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The Sun May 18, 1907

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Prince Rupert
Port Simps****
Circulating in Northern British Columbia
ji'^'-»__i.,'- :~-Li".
ai'IWRU rni\ $2 Peb t'l \
$50,000 IN I CASH   mwih.iw.    r^ARD IW»|AS©CkT^W^     WORK ON EXTENSION
Advices from   '"'    v'"':'1  "'   ,;l Tin;     railaay       right - <>f     »»»
to be distributed to 5£!^£S?lZS to $1000 for 8* »»"-« w-
tunate enough in securing a v< ,   n
mon and Peter
, for ooasting service during the
! present scanon. It was the ion n-
Couiing so close in Lb<   fowls ef tion of the company but fall to e-
theai uneotnani I i    thi  prpv-1cttre»h<*Ul»1  would cover the
Ince and  the  Gran I  Tru ik  com
Ve ol ill1 Ulr   li,
Iii rou ui iliiiili'is about 150,0*
—SO ,h r c/"'        w'll   '"'  disti
pnny hiul cnmi n      n« mcnl
ni reversionary right* i I Indian
I:iim1-. it is alto gratifying to learn
thai the surrendpt if the Met la-
kiit I:i Indiana' t. 11• 1» has been
likewise I'OHlUDilll if d. Tin- transition with thn Indiana is the
largest in the hint rrj ol the province, involving some 13,6* 10 acres
<>r which a ruiu u| 17.60 gas offered by the late >1r. {.. K. Uui-scll.
>u behalf of thi 'J. T. I',, and accepted by Mr, iim W. Morrow.
Indian agent, Ml I 'half of the
Metlakutln Indian .
Advices from Pi in :o Rupert inform ns of the im t that a letter
to this effei t \ 'aa read before the
Mi'tlakntlii Indians' council last
Monday and waa provocative of
{real rejoicing among lli" Indians.
Accompanying the letter was on-
ol her in whit h th detail* ol the
plan of distribution ol ibis band-
-oinc sum u;i: In le made by the
represontativi of tin" Indian department. This nlso was consid-
(•rod very su ir i ii lory by the Indians,
The In in Ii ia.'ics involved in
t'.iis surrender n imber 200, inclu-
-ive <if ilr I
uted ;.-fi equally among thoai
i>I tin ii) au'o of 21 oi over at the
time of ih, surrender.
Tie otbejr •r>(> per cent i.- funded
\v i111 the dejpat 'Uncut of Indian affair- ami the interest on this latter
"id per cuiil is payable annually
under tin following conditions:
Kii'.-t charge on the interest each
en]' i- a fixed sum of $200, pa)*-
aide to i-ich boy and girl that
comes to ilie age of 21 thai year.
The be la i if e of the interest is nay-
able to J the Metlakatla Indian
count it. I r "e devoted to muuici-
pal e\|i, |i-' s. such a- lighting,
sidewnIk-L perfecting and installing appl kneel for sanitation, etc,
I nsteii I. of the Indian- refusing
the m i ; iim announced in a
coast pal ■' 'onic time ago, they are
delighti J w ith tl utcome of  the
proce< dijigs.
No date, however, has been
fixed tor the distribution, bul it
will l» made in a week or so.
In vii w of the receipt of money
the Indians have in view
tion   of   new   homes,   and
ig the surroundings of the
: to Metlak-atla's beautiful
the nntii i pa ted municipal
mi'iit- will certainly make
the scenic spots for tour-
Mi not distant future,
dd he unfair to the Metla-
inaiiy i
the ere
it  one 0
ists in
It w
run   letweiii  Vancouver and Riv
eis   Inli t.   and   iim i   ri lieve   the
1 un   from  entering the inlet
and place her in a better sjraj tut
cut her titiin dawn running north.,
A luiiiiher of erafi were under consideration, hut nolle of them came
Up to i'e'jiiiri;me|its. It therefore
seem* ]i';;dy that tlu; company will
have to build ii boat to COPM up
to the requirements demanded by
an increase of business,
The company's steamer now under construction on the Clyde is
expected to be placed in commission the latter part of this year.
The boat is modelled on the lines
of the spacious Camosun, but will
not    he   quite   as large as that ves-
settled between G.T.
P. and Province
Montreal. May 11.— it is announced here that while Premier
McBride was in the city, he arranged matter* in dispute between
the i;. T. 1'. railway company ami
the British Columbia government
over Prince Rupert and Digby i>-;l-
amls. Details are to he arranged
on his return from Europe. The
railway was advised that it might
win    the  contest in the courts over
the claim of the province to reversionary rights in Indian lands occupied by the railway, hut was desirous of avoiding a long-drawn
out conflict. The terms agreed to
are that when the company settles
with the Indiana the province will
invest its title to the property in
the railway on the same conditions
as governed these;.' of 10,000 acres
on Knien Island sold to the railway company by the province;
thai a quarter of all la tub town-
sited shall revert to the provincial
government, the choice of land to
he made by the provincial ant I urine- in tic usual manner affect tig
such !< versions. Prince Kujiert
will not, therefore, he  abandoned.
kathi- |ld We not mention a little
incident in which they took part
in convection with the funeral of
the hit' Mr. <;. E. Russell. On
hearirftof his death they took up
a hur-ied collection of $21 ami en-
deavo 'd to send the sum on the
same Wat conveying the body.
They v re unsuccessful in this, and
had d 1' Li graph to Vancouver,
wlnr ■ wreaths wen secured with
which to deck ihe coffin of one
whom  hey had   i onic to know mid
Two Wants Supplied.
Two long felt wants in Essington have been supplied to the
citizen-. One. the establishment
if a drugstore, and the other the
cozy little lunch rooms, on Dufferin street, presided over by Mrs.
Warren, are certainly not in advance   of   the    Heeds   of   the   com
inunity. The Wilson Drug company's store is a compact little
edifice that will soon have everything ..' . * lines* to satisfy
the insistent demand made
upon the two doctors for its establishment here.
l'rovin Lai Constable V, Ilkie rehired from Hatelton on the Mount
Royal last Sunday, and if nil
diary were recorded In print it
iroqld furnish interesting reading.
Mr, Wilkie rstums to the coast
after nine months spent in an endeavor to bring two criminals to
hay—Bimou (Jun-a-noot and Peter
ilyeniun.daiii. w]io murdered M ix.
Leelaire and Alex Mackintosh,
near   lla/.eltoil.   last    year.
The distance traversed in search
of the prisoners was close on 500
miles, through a country that is
densely covered with haselbush and
very difficult to penetrate. Canoeing
was resorted to in a good many instances and going Op the Driftwood the party of four were upset, losing their entire outt.t, including ammunition and guns. The
party had to dive for their guns.
