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The Sun Jun 29, 1907

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 Prince Rupert
•' *W
jul s.ioo/ Port Simpson
Circulating in Northern British Columbia ^^fJP1
■ JUL 8.130/ fori
Vol. 1.-
-No, 7.
PORT ESSINGTON, B- C-, JUNE 2\). 1(.)07.
N M   l'KK   YkAK
The Skeena
as a fruit belt
The Skeena, cutting diagonally ly folded up into peaks and ranges
across the coast range forms a fer- with fertile valleys graduating in-
tile valley between hills and moun-!to low summer grazing hills of the
tains, snowclad and raked with the ; interior belt assuming an average
ever-present slides that tear an- altitude of oOlMI feet, between
nually what small crop of moss | Rocky mountains ai:d Coast range
the autumn and spring rams can I nearly .'10(1 miles or more of undu-
prodtice.  Farther hack, rising from   lating,   park-like,   slightly-timher
..,!,..         ...      ,  , of Rubert Proqrame Rendered.
1 lislu-il at Babine until  such  time Ul nupvii. ■
as a vi.-it  ia   made   to  the   various Ken  Smith,   head   of    construe. The   clo-itig exercises in eonnec-
. streams   and   the   adaptability Of tion  for   the   Dominion   telegraph •*«*"   with   tl"'     Ks-ingtnn   public
each considered before deciding on  party, now working tbe other side
the valley below the majestic
spires capped with Immortal
white, overlooked but by heaven's
blue dome, soaring, towering, still,
gaunt, it raises its horns beyond
the fleeting clouds, glistening in
the sun those eollossal giants, the
sentinel of time, its ice banks
thousands of feet thick or more,
like a'hiue gem en-vised in a mantle of blue and white, crawling,
crunching, pressing serpentine-like
to melting lone, where it easts
from its internals huge boulders
gnawed and hauled till the mighty
elements ravishing nature's organism,   felt   the     titanic   struggle,
while its body is raked, its huge
hoary head, serene and grand, BOr»
emnly looks down from its majestic tyrie with contempt, being one
of nature's breathing pores, when it
tires of this tickling hyperborean
parasite; one huge lunge from fiery
hades and behold a fleeting vaporous transformation; its bed metamorphosed from its grim milk like
foundry to one of exquisite beauty.
a green mantle of Sowers, mosses
and heather begin to attain nature's possibilities, the magnificent
sheen of green and irredescent
hues mingling with the life of innumerable species of ephemeral
After ascending the stream for
sixty miles above Kssington the
valley begins to assume more the
appearance of a habitable region
fit for agricultural and fruit-growing pursuits, the latter will be confined to the deltas and valley for
125 miles when it will not be so
safe to continue; dairying and
agriculture will then take its place.
The land is covered with a heavy
growth of hemlock, cedar and
spruce in most places, but once the
timber is removed the soil is all
that can be desired for fruit land,
although spots are prevalent where
gravel and overflowed hanks of
short duration during summer
freshets, but is not largo, from a
point 45 miles up, commence areas
of very fertile land covered in
places with commercial timber on
both sides of the stream. Kitsuin-
galum, Lakelse, Kitamaat structural valleys cutting across Skeena offer homes for thousands if the
land was settled. Settlers here begin already to make their appearance, pre-empting land, KiO acres
each, cutting cordwood in winter
to while away the weary daylight
hours, and profitable it is, too, for
$3 per cord is paid by the various
navigation companies and any
kind of a man can cut a cord or
more a day while the long nights
are spent in mental pursuits, literary study into the wee small
hours of morning or in company
exchanging gossip and yarns.
The Kitsumgallum valley is fertile and is a structural plateau like
depression in the range that marks
the dividing line from the barren
Granite and the commencement
oi ledimentariei  that have entire*
ed land covered in most cases with
rank vegetation watered by sluggish streams and larg.-r expanses
of mi nor-like sheets of water 10
to 100 miles long, closely connected, abounding with the tinny and
feathered tribes, while the fur and
hairy creatures roam the poplar,
spruce ami pine forests.
The Skeena offers an attraction
to the miner, for in these hills copper in every form of deposition exist in veins of commercial value;
from the Bulkley to Kitsalas several meritorious properties lie idle
awaiting development.
Gold, hydraulic placer to free
-"' ' quart! attest value. Silver in
*iny copper, bai tie ami galena
ores, nhfatal in phyrohtite. molybdenite in very well defined veins.
Extensive coking coal of Bulkley
afford ample material for the reduction of minerals.
Coming to the Skeena valley
again there is about 166 miles of
land with varying widths of the
valley oi good fertile soil lit for
horticultural purposes, Without
acclimatizing trees of all sorts
grow from seed or plant without
failure or danger from summer
frosts. This district will be the
producing area in time for the
great consumption later on in the
B. 0. interior and Northwest. A
great portion of this land has been
settled on and shows up splendid
results in the fruit-raising line,
hearing prolitieally. with the most;
deliciously Savored apples, plums.'
the hatchery locations.
The report circulating below that
the federal government had decided to abandon construction,
owing tn tin- provincial government have secured righti over inland fisheries, is not borne out by
tin- manner ronstruction is moving.
of Inverness cannery, was in Essington Monday looking for an Indian boat-puller who ileeamped
with one of the camp's boats. He
found the boat hut the man. it appears, had too niueh money to continue at work, anil so left for the
Indolent south to blow his tin in
ten-cent show towns.
Mr. Smith says the wires are up
to within eight miles of the Holy
and Peaceful City,
Four   Northwest   mounted   po*
The Northwesl Transportation and
Commercial Co. Issue Contracts
for Erection ot Wharves.
Our special correspondent learns
from a reliable source that the
projected extension of Claxton will
shortly In- an accomplished fact.
The Northwest Commercial anil
Transportation company have already issued contracts for the supply of materials ami  construction
of a very substantial wharf, capable of accommodating the largest
vssels afloat at any stage of the
What  the   establishment   of a
distributing point fur the Skeena,
at the numth of the river, will save
to   all   the   beats   engaged   in   the
coast trade is incalculable.
Wc are also informed that within a few days a contract will be
signed for tin- erection of the
Grand Pacific hoVel, which when
complete,    will   surpass   anything
north of Vancouver, containing nil Li
. ,       I tbe mission of tho hov
up-to-date  improvements,  inclml
ing telephone communication ivttl
all available points, and electric-
lighted throughout.
A Purely Japanese Mininq Settlement.
hind.    "They  are as methodical as
silk worms iii all   their work."   he
copper claims on the bay. The
company is registered as the Awa-
ya-Ikeda Copper company, and has
I'hc little .lap is a wonder."
cherries and other fruits equal to! said ., ,„.,„ u.|1(1 ;m.jV(.,i |„ ].;Ssine-
any found in the lower end of the [ton last week, after a visit to the
province, exclusive Japanese mining settle-
Gardening, as far  as  has  been | m(iit ,,n Ik.-.Li  bay,  Moresby   fa]*
erried   on   principally for domestic
use as   the  market!   are   only   beginning   to    assume     proportions
worthy of attention and giving encouragement for more extensive
Most of this area is covered with
timber of varying sizes from a suppling to a Mooter,   Intersperced
here and there by park-like openings of small sise covered by birch,
poplar and alder
Hemlock land in this country
has great excellence for fruit culture, most surprising results in
fruit production shows with undis-
putable evidence its adaptability.
The climate is clear sunshine in
spring and warm summers, temperature ranging as high as lit)
in the shade. Winters, maximum
cold Hi below zero, but seldom
goes lower than 10, winter setting
in between Christmas and New
Year, and spring opens usually implanting about 15th of April to 1st
May. This season was later than
licemen arrived in Kssington on
Friday on the Beatrice from
Whitehorse. This number will be
augmented by some fifteen who
are expected in on the next May—
tomorrow. Their mission is one
of peace and not, as some have
said, to track Simon and Peter to
their lair. The provincial government holds too sacred provincial
rights to even think of allowing
federal authority to interfere in
such a trivial matter as running
down criminals. One such an interference with provincial police
rights is enough. There will he
no more wrangling over the division of a reward like there was in
the case of the train hold up man
Miner on the ('. 1'. li. a yatar or so,
when the Mounted Police claimed
il and the provincial police also
' lid siege to the filthy stuff. Yes.
in red is
peace, sweet peace. Instead of
rifle it will be an axe they will lift
to the merry tatoo of the woodsman's chorus. They go Hazelton
to intercept another party working
east from Teslin Lake, join them
i and continue the laying out and
Mazing of a trail one thousand
'miles long with terminii at ltd*
I monton and Dawson. They leave
on the next up-river boat.
Rev, (i. H. Kaley, Simpson, arrived on the. Beatrice Friday with
a band of ten boys from the Hoys'
home, Simpson, who are on vacation.  The reverend gentleman wi"
went on, "and  they  have 18 good preach in the Methodist church to
morrow morning.
Dave Ilastie, of   Whitehorse,
old stampeder into the Atlin en
.ipanese at work, stripping, try who erected one of the best Inland building a tramway bed from tell in that camp before sawmills
the mines, a distance of a mile and ] Wl.lv jn evidence, at 128 per hewn
a half, to the water's edge. A lof, fa in Kssington. looking over
very  substantial   wharf, 250 feet j vacant lots and prospects.
Arthur    C.   Dick,   the   new   lire
warden for the Skeena   and   Bella
age ore for shipment to Laalysmith. Cool. ,ijs
The claims, of which the company
has 18, have all   been named after
long, has been erected  for   ihe   accommodation nf steamers and Btor-
tlowers, No. 1 being called the
crysantheiinini. Water power will
be used for development purposes.
"There are no residences on the
company's property. Tbe employees
and officials of the company all
have their quarters on board the
Steamer Dawson, a sternwheeler
originally intended for the Stikine
at the time of the Klondike stampede. The boat is tied to the wharf
and all orders issue from there.
