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The Sun Jun 22, 1907

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Prince Rupert
i ft- .
Circulating In Northern British Columbia
Port Simpson
 —i i
fil BBS III HIT |2 Pkk  Yka^
Vol. i —— No a
Receive $51,000
j Tbe bargain enteral into htr the
! railway company was very satis-
, factory, and In- was pleased to know
ed across; tlie sound by tl"- Venture and from there will proceed
under her own steam until she   ar-
I tli«* vendors were squally  pleased Irives at her destination.   Her own-
Last   Monilav    was
inc , er. mad.1
day in the pretty   town  of  Metla-. the star event of the day   wa-   tin
katla.    The   day   was an ideal ope   feast at g that  evening      After th;
for the closing of the  surrender   of Isinging ad   the   northern   anthem.
l-'i.oUO acres to   the   (irand   Trunk
railway company.
The Indian agent arrived at tin-
village from Kssington on Sunday
afternoon nn the Lottie N.. and the
day following Informed tin- Indian
council that the money had arrived and the distribution of the same
would tuke place a.- soon as several details were arranged.
This was the Me.,;i! for trotting
out the ancient and honorable
carriageless canon which had done
sentinel duty ever since the Muscovite left Alaska  ami  the north,
Bunting was hurriedly unfurled
iiml with lavish hand the numerous public institutions and private
residences and lawns were made to
appear like a scene from Sullivan's
Mikado. Fire-crackerH, roiinin
candles, wheels, etc., were carefully
bandied and placed at points for
ready s nor SB
In the meantime the Indian
agent had gone   to   Rupert  to  get
"the [ndian money" and incidentally invite the citizens to participate in tlie ftwVvitiee. They responded to a man. but one tug was
unable to accommodate the active
RupertonianS who desired to take
a look at a section of land that
in the days of the by-and-byc will
be known as the Hays Heights or
Bacon's suburban annex. The boat
had to make two trips
On the appearance of the tug
Native, in tlie tortuous channel,
picking out the path of less resistance, the villagers were on tbe tiptoe of expectancy, till the welcome
sound of the tug's born blew forth
the advent of the government
paymaster's coming with the
17-months-waited lot cash.
All the town was at the wharf.
Tha freedom ol the city was extended to the visitors, both by Dominion Indian Agent Morrow and
the chief of the Metlakatlas. The
keys to the public institutions, civil and ecclesiastical, were turned
over to Major Gibson. And then
the formalities of inspecting and
passing on a football by the Major
ushered in tbe afternoon in royal
order. After the ball game a visit
was made to the pretty little
Church ol Kngland, where the Major and others found much that
was of interest to them. Huoyed
up by changed .surroundings and
the appealing little hymn books
bekoning for release from weekly
inactivity, coupled with the yiippli-
ant peals of the organ, melted the
Major into calling on those assembled to join in several hymns.
This was done and a profitable
hour was spent.
A visit to the boys' Indian school
was next in order. The institution
was not at its best, owing to vacation being now on numerous boys
away fishing. However, the sight
boys the Major had the pleasure
of recounting   his   experiences   to.
with their iiargain.
Charles Vane paid » tribute to
the late Mr Russell when he expressed thai they did n<>t look at
him in the light of ■ stranger, but
ss a brother. If we could have bad
him tonight in the midst of oar
the announcement that Ifestivities we would have been
■ much delighted,
Major Gibson was in n<> such
dilemma as the good bishop, lie
was (rum Rupert, and was pleased
to In- In attendance on this hsppt
event. When Prince Rupert   is the
metropolis of the we-! we would
look upon the days jn Metlakatla
as skookim: day.-
Indian Agent Morrow, on handling over the cheque for 181.000
to the chief councillor, said he was
proud to be again in llie historic
spot of tin- in,ith. where foi live
years he had labored. The people
whom you see here tonight 60
year- ll go were living in barharisu.
and it is left to yourselves to judge
of results.      The    people   to    wlllllli
this money will lie handed are better able to handle it than myself.
The deal has been closed. The promise the Canadian Hag gives to the
Indians will be carried out to the
very letter. For five years, in company with Mrs. Morrow, have I
lived here. Some of my children
have been born bore, and my om
wish is that you set apart one day
In each year to the beautifying oi
this historic spot. I ask yon,
councillors of Metlakatla. to do
this on my part. I may not always
be with you.
After Rev.  Mr. Kane interpreted
three   cheers    were   given   for the
"We are here because we are, here,1'
to the air of Old Lang Syne, pro-
reeaiinp took a lull till the tug returned rtn her second trip Mr.
Bacon, head of the (i.T P.. at Bu.
pert, was om- of the passengers on
the second boat. His arrival WHS
the ilgnal for more rejoicing. A
circle was formed nround him by a
number of Metlakatlas and the
now popular refrain. "We are here
because we arc here," given open
At X o'clock the visitors from
Kssington and Rupert sat down to
a feast prepared snd served exclusively by the beneficiaries of the
fund distributed, ami it was very
creditable. Indeed. It was held in
the huge abandoned store at one
time occupied by Mr. J. Cunning*
ham. The Metlakatla band furnished music for the occasion from
elevated seats at the rear of the
hall Indian Agent Morrow, as
chairman, made the announcement
that this was the first time tbe ladies ol Metlakatla had had the
honor to entertain iisitnrs in this
manner, to overlook any slight defects its hasty bringing about and
accept in it the true spirit in whfcli
it was tendered.
After ample justice bad been
done to the feast. Chief Joshua
Leighton said he did not want to
take up milch of their time and
apologized for the incompleteness
of the band. It was a bard thing
to keep up the standard of a bam!
and secure uniform practice, when
so many of their musicians kept
Hitting about. It was like the
chasing of butterflies to   keep   the
band together He thanked those
who had been Instrumental in
bringing to a close the sale of their
lands and hoped the white people
would derive as much benefit from
the sale as themselves.
Bishop DuVeriiet unconsciously
furnished a text for several speakers who followed, when he >airl
be did not know which place
to speak for. He dial not know
what town he represented—Metlakatla or Rupert. He was present
at the big land deal, seventeen
months ago, had taken up his resilience at Rupert, and was hack
again at its consummation. "The
event we are celebrating tonight is
one of great historical interest, not
onlv to British Columbia,   but   the    ".
the whole Dominion," said the
bishop, "and in the foresight and
acuteness displayed by Indian
Agent Morrow in recommending to
tbe department the provision made
for children to receive $200 was
entirely due to tbe efforts of the
The bishop's remarks were interpreted by Rev. Mr. Kane.
it, <L  Cunningham,  accompanies
the boat.
Tomorrow   [n   lite    Methodist
church service at eleven a. m., will
he in Kngli.-h and Tsimshean, A
serviie of song at seven p. m. will
precede the ordinary service. All
are heartily welcomed.
Another death by drowning is
recorded. This makes the fifth in
this immediate vicinity in two
months The average, we are informed by authority, is 10 for the
season. If this is so we are only
half way in the sad chain of mis-
foitune, Solomon Green, a Sinip-
-iin Indian, while going over to
Balmoral Sunday evening, fell out
of his canoe a short distance from
the shore. He disppeared and
never came to the surface again.
He was a young man. 26 years of
age. His friends incline to the
belief that it was heart failure. A
reward of |200 has been posted.
Rev. T. Rayworth, on Ids way to
permanently reside at Rupert, arrived in the northern metropolis
Friday, and will hold service tomorrow morning in the Methodist
church. He was formerly stationed at Salt Spring Island. Accompanying the former was the Rev.
