the
corner of Pender and Hamilton
Streets. It will be both central and
provide lota of room for the growing
attendance at every Sunday evening's
Representatives of the ruling class
at Victoria appear to be taking orders
from headquarters. The Minister of
Education, as custodian of the youthful ideas and conceptions of the rising
generation, haa proclaimed May 24th
a school holiday, which MUST be observed. The program for the day will
include a special course in teaching
the "young idea how to shoot"
O i ' i .i i
Aa the Clarion goes to pres* (Thursday) everything I* shaping well for
the May Day celebration at North
Vancouver on Saturday afternoon end
evening. The Local's committee h*s
done its best to provide for an enjoyable outing.
Canada baa tbe largest elevator In
the world—at Port Arthur—capacity,
six million bushels.—Ex. Canada
haa nothing of the sort The Canadian
Pacific Railway haa a big elevator at
the point mentioned. Aa tbe C. P. It.
practically own* Canada thi* probably accounts for our exchange becoming slightly mixed In the matter.
From the cradle to the grave, all the
forces, investments and Institutions of
capitalism are wording overtime to
keep the slave in ignorance of bla
slavery. But a greater force—necessity—than the school, pulpit, press and
police, is compelling the proletarian
army to rub Its eye*. The end of
slavery ls drawing to a close. The
Socialist chicken is well nigh hatching.
The' shell of capitalism ls being picked
from within; the forces of nature are
at work from without. Soon must the
shell be cast aside to make way for
the Co-operative Commonwealth.
Even the capitalist preaa recognises
the "fakir" and "grafter"' as the product of its own sordid civilisation.
Speaking editorially of the recent
'Frisco disturbance the "Daily Province" says: "One good feature of
the 'rush' if it does take place, will be
the additional money that will fall to
the share of the business people of
San Francisco, but it Is leas gratifying
to reflect that much of the tourists'
loose change will pass into the pockets
of all kinds of fakirs who no doubt
are already arranging their plans to
reap a rich harvest from the credulous." This woeful state of affairs Is
respectfully submitted to the local
Hundred Thousand Club.
Mr. J. H. Rogers, of Toronto, while
on his way home from 'Frisco, said,
among other things, to a local dally:
"Press despatches indicate that the
number Of killed ln the earthquake
and fire approximate 60V, but I saw
more than that number of dead myself a week ago last Wednesday night
In Washington square. That was the
night on which the earthquake occurred. Dead bodies were piled all
over the ground on that one square
that night, and as the night wore on
automobiles and wagons were bringing dead In from all point* When I
left the city bodies were being buried
in trenches and covered with quicklime. The actual number of dead in
San Francisco will never be known,
because of the suppression of the
facts by Interested parties." But, of
course, the losses were among the
"poorer" classes.   So what odds?
No clergyman baa aa yet arisen to
declare that the San Franclaco horror
waa a divine punishment for the "In
tqulty of Ita inhabitant*." Aa that
city waa known to be- about aa vile
aa the average city of ita also this lapse
upon the part of tbe cloth may be
taken aa an Indication that the old
Idea of a personal God whose chief
buslnee* waa to amlta those who lapsed
from righteousness, la about played
St. Vincent, Minn., April 23rd, ttsM.
"News and View*" Weatern Clarion.
It seems as If thoae wbo assert that
trade union success Is achieved at the
expenae of the rest of the working-
class must necessarily—according to
the pro-unionist section of the Socialist Party—adopt the fallacious views
of Citizen Weston, whom Marx set
right ln his Value, Price and Profit. If
Comrade Walsh reads my letter a little
more carefully he will find tbat I did
not endorse Weston's views, but mere
ly suggested that what might be true
at one stage of captlallat development
might be untrue at another and later
stage. I enumerated some of the methods by which trade unions were sue-,
cessful, and endeavored to ahow that
as the I. W. W. pretended to eschew
these tactics and stand for claas solidarity how they must necessarily fall
because they could not fit an unlimited number of men Into a limited number of jobs without barring out aome
of them. Can Comrade Walsh show
wherein I have strayed off the path
of correct reasoning? I Invite him to
try If he thinks I am worth while. I
once held the view that a trade union;
success wa* a gain for the clas*. I
should have more amusement tha*
Comrade Walsh experienced when
reading my letter If I ahould—a* a
consequence of hi* effort—again be
obliged to adopt that position. I sub*-
mlt this proposition, "Tbat under prev
ent conditions trade unions, new and
old, ean only maintain nnd advance
their wages by discrimination against
the least skilled and unemployed
tion of the working class.
