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The Sun Jul 20, 1907

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 Prince Rupert I     V\   I* J   U   M
Circulating in Northern Briiish Columbia
Port Simpson
Sinsi-Hii'Tin-N 12 Vfn \ kai
iii a*»
Vol..    1.
No.  HI.
PORT RSSINGTON, B   fr, JULY 90,  1907
THE   LOST  MOUNT    ROYAI    l"ie *-l-'-*B* <»t»TOWbs-*ler.    Atfoll soiled    for   San   Kramiseo.   where is   tin-   period   of   the   year   when   department. Victoria, on   the   lltb
speed the Hazelt.ui «   s steered  in- they will  tni,i-hip   for   Vancouver .-we, t > aeation sends the youth in. ; instant,   There were 146 candidates
to the side of the Mul    t  Royal.    It a ml  Nm th, in ports of   British   Co- to the hill.-: amI the canneries,   and   and  148 were successful in passing.
KlVdlry Ndld 10 txisl Between Cap- ,,,.„„.,] .,_ ,|m ,,._,*, one of the--easels lu.uhia. in this abort respite the teacher is j Kssington school  had  two enndi-
lains on the Kiver {was to he crippled.  *-•>-  also given an opportur.it** to renew ; dates.   Both passed  very raeoaaa
What is left „f the Mount Iji.val      "Capwi"  Boneer slid  his pilot GOVIRNIWNT  GAS himself for the labor o< the ensuing tail*/.    Miss Annie K. Rood oh*
la at present on a land bar a qua r-  hot*#e wimhvw open and shook  hi- r    .L    M.    „.,   ,.        ... , term.   Mr. Scott has hecn  a msi-1 tained 834 marks out of a poarible
nr of a mile  below   the   mouth   ,,f   ,l:""1 ;*' hi"
the canyon, and is   no   menace   t,
For the New Pile-driver at Stewart
City Goes up to Heaven
I.    Captain  .lulln
soli shouted  back.     Then the boats I
navigation, as  published  in eome h*Hnl»* "ith a shock.   The Hazel-]    Gasoline i- going up.   Paaaei
nl the coast pap,,-.    Boatado  noi   '""v '"'w ''"' '"'" ""' l""|-"''v"rl; "f ttera on tbo last Camosun from Port-
pome within '.'imi yards ,,f the der,-i'l">M"""t Bo3r**i ;mi1 '■ ■•owed as
|j,.( ! though the latter must he forced to
The   Mount   Royal,  "huh  WM the rocks al  the  river side.   The
■allied at If.'III.IHKI. was insured in ''"'■''cut had th, steaiucr and was
Knglan,I and hu.lt iii Victoria by "weeping both the vessels towards
AM   Watson.   She  was of  light  «l"'l''"'ks-   Captain Johnson  had
draught, hut notwithstanding this ■■'- "ll,'rl ,l'"''1 Wor.bOl th,' Hazelton J.tlsliiiij. at the Mount Royal's
-tern  quarter   was    swinging    her
bad stateroom accommodation for
om hundred passengers ami cabin
i- a for two hundred.    The Royal I"OUBt«. «■•«-  s""" •-'"■  »""M  '•">
I,,,,,- lie reputation ,,f h,it,g u, J answer the helm. She swang clear
fastest ami most powerful rirer -•• •••»•. hut not until her head was
-trainer ever built in Viotori:,  ^i | Panted down stream, and the fm-d
Iiml always niaiutaineil lier supr-'in-
.•lev a* (he laateal steamer on the
Skeena On the occasion of her
launching nmi trial trip there   was
H a sei ton had gone on up the river.
W.   L   Lewis,  the   Brst    officer   of
the   wrecked    steamer,    who    was
hiii.l ("anal, report the burning up
of a barge with -li)0 gallons of gasoline.
The barge wa.- in tow ,,i the
steamer Vesta, belonging to I'ort
Simpson. and was on the
way to the provincial government pile driver at Stewart City,
wheie a .'!()0 foot bridge is under
colli'.-,, of erection. The pile driver
used at the works is a no\y model
and run by gasoline, and the shipment was to replenish an exhausted tank.
As soon as officers on the Vesta
discovered the gasoline on lire, th,
lair go was   illt   adrift   and   left   to
dent  iii  the  north   for   eighteen 11,100, and heads  the  pass   list in
vessel being named after the chair-  birth and held find officer's pa|M-rs
loan  of    the   Hudson's    Ray   cum-1 for deep -■ a sailing.     This was hi-
ipilte a   function   in   Victoria,  the | drowned, was an   Englishman   by   burn up, as there waa no possibility
oi saving cither the barge or any
part of the contents, I low. the file
originated is iinknowu. hut the !„■-
lief is expressed that it ignited
through cinders from the tug falling on the tanks.
—, ,♦.—, .
pany. Baron Stralhe.,n;i and Mount
The  following  taken    fr    the
Colonial is possibly   good   reading
|or   people oil     the    outside,     hut     to
,,    ,,l,tit- on    the    Skeena    it    looks
second year with the company.
Previously he had been serving on
steamers on tin Vukon river.
James O'Kocfe. the purser of the
vessel was e, rvillg his second year
on the  Mount   Rnyal,    Previously
like trotting out a skeleton to bring he had -creed as clerk in local ,,i-
sucli a subject into prominence at, li, es of the Hudson's Hay company,
llie present tunc:
"Two years ago Captain Johnson
master of the  lost   ,M,,uiu   Roval
lie was a resident of Victoria, hav
ing lived with his mother and family at  128 p„r|  street,     lb' was   'Jli
and Captain Bnnser,  then   master years of age  and  unmarried.    He
was a native of Halifax. N. S.. bill
■ am, here with the family nineteen
years ago. For the pasl tour years
In has he, ii working for the Hudson's Hay. aud was regarded as a
by Captain Johnson against Cap* most efficient employee. He whi
lain Bonser,     Among other   thing-   well and favorably known   igi   Vie-
of i he steamer Hajcltun,   were bo-
lore Captain (liiadin. agent oi mn
ine and  fisheries, W ho w as appointed a- commissioner to hear  an   inquiry concerning  charges   broughl
Captain l!ouser was accused of
shifting a buoy placed to mark the
river »itIi th,- intention of causing
th,- stranding ,,f his rival's vessel.
"Many stories arc told by travellers   of   races   between   tl#  .Moiini
toria and had a large circle oi
friends. He i- survived by tine,
sisters and two brothers and his
widowed mother.
Captain Bonser, after reading the
extract yesterday .-aid he  proposed
News Nuggets
year.-, and if there ever was reward
for duty well performed, the Indian
department should show it by
granting Mr,Scott a year's holiday
with an all.round-thc-w'oi'h! trip
ticket in his pocket.
Judge Young and family, Atlin.
arrived in Kssington last evening
by the May, and are stopping at
the Caledonia.
Rnyal and the Hazelton. the form, r instituting proceedings against  tie
always    proving    the   faster   hoat. publishers   of   tin'   article,   on   tin
Men getting wood on hoard  at  the ground that   it was given publicity
piles ,,f cord wood at intervals won id purposely t,, injure  his company's
be hurriedly ordered on   hoard  a- future  business  on    th,    Skeena.
the rival ateamer was seen  coming Speaking about   the   shifting   of
up i iver. buoys, Captain Bonser laughed ami
"The inquiry which -at at  Victoria -aid. "Why. there never was a bllov
on the river  to shift.   What  w<
Would   like  to see shifted,    however.
are several rock- in the river thai
are a menace to ua ligation."
The Vancouver immigration authorities had a rather busy time of
it la.-t week examining some 900
Japanese who arrived on the
French steamer Admiral Jaure-
quiberry. The Japan,.-,' were
brought over from Honolulu, and
will, it i- stated he taken north
for construction work on the
(irand Trunk Pacific. Out of all
those examined only four were no)
allowed t,, land, defective papers
being the cause ,,f their non-admh-
tance into Canada, There was not
a single ease of trachoma or other
disease among the Orientals. The
party   on   tin-  Admiral  Jaurequi-
herry  is -aid  to   he    the    f, U'erti n I ,er
of other parties of Japanese who
are on their way to briiish Columbia.    They are mostly drawn from
deluge Smith, operator, is at
present stationed at the -"th cabin
north from Hazelton.
Toiuoi row in the Methodist
church service at eleven a. m.. will
he in English and Tsiinshean. A
service of song at seven p. in. will
precede the   ordinary   service.     All
are heartily welcome.
Dr. H. T. Keigin. our local member, was in Kssington all week.
.1. (.'. Ha Hi,lay. Aldermere. came
out on the Northwest on her last
II. Jones, an old Rosslander, i*
in tow ii. having arrived mi the lasl
dow n-river hoat. Mr. Jones is so
taken with the interior that hi' has
decided to Income a fixture ill the
Twelka and grow up with the district. He goes over to Simpson to
re-arrange several record- which
were supposed to have hen lost ill
lie   wr, ck oi tic  Royal.
Steamer Northwest arrived from
Hazelton Wednesday. Bhe lea* ■-
again mi Monday.
An extremely painful accident
befell John Little at the Claxton
cannery Thursday evening a slmrl
lime before tic quitting hour. II ■
wa- standing 'dose to the rotary
fish cutter removing accumulations
w ith a knife in his right hand, when
his foot slipped ami in attempting
to preservi his balance, hi.- left
band wenl into ihe cuttei and tin
right one came smashing dow n on
the left, with   the   result    lhal    Ml'.
Kittle lost   several   lingers on his
left hand by contact  with the r,,-
taiy. besides an ugly gash on the
hack   of   tic   hand,   made he bis
The tug BoyntOO, with the big
barge Canada in tow. arrived from
Skagway ten days ago to load lumber at the o. T. P. mill, Balmoral,
for   Vancouver,     There   has   been
trouble between the crew  and the
captain and the tug is now waiting
for a new skipper from the south.
Red liquor has hen the cause of
al! thi- trouble, say the crew. The
tug and barge came north with
machinery for the railway at Value/, and on the way south called in
at Ketchikan. Here the captain
lost himself in the dance-hall maze,
spent al| the ship's money and left
the ship without provisions. The
captain was smuggled aboard and
Brst offiier Wilhand broughl the
tug to Kssington. Here again, the
J captain developed a thirst, hut as
he was out of funds, he wanted to
do a little local towing. To this the
crew objected and they forthwith
sent a wire to MacKenzie Bros.,
Vancouver, to send up another
captain or a new crew. A reply
e.nne. hut like all Kssington wires.
i* came too late to notify Captain
Wilhand ti, take charge of the boat,
lie in the meantime had taken tin
Camosun south. Wires have hecn
passing all week ami culminated
in the placing of the tug,'iiul barge
in the hands ,,f the 0. T. I'. lumber
people till sir h time as a captain
arrived from the south to take the
place ,,f Captain Corning, the ,1c-
poscl. who left last night on the
Ilihhert   Hevwood,    Tsimpscaii.
doesn't care   about    being   left    he-
hind at   a   time   when   the   festive
-'"'key,-  is  oil   tile   rllll.      At   I lomill-
ion   tannery  last  Sunday    night.
Hevwood  wa-  late in  getting in!
the province. Miss EthelM. Rood
obtained 803 marks and stands
sc-oiid. Kssington is to be congratulated on having such a good
school and clever pupils, and Miss
A. M, Philip, the popular teacher,
on the excellent results of her two
years' successful teaching here.
C. S, Edwards and a party <>f
eight are expected to arrive in Kssington on the Princess Rnyal tomorrow on their way to tilt, interior where they purpose looking
over large interests held by the   B,
C. Transportation and Commercial
Co., of which Mr. Edwards is tho
president, Mr, Edwards is likewise
president nf the Qooseriver hunk,
Mayville. N. IX, and also chairman
of the Canada-North Dakota land
Co,, operating on a large teak
throughout the Northwest, Tho
success met by the company there
has led tin-in farther afield ami tin,
present visit is to determine a line
of action looking to the develop*
ment of the district on a scale here*
tofore not undertaken by any com*
panv.   Mrs. Edwards accompanies
the party.
Fishing During Close Season Will
Prove Costly
The price of salmon  not only
has gone up. but the line for fish.
ing on Sunday has likewise been
moved up 12") per cent. Seven
Japanese fishermen were taken last
Sunday for lishing during restricted
hours, and mulcted in the standard
sum of .fill and costs. This nominal fine will obtain no more, as
the department officials consider
that means more drastic must bo
taken to prevent the continuance
of a practice that is becoming too
common indeed on the Skeena In
connection with breaches of the
close season. In future the line
will  be 125 and  costs, with  tho
added confiscation of the catch.
:::::;\::::;::-;t;::: camosun mas marconi
was pulling out with, ut him, Hib-1
bet didn't lik, hi- vocal proie-ta- Mrs! Vessel on Ihe Coast to Have
tions being disregarded, so he look J Wireless Installed
il -hot at   the   captain   by   way   of
emphasis,  and   narrowly    missed
two years ago had to deal with ll
case in   which    it    was   a Ill-gCll    the
Hazelton   had   purposely   collided
with her rival, had rammed her   in
(act.    Evidem-e was given on  thai
occasion that the Haselton left s
woodpile  mar   Hardscrabble   bai
ami was run diagonally across tlie
port channel of the river up which
the Mount Royal was steaming.
The Mount Royal gained quickly;
churning a long wake ami with her
engines thumping noisily, made
her way past the bow of the Hazelton. Hut Captain Bonser was noi
to be beaten. The how of his boat
struck the rival vessel on her -tar-
board quarter, pressing against her
and swinging her around. As the
Hazelton continued to push the
after quarter, the Mount Royal
Veend until she was broadside to
the current. Gradually the Hazelton -lid free, and the rival steamer.
unable to answer her helm, unbacked astern that she might be
straightened Up tn the swift current again.
A second attempt was descrilied
nt the investigation as follows:
"Without warning. Captain Bonser put bit helm hard over and the
Hatelton's bow was swung towards  Several detachments have already  ships and making new ones.   Tin.-   was at uncd  by   the  education  out a, license."
him by a few ie, t.    Spectator- say
there was only one -hot (it. d,
Claxton is becoming famous
Ten day- ago they had a love-sick
Jap deported, l.a-t week they had
a stabbing affray between two subject- ..f the Mikado, and iii , onse-
bui ine K. Kodama is in I be Hiillp-
i,ii hospital w ith eight carvings in
his In,,|y ; (our of w hich Were ill tie
Ixick, threi  oil ihe right   arm   am:
The steamer Camosun arrived
la.-t Saturday from the south, fresh
from th,- Victoria machinery depot,
where .-he underwent repairs in
fonset-ueni c ,,f a recent stranding
w hen entering i loose In J. in northern British Columbia wan rs. Tin!
Camosun had wireless apparatus
of ih, Marconi pattern insta il- ,1
n bile she was ,,n the nays.
The    boat      is    the    lil'.-t     one    in
'' i ii idian  waters on th,- eoasl   to
hav    wirelc-s apparatus.    The boat
one     ill    the  left . and    his    life   de- '
is elegihlc for the Marconi system.
-nailed of.    The trouble grew   out      ,,.      . ,,. ,      ■    ,
.   • lo establish   Wireless   apparatus
ri.rht        The    111"    Clayton     hl-nlnrht    of tOO   llllleh    whi-kv.     hi 1VV ei 11     K , ,        ,      ,    ,.
iigui.    im   uig i_ia*.'on   oiou.ii. . on any vessel, or any land station,
\l.-   I :tt l<. to K-sini/tiui   uheii.   In    Kodama and his assailant, J.Inano. ,,    ',,  ■     ,   ,
.ui. i,,tin io cssiiu/ioii. wiiit.    in pernnssiou iiiusl be obtained   from
k'ei-.rin     who  h-llil.elied   I o he -o.lii I- ' Cl, ief   I'vl'oi,    -pent     till',','    d.'IVs     Bt    .. I     A   I 1
t\t lgin. w no nappt ii, it io ii, sjh nu- . i . the  marine   ami   fisheries   depart*
ing a holiday here, was summoned Claxton  thi-  week   looking   Ul1" ,,„.,,,.   The law haa it that: "Who-
and the patii nt  taken to the Simp-
.-ou hoepita I
J. It. Sett. Sunt. ,,f  the   India
h,  affair, but  was unabl,   to locati
Ilia no.
Ja-. Carruthers, Montreal, presi-
ever  establishes  a   wireless    telegraph station w ithout a  license  is
liabl, on summary conviction to a
school at Metlakatla, and   likewise dent   oi thi   United  Supply  Co., Bne not exceeding $600 and to im*
Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands postmaster of the  picturesque  vil- Rupert, wenl   south mi  ihe   May. |,n-,,,,,,,,.,lt f,,, ;, Ir,.,n n,,t  exceed-
and being refused admission to the   lag,'  that   sonic day  will   be  the Friday. ing twelve month-,  ami  in  either
United States, find Canada a happy  Mecca for the northern  tourist,  i- The  rcsull  of  the   recent  rural case shall be liable  t,,  forfeit  any
hunting ground   for employment,  in Kssington renewing old  friend-  high sei 1 entrance examination apparatus installed or worked with- Mil:    si'*
Ni.ti,.- li hereby flv«n that aodayt nl ■
I inieii'l    Li   Hpl'lv    t«i   the    H..ti.iriil.l.-   Chlrt
(■uitiiiii-Moii. r   nf    Lamm   ami    Work*    tot
rt sj,(.,,iji] it.-cnwi* la ml mi'! inn\
away Umber from tlie* UHUtwlma, ilewrib-
,-(l Uii'l-.-iiuuii-i mi Hum by l*i-in<l. Queen
i inn l-pi'r* iratipi
So. 1.   <<iiiiiiii-ni-lt.K nt a i'u-t pUnt<*<1 about
luii 'mllei H ' Imm  n   baj.   Moreaby    Island,
an<1 marked A   i-   > . s. B. oorner, (hen*** north
10 chain*, wtrt we imidm, iouth -
y. ,-iitiiii- '-I |.i ■■■•■■', mmtn< ti etnttni
N., 2    rommftncing at m - ' about
two mtlea i: from 8 bay, Horeatiy Inland, and
marked A. P "-. 9 W cornai   indtheni-e north
II , uatm   i-"-' W ■ batna, bouth N
k>i cliaim io yi" ■»■ of , »mm< m i*m< nl
So ': ('oiumi N'-ifiK mi ii if-t plaiiUfl aboul
tajo mlli'i K. from H  6a),   M  '■ -
. i \  f —   S. K. oornet    ih< in*  'ii wi
i'Ii.hu-. ui -!•*'■ Italna, noi blu <-batm>, I m
uhatm i - i'..i' " >•■ r "i,ini, m - nn i
N.i    1     Pi MiMi-'ic in-* ni ii   ■•<•-'   plant!   i   rtl I
Iwo mil*.* r   from > nay,  Moresby  Ial ind, and
tn,, i k. I \. P. H., S  ft. eorner, theiin   «»utb ni
H ill tlna, north 90   h   Im   weal »i
ehaina to place nl t*omme»t*m«nt
So. r- CnumenHsf al a poal planted aboul
,.n. mile S from S Aon of HkM '"''k"- ■•■"■
marked a !■' - S.W. corner, them* aonth K)
-.halna, eaal MO ehalna, north lu ehaina, weat BO
, halm to place of comraenceroenl
So. 8 romraencing al a |">m planleil i
mile S. from Rkld Laka, Moreaby l*Mnd a»
marked   A.K.S.,  N.K. porner, tbe ace iouth I
ID, r.C'l     ».r.n..    ., . r..   .'..nun,    . u.-ii. -     ...... ,.    80
Imlns. M.-i SI .-1, li,,.-.. >,", il, W ''Iiniii-, ■ Ml   *1
itinill- Ie |.!,1. f inilnlllClin-lllnfl,
\',. 7, ,',.jinn. ii.-inl' At a pofl planted atmul
nne mile north Irom Ihe north «'..,*<• ,.f Skl,l
Uke, Mor,-hy i-hnol, ,u„l marked V I- s . S.VV
eorner, thenee north i'i .-i,,,m.-. thi-i aatlflu
'll.lillV, h. .111,1 ," 'Illli,,.. Weil 100 lltlllll.- ,.,
|.|,|. f   m.Mini.,,,,  1,1.'lit.