.1. C. Spencer. M. I)., who is on his
way to his station at Skidegate. He
was formerly at Bella Uoola.
The Northwest arrived down this
afternoon. Captain Bonser says
twenty-two tons of hatchery freight
for the Babine and Stuart lakes
was transferred by Indians in 8
hours.     It is understood if lo a ton
chief   and   the   hand    plaved   Old
Lang Sync to the accompaniment
of   rockets,   roman    candies ami
.{ tii
the booming of cannon.
The   actual   distribution
money took place Tuesday.
One family receives 15000 out oi
the distribution.
Another Chinaman has gone to
heaven by the short line route.
It happened at Lowe Inl.t last
Saturday. Luin Gee, it appears.
was a melancholy Celestial, and
confinement under roof be did not
like. Consequently he bundled
his frail belongings into a handkerchief and took to the woods at
the rear of Lowe inlet cannery.
All went well with him till missed.
A search party discovered him,
brought him back to dear old home,
treated him with all kindness, and
went so far as to provide him with
quarters removed from the gaze of
curious mortals. Rut no use. He
slipped a knot on a short piece of
hemp and took passage for the un-
liscovered country. The manager
the cannery .aiuc to Kssington
Monday with the body on the tug
Muriel and preparations completed
for the transportation of deceased's
remains to Victoria, where his
friends reside and have their being.
.1. J. Sloan, who has   been   away
on a five-days' timber cruising trip
| up to   the   Big Falls, arrived home
was paid.    One
took a hand.
Three Japs were caught playing
blackjack on the walk through the
graveyard last Saturday. They
jumped as Constable Collins hove
in sight. Caught one. Fined $'24
in court Monday for gambling in
ilposed places.
A meeting was held on Thursday
evening in the school house to perfect organization of the   Kssington
gun club. The membership roll
-bows, st present, (it) nanus and is
starting with a vim that spells sin -
cess. Tbe business done was the
election of permanent officers, the
striking of a good strong committee, drafting rules, the ordering of
traps ami ammunition, anil the
proposed clearing of the range. The
officers are.
Mr. Kirby, president.
II. McKenzie. .-ec.-treasurer.
W. A. Wadams, captain.
Committal—Geo. Rudge, Rimp-
mui; I). M. Moore, Cassiar; A. Olson. Kssington; M. M. Knglisb.
Balmoral; Y. Rochester. Seal Harbor; K. Lorent, Kssington; W. .1.
Maekay, Ki-.-iiigl.ui; Geo. Ruttimcr.
Carlisle; Geo, Cunningham, Kssington; H. Wilson. Balmoral.
At the conclusion of the election
the president presented the club
with two handsome targets and a
>ct of quoits.
A vote of thanks was passed to
the president for this donation.
1$ Dying
Special Wire News
New York.—Cable to World says
the report is current in the house,
that Joseph Cbamberlin   is  dying.
San Francisco, June 22.—Jury
on Sclimit/, caps returned verdict
of guilty Sentence reserved till
June.    Bail refused.
Supervisor Gullighar  appointed
acting mayor. Sehmitz says he is
still mayor and that his offices are
at tbe county jail.
Boise, Idaho.—State expects to
conclude evidence this week in the
celebrated Haywood case.
Vancouver.—Try-weekly service
fast transcontinental trains on C.
P. R. begins July 2. Trains leave
for east Tuesdays, Thursdays and
J. Carnyn. president Northern
Securities, Ltd.. died yesterday, as
result of diving from the float at
h'nglish bay. Struck his head on
hard sand bottom and concussion
brain resulted.
Thirty-sixth annual convention
A. F. iv A, M. opened yesterday
with forty lodges represented,
Albany, N. Y.—Governor signed
New York city recount bill, whicli
provides for recount of ballots cast
at the election Nov. 19 for mayor
New York city.
Toronto.—Crops will be fully one
month late in Ontario this year.
Boise, Idaho.—I'ettybone refuses
to testify against Haywood. Believed case against Haywood will
fall through unless the state can
persuade I'ettybone to testify.
Reno, New—J. K. Humphry,
millionaire, lost control of automobile, plunged into canyon seventy-rive feet and   was picked up
Victoria. B. C—After vain attempts for several weeks to extinguish the fire in No. 4 slope, Co-
inox coal mine, the fight was abandoned and the mine sealed up.
Insufficient supply of coal and
coke has hampered work at the
mines at Hadley, Prince of Wales
Island.  Alaska,   according   to   Mr.
Thomas    Kiddie,   manager   of   tin'
Brown-Alaska smelter at Hadley.
The Treadwell mines are in much
the same difficulty,  but have the
advantage that they are aide to Use
oil to a certain extent. Tbe ore receipts at the smelter, Mr. Kiddie
-ays, are sufficient to keep the
works going if the lui 1 supply could
be made adequate. Ha has come
south to make arrangements to
this end. Then has been a change
in the ownership Of the Brown-
Alaska smelter, Mr. Brown having
disposed oi his interests to the president ol the company, G. W.
Mumford, who is coming from the
cart to take over the stock.
Mr. Bacon was pleased to be present and said there was no doubt
in the minds of those assembled as
to where lie came from and   whom
Acknowledging   the    vote    Mr. —•-•--—
this morning. Kirby touchingly referred to the     Looking the  picture of health
K. K Potts, a commercial  man I fact that be would not  be abb- to land majestically defying bis sev-
with radical ideas ai.d a celebrated j devote u i,,u. h time to   the   birds '-eiity-iiine years, General   Booth   of
solo player,is in town. this summer as he would have lik- the   Salvation army  arrived from
while a juvenile under the pater-Ihe represented. He oatM from The tug Chieftain, gutted \i\ ed,owing to his having assumed thi Orient on board the Minneao-
nal roof in Scotland, were listened Rupert and represented the Grand fire some time ago, left mi 'II.m-- thi nan enient of thi Nortl Pc- to m the "th He spoke ol his
to with marked attetTtion, and only Trunk. He wat sorri Messra. da\ Ian Vancouver, ulcere sh< ..ill cifle hotel at Claxton, alainl to lie *rij> as beinii ;.'■ continual tn-
broken when Mr.  Scott, the teach-  Morris and Hays were not present.[undergo repairs.   b\b« will be tow-  constructed immediately, [umph. thr  sun
The Sun
W.   J.  MA. KAY,  I'KOI'HIKTol:.
IT    AI..
Co.M.     1'HOSI'i;. 1 IM;      AM.    TIMIIKI
NOTl.'Ks. 3(1 day-. $">.
Lami HOTTCI -, 60 day-. $7.
Ci Hiiiii aii    i iMi'iai\ i:\:i:\t BO-
tick-.. 60 days, $7.
rl\ art.     Thai  would   be   done   im-   hadji  to regain I.i    i'eet Hi
mediately  but   would   be   brought
touting up to  avi nge  his  brother,
about gradually so that the indue- Sung hi mG h  altii where
try would not   be  interfered  with  Gedanst haal thrown him.   He a as
or injured by   the   transference  ol
The event in tlie tillage of Met
lakatla last Monday evening when
Indian Agent Morrow, in tic presence of the representative of tin
(irand Trunk, the bishop of tie
diocese of Call donia and severs
hundred visitors, handed to th-
chief councillor a cheque'for 181,-
075.26 in payment for the surrender of     18,500    acres   of   land   on
Digby island, a settlement of vast
historical Importance was consummated. It ha- eliminated oiu
party from tin- now celebrated
controversy between the provinci
and the railway company, anal
incidentally has afforded a subject
upon   which our Canadian  club
can gloat over to their heart's < -
tent in relation to the Indian ques
tion in British Columbia. Then
is ample material in this subject to
curry on a profitable discussioi
for years, and the sooner the Canadian clubs drop their worn out
text Labor and apply themselvci
to a solution of mn- Indian ques
tion. tbe better ami quicker will hi
tlie development of a section ol
British Columbia which has beei
handicapped and blocked, unneces
sarily, at every turn in the march
of progress.
