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The Sun Aug 3, 1907

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/£i;  SS!! ^
Prince Rup&itf urn
Circulating in Northern British Columbia
Port Simpson
Vol. 1.——No. IS
BIPTION 12  I'i i.'  Vi ai'
The Empire has intormation respecting tin- negotiations pending
between the provincial government
ami the Grand Trunk Pacific railway which, if true, means that op-
erations will he commenced mi a
large scale at Prince Rupert by the
. end "f this year. As has generally
been known lor months, thi- provincial government alone can give
title tn th.' land purchased troni
tin- Trimpsean Indians by the rail-
road company, and before the 11
separate crown pants are issnnl
{nf tin' 18,558 acres bo purchased
certain terms must he agreed tn between thf two parties. One of tlie
terms is that thr usual reservations
placed in crown ■•rants respecting
tin- re-conveyance to the province
of one-fourth nf the blocks if any
of the land he platted tor townsite
purposes, must be in all the crown
grants tot lands purchased from
the Indians, In other words, that
every reservation respecting both
town lots anil aratcrtrontuge a*,*-
pearing in the crown grant for
lands nn Kaien Island purchased
direct from the government by the
railroad company, must also he in
the crown grants for lands purchased front the Indians by
Grand Trunk railroad company.
As pari of the land purchased from
the Indians is on Kaien [stand,
und as it is* so situated along the
Waterfront that it must he included
in the townsite nf Prince Rupert,
the railroad was at a disadvantage
and it is said its management came
tn terms with Premier Mi-Bride
when he was in Montreal, en route
to London, England. It is also
said that the Premier insisted on
another stipulation which, while it
will imt appear in the crown grants,
will he carried nut just the same
as if agreed to.,
As is known tn the public who
read and keep posted on politics,
the McBride government has all
along contended that the Laurier
government was remit! in not In*
sisting that construction should be
commenced on the Pacific coast end
of the (irand Trunk Pacific at the
-.nine time us construction was
commenced at Winnipeg, alid they
and their friends charged that Hnn.
William Templeman, tin- only
member fi-oin British Columbia in
the Laurier government, bail, in
not insisting on the Insertion of
such a clause in the QftUtd Trunk
Pacific Bubsidj, Aet, sacrificed the
best interest-1 of the province, in order to gain lavnr with tin1 railroad
company. Hon. Mr. Tetnpletnan
and his friends replied that insis-
tence on the insertion of such a
provision would have worked fin*
uncial and other hardships on the
company, becausB the route ol the
railroad across British Columbia
bail not been Selected, aiul could
not be for two years at hast, All
nf which appeared a reasonable
contention t
But now, after two years, conditions have changed, and the McBride government is in a position
to make demands that cannot well
he overlooked or ignored. One of
tlie demands is that construction
Work shall begin at Prince Rupert
as soon as crown grant, are IslUed
to the railway company for tbe
lands purchased froln the Indians,
And by demanding this condition
the McBride government is   not
Only playing good politics, hut is
SiUisfyinK tins thousands Of   pi»pl«
in and out of British Columbis a ho
arc chafing over the delay in open-
in.' the townsite of Prince  Rupert
—Millie nf Whom Will  he    ViitiTs   at
the iii \t Dominion and provincisI
The route nf the (It.ind Trunk
Pacific I.a- been selected across the
proi im''. ami it ha- been located
from Prince Rupert to Aberdeen,
mi the Skeena river, which is forty
mile- by telegraph line ami two
parties in charge of locating engineers, art' working al.mg the Skeena
eastward from Aberdeen. Bo construction work could he commenced
at any time at either Prince Rupert
or Aberdeen, and as the Work is
heavy and much of it rock, it could
lie carried on summer and winter.
A nmst complete topographic survey has hecn made of all the land
on Kaien Island likely tn he needed
fur townsite purposes and for yards
for the railway company, and a
plan of the townsite has hecn made
and forwarded to Montreal, where
it has been submitted to a notetl
landscape and townsite engineer,
and win it it is approved; the surveys of blocks ami Ints will be
merely detail work lor land surveyors.
By tin time construction work
tan be actually commenced, there
will be fairly good hotel accommodations for the public at Prince
Rupert, in the buildings that have
hecn ordered built by the railway
company, and which arc now being constructed and will be com*
pitted by November 1st, and were
Ints in the townsite placed nn sale
lit that tune, tin 11- Would sunn he
all kinds of accomodations for the
public, as private enterprise could
he depended nn tn supply the demand. Building and other operations can he carried nn tn good advantage in the winter, for there is
less broken weather in the wintei
and spring months rhan there is in
the fall; and there is another advantage, the ground is frozen so
hard fnr several weeks during winter as to permit teams to dn hauling.
irris. Dr. Wil-
k. ii.  A,  Mor*
$500 h[adiaxior japs r;;::;-;,::;,.,:::
row. s. A.   Morley and W. -I   Mm*
"1 regard tl" Influx nf Japanese I**""-
as a im naif rn this country,  both     Another meeting will  be called
iii.ni   a   national   ami  economic °« the nturn of the inspector from
standpoint." ttaielton,   when   matters will be
Bo   -aid   Mr.   R. (.. Maeph.'.sun     ''" fully  gone into.     We want a
better service, we are entitled to it,
and what is more, we are going t"
have it or know the reason why.
| M. P., when  interviewed
I World last week.
Mr. Macpherson  was  nmst em*
1 phatic In his statement of his views
an.l it is understood that be has
been no less emphatic in laying
them before the authorities at Ottawa.
This thing lias got to he stopped"
Said Mr. Macpherson. "anil the
authorities at OttStWa are the only
|ieti|tle who can stop it. The government must recognise the all-im-
I'tirtant fact that this western part
of Canada is not tn he delivered intn the hands nf Asiatics. The.Japanese coolie should he placed in
exactly the game position as the
Chinese coolie. I certainly shall
imt hesitate tn force tin.' government's hands in this matter so fat-
as it is in my power tn dn sn."
"A |500 head-tax?"
"Yes, why not a $500 head-tax
on any Asiatic coolie who comes
intn the country ? If we were in a
position tn assimilate any great
number I would imt so strongly
object, hut nur white population is
entirely too small tn neutralize the
Asiatics that arc at present in the
country. This must he kept a
white   man's  country."
The passenger steamer Columbia
bound from 'Frisco to Portland
collided with the steam schooner
San Pedro in a fog near Eureka on
July 'J 1 st. The Columlria sunk in
live minutes with nearly 100 of her
passengers and crew.
Victoria's big tire of last week
caused damage to the extent of
$'2(MU><)0; 75 buildings wet'c destroyed and ahout the same number of families were rendered homeless. File raged over rive blocks.
from Store st. to Pembroke st«-east
and 'Vest atid from the north side
nf (ircen to the south side of Herald
st. Amongst the buildings burned
was Citlvury church,
Joe Han" and Jimmy Burns
have been matched to fight in Los
Angeles August Iti. (ians is to receive $8000. Win. lose or draw.    It
looks as though  he was framing to
The jury in the now celebrated
Haywood case has returned >i verdict of not guilty, and this brings
to an end nne of the most sensational cases ever heard in BWesterh
U.S. court.
Thirty passengers went out on
the May yesterday, bound south.
They were transferred to the
Princess fmin Cunningham's dock
by tbe Northwest.
Meeting Held This Afternoon With
Object of Securing a Better
The arrival of J.T. Phelan, inspector of Yukon telegraphs, in Essington, yesterday, had the welcome effect of stimulating the business men of Essington to a renewed effort in the attempt to secure a better telegraph system at
the hands of the powers that be,
than has prevailed in the past.
In consequence a citizens' -meeting was hurriedly called today at
I o'clock but unfortunately Mr.
Phelan had left on the Sorthwesl
in the morning and was not present
After convening tic meeting Mr.
A. <l. Harris was elected chairman
and Mr. M. Morley, nf the Rnyal
Hank, appointed chairman.
The discussion which followed
was too unanimous to even deserve
comment. In effect it was that
Kssington was without a parallel
in inefficient telegraphic communication, ami in no section of this
broad Dominion  was such  negli-
gen md hardship encountered by
business men as was the case in
the distributing poinl uf northern
British Columbia—Kssington.
A committee of rive, consisting
nf Messrs. M. M. English, A, ti.
Harris, M, Morley, tl. A. Frizzell
and W, .1. Mackay were appointed
a committee to prepare a petition
and have the some signed by tin
citizens, tn be forwarded to the
Dominion representative anil have
lititi memorialize the the government to the end that better facilities would he appreciated hy the
business community of  Kssington.
Among those present  were   Geo.
Cunningham, .1  Cunningham, li.
News of Town and District
The Edwards party arrived at
Hazelton on the last up-river trip
of tbe Northwest without mishap
or delay. Before their departure
for Aldermen, the party, while on
horseback, were photographed by
Purser Whitney, of tbe Northwest,
and passengers say tbe scene was
an animated one us the horses gal-
loped away. Mrs. (iray. Miss Gray
and Mrs. Drysdale did nut accompany the party to Aldermen, but
returned on the same boat to Essington and left for tbe south on
the May yesterday. The remainder of tbe Mr. Edward's party are
expected to return nn the next trip
nf tlie Northwest from   the   nurth.
"Prince Rupert  is  a town   in
name only. It has neither hotels
nur lodging houses, ami there is nn
accommodation for the traveling
public. Traders can land on the
wharf aiul sojourn in the town.
provided they get friends to give
them sleeping quarters and meals;
hut   they   are   not   welcomed   and
made to feel at home, or encouraged to prolong their stay, by the
executive agent agent of the (irand
Trunk Pacific Railway, for the reason that the time for placing lots
on the market has not been fixed,
and until lots are offered for sale
the land is the same as any land in
British Columbia owned by a private individual who objects to it being located on or occupied by trespassers. Permission to locate in
Prince Rupert has hecn granted tn
several companies, and tn a few
linns and individuals, ami tbe town
is a town even if it is not a town-
site in which lots can he bought or
leased.— Empire.
"The best year since I've seen nn
the Skeena." saiil a well-known
cunner this week," and this sums
up the canning situation in a nutshell,
The   average   for   the   Week   has
ben .'t(H) nsb tn the boat,
bast Week the run f. II off somewhat and WHs not anything like
what it Was the previous week.
This week, however, the run Im*
proved,-and il the incoming week
keeps Up the   pace   a   record   pack
will bt put up.
Humpbacks have made their appearance in  uncommon  numbers,
At New Westminster  the  provincial health hoard has taken time
I by the forelock and has seen to it
j Irom the first  that  the canneries
arc obeying the health regulations
and that no offal is allowed to collect around the buildings.    I>r C,
J. Pagan, secretary of the board,
has appointed  S   local   representative who makes regular tours of the
] canneries in a gasoline launch, and
at   regular  intervals.    Dr.   Pagan
billiself   goes   amUnd    tO   see    that
everything is all right, ami should
i any packer be found offending this
season    he   will   not   be   given   a
warning except through the court.
Tin- nm-t Important work undertaken in years in Essington is progressing today, uml when completed will settle a vexed question that
has long been a bugbear tn navigators, himI that is the matter ol
dockage during ilu low stage of the
water. Steam.rs arriving on a low
title have invariably anchored in
the stream and transferred passengers ami freight by means of boats
and scows. When tbe present extension of the Morrow & Frizzell
dock into deep water is accomplished, the drawback existing in
tbe oast, to shipping, will have
passed away.
The present   plans   of Messrs,
Morrow A' Frizzell contemplate an
extension of their dock one hundred feet. Fifty feet have been already added the past month by a
crew   of  ten   men who have been
driving piles continuously   since
the contract was let.
To obviate the danger from ice
something new will he attempted,
There will be a SO foot span from
the end of tiie present extensinn to
piling in deeper water.   The object
nf the draw is to afford the ice
Sow an avenue nf escape without
destroying the main structure. An
ice break will also be erected "itl ft.
south nf the present wharf.
The piles used un the work have
been secured from the Hocsall river
and give every satisfaction.
The firm of Morrow S> Frizzell
certainly deserve praise fnr having
initialed work that will nut only
prove "f incalculable value tu Es-
singtonians, but likewise the travelling public nf the   inland   nurth.
In its first issue the Empire advised mechanics and workingmen
nut tn come to Prince Rupert unless
they were specially employed lie-
lore starting. Conditions have imt
changed and the advice is repeated
in this, the second issue. While a
topographic survey has hecn made
of the laml that will be ill the town-
site, and a general plan made fnr
its sub-division, no nub-division has
been made uf Ints or blocks, therefore no Ints have been sold nr "i-
feicil fnr sale. The only ronstrUi -
tinii work going on i- lor the li! T.
P., and most "f this*' employed bit
hired direct by the local representative of tin inpany.    All others
are employed hy the United Sup*
ply ** Coiitriictiiiii company, or l»j
the Pacific Stevedoring st Contracting company, The first named
company is erecting two large
buildings to be used lor boarding
and lodging hottses, .ind the la-l
named has the contract fnr extending the wharf, and both hire their
own men,
.1. M. Button, head ol the Alexandria cannery, wits in Essington
this week. This was Mr. KutUill'.<
second visit here this year, Hu
was more than phased with the
showing made so tar, and Miid nn*
ticipations hirmed earlier In the
year titd been nmii.   than fulfill' il,
He left on the    Mav    yc.-ti 'May   I   r
the south.
Mr.   A.   J,    Mnylv     represent ii g
the well-known firm of Anderst n
& Co., Vancouver, has been making the rounds of the various local
cannerim in the interests of the
W. Parker, merchant, Metlakatla.
was in town today. Tf'
I !     IL.
The Sun , N", it   Gibson's   Island,  thence  south
   -. em mi. i. i..,nk.ni r. n. i - -  • 40 chains, west 10 chains, north in
'  - i   - .   i, i    i   ■       ... i   111
,,, . hains, west   10 chains,  north <><>
ehains. thenee east to shore, tie n. •
luii.' ■    I I ■ I l -
x.i ■• mi.- iii ii |...-i 11,11,1 following snore  to  place   oi  com-
' i. -.. te iui.-i -.ii ti
-,,iti.i ah ne i.. emeni.
■    .     I fi        I    ■     -     W       . n llllll-   *''llll       1 «l( I-
ClIAI.     11 "-'Ki TIM.      AMi    riMHEH -in.   i.
ii.l -"nn        \,,.   3,—(',,:,,,, cncillg at   a    I OSl
alai'i it, i ."i . .,' .
leil on west   null of small  m-
AIiVKHTIsIXfi     i   ITI
NOTICES, -'in   l.t.' -. -T-.
I.imi \'   ic-i -. i'i' davs, 17.
s.                                                           i   .'it   I'itt   Inland   "ti   lirenville
' ":"''    !l » im-novi   i '" so. ,e|.;:i,,.,i;     mile  »•<  |   ...
I  - in let. i
mi  mil.,      m. i un ni -i trlli IflOchaii     i e ol
m  M".M   IMKI.BV.HK. "' ' '»«»-
wise thi     will  remain r.MTii- hore of channel uml  inlet  to
LISIIKD. ' ' "ie'
 >',,ri vi, ,
A-e   '.—'  ill
on Pitt ofl    Hi
,      t    - '
The arrival ol   sixteen  huiulr. d
.laii.-iin-i   at   Vancouver in one  dav      v          i      mrniln         .  i    ■  , ,      .                         ..
1 i -   ■ n.'tinei  .i"i    mile  »< -
rcccntlv. ,-   a I food for thought   ■     s.  t*    ..rn. baker's inlet, them        I    '   I
.-' I"  - h   "       mutli
to those who cry "in   for  Oriental                                          M" south InO chums, west    It)  eliains,
ll'llt, .   .llt.'iiliilel  'I    nn' ■ .      ,,  . i      I
clieap   laiii.r,  aiul  alreailv   i ' " ,:"' ''"' eliains.
Mn   I'     t i.iniinm 1111_-  at a tKiit ii v-      -         , ■                               ,
No. .i. — ( oiumeiicing at (i   ,  •
The Skeena River route is the quickest arid ht-t route to the
Bulkley Valley   Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer r foi    ■   st
for Has el    ii
ii G. Transportation & Commercial Co..
KHHIStiTOX VAXl 01   .    i.
r, and already  i ffoi t-
are being directed  toward  a more   :.• in'i «i ■ ■■> h narie.iK.ii
.    ,. ,,     i   .   ''  s '■  ■-'"'■."""'      ■ • e'lined .rn (in nvil
Stringent   eliliil'ceiiii'lit   nl   the   la.\   I'", "me, ...I ■    - v,  I nur, .i I .....  » I        i ...      'I
■ i la.■ n»iii. ii.ti    of Pitt inland, al'out «l  I inile   ivc«M
S that   have   Minim- .-,. tu .  - mon
prevailed in this section of the
Dominion. In tbe past it was considered bad fiiint, by statesmen, to
even hint ni Japanese restriction,
and Premier Laurier is reported to
have expressed himself strongly on
this point.     TodaV   the   subject   is IS. W. ciiriir, theme«aitii 'cliai'iii, "nortli   I'-'
r ' ' . intiils.  Wn.-I   Ii,   -lli'lf,   llleliel'   Millli.ellv    nlulm
assuming another phase,  and  the
immigration regulations thut have  i«n
SO.    II.     1 ..iJ.lllt'llt'itlS'    Hi    '1    I'i'-'    I.lttlei   ! i.II
I ll.' ll<.1 111 slier.- <t!   Mill llttllV islili.l,  Hllti   Hi.Hill
j 1-'. mllei ii ..in its nisi point, marked r*. B.J.'i
S VV. I'l.riiet. tltelu-e si.lllh In I'litiins. eail l(l
halni, nortli al .-halni, eail SI cluiins, thei
if baker's inlet, them e .- nth SO
chains, east 40 chains, south tit)
chains, east80chains, thence north
tn   shore  uf   Grenville    channel.
•„..ii, rniii.tii,-,,..-iHiiniiniiis.theite.'Hi...hi .i   t*,enct. following  shore  in   north-
t-halUl     I"     sl.i.re.     lllenee    lt'l]n\ull|:   -ni.e- |
westerly direction tn place ol commencement.
,-,,--!<l ly I.. |...:t'l ol e.Unlll. Ileelllflll.
-Ill...   _'\  |!,I7.
Nn. 14.   cmini mini; iii h poal   planted  on
'iie    wist   -l.l.    ..f    l.eliisn    ,sli|||il,   nlmlll     -1X t >
lltlills s.niili of   |li,   iniiniii.,    et,i fk, 11   I".   B. .!.
temerity uf the ]iast   is  taking on
the hue of resolution that will add
between the provincial and dominion governments.
British Columbia stands In no
need nf Oriental labor, Japanese or
Chinese. British Columbia is a
white man's country, ami it behooves Canadians to sec that the
Pacific province is not Uanchur-
ianized by eastern indifference and
governmental apathy.
-Inn-.- in jilime ui i-iiiii.n'-itneiiieiii, containing
'.III lirl-  llllll n  nl   ln-s
Nn. l.'e    I'l.ltllili'lllillir ill II i<.i-l nlilllteil Oil 1 lie
....-i .i.ln rn' Mnreib* i-li.inl, iii.Hiii ilxt* i luiliis
 th  ui  iim narrow, between .W.ce-lty aud
J. .i.i-.. lilandl, neii'ke.l F. I!   J.'i V K i unier,
tn   the   ma IV   difficulties   existing ! Ihenee well I" "li.tins. sniiti, itiinliniie-, eit-i I..
iliore, then.',' norther'!- alono ihore to pile	
'■iii.niiieni'i'iiit.'iii. containing ttS) aerei, more, in
June 27, HOT,
So. iti. Commencing*.! ;i poil planted on
n ereek wlii.li i-ni.-c. Into wail eoail ol Moreiby liland, laid poit being about .three miles
weal "i Crew enl inlet, and markeil F. ft. J.'i
\. W. comer, thenee eail 8U ehalm, iouth *i
nliinn-. well Si ehalm, north -hi ehalm tt ,-
ol i-oinnieiieeineut, containing ni" aerei more
lir In--
June 2S, i""7.
N.i  17    ('ommeneing at a poal planted on i
. reek which cjnptiea Into west coait oi Mo •-
;.e 1-1.nn! n ml ill.mil :l linlns fr..... t'ruai-eut in-
let, Hiel nt the northweal corner ul So.
in.  iiiitrliml F.   B.  J.'i   S. E.   eorner,   tbenee
-nlllll 80 ill,litis, wesl 10 I'liiuns, nnrlli Ml
clliiins. Ill,-tine so eliiiitis eust to place ol' l-oill
British (Columbia should re-enact '   June a, v.w.
Ko   11     Commencing   al   h   poal   plantetl
the disallowed Natal Act, and  fur-   """ "*«« wiii.ii emi.tle. Into weil coait uf
Moreiby isiie.nl. iilmni :i mllei weit ol Creieeul
thermore, see to it that  it is kept i'
there, nu matter how much disallowance Ottawa sees tit to pass—
treaties or no treaties, princes or no
The appointment of VV. Bowser,
sen it ir Vancouver representative, to
the attorney-generalship   in    the
June 30, 1907
\n. (i.—Commencing at a posl
planted on Urenvillc channel shun
of I'itt islaml, ahout one mile northwest of Kxngeal inlet, thenee south
SO chains, east 40 chain-, south 40
eliains. thence cast to shore ot Gn n-.
villc channel, thence following the '
-h ic in a northwesterly direction
tn place of commencement,
No. 7.—Commencing at a jmst
plnnted on Grenville channel shore
uf I'itt island, shout nne mile H.W.
ni Kxngeal inlet, thence west BO
chains, south III chains, . ast 40
chains, snuth 40 chains, east 40
chains, north HI chains, cast to
■ihore of Grenville channel, thence
following shore in a northwesterly
direction to place of commencement.
.Vn. 8.—Commencing at  a   posl
[ilanted on < Irenville channel shore
of I'itt islaml. iitxiut one mile wesl
of Klcwnuggil inlei. thence west in
.hains. snuth 100   chains,   east   -in
':.■-■ .nn inlet tieil ill the **. W. Corner nl Ne.     i    • .,      ...      , .    .
It,, marked F. II. J'iS. E. cor., thence nurth w  Wlllins,   iinrth   40   chains,    east   t.