To show the inaccessibility of this
stream thirteen days were consumed in its navigation.
incursions were made to Hear
bake. Bahine,  Driftwood.   Telkwa.
Sastut, Blackwater, Blatngish,
headwaters of the Nass, over the
Groundhog mountain to the source
of the Bkcena, hut nowhere was
the slightest trace of the fugitives
to he found.
Simon is the erne I shot of the
district, nd Hudson's Bay officials say he has more pelts to his
credit tlmn any other Indian in
the  north.
The fugitives are accompanied
by three women, two children and
Simon's father.
The cute old Indians say the
party has succumbed, hut the
younger ones say  no.
The chase will not he abandoned
by ; ie government, however. The
reward has been increased to $1000,
ileai! or alive, ami special constables are continuing the work
where M r. Wilkie dropped it.
Prank Bheedy, is bound for the
Copper river and intends doing
assessment work on hi>< Hudson
Bay mountain property!    He in
tended going up 00 the hist Ha
zeltolt hut as he carries eastern
time he was a couple ,,f hours late
getting down to the Cnuuiiurhnm
The threatened coal strike in
the itttetiof has b««n adjusted.
'Tea  - .    p act .    1 ea .liful   peace
rciicns in the valley oi liupeit."
Bui it is the lull Is lore the storm;
the prelude to activity,
"Tin Indian reservation <|lies-
tion has 11 "ii a blessing in disguise," said a prominent < I, T. P.
man the other day, ''for it has
hivn the means of withholding
a ham! of cariosity peckers from
coming to a place where there is
no accommodation. We were getting decidedly tired of feeding this
class of people at the mess-house.
Nomads would disembark here
without even a blanket and came
to us for shelter. They didn't
want work, that was beneath them,
boat service is irregular aid sometimes five days would intervene between the arrival and departure of
boats, Couldn't let them starve.
What were we to do? Like Wellington at Waterloo.'' he continued.
"we prayed for Blucher or reservation." We L'ol reservation, Mid
now we are ahle to prosecute our
work without hindrance or molestation."
Work is proceeding on the wharf
on the company's side, and Contractor Monroe has his two donkey! continually al work pulling
out stumps that coni'i out with at flcultiss,
The top,'graphical work on
lviien   is   completed,   and   survey
parties have spread to other sections.
The  Dominion twat Quadra has
been stationed ill the vicinity of
the entrance to Rupert, for two
months, making soundings and
locating buoys.
The sawmill is working to its
full papaeity. Mr. Rochester, the
manager, is it. present in Vancouver, where be was called by the
serious illness of his daughter.
It is reported the <;. T.P. Mill at
Kssington, of which Mr. J. M.
Duncan is manager, has had its
one million contract enlarged.
During the absence of Constable
Vickers, while looking into the
death A. l'olkington, In the neighborhood of Kitimaat, (!. M. Davis
acted in that capacity.
on timber to
75 cent*
News from Victoria \ VI appear to indicate that 'ue government is in earnest about advancing the royalty on timber from
50 cents to Toe per thousand feet.
To Ontario the royalty is !?2. In
the government's answer to a lumber deputation that the matter lay
over for another year, may be >i'vn
the determination of the attorney-
"For the past three years this
industry, as we all know, has been
fiourisnlng and   the   government
deems it only right that the province should rcecivi a fair share of
the profits by the increase in roy-
alzy, the first in twenty years."
A debate followed the attorney-
generals explanation of the act. including the new mode of placing
all the lands of the province- into
first and second class classifications   at  $5 ami the latter at 12.60
an   acre   instead   of   || Id  way.
first, second and third. When tic
act   is   adopted   there   will   he   llo
i     dollnr-an-acre  land   in  thi-
Ghange ■♦' Residence.
Indian Agent Morrow la a very
Imsv man these days.    What with Ida vs.'
of telegraph to Rupert commenced
Prince Rupert, is to have another lerminal.
The Dominion government have
issued instructions to proceed with
the construction of the extension
of the telegraph linp from Aberdeen to Rupert, a distance of 30
miles, Consequently u party of
15 handsome ypttpg Canadians,
headed by Ken Smith, an old Yukon lineman, arrived on the Camosun last week, and immediately
proceed to their destination at
The route to be selected will he
the one of less resistance, skirting
the shore the entire way to Rupert, and following in the wake of
the (i. T. P. telephone line tin
entire distance.
According to Mr. Smith troubli
was anticipated with the railway
company over the right-of-way,
hut his instructions were ''to stop
for no one." No opposition, however, has been met with.
It is expected the work will be
completed in three months, and
when this is accomplished Rupert
will be in touch   with  the   outside
world ami made the headquarters
for   the   telegraph   SC-rviee   of    the
The telephone line from Rupert
to Aberdeen will be completed  in
three weeks,
Tie following taken from the
Province shows that the Scotchman is turning to copper for an in-
•'Three million dollars in tin*
hands of Glasgow, Scotland, capitalists is now ready for Investment
in copper mining properties in this
province, and will he sent as soon
as authorized parties can find desirable claims.
"The announcement that thh
province's minerals had attracted
sufficient attention to I,ring fort]
an offi r of such capital with practically no solicitation, was made n
a letter   to   Fori" i   A    Mm kin lay
from a client in ' llnsgow, a ho is
largely interested In copper, saying! 'If you can put a good copper property my way. i can lay
down six hundred thousand sovereigns for it within a week or ten
the straining work he ha-
compclleil to undergo the past
year in bringing to a successful
termination the various Indian
questions entrusted to him by the
department, he has hail the further
mnoying affliction of putting his
muse in order in Kssington this
week, hut Mr. Morrow is equal to
any occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Morrow   viil reside here for the sum-
"vhtiock Entertained.
The communication came as
an answer to the report of Mr.
Donald C. Simpson on the Victory
group in the Telkwa, which a a
.-'Hi this client," sail Mr. .1. Korl'e .
of Forbes & Mackinlay. "The Victoria group has been bonded for
1100,000 to the Guggenheims since
we sent the report, le.it we will
look into a number of properties
we have in view, and have no
doubt We will he ahle to satisfy the
{'<lasgow capitalata."
The proposed Grand Trunk rail-
, way   survev   line runs s.v  n miles
Sir W llliatn   Mlllock.  chief   ]Us- i .    '    „
,     . from the prop' itv.
tice of Ontario, who is at  present
on his first visit to this province,
after finishing his successful labors
as a  member of the  arbitration
hoard in connection with the recent coal strike troubles, addressed
the Canadian club, Vancouver, at
a   luncheon   tdndercd   hi'n    on
The overworked proprii tor of
the Kssington hotel is about to order an English billiard table.    He
expects to have it in full shape before -now flies.