Hon. Richard McBride attended
Epsom rai es on tin 5th a hen the
American horse, Ormy, and ridden by an American jockey, won.
King Edward, despatch s say, has
L'l.i. iously i on ented to ad on the
miggestion   made   by   tin   premier
that he nai lie of hi-  cull.-    I,. •
tcr Terms.
One of tbe most important decisions ever given in British Co
lumbia was banded down hy tin
full court in Victoria in connection
with the application of the Work
men's compensation act. the first
of its kind in British Columbia,
was the case of t. B. Nevilh
against Messrs. Kelly Bros. am.
Mitchell, contractors   for   the   new
postoffice building. Vancouver, fo;
the loss of an eye while in their
employ. The appeal was dismissed. Briefly it was an action on
an appeal from the decision of Mr
Justice Morrison on a case stated
to him by Magistrate Alexander,
arbitrator under tbe compensation
act, 1902, who had found in favor
of the plaintiff, but reserved deci
sion on a point of law for a supreme court judgment. Tbe applicant Neville, was employed by
Messrs. Kelly Bros, and Mitchell
as a steel cutter, and while .hipping steel plate with a chisel, a
piece of the chipping flew up and
struck him in the left eye. nf
which he lost tin- sight. The arbitrator came to the conclusion
that the occurrence was an accident within tbe. provisions of the
act and entitled to relief accordingly. At the reiptest of the respondents, the question was submitted to Mr. Justice Morrison:
Did the Hying Up of the piece of
Bteel and its entrance into tin- applicant's eye, thereby doing serious
injury, constitute an accident.'
His lordship, following a decision
of the house of lords, held that it
was, and the full court, after hearing the evidence, were of the same
opinion, and the appeal was dismissed.
In discussing the step of the
provincial government in assuming full control of the fisheries in
British Columbia, which action
may result in a fierce clash with
federal authority. Hon. K. J. Kui-
ton chief commissioner of lands
and works, explains that before
the province could take over the
administration of the fisheries in
the fullest sense it would be necessary to draft regulation-, amplifying the terms of the atoreiiientioii-
There had been  a whisky  teas!
given by ".lack-on." as he chose to
he   called   in    honor   (?)   of   SOllli
white acquaintance.    Tin-  prov -
cation for the fight is a   matter   ol
no importance,  the   feast   w U   th
cause.     Four   against   four  the}
were pitted, all of Gedanst'i  fan
ily.     Drunken   to  madness,   thei
had been at first almost helpless il.
their besotment;  but   now  as  th
thirst  for blond   displaced    the    li,
it* the liquor in their vein.-, thcii
nerves steadied with their dead!;
intent, till only the human attri
butes of reflection and feeling re
mained dormant, whilecvery bruti
facility was at iis highest tension.
Mere beasts tiny   were, eagi r tot
aeh other's blood. Only Old I'.ie
.-.as too saturated with the Hquol
to recover full command of ].;.■
physical powers so readily, whili
ids malignant spirit urged Inn
into tin- thick oi the melee, hir
devilish lace already   gloating ovei
he carnage   he   imagined   hilii.-ei:
ibout to accomplish.
Beginning with a wordy war.
mil exchange of hitter taunt-
feeling at last ran so high that
Gunwhad, with a villainous long
blade in his band, rushed uj on
Ab-e-had-gi, determined to maki
an end of him. Abehadji met him
with a spring like g cat's, seizing
the uplifted arm and bearing him
backward to the ground. Bui he
was really no match for Gunwhad
who had no sooner touched tin
ground than he had turned him-
ed himself above him, freeing hii
inn and again lifted the blade  lor
a final stroke       But (low galtli had,
seen bis brother's danger and dodging from Nestakana's grasp, just at
the critical moment, seised the upraised wrist and casting himself
upon the would-be murderer at the
same instant lion- him down to
the ground. The blade in the out-
stretched ham! he pressi d against
a block of wood till it broke short
within an inch of the ha If. while
his other half felt for a gasping
throat. In desperation Gunwhad
now overborne by superior strength
freed   his   knife-had    and     leu ked
with the broken piece ,,f blade al
Ids  antagonists, scoring   Icarfullj
their faces, scalp- and  almost  I    i.
ml backs with his repeated stroke.-.
Blood was flowing freely Irom the
gashes, and it might have unali d
fatally just there for some on< of
tbo three had not Gedanst come
upon the scene.
He alone bad remained sober.
Earlier In the day he bad taken
from (iwaiga a double-barrelled
pistol, which in the bands of a
drunken man be feared might do
some harm. Some one now had
brought him wordol the trouble on
the beach, and he rushed out ol
hit house into tin-crowd of screem-
ing women and fighting men. Seeing  the three men in hitch desper-
no match for Qowgalth and could
hold him only for a minuti—but a
minute m n , i nearl; fatal, for Old
Tom running u\>. Iim d s hug
stone to his shoulder and staggered forward with it, mutt.
"Now, Gowgalth, your In ail will lie
ma   heal."     I ii il . list     ua-    ju  '
I  He   I I In      ti 111     fl "in   hh
-III.111.. It     fell     on     ii.
IV   i "•!.      Tii ■   diverted   his
irniei ''in in v
to Gedi
i .'   i -i    I    I    d    ia.I       noticed    he
iad I a ,   '   ,\ a-   n ■ ,\
-. pa rat ing si mn i   ii or i lit i .-mists
■ v Inn   Old    Tom     rushed   at    him.
■ ged him by the front of loir 11 and stripped it into ribbands.
.'his was too much for Gedi list
■\ ho had pri viously been
lighting only in the interests ol
11 grasiM i the old man'
throat, strangled  him   with   help
k'ssness.  and    tl   dropped   him
like carrion.    Then he   turned  hi
ittention to tl. tnbatnnts,   whi
were once again in a furious strug
;!•-.    Gowgalth   was    now     below
iwign        and      Gunwhad,    wh
ere trying to  fasten   their tei tl
into his  face an,    throat.    Whil.
Ie Ian I   was   rescuing   him    i lid
I'om  rati into his liOUSi    a nd   i alia
tit with a shoi i musket.    I i dansi
icard someone rail sharply, "Lo.il
ut."  and  turned   iii   time  to si e
Old Tom thrust the muzzle  . f  thi
musket   at   his l«aly as tho it wer
i   bayonet.     He  stenped  quiekh
side  and his drill ken antagonist
uissing  i iie   i \p 'etc I   i c- istam -.
s: nmbled   hoadlon :.      Recoverini
himself,    Tom.   too   sodden    tvttl
Irink to realize the proper  use  oi
the   weapon,  again  charged  am
igain  plunged   headlong  pas:   a-
redanst     dodged     him.     As   Ton
11 Gunwhad snatched the musk
from him and  smashed   it   over   n
Then Tom's bi sotted brain si in-
d to sober uith the .int. nsity ol
us rage. He steadied himself and
Irew a short heavy pistol Irom
within his blanket. Gedanst sual-
lenly remembered the loaaied   pit
till    ill    his    pocket.      He   cocked   i.