If.,   .rt,' A^J 4k*y h. iii   : '.  ■.:'jr»^
R. J. McDoneU
The leading hotel in northern British Co-
lumbia, elegantly etjuip'ied to meet the requirements of a fastidious public, and commanding a superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing hnuis.
11..-     nurth     vhore     •>(    '' 11 m « hew
Inlet.    Mnr.'vtiv     UUnd,     ni      iht-     S.     K.
McBride iroverniuent. is the reward  •*-'•'• «»£C. k. «, mtrkefi r. b. j.*p h  ft.vor-
n.'i, iiii'in-'' in'-liiiins north, ilii-nrr in rhaiiifl
i-.s■-1. ihi-iH'i- ri i-imiits imm'Iji, them-e flii fliHin*
PHIli,    llirlici'   mmiIIi    In   Hbofe, thflKf     iM'strl'lv
Hl«i|l|l   -ll"!''    tn   pttltlt   nt   lu'lll Mli'llt'i'lUrllt.   i-'MI
t.i;iini'i i.ln itcren, more nt it1-*-.
June ittta.I, Ifol,
So. 2\ ''('jniiH-nciiiK ni a p..-I planted nl the
S K. hUom oi ('upper Bay, M,uv>i-v Ifdaml,
marked K.H .1 a S. ft, p«r., thenee Ninth hii
liuttiH,eaxl Itkichatiii t" phnre thenoe north
and wvrt along uliore to point of commettee*
ment, coutalninfi iHOaereu, mora ur left*.
So, _"J Commeni Inv at h pout planted on the
cant Hide of (iraham [Bland, about one mile went
tram shore and 1 \4 mllei northwt-st of the
mouth of the lloenda river, marked K. B. .'.v
N. K, eorner, thenee 10 chain* watt, 1(W chaini
Miuth, to i-hiiin- i-iist, Hh'mi-i' loo .-iiniii:- north
to place ol e»»mmeneeineut.
so. ~;:.   ('outtm-tieiifjcal n post plauted on the
i-n-t nide of (iraham i-Un.l, about l mile weft
n -in nil ore and J   t ,' mllen uorthwent  of the
in niih ni Huenda rivtr, and about G ehaim K,
i    the   S.   K.    cor.    of     X«     22,    marked
marked F, B. J.'i ■•;- ft. '■••v., thenee north I
'■ii;. it;-, eaat BDehalaa, thence aouth Hu ehaina,
thence fM)enafn« went tn point oi coinmetuv-
ment, containing »>-),( ucres. more or lew.
So. 19   - Commenetng   ai   i   poat   planted
on a creek  which cmptlet* Into weal   coaat of
Mureaby liland andalatul three mi lea weat ol
ent inlet and al the K. ft. Corner of X
.. u ked i\ H. .r- H, K. por .  thenee ionth I
halt -    thepee  WMtW ehalna,  thenee aouth   H|,on, uf GienvillfJ cll.HiIH'l.    tllClKi
Hi chains thenee nisi so chalni   to   poim   nf'
commcneentenl and con tain Ing W0 aerei more
di ]. m.
June Jsrd, 1907.
Xo. 'Mi     i nmmanolni   nt   a   poil   planted
F. PARKED & 00.
General Merchandise- ory Goods, Boots and Shoes, tin
"**—■ —■ ,'ei'ie--. Hardware, Droits and Tov
for good work done t lu* Conservative party in this province. Hu is
a young man, an inveterate worker,
a g I organiser, and if Richard I.
thinks seriously of chasing the bub*
Iiii- reputation in the federal can*
nun's mouth, the Little Corsican,
as Im lias been termed, will go up
another notch and land in the first
seat to the right of the speaker.
Mi-. Bowser is a New Brunswicker,
having arrived in Vancouver when  .
"^ 1     II.   I    - >. I-.. enl'leT. Inellne tintl'l li.n   nlinlll-
HaStinKS street was brush from the   «■*-«' >'«-J**ln». "' imiulial-ii.eaal Sl chalui
e- . [il poilll 111 eiiliilllelieelilelil
l.elaml to the court house.   He ran    (?mJl.}fn-      .     ,      , ,
I M,   JI        I   ,,lllllll.II,'IIIK III  II  |..i-t  |.|||t||ei|    III   tile
us a .Met.'artliviti against G.Cowan, 8.1,'i;1<,"-n^"11'"1'"",'""''''-','" ",,""ll,1"1; "v
llii-llliini river, iiiirtli -leu'n ..I ..riiliiiiii    l-liul.l,
conservative,  and  li. It. .Mi.xut'll.","^"1 '• " ■' '»,-«•"-«;r■ '|"''"''' -""']' »"
elnilii.    theliee Mesl Mil ,-lllllll.. Ilience    ,,,»r 11,    Ml
tin.tie-, then ait So chalni id polo, I'l'et.in.
ne in .. infill
 .'.'ii.. imn
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B, C.
Under new management. Thoroughly tenovated,
I.nle SS, fill,ie-un.
following shore in a northwesterly
direction to plaei' of commencement,
Nu. !).—Commencing at  a jhisI
plnnted on Grenville channel shore I« - _-,     * r r»   r-    TL     i* T t%   I I
i Kn'StrsJ^S Umon SS. Co. of B.C. The O.T.P. Lumber«
Kill chains, snuth -III rh.iin.i, east
Kit) chains, tbence nurth Klchaiiis.
Julv ist. 1907
Take notice thai James A.Hickey
uf Victoria, occupatiun, cruiser, in-
tends to npply for a special timber
license uver the following described
No, 1—Commencing at a pust
plauteil at the X. K. enrner un the
west ihore of Ootsa lake aboul 00
chains northwesterly from the 8.
\V. enrner of N. Kevin's  scrip a]
Nn. iv  it.imiii iiiiiiir ni ti |.,,.i piiinieil .il.t.ni i iihcatiun,   thence   west   Ml chains,
I'   ei . - ii'.in tin'iiii'iilh "t the IIIi'IUhiii ril.i ' '        .     ,, .     , . .
ninini  I chaina from Iti wm! i.niik, markr.1   smith   .ill   chains,   east   -ID   chain-,
I'. II  J.'i S   W fnr., iheim.   -.null  im chatm
tht treat 11 i imin- lu pla. f comracn.-
.Iiiii' -''Ih. 1WT.
independent, in the first Vancouver
city election. Mr. Bowser Inst his
deposit, Undaunted by thi-. he
entered the provincial arena six
vear- ago, and K"1 ''fih place on
tin elected ticket. At the last pro*
\ iiicial election, in the same city.
Mi. Bowser headed the poll, ami
this, his friends state has had much
to 'in uitli his present popular appointment,
T„kt-  untie.- thtit I. Kr.-.l. rink li   .1 a, i.i
ViitHi.iivet. B. C, iint'npiiU.iti tltnbrr crulacr,
iiit.-n.il* to ttpply iiir h ^-p--.■ i.i 1 timber Itcen**.
•,.,,.r iht lolloa IU| -1. •.■ti'.' tl landai
\,, i   commencing ni ■ poil planti I on tbe
Kt -i -j,], ,,j l.ye'll i-lttiiil "ii Inl..- liny, markeil
l   II. j.'i -   W. ...t-in-r. thence - ait  SI
north   i .iti-.   ... -i    i'1   i-l hIiii.   ll"Un   I'
^TtoZ'T^S^u„V ■        I miiiKpurpuse-. |ten,ls.na„|,lvf,„", -iieei'tl      nber
 ,.i>.inn.,. tainin- HARRY K HUNTER      » PP f ? n   ^ i
''"",' .,       .,,.  ,,,- , i,    i .   license over the following describe!
So. a   i '"-   "' " l"",, planted on I June isbj ii, A. outler, agent
the well ihI   "   lilanii on FaliH'Buy, marSerl 1'      , —■
i;   i  . \ ,'. -,. I, ami planti .1   at  the 8, W.
r,;r.ofSo.r, i'rSSr.iSS'a     Take notice that Gordon Runkle,
Take notice that Harry F. Iliin-
tcr. of Chicago, lumberman, Intends
to apply for ~*ermissioii to lease the
following described land, situatetl
mi Moresby Island. Queen Charlotte group, province of British Columbia:
Commencing at a pust planted 10
ehains nurth of the shore due nurth
of the two small islands in wesl
arm of Cumshewa Inlet, thence
Weal '10 ehains. smith !i() chains,
cast 40 ehains, tin nee north to point
of commencement, containing 200
icrca, more or less, for millsite and
snuth JO chains, cast 4(1 chains t"
B. shore of Ootss lake, thence fnl-
luv, inji paid shore northerly tti puint
<>f commencement.
Nu. 2—Commencing at a  pust
planted al tho 8, E. corner, being
the N. Iv enrner of claim No, 1. ami
thence west SO chains, north 40
chains, west 40 chains, nurth 8(1
chains, cast 4(1 chains to Ootsa lake
and   thence   following   said   shore
southerly to point of commencement and containing 840   acres,
mure or less.
Mav 20 Fred Heal, jr., agenl
This company is noi supported
by government subsidies, but by
the ".nutl will and patronage of the
traveling public and shippers.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, Port
Kssington, Portland Canal. Alert
Bay and cannery porta on 1st.
10th and 20th of each month, and
leave Victoria  one day before, by
llt'W steel
Port Essintiton, b. c.
All kinds of  lumber -up-
plied on shor! notice.
Tin- only dry-kiln lumber mil
in the northern eoasl of b,  i
J. M. DUNCAN, Manager
Dufferin St., m-xt to
Caledonia hotel,
Hut ami cold baths,
F. Teaff. proprietor,
the   onlT   steamer    Ofl      the    1'ullte
built with steel water-tight com*
paiiiiiciits and double bottom, in*
suring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck. m mm m(j c,q
\ an Amla.   I.uml,   Heriut   Hay,
Hoskyn    Inlet,   Surge    Narrows, Chemists and DrMffista
Granite Point, Elk Bay, Hardwich i.,-..i,-i-1,,
Islaml. Hear River, Sa'lmnn River, ,.„„, ,)n,^ Medicines, Chemi*
Port Harvey ami nil logging eals. Hunks. Statimierv. 'I'mI, l
camps, every Monday at 8 p. m. Articles Ktc.
Van Amla.  Lund,   Lewis Chan-       M.|M    ,„,,,.,.s    I.(,.(,iv,,    ,
nei, shual May. Porl Neville. Port     illl(| ,-,,r<-fnl attention.
Harvey,   Chatham   Channel,   In-
i.iiiii' channel, Broughton Islaml, Dufferin St.     •   Porl tssinguin. B. f,
every Priday al 8 p. m.
Gibson's, Pender Harbor, Nelson Si!/oona   Pil/Ar
[sland, Marble  Bay, Ulnl.lu-r Bay, OlXCulld   IMVtl
laiiul, Mansmi's. W'lialetnwn. Head |
T:;T;T lnkt>«m*Um«*'\ Steambodt Service.
Tucker Bay, Van Anda, Gil-son's 	
Welcome   Pa'sn,    Pender    Hnrlxir,
Granite Islaml. Jeivi- Inlet, eVerj Meamer Hazelton
Mnndav al 11 a, m. connect*   at    Porl    Essington
Por ofrths and passage, npply to with   the   coast    stemm-rn
-. nil n.   |."i ' nn ti. -„.......   ■■          ,
, imn,- to       i I'.l-.'   liny,   ileum-   eait, ot   \ a li'itll ver,   15. (..,   ucciniatiull.
..nitl,     n.trti.   .".I v.n-l nl.'i'L'  -li'ir.   1..   p.-i lit  of ,      . , ,
,"/,;;;;,,'' prospector, intends to apply  for a
.inne. •
S„ :t -(-..ii.: , at ■ poet planted nn the
north -|  ,1 ind, aboul  hallway
„.lu..■„ , n-i  . ) il  wi »l ' nd, nl   laid liland,
marked  F. Ill'-' ■  I   thence Ionth
lilO , halni. wi     i	
I., ihore. '". 'i nl "-''"is
special timber license over the fnl-
lowing described lands:***-
No, 1—Commencing at  ■  posl
'.'''■'', ,.'!i.w mi plnnttid | of a mile easl ni mark mi
Take notice thai 'as. A, Mickey,
t Victoria, occupation, -rater,in^ | jyj^fQ w £ pfjZve>j
Agents, Port Essington.
MBIHnery and Dry Goods Store
Port Kssinoton, b.c
Commencing at a pust planted at
the S. E, corner on the N. W, shore
of Hums hike about nne mile from |
the teleci-iiiili  station  and  theme , ,   .
west 30 chain-,  nurth  20 ehains,        -:""1" nnd gentlemen s fur-
west  20 chains,  nurth  40 chuins, mshings—clothing made to order.
west 20 chains,   nurth   40   ellllins,
h, ihore  'in'' i-'   nuns' -mire tu piar ■■ ,  - ., ,, / .-    ,, . ...    ,    .       ,     ,   ,        ,
,,„„,„,.,  ti ...intiii .mi: '■•■" k. i.   im. m shore about 4 miles south of Moore's  tnence east W eliains to lake snore
.     :      Cove, tbence east40 chains, north  •""! thence following said   shore
\n   4      f 'iii'Ilii'llrlliy    >■ 1    'i    |".-I    J'1 'i nl'"!   ''li  . . , i , , r
heriorti ■! •       ' !>»«,  160chains, weet -10 chains, snuth south-westerly to point ol   com
mencement ami   containing   840
t- .. -i  anil  weit eel- Mini  11    ,
J,";!N t.  , I, marked F B I '- N w       "0 chains.
enrner. thence muth Ifto chalni, .-.t-t al ehalni,
north i"1 ' haln .  w. "I   W ''halni to   pla I
.,,iiiiiii ii '    ' '    "r''- """''' ."'
^une IT. IIW7 I
S. Frizzell
No. '-'.—Commencing at s post
planted un northerly shore of I'itt
I-thi,ii,l, nn small hay nciit'ly uppos- 1 May IH
E. B. Dun lop
Tonsorial Artist
P. A.Mel'hee.airent   BARBER   SHOP, t)fTPFERIN St
Irom    Victoria  and  V n
couvef during the season
nf navigation
rner Lone!. Room
The only firs--class
Short Order house
in Lssirnjion   .    .
Private boxes for partie-i.
OI-POSI1 K THK '.'■ Iv'l'liv I ' '
Mrs. W. Warr.ci-. Propikiress Itlr-    Mn*
Raww  v.
Pah ic-- tii.it wi    I- ' -   n   '..im.tun Hint
I Jviiti-ii.ii si,.,,.,     t l'..tt Raalngtnffj, S.C.,  ...
'■"l""l',""",l""'Tm 1 '""'"' ' h,**m,|
,., ,H.i.   tor   »   -gee**!   in-,-,,-,- „..,   '"'   -,,,_, „„„..,„, ,„k,, ,.,„,.,,„.. HmnvlUe i Im,
""•"« 't"-""-"""'i-' ;,,,„ „,„,,„ .,,..,„„,..„ .,„. n.i.e ,,„  em
*"   '     •'"""""•" ""■'        I"'*'   '''""""'   ""m,,,,,,   „,,,, marked  I
lli.'(,.i.l..t« tili-l' l.lnfT i.I.miii .M. hiiln. u.-.t   nf
Mllhr. reek, hI.mii I.tilii.  11 ..in | n.i n I itliitt
Mill, r • e-.-i .1,11-',. ■-  int.. Un.. Pall,  abonl ton,
mil. -  it......   in.   iti - I ai.    in. n..    ti »i
chain,  ...-t it. halt ilk Si chain,   '-«-i m
. haln. In l-l,.-.' "I i ..I,nne in.-n I     Ih I n I lie
SS -     ■   '   '■     "I     I-'--
So   -     '  , , . , ei - mi ,i ,...-1 l-laiil-   I
....ni, ne. -,t ...in,-t..ti nn,i M«a,i'<  N,. : limit,
hI.mii' in ■ liuin. liMin   te,, 11,. >,  ,     unit, thenee
,,ii ti,, iii.itii.M-i   ii.i, ..I t.t.iiniii, t !i,iiiii.-i ih.-iie,. ii'.hnie.-..iiiii I., imiiit .,( fiiiiiiiit-nei' ,., | A. M c A.'.- N. E.   oornar,  thence at the   N     \\\  enrner of  lot   112,
OH Hit l-lmnl   ..ml   Barked   I  U  J.'ll   S  ,"i ini-iit: containing i.ln -mr. ,. mora m■ 1. -,. ,
,„.,   ,,,,.1.   ,!„.,,, i,   |t» ehalni.  u,,-,,., i,.e„t,...i mSrr] June. Ms*, smith SO  ehains.   west   SO   chains,  range ft, coast  ilistrict aiul marked
„i,„„t   eighty   , lulu-   MS    •,,    .h,„,     ,.i W  I. nitKKX north SO  chains,   east   SO   chain.-.
liranvllle channel   Hi.-n..-   alone,    -Inc.-   ,,f W.S MeLellan    , .„.„,, ,             ,
Oranvllle     Chane-el     I.    „     ....,..,„,.-,., I v .,. II  M.-..,.u„,-y , tu   place   nf  cummence.neilt.    cm,-
dim ten t.i i.im. .• mi • Miiiiii.ne.iiii-iii. ...mint *•'      i .-nii'l. -in inu ■< nit- ihj»i m . iiain. taining (140 acres, more or less.
M | mn H. rea more or h— above | lUa mi right -i.i.- ni Mink Creak.** l|i,-
head ->i Work ' aanncl, on the ».ituh   side; ,
..nili, «t. i haln, «• i w ■ liuin- -en,i, *
< >,-, w, halm '" i he ...i .. ..t i ..I
talnlng Iin a, rn 'i it ,.-.- iMinuiL'  J,,tin.ton
„n.i -.!..„,,'- limit s.i 7 ..ii ,h<- north
'.ii - i« l«*l
V..        II t'l.tnlll.   ,|.   till"     Ki     H      ,-M-l      lllHllh--,     Mil
ninth -Imp   ..t BTV1    I I   .i I t    ,111,1111.
nei nt  Mm. r . reel   rtt   rt   point abonl Ihree
nilli-  .t l.'.v .    ivh.t.    II   1 T.i 1 .*,, -   nit,,   Pin   lull-
ereek and al 1 ™.   mil.   north of  Sip Pall,
     tin 11.. north 41 . halna, <-'»-' i' i halna,
-nili I.  -tl ■  'inlie     tt--'    -11   ihiilti-    ,1.   tnliilm 'nr
 nt ..ml ji.,nm .- i..ii,i-i..a a si.-'iii'- limit Xn
J   1.11   Mirth,   containing lil'l acre* tn..in ..[   li ---
v.-   ,11    1 'Mtntm in iiiL' hi   11 i-M-i  planted 1.1
.1.... l. \.. -1     1..imt-    ,,,    Johmlon .1   -.l.mi'-
lin ii   v.-     •.    nea.    weet     i k     ..f    Mil
i.i.i.-.-k hCmiiI f.-itr mil- aimer Ihe month,
n-i.. north -". halm, eail m . haltx, math PS
I  ll.lill-    «-  -t   HII n||„l||.     (ii     ,  l,,n,     ..,    e..|ii|ili-|iei-
tn. nt  i ,,,, John t e Sloan', limit So ''
• -ti Ihe in.i,h ttn.t containing nl" N'T, - 1 - .,,
I.  ■
v..   11    .'..mi,,,-n,-in,,   .it   n  ,....t  planted if
tlMltllM. -,    e.it       ,..,.,,.,,-n      X       -I. 11  '
limit     v..     |,. 1    imnl,    mi    Mil
1.1 . i.-.-i,    iii,-in.    north   nm ehalm, .-i.-'  n
HlnhtUi,-.   ,h   ILH . Initli.      It.-t     It'   .lllllll-    Im
,.),e <■   ,.|   commencement       I..I11I1,'.'     <..lie-lm.
-t PI '■   limit   N"   in mi  ti,,- north and 1 on
t I'e  tan  11   1. . 1 I--
v,,  e'    1   1 Ina 1, 1 ■...-., planted  al  P
P ..,.,,.. . id Inhiit   ..   SI  -i'.'-  hm|l  v.'   tl
..'..     1,,.i .,.1  ,.(   mi||h, . reel    then.-.'
.—',   nn  . haln.    ■ a",   S> - halm,    -ent'-   n:e
. Inihe    ,-... t   In . hit    'I.e.    "1   , .-nilin-n- |>
t t. Iiil.tln • 1..im- 1  s '.  Until  v.-
I In- I ll
v..  1 :    1 in ne- nt „ t-M.t plant, d at l'ie
-   S   . ... 11.-t   .-I'   liihn-l. 1,   ,v   <l,.,ili'-   Ilii.ll    V
11 -ni Mill. , reek, 'in 11 ■ 1 «'t I" ■ halm no. Hi
nmi lmiii . , ,,-t nn cue- .nil, iim , haln, li
el,1,    id   |.i,miiii'lli'i'lne.il, (adnlni  Jnlllilloll   "
-Imn,'.   limit   Nn    II nil    u.-l  nlnl I 1.111,11III 111.' I'.lll
k. i- ■ more mi  h -
\i. 11 1 Mt.iiilelielle.. ill ,1 I ..-I ldailt.nl tll.Mllt
'I       PI" « t.t I mi    Mill. I,    ,,l ,1  I , Inl lllllll
nt... mid   ,- i'i.   1 in   ' ini.in north  MM
1 halni, eail  le 1 1 Ih   NW 1 halni, wed
III, I.Hlli-  111      In   n    ..I    ....       |. III.nil. till.I nm
talnlnp Sell - more nr I. -■
I  Pile   I'-'
Vm    f,      I'Miiiinein In-.:     nl    ,1    |-..-l    limited    till
the I. 1 k "i ih - 1 nil. 1 e ni. abonl 1 In hi
lull.-- nt,...,-   th.   Hlit  Kiili-. Ihenee   eail   W
. In,in-, -iilllli    in 1 Iiiiiii-.  Ui -I  1*10 I liuin-. in.-n
in 1 htiln-. 1.1 eh 1 . ..mn em 1 tn. ne   me
ImI.I.-ImIi   nlnl   Sl. nl.'-   III.   II   V.,      ll    llll     I I,.-    , „■ '
,1 ml ,,. 111.,1111 tie • m hi 11 - nn-1,- iii   lew
v..  16,   I'ominem int. hi i i-m-i i led on Ihi
...nth bank rn  Hie  I-'nil- . 1.. 1    ni nl'
iiiintr llie lite Pall, I  mi  ih.-  -.mill  line 11
Johnitmi .v SI.mii', limit, v., i,, ,,i„.,,t m
<-liiijii.il  -mil hi. n-t corner,  thehee  m-l   Im
. Iiniii-. -Mil III   II' 1  hill ll-.  I he In i-  »e- I   l''l' 1 llHlli".
tin-lit i- tin nli al chatm I" piaee nl eommemi'
inmit. ImIiiIiii; .I,.hit-lull nmi   sImiiii'-  limit   Vn
In,,11 lilt' -t.lllll tilt.I emi'iiilM US nil'   in ft'-   Iiit'l"
Ml      I.   --
11,,,,    «l   l'tnT
V,.    IT      Ci.liilil.'lielliL'  Hi tt  |h'-I  I'liitlle.l llliiill'
unchain, weal o( iii-i  rapid, on llm-lull river,
nn -..nth lunik ol II,.,-,nil river, tin nee we*'
,1 1 liitin-. -Mtiili It,i elntiii-, eail In ehalm.
north ISO ehalm in piaee "f eom i ment.
