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The Sun May 25, 1907

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Full Text

 Prlth^r i';.;:,:  1
CUr-qlntfust |n N«-vih;;< British Ccl«mhi>
,**orf Simpson
jH^^MViiON '--^bbHb^HH
HE HA Z [ 110 ITS      I.!;.,";:;;:?:-;:::;,,™:";: THE QUEEN'S DAY ;;;/;/:,w, fflE NOR! H WES I
|| ■   '■•; ..•   oi   her Inst  trip   U]        I
the celebi ses arrives at home
■    \ ' ' fia"s"   /liilPtlv ' ' " v'''''' '" " "' [["': I'   ' nnrf
Ul      l|UI"liy i; ,-,,,i. p(J   i
■     ,
ill  hi-  i  ■ mi      '■
!    ■   ■
Ii.   i^aaaa^^aaaaa^^aaaa^^aaaa^^aaaaa^^aaaa^^aaaaa^^aaaa^^aaaaa^^aaaaM
I he dav was i . a -,,,,, ,     ,
., ,    ,    i dead.   Jbc
lilt   fi , ,     .   .    , ,      ,     111in in
    ■ , . .        .    land 1 :   till .    '     ,,
■^^aMa^a^Ma^a^Ba^HaB ,      I
ti ii  .,., insel "iii' .r- .   , . ., , to I       Nothing  unto-
i       -o.i:. . .    ,,   .  art   failure.   De.i ,
unit ■    :     i.    ton   and   ac- ,,, .....       , warn   to   inai rt-iutv   m    a
■ .   ,     .       ...        .    ,       .      wa - wed known  m \ tcti rui
^^Hib" hosintahtyH^r^^^^
,...- Z:|lNTWNATI0N«i  SURVtY
|la ■' 'aturday,
fate] ! •' Tl     boat
i .
■ I
11 i   , ■
!   si-nse   ol
 It.   ; ■
■ ■'.■:
I Mr. Moor
■   .   the
: ','       -i
.,    ■    |     !
lie 1    if only  (Iran     I       e      ol
ritli        ,' ■ W nd
Ii . ■ '   tner-
■  ' i i' making
for tli     inidd .    ■ vera I
1    \\\\ by her
,.■■1     strife ■ harder
. nod Tl     ■    ihe
.,uy.hi   ■  m ■ ,    i      d
iods box m.iki
:     il-     lillllil.e,    d        >'   ;|V      lit-!.
,lp,      A i ' nyon V
in.!;in.:   what
I       rs were | ossible a t I hat peii.t
 I tie   i udder.     t>ue
to cry ft* we
I   .il"   ("--' ll   l;i.oll.d.,  h
:■ I    ■ ;. i   tl l   i '-'  I'a I'S      end
li ■   I.    '     i       ■   niatt'i o-  every
■  e '   and apart fruro the
' joll - « i t iye.1 sretre noth-
1 ■   ' M'cVlemv."
A- a i'i -id; oi thi   thi H.t" Iton
i ill be i"! tl"' holm- dr\   dock   for
a wi   i, nut ing herself back
.   iin
': represents   n
he east, broughl
"it   coal   he
.ted  some
lut t no .'   It trip of the Ha
    '    ■!■'. |l|    '.   |l U||l
toll .a'   i ..i   ■... .   ftrl   the   a, i il,    I',
HvJrojrnprilt'  Launch.
will b     lull led in two
'.  jjj ijj    (^^linton  surveyor
i . i      .   ■       Iioundary
| through Kssington
. ii   day on   his
■    ' .,  . ■ .       pet iti.m.    The
Mr,    Rat/
.    ■ . a iii ial call was
to b ,, ■ '     ■ ' ll     the
pari      ,.i.e Ii   •■   I g    tip tin   ■'■■
rivi r •.. '■ (iI      id cai     -.      ti
M -.,'.■ i /    ■■ id   • lie i   ' he
line will   lie cstn   I   ■
Iii      .'i   tbt;
\\ " .  ;,. . -      : ■ j   i li .
... ihe i iciniti of the "(1 ickine
He ivill lie oeconipanii
M,     I be .a ,:.      rep the
Aiie.i'ii an survi y.   and   the
cxpei;   to 1m  hai I   in ft1
time.    The boundary is delin        I
nilh nhat are know Bi
monuiui nis. conica! in iliape   i
about  ti.ree fei i   high     Mr.   Rati
think- th. survi y will lie completed in :i ImiuI two years.    He a
thai  \la-ka in  summer  was   very
wet and sui Iii ions were
rather difli-. ;,lt.
sends d shipment of vegetables into town
E. Hud ton, u bo  has  ranchi   on
Porchi r island, brought into town
last Monday the  Qrst shij ait  of
vegatahli - grow ti m thi Island, and
.lied    considerable   interest
when   placed   on   exhibition   and
sale in Morrow &   Frixzell's   store.
1 he shipmenl comprised  rhubarb,
and    rati   hi -.   about one
hundred and tifi\ |x>unds, ami   no
iij   ",      found in disposi
Tin  In wac   li' itled evi nly Ik-
Mr. Pri ■■ 11 and Mrs, War-
nd : he Ial cr In- been aerv-
lomcrs, who pronounce
il    I  i ml much preferable to i In
.    I rl    , ■       Mi-,   lit;,
laud " 'Hunted at the northern
end of i he island '1 he dinn nsion
of I'orcber is suid  to  be   *. 1   miles
eeiit oi tlie nospiiatnv nl BI^SAaM
•     ,  '.-   a   short tinii     hi lie i
11 ■ ['ii    committee, to  whom   great        '.  , .
,.    .      ,       ,       . ,     cessful  rgamzin
credit  is   .Hie  tor  tin   manner   in , . ....