N.i. H. Cumin, le-lliK ,i, n poal platil.-.l fine
mile north from "kid Uke. Mor, »bj isle ml ,,i n-1
marked A I'.-, S. K. norma, thenee north Hi
chaina, "*c*l 1"" • 1,„!,,-■ -..,,.,I, I" chain., eaal
160 chain* tn place of ciitnmeni-eraent.
-fo, 9.   Commencing at a poal plant.-.] al i
two mile, north from the north -l i   i.fSkl.1
l.„t,., M I,y laland, nn,I marked A.H.S., N.vv.
enrnor, thence .outh KI chaina, ,ms, 1ml chain.,
 iii i'i , i,un,-.  mal  inn i'h,il!is I,,   place ,,,
(n.mill.  II,n  111,  [ll
\\. lo. Commeneinir, at a poat planted about
two lull.-- ,,,,r,li In,,,i Ihe north .hore ,»f SkM
Lake, Moreahj laland, and marked A.Ms., x i:.
eorner, thence aouth KI ehalna, weal 'unchain*,
north I" ,'tnilti-, e*e1 !'«' chain* tu place ul
X.,. n. Cnmmenclnf at a poet planted aboul
two mile, north from tbe north .hore ul Skl.l
l.nlt... Moreaby laland, and marked v I' - . - »'.
eornei, thence north » chaina, eaal l«l cbnlna,
aouth 11 ,-l,,iln«. weal I''" el,"in- tu piaee of
X.i.   11     C.inlil   lelllk' nl ,1 p,,-l  |.|il,l,n.l nl 1
two mllea north from tne north almre if Skid
Uke, M,,r.'.i,v laland, and marked v P.S., s K.
n.,r,i..r, thenee north SI ehalna, weal ion chain*.
aouth to chaina, eaal llm ,'liKin- In place nli	
men 'ement.
\\, ia. rommanclnf at a poal planted aboul
thri'a mile, north (mm the ,,.,r,l, .hore »l Ski !
Uke, Mori-all) l.land, and marked I.P.S., **."V.
corner, thence anuth tOchalna, eaat Ifluohalti.,
north I'i chaina, weal WO chalni In place i i
Ho. 11.   I'm,, imi,,,.' at ii poal planted nboiil
tin nttlea north in on the north .bore of sk , i
Uke, Mnrn.i.j- I-l.neI. and marked   I.P.S., N.i
,-..rii.-r. then -.- ...iitli in nli.nlii-, weal ISO   I, till*,
north li chatna, anal  IIW chaina  i,.   place  ,,t
X,, IV   «',.„,,,,.',i.'tag al ii poal planted aboul
three mllea north (mm tl rth .h,,r„ ol Ski I
Ink,-. Moreaby laland, and marked Al"..-,., s.vv
comer, then.' ■ north I" ehalna, eaal WO chain-.,
...ml, KI chaina, weal ISO chain, to poinl ol
Mo. in.   Oomtnenctng ai a poal planted aboul
three mllea th from tha north .hoi i .-ki"
Ink.., Moreaby laland, and marked A.F.S., 8.K,
corner, thence north i, chaina, weal IflOehaln.,
.oiiil,  4ii chalaa,  aasl   IM chaina tu plaoa ,,,
A.  1-'   SI-TIIKHI. VXIl,
perS u. M,-i'Ii;,!.,ii
.Iiine 1,1, in-17.
No. 17. ,',,,nm,oi,'Inn at » |", i planted annul
1 !•'> miles soiiih Irom tin- .outh ahorc „f Rkl '
lake, Moreaby laland, and marked w.s.. s. \V
corner, thence north m chain., ea.i tun chain,..
aouth i" chaina, west i,v> chain, to place ol
is.   Commencing ai a poat planted aboul I 1-2
mileK aouth from the aouth «hoi I Skid lake,
Moreaby laland, and marked W. S. - K. corner,
thenee north 4i) chaina, weal 180 chaina, iouth
4ii chaina, e,isi iii1* ohaim ,,, plaaa of com-
ill. (Toraraenclng at „ i»,"' planted aboul 1 1--
mllei iouth from Hi, nli si,ore of Ski.l lake,
Moreaby laland, and marked w.s.. x.w. corner,
thence aouth Kiihaina, aaal Ilk) cbalna, north
4i chaina, west l'lii chalm to place of commencement.
*o, nommenclngal » posi j,i„,,,■■,! about i i--
inilei aouth from Ihe iouth .hore ,,f ski.l hike.
Moreaby laland, and marked W.8., XK. corner,
thenee iouth W chalaa, treal 100 chaina, north
40 chain., ,-nst WO ohatn. to place ol commencement.
31, Commencing „, „ poa, planted aboul two
mile, south from the well end nf Skid lake.
Moreaby laland, and marked W.s., s.w corner,
thenee eaat ISO chalaa, north 40 chaina. weal
I,'*, ,-hrtiiis, south in chalni to place of commence meat.
■22. Commencing nt „ po»l plantod about 11-!
mile, so,oh from the weal ,-,,■! of Skid lake.
Moreaby laland, and marked w.s., s.i:. coracr,
thence weat SO chaina, north 80 chain., eaal *'
chaina,.-,,,nli *> chalni i,, place of commence-
28. Commenciag „t „ poat |ili,,,ie«l ,ii„nii 11-2
mllei aouth from the weal end ol Skid lake,
Moreaby laland, and marked W.S., X \V eorner,
thence eaat 80 chaina, aouth 80 chaina,  weal Hu
ehiii,,-, north Hu ehntn* to place of comtm-i	
21. nommenclng al ,, poll planted aboul 1 1-2
mllea aouth from tha "real end nf Ski.l l„ke.
Moreaby laland, and marked W.S., N.I-: cm ner,
il,,., muth 180chaina, well In chaina, north
18U ehalm, tan 18 shalni to plai e ol commencement.
•2.-,. Commencing nl „ poat planted aboul 11--2
mllea aouthweat from the weal end ot Skid
l,,k,-. Moreaby laland, and marked W. s . \ w
. nraer, theauji .outh I'vi chaina, i aal Ki chalm,
north i,vi chalaa, w.-.t in chaina In plai-e ,,i
an, Commenciag „, » po.l planti I aboul ■' i 2
men- aouthweil fro,,, th. weal end nl Skid
lake. Moreaby l.land, and marked vv S. N i:
corner, thenee iouth I1'" chalm, weal KI chalm,
north I"1 chaina, eaal K) chalm ,., plai-e of, om
27    , .onniere'ins' .i' ,i po.l planledal i -'1 .'
mil,■- Routhweal from the wi -i end .., -kol I..k.
Morcaly laland, and marked vv s . s I-., enrner,
il,,-,m,- north -«) chaina, weat hu chalni, aoulh an
chaina, eaat 80 eliain- to place of comment*,
2m. Commenclngal „ poal planted 3 mile.
Irom the weal end nl ski.l lake, Mom al.) I.Ian 1.
and marked  vv s, x  vv  ner, thence aouth
180 chalni, eaal i'i chalaa, north ISO chain.,
we., in naalni ,,, pl, if i ommencem, nt
■."J. Commencing „t i poat planted on the
northwest and ..I .ski.l lake,and marked vv B.,
S. W. corner, thenee north ho chaina. eaal 80
, halna, south an ehalna, weal ho chalni to plae.
of commencement
:in. Cnmmanclngat a pn«t planted 3 mllei
southwest from the west end ol Ski.l lake, an,I
marked W. S-, N. E. eorner. thence WI -l 80
chalaa, south si ehains, eaal 80 chalaa, north 88
■ hains to place ol commencement.
:il. Commciicing at a poal planted aboul :;
miles soiiihwe.t from tne well end of ski,I
lake. Moreaby laland, and marked W. S.,8. I..
corner, thence west hu ehains, north so ehains,
east 10 ehaina, south X ehalni to plan' of commencement.
■XZ. Commi neinii at a p,.si planted -.n a brook
aboul :t 1-2 miles louthweil from the weit en I
of Rkld lake. Moresby islanl. and marked VV
H., N. W Corner, thenee south 180 chaina, ens,
locliaius, sollth 1'"^ chain-, west lo eliain- to
place of commencement.
'll Commeneiut; at a post plant.,1 on ,. I.rook
about! 1-2 mllea aouthweit from tin weat end
of skid lake, Moreaby laland, and mark,,I w.s
H W. corner, thence north 100 ehalna, eaal 1"
chaina, south Imi chalni, weal N chain, to
place of eoinineneemeiif.
il Commencing at a poll planted on a brook
abont 81-J mllea aouthwe.t from Ihe weal end
..I skid lake, Moreaby laland, and marked vv
s N i:. eorner, thenee so,ul, 180 chaina, weal
4n, hains, north WO chalm, '-,.-1 In elm,,,- ,,,
pu,,,- of commencement
r, Commencing al „ poal planted on a brook
about 81-2 mllea anntbweat from the weal end
nf Skid lake, Moreaby laland, and marked vv
S - ': oorner, thenoe north UK) ohalm, weal KI
ehalni, aonth WO ehalna, eaal m chaina tu
pl  ul commencement.
rn.  nommenclng al ■ poat plain.-I nn
Imi!     Miutha    t fi     I J       real end  "f Skid
lak*, Mornby laland and marked W. -., n.vv.
I   .,    |...si    pla 111.   1   al ■ ll-i  inn: k.ni  VV      -    ■
.,„   it,.- »e-i mi,I ,,: ighty cbalii'  »'-, eight)' chain., aonth
'„  1:1  , 	
.           lb    n,n,i   Ihe   iin.nlli   .,'    -
u.-l   . ...,-'    ''
and, aud mark, il vv   .-   - s \\   ,
m  ■ eight)
.   I' ,11.1   Mn ■
irtu-i    Ihence
north i-lgbiv cl , .,-   wcl eight) elialti I III
x,.  '. .   , 'nmini it.'ing al a pu.t p
l,<   ,-i
d marke.1 W' * »
eight)' clialna, ». -: i Iglll)   eliain.  tu  p
I. Klti'nitig
\\y.   SHANNON,
pel' S.    K.   .Ml Cl.IN ION.
north   18U ,i. ■'   '   *"  chain. ,<> plac, .,,,..,,
i- lien. .Iii.nl. I- k,  -e,-u,'ll\   llrtV, „e-l I-.W.I  M..,'e-t,\   i-l u... I
37   i ..i.e.inmiiis'ai a  j,..-i   planted   aboul   I   atid marked vv   -   - N vv  , ,,uih
in ilea ...,i th wet from the weal cud of Skid lake,   elghir chain., ca.l eighty chalm  '
Mtin-.b) [slatut, and marked iv s, - vv. ,.,,,„, .     chain'., weat eight)   u.in. io place of beg Inning
Hi. ne. mirth I It     eaal 4u cbalna, miiiiIi .     "... aiu-ins a! a piait planted about
l.'o chain., weal    I"  < ham- i,. j.In..   ul cou lea north from  the  mouth ol s,i!im..i:
lllnll. nllli-lll. '
-   - omraeui lag at a  -
mile-   noUtbai
lake, Mori nd marked W. S., X, I
cm ■,. :, • li. ne. south Im, chalm, weat I
north  Im1 i lo, ' ■    ■ aal   KI .-],,.,:,-   to i
poat | al i 1
mile-  aoulhwcl   I ,   tIt.    w, -'.   end
ink.    Moreab)   -' ind and marked   v,   -    -    i
lb 1HO chalaa, weat I   I
...tilli llkl I 48 chain- Lo fai
It,     ,,.■-,,
li   ,   im !'■■ I plat
..i Hkld l.nk.-  Mm  -b) laland  aud   mark al   «
- . x u , ,,n i ...nil. rn., chain.
Ini, ,,, -, in chain.
.,i ,' ii.  n
n     , . ii   i at a i.osi planted   ',,in and
a half mllei sou th wi -i fn,i,.  the w.   I end ol
ski.l laki   v       i        nn,I .,,,,1  im rkial   «', -
8 W eorner,   ih.-nce north   188 chain.,   eaat  Ml
chaina, -,,,,it,   181)  i In la.    a    I   i11  i lialn.  tu
place ,.i cirainciii-emeut.
i ■   i   iiunn  ii ,i.i! al a pes, plant, ,1 ni
ind ,, hall mill - wotilhwcal from the weal  ■ nd
„f Skid lake, Mor, .by laland, and  marked iv.
s , N K corner, thence aouth ISO chain*, weat Ki
elm in-, north IM' .li nil, s, ea-i Kl.'halll. i" |.l ,.
ni commi-ltcenn nt.
I.i. ,'..„,,in iictug al a |„,-i planted about i	
and a half mile, southweat from ihe weat cud
.n -k,.| ink,..  Morcal.)   laland  nn I mai
S., s K eorner, ilii-uee north I 'halna, weal ki
chain., south :,,' ■ halna, eaal ,"., halna to pl.. >■
i.i  colli in. II ', l.e 111.
per 8. It. \Mi.iMiiv,
June \ WW.
Nu, I-l     I'liiniiii'Mi-iUL' .■;! ,i pi,~i pUnti l]
j I 2 wi Ar> north wi -; from Hit- wv*\ end nt Hkl I
ink,'. Mtuvsiiv UUnd nnd m*rkf(l   \   r   - '-  !
t:  rt.Mn.-!',   ifn-ii"-i   wert  mt riiiiiN-,  Miutli  h
,'liiiiii--. ea*l •) .fi'Lin- hi plov* ••■   ,.. ■
I., rommetii'lux »l« i».>-i phmted kIhuii two
mil.- northWfKi from the went i i.-i of **i I
htkr, Morenby lr.ln.ii I, nnd  mnrkeil   \. f H  ■ S
ft  LOriKT,    till in■'■   'Ji-1     10   t-hiiiii -.       io(l     i0
chuinf*; wenl 10 idi i.;,-, nttrth lu ehulQi l
if beginning
46 ■ ,,,i],i) ::■ ii a ,,i ;i -n.-i pUntod aboul ' u
null-.- north ■' i from the »■ i nl i»inl
Inke, Morenby lKlHiid,*nd murknl \ ' <-)*!■
ft for ner, north H i i-hHitin, - ^-i nu eliBin*. noiith
?■ i rl nun-, u.'-i HO ehaina U i-l ■ '■■■ w l.*-.- > n :u ■ i*.:
it i' iiuiner.* log al « p«»itl pUuu><] Kboul • -
mllei ii irthwexl   I run   [hf   m il   end of Hk,,.
I ike, M.-n-i-y IttUnd, and nmrked A.I*' K.'s - K
rjorl li Ku i! , Una, ^ ■->  8U elm Inn, I
II .-Iiniii-, eaat90ehalna to place of bt-glnuli :
I-.     i 'ottinr niln : al a   p i«l   pl-i itted  a I" ui
fniir Miili *- tiotthwt'kt from toe w« at end of Hkiil
i ikt, Morer-h) Wand, and marke 1 A K s.'s N w
■..ni, r, thence t i-i m thaiua, iouth  S i ■ halt   ,
■   i-i 'halna, north IW ehalna to pta< i   of I
nt   Oommenefng al >■ p ■■•  pla ui   I ■--■
ni ii. n noi thweii  from   the  weal end of W
hike, Moreaby  [alind, and   markei]   A   l'   -   -
N K eorner, weal 90 ehaina, aonth W ebaiii-.,
■i-i 90chaina, north W ehalni to plait- nt be*
iii " ontnivnelug at « p-wl pitutad tla>ul four
: i.l.'< northweal from the wt»l end ol -•■*.'
lake, Moreiby laland, and   marked   -V    I-'   -   -
- :■;   i u-i. : Ijeljee  north 90 gOal tii,    I
ehalni. -mi ill SO eh tlna, eail B'J ehalni to p<di i
■i   beginning.
.11   roinuiotietng " ■' p"«l planted ulnnil fo
mllea   northweal  from  thsj  »■ -:  end  o|   - .: i
Like, Moreab)   laland, and  marl p I A   f  H
.*-   \\  fiMii.-r, north%n ohaltia, eaal  S>i ehalo**,
south -, i ehalna, weal 90 elm I in to |, >:m ol   b
._'   t onunt-netug n\ h po«l planted ab ml I i
.ml.--  tiortliwoil   Fnun  the  iv«al  end ol   -k Ui
lake, Mureaby laland, and ru irkeil \    (■'   I '- •
!■;,   eorner,  north hi  ehalna,  w«H j-"1 eliain*'
Mouth HOchaiua, aaat HOohalua to poinl of beginning .
...;   Commencing al a ii"-! planted ahoni ii\
i ui lei northweal  from the   weal end oi Kki
late, Mtireiby fai ind, aud marked   \. K  --■> h
\v   eorner,   thence   north .i-1 i-hainit, ■ <■■  Si
,- laitia, Koutli HU rhalua, weal a>>ehtlua l" p«n ■'
of beginning
Nu, ...    i oiumenelug ut m poal planti     ibo
; \-2 miles north from m- north shore nl Hkl
lake, Sforeaoy laland, and  markeil  A.  !■'   B*»
H  h eorner, tbenov weal 10 ehalni, north an
■lniiti>, • list RU ehalna; iouth 9t\ ehaini io  plae<
nf eom meuei meni.
So. .Vi. Commencing at a poal planted about
; 1 -J mllea north from the norm a bore of -*ki .
lake, Moreaby Inland, and marked A f H -
ri \\ eorner, thenee eaal nu ehalni, tiorth *:t
i-halni, weal BO chaim, aouth ft) eh aim to
place of commenoemeut.
So. rtO, ('ommeucing ata poal planted a bom
ii vi' in ih-- mii-ih l" ri i in the eail end ol Rkld lake
Moreiby laland, and marked A K s.'- H \\ eor
in:. thenee eail IrtO chalni. tiorth I1' ehalna.
weal Ifiu ehalni, iouth W entlm to place of
So, Ai. Commencing ata poal planted aboul
:; i-j ml lea north from netr tne eail end ul Skid
lake, Moreiby (aland, nnd marked A F.H '> H \\
•orner, thence mrth 90 chalaa, eail hu chalni,
-.outh ho ehalni, weal ku ohatni to plaoe ol
[•out meneement.
So «. Commencing at a pint plante<1 a bom
one mile aonth from Alford Bay, Moreiby i-l
ntul hid! marked .v P.H '> S K corner, thence
aouth Hu ehalna, wtal BOehtini, north 90 chalm,
utul so ehalni to piaee of commencement.
No. i',i. Comtneactug ata no*l planted about
ime quarter ofi mill eaat from Alfonl Bay,
Moreiby laland, and marked A.F B.'i s \V corner, thenee north lo ehalm, etit 180 ebafni:
south40 I'haiNs; Wftt Wo ehttni tu place ol
So. nu. Commtoolng at .-i poit planted aboul
oneqtttrtei if i mill etii irom Alfonl bay,
Moreaby liltud, and marked A C 8 *i S W eorner, thence aonth lu ehalna. eaat ion ehalna.
north tu chttati weat I'"' en dm to place of
mm men cement.
