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The Western Clarion Sep 2, 1905

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 » »
laW Day^1905, Souvenir Edition
Published in the Interests of the Working Class Alone.
r, *■* - •».
SIP »i „ 1BIJ'. \ j
■        /•»-». ct    U'
■***■#*; w**9 *~
Vancouver, B. C, Saturday, September 2, 1905.
SubM-rlt.nnn I'rltje
I'«* VK*»
/he Mercantile, Manufacturing and Financial
Institutions that Make Her Famous.
Sacfy to  His   Ou?n
•»»»:>.■:•::•!:» »©»> *>!>s»tWX>oi 1
I Patronize Home Industry, and by so Doing Show an Interest in Building up the
Enterprises of Our Beautiful City—The Gateway to Yukon,
Alaska and the Orient.
Ia city the people are justly proud of
IN CLIMATE, soil aud productiveness, no country in the world equals British Columbia.]
a    You may travel the world over and you will not   find  a  spot, where  are raised, more,
better or more diversified crops than right here in our own province.    Until quite recently'
tlie name of British Columbia suggested to the minds of a great many people a wild land,
[difficult of access, bands of lurking and blood thirsty Indians waitfug for the scalp  of thel
white man and vast  forests that have  never seen  or felt  the axe of the woodman.    How
totally different the scene and how our eastern brothers ought to envy us our land of sun.;
shine, of trees aud rare and beautiful flowers, onr immense crops, luscious fruits, mountain
scenery and ocean breeze.    Now that the Kast is beginning to realize that  they were   idly
sleeping while great changes have been   taking  place  in   the   West  among   their  active!
brethren, the trip to the coast has become very popular with tourists, for this trip combines!
all the comforts and luxuries that any eastern point can offer.
The City of Vancouver, the metropolis of British Columbia, has a most interesting
history. In June of 1792 Captain George Vancouver sailed into Burrard Inlet, which he
named as he also did all the neighboring islands, inlets and lands. His ships were
anchored three miles to the west of the city in the Gulf of Georgia. Captain Vancouver
was on a voyage of exploration and hoped to find a northwestern passage through North
America. Although Vancouver visited in 1792 it was almost 100 years later before the
town began to assume proportions of importance.
Vancouver is perhaps 20 years old and it would be hard indeed to find a city that
can compare with it for growth and advancement in so short a time. The city itself was
first called by various names, perhaps the most frequent names by which it was known
'Acre GastoWfl and Granville. It was incorporated in 1886 aud was named after the great
explorer and sailor, who was the first white man to visit its site.
It was but a few years after its incorporation that Vancouver was visited by a
must disastrous fire. The fatal day was on a Sunday aud sj swift was the destruction that
it required but several hours to lay waste and ruin where once stood a flourishing
Looking at Vancouver today, it is difficult to realize that the city of four and six
story structures, of electric cars, paved streets and beautiful residences, the home of 42,000!
pr isperous and contented souls is not yet a quarter of a century old. Vancouver's business!
b'ocks are indicative of the prosperity of the city. They are mostly of stone which is
quarried but a short distance away and present a most imposing appearance. All available
locations ou the principal streets have been taken up and the buildings erected this year
will greatly increase the importance of Vancouver as a commercial center.
Many delightful hours can be spent   in the   beautiful   Stanley   Park,  or at   the ]
inviting Knglish Bay or Greer's Beach resorts.    The street cars cover the city thoroughly, !
the mountains around about make inviting picnic grounds, enjoyable trips can be   had  on
the  sound, and   all  in all  this   is   just the city for  the tourist.    We have   yet to find the
visitor who was disappointed in bis impressions of Vancouver.
Space does not permit a more thorough mention of the advantages an 1 resources
"four lovely home. In another column will be found figures and facts that will interest
each and every one of us.
In concluding we will add a few words   legarding   the   merchants  and   manufac
hirers of Vancouver.    Taken as a whole they are progressive aud liberal in their views aud
the establishments aud industries they operate compare most favorably with   any in  other!
municipalities even   though   of greater pretentions  than Vancouver.    It is to our business 1
men that we owe the success of this review.    When approached by our representative they!
•expressed their willingness to help in the project.     In these following columns we present
brief sketches of some of our representative houses.     F.ach in his particular line has some-!
I thing to offer that will interest you. ^
Patronize Home Industry and by so doing help to make  your city famous.    This
I's what we would like to impress upon our readers.    Money spent  at home will  remain at
How happy, oh! how happy he must be ;
The Indian!    He's no monthly bills to meet.
No collar tall, nor tight-laced corsets he;
Nor fancy silklels for his sockless feet.
Pajamas?    My! he never dreamed of such;
No agents knock fore'er at his tejiee.
His better half his pockets doth not touch;
No grocer doth his salary garnishee.
How blest lives lie; he never owes a cent;
He never has to dodge nor make excuse;
No landlord waits upon his porch for rent;
Scot free lives he from civilized abuse.
What camels we, loaded with every plight I
Oh! the affliction to be born a white.
How cruel !    Yes, how cruel 'tis to teach
These natives to adopt pursuits like ours;
To turn night into day—at dawn home reach,
From strenuous business, or unwise amours.
To take him from the hunt and teach him how
To navigate a plow across a field;
To toil and sweat with harvest sun, and show
Him how to garner and to swsp the yield;
To teach him luxuries; to educate
His palate up to t-a with sugar in it.
To say his prayers and blindly trust to fate;
To bet on winning horse and yet not win it.
Sore trials we've had to our queer ways to tie him.
But, rest our souls, we know we mean well by him.
 Carle Thorwis.
They Do Say
Vancouver has a population .    15,000.
Has 26 miles of street        'ay in the city limits.
Is the terminus of the .  madiiiu Pacific Railway,
Also has operating in       m dsi the G   N. an.l N. P, Railways.
Is the largest and most prosjierous cit) on Canadian Pacific Coast
Has two Interurbaii Ki    ';     Railwa; s.
Has, in and around her, m. •• scenery that is unsurpassed,
Is the gateway to the Orient uid to Alaska.
Has a most excellent climat. an   ;i small .'.eaih rate,
Has no severe storms and m .-now oi   ■>
Has a large harbor that sbi ••     the ships of many nations,
Haa more and better hunting   ti     ...  :  thing boating and athletic
games than any other city on the t il
Has one of the finest park- in A met i. i,
Has the grandest and finest t:■..•■      thin  her  limits that nre to lie
found within a radius of hundred- ol miles.
Has exceptionally good educational institutions and has over $450,-
000 invested in public schools alone.
Has the government assay office here.
Has an unlimited supply of electric power to offer factories.
Has a sugar refinery with a ( apacity of 600 barrels daily.
Turns out annually over 50,000,000 feet of lumber tor this and
foreign markets.
That the l'.lth century stood for the development of the States, but
that the 20th century belongs to the Dominion of Canada.
I animals .m. 1 such as are In the right
*lj*b ' condiUon at time ol slaughter to make
r 'his city are es- good meat    They are the butcher of
;i tion In the col- our best families and fresh and salted
The meat markets o
peclally worthy of in. 	
umns of this reveiw.    They have ex-  meats and fish of all kinds may he had
cedent stocks of the be I meats, which  here at their best.    Tiny also make a
an- kept in the most approved manner, specialty of their own make of saus-
Ih.-ir prices are moderate, and their Ber-  ages, fresh and delicious in quality and
vice i.s of a faultless kind.     Among th"   taste   when  served.     Two    people  are
leading markets of the city Is the "
ion  Market,  which  is  located  In  B
view at Seventh avenue and Gran
street.     Th-y do their own killing
select only  the  best and most hea
It is doubtful if there I* any feature uf the commercial life of Van-
..unci' uhi.h hotter illustrates the
growth ami development of the musical nnd aesthetic taste of the people,
of our lii.v thnn the prosi>erity ol
the musical trade. Thoroughly rcp-
resentativo of the evolution in musical life tending to a higher degree
ol' excellence is the firm of W. W.
Muntolius \ Hon, provincial agents
nf th" 11.11 l'iano an.l Organ Company, nf Guelph, Ontario. This company is the largest concern of its
kind under the Ititisli Mac; und their
modern method ol superior piano
.•(instruction as shown in the "New
Art Scries,'' has the endorsement or
the highest talent in the musical profession throughout the whole British
Empire. The local house has been
established here for four years, and
have heen in this lino of business for
many years. Thev have a large anil
handsome store which has been fitted
up in n very elegant manner and thoy
carry u large stock of pianos, or-ans
music, and nil kinds of musical instruments. They are very energetic
and enterprising in the business and
havo an agent In every city in the
province, and also a large branch
house at Victoria. 'J'h.y are located
at 110 Hastings street and it is a
pleasure to visit their handsome store
und their Immense stock of tho finest instruments. Easy terms are
made and they are a very active force
in the musical trade of the city an
"utile ana you will Have an uppoiumay to gain w baek in trie refute? course of business,
Money sent away to foreign markets will never come back. To make tins the busiest spot
"ii earth, size being considered, it is only necessary for each and every one of our people to
purchase tlieir supplies at home. This will build up the business of yourself as well as
your neighbor and you will encourage the trade of the town you love to call "Home, Sweet
Mr. R. II. Trueman ls a practical
artist, nnd his love for the picturesque and beautiful exhibits itself in
every detail of his business. His parlor and studio are models of elegance nnd comfort and are conveniently located opposite the Hotel
Vancouver, main entrance. He does
a very large business here and also
has branches at. Kaslo, Revelstoke,
und Sandon. this province. This place'
has been established for about fifteen years and is one of the very best
and most popular iii the city. Mr.
Ti inman has had many years of suc-
ccssful experience aid is an expert
in nil broncho* o( the profession.
Fine photography ol all kinds, as
well ns cli.nee view work, fine por-
traiiure. etc., are given the most
careful ami skilled attention at all
times, lie omployB a number of assistants besides giving his own time
and attention to tin-ever-growing business, and the people of Vancouver
are to bo congratulated upon having
such a good artist  in the city,
A   conspicuous    example  of    enterprise  and  energy  is  presented  in  the
development    of   the   business house
I above   named,   whose  oiiice   will     be
found  at     'JIM   Abbott  street.       Thc
firm   have   been  established   for some
time und are doing a very  large business.     They  do a  general   reul    es-
j tate  business,  buying,    selling, rent-
\ ing,  leasing and exchanging all kinds
! nf  improved  nnd  unimproved  proper-
I ties.        They     make      a specialty    ol
l funn      lands     and     acre      tracts for
i which   they find  a  steady and    heavy
I demand   in the  best   opportunities  offered   for  good   lands       They   ale also
prepared     to  make  investments     for
their   clients   to the   beat   advantage,
secure     nnd     negotiate      loans,     buy-
mortgages, etc.     The house also does
I and this department is. at the proa-
lent   time quite active.      They  are prepared to take the management of estates  for non-residents     nnd    others,
lo   secure  good   tenants,   collect  rents
nd.ius'  and pay taxes, etc., and they
have  earned  a good  reputation   for
th'   careful    manner In    which they
maintain their properties nt the highest   standard   of  productiveness.   The
firm   has been   a very   active  operator
n  the real  estate field from  thoir organization,   ntul   Mr.   T.   A.   Kirkpat-
rick.   the  well  known  manager  of the
company,  is an experienced nnd real
estate   man.   having   been   engaged   in
this  business  in  various  parts  of the
country  for  many years.
CY e  of   the   largest     and   best   establish cents in Mount  Pleasant Is that Of
the Messis. j. p. Nightingale and Company,   and   which   is   located      nt   2243
Westminster    avenue.     This   company
Carries   one  of  the   most   complete  and
Well   selected   lines   nf   grocery   In   the
joty and  they are of the highest qual-
II...     Pure teas of the best Importations
from th" best place* of production an.l
so bandied  as to be at  their most  delicious form for the making of a delicious beverage;  choice coffees from the
l.est plantations in the    world:    fresh
spices,  both ground    and    whole;    Ihe
freshest  and best  creamery  and dairy
belter:   fresh  eggs,  berries    and  Other
fruits,   vegetables and  all   manner   ».f
produce   in   tholt    Benson;    the  finest
im kes of flour, provisions, etc., win always   be  found  here.     This  house  has
been  established  here  :'..>   three years,
hut   Ml.   Nlghtlngnje   has   been   in   Ihis
Urn   of trade  in   V.incover for the  pasi |
tw. ve   year*,      Ills   business     has    so j
gro-  ;• Ihat  he now  employs six clerks |
and  two wagons     Iu  the delivery   of!
goods for the better accommodation of
his patrons,
One of the vnlu ih I I'lisiti.ms to
lhe financial Interests of Ihis city was
the establishment ol the branch of the
Hank  of   Hamilton    at  the   corner  of
Hamilton and H ist  igs street xt to
the Courth Housi   -       Y< rs ago. This
is  a  healthy  Insl » d  a  branch
ef a bank that is I   mous for able   ami
conservative and - ■' igement and
one  that   has  bi ■ '"   lhr  I'"1'
gross ..f th ii ■ It was estab
lished  in 1*7:- ... ; Office is   ii
Hamilton, . intarl. is ■' capital,
b reserve
.il assets nf
.mlnlon ai '
irger  lilies
ilntal 1  ii
a epi Inclpal
A gener«i
ted.   colic
able   ti :
ictpal points
• ■d     Si ties
many, itus
.reign < oun-
currency  nf
bills of ex
:; travellers'
ts'    n y
ll   parts  of
.lion Is .li-
i which Ho
iloh affords
lurlty.   Mr.
inager In
!his Instltu-
ng  formerly
inpuny    ill
ton being
position    at
• i nn !.
all   uaid   ur.	
fund of $2,235.00	
$27,672,000.00,     T
cuts iu .ill  purl
j branches In i	
Correspond) tits i
1 (ileal   lini.i
cities  Of  the   I'll
banking  buslll. bk
Hi ns being ii
drafts are Issue l
in  Canada
Or.ai  Rrltnln, r
sia. Chili... .I.ii
tries  and   pnj
ihe country  di   ■■■
change are b.   -
letters of credit
orders issued  i   ■■
the wm Id.     Pai
reeled lo th,   .-:■ ;■
bank   has   all.        ;        I
the depositors ti        d'ti
Ewing   llu. ban   i-   ■
charge ami has I ■ •
Hon   for  many   yeai
been  connected  will
. 'wen     Sound,  . nn ii
promoted   to   his   pies
the head of the  Van. o I
Among th" leading firms of this city
in the real estate, building and ac-
.. anting lines, is tha; known as the
Western Corporation, Limited. They
have been established here for a nuni-
ber Of years and have elegant offices
at 41.' Hastings street. They are ac-
lOuntants, auditors, real estate agents,
contractors and builders and handle In-
BUI ince .: 1 loans. Lumber and all
kin.is .I building materials are supplied
,il   Uie  lowest   prices  and   lands will  he
cli       I and  building* ere. ted.  Plumb
_ .: ni tlnimlthlng I* also done   an i
ihi \   li ii iu hay. cattle and fi" .1. They
... tho selling; agon's for North Van-
• lots and offer n   nj choice bai
ifti i -        I  deal able   oi portunltlei   for
...-;. i  and  ii"" ■ -"• '■  i'   d    this
: Price* will . •  given for clear-
ami lupi lying bull ling line
• or ..'   ting th   building*. In-
■ i nd loans » ,;    is., ba affect-
i f": the ace. mmodatlon of tha patron,     Tl (Beers of this well known
and • ■ lerprlslng company are Mr. A. B.
lupin, k president and managing director who has general charge of the
business, an.! the din • tors are Mr. .1.
rooper K-'ith. Mr. A. D. Taylor and
Mi. .'. Wentworth SareL Mr. Arnold
lv Kealy is lhe s« retary; Mr. II. C.
Wilghl the manngei of the North Van-
. uv. ' Hi." A number of people are
employed In the office and the> trnn-
l i vei y huge business iu their
i'i r|.  is depot linen ts.
The furniture stores ol tits city are
many in number, but they are In the
hands of able and pr.iArros^gj** man aud
supply tbe people with irmc furniture
and kindred ujooda In u niroit s.itlsfu -
tory way at reasonable prlc»s. An establishment t.. which we .. hh to especially advert is the Ark F irtiiture Stoic
and this »ih be found nl      I   Westniln-
a V'-MII.'.
for thn
ti   has i"
iviirs  an.l       ' utile and
1 titei'pi Islng   propt letoi   I ■
Russell,     II-  has a  I irg
building ami  the Btore  It
up in  a   most    cominen i
Within.       He  also   does   !■■;
irosl  superior workninmdi
phiys  lv... p-ep'o io  the
te assist  him.     They ai.   '
r.u the Chatham Im ubatoi
er,      Ml.   RUSSell   also  deal'
tate  of  all   kinds   an.l   has   l.ullt
strong patronage In this line as well.
Mr.    W.   II.
nl elegant
.ceil   fitted
le    manner
,   work   of
.in.l em-
nit ihmeiit I
id Brood-
1  real es-
up     I
SMITH   Till''.  QROCBR,
Smith ile Qrocei operates a model establishment and caters to the public of
Mount Pleasant in a most satisfactory
manner, ll" has a commodious building which has been neatly fitted up and
•li" g. ...Is are displayed in a most con-
men, lable manner. Mr. Smith has been
in lhe business for many years and he
has   given  special   attention   to   the se-
I'lll'lllg of   lb"   best   and   freshes!   jrniccl'-
e«   tit   the   lowest   prices    nnd   gelling;
j t htm Into the hands of his custom.th hi
J their   best   and   most   noiii'lshlns'    and
I wholesome condition.    A complete and
well  selected stock  In  large variety of
fancy nnd staple groceries, provisions
nf every sort, fresh butter and ejjt-s
i ie I cheese, table deli' asles ami condiments,  boil I'.s and other fruits and  veg-
. tables and   ill  kin is of produce    in
Heir nenson, etc..   always on  hand.
Mi. Smith employs two clerks and a delivery w o "ti te attend to his huge nnd
Rtendlly growing business, Ile has
ttvsd here for severed ?..-.;:•■ ■<•■-'! }cs j.
Hide acquaintance. Mr. Smith sue-
i, .lied to the business formerly conducted at 2400 Westminster avenue by
Saturday, September 3
H   -
An er
With this issue of ihe Western Clarion we take tli» opportunity to thank | lhe city
v u rei=onallv for your liberal patron-  tiveuesi
....   ol the past, and hoping to merit a | store  loi
....  mance of your esteemed custom in I vllle ar
the future.    Wc do nol claim to sell   by s.  I
t>   tt,   McCHlSADl.
In : uslness
our old clothes
thai we are in
value for your
cash   fl'""
goods regardless of cost and we are not
for pleasure, or te wear out
but we do maintain
, position to give fall
money. We buy for
the most reliable firms In
the country and should the goods not
turn out just as we represent them to
be, that Is to your entire satisfaction,
bring them back and we will cheerfully
exchange them or refund the money,
ln pipes we claim to be leaders and early a full assortment of G. B. D"s. and
P. B. B. Briers. These pipes are the
choicest product of th" plpemaker's
skill an.l ihe trade mark stands as the
full murk of excellence, As to material, workmanship, utility, finish and adornment, if a pipe bearing the above
brands should with fair usage crock or
burn a new howl will be supplied free
oi charge. Any Information in regard
in quality and Intrlslc value of tobac-
ind cigars >r pipes, will be t heer-
We don'l claim to i.n ",v it
.... ha; we are In ■ onstant i otnmunlca-
tlon with people who know nnd we can
. eslly find mil. Any opinion about
goods bought elsewhere mUSI 1 ■•> politely declined for obvious nis.."- Again
thanking you in anticipation •> fyour
extended favors, i remain, years very
Toba.' onlst, 310 Carroll St.,
Vancouver, lt. C.
j jiuUUlrioN   llHOci.
hi -hmont whrlh ls a credit to' The plumbing business uf this city is
adds greatly to the attroo- In the haVfids of a number of most re-
.. Vancouver is the grocery Putable establishments who have a
ted ai the (inner of Gran- record of faithful and thorough and
s Ison stn.ets. and conducted skillful service in behalf of tiie public.
M'Cready. It is one Of the Tins is a (iiestion that so vitally eon-
ries we have and gives prom- cerns lhe public health that this is an
ids and successful career. Mr. | assuring fact and one of which our citl-
b. st gr
iso of a I'     	
McCrei iy came to this city from New
Brunswick ,,u' soon after arriving establish. -1 "'s business which has been
Steadily growing In favor and patronage. Tli" store is large an.l attractive arJ <-',Q goods kept neat and
clean, which, with prompt and careful
deliver:, ensures them reaching customers In ti lirs*. class condition. Only
the choice1 groceries am] provisions
are handled and reasonable prices prevail. Mr. MeCready's two sons, who
are associated with him, seem very pop
ular as salesmen wilh their many pat
i..us al"' predict for them a large | their workmanship is llkewisi
aud prospf'ous business. highest grade ai all times.
zens may well bo proud. Among lhe
many establishments of the city, and
one of the leaders, is (hat of Messrs.
.Morrison Hi others, who will be found at
ihe corner of Ninth avenue and Westminster Road. These gentlemen have
been established here for three years
and ale skilled sanitary plumbers and
gas fitters. The members of the firm
a:e Mr. S. Morrison and Mr. G. Morrison, both practical an.l expert in these
lines. They have a large stock of goods
of the best quality always on hand and
in  k Ily variety  for all  purposes und
of    the
Itllly glv
In the many different  lines and Industries  that    fin.-   representation    in
this city .there are few that have   not
donethelr share in the upward growth
ami upbuilding of the city In their special lines.    There is no more Important
element In the development of the city
than     the     rise of its manufacturing
plants and the Increase In number and
kind  of Ihe  many  trades  nf  thi   city.
These  have  meant  added    population
and added wealth and  prosperity    to
our city.     An important  Industry an.l
a lender In this line is the Vancouver
Marble Works, which will he found at
IDfifi Westminster avenue, on Hi" south
sid" approach of the Westminster avenue bridge.    This esl -    thmenl   was
founded in I8S6 and h . ■ be. •   st
growing In size and volume of business
done and in the excellent    reputation
that lt enjoys for good materials and
nrsUotaes workmanship.   The proprietors are tne  Me*sn>.    McDonald    and
Maroney, n»th practical and expert men
in the bustrnss ami business men nf a
progressive aid able order.    All the laps! designs InWrble and granite work
a' tho yowest pryes will he found here,
ami Scotch granite, native granite, etc.,
of  the  very best always  In  stock  for
ihe various kinds0f products handled.
Monuments,  headstones,  curbing,  etc.,
will he mad" to o.lcr promptly and are
also carried  in suck in many designs
and sizes.
.HiflVSTOX,   KERFOOT  &   CO.
on" of the leading establishments
in it-, special line which is especially
entil ■'! to special attention and consideration in this review of our in-
tltisti ea and business houses, is tnat
will I; i^ operated by Messrs. .lohn-
ston, Kerioot & Company and which
has been establ.shud in this city for
o\cr seventeen years. They are ono
o! the oldest houses in their line and
have always borne a most enviable
reputation for (air dealing, excellent
senile, a fine line of goods, and
low prices. They are located at I'M
and loi; Cordova street, where they
occupy a spacious building which has
been lilted up especially for the purpose ol the business and presents a
most attractive  appearance  with tho
| goods displayed in a most admirable
i manner.     They  nre  extensive    whole-
1 sale nnd     rotnil  dealers in clothing,
hats,    caps,     and  men's furnishings.
Clothing for men nnd boys in the la-
tost  nnd     most     exclusive  stylos  for
men and hoys,  and in large   variety
[of shade,  pattern  nnd goods are al-
: ways carried..     They  likewise    have
a line    line of   trunks,   satchels,   valises,  suit  cases,   traveling  bags,  etc.
Ten people are employed in the store
in      waiting   upon     tho people that
throng   the  establishment,   and   they
do  a large  business.     They  are     in
, touch  with the  trade through a wide
section    of the    country    and    their
wholesale    deportment     transacts    a
considerable volume of trade yearly.
Mr.  W.  J.   Kerfoot,  the manager,  is
n  well  known  mnn  of  business    and
a  substantial   ctitzen.
The hanks of Vncouver have long
maintained an iniuentlnl place In the
commercial supvtnacy of the city and
in.rflY'n.p1', ' Jf*lr well b.alanci I n I
r-o'io.-rvntlvo "rn-ir.agoment has been fl
most Important factor of the prosperity
of this community. An institution Ihnl
has always had a high standing In the
favor of the discriminating public and
confidence as well, ii the Bank of Montreal.    This establishment was founded
many   years   ago   Mid   it has 1 n   aj
prominent and influential an dconser-
vntlve force In the financial eir. les of
this city for somp fifteen years, The
bank has the enormous capital stock
of fourteen millions of dollars, with an
additional lO.OOO.oOO.'IIKl rest, and total
assets of over one hundred and thirty-
five millions. It Is one of the mosl
Important financial Institutions In the
Dominion of Canada and Its branches
will bo found all over the country and
Its correspondents in the capitals and
cities of the civilized world. The local
branch Is located on Granville Bti
m ar the poatoffli e, whi ■■ I ■ uplea
elegant and spacious quartet M no
a general banking business In ull lhe
various departments thereof and the
manager of the blnk i.s Mr. C. Sweeney,
who has had charge of the affairs of
the bank since it was founded here. He
came to this city from Winnipeg and
Is experienced In financial matters and
at. able and capable official.
What  Is more essential to the com-1
monwealth than that a city should be I
supplied with  neat, well clothed business men, nnd it has been said by   an.
eminent  authority    that     seventy per;
cent,   of  the   business   successes     arc [
ippearance.     Mr.  A.  R.  ofo-
Cnllutn  has   been    established   tn    Our|
".  for lie past five years, and carries
in exceedingly large stock of cloth, of
the  villi.us  high   grade  fabrics,   in    all
Hn   latest   fall  and  summer  styles  as
well is the most staple dress goods. His
office and salesrooms nre located at 188
I Listings  street,   opposite   the   Province
As long a sthe financial affairs of a
city are In the hands of men who are
progressive and whose past records
have shown them to be straightforward
and reliable in till their dealings, the
citizens of the town are to be congratulated, for then they are sure of a
steady and healthy growth. Such is
the state of affairs at present In Vancouver. In looking over the list of men
who take an active part in all that
lends to the good of Vancouver, we find
the name of the gentleman, Mr. Charles
Relchenbach, who is perhaps known io
the greater portion of our citizens, hi
tact he Is known far and near and numbers his friends from Alaska to Mexico. He was for some time manager of
the Eureka Cigar Co., but has lately resigned to assume active management
of the Anglo American Commission Co.
The Col. has been connected with this
company for some time post, but it is
only recently thai he decided to give
his entire tlma to the interests thereof.
Ai present his office is at the Hotel Le-
laiiil and lv Is im par..I to handle financial, commercial and Investment
deals of any magnitude. Consignments are handled for . li. nts and
prompt remittapci made, their wide acquaintance en ibllng them to quickly
and satisfactorily dispose of a cargo of
any magnitude Heal estate Is also
transferred and whether oni wishes to
buy or sell the Clarion suggests thai
y. a first call .n the I!ol. lt is the pre-
dli limi of the editor ihut under the ac-
tivi ami well directed management of
Col. Relchenbach, the Anglo American
Commission Co. will Boon be the leading
< oncern of its kind in this section of
the country. The enviable reputation
enjoyed b> the Col. for his progresslve-
iii s^ and honorable dealings spool him
In good stead and we look for big
things in the mar future from Colonel
Chailes Relchenbach and the admirable
i onipany he so ably manages,
At the corner of Seventh avenue and
Granville street, In Falrvlew, is located
oi f the well known establishments
■ of this part of the City, it hus been
! established under the present manage-
| ment  for one and one-half years and
THE  VANCOUVER  l'l.v,,'
LTD. ''•
Among the many and various important industries contributing to the gen-
eta! activity of Vnncover is the manufacture of products for the household.
The consumption of home products   is
steadily growing and  more and  more,	
r   use  in    the'is a successor lo the firm    of Messrs. | innate  in  having one  tl
home and hnusi'^^^^™ ^^^^mu ;"
er pun
Every civilized   communii
days  has  its  electric and  pin
pany and Vancouver Is partlcy
are  the   many  articles
ind household and for many oth-
i being made in our own
I Inc  of  the   leading  estab- j
Ellison and Henry. Mr. \V. Henry
proprietor of this populai store, is a
dealei iu hardware und a worker in
tinware an.l sheet metals, and is u
i of the most expert character.
Hiooin  Works, which  will he found at i ivorkmur
This | He has a commodious and well ordered
The bakeries of this city are establishments that are worthy of particular attention In a review of the industries and mercantile houses. They
supply an article of universal use and
the quality and nourishing value of the
same is a matter of concern to the general health of the community. For this
reason we are glad to call the attention
of the readers to some of the best establishments in this line and tor this
reason, too, we are glad to brine; before
the public eye the name of the Fairview
Bakery and call to mind the excellent
reputation of the proprietor. Mr. Joseph
Ilegraves, as a baker and confectioner.
In consequence his business has grown
to such an extent that he now has five
skilled and careful assistants. He does
all kinds of baking, the finest breads
Of all kinds, pies and cakes and other
pastry, and the daintiest and most delicious candies and choice confections
in all the mosl popular forms. Ills bakery Is located nt 2313 Granville.
;>_'."> Westminster avenue,
valuable industry has been established
for some time and has steadily been
growing in the volutin' of product and
finding a n-u ly sale for its excellent
brooms. Five people are employed Iu
the plant and they occupy two floors of
n large building nl the above mentioned
address. They make all kinds of
brooms, for household and other purposes and have a considerable daily capacity. Their product has shown itself is durable in.I as satisfactory as
any on the market and Is growing In
favor with the public
store with an attractive arrangement
of his goods, and his worksldp Is thoroughly equipped with the best supplies
and materials an.l the most modern
tools and machinery for the best carrying on of the business. The stock Is
quite complete and includes heavy and
shelf hardware, household articles, tinware, graniteware, paints, screen wire,
etc, The work that Mr. Henry turns
out is ol a most superior (harm ter an.l
his patrons report uniform satisfaction
With his excellent workmanship nnd
moderate prices.
Ia "'•'labie,
'wiusii „,
"' "Sill „;
well managed uud Ihat e,u
unlimited supply of uuw-ei
most  reasonable   prices
oilier cllies the size of Va
frequent compliment is paiu t,j UU|
by visitors, who Invariably
our stieei car system is as
..I  any city in  the Domini
,;"'"1 '..Mli,a
^^^^_^^__^_ I   ''I lie
Mates either for that matter   ,„,.'
BUpeilor In that of many ,,.;,,,
ally  gus and electric and  water
panics  are   made   the  point of.
criticism  al   Hie  hands    ol
periodicals, newspapers and
I sj.
*H  or
l city,  hut  there  Is  very  nm..
uuse tor complaint regai
^^^^^^^^^^^^     I nit
Wee* rendered or the prices i harj	
Hie  liiiusli Columbia.  Electrli   p,
i  pany.    Indeed vou win t,,,,,
lew   cities,  w here  a  3 coin   [„,.,
loi lhe benefit of the mass.
,.»uv»-r   l.o.er   Company
spung of lhe  British Collin,
■   -   i ..
T*» V«.
...i.lway .,,.. an.! „,ge,h„  ,,...,  ,
'mans ,,r liaosoortali..,,  |„   v.„„„in.
•p. rate the Inlet-urban line to Westn
st. i, furnish power for conn • rclal wt
Ight   f,„
works,  and  Hie  gas Is of ri
while lhe main'' arc laid In u
stieel of Importance In tin .
have  be-
At th" present day the best and most
reliable goods produced In this and other
countries passes through the bauds of
the enterprising wholesale dealers of
this city. Vancouver is becoming more
ami more an Important distribution
..-litre fur all manor Of wans and produces and new establishments an- being a.l.i.-d and the older ones are adding to then steel; ami lines continually. One of Ho- leading wholesale es-
I iblisnin-nts in the grocery line is that
of Messrs. A. Maedonald and Company,
Who .ne wholesale grocers, and also
handle provisions an.l produce. They
have been established In lhe east many
years and '.heir large stone-faced warehouse is located on Powell street. They
do a large business with the dealers
throughout this province by means if
correspondence, employing no travelling
salesmen.     They  carry
Industrial  use, also furnish
lhe city and for business houses
residences.    They also operat. ti„. K,;.
■st .,,,.
■in. ever)
ii operating In our midst foi
number of years, but in  I-;,.   ,,.,.
Vancouver Power Co., Ltd.', ..,- \Rax.
p..rated   material  changes  in  advance
ment wen- made,    They ,i„ ,, ,..v
look for a plan whereby they ,,,;,;, ,
PtOVe   III.'  service  mil   ;,|s,,  ,,,,,.,....,
power ..I   the   plant.      Although
Isteam equipment at the powet hoUseOI
| Westminster street  Is  up-to-date tu I
complete It is not used, but Is held fur
*"■■* •'""'•'' y.    The powei Is obtalnej
.from   He-tWO   hikes   thut   «,,,    ;,	
tunnelled and of which «•■ ivW .-;...
| brief description.
in 1901, tbocompany commenced .-•■.
.    . _  atlons,   that  were  recently  complete
a large stock|They  tunneled   from  Troui   Lake into
iu their different lines and also have Hake Coqultlum. These lakes are lo-
a good business with the local dealers cated about 16 to is nilles from v.e,.
of this city and section. Mr. J. C. Mac- eouver and bave an altitude of 400 and
dona Id Is tip. manager "f the house and ,,,n f,M t respectively above th. sen Ih i
ln- is well known us one of our proini-j ''"'  tunneling  was perhaps th,. ,,.,,<■
nglneering feat eve n t•■.
nit  business men.
More than ever Is the Importance   I
attractive and artistic siijns ining recognised  by  our  business  mil   prof,
sloiinl men, and they add mui h lo the
pleasant appearance of th- i i- and
building* ot th" city, a t> ni- man in
whom this Is In largi   mi
Mr. w. Von Koikow, th-- proprletoi ol
ti... "Dickens" sign Work*, H*. has
been established hen- for only a ihori
time, but has given this matter m.ne
tnat. passing attention and to ile best
Interest* oi bis patrons,    The business
Itself ||:.S l.eell  IS t:. bl istl"'l  f"l   B   lillinb"!
ol yean, and Mr. Kelk.o. .   quln      t In
pun hns... iie is located .' i - .
stn .i >• • t, and he has a . • t y neul
shop which Is fully ami complete!)
equipped for Ihe put poses of lhe bUBl
ness. He makes all manner Of signs,
sign cards, etc.. and the work i« always
of a superior quality. Tic re is "one
grade only, and thnt ls the best." The
reputation of the shop and <.r Mr. Koikow Is of the best and lt will always be
maintain, ii and his patronage has been
glowing at a. very satisfactory rnte.
One of the foremost  manufacturing
establishments ln the electrical line In
this  province   Is   the   llinton    Electric
Company,  which    has  hem  organised
for some eight  years.     The    electrical
business has grown  to be of vast Importance in this region nnd this large
concern ln engaged ln the manufacture
of a large number of practical and vulu-1
nble machinery and devices for which
they are having a large market. They
nre located nl 6M Granville street   and
have also a  house    In  Victoria.     Mr
George C. Illnton Is the managing director of the local house and Mr. John
A.  Hlnton  of  the  Victoria    establishment.    They have a large and well appointed  building    nt   the  aboveaddress
and three floors are employed In their
manufacturing operations and  for the
sale, shipping nnd storage of their various wares.    They are manufacturers
of nil manner of electrical supplies, ele-,
valors, dynamos,  motors,    house  furnishings, telegraph  and telephone apparatus, etc     They employ fromthlrty-
five to fifty people ln their plant nnd
they turn out an Immense quantity of
these article* every year.
ufBce   where he Is ready at  any and all
how you what he has and can
ihcr you Intend purchasing now
t'-r, being courteous  nt  nil  times.
tan  of well  known    business
mil many friends all of whom
aly  of  him,   as  an   able    nnd
minus  workman,  a  skilled  ta.il-
. etitleman ..r the most sterling
itlrlbules.     Ills  wotk  speaks
If   and  the many satisfied  pat-
limn he has ure a guarantee   of
.1'illty, x
'Ibe real estuto businesshas hud
much to do with the advancement of
this .icclion of the country and the
men in this profession are among
our foremost and enterprising citizens. Thoy are constantly sounding
lhe praises ol this coiumunity and
spreading the good report of the opportunities ihat are open here und
inducing cupital and labor to come
here and be profitably employed in
the advancement und development ol
the community, ouo of the promin I It
cut firms iu this line is that known
as A. M. Jk'iittie und M. Mcl'hultor,
who uiu general dealers in real estate. They have been established
here lor twenty years and ure thoroughly familiar with the conditions
here aud the values of our properties. In fact Mr. Ueuttio came here
before there was such a city as Vun-
couver and nothing but wood and
cocks lay where this grout city now
stands, a monument to thc industry
und foresight of our early oundcrs.
Mr. ileuttie has been in the auction
business ever since he came here and
is the second oldest auctioneer in
the province of British Columbia.
He has conducted the largest real
estate sale that was ever held in tlie
province, and has been prominent in
business circles and known us one of
the best auctioneers in the cit The
linn are ulso extensive dealers in
timber lands and are mining brokers.
They have handsome ollices ut KIT
Cordova .street, west, und a goodly
patronage at all times.
! llahe
.f mer-
n   city.
He   hi
two   \.
now r
ness   . i
to help
Hess lb,
mlnsti r avenue in ihe popu-
i of the city which has been
M< mil  Pleasant, will be found a
.it shop that Is always well pat-
The gentleman win. operat is
till      hop has always boon found satis-
I. i .   im  nil   the  work   that     he  has
done   ,.,,]   pleatanl   and   genial   to  deal
lis gentleman is Mr. C. Peters,
<  an   expert   workman       with
is of exporleiie in  Ihis  trade,
been established here for only
s, but  he has built  up a  large
during  those   two yens.      lie
all his own lime to the busi-
also employs skilled workmen
in In curing for the large busl-
l comes to him.     In addition to
doing all kinds of repairing and  doing
ll  >.e]| and at moderate prices, ho also
carries a slock of shoes and shoo supplies, ot,..     Mr.  Peters     is  locnted  in
Mount  Pleasant and his shop is well
equipped with tools, machines, etc,
'*...         .
.'lie of oftr wM\ tenowri uroowTy «iorMi
Is   that   which   Is  conducted  by Mr. T,
stlnson,    He has
business here bf
deserved patronage
rtes, pr .visions, etc., and Is lo-
70B Seymour street, opposite
the WaverleV hotel, Choice butter and
fresh eggs are a specialty that draws
numerous patrons
erics, both Hluplp
the best. Mi. Stttmon wns Iii the pro
vision buslnSSS before coming to Vancouver nnd is n straightforward nnd
honorable business man. He takes this
method of thanking bis customers for
past favor* and for future patronage.
This city boasts as an attraction
nnd a place of public comfort, an Institution that has a national as well
as n lo.nl reputation, even though it
] bus boon established fur only a short
time, for strangers to our city have
I carried abroad the report of the excellent  accommodations that, are af-
oril.'.l here mid of lhe magnificent
dining hull and Clllslno lervlCO. We
refer to Allen'-. Restaurant and Coffee Parlors, which wlfl be found to
be first-class in every respect.    Thu
dining room is large nnd it is fitted
up In nn elegant manner, with plate
glass mirrors nnd the finest furniture
and tnble service, There is n seating
capacity for seventy live people nnd
s.-ives the |,est meal in the city for
'_'."i cents. This is a strictly first-
class place nnd it is a magnificent
onfe in all ways. The proprietor Is
Mr. U. A, Allen and was formerly in
the snme line in Rossland, this .ro-
vincc, for seven years. The finest
foods nnd delicacies on the mat kol
are always served and they corfloprepared and cooked In most delicious
und appetizing manner,
Among lhe many varied lines
chnndlsing in a large mode
there is none thai is ..f more
ami concern t.. the people than the
giocery stores. gtThese establishments
handle nearly all the different lines of
food products of the modern household, and it is therefore important that
they be managed by in.-n of ability and I
who   will   nit   resort   lo   profit   by    the
handling of impure and inferior a Is.
ibis respect ihe city of Vancouver
has been .'.specially fortunate and our
grocery men an-, as a .lass, men of
the highest honor and Integrity and
tak. pride in the handling of products
..'' a high quality, A store which may
well lie referred lo in Ihis connection is
that which the Andrew Brothers have
nt 231S Westminster avenue, iii th"
pleasant suburb known ns Mount Pleasant. These gentlemen have been established here for only a year, hut they
already employ three people and also
have n wagon for Ihe delivery of their
frequent orders.
The continued building operations
of tho city of Vancouver and uub-
urbs offer an excellent held to loose
bouses which handle builder-.' supplies and mill work, and in this line
we have ipiiie a number of firms of
the highest slnndlng. Tin' building
operation'- in this city during the
past year have seen much activity,
and Ihis has be. n true for ninny
years, A number of the leading
houses in this section are devoted
to various bran Ins of the building
trade and mie oi ihe representative
firms is V.. II. Heaps ,<c Co., which
has been ."-tablish.d hero for many
years, The head oiiice is located at
the corner .,[ Powell street and Victoria Drive, and thoy carry an im- I
mense stock of lumber and finished !
products at thoir yards, AH manner
of fir, spruce and red cedar lumber,
lath and shingles are manufactured
hero for ell kinds of building opera
lions and they have a large trade
in those products, Doors, mouldings and all descriptions of insido
ami outside finnii nn- also manufactured, as well ns boxes an.l crates.
This firm also owns vnd operates another mill at Ruskin, on ihe Eraser
Hi\er where they manufacture lumber und shingle-.
IT en.. LTD.
accurately measures or
correctly defines the business status of
.. meat and populous community as the
record, stand and condition of Its financial  Institutions, ami      the provision
thai has been made for Investment and
the handling of the savings of the peo-
pie,   the   nuari
an I
properties,  eti
by   this
. •' .
M'. ''ft 'j'ilV' '',' "'-rf*i
BraSfV.,'.'      >dkmaam
PJme   ''V^^:
HRiv vi*^P^ *S* ^Hp1 JrSi
'  1          1
;' •
llfft ^
aWv m\m
Jk ...
* "
•> 1 am
''-:-■■ ."        -
j       • ■
■■ ■   .         .           .:
" ■ ' .
'>' ' ■  '■•-.'    .-   •?''  '          •
■ er-   -j* t.
■*,,.y:.:\:  '/a,
'"*'    V -
,   -..  -,r.  ■.-••-
i                         ,      .
'■■"'' ■■:,•'*, ■ ■•■   ;',
-' :. I'*? ,;:*i''::
The meat markets of the city aro 0 -
eratcd In n manner that Is a credit i .
uio city ami the establishments then
selves and   their  proprietors.    The bos'
sanitary regulations are employed unu
tic best ami freshest meats are always
1-u.rrtlHt.     ll In i-«i-.ok«Um<1 tl.ot not ..u.n.'
In tn- VlUlKR of tfl« nnWrm! tmfl tY,*- *ut-
Uiir of tho me
ganl   nnd   Bpacioua quarters  in     the
DeBock building ..n Hastings street,
nnd      Hie   patrons  of tliis  Institution
are the mosl. distinguished pebplo of
the province,  including amor    them
aaaaaa-H Sir  Henri  .Inly de l.oM.lnioro,  K.  C.
slightly In I -rested in music, who are | M   Q>( rjmitenanl Governor of
not.  li..n.l,.vr.wt(i,   .%«   n«(iw  ud fmna
of tub  n»o*K" itHaA. «» aeeatnpltatuMt   tar
There  it
uml      tin
■ few people in  Vancouver
entire    province, even   if
  "■;*'       "V*1    ,'""       IM»hot>    «.«    Now
IU, in It possible to rctn,„ I ,,,„• Vancouver^Conservatcry ot Mu"- 1 In  ^r^it.rj   ^o'vloVin '".  *"?"
best food qualities, or'destroy them |„i,..     'Ibis  excellent  institution   was1"-      ■     " "-•   tno v,°""*"   mando
M.   I!.,
>   l 1,1-,. V tllt-
• IWanml
- 1 In    tint.
ever since he bc^an   	
n the recipient of vv>ll   hut  ulso In their hnndllnpr and Storing' I founded it vear ago by  Director floo
Ms this matter of vltnl concern to KlvH .|.   |ivk„.   manager,  ami  also an
An establish ^^^m
He deal* In  gen-
'i al groc
cated at
Ills stock of groc-
itui domestic, are of
the people Rood meats,
ment in which these matters are given
the consideration which they should nl-
vvnys bnve, Is thai of Mr. K. 11. Peace,
which will be found at 2321 Westminster ivenue, Mr. Pence Is a Wholesale
und retail denier In all kinds of fresh
and salted meats and bus been doing
business here for over three years. This
establishment Is popularly known as the
King's Market and It 1b pntronlseed by
a large number of our people.
•1. Ilykr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
live teacher In the conservatory
Professor   Hyke Is  local   secretary    of
tho Trinity College of Huslc, of London, England. The recent, successes
of the students, of this conservatory,
both in theoretical und practical examinations, link been most marked.
Several pupils" obtained honors certificate, <me earning »o out of   100
marks, which Siieaks most thorough
ly for Ihe excellent, tuition given in
this Institution     The school has ele-
msiruction on the
mandolin, and violin
irass Instruments, the pianoforte, theory nnd harmony, and In
language nnd elocution, The teachers arc nil eminent In their respective departments and Professor Dyke
ban i harge of (h
violin   nnd   th 	
classes are nrrnngeil for weekly. Tho
terms ure reasonable and individual
attfnthn Is given ouch ttuxUuti 'tlie
school is o valuable addition to tho
educational institutions of the city
us well mh n means towards i;ijlturo
nnd rofinemonl end its founding an
eventful   Incident   in   musical   circles.
versal and unerring standard, this fls-
. al barometer. Vancouver Is In u highly gratifying condition and enjoying
well diffused prosperity. In this connection,   It   is  Indeed a  pleasure  to call
ih. attention ..r our readers to an establishment whieh does Invaluable servile to th. community. The Dominion
Tiust Coinnuny, Limited. Is incorporated under the Hritish Columbia Joint j
Stock Companies' Act of IWT, and has
.ui authorized capital of five hundred |
thousand dollars.     It  Is a proud record
thai no regularly organised trust company in Canada or the United Stales
has evi r lost one dollar for Itslnisl patrons, while, on the other hand, the records of "iiuils an.l newspapers chronicles bear sad witness to the loss, ruin
and   want   to   widows   and   orphans   as
Hi., result of individual administration,
\mong the many special advantages
thai the company possesses, and which
no Individual can offer t.. the Name ex-
i.-ni, aie continuity ..f service, security,
effective management, constant supervision, avoidance of risks and delays In-
. iueiii to the death >.r a trusts* and
•he uv. Idance of cosl ..f appointment <.r
to., trustees. This company has also
buiit large    riie     i    burglar-proof
va.ills, In \. lo h they h.iv. vail.ins
-Iv.s of deposit boxes fur rent, from >•!
Io III per v.ar an.l storage for iowel-
• . V.   .-le..   as   vv.-ll   as   valuable   papers.
They handle loans ntul make Invest-
wenl   t'.i  their patrons, act as agents
fni ihe piii. base and sale of properties
of all kinds, and are expert valuators
of any property for patrons. The affile is at 82ft Hastings stt t. ami   the
company  has I n established  for one
year. Mr. ,1. it. Mathers Is the secretary ami malinger; Mr. W. D. Brydono-
Jack, M. D.. president; Mr. T. T. I.ang-
'ols. vice president, and Mr. .1. A. Thomson, treasurer.
Wo believe 11 prominent position
si I.I be given Ihis gentleman In simple fairness In referring to or lending
builders nnd contractors,     He will bid
as low as anyone for a piece of work,
but he always does good work and his
contracts Stand 111.' severest tests. He
is tin expert In this business and his
opinion   Is often  Nought.     Mr.  Cook  Is
popular in the community ami widely
known and he conducts his affairs with
the strictest Integrity, Mr. Cook does
till manner of contract work from the
finest stone work to general eiirpenter
work nnd Is one of the largest btillil-
rrn ana «»ontruoloc« In Vnncnuvor. ft*
emnlnys one hundred and fifty men In
his various operations and some of the
largest undertaking! In the city have
been erected by him.    He Is also agent
for the nils  I'YrgiiHon   BJIevator Co.,
hill., for public buildings, ollices, etc.,
elevators that have proved themselves
safe, and well ndapled for all the
purposes required. Mr. Cook has been
established here for sixteen years and
his large and ivel! appointed Office is at
If.f. Alexander street.     Mr. Cook Is one
I In th.-se porta, for the mouniaim
through which thetunnel rum tn ntai
KXX) f.-ei high    Together ih,  t,	
were trained into pipe* ikso i-t lot •
win, b conducts the water mi., the power nous,, and  into    tie   Pelt , ,•
Wheels.     The boring of the tunnel
undertaken by a local firm, and In ::
i76 r-i  long with a di.nn. I. i  ol 9 i..
The power house has a ■ upni Itj ol :.-
""" ■""*'• Power   and thi   it u -
line voltage is 80,000 volts,    Proi      .
have been made so thai   tl   my   Unu
■'1|"M " ' mes necessary, thin can be
In. reaaed to 30,000 hois- power.    Bui
:...  the present use. tinmi n
drainage on  ibis  supply,  the   pn i
power has proven more than i iffl  ■
Power is furnished Vai iver, Westminster, Lulu Island and othei neai b)
municipalities. The many miles r
transmission linos, as well .- . w..
thing else aboutthe plant, lams, I
nels,  pine line, etc., are kept  In    ■
I--M of repair and condition, . -t ill
army of men being necessnrj t keep I
It Is here that we wish to rail Ihe it-
tentlon of our readers to n feature thai
Vancouver excel Is In. The Vnncouvei
Power Co. is In a position lo offer Ihe
most liberal Inducements lo m ii I
turer or any.ui.. requiring pow. • to operate their machinery, .mint; lo their
almost unlimited supply of power they
have at their command, the up lo-dale
equipment they have Intsalli I ind thi
flourishing condition that ihi
hi in. they offer power i..i anyone requiring tame at rates thai ... positively cheap, This means much i" the advancement of Vancouver, foi ai ihlt
becomes known manufacture - ind other Institutions win locale h. re and
thereby add to the output nf Van
end the Income of her laborl
We Will add a  word about  ll i    (Bi ■ -
■ mi managers     of th ■   '
were It not for the able mllldl I it bttVi
devised those plans and are       - i irry-
Ing them out so satisfactot      n n city
would li d I..- handicapped     UI ■»•
well kino, n in the commen .     ind -"-
•lui circle* .,r our city and i
live  Inter, .it   in   the   dovi'li.)    ■ ni and
growth of ih" community,    Mi
Hperllng is the general mui
Hope |* ih,. assistant   melius
W, Hum is acting general
""I   und   Mr.   \V.   K.   ditched,
11 H
Mi i'
Mi ''
Ier nnd Mr. W, II.  Ila/.elltt Ik thi per
'having   agent,      Men     like   Hi
mentioned are ihe builders
and   men   Ilk.'those.    Van.on
III afford to lose.
