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The Western Clarion Jun 2, 1906

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Published in the Interests of the Working Class Alone.
THI" l»
A Letter of Advice ae to the Proper Treatment to be Accorded
to Impodent Hete-PoWeg Officials and SolMtudinous
Political Puppets.
Toronto, May IS.—The agitation over
the censorship established by ths
i'i..-t'itlli:e and Customs Departments, of
which the stoppage of tha Appeal to
Iteason was but the first step. Is having
its effect He vera I leading capitalist
newspapers bave realised that the
government has gone too far. Articles
calling for the rescinding of the ruling
have appeared In several papers, including the Toronto Globe and Winnipeg Free i'reas, both government organs, and the Toronto World, the
tlminplon of the middle class against
the big capitalists. Things are coming our way. But to succeed we must
keep It up. lt won't do to relax our
efforts because a few capitalist party
papers bave spoken out It is a way
they have of maintaining their fast-
nun Ing reputation as guardians of the
public Interest, When the government
i. i |ienates some specially noteworthy
piece uf rascality they write one or two
fairly strong condemnatory editorials,
und then lapse Into silence, continuing
tu give the rascals a general support.
Then if tha matter comes up and the
public hasn't quite forgotten all about
it, the editor can become virtuously
Indignant and exclaim: "Oh, but wc
condemned It at the time. Uook what
. ■ said about It." Here follows the extra, t from the back files. And so the
editors' precious reputation f-ir consistency nnd outspokenness Is saved.
nnd his support become* more valuable
than ever. The game Is perfectly well
understood, our capitalist rulers allow
their h'-ii. Iiinen considerable latitude
nt off times so long rut they know lb. y
will line up all right In election cain-
So it won I do lo take overmuch slock
In lhe attitude of the partisan press.
We must reiterate and emphasise our
protests. Here are a few suftttestlons lo
lhe comradse who may not y-t have
taken any Individual action In the matter:
l.'-t every one write a personal letter to the Hoatmaster-General. the
Mlnlst«rr of Customs or the Premier, to
nil three would be better, telling tbem
in plain, atralght-fiirwurd language
exactly what you think about them.
Don't mince matters. Don't waate time
hunting about for fine phrases or soft
words. Put It Juat as clearly nnd
forcibly as If you were addressing ynur
I-otal. You may. perhaps, rec-elve sn
answer, as I did. telling you thnt you
"re n bad man and that your langu-
■•Ke .■ "Intemperate" Well, whet of
H?   That's all they can do to you—as
tions. Keep 'em busy, comrades, keep
'em busy. Qlve the tax-eaters a chance
to earn their salaries. Remember paper and envelopes are cheap, and It
don't cost a cent for postage.
Many of you are old countrymen.
Write to your home papers, or to the
Radical lAindun Journals, giving the
facts briefly and calling the attention
of those who think of emigrating to
Canada that they must be prepared to
lose some of the liberties of free speech
and discussion they now enjoy, and
that their reading matter will be subject to the Aylesworth censorship. The
publication of a few such letters would
be very effective.
Finally, write lo anybody else you
can think of. Keep the ball rolling.
Don't let up and we shall win out
yet The Department of Justice has
nol been so far Russian ls*»d as to enable thc government lo hang, flog or
exile a man for speaking the truth In
plntn English. Bo let them have a good.
strnlghl-frOm-t he-shoulder expression
of your resentment.
Then, again, write to your M. P. He
does not represent you or your class In
tha true sens.? of the word of course,
but he Is supposed to do so and to bo
attentive to any requests from his
constituent-, We may aa well take
mlvnntage of all these legal and constitutional fictions and traditions, even
though we know them to be shams.
Ask him what lie means to do about lt.
Worry him. Keep him busy answering
letters. He has got to answer lctters
from his constituents for fear of offending people and losing votes, and can't,
In most cases, discriminate between Socialists and others. Suppose every M.
P. had received about a hundred loiters urging him to use his Influence,
and they kept coming In all the time,
don't you suppose that lor hia own Interests he would do snme thing, If only
for the sake of peace?
ltemetnbcr It costs nothing for postage to write to members ot the government or to members of Parliament
while the latter are attending to their
Write to such other members of
Parliament as have shown themselves
a little more Independent than the
ordinary partisan. Such men as W. T.
Maclean and Henri Bouraasa, not forgetting Dr. Barr, who raised the question In the House. Ask him why he
don't follow the matter up.
After you have made youT kick keep
on worrying the departments. Many
ways of doing tble will suggest themselves. Appeal subscribers might make
nut a bill for their unexpired subscriptions and send It to the Postmaster-
Oeneral with a pome request for payment Or write a letter to Aylt_worth
or Pateraon stating tbat you wish to
subscribe to some well -no*- American
mper-any paper will do-ond thot ln
view of the exclusion of the Appeal
from the malls you would like to know
whether sold paper meets with the approval of the ruling claso or whether
it is likely to be excluded os being
"disloyal, seditious, scurrilous, etc," All
those letter* will have to be duly read,
recorded, filed, and answered according  to   government red-tape  regula-
About WO people were present ln the
City Hall on Monday evening last to
listen to Comrade Austin Lewis, of
California, on the recent earthquake,
with especial reference to lis effects
upon the working class. Comrade
Lewis Is a fluent and convincing
speaker. He carries with him a perfect fund of Information, not only regarding thc recent catastrophe In California, but the industrial and sociological conditions that exist In these glorious times under the rule of capitalist
property. Ile gave a graphic description of the earthquake and the fire
which followed, pointing out thc fact
that the terrible loss of life ln the
W'nrklng-clnss districts was largely
due to the shoddy character of the
buildings In which the workers were
herd«-d. which resulted In their ready
collapse wllh Ihe earthquake Shock,
the Inmates being burled In the ruins
and burnt lu the fire which Immediately followed. Th* flimsy construction of Ihe plant of the water company which supplied the city with
water, gave way under the strain of
the upheaval, and the city was thus left
at the mercy of the flames. The
speaker claimed that if the buildings
of the city had ixwn properly constructed nnd the water mains substantially
laid, the terrible loss of life would not
have occurred, nnd the city would not
have been laid waste by fire. The
Vancouver papers gave a tolerably fair
report of the meeting, although the
Province could not refrain from running Us report under the bead lines,
"Says Capitalists Destroyed City." As
Lewis mede no such stntement, the
only charitable excuse to be offered for
the He Implied In the headline referred
tn is thnt the lying habit once formed,
holds Ita victim with n grip that is not
more easily broken than that of opium
upon the devotee of the pipe.
The following re the meeting ls dipped from the World of Tuesday, May
Fresh light was thrown on the San
Francisco disaster hy Mr. Austin Lewis
In a most Interesting lecture delivered
under the auspices of the Socialist I
Parly tn the City Hall last night The
lecture was divided Into two parts. The
first part was purely and graphically
descriptive; the second was a demonstration of the extent to which the effects of the earthquake and the fire
were aggravated by the results of
human selfishness and greed as these
were written la-lhe life nf the cily,
effect on the rebuilding of the city, and
a corresponding effect on real estate
values. Not 60 only, but 200 perished In
the Valencia Hotel. Spenklng of the
military, he said the regulars behaved
well, but.the excesses and atrocities
complained of were committed by the
mllltla. These were also due ln large
measure to the mayor's proclamation,
In which the only word that stood out
In bold letters waa the word kill. Only
five per cent of the damage was done
by the earthquake. The damage done
by the fire was due to the defective
plant of the Spring Valley Water Company, which owned the city supply. The
fire continued as long as It did because those who conducted the dynamiting operations tried, in ibe Interests of capital, to spare valuable buildings, and It was got under control as
soon as a man who did the work thoroughly was put In charge. He declared that the capitalists had already got
the whip hand in San Francisco, and
Intended to take advantage of existing
circumstances, so as to compel the
working classes to rebuild the city for
board merely. One thousand Japanese
were to be Imported to clean up the debris. Mayor Schmltz, he said, the nominee of the trades unions, had gone
over entirely to the capitalists. The
speaker closed with an appeal for financial support.
The following resolution regarding
the action of the Postmaster-Oeneral
In shutting the Appeal to Reason out
of the Canadian mails was passed unanimously:
Whereas, A socialist publication
known as "The Appeal to Reason,"
published In Glrard, Kansas. U. S. A..
has, through the action of the Postmaster General of Canada, been denied circulation through the Canadian
malls,  and  has further been  refused
admission through the Canadian customs; and
Whereas this cannot but be con-.
nt rued as an attempt to establish a
censorship of the press in Canada, and
ls therefore a wilful infringement of
rights of citizenship and an encroachment upon the liberties of the subject;
Whereas it Is an unwarranted usurpation of authority on the part of the
Postmaster General to presume to dictate to the people of Canada as to
what they shall or shall not read, and
that such assumption of autocratic
power is ln direct and open violation
of thc fundamental principles of political freedom; therefore,
Be it Resolved, that we, residents
of Vancouver, ln public meeting assembled, ln the City Hall, Vancouver. I). C. on the 28th day of May,
l!«"«. most vehemently protest against
ihis lawless and high-handed act on
the part of the Postmaster General,
arid peremptorily demand the Immediate reinstatement of "The Appeal to
Iteason" Ir. the Canadian malls; and
Be lt further resolved, that we unanimously and severely censure the
members of Parliament at Ottawa for
their neglect of duty in tamely allowing this presumptlous action on the
part of the Postmaster General to pass
unchallenged, and we hereby demand
of t bein as public servants, to take
immediate steps towards the abolition
of tills censorship of the press.
On next Sunday evening, June 3rd,
Comrade Lewis will speak In the
Grand Theatre. Cordova St. His Subject will be "Socialism In the Universities." By special request be will
give a brief synopsis of the events in
connection with the earthquake and
the economic lessons to be drawn
Pent op Indignation Borate Forth lo Lava-Like Stream Over
the Shaughaiing of Michael Mealing, ae Soon aa the
Typographical Union Takes op the Case.
The latter, however, Mr. Lewis traced
to the Inherent defects ot "our present
economic system." Mr. E. T. Kingsley
presided, and Messrs. Pritchard and
Burns found seats on tho platform. The
attendance was small.
The chairman. In his Introductory
remarks, made reference to the recent
case of alleged shanghaiing, to which
the World has given more prominence
than any other local newspaper. He
merely referred to lt to Illustrate a half
humorous statement that Vancouver Is
becoming wicked, and he bracketed It
with a statement In similar vein tc
the effect that he saw from the paper
that evening that beer was actually
drunk ln Vancouver on Sunday.
Mr. Lewis ln the course of his portrayal of the conditions prevailing ln
San Francisco, showed that the relief,
measures were altogether Inadequate.