, . ,    , .   , ,   . ,    exploit   ■   ■ ,
which hi 'V earned out their work.       '        .   , '. ... , ,
,   ,                        some  eightv  mil      up   lea
ibe     ;ovi rniuenl   boats   m   the         ,           '
I,                          i     i   i    i     >.i    creek.
Iiarlior.     , anil    iteckctl   with . ,     ,
hm.'dm;, was anoth ■ ire  not
--ed   in    fornii r   year-,    and
e niph d  with   thii   tut   I   hi
'I.;;,!.,,,,   (,„.   ti,,. square,  and much of the land has
Ibe   l.ydroL'iaphlc     l.uiiich     lor
Prince   liui'i'.t    W*»H   '"i   Viet.iria
'.,    I.,,,,,;,,-...   .        ■■.,"„;.  is  on ";""''>' '"'"  ''      '
ray to   tl      '     ■■  - ; .n      R.  S, "*~*
'                   I       he OUl   '-li    ^Kk.
ayjvernmerit: HHhnd-d the boat.j .im<,|. ,,.,.,„,;„„^^^
tieiied the enhanced apjv iiranc
took generally by tin
• ■ hi irold-lacetl unifi ■ lo
'■'■ s. en everywhere, It reminded
one nf ,i 24th of Mi y : n I'ietoi in
In [ore tin   naval stati m was aban-
Tho ■ wl f e'lna lly ■■
royii I ■'■;'■ li   -I   one gun   given   by
flagship   Kestrel.     Afti r this
forma lily t liinjjs dropjii d inl
com  titiontil of sporl
r hi    wi ; e carried on   on    ,'bnl
know n on tin map a   Front   »t rei t
—from    '.' iniiinghain's   -. i->
the   special   ri        i      i   line. The
I        ■ ■ tries,     \     I
li ol   t he street would no
mil all the runner.--   to   participate
at once, the men v        pni    I of!
ami  the   a inn. r?  in  ' b<   pair-off
raced   again.    !■'. Tin 11 y n on
rni ■. car. ying a 110 nrii ■  with it.
The  ball in the •
forte of  the i cl hi    ioi  am! it i er-
tainly w ai t he sum
ol its kind ever given it I
Handsome ivonit i. end brave men
whirled away till till how
inornin and tin ■ m in, and
around the • xtcrior oi Cunningham's ha ll prefei nti '1 a deligjil ltd
picture. The hnll was too crowded tor err       ia neill"..     The
iii i ■. iii cot imitti ■■ -.1 one iime
lean d n sbortui nl idics, I n
this H a- ii -,',■' .irly in the day
by the arrival Irot i stimpson and
river points nl large parties, A
launch fr in 1. ijs it arrived at 1"
p. in.
I luring  the  i   ursc i     the e\  n
illg   • '■:    \\    ■       ■   ,     Ileal    lit! Ie
-|,i.-"h. iveleou   e     ■   .   dtors, and
-p iii-e^^^H^^Blii''
to 30 cents lor sprty nd 10
cents for sockeye
Alii ■ !'  the   f»k( ena    ,'
earn,.",    i     nagei held   last
Monday a! I he i . A.  c innery   lor
t he purpi -■  ' if ■' ■ tin   de
mand made hj  the  Ja n   icsi
■ ■
in the pri"" paid lor .
■   and -in'!.i "■ .
The demand made  hj
i ..i, ■ for 30 eel
id 10 I
u ■
: they woitl
\   strike!
canneries pri
new of
mi inei'i used | i h.
The   'In d ■ i ol
i'.niT is as follow :    Ten
cockeye  and   30 c nts   for -1
cannery gi ar; 1 l cent* for so
10 et . tor sprit
and  coho    to h
as   'ockcy  during  I
iiliddlts SI     I ;>,
Tn i i '-n't ' !hi stcr   i. ilio n-
by their orgies   oppo> iti    Cull
bam'- a-,    lantled   in   the
liK'k up am! on Mot day apj
hi lore  Justii     of t .    Peai c   I! r-
ryiiinn   en   th     cliurgi
Jo line, but  i i-  cousin,   -.
i       ■' i,.    -ii   •     '
llllllet'    1      !
lor usin
. and IflO
or "ii ■ inoiii i.
1 the citisens of the met,op.,:; Two whil
for  the   rourtesi.     extended,    tn    ' '        "'-    thcw     '    '
iliim   Agent  Morrmv also touched | Wl
the    i'.l'-t:cds^H^^^HaM
calm   ami peaceful   royage  Irom
had   her
placed   by   a
■ in n   oi   . '  recorded.
five   stopt nade  for
d, and tli rei     the   only
peri. ■    uf t  i. ..ition.
S i |', ■ ■ ng rs wi re   brought   up
hut a enliven-
, tence '■■
a |'a--i
■   -     :ii ■ ,       in       the
'. hosi     raniiflcn-
■ ed tin     '
i        a hi   h      1, and   pur-
posi    _ ling throti; h with the I •
1 are J. C. Hi
Id Wet ',:■ and M. Richardson, land
il ii rl in        E    K. Orel ird, hotel
i ;,:■    ■    ,: Mr,   Fr
■     ■  ': llll   I
[>i rsonui I     I the  boat
J, ' ■   Bonner, ca] '   I'. Whit-
;n y.   pni'-ei".   !•'.  li. Wand   ill   t i
!■.. C. Hi '■
W.    Mei'ailum     chief
V.'. A.   :, .- .   ■ '.','.
;  .-.  i .-ii   ii    e    a bin     ■
I-'. Mori inn r   lyi -!
It     "'' ■ ■
mil i      •'   ■ ■ ■ ,   T.
Ion [rev.
n     ■ ■
n fteriii ■
ii i   and freight, ■ to
to   Hazell tie i
t'ieulti, as tl I
i    reported
i c(. ' ,
H    ill.   v
• -> -
\<\v\ m   tl
th ■
on lie     ■ 11      itlc    "i
,    iiu Mi He -aid
ho   would   ■ lidei     .■   .. w m n bl .