The rlumlier of boats out yester-
Thui'sihiy last.    Bespoke on the day was one hundred-
ever-present question of labor difr     The Irish think Birrel's bill is a
poor substitute lor noma rule,
i I'Hh SUN
he Sun
'     ::i.:'..jrt B. C,
Tin    Si      U .',     to K    il
the |- ■       id tin   great i  irthland
.■ll and m ■
i cnib     in his
inaidi i u the floor pi  the
' the closing days
of tl       • ju led as  a
•'miniature British Columbia"—
tin i iehi■•; j v. -; the provim ial
coroin :.
Tin i idents if tlie nortliern
Inn e much to til l
proud i\' r at the present time.
No pii ture ha- been painted in
recent years which has the warmth
ul interest and touch of expectancy
centered in it a.- the one the (irand
Trunk Pacific Railway is about to
ti touch with the brush of definite-
liess ami permanency. You may
-can the map of the North American continent—from Atlantic to
Pacific—and   where   can   you   ]iul
your finger on a spot that has
the counterpart in diversity of resource?   Nowhere,    It  is  not  in
the calendar.
Essington does not possess what
' ould be tinned an admirable
towniite front, but is, nevertheless, exceptionally well situated
to capture a large share of the railway business while construction is
In progress. The coast steamers
make their Skicna, llivcr head-
ijuartci's here, and this Will therefore he the point of transhipment
for the immense passing* r and
freight traffic that wili find Its way
Up the Skeena while the (irand
Trunk Pacific Railway is being
built. Here, too, aic facilities' (or
a great lumber trade, and all this
business, in connection with the
canning and dulling industries already established, mutt make Bs-
-ingtoli a place of large commercial, industrial and "hipping importance.
fi ra„,gati.;4 $225,000 Cruiser for
"l   even  ,e   orded v
the HaliMft Bank .
to ai cjei ate tl n ice.,
At tin  pi Ktoffi ■   i- r.  ■ N '. William  Sloan,   SI. P.,   has
' nine d from Ottawa   and   in   an
id that British Colum-
niaj    Ij    dr ipped,      The
Of    dell' . ri   I
inn' rtain     [t      j , the
Son   and pbb pf t|
tril.U! • |jnj
on ii.e >id and f| j irnins on the
other. A"d thi i barge for t> n
wonls is 11.75 "What enterprise
have wi here, my conntryim n."
Ami I-!- dngtou i the mi tn
and distributing eenti r of the
A Wretched Service.
There   is   a   prevailing   opinion
throughout  the Dominion that it
would be a vVi«e  thing to place the
all telegraph lines under control
of the federal author!) <■<. And
many  contend that a reduced toll
and ili'pl'o' id sel'l ii e would result
from Mil ll an innovation. , \t first
sighl "iich a view would appear
reasonable, The principle is as
sound as ihe granite bad upon
uhiili Ihe prrtpofed city of Prince
Rupert is to rest. It is sound logic But in this ivnrk-n-day practical world principle fails to make
'.-"Oil the contention! held out by
those who see much to admire in
'•.'•vcriuii' lit-ciiiliolled And operated telegraph lines. We are sure
the people of Kssington fee! that
the Dominion government has in
no w-ai' advanced the cause The
-erviee given to Essington is pos-
-ildy the Mor-t •>'■ fi cord. It is
•i irinV beMel than hone a] all.
Merchant! have received letters
from M'.c coast, dated simul-
lanceiriW wiMi teftgratna, isj  ad-
. i mi  H(   i\ ire   Hews.    The   reason
for Wt. bbsofcte -»■.» \-;v-*. yi to be
found in the fact that the Her! -Mid
tiftl     '. OVI I'S* III ■' •'    .">!   WlttWa
d,„ -1 >m» .,,. i[. wdi\  I tear fe Make
Ipi nditure w  \ tew ^%Ury
dolKs in  ortrfr i" Build art ekteh-
-i"i> from Atiii'd' 11 ■ ■ ii- dngtoii,
a distance of some fi i ! miles,
partly oicr wat. r The operator
i lv- hi- v... ation with ■<. sandwith
The Ncchcco Valley.
An official bulletin isaui i bj the
govt rniiieiii gays the Xechai o valley is one of the mo.- ' gn ,iiiy favored bv nature in the • bole province. While the l'..;.; , and
Buckley va llej ■ are mor
for stock-raising, the N'ei |iaei i h il h
ii- level valleys and rich whiti
silts, offer,- special induci mi nt- to
farmers Transportation facilities
are at present meager, but with
the construction of the (Irand
Trunk railway it will become one
of the most valuable agricaltural
districts. It- advantages are many
and the land is live . the sob i>
rich and to a great extent open;
the climate is milder, the principal
crops can be grown without difficulty, and the altitude is much
lower than that of the surl'oudiiig
The Ootaa lake country was discovered by accident. Desiring ti
ascertain if a practicable route into the Bulklty valley could In
found from the head oi Gardner
inlet, the government sent a party
into the district for that, purpose
Though they did not find a suitable pass through the mountains
their trip Was successful in othei
directions. They discovered considerable areas of still better land
than that In the bulkley valley
with a better climate and mon
favorable conditions for settlement. Large numbers of settlers
are expect* d to go to the new districts this year — especially the
bulkley valley.
What was mortal oi Geo, A.
liigclow WaS Interred at Simpson
April 18, and  a   largely   attended
funeral     attested     the    esteem    in
whiel deceased was held by thost
a/ho had the pleasure of knowing
him. After receiving the appointment   of   collector   of   customs   at
Maple Bay lie contracted a cold
that latterly" developed into pneumonia, He entered the hospital
at Simpson, and  itniler t1 e care of
Dr. Kergin had Improved sufficient 1 y to permit him to leavs the
intitution.   He  took   a    relapse,
however, and a short While after
passe I into the great unknown.
Deceased came from   Ontario   and
followed up Ci P. II. construction
through t'ds province, He Was
one of the si- pioneers wb. tented
on What is now the city of Nelson
and Subsequently   became   one   of
the leading merchant*, not only
of that city, but the Slot/am   He
went into mining ex1'- u-i v.l.v. but
the Hick!" gobdeati tuviiwl him
down If" WBl a bit' bo.v with a
heart tire site bt s football 'itid no
prospector had a bfttttf friend.
