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The Sun Jul 27, 1907

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 Prince Rupert
Port Simpson
Circulating in Northern British Columbia
v .j  ;
V.   1
PORT HSS'N'iTON, li   C: •<! IV
87, I9QJ
■'"' •!•'." '
" . ■       t
. i'iim ion $l Pu Yi ut.
„—— .     i .
*»**■ 1* mm'rutm i-„. ''' !:' •>«  ' "•--'  :'  ■-'■""•" •'"'   *■
i .."I mislortum occurred* few P1" ' lo«(       '  fctinialely
■lav. ae,,i,,   "„    ...   ii.,    fl h  :1,,„l:,(1,,;li";ii; ***b N*sldentl and l.'i I
Ait!, I,i-i .vite Wil family, oul fr  theaotron In synipath*  with (fin*
tin- J...I-!. vhil. ps I  Ram - ,|,"i '" 1,,1<'-    T-''-- '",l-'"n j- :l
den point opposite the  mouth  ol doftth traP •nd WM ^**f "'■""'ll
theNaasrixer    .\   i..,.--. m  WMI by th* Indians a« -.ucji and unlc
running al tha time     Hi- boat
■ i—i—.   .. —■ ■. ■"—  ■  ' *	
eii.ri'ie-, .in  l.. ■ i.: -.■  mad<   ■■< 'I.",-,- toriii papen      Ai!  mch  locations church, seryiaj     •  : i ;. i..   . i .' "  P.C.T.SC Co.,  I'ft
■I  .Ml'     Il'l'.'e,l'.e       Ti'i.-:   IHI i-
was capaisod in ••. (quail    Hi.- wife
llllll   (WO   children   who   v, tin     tin
board) were. 'l..,ivu,',l. The- man.
an Indian, pa^edS Hniy the, saved
Ins own life by clinging to tlie upturned boat, until rescued  bf  ihe
steamboat Nagasaki. The youngest child, an infiii'' in amu was
picked uji by another fisherman
named Janics J-'joat, floating in tlie
little box-like cradle Though I'ery
much thaworse for exposure, tin
child was alive irhen found, but
,lie,l about 'line hoursafter r-nn'.
While writing  ,'f  'hii H - ■ 1 ■,■! j - •< >i*-
liuiiil, it would '"-   an   injustice   tn
the above named Indian settlement
were we    tn    pa-s    I,    ONI    H ilhollt
comment. Although the inhabitants are in "1,,'ly all ffbsent at 111 its
season nf the year, we hardly require their j,I'eseiiee to fnnii an
opinion of the placo, Tlie absolute cleanliness, thoroughly up-to-
date methods of the buildings,
lighting of streets, the distance of
houses from sidewalks are examples
ih.'it could he followed by some
populations to their advantage. The ahle guidance ie'' Rev.
Archdeacon Collinson i.- largely
resppnsibje for the satisfactory con-
ilitlttns existing il. 'his. the   sm.irt-
e.-t looking little town on th, north
lVut Ne].-on, next to Irotldalc,
reports li-1, running very satisfactorily,     Orje hoat oil the 10th t .line
in with 305sockeyes, forone catch,
Mr. W. Lord says he ha. all the
fishermen ha can accommodate at
This embryo seat ,,[ Industry,
formerly known as Dog Fish Hay,
hids fair to fake the lead in the
march of progress in thi' district.
Although all tin small settlemi nts
it is fixed, future calamities may
mi ii;'far jvoj-t:I' '..hail Jhjl p-'"-.,-i>t.
A plan of the canyon shows u Ivr
on the west siil<- «<t head whew a
channej cuhl !„■ forced by a wiftg
dam nmi change tlu; whole tupdeipt
navigation to comparative safety.
The catering is most dangerous.
Where the life ,,{ the entire boat
depends on the strands of a cable
againsf a heavy stream,ij i- a most
vei.tiii'iv-ome  undertaking to   get
out or -JI       If 80 t  HI!) feet at heatl
of main i'liannel was taken out and
a  permanent  cable  installed, the
danger would he greatly lessened.
In the Vancouver World of July
12, the statement  was m&uje thai
the p uty that went to the rescue
of the Mount Royal survivors was
comjioscd .of ii party of Indians
fi'oni an Indian wharf This is not
altogether correct, for as soon as
the upturned wreck of the Mount
Royal   eolne   through   the   lanyoli
aiul lodge on the bar opposite Mr.
Durham's place, Messrs. Durham,
Johnson, Washburn, Cecil ami
Heaven (ihe latter two Indians)
were the first to laumh boats ami
proceed in grcst haste to wreck to
rescue the live mm on the bottom win, had so miraculously saved
themselves when the boat turned
over,and who show*.!, -■■< h wonderful   presence of mind amid   the
seines of t|ii> Wreck.
Work on Golden Crown is, progressing. Tun miles of ditching
aiul flume is being made, bringing
on water fr.om several small creeks
during drv   season   Jo   rill)   an ar-
One of Mr. Bergin'a men nf the
G, T, I', survey, came from Copper
river a couple of days ago ami reports that party is locating the
Kiiiiuat branch,
The charter demands that it be
built before expiration of 1907 to
get the 16,000 per mile bonus. The
proposed line will go through good
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_tin.hi r laml ami as  a eoiistructjon
and cannery ports, etc., are Hour.U)plv ..^ .( ig *nvalunbk
ishing, Whiting Bay with a  natur
ara Invalid,     In order to   make in  English tsd        p A
th, in valiJ. the itiiii,■•■■ must again service of song t will pna-
be published, and in  a  newspaper cede the ordinary ser-yj.ee     All a,.-
published iq ,Skeena land district, heartily welcome
While this may  worlj  a  hardship     Among the |ur losers lay Iba Mf
on both the U-nd locator*  and the Royal wreck aw K 8, Sargent, of
Vancouver   and    Victoria    ijewe- Haseljon, who  was shipping out
the publication of a notice as it  is
in the shaking of a limit."
ally protected harbor, unlimited
water power, plenty of land convenient to the waterfront for factory Bites, situatetl iit or just inside
the month of Portland Canal, is
unrivalled because of Its freedom
from ice in the winter. Your cor*
respondent has no hesitation in
pronouncing it  a  most desirable
location and expects to see great
things in the very near future,
Mr. Ha in ilton, the managing director, is nn indefatigable worker
and during the erection of the cannery has been fully employed Bait-
Ing salmon, lie has also just had
completed an up-to-date smoke
house and om correspondent can
testify as to the excellent iniccess
of theit smdked halibut Negotiation'' have beer) cMH%*1 bit tor stJrhe
time and ttr ab>?Ul i (ninpleted for
♦ he stippK n; u fnll ei'ujpmnnt of
sawmill machinery The present
development ,,F Portlan I CanRl jus-
titier- such a move and it is reported
that this mill will be the forerunner
of several in that neighborhood!
.   KITSELA8, B.C.. July ll— The
lllfated Mount Royal is still bottom
tip in  th" head  nf   th •   bar   at   the
!Hl'Jiih ;,f ,.,„,tr, .it,,| ho new   di--
Prince Rupert Empire! "Timber
limit and land locators in Skeena
Land district have not hecn oh*
serving one of the most important
provisions of the Land Act, and
many of theni will find that their
locations ore invalid. If a locator
makes a mistake in staking land or
a timber limit, the mistake must
he corrected before the application
is finally passed by tie1 lands and
works department. The Land Act
requires locators of laml and timber limits to publish a notice of
their locations in a newspaper and
ill the British Columbia Gazette.
If there be a newspaper published
in the jtunl district in which the
land applied for is situate, then the
notice must he published in that
newspaper. Such publication is
obligatory. There are two newspapers published in the Skeena
land district. The Sun at I'ort Ks-
singtori. and the Empire at Prince
Rupert. The Sun has been published at I'ort Essington since May
18th of this year and hundreds of
hind and timber limit notices for
land situate in Skeena land district dated since then have hecn
published in VanCdttvsi ami  Vic-
j-apersthelawi. !!:•■  law and itl^ worth of ^       B.Cunning
should lie observed  as  stnetlv  in . ,   ," ,;  ,„.       , ,,
          ••    • 'hum it Sons, Ltd., 11,000;and Alex
Oaks, I78Q, Hopes are entertained
that a good /''any at Jhese skins
will yet he recovered, as they were
packed in boxes, and |n all likelihood drifted ashore.
li. J. MeDonel) went to Victoria
Judge Voung .■'iid family leave
Port Simpson on the next May for
Three canneries on the mirth siile
of the Skc, ua river—North Pacific,
Cassiar nnd. Inverness—"are about
to enjoy luxuries not accorded to
their more unfortunate confreres
on the south side. They are lo
have 'phones installed. Arrangements to that end are in progress.
The connection will bo mad.' over
the Dominion telegraph line aiul
the necrsaiy hoxes, etc., are being
Miss f,t>utliiiin has returned ,t<>
Essington after a months' visit iii
the 10-ceiitvl'ow-toun heit.
Ken Siiii,Mi. who huik the Dominion telegraph line from Aberdeen
to Rupert In twi, months and six
days, was in Easiflgtnn this week
on hi,' way south,   Tie- constructed
line was turned over to J.T.l'helaii.
superintendent of Vukon government telegraphs,  who arrived  at
Rupert on the Royal last .Monday.
From Rupert Mr. Phelan goes on
:n, inspection tour as far as Hazelton and expects to he hack in ten
days, The rale for commercial
messages  to   Rupert   will   be   the
same as to Aberdeen and port.lllBinuwu ,,. n, .,. n-ir-n-ut-, me
Simpson. Mr. Phelan goes north „„,„,.,„.„, '„.,,„ ,mt „„.„„., M((..
mi the next Hazelton. .       .   . .       ,     ,.* , ,
ccctletl in  giving  cleetrii'   li-rht   t
: ..   ..v. i I,.,  the  Roys I
e.' ^ii . ;...'! expect.- ':-' be bai k in 10
M    M■■• 'l.-iiiihl. manage*  I.
cannery,  was  in    E    ngtoij
thi-   >M' k.
11. E Kirby took passage on the
Royal yesterday I >r Vancouver
Provincial Land Surveyor Grey
went up-river oo tha Northwest
Thursday morning. Tlie visit ,,f
Mr. Grey to the district has he.-u
one of much concern to the residents of the interior. His Brs|
work will he to determine and re*
port on the feasibility of a wagoq
road or trail into tli/i Bulkley from
the canyon, After passing on the
merit or otherwise of a wagon road.
Mr. (Irey will proceed toAldermere
where uncompleted government
survey work, initiated last year,
will be brought to nn end.
The Venture took out last  night
HOD cases of fresh,  sweet   salmon
from the A. B. can aery.
installed  hy   H. (I.  Spraguc,   th
A syndicate of Iowa   capitalist
has just completed the i.'Ul'ehaee of
a hundred and seventy-six Btpji-re
miles of timber limits in central
Vancouver Island. The amount
involved will run Into hundreds ol
thousands of dollars, although the
precise figures have not been disclosed. Th,. lowaus were represented by Mr. \\. K. Siniiison ,.l
Ioua Palls, who has hecn ii   visitor
in Vancouver   at  various  periods
during the pa-it month, The syndicate will erect mills on the island
and will eut lumber for the export
trade. The anpiisition of limits on
the mainland i.-: contemplated, and
negotiations lor large areas is  now
in progress, -Mills will also be erected o'.i the mainland and the
product will be sold to the domestic trade. The limits just aeijuired
on Vancouver island were cruised
by Mr, W. D. Mnxccr, a well known
lumberman of Junction city, Or.,
and a small army nf assistants,
The traps for the Essington gun
club arrived this week and have
1,,-en installed, and despite the fact
it is cut busy and "■.'rowing time,''
several inspections of   the   ground
have already been made, One
party, headed by Captain Wadhains. which included several of
the gentlemen Irom the delayed
steamer Northwest, visited the
range on Tuesday and pronounced
it an ideal one for good shunting.
J. J. Sloan took the Royal for
Vancouver, Friday.
Another strong institution has
sent ii pilot into northern B.C. Mr,
J. Anderson, inspei tor-general lor
the B.N, A, bunk passed through
here here on his way to Hazelton
where he goes to spy out the land.
Mr. Anderson was at one time tbe
manager of the I!. X. A. bank in
Atlin, and his knowledge there
gained specially lits him in pasting
on the merits of a new t ountry.
The Lifeboat A-.-u.. incbrpordted
by royal charter, with bur public-
spirited townsman, G. ('rippin. as
Prince Rupert.
T. Dunn, manager for the V. S.
A C, Co., Rupert, passed south on
the Royal yesterday,
I'rov. Constable Viekerstook two
prisoners down on the Royal One
was C. Stevens, special constable,
[laze I ton, who got :! years before
Judge Young, at Simpson, Tuesday,
for perjury. The other was J. Free
man, supplying, 3months at West-
The hotly of Solomon (ll'eeli. who
was drowned bv falling out of his
eiuiQe, while crossing to Balmoral
some weeks ago, rras recovered by
a Japanese fisherman Thursday. A
;r'J0(1 reward fur his body was offered
l,v friends,   The remains  will  be
taken to Simpson,
.1. 1']. Kirbv, constable, Hazelton,
was in Essington this week, lie
came down with several prisoners
and witnesses who appeared before
Judge Voung at Simpson.
The party of capitalist from the
middle American states, and also
extensive dealers in land in the
Canadian west, headed bv banker
c. (i. Edwards, of Mayville, N. I).,
left Kssington for Hazelton and Al-
dernicre on the Northwest Thursday morning. The party spent an
enforced week in Essington owing
to certain necessary »-ork which had
to be done to the Northwest before
her departure up river. Mr. Edwards is president ol the It. c. T. ty
v'. Co.. iiiiil this is his first visit to
this section of B. C. The company
of which In' is the head have spent
a large sum of money in exploiting
the resources of the Bulkley, and
its ramifications extend to town-
sites, rivei- boats, tmil lands, agricultural and other Ventures. About
the naming of the Clftfcton addition
Mr Edwards was non-pllissed. "It
can't be Claxton." he Said, "and I
am a' a lofts for a name/ We Suggested Skeena City,  but   this,   too.
  wit   perplexing, as il wolild lead to
hon. pred., gave their initial enter- no end of confusion  by   writers
tainineiit  and  dance   Wednesday oriritting city from their cbrrespon-
nighl    The solo, "Somewhere,'' by delice.   It wa- then suggested that
Mr. LS. V. York, Victoria, wa!the he Advertise for a suitable  name,
,,,,.. • iipulion, ,-, i. rlnarj rurtr. i i
gemof the evening, and elicited ahd thus afford Espingtoninnssome ;,„..„,.,„;..,,„,,,,
well-merited applause.    This firm substantial  Subject  to tleliato on
of entertainment in an  innovation
in Essington and should   have encouragement.
durilig   the   long    winter    month:-
Victoria,    li.  ('..   was    visit, d
by a $250,000 lire on the 2 Ilh.
which had its origin in Chinatown
and spread to tlie residential section south of the city hall. ever,
ing an area a mile in extent. The
spread is attributed to poor ■■ ater
The on ■ burning question at
Rupert is meat and the following
lines have miggci'ted that I menu
be called in :
You're salty and greasy and smoky
as sin,
But of all the grub ive love you
the best;
You've stuck to ua closer than high.
i-i nf kill
And bellied Ul win mil in the
You froze with us up oil lie Laramie trail.
You sweat with ii- down at Tucson;
When Injuns was painted and
white men was pale
Then you nerved us to grip our last
chance by the tail
And to load up our ('oils and hang
You've siscled  by  mountain  and
mesa and plain,
Over campores ol sagebrush and
The   breezes   that    blow   from    ibe
Platte to the main
Have carried your savory smoke.
You're   friendly    with    miner    or
puncher or priest,
You're us good in December as May,
Ymi   always   came   in   when    the
"FRESH MEAT" IiiiiI ceased.
And the rough course of Empire \->
westward was greased
By the Bacon we fried on the way
We swear that  you're  not  lil   I, i
white men to eat.
And you're virtue- we often lor    I
We call ymi by names that 1 -Ian
not repeat.
But love you. and -wear hy you
Here's to you, old baton, fat; ban
streak and rind,
All the Northerners join in th,
From mesquite and yucca to sagebrush and pine,
From Essington down to the Mexican  lill''.
And Iiiiiii Toliapa OUt to the et,ii-l.
— An    UnK.NO*" v
In k.- nntli-e that 1,11.8. Jerm-'n.ol V»m nnv.'i
1I1--.1 in,..I  ii the Bulkley valley:
i oral   nn 'till :,1 a pout I 'mil. .1 nl   tin
that  are in   the   prospective.     Mr    e««t(Ueh»i,i»;«ontl  10 ch*tn»i 'Inn-   .   :-•
., , ,    . ■ i    ■        *i •      ■ l       , '■:.it.ii   I.i poinl
Edwards in considering tins  idea, ,,   .   ,..,,,,...
I (♦. H .1KbMi ,-
In    the   Methodist J C Halliday, the resident man* /«iririib   >.■ The Sun
' ' . -^^-\-*j-;.
H    .   m \' i;.m . iiiiii':."! i di
I  I     A I..
uated on (iilford Island and owned which mc-m- |1 :■     tree al least.    '•'
I.   ■'.. I'. I ,i<.   ground  is
!iii;l„i'   in- |.| ,,|i,"| j., ..'i-i   imaM
-I" i ',"1   S\  IV," I"        I'I,,-   Hill,    [■■:,. , - fiiiii
-   - —■       ' '
WVKUTISISO     |i\ri-. ;"''   ' i :u-r "',.   ■..illl.'t1'1' - .'   il        Mr,    C :'■■■!    I'.iil-.   .il-, i   -'I      ih.'
CUAI     Il.,i.-11,,IN..      •>:.    ;,.;,.,,:   ,il'    ! :| I'1"-'
wotki  , 30 day1   l.'i
l,<M>  N.'i ll  l>    GO    I '       .  *••"
I   I       1    ' .      ' ,. I    , Y I !.-,, I  Mi- N I    S,l-
\'.-iL.M'.ir.' r ni'"' hn 'ii -ii- I" -
.coniiu+i ' . f,,i. They .1.. puking   t'„,    ,,.11,1.      IN.-..' ■ "Hi
, '-tut. . and faff falling into the
u;iy- ni \'i' Lorians Ttioii range
of \ i-in . apncars to bo . el around
Poinl fJ 'I /.nlti  ia.l.i" :-  and
..,ut.-i,l<' iIii- magic circli. lo them,
British ' ''iiin.l,i.-t li .. m. man's
(and." A !. tngbl au) "i ten Van-
i',,iiv,'i iii,■:',-ii.-int n here the rtkcena
i- situated ..ad tinv \vi«l -I'll ymi
hi Alaska.   Plane an  orijer  with
any of t In ,i;   i:,,| llie. n ill :i,-k  y ni
if you irant ij he/ore clos** of navigation or early nexl iprjng Tiny
know no njorc about the itinerary
And sailing! ot northern boats than
they do of the wording of the national until.■ni-'-and .-til! tlmy are
becoming ponderously wealthy.
The j.,,Ml. ,J'-'<. :.'.. '■!..'' i ' to their
becoming rich, They object, though
jto treatment thai found favor 35
vein's ag •. v hen tJii steamer Beaver
made an annual trip to tfco north
and supplied the district's wants,
That day has gone by and if Vancouver uml Victoria wholesalers
want to find favor with northern-
en they will hw** to ship orders on
return boats, which i an easily !„■
done, if they increase their stalls
and pay less attention to tlie real
estate columns. The Skeena river
ha* a payroll clow mi $'20fiQQ a
,lnv during tbo season of activity
and U ii easily understandable that
laxity at the wholesak supply
txatre means ■■< hardship to all.
Hang up a map and time tabic in
vnur office and do business with
the north '
The first number of the Prince
Rupert Empire is out Itisagood
strong name and will lire, despite
the fact tliat thi mayor of Rupert
did not baptise the infant with his
good will. The publication is indeed creditable, and it affords us
the pleasure of dwelling on the
thought of having an opportunity
in the future to i lip from the columns of an exchange good fearless
ami amhentic Information relative
to the spol thai i- on the lips of
thousands of people today, no| only
i,n the , oast, bul tho . ntiro North
American continent, Then appears to be only one measure in the
sing rack for John Houston, and
that is 16 ems, All tho papers he
has established in British Columbia—four—have l-een oul of the
conventional, even in n.i mc, and
shows in im small degree the in-
deiiendent, winning-out spirit of
this celcbrati il pioneer of the w ■ -'.