■     ■
M'lt'l'll  VAM'III \'Kit   II
.1 i:i.
i In'
,( In-
Iho In.liii"9
P. I.artiin is I lie pi
one of the grainiest and mo I I*!"**
lar summer resorts nn the consi Tbt
view from the verandah of this h'-
lelr.v is one of thO sublime ' "' ''*
kind to he foumi anywhere. The"'1'1"
stretching |„,y, the distant BhipplM.
ami  the beautiful sky line of t!"' ''''j'
of Vancouver, tho waters doll il «'"'
sail and smaller craft, nil make   JJ
scene of surpassing loveliness     Pr""
this hotel is also reached t)
brated Oapllnno camp, which
worth coming half way acroi
Cont.inonl   to" see.      N>.ir   the
Is  also  nn interesting  village
dians.    Their artistic basketry
Ing,      Otc,     as well  ns
themselves, are objects of intei'c b
the scientific  and  tourist, alike.   V
''Lions"   and  other  points Ol scent
urn  also  reached    from here.    Rain
are only    two     dollars per dny and
ten  dollars  per   week,,     ntul    s|.e. In
raUtt   ore   until,,   fal.   families   olid   ret
ulnr hoarders,    There Is nn e.xcelle.
bowling alloy  nnd a  large   and  w.;1
ordered   dancing  pavilion  and   nU'r
Is  provided  every   Sunday  nflcr"    .
At   Ihi;  livery burn   may  be Im'1 '\f
for pleasure „nd Ihe  trip lo ""'.,"
on,   etc,     There  are  bonis  b"'
and a fine    beach  for but him-'   .
excellent   blllinttvl   parlor  a'"' ,   I
'he  finest  and  longest   bar* ""RjJ
CQftsI  are here,  nnd  lhe bP»^ J
and bOSri,      wines,     etc
uih large ojiiJ lv,.p iU.i.,.|,,ll>ri rlt. : ''■■—.   nn-   rn-rif,   u;m   i-m.-   --„>-'«.
IBB Alex ,- itrto?    itToSL8? '" "» Ond bOOri,      wines,     etc., »  ,/'j
ot our be„. know   nnd mo«M ,*      T h"r<''     Th» »"'r'''  ,,«s  h'*"   "ft
business men t,t71    !     Tr""? "" fnr '">"* >'""-" '»"' Mri I,  J
the attention of   .rre„,eHK",h<n "'" ",,,Ht gonial and pajamtjL'at. M
that he hn. ,,„.„." '*n'lorH lo «•*«" work does everything to p.-*'"     M
thai he luiH done,
wry thing
comfort of (he guest. aaturday. -Septelber 3. fOfl.
uE  ,    i..  MARSTU.YND CO., LTD
•s. Til
it Hid I
ui.l.-l.v  ki
ing, for
sjvu Mile-     They  ure also  importers and ul   Vokohama and Kob<
„i   building    specialities  of   various They   have a largi
kinds of the  best und  most   satisfac- tings street,  mo
lurj  inainifacliires.     Their factory I* fitted   up in an el
lucaleil   ai    the    corner   of     Spruce tho displn.v   .,i go<
i,,,!  ami  Sixth  Avenue,    uml    they magniflcenl  and i
,,M|,i,e  five people at. thut place. The tion       AH  kind
:;';;:;:^:b,,!,^m.r!rnn!si'V'mKa SmUnwiIuH^^ ■■" '■■ ■  •■ ■••■■ '"-"I ••" ""--1....I - .I,.,, ,,,..„,. onii-.i. ,„;•„,„,,
1     " "   '■ " ""••"-■ and Rives his patrons o\    lamps   which   permit     tho  doing    of   manner of  produce,    delicacies,  con
• •lv   attention  oml eotirlet,.'.
 ■- - "- .in   • . .,s.       .'I .im   ami   mosl    a i t  , . 11 v e   "lore, ^ i     i .      ,      .- ■   . ., , ,       . ■   , ,- i    .••"•,.   • • •.»   •••" <   •••    ......   (■   h   ' -•   ii.-1-.i^i   ii    anv
.  and  Kobe,    lap,,,,,   stores   in   the   count-.        Mr      I run- ''"",''   "*'"'*  '" U[    ,"  ''"'       '" "" "'^ ",at   '*""'"-'   b°8    *** ****   K."tHl:   timber     limits,     mining     stocks  and enterprise  thai   will   tend  to  the   ad-
e store at 4(1     (ne- droll    is    a well-known con dor of ,'   '"'""T "»,,1 ,,1",H fr"  U"SU[l h"S \en?  "'    "  w22   !a-g°. ""at!" ^ "»**■•  and    "■">"{"    »    ■««>«■* \»» "'"•*»■   and dovelopmenl   oj    our
"r city,  and  this is  tho   Canadian     'adflc   Itadw         with              1"     '''i'"'""'        %'""' , *" •"> Pftronajps.      Iboy employ  fifteen poo-   ,., .  llHsi,„.SK.     gome of Uie mosl j'".'-
l-gani   manner,    and'whom  he has  been  a-,-      a..,,, "V""H"   '"   h,'S J"* ^,B0  """„ P,r°- "l" '""l  T'"      '°U''  UTIf "1   desirable   properties   for   the   investor                  ■ o _
inds   i, ...  i„      i                         .        #                    ■          minis grossivoness   in   keeping   up   with   the extensive  business,  and  they    import         hnmesonker   are  listed   with  theoi          i i	
,.'":"    "   *"!"h .■■"••■""■■■■»* [or some fifeen years,  lie ,„„...    „   tha1   *u,   „„,,„     |K„„„. ,„,„,, ,„.,,„.„. goodB themselves.   The ^    TohrTlove is  the secretory and 'lltu:wK HKSTALRANT
i   t„       .nucha,,,.,,-, was formerly engaged In  the grocery work  fol. h|s patraw,   „   ,lmv  ai(1 ,.,„„,,,,   fatnlly  RrocorieB<   both  sto- VumLm   ,,     h . company     end   has      v   ,                 	
1'1.,,a|T"   ,L' 'S   '""i'1'""'   ,'"''"''•,'   '""'   umtowtamls lhn,   hc will  have  Installed  b.v  Octo-   plo  and  I y    fruits  und  provisions ■ .^Xable    roVi ' -,,e"     ,-    c       ,      '"i'"'**   mlar  restaurant   and
""■»M.l the,  do   an   it  thoroughly, nnd Is a very pleasunl ,„.,.    „„,.    two    ,„' „,..    high nowar of -verv  kind in their season, and all 'Vt ... -V      I"''"'""    "Herlcnn    ,,. ,„„   t          ,„  ,hi„   ,„.    ,,„.   ^^
|1)0i,l   periei i   inanner   with   the     best    this  section
.,.,,,ni.. i'.    for    the    manufacture of   .
• I,,.,,   wares      The  proprietor   of    the
tn hi bit men I      Ik     Mr.   .1.   I..   Mars
.Hi,nil    i. lo.   bus   been   in Hie   .it \  for
,, number  of,years.     Thev   ore nogo-
nt     Hi.- presenl   i Inn   for a
,,,u   i I.mi   In  i nsl   ft ..tu  s:t, "ain     to
. ',.iniu       I he   . apt., il i    ,,i plant
. ., hi iioiii .''.".'• lo 400 sipiures per
,i.,,. ... i.i I. is eipiiv alent to I .linn
ni    reel I he.v     an-  nol   only
i,i.e tui.-,-s but  also Importers of
i,.ul.I.,-   supplies,
11„.    \ ancouvi r  Steam  Dye  Worl -.
•■ .i   •   ,,it.ii- bed    in     ibe    year   IMsu;,
: i hn en   u long  period   of  u	
! .1       Sen il e to   lhe    I ollllimnil V     all I
i.e.. faithful]) and well performed
tit ii .bit i ,s, 'I he) a,,, lo and at
11 i'" dod ■  ■ ire.-i.  cast,   where  thev
i... iplete  and   w.-ll  es abllshod
t n I '.' I'h ' he mo-1 modern equip
ii. ii' and ih.'.v do a superior class of
"t They make a h|m- 'In.lta ol till
iiii.n of dry .leaning und ladles' and
Kcnllemcn's ,'epniring is neatl) |ier-
i.riueil ami ut modern prices. I.n
llii'S    and   gentlemen's   clothing   of ev-
.i.i  ilescriptjon   w ill     bo , leaned     or
ilywl  in the   most   thorough   and   dat
isfui ton
mil nnd
with thi
ni.-,.n   a
llieiii    In
Uitll    th"
Mi I i
I- n.ami
the husi
employed     to     assist      him   and      I.
'i.in a. is   ii lingo   ai int   of      lo,si
in---  cwr)   year   and   this   is   ,,t f
Hi.' Im-si   uml  largest   establishment*
' "l" ' n.l in the citv . Mr. Ilougier
c al-.. the manufacturer ,,f the lain
" ■- it ammonia powder whi h has
"" i"" ""or properly of changing lo
-. liipiid iiiiioniu the Instant v- comes
i" "iiita. t with water. A , hemli al I
" -■ lakes place giving rreah mm [
iiionin end an excellent washing s..|
'"ion fi... from am  caustic ,,,- injur- '
 - allul
,:"   |."''- Uv   staple  in the drj   stat  .
Ho    product   will   -ave  fiftj   p,.r cent,
'he    roap bills  ,,f  the  home    ,,f
Inuiidrj    woollen  mills,  etc.
H    I     IffcDONALD'S   SCOTCH
phoiographi.    ..oil.   of   ull   kinds    de- mil   mid   bottled   goods,  etc.,   arc    to
pendent   upon  light,  regardless of ibe bo found herein ibe greatest varloly.
slate ni Hie weather mid almospheric Pino  en umer.v   butler  is  a  spe.iulty
■ ..muti.nis.     ibis is a ,,.w  invention thai    brings    ihem     many patrons,
and  ...H l."    ihe    old',   studio in  the Throughout,  pura  g....i-,  low  prices,
I',.,  iim-     which     ha-   .hen-   lamps ami   excellent   service   prevail.     'l\\l*,1l/*/v/r/At'mrjf//,t/Y/t/tou/,/af/c''
i h,s studio is i|„- I urges I   u, the pro-   la  the largest  grocurj   In the city, ns j
vim.- .1  Mr,   \ in-..it-- work siamls   it    is the    best.       Thoj  occupy two j
without e.|'.al in ..or tit} and his llool'S of a large double store, with
man.v high-class patrons an- a guar, basement, lhe building being uf brick
.inn-.-  ,,i   ,1s  excel Ull o.      His  special-   and   thev   also huve  a branch  store ul
ics are fnmll.v cio,,,s ami baby pictures, 'arbo,,-.. onlm.;. d portraits,
ami flashlights by elui ti i. il) . His
ti le| b.ui    number is  1046,
Agassi/    this  piovin. e.
H.   fl,   IIICIIAN'AN   d.   CO.
ijl ."EN'S  HOTEL,
ll   i:   1' \n\iiii;i;
Ari'udn Cigar
In  gathering  statistics  for  this  review,   we   find   thut   some  houses    for
straightforward,     business    methods,
\ in on.,-  has  mu h   real on  to  bo  energ)  und enterprise, ace entitled to
proud  of   he: -recent I >    ,,• modeled  ho-   s!M"'ln'   "«<">""■      '"*-  clty  °'    t,.,i',
size  there nre  many   large  and  emin-
"'•   ''"'  '! "-   Hotel,   ...ii.h  is     lo    ,.,,,  institutions  in  each of the many
.atcd ai the corner of Water and i lines of merchandising and of indus-
I'onio.a sir eis. This famous bos- try, und it is often difficult to say
telrv  has l„,n established tor fifteen : tnat anyone is the largest  in its line
and that it is the best. An estab-
ycars, and the proprietor, Mr. Hen- iishment thll, is entitled lo s|H'ci«l
r.\ Hop.nl., bus rccentl) gone to mention in these columns is ihnt of
'ies. "Padmore's Blend" of tobacco f'"'", "V|"n,*- '" remodeling the Messrs. II. 0. Buchanan and Corn-
is .„!  for    constantly,     Ho   also ,'"M"lli'.':  ru-decorating it, ot..,   and  panVj    ,,„.    „„u |.nown and popuiar
makes a specially of three particular  '.'   ''"I Jl,?Vl'fJ   l03^   b0 On0,„   ^ crockery   and   glasswaro  house.   This
"lien,      brands
.1      cigars
As   a dealer   in the   dream-prodiu or   '""
near  and   Hi"  best   tobaccos,   Mr.   II. j.1 admore s  Own,'   'Tadmoro's   S|
finest hoi,'Is in the city, iiuigniliccni-
I) appointed mui [urnlshtd throughout,   and  supplied   with  all   the   con-
grout   establishment   was  founded    in
1H!»H,   and   tiny   have  steadily     risen
tllltg   house   is   ihat    ,,,     the   Light
Ionise    Itustaurunl,     nl    which   Mrs.
ciirisnieeii  ,s  ,i„. ver)  efflcient  proprietress        Sn    is   |o .lied   nl     .'lltli
Cordova street, west, and is head-
'l"'M u>rs wilh a large numl Br of our
l"'0ple, as well as wilh sliangers in
the  . lt.\    and  .spe, ,,,||,    w-itrt   those
''' ', "■  huiiie cooking     This place
' ■'      Isi n     ■■ tnhllhheil    hen-   i,,r   the
,-i   nil-en .vacs, (luring whi, h  tune
"   I r\ii|  i s  pain,ns both  faiih-
fn'l)   uud  well,  ,,i„l  its  Lrade has In
".i-.-'|.,.-,,...   i.-.-I,   ver)   satisfactory,
I he tallies an- pn.s i,l,.,| with line and
ni,el.v kopl linens, and the meals
served am pri-paml iron, tho bust
that the market nltords, are rerved
promptly an.l in facl are nil that
on" could wish for, \ specialty is
mad., ol short-order lunches, and the
service nrrorilnl in this line is o.jual-
l.v satisfactory, The building occupied   i-  commodious  and   ihe  dining
 m   i-   ni.'l.v   furnished  and  neatly
arranged, s,, thai ,t presents a most
ur. ii im.' appearance. Mrs. Christen-
-.n c thoroughly versed in all details of this business and gives same
r personal attention at all times,
while a nnmher of competent hands
ure employed lo assist her. She is
well known and vn-ll lik.sl and her
main friends \., h for her continued
I success.
as in 'In- mere selling of tho product
Mr I'ndmore has given thi • mu. h a, -
I. nl ion     ami   he has   al-o   had   a spe
rial   blend   of n.l.a. i a.le   for    lino
which  '-    ai inn i ing  nun h at U nl ion
because  of  ,is  main   excellent   qua"'
!utes'   walk   from the hotel   to  the Ca
rl ga rs
MAIHiN     M. FARLAND   .\    \l \lln\
milries,  and   in  addition  carries tho.      , ,, ,.      . .
iiti.knn Pacific   Hepot,   and   it   is i.tti-
'   vent.-nt     of  access     to the  places   of
amusement   nnd  of  business.     An ex-
cellenl   .lining room  is also operated
and   it is   lined   up ill   splendid  shape
and   the      fines!     meals    are    served.
line   wines,   lupous   ami   cigars,   and
pi in. ipu!    union-made local
tin.I.   iu  fact,   lhe  fines! brands  of cigars  and   loba.'.os  will be  found here
al   all   Iim,"..
i:   s.  KNOWLTON.
" 11   i-   mil   business  to  run  a   gnu I
,al estate oiiice,"  was the repl)   r.--
i\. .1 bv   ..ur  soli, itur   '-. In n  he  ask-
i Hi"   ..i   Hi"  rily's   mosl,   prominent   .1,1
bug  bouses  is  that   of   E,   S.   knowl-
011,   the  druggist,   and   which   is  gen
. erull)    legal.led   us   among   the   rclia-
1    '.  "  '"■? wMt0 P"«   |.-d  ih.-above    firm    tor Information,   i.i-  .,,,,1  well-stocked  pharmacies    in
und   thai   lhe; are carrying out their   'he city.     Mr.   Km.wit..n  lias     been
i plans   ,s ,0   b"  shown   thill   the.   have   established   here   for   four  years     and
fifteen   successful   years   work    behind   during  ihat   time  has  In,ill   up     and
them,  ami have man)   more ,1,   from   maintained .t   trad.-thai   ,s  of    mo 1
, ..1 them,  a-we  all   hope.      Tins  firm  excellent     volume    and    popularity.
,s ,,,„■ oi  the be-.,   known and    most   There is no depart men I  of the retail
queen of all beers—Ihe Alexttn
ll.-er. are always to lie had at
excellent   and   popular  hostelry.
thn baking of wholesome and dain- reputation  ,.s  being   strict!)   upnghi
')  and np|iptlzlng bread  Is an art in m   all ns  dealings   wilh our    people,
'bell but this fact is  seldom   realized, which  Ihing the) have come lu   real'
ll in -.. seldom thai  wo obtain bread Ize,   with  lhe resull   thai   their  but!
1  'hi'   tirst-class  in    these  respects, nus-s n growing uver)   day. Tho..  1 •••
di.,1 it is not to be wondered ut thai located   in large  and   spacious   0..11-
•   little  realize   Ihe  Importance     lo lei*  a    •'. I 1   Hastings  street,     v-.nere
Hie general health of Ihe community, the)  euro  on a general ell)   m.'l It nd
"' bread  that   is  prepared nnd  baked business.     The)   aro  agents  fu    the
" as t-.-si   t,,  make  11 food     product Openheimer  Kslate,   North  Vancouver
' 'if   most hcalthhil  and nourishing | Ijtnd and  Impruvomenl   Compcii .  n.
An   establishment   which    lot (.', Id clrlc Itnilway Conipan..   ■ la"ds
'--' reason, should lie especial 1)  men nt   Collingwood and   Kalrnhiw,   ,Iohn
'] d 11,  these columns is the   H. I'. !•',  Million  ICslnte,  North  Itritl h nnd
M'dionald's    Scotch    Rakory,    which Mercantile Insurance Company, Ha 1-
"tll he found at 642 Westminster Av- ford    Insurance     Company, nnd  the
"ll;'       This has  1 n established  for I Hon I   Estate  and   Loan  Conipan)    ul
'"I,."  lime,   ami   the  proprietor,   Mr. Toronto      These companies   ire    mo
Hoherl   I-'.   McDonald,  ,s a gentleman well   known  throughout   the west    lo
,U|"   liiows   how      lo bake   tho      best roojlllro  more   'hail  a mere  muni loll 1.1
'"'"I   in the   very   best   way. five ,eir   band-.,   and   llu-   la. 1  llial      IlivSi
highl)   thought   o! 111   this   part ol   die drug   business   so   important    us     thc
,111111 r.v.   and  has  always  enjoyed    u 1 careful    compounding    of physicians'
prizes have been recolved for his  gentlemen
'"'.ul  at Ibe   Now   Westminster   KitiV, , 1 1.
j""1 his standing as    a    baker  of  the
"" 'lass is well rooognneil and Widen
'.v known and we hope to bring a re
■"''"■ation of ihis fact   to s, f our
'" Is '""I '..  new  pnlrons.   lie  also
,|"""'    'I suni bakery products,
'""'   "'cy   are   likewise   of   „    s. r,or
their  ngenlf
.tt Hi
nl   proi.i   of their loch slnndlng in
the  world of finance mid  business.
.1 Wll's x   II \l.l,
CliltllEI'  &   IMINAI.D.
"o real estate men form, perhaps,
'''■(' most eiii.rpiising mui publii
'l"i.led   section     of   ou,   i omiii.mil) .
■.."I ih,.   reason Is plain      lb. v   are
''■'in  Interested In the growth uml
'''" l"|'lue,il    of    the   , iiinmuiut.v    uml
'"'J   "ie.  as a rule,  far-seeing,   ken, .
"'"■Ilgeiit mi right.    A firm Uml   ?"    "''' ,
1    Hdlve   In the   best    interests   of   tho'',"'   I'"''"'    ""..J."
''".'    nllil      possessed      of    Hie   highest
'I'uillflratloilB   for   Hie   successful pi
'"..Hon  of  their  business,   is   thai of
Messrs  Corbet &  Donald.   Those gun-
llenien nre large anil  well  known real
'   '"In   brokers,    |   have   been   in the
r,'J for nbout eight yeurs, alt bough
'"') have been associated logether
III Hie business for only a few 111.ml Its
"hey make a specialty ol city pro-
'"".v. residence, business ami nianu-
■u'lurlng sites and properties, acro-
"'-',- uml suburban lids, biisinesH op-
I"" limit ies, etc. They are financial
"Wills, uml also do a largo business
'" Uio Insurance line. Fire, life and
'''"'•'lit Insurance Is handlod by
""'in, and they represent some of the
"'dost and most reliable companies.
"'".' havo a fine office at .rcil> Oran-
Ulle street  nnd have n good business.
There mo  main     prosperous    real
eslal in erm-   iu   nor   city   and    one
lo  will   ll     We  would    .1  I       pe. Ill I    IV1
I,>nl ion in tin-, all o h' p. Hint wllii h
is   i ondu, nd   lo    Mr     .lame-;   /.    Hull,
II,. is lo.ai. .1 iii :'il'. Cordova street,
where lie bus ii ,,i ..Hi. es, and he has
been engaged In . he litislliess fol ovi'l
tun. n . en i - 11" is a nolai'j i uli
li,, ,eiil i" ,.,,< imam Inl ami Ipsiii
an. e ngelll. and doe-, an ■ Mnr n ■ b ■
si,,, si in Hns Inn- lb- hns pi mil.'
r„„,I-     for  Invi'sliiii'iil   in  tiiortgugos
and  real  estnte    and  ncli   ns    '
ih.-  loaning of
their mono. whore it « ill be safo
and din., good Interests lie hand
J Ies nil kinds of fin in lands. |„.ih in,
proved and unimproved. I imbor lands
und mines, nnd bus nl all I Imoa l.u
sines-;   ami   residential  ci'.v   property
for   .sale       Special   attention   is  giv.n
to the soiling and renting of house
nnd store property. Ito is the agent of Hie well known Colonial In-
voslmeni and l.iuin Compnn) of Tomtit... and also of a number of
oilier reliable Insurance companl.is,
for whom llO does it considerable business..
prescript ions and family recipes, and
ihis   bran, ll     ol     the  druggists       art
holds  ,,   pa,.,inou,it   position   In    this
pharmacy.     All modern appliances to
secuac accuracy   have  been   provided,
and     old;,      'he     purest   and   freshest
drugs are used.      I In-  reputation   of
llu-   drug  sn.re   in   this   particular   is
a   most   valuable     . ne   and   is    Btead-
ta-'lv   maintained   l.v   avoiding     anv
iii.-ilo.ds   thai   promise  ei onom)     at
ihe cost   of quality.     Mr.   ICnowllon I     . ■
empbivs   tour   Iii .lis. -tl   clerks   and   Ills       There  is   no   profession  of  more itn-
si.oe i.s located at I Hustings street parlance to th" community than ihe
east. ,\ special foal,lie ol Hus poll- optical specialist. Wo would lose
ulai pharmacy, uml which is of great mosl anv other organ of the body
convenience to thc public, is tho facl father than Ihe use of our eves, and
ihul In- has a da) end night slab, still ihis is a matter lhn impor
ami Is Ihe onl)  drug sloro thai keeps!unco  uf  which   is   t..o  little  realized
however   humble   or   pretentious    and
One of the mosl important esta
lislnaonts it, the community in ii
refreshment suppl) line is Hint whi,
is known as the I'ai iii' Hot ilii
Works, Limited. I lus "lit. i-prism
establishment is u valuable .uldiiii
io the various industrial undortal
ings of the i oiauiuiiit.v They lui.
a huge and ihnrouglil) equipp,
plant.   modei it  in ever)   respect,   u n
.1    (illAll VM   I HE,   (>.'  II.
open  both tiny and night.
WEST I AH cyil.l.liv
l.v ihe community. Willi proper
I treatment by glasses the eve could
..iii I, i,e kepi in good health and
anv serous defect remedied, if taken
in lime, A prominent nnd successful   exponent   of   this  difficult   science
\n establishment   which is of much . ""'' "" ,U„J; ,;''''ha'» ' re, the opt
Ability nnd energy, when right))
directed, are winning qualities every
lime.    This demonstrated in the suc-
ess   which   has   attained   the  efforts
..f   Mr.   A.  Tipping,   the  manager    of   a capacity ever)   working  da;   in tl
the  Snider  Shoe  Company,   Limited, year of  l'"J barrels.    1'he)  do it "d
.ti    this   plo •-.      He   was   formerl.v    in   era I   botilim   hiisities-   and  handle
•horgc   of  Iho   shoe    departmont    at    greui    ■   '■•|.   ": product       I'he) hm
Woodward's   nod   has   been   with    tho    been eslnlili lied in  this tit)   fi
pr.-s. ,,t   firm  for about  eiulit   months    yeurs   and now     einplu)    tweh
The   house   has   hcen   here   for   three   l'l"   in   iheii   various  operations  an
years  ami  has  become known  as  the   Ihree   wagons    are    constant')    en
headquarter!,   for  good   shoes.     They   ployed  in  lhe deliver)   of   cods   I
deal   at   both   wholesale   nnd   retail",   their  numerous patrons  all  "V.-r  th
and carry a very  large nnd complete  city,  and  lo the depots  and wharvi
'ino of fine American footwear.   They   for  outside .ouununities.     All  kind
m-e  lo-ated nl   <>'t2  Granville street, M  wines    are bottled  for lhe trail,
where   thev   have   an    elegant     store I and   the   fin-sl     v  lies from   tho   be.s
which  is  lilted  up  with  nil   the con   j wineries   in the  world  are constnntl
uenien-es  of   the   business  and   is    u.'"'ing   received  h) Ihem  for  bottling
viei-.v    pleasant   place   to   shop.     The  Thoj   are lhe -"," agents it; thissci
best  makes of American shoes, noted   tion    for
for     their    unsurpassed   style,   Uielr I Deer,"   of
quiet   eleganc  .   their  comfort   nnd   lit    llo  and   sell  in  lut'gei   qiiantiti
and   thoir  durabdit.v.   are  alvvnys  on   menso     amounts     of this high.grail
linn.I  ami  In such  variety  thnt  selec-   bovcrago.      The   ' Maimer   lU'er-'    i
tion   is  ensil)   made. i made from the best  grudes of "ran . .
 o  and  ever)   operation    s done  in    Hi
; most    modern   and   approved   tooth...
RELIABLE TRANSFER CO.        ! „,„,  ,-,,.,.  ,,.   „n.v exposure to   Ih
outside  air or an.   harmful  or delel
The   transfer   and   delivery   business   erjoug  substances       II."  water is ibis of sin h  an  est.ait.   such  a complex-    Mn,.,|   ,m,|   this heel    Is    the    purest,   ttnd   In   this   respect,   Vancouver,   and
"v.   and     iho  customers  spread    all   mos,   healthful   nnd   11 ashing  beer hlH surrounding   country,    has   iM'n
..ver the city  to such an extent that   t),.,,   js  ma nctured  today.      It   is   „,.||   served   ind I,   as   the  members
th     is room  for small  and   large   |arg,,i>v   prescribed  h    physicians uml j,,,   this profession  well  Indicate,  and
companies all over the city, us well , h„ .. |iai71j,.,. h,.,,,. vvi|| |„. i.uind In one of tho leading operators is. the
as for lhe man) individuals who pick ,,10 |||-s, hotels and cuffs nnd bars well-known firm of Morden it Thorn-
,11,     business      where  und  when  they   a,|   (|Xl,|.  ,),,.,in
can.       There     is     also    a constant 	
growth   uml   increase   in the  needs   ..(
tin.   ix'oplo  for   such   establishments J. t. n<"
I, braced ' Uainh
.,   Wash     and    bol
\   recent!)   iirgnnizod lompany    who
ion. real estate and insurance agents.
These gentlemen have been established  here  for  some   lime,   and  they  are
tied iu n  good office at   1- Arc-
nl   upon  ado.     They deal  in  farm  lands,  both
\b establishment   wlii.lt  Ih of much  "    .'   . ''  •■'"'"", i'"   i   »   .•-••.....■    ---h       - , tt.it   upon into.      I hey  deal  ,„  larm  innns,  oo.u
merit  and w.-ll worth)  ol mention in '"'   s ,a"Bt'    He bus elegant   now   have engaged in ,be transfer and ex-     II   « a  we -k o ]f ^ L        ml   llnImproved,   timber
the columns ol   ihis    review   is  the 'I'mrtors ,.t   ill  Oranvllle street,  to   press service,  Is  lhe  Reliable   I runs- iho meat   liipn d , , h|| ]]il|||s ftnd  h|m,s   ntv llllsiI1„sS   und
H.,.t   Kml Cvclerv mid M.„ !„„.'Works » '" '    '"    ",s    r.vently   moved,   and   fer  Cm,puny,     who     are located at meat  Is  nol    i. m residence properties,  garden and acre
which ,s conducied by that  ublo and ",'"''"  h" h,,s   '",',tl.,,"''  '" » v«y   581  Cordova street.     lhe,.- phone is the eiinie ur ni   u'   " , ,      .im, {nu.^   Blllmrban ,ots nllll properUes,
expert    much s,    and, hm„.,-,,,. I'•"■"'"    Miannor.        he very lntost h084.    'ITie members oi the company f the m.nl  Is , mftUers business opportunities, etc., and make
\i,    tt    I    Watson      ih,    gentloinun '""'    '"s|    Instmmunts,    appliances,  are Mr   I'.  l»   MeTntyro nnd  Mr.  A. spiopr-ri)  pi.p, R     n|(    o, sorth Vancouver pro-
Mr, \- T Watson I In , .-nl Ionian
hns b". a estnlill b. .1 for -.one , line
ant he has ii in.i-1 enviable rcptlla-
. i..11 foi lib, • I- ill!''.I nnd i lever work
and   ,."   In    itbllll)   ...   .,   mu, lntost.
, ltd   make, ,   novellv    inaUcr  and  lie-
- it:,,-, ot light mm hlnei.. fur eligl
o. ei tno pi,: poses, i ,. I le matmfui -
i to... all kinds of tn". hiiiii, ul novels,
ami , I," on .-nn.i . an h.iv e models
man" io nt del . bin.- pi ml - and ib uu ■
ui".-. nn] Ind in in -a . bias iiuiiuiut'i
ami lhn complete working muchiuury
also  made.   II   tie ind       \li   Watson i.s,
ml    best    Instruments,    appliances, I are Mr   I'   l>   MeTntyro ond  Mr.  A.   is proporlj  prepi
I   Ibe   profession   will   be   loUnd   E. 8o|l0r.      The)    have   two   wagons     little   il   oil"  .'i   ih
"id   h.-   ts   nn   eminent   practi-| at   present   and  are huv ing i^ special-  iliss,,|,oiin i„. n>        It pan "the reliable    and    strong     fire   Insurance
I ell     its e pail
IK a   ii  sp,., Inlt)   ..I   North  Vancouver  pro-
,o  gei   porty.     The)   rcpresenl  a number ol
in   tho  optical   line.     Ile    liasl|v  adapted  truck  for Hie i Is of the   good   meut, 	
 1   in  the optical   lino.     Ile   haally adapted truck lor tne noeas-oi uio gooa mi-ui, nii< ; |iM   M  ,. |innl,.v   ,,,M|   uni,.   the   Insurance
 'i practicing In the city (or unvon I business and first-class service of tho Mtnerlr-ni'o and om| fil|,  n   |a|lg0  |Ih1   ,,f  patrons     TJiey
Niiart   ami vviih mu. h help and rollef  most     pr pt   and rnreful  kind     is Integrlt)   nl   Hi" 'onlrn nlsn  make n   siieclalt)   of  managing
■■■i      -   ■ i   number  of our peoplo. | their  olm  nnd   purpiwo.    ,''',"'>; .''"'- *0..c,l_n.!!n:!   ' ,.s from I'slates   ami  nuts  will  bo collected,
laves   paid,   ell        The)   also  arc   pre
r    I  ,.-  is ii  ,o,,r> is mid  able gen- ' piny   only   cure.'.it   ond   skilled   drivers diction  ihnl   If   ill. '  Wnod-
.•toaii  ..mi    mu. ii  i.s| tod  b.v    all I and handlers of baggage,  etc,   'They the establish t ; "        H) Ul ,,,.,, m,j  a,  lowest rate*
do   all   manner   ol   moving,   trutisforr- row.   II    will   be
mo'    ili'llvnrlllR   "i      I...get    to    mid sued.       The-   well-km
III.Ill    llll    IUI.I-    Of    Hie    MirVlce,    S|MM illl been       es, a I" I -1" • I     '
I'lillAN   mtOB. deliver)   «..rk, etc seventeen   .""•
who  I'now   him
Some  of   the  lnrgcsl   ntul  best   es-
l>c-elnll)   skilled   In   all   lhl«   work,  tabllhlmienta in our mercantllo indus-
,.ei   bus  ..,i   first-class  securities.     The   m-
i„,   |nsf   iiers   nl    the   firm   ai'c   Mr.   William
he   firsi    Morden  and   Mr    .1    \\     Thornton.
ami   Is   al-o    an   .sport    bi. v. le    ami
light    ma, him-    repairer,     gunsmith,  ,||(ng   groccrlei
Irlcs   will   be  found  engngod  in lutn-
Tbi-   should   be   so
utc.       Ile   curries   n   snmll   bill    Well-se     ,,.,,,',IM11.     forllle|-e   lire    no    more no,
lo.te.1 line of Btindrles und supplies, Ussnr) and important articles in the
and has built up a v.-r.v nice busl- trade of the city. The Koran llro-
no'-s.     Ills  well  equipped  ,,,„!  noutly   there   have     boon   encaged     in   Hiis
ip|,i.iiii.-.l shop    is located nt   101B
for eight   years  in  the grocery
unville struct,   and ev.i.v   order ttill   h,|8ineSS, und  thoy are located tit HUP
havu   pi |i|   ami  careful   attention,   Carroll    street.   "'Thev     employ  live
" people   to   wnll   upon   the  many   peo-
M Alt ll \ & Sll VNNON.
A conspicuous addition to the business  houses  of tbe city  iumI which    is
one  of much   merit   und whose    stock
is of   the best,   is that   which wns    re-
ctilly   mtuhlbncil   at   808   Hustings
street, nnd is known as tho   More &
('lark.      A   large  slock,  is carried  and
this  bus lie. n      scloctcd  with     great
cure and judgment  an I  Ihe best taste
lias boon shown In the splendid array
of    gootls      Hint     are shown   in    Hiis
store.     All milliner of fancy and staple  goods,   silks,   furs,   notions,   novelties   nnd   speciull Ies,   etc.,   are    carried,      a  very complete slock  of millinery    goods     are also on hand. Including   I lie  latest   creations    of    the
hiisoii   and   il is   always  up with   the
bines  ami     Hie      finest   line of  lints,
Irlinmlngs,   "anthers,  luces,   ribbons,
tie, nre In be   found here. The mem
Wh    of the    firm nrn     Mr.  William
"•ore and Mr. Frederick Clark.
The growth of Vancoiiver is si cud
lly Increasing and Uio city expanding in n commercial wny far beyond
Ih,. expectations of even the mosl
optimistic.    Prominent among Uiobo
who   huve   plnyed   mi   active   part,   in
th mum'i-chil   advancement   of   our
city must be reckoned, tho many
sl(ires thut are engngod in Iho sup
plv of our pooplo with their artlclos
,,f went' nnd use. An especially n»-
tuble establishment In Its sponal
line is ihnl which is conducted b.v
Mrs \ McDonald, nml which will
|„.     found      nt   812   Cronvillc  street.
Mrs.  McDonald hus ben 111 the   city
for seven I eon years  und  has I n on
I   in Hie   business   at   Ihe    al.ov.
vears.      She
For several years the above mentioned firm bus been giving our people lhe host of al Ictll Ion and ne omo
,1.11 i.hi in Iho real estate linos, and
have built up for themselves a business nnd n reputation which is second   to none    In tho    city.     Messrs.   su.h favor with  our housewives, mid
pie that throng their shop, und the)
havo always enjoyed a large business.
Thev have a verv milt store nnd il
hits been fitted up in n very attractive manner. 'They havo a coffoo
roast Ing I Innl in Iho rear part of
the building nnd send out tho famous  Cabinet  coffee  thai   has met wilh
Mini in und Shannon huve been
know n In this line of work in the
West   for many   years  mid ure   In    an
Iheii   f "-h   rousted  colTees  arc  most
excellent        'The   litiest    goods   in     I he
grocer)'   lino  ore   to   bo  found  here,
ami   lhe   bos,   ami   pur.-1   goods  only
address  for some  nine
,„„,,   |,er  own store   l*vu years     ago
and '..is., owns considerable properly   'hooch    Ihelr  specially
'      „„   ,„„ m        .V,i   kio.isol  indies'   Urn,.-,    land",   oi      Hit
■M . ■ ■ .iiii.il     n       >i   mi ml...I'     ■
exceptionally cod position, from and lhn best anil purest goons ontj
their Intimate knowledge ol tho wosl larq unrrled. Kun.-y nnd Rlaplo «ro-1
em reality situations lo show Ihnlrlrorles, both domestic and Importod-^
patrons many gOOll bargains ln farm thn finest country produce of every
and limber lands, factory und husi kind, both from our own locality
ness sites, amf residences of all (Its- anil Imported out ol season, and all
eriptions. Thoir ollices aro to bo.manner ol delicacies, provisions,
found in rooms IH nnd 17. Flack etc., are always on hand. 'The niein-
Mork, where ihev havo verv neiil iiiui.bei's of lhn fil'lll ure Mr. J, H, Ilium
attractive .onms. 'Thoy collocl and Mr, T J. Poran, and they nre
rents, manage estates and havo mon   active and   energetic  business   men,
ev      to loan     on   good     security,    al-   and   pi ment    in      ovorything     Hint
tiik I'M. mi: i,i\ i:i t %
if lhe lnrgcsl  nn
n0od on I hnmlson '!«'"   *v. '*"'"■?
'tM. '-;-;"';;::.'„:" ■;.:.:;,„"
,,  i,esi   livery  always     loi	
...liable and ev. client in every wny.
'They have vehicles for nil occasions,
mid' handsome   single   or   family   rigs
i ul here    |i i   q(   f(„. p1cn|CSi pte., hacks and carriages,
„,„l    children's   nnderwenr,  hoslory
fancy and dry goods, notions, novelties, etc Her store is oporuleil on
„   Strictly  dish   basis  and she  is  thus
enabled lo quota bettor prices, and
given her patrons the benefit of Hie
saving thus mini*.
nt fol  of  a number   in
lhe   ..null r.v.      'The
know n In a bin im-s anil
mui   litiv   many   friends
of      Ihem      ill the       hiohe
terms ns btislnoss nun
bv   the  residents  of   these  towns THE WESTERN CLARION
Saturday,  September J, l»n5
ii is
UOOKr: t TAl'i'.
The Importance of tho lumbering
business in the wealth production ol
the communit) is mo little realized
bv the peison who gives no thought
to th.se matters li is the purpose
of this review 10 how up tho .-lethal have n ok- the cit) what
toduv .... • set forth tho facilities mid re-,,, v-es that wo possess ln
merchandizing and manufacturing,
ami in the Hades and prof, ions
We h.tv, in oui > ity and Its outskirts
a number ... important business
houses and manufacturing plants in
Hie various branches ol the lumbering Industry, and among them wo
wish to refer especially in Ihis article to thc well-known plant which
is conducted by Messrs. Cooke ..y
Tan, who me manufacturers ol a
kinds of fir and cedar shingles, 1 hey
are     manufacturers     and    wholesale I..
dealers in British Columbia coast fir
and cedar lumber aud .shingles. '! he)
are in ti position lo ship lumber and
shingles in straight or mixed cars
QUICK, as the) arc on the ground,
and if they run short of any stock
thev buy from other mills. iho)
give the Btrlctest attention to orders
for  future shipment   also.      The  mills
and office .ne located ai   the north
Bide   of   Gamble-street     bridge,   and
thev   have   been   established   al     h
place  for  lour  years.      The)  have    u
daily   capacity   ol   thirt)
feet, of lumber and one „
sand   Shingles,   and   sixty-live   pot i lo   - '<"'*•   "■ ■''"■
mployod in tho mills, h-iln
clear cedar and Ur finishing
turned out in eon Idi rable
;, mouldings, and otln '■'•
[shed produ, is ol superioi i uish and
r/uollt) lor which lhe) find a read)
■■   i LOOM l'l LL
• &  CO.
i       well  established    nnd
, ; ,.vv 11   firms   thai   are   engllg-
tl,     rent   estate and     kindred
, this   city   is that    of     Messrs.
Ijloomfiold    and    Company.
•Ins   hu-
extend •v-lv   i     ell
arc     '
is  also
U. 11. MALM.N  CO.
Ju this, review ol our progress
desire lo hold up to publh view
roprosentative business concerns
gaged ia the diltcrcnt departments
widi I)
ed in
E.     «'
which  has ; n  engaged
so igin .vms and have
;   etffiros al   ''.:'  Cordova street,
he)   d. ul iu all  kinds of real
ll    farm and   timber    lands,
l.n e     and   business   proper-
, iint'ss    opportunities, bubur-
thousand   i, 0 garden nn I
hundred -hon-    , l, ■.       o
.,ic   he agency  for   tho    I . -•-
s.;' lot's'    Association,   nnd
s|.   iali.v  of     managing   08-
ivlng   ihem   the  same care  as
uero  their    own    property.
have    money lo loan in   var-
;   tints,  both large und small.
i ,;. r securities end  they collect
; ml uri.te     fire insurance    for
, niis.     This is also the   of-
i,   Pacific Labor Bureau,  and
I in ment  docs an  active   bu-
at all     times  in  finding   and
!,,.. igether  employer  and  em-
., .        I'hoy  huvo done a very good
In our city we find a great number |
of establishments  where  the repair- a,
ing of wan lies, jowelry, etc., is done ra
well and carefully and with iho evident satisfaction of tho patrons for
the resulting improvement und durability. A gentleman who has had
many years of special training, who
has been .imaged In various departments of ihis work, and who has a
reputation   for   the   most   expert     nnd
careful workmanship, Is Mr. R.
Woodroofo, iho English Practical
Watchmaker. ITo has I n established  in  th )■  since   1889,  and  has it
neat shop nl 812 Corral! street, tic
docs  repairing     in   all   its  branches.
and   H >st   delicate   watches  and
instruments may bo brought to him,
for he is ..no of tho mosl skillod repairers in the city. Chronomoters,
watches, repeaters, clocks, etc., are
his special care. All manner of jewelry will I
sui!   th
M.  W.  HARRISON   &  CO.
In   ihis   review   of   our   progress   we
sire  to  hold  up to  public  view   the
presenlntive    business   concerns   eii-
I gaged in thc different linos of mercantile endeavor,      in  order that  other
'cities  nnd  places   mav   know   and    op-
, pt,.. tate   what   mui x  of  merchants
and    n.mi ilo   establishments   have
 n  chiefly   instrumental   in creatin
.nn,,,,.-,- ial  fabric  of vancot
the   manner   and   ordei
ami   facilities   thai   wo
ne.s  for  the supplying
and requirements of thi
of this section.    I
it   is  only  logical
Mcdowell & mennis.
Of   the   many   and   varied   business
inst it ul ions   of   this   city   that   form
 ere Ial activity, there
their  line  that   are  more
or   do   a   larger   business
prominent ,
than the well known firm ol Mellow-
Oil .«i Kinnis. extensive dealers in
fruit,  vegetables,  and fowl.
repaired and made to
w i -lies of the customer. Op-
ids, barometers, etc., will
put in good condition us
even better, nnd bis charges
ivs  be found  moderate.
,1    !•-. MOWAT ei  CO,
.uercanlilo endeavor, in order ihat bu
siuess men ui a distance may   know
and appreciate what mannei
chants aud mercantile establishment
have    been dually    instrumental
creaiiiig the great commercial
ol  Vancouver,  and   Hie
order ol  rcsour
hold iu readine:
wants aud requirements of the geu-i;
eial Hade of lhe .Northwest. pursuing this policy, a is but logical to
refer  io  lhal   well   known cstabli h
ment    Hie    IV.   H. Jlalkjn  Couii>any,
.   ing  houses in  the Dominion,  und are
oi merits
manner    andi
i aud  facilities   we
lor  supplying    the
un tho beginning and   are
an active    force    in the    real estate
market in 'his city.
 o —
rhe Semi-Ready Tailors and Clothiers ar.- located at 514 Granville
street. They have a largo store at
this address and carry a largo slock
clothing aud goods. This is
.,   brunch of one of the largest cloth-
wholesale grocers and provision mu
clutuis. They have been doing business throughout Lhis section foi
some ten years, and are one oi Lhe
largest establishments iu tho city.
They occupy a five-story brick building und carry un Immense sock of
goods iu unusual assortment and
selection, und covering a
space. They have men
covering ilie province aud Alaska,
and 'do an extensive business witli
tho trade throughout ilns vast region. Their liude is strictly of *a
wholesale character and their sioci.
includes everything In tho grocer)
uad provision trade.
The purest, richest uud .leanest
milk that conies lo Vancouver is
that which is produced on thc Main
bind ami the laim/'-rs at Uowdnc)' arc
sending into the 3ty an i selling m
rect to the consumer, ihe best milk
that was ever sold here. This is accomplished through the efforts ol
the Dewdney Hairy Company, which
was organized for this purpose. I he)
own six large ranches und their milk
is supplied to the city In Its freshest
and best state. Pure, (Iran, rich,
unskimmed milk, unwanted and un
adulterated, is thus supplied direel
from the producer to tho consuiuet
and on the best terms, from iho best
cows which have the best of pasture, feud, water and care. Tho milk
is thoroughly cooled and shipped iu
promptly by express train. This
milk and cream is thoroughly tested
by Dr. Underbill, the Medical Health
Officer, and thus cannot be surpassed
for cleanliness und purity. The purl
ty  of   ihe  same   is  guaranteed    and
if you want  the best for     ., „;
invalids, be sure and get your mil
and cream from the Uewd'ne) Uain
Company, of 22 Powell street, whero
their milk depot is located, or their
telephone is 1918. Their wagons will
call upon request at any place in the
city. Mr. Henry T, Thompson is the
able nnd experienced manager of tils
prosperous and excellent concern, ami
it has been established for about one
.steadily adding to the volume and
extent of their operations. They are
the only house ol thc kind that
make a specialty ol handling clothing In this way and they have met
with a very ready reception on the
pari of lhe public everywhere that
rge floor I that they have been established. The
nstuntly store in'ids city has been doing business here for only a short I into but
is exceedingly well patronized. The)
carry a very large stock of thoir
goods here and havo a commodious
and well appointed store ut tho
above mentioned address. Tho slock
is ver) neat l.v displayed to attract
the alb ntioti of the patron and to
pleas, the eye. Tho able manager is
Mr, I' A. Thomas, who has boon in
Mu, til) for a number of yeurs and
is well known to a large acquaintance.
i'ii'i:K »v. co.
As a commercial and manufacturing
center, Vancouver oc. ii| i> s a | osi-
lion of whieh she may well be proud.
Moth by rail nnd water, a large amount of shipp iil', export und import,
is done, nnd is slendily growing. It
is a leading point for the distribution of products all over ihe province, nnd even boyond in every line]
the business is in Ihe hull's of able
and honorable men. A firm that we
nre glad to call to the attention of
the reader in the commission line is
that of Messrs. .1, P. Mowat & Co.,
manufacturers' agents and commission merchants. They handle all
kinds of fruits nnd tobaccos and cig-
nre from all lhe best makers in various parts of the world nnd carry a
considerable stock of these goods in
large assortment anil in many grades
to suit their large trade. They also
do   a general    commission     business,
of   resources
d.l  in  roadl-
■ f  tho wants
jenornl trade
rsuing this policy
o   refer   lo   W.   M.
Harrison   .vi   Company,  chemists  and
druggists,  as  one   of  the loaders in
this   Important   business.     They   are
located  al   Iho  corner   of   render  nnd
lira,iv ille   sireoi.     opposite   the  post
office.     TtH'.V     have   I n   established
here for only n shorl   li   but  have
been in ihe business in the city for
a number of years Tho store is
handsome nnd it is most attractive
wllhln, vviih pinto class show cases,
ami everything run,I tip In an admirable manner and Ihe goods dlS
played to tho verv best advantage |
They carry everything in the drug |
and siliulr) line, and their prescription   deparlmenl   may   always  be  re-
I'he.v have a very complete and well
stocked establishment at  704  Gran-
villo     .street,   and     have   been   doing
business  In  Hus cit)   for some   two
veins.      Thoy   have  u   very   neat   store
and  it  bus been furnished  In u very
plensing    manner     with   tho   stock
[displayed  to    the   best    advantage,
;(loo(l goods nnd tha best prices will
always bo found hero and prompt de-
liverv and courteous attention is the
rule of lhn establishment.    The uiom-
1 hers  of   ihe  firm  arc   Mr.   T.   I'*-  Mc-
i Howell and Mr Q. ■'• KilinlS, both
of whom   have  b.'.-n   in   thu city    for
' -overtil years. 'I'll.') have
Stock of fruits of every
in   their   season;     fancy
[ groceries;   both   do,nest |c
j imported    vegetables   and
.due.',   nnd   fowl  iu   Iheii'
The bunking business is one of lhe
most potent agencies in building up
ihe Industry and commerce of a city,
a very fine
nnd staple
and finest
other pro-
.ii  a
urate,   nnd   they  only
purest   and   best    ingredients.
One of the unique and valuable
business houses of the city i.s that
which is conducted by Mr. Hurry It.
Godfrey at Hi.' corner of Cordova
and Cambie streets. lie has been a
resident of the city for many years
and hns been established in bis business at the above mentioned address
for about three years. Ile carries a
very complete line of everything
known as sporting goods, and the
best makes of the different lines are
found in his extensive und well selected stock. Ile also carries a goo 1
supply of bicycle repairs and sundries
and   does   all   manner   of   key   fitting
and handle large consignments inland gun work, lie is an exjiert nnd
this manner continually. They are j experienced .'workman and anything
located at 354 Water street, where i in this line will be done satlsfactori-
they have spacious quarters, which j ly and promptly, nnd at. moderate
have been fitted up in nn admirable j rates. He has a very ueat store
manner for the purposes of the bust- and it hns been fitted up in an ex-
uess. Icellent   manner.
The Star sign and Paint Shop is
well known to many of our business
pooplo as well as those iu other lines
of ellort, anil the contractor and
builder, who requires tho servi.es of
a competent  palntor.     Many ol   the
finest      and      most     attractive signs
about    tho   cit)   have   come from    this
shop and Mr. W. T. MUlross, tho
proprietor, has given Bpecia] attention to this line ol work. As a consequence, he has produced the very
nealest and best signs, and has built
up ii good trade in the making of
signs for nil purposes. His shop will
bo found at 816 Carroll street and
he has been established in this city
for twenty years, and is one of the
pioneers in this Bpecia! Iim, of paint-
ling. Mr. Millross also does kulsom-
iriing and paper hanging, and all
kinds of [minting in the most satisfactory milliner, and his patrons and
I satisfied customers may be found in
all parts of the city. lie employs
only the best help and is satisfied
J with nothing but the best work at
all   times.
