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The Nugget Jun 3, 1904

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Vol. I.  No. 27.
Poplar, B.C.. June 3,1904.
$2.00 A Year.
T. R°ss has four men at work sinking on the Harvard Lake, Meadow
creek-. The lead is 12 feet in width of
quartz, carrying free gold.
Lou Williams started Wednesday to
run the second hundred feet of tunneling on the Home Run for J. L.
Whitney of Rossland. This will give
a depth of between five and six hundred
feet on thh lead.
home with the shells and  get  ready to
pay the costs as soon as taxed.
H. B. Smith of Rossland has been
engaged during the past ten days in
surveying the claims of the Le Roi No.
2, which lie between the railway and
the hill back of Gold Hill, comprising
three claims and a fraction:*
Sunday last John Nesbilt brought
in some very rich specimens of free-gold
quartz from his claims on Rapid creek.
There were also some pieces of s hist
in which gold could be seen. The
specimens were on exhibition all week
at the postoffke.
D. A. Murdock, representing Nelson
parties, has bonded ine Silver Glance
from J, Thompson and M. Kirlin, and
commenced development Wednesday of
this week. The Silver Glance lies east
of the Luckv Jack and south of the
Bertha   K, and is a galena proposition.
The W Y O D company have been
working on their properties situated
about a mile from Gold Hill and near
the Lardo King group. The ledge,
which is 6 feet wide, has been stripped
for a distance of thirty feet. Assays
run about $10 in gold.
Martin and Axel Lundgren and Ole
Berglund have completed their summer's work on the Lardo King group
near Gold Hill. The group comprises
three claims—the Lardo King, Gold
Bar and Happy Four Ou the Gold
Bar a 15-foot shaft has been sunk this
spring on a 5-foot lead of quartz, in
which there is considerable arsenical
iron, and the lead throughout the 15
has shown high values in gold. On
the same claim there is a 14-inch lead
of quartz carrying free gold, which in
pockets carries very high values. The
schist also on this claim pans well in
free gold. On the Lardo King a tunnel has been, run 35 feet to lap the ore
body at a depth of about 25 feet, but so
far the lead has not been encountered.
On the surface this lead is fully fifty
feet in width. It is the intention to
continue work in ihe tunnel this fall
fall until the lev.d is crosscut.
together 7,000 pound?  of ore, but  in
the majority of cases  he had  to  fight
the mine owner before he  got what he   2
wanted.    Mos, of the mine managers  *********************
in B. C. would rather spend 23 hours
a day in criticizing the Mineral Act
than one in helping to advertise the
resources of the province.
The most important strike of the
past week was that on the Monarch,
a claim about six miles up Poplar
creek, and owned by Magnussen,
Strand and Lawson, the locators of the
Swede group. The find is a 12-foot
lead of galena ore, which will concentrate about 3 to 1. The lead has been
stripped about thirty feet. The claim
is in the same belt as the Spyglass,
Great Britain and other well-known
properties. Several other claims have
been located on the lead.
The Lucky Jack adverse was to have
been tried on Saturday last and all the
witnesses were sent for and went down
to Nelson in compliance with the summonses, only to find when they arrived
that the trial had been postponed until
after the completion of the Crow's Nest
Coal company's actions were heard and
determined. This uncertainty of trial
dates is as trying as the actions themselves. Thus the unlucky litigan's
again discovered that the law is somewhat uncertain, both as to when it
comes off and the result when it has
come off. People are very foolish to go
to law, for they simply take a fresh
oyster to the courts for opening, and
when it is all over they are told to go
R. G. McLeod and J as. McGee,
two of the owners of the Spyglass,
came in from Nelson Friday last and
went up to the mine Saturday. Three
men have been put at work under rite
foremanship of P. DeVine awl development work will be carried on permanently. The lead is galena, about
two feet in width, and carrying as high
as $90 in gold. The ledge has been
traced for a distance of seven claims,
about two miles. All that is required
to make shippers of these claims is a
wagon road up Poplar creek, and this
the gold commissioner has recommended to the government. By the
time the wagon road is completed the
Spyglass, as well as a number of other
claims in its vicinity, will be in a position to make regular shipments. With
the high gold values that the galena
ores of Poplar creek carry, the cost of
freight and treatment will not prove
such a hardship as in the Slocan. Both
Mr. McLeod and Mr. McGee are well
pleased with the Spyglass, and believe
in it they have one of the great mines
of British Columbia.