No. i,i. Commencing Ht h poal planUnl about
two mllea iouth nf Skid gate Inlet, al * point
i.boul -i,\ mllea weal fnun ""I';1 Prdnt, More-tin
inland, and markeil A. I' K.'a S W nirnrr,
thenee itouth HO ehaina, « ar*l -*'1 chaina; norfh
ho chaina; weal 80 ehalm to place ol eoni
N". rtj. I 'n in mend n ' ■ mi plankNl ■• l-ou i
i wo mllea M»uth from *k idi . i |».iin
aboul all tulli - welt I i apil   .  ■ M< |
laland,  and   marked   \    r. H.'i  h in
tbetiei weal 90 ehalm; north !kn i*■>... . ,-n-i au
ehaina; M»uth HU ehalni lo place oi com
So >•■<    Commencing at a poal plautei) alioul
two null--   aouth   (mm rtkidegafe Inlel
point aboul ail in Ilea weal from -j,:1 polul and
marked   V P.H 'a 8 f>  corm >.    tht •...   north w
iditina; etil ho cbaim,   ionth mi chain I
wi chaina to place of comment umeni
No. 04, Commencluu a) h p-,-r tilanti-d iImhu
two milaa muth (mm Skid Rule lulel, al h point
aboul ill mllei weit [rom Hpu I'.oni, and
marked A,P.M.'i S K corner, thence weal wi
ehalna; iouth Ho chalm, eaal *• i chains north
no chaim to place nt commeni emeu I
per 8. R. Mi Clinton.
.1 line In
\,,   ,,,.   Commenelnitat a poal plantcl „,■,,,'
ih,. monili   ol Salmon   lir.„,k, neuurlty  Bav,
Weal  cuaat,  M,,r,-I,y lalaml, anil  mm k. .1 \v
s '. s \v corner, th.-in-i- eaal so chain., - uith Hfl
i-liiiile, vrcal 1 Iiiiiii-   i f OI leal   to  ihore;
thence Following .bore back to poinl ,.| begin-
So 68 romraenutngat a poat planted abont
one mile from the mouth of salmon Brook, He-
cur-ty Bay, Moreaby laland, and marked 'V.
.- -v N \v corner, thenee aouth Sit chalni, eaal
Nttchalni, noriti s,i chalni, a/eat*HI chain, to
l»,,ini oi beglnntnf
v.. ,,7. Commencing at a po.t planted ala.ul
i.iir mile irnni the mouth of Salmon Brook, He.
,'n iiy  bay,  -real i il   Moreaby  l.land, and
marked w s '- N K corner, ili.-n,, a-eal sn
.-luii ti -. iouth 10 ehaina, ca.l -■> chaina, north
s,i i |,.,i,i- lo poinl of beginning
No. .ia. t'on,„i,'in'ins'ni h |.,,-i i.[„hi«.,I about
nne mile In,in the mouth ol Halmon Brook, Security '"O. treal poaal M re.by laland, and
markeil W s '. s tt enrner, thenee eaal -
chatna, north an chaina, weal no chaina, aouth
In chalni ie poinl ol beflnnlnff.
No ,'.i Commencing ,ii a i„.-i planted aboul
one mile north frou, the mouth ol -
Brook, s. -nn u;, bay, treat eoaal Moreaby laland
and marked VI H.'a B E corner, thence weal BO
cbalna, north Ml chaina, eaal so i halna, aouth
ho chaina to imint oi begli I
70,   i'..mm. in im, ni ,i  |..,.i  planted  aboul il
milei n ie i lb ol   - ■:■   ,n Bi    ,*
Security Imy, we«1 roaal   Mon-ilij   island, and
mm k< ,1 W - '■ n i: corner, Ibet   ,
I'hain.  iouth ,-lghl i'i
north . to i
li ii,  ■
T„l in ,• iimi I   Cetei Id rnian, nl I
.|ng-»n,  l'.'..   m (I mli  '"
til and i-arn
,. iav   limb, '    Iron   the  fulliiwiug   dii
l'..inno ,.  mt  hi  ,i  I'oal   plaiit.-d   abonl one
mil,  (r  ilu- rlv.-r, ..pp. kite I'orl Kaalugton on
llie i1. -, ore ol lb *  Hkei tta   i
,.  -r , i ,     . Ih'-lli c
v.    i Ui - halna, thi ■ I' uni
., , mi',    ,i,,|    : liien :  , .'
ninri ,,r lea.
I I ' i: II KKM IX
Take notice thai I. (i. '••'.. Daven-
IKirt,    "1        \'alleullVel'.      ,,".'ll|,;lliol',
iuiiil.eriitiin. inteiiils  to apply lot' :i
-li. ei.'ll     lilllln I'      111 , 111.-     IIVIT   lie
;' illoM in-j iie--, il« I laml •:
Sll.  ■'.      ( 'olllllll ucili'!    .'ll    11    |„,-l
|ilanteil on tin- -oiiili hunk ol Sn I
mon i iv,r. ulioiii  2 mile- -l,,,ve tin-
jtini'tiini  "f   tin-  Sachuiiithu  and
, Itlll'll     llie    llol'l iiUe.-I    li.l IH'I'   ami
ruiininn noutli -M)   rhaiiiH, i*nn1   sli
■ ii.-iiiis. miutli I1' eliiiiii-. t'lial --11
•i.iin • ne I- ni I. -s to liank of rii -
,■,-. ilienee ue-: rly iilmin liank - f
iv. .■ t<> poinl oi' U'giiiiiinjr, It',"
l.neiiteii May 15.
No. H  1-2.   I'oilillioileilie at  j  post
|i|ant<*il on tlie cart liank nf Kinin-
•jiiil rivei- ulioiit ID miles ii|, gtrt-ani
from liniiaii re-, we and rallt-d tin
■;. W. rnrm f and running i-hh! n' i
t-liaiiiH,  thenee   nui'tli   mi   i-hain*..
io nee West   SO   to    l.ank    "1    rivi r.
ilienee soiitliei'ly along bank "f riv-
l-r 80 .ll.lills  to   |llaee III t'lllllllll'lll'l
iiient, I'onttiinin,! B40 acres.
I.,,eate,| May 25
No. 10.    I lollllllC'Ilcing at a   *,,,-1
planted oil the ninth hank of Sa I-
.i.iii rivei'. ahoni III mihs ahov,
i'liiction of Saeliiimtlia river, ami
railed th,< N \V. eor. and   runniiifi
-outh    II)    ehains,   east  SI)  ehaili.-
iiorth  40   (haiiis.   east   80   eliain-.
north nil) ehains to   hank   of rivi i
thenee Westel'lv alollg hllllk of    l i v-
• 1- to point   of   eommelieemeiit   lt)<l
ehains, containing 640 acre*.,
Located May   Ki.
No. Hi ;-2. Commencing at a
jio.-t planted at the N. W, eor. ol
\o. !) and called the aouthweat corner and running eaal 80 ehains.
north 80 chain.-, west 80 chains to
hank of river, thence southerly
along hank of river 80 chain- to
place of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Located May  2n.
No. 11. Commencing at a |„,.-t
planted at the northeast corner ol
No. ll) and called the  north went
cornel', and running south l<)
ehains. east 80 chains, north III
chains, eaat 80 chain**, north K),
more or l,>s. to hank ol river,
theme westerly along hank IflO
•hains. of river t,, place nl coin
meiicciiietit. containing 640  m r,■-.
Located May 16.
No. !'.'. Cotnmeiieing at n |",-i
planU'd on the went hank ol Hnch-
iimtha river, ahout 8   mil'-   ah ivi
iuiH'tion of Sal i river and call-
■ I the H K, cornel', ami running
»,-i eighty chain*, north , ighty
-11.-1 i 11 -. i asi eighty chain-, more in
le-s. to hank oi river, then,,' aouth-
eiiy along hank 80 chains, more rn
lew. t,, point ,,f beginning, contain-
gin tilO aei,-.
No. 13, Commencing at n poal
planted at the N.K.   corner  ol No.
12. ami running weal forty chains,
north eighty chains, west forty
.hains. north eighty chuins. east
forty chains to hank of river,
ihenec southerly along hank of
river 160 chains to poinl of lieginning, containing 640 acrear.
No. 14. Commencing at a poat
planted al the N. E. corner of   No.
13, and called the S.L. corner and
running west forty chains, north
eighty chains, west forty chains,
north eighty chains, eaal forty
chains, more or lea* to hank of riv-
,■]-. thenee southerly along hank
160 , hain- t,, point of commencement, containing 640 acn .- more or
Noi", Commencing ata p,,-t planted on   Hi" ea-t hank ol Sachlinitlia
river,   nh ml   one   mile  altove the
, fork.- and called the uouthweal cor-
Capital (paid up) 13,900,000.       Ite.-erve fund. 14,390,000
Total a--, ti 146,000,000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
II, ,nl office; Montreal, Que
Hiaiieiie-  iii   Liiti-ii  Columbia;       Chilliwaek, Cumiipi
Iimi. <.I'.-utd Fork*, Lailinr   Snnaiiiio, Nel-mi. ,N, u U',.-t-
iniii-iei. i'ort i-;..-iiietiiii. i'i,,;   Moody,  II,,.-land, Vernon,
Vi. t.'iia. V  ,'U v, ,'.
loiieral  banking  hii-dm***!.  trunaai-ted ami aaviuga brink
,|ep.,i In,int.- op. tali n| at all brain
Port fssintjton Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Boyd & Young «S£ffi
R. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port fssington and Hazelton, B.C.
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, li. C.
I inl'i new management. Thoroughly renovated,
1.1,1.-   --     ,'',,l Ul,
1 rttl   ,  OIIOMIT, 1    I   Hotel    V'.limoilV.
ner and running east forty chains,
north right*/ chains, west forty
eliains, north eighty chain-, west
(ortV mole or Ie-- 111 hank nl river.
thenee southerly 160 chains   more
a   I ■  - a long  ha nk of rivi 1   to place
oi eiimmeiieement,
Locatcl May 15,
No   li;.   Ci-mmeneing al i poal
planted on   east   hank   ,,f   Hahiion
ix er   at   the   northeast   corner ol
Plllp company's lot ol   ami   called
ilu- in,rili\\,-i eorner, and running
.outh eightv chain-, east eighty
chain-, nortli eighty chains, weal
eighty chains to point ol la-gill-
iiin-.'. containing litu acres.
So, 17.    C mencing at   a |*oat
planted on the cist line ol So.  16,
ahout 20 chains south ol creek and
called the southwest corner and
running east 100 chains, north 40
chains, west Mill chains, south -10
ehains t,, pla,,- ,,f com nt encement
ami containing 640 acres.
Located May  IS.
.1. W. MacFarlaiie. Agent.
.ll ST    lo.    IMI.
Take notice that 1. Robert <).
Jennings, ,,f Porl Simpson. II. ('..
occupation,     miner,     intend    to
apply   lor   «   special   licence to 'lit
and cany away  timber from  the
(ollowing deacribed land:
So. I. Commencing al ■ |*os1 planted at the i tlrof  tin  fresh water
lake emptying into salt water lake
from the north, al Ihe head ol
Work Canal, thence north Hi
chain-, eaat   80   chain-,   south   W
chains, real   SO  chains, north   10
chains to poinl of commencement,
containing li io aerea, mon or less.
No  ",.    Commencing  at   a   iiost
planted al north end of No. I.
thenee north -lo chains, thence east
SO chain.-, south 80 chains, west SO
chains, thence north 10 chains to
point ,,f commencement, contain*
ing B40 acres, more or leaa,
May 28, 1907.
\..,|,n   :. Ii,.,,.,,. k.ii,oi Unii aOi*t,jn  „fi,r i|i,t»
i IntHtiil Iii appl)   in the ll.oe Ho-1 t,i,■ r c	
iiu.-ioo.T ,.| I.1UI.I- mil Work, ior ii l..„.i. of
; lo- lollowluK .|.-mi,„n| lurnhore: Com.
,,,,-,i,'l„...- hi ii |.,,-i plnnic.l near N. K. corner
Ua 7, > 11 u-ii >i ii ii liny, I'orl Slrapeoii harbor;
ilii'in.. nortli :t phalni; thence Banter** IflO
chaina, »I„iik the -I,on- Una ami ,-,,,,tainI'nir M
aerea mure or te*a.
Porl K-.ins'toii, H. C. Mnv M, HO".
in ih,, mult,t..,f tii.- MiiH'ini act iitiri amend.
eif n, i-nii.l in ilio matter ol the Western
Copper ironp, gonalatlna ,,,' the Empire,
N'oiiii siar, Araantile, llawkley, Ronanaa,
r.ninrni.I. Vent ore and Western Copper nun-
tral ,-hiinis
Whereai i.y aotlee dated the Wk .lay ,,f
April, I9U7, yon nor required to torthwith paj
tn the iiniler.lKncd co owner, wiili jrou In Hii'
ntNive mineral claimi the sum of $lflo,aa yonr
nne Hit I. .hare ill the a.aeaament arork done on
.aid elalma up to and lnclndlna in day of Oe-
tuber, A. D., |W6, and being the aaieiMmenta
inr June, A. ll. cm,., and January. A. I». 1807,
mi.I niriln r ,.x|n i„linn-,- iii ciinneetton wiili
the aai.l n--. ..noiits «,r.' ,-harfed lo v,,,,r In
lereal In aa Id el
Ami v lo -ni- >..ii hu, tailed to |,„v theaaid
-nm ,»i hi rebi required
Take inoir,   thai unleaa y,m ahall withinM
in ■ I.', ,.,' Ihe M-i   puhlleatlon of
share nl aald aaaeaa
no m ar.ir!  1 ill . in li   In re.il Hon  \..n  the
nii,1.i-,l;io.i. -I ill appl,, In have our .ni.l in
in n In pur, lam i a iin the tonus
a I I'hap, JI, ll i -i mill \ n 1900,
i efntt ■ ii nun ti.liueiil o. I: -i;,   Cap i ..
I'm. ,1 n  \ ami,over, R   c .  thi. 4th ,1.,\   ol
M:  '      li.IT
w en. --:   ,    N   llaney, Vaneourer, 11. ,'.
1"   I . .1.  In   Ci'. . I..-I   .   Villi,    n,,    .     :: C
M.\ X  Mel ion.
,    v   •■: i;j    -- rue  sti*
_. —*
Ranuk   y.
Take nolici. that we, .lohn ,,. Johnston ami
.1 .lolitistnii Sloan, nll'nrl '.--inci,.,,. It ,-.. .,.--
< iipnllol, tunl.rr cruiser ami iiio, pan,, lilt,-ml
to apply lor a af-prlal license over tin- following-  .l.-s.-rilM-.l laml-.
No 7. Oitmiii, mtnir „, ,, po.l plentol at
tin- foot ,,t a mul, 1,1,,lt .iltont jti .-ham- w<--t of
MIlLr , ii-i-k. al.,,,,1 an< nam. mini |>nini where
M ill. r met • Mien,-  nne Hi. Hall*, .hoot lour
inll...   .il.om   Hi,.    III,..   Kail..   ,l,,,n,     II,  w,
i'lniin-. act ani ha,,,- -,.nl|i Ni chain., ,a-t Ni
chain* to plan- of ,,,,„iiit n,, in,int. eontatnlno
tilo a. res. Mini,' or  I,,-,
--n. a , o,ii,,i,.|„ ,1,1; „l a po.l l'lanli-,1 on the
north Inn'of lolin.Ii.o an.t Sloan'. No 7 limit
.,.,,,,I Hot,a,,o from ihm t Iioh-I rorm-r. , h. an ,
nortli Mil chain-. «..| an, ham-. 11, an, lial,,-.
,a-t H|,,'t,„l||. to plain    ..I    ooliilii,'ll,■.•>,,<■>,(. coll
,n IIII in; a III air,-- inon- of I. — Jot III Hi;   liil.li-liui
noi s]..,in'- limit Ni, 7 on t|h- north,
lull,- IK. ]'«'-
No. it. Ctiu,uii-u,-i,iu at a pari planlt-,1 on
nnrlli shore oi a heaior t-oml. „>.<,,,1 *.t chain-
„»-l nl Mllhr creek al a poinl i.l..ni, tin,,-
ml..-- al.,,\. iihctc It .'inf.fii.. into Uni Km 11 -
.r,,ck ami ahout one mil,' north el llltr Kall-
, seek ; thence ninth **'. ham-, ea-t an chain.,
spilth an ch,ni,., we.-l an dial,,, lo c,minion,■!'•
tin,nt ami jo,nun.- .lohn-ioii A Moan** limit Ne
J on   noun, contaiulnu' ,'.l„ acre, more or It--*
No   In    |,,.iii,ncncl,,u  at   a  poal  planted  „,
iiorth.ic.-l    t-inucr    of     John-ton ,v   Sloati'-
II,nil    No.     „     near     «c-t      hank      of      Mil
|.-r crock, al.out four  mile- al.,,.,-  llie  mouth.
tlicuce in.ilh an chain, ea-t  Niclmin-. -oulh an
chain-. *t-l Ku chain-   to   place  ,,f  cnintnciiff-
uiciil. joliiluc  John.ton  <v  sl,„oi'-  limit No."
un the tiorth ami containing nit, acre, more ,.,
No. 11. Coluuu-iU'luc at ,i po I phinlcil II
northwest coiner ol John-,on A- Sloan'-
limit No |p. on c.,-1 l.nnk of Mil
I. , , nn k then, , ii.olh hkl chain-, ,,,-t li
inchain-, .oillli I,'.,' ill,,,,,-. «,.l II, i I,mil. I.
place   of   commencement      J,,liiiie_'    John.ton
* *l '-   limit   No.   I,' on   rke north ami   coo
liillllun   I'I,' acres mo,',' o,  1.-.
N>.   U.    ,'i.iiiim n, tMl, ,n a p"»l   planted   at   s
R. io•■ of Joii,i.ion .v S|.„.n'. lunC   *<>   II,
„l .In chain-  e„->  of  Hitler efeefc.  th.-i".
mo',1,    Inn   cloilie.   ,,rl    lo - lull,-,    .on,,;   'o
, |,„l',-. ,.'■-' 1,* i loin    | la,,-  of conn	
In. I,', lolllt,,'.' John-,,.,, ami Mini:- llllll, N"
It, . i, ,l,e I,..III,
No  n:    ton
s. w., i.r„. r of John.,, ii a Mnan'* limit
|l OH  Mill. I nick. II,, in,    nt-l   IM.Ialn   . loo   h
KU chain-, ra < noi    ...inn inn chain-   ■■
place of   .'..,„, lie lie 'II, i pi,   Hll|llg   .loloot I
span'- limit No. II on   v.,-1  1 x.ntalHlng '!,'
ace. iiioie or |e —.
N... ll,   i in 1'iu ,,, a po-i pliiiii.-il al.",a
'.1, i ha,II- uc-l "1 Mill,, , nek. al ii point ill.o'H
one li,He al..,., llie i,i,mill iliciic nortli I'-i
,h„lo-. ea.l |,, . linln-. -onlh p.„ clniln-. iv.-'
III i !i,,111- lo place of , oliitili.lll't'tUI'lll, 1111,1 II II-
OlIlllllS' nil, acre, noon Of ),..-
.Innc loth, Ml
No. 1*. Cotntncm Ink' a< a po.l plautcl on
the .1,1,11, lillllk ol Mil! I'll- i reek,   ahout   eight
mil,. above tin Mg lull-: ilnn.. eaal P"
, luilo-   -i.lllh    In , Iimi li>,  vvc-t l.Ulelu.1,1-. lioilli
io ,1,11111-. I,i place  i,I   con ,i, cm. |,1,  joining
.h.liii-  ami si, ,in'- Unit' Kfl    I on   tl..    ca-l
ami eegitalntng nm a. 1*1 - no,re or leaa.