Aa long as the meana of production
continue to wear tbe garb of capital,
the labor-power of the workman
must remain a commodity In the market, subject to the inexorable, though
unwritten lawa of exchange that govern all commodities. The evil consequence* that flow to the workers as
a result of thla makes tbat ocean off
wretchedness, vice, crime, poverty
and despair that Is threatening to engulf our rotten capitaliat civilisation
In every country of the earth.
With 6.000 longshoremen on atrtke at
Ruffalo, New York, and good prospects
of ull the balance of them on the Great
Lakes, about to follow suit; the building Industry of Chicago tied up; 1,200
Milwaukee moulders out and the United Mine Workers and Typographical
Union strike going merrily on. ample
evidence la afforded thst the capitaliat
ayatem of property and production
would be all right if the working people were not ao unreasonable aa to
want plenty of food, decent clothing,
comfortable shelter and a bit of leisure. Such unreasonableness la to be
deplored, aa It seriously interferes with
trade and commerce.
The capitalist mode of production,
while on the one hand, enforcing economy in each Individual business, on the
other hand, .begets, by ita anarchical
system of competition, the moat outrageous squandering of labor-power
and uf tha aocial meana of production,
not to mention the creation of a vast
number of employments, at present Indispensable, but in themselves superfluous.
The Intensity and productiveness of
labor being given, thst time which society Is bound to devote to material
production la shorter, and aa a consequence, the time at Ita disposal, for
tbe free development. Intellectual and
social, of the Individual la greater, In
proportion aa tbe work la more and
more evenly divided among all the
able-bodied members of aociety, snd as
a particular claaa la more and more deprived of the power to shift the natural burdens of labor from It* own
shoulders to those of another layer of
society. In this direction, the shortening of the working day finds at last a
limit in the generalisation of labor, ln '
capitalist society spare time Is acquired
for one claaa by converting the whole
life-time of the maaaes Into labor-time.
This is Our
without reservation of any kind.
Tbe choice of hundreds of men's »„.
perbly tailored and faultlessly fa**.
toned Sift to »30 HulU for
Full and complete line* In almost
every *tyle — garments that wets
made to aell at almost take th*
price* now aaked for them are her*
la a profusion of styles and fui.n.s
Never before wa* our elalm, "W«
give moat tor your money," Mclatx-
Iv demonstrated
May 6th—In hand* of May Day oom
May Uth—J. O. Morgan; aubject,
"The Trade Union, Ancient and Modern."
Good music.
Ladies especially invited.
As to th.e workers' ability to administer a'government of their own, lt would
seem that the only grounds on which to
base a doubt Is their stupid willingness to break their backs with toil and
then hand over the bulk of the fruits
of that toll to a useless "upper class";
to kiss the foot that kicks them. But
this ia no argument It is only that
class-consciousness— the consciousness
of class Interests, class solidarity and
class mission and destiny—Is not yet
awakened. This class-consciousness Is
slow to awaken; but once awake It
never sleeps again. The working class
Is a aleeping giant, a physical and mental giant. It is almost wholly unconscious of its vast animal strength. It
has been told of Its riches and preached to so much from above that It haa
come to believe in its own utter and
hopeless vlclousness, while in fact the
only real virtue In the world resides In
the working class. __lt haa worshipped
"great men" with never a suspicion
that It ls Itself the fertile aoll tn Which
the world's genius ha* coma. Outside
the field of Industrial organisation the
capitalist class ls aa barren of genius
us Death Valley is barren of verdure.—
W. A. Corey. 'V^fiMAsla^ttSa
The regular business meeting wa*
held at the headquarter* oa Monday
evening, April 20th, Comrade Flowers
Iii the chair, and* Comrade Arnason
acting as recordlng-oecretary pro-t*m.