as he drew, but for an instant
which with a soberer antagonis:
would have been fatal, thi hi ni
ner    cailgllt    on   the   hem    of   tin
pocket. Before Old Tom had quit,
steadied bis aim the pistol was out
vith a jerk. Tom would mreh
never have giv< n more trouble bad
not Cwaiga caught Gedant's hand
as be drew. Instantly the pistol
discharged and Gwaiga sank to thi
(round exclaiming: "He has shot
•iie." The bulla t had game through
the calf of the leg, Quite as promptly on this unexpected discim
Old Tom fell mi bis fai ' . ! ■ I
showed much more alacrity in
scrambling off on all fours, il dg
ing behind   boxes  affording  cover
tiil  he reached   the   ibeltl t   of   hi-
The  fight   turned  Into  a si
IcdiuiBl    wai      now    thoroughly
ii, i.   .i   nd di '• i mined on  'I i
daughter,    ["he other  comliatants
had drawn off with a discharge of
the pistm  to the   sides   of   the   two
principal antagonists, Tours party
inside the house ami (bdant's
friends crowding about bini Ge*
danst stood before the door of
rum's hotisi* with pistol levelled,
waiting for his adversary. Presently a small crack opened in the
dour, a pistol was   thrust   nut   and
fired at random toward the party.
Gedanst Bred at tbe protruding
hand   and   missed.       For   several
rounds this ridiculous duel was
continued with no harm  to  either
ate condition, he sprang 11)1011 thersU ^^^^^^
lifting Gowgalth bodily and Ring-  party.
Ing him to one side, then dragging      When Gealansl realised  the  fu-
Gunwhad by  the shoulders  from  tility of such  tactics  he  drew off
The Skeena River route is the quickest ami he-t route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
fin IL a Iton ami Skeena river ports,
C. Transportation & Commercial Co..
1 niir  1 >
R. J   McDoncll
(Mrs. .1. II. Thompson, late of Ihe Commercial
hotel. Vancouver, has taken the managi nieiit,)
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the re*
nuireuieuts of 11 fastidious public, anal com*
manding a sup. rh view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transferred from all incoming and to all
outgoing boats.
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port Essinmton, b.c.
Union 55. Co. of B.C.
Chief A. Wedildahid
Ladies' and gentlemen's fur-       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.ishings—clothing niaah   Ui order.      'Ibis company  is not supported
by government sulwidies,  but by
S.   .-flZZi-M iii,. || | will and patronage of the
traveling public .and shippers.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, I'ort
•    j  ..  i a *- --■ i„-,i,,r      Kssington, Portland  Canal,  Alert
land. TlmLer *4   feral Loci*    U     *)d c,;imi,ry |iorts  iiU   lft
10th and 20th of each  month, and
|-,.|,,«  ., i,.. i i v. ■ "I   I ."    ''  "■ 'a I -   Ml  I  :    e -'.    .'Ill      , ... . .       , .
"ems »naiiT. _.„_,   leave \ ictoria  one  day before, by
;   lorty  jti nn m . i •■ -■ • '    J
 i tnnwi. iige "i ti" -      i -111'""  new steel
...Mtuni i" lulde I'-irii - i ■• II ■   l»">'  •    'llik KTKAMKN   i.\Mo-l'N
.; v»lle)    Tlie I'ountrj nboiimli In   ■ ■'
Shimming«..d,                      iins««»*     , j     s,ean,cr    on     the   route
trip will il" wi 11 i"  »rlV  H.tnei »< ■"'"' ..•..,        ,     , ,       ,.   , ,
■ I'.'n i-..iii..-i.i:i, r. e.   p.o.bnxiB. built with   steel   water-tight   com*
 ^^^  imrtiueiits and  double bottom, in*
'     ' suring safety of passengers in cum'
Warner Lynch Room niij?^^
Granite Point, Elk bay. Hardwich
Island, ear River, Salmon River,
Port Harvey and all logging
camps, evry Monday at 8 p. m.
Van Amla. Lund. Lewis Channel. Shoal Lay. Port Neville. Port
Harvey. Chatham Channel, Tri-
bune Channel,   Broughton bland,
every Friday a I li p. m.
i.i i en's, render Harbor, Nelson
Island. Marble   Bay, Blubber Hay,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Lund. Manson's. \\'"l aletown, Head
Islam!. Bute   Inlet, every Monday
 ~ al i'i a. iii.
.i        i.i   ;,.,,,nw »l, -n -i nni-     Tucker Bay, an Amla, Gibson's
,Uit loaded the.rgunswhc   a mu f£    ^J*    fi
'   *»«••*■   "ashed  through   the ^^ ^^  hrrU ,„,,., ,.v,rv
bouse eve;' th ir heads. in-,   ru h- Mon(iRy .,, n .,_ „,.
• I to the door and saw Old Tom's jror berths and passaga, apply at
nalignanl lac.   peering aliove  the company's offices—
long grass audi r an apple tn p- Carrall St., Vancortver, B.C.
.,,,,.it,..      [Tie  lour  Bred  simulta* an,i 5S Wharfstract, Victoria.
 u.sly.    Tin nigh the smoke they	
aught   a glimpse  of Tom's   heels
where hi.  1     I  bad been  as \\fo (j. I T. Lll-llber C0
turned a somersault in the air.
Kahga spat in bis band a derision
of their fallen enemy. They reloaded in haste for Tmn's friends
might be near. Presently the
•rasa "here he bad fallen began to
move He was crawling off- Again
and again they tired in the waxing
•rase as he quickly made his zigzag way to shelter behind a house,
and thence to bis own shack.
Strange to  say,  he   bad   not   been
The only first-class
Short Order iiojso
in Lssiiujlon   .    .
Private boxes for paiti-'s!'
oi'l.x    ill,I.   2   P. K,
OPPOSITE Tin-' v. >:.-Ti:i,-\ iii
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
Tort fssington, b. c.
All kinds of  lumber supplied on short notice,
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast ol b. c.
J. M. DUNCAN, Manarcr
TX:JlTV^TyV: McKenzie & Jackson
Aftewards     forty    blankets   Were
to tin' ^^^^^^_ ——
leg wound and the affair  «ns  re* /HerChaillS
mendiei'cd as   merely   a    passing p        *-,-.      . ■    •
iSSilSilSilSBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSBSSSSSSSSBSSSSSSSSBSSB I....1    , , .i-, „ I, •  11,   their    savage    ll V    ,.— H I  OSlOl 1 ICC    UlGCK
srs of the knife, be allowed Abe-1 aider their neat move,    llu-j   nau i episoui in un B
la-hind and avoiding the backward  with his party to his house to con The si**
N<.u<:« In hurf.jy |iv\M that H slesfl ftfter Afttc
J llllaitil tu «pl>l> '" taM Clllf f < 'affQinlsstalllimf uf
l-aiM* Hi|.i Works lur permiN'.lmi to cut mh-I
curry away tiinljer ir'im ihy loUowtMg  AfMCTtb*
c«l In ml, Hitiirit*' in thv BqiM Instrict
So 1. CMlMMCtag ut rt pRMfj |iliinl.'i| mi llir
W---1 -i.lf ..1 Kitkiilliili iiilit, rihuut tlirt't* iiul.'s
nurih uf the imrruw-i. ronlu-r  uIhihI,  tltcmv
liurtll r»0 Clinili-., tlli-Mif V\a'-I inrlmitis; tln-hcc
aullth WfssVasiH] thrtirr gsut in rhnin.*.; ttuMirr
liurth H>) rhulii* !■« plftM "I coiiiini-iici'inunt.
