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The Sun Aug 10, 1907

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 7   ^l;,eAis\
5       MjGi^90'
Prince Rupert
Circulating in Northern Briiish Columbia
Porl Simpsosi
V.,1. I.-— Ko, 18.
Si ns, iui'tion 12 Pkh Vi..i
ifnce officidlg,   i.-  tin-  coat of the  rived   from   Vancouver
service; ami became of tin- every-
PACK FOR  1907 """- h »ci-iJced to coat    The
  lirst conaideration, (rom the public
,.    c r    i  I,      -. .  nu   standpoint, is proroptneaa In  for-
Ihe Season d Good One. Nolwith*      ..       , , ,-    ■
wardinir and delivering malls,   not
standing Increased Cost of Ihe    „„lv •„ M s,.ttl,,, ,,„llluunitu.K,
rack. hut. also, in new Mill,'ineiits.    Al-
The Sun la indebted to   Mr.   \V.  'bough the north eoast has  settle-
A. Wadhains for the following   of-! ■»«-■»»* :""' towns   that   date   hack
and  has  been   visiting with
jiitiint Black bam,
Three    liupertonians,   tin-d   nf
strenuous   activity   in   their  busy
lasl   week during* the absent
Ad '
 ^^^^  f tin
mail boat. ^L^^^^
Kay Maikay, the Porl  Simpson
townaite promoter,  arrived   from
Seattle on the  Royal and goes  up
"■"HTO commence work
city, hied theni selves to   Inverness 'on the Northwest to Hazelton next
cannery Sunday week. They were
slightly exhausted on arrival at Inverness und went to sleep in their
boat at the stern of the  Haaelton,
tidal Sgurea relative to the salmon [•*■*«•*/ Y«*»». •*» service   is  not aa|whiefa had called in   there on
pack   foi   the   season   ju,t   ciose.l.  I004" M il '"'l-'I't bi made at a very
The list is all red 8ah. The Brat 12 slirh< iucrcasc in  cost.    The  only
are return.--   front   canneries   coin
piled to August !).
arc np to August ii
Balmoral I
(lunningbaui.... J
I!.  A   	
N. 1'         7,000
Wftdhama       7,600
Carlisle  . .aggggggggflLI
,-lculncrs that carrv intiils  between
... .
The remainder    ,c** '""'    *ocouveraud potnti
mi the north com! like Port Easing-
Cmet   ton, Prince Rupert and Port Simp-
json an- those operated by the Can-
•JO.OOOJadian Pacilic.    Vet   another   com*
11,0001 pany opera tea stean. era, and g I
oiiis, between  Victoria and Vancouver and all north coast points
< llaxton
< Iceanic ,
Inverness   .
I lominion
( 'nesiar. . . .
l'roii "'"' *■"' ,'"-''"it' steamers, the  t'amo-
i-Mitm SUI1, i"1 a first-class jiiissengcr boat,
makes good time  and  runs on  I
regular  schedule.    Why   not   forward mails by the Camosiu  ?  The
people of the north   coast  have  a
Rivers Inlet pack, 7 can.
Smith.-, i cannery
A lert Bay, 1 cannery ..
Kiuisquit, 2 canneriea
Bella Cook*, 1   cannery.
N.iniu, 1  cannery	
Lowe Inlei, 1 cannery
Nugg River..'! canneriea.
H10 —^—^^^^^^^^^^^^—
     I representative   in    the    Doininloi
110,600 house   in   William   Sloan of Nan
90,000jaimo,   Mr. Sloan is a most aggrei
10,0001give campaigner when   gtumpiiif,
"i.OOO  ing hi* district for votes, now if he
2,000 j will only be equally  aggressive in
10,000 'presenting the claims ol the  north
5,000 coast people  before  the nortofficu
10.000 1 officials, there should he results.—
23.0001 Empire.
week. Mr. Mackay has a long trip
before him. On arrival at Hazelton he will outfit for a trip to Edmonton, and partly follow the trail
of the G.T.P. through to the northern capita*!. He expects to make
the trip in about three months, returning by way of Calgary and the
C.P.R. to the coast.
('apt. J. K. (lilmore has been in
Prince Rupert all week looking into the poaaibilitiea of the holy city.
Tbe captain ii one of the three who
were granted licenses for hotels at
that point. The hotel Mr. Gilmorc
intends erecting—as soon as the
townsite is opened up—will entail
an expenditure of $25,000 and will
be named the Commercial.
Caaciar is high per boat  for the
season.    Wadham*   . mies second
Carlisle third,
We tlie undersigned citizens of
Port Essington do hereby petition
ymi us our representative  to  urge
Rev. II.   W.  ('ii   I    ic oinp.'ini.'d
by Mrs. Gurd of Kitkatla, one oi
the oldest and most po]uilar Church
of England clergy on the coast,
left for England last night on the
Princess Royal, on a well-earned
year's vacation. The result of
Mr.   Gtird's labours  among  these
upon the government the necessity people is demonstrated by the fuel
of immediate improvement <>f the that he leaves in charge of the mis-
telegraphic facilities tit this point Man and school, two Kitkatla In-
We learn through Supt. Phelan tlians. The Sun wishes Mr. ami
that the government supt. of the Mrs. Gurd boo voyage and a safe
wireless system is now visiting the! return to the old ground.
provilue in connection with the in-1 * *> *	
;::.n":;:,;r:;;:;;,: ll:::;:;;:!:;news ouogai mbesi
tune momentol pressing our claims
upon the government through you
and ha* ing him come here to Investigate the possibility of
lishine  1 station     ^^^^^^^^^
th,   in:,in line.
ruder tin- present   system   of  a
to connect   with
A Japanese was given .'5 months
yesterday by Magistrate Williams
for chasing Sam Bennett with an
axe around ■ planer at the Cunningham sawmill.
Saturday was a husy day at the
laily delivery ol telegrams and BesJngton trap-.
collection ol same by messenger | All is fish that conies to the net
from Aberdeen by rowboat, conrid* of tha Skeena river fisherman.
ernble delay, expense and loss an This week three fawns were broughl
occasioned and we think that soeh to Basington by fishermen who
:t service is not worthy of a pro- were interrupted in their lucrative
gressive country like Canada, anil and peaceful mission of hauling up
more especially of a point of thei from the deep the luscious sockeye.
importance "f Skeena river. As I The deer have hecn added to the
vim are well aware, the government  Cunningham zoo. ami it is a pleas-
equally efficient!
Trusting you will convey to the
government the urgency of the matter and all in your power to have
the superintendent visit this point
Immediately your petitioners will
ever pray.
ant sight to aee the youngsters gambolling around the holy archivolt
of the tennis court.
T.Sutton, of the B.C. Tie 4 Lumber Co., was in Easington this week.
Work has already  hecn started]had a tine trip.
good to ".Mick"
some good claii
intended to carry out a plan
tonne 'ing   Port    Essington    with
til,   ui iin line either by wireless or
Hid promises   to   this   effect
wi re made nearly  two  years  ago.
\     the  former  method   has been
,iit out   of  the  experimental i ---------l-->------H
,, .   , , 1   1      .1    1 on the wireless   telegraph   stations
luge,  we  think   it   would   be   the     ,.  ,      ,      _      .   .
.,     ,   , , ,   which   the   Dominion   government
heapeat  method  to  employ  and p
* I has   decided   shall   constitute   the
first links in the chain which will
connect all important points on
the Pacific coast of British Columbia. Acting under the directions
of Commissioner Cecil Doutre, Mr.
A. H. Morse, a construction engineer, will actively push forward the
work on the Vancouver Station,
which will be situatetl ut Point
Adjutant  J. P. Thorkildson.   of
Glen Vowell, the Salvation Army
All hew countries and foinmun-
Itie-i Have difficulties; in fairly good
The one thing that
IS never lost sight ol  by  the   post-
way to the Stickine.    VVhon  the
big wheel moved, the triumvirate
w. re tossed out "f their boat and
one of the occupants   went   to   the
depths below.   After rescue he was
taken ashore and all the  available
Canadian Humane society V resuscitating charts and other appliances
were invoked to bring him hack to
life.   Six able-bodied men pounded
him for 20 minutes. Finally, the
supposed drowned man turned over
and said, " 'Null, give tne the other
stimulant ! "
Frank Vandal! came in from the
Stickine on the Royal last night.
W. H. Vickers is in town.
Mrs. W. Warner, assisted by Mr.
Brown gave g most enjoyable little
dance in Cunningham hall on
Thursday   evening.
Mr. Fred Field, of Hazelton,
went south on the Royal for •
short holiday.
It will be observed by notice in
another column that application
will be made to the license commissioners, of the district for a
license to sell liquor by retail in
the town of Prince Rupert. This
in itself, points to 11 u early opening of the townsite, and the commissioners will be acting in a
humane manner if they hut swiftly
grant this harbinger of activity.
The local preserver of the peace,
"dene" Wacker, was called on to
shoot two canines which had been
badly quilled by porcupines.
II. K. Kirby is expected hack
from Victoria tomorrow.
Advices received hy last boat say I
that the  government   hatchery at!
Bahtoe lake has  been  determined
on by engineers and inspector,    It
will be on  Salmon  river directly
lieliind old fort  Babine.    The last ,
of the freight and supplies hud arrived and all  the work   wa-  progressing very satisfactorily.
Dr. Curry,dentist, would like to and white, towards self support.
Inform his numerous patrons and xbe C. M. 0. and B.P.G„ English
clients that he it-ahout to remove I missionary societies, by which the
to Rupert shortly ami those
having in contemplation 1 visit
tn hi> dental parlors should take
advantage of the opportunity afforded them before his departure.
K.   Monro,   th     ~ "     ^^
contractor, was i
Mr. "Mi.-k" VV
(Int..   who   for I
months bus  been  on   11   surveying
trip in the intt rior, arrive,I  in   Kssington on   the   Northwest   Thursday  from   Hazelton,    Mr. Woods
went in by   way  of   Ashcroft   and
The interior looks
snd In- has   staked
is.    He k ft on the
Royal yesterday  for his  home in
the eaat, where he will join a survey party at Jackson Park.
The SS. Hatelton is on the Stickine river, having left the Skeena
early last week. Her withdrawal
from this river has left the Northwest the only boat 011 the run to
Hazelton. The Hazelton expects
to make four trips up the Stickine,
and after this will return here,
which will be September 8. It is
understood the mail privileges have
The second annual synod of the
diocese of Caledonia was held at
Prince Rupert, Aug. 7 and !l, inclusive. The bishop's charge reviewing the work of the past year,
and giving in perspective an outline of its future policy, revealed a
very Satisfactory past. There has
been advance all along the line,
and a large hope for the future.   As
the pioneer church on tbe northern
.oust, much is -expected of her
missionaries and the people should
not be disappointed,
lu this respect the bishop noted
the fact lhal about Oct. 1. would
be the jubilee or the 50th anniversary of the binding of the first mi.--
sionury. the Rev. Mr. Duncan, and
eulogised the saintly character and
noble work of this still living and
zealous soldier of the cross. Am!
since Mr. Duncan's increasing years
and the inclemency of the fall
weather forbade him attending the
proposed jubilee at I'ort Simpson,
it was thought desirable to commemorate the event hy general
thanksgiving services in all the
Anglican churches on Oct. ti.
One helpful sign was the effort
[ by   the   various   churches,    native
G.  I.  P.  Awards  Contract  tor
Construction of 70 Miles Between Copper and Aldermere.
The advance contingent of 200
men will arrive on the May tomorrow night and proceed immediately to the interior to start preliminary work for construction of
what is known us the Kitimat
The charter for this branch,
which was acquired by the G. T.
P., calls for the expenditure of
$100,000 before the close of lilOT,
and the work about   to   be  started
is undertaken in order to earn the
subsidy that accompanies it.
There was nothing, apparently,
embodied ill the original giant
compelling construction from any
given point, and the G. T. P, have
taken udvantage of this by con*
•tructing an inland portion of this
branch which, it is believed, will in
time will be part of the Q. T. P.
main line.
The distance to be covered from
Copper river to Alderiiiere is close
on seventy miles, and it is said a
good deal of the rough work will
be completed this fall.
Berth accommodation on the
next up-river boat has hecn all
spoken for.
A party of (irand Trunk officials
headed Messrs. Hayes and Mors"
are expected to arrive in Printo
Rupert, Supt. 1st. It was their intention to have arrived tbe middle
of this month but inability of English stockholders ,,f the company
to perfect their plans at home, bad
th,-effect of postponing their arrival.
ds of Peterboro',
past    several
work in northern B.C. was almost
wholly supported, are withdrawing
their aid. This los> is being practically made up by the various congregation who are now apportioned
fixed sums according lo their iil.il-
Essington thisIity to pay, With hut one or two
exception'., all congregations in the
tii t.-cse fully met their obligations
last year.
Om- new department wa* Inaugurated, namely, a diocesan branch
ui the Woman's Auxiliary of the
On the afternoon of Thursday,
the synod became the guests of Mr.
Bacon, who took theni for a ride
on the Shawatlant tu the head of
Tuck inlet.
In the evening, the Bishop and
Mrs. DuYernct entertained the
gy 1 and their hosts at   high   tea
from 6:80 to B:M p m.
Later the first synod or convention held at Prince Rupert
was brought to a close by a much
enjoyed and well attended impromptu concert.
The first of a long chain of town-
sites west of Winnipeg, is ahout to
he placed on the marked by the G.
I'. P.
Rivers, 8U0 mile* west of the
Manitoba capital, is the initial
divisional point that bus been
determined on as the beginner.
Rivers will lie opened up Sep-
tember 1, and advici ■ received in
Essington would indicate thai
otherr, are ahout te follow Immediately. The interest that has centered around Grand Trunk railway
terminals has never been eclipsed
by thai of any other railroad ii
the Dominion, ar.d it is not unlikely that this interest will dim
inish as the railroad works u.-i.
l'he Canada Development and Ex-
j ploratioii Co., of which Mr. ('. (•.
Edwards is president, has the handling of the Rivers townaite. M i,
Edwards arrived from Aldermere
yesterday .after an inspection of tht
company's large interest- there. He
left for the south on the Royal the
same day.
settlement up the Skeena river, ai-1 been turned over to the Northwest! eIton
Mr. Harvey, of Winnipeg, leaves
on Monday to join the 0, T. P.
survey party working   abort! Has*
There urtll ha a ipeBtal meeting nl th* iv-ani
ol LtitniM PommtMloneri "I Ncetm Lit-vow
District, held it Port LteinprVm, Britten Poluui
liia, <m laturday, feptefaber 7th, WOT, al two
n'cloek p m , t<> f'UHi'U'i the application nt r
K ITnrHiai. irhfi itW nnily fnr ■ llnonii to Ml.
liquor ay retail la Mi hotel t" he erected at
I'nin t- Rupert, in -*niil He*pee dUtrlt t
Chief IaievQM InsjH-rtor, EUteeoa  1.ictus--  1m-i
Halni at Prim ■■ Ruptri, B. <\, Auk   "■ s*fl
vTAKTBD—Aa tiiflaeeT, capable <>f running a
inai'im* '-!ii*iiit   mh make i profitable paaaage
tn VantMiiviT by   Id4fett1n|  K  W   I; . II. -. '
Northcru, Purl tr-impaiju, H G THE   SUN
Saturday, August 10, 1007
The Sun
w. i, m ickay, pgorairroR,
BT   A I..
.W'ViKHHN,.    li.vns.
Co\l.     I'llO-l'l' I'INi;      AM,    TIMI'.I K
mm icbs, .'in days, 15.
I.ami nonces, nn daya, 17.
I'i hi Iin \Tl' ok IMl'itovi Ml \T "■' -
in ***, SOd  ■ -. 17.
All   1IMHKU   \M> I.AM)   aOTWRS Ml'ST
The meeting of business men
held ill the school house on Saturday afternoon for the purpose of
taking steps leading up to representation- being made to tin- Dominion member for better telegraphic communication, is indeed
gratifying, not only lo Ihe residents of Essington and the rom*
nenial establishments on the
south side "f the Skeena river, but
also to those in the interior who
have business connections with
the distributing center of tin*
north coast.
The federal authorities have long
nince recognized the merits of the
claims advanced by Kssington, and
only two years ago an appropriation of $8,000 was aet apart for a
wireless station to he located on
this side of the river. The nonfulfillment of the plana are due entirely to the failure of an American house to carry out its agreement with the Dominion government in this respect, Now, how*
ever, that the federal government
has a representative on Vancouver
island marking and laying mil
posts for the five wireless stations to be erected on the coast, the
time is most opportune to revive a
subject that has in the past had
the commendation of the Ottawa
authorities. There .should he no
relaxation in the work initiated
Saturday. If we hut hug this subject closely the era of the "row-
boat" despatch delivery will pass
into the realm of antiquity. And
we want it to pass out of existence.
J l-il mil,- Irom :t- aval point, m irkol F. B.J.'«
*•     W.   ,n,nuM    ,h, II. Un     in   L'haill*,   itt-l   I"
,-h„itt- tin*. e*.*t WI  nhtiiii..   then**
[...I'll gj i-liiiln., i «.l ■*' i-baln., th. m-. about **>
chain* ...      n,.■,!.-.■   following   -h-ir--
u. s,,i]v I,, j,..en ut t-111111,1, ,|, citicin.
.lull- -'-.  1!«'7.
"io. H.    t i.li.Mlnli.l-.ljj   ilt   ii   |....|    j.Inti...I   ..:i
; tin   wi -t "lil* i.i   I "ill—  I.Uud,
ii til, -.f th* narrow., marked I-'. H. J. ■
- w  ...in. r. ii.. m .• ...i-i m ,.||,,i,,», north  isu
i Iiniii.. W.H.I t-. - ti- 'i.-. thtli. . .,.inl,, rly n!.,iin.
.hori* to i.itt.f ..i n..tiiiti,ii.',-iiK-.ti, uontalnlug
1.1" tint-"   1,1,0,    .   i   I'  ---
v.. l"   , ,.: .1.. : , ing :i' .i |...., plant. .1.". th.'
■■\ elutiil, about -txty , haln*
■.t tlf iiHrrow.  l*-tw, -ti  *lor*.l.¥ ntni
-   innfkn.l  F.   H.    I   -   V     I
tin ti. .■ w, ,i I. - Iiain., ■.nth Iti-, nli,tite, .,. - t<
.||,.l'.  ,  till ,      'l.n   -In.l'.'   I..   |.|,,.',     ...
■n .'in.-nt. I'ontaj ulng il" it. i.., mon  ",'
.imn' r.. i mi
Sl.     1'..     .',,III,tu -Hi I, III  ul    n    |n..t    i   nlll   .1   Ml,
•  I     rhl, ''  '-llllll    Ml", I'llllK. ,,,   M..tn.
i.i i-imt.I, ...i'i i».-t lirlttg ni„.iii 'thr..* mil.-.
«,.; ol i !.-.-.nl   Inlel,   nlnl   til.ilii'.l   F   H   .' '-
\    \\    . "til. ;. ,l,i in i   int.I   -it  .Imi,,,,   .,,,,tl,   K"
ih„in-, tv.-i si .'haln., north siehalii. I., plan-
.., . ..iiiiiiiini'i'ifut. containing MM arrv. tuor*
,.r If*.
Int..■ >. ItmT.
Mo. IT. ,'t,ititit,.iii-ttiii at m |."., planted ot, .,
i rftk tt lili-h .-iii|.iii'. imi. \\..,..m., ni More.*
,.> |.l„l,,I toi-1 ,,!...,,t ., inti** liuin i rn.,'tii, iu-
l,-i. nmi tit tin- iinrtlfrwe*! corner ,,, *f.i
l... marked F. H. J.'. St. K. enrner, ihenii'
..null ■*" ehain*, weal Si ehalna, nur,I, sn
ehain.. men.-* ,-" ehalo. t-n.t t" plaor ..f eom.
lllll.   -'I. IMF.
N.i      IS     • C.Unilll'lli'llltf      111     ;i     |t..s,      [,1,111,tnl
i,!i h ereek r/hli-h eintitle. into weal <-...-i., ..,
M.,r,-i,v Mini 1, abont M mlh-. we.l uf t'reveei.1
Inlel niitl ni tin-N. w. Corner "I N't,. Hi,
narked H". It. t. V S W. eor., thenee north *-'
.'Iin in., eaat Ml ehalna, th«nee -n.uili Ho ehain.,
thenee SI chain, weal t<> point "f Munmence-
nent. containing Mn aerea, more ni lea*.
"... I1' Commeaclng al n poal ptanl.**!
on ii cr.-ek which ctnpue* Into weal r.,ns, *.t
Moreab)- Islaml and hIm.oI lhr*'e mile, weat "t
,n -,.-nt ihIi-i mi.I ni .lie x. w. Corner ul So.
lit, marked P. B. J'. H K.eor., Ihenee north ■•"'
chain., Ihenee wist ho chain., ilit-nt-t- ...mh
Ml chain*, thence ea.t sti chalu. ,«. point "f
commencement nii.l containingIM0acre, more
i trie**.
.tnrt.- Jam, 1*07.
No. '.*,, Ciniiiriii-iiiif lit it pits, planted
mi Hit- mirth sliitrt- ", ,',, in. he* n
Inlet, More.br Mini.I. nt the s. I-;,
cr. ufc. K. M,-marked F. M. 1.', s w. r,.|.
ner, tbeni-e Si chain, north, them* _'" chain.
.ns,. ihi'ii.'.'in . Imiii. iii.rih. thence mt chali"
eaat, tlit'tit't' .,"ith ui sin,re. Hi-nit- weaterlv
*long ah..re lo point of commencement, containing Mil m-rc... ,„,,r,' ,tr leaa,
.liinc'.-Jiiil, l'.iT.
Mo. -I ' 'itnilnt'ii'ltiir it, it |."-I planl.nl on the
S.  K.   shine  of  Copper   Mmv,   Mnn-l.v   l.land,
marke.1 F.lt. .!.'« x. w. m„ then.* wmth si
chain*, ea*l Wi chain, t,, short' thence north
anil weal *long .hore  n.  point ,tt commeniH'.
meat, contalnTng '-'" acre*, more "i le**.
Xo. IB—Cominenrlgg a, a post plante.1 on Ihe
mis, si'lt- of , Ira hnn I I. la nil, a lion I one mile iv, "•,
,'rom sliori- hn.i 1 'a mill's northwe.l ",' th.'
month of the Hoenda  rleer,  inarkfil   l\ n. .1 ,'«
V. K mer, thf nit' m ehain. weat,   WH cbiiln.
snuth, lo.-ha Ins t-nst, tlit-i ice Ml chain* north
,o J.liieiof ,'i,„lllletli'i'lil,.llt.
No. M,   Co,inn,■iM'itn.'Ht rt post plan,ed on Ihe
- .st-i.lf ol flraiiioll islan.1, tittont 1 mile We.l
froni shore atnl 1 1-2 mile* northwest of the
mouth ot' Hoeuda river, tin,i about a chain. I..
..( the N. i:. tor. of No -'■-», inarki'.l
F. H ,1,'s S. K. eorner, thenee llort'i 1 .**. eliain-.
n.-.i in chain*, ...iith li'rit eliains, ea-t In chain.
to point ot fuinotcni-fincut.
.Inn,- 31, l'."i7.
No. ill. CmnieneiliK Ht a post j.lant.il al llie
s K corner of Indian reaerre at mouth of the
Ili.-I Iiniii river, north sin ire ..f (iraham (.land,
marked F. II .1 's XI:. ,-,.,., thenee muth »i
chain*, Ihenee weal Rn ehains, tht-nee north so
chain., thenee eaat So ehain. lo polul ofe	
Itlent t.'lllent.
.in,,,- ."i,it. am.
Mo, In. Ci.itiiiii'ln-illK nt,i po.t planted nlit.it,
1 '..miles from the mouth "f Ihe lllelliinii river
mni al.out 1 cliiiins from its we., hank, market!
K. I! .I.'.N A*, eor., thenoe south Im, ehain...
thenee weal in chains to place uf commence*
.lune iTth, 1!«'7.
lilly -.'1st. 19U7
Ink.' nolle,- ,hn! I. Krclcrlck H. .loins. ..,
Vancouver, B. ,:-. occiipiittnii timher eriiistr,
int. ti Is in Hpi.ly fur a eptelal timber llt-cnse
over the followiiiK ,le»eriljt'.| lamls:
No I -ComineiiciiiK ut a po-t planted on the
west -i.le of I.yell islun.l on False Bay, market!
F. II. J.'s S. W. turtle,, tlieliie i-Hst ill chrtllts
north I" ehains, west 411 ehains, north In
ehalna, .vest SU chains, north 10 eliain..; Ihenee
We*1 to shore, tlicliec sou,!, an.l east hI.iiik
shore i" plm'c of conimcnneiiieiii. eontalnlttg
ran iieles inure nr less.
Mo '-' I .iltllilellcillK ill tl post plauteil on
the wesl -i.le of island nn l-'al-e Hay, markeil I
It I'- N.W. enrner, ami planted at the s. w.
eor o, No. i. thenee Si chain, t'tist.sn chain.
...nth, ion ehalna weat, thetie* north About oil
i haln. I" shure "f False Hay, then.'* eaat.
uiutb, noi ih aiul west al.niK' -liorc Ii, point oj
,' iiiiliiellictlletlt
lime U. 1WI7
Mo. S  ,' teuelng at a boat plante.1 on the
north abore ol Saraaa* l.land, abonl halrwav
bctween east an-l w-cst end. ol .aid l.tan.f,
marked F li .1.'- N. K enrner, Ihenee s.nuh
1"' i littliis. w.-si in ehalna, north 1*1 chain., u
in -uni.'. tbenee eaal along -n<.c- ,., place oi
. ..Uililt-lli'.'lllnll'. ' nlltalliiliL'ni"   act'.,   more  ol
I.  -
No I. t'oiillllen.'lIlK a, a po.t plaulcl on
tlm north -In.in Ol Kanisay l.land. aboul lialf-
wai belweet, iis east .,,.1 weal end. and .it
the M K corner uf No. :l, mark,.I F. II.I ', N.W.
eorner. thence .snuth IdD ebaln., e**1 10 chain-,
north leg chain., weat  I" chain, to   place oi
■ .nniiieiie. unlit, containing inn .,■,-.-. more ..i
.hnn. t,, mt
Mo. ', Comment Ing hi . poet planted about
ten ehalna eaat ol tbe entrance ,., a creek at
head of Creacnnt lulet, marked F. It I.', N. F
corner, thenoe south su chain-, we.l -"i chalu.,
sn tin Hi.-, nasi si chain. ,,, place of colli-
In. in . m, in.
June*)   I>|-
N.i " , "inmelli inn a, il post planted tl, the
... , I . t ' reeeent Inlet on the north line ol No.
IVNnd about twenty chains we.t ..; it- N.K. cur-
ii. r, mark..I F. I. J.'« M, ft*, corner, Ihenee
ea.t lo chain., north I" chain., cast in chain.,
north ," sl,ore of inlet, th> inn  weal  and  s.uiih
■ lung .hl.P    1"   plane   ,'f    illlnlli't'lllent,   e,.,,
talnlng t.l" *i-rci in.,re ,.r le...
.luiie -i.. 1107.
Xo, 7. Commenelu|f al a po.t planted on tin
ea.t llde nl Blind k-atii'l, Si'dgwl.-k Hay. abonl
lotll-ivrtv nctwecn north an.l s..i,U, ends uf
l.land, 'inarki'.l F. 11  J.'. -  K.  -tier, tbence
We-i to W.'-l s|,,,rc "f islnll.l, Ilielu'e llorUl.
cast and   MHlth   along sl,"i"   In   point  of  cum.
meneement, eontainlng "i" acre, more or lea*.
No s   Commeneing al  n   poat   planted on
the east -itlf of Blind I-l.. 11.], Se. In wick Hav.
haifwitv between Us north an.l .outh und*. an.l
at ilu- s. K corner ol Ko, 7 marked F.H.J.s N.
i: corner, Ihenee we»t '., w,-t .horeol laland,
h'..,111 su chains inure or I.... thence *o,,tli, eas,
ami northwesterly along shore tu plate of
.lune 'A 1*17.
N. ". t'onilncneltiK «, a poal planted ,m
the s,nin, side ol Huxley laland, marked F. B.
J.'i >. W corner, thenee north lou ebaln.,
ea.1 in chains, .null, WD t'lini,,. nr to sin.re,
Ihenee west Hi chains to poinl nf cum
meneement, containing '"'" acre, more ol ie*.
duly i. i""7
N'.. lu .'unitiiett. itig at ti post plauted ,.ii
llie n.trili fide nf Surnabr l*l*nd; mark, d F. II
1 ■■ N t. .-oriiHr, thence aouth so chain*, weat
Im,'I'.iitn. nr tu shore, thenc* north aiul ea*!
kit "u tthore in place of commencement, containing M" acres ninre ,ir les..
,,,t.       ■    -
i   11    i
■  -. ■
of Kxngt'al   inlet,   thence   We-t    I'll
chains, south 40 1 hains. east 40
chains, south -1(1 chains, east -111
chains, north 40 chains, eaal t"
shore of Grenville channel, thenci
following shore in a northwesterly
direction to place of commencement.
No. 8.—Commencine nt a posl
planted mi Uren* ill" 1 hannel shore
"I I'iit island, aboul one mile west
et  Klcwnilggit inlet, tb.'liee w.-.-t   HI
eliains, south Mm eliains, eaal 40
|eluiins, north -Id ehains, eaal t"
-lioic of (iienville channel, tlicn,,-
following shore in a northwesterly
direction to place of commencement.
No. B.—Coniinencing at a post
planted on (iienville channel shore
of I'itt island, about one mileS.W.
of Klewnuggit inlet, thence wesl
I Mid chains, south 40 chains, east
Mill chain.-, thclicc nortli 40chains.
July ist. K»(I7
Th,- Skeena  River route la the . 111 i<-k-
,-t and lieal route t" the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Ootsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for lla/.elton and Skeena river porta,
B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
Take notice that Gordon Runkle.
,,f Vancouver, B. C, occupation,
prospector, intends to apply for a
special timber license over the following described lands:—
No. 1—Commencing at a Mist
planted I of a mile east of mark on
shore ahout 4 mileSSOtlth of Moore's
Cove, thence east 40 chains, north
180 chains, west 40 chains, south
160 chains.
No. 2.—Commencing at a posl
planted on northerly shore of I'itt
island, on small bay nearly opposite Gibson's Island, thence south
10 ehains. west 40 (hains, north 40
chains, west 40 chains, north lit)
chains, thenee east to shore, thence
following shore to place of commencement.
.lune •>!tth. 1907
No. M.—Commencing at a posl
planted on west shore of small inlet on I'itt Island off (Iienville
channel, about one mile west of
baker's inlet, thence wot 40 chains.
north 180 chaina, east to shore <>f
(iienville channel, thence following shore of channel anil inlel to
place "f commencement.
No. 4.—Commencing at a posl
planted on east shore of small inlet on I'itt Island off (irenville
channel about one mile west of
Milker's inlet, thenee east 40 chains,
south 160 chains, west -id chains,
north i(i() chains.
No. 5. — Commencing at a post
planted on Grenville channel shore
of I'itt Island, about 8-4 mile west
of Maker's inlet, thenee south oil
chains, east 40 chains, south 60
chains, east 80 chains, thence north
to shore of (irenville channel,
thence following shore in north*
westerly direction to place ,,f commencement.
June 30, 1007
No. 6.—Commencing at a post
planted on Grenville channel snore
of I'itt island, about one mile northwest of Kxngeal inlet, thence south
SO chains, cast 40 chains, south 40
chains, thence east to shore of (Irenville Channel, thence following the
rdr:re in a northwesterly direction
to place of commencement.
No. 7.—Commencing at a post
nvill,    hii      Ishor,
• i i'   ■       ind, about o - U"
Take notice that James A.Hiekey
of Victoria, occupation, cruiser, intends to apply for a special timber
license over the follow ing described
No. l—Commencing at a post
planted at the N. E. corner on the
west shore of Ootsa hike, about (10
ehains northwesterly from the S.
\\". corner of N. Kevin's scrip application, thence west 00 chain.-,
south 80 chains, cast 4o chains,
south 40 chains, east 40 ehains to
S. shore of Ootsa lake, thence following said shore northerly to poinl
of commencement,
No. 2—Commeneing at a posl
planted at the S. E. corner, being
ihe N. E. corner uf claim No. 1. a ml
ihenee west SO chains, north 40
chains, west 40 chains, mirth 80
chains, easl 40 chains to Ootsa lake
and thence following said shore
southerly to point of eoinilU'llce-
inent and containing 040 acres,
more or les>.
May  '-'0 Frcl Heal, jr., agent
R. J. McDoncll
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the re*
.■uireinents of ;t fastidious public, and commanding a superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transfer led from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
F. PARKER & 00.
General Merchandise Dry Goods, Boots ami shoes. On
■——""■*"—■——"————""""—"—"——■ cries, Hardware, Drugs and Toy.-
Take notice that -las. A. Ilickev.
of Victoria, occupation, cruiser, intends to apply for a special timber
license over the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the S. E. corner on the N. W. shore
of llurns lake ahout one mill' from
the telegraph station and thence
west "20 chains, north 21) ehains.
west 20 chains, north 40 chains,
west 'JO eliains. nortli 40 chains,
thence east SO chains to lake shore
and thenee following said shore
south-westerly t,, point of commencement and containing (140
May IS 1'. A.Mel'hee. agent
Taka notice that E. M. Allerd, of
Victoria, H. ('.. occupation, millwright, and Mat A. Kraitz. of Inverness. B. ('.. occupation, steam-
boatman, intend to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land situate on the north
Skeena Massage:
Commencing at a post planted
opposite ihe blind slough, near the
eastern   entrance  "f    the   north
Skeena Passage, and ahout 1 mile
from the east line of 44; thenee
north 21) cluiins. west SO chains,
south 20 ehiiin.-.. easl SO eliains to
point of commencement, and containing 1(10 acres, more or less.
Staked Julv 2'.i. 1'HI7
Take notice that Harry P. Hunter, of Chicago, lumberman, intends
to apply for permission to lease the
following described land, situated
on Moresby Island, Queen Charlotte group, province of British Columbia!
Commencing at a post planted 10
chains north of the shore due north
of the two small islands in weal
arm of C'tiinshewa Inlet, tbence
west 40 cluiins. south 00 chains,
cist 40chains, thence north to point
of commencement, containing 200
acres, more or less, for millsite and
booming purposes,
June "" 'i'~ \   Butli 1. "..- nt
Hotel   Northern
Simpson, B. C.
ruder new management. Thoroughly renovated
Late HB, I'miinMin.
Union SS. Co. of B.C. The G.T.P. Lumber *
Port Essington, b. c.
All kinds of   lumber supplied on short notice.
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast of   b,   r,
J. M. DUNCAN, Manaiter
Dufferin St., next to
Caledonia hotel.
Hot and cold baths.
K. Teaff. proprietor.
s LlMlTKIl.
This company is not supported
by government subsidies,  but  by
the good will and patronage of the
traveling public and shippers.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, I'ort
Kssington, Portland Canal, Alert
May and cannery ports on 1st.