"A Japanese doctor, an army
man, and a shareholder, arrived on
the last Amur, and will tend to
the wants of tin- colony.
The hatchery  construction  par-  the wants of the colony. Ivy barber shop, nest to the (.'ale-
ties have arrived at  their   destine- J     "It looks rather funny not to see donia bote
tion on the Babine lake.                      even a constable in the place. Mr. and  Mrs. Ilvlai ds. Vancou
The   matter  of moving   seventy I     "The company   have   refused   a ver, who have   been   in   Kssington
tons of freight has been  found an million and a half for their flawer- for a week, leave for  Haselton  on
obstacle   not   at   first   considered|named copjier claims." the next boat.
tricts. is in town.
Salmon    catches     are   reported
at from 70 to 'JO  per boat, outside,
and 15 inside.
Harry Berryman's multitudinous
and varied duties keep him on the
continual hop. Week before last
he was called to China hat to lasso
several turbulant natives. This
week he came back from Rivers
inlet, whore he went to look into
a raps case. The prisoner was
handed over to the constable at
Bella Coola and taken farther
For Sale.—A Singer sewing machine in good order.    Apply at the
school, took plan' at the school
house on the |84h when the school
was formally closed for the summer vacation of eight weeks The
floral decorations and artistic
blackboard drawings in colored
crayon presented a pleasing appearance and amply testified to
the aesthetic and nature-loving
qualities of teacher and pupils.
The Union Jack, purchased by
tin-children, floated proudly over
the building to the Skeena breeze.
The afternoon exercises took on
more tbe nature of an entertainment, wherein the children ac-
quitted themselves most admirably.
Lack of space precludes our giv-
in a full report this week of what
took place at the school house, but
wo will do so next. The following
program was rendered:
Song. My Canada the school
llecitation. A Friend in   need
 Clyde Hunter
The Grumble Family   .   Rita Dean
A liood   Boy    Whitewell
Essay. Sir Walter Scott	
 Walter Herman
'T can't" and "I can".James Inrig
Baby  Dear Winnie Pearce
Song. My Kitty School
Ten Kittle Duties    Rita McDonald
The  Quest Keon Hunter
Mother's Comfort Violet Rood
Miller of Dee Bertie Pearce
Essay.   Kay of the Last Minstrel
 Harold Freeman
Song.    Fairy  Belli	
 Harold Freeman
Here's to   the Land   . . .Jack Craig
The Golden Key      Hilda Herman
Tbe Changling Helen Freeman
The   Birds Arlie Church
A Magic Change	
 Hazel Cunningham
A Receipt for a Racket	
  Victor Noble
Essay   Wild Flowers of   Kssington  Helen Freeman
Now and Then Kily Davis
Song.  Hells of Springtime.   School
The Young Musician Mary Wilson
The Better Land Finest Dean
Learning to Sew Mary  Inrig
Why Don't you answer the boy?
 Fred Freeman
Rosabelle Walter Herman
Wild Flowers of June	
The Wonderful One Hoss   hay
 Harold  Freeman
Presentation of rolls of honor.   .
 Dr. Wilson
(iod Save the King.
Regularity   and   punctuality —
Harold    Freeman.   201   days,   full
1 leportinent—Helen Freeman.
General    proficiency —Walter
The kfay fa expected in tomorrow.
'Ihe Church of St John the Baptist's annual Sunday school picnic
will take place on Monday at 2 on
the rising ground at the rear of
the temple of justice, Tea will be
served from 4 to li. Those who
have long ceased to bo children
arc specially invited to be there
and renew for the nonce the spirit
of a  picnic.
A strong delegation of Ruperto-
nians   came over mi  the  Mount
Royal today to meet the Laird o'
Cock Pen, expected on the May tomorrow.       Sheet   music   has   been
freely distributed to the band and
the northern anthem — "W, are
here   because   we    are    here" — l'e-
bearsed lor Sir Kenn th. nit-  »i n
Ihe Sun
V\'.  J. M vi K.W. PKOPKIKTOK,
R    \l..
AI.VI.IITI-I.N..     If \ I I v
augiirat.d i game and fire  p ot.
" Htsownon  the  fahds eon ,    ,M,    .,    .!iiv
taiiied in the Ksquilllttlt   &    Nanai-      i ,lsu7.
ni.> beii on   Vancouver island      ' a, »i vm,.,
.1 i    -ii i       i      i   ■
iiii.uu'e'l patrol Wll|    1"'    |l: 'I.I    .,,    ,■    ■,'--,.i, :,.   ' I (..(lowing Ul-'
the field l^tween Albemi  and   tin melon ii„- n..ni,
ni-            i                      i              i        *•        ,.,-,.                         .           .      ' j mile*
Halt  ual   I   'Ure nil  tin   mail  to Nl ti    !■,.!.  11, tin- Wall.  i
(',,.,      , <i.i.-,-iim        ,vii    iiMioii    naiinai   i   'use nn   nn   roan  lo   \: n-tlie-Un
of tin-   l>       Fire act or garni  Ins -
aaaa  i
gpriiiEs, .'tn days, 15.
|,.\\|, No| ii I.-. 60 da.'.-. $
Ci i.i|i-ii mi: or iMi'uoVKM.Ni no- i ■ ''     ■ company will carry
rtam 80 ilavs. 17. !:" "   '       " "'' |,MV "'"" ';i
"' "If tbcri ever was a thin   when
I'll, i pita i io I k swindle brings 1)1 . I have raiognised the
to the f.ir.- tin- fa, t (ba|   the  .-:."• justii     ' liiitiip of Britisl I
co|j|paliv    that    ha.-    I'i en    ll| a I    tin     11 llfi i   In.
the Ontario eon lias had its pail ii last   wlnt i shen for the first time
the reee.-*. - ,,f  tin    liimilieial    la-g- -inee  |Hl>7 ii chnnira'   u i-   mini
falature.    War after year tin cinii- the   British   North   America   .et.
pan** has bad  ''■■  mgHiiitsi al   t'ii Thai   was     i    ■■ vcrnineiit'    tir-t
Iiit'ia ill (!.i !.o|n nf blaxeking an in- npporliinit'  tod    the  right   thing
i(iiiry   Into ihe feasibility  of the srith   British  Columbia,  which in
iil'ov iiicc printing  and   furnishinu my view, will   v.t   be the   hannei
HO,        W    . '■   il ,'    l.ei'     Of     Ull'l  ..,,   ;,,]'- ,;   ||||
i-j Hi,'. .-.- ar. * Ii
ill ' eiei'L-   . '
fl <t    bcoka   lit    cost.       The    agl lit*
i\ife ton nfranig in a financial sa'nse.
The firs| ihiie the attention of the
gl.l-lil'lllilollt     wan      hsollglll     to    the
matter the delegation was told to
go home and digest their economic
dreams, This happened some ten
years ago ami the aagebrush philosopher who made the remark, was
mm agreeable as the lute Attorney-
tleiu'i'iil Wilson i'i ii Cariboo snowbank. Another attempt was made
hist August, tiiiougji the medium
of the Dominion Trade Congress.
meeting at Vlotorfa that month, to
draw the attention of the government to the cost o| books to the
people of this province. Have Ihey
even considered It? No. Under the
new older of tilings in Ontario
honks will cost 50 per cent lcs>
than they did under the old regime, and thi*!. we think, Is proof
ample, why British Columbia
should look into the subject,
An   incident  emphasising  good
grounds for B. C.'s contention for
better terms at tho coffers of tin
federal government is illustrated
in the case of the provincial boiler
Inspector who went up to Hazelton lust week to Inspect the only
boiler in that section. The distance traversed is close 400 miles.
The fare for the round trip is 140.
Menfa on the boat, round trip. $10
Pack animal and hotel accommodation, 110. A total of KM.
The fee ho receives for making the
Inspection is $•>. Vet the inspector's salary is not included In this
list. The time consumed will go
into two weeks, and placing his
salary at $100, makes it another
$50, bringing the total up to 9110.
It would almost pay the government to ship new and fully inspected boilers to remote sections
instead of sending an inspector to
inspect them.
Enrico Caruso, the Italian tenor,
fa to be denied admittance to the
United States on the grounds of
his being an undesirable citizen.
Caruso was convicted of monkeying around a monkey house and
kissing women in Central Park,
New York, last year,   This ia the
base for the proposed exclusion.
It is stated a tremendous tide of
Immigration Irom Great Britain t"
Canada has begun. <In all steamers  leaving   the old  country  all
space for immigrants is I ked till
the end of next month, A large
number are bending for British
Columbia. Advices do no! say if
those coming this way are Salvationists and the advance guard of
the army General Booth proposed
sending out, or ward.- of the
other London society that has been
the means of sending children to
the Manitoba and   the   Northwest.
province of Ihe Dominion. < i.n-
si lerinji the difficult ii - it has had
to • -11-■; • • i >'' - i anil its phvi ia-a I features, it ha- iigains( tin- 'ji'eat. si
odds mad, the most remarkable
progress of ■ ny of the provino .-.
Bui   with nn h n sparse populat ion
villi   llee,I     ,,-        t.'lllee.     -|lu|     tl|Ol(gll
yen semi to i Ittnws h solid delegation you don't get it. nol a fi'.n-
i loll of .,. hat yotl are nntil led tai
liecausc thai contiligi ill is not
utrong ' n ni| li to assi rl your
elaims—lee-ii't ..ec;:, to have any
influence whatever." These statements were made by George W.
Fowler, from King's and Albert,
N. li.. iii the federal house.
Teddy Roosevelt is tired of dome-tie affairs and political life oil
the big U. s. ranch and is i'<>111i11l
to British Columbia to hunt ban
at the expiration of his term of office. He proposi s going into the
Kniiteiiays for his sport. Wa think
Teddy has been wrongly aalvised
when he selected the Kootenuys foi
good grizzly spurt. The place pal
excellence ir Fort Connelly, Bear
Lake, in from Hazelton. The grin-
zlies are as big as elephants and so
tierce and numerous an-they then
thai a provincia 1 polii'e force, out
in search of Simon and Peter, lasl
year, were driven heller akeltei
from their camp fire to regions below, Bear are hunted on horseback in these regions, and as th.
lather of the big ditch it „ rougl
rider, he would be in his element
around Driftwood.