Nu 2 r.niimfltuint,* mi m p-.si planted on the
BBBsfftkajfa a'l-e.'k i-iiipiyliiw tiiin kukailHli tit
1**1. ali-iiit h mili' below tin. iiartnw-.   | n-l   llatsl
ui uilajt, ihetiuf imrtli  m ehrUnR; tbeaat '■-■'
hu eliulu*, UitMi.'M IfMltll IB ehftjQl , iln-uer w.-m
tTrttfJasBi; lllltll. .' I'Utl, |0 i-hrilll*. lo ||1 I- ■ <H
Nu     .1       r.lllltlll'tKTIltf   'i(  It   |MW1   plttlltSjd   lit   .III'
Mtuthetul t**trnei ul T  I.   Ui.TTtt; ttwnai MNHh
*' rllMlli",   III.  Mr,'  VM-v|  Ho   . -Iitim*,  I hrin ;■  not 111
*i riiuni-., iiii'M.:.. rnM wi feWilw '" fittet M
Nil    I       (  iilllllllMlotUK   Hi U  |it|>1   pli.llteil  <i||   III.'
«. hi iii mn\$ • >' » Mioiii ttmk, ibuui ihm nlt>
from I hi- IhoU'Ii mm.I hn!l I mile, north ni KpelWr
ri\.t, I'mvlier i<.|,iiii| i iIhmi.i- month If .■Iihii:*;
the tier wcM Hii atli,ii us; ilirti.-r n.irtli Hi* elm in-;
tlicnee cH«.t bbs I Iuliio;   ihitir.'   -..Hill   H HimIii-
to  plate tlfj eollllllelU Vina  lit
Nn ".. Coiniiioiirnin nl » |..»i planuM on the
liurtll hailk of S(Hlla'|' rUfi, I'oului l-hitii|;
I linn i- -oiuh ho Him.!:*; llnnee i\n*l Hn rhiiin-:
llutiee north M) fhaiim; thenee fiml H*i eluun-
lu |.|.nf ni r.iii,iiu'tl''aiiuui
No    I'..      < 'nlllll|1!l||-lllK   mi   ii   BOri   phi M tfl Oh  t III'
west rstsit "i ii snitill rifck rin|ityii)K tnln Kil
katlah Inlet mi the en«t **...• m' inii-t. r.-nhet
t -1 ii 11' 1; tli«MU-i' nurtli hu I-!: a in-; l Ii.-iiit m*1 N
vli ii iii"; tin-mi- Mrtttfc K)rlmtiit| tluotiH' trwl W
rhains hi plui" ni eummouwmDQt.
No. 7. Coininona-intc al a |hi«.i |>l:iiiii-.l ut |hv
(tioitliwt'si lorncr of No. t.; iliem-i- north Ho
•-ii ti Iiik ; LbvWtt ltf»l Rttthsitnnl it if htm putttfa ho
rhains tin in.; va-l H-i i htiu.v !■<   pi a I   intu
No. H. CnHimyllnlllfcC ill ii pup) |,latil.i| at tin
MOithWcst I'orncr of No, b; ttlVIMW -olilh Ni
ctMlMt lfc»B0e «a»t ift I'liaiii-; llii-lii'r nurtli so
rhains.; tbttflfls) rf«*l m nhain» in m\mm of MM-
Nat. '.». Cuiuini'ltrlnj,' at a post jilaiiU'il a' ilu-
•UUthWMl   mlm-r   111   No.   ".;   Iliion-r   Mitltli    Ml
chuins; ihrint WMl «" chrllnp; ih* uog north Ho
chuins iluMK-i. .'nvt ho rluiiti- to   pla-'t- nf  eon
Nu. to.    <'nininiin''lnK al i |m>m   planti-<l   m-ar
till' -.ulllhwa'-l  MtrMf nf   Nn    9\   llll'llll-    11U1I ll «ll
rhains; ih.-ii'r wi-^l Klehalbi; ihriifi' mmili Ml
riiuni*; tlu-ni'i' casl Ho cliaiii1- In |ilai*t> of i-uiij-
nii-niT-iiifiil ,
Nu. tl. ruiiimcnfliiK al a imst plmiifil ahuut
l'» cliHins I'Bstrrly Irom tin suiitlu-as| corniT of
T. L No. 4 .if this group, I'-im Imt IftUtnii tlifin-r
nuiith Hti chains; iIh-hit irrjat tt rliains th.-tu-.-
north HO chains thi-ticn i'nM hii chain* In place
ol cnmiiU'tHTincnt.
\V.  F.  Mt'NTTINti.
I>.  K.  Newell, AftUl
■Sri RhmIiikIoii. M.C. May », IWI,
Take notii'i* lhat Jnhn (i. .Inhnsion, of 1'mt
KtMlisMtOB, B, I!. , occupalion tlniher ertii-cr,
iniemlitto apply for n iipccial timber licem:i*
over tlie follu\TiiiK ileserlbeil lands;
t'liiiiment'tliK at pOfM plants..1 on southeast M.li
of Skeena riter, about 1 |-1 miles ttovfl mmt
from Hot HpriitKB att.l tbont oppitsile Aher-
<Ulen cannery, thence «onth 40 chain*; thenc-
*-ast -lOfbains: thence nouth Ui chains; tlu'tn-e
t-Hht tio chains, thence north hu chaiim ; them-e
weMt Um chains to [mint of eoinineni'ein(o.it.
ami containing Mt ai'res, inure or lens.
ati'-l May s9,IMf.
Take nuttcf that John li. Johnston ami J. W.
Smith of I'ort Kssington, II. <\, occupation
timber cruiser ami telegraph operator respect
tvelj*. intend to apply fur a special timl-er licence over the following ileseribrii lands;
Commencing at a post planted Ofl a slongh
n( the Skeena river on Ihe north side of ihe
river on shore about two miles weft of the
Kxatews. river; thence morth 40 cliains; thence
east 40 chains; thence north 10 chuins; thence
cost HO chalnit; thence south to shore ol
• lough; thence westerly along slouch to place
of beginning and containing M m-ies mora- or
lasssj, JttllN ti   .KH1NSTON.
Hated Mnyi.th, 1!K17.
Take notice that John (i. Johnston, of I'ort
Kssington, M. <'-, oempatlOQ timber i-ruiser,
Intends to apply for a special tttUMT licence
over the following described lands:
''oinmencing at a post planted on llie south
bank of the Skeena river about I 1*3 miles Mal
from Hole In-the-Wall (otherwise known as
Kxchamsiks river; thence south 70 chains;
thence west 1'iO chains; thence north to shore
about ;t0 chains; thence west along shore to
point of comnienceuH'til, and containing Ml
acres more or lew.
Paled May fith, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given that f«o days after date
1 intend to apply to the Hon. the Ch.et t ..m
inisvioncr of Lands and Wurks for pt-nuissioti
to purchase the following land, situated on
Portland Canal ■ Commencing at a post plant
ed near shore marked "\V II. Cl N ft, cor";
thence cast ■ chains; thence south -loehaiii*.
more or less, to lioundary uf lot i',Hi, thfmec
west alniiK said boundary tu <*horc line, then<v
northerly along sbon> line to point of com
nieneement.euuttiining lo acres, more ov tow.
W   ll   COORft.
port Kssington, B. C, May £\, mt,
Notice is hereby given that M daya after .late
I Intend   to make applieatinn tu  the lion, the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and Wurks for
pt rmisston to purchase the fnllmving descrila-.l
land situateil on Powhlt Island: Commencing
at a post marked K. A.  H.'h N. K. C, purchase
t-laim| thenec south • chains; thence west 40
eliains, thence  nt»rth M chains, thence cast 40
chains to point i»f eommencement, contHining
100 aeren, more or lose.
