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The Sun Jun 1, 1907

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The Sun
W.  I, MAl'KAY, PHol'iiu-rolt.
II     A I..
AllViail l-INO     UA'I'HS.
Com.   I'icosi'i,tinc    \sn timiikk
%iiTi< kh, SO days. *-r).
I,ami noticks. 80 days. ♦"■
'iiiKs, ill) days, $7.
"This is ■ land." as the Psalmist
ha-said, "of   brooks   of   water,   of
fountains arid depths that spring
out of valleys and hills, a land
wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, thou slnilt not lack
anything in it; a land out of whose
bills thou inayest dig copper."
The   provincial   police  department bus not added to its reputa-
tatioii as ■ live body by the manlier in which they have seen fit to
prOS0Cat< the bunt for the suspected murderers of Mackintosh and
Leelaire last fall. The department
at Victoria has not grasped the situation in its true light. They have
underestimated the men whom
they were after and furthermore
made no adequate provision for
carrying on a search in a district
which presents such obstacles as
are to be found in the northern interior. The absurdity of prosecuting the work of bringing to bay
two men like Simon and Peter,
with a force of live special eon-
■table*, is like lending good
money after colinteifeit coin. It
must have cost the ratepayers ten
thousand dollars so far to prosecute tliis ill-managed expedition,
•lid not even a trace of their
whereabouts have been ascertain, d
after nine months' continuous
pilgrimages to spots where tlie fugitives have in many eases anticipated their coming.
To residents of tlie north it
would appear as though the department ha,! abandoned the
Search and ambushed itself behind
the belief that the party of eight
had succumbed to the rigors of
the |iast winter. This may lie so.
But surely some one of the eight
must have left a trace whereby
support could be given to the contention advanced by the department, In the Northwest a troupe
of twenty-live is tlie usual complement on such expeditions; not five.
And British Columbia does not afford the facility for running down
criminals possessed by the Northwest.
b, : -elf in tin- event of war. without assistance from the mother
country. He emphasised tin- fact
that the problems of Australia
.wen- not the problem of England,
•civiiig the mother country had no
Asiatic population as menacing rivals. Then, referring obviously to
the German occupation of the
New Hebrides, the premier of Australia said he wishod it to be noted
that England bad not allowed a
rival European nation to secure a
foothold close to Australia without
a warning from Australia.
While the British navy had not
been called on in a test of sea supremacy during the past century,
the speaker said this would happen in the next hundred years.
Without mentioning nations by
name he predicted pointedly that
there would be war for the supremacy of the Pacific with Germany
and Japan.
It becomes more am! more apparent each day that Kssington is
sorely in need of a dock extending
into deep water, ami conveniences
provided for boats which now have
to anchor in the stream. The volume of passengers and freight passing through this gateway is large,
anil there is no indication that it
will diminish in the near future.
Resolving the matter into dollars
and cents, the business men and
merchants are loosing annually the
price of two or three docks.
At the banquet given at Cla-
ridge's, London, by the I'ilgrin's
society in honor of the colonial
premiers who were in  London to
take part iii the colonial conference, Premier Deakin talked front
the shoulder and dealt with international problems in straightforward words that will undoubtedly
make the careful British diplomatist shudder. He said that it was a
fact that the colonial office was
further from the colonies than the
colonies were from the colonial office, and he emphasized the   claim
that the colonies should he independent nations.    He said  it   was
"refreshing" to   come   to   London
and talk with the government face
to face. He promised that Australia next year would inaugurate
a system whereby she could defend
The soleniiiy of a marriage ceremony in an Iowa town was broken
the other day when the bridegroom
suddenly demanded as part of the
obligations assumed by the bride
she must covenant to build the
early morning lire. ''Why, man
alive, that is the most astounding
innovation I ever heard suggested
as part of a marriage contract."
said the minister, when he had
sufficiently recovered to grasp the
significance of the Interruption.
The bridegroom started to argue
the question, The bride looked
abashed, The minister sharply admonished the bridegroom that he
was not ambitious to figure in a
burlesque performance, ami  that
if he desired lo wed to say so, and
if not to leave. '"Proceed, minister," said the bridegroom, and the
knot was tied.
Lord Marcus . brother to
Lord Charles Beresford. has all the
high spirits and love of practical
jokes for whicli bis family is famous. On one occasion he drove
down Rotten How for a wager.
This, of course, no one is allowed
to do, with the exception of the
Duke of St. Albans, who. it he
likes, call exercise the privilege.
However, Lord Marcus laid odds
lliat he would himself drive down
in broad daylight, and without tin
risk of police interference. He got
the wager accepted and the time
fixed for the attempt was between
11:80 and noon. The hour arrived
and many of his friends were assembled near Rotten Bow. But
nothing could be seen of the reckless sportsnian. However, at last
a watering cart was spied, driven
by a workman in a smock frock.
The cart passed slowly along the
Row. and at the end the driver
jumped down, threw off his cap
and frock and disclosed the familiar features of Lord Marcus Beresford.
Tlie recent report of a lind of
gold in tlie Yellowhcad Pass,
which received a large amount of
credence in the cities of Edmonton
and Strathcona, and which proved
to be totally fallacious, has been
overshadowed by tlie excitement
which has taken place with regard
to gold said to exist in the neighborhood of  tht Omineca   valley.
For many years the Chicotin
Indians have been finding gold in
this district and have been making
annual trips to Edmonton, where
they have sold and bartered gold.
It has been no frequent thing for
theM Indians to arrive in Edmonton witli necklaces made of nuggets. Although several parties of
adventurers and prospectors have
made trips into the district, none
of them have ever been seen again.
Secure in mountain fastnesses, the
Indians are said to have shot white
men before they have had an opportunity to discover where the
treasure was hidden.
This   year,   however,   some   Ed
monton people intend to try their
fortunes, and within a short time
two or three parties will set out
for Omineca river, Th,- district in
which the major portion of the
gold is located lies in tin- neighborhood of the Black Canyon,
which is situated between the lil'ly-
lirst and fifty-second meridian.