N'.M.'i- is hereby given thai G i ilu)*. .',[ii-r ilale
I Intei,il tn apply In il,, Hun. the chlel • nni
IH1.--I r of i.iii,.i- .ii'.l  Work* tor ivrml.n.in
to pnrcha*e the lolloHlnK land, .Ituati I  n
I',,nl,ml Canal:   I'nmineni lli|i nl a ,m*l plain-
.-I iii'.ii' ihora i t,"l "W. ll. i'- V W. ii.r";
il,.!,,',- i.,,M Jn i-luilns:   lln-IH'..   .mill, '_'.,,-ii,iii,
Minn, ni- lis*, a. boundary ,,( I...I   km;  tl.rn.i
w, m along khI.1 t ndni v to -!  line   e   ,, .
north* ty altm*. .Iiore fine in |mi1iii i.1    mu
Ull'lll  ,'!,,!   '   ',  ,":,,.:'','.,,",    I"   .,,   '  "-.    ,      .,!'   ll'V..
W, il. 1 no! I'M
I'nri Bi.lngtnn, B, •'.. May »1, HB!
Nun.',- li hereby ulren lhal «1 ilnyi alti
1 Inti ml   to nuilte applli-allmi tu   the Hon. !i"
I'hlel  it- *1i.in i   "i   ■ ■:     . mui Worii   f..i
nermlaaioii In purehaae llie li II iMina ,li  i
land -it,,,:, ; ,,,, I'oreli, , l*lui,d: ■ '.nni .,
■ a 1, |...e ,,.,iK,.| ... A.   II.fi   ' . i-:. 1'., |iui, ;,,,'■.
'Iiiiiii 1 llletll e witltll   Ml   I lllttln.;   the  n.   i   I
'■Iiiiiii-: tin ii".   north   111 ehnln*. Iheni'e eau In
''luii''- '" I'"     I  ol    ' till tolltl
!'.,! nil,".  :
I    II. I.I w wins, Uem .,
I       \     IIU  iMlll    Al-.  HI.
Son Kulngton, H. i   . May U, Hurt
Take uotlee lhal frank I. l.wlllliu   nl  '   i
H '     iiei'iipatl ni  barrlm. i hi  uh    In
i.ii'l- |u apply fui |„'n,n.-;.ui to pureha*e   In
' "ii I ,       plantad on tin
ll 1 III I    ... dun :.
ihe river   Iro I nth,
kn.ia i. a* ■
'..      n.le IVai,. ti'i .     ,  ■     ■
, .'.,-:  KM Win ,     ., ii .
to point nl .-nun
inenl and eontalutuKiU ,      ;.   .
I I. \ Ms   I     '.HI,
Datu.1 Mai .'-. Hull
!': '■    -I.e.   IK,   I'i.,,
I KM 111 I"   « UlliKN
thai I  1   '   i;ii,i„ ,. ,,, i,
'   ■ "   , nt.-n.l I	
'"     ,    .1     ■    !l   .  ■■     '  ll.
rked I    ,     K.'* N
IV. I I    iuiii,-:   ilu-,i,.' ...inh   i"
,  place   ol
i        K IBHI N
. ■    .    ■
I'urt I
i .
S.  V
. 1*1.-1. then  ,
north.*. I I" "linl
I   Colli      II
KM 11       l.< I
•    M la in.
I .Inn - |.1
rake      ■  ,1 -i   I    '■ mil    llepatoii Hall,   ol
Piin.-e 11 i.-i-r. In
I    ||   I   I" ,   I'i'1'    I'll      |H'I re        •   ,.     I"     piin        ■
I i..i   plante 1 alaiiii  -i\
n a i
rlvei, llli'l lili*   a-e*1 I
I '  , hail -   ii..re or lo
. .■  [n an eaatei ly ill
'I! '.-
inenl and .onialnliiit ' ■';   e - in irt- or lew.,
I.iil'i- || IPTOXSTA1 I..
I    i-   hill'   .   1'>• >T.
Tak ti'i- thai I. ii  !■;  D.'.veii-
jini'l. of Viuicouver, oa'cupation
luinhi-nn.in intends to apply for a
speeial thills r Iii 'IM'.' over tile
followillL de.-eri!', il land-:
No. 9. i 'oiniiii ni'ing nt p pawt
iilanteil on the samth hank uf tsnl-
inon ii'.er. about '2 miles shove tIn
junction of the Sachnmthu and
[•ailed the norl liwi -t 11 nn , am!
running soul h I" chuins, east S()
chains, smith 40 chuins, east SO
chains nnre or less to bank of riv-
. r, theiHi westerly n lony bank ol
river to i'l'int ef l,eeini,niL' II I
Located May lo,
No, '.i 1-'-'. Coinnieiu'ing al a pi   I
[danted on the east lank of  Kims-
iiuil river about io inila-s up strenni
fiuiii Indiiiii resi'i ■ v and calli il tin
•J, W. corner and i unnfiifi   cni    H
chains,  theni'e   north   s!i   chaiin
thence west 80   to   hunk   of   rivi
thence southerly a long Im uk  >f l
'•r 80 ilia ins to place ol i omiiienci -
ment, containing 040 acres,
l.'ieatcil .May '_'.'.
No. 10. Commencing at n |kih
jdanted on the south bunk of .*;al-
mon ri\er. about io miles nl»ovi
junction of Hachumtha river, anal
called the .N W. cor. and rUllllilti.
Houth -in chains, east 80 chain-
north lit chain-, east 80 chuins.
north -10 chain- to bank of river;
thence westerly alone bank of riv
er to poinl of commencement IG0
chain,-., containing 640 acre-.
I uted May  16,
No, in '.-'2.    Commencing ..t  ti
pog| planted at the  N.   W.   cor. of
No. tl and eaiied  the SOtltllWCSt  L'Or-
ner and running east 80 chuins
north 80 chains, west 80 chains t<
Lank of river, thence soilthei'h
itloiig hank of i iver 80 chuins t,
pluei of commencement, contain-
10 ucres,
Loeale.i   May   25.
No. 11. (liiiiiiuencing at a posl
planted at the nort heust eoi nei ol
No, 10 and eall.d the iioriliv., -i
■oriier, and running south 40
chains, east >" I dins, nort li I'1
chains, east 80 chains, north in
ii,,ie  or    css,   tai   bank   of   rivei
thi ie"  v. ■  I, rly   along  I k   160
bain- of   i iver   to   [ill    com-
nii'l ., ii,,1,i, i iiitaiuing  li i-'  ucres.
i     ., '     May  16.
No. I'..    i Joiiiinenciiii!  ul ni ',.-t
Tin- H-eeiui River route i- the quickest »»»d '"St rout,- tu the
liulklcy Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
fan I[azeltou anal rtka-ena rivor i»-it-,
B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
i i mi i   n
I ss| Ni ;|i )N
F""""-**; 9
R. J   McDonell
(Mrs. J. II. Thonipnon, late of the Commercial
hotel, Vanaonver, has taken tin management.)
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegant !y i-quipped to meet the re*
quirenicnt" of n fastidious public, ami com*
manding a sujs rb vie*- of the approaching
Hoi and cold bath- at all hours. Baggage
t i.i nsf. ii .il from all iiia-oming and to all
outgoing boat-.
chains, mere or less to hank of river,   il 'e   southerly  along    .,itk
160 chains t" point   of comim nei -
ii'iit. con tn ining 640 aiTcs more or
ion SS. Co. of B.C.
I.imi i■ i:i>.
i     thi bank of Such-
river, id ";it •'.  miles  ulsiv.
'ink, tcftimt i, win     -    i ,.■;..,i i.,„   junction of  .-'-i i 'a rivei and cnll-
11,1   ""''ll'"11"   ■ ll-l.il   I       I       ':.',..,    |.-      ,.,,,   .,.,.      .,,,,]     i-illiliiuir
|,tj im i" rmi    in t<> pi. ,,'.--!..'"'.!!.  aim   ruiiiiing
. . ' eighty chains, north eigl ty
chain , eust eighty chains, more or
|, .... ; i batik of river, then,',- southerly along hank 80 chains, more or
less to point of lieginning, containing 640 ucres,
No. 13. Coiniiieni in,, i n post
planted at the N.E. corner of No.
! ■;. n nd running west forty chains,
north eighty chains, west forty
, bains, north eighty chain.-, eust
forty chain.- to bank of river.
thi nee   HOlltlierlv     aloii"   leu k    of
il ,,,,,.'.:    Coll     ' . : I
ill ! ll,   WMl  Ml.lt' .1   Mm -.1 in!,'I. Hi    ll"
nf [.,,,..:.      .. ■      ||i ',.'.■ I .   ,
'",'), I ' ,-Iiiiiii-, ill, life. "     :. .,■
north   in , j..tn- to j...iiii nl  nn ni-, n   ,
<i!i.i uubtalnliig 1,., i,,'[■,> i,,.,i,  ,,,' Ie*.,
Wli.l    \ VI HI RON I'll
I'm. .1 .'nei' I, IWT7.
Tiike i, "I,. ■ ihm Vlolel '
'"ti'i. '. " .]• ■ u, inti mli
■'   ,. pun tilt- foil.