I.tu,'.- life to the Kmpire.
tin i-i    of 'l,,'U.a,'itU of dollar,   to ti,.,,, yl U oil ilu K tilin.i. il.it
the ! .i.t-lin'ilivs    (iil/ord i l"'.i;- ai ::        ir«le«i i-  on  a
i    '     i'i     In.'  :■   i'.'H   ,1, ;:   I'!' il     '  . .'llltl
\      ouv i    ;-l." ;     I :\. ti   wiili   allm ium    a*id   di es
for  ■'■   ■. ■' '   bertjis  ■■   fdcal pul| . ;lj .\, |]    T.i.    tua nursery
wood, '.;      |. ,,r.  Fr inl.-   |.i.i. i- diows
iin,!'- tip Well   rl itholll   i.i v  I 'in
full i't'.i-i.     I',      planted ii   i thin
-nil i i'iIi hi II   ti.d '" ! '■■' il ng; a I
few .I . i! . ". ■..-. • i • I -j  snd
nr VlTClMArillllii   !       "*■ >':'' •*"i;:- »Hgh*.*-*.u«ly
Or M loUMuAt-LL'Mjio:!!.. rkh • wt a«»i -• iron,
-fiving i'i" r,',l . o|«ir after hurtling, i
ll. In,i' lii'in./ ii li,- g yellowii I. col-1
or and nd - ing with th- vegetable
mould .ml organi■ matter makes
it veri proajm :. . . especiylly for
fruit. Burning d .n't neem ,'u suit
it. Where clay nli-soil i» close,
.-nffit'i'.iit inoislnn- i,' driest -■a-'in
i- preai nt Where fine gra*e) and
sand underlie tin soil, irrigation
would be n great iiiiprovf'M'ent, although nof ne. .'-sa ry
There a#w about fifteen resident
pre-emptorsj n good, large hoti I
and store at landing, which is now
called "C!,v.'' The name is shorl
aim Mi;j'!,i'iii'.n- ami iielpg to give
credit f" the enterprising spirit of
Mr. and Mrs, Kby, who established
the liostelry and store in the woods
as it were, for !)a lit'in'lit nl the
-. nl' i ■ and traveller* aud it is tn
be lioiied the) reap the benefit of
their plucky stand. Sot only is it
lone .nm,' in theii Isolation, 'mt the
lineal descaudanl of the prehistoric
|,r,linliytral i .,inl>iii,',l bird-bat-rep-
tiIt; creatures, saw-bill armored,
puni ture your epidermis, flap their
wings and turn on steam to the
suction jiiini],, with music, during,
before and after the ,,].< ration.
These are In myriatls and Mr. and
Mrs, Iviv an '.:'•: ting used t., them.
i ,k- tl.,- immotony It'- only
mosquito* ami a fund is l-cing
-nl,-,lil,,'.I t., coal "il •'. swamp mar
In-—their breeding grounds. Tins
is the huh economical way of
fighting the pest, for if you use
violence and kill one, u thousand
, .'in,' to his fiiucni I and Is'hnld
you have to (_-,'t soaketl ** ith an intoxicant of tuperior [tower and lay
yourself ,,:;! in a conspicuous place
with malign Intentions. When
ymi awake you are somewhat lighter, but '.ihat satisfaction to see
your tormentors highly festive in
groups ami couples, in all -lia|i<-.
stalking and tumbling, li|rlitiiiLr
ing for Brst place at the feast, It
only requires a flub now and n
n uderful transmutation sets in.
Tin y are no) 'toxicatetl i.ow, bul
furnish pari ,>f earth's fertilizer,
M istpiiti-s vanish as mam as Ket-
tleiiieuts -,-tt |e,     Kvell they are mil
tl nly |h*sI -  thai   cannot   » itli-
staud tin' tl illation of llie  Call-
. -I  ;-.'']  Ik -.   I. ail.,
..i-   ' he qui ■•
r,;ilk|o> Valley,    clkwn anvt
Oatm '■ "! • Caawtn
-•■--* ■(*—*• *>-»»»»****-
Steamer N < »rt h %y est
B, C. Transportatbn & (xminerclalCa..
i  IMI I i     '
i-:-.,■-!'>,, i'i is . \ ANrorvi.'.:
■. <".*%- . n  iw- ,
(Ifficials nf the I linion gov, rnmenl an' now in British Columbia
arranging tor the establishmenl "f
six Marconi laml stations and it is
stated thai two ol Ibcse. the main
station a! Victoria and thai
■it Pachcna, will Ihi completed in
~ix week . Ti'i' Pachcna telegraph
atatinn will Is o's rati 1 from the
llghthotl ' . fhlc! ivill is ready for
- jtabli hmenl " ithin two weeks,
riding to tl latest reports from
the island coast. Other Stations
ivil] h -ui!' al ('ai"' Lake, the point
•,n the in,rtli, a-' ' "'i t near Comox,
',,„! when thi statioti i- in operation, - teamert with n irelcss appar-
uill be able to keep i onstantly
',, ,-,,i iimtnication with Kssington,
-. tropoli of tin ' th, and the
KITi-Ki.\S  ll C„ JnK   i! —A
stroll in*ong  the  ranches  of Kit*
Sltlllj.'. lllllll,   lltil-t  ll .' ll.Vi lie;   llf     tile
i„ii uml jiitli an immense amount
of : ,1.     11  i- a jmii.iI! " sigjll to -' <■
tin- farif,','!> tlU*nil*g uj' the soil,
digging up root* and burning Ihe
stumps, ft] their place springs up
liiri'iniis strawlierrics, healthy-looking j,,,!a!.,,'- lettuce, onions and
every kind of i-egetaWe nocesgan
to sustain Ijfe
KitsumgalJuiM kai g, pu, uliarity
unlike inn-i fertile valleys, in thai
it ha- been subiucted to two ilift'er-
eiit fornu "/ soil deposition, The
Skeonj* low land of slluviuni, comprising an area one piile wide by
three in;]'-' I ing, is replae itl further
north by a plateau about 30Q t-11
lii^li: ]„ rn ' • ly level and covered
by a sapling growth of birch, abler
ami willow ami also a heavier
growth ni li.'iiilt.i'k. spruci and cedar Towards the (oothills, •", or 6
miles bgck, jt is iii.,iv broken and
covered in places by marshy land.
In a north westerly dir ction towards the lake, 12 miles, is a large
trad uj un-jettlfi] li')^ slightly
broken, The clay gub-sojl seems
tn have the game oi igin as ; he La-
k, i.-e. Skeena and Kitimat plateaus
together ivitli tii.- same elevation
and characteristics, When this
territory was in a sub-aqueous condition, these clays formed and the
top drift of grave] and sand, latterly owing tu the regional uplift of
the coast range, Ihe Skeena and
Kitsumkaluui cut down through
the in.i - and Ief1 these benches
high and dry. the lint"-*, fruit land
in the nor)li
On Mr. Charles Weeks' ranch,
which ir, many past it- infantile
state and ran u ii Ii truth 1'" ' Inssed
a farm: although Iii- barns, water
mains ami huge tank- are asvel ill
the embryo state, they «ill soon
become a reality. -) rawberries are
ripe and inviting; turnips, a fool
high; cabbages with good solid five-
|iiuintl heads; "*otatocs, seed from
Ashcroft or any other dry liell thai
seems he.-t adapted to this locality,
up in bloom with healthy dark
green leaves; potato need from the
l-'ia-i r deltas not doing so wel
« beat. -""', 2 inches tall, volui
grains, caughl fi ■ in crop yi ar before, .\iih hci.ds l inches long ami
show ing evi ry i villi nee of maturing early; timothy. .",(i inch, * high,
blooming heath II \ inches long:
corn from Italy looking prime;
Australian salt grass, lieginning to
taki' root, i- a gi eal fodder and has
a surface spread "t Is feel   from a
w   j   McDonell
iMr,. -I. II. Thompson, late "J' the Conimercial
l.'ii.'t I, V'aiu'iiuv, r, lia.- tak, n th. lUAnag, mi nt.,1
The I • i..»i i. -_' hi-.J in unrtlwrij British Columbia, elegantly isjuijiped t«< meej iUr r,-
jiiii'.'ijii'iit.ndf :i f'.i-iiilii.iir public,andi-oiq
;iiajiiliiiM' a auperb v'u • of the approaching
Jin' and cold baths at all hours, liuwxniJi-
transferred (rum all incoming and to all
outgoing bouts.
F. PARKER & 00.
Oeneral Merchandise i,|y domls, Boots and Hhoea, Arc
■"-" ei rn-. Hardware, Drugs ami Tovi
Union SS. Co. of B.O. The 6.T.P. Lumber co-
I'orl I ssinqlon, b. c.
.Ml kinds of   Imnl,, r sup-
plifd mi shtirt notice.
The "nly dry-kiln lumber mil
in tin  northern eoasl of  b,   ,
J. nt. iii Nt \n   Haaaaac
MoKon/ie & Jackson
Dave Ktuart's orchard shows up
like a young forest. The apple
to I"' propjK't] up t" |n'i -
van the liiiilis from breakii g down
tinder the load of fruit, (-traw-
ln rri, -mi Mr. Chas. Durham's prt>
in. a-ur.'il ■", in, lies in diameter. While the entire settlemcnl
an i'i i ding upon the vim -. no perceptible decrease is evident in the
crop,   Currant.-, black and red a re
This ,,,m|,aiiy i- not "upj-orte,!
by I'livi-niimiit  suhsidit-s,   but   by
the g I will ami patronage of tlie
traveling public and ship}*ers,
St,'.'liners lease ,', ,i 111 hi 11' V wharf
\', ncouver, tor Prince Rupert, Porl
Kssington, Portland Canal. Alerl
Bav and cannery (wrU on 1st,
10th ami 20th of each month, and
leave Victoria one tiny lieforc, by
new steel
-'I'I ami.i:   ' \M.l-l N
the  ,,nl\-   steamer   on    the   route <■-> ■
built with  steel  water-tight   com- vlcflCrlll
partments and  duuble Isitl  in- IWorch't lit *£
-iirin-' -afet v of passengers in case JTlt,l CI Id 111***
" ™llW«*n'or wreck. POSfOIIKI BLOCI.CSSM6T0NB.C
\ an Amla. I.nml. lit imt Hay.
II.. kvn Inlet, Hurge Narrows,
i Iraiute Point, Klk Kay. Hard« icb
Island, Bear l!i\,r. Salmon l!i\' r,
Porl Harvey and all loggin<i
.■ami,-, ni' ry Mumlay at H |t.  III.
Van Amla. I.nml. I.,ui- Chan-
ncd, Shoal Bay. I'orl Neville, Port
Harvey, Chatham Channel, Tribune < llianni I, Broughtoii Ishi nd,
every Friday al (i p. in, ,
1 libstm's, Pender Harlsir, ,\, Ison
Wand, Marble Hav. Blublier Hay.
Lund, Manson's, VVhaletown, R. fid
Islaml. Bute Inlet, every Monday
mi ni a. in. Wholesale   ilry  gisals  ami   men's
Tinker I'.av. \'an Ami.,, t ;ih.-"ir-   fiiniishiiig!, Maiiufaetun-rs    ot
Welcome   I'.,'--.    Pender    llarlsir,  shirU. clothing, tents, etc
iirai.ii'   1-1 in I. Jervii Inlet, every vw ,,i vui.  n. , .
Duff, nn St., next t"
Cab ilmiia hotel,
Hot and cold baths,
K Ti aff, projn ii tor.
Blair & Co.
Mm dav nt 1!  a, m.
For i.erthsandi«ssagc, apply to   mt; Vv|lS(li, mG C0>
Mot*rOW tSw Fn'ZZell        cmmmMMiarngtm*
Afltnts, Port Essington. .
 111 r^|-jiiijni*-*********-***aa.      Pure I irugs. Medicines, < lieini-
eal-. lif'.k-. Stationery, Toili I
FOR SALEi Artich -. Etc.
Steiirti latincii Venta,  iii   |iresent      Mail    orders   FeceiVi   [irompi
atid cari-ful attention,
single plant, feels at home here at ripening, Uooselierries.like marbles
Kitsumgallum and is  endeavoring clustered togetheJ. aa  thick  as the
to outshine its  original birthplace stems can hold;    Murello cherries
—tin' Antipodi -.   Thin is quite a  upon I [ ft. tr i -. i 2nd vi rti | liear-  m^red at P..H
model  experimental   far,,,.     The Ing, endeavoring    to   riper*,   are wld h. the bigheSt ti     ,
seeds seem to  respond  at  once to
the soil; in fact  everything grows.
In the words oi the pioneer settler,
Mr. Weeks, "We carl  raisfe  any
thinj::   we cm1  raise  i ain, (cane)
stumps,    and   man  te,   rejuvena- amiss for Essingtoniiih? I icomi up| 1',,,-t Himpsnu, li. C
tion" on the brisk air of the flal        .      nd a treat of arbiiricultiiral E   W    RICHARD?. Ste«m«r Hanlton
He contemplates putting   in   1,000 delights for   the  gastronomic   ind
- this fall.    At   'JI   feel  aparl  vision.    Tin  -paclou   room can ac-
il  "it inn tn - - to  the a. re, c miiin     I -'i'i rted   to thi
irith    tender   -'- llcitude. l<-■u '- '" ^ph'h-Uil cotiditi. n. W
Ka-i'i'i ni- an' l„arin<: a  brbllfic f«'- overall; seVeii ions, a     I I ^LnQn^   PivPT
,.,,' ,,.,i,i,,s  and  well  found   ;.i    very OI\t;CllCl   IMVCl
...!      ....    ,      ,   , ,   ■' • iiBrtleular.   Ml applieationi [nr in-
I he   Kitsclat    mi , 1   is    nearing '.        .. ,' '  , , .     , ,   i    .
" formation, etc., shoul I l-f mail
completion   and   it   would   m■»   lie ^r.   undersigned,   Northertl   li  U-l.
Steamboat Service.
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
Wholesale and illegal cuttinji       •    I in thre,   years tbes.  tr. Ii*-bt faut.istii    ivbil,  tin    Kit.-eli
:-',,,       blcci     I   ml irtjl t-f in   itiendi  .BARBRR   HHOP, 0' K K K! ■'P-'.-,
. : Porl Essingt. n
with the eoasl stcamei-s
i'.Hi,    Victoria   and   Van4
-     IkOtJ
, ■ :  ilurin
,'      nii'l  i'j,|ll!tlil i Mh   u-j*
T»ki. „.,,,.-.■ ,ii.it »,-, John ,.   It,l,,,.t..,i  hii,I
,    l..lili-l..li -    ..I I'.ul   K..iliKl..ll. B.C.,   IK-
i-ii[.h|i..ii liinl..-i . nn-. 1 ,ii,.1 merchant, Intend
Iii ti|t|,ly |M 11 -|h. t„l li.-,.|,... ,,v,-r thi- Inl-
l..\. lag  .I.... ri|»-.1 |.,,,.|.:
N«.   7     1'..1 ,,. mil'   nt    1     |...-l    ,.tMl|tt-.|   nl
He   1 > 1. lil" I' l.lnS ,,,...,,, Ji.li.iiii- «. -1   ,.(
M ill.-i - '.-.-I   n'.. ..e .... num. 'i""i I '1 ,. I" *'
Will '   . I'lfli.       II.,.. Ilu- I nil-. HI t It,nr
unit-   1 .•'   Ihi     Hi"   1 III      in.-it. •■   iii.illi  M'
. Iiiiiii.   weal tn. tii.tti-    11-.1 1 linn..    .M-l   Hi
1 IimIii- In place III ...inl,,, in. in. 11, . in,tut,Due
l.fi, n. I--, 111..it   • ■'   I. ..
'-   '   -      '"ti  '        I   ■   '  |.Hnt.-.|   1.11 Ihi
    "I   ,..,.■  -, ttnl <l..,lli'-    N..   - limit
Ht I   It' .-Iiiiiii- Ir     11... Ilmnl   I
i,,..ii( *tliiiln*, weal H., |,,,|.    ...nn  -1
. ,1-1 Ml . ,1,11,1. In pig inntintl. .-1,1,. III. , ,.,l
Inllin." ..ll,n.i-.- 1111.-.- in |.-- n.li.rin ,lnll lint.Ill
iiii.I s|,,,,,,'. Inn,I  \i.  7 nn tlln lint lit
.1  is, IIW!
Ne I C.nn,11.-n. iii-j „t „ ,,,,. 1 ,,,,ml,.,I ,,,,
In.I'll -In.I. ..Ill In n|i I ,...,.■ I :t 1.. .1.1 JBl'llallK
me I Ol    Mllll'l    '  I- ek     HI     „     ,...,1.1    tt, I    ,1	
mile    tin.n-  11  i-,,i|,i,i- it...  rag   lull-
ml tt 11   1.,11-   mil.    I,.,HI. nl   lie-    Inl!
< I. -1.     'Inn    till M'  1 linl,,..   I'H.,    HI,   .-luiili.
..nitl, -,', 1,1,11,.   ,1.    I    »ti  i-lintn-   ,,,    iii'iin
 li'    nil lultille-   ,..|i,,-,..,, \ SI.nni'-  I    nil  v..
'■'  ",,      <-tlli     Intiiiiin i.ln n.-rn. iiniii-.,,   I,-.-
N"   in    e in. ,1. ,,11-  nl    ■   poal   pint I  11'
north wi  t    . nrt et    nf     Inhnatnit  .'    -I '■
limit     Sll       "      I nn.       it.-t        l.Hhl        1.1       v-i
N '     reel       ! 1 -i. I I. -it r   niiln-   h1.mii-   t Im   1 Ith.
III.-lit 1   in HI- m,.| >|n     - -.       -ii . hnll.-. ...Illli Ml
i-li'iii      * •■-! hi' 1 li.n |,i   ti.   1 In, n   ,,t   , , ii-imi n, ,
n 11,1lt(   "1 nni |nn   *   -I- tn'-   limit  V.   'i
mi Hi- 'in, 11 1 1 inMint.nt ill" imi.-- more or
*•'"   II    e.iiMiimn. Ina   at  -i  n.-i  pl null'. 1  >e
northweal   .-     .'    1 1,mi.'. „    a
limn     v..     1 •,-'     Itanti    ."    v 1
t. .   1 r.   1,     then, -     ...nu,    t.'.. ehali -  I
In 1 !m||,.    s,..|.|    |. 1    , 1	
I im.   ... Mull       lohii-t.ii
limit   S        1.1      ■     On   m ' II,  ,    - ■ '
... 'Mh. -   .' I'	
s'.    , '    r.tnil -  ., ■ ' i,e, .,   ...
t.   ' Inhttfli ■     '    -'    ■     -   "mi:    Ve    11
„t      .,'    Ill   ,  ,,,.!.,       .  ..-!     -       Ml'-        . |||,  ,
I.      ' I    '       I.     ,   I    ill- .       m-tll ',     'fit
. halm   » ■   ■ n' el "  1 in n -i .11
II - ni, mini m 1 -Ion ni i  -' -  Until   *.'.
in. n 'he north
1      I '     ''. • tin   ml '       - - ■ 1 ' '■'■ .1 ill '; -
s   H    lorllel   ■ '   lohl        '■   A   SI   .-'"'■    'ell    *
e        Mill     -   - ■      Ihenee, ll
i"  1    1,1 1 m , Imii       1,mli  in, . bali.it ,,
1 1- ,      [llllim I I ■   '--Inn   .'.
-I   nil'- II ■ ■: ■  V .     II -ii    u, .1 ,nnl I until
Men - inure ol  li
V... ti planted aboul
-.v. haln. , 1 -, nl  Mm, , ■ '     1. nn hIioiiI
1111.nl li   thei   -   nort     l<
ill,Mil nl   ;■ 1   li llHtllH,   W'.-i
. . I. I  '.. .... , li,|  <
itilii" -; mn ,1. in- iimri'i
.Inn.   inn,. I'm,
K,     I 1  .. .1    m-l    plant, .1    1"
,lm  ,h  I k ,,|  I',: ;  I       ,,..
Inlli -    nl.nf        II,-      BI I-  M I      III
1 I.nil-.  II.    I". linn-     v .    '   Inn 1 I.-.'
In chain*, in I'lin .- .,1  . omniein .-nn nl    loitiii
I III 'mi  ml   Sit   .   i'i   III'  I'   Nm '-.      'In     . .-
nmI 1.. 1111.11111 iv Mi' mt.- 1111.1. nr leni
\m     In       I    "rlli   mil;  ,11   ,'l   ,"-[  ,il„   ,-.  ,|   mm   I In
-..nili Iiml. til Urn   I-'mII-  1 m ek, ,,l 1  " mile
alaiVl' Mm Hi-  lull- .111.1    "ll   tin-   .iilllll    Inn-   11
.ii.lneii.n  a   si-.,,,,'- limit,   "ti,   IS, 1,1..mi   11
. Im I te IIHIII ■ "III ll"'--, 1 "iinT.   Om, n. ■   ',1-!    li
, Imiii-. wiiith itii-liiiiii-. Iheni •■ we-t 1 hail
i henee in.fi li in chi, in- in place "i t'omment i
nn iii. loi ll I nn luhiii.li.il anil moaii'- lime   N..