N i class of business men have done
tto.i. ti advance the interests of Van-.
co>i\er Mian those who are engaged
in lb" real estate profession. The)
.ur always making it their special
tut'f to speak well of the city and
its opportunities, and to in,low new
industries, business houses, etc, to
locate hero, und the settling of thc
country with tntclligunl and worthy
people ..f means. A prominent and
leading house engaged in this work
is that oi Messrs. Piper & Company,
who have a handsome oiiice at 404
Uranville street. They havo been in
Hn- business here nnd at Victoria for
fifteen years and are thoroughly
posted on thu reul estate conditions
of thi- se lion. The members of tho
tompan, are Mr. 0, T. W. Piper and
son, Mr. C, .1. riper, secretary.
C, T. W. Piper is the manager,
1 hen in this business for
'hi ' us.     They   deal   largely   in
all inds of real estate, mining, Insurance, loans, farms, timber limits,
etc. Ih'. have properly for sale all
" ' ■' city, the suburbs and N'^rlh
V'ai   .. tver,
Mi .
Among    th itabHsh its   thai
have I it recently  foundod   in    il,.
cily, one of the most notable lethal
whnh is known as Mi . Cook's   Col
fee   Palace.      This   il   ., most   atl   B
tlve nnd  lovely  p|u,,. ami  it  is     bo
coming a great  favorite with all tl,,,'
have had the opportunity lo pati
l»s it.   lt  will be found in the base
ment of the Flack  Block, and is the
coolesl    dining    room    in tho cit)
There  is  seating    eupu.it,   for    hfiv
people    in    the    elegantly furnl he!
room which has I n fitted up In   B
most   attractive  manner and  i- pro
vide,!   will, ,,|„.   bes,   appltat     and
equlpmenl for iho making of iho On
est coffee, which is as-delicious    to
the taste us the nectar of lhe KOt|B
Mrs. Cook makes a specialty of her
coffee, on which she may indeed justly pride herself, for it Is \I i„ ,."v
respect. She also serves cold
This is nol a restaurant
ty lun.h room, nnd it
fortable and
• •"• ouver has no lack of comfort
-.lie luiHb ..ies, and this is a feature
upon  whi •,   the city  should  particu-
'arly  compliment   itself,   for   nothing
.-."     more     obviously   the  pros-
":. Iition     and   the  advanced
■    er of our city in all  thu best
1    tur. modern   city   life.     The
;   i louse   occupies   it   foremost.
I OBI I . .:.
IU i  h
report   I ,
bou ■ ,   ■
and   Ir,
room   ii
they  ar,
tastily   .
an oulMd
bul a daln-
is a verv coin-
Inviting place and many
nre. the patrons that   mil  her
bv th
it is
A.   11
in   keepin:
long the many elegant
f the city and has done
e Vancouver an ex client
its hospitable and first-
idations. This splendid
ited at 2'.ir> Carroll street,
•n   established    for     four
house   contains     thirty
I  of whi. h have been  np-
tip-to-dule   manner,    and
landidly    furnished     and
.rated.     Every    room  is
room   and   the)'  are large
and   very  i o/.y   and  rheer-
5   furnished  rooms  may  be
day,   Ihe  week  or  month.
has  been  newly   fitted   up,
i   most, elegant   place,   und
MeKillop has no difficulty
his      house   filled   at     all
.1   T.  BROWN.
Mr     David     Evans     is   one   of   the
most accomplished and  popular tail
ors.     He has been  |n  the business for
many years  and   is   thoroughly    expert in aii branches of this important      trnde.        |[e   vtime   to   .ho   c,
originally nineteen  Jears ngo and engaged  in   the     liloring  business,   but
ten years rtgo i,c sold out, and only
began business here in the city some
'wo  years  ago  at   the  present  location,     lie is a practical  tailor   and
every  detail   „,   ,h(,  i„1H|m,8S hns his
careful   attention,   although  he  em-
m°ys °  nui»ber of Hkillod assistants.
The garments that   are made bv htm
novo a fit and style  and finish'   that
is not found in many of the tailored
uarments   of    even   larger   ostabUsh-
mnnta.     He carr-c-?.  on btvr.d a
Both Iho staple weaves from the
best mills of two continents, and the
latest patterns and designs and
goods of the season are to be found
•t this excellent Shop.
We   road
the sandal
foot.    How
in  comfort.
in  scriptural   history     o
being worn to protect   thc
different   the modern shoe
ihe production  of  which
The progress that
plishcd in Vancouver during the last
few decades particularly, hns been
upon a scale of tho grandest magnitude, nnd the results achieved are of
the most gratifying nnd substantial
character. Taken ns a whole this
city presents a magnificent exhibit
of thrift and enterprise, while viewed
in delnil  it   will  be seen  that the individual   enterprises    of    its   leading
firms  compare  most   favorably   with   led up,
— ; those  prosecuting  businesses  in  oilier   n   larg
hns been  iiccom. | loading  cities.      There   is   no   depart-   watchc
ure   of   commerce   that  has  a   better   solid
or more   substantial    representation  otc.,  a
here thnn  that  of  the jewelry  trade,   of  fine
in which a vast amount of capital is  Trorey
invested.     A   foremost   representative   detail
of  this  interest   i.s  the  house of  Ceo. I
I'..     Trorey     which     was     established
more   than   twelve  years  ago  and   Is  wolfarc
located    on     Hustings     street.     Thel'ecmcd
business premises are handsomely fit-
nnd stocked to repletion with
un,I   well   assostod    line    of
s,    diSiinonds,   jewelry,    clocks,
illvor    and  gold   plated   ware,
leading specialty  being made
repairing nnd engraving.    Mr.
is practically  versed  In every
of     Ihis   important    business,
und bus long been identified with  the
commercial   development     and   social
city,  und
is justly t's-
'This is a musician nnd teacher of
whom we are justly proud and on
his merits alone, be is well worthy
of mention in these columns. He
has received high praise from competent critics and he is a teacher
who is well able to impart his knowledge to others. His (lasses are ul-
wuys well al tended, and he has been
leaching here for several years, litis well uml favorably known throughout the Dominion, mid his standing
is of tin- highest  in ihe best musical
nnd sociul circles. Ho has establish
eil a School of Practical Music Ills'.,.!, tion und bus been very successful In his undertaking, lie has un
elegant studio on the first Moor at
600 Granville street, when- ho gives
daily tuition In r I und brass instruments, Including tlie saxophone,
French horn, oboe mui tho bassoon,
also gives   studies in harmony,
Instriimonttation, nnd orchoBtrabjon
and the nrl of arranging for hand or
orchestra. He hns been appointed
by the management of tho Dominion
Exhibition ni Now West minster ill
roctor in charge of the Indian bands,
lie is u gentleman of culture and
in   Viiti'
we taki
the  many  high  guide
stabli-'limenls   to   bo
niver   there   is   no   one
Inorn     pleasure   in
the at lent ion of our readers than the
one operated b,V tho above referred
lo gentleman, who is located ,t lhe
corner of Hastings nnd Cambie,
streets, whore hn bus elegant quar-
ospeclally     well    located uml
eslnblisllllleix   „„,„„ mmMm m-mgmAW^
'.'.- of liiiriiliag tooiwBar ot M\ Uvmln
lhe finest productions of the best
factories wil1 be lound here in well-
selecle.l assortment nnd everything
has been dor,,' to make this a first-
elasR store in every respect. The
store Itself is fitted up In a very admirable manner and a large slock is
carried, comprising the liest. makes
of shoes thnl are on the market
dtty. The tirbt-e'r ''v'-'iug-1'-'"' th*
touiplicd  for  a business  of   this    lass
has brought into piny most, wonderfully improved machinery, nnd put
on the market goods thai cannot be
excelled    oven    b.v    the    best      custom
V8?A•«■?&*""";'*""•■... :*■ "s.'i ii,,s-
 I.   will   be found   an	
roi»K.t Im    •«,%*.%»    .v tuU    »ti.t
rbmplMc   line   ot'"<6Vorytl.lng    known
to   modern   men's   furnishings.      Th.
goods are especially  fine  grade, moderate   In   price,   ami   arranged   in   an
nl tractive and  tasteful   manner.   The
store is always attractively kept and
the   mosl   courteous   attention   Is lies-
towed  on all   who call   on Mr.  Page.
I lie  has  been   In   business  here  for Ihe
1 past   yoar,  having formerly been   en
Lguged Iii the Wm* Kne in-New ¥^r-U
sto.-V   „i   ,!..,».„     f     n   ,i''.V Uabilshmont' ore  reasonable  nnd    Mr. icily     for   a number   of   years    which
-      •'   °'   'lo,hs  "'  nU   """••'Brown  has  been  building  up  a   very   has enabled him  to cater  to the high
goodly patrOliage during the seven class patronage he is now enjoying,
years' Hint be has been in the husi- and which is composed of many "I
ness in this city, and his patronage our best dressed professional and bu-
has always been a satisfied ono. J slness men.
Tor fourteen years this firm has
been the acknowledged loader in the
gents' furnishings and clothing lines
in Vancouver und has much to do
With tho well dressed uppeuranco Of
our business und clerical men. Many
of our social leaders have found it
distinctly to their advantage to patronize this house ami have always
found thai they can get better satisfaction  at   a moderate  price   than  at.
any other establishment of the kind
In tho city,    Thoy    are located   on
Hie ground floor of lhe Klack lllo'-k,
where they have very large and elegant quarters, admirable arranged
for the business engaged In lind
stocked to ropletlon with a full Una
of ever.v Hung lo be found in an up-
to-dato ami high .lass store of this
mil.no Messrs. A. E. and (J. A.
Loos, nre men well known in this city
in both n business nnd asocial sense,
and enjoys us high a reputation for
sterling honesty and strictly upright
dealings   us   thoy   do for   social    and
personal prostfge.    Thoy have many
friends who will be gin,I lo hear ,',f
thoir success In  their chosen line.
The programs that hus been made
in the manufacture of shoes during
Iho l;M half century bus been truly
wonderful, To-day, shoos are made
entirely by   machinery     In immense
quantities   aad   they   are   SUporlor    in
stylo,  fit,  comforl  und  workmanship
ond finish t,, tho old custom made
boots nnd shoes of our grand-parents' days. Tho shoemaker hus almost passed into oblivion except as
■pairor   of bool
j 111 111! \UH [JVERY AND
'The Durrai'd Livery nnd Mounting
Stables are located ut Howe street,
opposite the Badminton Hotel. It.
hns been ostablishod under the present proprietors for over a year. It
is a large two-story structure, which
is well    drained and    ventilated and
has I n lined up with all th idem conveniences of tho business..
Tim latest run a-bouts, Standhopes,
and Park traps-, high class single
drivers mid pairs, ladies' and gentlemen's saddle horses, etc., are always to be found here. It is a first-
cluss estnbllshmonl In every respect.
'The proprietors aro Messrs. Miller &.
Anderson, who have been in tho city
tor a numhor of yours. They employ
four pcoplo    to assist   them
in addition to giving their own time
nnd attention to the business. 'They
have accommodations for many
horses, and their boarding horses are
given Ihe best of cure and grooming
at ull times. 'The finest rigs in Ihe
City nre ho,-,., and their horses are
imal und stylish appearing. The
firm does u verv good business nnd
furnish the public wilh the best nf
accommodations nnd service in the
liven  and boarding lines.
In   e'.or.v    city  or      I nun   there   nre
t'liiin       manufacturing      industries
»h,,e   Importance,  success  and  high
character   const il uio   nn   essential   ole
men I In Iho growth nnd advancement
of Iho .ity  wherein  thoy  aro located
They    nre    important    factors    in    the
business   community,   nnd.    when   de
mid   shoes   when iseribing  tl
**t*,V.    ,.iw«     ....en     . .,,.*t,t,.,-,Ct,l„     .,rvl.,..V"i'"'»'IV
nnrt lure.- nml  eleKnn'   i-BtaliltntiTnnntn\prmnlncnt.
are  engnged  In tho  selling  of   Iho to.
• progress of a city,  it is
.i""" y I.,     Klv,«     (It.-,,,
mention,   and  the  iMiHlnesH
tory-nuule   shoes,   with   large    stocks
in   excellent    assortment.      Huch      an
establishment Is Hint which Is be
ing operated by Air. .lames Adams
nnd which Is known us tho Kastern
Price Shoe Store. Mr. Adams
pi ides  himself     on   telling   the     host
eastern shoes at eastern prices. lie
bu-s «-Jar-ge and v.-.»H appohTtorj store
at 148 Hastings street, enst, nnd
IhlH Is nn old and well established
house with nn oMonsive patronage
^itnd a most enviable reputation for
service and superior stock as well as
low prices.
thnt comes to a communlt.y through
their     efforts.      Such,   i„  itH special
si'";, 'S*   m"  '7,"1,1'1^'"'"'"   "f  Messrs,
Stone & Marshall, who are specialists
.veins.     Ilii> ini'iji ,p„. , , .,,',.
mi. \|e    |.'   u/    u, "'  Hie hrin
""    >ii.   i'.   w.   Stone  nm    Mr    i,'     a
from -he ostabishmontofZs''tMa.?,,J
taUon. we have „„„ ?* Vhil'^'the
only factory of
in  this sec-
past   year,   an.l   total  asoat
amount   of 881,188,082!
ollne   is   nl       Halifax,     Nov,
llllll     the    chief    executive    , > 111
Montreal.    The olllcors ami
.are  men   of   prominence  an,
and,   in    consoquonco,  an  Important  tion    in     tho    Dominion  it
factor   In    tho    development   .>:' her : iin,.s      )),-    c,   \.   Crosb
wealth.      Ono   of   tho   most   subsiani
liul   tin.I   prominent   concerns   of   tho
kind  in  ihe   Dominion   is   'he   Uo.vul
Hunk   of   t amnio.     'This    great     corpora.'io    was founded and incorporated   in   I SCO,     11   bus  u   capital    of
three     mi 'ions,   a     reserve   I'in I    of
three   millions,   undivitu'd    profits    lo
ihe  sun    of   $8011,748,   according   to
its annual report,  tbe lust day ot the
manager   of   the  local   house
I'.  T.   Walker,    assistant
This     branch    has      n-.-u  ..
here   for   eight,   venrs,   and   i
also two sub-branches m "\
I ts "correspondent b   v iii    •
the   leading  cities  of      ,.■   „
comprise tho leading ami ■
nun,'lit    batiks   mid   Imam ml
of  those cities.
".    .1,"
"    il'-s'l
, e
'■■   Ul
I'd tuts
i siii,.
■i.i oils
i.i  Mi
i.i   ||L,|
1 ,
'The lands and property of this city
and region huve afforded the real estate dealers a very satisfactory proposition to handle, for they have
been constantly increasing in vulue
with the rapid growrh of the city,
and some of tho most productive
lands on the const are located here.
Among our active und energetic
dealers and operators in this line,
are Messrs. A. ('. Doss and A. Wallace. Mr. Hoss holds the office of
provincial land surveyor und has also been for a number of yeurs an extensive dealer In real estate, being
one of the oldest and best known
reliable dealers in this city. Mr.
Wallace, who is now associated with
Mr. Doss, has ben in business in
ihis city for some time uml is rapidly becoming well known among
many gentlemen engaged in this profession. 'Their ofllco is located at
508 Cordova street, west. where
I hey have a large and desiruble list
of property of ull kinds and an established substantial and profitable
business built up through fair uml
.•(potable dealings und faithful service to their clients. All kinds of
real estate propositions are handled
by them and the) also do a considerable loan and insurance business. In
addition, they conduct a labor agency and this department is a busy
one. und they have done much to
bring together labor uml capital for
their  mutual   welfare.
S.  li. STEPHENS &  CO.
The Insurance underwriters und r. ill
estate men of Vnncauver boar tho
highest repute for sterling Integrity,
promptness and reliability mid represent only tho soundosl und best
companies. A business man knows
thai there me many unreliable companies in existence and hc goes to
u responsible and reliable firm of underwriters and places his business in
their bands, for thev know where ,,,
placO reliable risks. An insurance,
loan and real estate agenc) which
will protect the interests of its patrons is thnt of Messrs. S. It. Ste
phens .\ ('•.., whose offices are located al i'.'Ji Cordova street, west.
'They have been established hero for
old) a shorl time, bill have built up
a verv nic" business. ■ Thev me real
estate, insurance and commission agents and represent some of the
strongest companies. Un their insurance list, will be found the Mutual Life, of Sew York, the Ocean
Accident ami Guarantee Corporation,
Limited, whieh are life assurance societies; the Ocean Mantle Insiiiauce
Company, Limited, and the Royal
Insurance  Company,     tiro  Insurance.
Th.) ure also managers for the I'nn-
Aiiiern an I.mid mid Colonization
Company, of Mexico uml the ICnapp
Shade Adjuster Company.
Till': II.  0.   \ss VY  AND
CHEMICAL  si I'l'l.v
'lhe   Itritbh   Columbia   Vssa)    and
Chemical   Supply    Compuin,   I  t,.,|
wus established     Qvu years ago nnti
fills  it   much   i led   want  In  the .lis
tributing agencies ol Hns cit)    |-|,,..
me headquarters for all  im ,   ,,,
iissa.v.-rs',   mining   und   mill    lupplin
ami   direct    importers  of   ihe .•  i p
from all parts of tho world nhere
the best articles In these linet aro
manufactured. 'They aro tho agents
in this province for tho tun... i Morgan Crulclble Compan), ol lluu ,
sou. D'ngland, makers of cla) crucibles for assitvers, Jewelers, refiners,
etc., portable furnaces, mu tiles, scori-
tiers, plumbago, .)tc„ gelling airents
in  Hritish   Columbia  for  thi   I     «
llllllll    C'0  .     Of     Los    Angeles,     |  ,,:,,„,..
nut, manufacturers of Tar. m,.
naccs and burners ami of all other
modern appliances for assayers; intents foi llenr.v Troomnur, ol i'liilu
dolphin, maker oi weights aud .,;.,
und also lor William Ainsuorlli ,>
Sons, ot Denver, manufacturers .i
assay,   unnl) 'i. al   and  pulp  ! alun i •
The.,   are  dire. I   importers  <u     gins .
ware   and      por. elatti   wares  anil   .iii
uiaiiti r of school, ph.) sh al and . In no
nol   apparatus,   and  dealers  in us ti
• •is'   materials   of   ever'.   <i< riptinn
The   best    of   nrl li Ies   and   t; I-     in
these lines ur.- carried here, ami n
sn. Ii vitriol v and .plant il) in to |,||
orders     prompt l.v .       I he   man tgei    .i
tl stahlishmeut     is  Mr,  i.i    li
Cave, a gentlemun well qualified In
ability and • xpi rlencc foi i he p..-i-
AND  l-l-A-M  9TAHI I -
A.   !''.   LOW.
The Livery. Feed and Sal" • dilfi
conilu. nd bv Mr. It, Cox, ul lilil
Seymour street, is us pop.da" unit
well ordered ns is any in the rilv
and it Is receiving its share of I lie
b.-st pai t image, 'The stable is n
commodious building, Is well drained
and vein Unti d, and has amp;, tu • o
un.,la,n.in    for    ii large   nun.'  •
horses. 1 lie rigs of lhn |i
style and appearance, cannot
I nssed in (ho tit). A numl" i nl
horses nre also boarded nl nominal
runs ami Ihe bosl of care is given
'Three floors nre occupied in Ui*' liuii-
ness  und   mi   extensive  patiomi •
eii.io.v ed.      Mr.   i '.,\   bus  I n  ..        .,
iii.-ii   ull   hn.   lib-    and    ha I)    I.
contly purchased ilns stable iiw
Maple Leaf I .iver.v and I ■•■•■■I
is well worth) of patronage ami H
is one of ibe places where lhe -
mor is- eiv en protnpl and . on idi ratr
Heal men, nl all I im.-s. We ni* glad
to make mcnl ion In specinl let m- of
lhe Maple Leaf Liver) and h'eiil
S, n'.le ami to i ollttllond '' 'i'"''
hem t Hy ,,, 11,,, inanv read'',' ol tIns
indie trial ami business rev u v ol tint
.1    DOUERTY.
The jewelry trade is very well represented indeed in Ihis city. Home
of the most ol,'gum establishments
In the Dominion are to be found in
Vancouver with stocks that for value and tho splendid stones und iew-
elty carried, the rich and artistic designs, the intrinsic as well as nrtis.
tic   value    of the     articles,   und      the
grout variety offered In every line,
are unsurpassed In lhe country, one
of Iho Important establishments    in
the Jowelry business is Ihe splendid
store which is conducted by Mr, A.
F. Low, uml which will he found at
I In Cordova street, west, 'This magnificent   store   has   been   open   to    the
public for five years, 'The largo snow
windows with  then- pleasing display
and lhe heavy plate-glass show cases
wilh their slocks of great value add
further lo the at t ruct iveness of the
placo,      A   fine   and   wil   selected   line
of the  best   makes ,,f watches    mid
locks   are   carried   as   well   as    din-
monils  in  many  settings nnd eombin
at ions, wedding mui engagement
tines, etc., Jewelry of every kind,
nnd nil ihe many lines ttint aro found
in  a modern  jewelry  store.
'The tailors' nrl  is one ,.f the most
difficult  to thoroughly master In tho
wide rmige of  business activity, uml
requires  special   talent   uml  raparll)
For   this   reason   Ihu   Ion.line   tailors
nre   comparatively    few   In   number,
ond  omong  those lenders  Is Mi   •'
Dohorty,  a  gent lemon of vast  i w
t leal expei b nee mni i raining in ■
branch >.f tho nrl. and Ins mu   al "'
sMIl   mid   fine   tnsle   luive   do. I   il|«il  »
business   of    large    proportion       II
bus II Stock of the . hoioesl 111
nnd domusl ie wools for v on li
loom,   and   ma.1.1   up   under   hi      no
fill    supervision     Ille    results        .
pl.-iising  nnd  his  garments  .,"   !  "
Vols    of    |ie fe, tloll    in    lit.    st; I     .'i'"1
finish.    His  pi, r  Im im loin
modious uml nicely adapted f. i '!'
. hit) ing on ..f u business t I '' -
kind,   nnd   snme    is    located   nl
Cambie    street .        lies,,|es    r n 111        I '
personal ut ti ntlon lo Iho bu in     ''
all  limes,  Mr.   Dohorty also I'lupl."*
it   number   of  skilled  bund''   lo   '   '
him,  so  that   nil   work   is  turn tl old
prompt!) uml p.. delay is ... ■ n
'The prices charged for all  work ni
very reasonable,  nnd satisfaction
'This is a strictly first-class furnl
turn establishment, carrying an immense slock, and Ihe markets of Iho
w,,,-t,I    ,.,-.,   i-ittiKiu-kml    to   i,l„,-,,    lieloi-,,
ihe people of Vancouver the best or
everything in the furniture and kindred linos uml nil at moilerale
prices.    'The company  occupy  „   large
and handsome building nt mi?   r.tiii
Ml mid 51H Hustings street, und
Hjroe largo Hoots ,,1'e loaded down
With   an    immense    slock   of   goods.
IhO store h(IS been filled 1,;, ,vjtK
fill the modern conveniences f,„. ,1,,.
htislnoss nnd tho fixtures and fittings
."'","'  'ho  finest.     |„  th0 , „n,|
handsome display show windows m
wanTil "ir,""VK "f "'"- various
that «L "." "'"•'""••" manner
hat they ,,re always the center of
much admiration.    Besides Z1 Tar£
t\< o
III if
v itsl
store   building,   tlmy   also   hn
great     warehouses  rontniium'
oxtra stock of furniture, on-,
curry  on   hinul   ul   nil   times
assortment  of furniture of ''''*''',
script Ion   lo   fit   tho  humblest  or
mosi   luxuriant   homo or olHco-
pets, linoleums, window blinds, linii
carrlogos,  rugs of thc finest   n'1)"',,
ed  weaves,  curtains  of  Iho  I""
llcato designs,   office  und  s.ho''
tiitui-e,   otc.     ll   i.s   only   id"'"'  ,|(,f|,
months  sine  thoy  wore nslal"'   ,,-t
but  the company  Is ei.ji') •"''' " „. i-'
Ifl'gc  business,  nmi  the |'-'""
constantly growing. .     .  j. f
i'lio firm  is composed 01   ' jicii"1'1
Taylor,  wno  is  buyer   a g1'     ■<
of much experience
A. (!, McCnndloss,
the business pun
and H. (I. Sponco,
of (he selling.
Ihl» |i,','„'''"
win' hn«
.ni"'.;;,,./ Labor Day, 1905, Souvenb Edition
Published in the Interests of the Working Class Alone.
I III..   IH
'. ,  » I.KII
Vancouver, li. C, Saturday, September 2, 1905.
The Old Capital of the Province of British
Columbia-Vancouver's  Sister City===A
City of Industry, Prosperity, Cul=      |
ture and Refinement.
When  lhe  i Inns for  the Common  ul review of the Vnncouvnr We tern
1 u,nn,, w.-re lirst  fori in 1 Into I, ii  was    n iliolelj   ileciilcil    lo give    pro-
1..in. ni  -uio' nml   mention  to the In I ere Is ,.l \.w   Westminster, fur that
,itj   ,.s ui pros nt i.iiru.-ting us much, If nol tnoro attention than Ir any
subwrli.il,.,, rrlde  mi  nn
P«» Yrar $1,00
H. L. DeBeck,
Real estate values in this section
have been rapidly advancing and
property in this section offers good
investment for the capitalist or for
the homcseoker.    There bus boon con-
This is 11 bouse conducted upon the No  business    house     in  New  West-
!. ,r..peiin  Btyle uml  is iqien day and minster is better or more favorably
night   for   the   accomodation   ol   the I nown thun  that of Mr.  II.  L.   De-
public.     It   is   located   on   Columbia Beck,  tne clothier und hatter.   This
sirierable activity in  the real  estate I  street,  near the  tram office, und the  gentleman    hus a very well situated
held    during    the   past  year,   und   u     counter   will   comfortably   accommo-1 s,<>''« at  the corner of Columbia and
leu.ling operator In this business is
the well-known Ionise of Messrs. .Mcinnes ,t  Kerr.    These gentlemen huve
date    about    twenty  people,     first-
class  twenty five-cent meals are serv-
Sixth    streets    and    has been established  acre since   1#V*.     AH  manner
f clothing is carried and  the linest
been  associated  together for  only  a -. '■'■>  which  aro  carefully   prepared  by   filling garmonts in Uio latest styles
short    time,   but   they   nre   doing    a ;  experienced  chefs,   and "from  thc best   I n I  shades and cut muy  be had   for
,o,l business, Tho members oi iInfirm ure Mr. W. E. Mcinnes and Mr.
VV. .1. Kerr. Mr. .Mcinnes has been
in the city for seventeen years and
Mr. Kerr has lived here for seven
voars, They l.a.e a Miry neat nnd
well furnished office ot 100111 32 ,.i
the Rolbrook block. The entrance
on Ihe Columbia street side is nexi
Lo Ihe l.'oy ;tl I'.util. of 1 ana.In. and
on tho I'r.inl strenl si le at tne lb.I
brook Hotel. Thoj do a general
real    ostato    business,   handling    nil
the market affords.
Fresh fruits and ,,",,,  ""'" ,l,l,J ,*"-vs-     Mr'  l,,*?eck is
,   , , ,   ,    ,      . luasrnir a   specialty of  the    famous
vegetables, choice ats an.l the best Twentieth C'entury     and     l'rogress
"' '"ils 'i'"1  s are all to be had,; brands ol clothing, which an- two of
nnd  iii"  mosl
li ties.
other   city   on   the  Canadian   Pacific.    Co.ist.
Sou  Westminster is located on tho Iwn n ..f Iho fa us Kraser Riv-
■ r,   near  ihe  outlet,  and  about    ten   mile    from V totiver, and the i ity
is ,n a most lloiiiisbing coiuiition. It is on the lino ..f the t'.l'.lt., nnd
ti,. <ii.-ui Northern Railways and al this point Ihe groat steel bridge,
elected ut n cist of ...er a million .'olla". by lhe Dominion (lovom-
,,,",,t. crosses the Praser Kinr.
Ibe Inn.l surro ruling this Uclnl j it- perhaps Ihe most, fertile in the
Hominlon. 'Iho .1 I a of the Cras.-r Rlier has boo. li eneil t. thai of
the Nile, because ,or many ages, the water of the mountains has rolled
..... n loi gtng n rich de. osit that bus enrl bed he -i il. There nre
,. ml mrny ..f 'be best conducted f inns ,ii_thc irivlncc ligln in this
immediate \ Iclnil> .
iiesi os  iho  ico lailways alrcad i   mentioned,   N'ew  Westminster   has
■ nn ctlon villi the outside world i e the I'm er River, upon ..hose wu-
t.t-- ply several | ulittial st inners conn .lit,,., our .its with ull others of
ml on.no in the province nnd In I he States. The Itlloctric Hallway Is
also an item to be considered seriouali   and   is   a great  co.-i enlence   to
,„,  people.
The pas)   bus  been  nn exc lingl .   pius|ierous year for New  Wostmin-
ier I lie in of salmon this year ha* I en perhaps the most fruitful
..!   nny   rdns   in the   I,,story  ol   the  cil \s  a risult   ..ur  tity   is   ri. her    j
ie. many hundreds ol dollars, Our farmers, too, report that their
crops are In Ihe test of condition, and look forwrad In a rich har\ost.
\n.| as for lhe cit j Itself, ii was nevei in o more hop ful condition,
nn every side ,s to 1,0 board the hum of ind i try und an idle man is bard
to till hero. New industries ure ■ pt inging up with plo ising regularity, nnd old Inns nro redoubling their efforts nnd enlarbing ill.-ir scope
ill  usefulness.     Tho population is at   prcscnl   12,000,  and  with each sue.
 ding .'ear we nro able to odd   un  houlthj growth to our record bonis.
Our merchants are progressive and untorpilslng. It Is to them in a
largo i,ions,,re, ihat we owe Iho sue ess of this publication, When approached hy ..ur solicitor liiey extended a cordial hand and were willing
',. h.lp ,,, this publication, knowing full well thai lhe city would profit ia Hns und thai it will help to how readers .it a distance what
nnd   who  wo are  writing about.
In concluding  lei   u-  encourage all  of out   readers to trade w th   thc
  merchants,     That is the way    to    make    and    keep    clUes,    Your     >->** .where  ho operated  King's  Stu-
. ,,     ,     . . ii i i n     dio lor a  number ..f  years,     lie  bus
 '1'i.ni. w,ll     look     carefullj     af ter > ■ inleresla,  thoir goods   will     tt very well  furnished  studio  in   thc
I.- reliable,  Iholr prices will  untight   and   ....  •.- ill   le satisfl d  In   eery      Cunningham,    and     the  gallery   and
I articular. opertaing room is fitted up with tho
most  modern  appliances of  Iho  profession.      Ml   i m.ls  of  photographic
| work  is  .lone  and   it   is  always  flrst-
i lass.     Artistic   losing  nnd  superior
stabllshtnenls     of  finish   mark    the     work   that   comes
The  produce   business   of   this  sec-I Now   Westminster    arc  all    splendid  from   the   Royal   Studio,     lie  ma es
i  iho  , ,.„.„.„^o  ,,r     ,.„,„   enlargements  from    nny  i nolo    und
'i,ui   i     one   of   entwine    mnnrlnnec      specimens   ■!   'he     logicss  ol     com-       . .  ,
1    ""    '"   i-' ■ >".")-,   .......I., ni i finishes  in  water colors,  [lastel,  and
More and  nmte  is  produced and  wo   inerdal   life   that   pervades   tho     air   ^.phi, black or whito.    He i.Is., mo c
lm\e  large ostHbllahim'iits  which  en    of lhe nity   nnd  one of  the foremost   tho  most   beautiful  of  oil   photogra-
Hier und markol   the various hues of   in  Ihis respect li   thai  ol M rs,  W. | |.hic   processes,   carbons  on  celluloid
minion,luble feature the  best  ma os in Canada and have
about   the establishment   is the i|uick' a Dominion reputation for many   ex-
s rvico  rendered.     The place has be- cellences.     Ile is nlso doing a large
..me   widely   and     favorably   known business  in  special  tailor-made suits
and tho proprietor,  Mr,   Rnrico Zuc- In which he canJglve the very    best
iTioro,  is to he congratulated on the satisfaction.     Mr.  BeBeck  hus  built
-l.l.'ii.liil place which be conducts and up  a    very    g ,od  business  und    has
on  ho-  largo number of satisfied pa-   thi  competent cl.i-ks to assist him
Irons,   and   he   also   employs   compe- In  bis growing and flourishing trade,
kinds of city nnd  liii-iii  property  on     tent   holp   lo     assist   Mm.     He  bus His stock  is always up-to-date, and
commission,   renting nml oxchunging,     lioen a  rosldonl   of   New   Westminster well selected nnd such as to suit the
otc.      They    also  pay   special   niton-     for  the  pnst   eighteen  years,  and    Is most  fastidious.     All manner of een-
"""   '"  collections  nnd  nro  . oing  u     well  hnown  and  well  liked.     He has tlemen's furnishings are also c trrie I,
very  good   business  in   Iheir  carious     I " established  in   this  business for including  the  novelties  and  s|«'ciul-
the pnst. four yours.                                  I ties  of  the senson.
'bulge   nt   New   Westminster.
A photo studio that we are glad
io call thc attention of our readers
is thai which is I nown as the Royal
Studio and of which Mr. II. King is
the proprietor.    He has In en • stab-
llslle.l    I.   re    for   , loot.       ton,       lit.  tlt'.s
iii,I came to this cltj   from Vancou-
N. .1. LARSEN.
I're-ominenlly this is a day of
sji cia'ists, not alone ,n th( orme
. n.iis, lot In the trades, and from
ihe spe inlist we get the best re-
sults. I ho store of Mr. N. J. Lnr-
.11. which is lo ated nt lhe corner
of Front a.ul Mc.\en/ie streets,  makes
\n . stabli: hinent which is a credit lo the business and industry of
our city is thnt of the Hritish Col-
umbia Cigar Factory. Messrs. \\ ii -
berg and Wolss are the proprietors of
this ostabllsbment and they are large
manufacturers of high grade 11,nana
.-lgttrs.       Tiny      have  teen  ma ing I
rpecialty   of   t-b i n's   suppli s,    "l0-sl   excellent  cigars  for  the     last
■ ■o'ti  years,   and   their  brands     have
i reputation thai is more than lo al.
FAIR, 1905
To be held at New Westminster September
27, to October 7th inclusive under the
auspices of the Royal Agricultural and
Industrial Society of British Columbia.
Now  as t|„. time draws near tn   the   owning   date   ol tho  ilnloi
Fuir. Interest Is, us it should be, Increased by our loyal citizens. Fain-
have been from time Immen ori.il and fairs ili-to will be, but it. romaJni
entire!) with ihe exhibit* rs t,, make the fair a success or a-failme However, on that tore, we have but little lo tar, us ,„„• exhibitors has,
always been very liberal with their  ill inlays anil   thb  ..ear promises ro
even outdo .,11 fnrmer attempts,    Th rotary   loporla lhe entries in,
to bis most sang line expectations, and from present Indications the fail
will  he all  that oven  the most optimistic had hoped for,    Already   r-n
'.rlos have been received froi any    old uxhlbitors and a notlcca'le   fee,
lure  is  Ihe  number of new  exhibitors that  havo applied for Bpacc.
Tho crops thii.year have leen all thai rould ho hoied for. The ng-
rieiilturol oshlb't irotnis.s to bo tho best seen in years. Under competent hands, uir. i.s ore rat idly aavu ming shape and order, und our far
mors assures everyone who • isits th ■ exhibition, that thoy wil] not be
. is tppoint d
Man;, vi itors tie expected from the I'a t in portions of 'be Dominion, .n.l nl •. many from the States. 'J he cti | t ..nail low railroad
ri t s mac lis net p is: lo, an I as thc dates of the fair do not .lash
with : nv .. It i important ■ v."Tit and us many people tako lhe!r vacation
und .citing ul this tin . e erything lids fair t i mn'e this exhibition
one  | iganl c  ■•iircoss,     lhe  pr iniiiin   list   Is exceptionally  large this year
ninth  in'"-est  I. ing 'ensured nn th'9   ■'         ''" '     "
.oin| etenl   judges, fair  a
,1, e,"   v il   be ihe motto
As    for    th"   ;liii.|-e n ...   I
The be-t   mil.' ,.   ..I I iillabl
entered,  refr, i hment  bool
An eleven ila.i  e.enl
thousand  nf  the. "I rat   V
crude nnd .iMi .-I" i iii-.ii.lii
sight   io  the   nt.'resting  ,
Thi   water i arnival w i
thi Ir mode of lrans| ort   t '
boats, warshifis. etc.    Ml   I
of Canadian soldiers are , •
trotting,  n ill ' ■' both fas
Aipiatic -i orts of nil     ■ u
I across    will he played .
I.,, a! Trophy.
All in nil  Ihe llominio ri
Hint  u  II   not   easily  I c  ti
,,. visit  it.
iu  ui:si mi\s ti-:k
t'HRAMKRY   S(icil-:iv,  LTD.
C()l.I ISTKII ,v   CO.
produce, securing tho best prices for
our produtors Ihat nre obtained on
iho markets. An establishment
which is es|M'einlly worthy of nu'ti-
tion   in  this   connoctlon  is  that   ol
I'ollistcr   -V   Co..   whose  place    of '< ov   »;tt\ "hi^   i""1   >"'   h"s   '>*"   h"s\
,,  ,       .   flash-light   apparatus in tho cily und
business is  Hod  in  lhe     Holmes I     , cl,,rall„,, results.
Here   a splondid   nnd      well- o	
, I.  is carried, coni|iri! ing all
f    dry goods, millinery   and I "~"
I    We  have  n number  ,.l   good     Meat
tho   New   Westminster   Crea ry  So-   m  ntles,    These goods aro inircliaseu . ylir|,a.8i  m,t   ,,,„• .,f the best   is  lhal
i-iety,   Limited,  of  which   Mr.   W.  .1.   In   largo  quantities  from  tho     most   mown    as tho   Pacific  Moot   Market.
Mathers is the' president,  I). 10,  Mac-   reputnhle  manufacturers  Inown,   and   The proprietor of thb  excellenl pla
Iven/.ie is ihe sedrotary-trcasuroi' and |,|ul    S||„|, ,.,     kopl   most  noticeably
comi I"'.' ol  all times.     I adlos' suits
• r" ••   - •-■ ,-"	
uiitdcd    in     May,     IS..
i- Mr.  li. ,1 ■ Mc'-l. net,,.'., : nd is a , , x
. M.   Vveril!  the nctlvo maiiog- ,        ,    ..        , , , .       ats11"''''   "|!l"' l,**'"'lllnH    '"  ""•■"'••  '"hI
This  ortani coriKiratlon was  '"""'  M a" """s, ,   ,      "      knowlwlg..    ol how  lo cut     ,,,,,1
and   was I in   all ibe   now.st   styles   end   designs     ;u,,   ,-,„.   Ih,.,n   ,,,.,.,   ,,,   ,.IM,   ,,,.    |)n.
and ii is known t ll over the cily.
Iho reason Ihereof is that he sells
tho very lest, goods at the lowest
possible ; rices. He carries an ex-
. I. nt lite of pure groceries, both
staple and fancy, such ns teas, .coffees, s i es, exlracts, tanned goods,
sugar, flour, etc., otc, und thc quail'.' of his g ods has I ecome known
and up] reciatod, which is readily
seen   ly   the   large   nun   satisfactory
1 trade which bo enjoys, Mr. Larson
has leen csla'. Iishod in business here
for 'li" pnsl tour years and bis store
has become an absolute necessity to
■a  largo number of citizens who mn'-e
jit their headquarters when in need
..i anything in the grocery line. He
personally supervises all details, and
i being so thoroughly familiar with
overy pnt-t of Iho business, ho is in
a | osi, ion to understand the wants
of his customers, rare is taken that
till .oilers toe promptly filled, Mr.
I arson  is  well   Inown   to  all  nnd is
' highly   regarded.
burned out   in September,   IH1I8; but   ,,,■,■ here in
Ihej      i dintoly    rebuilt,   und   arc   .;,,) t tu.tit.   i
doing n  nourishing  business that is
steadily    increasing    In   volui ind
importance,    Thoj  emploj  nbuul   leu   "'
i Id
. loci.si    tis-
a car. fullj
' ing
garment  ,\n easy   matter,  and  Insur-
:it i fuel ion     io the purchaser.
n tho summer and five In tho   Rmployni nl
easun.      Thoir   ling1'    plant   oil,  i, nl  ■ Icrl
has a   huge rapacity  .tho  past \ear ough   knowled^o     i<<   thoir  nspecllvo
nn    actual    prodiicUon)    ,'f  SSOfj.OOO deinrtmenis,  and   ih;   conduct   Iholr
|o nds.    und     the   on I |..ii   this   year   --ales  111   lhe  mo '    fteoiis    manner
will   excoed   this  nmniinl   ronsldornb posslMo.     Mossrs,   W.  s.  I'ullist.r .v
l.v.    Thuj  pnid out   nearly  fifty thou Co.,   have   Icon      i.ibi-bod   In     this
in.I dollars ii,e past   year for cream Irtisinest  foi   ih-   past  loll years    I hej
nlono      This s    in   bj   train,   are  bus s men .f I'liorjg)   and en
boat, waggon, ei. -., from a wide tor- terprlse, an-l thej  mil llielr store oro
illory,   uud     Iln-v     have    their  own ,  great  nolil   lo    uir cily ami is one
,s iho    !■•■ ' nml     froi he; t meats.
lhe selection  of  a   "''•  ^etXei \   do h Ills  own killing.
a  further  assurance  Ihnl   lhn meats         everybody   m   Westminster    know
th.it   ...in.,   front   hi   shop   will   bo   ,,f
, I,"  very   best.      Ml kinds  of fresh.
given lu about    1-   nailed  and     .or .1  meals  nre lo    be
ill  |io sesslng n Uior-   found   horn,   and    choico  and juicy
the  genial   proprietor  of   tho   Fraser
Hotel,     Mr,   \.   Swanson.       Ho has
been   wiili   lis for   Ike   past    11   years,
ml  during  thai   lime  has  succeeded
thoir leading brands ure the "B.C.
"Phoenix," ''Old Sport," and the
"Brillsnte." They are locate I in tlie
Heine 11lo I. and la e here u very
tnat and well efuipjed factory and
they secure tho lest leaf that can be
had on tlie market. Tlieir cigars
havo a imifot mity of tlavor tin*d
taste in the various brands that has
. spe. iully endear d th'.'in to the smoking public. When one buys one of
their  b-anils  that   one has  grown  to i
li  o,  became assured  that the   Ba-  manager of the H I Colon!
\or nnd  taste  will  always be of   the ■ is located on 'I        '"   "
employed  in delivering the
orders oi patrons.    Ihe abl
nial  proprietor "I this sto ■
c    \   W.-lsh. and ho has b.   t
in'sjncss lor several .wars a
everydetall  of it  thorough!.
i now n
. .,,•   \ et j fi w hotel n
ihan    is   Mr-    •'•    '
he   .
same uniform I ind. They gi\e employ m.nt to about twenty jieople,
and do n large business In this city,
end through a wide count y sur. ootid
inc The members of the firm an:
Mr.  It. Wllborg und Mr. W. Wolz.
c.  ,\. WELS-H.
nishod   in  i     o ifortnble  und   homo-
li e   manner   ihrotishout.     'llio   din-
wluirl    ed   excellent    shipping   iaeili-   of   ll litul      Ihnl    Now
 i.    The>   are  mui ing it  spoclait)   minster could III afford to loi
"i .iinning butter nnd shipi ing this
it. nt li u iti<l to the Yukon, etc, A
' n. cess bus been inude of this new
venture, their • s ublbhincrtt being
lhe pi in. i| nl one in tbe I'ro ince
lhal , iins I, ,1 tor. Tbe.V ship II in
two pound   inns,   twenty lour   in   the |
cut .  ,n   l.e.f.   por! .  mui ton,   \ onl    or
lamb,   i,,;,'    nlwn; - be   bud   I,ere.   The
1... .   hns i.e.,,  esfnl.llsbed   for    somo
four     one Mi    xi Menem.i    em
ploy ■ I wo capnble n si lar.t nnd one
delivery wagon is nlso run for tha
nn ommoilnlion ol the p.,iron- The
shop i- lo, ated . n i 'ol u il In - Ireel.
nnd in!,',;.- i ppl n at nnd ■ i ru-
t'l'j  sanltiuy
The growth which has attended the
retail grocery iru'e in this section
the lust few years has kept pace with
tho progress and advancement of our
city.     We have a  number of excellent
establishments which are owned by ing room is splendidly appointed ana
progressive people who carry stocks the besl edibles an nookod by an ex-
oi n-oods of the highest duality and pcrieiued he! anil are lerved In e
the fresh, st nml best condition, and I most a-■• ■ ing ,manner. First-class
low     prices    prevail.     A    prominent'sample roc   - arc al  tho disposal of
,md   I lar son    tie ts   onpo    ■
Co irtho is. .      Hiis Hot"!,   s
establishment  hns Leen \.r;
ly   patroni/od,  and    here   i
reason!-  whj   th s should  lie.
first  i.I.i. •.   its locution  is
and  th" rooms comprised  In the hotel  are till  !;cli!. air'   nnd splendidly
-urnish d.     Ihe building occupied   is
■    ■
million dollars; a reserve of three
millions, undivided profits of S'JU'2,-
7413.00,     und   total   assets  of  $81,-
,   . q   .,    nntuining   lhlr-| 183,052.00.       The    lteyal   Hank   of
tv-six   toon -,   nil  ol  which   ure   fur-   Canada  has fifty branches iu the no
nunion, three branches in Cuba, an
agency in New York ond a branch
in Newfoundland, und correspondents
in the lending cities of the civilized
world. They do a general banking
business in their various branches;
drafts  or   money   orders  are  issued,
,      ■ ..... |  |      ,   .      .    i t   .   .   . j» '1   UIIIIIU   III ^UUI      'O ,..,... .,1 . a, , . I , i I
in making ninny warm friends,   and   ,„,„.,, in ,,lis „ne is ,hal o( lhu Poo. commei ial   tru ellors,    and   Bpecial payable at all points ,u Canada, and
Wesl-   pulousl.l      . loan      and
precaul Ion  Is  Ial • n
, iilence   of   their   su
perior product, it may bo mentioned
thai tho,\ huve won nil of the (II-
I'lnmas for croamory but tor in tho
I'ro. ince duiing Ibe pnst live voars,
nnd Ihey will bale n line display at
Iho I'Miib.tion this full, which will
i.e worthy the attention of our rend
Tho liquor stores of this city are
n credit to Ihe liquor interests of
this section and compare very I'a-
vorably wilh those of nny other city
ol ovon the largest si/e. One of the
liquor stores which is ospocfjally
atlracllva and well conducted plucu
al tractive and well lomluctod p.aco
is that  which is known as tho StoiUll-
i.oat   lOxchoago.    This ostabllshmont
is located opposite the ('. p. N.
wharf, on Front street, and tbe ami-
able   praprlolor   Is   Mr.   Thomas l'ree-
mnn.      This   gentleman   eamo Into
possession  of  litis  popular  resorl   by
palions. Il,s place is loi ated al
lhe corner ,,i iiegi/.,. nnd Front Sts,
.•ind  iho building  is  in an  Imposing
I bree-siory substantial Irani.' structure The guests' rooms aro nicely
furnished ami nre nlwnyH filled. The
dining room Is Inrge an l .beet;, „n.l
the table is supplied with tho very
besl the m.nle, otter-, served in 'a
mosl dell loin mui.to i I be bar is
ilipp led  w ob   the   well know ii  and  al-
wn.vt   , ulur  \el-o,i   lie ,■.  ,.s wellns
.i  good nssorlmonl   <u   wines,  brand
Ies,   cordials,      , ignis,   et. .      Sauqile
...otis   ure   nl bund   for   1 lie   . omine,
■ i.il   inr.olers,     and   m. Inconvonleiicc
for  the . ot!.! .i t   of I li" guest n is   ov-
■ I' oo oil, Mr. Swanson o ,,ploys
...ice,.1,t    help    to 1....       uftor tho
w orl. but li" is pei■Minu'l.v on hand
to loo'i afti r the detail . nnd sees
lo ii thai every guest is treated In a
royal    manner      Mr.  Swanson    has
many   Hie,ids.   both   among   the     tra-
■ "iii e   public   and   among   the      local
W.    I',.   SINl'I.Mlt.
'I his well known rntorpriso is o oof
Iho  oldest   shopfl   in   ibis   portion    of
tit.,    country,     having   been   fciindod
somo     twent;     Igllt      'ears   ngo.      It
was  I.....on  .ii      a    smnll   scale,  but
has  been  uio.,, ing  larger und  larger
and  some    time  ago   nwoll-oqulppod
machine works was  added to the establishment, and  Mr.  .lohn   If.'id. the
proprietor, is now  prepared it. do all
m.inner of gen ml  miihino  work, etc.,
las   well    n«    general   \ lacUamlthlng.
Vour people to assist him in tho bus!-   I'n.o  plant  is vory  lomploto  and  fitness and  bus a \ cry neat  nnd attrnc
li.e place of    business,     lie  is  Ih
pie's  tlrocery,   which  is  situated  at' rales an , Uio theatrical pro- tho  principal cities  lliroughout   the
the cornor '..f Columbia und Sixth fession \ ni s nlso conducted by world. Letters of credit are issued,
sire.ds. This wdl-known and popu- \ -I-: ri • host cf order Is special attention Is given to collegia,-   Institution   was  founded  in   ISPS   inuintttined    al    II  "Imos,   while   ibe;,ions,   deposits   are   received   m  any
a t    occupies   commodious  and  finesl   brand     I     ties, Manors   and|amoiml   from    one
handsome  quarters  which  have  been   cigars or e Ind     Ihis hostelry
\.-ry    nicely   a,rung d   i.nd   the   stock   bus  Hi  ;  '"'"'K  tho  firsl
contained is commondably displayed,   one built aft     ''   '"'' of >S"S.   Mr.
