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The Nugget Jun 17, 1904

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VOL. I.   NO. 29.
Poplar, b. a. June 17,1904.
$2.00 A Year.
J. B. McKenzie and  Arthur Gowing
;,,c working on ihe Oliver, Rusty creek
Chas. Peterson is  doing  assessment
work on claims up Poplar creek, owned
by A. 0. Ostby
The offices of the Great Northern
Mines, limited have, been moved from
Ferguson to Nelson.
Bob Dewar has located placer ground
near tiie Second Crossing which he believes will prove very rich.
Bruce White and J. A. Magee came
in from Nelson Wednesday and went
up to the Spyglass yesterday.
Chas Copp is doing assessment work
ot\ the Calumet, situale about halfway
between Poplar and Rapid creek.
K. Burnet, P. L. S., of Rossland
has completed the survey of the Lucky
Jack No. 2 Mining company's  claims.
A quartz ledge is being crosscut on
the Silver Glance which is said to be a
continuation of ihe rich lead on the
Luck Jack.
J .ml
week looking over ihe camp and it is
• said he has gol an  option  on  some of
the   Poplar creek  properties.     If so,
there will shortly be doings in camp.
Anderson and Cochrane have commenced work on the Copper Queen,
situated about four miles up Poplar
creek. There are two ledges on the
^ueen, both carrying values in copper
and gold.
Al. Houston has finished the year's
assessment work on the Red Rock and
Cumberland, northwest of Poplar.
A quartz ledge 4 feet in widtw was
crosscut and stripped for a considerable
John Winquist, the locator of the
Spyglass, came in from Trout Lake
Wednesday and went up to ihe claim
yesterday. Ii is reporled in town that
tiie lead on the Spyglass is widening
as development pregresses, and that
there is now three feet of solid galena
>n the face of the workings.
Monte Morgan has finished assessment work on his Rapid creek proper-
'ks. They are ihe Annie, Marguerite,
and Hidden Treasure. These claims
tip'm those of Schmidt and Rogers and
'are owned by M. J. Morgan, P. H.
^'Connor, W. Jennings and George
McCartney. The Annie has a 6-foot
lead showing up well as far as it has
heen stripped. On the Marguerite there
are two leads, one contact and the other
fisjher. Both assay high in gold. The
Hidden Treasure has a 12-inch fisher
vein which shows free gold.
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Harvard Lake Group.
The trail has  been  completed  from
the   First  Crossing  to  the  group   of
claims around Harvard lake, a distance
of about four miles.    A  number of locations have been made  in  the vicinity
of the lake during the past two months.
The first location in this neighborhood
was the Slocan Boy, made last year by
the Hendryx brothers.    On  the cl urn
there  are  two  leads,   one  7 and  the
other 10 feet in   width.    Near  this are
the Beatrice,  owned   by   E. Hart, and
the   Harvard   Lake  by   T.   Ross,   on
which there is a 16-foot lead  of quartz,
opened by a crosscut 19 feet  in length.
Adjoining the Beatrice  and  south of it
is the Sugar Loaf, with a  9-fool   lead,
owned by  Ross and   Ha t.    South of
the   Harvard   Lake   is   the    Beatrice
owned by Ross and Campbell, and having the same lead as  the  Sugar Loaf.
West of these are the  Maple Leaf and
Hazel   Fraction,  located   last  year  by
Swancen.    Northwest  of the lake are
the Bendigo  located   by W. Holloway,
the Commonwealth by James Cunningham,   and   the  Confederation   by   H.
Cameron.    On   these  there  is a very
large  quartz   lead   carrying  arsenical
iron, and from any part of which gold
can be panned.    Development  work is
now being done on the  Confederation.
Northwest of the Commonwealth is the
l^t^UM^*^ "Campbell.
East of   the   President   are  the   Mayflower owned  by A. McQueen, and the
Orphan   Boy  by  George   Hambly, on
which there is a   12-foot   lead   that assayed as high as $103 in gold.    Southeast of these are  the Quaker and Puritan owned by  Holloway and Hendrix,
on Which they claim  there is a quartz
lead over a  hundred  feet   in   width.
These   claims   join   the   Slocan   Boy.