The minute* of the prevlou* meeting|
were read and approved, and warrants
drawn for the following amounts:
Rent of hall. 13.60; do* stampa and
supplies, 13.26; far Uterary fund, 'fill;
total, W.O*. '■•?-;•
Report* were received from tbe or*
ganiser, Hter»ry agent and programme
committee.    ... ; -    \ "y
The May-Day committee Mported
The demonstration committee, re the
Mbyer-Haywood-Pettlbon* affair, reported that IM.O0 waa collected at the
Joint labor mas* meeting at th* City
Hall, gnd that tba net proceeds,
amounting to ttO.00, wa* forward**) to]
the Western Federatloa of Miners.
Comrade Lambert waa elected on
the programme committee to place of
Comrade McLachlan, resigned.
Comrade Walley wa* appelated chairman for next propaganda meeting.
. Comrade* Johnson aad tba Secretary
were appointed a committee to report
regarding action of th* postal authorities Ip interfering with ■oclalto'r mail.
Comrades Arnason a*e> McKentte
were elected on tb**ex*cutiv* committee.
The secretary wa* awtborlaad to pr*-
cure constitution*. '
The financial report showed receipt
for the week as follow*: Collected at
propaganda meeting, f&M; .collected
from other sources. 16c; literature sales,
12.26; due* account, U.U; total. #14.15.
D. P. MILLS, Secretary.
According, to a writer for "Everybody's Magaalne," about 1»,000 men
are now upon the pay-rolls of the
Panama Canal work. Thia la nearly
its many aa It It will ever be practicable to uae. The bulk of this force
is made up of Jamaica negro*. While
the Jamaica negro is not a particularly sealous worshipper at tb* shrine
of hard work, it la confidently expected that American Ingenuity will
be able to devise meana of converting
him to the true capitalist faith In
this respect In due time.
Tbe veracious capitalist pres* which
not so long since wss vociferously proclaiming tb* guilt of Moyer, Haywood
and Pettibone, ba* auddenly been
stricken deaf, dumb and blind In regard to this particular matter. They
are a* silent a* the tomb. In fact
thair alienee I* so profound aa to convey the Impression that their lying accusations against the** gallant men
did not produce tbe desired remit Can
It be thst tbey have realised that their
reckleae denunciation* were but ruining tbe chances of carrying their foul
conspiracy to a successful conclusion?
New* of that awful scarcity of labor
tn the United Statea, which haa been
causing so much alarm la various
quarters, must somehow have reached those European countries
peopled by Inhabitants who continually hunger for a Job, a* tbey ar* now
f pouring Into Now York at the rate of
nearly 60,0*0 per week. Or perchance
these arrival* have come over for the
purpose of enjoying that liberty that
flourlshetb In tbe Statea like a "green
bay tree." After they get a good taste
of this liberty It would be Interesting
to know how they like It* flavor.
time w*a waged between the commercial Intereata which desired to utilise
ita power for profit-making purposes,
and thoae who wished to preserve It*
•cento splendors ha* at laat resolved
Itaelf Into a struggle between Canadian
and American capitaliat* to aee which
can divert the greater amount of Its energy to their owa specific use. Nature-loving and scenery-worshipping
sentimentalists have been relegated to
the background. Thla ts eminently proper a* there la no profit In their proclivities anyway.
" » i.< »
Th* mental bankruptcy of the
spokesmen and hack-writers of capitalism t* most strikingly illustrated In
their lucubrations In Ito support.