Between two and three hundred thousand people had no home, no clothes,
except those they stood In, no employment, and no tools If they had the
employment. The relief fund was estimated at J20.ixi0.ooo. Taking the number receiving relief at the lowest figure
this sum amounted to about $10 each.
He declared that tho newspaper despatches concealed the truth, because
the whole of the associated press service was In the hands of the real estate Interests, who were exceedingly
anxious that the truth should not get
out, because It would have a disastrous
Thc tender and fatherly consideration for their welfare that prompted
the Postmaster-General to wrap the
BBBTOl Of Ills solicitude around -tta»
Canadian workingman and protect
htm against the contaminating influence of "scurrilous and seditious"
literature, seems to have been met
with base Ingratitude all along thc
Everybody takes a slap at the Ayles.
worth person now without any apparent compunction of conscience. In
spite of his evident good Intentions ln
their behalf it seems that there Is no
working plug In the whole bunch so
poor ln spirit as to longer do him reverence, one after another the various organisations of labor throughout
the Dominion pause from the consideration of serious matters Just long
enough to take a vicious kick at him
upon general principles. Gladstone
Local Union* No. 2314, United Mine
Wrorkers of America, recently took oc-
castlon to take a whack at the gent
and his good intentions, as the following will show:
Penile, B. C, May 26, 1906.
Editor "Clarion":     Dear    Sir—Herewith  please  Und    copy of  resolution
passed by the above Local to be published ln your valuable paper.
Trusting you will be so kind as to
Und room for same, and oblige
Yours truly,
THOS. BIGGS, Secretary.
"Whereas   the    Postmnster-General
licatlon known as the "Appeal to Reason." and the "Eye Opener":
And whereas we believe this step
to be In the direction of a press censorship, which we condemn absolute-
And whereas we consider that we
are the best Judges of what literature
is best for ourselves:
Therefore be lt resolved that we.
the Miners and Mine Laborers of
Penile condemn and strongly protest
against the action of the Postmaster-
Cieneral tn refusing the use of the
malls to the "Appeal to Reason," and
the "Eye Opener," and demand as
citizens of Canada that these papers
be reinstated In the use of the malls
as they express the sentiments of the
And lt is further resolved that a
copy of this resolution be forwarded
to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, the Postmaster-
Oeneral, W. H. Galllher, M. P., and
the "Western Clarion."
If the working man received payment In full for his labor wtll some
scientific gent please rise and explain
how It would be possible for any one
to make n profit out of employing
Aa wc note the thousands of men
throughout this western country who,
with their Indispensable bundle of
blankets, drift now here and now there
as a result of the shifting nature and
the uncertainty of their employment,
a feeling of sadness comes over us at
the thought    of  Socialism   destroying
-uiiiv.ai   i   imj      |||i.||r,iit ...       w.n   i.i,,.-,.,■      ....... \r j , ..g,
of Canada has seen fit to refuso the  the ties of "family life" and "breaking
use of the malls of Canada to the pub- • up the home."
Michael  Keating a native of New
Brunswick, 65 years of age, and bis
chum,  two  lumber Jacks,  have been
working for some time past at a logging camp near Revelstoke.   Hearing
of better wages at the Coast they quit
their   employment     ln   the     interior
about two weeks slnec and came to
| Vancouver.     Upon  their arrival  they
secure J  employment  with  a concern
conducting logging operations at some
point  up  the Coast      Having a few
•lays at their disposal before departing for their new field of labor, Mr.
Keatlng's chum took occasion to attend to some business that called him
awa>   troro  the city for a few days.
A  day or so after his departure his
friend, Keating fell In with a couple
of af.'able gentlemen who Induced him
to p.itake of the contents of a bottle which they had in their    possession,  and  the  next  thing  Mr.  Keating knew he found himself occupying
a-bunk on board the "wtnd-Jammer"
Mozambique,  lying at anchor  In  the
harbor.   He was not long in realising
that hi had been "shanghaied."    He
was fortunate enough,    however,    to
rmuggle a note ashore to the police
und an officer tame on board armed
with a search warrant.   Mr. Keating
was taken ashore and the matter was
given a  hearing in Justice Williams'
court.  By the way. this Justice Willi-* ms  Is  the  same  Justice  who gave
ttire<*   >oung   men  six  months    each
with doable "leg-Irons" for the heinous crime of sleeping in a C. P. R. box
car, about two years since.    Although
it was as "plain is a pike-staff" that
Keating had been foully dealt with at
the   h. nds  of  the  affable gentlemen
who manipulated the bottle and compounded Its contents, by the exercise
of  that  Inscrutable  wisdom  that can
only percolate through the meshes of
the Judicial sieve, he was ordered rein t-m-d to the custody of the captain
01 lb    "wind-Jammer."   It was shown
that he had signed articles for a voyage »s an able seaman, although he
11a-i. never been on board a ship in his
lit.-,  snd  had  received an advnee  of
$'.;0, though he had not a cent ln his
possession,  whereas prior to his adventure  he  had  been  the    fortunate
possessor of some $40 or $50.    But
'he story leaked out.    It reached the
*ars of some of the members of the
Typographical Union.    At the last regular meeting of that body the matter was brought up and It was decided
that   this  outrage  should  not  be allowed to go unchallenged.   A telegram
briefly stating the facts was forward-
id to R. G. Macpherson, M. P., with
the request that the matter be called
to  the attention  of the Minister    of
Marine, and steps be taken to protect
Keating   and   bring   to  an   end  such
practices at  this port.    The message
was no sooner on the way than everybody seemed  suddenly  possessed    of
unwonted activity.       Everybody  "got
busy on behalf of Keating.    The tele-
t hone was worked overtime, and the
first thing Mr. Keating knew he was
no longer an able seaman but Just a
common lumber jack at perfect liberty to brave the dangers of the Jungle
end drag the stubborn saw-log from
its lair.
But such activity. It was something fierce. Red hot from the wires
came Macpherson's answer to the
message sent, denouncing the affair
as a "dastardly outrage," and promising to "leave no stone unturned," etc.
The august City Council ceased Its
phlegmatic and ponderous consideration of the weighty matter of a civic
by-law regulating the hours of dancing, and became a veritable Vesuvius
in action. The Mayor. "His Wushup,"
crdered the police to become active
and "put a stop to shanghaiing at all
costs." It ls suspicloned by some that
It will require more than the Mayor's I
orders to enforce that sort of activity
orders to Infuse that sort of activity
Into the police. As far as the cost Is
concerned, "Keating seems the only one
who has thus far made good. Like
the Nasarene, he has paid It all. The
Council's activity actually culminated
in the passage of a resolution without
a dissenting grunt.
By Its vigorous action In taking this
matter up and going direct to the Ottawa authorities through the member
for this  district,  the    Typographical
Union struck the keynote which was
bound to meet with response from all
cuarters.    A valuable leason may be
drawn from this, which should be followed by the workers In every case
where one of their number Is being
made a victim of the thugs and ruffians which  present capitalist  civilisation   so   prolific-ally   breeds.     Many
of the Iniquities and Impositions now
practised   on       helpless      Individual
members of the working class by capitalist officialdom and the miserable
spawn  that  too  often  lurks  beneath
Its cloak, can be prevented lf the or
ganlsed  workers  will  but  follow  the
lead set by the Typos, ln this instance
\ This Is by no means the first case of
shanghaiing that ever      occurred  In
Vancouver.    The  probability  Is  that
It will not be the last.   Untold brutalities will be  practiced upon unfortunate wage-staves who may perchance
fall Into  the clutches of the human
wolves that are   bred   In the purlieus
of capitalist rule.   That these brutal
Itles may be reduced to a minimum
let every working man be ever vigi
lant, and ready At a moment's notice
to come to the assistance of hia fellow In distress, and kick up such a hula-
baloo as to compel capitalist society
to at least observe the rules of common decency In Its treatment of even
the humblest wage-slaves. But when
the working men get busy looking opt
for their own affairs it Is laughable
to note the activity displayed by the
ruling class and Its henchmen In their
efforts to safe-guard the workers' Interests. Their seal upon behalf of the
toller and the righteous- wrath with
which tbey denounce an*^ "dastardly
outrage" perpetrated upon blm, la
touching Indeed. With such disinterested friends to safeguard bis welfare
the worker ts indeed fortunate. But
it were well to remember that the
"crimpers" who "doped" Keating and
got him on board the Moiamblque are
still at large. They are well known
to the Vancouver police, that Is If tbe
aforesaid police know anything. And
tbe Mosambique is still anchored in
the harbor. In spite of all the present activity in bis behalf the worker
had better sleep with at least one eye
open.   Two would be better.
Senator David is sort of a good old
soul. He still believes the Senate of
Canada has a mission. The other day
the anti-Goliath was speechmaklng.
He said among other things: "The
struggle now is between moderate and
extreme democracy, between capital
and labor. In my opinion labor will
triumph and dominate the lower characters of the legislative world. Working men need have no fear of the Senate." Certainly not, dear David. Upon assuming the administration of Industry in Canada, the workers will
rimply relieve the poor over-worked
Senators of their onerous duties, and
allow them free wards in the O'.d
Men's Home for the rest of their natural lives. And not a man will harm
a hair of their heads.
i i
Stonecutters at St. Marc de Car-
rleree. Quebec, recently went on s rise
to enforce tbe demand for an eight-
hour day. One of the reasons given
by the bosses for refusing to grant
their demand was that many of their
employees, who were working ty the
piece, were so we.k from oli age,
youth or Ill-health that they would be
unable to earn a living if they had an
etght-hour day. It Is thus that the
tender solicitude of the emp oyer protects the weak and defenceless against
the greed and avarice of the strong
and unscrupulous. In this nvnner
does god capital "temper tbe wind to
the ahorn lamb" of the slave market.
Although the trial of Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone has been postponed for some months there should be no
let-up in holding protest meetings and
gathering funds for their defence.
Every dollar that can be raised will
be needed, as warfare ln the capital st
courts Is an expensive process, and the
defence in this case must not be crippled by lack of ammunition. Keep
right on gathering funds and forward
same to »
Acting Secretary-Treasurer,
Denver, Colorado.
A number of carpenters who were
working on the Canadian smelter at
Frank, Alberta, were recently discharged for refusing to work on Sunday.
With the Lords Day Alliance after
him on the one band to compel him
to observe the Sabbath, and tbe capitalists upon the other cutting off his food
supply lf he does, the Canadian
workman Is between the devil and the
deep sea. To be pious or not to be so
Is a most serious question with him.
Chicago census-takers are paid one
cent per name for all children located.