E. A. Hudson, Agent.
Port MBfjM, B. C . May M, l!-07.
Take notice that Frank L, tiwiUim, «>! Vancouver, B. C-, occupation barristef-at law, la-
lends to apply U>r permiwiion to purchase the
jollowtng  'hseribed land:
Commencing at a pout planted on the north
bank of Skevna river almut 1 l-'2 mile-* down
the river Irom Hole-tn-lhe-Wall, otherwise
known as Exekiamsikv river, immediately cast
ol Ocrtrudc Warren's corner pust; thence i.ortli
HO chunis- tlieO't ■Ml 10 chains, Hicih .■ WOtl.
au<l west along river to point ul eominence-
menl and eoutaintng HO acre-, inm. or toM.
P»Vv*i M*V I*, toafl
Take notice that I, William v rumicii o| lira
ham l-h.iid, oceupaiinii, laniier. inieiid in ap
ply for pt-T nn <-mn   to   pure have  the   follow! UK
dcM-nlsud laud; Cuiiiiiieii. itig at pott planted
on Itie west side uf Ma-net inlet, at lb. m..iit)i
of Kuwan river; theioe w.---t H i Imni-; tlieiin-
-until -lo cliain-; tli.-iue ca>t   to ehalna; l!.i:i'.-
Aortal H chains to point uf c.Miiiiicrc.-iii.-ii'.
%Od con'alii 11 "A h-J a'iri l.iui.' '0  |.-,-
M ll.l.l \M ITBOXACH.
Mated June 1,  tMf,
Take notice that Vinh-t t. Waricn. ut \ n
lot   i, nceiipation   mitrncl   wninnii.   ui'i'inls to
apply for psVMtottoa to puidia-. th. (ollfwiny
■ tr-culn -.1 land'
i uiiiuieticiiiK ai a pust planU'il OB tin- bnt.k
uf a   B>V0ttfh   on   the   ii.uth   side ut   [lie §k**>llH
i iht a thin t three miles up the rlr«i r-nn ll...
in  the Wall, imiii.-dnili Iv    MBt  ol    K    t-    Jobl
-innS v'Uiliia-.i i'iii'iii;i' puot; tloiic- norili in
chains; Ihelice M#M tot baVlsU; uicmc umith Ui
-litllgh lo cliallis. ihcliec vi'-! MlilllfJ -I'HikI) Hu
chains tu   inn u 1   ol   cninms/Mi ciii'-ht.   aud   ■ "M
uuiiiiig UD m re*., man qr toM.
VIOMCT i.    w \|;i;l n
Huh- Mai ll. IWt,
Ink.' n.iMi.i ihm (...'"-ti 0. Jnhusi.oi. of Hh
els llilel. B, <'..  ucciipailuli   .iiii:i,n    liiniiai,'. :
Intends to Mppi> for prrralaaltiii to |> irehaw l  i
fottoV Ing dc-ci il.cd   land
Coinmciicing at a p..-t planted on the bank
-I a sintmii ,m ilie north side ui the Hkeeng
river about three mltV" "p the rlrer from H»le.
hi the Wall luilicrwinv kimun as Kxeh*mniks
River; thence north Hfehttlm; tbeneeweatHii
.■ii ui us; then, c si, mi i tosltniich nboni luehnlna,
lliclici ca-l iibiUil H i-luiilis along slough In
(.mill  ui    emiliueli, cinelM .   and   eontffjIltlRf Ull
,11-rcs iiini'c or lem
Un|ti-;i;T t;. lOUNiTON.
Dated  May IK,  I'i "
lake liutiec that <■- Warren, <>i Vtetorla, It
< .nccupiitf..;i spiiisi.r. Inteiidi to apply foi
|icrmissiuii to purehnse ihe follou Ing dnacrlbetl
Coaimeneing ni ■ pom pUnteO on the nortfa
bunk   nf   Ihe   Skeelia     I ivel'    abuui    I 1 g   niil.-^
down the river from rJolf^ln-the-Wall, ether'
rvtae known as Kxehnmilki river, thence nttrtn
l" chains; iiiciice wtM So ebalna, thence sunt I.
in ihore; thence west thing shun- to oetni nl
commencement, and eoniiiinipg 3jy m i.-s nmic
of ton UKRTRl'UJe W'AUKKN.
Ihiie May is. HOT.
Nntice i- hcia-hv given Hint lioditys after dale
! intend iii apply to the Hon. tbe rhM < i>m
mtssiniier ol lands and Wurks fur a leeae of
the full..wing de-cribcii [oreabore; I'mii-
ineiieing at a noil planted near N. R, corner
Koi 7, siiiriiann Bay, Port Simpson harbor;
Ihelice   nurth    S   chains:     iiiciice   easterly    MXI
ehnin-, along the ihort line and outttalning (>>
■icies mure or less.
Port Kanlnglon, B. c , May 11, l'.toT.
In the matter of the Mineral act and amending art* and! in the matter uf ihe Western
Copper gronp, eonalatlng nl the Km pi re,
S'nrth si,ir, Argeutlle, llawklev, Ronanaa,
Kmeriild, Verdurtj and Weatern Cupper mln-
eial claims.
Whereas   ft*   imtiee   dated   the    titfa   day   ul
\)»nl i*.hi7, you were rc.|iiifed to forthwith pay
t" ihe undcrsiifiicd eo own em with you in the
above mineral claims the sum nf ||ttu, as youf
Hiii fifth share of llie naaeaainent work done mi
said claims up i., hih! iuchiding (ih dav nf tn**
lober, A. !>., IWM1, and lie lug the aMeaamentf
for June. V l». I'.too. and January. A l>. IHtrT,
and further expenditures in cunuectimi with
tin- said aaaewrotentN were charged to your In*
icnsi in saiil claims.
And whereas you have failed to pay the said
sum of Jiui.oo aa thereby required,
Take imtiee that unless you shall within W
days from the date of the ft Ml publication nf
this notice pay your said share of said uaeii
incut work and all costs hereof thai we, the
undersigned, shall apply to have our said interest vested in us in pursuance will, the driii-
of section i. chap. 21, It. V, atatute A. h. IWJ0,
heinn WI tiineliilinent to U.S.B.C, t'ap. IHT>,
Dated al Vancouver. B. <\, this Ith dav nl
May, liVoT.
Winiess:   c.  N,  llaiiev, Vancouver, B. c.
To t. J. Beatty.Kiu., Vancouver, M.C.
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
JEWELLER    .     .
.Iui<t  arrived—A  new shi]i-
lneiit of clocks,  wiitelies mui
All  work  warranted to  |ivc
]icrfci't satislac'tion.
Mackay Smith,
Blair & Co.
Wholesale   dry  g.xnl*. and  men's
lurmshings       nairafactureri   of
shirts, t'lutliintl. tents, etc,
VAMiii'VKH,   n. a'.
Henry's 1907
catalog is out
Purchase your trees, seeds
unci plant! ilircet from
grower; IH years' experience.
M. J. Henry
3(iH) Westminster road,
Vancouver, b. e.
to the
Capital (paid ap) 1*^900,000.     Reaerre fund, 11.390,000.
Total aaaeti *-h;.immuh)o.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Il.-iul nftiee: Montreal, Que,
Branchea in British Oolumhia:—Cbilliwack, Oainber-
land, Grand Forks, Ladner, Nsnaimo, Selson, New Weat-
iiiilist.-r. Port Eaalngton, Port Moo.lv, Rossland, Vernon,
Vietoria, Vancouver.