Seven |ieople are necessary to   wait   Inslev   was manager of the
ui on   Iho  many   who  throng  ihe es-  Iceland   Hob
i nl.li-buient,   an I      two   wagons   nre ' ns nl olliet
1   ncouver,
i -■■■ amp
,eo,,t   for   IhO   sinter   ihoo   (or
Mr. W. 10. Sinclair is popular wilh
piirohuse  it  few   ntonlhs  ngo  and  lint, ' n   but"  number  of  our  people.      Mr
taken  hold  of  it   in  bis  usual    utile sin. Inir   is   a    largo  nnd   Important   ,,,. „ ,n„i  (he f'tieen Quality Shoe for
and .i...,irons manner and Is makdnn ,,,.„,,,.  ,,,  ,,,„.   b, ots nnd shoes andlwo n, nnd carriesin very select', lino
it  „ne of tho best   burs in iho cily. ' , ,    .„,.     no bus 1 „ doing  '"' eomforlnhln nnd  stylish footwear
Mr.   Pr nn   hns   been   in   the  rltv r"1'1"'1' '"'" ' , ,    „ 1   •""•   hfts   '"""   !"'  nn   lmmen8f  '"M
in   ibis  business   fm-  ten yeurs anil business in this rlty for o gin  yonrs  n0KH  m,v|ng    the  time  thai   ho  hns
knows  what o.n-  pooplo   want,     lie nnd  bus nlways  icon doing n   good    ii established In tho city.    In this
has a nent Htrln inl-iiilin- ami the l-M-i.ts. Ha4ms ft largo and snn-Ivvlrfc .o.ioiy nnd snlnctlon of sloe-
room Is fitted up well and ploasofll- clOtIS sloro which hns been fitted up II is nol rllfllctlll lo le fitted well.
ly  furnished.    Tho stock   nf  Honors it, mosl oxcellenl  maniior throughout ito nlso   mnlnmlns  n   nrst-clnssi   re
is  complete,   and   fine  wines,  choice and  the stock carried Is very largo,   pair    n connection and all Mmta       	
liquors  nnd  spirits   may  always    be    Ho   is   located   in   Ihe   II,nines   block,   of repairing Is done neaily  an.l well    l.etd Is „n enterprising business .......
hod hero. * Ion     Columbia    street.     He  employs   nt low pries.
ted up with iho latest machinery
and appliances. Phis Institution is
lornlcd on liegblo streot, near Co
litmhla, nnd live or so on s' illed
workmen aro employed by Mr. Ileid
In help'care for his extensive business. Mr. Held has the distinction
of ha? Ing built tho first wagon ln
ibis pur, of ll,e pro-. Ince, All kinds
of general innehlno work, ornamental
[roll   work",   wtniigai  iron   coles,   f.-ne
in"  nn.i cresting,  and black smithing
ure done at   Ibis excellent  shop.   Mr
FUF.1). 1.. UACK1NO. creasing    patronage
  kinds .,,'  phologrnpl
Modern photography repro-ents the un extenslvo  biislti,'
.id. i m otiieni of ti e i resent  day.  Dur- overy   kind        H"
ice   the past   dorado  there bus   been ine line ..i-.et-
.,  g eat   tin) roveniottt   in  Ihis prof, s
.. on  mui the  w.ok of    oday is mark
.,1   by  nhlgiu-r  degfreo  of  i erfo lion ■     ■••  ■     ■
tie  .1
and  nisi
in  supplies   of
will   bo   found    a
Including a full
let  nt   the  finest       1*1 cards,   etc.,
, i,era. inc.-   and      ' '   MS''   f"f   tin'   d
rornliuli     of     tl
dollar upward,
commercial paper discounted, etc.
Tbe local branch In this .ity has
be n established recently and the
manager of iho sane is Mr. P. B.
Ly le, who has been with the bank
for many years, and was late ac-
• ountnnt   for   the   Vow   York   agency.
I Tho bank is located In ibe Uolbrook
t.lod, on the '.....th side ol Columbia street, and has elegant and commodious quarters. The Interior is
fitted up in a vory attractive manner
I in  woods from our own native   fir.
i wbi.-b admits ..f a high dogree of fln-
ishnnd polish and is an excellent ,w-
ainple of the use of our home products in the right,  way.
Thn nhnve stable is located on Co-
tlimbla Street,  und  Is  under  the very
olllclont   proprietorship of Mr.  H.  II
Thonqison,   who  has   been  a  resident
ol  tho city  for many years, uml has
boon  established  In  ibis business (or
Lhe  pnst   six  yonrs,     The  livery  stable Is up-to-date In every  instance,
nnd line vehicles of every description
nre at   Iho service of patrons.    Hacks
and  carriages  may  be  had here,   as
well   ns   rubber tired   buggies  of  thc
dlrtorenl    kinds,   nil   ol   which   are   In
the      best     possible   , ondition,   com-
Fortablo  nnd  ms.\ -riding.    The stwt,
of horses lo be hud here la nil o.|Uul-
„ij/|e  tine one, nnd those who enjoy
i (tic
,t,   Iho   lini b   nnd     by   more   nrtistlc frail
io in.'   and   beaut il'nl   results   acCOIll llllv:
plished.     In our oily nno of tho best best
.,i,ii   mod   p',n-rii,t
I.i    l hat
n,,d   mould i i     to   lit   all   pic-
,.,,.     .,  i oiu      " slock   of tho
,„.,.;.       of   '."'n's,    cameras,
,   ,.   ,,„ j  ,,i   ,,...   j., ntrhg |Ni|H'r- nnd
amnion!  phot   grnpli    supplies of ev-
lit ely "spin'! on Ibe 'ine muds about
..or ,-if.v would ''inI .lust what they
Wanted here, while gentle horses.
Suitable for Indies to drive, are also
lo ho tin,I. The prices (barged aro
. cry r.-usi.mil.Ie. considering the ex-
cellcllt   service,   end  u  call   of   'phono
\o i.i? will bring n prompt response. Mr. Thnn,| ■son gives his
personal     attention   to   the   business,
carefully    looking   after all  details,
I..I be ulsf. uinplujs tore   LoTil|» lent
ns well ns nn expeit  in bis trade.
of   Mr.   Fred   I.   Iliicl-ing.   ..ho     has anmli'iir I'"olf';f"'' ~n,T studio and »«'• "l,"'ll^,    hftnd"    '"  nHsi'"   ''""'
only recently been established   here. <-<y nina.      ><<   ■   f. ■„__.- ,    Mr. Thompson is well known to nil
,,is work Is of a superior ktedI andlit -.tore Is ^ocnt     onj - r mhU s.re.    |our wd „ ^ |1|wd
has  drawn  to  him  n constantly   In- ana an   very pi i THE WESTERN CLARION
Saturday.  September  2,   lflnr,.
Among the leading financial Institutions ol the nonunion oi Canada,
is Un- Bans ,,; Montreal, which has
ever retained the confidence oi the
community since us organization.
ti nas proved a center ui nnanciul
strength iu Uu' couiuiunity and io
help to the merchants,  tlie     anufuc-
luic,        olid      Ille   people   us   it whole,
wherevei   it   has  iucu  establish, d     or
represented    by   ns    numerous, well-
managed branches in all pan-- ot iln
Dominion.      the   Is.u.v  has a    capital
sU.ik  ul   M I, I....... o n.1 tn.. u re- r.c . I
lei, millions, and uinliv iuc.l profits
ul   >i-l, ...no......      lhe   uilicvia   ...   Ilic
cbinpanj arc meu distinguished m
ihe aUairs ,.i lhe country or iu ib-
various n.l.is ol unance aud business,, the president is the Itight
Honorable l..nd strutiicona c.u.l
Mount   Royal;   the  vice-proiueni, Uie
Right    llollolnlnc   !sn     t.enlge     llfuut-
n.oud, thu general manager, Mr.    t..
and the manager    oi
Mr.  lico.gc   M
mc; shoe HOUSE
.v.   l'l.t MIUSH  CO.,   L.TD
REICIIEN13 Veil  .v   CO ,  LTD
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A   lbs,
"i—77,„ei,t  of    wori  suiu'li   oi b.cb grade moats, and one
,:,:;:;;„rvv',, dr:::::•-■ <**"• -■*«-- - •"•■
lie   boot   and  shoe   it'ade  is   hugely retires "nt, d in our city, and prlii-I connected   with   '■" :°" '!"''''^,or\-   '"'■''   ". ""7" ,ii.'v   is   ,|„.     market
r::::r"!,::;:zrzb?sw-■-■-fe r:L'",.r:::;'» -
Mng   , ml   li.utm
I hi   ■-am.   b"iug under  the very   cilia   j   J,
. ui    management    of    Mr,   \i m.    It. j | j,„.
Johiistone,    lliu   ttore   I • ing    located ! well
in   the   Armstrong   block   on   I >.l u
bill    slice!
he   very  elllcient
gelll lei,Itlll    Willi    i|
stablished itself in I'"'-'    ,,,ii  ihe attenl
.ton   Hie   i"'"'
  ,     -      , ,. in    llicse ,|      Kol. benb.o ll    I
installation    ul    »«   \.xt ! ,,'V  lgur.     lie is .. ....
,l'l"""ls  "' ■",       ,   ., s      hereof  uglily  elllcient  in furnishing high
"""'"  '"'   ""'     '""'lell   neon- gciilo  goods   in   his lino,   ll"  ing  '"'
, I ... Uu"' n' >  ;'"* *       '    ;niB ered  to the     wants  ol the  public     ...
.„„.„,.,..     .\   house engaged in   tmb rio u Sl.ve.-,t. en yours
 •>< to which -<--,:; v;;::;;;,,1::; ;:',„u .„. :..u
"'   "'  " ■• |,.,n    CO iveuienees    ill. idol!
•«•■ "«'"- *-Lr*^^
""•>   ""'"■    "    '•„,„! tun, carries a full  and   pleU Un;
the ..I fresh,  smo'.ed  und  sail   meats and
'I'"- "I'm •■s.annso.n ,.-.  .  . .ull  ,„. ,.,,,e„, ,.,, ... ----.     Vonatom)   ing   „|| modern
»"-  "<"'"    ^f""  5 * Tt TMli'elt^'.'lunild"^Cotnauny,   U     •"!   "•   "*<*  »"«"
hus been unusually   successful, due to | lioannj, _« ^ »   unni(nl.,   ena\.   nmi-s
tl,,.    most     comple;e  and  up.1 t dat
win b   ihey  . tn ry,    n
in,,,  of   sbo.-s   win b   Ihey   tarry,    as I fr)|.     ,|„.   | „.,t   se.cnteen  years, 	
well  ns   He  iiiocraii n     in    prices,   (n.-orporalod    two   >°ar8    ** °.    ^    (W,,,",! i'.'. ""/...".-iiii.ii 'but   tin-  v,-,y   highest
thoroughly   enei'gotic    and    prog-vs-I works, oiiice and show  rooms an (   ^^  [n Ms  ||n„   ,,„.
works, oili.-e and show  rooms in,- ,.,.	
I t'lari.-on   street.     They   occupy   tvvo   grade ot  everything  in ibis  line,  thi
•'    -- i' il,.   house hoine to cater   ton
. »IIX   A.  LEE.
'I. I ll.'y    ui ( ii|-.%     . ,. \.     B. ..
ii x   l.'ui feet,   in  their   aim ot the house being to rater   i
^mmmma-   <         "-<    to o
a policy auopt iy    bug,,   cone,..        ..   \\
lull   oi  honest    and   business,   and   have   a   branch   bouse    with   their   custom.       II
1 "    'b<>     sole    own   killing,   and   i
sive  business methods  have built  up , ■-     „ ^  7(,  x   ,-,, f,„„,   ,„  ,„,■„-   ~»» »j-■-* »—   ;„;,,—' „*;, 0    ,,.,..,
lor  this  house  n  large  and  satisfae- , ,,, ..rations.        .." "•    •'"' ",','", ,).,„„' nt  ,,11   wl...  favor   I
ton   trade and the | cy adopl y ' btrgo   conorn    and   do   an   immense    mai.ent  puiions ol   nil
tbaZ  l;,r.,        He ■■.■'"■ i" »"'*"1'*"    .,■.:,».hums,  oilcloths,  window |H.aulif„lly   lighted,    Thoy   carry     the  steam  ami     ho,      at      "'■     ^     ^ „  ,„■  ,„,. ,„„,,   ,„,„„..,..    The com-
"  "".                   luidiia;   at   the    .o. ■• ''-"I"  ' J   „ .s   and   ,„„! I losses,   an.l VL.ry  ,„..,   |,„, s oi Canadian .m I    Am-    vent,Until g    nislallat.i.in,    puini, . g. establish, d   hero   tor
"* " T," 'T  ,„ -v'ii siice.s,   *■""•;•    , |H pirniture ,-f all Muds. ,.,,„„     shoes    io,   ...on, women and   mhani/ed  iron   cornice  wort.   root-  pony   ha   f|    ^^
,"'1,;'i si    -igc   iul  banwng  bu-   ■;,''-,,,.  ,  io,uted   In   lhe   Dupont ,h „.  ,„„,  with  thu  prompt     and   ing,  etc.     I hoy en ploy a lorgoforce    i I             incorporated I'hey
iUld  ..ana,"s •'^;   _     dl,„.t. ,„    a      "      «  , hm!   ,„„„,.,   30   *   132, c s  treatment  uftorded  Lo    Its  of workmen In their plant andI oUwr   .     . h bw|
""■ -»': -..■::,;, -ri.".:.": s '& -«'»" - say *£ri W --iiJ5 s,r:r,r ff r';v, ;:.;i     «- r r.;-, -«;». -»:;
sa:^^r- _     ,;,;:,;,;,:- *aa-,B -ssi^rir.,rK, »v^s:vvr, s„ £..h/;;-S;',r-,
*■"»-"'"■   ',;."■ ...ir^'iS^r-S'M: :;:";::.„;::';:;:;:::. r.^rriirr'^w^sar^ifci^'jarB -";/„-*
The gentlemen whose names aPPea. ,, ,„„ „as assumed  largo proportions    ,,,,„   han(ls ,„ u8si8,  him. aging  diroc tor    ond    ar.expert new ^ wh|l]  (h(   ^  |g	
„/' ,,.1",,i ... .his arUcle a, ■ ,,„, „ ,-oustanUy  growing.    A  loov      ,,, „ ,   „„,, „,,w,„g trade,  the healing and  >"»«>»>»   "        *~   „,„   H11,.rP8Kt,ll.    The   i rs ol the
,.    i    be best  pracUcal and scion-        |, this varied stock will prove   .,,,, ,,,,,,,,1,  nrrnnging for n'large ad- bus   been   in   tins   business  tor   over n ,,   k               d     .,,,,
ucloillli :;ln....r.i-i undhavo ,',;.,„„  to -very careful  and oco- Lition     to thoir     pi nl      premises ^!yV'^ "'"i," Tmn   n nan   R r hi     I     re ,,.■„.,,   for   .heir   enterprise
Pc^i csbtblislic.    hero    ....   "-1-^ I;,,,,,,, ul housewife. .Mr. Leo assuniedj which       „,s    -m ,...„«..,   ^..c .  and publn-ly,   bolng^ .b    . nun. Ilman  R r     h„!i,„a,,i. ,,,.,llin^  v.„h M lholr
Moss ri
I    TR M*P ,v   in,   1.1 n
leading      establishment      ol
Ul     ill!'.'." '--^        .       .in..".
i    jieir    loi   ii"   past nomjcBl housewife.    Mr. Leo assumeuj wnjCn      .,i,s   ,n reuse,,    sec
ixtoou  years      I'hey   snow   thu needs     [wr&, ,,,  ibis  business  about  three   s(1|]  ,„.,,.,.,. ntto'nllon  to  their grow-
and reuuireuients ol  Hie I..use in the        ,s ,,uu, and during lhe time that) ,      ,,..„,„
matter  ol  shooing.   ihorouEhly,  and -,    „uS f0nductod   tins  store he has,	
.,. exports in remedying  the eilects     ,,,v,11,!l.o h.-is thoroughly familiar:     	
of incompetent; horse shoes, also m viln „u.ry    detail.      Besides    giving I
Ul   n.^u     e hnisos. .   ._:_  oo     lou     , ,,.,-s, ,t,nl     lit  ell
son,  s .crotary-troosurei
in  borses.
usin.ss   his   personal   attention
tiirmg   lllU-lliicli. es,   i...,   "     tu,.   tiiiaiu.™   "—    i    - .   ,,
Their place ... business is locutod ut. „,  aU nl„es,  lie  also  employs eight
|.,ei„l, sued, near Columbia,  where com,,etent bands  io  assist him,  und
thoy have a splendidly aiuipped shop trons    are    always   assured    of
una  where employ ment  is  given jmi,,    and    courteous     treatment.
iivo skilled hands.   Uarriage building \,,.   ,^ has been a resident of   our
and general    blacksuiithing is    alsu dtJ   ,ul. ubout  eight  years and  was
dune ami all  work of this hind   en-   ,,,, an,„ ,- ui yoois in the real es-
ti'ustcd to the
uf  this reliable
tl HOW...      ,..,   v..^      •
house is loosed ait.-r ,u a thorough
manner and is always on hand to tu*
satisfaction of lhe patron. Messrs,
Uiuuiingham .v I-on alsu h.,ve lhe
celebrated liain wagons and buggies
for sale, Iho .lin-.-cy-llatii - iniuio
lueiiLs, mowers, rases, pious, harrows uud crcuia separators, etc., on
which line oi goons they enjoy a
large and constantly increosin i ..•■
They also curry a lull line ui  wajon
late business.
\\, c   en VMUERLIN.
Mi., coin Ionian whose name beads
tin-, article has a well selected and
assorted stock ot watches and clocas
in Ihe standard makes and in varying ia-.es. designs, etc., to suii the
purchaser; jewelry of every description, diamonds    and  other   precious
—,,      ...   . stones;     silver   and   gold   wale,   etc,
materials of every sort, springs, ,.\-:,.,,. n,. h.is ., vorj ,„,.,, store ,,nd
lOS, and everything that is needed IU „ ,,.ls ,„,.„ ,lit,L.(| up ,„ a most ex-
this way, and manufacture to order cpllL.nl manner. -Ibe stock Is lar-o
express and delivei-y wagon-, etc., in   limj ,, is.displayed   in  u most    pleas-
U.e inosi  satisfactory  manner.     y   in„  ,„,,,,,„,,..     Watch  and clock    and
have ahorse-shooing rack,  the   only   juwe|r}   ,.,.,„,iri„g  is nis,, done,     and I
one in ibis city or Vancouver, unevi ^^^^^^^si
deuce ot their thorough utuupuicn!
iui turning uut thovery best work
ui all lines.
A   very   popular enterprise in -New
Westminster, which is liberally    pal
ruuiccd by iiie community is the iiu
yal Uity   i'ransfei' Uo., ui which Messrs.. llciyeu, Fulton uud Sludiart are
tin;   seiy   si',i,.t,.il-.   ,md    popular    pro
piieturs.      Jiieii'  o.'bcc is local ed    on
the    cornel' uf Guluuibiu and  l.ightli
strouts, close  iu  the   t  I'.   if.    ato
iiuii, and ihey   have boon established
in business hero since 1898,   A gen
oral teaming,    transferring and   express  business  is conducted and    thu
linn is prepared lo irnusicr all manner   of   freight   and   hut. haiuli-c    lo
and from all ports of the city.    All
Kinds ui    heavy hauling    is done on
ihe very  shortest notice and at   the
must  reasonable, rules.     Special    attention is bivou to tho moving of furniture,  and patrons  may  rest  assured  that ii their goods are entrusted
tu Uie elite of   Ibis  linn,   it   will     receive   the  besi     possible    attention.
.New   Wellington coal,  . ulve and wood
is also delivered  to all pans .,i  thu
city,  and for     Oils     thuru is ever     tt
large    demand,      The firm operates
bu  wagons  and  give constant
ployment    to ft!leen men
ii   is u(  the best   and   bus done    iniicl
in make this  tho  popular store  that j
ii is     today. Mi.   I huiiibcrliii    has |
been established here for ten years,
and l,,i- u very wide patronage and
acujuaintancc. Ho bus also a very
c..,.,I selection of musical instruments,
strings, music, etc. lie i.s located
in ih" I'.inie Block and employs one
und two people to attend to tho
.'..lit of tho patrons and elves bis
own  iini"  and   services   in Hie     busi-
110        ...      well.
t rid iv        I hey   have   been   el i ..i.h-l„.,i
here   for   twenty live  years  nn.l   ,,,,.
in, ■   ui   ihe    largl'Sl   boi so    ,,,  n,,.
■p.    ,i.  Trapp .v   Company,   linn   In    the   fltyl     Thlrtiim   i.,,i.|,.
I i, i.   i-     one   nl   the   Important   at■■• employed  In  tho  varioim ilepun
feat urea ol thi   Pomin«e1al  InU-rests   ments  lo  ««i   upon  tho many .„.
o.   New   Westminster      Ilns house  Is   lomers,   and   nn   onormnis  L.tui--
:,      ubol.-nle      and   letn.l   dealer     in    is   transacted        ll    is   the   ..l.l.-t   |n
paints    and  "ds,   varnishes,   luriien- the rlty   and  widely   known und |,,
line,   I..,.■,,,-.   window   glass,   brushes   troniwd  throughoiil   Ih itt
,,i ail kinds,  top", in. pi""1 h   ..al-iuic. the    handsome    and   spacious  retail
lubricants,   etc,      Ml   kinds   ol   nirrl      '  Is located on Coluiui,lu    t,,..
cultural       Implements,      machinery,   between I'nnarvey  and llegl .,,,.
crenm   KO|iaralors,   barn as  and   snd .,„ I  thu largo    Ihree-stor.,   wh-,1.    I,.
db iv    in   largo   vnrn-lv.   vviicon-    and structure   is  across   the  street     'Hn.
buggies of nil  kinds, explosives, etc., carry   an Immense slock  in Ih
are   nlso   curried       Tlu'V    ore   likewise
uuet iolieess  and   hold   an   aiulinll   sill	
of   live   slock   al      the   mnr.-et    every   loi   Inch   ipinliiy
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ iiitun
line-,   ihat   nt.'  handled   no.I  each   i
mil lete  and   the  goods  handled urs
tW*£tW'1i «.«'
W.   CI MMIId.
This  well  Known house  was established    about     t wo a ,d u half    years
ag...   and   has   boon   eminently     successful   since   Ms   outset,     lhe   build-
ling  occupied   is   lo a',d   at the    corner of  Columbia  and   llegble streets.
and is commodious and nic ly  adopted   tor tho  .allying   on   ol   u   business
of tb,s Kind.    The stock carried consists of clothing and gent's furnishings,   boots   nnd   -hoes,   oilskins,   valises,  trunks, etc.     Mr.  Humming enjoys     a lug.-     ami .-...-■  Increasing
trade,      which    Is widely   distributed
throughout    tho    adjacent  territory,
I- sides   .he     largo   local   patronage,
w hn b  is  nis,, enjoyed.        Mr.   Humming  is i|,,.i,, it.blv   posted as io ihe
ro pin.•mints oi  the trade In his particular   line of goo Is,  ami  he Is   nl
ways striving  to     ple.uto bis     many
I customers.       He   gi.s  bis  i-orsoual
attention   to  every   detail  .u   the  bo
sine-s,   nnd   nlso  employs  competent
ami    courteous    help  to  assist   Inn,
Mr,   I iimming   has   ben   it resident   of
New   Westminster  tor  tho  past   four
v.-u,-..   and   ,- well   known   „s  a      pop-   ,,, ,,
ulur  business  man  nn.l  citizen,      and
his  reputation   ,--  that   of  Icing  hon
*—, .i..» m \.*m\mM^mA.A*^
THE CAN \mAN omergency,     lis management  has ul
BANK  OF  COMMERCE    ways been  conservative, while at   thei
T.  I!.   PEARSON*.
vvaysiieon  conservative, won.-  n.   ..,„.
..'nine   time   liberal,   nnd   the   interets       Mr. T.   It.  Pearson has ih" distinc-
Mr.   II.  R.  Davidson,  Manager.      ! '.'■   tn0  stock-holders  and  depositors   ,,,,„  „f   hPing  0ne  of  our  oldest cs-
Ul.si.MlN.sThlH  CLOTHING   CO.   I      !V,r'  "'  "'  ,mvl'"su'''  "j"""B"''       I have I n well guarded.    As   shown labtishod   real   estate   nnd   insurance
1,1   " '".ol.cn.ent,   of   tins    West-   bj   lho lasl   statement,   il   has  a paid „„.„   as   well   as   nn-   of   the  highest
An g  the loading fashionable em-  cm country,  no ins itution has piny-    „p capital  of  88,700,000,00,   and    a standing in the profession and in tho
I""' 's which form the high- lass of  ,.,|  BUcn  ., prominonl   purl  us has the   rosl     nf    !».!),500,000.00.    With  each community,       K..r  sixteen   yeurs he
commercial houses of which thi - city : |     ,       withoul     tho    assistance   of ! wicceeding year n  notably large   in- ims  been  a   prominent  factor  in  the
is t is ly    proud,  must be mentioned |   '    "                                '                         I crease bus been enjoyed,  thanks     to real   estate  np.-.-.'tnn.s   ,.f  this    eitv
A    I.   LAVKRV,
History bus shown wheat   to   be
lhe royal grain ond many  .,( the ai,
, louts  ol   the   most vigorous   types ul
manhood lived entirely  on wheal   h
tins     . ..tin el ion       we w i^h   to   mu t
ineni Ion ol  Mr,   \.  I.   1 .every,   tl,   .
store   Is   Inn lipiart. rs   with   „    large
number  ol  our  people,     His stun
alwavs lent  noat and clean ,,tfi   „
wav s i resents     en    In II ing np| em
nine  lo  is  daily   patrons,  wh le the
s'oc'i    a.' led   Is  complete  an l  full,
.• unl   lo  nny   demand  that may    le
mude  ui on   ti   In the Sine ol     Iirewl
i ake.  ni, I  ..,,,'. ctioncri     Ml    I uv. i
do -s hi,   own bn' ing and t at run   o
horefore  nssui n ,1  ..f the  ■ pry   best
IIS . lllv Ihe bos' ; 11 I o,ties' ii _..
.1, n fi toe ose.l. 'I he line ,,( rnit
f.-.t lonery      >■   large  ni'' ,,...-,
"\. v'l. !,!     o   e.    and    I 111-    .   . .-lies      10.
if. sh   .ml  .n  g >..d ■ on. li Ion    \
• illl'l    is    I, ado   , I    vv. t\,\     , ,,,
u hi li   Mr    I a  . ry   .-\e Is,     ,,, ' »
i eo| le   of  our   cily   aid   ... ■
lot   0   come   lo del end   upon   .    ■
In U- ed        .   f      ' he      ne   Bl i,      ■
\     delivery   wag, i
nlso      ope, a," d.       which
lis  reputation  Is  Ihat  of  being hon-1 prompt   delivery  >.f  all  orders.    Hi
.ruble und  si rail ht forward  in  all his   Lavery   has   I n   established   in husi
oisiness transactions, | nes8 nnre for ibe past  fourte n
J.   K.  NEILSO.V.
^  s'tieceeiung   ye.,i    a    iio.ain.y    i..>k-      ■-■ ..... ,,    	
is jus.ly     proud,   inusl  be  munUonuU     ^^■^■1      ,                 .,.                         I crease bus  been  enioveil.   lhanks     to real estate   operations   of   this    city
the I'slablishmmt   which  is conduct-  «apHal front tho Lust, tins new coun-I )h(, E , ,„.,,„„„.„„,„,  ot ,,„, i„s,it„ —.  ''......   uo.   ,..
1   '    mil.,   (.,   Knanl   of 111.
Ipon iho number and importance
ot the manufacturing Industries tho
modern city  is largely dependent   for
il-.   growth   ,,i,,l   p:o-p. iiiy Among
Ille    eslubl'-.blliellls    llltll     We    a I'e    cli.d
to mention in this connection is that.
w hi, h    Is    . oiiilui ted   by   Mr.   .1.   I-'
Noil-on.    the   mnohlliie.Ht,   brass    nnd
and   his store   bus   always   been
recieplcnl   of  0 lurgo  trad"
S.   I-'.   M \lllv
The    goitlemnn.    whose nnmi<
i ears ai   tho head ol this   ai	
been estnbli bed  in  business  i.,....
th.* cast   five years,  and  from  ils in
. .'to Ion   Ins   stole bus   I eon   n      '
t .>• ilni   place  with  our people     M,
ed"   by" 'Mr".'''l,uve''tVross'nnir,""and | try w I havo little to boast  of the
which is  known  us   the  Westminster|advancement     nnd   progress  that    It
i I..Ih 114   Company.     II"   bandies    his '
goods  ..i   both   vvliolesule  und  retail
and  hus a large   business  in   both    d.
pan incuts.     He is located ut   712 to
711   Columbia    street,    and  has     a
has made. Hut happily for Vancouver, lie ban' s from tho eastern portion ol  the  Dominion cum,'  to     tho
io good  niniini:oinoni   oi  tno  ,ns,,.o- nnd     section,   and   his   business   has
lion.      The   head   olTiee   of the    bunk steadily   grown     in   volume   and   im-
is in Toronto and  there are over 110 portnnce and  today-  he  employs three
branches scattered     throughout      the men   nnd   n     Stenographer   to   assist
Dominion,  nml  several   in  tho  I'oited him.     Ho hns been  a   resident of the
Stnt,-s.       'the directors and   oH'ieers city   for   twonty-eight   yours  and    is
•craiprlse  some   of   tho  most     noted thoroughly    familiar    with   tho  pro-
 •'   ,l         I ....nltilnn        Tbn      In- ,„o,„,rI ies    ,,n,l    v„bies    oi    lllis    retrioti.
,,,,„   roundel       This   gentleman   has  Mark conducted  a  Im1 cry  exchts
be.n  in  Ihe city   tor fifteen vents and'"'"''  recently   when hc   ulso milled a
established   In   the  business  here  tor   OTo-ory     d tment     to  lus   up-lo
——-           He  has   a   h,,ge    and\dnte establishment      Ills line ofgi
Minn   of   the   nonunion   cniue   io      (4iw    comprise   some   OI   uie    si      no.en inorougniy     i.oooiin      «on    -.„o   ,.
rescue   nnd in tho review  of the com-   financiers in tbe  Dominion.   The   lo- properties and values .,.' this region
.    ..       ,~ ,. ,-   ,... Cal  bunk  bus been operating  In New !!•■   deals   generally    in   all   kinds   of
largo and spacious building which is | rcial and financial interests of our | ^j;^"*-        «       I ■
^i-r\ neatly fitted up throughout.
lb- store is a handsome one and the
goods a,-,- displayed In a very creditable manner and In away that, will
attract  tho attention of the custon
.,-,,,. ...  , r ,„„■    nil   bank   has  necn   operating   in .sew u n.s   generally     in   un   sums   ...
niercial and financial interests oi our   Wostm|ngier    f(|    snM„.  v,..,,.s   pasti ,,..,,   ,.s,.,,,.,   buying   selling,   renting
city,   it   is     on-desire   to  give    l"'°" ' (,,,,|  |ias  always  bold  a position     of and  exchanging  both  city  and  farm
mlnent   menUon of ono  bank  in  pur- t ,-,.S|„., | u-ii\, our merchants andnnan- properties.      lie    nlso   represents    a
titular which has always stood  ready     to assist     in any now  enterprise
tiii tt. i  tno attention oi  uie tus.u...-  in     i..,,--.  ■ ,
,-.     All  kdudsof    clothing ore car-  thai     would    materially assist    the   sh.owd    flnan
... .u..   ,..         ...i ,    !.„■ ,ve   1 be   i eve ol.lllollt        nub.   uller    It.
are kept constantly busy attending
to the wants ol tho public, .Messrs.
11. A. Ilclyea, li. A. lAilton and I.
Stoddart ure among our best and
mosl widely Snuvvn business men,
and ihey uie highly regarded,
This i.s a most excellent rcstaurunt
centrally located, with a large s.-ui
.ug capacity, und in every Way would
do Justice to a mole pretentious city,
No higher grade of catering can bi
found uuy where, and the proprietor,
Mr.    II.    Hugh's   is limiting    ,u   bis
efforts to give patrons the very best
services tor their money. Ilis place
of business   is located on Columbia
Street,   Ileal       llegble   uini     has     be  I,
established In business here for Uie
l«ist fourteen vein-. Both ii coun
tar un.I u table .in-ut the service ol
the patrons and are kopi In a tp..t-
les-ly clean and Inviting condition.
Mr. Hughes knows how iu conducl
u business o( this kind and personally supervises all details, and raises
his own fruit, poultry and vegetables, thereby favoring lus patrons
with fresh vegetables and salads each
dny. lie is o.urteuus in his treatment ..f nil patrons, end iho help
he employs are al o prompt nnd
courteous, so thut many find il ii
pleasure to lake their meal- at tins
up in date establishment. Mr.
Hughes is a popular and gonial geli-
tlemuu. fully capable ot managing
this high .'la^s restaurant and is
highly regarded by all who havo tho
pleasure ol his acquaintance,
reaped w-iiVi our merchants and nnan- properties. He nlso represents a
iifn"i urer. The manager, Mr. II. It. number oi old nnd reliable insurance
iii'u'iiii.'is.   the  manager, Mr.   II.  It.   conuianios and  writ.-- n considerable
won.!     mu..-.......   ,..-.-.",      ,,,.,.,1     ruian Ier,      who    personally   business each year  for  them.     Ile is
„u,    ,,„  ,,  lor ■neii-ind  boys, and the lftl-1 growth  ncroaso lhe development    b,,,,,, after  tho interests of both his   nlso     ^oparod    to     make loans,   in
d  thes,.  ■-.   good»     in the  latest styles   and   of one con ally.       Iho    Canadian    dopomtors and lho shareholders.   In- large „,   small
!   hi    mui ct   will  alwavs be lound    lb,,,'-   of  C mono    Is tho   ...st lute | slltutions like  thit
here      Hoots   und  shoes,   gentlemen's t nf   one   study.     This   bank   bus    been
furnishings  in   large• assortment,   In-  established  since   1807,  nnd  bus   ailing  thO  novelties  of   the    season. | wav s     proven     itself   ready   for    any
trunks,  valises,   traveling bags,  etc.,
arc nlso  in  stock.
,,,   -,,.,,.  .,„,  ,,,- ,„.B  amounts, at low rate!
,,,.,,,,,,,,.   ,,,,.     his nro a credit   to a of   interest,   , n   first-class   securities.
cominunity.   nnd  tho Canadian   Rank All   kinds  of Insurance   nre  handled,
of  Commerce   is  a valuable  addition such   us   lire,   Hfo  and  accident,   and
to th.   Interests of New  Westminster, he does n  coo.I business in each line.
.greatest sanitaty  and  other  prccnii
I lions  nro   lul-en   lo ensure  purity  and
.1.   MAl'KAV  &   CO
ti i
ffKS-nflMWTO BliEWERY. .ion^aro ^^r^Vs |     In ,„ r^C  - ry     '"""" >- ^^n. thing 	
„ f ibe  mosl   important Indus- result   of   Mr.   Kelsons  long  experi-  H|o e Is a great advantage, to a city. tnn      ^    thVl until inlt  d TnoaU
..  m this city „.' viedty is   the en  experi  knovledg id    the    ind the establish    ho gentle- " « f    iUT [    ,   X   hings
twer,   establishment   which   is  op- oxcellent   plant   thai    |.ernes,  ho   n ei   vhos,. names amiiinr a.    ho head   W
,   ,'   ...     m..     \..i.   \,.k,„,      -th,, is ee.tbled  to lirirtbice u  superior ur-   ,.|  tin- article,  is one thnt   n ts ull      ., i'        "">
erun-il    by     Mr     Nols   Nelson.      I he \ is enabled  lo produce u  superior el
Westminster Brewery has boon estab-   !ii"   "'"' foellento   Is   .•ocognbed
htii lor many  years and it bus a  and  npi  atod by   the public,   und
,,,n  for',,  most   excellent   pro the     PHKMIBH   HRKH      Is    widely
ilmct,     ll    is   located   in   Wapperton,      nown a I  'bob"'.
n ii,e ..,sl   e„d  ol  the city  on  the l*he plum   has a ropuclly ol sixty
.ai  t.    ,,„,|  ut   flfteoi pie are five barrels, aud they also havo tholi
,.„,p|m„(|   m   lho   various  ,..,-rati..ns own boltlimr works,     lhe sternly   In-
^^^^^^^^^^    a,.-     ,1s   pi.e,perily
re .■ tils.     It   Is    w.-ll   managed, ,"""" ","'" '"'   "'■"' ■>  '"""Im .' ol
and i here is nothing lacking that the •"'''','.  "'"'    ll,M ,|as '' tabllshmoiits
mosi  fust idlotis buy or could ask  for '"   ""    l"1"1      N''''   VVestmlnstur    is
Tho stock  In-    n  well chosen,  nnd l"'" ""'7 '■'   "' |»r.-«inlitd  In   Hill
(Ibe    I     I '■■    US  well    as    all      cm  ,'    :'"'1    ' """'    ,h"'"    'I""    ''"''I       "
 ,,.,„.,/in-     papers, etc., are sure   l"'"1""'   !"""■   are  better known
...  be   found   here.      Messrs   .1.   .1.   ".'   '    ' ><'i'ally   pi nlzed than  Is
of   t.,e   plant.        M    l>   fitted    uplcr-a. ho U..I  Is the   Inst   Mackav & Vo   are  c s-llors, sta-   ^:H.n^ln^ ZJ'] "    "   '""
'I-.. .,i... i    with    lb"  mosi   .„ in   .-..'en    the line product that    Is    loners,    gimeru     news    agenUnnd   ^   	
a. I   .        a,„l    Ihonppll os and   b.owed,     Mr.  N-l-on s inowledge of  huve for sale Klnstic b t eases and ,     , „      f f
 Ih,„|   „,„|,|ov,.,l are the very   bos,     the pr     i -  ol browing  Isi al    o Ire furniture,  as Well „- ..11,,-e si.|>   ',,,.,,,,.,   ,.   ,
only ihe   beat    mall   ond hops aro  otic I   rorth   n the prln ualiiy |ines,   uia
..... I„   and   in  .-very   | toss    the   of  tho   I'RKMIKH   UKKH
lilts     well
tpen "lo      ibe
.-gis       Mr.     !•'.
U.  Ml Itt'lllK.
UndnrlnWnq is a illfili ull anil   delicate   business   for   Which   few    1)1011   life
fitted,   aS il   leifitires   il ureal   deal   ol
tuct,  jude-ineiit   nnd  discretion.     Thp
above  in. to i..n...I  cent Ionian  Is,- however, vv.ii    rpiaUfled vor ibe position
by  many  yearn of   satisfactory    see
vice in our community.      He   in of
full charge ol funerals in nil     thoir
details,  and urranges  nnd  attends  to
everything as desired.     Air.   Murchle
has Ix-on established in this city  tor
fifteen years,  and he has  a  large and
well   appointed est nhlishmont   at     the
corner of Sixth and I'lurkson streets.
This has been fitted up especially for
the purposes of the business and   he 1 city
carries   every    well selected    supply | street,  nobJ
in ne.i   i-   nil,   nuiuoger.   und   is  an OX
nk   I ks,   business   lories,   ,„.,.„„,,.,,    „U,,|,,,     mun nnd   knows
typewriters, wrapping hmv ,,, ,,,,, |h(, ,„..,, ll„.,lls ||n(l ,,,
hnndlo and keep them so that thoy
reach the patron In most sujerlor
cnmiiiim,.     ile employs iwn
le.t,l    r^	
I lipel',   bans,   t vi ine,   etc.,   mill b n
Hir.m.ents, spot i ing nnd fancy coodi
il. IIs.   toys,    ivall   | a er,   architects'
.ttpplies, artists' materials, etc., otc.
'n   fact   nny thing und everything that
,yoi   w oiild   I'Xpeci    in   find   in   nn   lip
to-dtite   .lore ...' ibis kind,  is always
to   he  to, nd   I ere,   und   both   uvi hole-
■ s,..| . nod ret.nl business Is conducted,
i I hoy   I.n e  bin , stablished  in  bus!
ness for ihe i..,si  four yiars, coming
,..  our city   fi nm   \ nncouvor.     Tlieir
' ore i   b, nt,. i In i he i lulcl on block
i n I 'iiluml.il.   ■ I c I.   niuI   .1   is   one of
III"  III..' I   In.point-   in ilie cily .
I''..   W,   COOK,
'..   the  ,'etn ling  , f  points,   , olors,
i- u'l   |u   et s.    . Ic,,    olio   . f   lie   most
t   i ' wo . by      and    . 0 nm.•mlable   . + ■
'nb'i hn. ni' In ibe cily Is lhal
which i- ..petal, d by Mr. 15, W.
■ '.in ■ 'Ibe t .'tide in these coeds is
•i.   of "rowing Importance In every
oin llllllll   ,   for   n ore   ond   more   im-
.(l.tlUm..   ts   Kl-Olt    lu    .111.   t.oitltt ily*
Vol     (te-    V.,,....-. Mr,     .'....U     ,-,    ^..-.-l.-.-
'niinlllU'd    lor    IlilH    leetness    and    1
men tn
,......,,..-,    i „ o   men  , n
assist   him and one v.iitnn is operut
...l  for  his pairon's accommodation.
even   yean „-    „...
well a, pointed -li..p on llegbio site t,
which is fitted up with the very best
an.l latest m ... Ion"!y. t....ls and np
plianrcs for tiie carrying on ol Ins
manufacturing .. orations. Ho is a
ntaioiiii.-tnro,' ot cunning machinery.
saw mill machinery, marine and sia-
, ion.,,y engine I oiler works, smoke
sticks, lank works, etc. \ll kinds
ot machinery re| n i lug are nlso done
and he makes a • |« , lally nl ennne-y
di.-s lie employs nboul four poo
plo In 'be shop nnd does n large am
..nut of work ■ iei-tnil, iv for mnny
of the lnrgcsl mills and firms In the
city   and   v Iclnily .
.1,  0,  ATTCIIISON,
There   nro   some   booses   and     some
Individuals   thot   win   success   in  the
ii f   Intense  competition  nnd     of
many  difficulties,  simply   il,ioii"h  the
npplirnl Ion   ol   right and   correct   bu
sines   prim Iph s,   rigidly     and  thor
otlghly    lived   up to,   nnd   thus   merit
nm   nml   do icrvinu   it.       \      - ssiul
osfnbllsbmenl in ils >|u-.ial line is
thai nl Mr .1 \ A,I,bison, tho
merchant Inilor This gnntlorqmi
has a ne,,t ond w.ll pal i o'li'e.l 'h..p
nn I'. iluiii I, in '-.reel. near llegble
street II. I.a- 1...I, doing business
I,.re for ii year and a half, and I,nils
it no,... a, v to employ s,< skilled ibi
bus to h.iu .ine for his large husi
less Previous lo opening bis shop
bore, in-wus nude Instructor al lhe
ncnltentlnry, near here, ami was in
this position for live years He has
n Inrtre mil well at pointed sh'.ip and
curries n large slock of thn finest
worsteds, serges nnd suitings. He is
located on Columbia street, and Is n
very genial gentleman  lo doal  with.
I roties
C    A.   Ml  III  i>L   CO.
  though established here for only  two
lions,   nnd    the     thousand     nnd    one ' *•"'."s:      11"   ''nes   oil   kinds   of   boils -
. Itbiugs   lobo  found   In   n modern  drug ' I'">nt Ing'   bob   interior  and  exterior
7 ih ■ .„»,  i,nown and   bouse, will bo found In Ihis well sol-  K';i«'"ine. kalsomlning, hardwood fin-
■|-,,is ■„ „,,.•. I  tho best known onu   u^^,  ^^        Tho prescription   de-'>l'i"g.  <■"■■     Ml  kinds of sign writhes!   pairnni/."  u    ^          . ' . ,, w      ,„„., „„.,„   ,,„„ received  special  atton-  'ng uud sign  work  huve bis best. ,,i-
""'    '8ixtb     Th'   sioro 1111*111.1. and  lho rompounding 2f,.Phv"i" > -'Lr!.Ut3..-,,?"?___5?., cn,r.ri,e8  ".   '"
mple,..   one   nnd   i-   no
s. loi i.-d In ''v.- - do ail, i o.npi - - .
fin ■ lin •.,.' emu.ed goods, ,
.—.ra. is, ph es and 'able tl. li,., •-
,.f all i lads, ull ..( the b"^' t_r.,<I■•
and oi i.iiai.le inunufacliire Ht-
luilery    has   tilvvuvs   bud   lhe   i•;ml
I ion (of   b ing   ..no   of lhe   I-   '   1,1
it'      and   ha - on   bund   ut   .,11 linn
i no Ini"    of I, ,1 e,v   g. oils anil . Imic
confe i ions      He is the ■• I,   mikei ol
Iho    cilebrntod     "Mother's    lln-jd
■mil    "M illi'X   llreud,"     on which   be
• in.. s  ,i   |m L,e  and  sut Isflotl  patron
age,       \   spe. i.i 11 \    Is   made  nl
ding  (-ui es  i,,n|   nn order  ..i   thi     itul
bit   with   Mr    Mail,  Is  litre In !•>• nil.''
',,    il,.-   em |ro   s,,i Isfn, i Ion ol those
i It  ll        Mr     Mark's   I In. e ol llll
sines   is  b, nted   ,,n   Collliu  III Btrwl
lie n   llegble    vvb re  he  gl\<-   ■•■iifiio
meiii   lo   -i\   .n ti pet en I   hands,   nnd
,,|K'iuies i vv.. delivery   n .,,..,    ! ' ""
a. . ....nun.la, urn  of his   pin i   I]
■ li 'IIN   r    i 11||\ I - II
I In-  | hotngrni hi,   i Mid ■<  »hl I
..|«i.ii".l   by    Mi     .lob,,   ,       Cnri
II ou • I bat It ,,,,,. t w ..I i ll "I ...'I.
Hon    III   III"   pll,.,, ■     of  III!-.   I.     i.
W"    .11 I!  t-1.1,1    ,o    llllll e    [II III "
Hon  oi his   nrl I Hr  ,n,,i    ..■   .
work   in if,     nrtli le       Ile hu     I" '
establh hi d  hero  tor  tiuii      tu     |V
hns   now n   v. i v   goisl   i. put t     I
"V.'il. in      vui. ,    n„d  i up, rh.l
■ls   well   a..   .,, ,,   ||i    |„,..,h|.    , i,      It
I'""'   Mr,   Co „"l,   wen,  to  SI    I-  '
nnd look n coin . • in Idle tin. nn I'll
logruphlc    . 'niie ■..    oi      i. i .    •■•■
'•     for  ii-.     excellent    eriln    '
odiicalb.mil elToi I-. rosullilig ill I " ■'
niivnnco In the phntogruphii I'"'-
slon wherevei' ils Infliieme hn i-!
felt. Mr, Cornish does nil I Iti.ls "'
I'b.i.ognii,hi,, work nml he Im- »!
wnys given his pnIrons piiiiiipl •'■
lenlloit und he   i„ r|  ellorls nml uni-
'<>•'". s.itispieli,,,, |,ns |JLVn |„.. „■
Ulll(' H- isttbo „ deal. , in ;ll«
'""''■'I hie suppli,..; ,,,, | ,.,,,,,. ., if.id
M,"'''    nf these   goods,       II"   it    I '"<
In  Hie Curtis \rmstronK  Ivl,.. I-.  .i'"1
hns n vi v\   ,, nt  studio.
x" establish nt  wlili h Is n .i1''1'1
1,1    lho   .slimnble   nrnnrlntroKS.   M"
,,,i,o,,ieu    lor    iniH    lee,ness    n.n.1     naH   ,
li .'"ii in lho cily for many yeurs,  al-      Oi fthe  most   centrally   located
best . onihictod establishments
n tho hoi. I line, is lhal uf the con-
en,  whose name appears al  th... ■
i   "ds sl eli h,  nnd  ..f which   \l,
'"      ''on    .- ,  ...  ii,     - .,    WMiCt,     yi,"        \
X"'l".n    Is    ihe popular proprlotor!
Ilns  place bus been  establlshod here
'ib',', "n,.!!":h. mLma MM DBH
utots,etc., nnd all MippUos," and] been es,,,blisbe(i '';'."';'':'" ^'"," """. V,.'-^ isdoVo'wlt^i accuracy and .•„.•.■.!""> nn.l fino'and ortlstl,  wall pnpers, llnrgo nnd  Inlluentlal pa°trnnaJBh    i','
prices     are    moderate.      Hc   hasj It   has from   H"'   '" ?;.,, ,";'.' '   -i, ,„r   of    und   onlj    Ibe   bust nnd   purest     drugs   'iMoralions of ull   lands, paints,  oils,    Is   located  al  lho  .„,,,,', V,       ~ „    ,"
rwackand white hearses   and   al g I  bnt'';"'^",'',,,,,, 's   '"V"   A    ..." used     All m, rn appliances tor vnrnlshns, brushes, otc.  etc.    Ho has  n tgi itrects   is a (hra    i
1 wagon, and every provision has ,i.is popular i hs"       >   ;   " j             le„s„ring    accuracy is o loyod  an. « cornmodiou. ,„„i  finely  appointed 1 bug nnd contains^60        k  ;  y
, made for satisfactory   sorvdcerl Mulr, and  is "B,'.'.''' »    kill,is  th-    roinilation    of this department Jtoro In tho ».n'. „! ('„   mercebnlld- nisi  ,,,„i   |„h    ,, '    ,!" lv„ f "-
also     has    every  approprlatel/Uarlo College '>     'l'i"""">;  •>,'"..   w',,h  th Ileal  profession and the Ing and  has  built   up „   very  sails- room   is    „  !,. i,,i         ,'        . dlnln«
^r1"chni><"in ,,,fl "s'lu:,.;;;:r- S52S£^ Mn-or'prH'ilra-l S*»« >-< "..-b-s.. lf,.c,o,'y,,n,i,,  a i^j^alTZ°e^.H 'of
_ ,-       -tmltnl'   , In.'.-n,     -\'cn
i hough the prices asked ho o aro
much innre reasonable tl.t.n most
places.    Sample rooms nre nt   tho (lis
.     .'    ...is'ieeo   sioi
hns;   "    very-   g00l1   nn
nn,I   sh-
 ,"'    >.",,,,.-,   nn-   in    i ne ii,s-
Posal   of coiniiierciul   travelers,   „n,|   „
jnosl   popular    bur   is    malntalnod,
N,'ls"" '-    I'1-or    is always served on
generous tfiiantllles nnd  a full   stock
"!' Ul,l,s'  l"i"."".  brandies, cordials,       ,„,,,„s    „  «•,.-..       ,
, nee"is „''.'; i-t0 '■'' l'"'1' Tl1" """r" '"/'"^ t0 ,,,,,'l nnd atl.wi -1"*..
" '    <>.n..-.y   o,|,„pp„,|   nn.l if   |s    „ of   trade      sh-   |ms   I n .-I"',,
','.' "   ■""   '"'"  """"   0     ituost her-  for  nl,,,,,!   ,,   wnr nnd "S
'   •   .'.."  life  ulvvuys  „ g„es|,      TJ,a| up   o      verv   nice   lis!   of '"'" • ■ ,'
ess   " ir'imi'l    Wr'    V'"',"",'H     -"'- ""r    "•«"•»■••..      sn..     -,„..>< ■''
_ISS-      Ho  numbers     „,,„,„,,   his  nm. OlUChJ     b„si„„ „   the '""  ,;
rons,  i
, '    '»      in.o.ng   ins   pn   -    ,'
ons, many who havo called regular^  »
Us!     S""'"    V   haV°   Vislt-I   those    -.
stltnahlo   I'l-oprieii
h|,'i's    nnd    to    nor    , Ity,    .
m.wn   ns   ,|,o   Toronlo   I'lindj    ''"
lory.      This    popular    | hue   t-  I"'1"1
'"'"."or:  for   the   (111011   emtio   11.'"'"'''