■ ■ i
', .  ■    i   ■ ■ - In     I        n      t'Otllll
tli e i re11 111 '
he has done
,|Meankjnisb is  d
•■ l'b*'t
on the I, '..',',
Ul \.   it'll    	
■.   ;,... .
^a^a^^^^^aSl^a^a^a^aVa^a^ala^a^ala^aW 1 n
I^H^^^I^Be engi!     to;H^H^H^^^H^H^H^H^H^H^^^|^H^H^H^H^H^^^|^H^HH i^HH
"*4 alaHaHaHalaHaHaHaHBaHaHalaii
^■^■^^■hieni'iet te
',   «• ;;   I
«d     ' ,,,'der  to  :,cee,„n..,l.,te    those  wl'.o
a^a^a^a^kaa^H."''' ■     11^ ^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■ssel Jias ii  Id ii
no and llfforii'd
latter Wl
''    i
ti   -
■    . i
i    .,   tu
p ml
.'     ill al
/  lb
'll^B' i* crushed! >f|^l|^l|^|^|^H|^l|^H|^H|^B.'
i; .1   "."
After that   the   iiazclton thought!
loi   tin   di i
lr«. owis.
. b. M. Pope, R, ' ~*~	
: i'liment   bout I lua       U Irom n trip
 lei!       H
deb was  scheduled]     p,   ,g  McDonel!
'ininatH^H ■	
'   ' '  '        :' v'hig^tfnwr'witl^
week.      jfj^HaHLHaKthe-   ■■
to sail tasi week for Prince Rupcrt|green .tone charm he lust yeater-      K- Haskias; who tva-
Tcicgrap^l^l^l^l^^g the m,tr:'.t si.oS^j^l^l^l^l^i^ll^ll^ll^ THR SUN
The Sun
'f'ji       -    .     "— ~r-
f, ..;',.      1,11   d.i  .  ...   |7,
. .fT.
■      i     Imisl
.     bflHlk -    of    WMtl : .    Of
e |i'!i-  thai   -|
, I. . -  and   hill',  a land
ill 11,., i shall cat bread ivith-
tllOII   -led
"   it; a iaml out of whosi
hull 111 a vest dig copper."
be compli    i i„ f...,,. midsummer, |lies at the  time, have proved to
I ':'      ■   id.'..    Will    "I  ,11'   e     .    1" 'll'Ue.     ' < > >  .! i     I  '. I | 1 .1 0 i.' I 11S .      ;| l| d      tO>
ly I •   ■ thai   llPir,
Ely, N i.10 .. will not begin ••, pro*
■.i'i ni'ii-
nld\ "n-id, rable  inen 11 <e
in i.i■..     -     .  [ml Idaho and Brit-
diiy I'ecl .-ati-lii d 1.'.; tl ey v, ill be
repaid for their Jevotiop to the
[and of their birlb( and  piai ■
'.' ill )ii.- ,." ■ i, .   I   b dievc,  a
great many ol 11 >l ouly Amcri-
'....   ■   ge ahead.   At I can cousins but their legal cousini
pri en for
! .       r    increase   in
i en- was ill  190G.
wil 1 ',   interesting to bear Mr.
iV   '•: ■■:;,    \!    !'..   explain   away
i.e    i'e I.. I"     tile     pi'e-l'llt        <i''-
■  .   • ■ ..,pj,   ,,.•,. aff irdi d
n. fL.  •„,,„,„,, ,.,',„!  ,;\\\yv  of  the
iFirtwl    h pww m> "' two
i.-i...-. >ivv» ,iv M1 t"tl-"\' rnmenl
■'-i ftftt wi'vi! t'e thv'e.r-k of conduct-
i'-i? Tin V -legvapli service, or else
rtyirtkY iiml indtlrWnce has been
MWlYtt I'V those irhoae duty it [i
to i^-iiviv. t the authorities in the
i.a-! tii:,* ,,n ^liquated system is
.ui :.• KirtfngtoB. It a pri-
i ate corporation had the supply-
iug ,,f a -eivjee there is nut a parti, Ie    of    doubt     -,Ut      that     better
result j veild be  fortheomihg,   It
not, .,,,',, an undertaking as  the
the Knglish   channel
.. , . ,-uo.   of miles  of cable.
■ . anything like the   Atlan-
. ' a hie i_ti point of distance,   and
i by. the;), under the name   of   em
'eijiri-e. should a   prosperous   and
frowingcommunity with a  future
before   it   be  denied  the common
courtesies of a business world by a
government  that  in  many other
lines shows signs of life and vigor?
Richard the First has gone to
London to lay his brief at the foot
if the throne, Part of his mis-ion
while crossing the continent
was to confer with the <i. T.
P. officials in regard to the muv
adjusted Indian controversy in
British Columbia. The honorable
Dick has been very fortunate in
this latter respect and to the residents of this section of British Columbia the settleiin lit of the vexed
|iii tion will meet with general
It the same measure of success
I ml McBrideV mission to the
fountain bead of the empire, the
iiver-taxed people ol British Co-
11111.1 d i will have more re ison to
pot themselves on the back at
I he profitable trip the premier of
ihb provini c has »< en lit   to take.
fn out lining the various rt
"or the very high prii u oJ COppt i .
tlie Engitiei rim. an I. Mining .lour-
.i.i I. the lending tn >\ i-an authority on such sub;, ct», states that
the production of Sortb Anaerica
.    mi ly 3 0   ;•• t  it
.   -   of   the prod IflOo,
,, i'
r i
..   ■■      • ■■   -
'■   ;■ •'-   ■ '
ilily  on
■ in,
.   ..,
■ mi,,;
WI i n tin    dispute   Is tn, e,i   the
Kootcnay n id   A ll.t'rta miners was
"> -   The    Week.    Mr.