1 Ot li and 20th of each month, and
leave Victoria one day fiefore, by
new steel
sti:ami:k camoscn
the only steamer   on   the route
built with steel  water-tight  compartments and  double bottom, insuring safety of  passengers in ease
°\intX LuTdk' Herio,   „liy. ™E WILSON DRUG CO.
Hoskyti    Inlet.    Surge     Narrows, Chemists and Druggists
(iraniie Point, Klk Bay, Hardwic-h rtwienia
Island. Bear River, Salmon River. i,,,„    ,,,,,      ..   ,.  .        .,.
,,    ,     ,, ,       ,,     1 I nie Drugs. .Medicines. ( hi-nii-
Imt     llarvev    iin,      all     logginu •     .,    ,      ...   ., ,,, ,.
•,,      , . „      ""•I" cals. Monks. Mationerv.  I. >t!. 1
camps, everv Monuav at .*i p.  111. \,.,;,.!   .   1.',
,,'        ,     .•      , . •   ,        ■ '  ,,, Al tieles.  Kte.
Villi  Anda.  Lund.   Lewis than- v,-,      „ .
,   ^o      , „        ,,    '   v    ...     „ -M--111    orders    receive   prompt
ne. Mi oa   Max-,   I'ort  .Neville. I'ort „,   .   ,,.    ,,       . ' '
,, ,,,   ., .,, ,   ... ■ '"id careful attention,
llarvev.   ( Imthan,   Channel.   111-
hune channel,  Mrotighton Island. Dufferin St.     -   Port Issinqton, B. I
every Friday at (i p, in.
Gibson's, Pender .Harbor, Nelson ^L/iaiia   Pii/nr
Island. Marble   Hay. Hluhhcr May. OKuUllCl   IMVcl
bund. Manson's. Whalctowii. Head
[slum!. Bute   Inlet, everv Mondnv     xtnamKAat    Vnrnii*/,
,t 01 a n, oltfdlTluOdT oeiVICf4.
Tucker May. Viin Amla. (iihsnn's 	
Welcome  Pass.    Pender    Hnrlxir,
Granite Island. Jervh* Inlet, every Steamer Hazelton
Monday ,-it 11 a, tn. connects   at   Port    Essington
For berths anil passage, apply to        with  the   oast   steamers
from    Victoria  and  Vun*
couvcr during the season
  of navigation.
Agents, Port   Essington.
Millinery and Dry Goods Store       WdMlCr LlMCi. KOOITI
Pout Essixhto-i, b.q
_  The only first-class
Morrow & Frizzell
Ladies' and gentlemen's furnishings—clothing made to order;
S. Frizzell
E. B. Dunlop
Totisorial Artist
BAKBEK  --Hop. b( KKEBIN ':
Short Order house
in Essington   .   .
Private boxes for parties,
Mrs V\ Warner Prow   ,   - THE   SUN
Saturday, August 10. 1007
TIMBER     NOTICES ; aboul "lie mik-Irom the w,Mcli.l..f Nili  Lake
 , Kiiliim,Inn Inlel vicinity, ,nB,ke,| *f. F, II,'s   S.
BITWVS   I   A II ri   lltcTIMI'T   IJ     !■   !'V. r,,r, Ih.-iu-i-norlh HUi-hnili-, lli.-li.
BKKKNS I.A.N I) DIM KK r. R. .->. ,challlK „„.„„,. „„llhS(,,hB1„>i Ull,H,.
Take  wmmm   that   William  K   llunttiug, of j chain- m place of iMMMlWHt
Vancouver, 11.  c , occupation   mill-owner, lu
MH  hu
Hi-bt   hO
lands to apply for h BpeeteJ timber IsaOOJOO over
the to Ho wini; de-crihi-d lands.
No. 1—Commencing at a post planted
mi iin waat -i.i.* «»f KiikHiluli Inlet, 2 \-2 mmm
north «u Ih.- narrows, Porcher Island, nlnl
marked ft   K    H   - s    |    ( ,,■ . t Ik-ih-s* north I*'
rhains; tin-lire Weil |n . hains, thence -oulh
I*-" . liuin-: UMBO Mil I" rhains lo point o(
rotuninii i-iiit til
No. :; -Commi'n'-inK nt apoHt planted
nn ihe i.Hiik oj acreeh emptying into Kitkat-
IhIi Inlet, a bout 11 milt- below the narrow**, cast
-.nl.- ..I iiil.-i, Poreher island, marked ft Y H s
H ft 1 ,n , then-11 in.nd ht rhains, thence easl
»' 1 ham-. Minn!) hu ehains, wesl 88 ehalna, to
point <>t. 'iiinii. neement.
Nm :: ConmenclDI at ,1 poat planted
at id. S K rr. „| T. L No. 10.7711, 1'onhcr Inland,
narked ft.T.H.'t K.K. Cor , thenee 8, BB ehain*,
I In-m-i*     Wist     till     rli HI lis,    I belief     liurtli      HU
chalni, tbenceeeet 80chains to point ut nun
No.  4*   CejWTsWielatg at a post plant«-*l
on tbe ionth aide ol ■ small ereek, about one
mile from ih-- beech hh«1 abonl half h mile V
ol tin- Speller rivrr, Pen-her i-land, miirkeil
w F II.'.- B E, < mi-., tbenee north hu chain*,
thence weet 80 chain*, thence south 10 ebaln*,
thence east 80 chains, lo point of -nmmen<e
No. 5—Commencing at a pout planted
0 1 the north bunk of Speller river. 1'orcher island, marke.l W. K. II.V N. K. Cor., thence
■outii so cbalna* thenee weet so chains, thenee
north hu chai ni, theme eaat so chains to ao.nl
01 . omiiieineineni
No. 6—Commencing at a post planted
on Ihe ne** I fide of h s mul] creek em plying into
Kilkatlah Intel "ii the east side, I'urclier 111*
iMii'i ami marked w. f, ll v s. ft. Cor., ihenec
innili hu chains, ihenee east hi 1 chains, ihenee
■outh Si chains, thenee wait 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
No. 7. Commenting al a Mal planted al
the .-outhwent rornerof So. *>, I'urclier island,
marked ft. f. M.'s 8. K. I'r, ihenee north mi
chains, 11 m*nee west hu chains, thenoe south lu
chain-, thenee aasl hii chuins, tu point of com
'ommehetng at a port planted at thi
,.1    ..
, marked W. K   11   s N ft
■lllllll-, llicm-c   eat.I  Hii  chains
i-halni, thenee wesl Huchain*
s   ft, ir of N
tbence south hu .
ihenee   north Hi
to pOlUl of t'llilill
Nm m Commencing at ■ po-t planted al the
southwest corner n| Nu. *i. marked ft. K. II.'s
N K *'or., thence south so chains, thence
wesl hu chains, tbence north hu chain-, .bailee
call Hu chain- to poinl of comiuenceineiii.
No. tu. Commencing al a post plauted near
the louthweit corner ol No. 6, marked W P.
II *■ S K. Cf., ihriict- north m eliains, Ihenec
we»l hu rhiiiu**, thence south80chains, thence
sail hu chain-, to polul ul 00 in mi neement.
No, 11 Commencing at a posl plauted aboul
I 11 Iiuni. easterl] from the S.K. ("ur. of T. L
So. I .if this group, I'orcher Island, marked
\\ I*' H 'i N K. I'or., ilience south so ehalm,
Ilience well *> ebalua, thence north hu chaini,
Ihenee east Ho cuains to point of commence
July   in.  l«01 i»   K.  NeWeU, Afloat.
No. 1 — riinitn. -ncing at a post planted
abonl 2 1111..- north of ihi' N. ft. (or. of No. 7,
W    V     H nutting's,  I'ear-.'   !• land,   markeil   VV.
! Rttntttng'i N w ir, ihenee snuth l*i
cluiins, ea>l tOcbaini, nortli IM rhains. \ve-i
I" 1 buns 1.1 poinl ot (-oiniii.'iicfincut.
Ko.  _    ''otntiH-tjcitiK <'t a poat plant<-d
at.Miit 7 .-hains west 0/ the northwml enrner of
Nu I, I'earM- 1-lHiel, maiked ft. V. Hum t log'*
H fi i rn , ihenee u.mli n) chains, ihenee cum
•0 ahaiai, south  rw chains,   tbence west 8.1
Chains to place of .omillelieement
No. :i - ''omin-iit iim a( a post planted
on  ihe west -ide 01   a  ererk  emptying into
No. t> — t'onirnciicliiK at a pottt planted
at ine I, ft Cor. of No. ,'», mtii ked W K. 11.\ N.
ft i'or., ilience -ouih hu ihaiii!*, thenee eaat HU
chains, them <• north Nil hains, thence «,■-[ m
chain- lo plae.-of coiiiiueiuemt'nt
No 7 tMiiini.-iM-ini,'hi a jiost plaulcl at the
LW.Cor.W Ua ■<. marked W. f M.'s N.K.
nir.th.-tne. waH HU .liuin*., Ihenec south KU
cliaill*, Ibili'i- .a-t HOellilltis, ihenee north Hu
1 hat 11- lo pMini of e.iiniiieuveiui'iit
No. I rrnimciii-iii-- ni a p..st planted at the
s, W,Oaf. of No. .'.. maiked M   P 11  - I K c or .
thener n.»rlli *>i'ham-., th.me »v-.t a.) rhaim,
thence south HU chains, Ih.-nce ca-t HU .-liaitih la
puint .11 comiiH-iicciio-iit
July IT. IM Willi,,,,, M.K. l,i.i;,iii,«K,-„t
about i tulles north
..f Walei
and   nl
mt   1  miles up the
creek   01
Pi III -.
-laud, 11
irked W.  P.   B.-i s.
VV.   Cor.
th< nee
lorth hu
chaius, ea-t hu chain
. south Hi
chain-, thence weil Hiicuani-, to pu.-r ot <oin
JulyJl, 1107, Itaviil   K.   Newell, agcil*.
No. 1 -CofflRtencIog at a post planted
on the north -tide of Kahan'.- creek and about
iwo miles tiorlJi of I'ishcry Hay'.- Indian r.
eeree, went side 0/ New- river, marked VV. V. II1-
N K Cor., then, c south m chains, thence Wasl
Ho iliaiiis, iheiiif nurth HU chains, thenee eaat
10 chalm   lo   point oi' i-i'in me m-e me nt.
No. li — CoinuK-nciim at a post planted
n< the N K. Vat. at No, 1, and marked VV.K.H.'-.
B K 'or., thence north HO chain, thence w.-st hu
chalni, ihciici- smith sn chalni, theatoe aaat so
chains to point of commencement
No. :: -Commenclnfl at a post planted
01 ihe S, B, ('or. of No. 2. niurked \V. P. H,"l N.
ft, 1 or., then, e south HUcha.u.s, thence ea.-.t H
chains, thence nortli hu chains, thence woej 99
chalm io point of oommaooeraent.
No. 4—Commencing at a post planted
SB .im in*, north of tlie N vv Co* ri No. {, ourk-
ed VV. f, M.'s s.W. tor., thence north Ho chain-,
thenee east Vehalos* theooa eoutb BO ehaliia,
tbenea went80 chain- to point 01 eoMnnnec
No. r. --Comraenclflff at a post plantod
BDehaim north oi theH R. Cor of Noi, marked
W.K.II.'mS W. cor., thanee north BO eholna,
thenee oaat 80chalaa, thanoe muth hu chain*.,
tbenea wool 80chatm to point of oommance*
.Inly'iti, i«io7
No, 6    GoonmencIng at a post plnnted
4" chains WMI "I the \'K i'or. of No. 1, marked
W. K H \s VV Cor., thence north hu cIihiii-,
thenee ea-l Httrhalli-*., thtlice  .iouth   HO ehain>.
thenoe weal hu ehalm to potnl ol commence
iiii-N t.
No 7. Commeneing at a post planted at
the ft, K. (or. of No. ii. marked ft, V. H.'s S. K.
lor. thence north hu chaltiM, thenee west KB
chains, theoca south hu ehalna, thonoe e«.st so
chai m lo plaee of coiumcneenieiit.
No. 8   • Commenrtng at a   pool   planted  10
chains west 01 the N.K. Cor.,  of  No, 7,  marked
vv f, U.'ii ft. cor., thonoo north wi oba-lns,
thence east Ho chuins, ,ioutli UU chains, thence
west hu ehalni to point of rnnmonnomiiii
July 27, IW7 iMvid K. Newell, agenl
No. 1—-Commencing at a poat planted
at the s. k. i'or. of t. 1.. No. ii,77.j, marked w.
F. H.'s S. \V. (or-, Kumeolon Inlet vicinity,
thenoe north 80chains, tbence cast HOetiains.
th.Mice south hu chains, thenco west HU ehains
to point of commencement.
No. 2 -Commencing at a post punted
about 10 chains north of the S. K. Cor. of No. I,
and marked VV.F.H.'.s N. VV. Cor., t hence easl HU
chalni, tbenea tooth B0 ehalm, thenc* west hu
fhaius, thi'iice north BO ehaina to place of commencement.
No. 3 — Commencing at a pdst planted
about 1 mile oaat of the oaat end of Salt hake,
Kunieolon inlel vicinitj, marked ft. F, ll-'s
N. VV. Cor., thenee s-oulh Ht) chains, thenee east
80 chuins, thenee north Hi chains, theme west
HO chains td point of commencement.
No. 4—Commencing at a post planted
at tbe wesl end oi Salt Lake, Kumeolon Inlet
vicmity, marked VV K. M.'s N. W. Cor , tbetice
•south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
tiorth HO chains, thence west HO ehains to place
•ti commencement.
July hS, t«7
No   5 - Commencing at a post planted
Take notice that  H. F. Hunter, of Chicago,
ill., i.s.a . oeeupatlon, lumberman. Intends to
apply for a special iIhiIkt license on the following described lands I
No I remmanrlngat■ pool planted about
'.j mile sou lb from shore, north side of l-oni**
Islaml, about south across Cumslowa Inlel
from west line loi No. 1 wciity-rigbi, MB rhain-
west,08 ehains south, IMP chains east, 40 chai lis
No. 2 t'ommeiicinj* at h post planted 'a mile
south from shore on north side Louise Island
about souib across Cnmshcwa Inlet from west
line lot twenty-eight, tlo-nce BIB chains eafd,
40 chains south, 108 chains uesl, theme lo
chain- north to post.
No. :i--Commencing at pmi planted 1 mile
ft, M. from head of .Mil Inlet, on east side of
Fast May, I,yell Island, thenci- elghly chains
■not, eighty ehain- north, eighty chains west
to shore, following shore south-westerly to
No. 1. Commencing al po-t planted 1 mile irom
.head of AtH Inlel 00 east side of Ka.-I May,   ly-
ell Island,  tbenee  eighty   chuins cast,  eighty
1 haiu-. s.niih, eighty chains west to sh..r.\   pillowing -hore noiih-eastcrly to poat
No. .">- Commencing at a poat planted al head
of CaolarUay, A til Inlet, on Lyell island, ihenee
eighty chains iouth, eighty chains vest, eighty
chains north, eighty chains east to post.
No. t>- Commencing at poet plaut.-d on point
of land midway between Center Hay and Fast
Hay, I,veil Island, tbence UB chain- south, 00
chains west to shore, following shore north then
west tO j*ost.
No. 7 Coininciiriiig rtt post planted al N. ft.
end of All! Inlet, Lyell IslamW Ihenee eighty
chains north, eighty chains east, south 10 the
shore, following shore to point of beginning.
No. 8 -Commeneingat pa«l planted on north
shore L)ell Islnnd, south from center of Dug
Kia mi, thence Wehalni south, too ehalm west,
north lo shore, following shore to post.
No. !» -Commencing at a post planted about
;'. mllei in a westerly direction from I'ofi Island
on north shore of l.y.11 Island, thenee eighty
chains south, eighty chains east, north lo the
shore, then following shore to post.
No. 10—Commencing at posl planted northwest end of Crescent Inlet, foot of creek Water*
fall [mm lake, Moresby Island, thanee eighty
chillis north, eighty clinln> west, eighty chains
south, thence eighty ehalm cast to post.
No. 11. Commencing at post piantad on north
shore of Logan's Inlel, near head of name inlet,
Moresby Island, Ihcinc i" chains north, 08
chains east, 48 chains -outh to shore, Bellowing
>bore to post.
No, 12■■ Coniinencing at poal planted 2 miles
from mouth of I'ana Inlet, south shore of Tiil-
un-kuu Islaml, ihenee eighty chains north,
eighty chains west, 40 chains south, 4u ehalm
• a-t. Ill chains south to shore,  following shore
to post.
No. HI—Commencing at a post planted  at  9
ft. Vat., Timber Limit 1080, west part Tal-un-
kwa Island, (hence eighty chains cast, eighty
ehalm south, eighty wot, Ibe nee eighty chains
north to posl.
July 27, !9o7.
KOTH'K  18 I1KRFHY  OIVKW   thai  80 day 1
after date 1 intend to make application
to the Honorable the Chief Commis
.sinner, of L.amls and Works, for n BB>0C-
cial license to cut and carry away timber from the following desri ib.-d lands.
Situated on Moresby Island, QOOOO ChHjlotic
Nn. 1--Commeneing at 0 h-utt planted
on the North side of Mo-e-uito Lake, alami 8
miles WOOl from ftmi AtW of Cnmshcwa Intel,
Moreaby Island, being tbe S. K. Cor., tlienco
north HI chains, west 9>) ehains, south so chains
iiinir or less, to shore, thenee cast along shore
10 place of commencement, .out.nnlng Al >
Seres, more or less.
No. 2—Commencing at a pout planted
• ui tin- north side of Mosi*uiio Lake about 8
mile- west from West Arm of Cunishewa Inlet,
Moresby l-land. la-lug the I, W, corner, tbeuee
north 80 chains, east *0 chains, south *0 chains,
uc-t Hi) chains to point of commencement.
No. I!—Commencing at a post plant' d
011 the north   side  of  Mosquito  Lake,  aboul   8
mtteagreet irom West Arm irfcunuhewo Inlet,
Moresby Island, being the N. ft. I'or,, thence
east 100 chains, south 40 chains, west NO chains,
north 40 eliains to pta-oe of conimencemeni.
No. 4—('ommeneing at a post planted
on the north shore of HeeqUttO Lake aboul I
miles west from West Arm ot Cunmhewa Inlet
Moreaby Island, being the S. K. Cor., thenc*
north HO ehains, west HO chains, south HO chains
cast Mil chains to place of commencement.
No. ii—Commencing at a post planted
on the north shore of Mosquito Lake, about •'
miles west from West Arm of Cunishewa Inlet
Moresby Island, being the S. R. Cor., thenct
west Hu chains, north HO chains, easl -*■■ chains
south Hi) chains to place of commencement.
So. 6—Commencing ftt a post planted
on the north shore of Mosquito Lake, about V4
miles west from West Arm of Cunishewa Inlet.
Moresby Island, being the N K. «'or., tbence
W. HO chains, south HO chains, easl HO chains,
north HO chains to plaee of commencement.
No. 7--Commencing at a pout planted on the
south side 01 Mosquito Lake, abont I If miles
west from West Arm of Cumnhewa Inlel, Moresby Island, being the N. K. Cor., thence south 40
chains, west 180 chaina- north 00 chain- to lake
shore, thiMiee east along shore to place of commencement, containing 1H0 acres more or less:
N0.8—1Commencing ata post planted on theS.
side of Mosquito Lake about 4l3 miles west
from W'eat Arm of Cumshewa Inlet, Moresby
l.-lind. being the N. W. aUgffjar, ilience woiih BJ
chains, i-iM Ku hains, Uorlh HO chains, w,-t no
rhaiiis to plnoa of commeiii-t-nient.
No 8 < ommeneing al a post planted mar
llie outlet of Mosquito La*fee about A miles west
from West Aim of Cilin-ht wa Jnbl, Moresl.y
I-land, being Ihe N. BT. .orner, Ihciue east ItiO
chain-, south to , liaius h ,-st sSB 'hains, north
40 rhains 10 place of iHiiutnenccmeut
No    lu -C,,mmeiiciiig al a |ni>t planted   ibollt
2 inibs west from a point aa tin- north iBsOfO "'
Mo-quito 1-ake, about - mil.- west from Wot
Arm ..1 in in-In-ua Inlet, sloreshy Island, l-eing
Ihe N K Cot., th. ic MUth 88 chains, west 88
.haiu-, north so c hi Ins. raOM HO chains to plan-
of 1 oilllii'lU tin. nt
No. 11 Commencing if a post plant.-d ahueg
2 miles west in.in a poiil .,11 the liorlh shore of
Mo-inn.. Lake, nl...ut i miles west from ihe
v\ ."-I Ana of ciiinsbeuii 1 ni,-1, Moreaby i-ian.i,
la-nig the N. W. Cor.,   thaUUI  BOOth  HO iliailis,
ca-l sai .hains. noilJi Ni .liains, west Ni chillis
to plat e of eommeiiceinciit
N... I1.'   Commencing at a post planted about
1 11.iie- wesl from a point on the le.rlll shore of
Mo-quito Laha, about • mllei   OOUt from ibe
Wesl Ann or CdmsOWfWI Illhst, More l.y   Island,
being  the H. K. Cor.,  theme  north  m-i rhaini,
Wail no.hains, south so chain-.east H'.-ha ins la
[Niint of coiniiienceinent.
No. i:i -Commencing at a post planted about
2 miles west from a point on N. shore of Mosquito leO-ke, alioul 8 mile- we-t from the West
Arm of Cunishewa Inlel, Moresby Island, being
the t. VV. Cor., ihenee uorlh Ho chains, cast Ho
chains, south Hi. hains, wesi su chains to point
of commencement.
No. 11 Commencing at a post planted about
.: miles north from the head of Mosquito Lake,
about ii miles west from W. st .\im ,.f curn-
ihUWU Inlet, More-by   Islaml.  being  the  N. R.
Cor., thenee south ho ehalm, west ho chains,
north Ni eliains, east 80chains to place of commencement.
No. in Cum mens! ng it a posl planted about
rt i.*.ili-s norih from the bead ot Mosquito Lake,
about a miles west from the West Arm of ('inn-
fhoe/a Inlet, Moresby l-land. being the N. VV.
coiner, ihenee south 80 chains east su eliain.-,
north ho chains, wesl W> chain- to place of com-
No. li. Commencing at a post planlod about
:l miles north from the head ol Mosquito Lake,
about 6 miles west from the West Arm of Cum-
shewn llllel, Moresby Island, being Ihe S. K.
Cor., theueu north hu chains, west m chains,
sou I h ho chains, i-nst BOchalM lo place of com*
No. 17—Coiniiieuetug ll a |»is| p|au'i-d about
'A miles north from the head of Mosquito Lake.
about ii miles west fioiii ihe Wesi Arm of Cunishewa Inlet, Moresby Island, being Ihe S. ft.
Cor., tbence uorlh HO chains, cast HO chains,
south Nl chains, west BBehutm to place of com*
tuciii .-meiil.
No. IH—Commencing at a post planted about
1 mile nnrlli from shore of Cnmshcwa Inlet,
opposite iouth Hay, Moresby Island, bring the
H. L. Cor., thenee wesi eighty chains, nortli
eighty chains, easl eighty rhains, south eighty
rhains to place of coiuin. neciiielU.
No. 10 I ninmeiicing at a (mst planted about
I mile north from shore tt| CumahvWI Inlet, op-
|h<site South Hay, Moicd.y Maud, bring the
S. VV. Cor., ihenee east eighty chains, north
eighty chains, west eighty chains, -outh eighty
chains to place of commencement.
No. 21 -Commencing at a po-t planted 001
Mosquito Hrook, about 2'.; miles west from
West Arm of Cunishewa lulei, Moresby Island,
being ihe N. K. Cor., thence west HO chains,
nib 90 chains, east *i chains, north HO chajns
lo pUce of commencement.
No. 38- Commencing at ■ post pla tiled on
Mosquito lironk, about 1 mile west from the
West Arm of Cunishewa Inlet, Moresby Island,
being the N. ft. Cor., ihenee east Ho chains,
south ho chains, wed BB cains, north 80chalm
to place of eninmeiiveineut
No. 21— Coinmeiic.iiig at a post planted 00
Mosquito RrOUh, about t mile west from West
Arm of Cunishewa Inlet, Moie-by Island, being
the *\ K. Cor., thence west eighty chains, north
eighty chain-, east eighty chains, south eighty
ehains to place el commencement.
No. £">— Commencing at a post planted 00
Mosquilo Brook, about 1 mile we-t from West
Arm of Cunishewa Inlet, More-by Island, being
tbo N. K. Cor., tbenee wesi eighiychains, south
eighty chuins, east eighty chain-, north eighty
chains to plan* al eoiumeneeineul.
Hn. OJ Cam manning Ol 0 post planted on a
small stream about 3 miles west from West Arm
of Cnmshcwa Inlet* Moresby Island, being the
N\ tC Cor,, thence west eighty chains, south
eighty chains, east eighty chains, north eighty
chains to place of commencement.
No. 27—-Commencing at a post planted "" •»
small stream aboul 2 miles west from West Arm
of Cnmshcwa Inlet, Moresby Island, being the
N. W. Cor , thence south eighty chains, ea-t
eighiy ehains, north eighty chains, west oLyhty
chains to place of 1 omniemeineiii
No. 2S Comuieii. ing at a po-t plained about
:i miles 8. ft, from ihe West Arm of Cumshe\Mi
Inlet, Moresby Island, being the X. L.eori'.r.
thence west light J chains, south eighty chains,
east eighty chains uorlh eighty chains lo point
of commencement.
per s. K. Hi riiiiinii
Vhiii'iuivim-, 11. C„ July mil.. MM
rll«lli». Miutli Mi i-lmni...  ««>t Si i hum- t.t poi
nf i-i.liiuR-iii anient
1-ali-tl July I, 1*)T
Take notice that John Haln, of Port Simpson,
B. ('., iM-cuiMttioii miner, intends to apply for a
ipeehu tlmmrlicense oecr the following dee-
mi-ed land:
No :t Commeneing at a stake marked lice n-e No 2, and located on the Mil »ldr of the
KuM-beshe-e rivrr, emptying Into Work Chan*
Del, al-oiit two miles tram   tin- ft, VV    .-orner  of
th»j Indian reserve, thenoe north hu chains, east
so chains, south ho ehalm, west HO chains to
point of commencement
No. 4. Commencing at a slake marked h
reua No. .1, ihonee north BB chain*, east 80
chains, south so .hains, woat so chains to poinl
of roiuuiellcrllictil
No. ,y   Commencing at a Make marhoo  n
ecus,- No 1, ih.-nr,- north HO chains, ea-t hu
ehalna, south «u ehalm, weet 80 chains to palm
of  < "Ulllicli. .-inrlit.
No. r>.   Commeneing at  a stake  mo-rfcod II-
rciise No .->, theuce north so rhains, east He
rhains, south s>\ ehalni, west Hu chains to point
of commencement,
No. 7. Commencing at a Make marked lire u-e No ii, thence north Hi) chains, aaat 80
chains, south 80 chains, west Hi chains to polni
of roninieiiremeni.
No. h. Commencing at a stake marked li-
rcusr No. 7, thenee north liio chains, (-a-i 81
chains, south 108 rhains, west 88ehatUi 10point
of commencement
luted July I, i^jt.
st   eighty   chains   to   p..,..
Take notice that Frank Welcome McCrady.of
Vancouver, B. C, (agent lor George K. ft-.l-m
•"'ii, merchant, of Kiinnat . occupation, civil
engineer, lniends to apply for a special Umber
license over the following descrilied lands:
No. 1—Commencing at a post planted
on llie east bank of Ah Son Lake (junction of
K 11 imnl Arm and Devastation channel) about
4 miles f- 0111 Its outlet, thenee south Hi) chains,
ea-t HO chains, north Hu ehains, wesl HU chains
to place of conimencemeni.
No. 2. On east bank of Ah Boo Lake, abonl
four miles from its outlet, theme north hu
chains, east su chains, south HO eliains, west 88
chains to petal ot eommeneeiiieiit.
No. 3. At upper end of Ah Boo l-ake, thence
east titi ehains, north 1*S1 chains, west 40 (hains,
more 01 less to fon-shore, thence along to fore
shore (o place of commencement.
No. 1. On the west shore of All Son Lake,
the nei west 40 chains, north PVO chains, east 00
chai* -, south IfiO chaiim to plate of commence
No. 8, Od west shore of Ah ISoo lake, thenee
wesi Hoi-hains, north I***) chains,east 40(dialns,
south80chalni, eaal40 chains, south «0chain*
to place of commencement.
No. 6. tin west shore of Ah OOO lake, thenee
west Ho chains, south Ho chains, east 80chains,
■orth KU chains to place of commencement.
Agenl forOuO. R. Hobllisoii, of Kitimat,
June 7, IfoT.
eighty chains,
laaOOBad June ly, I9u7.
No lu   commrii. ing nt a jsi-t planted
south bank of eaal fork of Hat creek,ind
one and a liali niilrs from Junction with main
creek, thnii ■ n-.rih eighty chains, ea-t eight)
.bains, -outh right y ehains, we-t eighty rbiii -
to ■mint 01 beginning.
No. 11 Commencing at a nam planted on the
south bank ol eael iork oi Flat creek, an.l
about one and e ifuarter miles from j u n. ■ t> >i-
with main creek, lion..' south eighty chillis,
east eight)' ehalm, north eight) ehalm
eighty chalus to punt <o brginn'liig.
LeanUed June 88, Bgel,
No. \2. Commencing at 1 post plant .1 on Ihe
moth bank of Util   1 ink, a'-oiit ball a mil.   la
low junrtioii with east Iork, thence north Hi
ehalm, weat 109chilm, south to 1 ham-, essi
too ehalm t<» polni of commencement
No. ]A. Commencing at a poal plantod oB
the north bank of Hat ereek, aboul half a rnlli
below junction with east iork, thenee north I'
chains, east 100 .'hains, south io chains, we>|
it'-u chains to point of beginning.
I/oealed June 81, TJo7.
No. 14. comuieiiring at a post planted on the
north side of the canyon on Flat creek, flowing
into lasso harbor, thence we-t Hi chains, nortli
lAo chalm,owl to chains, south  too chain- to
point of ci.uimeiiri-iiieiit.
No. l.'i. Commencing at a post planted on the
nortii side of ihe rauyon on Hat Creek, flowing Into lasso harbor, thence east io chain*,
north   Iflo  chains,   wc-d    io chains,   south   hWi
chains to point of beginning?.
No. lfi. Comineiieing at a post planted iboul
one mile cast of the Canyon on Flat Creek,
Mowing into lasso harbor thenee, west io
chains, north lOOehalM, east 4o chains, south
Itio chains to point of beginning.
No 1". Commencing at a post planted ghoul
one mile east of the Canyon ofl Flat Creek,
flowing into lass,, harbor, thence east in
chains, north I >o chains, west lo chains, south
b>o chains to point of beginning.
No. IH, Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank of a small Creek, about one hall
mile below the Canyon, on Flat ereek. thenee
wesi 4.1 rhains, north Itio < ban is, east 4o ehalni,
south Itio chains to point of lieginning.
1-ocated -fane 9J, l'Jo7-
Take notice thai I, John Claverle, of Vancouver, B. C, oeeupatlon, miner, intend to applv
for ra-rmfssion to lease the following deacribed
lands, situated  in  Ihe   Skeena   District, and
known as the White Cliff Island:
Commetii-ing at a post planted on the north
side of the island, thence wesl 10 chains, south
10 chains, east 19 chains, north .'• chains to point
of commencement.
Jfliya, 1007
Take nolice that Fdwin I'. Mremner. of Van
couver, M.C., occupation broker, intends to ap
ply for a special timlier license over ihe follow
mg described lands:
No. I. Commencing at -1 post planted at Ihe
H. K. corner of lot IM, thence north 00chains,
west 10 chains, north 88 chains, east TO chains,
south 10 ehalni,tbenea out to shore, thonoe
in a southwesterly direction alongshore line to
plaee of commencement.
Aug. 1, 10o7. Win. r. Haines, agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted at the
N. VV. eorner of No. 1, thence west 100 chains.
south eighty chains, more or less, to shore line,
thence eastward following shore line to a point
due south of post, thenee north to post, in-
eluding all contained excepting lot 10.
No. .t. Commencing at a post planted at the
N. W. Cor. of No. I, thence uorlh eighiy
ehelm, thence west eighty ehains, south eighty
cha. 1 is, east eighty ehalm to post.
No. 4. Commencing ut a post planted at the
N.W. ''or. of No. 1, thence north eightv ehalni,
east eighty chains, south eighty chains, wesi
eighty ehains to post.
August 1, 19o7
No. ft, (.'ommeneing at a post planted on the
K. side of marsh at mouth of river, located at
eaat side ol Observatory Inlet, and about due
east of Richard point, ami at the S. W. Cor, oT
Indian reserve, Ilience east 40ehalni, south l'-io
chains, west eighty chains, north 40 chains,
east 40 chains, north eighty chains to post.
July 96. 1907.
No. 6, Commencing at a post, planted aboul
two miles distant and in a southerly direction
from Hawkins Point on east shore of observa
lory inlet, thence easl 80 ehains, north MO
ehalm, thence west to Observatory inlet,
thence southward along shore to post.
July 88, I0o7.
No. 7. (ommeneing at a posl planted at the
south end ol I>e Horsey liland, thence east 01
chains, north HO chains, east 10 chains, snuth
180Chatnij west eighty chains, north 10 chains.
No. H. Commencing at a post planted on thf
east side of North Skeena Passage, near the 8.
K. Cor. of lot No. 117, thenee east r-0 ehains,
south 40 chains, east 40 chains, snuth li«'
chains, more or less, to North Skeena I assage,
thence northward along shore to post, and including all contained in boundaries described,
excepting lots 44 and ISA
July 16, LOOT. llernion Fuller, agent
No. 9. Commencing at a poal planted half a
mile N. W. of the month of the west fork of 1
creek entering Skeena rivet about 1 1-4 miles !•'..
of Point Uowiteb, thence south eighty chains,
west 40 chains, tiorth 10 chains, west eighiy
ehains, north 40 chains, east 120 chains to post.
July 11th, I0o7.
No. 10. Commencing at a post planted 1-4 of
a mile north from Skeena nvrr, and east It
mile from a creak entering Skeena river, about
1 l-l.niles east of Point Mowiteh, thence 180
chairs north, 40 chains east, MO chains south,
west HI chains.
.1 ily Is, matt. Vn. I' Haines, ggoni
Take notice that (He Christen sen. ship broke ■■
of London, intendi to apply for permission to
lease the following described lands for Sshlng
purposes :
? (Commencing at a post situated on the shore
of Itarnard Core, Princess Koyal laland,tbenee
south eighty rhains, east forty chains, north
eighty chains, west forty chains to point of
commencement, and containing li'-Uacres, more
or less.
Staked June 12. 1907
Take notice that Hans Larseii, master mai I tier, intends to apply for permission to lease the
following described land lor lishing purposes-.