Thoee assigned to the swell residential
districts have been forced to throw up
their Jobs, as they could not find
enough children in a week to pay for
one day's grub. Those assigned to the
Ghetto are said to be making all kinds
of money. There is no "race suicide"
Industrial accidents occurred to 247
work people in Canada during the
month of April, according to the report of the Department of Labor. Ot
these 66 were fatal, while 181 resulted
In serious Injuries. Canada Is enjoying an era of peace. Peace, however,
seems to be about aa costly In human
blood as does grlm-vlsaged war.
A local of the Socialist Party of Canada has been organised at Berlin,
Ontario., by Comrade O'Brien. As this
makes four locals In the Province, It
is now up to them to organise a Provincial Executive Committee and thus
get tn shape to push the good work
along systematically and energetically.
The Chemalnus Mill Company Is
gradually replacing Its Chinese snd
Japanese laborers with white men.
This may be taken as an Indication
that there la more Juice to be squeesed
out of a white laborer's bones than
out of those of tbe Chink and Jap,
■fHMMMIMNi-ij fl-'-V
s : .;ii
!J    "Wf
fi/..   Swiss
TH WESTERN CttJ-ltlOli,  V_dtt*tttf_Jt,   EMTIBH   OOLPlBlU
Bat-raay .>i....Jane 5, i%fj
Ihe Men Dm
Published •very Saturday In the
tntarosts of Uw working class alone
at tha Office ot the Western Clarion,
Flack Block bassmtnt, 165 Hastlnga
Street. Vancouver. B. C.
Strictly la Advance.
Yearly subscription cards In lota
of Ave or move. 76 cent- each.
Adv-rUnlng rates on application.
It you receive thla paper, it la paid
A Jill — all communications to
Box 836,
Vancouver, B. C
Watch this laftti on your paper. If thla _umMsr to on It,
your subscription expires tha
next iaaue. 	
Saturday June 2, 1906.
The District Court of Canyon County, Idaho, convened at Caldwell, on
May 29th, for the purpose of trying
Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone for
complicity In the murder of ex-Governor Steunenberg. Upon motion of the
lawyers for the prosecution the cases
were postponed until after the habeas
corpus proceedings, now pending In
the United States Supreme Court, have
been disposed ot. As the heating ln
the habeas corpus matter will not
come off until October next, this
means that the imprisoned officers of
the Western Federation of Miners
must remain ln Jail for fully five
months to come before they can obtain a hearing as to their guilt or Innocence of the crime charged.
It ha1! been a <*l»**,'*r~t"g fiction long
hugged to the human breast that the
law presumed every person Innocent
until proven guilty. If this were not
a mere fiction these three Innocent
men are being thus held ln confinement, and are to be so held for some
months to come, in order to suit the
whim or caprice of those who are
supposed to be charged with the duty
of seeing that Justice ls done even to
the humblest The persecuted and
imprisoned men have not courted the
law's delay. They have been at all
times since their arrest, ready for an
Immediate trial. That they have not
been brought to trial and their guilt
or innocence long since established
should be evidence sufficient to convince the most skeptical that Justice
and capitalist law are entire strangers
to each other.
To appeal to the law's delay, or to
take advantage of the clumsy and
awkward processes of legal procedure,
for the purpose of delaying the final
verdict, ls open confession of a weak
case. The attitude and conduct ot the
prosecution ln this case from the Inception of Its Infamous conspiracy
down to Its last contemptible aot ot
courting the law's delay only to prolong the misery of Its persecuted victims, and the torture of their loved
ones, has proclaimed from the house-
lops the Innocence of the Imprisoned
men, and established beyond the per-
adventure of a doubt the guilt of
those responsible for their Incarceration. Their every act has proclaimed
them guilty of conspiracy to murder.
Capitalist law approaches closely to
an axact science, but lt Is the "science
of Injustice." That IU reign ls a most
glorious one is amply attested by lu
splendid equipment of penitentiaries,
Jails, prisons, work-houses, bastlles
and bull-pens lr every land under the
sun, and IU magnificent retinue of
constables, sheriffs, bailiffs, marshals,
deputies, Justices, magistrates, Judges,
policemen, turn-keys, wardens, detectives, confession manufacturers,
guards and Governor Gooding.
The Uw U undoubtedly great. It Is
great in pomp and ponderosity; In
humbug, sham and pretense. It Is a
class Instrument, created and wielded
In the Interest of class rule. At tbe
present sUge of human evenU, the
law and IU machinery ls the Instrument whereby capitalist property
holds the working class in subjection
to IU merciless exploitation and outrage. Capitalist law ls a total
stranger to Justice. As far as IU affording any protection to the working-
man ls concerned it is a huge farce.
This of course applies solely to the
United States. It's different In Canada.   Ahem!
News comes from San Francisco
that organized labor of that city has
most vigorously denounced the
8chmlt_ administration "for 1U servitude to the public service corporations."    It will be remembered tbat
Schmitz was elected as the candidate
of the Union Labor Party, ostensibly
as a labor mayor. Along with hia
board of supervisors lt seems he has
now turned over to the United
Railroads a practical monopoly of the
streets of the city. This has caused
a great outcry among the trade unionists and bitter are the denunciations
hurled at his administration for its
gross betrayal ot the trust Imposed ln
It by the confiding workmen through
whose suffrage lt was placed
in power.
That .Schmitz and his administration
should prove to be the pliant tools
of corporate property Is by no means
strange to the Socialist. There has
been nothing ln the programme of
Schmitz, and the trade union element
that stood sponsor for his administration, that could point to any other
outcome or lead to any other conclusion. Predicated entirely upon the
present system of property and with
no more radical pretension than that
of at one and the same time conserving the Interests of both employer and
employee, lt waa a foregone conclusion that'sooner or later tt must prove
iUelf subservient to that which holds
supreme mastery ln the field of modern Industry and trade. It must eventually stand exposed as a mere instrument of big capital. The final result
could not be hidden from the eye of
the Socialist by the hypocritical mask
of labor pretence.
Now that the expected has happened, and the instrument responded to
the touch of ite master, capitalist property, the confiding trade unloslsts
are being rudely awakened from their
dream of fancied security and made
aware that they have once more been
used as pawns upon the chessboard of
capitalist politics. Just how many
more such experiences will be necessary before they will learn that the
politics of labor can no more be mixed
with the politics of capital than oil
can be mixed with water, remains for
the future to disclose.
The political movement of labor
must, If lt is to succeed, be the true
expression of the economic interests
of the working class. Those interests
are in no way wrapped up with the
interesU of the exploiting class. The
interests of the one class are absolute
ly destructive of the Interests of ths
other. The Interests of both cannot be
conserved by the same political move
ment The political movement of la
bor that is the true expression of
working class InteresU makes for the
overthrow of the wage system, and not
for a harmonizing of the conflicting
InteresU ot employers and employees.
To such a political movement alone
can the workers pin their faith without being subject to the rude awaken
ing experienced by the San Francisco
labor men as the outcome of ■ the
SchmlU Union Labor Party farce.
The comrades throughout the Interior
of the Province who have been making
request for speakers should not overlook the opportunity of securing the
services of Comrade Austin Lewis of
Oakland, California, who ls now making a short tour on behalf of tbe California movement, which has suffered
severely by the recent catastrophe in
that SUte. Comrade Lewis Is an attorney at law, who by years of persistent labor bad succeeded In building
up a lucrative practice in San Francisco. This was, of course, wiped completely out ln tbe recent disaster. Although a member of the legal profession he understands the Socialist movement purely from tbe standpoint of
the proletariat, and ls an effective and
able exponent of tbe revolutionary aspirations of the International working
class. The comrades along his route
should use every effort to advertise his
meetings and secure aa large an attendance as possible. His lectures will be
not only entertaining, but Instructive
as well.
The president of a big St. Louis dry-
goods house employed a freight broker
to look after the interests of his firm
ln the matter of railway rates.   It Is
unlawful tor railways to practise discrimination In the matter of rates. The
St.  Louis merchant was baled before
the court, along with the broker and
some of the railway officials, upon a
charge of conspiracy.   It was brought
out ln the  merchant's evidence that
he had upon numerous occaalona received sums of money running up Into
the hundreds of dollars from persons
whom he did not know.   Neither did he
know for what purpose tbe money was
given, nor from what source lt came.
S-'o far as known the court was unable to "show him," although this hap-
jened ln the great State of Missouri.
Things are coming   to a pretty pasa
when an honest merchant-cannot accept a little eaay money from an unknown  source  without being susplc-
loned of conspiracy to violate the law.
Ing Baer at their head, are only a
band, of thieves Just like any other
capitalist bunch. There ls said to be
honor even among thieves. Probably
Baer and his pals are possessed of as
much honor as any other bunch of
thieves, but from the very nature of
their calling—skinning wage slaves-
It must of necessity be of doubtful
quality In the eyes of honest men.
The Plum Run mine, near Smlth-
fleld, Ohio, ls Just now a centre of
military operations. The mine has
been manned by non-union labor, and
big navy searchlights have been put In
position to light up the surrounding
country so that any invading force
may be swept away. An excellent
Maxim gun has been placed to do the
sweeping. It ls thus that the dove of
peace hovers over the industrial field.
The Chinese Laundrymen's Union of
Vanco uver ls now on strike to enforce
a reduction In the length of the working day from 19 hours to lfi, The employers are very properly resisting this
most unreasonable demand. It Is high
time the greed and selfishness of laboring men received a decided and
wholesome check. Otherwise they
will soon get so they will not work at
all. The Idea of working but 16 hours
per day Is preposterous.
There ls an Inestimable value at
tached to the dignity of labor lf we
are to believe what our dear capitalist
friends tell us. And how unselflsh
they are. They Insist that the worker
shall take unto himself all of the dl_•
nlty. This is perhaps due to the fact
that its value cannot be realised upon
ln the market
Trainmen employed by the In er.ia-
tlonal Railway Company at Niagara
Falls, Ont., had their wages Increased
one-third of a cent per hour during
the month of April. They are n iw
wearing silk bats and frock coats In
"By Industry we thrive," provided,
of course, that we stand In a position
to swipe the product of the Industrious one's labor. Thia is somewhat
nullified when the Industrious one is
such a lazy cuss that his production Is
The difference between tbe wages of
labor and the sum realised from the
sale -ef the products in the market
represenU tbe extent of the plunder
practised upon the workers under the
rule of capitalist property.
Sir,—An Incident has Just come
under my notice re National Women's
Political Association. This association
is now organising iu different branches. Tbey have their canvassers going
from door to door trying to persuade
women to Join the society by telling
them that the socialists di t.ot believe
in the marriage tie, and if they do not
join their society and vote solid with
them that these dreadful people will
get Into Parliament next December
and the country will be ruined, their
children Uken from them and put in
to a SUte nursery. This story waa
told to a woman In Malvern the other
day, who had her three little children
at her side: pointing to them, the can
vasser of this society pictured their
dreadful condition under socialism.