' i. ('. Mil cr and 11" well-known
proprii tor , he U ranby Rublier
w.e l>. Quel .-. am! cratw brie pre-
i of tic Qrnnby Smelter, B.
('.. was moved by the spirit to
semi a teli gram to Mr. 11. N. Ga-
ler, managi r of the International
Coal Co., expressing amazement
that the operators had not forced
i hi i/"\. rnmenl authorities to arrest am! jail Sherman and his coconspirators. He declared that in
so doing th operators would have
law. right, reason and the whole
country behind them. The only
reason we refer to this remarkable
document it to point the moral
which Mr. Miner and gentlemen
of his ilk have yet to learn, viz..
that more than nine-tenths of all
the trouble which occurs between
capital and labor is due to men
whom fortune has placed in positions of control who have not
learned to control themselves.
Autocratic   Czarite   methods   are
obsolete   in     every    free    country.
They are resi nted not only by the
workmen upon whom they are
sought to he practised, but by  the
public, and Mr. Miner never made
a greater mistake and be lias made
several, than when be supposed
that intolerance such as he exhibits in this telegram, would be
tolerated in B. 0. Mo further explanation of the"perpetual friction
which has characterized coal mining in  Bast   Kootcnay is  required
than a knowledge of the   fact    that
the spirit of which Mr. Miner display- has animated other employ-
era who unfortunately have ht*d
the opportunity of taking a more
active part in the management of
return from  t h u it ry   of   their
adoption to thi I ind oi their birth
My reason for tin -,■ remark-,
e intinues the agent, i based or
the fad that Metlakatla today is
used as the headquarters of the
i .I'.-id, 'Id unk Pacific railway while
their iMigim era an i ngaged in laying I i 'i towilsite and ma'..
survey of a harbor lor the Pacific
coast terminus of this company
within two miles of the h
spot, and that the terminus must
consist more or less of Indian
lands belonging to these people.
The opening it|i of this reeerve enhances the value of all of it, and
brings employment and business
to the very door of these people,
and the Indians under Mr. Duncan are alive to this, and will seek
a home where employment   can he
The Metlakatla people a- a
i\h"le lack the energy and push of
sonic of the other bands in this
agency, hut they have many excellent qualities, arc of a good disposition, truthful and honest. I
may add that I was keenly disappointed recently when a crew of
them engaged with the engineers
gave ii|i with hardly a moment's
notice, stating that they were not
satisfied «ith the wages paid; but
my hchef is that the reason they
gave ii], the work was on account
of the new cxperieni c of bavins a
master over them from 7 a. m. till
fi p. in. However, they will gradually till into line, and when
they do so will   prove good faithful
enry s §
Cdttfioij SS Out
It may not be inopportune at the
present time to quote from the
1906 report of tin. department of
Indian affairs tin general remarks
made by Indian Agent Morrow on
the Metlakatlas.
The southern half of the Tsimj)-
sean reserve—Digby, Tugwell and
a part of Kaien island—covers the
principal part of the reserves of
these people, with a total area of
something over  25,000 acres.    A
great portion Of the land might he
call, d worthless, but Oil Dighy island ami the land bordering the
ninth -iib• of Venn passage, some
excellent soil i- found. <In this
portion of the reserve the historic
village of Metlakatla is situated.
pleasantly located on the shore
line of Mel i.ikat la harbor.
M-'t ink', tla   ha - always occupied
plaei   In   to far as Indian iffnii    are  , onccrm d.    lb re
an, the noted mi     >nary,
tit.1 \ • ■   ■
living ii
'   .."111    :.. :    L'VI 11 th(      iosI
,;   rii ii    .   mi
....  understand.    Here  it. was
the  I Ihun ho!    .
Dune   i   disagn    I  over  the
'." . alters
dii      '   ipli
00 Indian-, loi I
,   ■ .ii     e i    short   toil ami   econu.
■'.   to  then   gri al leadi r, fol- ,,    ,       , . ,.,
, , ■ . -hien   hail    has driven men like
n t ' n foreign count rv , ,.. . , ,   , .
Archdeacon   ritzpatnck    and  lus
•ui am.   tin   -•   tiltv   v ar-    , .,.i' ,, , ,      ,     '
, 'deal "Id friend, the portlv German
changes   have la am place, but : he
I ho remained, while  they
■•   [ur hiihl  ; I   Mr.      Richard I: ti can't boost.
! ' ■ 'he hard-  don't   knock."     Which    mean-,   if,
hip oi  severing from  their fam- you can't roast, you're oven is cold.\
Purchase your trci s, seeds
and plants direct from
grower; is years' experience.
3010 Westminster road
Vancouver, h, c.
Baseball With in a License.
Vancouver is an enterprising
town. They are playing ball without a license. I, would be well if
our dear-old head-of-the-poll Bowser would cause ." I'oya 1 coinmis-
ion to look into and investigate if
the Qver-ehnjtered and zealous
management is conducting tlie
game in the interests of the public
[f they do not play hall according
in tlie statute limitalions of custom—that is, as to tiii ■ id opening and closing—the men behind
th.- elic-silvi r bats should he made
to appear before the i ommission
on the ground of obtaining money
bv false pretenses. One game out
of a superstitious 13 is evidence
sufficient to w u rrant the nomimi t-
id officers t , take a I ion. Tlie
Suffering toiler, whose daily hardship commenci ■ \\it h the hour of
(i i . ii... has little I ime and less
patience to waste in looking at
players who drag tloins. Ives from
the bench 'as I hough they were on
, ', ernment job.
We would   recommend   to   the
Coffee King and   likewise   the able
Aulay to initiate  something  new
in  the  way  of admission.    Make
the fei    ' mm li an innings     - say
one cent        i  d if  the frame wen!