Other claims have been  located in the
vicinity  of   Harvard   lake,   making a
camp of   between   twenty and  thirl)
claims with large bodies of free-milling
ore.    Very lillle work  has  been done,
as the majority of the claims have been
located within the past  six   weeks, but
now that the trail  has been completed
and supplies can  be  taken in on pack
animals, it is expected lhat considerable
work will be done during Ihe summer.
With the large  bodies in   the vicinity
of Harvard  lake  even if the ore only
runs $5  to the  ton, and  this is a very
low estimate, it  will  prove one of the
best camps in the district.
The First Birth. -
Cameron—Bom, in Poplar, on the
10th June, 1904, to Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Cameron, a son, the first child bom in
the City of Gold. 	
Al the meeting of the Trades Committee Friday night reports were received from all the committees except
that on advertising, which will be
presented at the meeting this evening.
The committee on the public school
were instructed to reply to the rather
evasive letter of the superintendent of
education, and the committee on trails
were instructed to forward data to the
government agent at Kaslo.
John Keen visited Kaslo |and Nelson
this week.
on  Tuesday  last for
Ed. Funk  left
Seattle. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
E. L. Morand went down lo Nelson
In Nelson a man must not spit even
in the court house.
Turk D. Brown is building a house
on Findland Heights.
E. Ferguson, the Nelson liquor.man,
was in town this week.
S. Silver has moved from Railroad
avenue to Finland Heights.
Ollie Chapman returned Monday
from a two-weeks' visit to Kaslo.
Mrs. E. Harrop and family left Wednesday for a short visit in Nelson.
A number of citizens are training
daily for a bridge walking contest.
Miss Anderson of Vancouver is visiting her biother Gust of the Hotel
Geo. Hagerman slipped on a banana
peel Wednesday and severely sprained
his leg.
A. E. Goodenough of the Slocan
Bottling Works paid a business visit to
Poplar this, wteek.
Miss Elsie Kaiser returned to Eholt
Wednesday after a visit of a couple of
weeks with her father.
Rev. S. J. Green of Kaslo rounded
up a number of backsliders and others
in the Oslby corral Tuesday evening.
Mrs. George Hagerman of Kaslo,
who had been spending a week with
her husband, returned home on Wednesday.
The Poplar sawmill commenced
turning out lumber yesterday, and in
a short time will be prepared to supply
the local demand.
J. G. Ross the C. P. R. operator
here has gone to Nelson, and Mr. Mar-
Marsl; Jl of Eholl now handles the
ticker in Poplar.
A dispatch from Sandon states that
EJ McLeod tapped a chute of blues
ihe other day and found $700 under
an ace in the hole.
J. J. and Mrs. Cameron are the
proud possessors of the most valuable
nugget yet found in the camp. It is a
boy and tips the scales at 10 pounds.
The many friends of Chas. Hanson,
proprietor of the Commercial hotel
here, will regret to learn that he is in
the Nelson hospital being treated for
tjiphoid fever.
Slim Hendrix cut his foot badly with
an axe Wednesday while working on
his Rapid creek properties, and will be
laid up for a lew weeks. Dr. Brandon
attended to the injury.
The Lardeau Eagle has changed
owners, J. J. Atherton having purchased the business from E. G. Woodward.. The policy of the peper will remain unchanged politically.
Do not forget' the meeting of the
Poplar Trades Committee this evening
at 8 o'clock in the Ostby hall First
street. Important business to be discussed.
S. B. Hodgson has opened a boot
and shoe repairing shop. He will be
in town Friday and Saturday of each
week, Orders left at E. L. Master-
son's store will be promptlyaltended to.
Dave Day went to Nelson Friday to
enter the Kootenay Lake hospital, but
after a stay in that institution of two
days all the typhoid germs were murdered end he returned Monday as well
as ever.
Andy Garvey has opened a blacksmith shop on Second street above Poplar avenue, where he is prepared to do
anything in his line. Horseshoeing
and tool-sharpening a specially, safes
cracked while you wait, prospectors
spiked for glacier climbing, machinery
repaired and deadheads killed.