1 ' Mil  I 111' -Mlllll llllll . I - II I 11 111 I 11 u   -in   in  it-    n	
t,t- I.—
    v IWT
Nn 17    e nieni'lng at a pout planted alani'
III chain, weal .., tit-1   it11.i.i- .ni III .-i,iII river,
mi,    ."HI, l.nnk el    II..,-,nil    river.   I hem       v..
in ehalna, -.,n11. inn chain-, .-n-i n1 i i all)
li.n i ll Imi ehailn, I" I'lni i- "'  mn. .-in. ni
Inn.   l:l. u,i:
\,.   Ih     i 'ommeneing til t, |...s| |.|iii,,m.I nl.i'in
inn   null   ttt.Mt i   fork* nn -inn li   I.ln in -li   "I    II".
Mall lit ni mi "ie l l.ntil.. thence eaal   *41 elm in-.
-i.nil, lui. iiniim. tin nm■ weal In I'ttnk  nl  rivei
nlnml 'Jilt llilite. Ilii'tmt   rnlli'V. im,- I'tinl. "I ' If
Ill ii northerly direction I.. |ilecc ,.i     .nn in .-
 nl.  ti 1 ...in   Mn   chaina,  i,ml  containing SSI
H.Ti- iiniii' in- leap
Nl,    III      Cm, Ill-iliu   ill ll   |iti-l  I'lillllnil illn.lil
in . Iittln-    Inlntt    -.-..in.I   nil-Ill.  nn   ...nlli   •-!
II,„•■ lull rivet, nn  ureal   l.ttiik,  thenee  t\t-l   I"
t-llHlle, On III .' .nlllll  llVn "litllll-. fti-l    III  t'llilill-
I.. i.Miik nl ilvti, thence Hi.ily along  bank
nl' I'l.i'f ll. |.lttri-   ni  < Miniimtmi-iimlil.   nlnl   inn
iMillillL'lilllHl ft-  ,  "I   !•--
N.i '.I,     c n. ,,. i,iL ,ti it |..,.| i.ltiiilfl nl.i.ii:
Ml . Iiiiiii. IllinVf Ihe il|.|..-f jtil'lil- ..ll   I In-   -..111 11
branch ><i Hoe-tall river
met .---1«■ 11.1
north l-i. ehalm I" |ilnm- -n rommeiieeim'tit,
iiml. uutalnlRg 'll"'" e - " ' "' l'--
N.. 21    Commencing hi it poal planted tit the
I,, ml  "I llppar lllkn, "II   llm   -nlllll   l.rtllicll "1  Un
HiH-.tall river, thenee aonth in , IihIii-, o.-i   i<
i lllllll-.  Ill  Inn. hillti-. III. in.-  un-l    t"   -I	
i.i lake, tbenee a!nnn lake -Inn-- In piaee nl
i i iln mt In inn nl, tn i, I   m.nl ti In lilt; tl in n.i.- nine
June IS. iw7.
o*%m*m*\*+art rt   at iiraatl      rbmim-l   \aam-a #.rhiil».«Hieh u> point of evmmmu*    ed A. McA.V N. R   rnnu-r.   theilCt   at the   N      W.   corner  of   lot    112,
on l-iii Ulmi.i Hint  uarkiil 1.11. J.VK. E i*of    n«nt; A>ntitln|iiKii4u«u-rcs. manorUtm. . _      .    ,
Ml*i   pma,   th.n,,'   KNrtli   m ihniii-.  ihriu,'     i,..-,.:.'.! m< :;i.i .'un, - :■«,:. »oUth oU   '"Iiains.   west   SO   rhauis.  range 5, coast  di>tri<t and iiiarkcl
ammi Hwhi)   -i"-it.-  .-h-i   mi   *****   oil %v. k. i.kkkn        north 80 chaini, (.-ust so chains, 8. A. M's 8. W corner, thenoe run-.
Uranrlllf I'banutH   On nn-   along,    rtm**   <>f HT..**. Md^lUn
(,iHli\ III--      ' haiiin'1       hi     h       in.i M. vw   tarty
.iii. i-tiuii id i'iti.1 ..1 i.'iiimriHfiii.iii. « tuiii !   N" ,-   C'piiiihi-!i< i t i u- ;n im- i-.>--t m rhaiw  tuning 640 acres, more or lew,
mi. lid sues mar* or lata, wt rabtn on rivht ride of Mlnh iTruk.*! the
Ha.fi    « **niin* ii- itiL' rn it im-t i>i*mt,-(i hi,..ui   bend nt Work t'bennel, on ilu- Bonth    -i'i'
1 ]   .'   Mill, -  llfl    !«!.■       ,1'lilllf    l.-lf   ' ill'     Cl    11
lull. hI-mik j |-2 tuMf- from l-oe  ImVt, "'i  Mo
MhihI.himI h,m-i.-'I j '. .i - \ w tmrmetpBat,
t|n in .   -..nil,   H1 - h.iiii-, . n-l    li n *   .Iimiii-.,   north
it. -In,i,- ..I in. i. IbeiMv otoem  -borr nt  < i\>-r
il l.'i   I >iK i    tO (')il- ■     "I    , "in |iii-lii-,ln.-Ml,   tt'Illlli ll-
llir i.in i,. i, - mum. »r i'---.
Rtnkrd 'nn-  rl, NM
« niiiiii.'iirnii; nt ii i't>-t ptnnti <-
2 i - nni.-- iimiii -.mil, . iiiiiii,., I,. i'"ii.h pam
..'I I'lti l-liin,l in tin   hun, nii.i   iMHtk-.i   i   i.
i '- H  I-'    n i   i<" I,  thenee   «■ -.i   W rlieliin,
HOI ll. Iini , |mi"i-     'li.-li.'.-   i- i-l   Im   abort-   i.i   Ih
K'moi, them - >!'■• \*u loaooa * nd   ''    iri    Pam
■ II 1 .    l-niltll Mi! I,',    i.lu   in  ;-■ ■
more w i,..
\'n 29    • ■ '     ul nl ii \tomt planted " '"-'i'
'ml i ii nut.' ; i "i i - .ut h i i - t iiiii.tiii',' tn I'll Ion
I'h-- mi hu   utitienied  trim <l  in  Ihe  l"nw mi,i
in nt k-'-l .1   l.   .1    - .-   W     , ..! im r |'i'-'. Ill- i:i i- rn -'
to .inn" ,   nort I.   i1'     i'i,'      u    |   Ni i iniin-
-,iiilli liin i-lmlii-   I"   pla**   ot  i I'liiiiM-iii'.-iin-n*,
i-  iititiiiin*: 040 urn-- more "i I'--.
Wnked -fun,   'i, intn
Ni.   27       f'niitin. in-iii- nt rt  )>i'*-f  )'l>lllh-i| n''olll
mil.'- up thr n.irlhu.--l -Imn- .-l   nn   iiil.-t   "''!
■hr -nlHliui-t -InT,   nl   I'ilt   Nit ml.   Hint    rlU>l|l
7 mil.- ir. in ih. noutbeHri einl "t i-jti Irimid,
,M,.| timik. .1 J <■ I - N W i Miii.t |.n-'. Mn-n.i
-..null tOrliHiti- i-n-1 inn i-tiHiii-. thiiiii- nnrth
in l Imiii-, t In-in .    W*rt    1t;"  eh*|n«   I"   |In. .■  .
, ,,l  in-i-iii' nl, f.'iitiii niti'J  MB  hi l''-*-    nn'I-    -',
I   --
S.i    "■.      Ci'llilin-hi-ili./ Ht >1   l-.i-l   |,|:int.'i|  ill,i  11'
]•„]] i, nili.' ui> Mi rtorthweri -|m» tarn in lt;l '
.•ir ih. ..n'liu, ' shore of I'itt Irii lid ii iJ
hImmit ieveti Btthf  frnni  Ihe HrtiUn-nri ei «l ■»'
. "in!    ,M ,1 MINI ',,   l!i        I ■-   \    V     ■ ■
-,     '   . ,    ..■,   "|.    .- '   Ir   .,     • til'til     I ■
, Imiii-,  WI'   I   '"   i lltlfll     tO   |l  mi III    c,i.ii|:ii I-.',
■ ,  ■  ',i   ■ ,.   ■ ■■ ;i   -.. i ,■- nmi' '"   !i--
-   .i , ,|   ■
Vn ,-v   t'liti mi   ■ i- ii :-,•■! i : i- ■ Km ■
. .i-i -ii.-ti  i,t  i',r I,-' i ;. . ,i,  i.i...mh  .i- i, i
I. ,i ■ i.   : ■■ s   I-   . nn •■!■ t < -;
■ in ii.,- av    -''.ii'        .'■•., hut ii*, Mri  •-
i  -tl     m   li' -.   In  -I. in*,   'l"   i'     -il   '
■ :.'..■■, 1*1,1 ■  lii.-l-1 .    I,-*,    llllll I '
. i v,    , ,    inti lilt! imi urn -, imiii' nl '   »
■■ ■.   m.    ...       '■,-:. ni ,-i i-i- [ iitmitiri ni..t-r
" lll'll.--  !'"l"   Ml,' -■ h  Mill  O)    'I.  ' "*■'   -Im''    II
Until  .    |-l,r,,l.    HI ll    nni'L',1    .1    <■     I I
,H :    | ..-!.    Ibl III ■     ■■•'-I    '.n   rhu.ii-,    hOI III    '
■     '   tn    ■■■      ' ■■    ,       nl   i
U :, -.iMtli.-il-.   ill reel Iimi iii \A ih ■ i • i»li
. ":    ,i n'n   i  ,i   "in,,    ■. .    it ,,|,   ,r   I ■-
-•,,;       i.       ■.  I I--,
■    n,i    ,. '!',■; iii n I,.,--I |.;.-"t.■,! |li
to i Imi in i.i. i-re*, i. frnni Ih ml  nl  Inlel   I
known ii    h    "' ■ ■    nd "i   l "ii,.   UIhihI   i»i
itmrki it .1 ii  .1 '• S   K  iiim r |Mri, thenn v    i
•Ixty i I-i!.:,-   Miutli   tine   It mid red   mid    i\ ■
Imlti*   Mni,.. ,:i t in -i.i.i.   k In hi I  ill i-lml1
lit ill y    i,, :     . ■    Intel   mid  preeh   111 ■■
,,i tin rlj   illriTl   nil til | l-i. I'l'f l I'liinu'li. "I-..1    :
■ ■   im i-i ■   ■: ■ i    '    inoi ■ nr lew
Ktnkeil I
\,t i i  ni  a   |,i-i   [dfinted nl
th*' ninth   ■ "Mi ti ii • IihIii*   fnn
iii'in- ii nl   nl' I, |i-i nil) knon n H- i he in
nl I   ft)   Irininl, ni d  marked J   11    ' '- s.
eorner  ["-',  HieiH t  north   16 phaln*.   then i
rw-t   1 I mil*,   -"ni li   I"   '-Inijii-.    went   It*
I'lmiii-. tn |>1 n< ■' "i ri nn ineneenieti t, eoli^alnltii
ii}*) ncin- tn.-1.- or !«■--
Nn ■'■'.   IV iniiiem ttin ni n \*ort pUoti il tl	
ni ,-limii- lldl 1 h I'li'in In ml nl Illli**, Ini'iill.
Ittion ll il- Mn   inn ill   ,1 .1   nl   I..'il>    1-1,'iml,  HUi!
umrked   ■'    '■    ■' '- ■-'•  ft. eorner  pnot, them •■
north   I.-  .iiniii-.  rant   MWi  ehitlUR,   -'Hiih   li
imiti-. wvrt t(>" t'hHtm i" I'lm-r nf fotittnenii
mi lit, i niiln i ni nu nl" nere* i ■*. or lew,
Nn .:i i '.iiiMn-'iii iin: ill n pout i-lnin. -I nn
tin iiurihwetd -in.;.- nf l-in Irinnd, dlreetly ii|i-
pn-iir l», n.i I'nint nn Poreher Iriftnd In Ordei
flituiiK-1 nm) innrked J. <; J '■ S ft eornei
i„i-i. Mil-Hi .■ mil (.' chain*, winth loo ilmhn*.
Mn itpe v\.--t tn nhiire nl'.'iii -mi rluilti-. ihelni
lu a in.i'Mi.i'lv dlreeilon hIoiik nhore i" l-lnei
ni' I'.iiniiii-iii.-tiii'tii, i niiiMinltij: Mn hi re* nm
it]   !, **
Ktnked Jum a% Mni
Nn. ::.",    Coiiimeiu'lni h    .i  |,..-i   limited nn
the northn-eri ritore of iltlimin  In I mid, i-Iim*
to in,Mh .ml ..f rut i Intnl. Hii.l marked i. tl
l.-n \. ft, eorner pori, thenee in ■ Nintherl)
.liin iini, nlmn -I about  hi phaln*, Ihenei
in hii .'ii^i.'i ly diivi-iinii nl,'i j -h..i'.' m itrhir Ut
'linin-, thenee northerly almut 4o pIihIiii-,
thenee werierl) atony phore hImhiI 1i>" eliain*
lu piaee nl eomnieneunii'nt, coDtalnlnit ft*
n re* more or !«■-*-.
Miikiii .imn ae, iflB?,
Id. ■ in-i-  in fh ii I < > .-I., i ; 11 it-tic- HU cllKlli.-   WlUth I
thenee lo%hatn* w*at\ them*- IflO ehalni mirth
m point   at Bom Meneement.   aontalultuj   MO
• ,-i'--. More <-'   ■
I,«•! mi< .1 on Ird 'iini. I'.m:
ft   K   MflKKN
ft.n MeUllan    - immtM
\   II  MeUlllvary i   k    '
v., i,   ('mnmenetng «t   mm   i»i*>t.   Markeil
- w eornei " planted on Xiarth Arm nf Work
I, ii i. ahout three nib* tram   tad on north
-nl.- mi M.-iii   river; thence Utt ehalni north;
Mi-",.',■ in ebalii* eaat; tliemi  tfluehaini iouth;
Julv 5, r.1,.7.
»     H.   \|.'U.|lu|l        I   . f- ,
.\ ii. mji.iiu,ity t •>• ! tn plane of commencenient,   con-1 ning north along sbon to lot n,
thenoe easl 10 ehaina, thanca south
40 chaina, tbanot wt*\ 40 chuins to
point nf c(iliiliicnci'liii.Mit.   .111,1   i oil.
tain ing 160 r>erea more oi lc--,.
I.,,c:i1,,l 25th .lime. 1 '.107.
\e.-nl   for S. A. Morley.
Take notice  thai f. John   Bain,
of   Port Simpson, ii.('.. nwupatioi
mint r, inlel, Is (o apply for  a  Sp<
iini tiniher licence   i-ei the tollow-
ii)).' il, b. rilicl land:
No. I. Commencing .it n ]iost
planti ,1 on the north end  of  In-
ll . in,■ i...-I nlli- »,-t !•■  |«',i,l  "f   I'Miii.tii'iiif  j ilj:ln  |'cse|'\,. un the easl .-Mile of the
Knell. hIicsc . iver. thenee north 80
chains, eas| HO chuins. south HO
chains, thenee west 8o chains to
l„,int of c, iiiineiicenieiit. containing ii in acres more or less.
So, 2. Coniinencing at a ]»,.-t
planted on the north und of No. 1.
ahout thirty chains from the north-
ea.-t corner, thence north ei"
chains, ei -* 80 chains, south 80
chains, trcel 80 chains to place of
eoiniiicnceiiient, .n.il containing
ii40 acres mora or leas.
Riil.ei i O. Jennings, agent.
Mav 2», l»07.
lilt -III ; t ..   ,H,,.l,m • lit ii, r...   t.iMii- in
I...; ni.-'l un ith Jum   I'-'T
S   i: i.in i X
«. -   Mi'l.tnlnii
A   II    M.-<. ill v.i >■
Nn 7 ('MiiiliH-iifhtn itl ||,i. j,,,,, |.Ik:i(|..1 ii
S \\ .-.ti'litr, JI i li-iln- Inn!. lr..:„ cMltiu .,
Ii.-tii'lt mi Km In -Iii-m- llivi-r; I li.-:..-.- l"i el', ii
tn.i III ; I ll.-11 ne In i-lni ill- .net! : lllftlf.' In1, ,-ln'i:
...Mill ; llll'l    I" I'llHill-   W.-.l   I.I    |lttill|    .if    I	
nr-iinninnir ; i-'Mittilltitltf t'ln ni-rt'.. iiiino 'ir !i--
I...I-Html ul, nli,   linn-. I'.HC.
W. K. i.IIKI.N
«    H    \'n|..'l|„||        ,
A  ll. Miillllvar) ,
'.'... s    Imiii lit'lnt: ,t    I hi-. |>.-*t t.ti N   W   '",
:n-i..il, :   -I,,.,.-  ..,'   t'llilill   l.ttkn.   HI,,   mil...
I  ..ni li.-.nl III I'niMii 11..;-; ll.i-tinn In nlmi ii- ,-n.t :
'Im-iit-t- 11-1. It llm ."iilh : ih.n !■•■ I' ,-liiiii-s wi--':
[   ,. ,,,'f |'.'l nntttti- '. "I Ui  til J>■ >1111 ni   t'l'l - lin'll' n
i.    I;   -tn h.inlliii ,'.| ' ..ni-f ; wort1 ul  !•'--
I i,-I .ni ml, Jum . !"":
M   I. eiltlN
Wllltn'     -      *1.   1  .'llllll
I    ll    Mm-lllt  ir
An. „l-
'   As-Ill
iie.1 l.nnk. 1 In-in
.mli I.i.. Iimiii-, tri-m U i haln
Nn I   e limn Hi,  .' lli|< ).'-'. "ii ' -i-l   -i I.
,.l i    ;,.    i . .,   . rn tii''- I'l'ii'i  lifii'l ."   Cn ■ i
nlmiH So s nil   N  W   firnfi;  il:.-,i.-.
... I .i Ih ; I : '-,. l-.n flmin- ".. .'
. ■ I'lmltlH miil(l) : l! '    tl' 1 ■ ' I'llllitlN me    In |-l.l
flu .- -ni ie : l«.»l tMllllUK nl" nil' -.   Hi"- ■
■   ,   In   -
I   n-.tl.-.l h .lie .    "ie
w   i, IIHKI.S
•     Ul ,    -     '-'fi,.     I  M     ,    .
..   ,.   II  I.Ill   e;.      .   '-''
Sn  III   ,'.., iim', f'ti, .1 il,i ■ if'-' "ii ■- S*. --..
.-i   i, i ht'iiil "li ni"    '  .'■ n.   n. , 'i -'t'-'i  .'...
i,.r n  I...I in.: Hi.ni.   vi phalli,  i ■ -rtli: |h>.ii
' i Imi    - ni -, 1  'In- - I fi.lllll-      M,i  . :    '.nt'ti.
i >l    Itl,  ,---l 1" |."i   I "1 imiii i.i. : i et-iii. it; (	
n,i .,'.' ll'' in    '. - ,  in P !'-.-
|jM«t.i| III     ' ,'.
VV.  I-.. lilii.KN
I ly. imn
Wt.l'.'t S   Mi'l I'll i
\    I      M.t .111. It   V
Mi-iu ■-•:
Tin, I- :;. llial I, Mr-. M. K Miller, t.l
Stalllf. \\',i li . ... . ii|„ill,,n inn, rl. .1 n.nitHii,
llili-ml- in Hp*4* tt.r fM-i-mis-i.u. li. |mrt 1ih-*
Un- full..win.' in.i-nl.i-il In:,.I nn I'm. In i l-'iiinl
-ilii«l«il nli.iii' tin. milt- ...nlli t.l llifiii:! Ilttt ;
■ .iiiiiiif iniiil,'„l n j.m-i iiiHrkml   Mi-    M   K   Mil-
it-r'-s. w . ..ir   |t.i>i, rnnnlnff cmI io iTmin-i
'full...    n nl. Iii nliMiii-; l It.-,..-.  .M--I  in flniiii-.
Iln mi' i.mlli liii'linliii In |tnil,l  ul , n ,„,, nn, •,
inc'il Btaluini nm m<-,,--, nn.i<- in !i-->.
' ..iiiii''  Inl) .'.Hi. HSf.
A. Mi-Ktiy. H^eiit
Take nntiec tb»l I. willimn Ktroaufa ai ft***
In hi I>Ih 1111   iHTUpdtlnn,   I'm hut, iiilrii'I   tn up-
ply for permit*Jon t*» puraham (he following
ilrwrU-eii land: Commeiielni m pout plMiii.-M
nn tin- w ■<■! M'lt' "f Ntuwet Inlet, «t Hu- mouth
of Knwttii tni-r; tbenee *f*-»1 ki ehHlnm Iht-neo
wntth Mi i-mlti>; themftf wwt M) L-hwlim] theiH-m
north to 1'imlui to poinl of noinmaneemeot,
Htnl con tai til lift in  nefe* mot* or lew.