The woman really believed her until
the husband came home at night, and
he, being one of the wage slaves, waa
soon able to put all fear from his
wife's mind. Now socialism does not
Interfere with the marriage tie. So
cialism is purely an economic question,
a bread-and-butter question. Under
the present capitalist system the home
life Is sadly affected—this system
which is forcing men, their wives and
children apart, by paying such a small
wage to the husband, resulting In the
wife having to leave her home and
children day after day to go out and
work to help to get their dally bread.
The labor of women and children Is
the first thing sought for by capltal-
isU who use machinery, while husband
and father Is compelled to remain at
home. Under socialism the people
will own the machinery—and own and
control the means of production, distribution and exchange, thereby giving the worker the full value of his
labor; which will strengthen the marriage tie. The woman will be socially
and economically Independent; she
will be no longer subject to dominion
and exploitation; she will be free and
mistress of her home; living under
natural conditions she will be able to
unfold and exercise her mental powers
and faculties, to bring her children up
with a true motherly love and devotion as well as Intelligence and good
sense.-—Elizabeth Roth, ln Sydney
stltutlon he was promptly refused admission, the hosplUl having ne use
for a man with mumps. The hack being gone he was compelled to return ou
the cars to bis lodgings. The next day
he succeeded again ln getting Into communication with Dr. McTavlsh, who
procured him an order from the Mayor for admission to the hospital. He
was again refused admission, and as
before, the street acted as an ambulance to convey him back to the Columbia Hotel, whose proprietor now
discovered he could no longer entertain
him for fear of losing his guests. Eventually Mr. Habrlch found a resting
place ln a cabin at Cedar Cove. Here
being among the "brutallsed working
clawss" he received every kindness and
attention. His new found nelghbors
exerted themselves to make him as
comfortable as possible and under the
effective and systmatlc treatment of
Dr. McTavlsh hc rapidly recovered his
former health. At the same time a
friend, Mr. Tweedle. from the Squamish, succeeded In getting some money
down to him and Mr. Habrlch is now
able again to sally forth In quest of a
master. It Is doubtful If he will ever
be able to differentiate between a pub-
He hospital and the most exclusive private sanitarium, but he desires to express his appreciation of Dr. McTav-
lah and of his Cedar Cove neighbors.
We hope that thia lesson will be taken
to heart by those members of the working class who contribute towards the
upkeep of this characteristic capitalist
institution by dropping their mite Into
the begging bowl extended by the more
or less propossesslng female persons
who recently posted themselves at
coigns of vantage through the city, actuated no doubt by the most purely
charitable motives and with no thought
of advertising their own superlative
holiness. It may be added that this
supposedly public hospital was built
with money appropriated from the Provincial and city treasuries and IU upkeep ls, at least partly, maintained by
funds raised by the aforesaid begging
process. If, however, It ls to be run
as a select private Institution, and the
needy workingman Is to be turned from
Its door, it ts up to the worker to pass
by upon the other side of the street
the next time tbe begging act ls played
upon the streets of Vancouver.
If value Is the average amount of
necessary social labor required at any
g{ven time and under given conditions
ti produce a commodity—what Is
, Price and Value are In the last
analysis the same thing. Price Is the
value of a commodity expressed In
money terms. Price Is to value what
tile waves and tides are to the ocean:
tlie waves and tides do not raise the
general level of the ocean, they merely
represent a disturbed state of the
ocean; when one part Is raised It Is
balanced by a corresponding depression at another part.
Fluctuations In price do not raise
the general level of the value of commodities. Tbey are due to disturbances ln the relation or ratio between
supply and demand springing from
natural or artificial causes, 1. e„ failure
tn some part of the productive area,
or superabundance: these are the natural. The artificial causes--—of which
cornering ls the best known—are numerous; but they are all, In the last analysis, disturbances In the ratio between supply and demand; e. g., a
"corner" Is the creating of a scarcity
ln a certain commodity—that Is to
say, a scarcity everywhere except In
the hands ot the monopoliser or "cor-
nerer." This attempt gives rise to
counteraction by capitalists ouUlde
the monopoly, with the result that the
"comerer" often falls.
Supply and demand act In opposition to each other: demand raises
price, supply lowers It. Two locomotives on the same line of rails, running
at full speed from opposite directions,
would at their Impact merely destroy
each other. This ls exactly what supply and demand do: In the long run
they cancel or destroy each other:
thus, In the last analysis, Identifying
Price with Value—I. e., the average
amount of socially necessary labor.—
Sydney "People."
There ls no "graft" In connection
with the "Reading," asserts President
Baer, of that road. "We will not tolerate among us men who are not men
of the highest honor." The "Reading"
bunch ot capitalists, with the God-fear-
The case of S. A. Habrlch, which,
furnishing copy of a saleable character,
has attracted some attention In the
local press, is a beautiful Illustration
°f_ the workings of our alleged charl-
Ubie' Institutions." Mr. Habrlch, a
stranger In town, developed a severe
attack of mumps, ln its most dangerous form. He sought the advice of
Dr. McTavlsh. who, finding his tem-
pertare 10S, furnished him with a prescription, an order for admission to
the Public Hospital and a hack to take
him thither.  On his arrival at that ln-
Soclaltsm is said, by IU enemies, to
mean confiscation; to which IU friends
retort that It ls not confiscation but
restitution. As a matter of fact, however, restitution, strictly speaking. Is
Impossible. Is Is Impossible for the
rich to make restitution to the countless myriads of the past aa well as the
present whose unpaid labor has created the wealth these others enjoy.
Dr. Arthur thinks there ls not a
sufficient number of them In Australia,
hence his agonising appeals to the
capitalist class to sacrifice a large
part of their proflU In order to promote a large Increase In the exploitable class.—Ex.
Upon a big sheep ranch In Bannock
County, Idaho, 36 men are operating
20 shearing machines ln taking the
fleece from 30,000 sheep.   The machines
Wkwm or the World Unite*
gm-- **„.y Lsbor Cnlop In the pto*ai
Alta to place ■ csrd under Ihis bend i
month.    Secretaries please note.
'• is
1-9 „„
Phoenix      Miners'    Union,   No    a
W. F. M.    Meets   every Sslurds,
evening at 7.30 o'clock in MintrY
kail.     V. Ingram. prostatat   w  a
Pickard, swretari'.
We, the Socialist Party of Canada,
la cnnvooUon assembled, afflnn our
allegiance to and support of tho principles and program of the International revolutionary working class.
Labor produces all wealth, and to
labor It ahould Justly belong. To
the owners of ths moans of wealth
production belongs tbe product ot
labor. Ths present ocooomie eye-
tarn Is baaed upon capitalist ownership of the means of wealth production; therefore all the products of
labor belong to ths capitalist class.
Ths capitalist U master; ths worknr
Is slavo.
80 long as the capitalists remain
In possession of ths reins of government all ths powers of the state will
be used to protect and dsfeod their
property righU In ths means of
wealth production and their control
of ths product of lnbor.
Tke capitalist system gives to ths
capitalist an ever-swelling stream of
profits, and to ths worker an ovor-
increasiag measure of misery and
The Interest of the working clam
lies In the direction ot setting Itself
Iras from capitalist exploitation by
the afoolltlou of ths wage system. To
accomplish this n-osndtatao tha
transformation of capitalist property la the means of wealth production Into collective or wor-tag-class
The Irrepressible conflict ot InteresU between the capitalUt and ths
worker ls rapidly culminating in n
struggle for possession of the power
of government—the capitalist to hold
ths worknr to secure it by political
action.   This Is the clam strusgile.
Therefore, we cell upon all workers to organi/e under the banner of
the Socialist Party of Canada with
ths Object of conquering the public
powers for the purpose of setting up
and enforcing the economic progrna
of ths working dam, as follows:
1. The transformation as rapidly
as possible, of capitalist property la
ths means of wealth production (natural resources, factories, mills, railways, etc..) Into the collective property of the working claaa.
2. Thorough and democratic organization and management of industry by ths workers.
8. Ths eeUbHshm-ot, as speedily
as possible, of production for use
Instead of production for profit.
Tks Socialist Party, when ln office
shall always aad everywhere until
lho present system U abollsa-si.
make tks answer to this question Its
guiding rule of conduct. Wtll
legislation advance tks interesU of
ths working dam and aid ths workers ln their dam struggle against
capitalism? If It will, ths Socialist
Party Is tor It; If It wtll not. tha
Socialist Party U absolutely
ed to it.
In accordance with thia principle
tha Socialist Party pledgee Itself to
conduct all ths public affairs placed
la Its hands in such a manner as to
promote ths InteresU of tko working clam alone.
J. Edward Bird.    A. C. Brydon-J_.ii
Geo. E. McCrossan.
BAft-Um-KM. HOI.lt ITliKH, Kit
Tel. 82°. P.O. Box. 032.
824 nestings St. . . Vancouver. Ft.c
Socialist Directory
ghr Every   Local   of the Socialist
Psrty of Canada should run a e.art
under this   head.   11.00 per mnoih.
Secretaries please note.
Itrit-Mlt OotuiiibU Provincial Bxscutira
Committee. Boclnltxt Party of Can.
ada. MeeU every ultmi.it. Tims-
day. J. O. Morgan. SecreUry »i
Barnard Street.  Vancouver,   it. c.
Dumlalua Ksccntlve Cummin**.', s,,.
cUllat Party of Canada. Keels
every alternate Tuendiiy j r,
Morgan. SecreUry, c.i Barnard
Htreet. Vancouver, B. C.
I/oral Vancouver, No. I, s. p. of CM.
ada. Business meetings every
Monday evening at henditu •-:•.
Ingleside Block. Ill Gamble street,
(room 1, second floor). Educe-
tlonal meetings every Huin!u> at I
p. m.. In Sullivan Hall, Cordova
Street. D. P. Mills. gsBTSUry. Bui
8J*. Vancouver, B. C.
Loral Toronto, B. P. of C.—starts tea,
ond and fourth Tuesdays, got uini
Headquarters, !*&**> Queer: Street
West. F. Dale. Hecrelary. 41 Henry
8tree_ Jewish Branch meet* . rerj
Sunday night, aame hall.
IamwI Winnipeg. H. P. ..( 0—McM
first and third Sunday In Maccabea
Hall, corner King and I'm lfi Avenues, at J 10 p. m. J Coxon,
■secretary, lit Princess Sir- 1 Win.
nlp'-g. Man.
hereby apply  for membership
in Local
 Socialist Party of
I recognize the clam struggle
between the capitalist clam and
the working class to be a
struggle for political supremacy, I. e., possession of the
reins of government, and which
necessitate! the organisation of
the workers Into a political
party distinct from and opposed to all parties of the capitalist clam.