H. B. Munroe, representative from
B. C, writes The Nugget expressing
surprise that there is not an exhibit of
Poplar creek ores at the St. Louis exposition, and hopes that samples of the
rich ore of this district will be forwarded at once. Mr. Keen, but for
whose efforts there would not have been
any ore sent from B. C, did his utmost
to get an exhibit sent from this district,
but failed. He even offered to purchase
all the samples sent to him for exhibit,
but the mine owners wouldn't help him
advertise the mineral wealth of B. U
Out of a total of .20 letters sent to
,„ine managers by Mr. Keen he only
received answers from 60. In many
induces he had to go P^'1^ °
the mine manager, get a written order
to the foreman, pick  the sample and
Uh it until he got  it aboard the
stay with it until ne ««
CAri    In this way he  managed to get
A.   R.  Heyland has  completed   the
survey of the  Harry mineral  claim on
Poplar creek for Crothe & Crudge, and
numerous other surveys are under Way.
It is a source of the  highest   satisfaction to the people of the  town  to see
the number of claims  that  are  now in
course of being  crown-granted, for the
owners have no  doubt  of the  values,
but  do   mean   to  make   sure  of the
boundaries of the land they sell.    This
is one of the best aspects of the camp
and ensures satisfaction  for  the buyer.
It is of course true that the unfortunate
lawsuit of the Luck)  Jack  has  caused
some hesitation on the part  of buyers,
foi   no man  ever yet   struck   a  good
thing   but   somebody   wanted   it  from
him.    This only shows that  the  prop-
Turk D. Brown returned from Kaslo
Ollte Chapman is spending a couple
of weeks in Kaslo.
Hammocks and fishing tackle at O.
Slrathearn's Kaslo.
Parson Smith is building a workshop
and residence on Front street.
Remember the meeting of the Trades
Commtitee this evening in  Ostby hall.
Miss Edith Kaiser arrived from Eholt
Wednesday and will remain wilh her
father, Frecl Kaiser.
Swede cocktails with a French flavor
at the Commercial. Try them, and if
you don't like them don't pay.
Gust Almgren has taken over the
dining room of the Commercial and is
prepared to feed the hungry, fatten the
lean and give everyone a square who
has the price.
E. E. Chipman, government agent
at Kaslo, came in .Wednesday with the
erty is  regarded  as  good, for if it had
no value or merit he could keep it and | plans for the new government building,
no one would want it. However, the
new method will put an end to many a
tangle, and a man can now- get his
lines run out for assessment work and
record it, file his notes, and go ahead
at once within his own exterior lines
without hesitation, and they can be
pointed out to a buyer as matters of
fact and not guess work. Again, if the
survey is not made before the bond is
given it can be made a part of the contract that the survey should be made
and recorded as an extra assessment
and put the prospector that much ahead
even if the bond did fall through.
There is everything to be said in favor
of the new system.
The dining room and kitchen of the
Dominion have been moved to the new
addition. The meals are juit as good
as ever, and no extra charge is made
for eating in the finest dining room in
the Lardeau.
The ground for the new sawmill is
cleared and ready for the machinery
when it arrives from Lardo, where it
now is. Logs are being got out, and
it is expected the mill will be sawing
lumber in two weeks.
An effort is being made to have Poplar avenue graded between First and
Second streets. This is a very necessary improvement.
P. H. Carey's hotel building on
Front street is well under way. The
structure will be 28 x 50, two stories.
It isn't safe to jump at conclusions,
even in leap year.
Talk is cheap unless you are using a
long-distance telephone.
The man who squanders $2 for a
marriage license is looking for trouble.
Praise a woman for the qualities she
doesn't possess and she'll worship you
being the first portion, jail and constable's office. The new building will
be 30 x 20 feet, and will have line and
ample accommodation for three law-
breakers at once, and also two good '
rooms for the constable. It will be
located on the government block, Marcus avenue, and w ill be proceeded with
at once.
As an example of the difficulties of a
tenderfoot prospector, the experience
of one Tuesday last might be given.
He came in on Monday's train. He
had. the regulation leggings, used exclusively by the amateur, and a duck
coat with sixteen pockets in it. His
arsenal would have supplied a Japanese
flying column, and his cutlery a Mexican dance. Tuesday morning he
slarted out to conquer the hills and be
come rich in a few hours. He met
Sam Scott and Gust Ostby on First
street, who told him of the richness of
Rapid and Tenderfoot creeks, and incidentally that he was missing the chance
of a lifetime if he didn't capture thecreeks
before the world got next. At Second
street he encountered Jack Henderson,
who had the latest returns from the big
galena strike up Poplar creek. Finally
he headed down the railway track,
when Ed. Funk and Dave Day moved
out from the Kaiser house and headed
the procession off. The untold wealth
of Lake creek was mentioned. He
headed back up the track and at the
bridge met Shorty Higgings. That
was his undoing. Sho ty can tell the
truth wilh less effort and more plausibly
than any other man in the district.