 ■ IS, I'm:
Vn. IS. I '..in 1,1,11, hit: ttl 11 1-,,-t i.liiit.-.1 ttl.nii'
one mile above lorki on mnth branch nt Hoe
-lull live! mi, , n-i htmk. Ilii-iu, 1 n-1 nn 1 huh -
iouth MO ehalni, thenee weat tn liank nl  rlvei
,ll I 'Jll ehil ill-. Un IH e lull.... itl it l.ttllk Ml   Htm
Iii it northerly direction In plaee ol commence-
in. nt. iiiniin  mn  ehalni, and containing *S'
N',, in    Commencing ni 11 I',,-, planted nl 1
in ehalm below wood rapidi on wiilh of
II tall river, on  weit   hank,  thenee  Weil   ID
, lllllll-. I hell, e -Mil III   llJI. hit III-, en-I     III   1 lllllll-
I.. 1 k ..I rlvei. 11 -' thi'il.  along   k
,.i river t" place nf . .nnini-iii. in. nt and eon
linn,nt- MO acre* more nr leaa.
v.. m    c n in n.i.' ,11 h e"-' I'lrtiiin.i about
-11. halna above tin' upper rapid, mi the -nni h
I -h .it' llt.e-tiill ri\. 1   .in .11-1 laink, Uit-ni't
.,1 1  .1,Iiiiiii-,-iiniii I.i.. Iiiiiii-   n.-i  ". Inim-
 h UM .iiniii- tn plaee ..t . nmmei nl
and . intiHiiiiiin t;i" h. rei mure "' le**
v.. ^j.   Con 11 lap in 1* i-"-t planted ai i in
h. .nt in upper lake, on tin- -..nth liratich ol tin
Mm -un river, tin in-.- .Mini, m chain , rail  i"
• liuin-, north  I''"' Inn 11-. Iht in-.■  Weil   lo   -hm.
..I lake, thenee alone Ink. «hofe In plaii' nl
- meneement, uml containing MO aerei more
tn  le'-.
.Inn.. 1.'. ll«'7.
.-. A. M's S. W enrner. thenci' run-
niiif* nurth along sham tn lot M,
thenee east 40 cluiins. theme south
ANGUS McAI.ISTKK.     | 40 chains, thence west 40 eliains tu
.1 '. v   w  , ..tn.., poat,
thenee Ih tOehalin,eail  MB ehalna, .....11<
lo ihore ed river, tbenea alonp -i    "t river
mn] Ink.   I.- (.In I   i ■'.... 111. -In ,lni III    t."lllllll
Hit: „tn H< n -  iiim..   ,,, I. ..
MUked -   1"  ISSI
v-.   a    ,  net / .a >i n-i-1 i-iii'i'i a ni - nt
.'I ' mil'- iimiii -until mil'nn. .- I.. I tiliin I'h.-
m,i cut i-Ihii.i in the 1'i-f. .in,I  marked   i   U
-    I      iMltiel     Poll,    Un  In n     »,-,l     ,.i   i  lllllll-
lii.t-lh  It,' i I -■    lll.tn -    eie-t    ,,,   -Inn.
li.,,,,1. Il.ntn .   hImIij liiiiiii.li nlnl    Cnlnl.    I',|.-   lo
t.1 ti..- >.t i ..intn. in .-tn.-ni, . Miitiiiniiiu '.in aerei
l '.-Ml    I-       -
v,i .'.. Commeni in.: nt i i..-t plant.nl .t'...iii
i,hi, ,t nn'- 'i.im loutheail rntmnee ,,, I'nlon
I'm—,,ti ni- ntiiiiiiii.-.l i.inn,I ie th.- Paw and
lunik, .1 I i. .1 '- s w . mi n,.i i.M-e Ihenee met
in ehalm north h" ,-haim, we»l i" rhalm,
MHith IAS . I...!..-  t" plaee "t eAMmeueemeut,
inilitMlllilie- nl" in I''- 1 '«   in lew
-Ink..I   Inn.- I'I    l"HT
v.. .-: i ..mill.-in in.' ii' ,t |i..-t planted alatui
I mllei np the northweit ihnve ol in Intel oS
' In- -..,,UlWe-,  -Itl",e nl   I'i'l   lllaild,   H,li|    ti'-Mlf
: mile- iimiii Ihe -Miith. ,i,t mni ..,' Pill Ilia,id,
nmi marked I '■  J '- v  VI   cornel i mt, thenee
■outh In ehalm, eail I halm   Mi. me  ni.nl.
to ehalna, thenee w.-.i   MS ehalm in pla, I
.-miltnellinllll'lll,  e.'llUillilfS-   I'I,'    ll.   In-     tltlim     Ml
v.. '.'x    i ,,tiiiiii-iii-iii-_' al a poit planted abou.
hull ti mile nn Hi'-  ll,ue-t  -l,i, end nn Inl-'
..(T ih. ih". il  ,hore  "i   nu  liland   and
ihrntt n-ven mll.i from  Ihe loulheail end  n,
I'll, ,.|„,nl, nmi mini,, il J '. I '- .V W, enrln-l'
..-I. Me in •■ -"ie h  in - lute I, i n-l In".   I "I'll   .|"
ehalna, ",--i Mn. halm to plaei   cf i nmmein
lliellt, i i.lllnilil:.-.' '-I" in  m-   eiMie til    I' -
Stnke.l   Inn,   a, l'..n
So, '.".i.   I'limtnelii'liil nl n i"-i nl.mn .1 mi 'n
. ,-t-i ihore "(  li.-iiil-' lilnnd,   km.-.-. i|t
I' t ,u .1 marl e<\ -I II   -I '- s   R   cornel  i-   I
■in..,,,. we t NO - ii  north -" i halm, eel  -e
. haln.   ii nre or h--.  '■, >hore,  Ihenee al'   e
.hore In eln-.     i  i nmi lelleemenl,  let,,  I inl t .it
'....:,ilem ■ '-In in i- .   iiiiti.  t.l I.-.-.
V..     -.        mm:    ill : ill  tl   n-.-l   ,. lull', nl   l.l...'t'
" mil,'- iimiii lie- -imlli • '"I  mi   the .'rt-l -Iimi.. ..
ii.ink- i-litml. Hint markeil .1 II. i.'-s K. eo'
n.i |..,-t, tii.-mr weil i-i' ehalni. north l»v
. halm, Ihenee - „-,  in   ihor,     thenee   ith n.
hore In it K.llth, rt)   .11 f. . 'imt  til plan' 'I'.     :
i.ieneemeut, e alulnu MO ai rei *|nore of I  -
Sink."I   Inn,"'.:   l"t'V
V..   HI      < mi  :n -l.e' ll it poll I'litllti'l It'.'  „
1" i liuin- ne i n i 1.  liuin   I I   nf   mini.   I" nllt
known n   'In  ih end nl   l.m'iv  litH.nl, nn '
marked J II   I■'- V   K  rorner in-,, Iheuiv w.-> -
-i\'> . i,nin-. -i.titl e   hundred   and   -i>,'
ehalm, theneeea»l  tn -Inn,' almnl  fa .-halt
'Inline    *|lHI|.    -InTe   nt     inlet    Hll'l    ntei'k     ill   I
■m i Hi m-l \ direction to place ol e ineneemeii,
eoutalnlna "In acre, more nr In--.
slHk.-.|  Intn-'.'I.  |n,,T,
V..   :'.'_'     I 'iiliiinmieiliL'  i,   i,   |..-l    t.luetl'it in
II ah ihore nl ml.i alaml ten ehalm   Iron
nun: I h i.i I Ilh'. I", till V I, in in Ihe in llll eln'
mi I ..in liland, iiii.I marked .1 ll I - - B
e..i m r i-i--, thenee mirth I" ehalni, Ibelu*.
t-tt-i   hu. ehalm.    "'   '"   - halna,   Weil   10.
I'lnniirt tn piin e   nl  e.iiniiimii i-tnenl. eon ttitiii.
■ I -   I' --
v.. ,::i    i 'in in-.: il ,i i  planted ul	
len ehalm north   Inim  liead  nf Inlet,  loeall:
kiiMHii h- th ilh mni  ,ti  I.Mity  1-hiinl. and
marked  -I   ...   I '« s   W, romel  pnat, Ibelii-i-
lllirth     In    t htllli-.    eii-l     Inn    I'llllllH.    .nlllll    ,.
i li.-uii-  weit I.ln i IihIii. Im place nt ciimroanee
lliellt ti I ii i n i ii u nin Hire- more nr leu.
v..   :i    I'Minineiii in.- lit ii port  planted nn
Un- IU.rthW.il -Iimi,   nf  Pill i-hl,,il. .lileellv lip
.mil.  Head Pol i Poreher Maml  in Otrien
I'haniHil nmi  marked I. '■   J.'i v. w , m a, .
|,M-t,  I helli .' eil-l   Im   ehlllie.,    -miiUi    |im   elillilie
th. in.- weit to ihore nh.,nt *,, ehalna, tbetin
in it northerly direction along -h..,.- to plaeii
f commencement, eonlalnlnn IMo aerea inon
then..- in elntiii .-n-t; tn,in,- UPebalna iouth;
thence in pfcalaa mm,; Ihenee Mo ehalna nniiii
t.. J...1I-,  .., i-Miiiiiii-iii'.-iin-hi;   aontalnlng   om
aerea, more of leaa
I., nt. .1 nn Ird June. WSJ
W   S   M. la-Ill,i
A   II   M.itillv,.ry t
V,, ,,   t Minium,< ins'  at    Uu-     l'i'-l.    in,, r k... I
-   W   nninm '   piantad mi "titrtk Arm ..( W.nk
i'I: mi ml a i,"in three mllea Irom h.-mi. on north
ild, I,    Heal   mm ;  them i l"i rhalw
the, en in .Iiniii. eaat; ihenee Mu ehalna aonth;
Ih,'lie,, In ilnlli- ».-1   t"   |K.|nt   nl    .' -iliiliiel,.'.-
meat; cunialt let Mo a, re, pu.rp nr la**,
I.i..nt,,i mi nit June, en'
«T. K. t,i;i:i.v
W.S     Melnlhll, , .
\  ll   Metilllvarv ■   "   '
V... 7   t'Mliitnmi.iti^ hi ihi-  poal   planted nn
s   Sf.   eniiit-r   Hi) ehiiin-  ln.'k   it. nn   ... I.in  un
h.nii-ii ,.n tin. heaheie River; ne* '"' ehalni
meih : I he. Hi ehalm en--1 tbenee HM ehalna
■outh; Ihenee40ehalm weit to poinl nl eom-
in anient; talnluniMoaerei. piomor le*»,
I in.e.-.1 on till Jtinn, MB7.
w. K. (IHKKN
«. S    Mnl.ellnli
A. II. Meiilllvar-i , '
inmenelm al ihi- i».«t nn N. W,
in  I. nil ,-,!-'    -Imrn   id    I   Itintl    l.ltke,    tW'.>    lllih-
I mm in it.I ..I C;ii.,„ Ray; tlienee ktehalmeaal:
ihenee Ml cbalna aonth; thenee Sl chain, weat;
Ihenee MS ehalna north lo i»n I commence.
ji.-t.i; e.n tatnlnn |-i" "in"; more nr h---.
|.,,e'eil .-i.t.Ill .Innn. ll'iT.
w t:. t;|ti.t.\
Wallet -   M. 1.,-llun ,
A    II    MellillVHIV       I
. Ill-
point of , uiiiineiieeinent.  anil   emu
i ..          Uining 160 ac**M bm**s oi l,■--
Take notice that I, John   Bain,     Lowled -i.'.th .lune. ltW7
nf   Port Simpson, B.C., occupation \\  a. \VAI»1|AMS.
miner, intends to appljr (of a spe-| Agent lor 8. A. Morlejr,
eial timlier licence over the follow-:   ,   ,
illg   'lent I'illt'll   lllllll:
Nu. 1, Coniinencing at a pust
planted on th<- north end <.| Indian reserve mi the east pide nf the
Kneheshese river, tlll'lll e   llnl'tll   SO
chains, east  DO chains, snuth so
chain-, thenee west So chains tn
point "f cnninientenient. containing OKI acre- iimii' ur less.
Nu. 2. Commencing at a post
planted nn the mirth end uf Nn. 1,
it I-out thirty chains from the north-
cast enrner. thenee nurth MO
ehains, east SO ehains, snuth HO
'hains, west so chains tn place nf
commencement, ami containing
1540 acres nmre ur less.
Robert 0, Jennings, agent.
Mav L'il. 11107.
Take notice that  Jol   Johmlon nl  \'i.
ii. iii. II.»' , ,,,-e nniitinii Umber nini-m-. Intend,
lo apply tor a apeelal licence ovar the follow.
Ing deaerlbed land*:
Vn *0. Cumin.-ileitis' ni n poal planted about
Bmt***J i'H>' li-i'in I'I"'' Vns-s't't iiil'I Ml lie
northeaat  -Imre nf  uriinvllle  Channel, mni
marked I. <<■ J.'I s- VT, enrner   poat, Ihenee ,1,-1
so ehiriii-, Minili I" ehalna, end *.' ehalm,
tii.-i      M.itih    tn    ahore   nf     Qranvtlle
Chtllitn-1.     ilhntlt      III    ehiiin-,    lit,-nee      along
-finre iii ii iitit-tliwt-teriy direction abonl
inn ehalna in place nf commencement, con-
talnlni SeS aerea mare nr leva.
staked .liuii- HI. MBT.
v.. iii. Cenniendrujat a poal planlefl 11-2
mil.', np Iron hand nf Loe Inlet, mni abonl 1*2
,i mile hni-k Iron like and marked .1. G, .l.'i N.
K. corner poat, thenee aouth 10 chalni, weal m
ehalna, aonth S) chalm, a-eat in chaini, north
ID ehalna, weal Sl chalni, north in chaini, eaat
131) i halni in plate nf commencement, containing MO Here- tin.in 01 l.->.
v... 22, Commencing al r. poal planted aboul
I,- i mile f,.mi 'in' I'""- nn Ihe "onthweil
ihore of upper Loe take, and marked J, >• J.',
V" li .orner port, thence iouth MS ehalm,
weal S) chain*, north  MS ehalm, eaal S) chain.
I., place nl' ei.ninimiemnmil. and taining MO
m rei mnre nr len
HUked -liine it. r«i7
■iieiiiL' ii  ti  poil   planted
siHke.l June
No, :v,. Con
thenortbweitibnre.il tillmin Maml, elouit
to north end id Pill laland, and marked J. H
J.'i V. W. inriii-i poal, th, tne in  R  loutherl}
.lit. .tl.il, ajollll -lli.ln ni.'illl    I.,   ehiiin.. ihmiee
III an eniteily iliivi-ti.iii nl.ma -h"rn a i   IN
chalm, Uimiee   northerlj    al t  in   ehalni,
tin-in i-we-tm ly tilun^ -hm.' almul Ino chain
in   place   nf   i nlillnmiee nt,     mill hi ini In.'    i.n
,e re- more ni lea*.
Waked Jum >. I'm:
Skeena  Land District
In- i  i-1. I:
lake mine.- thai IN' I t,t,,-n. -.f Vancouver,
n.i'.. Ileal Kalale Igeat, Intend* to appl) for a
ipeeial timber lleenM over ihe fnllowinii d«
■crlbed land*:
V...I Commencing at a poat planted nn the
i..mh si.It-1if l.aniai-h River, about '■"■• yard* up
at ,1m head nl Wort Canal,marked "N w
...rner"; thence a,' ehalni eaal : thenee ir
ehalnisnuth; thence ISu thHin. we*t; then,T
tn ehains north tn point nf commencement:
containing can teres, unit,- at teea,
Located mi Urd June. IvT/l.
W. K. i.KKKN
Wallers. MeUllan
.'.. II   Mt-UiUvtu-y.
Sn.»  I'omnieiiclngai Mil* poil un eail  ild*
.i I .-nm Lake, Iwi, mllea Irom  bead nl   I'nl.'i
llB) . ".Imi IIUJI   N". -  "ll    N'. W,   miner:   III.-lie.
11 ehalu* north; lllenee hkl cbalna weat; thenci
H ehalm ninth; thenee Inu chalni veil I., point
,,l commencement: containing aw aerei, mon
, l.e-
I...e.ili -I mi em June, \W.
w. t; i.hi.KV
Wi.llnl   -,   Mi-l,.-lliill I
S   li   SI. i.ilh.it)      \
v,,. in  I'liniii,atiHug . i ih;. im.i ..I, s \v..
• nr. ill heinl ,.f I'ninii   I ay.  al   north-Weil
ni ,,. i,.i i\,.^; iheiice ," rhalm t nrth; ihe
' i ell,:,,,-e,t-l ; Uimier-.J ehuill.   -itL.lli;   the
• i chalm well In poll i nf cunimeueenieut;.
... nn t.g tlio aerei, mora nr lea*.
i..t. ne i in. lib June, he:
W. !•;. URKES
M I'll IK
Take'  „.,,if,   lhal    1.    Mr-    Ku   I    Mill.-e .,t
Seattle, u„.h. ooeupath-Mi, itiarin.i   h mi.
int.it.|. -i, anpl)  lor pemlgaiou ,.. imnhi-e
the ml Im\. inn deaerlbed land on Psrehet Udand
-mil!. -.1 ,.i,nill nil,- mli,-  -..'I, h   ..f    Itnllim   I'm.,
commencing at a poet marked Mi- M I Me
iei - - w n.-t ,..,-,, running m-. in phalnei
thenar north H cbalna; thenee weal 10 ghalna,
thmi'-e .Itnll,   III el la, III It,   )a,illl   ul   et'Illtlieliee
tnfclit, ennliitiiiiiK lt,t in it-., innrn nr I, .-.
I.Mi-iiieil .Inly Mli   MSI,
MM.  Sl.  h. MII.I.KR
A. M.-Kay. agenl
Inly, !'.«J-
vi'altei s. Mel.t-Uni:
A. II. SJii.tlUniy
mi tic i-;
Take nntiec that Prank Welcome Mel inly.,.
Vancouver, n..'., (agent lor ileorge R.Kobln.o,
nierehant, id Kltlmat) occupallun, civil engite
•ear, intend- to apply n,r i i|«elal  ii,,i',m  li'
enea over Ibe loliowing .1 rlbed landi:
v..  i   c maiiclng at a |>»t planted mi lie
eaal bank ol ".Ih Loo" Lake (Junction .n Kill
I mat Arm and lievaitallon t'hanucl] ahuni ,
u.tie* from lie nutlet, Ihenee iouth »' ehalni
: henee eaal H i ehalm: tbence north hi chain*
tbence weat in rbglni i" plaee <.t coinn-vnce
Vn. J    Ilu ,-Hi-t hmik nl* --.Hi I '* bike   aliola
'our mile* Irom In nutlet; thence  north ■-■
luiin-; thenee eail nu ehaina; Ihenee -eolith st'
i-lialui; tbence weit Ml chains to plaee uf com
So. I At tipper end nf "Ah l.n.," I uke: thence
<■»►! im ehalna; tbenee north 120chatm, Ihenc
real in ehalna, more or ten t" loreahure; thenc.
ahitiK in inif-hurt- h. place nf commencement.
v... t   nn will •hore nl "Ah    tuo"   laik.
Ihenee  weal forty ehrdnaj Ihe-we north nm'
hundred mni ility ehalna; Ihenee eaal  tori)
chalni; thenee iouth one hundred lint il»t)
chain, tn place "l foniuiencemeul
Nn. n un we.t .liitre nf "Ah l.m.'' Ink'
tbenee weit eighty cbalna; Ihenee north -ne
hnmlre.l nmi twin!) I'baiin; thenee .-..■. friflj
chain*; Ihenee inulh eighty ehalm; IhelKt
eaat lorty chain,: Ihenee icmth forty chain* i-
lilaee of eomme Bt.
Nn. t; nn iviji ihore of "Ah Loo" lake, th. in .
ueat No chaina, thenoe aonth No ebalui, , In- innn. i m. chain*, ihenee north Nn chain*, in plaei
.1 commeneement
■genl im
i.kuiii.i: l;. Hum **k*i in  id Kltlmtl
I -.1 the nh ■:...  n June, IkoT.
Take nntiec that Joseph Kowun
(Jranl nf the City nf New West-
iiinstef, Barristcr-at-law, intends
'..I apply lor a  special  timber  li-
eeliee nf the following ileselilicil
lands, situate nil the east side nl
Kuiiiealnn Inlet, eniumeueinn at   a
|iust planted about lour-flfths nf
the way up said Kumealon Inlet.
nn the east siile therenf ami nearly
:iji]iusite  tss'n   small   islands,   such
|iust lieing markeil  .1.  R. Urant's
N. VV. enrner pust. thenee runnin,"
-0 chains east, thenee SO chains
-nnth. thence SO chains west,
thenee SO chains ninth, tn place
..t commencement, ami containing
H4o acres, mure ur less.