If admitted to membership,
I hereby agree to malnUln or
enter Into no relations with
any other political party, and
pledge myself to support by
voice. voU and all other legitimate means the ticket and the
program of the Socialist Party
of Canada only.
Address ,	
Admitted to Local,.
. HMaM-dind I Ml.
The OMrat lnbor
Paprr In Canada.
Alweya a fearleaa exponent In
the cause? of labor.
For one dollar the pntuT will
be sent to any address, for i.ne
Workingmen of all eountrl-«
will soon    recognise    the tart
that  they    must    support uml
read their tabor papers
The Voice P-Mi-hlng (-,„, l.td.
Winnipeg,   Man.
Published Weekly hy the
WW** ftmatamU It MiMl-l
■A Vigorous AdvoeaU of Labor •
Clear-Cut and
Per _*ear fl.OO.      Six Months, SO*.
Denver. Colorado.
W* ■'»■«-■--■■■
. ...IM..
.. Uec-Bec.
WANTED: by Chicago wholasals
houss, special rspramntattVs (er
•nek province la Canada. Salary
120.00 and expenses paid weekly.
Expense money advanced. Busl*
MM successful; position permanmt.
Nn Investment required- Pre-to-u
o-pertsneo not essential to encaging.    Address
Oannral Manager, 182 Lolas St.
 Chicago. 111.. V.SX
fi yearly Mb. cards for »8.76.
Bundlos of 3ft or mors copies to
om address, for n psrlod of thres
months or morn nt tks rau of ***
cent per copy.
Patroniie onr advertisers.
wv mMjCII UW M_hMM •¥  WEs*jM__Ls_T_ins.s *
are  steam-driven,  and   have  .1  capac   b?*^l^r_L",l% La^^Ws^'~cT_M
Ity of from . to 100 sheep   each per I gp-Oar ^^jgg:
** Moalresl j and Washington, D.C, V7»S.   ^U
00  VIARfi'
Tram M»«*«
CopvnraHTS *c-
on I'stenU
^Ititk: JfHtrkaii.,
4 _B_W|ily pjmmtm gesMi- L*''""- .
mtmUoeot ar tWeeUS* Jo**"-*:   T,r. ' ...
am**\ oemTa* t tu w_*irst»» ■»■' K'W
,. J-gpe 2, 190&
* > ^ •■•
, ,,,,l.r or this column who wrote
'\v_   Hole asking  him  to in-tw on
H'for the r**ht   __^_^_^
'      uppri-sslon of the Appeal to R
the '
in  the matter of
that there Is at
„„.   MAN   »t   Ottawa,   received
following  n-ply,  'I'-**-**-*   *\ay  15th,
that s^oHe-Uh*
tr only to show
receipt of your
land In reply  1
that I have received sev-
,|„-,r Sir,—1  em l»
f0Vl„. 0f the 7th ">»t-
'"''', ".''tiers frofat Winnipeg asking the
" ,' „l,y ihe Appeal to Reason has
!"'    refused postal prlvUeges in Can-
that    the reason
of Ih
1    un
,   learned   tO-di*^^^^^^^^^^^
i the paper wan excluded from the
'  „.„,   malls   was on   the  ground
seditious character of some of
,rt|cles whUh appear In the Jour-
Infonned    that    It advo-
,,n   rebellion   and-advises the
,,ii of He principles It advocates
f arms.
„h t0 state that I have not se n
complained of, and have no
rMiiuil  ;i(iiii«intance with the char*
itie articles It contains.   1 am
by tor
llu    P»l
1,   ; :J giving you the Jnformatlon
1 ,,,)■.■■ It from   "**" '""
slble tor Its
thc patties respm*
Tbui D.
.. ■   'riiii
\V.  Hole, M.  P.  for Wlnnl-
gentleman draws 12.500 per
niiii'iiu for attending the big pow wow
I  („tawa.    on  April  23rd a question
„,,   i»ked  In  the House    as lo why
the   \',t»al   wus   egcluded     from   the
drswlng the answer from  tba
,, . masUT-flener-l ihat It w*» owl g
the illtloyalty, etc, of the publlca-
I,   ,,,i, b'Ioii.    Tel. strange 'o **t
I    *
Ut too
fcii  ii
Mr   It-de  knew  nothing    about  It  til
M,,i  nth. which Shows that he Is n. t
u|,i   In  attendance to'tils  dole'
i impels liln emiloyets *o be, fo*
Iii   must     li-'ivi-  been  away   f.om  his
Hhiii the question was asked and
red or slM strangely deaf. How-
ever   we expect Ur.  Uole  to be both
biin<i and  dsaf  wh**re working c:a*s
iM.-n-Kts arc    concen-ed,   but  In  thU
,- not working elate in e este
at   aie  at   slake.    Press cen-
orshlp Is ii weapon thst may be used
th-  • apltallst   press  Itself    If  the
I. in  power desires so to use ll
(upnreralM of the Appels to Heals a precedent If this outrage is
• , tied t» It Is only the forerun-
i of many more. N«t only Is the
dented tht- malls l.ui lis l-npo -
is absolutely PHOHIHIT-
Customa   i.itire s huv ng r<--
Iriitrui'liolis to ilestioy all cop-
r.tti| In by espi*ess or otherwise.
\   nt are looked Upon as <hlldrt*n
i I .is ku« h.    Hussl»,| bureau-
i nulil n<> further go.
- go 'I i" l<arn that Mr. Hole has
.'I   Mvaral   letters   from   Wlnni-
asklng lhe reason for  this high-
landed proceeding,    If the tea/.eis if
rh« V..1, •.  s.i, uiists. anil  subwrtb. r*
i lhe  Appeal do their duty and  Mr.
loie i- lint .ut on* m the Bower of hi«
"illtiral larcer, he wlHrett lv«* aeveral
i.nn-    Bveryone can find time to wrl.e
i few lines If h<- will.   Write and write
and  again ->  few  days later and
keep it up.   Thorn who cannot do .-ha
.. ti deserve    to  lose   the  remainder
'  Ihi   feu  p xir prlvllegrg they enjoy.
•   •   •
Mr   Bole  takes    particular  cere   to
tate thai he has not seen the Appeal,
I, I ki  Pilate of old, disclaims all re-
>*> risibility.   Hi that la nol with us la
-.gainst us.   U, W. Dole shares the ie-
iblilty  equally  with  the  puppet
tyleiworth, for by his silence In  the
Hon*   on  the subjeet    he   shows  his
omplnte  approval of  the dirty Insult
pong  into  the  fares of    the  working
flats and  ihuiks who    believe  in   the
Ifix-ilnm of the press.
nrtlcle,  "Arouse.   Ye   Shvesr'
applied to a specific case occurring in
the United States-lbe threatened Judicial murder of Moyer, Haywood and
Pettibone of the Western Federation
of Miners. The article contains no reference to things Canadian not Is the
article addressed to Canadian*, if the
article is seditious the sedition Is directed against the U. H. government
and ll would be funny Indeed, if it
were not so serious, to see the Canad-
lan bureaui rat tup-.r. gains; a paper
for fomenting Insurrection against a
foreign government, which government, the only one concemid, taki s no
notlc,? of lhe publication. The Hon.
Mr. Aylesworth, as the officious supporter of the V. 8. government, second* d hy I). W. Bole as the f.eak
Kplnelesa Vertebrate, would make a
due attraction for a dime museum,
and should draw down a good salary
for the team.
• ij
D. W. Hole, however, is not the only
spineless vertebrate In the collection
of acallawags at Ottawa yclept th*
Houses of Parllument. Here Is another gememanatlng from the same
collection. Comment would be superfluous:
"House of Commons,
Ottawa,  May 1st, 1906.
8. Roberts, Esq., Innerklp. Ont.
Dear Sir, -I find that on April 2Srd
last. Dr. Hair asked:
First—Has the newspaper called Ap-
peal to Reason been placed on the prohibition list hy the I'oatm ister-Uer.e. -
Second—If so, what are the reasons
for so doing?
Hon. A. H. Aylesworth (Postmaster-
Oeneral) said: The publication referred to has been refused transmission
or delivery by or through the malls of
Canada because Its contents appeared
to be of an Indecent* Immoral, seditious character.
After such a strong public pronouncement by Aylesworth I feel It Ik SDBOs
lutely useless for me to apply to him
now. I have sjiokeii to Vervllle, lnbor
representative of Montreal, and to
Kalph Smith, labor representative from
Hritish Columbia, and both pf these
men say the paper deserved to be prohibited. Cnder the circumstances I
cannot do much to reinstate the Appeal
to Iteason as asked.—Yours fraternally.
Oeorge Smith."
s   I    »
Labor representatives!   Ye gods!
• •   •
Read Professor Gooldwln Smith—on
the fence:
"Liberty of the press la Inestimable,
as we all know. Hut principles have
their limitations. The press cannot
be permitted to make itself ths organ
of Incitement to crime and violence.
The practical question In this case of
the BUgeiM Deb* manifesto, published
In the Socialist Appeal to Reason. Is
whether It seriously Incites to violence,
and in a certain event to murder, or
whether the passages which look like
such Incitement are merely rhetorical
gasconade. Should the murder be
eventually committed, thc writer may
find himself In the hands of public
justice. W| cannot admit that Canada
has nothing to do with Incitement to
violence or crime, the scene of which
Is to be the Unite. States. The two
countries are too closely In touch. From
the Idea of censorship we all recoil. But
the proper censorship In this case was
that of the editor of the Appeal to Reason, who ought not to have Inserted a
frantic manifesto such as could not
fall to shock and repel all right-minded readers of his Journal and to bring
discredit on his cause."
•   •   •
Thc whole trouble arises from the
facl that lhe Appeal to Reason is a
Socialist paper. Are we to tamely
submit to this?   Never!
Victoria   Advertisers    |
 _ o
IColonial Bakery
Tn a copy of "John O'Oroat Journal," published ln Wick, Scotland, we
find the following from a well known
B. C. comrade. Along with the communication was published ln full ths
platform of the Socialist Party ef
Dear Sir,—I have been favored with
the receipt of some copies of your patter from a Mr. Charles Swanson, who
formerly resided In your neighborhood.
The controversy on Hoci-iMsm In its
columns was Interesting to me, as I
ant a member of the provincial legislature elected on a straight Socialist
ticket I enclose a copy of the "plat-
form" of the Socialist Party of Canada, hoping it may prove of interest
to some of your readers.
Mr. Fraser's letter on our social
problems Is a valuable contribution.
In my opinion he was right tn his contention. Vice snd crime are not the
causes of widespread poverty. In too
many cases they are but the effect.