The above stuff is   refreshing   to
a British Columbian who knows
anything about the interior of this
province.   Tlie idea of tlie Chilcot
traveling one thousand miles to
Edmonton to barter his gold would
make a blind mule laugh The
native of tlie Anna Han reservation, who makes pilgrimages to
the Omineca, need not go to Edmonton to dispose of Ids nuggets.
Such stories are manufactured for
the other end of the Dominion and
should lint come \\ est
Tlie M.iiii-iinniiui ii... leu- ni ih,. Ut'Fnn<
I'uinmlavlnntn fan lie NkrtM Blrrrdlatrlt-l
will Im .,,'1,1 at tlie, rtnatnaj, Purl KMngtuu,
II. I'., linn- I,',. 111.17.
.1   It, eol.I.INS,
  I.K'cii".' In*part>lr
Null,'r l-i li.Tel.y gtveg Unit ill Hie ii,..,|
Illivlltll! .,(tin-   lii'.-llslliK    li.mr.l    »r   InliMhl    I,,
«nnlr lor ii triul.tr ,,f in.- rei.iil liquor llrmu?
■ >f III,' Northern Hotel, Pert Sliiip.on, 11. c.
ir.nn Kndgn .1 l:,,l,,'ri-,ni. to Ki.'lmr.l. ,t \V,u.
Itl'tiili: ,v R0HKRTS0V
fori SiliipMin,  H    ('., Mi.y  in    pin;
In 111,' iiihI ler ..I tilt- Mineral net in,! oni inl
IliK m-t* nn.1 in Hi,, liiattrr .,[ ll,.- W,-i,.ii:
(upper Kroup, •oimhtliiit .,i the kmnlrr
North si.ir, .vricrntilw lUwklcr, Hniimii.it.
Kiitrral.l. Venture mi.! W'.surii Clipper m|n.
I'llll   t'l.llll.!-.
Wln-reus l.y cilti-f iliei-,1 ||.(. ilniii ,|,iv ,,|
\prll. P.' it. rot, ui-r,. ifiiHir.-1 to forthwith par
t" tlii- illi.l.-r-iKln"! .'., nwner* will. Vim In il,;
il..,.,. ini,.,r,il I'titlm* Hi,--urn ,,| |li'',.,, hi- v„,u
..iH'-liilli >liiir..,,! ll,,- ii..., .-in,-ni work ilolirnii
-i.i.l claim, up i., mi.1 h r'mUiia till ,1m nlOe.
lober, A. I>., turn, in,,i lull,, the n--.■--ii,,.in.
lor June. \. |i. ia.NI, mui January,  A.I), put.
,iu.I farther expenditure* h nueetloti .villi
ihe .-..1,1 .....i-.-uhhiin were chtirgml to rout |h<
i.r.-i ih mM claim*.
In,I whereat, jrou Imv,. full...) lo par the nl.l
-inn i.l lli'.iriiii n- ilicr.liy required.
Take notice thai Bill*** you ■hall within !>
.lay* front Ihe dati id the Iim put.Uealton ,,(
thli notice pay your aald >hareof r-nld an«r»
.ucit work and all  i. hereof il.ni we, the
underpinned, ahall apply lo have mtr »ai>l lu-
leren rwtcl m in. in punnance wttn the ternn
■ •I -,,il,,:i l, ilmp. Jf, ll. e. statute A li. I'.mii.
'..■iiiK nn amendment lo ll.s.M.c. lap. ISA,
lint,-I „i Vancouver, ll. e.. thin Hii day ,,f
M„y. UWI,
Willi,-ss:    I',  \.  Ilinicv. Vhiichivit, II. 0.
Tn T .1. It.Httv. K*q„ VancUTer, B.C.
AI.KX   Mel.I'.OII,
«'. W.  MKI Hill M.
Null,-.' I- hereby nlven iluu *i dayn after date
I Intend t,> apply t,, the I'hlel CommlMloner ul
l.mi.U iiii.I Work, for pi-rniisr-ioii I.i CHI iiml
carry «»»y Umber from the following deacrlb-
cl land, -itunlc ill ll.t- Const Dlstrlcl.
N<». 1. i ..inni.-tu-insr .it ti [misi planted M the
weal 1*4* "I Kitki.tl.ili inlet, aboul tlncc mil,..
 th »l the narrow*, I'urclier lalandi iii.-u,-,
north HII eli.iln.; thence west Hi ch.iilis; theUCe
-outIi UK)chain*; tlici Mai m chains; II,mr,
Ml,I'I I, Ktl elm ills t.i pliicc of ciliiiiiiellicliiellt.
Nn. 2. ('..iiiiiicnciHi: nl t. p.,si jiliintcl on the
lunik ni ii creek emptying illlr. Kick.(lll.ll Inlet, iilmlit a mile liclnw till' iiiiri'uw-, Mai sine
..I inlet; tlicliec li,,nil 10 cluiins; thence i-u-t
Sllchftllls; Ihclicu snlllh SO chains; thence west
*H chains; thence lorlhlil cluiins In [,hu'c ol
commence mant.
No. :l. euniiuencli.B nt ti post |,lantc,l at .he
-nltthcist enrner nl" T. I.. 10,77*1 Ihenec south
su cluiins; thence west nil chains; thence uiiril,
Ml chains; llniiec ,n-i H chains In place nl
N... I.    (' tni'lit'tii*- at a pnst planto! nn ilu-
-until siilc of a si,i,ill creek, ahullt DM mile
in.Ill the heacli anil hull .1 mile nnrlll ,rf Speller
river, I'nrchcr lslnn.1; thence smith In chad..;
Ihe,icc west Hu chains; ihciice nnrl 1. 8.1 chain-;
Ihenec east hii cluiins; tlicliec suiith In chains
in place ui cuiiiniciicciiiciit.
No.',. CnniineiieiiiK ul a ,.nsi plmilcil on ilu-
north imnk ni spciie, river, Crehcr htbuhli
lllenee smith Hll chains; llicucc   west s,l chains;
Ibenca north SB chain*; ihaaoa c.-i an chain.