'1   ,1   ,'.'■ I   |        1:'.    '     ,'|,    ii,..    b|Ul|(
imi .ai ill,     ,    idiMii
river ■ I i -I,,,■•■ mile* up Hit river In.     II,,
"    '• ' nf K. II.   Jul :
«loli'« .,,,,ii,,',,.i , .,,,  ,   ,. no, ■ ,,, ii,   I,
.lough Hi ell iin*i lln-ntt m ■   . I..",' '
■en- I"   poinl   n|   ,'.ii.,,,, in -i ,, nt,   ,,,, i   ,    .,
I,ill,ilu "-" ,,<:'-      ..I   li -.
vuii.;.,e wakrkm      river 160 chains to point ol   begin-
Not only has tin    ivernment ale-    "''"" M,IX :v '' nine, ontaining 640 acress
cided to initiate i igun -   lor   the , ! No. I I     Ci innieiicing at u   pawl
Letter   protection   of  forests   h mi "   pl«'    J  t[ ;li'   S   '•      '     '    "   N'"'
the ravages of bu-h   Hres,  but   the
So.15 Coniinencing at a post plant- "m 'onipnny  i- not supported
ed on   the east liank of Sachumthti ")' fwvcriimenl  nultsidies,   but   by
iver,   abniit   one  mile  above the ""'rf,K>*'will and patronage of the
forks an I called the southwest aor- traveling public and shipi-ers.
uer anal running east forty chains, Hteamers leave company's wharf
north   eighty  chains,  ivesl   forty Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, Port
chains, nortii eighty   ehnins,   tvi'sl Kssington, Portluud   Canal,  Alert
forty more or less to hunk of river, Bay  ami  cannery   porta   mi   1st,
thence southerly 160 chuins  more 10th and 20th of each month, and
or less aloiiLi hank of rivi r to place leave \ ictoria   one   dav before, by
of coinineiiceinent. lien steel
Located May I... stiamkk eiMosf.v
No   16.    Conimeiiciug at a posl
planted on  east   bunk oi Salmon l!lr  "lliv  »teamer   on    the  route
iiver   at  the  northeast  enrner of built with  steel   water-tight  com.
Pulp i pany's lot .,1 and  called portnu'iita and  double bottom, in*
the northwest corner, and running curing safety of passengers in cms
south   eighty chains, cast  eighty "' coHwion or wreck,
chains, north eighty  chuins,   nest Van Anda,   Lund,  Heriot   May,
eighty chains  to point  of  begin- Hoakyn    Inlet,   Surge    Narrows,
ning.'containing 640 .ens. Granite Point, Elk Bay, Hardwich
No. 17.   Coniinencing ul  a pa*l I*bind, Hear River, Salmon River,
[•hinted on the a-ast line of No,   16, i'"1'1    Harvey   and   all    logging
about -II chains south of creek and camps, every Monday at 8 Ji.  ni.
called   tin   southwest   corner and Van Anda, Lund,   Lewis Chan*
tunning east 160 chuins, north 40 ml. Shoal Bay, Porl  Neville. Port
chains, wesl 160 chains,  south 40 Harvey,   Chatham  Channel. Tri*
haiiiH to plaee  of  com ll oncement bune Channel,   Broughton Island,
ami containing 640 acres, every Friday at ii p, m.
Located May  IS. Gibson's, Pender Harbor,Nelson
ie K. DAVENPORT. Island, Marble  Bay. Blubber Hay,
.1. \V. MieKai'laiie. Agent. Lundi Manson's, Whaletaiwn, Bead
Iim: Io, !- l-land.  Kille    Inlet.  evel'V .Molldliy
  at III  a. m.
.....           , n     ,.    ,   ... Tucker Bay, Van Anda, Gibson's
"ilhlhliTy Jild Wy 600dS Stm Welcome Puss,   Pender    Harbor,
Pour Kssi\i,io\. in Granite Island, Jervii Inlet, every
Monday at  I 1   a.  in.
UdiaVimd eentl n't fur* For ln-rtlis andjiasBage, npply M
,,ishingb-*cloth|..g made to order. «""l'«ny s offla-es-
S. I'riz/cll CarrallSt., Vanconver, BC.
and "i:; Wbarfstrect, Victoria
at   southern   Bi iti-h   (
1   .   ,      . I ' OIU1I1, 1...  Illlll   fil ll'H      ■   '    .   .1    .     ' ", ■	
'"■ '' .Ieiiiiitv chilli ■■   '■ est   fort*   el
octopus, the C. P. IL. has also  ir uorth chuins,
thief A. Wedildahid    yh  r T P I    l
k-tid. limbiT and r\!ir.iTul loidlor      IW ". 1.1 . LU!Til)6r C0-
Reinn a rutin ■>! tl ouotrj mid a rentdent . I Oft tSSIfUjtOn,  b. C.
nf the dtxtrlrt for forty years and pttusenttng h
k I knowledge o) the great interior ' fttn In d •	
|i.:>;mm!i tn guide parttei to the lamoni  Hulk- ■	
i j v.-ii;, y.   The country aboundi In good iiah*
lug and buntiug and partfei anticipating such
i   ri| Hill 'l" well to write tn the above ahlef
at Port Eislngton, It. V.   P. 0. bug 33.
Warner Luncfi Room
The only first-class
Short Order house
bi Essington   .   .
Private Ijoxi -  for parties.
OI'E.N   'I I I.i.   '_'   P.  M.
nrrosi i,  ni ■  n k- rKH.N house.
Mrs. W. Warner. Proprietress
All kinds of lumber sup-
plie.l on short notice.
Th >lv dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast of b. <•,
J. M. DUNCAN, Monager
ie & Jackson
Postoffice block Itth     SUN
Moready island, and marked W I ,B l. corner,   ehains, t-ast A» 'bain*; south It) chains to piaee
thenee north **> < 11.< m -. wesl W chains, south tu   ot commencement.
Kotlc-sj ii hereby given thai aiTtlavs Hirer ilMie   ''■■"■■-"-■-'■*■*■ m «'baiM i<> placa of eemmcqce-      Nu   Wi. L'omttfnciug at ■  pus] planted about
I   il.ltaii.l    tu   apply    to   thi    Huftfft-ftMfl   Chief    "-"'" .'{l-Ji.ii],'. ninth !n.m tin- n.nti,   |bore of   Ski.I
Comtrntrnttomm    <>f    I.mh«u   gad    ffmkt    fori    •**•>■   ■**^B-*»*l**-# *< m  nod  planted :' miles   Lake, MarrHby Island, and   moil •-^ A   P   I '■
a      n*4al    Mi'iMi-f    t<-     int     and   carry   f'j,"J tin- w.*.t ♦•ml «»i .-kti I *t k«. m.*t« >»).> i-ijiu-i.   r-; ft turner, tbenea eaal M shalna, iirrth ■
ari'l nujtk'i-.l   \\   S., V \V  r.iriirr, tlii'ii''■ villi ' rliHiti-,   wc-t  IB   abates,   smith S*'  chum-,   la
list i'Iimin«. fn.-i  i'i . iiniM-,   north   Hi Wic in-,   ptaog of aotap eneement.
| iv.-ht M chain* to place of rommeneenient.        !    So, tt. Commencing ■{ i pust planted about
9V,   t'mameqelng at ■  goal  planted  an tbe   gva mii*-- north from the east end of Hkld lake, j
liwtT    tnn'x-r   frmii   thr    following     dgatrlb
e<l Intiil-, *.ittiMtf<1   M   Mi,rt'*.li>   l-*litirt.  QoaM
rbartotta g*iW i
No. i    ( umiiHtn tin* ni « post planted abonl
ivia.iiiilra-tii.lK   (mm I   Imy,   Mojishv   i»hin.|,
riti'l niHik'-.l A. V.1 . S   K   i-onier, themv n.-rlh
g<) iiiiiiiis. gmgi s»i iiiHins. wih h*' i bnlna  11
fttl i:llnlll>  I'I  pllli i' '11   ri.llltlll'tlririll'lll
Nn   |     CitKirrirticliii* nl n  post   pin ula-.l tihuiu
(■*•. mi11» - I Irom ■ i.Hy   \i:>t. ib)   Inland, and
liiiiih.'.! A   I    I . I   ■   l ..nii'l, tin.I llit'in *- in.i th
Dn ennina. aaat ■) chains, snath IB rbslng. wgai
p> chains i" plan' nl commem emf Bt
Nn :t ( lutinu-ni niir nt a posl plaotod about
tu<> im iii- K li'ini I l.av Kareabf i-J.m-l, ami
marked A. F. ■., N  K  corner. tn*i Ulh Ml
northwest end ol Mk$d Ink.-, and marked ft. s..
urea by lilaud, and marked \   t  s'
• W ■
k. *'. sorter, tbenea north IB >-haliis, east go ' ner, tbenee »a*1  IM rhalaa, nartb t*J ekmtos,
chains, south 00 chains,  vest M efeslni to ph*e   treat  MO oha-ins, mmtk  U eM^M tu fjUwa ol
oi  i'.'l:il|H'Iii i'Iim III. : i-iiitllii.U'.'llii'Ilt.
H    I'miiiii. ii-in-.'ni a pua| planted   I miles      Nu.:,:    t'of—irnrlng a| n post plan tan1 nhont
■ ■ ■ from ih.- n, it end oi Hkld lake, and , I i .' n}ilei north from near tho nasi end of Bkid
marked W. a, N. K.   eorner, thenee  west  W | lake. Moresby inland, and marked A I-'.- 'i I w
. htiiii-, south in i halns, vnsl ■OebatU*. north BO
ehalqi t" i'la- - oi uommenoement.
ill.    Ciillilni l|i ilij! al ti  pMm\   j > I ji 11T * - • 1   ill i t
mill*. sonthwrnN   from,  the  weal and al UUd
ink.    Moresby hdand and marked  W  •.,•. I
rhains, w*m\ Pehntna, north ■ i kaln«, aaat H   romer, thenee west tuehaiu*, north Id chain
ghalm i" plaf** "i eommentwmet
v.. i. i muni, ii-mn ni ii pint planted about
two null - K ii.-in > i.ii), Moresby Island* and
-iiHik'-ii a v *., M y\ - ..ii.-t, ih-i.it ionth «i
l -Im Ills*. . ,t*l sglulniln-,  l|..llh MH t-liailis,   w.*i    ■
[■ipi 1 MM la piaee nf n un null' itiictil
Nu I t nii| tin-m iiin at 4 |mi-i |i|iirit>"l about
,im' utile \. fruin N ihoss ..t* Ihtd Uikf. ami
JlttirUe.l A.KM, N W    .i.iii.i,  ih.u.e  -...nth   so
■halttSi oaat hi ebalns, north H (Aalna, wtai M
rlitiiii- tu place u( I'liiiinieiieemeiil m\\W
Nu. i,    (-..mm<>iii-iiig hi ■ pun piantad   one IM-W. eorner, thanee north MO ebalns, east  m
■its N From Hkld U|«, Motonby hdand, and |^bftliw, smith  & ehains,  sresl   0 ebalns tn
east ID chains, muth u - halni to pi
m. Commenelng al 'i pngt plante«l on a brodk
abottt 11 -111j 1 *.- mnthwasi ir.,tn ih> .\. .*■ ■ nd
ttf Kid lake, Moraabr Island, nnd  marked ft
lOebalns. aouth Wfl ehains,  west   I" cbslu lo
plans ol eomnuneement.