■  n inning •    il wo i Id lie ample i r
dbitiou n h   ■"■   In '.'■    I   ■:,
Thi i).   . '.. ill,   the   'toiler'
o '.ft   befori   th ■  flith   inning i
lid hai i  ti    n ason to ci  u]
■ a! droniedarii - from the
land of earthquakes  taking their   ■ ■■
Ri il ms are made for ornamen-
, mil utility,   The 12th hour
snap COUlltcr   -ale that  Wilson  had
•.' be silk, but   they
ry -in.;-' in reach—especially
k. .1   Mcupnetl
The Ic iding hotel in northern   British  Co
lunibhi, elegantly ctjuijiped to nn cttl
ipjireincnts of a fastidious   public, and i om-
miindii .rl, view   ,,f  the a]iproacliing
Hot and cold  baths at all  hour-.    Bn
transferred   fr   all  incoming  and   |
OUtgoillQ boat- .
Harrison Lake, b. c.
I' ..' aden  !j id .■ j   .if  Llri'io-; :• vliind d:. an a a lir.oi'it,   :
for the ,,ei' n «.|, i .. ... .•    .     I,.,,  ui    ant! reel
(i- rtarin.se,. M.  i
  —r- .   . ...r.—:-r	
■>wi -i - •~-* •—.
Uftson S5, Co. of \j^
,Thb       i ' m
by goi ■ rnmenl   «uhsidi
I he •_; i wi li ami patrol agi ol
I ;■ wading public ami   diiji]
Mten iners Icai e cnmpani '-
Vancoui ■ r, [i r Prim e Ri
Kssington, Portland   Can   I,   ,Mi
M.  J.   nenrV   »»>'   ami   cannery   porti    »n    Is
llltli and 20th of each   Inolltl
leave Victtirin   one  da y U fori   In
new -teel
McKenzie & Jackson ;:;;;;:,:v;:,^^i,,i;::;::;:'i::i
Genera J
Postoffice block
STI   \MI   .   I AMo-l'N
the  mi i\   - ten in. r   on    t he   r
inuring <itfi ti   -  pa ■-' ii" r- in .a
if   eolli-i ■;     ',',
M&a/tkiiM^ Van Amla,   bund,   Heriol   '<
ercnants      Hoskyn ini -    i .
(iranitc Point. Kll   Bay, Mae
I land,   cor Rivtr   Kulmoii Rivei
 ' mi    Harvey    and    all    logij
camps, everv Mon lav a1 s p. in.
Millinery tinJ Dry (foods Store        Van And',, i.un.i.' i.,ui- cimn
I'oirr K-mnoTon, a.,'. I1'1' Sll,,;l! V;:[>-  l'"1'1   Neville, P,
Ilarv y.   ( hathiini  < hnnnel,  Tri-
,    ,.   .      ,       ,,        ... I,ime   limn in I,   i'e ni" iitmi Island
Lames  ami gentlemen s fur- ,, .,
•  , ■ I,.. |    , ,        everv I rniav at I. p. in.
n snugs—clot him: made to order.      ,,.-,       ,    •,,     .   ' ,.    ,       .. ,
(ubson's, Pender Harbor, N- I .
S.   Frizzeil island, Marble   Bay, Hlnblier Bay.,
 ^__  Lund, Manson's. Wlmlctown, Read]
Island, Bute   Inlet, i vorv Monda te
Qmf A. WedsSdtihSd    :;|.;." ■i-",1>       ,   '  .,
I Ucker Bay, a  n \ mm. (i tliaon *
U\,' rin bes   "„■   d . dc.      W« lcome   Pn'ss,    Pi ml r    Harlxir,
unite I land. .'  ,        Inlet, evei
.  tiHtlve n
' ■ "iida v al     I
Foi berths and passa ■'■ aiipb
company's .offices-
in the »
CarrallSt., Vanconver, B .
i -,. it.,
and 53 \\ barf street   '■ icton i.
count, to ruslicate abroad.
———■ ♦ «
Warner Lunch Room
Ihe only first-class
Short Order house
in [ssinnto.'i   .   .
Private boxes lor pat tics,
OPEJi    'I'll.l.    -   I'. M.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
The G.T.P. Lumber w-
Port Esangioii, b. c.
All kinds of  lumlssr -up-
plied on    h ■ 'ice.
Tlie only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern i oasl of b, c,
J. RL DUNCAN, Manas-vr —_
I (lit   »Vf»
Capital ( paid upi |3,90Q,000       Reserve fund. $4,390,000.
Total :i-- •  146,000,000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Montreal, Que
Chilliwack, Qumber-
i..      i. Sanai  Si Ison, N'ea IV< -t-
pi   t   M Iv.   Rpasland, V, rnon,
■ -,.   buniness   trap   u '■ '■   in I   -ajing- bank
i      'in d at all brai.' |i   -
Port EsstogtOfl Branch, S. A. FVtorley. Manager
8 .9
VniUl/i   ^enera^ Merchants
I UUI.IJ  Port Simpson,B.C.
R. Cunningham k Son, Lid.
General Merchants
Port Essington and ilazelton, B.C.
JUST ARRIVED Tons  of  fresh groceries
Fifty   men'-  and  boys' nobby   Piccadilly  suit-.
Iatcs| in cut and pattern-.    Call and inspect
Hotel   Northern
Simpson, B, C.
Under now management, Thoroughly renovated,
Ute t'ommiTi-lMl lint, I, Vmt   niver.
ill.- SS   I'i,111,..Iln.