No. in    Conimciiciiiii at a p,,-l plaulcl on th,
-..nil, hank ol   lie.'   ''all-   click,   about   I   lull,
,it,o\e Ihe Hie Kail- ami   on   il|e   -..ittli   line  m
.Inhii-loii   A   Sloan's   limit,    No.    I.',,  al.ont   n
•Iiniii-iron,-null,tt.-.i coiner, tbeuee eaal   I,"
Chaill., -until It, chain-, thclicc we.I InOi hail,-
ll.ciicc lioilli in clou,,- In place ol ciunnienc
,n. hi. p,iiiiiii.' Johnston iiiiiI Sloan'- limit Ne
I', on the -llllll, ttlnl ,'ouliiilllliil till) ace- uloi.
or I,—.
June a>, HI,
No 17. Coniuu'hcluu al a post plautcl ,tl,,,ie
1*0 i|iHii» \«osl ol lir-l rapids on ll.a-.tall rivet,
on-oulh hank of II,„-mil rim, theme ».-«i
|u chain-, -null, MB ,-haih-, ca-l In chain-
north l,m, Lain- In place of conn,,dice,nt-l,I.
June Pl. tHt.
Nu. ia. C,inill,ellclui,' HI '< po-t pla,I,ol alioul
one mile above fork- on -outh hra, „|i ol Hoc
stall river on cast hank, llu-ncc ca-t fo chain-,
south Ifm chain., then, e west lo hank of rivei
ahout ffl chains, thelu-c follow ilu.' hank nf live,
III a northerly direction to place of commence
iiicnt. ahou, ltm chain., and conialuinit Pin
acre, more or If**-.
No. 111.    CotniucllcillK al a la.st plaulcd about
in chain-   lalo«    -ceond  rapid- ,n ill,  c
11... -lull river, on wc-t hank, tbenee »,-i l"
chain., thence south Hill chain-, ce-t in cbtiiu-
to hank of river, thence nnrtherly nlouii l.ank
of river to place ol commencement, and con
Illinois' lilt, acres inure or loss
No. at. Cuiiiineiielnu at a pn-t planted al.out
an, loiins ahovc the upper rapid-mi the south
liiniu-h ol Jlocstall rlxer. on ea-t hank, thence
east ..> chain-, -on, I, IL-Ii, hams, west .'al clutill-.
iiorlh 1'*,'. chains to place'uf cntitiuc net-mi-lit.
ami coulalhillK .'d.' acre, more or Ie...
No. -JI. OnnimeuclUK at a post planted al the
lita,I of upper lake, oh Ilu- -oulh Pram ll of Ike
lloc-tall river, theme south l„ chain-, ea-t I,
chain-, north I,m chain-, I hence tre*l to .hon
of lake. thence  along   lake   .bore   lo   place   o,
e meui-cim-nt, and containing PIP acres More
or lev-.
June U, MR,
,,„ the lo.rthea-t -hore of llranvllle Channel tbei.t
on I'itt league* and marked J. o. .1 '- N. K. cr- uici i
ner p<>-!, tht-ni-e -ontb Ion chain-, theme
al.out eighty chain- ea-t to -bore ol
Oranvillt- Channel tbenee ahum, -hoic ol
liranvlllc channel in a north wc-tcily
direction to plai >■ oi co,,imencement. contain-
lag PHI acre, inure or le-..
No 'JI.    P mem-ina at . po-t plaulcl al I
1 I .' mile- pp lake. , utcrititf i.iaiuille I'han
i cl,tin,- .oulh tn   l.tlllt   of  folliuielli
utaluins' ol,' 'ie -. more or 1. ...
bieatinl on ffd ||M, M)
V>   K   l.ltl.KN
W   -  M, IcIU,,     ,
A. II. Mell||lr»f-1 #•»■"
No  ...   I'omineiiclne at   rktt  ,a,il   In    haln.   tnillillU (»40 llcrcK. Illlirc
nlaile cabin,in right-pit'of Mink Creek, al the
lo.ad   ol   W.ok   I'lialini'l.   on   the   .-outh     side
thence ID ch am. eaal: f kaau*. I"" ,-haln- >o„tli
n.-II, ahum t l-t talk* from lot-   Inlel,   op   I'lll I lllenue In cl|aln> «e-t; tlniiii/ |t«l cbalna   north I
Plan,I  ,u,,I marked .1 o  .1 '- N   W. corner po-t. I to  |a,n,|   al  , iiiciiui-iuciit|   imiilaluiiiK   PU,
Ibeue tl, U,, hail,-, ca-l   till t haln-.   nortli    acre-, more or Ie...
til A. MeA.'s N. K. corner, tlu-ncc
south SO cluiins, west SO chaJM,
nortli HO   cbaiM,   .'list   M   eliain.-,
to    JlltlCC    of   c.llllllielleclllCIlt,     coll-
UI' lean.
Julv rK it»„7.
to--liiiir nf rivrr. ihi'ii<i> «|j'''iK rtwtv ><i   rlrat
iiml  Ink.   Ill (lliHi-   nf   riUllllll lljt |JII III     i I Ml f Ml tl
hii: lit*' mi ri- iiM't'i' nr !■■--
Sink,-1 -li(|i.   il', mft.
Nil l't I tMIUMt III.J )-U HI ll |'|l-l I'lMllll'it Nlxillt
I |-t llllll-  UiilM M'llHi rllllMhn-    li>    I  lili.li    I'lt--
ou 1*1 It 1-lHiiit Mi tin-   I'h---,   uii.1   iii*rK'-il   I    i.
.1  '• S    |     r.iril.l    poat,    lt|»-|in-    Wi>l     IH   i lullli-
 th imi i Iimiii-, iin ii, i   , .i-i i.i maam oi ■••
I ,thrvftrr plou* ttpwi ami rniou rH^-• in
|.|«tf nf i niiiiiiilir, (in-lit,   i nlililil'll'U   "I"   «»i''-
im»ri* nr ii--
Nn. .'i,    ('niiiiiiitii iiiu hI i. pamt i'Ihti'iiI Mlmiit
hullin mil.    linlil *-iHiflit-M-t   ilitliilJii*   In   Cnlnii
I'H-- <>||   Mil    UlltliUlh'il    l*-lHtnl    til    ill''    Ph**   Hlxl
niHiki-.l i i. .1.'- s \v. inriM-r paat, \aaarrrart
\o i'IihI'i-.   north   li'-n i Iimiii--,   wi-I   H> i-hniii*.
HMlth I*'**  iliitll,-   I"   1'Imiv   nf   i-tiin |itilii rinilit.
iitiiiiHliiitiL* ivtn Hi-n- limn' nr h—.
si-ik i-. I ruin- SS, ltm:
Nn. '.'7. Vam mt iii lw> •*(" i'0*' I'l'i'itiii mi,..in
■• mill-ii|» the tmrthwi'-t--hnri- m hii inltt itff
tin- HMlb«#tM -hnn- of Mil l*lninl. iith! thorn*
7 mil.-from tin—niiili. n-i t-inl nf I'itt l-lnml,
mul iiiMrknl J. li. !.'- N, ft, mi n.r ptwl, Hi. in .
*.>illh in ihtiin-, i-M-l MH -'liiiiti-. iht-n.i' n.nth
in i-lniiit-. I hi'iiri- «.-! ii'H i'liit|ii* tu |.|Hrr i ;
riiiiiinriH-ctiii'iii. I'liiitniiiini: *Ao  h. r.--   iimr*-  m
Nn. M. rniiiliiciicill-.'tit il I-n-t I'lilliliil hI.iiIH
hull ii tnlli- n |» tin-  imi fhwi-l   -||ii tint hii i l. I. ■
.•ff  tlm   -.nitlivvi-t   -I -   ni   I'll!   M»ml    nmi
iit.t.in s.vi-it iiiili-- trnm tin- -i-ut In n-i tin! ..
I'itl Miiiiil. iin.l itiMiLni .1 II. .I.-- N ft, «"'mi,
I'.i-t. ilmn-!  .'.n'!i m< Iiniii*. i-H-t lirti,  ti'M'li   l
- luiill*. «i-l lia  rhiilll    tn   phii-i-   ..I'   tnniMi.-i'.
imiii, i nlilnli-liitf HIM inn- limit- Hi I.*-
."•tiikt-il .Inti.- tt, 11H7.
Nn. $\\ I'ltliiliu-lii-ilij: nt il |n-l |.|ii1|li-i| nil th
fart   -llnri'   nf    Hunk-'   I*In i.il,    kmilHl    M   Un\
i'<iiiitHi*l P.nrkrd J.«. J.'n s. %, riuii.i i»»i
'ii.-i.<-,, u«-t Sim iiuiiif "i Wl ''it'll"*, m*i m
rh»'i|-    iiinn-   nr   li--*.   in   -Imiv.   I lu-m t-  11I..1
~lin|-> I" I'ltn-i-  <>f   riMillili-||i riili'lil,   h -k   l|l<ll*ili
r,-i-r\ 1-, t-i 111,1111:1 nu lillMn-lv*. imiM' nf h-k*.
Nu   MX    I'liiiiini-hi -in-: nt it 1-h-' I-ImH-i-'I hImhi'
I hi ni M I-..-I i i.iiih-.l nt »!»    m n,iit-> from t|,i > |, <■> ,\ m" tin- ni*i Am** u
"..I,1..   |  Imi,I,   nnd   nitiik,,|   .1. <,..!."-*-   h  , ,.
ti-,    |n-l,    ih- ii-.     \\t-t   fltf   ilniiii*.    fulfill    !<
. lliiilt-*,   lln-ii'i-   .n-i   t.i    -Imii ,    tin nr.-     ilh li
■ Imn- in ii -.»n111«• 11> .lin-.-'h-n u, [ilui-i m ii in
iii.-tii-i iiniii. i'.>niiiltiln-: '^, m">   inn-11 nt   It -
mtM iu*t*n, ifjs,       $>
Nn. ;:|.   i'iiiiiiiiiiii-iiii: »u h |i«i-i fd*Bt»1 ■Inhi
liM-liHln- ii|> i-n-i'k ftniii li.inl   «if  inl. t,  IihhM
kimwii h* Hu- -tnith iti.l   nf   1,1'fty   l-lati.l,  nn,
iiinrki-.l .1   I-   .I-"- N. Jt rnlliiT |»n*t, lln-m .■ W**\
-ixty rlntin*-,  NNltll   <in»    hun.ln.l   nmi   -i.M
.Iiniii-, tlnini   til-t    !'•   ■inn,'   iilmilt   M   rlniih
tli.n.t-   iil.niu     hiii-  "i    ink!   nmi   ffta-k   In i
tmrtlictlV 'lh*'t'ti"n In]'Inn* tif i-niiinu-iii .im..1
i iiiitalnliltf (Hu if it*-* mm.- nf \arna,
Stnk.il -linn- Mi  1**7.
Nn. m\   t'nmni.ni-iit-.' nt  ii   part   |-litti:t-«1 m
tin- -mitl) -Imi. t>f Mil. ' ,il,out till i'IihIii- fflMi
in ,iith nf I nl t-t. I.hhIIv kimu n h- thr IHM III fin!
m Lofty  Inland, nnd imnki-il .1   U. J.% f, ft
nirtn-r ptmt, Minm imnh 10 rhuin-. Mifin.
nu-t Mil t IihIii-, -.iii'h In i lniiii>. Wfrt W«
I'liililix lu I'llU f nl i iilitliii IHfinillt, l-nn'riiliili
(■In ni-ic- iiiutf nl li- -*
Kti :«t. ('niiiiin'iiiliu' m it I'n-t ],liiiii, .1 uIi.hi
n ii fluiin- north fruiii In-hil oi ilili-t. Iim-hII;.
kimwn h- Un nnrlli i inl nf l.nfty l-lnml. niu,
.iiiirkril   J.   (i.   .).'»  9,   ft,  mi'ti-T   |»i-i   them t
north  i" > (."in-, r.i-t  \t$m rhalti*,  pmth In
■ luiin--, »Mt 1 hiiiiiHtn pmra at rowinentt--
nielli, i'niittiiiiin« ftfci iuti- inui'i- nr Uf**,
Nu. Bi CniniiHtii-iiiif nl h poat |'1hltti-'t on
thr north Waal -hnn-ui" Pitt i»lmnl, ilirmtly op-
l-n-iit- Iit-Hil I'niiU nn I'uri'hni'i'lHml In Ui:«l«ti
'hHiim-l ttml iiiiirki-.l J. (I. .P.'n N. \V. i-nrtUM
1MI--I, llu-lliv iH-l  In   rllhllis,   nuiiIIi    Ion   rllHiliv
tin tn-f warn) to hlnni. iiii.mt to rhulto, thrnct
hi « nnrthtrly illrn-tlun uluiii* -Iimi' tn |4m*i
"f runtini'iu-i'mi'in, i nntiiitiiii* Mu ovr** mon
nr ItfM,
Ktiiki'il Jutlf 'l\ \0o7-
Nn. "tA. f'ninnifin 1*H at it part i«1hih*-.I ih
th» iwrtJHtoM ihrnf ai Ulhawu l-lmul, .lm«-i
in nnrlli cinl nf Pitt l-himl. mul iimrkcil J. li
.!.'.■ N. \V. iMirtirr 9Wat, tlu'iii'i* in a *H)ttu*r!)
.liintluti mlona A%Q*a pbont l<> i hniti-, tln-tm.
in an ew-tt-ily illrt-itlnti klotoi -Imrn itliuiit Ml
rhftlto. thi'tu-n iiuitln'rly ahtmt m ilmin*,
thfiiri' wi'-ti'ily ohoam rtmm taamt mo i-lmiu-
J..i. Mli-.l nli tod Jinn . NM
w  I QU%%M
f,   -   M.UIIhii
A. II. M.-i.il]v*.ry s
Nn. ii I'nmnn-in-tiiK nt thi*. 990% matkad
-s. \\. t-nrncr '* pafAaawi am Nnrih Ann nf Work
i 'liNim.-l. »hniit tlim- inili-n from licml.un nurth
-.nli* nn Mi-ur   river;  ihrm-.-  Hm rhaitm  imrih:
till'III f  Id . llilill- i-HHt ; lIlMirt-  ll*l r Inl ill*,   -.oil Ih ;
ttn-ni'i' Imi-IihIii  wmi in jmiiit oi   MMtfM<
iiil-iiI ; f-uilNiitlun i,1U MM*, I'l"l'»' **!' mf*a\
l-mjil^'l un Ith  lum , mt},
\\    K. i.KKKN
ft,m\ HcUtlM     I	
A. H.  MiHiillvrti y \ ** mM
Nn. 7 i'iiiiiiin-tu'iii« nt Ihii poat plnnli'il mi
>. W. lum-r, tl 'IihIii- Imi-k fmin i-nliln nn
h. mli mi Kinlm-ln-.' Itivci ; llu-lu-i* NM i'!iniu-
imrili; llicm i- In rliMin-* **m\: IhoMM l'1" flmin-
■ uiih ; tln-nn- Lh'IimIn*- wi-t in jH.int uf BUM*
in.'iiri im ni; ni^MfBitot Mi MVM- un»ru nr lu*..*.
I..ii-H|.i( nu ".th .hnn.*, Ito9.
W. K. (iltl.KN
W.s. M.LHIiin     ( immm
A. 11. Mcillhiiry i A*y m
N.i. a I'.uuim-iu-inn Hi t tt it- Jm-! nil N. ft, *m
m i, nit i-H<-t -.imri' nf Ciilmi Uiki-, lata milt*
tram lu-m I <•!" rumn \mft ika*** IdMliwl;
Ilu-OIM- h-n clniiiia *>niitli; thruiT |n RtolllH Wart |
th.-iu-i- IM i-lirtin*. nurth tn |iniiit uf  i-nmmrii. .
uii-i.i; i-itni,-iiiiim iv4" nrrt-; mure nr mm
Lui'i'li 'i nn r>th -htlif. MM,
ft, K. i.KKKN
wi.it,,'>, atuiw»j KmfnU
A. II. M.-<iilh..iy      t A*1 '"
Ha. 9  fitotoi nvipm at thU Pft o% aaat  mm
• i I'l.uui Kiikr, two niili'!* fmiii In-iui n, Ciii.i
li.iy, inljt.iiiK.K Nf s on N W. l-TPtf] iluin-t
( i flirt I UK linrth ; liii-tii'i' I'm i th;ili> wt-st ; UhMNI
hu f hni:.> -niiih ; ih.-nii- liin r luii iik cum to path
of funimfiu't-'im-nt: riuiiiiiniu-.' N8 in-ri--*, nmi-
.-i I.---.
\jam\a4 aa MU J-mmp, HM9.
ft, k til. KIN
Wj In-:- H, .Mi-K.-llnn t
A. ll   MHiiilviuy     i
Nil. In   ('i»iiiiiu-ui-iri^ i ' Ull| part nn S.W. mi
hi . hi lu-Mii'if t iiinn I'-iiy, Ht  mirth-Mi-M  en
,n-l nt l.nt MM; lluiif.   M clniiin-   t.nrtll :    ilu li
*.t ebHi.m t-ii-i; ilii'in't- to finUn.'   'mill;  lin-u
s.i i-luiin-. wart) tn ptollt *4 i-nriiim-nrfiiniit; Hi
ilntui r-|u ... i---. i..mi* of h--.
I.oi'rtli't tu, Mil Jill.r, HU,
\V„|lel S. Mel,,ll,,|,. ,
July. HUM A. II. Mt-oillouy      \ **»«■«
■ I—.  1     III... ■ I    ., 1—1— 	
Take notice tllitt I, ,Io||H Jlnill,
of Port Siiii|,»(i|i, It,I.'., iiccii'iiitioii
miner, inteici, to aji'ily lor u H|ic-
.iul timber licence over tic loHow*
iiis.' tit .i.rilieil luiiil;
No.   1.    t',t||iliie||cil|,(   nt   11    post
planted on the north en,I .>( In-
,1'i'ti reeerre mi the eust sitle of the
KnrlieelietMi rl-*er, thence north K0
ili.-iiiin, cast MO clmina, suiith M0
eliaiiiH, thenee -vc-»t m» cheine tn
point of commencement, containing 040 .icies more or less.
No. 2. Cummendnp tit h jmst
|,i|inteil on the north end of No. 1.
ahont thirty ehaina from the northeast corner, thenee north M0
eliains. east M0 ehains. south M0
chaina, west M0 chains to place of
colllllieliceliient. aitil i oiltaillill":
1140 acres more or let*.
Robert 0. Jennlnp, ■fenl
Mav tU, IW7.
at the N W. corner of lot ll^,
raiijie 5, coast district and marked
S. A. M's S. W corner, th.-nce run.
ning nortli along ihon to lot H9,
thence east 40 chniiii<. thenee south
40 chains, tlntico wc.«t 40 i-haini- to
point of i'oiiiiiienccnieiit. und con.
taining l un Bent more or lc»e.
lionatiid |B(h Jinn-. 1|H)7,
Agent for B. A. Morley.
Take until., that  Jnlin 0.  .Inliust,,,, nl  VI.-
tnrlrt, H. C, ueciipHtl,,,, ,l:nl«.r entlaar, inti-iitl-
tti rt)'|.ly It,r rt spectl licence   ttver   I lie   fttlli.M-
luitili-serilieil Unils:
Nn. fft    Cllllflt'liellll- Ht 11 post plmitetl abOOl
■ ■Ua* east frnni Kim- NiiKiiit Into! Ml tin
li,,rlli.-nst shnri' til llmiivllle I'liannel, ami
liiarketl J. (I. .I.'s S. \V. i-nriier pa**, tlie,,, e ca-l
W iliailis, south 4« chuins, eust «ll . Iiniii.-.
thelll-f south to short- o( tlrniivlllc
Channel, about 10 ehains, thein-c nloim
-hurt- in a tiiirtliMi-sterly tllrcctiini Hluiut
UK, chain* tn plHee ol cnniiiiciicciiiclil, eoii-
trtiniiiK ,',4(1 acres more or lc--.
staked June Hi, NW.