Datcl -Mav S, l'.iuT.
Take notice thai I, William Sl munch nf ..ne
iiniii liland, occupation, farmer, Intend lo apply for permluinn tn |inri:hit»i- the fiillnwlng
ili'icrlhetl html:   Commencing at poal planted
nil the weit -i'If nl  Mn-.nl Inlel. nl   the   Ininilli
nf Kmwhii river: ilit-nnc ivei, In t htiln-: thenee
iouth*>ehalm; tbeueueaal *' chain*; thmnu
north I" chalni in poinl nt eommeneetaenl,
ami euiilttliiliiK If',, acres innrt' or leva.
litilt-tl -It,nt, 1, inn.
Taka notice that I, B. C, Klhbey, nf Kltaela*,
ll.,' upallnn inlinr,  intend   lo apply  fnr
i.miiii-.itiii m ii.ir.-lio>.' the fittli,u lug dcwrlla-il
Commencing al n po»l planted ionth It)
ehalna from mouth of t'linm .1.. Me-h creek,
on eaal hank nf Nkaena river, marked K.C K.'l
N.w. ft, thei »t Sinhalmi thenc* »".nl. Id
ehalnii ihenee wot m chalni, thence north I"
chaim along bank ol Skeena river to place nf
e.ii,i,,,e,ii-eiiehi, and containing nin aerea
more nr leiiK.
Dated Jun* H.
'lake u.dlce iliiii Susan Kirl.y and Knilly Lo.
imi/.. n, I'm l Klllnglon, II ,' , .i.'nilt„,U,i„ mar.
.'imi woiiien, intend to apply lor permlaalon in
liilt'i hii-e the I'ntli.V. lllS' ile-mil.e.l lllllll '■
I',nnnn in nil, nl it nn., planted at the N. W.
corner nf lot :)n, Range v., eoaal dlatriet, Ihenee
nurth ■*. chiilii-. ilimne eaal in chain*, thenee
■outh A chatm, Ihenee weal g> chain* to point
nf i-,iiii,ii,'iie,.,]i.-,ii, hi,it eontalnina 'Jo aerea,
tin,re ,,r le.-.
c. M, Dolmage, Agent.
Dated June I*.
'Pake notice thai I. John Clave-
i ie. of Vancouver, H. C, occupation, miner, intends to apply fnr
permissiun to lease the fullnwin,
tit-scribed lands, situate,! in the
Skeena district ami known us the
White Cliff Islaml:
Couiuiencing at a pust planted
mi the mirth sitle nf the islaml:
thenee west 10 chains, smith Hi
.■hains. east 16 chains, iinrth 6
chains, to puint nf commencement.
Julv :;. IfloT.
No. a—Commencing al ihiv pus,, two mile* up
I.aehmiteh River; head "f tVork channel, and
adjoining Nn. 1 on ,-n-t: thence Sn eh nin- ea.l:
ihenee80chain, muth! thenceSuchain* weat;
thenee 80 chain* north to point of commenc*-
in.'ii,: containing Sell acre*, more nr le-..
Located on 8rd Jnm W07.
W. l..t,l!KI-:N
Withers. llcLrllanj .      u
A. M. Mel.llhary     I **"■«■
Ni. :: Commencing al tbl, poet, abonl .'1 I
mile* up i.a.'hnta, li I:ne,', head nl Work Chan
nei. on north hank ol river; running m chaini
north; thenee IH0 chains eaat; thenee in chain*
- null. thenee I Li i'lniin.. west to point   nf com*
meneement; containing ilfO icres, more .n- n--.
l.n.-aie.l rn, ni-.t June, l",'7
W. g. t.llKKN
Walters HcUUi
A  ii. Meiiillvary
Nn. t Commencing a, i>...i marked "S, W
corner," piantad on it ial1 lake al n.-ci ..,
Work channel, on north   i-hlc. about hall a
Mini i:
laki m.iii'n that l-r«iik Welcome M." I idj ■
\',ti tin-r,  ll. c . oecu-mlh.n, flvil eugli.ee.
Intend, In appl)  lor ■ >i> rial limber lie. in •
, ear the lollowlna daecrlbed laud*:
dn Cnmmenelng at a poat planted approx-
ai s i-:. i nr nf .1. w Sutherland ■ So
v i , a point, I', vaitniinii channel, i-i ■•
weit Wo chaim, more nr lei*, toJ \v ~u in.-. ■
land', Nn .'. ; il ■ e ..-nili toforcahore; -in nt e
along f.iii-hnie n- pin'" "f commencement
(K)   i ommeneing ai n p ,-i planted at  S K
.,.,-. ,i.i. w. Hutlierland'i  So. s. I'nnl  Point,
tiardher "anal (mi  Halnland, , h nf north
end ol Channel Wand) thence north ISOchntni;
thenee eael  to tornhore;  Ihenee along fore.
ihore m Iilnl.  nf i nininen.-rnielll.
.1 nn- in. !'.«'T
(i.)   iniii,nmn Ing iii ti  poal   plant, '1 at 8. W
Take notice that ole Christen-
«en. Ship Broker London, intend-1
tn apply l"i' pern,i-siuii to lease the
following descrilied Innds lor li-h-
in'i purposes:
Coniinencing at a poal situati d
,m  the   shine   nf  Barnard   Cove,
1 Princess    Royal    Island,   thi in i
ntiuth so chains, east  40 chain-.
i nurth so chains, sri -t   10 chains. |
tn puint   ot   commencement, and
containing IB0 a< res, more or I,--.
olk ciii;isti-:.\>i:n.
siakeil.lum  !-. 1»07.
'I',ike in .Hen iimi I. Louli Hapatonatall, oi
I'tinee Rupert, ll. ''.,,.,-, upailmi engineer, In-
imnl to api-n lor permliaion ,n purchaae Ihe
r.illnw ins' dewrlbeil land :
Commencing al a pi-al planted aboul -ix
tnilei from the Mkeena river, In a northerly .11-
n-ell.iii, ami nn Ihe nnrlli hank nf the Kyeaxe
river, ihenee nnrih In clniln-. thenee "I'M I"
chain*; aouth in chalni more or lea* in tbe
left I..ink nf Kyeaxe, Ihenee I" nu eaaterly ai-
i.nth.ii idling the bank in place nf commencement ami containing Ion nmi'- more nr le--.
Date June 7. IHU7.     Lulls IIAITUNSTAI.I..
Take nottne that Ucorge Martin, nf Vancouver, ll''. Iimii Iv-lnie Brnkei, Intend* In iip-
pl, lor permluinn to leaae ihe tullowlng de»-
■ril,ml Inn,1: Commeni.Ing al • poil planted
m ihe Inii'l nf Klinizi- Inlet; theuce aontberly
•long ih.- weil boundary nf lot '.n, forty nhalni;
il,ence forty chalni weit; thenee lorty chuins
nurth ,,. the ninth liank ol Khulae river:
ihenee eaaterly along laid river in point ofnora-
tn. iniineiii: imntaining loo aurei iicre nr leu ■
Hale,I Vancouver, .'nni- lnth. 1''""
Wa . Sn.iNNnN, AkchI ■
tn the matter of the Mineral act und amending acliand in Un- matter of Ibe Weitern
,'npper tirniip. eoniliting ol Ihe I'nipire,
Ni.rth s,ar. Argentlle, llawkley, Bonanaa,
Knieiiihl. Verdure and w.-iern Copper mineral claim*.
Where*, hy notice tinted  Ihe   nth  day rd
\|,i il. I'hit. you were required to forthwith pay
In the iindenlgned i wner* with yiiu In Ibe
above mineral claim* the sum of fiau, ai your
..ne ,if, it -hurt- nl the aiiuiimeni work done on
.mil clalmi np I" ami Including Ilh day ol October, v n . I'sm. mni being the aaoesamentf
Im .lune. A. 11. hm.. .m-l January, A, D. HOT,
and further expendllurei in ounnectlnn  with
the laid anew in- in1 harged to .vnnr ln-
tcreit In mid eialmi.
And whcreai you have failed to pay the Mid
.nm of III." im n- thereby require*.
Tak. tice Hnn uiilei* you ihall within (W
l:iv. trim, ihe dati ol ihe  lint  publication ri
tht* nolle pay youi   «»I<1 ih* fialdaaieii
ment work and all enili hereol that we, llie
iitnlerilgiied, -hall appl] lo have ..nr Mid In
,..,,..i v...,,nt iii n- in puriuanee with Ihe lermi
.,f   .,-,-llMli   ,     Cliap     21.    H     '      -Inlllle  A     I'    ISUS,
being nu ameudment lo R.S.H.C I'ap ISA
Imi, .1 nt Vaneouve,   I'-   ''., tbbi Ith day »t
Mav, .'
WltucM     c   V Nancy. Vancouver, H I.
To T. I  ii.-iii'v   I -I    ' an iver, H r.
M l\ Mel.i:un.
■     l\.  MKI.IiHl M
Take nntiec that Hnns Larsen,
master mariner, intends to apply
for permissiun to lease the following descrilied land lor fishing purposes;
C mencing at a  pust  situated
tm I'itt Island nu   the  north shore
e..r   t.f sul i.lti'l.- Co.'* pnlc leaie  Pl;   then.', ,        .... ,       .    ,
vv,.s,e,ivai',,e,M,,..i..,,c,.(..,,,,iner'.c,,,,:,i ,.. of the head ol Port  Stephen s har-
.1. W. Sulherland'i Nn. ::i; theme north hi lx»r, tlicliec ninth 10 chains, eiisl |H
rhalm, more or le**; thenee eaal lo aald limit L-Jj^ina snutli 40 ehains. thine.
Ill; Ihenee „h.,ie hnniehirv In,-  ,.f  -nni   Iimii : ^('_t    .,'],,, ,m , |,,.    R*,orl.    t,,    point     0f I
commencement,    containing   IflO
acres, mure nr  less.
IH it, place ole meneement.
Hi,to June Mill, If
Take notice that I, Angus >Ic
Alister. of Claxton, l>. C, occujia
tion, mechanical engineer, intend
-tak.'il .lune 1 I. lUt'T.
to apply for a special timlier li-1 Take notice that 1,8. A. Morley,
,,,„•, over the following descrilied of Porl Essington, occupation
|an,-„, lianker, intends to apply for p r-
Commencing at a stake  planted mission to purchaae  the  following
1 '    miles   -nut! ea.-t   of  Standard  described land:
Ne ::.   Commencing at a poit planlvd alioul   mile irom *ait water; thence nni chain, eaat;|    * , :       ...   ..    ,„lr.t   tilanteil
■Huilwicjillnvuinuui .ai.uuen tu Luc ink:   ibcuwi; w than., uoiib; thMev MS ehataa weet,   Cannery.   Skeena liver, und mark-        Lulnlneln -ing .      .     j y
Only Prp^r
the North
B. C. (.-■ ■*?
CdUirdr-. AuffUSt 3, 1907
Pioneer   Paper
the North
B. C.
■ tii, *-i i-Iihiii- •    ■   ki  rhalaa ' <»riit t. lin-rnr m. -i ni • liuin-.   ln»rtli NO clialm,
i" point itl   ■ •iiiiiM-iH .in- m.   contAlnlng   *•-*• > coat Ml ehalna. amftth S*i chaiaa to point of roan*
aaram itin leaa mencaraent, eamtalulna. MU*erei mm* ot mm
a.'.-nf  I -f  -    I.YI.K Jum..  \\ .  Smith, Hgell
I.,1,1.  I i. i. I!   I -..   .Inl.   Ilh. CUT
i  «   !'■■:
Tnk" ittitit-f iIihi I, Will in m   P.   If n n r t i jij-r. o|
Vancouver, li. V., occupation tiiill-ou ner, in
tendf in Apply tat a ipeeial llmbei llcenae nvci
the rolli twi iik iI«-itiIm-i| Imnl!-:
No. i—Commeneing at ■ post planted
tun iniIs.-- dtfltoDl irom tin- h.'ii.t at lla-titm-
Ann. mi tin- m-l -nl.- nl the nun, them* KM
chain* north Along ihe shore, thenee U chain*
mat, thenee MOchatna smith, thenee (©chain*.
We**l to plrti f lieginning.
No. I—-Commenciag .it iponl  planti i
abont ten chaiR* from the V/eil ihore m Ilu-'
Ing* Arm *t tbe north end of [ndian  reaervc,
Itin-i1 null-- north ot i,    Hay,  thetice  nortli
ni L'bala*. thenee neii hii eh a I in*, thenee aonth
Mehalna, tbt nei eaal ni .-1111111- hi place oi lw
No ;{, —('ommeneing hi h poil plnnted Aboul
in I'liHin-.'n-t ,,t the aortheaal cornet o. So, :
tbenee weet 10 chaiua, thenee north nu chains,
thence eaal ni rhalni to ihore, thence mutli
along the ihore an chalni hi plaee of Iwgt lining.
N«>. 4—Commencing at ■ poal planted
at Halmon Cove, '«*» chaliu north nt the north-
wm% eorner of tbe Indian reacrre on the wenl
ifdeof Il-i-tiiii-- Arm, tbenee weal so chain',
thenee iouth 80 chalni, thence eaat ni chain-.
tbenee north Mi eh Ainu to plaee nt beginning.
No. Ti—Commencing at ■ post planted
on Fearae IsUn-l, nbonl four mild' Miutli alonp
the ihore from the mouth nl l*ortlnnu { nnnl
Hinl Hlioul 11 i-iiiirtrr of 1 mile in from the
beach, Un nee north 10 ehalni, thence wenl .''
chalni', thence north Igoehaina, thence cart ri
flmin-, thenee iouth UP ebaini, thenee i«a»l *'
chalni, thenee MWth lOehatni, thenee weil K
chaini to pin re of beginning,
No. I -Commencing a! ■ post planted
nn I'curse liland on a creek aboul three mlte»
north along the ihore irom Walen Penage, an 1
Hhoiii huh' 11 niih- in from the bench, iheiiei
north Mi chalm. thenee eail W cbainn, fheuei
•outh IDehAim, them-e weit M ehalni- to plmt
of beginning.
■ Ko. 7. "Commencing Al 1 poal 1 (anted Al the
louthweil eorner of No. a, thenee north ni
chaim, thenee wei*t go chain*, thence muth n
ehalm, thenee waal Kehaim to plai-.- of begin*
H.   K.   Newel], Agent
.Tuly.   Ifi.   Iff?.
iMsTKMT ol-  SkKKNa
Take notloe that Oeurge Martin, of \*aneou<
vir. 11 P , itt-ul Katatc Broker, Intend* to up
JiIt foi p. rnnssimi to l.-ii-r the following (tea-
eribedland: Commencing ai 1 poil planted
at tha bead of KhatiA Inlet; thence aoutherly
along the west boundary 01 |<>i 27, forty nbalm;
tinner forty ehalna Weill thenee f"i ty chatm
north tn tbe aonth bAnli of Khntte river;
thence fii-,1 e rly iiloii^ mid river to point of com-
men<*ement; containing I60 norea mure or tew.
Dated Vancouver, June loth, tfol
ftM   shannon, Agenl.
Take notie* thai i Mi- \i. k. Killer, ol
Reattle, Wn-.ii, neeupatlon, mArrled woman,
Intendi to npply for pennluloii lo pnrchnie
ih.- folio a mil 'l.'-nil.. .1 lnmi on porch* i (Aland
pttuated Abonl one mile Ninth ol Ri fnge najrj
oonimeoelng at i po»l marked Nn at, K, Mil
lar'i % W* eor, poat, rnnning eail MS chatm;
th. m-e north 10 ehalm; th< ner \\.--t in chuins,
thence enuth 10 chalni to poinl of commence*
ment, Boatatning in m-rei, more or le**.
l.iM'Htcl July Kb. 1W
MK>.  M    I   MII.I.KK
A, M<K)iy, agenl
Take noiir<- tlmi John • Bigg*, Rprlngbank
,\]tn ., oi-ciipHtiou, tnrmer, Intendi lo Apply fnr
permluinn to pnroba* the following deeeribed
land :
i 'ommeneing nt n poil planted al the X. W,
eorner of 8. Lyle'i pnrehaae Application, or too
y-Hril*- weAl of Junction of KitlmAti 1'opper
nmi I.itttr i nn yon trull-: tlii-nn- -.oulh Ni
ehains; thence weal ni chnlni; them-e north
ho ehalm; ihenee aaAi Mi chHlm to the pntnl ol
eommencementf oontalninfi MO aerei more or
agent f.n I   r. BIOGfl
Utile ,'„,,'ui. li '   . -'nly nli. r."i7
.,. . ,.   ,,,,,,       ,   , , ,       '    Tat He. - that I.   Uvlr.  Il«il,y. „f aealtle,
Inke tn-ll. .- Hi,,,   « ,11,11,1 I   -Inim-,,,,,. nl   \ ,' .                    ,      ,
,, U-,-l,  . ,-, e,,[,M,l ..-111. r   111,,-,!•!' I., it,.|.li   f"t
-II   Int-in. r    lltt.-iel- I.i lp i       j.     I
, ,, |..-i... i—t, .i i to i.nt, in-.- tlt, ,,.  .... ni,:-I---   .'--I
pit -till   peltiil--|..ti   In    pur.liM-e   ill.     |<>||llWlllg *
,               ,,      , Inii.l. .mini,-,l In th,-  ki-pi,n  ,'allej
• I,- -,-11'n-'l Irtinl- '                        ...   „■
, , gal.  tn.-, pi,,,,,.- , the .,,.,      ' """«  I'"*' '' "•' '''  '"" N   "
i.i. n,M- -land, , ll-| I, '"'I'"'!""""«  Kargarel    le-   *   I   e -r,
,   ,.       .                       ,             Ih- :e ■   ■ ii-1 Mil rliiiili*. Mtltlh AO   I'liiHli*.   *Wi    <"
"I   the lout I  - .i-l   •'!   i'.nx    I -In *iil.   llnii.i    tun
lllllll-     tn -I It'   Nl , -hiilli-   In   pnillt     nl   i "llllll.   in •
niiik! h.-i I" rhttlnp, llnint*  tm • 11 li H  .l.iitnv
1 in  I li -I     In    -ll.ir,'      t hi IH ■     tlVllg     -llllll'    III
pni.i    nt  ,'. .iimi, -in rnn-iil.   And    ruiitiiinniK     '2V
i-.-n - in,,;.   it|   MHM
I..Iin II.   I..hn e  Un nt
iii...' .'i. pu,
nut, ninlalMlng *4» aere», nmr.  .., I..-
.imn,- \\   mh,He age.
llllll    .'.    I'"'T
iii, in . ,,,, ,i, tm,I eoataU-lng "1' arrea, OMire or j in ■ Im in- ,,, ,.t.i„i ,,f  enrAmeneement, enatala*
leg* HIS-  t.hi .n te. I,ti,re t.l  I.---
Idinr- \\    Siniili. n«, 111      \pnl 2~,   Wet. .t.   A    lliekey. m;.iit.
Notleo  is  beretjv  gtven  mml   »i"  injm
fd'i date I int«-ml to make apgllcatlow
.linn- 24, IMr,
T-ik. noftee ihe I I. Ellen Convene, of IM foil
Mi, h    .,.■. nprtiion,  -pin-.nl.   int.-inl-  to apply
i.o permUaloa to pwrehaw the fotlmrlag de
-.tit.1.1 hin.l -iliiMtcl tn Ibe Ki-piM\ V-illry:
1'iimmnni Ing a1 i poat  planted aI  Ihr  S  K
i ,.i ii* t nli,| n-ijoiniiiL'   t  Iimi h -    RdWAfd    King'*
-    1      ■ .HU.  I  ,   tit. -n. i-    -..lllll    MH   I'llHIlI-:     U. -I     III
,'iiniii*,; north M*ehalm; *a*i mefwiBn '" pi»ini
oi i-.iiiini, nei in. in end iimtAlntag   W acre*,
III.Oi    ..1    I.--
I'l.l.KN n>N\KI',SK
tamv* ft > 1111 r i.. tm ai
i.in-  ji   NMI
TaIm* notice lhal  I, i*en*no Jonei  Kelley, •
\" Ml" * t ti..     It      «'    .     Oi-i   l|p«t li.ll.     lllil-l.'l'     IIHllllO
inIt'll-1- to Apply foi jm t im-.--.iii Ui pni.li.i-.' tl
fid lowing iie* rlbed land ua tmndm i-i,n<i:
■ ..nun' ni'iiii; nl h   pOAl   |iln[it'<l   in   |   Imil..
ua the -..iiiin-ii-t end ai DejndaA bdand, H, <
thence imi'ili )-*> t'ltniif, theni-.- wee| |« ihor
ihi'ii'i' -niiiliiTly iin.l cii-n i ly in jNntit oi . <n.
invncement, And Including i-ontlguuflt beAehc
Itiigei nn,i miihII i-tiui'l-
July i, IW.
Take Uotlee tIimt I. ...s. Jrriuyn.uf Vaiieioiv* i
itecupAtion, v* terluary lurgeuti, liiteiHltiiMppIy
fur permlnton to imrchaAe Ibe (oilowing 'i**-
-•-ti 1 laii.l in tin- Hulk If) v.illi > :
('ommeneing At a poet pleated al the -oiiih-
ca*t corner of lot JOS, theoei north Mi chain-;
vaat m ehalm; ionth W chalm*; themv w*e»l ki
rimiii- t.r p.iim ut .■ iinmeneeiiM>ni.
il. s. JBRMYN
.i,ii> i.sth, imn
si sty .l„y. niter ,l„,e.  I, Un,,  li, Milmfn .1.
Will  llllike nppllnilll.ei    tn   llie   II.,,,.   file   I'I,ml
I,itumliiliiiier.il l..iii.!-ittnl Work", al Vlelorla,
ll. '., f,,i- |N.i'iiii--ii.ii ,., purebaae Ihe ft.tl.ie Ing
.l.'.eiil.e.l  Inii.l- -illlille.l    nil    ml-,    -i-ii-   ..ll'.ill
ll ml I  nlnil :
Hlartlllg I  iny Nn   ! pi..!   iienke.l        le
'111,ill'..1.1. S    \\ . ei,I'., -illinle.l nil    N .   W.   eiif    n|
l,..i Ittl; He im.- rnnning thirl* ,'halii* eaal I..