In place uf fiiinnu-licf incut.
Nn. ii. ('umiiieiicing at a pgat plillili'.l nn the
west si,Ie ,,f a small creek cinptyiutf Into Kit'
kullah Inlet nn the east «hlc uf inlet, Porclici
1.taint; thence north s-i i-litilus; ihenec en-t hi,
chains; thence smith su cllillus; thence west su
chains tu place uf cuiiiineliceiiieiit.
Nu. 7. eiitinnenciliii at ii ]his| pl,.nle,l ill tlie
sniitliwesl enrner of Nn. ii; iliell.'e nnrlli Mn
chains; tlicliec wesl mi chain-; thence smith Kn
chains; tlicliec cast Socluiins tn place of cuni-
Nu. «. Cuuiiiielicini; „l a post plant,s| at the
sniilhwcsl curl,el' ni Nu. ii; thence smith kij
.'hiiitis; lllenee e.isl Nl chains; thence north Si,
rhaiiis; tlicliec waal *' chains in ,ila»-c ,,f eon*
Nu.'.I. I'miimelleillif al a |M.sl |(lanlc'l at thc
-uiilliwesl corner ol No. .',; thence south Mil
chains; tlnnce west Hi) chains; thence nertli Hit
ilinlli-; lliciue cusl hii chains In place nl rum-
No. 10. I'oiiiiueilciliK Hi a post plttntol mar
the southwest enrner of No. Ii; thence north hii
chains; thence we-l Hu chains; thence sulllli Hu
cliHins; thence i-H*l H.1 cliHttis In plucc ui cuin-
No. 11. Cuminlaalug *i a poat plnnbrd ..hmit
1'. ehains westerly from the s.tulhet.sl conier ol
T. I.. No. 4 nl this groan, I'urclier ispui.!; Ihenec
sutith HU chains; thence west Hu eliiilu-: Ihenec
nnrlli hu chains; thence east hu cliiiin.- In place
nf cumnieiicciiienl.
W   r.  lirNTTINO
li.  K.  Newell. AkciiI.
Curt gMbnjMtV 11.C, Mng ■). 1907.
K. .1   M. lii.tifll
Tlie leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly eiiui|Hped to meet tlie re-
i|uircinents of a fastidious public, and commanding a superb view of lite approaching
Hot and  cold  baths at all  hours.     Haggage
transferred from all inctmiing am! to all
outgoing boats.
Harrison Lake, b. c.
The iideii linden of liritish Columbia, and a favorite retreat
for the northerner while in ipiest of pleasure and recreation.
0. Marin ss, Manajr/T
Henry's 1907
catalog is out
Purchase your trees, seeds
and plants direct from
grower; IS years' experience.
M. J. Henry
1010 Westminster road,
Vancouver, h, c
iMenzie & Jackson
Postoffice block
Millinery and Dry Goods Slore
Port Esmsotoh, h.c.
Ladies" and gentlemen's furnishing:—clothing made to order,
S. Frizzell
Chief A. Wedildahld
iand. Timber and Mineral locator
Helm; h unlive of ilu- country nli,l I re-la, nl
of the ,ll*triet lor forty Mnn nsrf poMMnlftf ■
-.,,,,1 kastStedgn ol the gr.-nt Interinr I ..in In a
l„,.iilon in nui.lc piirtlc* to the hunoai Bulk-
ley VHllcy. The cmintry iil.niiiiil-. In g,md ti.-l»-
Ing niul l.iiniiuK »nd p.irtle* iiutlcij.iitlii^ *ueli
ii trip will ilo .veil to write to the hImiVc ..liief
nt Port Knlngton, K. c.   I', o. baa St,
SS. Co. of B.C.
This company is not supported
by government subsidies, but by
the good will and patronage oi the
traveling public and shipper*.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for I'rince Kupert, Port
Kssington. Portland Canal, Alert
Bay and cannery ports on 1st,
10th and 20th of 'each month, and
leave Victoria one day before, by
new steel
the only steamer on the route
built with steel water-tight compartments anil double bottom, insuring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
Van Amla. laind, Heriot Bay,
lloskyn Inlet, Surge Narrow's,
Granite Point, Elk Hay. Kardwich
Island, ear Kiver, Salmon River,
Port Harvey and all logging
camps, every Monday at S p. in.
Van Anda, Lund, Lewis Channel. Shoal Hay.  Port  Neville. Hurt
Harvey, Chatham Channel, Tribune Channel,  Broughtoa Island,
every Friday at (i p. in.
Gibson's, Pender Harbor. Nelson
Island, Marble Hay, Blubber Hay,
Lund. Manson's. Whaletown, Read
Island, Bute Inlet, everv Monday
at 01 a. in.
Tucker Bay, an Anda, (iibson's
Welcome I'ass, Pender Harbor,
Granite Island, Jervii Inlet, every
Monday nt 11 a. in.
For berths and passage, "-I1]1'}' "■*
company's offices—
Carrail St., Vanconver, B.C.
and 53 Wharf street, Victoria.
Warner Lunch Room The G.T.P. Lumberco.
Port Essington, b. c.
The only first-class
Short Order house
in Essington   .   .
Private boxes for parties.
OPKN    TII.1.    2   I'. M.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
All kinds of  lumber supplied on short notice.
The only rlrr-Viln lunibi
clove hitch
to the
great interior
Capital (paid up) 18,900,000.       Reserve fund, $4,390,000,
Total assets *-]G,000,000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office: Montreal, Que.
Branches in British Columbia; Chilliwack. Cumberland, Grand Forks, Ladner, Nanaimo, Kelson, New W'est-
iiiiiister. Port Kssington, I'ort Moody, Ro.-sland. Vernon,
Victoria, Vancouver.