No. 21. ConilnenciliK at ft pt,.( |*lHlilt'il 11-2
utiles ui, Irom heml ol l^ie Inlet, unit Hhnut 1-'
tt mil,- hack from lake mul tnarkt-,1 .1. o J.'. N
K corner post, thence south 10 chains, we-t lu
ehains, south 40ehai,,.. »c-t 40 chain-, north
19chains, west 40 chain., north 40 chain-, cu-t
120 chain- to place ..f eolilliiencement, c.litKlle
ililt t»40 acres more or le-s.
No. 22. Ooiiiiiieuciiitr at ,i poal plauteil ahout
12 a mile Iron, the Fall- on the southwest
.bore of a****** law lake, and markad J. II. J'-
N K. corner post, thence south MB chains,
west 4(1 chains, north MOrbalaa, eust in chains
to place of coinincnct „n lit, anil ctuitainiiip I'll'
acres more or It --
Stakcil June 1". Ml.
l,i   place   of   t iiliinil'llcelii.-tlt,    citlittiilliua   Mil
ucres more or le-s.
Stake.l .llllle 2T., 11*07.
Skeena Land District
III.Till,"!   ol   CtiAsT,   H. .'l
Take in,tlee that W. K. Ore.-ll. ,,l Vancouver,
M.C., Keal '.state 4**Mt. inlcluU to apply (or a
.[s-clal timtier license over lite liillnwlnit da-
st-iil.tnl Ian,Is:
No. I I'limmelteluB at a post plauteil nu the
south -cl.' of l.iimiieh Klver. hIiimii M yanls up
at the hea.l of Work I aniil, uiarketl -N. W.
,,truer"; thence MB chain, ea.t ; thenee 41,
chains south ; thence Iii" chains west; thence
li, chaluii north to point ol commencement;
containing MO ucres, more or less.
bicated on Urtl June, imi",
IV   K   OltKEN
Wallers. Mi-Ullan ( ,„„„„
A. II. Mt-lllllvary,   1 *■•■»
No. 2—l't,iiinicin-ii,K at this no*t, two miles up
l.itnliiiotcli Kiver; head ol Work i'liannel, ami
adjoiniiiK No. 1 on aaat, thenee 80 ehalna east;
thenee HO ehains south: thenee Ml ehains tii-l:
thenee Ml i-l.tkllis north to point of com,no,it
inelil; t onttliulliK MO acres, more er lc--.
Located on llrtl June 11*.,-.
Walters. MeUllan
A. H. Medlllvrtry
No. :{—CoiiimeiieliiK al this post, about 2 1-2
mile* up I.aehuiach Klver. head of Work Chan
net, on north bank nf river; runtiliiK 41, eliains
north: thenee 100 chains east; thenee 4t, t liaiu-
soutli, thenee Mahal*** we*t to |ai1nt of eoiii-
meneement; eontainiiiK Ml a,-res, more or left*.
I.in'tteil on :'rtl June. I!*i7.
W   K  fiKHKN
Walters. MeUllan , ,„„„,„
AH. Mdilllvary    t A"n,y
No. 4—Con,nieiieiiiK at  itoil  marke'l  "S. W
eornel,"   planted  oil  rtlilall   lake  at    lira.I   ut
Work Channel,  en   north    side,   about   half a
"Take antle* thai I'mii.. Welcuiic Mei'nniy,,.
Vitui'i,liver, II.''.. (atelil for llfUrft K.llttbin- >:
i uc re 11 mil. of K ititii.it) occupni ion, civil . n-se
-.-r. inlcioi- In apply lor n speelnl tilnbe, In-
■■lice ove, the lolinw llie. ile-ci ilied land-:
No. I Comment-iiif.' .1 a poal plauteil on llt.
cast l.tilil. ol " Mi bio" l.nke (junetl.lll of Kill
iittat Ann nnd Devastation channel) aboul ,
ii.lie* from IH mulct, tlit-in-c ...nil, at, dial,,-
lllenee eust M chains; Ihelice north S', clniln-
tlicliec Wc.l Ml ellltilit. to tilat'e of eoiniuelii •
No. 2 On east Imuk "I "M, Ii,"" l.itke ahnui
:our mile* frnin It- nutlet; thenee nortli -•
chain.: tllct.ee ea.t Nu ehains; tin ime -"until *■
chains : th.-nee west Nt^huins to place ol ,'on,
No.1 -At iip|iereiiil of "Ah I.tio"l.ake; thent.
eaal 00 chain.; thenee north 12" chain*, thene
.test it, el,.Ills, more or h'*. tt, toreshore; lliclie
alt.liu ttkiiire-llOle lu pl.t't-   oi   folnllH-Uceniel'l
No. 4- on we.t «hore of "Al, Ian" l.ut, .
ilience nt.t forty chains; then, e north tint
hundred and silly ehains; theme ea»t fort;
chain*; thenee south one hundred and »UtJ
ehains lo pluee of eoliiliu-neeliielit.
No. ft—On wesl "hore of "All l.oit" l.tik, :
thenee west eighty rhiiiits; tlnnec nortli "in
hundred aiitl twenty chain*; thenee t-Of*. fori.
• hitllis; thence south t-it:hty ehaitts; tltclic.
cast forty chains; thence .outh lorly eliain- lit
place of eomiiif ni-cment.
No. I', tin west short t,f "Ah fcoo" lake, tlicllc,
we«t Htil-liallll, thellce Miutli »o ellallis, thelli,
east So eliulli*, thenee north Oa flutlns, to plat-
of eoiiiliietieenieiit.
Take   notice that Joseph Uowaii
-ililllt of  the   (Mty    of   New    W'est-
niinster. Hiirristei'-iit-liiw. intends
',,, njrply for a rijR'i'iill tiniher licence of the following descrilied
lands, situate on the east side ot
Atimi'itlon Inlet, commencing at  a
po.-t planted ahout folll'-nfths of
llie wav up said Kuiiicalon Inlet,
on the east side thereof and nearly
ipposite two small islands, sucl
post being markeil J. B. (irant'.-
X. W. toiner ]iost. thence I'llll 11ili-2
M) chains east, thenee M0 chain.-
-ollth. thenee SI) chains west,
ihelice MO chuins north, to plait
•f commencement, and mntaininf*
i',4o ai-res. more or less.
Dated Mav M. l!i,.7.
Ink, ini,|i<c llul I, Mrs. M. K Miller, of
Scaiilc, Wa.li.. net ii|oi|iti|i. marrletl woman,
Inliiiils to appl. lor permission to plirtha.-u
the lii|li,"Tits- .tr-cilla-il laud on I'oreher Island
.ittiatctl alatllt linn |,tile -oulh of itefuite liny ;
< uiiiiiieui'liiK at it po-i marked Mr. M B. Miller's S. W. t,|,r. |«,.-t. oiiiiiilui east |U ihalns;
thi-llia-north 40 eliain*; thenee wast HI chains,
tht-llce .outh In, l,„l,]« to point of 000O000OM0
ment. in.niMiiiiuif 1 tl.| acres, limre or leas.
I.oettiuil July '.lli. !'«'7
A. Mt-Kay, aacnt
Til, day ol .luii,
tiiteut for
i  Kltluiii
Take liollce that I rank Weleome Met raily.o,
ViOieoUVer. II. C, ,M'elipi,,lti,l, eilil .ils'il.ce,
lu,emIs to apply lor a s|tccial tlmlter licell,.
over tin- follow!!,ir daaorlhad lauds:
(II)    I'ommenciiiK at a post   plat I   ttppiox
ilnalely al S. K. lor. of J W SlitheilnlitTs No.
Ik, Kva MM, liciaitiiti.,11 i hanncl. Ibrar*
t.t-l P., chains. ,,„,,e or less, to .1. W. SntlliT-
laud's No. 2:1; theni e -outh lo forcsliore : thcl.ee
ah.ns- foie-hore to pla. i eioiunent'cueni.
fK) Cm,,nun,inn al a po-t plauteil al U.K.
cr. ,.f J. W. Sutherland's. No. *., Paul Point,
fliirilucr "anal (on Mainland, south in north
end oUTiannel lslni.il> theme north lilocliiilna;
thenee east to foreshore; theni • alunx lerc-
.litire to place of commencement.
June lu. 10,1:
(<!)—I'ommeuelni.' at a pool planted at S. W
eor. ol Sulphide Co.'* pulp lea«e 4;1; tllclie.
westerly along it.r.-.li'.re of f.anliicr's Canal i"
J W. Sutherland'- No :ll; ihclitc north »l
chains, more or le.s; thenee cnsl to snid Until
t:t; thenee alone boundary lines of said liuii,
l:t to place of coninieneement.
DaM June lull. !""•
Take notice that I. William Str.iliaeli ol lira-
ham Island, occupation, farmer. Inland to ap-
plv lor la-rmlssion |u piinihase the followiiiK
described land I   CiimineneliiK al posl planted
..11 the Hl'.l .Idcof M.i-.el inlel, al tile lllitlltll
of Kowttl, river; thenee went «, chains; thclicc
...nth pi.'hnlns; tlienee ea.t io iiIihIih.; tbenea
north lu chains to pnlM "1 eoiiiinetiiTiiient,
and colitalulnif I,'., acres more or h'**
Iiated .liini.l, 1W,7
Take rii'tlec that I, K. >'. Klbla.y. ot jCltarlao,
ll. C, nvtlpatliin tniner. Inti.tid tu apply for
I,.■riiiis.|..ii to pu;-. Im.n ih,- followtiiK deaerlbed
Co,nun ncinit at a |at.t planiiMl .nuth 40
chain. Irom inolllh of ITl,,,„-,le.Me*ll ereek,
.,,, eaal bank ,.l skeeini river, iiiarked K.c. K.'«
N.W. Cr., theiifi' east l„ chains; thenee south 40
chains; thenee we.t 41, eliains. Ihenec north to
,'liitllls nluiit bunk of Skeena river In place ol
c.iiiiiiielieiTat'ill. anil eolllalnilld Wit acre*
more or b-s*.
K. c. K1BBKY.
Kauai June 17.
Take iiullcc Hint Susan Kirby and Kintly Ix>.
rem, of I'ort Kaalngmt., II. ''.. oceupallou mar.
ried wolileit, llileml to.otply (or peril,l.aloll t,l
purchase Ihe followiiiK de,-.T-lbc,| bnid:
c,,nmi, iiitiik at a iinai phinlcil al  the  N.  W.
•orner of I..1 2 1. Ilu,IJie v., f.,,a.t district, thenee
north .", ehains, ilience ei *t HI chain*, thenci.
-outh S ehalna, thenee we.t av chain* t„ ia.nn
ol e.oiiiiielie.liiellt. nnd ,-iintiilnillK 20 fteres,
more or lc*.,
C. M.  llollTHK''. Agent.
Uni, ,1 June I',.
Take tiollee that I, I.mil. llap*ton*tall, ol
Prince Rupert, II. 1' ttpalloii engineer. Intend to apply for permNaion to purchase the
follow inif described land :
I'olliuielielnj.' llt il |*t*t pltlllteti about ill
miles from Hit Skcciiti river. Ill a northerly direction, and on the north hank ol the Kyt-axe
river, thenee north in eliain*. ihenee we.t 40
chains;  south in   chain*   more  or  |e*»  to  the
leii hunk of Kvenxe, tlieiiiv In an aaatarl* di.
icctloli »Ioiik ihe bunk to  place of eomuieiiee-
ineiit and -,,i,i,,inins' loo acres more or ),-**.
Hale June ',. 1U07.     I.OI'IS II AI'TONST.W.I..
Take notice that I. John t'lave-
iie. of Vancouver. B t'.. oecupil-
tion. niiiu-r, Intend* to apply foi
permission to lease the following
dcscriheil lands, situatetl in the
Skeena district and known as tin
White Cliff Island:
Couiineni-ing at a post planted
on the north side of the island;
thence west 10 chains, south Ki
chains, cast Hi chains, north o
chains, to point of commencement.
Julv 8, liloT.
Take notice that Ole Christen-
seii. Ship Broker London, intends
lo apply for permission to lease the
following deserihed la nus for Balling purposes:
Cunimeneing at a post situatetl
on the shore of Barnard Cove,
l'rinecs.s Royal Island, thence
south M0 chaina, eMt *W chain-
north M0 chains, west -10 chain-,
to point of commencement, ami
containing 160 acres, more or less.
Staked June IJ. 1907.
ll|»TH«T or UN
Take notice iliiil nciirat. Martin, of Vancouver,  UC .  Ileal   Kstate   Broker,   intend,  to appl. for permission loleaae llie lulluwliiK des-
ribe.l land:   Coiiiini-neing at   a  post   planted
il ihe head of K hnlze inlet; thence   southerly
lolis' the west boundary of lot T,. forty chains;
,I,citec forlv cluiins wt-'l;   thence  forty chains
mirth   to the   south    bank   of Khutze  river;
Ihclleecuslcrlv along said river to point ofooin-
iiieiii.elilelil; o'outalnlng h',o acres m-irc or lest,.
Hi. I.-,I  Vancouver, June loth. I'.toT..
Wm. Siiasniix, Agent.
Take notice that Hans Larsen.
master mariner, intend* to apply
for permission to lease the following deserihed land for tailing purposes:
Commencing at a post situated
on I'itt Island on the north shore
,,f the head of I'ort Stephen'* harbor, thenee north tOchains, east 4(1
chains, south 40 chains, thenee
west along the shore to point of
commencement, containing 180
acres, more or  ten,
Staked June 14. 19o".
Take notice that I, Anvils Mc-
Alister. of Claxton. B. C. occupation, mechanical engineer, intendei
to-apply for a special tiniher li- Take notice that I. S. A. Moriey.
,-eiice orer the followingdew-ribed i,.f Port Bardngton, occupation
lantl-' : hanker, intends to  ajiply  for per-
Commencing at a stake   planted | mission to purchase the   following
li    miles   southeast    of   Standard   ileacrihcd laml:
t'.l chain* easl; I     ■                                              ,                                         ,                                               . ,        1.. n t.. I
2uiUi;aut-rtUHC3Uniiu oattMH to Urn lulcl   theuce lu chain, north; theuee 100 eliaiu. wesi,   Cannery,   Skeena liver, and mark-       LollinieiHTllg at  a posl   piatui-u
In the matter of the Mineral act and amend,
ilia acts ami in Ihe matter of the Western
Clipper Itronp. uuuslslliiK "' Ihe Kmpire,
North star, Argaatlla, llawkley. Ronania,
KuiitiiIiI. Vertlure and Western topper mineral cluiins.
Whereas by notice dated the :10th day of
\pril, Ml", von were required to forthwith pay
to the unde'rsiirneil eo owners with you in the
above mineral claim, the sum of |IO0, a. your
nnc-ltfth share of the a***..menl work done oil
-aid claims up to and on Tldlll|( 1th day of Of-
1.,1,,-r \. IL, iono, and la-ltut the as.easment*
fur June. A. D. P*>0. and January, A.I). 1KJ".
nil,I further expenditure-. Ill eoniieetion with
the said iisseisment- were eharaetl to your inn-ret in -aid elalins.
Ami whcreiis you have failed to pay the aaltl
.inn of liao.tUa* thereby rei|lllred.
Take noliec that unles* vou shall within till
,lavs Iron, tlu-dati of the first publleatlon of
ihi* noiiec pay vour said iharauf aald aat-aa.
ment work and all c-i- hereof that we. the
underali I.-hull appljr to havaoaraakl Internal real.il in us in pur-naiiee with the terma
,,f -ceil.ui I. chap. JI. H. ' statute A. P. Iinai,
belnii an ainfndmenl to H.S.II C, Cap. 100.
Hated al   Van ver.  II.   I'.,   thi*   III,   day   of
Mav. IrtHI.
Witnes-:   .',  M.  Ilanev, \ alictiuver, II. I .
TuT   J   llentlv. Kst| ,  Villieolivcr. II.C.
AI.KX   Mel.KOI",
c. W,  MKl.llKl M
Only Pfp^r
the North
B. C. irtR   SUN
-"Collr* i- hart bjjr itrefl thai flu il*n iifii-r datr
r|   l..   MTI-Iv   to Ihe II-ui   th.'   ■ Iii.f "'.nn
nfMlnner ->f lain*if urf  Worfc*  f..r  perm t ••■Inn
■<■  -rt-.--    tht*    f.'M'lw I-II*    ' I'fl      «■; ''utlfil    n'l
V  ''*■   I ■'   !   '  "I*''   •"    'L'   ll    '1    (Nt-T    |ll   I'H
■   -      -■■ ii'iirkfl     W   II   I   '- \   V
T'iriH-.- rust 3A chaina;   thenr-v  wroth joi-linl-i-*.
tnatrnr \e*m   rn  hnnndftrv  i*t I nt   IM;  tin twi-
m rt nt'-h-* ■•HiH Kfiiiti'lnr\ In -Imr.   IttM-   il-. nei
nnr'hrrlv   almtfl   ■ttaW*   11 ft a    t«.   pntWl   of   POUl
,1,. rn ■ nn u»  cniiiiiitiiiii* V* ii,ti-   mon nr I'---
\v   ii   ' OOl'KR
Port Kxiiift.in   it  c , Mm   -v., i'ni;
\',>tl<-i* I-. hff.'l.v cnrti tint 90 ,|iivs ■f|f»r Inl.
I i-.i.-n.l |n mnU nppli.-Mti.iti tn the ll"ti ilu-
« In.f i i.iiiini.vMiipr ..f |.,ii.,U ,ni.l \V..rk- fur
in iui*.O..ti In p'li'li*--..* id. f.,!|..-- Ini •l'-'Tiln*.l
ln'i'l **itii*ttr.| ..ti p.ir.-liiT InUtH     ' '"tn mrn.-i rtfl
■ I ■ pnOt HlMrt.-.l   K    \     H    -    N    R   ('     pii-.'li..-.-
j-Mtin . Hi- "■.     "i'h to .-In.in.:   tln-n< •   i    I 49
iimiii., ili.li* •■   nn*> th   in  riuiiii-.. tlirn- ■
. Ii.-in* in p.*.nt  nf •'imtn.-'ii'i'in.-iit  rnntatnlni
pai ri.-r.-a. tilnt.- "I     I
I   I  ri'u \i:n« i.,.-.it.,r
K     V    l|.,l-...n.   \L'.-lil
r...i I MlngtMfl   H  c    Mn)   !l  WI
Tnki- inttni- Hint r'nink I. OwllllM. "f Vnn
...ii\.r, it V i.'-.-iipiiti.tii l.iirri"i.-r nl l«w. In
t.-n-i- )•> nppl\ U*r patmlmlon u, parrtiMc th*1
lullnwlm   .|.'-.rii-.-,1  UimI:
'.Miini.'tniiii- Ht a (».i-.t planted "ti tin- north
liHiik >f *•! i-.-iui riv.T ah-Kll 1 I ■* mill-,l..\* t,
tti.-tn.T   fr-nii     H.il.- in ihr WhII.    -.th.-i ivi*-.-
kn.ivrn «*> Kar-haniplhn river, Immediately *art
nf i.ittnni.- Wiirri'ii'*- ('(irtn-r p..«i: Iheltr** north
m .-imtn-: rht-w-v rust KtrhalnR, ihon.-.- mmth
■nd licit nl.mi* river to |*iint ot i*.nnin.*ti<-.'
ment Hint riiuttinihi-* :tjn m-i-i-v mor* or lean,
Dated Mav I*. i'«'"
Take imtiee Hint I, trill lam Ptronaah ri Qra
hiitn UIhii-I, tiri'iipiitiiiii, tarmar, Intend t«> «p-
plv fur m*rmImIiin i.i purrhaat* ilu- lullowlnii
■ 1---.. ri Im-*1 Iiml: 'omincn'-iiiK al p«>M plmtlpil
<i!t the uv«t ildr nf MrwoH Inlet, at thi- nmutli
nf Knwitn river: ih-*mt- w**l W t»halne; tltcni-i-
Miutli to rhaltu; theneephp! in i-lt-iin.*.; Ihem-e
?mrth  i" ehaltu i.i pnint .if mmmeiteemenl,
h ii-1 mntalnltlfl !'*" m-n-w more nr I.'*"..
wu.1,1 \m rritox\('n.
iMtr.i June l, WW.