\    Iv ...,. Ill I,.I   1*0; Ihenee Holt I ■ H   elinlt:-    In
llnjllt  i.t,   lle-l   111 I     I.nt    fiftl,    Kt'liitlll     MillillS'
Claim:  llielti'.'   lle-t    III  eltnill'   In   liile    ,VH,.".
i'.itii,ii„i I'anal; theme full.iwlng ilmre line In
|Ml|ni  III niill,,„eilt'e,,l|.,ll '.  enlllilillilej KM,   in'le-.
i,i,,re 1.1 lew.
I.nnnt.'.l .Inly '-".'ml. hW.
Agenl fm '.leu. li, Mnin,ml.
N'oliles. II <-.. July 'I. 1!«,7
Cassiar Land   District,   Rang'* 5.
rake inni e iimi l, .inine- \v.  Sinn;,, nf nihil In, nePTipalliili, eralaer,  inteti.l. t,, apply f..r
,.. I lili—tnl,  in plliehtSe ,l,e fnlln\t i,,n ileSel il., .j
'nn.Is. -ililMt.-'l III Ihe Ki-pinx tiill.-y :
"nmi,I. ileitis'iit ii  pn-i  planled nli  tee  a.-il
l.nnk nl t Im Ki-pinx  rivet   nlnl (Ipptwlte   I':"-'.
II.    Tie.lil|.-nil'-   S.    W,    e.iniet,   thntiee    \i I -'     I
.Iin,,,-. in.eh Kit ehiiin., in-,   in el i-,  mure
>:■ le-.- hi   titer,   Ihe,ii-'   -initle-rly  along   a.'il
bank (if K t-|iinx riv.-r, m eleiin-   men-  ur  le--
tu poinl nf . iiinnieiieeineni ami  italuing ::.'i
n te- in.ne ,,r leas.
June 20, iim".
lit,   ii..tn-.   tho t  I   Kdward  R  Wel*»ter, id
n hiiI-   ftaAt . M. ,'.ip..M oi i ti hi in -. r. Intel ■\- l«
appl) foi  ii'itiii-si.-n |i< pun AAAv the Mlowlhg
i i.i    I   rituated ui iin  Ki-pi...\ vhII.'V :
' .ijnno-ni-inj-hi ii   |m -i   pleated   nl   ilu-  .*■   K.
mul to, hum- weil "t Margaret naviee'
H, i. enener, then., weel ho chain*, aatxa k"
i-loilll-. I il-I  M i  llll. li-,      ItUth   M < 'hu ill-   !'• f re et Til
..f ".nn in. in .mi'm, contAlnlng am acre*, more
Ml   ll -.
.inn.' - w   -iiiiiii. «g< ni.
.flint- -.'.   I'i'T
Tik- nolle** thai I. Henry \hm > mnphell. nf
m-ettlc, K*Hb., "i' U|K4tlo .. g**uiteniAn, IntemS
i '■. hn i"-t*nii--i"ti in pin, tm-.- thefolli»w-
Inn .i.-,-mI„-.i lend, "llneled in the Kliplox
i '..!.i nn in-inir n I ii p.- i   pin i Mi'I   lit   ; Ih   -   H
eorner, aw! adjoining Kdward  K.   Webeier'i >■
l   <-oiiier. Ihenee *a*\ 9» ehAlUK,  thei  n«a Ih
** n 1,1(111-, «i--t   HO   .'hum-,    Mitt 111    Ml   ii.Hill-    '■■
p tlnl of ri nn in<> m-i in, -it, ci n talnlng agt aerei,
in,.I-, nf mm,
.Inim'- ft. "-'ntith,
Jon-- ■-'.., IIW,
Inks notice iimi i, Thuittai i lN*gnan, >■'
s.iiiii.', \v,i-ii. ,.1-,'iipiilinn agent, Intend* lo
ii pp y f,.i p, i mi--I, ,ii i«i purehaw the following
■ I.-i-rilieii [and, MtUHted In tbe Klipiox rath f.
i'o:iili'< in Ing Al -i ]'•■■'■ pin ni i-'l nt l!u ■ .-' W. i ■ ,
mul It* ehalm we.-i of Kdward K. M'elwter1* S.K.
■•orner. thenee eail Nt ehalm, north -^1| chalito,
h m mo chalm, M-ntii Mi chatm to poinl <-i eom-
in- : ,. ment, containing Mti nerei more nf [am.
.inim'- ft, Mmithi Agent.
.Mine Tt, IIW7.
Take notlee thai I. Will I am II. Iiaymundc, rtf
.-pokmie, Waih., oei'iipaiion clerk, Intendi In
Npply tor permlAiloii to ptirehaif the follow in.'
leierlbed Inndi iltnated in ihe KUplux valley:
('ommeneing at i pcwi planted Al the N. K.
■•orner on the eaal bank nf the Ki-plox rivei
ami about g mMi--- fioiii the I ml two-graph ea*
bin in fi northweaterly direction, thenee north
mi ehalm, weit ID ehalm, moth ID eh nin-, eail
-n chalm to point nf commencement, euni.iin-
iug i,ii A4-rei, more or lew
-tame* ft tmjth, Agrnt,
June 2n.
Take nolle* thai 1, WtllUm P. Kniscll, ..f
Apttkaiie, Wa*h.. iH-eupatioti i-apitallit, Intendi
lo apply for |iermlne*litn to purehaw.* the FdIIow*
ing deeerihed land ultuate in the KlaploA eel*
I. -y:
Com tn-in-* nl ii |Mi-t   pl mi tnl   Al tin   R,   V.
■timer on the eail  Imttk, and Adjoining tt'm
il. h»\ niiimie*. north boundary, thence enai Hi
i, iim, north ho ehalna, weet I rhaim more of
Ium, thenee along eail bank nf Kliptoi rlrer
Miehnlm more or lew to pulni ol commencement, contAlnlng HJii netvi, more of li---.
.'iim' - w  Mmllb, Agent
.'-1 !..•■■
Take n.iinr thai I, w \ Rom, of "entile,
VTaib., ' «-n |oi t ion pnwnger igent, inli-ml- in
npply for p'-rmlaaion to pureh lie tin fullowlng
ilewrtU'd land, iltimted hi Ihe Klurrtol rAlley:
''ot nelugAti pmi  plantcil nl  ihe >- K.
enrner, And Adjoining Thinna* J. IVgnan'i P.
ft, corner, Ihenee wi*nl Mi chAlm, north *>
.■Ili in-, i-;t-.( ;so .-li i' ln>. -, ni th m i-lniiu- to point
of ''oiimo'iiiei-H-jii. mul cotltHtnlng Mt' Hi rei
m r Imi.
W.  A.  ROHH.
.him.- ft. sniiih, Hgcnt.
Jniie'iT, T'oT
T»ike notice that I. I*emy  Turker, of Heattle,
'.Vn-h., i.e. iipatlon pio-ei'-ii r agent, fntcwli lo
ipply for p. miii--ion lo piiM'in.-r (he following
■., laml in ihe Kliplox valley:
'" iimni'i'i'iii-: -it n pn-i planted il the S. ft,
eomei And ndJolnlnA M.ny 11. Peefc'if- K. wir.,
: 1 ii-ii . ■ . ,i-i so i Iimii--. tin-ii 11- north mi rim in-,
tbence we«l MteliHlm, Ihenee -ionth Mi fit Aim
io point oj   commencement,   contAlnlng Mn
"Tleroy tuckkr.
-Inint- \V. sniiih, agent.
.Inn.. •■.*>. in i7.
Take untie, that I, Mary ilray Peek, uf Mil.
neilpiilt-.  Millie, m 'It pit I in,I, .-i — l-In lit pri ml [ml
In.en.li In iii-ply i"t pertnliilnn tn purehaae
Ihe fnlluaing .I.-till.ml Inntl -nnnin.l in the
Kt-ph.x i.tli.y:
,'.niiiin-,leiiis- at n pn-l pliiiit'-.l tti iheS. K-
Burner ami *n>>lniiig I* Hoy Tneker'i K.W, eoe-
hi: Ihenee u..i K ,'hatin:  imrih  »i i-hatmi
en   , siii luii,.-; -niilh S'l eh,11 ll- 1.1 p.,ill I i,f   nm,.
ii."ti.-.-.n. nt iiiiil I'lintaltilng i.i'' iii'rra, mure  t,r
.iiiim- ft  **miin, Agent
.lnmi'., IWfJ
l.i-., notice lhal I, iMmrli - Kdward King, id
Vp-il,inii. Mirli . o.'t up it ,.ni, nicr.lirtiil. la
i. n.i- i" npply for perm I Mo i to pwirha»e tbe
f.tii..win-: ii.-cni,,.i land situated m tm Kb
pit \ V'nilej :
i oninieiiciin* ni a po-i planted »t  Ihi   P I
...ii;. i   nnd adjoining Klleti i*onverae'»  S   t*
roriii'-; them-e muth M*ehalm; weal n' - In,in-:
-..nth mi ehalm; eail »i . balm   t"   polni   ol
i-oitiuicneeinenl mii-i i-outalntitg Wi aeren, mon
in l,--,
JewM-i ft   snuih. igenl
'nncii. IM
Take notlee that 1, John King, ot Yp-ilnini.
Mich ,oeeupatlon, poultry farmer, Intend* lo
npply fm permlmlon t" purchase the folloa Ing
iltM-rtbed land rituated In the KUplni Vallej :
('ommeneing at a pml planted »' the H, W,
corner an*l adjoining I'barle* Kdwerd King'*
-*. h*. corner| thenee north so chalni; eust gi
coalmi von th M> ehalna; wenl IH ehalni to poinl
ol i-oiniiiem eniciit uml containing :»--" aere«
more or l< -■*.
Ji)\\S   KINC
Jiini'-- ft   Sunt h, Agenl
June 24, 19OT
TAke notice ilmt I, KdWAfd King, of VpulUn
ti. Mnli.. o.cnpitti.Mi, gentleman, Intendi to
npply for perm lu ton to purehaee tbe following
■ I. «.'M1.1'iI land -iiimi. ii In tbe KlRptoa Valley ;
('ommeneing al ■ i>o-i plauteil al ihe fig. corner, And Adjoining .1 bamb'a s \v corner;
iih'tiiT north mi chaina; w< -i M> ehalne; umlli
Mi .'liuin-; Ihenee eaal Mlehalim to point of com
iiuni. containing MB aerei, more ot k-aa
JaMMM W. Siniili, Igenl
June ■•!!, law
Tnki in.tic Moil I, .Inim I j* nib, of Yp-ihitiii,
Mich-, oeeupatlon, nn r< hunt, Intendi to npply
fio per minion to pureham1 the following- de«
icrlbed land iltuated in tin- Kliplog ralley;
('ommeneing at a ponl plented At th« I w
. orm-r and Adjoining KdwAnl King'i s. K. cor
ner; ihem-e north no chalnnj eaal k! ehalni;
-..ii li nn i'lmiii-; well mehalni to point of cum
nn t cement, contain tug .-" aerea* more of lew.
Jamei w. smith, Kgeul
June 24, IWJ
Take notb-e thai I, John Wortlejr.ol VpullAiitl
Mich., oeeupatloni broker, Intend* to apply for
i" rmlnlon lo purchaie tbe following deaerlbed
land lit ua led In th( K liplox valla] !
1'ommaneing at h poil planted at tin- ft, ft,
cm net uml in dinin- north of Si<limy |>. Clark-
itiiri S   K. corner; l he nee cn-t 10 * limns;   mhhIi
Mt ehalm; weet go ehaina) north ni ehalm to
■point »1 commencement, contAlnlng Mi aerea,
Jamei ft, smith, agenl
June to, iflrt
Take notie thai I, rum  Pqnlre  Potter, id
Mintieiipoll-, Minn., .in npniiin. Imlruetor, In-
lend" to npply for -mm m i-mii In |-urc|iaie the
following deaetllmi land iltuateil In Kliptoa
('ommeneing nt a pout planted «' the A, K.
eorner end Adjoining Mary tiraj   Keefc'p  - «
corner; tbenee wet*t Niehalu*; north Miehalui;
, n-t mi chalm; them •■ wuth >ui elm Im in polul
'i ■■'•! i   I'uieul. ■ ontaining am Aerei*, mor*
or lew.
Take  lee thai I.   Krwd   ll   ThrmtpMrn* ol lame* W.gfnlth.agcni
Apokane,   ftmh.,   oeeupatlon   colporhiir, In v *'
lenditoappl) fm permlmdon -., imrehaw Ihr   ~—————————
Followingdew-ribval  land, "Ituated In (be Kin       Take notlee thai  I, DenM  La  Certe, ol  \*>-
piox valley; [ indt, Mteh., mt-upallon, pbynleiaii, nw> ■< l-  t-,
Coininciii-itiir mi n po-i  planted nt  the H, W. | Apply for permla*lo« to pnn-haie ihe foi loi Ing
TAke notice llul l,Hldney P. ('larkion.ol Ann
Arbor, Mich., occupation, broker- Intendi to
npply fm permtwtlofl to purchaie the following
ileierlbed land iltuated In tbe KUptoi ralley ;
I'ommenWngata poal planted aI tbe s K
eorner And Adjoining Mary rtarkwin*!  n  i*.
orner; ilo-iite weil Ml chains; north M> ehalni:
cn-i B ehalm; thenee muth ho chain- to  point
«>t meneement, and eon tat u lug '-i11 Aereii
more or leaa,
Jamei ft. Hralch, Ageni
June *i, 19U7
TAke notlee thai I. Mary tlarkma, of Ann
\i imi-,  Mien . oeeupatlon, governeM, Intendi
III Apply fill   |i   rilil«-|.ill 111 pUh loi-e  Ihe follow ■
Ing deierlla-d Und HltiM-ed In tb« Kliploi ralley :
(' enelng tn a   mail  planted Al  Ibe H, K
i r. mljidning Mblney  D   t'larki-on'i M   i.
 i ; i iicn. i- weil Ml ehalm; Niuth an chalm;
en-1 hi i . Imni-; no i ill mi i-hhiu-. I.i p. iii 11 uj , ,,i,|.
in in,-nt nn,| con tain Ing W '•--,  inure or
Hie ^i,   Ittl*
Jamei ft Kmltli, igenl
corner on the eml bank "i i in- Kuplog rlvei
nmi adjoining Win P. Runm-ir* \. ft coriu*r,
lli.'iiei call I" chaluii mnth Al ehalm, Wi il |o
tieei k) ehalm, more or lew, thenee Aontherly
nlogg the oi-t bank of Kipmx river Miehalm
more or lew to point of com meneement, eon-
taint ng HU aerei mon- nf leaa
Jamei ft. Health, agent.
leierlbed land iltni ■•'! In the K liplox ml ley
Commencing at a poal pl Anted ;,t ibe A, \\*
corner And adjoining Adele !ai ivn.'- s. k n.i
tier; thenee eail hu chaina! north Mi ehalni;
wi'-t Hn ehalm; tbenee wmth Mt ehalm t< polni
of commencement and containing 040 aerei,
more "i leaa,
.lame- ft. Km Ilh, agent
June Ji. i^mit
Take notlee that I, Ruth Thornpion, ot Hpo-1    Tagenotlee tbatl, ..dele I-«Kerte,m Detroit,
ane, Wash.i oeeupatlon, teacher, Intendi lo j Mleh., oeeupatlon, itudent, Intendi to apply
Notice ih hereby given that N dnya
.ilti-r dale | intend to m.tkc Application
t<> tho llonotnhle the Chief t'omniis*
iloner of latitiliand Wurfci for permlwlon to
ptirehaw the following deaertbeil   laml-;
Commencing at a po-i plauteil abonl Wo
eliain- ninth of a )»o-i planted al the S.ft, eoi
ner of He.l s»iml lake, ihenee w.-t ni rhainn,
Moutb nn chalm, ea*l BOehatUA, north ho chalm
■longshore to polni ol commencement, eon-
tattling i'U' mu'-, nun.' in lc--.
April iff, IVoT.
t->    iio     Honorable tha Chief Com ml a-
-nniei of l.HM.i- aii.i  VwfflM for peetmealeai fa
pun lui-c the follow in-- deaiiibed Uml:
i'tiiiiincin nn- ni h |M,-i pbated wa  Ibe math
bank  of    the   K 11 - ii tn ^o U m in   rivei,  .:  I  .'   nille-
*."inh..f itcisiiml Ink.   ih*  maatm   i" paat
on rteef bank, and I he net alang  rlei i bank fa
point   <il    < "in men, -em* nt   Attd   cioi i in in m: ggg
aerea, mere im leai
t;   .1   SWKASY.
\pril m   l'-oT- .1   A. Mickey, m-cnt
\oti..- la he-r-ffej   gtvea thmt  on  g-avg
m t.i .int.- i Intend tn make applb al Ion
io the ll.motnbl.■ Mo- Chief Cogamta-
•i"i.i'riif l.aml- nmi gforiu lot )..-rmi'.-i.oi to
fm. loi-e tb< hdloaing deaerlbed laid i
• oiinn.i'. Ing ai ii port planted about 2 miie-
wcrt from Ihe Kltiumgallum canyon and About
.• mil.--s \v   fr.imih.'  bead "(   mid   eanyon,
'le me moth Mt ehains, w.«.l Mi hum-, >..iitli Nl
chalaa, eaat g0 chain* t" |oint of eommenee*
in, in, containing 6gi Aerea, more nr Una
Q. \V. R08KNQUI8T.
May ii. I",.; .1. A. Ilicke\, oajant
Notice is hereby given thai M day«
after date I Intend to make application
to tin- Honorable the Chief Conunla-
■tonerol Landi And Work- for permtaalon to
purebaae Ibe billowing deaerlbed land:
Commencing al a iwi-i planted abont tmtlea
weel of Kltiumgallum (*anyon and gnoni I
mile- s ft of bend oi aald canyon, thenee
-on tii ho chalm, a aal ho eh nin-., north 10 ehalna,
ea»t ho chain- to point of eommeneeauot, eon'
talnlng ''-t'1 in re- mon- or lea*
\lny o. io,.; .1   A. Hie key, igenl,
Sot lea i" hereby given thnt IDdaya after data
i Intend to npply to ihe Honorable t'hlal
rommlmloner ol l.aml-' uml Workl for
|iernii.H-ion In purebAee Ihe follow ine deaertbed
Commencing nt a po-t planted ahout 2 mllea
g \v .if the Kltanmgallum Canyon ami abonl
2 mllei S,\V   of Ihe head of - m t ■ I inliviin, llii-me
north no chaina, eaal ho eliain-, aonth ho ehalna,
>■. -t mi chaina to point ol commencement,
containing WO aerea more or leaa
May r., P.ioT. .1    A.  UliL-y.  ggenl.
Notice la hereby given that tBdayp after -Inte
I Intend to make application to the Hon Com*
mlailoner nf Landi and Work- Nn permlaaion
to pun haae Ihe loi lowing deaerlbed land :
Commem-ing al a peat planted on Ihe north
-hore of Kltiumgallum lake, tbenee north w
. halna, cast mi ehalna, aonth ho chains, e/eat ao
ehalna tn point oi commencement, eon mining
i.ln aerea, more or leaa,
May  t, Vattt. .1   A. lliekcy, ggent,
N'otiee la hereby Riven that f-0 days nftcr date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief (oniini-.-
-louer nf I.nnd*-Hiid   Works   for   permi**-ion   In
porch am the following deaerlbed Und:
('ommeneing al poal planted on Die N. ft,
corner ol Red land lake thence west ho chain!.,
mnth N ehalna, cast It cbalna, north nn chains
to point uf commencement, containing MO
aerea mora ot leaa
April 27, I9oT. J   A. lliekcy. agent.
Notice i- hereby given lhal 10 days after date
t Intend to apply to the Hon chief roanmla*
iloner of Landa and Works for permission to
pnreha-e the following deserihed Und :
Coniinencing at the N.K. corner, being on the
weat ahore and 2 mllea nortli of tbo -outh end
of Kit.--iiiiit-it]Intn lake, theltenaaaal 10 chuins.
ionth 100 chalm, weal OB chains, aorta nm
chaini io point of commencement, containing
MO aerei more or lean.
May t. mo:. J  A. Rlekey, agent.
Notice is hereby given Hiai N daya after date
1 Intend to apply to tin- Hon. chief Com mho
iloaefof I .a inl- and Work- for permlaaion lo
purchaaa the follow Ing deaeribed land :
Commencing at a poal plnnted on the north
-hore line oi RltiUmgallnm lake, thenee north
-n ehaina, w.-t mi chaluii south ho chaina, rail
nu chain* to poinl of cemimeneement, contain*
lui Ml) ii. ie- more of laaa,
m..\ i, tto7 .i   a. Hn key  agenl
None, l- in tei.y ni van that 00 daya afterdate
1 nit nl le apply to tha Hon. chief i omtnl--
iloner of hand- and Worki for permlaaion lo
purchaae Ihe following deaerlbed bind:
Commencing al a poal planted nn ihe rlghl
laink of the Keebaeo river, aboal 19 mil.- bt1
low I'm"-r lake, and marked V h g i.,
Ihenee weet go ehalna, north 00 chain-, emd mi
ehnin- to tin- right hank o| ihe rteehaeo river,
Ihenee following said right hunk down -Irenin
to polni oi commencement, containing MU
acre* more or le--,
May :, IMT. J. a. in. I ,y, agent,
Take nnllee thai Samuel  l.yle, nl Kml.tlu-
laakatchewan, oeeupatlon, lamer, Intend* t,i !
apply f"'' I'erinis-i'.ii in |ni:i lin-e :he r.illnwing
rl»-.-rii..-,l In iei'
apply tor prrmlwlou to pun-ha*« the f.illnwliiK
deaeribed land .inntit-.l In the Kt-i,t.,.\ ralley;
Commencing at a poat planted at ih. s. \v.
enrner, on tbe earl ol Ihe Kuplox river, and
adjoining f. ll. ThornpMin'i, N. \\. ,-t,r., Ihenee
eaal lOphalDa,AorthftlehaliiR, thence weal i<*
K'i.piux ineiitiitiv, ittttr, er i,-*.. ihenee s,,uth.