".".lies.   ■ mi   drln s,  etc,   Tin'   I""'
os.   nnd   best   ine-re.li. nis  ,,,.■ i.si'il "'
iniinofiicture.    nnd    th.-v    a,.'   SO   I'"'
.""'•'I    UN    to    |,n    ,„„; |' delicotis     lUI"
K',* ,ohl0'     s'"' nl«o I II"" « «P
""J. ."" "' ''liWrs nml tohncros.   »**•,'
"••   ...... iu cigars mui lohncros.   .
well known nnd  popular brand* «'
» /wind     her,,  nnd  r ■  ""L
wn'*'"  nre  n.,t   i,minll\   i""'"1 '"    .
"<<l><uM-y  tobacco slo,'e     Mr*. K.
curries     n   soled s''".i,.'
tnucli)    business,    ns  l»",j, ,.,r
mosl   popuins  summer Wrs
my   always   be hail '"",V
osl  doll, ions flavor* •'"" ■atiirday, Jleptettbe
11   MURE5" & CO.
Il,,s i- tin Oi   ttbH liuiuui which inor-
„., ju| prni " 'I. tho columns    of
1 ,view      it. t   is   un up-to-date
. ".,, ...,|   ■  store uini  the stock
1 " ...  comtilete and of  tho   best
I ne  ,        "is  lines  huve been
.'.'",   t with , -    '  care    and    with
I  ,, |. rente IO the  wants of the
'"'    „„tii Ml   kinds uf   boo .s     in
. olll'u ■'  .".' •" III.'
.r   ,. „   ,|   11,   .overs   and   llu- lat
''" |t, .,,,„ n, .1 the standard    works, j
,, .,. ,-i,.e.   etc.,   are  always i
' , ,.,      I ,.,    b  re.      'I'ho Uno  Of    polite
,.... |„ mion .   • nd  com  ier. it,I   Bta
,,   .  is or;  complete und Hie fin'
,,,,,,, ,i con-.-, t papers for var-
|,,,ri    . s and occasions, calling
:n,. carried.     They     aro
printers    and do   all Muds ol
,,,,,, .        from     the  ordiuttl'i    job-
,   ih,   finest   high guide  pi int-
11,.-,   an- both wholesale    uud
,,..ii i .     and . nily  a    lurgo
,., ,,- lanlli       on   band.       liny
,        ,„,,, ,   i ubllshed huTu for iwcn
o .1 i in   is the i.irt;e-i and
I e   in 1 Ins   Iim-   in ibe  iiiy.
',7         located    m 708  to 7u7
I ,,|   .   ■ , .     I r.el   and llaVO ., Very S|.,i
 uil    handsome    store.     Thej
IB        ,,■ i.      leu,., loled    tho upper
,i   , he   li Hiding   to  make room
,     . i,. ,i     ,. i,   Ing   business,  ha, Ing
I,,,     s ,    iii.in    throughout.     Ihe}
,   .,..., ., miJiihcr .a  th. ir llw ■ ami
,..,.   lypewrlter supplies, ruu-
,11,i.     ollico stationery,  toys,
irlo ,   Otc.       I be   pi opriet.u I,
i\ ilia l ho,'   ow ,i  i line and a'
i        in   In I In    business,   employ    siv
. hi   people.
|i,  u.   l'l RNBI I.I.
M,    |,   w    I uriiii.iiI is the propi .<■
,,'  .be   I  asl    laid   Ice   t In Iim   I ai
a bo Ii   aro   lo. .Hod   on   Hie  col'
,,,., ol I-..,i'i. ami Columbia straeis,
nn i. hoi • carries a duo Unu ol l.ak
i. goods, coiifucUoaery, fresh fruits,
i.i. ,.. os,   ull .       I lu-   building   occupl
.1 is commodious und  Iho store   is
letttli  nnd nltraetively fitted up    ll
model  of i.'-ui ness, and  ll... stock
led       is   always   Iresh   and   p.in.*
r.   h lino is complete, bakery goods
., , kinds being kept  consiuiii'ly on
,11,. u I,    Willie    ille    stock    ol   lllle   .all'll   S
...   tin   and  Well  selected one.   Krults
; nil i inils in season nro Found here
 I   ilns   place has  I.", one-    the
..(..iters in Hn-. lino wnh a large
i imbei    ol our   people  .I.■suing   to get
I..- ' for Heir money,    lu the lino
i ih ti ' is  may be found     -      oi
' ■  Ik  i brands that me , ai rieti anj
here       111   I'm i. i In-,   is  on.-   of    Lhe
i.i-i c inpleK, siores ot ii-,  kind    in
ii, .   and during   the  shot t    t line
licit   Mr     I ... nbiill     I.a     l.e.n   pslub
:   III .1    nit',.      bill im ' ■     lie   b.e     | i ll   . ,
t he I     fully   . a| al.b    ol . • lobe Ind.
■     nt. dale store      I be  ice en om
'i   •     is sei veil    li.-,.. is     .,i  t ii,. very
-   tn.l  e   not. .1 foi ,i■   purity    ,,,.,1
'1.'..,      Mr   Turnbull has be,,. n
■ I nl   of   New   Westminst t for the
five    years,     und wn-    In tl o
'   oil     I oai       bui iness      mil il     two
' '!•     .,..'..      wl.. ii    In   bought   Ins
nl   pbe ■■   of   bllSill. S!
1 "i'l.ns S   DRY  HOODS   HOUSE,
'■     business in  this city   or section
belter   or   more   fai o, ably     known
: ll       . bo-don s      Iby   C ...Is    Houso,
h  has  I n established here   for
111     l "a- s Tl,e>     ... e ipy    ii        alge
und     his bus   been   I'd t. .1   up   In
'   excel 1        uini,!,. r and  the s ore is
..." ' ',,-ant      and     in. i1 -ng  one.
is large and Ihu various
,','• -' . Olllplete and Iho goods
urn Itspluyid I,. a most admirable
manner. The bons. is a direct ,m
rter ol Hritish, inn. h and Ymeri-
cun dry go...Is. I,..ib staple and fancy, in large assort ont. The novelties, si..- nltiOS nil.I lulesl stales,
put terns, goods, etc., ol Iho season
..." lobe found here, notion-, millln- ■
■■....I     hi I trgo   supply  and ol   the
" •■■ '   aid,   ..   t   quality   and   kind   arc
■    o   here,      High-class  dress-making
dt no    i .hi  on the premise-- an i
mi..'-    un.i    garments that   arc
nillllo I,,,,-are faultless il, tit and
' t.vle, | en... t ui cut ai.8 o( oxcollelll
I i ' li und workmanship in every wuy
! n. pi..pio or of ibis well known establishment is Mr, E. L. c "Ion, ;
-•'-■■  ••' .   ,r     prominent   business    men
nnd . Ivc In all thai will advam c
'' • Jl interests of Iho community.
''•" .     n p,   pic aro employed In the
v'.i ile] ..' ' mollis  and  0   largo  lu
ill' i ■   (lone by    the   bouse.       I his
'•Leant   store   is   located   in   the    Uu
I'.'tu  llb.ci      ,  Columbia street.
The first und foremost question
that confronts th" uvcruge liuveler
upon bis arrival in a city is the
que tion of lodging and jieals. Alter
a long and tiresome trip ne is usually not In the best of humor p.t.d if
ho happens to select some place that
Is not up to his expectations he Is
apt hi bo critical. The Occidental
Hotel, of which Mr, John I happell
is tho well Inown proprietor, is a
I la. e lhal we wm,id lunitly re-
commend to the rrniral or particular traveler. The 11 moms operat-
el are always Idled, and the dining
room which is operuted in ronnoc-
'i n. is veil patronl/ed, he numbering among his customers, not only
guests of the house, but also many
■in ens, who find their way home
loo far during noon hour. The hole! is n two-story brick building und
is en jmpo ing structure. The bar
operated, is first-class in every respect and here is to be hud lhe popular Kelson Heei- for which thore exists a constant demand. Wines and
liquors ofall kinds are nlso at hund
in c.ii. ions quantities, und the place
:. always conducted in the most orderly manner, Per o ally, Mr. Chap-
pell   is  a man   that you would  like to
line of general groceries, a most
complete stock Is kept constantly un
bund, insuring to patrons the variety
of goods demanded for daily household consumption. A nice line of
general meiChaOOlse is also curried
in  stock
lor the large number of palions who
daily visn this popular store. A
specialty is made of imported goods
such as Norway ho ring, delicatesseo
otc. Airs. Hollard is a thorough business woman, uml at one lime owned und coul rolled three stores, an.l
she thoroughly understands every detail of Ihe business she conducts.
She is highly esteemed, and bus
many friends, ull ol whom wish
her continued success.
&  TOILET  SUl'i'l.Y  CO,
ii \i: i .v in.. i;i ii.
idqtiuit.rs   of   the    dis-
supp lying     h
trict   of    the    fertile  Fraser   Valley,
new-comers  naturally make  this cily
,|,.-,,   starting point,  and   ihe   above
house     provides      every   facility    for
I,icing     farm    lands    and likewise
at a ilistance,  nnd it   will   be have     j M„.,i     a handsome  sixty-four
i matter ni  a short  time  when  page illustrated  pamphlet    of    farm
'.it. cupilulisis will be sharp com- and fruit   bind-   in thc valley of    the
liloi     (oi   th'    must   ..--.liable    in , J.'ruscr,   which  ...ill  bo  mailed free to
Ibe   :
,. wine
for New W.st-
mini tei
i.al   ,-■
Into   by
l.i, al  capltal-
ist*  is
ll trie It
Ig   Ihe :
tt( nl.lon of in-
Am ng     the   muny business establishments of Now Westminster is tbe
popular sloro of Mis. C. K, lloffard,
nnd which, since its Inception, has
enjoyed good nnd constantly Increasing pntrbngge. Tho store is niely
appointed, possessing every facility
tor the prompt and satisfactory 1111-
j ing of orders and the general transaction of the daily business.   In   the
'Phis business is conducted by Mr.
L. ii. Cohn und has been established
for a number of years, having been
pio.mg quite a necessity Iounti,a m 1892. it is located at
lo Powell street, where they have n
lurgo tind well-appointed plant, and
the head oiiice is ut 8 Cordova
street. I'he.v huve re.tent\\ added
new machinery lo their plant un.t
are prepared to bundle ,.b manner
of cleaning, dyeing and pressing in u
most satisfactory way. Their prices
are very reasonable and their workmanship    first    ClOSS. Twelve |»,(iple
are employed in tho works, and nil
kinds of clothing for ludi.s and gentlemen and for Iho household, are
bundled. This is ill fa I tho most
up-to-date cleaning und dying establishment In Hritish Columbia und is
a credit to th • community. Thoy
make a business of supplying ollices
and stores with toilet supplies, gnd
huve an extensive husine s in this
department, and they nlso have
wigs, masquerading costumes t.nd
full dress units for hire, nnd gentlemen's suits are made to order
promptly and are guaranteed as to
lit, style nnd finish. Feathers are
tilled ond dyed and cleaned und all
mannor of work m these lines i
handled in this splendid establish
fa. turlng
An establishment which has a reputation for good workmanship and
the Ix'St line of goods of lhe kind
carried is that of Messrs. T. Mow-
In uy tilt Company, who are gun and
locksmiths, I hey ha e been doing
business in Ihis city for some four
years and ihey huve been building
up a very good trade. 'ihey have
a very ie.it and . oii.modious
si ore. They also ure large dealers
in lire arms of ull kinds, from rides,
revolvers, shot guns. etc.. to all
manner of nmunitinii; a line line of
good bicycles in various styles and
sizes are carried, and a full and
(omplete line of sporting goods, as
well as a stock of varied assortment
for ull purposes of the (ity in elec-
trioul supplies nnd devices. They
do a great deal of electrical work
aim will make a sroclalty of this
shortly, and are s'.illel iu all that
pertains to this important trade.
They alsj do all kinds of gun repairing, locksmith work, light machinery  repairing,  etc.
rapidity Vancouver is
uuI industrial and manii-
center may be seen from
'■■•>-'■ establishments which
line in our commun-
compnny which wo have
taken Lhe liberty 0f tailing to the
St-ocml  attention     of  our readers   i„
""**    '""ll"   I"    perhaps  ,,  ,»,.■
known  In the
"f the p In.iplo  i„ ,.■„,,,..,     , .
'".": .;"■;-    "'« office is i,„a	
V'   Hastings street, where Mr  Ch,
Songster has been  representlm-     '
,::::i 'z^ou\ ^"- ""•> make
""''   drills,   nir  compressors     en,.,,..
boilers and general mining machinery
penal   Pneumatic   tools
too well known
in.'  many
we have in (hi
ity.     Ih
v lew
t.   ' menl s A   In , . 'hut.     has   I eon
pi..mi,,, n, in 11 " real estate operation ol 'in-- vn,a, v is ihat of
M l .  .1    11 ui t   .'   Co.,  Limited,
who  were established  In   L891,    ihey
any address. These gentlemen handle ail k.nds of real .Hate, but make
a specialty of farm property-, in
which they do an extensive business
Mortgage loans     area) o  made,   all
■    .i   aige
in this city
., In an
li  ,,,
\ nn ouver.
;       Iho  colli,•
• and
; inils of in iurance
n nis and interest
numerous clients.
Wilt t<
cled  f.
II.   C.   .MnN'l MENTAL   WORKS.
Hood,   pur,
they    at"
ai   the
,..,..,, ||   i .
. 1 •    ,1 ;,
. I  rarryii
.   the   he
and   . i   ■ ■
• ■  Ing   '1
Iny   ■ li- in
,,,   a   p
rli f
ol    , 1, ■    ,11
ill ■   :,    n
. ■  ,  . 1     I. ,
1 .,    th,
.ni,l « ho'usoine li piors
more in demand than
I resent   time.     An
mui '"■ a  bu itie---
quality of goods
,, i, b nnd scrv-
isant manner is
nailing  a   sue. ess
. i f  tho old-
-, w ,,,.■ an I -pit
it   , ,. .    -
. ond ictui
whi   i
street,  n.
n lhn . ity is   tl nl.   which is
i.v   Mr.  A.  Matheson,  and
, l    l c    f.i nd ■ n i oluu.bin
ar Bogbie street.    This gen-
tl,man Pas been established here
s.n ■ isso and tli als .it 1 Oth whole
vale nod retail. He t arries an Im
in..,i ,. Bto. k nnd of the finest make
oi wines, lltpiots nnd spirits from
nil o er the world this i opulai
placo Is i nown as tho I.i .-r; ool
Arms and it is n very pleasant and
well upiointed iv-.ul und is popular
with n largo number • f our people.
II,-te will b' found courteous and
prompt   a"   ''ton  nl   all   iliiios.
HIT"!    I'/INT   SHOP.
A \ nl ii       \   iv   LlSltY.
Th • city
forenl trades
growth, bid
oi the   paint ei
,n iln-e mode
is Ins husine!
the builder, I
ni i ractlvcjicss
I .
..any    yours  Ihe    well  known '
Messrs.   Anders.in   und    Comoro .. landmark  In  tho city's
islness  circles,  nnd   (hey    had
:' 'uie •  store  ,.l   the corn r ol  Sixth
nnd  K ont   streets,   where a good  bu-
"M"-s  ii   s .1 n .     This business    is
""W    In tl .     bands of   Messrs:    Andet
."I   and   Ltisby;   Mr.   Lusl.y    hiving
11 '      ''■    oiilv   admit led   int.,  the    bu-
KI|leSs,       I I,,,   business   is  nlso   housed
n..v,  in elegnui quarters In tho Cros-
'''"'    ''lock.    ,,,,.   halidsniiie   now   busi-
 s  I  "ck  t,,. ni |\- completi d.     Tins
'"       h w   company   \i-i'y  desira-
" "id t'otuinodlous (piarters, and
'heir siock bus boon Increased ron- |
' ulorubly nn.l iiinde more romplolo
1,1 nil depucliuents. They enrry un
nniiiimwi stock of hnrdwnro of nil
'"ids.  both shelf uml heavy,  paints
nnd   oils,    tiuwnrc,    wonilenwiire,     en
 '-'.'-'I  Iron  wurc. etc     Explosives,
"porting goods in largo assortment,
'.-l.e, nieii's  supplies.   Souvenir  stoVcfl
"nd ranges,  tools    und Instruments,
1 '"kol    and   table   cillery,   etc..     nre
"ls" mi hand in largo varloly.    Ev-
''Ji'thlng from  ii  "n lie to nn   „n-
' ""'" Is kopl in st ck nnd the nri
'"•' nre i-iclit nml lb, quality of th ■
'■"••.Is of the best.
elo| ed many dil
,nd Irulustrics w ith its
, every cily the trade
is an es-eniial one
tl days. Not aloin-
ono of economy for
it it also adds to the
and Hi iv!.,,,' lhe vul-
ot ii building lo ii ivc it painted
nnd d". ..tine.I in ii !'.•• oining man
nor. \ ■ hop n hi, ll is one ol lb"
b"st in I In- city in Hits line Is t hat
popularly culled the City I'ainl Shop
and wb7.li will i e lound on Alexan
der street, near Columbia street.
The pro;.i i tor nf Hiis ustabllshm nl
i~ Mr, Unl/h I and he i us I n established hero for about t. n years. All
rinds  of  | otii'tn r,  inn .in •  from  lhal
oi 11 dm o v  i ough v. ork  to    tho
I'm .si Inlet or de oi'nl ion will ho done
i,\ bin, promptly and well. \ll kinds
of signs, etc., will n1'.. b' lu.islie.l
by him in a very -nl isfn. lory mnn
,„.,• tunI v ill l.e ■ ui ii ns w tit draw at
London   nnd   plen o.
It is a pleasure to adve t the hotel accommodations of the city when
the subject of discussion is su.h a
magnificent hostelry us the Hotel
Melropole. It is, so to s|>ej,k, the
pulse of the metropolis, and it is
the first and usually perceived symptom of the stute of aJTit'S of a city,
by th ■ thousands oi tourists und tra-
Tlus concern Is one of the most I in- vclers that come to our city. When
!'"Hunt in itsline in the community they have been guests ol tho Hotel
and the leading and largest marbleI Metropole, they cannot carry away
works in the entire province. This unb ,bem anything but the most
business was established in 1886 by pleasant memories of the finest ac-
Mr. Vlex. Hamilton but Mr .lameskommodations nmi the mosl fauli-
McKny iicquireil h by |ni, litis,- Fome less service. This splendid hotel is
'hi", yen. ago. It is located on located in a convenient and cential
''..bu,,bit;   street,   between   Ihe   Hotel  position  and  it is  housed  in a splen-
Huichon   I     the    CaUiolic   Churih    did  stone  block  and contains ninety
They carry :, largo slock of monii-1 large and well ventilated rooms,
menls ot all kind and in all .1-signs, j These have been lilted up iu a sump-
pntterns, etc    nnd can till  any   order  tous  manner  und  entirely  remodeled
by the proprietor, Mr. George L.
I-Iowe, who has recently laKen possession thereof. Ile has gone over
the wnole building, from top to bottom, and is making it an establishment that will bo equal of any hotel
on lhe coast. Ile is spending some
twenty thousand dollars in putting
the bouse in first-class condition and
ib re will be magnificent private u|>-
ui t m. nts with private baths and toilets and furnished witn ull elegance
ind comfort and in tho be-t of taste.
There is hot nnd told ripining wa-
lor, electric lights and the modern
conveniences of nil kinds in the
rooms, and throughout the hotel und
the rooms are furnished and deco ated in a most handsome and tasteful
way. A large oiiice und writing
room is propidod and sphndid parlors, for the convenience of the
gnosis, and everything has been done
lo make this n model place. A bar
is operuted in connection thnt is
I first-class in every respect and fitted
up in a most elegant manner and
; here lhe finest wines and choicest liquors and cigars are served. Mr.
Howe is a thoroughly experienced ca-
| terer, und came to this city from
Seattle, where he was engaged along
similar lines for some time, and is
exceptionally qualified for directing
this  model   institution.
'. • iy    pi (imp, l,<
They   do   some     nf
thei     own   vo
1 .  and  nlso  see.no     n
large   number
if  finished   stones     for
heir     . ■ 1 ibli
1 in.      All   kinds    nf
lice I.'-   and   a
nulla   work   is   carried,
o,,.|   lhe  finest
oner.is ing   is   done.
1 heir   work   i
- first-class   nn.l      their
oriel's  are  v..,
'•    lo ate       Ale.    Mc-
Kay   i- (ho   v.-
'■   "Mi. i n»   and    skill.,1
proprl ■' or   an
1   is  thoroughly   fumili-
nr  v'i'b  every
dotall   of thi     io- .,■ t
. nl   basin ■--.
i:v speck.
This gentleman ha. been one of
..ur most ontorprislng mor.hantsfor
Iho past ten years. lie i.s a dealer
in nil kinds ..( bicycle and sporting
o.. Is s i. h as gun", rlfli s, nnimuni-
I ion, hunters' nnd lislie men's siq,-
plics, etc., a- well as hiving a good
assortment of bi yrlcs of tho leading
maki s His lit," of table and pocket cutlery, iti'ois. etc., is very com-
i.n.l the best, makes of guns of
  ■.,,,-, w ill be found in ibis excellent     store       The spoil ing goods
A concern of staunch character and
high financial Influence, which is a
prime factor in one of thc city's vital phases nnd in Ibe growth nnd
advancement thereof, that of the
real estate business in the Royal
Business Exchange, a commercial
and general business agency, which
is one of the largest und licst equip
|>cd concerns of its kind In this line
in the field. They are sole agent.-
for lhe Ralston Realty Company, o:
l.os Angeles nmd Sun Diego, Cali
fornla. The ofHce has only recently
been established  here,  but  by  reason
of ils important nn.l Influential connections,   us  well  ns  the  position  it
is beginning to exert   in tbe business,
it  has made for itself a distinct and
important   place   in   the   community
Ihey   bundle   all   manner   of   real   es
tate  and  business  opportunities,   and
in   the  development   of  business    and
industriul  concerns,  etc.     They have
large   und   neat   ollices   at   4118   Cor
duva   street,   west,   und   the  mnnneci
is  Mr.   I'*    Tuhten,   who  has   lived   in
Cunndn  for  a  number  ot years and
is  well  known in our    best  businos
a mere i,
Sangster ho
Iho courteo
which In- ai
■  in..re thun
ii'ion  in ilns article.     Mr,
always ben known foi
and    liberal  atlenti
il'ds   to all   who  ,-u||
. Ul
The farmers and produce nnd poultry raisers ol ibis section find an excellent market in this city for Hi ii
produce, but this is insufficient lo
meet all tho demands of the lar, .■
mining und lumbering interests, an i
a greut amount of produce of -,H
kinds is shipped here from other portions of the Dominion and elsewhere
A firm that is extensively engage.:
in the handling of fruits nnd pro
dure on commission i- ihat known ns
Hainsford nnd Company; who have
been established here for thc lasi
four years. They are located a'. I '•.",
Water street, where ihey ot'CU] i
commodious quarters which havo
been fitted up especially for the purpose of the business They carry n
considerable stock on hand that their
nrdets muy be Idled wl h expedition,
and Ihey are constantly handling
la,-go consignments of produce ol.
commission. Six men ar,. enq
in their establishment and (hoy
doing a good business in thc
and throughout   this section of
ounlry   us   Well.
the oldest  and b.-si    known
"I    reliable   optii i.llls   iu       t|,,.
18  Ml     Ulierl   I ......I.   th-   p|on-
upH'-'ian. ll,- i-. established al
to 142 Cordova Btreet, and has
in i he business i,.r a great many
years, lb- docs a great deal ol spend professional work besides doing
the mosl scientific and accurate and
natisfactnry optical work ,,i all kinds
us fitting class,-, repairing otc
Chronometers ore rated and repaired
.nd he nun,ll.-s admiralty charts lie
also bus a very line line ol stock in
diamonds In many various and beautiful settings; jewelry ,.f evesy description, wnt lies and clocks of the
best makes, art goods, plated wares
m gold und silver, and ull that is
carried in a modern jewelry store.
Mr, I il'ord is a very pleasant gentleman to transa t business with,
and his patrons are alTorded every
attention and consideration. He ia
honorable and reliable in his methods    and    hus built
up  u large  pat-
HiillSiiN & CO., LTD.
Prominent among the insurance
agencies in this city is the firm of
Hobson tV- Company, Limited, who
arc  financial    and   insurance  ugents.
I'heV     are   one    ,,f    i ,...    ,-..•  •     ,,,........
Among   the  grocery   estni
of the city which we have
this rev ievv of Ihe city, we
on the whole, they  cater to
lie   in     a very     sntisfn. lory
.li-fmi ■
find ib
the ,.
f.-W   III
■ hero
• leslle
ludgmenl    ns
handle  to   .-, ■,
Ing   in;,!,,,. ,'.
are fre h and •
.ind   pi,  t'S   III I'
prevailing   rule.
Hue    ol     III"    po|
ill  allow   ,1
in  wnrp  ih.-ir    I.
to whnl   they   sho
the public  in  a Ij
•,.. I ■    ,,l   uo...is     ll
i the highest   qual
are  right,   are
II,,-  is   especia
uini   -t..re which
ol  Columbia and
presents     a busy
i nn,"   ol  i be ilny
 I ill, i I   nnd   llglll    i.'l uii-
is don. .   -... I,   ns wo, I,   on   gun
,     mo,lorn
s     boxing
etc.,   etc.
he    co. nor
treots and
appearance  at   ull
\ll   manner    of
led at
rles, umbrellas, typewriters, phonographs, niilomol lies, otc , and a
It'iidmg spe. .ally is made of ro-bor-
Ing guns oi all makes and high cluss
repnlii'iu  of same,     llu i-  active   in
lhe  bin s-   and nb inploy s   i om-
,n  i, I,, t,, assist  him
R. If   I1I0NSON.
here is no purl of the horse thnt
'''quires more export nn.l careful nnd
'""I'lcnt attention thnn the feet, and
this should ho confided only to those
"Im nre skilled in Hieso linos, Kvcry
''me n horse is .,iken tn tbe eslnti-
lishmnnt, which is conducted by Mr.
It II. Itenson. the nnimnl's foot arc
cloHoly oxni,linen and defects in previous shoeing io-" corrected. lie
also gives each horse such attention
and such peculiar trout ment ns will
be   best  filled   to   tbe   needs   of      lhal
iiniiiuil. This gentleman make* n
specialty of shoeing horses nnd wilh
expert knowledge in the nil, he is
snotl utile In put the hnrse ill gnull
Condition,      Sn  widely  Inown  tins li is
I'l'inilntlon    for first-class work   ho-
fnnie known lhal be finds it noroS'
sury to employ one ac.il two iiiin-
IM'tcnt helpers to care for his extensive business, which bus been rrrow-
i ing a*, n i"u-:t satisfactory ralo slnco
Lids establishment  in the business   In
llhis cily. He Is located on Klghlh
Vireel, nenr Columbia, and bus run
■is shop here for eight  yeurs,
The truck and moving business   of
this  city   is in   the  hands  of  a num-
Imi- of capable and experienced men.
Thoy      are    prompt in the ultention
given  to  orders,  careful  in  the  liandl
ling  of  the articles  and goods,  and
their  terms are fairly reasonable lor
tho   work     done.     tine of  the    well
known  firms that   aro extensively engaged  in this  line of  business is Ihat
of Messrs.   I.apoint,   Pease &. Lewis,
who me truck mil draymen.     They
have    been     established    here for a
number of years und havo a neat office and    warehouse at   12:1 Richards
street.      They   do an  Immense   business In their various lines, and huve
six     wagons     constantly    employed.
Ihey    make     n   specially   of   moving
pianos,   and  move  pianos  for ull lhe
piano  linns  in  town.     All  vinds   of
trucking,   drnying,     expressing,   etc..
however,  are d,,ne.     (loods are stored at  moderate charges in their fireproof  nnd  vermin-proof  storage ware
houses.     The  members of  the     firm
are Mr.  W.    .1.    I.apoint,    Mr.  A.  M.
r.a-e   and   Mr.   Lewis.     Mr.   I,e ,is,
tho  youngest    momber of  the   firm,
has   worked   for   fourteen   years    for
Lhe 0.  I'.  R., nnd is thoroughly conversant   with   all   freight   rates,   etc.,
and   any   |>orsons   having    goods    to
ship,   .a-   receiving  goods  from    anv
point   enn   place     tlieir  orders    wilh
tins iii in with porfoffPtonfldenee, and
Ihey   are gentlemen  of enterprise  nnd
oxperioni'0 with this line of work.
__ o—-
One of the essentials of modern
life is proper nttention to one's
wearing apparel. "Cleanliness is
next to godliness," and this may be
said to extend to the well dressed
appearance of a mun ns well. We expect a successful man to appear such
and it is a good passport to a position as well us said to be to society.
A tailoring shop which devotes Its
special attention to giving its pat
ions thc very best fitting, the most
dressy, the finest finished garments
Hint nre made, is that which is con
ducted by Messrs. Simon and Company. Their elegant shop will be
found at ii? Cordova street and has
been established lor sixteen years.
Iluring all this time they have enjoyed a most enviable reputation for
making the finest garments and gar!
ments that could not be surpassed
lor style and tit and finish, and the
satisfaction that they gave the pat-
rone. These gentlemen employ only
union nibor and this alone would be
a guarantee of the highest clnss of
lorv  manner.
l'ait. '.   and  slap
cerles,   prodm
■   of   every    sort,
visions,  .-!.'..
are always  >..  1
bete   at    low    |
iRP ,x 10.
i In   nil   I
I ul'actiir.
< pocti d
! pro.
. n
progress nf New Westminster
oris uml descriptions of mnn-
. is only such ns might, bo ex-
of tho community which so
Inently manifests all tho olo-
.  .,.'   .' progressive and oulilghten-
who i^
cories ,
ions,   t
i commercial and trading
is thnt ol Mr- floorgo Adams,
on   extensive     denier   in    ftOV-
if every  sort, tho best  provisos mui colToos  from
One of tbe strongest nnd most popular of the life insurance companies
of the country and continent is the
Union Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Portland, Maine. This organization wns Incorporated in 1848
and bus seen many years ot success
I and   Influence  t«r   the  uest Interests
For muny callings and purposes,
nnd for those who nre out in the
rain frequently, a waterproof overgarment nnd other waterproof gnr-
meiits nre eminently desirable. The
Claman Waterproof Carment Company are manufacturers nnd dealers
In high-class waterproof and rainproof garments for ladies and gen.
tlemen. Their headquarters and fac-
tosy are at 158 to 155 St. Lawrence
street, Montreal, nnd they have a
large and well estab.ished store at
this city at t'llii Hastings stneet,
west, where they havo been doing
business for the past two yours.
They handle waterproof and rainproof goods only and carry a very
extensive stock of all manner of
clothing, such as overcoats, women's
coats, etc. They have a neat and
commodious store at tho above
mentioned  address  nnd   two  or  Hire,
condui i.-d     by \!t      u m.   Seifelra;
ni.I which i- located in the pleasi
suburb •.!' Cedar ( ove. Mr. Sen
man  hns  be ■   established  here
jxli en ■ .n ■ and is also the pi
master  of this  place,   whi h  posit
he   ba- held   tor so    nine   and   e
,u,ed   H -   llu! Ies   in   a inns'    Slltisf
No .lass of men ore moro idei
tied w nli the interests ol the oi
thun our ri al estate men. li Is tl
who sound the praises ol ihis i
tion; Induce business men, invest,
minors nnn farmers, as well us
dustries, to lo, ate here, and. m ■
eral, promote In a vast degree
progress nnd develo]»inenl ol nun
nnd   province,     In   Messrs,   Ford
Company,    ouctioi rs,    real est
and   commission  agents,   we  find
firm who have always I n active
the good  work since their establi
men!  bore some six years ngo.   '1
have  good   ,„h..-    n.   B.18  Granville
street, und Mr   U   .1. Ford, tho pro
prieior.   has    been  in  the city    for
o-.er eighteen  years, being connected
with u steamship company,  previous
to his emn,,i. ■' into the ranks of our
rogl    estate    nml   commission
Thoy  do    all    i-i»'K "' ''
business,     handling    hot'
farm properties, etc.
sion  business        argi
ly  glowing.
al   estate
city    and
['heir coinmis-
aiid constant-
.1 \s   11 I'D I IKS
In the planning
the   building    thei
should   be   oi i
((derations,  and '
would   li.
to   secure   tin'
but  n  first-class
work would be v
to   the defective  p
may be accounted
,|  the  house    and
.,,(,   the  plumbing
the foremost   con-
,, consult   with   a
.,, ,    experien ed  plumber
n   part   ol  wisdom.     And
for many years, and is well versed
in all that pertains to the business
und trade of the grocer. He has a
very neat nnd well ordered establishment nt "71 Granville street, which
he has fined up in a very attractive
milliner. The stock i.s large nnd
well assorted.
•vices ul anything
ihinihiT to do the
,;., than folly, lor
nmbing of n bouse
• |,   . Iness of many
a  family.    In  Hi ■
a  pleasure  to  ivfi
pert,   thorough
as  Mr.   .lames
man   bus   been
city fnr many
tion for   first i
of   the   very   he
located   nl   si
    |  III. Ull I.     1.	
clerks    are    employed   to   attend   to I which  he removed
onnection  it   is
i.   Mich   nn    ex-
,1  careful   plumbei
ITutrlf -     'his gentle
in   no    lino   in   the
,..,,     an l his repute
j...       rkmanship  I
t      ib- is at present
,     ille   street.    In
the wants of their many patrons.
Mr. W. Epstein is lhe malinger of
Ihis branch nnd has been with the
company for u number of years.
■ o	
C.  S.  DOUGLAS  &  CO.
months   ngo.     lie
Ice ted stock of ih
dries required (or
business and i\n--^
ing and fitting.
some six or seven
i ,,i i |rs a well so
suppli 's and sun-
the purposes of hi-
til kinds ol plumb
The Importance of Vancouver
forcibly demonstrated by reference to
the many houses engaged in leading
Industries and merchandise lin-s in
the city. Every department of Jin-
merclnl life is well and ably represented here, and they arc managed
bv enterprising and nrogressivn I . si-
ncss men, who have The best int icnsts
su     jaw SO    l.ll'.UI    il!   suo.IIUd .1.0111 J"
thoir own immediate accounts, One
,f the leading establishments In 'he
flour und feed line is Ihat whih is
conducted by Mr. Fred Allen, t'cur
Hid fed merchant. He hns I '."1 oo-
Ing business iii ibis 'Hy for r'gUte.'n
veins and has a very extensive f.c-
qualntanco and patronage from all
nnrls of the city. This is one of
>!„• oldest establishments in the city,
in,I ho does considerable si 'ppin"
as well as local business. I be warehouse is located at ho 'I'ncr of
Uidwell and Georgia strci-.i, t-nd the
oflice nnd store at IH" W'ai -r I
the finest flours that nro nm 1
■ n I   elsewhere   are   alvvav
,.,l nnd  enlorpi'ising community
dnilj and hourly reminded of HlO
,i ,,;,:;e..,in! odvancawut of our
bv being constant y lu'oughi fit.
with thosu who-.' progres-
[noss establishments are In
the big-host sense representative nnd
Illustrative of Now Westminster S enterprise  and  progress.     Ono of     Iho 	
houses  which  adds  in   n large     mnr   »J
sure   to   tho g„ n hem Induces of     the | In  Ihi   city.
i Ity
si.o   bu'
the   best
glassware for nil purposes, fishing
places of pioduction, croc'-.ory nn.l
cenr, cutlery, etc. Ile hns a largo
and spacious establishment nnd it  is
litled  up in ii very noat   nnd    pleasant
ej.je......        if bus ■ been established
bete for Idle ll years and ton poo-
plo nre neressnry to wait upon tho
many customers that constantly
throng tho store, nnd three wagons
are employ, .1 in the delivery of the,
is or.leis from the patrons,
the   largest    and     best .
nf thousands ol policyholders, Thc
officers nnd directors nre men ol the
greatest honor nnd eminence and
stability in thoir city, and the provincial manager for Hritish Columbia is Mr. John E. Evans, He has
his office in the Royal Hank Chambers, and he has been established
hero since ISP.'!. The company has
eeewed tt very strong hold Ti the
favor  of   the    community and  Mr.
I'.vnns bus done much to strengthen
and incroiise this to n wonderful
elftcnl. He hns several capable nnd
energetic assistants and is doing a
very active business. lie is a gentlemen of the highest standing nnd
is a mnn of lhe strictest integrity.
The operator in the real estate
field hns found in this region binds In Vancouver the 1. instiran
nnd resources of such wealth and teres! is nn Important oi.ie. am
magnitude that he hns found diffi- there are few cities 111 which n luro'i
cnlty in finding language in any way [amount of Insurance rarrlod in
adequate to describe the real state proportion to Ihe population. Our
of nITnirs, without having lo exag- peopU> racognirc the great vulue ol
aerate In nnv measure whatever, being insured In the soufirtty thut
The "province 'ol llrilish Columbia il makes f,„- ,!„■ rmnlAiinil oiv'-
oflors to tho investor and tho home-1 beloved, und our vcoi'W^. nil line-
seokor    unparaiioilod    opportunlUea, y*
i n
in largo quantities, ■• i
in great  variety  ns  w
I    -ie   b
one  ,
m  iis  line,
Ill-others  nnd
tlemen will b
and it is in largo measure due tu
our real estate men that these people have been attracted to this rcl
gion   in   such   measure  ns   they  have.
0, s. Douglas & Company have boon
active In this field for a number of
years and they me doing an extent
sive business. All kinds of real es.
title iu city property especially is
handled and mines snd mining StOC*"
are also sold, bought nml exchanged,
i( legitimate. They make loans in
nny amount and write Insurance with
old and reliable companies and timber und timber limits nre extensively
dealt In. They employ one office and
one inside man, and were established
in  188U.
lib-   are   well   represented  anions
the  best   nnd   most   reliable   lif»    In
Rurance    companies
Among   those  coiiipniu."
dominion,   who nre  -
liable   and   '-ale   III
lenders   In   Iho   btisili,
Hon,    must    bo   ran'-'
tui.'ts'   Life   Insurant
Toronto.    Mr   .lohn
,«   u,e  cashier  and   I"
tite  of   the  rompnny
located  h !■■  lot   novel
ofllre is ai  .".••ll  Orntu
be has ben iii charge
for   tho   piisi   your
the company .for si
uml has condui ted ih
verv able manner.
that of Messrs. Fox
Company. these gen-
o found at 257 Hastings
itreet, east, where they have been established for two yours. Although
they have been doing business heritor" such a shorl time, they huve- u
'orgo intili-nil over iiu- iiiy- Five
people are employed In (heir estabf
'Klin,en!     and     two  delivery    wagons
11, •    world
nf our   own
ring  and    re
way,    and
,   ut   this   see-
, |   thi'   Manul'ac
i    i , "ipanv .     ol
\    Birmingham
... .ii  represents
ItJll    hOS    been
. ,,,'S.        Ills
j||,.   -tree!,   and
this branch
..% nnd  I,.- l,0°n '" i"1
,„.  funr  years,
I,,,-,'"'ss   iu   a
i i-,-s-.iu-.\
■s   iher   tin
Idilion   lo
ihey also huve
.,,,,1     which  is
business     They
in  flour  oi  nil
loin.'stie   brand
oi   Hie   homo
feeds,   all   the
the  linest   bttv
arry   ti   large
I lines  and  all
to at tend to tho many
o  constantly   receiving.
their   Ini u'e  store here
a branch nt Mt. Plea,
doing  u    nourishing
,   nre eslensive dealers
, be best   imported nnd
making a  specially
products,   the   leading
.no id   grains      and
on  tho market,   They
-took   ou  hand al    nil
orders   are filled     with
Iho utmost promptoesB They ulsu
carry Iho standard stuck foods, etc ,
thnt   have    proven  their  worth    and
111" THE «ft EWT-m* ClAVMOf, VANCOTrVFR, I*. «.
flaturdmy, fteptenrber a, is©.
,_'itAiu a CJ.
F. B.  WOOD.
The gentlemens
has always ueen an
Ull. community
mores in
furnishing business
important one in
Hid uuiie u number   of
tritius pans ni the cily ure
engaged In this line,    un Westminster i
ue  one  of  Ute  leading    establish-:
Is lhal which    is conducted by j
Messrs. H. Craig and Company. These
nntlemen have  been  established  here!
tvvo years ami they have from the
beginning  been    the  recipients  of    a
uiy   patronage.     They    arc  estab-
U Westminster avenue where
ihey   have  a  commodious store  which
fitted up especially lor
^^^^^^^ kinds of gentlemen's
furnishings, boots and shuts, etc., are
always found here at moderate prices.
A feature of Hie establishment i- the
very nobby line ul shirts and neck
weai' kept in stock, Including VV.
li. and ether famous brands. The la-
liest patterns In shirts, till
comfortable collars,
Itahed at
has been
business.      All
neckties, the
f underwear,
in fact   everything
test and las
most stylish ax
the handsomest of
est  and  easiest    i
braces, sweaters,   ... -.
ihat a man or boy wears, may be found
Important department
,  bonis   and  sh...
  I weary man ci
be shown with
markibly low prices.
employed to wan ui
turners thut come be;
manager of lb" stores
here.     Another
is th.it devoted  i.
where the footsore
.unfurl and Btyle at re-
Three clerks are
n the many cus-
.\lr. Craig, the
  is thoroughly WM
quitiiue.l with this line of business and
ts always glad to welt
the best ol' allenti,
and assures them tl
vievv uf the manufacturing and
al Interests of a
and profession
Vancouver, it is necessary, ac
lttve in view-
In a r
city like
cording Im the tiini we
give a description and mention of th.
Individual houses that are must concerned and interested in the development of the city and who have done
most in promote the best interests uf
the city. In doing this, we must make
metion of Mr. G. \v. Hutchlngs, Importer and manufacturer of furniture of
every description. This gentleman ia
located tit 41ti and 418 Westminster avenue, and he occupies two floors of a
this address.   He has
large building nt
this Important busi-
been engaged in
ness at this place for some   eighteen
years, and is one ot the leaders in   th,
manufacture of home products   iu Hi
furniture line in ibis city.     He liianu
factures a considerable number of the
products of the household,   the ollic.
etc., and finds a good demand for   the
home-made product.      He also has
large stock of imported   goods,    from
the most elegant to those of daily use
in the homos of moderate income. Car,
pets, linoleums, etc., are imported from
the best manufacturers in England, and
a full line of all house furnishings are
also carried.     Eight to ten people arc
employed In lhe store and Mr. Hutch
Ings has built up a very good trade.
On-  of  the representative  Industries!
of Vancouver is that of the machinest
and   sheet   nt'tal   worker.      This   is   on
industry  thai has steadily boon  grow- i
Ing  In Importance in this city and    a
number of large and enterprising firms i
and  energetic nnd  skilled    individuals
nre engnged In this line of endeavor. A
■ri nt Ionian who hns only recently established  hitnsoi.   In  this  line In  the city-
is Mr. H. Laurence, who will be found
at SO!) Grandlle street,     lie is an ex-
erieneed      sheet       metal
There Is 'in art ln everything and lt
is important in shoeing a horse that
only those skilled le. the art and with
knowledge of how properly to shoe
should be employed. Mr. P. B. Wood 1?
an expert, skilled in all the details of
the trade and Hi..ugh he has been in
business here for only a short time, he
hns had many years of experience !n
ibe trade, He makes a specialty of
shoeing horses and be is in every way
qualified to give the most eminent snt-
pert nnd experienced snoot metal i isfnctlon to nnlmal and owner. He
work nnd furnace man and has a very'does a general blneksndthing and job-
well fitted U| shop at the above men-lbing business and is an experienced
Honed oddress. Mr. Lawrence has i worker In steel. Tools of nil kinds nnd
been In lhe'ity in this business for for all purposes will he made to order
■iboiil one and one-hnlf years, before and :. trial is solicited. He has a neat
venturing out for himself. Estimates shop nl the corner of Granville and
Will ,,,■ cheerfully furnished and all Nelson streets, Whioh Is completely flt-
lobblng wort promptly attended to. He ted up wilh the best tools and devices,
employs one skilled assistant in addl- and ho is building up a very nice pat-
Ivlng bis own time and utten- j ronage   and   giving  thorough  satisfac
tion I"    	
tion to the business.
tion to bis customers.
The hinds nnd other properties of
this section have shown a very steady
value and a rapidly advancing demand
for the best properties during recent
years. The rapid growth of the city
and the development of the country
have naturally brought this about, and
it is ti healthy growth and a sign of the
country. The real estate of this region
offers the investor and the bomeseek-
,-r opportunities that are fast glowing
less In the country as it becomes thickly settled and the advance in values
less rapid and certain. A firm that
has aid-.l many people to acquire prop-
erUes in this section which are proving
:i most b-neficiai and wise Investment,
is that of Messrs. .'.. a. Barrett and
Company, who huve been doing business bore I'm- the past five years. They
have ;i neat office at "IIS Westminster
avenue and are doing a very nice busi-
:,, ss, their stiles for the past year having averaged a sale and a half a day.
Thev virtually sell the earth and deal In
ill kinds of real estate and have choice
bargains to offer at all times In city
and farm properties. They have an
aiili.n oblle, one of the finest, if not the
very finest, ear iii the province, to show
Hoi, client., over the city aud to their
many properties 111 all parts of Van-
couver and the adjoining region. They
have In,ill up 0 lurgo business in North
Vancouver and have done a great deal
to make this thriving city what It Is
lo-dit.v. uml to huve it recognized ns u
place for wise nnd certain Investment.
Tiny also write fire Insurance and Mr.
il. A. Barrett does much notarial work
for his clients. The other member of
111- firm is Mr. Harry Musclow. and
they are both men of experience and
ability in this line of work.
by th
which  is
of this
of  the  must    -   - .
in this city is the Pelted
,   above  named   gentleman   and
to be found   at 63 Hastings
( .lie
street, where they have a very flnelj
equipped store, exceptionally well adapted for the business in bund, and
stocked with a full line of mens high
grade clothing. They also carry suit
cases, trunks, valises, gent's, furnishings, etc.
.        >f the leading industries
section is that of the lumber business.
There nre many large mid representative   houses   ill  (
dustry and one c
cltil   line   Is   that
Lu.ubei Company
dealers of  all
Intnl.In       liiiiib.
ofllce     is       ui
do     n.d       lev
own,  bill
he,   of th
aeh bronoh of the In-
f the largest In its spe-
kuown    as  the  Fuss
They me wholesale
liner   of   Hritish   Conn,!       the      head
Winnipeg. They
mills of their
handle the output of a num-
■ largest  mills In  Hritish Co
i:. II. ROOME & CO.
An ably and conservatively managed real estate business is that conducted by Messrs. E. H. Roome &
Company, vvho are real estate, financial and insurance agents. The
company was established in 18yu,
and luts. been nn uctive and leading
factor in the real estate operations
of tIn, community since its founding,
ami has done its share of the business, which has been no small one.
Ihey have elegant ollices at 600
Westminster   Avenue,   at  the    corner
people in1 the office to assist in their
large business. Mr. E. H. Roome,
ot the house, Is also a notary public, and all notarial work is done
thoroughly nnd accurately and with
tlie benefit of many years of experience und thorough knowledge of the
many questions that come up in the
different branches of the work. They
havo money to loan in large or small
amounts on approved securities! and
handle investments, negotiate loans,
buy and sell mortgages, etc. They
do a good insurance business and
handle all kinds of real estate, both
city  and country,  and have a   large
in fact everything whieh one
would expect to find In a house   of
this class.    Mr. Mcl'berson Is the iniin-
b  of  the success of  Ibis
the good work he bus
Ihem   in   the   past   ten    lot',  found   lhal
the length ot ti  this   particularly io....l point for the
rhoii   buiioii of their products and a branch
in this city a desirable
ind representation,    Thoy
_^^^^     in OranvlUe    street.
' ' »"  is  altogether  whol
tie y  ship their  lumber    till
world as vv-ll us this continent.
ager and  mil
house is due I
been  doing  to
years, which I.-
bouse has been in
tailoring department     is
strong ami  they  carry i
oration here.
full  line    of
staple  and   novel  goods  in  hand  at   all
limes.     -rii.ii   .billings With their
ions has been of the most upright
courteous mil ure.
lumbiii.      They
in this city tor
ll c. I
pat- j business
have  been  established
inly ii short time, liav-
Vuncouver would be a
are lo-
uii- and
ver     the
fact hm
I in
in J.
in an,]
-il.. ni
One of the best known concerns of its
kind in the city Is that operated by Mr.
A. Mitchell, proprietor of the Stanley
Park Livery, which Is located at Seymour and Dunsmuir streets. Mr. Mitchell has the reputation of having the
best line in the city, and two floors
and a basement are utilized in storing
the large number of hacks, carriages,
buggi>-K.  double  and  single    rigs,  etc.,
MELLON & scott.
To be one of the oldest  real est •
firms in Vancouver,  Is s, thine of
distinction In Itself. And when we're
member that In nearly all cases it |H
survival of the fittest, this
even greater significance. j|
Mellon and Scott were established
1SKG und they are lending :,,„| Mt.'n
commission, shipping, real estate '
suronce and financial agentB. im
have large and well fitted up om,.
41» Cordova street and transact
huge business In their various ||„
The members nf the firm are Mr, n,
ry A. Mellon. .1. P., uml Mr. Artnui
Scott. As vice-consul for Spa
commissioner for Manitoba, :,,,.i
surveyor for the Record Of An,
nnd Foreign Shipping and Hurcim "■-,"[
itus, their duties have given them
wide nml honorable distinction,   ti,,..
are correspondents to New Y..,k |;,,.
ton ami New Orleans Hoards of Marim
Underwriters, and nautical assessors
commissioners and notaries nublli
They an- agents for the Insurant
i any of  North America  (fire),
has assets of over twelve mllllu
Protector Underwriters Fin-, aS1
.ver seven millions; the London and
Lancashire Life; tho Alllaiie, \..,,',
nneo Company (marine), assets uf ovei
fifteen millions; the American Sn,,.,,
Company, assets, rive millions; n,!
French Trana-Atlantlque Hteunuhji
Line and the North Qerman l.i,,,,|.
and are city agents of the I:,,,g.|.,...,
Liability Assurance Corporation, bt.l
of London. This is also tl,, |iea(j ,,f
flee iii this province for the |,,,i„|„
and Lancashire Life. They transact
:, huge business In theses VI
pin tiii-nts and are on of our
res, ntative and Important houses
these lines of business.