Take notice that Vtolel <;. Warren, <>f Vli1
toiiii. iM*f*apatlon iiihttIi'.) woman, Intenda to
'tpplv f.M permlaalon to purelinae thr following
il.-.'iiiM'.i land:
t'ommenelnK nt it |miki pi-tnt.-<l on Hi'* bank
.if ii atotnrh i»n tho north «iiif* nf the skretm
river abonl three Mllea tip thr rivrr from Hole-
hi-the-Wall, lmmedtatelv eaat oi R. 'i. John-
siii'i's aoiitheaal rnrnrr ptmti thenev north l"
chnlna; thenoe r*a| hu nhalna: tbetice iouth In
aloutth Wehalna; theftnv weal aloiiff -i"neh *i
ehaina to |m*i t*i of eommem-ement, mid onti*
tn inniv' WI nrrr*-, more nr loaa,
VIOI.KT •»   ft \im:kn.
Oate May Ml. ItWT.
Take nn1|n> iimi Robert «:. John-itnn, <»f Riv
era tn|t*t, B.C., oeenpatloii nanner?  manaffer,
intr mN to «pplv for |mtniii-*-i.hi tn (inrrhu«.- tin-
rollowhiR di-aerllted Und.
■'iiiiiiiirtM-iiii* nt ii p«ist plauteil "ti Ihe hunk
nf a slouch on tin* torth able at the stcrtm
rivrr atMHil three mile- up tho -iv.-r from rlojr-
Iti-tlir Willi PithiTwlir known ii> KTrimm-il.-
I'lvrr; thru. .• north 40ehalna] thenee treat Mi
ehalna] them<e aonth toali n*li i hon I HI (ilialii**,
thenee eaal  nlHiiil Ikl ehnlna abmi alonffh  to
point <H  ciiintnrt ment, and eon tattling 3ji<
aerea more or leaa,
Dated May III, n*»7
Tiilir tt.itirr t'mt  (I.   \\'»nrii.   .if    Vt.-PHiit,   M
f'., ueettiwitfoii iplnater, Intend* to apply foi
■er •ibvlon (.■ pnrehaae |he followlnf deaerlheil
I'nminri-rtrik. ))' it i'"*i' plnnted mi Ihr north
bunk of Ihr skrnm rivrr aboul I t-'J mllei"
■town the river from Hol*-.|n-tbe-rYa!l. other-
wi-.- known aa Kxebamalk* rivrr. thence north
■tn -luiiit-.; thenee weal to)ehalna; tbeneeaoulli
to abore; thenee weal elong shore t<> point ol
i-nniiiiftinenirrii, and containing ::-'n nerei more
nr leaa. liKCTIM   IH-:  \\ AKItKX.
iitttr Mav i«, WBI,
Take nedlee lhal I, K. <'. Klhla-y, ..f Kiis.-h.*.
li. i , >,i<-iipiitjnii miner, Intemf t" apply foi
permlaalon to parehaae thr following iltwrllHil
i'. nn in. in* inn -it 't poat planted aonth li
ehalni fmm mouth nf Chnm-de-M-'ah ereek
on eaat bank ol Kkefna rivrr, marketl K.t'. K.'-
N.W, i*fM thenee eaal l' rlialna; thenee -ouih (
ehalna; thenee went k) elratna, thence north l<
• Iniin-- along 1 ninL nf Ski-mu rivrr to place ol
commencement) und eontelnlug hm aerer
more or lew.
RAXfll*    V.
Lei liei'ii.. ovei tin    I'l.lli.uiiif; tits- ehains. nortli S<) chains to point of narked N. I'i. cnrin-r.   iluiiec   west
erila-il Ian,Is: bpgjnnin--. 40 eliains. iouth ISO chains, ,-a-t |n
N". 1.    »'oii.in.'i.. inir at  a poat     No. H:t.   Pnoiir-ii-iiliif al  a  poat inon- or   It ss   to  hank   of river,
plant.-.I on i|i>   -in.," .,f Kennel's planted on the west 1,,-tnk  of Rod- thence northerly 160 chaini. alone
Tat-„,..„•,. •!,..! iiio. a   >.,■: -,..',. ..I "" ■  Soimtl. (ii-.i,:in, Inlmid, near head, .-ri.-l- Inland, on the north hIioi-.- ,.t bank of river i.ii.i.int of ljefriniiine
Kh.iiiatnn,  H   '    . occiioni not timber i-rul-er,    ... 1     i.    i    . ■      i      r      .,   .     c   \i- ' it-   n .       n     i . l   u      -i    .■ ' "* "-'
... M„.„^. .,.,,.,, ii,,,..,,,.,,,..   :,n"  "'■■' k'"'  l*'   '■   *-; 9°«  8«   »»H«eBi*dit, one-half mile from containing 040 aerea.
over ti.r I..1I....me i.-,rii.ci i„„.|.: eon ut. t lienee e;i-I I'I iliii i ns. north   Inotit Ii    thereof,    thence   north   *l       N'o. 12A.    (.'.iiiiiii, iniiiM at a port
v.. !> t online, me ui p..., l.lmitr.l mi ,i .in. I,    11,11 tha i lis. w e.l    Ii,   ~liore.    t Inliee   elm ins.  east   HO   ehains.   OOtlttl    Ml   plaiit.-tl on west   hank   of Tcl.'liaeii
■ no r,„B sc,,.,,. r,,..,.„„ ,!„■ „„,ii„.„.i -,.ic,  follcrwini* nhore   ha. k   to  piaee  uf jchains, wt.-t 80 ehaina to   pla,,-  ,,i   river, about t mile aouth o(  B   F
ahnut 0 mil.- i iri ihe Rkeena  river. Iioiii I leu   ,.,„,,, , ,,                                               | ;,.,,;,,., t .-    "   ..
.                                             . i oininetii-ei   ,'l,l.                                           Im-i; nliino, eorner of \o     II \  ■,,,,   ,.,.,■• L-...-I i ...
-|.rinu.. -,,„l |s.-i i.ci„K nn Hie north, n.t  .hie        ..               .,                                                            ».         .T   , ,,.- ' ' '" '"" ' l".»"sen I lie
»ll rck ,i tball ic .I,,,... i,.i.«„ic  !     N"' '-'•     I oiiinifii, ino  ;,,   ,   post        Ma)'SI6, 1907. \. F.   Cor.   ajid   riiiiiiintf   west   40
tl,. me ...mi, I'l.li.it,.; tliincc ,-as, tn ci,,,,,,-'   plaiiii'l     ileal'    he;n;     of     Kennel's I '    No. HI.     ('omiiielieili;j. at    a po-l i tha ills, -until 1 til I   ehains.   easl    40
""■""• - h I"'"!!,,-; iiic.i.,. w.-t i.. - : s.inmi. Hrahani hland, aad mark-1 planted on the eaat  hank  ,4 Rod- [chain* more or 1,-s to bank of rl»
;:::;:;:;;,::r:::~ :•■'"■•'■ ,I:!VVNK'■,,r,::;r-• !"■""■ w+j^s**ti,ew,,,si,„r,.„f „ ,i„„„. „„r,i„,iv im ,i,a„„
v.,  nt i'..1„„-i.'in« ai o ,.i„i„..i.,,.. -onih li,n, linns, weal   io ehains. Mathumn  Channel, on  the oouth ii long bank of rieer to point ol he*
.".-. I .in -..in. -tr.-iia nm ,,i> il ii,,.„.,   in ul 11  1 lil I elia i lis   mure   or    less   1 o ! shore of .in Ulinaineil   hav;   then,,  ' oiiiiiiiio. eontailiiliL' I'tlO acres.
•Maakaai « mil-,   un ibe nm  rroea ii..,   aliore, thenee lolhiwin| shore hack   west  .So ehaiiirt.   south   Hai   ehains •     jfo   I3A    (\ ii-ncina  it i port
::::z:::\::r\':T:;,:::;•!::,:!::, rCir|,l:"",A v ""■'""""■,"'      «■»• «*»chaina, north s„ oum u. i.ian.ci „„ ,,,s, \,,uk ,lf Tai,hae„
„„ie.Hi.,.v...,.ic«.„.r: ihciic,. ,•«.! .v. .ion,,.       N" ■•"•■    (-.»iiim"iencing at a punt place of hegin g river, opposite N. B. eorner  of No.
in.-. soutii u, .loon., tiieii.-i, weat I., .ice.' I planted   mar   Im-hiI   nf   Keni,,l- ('. A.  M, I ion A 1.11      12A and marked the X. W. corner
thence east 40 ehains, eolith 81'
.  'hains. ea-t  10. -outh  Nil.   »*•*   40
more  or   less   to  hank  of    river,
-.   -outh   WI   chain-.,        N,,ti,,.  b  ll(,ri.,,v     . (|ii|    ..„, .he,,,,-     ,„„',|„',ly   along   hank   of
.-'  ""'";  ','   '•'•""•■'- day-i after date I intcn.l to apply to r'm I«» chaina u.ptMtit ol  beg!
1st     40    el" Iii   almi-i,• I   . •     .. ,.,,..,    ,..:..: eiaA	
to chain.: tii cm t- nioiiit effei ii.|,i,,,c,.| avfitj. Soi i in I, (irahain Is la ml. iiii.I markeil (J.I.I.. ( o'.- N \\ i orner, thence
\m--i 40 eh.-,in.-,  -until ho ehaina.
nlrar and containing. ••" aerea a-nfi .,rl,--
Xa   11.    ''olnniciictnif tit  h   |..si plant,nl on ,
ereek enterlnoakaeaa river on Ho- s..inii „-,
■Ha,   al,o,lt   ,.   miles   ll).  the    rlvc,   Iron,   Hill     »'C*l(     10    ell.lih
sin-nil!., will |...-i iifiiiK piniiic.i on tha south-1 cast   10   eh.iin-.   north   MO   chains.
iv.-lsi.ic,   Hinccck, altt.ll,   JI J   mil.- akuVI     ,,|>t       <( |     ,.|,.|i||s.      lltll'tll     1os||„r,
tMewaler, them-.' weal inrlmtn*-. thenee aouth
Mi chaini.;   ihrtn-r mat   II chains   tn  ereek;
ihelice    north   »i,,iij,'   ernek   tn   |)nlm   <>f  cnin-
iiiriicentt'in, Hie I (iiNtuiiil,iin i'iJo acre* more or
aMnv W, 11*07.
Ihtleil June IT.
Take Birtfee thai Snsun Kirhy nmi Kmily Lo*
rem, ol Port Kaxlngton, H v., iHt-upnllon mar*
n*-.l womeni Intenn tn apply for permlaalou tn
purchaae Ibe following flcwrloe.| lantl:
t'ommcttclng at a poal planter! al tht N- ft,
eorner nf l*M -?', Range V., eoaat tltatrlct, thence
north A ehalna, tbenee eaai m chuins, thence
aouth 5 ehalna, thenee weal m chuins in point
nf commeneententi  Kiel containing -" gen*a,
lin-r.- or less.
srs.VN  KIHHV,
P. M. pot mage, Agent.
Paled Iurn- l.'i.
Taka imtiee that I, Umli Hapetonatall, ol
Prince Itii|MTl, 11, ('., neeupatlnn euflueer, In
tcml lo apply fnr penalaafnti to purchaae I he
following tieaerlben Ihm.I :
('ommeneing ut u poat planted aboal six
mllei from the Wteena river, In a northerly ill*
rcctinn, ntnl oB the north hunk of tbe Kyeaxe
river, ihelice imrtli Hi ehalna. thenee went to
ehalna] south in ehgtni mure nr less tn the
left hunk of Kyeaxe, tbetter in an euterly direction nl'-tiir the hunk in piaee nf eommeuce*
ment unil enntulriing 160 acrva more or leaa.
Date -hue- 7. l(.*»7.
tloi' tll.it tlcorec  Mattin,  of \'nll ■
■r, 11 c , Ileal Kstnte Hrokrr, Inteml. loan-
i lor parraliotoB to leata tho "nllowlita dea-
ili.-.l IhiiiI : Coiiimciicitii: hi n post planti'tl
tin. lu-ail ul Khut/.i- Intel: thenee mutherly
otiit Hit- west loin ml nry of io, ^'7, forty ehains;
cms. forty cluiins wes't; thenee forty uhaln.
■ rth to the .outh t.niik of Kliut/c rlvt-M
cue-. iisicrly along suiil i iver (,, point olt'oin
.'ni.ciucnt; onatalnlng lOo aorea nein- or less.
lin imi \'tiuetuivcr, lutic loth, liio"
Wm . SHANNON, A|(.lit .
Notice i- hcieiiv alvan iimi OOrlajri altar data
I nil.nni I..  ti|,i,ly   lo   the lion, in,.'i 1,1c!  . iiiii.
llllsslolicr   ..(   1.H11.Is   uinl    W.oks    for  11 Ictlsc III
the   liiiiowniK   daaerlbed   loreabora:    Horn.
nienetna at « i.,st planted  near N   K. eorner
l...i ~, HtiiriiHtin  Bay, I'oit Himpaoa   harbor;
ihenec north   :i ehalM:   Ihanee eaaterlr   Iflu
eluilns. rtli.nc tin* shore  line tool eontalnlng IH
.ties nunc or 1,.--
I'ort K.stnutoti, 11  I' . Mny M, ll«,-,
In the matter ol the Mineral act and aineiiil-
Oik acta and In ihe matter ol the Western
1'oppaf grout,,   aonatattna  of   the Kmpire,
Norih Star, Arjrentilc, llnwkley.   Bonania,
Kmarald, Verdure aiel W'c.-icrn i op|,er inin-
ith! claim..
Whareai hy notlee o-ateil the :«ith tiny of
April. 11.17. you were raqoirad to foilhwlll, p„y
to the anderitar-**] c owners with you Hi thi-
at.tve uiiniTHl cluiins lhc-u,n ol $1011, aa your
one-tilth .hare ol I tie H-sc--men I work 'lone on
eui.l eliiiiiis up to tiii.l Including 4th tiny of He-
lobar, A. !►, 1800, Kiitl being the aaaeMroent.
lor.I,,ne. A. D. hum, nmi January, A. tl. 1007,
ami further ex|icn<litures In connection with
the salt! asscments were charged to  your In-
te ret In s«i'i olalma.
And ivtieretis you hare faile'l to puv the sniil
ruin of fttti.Ou as thereto raqulrad.
Take notice that unless you shall within INI
days from the tlatt of the first publication of
this notice pay your laid inaraataald afaea..
Bant work and all ooatii hereof that wo, the
limit rslRiietl, Khali wpply to have our said in
iRrest ve.ted in us in pursuance witft the term.
ol section 4, chap. 11, H C. ItatuU A. D. 1WK,.
being an amendment to R.S.B.C Hap. U6.
I'atetl at Vancouver, B. P., this ath ,lav ,.f
Mm, l'Vf'7
w'iiiipss;   r. N. Ilaney, Vancouver, B. C.
To T. J. Bcattr, K-,|    Vancouver, B.i
\i i:\ Mil i:1111.
t. W.  MbLMlLM
No 12. Coinint'iiein-r ill n )n,st
planted nn r i-reek enti-nn-j Kkit-nu
river oil the sontlieiist siile tllxillt li
mill's   up    tin
Spring*, gairl post Ix-ing ,,n tin-
eust si,lc of sniil creek, bImiuI -I 1*2
miles uliove title water, thi'tiee east
40 ohalnp, aouth Hifl ehaina. wesi
40chaina to creek, thence north
ii long creek to poinl of coniineni-e-
nieiit. mul containing B40 neri-s.
more ur h-.-.
No, 18 Ooniinencing at .■, |an-l
planted mi n ereek entering rtkecmi
river on the smitht'iist ^hle. iihoiil
I! miles up tin- river from !I,,1
--printrs. »:ii,l ]ios!( lieiiig on the
Mist sitlt' of sti'i'tiiii ahout 1^ miles
ahove title water, thenee we.-l III
•Inline', so,ilh IflO ehains. east 411
eh litis to ereek. thenee north along
.reek to point of foininen, onient.
containing t.40 iicren, more or less
No. 14. Uoinniencing at a i-uhI
planted near n ereek enteringHkec-
lia river oil the southeilst siile
ihout six miles up the river from
Hot Sprinos. saiil post being on
the west siile of said ereek, ahout
iii miles ahove tidewater ami 20
ehains west of ereek.thence eaal 40
ehains, smith KM) ehains. west III
, hains. north KHlehains to point of
■olninelleelnellt. CHltil ill i uj; lilt)
.leres. more or less.
No lo. Coniinencing at a post
planted near g ereek entering Skeena river on the southeast siile.
ahout (i miles up the river from
Hot S],rings, said post Iwillg on
the west side of said ereek. ahout
Vi miles ahove tidewater and 2~)
hains lir-l of ereek. thenee east c^ll
.hains. south 80 ehains. wesl SO
ehains. north 80 ehains to point of
commencement,    containing    640
aires, more or  less
No. Ki. Commencing at a post
planted near a ereek entering
Skeena river oil the southeast side.
a hunt li miles up the river from
Hot Springs, said post being on
the east side of said ereek. ahout !).}
miles ahove tide water, thenee
east 40 ehains, south KM) ehains.
west 40 chains to ereek, thellee
north  along   ereek   KM)   ehains   to
point of commencement, containing ti40 acres, more or less.
No, 17     Commencing at a post
planted near it ereek entering Skeena river on the southeast siile,
ahout li miles up the river from
Hot Springs, said post being on the
west sitle of paid ereek. ahout '.I.i
miles ahove tidewater, thenee west
40 chains, south KM) ehains. east
III chains, north Kill ehains along
ereek to point of commencement,
containing 640 acreg more or less
No. IS. ('ommeneing at a p,,.-t
planted near a ereek entering Skeena river from Hot Springs, said
post being on the east sitle of said
ereek, about 11 i miles above title-
water, thenee west 40 ehains. south
KM) ehains. east 40 ehains, north
KM) chains to point of commencement, containing (i40 acres more or
Located Mav 21, 1907.
No. lil. Commencing at a post
plantetl near the mouth of a creek
Bowing into the Skeena river from
the south about H miles east of
Hot Springs, thenee south 411
ehaina, east 40 chains, south 411
'hains. west   40   ehains,   south   411
the    Hon.   Chief  Com III is
.    . , .     ill'        . *,' 11.     v   111 e 1     .   i, 1111111 s s 11 1111-1     HI
thence fol owing shore to   piaee  ol   ,       , ,   ...    , .   ..
1 l.amls aiul   Works   for sin-eial   h-
eolllllll  lleemellt. . . 1 .•
v     .     ,, ,  cense* to cut and carry awav   tnn-
.\o.   -J.      ( omillt'lielllg    at    a    imst i i , ,, ,   i, i   •      -i      i
.,. , , ,   ..      '  ,.    tier Irom   tlie   following   .escribe,
plant.',   on the   shore   ot    Itennels   ,   ,   ,       ,.     . ,.      "*. ..
L        i   ,•    i i i      ,        i ,   'Ian,Is, situate   in   the   r-keena  dis-
e-ouiul. (ii'.-ili.-uii i.-l.-iii,i. ami mark-i .  ■  .
i ,. i i   ,,    •    v t- ,i triet:
eil (t.l,I, I o..- \ I-.  corner,   thciu-e!     v    ,      .,
. v..,,     , .,    ,.,,     , ->o. 1       ( oiiimeiieiiig at   a   post
river     from    Hot ] "''si Ml  chain.-, south   (ill   ehains I   ■
itsl   lill)   ehains   to   shore,   then,-,.