He told of Marcus & Gilbert's properties, how gold could be scooped up by
the handful, and ended up with "Why,
pard, you could fill all them darn
pockets while a rattler was winking."
That won the heat, and  the procession
What women and dry  goods clerks
don't  know about  babeis  isn't  worth ' moved up the west tide of Poplar creek,
knowing. and is probably still moving. 'AH I
4 Hi
Poplar, B. C, June 3, 1904.
Is published every Friday at Poplar, B. C.
and is sent to any address for $2.00 a year.
Commercial advejtising is *1.«0 an inch for
four insertions. Reading notices 15 cents a
line each insertion. Legal advertising 10
oents a line fiwt insertion, and 5 cents a line
oach subsequent insertion. Certificate of
Improvement notices, #7; Delinquent co-
owner notices, $10. Address all letters to THE
Nijooet. Poplar, B. C
R. T. LOWERY, Pkoi'HIETor.
All is not schist that carries gold.
Help your local paper by handing
the editor news and money,
Victoria Day jarred the moss off
Kaslo and New Denver. It will soon
grow again.	
Poplar should celebrate Dominion
Day. Hundreds of people would come
from outside points.
As a fruit country Kootenay is in
the front rank. Even around Pop
larand on top of gold deposits fruit
can be grown to perfection.
Poplar will never get its rights
unless the citizens keep right on
kicking. Sitting still brings nothing in this great land ot favoritism.
The mail service around these
parts is a Mulock. There are no li-
locks about it or the least sign of dissipation. It is so slow that hens
could lay eggs in the sacks and hatch
broods of chickens without being
great vitality and length of days beyond the allotted span is largely due
to the healthy climate and a splen
did constitution, for, usually river
mining is full of hardship and exposure, and not conducive to good
health. The old gentleman has good
eyesight and is a crack shot, many
wild animals around Friday creek
falling to his deadly aim. Recently
seven bouncing deer came up to hi3
cabin out d sheer curiosity, but he
did not do a thing to them as the
close season is on. During the winter Mr. Bourassa never hears the
voice of a fellow being, and is some
times startled at the sound of his own.
A Back-Action Joke.
The traveling men of Maine are
noted tor the jokes that they are always springing on the public, but recently one ot them got into trouble in
an unexpected way. His parents
celebrated their golden wedding, and
the drummer had long planned to
spend the day with them. But when
the day arrived he found that he was
too far from his old home to *;et back
to it,, so he sent a telegram to his
father. He thought that it was a
good time to get off a joke on the old
man, so he merely sent the message:
"Is marriage a failurer'" He was
somewhat taken aback when he got
the reply: "Marriage is not, but the
results sometimes are."
w An exchange asks: How m
wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a
woodchuck would chuck wood? Jt's
hard to say, We would think, however, that a woodchuck would rather
.chuck chuck than he would wood.
But, speaking of woodchucks, the
woodchuck is a ground hog. Now,
how much ground would a ground
hog grind if a ground   hog  would
rind ground j£	
As Canada is soon to consid
changes in its postal laws, it might
be well to adopt the clause, justly
protecting newspapers, which is in
force in the Ui ited States. The latest United States iwatal Iawa are
such that newspaper publishers can
arrest any one for fraud who takes a
paper and refuses to p»y tor it. Under
this law the man who allows his subscription to run along tor some time
unpaid, and then orders the postmaster to mark it "Refused," and
has a card sent notifying the publisher, lays himself liable to arrest
and fine, the same as for theft, etc.—
Vancouver World.
An Octogenarian Miner.
Probably the oldest placer miner
in B. C, says the Similkameen Star,
is J. Bourassa, now over 80 years of
age and still hale and hearty. He
comes to Princeton for his supplies
and walks off with bis pack on his
back as trippingly as many a man at
half his age. He is working bar
diggings about fifteen miles up the
Similkameen and at one time made
from $5 to $7 per day. Mr. Bourassa's
South Africa and the United States
supply about one fifth of the world's
total yield of gold. That total last
year reached $350,000,000.
Few men can argue about religion
and keen cool.
Miners and Prospectors'
We carry  everything from a
Toothpbk to a
The hotel is furnished and fitted up i.i the
most modern style. Be-.t of acc.iniinoda'ion
f»r mining men and tourists. Only A 1 brand*
of liquors and cigars kept In stock.
Casey it Murphy,  Props.
Beer and Aerated Waters
Frank A. Tamblyn, Agt, Poplar
The Miners' Hotel
Gold Hill, B. C.