Great Britain ia possibly the wealthiest country In the world to-day. The
wealth of any nation consists of the
sum of Its commodities. Is It not curious that the producers of this wealth,
the working class, should stways remain, In all countries, In a condition
bordering on want? Now, Mr. Editor,
the reason of this is obvious. The
workers, who produce all wealth, do
not own what they have produced, nor
do Ihey own the means of wealth production (mills, factories, machines,
shops, etc.), which they have themselves cretsed. The labor power which
the worker sells to the employing or
capitalist class Is also a commodity,
and realise* on|y its vg'ue on the
market. This value Is determined, aa
is the value of every commodity, by
the cost of production and the laws of
supply and demand and competition.
The mean cost of the production of
labor power, is simply tbe oat*, ot the
continued eslstence of IU owners, the
wage worker, on an average this is
what the worker receives In return
for hi* espended labor power in bon-
nie Scotland and far off British Columbia.
Now labor power differs from sll
other commodities ln that It has the
peculiar faculty of being able to create values greater than Its own. This
Is the reason It ls purchased by the
employing class. The worker first produces his own wages snd after tbat
surplus value for his employer. Of
course he is not paid anything for this
surplus value. Capitalist production
simply consists in obtaining something
for nothing. The vast accumulations
of wealth In the hands of the capitalist
employing class have been obtained ln
this and no other way. The amounts
of the surplus value varies In different
countries according to the degree of
capitalist development In the United
States It has been estimated at four-
fifths of the workers' total product.
Hence the phenomenally rapid creation
of the multi-millionaires of the Carnegie or Rockefeller type. Of course one
Individual capitalist rsrely obtains all
the surplus value, but It all goes to
the capitalist class, and bualneas ls
simply a scramble for possession of a
portion of It.
Until the workers own collectively all
the means of wealth production and
the product of their toll, the condition
must remain as It Is at present If indeed It does not become worse. — Yours
Nanaimo. B. C, March Jist
Ion earnestly request any subscriber
who does not receive his paper to
promptly notify tm_ office. Missing
copies will be .applied at ones and necessary stepe taken to locate the reason for such non-delivery and to avoid
IU repetition In the future.
The Dominion Executive Committee
has decided to call for funds to be
used for the purpose of pushing tor-
ward the work of organizing such
parts of the Dominion of Canada as
have not yet been reached. There is
a vast field to be covered which will
of necessity entail considerable expense. The necessary funds can, however, be obUlned If Locals, Individual comrades and friends wlH take
the matter up by gathering and forwarding such contributions as may
be forthcoming. As soon as ths requisite funds may be gathered It is
the Intention of the committee to
arrange trips, for one or more organ-;
leers, covering as large a section of
territory ns possible. With energetic
action in the matter of raising funds
and judicious application of tho aamq
by tho committee a much needed
work may be carried out that will
bear fruit In future election campaigns.
All money received for this fund,
will be used solely for the purpose
stated. The committee, at IU meeting on Feb. 37, appropriated from
the General Fund the sum of •-"**.
to be applied to tbe Organizing Fund
All money received for this rand will
be acknowledged through the columns of the Western Clarion.
The following sums have been   received to data:
Previously acknowledged 139.00
W. pryde    LOO
"Leeds"      M
ToUl $40.60
The following amounU received up to
Previously  acknowledged $53.00
C. H. Lake    LOO
ToUl I56.00
Forward all contributions to
i. G.  MORGAN. Sec .
Kl Barnard St
Vancouver, B. C.
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0 copies a day; and it pays from fifty to eighty cents S
Send to   us for circulars and  wholesale 2
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victoria Representative for the
■I'-'irHt uubllcatlons, as follows: Ban
I'Vandaoo Kxniiilm-r, I<os AnRehn *_•>
limine**, Chicago American, New York
American; Boston American; Iloiit*
"ml l_rm Weekly. Chicago; Cosmo-
1'iilllan Magaslne, New York.
It was rather a sail blow to our prudish and    hypoerltleal    patriots   who
were Ismbastlng Maxim Gorky because
of his family misfortunes to learn of
the Cnlted States Supreme Court decision that by a single stroke condemned upward of 30,000 children as Illegitimate and thousands of marriages as
Illegal.   The truth    of   the matter la
that  these great   moral   critics don't
care     much     about    Gorky's   family
troubles.   They hate his revolutionary
views—his determination to knock the
Russian privileged    class   off   labors
back,   lt Is, of course, to be rcgrett**d
that iSnrky has become a shining mark
for the malicious dsrts of   the bour-
gcolse apologists of  Nicholas. Trepott
and the grand dukes, but even lf the
former were  the devil himself tn  the
great cause for which he Is struggling
so nobly and right, no matter lf Gorky
becomes a Mormon or the most debased  libertine.    But he  Is and will be
neither.   His first wife was remarried
according to the same custom adopted
by Gorky and unnumbered 'thousands,
something lhat the self-appointed moralists do not mention, no more than do
they   truthfully   admit   that   only  the
rich who can dispense    graft   freely,
are   privileged   to  divorce   under
benign    laws     promulgated     by
"Little Father.**    Every attack  made
on Gorky  acts    as a boomerang an<
condemns tho rotten Russian govern
ment, which  nlone  ls responsible for
the Injustice and oppression that exists
In thttt unhappy land.—Cleveland Cltl-
A British battleship has gone on the
rocks. A large percentage of Britain's
population have been there for a long
The San Francisco trade unionists are
holding Indignation meetings and passing resolutions of protest against the
property interests of that city for taking advantage of present conditions to
force down the wages ot labor and getting the city rebuilt at the minimum
cost. We may next hear of the lambs
taking similar drastic measures against
the rapacity of the wolves.
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'The Western Clarion'
by buying tht*
reliable, honest,
high grade sewing machine.
National Sewing Machine Co,
'Hudson's Bay Company, Agents.
P.O. DRAWER  836.
At lust Sunday's meeting of Vancouver Typographical Union, the resolution of censur e upon Postmaster-
Geneml Aylesworth, for the exclusion
ol the "Appeal to Reason," was unanimously endorsed, and copies ordered
forwarded to Ottawa by Secretary
Arnold. Typo, delegates to the local
Trades and Labor Council are also to
see that the matter Is dealt with at
the next meeting of that body.
Formerly, financiers were hardhearted men. Now they are all philanthropists, kind, amiable, and magnificent: with one hand they starve,
it Is true; but often they nourish with
lhe other. They reduce thousands to
beggary; and give alms. They build
hospitula and fill them.—Mlchelet.
The Individual who has only his
labor-power to sell and Is compelled
by labor to sell It, Is the Eldorado of
the capitalist class.
Mho agent for tho following:
Seattle Times, Portland Oregonian,
Sun Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles
Prompt and regular dally delivery
M-i'vlce to subscribers.
Advertisements of every description
taken for any newspaper, t
This great truth wnlch I havo now
to SS to you. ts. that the system
m which all the nation..«» "Un.!<•
founded.,, gross decepllon In the
deepest Ignorance, or a mixturei of
both, that under no possible mod««-
of the principles on wMohlt to
produce    good to
.man: but that on th. «»*"*
Lectusal results must ever be to pro-
V. ... ..... -__.i„.,elly.-Bobert owen.
cation ^^^^^^
based can It ever
P. 0. Box 444, Victoria. B. 0.|duee evii continually
The publlahers of the Western Clar-
they be guilty of nothing worse,
performance of their duties, even If
Ion that postal employees are often
guilty of reprehensible laxity In the
tlnually In type and the mailing list
printed therefrom each week, after all
correction-, alterations and additions
are made up to date, the frequency of
these complaints Justifies the susplc-
Many complaints are reaching this
office from subscribers who fall to get
their papers. In some Instance, there
are several complaint, from the same
locality. A. every subscriber's name
and the number of paper with which
his subscription expire, are kept con-
among the wage-earners of British Columbia, "The Clarion" is
a winner. It has over
2,500 paid-up readers.
Mail-order houses will
find it a husiness-
United Hatters of North America
When you are buying a 1-TR HAT see to it
that the Genuine Union Label Is sewed in it. If
a retailer has loode labels In his possession and
offers to put one in a hat for you, do not patronize
him. Loose lubels In retail .stores ure counterfelta
The genuine Union Label Is perforated on four
edges, exactly the same as a postage stamp. Counterfeits are some times perforated on three edges,
and some times only on two. John B. Stetson Co.,
of Philadelphia, ls a non-union concern.
JOHN A. MOI II IT, President, Orange, N. J.
MARTIN LAW U>K. Secretary, ii Waverly Place,
_, j_ }       New York. TOwaX
' ~* -"-ITThi
BntnrAsy .. Junn 0
Bi _.*
jmgmpg by R. P. PETTIPIKCB, to whom aU correspondence for this department should be nddrcsscd.        9
"At thc InstigaUon of Superintendent
Marpolc of tlie C. P. R."
Socialists understand the function
of government; they know that It Is
to be an Instrument of the ruling class
—the men who possess the means of
life. The legislature, Judiciary, police
and other members and officers of
Government are but the hired men ot
of money-kings, to hold the countless
wage-slaves ln subjection. Recently
a C. P. R. train was held up. near
Kamloops, and certain property waa
illegally appropriated by the "bandits." (The C. P. R. Itself stole the
whole country—legally). Shortly after the hold-up men were arrested,
a member of the most criminal organization in America, the Thlel Detective Agency, was admitted to the jail
to "sweat" the prisoners. During the
preliminary hearing the attorney for the
defence seemed quite wroth at such
proceedure, charging the Thlel thug
with having used the grossest sort of
misrepresentation and tactics, endeavoring to secure a "confession." When
he demanded an explanation here ls
what Its own dally press says: "Wilson's evidence showed that he was acting directly under the orders of Commissioner Perry at the instigation of
Superintendent Marpole of the C. P.
R." This is the same Mr. Marpole
who armed a lot of filthy dregs of capitalism, a few months ago, to crush
workers who had dared to ask for the
privilege of a recognized schedule of
wages. And the workers of Vancouver will also remember how, when
poor Rogers was murdered by one of
Marpole's paid assassins, the matter
was hushed up in short order. Justice? Bah! It's but the power to enforce. If we of the working class were
not mostly fools, there would be an
end to all this huge farce ln about
sixteen  minutes.
From  Local  No.   2,   Claresliolm.
There are a good many facts which
go to show that the farmers are beginning to get a glimpse of their class
interests. Just at present there is a
fever of organisation breaking out
among the Alberta farmers. Two rival
farmers', unions are striving for the
mastery, with all the fervor of the I.
W. W.'s and the A. P. of I_'s. One of
them, the Society of Equity, seems to
have made a distinct step in advance
in its economic thinking. Unlike former farmers' organisations, they are
not making any strenuous efforts to
i educe the prices of the goods they
buy, but they are attempting to get a
greater share of the product of their
labor. Like the workingmen's unions
they are to attempt this through a
strike. This strike takes the form of
withholding their grain and other
products from the market unUl the
price set by the "union" is realised.