Wednesday last Wm. Schmock and
Silver's cayuse gol into an altercation
as to whether it was easier to pack
wood op hill or down hill. As the
cayuse was packing the wood its
opinion was entitled to some consideration. In the heat of the argument
they came to blows, and Schmock lost
the argument. It is now settled that
a cayuse can pack more wood going
down hill than up, and can scatter it
over more territory on the down grade,
especially if it is stove wood.
Work was commenced on the new
school building yesterday and it will be
completed next week, after which there
can be no possible excuse for a school
not being established here. Lately
both the school inspector and superintendent of education have resorted to
quibbling and childish evasions in
answer to enquiries by parents. This
is a very undignified course for gentlemen holding positions of such importance, and upon the result of whose
official acts so much of the success or
failure of the rising generation depends.
The department of education or the
inspector's office should be free from
political bias or personal animus, and
just as soon as either influence the acts
of officials the usefulness of that official
is gone. It is not a question of whether
the superintendent or the inspector have
been unfairly criticised or not. With
them it is a question, of providing for
the present educational requirements
of those who will in a few years be the
men and women of the province—the
fathers and mothers in the intellectual
evolution of the race,
Here is a strange trick to pierce iron.
You take a piece of crystalized sulphur,
mould it to the exact shape and size
you want your hole to be. The piece
of iron is then heated while hot and
then you press the sulphur on it, which
will enter as eas> as if it were butter,
leaving a hole the exact size and shape
of your sulphur stick.
The flesh of the elephant is partaken of with zest in India.
m jpt
Hi B
■■ ■
-■      '    ft:
#   !|
Poplar, B. C, June 17, 1904
la published every Friday at Poplar, B. C
and is .sent to any address for f 2.00 « year.
Commercial adve;tising is $1.00 an inch for
four insertions. Reading notices 16 cents a
line each insertion. Lejral advertising 10
cents a line first insertion, and 5 cents a line
each subsequent insertion. Certificate of
Improvement notices, $7; Delinquent co-
owner notices, .tflO. Address all letters to The
Nuogkt. Poplar, B. C.
R. T. LOWEflY, Proprietor.
FRIDAY,  JUNE 17, 1904.
There will be gold in Poplar when
some of us are dead.
. The establishment of a bank in
Poplar is more evidence of the increasing* importance of the golden
city by the river
A boy recently ditd in Indiana
from growing too fast. He was 7
feet high at the age of 14. Mowns
sometimes die from the sairie cause.
Within a year, if the schist around
this camp carries pay values, Poplar will be the largest city in the in
terior. Within three years it will
have a larger population than Vancouver.
Union miners in Colorado seem to
be like Ishmael. Probably is is the
agitators and not the miners who are
to blame. However every great victory requires force ancj nothing is
won by being a rulberneck.
A JaP in New York gave $1,200,-
000 of his own money to help his
country against the Kus&ians. It is
patriotism of this kind that wins
many a war, although it is a puzzle
to us how the Jap got out of New
York with that much money. He
couldn't do it in Poplar.
R. E Gosnell is now editor of the
Victoria Colonist. This is a long
jump from the little paper he once
spa tered with ideas back in Alvin-
ston, O.itario, but Gbsnell is merely
getting his reward. He has done a
greac deal for the province, and will
no doubt continue the work, even if
Jim Dunsmusr and Dick McBride do
occasionally put water in his ink.
Western Growth.
• Winnipeg is having a great boom.
The building lots in the city are be
ing sold at very high prices. The
Winnipeg correspondent of the Toronto World states that five thousand
immigrants a week are passing
through the city. This does not in
elude the vast tide that flows into the
province and territories that does not
converge at Winnipeg.
A very large number of immigrants are coming from the States.
These new arrivals take part in the
boom in Winnipeg building lots and
so general is the desire to speculate
that many women are speculators,
and several have made considerable
Speculators and investors of Eng
laud, Eastern Canada and the United
States are present in large numbero,
lending a distinct cosmopolitan tinge
to operations in all lines of business.
As long as the inrush of immigrants
continues the boom in Winnipeg may
be expected to last, but it must
sooner or later come lo a finish, and
then there possibly may be trouble.