Plenty of accommodation for
Travelers,    Prospectors   and
John Uloin, Proprietor
Dominion Hotel
|$ Has ample accommodation for a
|f large number of people.   The table
h is supplied with the best in the mar- $
M ket.  The bar contains the popular |
h brands of liquid tonics and cigars.      1
Hambly & Nelson.     |
Fresh and  Salt Meats, Fish and Fowl
Is convenient to the depot and has accommodation for 50 quiet guests. The nerve-
bracers in the bar are free-milling* and an
orchestra provides music while the guests
are at dinner. The landlord has studied
human nature from Brazil to Alaska and
knows the way to make a stranger feel at
home. ITIED KAISER, Proprietor.
Poplar  Townsite
See Future Ads.
IfUJtMKJtiA' I ion; i, r;sN
Hansen & Ostby, Proprietor*.
First-class {in every department.     Wines  Liuu^  and Citfam the
finest   procurable.    The   Menu   has no e^ual in the
Lerdeau.    Call and be convinced  that
Poplar, B. C, June 3, 1904.
A spoiled child is almost as bad as
)ne that is too fresh.
Death is one thinff that never fails
to come to the man who waits.
The longest span of life is that of
the elephant, which will survive two
N01 way, Servia, Greece and Bui
foiria are the only European nations
(which have but one house of parlia-
A si#n of politeness in T.ibct on
fimetintf a person is to hold up the
[clasped hand and slick out the
Carfare is not needed  by school
{children in Victoria, Ausralia. They
are carried in street cars to and from
(school free of charge. ,
The fur of the sea otter is the most
valuable in the wot Id. > hough only
tour feet long and at most two feet
wide $000 is sometimes given for a
choico skin.
The heart of a vegetarian beats on
un average 58 {to the mii.ute,  and
that of a meat eater 75.   This repre
sents a difference of 24,000 beats in
i\ hours.
The Chequers Inn, at Sapstones,
near Osmotherly munt be unique
among English inns in one respect.
It boasts ot a lire which for more than
a century has never been allowed to
go out. The place is a quaint little
building to which many visitors re
sort on account of its never-extinguished tire and the urf cakes baked
upon its eearth. It has been in the
occupation of one family for over a
hundred years.
Religious superstition asserts itself
in Chinese architecture, and the universal sacredness of the numerals
three and nine is shown in the arrangement ot the temple doors. There
is a tripple doorway to each of the
halls of the Imperial palace and the
same order prevails at the Ming
tombs, and the sacred person of* the
emperor when he was in his Pekin
home could only be approached, even
by the highest officials, after three
times three prostrations. The Temple
of Heaven has a tripple marble stair
case, and all its mystic symbolism
points either to three or its multiples.
Kootenay Railway and
Naoigation Co. Ltd.
International Navigation and
Trading Company, Limited,
Kaslo and Slocan Railway
K. fe S. RY.
Lv- «:S0a.m.
Ar- Witt a. m.
Ar. 4:25 p. m
JLv. 8:00 p. m
lv. 1*0 p.m.
Ar. 11:00 a. m
lv.  8:00 a. m
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
tates *nd Canada via Great Northern
and O. R. & N. Company's lines.
For further particular*  call   on   or
Manager, Kaslo.
In Cash to get reliable mining news
of the Poplar Creek Camp for one year.
This can be done by subscribing for
The Nugget, the only paper published
in the Great Gold Camp.
In Job   Printing we  do as neat
work and furnish as good material as [$
any office in the province. I
J i  3'
:    ;
oft, t, ■ *
V '"
IB ft
I !
3 i
i  <
Poplar, B. C, June 3, 1904.
Novelists and Poisons.
We read very frequently how the
hero or heroine had a chloroform-
soaked handkerchief pressed over the
nose and became at once insensible.
Chloroform does not act in that way.
It causes excitement before anything
approaching to loss of sensibility,
and when insensibility has been
reached the patient begins to kick
and throw his arms about.
We are also told how he or she
swallowed the drugged wine, gave a
gasp and fell back senseless. The
only senseless person in the business
is the novelist, An absolutely prisonous dose of laudanum would not cause
loss of consciousness until several
minutes had elapsed after its being
But the prize must be awarded to
the writer who says that the victim
raised the glass containing strychnine
and drank its contents and fell dead
The victim would probably lie down
sooner or later. Then he would
writhe and twist, groan and cry
aluud, fur the strychnine would seem
to be tying his inside and his muscles
into knots. Death by strychnine is
Cut  Walks 337  Miles.
John M. West of this city has a
eat that answers to the name of Tom,
s ys the Salt Lake con espondent ot
the New York World. Three weeks
ago Mr. We?t, tearing Tom would
kill some chickens, put him in a bag
under a seat in the day coaeli on the
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt
Lake road. The cat was taken to
Calientes, Nev., a distance of 337
miles. * .4?