General   banking   business   transacted  and nd;
departments operated at all branches.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Kni//I JfcVniin/i  General Merchants
DoydaYoung port Simpson, b.c.
it Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
JUST ARRIVED Tons  of  fresh groceries
Fifty   men's   and   boys' nobby   Piccadilly   suits,
latest in cut and patterns.    Call and inspect.
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Under new management. Thoroughly renovated.
!,iti«' ss. famnffuu.
Lrttr r.innnereiiil Mott'l, VftOM
Dry Goods. Clothing and
Hardware TOWN AT© DiotiKloi
lot. .   l ne .....     letail mm uwn itinji   i nut
coiisuniiiiatioii is  tlie  registration  gown        i on tin   bad   rooi i
Wr   i, .j,,,   Mcdim.dd  w., '.• »nd Hotat. I  the company, , i     lar . led anj pre.
l,v   ,    Mmdav  «•! I   b.,v this, like all small things, ii oi  no  rjous disp
wba, were the |,„i, ,',,t   uncertain   retype.!    mep(   to   the   above | B.StNUTON.
thing, o„ earth.    'An election and  gentlemen   1'    Hon. Mr. Fielding
i ■•    ,;,i   i..im     it  tlie  lias  been  approached on the sula-
i, TJBBBnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnannnnnnnninnnnnnl
„',\     conservative   lender   were   in
h -en-ton    tenia)'    \u    would  po
ll,  iv  jmraplirasi  it   thus*:     "Mail
beat  Itlul ;    '•'■ ire."
t'liurt'h  ol .-'t. John the Baptist.
S  i \ ii-"-:     Sc in I.iy    I 1    a.    m..  7 p.
m.    "e,,ii|av si Ii "d. ■_' p.m.   Prayer
im . 1111:■   and clieir prael ice Tlilirs
day H  p.m.     W.   r*.   U'e-bbrook. li.
A.,   reel or.
'P. ti. Suit.ii,. representing tie-
Kllpert Tie .Hid l/'.'idr r company
so'-n; an enfiirci I iveek hi town
lie .-nil over on bii-dm *s ant!
. li -ed in cm Jiir. but an -ill tin
taints a.e i.iiie In d nl their home
port Ic ha- liatl ample opportunity t" view tin splctnhnTs of Kssington and its sul url'-.
Come tu St. John's church; good
A real nice little dame took
placi on Tuesday fci the Cunningham hall. «Ve b.ard one Rupert
gentleman say that In- was agreeably surprised ill the number of
tine dancers K-.-ington can boa-t
Win. II. Viekcrs spent last
week in town looking into provincial   police   affairs.     He   left   on
the May for Rupert.
Tlie Falcon has returned from
the NasS, where fishing is reported
to be good. Canneries are fishing
about 20 boats.
Fisheries Inspector Helgesen is
at New Westminster, where he
went to confer with .1. Cunning-
bam in regard to the Rabine hatchery.
Mr. Wighani, of the Dominion
cannery, was, in town on Thursday.
I). New.dl, It. Cliff and W. Logan returned from a limber-cruising expedition on Thursday on
Mr. Freeman's gasoline launch.
Evening subject:    lost Burdens.
The late K. (i. Russell was interested in an iron mine, the Reindeer, situated on Pitt island, and
going t>3 per cent iron. There are
three claims on the ledge and the
vein is 100 feet wide, fronting oil
the water's edge. J. Crathor and
I). J. Jones each have an extension on the ledge.
Our tennis enthusiast says the
weather lias not been propitious
for good tennis. Thursdays'.-, seine
reads: Kagstad - Kushbrook vs.
Sniith-liaillie. 1st set. 6 to 1; 2nd
set, 7 to 5; third set. N to 6 in favor of the former.
Brigadier Snieeton came, miw
ami retreated He had Intended
covering the district and had his
arrangements about completed  tn
take   passage on the Northwest for
Hazelton, when the rumors of high
water at tlie canyon induced him
to alter his mind. He left for the
south last Sunday on the May.
.1. Milner anil Siiiion Mackenzie
have returned from an extended
bear-hunting trip up the Hocsall
river Tiny report bear plentiful;
hut always ill inaccessible places.
and the inconvenience of havimj
|0 pack all animal through the
bush, took off the edge of what
would otherwise have been a
profitable and pleasant mission.
Both gentlemen are considering
the advisability of entering, on an
extensive scale, into the business
of salting and curing bear for the
eastern     market.       They      believe
there is a profitable opening lor
such an industry in our midst, as
bea r is far more luscious than the
proverbial   mule  Anuniir has been
patting up urn
|,.af.     One of
expedition was
site   for   their   proposi
|er tin- name of ve«
ji et o| labeling 'die product, ami
asked w hether it came under the
lisherv regulations calling for tlie
placing oi each year's date on the
leans, Mr. Milner says the honorable gentleman lias informed
him that it iii ■ product is intend ■ I
I... cauiptire prospector* or nrniv
\ eternns, no exaction  of  the   law
will be demanded.
!iic Ls.'.;ndloii Ml
By .Mi I.i VI., CM*i....:,..
S'uinU'i th i mil day, last Colli n nn.on one piece Pollen Hii in
chin-chin my go !■ ok see along In
■onie Ming-song dan 'u pidgen, have
got that large piecee bouse, all*
■ime joss h nine, makee stop long-
side hotel;.'. My eatebee that sitli
litlec more late twelve .duck night
lime; my walker inside. One large
niece Kollell pi I if eat man with welly leal lace, talka'i. ' my no i\m belong Follen mini," my lliend, he
lulkee, "i lie b;. In. cm <lo. wanchi c
look      see   "     .'••pose     go       UllStailS.
i'ilicee man tnlkec all light, inas-
kee. Anything iioide belong niim-
licr one pioper, plenty good look
see thing; inside have got one
piece welly largee loom, my never
nave see so largee loom Canada
side; my thinkeo welly easy can
puttee plenty lice inside, inside
loom    have     plenty     light,   plenty
handsome    look   see  things,  anal
have got one largee piecee picture;
-nine man talkee belong joss men;
toy thinkee blone Confucius. Anv-
j, e- .
side have got plenty sing-song giri
in welly curio dless. My nevei
have see follen women China sidi
so fashion dless. Top side m
have puttee anything, so plentv
can see; some look see welly idci
and white; some look see little led.
inaskee, all the same, my thinkc.
suppose my have got wife, my no
like dless that fashion. This number one eiiirio thing. Any imu
that side have piece of paper; somi
man have not got. lie go walket
any niississeo, talkee something.