.'1.1, <',iiitm< mm* at a post pluiitfl <>U H hludk
about I 1*3 mile*- sogthweat inmi tbe w-t end
uf MM lake. Moresb) island, ami marked W ~
marked a p>, N I sarnar. tbeoos south ts>
idialni, was) IDehatna., north V thalna, paat t"
I'lniin-- tu pint ■(• uf I'Miiiin.iii tin.'iii
Nn. ". ('iiiniiiriii'iiit,' nt a post planted about
,iiu unit- north ii"ni th-i north *bi>re ol Hkld
l.aki , Momaby island, and marked A.F.I., H ft
eunut. tin in. north mchains, Iheneeeast WB
ehalUH, math 10 ehslns, west MN '■liniu> lo
pines ol »■ nu i].'.'!iiei|i.
Nu n   rutiinuiii'iip'  ni U  pun)  planted • ne
mil'  north (i..iii ^k   i (she, Mi.-e.hy ultiml.am,
Harked  A K> , I   I'.. '"■:.. i,  tbenee  ttofth  10
veal IMebntQ*) Btdlth  |n rimlQii easl
|gti chalni to piaee uf ■uiiinpm turn i'i,
Nn, 9, t'ntnnii i|. ini; at a posl pl-iiiii'i about
•a.- iiMiim ii'tiiii fi.iii, 'I;- north rtiorn ot **ktd
Uht*. Moraabi Inland, sq<1 marked .. !',> . S W
l'iiriinr, |]ii ||i ti ml| III   I'I ■ l.tljli*,   -Hal   hW r||iill|--.
north W • i-■*i'<-. w- -t |«i rbatm to placi   ol
ci Hie i im nt,
\u   IQ    Pqmntenelng a) a posl plante<| sbf»ul
two mllet north n  'lie north »borc <»| Hkld
l^sJte, Moresby Ulaqd, and marked A i;> N K
corner, thence muth W ehslns, west ItIO chat tin,
ti.uiii   in chains, east  l-W chain* to  piaee nt
.■itninifliri'iii. [ll.
No. II,   Coi   lug il h p«m< p|ant< 'I aboul
|Wn mtlea north  from the north ihore o| Hkld
bake, Moresb) Island, sod msrks-1 \ K s , >.\\
poi q ■    thenee north ' ■ ■ h ■ ■ u-. eaal log chains,
south toehatg      rest < ha|W   la   pls< .■ ol
n ■ ij t'uiiimeii.'ni,: si 'i ,."-i p|ante<labout
two mile* north from the north ihore of ikld
l.akr, Moregb) Islaml, n I marfci il \ f ----- I
corner, thenee north a) chains, weil |ek> elii.iu-,
ismth l" c-hatQs, eail IHUchaiiu lo place of com*
in> neement.
Ke i-i. C'ommgiK'lng i.i » p*m\ planted t ■<■ il
three ml|ei north fitim Ibe north nborr oj *kW
Lake, Mormb) Island, and marked A.F.H., K.H .
corner, then**e soutb tOehalnn, cast 140 chains,
11 h.Mti-., weal Mg - halns Ui place ol
com .im m • nielli
n .i. 11 * ommeuclng at ■ posl planted aboul
three mil.- north from th« north ihore oi ttid
Uke, Moresby Inland, and marked A.f.i , N K
corner, thenee touth W i halns, west lii> ehalm,
north-k) rh.un-. eaal  IM chalni  to  plai f
Ho, i I Commeneing al * po»l planted sboul
three mllei north from the north ihore nfa%id
Moresby Island, and marked A.F.H., H ^^
coi ner, tben**e north i" chains, easl Wo chains,
suinii io chains, wesl loo chalni to poinl of
N... in. Hulnmenetng «t a poet planted sbtmi
three mllei north (rom the north shore ol Hkld
lake, Moresby island, nnd marked a.k.s , i i
corner, tben<-e north H>chains, weil |60i halnn,
south 4t* i'lniin-, aasl HkJ chalni W place >>i
per A i:  Met llnton.
.luiie  M,  l'.niT
Nu. it. Com me net ng al a i >«* ^ t planted about
1 l .' ml let louth from the ionth ihore <<i tttd
lake, Moreeby Island, and marked w.s., .-. w .
corner, thenee north i" chains, tasl IflO chrilnx.
muth in chains, wi -i 100 chalni lo plan- .,f
is. (Uunmenclng at a post planted about : 1-3
mllei ionth from Ihe ionth ihore of Hkld lake,
Moreaby liland, and marked ft B.. 8 i-:. e r,
thenee north 10 chains. West IM chains, muth
■in chains, anal tot) ehaiaj lo place of com
nu neement.
v.i Uomnsenctag at a post planted ahum i 1-1
mttet ■onto Hum the iouth ihore of Bkid lake,
Mm shy tsiiiixi, ami marked w.s., n.w, coi ner,
thenee eonth IB tbntngf east MB earning, north
in ehalna, wesi MB ifentni to pines ui com
go. Commeneing at a posi planted abonl ' '--
miles suiuh from the ionth ihore of Hkld lake,
Moresby Island, nnd marked ft A . KJC corner,
thence south to chains, west 100 chains, north
in rimin-.  m0   HI  ehalna tu  piaee oi   i
.'i Commenetng at a poet piantad abonl iwo
mile-.-..nil ft..in the wesl and of skid lake,
Moresby Island, and marked w >■, i-W, eorner,
thenee gnat MB chains, north t'1 rhntaa, tn I
HI ehHim*. Mtuth   H  rhulm   lo piaee nl i I-
?2 t'ummeiieiii-' hi ii puvi phintsd abonl 114
mUeeeonth from Mm west end of Bfcld lake,
Hnsssjhf ^laml,an«i marki'l W.S., S.K eorner.
theme west H ehains, north H  elinin*, nasi m
shains, smith H irtnlni lo plaoa ol eommence
if.  0—nartng at g post plnated abonl i 14
milis M.uth  fnun  the  west em! pi skM lake,
Kornony Mngal, ami marked w.s., H w natsor,
theme east Hi' elitiins, south H ehains, ive*l Sit
chains, nmih M ehains to gfnng of eummeiiee
^-t. ('nmiiH'iiciiiK at a post piantad abont 11--
miles smith from ihe gmM emi of Skiii lake.
Mam -hy islaml, ami marked W.S., N.K. eoiiu-r,
theuee south Hi i hain.s, west -in ehains,  muth
HW chains, cast   lu   ehain.s   to   place  of t	
gg, CmmxmmmtetaMj at a port plnatnd abont 21 j
miles southwest fnun the wesl end ufSkhl
lake, Moreshy island, ami ntarkeil ft, S . N ft.
cur tier, thenee. -tnuth lti" chain-, east Hi onalns,
north lrW chains, wt-t io rhnfl to place ut
%X Commencing at a pool planted abonl 11 a
miles   southwest   imm   the  Weet  and  of   Ski.I
take, Moresby Island, ami marked w. s., n. k.
corner, thenee ionth 160 chains, wesl K chalni,
nut th 100 ehains, easl 10 chains to place of com*
nn neement
27.   Commencing al i post planted sbout 214
I mllei soutliwent from the we-l < u-l of 8k*d
lake. Moresb) Island an ! Marked H    *., X, W*.
thi nee muth Idu i halns, et \ 11  |i
north l**J chains, »e»l W cbaitti tu ;»i.-. t oj
• "inuiei i- nt.
.:;  i nmineui Ing al ■ post planted ►.buul  i
mlleiifeiiuthwesl from Ihe west end of Kgid islet
Mun-i.j i-i.i.i'!, and marked **•-*•■ H.W. norner,
ihri-ee north likiehalm, easl  <kl chaiin,  M»utli
hW chains,  west   40  chalni In  |d*< ' sow
M, Commencing  si  h  post  planted iihoui   i
iillcK iouth west ii • >iii iiic wen end "J **khl
lake, Moresb) island, and marked w s, S.K,
corner, thence  outh 1 Iu.mi-, wmI Ul yliafi -.
north l<w.'h.litis, ea«l W eliain- lo pUd' »1
■ nmmencCtnent.
1 Commeooiug a< »> i"^i planted sbooi t
tatlei nmthwesl Irom ttte weal wttd "j .-k.i
lake, Moresb) i-iami ami market) ft, i,, >. h.
coriM i ■ thenoH north im chains, weii loeiiHlu-*,
-until  P." 'Ji a I".-, . . -■   lUCbaiUM tO point Of I i'111.
nn uei'iiuuil
in. Commencing al i pswi planted abonl loqr
and a half mile* t.iiutliwc.1 fr  lh« wesl end
nl KkH i.ak", \!'M. iuy liland "ii'i marked ft.