Tom, weak and emaciated, appeared today at Mr. West's house.
He had traveled across two mountain
ranges and many miles of desert.
Tom was given a good dinner.
A Bright Boys Career.
Master  Norbert Weiner of Cam *■
bridge Mass., who knew the alphabet at 18 months; read latin, German
and French at 8   \ ears,   and   at 9
found his chief diversion in Socrates,
expects to be ready to enter Har-j|
vard at 10    Master Norbert Weiner
will probably enter heaven at 11.—
Philadelphia Ledger.
The Next Day.
I understand that you were in a
little trouble that s'arted in the pallor social ?
Dat's what 1  were,  answered Mr,
Erastus Pink ley     Dar  was a fuller
wif a razzer d«t chose me fir the op
posite gemman in a trouble quadrille.
But you came out best in the long
run ?
Yafesir, I did; but I mus' say it
were one ob de lunges' runs 1 ebber
had.- Washington Star.
The Poplar Laundry
And Bath House.
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior in West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
Poplar millionaires.
In New Denver
Is on? of the cosiest hotels in
tiie Slocan for a man in
search of food, drink or a
downyj couch.    Ask for
when you get inside the door.
Kaslo Hotel
Kaslo, B. C. |
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
Cockle & Papworth.
fcyftw■■.•.'■.'.'.■'.l;'.1:,''.'.'" ■'.**■''''■'' ■•v;- •,/'*' •'*■''•''■''* *'•• "	
Bring You
•    •   •   •
to this office. It willjnot hurt
you, and will help the editor to
live in luxury.
Where Sh<? Had Felt.
See  here,  t-aid  Mr. Chubb,.
jS'itict u; heyjbv (riven that nt the i.c\t
sitthiir 6f tbe Boui'1 >f Lio-i: <■ Commission.!-,
lurthw Ainsworfch Lit , r,'!i< HI-M-icl\ I intend
to tijiply for* transfer ohL.E. Morontl of tiio
lii-i use wlik'li r Jiold t.> soi ifomor l.-y'Tutttil in
th • Tloyiil hotel' First street, Pophtr, B ('.
J.vted this Kith (Inyo! May. i'.m;4
Vutico  is hereby <riven  that at  the next
t., Hpj>ly lorn tr;iMsl'ei to Joseph Carton of
tl-ie license which 1 hold to sell nqnor try retail in the Inn Hotel, First street. (*oi>htr'B C
Dated this 11th duv of M iv  MM '    "   '
discovering next mqniioff thaiall his ^t^i^^^L^^^^^lEi
change had gone.   During vour talk
to me when I came in late last night
I believe you remarked among- ot
things that woman  feels where man
I did, replied his wile. You have
no feeling, and —
Well, I merely want to say you're
mistaken if you suppose 1 do my
thinking: in my pocke s.
A Prejudiced Court.
Mr.   Jaggs—No,   he   doesn't   get
along well with his wife.   She al
ways wants to submit their disputes
to arbitration.
Mrs Jaggs—To arbitration ? Why,
Mr. Jaggs—Yes; she always wants
to refer disputes to her mother.
Tjo undersigned having severed his connection with the business of the Commercial
Hofe (formerly the Hotel Inn). Poplar, B C,
hereby tfives notice that he Will not be responsible for the payment of any accounts
held against the said hotel bauinoss.
Dated this 11th dav of Mav, 1!*)*.
Notice is hereby given that thirty davs after
JirtVJintend tp apply t<> the Honorable the
Onlej Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and curry away timber,
irom the following described lands: Com-
mencing at a post placed on the north side of
Moulder creek, about six miles (fast from the
Bnncan river, in the District of West Koote'
nay, BC, marked "J. C. Moyle'* South West
Corner," thence east 180 chains, r-hence north
4£ ohains, thence west KJOchains, thence south
40 chains to point of commencement
Dated this 5th day of May, WjA
J.C MO vlE, Locator.
Is a literary blend, written, compiled, published
and shipped by ft. T. LoWOry. 'It tells about
Booze in Nelson, Poker in the Silvery Slocan, I
Gospel at Hear Lake, Rain in New Denver.   It
is free-milling In poetry, and has a large chute
of stories cut from the Cent Belt, when the writer
was doing penance among the  tenderfeet in the
East.      The   miserable  effect  of reading  this
publication is relieved by looking at the pictures
in it on the hanging wall.    You can tell Float
anywhere   by   the  Bulldog'  OH the Front
Pilg'C    It   is   not   selling   very   well, perhaps
owing to the fact that Mulock has not yet shut
it out of the mails.    The public are warned not
to buy it, although it is sent to any address on
earth for 25c.    Address
Poplar, Nelson, or
New Denver, B. C.
ass mining
and Envelopment Gosnpany, Limited.
t'-p^ii^ti.,,,  S):i,f»n,divide^ Info Aoojxm »liarea having ii par value
">' I eRch; I..,!.-,. ,|„m.s |mV(. ,„.,.„ p|-H , jl( thn lml,,,rv.