Oeneral banking buatnewj transacted and iavin§i Iwiik
departments operated at »ll branches.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Rni//lJt Vn-inn  General Merchants
t>oyd a Y ojng Port simpson. bx.
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton,  E..
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Tinier new management. Thoroughly renovated,
Late ss. ('amn*uti.
l-iite CiMiiiniTeiiil Iluti'l, Yiiiii'iiiivi'r.
1 _
Dry Goods, Clothing and
Hardware IHE    SUN
In aor chins and crockery ie-
purtMmi "ill in- foinnl tin- moat
complete line of piuin and (ancy,
dishes ever displayed in Port Be-
sirtgton and we ai* now in ■ position to supply our friends and pa-
troiis  with   anything   they  may
w«- eitn make you up a dinner
set of from .Ml to MH) pieees of
either plain white or fancy  dislies
lin.l    BUPply     the      mill     pieees   to
match at any time
Our 10-piee. toilel sets are ex-
elusive patterns  and  very  pretty,
We will take great pleasure in
showing you through our stock at
any time.
The North Coast
Commercial Go.
T. Thornhill. from the little
canyon, was in town this week.
Mr. Thornhill has one ol the beau*
ty spots on the Skeena. ami in I
spot much commented on by travellers who make the trip to the interior. A portion uf his holdings
there were recently disposed off to
C. W. D. Clifford, who prophesies
a pretentious commercial center
in that vicinity at no distant date.
Mr Thornhill says the canyon
presents an animated scene,
with surveyors—of which there are
three parties—elbowing each other
out of the way. transferring of
freight anil construction work generally. Mr. Thornhill went to
Simpson on the Amur Thursday
morning and will he hack next
An important, appointment is
chronicled in the naming of Arthur C, Dick, fire warden for the
Skeena and Bella Coola districts:
The government officer will exact a
much stricter compliance with tin-
law relating to the hush fire act
than has prevailed in the past.
An Indian assault case is reported from Balmoral as having
' taken place last Saturday. In eon-
sequence Mary Moore is carrying
her head in "a sling." The Indian
in question is Frederick, and the
story runs, his wife was visiting
with Mary. Frederick wanted his
wife to go home with him. Mary
was lonesome and wanted her visitor to remain. Frederick thought
the quickest way to settle the matter was to pommel her head, anil
now he is in jail. His case was remanded for eight days. Man-
went to the doctor, and now has
the consolation of Frederick's
wife's uninterrupted company.
It was a rather serious expedient
to achieve an end. and like the
Dane, reversed, there was madness
in her method.
Come to St. John's church; good
Harry Strahan, is a magician.
His professional name in Slivers,
and apart from his art he carries
on the lucrative occupation of purveyor ol good old rye to the dus-
kys on the reserve. When confined to domiciles dark Slivers
calls upon the queen or sorcery
and his incantations are heeded.
He came up in court several weeks
ago and sentenced to Westminster
for not having a retail liquor
j*-dlar's license. He was sent lie-
low am a passenger boat last week
and lo and behold this wa-ek he is
in town again. He says he merely transferred irom a down-going
tn an up-coming boat Anil tha-re-
by hangs a tale.
George Rudge, Simpson, i nine in
on the Mount Royal Thursday and
left yesterday on the same boat tor
Hazelton. H<- says Bimpeonians
since the attempted safe-blowing,
have taken to carrying gun.-, ami
in consequence the chickens in the
old town are licing made to go tin-
way of the ulay pigeons.
Tin- fj, S. cutter Rush arrived at
Simpson on the 8th, towing tie
Victoria sealing schooner Carlotta
Cox. recently seised within pre*-
eribed limit- in Bering sea by the
Rush. The Rush was disabled and
by   a   strange   fate   the   Dominion
government   l*uat   Quadra   towed
her to Ketchikan, where she will
l.e temporarily repaired.
All records tor lumber handling
on the coast were broken in tin
I month of May. The government
scalers measured inon- than forty
million feet uf logs put into the
water and rather more than thi-
was cut by the mills during tin
month's operations. This is hy
several million feet the largest cut
ever made in British Columbia.
Now th.- proper thing is Captain
Wad hams,
Church of St. John the Baptist,
Services: Sunday 11 a. HI., 7 p.
ni. Sunday school. 2 p.m. Prayer
meeting and choir practice Thursday .8 p. in. W. F. Rushhrook. B.
A., rector.
The May called in Friday on her
way south.
Chas. Kendall, the old-timer,
from Kitselas, went south on the
May Friday.
Frank Mackay, a former mounted policeman, was drowned in the
Yukon, near Dawson, on the 8th
instant, by his canoe overturning,
It is with pleasure we have to
chronicle and add a new function
to the varied list of Kssington festivities, a basket social, which under the auspices and ready help ol
those kindly ladies and gentlemen
concerned, proved as highly enjoyable to those participating as it
was a source of self-eo' —itulation
from a pecuniary poi t oi view. It
will he remembered that a respected young lady of our community, Miss Hilts', who suffered so
severely in the recent fire was removed to Vancouver as convalescent. With regret, her friends
here have since learned that a
further operation entailing great
expense is necessary, so to allay
the young woman's anxiety us to
monetary difficulties on Wednesday night, the ltlth instant, the
Hotel Kssington annex witnessed
a gay scene of pleasurable mirth
and warmhearted charity without
patronage. Under the ahle management of Mr. and Mrs. Fri/.zell.
the ones directly responsible, the
affair was well carried through
and gave thorough enjoyment to
the many present With a Hour
in perfect condition and the music
in the hands of Mr. Lang, capably
assisteil hy Miss F. Noble am! Mr.
K. Rood, dancing continued till
about 12:80 a. m., when expectant
looks and excited ejaculations he-
tokeiied the advent of the basket
The tasteful ornamentation and
suggestive designing of the baskets
were subject for much admiration
and laughter. Where all were so
artistically arranged and so generously filled, comparisons would
certainly he odious, hut the writer
can indeed testify to the rich quality of OM particular basket. Aided
hy the brand humor and auctioneering experience of Mr. Jn*.
Graham, the bidding Was brisk and
high,   and   soon    the  whole   of   a
numeraua contribution   was sold
out for the splendid total nf |108,
a result highly creditable and
extremely flattering, considering
the many recent calls on
loose   cash    and     pocket     money,
After a repast shared by the purchaser and fair donor of the  ban
ket, ami eaten together in delightfully pi.niev manner, dancing was
resumed and   continued till the
morning light gave herahl of another day. Such a system of tactful ready help has much to eoni-
ineinl it and those good people jrhor
iu generously gave their time, cash
and Kelp in response tu..*i call of
aid have indeed cause for .-If-ioii-
The Kngli-h market for I'
Columbia salmon has hecn demoralised juatae it was snowing an
upward tendency by the action of
; the London principals of two , om*
I panics, reported to l»- the Anglo-
Britisb Columbia ami Malcom,
Cannon A Co., in conducting several auction -ale- at hargnin day
prices. >ay< the Province.
This action of the London people
is inexplicable to the. dinners an.I
much .-.peculation is., being Indulged in as to the reason for hammering the liottom out of the market. The consequence is that firms
who did not sell are forced to con-
tinue holding.
"The rSnglistl market was nicely
recovering itself after a dull season," declared a prominent calmer,
"when these ailetion sale.- took
place. Why they were held no otic
in Vancouver knows, hut we do
know that the market has hecn
knocked out. It may he that tin-
London principals had some good
reason for working off their salmon, hut no canncr here can see
any excuse for the move."