Theae are confined chiefly to the
rearing of "straw-men" in the ahape
of horror* and tyrannies that are supposed to lurk among the possibilities
of a future society, th* rapid approach of which la plain even to their
pigmy Intellects. In painting ptcturea
of future tyrannies they never fall to
portray thoae of their own beloved
and much-vaunted capitalist civilisation Itaelf.. The "destruction of the
home," the "abrogation of marriage,"
a "community of wivea," and Interference and noae-poklng .Into the private affair* of ladWMuala by official
Inter-meddlers ar* some of the pictures
they paint. Tbey are true to life, for
they are part* and parcels of present-
day civilisation. That I* probably why
titer etiika no terror to the heart of
an< one.
The "man with the muck rake" haa
received another severe Jolt, thla time
at the hands of no less a perm-nag'"
than John R. Vanwormer, secretary
and general manager of the Lincoln
Safe Deposit Company of New York.
At a recent conclave of financial pirates, known aa the New Jersey Bank-
era' Association's general meeting, he
vigorously denounced "certain clasaes
of Journalists, the labor leader and the
Socialiat agitator." Hla theme was:
'la thla country In danger of becoming
Socialistic?" John had no trouble In
answering this query in the affirmative. He declared tbat the "labor
trust" must stop talking about big
corporations, and tbat the corpora,
tiona muat see that thla "trust" due*
atop. John la wise. That Is, he la endowed with enough wisdom to realise
that the stench arising from the
"muck" heap of capitalism la quite
sufficient to torn th* stomach of a
aewer rat, even when left undisturbed
by the "muck rake." If the "man
witb tbe muck rake" ta allowed to pursue his avocation of stirring up the
foul me** the stench may become so
overwhelming a* to Induce human aociety In sheer self-defence to consign
fOthy capitalism and Ita compost-heap,
civilisation, to that oblivion that ha*
already swallowed many an unclean
thing. May "Teddy the Strenuous,"
John R. and the "big corporations" get
In their work on th* "muck rake"
fiend before It te everasatlngly too late
to eave oblivion's etomach from the
awful doee.
IjOC*1 Vancouver 8. P. of C. la arranging for a general good time In
commemoration of International Labor
Day, to be held at North Vancouver,
Saturday afternoon and evening, May
6th. Pete Laraen'a grounds and pavilion have been secured for the occasion. There will be sports for
young and old, dancing In the pavilion
from IM to 6 In th* afternoon and fl.to
to 11.M In the evening.. Good music
ka* been secured and refreshments
will be obtainable upon the grounds.
Ferry tickets will be on aale by Com-
radea at tha Vancouver wharf beginning with the 1 o'clock boat. Laat
boat from North Vancouver will leave
at midnight. All an Invited to participate tn fraternal concourse upon this
the Labor Day that expresses the solidarity of Labor In all land*
Come by the 1 o'clock boat, or aa
soon thereafter aa possible. Bring your
wife, your children, your sweetheart,
your neighbor*, your frienda and your
lunch baaket, and have the time of your
HARDWARE art       {
Second Hand Oealer \
Cook Stole* ami Tools a
We buy gad aell all klavii of
■crap metal, old machinery.
rubber,  aacka, bottle*, eu.
Store*—138 Cordova St., E,
hardware * Junk. 101 pow.-li
St., new and second-hand fur-
S. 6
Let the Clarion print your
printing.   Tel. 824.   Box 886.
PHONE  A1676
Employment   and   Financial A-rents.
Real  Estate
Expert* and
Room 9,  Miller  Block.
32 Cordova St, Vancouver, B.C.
Telephone 3891.
Sanitary Expert*. Plumbing In *»
IU branches. Estimate* rurals****!.
Repair*, stove connections, etc.
IN wESTWMfEl AVE., tate* •» *»•
Hand-Made Roots and Shoes to order In
stl style*.   Repairing promptly »nd neatly don*,    atop* of staple i-sedy-wa.te
Shots always on hasd.
MM WMlatMtw Rvt      «ta*t PlttMrt
f*Ja»»gi a>l
Our new Oaa Holder Is now completed, and we are In n better
position  than  ever to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
If our promises are not already connected, and you would like
an estimate of the cost of connection, please
giving your address, and we will send out our representative, wh<>
will give j'ull Information.
Vancouver Gas Company, Ltd.


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