•■ . N w corner, th net .■ mtb Ifti chalni, 11 I ki
chains, north tanehalni, weal 10ehalm to |daee
• >f coinnicu iiihiii
li.   i 'om laenciag ul h oimh plan ted   (a I    i
t half mllei -utiinu<-i from tbe we.-t . n i oi
rtkld take, Hon bj inland ami marked ft*. > •
rfW corner, thuuoe north hhi tunUui, cut m
i halm, wuth loo chalus, weni 10 chalni to
place "i con in. neement,
12, Commencing al « posl planted gbi il four
ami a half miles southwest from Ihe Went end
ofikldlake, Moresby Island, and merited ft.
>.. N k corner, them ewmih l*» chalni, wesl W
chains, north W0 ehslns, eaal in chalni lo place
ul commencement.
i.;. Commencing al m post planted ebuul four
and a half mllei iouth west from Ihs wesl end
..1 Hkld lake, Moresby Islaml and markeil ft,
K., ft i'.'ui iii'i-, ih.'ne north Mo chains, weil k)
i u.iin-, -outh Mi" ' hauls, east Wj ha ins to place
..[   i iiliilll.li' rlilellt.
per B. B. M« Climto.n.
June -s. t'-HiT.
Nu. ii Commencing si a puaf planted aboul
j 14 mllei northwest from the wesl end ul --kiii
lake, Moreiby liluuil snd markeil A. I*. B.'i N
K euiuer, tbenee we*1 99 chain*, muth W
chalm, eail io chains to place of beginning.
I. Commencing si a posl planted aboul two
iiiii.-> nurthwem (mm the weal tad dJ bkid
lake, Morvib) Ialsml, and marked A. P. Ik's JI
W corner, thenee east Ml chains, nmih 90
chains, wesl io chains, ninth BO ehalna lo place
ol beginning
in i 'ommeneing al i post piantad abonl two
in Ilea north wesl from  the  west  rnd of Hkld
lake, Moresby Island, end i ked A.  I'. >. -  H
w corner, north go chain*, easl so chains, -outh
10 ehains, wesl U chains t-- place ol beginning.
it Commencing at i posl planted about two
mile-, northwest irom the weal end of Bkid
laki, Moresby Islend, and marked A.F. ■-. i - K
corner, north Bo ehains, wsil hu chains, aouifa
mi chains, eust .mi i hums in phiee ut kaglunlng.
is Commencing si a pool planted a*bont
four mihs iioithwesi tragi the greet snd M Bkid
lake, Mtiieshy islnii'l, uii-1 Marked A K-\'-  N ft
enrner, Ihe east Wchains, -miih si cbslu*,
H-eit so cbalns, north SO ehains to place ul lie*
i' Commencing al a pott punted ahum (out
mihs northwest from the -v.-i end "f hnht
lake, Moresby Island, and marked a. f H -
n K eorner, weal mi i-nalna, nsnth mi ehaln*,
east 80ehains. northiO chalni to piaee m i.e-
■ i ommeneing at ■ pust planted about four
miles northwest from the Waal end of Hkld
lake, Moresby Island, and marked   A   t, B 'i
I I eurtier, thenee north WI chains, west H
ehains, south BO chains, east N chains to point
of befinnlngj
■il Cemmenolng al ■ vosi planted about four
miles nortnwost from the west md of ski'i
lake, Moresby Island, and marked A. t  I 'i
s W corner, north Bi chains, easl 8tt eliain-,
smith gg chains, west 8U chains to point   of   be-
.j Commencing at ■ post planted aboul five
miles northwest from the weal end of ftid
lake Moresby Islaml, ami marked A t |,*tl
B, eorner, north ID chuins, mat N chalni,
south ho chains, cast mi ehains io poinl ol be
... Commencing al a po*t planted abont five
mile.- northwest ir.un the west and nl Bkid
lake, Moresby Island,and marked A. f s.ss.
ft euni'i, tbenee north ho chain-, aasl M
chains ionth w chains, west mi chalm lo point
<>f beginning
Nu. ..i   Commencing at a poet planted abont
114 in i N - north from tbs north ihore ul Kkid
        pake, Mi.restjy   islamt, ami   marked    \    |-     -  -
g^let southwest from the weit end of Skid laks   B I eorner, thenot weal 10 chain-,, muth lu
earner, tberee wrth go ehains, east M ehalm,
s«.mi, Mu chains, wem lo uhaim lo  rinoi 9i
.•iilllllh'lira 'II'  lit.
Nu mh Commencing ii t post planted about
one mile simth from tllord Hay, Moresb) W
and and in.i-ked   \ r H 'i n K Burner, thenee
MMIth Ml eh all,.-, west *" i liatlls, north HO ehains.
eaal ni chalm to pu f commenopuient.
Ha   ' inmeudng al a imi-i planted aboul
one quarter o| h  mile eaal  from  Alferd   Hay.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J|uic-b)   i-;.i:id, tin      liit'ked    \.l" .**       S   W en:
N.W eorner, thence muth I00 ''bams, east   ""'• thence north   Hi chain*, sa*l  140 ehains
' suuili to ehainnj   wesl   Itju i-usnu   to  piaee ol
comiaencetn' ni
Nu. 99, i .uiiiiieni'iii;; at a po*l planted aiiuut
one quarter of s mile t.ast from Mfurd bay,
Moreiby lifpnd, and marked \ f B 't N W tror*
ner, tbenee muth !»' chains, cast lou chain*,
nuiili  |y  .iiniu-     »i-..'    ! - ti ii j 11 --*  tu   place   u|
i' ii. neement.
Nu til. < omtiieuelug 41 1 p" : plantcl about
two miles  nuth of ikldgale Inlet, at g poinl
place of commencement
-M. Commencing »' ■ posl |danted mi a brook
about 114 miles southwest from tbe wesl end | about *ix miles west from Hpli l*oint, Motnel y
ui .-kid lake, Mm. -b\ island, an.I marked W,
B , N. I corner, thence iouth i('" ehains, wi -1
10chains, north loo chains, ens; 10 ahntm to
place  of  ConiUli-lieeiuellt.
;;.. Commeneliig at a posl plauted on » brook
abont 814 miles soiitbwest from the ^ si end
of Bkid lake, Moresby islaml, SAd  nterked   \\
H   s K  I'iiimi, thenee north 100 uhatn*, e    I  B
ehains,   n'liith   MB chains,  east  H chsim lo
pblei    ul       111.  Hi .  ilia N(.
;-.. 1 ummenutng si a posl plaittH ''ii ,1 brook I .iii'iiccmeijt
i-ii'iei. Atul marked A, K >'■''■ N ',v corner,
thence routh 80 chain*, cast lo chalm; north
mi chain- : west sn Bbafni tn place uf com-
\"i>. i,-*   I'otnmenciug si n pwl plantetl about
iwo mM*'* n'titli fi-iun Hkldgale Inlet j a| a polul
:..."■   v, vi from --i Ll   Hldltt,  Mori si )
:-lan.l.  and  marked   -^    :'- -■'•   I K   corner,
thence wert 80 ehalm! uurlhgu chains, easl Mi
.11,- ■   muth   Mi ' balm  W   plane   oi   aom*
Xo, tyj. Commencing ui a pust plsnttil a Unit
■ 1.. in.ie- Mogtli from Kkldegstc nib t, at m
point about ill miles we*t from Hptt I'oini and
1111 rked \ K>.'-s w corner, thence north Hti
".inii-:.:,.! go t-lialm, south io chain*! a*wt
s(i cliainN 'u pi tee ol 1 mnineiui tnent,
'■.. ■■. Commeuetn i it n post planted about
two miles south from Mkldgnte inlet, a 1 n poinl
.ib,m! six mllei west front BpH Hoiut, and
iii.uk' .1   \ ,F  ''- S K coi ner, thenee   west H
talus; Niutu Mtchsln*, essl ft) chalm, north
10 chalm i" place nf 1 meneement.
|»r s. R. Mt€uNTax.
.'lice 111
Nu !."• < .iinni. r.clng i.i .i pu-i I'lartcd neal
i' a- inoutli nl sal tn nu Brmtk, -■'' cut ivy Haj.
We.*; coast, M.i-i",iv Island, and marked w
- •- n '.V oorner, thenee cast *t ebalus, south SO
eliain*, wyst 104 chain*, more or lees to shore;
thenee following shore back tu poinl ol begin
i. ng
So ftt Commencing hi i pu-* planted about
one mile from the mouth of Halmun Brook, Ke
cui'iy liny. Moresby Island, snd marked fi
s 't N ft corner, them >sihiUiI0 chains, east
&ichains, uorth gu chuins, we-t vi thaim n
polul oi beginning
Nn I.',. 1 ..in 1 ne in lug si a p"si plants 1 aboi 1
ouv milt irom (lie mouth «d Halmon l.i.-uk, s, -
•urlty bay.  west coast   Moresby Wand, .a."
marked W   H '-  N  ti  ner, tbem*e we*i *
chalus, Himtli Hi ehains, east nu chains, omit
•u chalni to point of u glunlni
So, i-k, Commencing at h posl pUntctl aljout
one mile from the mouth of Salmon Brook, >'<
eiuny bay, West coast Moresby island, am.
morked ft, !,'■ is W oorner, thenee cast gi
chains, north 10attains, west hu chains, ionth
lo chains to point of beginning,
No. 19, Commencing at 1 poet planted ahum
one mile ttofth from the mouth of Halmon
It rook, Seeuiiiy hay, west ooast Moresby island
and marked W.R,'* S K eorner, thence wi-.-t fej
chains, north 10 chalm, east no chalm, south
10 chains tn point of beginning
70. Commencing at a posl planted abonl fl
miles north From Ihe mouth uf Salmon Brook,
Security bay, West coast Moresby Island, am;
marked W > 's N   K curtmr, thenee west eight)
chains, south eighty chains, easl eighty chain-,
north eighty chains to pkum of beginning.