,,    ||.< , i.i"."  ,.:   'I ,     M ....■'.! • -I
4    ■    S~ B /    &   a I i*-v  E~*k   L ll ; II.' lll.lt'.it ..f til.' M
Wlll'rc I       i.e.'      'lie 'I     ...      I |   ,
April            ;.■■'!     '.   re ....    11  tin ['nil)
1\ i   /''F/'S1/*       />rt 9   ~r--; '   »iS '■  I'll	
iT-ii                 '   .     ,                      I   I 11                            '''  ii"-'". ■    .'"'. e.y..ui
-r rv yti.il' 3     V '                J        ! '. in,   I , .
1 ..■''-■;...   tn*'   ,i--i
■   i i .      H. 1 ':"'. tiii-.l Jauniiry    \
■  ;" 't . i1 ■.      . i  ■ ■ ,i    ■.   ■ ,•!  with
it) I       •■ --ni,u< •  vi .   ■• .   i-. r ■!
.' ;■' ( !■.; Ol".
\ ■   I v iuti '■■ '■ till '
I rl     tl       ■ '■"■
''■■._"';■' ,,
■     -,'
lUf        rJlllll      "lltiff    [I       >'l   ,■'     1'--.'--
.i i i '  .'  ■ .   .  ■-1    .i   ■    if flint  wt>, tin
■I    '.■ '    I j    i ■ iii\.'u:ir ■    '■';
U'(l -'Mlli'f  Willi   till1   tl   '  "i  ■
• IJ   -'■"!:•■;:   I ":i';t.-    ■-..   |l.   i'i '.  .
b    UK mii      ■i".I'ii.   il I    K.H B,1    i , ,.  .
-        RlU'lHn I •■     I  ..    i '■■■■      n ,,    il.lV   Ml
M   ; ,  Itllfl
'■- :. t\es«.   ('. N   ii.'' r>*. Viineouvi r, i>. r,
iiMitty.KjMi      itu 'imver, B.c
■ ' i X   Mr I i "P.
I    W   MKI.PH1
The (rreat Noi 1 hern ir- entering
Saskatchewan under the corporation   name  ol  the  Saskatchewan
Dry Goods, Clothing and!CentralRailwnycon,pftn>'' Itlsa|
' continuation of the Hill roi»] wi -t-
• i     ■ ward from the boundary of  Maui-
Hardware l*^
tO   I   : 1
plateau THR SUN
ll ll
b.vy oi
thai  which  '
. pass i
i i ■ i.i  da e—; In   arri-
.1     of    .oil.      I  I'liti' !
and •  ■   trial  of  fi u
'     .     1!
Sunday The
. ing chin ok n inds neenu d   to
had ih, effect of  rchabilitat-
ild-timor     E\ en rib-
•   auto   | ■ if the pre-
i en making
way     n ■ along   'he
long and only walk,   described   by
-onic  as  th.,-    .Midway   Plaisance.
\nd then the band was out.
\V.  A. Wadhams came down on
1 he Mounl K'.ya 1 mi Sunday.    He
ihe dry   belt has its charms.
Milk will be supplied to London.
nd,  consumers in tlie future
,ii paper  pails.    It wouldn't   take
.   i v,. shi its of foolscap to supply ih" MM' rial  for n   pail   with
whicli  to  supply   I ""ion
' ' .'-inner-.
truly   suggestive   name
if for.  ;.   li imcli.   ' 'ne
'    tl no! jr i ver the tribula-
'USt'hold   when   once
lie pilot bouse   of   a
'  !epli t"   with  its  master's
p   ir and innocent San
i in.   is  reported    to
r>ii  " one  hundred   tliou-
.  .! f • ■   1'niti d   Railroads.
■nl thing abi",:; Ruef.
"j.   lb; hoiild have
,     -■--.. e   ' ini ell   •"   tin    ' dlroad
I thi   matter.
Irs,     ' I M      Morris, rfoi
;-   of   Mr.   and
M . -.  Main ni  dm ing  In it   tny in
pri paratory to  r 'inov ing to
Metlakatla,   wheri'    they     intend
pending the summei.
It   is  reported   W    M. Christie,
ti  .   will  relieve   )■'..   \V.   C.
Hilton,   Hani   of Commi rce,  Ru-
i,i it.    The forme,' will  be  pprnia-
A notice elsewlien i-' this is-
-tie draws ait. ntion to the li-
■ i use commissionera   lor thi   dis-
1 rict that a lie' tile '     'i"hl in
'lie  POUrl   iiotlre   here .lull"   Ifl      dh"
.brie commissioner? are fi   •''":o
[)     '.othiaii  and ('   \V. I)  idloVd
i hi   board meet- twie	
A   VI ry  notie, able Impj   " :": "•
ii   the   lighting  of several
been noticeable in lowii 'I He
installation of gasoline by Morrow
v Krizzoll nml tho North Coasl Co.
. ommendablr move, and now
R. .1. McDonell, of thi Bsaington
hotel, i- having R, Moore, install
-• v r.i 1 lamp- in hi- establishment,
The municipal liquor -tons
,\hieli have been  it!  operation  In
id to
In (fciol
ii on the liqu       ut ti m  and
41 or)    ■
•      , 1  .      ■' '
il I
' an   a
the p    ■ ' Irink
in the ph
il we ■ and tin munii ipc I pi
. ooo e y.