Piiml .Iimi' l, li*"7.
Taka boIIw ,■- tl. t.« - Kii.t- v. of Ku- Uw,
B. ('., iHfuptitloii miner, inteun to appl)  foe
i-i-nnt---*!"" i'» pun-haw*thf i.ill"wliuc iIi'mtIImmI
Commencing »i u v^ planted w.uiii u\
cliaini from month -..( ('hum^le*Mr'- ireek,
on t>aat l.nnk ol "-kt-i-na river, mirkvti K.c, K '-,
S.1\*. (,*., ihfitii'i' I'tmt I" I'hatna; thenee Ninth to
i'lmiii*-; thvin-e wenl H» filialn*. thenee north 40
I'lntn- iiim.i- tmnk nf ski-fim ritrer to plaet «<f
, iiiinui'iM ■•■ mm nt, uml ens tath lag 1»»" mn*
1'inri .if ir-.*-,
Miii'ii June it.
Take notice thatfluaaa Klrhf sail Kintly La.
rem, "i I'ort Kmilltftnl], IV ' . i*ei-upatlnn innr-
rieil women, inteno to apply tor permlnloo tu
I. ireh m the n llowlng ile«eiilien land:
Coi eii   ng at 9 p«wt planted al  Ihe N. W,
 in-   nt i.,i ji'. Riinge V.. 1-..H-I illitrlet, tin-in-
Take   notice tiiat Jtw ]>h Rowan
- iiiint nf the  Citj   ol  New   We*t-
lilillt-tcr,    li.'it'l'i-'trr-.'lt-illW.   intnrl-
i" apply for  u  ptpeoial  timber  li-
;inf oi tlie loi lowing dttwTib -il
luiuU, .-ituatc on the u$.f niile of
Kuiut'iilon Inlet. roniiueiH'iiiK nt   ;>
,      ,    ,      , .- a«*1 i     '*■•*   of lot *«», Range V., c.MWit(IH«trlet, thence
tiv-t    lunntca   il I k Hit    tour-Mttn^   o,    nv»rth 5 elm Inn. thenee eanl  I'i rhalnv, thenee
muth 5el i'i-- Ihenee weel gl ehalni l" poinl
if ii in me 11 ee men t. hij<1 enntntiiliift W urn-*,
more or lew,
Hl'HAN Kllittv,
i . M   hnltiLiiftf, Aftciil.
Hiitnl June IV
Skeena Land District
Ill-THIi T "I1 t'OAKT,   K. 2
Take nottee iIihi ft, K. Bretn, <»( Yaneouvei
H i    iimi I.-t-.tr Agvat, Intendi i-- apply tot .«
•■I int timber UoenM or« the InUowlag da
Krlbed lands:
Si., i Commencing at a poat planted on Ihe
■ niiili siiir nf Lamaeh River, aboul ■'"" jrardp up
ni thi* head of Wnrk Canal, marked "N. W.
itirner"; thenee IDA ehalm eaet ; tbenee W
chain* flonth; thence Idu chaini wmt\ thence
io ehalm north to poln! of eommeiii-ement;
containing Mti acrei, more ot U n
Located on »rd June, 1807,
ft. K. i.UKKN
Walter ». Mcl-ellafl -
A. 11. UcGUlvan
Ink! notlre thai  John <>. Johnston of  Vi'
ti.tin. u. r , (>i'i'ii).Mii'-ti tlmliereru1"er, Intendi
to apply for a ppectal licence over the follow
tu- deaerlbed landa:
Nn. *o < innMifin imj iii ii pn-i planted about
.i nni'-*- m*i tram Klu-p Kuirgel Inlet on the
unrtheeJM shore of Oranvllle Channel, and
m*rked .i <; J.S s. ft, corner post, thenee east
m i-tiHins, south to chains, eaat K" chains,
thenre     Rmith     to     sbore   <»f     Granville
tiiaiiiH-i,   hi t    to   chains,  tbenee    along
shore in « north westerly direction abont
tflO chains to place of commencement, eon
talnlng MO aerei more <>r leas,
Staked June W UK/1
Nn n, Commencing Al a post planted l 1-2
miles up from lead •■' Loe Inlet, and about l-'J
h mill- bark from lake and marked J. 0. J.V N
K, corner poat, tbenee ^outh eS chains, w«ist W
chains, south 49 ehalna, west i11 chains, north
to chains, wesl 10chains, north Ml chain*, >■**■
IJD - halm- to pla* •■ ol commt-nci-ment,
Ing MO acres more or leaa,
Nu. Et   Commencing »! ■ pwt planted al«»ut
I-3 ,i  mile  from the  falls on  the wmthwesi
• hon- *>f ap| er [-"•■ lake, ai d mai ki d J   0   J.S
S   K. corner j."-!. the - •    w*uth  Ifio
west te i halns, noi th  Wfl cha n
toplareof eomraem-emeBt, and containing M0      So,<   Commencing at  poet marked -*fl ft
acres more or lew. ctwiier," planted on imall lake al    beeal   of
Mtaked June 17, IW7. Work t^hann*]   on north   Bide,  about  half m
Ni. 41    Cnmtneiii Ing at >< |Mi*t plantt-d sI«mi1   nr1* from mil water;  thenee P*
So. 2 Commencing ai this poet, two mllei up
Laehmaeh River; bead of Work Channel, and
adjoining Nn. i on east; thenee BU chaini east;
thenee 80 chains iouth: thenee (W chains west;
the NO chains north to point of coramenci
ment; containing Mti acres, more or if--.
l«oeated on *nl June 1W7
W   I.  i,l;KKN
Waiter 8. McLellan
waiters. M. l.-ll.ui »  . „,....,
\. H. McOiUvary    \ AK'nl"
Nn. .:   Cnmraetielnft tt this post, about 21*'J
tnlles up Lachmai h Rivet  head   I Wnrk I kan
nei, -in north bank nl river; running v   chaim
north; -j. fialmei .,.,,. bains
iim wesl     point
ainf M0 acres, more or lest
■ ,1 tune, Ittrt
ft. K   i.i: F.I.N
Walb ■ ■*  HcU Han    ,    , ,
A   H   McOiUvary    i  •«*""
Take notice that Frank Welcome M.-< rady, n
Vancouver, is.<\, (aftent lot Oenrire R.Koblti m
tuerehant, o( K lUmai ■ n -cupatloti, civil engli
.- t, Intend   to apply for n ipetial  timber lie
, I.- nve i Ihe fohoa luii descrlbeil lamb :
,.t> I i onimelii Ini* nt a )>n-t plante'l mi t'
>aa| bank ol '*Ali Ism" Inki- (Junction of (Cl'l
iiual Arm mill   |>eVnstHtloit Channel) abonl   -
tillesfr  itsiiutlet, thei  south flu chalni
ihenee east K-i chains; thence north (W chain-
- it-nee weal HO chalm to place ol i-onitueiin
N.». 3  On eaal bank ot "Ah I " Uke slm i
our mllei from it- nutlet| them-e nurth •
i-halus; i lu-t.i i cast 90chains; thenee -south h
I'hait's; thenee went Wehains to place uf com
N.i.s -At tipper end of " \h \s*o" l.nki : tbetu*1
east 90 chains; them nurth pjnehalns, thene
.m-nt lu chains, moreorleM to foreshore;thcm
along to furesboK i" place uf oommeneemeni
No. i ■ On  w. it  short- of ■■ \li    I "   Uki.
thenee west fort) chains; tbenee north one
hundred and -i\iy ehains; thenee east fort)
chains; thence south one hundred ami »ixtj
ehalm tn pla< - nt commencement -
No '-  un  nr--,! ihore "f  "Ah   I "   l-aki
ihenee west eighty cbalna; tbenee north nn>
liun*ireti and twent) chains; thewe easl fort)
chains; tbem-e sooth eighty ehalm; them*
east forty chain*; tbenee south forty chains l ■
place nf enmmeueetucnt,
Nn. ti On west -h"r.'.if "Al. LmV'leke.tui ne*
aril Un chains, thenee moth tto chalus, Ihcuei
eaat Ho ehains, thenee north in chalm, to placid commi mviiii nt
t. W. MtCKAI'V
i ih.. mh ;
nn.-HI    |.,r
II   ROU1N-MIX, i.i KU
:in- way iiji r-ni.l Kumi'iii. n tnli-t.
mi tlii- i-ii.-t sidr thereof nmi nearly
:tji|,,,sit,' t< .-Tint 11 inlands, iOfli
■ ..1st 1,,-iiiM; marked ' K. OrantV
\. W. eorner |»' t. thenee ranni'iji
•0 el iiim  , nut, thence  NO   chaii
■■iii. tliriii !■ SO rli.iin.- weft
ilit'iifi' sn 1'hninn north, t,, plmi
"i tiiiiiiiit'iH riiH'iit. and L-iiiitftiniiijj
'i4i, iiii'i    more or !,w.
Dated Mav H, l!io7.
Take notiee that '   John   flave-
: ir. nf   Vailll II ■'''<'.   Ji    ''••   iift'Ul'il-
liiHi. miner, iiitend* '.i rtjiply fm
l„'i'inissiiin t,, leane tin lollowin^
deiK-rihed Imiii--, sittnit,' 1 in the
Skeenn dbtri.-l . ul known ns tin
White Cliff bhuii i
Commeneing at a ;"•-, planted
..ii the north fide ot the bland;
thence went Id i hainn, wuth Ifi
I'hainn,  eaft    'li eh ii ns.  north   5
IlllillS,   til    JHHlit   tif   f   UlllllCllt TllK'llt.
julv •",. r.»,."
Ink. UMllff Iiml I mill, UflfMin,- \|,-i in.ly.i I
Vnlli "HT. I.    ll. '    .   Mf'llJintliMI.   f.V   I    fiiL'ilnfl.
i,.i,.„,|. ,.i ,i|.|'l-   lot it ipri'UI  tlu.ber lit fin '
urir tin- (i.n.'ti Ina it-,'-ni.f.i Imnl-:
(II) I'mihimi'I,.-: i.i; nl » |."-l l.liiiiliil ii[.|.'..\-
iniKiily ni s. i: t >i   .if  i H   -i.ih.-tini..l - '-"
If*,    K\ll    1'..,HI      I'-   , MUliOtl     I   llHIIIIf I.    1  H  i ll
......  i- i ii> more or lew, tu i W. -miit"
.nli.l'. N..   .': ;   |*ic,|   f -MlHtl li. I..,-, .h..|f; I 111, ft
III..UK IMII-Inilt   Ul pl*. 'Ut -lilflll'Mil.
(K)    ' ..mill. 'i. nil' Hi ii  p , 1   |.!n,,l, il   Hi   N   I'-
i ,,r. ..[ j u . putli i'lni' i - '"- -- '""ill Point,
t .1, nl utr "mini (..ii  Mainland, -until nl nortli
mni ,.i iimiiinl Inland) thru, i- iinrlh ISiii'halmi
ilifii'-f -it-t I.. !..i.'-lit.tf; ili.-iiit- along fiTi-
.liM,-, t.. plan .if i Miiiiii.'iii-.-iti.-iii.
.inn. KI, 180*1
(i,) run nu mil... at * I"'-' pit,iilfl nil- W
...1   ,,, HulphitU i  ■ '- pulo '■"-    1*1   ;l" i"''
...-!.' ';. along . - -n-'if ' f ' nil- in-: '- i nlllll I..l \V -ill!ii-rlt.i..l - So, ll : ill. tn e imrtll *
,-Ii:i;im. iin-lf   ll   .' '■ : ' 1 '■! '■'   in-'    In  wid   Hill U
W; ilifin. alinlg I ii'lttry litif. ol -ui.l llinll
i:: i., place "I f imit-t I'tfiii.
Take notice thai Olc Christen-
-rn. Slii|i Broker London, intend*.
in apiilv lor I'fi uii-si',11 tn lease the
following descriUnl lands t, r fishing purposes:
Commencing »l ■ |» »1 situateii
..ii the .-In i-e nl Barnartl Cov<.
Prineem Royal Igland, thence
■.until 80 chains, eaat 40 chains,
nortli s<! tliaii.-. -reel 40 hains,
it, |,,,int ,,f ,i iiucii'i in, nt. and
containing i ' acre*, more or less,
OLE i'""-   i KNHEN.
Stiikril .Imn IWT.
Take i tic, that I. Angus Mr
Alister, ol Claxton. B. C, tx eii] u
tion, mechanicii I engim er, intends
Take notice ih it Hun- Larsi n.
niagter mariner, intentls to apply
for permisaioii to lease the following dem rilied 1 ind lor fishing  pur-
C'tiiiiiin-iifiiv Bt ., post situated
mi Pitt Island oi the nortli shori
.,f thr In-a,I of Port Stephen's liar
lair, thence north l    luiins, east HJ
chains, south    40        iins,  tl i
west along the sh, -e  t>, point   of
. .■ mencenient,    containing    160
icrcs, more or less.
Staked June 1 I. liloT.
T,.kf ii.iii.i. thai I, l.'ini- Hap-tonatall, nl
"nn.'.- Rupt-rt, H.'' - i.i'1'Uprttlon engineer, in.
r.<nil tn apply lor perm1**-lon tn puri'baae tha
liilliiwitlg .If'.fiil.inl liin.l:
f'oini.ieit.'.ng nt   u   |h'-i   planted al 1  -i.\
iiiii,,, f.-niii Un- sk,,.mi river, in .1 nortberly ill-
rei iin", nlnl ..ii ilin ii.iidi Imn'- ..I id.- Kyeaxe
river. Hi.-imi   north  in ehalni., thenea **-*m»1 W
flitil,,., ...ili in  flttiln. t ■ ■ leaa  i" the
. ii I ,nk m, Kvi'iix". ilifiiff in un eaaterly 'li-
."■ii hi alittig the bank l» piaee ol commeni*.
ment mi 1 I'ontalnlng Iim arre, mof  leaa.
Hate linn.:. I'tiiT.    Lulls li A I-l'. INSTALL.
-*iaTB*HT "i- Rgggjli
Taki" "Mil.',, that ileorge Martin, nl Vaneou-
d i-   I' r , Ke. I  i -mi"  lii'.kft. Intend! In »p-
|iIt f ii- i'.-uui.- I'.n lo li-ii-f  ilu- pillowing lie*--
ijl.ml Imnl'   1-i.inB.en.tlng at   a |t"-i  planted
ul the In-,,'    '' khulie inletl Ihenee  wiutherly
iilnng Un. Mf.-t Imiindar) ol loi -'". lorly „hain»;
inn n,'f lnrty "lu.iii-n.-i:  ihenee forty ehalna
north   I" lit"   -until    Inink   ol Khntie  livt-r;
iliiiii-fiiKit-rly along -n l.l river to point ofnom.
nn-,,...-im-nt; oontHlnlng I6« anre, mora oi leaa.
I,ii ted \'iiiim.,iivi i. June loth, l'',.T
lIK.Hit, K  M.MITIN.
\\ M .  SltANSltN, Am'llt -
|,i the matter of the Ulneral ,,,'t and amend-
ing iit-i-,,,,1 in ihe matter "( ihe Wealern
t'uppor Kr.tiiii. I'Mii-i-iIin; ..1 Ihe Kmpire,
North sinr, Argentile, llawkley, Hotianaa,
Km.-nil.I. Verdure and Weatern Copper mineral I'lalma.
\vii"t",i- In- in,tii" dated ihe mith day "f
April, li«,7. .,"',, were required to forthwith pay
,., tin. undeiMigncil " nwner« with you In tii"
iiliiive tiiiiiti-iil "luii" il't--iiiii ui lir.it. ii-vi,nr
Mi.f-iifili slniri-iil ili nuMuraenl work done "„
-nitl flitiins up to an . in"1 nili iik-nli day ol Oe-
lober, A. II., lymi, and being the aawaamenlN
for .Inn,'. A. 1,. iini''. and Jannary, A.I' i'>,".
und further expeii'lfturea in connorttlnn with
the ■aid n-n-nnn- were charged I" ynur In-
n.,".t in aald fluiins.
i- i ,i li. i-ftis you have failed to pay the aald
- nn il .'Hii iki ii- ihereby required
Taki    Ine lhal unle«a you ahall within 911
,1m i the .luii "i "i" 'ii'-'  publication "1
thfit notice pae  ....    -aid -liitn- nf -ul.l n------
nifiii „ irk ..ml ' ii n   .i-  i. '".if Uml   we,  Hu-
iiml, r>    in ''• -imi    'IT' •  i" I," 'i -,"'1  '"■
i,..,.t i,.. . .| i.i ,.   in |. .i-ii.iii.-i- nun il,.- 1,'riiH
„| .,,-  hap   21, H   i' -ini'ii" A. |,  li«»,,
InMtre. un tiiin-i  ■      nl l" K.S.H.C  ' ,i|i I-l-'--
l„ii,"l ni Vaneitii ei    K.  I',   nn-  HI. n»y  «
May, I'VnT.
Ivltuewi   t. N. Ilaney. Vaneouver, B. C.
To T. -I. Ilealty, K»>, . van ver  H C
II I \   Mi-IK.I1>.
. . ,.. MKLDKl'M
to apply tor n  special  timlier  li- Take notice that I, rt. A. Morley,
.■tii,-,-  over the following dwrilH-tl of   Port     Essington,    occupation
lands: hanker, Intends to apply toi  per-
Commencing at a stake  planted mission to purchase the  following
M   mill-   southeast   of rttandard described land:
:u...t.iuuiia«ii»ilfuu- gu-.iaiu.tiu Im UJj,    .ututt kt.u.niu.iiuii'iitiitut.'t loittituiu-«t.-i,  Cuiiinrv.   Sk.-cna rii'cr, and mark- Comnictlcing »t  I   post   piailteu
Only  Pc'p.r
the North
B. C. • Ml.    St-s
i -vi v.-     , || -BER LICENCES.
: SKI !"*■'  l.\v|,  DTSTRH-1
' ..I- I' V V . I       Y
■1 :    '' mi'',
.  !  -rv   H   '   '    N     ' ;
I    .     . j tl ■■■!<
-  n.irtl h   ti,..i.if.    thence  north  WI      \... CJA.   Commencing at a post
*   -i its. east   SO  ehains,  south   Ktl  planted on west  hank  of Tek'hacu
ns, wesl <0 chains in  plait-  of   river, about I mil, smith of  ,-.   K
'"imi "I N,,.   11 A ami in irk.-il the
iver the  (ollowing dcs- chains, north NO chains to point of  marked N. £. corner,  tltciice  wesi
■   ' la-ginning.                                        -In chains, south 100 chains, east 40
N»». l.    ' iitinpii    i               i"-' \     '.:;.   Ci.ii,nn-neiii". ai   a   post  mint' or   less   I,,  hank   nf river
i ii                                     Brunei's planted on tlie wesi bank  of Roil- thence northerly 100 chains, along
■ ii ■ I. -a'- rick Island, on the north shor. of  Ismk of river to point of bcirinnini-
■     '    .    C, '-   -  ".   W h laci  Bight,  ,,ne half mil,' fr -ontaining 640 acres.
"■"'■ '"u~- I v K-  Cor.  nnd  running west  4<>
■■■ • '        ! ■>■-    Uomm.-vTH.ing . t   ,-i |xwtIrlmintt. mhiiI. Kin chaim   tMurt  40
•    .; , tm 1 - I ..1    '
11 Hi'' <'IIH1    Iciul;   i.i   tiCMl     fliaiHK iik.re oi- jo*, ft .Mink of   riv-
■■ U l.m<l.an<l th.  weAthon o« .-r,  thence    northerly   100 chaina
l-hannel, on the cmtith along hank ol rivw to point <>f ht*
>   ■■    mm ot nn unnmiMMl hay; thenceI(tinning, containing B40 actca.
Tt»l .    - '     u.k   '     1. "
■      -       .
■     . ■■■ ■ :
1   '     '        '!■        ' ,,"'■'
,.t 1 cr   " it- \y ,
H ,       , ■   v- ,,
nt|,|  n , ■.  ■    t   .,     --..ij: iin-i|f|'
Ml.   'Il     1 -i    ' "'■■■ ■    •  ',       ■
Wt-P       .    1 v 'I TIM
fni!."t Mav tx
•„\.- ■   t'    . -,,,--■..
' -1,1      il     'I    i-lij. It'.tl      .     I-l" IHI
-t| .',.;■ ,,,,.,       ,,-ll  ,--,    .   -
'.■ -,«
■  ■'.-■ "fir'
..1   Mn '    '1 *■-•■     .1.       ..'■-■        .'-.'i'i-: tht" .