Commencing at a post situated on I'itt Island
011 the north shore of the head of Port Hn-pheii's
harbor, thence north 40 chains, east 40 ehains,
south 88ahOlUr, thenee west along the shore to
point of commencement, containing ItiO acre's
more or less.
siiikc.l Jiini- 14, 1907
(.'oast District, RanOI 3.
Tike notice that Alfi
gale, H. ( ., pro-per
District OV Coast.  Ra\(-K  ").
Take police that John Mill if in, of I'ort Stmt-.
sou* occupation miner, intends .« npply for a
special timber liceii-e over the following described land:
No. 1. Commencing at 0 peal planted at the
N. L. Cor. of John Raltt'l license No. 2, and located on the Kuscheshese river, emptying
into Work Channel, about'_'miles from the N.
ft, corner of the Indian reserve, Ihenee north
ki) ehains, east ftU'-haius, south su chains, west
KU chains to point ol coiniiienceinent.
No. 2. Commencing at a stake marked license No. 1, Ihonee north so chains, east IB
l hains, south «0 chuins, we-t ht) chains ts point
or commyneenient.
No. 3. Commencing al a stak<* marked license No. 2, thenee nortli Ho ehalna, east ho
chafns, south HO chains, wesi Hu ehalm to point
of commencement.
No. 4.   Commencing   at  a  slake marked It
cense   No. 3,  thence  tiorth 80 chains,   east HO
chaitls. south »u chains, west so chuins to point
of commencement.
No. .") Commencing at a stone Marked license No I,thenee north h:» chains, east so
chains, smith HO chains, west Hi chains- to point
of coinineueeinriit
No. 8.   ('ommeneing at  a .stake  marked II
Take notice that I, S. A. Morley, of I'ort Kssington, occupation, banker, Intend to apply
for permission to purchase the following de*
scribed land:
Commencing at a post planted at the N. ft.
Cor., of lot 112, range .->, coast district, marked
S. A. M.'s 8. \V. Cor., thence running north
along shore to lot 69, thence east 40 rhains,
south lu chains, west 01 chains to point of commencement, and containing lt*0 acres, more or
Located 2-Mh June, 100".
Agent for S. A. Morley
Take notice that I.   Robert Sparrow,  of Van
couver, g.C, occupation,  farmer, intend to apply for permission to  purchase the following
described land;
Commencing at a [aist planted about 1 mile
in a southerly direction from Inverness cannery, skeena river, thence north eighty chains,
.a-t eighiy rhains, south eighty chains, veal
eighty eliains to place of commencement, and
containing BOB acres, more or less.
August 8, Pm:
I Wooderofi, of Hklde
nlcnds to apply for a
cial timber liVeii-*. nvn   the  following del-
ertbed lands on Moresby Island:
No 1. Commencing at a post planted a Quarter ofl milr northwest from small lake, sit
naled un west side of l 'reaOeUt inlel aboul on*-
mile from head, thence eighty chains south,
eighty chatm east, eighty chains north, eighty
ehalm west to point of comineiieement.
No. 2. Commencing at a poat planted a ll
of a milt) northwest (join Small Lake, situatetl
on w.-st side of Crem-ent inlel, about one mile
from head, thence eighty chains east, eighiy
1 hains north, uighty chains srust, eighty chains
south to point ol beginning.
No. 4. Commeneing at a post planted about
one and a quarter miles north of Small Lake,
about Jti chains wesl of northwest corner ot
limit So. 2, thence north eighty chain-, wesi
eighty chains muth eighty chains, east eighty
chalni* to point of lieginning.
No. ,v Commeni Lug si n post plained aboul
nne end h quarter miles north of Small Luke,
about 20 chains w.-si uf northwest eomuf of
limit No. 2, thence north eighty chains, east
eighty chains, south eighty rhains. west eighty
chains wr-t to point of nunm. nrciuetit.
No, f> Commencing at « post planted on the
was) bunk near the head dl rial ereek, flowing
Into lasso Harbor, and about iwo and a half
miles northwest from rtirtall lake, theOce north
eighty chain*, east eighty chains, fkiuth eighty
clniliis. west eighty chains to point of beginning.
No. 7.  Commencing at a poil planted on the
Well bank and near head of Klnt creek. Mowing
into lasso harboT   a:,.'   about   two  and   a   halt     .
miles north Weil from small lake, thenee north :
eighty chains, w.-st eighty chains, -outh eighty
ehalm, east eighty ehalm to  point of beginning.
No. H. Commencing st a po-t planted aooiit
one mile west ol head nl Mai ereek, flowing Into lasso harbor, and about two and a naif
miles In W. N. \v direction from Kraal I lake,
thence south eigi.ty chain-, wesl eighty chains,
north eight? ehains, easl eighty chains to
point of beginning.
No 8 Commencing at a post planted aboul
one mil.- Brest of I cad of Flat creek, Mowing in*
to lasso harbor and iboul two ami a half miles
in ft, N. IV. direction [rom Hmall takerthen
Notice Is hereby given that 60 duys
after date I Intend to make application
to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l,au<Is and Works fo! permlaakHl le
purr have th. lollow 1 ng described land lu Hauge
.. Coaat lustn.-t, rituated on Denis Arm:
Commencing at a |-osi plained at the \ K
Cor.  of T.   tiireiie's     | urt ha*e   claim,    them*
south eighty chains, tbettee cast  forty ehalu«,
north eighty chains, west for:;. Chains-contain
mg 889 tOJUh
July It, 100:
Notice is hereby given that 80 dova
after date I intend to make nppllcatior-
tn the Honorable the Chief Commi■
sioiier of bands and Work* foi fiemilsilou to
porohaae Ihe hrilowing desei l»ud laniU lo
Range 8, Coast Dlitiict, situated 00 Clsyali
1 iver:
ComiiuMieine et a |hw1 planted itih- - VV,
Cor., of J. Ciinnitighiin.'- purchaae cbi,n. ;■ i
873, thrttee forty ehslni "-outh, eighty chains
east, forty chains north, eighty chain ■.*.■-:,
edfltainlOg Wfl acl'r .
July   18; 1007
Notice Is hereby given that 68 dgyi
after date I intend to make applicatl   n
the    Honorable  the Chief  Con 1
-loner of Lands and  tVorki"  1      p M       Ion  to
purchase   the   follow I nu   described   Ian
Itange fi, count  Dtitrlet, Mtnah i
Commencing at a  po*i planted at 1
("or., of J. M. Morn*' purehaw el aim
eighty chains weat, forty chain- snutl
ehalm east, lortj ehain* hoi
1 ,   et
■  |flil)
ajtainj   .
........        -....._.-  -      .    .. ,,,    ...    ...     ■ •      ■ . . 1 .  1   . 1. . 1 1        1 ' 1 .11       . 1. a 1 .   . .1 .. '
aeSM No.  •', thettve Bortn «u chain., ekat MI aonh •l|Hty chala.\, wetl »lgjIf chain
-..utli   Jul)  it), IPU7
1 the sun
Saturday, August i'i, LW7
CapiUl (paid uji) 18,900,000.      Reserve fun.I. N,8tX),000,
Total assets M«,000/)00.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office; Montreal, Que.
pays particular attention  to tlir   accounts   of  out-of-town
The Saving*1 Bank department offers great advantages to
Why run the risk of losing your money hy lire   or   otherwise "then you can leave it in the hunk and have it safe
One dollar opens an account,
We issue drafts and money orders payable in all parts  of
the world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington. B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Proprietress
II..ni soit qui mal y pense
When  coining  to Essington why worry over worldly
caret., when you can live well and lay warm nt Kirhy's.
RATES .$,'1.00 down. Partors, Smoking, Writing, Bathroom*, on every floor. Hot Laths at all hours. Cold
baths when required. Agents, Baggage and transfer
agents. Porters inert all boats and trains. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
R. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
The Skeena River route Is tSe quick1
est and best route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for Hazelton and Skeena river ports.
B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
ESSINGTON       -      -      -      VANCOUVER
Port Essington
Fit-Rite Boys' and Men's Suits
The beet and cheapest Suits made, from |7.M lip. Measure
taken for tailor-made suits. Sec samples.
Call and see onl" stock of Groceries, Suits. Hoots and Shoes.
Rubber Goods, (the best and cheapest line eVor sold in Kssington) Skirts, dents' Furnishings, Patent Medicines. Toilet Articles, l'ipes, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Hooks. Magaiines, Stationery. Hats and Caps, Overalls, Fancy Goods, Amberite Shells.
Automatic Pistol Cartridges, etc. WHY WE CAN SELL
CHEAP. We pay cash for mlr goods. Have no interest to
|iay—*no salaries to pay. Post Office Block
R. J   McDonell
The leading hotel in northern British Co"
lunihia. elegantly equipped to meet the re-
quireinehts of a fastidious public, and t*r*m*
maflding a superb view of the approabhlhg
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage'
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats. S-tard«j*. August IC, K07.
Pioneer   Paper
the North
B. C.
Ink,, ii,ni.',. il.,,i I.  Willimn   F,   HuattlBf, "l
Vitiie.nii el. II ' ., ..,-,-ll|.»ili..|i imIII-mu In 1. IM
I, n.I I., ,i|,|,lv foi . .peclal lliiil>er license •»..■!
Hit- following .1. -i ill., .1 Imnl-:
No.  1—.'diiiiii,-ih-Iiik SI n poet plant,..I
tn il,'- .ll.l.in:  in.in   III,'   liiinl   "f   Hatting)
Arm. on rii»- ra*t -I'I. ... On- am, then.-.' I1-1
chain, ii... ih alnruj ll.,- .bore, thenee in . -Imiii
.■n-i. ,ij.-1.,-.■ tan chain* M.ntli, ili.-i n'rluMi..
«• -I   1,1   |,   .„-,. ..I    l.rt-ilUlillK.
Ko.  2    Commctielna ni iposl  planted
Hi...nl It'll ' 'halni in-in III.' m-l -Iimii ..I Ua- l-
Ing. Ai in nl I'm- nnrlli  .mt   "f Iii.IImii   i...,i\«.
ilu..  mill - ii  "I. "i '. ■  Raj.  11**-11■ -.■  n.nil
goehaln* ,h'' -i w ,'iniin-. iii'-n mi'
Ml ilnllli        Hi-   IL .    ■ 'I-t   M>  .'lllllll-  I"    |.lll 'I    I','
\,. : i ..iiim. in Inti hi ,i ji"-' |>I'liii.-.I ahottl
to chalni ea*l nl tin- in.i ilnii-t outer ni Nn. v.
t Inn,■. \i .-I ■•>• i liuin-. linn..- nnrlli sn, liuin .
thru. .  ...i-i   s.   chain,   l,,   -Inn,',   ih, ii,-,.   .null,
ill,,in; Ih. -Inn, *n. liuin- i.. pl*.   beginning,
S...   I      .-...nin. li.'iliK   nl   :l   post   plant, 'I
..' -ui ii i ,.v r. gl .limns in,ilh   ,n   tlir   ninth
u-i-t . orner ,,l the In,Hull rr-.Tvi-  nn   thr   ■/*•!
.ni ..i Hatting* .mn. iii. n... \M.-t wi phali...
Ih.'lh  ,-,.lllll  Nl ,  hlllll-.  til.  IMC    l-ll-l    Nl    ,'!,,,ill
On ii. ,   north Nli li.iin- 11, |'Inn- i.f beginning
No. I—Commencing nt n pod plant* I
..n I'.mr-.   l-liitnl. iil.i.nt   null-  -nnlli lion*
th,    -hon-   fn.m   Ih.'   i ith nf Pnrlhiinl I'nliiil
and about ,. qnartcr "l i» mil.- Is ffon. H"
I. .> mh. th. in'. n. nili in . li, iin-. . I., i..-, ■ vv,--. -''
, Iiiiiii- th. in-,' Iii.ith l-'n , Iniltl-, III, nee ,1-1 I
. Inilll-. tin nn -mill, Ijn. Ililills, III, in,' .n-t .'■
-ii:,hi-   ih. ii,... ...mli 10 chain*, tinnee   m-l   Mi
<h,iin- in i>ii : bcglnnl***.
No, I—Commencing nt • poal planted
..ii l',.„r-,' l-l,iii'l ..ii .1 .' I. aboul iin.'.- mil.-
north along ilu -i Imm Sfaie. P****».-, aiul
about hull n mil,' in from tin' l„',i,'li, tin-tic.
n,nth Ni,h,nn- ih. nn'I-,,-t M .-Iiiiiii., lint."
-..nth RU i limn-. li,,-ii,r wi-t KU elimn-In pin, •
,.1   l„'::illlllllL".
Ko, 7 i "liuin in■ 11.u' ill n |'i,-I l.l«iit'-'l nl ll"
snutliui-l   corner  111  Nn.    ll.    tll.-lir,'   li,nlli  a
i-liillliN. Ih,li,-i- "',•-! Ni ,IihIii-.   thin,,    th m
rhalu*, Hi,ii,', . ,i-t ni ehiiin-tn pin..of begin-
K.   Newell. Ai!
lie-Tiii'T ,,K SKKSSA
Take nottfla tlmt 1-eofffe Martin, al Vancouver, ll I' . lli-.il Ratal* Broker, lateae** -nap
|,ij l.n- |,v-rmi — i..ii i" l.'ii",' Un' Itdlowlng ilw-
rrlberllaB.li   t-'omiBeaeiag el   h p,,.i  plaatc.1
,i- tlir h,.||.| .'I'  KlillUi1 Inlet:   tin in-, thcrly
, I,mil' th,' w,«l I inUry at Inl B, forty .-hiiin-:
Ihl-lll-l- forty ,'lllllll'. West; tlletlcc forty ,'hnlll.
Ii.irth t., Ih* -.Mitli boat "I Kllntze river:
I h.-nil-.ii-', rlv nl.,I').' "ui'l river I,. |i,,inl of. ,nn-
in..li..,-Iii, :.t: ....ll t.i 111 I UK IH" H,T> 'nv nr less .
Dated Vmih .nii.-r, 'nni' loth, i'.',,l
W'M. SHANNON, Afi'llt .
Tnlc..   noil,-,-   tl ,    Ml-.   M.   K.   Milli-f.  "I
S.nlli.,   \\ ,    li      occupation,   tiinrrlc.l     «,niinli
Iiii..ti.i- :n apply nn permlaaion n> (nin 1...-.-
th. i..il...nin; a,-,-rllM-,1 Inn,I .ni l',,r.-li.-r laland
.iiii.ii. ,i nn..ni ..in- rail* •outh of Refuge ''">:
Commencing ni n |".-l inark. .1   Mrs    M. K. Mil-
lei- ~   W    .'.ii.   |..'«l.   ri Iiiii  ,'il-l   I"  chain.:
11,,. I  n.n III  IM . llHIM- ; tllilii'i' vvr.t   III   chili lis,
th. !,... ...nth  inelinilis In pnillt   of  CMIlilin'liee
mem. containing Mkl aerea, nintcnr h-s.
|.,„ „,,.,! July   .th. 1'«'7
MKS   M.   K.  MII.I.KK
A. Mi-Kny, ngenl
Take tintl,-.- (Inn John C, Sin*, Hprtngbank,
Alia pettnn, larmer, Intend* In apply fm
permuurton In purebaae On' tollowl"**deaerlbed
Uli.i   :
i ..111111. ii.-iiii! "I ii |i"-l planted "I Un- N. W.
'-..rn-'i■ ,.f s l.yle's pnrehaae application, Off IDS
}-itr,l- west nf junction "1 Kitiiinil. I ,.|.|>.r
llli.l l.itll.' < ii.iy.Mi tl'nils: tli.'lii'i- smith Ru
ehalni; tln-ii'-i' vv.-t *o tliiiin-: llii'm-,- nnrtli
ni chaina! Ihef-ee aa*l *' ehalaa t" Ihe point  ni
l-nlllHl,-ll('»'lll, III. I'.illtrtitlitlt;   IV|M MITI'S   llinri'   off
.1, I), WELL8
llllll fnr.l. C.   lUUOS
Utile ciuinii. H c , Inly Iiii. MH
ili. i;. i- n..ith ~>.'Uin-. r >,.',,.■,.   vv',1   "'.  rbatw    , ..ri..-i. 111. Ii,.- M.-sl *-•> .1. iii.-.   n,.rlh Nl nh,lilif,
IO   p..llll     ,f    .-,,1:11111-.11,111, III,    ,'.'Ul..IIIII.H    IM    in.I Nl i hillll..   ...lltll N. , liniti- tn |K,ilit .if ,•nil.-
n.-i-.-- in.,r,. .ir 1.--
.1. I). WELLS
oammi f-.r s. I.YI-K
I,iiii*-raii«»,j, M  '■..  Jul)  Ilh, l'""
laki- amttn thai ftUlUtm •' i«>ini-i"ii, ->f \i.--
Ii.mh. it. ('., imi ii|nitii»ii iiiiiiii-i iuteU'ln t<> lljl-
sj|]  hn   -h-i nii--i"ii  l<<   |m.' Iih-i-   Ih.    luUowlOH
■l.'-'Mi.."!  u.ii.ii.:
i "liuin n. mi: «i h   i-"-!   I'Ihim.-.I  .-ii   ItM  tart
rl' "! \ln. nnln> l-l»li'l. nIsfllH . 1 2 null1- n.'iiUi
..I llir I.ih.'I' ettd 'f l."i'> Nlnini, ttwoet nm
in,-   v\ ■ -1   !■> ' Intiii-..  iiii ti' •■    ij.ii: 11   *■ i   I'll til tin,
iii.'ii.f in-i   in -in-i.-, ii>. :n-.' tUtna,  that* tu
j.!,<<'•- "i i'mimui. u.. in-in, uli.i  uintnlulng  '>ai
n.i' - iii"|.- -.1   IffMfcV
.lllllll «■     .l"llll-h,M.   |aaajfj|
.Iiim- Ji. ItM
Tah* um\mt that I. tatatm tamm K. ih-v, ..i
\'i<-t<-riii, H (' , nei iipnii-'ii. mtmwt Tiitiriin i.
iiih-nii*. in K|>i»ly lur |n iiiii-Ninii iii |.iim lui*--' tin*
fiill'iu in*** i|(-m ii>M'i| Iiiiiii iiii I Mi Tidni* Miiii'l:
I ..nun.■mni'.' ni a  t m .nt   |.Intiii-.I   In   >i   ImrliMi
..n (in- thaaat pad <>i i-uii.ins uiitini, iv v.,
ilifiii-t* ii.irili I'i i-hniii-',  llmw wi'vi   in t<huri',
ili, iin- M>iiili<-il\ mul .ii-iiTly tn paiM "<  ' I
ini'lii't'tiifni. nii'l liiilii-liric i-.tlitit'iiiiH-. Inn.ln -.,
|, ,\t:fK and -nnill jkIiiiiiIn.
July i, I'.iiT.
Tiikr ii..i ic- thul I, ii S, .Iriiiiyii. ,»i \'iiiM'niiv«t
..ri'ii-nitinn . v.-ti-riiuiry •.lii-fruii, inh-inl t.i n|>|>l>
f«t iM-rm i-..-itiii i" I'iihIiii-t ilu- [ntlnwlBg *l t-
-,', ,;..'.1 Inn.| in tin- llulkli'V vnlli-v :
i'..nun. inilii.' nl it |>."--t planli-'l ill ilu- Mitlth*
.-n-i r.iiiiii iritMtm, Ui - I Mi- imrlh ft ■ h-t I n-:
mm ni> i iiuiii>; •'imiii Mi i Inmii-,'  thi-tii'i'v\i-*i n>
*)inill* 111 fMmlit "f I'l'IIIIIH'IMflllflll.
(i. s. JKRMYN
inlv UHh, mn
-iviy liny, after dale, I. lloo.  n. Mumlnnl,
mil iiniki- iippli.-Hiioii I" Hi.. II.ni. Hi,- ' hi,'i
,i.hi]iii-.i..tifi nt I.a n.I-,i in I -fork*, at Vh-torlit,
It. i'.. for (HTini.-inii t,, purehaw tin- bdlnwlii*
I,., iii,,'.I l.iii.l- -liihiti-.l ,.n eaal -i.i'' ,,fl'.'ii
iiuni 1'aaal I -
mui i nt: finin my Nm. 1 im-t  marked ".-"■  I'.
'.Iiuni..nl, s. iv. ...... -iin.ii. .I ..ii   N. IV   ,-,.r. et
I... t Itm; Hnn. .■ ri la« thirty ehalna  *o*l u.
\   K. i'..t. ..( I...I I'm; Ih,   mnth 7:. ,!i,iiiiv   I..
point ..n w,-i In f I...I   '..i.  It.-i-'iiiii  Mining
I'lalm; th,-n,i. areal in ,-lintn- b. . 1.1.- nrater,
,'..iilnii.1 I'anal; Ihenee Mil,.win* ahore llm- hi
;„,illt of .-..111 iit.-l,,-.- llie n I; i-.tlltiiitiihi; ::'--" ml,-.
 I,' ,.| I.--.
l.,..',il,.| .lnl> Uml, w?.
AaXM  Inl  '-rn. |l.  Milllllniil,
Nnl.U-N. It C, July SI. MB7
;issi;u   Land   District,   Range 5.
I ,k.' nt.ti.,' Mint I, Jiiiii.-N ft. Smith, ..f Vi« -
ni ui, iK-riipfttk'tl, rrtii-.-r, inli-ml.-. In Mppljr im
I- iini--I..ii In iHin-liti*..' iin- fnllnu im; detHTlhfd
iiii.I-. -itiiHlcil in tin- K i -1 ■ i * i x \iillt-y:
■'niiiin.-iiriui! At ii port pllllltl'il nli (in- a*rt
lunik ni ih.* KiN(»in\  rivrr   uml  n|i|...-lir   KtihI,
II.     J'||i.iil|.N.iir"   S.   \V.    .-OIIU-I'.    tll.MUT    W.-l     I'
hiiin-. north 90 Phali.**, <-ii*-i in rluiln*. ninif
n ir--- in riv.-i, iIh-ihi- iiuilhi-rty iih-n-i Wv*1
imik ni Ki-.pi"X rlViT,90 Hi-iin-.   ninn-  m   li*--'
in pnilil  III  rnlilllKTIi illli'lll  iiml    full I ill II1 Mj,' i%M
.hnn- --".  I'-iT.
T.ik.   m.ti.i- (Imi I. Williiiin   H. 1'nymiiml, . .,i
linkiiiir, W.i-ii..   ii|.nli.mj rl.'ik,   iiiicii.l-.   ;,'
i|.|.|y for p.-r mi--i«Mi in piin-hiiM- ihe triloW in.
,,-.Mih.-.l himI- -iiii„|t.,i i„ ||„. KKpinx vnlh-y:
rnliillHMIi-illK "1 "   l',"l    I'lllNli'il    III    Ihr   S.    !..
■iii-nrr nil the***\ hunk <>i the Ki-pinx ii\,;
uni uliitiii K mil''- M'.iiii tht lli'-t li-li'-iiiipli i*m*
'.in in a mn iIum ■■•ii-rly dllfM'tloii,   thi'iici- imriii
*1 rllllill", Wt'-I HII f lull Tl*-, -nlllll S.I rliilill-, i-ji-I
Ml i-linili-- to pnilil nf enminrmvilli-Iit, inlltili II •
iIIM 1*1" in iv>,  iii.Hi- Of let*,
Jhiih-*. ft. Smiib. itHvnt.
lllll-     *>.
nifiii-eiiH'iil. i-oiitiiiniiii; lift m**a\ MM "r ham
.Inim - ft. tarith, Hifi-nt.
inn.■ JO, IMT.
ni'-rict-iiii-iit nmi pntitatDlBfl t**1 wetaa, mora ot
MARY doty
Samw* ft. fcUlh. mw mi
inn. M, v.*r,
Ttik. imti.r iimi i. A|jrlu linih-y, ol s.-hiiIi-.
ft Oak ■ n, «i i put li.n . ti-im : , iit.-n.l- innppl> foi
p.iiin--mii tn pun 'Im*'- Ihe MkiVtBg dawrrtht «i
l.iii'l, -iniMii d in tin-  Ki-p;..v  Mill.y :
(.niiiiiHMiniiif ni a ptmi plautad «t  Ur* ft. ft
nii'l nljiiliiiii-j   Miiij-iir-i   I»m\ii-' Jt.  ft. rotnat,
:!,. u. .■ .tim hu "imiii-. -nutd mi .■liuin-. Waal   "t*'
. Intiii-. ti.trHi ni < Imi ii- ti    |'..nn   "I  .-..iiiiii. iu I
;.i.'i,i. luhiitinin^ i.iu Reri - Bmrr at Uma,
Jillll'-   ft,   Hill llll,   ll-frlll
ii. ,.■ m, IWt.
Tah* matmt iimi  L  fmwati  K. Wa4mt*t, «•(
S-ilttlr, Wi*-)!., niTi||tutinii 11-11111■ jlt• -r. int.-ml*- In
oppij fm pa*mm$*am tn pun-lin'..- ilu- htikowltm
• \, -.lil.r.l Uml. NitiiHi«-«l i" Hi«- Ki-pinx vnlh-y :
I'nillllirrn'iMK Mt il    MlWt   plillllr'l   Ml    thf   H.   K.
fm nn, nlnl in ihnin* waal »t Hattmtvt frntUm*
ft, K. «-niiiiT. maaam wa*A ni rhmtm, marth wt
••iiniii-, *art mraalm, mmlh no rim in- n» point
f nil rlirrlii.-iil,   MMtMlttlMl  MtMttMM, MWfM
r faaa,
.Ihiii,.. W. Sinitli, iiir,-iit.
.inn.- -j.,, in.:.
Tnk. ■ ti.ill.-.- that I,  li.n,y  Iimi  l'iiiii|.l,i-ll.   "I
S.mil. . Wh-Ii.. uppopotl  n.-nlli'iiiiili. Ilil.'inl-
l« npply Inr |N'rmi.-imi t,. |.ur.-lm-*- the follow.
in- .ii'M-rii...! ImnI. -iiiniii-il in ih.' Rtopbi*
I'mniin'M'iiili lit ii p"-'   plHiit.-.t   hi   th,'  S. W.
.•..nun. I n.lj.,iniiii: Kdward  B.  "fatwter*. N.
K,, ,n m-r, ihiii,,. ...i-t wi .-Iniins Ihenee urn th
h i ,-hMiii., vm'-i Hn ehain*, *ntnU tu ehatD*  In
[..Mill  ..f ,,, nun, -in-,' until.  ,-milulliliiK "I ***,
 '.-..r I.--.
Jillin- ST,  Smith, .iif.'lll.
June Iti, WW.
Taka .iiiii.'.' iimi  I. Tinnuns J.  IVKinui. "'
Mealtle, Wa*h..  nenttSatl iKtmt.  inuni'li  hi
npply Inr pnrliiis.Inn tn piiri-hiiM' Iiii' fnllnw'ililf
.leaeribed land, sit imi.-.l in Ihe I'i-pi.ix v.ilh>':
I'mniin-iii Ini; Kt n |n,-i planted al the M.W eor.,
and meliain*we*t M "ulwar.1 K. «,.|,.-t..|-v s.i:.
rn n.-r, tlii-ii.-i-.-*m m. .-liuin-. nurth Kn rhaln*,
v. i -i sn ehalna, smith in chain* to poinl .,f eora-
iiniM'tnii'iil. ,-, mi in ini ni; i-l" acre* Btora or Ins-.
.intn... \v. Smith, »i[t>iii.
li J7, IfW.
Tnk, iiMti,,' lhal I, W.   I.   H"-». nf'Sealtle,
n*a*h.,. npiitiiiii i»iss. iiitir iik'-m. . hit,ti,I-t"
apply lor periahj*!  pun-h ute tin- l.ill.iwlng
.l.-,iil„il In inI. ,-i t n,i ti-.l In the Rlaploa vnll. y :
i' iiM'ii'liiK ni » I"-1   I'liuiii'il "I   'In- s. K.
, mi n.i. iiii.I in Ij, .lu luii Th.niiii> J. I'l-iiiiiiii'- s.
tr, iH.rner, Ihetere wi.t Si rhaln*, mnth sn
■ hiiin-. ,-n-i sn chain*, -,.mli sn chain* lo point
,,f , niiiiiii'iiii'iii.'iii, and eonlalnlna '■»" art**,
in,..,. ,.r l,-».
W. A.  HOSS.
.Iiiiiii- W, Siniili, iiKi'til.
.Iiim. .'7, 11...7.
Take i-.ni. i-th.ii I. I.,r,,y Tucker, ol Seattle,
u'n-h . .,,■, ti|,iitii,n |ia*M'iu*cr aa-t'Ot, Intend* t*.
npply for p.-nnls«i..ii to put-. 1 i.i-i- Ihe following
I, -   ■ |i,.,l land in Hn-   Ki-pinx vi'lli-y:
. i.iiiiii. ni'liii: ni ii p..-t plaute.1 at tin- S, •'.
, ..iii.'i' mni ii.lj. intiii: Miiiyi.. I'lH-k'nS K. cor.,
"ii-in -.-,■. i.i sn I'lniins, Hnn..' north SI chains,
i.i.ii.'i' weal ttichalii*. thenc.' smiiiIi sn ehalna
|,i   p,iiii   nf   coin ii,'.-iin-nl.    '-..nl linitiir  '.I.,
■i.'ii-. i i' nr I,--
Jillll.■> W. Si. ith. RfVllt.
Tukr I.-.- ih.it I. Elian < auvarm, "i Detroit
Muh . im'i ii|wtti..n. •pAnamtt iBtHMlt t<> npply
for pvtmAatUm to pm< im-i- Hn- MlawtBg <li -
mrthtA land -ininif.l in tin- Kiaaaam V»ll.-y:
i ..iiiliit-m iiiK h1 « p..-t pltuiu'l nt thr N.K.
mi m-r ui 1.1 niljuiiii un rhm |. - K.lu ni.l K i ii u'-
- K rni'iii'i ; th—PI -nuih «t rhuin-; Watt 1"
flmin- : imrlli ni chin n- ; rn-i  I" •- Inn n - to jMiint
t,i i-uiiiim-tici-iii.-nt uml .niiifiiiiin-' Ql artm,
root*, "i [am
Iiiiiii-* ft, .Slillth, MK*'lit
.llllir 24, l'-s'T
Tukr iinti.',' iimi 1, CliHilr*- KdWMltl    KtM(<   "'
Vp-ilniiti,   .Mit'll   .  n.-i iipHti'tn,  nicrrhuni.    in
Irllil-  In npply   fnr  pt'l in i--i<» I   tu   plir<llll*.r   llll*
(nil..u.iii: .Iimi il,..1 1,mil -iiiiHln!  in   tlir   KU-
pi.ix Vnlh-y:
I'limmrliriii).' lit ii    **n-t    plnnl.il   Mt    Ihr   S.K
ruriirr nn<I u'ljoiniiiK  Kllrii  Caaotatm**  ft, I
rururi; tlmnrr iimih hii rhains; waat M rlmiiiM
-"Mih  sn i-imiiit.; m-l sn .hrtlns   to   poim    ui
rnnilil'liri-iiii'lil  rt lui  rutllHillillK Ml HCTr-, tllnrr
Ht mm.
JaaMM ft. Hmiiii, Mfvai
hinr Ji.  1!MI7
Tukr imtlcr (hilt I, .lullli   Kill--,   uf    Vp-llnlill.
Mirh ., urriipniiuii, poultry fiiriin-r, iiitnnl- in
apply fur permlnplon tn pnirhn-r the MI«WlBg
.ir-. iil.nl Iiuni •.iliuiU-il In thr Kispiux Vnlh-y :
I 'miiinriirllitf Ht u pust plnuli-il al thr S. ft.
i.trm-i ami iiiljniniim Chnrlo Kilwanl Kind's
M,  K. Cui'tiiT*   (lii'lirt-   nnrlli   SO   i-hnilis;   rust    III
rnnin>; sniiih Hn chttlMl ttaai to rlmin- tn point
,0 cniiiini'iirrinriit ami roiilainiiiK M0 Hirr.-,
mat* or i.■--.
Jniiir*! ft, Smith, Hk-riil
Tulir iinticr that 1. Kilwanl Kiln/, "i Ypsilan-
li, Mirh , iK-riipntinn, j-riitlrinuii, inlrii'l- In
apply lui* pt-i missi'tii tn plirrlinsr ihr iullnuili-i
<lrsrrih«"l Imnl -.jiunn"I in Mn- Ki-pit.x   Vnllry:
rninnu-nriii-j Mt I poat pluiiifl al iin- S.K. cm-.
inr,  mul  inljuiniiiK J    LfUAh'a S.  ft    ruriii'i;
lhr:irr Iinrth WI .Iniins; Wr-I Mil (liuin-; suiilh
■U rluiins; thriirr MM wi.-hnin*- tu puint uf rum-
lurlil, runtainillp,' lilt' MCTMa, MCMf or [&$*,
Jninrr. ft. Sniiih, ajfrlil
Jum- M, tWJ
to t-hHlii- to j-oliit of  cummniri-mi'iii, r-
in/ Mn mtm inurt- >.r [am.
April T,, VMj~. J. A. Hkke\, pm ■>'
Nnti.n   ll   hrt.i.y  glv**n   that   6u   ,].. ft
aftt-i   ilnt<*  I   int.-n.i to make Mppli'.ii
tn     tin-     HonuiH'.ir  thf*  Chief  Comnii**-
-ioiier of ImWm mil   Work--  for  patWOmiai    <
pin. lia-i- thr fnlhni mn .(es. rih.tl laml
lumiiirinin^ at m p..-l plniltfl un ihr -mull,
Imnk nf the Kii-unih'iillutn rivrr, | 1 | in
-uiith uf Ki'.l Shii-1 iiikr, IftftMt wmWh ft> part
nu ijvir Imnk, Hinl tlu-nrr iftkftj riv. r hmil '■
puint nf i uiiimrii.. mrnt mni roiitMinnn.' aa\
in ]•■-,  HN ur MM
\|.nl J"..  ftMf, J.  A.  Ilirkry, ftp I I
Tukr iiutirr that I, John I.tnnh, nf Vpsilmni
Mirh., ucriipntiuii, inrrrhiiiit, llitrii'l- to apply
h>r p.-i ini--ion tn pnnliH-r t In- hdlowlllf lie*
-rril.nl liin.l ultUMtPti in ihr Ki-pinx v.tllry:
<'uiiimrnriiiK al n port planinl at Ihr I. W,
i-unn-r nmi itiljniniiii: K'luai'il Kin^VS, K, mr
lire; iliriice north so ehiiin-; tNUH )<< 'haiu-:
-uiith Hiirhuin.-; wmi IB rhain- lu ptiiui ut' mii,-
mcl.it-tnriit, rniituiniti'.' tmH nrir*. liinir ur   htm,
Uma* ft. sniiih. mjaui
Jum- 34, IWT
Tukr iioiiiv Iiml I, Willimn I1. Hii-mM, nf
-piikum-. \\'.-i-.il., ni rn pal lull i-a pll nli-t, iiit.-n-I-
hi apply i"i- pi-inil--iun in pun-liu-r Iht1 foltuM
IttR  .lr-.rri).i'.i   lull.I   KttttMtff    HI  thr  Kl-|'iu.\   mi
Coiiunriiriii*' nt a port plnnlnl at l lit- S. \\ .
ruriirr on tin-ra-t hmik, nmi u.ljnlniiik' W'n,
II. Iiiiyniiiinli.-'- nur ill lintniilnry. tht-lM*« ntM ft
"IihIu>. noiili W 1-hnlRMi Waal I rhuin- iimn- nr
Ir--. tlu-nrr nlniii* rn*.l hank uf Ki-pinx li\r!
mi rliain- iiiurr ni [am lu puini nl inmini-nri'.
inrnt, rotiininiiiL  i.ii mrr-. niun- or h--,
JmOUM ft, Siniili,  niirlit.