Sometime makee white some thing,
another time no white, but look
welly angly. My no savvee this
pigilen; plapt that follen girl bobbery he. After a little time have
got plenty large noise and any
piece man talkee piece iiiississui-
and make dance pidgen. Then my
no can talk, e what tiling they da),
belong very curio. Sonic time look
see allee same niississeo wanchee
go other man; little time number
one man catchee she again; toll, n
man buikce angly. but go talkee
inaskee am! catchee other girlee.
My follen Blend this time talkie,
must catchee sainshui. take my
other piece loom. This side m
have got niissesses, have got plenty
man. makee illillk, many mans belong merry heart, allee the sami
makee tun, makee play pidgeon,
puttee he feet topside table. My
catchee two piece samshui. My go
large piese loom look see more curio pidgen. This time one follen
man makee number one dance
pidgen. makee jump; makee Inn;
puttee be bauds   topside head, ami
makee thai girl do alle same. My
thinkee must have gol one other
piece samshui loom am! that man
have got plenty dlink. Pollen Bam-
shlli  in)'    no   likec;   my   feel   Welly
sick inside; my talkee follen Bind
chin-ehin. my   go  home  aiile  and
eatehee littee oppee smoke.—E.< i.S.
Me mui Mi-   Halllln, Mi  ind Mi. I mill
><      rti   WUmn " N'el'l''
\.i inii, " ■■ Wiin, i.    I
h-.iti. " l" ■■■'■■
•■ .1. I'linnlngh. i •■ ■■ a ul
■  I!    Mi. ki n. i.-    ■■ " H.no.        j
■• .!. !■' William* - ■■ rrUlell
" i ii	
" < hin.
■   |
■• t'utti'i
w   Se, :
1. l no-
• ■  KI  l,j
< .ii,
.   JlMM
-  1 i.i.nif N..i
i Mm)
M..ri .«
.. 1 liHttl
-- M.I
• in-1
■l null!
Those Who Attended.
Tin   following i- a   list   of   those
loaf.     One of   the ol.ie. I-   of   their j who alt ended tin- 1' Ith oi May ball
expedition was the  selecti i  a which was Indd  in   the Cunning-  American Mining*Co.,  with   head-1Bn,rt8> clothing, tents.etc.
stablish-1 ham hall last Friday week,    It  is j quarters at    Bellingham,   Wasb.,| vakcoi'vkb, b. c.
Mr. K. (il...i.    Mi   e. Mn.'k-l.ri.l     Mr. R**gtit'l
•■   I'.o.l.i-      "   W. im.mi ■• Cotter,ll
■■    i r  Kill*   ■■   II. Ktrnttli.ir.l - .l.iii'iilmiii
■ a..i.-.• ■',,,.„.ii ■■ j, .a.iu.s,,,, •• .i.i.iiienii, i
.. «',      Met
Ckurtor. Mr. m 'I Ml ■ S J htk net, M1--
A'allarr, |i Mi I'npnwa
N.i.'.h PVeKlc. Mi iiii.I Mr* Warren, Mi
mui Mr« i Huiawa, Mr ami Mr* K w Irk., \i.--i
a Wick., x H Aii.i.T.M.ii
ll.mani Hi.        S Ti n. -
Cnrllai.-.      H« Snttlirci
invern.-s;-. Mi .ili.l Mrs Cn'm-i, Mr ni..'
Mr* Chrlntian, Ml u«l Ml* MrlVji, ulil. Mi mi I
Mra V iln.lii.'. Me-.'.. Mi-!;,nnit.1 ami Cocker.
Cnsskv.      '" Kilckiwiii, e Johntoti
lt.>lm..>'iil. U i nun In kIi. nn, I. Iiiiillie, 1
HtmiStun Meaaw w .i i nrlll, Kcrgln, II i
.■ln-liiti. Smith
Rupert.    -Mr "cl Mm Hilton, Mm Mclnt.wli
'li.'I'l.'iniiili... Mis.r. Al, v;;!i.I. t. \-i,....-, Hnv
niir. KmcriHin, Miller,(111 re, I'm,,-..-,,
.'.U-tlakntli-..        Mi" McU' IB
Slrws.in. MIm oi.nii. MImu* Rachel, Annua, Ailelul.lt* awl Minnie  Alcxamler. M	
llazelt.in.        MlM I'liii..,
A touching affair took place ai
the Home of Dr. Wilson last Wednesday week where a nunilier of a'iti-
zi'iis met for the purpose of bidding ailiell   to   one   who   has   bad
more than her share of tlie ills that
Ilesli is heir to.     Miss T.   Hilt    ws
leaving Kssington on the Sunday
following, for her home in Vernon
after a confinement of two months
in the home, as result of iiijurio-
sustained at the bun.ing of Mrs
Frizzed'.- store this spring, Coupled with the adieu was the nion
substantial mark of tin-esteem in
which the young lady was held bj
citizens generally. It was the pre
sentatioii of a $270 gold plliso.
ddie presentation was made by
Messrs. Morley and lxirby who, ill
their usual suave way, made touching reference to the pleasure it afforded them in being able to compliment Miss Hilt on her recovery
and wishing lar bon voyage, Miss
Hilts went south on the Camosui
Sunday. Mrs. Frizzell accompanied her as far as Vancouver.
One Body Recovered.
The body of John Laakso, one
if the Finns drowned w Idle making his way to his sloop, six weeks
ago, was recovered on Thursday
afternoon. Capt. I.arsen of tin-
Lottie     S.      discovered    the    both
Boating in the vicinity of No, ■:
dock and notified Constable Collins, who secured it and had ii
placed in the morgue, at the rear
of the court house, where an inquest Was laid yesterday. Thi
face   and    head   of   deceased    were
i ghastly sight.