Do \U put If (tffanv lorwM Invest now before 'he ptnftk
to all underwritten. With every share underwritten at
par we give ft h)nm flf tvvo sh;ire,     Thjlt W(j ()Wn on(J ()f
the Ivst properties in the Poplar Creek District is conceded by the be|t mininjr men who have visifed the
c^unp. This stock will sell rendl!/ at cne dollar flat
within three months Now y„„ ean ^t three Shnrs for
one dollar, payable 10% cash tmd L0% per month. Invest
now and you will make s fine easy money. For further
particulars apply io
Room 16, K.W.C. Blk.
Poplar, B. C., June 3, 1904.
Stop at the old reliable place.
The dining room is now up to-
date. The bar contains the
best brands ot liquors and cigars
and you can depend upon being
treated right.
Butte mines are producing at the
rate of $13,000 tons of ore daily, of
which total Amalgamated produces
approximately 10 0J0 tons.
The management ol the Daly-West
mine, Utah, at the meeting held
May 9. reduced the monthl) dividend
from <i5 cents to 40 cents a s are.
Owing to the fact that the Elkton
company of Cripple Cieek demands
35 percent royalty for the lease in
the Thompson shaft, the lessee has
given it up.
Mrs-   Horteiwc Adams,   ot   tibise,
Idaho,   is general  manager of the
Ironsides mine, Black Hornet district,
being  one  of the principd   stock
holders in the Victory c mpunv eon
trolling this property.
A contract has been entered into
by the management of the Sun and
Moon mine, Idaho Springs, with the
management of the Newhouse tunnel enterprise* to complete the raise
from the tunnel to the Sun and Moon
Sluicing is in progress all over *,he
Klondike, and the Brst dust is begin-
ning to arrive at Dawson. Geo. Del-
tion, a heavy owner of Klondike
property, has a standing bet that this
year's clean-up will aggregate $13,-
000,000^ or $2,000;000 more than list
The directors of the Ophir company, the only dividend payer on the
Comstock at this time, have declared
a regular disbursement of 25 cents a
•hare, and a special ot the same
amount, making a total of $50,400
for this payment. Since the first
of the year the company has paid
$151,200 in dividends.
Phelps, Dodge & Co. have completely abandoned their old smelter
at Bisbee, and are running the Douglas 2,500-ton plant full blast. The
Copper Queen produced in March
4,000,000 pound* ot copper, which is
the beat work ever done by the
smelter, being a fitting finale for a
plant with a good average record.
The copper production of the Southwest is about 200,000,000 annually,
which is largely controlled by Phelps
Dodge & Co. Their Copper Queen
produces 40,TXX),000 pounds annually,
their Detroit company at Morenci between twenty and thirty million
Pounds, and they have smaller properties in Mexico, besides controling
the product of the Calumet and Ari
zona, 25,000,000 pounds, and that of
the Old Dominion company, 15,000,
000 pounds.
An agreement, bearing date January 27, 1901, has been filed at Crip-
pie Creek, between Ed. Bell, a prospector, and Harriet Pobst. Bell
agrees to give the woman a one-
eijrhthot the proceeds of a certain
contract with Patrick Burns, rela
tive to the Shurtloff lode, in consideration that the woman would prevent Burns from becoming intoxi
cated until such time as a suit to recover an interest in the ShurtlofT lode
has been brought to successful issue.
Uell and Burns brought suit for a
one-eighth interest in the ShurtlofT
lode, bur lost, and it is claimed that a
compromise was made. It is believed that the Popst woman is now
endeavoring to sue on the original
Stratton's In iependence, Cripple
Creek, has removed the mammoth
pumps from the 1,400 level of the
mine and will in future confine
operations to levels above the 900.
The shaft was sunk to the 1,400 and
drifts of 900 feet made on the 1,100
an i 1,400 levels, hut the result ot
this woik has been unsatisfactory,
and the management lus concluded
to Kuspend furtler explorations at
depth. The only development being
done below the 900 no.v is at the
north end <-f the mine, where the
rich ore *hik»t pitches into t!.e property of the Portland c-nnpany. Kail
ure to find the rich ore at depth in
the Independence is quite depressing,
but the fact that the rich ore really
goes down, merely pitching into
adjacent property, is encouraging
for the district.