".'!''■   1*1    '■ ■   ■ ; tin ■
I    " ' I ''«H       -■■;,'      I      ■ 1    ,■    ■ ,     '
■,!■■■    ,".    ' I       ,-.--. ..."        .    '.| ■,     .
t.IJAM -■'  up
i,.,t.. 1 1.   -,
Tnkf   1 M , Inlet I       "1    ftf   VI*'
t.l-  (.1.     II   -l-UI'  ll  '" ■:.■.'.,','
»■ imi v I- ■ ;• .   ■ fiillowi'
■i    1 Inn-.:
Colli irltiK il  ' ' "■' n|     '■' I  o ,  il.,   Im nlnl 11  ■Inmrh ,,1,  th-    ■   ".  - .1 ■ .1  ■       -..■■
r-vi-r :ili...n ihm  mile   ip il1" rlvi'i' h.i
■■    Ilu   V\'-,l!. 1 - -11 ■ 1    3 + ,i"l"   i-ithl   ri   H    U
Him   - -.,.,i'i,.M-i .  ■    . ■   i'.,-i:   thenee  , nrth
'   ,ii.; then'*) t'H-t Kfi ,'i'iiii-: ■ |u<   . ■ ■ > -..,   ,   1
*l,i,i-*li   I I '-Lin.-: tht'lH' ■ w--l   .' In.1(1   *-( - .
.■'):.in- i.,   [Ki 1 ■       I--.,- ■•   it-tll.    111(1   i-ni:
tuinin-r Rfcl .-hii.-. i ■ '.1   I'-'
VliH.I.T li     '.\   iKRKX.
Date Mav Ilk, ri'T
Take imtfttm that 1. •!■<•' 1 <*  Jnht^tii    nl ;;.
cr*. Itil't. H. <'    ncciipattot'   t'Hhm-ri   111   n
ttitrmW t" Bpph tOT fM •il!— "1, I . ,- :. "I.ii.-- [hi
full'iU lllg   .li--.rnli.il    III h'l
''..inint'liclnt; nt :i i"i-t ]>l'.ii!,'l -rn 1 hu Im 111
,.[ h Blanch '.'1 ihe mirth *1 U I tl ■■ *ko* ■■
river 11 •"tit three mtie* up the river (nun l!-il"
in t In- \\ nil (other wrae known aa KX'-hami*IV>
Klver; 1 hemw north Ml ehattmj thi-iu-i irem Kti
ehalm; tht m-eninth L;- rIourIi nbn it I" v.     li
l I ''   .:|s|      hIkI   it    Ml Vllill .1.     Hhlllfl      ll   "I" .1     !
IN it n I i>i pommeiirt-mfciv ami cnntaintiiH -'-
aerea mitre nr lean.
l>iiti-'l Ma> is. 19**7.
Taka imtiee that tt. Warren   nf  Victoria,  P
<' , ueotiput fnp ipiiiater,  Inteudu  tn  » p\ I -   ;■
nerpiiMluli tn piireham.' the [ulhiwll M ilewrttied
rnmmeneins at a pnal planted nn the iinrth
tiiuik nf the Skeena river atmiit l I 2 ml 1
down tin' river (mm M"l- In th Wall othei
wiM- known an RxchamxIkR river, thenee north
■in chains; thence ureal v> chalnn; thenet imiili
to ahore; thenee weal along -iim.   to  p
run-1.) 1 IH-emt'tit , Hll.l   i'i Mi hi Mi' ■:.- ":'" :in . - lil" Iini lean UEKTK1 I'K w AURI \
Date May 18, 1907,
Take notice that I, K. *'. Klhhey, n( Km-.-Ll-.
it. ('., iN*cupatlnn mliM*r,  Intend  t*i aiiplj   for
farm Ian Uni to purcliaae Lhe follow lug licacrthcd
uml :
Commencing Ht ■ poat planted muth Mi
chaim from mouth <"f I'huin iie Meali creek,
mi 1-iihi imnk ol Hkeeua river, markeil 1. *'. K.'-
ft.ft, »'i'.. thence eaai I" chaina; thence smith I"
ehalna; thence wenl Hi chaina, theme north Hi
chalnM along bank ol Hkeena rivi 1 tu place oi
commencement, and containing liw acre*
more or leaa.
Dated .Mine 17.
Take notice that Sn>nn   Kul.y nnd Kmily I.i,
ron/. nf Porl Kaalngtoti, H   l'., iM'ctvpatton mar
ritril women, Intend l«i apply (nr j»*■ r11 j i — i■ • t-   tn
pnrchAae the following in wrihed lati I .
('ommeneing al a post planted al   the  H,  ft
enrner nl lot W, Range V -t district, th< net
north ft chalm, thenee ea*l Hi chaina, theu-'e
aouth ft ehalna, thence wt -1 111 «lm ,n- tn poinl
o| commencement, an<l containing JO m-n *-.
more or leaa.
C, M   Dolmage, Al-.-ih.
Hated /nne lft,
Take notice thai   I,  Louis  MapatomiUll,   1 I
l-riii'-e Rupert, B. <' unatlon  engiin
lend to apply lor permlw-lnii to purchaae the
(oilowing denribed land :
Commencing it a poat planted ahout Ax
mllea fmni the Skeena river, in n northerly direction, and "ii the noi th hank of the Kyeaxi
river, thenee north i11 chaina, thenee weat i'1
ehaina; south in 6h*lm more nr leaa to the
[eft bank nf Kyeaxe, thencf tu an aaaterly ili-
re**tton along the bank to place ol commencement nii'l containing I'*) 1 ■ n■*- mor ' leaa.
l.oi IH 11 viTONrtl \l I
Hale .Inn*- 7. 1907.
l'l-l Itli'l ' n   -n 11 -.v
'Inl;.- in.li. .  ilea i.,-,,i|..    Mai till,  ..'  V'atli-.ill
vei. It C . Ht al  K.iiii.-  ,ii Im. Inlenil.  it n|i
Jilt   lor  I"-, mi..1..11 ,.i :     Dn-   [11II11H 111 ■  ill
. nl..   I bin I      t Mtniii. 11, Ilia II,    n   |.     -    ]
al lllf h'-ii'l "I   KI111I II
nltltlM lie   W.'»l l...l,l,'lni \ '■: ittl   :     ■
iliei en u fhaltM. Wf-ft
iimiii   t"  'I .-   ■ -mill    lial ,   ni Ktlll
1 hi-Inn- en-I.-lly nl.itlK -Hnl I lit : ,m , ,, tt|	
III. li I'M .-.  I, In .11   i- 111  -I.   of It-- .
n.ii.-'l Vai vet. Jum   I ilh, IH..1
'.Lull'.!    \| . ,-| IN.
W M     -11 iin,.     in,.nl .
Stitlof 1- her. iiv alven ll   ■  ■   la)    alti i rtat,
I -i !'.. ,| ;,, npnly  lu ih, 1 1.1.1 imi
n, Laaii in,'r ni i.nii'l- an,I   ^ n, I.
the    Itllltiwlnn    .li'-'l I     I'.fn-h :      , -
Dit-netni al m p..ai   p mt, I  ,i, a  S*.   ' .  cirntT
I...I  7, siiii-iintiii   Bay.   I'"ii siiii,....ti   liarlatr;
1i1.-n.-n mirth   3 iim ai-:   i L.'i - -   - ,
eii, in-, altinff llie -le ' afi.l i-.intali
ie' n -  nl,,re it le>-.
It'll.-,    ^ll l.l nli
1'i.it Eaalogton, n. r . May IH, IWI
In .ie- matter .,f the Mineral act anil i el
'- nlnl    .11    I lie     '1 Ittl '    "1   the    We-lei l:
, i.pper Bruup,   bow lutinii   ul   I       Kinplre,
Nurilt  -im.   itiaiii-.h .   Hnn 1.,. \     '■
1 I So ■ leiius.  mi li  s,, iimina,      .\',, |3A,   'Juuiiiienclns St s post
• "   " - i -"li in-, in     . -■ ,l,aii..-  to planted on i-iwl  hank  uf Tskhaco
''"I'I I    .unit.I'-.' ; liver. .t|,|„,sil,' N.  K. enllliT   uf   Nu
|,   Itl*   'I     ll.'H 1    Rl'l '.'.   A      M,' 1K > N A l.ll.      ! l-A aiel  n a1K.1l ll,,.  N,  \\'. niiner.
'        ' Ma;,  2H, IM07. ! ilieiiee   1 a^t    10    1 linins,   suntU 80
'   i  fhniii«. cant  M). Hoiitli NO,   west   1(1
■.- n ■
- -
-10 1 i.i i ni.
mom or   li-w   t,, l,aul:  uf   river,
'    '     ''' -' ,"' ';i:.;i- •",;1'1  ■" '' ,:"--      :vii'i- i- ]..,-. iv   -ive.,  that   ::-, !'    northerly  slong l.nnk  ,,f
'   '   ''" '''   '": "!-'   ,!l  "h:"^    '■':'";   ('"''   •,|" "■*     I,..,   ,•',,... ,!,,,. i ;■,,,,",, ' . ,.,.„.i, - ,, !-'i,''i' 1,;,) '■li.'iin.- I" ],"int ,,f  beiri ii-
' a-t     IM    ,.'    ,,,.      .i.irtl,    lu   -I ..re      '-' ■     - -''   '    ''"     '   "''" ' t,,Hl,P1'   ''
-   ■ i      .... ....
.   11
111*11.    11 It•111
■ ! >i       -.   nl    -.    wrltl     -
■ ■
a-1      I"    '■'     'le       '.' "I li    in   -] i,re
nili      In . -.. , ,i   piaee   ill
Nu    I J.    ('i      11e111■ i    ;u1   i ]
i    uteriiij  "
IT nil 1 ..'.,- laml
up    tin     i iv, r     from   II
■'|,n'i' -.   aniti     p, -i    lit ii, .    ,i|i   (hi
-1  -ni.    -l       ill  ereek        nllt 4  1-"
ni li.- .ilu.v   iii!   ..','"  ,'   . . -  -
Id   haim   '..titli  IC,()  eh  in     iv,   I
,;l    hllill- reek,   ll.-'in-e   mil t
■!•'■!   li    I-i   ,.  e, nl   ll{     tie..'
i .    ll III I    i ■' 11! " ' ' 1 i ' I;.'       ■ i I :     i ■ i
Nu   1 '■'.      ; 'i.'i.' leiiei ii)i  a I ii ;.i.-:
[limited en a  •: i ,'k eiiteriii-! Si ■
river tm the  soul iiea-i   nidi .   .,
il mil.'.-   up  tin    rivi r   frinii   Hot
• -ii"i;,■_>-..   rail    :    -i   IteUlu   mi   tl
I -1 '■    '    ;>' aiu nliout ! \ mill -
ImiVi' ti'lt   water,   thenee   wi -i    II
No. 4.    , ,,    i  ■  .  ' ;.  ■,
, lunti h     -hoi    i';   III
mid i
'     li.l.l.i     '    ■
i iver, alitiii1. 2\ mil,.- -miili ,,f S.K
i of  Nu. 1l'.\ 1111,1 marked the
Hoi.,  i.'hiel V. i- a ne'r ot  '»n«. «»J«imng (M0 acres.
i iind-i     il   VV ii.-   lor -|."ial  li-    , ( """"""''"" :lt ■ l"'st
to    il    .: , tarry away   tin-l ^l^"
Iiiiiii  the  Follouin-i   l'-i rilx
t,    ui   the   Skeena   ilix-
, . j- K ' orner, tbenee went 10 ehains,
,  |      ,■„,„;„„;,„ „,   a   pII1„Tn.-rth W thai,-,,  west   20 chsins,
■   „ ,    ... i„ an eimtl-rlv  n,m-s   Sl' eh*™<  "^'  w *••»*«»■
lien i.uth of Aldei     ""', '"' '' " '"' "Vl'r li:l"k' thenoe
'  ' ,....,. thfi-ni-f Imnkof the Skee- ■",mV,Prl.v :ll""ir ,mMk "f  river   ,,i0
. 11'i-    to    -lei, .    i hem e
i  i    phiee      .'   ■
a ai. ell I'lit.
it    -1
iiain- to point ,'f   euiiilnelieeinrilt.
N '   1'A.    ('<>111111.■ 11.■ 111u: at. ,-i |m.-t
I'la-it.ii rn, ti,.  etmt  bank  ol Tal-
ha rer, shoul n-tpuaite the   N.
1 '■ nu r .,f Nu. l IA. apd msrked
the N   VV, tmni r,   thenee  eust   40
. - • 20  eh nn.-    north   mi  eliain-,
i.i Mill e<l on  till    -    ire   nt   K ell lie ,. ,     .                      ..    ,. ,     ,    ■
,           ...          . (a)   ei,.,iu...    aonth   Ml   ei.ai.,-.
'-.iiiii i   l      111:1111         mil. llllll 11       ■ , ,     i    ■                   i      ,,,     ,
....           ,   .          .                                     ■■,.   ■ '   .    I11I1H,    •' all,       '   -
■ 1 (i.I.L. Co« !* h eorner, t'n-ii.'i ,,    ,                               ,
,,,,,- ,     ...     i    ■ wi-Kt ell eliain-.   (..   I >'   ..:   rtilii-
.     - 1   i ill ill.'lins.   Iinrth     I"    elia;,!-, ■
I            .1              ,11               I' ' - • . -,1
i.-;   to    liori .    th, in e    i
i    ■■'   luiek tophi ei  it
N'.-.-J     r, miiieneine  a,    .     ,„.,.,   ''■"IM.  -nil,   SO   ehains,   east   20
,; ,i It.,, mil,-, ii, a iv.  terlv ,li-  '''J'IN' ■"«••*   W  '■■•»■■».   »»< -W
ili ut. il  iii the i a-',  -hiire
mlV Sound, (ir - i  ■   I    11  I
narked li. LLC..'    - VV   e,
llll  llt
No. X,   Conitii, nein
illl ■!   i ,i",na
III     l-!i'ei 11
marked li. !. I.. Co's  S
Sound, i Iriihiini Isle ml, uml
No.   in.  Coiilllielli llll!  nt   u
ni the east   slion
eliain.-'. aouth UK)  i hilina,   ea.-t    1(1  ' ' :';'i-.
eii.iins tu ereek. thenee north ul m
i'i'i*ek to  point   of eoiunteiieeiiii nt,
"iiitainiiiM ii III aen- . in ir li --■
Nu. I I. I'.• 11111..■ 11< ' n;_ lit a |" i-t
planted near n ereek U'litei i11-_r Ske, -
in   river   on   the   southeast   nitli
almlit  six  mile- Up ill,'    lifer    !■
Hut Springs, said jui~I being on
the weal side nf miid crei k, iiIhiuI
!i.i miles iilitiif  titlewater  and  20
■liains m-l of ereek, tlieiiee easi I'i
I'hiiins, south 180 eliain-.. weal 10
eliain-. north IBOehaiiiH m point of
.-.iiiiiii. neement,     eoiitainin-*   li In
ei', -. iii,-,,' or leas,
N,, 1",. Comineneiiig at a uo«t
planted near a ereek entering Skeena river "ii the sunt beast si le,
aliunt C mill's up the river from
Hut Springs,  said   post   Iveing on
I lie West  siile , if   s.'li'i    el'l'ek.    R hull I
vl miles hIhivo tidenater anil 2fi
'hains wi-t of erei'k, thenee easl 80
eliains, south 80 chains, west *";
ehains, north 80 chains to point of
commencement,    containing    IWO
ns, mure or legs
Nu. 16. Commencing at n posl
plant,''1 near a creek entering
Skeena river on the ->oiitheast sitli .
al,,,nt H miles up the ri* er from
Hoi Springs, saul |ios( bi-ing nn
the eaal fide of said ereek. ilmut '•'
miles above tide water, theiici
,-t   IU eliains.   south    H'.ll   eliain.-.
.-t    Hi   eliains   to creek, thenee
north along creek   KU) eliains  in
|niiiit uf commencement,  contain
ing ii Id acres, mure or I, ss.
N'u 17 (loiuineneiug at n isn I
plauteil near s creek entering Sk. -
na ri\ er mi the soul henst sidi .
.imiii ti miles up the river from
Hot Springs, said |mw( I ■ ing on I
.'."-I side nl'   said   ci eek    lllm
i !• - aliu\ e tiden uler, thei
i'i 'Iiain-. south  1 mi  chains,
ni i liiiii'. north KM) chains   ;i i
' ,■, k I" [Miinl   of   ■   iiiiiii m ' ment
ontaining (140 acn - moi.   a   |i •
Nu. 18.    Commencing  at a iki i
planted near a cr, i k entering -; i
nn  ri" er  from [lot   Spi ings,    ai.l
p,,st being mi 111, east sidi   ■ il    u i
■ reek. iiImiUI  1 1 '. mill -  il bo\ e   ii... -
■\ ai. r, thenei  west  10   Iiain
'id chuins, east   40  t hains,   nm -.
;Mi chains to point of  commence-.
incut, containing (i 10 aire,- more nr
N"   V     l;;""11' >'■"'- :"  :' X " ion from No.   i',' tlieiVw"north   ' '  '"'   -*"   '"   ,M,lk   "f   "v«"'
!]>t«'d on the   i-    shore  ot   Ben-   „, vh[ .,,,  v]   { , |thei..-e     therly   along  hank  ,,f
I'.'l.   i •rnIn)in   Isiniul. tin-l I ,,,     ,   ■ , ,.,,    ,
,.   ,   ,     . .    .  ,, Hi chains,  easl mi i limns,   soul li
(,.!.,.-        ,■■ \,      iri.i-i .   v.,    i   ■
,    vr,    .    - ,.        ,       I elm t   80 i haiu.-.   south
cast  x() chain-    north  .SO   , ■ , U1,   . ..  ,,.
I" en.i  is, west 80 chains, north   d
In j -. west   110  chains,   north Id
Ihenee foi owing sun     to    ihu-,    i. ,   .„.    ,
n . wesi   -Ji> chains, to i lace "I
■ iiuiuiclieeni, ill
..      -    ., • iinieiii'eineiit.
N".   ,.   * nm nc'.ng   at a   post       .■      ,     ,,
,i i   ,'. " l oluli .il    a    pu-1
iteil fi ti. t   in   a   soulherl*   'ii
,ii   Ir    N
1   p'-l :    i hi in .
nlli    Id   eliain-.
ni'.   .
i a -1     i
i hence  easl    Id   chilli li'i.l
,   . I ■ ' !i nns.,    -uiiin   lit  eliains
eiinins, west  lu  shore,   thclicc   im , .,,     ,    • ,,,    ,
, . . •        -ii  chains,    .- ■ ,i I,   iii chains
llg snore to place of conilliel    '
:   80  chains, north   Id .■,
20 eliains. north id chains tn
ig at  a  posl
.' ,', 1    -Hit    nl    cull,III,■lie. Ill, lit.
planted mi the west shore of  Ken-1'
l i iiiiiii ■neiii''   nt   a    |>"-t
'!       T.     I
lantiil 1 mile in   a  southwesterly
lienee M..-I  KM)   chains,   -u.it:,    in '   ',!"n "■"l" I"-'   N"'   ;i- """'■,'
■lain-, en-:   l(«)  chains   to  shore; "'^   -" 'll;"n^   -","11   -" <-*J»"w,i
hence following shon to  phue  , I '    '"  ' I:l.'"--   I",'',,ll su ch"!*"-
,  |t>11 .,,-,! ■ ■ -i K0 chains,   north  20 ehains,
' No. ».   Comnieiicing  at   n   p--: ~(l  rhnin*''   ~'""h   "" rllail1'*'
ilanted mi  the   diore  of  Keni..-1's
piaee  ut   eunillll'IIC, 111(111.
Lneal.'!   April   2*1,   IM07
tin's  -  K   cur,,,,-,   thenee I MIHIAKI.  UCROIX,
wesl 80  chains,   north   SO  eliain-' , ''"'' A   B*kl'r- °l*l'nt-
n»1 80 chaim to shore; then .■ io|- 'lmi" ,s- l!,(1"
Inwing slim   ; ■ place nf    mini      ■ v"1  '•    C'onunei cina   at   a   p,,-i
lent, ■    nted 4 miles in an easterly  di-
i " •
 i from iiiuiiili ,,i NviU'ii river
,;"   |f, :       nil    I list    shore    ol
SCI ' II    rive
nel's Sound,  Grahani   Island  an.I
marked   <;.l I.,  lio'a  S   I-.   .. rn    ;
■  :e easl   10 eliains.   north   ICO
chain.-, west i"   shore,   1 hell»-e   [i I-1
luii ing   shore   t,,   place   of   coin- j
: te nei   north   m i hains, i iisl   Kill
■: .nil  . -milli   id   eliain-.   west    180
chains to 'mint  of  beginning.