Of course no socialist Is foolish enough to believe that the farmer can
thus get the full product of his labor.
Only by taking their place in the
tanks of the revolutionary working
class and capturing the powers of
government can they hope to win in
this fight. Two good results will follow this organisation's work: first,
the farmers will learn that they can
act together; secondly, they will discover that they must change their
tactics. They must get possession of
the government ln order that they
may possess themselves of all the machinery of production. They only own
part of the land and a little mortgaged
machinery. They must own the railways, flour mills, factories, etc., before
they can hope to secure the full value
pf all they produce.
I presume every socialist In the
Dominion is chuckling over the exclusion of the "Appeal to Reason."
This very exclusion of the "Appeal"
lias been a splendid means of advertising the Socialist Party of Canada.
So also can the socialists of Alberta
rejoice that their own little provincial rulers, whom the Grand Trunk
Pacific has pleased to place over them,
has consented to give the farmers a
very opportune lesson. No sooner was
this new farmers' "union" well under
way than these little provincial rulers
scented danger. They Immediately
organised a fake "union" with which
to fight the "Society of Equity." The
principal argument used to get farmers to Join the fake was that it "had
a pull with the government." So the
farmers are to get the lesson early—
that lb order to accomplish anything
they must first get control of the government.
Now a word to the socialists of Alberta. Unless you get active soon
there ls going to be a populist party
organised before the next election that
will sweep the farmers off their feet
and land them In the fog of middle-
classdom. If the socialists of Alberta
are sufficiently alive to the situation,
they can perfect their organisation so
that It will not be possible to start
any "populist" party.
Already we have three Locals organised. Let every unattached social.
Ist Immediately write to the Dominion
Secretary, and ask for Information
about organisation.
Tours for the revolution,
Policemen of Quebec, Que., received
an advance of 10 cents per day ln their
wages, to date from May 1st. The Incentive to levy blackmail upon prostitution ls thus happily removed.
A plentltude of other labors prevent
the writer from writing regularly to
the Clarion, and Comrade Simpson ls
hereby reminded that an account of
his experiences and actions as a member of the Toronto Board of Education
would make intei-etlng reading for the
members of the party throughout Canada. And the editor of "News and
Views" should Impress upon the
younger comrades in the woik, such
as Baker of Hamilton, Helllwell of
Berlin, Whitehead and Davis of Toronto, and others, the advisability of
sending an occasional letter to the
It's ancient news to talk of the big
"protest" meeting In Toronto on May
6th, but the writer has been busy and
no one else has undertaken to send a
report. About 600 were present. Fifty-
six dollars was secured ln the co lection. Organiser O'Brien spoke first.
Though unaccustomed to speaking to
large gatherings, he delivered barrels
of keen logic without attempting ony
flights of oratory. He talked Matx-
Ian economics to the entire satisfaction
of both S. P. and 8. L. P. comrades,
and clearly showed the worker the one
and only place where his robbery takes
place—in production. Comrade O'Brien
has bees criticised some tor "lack of
tact" ln saying that had there bean
less "sloppy talk" by Debs, Moyer,
Haywood and others, there would
have been a revolutionary movement
ln existence such as the capitalist minions would have feared too much to
attempt to repeat the Haymarket Incident. It Is true that Debs Isn't talking anything but the most revolutionary stuff now, but It wasn't always to,
and O'Brien can probably be pardoned
for reminding his audience that less
than two years ago Moyer and Haywood, along with the Miners' Magazine, turned their backs on their Socialist comrades, and, with the cry ot
"Anything to beat Peabody," led their
deluded followers Into the Democratic
camp. They helped to elect the Jackass Democratic ticket, and, naturally
enough, are now feeling the temper of
the ass's hoofs.
Following O'Brien at the protest
meeting, Comrade Sehulmann, a young
member of the Jewish branch of Toronto Local, spoke In Hebrew, and Chas.
O. Sherman, president of the Industrial
Workers of the World, closed the
meeting. Sherman's talk was like ton
many spiels of American spell-binders—very muddy—he going on to tet
how the worker was robbed as a taxpayer; how he paid for the soldiers-
uniform and musket, etc., .grid then
got it in the neck. The S. L. P. comrades ln tl-e I. W. W. were we'l pleased with his address on Industrial unionism, but they must have felt sore
at bis muddy economics, after O'Brien
had delivered such straight goods.
O'Brien's Organization Tour.
Viewed from the standpoint of organised Locals, the results so far of
Comrade O'Brien's organisation tou-
through old Ontario have been none
too good. But the money the tour
costs ls being well sp?nt In letting the
so-called Socialists throughout Ontario
know that there is a revolutionary
movement in existence to hang to
when economic determinism and their
intelligence dictate -that they should
swing into line with the International
In Peterboro,' Lindsay and Boxgrove
Locals will probably be formed in the
near future, according to O'Brien. In
Mount Forest the most active comrade
has Just moved to Winnipeg. In Guelph
and Gait the comrades appear io l.e
still in the "Appeal to Reason" stage,
and content to work by themselves ln
isolated "leagues," which allow their
members to vote for capitalism and
still remain members.
In Berlin Comrade O'Brien organised a Local composed largely of "Appeal" readers, and if the German-Canadians follow the example set In o'd
Germany and adopt uncompromising
revolutionary working class tactic,
their Local should uecome one of the
banner ones In the province In a year
or so. But hero worship must be
avoided, and Instead of looking to
Toronto or Hamilton for a "Motes" or
"Samuel" to guide them they must develop their own speaker, and workers.
"They who would De free must themselves strike the blow."
Farther on tn Ingersoll, Woo lstock,
London, St. Thomas, Paris and Brant-
ford, prospects are none too b Ight for
organisation unless the B. L. P. comrades sink their differences and help to
put a revolutionary move i ent on Its
feet. Ingersoll holds out the best prospects. London Is an old 8. L. P.
stronghold, while In St. Thomas the
"leaders" have gone Into the middle
class and the hero worshippers can't
stand on their own hind legs.
The Hamilton Local appears to be
well organised, and Intends to figh:
for "free.sepech" on the street.. Comrades there should write oftener to
the Clarion, so that we can know what
they are doing.
So far the bulk of the expense of
O'Brien's tour has been borne by Toronto Local, the Comrades here having
contributed about $40. A gr'nr r
the Dominion treasury would be ln order, as there Is a considerable amount
owing to Comrade O'Brien, and the
work is such as should be done by the
Dominion organisation.
Toronto Local has decided to request
the Dominion Executive to arrange a
tour of Comrade Hawthornthwaite as
far east as Montreal et some convenient time next' fall, before the next
session of the B. C. Legislature.
Transportation on the C. P. R. being
free the trip could easily be financed,
Comrade   Hawthornthwaite   and   fr.e
party members tn the Territories, Man
liobu, Ontario, Quebec    and    possibly
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Four Ijncals In Ontario.
Now that there are four Locals organised in Ontario lt might be well to
organise a Provlnclnl Executive Committee to carry on the work of organ
Isatlon now being done by Local Toronto. Toronto, Hamilton, Port Arthur and Berlin—may a few more name*
soon be added to that roll. O'Brien's
policy of refraining from organising
unless the comrades are ready for it.
is, however, far better than organising
a string of locals only to die out tn
a couple of months' time.
A second branch   of Toronto  Local
has been formed by the Finnish Comrades, It starting with a dozen mem
bers.     With    Jewish     and     Finnish
branches of our cosmopolitan Local we
are getting well equipped for tbe com
ing fight.   The Finns Intend bringing
a speaker here shortly, while the J ws
Aave already arranged for a big mee
Ing, to be addressed by  Dr.  Maximo,
former president of the Baltic R-public, in the  Majestic Theatre, on June
16th,  the funds to go to   the Jewish
branch to aid  tbe revolution In Rub
sla.    Comrade  Simpson  will speak in
Honors are coming fast and furious
to Comrade Simpson these days. He
has been elected president of Tor nto
Typographical Union, and will ult-o
represent that body at the Victoria
B. C. convention of the Trades Congress (of which he is vice-president))
next September. "Jimmy" conducted
a hot campaign for the del»gateship,
soliciting votes in all the print s' ops
both personally and by a printed sheet,
signed "Your obedient servant," snd
outlining the services he had done for
his union as secretary of the Lsbor
Temple (which refused its hall to the
Socialist Party and the I. W. W. for
a protest meeting), as secretary of the
tariff committee of the Trades Congress (which wanted free trade to better the condition of the working class)
etc.- "Jimmy" has also been e'eced a
delegate to the Trades Council by the
Typo. Unlon„ the union at the snme
time endorsing by referendum vo'e a
proposition that the officers of the
Trades Council must take a p'edge
that they will refrain from supporting
any candidate for political honor, i O'
nominated by the graft "labor party"
endorsed by the Trades Council. Unless Comrade Simpson becorr.es an o**-
fleer of the Trades Council again (he
now represents It on the Exhibition
Board) he will not hive to take the
pledge, but as a d'-lega'e from the
Typo. Union (which has endorsed lt»,
he must help to force tt on others.
As the elected representative of the
Socialist Party on the Hoa*d of Education. Comrade Simpson has been true
to his p'.edge, end has carried out all
Instructions given by T..ror.to Local
of the Socialist Party.
But lt ia quite an acrobitlc feat to
ride two horses going ln opposite dlr
ectlons, and sooner or lat:r tne ridi r
must choose which ho-se he will d<-
sort and which he w.ll continue to
Toronto.  May  24th,  1D06.
line to pull their chestnuts out of the
fire with? Is this British fair play to
hear one side of the argument only
and then render a verdict? Give us
the evidence from both sides, restore
Ihis paper, "The Appeal to Iteason.
to its former rights and. let the Oana-
dlan people decide as they think Is
rli.ht. If they are not capable of deciding then they ure not fit for British citizenship and the sooner we find
tt out the better. What have Canaille. >i officials to do with the speech or
acts of n United Stutes citizen ln the
United States territory anwway, when
raid speech or act ls relevant to United States territory only?
Yours truly, for a fair field and no
The following communication to the
Post Master General speaks for Itself.
II is right to the point.   The Canadian
press censor should find no difficulty
ln   understanding   its   meaning.     The
flood of similar protests that are pouring tn to that worthy by every  mall
should  convince  him  that  the Canadian people   are not at present ln   a
frame of mind to tolerate his official
Impudence In attempting to determine
what thi y shull or shall not read.
Chilliwack. B. C.
May 26th, 1906.