Wall paper bargains at O. Strath
cam's, Kaslo.
The Red Cross society in Russia is
splendidly provided for the presen
war; it has something like$8,4O0,OCO
in its treasury and is perfectly organized. Little Japan is not nearly so
well off, and it is to the assistance of
that country's troops our kindliest attention should be directed.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.   Reserve Fund, $3,00^000.
Aggregate Resources, Exceeding $83,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E WALKER, General Manager
Saoinqs Bank Department,    Doposits received and Interest Alloved
Nelson Branch. BRUCE HEATHCOTE, Manager.
It is the coming City at the Second Crossing.
A unique example of lengthy land
tenure by the same family is recorded by the French press. The
property in question is that of St.
Bertha, which for 386 years has been
leased by members of the Moucadel
Subscribe for The Nugget.
Is one of the oldest hotels in the Slocan. It is
situated on the Plaza in New Denver and is convenient to the theatre and all the impostant business
places of the city. Prospectors are requeste to plunk
their packs and come in and have a shot when they
hit the Lucerne. Tourists and capitalists will find a
bank in the next building, and a piano in the parlor.'
Square meals a specialty, Beer on tap and ice in the
A JACOBSON, Proprietor.
The Place to Buy
Is  now on the shelves,
and we are in ady to
Do Business
And are bound to
you, as they are
Notary  and   Commissioner
John Hamblyi fpoVla!:
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Furniture Dealers
Funeral Directors.
Baillie, Vara & Go.
In all lines.  Come round  { ,irimM^
,d look them over. Re.
J*. H. love:
I Help   off  All  Kinds  Furnished
Mining Investments.
Mining Proportion for Snlo In nil Porto
of Brttlon OolumMn.
Starkey & Co., JSSftnS
Fruit, Eggs, Bacon and other Provisions.
Nki .son, B. C.
A. R. Heyland, Ssft£
veyor, Kaslo.
SANDDN, b. c. ■U
imm &
Poplar, B. C, June 3, 1904.
8  The *
Best Menu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Come from the
Jacobson & Anderson,   ,
May   31—Triangle  Fraction,   Rapid
creek, A. Gordon and Robert Burns.
A person living  at  Steves ton, B. C,
sends a postal card  for a  sample copy
of  The   Nugget,   and   addresses  the
card    " Poplar   Creek,    B.   C,   Near
Kaslo."    If the  writer knew  how tar
Sir Mulock's abortive  attempt  at running   the    postoffice   department  had
placed the two towns  apart, he would
never   have   written   " Near    Kaslo."
By mail the people of Poplar are  an-
tipodeanto  those  of Kaslo,  although
it is only a run of two  hours  between
the two places by train and boat.
claims being located owr lode claims.
This shows that the strictly placer mining district of Cariboo are alive to the
necessity for a change in the law, that
will make it impossible for blackmailers and claim-jumpers to retard development.
Lost.—Between the railroad bridge
and the Bertha K mine, a lady's walrus
handbag. The owner is anxious to
recover the article, on account of it being a present from a near relative. A
reward of $5 will be given lo person
leaving handbag at Nugget office.
Poplar Drug Store
We have opened a Drug
Store  on Second  Street
Drugs   and Medicines
A meeting of the Poplar Trades Com-
tiittee was called for Friday evening
1st in the office of E. Baillie, but there
being an exceptionally large attendance
hn adjournment was made to the
Ostby hall.
The meeting was called to order by
President McQueen, E. Baillie acting
as secretary. Owing to the unavoidable absence of Secretary Masterson,
the reading of the minutes of previous
meeting was omitted,
The question of the damage done to
Lardo-Gerrard trail by C. P. R. construction was discussed, and on motion
a committee composed of Geo. Chataway, E. Baillie and A. O. Ostby were
appointed to look into the matter and
report at next meeting.
John Hambly moved and E. L. Masterson seconded that a committee be
appointed to report at next meeting on
the requirements of district. Chairman
appointed Messrs. Hambly, Chataway,
Harrop, Diamond and Dewar.
1 Moved, seconded dnd carried that a*
committee be. appointed to consider
the advisability of adopting some
method of advertising the vast mineral
resources of the district.
Meeting adjourned to meet Friday
evening, 3rd June, in same place, at
which time'the school and other questions of importance to the town and
district will be discussed.
It is again reported that J. J. Hill
will extend the Great Northern system
to Phoeuix and west through the Similkameen. For refined railway humor
Tom Shaughnessy, knight, isn't in it
with Jim, the 'plebeian.
1 ~ T'
Now that   the Poplar Trades  Com-
Lmittee has^got down to business again,
much  good  can be accomplished   for
the town and district through its efforts.