'■'". '-'.    I! iiiiiii. neim;  nl    a   ; ii is I
planted 5 leet in a south, rly dirit--
uieneeiiient, [tion from No. I post; t Im in-. ■ s. mt 11
Nn.11.    Commencing nt  n   post   1;1'- ehaina, eiisl   Id eliains,   nurth
planted on the northeast   shore  nl   I HO chains, west  Id chains tn poinl
[{ miii ''-   Sound,  lirahnui   ; dauil        comin, i    nn nt
uml mnrki I ti.I.L, Co's   N K  c, ••      No. ■'■    :   inniciiiiiig al  a p,,st
n .   :ii ucc cost   Id  chains,   south   planti I ill a  nortbwcsterly
[tiO chuins. west to shore; thenee ireel in fnun |„,st No. 2;
fnllowing shore to place of ,■,,• l ■ . ■ easl -'• eliain,, smith 20
,.,,.,,,.,.,,, i,; ieiiii:. t .i-t   -it chain-',  north   Id
No. 12. C nieiicing   ai   n   p ■:    hains, west   SO  cluiins,   north   20
t, i ..ii the  theast   slim,   nl       ti"". west  HO chains, soutli   HI
, '■.   So.ini    Hi  I un   [shin is to point of i omiueiicenient.
.,:, ,| il. l. L ( n's S   K (in        Located April 11   IH07.
i  a . them •  n nth KiO ■ hi ins,   wi   I       No   I.    V   n iving   at   a  | i
|„       tin     i'   foihn ne: dun    '       " L" ■■   •' miles iii iiii ea-ii rly di-
,-l |  eiinilli.il' ell,i III. ■   '     i':  '   i    p"-t    No,     I,   theni ■■
It   -. K. M ii Clinton
.Ink 2. IftOT
U.w.i: 3.
i ns.  east   In  chains.
Kit) chains,   west   Id  i hains
t,, ['"Hit of commencement.
1.1, at,.I April 17. 1907.
I'er A. Baker, sgeut.
Take notie- tliut t, C. A. M'-Don- ]     June 18. HI07.
: I.   of Seat! le,  Wash., occupat ii n
Imnl' i man, i itends to apply for a
-p- ,-ial   iii-lu"    lieeiice    over the
following ,lc.-einlicl lainls:
No. 30, Commencing at   a   post
planted on the southeast eorner  of
ivei   li'.n i!i:iiii- to puint of l-egiu-
'i- ining fi Id acres.
No. IrtA.   ('ommeneing at a post
plauteil mi tlie   i-iis;   hank   uf Tal-
' lia, n rivei ai the s. \v. corser ol
No. I-'.A ami msrked the N. \V.
. orner, ilience cast 40chains, souAh
80 chains, east 20 chsins, south As
I.   ns, west fo ehains more or I, -.-
to haul, of river,  thenee northerly
llong bank Hi,, chains tu puint of
I''...mill", 'ontaining nlo acres.
No, 17A. Commencing at a pust
I In nil un wesl hank uf Tsll hue..'
river, i,ppn-iii the s. \V oorncf sl
I ((A nnd markeil the N. Iv cornel.
thenee west   I"    hains,  smith   Ihi ,
chains, east   In more OS less to hunk.
"i river, thenee northerly IHo
chains along hank tu [Miinl ,,f be*
illliillgj enntainiiiLr lit,, :icin>.
No. 18A.   Commencing at a Bust
piantcl nn the wesl hank of Tal-
liaeu river at the S R, corast ot
Nn. 17a and marked the N. K. oorner, ihenee west 4o chsins, aouth
Kio chains, east to chains, more or
less to ri, er ha'ik. thence northerly along bank of river Kio chuins
Imu:- ',. |iuii,t "f lieguiusitg, euu.-
t.lining li In acres.
Located May 29, I'.ioT.
J. M. N F.I.SON.
.1.  R.  MO UK I SON.
June 12, Hi.,7.
lake notice that we, .1.   M.   Nelson and -I. II.   Morrison,  of  Vancouver and li'lla ('u,,la. ll.  ('..  ,„-
tVatsoii Im". mi   Roderick   Island; leupation agent snd cruiser, intend
-    east   «0 chains,  north -10 to apply  lor  n  spm-isl  timber  li-
liains, west   NO  eliain.-.  south   80 eence over the following  demrrilied
chi.ii    i" place of lieginning, l mils.
No. 31.    i lotnnicncing at  a 'lost
HANOI:    I.
Take notien that. I, T. Hatsumo-
in. f Prince Rupert, uceupatinn
i igger. intend to apply tor ■ special timls r li,, nee, over the following ileserihcl land:
Comm. ncing st a post planted
mi the north shore of Maker's inlet, al,mil three miles Irom ita
mouth, lieing the northwest eorner
of Mat-.nHindi's claim, thenee south
:d chain-, thenci' east S(l eliains,
north  hi chains  to  the shore ol
I'lilkcr'.-     inlet       thenee   slong   the
-hui'c in an easterly direction to
iHiint of commencement, containing .",'Jd aire- inure or I'ss,
June -".•, I'.i07.
Warner Lunch Room
The only first-class
Short Order house
In Lssinqton   .   .
Nu.  10 A.     Commencing   at   a
Private l„,.\cs for parties,
Ol'EN   Til.I.   2   1'. M.
Mrs. W. Wiirner. Proprietress
l.uc:it''l Mav 21,   l'.i"7.
No, 19.    < lonnnencing at  n   post
Kin,.r*w, veniiira ami Wi-.t, n i ,pi in   planted near the mouth of  a creek
eitil elniei- i, i . i . .
Wle-ren-    l.y   In.li Inlnl   thi       Ultll   llllj    n      lloWlllg   llllll   tile    *-K"elia    I'lVel'   frOII)
April   r.,'M   \",i u< t.  i-'i'i ■ ■        ■ el, |' e     , , ,     ,       ,     ,,,     , -1 .        |
,,,',,„.       .... ,,    . lie   outh al.unt   1 '.   miles  cast   nl
»i*.ve mini :■  >•>.«    Hot    Sni':ii^'s.    thence    Bollth     401
i    ■ it,     i    •
.nei ei.iiin- n|. e. it i IM- ■ haul!", cast    I"   chains,   smith   ■Id.
,.,i„.f. a. i,. :■ .    .sm.'iii     ■   - ,    ,,, .    . ,  plauteil in   the  northwesl   coiner, post pinnuii on l u.n nanu  in
lor .luu.'... n I'joii. ana iatiu.tr]      a  i n     ■  i 111:-. v.' -1 eii.iins,  .-mitii   ii  ,   . ,. ,j      ,   ,.orlK,r   .,,' the Atiiurko river, aliout a mile up
^iXZ.ZiC Cains, west 40 chains,   north   l»> W!lts,m bav',,,,   Rotleriek   i    mil trean, fr  junction of Tnlehaeko
- "-'"-■'■'-'  |l""—   t«. pace of u|o      -,,. ;„     ^   v„   ;.,l:  ,  ,ivcr. markeil   N.   VV.   corner  and  _
'•omnicnc nt,     lontaimng   i.ni       . .,,     ■   •       .      .    m ,;(,hl. ,. mg south 80 chains,  east   80
Tai      ■ rliiiin I",   ..,.r, u   i,,i,re or less '   ' ,    ■ i    • .,    -,.   i    - i
a '    ' 0  chains  north h0 chains to chains, north 80 chains.inore or less r    ,   c.
JOHN. (i. JOHNSTON.    I Miliw (lf l^-innim-. to river hank, thenee westerly along       Millinery cind Dry GOOdS Store
,.- a.-,- m . il, -i..,11 Ma V ■-'■''.  I'.'d,.
,.-  .    ■ .   '■ : ' i-
,,; .    |      ,	
i 11.c. 1 'hii. I ■ ,      e     .,
l.e-  II.   I'..   I I ''
.     '   notie.  I nit '
"ii.  n.Y- ...   ii;:,!."     .of  Victoria. H.C..   nortli of  rt'atson hav.   thenci    ni i   -     Isnit   7   miles from
Al i'.   'M
piaee "l   heginnill'
No. 32.    Coniinencing nl   a   post   liank of river *H) chains to point of
 planted at tl       -e'nf  nn   un-   beginning, containing, 640 acres.
■  ■.. mi the we.-t bank of      No. 11 A.   Commencing at a post
[ I. about  two   mil *i|      '      >u 1 W '" -'   ":lllk   n|'  Tai"
I'm: I   htSSlNOTOIl, 11.c.
1,'nlii s' and gentlemen's fur-
iiishing—clothing nnuic tn order.
,  Vl    i , iiii nds to apply for a   ■ ■ , Atmuko,  up-stream
S. Frizzdl till-      Ol!M
.    '      ■..:.■
ll    corner    '. - ' limit,»
-unlit, IIM Uiuir.s w.-m, ni.ni.e in.rtli In lb Pie
'"','" ....   ...  i, ud
, II.    I, "|-|1   ff II ^»g-  .g-i-^ ■ iu-1-tHl..I.tt llii.If („   ,.o;i t    "1    .,„   ,i" llleic.
,ild Indian  I (ills oi Stirring Days ,it Jhe «)ld   liM*J-
son'a Hav Post
I, i'/i"
'n.i. Ill' lll'll.g   III 11  ,   -   '   ; - .1 |.l.   .lie
A ll'.ii.-iiy ■ -,h'.'\    nl...I.i
i.. n\ '■'■,, i mi end u i., . v:, oj   said I
■     I     '     . :. 'I.   . -..,..11
e   I nii-.t.r
■   .■ utul   1.1"! i;   ,-!l..r.-   ;,,   ,.
:     I    |ll4|
nl •!       •   .   .  in t..n.i-   Thai !     ij,    .:n;,e,   mm   . ..   ,;„.
■ ■   "  ' ■ •  -     '       ''.   deputation of v i." o)d i i  :\ ■
kries ol ;,ii-. ,1,,   .:ii,,,i  Bpo„   ,;;,   : , ,„.
I I'"-   I    'I    '.' ■     '"' '      I.      | p|   'I,     I-l    ■! '■ I'I'. |
'  (Vfl ' ■   ■  ,!">,    ,i       ■   ■■    ■       it] th« '  III , any   ll   |i.        i all
■ ; ' ' ; ui    ed' i" put ai, I in the pill i ■
■ !' ■'''   '''I -fi I'  WSJ ie   ..'nl,    Ol     \ie'i    .
[*ed    ' '   t"   "'     til''      e. ■;,'.   | I*,,       | .     -     , I. I -» I ,
of He  I''    ' '. ; I'"1'-,  to     ■        ' ■   0n ,!,. i: expedition    "Jim   tn ■..."
■"'' '  .-■'" I' •   '■■ rl     aid ol i I',:.'"-,  "when  ■>' i,   nu
Pron nee there -   .. , .;,   , | i ,   ,.." :,.,,i ),, ;
."i" tho    long ,-,| I,, i i:..:,i   ,f ..-air* ,;, :I,-
reaches of tho riysr,  1 ■ ■ -111  un ami by
down the   it-uam    Deep trencher1     j\\t factor persu*4sd OX ilu, In-
marked whore paii.a'it. had sl I,JdUni  to le»re tb*ir ho«nei and
.in.I I,, ic iiml the:" im ;,- liaet si of
liiiiiiinni.ks tha! Iim'! 1 I !'l lijile l;i:i.%s
.anil,.,, llial lic.U'l' .'. .' iitiliy BfO
|iad IWOpl av av tic,mi ..I.,- 1.1 n,any
The ,tn)e i.-: .-(ill standing Tin-
tenant o| the tort farm uses it m ■
.■ ran iry and I )"■ h1 n-vy (iniber m*w
ihi It- ri nothing bal the larmer's
grain, The line o< tbe palisadi - i«
■ till  to  be seep    CM i ai)h snd
-tmie   li"   i.'ia. ,-.   in ai 1     I ho   place-
ii here   thi    I rad .'■'   bonn ■     '■
One of the old houses is stilj used]saw tlie irpoke signal of
by the ranchers Mel.'.,.!, who pust, and prepare! l
Ml f.n inl in |ho "Hi ly (event ies,
USi il il us l| dwi lling and •• nl many
a requisitii ,n to Victoria tor ii new
house, 'i la- roof I'-a'-.i tl andevi ry
time a storm caw . the Ea< tor snd
i nnily tleil ;., th< l.ni 11
ll iin-t the stockade.
Alorde, the chief laetoi from the
,, 11 at Victoi iii. came un the Fraser
iiii a i i- it nne ilay. and the W Uj
:-- ..leiiinan quarti pad bini in the
shaky h"ii- e. In the middle of the
pigbl :i terrific gale sprang up, and
the ti rrified   i hiej  f u tor, (earing
oarnpon the Island oppogit*. (/angle*/; fh*,**- tiny wire liitltlci, hy
the lieavv tjrnbpr. Down th,. river.
where fat* Westounster now
stands, 'iVeri, jiu.t'tl three spouts,
ready to signal with a i-nink" fire
when tl',' canoes ,,f the .Meilakiit-
lus -vert! lighted  Three weeks they
kepi their vi'.nl, (lie Inut.civ: had
bee") detained in Purrard Inlet,
and   wore  behind I In ir ichedulu
!he house would collapse, lied in
In- nightrobe through the pouring
rain to t he friendly shacks oi the
trailers. In the morning, he and
Mt la .,,1 laid mn the plana lor s
new house, and the next ship t,,
Kngland carried the requisition.
It was all different in 1817, Old
[uncoi told the story, How be
fixed the date is difficult to imagine, but other years he mentioned
im re correct. In those days then
were few white men ieen on the
Pacific coast, l.ewis and Clark
had not commenced their memorable journey, The ncaresl tori
was on the Columbia River, where
old .liilin McLaughlin commanded,
and lc seldom made the journey
round to the smaller fort al Lang-
ley The ships oj the Hudson's
Bay Company would sail around
Cape Horn from Kngland mice every year bringing supplies of powder and blankets I" trade to the Indians, and taking away the wealth
oi British Columbia.
M.,-1 of tho Indian*, lived higher
up the Fraser, and came down in
their canoes when the ship- arrived.    Tho** were always peaceful
uml   never quarrelled   with   the
white trailers;
Their only trouble was with   the
Metlakatlas.   Once or twice a year
these  lighting  Indians   from   the
Nortli would come down the coast
on u foraging expedition   and rav-
I'L'c the land of the peaceful dwel-
I        'mn.: the 1,auks of tho  Fraser.
there would I"' as many
a-  two   thousand of them, well*
armed and   defiant     They   would
i any away I he  rich  crops oi the
tin women and all the loot
"   I ' omfortably he  carried
nm      r  (Var   ' aim'■.-.    They   never
■ red with the  Hudson's  Bay
traders al th'  fort     Little tights in
horthi rn Inl i   had caused them t,<
have a who! - n:e respect  for the
"M Inneas tells, th, story uf how
-:..  *>{ i,1s , * «'.,■   Nt", M"l.-Mti;w   'vor.c
illl.n.     el    .1    i
III.Ml   e-M
Ni. ti.   Commi
■ mi, 11m in..iii Ian- ni So.
veal   i e. N i   eoi
le :,   nne, .-I   t.    B     1 'l   I,  H     C   nei
eail H) ehalna, doi tta i( ehalni, eaat I
II •' I I    I. ■ -I,.,!n t.l inlel, tlietiee wn.l   iliei    S.'lltll
alona slum- I.i  ,.!',--...   ..I  i .,!i,ii...iie.-ii,n!,l,  I'ttu-
lalnlni M0***M i. ..; 1,.,^.
ini.<- i,, ei.
Nn. 7.     Cltltiltleileltli; 111 II }...-! J.lina, ,1   en Ihe
•aatlidanl Blind liland, SadfTflok Jitiy, abonl
lull, r/ay Intwnnli iMtrllj Iiii.I xillth ell.1- ..I
1-llllnl,   IInull.■<!   !■'.   11    I,'! S,   \\   ni.llief, {lieneu
w.»i  a, \..-t .line ..I* imi,,..i. thenoe nortli,
ntl-t Mini lOHth Itli.liH blture I." Dsittl of etiln-
lili'I|ie|.,„tlt, n.'iijuitiitiK   l,jU ttire- |,.e,|.' Of Im-s.
Nn h   Commencing <*t e   poel  "dnsted  ni
theS K. 1'iimeriif Nu. 7, itiHrkeil I*, li. J.'s N.
K, t'Mi'iier. lli-iii.-iie-t I.. \u-t .hi.te i.i i-lutel.
l;,'t,i. Mitillt, t-j-l nii'l   nt,nl.    I ai,;    i.tirc to
plai   "t ■■Miiiiuei inniii, . onttlnlng ,a
iiniii' in l' --.
Jane :■•>
n.i '.' Commencing nl a poit plnnted nn
iin mli .-i.i,- ..I Hoile* laland, nuked T. B
Thcj, the  watchers iit   the fort '■'- "■ * -**■*••' •:•""""•""'"''"'"""-
■ ".I I'i .'imn:-. Muni- hi'i ebtvlm »r t<» more,
i'i, net  vest   IB rhilf   to   point   ul   mm
iiirin.t'iiH-iil. COn^niDg MQ m ; ■ -  i;n»;., OT tl M
Jul) l. HOT.
Ko. U* Commencing nt n pott planted on
th" tiorth iWi oi Jim nutty UUnd, Burked f. It.
f.'i x i: I'l-Micr, tii.-iiri' ionth80 'iiniii--, wnti
160 chaini or to inon, thenee norlh end mat
along i|*on to ^1  ol Ntmmt noenieot, con
talnlng 640 acH - mot |
July i, IS07,
N<». 11. ConsMftdng Mt n poal planted al
iii-, n. | i o\ n«| ol Nn |,i, marked P, B, J.*i
s   ft, i      ' ■      ■   '" south  ko ohatnii eaat  10
■ ...i. i . north to chaini, m*\ io chaina, north 10
chaini  east 00 chaina, thence north to ihore
W(  t and iouth olonff ihore lo piaee m*
commencement, containing MQ aeyee .
i, m
J nne 2m\ .wi
n,i ii Commencing p\ n pout planted on
the weil "■i1''1 o| Uoulw ial ind, abont ilnty
chalm iouth ol the narrowi, marked F. J-. .'.'■>
8, W ..-Mi, i, tin-in,- aaat 40 chaini, north 108
rhalui, weit to ihore, thenoe loutherly along
shore to place ol commencement, oontalning
■ I-i in ; i - | j..! ,■ nr [,---.
Nn Ifi Com mem Ing el ■ i-"-' plantadon the
eail -t'l, ol Moreiby Inland, aboul ilnty chalni
tiorth nf the Oarrowi between Moreaby and
LouiM litandi, marked K< B. .1.'- N. B. corner,
thenee weet to chalni, iouth 188 ehalni, ea»1 to
ihore, thence northerly ilong ihore to plaei ol
commencement, containing 840 aorai, more ot
June 'J", 1807.
Nn. to, Comment Ing ai i poet planted on
i creek which enten into weit cogat o| Moreaby liland, mid potl being abont three mllei
weat of Creiceni Inlet, ami markad r. B, J.*i
n. ft, corner, thence ea*l 80 chatm, wuth 80
chalm, \vi--i bu chalni, north -"■', chaini to place
,'i commencement, containing 840 lerei more
,.r lee>
June 88, HOT.
Nn. 17. Commencing al u poat planted hi the
n, Wi cornet of No. 18, marked t, B, J '- N
K. oorner, thence ionth 80 ehalni, well ^i
chalni, north 80 chainit, thence 80 chalni mat
io place i met » ment.
June 28, 1807
Nn is Commencing al i poet planted
it ii, - iintiii H.--.I corner nf number 16,
marked t. II. J.'i 8 ft. eor., thenee north Bo
.ii.i in*, eail 80ehalnii thenee iouth 8U ehalni,
thenci 80 chaini weil to point ol comments
ment, conl lining ■ muri oi lei
n.i  i'i      Commencing   al   I   peel   planted
ni    the     inn Mi.ui-:     coi gar     nf     number
t ed !■   I-  i'   8.1 1 tenee north f* I
ehalni, thenee wt i tw chainii thenoi iouth
iu chaini, tin nei m I bo chalni to point ol
commencement and i mutnlng ■'■^ acrai mt  ■
.inn.- 88rd, 1887,
So. 80 Commeneing al » pool planted
mi tin' north ihon o4 V u m - beni
Inlet, Moeeaby liland, »t the B, K.