Th» hi" sad >4t*Js '•'> Ihe little one-
act drtum '■J lift w> <v performed
bj thi Ho'v kt- Hofenn, and he
touched e..> I'lud,1- on the many
good point* ol tb'i A. Bigeiow,
-,^-;     =ssx
\\ hcH    >**.c'd    Id    )V "!'   ■  " •     bis
r. -ignrtt-^i'i trrfl I (''•■•r-'inlm. Van-
eiiuM'-, aW "thaA '•;',,■ has too
brief'" Is "span? I 1 at Wtt$ turn
by would ie- moral reformers ind
he wal through with it "
lie wai
no   n
ie in   evidi Ie e   at   Ot
tilia session.   Tlie minister
ot inland   revi o»   ..tie.'
m;;'i-iei' nl i.i.ii ,ii" and fislli
and will also taki iier th •
era I and !i iheriei dcpai tn
which is an important branch and
is of null' rial interest to tIds province, as I ■!' ;. the mill"- are concerned. Th" di putv minister of
marine a ed lisl" rii has been
seised with th importance of the
deeji - a fisbi ies of i be province
ami a,i appropriation < f W2.j,000
has been placed ill the (st iniates
tor the construction of a I is!
cruisi r to protect dei p sea fishing
[loachcrs. The , onstruction
hi t he new cruiser will put n stop
in a grea I i ort of the poaebinj.
but ii is recognitod that more will
have to be done In fore anyting
like a definite result can be accomplished.
Speaking about salmon hatcheries he .-aid it  was   the   intention
to establish one on  Babine and
Stewart lakes, and two on the west
coast of Vancouver Island.
In concluding the member stated that the Qi n Charlotte Islands are coming to the front just
now. A large timber company
proposes   to erect B mill at Massot
bay and several mines are being
developetl at the southern end of
the island. Arrangements had
been made for   a   semi-monthly
mail service for the islands, which
will prove of great assistance, as
the islands were badly handicapped for want of regular mail connections.
R. .1  MacsJontH
The leadin;   hotel ie ie at lorn   1
ritish  Co-
lumhia, i Ii rant ly i imippea t'   n
■ it ihe re-
quirenn ul   of a fastidious bubli'
ami com-
mandimr a superb view   of tin  a
steal  i.
Hot and  i old   baths  at   ali   IJours
transit rred  fr  all  incon ii
ml   to   all
outgoing     ats.
Three Month* Waiting for a Boat.
The triii Is and tribulations of a
lightbouaekeepcr arc numerous
enough ill the ordinary course of
events without the added alliction
of disappointment. Mrs. Davis, the
wife of the lighthousekeeper on
Egg Island. Queen Charlotte sound,
had a novel experience this spring.
She had made arrangements in
December last to visit in Vancoit-
ln January. When tin1 appointed
time came around efforts to secure
recognition from passing boats was
fruitless. On the approach of a
boat Mr. Davis would lull up the
Bag and Mrs. Davis put on her
Sunday clothes. The boats pa-Mil
on. bowevi r. This melancholy
piiiei cdiiie went on for three
months   until    the    sharp   eyes   of
t'apt. Saunders, of the Camosun,
lit mi u small fluttering   object   at
t he rear id   the fog liom, ptlMed  ill
ami made  Mrs,   Davis   a  happy
The TelkWa's Copper.
F.   M.   Dockrill, superintendent
for the Telkwa Mining and Development company, went up to Ha-
zelloii   on   the   Initial   trip of   the
Hazeltott, hritll a View to an early
start til) development work this
summer, Speaking about the future prospecta of (he camp Mr.
Doekfill said the. Telkwa WM one
of the big ptopositrottF in the cop-
del v.'orl ■ today. In spite of all
the difficulties in the Way of transporting goods and Supplies into
that section Considerable work has
been done during th'-' past three
seasonst The showing made has
warranted the cempetty redoub-
lift| itl effort' and vae'a succeeding
sealota has seen an Increase in the
payroll of t'o- "Mnj-.:mv iiii now
a Rgure in tne neighborhood of
fiViiip i t\ ■■.. liiab1,). IHciuSlve of
rriachi'nt r.y\
•'^ilileve-    ' '     I,   ,h>,|e."
laid >1V. bockrln, "the dykes have
been shown to be Well miie '-adzed
Harrison Lake, b. c.
The Baden Baden ol British Columbia,and t Favorite retreat
for the northerner white in quest of pleasun and recreation.
Q.  (tartness), Manag'T
Union SS. lb. of B.C.
we have the largest i tipper bell in
the world today. The properties
held by this company lie about
two miles south  of  the   Ilankings
and Fleming properties on Copper This company  ish,,,t supported
•     , by government  sulsjidies,   but   by
 »^_  the good will ami patronage of the
Premier    Laurier,    before   the traveling public andjshippers.
Canadian club.   I.i.ndon. England, Btcamera leave coi^ipanyV wharf
ij i                .    t.  -i     f /' .    i Vancouver, for Princi Runert, 1'mt
said he was not afraid  of Canada „   ,    ,       ,,   ,.     , L,ul ,     *
,         .                  ...       „,, Essington, Portland 'Canal,  Alert
becoming      Americanised.       Ihe n,iy  ,|||(|  ,,inn,,,;v  ,,   |(i   (ill   ,gt
Americans \\fv   a   practical   peo- 10th and 20th of each month, and
pic who were coming to a country leave Victoria   one >
with better laws and more security newsteel
for property,
Henry's 1907
catalog is out
V  before, bv
I'l.WII l(   t'AMI
the   Only    steamer    01       the    route
built with   steel   wate  -tight   compartments and   doubli    bottom, in
siiring -at' ty of passengers in i as<
of collision or wreck. I
Van Amla.   Lund,  flierint   Bay
lloskyn    Inlet,   Burgd    Narro i -,
Granite Point, ICIk Bail Hardw id
[aland, bear River, Sail,on River,
Port    Harvey   ami   all]    logging
eiimps. every Mondi y alt 8 p, m.
Van Amla.  I.line.   I -wis ' han-
..             ,_, nel. Shoal liav. I'm t  Neville. Port
m. J, Henry Harvey. Chatham Channel, Tri-
8010 Westminster road, llU,u' Chwinel, Broughton Island,
.. every !• ridav at f> p. m.
\ mo i.uv. r. Ii. »•■ (iilison's  Vender liar ior. Nelson
—       ^.^       . ,   M,uul Marb,e   Bn     ,v   •
Lund, Malison's. Whale
rvicKenzie & Jackson\2ftiiT tntet,n
s*t i Tucker Bay, Van And
Uenerai Welcome  Pass,   I'ende,
M^t-r-liorti-c? Granite Island, Jervii f
mercnants     .Monday am a,....
For bei'tl
I'uri base your t n is. seinls
and plant- direct from
grower; Is J ears' experience.
Postoffice block JS^JS!^
Militnery and Dry Goods Store
Poht Kssimiton, n.c.
CarrallSt. Vanco
bber Hay.
wn. Head
y Monday
Gibson a
let, every
, apply at
ver. IX,
and 58 Wharf street, fictoria.