, tly along eaal lunik nl Kl«plo» rlrergochalaa
nn.i. .., i,-.., containing w mm. mnrv n, l.->>.
ROTH THOMPSON,    |jnnr».in
Jamei ft. Smith, agent     I	
June ■-!•"*. 1907.
foi permlaaion t.. pnrehaae the following ■!«
serlhcd h.nd situated in KlApbig ValleVi
(Commencing at a post planted at the S.K.
eorio-r and Adjoining bantel I»a Perte'i 9 ft
eorinri thenee Weal Ho chaim i north an chOlna:
east hii chain-: son ili so chain*. Iii point of coin-
meneement, contAlnlng Mil aerea, more nr leaa,
,,„„i.-. \v, dmltbi agent
Notice Is hereby given that 60 day.
after date I Intend to make application
to    iin     Honorable Ihe Chief Comml*-
-leti.'i nl I.anil.-aiel  Wnrk-  f..i   |.er*at**4on to
,.iiteti,i.,- the ,'i.lliiivitiL' ile-eriiieil  land:
j    l.'ommendttg at a po.1 planted al  the K. W.
I corner ol it.-.l Hand l.nkr. thence tve.t gOchaln
Nt.ti.-e 1> hereby given thttl Ml day. inter dale
I Intend to appl* lo tin- Bon. rhlel l*mnml*-
-i,,i:,■ t-.,i' I.nml- and Work, lor ]..i inis.|..it t.,
pnrehaae the lollntrlng ile.eritieil land:
Coinmcnctng al a |.,.,t plattied oh Ihe let,
I, iik nl tin- Neelinee river. Marked O. M. II.'.
s. K, et,uiei, di.-,n-t- north i" ehalo*,! Weal ji)
rhaliia, north HI chain,. we»l ''' i-lialii*, .. mli
I. A. Illckey, agenl. ! ;,|„,„, g)chain, to the lefl bank nl the Ncchaeo
river, thence Itdlowlng -tii'l l-attk down   ti.-tiiu
.t'lienliient.   I'nntalnll.g   ,.l'>
j I.i     potht    el
May ',,, IIW",
. herel.) glv
J.    A.    lllll,,..,   ,,..;,. Ml.
lhal m .lay- nf'i-i   In:.'
We.t nl J tn.ii ol tin- Kin,imt. Copper and
Uttle t'ltie.ii trallaor about J mil, -i  ri
,',1'ile i alum, Hkei n.i RIVi I I  -..-• II ,ti rt, B I
,^___^____^_^__^^_^_   Take n»tlit-  Mini  I. Mary  I'.'ty. ol Detroit,
Mmii   nn. u,.,iii..ie -|.in.ief, intend, to apply
Take notice that I, Margaret  lm\i... ,,t S|....   lot prrmlnlnn In imreiiMM th,   Inl lowing -In-
Commencing at „ po.l planted ..bout Ml yd.. | kane. w„,|,„  ,„-,,„,„„„„  „ .,, Intend. ... \ ., til.,.,1 1„„,1 .troated in Kl#lo» Valley I
I"""' n to pnreh**e the billowing |    .'ommeneing at a po*i planted al  Ihe X. K.
i"-eni.-.i iiuni. iltuated in Ihe KUploi rail*. : • corner adjoining  Kran. ea Hiinli* l'.iti-r- N. w
Commencing gt *  f,»«, pla.titt-1   .     ,.,,rner; then«c w.utb miclialiii: iv.'«iir..'li*li.
"''» AgtPJ*i^^i^^^^^^^^^^^B Rn,h 11 tiaBVaieal! nnr.i,,
,-out I, so chain,, eaat Hn chain., nnrihnrh*ln> I' Intend lo apply lo tie- lion. I'hlel .'.."... I--
lo    poinl    "f   I'l.lllMlellee,,,!',,,.     et.lllll i Mills'   W    "'  '' '"' ''"':''* "'"'    "'"I1'-   ""    I '''"'!'-•' »    111
acre, more ol le*. pnr,'ha*e Ihe lollowi'ig dcwiil-cd lon.ll
l-l ^    IVTfJtfiN       '    ''""'.•"•"'■''is' "i •' l'' -i I'ltini.'.l.'i, ii"' i '-.vi ■
■*■ ' '   " "" Wi>'         »hlplliH  between Tp. J W. ami !  W.. " l|. V,
•M'til'-'i- "'""• -l- A- HIekev, agent.   „„,,  Miarketl ll. li C, ihetir* Wcl  if ehul--;
...,,,, —— «>uthln.'h.ilii.i ea.t Mehain iitorhmc niu-i
Notice    s  hereby  given   tint  flu  daya  -.,   .
thi ie-   Id clntltu   l„ i-ol.ii >.r  te, nt, ni
■ tl't'i   'Inl" I   Intend M make n i.pti.-n 11. >,i , „,,,! ...,, ,,,,   ....,, |i,,,, i .■-. im,     ...   lc ,  i.a,,,
tn    the. Honorable the Chief Commi*- | ,|,,.,.rj|,. j B, -.- |- .    < jp *•,, ■: i, .-.   .;
..toner ol 1.nlnl. aiul Wi.rk. I...  pcrmtwton i" | s. -..i. t|.. i :. .:. ,    -,-  \\   i     -   •■-   .,.,:       v  ■
j pnrchaw the followingde^rllail land: K Mi, Ti   1,11   l». ,*. N   ..,'i - '' ■■ ■ ■
I'leiiine'i.-iie: at a porl   plaut<-«1 al   Ibe  S. I'  !
I - -'  ll.-.l  Kan.l  Ink.',   Iliciiei     at <■■■■-'■ :■   !  OHIH.N  '
.. ui ,1,.lit., wiiib  ;        .. ••'    ll.) .-  ,'   i-'- /   -i ,(,,.. .,   .,.,,1 THE   SUN
Nechaco Valley, Range V.
to    tha    Honorable the Chief Coma la-
I'm, I..,- >ituat<
■   ar«a|  to
ChatlOl,  Mill til  ***' '   ! * Dill I ll  so
iiiiii ■-• ti' cmei ■   • •
■   K   ;.   Kinuintnj- -
<■   lioLLIOAY.
\.. tl eby  given   I     I
lat.   I   ml. n.i  I., tieil-. 11
t..    tie-    Honoiii-i-   tha Cnlel  Con
■ -I   III'- ni d   '■'-    '                                .--loll   t"     Mn
l-iie Int.'   tie   t-'ll.-v. nil-   It--, i:l..-.l   Intnl.; ^ —■*■"———
i .itniiinin im- .,, a  |,.-i  plant. -I   --ii  tin- '■  ' I Ol day. altel -I. u
ii"' ">'■   li   ' ll i   "    M   Mn-.
,., . -   i    ..   | ,   i    is      -   v. I
not in m - ball
.   on,,
I     nin    ]■..-!   I , ,, It, .1     \      ll
lo   poinl   -
ie-   tu polUt Ol     -■   .In. -;. . Intel    chain-; tilt ten-,-H-I tlln.lit :,i chain- t" |-oit,t   o, Ihettee ue-tHO   ehaill-   ti.   |M.lT,t   ot  I .!■■. II, I
and t..it i.e in., .T.-iitn-. . i ,.in in.-1,.i in.-nt. and containing MO aeres, more ment, and containing 6eu aerea, more or U
FRANCIS H. FKETHAM     »"»• •■-"•' *'««!- \.:™ ]--Ji',H,\-\ P.J.DOW
M.i; -'-'ii'l. : i..; ir, agenl l.M > \ ALU A. lir.Kl. Junef,***/! Jarae. A. Hlcke*/. agenl
July*,***-* James A   111. k.-\   at.-nt  :	
unit Lillian Kceth im, .-i lluleth,   ————————^———
Kin nj...'i..ii. prlvati   --   ei.uy   Intend,
In apply lor perui..lon i • pu,  ban, iht follow*
notice thai 1'i.in, A. Htm.n. of Grand
■   IL, ot eupatli ii ..Me t- manager,
ug at a poat planted al  tin- N -W ! ';,'"1* '" "I'I'1!'   '"'   perraiolon   t-,   pnrchaM
1 'he lOlloH'Itlll ill -
tear * bclata   lake, and   aboul 1 1--'   '
■     I -■ -   v,
-  mh i" -I, in.   tie i -t .'ti .haln.;
- .'Hi.   ■ Mich, il: tee-ll, JOehalns;
.   JU   I'll. !.-:   I... I   -     -..-'
.1.. !n.;  thence  *e*t   .it
;,.iti i oi i ..i-.ii.. i   ■      iii and . -lit.iin
M iv  in
.1   i; IVINEMAN
I     I     le
...    |,
■•I i \ ii ■
N -   is   le ,'• BJ   ..U. It   Hint   t. ■
lift.    1       -I.! '
to    tin     Honorabh   tha I 'i.i. I Commi*
;, Oil
pun l.n-.- tin   l.iil-.M I ne -I bad In ie I :
.      i ,. :.. .-. ,        plant, 1 "i. Ih,
l.nnk --I iie- Secbaeo rivi r,  mm   I:   'I   '   '- -
g i ..tin:   mi   ■ ia, ..■ I   »     I     '.    K., Ihi m '
m-l about 14 chain* to the,*!. W. .- n pud  ■
-. i ' ,,,n i i. i in in, -null, -11 i. mn.. tbenee north
about toi hum- to 'In-  rlgbl  l.allk nl ilu-   V
,-lia.-.. rteer, the  billowing -eel rlgbl  bank
ll|. s, H tun  h. ,...,111   '1 .'"linie uet tinlll. Itli'i  .nil
tniunit  ii.' acre., ni-.r. or le-s; I..-tier known N
,   ; , T|, i «,..,. .e li. 1, u.'iile or l.'. It. o
Mm   IS, I'i
N,,,I,,- I. hereby glvaa that CO dnys
,,it,., .im. i inland to make application
i,, ti,,- Hoaorabl* th* Chief Commti-
nlonei "i Land, and Work, en perrfdMloa lo
pnrehaae He following dewrlbed inml:
i ..iiiiii. neiuit al g p"-i planted on lb* lei'
l.aiik iii tin Nm linen river, about • mile* I" lo*
I raael lake, marked I " I'., a, ■'•.' tint,.,
tent I, Im-La i n-. en-l M chain., nnrlli "B chain.,
.n-t  in nin, in-, -nil, ll il Inni 1 Ml elm lil- In I lie   1.1'
bank ol iin- Necuaau rlrer, tJicue.  (ollowin,
-nni     leil   liank    Ul.   -lleitiu ...   |Mtgl    ofl- •
in. nee,Hell,. t iillt.lltitis I'H'   it. «•»,  IV nr le'-.
.-. o   DECAMP.
M,,y I,, Ho] I   v   Mlekey, »gviit.
\..ime i. hereby given thai ' I day. alter dale
I mtend   i"  appl)   i"  lh«   Honorable  , Inn
. .ii,.iiti--i..ii.-f    ..I    Int.*;.   ninl    York*    In,
II i in is.ion ,.. purebaae Ihe fnllowtag de« rilwl
'meI. in.mi i Neavnlacreek, aboul ii mile
in    a    -..iillle.til.lt>   'lie   'll.ili    *."Ui    I'nil    sl
lame*, U. ... ' oa»l IH.trti i
t .. in, Men. um a, 11  im'   markad  R. (.'.**. H. I-
t nl, llie, I, .- .nlllll  SO   eliains,   »c-l    Rl   ell.ll,,-,
north nu t'bain*. tbenee e**, *0 chain,  la point
oi L-omuiciii' mem. aontalnlng Mo a, re., nv,
M„y   'J|,    I'I,,: I       *      II ink'   1       '
Sotlcc i- In i .l.y mn it l Imi nn 'Inl'■ niter date
I Intend t" make .ppHeatlnli to me Hon. I'	
nn--,mi.-i ..i l.aiiil- and Work, lot prriiil**loi,
In |„tl. let-   tin- 1..IL'"Inn   .1--. til..-.i   Intnl. -it-
 ,- on Seawala ere, k,  il  ilk  miles In ,
Milllllc.l-lcrh  .lire.it"U in.In  Inl I sl    InlUCS,   ll
,, i ...,-, Ul.trial;
 licit,a at a i-n-i  marked  I-  l'-'-- S, K>
I'.,: , th, nm    -niilli   .ii i lien-,   n - -:   Rl   I Iiniii-.
nnrlli H chain*, nei W chain., to point of coi,.
,,,,-,,, em,ml. 'Mi'l   en. il. nuns' i-l" ai re-   imn.  or
Je-., ll I n 111,  .'t' i llll ill- , .1-1 "I    ''-    '   I. m-In J'   -  H.J
v,,v ji. I-',,; J    \   il:- I,- ■ , Agent.
Xotii iy flveo  u.ni  la dayi
,'.   i lot nd to neik.' ,ipp
to    iin     Hoi ■       i  I lommia-
,•■!  i,. t ■    1 cl- nn,i   Work*   lor   pi rmtx-loa to
i!.-  i. lli.w Ing <!• -.ri1.-  I  Inn.!:
rl  MunliMik'i N. W,
■ 'or., ti  ii -. h t" chain . ■.*■ il JU L-lmlni lu
[".-i markeil I'   a   <■   -   t*»r., tin in <   pcrtta   i"
eiiaiin*, •■■   t Btieheinn, Ron Hi Ki t'haiiie, m>I -'"
,nil. ie ehalni < »•■" Hi cbatiii i«i |h>uii
..I i r'.mi. in .'.neiii. aud ciMitjUnlnR idti ncri-r-,
more «»r li m,
May l.;. pi.,; .1   a   llnkcy, ngent.
Notice   is    lleieljy   given   that   00   ilays
aftei date I Intend to make application
io    ih.     Honorable the Chief Commie-
ilnneritl i.iu,-i- .m-i  Wnrki for  fiermlwion in
pnri Uam the follow Ina 'le-eni.i',] Ittiul:
i i mmcnclni at « |*»t pImih-*«1 on the mirili
•horeuj xin,ci Juke, aboul l.nli way Im n"cci
I ..I i KI I nine*- him I I'i in In river, ami alioul ::
n,iie- inland, markcl T. M 1!.'* N. ft. »'r„
thence eeal Mti-hAlne, -nnith (OebAina, thenee
acul in elm in-, nan h 10 ehalm. to yuiat nf com*
meacamvut,and containing inoacreag mon •>•■
'redHi .. ji   . gent
.1. a. dicker, nm
Coast District, Ranjje V.
Noii.e |, I,, i, in given that Miliar, alt. , ,l,.ii
I  111, ell. I In appl)     I"    'I"'    I1""      '   '"'  '    '  "'I'"!-   '
-inn,,.,i Laud.aud Work, lot perwlwiun I,
|i„relia-e th. folio* "- 'l' -iiiinil lead, -mm I
on Seavilacreek, aboul I mile* in a  "oul
.-a.telly   'lie-, li-,n   Imiii   I'.U'I   Rl    .liilne-,   11.    ,
.'na-l I n-tri. I :
|-.>,iuii.-ii ins ni t e-'-i markeil   M. R  D.'» N".
\\ I ,e ih. e- . .-,,. Ml chain., -mull f e llll Hill e-t Nl . ll III 11-. Imi III se . lllllll. tn J-e 111 i >t COni-
Mielie.-liielil-   Hi'l I'OlltaiUing '■* ' in In--    lll-lf   •"
I,--. ni..mt rn rhain<<  ii. "i '..  I'liv;-'.-   e
M   8.  DAVYS.
May '.'1. I'*"". -I   A   11 n ke)   eg, nl
Kotlce 1* bercbj given that 80 day. alter da
I Intend lo apply i" Ibe lion   . klel I'omml*
■lllllel  1.1   Land, a,el   "'.:k-   nn   l-i-iml ii   111
(tlllillll-e the following -I 'll* 'I   Inlnl.   .I'll.,'. -
on ihe l.ml.iei. riter:
Commenrtag al a 1"'-' planted on the left
l.aiik ..i iin- li,.-I it " river, aboul :;■ I m a mil'
frnni tbe Indian reservation ol sn-ii.,. l-'in- t
ink.-, marked K i B - N K. I'm . thenc
i.e., :.'n i luiiii-: thenee mui tl, m , iimiii-. Ihenec
ca.l Hi chain., north IW i haln. lo polni id. ■	
Ille,lee Ml,'til. I'OUtalnlUg  '^-'n tie It's. Hint,   or le--.
at** I, KM ■'    l   Ih- ke>. agenl.
Noll, e i- hereby given lhal'»' day. alter dale
I Intend in ap|d) lo ""' » hlel i tanml,
-ion. i ol' Uin.l. aiul   W-.rks  |,,r  |K-iini.-i,.i,  p.
|nni :ne.- Hit   Inlh llll*   .1.-el I I.e.I   l.l,el. -I'm.
OM Ihe   Seel,lien live,'
i ,.mm..ii,'ing a, ii i ' ' |.lt I mi tin- rlghl
1,1,1,k ol Hie N'eeba.n liver, to,  -ecllnn   Ine   Ik'
tween .... iioai i iaad .-', atarkad n M r '- K
['Or., llielee We-I  it I.nil,   , , el.til l.s,  |n I   I s,-e,|nH
between leeilon* W aad SI, Ikea*-* nortli i"
eliains, west. Ill eltallls ,-asl Ml.nll! BI el'illlls to
the N. W entile, el -ei tion :i. IMetlee eiisl
tll.nllt -HI eltmils In ,he rl^ni litltlk tit '.In Nn. Im
en riVer, tllt-lne lei l.,\vt„|; si,i,| rlghl liank
it,Hill sir. lllll to |.oilll   ni   ei'lMMIelli-eMii III.   at.'I
 itaitilngiBVacre., reor le*.,  Iwing more
full)-described a* B. »'. ', s. -'.'. s i.. , s. u,
the west  bull  and   B.  Vi -v- *'. '4 B, «1, lp.
i« , 1: 1, s..itf a, ii....
K   .\l. UARR0THER8.
Mm  IS. I'i..'. .1. A. Htckejr, agent.
Take ii'ite-e thai I.  Rand  II.  Smith, nl   Ka.l
'.   tt 11.1  link-   Mlt.li  , t|,ai int.. Iivelyill.lt, ill-
tell.Is ,n 11],t.ty lot [.eriiii-.ntn to   purebaae   tie
tolloiiini- deaerlbed lainl
' .nnin-tiuis Bt  a   in,-, planted   al   Ibe a.
I      et.   1 ln.nl  I or I.   Ill, I. -   Innllevlesl   fintii
we.t end of Krant'ol, lake and thence tmrt.. 1
elmtlis.  M.--I rn'.hn I ll-; soiltl,   abonl    I'i   I'lltiiM-
,1. north .hore of Madlnaka river; thence h.I
lowing Mild river ri. K. i" poinl oi eominen,-.*.
1 m-ti 1 n ml ...u iii, 11 ins -I" to us, mine m las*.
Ma] -'n-i, im Ire.i Una), Jr., Agenl
hike aotleethai  I, Jame* Lynch, ul (iraa<l
KorltA, V l> , oei-ii pillion, nn t, h-iin, inl-n-i tn
npply lor permlaaion W purebaae Uiefollowln.;
il. HTibe-l Land:
< uiiinieneiiii4 nt n bobi planted at the X. W,
L'urner Abonl .*) yarda from sail ahon of  Unm-
lakc and them-e eaal  Imin-: thence iouth
10 eii a in*.; treat ***) chaina; mnth JO ehalna; wvrt
jo eluu n*- to tin-,-n-t ihore ol Iturnalake, thenei
1.>ii,,win-* -.ij-l ihore north u.-terly iIniiii \*
eh a Iim tu poinl nl cummeaeement, contAininaj
JUU aerei, more or leu.
I'. A. MeFhef.Agetii
Mai .'i  19
■. 'I-.-,   lia I e'anel
■      I '  ,     ■ ■    I|*«t '■•'. -1 i1
■ lowing
.p'-.-uiH-i lan l
' hi in ;i.-. h   .i p.,-1 planti >i  al   tie   N  w
- t laki      ■ ai
11 tuj ■ io nli la  di ke*  trail ami
■■■ ,'j.  JU   ■ ,,    ,ii-; (Mil  ft   ■
Mmtl    ■ ii  chalni!   areai   -'''  • halna;   bu l
-   no 1 'ui ln«; 1 ii nm tii   i" chain-'
nl  ..j   e..in.mnivn.iu:.   containing  sv«i
i.e!. -, : ir»re nr I"--
May 3 ith, lofll r"n d Heal, jr.. agi at
r.ik-- mn .,■ thai h R Kim [ah lira ml Ptorka,
\\ I'.. 01 .'iip-ni..i, nun rn i1 » nn..1 n. intendi tn
>ipp,v i"i pi-i iiii*-*inii to pun-haae ihefollowlug
■: — r 1 *>. -1 land;
(.'ommeneing at a pout plained aI ili.s \v
corner, being the  N. ft. coruer ol V. Koote'i
piireheae claim on llie eeal ilmre oi Trout  lake
uml ihenee ea-i  ie eliain--;  thenee north   Mi
1 hatnai them c weal amtoi '■■> ehaina to the eaal
1! f Tioin lake: ihenee following   i-nnl
more easterly to point ol con-iiicnccnn. ni, eon-
laliiing it*' aereii more i>r leaa.