Xo ti Commenc4ng al a post planted about
■'i miles north from tbe mouth of Hulmoii
Brook 1 Hecurity s] ■ west ooast Moresby island
and marked ft. H '- n \v eorner, thenee south
eight) chains, .i-i eighty chains, north eighty
ahains.wcsl eighty chuins to place of beginning.
Nu. 72. Commencing al a posl plauted about
three miles north from th« mouth of halmon
■rook, Hecurlty Bay, .vest coast  Moresby  i-l-
land.aiid marked \V    S '| S  K   eonnr;   llielie.
north ehrhty chHlns, we-t eighty chain*, south
eighty chains, c -1 eighty chalni to point ol
Ho, 7:; Commencing .it a post planted aboul
; miles north froi 1 the month uf its inon
Brook, Maeurlty Bay, wesl cossl Moresby Isl*
and,and marked W H '- s \v euiuer, ihem*e
north eighty ehalm, east righty ehalna, south
Ighty chains, west eighty chains 10 point ol
N,,. 71 1 ,,111 tu.':ii 1 nt: a 1 a pool plan!. ■ I about
; 1 2 miles south from bog Point, Moresb) island, and mark..I \\ (*.'s H K corner. Iheuei
liortli eight] '-bain , west eight) chains, routn
eighty chains, sasl elg ■ ) ch Itw tu point ul
\..    , .     '    .   ■    1. :, '|ng al a  pu-l  plali'--d SboUl
I 1 I mile- south Hum 1-<K I'oini. Mori sb) i-l-
aud, and narked ft - '- s \v corner, tbenea
north eighty chalm, east eighty chalm, aouth
eighty ehalm, weet eight) chain- to point ol
per S. R. MlCunton.
June I
Take notice that John ti. Johnston, of Port
Kssington, B. C. ,occupation timber oruiser,
■Intends to apply For a special timber licence
over the folloa lug described lands:
1 urn ma-11 i'iul' at |iost planted on ■outheasl side
uf Hkeeua rlrer, aboul i 1-2 mllei down rleei
From Hot gpgingi and abont opporlte Aberdeen can ner). thence sooth 40 chains; thence
cast 10 chains; thence south 10 chains; thence
easl flo chains, thence north lOeiiatm: thei
west luu chalm t" p 1.it of commencement,
ami containing tH 1 ai ri -. more or less.
Dated Ma]   U, ItW
Take not lee thai lohn <>. Johnston an 1 J. ft,
smith of Port kssington, M. C, uccupatloi
timber ci n- r and teles ra|di op iratnr re p-■■ 1
ively, intend to apply (or a special timber licence over tbe following described muds:
1 a nn ni' :n iiit it h pu-1 planted on  »i
of theSkeem  river 01    the  nori
river on shore about two miles  wot  ui me
Capital (-Mid op) 18,900,000.      Hi-sitvi- fund, |4.::iK),i»00.
Total mmU Ull.tHHI.iKW.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head offiee; Montreal, t^ii<-.
Branche, in British Columbia; Chilliwaok, Qumber-
laud, • irand Forks. 1.miner. Nanainio. N'.-lson. Ken Weat*
minuter, I'ort EMingtoHi Port   Moody,  Roaaland, Vernon,
Victoria, \'alleill|\ e|■.
i.ein-i'al banking liuaiiiemi tranvactad and navingibank
dujiartinenti operated at all branche*,
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Boyd & Young S&5SS
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B.C.
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Iiulef new Dianngement. Thoroughly renovated
I.ah- KS. t '<unus]]ii.
tile ('ommental Hotel, VanrouTer
Kxitewi river; thent-amortli Kichaln*; theura
msi 10 chatm; thenee north t11 phainnj tbenee
-Pll   Ilu   ,-hi Ins;    tlno.r.'      iouth    to   shun-   ni
(lough; tbanec wenterljr along nlough t<- piaee
■•f beginning and containing Wi) Keren more or
leu, JOHN <i   JOHXHTOX.
.1. W   SMI rn.
Itiitci Mny ui!,, I'.hiT.
Take notio« that John tl. Johnaton, oflVirt
Kviiington, B. ('., occupation timber rrulner,
i i tai,- i - to apply it ia ipH-tal timber lieence
iivet i lu' [oiloa Inx tlet-t'clwil land*:
"uiiinia lift lis ni ii [mm (limited on tbe muth
imnk id the Kk-wnn rli >r ■ 'it 1 |.j milet' i'iwl
i   ll'.l. in tin' Wall    nthera lne known «s
i.\rlint:i* :'s*s river; I lieu ft- iouth tu chalni*!
huMiee wi-Bi 121 chaiu*; tbenea nuriii to hhore
ilioiu :to dm Inn; I hence w. ■; along nl on to
[Kilul ul i*i i m tii tii'i-iiu ni. hii I eon u lutng -i'1
. • more 01 Icm
JOHN (.. J'HI - BTt»S*
Hated Ma) Ath, .'"".
Till;, notiei thai 1 Met Hi I m m ■ Port Ki
ingtou(  R.i'..   oeeupatlitii lugger.  Intt
ppl) for .i npet Ial Iteenw In i nl and i*Hrry
■ mb -i froi . thi \om I 11 dew rlln il
land*, siuiiiU'ii in Hk< en« ill I Hi
('ommeneing al n ptaM planh il i n»ut one
mile from the river, oppoMi l*nrt Kiwington on
tbe north »bore m the Hkeemt river, tbenee
i ii si iii rh,i ins, thenee north l#w ehaln*, thenee
ur-t lo rluiitis, ili.'iir.' s.iuih l'-ui'h.ii'i- in ;i,.;ni
"i "loiiin■ ii.'i'in.'iii, mui i-oiitalntng AiJ Meres,
mUftloner o! l-mi'l- «tnl Wnrki fur alcaaeol
the toiluwlug deneribed foreahore: Com-
metietna at n pust plantcl near N. K. corner
Lut '. Bturuann Mav. Tun Blmpeon harbor;
thenee north : ehaim; thenee eautorlv IM
riiiiin--. aloug ihe ibora line *nd containing ift
Keren more or lew.
Port Ki-»tngtont B. c. May if iwr;.
Dateil June *1
iMsTKM  I   Of   KggggLi
Take notloa that Oeorge Martin, n! Vancou
ear, It i   , Heal Entatv  Broker, int.-mis toap-l
pi: (or permlMlontoleate tha following described land:   Commenotng al   a  poal  planted ;
ai tin- head ol Kbutia Inlet; thenbe  mutherly
along the we»t boundary ol loi 17, forty obaim;
thence forty chaina weat;  thenee forty ehaln*
north  t<> the   iouth   bank  »f Khutae river; ■
thence eaitarly along laid  . ei to poinl m
in. :ii.. lut-ni; oontninlng Ifio *• ren mon 01 lew.
l»,i ted Van< ouver, June loth, ltfc)1
UhORfJK  \i UtTIN,
w m . Hh a nko:    \ • ■ -
I Intend to apply  to tbt Hot Chief < om-
[n the matter of the Mineral n*t and amend*
Ing aet« ill'I In the mattt i ->f the Western
< upper group, vonstMing of the Kmplra,
S'ortlt I-:. .rgentlle, llnwkley, Bonania,
Kmeml'l, Venlnre and Western t'oppar min-
ri nl fin tins,
W ten u  '■■■   notice dati rl  tha   toih day at
April, lt*o7, you were require I to forthwith pay
lo the undersigned ro owners with you in tha
iii'iriiii claims tin' -inn ol |1au, as mum
■. .  i nil shan* of the bums*ment arorli done on
11 iim up '.. „n.l Inel idlng ith da) ol < >- ■
■..let. \   h..  IgtMi, and   being  tne aaeerssmenti
. . \   I'   I'titi, and   lannary, A. I».  I«u7,
mill i irihcrex|tendltures In i-nnnaotlnn with
the said HftieiftiiH-nt* tvere i lis ged to fow In
h-r.'st in Mild claims.
,n«1 whereas yon have failed to pa) tha aaM
urn nl li-.' ii- thereby n ipilre*!.
Take notice iimi iinfesi you shall within W
■lays fnun the dati of the Hr»t publication ol
this notice pay your said »hare of said aasess-
in work and all rusts UercoJ iimi wa. tha
iuiiler«lgned, shall Apply t« hive our sain In*
'•■:,st ,,..,,.,! it, ,1v in pursuance with the terms
nl section i. chap. 21, li. I rtatute A. \> IffOO,
being an smendmenl to \', H B.C. Cap. IM,
inn."! hi Vai iver. It. i  . this  ith day uf
Mm . imrj.
uiin,s.     i. \, Mmiev, Vancouver, B. C.
To T. J, Beatty, Km., vaneouver, U I
Ml X McLEOp.
( . ft. MKI.l'KI M.
JtWtLLtR    .     .
Ju*l    .irriveil A    lew  ghip-
mem   of uloa-ka,   iratcheg and
All  "lork  warranted  lo   give
]ie||'eet  «:l I i -I'.'U'tinll. THE   SUN
India Relish
A delicious relish, made ol chopped sweet picklft and green tomatoes, Bpioed to perfei tion, for
steaks, eold meats, gravies ami ial*
lids, which lends zest to the taste.
It is often said factory goods are
not clean. In how many houses
aloe* the housewife put on a clean
apron each morning? Tin- girls in
the Hein/. kitchens are required
to, and everything else is just as
Come into our store and get a
free sample of this most delicious
relish and you  will   lie  convinced.
The North Coast
Commercial Go.
A. K. Watson, the Scotch distiller, was in Vancouver last week,
and left for the southern states.
Pity he did not come north and
look in on a town that consumes
more south than any other place of
its size in the world.
Tomorrow in the Methodist
church service at eleven a. m., will
lie in English and Tsimshean. A
service of song at seven p. in. will
precede the ordinary service. All
are heartily welcome.