Ladies and gentkmehVfur-     '—.t      #"» -r r»   i       i
niiMfMtt—clothing made to nrder.; Thg h  |   K   |_UlTlu8r ^'
8. Ffizzell
Chief A. Wedildahid
land. Thnbef and Mineral locator
Port Issinqton, b. .
h ItlH ll mile,, n-f tlie I'uiiiur- mul n rlM.ldlt
..I [lic'IMim tot l..rty yinri. mi.l pSacSttnt *
e'V.a knnwli.i^..    . tbegSMl in'l'iTiill- I mri ;n I
AAslttnnto atilifep«rtlesto the Ihiiihiii iinlk
1"\ Valley TM i aniry .-■ 1..>:iii'l*> in g.ioil 0-li
llSj iill-l bQBtitlH i.'nl purlins null, ipiiliii: s o.'ll
;l IOp WlU il"    Ui'l   |i,   M lit,'   to tlir lllX'VL  . 'lil'l
ami of paying quality, and I think! ». din KmiiimniiH c    eo i
All Mwl*   '.'   Iniii'l" :.; i?|v
Vli''U   0¥l   '-ie'V'l    Untie.
Tiie only dry-lain lui|bormttl
in the northern coast of h. e
*. M. Dl'NCAN. Manwrr THh SUN
believed to have
-^. w
• i Vi ■■■ for Hat Leperi
.. .'i i igi i
I'at i...'   i-i
port, ,i o, ( hina.    The co ' of l]i< ir
•■ ' ■ China   i
'.:.'.    i. i: -h. .i  ilur-
■   I
.. bile evad Ad-
received I y thai
h   party of  11 dianj  sent i
. rch I 'thi I wo a |le| ed criminals
hai e n  urni I a/it lioul finding any
heir t
Tic    opinion    i - ej pressed   by
!   ve  liecn   out
viih t; •   pari ;  ps-rti thai the two
tnaj   ha\    i    I deal Ii dur-
ll ! lit .... I illllj    of
not hi.  , adeoii iti Ij   pi cpii i ud   for
rity of th' aa ather,
red that the
of pi |er '•■'■■ 'i.'nh.'d to con-
; tion, I "'I i •■   unable  to  w it h-
■ ii,d   the   ' rials |»ul   to
light    from    justice.
r< ■' irded as the  real  in-
tor  of tin   I   ■ ible  whii!, ri -
nlted in tin murdi r of the victims
of i he a'iair.    Tilt re are those H ho
. i   liowe '     I lial   tl -   i ndian
■ a - not so much to blame bul that
t he intci!' I'eie i with I In 'lone stie
affairs brought tl ■■ Indian to a
point u here he cu I no] withstand
I h   temptation to I ike the   life  ol
ie one whoi    :    I   Id re 'ponsible.
. here was ;i .. 11'   '..    I AS to v, !.ether
I' ter did ie  comtuil   both  mur-
.   alleged.     Pet t was a well-to-
do   I ndian,  In i   crazed   by liquor
and - ifferin    nndi r wrongs he felt
had hi en   done him, ho committed
',.       leed       I In-,   at    least,   is   the
• onsti action put upon the affair
>i en ho di fi nd the Indian's
act ion. There w. re those who pro-
plie ied thai the Indians would
;ie\, r be taken alive. According
to the informal ion received from
11azeltou thi ir  wordi  have come
true and the two fugitives have
perished from hunger and cold
rather   than  yield  to undergo a
t rial for the crimes alleged.
Bush Fires to lh: South of Is.
Passengers  who have arrived in
K.-.-ingteu .-;iy that bad hush  fires
on  the    islands  to  thi   n rtfi  of
\ ancouvei   prevail.    The    recent
dry weather permitted the fires   to
get a   gmsl   headway,  and   unless
rain fell in Ihe near  future  much
Ii  timber would lie lost, Tl i
lire so far repi rted i ■ raging
at   Ht< * irt    1 land,    almost    the
island I e in-   . ■ ported  to   be
■i ii ■-.   On tli" southeast   side
I II timphrey elm ! i lien  i   on-
itbei ii lire wllii ll ha- spread
rapidl'. . Several small fires are
'iiuning in the tinilier along Lew i-
,   . ul     A|  ;'  IlilCl   e
• 1  «i
irmui h M"i' o the Ann
.   .
feet deep ed  on  the
The loi       -.-•.:,,.  in  th
Anna ffa|l
dated   and   -Oi. k   have had a  hard
time this spring,     [I took the bro-
tiiet ami 'i'emai'.imi reserve is evb Ihers si'; and a half dayi to make
not be em
The lien Ions growth  oi   the
mining hu-ini   - io the Uobait dis-
deneed by the fac] i lie! | he government lias appointed   eight   ii   |>ei
tow to bandh I!    '< uaim .<.-.  which
i.i-i yi or wa    casiIj   m inaged   bv
t In1"" Insp
Montreal has fell the firs] effects
of the new Sunday hra by the m>n-
trrival o( the usual Mew Vork
Sunday panel s. Wh n ' ho
dealers went t the (Irand Trunk
railway station laaj Wei k they
found no papers.     All the ■ xpress
I ole  could   oy h.' • that fhe pa-
P' 1- had !" n flopped on the
frontier In a< 11 rdani ■ ■■. '■: h the
nen Igw. The Montreal News
compnay will fight the question
with the oi■ istunee of tlie American publishi ' . v. ho will contend
ih it the delivery of papers, is not
a !j in lieh of the law.
swings the Iris into
Port Simpson
Th- I shery cruiser Kestrel came
into port last week looking none
the worse for her recent naval en-
gagciuenr-'with the smuggler Iris,
and at last has been able to add
another mark to her long record
of t wo capt urea.
"(vetting too hold and careless."
said a Ketchikan man to the Sin
after he had heard of the capture
of the boat. "The smugglers look
upon the Kestrel ,n the light of a
joke, and when six or seven of
them get reciting their experiences
they draw a curtain of interested
spectators around th."' . The fris
lUUSt have been asleep or 'be
buoyed, for Ihe was built at Beat-
t Ie for smart  work."
The   Iris   is chat ged with bri ok-
ill".   ('aliaiiian   I UStoillS    i
the trip it] an and [our to come
i Ii nit) ;-- ioni r Coopiba and i'ri-
gadii i ■•'■ ■ i ■;■ ■ expected to
arrive In ■•" some time this
week to pay a ti ip o| inspection
I to the how r district, and ii boat
connect ions can be arrangi d a
visit   to  ilatolton  will be op the
list      The In". | in;: I i;i tmvn will be
held in the I unninghain hall.