"'  ''"'"'ereek. on the east bank of the Skeena river, thenee   north   20   ehains
( .iHllliellcing  nt    tt   post ,   ,,,.      , .,     ,„.      .
, .          a u        ti  i''''lS, 20 chaina, north 1,0  chains
inantetl on  Ilu more   ol   Kennel .-         , ,.,. , ,. ,,,,
,  ,,    , ,,      i      ',              eaat ■«» eliains, .-onth nt)  chains
.-■.hi in I. lira ham I-la ml. anil mark- i
'■tl (i.I.I,.   Co's   S   K   eorner. thenee i
. i ,ti   i .i     I,,     i ; weal till ■■ hums,   to   poi
west KiOehaiiis.  north   411   chains. '
, ,, ,   n iiielioeiuelit
east   to   shore.     Ihciiee     following        v     ..      .,
, ,       i    .        , I       .No. 3,     (,lilnmcllelllg   |||     ;i    pnsl
-llore  I l.'i I k   to pl.ne eollitilellceillen   . I     i   ...     i  , -, i *   11
..      ,.       ,, ' pl.'intcil two inilo in a wcsteilv ih-
> 11.   ll 1'Olllliii'llelllg ill    il     post i .. ., i      . i
,   ;        ,i      i,-     i .-   i,      ' lection tmiii  No.   1.   thence   north
following   short
| planted   three miles in an eaatei Ij
ilirection from the mouth of   Alder
weat 20  chains,   smith   211   chains,
lilt    of    Clllll*
planted on tl ie   K.  -hoi'e  uf   Ren-
liel s Sollnil.
markeil  It, I.
laland, .imi
Itl's   S    W
ID   chains,   east   'JO   chaina, south
1(1    chains,   east  IM)
lam.-,   smith
".'i""Joilu ehaina, east  80 ehaina, .-outh
Ilience    ea-t   >"  elm lia.    north   Ml    ,n    , . ....    , ,    ,,,
,   , .    ,,. , 40 ehains. weat 80 chains, north 10
ehaina,  west   *H  chuir.a   t"  shore.    , ,   ....    , .,   *
, .-  ii      •        i ,        i .chain-., weal   <M)  chain.-,    muth   Id
1 hence lo low lit- miiiiv to    place    oil   •• ,    .,,.     ,     . , ,
1 chain.-,  west   ■"() chains, to place ol
-. .I11MK-I1I-.-1 lull'.
No.   7.    Con,nieiii ing   tit
j   oiiiinciiceiiielit.
.'"'        No. -i.   Commencing at a   i„,si
piantcl on the ' i-t  snore   ol  Ken-     ,     ,   i ,. .    ,                   ,, ,  * ,.
i,   .j         i,i           ii                   i I plautcl h feet    in   a    -oiithorlv   , i-
ue  s e-oiiin . iiraliain    Islaml,   amh'                .           ..        . :
.    ,,.   ,          , ,    c ...                 rcctioii   irom   No.   '.'   post; thence
marked U. I. I.   i.,.-  > \\   corner.       , ,,,i    ,                 .,'   ,,, ,
,,                  .iii-               .i     i.-u  ,'l"'l   20  chains,   soul],     II chains.
thence east   hi chaina,  north   lull       ,   ....   ,   .              .,    ...
,    .               ,   ,                     ,,              .  .    east   lit) chains,    st.titli ill   chains.
chains. West  to  shore,   tin-nee   fo -1      . .,,,    ,                    .. ...    .
,               i,i.-                         '''i-t 's"   chains,    south II)  chains.
owing shore t.t ol,ic- ul con,ineiic-          .   un    i    ■               .i ,..    t    •
. '                                                        ! weal   M)  eliains,  north 111 chains.
, ! weat  20 chains, north 411 ehains to
. ...
No. S. ('..itm,oncing at a jmst
planted mi the west shore of Ren*
el's Souii'l. I ii .ham Islaml. ami
marked (I.I. i,. Co'g N V. i-orner,
ilience weat 160 chaina, aouth 40
chains, eaat 160 chaina to shore;
lllenee following shore to place ol
No. !).   Commencing  at  a   posl
planted on the -ho'',' of Kennel's
Sound, (iraham Island, aiul marked (I.I.I.. Co's s |<" eorner, thence
weat SO chains, north SO chains,
cist 80 chains to shore; thence following aliore to place of coiiiiiienee-
ment. *
No. li). Commencing at  a  poat
plautcl on the east shore of Kennel's Sound, (irahain Island ami
marked (i.I.L. Co's S K cornel",
thenee east 40 chains, north Kill
chains, west to shore, thenee following shore to place of commencement.
No. ll. Commencing at a post
planted on the northeast shore of
Kennel's Sound. (Iraham laland,
and marked (i.I.L. Co's N K corner, thence east 40 chains, south
KM) chains, west to shore; thenee
following shore to place of commencement.
No. 12. Commencing at a po-t
planted on the northeast .shore of
Kennel's Sound, (iraham Island,
ami marked (.. I. L Co's S K eorner. thence north KM) chains, west
to shore, thence following shore In
place of commencement,
Uv S, K. MacCliiitoii.
Julv 2. 1907.
I'an<;': 3.
Take untie i that I, 0. A. McDonald, of Seattle. Wash., occupation
lumberman, intends to apply lor a
special    timber    licence    over   tlie
following described lands.
plllllt   ot   einnmellei Inellt.
So, I.   Commencing at   a   post
plautcl   I  lode ill    a    solllhwe.-tel Iv
direction from post No. .'i. thence
,ast 20 chains, south 20 chaina,
• ast 60 , hains, noi th so chains.
weat 60 ehains. north Jll chains.
'.' eat 20 chains, south SO eliains.
to place of commencement.
Located April 23, 1H07
Per A. Baker, agent
.lllllf IS. KI07.
N,,, 1.   Commencing at   a   poat
planted 4 miles in an easterly ilirection from month of Kcotea river
on east shore of Skeena river,
thenee north 10 chains, east Kill
eliains. south 40 chains, west KM)
chains to point of lieginning
No. 2.   Commencing at   a   poal
planted •"> feet ill a southerly direction from No. 1 post;, thence south
KM) chains, east 40 chains, north
KM) chains, west 40 chains to point
of commencement
No. •!.   Commencing at  a poat
planted 2 miles in a northwesterly
direction from post No. 2;
thenee east SO chains, south 20
ehains. east SO chain-, north 40
chains, west 80 chains, north 20
chains, west 80 chains, south 40
ehains to point of commencement.
Located April 11. 1907.
No 4. Commencing at a post
planted 2 miles in an easterlv direction from post No. I, thence
south 160 chains, east 10 chains,
north 100 chains, west 40 chains
to point of commencement.
Located April 17, 1907.
Per A. Baker, agent.
.June is. 1907.
mug. containing 640 acres.
No. 1 IA. Commencing at a post
planted we-t hank of Talchacko
river, about 21 miles south of S.K
corner uf No. ISA and marked the
S.K. corner, thenee west 40chaina,
north SO chains, west 2(1 chains.
north   80   chains,   eust   10  chains
mor ' less to river   bank,   thence
southerly along bank of river KM)
i hains to point nf  commencement.
No l.'iA.  Commenting at ■ post
planted on the eaal bank of Tal-
1-liaCO liver, about opposite   the   N.
K. eorner uf No. 11 A. and marked
the N. W. tinner, thence east 40
chaina, south SO chains, east 20
chains, south SO chains, west 40
more or less lo hank of river.
thence northerly along hank of
i iver 160 chains to point of beginning, containing ii-10 acres.
No. KiA. Commencing at a post
plautcl mt the east bank of Talcliaeo river at t he S. W. corner of
No. loA'-amt markeil the N. W,
corner, thenee east 40chaina, south
SO chains, east 20 chains, south So
i hams, west to chailU more or less
lo hank ,,f river, thenee northerly
along bank ll',,, chains to point of
la-ginning, containing 'it,, acres.
No. 17A, Commencing a! a po-t
plai I'd oil west bank of Talcliaeo
river, opposite the S. W. corner of
I6A ami markeil the N. K. corner.
Ilience west lo 'hains, south Kio
chaina, east lo more or less to bank
of river, thence northerly Kio
chains along batik to poinl of hc-
ginning, containing H4i> aerea.
No. Isa. Commencing at a poet
piantcl on.the west bank of Tal-
eliaco river at the S K. corner of
No. 17A and marked the N. K. corner, thence west 4o ehains, south
Kio chains, east lo chains, more or
leaa to river bank, ihenec norther*
ly alone bank ,>f river I6n chaina
chains to [mint of beginning, con*
hulling (Ho acres.
Located Mav 29.  I9o".
.1. M. NKLSON.
.1   It.  MOKKISON.
Take notice that I. T. Matsumo-
t,,. ,,f Prince Rupert, occupation
logger, intend to a),ply for it special timber licence over the following deserihed land:
Coiiiiiiencing'at a post planted
on the north shore of Maker's inlet, about three miles from its
mouth, being the northwest corner
of Matamuoto'a claim, thence south
40 chains, thenee east SO chains,
north 10 chains to the shore of
Itiiker's inlet, thence along the
shore in an easterly direction to
point ,,f commencement, contain*
ing .'120 aerea more or less.
June 29, 1907.
Take notice that we. J,   at.   Nel-
No. 30. Commencing at a  poat Iaon and J. K.   Morrison,  of  Van-
planted on the southeast corner   of j cmiver and Bella Coola, B.   C.   ot
Watson bay. on Roderick Islaml;
thenee east SO chains, north SO
chains, west SO chains, south SO
eh..ins to place of beginning.
No. 81.   Commencing at a post
planted in   the  northwest  corner,
ilesenlicl i
celice over the followii
No.   10 A.     Commencing    at   a
post piantcl on the south  bank   of
the  \tnarko river, about a mile up
stream from junction of Talchacko
llongaide  of post   So,   80;  thence  river, markeil  N.   VV.   corner   and
east si)   chains,   south   80  chains,   running smith SO   chains,   east   SO
west SO  chains, north SO chains to  chaina, north 80 chains.more or less
place of beginning. :t" river bank,thence westerly along
No. 82.   Commencing al a  poat bank of river so eliains to point of
 — (planted at the entrance of  an   un-1beginning, containing 640 acres.
Ramos   iv I named lagoon, on the weat bank of j    No. 11 A.  Commencing at a post
Take notioe that the Graham Is)-1 Roderick island, about  two miles planted on the west  bank of Tal-
and Lumber Co., of Victoria, B.C., I north ol Watson bav, thence eaat I chacko river, abont  7  miles from
intenda to apply lor a special   tim-180 chains, south HO chains, west 80; junction   of   Atnarkn,  up-stream.
oiiiig at   the   southeast .corner   ot
chaina, weat 40 chaina,  north    20 ,,. ,r     , ,,   i   • i,   i i„,,,i
i    ■ . ,,,   , , ,   Watson hav. mi   Koilcnck   Islaml
chains, east 40 chains   to   place   of
commencement,     containing   ti40
acres, more or less.
Mav 28, 11107.
Upation agent and cruiser,  inteti
to apply  for  a  special   timber   li-
Warner Lunch Room
The only first-class
Short Order house
in Essington   .   .
Private boxes for parti***.
OI'K.N   tlU   2   ft K.
Mrs. VV. Warner, Proprielress
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port KaamoTOK, nx.
Ladies' and  gentlemen'.i furnishings—clothing made to order.
S. Frizzell The Sun
W.   J. MAI'KAV, I'Ktirilll.TOK,
kt  ai..
NOTIi'KS. .'!() flays   If.
Lanii notii'Ks, (10 days. *7.
TICKS. GO davs. 17.
The Mail Service
For the volume of business transuded in the metropolis of the
north coast, the mail facilities afforded are Inadequate ami Insufficient to even deserve Ihe term passable. Kssington. with a population
of :!,.r>00. is provided with a weekly
mail service, und this in the pari
lias lieeii of an Irregular kind.
While a weekly service may be
ample during the winter months,
it stands to common sense that the
department should make provision
for the service becoming more el*
iistic during the period of increased
business activity. The boats carrying the mails at present are C
P. R. boats and according to nan
schedules arrive at Kssington on
Sunday on their way to Skagwtiv,
The IJ. 88. Company's boat, Ike
Camosun, also arrives in Kssington
rnieh week;   but   owing  to  its  not
having mail contracts, is pi laded
from currying the »n     This is a
hardship to the community and
should have more than passing attention from the postal authorities
in view of the development that Is
taking place throughout the district generally, The Camosun is a
fast boat, und there is no reason
why sonic arrangement satisfactory
to the 0. P. Bo til" postal authorities und V, SS. (lo.. should not 1„
entered into, whereby the public
would be afforded lit least two
weekly mails, Then- is unlimited
scope in the nurth country for a
postofficc inspector who is alive to
"I have no intention of resigning
my present position to enter the
federal arena," said Hon. Richard
Mt Bride, premier of British Columbia, in an interview in Montreal mi
the Otii inst. Premier McBride's
attention was drawn to n despatch
from Winnipeg which stated that
he would appose Hon Mr. Temple-
man in Victoria city at the next
general election. He again disclaimed any present intention of
entering the federal fight. I have
been away from Victoria three
months, and during that time have
devoted myself exclusively to the
mission whicli took me to London,
lie said. '1 have given federal affairs no particular concern, hut I
do not hesitate to say that the led*
eral Lilierul party will have to
make a very hard fight in British
Columbia at the next general elections if it is to retain a single seat
in that province." Premier Mc-
Bride touched on his recent mission
to England, which lie claims was
successful. "I went there," he
stated, "on behalf of the provinc-
to protest against the scheme of
the readjustment of our provincial
subsidies being made final and unalterable by the imperial parliament I waited on Lord Elgin,
colonial secretary, and made formal presentation of the case, ami
subsequently I had long interviews
with Hon. Winston Churchill and
Sir Francis Hopwood, permanent
under secretary. Finally after several weeks of hard work I received
a letter from Lord Elgin stating
that the words 'final' and 'unalterable' would be eliminated. Mr.
Churchill stated openly on the
floor of the commons that the government had gone as far as it could
go in the matter of the elimination
of the words 'final' and 'unalterable'
and that means that the province
has a right to push its claims further. Had those words remained
all possible recourse would have
been shut off.    The  people of  the
■    '«
province are at my back." he asserted, 'and we will in truth carry
the war into Africa. I was well received and well treated ill London.
As I gained the "joint for which I
fought I am satisfied, but you can
say emphatically that Ottawa has
not heard the last of provincial
■ i     ni"»r-   i»i»
From further inquiries in (Irand
Trunk Pacific sources: it appears
that the case of the men who have
been ventilating their grievances
in the British House of Commons.
through J. W. eieland, M. P. for
Glasgow, against the Grand Trunk
Pacific Company rests upon an
even more shadowy foundation
than was at first supposed. The
company has never, according to
official declaration, refused work to
any person for whom they undertook
responsibility, ami ai a matter of
fact they are bringing out from
England now to work on the section.-, of the line that are in course
of construction. A party of 100
arrived in Quebec recently and
passed on to the west, Tho company has paid the passages ami
fates of the men who were engaged
f,,r this construction work. In
some Instances it even provided
them with clothing suitable for tlie
climate, These men had arrived
here Insufficiently clad. The only
way it hud of recouping itself was
to act the nn'ii to work and they did
this us quick as possible. In the
case of one lot brought out. ho less
than $700 was spent on clothing
About eighty pel' cent of the laborers imported for Grand Trunk Pacific construction work proved a
complete success, but the other 20
per cent included a large percentage of absolutely useless persons.
Some of tin-in, it wiis learned,  had
been tramps. These men, when
they found that they had to work,
took the earliest opportunity of deserting.     It is believed to be   these
deserters, who number probably
a hundred or two, who have fomented an agitation amongst their
friends, who have provoked the indignation in Scotland, and who
are endeavoring to get their alleged
grievances ventilated in the House
of Commons.
The reduction in the rate of postage on British publications coining into Canada has had the effect
of doubling the volume of mail
from Great Britain. The reduced
rate became effective April 1, and
from that time until the cud of
June, M6S bags of British mail
were received. The increase is
16A0 bags, or 60 per cent.
"In Boston," says President Prit-
chctt of the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology,   'the   chalices   of   a
woman marrying are smaller than
elsewhere iii this country, with the
exception of the District of Columbia. There is an ever-increasing
number of women who prefer a
gootl job to an indifferent husband.' A very laudable choice
There is no reason why a competent woman should sacrifice her own
prospects to provide for an Incompetent man. At least it is her own
aflair if she does not choose to do
so." Massachusetts and District of
Columbia women should migrate
to the unpeopled north where jobs
arc indifferent and men make ideal
More to Come
Though   not  all   that's  written is
Though   not  all   is  rotten   that's
This axiom must not lie forgotten;
No sign show the writers of quittin'
So all is not written that's rotten—
That is. all the rotten's not written
Much yet  will   be  written   that's
Much rotten is yet to be written.
 1Mb   jKjSj	
KITSELAS. B C—(Corres]ion.
deuce)—Quite true those who live
in gluss houses should not throw
stones. I( may itsult in ,i b|i|ck-
ball. Romulus, founder of Rone,
suckled a she wolf and is immortalized, but one of the custodians
of his majesty's peace refuses to acknowledge similar canine origin,
thereby failing to build Kitsclas.
ami iii ilciiitiralued.
At the court of the eaili here recently a long difference was brought
abruptly to a climax. J. W,
Graham, tel. operator and J. P..
says he stood on the hank or in his
telegraph office and heard Charles
Durham call him a (mean*
ing of doubtful parentage) and to
come out and take his medicine.
Mon,lay morning, 10th. Warrant
in the first instance was issued bv
himself b> redress his own wrongs.
Mr. Doyle was sworn in as constable but it was plainly to be seen
that it was a   job  he  abhorred  to
act in  this  rapacity   against   ■
neighbor whose family circle extended so many hospitalities ami
was respected in tbe neigborhood.
This warrant was a  lac simile of
the warrant that beheaded Charles
I. Its chirography was somewhat
animated, Von would think an
ordinary jay would know the difference between ar. inverted comma and an interrogation mark, but
this Jay P. evidently forgot as
much. Neither docs he know how
to spell a Wort! of whicli we have
every reason to believe he should
be most familiar,
Court sat at 7 p. ni. in Patterson's store. C, Durham pleaded
guilty to part, but not all; but nodded vigorously, saying "Yes, yes !"
when body of charge and epithets
were read, ami saiil he meant theni
if he did not recollect saying them
ami implied his own personal de*
filiation of the plaintiff absolutely.
J.W.Grahame hunted up a bibli
so.Mr.C. W. 1). Clifford could swear
him to the charge. J. D. Wells
gave evidence. He had been with
Mr. Durham from early evening
until he went home; met some one
standing near landing who looked
offensive to Durham; wc were orderly; I said there was nothing doing ami suggested home.
Cross examined; steamer came
in evening of Hth; don't keep bulletins. "Yes I guess this is tenth;
put that down, clerk." Went up
a certain distance, hung canoe on
tree when we returned; don't quite
remember the exact spot; don't
know exact official lines hereabouts
Charles Durham asked to take
oath hut asked if he could affirm.