What    particularly  i iplicates
the situation is the fact that in all
likelihood  British Columbia can-
Hers will he forced to advance the
prices of the season's output. Labor, white. Chinese, Japanese am
Indian has advanced ami even
hit of material used in he pack;
ing industry has gone up .ii price.
ft is estimated by califters that tin
cost of packing this aemtpii "ill U
about Lr> per cent greater than last
year and consequently a general
Advance in selling prices is expected when rates are  fixed.
Already thi' prices on the Columbia river pack have been advanced.
A circular has just hecn issued announcing that one pound tails will
sell at the opening at the rate of
10.60 per case, an advance of till
cents; one pound flats at tf7 pel
eat . an advance of HO cents, and
half pound flats are quoted at
18.40 per case, or 40 cents advance
tad. H. Greene, of the 10th fj". S„
infantry, commanding at Fort
William and Seward. Alaska, has
appealed to the war department to
punish the captain of n British
ship who. perhaps, has created an
international issue, says a late
Washington despatch.
According to the story, Sergeant
Buell, a member of the post banal,
lleserted from Seward and made
his way on hoard the I'rinccss
Mav.    Wheil   the   ship   touched   at
Ketchikan, Alaska, on May 14. The
city nun-shall, under instructions
from the military authorities,
sought to arrest Bnell. hut the latter locked himself in hi* eahin and
the captain of the Ship refused to
allow him to he forcibly arrested,
and sailed away to a Canadian
port, where the deserter landed
and disappeared.
Col.,Greene asked the war department to have tbe state depart-
jment make a demand upon the
British government for the return
of the deserter to fort Seward anil
for the punishment of the captain.
The advocate-general, however,
has taken the grounds that the
military has no such authority,
and if the effort i>< made to punish
the British captain it must he
! through the civil authorities, who
| were derelict in the tii-st place in
not arrrtating   Uith tbe  deserter
u.    »
-  Port Essington, B. C.
Butchers. Provision and Fruit Dealers
Live stock slaughtered dally,     _,
Hams,   bacon,     lard,    vegetables and
fruits arriving ly every steamboat
Special!) Creamery Butler and fresh [qgs
Kerncmber we are headquarters lor fruit and Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Pert Essington, B. C.
• • • a a
Honi st»it |tii mal y pense
When   coining   lo  B**ingto|l why worry over worldly
carea, when you can live RM 'I and lay warm at KirbyY
KATED- 18.00down. Parlors, Smoking, Writing, Bath.
roomaon every Boor. Hot baths at all hours. Cold
haths when required. Agents. Baggage and transfer
agents. Porters meet all boats and trains. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
F. PARKER a& 00. .
General Merchandise- toy Uoode, Boots and shoes. Qro.
Hardware, Drags and Tore,
 ' cent'!
Skeena River
Steamboat .Service.
Steamer Mount Royal
,-onneet. at I'ort Essington
with the coast steamers
from Victor!*! a id Vancouver during the season
of navigation.
ami ihe captain, if he resisted pro
ee s within territorial waters.
Takr imin ,• ill,,, I, ivu-r 11,'llii.ili   i.i Purl E*
"•as  M.c ,  ,iiiii|„,ii,,i, ],,„,,,.,, mi.ii.i. ,,,
*PI»1> lot * >*a**tal iiiviiv ... ,'ui iin.i rarry
■wa] iinii..-r ii'i.in ih.- Mlowtng djjarrlbrd
Inn.I>, -liiniii-.l in sliniiii .lutrii't:
.milium in* nt 11 |i..si pl,iiii,.,| „|„,ut „ne
irnli-1...m tin. rlrrr,opposite I'mt laatafton do
III,- nnrlli -li.iv   „i   lb*   Mkama   rlv.-l.   III,,.,,-
i':i-i i" 1 iiiiiii.. Hi,11,i- aorta MS naalna, taaara
»i-l in 1 Iiiiiii-, ih.ii,«, ....iiili Mt*aat*W to [mint
" iii'iu'.-iiii-iii,  iiii.I 1,minimi,. &At arm,
'linuv ..1 li-**
Iinlcil Jun, Ji
Take iiiitln tlmr I. K. I'. Kil.l..■>. ,,( Klt«.'1n«,
H I'.i " itlBatlna iniii, 1. Intr'nd In upplv (,.r
urrmlmloe I.i pun-haw IIih fnlruwlm dtaerlbcd
liiniiii, 11. inc nl 11 [...-. t inurk.-.l K. c. K ,1 N.
W. l'e. Hi.Mil'., rn*! an.leiin-:   thrill*- smith   ut
ell.i'M- :    llelHl-  VMM   HI  iliiiili*,   th|.||,.,. ||,,,||, 4||
.hum- in ntaac   ul iiiiiiiii.-ii.-.-i,,,iit. mui im,.
Ixiien*,' li'.'tirri- in..re ui T. -»
Hut..I J,Ilu- 17.
Ink,- n.,tin- Ih ii Su«„ii  Kirliv mui Km il v I...-.
j rani,,., I',., i KMlngt.m, li  c...•-•-ii|»iti.... 111,11
, rii-il «...u. o. inland In appl* Hu |.iiiiii*-i,,ii i.i
. BHrrhaar i In- hi II..« ink .l.-riii.cl li ml i
|    .'.iMiiiii-ni-iiiK ni ii |... - ■ |.|iiut...| hi the N   w.
i-iirn.-i ..i l.it-Jil, ItmiK.' V., > -t .Il-lri. i, tlii-nr,.
in.nh ft i-liiiin., iii.-ii,.. paal   Id rkalna, tbem-a
*iil-  ,i '. i-liiiins. tln-m-i. ihm In .li,lit,.   |i.  |. I
,ii einim-iii'.-in.-in, iiml I'liiiininliiK .',, aclca.
iin.ii'.,, li---
l-.MII.V   I.OIiKX/.
c. M. iiuiiiiii^i., Afaat.
Iiiiii-il '.linn. ir..
200 cents a year for
this little paper
Tak« iiniiii' tIn.t I, l.o.iii, Hiiiisiiiiisinll, ..(
Pritiiv k.i|k-i-i. ii. c, iii-i'ii|.iiii,iii tofllaaar, in-
H-ii ' In inij-ly Im in-riiiis-i..n tn piireliiinc the
InUnwing .l.-»,iil.i.,| IiiiiiI :
I'liiiinn-ni-lni.' al h i*.st SJaatst hImiiii -ix
iniii-.-. Iron Ih" .-ki-i-iiii iiiti,  in i iinrthi'ily ,11-
rii-ti and n.i ilu- aorta bank m Um Kjraaai
livii, Hi'iiei' norlli In ileiins. thi'iii'i. »r,i tl
chalb*l '.null ill i-hnln* ran** nr It's* tn the
l.-n bank "':;.-„me, tkaaoa iiaa raaptart* di-
II-..,...    ll    ll(! tin- ,i„ 1.1; ...   (illli-l- ill   iiiliiiuini'l.-
natal,,,.. ruutatalUf, kWaana atora or h-s*.
Mali Jniie Ti Ii«i7.
Chemists and Druggists
Plire Drag!, Medicines, Chemicals, Hooks. Stationery, Toilet
Articles, Etc.
Mail orders receive prompt
and ciireful attention,
Dufferin St.     *   Port Essington, B. C
Dufferin St., next to
Caledonia hotel,
Hot and cold Laths.
F. Te-iff. proprietor


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