Tukr linll. r lhal I. I'lr'l. II. Tho **) p-nli. ni
.--iHiknlir. Wn-h.. urriipntiun ml pni Irlir. in-
irml- Iii apply inr p. iml-imi m pun-ha-r In,
milniNiii*; tl.'M-iihr.l lain), -ilimlnl hi thr Klx
piux   \alU*y :
Cniiiiiiriirini: at a pu-i jiliinii-.l nl thf S. W
rnrnrr on Ihr eM»*l hank nf i In- Ki>).iu.\ rlVtT
,-iinl ,i'l.iuiniiiu Will I'. liiiv-.-ir- N. ft. rninn.
tlii-iii-r i-n-i I'irl.iilii-, north ni rlmin-, .m-i m
rivrr tt rhuin-, inuir ni- h-.*., tlu-nrr -mitIiei ly
(.lull-- Ihr ra-l hank nf Kl-piux rivn MJ rluiin.-
inuir or■ li -> I"   puint   of rnmiiirm-rniriit,    ■
tillllitlU ;i'Jl' Mrrr- lliuir uf |sj-sjRi
.Innir.-. ft. Smith, nurnt
.Inm- -''<
Tukr miiii-r tlnil I. Mary ili'ay l*wk, nf Min-
iira|.n||-i, Minn., urriipalinn, ii — i-lani pnin-ipii)
iii'i-:ni- to  ji pi 1 v   i.f   |*.'Miii--i"n   to   1 n rrhii-r
the iullur in- .1---. rlhtxl Uml  utimtltil   in   thf
KI-plux Mil'ry:
t'oHIMienelng al a l"»-t plHHti"! at IhrS. I-.-
r..riirl mal ml jui Iii iik Lf UttJ Turk.-:'- M.W. rui •
liri:  tlirlin-  U.sl    Nil   i  lllllll-:    liul'lll    Nil   rlinill-;
• 'n-i siirlniin-; -until -"| t-hnlii* I Inl "f mini*
lininrmrill Iiml rntllailliliL* "'.!.i mir-..     I"    or
Jit mt--. ft. Sn.itli, n-fi-iit
June "J.-), in'7
Tikr not Ire tlmt I, John Wortley.ot V|i-ilanii
MIt'll., nrrilputiull. tifilaU-r, UlUll'ls In a|iplv ini
pri iiii.winti tn purrhiiM' thr fullowillR ilrsi'llhr.;
lul.'l siillulril 111 tlir KtVplttJI  vallr> :
r..niiiiciit-iiiKiil ii pu**l nhinlnl at the If. W.
on nn' ami ft rli nin-- iimiii nf Shln.-y H. ('hn k
s.■:.'>.-*. B. ruriirr: liinnr nei Hiirhuin>; sunil,
S) rhain-; wrst ho rliuiii*-;   nuiih  so  rhnins   tn
1'uitll  ni rnlillllrlirrliir |i[.   i ntl In i II i n|* l,|H   ll i * I . -,
.lanir- ft, Siniili, RsrvtH
.Inm   *l.   Ittfi
Takr nuiii-r thai I, Si.i my I), riurk--i.ii.uf Ann
\lliur,  Mirh..   nrrU[ilHlull.    Iilukrl'.    illlrinl-.    Ill
i| ply i"i  |»vriiilMtl(iii in puirhuM- ihr fnltoWttlR
It**, ilhr.l laml -itm.inl in tin- Ki-pinx vnllry:
i uin.uriiring ut ii   ptml   i-lniiU'ii   nt   tin-   ft  I*.
rt truer uml Kd^ilntBR  Mm-y t'Urkmin'i   N.K.
I rnltirr;  lllrlirr  WV+\ MU r hn i Ilk ;  llnj'lli ,-Wirlntill-L
| eitUt rVlrli.illl.-;  Iheiirr sunt h WI r hill n*. tu    pulllt
..] ...nillirnirnirill,   ull'l   m n I rt ill I lltf   MB   urn--.
j   lin.lv ul   Ir--.
| .l.ilil,- *'. Sinitli. Iltli'llt
•lllln   JU. I'.m7
Take iiniii',' .inn I. I inn.',- Squire hitter, "i
Minn,mj nli-. Minn.. ... . n|,:,li,,ti, In-t i ui-nu. in-
t,-i.,|. in npply n.i p,'i ml".Inn lo |.ifn'ha*e Ihe
fnlliiwlnf .I"-. ,ii,..l liin.l -iiniiii-'l In Kl*|.l«*
ralli y :
r iiii'iicitii: at »  pot  ntanted at  tin- s.K
i-onicr *n>l *iljnliiln» Mmy Urajr I'•-<-i; - *. W,
,',,rii.'r: thence \\.-i *. chain* | north an rhaln*;
.-i-i ni i-liiiin.: linn., "".mill Mi chain* lo p. Ini
in*,-,■ i.ti.i.-iir-.-iii.-ii.. omlaliilnff, nm acre*, mora
Ml      I. — .
.lull,'. «-. Sniiih. nt. Ill
Jillll. _'... PUT
Tn ke imt ii,' liniti,   Mm y   ' liiik.,.11, of   Am,
.\ii...r,  Mii'h., ...-.ii|.nt  yovenir**,  intendi.
t.i npply lor pvrntl**loli In piircha*.. tin folloa-.
Ing .i.-.ii I..',I I a in I -i l ,1 in l lie Ki.pi..\ \..l
Ii ri
i ..iiiiiH'ii.iiin hi ii  p.-i  planted al  tin-N. K.
.■..iimi. ...Iji'lnin* st.liii-y   II, ' lurk '. S K.
. ..in. i ; l Im ii,-,. \i.-l nii .'lutiii-; -,,n il, sn , liuin- ,
.ii-1 «i !■ hn i ii.: in, i th km chalu. I" pnl ul ri imiii-
im,mi. .in,nit iiii.I .-..it t.i I ii i nu nm acraa, more in
■ .'.'.    I-'V
Tnk,' notice llinl Sonim-l l.yl,\ ,.f Kiiii-tlnn.
SH-kali-luvintl, iMl'iipnlii'11. fnriiHT, intntnl. t.i
apply inr penalaalna m |.iiri-hH«i' llie Mlo*>la(
'In., rilt.-ij l.iinl -
I ..iiiineiii'liiK «t k p. sl planie.l «li.iut *m y.K.
a.'l ..I julii-tl.,11   nl  Hu-   KUimiit,  !*•***•(  Hinl
I.llll,.  I'uilnll   troll* ">r   nhntit  '-  mile it   »l
LtttU -,'aaon, tilveiim fiver I'naat lii.irict, H.i'..
ISt'l1!-. "fd'h *l^»lf«   'h'.'til";  "HI,'   *J  ';!ltl|.l8,
Take nntli'i' Hint I. Kutli Tliiiiiip.,,M, of Spo
kiini", \\'in*li., m-i'llpiitinii, li'iu-hcr. luti-inU I,,
apply fnr pcrilll-sinll tn plinlni.-,' tii, fnllowtuii
,li-,ril„.,l liiinl -itiuitt',1 tn tlie Ki-pinx   vnllcy:
.'nllllin...n-lllil ill * |)m-I pillIIt.-.i ut tlir S. \V.
inritcr. ,,n the cn-t  nf  tin-   KlMpinx   iIvit,  iiii.I
iiiljiiiiiiiiu r. II. ThiiiiipMiti'. \. \v. ,',,r., ihenec
cH.I-In ihiiiii>, nurth Hn rlmin.., thi.-ti,',' u,-t t,,
Kluptol lit clniiii-. innr.. nr !<■*>, t li.ii.-i- ..until,
ii'ly rtlmiK .-n-i banS ,,f Ktaptoa titarffSehain.
iimi,' mi h-si i-iniiiiltiiiiK :i^i urn- innr,' ,n i,-..
RUTH THO.MI'SOX.     ;BB*ti.i«n
■iiniii- \v. stnitii, agenl
Take inillei' lhal   I    DaliM  l-»  Kcrle   nl   !••■■
Irolt, Mirh , neenp* >■ l»hj "Irtan,  it  I-   In
i-.ppl* lot p.'riiii-i..ii to pni. im..' the lull.™ Ina
. I. -rriiu-.l Iiiiiii .iin-ii.-.l iii Hn' K i -1. t - -.-.  rati >:
r mctii iin: ..i * po*l   planle.1  «l   Ihe H. tt.
.Mi'in-i' Hint niljniiiiiin \'hl, l.n Peril''* I-. K. corner; thenee eaal Si 'iiiiii-; north Si chain*;
■.n-i hi chain*; thence *onth » iin* I.  "ailnl
ni ,',niiiii..iir.'iiii'iit iini ennlalning 1H.1 acre*,
in,,re nr k-s..
.liuin- W. Mn Ith, iik.nn
| .Iiiiii' 11, lli'T
Taka notice lhal I. Artelc loferte, nl lieln.il,
Mi.ii.. seaapatlnn, -unl.'iii. Inleml. In npply
Im pi'i-inl*-inn t.. pnrchaw the hillowtng rle-
..i-rllK-<l land .limit, il in Ki-pi"X Vallejfi
.'..iiiiiii'iii-iiiK ui ,i I'".i planted nt the S. K.
Cnrni-r nlnl ailji.tnl.ni Himlil l.n r.rlr'- H If
ciirnnr; th,ni-i' m-l hu rlmin.: north h.' chain*'
,',,-t nn i'lmiii-; .nuih hu ehain. lo point nl i>
iii,.iii,.iii,'iit, containing nm acre*, inure nr le«*.
.inm.'.. \v. Smith, agent
June K, lt«i-
Tnki- n.iiiii' iiim i, Wanantt bavtea, at sp,,.
kini... Waati., ,„■, npHtliiti ten,-her. inl,'int.. tn
apply f<>r panalaalrai to pnrehaae the Mlaarlm
4e*erlbf*j Ihii.1. .Iiimii-.l In the Klaplaa vnllcy:
I'.iininciiciiig at a i««..i piantad al the s. k
ebtnaiand adjoining Ruth ti ,,,.,„,•. v   r
T.ik,- iimiii-,' Hnn I, M«ry Iniiy. nl DetMlt,
Mich.,,,,-, npiiilnii. .pliiMnr. Intend, m npply
l..r pcrnii.•Imt tn pimliii..' ih. (iilliiuiiig .In-
aeribed liin.l .Itnated In !*t*p!oa V'alle*/ :
.'..lain, iirinn lit n p..-t ptanted hi thr N'. K.
ii.ri.cr ,i.l)..iniiik' I iiuni- Si|iiiri' PnttBT'l V. IV
i-nrncr; ti ....iii, wi chain*; a*e*t auehatn.t
Notice   la  herab)   ui' i n   (hal   10  da)
.ft. :   In ti- I  latent!  lo m.ili.- application
lu    ili.'    11..11,.ci l.l-    ii.,   Chief I'..iniiiii.
'iiiii.-r nf i.iiini. nmi Wink-  f.n  penal**loii t.-
pin. ha** Ihe following deneabad inn,'.:
i inini..   nt n   pu-t  planted  about IAU
chain, -..nili i.f n po.t plniit,'.'. ni th. N.W. .'..i
mi ..i it,.i Hand ink..', thence v.,-i ni ehatu*,
-niiiii w cbalna, eaat SO chain*, north M i'haln>
alongrhnre to puint ..f eoinmeucvmenli con-
tatuing nin nit,., more nr Lea*,
\ptii HI, i'.i„7. 1. a   Ili, k.y, agenl
Notlee la hereby given that M daya
after date I Intend to make application
tn    the    Honorable tha Chief Commla-
.iiin... ..f Linel. nmi Wi.rk. lor pcrniii.Hi.iii t.i
pnrehaae the Mlowliiii daaeflbed land:
Commencing at a poal planted at  tha N  iv
I'l.iiiii' nl Red s 1 Lake, Ihenee we*t nctmlna,
smith hu ehalna, eaal nn chain*, iimih nehaln.
t„  poinl   "f commencement itmiiliiK MO
acres, in,•>'.- nr h--.
R.  S.   WILSON.
April 0i 10m7. J.  *•  lli'k.n . agent
Notice ll hereby ulv.-n thai 80 daya
after <lat.- I Intend tn make application
to tii" Honorable the Chief Con-ntls-
doner ot Land* and Work, hw iii-nni-inn M
nurrhale lb* folloaing de*erlbed 1 It
ii.tnm. in inn nt n pi-i   planted »t  Ikffl  *•
,.    ...   .•" I
, -    -
Notice I* hereby given that 60  taya
nft.-i  ,lntc I  Intend to make application
tn     the     Hnnnrahle  the   Chief Conm   -
-inner ,.l l.nii.1. nn,I   Wnrk. fnr jhtiiiIksIihi la
pnri'hn.e tin' fiillouitig ,1,-s, riln',1 lutld :
I mil tnctii-i UK llt « pnsl plan tell alnjtit 2 liil!.-
ue.it Inim the Kit.iiiiigAllniu I'Hiiynn unit about
I mil.- |,w. fr,.iiiiii.- he*ii ni  .ui.i  aaayi
ili, in- rth IS ehalaa, west Wli hnill.. Willi' -'
, hniiis, i-nstHO i-hnin. to  point  uf cuuuini.. '
tnelit, eiintalning '.III acres, more or less
Muy ii, IM J. A. mmmJft ifttBl
Notice Is henby given that 60 dn\n
after date I Intend to make aprH-ation
to the Honorable the Chief Commis-
tmwmtai I-riiiI"* Hn<l   Worltn for permiMi-ioii to
|iiirrliH-.i- Ibe fnlluu hitf liewrlbed Imnl:
Cammatmimy. •*■ pmi plHnted about f mile-*
MrsjRl of KttnmfflllUM Cunyon Hinl mI.oiii 2
miles S. W. nf bi'iui of t*Hid cunyon, tlu-in*'
Honlb Mn .li,Hii>,uc*i So chuins, nortli 80< ha.Dv
mrt Ht' i-iinins to peittt of eomiiH-ti.-i'ineut, inn*
tiiiniim I40 Hires mure ur lens
Muy I, Hot. J. A. Hiekey. agmi.
Nniice ft hereby j-iven that i*n ilay- Hfter datf
I Intend to apply to the Honorable Chi*.
Couiinissioner of Uamm and Works for
lirrinis>.ion to pnn'ttJUH tlie following 4-Merlbed
In ml:
CotamtfmXmj at i post planted alaitii 2 nubs
S. ft. of the Kiisiimtjalluui laiiyoii ami almnt
3 milrs S.W. of tin* bead of said canyon, thetu-e
uortb Hi) chains, mat M eliains, Nuutli H(l chains.
W*ai 99 chains to point of coniuicurcincni.
eontainlng NOaiVH more or less.
May G, tflsf, J. A. Hiekey. agrnt.
Notice i** hereby Rlveri that H dftfl alter dat*
1 inleml to make tippliciition to the Hon. Com-
niis-luiicr of l-aml- nnd Works fur permi-iiuii
io pun base the following   Afwiib rt land !
(oninieiuiiiM at a pop! plHtited on the north
• iiurcof KltPuma-aUna lake, thenee north Lft
i'ha Ina, eaat ft) ehalna, south efebeina, west M
.liaim* to puiilT ni i-nmnicneeuient, euiitaini ny
i.ln acre-, MOtf or lrs«.
Muy   I,  ftftf, .J,  A.  Hiekey, a«;i nl
Nut ice i- hereby riven tlwtiOdjtya after date
[ intend to npply to the Hon. Thief I'muiiii-
sloner oi i.nml*- and Works tor pennlaiilou io
puiclni'.c (he fnllowtBf 'lescril.cil bimi:
rniiiiiH'ticiiiK at pout planted on the N. ft
corner ol Red Snud lake, lliem-e west m chain-..
-..nili so rlmin-, mat aachatiw, north neehaln*
to puint of eoiiitiiemciiieiii, containing < i"
iii-ren more or leaf.
\pril -.'7,  in,,T. J. A.  Ili, key. up nl
Nntiec i. hereby uiviii iiiiii tn .lay. after date
I inl.-ml t,i npply tn tin Hnn chief r.,nm.i--
-i.in.n ..f i.miil- nmi v...ik- i.t pertalealiin i"
,'iirelni-e Ihe Inllnwlng .l.-s. iii.e.1 land I
l-omiuenetng al the N.K. enrner, i.eitte ,,n ihe
ui-t-linn iiml J mil.-in nli nt the ninth end
..I KiisniiiKiilltim lake, tlietie, en.i In chain.,
■ niitli WU iimiii..   we*t   I"  ehalna,   mnili   :..'
chain, tn ]...int nf I'Miiiiiiei ment. enatalnlim
I'.llliii-n- mi.re Off h-s.
L ll. (ilHHS.
fny   I.  IM, J,   V   Mickey, iiiii ill.
Notice is hereby glren that Wilar. after dat.
I Intend In apply I" Ihe Hnn. iliiei .'..nni ■!-•
■hitter of Land* and S'»rk. lui p*rral*»l«ii i..
pnrehaae the hdlwrlna .l.-,iiu.<1 land!
r,.nun. nelin; nt ii i'"-i piantad nu the nurtli
-ll.Me li M   Kltslllllltnlllltil iBke, llleliee n,,i in
-neliiiin., w,-i sn eln.in-.-imiii wi chain*, ca.l
sn chain* tn point ot , neneemenl. eontalii'
nr: nin mi.- mine nf I***,
Mny i. in,,: i    v. Hiekey, ag< al
Nniiee i- hereby gleen that •»day* after date
I Intend t.i apply In ihe Hon   I'tini' I'uraml*-
.i..ii.i..f 1. 1. nmi  \\.,rk.  mi   penalmdm     ■•
; nieiiiise tha bdlswlag ile«erthed laml:
.'.,iiiiii, in mi: nt n 1.1. -l I'liiiiicl .... th,- rl'.lil
1-nlik ..f  lie   N. . Ini... n.i'i, .il I    IV   null -     ■.
lira    I'm., i  Ink,',   and   mirk, .1   V. H. -   1
thenee we.t *n chain., nurth *• chain- nasi a
chain, to ihe right Imnk  t.  St i I river.
i i. M..    . lion Iim siu.i i ghi l«nk due 11 .tre*
to  point   ..I  '...iiiiii. 11, tali In
acre, ntnre nl I. --.
\|„;   7. ISO*. J    A    Ih. k. y. age .1
Nntiec i" hereby given that •"dap after i .
I inleml to appl;  t" Un   Hon   t'hlef I'nnini ■
...ii  Landi and S,' n   - "nt   pennt**lnn  I i
purebaae Ihe lollna Ing di scrlbi it land
Coiiimeii.lltll nl ti ('"-I liniti.-il on tlie left
bank ..I the Se. haen river, marked O, M ll -
S K. eorner, tbenee tn.rtli in Phaln.*-Wc*l D
ehiiin.. mirth li'ehnin-. weal HO ebaln*, - H
abont It cbalna toth, left bank of tha v
riler. thence Inllnwlng ial.1 laink down -ti am
t.i    point   of   eiiiiiliieiM-'in. nl,   '-.Mltiiiniiie   ' !''
May 9. l'.ii,7 I   A   Hiekey, agent.
Notice I. hereby given lhal mday. aft.
I Inti-nd tn asply t., the Hon   rhlel t'omtnt.'
.lonernl l.nii.l- nn.l w.nk- fm  permlaaion  to
I mi re li use the followlnii de*. i iin-,1 land i
Cnramenclngat apn*t planted on Ibe low
■hip line between Tp 1 *'. and  1  W„ I; (J  N   ■'
mni markad ■• I! ''    Ihenee «, -i  in
-. mh ni , h n in.; en»t Nit I in in.; north no chat in.
tbenea  in chain* in poinl "t cnwinenccini
and containing Sat arres, ajon  "i  lea*, l*»t
.I ii.e.i ii- a k. i, a, :-.' Tp la R  •  n. ■
a.hTp i'.. h. i   n «' v > ■ i a •
a hu. Tp i, ft. u ij n . ,n u ".  ..
il   '   ROnKIN t-:e  SUN
Saturday, August i'i, l»~7
Capital (paid up) $3,000,000.      Reservi' fund, Nc890,000.
Total assets N6,00Oj00O.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office: Montreal, Que.
pays particular attention to the accounts nf out-nf-town
The Havings Rank department offers great advantages to
every mi'.
Why run the risk nf  losing your money hv tire   nr   other-
trias when y.m can leave it in the bunk an.l have it safe
One dollar opens an account.
We issue drafts and money orders pat/able in all part* nf
the worhl.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Hotel Caledonia
Port Essington, B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Proprietress
lioni soit qui mal y pense
When coming to Essington why worry over worldly
cares, when you can live well and lay warm at Kirby's,
l"KS      18.00 down. Parlors, Smoking, Writing, Bath*
moms on .'Very Hour. Hut baths at all hours. Cold
baths whin required. Agents. Baggage and transfer
agents. Porters i--«-**t all boats and trains. Tranifer
Marconi in connection.
R. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
SI 11 Mil E8.
las-tnf a ■■       ii ■ —
■ i it    a^a*^a**M**«****M*at**S*a***S*l ■
The skfi"ia  RiVer route ii tie quick1
est anil beat route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
tnr Etaielton aiul Skeena river porUi
B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
KSSINdTON        -       -       -       VANCOUVIB
Mckenzie & jackson
Port Essington
Fit-Rite Boys' and Men's Suits
The best and cheapest Suit* made, from IT.oO up.   Measure
taken fnr tailor-made smtn.   See samples,
Call and see OUT stork of Groceries, Snitn. Hoots anil Shoi'H.
Rubber Goods, (the best anil cheapest line eVer sold in Easing-
tun) Skirt-.. Genta' Furnishings, Patent Medicines, Toilet Ar-
ticles, Pines, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Books, Magasines, Stationery, Hats and Caps, Overalls, Kuncy Goods, Amberite Shells,
Automatic Pistol Cartridges, etc. WHY WK CAN BKLL
CHEAP. We pay I'ltch for oilr gootls. H:ivt- no interest to
pay^no salaries to pay. Post Office Block
R. J   McDonell
Tlie leading hotel in northern British Co-
lumliia, elegantly equijiped tb meet the re4
nuiremehts of a fastidious public, and Wim*
manding a superb view of the approaching
lint and mid baths at all hours. Baggagi
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing Louts. T»*p     •f'M
Saturday, Augvti :z, :   7,
Pioneer   Paper
the North
B. C.
Take untie- Hnn I. U tl< im in f, lliitittm-.-. ri
Vaneottver, B ' "■■<i'|.-iti..ii mill-null, i. In
tend   [n appl;  I'm h -p.. ial nmi.. i he. aa* o**\
Ih.   i.tlluuin-.- .1.   - ul...I  land-;
(Co. i - Commencing nt i pa*A planted
twn mill'* iif.-fniii fn.ni tin- li-n-i nf  Haetlng*
Arm. nn Tm-   .'M-'   -Li.    ,.|'  tin-  ,n*iii,   Uhiiiv   IM
chain- north along the -hnn-. th. imt mrhnln
m-l, thenee ytOi halna -.nuih. tin-in1.■ in i-liti i ii -
a*< -i in pl.t.-.' ..i la-glnntag.
Nn   I    Commencing at laotM  piantcl
Hlmtit It'll .-hiiin- icmi ili.- mart -linn- nl llii-i
Ingw   Vim ni'1;.   ii,.rih   .n.i   nf Indian   i.--i-im.
Km- i   mi], - M .Mli ..I   ,-r    Kay,   thrlir,     ii"l ll
■D I'hulns Ih. :..''■ Wtnil mi 1*1111111-. thrnr, -..n«l-
Klii-lmii,     ih. *,. .  . ,.-l sn i-liain- 1..   'ilu.-.'   A|  I..-
v.. .: i na.tnenr.ng at a po-i alaated nli.nr
in . Inim- eaal . t in.- in.i-1In-H-1 I'nrm-r nt N... .,
tin in.   real Hi . tniiii-,  iluin i-imiili mi .ii'iiit .
Hi. n. .   in-'   Ml   rlmin-   In   -Imi.-,   iheinv   -milli
*iin111: iit. -ii,-!.' ni i imiii-1.. plan* ni hefffniilmi
Nn   4    Commencing nt ;i aaal planted
HI  -llllll. Ul t'n-i',.'" .lllllll lliirtli   nl    Iht'    INH'Ml-
u't-t rnrner nl Ike In.hnn n--rrvr nn the wenl
glilt-ol Haatilig* nun, Hum'- wvrt 99 1'liniH'.
IhenO    ill mi , hiiin-. Ihr    ra-1   Nl   i'lniin   .
thenee north ml it.nii- in |. in ii-1.1 beginning
No. I—Comgaenclssg al ■ p«>st plante)
"ii Pearae i-lniiil. nli..ut four inlli* -nuih along
thr -lion- II mil III'- innllth.il I'nrlliilHl I'miiil
iiii 1 nl.mil ii quarter nl H inlle in Iiuni Iht'
lu-iu'h. tin in .- iii.rih lit ■ Iiiiiii-,   liuin-'    u.-t   Ji
i limn-, thence worth l-'i'.hiilii-. tneaec mat ¥
. liuin-. Hi--ii.-. -miiii r_ii< inini-., thenee mat t
chains, tht-not* miutli tn ehalna, I he iht *e»1 M
i limn- in (.i.i.'i nl btitlnntagt
No. •—*Commf*nclng al ■ peat planted
• ■ii I-,.hi— i-i.-tii'i .-ii ii i reel abmu three mlle»
north 'i MiH tin nhura nmi \\'ni.*- hiai-ag-*, mid
about half a  mile  In  irom  iht-  bee*h,  iheiHi
llOlih *ll hum-. Ih.nr.- i'ii-t    HI  i-liiiin-,   I he in,
-hith mi chain*, theaca tfeat sn rhuin- |n pi,t<.
nl   beginning
\n.:    i ..nun' neiag al ■ anal planted al lh<
-i.i:iii\i.-i corner ul Nn.   i,   the ■  h«tib ■*>
i liuin-. Iln-ln-i- u't-t Ni t-htiln-, Mirllir -nuih Ml
i Iiniii-. llirin-t  eaat 90 rhaln- 111  plan-of begin-
|i. K. Newell, Agent.
.Inly,   1.   ISO"
llfThli'T i,|- SKKKN.l
ink, amine Itwl H v.-  Martin. «t Vai ■
i,.,, ki. Real i:-tin,' Broiler, lateen* t.. an
pt| i..i  peeral**Uin Inleaae tin- kdlnwlag* de*.
. iiiiiii Imi 1. i .iiiiiii, n,'Un; iit h p,,M plant,-,I
at the bead ol Khataelttlet; Ikeme xnitherl"
Hlnng tin' weal )„init,lHry ,,f lot J7. fm iv nbaln*!
Ilience forty chain* wc*tl tlii'tnv f.'ity chain.
ti.trth to Ill,' -<>iitli I,link ,,f Kllutz,. riv-'i ;
ii,,ii., eaat, rl) alnag nM river In i>,.i.u of. ,.m
 li..|.|iii'lit; nnlltnlliiiiK IH" kit." I"'"'•' "i■ l.---
IlllU.I    \' Hilt "Itl,'I,    llllll'   l,,tll,    I'.'l.l
WS, SHANNON. At;. Ill .
■Take aotietp ibat I, Nra. M. K Miller, nt
Neaith-i n'aah,, uecapatton. maii-tni woman.
Intend*  lu appl)   ,nl   pertahMgoH  Mi aarehata
111.   i..|l..,\ i ni; .It-t rilHil Inini mi  I'ltr-'lirr I-dull. I
rdtuated ni i one mta -outh  nl  Rrfage Hay:
commencing al ■ poal mafled Mn* M. K, Mil-
h'i'- - ft, ''"i. anal, running eaal N ehalna;
thenoe north lOelMUnaMfcence weal i" paalna,
thence south WehaJtw in polni uf iMinaiance*
mant, containing liB aerea* moft? of leaa,
1 ,,i ulr.l   JUI)     'Hi.   I'"1'
KM M. K. MtLUCfl
A. McKay, iiKt-nl
T»kr notice thai John P. Blggn, garingbank,
Alta ., nccupatlon, larnter, InU-ndu to apply for
permlaaion tu pnn-liaM- the Wlowlag■ieaerlbed
laml  :
I'ninin.-nciiii: at a anal ptaatH al tin-N.W.
enrner uf ft Lrl*-'* pnivliaae annllcatlon, oi 2»*
yni.i- area! oi .iunrtinn of Kltlmat, Popper
tm* Litti<- ranynn trail**; tln'iicr faiath M>
tehalna; thenoa went to ahalaai thence warm
ku ehalna] thence *aal 90ehalna Ui the pnmt of
tfomroencementicontaining MOaerafl moa* at
1, I). WELL8
hh» nt for .1   C. MHitiS
i.ittir lanon, m p .'uiy Ma, Ml
tti-i     ■ ■* - am        .......
Take notice thai Samm-i l.yir. ,,f Kmi-iitm,
laakatcaewaRi iKTiipniinn, larmef) lateadl In
ttpply (or p*-rmi>--*h'ii t*> purrhHv- Mil' Mloging
tteacribad laadl -
('niiutiencinK at a p* -t plantri) il limit 'Jim ft}*.
Ifaat ol juiirtinn of iIk- Kitiinut, Popfrf anil
Uttio luiioti i.hIIhoi ribout 2 miles aaal nf
Little Canon, «kecnaHli>r rn(1-t IHMrict, H.r.,
btlHbvMM^Itfelittfl^ ttMm ••t-n' tw hkatiai
tin ii-1 iimiii mi ri,nin-, tbence weal hi ehalna   corner, them*e weat gft cl nea)*>aafrtat aad aoatatnlat i-*' aeraa, aaaf« or   MehalBa to palatal faaaaaaaearaaent, a
tn  p-.int  uf   .-Mi'imciuviiii nt,   cuUtalniBf   MO
nni- limrr ol h--
!   I). WELLS
aajael f..r g, i yi.k
l.iitu- Paaoa« it  P., Jolj ith. laf)
Take aotlea th.it William .1   .Inhn-ti.n, ni Vi.
I..- ,t   ii. p., i M-» ii pa timi  iiii'iiM.'i.  Inteada to appl) mh |**'iiiii--iuii in  im.'liM-i- tin   Mloa/iuti
■ ]..-. iii...I Inn.!-.:
' un tn Inn «' 'i  pt**t  planted imi the eaal
Uaiaula) Laland, about 3 I i mtmt math
,o tin- MMtrar end td Uift) l*dand, lhem i
nlng areat al rhaine, tbcnif anrth H ehalna,
lhence eaal Ml »aore, Ihenee along ahore lu
ptaat ni .'.,miin in .-ni' ni. and euai lining Kftl
\\ILUAM J. Johnston.
.i..ii1.1.   .1..im.i..ii. t-ga-at
hin. .'j, IgfJ,
Take iiuiicr that I. Pereau Junea K.ii.y. id
V|.|..ii„, (t r , ..ri npiiii-ui. ina-ti r iiiariin-r.
in i. nil- in Hpph tm jh nn i--imi I., pui .li ii-.- Mm
Nd towing ileaciibad land nn iMiadaa laland:
1'i.a.a.rarlagal a port ptanM*d in ■ barbor
• oi tin- p-mnlo-aM iini -.I Hun.in- i-luml, R, P.,
iiii-iin-nnrih lAaaalaa, theaee wart in -hmr,
tii. im r -.hi ili nl > an.I rit-lrrly tu in tint nf i-niii-
nM-tiri-inrni. a ml inr Iiniii in mi n iu-iiuii-. beaebea,
I. ilyaa an.l •'mall n-lalnl*.
IlllV   I,   1!HI7.
Take iintirr that I, <. ,** Jenafti.ol V'anemieci
,... 11 put nni. \ rirrinary nurgeou, ImM-ImI luappl)
n-j pt*rmlaaiou tn porobaae  ilu   hdlowlng m
-.-mIm'.I land in tin- Hulklry valh-y:
i '..min.li. inj.' at a pnafj planted al   tin-   -niitli-
ni-t mi-ii.i ui lot -JiKS.   tlir •   imrth   I"  <|(,uii-;
ntpl gflchalus; aoath m caalu**; tlH-aeeweatW
.-Im in- in p. .in i nf ri. i ii nn-inr im-ii i.
(i. s. JBRMYN
Inly lath, IIW
-i\iy tlays after dale, I. ilevi. I». Humfor-1,
vnii make application m tin- Hon. tin   I in, .
■ '..in mi--iMnl-i in l,n ml-aiul Wni k-. al Vlcturla,
i'< • inr perinlaatmi in purchaae ihr (olloHiu*.
h --iii.r.1 t.ni't- -itiiat.-.i ua eaat aWe idPurt*
''III:]   « 'lllllll  :   -
•*i,.rt!iu: fiuiu my Nn. 1 pn-i marked *0-,t. |J,
Mum hud, *, ft. nn., sltuatwl ■■„ ft, \\ rmt, <n
(,ui an; tbence rannlag thirty chain* aaal m
\ K. mi. id l,..i Haij tbeuee north 7fl rhuin*. Mi
p..inl ua aaat line nl lad  '->i.  Keglna  Mining
'latin; iinn..■ veal w eaal nn to tble wain.
I'ort land < 'anal; ihenee fulluwlag ahore line l<"
;...ini ofeuiniuenceuieut; contalulUH WB aerea.
h i leaa.
Ij ir.l Jalj ttad, I'.t'T.
A-.'1-ni for '.rn. |i. Mum ford,
S'oblea, H <'.. July 21. lin'7
wassiar Land   District,    Range 5.
Take notice thai I, J a men ft.   Mmlth, ol Vic
ui i.i, u. nipi. linn, n ui-.r, Intend' l" apply foi
|a*rmlaaton lo pun-boat1 ihe hdloalngdeacrlbtHl
i.i mi-, -i lua l fd in the Kl-piux valh-y :
''iiiiiiii.'iiriii'' nt a po-t planted rati the aeal
1.auk ni" ihr Ki-pin\  rivn   uml  nppualtr   1'ivl.
II.     riinii||.M.n'-   S.    \V.    roill-M,    lli.-lii-r    grVal    I'
luiiii-. imrth hii chain-, m-l M rhaln-, inuir
n leaa tu river* theiwe KMithcrly abmg ire-*1
milk id KlaploX rlrer, gn ehalno more or leas
io polul nt commencement ami  euntalulng.tM
June*, IW»7.