,-nr. nf v.. B, 84, marked f, B, l.'i 8 ft, iw
ner, thence 40 chi ni nt»rth, thaoca 80 chatm
aat, thenee 40 chalm north, tttenea 88 ehalni
Med tin-iu'L- s,.mh in ihore,thenee westerly
along ahore to point of commeneement, eon<
latnlngj BOB aerea, mm of Ina,
June Und, 1887,
No. tt-**-^-ommenelng »,r >i P«e4 planted on the
s. K. there <»f Copper Bafi Moreaby liland,
narked l'.n .i s N. ft. cor., tkonoa aonth Bu
haina, aaat 100 ohalna to ahore thenee north
an4 weet along ahore to point "f eommence*
uii-nt, containing 588 aerea, more or laBai
(to, 8<t—Toanmenrtng «t a poet planted tm the
eaat aide of Graham liland. aboutonemlle weat
from ihora and 1 !-J *   "!■ rt ■*   ■'   tht
month ol the lloenda mi i ke i  t, B. ,'.'.-
n. B. corner, theni •■ I -
iouth. 11 chaini 11 hi
u* place of cofhmencem
N... 3 :. « nn tnenclng al a i"»-i planted alniul
8chaina eaat ol th ■ N. E i or. <-i So 22, marked
K  H. .i.'s s. B. come
weat 40 ehalna, aouth M0 chalm, eail 11 ■
to poinl nf commend n
June Brd, I
N" ji    i omtnem Ing at a ] d at 1 he
B, I i orner of (ndtan peiarveat month i f tha
i : -ii'-:■■ of 'iiaUatn liland,
marked t. h ■' 'iM E cor , tbenee aonth 80
chatni. them e weat 80 chalm, thence north m)
ehalna. then* e eaat 801 i to point of com*
moil' '.'im-nt.
June 88th, 1S07.
No 80   CotnoMttcini "t a poat planted t-byut
il      (Hit
Lye tbe
marauding [ndujni h Burpriop. Tin
fori iiii'ipititl one large tfunj old
Iiint ;i ■ |i";m'« il   out   tljc   llKtlks   nf
tho hummock al tho corper <»f the
palisade thai facpd Jowu the rivw.
The [actor had placed a land mark
«ui tin- opposite ghore, ant] knew
just where hii ihot would hii i:|1 h
time, jj«' waited until the leading
canoe was in lino with thii Bight
and fired.
uPi8l" said old toneu, wanning
up [ike Mini'1 old warrior, uml puffing a groat cloud *»f smoke from
his pipe,
'IIiMiiii''* Tlini canoe sin!-; and
1m<! Iinliaiir, they swim round in
w ater and climb into next canoe.**
The Metlakatlaa were disconcerted by the attack, but they con-
tiuued their journeyup to the Jort.
The fire Irom muaketa of tli<' white
men killed many, and other canoes
writ sunk, Tin-a the Indiana on
the inland launched their dugoute
and completed tin- rout. The chase
lasted to the mouth oj the river,
and never again *li<l the men from
the north conic down to raid the
peaceful villages ol the Fraser,
< >n the island there are many
relics of the old fort, a brass cannon, green with age, and an old
muskcl that must have seen service before Waterloo. Old Innenn
has several blankets that belonged
tt. the fort, and an old token of the
11 udson'n. Bay i onipany. There are
other ancionl relics scattered about
among the Indian villages up the
river; the old fliwash tells ni an
old record oi the supplies that
came to the fort which is now in
the possession ol an Indian at Mission. Some day these will be discovered, and an interesting history
of tlie early days of British Columbia should result.
, 1 a  ■ .
James A. Dale, who murdered
Peter Qodereau ami Joseph Celle,
at Carmi, near Greenwood, last
October, was hanged in Kaiploope
on the 18th.
Take notice thai !• Fredertck B, Jonei, ol
aeeri B.C., occupation timber cruller,
Intenili to apply tor a apecial timber license
oTet the following deaerlbed landei
Nn. i Conunenclng Rt ■ pott plnnted on the
weat side ol Ljrell Laland on Pain Bay, marked
f, S, J.'s s. W* corner, theoee anal 10 ehalna,
north 48 chaina, weat W nhntna, north tt
chaina, west80chaina, north 40 ehaina; Ihenee
great to ahore] thence aonth una mat tiling
shore to place "f commencement, containing
840 acres more or less.
No 2. Commencing it a post planted at
IIm I 81 lorner 9l He li khn^led r B J-'»X-
"' '•   *
■■s^iyr — r-rrs
Cfpim [];aitl uj>) *3..)00.000.       Reserve fund, $4,3pO,QOO
Total a-M,;, .f-Ui.()0't,(Hj().
Ihe Royal Bank of Canada
ll ■ .I qljj ''l<\<-
,,:i . :ii.i,ii'..     '..     ' '     ... '.."      OJ   '".I tif-towi.
' li-'t'Je
Tin Uni ' ili paiti: ' i '    i'. ■ ti)
Whi rut    ' ■ ■:..!-' ol 1' ' i..',m j by !.>'   01   q(I et
■\■'.-' ivlii        ' ' '•  :' ■' ■'  ■' ii  ■ '■■ ''•'i I    . I ! i.' .i iafe.
op. n  ■". .:' • mni
Wi i- hi di ifu md ii "i.i j . ftj .'.I' in al] pfaii. i.i
tbe world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
•—**-•—-jw-f ->*»•-
Boyd & Young SSJEK
maaj*mwmmmwmamammmmma s-swu mtmwm i
R9 Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, 5.C.
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Under now mAnagement, Thoroughly renovated,
I.ni.- ss. Camoiun,
i '_. mllei from tha mouth nl the Hlelllam river
,-in.l nt...-it 11 halna from Iti weat bank, marked
K. B  J,'a N  ft, poi , il" nee aonth 180 pbalm,
thei wi nt 11 ehalni i" p aee ol Bommence<
nth, i"'T
Take noiu-e thai John f. Hie-i.'-, Hprlngbanl
ah,i 't'upatlon, fanner, Intendi to appl;   I ■-
p.! Ilie-p.lt t.i l.llt'ellli.e the folloVI till.' d.
n.ltOT, ,„„,, .
IONKS I'oniDiani'lngat• poal  planted itl  the N v.
. ..in. i ol     I -.:     purchase application,. i
  yni-l- w-'-t ol  i:111.'11..11   ol   Kitlinati   Coppi
.et I  Little ' iitiv..ii  trail. \  Ihenee   roul i
'Ink,■ ti..:!' .■ Hnn I. Wiihnin  f.  Hunttlnc, ol ohalna; thenee tm-i n chain..; then ■
11   t  . . ii-en; ne '   mli: n'Ain i. e.    - ". im,'. ; i'h n aat 801 tbe poll
In .it'll v Mn- ii -i [al timber license ovei   t iraeuoctnent, containing WO here,  mori   nt
Ihe l.illnwlna deaerlbed land,:
Ko, 1    Comm ii'ine tt   1 pott planted J,  D. WELLS
ill,Unl I   the  head ol   lln.'im.-. agent I     Iili.i.-
M"    ..'  Iiii   >,, '  -nl.   ..I the arm,  iin im          I Ittl, ' » 1, 11 <' , July 111
eh iii 11- ih along the »h..rei Ihe  ".1 chain, '          —■
cant, th 11     ', 1,ni 11 th, 1!   I"' hi,; ns 1,,],., „,.:,,. ,y,, Samuel  I.yle, ol Kinlat no
>" 1 ; ■ I'1'" ' teglnnln Baeketcbetran, oceapetlon tanner, Intendi lu
No   .'    Commi nclng    j  .,t planti i ,.;          ;                    pun-In                ■ ting
nl : ten 1 Iiniii- 11..in the ■■ ■  I  -In.tn ..! Ilant*
1111 at the in,1 iii end ■ i Indian n -. 11. ,
three mllei north ol -■   Bay, thenee north
-n . haln . 11.• Mr "• 1 H ehalni, Ihenee south
Mchalti thenci eail W chain, t.i 1 lime m 1 ....
Id . ommenetng at 1 poil planti d aboul
lo chaini eail t»l tne E-oetaeasI eorner at Ko, _'.
thence welt in ehalni, thenee north K chains,
thence easl ■ ehalni t.i ihore, thenoe eanlb
along Ibe ihore M ehalni to plaocol beftnnlng.
No. 1    Commencing g< I pott planted
nl Mllni.'ll lull', :,i i-luiilis U-irtll   tif   Ihe   In.rite
wi -t 1 ..tint 1.1 iin lii.ihiu I-. -. r..' nu  the •"***
siile (if  llil-liliS-   llllll,   tt '1'   tt.-'   Kt   ehllills.
Ihenee ...null M ehiilll-. Ihmi ft   -.'   i'hnin-.
tbenee nurtli sneluitit- to placfe m begtnnillg
Hi. * -Commeiirlrlg hi i i>h.-i ptahted
mi I'i.11 im Island, abont lour mile, aonth along
llie ihnfl lit.111 Ihr liiuiitli .,f I'Mrilttii'l''nl'.iil
and about n quarter ol a   mile   In   n   1
I Intel:
' ommeneing at a po    , 11 boul .''' ydi
in 0 1    mni, ' upper mil
Utile t anon Iralla m nt.. it : miles   1 aet  ol
Utile ' anon, ska, un Rlvei ' oait Diitrlct, B.i  .
thei H.iiilli KM elitiiii.. then   '■  - n-t   si  1'nun.,
1 hence noi th N ehnlna, th n e ireil en 1 haln,
in point "I  t imencement,  containing  Ml
aerea more... lege.
J. I). WELL8
K-.H-U1 lor I. I.YI.K
Uttli Canon 1 B r . Julj ith, r-or
Take notice that William J- Johnaton, ol VU'
torla, H. <., occupnUofj farmer, Intendi to ap
ply for pcnnl*.*.iun to punliuM'  th*  following
deeerlhtd Innda:
C'cinuuniiue nt k post planted on the i-h-i
ildc of MiL.-Htiliiy i-Uml, about 8 l '2 mllei ionth
tl    I  ■■   rend of Loft; I, tht nee run
lieafM, (hern e n- rth lOi-hi Ing wi il K)   haln
north 1^'"' i
tht-iicu j  nth 120 <■],-.
■ , ■ 111 ■ ■ * of beginning
No. 4—Ci ■        ■   '
.■ii l''-nr-«- I hi and on a en   k about  I liret
■    V- ul. - I'a--.t
i   int half i     lite in (r*   i the 1
north N.. ,   liia, 1
-■I chaini*, tht d ■   halne tu i lat ■
Ko. t    i ng at ii poal planti -I al the
nouthwt ' Mt]  W
chalne, tii ...
ehaiu*, thent'o ea*t N0i
D. k   Newell, Ageni
Inly, U jvot.
■    • bore, i hi •      h long  i
acres m
JohnO   ' " ■
June 'i. IW7.
Take notice thai  i, « erenu Jonei K .
Victoi in. B, c, oci apation, matter mat m ■
intendi to appl - purchaae the
■ i im Ion Dundai Laland
Commencing at a poat planted In ■ I
on the aoutheaatend nl Dundai laland, it. * .
then i north IS chaina, thence weal  to
tbenee aoutberly and t aster); to poinl nl com*
meneement) and Including ■ - ntiguoua b. achae
t< Igea and imail talandi
"uiy t. Mr, ■*r   ■"-»-"' ■-■
CHAKC! "'"■  ;"k'"1 " ]"]<v ""'n '"'', ■"*•*
iJ I  | V' t—*^-* • ule..'i. | g, ■!.. g, H
<)••"     !lte,.',  ;.,;..l.Hi-,'-    :-.,'J   Ll ' "" i,,L- ""' '" »« "'"
DurliiRttw DM4  well  wa h*ve „,,:  , ,,  ,, ,      ,,,,    .„,:,,,-'  , ,,.  " '■ "'•■':
,   . ', . . "Hi.-'   'I    l>    .1      -..llll       , ll U !' I >. j_'    '"    , lieu-, ii.nil, Sj,hnn..., vest  i   , ■ I. . -. i. - ei, i. '..i
received Irom the ewl   the  large I    ,     . ,        . . . ,.„,,...,„..„«..., >.»,,k .., kuuo,
."ll-l 'IIIi.i Hi     nl    lUUVV      Ii|.-lO-i|:lte -    •     . '        -,.    .   ,,.ii , . Bounce
rfhoei : ij-j) in '/''•'■'   '-'--in"- "'.- her way  hurriedly  alonj   leal    ,..- .
ton. ■       •■■ and i  I *. W) I.I.I \M  I'   KI'SSKI.I.
A big, ::■".lUna'iiM'il  Kei'tUi (iian
~   I"    '
'J'l.e.' lil)<. ai   '
i i"-' ..."" tin
'   I...'  ■.;' I idi.   '     .:i :i'-
iji.il - '• '       l'i":,|.-
ind Shi   -
A look   tlir..iiL'ti
, dih im '• you ot  | li.
•HI   'I    111   I'i   .
'i'i ijjty tli'-t — j.ri i..|
The North Coast
Commercial (io.
— PR --
I .     -■     W
ri:i:i>. II  THOMPHON.
A new master lor the tug Bovn*
(on arrived on t)ta KoyaJ Bunday,
and the tug, in Mutpany \*. i 11» the
barge Canada, left for the Mirth on
Monday    The barge carries   200,-
000 fir! uf lumber tor Vancouver.
During tit naat weefc  numerous
parties tiayo Inon wending their
way i" tin lu.ny fields ol Kssing-
ton, midway between Cunningham's nn!! and the town^and the
full ]iail.- brought Iim k attest in no
small degree llm adaptibilsty ol
the soil mill climate !" the culture
01 berries. One private strawberry
i Kit ili whicli is tlir admiration ol
nil Essiugtoniarui and tourists, if
the garden ol Mrs. Maahs, op-
|ni-iie ilu- Salvation Army bar-
rackn. Tho berries are as large an
i-ouie ]itiiatiii- Victoria merchants
have seen fit tn send north, and
the ruddy hue ol the hi-, inns fruit
is appeqling U'it only I" the eye
but tlir palate as well,
Harry K. Thaw has stomach
trouble. The base ol complaint
has changed Irom bin liesd to his
stomach.     IIi> physicians  intend
to inspect the f 1 sent  in  tn bim
fntiii outside the prison, and n ill
advise what portions to reject. He
has also boon advised tn take loss
exercise in the nrison. and more
than be tines when be is out ol
doors in Ihe afternoons. Poor ..l.l
Thaw ! What an Infliction it is to
he the |°ossesgor oi too much cash.
In the vieinitv of Greenwood,
li. i'.. recently, n gang of section
bands was employed by theC.P.R.,
and thi' party was supposed tocon-
sisl of men onlv, until i>ne of the
numlier was taken suddenly ill and
in the city hospital gave birtb to a
child, which the ladies of Greenwood deserilK! a~ n very pretty infant. The woman was a Hindu.
I Ir. Monroe, in-|" etor of the |jorl
nf Vancouver, may |iossibly know
ni -unit' iiniii' micli men.
ii -|. ■ I
|p|     l     ,n    e       ;
' '     .
i ui.nn.-in Ing at a -    '.\   .
:   ■
wljutl ,.    I   II   ! I,.-1..,.-.-.-.-- \   n
.; .m:,    ntirl    -   '    'i ■ arest t.i
K i»|>|<ijt ni iiiiiii- inori "I l.-is,  i Imiii'.
n n . n-i hank "i Ki'jon riverH0ttbalus
ini.te i.i i. --, eontaiiilng :ejil acres more or ieis.
Ht I IJ T)IOMI'-ii\
.1,inn-*-   ft,   Sim'!,,  Mgfllt.
lull,- Z\   ("."IT.
— " '"-■ in      ■ ' *■*»    m •    ————
Taka Both >■ i'i»i 1, Uargerel i-n t*|ee, nl 9\*a
kmn. tft'aah., lat'titiatloq teaehai luterol* lo
apply tor pt>rmln-loii t.i |.uicha«' lr»« following
'I    -I'll),,.!  lilliil. r il Ilu T. <l    [||   III.-   KUplua   Villi. -\  :
i uni iii-iMi ng hi »i  ptwi  i.l*tiiir'l al  i ht   H   i:
. "i t.i i aiul iniii.tii.,,..   II I til    II,.m; |iggp|l *   V   I.
■ . it ■. i iii :,.,■,- v.. si ni .'li.-ii.-,-,  north m chain*,
I'llt-I Ni t'loiliu.   MMItll Ml *•)--i 11: * In {.<  I ill  1.1 . "in
mem aim-lit, 1*011 taititiim t-u> acre*, wore ur it --.
.inn.. ■ w, Kmltli, agent.
June -''. 1*117.
Mrs, Tipn laid bare n-uil      H^^^^_^^^_^^^^^^^^
ol plllii gni     Wail
I"-'"1-1 ••i>/.>r^^^^M-'l,"-,\"
!  I lot, sir; 1 ne  H l| h
1]'.'' 'Iti   ■'
A, . miilod
" Y' -. ! ' ■ j-. - ■'nl '"  ■    the  road
in      '.''    iin■   time,    '.'' u  I
'inn.   : '■   " m>full) slow;  in Australia  ,.    .'1     SO  :• i'  h   ';.":''■ nlit c
to railr. aila."
1    "Are j ■■'. .1   ni..i. [1 d,  m< dam .'"
askei! : lenimi fri ui th<  blue
"A   .' i'i' ti    .: iiy xi -|u.i.'ile I.
"\\'-e-l-l.'.\-".|-l,  li.i.'l.a.l.  llUl   the
company's oi ders an liol lo allow
unattached women on the i"iMi-
siti'." hiiid tin- official.
"Awful, nretched ! Is it g . rime
tu bo a widow v Mus| I marry
again in order to be allowed the
privilege of living in the north V
Mis. Tipp wept, -iihhft) ami pried
and invoked pity,
"These are the eonipany's instructions, madam, and we must
observe Jln/in |o t)|c letter," continued the official,
There was •') moment ol -u-iu-iise.
"Must mam' tlien .'" sobbed tbe
"Our inatruetion - are plain, lady;
inns! observe them; else our beads
will (all into the basket,
"Thin, I'll marry, Where would
In tin- most likely place to tbrow a
net for sr.ih a lish?'' enquired Mrs.
Tipp, now recovered and ambling
in In-]- mii'd for h prosjjective little
"There aro Beveni 1 ei| ies no) for
distant"^Kssingtoi1 and Port Simpson— likely abodes for sueli an undertaking, Hini|*son is the capital
.■uni thi' percentage of marriages is
greater there than elsewhere in Ihe
district," coldly rejoined the tall
"Keep ii I"! for me; going to
Simpson; will In back in n week;
I'll Iin vi- the license with iur.".-aitl
Mrs, Tijip and she l.-fi for the old
fort town,
she married and panic back.
Still "icrmissioii to locate in the boh
city wa?: withheld, Mrs. Tipp lost
heart shortly after ami left her dear,
old kind-hearted nautical husband
and removed from the district. A
letter received recently say- sin- in
at Panama—in the 20110 of Teddy's
big ditch.
—»'.1.|-.-       ■ MK^-^».^
morrow & mum
Port rssiiigton, B. ,
Brtcbers. Provision 'ind Fruit Dealers
' '     '
Specialty Crcjaco Niter nlfrnkfiii
Remtmber iii'iiThfirtprtrriT forfraM 'JiJ VcfrtAtei
hiiv- milUw thai I.  sUvin  Baili-y, nf s,-;.;iir,
W :i-li., iKt'UpAttOII i-ii-h;. 1    :111.11-i- til ttppl)   I»l
iKTmUj-Joll li; l-iif. h.ihf !!.-■ I.'il.iw III-.' il.-r.rllt.nl
hiii'l. siltnli■■! hi tllV Klfpiox   v,i!ir\ ;
tiiuiiiiii'iifiiiK' iit 11 (ni!*! 1'liitiii'l at   i)i.. N. \v
ami a.li'jintin   Mnimir.-i   Duvu--' N. |i. ruriicr,
ilt« -ih i' .-I' -l s-i i-Jiiiiii-. M.iiiti ni , iiii in *, uc-i   Pfl
I'll.llll-.  IM'!'! ll  Ml |-|;;i;i|-.  [11   j.,'Mil    '.I   ' Pill '
moil, (i'i,i.'i;iiiiiw Wu «t I.--  tnurv ur N----
Jamv ft. Hmiih,     ■ n
Tnkf ttDtiw Ibnl I. Mwiinl K \\V»n.ter, nf
-nni]'-. ytmAi . iHfiiptitinii niHiirttfcr, Inti ml« I i
i 11 • 1 • I.*■ for p**rini*-»iuti in purchus-f Ids* tn
■    kmI ina.j, aittmtirl  it; tin- K 1 -1 : a * nl If j :
1   "l!,l-M'IU-illH  Hi   ll     I'"-'     |'hlt,t.'<l     III     ! ll-      -      I .
run «i'. liiitj It) I'hrtitm ,vi -1 <-i Mnrifiin i i
N.   h.   r.'l'lU'l'.  ! !n li- '     tt fs(   IMI   I . rlil  **'
.',-.'■.■!■"      -i'i;' it  *■-.- <■
i|   ■ .       ||)< I'li'lil.   1 i.-i 1 i;tit UK   •■ UJ   !■ .   H, 1   ..1,
J lint -   m . Smith, ii.:-" 1
.1 lii   :•. iv..'.*
^0 l&A
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MRS. S, MKfJY Proprietress
Honi aoit qui mal y pensc
W'lit-n  t.'inin'j   to K*<siiijrt,Mi u!i\' worry over worldly
.■iiii-. when you can live a-ell und I.iy warm al Kirby's,
!;\TKS |;l.(Xl down, I'ariors, Kiuokiii|(. Writing, Both-
itmni,- on every floor, Hot ' atlm at all hours. Cold
liatli- when required. Agents. Itaggage and transfer
ilgents, I'urtei'- in. ■ • till lioilts ami train- Transfer
Mareoni in lontli'itioll.