Mi- s. ffitti Mi- ruminiscent
these fine summer days over
the month of February last, when
taking the boat for Vancouver.
While being transferred to the
(laiuosun at the lower point she
unfortunately dropped Into the
water a satchel containing a gold
a itch ami two hundred dollar*
—a veritable fortune for sunn
poor mortal, Mrs. Frisxell hopet
that a repetition of Jonah and tin
whale incident may come to past
in a salmon and a aatchell, and
consequently has notified all fish
eriueii to be mi their guard for
any leathery Mihstance that may
be encountered during the process
of raiting ami packing the lusciou
and kingly Spring,
The BukleV valley,   the   district
brought into greater prominence
through the publicity given it by
that admirable publication, the
Bulkley Pioneer, derives its uani<
from Co] Charles S.  Bulkley, en-
gillecr-in-chicf   of     the   once    cell'
brat' d  overland   telegraph cxpedj
tion.    He was attached to   the   U.
S. army telegraph corps.
In the mutter nf On- Mineral ma m"l amend*
ilip HI l«. llll'l   III    111"   niiillrl'   ul   tllfl   W.'-t.TIi
Cupper group, cmhuIhIIum nl llii* Umpire,
North Sur, Argentlle, iliwkley, Sonatina,
btnerold, \ erdure una Western Cupper mm
ITjll  .IlllllO.
Whereaa by nntlrt .ino-.l tk• <-   SWh Any nl
..pril. HW7, jrou were required lo forthwith \
i" in" undi'i-ivin it  Mrneri vrtth rt»u In i',.■
ulinve luintTitl rlntmil   ;li" Mini  ..I  |lfl0, lis ymii'
one fifth -inn" i.l Hit* N»M*iiiment work done on
:■.!■., I"   .HI,   ...   i,f O"
k, ii., in ■ ■
lor ,1     1. Ii     ■ '   .'i e '
Th.- Iris i- alleged to have hind ! ■••!»! lh«",M
inn of I ' "i.'ii
.1 a trapper and his outfit at Kun-     '
It ,i I v . ■
(rent, Canadian territory, and   tbii
titutes the off.iice agoinst   the  I'"1""    ' ■•'   ■■
,.,.!:,,,,  Intra "' -' '    ■ ■  ■ ■•    II, II   '    itnltii    \   D. tiwn,
ui       — ' bt-iu B.i". cm
..., , I     .     ,   q; '     l'«t"il Ml Viiii,. nit        ll.  I at    .in     nl
I ne  prize  was landed at rump-  m«.
i    ,   , oil       t 1* Winn ^^;   e   \   Ittiiii '■ B. c.
channel and there is a lilaxu in the son,  anil   later  will   oe  toweil  to    tot.j b n.c
•     , , ■ -i •      i i- •       \- t Mel.Ki'"
liniher mar (iin>eii -   l.amliiig.  in   \ ancouver. I c. w. MKl.l  if Si
Travellers in China say Hector
Macdonald, " ighting Mac," is engaged drilling Chinese troops.
Ti ! ■ • on
The Royal Bank of Canada
Hosslapd, Vi '
. i"
General h ansacb I and  savi
dep rtincnta o • lies.
Port Essington Branch, $. A. Morley, Manager
■, ->.- ...,-,—-,   ■■ ■
Boyd k Young IZlZSl
—»— ■■n^.w.i-    —,.
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B, C.
Under new management. Thoroughly renovated,
l.iih' ss, Camopun.
Late Commercial lintel, Vam nuver.
. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
JUST ARRIVED Tons of fresh groceries,
'it'ty    men's   and   hoys'nobby   Piccadilly   suits,
latest in cut and patterns,   Call and inspect.
door step
to the
plateau u
.1   M   But I the
llai bor ■      ery, situated  a
■ distance  duI  ■ i  Vani
1 ft  (or the pouth  last    week  to
the work-
I the  Ah • mnery  at
oral tin ■ j ear,    '1 he property
i   by   M r.
ii.    11. iApe; ts to be back in
A survey party, headed by G. T.
Rant, Victoria, have completed
part oi the work of surveying 7000
acres of timber limit.- 80 miles up
thi Skeena for the port Simpson
Pulp and Power i'o. The completion of tiie -ur.i"- will be made
next spring
It is understood Captain -1. K.
Noel, Victoria, will be given command of 'he large snagboat now at
Westminster to be stationed In
these waters.
M. Mcl'hattcr. representing a
Northwest cattle company, came
down from the Interior this week
after having secured more land for
the company he represents. Mr.
MePhattcr believes the interior is
well adapted for raising stock and
his company intends to expend a
large sum of money in exploiting
'he undertaking.
Kay Mackay, the Port Simpson
lownsite man, is piloting three
gentlemen from Tonapah, Nov..
through the high altitudes. The
lent leiueli in ipleStiou    are    Dr.   .J.
I-".. Benson, •). ¥i Benson and K. C.
Benson The trip i--- a combination of the recreative with a small
admixture of business. The party
is armed to the teeth and no detail in the commissariat end of the
party has been overlooked. They
Bxped to he away a montln
The unregistered firm doing
business as ".l. A •!.," ami better
Known as Johnson & Jones, hand
stevedores ami purveyors of fast
freight along Basing ton's water-
•Vont. have dissolved partnership.
Mr. JoneS has Bedded to retire
from active participation in trans-
 tatioii matters, ami will devote
his time exclusively to laying before the Mighty Andrew (\, the
rich ami  ripe field existing In this
I.1, i, fur tic establishment of a
library, Mr. Johnson will.'-carry
in the busini -- as heretofore and
any bills against the firm will be
'liquidated' by Mr. Johnston, w dm
Will also collect all bills due
Thre' good looking Irish boys
wh'i had travelled on the Camo uii.
on tie il Way Up-tOWU, called at the
only hai bei'shop ami asked for the
trail to Haaeltoiii One nncliari-
table lieiii|j -aid   the   trail   was  to
i. - t at I hi- ti I y.  ir
i u th 11 ' eit.'ii 0".■- w ho win-
'. red outside last winter Barney
Millvaney and Stanley Dunlevy
easily led the van in pushing their
districts'* capabilities before tin
attention of the public, and it is
reported that Barney sli pi d ith an
\e open thinking out a way to
have an increase in  'he terms of
'he mail contract granted the firm
of Berines 4 Mulvancy, for extra
Work done around the portage be-
|',m eu Kitimaat Mini tie Little
Canyon of the Skeefia. Dunlevy
has grinding corn in another
way. He was placing large orders
for his new bouse nt Haielton and
tiwiuainting hiinself with automobile!, as n contingency for fu-
'iiii' travel in tie- interior plateau.