.it-i mi (lia in-, -.nili k.. ehalna to pidat oi eota*
i ne nn,-mi* nt. cnatalnlag >-*ai aerea, mat* at leaa.
lam - 'V   -mith. agent
June *i.  art
Yak. nmi..-that I, Ah/lu Bailey, ill Seattle,
M a-li . H nipt-iii'ii eaahlci inteada tnapfd) hn
p.-nn i--inii to pun haac I he following deacribed
Land, dtaated ll tha Ktaploi valh-y:
itomnteneingal a piaat planted »t  th* N   vT
and adhdnlug  Margaret   Ihivle    N   K. corner,
thenci   ■ .i-l hh .-ha in«. -uiith ni .-pain-,  u.'-l   **<
I-haln*     liMitll   Nl rlliliu-   I-     I'-'Ull     nl   .-nllllil.  li' i
ment* containing agi acres, antre m laaa
Jam' - '-   -itnili. a*.-nt
.luii,- i.. l'.«,'
inm,'- w traltS, „i.'. in
Inn.  JI. 1901
Take ii..in-, lhal I. MaraH K *y»l*>lir. "f
Seattle. Wa-ll., ...-.il |..il i.'t. i.n. n.iif.r. inliixl. tu
n|.|.ly I.,i i«.iiiiI--i..ii t.i aarrhaar IS* fcrflowl-aj
.1,., iil,,-,| Imnl. Klnial.'il i'i Hi.  Kl-1'l..v vnll.■. :
r.iitiiii.m-iiiir ni n  jMi.t  plfiiitiil  ni  the S K.
,•.,i nt-l. iiii.I liirlmlii. ii.-1 <>f M.iririir.l Parw*'
V.  K.  hit. llii'i  Ht.t hi i Imiii..  in.till wi
ehain*, eaal *" ehalna, •<miHi an rhalrw la polal
<>f , n.'.'iii.'iit. eahlalHlni **Sae*ea, MW
nt leaa,
.Ikuh- ST. Sniiih. age*".
.Inm- i",. li.iT.
TaSe in.ii..- lhal I, 11 ■ ■ i ■ > v I'"" <'am|»*a-H, "if
a. atilc, w.i.ii ..,,'. -itimn.hi. K.'iiiii-iiiiin. iiiiiii.i-
,.. ,i|.l.li f.n (wi ini..i..n t,, 1 .iIr< llll-. III.' f.illniv-
in-   .I,.,-nl,,,I   liiinl,   -iniiil,-.|   in   Ilu-   Kl.plol
.'.nlllll..-irillll ill n |>..-I   I'ImiiIi-.I   ill   the  S.   9t.
■•..riii'i. and H.lJ.iinitiK Kd-rard K. "-"ahater** *■
K. Bar, these 1-1 at .-liuin-,  Iheaee  B.irta
hi ,IihIii-, «,'.t H . ImiliN ?.. >il t li SI .liuin. I"
(...ini ..f .-..I,nn,ti.'.-iii.in. .-, > i < i ,t i nl iik *** aerea,
in,,,-,' ,,r le**.
Jum.'- w. Sm11ii. agent.
.tun.' &, li'"-.
Take ii.'tl.'i' tlmt I. Thima* I, Pegnaa, i«
Seattle, \V,i.|i.. i,,-,-ii|,iitl,ui agaati lnii-n.lv In
n|i|.ly fi,r i»'i inis-inn i,. purehaaa Ihe *nltnwliia
ileaertberl laml, -innii,-.! in Ihe KI****)*. eallee:
r.,nun,th mu ,il ii |...-l planti ,1 al the H.W, ,-.,r..
„ii,l ai ebaln* i>.--i ,,f ftlwar.1 K. Wehaler'. S.K,
ei r, them* e**l SS ebaln*, aurth nn ehalne,
v., .-i sn ehalna, ...nth ku ehain. tn anlnt ,,1 «-,nii-
I il, in'tin.'III. ,',,11 Inini Hi; '.In   ml,., l.l, ,|-.- ,,r h***,
.l*LiM'-*-. ft. Smith, agent.
June 2'.. I'nit.
Take notice thai I. w \ Itnaai id neattle,
W'aah.i occupation paaaenger agent. Intends" tu
.s i >i>I > lor perailgatml Ni pun*h tae the hdlowlng
ileaei Ibcd land, dtnatad In the Kluplux valh-y:
i.tniliirii' Ink; at a   poal   planteil   al   Ihr   S.   K.
noner, and adjidnliig Thinaaa J.  Degnan'i N,
ft, rurnrr.   thenee    w.-t to ehalna, anrth no
rhiin-.rn-t So r Iiii in-, -mii ill an , haitt- to polni
..i . .Hiiin.'iii rni'-nt, anil rotitalnlnii ftgJ am--..
nn reof 1«---.
\V.  A.   KOSS.
.imiii- ft, smitli, agent.
June .'7. lia*!
Tukr notlee thai I. Kih-n I'enrerae, m Detroit
Mirh.oecaaatlon, >pinater, Inteada to aaalj
!••: peraUaatna te pni. hast- thr hdloaiag deserihed taad -itiiHi.'l in tin- Ki»|-inx Viiih-y:
I'niniiM-iK-iiif* a*a poal   plair.nl al  tae  N. K.
miraar and adjoialng Caarlea ad ward   Klag'i
g, K.i'iHii'i: ilnnrr   -uUth   Hiirlniiii-;   Weal   I"
■ -liuin-: n.Tiii gflgaalaai aaai mattain* tm polal
ui mi mi' ni iimi contalnlag gaj aeraa.
ti- ■ * - - in I,.--
.iiniii- ft Snnih,a-gaai
inm- ji, gagj
TaLr aotlee taat I, ('barlea Kdward  Ktagi al
V|-llilliti,    Mirh   .   nrrnpatinll,    IIIITI-Iliint,     in
tewda to apply Inf pelaletda I ha  pnrrhaw ihr
followiiiK ilr-rill-..! hili.1   -llll..I."1   in    ihr    Kl-
pi.i.x faimr* ■
(*oauaa*aelagati poat  plaated at tae s.K.
earner aa*l adjoining Klh-n CamtataaU N.K
■ uriiri ; thaana north hu rliKiio-; wr-t Bi rhaln-:
Ninth    ■"'    rll'titlM ra-t HO   rllMill-     tn     point     n|
ri.niiiiriii't-im'iil ami rontainiiiK Bgl ai-ri--, mon-
iaasss W, smiiii. agssil
.Iiiiii' M, 1KI7
T,iki. in, tii',- Hint I.. In Im KlOfi "'  "ffjallanil,
Miili , ...-i-iipnii ininltry farmer, lata art, la
.1 |i|'ly f.T |H'i nii--inii tu pilri-lm>v. tin- I."lionini:
■ I.-, ii..... i I'.n.l -iiniiii-ii In tin. Kis|ii,,x V alter :
r ii.Ti.iiiK ni ii |i..-l  |iliiiiiiil nl  tin. It,
. ..rn., nn-1 n.lji.iliilnt rlinrli- Kilw,ir.| King'*
a, K. i..iii,t ; Ihenee nurili *n ehalnaj t-n>t n,
.iiniii..; ..null Sn I'hniiis; wist In chain, la poinl
,,f |.,iiiiiniTi,-,TiiiTit mni eontalnlBg HU ae*a»,
in,.!,. ,,r I,--.
laa*M ft, Smith, KK<"tit
Jane -'», J'.hit
Take notice thai I, Edward Kline, id Y pail anil, Mirh , orriipiitiuii. geiitlemaBi lataada to
apply fm- permtaidon tn par«'baac Ihe hillowini
ih -riibed land Rituated in the Ktaploi Valla):
I unuiiriiriiiK Hi n poal pla llt r.l at I hr S. K. rnr-
iirr, ami adjoining ■'■  Laaib'a s. w   eorner;
tlii-:n'i-north ko rliains; wr-i ko rlmiiis; south
Ml rhains; tbenee eaat hii rim ins to polni of roin-
niriit, containing mo urn-**, more nr leaa.
.luinrs ft. Smith, ntfrnt
June M. nWI
Lag agt) aerea ttaora ui .
April BT. 1'tuT J. A.  Hiekey, •*■ ut
Notice  li  hereby givt-n  that  60  .1
attar -late !  latead to rr»ake ggaalh
to     thr     rta-aaraaai  the  Chief  Comn.i-
-ionei ot  Liiinl- aad   Works   for   permi--
pan-aaaa the hdloa 1 nic .U-*-- ril.t**i Uml:
r(.mm,-ii. in-.' al a prjfl plautnl  on   th.
hank "f   ihe   KltaUBsgallaai   river, I I j  ■
-..nth of Bed aaad ink.-, Unraaa aaata  to 1 ..-*.
on livrr hank, aiul that  glaag   riv. r baBJ U
point  of   roiiiinrii. 1 iinnt aiul  eoatalu
aerea, mora or haa
April 2>,. pioT. .1. A. Hiekey. agent
Take notice that I, John [.nuih, of VpalUntl,
Mirh.. nccupatlon, merchant, Intend* to apply
for pi-rnii--ioii In puirhasr tin- followiiiK de-
-i-rihnl land altnated In tin* Klapk>xTatlef:
Cuinmenelngal h poal planted at ihr g. W,
eorner and adjoin Inn Kdward Knur's s. K. cor*
n.-r; thence north Hit rhaln-; eatd t11 rlmin.-:
Ninth Koehain-; weal W ehalna la pidul id ooni-
inni.-rno-nt, containing 380 aerea, mot* or leaa,
.h.uirs \v. Sniiih, agenl
laki notlee thai I. ■HUlam ll. Hay in u tide,
pnkilllr, Wa-h..   urrnpatlnu  < Irl k,    illlrllil-
ippl> tor pi'i iiii--iuii i,, pnrehaae tha follow!)
i-aerihed landii pit ua ted in the Klafdoi valh-y:
1 oniinriiiiiiK ai a po-t  planted  iit  ilu- s.  !
■orner ua the eaal  hank nt the Ktajdoi rivi
ni.l ahmil K milt- i'i-mhi   the  tll-t   twleflraph   n
.in in a northa'caterly dlraetlsn, thr m-r norl
■hi ehalna, weal ko ehalna, aouth Mi ehalna, eaa
at ehalna in polni id eontneBQemi-nt, cuntali
ing 040 aerea, inon- or leaa,
.Inim i-  W.  SiiillU. ilk*. III.
.lllll,' **,
TaSe i'"ii..' Dial I. l.,i,,y  Tnrker, nl Healll
-v.i-li..,.''ii|,nil,,ii i-am-nger agi'iil. Inleml. I.. ,
. ,     ,  ,, T„ki-1...11.T tlinl I..I..I111 «..rll,'V.,,M 11-1I111M
n|i|.ly Inr pi.riiit**l..n in |nn-< li«*e thi' lull..* ins '
I.-  .I land in Hi.-  k'l»|ilii> mil,'y:
,, ...    la'rn. »» nn tn pun-haw the nillnwlug.1
1 iiiniii.ii.iiiL'in n p..-' I'lnnti'.l  ni  Hi.' a.  w   '
... 1 in-1 iiii.I i..l.j, in :1m Mn iv '..  Ii'.'k'- - E. iiir.
,.i.'ii.'.■,'.,.1 sn phalli*, the  mirth *' ehain.
in,ii,.-11,-1 H'li'liniii-. ih,-ii,,' ninth SI i'lniin
|,i   |,,inl   nl   <■,,mni,'in i-n: nt iiiiiii,.' r.l
.ia.ii--- ft, <u Ith, agenl
.lune Ti. I'l'T.
Take notlee thai I, Mary (tray Ivck, nf Mln
...ii put inn, broke r, Intemla to apply hn
' Lii ii nil ua ted in the KlaploN Valley 1
t'onimeacingat a poal  planted al the X. W,
! eorner and in rlmin- north id IHdney  D. Hark*
I -.1    - s. [.. rnrnrr: tbenee eaal KI rim ins;  aouth
S) ehalna; weal ku chain
polni nf commencement
ft, Sinitli, ageu
north si' chaina t.i
•oiitniniin* 040 aerea
.linn 20, lirnl
Tukr notice thai   I.   William   P.   Ruaaell, id
-tfftokane, Waah., w en pa twn eapitalUt, In ten* In
to apply i"i  prrmi--lo)i to puieha-r I In- follow*
Ing deaerlhed land ritaate In the K la pit a valley!
1 oniiiieiK-iiiK »t 11 i*o-t planted al tha H, ft,
■urii.t nn il a-t   hank    aiul   rulhdalag   Wall, PaymundeV nurth boutnlary, them-e eaat «<
Iim In-, in nth si' rhains. a eel I rhuin- more <>r
laaa, thenee along eaal hank of Kfapioa rivn
ai chalaa mora or kaa to prdnl ot enmraeuc*'*
meat, con tai ulnn 8SW aerea, more ur!»---.
.Ihiih- W, Smith, agent,
Take mail •■ tlmt 1.   Kred   11. Thonpaun, ..1
-pnkilllr,     Wa-h..     nrrllpit tinli     rol pni |.u r,    ill-
iend> tn apply tor permlaaion io purchaae ihe
loll11 wing deaerlhed laml, Rliaatcd la the KI*
].i..\ valley:
t'ommeneingat a poai planted nt 'In- s \\.
t-oraernn the aaal bank of ibe KtepJok river
andadJulBtngWm.P.  Ruaaell'■  N*. W. corner,
tllelirr m-l  HI rlmin-, north NN   rhaln-,   Weal    I"
river 10ehalna, inon- or leaa, ihrnrr southerly
aloBg Ih* eaal hank id Klaptt'X rivrr HU rhains
more nr leap tu poinl of com mem-omen t( ron-
talailtl -te< ant- inon- 01 leaa.
PRBD, Hi Thompson.
.lames W. Smith, agent
.lune M
Take notice thai 1. huth Thotnpaon, id Spokane, Waah. 1 occupation, teacher, Intend* hi
apply for permlaaion to pon-hase the following
deaerlbed laml altnated in the Kiaptoh ralley:
Commeneing al a poat piantad at ine R. ft,
roriier, on tin-ea-t of the Kispiox rivrr, and
adjoining K. ll. Thompsnh'- \. ft. eor., Ihelice
eaat Mi 1 hains, north MeaalBa. thenrr wart io
K i-ptoX IU ehains. more or lefts, thenee sonih-
erly aloggj en-t Imnk of Ki-pi.t.x rivermi ehaina
more or taam eoatatRUaj ■*• aetaa ainre m leaa.
inim.- w. smiiii. aaent.
inm- tr,. I1.1-.
I'nki'lli.tli'i'lhi.1 I, Miir*iir.'l li.iiirs, af *****
kaaa, SPaab., neeafalhw laaibii, IntfS. sa
"I'l-'y l"i |ktiiiI»1,,ii tn |,urilia«' lb* Mtaalng
diM'llhad Inini  •ini.iii'.l in ih,  Kis(,i,,.v iniuy:
Corataet-elng at a. paai piantad al Ibe S, K
|..>r>...r HU'I aSJOIning   Until   Tl ,,.,„|-.   V    1
11,.,. i" 111, .'.linn...,,', ■ii|iiiii..n. ii-i-inii' |irlnel|«l      Takl. nmi,.,. ii,,,, 1,si,In. y |l. (lnrklxfl.nl Ann
lutein!. It. n|.| ly l.-r |.--itht--i- n In |utreh**e    \,i..,r. Mi.-l... nei-npattnii,  tmiker, Intend* i"
iii,' lidliralkg ,!<■-, ii'',''l land .ll I  in   Ihe I ,[luly ,,,,. ....rmi^i,,,, |„ punha** ih* Inlliiwlnii
Kl-l'l.-x iiil'i-y: I ,|,..  |||„.,| inn,1 ,iU11 1 •„ il,,. Ki-|.i..\ vnlli'v:
t'limmeaeliig al n |n»i |,l«ati-,| al Hn-s.K- tii-fluu'ni'lr<jat« pnai idantail „i Ihe s.K.
...irni'i awl ii.ii.iiniiiL Le Hny Taeker'. H.W. enr- |,,,rlM.r ,iu,i adjoining Slarj- t'larkmin'a N.K.
nit: III,'li,-,' ii,-!   »l  .Iiiiiii-:   in,nli   t.i  ,'li"in-: j ,,„.,„.r; if,,.,„,.»■,..1 hii, hniiii; n..nil NM'Iniin-:
"ii-1 siir in, in-: -,in Hi at ehain* hi ,«>l f rum- j ..„., au|.|,H|u*| Ihanee ...lllll SUi'haln. t,.  pnilil
tiii'iii'i'ini'iit and iinitiilnlng Woaere*, amre  »r   ,.,,..,ni,,.-[,.-<• i,,<-nt, and mintaiiilng "i" acre*,
1,-1 ' 1,„ ,!,'.. i-1,-..
.imn,.. w. Smith, agent
.Inm- '-.*>. IH'T
.■I., twn
.iniiK- tt. smith, titii'iu
Taka imt I.-.
All,,,I.   Mit'll.
in.; ,
Take notice that I. I'ram-e* Squire r..n.i-. nl
Mi nn. n | ,,l i-, Minn.. ...-. npiil i..ti, in-l i .iiti.i . In-
i,.i.,l- to n|.|'ly lor |.,'i n.l--i.,ii In I'ItiIuim- Ihe
t.dl.iarls-gdocrllail land "ltnate.1 In Ki-nl"\
mil. y :
f iciiclngals  ["■ i planted *t lb.' s I
 m-r ami adjoining Mary "ray l-i-ek'. s. \v.
enrnefl tbenee n.-i -' ,-linii,-: mirth m ehain* i
i'i-i ni chain*; then.-.' ninth an rhaln. t" p. th
id I'l.iiiini'ii.'.niii'iit. cntitalnliis *,' '''■-■ ni'.i,'
.linn'- ft, Hiulth, iiL-t in
Julie 'JU. I'>i7 .innr 20,  l
that I,   Mai f   * Inrksoli,   o|   Ann
oerupaiioii. goVerneaa,  liitetuU
, lo apply for pvruilaaloii i" pnnhasr ihe follow-
lii.ni laml -iiiiiur.l in the Klaptol val*
Commeneing at a  pnal  plauted  at  the N. K,
rm i loijoiniiiK si.iiuj h. riarkaon'-j s, K.
i-oruer; Ibenev wr-i gflebala»;amitliluehalm;
i a-i gtl i hums; north ai ehalni In point of euat*
intiii, iiiuii mni euntalulng <••" aeraa, aw re nr
linn.- ti. .-inini. agent
TakeiMitu-ethat   i    Hani I  U  I   •<•■   m   Ih- Notice   la  hereb)   given   that   10 day*
imlt. Mleh..ia-e.i|w  phylri  Ini'.h.l.  I.i "'"■    '»««  '  '"'''"'i  l" >"'11-" SPPHeatlon
apply lor p.-nni--l.,u lo rain-haw the Inllowlng t"    t1"-     Honorabl.   th.   Chief Commli
deaerlbed laiHl*lra*ted In the KUptii*  ealli-y: "loner ol Land* aad Work,   tor p*nnl**lon t,.
I'mnme m ,ii " i""-i  plantcil „i Ihe - W     I ha** the Inllowlngdencrlbad  laml*i
i-iirncr and adjoinins Irteh La leTle'a s. K. enr-      I'lemmei |   al I   peal  planted  about 1«U
ner; theneeea»l Si i-hatnai  minli si i-haln.i chain*nmlh of a po*l planted at u,> N'.'v mi
■ii-t Ki.'iinii:-; iii,ti.t -..mi. »n, iiniii-1. p.iint nernt Be.1 Sand take, Ihcnre n,-i Nl rhaln*,
M1-   imenccmeni and iiiiualning Mil acre*, .with 80 cbalna, eart 80 chain*, north 80 chain.
in..ir .ir Ir— i along -li.,!.' te point ..f comnji'tHt'iuent, con.
I IAN ILL LA  FERTJ-: kln.ng«« aerea, more or
Jame. W. Smith agent |
.inm.'Ji. WI tprll tt, i"„7.
.1. A. 11 i,k. y, agent
Tnk,-iintiii'iimi I. A.l.'i,'i.iil,',n, ..i lietnrit, Notlee Is hereby flvan that H lays
Mich., neenpstloa. Mwlent, Intend* '" apply I after date I Intend to make application
f,,i |.iTint«.inn t.i pnrehaae Ihe following de- to the Honorable the Chief Coramta-
.crlhed lasdaltiialirt In Kl'pli.x Vallcyt  ir of Land* and Work* lor  iwrmlialon to
.'.iiiiiiii'iii-iiiit ni h pn*l  plantcil ni ilu-s.K.
r,,rn,-i nlnl u.lj..liiliiu   liiinlil   In   I'.il'''-   S   tt
I'lirtii-r: th, ni'i- we*l *>' chain*! imnh Hn chain*:
.■n-i St. i'lniin-: -..nili sn .'liuin- In point .•! ...in-
in.Tif-.'iinTii. containing SSI hi-t.-, more ni  laaa,
.iiniii'." w. Smitli, agenl
.llllll- M. 1!«'"
T«k.- until-.' iiiiii I, Mary imty, ,•( Detroit,
Mlih, ,«•, ii|,,nl  .plBater, Intend. '" apai
Eor |»«Tiiii!>-l,>ii to |*ni.-lin-t- Hi.' following ,1,-
■crlbcd In.i.l .iiuiiti.l in Kl.pl.il I'alley :
r, tiiiniTirliiK iii ii p"-t planted mi Ibe N K.
i-i.rii.-r .nlj.iiiiliiir France* Si|0lre l'..n..r'- N.W
corner; ibei »onih sa ebaln* j we«t so chain.:
|.niThii-i' Hi,' Inllowtim il.-iTii,i,l land I
r mi.o.-ina at a po»t planted at the N  tt
eorner ot Red Sand Lake, thenee we»t Widiain*.
-..ni ii Ml i-in,in-, eaat 80 ' i"'in-, north 10chain.
to  point   "f  '-"iiniii n,'. in. nt iiininlnii  om
acre*, mora or i-'--
April HT, lf>,i'*. "• A. Ili.ki'v, agent.
Notice la hereby ulv.-n thsl do dayi
after date I Intend to make application
t0    th*    Honorable the Chief Commli-
doner ol Land. I Work, lor  perml«*lon t"
j,null,i-i- the folloiring dercrlbed landi
Commencing at a po.1  planted at tbe N
.1. , li.
Notlee la  hereby  given that  60   .1
nft.i  .Inti- I  Int.-ml to make application
la    tlie     II.ni..ruble the  Chief Comn.i-
-,«.||.-r..f   Inn I.   nil,I    \Vi,rk.   fnr   |,.TIni—lllll   tu
ufjerhaaa ibe (.illowing tli-wrlU'il lutnl i
i 'nrasum lag *t * paal plant.-.1 .* i 2 aille*
Veal frulii tht- Kit.iiiiiKalluin ranyi.n an.l abonl
I inilt- S.W.   from I In-   hcail   ol    .aid    i.-aii>>
tiiiiii'.. nnrtti *S ebalaa, »i»t Hea**Y*aa, mui1 s
• h.il lis, ,-awl HO iliain- to point of 1'onini.n. .
in.'iil, i-iilitKliiitiK I'-MI acre., more or les.
May ti, fmM J. A. Hiekey, aggml
Notice is hereby given that 60 Aaya
after date I intend to make application
to the Honorabl* the Chief CommU-
•.i'Mier of I.an.l* nnd Worke for pt-rmist-ion to
puirliH-r tin* followiii-" denrribed land !
roinmrin-in-.'at a   post plHllted  about 2 m. I--
areet of Rltaaaagallaai   Caayaa and aaoai V
inilt-- S. \V. of head of t-Hid ranyon. thru.-,
-.onih hii rhain-.wr-t Knrhaiiis, north gtcaalm
eraai gfl eaalai to point of aaguataeaagaat, ram-
laliiiiiL' MB aires more or h*K**.
May f., Hag, J. a. Hieki-y. gggmt.
N'otirr is hrrehy -,'ivrn thut M m%ft after date
I intend to upplv |g the Honorable Cbtat
ruaiailaejoaar of Immm and Worki lot
perminsiun to pnrehaae taa following deaeriLa-*d
romntenoJng al a post planted abont 2 nil***
s. w. of the KlUnregailnaiCanyac and about
.* mllei S.W. of the head of i-aid eanyon, (heme
inn-ih ni rlmin-.. east so i-lmins, aoath so ohalnn,
intg rhains to point of ronimriirriiirni
run talnlng aegaerai aaaffc or lt-ss.
May 0, m.i7. J. A. Ilk-ki-y. at" ,,l
Nntii'i- In hereby given tliat n ituyi after date
I Intend t" Bake apgllMtton m ISe Ron. Com-
ini.-ii'ii.T nf Land, and 'v,,rk. lor parnluioti
!.. pun lii-«- tbe lollowlng deacribed land:
t.'irmntencliig nt a poat plaated on tbe north
-iniii'iif KiiMiinuiiiinin lake, tbenee north at
.liuin-. i-ii-i 80 chain*, .-..nth W ebaln*, weal sn
,'iiniii. to ]„,iflt rn i-iiiiiiii,Tii'i'iin-iii, eoutalalns
iim acre*, niaee nr leaa,
May I, Hal. I. A   Hiekey, ax, sl,
**ntlr* i- hereby gtvon that SB day. afterdate
I Intend to apply to lb* Boa. ffclei naraml*.
.loneroj Land*and Work, fm  pem-hadon  to
imri'liiiM' the following ■ l.-.-iiI..-.1 laml:
t'onimenctng at poet planlad ea tin- N ^'
. .irin-r of lt,-,l san.l Ink,-, thenee are** M ebaln..
-,,nih mi nli,,in-, eaal 80rhaln*, north 80chain-
,..  point   of •- i.'iii 1 inini.  eontainlng ,>''
a.-r.'!. in.'n' or laaa.
!•:. E. TAI8EY.
\piil 27. in..: .1. a. Hiekey, eg. nt
Ni.tii !■ 1- hereby given that iii -lav- after date
I Intend tn apply to Ihe 11 lii.f I'otan.l-
.loner nf Land, and Work, lor permlaalnii In
i'liri'liiiM. Ibe following deai-rlbed land :
t'ommcnclng at the N.K. enrner, betns on tl •
weat •hore and i mile* nerth of Ibe -.nili end
i,l Kit.uBlKalltiai lake, Ihenec ea.l H rhaln>,
•imth lea chain*, weat Si chaina, north LU'
.Iiain- I" pnlnl of 1-..111111. 111.T11.Tit. cnutalnliis
MB aere. more or le*a.
'fay I, li'tiT. .I   A. Hiekey, ag. tit.
Notice i» hereby glren that Hdaya after dai.
1 Intend tn npply to the Hon. I'hlel I'mnml"-
.inner of Land* and  -fork, loi pernti**	
purelia*e Ihe lollowlng .l.-.iii..',l land 1
Commencing at a |«»>! planted on the north
Inm' line nl Klt.uingallum lake, tli.Ti,-.  an, |ti
-lU'lialll-, W.'-t Nl , III III-, -nlllll HII ,'Imiii- .. ■
Slliliilill- In p..lilt   III   I'llllimi-t..' Til.    .'• ..lllllll-
1 ng 1.1,, acre, amre .,.- !.■--•
\|ny I. II',,.'. I     t.  III, key.  an, al
Nntii-f 1- heretiy given lhal *'' May- alter -l"1'
i Intend In iiW'ly to Ihe Iimi   t'hlet r.m.	
-ml,, 1 ..I l.„ii,l-,111,1 tt..rk. N>r |..Tin:--i,., In
; iircha*.' the lollowlng dwerlheil land
i-. I. ii. mi.' 'll n l'.'-t  l'laiili',1   nil    111'     II. 1
liank nf the Xeehaeo river, abonl  1- mile,  lie
,,,»    Ki ns. r Ink.',   nini   narked   V. Ii. -   1
thenee we.l ri 1 haln*, north *" ehain   ■ 1 • a
chain* to the right hank nf the Jfccha Iver.
thence following Mid 1 ght l,ank doa,  ■
In    pnilil     ni    l.ninin.  ||l < lliellt        III
acre, awir  I. -k.
Ma] T. Hi.,7. .1   ,\   Hick. >. age  1
V. .1 i.'. 1. hereby given that no day. aft.
I Intend toapply  In lb.   Hon   t'hb-1 flnnint •
Monet of 1.nn.I- and Wm:.- Ini   perml**t. ■
purehaee the lollowlni di <crib< 'I land .
I'..mill.TlrlllK nl    a    |,.-I    I'l'lllli"!   nil    III'     ,'    :
l.nnk nf Un Nn loiin river, marked O, M 11 •
s. "Learner, ttene* nortli m i'haln***we*t D
chains, north 40 ebaln. we*t 80 chain*, - h
a boot in rhaln. to Iht left bank of itm N-" hai n
river, thence lollowlng nt il liank down -ti- .11.1
in   point ol  .-.,inm,':!.■, n,, in. containing aw
May 1, l'.'i>7 I   A   Hiekey, agent,
Nnii.r i. hereby given - Lot Siday. aftei date
I Intend tn apply m the Hon. I'hlel I'nmml*-
.tuner nl Land* and Work, lot permlaaion to
pun hn-"' the following den rlbed land 1
innim. til-inn at n p"-t I'litntril mi   th.    t, - v\
■hip iin, between tp J tt. and  1  W , H t|  '■
and  narked 8. It P.. thenee wc»t 46 ,
-1 mh nu imi n-i ea-t -nil 111 in-: north soel
thenee t" chain* t" poinl ..f conimencea-i nl
and eontainlng Sen aerea, nmn* rn   '•--,  la-ttet
'l.-.'ii I  11- S.K. ',  g, il'. Tp II. a.  ... N. K  '4
S M, Tp IX, It. '. N tt '.. 8, *.'. amI S. tl ,,
s. Mi. Tp  1. tt. It t|  N ,01 1- "
INS me  sua
Il-w-r   v.
1 thai wa, lohn '    J«hi nam and
.1  lehnatnn - ri f li *'.. ne*
i  int. nd
'..     ■ !-l''v    In'      |      .|».- j i|     ]|i . I,-,,    ,,v.  I    tlir    fo!
1      ' !.' nd- *
Hn. 1      ■ ti-     ■'    ■.     I--!    pla n'l'd    «1
rh   ■-. r   .'  . i i th hlaff il nni  ■■■- haiu- ,-,.-.*  ,.i
-,i « here
• ■ ills a limit 'nni
N -■   i liatlia,  "n-t   "*i
a -
■• ii and f
imt Vi», 7 mt ii.  not Hi
'  r.
i.n tin- iioiili.-'i-i mat* ot <.iaiivi!lr Mi-u.ii.! thenee *» ehalaa aouth tu pelal ol eomaien
on Pin laland  and   maiki-d   J. *•   .1.'- K   K. CM inrni: containing '-I" artaa, nmrr at leaa.
n.-i   [".-I.   tiiriirr   aoeitfa   lag ehalna,  thettee l ■-■-mi-.i om Pro *faae, fmft,
,ii..nii   r ghty    ehalaa    *am)    i«.     shore     at w   E ■•KEKN
\\    -   Mel^llaii
v  ll   3M llll vary *
liraiiviii.- i hai)nei   then* •■   along,    ahon    oi
i irain ill-     ' haaael     In    a     aorfh a i Met )*.
dirn ti.-ii to plaee ot ram in eaarat, contain-
m •- - more or leva.
v.. m    i ..'..in. iirim* at a po-t pi.ini. .1 ni .--ii   aeag ri  Work Channel, oi  |
11-2 mill - np lake, entering tlranellle i'tiaii    thenee 4a ehaina eaat; them* KMehain* anutl
mil, ai.oni 2 i 11 mlle> irom I..H'  Inlet, nn   Pill
l-land   an.l inaikrd .1   li. .1 '- \   M    	
Hi. n.-i- -M.,!i, in, halna, .a*i loo rhuin-. i ..ni
■ i   thenee along
and ink- '•. plai.   nf i omrm m i tm nl   eontaiti
man at li m.
*-t„k..| .I'll..- IS  m ■
Hu. i*fi    i .-iiiir. neing al a |.o--i planti i.
. - ■ ■ "tn -..uili . nirainr  !.. I'nloti   i'a--
i>n Pitt I-la ml in thi   Paaa, and  rnarfci A  J   ■
i  - **  (    . ,iiin   |.< -i.  ih. nee   anal   IB i halna,
north l«»o , Iim Ina, them*e ea*1   In
k(hni, ' h< mi' almia laaont ami 1 !
plan- ot . ntniiiem euielit   eon tali g> aen
No. 20.   * omnieneliifl al ■ p*n«1 plant* l at ami
■   .        , ■  ..   ,,,,..  i,i...|f,.,i  ,,|| | half a rolli from *outhea*1  entranee   a t'plon
■   pond, al -   -n ehain*    -'--'" "" ;l"   ,"|'i:1""1   M«nd   Iti   rh<   Paau  tnl
nrk.-.l ,i tl ,i '- 9 \v   r-ornei |..*-t. th  itrt ea f
nm Ih   WO . Imiii-,  n.   ■   :
.ii' h 100 rlmin-  to   plae**   nt  i-omi rntetit,
r ti'iiiiiiir.' MP ■■ - ;n- re oi '.--
at a keil Una   "i. IWJ7.
No 2~    r..nun. n.in': at a part plat I ted aUttil
2 mllea np the northweal «hore nf an inlel off
'In- -olilliHr-l -lioir of ('iit l-lnii.|. ami ii'-on-
7 inilr- innn tin--onthi-af.1 rod   at   I'itt   Ninth).
atnt marked J. <1 J.V X ft eorner nejat, theBia-
-snuth Mchatm.eaat Mfl ehalna, thenee pat*h
Nt ehain*. thenee we*>l   mt ehain*  In plaif ol
. <>tniiK-oi'i-iiii nt, r-oiitainiiii; ti|n aere*  more ot
ea*» of Miller er»*el NU>at thri
■ n    4b  Pall"
■ [i    n<   *!i -I   Ili   Pall-
, ■'  gg,.]    ,.,.   ,..,.,!  mi , halns.
*-■•    -ll '        ' gg  i'|   M-i-    i lino, n   ■
ment  I ioi-.f     '"tin-ton a Moan*" limit No
i -ni north, eontainlng a^aerearaoreor h--.
Ha    m    (''.mn-. 'iii-iiii*  at   a   poat   plan'r.l   a'
l      l"   \T-I        'OlVrl-       of        .Inllll-toil    ,<.      Hloil"'-
■    So    9    near    wart     hank     of    Mil
!■■,'■    It, 'i' nn* i'.-or   inili-   al.ov.-   the   month,
' ii- north "Hi ' ain-. oa-t gg ehalna, aonth wt
. iii- i*-, wart -H-liain-   to   t.lit. f  iiiiiiiiii-ii".-
PM'ii*. i'-i-iMi-j .l.'hn-ioii A Sl.a.n'-. Until Nn !'