■Pride of the \\ i il Carey,' I
for the Mai kay Smith. Blair
Co., whose t> rritory extends  from
Vancouver to  !l • •
.;, Sunday  on thi   Mi unl  Royal
the In! '     has  been
iway    fr- three
li ■ '" 'i'i ■ I
. .<.■!■     ' ntiir.ialiv on th<  road, complain!   thai whi
|Mrs.< loeompanied her hus-j was in Ncn Vork a   would-be eli-
d throughout and hai   enjoj d ut him a telegran. regarding
the vista   of  the c i in whi. I, tin  fi    a mid have
b, "ii tin ii ntioned.   The
Cap; iii   Join.   Irvin , W    I **    ""'  delivei d   for
and C. \V   li.  Clifford  came in i     |j        'ay*.   v' : :ll,nl
id     ' mi      wen i )''■'>' N**>
oii througl  by the  May  to  -
way    n I   ■!.en'-'   t    Wliitehors i ■ 11 fai •   if Gi
Thi   -eeei.d-nam, it    . I  pro-
d I ' lie Nd'--. and I In I bird
went up to the ( anyon n hi ri hii
hire md   h.-
ii. ,n
Charlie   Mclntyre    has   taken
I'ark. Wilson's [dae. oi. the  Vancouver   ball   team.    He  lo merry
'.•ed  tic  Spokane  and   Bute
t' am-.    I 'harlie    has   had   a     had
Imml il him.
The annual report of the
Crow's Nest Paas Coal Co. stated
that a dividend of ten per cent.
Would he declared, amounting to
1850,008. We have read of bigger
dividends, but not in connection
H ith black diamonds,
The Q.T. Mill at Balmoral, i- arranging to have a deep-water dock
built in order to facilitate the hipping of !ameer at all stages of . he
tide. Mr Duncan anticipates the
development of a large trade with
the  -oiith.
P iple whose business calls 'hem
abroad at m'Vcii in the mondi.g
may see two ardent lish 'mien plying their niatittlinnl vocation in
qucsl of tro'ii a] ih" point below
number one whistle any dull and
cloudy morniiifi mil ' e rewarded
by seeing fish ol all varieties
lying   around   most !y   liki  quar-
tl rS on I   21    table.     Jack    Hartley
landed -"\en lieauties of the dolly
\ n rtlen variety Tliursdnv.   .
II. i. ildi       '   d' v    than
:   I fall
Jinimi i h rdet    th( r,  was
visitin I  compli-
I,., i     i I -org" "ii Simpson's idea!
ind   the   large  uxtenl    of
In aeh   a,   low   tide.    "I looal   clam
" asked James.    "The best,"
- d,| ' eorge.     "In   In I   11   nilisist
! mi   clam-,   ami it ha-  come to pass
thai   we   can   tell   when   the tide
is coming in without having to
have our homes."
Advices from ttuperl are to the
effect   that  the company has not
ee.ii.-idcl'ed it wise to place the
Bale of town lots on the market
this year. Thi- was the company's
original intention, but the difficulties oiieountcredj have alti ied
their mind.
\\d .1. Bowser. Vancouver, is
-!.::[ling his business affairs so as
to [lenuit of him taking the i t in-
na'y-gi neral ship on the return of
R ,bi: t McBride from England.
Jimmy 11 raham goes up to Ha-
lelton on the Ndirtliwcst.
Observatory Irvet Mites.
ddie Hidden creek copper mines
situated at OOOSC buy, Observatory
inlet, will be shipping at the , X-
pirotioil ol lit) days. Tllis statement \\ a,-- mad,- by .1. T. 11
one .a   the  tli   cl in   i f  thi
the company : ■ en t'tiug at 11. -■■
hni is ice. ab iul a I hit .1 comph't-
"d. a nd work is lieing done on the
bui! ling oi .i iragor road from t In
i" ..el, to th mini . distant ii mile
mil a quarter ft im the water. The
whai I now mui :■ con 11 nction will
be used by steamer.- loading ore.
An ore !ranspiirtali<m -y-i, in fi im
tlie mine:' I storage bins on I he
wharf will I e installed ae soon an
tlie wharf is fini li ■ 1. A sawmill
outfit, with which timbers for
". I. 'if ami mine buildings will be
cut, will be shipped north tonight
or toluene,', morning on the Co-
s,'l;ll,;s' H'-'Vdrickson,    I   B«i^-[pnnVi ]ngt ffPvk#   The wharf wliiadi
bells.    N.   ! '.. , was here IlKlMng
for investmenti. left for Vai i ou-
ver. when  In domaiidi I   hi-
The trip of tin  Mount  Royal  to
the canyon was tin lust fbl thfl I
for some time, a- she goes to thi
Stikine. She i nrrieal thirty tons
of In i( ' I package- of whicli
were for Mr. Patterson, at the
canyon, on her last trip up,
II. H. Rowc and Ron, the tinsmiths of hd-.-in^ton. have closed
up shop, and lefl for Kitsiln .
when I hey intend doing some improvement work on 'heir preempt ion at that* | oint.
-r.'r that it discourages objectionable Acs-antagonism,  it   Is  bv
'M im,\(i.,e ,.,.,.,.,;,, t]lat -u "u
.,'P'isaide   i«.^   ,]11>U   ,.|l(|   ... imcn
IteWtt   ruh of each other's
ariftbfc    \{ '•' li'"-t  desirable  that
each "   " '"      Irs ,  M.
i ,,. rrn!   tbl    Infl     <*   li restful
■   "'      '    '■'■ Udy'i
•        i I
Thi ' 'i re all
ov,v I I feitngton oil   iH'c 24th.
Two hi '.' !L-d 'did ijtty p.'!'- have
so fai ■ ■  ' . v,, ;,.,|—pjghd niiles.
The '-'i', ,i,,c move, it has one
exchan ■    I!    Wn t I ry.
Mr H. rryinah and her two
childn i   '  :     I hoi last
trip ol :      M ..
ianager  o    the
up   river   on   the
Northwi - an l beets ti hi ■
plant in op rati ■ in about
months, and Ij    wU  ioi
with a li   ■
On hi r last 1 ' .     irjwill 1        newhatgi att    ti nn thai
I up tin. of |   tlie   'ai   on.   'I'be m,,i hinery!
sealing schi '  who wen '■•      tit at tin   Si h lake
wandering hopeli n tl ii I ■       W hi "   comp
vicinity of   the -out!,em  , I will In
Queen Cl und i'i a I li tin  City of Ri vel-
N    I     Ha'., I. a bai ' "'   "  lhr lll-
of Vi ' m  Instituti       .     •■ ■
The Comtefl Snaqboat.