Muy -»Mli, l.H'7 Kre.l Ileal, jr., Affaal
Take notlee thai l»H\i«l H. Beerher, nl Ueaud
lock-. N I' , oecupaiion, luinkcr, IntendA io
upplv (or perintaalou to pnrehaae tne follow Ing
.I.-, i'ilie.1 laml:
1 ommeneing at a poal planted al the N \v.
corner Aiul being 20 ehalna went and 20 ehalm
hot-Hi (rom i iie s.K, corner of lut *22 and I hence
ear*! mchaim; thenee aouth atOelutlua; eust SB
chulnaj loutli atOchalnat wenl .it'-hains; -..mlli
20 ebaiita; we*>1 Jn ehalna and Ihenee nortli
In eii ai ha,  weal 36 cbalna, and  thenee north
j ' ,11,-nn- in polai of minincniviiioiit   anil   con*
inlnlng iuuaereA! more or Uh*a,
May ji., I'.inT Fred Ileal, jr , agenl
Take notice lhal Hugh V Ryau-tiraiid Korki,
S.h., occupation, farmer, luiemli io apply (or
|h rmiaalon to purchaie the lolloaing ifcaerlhed
I,, no:
t'ommenelng al a poal piantcl ht the8.1-,,
corner About -in clinin- -Miuthel ly from the S.ft,
comer <d lot '.>£'., In the vicinity i»l Oota*i lake
and iheiice nortli akartil Tn chain*; weal !*
, -i.i, in-; nortli JUeliaina; Wiiil JO ehaina; houiIi
i.i-.ni :*»ehalna to the north ihore ol a amall
Inai* and them-e fidlowlni iald ahore iouth*
,,!-,. i ly i o pom; nl eommelieement and con*
iaii)lng*t(Kl aerei more nr Unw
II((ill P. RYAN
I oil lUttl, .ir.. Agent
Com mem lug ai ■ po*i planted «.! the north*
ami eorm i oi the Indian r.--< nation ol Noon
Ui; thence K>uth Ju chaina, waai abont 20
chaina, thenci wjuth aboul 30 cbalna; eaul 10
ehalna; north to !"»e«*h* ■• rleei; tbenee lolloa
nu- -nnI river np iti. am to point ol - no nee
in. nl end containing J*tf aerea, more or leta
July 9, |ffl Jamei A. lliekcy, agenl
Take notice thai' leary Mouley, iirand Korka,
N. li., wi Lipatmu, letter earrlei. Intendi to Ap*
pl) for perm Ih** ion lo purehAae the follow tug
dt-H rlbed landa:
 inencliigata  pool planted abont at tba
north reft corner ol John Lanen'! leaae, ami
marked ( Monley'* H.W., the nee eii*-i BOchaina;
north loelmiii-; we*1 W) cbalna; south 40 ehains
tu point oi coinmeiicemi at,
June 1-*, 1907 .liitiic- A. Hiekcy, aj:eiit
Take notice that Reginald  ft. smith, Qrand
l orki, \ 1>. oeeupatlon, men-hant, Intendi to
apply for pciinis.sion to purchaae tin- foilowlng
■ivaeiibml land:
i oniine iieiiiK at a po-t plant cl aboul i'1
eliains north of tin- aoutheAai corner uf J. Ued*
mail's pniehii*-c hikI merited K. Smith's |. ft,
eollier, tlie lice north ISO chain.-,   easl   HO elm ins,
mui tii no cbalna, tbenee araal so ehaina to point
nf commencement, and containing mo acres,
Illote or less.
Jane 10, tfn7 James. A   Mickey, agent
Take notice thai Arthur & 1'innie, oi (irand
Forks, N. li,, occupation, coniractor, intends to
Apply fm permiaafou to puren iae the following
deacribed land:
Commencing at a post plante<l aliont in
chain-, north oi ,i. ■Ueifman'i aonta-eaai eorner
and markeil A. s Uinnie's K. ft. corner, thence
east m. chains, .-oulh Kn chains, west .hii chains,
thence north M0 chains to point of connm-iic-.-
ment, ami containing *MQ acre.-, more or less.
June 10, tfV) Jgne* A. lliekcy, agent
Mav K, |9o7
TAke notice thai Hiram  ft. tifbba, nl Orau*i
i'',,i ks. S D„ ■ i-'iu pn ii. in, gentleman, la lend • to
Apply foi permlaaion to purebaae llm following
deMcrlbed land:
lommeaclagata  po-i  planted at  the s. i
■ "i nei. being tne S*. K i nrnej ri loi *'t; thenc
north l * •Ion n-; thence we«t 90 ebal n«;  thene**
-iouth tn ehains: ai -I thence eaal m enan
polni   of , oniineiieeincnt. ami  containing   '-<:>•
aerea, more nr tea*.
May 11, l'..„; I'i.-1 Heal, |r . ns'." ,
,Iny '.'Till. I'.inT
Take ni'ii.e iimi Margaret Ktnk«*,ol Uraii.i
|-..ri... N.  I' . ..i-ell|.nli..„.   MlilMle'l   wi.1111:11,   le-
nil.l- I,. |.|.|.|>  fill  |.el„i|s-l..ii   It.   1',.1't l.tt-e   li"
iiiiltiMll'S ,It's.-ill.,-.I li.tltl:
1 iiimnflining at a-.,.1   plaiiltil tti  llie s. w
•nrUl-r, iH'lllg ine X, K.   ei.f.iel-   nl   1"1    HT,   tile1
ili. nee mum si elmim,; ens, lUl'iluIn.; Miuth Ml
until.I lie ne,■ H.-l III ell.Ill, In |.-.itil   ul  11	
leelteelllelll nmi e.illlH, Mills **U "' "*'.,   In", e   "
'•: 11 v jv i'.a'7 i'Vci iiml, jr., agent
Take nothe that Intitk  K. Hoke*, ri tirann
i'-.ik-, S. !>.. oe ".pinion,  travelling  auleinwu,
,,10:1.1-to  apply   )o.   peiiu.-si,,.!   |o   pinciias.
t.ie (olloa IU|| liociiheil I it 1-1:
I'ommeiielug at A |>ohi   planted al   the X. ft.
orner, Umiik ihe  S, h.  coiner ol loi  8|7 am.
me ner ran in ehalna; miiiii Michain**!   weal   10
i:ia.n-; ami thauee uorlh Attchaiua to point in
,'ommeueemeni ami containing UJU acres, mot.
daj 2'.K I'.'oT Ki.  i Ileal, jr., ngciil
Fivii Heat, Jr , Age
Take notice thai Uartrude (albba, of (iraiHi
KorkA, N l».. oeeiipution, marric'l woinan, i .
tefiili to appli for pel tni-sion in pnieiiase Ihe
following deaerlbed land:
Commencing At a poat planted al the K. W.
corner ah,mi 20ehalna K. ft, from the w.-.-i and
of rhealata lake and  thenee  north «" chain-;
.is: toehrtlni; PHinth to chalni; thence weal :<
halna, aouth t' < halna, weal to eiii.tu- to pon t
nl i on-.iiiein ''lin-'n and containing Jin acre*
mora or lei
May 11, III
Take notice lhal Kdwlu < . . arruth, of 11 \t\ re,
Mont.i oi ctt| Atlon, inaurami agent, tu emli ..
appl) (or permiiiloii to purebaae the lollow ,;,.;
■ les, r;i,e.| l.il),! !
i  planted nl the N. ft,
Hitia  lake, ami
niiar Julia Kupert'i* .•*. K. uorimr aad thenee ea-i
IU eiiittn-;  iouth  A0 eliain.-;  thence    weal    h
■ ha in-: thenee north thi chalm to point of eoni
iiiencement, containing I4U aires, more or le--.
May 1'-, IKR Kred Heal, jr »ageiil
Take notice thai Adelaide Pntteraog, ".rani
I'oiks, N. h , .1-', np.iMnn, teacher. Intendi tu
upplv for pormiiiIon r.» purebaae the follow hiu
,)es. Hi-el [and:
i nmment Ini ai  a  pon  planted ai th< H i
corner at the p. W corner oj loi  ata,   near the
north en.i n|  n.„ Iter lakei theme   north   flu
. hn in-; west in ehalm; north 90 chaina; wtui
in ehains;   muth   10  dial lia;   eaal   ii.l.a i-:
Hi,m-e -oulh 1" chain- to   potm   oi   i nun,
i 'omiaenvlug a i a poat pi
orner About one mile Iron
Notice i- hereby given that 80 daya After date
I Intend to apply to Ihe Hon rhiel Commi.--
doner oi Land.- and Worka lor permlaAlon to
purebaae the folio wing deacribed laud, situate
mi the right liank of the N'echaeu river, in Tp.
i;i, K. 5., and tbeueeweat so ehalna, aouthao
chains, east KU chains, north Ht) chaini tu polni
of com meneement, containing 040 aerea, mora
or less, being section U, Tp.  18, H. fi!
Mtty 13. lute. J. A. Hit ke*. agent.
Mn. I", li'"* I' A Mi-I'he,-, agent
Ink,-   11..II.-,-   Hint    l!-i|,. ll    i.r- e:i.    ..,'     I.rnlel
I'urk.. N   I'  .,if.'ii |.n I inn.', in, rue,.. r, lu t.-t n I. ,..
appl) l..r aermlMi.tn ," punliaw the fi>ll««tiii
-I. -ellli,-.|  1 lllll,
,'ii I'-tt. in* t,i ,i   |..'-i  planted al  tin- > I.
enrner ami un-iie.-  wesi  HI i-tialn.i  nm-iii to
eleiii,.. ea.t Hi e Im ins: >nnili *,. rliatn- i.< pi.lni
ill e..,U!iielleel,!enl, e. .lllll, III ,ij( -I'.''   n.i.-,   line ,
May M, Wo. r   \   MeFhee auei ;
Take notlee that A. K. Murray, (Irand Forks,
occupation,light specialist, Intendi to apply
lor permtaelua tn pnrehaae ihe following de*
wrioefl hand:
('ommeneing at a poat planted about hi the
N. ft, 'or. of .1. Medntan'i purebaae aad mark*
.-.I A, I-.. Murray'a s. ft. for., thence north m
eliains, east hn ehains. south l:i   ehains,   thein-e
wei>i to chain.- to point »i coin meneement, ami
[iohlAlulng i|ii1 aerea, more or less.
June 11. 1-'o7 James A. lliekcy,  AgClll
Take notice   that Joel   P.  K>ml    al
Fork a, X. D„ occupation insurance aKeul, in
tendatoappl) lot permlaaion to pnrebaae  th<
following oew  . bee land :
< ommeneing «t a po-M planted at tin- N K
'or of K. I-. trrillin* purebaae, ami marked J,
P Bead'i H. ft. Vot tbeiaea aaat Wl ehalm,
south in ehain-, weal at) cbalna, south ei ehalm,
weat M chain*, nortb A0 chain* to point of commencement, eon talnlng  in- aerae, mora
June h, ttff Janua a. Hhskej
Take notice thei M Bunchield, of Urand
Korku, \. p., oeeupafion, clothier, Intendi to
appl) for permii-alon to purebaae the following
deacribed land:
Commencing at a poal   planted at tbe  Vr
oornar of W   i> 8   Rorlaon-e N   K. com.
ma rkc1 M   Kunchfli Id, i hence south 10 chain-
ca.-t ahout I" i ha in-, to A. K  Lowan'i pnrchaw
thence north 101 halnn, weal 40 ehalna to polni
of commencement,containing BBaorea, mote
Jlllie PJ. lily" lallics A.   Hiekey, Agenl
Take notice ilmt Alvin P. Clifford, of Urand
Portia, N. P., occupation, credit man, intend*
to apply tor permh-aion to purchase the foi
[owing deaerlbed land:
Commeneing at a pogt plan ted at tin g \.
i.onicr of Frank Laird'j purchase, thence we«t
HOchuius, iouth mi ehains, east ni eliain-;, S 99
'hains to point of i oinmenonment. eontainlng
640 acres, more or le-s.
June g, 1907 Jamet- A. Hiekey, agent
Take imtiee that H A. Cannlff, of Grand
Forks, N. P., oecupaiion, paint dealer, Intendi
t,, apply for permission to purchase the follow
i ng 'lesci ihcii laml:
Commencing at a post plnnted at or about
the S.K, corner uf Sydney liodmau's purchase,
thenee aonth so chaina, cast 'J' chains, north >-*>
ehalna, weat SO ebalm to point of commencement, containing IflO aerea, w reor leaa.
June-.'!, 10Q1 James A. lliekcy, agent
Take notice thai John F. Lledman, of Uraiul
Korka, S, t>, oeeupAtlon, luiuranee agent, lu-
ten, 1-. to apply lor permlaHOU tO purchase tie
lollow Ing desei iin-tl land :
Comnn-nelngat a pott planted ahout at tbe
N. K. Cor. of A.K.Logan'i< purchase and marked
.1. Lie i man's S.r.. Cor . ine nee north -i'i eliain-,
>,ve.-i about ^l chains to Ihe ca.-tein boundar
of John Larsen's lea-e, pouth u chaina, great
irti ciiaina, iouth   '-■,|   chains,   theiiec  eaal   tt
chai:,- to pollll of  comnielieeimni,   contAlttiUft
June 10, Wo/7 Jamei ... Hiekey,agenl
• I ee,
l)i t«i
li< ilev Dial i, William J. l-'nliei.oi' Chic
laaa., occupation, leal eaUte dealer, i ■
to ;i|pl\ im ,i rmlaalou to pnrehaae tbi
Ug ne* rlbe.l lano!
ii,ci citig •!' a |>o-i   planted   nl   the  s,  \V.
■ ,'    ami M ihe e  I**. . oi uci  of M  *H,  in   i
a ,. .1- in l.e auo i:n -n.' ■ .,...'11. Ml e.. ni us; ea* I
.hum-, iouth wi etiAlna; weal 1» eliaiu-
p.,,;,! oj . ,i;.mn-: eeiueut, and colitnlullig 3*i;i
or le
Men!. 'I'., *g«l I
Nechaco Valley.
1-..   Mii.kei,
■ -,.. i i
.    M.leslllHli,
,    |„,,,-,„,.,-   1
I like   net.ee   that    I.
it mi Fork s. N.H., .,,
.. i* to .ppty for pen
ilowlng oeneriueo I;.:...:
oiui.o-lieiio- At II   I'o-i   plutih i|   HI   I rn- N.W
ruer t-f C. N. i-.ii im*  purchaie t tbeuee nort I,
ehain*; ea->l Nl ,-li.on-; Ninth MUehhilHi Weil
, ii..in- ;-. point o,   , , mmeiaeun li',  lo11IA.Ii*
U i,in aerea, niur-j or les.-.
lie s. lAUT .lanes A. Hiekey, iiuctll
Take notice that (ieorge ll Wilder, ..; Uraud
Koran, N.   i' , oecupaiion,   grocer, in lead* it,
,tppl) (or p.. i .,ii*-s|,,n io p.ireim-e ine lollowlug
i.e-. ribtnl l.inr
i mumeui lug al   •»   pi it   planted  aboul    jti
eini.n-  ii". In   if Ih    H   .      - r,.ci   u|   I', J, t'oa '■
I',, i  ii..-. : i h> ii, ■ ea ■ -1 chaina ;  i lie mil ■■
.s.i cinn,  ,   ,M--t   au .ham-;   incnce, north >■
nm  II- h    polul ol   COI .uicl'i eluelil.   e,,n t.. Hilt..
.lames a. Hiekey,agem
i ri'
lune A, ]'•
Take notice that Kthel ('arrnth. Havre, Mom .
oeeupatlon, utAriied woman, Intendi tn applj
for iicrmissioii to  pnrehaae the following de
-eiil.c.l land:
Commencing at a post planted at the B. K,
corner aboul JO chains weal ol tbe northern-.!
cornel' of Julia RuperCa purchaae claim on tin
eaat ahore of Oetia lake und theme north H
ehains: went B0 chaina; south go chaina; them e
east sn chains to jioiul   of com nm ine melt I   ami
containing 040 acre*, more or le-,-.
May lltli, 1907 I'ti-.i iieni, j,., agent
Take notlee thai ".*. 0, Henner, Urand Pork.,
K.D., i-ccupatlon, mercbant, Intend, to appl*
fur permluinn to purchaae tbe following .le
serih.-.l It,ml:
('nmiu-mi'lng al ■  poat  plante.1 about   .,,n
in He trtiiu llie eii.l ei nl ol Burn* lake In-niL' in.
N'otlreI*btMliygiven thatooday.afterdate   s u   «>rn.'r»n the left bank of tl,,   Kutlm-.i
, '.    ,,     ,,       ,., ; , ..        .      river, tbenee north 6,1 rhatnsi we.t  in elitun-'
I Intend to apply lo Ibe Hon. Ihlel I mi.-   „„rtn ai chain.i we.t ut ohaln*j ,i,,.„,.,. ZiSti
tinner of Land, ami Work, lor perml**lon 10  abont Hu-li-nns to theleft hank of river;ilience
pnrehaae the (ollowlng deacribed land, iltuate | "IniiR *al.l bank -..title, "Merly t..p.ii„i of
i.ilt-s oust and 1 inilt-' north of the eust end
ui Mnkal (aha, tp, T, it. 4:
< .tiiiiiieiii i.ik "I n I'"-' Piantad In Tp. li ll. I,
it,el tl,elite eust 10 elmnis. thenee north -i.1
ehain., we.-i (Oehaln*. muth su rhatna to i»tliii
til tiiiiiiiietieeiiieiii. euutalnlng M0aerea, more
Hal mh, mo; J. A. Hiekey. agenl
meneement ntel eontainlng IMft Here-
Muy JO, I'.iei
I'   A. M, I'ltee. agent
TakP notlee Unit Franel. II Peetham, Ititsl,
City. Minn.-, oeeupatlon, gentleman, Intend, lu
apply (nr nermuulon to pnrehaae tin- followiua
deacribed Inn,I:
ci.i]inii.iii-ii,g nt n post planted at the g. W
eorner, being the B K eorner of ll. N, Wells'
Katloa is hereby  g ven  that  60  days I l'»r"h,,.s.-,-l„„n and thenee north   to chain.;
 th   lllt.il,.  Al  ehltl,IS   In   11
litm- tee.i ,. tbal.irnvef Hianchfleld, of t-rmnl
.' .I'I,-.    N      I'.,   ..eeni.nl;..11. ll   el.-rk.    i,,t,-,e'.s    tu
appl) for |..-i nii-seni iii purchase u.e mlloarlng
■in-.  I'll.,-.,   1*11,11
I olliltl. I,i-l,,. ill tl |» -I |>In I.te-1   .ei   file   rln'il
bankoillie   t i«k»,   Nirbae.,   rtver, about   six
ui,;. - ni.t.tt |..,..(... K. V. I't.-i.i; tben.-e . n-i -''
en*lu., .outh J i I'balii   • n-i 111'iiiiti.s, -..Iii.i s,
I.nee. tlien. e \.--.| i.e..-it J > ,'liull - hi iin- r.mit
:, .., , ,,e I pper Sei laeu river; I l.eort' ilow n
-lie.ml |0 poinl Ol i".     .e'l'e. Iiil'l '.    eellliiltl. ne
June -".i, mo; Jamei A. iin nvy, Ageui
'I'uki notice ih.it i:Uurlei \. Rarnei, of tlraml
Kuiki*, n li.. in-eu|itiijoi,, hnnh.iin- merchant,
inteinh- io Appl j for m-rmiKilon to pureh«i« tii.-
following .:,'-.-:ii'e,i [nni] :
' nmmeui lug ai .; poil plAiiteU Aboul is*
chalni north til the S ii. curlier ol I*. J. I*ow'i
|i(irchA**e- men. *■ ea**1 *■ -. hmn-, >oiitii HOehnlui,
wenl hocIiuJuk, thenci mirth au chalm lo pmui
ol cm nienc'ineiit, hi id  contAiningj 94ti  Acret"
June 9, IW7 Jamei A. Hiekey, Agvni
Take notice iimi VVUlliini L Wlhter, <»f Granc,
I'oi bo*., N.Ii.. (K-enpAthui, cApItnllil, inteinl** In
ipplj lor |»e nni-Mon tn purchaie the follow ii >.,-
ilencrlhoil Iiiiiii:
Commencing   ui   it   po*i   plAnte<l   aIhiui   -'
,'h .m> mo in ol tne N.K. I'm-, ri Stiiiiley Wek*
. li in'*- purchaie, lhel.ee en* l   A.1 elluilll,  Mini li
Hneiialm, weil HU chaluii thence mnth M.
. haiin- to |Htlnl of onrameneement, eontulultiA
-i'i Aerei, moue or lew.
,ii.i i la, liu.T Jnmen A. lliekcy, ugen)
Take nothe Unit Fred .1.  Dttggan, of UrAiid
Koik>. N. it wupation, an attorneyi Intenili
to Apply lor perml-winn to purchaA* the lolloa
Ing «ie>crjheil Imnl:
t ninmenctng Al a pcrtnt planted near or a! the
N. K. ('or. oi sv.lnev Uudman'i pureliM****,
thenoe north Ho chaini, emt so ehalui, minth Ati
ehalni, weAt 80 chalm to point of eommence
ment. eontainlnlug W0 AcreA, more nr Urat.
Jane 34, Vati Jamm A, Hh'kejr.ageiil
Take notice thai Seymour H, Tltua, of (irand
Forki, N. I'.,  occupation, banker, Intent
I'l.jilv for uerralNiiou '.•> purehaw the follow .
deicribeil land.
Coiunieiieini* at a poal  planted Al  the  X. K.
Cur. of Syilney <oi«luntil'.* purchatH., thenet
so chain'-., thenee we»l  ni chaiua,  iouth  w
chalni(en«t 80 chAiu** to point of coinmen i
,n.-Lii, iHintalnlng 040 aerei, more nr le-s.
.inne 21. I'.m" .lames A. Mickey, agenl
Taka notice Unit Chattel J. Knrphf. tirnii-i
Korki, S, !».. oeeupatlon, attorney, Intennx m
i.pnlv for nermininii to purchaie the l-dlo • ng
■ le.-oi-il.e.i html:
Commencing al  h   po«l   plnnted   aUoui   Al
chAlm   iouth  of  .'-.   ft.   c.»r, oi  Kydncy    od
iiniii'-* purehAN, thence north HO chaina,     1 -:
HO chalni, Autttti Bo cnaltui, eu-t   80 chai
i'oint of commencement, containing oto Acre,
June 34.190. .Iiime- A. Hiekey, ttgeiil
Take notice that Flunk W Wilder, of (Irnnd
KoiKl, N. |l, oeen put ion, cApltallftt, inteinl* to
in plv for perm tnl 011 to purchaie the folio wli.p
di -.'i'ihe.1 Laud:
''itmmeneing nt a po-t plautw] nt the north*
.ci comer of it.K. nro-ckhoff'i puiehaM, oiri
•narked K, VV. Wllder's N VV., iheuce ea*l Ni
. .',,iii-,iouth Sochntm, w»**i s-\ ehalni, rjoitu
ni cuatni to point of commenttemeiit, ami 11111*
mining&t0neie.**, nnmor h--.