The meeting on  Friday evening last
was   certainly   enthusiastic,   and    the
questions taken  up were dealt with in
a  businesslike  manner.    Some of the
older members failed to put  in   an appearance, but there were  a number of
new men who  took an active  part in
the proceedings and whose regular at-
tendnnce   will   materially  help   in the
work to be done.
Railroad Avenue, Poplar.
Meals from earl) morn
till late at night. Fresh
Bread for Sale.
S. F. PETERSEN, Propr.
Following are the records  made at
the Poplar office during the past week:
May  a8^Cceeoal,   Gold   Hill,   W.
Bin ha, Gold Hill,  Frank Johnston.
Eagle, Summit and Late Game, west
side Poplar creek, John Olson et al.
Ida Elmore, Poplar creek, W. E. M.
Mountain   Goat.   Tenderfoot creek,
Chas. Edstrom.
Goodenough,   Poplar creek,  T.  H.
Lidie, Poplar creek, E. Simpson.
Independence,   south    west    Poplar
creek, D. Co^rihV.
Gold Chest,   Poplar  creek,   A.  R,
Nigger Stew>   Poplar creek,  G. R.
It is hoped that work will shortly be
started on the new school building, so
that it may be ready for occupation
after the midsummer vacation. No
reasonable excuse can now be offered
by (the education department for not
establishing a school here. There are
a sufficient number of children of schooi
age, the population of the town is increasing rapidly, and the large number
of claims showing up well with development insures the permanency of
the camp.
At the meeting of the Provincial
Mining Association held in Nelson,
telegrams announced that the Bullion
and Quesnelle branches were in favor
of action being taken to prevent placer
Lumber and Builders' Material,  Hardware,   Granite-
ware, Stoves, Lamps, Tents,
Paints, Oils, Etc, Etc.
McKinnon &
Miners, Prospectors
and Hotel Men should
see our stock before
placing their orders.
It is new and on the
top peak of excellence
We are getting in ahape to All
your orders, let them be large
or small, they are appreciated
alike. We have had years ot
experience tilling orders for
mining companies and prospectors. We endeavor to send
nothing up the hill but first class
goods. Give us acall. We think
we can please you. Our prices
are right and goods first-class.
The Elite
When in Poplar drop into The Elite
and get separated from your whiskers.
All surface work done with a delicacy
of touch that leaves the temper inert.
Hair cut while you wait, and *ea foams
furnished that make you feel like a
man who has |H»t found a hill full of
gold. Next door to Papa Kaiser's
B'H>xe Foundry. First street.
GEO. M. DAVIS, Ppopr etor.
Notice is hereby given thaf t hi,,.    1
dare 1 intend to apply toffiL hi}rtv daVs ****'
Chief CDm»,|«ioJIr%lindI £T8r*Wwe ^
« special li«e se to cuti anrf ,.Vll   w°rt» for
berfrom the following d?irih2r7/WJi,n-
mencin* at a post placed m, f L« ,ailds: Con'-
Boulder creek ahout two mile f^'J1 8lde of
Duncan river, in the\6U*JEA ,*'&"* from *he
«H.v,BC marked *W op °if.WeHt K°ote-
Wet rJrtn™*i<* uL* 1 °: ftobinaon'a South
£ Transfer   Stables.
Wood for Solo.
Having purchased the
draying business of Geo.
Chataway, I am prepared
to attend  to all orders. 3
POPLAR, B. 0. 3
OUJUUULgflfl|o•,oop, OoqqaoQO
W.;tCoVn«"i't.uWeast ?£"£*?»'* ¥»%
north 4 .chains, thenceTest it h"-"8' *>n«
wmth 4.chains to pontoflliR,n*'tbenc
Dated thl-Art, «hi^oi Mbv °lSoTencen,cnt
• Supplies delivered to any!
J part of the district at •
I reasonable  rates.    Pros-1
• pectors outfits moved and I
• Saddle Horses furnished. J
:geor6e  chataway:
Jideof Boulder creek affi .<0n the "ortl
from the Duncan river in ti* n\ mi,e* ea»t
Kootenay, B. 0    mH1KeJ tVo*'^ *S
men t ,^^^^^^^^^^^_
■oca tor
Chlef Commissioner of La.ui! ?J?V^le &
a special license to cut and ,l,.,and Work» '*
from the following    •HrrvftWR1'*,*"u-
m mm
Furniture and
Bargains   in  all   kinds   of
Furniture, Stoves, Crockery,
etc   Wall Paper.  Two
complete sets of Bar Fixtures,
j British Plate Mirror 46x96
inches, new, Letter Presses,
Barber Chairs, Bath Tubs
and other specialties.
Mail Orders  Receive Prompt Attention


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