"Ahorse, a horse," cried a bunch
a young richards, a- <\ Barret hd
•ai to the dock last week the
thoroughbred Clydesdale stallion
Lively bad The stallion is IS
months old and weighs 1800, and
lias a record of winning several
lajgea in his class at I adner Landing. B. Cij where the fine ariimal
h- in aecured. M r. Barn M is do'
bidedly proud of his purchase and
lay th» hoTS*   '•il'    add    lustre   to
i known as "the government   ion'   Home for the past  month  as
," near Hazclton.  The sight] the   ■•■sul*   of   injuries    sustained
of a   horse  in   thi- horseless city at the  burning oi  Mrs.   Prizzell'a
was  the occasion   ol   admiration store this   spring,    is
fneii   others   than   ' oys.   and   the   nicely    and   it   i-   Undi
in inner in w hicii j iple grouped
around the visit i   reminded one
of jumbo on  parade.
i, B. atackentie, the 1!. N. A.
bank, with headqu i rs at Vancouver, returm d   mnv  last week
after having mad" i tour of the
three prospective ties—Essington, Simpson and Rupert. Mr.
Mackenzie did not see an opening
for his bank in the north this year
but it is not unlikely that next
spring the question will he taken
up. He sees wonderful poseibities
in store for this lower country and
once definitenesa and confidence
is imparted a world of activity will
take place. He had intended going up-river, but the uncertainty
of boat communication at the time
led him to abandon the proposed
At the Cannon street hotel, London, recently, several men were
shaved clean without razors. The
operator covered the face he was
operating upon with a teaspoon or
a tahl "knife, The result appears
to be highly satisfactory. What a
boon this invention will prove to
the modest and sensitive shaver
like R. J. Mac.lon.ll and Hugh
Dr. Kergiti was in Kssington last
Saturday Ota his Way home from
attending tlie legislature. The
doctor came in on the Venture
from Bella Coola, where he laid
over one trip in order to meet the
constituents of that section. Mrs.
Kergin, who also spent some time
in Victoria while the doctor attended the session, proceeded her
husband's arrival by one week,
having come up on the Caniosun
the trip before last.
The tug Chieftain, which Was
towed to the Terminal City for the
purpose of having repairs performed to her boiler) >s expected to
steam north   in about twelve days.
A. II, StcGilliVfky came down
from Haclcton on the boat of the
same name Tuesday and brings out
samples of potatoes taken from
John O'Hearn'a pstsemptioni half
a mile i'miii the Glacier house and
60 miles from Halleton. I! would
he Impossible to look at better samph's of the lircely variety than the tubers Mr. McGilli-
vray intends exhibiting at the
tourist associations on the lower
J .i I-. IL'illcy left on Sunday by
tin Mi,nut Royal for the tall limner- .a ihe Copper river, where he
will soliloquise with a pick while
doiug assessment work on his reputedly good copper properties in
that section.
IL HaWSon went inside on tie
Mount Royali
The Pioneer say°i W 1> Lukins
will have his Aldermen assay office in operation tiext month. This
may be so; hut We'll gamble sawdust t" seaweed that  if   thdSfc   two
fluffy grisiiies be met while pros-
pecting la<t summer are still alive,
there will be little assay work done
at thai apothecary shopi Lukins
wants just one more chance at the
monsters—and that'.- alb-tlcn he
Will settle down to the ferine.-' in
Hugh Wilson, ill" millionaire,
left for Vancouver on the May "n
Wednesday, ami  Will   be   hack   in
teli daVs.
W I). Lul-'ins, Lent   rtroughton,
Harry Fink and Mcl'hee expect to
-hip I'd tons   of   ore   this   -'limine"
from their properties in the sabine
range for a. test to the Ladyamith
iftnelteri   The1 ore !•■ on the diimp
and VerJ1   h'gli grade copper
Miss T. I lilts, the youlig lady
■vim In,u lipi.ii   eimtiiied In Dr. \\'i|.
patii i,; will be ready t i
home in another w< ■';.    11 ii
it        pre cut intention to i mbark
041 the next  trip  of    tie     Mu\      loi
pi i, • ed  ;    ber  homi   i i \ ernot .
(this province), « hi re her p
re, id ".    Mrs.   Prizzel]  will aci
pany lier as far aa vam >uv «
Mis-  Phillips   nays   »chool at-
temlane ■ ib good, there hemg forty
on the roll, and  the children  are
unlike the wild city urchins,
No trace has been found of the
two Finn-who were drowned opposite Cunningham's hall several
weeks ago, while making their way
to a sloop anchored in deep water.
A poor fellow who i.- just coming out of the d. t.'s. was sent
ashore bv the captain of the Caniosun and lodged in the jail building for safe-keeping, He was a
sorry looking sight, and. when his
supper of poached eggs,   mast   and
beef tea was    placed before  him
by Constable Collins,   he piteously
sked for  the  sain
steamer will pick him Up oil the
downward trip.
Rev. B. C. Freeman Is attending
the Ii. C. conference at Vernon.
Forty-seven sack? o] mail  were
taken up-river on the first boat.
mostly papers.    It was  mail  that
conge-ted during the winter.
If signs were wanting to demonstrate what the future has in
store for the interior plateau we
would,   recommend  a  stranger to
take a look at the mowing machines, wagons and agricultural
implement.-" that are at pfCsent
quartered at the Cunningham
dock. They arc all consigned to
residents in the valley.
invitations are OUt For thi1 great
annual event in which the eiiiz.ciis
of Kssington take sue'n pride—-the
34th of May ball—-and judging by
the activity the ladies are showing
promises to eclipse any previous
affair of the kind. Mr. Morlej' announces that ,250 invitations Acre
issued, and that dancing will Commence at tho early hour ol HiSo.
A banquet is part of tit: festivities
and Chairman Prizzcll -a;." that
a jolly time i- ill store lor I hose
■   Port fs&ington, B. C.   •
Butchers, Provision and Fruit Dealers
Lo     ti tcred dad.
Hams,    btti a        lard     veget   ■!■     end
fruits a ; i ain;    at
.Specially Creamery flutter and iresii Efgl
Remember wc are headquarters for Iruil and Vegetables
A Pleasant Evening.
given by Mr. and Mrs. FriKell on   MiLoUFl     Ul\UU     \A).
Wednesday evening—-and   almost     .-.i       . , p. .
everyone in Kssington was thee-  Liieniists and Druggists
pronounce the occasion one of
tle> e pleasurable affair- that add
sei i to a weary life and drives dul
care to the four points of the compass. With an evening spent in
joyous   intercourse and
tlaill lie.
Pure Drugs, Medicine-. Chemicals, Books, Stationery. Toiht
Articli -. Id'.