.1111.1; l.'i. I'.tot Hvw* A. lliekcy, Hgeni
Take notice tlmt B.F.Brockhoff, tlraiii] Fork-*,
.v.i,., oeeiipmioii, insurance Agent, Intendi t..
.■.,i| iv for pi-nnisMnii to pureha>e the follnwlLg
u lerlheil Inndi
ComiaelicUig ata poil planted at Ihe N K.
Cm', ot Keg Smith'*- purebAM*, Necdiaeo valley,
i'omaI IHit*. And raarted U. K. Broekhoifi S v,
' or., Ihelioe cast NJ ennin*. m>Uth 80 ehain-,
,\i ii 8o ehiiin-, thenee north **" chnlni to point
,,t ecmmeiicemeiit, uinl containing tH8 aerei,
liiiiel"'. 11*07 Jum.'- A. Hi' key, aircni
Take notice tlmt Mt an ley DlekiUMiu, oi (irand
Korku, N. I*., oe-ii pni ion, bank clerk, intendi lo
upplv foi per million to purchaae the following
iIum ilbed UndJ
Coinmeneiug nl ■ poei plauted ai the N- K,
Car. of Reg. Hinttb'i pun-hAie, end ronrked H.
liiuAilinnn 1 H. ft. i'oi,, ihenee north 86 ehiiin-,
. 11-1 so clinhi-, -oiitli m clmin-, ihenee wv*t w
.-Imins io point of coinim-inement andeontaiu*
lug |,*»J neie-, more or les-.
lune I., iti!,: Jiini.— A. II i'l.i y. hk.'i.i
Take imt Ice thai II J Kimm-it. Urand Kork.,
V. l>.,>,-,-,ipHtitin. theatrical manager, lntcn.1,
tu .'i|-|ily f.T permlaalnti *.. purcha«i Ihe toUnw-
lllll ,|e.el tlie.l   IttliU I
I iilitliietlettlli  „[    ll    pit-l     l.ltltlle.l    .1,1,1,1    In
ehalu, nortli ,.l  ,l„- X.  K. for. .,f E. A. Bori-
:-i.l,'- (.re ilii).t,tin It.  .1    l.i.rsen'. pre l-iapllilll :
i in e..  in.; l ,i In eh,tins, i.,i.l  itlit.nl  ''..' 'Iiiuii-
-ei.lll  _'" eliititl-. iil-t  -llellillli-    1"   -I    l.leillllilli'-
i.iiictia»e, .oulh 'JI chai li., thciiw weat 80 chain.
it,   polul   i.l  e..iiiiiH-neeiin in.  anil containing
IllHIIII JM.n.l.--.
June v*. iwfl .iniiic. a. iiii kej. Ageni
Take notice thAt TrAcy ft. Bangi, of Grand
look-, N.i)., m-ctipatlon Attorney, intendi" in
Apply for per million to pureliAic the following
i lew rlbed land :
Commencing »t i pail plantod Al Ihe X. K
corner of the o. K ', Se, 20, T\\ p, tf, R.V., Coait,
H, ('., tbeuee north »1 rhnin-. well BU chain**,
-ouih ,m (hain-. then e eWI Ni ehalni to point
of commencement, containing Mu nerei, more
June JO, V.toT .lame- .\. Hiekey. Agenl
St 1^1   el
Take noi lee that IngVAld A. Hprj;. of (irand
Forks, N. It., oeeupatlon, RAAlatanl cashier,
Intend*! to Appl) l«r permimlon to pureliNie
the follow IriH i 1cm-rlbed laud I
Commencing Al >i p,v' pinut-.i About JO
chains wut uj ilu- wiiith-eAil comer of the lull an  r-'-ervHiioii of Noon  I,a;  ihenee   south
'lake iiotn-e tbiit "win Voun-j, (Irand Kork-.
N l> , oeeupAtlon, furniture dealer, Inteudi to
upplv tor permiawlon to purchaie the following
-ie-t-iibe.l lllllll:
Commenclug al a poit plnnted ahout to
chaiu- north of the N. K. c.o uf A.K. Rortnnii'i
pit-cmpiioti nmi marked 0. Voung'i B, K. Cor.,
ihenee tiorth 40 ehalm, ureal HO ehaina, iouth 4*'
chalm-, the • eaat Wehaina lo point of com
meneement, and containing 3UD acres, mure or
,iiiii, pi, p.'oT Inner A Hiekey, agenl
Take notlee that (iertrude B,  wiun •>, •
'■:,iini Korki, N.l».. occupation, married w
man, Intendi to Apply (or pi'riiilf**lon i< | n
chaie tne Eollowing deaerlbed land :
Ccmmenctna; At a i-oaI plauted ai tin ti
cr. of A. t. Koilion'N pre-emption, ;i. -ne
imi'th III clmin-, wesi 90ehaina, south 401 li;...r
.•a*.t 80 ''lii-iiit- to poinl oi commeuceiueui cuii
lii.tiing Uju aerei more or h ia.
lui.e 'JI, 1!*J7 .lane" A. Hiekey,, ;-.-i,
Take mulct that lilt hard l.regory Huchanau,
,.f Vancnurar, in-eui-nn..:. niercuant, Intcmi.
t.iiipplv I",' pc:ini.-if-n t.i purebaae tlie : I
lowing 'le.fi ii'fl lnii'l:
, iti.uueneiiiK'nl tt l'l'-t },Int.unl at  tin- N    ■'.
..,.. iiiljaceiit t" llie .--. h. curlier «1 I. ,i:-li ti
v , theueeeaittuchain., ...nth Mi chain., -i
~i .Iniiu-, ie .ith sn cliHin*. t" puilil "I in, ie
meneement, ttaiulu*:04>i acre*, mure or I...
Muy lil, 1IH.7. Wtliiiii .It.I ii-i'Hi. ne'. ..I
Take notice that Thoma. Allan, »1 Vau.i.it
\cr, It. ,'., in i-ii,»,, 1 i..Ti engraver, Inten.l In
apply lor pen,ii—ion In purchase the loll.i
ilen flbe.I ltill.l:
Commencing at a po.1 planted al Ihe S K
for., ii'ljneeiii to the UK. I'or. ol loi Ml, K   I
[il.-eee west Nl eliiiies, M.illli hn   tliulli-.   >,i-'   .tl
chain., i„it'll, at, chain,, lo point m t tine,   e
ineiu, me, ei.titniiiinK '-H' acre., more "t- It---
Mil.'   L'l,   1'... ,7. Will,ill   .lulili-lell. .'i-.-lll
Take notice tlmt Arthur George
Addison, "f Van<-,iuvt-r. B. C„ oc*
,-ii),iititin printer, intendi to apply
lor pfrmiwion topurehaM the i"l-
lowing deieribed land:
Comniciiciiig at a poil planted
nt the 8.W. eorner, adjacent t" s.
K. corner ol lot 844, R. 5, ttwnei*
rant 80 I'liiiins. north HII cluiins,
wot mi chaina, muth 80 chaina to
point ,,f commencement, oor.tain-
mg ii4ti acres, more or leaa.
Mar M, I'.kit "■'illnir .ittliti-iiiii. i't'.-,ii
Take notice that Orrln Yimng, Urand Fork.,
N. ii., o.'cu|taiion. furniture dealer. Intend, to
apply for perralMton In pnrchaw the following
i ommeneing „I * pt'.i plHiiieil nt ,1„- nor,It-
u.--t Cor. ol 1". J Dow'a purchaae, thence north
III chain., »a»t *) chains. »outh M cnaln.. «re*1
an chain* to point ol commenetment, hihI containing t'.in acre*, more or le**.
.lull.- H, l',t,i7 .Illine* A. Mlt'ki y, iinetit
Talc notice thai F. It. Allerd, nl
Victoria, II. ('.. occupation millwright, intenda to apply f"r l"'*
inissinn to purchaae the following
deacribed land, situate on the
north Skeena paaeage:
Commencing at a poat plauteil
about one i'lniin from high tide nn
west line nf 44, thenoe nortli I"
chains, weal HO chains, south lu
ehains. east 80 chains, along ahore
line to poinl of commencement.
an,I containing 830 acres more or
Mat A. Kraitz. agent.
Staketl .Inly  16,   1907.
Take notice that P. J. How, ol Urand Fork.,
X. P., occupation, grocer Intend, tn apply '"-
iieruils.lon In ptirclia.* the following ,1,-t ril.e.l
Con,inlining   nt   .   im-!   planted   annul    III
t-linin-,„-l nt tin-N. W I'or. of P. J   Kcid'spur
W. Co,- , lliet
...      .   .    ,.  , „. .    _.u. „„„ii„.,i,.„   '"M     , """Vo "'""'i,"1""!' -*J chiii,,s io the I tilitiut :;n elntii,.;   «re*l  -n, oh* In.;   north   40  chaae, and marked P-l. IH.w'.«l.W. Cor, Ihenee
Htat date I Intend to make application j nortli »hore ol Beur lake aud thenee lollowiug | chains; cist uhout  lu eh»lu.-; south about UI uoMh H chillis, aaat M chain-, »oulli ■ chain.
Mackay Smith,
Blair & Co.
VVholeaale dry <:,„„]< and men's
furniahingN Manufacture"--! ol
shirts, clothing, tents, etc
VAXCOl'VKK,    U    ' THE   SUN
int; company, which has la-en iilcn- comments which ft 11 in  quite  an-.
; titled in the capacity of purchasing other different  direction   than  on i
agent with the Q. T. P.  0|ierati<ins ', the head nf the defendant.
During the past   week   we   have at prj,1(',.. Rupert sin. c the start ,.f!     0* Sunday morning Mi. Pierce
received from the east   the   largest * •.-,,, ,, ,     "     ,   •     .
.,    ,,   ,   ,     i„,   ' operations at that puint. wi     c use ! addressed a gum -si/.ei 1 ciiugrfL'atioii ,
conaignment of fancy   up-to-date!™ "        « J a»
Shoes ever shown in   I'ort   Rasing-   its office at Vancouver.    From now   in  the   Methodist   church,   in   his
ton. ion,  the   United  Supply  Co.   will  unique style ir. English and T»tm- i
| carry on all its work   from   Prince  >hcan.    Hie subject,   the   persecii- j
These lines are the finest Shoes
made in Canada and arc the latest
A fine line of ladies'  and  men'
Rupert, where Mr. Thomas Dunn tion of Stephen, seemed to <-,,m<-
will have charge uf affairs. Mr., quite apropos, hut he had the good
Dunn is now at Vancouver making  taste to make no personal reference. ■
House   Slip]>ers,   Dancing    Pumps  arrangements to that end.
and Shoes.
A look through our stock will
convince you of the values to he
found here.
Quality first—price second.
The North Coast
Commercial Go.
Mrs. W. Kllis, who has been vis- BOWSER NOW ATT0KNt>-GtNLRAL
iting in Kssington. left on the Prin-
Mrs. Frizzell has received a letter from Miss T. Hilts, in which
the latter wishes to thank the good
ladies of Essington who were instrumental in arranging the basket
social recently held in her behalf.
Miss Hilts is still in St. Paul's hospital, Vancouver, but expects to
leave that institution in a month's
Messrs. Bremner and Holland,
both well-known in Vancouver,
who have been cruising the islands,
arrived in Essington last Saturday
and left for the south today.
W. Ellis, a Vancouver lumberman, passed through Essington to
Hazelton on Monday.
J. M. Christie, manager of the
Rank of Commerce. Prince Rupert,
was in Essington this week.
H. P. Jones. 15 years a resident
of Rot-aland, went up river on the
Hazelton Monday, where he becomes a fixture. He says thi' interior looks good to him and he is
going to stay with it.
SS. Northwest came in Thursday morning.
A logging camp at Jackson Ray-
was wiped out by a bush fire last
The U. S. cutter Rush caught
two Japcnese sealing schooners off
St. Paul island on the 2:2nd. The
Vessels bud fresh skins on board
nnd were taken to Oiinalaska.
Essington seems to be a Mecca
for tug captains who seem unable
to withstand its manifold attractions. The last to leave a life on
the wave in the north is th,' captain of the tug Constance. He
Went south on the May.
Rev. T. Keywortb will preach in
tbe Methodist church tomorrow
morning. The reverend gentleman
while in Eariington has been in
touch with G. T. P. people in tbe
east, and be ban assurance that a
permit will not be long delayed,
A B. C. toothpick recently delivered to the Pacific Coast mills,
in Vancouver, contained 14,THO cut
fe.-t, and lying horizontally stood
n it. 11 in. off the ground. In its
complete state there wasn't a single
knot Of flaw in the whole piece.
A Jap fireman on the Cussinr
last week chased a steward all over
the boat with a knife and in the
struggle to capture him that followed, he bit one of the crew several times. Hu was filially subdued and confined for the remainder of the trip. The steward'*) refusal to supply whisky was the
cause of the trouble.
Tbe range finders of Fort Wordcn
Wash., are settling the question of
the relative speeds of many Well-
known boats. The Princess Victoria the Ci P. R. flyer, however,
ntill ban It oil them al) when it
tomes to travelling. A recent recording gave her a 22-kliot clip.
Her new rival, the Iroquois, lias as
yet only been recorded with a 19-
knot gait, the name -.peed as the
Indianapolis., another Sound boat.
cess May yesterday for Vancouver.
Stanley Dunlevy arrived down
from Hazelton, on the Northwest
Thursday. He brought out two
tons ore from his Cariboo group of
mineral claims on tbe north fork
of the Twelka and will accompany
it to the Tacoina smelter, where the
same will lie treated for copper and
gold. It is the best sjiecinien of
rock that has so far percolated
through the gateway of the nortli.
"The magistrates of Prince Rupert, both being of Scotch descent,
,)an now form a St. Andrew's So.
ciety. Stipendary Magistrate Mcintosh can propose the toasts and
li. R. McDonald can reply to them,
Mr. McDonald, who is collector of
customs, has been notified of his
appointment as a justice of the
peace for the province. He lieais
his added honors modestly."—Empire.
Adjutant S. Blackburn, of the
Salvation Army, is an agriculturalist as well as a leader in the work
of his good local organization. On
May 16th he planted potato seed
more in the way of an expetiment
and iast Tuesday brought in to the
Sun office sjM'cimens that would
put to shame the marbles Simon
Liser, Victoria, sent up to Essington several weeks ago. It is in
the vicinity of Mr. Blackburn's residence where the strawberries mentioned last week arc grown, and
coupled with this fact leads us to
the belief that the ground is sanctified.
The influx of Orientals and their
habitat among the people of the
west is piercing the social fabrics
and is affecting every feature of
human relationship. Now it is the
Vancouver hospital board that has
spoken and their declaration is
that it has become imperative that
an Oriental ward be established at
the general hospital.
"The first money tnken in by the
Empire for single copies was paid
by J. M. Hawthorne of St. Paul,
Minnesota, the first cash subscribed
was J. R. Scott, of Metlakatla, and
the first advertisement came from
Arichika Ikeda, of Vancouver. Mr,
Scott has resided at Metlakatla for
nigh onto 18 years and is principal
of the boys' school ut thi>t village.
Mr. Hawthorne is a citir.cn of the
United States and Mr. Ikeda a sullied of Japan, anil both are making
investments in the empire of which
Prince Rupert is to be tbe capital."
—Prince Rupert Empire.
Mr. W. J. Bowser,  M. L A., was
sworn in as   Attorney-General   in
the McBride  Cabinet at   Victoria,
on July 2'Jrd.   It had been Intended
to give Mr. Bowser the Chief Com-j
mihsionership of Lands  Works,  in '
which office Hon. K.J. Fulton  had
recently heel) acting.    But after   a
conference of inenihets of  the gov-'
eminent   at   the  capital,    it    was
agreed that Mr. Bowser .should take
the oilier office.
Capital (paid up) *.3.!>00,000.       Reserve fund, 14*190,000.
T.tai ass,-t> taymyxxk
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office:  Montreal, line.
pays particular attention to the   accounts   of out-of-town
The  Savings Rank department offers great advantages  to
Why run the risk of losing your money by fire   or   otherwise when you can leave it in the bank and have it safe
One dollar opens an account,
We issue drafts and money orders payable in all parts   of
the world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Rev. W. II. Pierce, of Kispiox,
left by steamer Ha/.elton on the
27th for his distant home, He appeared to be in it somewhat happier fauna of mind than when he
passed through our town a few days
earlier on his way to Port Simpson
in company with sonic legal dignitaries oi Himelton, tO rtlisWi'l' before Judge Young to the charge of
having married a dunity couple of
his mission without the usual pre-
liniiuarics of banns or license, ns Is
required by statute, Tn consideration of the unusual nature of the
circumstances attending the little
Wedding party, Judge Young not
only exonerated the reverend gentleman from all blame, but offered
As a sample of gome of the best
that a romancer with an extraordinary ability can produce, we publish the following clipped from the
Vancouver Province of July '22.
The captain of the tug Boynton
was here a short time ago and will
be remembered by many residents:
"Having winged two memberi of
the crew of the tug Boynton. with
bullets from a .MS-cu libre revolver.!
and fearing harm at the hands of
the remaining eight men of the
boat, Captain Gocring left the tug
at Port Essington and taking passage .smith on the steamer Princess
May, he arrived here last night.
The Boynton is owned by Mac-
Kenzie Bros., anil ('apt. McRae of
the tug Mystery is now en route
north to bring the Boynton down
tbe const.
In what appears to have been a
free-for-all fight among the inciii-
hers of the Boyntoii's crew at the
Balmoral cannery on Monday afternoon last. Capt. (ioering states
that he was assaulted by a deckhand named spiers, who, armed
with a capstan bar. desired to wipe
him off the records. Capt. (ioering
was hit across the abdomen with
the weighty handspike, and felled
to the deck. As he fell, he pulled
bis gun and shot the deckhand in
the shoulder, Spiers was put out
of liusiness,. but a fireman named
Doherty, according to Capt. Goer-
ing's statement, took up the fight
and started for the prostrate man.
"I told the fellow to keep off or I
would shoot." said Capt. (ioering
In relating the strenuous hap*iei -
ings of the fracas, "but he said he
had no fear of guns, and telling me
that he would decorate the pilothouse with my remnants, be started for me. I was almost done up,
but managed to work the trigger on
him, and he fell with ii shot in the
leg. By this time tbe people nt
the Balmoral cannery bad beard
the shots and rushed down to the
tug. It was a lucky thing f,,r me
that they came as I lost consciousness just then. The men who hud
fight still left in their., Were awed
hy force of iiumlicrs, and I was
taken ashore by Manager English.
When I recovered, I went on board
the tug again and spent three
nights on her but I slept little as I
knew the crew would get me if they
could. I was taken into court and
after a preliminary bearing, allowed out on bail of $200, and the case
is to I* called in this city, The
outbreak was caused by my refu«al
to give the men shot.' leave,"
So much for the ProvinceV account, As far as can be lea rued,
the real rouse of the trouble originated in the dance balls ol Ketchikan, where it is stilted tbe captain
took on too big I cargo of joy  pro
some remarks highly appreciative
of the  spirit and purpose  of  his j ducer and had to lie helped aboard
Tli« United Supply and contract* i work, and  added  a  few  scathing I ship after --pending  Oi Ihe ship'*
R. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Proprietress
Moni soit qui mal y pense
When   coming  to Kssington why worry over worldly
cures, when you etui live well anil lay warm nt KirbyV
RATKS - *M.0() down, l'.'irlors. Smoking. Writing, Bathrooms on every floor. Hot Imths jit iill hours. Cold
baths whin required. Agents. Baggage und transfer
itgelits. Porters meet all bouts anil trains. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
Fit-Rite Boys' and Men's Suits
The best anil cheapest Suits made, from ♦7,.r>0 up. Measure
taken for tailor-made suits. See samples.
Call and see our stock of Groceries, Suits, Boots and Shoes.
Rubber Gootls, (the liest and cheapest line ever sold in Kssington) Skirts, Gents' Furnishings, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles. Pi pea, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Books, Magazines, Stationery, Huts and Caps, Overalls, Fancy Goods, Ainberite Shells,
Automatic Pistol Cartridges, etc. WHY WK CAN IILL
CHKAP. Wc pay cash for our gootls. Have no interest to
pay—no salaries to pay. Poat Office Block
Mckenzie & jackson
Port Essington
money, originally intended for the
purchasing of supplies. The mate
brought the tug to Kssington. In
OVf opinion Baron Muntiihauscn
will have to step down and out and
award the pulni for artistic fabrication to Capt Goering.
Butchers. Provision and
Fruit   Dealers
Port Essington, B.C.
The steamer Kuhieric arrived at.
Vancouver a  week  ago  Thursday:
with 1,100 .liipancse on board from ;
Honolulu,    An agitation is otl foot
to prevent the further flooding of
the   country   with    the    "yellow I
plague."   The Akl Mum came into the capital on the Mtne date
with another bunch of 400 Japs,
The steaim-r Ptarmigan with 100
passengers on board Was Wr-'cked
between Golden and Windermere
on the Columbia river on July 15,
The crew behaved splendidly nnd
all on board were taken ashore in
safety. The steamer struck a rock;
un attempt to lieuch her failed and
she now lies at the bottom of the
Tak- notice that F. B, A Herd, uf
Victoria, B, C„ occupation, mill.
Wright, and Mat A, Krail*.. of Inverness, B, (',, occupation, gtentn*
boatman, intend to apply for i-er-
mission to pnrehaae the followln-i
described land situate on ihe rmrtli
Skeena Passage:
Ctiiiiincnt'iiig at a p,.,«t |ili,i,i, <i
opposite the blind slough, near llm
taetem entrance of the mirtli
Skei.'iiu Passage. ,m,I shorn I mill'
Iron* the eust line nf 44j tll< iii ,•
north 20 chains, west MO chain-.
fonth '20 ehains, east HO eh,iin- In
polRI of .onitiieiieciiieiit.   Illltl   eon-
talnlng 180 aerea, more or less.
F. li. ALLBRil
Staked July ill, H'Ot


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