' ''..lie
In every leading cily there are certain   commercial   and   manufacturing
industries nnd business houses, whose
importance, sue.ess, and high charnc-
of Keefer street,    and employ  three   number of satisfy.d patrons
Dressmaking  and  Children's   Clothing.
ln lhe details of constructing a
building, there is no part that needs
such careful attention und expert
workmanship as t»at of the plumbing
and heating. Un the proper Installation of the plumbing depends the
health and comfort of the occupants of
the structure, anfl on that account,
on,j o.c uiusi p.ticilial and expert men
should be employed, and tt firm that
can be depended upon to use the best
materials and first class workmen.
Such an establishment, to whieh we cun
with pleasure refer the leader, is thai
of the Vanstone Heating and Plumbing
Company, Limited, located at 30S Cordova street. The head office Is at New
Westminster and they have been established here for a number of years,
Mr. J. J. Mahony being the capable and
well experienced manager. They are
healing and sanitary engineers and are
sole manufacturers of the famous Van-
stone's patent water tube hot water
boiler. They also operate tt machine
pipe thread cutting works and do all
kinds of plumbing and steam and hot
water heating and ventilating Installments. They carry a very large and
complete supply of plumbing, heating
and ventiiilting goods and sundries and
th-y are the recipients of a very
and satisfied patronage.
Of all the institutions that are devoted to ladles1 outfitting and fashion, the
dressmaking business ranks as one of
the first Of these, perhaps none can
claim greater share of the best patronage than the establishment which is
conducted by Mrs. Watson, who not
only does dressmaking, but also gives
Bpeclal attention to the making- of
children's clothing, which is her specially. Mrs. Watson has been establish
To cuter properly to the public in any
line requires skill and Industry and
knowledge of the wants and desires of
the people. To do this satisfactorily in
the hotel business requires these qualifications, and many others, in high degree, lt is for this reason that the
Colonial hotel has become so popular
with a large patronage. It is ably and
well managed with a view to the com
fort and satisfaction of the guests. This
splendid  hostelry  is  a  two-story brick
that are always to be had here. He al-
SO has quite a large number of horses
and these are In the best possible condition for tho work they have to do.
while the drivers tire obliging, careful
and thoroughly reliable In nil cases
and In all work entrusted to their care.
Mr. Mitchell Is thoroughly experienced
In all details of the business, having
been established here for the past five
years, and besides giviiig his personal
attention to all details, he also employs a number of competent and careful hands to assist him. He is painstaking and is anxious that the work
done by his men should be entirely satisfactory. The line of buggies and carriages to be had here at any time is
an especially fine one, all being in the
best possible condition, stylish nnd
easy riding, und in this Mr. Mitchell
takes pardonable pride. He is honest
and straightforward in all business
dealings and his charges are very reasonable.
. ci	
here for seven years and she em-l "' "K
ploys 7 or s skilled assistants to care for
the numerous orders that are const:, nt ly coming to her from every direc-
tlon. sIim has a very pleasant parlor
nt 806 Granville street, which is fitted
up in ,t very pleasant and inviting manner. We are glad to include Mrs.
Watson in this reveiw and to give her
prominent mention, for she is well de-
s. i vlng of Hie same.
tpylng  a  high    position    among
who  handle real estate  in  Van-
is   the  well   known   house    of
A. S. Eaton and Son, who have
lablishod    here    for   some  two
Iai ge
There Is scarcely anything in the
commerce of u city as Important as thc
handling of groceries, and few things
that will Indicate Its wealth and prosperity more convincingly than a number of well stocked grocery establishments, Vancouver ls particularly well
repr-sented in this line, and among
those that hold a leading place none
are better known or more liberally patronized than Is the Cheapside Grocery.
of which Mr. Geo. Wagg Is the very efficient proprietor. Ills place Of business is located at 1IH-108 Water street,
where he curries a fine line of staple
and fancy groceries, provisions, fruit,
fish and game. The premises Occupied
ure commodious, while the stock Is very
comprehensive and well selected, consisting of everything in the line of
■tapis and fancy groceries of foreign
and domestic production, table delicacies, fin- leas and coffees, fruits and
vegetables In season, nothing
having been omitted from a full
and complete list of groceries
an.l      sundries. The     trtide       of
the house Is very large, necessitating
the employment of a number of clerks
in addition to the personal attention of
Mr. Wagg. A delivery wagon Is also uo(j
operated to Insure the prompt delivery!
of all orders, and free delivery Is made
to any part of the city.
l.eell    I   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
years, They are located at 11S5 Granville street, where they have well ap-
polnted offloes. They deal in all kinds
of real .state, buying, selling: and ex-
ehanglng, as well as renting, making
collections, etc. Farm properties, both
Improved and unimproved, timber lands
und limits, mines, city residence and
business properties, acreage tracts, suburban lots, business opportunities, etc.,
will be found listed here and ably handled. They are well posted on thei and at moderate r,
conditions of the market here and!
on the values of properties and of the
oportunltiea that are best suited for
the Investor and the homeseek-r. They
huve built up a very good patronage
by the'lr prompt and satisfactory service ai,.i the careful manner In which
they look after their clients' Interests.
and contains twenty-five
rooms. It is located at the corner of
Drake and Granville streets and the
proprietor is Mr, Charles Boulter. The
looms are large and neatly furnished
and provided with many comforts of
life in ;t modern hostelry. The rates
are only one dollar per day and the ae
toiiiniodations are most excellent. Il
the well furnished dining room, good
meals ar- served In most appetizing
form and at the elegant bar, the finest
wines and most superior liquors of every description are to be found.
An industry that ranks well to the
front In its special Hue is that which is
known as the Harvey Shoe Company
and of which Mr. 11. Harvey is the capable and experienced proprietor. This
gentleman has been established here
tor a number of years and he has
very complete and well equipped shop
at IBS Abbott street. He makes
specialty of made-lo-order boots and
shoes for miners and loggers and his
work is known for the durability. He
also does repairing in all Its branches
^^^^^^^^^^ tes. He uses only
good materials and high grade work
manshlp in everything that comes from
his shop. Three skilled and thoroughly
competent men are employed to assist
him, but he gives his personal attention
lo every order to ensure that the same
shall be thoroughly satisfactory In every respect.
.1. M. HKNTON.
The advances in nil tho arts and
crafts during the past half century
have been wonderful. The printing
of Illustrations and designs of any
kind in ihe newspaper and periodi-
■ al is a comparatively recent thing,
it was in its early days a most
slow and cumbrous performance. Today the use of illustrations is almost universal and does much to
popularize our periodicals and to
make more  interesting and  valuable
our advertisements, etc. This city
is well represented in nearly all of
the modern crafts and industries and
in the establishment conducted by
Mr. .1. M. Henton, we have a first-
class photo engraving nnd sterotyp-
ing house. Artistic illustrations,
advertising cuts, nnd desighs of all
kinds are reproduced for printing
purposes nt his establishment, as
they nre of superior character. Hc
has been doing this work in our city
for a number of years and is locnted
at   ri'll  Ihmsmuir street.
will   be
One of the stoies of this city that has
been doing business on straightforward
and   honorable   principles   for    many
years Is that which bus been conducted      In  every part  of our    city
by Mr. Thomas Galloway.    This gent-   found establishments that cater to the
leman Is located   at 307 Westminster wants of the public In  two essential
avenue ami for twelve years hos been   luxuries of the present day—thnt of to
serving the public in a most Batlstao-   baeeo and  that 'of to0thsome''*3a*ltl
lory manner.    He ts a dealer In \roolu,Vanil      refreshments.       Such   0   store  Is
magazine-, stationery and news.     Late] '*"" *rM*„ js conducted  by Mr,   Phlll'
books of fiction, of travel, or biography, | 'bun
etc., ns well as the standard    books,  wher
works of relerence   »♦"    .»»' novar.I time.     The l'°
The hotel establishments of this city,
are as a class, well conducted and a
ci edit lo the city us well as to their
management. The Alberta hotel Is especially worthy of consideration in this
connection. This Is a substantial tWOr
story   frame  building  which    will    be
ssentinl  element
advancement    of
ter, constitpto nn
in the growth and ^^^^^^^^^^
the city wherein they nre locnted.
They are important, factors in tho
business community, and, when describing the probress of a city, i: is
eminently necessary to give them
prominent mention, und the business
that comes to the locality through
tlteir efforts and interests. Such is
the establishment of Mr. Spencer
Sanderson, who is an extensive deal
er In hardware of all Kinds, both
shelf and heavy, house furnishings.
garden tools, paints und varnishes,
builders' hardware, mechanics' tools,
window glass, etc. Mr. Sanderson
came to this city from Kootenay,
Hritish Columbia, whore he had been
eicaged In the same business, and
has been established in this city for
about five months. lie has ii large
store ai 8S2 Oranvillo street nnd is
receiving n fine patronage which is
steadily  Increasing.    Among his var
in ,  he makes n specialty    of
utlery,  and  u line linn of mixed
         in   all   departments    lus
sto.k is most select and complete.
and of the  best  quality.
...us tie.
ti8| rep.
'ille   (
This gentleman makes a specialty of
the finest clear Havana cigars and his
st. re is worthy of the attention of all
lovers of the fragrant weed. He is
sole  agent for the celebrated  Pharaoh
rightly in tho handling
groceries and provisions means the possession of no small ability and energy.
Tb-se goods nro such that much tit belli,ui and foresight and capability are
necessary t.. secure the right g.....K
pure goods and goods of high quality
and to keep them fresh und In desirable condition for the public. An establishment which giv-s the most
thoughtful car- nnd attention t.. the
handling of the freshest and best goods
is that which is conducted by Mr. H.
Huff, vvho Is a well known dealer In
groceries and provisions. lie has a
neat and well ordered store at 910 Westminster avenue and has been establish-
more than a year.
and   Arabela clear Havana cigars and j ed here for n  little
he deals at both wholesale and retail.   His terms are strictly cash, and he is
There is perhaps no finer cigar on the] thus enabled to make his patrons better
market  anywhere  in  the  world    than prices  nnd
b-tt. r   g(."ds     for
that   Inferior    goods
these brands and Mr. Johnston is push-I same  money
ing their sale very actively in this city | f'"' **■' many
and vicinity and the demand for them |
is steadily growing as their many good
qualities   become   known   to   the   discriminating public. He carries constantly  tt  large stock on  hand  and  he  has       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
discovered  how to keep his cigars sol mentioned  gentleman     who has  been
that  they will not deteriorate, but will, with us for th- post few years, and who
A. Chapman, Prop.
Ity u
One  of  the  most   able  opticians  and
photo dealers in our city Is the above
, department of business aotlv
Vancouver at the dawn of the
new century Is admirably represented
l.v able und enterprising business men
end in this connection we wish to dl-
,.-. t attention to Mr. A. Chapman, the
progressive proprietor of the pool and
billiard rooms nt 88 Hastings street
This la the finest  and largest pool and
billiard room In the city and is favored
with the patronage of a large portion of
...n best people. .Mr. Chapman has
b.en located h-re something more than
three years and his establishment is
elegantly furnished and appointed tun:
well equipped for both the comfort und
convenience of the many patrons frequenting this place. In addition to thi
poo] and billiard tables a good slock of
the lies, lot,lids of cigars and tobacco
is kepi ■in,i everything is kept In the
best possible order about the premises
,t :,ii lim.s. Mr. chapman Is one of
our most highly respected citizens and
ies person,,I popularity bus been
lure- factor  in  the success  whieh  has
led   his
■ffoils     in   the   line     of
— o-
rather he improved when they leave
his shop for the customer or the trade.
He Is located at .'125 Cambie street,
wher- he has a very neat and well
slocked and well arranged establishment and the finest cigars in good variety are displayed, Mr. Johnston personally  looks  after  the  details  of  the
carries a most select assortment of optical goods, eye glasses, photo supplies
Of till kinds and the thousand und one
notions whieh nre to be found 111 a
house of this kind. Mr, Crelghton has
had a grout ,1-ai of experience In Ibis
line or work having travelled on lb-
road  with optical  goods for one of the
business and he Is a very pleasant j largest houses In th- t'nited States,
gentleman to transact business with. This gentleman has won the respect.
He has been established here for aland admiration of all vviih whom he
number nf years and has a very good, has come into contact by reason of the
and growing business In both the courteous treatment which he accords
wholesale and the retail    departments j to all  who call on  him,    the sterling
and   well  merits  the success  that has
iome to him.
The bicycle has a position In the favor of the public that Is steadily growing. When first a practical Invention,
it became a fad with the extremist In
all things, but It has now assumed Its
right position In the community and Is
steadily becoming more and more popular ns a mentis of recreation and pleasure nnd locomotion. Like nil things
of human construction thnt are In
dully or constant use, the bicycle wears
out and requires repair at times, nl-
thougb more and more progress has
been made in the strengthening and
durability and endurance qualities of
the machine. It is therefore that we
refer In this connection to the bicycle
shop which Is operated by Mr. A. E.
Williams at '.17 Westminster avenue.
All kinds of repairing, for that matter,
Is done here. Baby carriages are
mended, tools of all descriptions tempered nnd sharpened, sows filed, light
machinery repaired, etc He carries on
hand a supply of sundries nnd supplies
und all repairing Is done promptly and
at  reasonable charges.
business principles whieh actuate all
his dealings with his patrons, nnd the
high quality of the goods which he
carries In stock. He Is located In
large nnd commodious quarters at CM
Hastings street, wher- he Is pleased to
see his ninny friends nnd acquaintances,
number nf first class es
i our city and on- that Is
lass business and rapidly
.no conducted by Mr. II
...   at   46   Wi.b-r   St.   They
There are
labllshmi nts
doing u first
grow Ing Is the ol
Solomon   tV   ('....    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
huve b...ii doing business here for some
iim.. pnsl ami the many customers have
learned ihat  this is the place to   get
good goods at reasonable prices. Hoods
are bought in Job lots nnd many merchants have taken advantage of the
facilities offered here for Mr. Solomon
makes n spe,'it,Ity Of buying job lots
clothing, shoes, etc.    if the merchants
have a sto.k that sells slow, they will
do well to ope,, n correspondence with
Mr, Solomon. He will give them n liberal allowance nnd pay cash for thoir
4"'V.,t-ntv furnished and It Is I rooms  and  these have ueen iiiwa   upiu*>-     He limi fitted hl» store 1n a very
billable nil" nlpeiy ™™™**™a here   with a view to the comfort of the pat-   Pleasing manner and the stock carried
ns rather than to gaudy display. They I 'H   "MBS   and   of   th.
and  var
led   are light and well ventilated and pro- U-ri'°,lK'     1
oc- Ivldi'd  with many  of  the modern    con-   *'"- shoe
 WnKtiiitiuitnr      iivwiium.
„,. liad y»«!n .-»t,o>M«\»-« to* mrnumf
Tho  lee cream  parlor    is  com
etc.,  paper  cover-'"""
ed books, etc., are always on hand. All I ■«>■•«•»'■ ■"'-„,.   patronized
the leading magazines, periodicals, eas- constantly   wm        eJtcep,ent creams and
tern and local newspapers, etc., nre nl-  "-ay be hud ii   •     .       ^
so on hand.     His assortment of stilt-   lot's  In   the  « 8p(.eta\    concoc
lonery ts very good and comprises the  flavors  and  M ml   y ,g        und tobac-  vei.le.ie-s.    A superior bar Is also oper
       •■• ■ ■"» "Iock ui s.r.v. ! —M ,_  —ctlon and It has also been
heat  and  moBt
papers,    envelopes,  etc.,land ineuiui"       ^^        -«—•  --. n.™>..ini  mam™-.      -•«-    finest    wines
etc.    He has likewise a good stock   of baccos will       -.«.««♦ ,
fancy goods of nil kinds, notion*, nov-ikept In the n ,„,
eltles,  specialties,  etc.     His  stock  in-1 variety to »u,t 0JJ*
W. J. OUR.
The sho- stores of this city are establishments whhh cater to the public iu
the most satisfactory manner and Ihey
compare favorably with establishments
of a similar 'character anywhere. The
stores are handsome and substantial
structures and they are large and afford the most varied selection of style
ahd fit nnd the prices are as reasonable OS quoled anywhere. Among the
loading shoo stores of the city must be
Inentlo.ieil the.stor.e which Is eonduutei
Vancouver,, B.C.
More and more is lsdng realized by
our young people, the importance of
n .thoroubh business training and education. It may moan a delay of a
year or so in entering into productive and profitable work, but there-
suit, in a few years, if not from the
very beginning, will, many times
over, be compensated in tho greater
ability and command of lhe b.isinesti
that will be acquired by the training given in a practical and thorough business college, such ns we
_^^^^^^_^^^^^^^__m, ,„, ....      , ,, .  ,^^^__      .have  in the Vain ouver  Itiisin-is  oMv
. Uoni-l tit HlU,,Ji,t!!i4.m- utreut aud baa been! "Jl"1'""'V' *"L' -stor.e whieh Is conducted   !„„„    i.i,„ii,j       qi.„   u,.!,,,,,!   Ih     on
and  these have been fitted   up
^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ,  alio of'-lgars and tobac , ^^^^^^^^_
finest polite correspondence papers for! Hon*,     His ■*,°°*        nm, all the finest  "ted In connectlt
all occasions, n» well as business cor-  cos Is most o'»mV'      „t  (.lgar8  and to-  titled  up  In  the very
respondent     papers,    envelones.  etc..  and medium  mftK Th(iy  aM  pleasant manner.     The    finest
condition  and    In from every  clime,  choice  Honors
At tbe soda I the lending brands of domestic and im
specialties,  etc.     His  stock in-
found The most favorite I Purled -Igars are always on hand
and m
re not
i uranons l"~v ~ .„»„i„'
dinary soda fountain.
The   Tw
eludes the finest makes of domestic and  fountain will m many npoelal prep
imported cigars and they are kept so as summer drill*8 ,»   ^ found at the or
to reach the patron In their most smok-1 motions that a
able and enjoyable condition.
amiable and genial proprietor and host
of this excellent house ls Mr. R. D,
best quality of
loth ladles' and gentlemen's
s are carried and in large ns
•ortment to suit the most fastidious In
the finest shoe wear for all occasions
Hoots nnd shoes, rubber footwear, sllp.1
pers, -nny sho-R, sandals, etc., are In
stock and Ihe best mad- shoes on the
market are found here nt nil times
clerks assist the proprietor, Mr
Orr, in ntt-ndlng to the wants of the
many patrons that call here to necure
the best footwear ln the city.
nymnmiitlc Irnlnlng of men and women to fill acceptably positions of
trust nnd responsibility in the business nnd commercial nnd industrial
world. The   courses
practical, office and
being  given   Ihem,   nnd
nre extremely
business prncl Ice
m, nnd th-ir grndu-
ates are so thoroughly nnd practically tmined thnt Ihey are fitted to enter   Immediately   upon thoir   duties
nnd   In positions   Hint   hay-  hiih-rto
required  persons of somo experience,
So great, is the deinnnd for compel
ent bookkeepers, stenographers, etc.,
so well recognized the standing of
the graduates from  this  institution,
and the demand on them, that tho
management guarantees its gradual os
and holders of the diplomas of tho
association u position within 10 days
ol graduation at a Hillary of not less
than thirty dollars. Tho teachers
that are employed in the establishment are specialists in their resistive departin.nls and huvu had practical olllee work and experience In
teaching   belore   being   called   to their
position with theshooi. All departments (il business and commercial education ate Included in their
various courses. They have a school
of telegraphy and special reference is
made to the civil service examine.
lions nnd requirements for those who
wish to oilier this work. A oiub,
MhiMrt   Ik It!   mmnliill   oil    Moll,lav,    Wo(|-
nimdnv and Krldny evenings of each
week   for the   benefit.     "   '
ose who win)
MM—    I llelietel V ..-■    t,
"g during tho day or°tfhU,°M   Wark-
AS   tho   school ||   m   cont|„u ;
sion throughout   th
holidays, nnd th
naividual  tand  th.
'"'  '"id   vnlunbi-
.v'"iir, except on
work Is  so  largely
moro  help-
sliidents may   en-
l.'or  those not ful-
. for the work, a preparatory department   Is maintained. The
oftlcers of tbe Institution nro Mr. D.
DJIllOtt,  iiresl'l'-'   --  "
"' nny time.
Thus far the bicycle has kept up with
the flight of genius, and Us progress
toward perfection answers till purposes
und it is steadily becoming a more anil
more useful article with all classes ol
men nnd women. In no city is n more
rightly popular than In Vancouvei
with its wise provision for the bicycle
enthusiast In the splendid paths th ■
ire provided and the magnificent rides
that lie open In all directions from the
city. A machine und vehicle, the progress of which  has naturally followed
bat of the bicycle, and whh h Is om
of greater Interest In our city than
ever, Is that of the automobile.   With
the excellent roads that ru tt ot 11 -
city   and  the  good  streets    und  boil
cards, the number of people In oui
who are the proud and fortunate pas.
sessors  of on-  of  these  in..'. i   ...
Is  steadily   In.'leasing.     An  Important
house in  the bun,Ming of bicycles  in,|
motor vehicles of the best makes Is the
("an.,,la  i "v. I-     and Motor     ' !on ;
Limited.      Th-y   .any    consl intly on
hand  a  large  stock  of these  111
for   virions   purposes,    etc.,   and  "
eoino.Ilous and pleasant st,,-,     rid -    -
loom nnd garage Is at si! Pender street
'll,.. works are at Toronto Jun tloi  U
tat i.,.  ami  ihey  have  been established
for a number of years,    The manager
of thi   local  house is  Mi. c. A, Ross
well  tin.I  favorably known  In oui  best
ein Ies.
The knowledge  that   there
tubllshed  here  that   is so    killed   li
hi rse shoeing profession that   thi
needs and requirements of each Individual Bleed are at once ret ogi n I >'
the necessary shoe turned that will al
once . oir-ct each fault, Is cerl ilnly «
sntlsfai tion  to  th.- owners of I
stoek iii this city.    Mr. Otbson ha    •
established In this business le re foi I
past   seven   years,   and   last   Novembei
the firm name was changed to that ol
Messrs. Gibson .Si Reld, Mr, lb I coming to our city from Toronti tt "■
long experience among the best horsemen of the country, Messrs Gil oi .v
Held are In a position to prove to every lov f th- noble animal th it sre.il
skill ahd iu.lgin-iit ur- n i|Ulr< I 10
properly conduct this business. From
:'. to 4 men are constantly employed and
nil work is thoroughly reliable In
d-tail. nml ull work is tun ed "■'
promptly, and In every case satisfactorily. Horses are called for and delivered   fi f  charge,   and  the firm
makes a specialty Of BhoelllR llKnl
horses. Th.-ir place of buslne s which
is located on Dunsmuir street, bctww
Seymour and Granville, Is BpleiliH'll)'
equipped with all the latest and mast
improved   tools   and   appliances  II '■
In this Important husiess.
To obtain bread that Is healthful nnd
nourishing as well as palotubli lo th'
taste, it' is necessary to it- '" :l fr
.lass establishment which knows ho«
to bake bread that has these quallfl !'
lions, .It is not everyone which H**"
these qualities Into consideration oiw
much of the bread thot Is baked K"
day Is mad- without reference to thi
proper sanitary precautions and tl
proper baking Hint  will male   tin•"■'-'
nourishing nn.l wholesome   !;'"'
well ns bread thnt appears well :,lli
tast-s delicious. Such ii bnki ry if {W
•'town Ilukery, which Is operated M
Mr, II. C. Wilson. This genii"!" oi ••"■
ploys experienced bilker's Who have P'
ven many vents of thought an.I cxpe""
ni.ml tu the milking of the very
brend on the market and thai he  hl"
succeed, ,| in no small measure   l« ''
verdict of bis numerous customers. HlJ
clean nnd neatly kept shop Is !"■ ■''•"' •'
.".(«; Westminster avenue und he «*
been   established   here   for   one yean
Thoy do all their own baking
Of  n   most   superior  kind,  both
and  enkes.  pies,  and  other pas
,| II W
,..„„,-ni nnd principal, and
Mr. .1. R. Ollnnlnghma, secretary and
In this review of the business and industrial Interests of this . llv i'"1 """'
munlty, it is necessary to " '•' '"  "'
Individual enterprises lo id'" lU" j-0"]
.option of the progress and growth o
the city which enn promcrly be obtained In no other wny. The giving "
mere figures of our grow lli ■""' ' "'
amount of business done hn« ""' '
significance and meaning Huii ll "'''''
once to (he firms and Individuals im
corporations themselves, nnd Wind 11"'.
are doing,  w||| KU„, nn outside n't'.''"'
I" pursuance „r this policy, wo «
1,1 the establishment which Is -i""'',
by Mr. it. ib, Calhoun, who is a"'0,
""'i shoot metal worker,   ii" '*•'";•,',,
Jl  MB  Hastings street, east, anil '
''eon established here   for some     (|l
yars.     lie  bus n   large xl.nl' '">
thoroughly fitted  up with    >"''.,■<
best of machinery, tools and :'i'v [. ,...'
H- fbuiN ii necessary   lo •"J^nn1'
People  to (lire for  the ,',,n<
ness that comes to him. _____
shlerable   repairing and  '";'K''",nf,'''"'f
•laity of this work and lhe c
"( stoves and ranges, ftnturday,  fleptembw 3,   19QS.
There arc some |j,i(.s t|lilt ilrp naturally only to be found In a seaport town
and   they   may   be   industries   of  great
Importance t,, the community and in
the volume of their business and the
quantity of the goods that they- produce. Such a business Is that of the
Ball maker and snob un establishment,
of much merit and prominence, is the
Pioneer Sail Loft and Tout Factory,
which  was  established   In   ISs?.     The
Vancouver's banking interests arc
perhaps tho strongest support of the
manufacturing and mercantile and
commercial interests of the city, and
working in alliance with these industries iu all their legitimate phases,
each appreciably Influences and partakes of the tone nnd metoods of the
other, \ lending financial corporation     ,n    I bis cily     is     the   Imperial
Hani:  of Canada, tho bead office   of
I'll.'   b,
10   I    I'.'
. h.
..I lli
there     Recently it  has   opened
I up branches in  ibis province und are
g busin.-ss is one of the now operating at Grand Forks, Phoe-
ngoncies  iu building up  "j" '""'  Midway,    as well us in this
in ,., (I Industry of a city
, ,,,,■ oipietice an  important fur-
ihe development ol her wealth
. Ity.
v, II   I
,. the    most substantial    -on-
i mis kind in ' . ity is   the
iiitin   lv,stern  Township   Hunk.
wns  established  here  u,    short j i
„„  .....      its career from tho out
i ,,;,.     i- i-it    nn,-of steady growth
i pro, pei Hy.   This is a branch   ,,f
.   reiiou no.I    insi ii ut Ion of Quebec,
b.-.ii established  there for   a
..,,iv     years.     Its  opcrarloqs
niiiied  I,,  that province     for
ears    and  it has  forty   bran- ,
nn" ,.f ih- establishments of Vancou-
\. i which tins helped to make this city
vvlit,I ii is, is '.bat nf th- Vancouver
j -, ii 11 Company, whieh is engaged in
t,„. wholesale and commission business.
'tin-, i- a department nf '.ur commercial
lit.- that is ,,f much importance to the
,,.-,- nnd since his re-establishment here
, i, ago, Mr. 'I'. A. Mt.eiian. the man-
,i     hns   done   much   to   extend      tbe
.     .,   ... tbe demand for the merchnn-
. ;   this city as well as for its pro-
,:.,,...    lie is located at 155 Water st I
. has built  up a very good  patron-
duriiig Ih" few months tbat bo has
ondness in th- .Ity.    All ii.au-
,   •  ..I   I't mis.  both trnpi. nl and  domes-
ti,      i" .atrle.l,  and every Port  of  pro-
■1 ll .    .-. ill   I.,-   found   through   He-   go "1
" .1    I b"    Van. ouver   Fl nil   I !om-
'i hey   handle   their    numerous
. nusigiiincnba with   much   promptness
.. ut.   fm   their patrons the very
.   nk"i prices at all times.    They
.......I  . ..line, ti,ms  with boil,   the
in,   trade    and  with  the   retail
. t   . and  lev.- no difficulty in
scoring lie- i IkIi. market and the right
'. lb
? 1,205,000.
bank   was  established    In
it   now bus  a capital   and
rapilnl   l.-ing I.illy-   paid
local branch
proprietors of this splendid establish-: whl<'' Is ll1 Turn.ito. This conserva-
ment are Mr. C. H. Jones & Son, manu- livo aml sulendld establishment has
faclurers  und  dealers  in  tents,  flags   ° capital  of tour millions of dollars,
paiillns,  hay  and  wagon covers, camp  u   '''•-'''"•''  '"nd of four   millions,    and
beds,  hammocks, canvass  hose ' eiitlun   '"'"'  a"s',,s "'  "v,'r  thirty-throe mil
lucks, drills, etc.     They are also one l'ons'      ""'-v  boVe  ovor f"r,y   ,,ran"
■y  are  nlso  un, ,
the largest  and best sail makers of  ' , ' '"'""I!'1""1-   "'''   Dominion
the city, und have an Important trade'l'ana -  '""'  cd^I^ndenti   in     ih
in this line, as well   as in the others.
They have a huge establishment   and
carry u good stock in each of the sever-
is [ocaied al  n't'l
and   tin-  malinger
grnve.     Mr,   lb,
Igor  u,   Ihe
.r. al ni   the . In.
Qtanville   sir-et,
is Mr.  W.  II    llar-
Rravo was assistant
ion n   office at.  Month.,I   he  was select
ed ior  this  p.. It nm  und  is eminent
I.V    well       ipialili, .1    f,,,-   the   successful
. " i'.t Ing ..n of the business. Thoy
trnnsnci a general banking loo iness
nnd have Iho confidence ol tho community   und   nf  many   patrons  in tall
■ and they are
d e iii.i steadily
They    will    remi
growing,   i.iisi
vi   Into   large
iters  111   .lie  near  futuri
I i.i
future of Vancouver is an assur-
itud ei- many years have elnps-
wiil stand >s . n. of the f..,emosl
a the inn ib Pacific coast    The
ipid ;..  .,i  ,!,e growth of the city has
tn.ele   room   I'm   many   building    firms
i In no city can be found firms   ,.,
■ h     n .,.,!■  more competnel   thun  are
l i     Vancouver .     I .no  of     the
prominent houses In this line is thai of
Messrs. Armstrong. Morrison and Com
i >.    who    are  general    contractors.
'I III V     have    been    established    ll"."       fol
ll  iiij   v. ns and lire .me of the laic, tsl
firm   In ibis line In thc city and    the
if-i   it,  the spe, iai    work ,., which
Ihey devote themselves.    They employ
■ bout 200 p opie in their various operandi a .in.i  have l n    connected    vviih
on... nf the largest contracts executed
hi ilns section ft,uu time to time. They
huve n large office al the Westminster
avenue bridge nnd will cheerfully furnish et tlnmtes, make bids. etc. Theli
work b.is always !„-.n found to be of
high .tr.ole , hnrncter and their prices
 able,    Tiny handle sand, gravel
nd  crushed  r.. k.  i onstrui.    concrete
•■tk.  foundations,  bridges,    railways,
■ l,.. nnd handle sand-slone. granite and
ni n general contracting business In all
i ions departments thereof.
The Dougall House is an establish
.in nt that bus ti reputation the most
enviable. It is the best place in the
■'.- as i hotel, for its dining room and
for its grill, li Is always clean ami
tvhoh boh . and every attention is given
'.. He- patron. There are fifty rooms
.nl they are magnificently furnished
mil in te i up and the in,,.lorn . onvenl-
.... are mil lacking. The dining room
is l irjre und ii is magnificently fitted
up foi ib" comfort and satisfaction of
tie patrons and Hi" best twenty-five
. em in- al In the city is served. Regu-
lai ui"..is. us well as shorl orders at
all hoiiis ..f ih,. dny or night may be
hnd. Th . cuisine department is unexcelled;     thell     SelV'iee    i.s    eipitd    I,I      1 be
best, and their prici s are fair and
■enure, I! is the cleanest and must
homelike cafe in Lhe city and we can
■ |. i our readers to no establishment
with greatei pleasure than to the Doug-
nil dining room and grill. An elegant
bar is also operated and the finest
ivlnes, liquor.- and cigars are always
solved. The Rainier beer is always on
dinughl and everything throughout the
establishment Is first (lass. The proprietor of Hns splendid institution is
Mr. Dave li.ni.ui. a gentleman who
I takes pride in the superior service he
Is rendering thc public, The Dougall
House is |, . ated at 310, 312 and 3H Abbott strei t.
II.   A.   SLATER.
I leading cities of the civilized world.
The locul branch was established in
I this cily In December, 1895, and is
located at 580 Granville street,
where ii occupies spacious und handsome tpinrU'i's. Tin* manager is Mr.
A. .Hikes, who has been connected
wiilt i h ■ linn . I't, thirty years. He
was formerly at I'.nn.don, Manitoba,
,. .before  being appointed  manager    of
they are enabled to turn  out  a large  n
quantity ,,r goods ev.-iy day.     They .tl
lit tents fm all purposes, and lev.
up u large and flourishing busl
al lines mentioned, Their store and
workshop is located at 9 to I". Water
slreef and they employ about 15 hands
the year round In the manufacturing
operations. With the aid of modern,
machinery, methods    and   appliances,!
branch   here.     The  bunk  does    a
general    bun'ing    business, accepting
.sits,  discounting  nrst-clafs com-
iti 1  paper,  buying and selling ex-
II.  A.   HOWELL & CO.
w- wish |„.|-
,f Vancouver,
t    of  lhe  leading    nnd
ncerns engaged In the
a   of Industry    and
our city.     One   of
The Blackburn hotel Is located
Westminster avenue, between Cordova
did Hastings streets, und il Is one Of
thc first class hostelrles of tho city.
The proprietor Is Mr. A, B. Blackburn,
ii gentleman of many years of experience    io    Ibis    business    nnd  one   Who
knows bow  to operate a model bouse,
"nd is satisfied only With the best. He
ll.   Ibis   lev
to muke mention
representative con
different    bronchi
merchandising    iu
our successful and popular groceries
lhal Which is operated by Messrs. II. A.
Howell tin 1 Company und which will be
found   at  802   Granville  street.       Thoy
have been established here for one und
on.■-half  year and  the store  has lately1
I n  remodeled    nnd  enlarged.     They
a,.- dealers ill choice family groceries,
both fancy and staple, the best creamery butter, berries and other fruits,
vegetables and all manner of produce
In season, the best delicacies for the
table, provisions, etc They do a large
business and are always prepared for
lhe prompt execution of all orders,
le wove, large or small, und It is Infln-
Iti ly to tln-ir 11edit that the smaller orders receive as careful and faithful attention us tin- larger. They have the
general confidence and esteem of u
goodly patronage and it is steadily
MI!S. .1.  II.  BARBOUR.
Wi hive o number of establishments
Hid cater b, the demand for attention
to personal toilet by specialists ..f
merit and ability. With the Increasing
,!. mun.Is of modern an.l social life, With
the advance of civilization, more attention Is paid to the subject of personal appearance nnd the ear, of the
pctson. An establishment which we
would especially recommend to our
leaders is that which is conducted by
Mrs. J. 11. Barbour, Indies' hair dresser, who has elegant parlors at C7 (!rnn-
villo stieet. She has been established
in the City for about five years an.l has
built up a large and well satisfied clientage. She is perfectly skilled and familiar with all that pertains to her
profession and she is satisfied with only
.he very best service nnd consideration
ol the wants of her patrons. She also
does manicuring, facial massage and
.Iniopdy treatment with much success
i hange, money orders, drafts, etc.
Sn.-. iai  attention  Is  give,,  t,,,    tho
Havings   Bank  Department and .-very
facility   is  olTored  to depositors.    In
I teres!   at   tno rate ..f  three per cent,
annum on the minimum monthly
is   allowed,   and   is   made
. .f the growth and prosperity   of our
city no better evidence is n led than!
■li ii  ... I..- found  in  il-- condition   of
nur carious business houses In all lines
1 trade.    The individual prosperity of
a 11 ,: er. hants Indicates the substantial
.■I lions    of    trad"      and      industry
throughout   the city    and surroundingLnd satisfaction to the most crii.    1.
.. nummity.     One of those whose busi-!
n.ss  is  in  a  flourishing condition  audi =====^==^=========
.•lis  mnterlally  t,.  the  general  prosperity ..I' Van ouver is that of Mr. II.
A. Slater, whose place of business is loin 1 ul 1; Hastings street, east, which
has been established here for lhe past
.■ti years, during vvhhh time his business has assumed extensive proportions
and bis store is known throughout all
thi surrounding country,    He Is a manure Hirer and dealer In stoves, tinware,
house furnishings, etc., and makes    ,1
specialty of cornice, roofing and plumbing,      lie   ,s  also  u   worker and   dealer
Iii  tin,  copper,  galvanized    and  sheet
b. ... and is sole agent for Moffat's 01 le-
I.ruled National stoves and ranges. All
work is don- by this firm in ti splendid
10.inner,   being   llu.roughly   reliable,   us
only the very best  grades of material
are   used.      All   orders    are  executed
promptly, and In order that this may be
accomplished  Mr.  Slater employs five
1 hands to assist him,
and credit, (I to th- accounts twice
a year The Imperial Hunk of Canada has an excellent connection
throughout British Columbia. Bran-
. h-s of tho bank having been established .it Arrowhead, Cranbrook,
Golden, N-lson, Revelstoke, Trout
l.ak" nml Victoria.
Mr. li. \V. Wilkie, vice-president
and general manager ol the Bunk is
one of the best known figures in the
financial world ol Canada, and the
unviable position tho bank now occupies is duo in no little measure
io his efforts, lie is nssisted at the
bend oiiice in Toronto b.v Mr, K.
Hay. assistant General manager, Mr.
W. Moffat, chief inspector, nnd Mr.
R, A. I.von, inspector. The Board
of Directors is composed if the following, who are looked upon ns being among the foremost men in Canada 1.1.lay. and whoso names are too
well known in business and financial
circles to require further comment:
Mr. T. ft. Merritt, president: Win.
Ramsay, l.lins Rogers, .1. K. Oslo.ine. Robert .lat'fiuy, Wm. Hendrie,
(bus Cockshutt.
Specialization has extended Into the
merchandise lines as well as into the
trades and th- professions. There Is \
Just as much oportunlty for specialization and the better handling of a few
lines here, as In uny other line of ef-
fort To carry a stock of goods thut is
a little superior to lhe ordinary eatab-
llshment; to give the public a little better service than Is done by the ordln-
ary establishment, Is something that
is as worthy of achievement in the retailing of goods as in the practice of
lb- medicine or law. An establishment j
which has thus specialized in one department of the mercantile grocery)
line is the Cummlng Importing Tea !
Company. This house Is a wholesale
and retail establishment for the dealing 1
in teas, coffees, spices, etc. They Import their own teas and coffees and get
the best that ls produced. By reason
of this and the huge quanttlles that
they handle, they are enabled to offer
I heir patrons better goods for the
prices than Is possible In the usual
grocery store. They have been established for a number of yeors and nre
Incited at Ms Westminster avenue. Mr.
J. McNleol is the genial proprietor and
ho also litis thiee clerks to assist him
in th- large business that Is done.
.1. McTAGGAB'i
branch ,.f the
in any city
the complet,
The subject
tcrest every
own baking,
nf yeast will no doubt In-
housewlfe who docs her
mil when lt comes to Golden Gate Yeast we could write pages,
lauding this commodity. This we
would gladly do, were It not for the
limited space that we have at our command. However, the housewives of
Vancouver and surrounding country
ar- familiar with this well known and
Indlsnenslble article and many of them
will have no other. As proof for this
statement we can refer you to almost
any grocer In the city. Ever since It
has been placed on the market, there
has been a steady demand for the Golden Gate Yeast and thlB demand seems
ever on the Increase. The factory Is
1.iiated at San Francisco; and they
have numerous branch houses established in various parts of the country.
ih- local office is under the supervision
of Mr. R. J. Scott, who Is known to all
.f the gio.prs nnd dealers as an able
and conscientious manager and business man. Peisonally Mr. Scott Is a
genial and pleasant gentleman whom
you would like to meet.
The housewives of the world have
, ertatnly called the man who Invented and the men who have perfected,
this Invaluable adjunct of the mpdern
household, blessed. The Singer machine is shipped all over tbe world and
finds Its way into the refined and the
common household, into the home of
tbe most cultured citizen of the world,
and into the rude household of semi-
civilized people. The Singer sewing
machine has been sold In this city
since Vancouver was started and nn
make is more widely known. An office hns been established in this location 13 years and the manager is Mr.
1.. W. Stone, who has been with the
company for fourteen years. The office and store and sales room is located at 9 Arcade, where the Singer sewing machine In all Its vurlouS styles
and designs and purposes may be
There  is probably  no
retail   mercantile   trade
that   Is SO   essential   to
accommodation of the
Is  thnt of the grocery store.  An es
tablishineiit   which   is  a louder  in this
line   is   that   which   1-  conducted    by-
Mr. .1. McTaggart.     ibis gentleman
huH been doing business in this city
for a period of ..v.-t twelve years,
uml is located in un elegant store
at Hie corn-r of Granville and Rob-
son streets. lb- lus a large and j
spacious store and it has been lilted
up in a very thorough manner for
lhe business and ih- display of the
stock is most commendable. All
manner <>f fancy and staple groceries are curried, as well us the finest
creamery    and   country butter, bet-
'ies  and   0
,11   inaunc.
stc.      Thi
ol    thi-,    so.
1 ion
fruits,  vegetables and
produce,   provisions,
ihe In si  grocery store
nnd  the proprietor,
McTaggart   employs ten   people
mmunityas   enstmne™ "Vi .,"""" "f <h" "'""y
tusiomeis, and time wagons are busy in the delivery ,,f the many or.
ders, Mr Mi raggart makes
1 laity   01  trulls,  -1,
a spo-
iiupi.riitig his
.0.11 pine npples from Honolulu, mid
males  lhe bent   prices oil  these goods
lhal    .1111       be found       ill the   1 ity.        a
sight not frequently -,• ti in Vancouver, was witnessed ihe other day at
tins line fruit store, when a pile of
over 2,000 of these luscious pine-
apples     were unloaded at  the   door
Hus fruit arrived on the Canadian
Australian steamer Manuka and was
without  exception the dnost lot    of
'"' l'l'1™  ever  sen   in  Ihis  part    of
1 lunula.
One of the most Important factors
In Vancouver's rapid business and commercial und Industrial development is
the enterprise and energy shown by our
business men in nil lines. The importance uf this city as a distributing
and supply centre is also recognized by
the large manufacturing houses of the
Dominion, who have established here
branches and agencies, etc. in this
wuy have been formed vast supply depots for our home-made goods and they
above   linn
Ilns I n established at the present billion  for  lhe past  six   years,  nnd  bus
'■•"ii iu business In Vancouver for sntn-
Ighleen  years.     The  Blackburn  hotel
1 ■  1.   .1 story  building nf brick   and
i'..iiy  frame nml contains   sixty-live
1 ns. largo nn.l  light  and airy. These
have  been   furnished  In  11  very  up-to-l
..I- manner ami ar- modern in every
respect,    The house is op-rate.I on    11.
■.merle;,,! nmi  European plans und Ih
lining   m  Is  In  tin- hands .d expert
aterers,      A free bus is operated   to
".'I from the trains and boats, and ev-
ly provision is made for the comfort
if the g,tests. An elegant bar room is
'perated and flue wines and liquors
"ul all tbe populnr beers and tiles un
'iv-'l. Mr. Blackburn gives the busl-
s his personal attention and sparse
pains ami menns which win add to
pleasure nnd comfort of his guests.
HoiisoN, Tilt: GROCER,
Prominent among the grocery houses
of Van,•.liver is the one located nt IM
Hustings street, oust, of whieh Mr.,Q,
Holism, is the very efficient proprietor.
Mr, llnbson bus been established In
'Ids business for the pnst fifteen years,
nnd is thoroughly familiar with every
detnll of a business of this kind, consequently bo is in 11 position to serve
bis patrons both faithfully and well,
Which he taken great pleus.ir- III lining.
Groceries, both staple und fancy, are
carried, consisting of anything and ev-
orythlng that yon would expect to find
In a first ebiMH atid un I..-.Into store of I
this kind. In fact the prices quoted on
nil goods nt  this store are such us   to
h.ive 1 n Instrumental in making it
lho popular place thai ii Is. Besides
giving his entire time and attention to
the business, Mr. llnbson nlso employs
four competent bunds to nsslst biin, BO
thut lho service received here is prompt
und courteous nt all times. A delivery
Wagon Is also op-rated, nnd goods   are
delivered free ..r chnrge in any part of
Ihe city,     During bis business career
In this cily Mi. Hobson bus gained   a
high reputation for sound ropresenta
tluns and high class goods.
He.l nt number 7 Hastings street
is the establishment nf the Wal-
worth-Rolston Company, Limited, who
are tho largest and most widely known
wholesale ond retail dealers In high
grade vehicles and Implements In ile
. Ity. The highest grade of carriages,
wagons, carts and surreys, breaking
plows, "loss plows, sulky plows and
gang plows: till kinds of harrows Including drag, .lis,- and tho boss; cultivators' garden tools, fanning mills and
hay plosses; binders, mowers, rakes.
und threshers; potato planters, ,bills
nnd ni.'inur" spreaders; De I.aval separators nul creamery und dairy supplies;
poultry ind stock f.,,„i and appliances,
as well us harnesses, blankets, rugs.
brushes, dusters are Included In the Immense st,„k carried by this company
ttiul the pull..nag.- that bus been tic-
corded them since the establishment of
iholr house is the highest testimony
pi sslble to give regarding lhe buccoss
,111 1 progress of the business. Mr. .1. L,
Walworth is the president and 11. S.
Rolston seep■liny and nuinuKer of this
concern und ho is (..., well known to
require any eulogy by us lu this review   of   the   business   Interests   of   tin
city of Vancouver.
have rapidly supplanted those Import!
from other lands,  because of th
perior qualities and their spe. ial
Once and make to th.  wants and
iarities of the needs of the Oomn
on-  of  the    hug.-    and    enter
bouses   thus  represented  mosl   .1
our city is lhe Hamilton Powder
pany of Montr,til. <.f ivhleh Mr.
Meynard is the manager und ag
their local business.     This great
was  incorporated  In  1S61    and
manufacturing house of large
and whieh does an enormous bu
Th.-y are manufacturers of till -.
of sporting gun powder and are
dian  agents  for the    Nobel    bal
"Empire" smokeless powders, Mr
iiaid Is also lie- agent  foi   this s   .
of the Dominion Cartridge Compi
.Montr...,! and has been establishe
io. a number of years, nnd bus
,,| ed  h  large business    for both
the residents of our nonunion
ommendatlon regarding the
at our hands would be
supcriluous indeed, ilut it is the Intention oi placing the various coll-- ol Hns review, nut only in this
province, but also in the .States and
here may be somo readers who are
nut familiar with the magnitude ol
this Uou.se. To su.h as those we
will say that lho Hudson's Bay Com
I any i.s the oldest business concern
,n     the     New   World,     the company
was    incorporated   as   far buck as
ll'.Vl.    ..nil    I.,.,,,     ,1 !_.!.:.
.   .
ln   this   review     it   is   our    pu
to   make    a comprehensive stu,
the  industries  and  business     h
und  professions that have helpi
make    Vancouver    the    moderi
which  it  is  today.      II."  -mull
the  large manufacturer are enn
us more and more to supply ou
needs   from   'he   product ot   Ihe
and capital  ol our own   people
thus keeping oui   money at hom
expenditure in  wa.vsth.it mean
more growth and wealth for the
An establishment  which we nre
Ocularly glad to make mention
this connection is Ihat of   Mr,
bot   Ward,   Ihe     gal hn-i  monuti
rer.     There ine a targe   nuiubei
innniiiiicturers nl cigars in ilns
and  the province and Mr.  Ward
developed un extensive business.
occupies a  two-story   brick    buildiut
at  153U Westminster Avenue and has
a capacity ql one thousand boxes every   working  da.v'in ihe year.       His
plant    is  thoroughly  ouuippod   with
the most modern machinery and   ai>-
pliuneos and he employs six   people
in    the  villi.ms operali.
W.  II.  1.1 CAS ."» CO.
if     iho
The stores of the city ure mercantile
Institutions ino*t creditable to the city,
as  well   as  In  their  proprietors.      The
buildings are handsome and substantial; the Btocks are large and desirable
in quality and  In their adaptation to
Hn- wants .if the public; the goods are
nfatly displayed; tho prices are right,
and the sei vhe prompt and conrt-ous.
An establishment of which this may
particularly be Bald Is thnt of Messrs.
Stanley White and Company. Those
gentlemen have an elegant store nt 4nfi
uml 'HIS West minster avenue nnd have
ben doing business here for eight years
und huve .in established reputation for
satisfactory service and honorable nn.l
liberal dealings. Their stock nf men's
mi,I boys clothing is full nnd complete.
Three people are employed to wall upon the many customers that throng the
store nml thoir slock is large and well
sole, led.      Km iiishlng goods    of every
description for gentlemen, Including the
latest novelties, lulls and cups In the
lntost shades uini styles tar oil occasions are curried,
The credit of brewing tho first ln-
g-r beer in the province is due to
Mr. Charles Doorim*. and Mr. Otto
Miirstrnnd nnd from thai day to tho
present hour, the name nf Dourlng
anil Miirstrnnd has been syiioiiyuious
•villi the best und their brews have
become a household word from tho
mining and logging .amps of tho
fro/en, golden North H the sump
tons homos of the semi-tropical I'a-
clfic. Tho site of the original plant
wns at Mount Pleasant, on Seventh
Avenue,   and  the plant, was equipped
with the most modern machinery and
was n model  establishment in   every
In   th
wns  f.
has nvery  pleasant   site,    to make mention of the popular and
or  1000 an amalgamation | widely used products of the Vancou-
r.ne.l with  ihe Red Cross Brewer)   of  Ibis city,  and the Joint  f.r.n
hn-   sine-  been   known  ns tlie     Van
.ouver  iiiev.eri.s  Limited.       Extensive Improvements huve been   ;made
and   tho   Iai.'SI      and   best   machinery
1 installed, and from 11 small beginning
j ih- Ionise hus grown to tic one of the
largest and most perfect browing
plants mi the Canadian Pacific Const
Tho combined floor spnee of ihe brew
.lie-  is about   two hundred thousand
square foot, und tho Mount Pleasant
establishment bus n daily capacity
alon ■ of one hutuirod barrels a dny.
with substantial nnd handsome offices, bottling works, stables, sheds,
otc. i'.vorything is operated in sii.-ii
a milliner as lo turn out a superior
way.    Tho  brewery covers about two   product  ami W0 can done better then
iter Broworles, Limited. The Cas-
1 ndo lleer. noted for its strength,
purity and uge, is a fine, spurkling
healthy drink, brewed with the finest
malt und rice, and specially adapted
for bottled beer, and is a most
delicious and life-giving diink. Red
Cross Lager is the famous beer upon
which the Rod Cross Rrewery built
its reputation for quality, which has
Is'cn fully maintained in every rcs-
poi't, Red Cross Ale and Stout,
Queen Boor, Alexandra Stout nnd
Alexandra Alo, are beverages that
have reputations for excellence and
superiority, Tho ollices of th- company are Mr. Charles Doorlng, president; Mr. Otto Mars tr and, vice-
president, and Mr. John Williams,
One  of  th
province   is to
llshment of W
pany, ut tho
Howe    streotf
house has  bee
Ui -    solo, tions of wigs,
switches,  etc.,   in     tho
be seen at  the estab-
II.   Un as and    Column, r ol  Pender    and
llii- well     known
:i established here   for
twelve years and are perhaps thu
largest raanuft. turers on the Canadian const of the Pacini iu tho making of nil descriptions ot human hair
goods. I'h-y make to order special
wigs, switches, novelties, etc., Ot
any kind on the shortest notice, nn.
carry a hug- 1 ol these goods
constantly on hand, ihey also carry a full line ,.; gn as, paints, toilet articles 01 .1 : sort, costumes,
UtCii ,,,,. ||... in located opposite  the  Peopl, .""  in a neat
and attractive store •' Inch has been
tilted up especial*;. ,' lne business
and has an elegant display ot their
various good- Mrs '' ll- ''l"'us
is the activ man 1 nnd is a woman of much :. - ie ■- anility und is
thoroughly experienced in all that
pertains to the bu. ini -
This concern Is one of lho host known
iu the city, although ii bus hen established for only tl short time. They nre
energetic und active business men and
ttic service that Ihey render the public
is of such 1. superior sort that they
huve naturally built up n large business and a reputation that is most enviable. They nre lending express and
draymen and dealers In wood and coal.