The Salvation Army officers eon-
ducted the services at the grave.
■   Port Fssington, *B. C,   ■
Butchers. Provision and Fruit Dealers
Live stock slaughtered daily 	
Hams,    bacon.      lard.     vegetables   and
fruits arriving by every steamboat
^Specially Creamery Butter and Iresh [qqs
Remember vse are headquarters tor fruit and Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MKS. I. KIRBY I'roiiiietrt'ss
Honi soit qui mal y pense
When  coming «to Kssington why worry over worldly
cares, when you can live well ami lay warm at Kirby's.
RATES       13.00 down, Parlors, Smoking. Writing, Bath-
rooms on every Hour.     Hot haths at all hours.     Cold
baths .vlieii required,   Agents,    Baggage anal transfer
agents,    Porters meet  all boats  ami trains.   Transfer
Marconi in conneetion.
have become possessed of the
ground, and under the management of A. Seaman, who is cx-
;ieeted to  arrive   ill    K.-siiigtoii   on
me of the incoming boat-, ii fresh
-|art will he made.
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
Dufferin   St.,   Essington.
cents a year for
this little paper
Lome Creek Placers.
Lome Creek. 100 miles Up the
Skeena river, is to have another
attempt made to will from its bed
the gold which is said to be there
in [laying quantities. It will he remembered an attempt was made
some years age by Capt. Forbes, a
Keiituckia.ii. to work this creek.
His arrangements were completed,
and he was on his way in with bis
men when, at the canyon, his party
of five were tossed   out   of   canoes   Wholesale    drv   goods   and   men's
 I peri bed.    Spw the Canadian-  furnishings        .Manufacturers    of
Mackay Smith,
Blair & Co.
Chemists and Druggists
rule Drugs, Mo.l i.i in s. Chemical-. Hooks. Stationery. Tad lei
Articles. Etc.
Mail    orders   receive  prompt
ami careful attention.
liuflrrin Si.     ■   Port hsinyton, B. C.
JhVUltR    .     .
Just arrived A new shipment of clocks, watches and
All work warranted to give
perfect satisfaction.
Dufferin St., next to
Ci lerioiiin hotel,
H<»t and cold bath*.
V. Teaff, proprietor.
Nnlire In lii-n l>> given Hint .Vila** iiftcr <lale
I inti-iNl t<> <i|>i'l. l« the Hon. the cii.rf Com-
mi-vjniMt "f 1,]hm1> und Wfirki inr permlnlon
tn purthftue toe Follow Inn Intnl. iltaaiod mi
PortlHiid < ti11jii: Commencing ui h ]h>si plant-
i<! near ihorc marked "W. ll. t\*i N. ft, <-nr ';
tlienoe eaat sWehaini;  I hence --iiiiili sUebatna,
 rw li"--. tn ifMiitnliH>  n| l..n   198;  tln-nci'
treat along aald bonndarjr to ihore line. Ibenee
northerly along ihore line to (M.iiit ol BBtt-
inencemcnt.cotitalnlug n acrea, Paora ot t«a.
\v. n  COOPSft.
foil Baatngton, B C, Ua] H, IW7,
Notice li hereb) given tbal flodayi niicr ttsUi
l Intend to make application t<> the Hon. Ibe
t in. i t'ommlsaioner irf lnn-ls and Workator
c ml« loii Ui pii re! hi v.' the [idlowlng ileaerlbed
land MtuatiMl on l*»rchef laland: romtttenelng
tu a |hi>i lnaiki'il K \. H.*i N. B. c. parchaM
rlalm; thence south in chains; thence weal id
chains; thence north lo chains, thence eaai to
chains to nolni ul commencement, containing
Irt i ui i i, nun e ni' lens.
V.. It. i:n\\ iRPB, Locator,
K, \  Find ton, igent
! ort Kssington, I!   V., May .11, IW7.
Notice li hereby gtrvn thai BDdajn afterdate
l Intend to spnir to the H«»n. the Chid l on
mi**loner ol Lands and Worka tor i teaseof
tin' fid lowing deacrlbed foreshore: Com*
menclng :ti r d»w1 planted n w N. K. corner
Loi ~. Bturnann Buy, 1 * *t t Klmnaon harbor;
thence north a chains; thence easterly 160
chains, along the shore line and containing i*
;i >iv mtire or less,
Purl Kaalngtou, it. L\, Ma] M, hXff. Prince Rupert
Circulating. In Northern British Columbia
Port Simpson
Vol..   !.-       No   |,
Sl|IS( Itll'TION  $2    l'KIl    YKWl
AIILIVII    I      IVIAl/L     I U   of friends,   as the wedding was not
to  have  been celebrated till June
,   ■ . .        , , I"    have    lieell eelelnateil till JUlie
WOW  Up    HUdSOn S      Ur.Wtdm  vu suddenly dies
smith  by    telegram,   and in  tin
Bay safe
event nf Ids being unable to return
Mrs. Washer will join him in their
(Sim Spatial i southern   home iii the near future.
Port Simpson. B.  0., May 81.—     The young couple, so well known
and   highly   esteemed,   have   the
hearty good wishes of their many
friends for a  long, prosperous and
The  north roast   is  taking on  tin
inantle of up-to-date civilization.
The man   with Ibe jimmy, musk
and powder has ai rived and   made   happy lif
his    debut    last   Sunday   night   in
the ancient anal peaceful village of
Si inpson.
Tie- Hud-mil's Mar On.'s safe was
, ... .iii (Sun  Special, i
lit minuted m   iittciliptftl burglary.