Mail    ordet     receive  prompt
■ i •     I     and careful attention.
refreshments it \r-   easily concciv
aiil,   that   it   should   bate   , jone! Dufferin SI.     ■   Port Essington. B. C
through to the wee small hours of
the morningi Mrs. Fritzells' re*
putation aa a hostess i- gradually
extending   to   point- (ar   removed
from   Essington,    A list of tho ie1
who attended follows!
Hi   ri a Mr    Morrow, Mr   tm If. Ul and
Mrs. In nil. Mr-. chit. Mr iiml Mi- V \.n I
Mr-. Mnnli-, Mr. I.vin,-. Mr. nisi Mr- li"iii
npatf.li Mi nii'l Mr-. B«lllle, 1',' Wi'-.m. Me
Nnl.li' mui Mill N.a,:.\ Mi- Artaau, Mr. iiml
Mr- Waliirr. Mi-- Kl-i.riniii. Mr iiiiil Mr.
llnlf, Mr. »li.I Mr- Klrln . Mr-. I aliaK, Mr iiml
M'-.i Cunningham, Mr  I  Mr-, fatnrr.m,
Mr«. I'rtrUr, Mr. nii'l Mr-. Ilayi-. Ml 111M Mill, x, Mm. h.iv'1. Mn Laughtiin, MlMaa Moi
row, ( Ov.-n anil W.--I; M'--r- lltlgeaen, Ilu-li
brook, it Bruce, W Brown, Cottar, Ji . i t
Kllli T ColHna, 1 Cat hen, A Mnrlajr, Smith,
w. N".'1, KeCormlek, Joiepli, Jraat Hrptin
■tall,Sloan, W. J. o'N.-ni, a Ktrfia, W Mac
.1 aa. Wllklc, Rai  Wllaon, B. Ototn. Ji . I"
Mm■k-.nr.it, 0. M. Mackanilc.
JEWELLER    .     .
The several tini> - postponed
meeting for the purpose of organising the Port F.saiiigtnn lire
brigade was held ii: the School
house on Wednesday nl   hist week.
The business -d the meeting was
the election of n cbiei slid other '.
officers, ami also the discussion as
to the advisabllty "f the department taking In hand: Under its
auspice', the iirnpostHl 84th of
Mav eclebra'tlon, which hitherto
has been etiniueted by the eiti-
Aider   confid.ei'a'ii" dis.'usrd-iii it
eras  Bnally decided  to allow the
ball    arrangement-     to    take   the
course ,-f mm,i r y ars and rem<tlh
in the bands of the citllens
Thi re Were only two contests m
Fislierv NoW
fnspecto* tlilce'eii -iv'- thai
Stdiing for spring salmoti bn -the
river began somewhat later this
year on accounl o( thi riter beihg
blocked v.ith Ice.   The run of iish-
tbough,  has   b-en   fairly  good   up
to the present time.
Licenses    lo    the liuuih"!'   of   I Hi
hate hien isstlCtlso far to those en-
"ag' ii i!i spring fishing.
The fisheries steamer Falcon,
(laptain Cop, arrived in port Tuesday wit'-i Inspeetoi Williams' and
Mr-. Williams on boafdj after hav-
ing visitetl all the fistieries along
the coast ill wha' is known as ilis-
I ti Id n'onb'.r Iw-i
Th   ' ahn-rii■- arc  getting hti ty
j onii'innkiilg ami preparing for the
: husv seasoiii   < Juitc n   number  oi
Indians an :;" ling t heir way down
to the fishing ground* from up the
Just   arrived        A   net* ship
meet  of clocks,   matches and
All   work    .'.an anted   u.   give
i    itisfaction
Warner Lunch Room
Fh' only first-class
Short 0r4er boMB
Irt Csshiotofi   .   .
Private b
loi part ie
"   .   ■    TILl     -   I .  Hi
'U'C. .-'i IK ', hi: V. I    IM.".  HOC -I
Mrs. W. Wdi ncr, i'rcprielri'.v.
"■. - —ii —..I.■ !•      • i    ■ i
N'i I igil i i ii  the   Skeena.   It is
[ believed.   Drill    he     l'1'd     off     l-ll'H- r
] this yeai' than  usual,     Freshets
arc expected soon  on account  of
In hn ■■•■ tjuahtity of snoW  Itt   the
The Officers Of the rlaCClton believe the present   trip will   be tne
lust 10 !!a,e'!,il:   [of that boat this
seaso". as She   goes    ii "'ii    here   to
the Stickine riteri
\ 11 the freight at the Canyon,
wbicb included thai "i the Mount
Rol ah. lifts gohe thfotigb
Th"   ll.-ail'n':   tUO»  B teftttj Rrtd
hot-si's  Irobt   ua'.'ii-ii'.  "in! helped
tla frcicbt >• ■•>..■-• tie ii,.ri,'ii'"
200 cents a year for
this littie paper
~.- .■.——»._-.
Th-   V'-i't" ■•.-■'"'•  '■  ckbeeted In
tie    i lection,  tl tie   for eap'-'-ei   . . ,
',        from *hi   'outb anv dav.
and other for sei tctarv, I be otbt " j
thi   unity  and acclanlatibb
The  following  i-  'he p-i-im-i'd
in   hi    i■'.'■ brigade:
Hon president:     V Olsen
President:   M. N. Bnglish
Chief!     <;  -I. Frizzed.
Captain!   A.G.Harris. depth    Mr. Snyder, a North Van4
Secretary:    A. B.Smith. cbuvei Contractor, who h!»6 made a
Treasurer:   1 Hi Marley persoi tl testoi the roil^saya it i-'
Poacher lo be Prained.
'■'  ■ i'ddnir to all reports Poacher
i -!a!, i   :ppears to be an itgrb ultu
ral p.-''ibility, attd a l.uhi island In
' the north    Tho soil  is raid to be
VerJ    ffi 'i-luctive and •■'»■. • . ft fair
admirable   fo» the  pn duction  ol
small vi getables, :.v', tbb summei
he I'l-opo", s bringihii up u crew of
mefl   ami    'tart   in   draining 5000°
acn-i for a sydnteate of  rehiCh  he
is ■! large holdel of stock.
 i 4..	
1000 Fruit Trees.
A- a  fruit   p" nihility   Kitsunv
gallium u 1 > til" Skeena, appears to
be well thought of and gives rise td
the the belief thai tie- orchards
will grace this ierni-arid belt long
befon the Grand TrUhk comes
pondering down through ' fce Big
Canyon On the first ujp-river
boa* loo., fruit trees Wen liken to
Kitstithgallum and that •. i'.ddior-
hood am! the boat  pri senl i the
app. 'I "ll'ir    of     II     1  ursf 10 ,'   in     thtl


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