Post Master General, Ottawa, Ont.:
Sir:—Will you Inform mc why the
"Appeal to Reason" has been denied
the right to the Canadian mull service? By what authority you deny
me the right to receive any publication I see fit so long as said publication and myself observe the Postal Regulations as laid down by the laws
of Canada. If these regulations have
been violated please state how. Have
we here In Canada a Press Censorship
In times of peace or Is the present considered a time of war with the right
of military dictatorship? Are Canadians to have the rights our forefathers fought, bled and died for, namely,
tree speech, free press, and equal
rights before the law', or have we become In fact what Debs said our bro- vie with each other for supremacy'
then, were across the imaginary line   Sordid, hungry greed and vulgar ego
t'sm In every garb that moral degeneracy can  furnish.
Evidenced alike by the hope of Us
t-lends and tho concern and hostility
of Its enemies, SoelulUm Is the great-
ist polltlcul fact In the world to-day.
• *    •
Viewed only an an alternative sociul
plan there Is nothing in serious competition with Socialism from the
Mandpolnt thereof. Capitalist politicians have almost abandoned the Intellectual and moral outworks of their
system and retired to the Inner bus-
lion of brute force, holding this only
through the Ignorance and servility
of their working class retainers.
• s      •
For years the famous slogan "Workers of the world unite" has been dinned Into the ears of the proletariat.
Thc responce Is coming now .With
an alacrity and earnestness that
proves the deep, prophetic wisdom of
the historic phrase the world's workers are uniting In the noblest revolt
ihat ever engaged the mind or hand of
mankind. The revolt against economic bond slavery and social degradation.
• •    •
The full reports of the May Day
celebrations are now coming to hand,
and Indicate everywhere a new high
water mirk for Socialist aspirations
.nd organization.
• »     s
In the meantime capitalist legislatures are very busy, formulating the
demands of their class, and erecting
them Into laws, nearly all of which,
so far as they affect you. operate to
the shortening of your means or your
• •    •
Says George Eliot: — "The higher vision poisons all meaner choice." Yes,
iiideed. despite all defect* and variations In Its presentation, despite the
opposition, foul and fair at the com*
•mind of privileged society nnd Its official tool, the state. Socialism bus
-mppiled the world with a social Ideal
ind practical plan that reduces enp-
:tallst statecraft to bankruptcy, nay
Turther to cringing beggnty. In the
mpasse In which It finds Itself today it cannot move hand or fo t in
my way acceptable even to Its own
tollowers without stealing the thun-
ler of Socialism.
• •    •
So Boost-veil, the official Idol of the
American plutocracy would regulate
luscality, he would fix rates and tax
big Incomes: n confession, on a peanut scale at least, that unrestricted
individualism has its dangers. Re*
(iuccd to practice, this menns "let us
be scoundrels, thieves and pirates by
all means, but let us puy a nominal
price to our victims for the privilege."
• •     s
The fenr of Hell was an effective
tool in the ruler«hlp of men in past
times nnd when the means of physical
life were scanty and hard to obtain.
Progressive knowledge haa practically abolished both conditions, but to
e'ay when profuse abundance Is produced the Fear of Destitution tortures
a still larger proportion of the human
family. Here Is an anachronism, a
mystery which only Socialism can explain.
• •     s
You may have little to do with bankers and financiers, but never forget
that labor endorses and redeems every
voucher for value, no matter who
holds them. Now, when you road
of millions passing In the hands of
srclal pirates as dimes do In yours.,
brace up ami Inquire what kind of
pawns you are In the game of life anyway.
• s     •
In the order of creation, labor preceded capital, but it la a long way behind now. Socialism shows bow you
can catch up.
• •    •
If we look at things with clear eyes,
und Intelligent understanding of what
the relations of men In society might
and ought to be we need no more than
a glance at the news columns of the
dally press- day by day to convince
us of the hideous anarchy prevailing
In the existing scolal system.
• •    * f
A dally record In almost every line
of base Ignoble strife. Abnormal acts
classed as crime and vice In endless
variety; schemes and tricks In which
meanness and a   ratcntchlng cunning
known as the 49th Parallel, "Slaves?"
Ye gods If we are then It Is high
time we were aroused. Why such an
article as appeared ln the "Family
Herald & Weekly Star" of Montreal
on April 2Gth, under the heading "A
Detective who has Outdone Sherlock
Holmes" In large black type on the
front page of a paper with thc largest
circulation of any paper In Canada,
followed on the heels of your act of
suppression? Is this part of thc plan
of the Powers that be too suppress the
truth and keep the common people
Ignorant of the true conditions? Part
of the vile plot of the Band of freebooters that violated the laws of two
States by kidnapping Moyer, Haywood
and Pettibone iind then boast of their
lawbreaklng in open court at the preliminary hearing of these men? Why
has the Postal Department of Canada
laid Itself open to the charge that Is
being freely made on the highway,
am byways that it  is being made a
Cascade Beer
Queen Beer
Ale and Stout
Sells all
Over the
Specially Recommended.
The Vancouver Breweries, Ltd.
Telephone 429
Cor. Abbott m\ Cordova 8t«. Old Coa. Building
T. W. Peterson, M. I_ A., Will Outi*
vert Ills Htg Vtamr Ktvec Valley
llam-i Into Capitalist Pi-pprty.
and Probably Set Silas Jmw* to
"Oh. It will never come In our
time; Its always been this wsy, and
always will be." It's enough to give
a Socialist observer the belly-ache.
When pointing out the endless number of Inventions, labor-saving devices and tendencies toward eollectlve
use of the means of life. It Is easy to
pnss It up as of Utile Interest to the
people In British Columbia. During
the last sis years thc timber, coal and
fish Industry of this Province has
beooms what the Socialist ealls capitalist property — that Is. property
used for the purpose of robbing labor.
Now comes this thin end or the wedge
for the hitherto disinterested farmer.
Mr. T. W. Peterson. M I.. A.. Is Introducing a motor engine for plowing
and other purpose* on his ranch In
Ihe Primer valley, superseding to a
large estent Hie use of horses. The
ranch consists of fifteen hundred
aires, and the maintenance of horses,
when not n« tu.tll) employed, is a very
sertott. bill of expense. This engine I*
■ f eighteen home power, and will draw
a plow through three nine-Inch fur*
lews II will also be used to run a
MilMilnditr and mower, .is well as i
traction engine oil Hie road, where It
pan draw four tons, and when equipped with pulleys and bells, drive choppers, etc lt will be driven by gasoline, thus obviating the expense of .1
team and man drawing fuel and water-
to It, as Is the 1-use with steam plows,
etc., on the prairies.
This is Our
An epicurean scientist in Norway
has announced the discovery of a
•nost nutritive food — common every,
day moss. And. as the discoverer
liolnls out. It Is cheap — n meal for
six persons will cost but two rents.
Thla should be glortotj* news to men
whose function In lifo Is emje+tlng
profit ou» of wage-slaves. If Hi* poor
devils find a way of living cheaper the
competition of an overstocked labor
market will force them lo underbid
each other entll the eost of a bare
subsistence Is reached. Before workingmen can hope to live like men ar
be treated like men they must remove
themselves from the commodity catalogue. Ht, long as the wage-system
obtains thla le Impossible. The freedom of the working claes lies outside
Ihe wage system. A movement, organised the world over, to abolish It,
and give everyone nccees to the means
ef life. Is the only movement worth
working for. To waste time on In-
I'-tltutloiis founded on the wage-system
Is folly. It's a revolution the workers need; not the perpetuity of this
without    reservation    of   im i-
The choice of hundreds of tott'ti
perbly tailored and fniilileealj
toned 111 to 1-0 Suits fur
Full aad complete Urn* m tie
every   style — garments   that
node    to  Mil     at   alino-l    ttktl
price, bow asked for them »-.
io a profusion ol styles and huA\
Never    before   was   oui data
give moat for your mnnej." *.<
lv demonstrated-
M Cert*** ttrtti
Second Hand Oealerj
I'pok Sto-cs and Tooh 1]
We buy and sell all   Ma* i\
scrap  metal,    old   inferos*-.
rubber,   sacks,   holtk-s. etc.
Hlorro-I.'IH Cordova St.. K.J
hardware * Junk. 10] I'os.lj
St., new and second hsixl f>*r|
1171       ViK.ivtr.l.s|
1 •»•>»*>•>♦•»»»♦•> **»»<>»>*»»
PHONE  A1670
Tim Is
KnUiloyrnrnt    and   Financial Af
Ileal Estate   Experts nnd   *'■•••
Room 0. Miller Blodc
33 Cordova St. Vancouver.
If the Orangemen of Canada really
want to aee the Church of Borne, and
all other churches as well, keep Ihelr
noses out of things appertaining to
the Htnte, let them look Into the record of the Socialist Purty In Prance.
And the Socialist Party Is one and Ihe
same the world over.
Watch for Uie Advt. of tlie
and popular Cafe
catspaw of by the unprincipled polltl-
and be of educational value to both | cal* tricksters on the other side of the
Hardly a line of
real human cheer or a single constructive thought aspiring to promote a
common social welfare; a human
jungle where the law of the tiger IS
supreme. Of a truth "Capitalism has
no ethlc." '
•    *    •
No theory of human society ln the
abstraot, or explanation of Its concrete, historical development satisfy
a logical mind like Socialism, and Socialists will hold fast to their cardinal principles so long as they account
satisfactorily for the changing phenomena of society! leaving a margin
of adaptation to meet the Inexorable
logic of events" which In the past has
been fatal to many bogles and Isms.
Socialism no more predicts the final
or absolute than any other scientific
•    •    e
Socialism grows, not because It Is
nurtured consciously by the existing
system, bat because It grows out of it.
DAVE BCHTON, Proprietor.
Telephone 2391.
Sanitary Experts.   Pliinibln**
IU branches.       Estimate* (ur
Uepairs, stove connections, '*-
C. PETERS _*__£
Itasd-Msde Boots snd Kline* "• ""}'„,.
Sll styles     Hrpsiilni prsropll* nnl»*"
Mark  of slspl' ret/Ay-*** I
BIks-s sl-S)•• uu I'-""1
MMVNUMMteTftn.       ■nil
After a hard day*, work there Is nothing so refreshing «*■ " •*,-
Hath.   During the warm weather one reluctantly build* a ■"•' ■'"'
the range and consequently the  bath Is often neglected. ,
This difficulty can be easily overcome by thc uso of g*» ''"' "  '
with one of our
"BEA-V"   HOT   WATEH BOIIiElU*. ,   . .„
The "Doaay** Is a combination boiler    and can    be attaoM**
your ordinary range also.
If y6u intend buying a new boiler, you should see lhe ComJ» «*
tion "Deasy" before making a purchase.    If you don't, ><»' vV '
sorry after you have seen one In operation that you hud not •*•**
our advice.
j Vancouver Gas Company,
tntmmmmaah ■" ^n » aa **m***m* ■»■■»-■


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