New We t minster advices stn I
thai work i- being pushed ahead
with all po idle -pei d upon the
Dominion | ivernmenl snogboat
for the Skeena river, and it is expected that -!:■■ will be completed
within aboii! tivu months, Al the
present time she is lying at the
Royal City mills wharves awaiting
the arrival of the machinery.   Tlie
new Snagboilt is somewhat -mallei'
than that in operation on the Eraser, bul is proportionately stronger.
Despite tlie fact that she is a number of feet i liortei than the Sam-
ion Ie r - ngines nre about tho
same strength. She w ill lie equ [>■
ped with the usual on le; .
win. ties and all 'he other appli-
i.l      in I bo -n ig-pulling
tun ' ; ■    the  Skeenn   :-   a
.f ft' or    "      erou«   river
than  the F ascr li r mo!iv poivt r
Port Essington, B. C.   ■
Butchers Provision -ind Fruit Dealers
i     .i . .     ■
fruit      ri  ■ , e.r h    o ' ry -'.eamboal
S^^ciaily Creamery Butler and Fresh Eftl
Kemember »e are headquarlers for I mil and Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Port Essington, B. C.
MKS. S. K!RBY      •       .        - I'ropri.lress
Honi soit qui mal y pense
Wlien  coming to Essington why worry over worlally
cares, when you can live welj ami lay warm at  Kirhy's.
ATES       13.00 down, Parlors, .; king, Writing, Bath
room- on every floor,    Hot baths ai all hours.      Cold
.il - when roquireal.   Agents.    Baggage and transfer
agents.    Porter.- meet ."1! boats  and trains.  Transfi i
Marconi in connect ion.
Till i '   !IV||.,
ri   t..r tlw Skiftia   H   ■
1   t tin ■• ■•iirih..ii-. . iv.rt I
It I     JUI     1 ,,1 ' li
i   '    11)1 I INS,
1 " '  I
Sol ., ■     . • ■     . ■ :i    licit    nl     Ihl
•'.• ' -■    ■   I....C.!   ..•■   iiil.ii.l   hi
,   i> "     i .. ii .
-■■I iliorn   n.iti   .   i   ■"   -,; .!■    II,   H    ('
11 .   ■■     ■ I,. Rl, * Wm
cent- a year roi
this liitle paper
nips,,ii. n
■ .■ . en tliHl fw i
: ■ . ■: •     ,
I ■   .      ■!': i  \\ 'I,-  I ir  purmiwiuti tn nil  nu<l
'.'. I
i 1 land, »ltua1 ■ mi tb€ t'oat i Im |
1'-'. irawncli i al i poa   plant il mi tin
tre%\ IKI tul i-    i  mil
■i'i! 'i ol the narrows, Porch t>r  Inland; tin net
north 81 t'haii ■;  themt '■■ ■■ I W I'hain
south IMch ■ Itent    -   ■ i i >   ' o ■
'i iriii M chain   ■■  , ■■    ijn ra m ■ nirnt.
So, 2.   t'orann ncini it a poal plant d on th<
bank fi « oreck i m ptj Ing  I   lo  Klcki       i
l«t, aboul a mile below the narrow*", i i
c>l Inlet: Ihenci ln»;  (hei ee i a
!■ I chain nee went
so chalm;  thei i ehali     :    plaee m
i- nn ' i- : ■ ■    ■ ■■
N... .;.   i oi imi ■    ng al .. [mil planted al i
Boutheaat corner of i. I .  lo,T7fi;  ihem i
■   .■■'■ ■■ ii"' ■ li
H    rhulns; 11.'1 u     ■.. ••  * < \      -i-  ' >  ;
■ ■ i m< d'
Chemists and Druggists
perfeel   al isfaction.
.mm j ■■ i
'"   :  Winw»iwlw court rgainst the ~*~*  \\jy     RADRFI?     ^IHAP     '
\V«  fern Union to collef JohnVoii   \m  given  up   Scotch,!?!      DnftULft     *. Bl"I    TL.No.4oithi >i n-
river, Pm ■
tl itU -lo i
. : . tent.
.   .    ' ■ planted a
north bank ul river,  Porchei   Li
thence ««outl] B i chain ■; thi b< ■ w • -iv'' i Im
;..•'".'. laloi; thenee eaat  W -
i i ['in -a.' ul conun meant nt.
•  mini ■   ..ii- at a ]
weal  m le nt w «iaall creel  ei iptj Ing Intti I.
katly i ialt       i nlel   ! n
■ i :■   '    -
a'1! ilna; 1
y. .',.■■ ■ I
■   ■ . ■     ■ . ,
\o. a,   rommem
-im r-
No. 9. .'''■!
'   ■
■ ■  ■
men: "oi ' locks, wfttchi    and
i wel ■ ......
All  W' n It   " a rranti d to    : iVe     ' i'sia»
■ I. nt.
.... ...
i'KAI.IJI-  l.\
I'nre Drugs, Medicine.-. Chemicals, Books, Htntionery, Toilet
Articles, !•:*■•.
Mail    .' ■•  .'     '■       '    ;■     u^l
and ci refill ■ '■■'
DufOrin M
o. a mw
ii'' IINGTO     B. (!
just   ,:ir ', i d A   mw  ,-li:|e
. ihiisoij   iiar-  given
': ' inks rye instead.
' ' !|ii   ' thi   failtu n?
• liver a tele-      He -aid  be could
Dull, nn St., IH  .
Caledonia hotel.
Hot and eold baths.
K      Te;lff.    prO]
chains; 1
i.i jii,..
ni. ie.
«   i". iir.Ni i IMI
e        ■■    .
Port ■ inn


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