The   iiftic,    door   broken   and   the       Rupe'rt,  May   30.—The  24th   of
combination tNI the  safe   pried   off   May Was duly  "i|, I.rated   hare   by
wilhtooh   taken   trom   the   >tore. I I'i'ovineial Constable Vieker.- hoist-
Si.i U-..   -m'ar   ami  blankets  were hag tho Union Jack over the gov-
piled  around   the   safe   to   deaden j "vnim-nt ipiarti
tin-   report.     All   t be    joints    were
tilled with   -oa|i.    The- burglar evi
ileiitly was disturbed   in    his   work
by   thai   entrance of   the  steamer
Henrietta   at   H   in tic   morning,
and hurriedly retreated.
Next morning ii ws   lound that
the . ttfe was charged v. ith llitl'"-
glycciiue. whicb the manager. Mr.
Shal p. had set off to get at tile
The   bottom    of    the    safe    «i
blltWII    out    but    the   contents
hanncd.       \diluable     papers    a.,
$.")()il in cash were in the safe.
The burglar was rewarded   with
$2"i taken from  a small   basket   in
tl ffice.
As yet the police have been unable to Iiml a clue. This is the
first attempt ever made tall tin-
north coast to blow up a safe. '
The Quadra is Iters lor ten days
putting in aeetylilie   buoys   at   the
entrance to the harbor.
The   Henriette   left    yesterday
southbound with 1 III Ml tons of   ore.
of a telegraphic message that
should go down in history
Here is a wire fact that will appeal to most people as the climax
of quick despatch and a candid
world should clip it out and paste
it in their bible for future generations to ponder over:
Captain Gihnore some time ago
had occasion to semi a wire to
Georgetown   sawmill,  eight  miles
from Simpson The message was
sent from Kssington. After sending his   message   the   captain   left
with his tug for Georgetown.   He
called it at Simpson on the way
over. Here he met the obliging
operator who enquired of the captain if he would deliver a wire at
Georgetown, as the telephone wire
to the mill was down. The good-
natured captain assented to this
and delivered the message to the
mill manager who, after reading
the contents, exclaimed, "Why,
this is from you. You delivered
your own'telegram."
This is certainly a record in despatch, and should go down in history. We are inclined to the belief thai captain was entitled to a
Happily Wedded.
A quiet wedding was performed
last Saturday by the Rev. W. F.
Kushbrook, 15. A., at the residence The Canadian Pacific has again
of Mr. Henry Imhoff. when his registered one of the most pros*
only daughter Lillian was united perous week.- in its history. First
in the holy bonds of matrimony to seven days of May the system's
Eugene Wacker, Esq.
The announcement of   the event ! $'200,000 g day.
h. Davie, of the customs, lias n
turned to the Viclm ia office,      Mr.
Maidonalil.     Irom    Kossltllld,   ha.-
t'lkeii his plaze.
Tin. '(jiuidra arrived from Victoria mi tho 24th.
M r. I'lllsl urv. who left some
months .igo una visit to Montreal.
Is expected back shortly. Plans
lor ids residence arc out and work
thereon will coinnienee shortly.
The homely Dominion hydro-
i launch has arrived,
ite K. (j. Russell's brothers,
in eolCpany with a Victoria barrister, were base last Week looking
into matters leading up to and
connected with the death of Mr.
RuSsell, A lot of evidence was secured.
S. Baxter, pro"in< Ial boiler inspector, was here looking into matters in his line and Inspected the
mill and other establishments. Mr.
Baxter is on his yearly Inspection
tour, and left for the Skeena river
after completing his work  in   this
(iood progress has been made in
erecting electric light poles and installing wires through the various
buildings. Mr. Bprague completed, last week, the placing of wires
in the bank building, the drafting
quarters, engineers' house and
Morrow's butcher shop
W. Creig is expected back from
Vancouver on the next boat. Ili>
family will accompany him.
Miss Macdonald, Inverness, has
been visiting with  Mrs.   Treinainc.
Work mi the dock is proceeding
as usual with a complement of ten
men   behind   Contractor  Monroe.
Tin- sawmill employs   10 men.
Mr. Rochester is expected back
the incoming week.
Kupertonians who attended the
Kssington ball on the 2-llli speak
with joyous delight of the royal
manner in whicli they wen- entertained and their only regrets arc
that the day does not come around
semi-annually and the distance
separating both towns is  not less.
to supplying one of the Indian
victims with liquor
One result of   the   drowning   ac-
Icident has been the serving of *
! batch of blue papers to people who
are in the habit of supplying liquor to Indians.
One man who appeared before
the full bench of three ma gist rate-
on Thursday afternoon pleaded
L'uilty to the charge of supplying liquor to one of the unfortunate boys in in tlie Eiocsall
fails drowning accident. Inconsequence of this George Carter
wiil serve six months in New
Westminster. "I was drunk and
did not, know what 1 was doing.
I have lived on the Skeena eight
years and was never in trouble before.'' was all he had to say fm
himself. Justice Morrow, in sentencing the prisoner, imposed a
line of $'2(1(1 or six months, and re
marked that tlie Indians of Kssington got more whisky than they
should get and aii example had
lo be made in this case. The Indian      who     had     been       supplied
liquor  list) paid  tin- penalty with
his life. It IllUSt not be thought
that whisky pedlars can come here
and carry on their work with impunity.
On Friday three more Indian
liquor cases were disposed of. Andrew Cecil, for being drunk, was
lined 124.50 and 16 days, or in default 80 days in jail.
Vr. Loiglitoii on a similar charge
was dismissed.
David Seymour, drunk, was remanded til! todav.
Dr. Quinlan has decided to locate in Kssington as a field for
future operation. Fending final
arrangements, looking to permanent quarters, the doctor has installed himself in the Cunningham
hall, where he has tastily decorated
a section of it, and now awaits
the pleasure of those who may be
in need of dental work.
The latest about tlie SS. Northwest is that she is at the little
canyon, waiting patiently for a
lowering of the waters. It is very
problematical, say men of authority, if the boat goes up before two
weeks. Hut if there is any man
on tlie river who can go through,
if opportunity presents,   that   man
is Captain Bonser.