All kinds of transfer and moving service Is done ns Well lis light express and
delivery work. Piano ami furniture
moving Is 11 specialty that receives
much attention and they employ only
tho mosl careful workmen, it Is with
' thetn a matter of pride and of serious
! nnd constant  nl.n tn perforin their ser-
' vi.e in such a superior manner that
1 Ihey will secure the very best  patron-
age.      Their   olllce     Is   lit   tl   Cordova
street, east, and ih-lr telephone Is 11.11,
or Ih- house telephone Is AI7SI.
Thore is no
mole   pleased
of  the
mcrab * Mcdonald.
house to  which  we are
to call   the attentions
■uders of this paper of the
business and in.lust rial and professional interests of the city, than to
th.. New Fountain Hotel, which is a
strictly  union house  and the proprietor.      Atr.   I'.   ScliwicVm,     him   itlw«.y«
lie.n the friend ot union labor, lie
has boon operating this house tor
some si\ years, and it litis u very
enviable reputation lor good ser-
service. It is located ol '.".• to HI
Cordova sir,.,., nnd the prices quoted bis patrons aro raodorate, and lt
is opornte*o on the European and American plans to suit the convenience
of the guests. There is uu elegant
bar In connection whore fine    wines,
good whiskies nnd the choicest 11- i
quors ure served nnd that most de- I
flclOUS brew, the Alexander Beer, is 1
ever on tap.
while well-fitting garments have be-
come more thjti ever a necessity In
these days. It Is essential that they be
In the best style unit of superior finish and workmanship as well. It Is
therefore 11 pleasure to refer the read-
( r lo the  well  known house of Messrs.
McRae and McDonald, the fashionable' Rodd
tailors, who wvu \>- lound .vi IM Hastings street, oust.    They have been hi
cated here for five years and they huve
11  very   neat  shop which Is well  fitted
up. First class trimmings are used
uml they ure elegant In style and first
class fit   is guaranteed.     A  full line of
Scotch tvv Is nnd worsted trouserings
nre nlsn on hand, nn.' eve
We  feel     peril"
signing    n     | fom ;   n
house   in   this  review   .
and  industrial   Inte
anil  also  fear no  r.
we  say thnt   il is   v
ot the   lending  house
the city.      It   is   local
oil   street,   ntul  bus     b
for n number of years
i.s      the Rgont      of 1I1-
und    Company
P. «fc
. etc., mui carries
of  r^nnis  in hill.   Heady   Uool'ii
paints nml  ih
ing.   .nul   all   nuiniiei -
varnishes,   gasoline   1 1
. hes.   machinery.   . 1
belting,   packing,   hose
irythlng Is ofI ways bo found In  •'
the best. The members of the firm nre
Mr, Wilbi..- McRofl and Mr. David McDonald, nn.l they are practical and
skilled tailors and from the first have
hud a large and constantly growing
llshment nnd the pm'1
able al till times, Mr
well   Known  nn.l   pt'onii.
man and b live In "'
will help in the grow '''
incut  of the city.
tided in ns-
place lo this
the business
ot the cily,
diction when
it  rloubl   one
it-   line     iii
ut 2H   Tow
n' established
Mr.  Hurling
,vts   I'.   \>
va nisbes
Wy   lurgi
various   lin-u.
Millilill,,-  pa
Ithold roof
I'.iinls, oils.
■ i'.h   i.ndlnini
l-M     supplies.
.   may  al-
|   e.1111   estllb
iite   renson-
liiu'Ilng is ,1
• 1    business
thing -ihat
,11.1   dovelop-
■   -<t,
mo,:,,e ami nun,.-, uiu camps, etc.
I'ho Parsons-Haddock Company are
wholesale produce and oowmiss'ion
merchants and have b'en in the 1,11-
sin.-s in this city for snme fifteen
years, Thev have a large establishment nnd carry 11 good stock of pro-
due- of all kinds on hand ut all times
for the tilling of the orders that ure
constantly coming to them, and are
la ice handlers of fancy creamery and
dairy butter, cheese and ecus from
Kastern Canada and Manitoba. Mr.
.1. II. Parsons, tho able nnd well
known manager of lhe house, is an
active and enterprising business man
and is building up the business oi
the company ill a very gratifying
The drug establishments of ihis city
•e managed and owned l.v men of nb-
I iy mui oi' the strictest honoi who will
ot st. op to carry adulterated and In-
.1 lot go. ds of any kind In their stocks.
■ 'hey  have      handsome    establishments
n.l   u   varied   slo.k   of   the   finest   and
■ st goods.    Su.h an establishment is
hat whieh is conducted by Mr. Ernest
I. Hall, the chemlsl and druggist, who
. located   .1   Fulrvlew,     He  bus been
stablished lure for three years and has
"till   up   ,   good   business  during those
years,    The goods are displayed ln   an
, \e. ll.-,it manner and comprise all mantel- of drugs and chemicals, patent und
noprletnty   medicines,  toilet   prepora-
ioits, etc.,  Iii fact, till the goods   and
11 tides to be  found In nn  up-to-date
ihurniiiey.     Tbe purest drugs tire em-
,loye.i and every cure and modern up-
|.In.nee is used  1.1 ensure accuracy    In
ihe filling  .f prescriptions and recipes.
Vancouver is behind no other city of
ts size, or  even much larger.  Ill    tho
magnitude of tbe operations displayed,
the skill shown In management, and the
tggresslve enterprise shown in her commercial  endeavor.     A  very  re|»re.sn>In-
live hardware  store, whose    extensive
operations place it In Ihe front rank In
Its locality, is Unit of the Russell Hardware Company.    This establishment ls
Situated nl SS Hastings street, east, and
bus been  established for a   little over
a year.    The stock carried Is large and
varied and includes ull manner of shelf
and  heavy   hardware,  cutlery  of every
kind,   stoves   and   ranges,   paints,   oils,
kIoss. und 'i very complete line ..r house
furnishings. The manager ..f th- house
Is Mr ,1. A. Russell and he has built
up a very good business In the short
lime he has bei n in charge. msmm
B. C. WlltK * ft'AIL CO., LTD,
"Vancouver is rapidlv growing 10
even' line of lOinuierce uud iudustiy
and'business, and those have multiplied at a very satisfactory rate. At
the    present    time, our business   men
are   reaching   out in all dire tions,
and bringing under commercial   tribute to  tins sit>   vast areas ot populous   and   tributary    trude   tcriiloiy
hitherto little reached .mui tci-uiy.
in like manner o,.r manufacturing establishments mc constantlj  invading
new   territory, -so  there are at    the
present time but few places In    this
section where articles Lbttl ure made
in Vancouver un- not known and uie
to be    found.       A  held ol  industry,
that   has gained   goodly   proportions
in our city  and province is that    ol
the Hritish Columbia Wire and Nub
Company,    Limited  which has boon
recently  established.     lho works arc
located ai  ibe mot of Hawks avenue
aud ihey have a large aim well equipped building at Uus place,  ih-y have
u vi.iily  capacitj   oi  ten tons of noils
ol  all siuds uu.l  sizes  uud about  ,,u
people aro now employed in tho vu,-
lo.us operations. Ib's. bus been a
much noeded establishment in una
suction and they uie iijiung a very
ready deiiiun.l loi ail then output.
Ibcy sell all over Uiu province una
Alaska,   aud uie  doing   a .cry      tpiu.i
busiuuas. 'thoir proouct is nrst-ciass
in uvcry respect auu giving entire
auUuiui-iiou wherovur it bus been introduced. .Mi- •-'• Heaver, the m.iua
gel-, is _ thuiviufciilj. experienced uiau
.n .til Hun. pertains to Uie business,
uud it is due tu h.s knowledge and
ubilily lhal tne company has bad
&uUi success, from Ui- v-iy outset.
To ensure true coiuloi'L it is ueces-
auiy lo seep uiic s tool weal' in good
repair, in spile ul Uie great udvallies made iu Uie lunulas aud preserving ui leathers; uie rapid strides
winch have been uiudc iu the uiuiiu-
laclure. uf lhe liucsl bouis uud shucs
by machinery', the} will wear out,
uud ibe repair uiau is necessary iu
jjivc Uieui anew lease ul ide. il is
sUcreiure , important to secure tbe
survives ul competent men in this
u'uue. uud iu Uus connection wc wish
iu u.a.-c prominent mention oi Lhu
csluuusliiiieUl ul Messrs. liebb _ _v-
eriu, who arc extensive unu expert
uuui uud stiuc manors uud ropaii*ei'&.
lUey have a large simp ul laa Lur-
Uuv- sireet, west, and lor one year
pusi, iiuve pruvt'U themselves expert
tvorhtnen, und use Uie Oust uiuicuui^
iu UiLir ivoik, iho members ui uiu
tiiui are tu, <■'■■ Ueub uuu air. i. n.
_v«rilt, and they are Uiuruugbly capable shuu-iuttSerb.
All citizens and in,,, t. visitors iu
Vancouver orb luuuiiai witu uiui pu-
pular hostelry, Uie I aiucrun lew.
perance Hotel, located ui niu uu.
ier street, the building is a suu
siuuuui su'ucture  una    it  contain*
PUU      |L|*>b    vlai;   as,jit_       sllluo.1    a|.ot|
well leuululed una commodious.
ihey are very ueuu.v uud couuouab-
ly lumisilcd th. uugbuut and ure very
pleasant, lor lhe gupsts ui the House.
ihtiJiuuse lius been eslubiisiica lui
muuy yeurs uud Uie proprietress is
_Js. il. d. Luiucioii, wiiu is a very
popular hostess, brie operates it. u,
u uist-cluss manner unu it is ut all
Utues Well puU'uuiA-d. Ju ibe sphu-
Uld Uiumg loom IS 5>ltl a llleal 111 lu,
tl hiugl the luotis .tic daintily iuul
well cooked and Uiey uie oi pine und
fresh produce, groceries, meats, uie,
uuu prepared in the must cleanly _nj
wbulusuuie manner,    ilns   ., ,t ,vrn,i-
ly U'liipcruucu liutel uud tins has
udded uiudi io its popularity; with
Uiu muuy guests thai ulwuys ..11 the
l'l 11■;
HASTiNaa siiiMii
00 . Ll'lb
I he
a iiii.u
Hritish Columbia Market Com-
1 niiiicd, has been established
mr of years, and aro'stead-
.. ing their operations, and
the volunu of business that they do.
Thev Jtn. e now a number of bran, bet,
In various parts of the province. The
headquarters are at Victoria, and
Mr. I" I '■• Welch is the gen oral man-
jger In charge of the company's Im-
monse business interests. They are
ll established In Ihis city, having
three distinct markets in different
portions of the city. Mr. A.
Banham is the able manager of
interests  in  this city,  and he is
Phis is a flourishing wine uiu1. )i-
uuor establishment uud 'nc 11-.; • i-
ciuis, Messrs, Wood I'ro iicis. I now
Uiu business from lop 'o I uttoni.
ihey keep us line u. stock is i uu bu
hud iu mc city aud cvc.voii.t w.'io ._-
lers the liuuse ia well .t'.ltt -id. .' buy
believe, in dealing with jtbers it> Uiey
would bu dealt with icen.s. I v.- aud
they du their business by the right
methods, their place is always neat
and cozy uud it is umusl pleasant
place to wue away u weary hour, or
tut ull for uny thing in i el: foment
line ut any nme. il is located at
the corner of Uarrall and ilu.-..r -,-.•
sti'uuls uud a goodly patronage 1 nils
this their favorite bur. The nest
wmus from every clnne, lhe ryes aud
vviusivies that uru mosl celebrated
for their excellence, and all kinds oi
the busl and most desirable liquors
uiu  here and   they   ine   .v.';'.;    inia    tu
gentleman thoroughly fitted for
important business, and it is la'-ely
due lo Ins efforts that .hoy occupy
such 1. prominent position In tho
iii.ii' el line In Vancouver. They
havo markets at MD Hastings, and
l.il Oram ille streets, nnd their
.Ine. mark ol is nt 2,,°. Uarrall street.
They aro wholesale nnd retail but-
. hers and packers, and do thoir own
slaughtering, thus insuring thai
their patrons will receive lho best
and most wholcsomo us well as fresh
meats, or the finest sailed or cured
meats, that cub be found in the city.
Ihey also ,lo nn extensive business
in supplying the shipping of this
of this so -
f ci'c.it    iin-
Tho lumbering Indus
lion hn'- grow n to
lortanco not only i" 'I"' production
f lumber, bu. ns n means of bulld-
„g on ,-',■ city, <•'"':,t numl ors of
in n liv ing In Hits city Und emnlov-
n.iit in "he various mills ami oxtcn-
jt initol is inv- le I in ibe "adores und varloi s dpnnrtn on's . ( tl o
ei-im-s. \l|     [lilt    nn'.in-,   wealth,
ii ,1 growlh ttinl i o ...Iai ion for our
itv. In a rev lew . i" ibis I ind of
he business nnd in lo trlivl Interests
inei . spe. InMy necessary to
nn ni Ion of llv I adlng linns
ii- engugi .1 In this lino. One
I irgest mills
the llti-iii gs Shini I.
tin Ing t'omi nny . I lull ed.
ul olllce of this couipnny it
.    un I Ihey   have   n larg.
Ily   Is
■   Mauii-
in this
This section of tho country has
been a wonderful resort for tho hunter and trapper for many years und
even yet there are ideal places for
ibe hunter not SO far from the city.
There has consequently been u good
business in ail lhal pertains to the
equipping of the hunter and trapper
und the repairer bus also found
much work to do as well. An esf
labiish—lent which bus been u success
in the repair line for the reason that
its work has ulwuys been found
thorough uud reliable is that which
i.s operated by Mr. IV. s. Fooshe,
who is the proprietor of the Vancouver ii tinsmith Shop. This gentleman
was in the same business iii1 Nebraska City, Nebraska, U. S. A., before
coining to this country. lie is located at 26 Cordova street, west,
and litis her- a spacious shop, which
has be-n  equipped in the most thor-
hevel-siding mill and a shingle mill it, Ibis cily . 'I hey also
liavc shinglu mills al Hellinblmm and i
van Huron, Washington, and a saw-
null at Aloodyville, tins province.
rb.y aro wholesale inatiufacturors "f |
high.cluss red cedar shingles, fir and
cedar lumber of every kind, I .use casings, mouldings, newels, balusters,
verandah posts, otc, etc They nia'»e
a specially of red cctlar bov-J.siding,
dimension shingles ami plain und
fancy butts, 10-inch and 21-inch
b.ng. This , ntorprlsing company
bus a daily capacity oi on- million
shingles, n dry kiln capacity of
twelve million shingles und a storage cnpat'lty of eighteen million sinn-
cies.    Tins is exclusive of their many
Other products. Ihey ship imiuente
qjuantitiea of lumber und shingles and
finished products, Their local mills
employ a large number of people and
their monthly pay-roll is a respectable sum in the total pay-roll of our
manufacturing establishments. The
ollicers of the company ur- Mr. .S.
II. C, Minor, honorary president; Mr.
A. t). Plumorfolt, president: Mr. .1.
A. McNnir, vice president and general manager of the business, and Mr.
P.   M.   Britten,    secretary-treasurer.
CROSS iVt  fii.
In ovorj l-inling i.i l.v t hero are certain commercial ami manufacturing
establishments,    whose    Imi ortancu,
success   and   high     ill.nil f. r     constitute,   tin   essential     element    In     tho,
growth     ami     u.lv aii.c   of   the . ity,
wherein   Ihey  aro bun.-.I.    They  are '
Important     factors     In tho business
co lunii.'.. and, uli n describing the
progress of a city, i> Is oniiiu nlly
fair tin.I ossein ial lo mention then.
nn.l the business vvlii.h comes to tlie
locnliiy through their olTorts. Such
in ils line Is lho Cross nnd Company
who aro manufacturers of aerated
waters,   syrups,   -lo.      Th-y   are    lo-
flaturday,  Beptember _,  100.V
nil.I Mill V BREWERY.
The browing . f I, ors has ,■„„„, ,
b- on- of tho Important Industri, B J
any   I ..'go  ' It} ■     The  use ol   i ,,.
and l.nt i lod beer is , f such   - ,,,   ',
nature that   Its consumption nog L
, nine   simply   enormous, \\,(n   ,!
pr-si nt day  advances In tho inauufn
Hue of pure I .-. thu pntril ■   ,n, | ,V
quality      of    . l.e   pi i.lilli ,    p., ,   |-,,,„.|, ,',
sin ii a stag.- of excellence thin  ,: '
ol'li ,1   pre: cribi il   by    pby sh i ills .,,, ,
v uli,Is,   etc. l-',(ini i li,      ,L.|y     •,.',
purchase ... thc grain und ,.,,,.,.
grodleiits  t he great, st  i-,,.  ,     , ,
to  consort a  i|itallty  it ..l   pm ,, .
ivhtilosomeni'ss nnd mini Ishinein
I robe I   of  tho   1110 lorn brewei v
highly   sclent il'tc  at tuiiini, nl   .,,
pi o.i,- i   is . s il i.y   many ol,,
b,st   people.     One  of   tho  m,,
breweries   ,.i this   .ily is   i he   i   ,j
bin   Itietioty.       Tho   Columbia    l.,..
vv ill   be  fatlllllln"  to  muny   of om ,,, '
-. s   mui   vv- IIIo   glad   lo giv-   ,i    ,„
mlnenl   man I Ion   in   this spe, ml   ,,,'
lion   and   review,       I Ins   |,n.v, ,
.-siabli-be.!   in    1888,   ami   ,|„.    ,,|    '
is  located  on   Howell   strcot,     n,,,
ipy    a large unh    well      ..imp,,,,,
tu, i
Is   u
ul t ,.
ii .,.,,
' irlnni
labiish,,! hero    io.'    BlxyoarB,     Tho Is  located  on   Howell   strcot.     n„.v
proprietor ol   this  splendid  plant    Is occupy   u large unh   well     uuiiip1H!*j
Mr.   \.  !>•  Hossack,  and employs   8 builiilng, orectod and arrongoii .s,,,.
IH-ople  in tho various operations   of cialli   lor  lho purposes of Hm   ,,„.,
lhe business.    The plant bus a capa- "eas.     .Modern machinery and iu,i|,
.itv   ev.rv   day ol  two lnui(lr(Hl dozen oil"  nro  used  und   lho Columbia Uue.
bottles, and none bu.  pur- fruit   Jul- '"* universally recognized ut, „   W08|
es aro us,-1 !n  flavoring.   Two wa- oxcollont  and suporior urtitlc,    n„
ring.    Tvvo  wa
in  the    delivery
hollies,  and  ti
cos   ai'O   us. -I   :-.   tin,
goiis   ure     emplov—.l
of  I heir  many   orders and u large  bu
sines is transacted.    They are   tholi
sole    bottlers    id  Ille    Celellt lite. I    Mllck
Mineral  Hater ol   St.  Cat harm s.  On
taeio.        The     evliit  dry  ginger    ale
I   lip by   .hie   firm  equal
cated  al   the
Hornby   strut
irnor nf    render
ts   and   have   been
ported.        All     kinds  of
beer,   ciders,   etc,   ar.
lured.     Their  goods
found   in     lir-d class
out   tho province.
also manufac.
(iu. always bo
pluc, s  through
oxcollont und suporior urtnl
plant bus u dully capu. Ity,
barrels, und Ihey also do an ,\i,n
s.vc but, hug business, 'ihe proim,
, or ... i Ins w.M known brewoi v
Mis. \la.., Miller, ami ,,,, pains ,„
ullorls uie spared tos-cui- a bi.Ici
ly inst class article in ovury respecl
 o .	
itoas „ s»»ia\. .
so.. LTD.
bcrved us to   reach    lho patron    in   ough manner,     Ile docs all kinds of
ihcir most excellent lluvor and taste.
Seattle beer is on draught, us tool
and delicious as the nectar of the
Much attention 'is paid in this city
lo music anil the cultivation of a
taste for the best in the musical
world, as well us individual skill
uud talent in music. This is well
shown by ihe success wnnh bus been
achieved by Miss Durutheu Trioh in
her eHorts as solist and us teacher
oi Lhu violin, mandolin, guitar banjo and /.itiier. miss trioo has very
pleasant parlors uuu studio m room
8b oi thsPalrflold Huiiumg, which
bus bueu titled up m a verj tasteful
manner. Wss Trieb has boon estab-
nshed here for about tun months and
cuuic lo this ,ai   from  uhj » "
ies studied under g0mB 0I the bust
teachers oi titu.se instruments. She
is u musician 0, rttn. abUlt    afld
often engaged for private entertainments, she is u successful teacher
knowing how to Impai't her knowledge uud t mining tu others ami t0
develop their ability and talent tu
lho uttermost.
This is one of the neatest and best,
kept markets In Vancouver, purchasers being assured ol gelling a superior article, satisfactory treatment,
und courteous service. The stoic,
which is lo, uled at the corner of t'u-
viu and Granville .streets, is nicely
lilted up and admirably arrangou,
while a large stock is toiislunUy curl
ri"... 11 includes ail kinds of fresh,
suited nnd cured meats, a full line
ol all the vegetables in their season,
Iruit.s, etc, Everything carried in
slucl. here is in the bust condition at
all linns, the best equipment and appliances lor the handling and stormy ol meats being provided. The
place is, in tact, supplied with ull the
necessary devices needed for the carrying on of such un important business. The store bus been established here for eight years and lhe proprietor is Mr. .J. itruden, un experienced und ublo butcher. He bus tvvo
wagons lot lhe acoiiiinudatiou of his
iiiuny customers and every courtesy
and uv. ouiiiiodatioiis is always accorded the caller.
cun repairing and hand made springs
brazing, brass und copper work, uiul
all  manner  of light    repairing   have
his  skilled   attention.
We ha.c in this city a number of
excellent second hand stores that are
caturing to tlie wants of the i eop.e
in this line with mar, ed ability and
success. Such un establishment is
that which is conducted by .McAr.
thurjs, Limited! who have bc.n ea-
labll he.I in the business for many
years, Ihey operate not only a
second hand store, but alio a new
goods s,,,ru. The second hand store
is  located  at   li!7   Hastings  street,
The work of all brunches that pertain, to tho building and erection of
our bu mess aud industrial establishments is most important, and one
of tho lending firms uf builders and
contractors ia the city is that of
.Messrs. IJay rns and Ilorie. These
gentlemen have been in this city for
over (ifleen years and have built
many df our linest buildings in the
business portion of the city as well
as many schools and resiliences, etc.
They give employment to some fifty
men In thoir various operations,
which are continually going on. One
of their present undertakings in the
erection ..f the Davis Chambers, a
live-story building ou Hastings St.,
vvhiih will be tin up-to-date structure In i-wiy respect nnd one that
will add much to the attractive appearance of the street in its locality. Th members of the firm are
Mr. E. G. Baynes end Mr. VV. M.
Hoii', and ihey nre both practical
and experiences ns well ns capable
'xeutives and able business men.
I'hey nre at -17 Water street.
T. J. Huberts.
The Grand hotel bears the reputation aiming travellers of being first
class in every respect. It is located
in a convenient portion of the city and
,,. is one of lhe largest und best 111
Vancouver. A free 'bus is provided
tor the guests, to and from all depots and wharves, and it is modern
and up-to-date in every particular. It
is a huge brick building, handsomely
equipped and contains one hundred
rooms, which are sumptuously furnished and fitted up with every convenience for comfort. On the European
plan, rooms may be had for f fly nnd
seventy-five --nis ami one dollars per
day; on the American, the rales for
room nad board are one dollar, one
twenty-five and one fifty per day.
There is an elegant dining room which
has been handsomely titled up and is
large and spacious, and provided with
first class service and the cleanest of
linen and everything is of the very
best. The choicest meals In tbe city
are served and the delicacies of ih-
season are always on the menu. A
splendid bar is also operated and this
has been fitted up in the same luxurious manner. The proprietor of this
model hostelry is Mr. T. J. Huberts, a
thoroughly experienced and able hotel
man and  popular with his guests.
Wh, n
ola   Ko
i-t ri. it v wi
CO..   LTD.
'Ibe restaurants of  this  c.ty  have
'  . I       ."WtaUpn   lor   their    many
excellencies and for the splendid man-
uer in which they cuter to tho mm
iu at all limes. The best and purest foods are obtained and thev arc
prepared in such a manner as to not
only bs healthy, but dainty and Pa
latable, und iho delicacies „f It
Mason are always to be found on
heir tables. A restaurant to which
these remarks are .specially apallca-
We is that which is known as the
Atlantic Restaurant uud which will
be found at 8d Cordova street, west
DlaL _M^ ,°f lhe ol<1 established
Places  which for  several  years found
favor with a goodly patronage.   Not
only  ia  an    excellent   lunch   counter
maintained  for   those   who  are  h, r
line, are also found in  the spacious
and elegantly furnished dining room
The real estate men form an important element in the community
and this, city i.s represented in this
profession b.v men of high standing,
and citizens of the most substantial
and public-spirited sort. A firm that
has been active in this field since
their establishment a year ago is
that which is known as Cavanagh,
linker &. Company, and which is to
bo found at IHO Cordova street,
west, where they have handsome
east, und the new-goods store at 145   ollices.    They have lived in  tho city
Hastings street, east. Han rupt
stocks are bought up or sold on
commission, and tboy are thus enabled often t0 offer the pub.ic special barpains in new goods ne well ua
old. Household goods of every de-
■ Tip!ion ore bought ond sold ind
consignments of underwriters' • oods
arc handled from any part of the
Dominion They employ five | coi le
in their -lores and transact a larro
business |M ooth new and secondhand  goods.
for it number of years and are gentlemen of enterprise and ability, tho
members of the firm being Mr. W.J.
Cavanagh, Mr. E. A. Haker and Mr.
K. W. I-eson. They handle all kinds
of real estate, buying, selling, exchanging- or renting. They also make
a business of loaning money on good
security in any amount and ihey are
agents  for  Are  insurance companies
of the best und well established lire
Insurance lines and do a considerable
business wilh   their clients.
^iWKSp;''{iV''J'V^.'?2fe'aA*.    ■* .
n„LhK ,P.t*..,U('e and commission  business of this c.ty is alone of vast mug
wilh        u*nd    intrt'('s'-'«  very  notable
With each succeeding year.     One   ol
the largest dealers in the commission
IIM is that  of Messrs.   Alder  _  (Jo.,
woo    are    successors    to tho l'aciik
toast     Krnlt    Company.     Limited.
They have been established here   for
one year and arc located  at  71   Water street, where they have well appointed offices.    They  are  wholesale
dealers ln fruit, vegetables and country produce,  and do an Immense business in these products.     They carry a large stock constanely on   hand
at their place of business and are in
touch  with  some of  the largest  producers of these various products nnd
ship extensively  throughout this section of the country,  as well as   sup-     ,
plying many nt the local dealers In 1 shed m-n in the
these goods. Mr. P. H. Alder Is the general innnntfer
manager    of the   house,     and he hasjlieod.     They
This is one of the must flourishing establishments In the city, and one in
which our people take much pride. Mr.
DesBrisay him been established in business here for the past two years, and
from the beginning bis has been a most
popular place with those desiring first
class groceries, delicatessen, dried
meats, frultS and vegetables. The various lines carried are each complete In
themselves, the stuck is well and carefully selected, and patrons may rest
assured ol getting thi- very best value
ior their money. The building occupied
is located at 506 Granville street and
same ls large and cummodiuus and
splendidly adapted for a business of
this kind. Mr. DesBrisay gives the
Business his personal attention at all
times, and he Is thoroughly versed in
every detail of the business, lie gives
constant employment to eleven skilled
hands, and two delivery Wagons are
operated, thus, patrons are assured of
prompt   service   and   courteous   tre.it-
itulry I
n fii"--t made proo-
wlzards did not
slop vviih furnishing light by menns of
the unseen element, but demonstrated
that  it was useful for power and many
other   pill poses   as   well. It.    ine.Heine
uud Burgery, In the laboratory of the
chemist, and in thousands of constantly new uses and purposes, electricity Is
made the agent of man for the doing
of his work, in this city, we are represented by a r.-vv excellent bouses In
the various departments of this unknown force, The Cnnadlnn General
ill.-, i, i" , '...ti) any, Limited, has been
established in lhe city for sixteen years
.ind is widely known and In the Inchest repute. Together with the Canada
Foundry Company, Limited, operated In
-..lino, ton, therewith, ii oc< uples a large
three-story brick building at "-7 to 629
Granville si t. They carry an Immense stock constantly on hand and
manufacture a gront variety of goods
in th.- two departments, The electrical company make mosl anything In the
cl.etiiitii line from n fan to a locomotive, motors, i,i, bins', dynamos -i various kind-', battel Ies, bells, switches,
transformers, and all manner of flx-
tures, supplies, etc. At the foundry
are made boilers, bridges, pumps, wa-
terwork supplies, hydrants, architectural steelwork, structural steel work,
tanks, locomotives, turntables, frnnes,
and mosl of all kinds of machinery and
foundry work are manufactured. The
two companies hive nn Immense output every year and ship their products
very extensively. Mr. Henry I'itn Is
the locul manager, and he has had
charge of the companies for over twelve
y.-nrs. The head office Is at Toronto;
works nt Toronto, Peterboro and Montreal .,,..! branch offices at Halifnx,
Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary,
Rossland and Victoria, bul a full and
complete stock of tlicit- various goods
are carried here in great assortment
and a larg- business is don-.
t Ion
• mills and factories and v aril,tint-1 ,i-s i.f this city and s. c-
naturii'iy demand 'he prosoncc
os u machine shop nnd foundry
oi f the     largest and i.est,
Ibe   lands  of   this  section  have fu,
iiiuny    yours   be-n   attracting   lhu  Ul-
lenlion ui ih- investor und thohouiu
seeker, und it has boon th- businesn
of our leal estate mun to uttroct
lho alt en lion ... this . las ,,, .„ ,,,l„
io our productive lands und lhu vast
resources ol our mining nnd timber
properties. A firm that hai been
active in the good work i-, that 0I
Messrs. (toss & Shaw, who havti
boon established in the city for somo
time. Tho members ol tho firm are
II. U.  Ross and Lea.ider Shaw.   Mr
vvlii.h    wns    established In 1803   to   shaw' has  boen  ussuaiU,.u  wil,
meet   ihe demand for such an   Instl-   firm  for aboiil   a year  und  was t
is     il,.,t   ..f     ,li,t     tln«    X-      11,,,,      . ,,...    ........      ...     .1 :..:     ,
s, and Ihey hav
omm.i.lious  structure   vory
up   throughout   es|
ton yeurs in tho mining business ,(,
thc Koot.iiay country, where I,, was
the manager ol u mine. Mi l; -
hiis been in lhe real estate business
iu this ii.y for about five
und has lived in tho province for
about   sixteen   years.       Ih, ,    have u
tdtion   is   thnt of   Iho   Ross  &   How
aid   Iron  Works  Company,  Limited.
The office of ilns grout .oncotii is ut
Alexander strcot,  and the worts arc
on  Woodland   Drive.     Seventy    people   are employe I   in the  great   plant
at   the lull, r add.
a largo    and
which   is   fitted
. inll v for i be pm i ose of the Imsi
ness, nnd lhe latest machinory and
methods and do vices will be found
here for the doing of thoir work In
ih- vory lest -nd no,si Batisfa tory
manner. Th-y nre engineers, Iron
ami brass founders, blacksmiths, pattern-makers mid toiler makers. Thoy At "ilH ' .. I ti—t
ur- mnnui'a. ii.i'-rs oi nil kinss ,,1 iron industry lhal is yearly growin
and brnss castings, marine, station thi importance and value to the emu.
'■"y and holsling engines propellers, munliv nnd contributes Its n/uota
steering gears,   marine  and   builders'   to  tho manufactured  producl    ul  tint
- ''Ies, saw null  machinery and re-  city. This    is   tho   rslabli-hin.nl
'"' nnd k...p in sink bar which is rondti toil l.v Mr Charles
cold rolled nnd turned shaft Gross, und vilu, h Is to bo found ai
and    finl hod,    brass,     spring   ;n;i Carrall street      Mr Gross is th"
neat     oll.ee    nt   :\\n   Hastings
street.   wosl, nn.l  ihey   ileal  g. ...  all.
...  City  real estate,  farms and tunt.
os.   limber lauds  an.l  Ijmlts,  u
insurance  nnd   loans,   and  are  Initio
Ing    Up    .1   Very     111. e  line  ol     I,.I   II.
w Ire,
sh—t    liruss
work.     Th
boilers ami  sheet  manufacture
do  nn    immense
amount  of work and manufacturing,
hero,   an I   their  products go all  over
tho  provlnc
found   of  a superior   find.      The  uhle
manager of this oxcellenl  Institution
Is Mr   .1. .1.  I.'n-s.
f Iho Illinois A I'll-
on's Driving Hoots, which have met
wilh sin h popular invo.- In Ihi.
, tion and wherever they hav- been in-
,nd have always boon | troducod. II- Is also a largo ilcnle.
in all kinds of boot--, shoos nn.l ruli-
l,-r footwear. A specialty is made
..I  miners'    ami  loggees'   boots   ami
shoes   and   ho   carries   u     very     . oin-
pleto stock of those adapted io all
purposes In these Industries Mi
Gioss bus been ostablisgod for 13
voars and has an up-to.dute establishment. II- has a larg- and well-
s-l-ct-d sio.k constantly on hand
and the best makes of boots und
shoes   will   always   be   found   here
The largest exclusive dry goods
house In the city is the p on—r firm
of James Stark & Sons. Limited, who
hav- carried on a,most successful business for over fifteen years .... Cordova
street. The firm occupy one of the
finest and most substantial business
blocks iii the heart of Vancouver's retail shopping district. The store Is one
uf the most complete and modern iner-
grocor is the apostle of good
cheer, and the missionary o( homo
comfort. Pur- foods and pure products aro essential ,., the health and
happiness of -very human being ami
the grocery store of W, Clark is Jus,-
ly one of the most popular m Vancouver, and h-i.'i'eii serving l!i public lor over seven yonrs. '• i- lo-
Icatcd nt .'I2.S Carrall str.-t at I is
neatly  arran '"l.   nnd
tub gi km:v. tjlden co., ltd.
ment also.    It may also be said to the chand'slng establishments on the coast,!
credit of ihis establishment that tele- being arranged    with every    modern
phone  orders  receive    as  prompt and systefn and convenience,
careful  attention  as do orders deliver-!     Extensive and  up-to-date stocks are
i amplo  In si/-,
nil  tne goods nre displayed In .. '
I attractive    manner.        A    nign
well   selected  stock   is  . :irr,-.l
ed in  person,  und  this  fact Is  highly
appreciated by our busy housewives.
In respect to diess and costume, the
establishment which Is conducted by
Mr. A. II. I'eritnil stands truly as an
arbiter of fashion. This house bus
been established for some two years
und since Its Inception bus boon most
successful. Mr. Perlard la thoroughly progressive und up-to-date, as vvll
as enterprising and able, and does work
of the finest kind, guaranteeing in every -.is- stylish cut, faultlessly fitting,
finely trimmed and eloganUy finished
garments, His place of business is located ul II!. Healings street, eusl, uml
in has a very n.-at shop. He carries a
full, complete und well assorted stock
Of Imported and domestic woolens,
tweeds, worsteds, eto,, in addition to
Ih- latest designs and creations iu fish-
ionabl- suitings, ar- always carried In
stock from which lo make your selection, and ih- patrons of this establishment me numbered among the city's
best nnd most Influential business and
professional men. Mr. Perlard also
can ies a full and elegant line of men's
furnishings, ready-made clothes, ha is
and caps, etc., ami the latest novelties
if  Hi
ll.   (J.
season are included.
: carried In general dry goods, millinery,
i ladys'  furnishings,  cloaks   and suits.
and house furnishings, Importing these
goods direct  from the manufacturing
.•entres of Europe and America.
A very cxt-us v- mall order business Is carried on tin.nigh.ml Hritish
Columbia, the Territories and the
Yukon. This is one of the firm's
specialties and every order has the
personal attention of an expert shopper. On lho first floor will be found
complete stacks of dress goods, silks,
staples, draper'es, hosiery, gloves,
fancy goods, ladies- furnishings, while
the large and spacious show rooms on
the second floor are confined to the ladies' mantle, millinery and underwear
departments, Kirst class dress making parlors ai- also situated on this
floor under the able management ,.f
Miss Butrlss, who Is well and favorably known to lho up-to-date dressers
of Vancouver, Reserve slock rooms
ur- situated on the third floor.
Seini-aiiiuiai trips are made by members >,r the firm lo all Bnstern markets
and Europe, where the goods are personally selected al the mills and factories, thus placing the firm In a position
to buy til   lb- lowest figures, saving all
middlemen nnd   jobbers   profits, nnd
selling  ih-ni    at   th-  lowest    possible
It. is doubtful if the extent and
magnitude ,,f tho businoss and manufacturing operations of the Guinoy,
Tildon nml Company, Limited, is un-
dcrstood or appreciated hy tho public "--ill-ally or by those nol Intimate wilh lhn groat extent of its various operat ions Th- company was
incorporated In ih!.:i und aro successors to tho 10 _ I . Gurtiey Coin-
1'iiir-.     Limited,     the    works having
I n  established   in   1848.     The  fac-
. lory mil l„ u I ofllco is located at
Hamilton, Ontario, and the plant
covets several n res of ground, and
line- hundred ond -ivly people are
engaged In the various departments
of the factories nn.l works. They
toe miit.ol,ot tilers of stoves nml
ranges for nl! purposes ami of tho
best ami well popularized kinds,
il,,,,,- locks, builders' hardware, hot-
air   flimnces,   radiators   lor   hot     wa
tor or st-tf:i castings for builders'
use, etc., all kinds of locks nnd keys,
door s-is in all tlosigns, etc., Their
Souvenir stoves mui ranges, tho
New l.l-n hot-air furnaces und tho
Hamilton radiators, In particular, an
A.  M.  EVANS,
>i_____^_W | — IC£U "•J'^o»»'«e,l_l_'    iK   t.hiH   Urn   ej_» in l ,,,v   ...        ,,...,       ,„%_;..£
IIW'lv  Otc "NOVA   BCOTtA. ,,hro„U  the  leading   ,-ountries  of  thoY^'»^"-r.t.   InSgriTTas   w-U   " VrvTVv^ns* _!.„ *rn«'f*«
.  world 'l'l,..-   .l„   _ <nmm._l   l.onkln-    rntlnhilltv.   «.»   ,•.,.,,.„.-„   „.„„.!..   ^i..t_„   m'   ■"•ens,   WHO   has   lieen
The f'iiy of Vancouver, in iis m
pidly expanding Interests, requires
mill of ability and enterprise In every
department of Its commercial activity an^HP^iaHji. ^ ■ihJjA_U.u jg,
■ onto.
world.        They   do  a general   banking
one of 'be  great financial , business.      taking     deposits,   making
the  Jloniinion,  having I loans,   issuing   ipafts   und   exchange,
' buying   exchange,   issuing   notes     for
purposes of circulation, etc., etc. The
province   of   Hritish   Columbia   represented  by     the     branch in  this  city,
has  been   established  for only  a few
years.     Mr.  II.   R,  l.nlrd ls the manager,   and   came  here from   Hamilton,
This    is
Institutions of
a capital of two millions, and a reserve fund of throe million two hundred thousand dollars. The head office  is at   Halifax
had  much  successful
this line of business.
experience    in   more i
Nova  Scotia,   and
the general manager's office Is in To-
offlcers  and  directors
of tho  most dlstingulfi Ontario,   where  be bod  been   connect-
Tlominion   and   the led     with     the bank  for many  years
is   Mr.   H.   0.   Mc-   The lbin'<  of Nova Scotia was fotiiul-
have branches in all tho ' ed  in   1SII2,   nn.l  is one of  the   most
reliability, no concern stands higher
than the Hritish Columbia Land and
Investment, agency. They are locnted at. 843 Hastings street, whore
they have splendid and spacious ofll-
ccs. They have been established in
this city for sixteen yjenrs, the head
Office being in England. Mr. E3 IJ
Morgan is the manager of the focal"
branch nnd he is a gentleman i
cularly wall qualified for th.
Tobacco Is n commodity of the
foremost Importanco in tho commerce of n city and lho stoics thai
bundles this dally necessity nn.l luxury nre lobe found nt frequent intervals In all portions of ihe city,
An establishment,  which is well  wor-
"   V>y   Mr.    A.
doing busl-
for some six years.     From
his  store bus been  well  patronized nnd the trnde has been growing  Steadily.      l|-   will   bo   found    at
t nrrnll   street   where  he has     a
,, '""ll  woll  appointed  stor
Almost   every   popular  brand
cur    In tho    varying    fin
strengths und grades
ness here
the  first,
times nnd tho finest  fancy g Is anil
all ma.inor of provisions ar- here
I F*ivo people are necessary to wail
! upon    the    many    customers    that
throng  Ihe store nnd  n good delivery
service  is  also  operated.      \     largo
nml extensive patonnge is on oyod by
. Mr.  Clark owing in th- Bplcndi'l business    ineihods    employed  and  Iho
; prompt     -nd     courteous    treatment
! thnt  is accordod  lo nil   who ent-r
.1. A. 1'YKK.
From Hie , nolle to tbe grave III''
question of fooiw-ui i- nn uiipoi uud
0110   muI    il-spit-    th-   gr-nl    ndvaiU'C
,n  lho ability   of our manufacturers
to produce shoos that combine if l
elegance nml stylo, with durability
and comfort, it seems an ever In
creasing one. New stylos and de
signs nml put terns are constantlj being produced, but thoro Booms no limit to the demand tor varlotj anil
change in footworn', An establishment, wl.i.h is a loader in supplying
the public of this city with the mosl
ob'gnnt. und satisfactory footwear, Is
that which is conducted b.v Mr. J.
■"•• I'.vke, nnd which will be found at
filM Hustings street. This elegant
store was established In I88U and
bus large and spacious quarters, two
Hoots of the building being ocrtl| I.
the ,second ll,,,,, being used for sior,
age purposes. He bus a very, neat
store nnd carries a large Sto I- "'
boots and the finest inulo's 111 ""'
world   will   be found   ill  Ibis  stock.
y At  towns of thn various Important   financial   Institutions
rtft1     enrresoondents      all the Dominie.-.
provinces    and    correspondent.
■ '  - ■     ■ > -  -    ..        .,,....no...n        M T (* !*(>
of   cl-
vors      nnd
«..v ..is eM,e,ie„ ,„„ knoiiC'^lr?1 ?~ ^^Sr^
the business.    They make a spXltv 'Z\   '?   U,f"'"   moKt   '"""""m " "
o   city property and handle „ |  kinds I        **"" ?»«««>■     The mosl
of   residence,  business  and """'"Iminim™ j„i_i,
properties,  etc.
■■"  itinus  Kunim-i- ,i,i„i.«,      '    '"Puinr
Industrial Mr Xan's «ce1 cnH '° bo hnd *l
'^•«.mUehwtro„.UOUn,ft,n'   and
well  nt,  their  other goods, havo ob
'•nod    n market     ,f     great extent
r   ""'.'Mtory   uses   thirty-two
nand^r'rT'a &*•«•££
«K".' 'I hev   V     <!"'lf''".*-'. ns 'nun-
""».'"..' "'.Xi's'y'ur--
The furniture establishment
city cuter,  ns a whole,  to  the wants
f the community, In n very
class nn.l sal isfn. tory manner
establishment in |,l-a,s«.Hi "'
and   the   prices  „,.,.   modern.-.
lending furniture donler In all
respects,   in Hi-  city    is Mr,   I*,
gum!.     li-  pus  a splendid  establish
".(■lit al   1.1  lo 12H Hustings street,
•est, und h-bus boon engaged in this
ity In business for twenty
las lurgo    floor
niin.V people |n
He (k'nls nl both
tail nml transacts
lech  dopiirlin-nl.
spate  and
his establishment.
nn.l   rein
u largo i.usin.
A largo nnd
I'lete  stock,   in   vnri-il  nssorlm.nl,
.'verything |n the furniture line, will
bo   found in      this   elegulit   ciiipori"'"'
low 1"
,1 .'■"
 "■    -.■•—	
and   the  prices  nre reiunrknhl
""cry   depart ment.      Mr.     Wtcgi""
n   very     enterprising  uml  pr.'S*
business num.
'reset" Saturday,  September 2,   1905.
11    .1.   ANKTII-.
.   v,,n   reputable   und   reliable  jew
Iho  one   whom   we  huve  taken
,1   makirir   the      subject
.-I.i'  '
111,,  lib.'".*'     '
I ni
,nis   skc'tl b   und   woo is   found    at
M"   lb,   lings   si.eel,    West,   VV here   Ml.
nis been lor the past year,
ul,,, I, nine In- hat- won lhe respect
,1 admiration of all  who hivvu comu
,,, „ t    with   linn,   b.\ his   sidling
 ..  principles,   und   ibe  inamiei
.', ni,,. h he bus boon ir-.ttiiig bis pa
He .in i i-s a lull and i om
,„ k ,,| ull Hi- I. tiding . one
ulltim I" bu b.un.I iu it house ol
"l',,   ,., nd.   and   has   a large      factory
,i i,paii  simp in connection   with
'        i I business      in   which    he
handle   repuir     work   und   maituia.
wring   ul   ""   '''"'is   in lhe   most    up
, jn,, and . ompreheiisivo manner,
,|( tnsiio is a manufacturing uml
retail jeweler, un engraver ol merit,
tt|ilj u diamond  soltur  o(  great   skill.
Ucdtlis, lodge Jewels all,I eiibh'ius ore
made to older, and Ins repairing is
,l,„„ with iocriicy and dispatch, lie
l,ns always had one ol thfl lest rep
,,,,,,,,ie. iii Uie city, and Is a man
iM whom nil havo the greatest   . on
li,|i.|l,(. H is ii pleasure tobe able
,,, ni.iltinn a house of this worth,
„„il ail    Ins many    friends will    be
,,1,1,1 tn     hen,  ol   lhe   success   hc    has
made u, this Inn-
(IHKQOUY  &  iu
The Forbes .v.   Harries Company is,
a  concern   ihat   has   been  established
here but  g short   lime but 11 is being .establishments    m   the city,   is     th
T.   C.   HICKS.
j    A feature of the public service   of
In   this  review   of  the   City   of  Van- ™X   '^   C°PPEB   °°*
favored   ivith   a   most   extensive   pa
tronage und is already being looked
■upon us an Important  factor  in    the
real     estate     vv.nbi
\n iiisiituiioii that wus established I*1*"' community  that  is an  Item that
in IS92 nn.I has i n ..ne of the busy'ls much noted nnd criticised or complimented    b.v    the      visitors    and
Perth   Steam      Dyeing   and   Cleaning
Works,     the rleaning and dyeing of
Lulling has received much attentio
couver we wish  to muke mention of     The
re     nre     many    establishments
the  lending wholesale and  retail  es- that deal in teas and coffees, in fact,
..    ,     ,  ,." I taqlishmi nts  of  mercantile endeavor, 'hey   are  quite  numerous,   but    there
strangers  in  our city  is  that of  the ,'      .                  :  uuv    '"'■''-
buck,   carriage  and   express    delivery          >■   with   Ihi'   purpose  that   we  ure '"very   few that  do their  own    im-
serviic     This is a matter that con-| es dally  glad   to  mention  In   this '""""K- aml '"'*'■ " any, that are in
It    Mil.I.s
\.n..iig   ihe  op I., dale shoo
home  and  foreign   markets,
i n    public  of  this city   the very  low rain
o"   tlie most   highly  respected and I o, | |    «h r •   v rk is d l      • tir-lv I
^'nlin'n.s'r'ingi,;:',.'.;:.;, !";;, i*i ivu^-U41 ""ScVT.e.ic* «r"rlY7>«wtSftiL\.l? e;,;;s^,n.cv^m^;eT;;;;;d',iav',':n.Ml>h» r?sid^.^/'ThSsn, 0n,larl°' -ir" ';;"" up.avor, "^'^
"*'"''    „,,,, i,,„w ,,„„ „,„, ,       man    ,       --   ■■"      " ';     '.i,'"   ,"".v:   night,   und   they  „„.  ,„.„,   appearing   ""'•"•, ": «.»« ',',,'' "?   ,'Y,""   rh^ se» '^•''/hc gardens direct and
h*'""",K    '"   lhe city,  wo   wish    to   unusual    ability,      As    real    estate \™L-"l     The wm-ks are looted   S   and comfortable, and tho horses are I !n*'    Being acuualntod with both tho | for cash,    and    can thus quote   th.
male In nt    mentlun of the   insluli-   aBpnts.auctl'oneers,   mining   nml   ,-,,,  I-
lion  which  is . ..n.l,,. led  l,v   Mr      ll    I'l"> ni"-iit   ugents   thoj   arc   lhe   most I,
Mills, tho pioneer shoo iloaler of Van    '''''K'^^'' "'•''   I'^nun n.   ,„,„   ,1,.,.
lias   been    established   here   for   soini
couver.     lb-  ia one of  lb-  "Old tim-   tune.     We are pleased  ,,,  |,u ublo t
eis,     I,living   fotiniled   bis   business   in    introduce   ibis      tin ,,.   ',,.,,p.,
IHM7   and   hushad   thirty-six     years Und   take   pleasure    i„     coinmendiuu
 V|..|l,l|. e    tbelelll. II"     ISttll      OX"      t||e|ll     t,,    Hi"    patronage    ,,l     ll
lensive  manufacturer  unu  dealer     in
\t .,o;i Clranvlllo street, is located
,0, . - •. 11,11 - li 111- ■, i.   that is familiar to
„.. nil .mil is popular wnb many ol
,,,,,- people. 'this is lb- establishment iii Hregorj und Company, auctioneers, real estate und mining bro-
i.,.is I in-y huve Ii—n established
here for a little less than two yours,
,ii„l it.re formerly engaged in thu
,,ii,. line at Dawson, Alaska, where
\b tiregorj wus government auctioned Ihey have a goodly sized
store and .. .s Blocked with a goodly bu.. of articles of all kinds, new
nn,I second-hand goods that makes
,l,i-  pl.o ,■  ol bargains  for   tin-   tbrifey
und ... .ui.,,,,,. nl house-wife.   All man-
ne,   .,i   furniture,   carpets,   linoleums,
hardware,  tools, cillery. Instruments
..... .I...I.I articles,  stoves und ranges,
,". me carried, and tin- pricos in
... i. department  are very   low. Th y
,il- i..'   a specialty    of   resideiital
-,il.- .mil p, iwtte and public an. -
lions have every attention, US Well
us dome considerable ol this at their
own store, Auction sales every Friday I ley also do a considerable
I,In ness   as   real   estate   and     mining
..!...! 1 lie    members    oi    I lie        III III
,,i.    Ml     II     .1     lllegoiy    and    Mis     M
I.   Ve II-  and   II,ev   haVO  bad  inn. ll Ml.
.ess iii 'in it undertaking,
lb., in,.re-.,  in „||  ih.ngs Japanese
...i-  v.. tl)    Increased sin. c   the liegin
n .ic ol    Hi"    present    Japanoso-Uus-
iiiii    vi,,   which   i"   proving  so  disus
'"ne   •..   the   Ileal,   and   ol   such  fume
.ml fortunate  oulcoming  the  sturdy
.Html.Hants .,[ ti,.- "land of the ns
.lie -on " All kinds ol wares are
n. uie imported from .lupnn in largo
.pi.,i,itiies nml being Iniroduced info
inll homes more and mole, and the
•o letj - nn.I extent of ihem is con
stoutly   increasing,      lhe   Saba   llro
ill,MS     .il"     e\le|ls|VO ll-llll'I'S     ill      tills,
.11}   in     .lapaiiese    fancy   g Is    ,,!
every  description,   leather  goods, dry
goods   in   large    variety,   rugs,   mill
ell I l,",v   . in i v   a   very   com
bi. I- and comprehensive Block of the
lin-si   in d   the  mora  n- dium  wine..
il". have been established lor two
■ ■•' bul have been in ibe prov In, 0
s.t s.une fourteen years. They are
'" tiled at HIT Hastings sire t. west,
"'I have u commodious establish
I is.   -I s  und   rubber  goods  of ull
t.in.is    ll,- ni.,1,,-s a specialty ..f log-
eers ,  piospe,'tors . und miners   boo.s      .,., , _____
u.i ,     c      ' h-  phenomenal     advanccmen     ..f
and   -lo..-   an,    carries  a    large  stock    ,. ,   .