A meeting of representatives of
the three firms buying fish from
fishermen in this city was held
yesterday, says a Westminster despatch of the 21. and ns a result it
was decided to pay four cents a
pound for spring salmon. This is
the lowest price reached this year,
or for some years previous. This
year the price from March to April
1 was eight cents u pound. From
April 1 to June 1 six cents was
paid, while since that time the
fishermen have been getting five
cents. Last year the five-cent price
prevailed until the close of the season.
Church of St. John the Baptist.
Services: Sunday 11 a. in., 7]).
in. Sunday school, 2 p.m. Prayer
meeting and choir practice Thursday 8 p. m. W. t. Rushhrook, B.
A., rector.
Geo. W. Morrow is in Kitamaat.
where he went from Metlakatla after the big distribution.
M. M. English went south on
the Camosun Wednesday morning.
1. li. Scott, of Metlakatla was in
. n Wednesday.
The Hazelton has been transferred to the Stikine and left for her
destination Tuesday at I p.m.
Come to St. John's church; good
"Fighting Bobs" is reported to
have made $1,2(X),(K)() out of Hill
Dr. Curry, dentist, will be in Essington for a couple of weeks
Those requiring his services will
please call as early as possible.
C.T. Rolston, Tisdall's sporting
goods man, was in town Wednesday and landed an extensive order
for the newly-organized gun   club.
Two survey parties arrived on
the Beatrice Sunday night and left
for their scene of action, at the
Canon, on the Northwest Monday
evening. One was the provincial
survey party, headed by G. H.
Grey, and bound for the Bulkley
to complete the work initiated by
the government last year in that
district. Mr. Grey did not arrive
with the party, but is expected on
a later boat. The second party is
headed hy Mr. Hal vie.
Mrs Bonser, who accompanied
the captain on his first through
trip of the Northwest to Hazelton,
sa\'s the scene at the canyon when
tin- hatchery freight was being
transferred from the Hazelton. l>e-
1.iw the Canyofl, to the Northwest,
above, beggar* description. One
hundred Indiana, on the way down I
to Essington. were requisitioned to
handle the freight. They were offered BQ cents l pound. The** want-
ed 75 cents. They got it Then
old and young, tall and short, of
both sexes, started off tugging
away with packs all the way (ran
100 pounds to .100 pounds One little 1.".-year-old girl walked off with
100 pounds on her back as though
it was a bag of shavings. The intended departure of Hazelton down
river had the further effect of hurrying up the native-, lest they
miss the boat. It was like I seen.-
around an ant hill to have witnessed tin- moving id 90 tons ir. eight
hours under primitive transportation method.-.
Mrs. W. A. Wadhains and children,  left  for  Vancouver on the
lust Camosun. where the summer
will be spent.
Frank Pender, for four years a
resident of Dawson, came in on tin-
May and will remain here for the
A pleasant boating trip to tin-
island was indulged in by a number of  Essingtonians last  Sunday.
In the Essington halls of justice
this week Allan May, an old offender, for having too much liquor
aboard, was fined $15 and as many
days. Louise Williams, drunk.
paid a v for the privilege,    (.corgi
Cunningham, supplying, was dismissed.
J. Cameron, Balmoral,  dislocat
ed his shoulder on  the   beach   last
Thursday.    He    was   brought    to
town, where the injury was attended to and now is himself again.
the * '.iiivoii up w ill   some   day
great  fruit-producers."
That the fishing privileges in
the waters of Puget Sound and the!
Columbia river are much abused.
and that it will eventually have a
disastrous effect, is the belief of I).
R. Lord, of Chieo. Wash. Speaking of the fishing industry at the
present time,   Mr.   Lord   -aid   last
week:    "While sah -aiming is
still a wonderful industry on the
waters of Puget Sound and the Columbia, it is not nearly SO thriving
a- it m i number of year- ago,
There are too many canneries now.
They almufl uamipletely strip tha
Sound and streams of the season's
fish and if ii wen- not for the government hatcheries, there would
soon be no ti.-b left. I do not believe it would be any great adviin-
tage to have the government build
more hatcheries, for if did. it would
be only s short time before more
canneries would be built. At the
present time the Sound is tilled
with trap*. When you consider
thai one trap sometimes takes out
bet ween sixty and seventy thousand salmon a day. it is nort hard
tn sec bow easy it would be to
make away with most of the season's fish. Besides these traps there
are the seines and gill nets, which
also make big hauls during a day.
I don't believe that at the present
time there is room for more canneries on Puget Sound. The field
now is in Alaska. There is already
a big industry in the north, but it
will some day be one of its chief
•   Port Essington, B. C.   -
Butchers. Provision and Fruit Dealers
Live stock slaughtered  daily. —
llauiv.    bacon.      lard,     vegetables  and
fruits arriving by every steamboat,
Specialty Creamery Butler and fresh Eggs
Remember we are headquarters tor trull and Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
MRS. S. KIRBY Prtiprlelress
Honi soit qui mal y pense
When   coining   to Essington why worry over worldly
cares, when you can live well and lay warm at Kirby's.
RATES $o.0l) down. Parlors, Smoking, Writing. Bathrooms on everv tloor. Hot baths at all hours. Cold
baths when required. Agents. Baggage and transfer
agents. Porters meet all boats and trains. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
Because he Could Not Buy Whisky
at $20 per Bottle.
J.   Robertson, a  prospector,  in
the vicinity of Ha/.elton, is reported to have committed suicide in
the Driftwood because he couldn't
buy a bottle of whisky for $20.
Robertson, the particulars say, was
under the savage act, and could
not go up to a bar like other men.
have his drink and fall back. It
made him morose. He ingratiated
himself into the smiling almond-
eyed graces of a Chink and secured two bottles. He consumed
Walker's and took to walking. He
arrived at Alderiiiere and wanted
liquor. Was refused. He offered
$20 for a bottle. But no response.
He found no willing celestial hand
in Alderiiiere willing to accommodate him, so he banded to his
partner his provisions, made for
the edge of Driftwood, and has
not been seen since. Constable
Kirby had three Indians out in
search of Robertson without success.
.1. Johnson, Ketchikan, returned
from Hazelton on Monday, am!
says things are lively inside, witb
pack trains moving about in all
directions, one 48-intile pack train
from Ashcroft having arrived u
few days before he reached Haze'
Dunlevy Bro.'s new store was in
readiness to receive their large
stock of goods whicli at that time
was stored at the Canyon
Mr. Johnston thinks the interior
is the "best looking country in the
world today, hut the land is blanketed with stakes, and a bona fide
settler will have a hard time telling
where he is at. The sections visited ptruck me as being admirably
adapted for mixed farming, fruit-
raising, etc. I have lived in five
states in the U. S , and farmed
in all of them and I know what I
Jam talking about. The valleys fnun
Kitsalns, II. ('., June 25.—The
G. T. P. survey parties above and
below Copper river are making
headway up and down river on or
near the old survey of the S. N 0.
railroad about five years ago.
It is rumored that G, H. Grey,
who has done most extensive surveys throughout this district.is coining up to survey a route from Kit*
silas ('anon to Bulkley valley, explored by Mr. Williecroft hist summer, and found by him to be harder than anticipated, but pioneers
and later explorers find it a most
feasible pass and shortens the route
about 70 miles as at present via
Hazelton. This would mitigate
very much against the interrupted
steamer and other kind of travel
put the Canyon. Owing to high
water in the canyon, making it
impossible for navigation, freight
and passengers are dumped off
here for two or three weeks' waiting. If this trail was opened it
could be utilized and time and
money could be saved to travellers
and navigation companies, also a
virgin district opened up to the
prospector and also extensively
utilized as the winter route for
mail and traffic, saving four days,
the cost would be nil compared to
the drag, delay and loss to travelers from the interior to   the  coast.
Assessment work on the (folder)
Crown is completed.
Toulon mine is showing up good
ore and sufficient for building extensively at mouth of Chinideiuesh
creek, six miles above here.
A telegraph operator here
seems to get out of the frying pan
into the fire on every occasion imaginable. Only recently he thought
fit to dance a merry jig, or a ring
around the rosie, ns it were, with a
ring staff acting as an up-right axis
to the tune of "Help! help! .luck!
Patterson! Pull him off me! Pull
him off mel help! murder! in a
thrilling treble. The gyratory impetus was your humble scribe.
Wires were hot for sometime afterwards with the result no doubt of
several more authorities and body-
MM1TI 1).
General Merchandise- Dry Uooda, Boots and shoes, Gro-
*"'•"■ ceries. Hardware, Drugs and Toys.
Moral: Prov. (fort Don't appoint a .1. P. that requires the continued efforts of three J. P.'s to
protect him.
Mackay Smith,
Blair 4 Co.
Wholesale   dry   goods   and   men's
furnishings.      Manufacturers   of
shirts, clothing, tents, etc
VAM'OIVKIt.   ii. c
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
Chemists and Druggists
Pun- Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals. Books. Stationery. Toilet
Articles, Etc.
Mail    orders    receive   prompt
and careful attention.
Dufferin Si.     ■   Port fsslngton, B. C.
Take notice that I, Robert O.
Jennings, of Port Simpson. B. C,
occupation. miner, intend to>
apply for a special licence to cut
mid carry away  timber   from   the
following described land:
No.4. Commencing at a post plant*
ed at the month of the fresh water
lake, emptying into salt water lake
from the ivorth, at the head of
Work Canal, theiwe north 40
chains, east ISO chains, south HO1
chains, west 80 chains, north 40'
chains to point of commencement,
containing (140 acres, more or less.
No. 5. Coi-inwueing at a post
planted ut north end of No. 4,
thence north 40 chaina-, thence east
SO ehains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, thenee north 40 chains ti>
point of coniiiiem.enM'iit. containing MO aa-res. "MM or less.
Mav 2:5, 1007.
Dufferin St., next to
Caledonia hotel,
Hot and cold baths.
t. Teaff, proprietor.
Skeena River
Steamboat Service.
Steamer Mount Royal
•onnecls at Port Essington
with the coast steamers
from Victoria and Vancouver during the season
of navigation.
200 cents a year for
this little paper


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