-■'i tl ■■ north and containing nm m-n- more or
I —
No ii. rommenelag at n poal planted at
nor+haeat eorner of Johnatnn 4 Woan**'
HwH No in. ■ ■?. ra-i hank ..f mm
lor ereek, th»»m*e noiMi |gg ehalna, eaal n>
to.-Iiiiln-. -on:), H'-n i IihIii-. in-l io rhuin- lo
Hit",. ..f r..;iMi" l,.'mii-iit. prinlng Job n-t i m
ffaioan'n Hn n No in nn Ihe north ami con
talnlng ->i" aerea more nr tm.
V"   l'.'.   V mem-iiiea' a p*w1 planteii  at  g,
K. em-nei of ,l..hii-ion \- moan's limit No ll,
ahon* M .haln- rii-i of Miller cn«ek, ?ri.*n.-o
north Infi chaina, ea#i W ehalna, wmth [to
ehain**, weal IA ehaim to pia**e nf eommem-e-
ment, joining .loi.n-ion and PloanV Mmlt Mn
10on 'In- nor'li
No is, rnmmem'lng ai a poal plante*! at c-.-
-. \v eorner nf .(..lin-ton .v.- Htnan's llmll  v..
II on Miller creek, t hein-r great in ehalna, north
|gn ehalna, eaal Hi ehalna, -outh Ing chafn* to
place nf commencement, Joining /ohnaton tk
Sloan'*- Itmii No. tl on »>--i ami containing 1MB
■i i rpf mnre nr leaa.
No. ii. rommenetng at a poat planted alionl
JPchain* wvrt of Miller creek, al t polni almtil
ntie mile ahore the n th, Ihenee north  ian
i-hatna.eaal H» ehalna, (south lafl rlmin-, aeai
ic rioitn- lo place nf commeiiceaient, anil containing Mo ad '■- more "r leaa,
June I'.Mh. I'.-o?.
NU. |A, rommenetng «t a poal planteti nn
the -ooTh hank nf rttg Kail- ereek, ahonl clghl
'ml.- above Ihe Big Kail-; Ihenee eaal Iftn
. halna, aonth 10 cbalna, arcai IflO chaim*, north
10 chaina, to phu-e nf t*oinmeneement, Joining
Ji.hn-.tiui and Sloan"- limit Ko. Son the eaat'
.iini run tai nine M0 aereH more or leaa.
No. pi. Commencing al g poai ptantee. on the
•onth bank of llig  Pall** creek, abonl R mile*
at.ovr the UifT Full- ami on the -"onlli line nl
Johtiatnti tt sl.i-m'-. limit, No. IS, abont HI
chalmi iiom nouthaeal corner, thence eaal W0
halna, --onth Iftchaina, thenee weal KM)cl-taln*,
thence north al chalni to place nf commence-
m< nt, joining John-ion ami Hloan'ii llmll So.
I? on iin- -ontli and containing MO urn* more
,'!    It — .
Jncie 30, Mt,
No it. CoaiBienelng ni a poal planted about
20 ehalna weat of rtr-r rapid-mi H oca tall river,
on muth bank of PJoeatall rivrr, thenei< weal
(g ehalna, south itm ehalna, eaal io chain .
north ItIOchalni io place nf commem-emeat.
.Inn.- i::. P.107.
Nn |k. Comim-tiriiiy ai g poal ptagted abont
one mile above fork** on -outh branch ol Hoi -
- nil river on eaal bank, thenee caul f-n ehain-,
•outh hid ehnin-.. thence weat to lawk of river
.('.om jn chain**, thenee following hank of rivn
i i a northerly di n-r tion to plaee of t'ommenee*
ment, aboul WQ rlmin-. and containing Mtl
,.- n - mon- or leaa.
So Iff. -"omniem-iiii- al a poal planted abonl
an chain* below eecittnl rapid- on aouth of
ii."-lull river,on weal bank, thence weal -hi
. lia 1 iim, thence -outh IM i halua, eaat M chains
;.- i.link oi river, Ihenee northerly along bank
. , rtverto ptaca "i rommencenteat, and con*
talnlng rttt aeraa mon m leaa
So 2a i naaieneing nt a po-i planted almul
-' ehalna ghova the upper raplda on  the muth
aneh nl rTocatall river, on eaal hank, thence
.,-1 .10 chaina, aouth leftehama, weal fig chaina,
north laW caalng tn plaee nl  meneement,
i . ontaining 9M acre* more or ft m.
No so.   romtaeaelng al a poal planted at the
ml of upper lake, on the -onth branch of th.
Fall river, tht nei nouth W ehgtn*. eaal   to
north l  haiti    I hi nee wi -i   to ahore
l,,k. theticc along laki ■ hore tn plai-e ol
- i" .-iii.-ni, and  i ontaining MOaert - n	
I ine i.' ISO!
.,1 A  MrA-'sN. E   cornar,  thence attlw N    W.  corner of  lot   112,
.-until HO chains,  arest  80 chains, range 5, coast <Iir-tri.-t and niarked
north -SO chains, eaal  80 chains, B. A. M's 8. W corner, thence run*
tn place "f loiiiini-iiiinn-Hi.   run- niii}.' north iilmi^ shore  i"  Id 89,
v i   i* peei  ham. taining 640 a<-res, nmrr or leas. thence eaat 40 chains, thence south
ni"'.. ..11.1n .ii. right .l.li'.il "lliili I'rt-ek.al Ih* '                        ...,...,,, i , ■ ■,■,-,, ,.,    ,               ,                       , ,    .    •
ANiH > Mi ALIH I Kit. in chaina, thence srest in chains to
July 'i. llinT. |,"iiit of iiiiiiiiii'iiriiiii nt. nmi   iiiii-
  taining 1 *»< * acres more or less.
.iiiiiii. -
Hi. ii. •■ st i-liain. a.-.t; Ihrm . i
!"     plllllt      ,.l     C..lull"   '
,It'll .   T.l. , J . -... i. ..
i..,. M .im,.. hwi
u   i   UKKKM
»' - JMa-llea    -
akt-notice  thai I, John   Bain, Located 25th June, 1907
..I   Port aimpson, B.C., occupation W. A   \\'.\ l>ll.\MS.
miner, intends to apply lor ■  spi Agenl tor s. A. Morl<-v.
citiI timlier licence over the follow* 	
ml ili-.tilii'il land: N,,T" ,:
1    '!    M. "..ill .IV
"in. ii. lag at   thi.   i-'-i    murk
■a   , nra. ■,'  at    li I nn S  r(h km ih Wo
lialillel.al. ml , So.   1.     ('"ll  Iicillg    -ll     I    pOS<
j,Imiii',I ini the  north  end  "f   In*
.nl.' ..:. 11**1    ; '""I ll
i ' < Inn,i.  ■.,.     i: ■ ■ ■■    levi-halti
in. .,'.'   i"   i. .1 If   "l    ■ "   i.'lil..'.
.■'.■■il :  ul le**.
i      •. .   ;■■,:
1.   R. OBI IN
«   -
\   ll
-.',. ;   t'liintni hi ■   . at  thl. !»".■   |»1.
■  «    . In    Im  I   It-iiiti fflbtit  un
in I.u h.'.li.■-.■ i:i" • rhaln-
ll*  i   e  ", i- .■■,-  : III*  '    W   i-l ill •
-..nl : tiii'iii',' i'i .iiniii. arm In  piil   I ..i   i nu.-
■ii"ii. I'i'i.iii: ,-iiiiinliiirin ,.ui iht,-.. iii.tc nr le**.
l..„-iii,-,l un ',th .Iiiii.■. WW,
IV   K. illlKKS
V   S. Mil...|liili
A   II. V.-'.illiuiy
' ihti.tnn ol  Vir
..t <■, hit i. nil. n.i-
No. '*-.      rillllllllTH'illL' Mt  H  |i,,-l   lllllll'" .1   III I
liiill il mill ti|- III.- iinrllni. .f -Im , r,,f nn Inl ■'
..fi Hi,' .,,nili«"-i -iii.r,- ..; I'm Mans and
tiiniii .i'viti mil,'. Irani tin- -niitlii'n-t <-,<l il
lilt Mead, and marknl .1  il. I.'. N tt mrm-r
I .,-t. tlii'ii,,'...mh III iiniii'-, in-1 inn. i',,Hli i,
lllllll.. 111'. I llU'.'tlillll. In   I'l'l,.'   ,.f   . .till lll.-l'. .-
ii'i'iit. niatalnliig a4fl ai-r mr ' le**.
stiilii'.l .tun.' », ISS7
Nn. ■*.'. i .nnmi'iirfnu' at * I-...I pin-i.< .1 nn 111-
r**! .|i,ir.- nl tlMiik-' laland, kmiwii a. ',; !•■
r.iint mh.l 'k.-d .1. 'i. .1.'- S.  R. .'.,,ii,-i |......
lIllTH'l'  11,-1  N, .1,11 ill-.  I,.Hill  Ml  ,'llH ,-,-.    ill-,     N
t-hala.   iii'.i, ,,i  h-**, la .hore, 111-■.i.■• ■ nl.-,-.
-lli.ri. to pl... .- ol     < -I -: I n ■  II' -111. ",     1.--    In.1' .,
ii--..i'vt'. i-mitaliili.g tun mn -. nun,' or I,'...
N,| Ml. I '..tiiiii.-in-ili._i ul ii |....' |.|,ili|..l ii!..-,:'
'.' Ill f I,', fli,I,, Un' s,,ii 111 ,n I  ,.|    I ll.' .'M-l ■ In.,'.- ..
Hank, f- Imn I. mi,I mini...1 .t. II, !.*, * R   m
II - ■ I-   |.,»st.    tll'll,"    «,-.|    gfl   .linill-.    II.Till    MS'
. liMiti-. tin-tin   ..i-t  lu   — 11.>r.-.   th.-nn-   aloin-
-linr,- in ti - -.. 1111.- r I >■ iliivrii.il, t.. |,l,i, ,■ nf i-oin-
.niTii'i'iiii'iii. i-ntitaliilng ,;i,, in ir- -iiinr, ,t li---
Slnk,',| -Inn,■■.'.:. l'-nT
**'<► Sl,   foininciii'ltig mi u anal plant*.! abt-tr
III I'llMlll. Il|'i'i".'k inim liiinl ui inl,,, 1,„;|11'
knuw.l H-llll-.until i'lni nl Lnlty 1*1*1*1, mi"
iiinrkril -I. I.. .1 '. N. K. . i.rniT po*t, tli.ii. .■ m. I
-i\lv iliniii-.   th   run-   Iniinlri'il   Mil,I   -iv
i linill.. Ih.Tii-,' iii.f to .hniT Ml...ill g) . hnil'-
■h.iii"   aloilfl   -linr.'   ,,f    int.'t   uil.l   ri'iTk   in ;
tiortlit-rly illrii-tUin t,- (,ln n* i-oniint-niH-ment,
i-ontalnlng "i" a.-**, sinrt' or le*.
Staked 1 U, ISo7.
Ni. ;i-j.   '..nun Ing ui ii i"»-i   (.Iniiii'il of
th,. -.iiiiii -inn.' i.f iiii.i ni„.in 1.1, ehain. from
mini ih rn" Inlet, I,.,,illy known a. 11 • • ■ north end
ol l.nfiy  l.l*iiii,  I marked J. '■. J.'« S tt.
corner i",-i. thenee north a- rhaln*, Ihenee
m-i -go ehalna, -,,,itl, in ehalna, u,-, IS
ohaliiH to fdare to miantenepaietit, ronlafnluii
'iin m-r,'. in,ni' .ir lev*,
Wo. ;t.'t. .'. .in in.-1 ■ i-l ti •_: mi n |.,,-i i'lniiir.1 about
nn,iniin- north from Itead of Inlet, locally
known a* the north end nf Lofty Mand, and
marked J. O. }.', s. tt. rorner po*l, then.1.
in.nli   I., chalaa, eaat   i™.  ehalna,  math  I,
. liuin-. iv.'-'i li'.n ,'hHiii-, to pla I commence
nil-ill, containing S4n acre, mnre or I. —■
No. in .'..iniii.-m-iii-_- ni a po*l planti** on
ili,. northweal .hore t,\ imi l.lan.l, dlrei'tly ,,|
pmite Dead I'.-iui on I'oreher Ulan.l in Ogilen
''hannul and aiarkeil ■'. n. ■!.'- N. W.cornel-
|...-i, ih.-nr.■ .'M-i In phatn*, -nutli I,,,, i'lmiii-
thence wc*t tn ahore Hboul So chain*, thenee
in ti northerly direction along .hore In plan
uf I'uiiuiii'iii'.'iiii ni, containing (Ho acre* mor.'
or I,---
Slnk.'.l .hnn' u, r,.,7
Ho. ■'■'<■   (*e*amenclng »n  m  po*l  plantcil on
111,.* linrlllll,'-! -|l,,,',' ui    l.ili-ull    t.lllll,I.   i't,,'.."l
lo north end of Hit  l.lan.l, and  marked J. II
.1.'- N*. tt. corner pn*t, thence in i, .outherly
'lii.'.tiuii along .hore aboat I., ehalii*, thence
In aa eaah*rly direction along .hore abonl nm
■ hiiin-. them-e northerly about 4,. rhaln.■
then.-owe.terlyal.Htg ihnre nlimif Ilk. elmini
to i>li»r.. of ,■,.mm,nn .in..nt. cotttatnilig '■<"
ni ii-- in.,ii- nr le**.
Staked J un, - St, Ml
Skeena Land District
lii-rni'T .,. t-.M-T. It. :.
Tak ■ lhal W, I Oreea, ,,f Vancouver,
K ,   , Real K.tate Agenl  Inlen.la lo apply lor a
-I n,1 MinI.. i iii-, n-t  over ilu- lollowlng   i,
■iti1i,"| land*:
Ko. 1   1'uniin. ix-itn' at a poal plante.1 on ilu-
 th ride ,,f I. ii>-li Rtver, about -1" y»rd. lip
ni the bead .,( S'ort n il ark. I ■ v w.
corner"; thenee ISO rhaln* .h-i : theiiee r
ehalna aouth; thenee Itin vhaln. we*t; thence
in rliMins north lo puiiii ol <-ulnn., ti,■. nii'iii:
eontainlng S4ii a.-n->. more or leaa,
Fxa-ated on .ii.l .inn,', ISW.
\V. K  i.IIKKN
Walter -   McLallan |
A, II   M. l.ilhiuy.   I
laki  nun,,' Hnn  -lulu,
ii i .occupation Hi
:   apply for ■ <-**ilal Iti es
ilei.1 ,, ,,.'.1 land.:
So, .'e.   r..iiiiii,t,'ti,l ni u poat planted al I
" . ,i s*t  htm Klu.   Nugget  Inlet nn  Ihe
. ,i-i   -i.uru  ol   '.,M,i\ 111,-   Channel   al ■!
. : I .. J.'i I. W. 'i  po*t, thenc.
.   n.i,-,    "nth   ;i, . :.,;ii-. .m-i -*,   chain.
. . in..      ...mli     to     .bore    of      liranrllle
aboat    t"   - limn-,  thence    alntis
•   ore  in   ,i   gorthwcterly    direction   about
i h-  iu  place of   rniiiiii.THi'iiii'iit, eon-
.-I" 'I. :. - more m lea*.
'taki .1 .ihiii l«, I'm"
-" ji    I'ommenring at n po.1 planted  i I
i   Li - up from head ol !.•><   Inlet, and abonl 1 '.'
.    ilh ba. i (mni ink.  and  marked J ll J '- S
net |...t  thence - > - -. t c ■ 10 chain*, u- .1 10
.ii.iin -..„, nli ii,,'l,«i.,-  w.-l   I" ehain.,  north   ""'" «P Uehmaeh River, head ol Work than
,„-.,,.-, n.-bni-     n  nl i>-   ra*l   nei, oa nortli bank «** rtver; riinnlug 4u chaini
UKiehaltiMoplaceof c.mmi i,,.i,„in    nntalti     :""li: "l"hr" H»ehain*. ,-i; thence ki i
-" .'j    * ..iiiiii.'ii.iii'j al a |io*t planted aboul
; j n  ini!.-  from the  falli   on  the «iuth»e»i
. Loe lake, and ma i-ked J   11   J.'.
t-:   . >.i  ■ i   |".-i, ih. nr.     ili  ]...'
,■ -i in , Imiii-. nurih  IIW ehalm  ' a*l 10 . Im
lace nl    iminenc      nt, and talnlng 040      So, I   Commencing mi  post  markad "S \t
,.i, ""I., i.-- i run,.', .'■ j,in,,iL''i null ink.' at    head   "f
- n k - -1 iiiii- it  1-M7,                                        I Work Channel   on north   ilde,  about  halts
I'ommei rat    po-l plHi.ted al •   mill i, milt water;  il,,'  inti chain* aa*t
So. £   <'..inpiii-ii.-fnir ni thl. |..*t, ''," mite, up
I:,. [iimii-I, River; head ol Work I h« I, and
Ing So. i un m-i: thence -n chain. ea.t:
t . ,i ' -" ''liuin nu : i hence B0chain*  we.tl
-" chain, unit I, to point .., >■ imnn uei
ment; cintalntng ,;i n ., more or li --
Located on srd June Its."
Waltei -  MeLellan , ,    , ,
'    II    M'l.ili'.iny      ,   H'.TIt-
So, .;  rmnmeneingat tlif. poat, .-ii'-nii 21-'J
v.,. m r.nm.icu.-iiii: nt iht- |«>"t "ii \. W. .'iii-
n.t. un ,ii.' -nur,' uf ininii Lake, Iwo in il. ■-
iiu m ii.'ii.l .,f Iniuii liayj tin-in',' in,-lui in-en* 11
ilience hkl chains >outh; Ihe Sl chala* weal I
Ihl'll,'.'  IAS I'llHillH  I'ulTl.  til  I .ol IH  uf   I'ull.lll.'ll. .'
.,.-' i: eotilalulag sat ****** : re of le**.
Loeated ,.n Mt laae, l'.«>".
Walters. M. I. linn, .      .
A. II. MeOlllvary     ,'-"""
N... y r.,iiiiii,ti, ini- ii i In- i" -' un .„-i -:,'"
.1 IM,, i.tik,., two mile* fnun head of t'nli.t
llay.adj Ini g Xo. s on H. W eorner; thenee
i' i-11 n lit* Ti>> nli - thenee !•'.., .Imi,:. m-i: thence
Hi rhai.ni ■oulh; thenee hkl chalni rail to point
.-i .-niTii.fin ; uniitalBtng i.ln sere*,  in,-; -
., le**,
I iiii'.l .ui Sth June, i'"'-
Writer S. Mcl.-II.D i .    , .
A. II. M.l.lllvapy     , x-'   '
So, in l-.inia.ei.etug . i lh|. i»'-i on S.W cm
hit, ni .'..'n.i of i'ni.it' liay, ni uorth-we*! cot
tier of l>.t l'JS; IheiiieSn eliali.i inrthi il -
■ < i-bHlni ei -i: , lien.** #1 chain* .outlt i lbeu.i
Ml chain, wi-.t to polni nleommeBct-mciiltcnn
iniiiitiii ,,iuim re* t,.' ,'■ "' lea.
IjiiiiIi' 1 nil Till      I   m.
July. t'.iT
Walter S. M.-'.-lI-
A. II  Mi-liillvaty
Tnk.- iiutj,-,' tiini 1't.ink WelcouieMeCrady,.1
\'aneouver, H. I'., (agem lor .leorgp R.IU.bln-oti
increhant, of Kltlrn.it  m-eupatlmi,ctvtl engli
aar, Intend, to apply in  n  -|.,.i;,l  timlier He
eneenvei the following dewrlbcd land.:
So. 1 t'oinmeilMng at a poal planted on lb-
■n.t imnk ol "Ah I..",'' Lak* (Jnnetton of Kit.
'itihi Ana and l*eva*tatlon Channel) almnl i
mile* from It* outlet, thenee urtith Su i-lialti*.
thei sanl Siehaln*; thence north K;i chain.:
thence weal SO chain, i"  place ,.f contmen.-e
No -'   On eaat hank of "Ah I " Ink.   almm
'our mil,., from It. outlet; thenee  north t-
I in i ns; ilieni't- paat SOchatna; Ihenee .unili a
'halna; thence weal SO ehalna to-dace ol eura-
So. a u upper end nf "Ah Loo" Lake; Ihenei-
eaat SO chain.; thenee north 130chain*, thenei
■■..■-I IS ehalm reor leeatu forwhore; thenc.
llotlg lu full'-llur,' to |.Im,t   ol  ■ -.lllllll,ti. IT.i,'I-l
Sn, I   nn  i.i-i   ihore "I  "Ah    Loo"   l...k.
thenee  we»l forty chain*; thence nnrlli one
hundred and .lxty ehalna;  thence e«*t  lort?
riitiii.-; I'..tii'i'  .oulh  one  Inni.ir.'.l  and   .IgtJ
ehain. lo place of commencement
No..', "ii ii^-; -Itur,, t,i -- A li Loo" Lake;
ihenee vreat eighty chain*; Ihenee nnrlli on.
liiiinlr,-,! and twenty i-luiin-; thenee t-ntu tort,
'haina; Ilience .outh eighty Phalr..; thenc
eaal lorty chain*; the ...uni forty ehain. l<
I'lll.T Of IMllllll,   IH ■   lltl-lll
Nu. f.   Hit u, .1 -In.ru,if  '.lit I "lake,thenc,
1 K,, i'lniin-, Hi,-nee ...nth .-., ehalu*. Ih.-i.i-.
.lisn reserve mi tin past side ..f tIn-
sliesc river, thence north s''
t-haius, east NO chains, south Sl1
rlmin-. thence w,-i *•" ehains to
;niiiit nf commencement, containing ii !o it ores more "i I, --.
Nn. 2. Commencing ;it s post
planted on tin- north end <>f No. 1.
.tli.uit thirty chains (rom tht north-
cast corner, thenes* north 80
chains, eaal HO chains, smiiii vn
t-liains, wesl HO chains t.> plaee ..f
i-onimeuccment, and containing
ii 10 acres more nr less.
Knlii-rt < >. Jennings, agent.
May 29, 1907.
I ,k lice iimi    I.   Mi-    M    I     Miller, "i
Scan}.    Wa*b.. oeeupatlon. married   a'.
I-l- |    for   p. ' ml-.nu.   lo   pl
i lir following di I on Cori-bci Inland
-nt:*!,■'! nl,..nt an* i,,ii ili  ol   Refu
■ rl tig ni n i>"-i mark, d Mr.    M. I   M
tar'. S W. <■,>!   po«t,  i uniting ■ ai i  m i i,..i,,-:
Ihenec north Slchatna; them-e act  I" ehain-,
Ihcnca aoiittt ki ehaina lo point of con ut >
in.Tit. I iiuni,ting lai acre*, more >t le*.
Lneatad July Sth, i'«,"
Mi;.-   M. V..  Mill KK
'   McKay, agenl
Take notice that Joseph Rowan
lirant ot the City of New Westminster, Barrist«-r-at-law, Intends
in apply tor n special timlier li-
iinir ..I the following descrilsnl
lands, situate on the easl side "I
Kiimealon Inlet, coninieiicing at n
iiii-i planted aboul tour-tilths "1
! hf way up said Kiimealon I nlct,
mi the easl side theri-ot and nearly
iipjmsiU' iw" small islands, surli
posl IniiiL' markeil J, K. Urant's
N. W. cnrni r post, them <■ i tiiiiiinti
-i) chains rast. thence HO eliain*
-nuih. thence HO eliains west,
thence HO chains nortli. I" plaei
.'i commencement, nnd ■.•untiliuiii-j
ii In acres, more nr less.
|);iinl Mav H, I'.i'iT.
Take notice that I. John Clavt
rie, "f Vancouver, 1>. *!., occupu-
i ion, miller, intends tn npply for
l>erniission t" lease the follow in.^
'Ir-ii-ilii',1 lands, situatetl in the
Skeens tlistriel and known us the
White Cliff Island:
Commencing .-it a p«"a1 planted
mi tin- north side of the island;
thence west Id ehains, south 111
•lining, east 16 chains, north ■"•
I'lniins, ti> jniini nf I'l.tniiii'iii'i imnl.
Julv :i. I'.i'iT.
Take not iIihi I. w iIMhih si rnnaeh ..f Ola
I  i-l,ii,i,,... npiiii.ii. farmer, Intend loap
plv f.-r i- , i.ti--i..ti  pi  ("ti.iin-,   the rollnwlng
ilcM-rthcd land!   I'niiiinetii'liil  al po*l plantcil
I on the wot aide nl M..—.-. Intel, al  Ihe mouth
' u,  Kuivni. 11\. r: tlu't" . ii.'-i I" chain.; thei	
] .uiith SI ehain.; Ihenee ca.l   St i-haln.; theni-e
j tturtlt  10 ehalna t>,  i -,hi ,,i eominet ment,
iiml im ui in; imn.,.- more or le**.
\\ II.I I \M   -I RON \'  II.
Hated .inn.. I, i'«,7
Take Sntle.' lhal I, I   '   Klbhi t    ..i  Kit*, la*,
it C patlou miner, int. tnl  i<> *.i-i-l>  i"i
|.   ITM l --li .11 I. >   |.III. llll-.   ih.Tull.'l. Illg 'l.'.'t ii..-.
I'.nnineuiing nt a i„'*i planled ...uili i
chain* from mouth ol ''hum .lu M,-li ereeli
i.u en.I l.nnk uf Kkeen. river, marked ':' K
S.W Cr., Ihenee ea.t Mlchaiii.; Ibenoc *o.ith
,-Iimiii.; iRenc* weet i" ehain*, I heini noi 11,
rlmin- along bank ol Skeena river tn fi ■
.'..inm. in . in.ni. nlnl eontatnlug leal ae
nu.it or I,1—.
h. .    RIRHKl
Dated inm' I'.'-
ink. nun. r lhal aneas  Klrbj and Rmll?
. n/  nl I'uti Kmliiglnn   li   '   , .hi iipattoit
 I u..in. tt. intend loHpplJ i"i  p. 1 ini.-i
Ihe i illoa In.   li n-rili. ■! land
. ..linn, neing .i .t po.l pl.nte.1 nl th.   v
ul tii'i  ul lot Al, llnliu'.' V . ' "n-t .ll-lll'l. 'I
"..ih  ,   ii.'Ti-. iini" .   .' .-i   i" . ht   il ■
-unlit   . ,1. nu-. Hi. if ,   u-'-l lu 'tn, ,n-   tn   I
>i   i uintii.'tt. .TiiiTti.  ami ...iiinuntil!   1
t ■ or le*.
-I - \\   KlltlM'
I Mil I    I iu:i ■
C. M   IHilraage. l|
l'nt..l .In.in  I',.
r it ii. •• iiuii I.  i mil. ll.,|,.i..i,-i  II
I ■ " Rupert, It I' I- iff.m  .ttL-tt" ■
u lui to .'.pfii. t..t   p i mi I-  Ion  '..  I'tii.'li.i-'
lull"!', lllll .l''-.|'il.."l li,l,.l:
Commencing al   h   |n".t   planted about
mile, i   the -k.-.ii" river, ill * uorlh. rl;
rcetiiiu, mni ..ti Un noi 'I, i",nk "i  th.   I.
river. Ihenee north   Mi i'IihIii*. tin nee h
. '   . i,.-.  ."tit ii In   i'lniin-   mi..'.'  or   le**   le
left l.nnk of Kyeaxe, lbci.ee In mi ca*tt i ■
i". Hun .long ihf Imnk tu p     i  id  in.
■n*.i.r nii.l eiiulHttifng I,." ,, ,"- mui,' or I- --
Hill,. .Inn,. 7. I'«,7.     Mil I- II IHTOSSI tl
lil-t ,:t' i "i   -i. lis \
Tnk. tiui" .. tlna '. .;■   Mm rt In, id ""ani
.'•i. B.C., Real R.tate Rroker,  Intend. In
pit for 1..TIII1-.I..H i,, I.-i!",'  Ihe following
111.... I laml     I' n.-ing ki   .,  i-i-t  nl*'
il Hi,- lu ml ,.! Klin  ml. l: thence   Miutli
long Hi,' wi -i ni'1,,1.   "i I", -'7. fort- <
it-nee fori) chain, we'll   Ihenee Im tv i It
 -th   tu ibe   ...utli    l.'iul.   ul Klml/f  rl.
;uei >'"■!• rl. Hlnng .aid rivei t.. point	
nn in 'in.-in ; ootitiiinfni      i  i m-.reor li
Unl.-.l   \ n liver,   lui"   1 ,ili.  I'.'.u
'•I OK'il    M WHIN.
\\ ii. sn i\Nuv Vir.'"'
Take notice that  Ole Chnstcn-
n. Ship Broker   Londou,   Intends
we.t Socbafn., tbence mil.tl. *o i-IihIu*. Ili.-ne,  I .     , :     •   .   .     I    . .    ,i ,.
' .ii ;i)i|i v   ur iicniiM-i.. i I" lease Hit
in-i *..elnitii». tin   iv nurtli ■,•, Iviii-. I.. ola,.,  ('     "It'.' 1
[ollowing tlescribed lauds lor Bsh-
ing purpo-ws:
Commencing at n post situated
.ni tin- shore nf Barnard Cove,
Princess Royal Islaml, thence
south HO chains, aasl H* chains,
north s" eliains, wesl 40 chains,
Ui [Miinl i,( rniinii'iir'-iiii'iit. and
i-ontaiuinx IHO aiTes. innr,' or less.
Staked June 12, 1807.
i ! i-oinuii'liCI'lilt'llI
t, V,\ McCRADY
UL'.Tll   iur
IIKOaUR II-  H"l'.l SSOX, ..I  Kill-.*.!
Dated Ihe 7th da» ni'.lutif. ISol
Mil li t;
Tnk- notice lhal Prank Welcome HC'ra.t), nl
"mn i.'i,  It. '.,  upatlon, plvll . i
to appl)  i.r ,i apcclel  tlmbar licence
'.. i   i,' hdlowini deacribed I tu I
(I:,   i 'on !,,.■ ■ ni n post   planted *ppi ■ .
Imatelj at I  I   Cm  al 1 S   Sntht  Ian r- So
IS,  Rva I'ui'ii.   I'.'i.fti.ii'ui   ' hanm 1   Ihcn. e
v ui isoehalii.  ra nr leaa, In J W, Snthei
land*. So. »; thei   • w-nth Inforeahore; Ih  I	
nloug ■,,:■•'-i,,,n■ to place nf t-nmniciirument.
■■iin ng at ,, pit planted nl   S. K
ror. of J   " . Sutherland -  So,  -, Paul Poll I,
Incr' anal (on Mainland, south of north
, ,i.i "f i hannvl Inland)tbence n< rtli IS
thence eaal  to foreahore;  tl e along lore-
-lu H   ... place nl , "ti in '-infill.
jut • i". ism
(i.i    mcneli . al n po*l  planted al H tt
i. r, . f Sulphide ' ■. -  |,iil|' IcaM' IS;   thenc,
I n | int. -i ■ "i ■  irdi       ,' ,! 1"
.'   tt. Bnthi iin.nl'-   .„. SI;  il f north   BO
,'!i.iin-. nm      i     n : tbence i a.l   In -nni limit
i-i.iiffiiuTtt; ...iniiitiiiit ..iu acre*, more ot hn*.   t j,,],. nieelnUlK'ttl ' ■liL'iiifei'.  Illtellds
Lo. nt, ,1 un -inl June, HOT.
\t   I. HKKKS
Walters. Mel^Ilan .
i  ll   Meitlllvary    ,
Take notice that Huns Larscn,
master mariner, intends t" apply
for permission to lease the following described land tor fishing pul--
I loses:
Commencing al ■ poal situated
mi Pitl Island on the north shore
"f the head ol Porl Stephen's har-
!i,ii-. thence north 40cliains, easl 10
ehains, Bouth   40   chains,  thuncc
«Ohe»."Kl»ng ndarj      ,.     nl  I limit »lonK the   sboTB   to   ['"tilt   "I
tO 1 lltl'i   1*1 1*1111 -in-. In.'Hl •" .     .' ,
(•nliH,H'l)ri']ll(-lit.       i'ontillli!Hir      1 * >* >
nm,' .iim,- iiiiii. nm:. HANS LAR8EN.
St,iki«l June 11. 19o7.
Take notice thai f,B. A. Morley,
ol Port Essington, occupation
banker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
descrilied land:
Tukr notice that   I.  Angus  Me-  ,
Alister, nl Claxton, II. C, occupa-
to apply tor ;i  special  timber li-
el-Hi■!■  ovt r tif following descrilK-d
Commencing at n stake planted
11   miles   sotitheasl   "f Standard
, ..'..I" tat I i'i.,nn-,I ni...i ii    mile irmu-.,11 water;  the   let*, chain, eai-t;      - . 1    ,      i- ' t   t    tut    iil'int.-il
iicum 0.1..1. . lu I.,., luivi   baasaaiai-aij-a uwrth; ihaaoa isu ahaias «ut, Cannery, Skeena nver, ana mark-      i/oninienung w a   L* ~l
i- 'in
mn iu-:.
tiinii.-r ill iin- Mineral
• t and antet,
i ,,|,|-t group,   ..,' -i-iii'L'   -.1   the  Km 1 > 1
Suit li  .tar,   Irgcntlle,  llawkley,   H.uti.
Kiiifinlil. Verdure and We.tern Copper ml
fml ,■ liiiii:-
Wlit-rca* l.y notice dated  the   autb  da)
tprlt, i;,"7. von were reniiireil to forthwith p
tu ilu- tui.l.T-iLMif.l co-owner, with yon In 1
:iii"ir mineral elatma Ihe .1110 ,.1 *!"". a. yn
ui,. tutu .iim, nl llie ii-.i -'infill work done ■■
mid .■Inim- up in nn,I Including UN daj ol "
;..1..t. A. I'.  1st**., and   being the a*a**a*met.
im .linn. A. I). ii',"'. and January, A. l>. IS
an.l further expenditure! in .-..iiin-i-t i.-n 1111
ihe -.aid H.newtnent. were charged to your 1
lei'■-' In wil.l eh	
AmI h iifi.-n- ...ii hav.  failed to nay tlie "nl 1
-mn ,,( 'in.' "" 11' tl erebi  1 ->iuii-.-.l.
11,1,,   nutlet' iimi nni"-- ''..it -hull within "
lay. from Ihe dati of Ihe Iiml  publicatl	
Hit* notice pa*   y.nir  .aid .hare of .aid a**c.
ment work t.1,.1 lu 1-  liereol Uml  »•■. th.
iiinler»lgned, 1 liiill appl I" have mir aald in
tcre.1 v t'Kit.l in 11- in i-tit-nmi''.' w1tn the icthi-
uf .""iimi 1, "Imi. II, I; 1 . -mini, v I' i'-'f
lining rn. amend.11. nl to 1: ".11 1' I'api I■.'■>■
I.-11,. 1 .11 Vaneoiivt-r, It   I'., thl*  Itli day ol
Mas. 1.107,
Willi.-.-;  t\ N. Ilaney, Vancouver, B. C.
I" I     I, Itfiillv, K-.| .   Vim...'1'..l. B.C.
11.1 A   Mul.K.HI,
Only Prp^r
the North
Nechaco Valley, Range V.