, Van. ouver      i tiling    the   pas     i —in c
constantly   on liu.id in every   depart-. ,       , , ,,   , , .
,. has   been   general   in   all   branches   ol   |
hnesl   uiiiKcs in   the  mar- I
,_.,..        _   . ,        , ir Ti .       I safe    and    -I, lv 'the     lilies!      cur- , """"    »■ "<-'» -"- I"..'."    in    (ins   cn.v    nievery   low rale
1  !"'■-     rt'-yi »'    stret't.   and   the ablo *»'     '"."   -I'   "•' •       ' **'     *""M    ,ar    abJed   ,„  |JUV  his  wares to ihe  very thai   thev do  for goods  thut   ure  far
: prhVor;:^ -t t^-X^Z'' ,o i tt,,o,,° *'; sir'" «^
"I'V   ('.' ,S,s.8,,1l?eU,en,X!s   -mu **>»*»   °<   taLws  and   light    ex-   £«  %-'^"X'Z^ J, .' Zy^lttaTl^e tsortment
"   ' 't.t.1   work   | pie,   a.  gives P«"   Jo   un,    fro,,,   ul    parts   of   the         |et|     „„„„.  „„„„.,   „.,„,.,, h              ■         ■                      £,Z2     „
s  his at..-,,,,,,,, to seeing that  the work '  •>■      '    »   I'"'"1"'1   at  807  Abbott         s,„.h BaUsfaclioll in ,„.,.,,.,, „, ,?„„ ,rockerv    granlteware  and    Unware
ops always done rlghl   and   -l„. th-   -treetand the U'lephono ls 721. I  ty](J ftm, „,,„,, ,,, „,s  ,u ( ,(mHa ^ J>-  V£v™™ J™ ta™*
ing  but first-class  work  over     leaves ,.,.,,',,",.".   .       ,.-.             He also carries such oxcellenl brands variety   to suit all  purposes and pur-
hl- olllce.  '•    «    Ml M Ilr.l.I. „ CO.             a„   the   llu. kingbnnis   cravaU,   Cres- ses.     Mr.   II    Cragg is the able und
-   "   ~~   cent   neckwear,   Tooke   collars,   liar- genial  manager,    and  is well  posted
l.' fit     t()V .'  ......  ■        .i.,.,,..,, I.MlS I     11,11        1,,.!.. 11,...l O       .L...        ... ... '
o patronage ol  tho public , |n„  |,„, firsl-clnss  work
; ins om,
ii    ll    ALLAN.
ui .ni
I b.
sei. us w.-ii  in, his own manufacture,
w ill   he  found   here,  und lo  t In,so w le.
business  unit   in,lusti
.specially   marked   In   thc  old.
,,,   .more  staple  linos  ,,t   business,   ,
,ii.    hiird lo    it     or   part i.'ti ur,     this       . ,  .        ', .
|                 .    , i   which is the jew,-lev  trade in purticu
is   the   storu   to cull   ul    and     s|>-. nil    |mi.   unfl   iif   j ,_,'     . '
orders  win have   lho  promptest     and
^^^^   I'.   FII.ION.      ^^^^
Mr.    I'ili.iii   is   one   of   the   iipri tht,
'ojiniar  and     successful   grocers   of
'"'   llMS   I u   ,,,,,   city,   of  which   w- have so muny.
nd j He has a record for lirsl-iluss ser-
vico that isiuosl creditable, and ihur-
ing all  tho fifteen years that  he bus
lar  and   ,,r  special     Importance      A   i „ established   In  Iho   business    im
,   ',   ",;',",    ,"",,'', ,,'"■'■ J"'"1"in-ni   and     substantial   jewelry I this citv,    over -ought  to  give   his
""    ."     '!'!'.   I   ,s't „  s   '','r e,  vh-t,     S    '"'•"'"   "M -'"'"■",   '**  """    Patrons' Ih.-   bos,   cods   at   the   riidit
oiu.ed .,    IM  Hastings s   ,, wl.  e   wWch founded b)   Mr   O   ll   AI-,,riCeB,     iie.sboth     ..wholesale  and
ho has mui" store and a well  etulp    ,„„   ,„-„„   MX1,„.n   m,m,,s n-   ,,,,,,,    r   inRrocories   und   prodi-
1 I""   '•''■""■ii'>a..";.riu..-ofh.s   ,s   ,„„„„„,   „,    ,,„   0ranvflle   Btreet,l8|ons.     II- has the  trade of a  lure-
various  goods.     Mr.  Ml Is  is ,,  gen-   u|„.,,, ,„. ,„lS .,  ,,lm,l„„i]1,„s |,„,|,i,1;t,   nllnil)0r   ,„•     srrmii,.,-   dealers   in    the
tlemai.   ...   .borough   business  ipuilin-    .,,„,   „   has  |)pcn   ,„,,.,,   „_   ,„   fl   u.|v ^  ^ ^^ surrounding,  nnd
cations    and  bus conducted  Ins   os-   „,,,„,,.„,,,„   mannw   throughout.      He  carries   an    im nse  stock   for    the
lablisiimenl with prolit to himself, |g „ „,.„,,., ,n diamonds In all kinds supplying of his retail nn.l whole
""ll xatisfaeHon lo a largo patron :,lf s„,,iriL,s ,,,„, combinations, jewel-, business, ll- is located at 204 I'ar-
B0, I ry   of  -v.r.v  description,   clocks    and   rail street nnd employs six m-n. and
wiii,.|,.s  of  the  standard  makes,   -il-   free delh
ver   nnd   cold   wares,   line   art   goods
'the  best   cut-glass   wares,   liric-abrnc,   waited  upon  for  their orders nnd   a
lhe grocer  Is  the apostle ol    good    ,,„,   „     ,.,„„,,,,.,,.     ,,,„,   ,,,   ,,„.   bc,s,   ,,„., i„n v is   made   ,,f   fine   teas,    anil
makes of optical goods. Mr. Allan the best coods can over be found nt
eiv.-s Ins own personal attention to this excellent establishment. This
wai.'i    al,,I     jowelry    repairing,    in   is always  a  scene of  busy  activity
S    It    l.s| VUUUUK'E
lellvery of goods is oriven to all
•arls    of    the    city.       Families   are
cheer  and of   lho  distribution  ol  tho I
products >.i daily   life.     lb   is a nei
cesstiy   to the   w.li  .nd.■led     modern
community     und    carries  stocks    ..i
food products *.i constant  demand on
th.   pari   of i be     hoiisew ifu      in i
ih.- establish men I s winch finds much
favor with tho housewives .u ,h.-
vicinity is that which is conducted bj
Mi N K lOstubrooke and which is
loi ated al I I". I'owi II stro i. I Ins
slon has been established foi about
,i   year  and   i'  .-   a very   neat   and   ai-
(1,1,  live    pi,e e    where    the    liliesl   coo.Is
will  ulwuys  I..-  found.       AH   mann r
ol    Ial,,.'.    and    staple   gl in-,     pro
duce, fruits, etc, provisions, luble
d. lo .,. ies, etc., are always to pe had
h. i. and li. -ii. and ..I lhe Inch.- I
.piabty Mi Kslubrooku ,s ,|..,„g
.,   thriving   busjuesj   und  anyone   will
I >'. e, V e     p, i,1|||i,      it I 1,-1,1 11 ,f I     iill'l       I  (Oil
I is    I ,, ., i in. ,,.    lie,. I I"   al-o     Op-
"IlileS     ,1   II ee     ,|,  lively      WllgOll
It    I.    Ult.'_.
There is no , oinuiodity in the list
..i Idxuries lhal would lie missed t.y
a greater numliur ..( people as that
ot tob.o.o, in its various forms,
"'here is hardly a man who is nol  a
usi'i   oi   the.     Irogin 111   w I   in    some
form and even thu ladies are suid
to indulge in the pleasant whili ol
nicotine, over the city will be found
many establishments devoted lo the
sale ..i ilns most accessary article,
ond ..ne ol these which is entitled to
particular mention is Hues Cigar
stole whi, h will be found at 142
Cordova street, west. This Into
been established for flvo years, and
thu popular proprietor of this popular sioie is Mi It. I.. IC.e. lie bus
.. very complete stock of goods and
hero will I... found any variety ol
cigars and tobaccos from all lauds
and in great abundance, and ulwuys
,»e|it in cxi. Hint . on.iii ion. Mi
Ki... bus also a good collection of
pipes and  other  smokers'   articles.
, ———i , ,,        ---      larew
II- nlso carries such oxcellenl  brands variety   lo  suit all   purposes and  pur-
as   the   lluckingbitni's   eravats,   Ure* ses.     Mr.   II    Cragg  is the abb- und
cent   neckwear,   Tooke   collars,   liar- genial   manager,     and  is well  posted
Vancouver  may  well  look   forward  ringlon     Inns,     I.i.m   hn\>.   Hosbery on all  thai  pertains  lothis trade
to   agrand   and   remarkable  commer- h.u,,K-   W,    "j*"   SllV's   "'"'   "'"",7 „,„_.«.    ?	
, ,   .               . ,                         ,               'Crescent     shirts.     Strauss   overalls \MI.IIWH &   M0IH10W
clal  future.      lhe splendid  palaces  of   |.'(,„.n,.js gloves.   Per m  k10vp«   and n - —
commerce     wbuh   I     ,,(  our  chief ,„„   „n0  „f   ,>,., ,„ .   „nderwear,  as      While \„ ver can ..Her splendid
thoroughfares bear ample evidence to   „.,,ii   ,1S   ,|,-     ,, ,,,i   a I«      .lis ,                            ,
'"" exceptional e .prise „,„.    pro- ^'t Z# '  so 'ion ^S md ^wlulw k"   V"
gr-ssiv-n-ss  of  ,,„r   merchants     und  „n,,-.,ullv   aufad   and   varied   .,,,,1   ol ,      7            ,             h    """" ""
business men.   Those staunch   quail- Z?Tmjailtv SomW.iV ""","" "'usl Uu"   ""r
ties/tmlted into the highly favorable h'k     '  "Al"w ,wil   «'"i,,lv  ll"' ■"  '""   pro-
geographical    locution   of our   city,:
per   and     better     spreading   of     Ihis
the  prosperous and  growing country I ",I,N   W    VKVK  &  ''" '   UMITEIV   knowledge.     A  report  and statement
that   surrounds  us  anil   Ihe  imsiiroas-1                        . "'   "'"  I"'1'*'"1'   industries  thut   ur- lo-
■s!,.!,|i.,e,  pa.i,,tb,u pti    lea"eJVp^\    Among the mo-e soundly establish- cated    within    our limits and  whut
resources  and    advantages  possessed. "'1   "/, V"', ,\n!', ","7'  '""*   "hk'*J do    '"'"i, 'V"' "'" , ^"^   "'"'V   "'"
render  tho  present  progress and    fu- *hou''    «"■'"»''';'""'   ■"  a mlew     of doing will  be of the utmost  help   in
ture development of the trade, manu- "."' '>llhl""*s »""   industrial interests doing this good  work,  and 11   is for
failures and commerce of this   com
of  our  progressive     and     substantial   'bis  reason  that  we wish  to
0  mention
...unity a mailer of absolute certain-! .**'** ""■Vh!,''"? l>\ ''""k V'"' 1" ^llT^f ^ '.'XC"""nl "s"*l'li*i"-
... /,., , .u ■ . . i . r»_ I Limited. this well Im.nvn house ment which is conducted ut 38 (',„■
t . Hi.' of the tmpor ant factors in mum,fH(.„„,.s „,„, S1,ls wholeMtoi dova street, telephone 741 eLbv
our city and commtim ly is the well , .l„. ,, ,.n i.i_j. f Ms. ti , ■ , .. ' ' ' v
known house of Messrs! P. VV. Mit- ;l,,lh,n,? " ,"" Ku.'ls '".""■" antl "'fs', »"band and Morrow They
chell and Company, who are stor- ,,0-\s'h f"""" '" r u""^""\ K"'»^- ' '" "<l™^" shoe, metal workers,
age and manufacturers' agents. They n,,d " M ""' ,''a's, r IT"'*' business and manufacture all manner of pro-
represent a large number,if eastern c-'vers a 1 ,, 1 a.,.,,1,, ,„„■ the ,,la„ ducts in this line as well as uolng
manufacturers in various lines, esne- tic '" tho ' a"\, ,""' ""J*" '»'«" ,,||" " "«' 'JU'1 . Ihcy t,av" """" -
dally canned goods,  starch,  Cnlifo.- warehouses  al   Montreal   and   WInni- Ubl.shed In this   Ine for seven years
.    ,    ,                            -^                          , ..nin fruits.     Thev „re located at  139   [**'.   Their clothing factory  nl Mnn- and have, from the first, found their
win, I,   1„-  ,s ail  expert   ol   recoeii, .-.I  and  ho  transacts a  very   large  husi-   Water street,  where thev have a fair I ,n'ul ,s "" l'".',':1'      '"',             ",',"'d ",    '' "'V',,"'"'11" 's '" """'h demand
^.!"'..''?r...!!n  J?"1.K!:'!:  '"s  '"s"""    n.ss    with   prolit    to  both  customor'ly  rommodious  store   room  and     a  "' .i.a,'a,|:'    .     !'l..i\!  ■'! J'1!:""''.. 7!u" .!n",.|M'!^ ."!'" ,_omp!oy<xl,   ln. their
well appointed office.
•rs  uniform  satisfaction.
and dealer.
IJARR  ,v   AMiKllStiN
\"...ng the thoroughly reliable
plumbing establishments in th- tiiy,
.vim I, deservo mention In theso col-
oiuis, thero is none to which we .an
i. '•.' wnil more pleasure than tin
:' in   ol     Messrs.   Ititrr  ^   Antler on,
11'  gentlemen  are  located  at   ill
Hastings street,  west, and they have
l.eell   doing   business   in   ihis   city   foi
 ight   yours      ihey  display  an
■ (tensive  stock   of   bath  tubs,   sinks,
water closets,   bowls,   gas  and  heal
ing    fixtures,     and    all    manner     of
plumbing and  heating supplies   nnd
Hxlures.     Messrs.   Hair   &   Anderson
"" thoroughly expert plumbers with
'It.u.iiigli   Knowledge   of   the   lionting        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
problem, etc..  and  they give person-1exacting profession, nnd among them
nl     u|ierv ision   to   nil   .ontia.ts   en   i a   marked   success   has  been   attained
trusted   In   Ihem   for   execution.     The 'by   M.     John    Carroll!,    who   is   well
"".iibeis uf the firm are Mr.  M.  J. known for  Ins  lino merchant   tallot
Hurr  and   Mr.   ,|.~:.   Anderson,   and ing work.    II- is located at 37  lias-
nicy   employ   twenty-two  skilled  men lings  street,  east,  und  tor six yeurs
lo    assisl    ih-m   in   iheii   numerous has    l n    catering  ...  a    fii'Bt-class
operations. trade,     lie  is  a   skilled  tailor,   with
 0 ,  much   judgment   and   good   taste,   and
l'l IK CAMIHHDUI'* IIOUSK. the gur in-   thill   aro made by  him
 . have n superior  finish und style ami
I'rnvclurs  ol   lo.lav   are often     not 111   thai   Is  nol   ol nod  by   tho    or-
Pus-esscd   of   too  ureal   a surplus  ol diiuiO   tailor,     He   has   live  compo-
.IOIIN  ( AUItld.l.l.
tiuoiig Hi- vocations requiring u
bicli d.g.ee ol itul.irul tabuii. as well
as   refined   lusle  and   thorough   prat
I U'al     e\J,e, O II- <*     111     01 ll" I      I O     iiclllev e
prominence Iherein, must I..- included
lhal .a ibe tailor. Ibis is too well
established by the success of those
win. itie superior m taste and judgment ami --ill to require verification
ill those columns. Vancouver has a
number of talented exponents ,,i Ihi
i.i,I   helpers,   and   employs   none    but
union   lubor.
money   nml lho   tp.OStlon   as   Iii   where
I ,iiu   gel   good   in . onunodiit ions for
II i"u^o.ll_bio___i_ix_l.-_i aic—uiy . .os uu j- sss ° —
"n I'm lain    one    to    Ihem        for     thoj J.   W111TK.
Pi.sl   four or  live  months,    Mrs.    K.
MfCnnnol, has 1 n conducting an - Wo aro glad lo havo tho foaturos ol
...lib hm, in    t|,„t    ,s „   satisfactory   those   dear to    us preserved In    tho
 uvei   to this  question  and  her  os-  for  photogruphs and wo natural
bibllshnient  is meeting every demand I Ij  desire when we have our own work
"I  Hie public  in  the requirements   of  done,  to huve    ii whore    the    artist
first-class hostelry. The Cum
bridge House Is located al 54 Ilns
tings street, west, and it contains
thirty rooms which havo boon fitted
"I1    in    u vory  n-nt     manner.     Tho
 no.   aro   spi.•mildly    furnish,'.I    nnd
"lev have many of the accommodations of mod,'in hotel lllo nnd am
nl nil times cozy ond comfortable,
nn.I ih- house is well kept through
out. 'Ih- house Is newly furnished,
". I is nver.v desirable lodging nnd
"" id"..",' pluc- ami Mrs. McCniinol
''as hud a goodly potronngo.
M \ its 11 A  l.l'.W IS.
no of lhe most   Important   Indus-
I ''"- in    his sod ion  is  thai   of    the
',,"'''"'      Armies  of  men,  fleets     of
^"'.1 .   millions of capital  nnd  vast
/Inbllshinents    nre engaged  iu     the
rnuiny   linos ..i     illrocl  nnd  resulting
inditsli'lns.     Tho consumption of this
pn,,In, i  by-tiiir own people us aloud
has also grown  lo  n large extent and
ue    find   numerous    establishments
which are devoted to Ibe bundling
nul  retailing of Ibis important   fond.
Messrs.   Marsh  nnd   Lewis  have   | n
established here for about a year,
and Ihey are dealers in fish, live or
dressed poultry mid game n. their
season. Thoy also make o specialty
ol  fresh eggs.     They  are  to  tie found
-,i    ', |8     Hastings  sti I,  east,    nn.l
Ihey have ti very neat shop which is
kept scrupulously neat nnd clean
Their various products aro"*kopl in
tho sweet."1 and froshoBl condition.
The members of the firm lire Mr. t\
Marsh and Wc K- LowlB, and thoy
,.r- luipuli.i   with a large patronage
will secure a faithfulness and also
the posing will give on- the most sat
isfylng and well appearing position
ond pose. Such nn urlist is Mr. .1
While, lho leading photographer ol
th- city, and Is also lho pioneer artist   of   Vancouver,   This  gcntloman
has been doing a good business in
this city for .-ome seventeen years,
and bus u largo and handsome studio. TllO reception room is very
pleasantly fitted dp nml lho gallery
hns I ti fitted up with ull the modern conveniences and devices ol tho
profession for doing lhe bory best
work. He is located at 11 Cordova
street west, and this Is always a
scone of busy activity, The display
of   woil,   here   shown   is   evidence    ot
ihe    artistic    wormanshlp    ol    Mr.
Wl.iie uml bis puli..Huge has always
been a satisli. o and growing one.
C.   A.   I,KIT.
Mr C. A I.-I l. vvho bus lor many
years I,-en u.tivv ns o real estate
and insurance ngent, bus n line office    a.   |;M   Hastings  si reel,   west,
nnd has I n doing business here for
lho Insi eleven yours, nnd hus throe
assistants In addition lo his own
attention and Hmo given to busl-
„.,s.      iie    bus    money   to  loan  In
lurgo  and  smull   amounts  and   writes
f the largest   overall  factories in the   plant  and this is  well equipped with
City of  Vancouver,   Ihe products   of  the    latest and best machinery,   and
which  are  nscd  all   throughout    .his   Ihey    arc     nrepared    ... Mt-cuin „n
prov ince and  the  territoi ies,  th
in-nis being made with  special
oil"-  to tho  n—ds   of the  local
and   industries.
Mi W, .1. TaalTc, lhe rom|
uiaiia-er for It <' . one of th.-
capable and enterprising bu
men  of  V.-in. novo,-,  has done m
ret,to        I lie colli!.inIV 's       ej'ea
.^rowing business in thi", prov
The company ... ■ upies a large
story s'.ine building and carry
largest nnd finest nssurtmel
these foods io he found in 1
(111 ISPIK .v  CO.
ci.i nn .d srr.u wit
I'< ., S! \te.   II V Out'-  ,      ! lie     llOUSC       Of
('bibb .xt  Slewal i   ha- I n  the lead
ing   I'-iabli'hine.ii   dealing   in
ace  . n.i 1,1 d   to  maintain   one  of    the mosl   complete  that   can  be obtain. <l.
finest   window  displays  to  be     found   A   mosl complete   line of   trunks   and
in th-  U.si.      I'll- stor-  is tomplote-I valises  is carried  and  all the    latest.
ly  stocked will, a fin- line   of   up-to-' no < cities   and   conveniences   in     this
I date  clothing,   in   all of   the  medium   line may bo  found  here,  and  the   es-
I"1'1-,,,!!!!  lines)   grades,  und it   is  the head-    tnhli'hi, i-m   has ever  been  noted   for
ii-  and fmin-bine  for mm and ehil-   quarters In 'bis vicinity   for   youths'   reasonable    prices,       Mr.  W,   H.   P.
.        in ti,,. city .f   Vancouver.      Lo   j :"!l'  children's  clothing  and  furnish-1 CI ubb mid  Mr.  A.  M.K.  Stewart are
,,lr , i   ..a     '"Hs'   while   ihe siock  of  ,noil's   fur-I ih-  members  of   this  prominent firm
'"'■''    '"   dllll—dla   lias.nigs sireei,   „js|,jngS    |,,|ls    caps,   shirts,    under- | and  thoy are two of our most  popul-
b-y   ... ciipy   a bug-   floor   spa -   nnd     wear,   neckwear,  etc.,  i.s the Inst  and ur und respon Iblo business men.
. I.K   IIAItliU ARK   Hi.
Of the viteious linos of commerce
whoso combined intlucnce has e.xeriod
such a bonollciul cli eel upon our general trade, none ure moro important
than ..ur lumber industry. this bus
been oi  v,,si   importancu In ibis  t'n
i in..
,     I.-    ..-.,—, ni.i,.     lloleil     loi'
.  > In    lllei'vltlltilc   -smb. 1.-.11-
..   li       till '        li.,        I'lOUlillelli
.   lul    in-   e.\. v.n ,.i    tittj    ill
l,,..,,K    is   ouppiluu.    in     ail
>   ones in  iiioi ^ ..ti.aii.se.   iii-
ume  for  many'years  and  has  boon   "■""•""   uuainuhs  is  espe-uaui   w-.i
steadily   glowing   in  volume and   ni-   "."-.i."..    ...    uiu   unit   u.   v.vo.g-
|Uf.        I Ins lilts   nlso   given   llseto    re-     ....,,..,.,    v o,n,.„ii,. ,   LAUnlou,
sultaiit    industries     and   professions     "    '""*    '•'''"   ("""H   uubiucbs  ...
and ben of untold assiblanco ... '""* '"' "" ""' '"•' .v.''1"', und
many ways to tho province, ihor-,"" ' hi'"-nuiti osiauii-uueui is iuu
oiighly representative in Its own ""•'"' '" -' i-oruovu suuut, uuu
line iif business is the l'a.ersoii   Tim-; '"-"     -"-'     v-iuiinllu     sti—i,   i-UH-
l„.|-  i- pniiv   ot  ibis city   which  has   '"*"'     ""'■'   "" ""  uuiuunuu uusmoso
been eslnbl'isheil tor u number of '"'" '"'"."'"'"l clui'hb uiu empioyeu
veins. Ihey lire localid Hi 140 "* ''"' vieritul wuik ol alle„oiiiK to
Hustings   street    west,   opposite     the    ''"'   ""'...■...■'.-   p.iuons   .Inn   „,,.   „-,-
Province building,  nnd lho mombors   '"   a"    ".iuis   ,,i   thu   uu£.inu»o uay.
of   tbe  company   nre   Mr.    I'.      Cuter. ••■'"   ...•..,...ti.,    is   ii   siKto.,,.,,,    oi   u„.
son, 11. S. A., business manager, "'" """ "' ' '" ■ ..liter, and are
and   ulsu   Provincial   I.ogs.nler,    und    ""    ami    favorubly,   known   in   ih
Mr,   W,   limes  I'aterson,  hydraulic en. '"''   busincsl   circle-..      Ihey   curry
gtneer,   camp  B.iporlntcndonl,  cruiser 'urge 1.1  builders  sholf and heavy,
and -sti.nn.or.     ll.is tompnny  is one hardware, a complete stock o! every
,.f  the largest  operators In  the log- lhl,"B ''"'   furnishing of the home,
glng industry in this Province,  hai- paints, oils and varnishos, otc. Thoir
ing n number of large plants at work stock  is very complete und bus been
on   lho  const.      Ini-nding   purchasers seloctoil   With  great  cure  to  meet  tho
of   timber  lands  cun  roly   on   their Ull"'s  '"   ''"'   ,nul''  in   lhm"  Hnesl
estimnles  of  whut   limits  contain   as nnd ihe quality  of  lho goods  is hig
thoroughly  reliable,  ns  ihey  make    j and  pines  moderate,
specialty of cruising nnd estimating,
Logs      and     timber     limits   are   also
bought   and  sold.
.1.  A.  HOllDKlt.
Vnn'ouver    is    unrivalled    I,
other  city  of its size in  this s
of   the  country  as    a center  i.
distriliiit ion   of  ull manner   of
duels  of repiiluhlc  nian.ifacturi
intete.t    ihnl   has   developed   ll
t, nsivi     proportions    i.s  that  .
lewelry   ', .id ■,   und   one  of i hc
most   houses   in   ilns   line   is   th
M.-ssis   Ornsvic und Company.
eer  watchmakers  and   evvelors,
nre lo nt. tl at  HIS Cumbin strco
posite  the   \r n le,   nnd huve be,
tnbllshed  in  business  ,n Ihe i-it
-oui"   nine'.'' n  y ears,   and  ;.'•■  .
the  first   and  pioneer houses ot
city,     Ili-h  /nol"  Wallhain an
gin   iiiovetti.tiis  arc always  kep
stock   an I    the    i i est    and    in,
Grade cases      Th    popular Hull
fi.-iul     Stai  I..: i   I'll"   Hai
Wu'. h is nlso in stock ntul lho
oxpert t'ni.li and jewelry rcpu
Al work is trunrnntced and is s
l.v first-class nnd the charges ar
derate Chronometers are a,I.i
nn.l al! manner ot repairing ul
olrv will have the best attentiot
dors by nun! have prompt ntti
and a fine st,,. k of jewelry, art i
tine .ut glass, gold nit.I silver v ,   . . -• -----   j  !>• -
etc    are carrieil here in large variety   '" ""' transmission ... eoods through
 ,  tho customs department of this city
•mi!  Cllis-i-  . Milium "ml   1K"'t       'lht'y    ,''llr<'!"'nt  a  laree
II1IJ   I [HM       MHK ''•'■■; number of eastern  firms nn.l  n  mi.n-
AM.   PARASOL lAUOin.   ,„.,.   ()f   tftoge   ,n   Qreat    ]lr.|a.n   ^j
oihi'icouniri-s    as    well,       A    laree
The first  umbrella and parasol tec- nurnDer ,,( consignments   of   various
tory   in   Hritish    Columbia   «as   es-   ki„(|s  Q, merchandiso  are often  sent
tablished by  Mi    li gf hunoM ana  ,lu.m fmni tilm, to tllm, from house,
is  located at   >i-   Cordova street,  in   whh   whil,h   th(jy    hftx_ (0nn[,ctioI1_
the   Sullivan   block.     I!.-  muKOS    all   an(1   tnev   haV(1   hllj]|   up   ft  VBry  ex_
.aimer of goods in   tlu-s      ''    ''"'    tensive business In their various lines
oes   a   very      extensive  and   varus    of   ,,ll(1,.„V|ir.      T,,n„l(,h   .,„.ir    ,„a
Mr. ,1. A. Ilodder established him-
seli at To Cordova street, west,
about a year ugo, and he has been
successful in gaining the favor of u
good patronage from the beginning,
and he has been steadily winning the
favor of a larger and linger list of
patrons who find at his store a well
selected stock und courteous and
prompt service on all occasions. Mr.
Hodder has lived in the province far
over sixteen years und is un unliable
gentleman who Is popular with his
muny customers, There is nothlnjj
more delicious nnd tempting iu the
candy nnd confectionary lino than the
goods carried by him, and tho finest
fruits     of every   description   nre    ulwuys on hand  in  their proper  season
nnd   from   muny   climes.      His    stock, ,. .      ,     k    —     --     •,*-•»_■.■
>f   cigars   i.s very   complete   and     in- | tents  und   novelli-f '',..".,   Th''   sl"1'''   has   gained   the   coiiliden
do-™  ..   >-...     ■•  •,,,,„     ,„„, ui   ou.ieuvor.     iiirnugn  tii.ir   many
business.       Lad!.-      unibniias    ann vol,,.s  of    hono..aole    dcaiinhs    they
parasols are carried and made to or- have   ,.0|1||,    I()    h                                ■
der  In  all  styles,  shapes and colors, sta-d|n    ,„  ,h|s  S(Vtjm|
or  made  to order  in suit costumes. __ 	
llnbv carriage para-..I- are io be bad I..   CIIXPMAN
in even   style nml shade and umbrei-  '_
Ins   nnd   parasol-,  ore  recovered    for ,„  |00|j|n- ovor  Ihjs rovjaw  „f  ,|„,
one dollar uml upward   a. oi'.ling to ,,,,„,      business     Interests   t entered
tho   quality     of     th "T     'lesired. p,.,.,^   Wl.   u|sh   ,,,   mak|,  s|„,r|„|   „„.„.
Ladles'  ami    gentlemen»   nmbreiins tion ol tho line establishment of the
and   parasol .   with   steel  rods,    may aoovc  r-,.f,.n.,.,|   ,,,  gontlemnn    who  is
be had    for tii'iv   rents and upward ,,, ,„. folind ,,, ,.,,,-, Has,|„krs gtl.ooti
nnd   ihey     are  sold     nl   the  lowest    „h,,„.  ||r  h|s , „   fof   th(l  |JBJ|1    nf
rutes    nnd   rhenpe.    than   mywhoro iwn years, and where ho has ono   ol
Is,-.     Hepiiir.nc   is  ,.   sp.-. ..iii.v^   ten t|„. ,|M,.s, dothlng nnd gents furnlsh-
-nts   and   up,   and   all   I "   "''   Pa-    ,IU;S   goods   slor-s      in   in
cludes the best makes and all thosolat all times, \lt SI mun* has had
various grades and makes that have twenty-five years' experience in l.on
been found  popular  with  his patrons,   don.   Paris,   llerlin and  Vienna.
11. 0, H1C1UKR.
i in- of the .jewelry bouses win. h
muy be justly entitled to more thun
irdinnry   attention   by   our     readers,
in    the
Tho  Insurance and real estate fields   if lhal  which i.s conducted by Mr. (■
aro  well  covered   In   this    llj   by    a   '■    lligger,     who  is  a wholesale and.
class of men  of the  highest   standing,   retail     dealer     In jewelry  and  allied!
strictest   Integrity,   und   most      hon-   lines  on  a bug- scale      lie  has been
orable  business  methods,    They    arc  established     in tins     city   Cor   throoJ
acredil   lo the community   us  well as  yonrs,  nnd  is located nt   to'-i  Cordo-'
the  profession everywhere,  und    thoj    vu streol,     Ile has u large and spitc-
are  eiiiei'iirising   and   uggl'essivo,   Mr.   Ions     I,ml.ling,   and   the   interior     Is
.1.  IC,  Ooorgo bus been -siiiblisb-,1 In   hundsomely     nrrangeil and  a     large
(bis   Hn-ior   Ib- pnst   year   nml    bus   and   valunblo  Block   is  displayed  innj
b—n   very   successful   In  establishing . mosl   ploasing  manner.    WatChos    ol
n   good     business.        He   handles   all   th-  best   works nnd the  finest    cases,
kinds    oi      property,    buying,    selling   a 'well      us     those     of mure   medium
uud   ren, ing.       'arm   and   city     pro-  grades,  clocks,   jewelry   ,,i   all   kinds,
p-rlios   of   every   description   lire   list-   silver   and   gold   wares,   optical   goods
e.i with him nnd ho bus trexfuontly In huge assortment, art goods, brio
bnrgn.ins -i a vary desirable charac-1 tt-brac, line cut-glass wares, rings in
lor to oiler tho investor as Well ns nil sellings from diamonds to the
tho horn '-seeker. He hits lived in , elicit per precious stones, and the
iho ci.y for a number ol yours nnd | plain gold rings, otc. Sp-.-ial at-
is w-ll  posted on ibe  properties  nnditcntlon is given  i,. expert   ropalnlng
^^^^^^^^^     • Is I
ol all ,'ur |»'..ple by the sterling
bu.ylnt'8s principles of tho mnnage-
ni,-nl, which In ihis case is Mr.
Chapman himself, as ho has full and
sol,- control of all lhe business transactions ol the store He carries a
full Im" of goods Imported from England   dire.,,   and   which   have   always
I id.i iho attention mui admiration
Of nil who love fine clothes. Complete I ravelling outfits are for sale,
and   ti   specialty   Is   made   of   Dent's
gloves,   and   Christy's  hills,   both too
well   known   to   require  more   than   a
mere men.ion ul our ha.ins.
\  \SCi.l \ Kit   MII.1.1NK11V   CO.
\RMH TRONH- -TIIK .11 AVK1.KU.       solvos readily    lo     '!'
  j pointments  of  lhe stor
\„„,ng    iho    snbsitiiiiiiii   h..sii. ss   tlstlc  mTuiiL'-in. nt  oi  .K   ■,';;„,, ,v,    i ,i,-„, ,„•-»oiks „f art nnd art
stock cnrrl v -Mr   M"'^",;..   "](   ,.v,,n,,i  by  any.      Tho  latest   crea
Viin. nuv er has  a   number ol  millinery  parlors, nono ol which ur- bettor
u   n,ore widely  known than the Van-
,.,,'ver   Millinery    Company.      This
splendid    place     is    owned   by   Mrs.
i Moor- and Ihey have been wldel.l   pu
' I roni/.'.l   Iron,   lhn   lies,   establish,,,en,
I hero,  son,,, t tvo years ngo.       My th-
[ iniilii-—.  and   stylish   work,   uml     lho
'oxcellenl siock  lhal   they curry,  th-y
have   bu,lt up it most enviablepatroo-
ngo.     The parlors,     which  aro   well
.1.'-...'-I     up- ! appointed In every sense of the word,
mil iho   ar-   nre   the   mosl   popular   In   the  city.
,,  handsome i Ih-   toilettes   uml   huts   produced   by
linos Ihat   lloull-ll   Hero   in. '.' It,',' .......-    ,.,,...     ,• llUll'IO      of excelled    b.v   llll.V. The    latest    creil
worthv   of     ntlon  than  the ostab-   Isnii expert Jeweiei   unu lions  in  the  fashionable centers are
lish .1      of   Mi.    II.   K.    Vr.nstrollg, . repairing   all kimis   0    J-■ '       , v „l vv nvs nblain-,1  h-r- direct l.v .    lints,
the prominent Hastings street   Jewel-   the most simple to in   " r  hnH one tnmm-d  with   iinsurpossed  lovllnesi
or.        'this   bus   been   one  of Vnncoii- j of   Crea h   clocks,   ol .ilver- •".'I   lasfc,   lintrlmmod  huts  us    well,
ver's I ling' bouses  lor Hit.  lust  six 1 of ihe finest  lines or tut go ^{^ (rn-ihors, arttflclni flowers, Ulnunln«s
years,   mui   Mr     Vrmstiong   has   long ware.   Jewel,'.,.   »n".'"'?. .' "|„ tl, • citv ribbons,   laces,  etc.,  nre here  in great
boon considered one ..lour most pro-1 ling silver novelties, etc.,,       ^  y,j8 variety.    This  elegant   parlor   in   to
gressive und up to-date business men. ( and   precious   stones     •'•'«       o),ta|n fie found at   I'J.'l llasllngs street east,
The  premises  occupied  tne commod-  establishment   are   uie    » (in(1 js ||l(i ||[|)S| p,,^^ jn thP cityt
Ions     and    modern,  and    leuil I hem- I iibl THE WESTERN CLARION
-aturday, Sept^y*,
0,  PLATE _LA__ &
f. 0. wi__f;pt.
An Interesting fuel thut has been
conspicuously prominent iu gathering
the material ol this review ol \ uu.
couvsT uud her mun.luld interests,
and one which is particularly grail-
lying a- ii is interesting, is tuo
presence here of so many large cou.
corns which have, from moderate beginnings, yrovvn and expanded from
yeai- to yeur, and ever incieased the
receipts ol then' operation , thus |
loriuing u most practical
to Uie character uud ever
Vaocouvcr ranks today as one of
the leading cities of the Pacific
Northwest in many lines of effort and
endeavor  and  is  showing  n remarka
ble growth  in
her   industrial,     come!
illCi , .ISilig
prosperity of the community us a
whole,    A  conspicuous example and
Iration of tbe loregoiug is found
Columbia   iijus.s   and
w _    ,.. ..   Limited,   which
illu ^^^
111   the   British
Importing i ompany
been establislied  ai   the p.esent
lo ..lieu, .'i.'l- Hastings struct,
lor   two   years,   bul   hat        u
business 111
.vjs.s.    They
vies l,
^___________-    __fl
th, tiij for u DiuuiKii of
^^^^^^^ arc dealers and itiiporl/-
ers of j.la'c, -li,'. t, n'ired uud luucy
glass ai,d ai.- ninnufat'lurers of art
glass in all tu an ina. briiibh inir,
rors, bevelled or plain, may nlso he
l.v.l. 'ihey I,ave a very complete and
well selected Mc k nnd they ... a
lar/.c business in their various
l,ran, lies, ihey have a uel) 0t|UippeU
woikrootn in ihe real ol lhe building
auti -'j nun are employed iu their
.-lino and work room, I'hej also
take contracts for all manner ol One
and plain painting and iheii repula-
iion for superior goods und tiork-
inaosliip is ol lho highest. Mr. A.
I', liogardus is the manager
nou-o and Mr, Charles (
the secretary-treasurer.
merciul and business department-
Its manufacturing interests ure of
great importance and tho various
fields ure well covered. In its ske-
ciui  line,   ii loading  establishment  Is
that whhh is operated b.v Mr. T. B.
Winnett, vvho is an extensive manufacturer of hearses, bucks, carriages,
carts, wagons, trucks, and all manner of Vehicles. lie bus been engtig.
ed in this line of business for some
twenty years nnd has been established In his present location at the
nc   of Nelson and Granville
We must not forget that our restaurants and cafes ure un important
element In 'he business make-up of
the city,   and   that   they  are  -special
.ortliy    of   consideration   in
review.    Thc slate of the service
accommodations  for  permanent
resident patrons is a matter of much
Importance to -very community, and
wo are well sorveil  in tl's respect In
this   city.      Ono   Of   the     lacs   which
is alwavs up-to-date and oxcollont ill
its service is the Toronto ColToe Palace. This ologant place bus a seating capacity of fifty people, anil lhe
dining hull is lit led up in a very
pleasant mannor and is kept scrupu-
cor-' loiisly clean nnd n-nl. A lunch
streets counter,   tables,   etc.,   aro  provided,
Tho   business   of   the  jeweler   is   al
ways an important  on- in  the com-
iiiiini.y.     The   profession  of   the   o|>-
ticiun  is  one  that  concerns  Uie  wel-
fare of many in the community.   To
properly     attend    to    both   of   these
lines of effort  is one  that  calls
high qualifications.    This is the
son   Ihat   we  aro glad  to  include  in
this    review     Mr,   <!.   VV.   I'rimmett,
who i.s one of our well  known jewelers  and  opticians.     He  has  been  established  hero   for   only   it   year,   but
is  n  skilled   and     expert     workman.
ai  768 GranvtllO street,
^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^      a  vory neat  and hand-
i this business is that I some establishment,     II-  is  nlso  an
Cascade  Mills,  limited,   expert    vvutcli   repairer   and   sutisfac-
In   this  review   we  nre  endeavoring
to give our readers a true presentation of the order und importance of
our   resources  in   all   branches   of   |n-
his [ diistry    and    business      mill     in    the
and I Hades.      The     number     of      different
and I businesses und Industries and trades,
thoir Importance and what Ihey are
doing, Iheii- facilities and resources,
are mailers Unit nro of vital interest to readers of this review. Within Hie limits of this edition will be
found a largo number of different departments,   but
fo    about   five  months.      lie  has     a  und   it   is   n   i
large  shop,   occupying   I wo   Moors    of: for   patrons.
a   ommodioua    building, uml it    is I Carrall  street
thoroughly  equipped  with   Hie
ai I latest   machinery,  tools and   np-
pl.niccs for bis trade.     Ile   employs
scon  people  in bis shop,   besides giving his own  attention  to the business
ost   comfortable  place
It   is   located  at    200
nml   six   people    are
best I employed in the various depart in,■nts,
The proprietor  is  Mr.  T.   L.   Lennox,
and   he  has   had   I borough   experience
in  lhe art  of catering and is satisfied
wilh   only   first-class   service.
^^^^^^    that   of   the  lumber
.ng   business   is  probably   one  of  lhe ille is locnted
most   Important  in every  rospoct.    A j where he bus
leading firm
known  ns  Ih 	
This large plant has a daily capacity tion in these linos is guaranteed for
ofonohundrod nnd twenty thousand Mr. Orlmmott is satisfied only ivith
shingles, Fifty people lin.l employ- tho very best. Mr Grltnraetl ear
in-nl in the mill mid the ninnufuo- ties n full lino ,,f the best makes of
ture of shingles is confined to that -locks ami watches, all manner' of
..I  th- red c-dnr variety,     Mr.  .1.  I),   jowelry,     tin-  cut   glass,  silver     and
Tail is th- manager of tho'busino!
.ni,I b- is a gentleman of oxperioni
and judgment   in this business.
gold wares,
of optical  g
and a complete line
oi standard  menu-
of     111-
I.ens   is
'it..' lumbering industry ol Ihis section has been growing In importance
lor many years and lhe value ol this
int-i-st io the Cily of Vuncouvc. can
bai.il>' bo over-esiiniat-il. The iini-
ouni j|l' capital thai is invested in
the vflHious opera,ions is euorinous,
nnd an immense oumbcr ol working-
men uud employment ia thu many,
and varying operations of this business. Some of the largest coiiipun-
les in the province arc engaged in
this line nnd some of the larg i .umber inil.s In Ihe world ore in ilri
tisli Columbia. Certain, it is that
wo have stun.' of lhe largest and must
valuable forests producing woods of
recognized superiority for muny p -
poses nnd our lumber is shipped all
over the world. The Red Cedar
Lumber Company, Limited, has been
established for five years and they
are located on Powell street, ihey
ara manufacturers of fine cedar lumber, shingles und laths, nnd employ
ufty people In their small plant. The
mill is thoroughly up-to-date und fitted up with the most modern machinery. It has a daily capacity of
one hundred and twenty thousand
shingles and ten thousand feet of
lumber. They cut nothing but cedar
and cf the best kind, und their product has ii wid- reputation for its
many excellent qualities.    Mr. .1. H.
't'iltit, is ih anagur of the company
and  an  ablo and conservative    business man..
—. o .	
is open
u  very
cafe   at
Is made
at   11 :ui
is a strictly Drst-class bouse,
..pelated on model lines in every re-
,iecl. it will be found at ihe corner of Can.bie and Cordova streets
...d it ha.- been ui.cn to lho public
for Ihe las't live yeurs. Mr. H. D.
Melviiuion its .he able manager ,.u.i
a fji'iiuoiw-n of much experience und
knowledge of the business, li
holh day tad night, and it is
plea-ant aid comfortable .
which to diie, A specialty i
of their uicphnnis' lunch
lo 2 o'clock, and it meal ticket may
be had here for $4.50. The building
occupied is luge nnd spacious
It has been specially fitted ..
the .afe, ard the latest and
equipment is found throughout
finest foods are secured und tin
prepared In a wholesome and dainty
manner and served in their most appetizing form. A special line of tens
aud coffees are obtained from the Direct Importing Company, Hnd
ter's best meals are supplied
special contrail. The [loyal
furnishes their purest milk nnd
and IV. H. Walsh's finest
xce Used exclusively. No ad
gjods are permitted and tu
tntes, and the lined meals In the
c.ty aro to be had hero.
 o —
In giving a business review of lite
various interests of Vancouver in
the many lines ot Industry, merchandise and of the profession-,, it' would
be very Incomplete were wo to omit
for j our    largest   and    best    department
roil- I store, the Woo,Iwn,d I'-partincnl
Stores, which will be found at tho
corner of tl as lings ami Abbott
.streets. This immense ..-.tublishiiioiit
occupies a striking und line appearing brick block and live large lioors
are Idled with their Immense siock,
and th-y have u 'vry larg- Iloor
urea. A store ol this kind is it
smull Village in itsolf and h-r- will
be found combined under one roof,
fifteen different si ores and tho slock
includes practically i-\n\ lino ol
merchandise for tho purposes of man.
Within Its doors a small army of
people are engaged in attending upon the wants of Iho great hosl el
people that come here to do their
shopping in Hn- various stores or
departments that arc housed in ilns
structure. Tho stock is arranged In
u very B.vslomalic ami pleasing manner ami lho utmost system nnd or
dor and  convenience of arrangement
and     handling     pi.•vails      I hroiighoul
th-    establishment.       Tho    utmost
COMPANY <„, qAN"-'
1 his > oiiij.uii.i   i   (J|M, .
tablished  and    rel able     '   "-i
writing insurance'toduv ",*'"' >■%
•rgani/ed  ami   ,,, ,, ..,„ .'"     ,
Courtesy and
• \i-i\ natron
promptly, nml
livery,   syslo.ii
Hie   pall.ni-    i,
this    i
ho-,   Ii.
it1 11 ll! loll        is    sill
-    wants    fl
II  organized
s  ihe orders
uml   b
.VV 11
In oil p.ill
.ltd.li hno->i> hits In
for <iv et i vv only
n located at its pn
for i wo y eurs, steadily gr
evpandine nn.I ii,l tag in u
m. nis from i lino ... Iinn
ha-    reached    lliu   present
III      eV
•     ami
ni  th
V -ill   .
I'S-lll     pillow lie;    an,
until     i.
us I   pro
"■I'liittn,   '
'Illl-tV ,,       *''
under tho name ,,,
I mil Life Assuiaiu,
il carried for over
III- local ollices
F— block, vv ill, VI,
as  ninnug-r   for   it.,
"veral ca,  Z %%%*. ^
ants,   Mr.     Twlss   I,,     !„   '     ,.
i   ,."".'             '    "..■  \l,, "1
UolumWo | .,   .«
1st   ol   progressive"'S_
eeiu I. ...       ,,,   i .        "till i
expansion of
• iii demands ... hi
largo private ollic,
oral private ollices
■""•ease    J'^
company    UiroHighoui   ,.'
of Hritish Col
on    lhe   li
tussful agencies,    i„ .,,„„-;
rooms   in   ill,.,   |,i,„      M   l""
"li"1"  '"    I''***';i ".. fort,,;
^^^|S,    ui.I  I
' '"'"I". ll,.,
'or liiiiN|
  fur hIK
«_-*«*■-*.   0   u.linn     ',.
convenience ol i„,:„ ,iMd *U.',*J|
a  de|..i,i„u.n|
»«=tod with thc'iiu",;!!.s!!c ',ur
I'Oii.'..      .Mr.
tion of  ihe company 8 „I":''N
"""" in   Uio  local  | '
ago, nml tie .it, .. ... n
attention to thi ,
be found nowspni ■
m i ii.iig mate, ml
ways nl their dis|
lb ■ Mutual Lil ,
iheii   liberal
> hn ul
ol thi
are   em
Sboi'0    ami
loon,I here
as   drugs,
Cordon Street Scene.
. for
groceries , in
The City of Vancouver has seen a
wonderful grow th und prospe