The Cainostin had intended laying over one trip in order to enter
llrydock     and   undergo   a   genera!
overhauling, painting, etc Inability to secure the dock facilities
at the time contemplated the company lias decided to postpone the
intended work till a future date.
In consequence the Caiuosun left
Vancouver as usual and will be
here on the -4th.
The Hazelton is still mi the wnvs
and most likely will be there for
ten or twelve days, as timber lor
several injured parts had to be se-
sitred in Victoria, and this was to
have arrived on this mornings
bodily recruit before they arrive at
their destination.
Miss A. Alexander, Simpson,
who has been visiting with Mrs.
.1. Cunningham, since the 24th,
left for home on the May this
I). M. Moore. Cassiar; J.M. Macdonald, Inverness, both managers
of their respective canneries, were
in Kssington Friday.
Moore's (i. T. P. survey party is
steadily moving up river. They
arc at Telegraph point.
Another week will see the telephone to Rupert from Aberdeen
Geo. Hayes and J Teaff are on
Ibe Northwest, at the little canyon,
bound for Hazelton.
Dr. Wilson and Constable Collins went over to Oceanic yesterday to look into a reported case of
Hugh,  tlie prodigal,  has come
back, and if the prophets fool us
not. we will have tine weather from
now on till the sockoye is disposed
Our correspondent informs us
that a terrible shipping catastrophe in   the   north   passage   of the
Skeena was narrowly averted by
tlie captain and crew of the Rustler. It appers that some person
or persons, unknown, shifted several rocks from their original position as shown on the admiralty
chart, and as a consequence the
above named steamship, after leaving Inverness cannery, ran right
on top of one of them. The order
to man the boats and stand by
wan given, ami notwithstanding
the danger the utmost calm prevailed on board until the arrival
of the gasoline leviathan Nymph,
which relieved the stranded vessel
of cargo and at high tide towed
her back to Inverness.
Under a Brandon date. L, Han-
bury, president of the Ilaiihury
Manufacturing company, one of
the largest wholesale and retail
lumber merchants of Brandon, has
made the announcement of a big
cut ill the prices of all kinds of
lumber in the future.
gross   earning   have     been   over
Mr. Helgescn came iii on tin
Mav this morning, and the government men having in charge tin
construction of the hatcheries oi
Babine and Stewart lakes, akw arrived on the same boat. The par-
tie- are beaded by different men
and expect to go up river on the,
first available boat. They had expected to recruit sufficent men on
their way in to push work vigorously this rummer, but the general impression is thai tiny will
Iiml thi,-. rather difficult, as a
shortage of men exists in all line-
in   the    north.    The    two    parties,
however, will have ample  time  to
The warehouses are congesting
v. ith northern freight and unless
relief comes soon their entire space
will lie occupied with up-river consignments.
After the departure of the Xorth-
west the early part of the week
with some fifty tons tin- warehouses were left half full, and the
ad,led heavy freight  brought in by
May this morning, consisting principally of supplies and material
for construction of the two interior
hatcheries, will have a tendency
toward glutting   things  generally.
In No. -I dock most of the
freight is intended for Hudson's
Hay posts, Kort .lames. Fort Me-
l.cod and Babine.
ddie present indications are that
most of this freight will go up with
the last of high water.
disappear in the
Hocsall falls
Word caiiic to town Monday
evening of tin-drowning of Kdward
and I'aul Campbell, at the Hoc-
stall falls.
In company with A Spaulding,
brother-in-law of the unfortunate
Indian hoys, the party left Kssington at 11 o'clock Monday morning
bound for the big fulls, ostensibly
mi it hunting expedition hut in
reality to get away from the effects
of the 24th in town. A stop was
made at Kadysniith to get salmon,
says the deposition of the survivor,
who was captain at the time After
leaving Ladysniith Kdwards was
captain; sailed up to big falls;
boom is across falls; got inside
boom and went up; where looking
for a place to land so as to pull
the canoe out to carry it above the
falls; eddie caught the canoe and
drew it into the center, upseting it
close to where the little house
stands; survivor held on the scat
when he felt the canoe going over;
canoe turned twice; he let go; had
gum boots on but no socks; hoots
were large and managed to get
them off; saw canoe 90 feet away;
swam to and caught the end of
canoe, held on till it floated down
to boom, got canoe over to shore;
tried to empty canoe on shore; followed on boom towards a paddle;
went to every object thinking it
might he the I >ys; found two hats
and a box; 8 traps, 2 rifles, 1 shotgun went down; paddled around
for an hour in hope of finding
sonic trace of the hoys; then left
for home.
Spaulding says he saw no liquor
drunk in the canoe.
Provincial Constables Vickers
and Collins, accompanied by Mr.
[nglish, visited the scene Wednesday, hut no trace of the hoys was
Indian parties have been cruising all week in tlie neighborhood
w it bout results.
Thaw's Troubles.
New York. May 25.—Harry K.
Thaw finds himself today in a
rather unsettled state, legally
speaking, judging from present
circumstances      Tin re is consider*
able speculation as to who his
counsel will be at the next trial.
It is reported that Mrs. William
Thaw, the prisoner's mother, is directing the choice of counsel and
that she has asked ex-(iovernor F.
S. Mack to assume full charge of
defense at the second trial; then
again, it is reported that L Adams,
a prominent Louisiana lawyer, or
VV. Hand. .Ir., ex-assistant district
attorney, will take his place.
The young Chinaman is to he
denied tin- solace of the pipe. A
decree has gone forth in China
that the opium habit must be
abandoned by those under tin- ago
of of). The authorities consider 60
the sge at which men liecome
opiiimaled and beyond hope.
.1. Milner has been authorized to
canvass for subscriptions to the
Sun. The little price of *2 ii
year should not hamper subscribers from handing in subscriptions.
The management have in prospective the furnishing of wire news
and this, to a degree, will depend
on tin- success of our canvasser.
Inability to secure a bookkeeper
familiar with the intricacies of a
newspaper office renders it heces*
-ary that we adopt tlie old and
convenient system in vogue on
street cars iii t be conduct of ibis


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