Notice is hereby giv*n that M 'lavs
after dati- I intern! to make appli' at.'.i;
to the Honorable the Chief Connnis-
-inner of Laml- -tiiii Works lor |M-niu>>i"'i la
pun-bua ih»- following mtmcrthmt land*:
r..niiih'ii. in-- fit h pmi  paamtmi   on tin- lf;i
Imllk .'f tin-   Ni'linio   ijvii,   inm    il     M    IIh-Ii-
• i■'-. I K. corner ami uunkoi .1 1; \\ - s. w.
oorner, thttux north  to ehum-. w*A if rim ins
north Mi chain-. < a-t Wi limn-, north KJ clmin-,
K Hn to eloiin-. ■ ast iihoiit Ml ehiiin.*- to the lelt
l.-mk nl   Do    Ncclmc"   r|.*-r.   Ibi U< c   following-;
-ni'! hit i-iiiik up sn .mn io 1 ...i 1,1 o] uun
ni. :i. >iii' in,   ni-1 euuulniuw Mo   aire*, more
1. m
Mil)     |U,   l'»o
J-'!,  It*
to     tlie     Honorable the  Chief Co mm Is- : -m-l .-hore wen rly to j-olitl ri cmmeitceniem ' eha\ln»; the
-I'.i.nof l.fiii'l- hiii)   Works  for  |.eni.i-ioii i./HiMlniiiiMiiiiiiKli'iniiti-Miiurcurkv
IMirehiiM-tht followlM .|eM-rilK-.i Un*!, mi.ii.ic- FRANCIS   H.   FKETHAM
.1 the ue-l ei..t ..f  Ui-I.ic Uke, Un nee uv-t  w.   Mn, ;-,,„*   l%<: ■.-.,.,, „     , ,
etoaiua, south Bu cluiins, e*M -''« iiuiu**, tiurlb to\ J
chain-, to iM.it.i of coinMin.-c,:,,-,^, being   nee. j    f.ke nolle* tU.I Lillian Peetbatn, o! Imlnth,
I., l>   i. K. 1. 1 on tm 1111 ik tmaatm. . Mum ..... ;,„.ti,-ii. ptitote wreUry,  IntemU
(i    H( ll 1 I I ■ \ V        1 '" ■•I'l-'y tot j'-nn;--ion |o purehasf t'li*' follow*
1 V iii w '      Si'-'TiN-.l Und:
« "iniiu-ii. in-* hi 1 poM planted ut tlu* N.W.
conn■]■ it. ,it < ;i, -liiiM Ink*, mi') abont 1 \-2
miles bortnerl) (rum <•. <-ii.t»»' s ft. eorner:
them-e -oinh in ..iiMiti--; then.-, en-! JU vnallii-;
-.on in Ai ehain*-; east K> chain*; north JUchain*;
ae*t 20ehains; m-nii 20 rhainn; ibetH-e wart
20 I'batna; Ditrtti 2<< chain*-; theaca we-t 20
< Iiain* in j...mt "i c.iiiiiiriicciiiciH Hinl contain
Ing 2i»> n-'ie--, more ..I
Ma* M, r.'io Kn-il Html, y- - maml
1111 m#( aboul ;-IO ehain- to point   of
m meneement, and eon tai nine fttOaoraa, mure
Of hss, ami U-liiL' ft. K   '. -ci . [J, Tp. 12, K. V.
July a, IM Jamei A. Hiekey. agent
Notice m hereby glTM that m ttajri alter dale
I Intend to apnljr to the lion < 1,,. / 1 nmml
■ion. r of I.Miiii-* un.I Work- for |«*riulMliiii lu
|.niLliM.-c the fulluwlng deai rlbe*l land, Mtuate
on Uil iiunli hhure of of Htuari Kike. hI-oui uoe
mil* uortfa irom ih* mouth of j*|nenl river, and
itl.oin one mile Inland, K.  V, < uaal i'1-11
I'omuieiietnf at a  port marked   \   M - -   I
l oi., llicln .   lioiih N.   rlmin*,    ir,t**|   nu  .hnn-.
-on ili Mi.liiini'   eaat tu cbalm to point ol eoiu-
1 in-in ciiii-nt. containing, 9M aere** mop- or |eM
J. li. WIN EM AX.
.1   A. Hi. k. 1. iu, ni. I Ha)  l.l. la
iu. 1..
Notie*   I*  ln-reby glvi-n   tlmt  S'l  ,l,\s
altar aata i lataad Is naka si pl
t,, th.' Hiiii'Tiii.if th,- Chief ''..'iiiiii.-.-
-iiiiil-i "i 1.in,,1- ..ii'i Stork. f..i 1-, tm--1,in io
I'm. Saaa tii.- bUowl-ii ilea, rlbed lun,I:
1 ,'tntiif in iim at ,1 |,.,-t  (.inm."1 ..11 1 li.- nuiit
imnk ,.f Hu- Secbaco nur, Bear n. M  '  '■ -
K. I'litnct, uml tii.i 1 k.-t W S. , N. K . lli.Tifi
«.'ht h1».ut 1.'. 1 liuin- 1.. 11..- S. ST. f,,rii,i |',,-l ,,1
... I li.II I-l. t ll.'ll.t- .-..Ut tl Nl I'll 11 ill-, liuin 1   I mt III
nin,iit 1.1 .'liuin.-1,, ilu' rlgbl l.Htlk «.f till- Nr-
ehaco iTv.T, tbenee tolluwlug *alil rlghl baaS
ua iircaui 1., poinl i.| i-.uiiiiif iii-.iiif in, aStl . i»u.
1«1 iii nn 5tV0 ill-re-, tnori' <ir leM-; better klnmn n.
He. l.'i, T|i. 1 w*-t, ti   R. 1. ih- rih, "r It, H :,.
Hat W, IS<|-
J. A. lli.kpy, »g.-iit
Notlci- la hereby given that 60 days
after date I Intend to make aiiplleatl.in
to the Honorable the Chief Comml*-
lioner',,! Land, aal Work- f.ir pafraieaea**. la
pankaas the loUoarlai dan rthad land:
( ..llllll.TlflliC 111 n |»'-t plained nil llll' left
bank nf the Nei hae.i river, iil.out ', inil.-i. lxl.ni
1'ra.er lake, marked S Q. I... s. W.| Uiiti,,
nnrlli In f liuin-. ea-t li.i-huin-, nortli .-> ,-hain..
ea-t lOehalll-, •oath llla'lll l.l fllalli- la tile left
hank nt the Ne. Iiae.t river, linn.. i..l!..uni)i
-ill.I left Imnk. up -treiiin lu |..*ii! Ill I'.'UI-
Illi'lieeui.'lll, euBUilllllg  SSI   in r. ... In.ire ,,r le.-.
Ma. .'.. 19..7. 1. A. llifkey. agent.
Sottas la liereliy glraa that n" dayi. after dale
j nn,-ii.I   p. apply  i,.  Mm   ttonoraU*  ''Mal
i ,.i,iiin-!..ner    nl     hand,   and    U..rk.    f.,r
I , HII1.-I..II l.. pnr, liu-f lit, f,.11.,ulnn df.fiil.fd
laad, «iiiinie on Neawsta eraak, aaasil • rail**
in   a   -..litli.-.i-t.-rl>   dm ,u,Ml    Sr.nn    t'.Tl   Sl.
Jain.!-. II. ■'. ' "a-t I'i-lrliT
rnlilliuni-iiii; al a (i-i-l marked K. f'.'t. >t. K.
I nr., tlien.e ...null an . In,,11-. m-l H ehain-.
in. rlli anihiiini.. tin n.e ea-t w eliain- l<> polul
. i',-. .nun. in eiu.Tii. enutatattig SIS inn-, nn.re
i,r Je—-
.!.,.   m, im.,7 I   A   ilifkev. agi-iit.
Nntl.-e i- lifieli.v iiiien Hint no day- .,11,-r dale
1 inl,'tnl t.i make a|'j,|leati,.ii 10 U'e 11,,n. .'inn
nii.-i.'ii.r ..I Load* aad W,,rk- f..r i..iTiii.--i..ii
topoRbaw tka Mluwlag il--.iii,.-.t h.n.i,-it
Hate nil Neailila ereek. ,l|..,llt .11 lull..'- ill ll
-"lllll,'il-terly direiTl.'ll lr.nn .'.ill St. lulu. -. It
.'., I ..a.t Ui-triel:
I'.iiinneii.Tiii.' ul a poal marked I.. II.'.- N. **,
t'nr, them',' Mitiih -.ii flitiiii-. u. -t an . liuin-,
li,.rlli Hiiiliaili... i-atit St)» Iiiiiii-. t.l point "f emu
iiieii.iTueii!. and eoiitaluliis rtasaere. aturenr
!<■--, about SO ihallls eaat ol   K-  .'r.ia-.ial, ■'- S.K.
]..  DAWS.
.1. A. Hli-ker, aiienl.
Mav 111, 1'J.iT.
Katies la hereby given iliat nhday- niter date
1 inleli.U.i apply t" the li'.ll. I'lih'l I niuini-
-1..ner nf lands and Wnrk. for |.enal--l.in !.
pan-baas the [olloartag deaarllarl  laad, -lumi.
.ill Neaw.ia irefk. abonl I niliei. Ill ll .lllllll'
e.-lrrly .lii.--ti.ni /r.,ia K.irl Sl. J»me., K. ■",,
Coast Hl.irl, l:
I'miniif iifinn at a pn-t marked M. S. 1).'- N
tt. t'nr., thanes aasl IB ebaln*. -nuiii SiabalB*
areal ■ ebatea. nortb SS rhains to polal "f ran
iniiieeiiHTii. and talnlng "I" air.-, iimrc oi
je-s, abont4sebaln* nurth "I I-  I'avivs. 1-.
Notie* Is hat-sky glean  that  M lays
•iftei diii,- i int.Ti.l to milk.' application
I., tii" 11.tin.ml,I, the I'lil.f C.iiinnis-
Rloller ol I.int.I-and HTork. n.r p. i nii--i..n to
pnrehaae Ibe lollua Ing rlreertbed land 1
''..iiiiii. in-iii^  Iri.in  Albert  Mtinluak'. N- tt.
, .... liuin .■ ii..rih in iiiaiii-. i\..-i at ehalm hi
l-,-i marked F. A. '• '-  fur., il .■ anrth   Si
.Iiniii-. ae*l SB ehalna, miUIS hi ehaln., ea.t J"
,1,11111-. MIUIII  IH , lllllll-. ea..|   Hn, limn. In | nlnl
ul,,nniii, n'enieni,  and uoutnlulng ISO acre.,
111.ire ,,r le...
K. A. (.KAV
Mai   I.i, I'.lnT. J. A. Ill.key, ax, in.
Notie,- is hereby given that 60 day*
after date 1 Intend to muke application
to tlie Honorable the Chief Omnil.-
-I.Mier ,,t l,and- no,I Works [,,r perml — inn tu
pnr. ha-, the fnll.iv.iui: .h-erila-.l land:
' lenelngat a p..-t plani^d an  the north
-In.r.- t.f Stuart lake. al„,nt Imlf wav between
Purl ft. lanif- and l-iu.-hi rleer, anil al„,ut a
inilf-   Inland,    marked   T.   M.    II.'-  K.  •/.   ' r.
ilntiiv ein-t inihiiin-, -. .ii 11, k. chain*, thenee
ii, -14,1 ebaln*, north IS ebaln. to putal oleuBi-
in,Tleelllilil. nnd   enlllitilliHK 1,'la.re-, more nr
Muy 1;{, I'loT. .1. A. Hi* key. agent.
Coast District, Range V.
Take imiji-e that I, Kuihl R, Smith, of tart
t.rnii.1 Pnrfeai Minn., occii-nitio-), J j v«*rvmtiti, in-
icthN to apply for jn-rinis-*inii to narebaVt tin-
Nt)lowing it*'MTiI»ei| liiinl:
Com im-nei in: nt h goal |'lHiitt<l Ht the K,
K. comer, a hour A or ll   mile*,   iiori h-U'C-t   from
wc-i tucl ui Kraneoln lake toA thenee hurt*, ki
ehalna; wvrt vo ehalna; Miutta abovl 1> I'liain-
tonorthahure o| Sa-llnakariver; thenee (ul*
lowing; sn ill river s. (;. to point of enitiineuee*
ment uml eontainlng M< acres, nunc of leaa.
Mnv 2\\.\, I'.niT FraO Heal, Jr., Hptent
lake notlee thai Van.- foote, of (.rnnn Kork*,
S  li., ..I*, npaiion. iteiiogranher, ihicimU to^ap*
ply lor poMi-i--!ori to piircloi-e the following
ileaerll* 'I 1 1:
I ..miiicio Ing al a poal plantcil Ht tlie ft. ft.
cornel on the ca-t ihon Oi 'Irtuit liike, near
KiHl.'oi- and i'hc-lala   lake-   trail   i.ihi   tbenee
i-a-l wi eliain-;-outli Jo ihaiii-: ch>i  in   chain-;
Moitn ui ehalna; wmi M ehalna; north U)
i haius; weai Wehalni*; tbenee north ■'■ ehaln*
io p..mt ,.f comiihiii cmeiit. eontainlng tH
aerea, more or lew
May .''ih. Hhit Kreil llt*nl. jr., aj-ent
Tabe notlee that ti, It. Mneialr, llrmAd l-'ork*-,
\. l»., ihtunation, mariiad a-oiaan, IntemU to
apply f'T i-crtiii-lon to pun-har-e tbe following
ilc-ciit,,.! imnl:
I'oiumeneiiiK at a jaist plauteil at thus. ft.
enritt-r, lH-ih|f the tt, ft. eorner of V, Koote's
purchaae elalai on ihe .a-t shore of Trout lake
an.I thenee east -tu chains; thenee north \o
chains; theme Ve*t abonl -"hi "'Iiniii- to the cast
shore t>f Trout Uke; theme following: r-ahl
shore vaetefly l" point of eomineneement, eoii-
irAinii.'.' Ksi acres, more or less.
May tmh\ lyin ftmt Httl. ff . agent
Tukc mitiic thai DnvM II. Heeelit-r, of i.niml
K'irks, N h., m-eupHlion, banker, inteinls tu
apply for j-eriutsNlon to pun liaae the Inllowlng
• lest nhe<l iaii'l:
i onimeiicitiK 'il « p'-st plauted Ht the N. ft.
eorner and beUtg HU chains weat and JU chains
north from tbe Nt. corner of LotStt mul tbenee
eaal in ■ haiu.-; ihenee south 2(teliH|u-.; en-t 9)
chain-; south *!u elm I iim weat Aiclmins; .south
JO ehalna;  west 20 ehalm ami theme north
in chains, west 'JU chains, an.l iiiciice north
20 chains to |«.ini of coiuiuenceuu-nt and mn-
mining 3m aerea, more *»r le****.
May *fi., P.toT Kreil Heal, |f., ngeiil
Take lltilite (lint I, JiinieS lymh, of UfaUld
Korki*, N. h..oeeupatlon, mcrchunt, lntcu-l io
apply for pernilNloii to purchase the Mlnwlng
.|c-.ril't"l laml:
(-un.sgteneing nl a i»i-t plaute«l at the X. W,
comer al.om ,91 yards [roiD Bail ihore oi Muru-
iake and thenee earn (ki rhalna: thenee wiuth
I'lchaiiis; w.si JDehalnaj south >lebalnt; nest
Jil ehalm to ihe ?aal shore of Hums lake, them-e
following W|i| .-li-u-.- m.iili ue-tcrly about Ikj
chains lo point of coiium-m cim-nt, i-ontallilug
•IU ..cit-j., more or les*..
P.   I   Mel'lne, agent
Mav t-, 1-....7
Taha notlee thai Hiram tt. uibba, ul Uraiul
i'.,rk... \. ii., nefiipaii.m, geutloman, Intana* tu
apply f.n aeralb-etou tu pnnihaaa ilu- hUluwIng
de-fi'ilif,l land :
. nmraenelng at a Boat pleated *t the S. K,
I'lirnar.bejng [he N K. i-urner u(lui -'I; Hi. nr.-
in,rlli In , Im in-; Iheiu-i- we-t SU eliinn-; tlietie.'
-..nili 10elniini: ant) thenee eaal an ehalna 1..
pulal   ,'(  fninillflieeiiiellt,   nlnl   e«,nl,i llllng  It.'n
-. In
,,r <
May 11, In,,;
I'red Heal, jr , *•**!
May U, 11.17.
M. 8. DAVYS.
.1. A. llifkey, agent.
Nntiee i.« lit-i.'l.y 1,'iveii that M dais .ifIf r .ial,
I intend in apply la the Hnn. chief r.iiiiiui"-
tiniiernf Land, and Wnrk- fnr perini-.i.iii to
plllihil-e tlie fulluwlBg de.-iTila-d land, .limit,'
nn tlie Kudae,, river;
I'lillllllillflliU at * P"-t |,liintt-d nil the left
bank nf llie I'll,lain river, iibniil ill nf a lull.'
Imnl the Indian IIBBI ration nf Stilla, Kni.fi
lake, iiiiiike.l K A. H.'. N. K. t'.,r., tlniiff
lle-t -M ehains;  lllellie -nlllll Sl fliaiu-. Ilienf,
1-ut.i in rhaln*, north » uhaln* tu p,,iut,.(coni-
nielieeiilenl, , nnliilnilit: ijn aere.-, lu.ire nr le.-N.
May 1. l!>n
.1   A. llifkey. agent.
Nnliie i. lie i-i-l.y give l> Unit >'*) days all,' r Sat*
I intend tn apply 1.1 Ih* Iimi. i Iti.-i ninnnl-
eiuuer nl l>aiiii- and W.a-k- fi.r |a'riiii.niiin li,
piinhaae the following de-erlla-,1 laud. -Ituate
nil the Ni'ehaeo rivei;
I'l.iiiiii.'iieiug at a pn-i i-iani.-.l on the right
liankof llie Seehaen river, on -eelloii line I,"
livefll see linn.- I laud lU, lilurked H. M. t'.'. S.K.
<*or., tliem-e we-t ubout II ellaiUN, to II s,.,-ii,.ii
SatSfSM -eelinii. It, and .'1, thenee nnrth In
Vliain-, Siaat ti, .haln-, ea.t about .tUehailn, lu
the N- W. eorner ut -eetiun i\, ihenee aaat
Hboiil N ehain. to the lifhl bank ut the Neeli.i-
i-ii river, lli'iiee fnlioiving -aid right bank
down -t i .-.in. tn point ul i-ommenoenieat, and
containing <BSI aere*, mure or lew. being more
fully duaeriued a- S. ti, 'jS. Sl. s. K. '4 s. gl,
llie ive«l half and S. ',„( N. IV. ', s. «,fp.
In., It   I. N.,nrl2, K. :..
Mm  IS. 11',,'
.1. A. lliekfi, agent.
Notiee i- hereby given Unit (Hi day- after dale
1 intend to apply   to  the   lion    thief linnml-.
■toner uf launl- and Warks las psralrsaaB hi
pnrehaaa the full"wing ,ie»eribed land, .ituate
nn the right bank of the N'eihaeo river, ill Tp.
Ill, K. ',., and thenee ive.-l HII chain*, Miutli SU
chain*, easl su flmin-. north BOt-halna tn point
uf enllllllell elllelll, enntiiining 1.40 aCffA limn-
ni leSS, being Motion ill, Tp. IS, K. I.
-Mav It, Wo7.
J. A. Hiekey, agent
Notiee 1>i herehj*' Hiveti lhal 00 maft What date
i inteuil to upply te the Hon. Chief (oniinis-
Khuier uf leHiuis ami Wurks for pajtwmtAim Ut
purehase the following ttaecrlbejd hitul, nituaie
B »*.. miles gggft Wmi 1 mile north of tbe ea»t end
uf Tsinkut lake, Tp. .7, K. 4i
ComineucliiK Al * l,UHt I'lt."1*'- i» Tp. I. K. 1,
aud tbettee east ni chaina- thenee north ko
ehaina, wesi ho cbalna, south ho chains tu poim
nf commencement, contain.n*-, fMamtmh >"oie
t>r less.
May lBthi 1907 J- A. Hiekey, aVgeflt
Notice  la  hereby  given  that  60  days
kfter date 1 intend tu make application
Take notiee tlmt liertrude Ulhba, of (ireml
I'.nks, N. iv. oeciiputioti, marrietl woimin, m-
tciuls to npply for permission to pureluise tin
following deserihed land:
(oiiitneiuin-f at h poal plniited Ht the V, W.
corner ahout 20 ehalHl N. ft. from the areal end
■ •f 1'hcslatn lake and   tlu-nc-   ttofth   HO ehains;
eaat klebatna; vuntli in clmin,-; thenee weet 2<<
halns*. souin |o chains, ereatSJ chains to p..mi
of commencement   ami   eonti-iuin-*;   $W acre-
May 14, Hbl Kred Ileal, jr., nj-eiii
Take notice that Kdwin ('. Carruth, of Havre,
Mont., occupation, insurance agent*, intend*, to
apply for pel-mission to purebaae the followiu*,
deft-rlbed land:
Commencing al m DsmI plauied at the N. vv,
corner ahout one mile from Ontaa lake, no.!
near hi I la \( u peri'- S. K. corner mul tbenee mrt
lu chains; smith BO ehalna; thenee west |n
chalu*; thence north flu ehains to point of com,
ruencfinunt, eontainlng 210 aerea, more or less
May Ul, WW        Kred Heel, Jr, agent
Take notice that Adelaide l'iitter*ion, (Irani!
Forks. S. I)., oecupaiion, tearber, Iniemls to
apply lor |u-rmissii»n to purchase the loll..win-;
iloacrlbed laud:
rommeuciiu al » post slanted ut the S.K.
eorner of the N. W. corner ol lot hlti, near the
north end of Docker hike; thence north Al
1 hums; west «' ehuin«; mirth "io chains; wesi
to ehalna; aontb 4*i chaina; east to chain-;
thence south 40 .'luiiiift to point .,/ uomiiicnec
May K*, l'.to7 p.a Hel'hee,ageiii
Take notice that Rofaeii Ufega* of (ime<l
Fork.*., N. !►., nceupation, r-untiwior, lutenda to
apply for iieriiiismiou to purehaw- the follouinic
CoMMebelng at a poat planted at tin* s.K.
corner Hint thenee west lo chains; uofth »i
chaiti-, ens 1 lu rhalna; HOQth so .hains to \„>\u:
of eomuK'iieciiieiit, containing mgu Here*, more
May is. tto9 1'. ,\. Mt Phee, agent
Take notice that KtheH'nrruth, Havre, Mont.,
occupation, married woman, intends tu apply
for purmuwlon to purebaae the foi Ui wing .u-
serihed land :
Connnienelng at a post pla0ted at the s. 1;
corner about gu clnuns aeal of the nortbeaai
corner of Jul 1,1 Unpen > purebaae claim on the
cast ahore ol Ootaa lake and tbeuee north h.i
chains: «er*t no chaina; aontb lu ehalna; Ihenee
cast 10 chains io point of lomiiu-nctmeiit ami
eontainlng W0 aeret*. more or leal
May niii.i'joT rrerlHaal. jr..again
Tiiki. nntii'i; tlnit X li. tti-iiiu-r. Urand Pnrk.
K.D-i oi-iiipmion, meri-ha.it, luliuiln to apply
for parmiisiun to purehaaa the f,.lloiiiiiK Se-
Sf lll.f'l  Irtll.I ■
CoiiiiiKUflng at h poil pliintn.l ,il„,nt an*
mil,' frmn iim ini.st and ,.f Burn, luku buiiiK the
aw. eorner og the lull hunk of th* liiidaeii
rivur, tin-in:,- ttortli at) .-Imlus; nt;..i airtialn.;
north 20 fhalini; iiuKt 10 eliain. 1 thene. mnth
aiiont to chains to the left hank ol rlTerithenee
rtloiiff .-niiil hank .south ,H>terlv to point ,,f t'tin..
hi.-in .■ 111,'iu uii'l fniil'iininn iiiii ,11 r,'-., more or
M'iy-"'-i""i l' a. Mfi'ii,.,', rajcat
Take iiotlir that Fraiiils II Kei'thain. Kush
rity, Mian., occupation, gentUman, Intend, to
apply for permission to purehase ih, folloiiiiu.
deaerlbed limit: "
('.imiiieueing at a Bog, pliinle.l at the S \v
eorner, being the s K. enrner of It. >' tVeil.'
pureha.e elaim ami thence uorlh   in ehaln*■
, east nn ehaln*; wiuth about a. ehains lo the
north shore ol Hoar lake »ud theme lolluv/ing
Takl   notlee lhal Hugh I' Itynii, liralnl forks,
N.i.., nceupatnni, fur ine r, Intend. 10 apply liir
IK'' I llsMoll Ul purellllse llie follnllmg .lt'Sf rlla-li
Inn.  :
.o.oiiieiu-liiK ut u [s,st planted i.t this K.
cornel aimm an ehains aoBtherl* from Ihe N.W.
eo.l.er ,,f lot SB, ill the vietnity oi Dot** lake
iin.l lllenee uorlh abonl "" elinlns; wesl '.in
. im 1 ns: north 2Celiains; a-eal Stehaln*! aiBlh
alaiul :(n enains to tile nortli shure of u sinnll
lake 'III.I lllellfe follnll 101! KM i.i shore HlUtll-
tiaatl ill 1 o |h,lilt of  eollinil-lu-einelll   HtKl   eon-
tatutug 1UI ueres more or less.
llL'liH 1J. RVAN
May J7th, Mi..* Kred Heal, if., ageiii
Tukc notice tlmt MarKn'cl Mokes, «f ll mini
Kotks. \ h , oeeupatlon, marrietl woinnn. in-
icmts io ajipl> for (H-iinissiou 10 purchase ilu
loUun ing ocscrihetl laud .
t onimenelug at a poal putuled nt tin- K. W.
coiner, ..eliik Ibe X. !£. mi ner uf lot --17, and
tin nee norm m) chain* j cast to ehalna; MiuthMi
. bit Ina: them-e weal 10 «■ hains to point ul mm*
iiieiueiiu'lil nnd eonlainill*; »J" acres,   more  o,
Mn> gg, 11*17 Fled Heal, jr., BgeHI
Take noiice that Kiank ^. Mokes, m (.r.n.d
I'orks. X.  I'., oeciipatloli,   travelling   sale-man.
intciois io apply  (or p.-rm,s*-i..n  to  purcioi-e
i.i.- lollowlng denerlueO land:
i omuenelng at a post plauteil at the N. fi,
turner, being Hie X. K i-uiHer ri lot gl7 aim
iht m-i . -i.-i McliHins: xiuiu **o< inini*; weal i"
ciHiii-; and theme Uortfa gOehaina In point ol
coiiiiio-iiccntcni anil eontainlng gpJaefe>i utctre
Ma) m\ I'.'oT Kred Ucul, jr., agebl
Take notice Unit I, William .1. Kullcr.oi ( hie-
i'I'vu, Haaa., ueeQpatlun, real eitale dealer, In-
i mi.*- to apply for Ik rmis-it.li lo pun-lnise the
iolliie in-'  ite-crihcd P.no :
''iiiiniii'i.riiiK a*a po.-t planted al the a\ fi,
,-oruer and at the s. ]>.. . otuci oi lot tim\ Mail
1'iui i i tin in kc ami i ne ne. uortii >0 en., in.-; en-I
i' i nitiii>; south 90 chains; great W eii.tiiis
lo point oi » o.iiiiiciieeiu.nt, ami mmtHlttlUg Klu
Mtirea, tnatre of leaa.
May m, tm, l''iv.i   Ileal, jr.. agvW
Take notice that Frank A. Brown, uf (irand
Korks. ft, II, oeeupatlon uflgee manager, in
teml* to apply (or permission to purchase
the rnllowfngdeaerlbed landi
Commeneing at a poet plaated nl tbe north*
teat corner of the Indian reservation of Noon
La; tbenee aoutb 20 chain*, wesi ahout 20
chains, ihcm-e-outh ahout H eliniu--; mat ■*"
chains; imrih to Nechaco river; theme following -aid river up stream to point 01 ton mi 11c
ment ami eontainlng .'i'i acres, mor. or Urei
-lul\ •', rffO, Jamei A. Hiekey, agent
lak.- notice that Clear; tfonlejr, Urand Forks.
N Ii.. o.. upetlou, letter carrier, intends to apply (nr pciuii--ion t.. purehaaa the Mlowlug
tieia-l I bed lands:
• omiiicm |ng al a poal plauied abonl al the
northwest coiner oi John Utrwa'l leaae, uml
marked ('. ktouley's B.W., 1 he nee ea-t tUehalni;
north H)ehaltt**; wert ni , haln*; aouth Ku ham-
to (".ini of colilUicm emetlt.
June IS, 1IU7 Jaate* A. Hiekey, agent
Take niitloe that Reginald ft. smith, ''rami
Korki, N. !»., occupation, merchant, intends to
nppi\ lor permlaaion to purehaaa the following
described land:
Commencing tit a poal planted about gl
ebaln-- north of the boutbeaal eorner of J, Med
Iiihu's purcli.i-c and marked H. .Mnilh's tt.fi,
corner, thence nortli 80 cimiiin, eaal wichains,
Miutli ho chains, ibettee west ho chains to point
oi commencement, nnd containing Mo acres,
more or ham,
■luitc lu, Vj*u James. A. Hiekey, agent
Take notice that Arthur S. iUiiule, of lirand
Forkx, N. !>., oeeupatlon, contractor, Intends to
apply for permission to pUfcltAee the following
.h-scrilntl land:
ComnteUelng at 11 p..--i planted about 40
chain*; north of.). Lieuman's houth-east corner
and marked A. H. iMnnie's N. ft. corner, tbenee
east wi chains, -outh SO chains, went HU chuins.
thence north ho chains to point of commencement, and containing 6-g) acres, more or less,
.Inn*- lu, li*>7 .lame- A. Hie key, agent
Nechaco Valley.
lake notice that I, .Miles K. .--tilcker, i
i.raml Fork s, N.I'., oecupathoi, sulesuiau, Iti*
teiiti*. to apply l.'i pcri.n--io 1 Ui pLii'tltii.c tin
MllloWtUg oesii Had I., l.n :
t ommeneing nt a   pot   plan led  at   Ih.   N.W
coi Her "i c N. Ka rncs.' pin chase: tbeuue  Boflh
m chain*; cunt no chains; south et) eliain-; Weal
m 1 hi. ins I., point ot  < on .me mcinciit,  1 -niiia.i.-
iu-   0*0 aere-, more >.r h--.
lune*', 1U07 Jaiue* A. Hiekey, age 111
Take notice thai iteort-c 11. Wilder, of l. run;
Koik.-, N. li., oeeupnit...., grocer, inlcuds 10
apply fur peruilatlutt to pureuaie the hdlowlng
dew rlbed land;
Commeneing nt a po»1 planted ahout «ti
cUHin.- not in of the >. 1,. corner ol l'. •'• l*ow -
purebaae; tbenee eaat tki ehaluai tbenee souih
■■* chain--; went nu e ha tlie | tnettee north Mi
chuins to point of ctoniiicneciiienl, awatelttlng
9*4 mi rs, more or less.
Jlllie H,  l:"7 ...lines \. HiekeV, Igi lit
1'aka notice thai li rover tftej.ohnVM, of (irand
Korku, N. l>., la-eiipatioii, a clerk, iuieUtU to
apply for permlaaion lo piircliaae tbe (olluwitig
des. ul-cd laiid:-
1 ommeneing at a posii plaiiled un ihe rlgbl
hank of the I ppcr Neeltadi river, abtrtll nil
miles hIiom* lot .»-t.',, it. \ Ciaaet; tbenee ee*1 ><
enaln**, south all chuins. -•a-'t bi chalite, south au
' Im l lis, thence West aboUt JU iii ul l.n to the rlghl
l-aiik ut tbe Upper Soebaeu river; tbeuee doe n
sircain hi point ol omue'iu't-ment,   eoiitiiimiig
.'sio aore* more or lea*.
June m\ 1.h>7 .lames A. Hi- key, agenl
Take notice that Charles N. Harms, of (irand
Fork*-. N.li., oeeupatlon, hardware merchant,
intends to apply lor permlaaion to pnirbaae Ihe
lollow ing descrilied [and I
Commeneing at a poal plauied abonl «ti
chain- north of the N. t. rorimr ol I'. J. I»<•* -
purebaae, thence east no uhalu*. aouth Mehalna,
wett Ho eliuiu*', tliem-e north Hu chain,- to polUI
ot com meneement 1 ami containing 940 acres
more or kwa.
June I* IIW .lames. A. Hiekey
Take notice that A. K. Murray, firaml Forks,
oceupjitioii, light specialist, iutemU to apply
(or permlaaion to purchase the following deserihed land:
Commencing at a post planted about at the
N. ft. (or. of J. Liednmu'- purchase und nuirk-
t tl A. K. Murray'si g ff, (01., thenee north Kit
cliHluc, east gg clinins, -oulh lu chains, thenee
west 10 chain- to point of commencement, and
containing tut acres, more or beM.
lune II, TJo" James A. Mickey, agent
Take tiolice thai John T. Liedmau, of Urand
Forks, X,li., oeeupatlon, iutuirance agent, in-
iciids to apply for permission to purchase tne
following descrilied land:
('ommeneing *t a |-oM plnnted ahout at tin
S, I-., 'or. of A.K.Logan's purelmsc and marked
I i.ic .uian'- g.K, i or., Ihenee lioftb W chain:.
weal alaiul *-Si- fballii to the eastern btmndar)
oi John l^trseii's lease, gOUth I-' chains, west
oil en..in-, south Ju eiiains, thence east k-
chain* 10 point oi eouiiueuccineni, contaluin-;
ggj in ,c-, more or le-s.
Inm  iu, |g«l .Imiie- A. Mickey, agcni
thenee wc-t ni chain- to point of Kmunenee*
ment, and eontainlng MB acflg, more or le—
P.J. tX)W  "
June h, 19o7 lames A. Hiekey, agenl
Take notice that Joel P. Read, of Grand
Fork*, S !>,. occupation insurance agent. Intend! to apply for pennlaeiofl to porcuae the
following aeaeribed land:
'ommeneing at a po-t planted at (he N K.
('or of f. ].. Gtiffin* purebaae.and marked J,
P Read'i S. ft. Cor., thenee earn Ho chains,
•outh lo chain-, west gjuhalna, south tOehalna,
weal lu ehalna, nortb ho chaltip le point ot i-om-
iiicueeinent, eontainlng  I«J acres, more or h--.