1.1.1 I. V.I.I.- UKirtf, ..|  In iimi:,
.   . ll|intli.li     -iinlelil.   I'll, mi-    I"      I'l'l,'
l.-r ] 111:11 —nm tu   pill ni.n-.
■ 11 e .1 In Klsji t,s \
'    n llm  UVlllg    al    I    |M|t '     I'ee.l   ll    . ,   :i"   -    I .
 III.I mil.'lie:: '   I I    I   1    I'. ' 1.   -   -   »
.'..riini 1 tlll-ni e m .   '  - '
litis III IKlillt I
...  I'm"
Warner Lunch Room
\\\i] oniy first-ctlSS
Saart 0r4w htuse
InEuiftgtori   .   .
i'i iv:i!e Imixcs for |ini ties,
OPi;N   MA. XUyW
ovvtmn: 1 iik wi    l:hn mn
Tnl;.- iinUri' thAl i, Ht'iu)   i ■■■-.
•*i-ll||l'-.  \. ;l    ,..,  . '.    1  .   I   .  M'l'-il   :-
10 uj iij; foI- pi'rmUan   1 tu p,irrin   ■  1)1   inlittv
ill»    <|.-vi-riiicil   |ut| t.   '-1! ;,.i ii- I    l)| I|,i     K .-    l«»X
1 .'urnmi n< [ua nl n pfi-i  plunti «1 , t tin   H. w .
1 ti r, 11 ml :i-'jiiiii!ur Kilv, itfil h ^ ■■  -'<   '• '
I ■.. inl ni r, 11" .;< 1- ril»l 11 1 ii .;..-..   tin-Hi'"   It": 1 li
Mil I Imiii-. '-I ■ [   »i  \   lUtllK,   •.-.!;.    - I   1   I till
pxiilll    -I i-i'tiuin-iii-i'ij,--in.   l'iiUtii|t)1tll| oto i.i- - •
"'t'jLNUY poN (JAM1-BKLL
Take   .■ ■ ■ i..-.■ ii ,.i  I, T|i, in. - .1.   In ,'ie n, ..
Sn.nl. .   Vie   1       ,. ■ ii|. >|l,il|      ,;   lit,   ni.eii.U   In
.ipi'lv lor (i i niu-i.iii ei ;• iielei.e lite In]
I"    : ■ I lit I       .i.i.l ■ I   III llll' KtMlln.X llllll > :
'"1 em ll'g h| ii |>"-' |ilt III    I ill llm K.W. .'.:..
,111.1 lils'.iilllli nn.i nl K<iv.iit.| i.   IV. i Hit's \ I.,
 iiei. tin in ■.■ ii-i DO . ii.i.i, -   mirth N' iiniii -.
H    SI 1*1 .line.-.  . 'tltll M i-lnilll- !.. [Hllltl . I . 1,111-
iii I II inelil. m.ii: e I! ,ii ' nl - lie iv mi' le--
I llo.MAS .),  Di.i.NAX.
James W, H111I1I1, em-m
.Inim '..'T,  l.i'i','.
"The Prenbytcrinn cl h ia  n-
pri -eiiteil hv Hi ,. Mr, Kiihl: bul
iii- church, liln ;te Empire, ha.-
iini liein. aa yi I, given permission
to locate in Prince ttupert, He,
like the editor nl the Empire, bns
found a place to sleep ana n place
to cat. through the kindness oi
friends.1'—Prince Rupert Empire,
Mr. Kithl and John Houston are
not the only pious |ieople who
have been refused permission to
open up shop and follow vocations
of a questionable character in the
11 T.l', appanage
Mr- Tipp 'vie- |usl such an*
itthi-r. This h'.'ly na- atl Austral*
iti ri and ;i bitrbi-r, a j«titc artiste
of renown In the Antipodes. and
alniiit ihe time the I I.T IV bill  was
Tin palatini Princess Rovul, the
in w ('.l'.K, boat on tho Skagwny-
\'ii tuiiii run, came in on n (nil ihh-
Siinihiy nijiht, ih" kcil at 1'i'i Ni'.l
ami was visited by u large number
of Essingtoniuns w bo acclaim the
new liner the mosl tinisltcd boal
plvillg in liortheril water-. Captain    TrOUp   statiil    lia'    hoat     liiiil
more than fulfilled all anticipations
formed by builders and company.
Tn'.n until " Hint    '     W       \      IN.-.,    ni   '-.   Ill
Wash,. ,.i-'' u,. nl I.. n i-.-.. ie:. .   ; Liiii. Int*-tnl' i.i
ll|i|.lv (t.r iHTIllisSl.lll  ...   |n.e i. ...   lie' n.|| .'.. Itlij
.!.—.-.' i I..-.I lllllll, -iimi..i III ihe I, spliix    nil  t
t Mlnlnen 'Ing nl ii   |.m   '    |.ln Html    ni    l 111'   S.     .
em Inl. lllni ie:.l..lllllll   Til -   J.    In Limn'.   S
W,   e.il'liet,     llllll,m      \.      I    Sl   elniiie.    IImiMi   Ml
e lltt ill-, en-1 H.I t'llallis, - ■. u I'. t   *l  1-lialllS III .".til
. H   <-, HII IIMI:, ,'Hiel: 1 .    11.l.l   I'Mllliiilil'..'    'I '   ...
lliel'e ..I |    s.
\V. A. KOHS.
Tot* HuUn- lliiil  I. 1.i-tn>    'I'm k. i.   ill
M'He-h.,  'Il|nit inn  |>.i-  ■ !."• t   :.. ■ ni,   ii'li'ini-   |n
ii |.|.|\ f.M |..t iin-- [un tu pm i hu -   i in* fiiilnw n h
•U*M*rt.HHl Inn.I hi tin-   Klulilux vhIIi )
. iiiniiH'hi-iin: ni ii i'"-! |ih'iii..|  at   Ihi" -   W
i*i)| Tit ami -i'i'   M ::<:■ M .i v <-■   l'r"l,'- -   I.   I ■
'in it .■. Mni a t i'h. ni-, litem ,■ nut' >\  ci i Imtm .
I h. m r H i'-l M I ''Iiiiiii'    i In 111 .■   an    111   a I   I'lml  i-
i"   |i ii ui   ut    i Miipin-ii .-rii'iii,    i -'ii iinitti:  'tl"
... i■■     ■ in11. or !■■--
.It.l.i.-- W    '-.' llll. nil' 'H
I      Inim .'', I'.i'T.
Cassiar Land   District,   Range 5.
Take notiefl thai I, Jamen ft, Smith, of Victoria- nn-iipiitiuii. i'i'iii-«i. Intend* ia apply Uw
per rat aat on to purt'haac the (ullowlni rteai-rtbcd
landa,pltuated la tin* Ktuplox valleyt
'iiiniiii-ni -inir ni ii pi'-l I'liuitfl on ilu- weal
bank of the Kiaptoa rivet and opponlte Fn-ii.
II. ThompMHi's I. VV. corner, thenee ureal U
pbaiBStnorthM rhalna, ea»1 t:> i-imin-, more
mi [am tn river, tben< e aoutherly alonn weal
bunk nt Kiapiox river,tn ehaina more nr leaa
to point nf ronum-m run-in and containing W0
a. iv- more <»r leaa,
.Illlie ■■■ ,   !'"',
Tnk linn iliiii I  William II   li.iyiiiiiinl-, nl
I Spokane, Waih    m-cupatlon rlerk, InteniU  In
appl) i-i i ie tin i.--in n to purchase the following
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m,       'll'Mll'ii'il III.   Kl-]ii.e.-
ll|i lor its third reading, wa- lVClld-1    t'omraenclng at a post  planted al  the s.  K.
|nH  |,er  wav  acru i   the    Pacific, r"1"""1 «t bank oi ihi Ki.plo* river 1 June an. wu?
■ ■ I una about S mllei 1mm Ihe first telegraph ■• ■	
Take iiMtien Unit I. Mnty lira;  Pet k, nl   Mm
iit'ii|...iis, Minn., m-eupallnn, assistant principal
llilt-tnl-  In   n|.|.lv   fur   J.nrii i   -ii.ii   In   iniicliii-.
the I'.illie.Miiu .1, -.-.ii..-•! laml situate.! In   the
Klsping vnl'i-y:
CfliiiBienetiig al i i'"-i i.lmit.il ni tlms. i-:.
eorner anil aillnllillig l.e Itoy Tun I., r'- H.W. ...i
itt-r; tlieiit'e wn-i mi. elniiii-: north sn ehains;
eii.i siieliiiiii-; -miili sn eliains to |.nint ol eom-
iiii-m-eiitetii ami eontaiiilng SSl aerei, more  or
James w. siniili, agent |
June as, lgtn
'!'..',,'   te,li.n    lli.it    I,    Hilli     |hll ll     I
'I .     ... loi
: 'i |.  : Ijliisltitl   tn   plll'cllrt -'   Ihe I
■  '"-: • Mrs. W. Warner. Proprietress
"iin. ■   I i.;i'i'- rltiufff \'i tlfl - N, ft,                                                               '
!■". t i r; tin-net' <*n(ith hi rljHini; wt'»t WM-lniln«; i 	
il ii i ,i Ktl tin ; -i-: I'-tH v ' I Im lllf (n |x
ii.' .1 i  in-ill und i nlitHll.ll :■  ■.'. ' ." i   -, uuirv nt'
.1... .. • tt    -   titll.   '      '.'
Millinery and Dry Good i Stoi
I'i h I   KsmsiifllX, II   .
Inim -'I.
r.'.i ■ ■'..'  .,'  : .i i.. ,i.... ,,i I,, mn        [/miles' ami ""ciitltnicii'
|":    "; I" appl)    i i i.-11 i i: ■-—eletiiiiu: llllHii'   tn order,
tn   een ie"n   I lie   folliiwlni
leHKlaltiMlwllutlieKtapM* bailey; $^    Frj/Zcli
1    i      ■!.,:.     .■,'  it  pot\    plttliU'll   a|    lilt'    N.  L. ;
tirilt-l  nii'l ml i"l;i'. ii :   I  ..... '■      i ■. a ,i,.,    KIliK'f
*•'. i;. I'ui-iM'i ; iiii tin-    nu til  HO Mia|up;   v..-i   I"
h.il m; nnrt i an eii 1*11  . . hf! KietinhiR ti
nl i t-tiitm-iu-iMUi'nl  and   rnni»tniOK 'li*' ;»t*i. —.
i:i.|.l'N U)NVKR8E
i em   \\   .-i.iitle sgent
The   parliienhlp lieretm	
lie.il I.   W   lttuliar.li  mil II   ','  il It li.twit
is II    ', ;i.I- a •„ nts.il>,   lintel  Kortlli I n,   -ii   "
iiii" III. I'"1' sell I,      All .1.1.1- i.nine' the in III a-lll Is
 . 1  ..I i.i I.. w.  Hh'harils, aim «iii eniinniit   ti,.
,     .. , liie.liie-i.,  nn I   liknw',..'   mini   nil   ni||
'I '..    le 11"   Uml I. I'liiU'ln- K. Iwiii .1    klll|    ' ! ,   ,|   ,.,|i,ei-. K. W. lll.'IIACle
ii   .   iill,   Nile
. Il|nill'.::     limli'l I.     III
II   h'atso:
I'orl .-iini-  !'. I', July ■•. I'l'l
tends to apply for permit-tin. lo ..iie'ini.e the
follntt Ing ileseribd land iltuate.1   In   Ihe  Kl> —■—'—*————————————^
"''}'; ,...,. Ial .1 slttiate<1 In the Klsplo- -. die, ■
 inlnjiala   |as>l   elnnini  i  > 1-        l',.nuiieneliigat a pnsi   idaiiled al   tin   J   '■■
iirner and adjoining  Kltea  I'onverae's  S   K mrnernnd-lnehiim linrtli nf Sltliie)   I' I'I
it;tin m-l , MMiilneiiM arest Kli-balus; »'"'• *  K  f| lllenee easl W.-l
,   . M ehains; west an ehalm;  north sn .inilif  in
-'".'"  mi ehalni; eailS» ehalni   lo   |.,.iui   ol , , , , ,..,,,,,,., „,,,,,,  atiilug.Hu a.
.■.iiniii. nn, iiiiii; nieI i .ml linen- n|n acres, Inure lu t le...
.liii-i'- W   Siniili. Itfi'lil
.luii.-J'.,  I'.ni
Take imtiee lhal I. France* Bqulre Potter, nl
Mi111k ii11*M-. Minn., ncnipatlon, tnatrnetor, In*
tt'iiii- to iijipiv for ptirmlanlon t«» nurrham* tii«i
ftitlowitiRtU'-trllKMl land i-ttnaten In Klaniox
Coi im- in::, ..• al a po': planti <\ m the s. E,
: ltd inijiiitii vj. M.-i ry >. ray Peek'-- H ft.
t'ornrrj thenre wort lo ehaina! north Mif-haltix;
eaat Ki i-halna; thence aonth HO eh Itm to |ioinl
of eommetiiTtnent, c ntahilnti tMO ai-rea, more
.llllll.'- W, Sli.ilh   n..::l
Bile Wanted to gut fil   Oil IK'drbck—I bin In a northwesterly d 'Hon, thence north Take notice lb«l  I   n»nlcl  l.n  rYrte   nt De-
.■Intel, f,,i-el,.el'   nnnrllv                            SO chain ,*reitSo chalni, south 80chalm,eail trolt, Mleh..i«-enpnlinn, physician, hitvtada I"
,l"1"'                              •'                          go chains te point ol conn ine,a.,. „,„ apply fn   w-rinuwlnii to nnri'liUH- theiollnwlng
A. Vancmvursli. equipped her- ,„M  ..  ^".^{'Et"^^
■eii „lll, ,-evi -i'"l -.[.Main nn v'.-tntiv-        WILLIAM   11.   DAYMUNDK.      I crnerand adjoining Allele U Korte'i^H. K. cor-
,       , I'll ''"'"i - " ■ Smith, agent
fil.i .■ houses  and  « itlt her  n ady '   '„..,"_•'
blade furniture landed in   Rupert ~    ]	
t           ,     .    i   ,                ■  •            t          I      .   r    li l.IKi'  linlln.    Mm!    1.    Wllllttln   J'.    Ilti-M'll, nl '
""' Wght -im Inn} dav la t fall. <lii.kiini, „.„.,, .,„.,.„,,„„„, ,,,„,„„.,, ,„„,„,.'
''''l'*-':  !" " • '''.ii'U'' i.o-vnr ,  „,,,,, ,:, „..„,,„,,„, .,,„,,„,,„.„ ,i„ ,„u0„. ..inn-"
ner; Ihi nee i tisl Wi i hulnsj north H i Halns;
.■ - ehains; Ihenee -.null sn chains to I nlnl
rn  ni.iiiinniie.'iiieiii and containing tun acres, I
IiiicvH, I  Take lethal I,Shine) I' I'larksiin.ol Vim
 ———i  \ , Mich., occupation,   broker,  Inleml.
,  ,     ,. ..     .  , ,, ,,'.e v for permission t» | haw-the loll.i» mi
Take notice that I, J i king, nl   ' Hluiitl, (|„;, ,,  |||Ml| .,,„„,,.,, ,„ ,,„. K,-|.n.x -..,11. >
Mleli    necitpatlon, poultr)  larmer, inl'iel- I iieingati  twtsi   iSnnted nl  Ilu   -   ]
 '"• ""'7"K MM^i^n'i.^^t:^:,;;:.'.:-:^-''.:,'
.1. -'i I land situated In the kliping xalie). (lM| s„ , h.[hl.. ,|M1|I,,. „,,,lh m ehalm in  H
I nlllll  Inn .a n  |,,,.l   |.Iiniii"!   hi   III''  S  W. „(,. inelii-eiiii'lil,  ami   I.iiiiiii '
eorner and adjoining »' lei Kdward Klrtg'i i'""'1 '"' b—
S. I). i„, in, ;   llieli.e   iniltll   s ,in.;.n-l    In SIDNKV     I),    CLARKS'N
, ,,.,11,.; south -Behallll! weal »chair*. I" I"'"" J.  ■ «   -miHe ifeni
,,: , .-ii,,-in.ail  mni t lining HS aerea, '"'"' -''■ 7	
more or leu, """"""""""'—~'"""""^""""""""—"""~~"~~~"~"""^""""^~~~~
IllMN    KINli I'like n..tiff Iiml I,   Mitrv   I'lnik- "li.  rn'   Ann
"     * Aii.i.f,  Minle, oeenpatiou, gnvernesi, Ititemb
James *'. Smith, agenl ,,, ftppiy fur permission to purchase the folloa
    .,,   ,.,..- Ing desirtU'd I I attuaieu In the Klaplox val
■""" "'•       ' __^__ ley!
——^—~—————~~— (-ommeneing at a  noil   planted al   the S   I
T«sf ■• tn... i, i«-.*«i Kt»«,."rp.ii.n- «5jj. ;i;i:i;;:::i^rs;i:,;',e1,-:V,l:,',U:'hin.e;
ii. Mich cuufttttin, gentlfiiniii. Intendi i" ,.„., *i ,.|,,,in.i nnrlli Kn eliuins in imlin t.i ,	
apply lor |'fiiiii--i"ii in I'liri'lin-t' Ihe followiiiK menecnicnl and containing <'-to aerea, more ur
described itllltlsltuilted in the Kispi.ts   Vnllt-y: h** ,,..,,.,,,    ,,,N|v
.•,„n,„.'ii.i.i«..iii|..isti'hiiii'"i"iih.s.i''..e.,i- MAHl  ( LAKRBUri
ner, mul arijotnlag .1. Latnb'i B. W, eorner; Jamei W. Smith, agenl
thence nofth SO ehalni) wesl B0 chalni! smnh June a'., WW	
W chalni; thence eail 80eh»ln« to poinl olenm- ——~—~~~~~~~~-——-——"
ment, cdntnlnlnfoWaerea, more oi lea, Kxtj dayi after date,  I, Oeo.  I).-lumfonl,
KDWARD   KIN'i will make application to the Hon. Ihe Chief
.'nine- W. mh Hie ii'.i.lil l'..llttn i--i'Hlt t nf l.illnl-n ml Wi.l k-, nl Victoria,
..       . • S. c, lor permtnlon to parebaae the following
^_____________________ ii."i',ii'i'.l lands iituated nn eail ilde ol Pu
I.nni (iiniii ; —
Take notice that I, John Lamb, "f, Y.,'s".''-'.'.,'.:      Starting from my Wa 1 poal marked ';'-"   I'.
m ': .'■ne,......-'..'"•■';h"i"I,!,,.";,'v1l,.''7I,i;l':i',.: M.MiifMiii.s.w.,.,;,.\i',„i,tn.i,.„ *. w •(
.,,. rtermi*i«itiii I*, purehaie tne i"ii"\tini-   ue-,
ierilie.1 laud situated In the Kisp iox v.ney:, I...; I'm; iiei running thirt)  rhaln,  ei
ftlmmencltig at a posl  planted attheS. W. N  k. cor. nl Lot 490; thence north H chaini to
■1;;.'.,,v,,:',,.,.,i,',,1,-::;i.bi,N. *:' .'ir..!.",.:;,-: ■ u.se »< ut w, aegm. -nmnR
"niitiifKiebnlns; wcif 10 fh.lns to point of com claim   thence weil m ehains to tide  water,
iiicnecniciit, containing;») acres, more or leu, Portland I anal: thence following shore lint  t.
JOHN    LAMI. point oi commencement i containing !B0 aere,
James W. Smith, agenl more or leas
ii.,,n   ". :'.- Located Julv and, r.'C.
DANIEL LA  KKl'.TL ,    Tl,k, m-tlce that I, John WorUeToIYwIlanl .,,,,      Mumfort
inn,, vv  -i :.„  n.-.in    Mi.n enpalion. broker, Intcntts to ajiplyloi |uU ...  .,
■*■*■*■ j  ,.,.,,,',-1,,,,  I llnllU-i'tn.'  l.'ll.ll'll'-'l.'-. Ll,'"' N.'l.l..-..  11      ..Jul)   .1.  V


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