"Yes." If he hadany conscientous
scruples. "No not at all; hut if he
be allowed to kiss the inside of the
I k."    Yes,   but   why ?"     "Well
von see I don't want to get infected." The crowded room changed
countenance and many snickered
outright. Charles Durham then
related an Incident far more heinous that Graham eras guilty of.
that turned public sentiment completely against the latter. It cost
Durham 12.25 as costs for indulging iii the luxury of felicitating a
.!. P. on his pedigree, which he refused to pay and willingly would
remain a captive of the Jays, but
public sentiment willed it otherwise. Everyone chipped in ami
handed the presiding magistrate
the 12.85 against Durham's protestations.
Much credit to Mr. C. W. D.
Clifford is due owing to bis discretion in conducting the case,
thereby preventing mobbing of the
The ■aftMnhlp ltiTt'titliirt.' ■i,t,.i«tiii(( Ir-
twt'fii K. W Hirli.ir.l. uml II. W'at.iin. ktlmvlt
n. Itii-litinl. * Wntn.li.   Ilt.t.l  North, re.  ■**.*>
.tin, II.I' . linn lit-ill 'li.k..i\..l  l.y in ii: in. 1   i	
Mitt.     All ilulit.mvinit ttiftlrin will In t-nllmt.
ml l.y K. W   Ui.lnirl.   win' »ill ...nliinn'  Hi-
I'.IMll.'S.'.   till'l    IlkfWU*-    ■***!   Ml   eill-til,lillll!.'
iitililCMKHI.. '•    W     KI.  IIAKI'S
I'ort Siuipsou, B i', Jul) C. 1U07
The Skeena River route in the quickest mi best route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Ootsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for Hazelton ami Skeena rivrr ports.
B, C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
KSSINGTON        -       -       -       VANCOUVER
«.  J.  McDonell
(Mrs. J. H, Thompson, lute of the Commercial
hotel, Vancouver, has taken the inaiia-ieiiieut,)
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the re.
quiretnent*of a fastidious public, and com-
-standing a superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold hatha at all hours. H*t(.'g«-."e
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
General Merchandise- Dry floods, Hoots and Shoes, («ro-
■rics. Hardware, Drugs and Toys.
Union SS. Co. of B.C. The G.T.P. Lumberco-
Port Essington, b. c.
This company is not supported
by government subsidies, but by
thi' good will ami patronage of the
traveling public and shippers.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, I'ort
Essington, Portland Canal. Alert
Hay and cannery ports on 1st.
1 Ot 11 ami 20th of each month, and
leave Victoria one day before, by
new steel
the only steamer on the route
built with steel water-tight com*
pert"nentli anil doable bottom, insuring safety of passengers in ease
of collision or wreck.
Van Anda. Land, Heriot Hay.
Hoskyii Inlet. Surge Narrows,
Granite Point, Elk Hay, Hardwich
Island, Bear River. Salmon River.
Port Harvey ami all logging
camps, every .Monthly at S p. in.
Van Anda, Lund. Lewis Channel, Shoal Hay, Port Neville, Port
Harvey, Chatham Channel, Tribune Channel, Hroughton Island,
every Friday at (I p. in.
Gibson's, Pender Harbor. Nelson
Island. Marble Hay. Blubber Hav.
Lund. Manson's. Whalctown. Head
Island. Bute Inlet, everv Monday
at 01 a. m.
Tucker Hay. Van Anda. Gibson's
Welcome Pass, Pender Harbor,
Granite Islaml, Jet-vis Inlet, every
.Monday at 11  a. m.
For berths aiul passage, apply to
Morrow & Frizzell
Agents, Port   Essington.
All kinds of  lumber supplied on short notice.
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast of  h.  c.
J. M. DUNCAN, Manager
McKenzie & Jackson
Dufferin St., next to
Caledonia hotel.
Hot and cold baths.
F. Teaff. proprietor,
Mackay Smith,
i   Blair & Co.
Wholesale   dry  goods  and   men's
furnishings Manufacturers    of
: shirts, clothing, tents, etc
VANlOCVKll,   n. c.
Steam launch Vesta, at present
moored at Port Simpson, will be
sold to the highest tenderer. The
launch is in splendid condition. 11
feet overall, seven tons, gootl large
cabins and well found in every
particular. All aj,plications for information, etc., should be made to
the undersigned, Northern hotel.
Port Simpson. K. C.
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
Chemists and liroggists
1 t.'iii, r« in
Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Books, Stationery. Toilet
Articles, Etc.
Mail   orders   receive prompt
ami careful attention.
Dufferin St.     ■   Port Essington. B. C.
Skeena River
Steamboat Service.
Steamer Hazelton
connects at Port Essington
with the toast steamers
from Victoria anil Vancouver during the season
of navigation. I Ml:    Mt p.
i\iibbciS JUM In!
The nni i complete line of ladi, s',
child., u's, men's and boys'rubber*
ever shown in the north, amongst
which will be found men's  Never-
slip Rubbers, (the kind that   cover
the sol,-) holies' holdfast and foothold rubbers, overshoes, shoe packs,
knee.    Uligh    llllll    hip   gum    boots.
Our price- on these are the lowest
to be found.
The season for heavier blankets
is advancing rapidly, We have 11nmost complete assortment ol « hit*?,
red. blue, grey and colored blankets. Kxa niii" our Trafalgar blanket at 50c per lb. These at'" coating more now but are are selling at
the same price.    Examine our line
in fore buying.
The North Coast
Commercial Go.
cumulated tlust thereon.    In court  its  relativi   value,    Borne  said  it
this week Jake was touched up for was good, while the  majority pro-
•fliKi or three months in the lockup.
He i- there.
dipt. A. E.C. MeDoiiell. of Mac-
lend, arrived in Essington from the
south on Monday and left by the
Hazelton Tues,lay morning for
ll.'i/t Iton. where be goes to taki
charge of the X. \v. M. P. party at
present working east from Teslin
Lake on the new l.(Kid mile trail
the Dominion government is building from Edmonton to tbe Yukon
capital.    Son:,- 2('< men are   in   the
party, drawn from the Yukon  and
the Northwest. The captain's party
is entering the north by way of
Ashcroft, and at present are well
on their way to lla/.elton. where
the captain rejoins his force and
also meets the one working east,
Prince Rupert the Good does cot
want any more churches—at least
for   the   pre-' nt.      They    con.-'il' r
that there is no nun cliatc need of
new churches to harbor tin
pi ople of the uity built on
Mr, an,I Mrs. Jefferson were in
K-.-in-.'!."ii lust Sunday,
Mrs, ,!. II. Thompson li ft on thi
Cttiuosiiii   Tuesday    morning   loi
Vi'lil'oil, e.
Miss I P. Noble won at Claxt. i
last week, visiting «itli Mrs.   Fi t-
fol'-on ,
Aii appointment worth noting
was made Monday by the selection oi Eugene W'aeker f,,i special
B.  B.   Edwards   and   .!.   B. Jem
left mi tin Haielton Tuesday morn
me "ii ,i prospecting trip In   In
the Canvon,   Thi y  expect   to  be
away the legal length ol GO days.
Robert Brown, s < Ihina Hat Indian was sent to New VYestminstei
on the last Camosun, where he will
spend three months lor bavin.
liquor—inside, outside and on s
According to a Manila dispatch
of the 12th, all the Japanese working on the fortifications and around
the Olongapo and Cavite naval
stations have been discharged, Thi -
order includes experts who have
beeii in the service for some years.
Lone Tree Island Is not s lover's
retreat nor a lit place for the small
boy to loiter around these fine sunshiny days and play duck on  the
beach. Eight cases of giant powder and a large quantity of cap-
arc at present stored on the island
with no cover other than an oilskin.
Mr. and Mrs, H. Phillip- returned to Essington on the Northwest,
Wednesday from s 2-months1 visit
to lla/.elton ami the interior. MI.
Phillips speaks well ,,f the interioi
and prophesies a big population
f.,r the north once railroads an
provided. He Intends locating al
Prince Rupert.
J Kamuchura, the hero of claxton, who has been in jail for two
weeks, on the charge of intimidation, because of his too ardent attentions to a certain young lady
down river, is to be deported to
Japan. His friends have tak, d the
slightly demented youth in charge
and will ship him t,, a tea house In
the land of the chrysanthemum by
the next liner from Vancouver. He
leaves on the Amur on the next
down trip.
Jake Ereeman, a Kan.-u kit. went
to the island.- in March.*   He went
because he was tired of city life
with its numerous pitfalls,alluring
sights, French dinners ami incessant appeals for liquor in the bottle
made upon him. He returned to Essington this week and was surprised
to Ibid that a warrant had been issued shortly after his departure in
the spring. Had he known ,,f its
existence, he says, he would have
returned earlier and saved the blue
i rock.
The Methodist conference at its Inst
meeting appointed Rev. T. Bay-
t'ortli to tlie station at Rupert, and
the reverend gentle-****** arrived in
Hlssington thirty days ago on his
way to tbe holy city. At Rupert
ie- ;'..uml tt impossible to even obtain permission to erect a tent lor
ilu purpose of, onducting services
und lias hud to retrace his st<
CssillgtOll  to await the   time    wht'll
' lie companj shall cousidcr it  ad
"isable to call iii I tieological adrift
: . mini-it r to the wants of prospective land speculators and liaii
■Hen generally. Rev. Rayworth
was form irly stationed at Sal.
Spring Island.
The steamer Princess Royal, tht
latest addition to the fleet of the
P, It. Steamship Company, built
by the British Coin:: l,i:i Marim
Railway Company, of Esquimau,
lit a cost of   $270,000,   was   put    in
commission on Thursday, July 18
when she lefi Victoria for Bkag-
.vay, alternating with the Princess
May on the northern run. Capt.
VV. 0. Hughes, the popular master
if the Princess Beatrice, will be
given command. The Princess
Beatrice will be diverted to the run
to northern British Columbia ports
and, with the Amur will give a
weekly service to the Naas and
''Hecn Charlotte Islands, via the
'.lBUaJ ports. The Princess Royal
which is to be one of the first of the
ompany'i fleet equipped with wireless telegraphy, will  be furnished
in keeping with the usual ('. P. It.
style before entering service.
Robert Wilson, Balmoral, is an
enterprising man, and some day
may become purveyor to a long
line of kings;   but   SO   far   has  not
'■cured letters patent to conduct a
distillery in the busy centre of Balmoral. He was up in court last
week for having a still and making
in intoxicant out of potato peelings, tomatoes and yeast, with a
Savoring of Peruna. The bottle is
on exhibition in the court house
and will be sent to an analyst to
determine the percentage of alcohol. The distiller no doubt will
suffer according to the strength of
bis brew. To those who contemplate taking to the water wagon
we could not recommend a better
object in the way of reinforcing
them     to   renounce   the   " horrid
stuff" than a look at the strained
sediments contained in tbe bottle.
It looks like a porous plaster after
standing a lew minutes, and in the
sunlight becomes   vivid—crawling.
W. A. Wadhains has one of the
tiiiest mineral collections to the
north. Recently he added to his
extensive collection  an indifferent
looking specimen of local coal,   ijc
had this done up in tissue paper,|m«ny friends during his stay
and the article  was  much  in  de- Essinston  who will
tnaml by those who know tin- merit- of the  mineral.    < Ipinions dif
tinted paper irom  Us   overly ac-1fered, varied and ran tbe gamut of | back m
nounced it slate. It fell to Ihe lot
of doughty Capt. ' tilmore  to pass
on its true value. He spent several hours examining it minutely,
when aeeiilt nt 1 v he broke a piece
,,ff tin spe. 'men and losing the
fragment, spent an hour or so on s
still hunt for it. After recovering
it. he handed ii back to Mr. Wad-
hams mid complimented the owner
on his good coal. "Is ii close fo
Essington?" asked the captain.
"Not very," said the owner of the
specimen, "Downthei iast?" kept
on the captain. "Yes," said Mr.
Wad hams; "it is from Ladysmith."
The interview ended there.
A. Thresher. Harley, Saskatchewan, left on Tuesday morning oil
Freeman's gasoline yacht for the
Charlotte Islands, where he goes to
look over timber limits and report
ihereon for an eastern syndicate ol
which In is a member. Mr.Thresh-
■ iV visit to the ''miniature 1>. C."
was a revelation to him. "I had
no idea of the vastnesu of the country until I came through the mountains to thes itith and made the delightful water trip from the coa.'.
north to Essington," said Mr.
Thresher. "We had a good opportunity on the steamer Camosun to
familiarize ourselves with the coast
nni its numerous industries as wi
called at all the stations on thi
i ' v. Tl i annii'nf, of timbi r ols
ervablc from tbe li i>k ol the boat
'■xceeded my expectations. A largi
'mount of it is rough and rather
:n.ill. but every stick of it will be
il iii/.' (I in the not distant future,
it the demand for timber in the
-iiiibei'lcss prairies i, enormous and
■ver on the increase." Speaking
about the salmon industry Mr.
Thresher was delightfully surprisi ti
it the cleanliness displayed on  all
-ides.     "We   have   read   SO    inilcl.
about canned goods on the prairiei
that I was particularly interested
in the process of canning. This.
too, wa.s certainly s revelation tu
me. The apple-pie order observable in nil the canneries with theii
improved and up-to-date machin-
ry was instructive as well as pleasing, Yes, the north country is an
empire in the rough, merely awaiting the railroad and young men."
By the departure of the.May yesterday, Essington lost a well-known
young man in the person ol Mr. E.
11. Shepherd, who, for the past 4
months has  been  attached   to   the
staff of R.Cunningham  A  Sons,
Ltd. Mr. Shepherd came from the
Orient last full to familiarise himself with the lumber industry on
the coast, on behalf of a large Anglo-Chinese firm, with the view ti
the buying up of lumber interests
and the erection ol their own sawmills. Mr. Shepherd has been successful in his mission in every particular .'imi his trip south and t,
tbe Orient is for the purpose of reporting on the immense possibilities existing in British Columbia lor
the exploitation of the lumber industry. Speaking ol the possibilities existing in the Orient for B.C.
lumber. Mr. Shepherd says the
middle provinces ami the Mail-
churian towns import and distribute between seventy ami eight}
million feet of liiessed and finished
lumber annually. Also several
large contracts from the Russian
and Chinese governments for the
building of godowna and storehouses at Vladivostock and Dalny
demand a more continued and a
cheaper supply than can be procured at j,resent through Canadian
and American agents, From
China Mr. Shepherd goes to England and hopes to be back in Essington in the early spring of next
year.    Mr.  Shepherd   has   made
wiio will not only be
pli ,'i-etl to hear of his success
abroad, but likewise glad to see him
■   Port Essington, B.  .   *
Butchers. Provision and Fruit Dealers
Live stock slaughtered daily.	
Hams,   bacon,     lard,    vegetables ami
fruit,- arriving by every steamboat.
Specially Creamery Butler and Fresh Fijgs *
Remember we^re headquarters for Fruit and Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Proprietress
Honi soit qui mal y pense
When  coining to Essington why worry over worldly
cares, when you can live w. !! and lay warm at Kirby's,
RATES I3.00down. Parlors, Smoking. Writing. Bathrooms on every Boor. Hot baths at all hours, Cold
baths when required. Agents. Baggage and transfer
agents. Porters meet all boats ami train.-. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
Hotel   Northern
Simpson, li. C.
Under new management. Thoroughly renovated,
Ut, SS. Co iii.
."■te-'lheatl Johnson ami Han
Brown are a team working on the
nets for the Carlisle cannery. Steel-
head says In- never .-aw so many
heads wandering Into the net
squares us he has this Bcason, He
says he is going to found a national
liank after the close ,,f the ti^ 11ii.■__-
Tin- following were registered at
the city hotels this week:
Kssington Hotel. Monday.—
A. K. Bain, Toronto
A.  K. McDonell, MacLeod
I. Shei-ily. city
tt. Reirdon, city
[\ Thornhill, Simpson
». K. Si, art. Balmoral
A. Barney, Vancouver
•I. Creighton,
II. I'. Jones, Hazelton
P, II. Currie, Innisfail, Aha.
I. 1. Renfrew, Victoria
C. A. Hanford, G. T. P, Ry.
i 'has. Wilcox. Hazelton
Alex Chisholm
Car] Wakefilla, Menskinisht
.VI.  Roche,  Hazelton
iI. Phillips and wife, Hazelton
Caledonia Hotel, Monday:—
R. VV, Stewart. Victoria
VV, 11. Austin, Vancouver
K. H. Leighton, Victoria
B. E, ('ray. Pasadena, Cal,
Win. McLaughlin, Victoria
i'. VV. Peck, Port Simpson
lohn M. Warwick, city
Paul Briandt, city
E. VV. Kay, Northwest
Bateman Hutchinson, Victoria
I), M. Moore, Carriar
Mr. and Mrs.      ^^^^^^
B. VV. Bomber
C. 11. Burgess, Vancouver
VV. H. Vickers, Prince Rupert
II. Kei'gin, M. D., I'ort Simpson
J. V, Ciceri, (I. T. P.
Warner Lunch Room
fhe only tirst-tlass
Short Order house
in [ssington   .    .
Private boxes for parties.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port Essimotom, b.c.
Ladi,-.' and gentlemen's furnishings—clothing made to order.
S. Frizzell
Take notioe that I, William F.  Huntting, ol
Vancouver, B, <'.. occupation mill-owner-, in-
■   i.i   ;,i apply for i Rpecia] timber licstue etei
the follow log iii-critn ii land):
\n i -Commencing ;it a posl planted
two mile* rltete.nl from tbe bead ol Baetingi
\nti, on die mat *i«ii' <>f dir in, thenee 160
chalni mirth along tbe abort, thenee 40chains
eaat.thenoe IflOchelni lontbi thenoe to chalni
weat to place ol beginning.
\n. I Commencing at spool planted
about ten engine from the west ihofe ol Mast*
Ing \rin at the north emi of Indian lessfre*
three mllea north of Goose Hay, thenee north
8Q ehalna, thenoe went so ehains, thanes .--outh
10 ehains, thenee eaat 80 ehalna to place of be*
No. 8, Commencing al i pool planted about
lo i seine easl ol the northeast oornai of Ho. 2,
thenee weat 80 chains, thenee north so ehains,
thenee eaal 80 chaini to ihore, thenee ionth
along i in-shore ku chaini to piaee ot beginning,
No. i —Commencing at a post planted
at Salmon Core, 90 ehains north of tha north*
we*t corner of the Indian reserve on tha west
siil, nl Haetingl arm, thenee west 80 chains,
thenee aonth 80 chains, theaea nasi 88 ehains,
thence noi th 80chaini to place of beginning.
No. B  -Commencing at a post planted
t on Pesras laland, abont tear mUae sooth along
T. Craig,   Strathcona   tin- ihore from the mouth of Portland Canal
snd abont a quarter of a  mile   In   front  the
beach, thenoe north 40 chains, thenoe west 90
chains, thence nurth rjuclmitis, thenee east 40
ehains, thence iouth 190 chuins, thanes east '20
chains, thenoe south 80ehains, thence wed 10
chains to place of beginning*
No, ij—Commencing at a post plantod
on Pearee liland on a ereek about throe miles
north along the ihore from Walei Passage, snd
about half a mile In from the beach, thenee
W. H. Vickew wan   in   town   all {north 0O chaina, thenoe easl 88 chains, thence
mtli N) chains, thenee west 80 chains to place
his week, and judging by hia nura-1 «****chaln
3 _*        _    . ' f ol beginning.
crous visit!
be   an    Important   government
f Late   Essington niustl   Ko. T.-Commenclng at a post planted at the
*gj   southwest eorner of No.   ti.   tlu-nee  north SO
---------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ south   Nj
centre.     Mr. Vickew  lias   had   an- [chalni, thenoe ee*1 BOehaiM t" place of begin-
Other added to  hia   long chain   ol  Bln*
,h,ti,,-il,.„  ol li.,,.,- c-„„„i„,-        WILLIAM P. HUNTTING.
D. K. Newell, agent.
leioner for the district. ■   jnij. 1007,


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