June \ I'.tOT .lainen A. Hiekey. agent
Take itotiic tlmt M stanchfield, ot Urand
Fnrka, N. M . neeupatlon, clothier, Intend* lo
apj l\ for pel mt -> it.u to purchase the follow mil*
l< scribed land:
Commeneing al tpoal planted at the N.K
corner of ft J), 8 Rorl*-on'i N. K. corner and
uia 1 ked \1. Htanchfleld, 1 hence -outh ho chain-
- a-i ni.out g) < halna. to A, K. Isogan'-* purebaae,
ihem-e nortb ho chain-, weat -Ki chains to p.'ii,t
of 1 omtueiieeiiieiit. containing ;t20 acres, inon*
Jum- pi, pinT 1.tines \. Hiekey, agent
Take notice ihat Alviu P. Clifford, of (iratol
Fork-, N. It., occupation, credit man, intend-
to apply for permlViilon to purchase the 1.>l
Ine Ing deserihed land:
Commeneing at a po§i planted at the s. K.
isornei ol Prank Laird'i purebaae, theme weal
s'| ehalna, south HO chain-, east ho chains, N. HU
chains to point of commencement, containing
Mo acres, more or less.
June H, MH inim- A. Hiekey, agent
Take notice that il A- Caunlff, of Urand
Forks, N. I)., occupation, paint daaler, internist
to apply for permission to purehase the following deserihed land :
Commencing at a post planted at or abont
the N.K. corner of Sydney (iodinan'** pnrehaae,
ihem-e south so chains, cast 20 ehains. north ni
chains, west 2u chains to point of commencement, containing 11*11 acres, more or less.
Jiine'Jl, rHff .fames A. Hiekey, agent
Take notice that Fred J. Duggan, of lirami
Porks. N. Il, oeeupatloni an attorney, In tend n
lo apply for permission to purchase tin* following described laud:
('ommeneing at a poal planted near or at (he
N. K. Cor. of Svdtiev Hodman's purchane,
thenoe north ao eheiui,eaal ho chains, sooth so
ehains, west 80 chains to point of commence,
ment, ctiuiainiuiug &4U acres, more or leea.
June34. 11K-7 James A. Hiekey,agent
Take notice tlini Will Uia 1.. Wilder, of (irano
l-'ork*, N.I)., occupant ui, eapitnlist, intends to
iippl) for permis-iou to purebaae 1 im (ollowlltg
ilceerlhed land:
Coiuiuelicii-g   at   a    post    plauied   al.out    20
cliHins uorih of tne N.h. Cot. ri Btaulejr IHek*
t toon's purebaae- ihenee ran Webulua, aouth
gtiehalua, west so ehnlus, tU-.-11.-1- north n
chain*, to point of comuKiicemcnt, eontainlng
nin acres, molie or less.
.lune I A. jgn. James \. Uleker.ageni
Take notice that Krank ft. Wilder, ol Urand
I'orks, N.R, occupation, capitalist, inlcuds Ui
,i|.plv for permUumi to pureham tbe following
.lew-Jibed land:
"obiinenelugat a Met planted el (he north*
ca-l coiner of B.F. HroethofT's ptifi'baat, and
marked F. ft. Wildcr's N. ft., ihenec ca-t Ml
ciiaiu*, south Hochains, wt'-i gu chains, north
hi c.iaius to point of commencement, and con
lulu lug tt-tu aere*, more or le.-.-.
June I-"., I'.'ot .lame*- A. Hiekey, agent
Take notice that B.F.Broekhuff, Urand Fork-,
N.I»., occupation, insurance agent, intends to
apply (or permission to purcha-e the lollowlng
icsci Ihcd land:
I niiimcm ing ai a goal planted ai the K, K.
i'or. ot Keg Smith's purcha*'. S'echecn valley,
i "list I»i-i., and marked B. F. BroeklinaT'aK.W,
1 or., tbence oaal so ebelna, aontb hu chains,
-vest ho chains, thenee north .si chains to point
of commencement, and containing M0 acres,
more or leag,
June (A UW7 Jitmc- A. lliekcy, agenl
Tukc notice that Stuulev lUcklnsou, ol Urand
Forks, N. li., oct upation, hank clerk, intends to
npply for per Misslim to pore hate Ihe following
described laml:
( oinmenciug at 11 post planted al the N. K.
Cor. ol Meg. Smith's purchase, and marked S.
liickiiiioii'ft S. ft. Cor., ihenee north W chain*,
east ni tlmiiift, south On chains, thence west Ho
clntliia in point of coninicticciuetit and contain-
in*: gg) aere*. more or [eee*
June l-'i, lWo" Janicv a. Hiekey, agent
Take notice thai 11 J. Kmmett, Urand Forks,
N. !>., oecu|iutiou. tbeatrleal manager, Intend*
lo npply lor permission to purchase the follow
Ing deserihed land:
('ommeneing at a poet planted ahout gl
■•halni north of the N. K. Cor. of K. A. Korl
isi.n's pie-einpiion to J. Laraen'i pre emotion
theme north i11 chains, eaal aboul Hu ebalun.
south -*u chain-, ca-t >o chains to J. Uedman's
pun'haae, south 3) chains, the nee we-t mi chain
I.. 1.1. mt of eom meneement, ami eontainlng
aboul -Nj acres.
June If, MM .lame-. A. Hii ke), agenl
Take notice Unit Tra.y K. Hangs, oi Oram]
Forks, X. Ii., occupation attorney* intends to
apply for permlmton to purchase the following
deserihed land I
Commencing at a pant planted at the X. K
oorner of thee. E. -*-, Sec *,Twp, g, it, v., I oa-i.
B ('., thence nortliBtl chain-, west gg) chain-,
viuth bo chains, theme easl Hu chains to point
oi coiumeuuciiieiit, containing Mn acres, more
or leaa,
June Mi ttol Jatnea A. Hiekey, agent
Take notloe thai Ingvald A. Nrg, of Urand
Fork-, X. !»., occupation, aMir-tuut cashier,
intends to apply for permliwlnn to purehaa«
the hdlowlng tb-seiibed land:
(-ommeneing at n po-t planted about gfl
enntna weat at the •outh-eaat corner of the In-
diati reservation of Soon La; Ihenee south
about go chain-; west 10 fgttlnaj north H
chain--; east dl.uut   IU chains;   auulh   about  U
Take noth-v that Owen Young. Urand Fork-,
N. h, occupation, furniture dealer, intend)- to
apply lor per mission to purchase the following
deaerlbed land:
Commeneing Ht a post plnnted about 4U
chains north of the X, K Coa ol A .K. ttorlaon a
pre-emption and marked o. Voung'ab.K. Cor.,
thence north 1" chains, west gO chalni, south g)
t hain-, thenee east SO chains to point of commencement, and containing A'20 inrfee,  more or
.linn- ]'.', ISaU .laiinr A. Hi, key, .igent
TakeBntlra thatOrrlB Yuuog, tirainl Forks,
S. li. ,i,ciii.ati..u, fiirnituri- di-alvr, tataliu* tii
apply f..r psrtataaltin to parcbata tha lollowlng
,lu«iifili,,l In nd:
r.iiniii.-tii-itig hi 11 i»,Kt ptutu.-I Ht tin- north-
«, M ,',,r. ol P. J   1'.,»'. |iiii.:Iiiim'. linn ii.rlh
iu i-balBa, aaat ID rhata*, *niith SO ehaln*, »e«l
M chain* tn point ol com eamaat, hii.I eon-
trtinirin t'.4" aeraa. nmre ,,r laa.
JgJM 9, pjoT Jano f A  Hiekey, agent
Take notice thill Seymour ft Titus, o| Urand
I'orks, N. p., occupation, banker, inleml- to
npply for permission to purebaae the lollowlng
deaerlbed bind.
Cominenelng at a ponl planted at the N. K.
Cor.nl Svdni-v iiodiuiiu's purchase, thence X,
Si 1 halni, thence west m chains, aouth n»
ehalna,eaal **> chain- to point el eomineun*-
iiit-iii, eontainlng ran acres, more »r le-s.
hine JI. Igfl .lames A.  Hiekey, agenl
Take notice that Charlee .1. Mmphy, 1 Irand
Fork*. N. I*-, ot eiipntioii, attorney, Intvnda to
.poly for pcruiissioii to purebaae the folluwtug
icsi-'riijed hind :
Commencing ni a inert planted about JU
chaluii south of S. ft. Cor. of Sydney 1.0 1-
iiiau'i purchase, tb-nee north Ml chain.-. Wi t
NO ehalna, ninth MU chains, cast so chain- lo
polul of eomineneement, containing tai acre ,
>r ci'lARI.KS J. MUHPHY.
JuneM, ISO? .lames A.  ilicKcy.agt lit
T.-ke notice that llefftrUne li. Whitcoiiib. t i
Urand Korka, N.K, oecupaiion, married v-.-
nitin, intends to apply for peruii»rloii In 1 ...
coast- Ihe follow ing descrilied  land !
Ci-inuieuelUM at a poa( plautcl at  tin- V ;.
Cr.  oi   A.   K.  1.01 is'oti'.-   pre-emption,   tneti •■
north lu e nn ins, west M chains, -...n.li -in. hari-,
ct.-t Mi t lia in* to point   of coniiiieiiecu.clil,	
I lining :ij;i acre.** more or less.
.I.ine'-'l, liliT James A. Hiekey, agent
Take notice thai hie linn I Uregory Huebaiiau,
"i Vancouver,  oeeupatlon merchant, inu-i '
toapplv for ptimis-ion to purulwee (be (■ 1
lowing deaerlbed land:
1 oiitincneiug at a pout plauied at   the N. VV
r.ii., adjaci in to the S. l„ comer of Lot :--H. li
V , thenee cast BU ciiaiu-. ■onth BU cbalna. we-t
mi chains,   north  no chain-,   in   (mini   nl i-oi
in*-tj 1 ■■nielli, t-outanting tt*l acne, more .-r \va*.
May 21, li'o7. Wilbur .lohi -ton, ngei.t
Take notice ihat Thonia- Allan, of Vauco.i
vef( M- ('., occupation engraver, intend* lo
apply for pcrini*i>ion to punua-c the following
iteaeribed laml:
Commencing at a goal planted a I tne N. K
for., Hdjaceiit to the S.K. Cor. of lot H44, It. \ .
tlicliec west <*H» cluiins, south S.'  chains,   cast ^^l
chains, north gu chuins, to point uf » iiuenee
ment, ami containing MU acre-, more or les-
Mm- M, lBu7, Will.nr J..lin-.ti.il. i.fi.t
Take iit.tii't' that Arthur George
Atklist.n, nf Vancouver, B. C. oc*
.■upiitii.11 printer, lutenda tt> applv
fur peraiiir)iun topurchaae 111«* ful-
luwing deacribed land:
Commencing at a ]h^i planted
at tin- 8.W. corner, adjacent te s.
K. eorner ol lot M4. It. 8, thence
<ast SO rhiiiiis, iinrtli H(i ehaina,
treat M0 t-liiiins, south SO chaina to
point of commencement, cor.tain-
ing iil0 acres, iooi*.- or lew.
M.iy St, ll"'". Wlltiur Joliu-i...., iigr.il
Take notice that K. H. AllerU, ot
Victoria, B. C.| occupation tuill-
wright, intends to apply for permission to purchaae the following
deacribed land, situate on tin-
north Ski'Piia pa—age:
Commencing at a poet planted
al.out ime shun from high tide on
west line of 44, thenre nnrth -111
I'hiiins, west HO chains, smith -10
rhains, east HO ehains, along slior.-
line to point of commencement,
and containing 3*20 aires mor.- m-
Mat A, Kraita, agent,
Staki-d Julv 16, 190t.
Tali.-unit.-.- tlmt I'. J. now, nt tlrainl fork.,
N. n.,i»-i-npiiil.iii.gr.ii-i-r, iiiti'inl t,' appl) lor
permiaalon to pvn-aa*a tin- WlowlBg da*erlbaa
(■"inmini ing hi a pn-t pUtit...I «l..,nt 4"
rrniln- ,.».t ol thr N. "'. I'or ol P. .1 Bud « pnr-
.■■>*«,-, mul iiiiirki'il P.J Dow'. S.W. c.r . tlionio
uorlh w chalus, cast SO c'iuli.», snuth uu tlialn.s,
Mackay Smith,
Blair & Co.
gotulF   and   nn ti -•
Manufacturers    ol
shirts, clothing, tents, etc
Alii TldHT HFATFIft Atthecan*vonThn,*I*y *••*a*"**      timber notues
/ill\" I IUII I     IIL/i I LIAO registered is Incbea below nothing.    *-*** „„,:„. , ,„,,„ ,,., ,,„„ ,„,
We have ileal
received a large snip-
The last mail brought  conies  of ,"1,i'*1'"; «•*»»• m i'"."-i"Kt.,, n..
i patlnn. timber erul*ur  aud  turn haul, Intend
ment of 20 in   Urtight Wood Heat- orders-iii-coiincil from Ottawa that to.. i-i.iy i..r a -facial umber la-ras Um Ial
en    Tlieaeare lined  with  heaw dt-signated Prince Rupert, the har- '""I"* '''*"""'l:
ers.    j in.-.'.ii'   iiin-ii   Mini   ih.i\\ , i Ko, I—Caauaenclng .it spoat piantad
iron, hare front and pipe dampers    '"'• :l1"' Kn-nahnn Island* aa out o.-- i.-n limn ..j .1,  in. ran* ■. «i...,i-
and an.   sure  to  nleaae     S-,-   our  of  the   three    malar   quarantine '""'•- »''">•""  i..n i-i,:.. n,.i...- »**• I...
ana are  sun   i" ptease.    see  our r i ebaia*, nsrthasehaitu eaat mi ehaln*.  tl
The wiee is $3.50 each, •'tationa on  the eoasl  of   British ic-ii,,,,,. i,,p,,j„i ,„■,,.,„,,..
i n umbia.   The other two are al  l/"-'"1"""-. '"""■ -> »-•*, J-**-'***, * •■
, i..|iii-t..n-. limn un ii,, north
\ietorin, tii" harbor, and William- Ho.i -Cotaaanciat at  i -mm ,.x .,...-..
Head, and Vancourer and tht har- -""*"•-*■ **•--' " '■■ ••'"
uur fall anil winter stock is nou Mat atwat * miiee abor<-the aig raiu. then.-.
imi-.    Regular quarantine stations  aortii«.*i.aii-*,«aaoso.'iiaiu*,  so-bain*.
have specially   appointed   .itiaiau-   '" "' ''"" '■'"'" "'I'"' ''""' ''"'•'" " "'■''
.          '. .-..1111.11111,1.. ..i.i acre*, I,,,ii. ,., I,- . iiiiii joining
t nn  oilier-   in   t-luirge,  Imt   th".-i
for   Prince   Rupert   have   not   vet
to +.i per suit We can lit any man.  , ' .
been gazetted.— Knipire, Aug, 3.
Better get one now.
Men's I'ntk-rwear
in ami our assortment is the flnesl
ever shown in the north, and the
values are tlie  beat.    From  •+' 1.50
Fit-Reform Raincoats.
The nt-l season is coming.   (><t
.mi of these verj stylish top coats
to keep yon dry and warm.
J   ..    I..',n.l.,n'. iiuni nn thi
No. 1    (',.nun.■in-ttiK .it n poat p
"ii ih,- right Inini ..i Htg  Kali. ' rei k sl i l!
aUla*   iilmli'    III,"    ll I u    Full.,    III. -in.'    vii.l   sol
i Iiniii., iii.rih n. chai .   |     gain*, ...mi, ;
-.1 . 11 ill ll.  Ill jiliU'i- ,,1 ,-.un ! i;|-1,, .■; ih-hi    IIII, I    ,."l|-
talnltii *a*a fee, nn.i  I.-.-.
July St,  Huj
■ HO  llOrTIl   UOdSI :,„„•   superb  liii.iintain   and
/* •   I  p      scenery, will  be interspcted with
tlOITirnCrClal   U0.nmsi.-al  ami  other MlecthNM  by
PORT ESSINGTON PORT SIMPSON 1,,,:'1 t-il.-nt.     This enterteinmenl
A "good time" is expected at the
Methodist Church next Saturday
evening, August 17.    Utereojitieoti. i—commencin
views of aboriginal life  in   British "
Columbia,  with   lieautiful  hits of
..I...nt liti-liiiiii. ..null ..I  Htg  Kail* free*  al
poinl ni, >., nils ahore Uw liiu Kail*, thenee
in.rili -vi. .-ti ii i ii«, aaal su ehalna auath Mi-bala.
coast i "',-' **chaini t" pin,,' ol .-.uiiiiun. i-ini'iii  it 11.1
-ontaialng aai aesaa, more us ie...
tngu.l .i. MSI
Hen. Prov. Bee, Dr. Young is expected tn arrive In  Essington on
the May Sunday night on his way
to his home in Atlin. It is expected the doctor will spends week
visiting in Essington and extend
his trip up the i-iver as far aa lla/.elton. The liimiel'iilis wants and
needs of this growing district make
it imperative that inon- attention
should he paid to a section that is
fast coming to the front as a factor
ought in draw tt large attendance
as it premises to be one of the beat
of the season, and some of our most
popular elocutionists have consented to assist in the program.
The Venture left southbound
Willie Roliertson and Simon
Jackson are fond of patent medi-
eincs. For the privilege of buying
ami drinking unlabeled alcohol
they are $\h poorer today, lloth
these natives were in need of stini*
Ni.TI.'K   Is   IIKHK1IV   I.IVKX   II,nI   SO il*>'«
attar date i lataad to make application
t" th,- iionurulil" tin- Cbtef I'linimls-
.ii.m-r m i.hii,Imiii,| w,,ikv f,,r permission in
purebaae ili" lull,,nin;: ilaaeribsrl Imnl, Kiiiig.-
V, t'lHUl l>i-ni.l:
i "nun, ii, ing in n p,,si plaated aboat 1 mile
north ,,( tin- N, W. c.i. ..f I...i -.'is. mil iniirki-'l
T. n. 0."s s. K. i.,!., tin in,, in,mi ss rhaln*,
v. i-s. sn ehalaa, aouth ito chain*, eaal lu ehalni t"
point ..I <-,,iiiiiii.iti-t.ini.nt. uml I-, mi I, i n i .i^  ini
aerea, iinii-.. in less.
TIlos. |>. BROWN
Iv II. Ilnlllnp, iigi-nt
|iiit,-,l m Holla .-..nin. .lull l,,||i. pm;
in  B.C. development, and to Dr. ulanta and  they sought   relief in
Young, more than any other mill- j Peruna., They purchased 8 bottles
and became gloriously drunk ami
before Indian Agent .Morrow last
Saturday, they were fined $10  and
|5   respectively.    Willie   Roliert-
son's bottle was a quart and Simon's just a pint. There is food in
this for the Moral Reform Assn. to
support the measure advocated by
Win. TemplemiUl to have all patent medicine formulas printed nn
the face of the bottles, and uncover
the mask obtaining in so many of
the cheap substitutes for good old
rye obtaining in the Dominion today.
The following were among tlie
passengers on the Northwest down
from up-river Thursday: K. Back-
berger. J. F. Wallace, C, K. Carpenter, Mr. Field, J. Kmpey. 11.11. McNeil. T. Moore, A. T. Rowe, H. N.
Horde and It. Woods.
Inspector Phelan, of Yukon Telegraphs, Mrs. Phelan and daughter
arrived down on the Northwest
ister, devolves the duty of covering
the district with this end in view.
And we believe he hits this object
at heart.
Under the title of the British
Coast Steamship Company, a concern incorporated in January, has
now assumed definite proportions
and will enter into the trade of the
Pacific Coast over an area ranging
front Ketchikan in Alaska toGuay-
maa in Mexico, and along the line
will include the principal ports on
the North American seaboard. The
company has been primarily equipped for the purpose uf carrying ore,
coal, lumber, explosives, machinery
and general freight. Its object also is to create a tariff sufficiently
low to foster the trade between the
various shipping mines and the
smelters along the coast line.
The first week's whaling from tin-
new station tit Kyuquot Sound has
resulted in the capture of six sul*
phur-bottonu and four humpbacks,
The new station, whicli is flu- largest in the world, commenced operations recently.
A letter received from Barker*
villi-. Cariboo, says there i.- about
1(1(1 miles of the (J. T. P, thai ballot been definitely located ill that
section. Three engineers. Leask.
Horner and (iunil, are working to
till the gap. The route being sur-
vcved,leaves tbe north bank of the
Fraser at Five-Mil" Bend, above
the (irand Canyon, goes through a
pass at the head of Tonaquah creek
and. down that creek t" its mouth
on the Fraser. ten miles below   the
canyon.   Tbis part of the line Is t"
avoid fuJlowing the Fraser through
the Grand Canyon where two tun*
nels would be necessary. The new
survey crosses to the .-outh bank of
the Fraser; goes up Coat River tt
short distance; crosses to Hear Itiv-
er; thence via Otter and Eagle
Lakes to Willow River,  and  down
Notlee la baraby glraa that Co daya
after data l lataad tn autka application
tn the- Honorable the Chief Comml.s-
.-iniuT of (.mi.is iiiiii Work* lor panatsaton to
puri-ha** tin- I..H.mini; itawrlbvi! land, Nana*
IV, I'oaai liiMrii-i:
(',iiiiiii, in inn ul ii (,,,.[ |,lniiti'.l in-iii- Frmir.n.
I ..ik,- trail, ii Liiinl liv,. lull,', aaat of bit MS, ami
linirki-,1 W. II. 11.V S W. I'or., tlii-inr in,nli SB
.-liuin.-, iiii.I In i-ti.i i lis, s. il ■ I li Mli-linins, iv<-«l tn
i'lniin- In point "1 riiliimi'in-rini'tit. rnintalnhig
.i.'o iii-ri's, store or l.-.s.
K   II. lliillriip. iik, nl
11* led nt Hiiin I'ool*. .ink lath, I'.'T
The following program was rendered at Claxton hall Claxton. under the auspices' of the Church of
England, last Saturday evening,
mul was the means of bringing to-
Lrether a large number of people
from all points on the Skeena.
Kami Selection ... Skidegate Hand
Notie* i« hareby tlven that r,o days
.-ii't.-i data I tut. n,| tn make atipllr.-itlnn
in    tin-    Hrmorabl* the Chief Commle-
-1.... i-1- of l.*n.l. and Works Inr perralwtoa I"
pnri'lta.si. tin- fnltoartas .Ir-i-nlx'.l Iiuni, Hiinito
IV, ciui»i "Hatrlati
('■ ntinu-inin^ nt ■ pjua, ptanled about S mi],'-
X. V.. nf Tfliilnskn Ukn uml mnrk.-.l II. I'. II.\
s.w.cnr., iln-'ii.' north sn ehaln*, eaal Miehalua,
..mill sn ehains, sreat SS ahaln* to plm-i- ,»f
sommeueement, eonlalnlns ''in aerea, more m
*:. ll. ii>iiirn|,. anoal
Dated al Sella Cord*, loir lath, MSI
Notice Is hareby given that 60 days
.Iterdale 1 Intend to npply to Ihe Hon. Ihe
Cllinl l "liiinissinmr ,,i l,,in,|s nlnl Work. NlT
peraiI**lou t,, piiri-ln,.,. the f..11.,\\in«j.l.-si-riln-. 1
inini, Range iv, (-oa.i liutrk'l:
.'in nun. i mt ni: nt ii pn*| planted til., mi I tnlh*.
N. I..,,! Tetalaaks Lake awl r»ar»ed H. II. v s.
K. .-nrii, r. tlniii-,' nortli sn rhaln*, a-e.1 fSt
rhalna, aouth so chat na, eaat ru ehaln* tu iin,'.
,,i i-,inilnrlli-,.|iii'lit, eillltatlltllS *'■ I.'  n'-ri-.,   imiisi
K. II. Ilnitrnp. asent
Dated al Hella Cimla, Juts l«th, ISol
Dialogue.. A Matrimonial Venture ]
Cast)  Miss   A.   Wallace "Marion"; I
Mr. H, Watson, ■'.John"; Mrs. FI. u
el ling, Mr. L. A. llcAlpine,
Scene; Kirbwilie Central Park.
X.iti.'i-1* In-i-.'hy nivi'ii tlmt .ixly day. uftrr
data 1 Intend h. apply tu Ihe lion, the i'hlel
''nm miss Ini n>r nf Liui-is- uii.l Work. Inr perml^-
*ton to nurehaas the follnwlns de-erlbed l*n.l,
limine IV, Caaat IH«uii-t:
c,inini n, in;.- ni u .,st planted near rram-id.
I.nk.- Trail about I iiiili-s ,-nsi of l."t SS6, marked
W   T. li.'- -. W.  ii, r, Hi, n, ,- n ,rih Hiii-linins,
i-nsi In cliniii.. soul ti sii-liniiis,  aaal   Ft ehaln.
I.,   pin..-  <>f nommeiieaBie.it,  eontalnlog  S9s
ante rn- le**.
i:. u. Hattrap, agenl
Dated nl Hells Coola, Inlv p.i... ISrr;
Capital (paid uj.) 13,900,000.      Reserve fund. 14,390,000
Total aaaett -i-n..<mmi.ihh).
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office: Montreal, Que,
pay.- particular attention to the accounts of out-of-town
the  Saving- Hank department offers great advantages   to
l'\ i  I Villi".
n by run tin risk of losing your money by Are or otherwise when y.iii can leave it in the bank and have it safe
< »n" dollar opens an account,
\V" issue drafts and money orders payable in all part-  of
the world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Proprietress
Honi soit qui mal y pense
When  coming to Kssington why worry over worldly
cares, when ymi can live well and lay warm at Kirbv's.
RATED 18.00 down. Parlors. Smoking. Writing. Hath-
rooms on every floor. Hut baths at all hours. Cold
baths when required.   Agents.    Baggage and transfer
agents.    Porters meet  all boats   and trains.   Transfer
Marconi in connection.
ft. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
Port Essington
Fit=Rite Boys' and Men's Suits
The best and cheapest Suits made, from !f'7.-"0 up. Measure
taken for tailor-made suits. See samples,
Call and see our stock of Groceries, Suits. Loots and Shoes.
Iitlbber (iooils. (tbe best and cheapest line cvr sold ill Kssington) Skirts, dents' Furnishings, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Pipes, Tobacco. Cigarettes, Hooks. Magazines, Stationery, Hats ami Caps. Overalls, Fancy (jowls, Aiuhcritc Shells,
Automatic Pistol Cartridges, etc WHY WK CAN SELL
CHEAP, We pay cash for our goods, Have no inti rest to
pay—no salaries hi pay. Post Office Block
iiin.i" |i"lni nt  romiiieni-tmt-iili   i-.niiiiin-   ■ JAnHAIll  O  I" n, S ~I *■ r ■   ■
K. II. 11 nt l rn|-, ni;. nl
liiit.-d m HilU .'""In,.Inly tilth. limT
N,,il,.|. la li.-r.-l.y Kiv.-ii Unit SS iin: - attaf rlato
I  Inti'inl  tn u|i|ily  I., iin- II,ni. Hn-' hi'-i i "in-
Is.hm.'r nl Mrnl* «i"l Wart* far BrnalaMan
Sal In* 1* In'ri-hi kiv.mi llm i ''•" -lily-, iiln-r ,l,ii.-
I Intend la npply la ina ii"»   ti"  ' lilfl I'otn-
o                                                         ,,i,      ...„.,»i \ iiii.-i.il', r.,1 l.n ii.Ik ,ui,| «',,rk»  l.n- pri,,n,.i,„i i „iiri-hii*,-   thi-   f"lln«inu   ilwi-rlbe.1   Intnl.   mi
•   ''Iiii*    .   .  .  .  i  ,   ,  .   i         I>i l illlr'       i                     ,             »i        /   ii                    ■-       ....      i       .   I *
■                                                                           In   inin-hiisf  tin-   Inlhniln;   ,li'.,iil„'.l     Inn, . , linnttK \-. i nn-l lii«lriit:
.Miss   RtnCl  Wallact'                | Hasajra V, I'oaat PUtrtal: (,„nm,.m-iiit> at a poat plnnt"! 1 mtk- ar*al m I
i-,.niinilnini; nl n |iml plntlti',1'W. im,,:|n. n,-.t I y  NV   (.|ir%,ni,,,._,],,, ,ull|   „,nrk.'.l  t     li.ll.'-   S   , |i„,,.,] „, |i, ||
Butchers, Provision ant!
Krnit   Denlers
Port Essington, B.C.
Song.. "True Till Death" | J™™?™,'
Dance "Highland fling"I
Mr, E.Hill j ""'"""""•""r""'
Duet   "Juanita"
Mr. ami .Mrs. Kilbv
I!». W. foe. nl Lot IIS, ininki'.i   I.   \  T.\. s.
Mr. D. MacKciuie                |c..r., thon-a imrtii ri ihala*, «,-i m , :.„
"Blue Bell" "mta Ml ''l1"'"-- sa*i sari '-1" pi"1' "I ■■"
! iiu'lli'i'in 'ill. ".llit.iinillL-nin ni-ri--.. innr,'"l   ll'
Mr. F. Mitchell
K. II. Ilnllillp, am-lll
111* l'.th. r.«i7
Willow   River  to  its  mouth,     It ', ,,     , u ,    ..  „        Q...    ',   ,,     ,
' Band Selection   ... Skidegate Land
will probably  cross  to  the   north   Si "Cob"
bank of the Fraser at the month of j' ^ Eti,(>, Wallace
Little Salmon River, where a tingle  yj0jjn ^,,1,,                       "MVosotiB"  ' "r" lb*,,w-,,,,*,n N' »**»taa, **-**, ai i-halu
span bridgi; on solid  rock   will   do .."..'.',',' I »' « ' l,"ll|v- ''"*' "«i.-l.ai..i. t" |.l.i.-.-'ot ,„„„.
N.itir,' ii- hifirliy Biv.'ii unit ivii .l,iy. alter date
I i.lli-tnl I" npply t" ll"' II"" Ilu- Cliiif I "in-
nil*-tonar "1 l.nrnl> and Work* inr parailaatoo
n, pun iins,' tha loUasrlas tluscril,,-,! 1hii,|,
Iiniii!!' V, ("list Dlntrli'l:
I'nllllll, tn-illir HI n l'"«t plnlll",l nt tWi'S. Wl
I'or  "I I...' Ut,  nmi  iniirki'il  M. II. II
I' en., iiiiiii" ni.rth stli-halna, «'-' snt'tialn*.
ninth Su.'lialii*.«-a*t sn i-hain* to point ol i'..m-
in. n.'i'in, nt. nmi wintalnlns''-"' arrwi Biota er i
K. II. Hattrap,* ■.   i
i Ci.iln. Jul) ir.iii. 1907
Nitii-n i- hi-i'i'Ly uivi'ii Unit SO ila** after  lalf
I Intend to npply i« ii,,,,. thi- t'hlel t'.irn
iiii>si,iii,.r ,,i l.nn.l. nn,] w,nk. (,,i   nt-rmlwl.m
K Hi Iimi in i>. iiK.-nt 11" pi.ri'hiii-i- tin-  rollowlns deaerlbed    land
.nin. inly U'.tli, I!"'" Rarj»* IV,('oaat Diatrictl
111 ' ' I    <'<.iiinieiiii.li; nt ii pott   piantad  alaitil  I >..
Motif* l« hi-r i.y Kinii th« i '«"l.iy- sflw dale ■ Mllea eaat "is. t-:. e,,r. m i.,,i;;.;,., marki-il K I.  .
I iiiiiini innpply I,, ihe Bos   U"' chlal < "in    s: v\   1''"'- ih'-'i'i' north  se   rhalna, ea»i  sn
I Ml.-I  lit   l'."ll„
Mr. Hickli'iiti
Recitation       'Tri*di Wit"
Miss Bateman
Sung . . "Alton Water"
Mr. I). afacKeniie
the trick.   Cariboo people will  be
pleased if the best route is by Hear
iiml Willow rivers, as that is nearer
flu.   Cariboo   nines   than   tint all-
Fraser route:   Adopting the   new Sm^
HtirveV Will bring the railway with* at,,  p  |r*-nv
|„ M or (JO miles of Rarki-rville.      j BoBg    '   .^^   W|-|jt(, ft n,^,,,
Navigation above the  canyon   is I Mr.  Gurd
|r*rVMttin| Imrd     The nuter is low. j Band Selection Skidegate Band
int'tii'ttn'-nt, i.liilHliiliiK ivin imn
K. H. Itiittrnp, Sfettl
lliitml nt llellH Cnnln. .Inlv ICth, Idtri
iniSiloner ol Lmni- snd Work* inr permlSalon
tn pan-baae tha -oUawlIti  rlaaarihad   land,
KnilKo V, roa»l IMstrii-t:
cmuiiii-iii-iiii,' »t u P''st pliini"'l '*' shalits sreal
ni N.W. i-nrmi "I I,"t Sl'.i, miirWcil   li. II   s S, K.
"> S-   ciir., thenoe north sn chain*, sr**t sn chain*,
■outh mi iimiii.. iiisi no chain*, t,, pnlut   "t
i',.iiiini.|ii-ullli-lit, I'llntiillllliB liSlrn'ri'S,  ninri' nr
K. H. Ilaltrnp, hki'IH
Iiaiml at Bi-ila Cmla, July mill, 1«.'.
or i
i-haln*, ."iiiii wi .liuin., warn sn chain* to point
"i i imencement, containing nm aerc*. i ■.
nr laaa.
K. ll. Hattrap, aireni
Dated at lli-ll* Ionia, July n.ih, ||S*|
Notice i> h,-r b) KlveB thai SO day* alter date
I iill.'ii.l tn npply tn the ilnn. tbe Cliici Coal'
ini-siniii'i' of l.un.H mill Works t<>r permltsliin
tn ptm-liHKi- tlti- rhlluwina deaertbad land,
Uiiiix,' IV, (oast lii.iriii
in in un-ni Ing hi h post pliiuti'.t n.'iir Fraiii-ni.
I.iiki- trail, iilintit it mils* mist "f Lot S8S, narked
K. M  's aW. t'nr., tin-lire nurth *9 i hnlliR,eaal
Sn shalnai math  iu ebutu,   theaaa «ent so
Nntli-e In hcreliy glraB that.'«) days niter Outc
I Intend I" npply to the lion, the Chief Com-
inimloliei' of Unit* "tnl Works i.,r perinl-slnn
to  purchase  the   fiillowlii-i  ilemribe'l IhiiiIs, i
Raaga IV, Caaat m.«triet:
t'omiiii-in inn iii ii post piantad iiln'ut two
miles west "f S. W. i'or. of Let mn, atnl markeii
c. s. s.'s S.W. for., thenee north SO Chain*,
eaat IS ehala*, south mi chain*, west Wchaini
to   point of cuainuuceiueut.  enntstsing   040
Notiee Is hereby glTen tlmt tS) rtayi altar data
I inlenil luiipply 1,, the Ilnn. the Chief Com-
inissioner of I.nnils Hint Works inr permission
to parens-** th* toUowiBg danribad bind,
Kmige IV. I'-oaii llistriei-
('omnieniiiiK al n posl planted nl.ont -i\iy
i-liHin. went of N. w. ('or.,,( I.<>[ :t::;,, ,,n ahoreol
small ink", Hinl narked W, u.'s s. R, surneri
thenee nortli 1} chains, vest SO chain*, south
M ehalni; eust sn chain*,thenee north s rhaiui
to point oi eoiniiii'iii'iiiient, containing ,A0
Hires, more or Ii-hh.
K. II . Huttrup, ngfciit
tmmi ut Ik'U'i Coulti, July Uthj IWT


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