But that day may be far distant, for
population is increasing fast and
room must be found for the new arrivals somewhere. On this continent
the population doubles in about 35
yean*. There are eighty millions
and more now living here, and during the next thirty five years there
will be eigi.t millions more people to
provide for. Where will they live?
It is time we were thinking of these
matters and as vet yery little thought
is given to the subject. The Winni
peg boom may start thought, and if
so it will be doing good service.
Lady at the telephone—Are you
there ? Are you Mr. Frizzle the bar
ber ? Well, I want my hair done for
a party this evening. Mr. Frizzle at
the other end of the wire—Certainly,
mum. I'll send a boy around for it
in five minutes.
Daughter—There is only one thing
more astonishing than the readiness
with which Ned gave up tobacco
when we beca me engaged. Mother
What is that astonishing tiling?
Daughter—The rapidity with • liicli
he took it up after we were married.
Hello, father, is that you ? the college youth called over the long distance wire. I was beginning to get
anxious about that cheque I wrote to
you for; thought perhaps it had miscarried. No, replied the wise father,.
It's safe—safe in my cheque book.
Good bye!
Hawthorne Bros
Miners and Prospectors'
The hotel is furnished and fitted Up in the
most modern style. Best of accommodation
for mining men and tourist*. Only A 1 brands
of liquors and cigars kept in stock.
Casey A Mobbs, Props.
Beer and Aerated Waters
Frank A. Tamblyn, Agt, Poplar
The Miners' Hotel
Gold Hill, B. C.
Plenty of accommodation for
Travelers,    Prospectors •and
John Uloin, Proprietor
Dominion Hotel
Has ample accommodation for a $
large number of people. The table |
is supplied with the best in the mar- I
ket.  The bar contains the popular |
brands of liquid tonics and cigars.      &
Hambly & Nelson.
^I^C^v^IC^ICV^ivViv ^v /4\ ^> /** •** #-4* *-*> •*> <k> /*v wgt *t**^ wviCTK^ftf
Fresh and Salt Meats, Fish and Fowl
Is convenient to the depot and has accommodation for 50 quiet guests. The nerve-
bracers in the bar are free-mil ling1, and an
orchestra provides music while the guests
are at dinner. The landlord has studied
human nature from Brazil to Alaska and
knows the way to make a stranger feel at
home. ITtEI) KAISER, Proprietor.
Poplar Townsite
See Future Ads.
j Hanson & Ostby, Proprietors. M
First-class in every department.    Win™ Liquors and Cigars the
finest   procun.blo.    The   M,nu   h,s no equal in the
j Lerdeau.    Call and  he convinced   that
Poplar, B. C, June 17, 1904.
Even a knocker is sometime* use-
I j' Willi*"1   Fleet Robertson,   ihe
provincial mineralogist, has relieved .... ._ mwm
nnxiety of rfose timid ones who A selfish world and it is good policy
countries less rich in natural advan
tages should nut be entirely shut out
from the benefit of his services, and
that Mr. Robertson should  be spared
for a brief season.   This is of course
nicctured   all suits ot trouble   as
;1S (lie East  Ko.tenay  reserves
It was feared
ere thrown open ^^^^^^^^
hat there would be such a rush in:o
this much advertised and much discussed tlistrict, that there would be
uiany disputes about locations, and
that sei'iuus trouble might ensue.
There is not much danger now if Mr.
Robertson's opinion is worth anything
and if" in is not, then his salary should
I,csaved to the province.
The government was besieged by
importunate license seekers. It knew
not which way to turn. Whatever
action it might tike would offend an
jpposing faction and the government
was not particularly anxious to offend
any one. So William Fleet Robert
son was sent into the Flathead coun
try. He relumed, and published a
report. Prospectors and speculators
in oil tiVld8 who take any stock in
Mr. Robertson's report will not give
a|l'iittun tor alliceme. They will not
make any Mienuous light fur locations which such a renowned exDert
describes in concluding I.is very Interesting reuoit as follows:
"I would report the actual seeping
ot oil in thiee or four places; that the
existence of a body of oil underg ound
is quite possible though exceedingly
problematic; that if such a body of
oil dues occur it can only be demonstrated by boring in all probability
to a constdeiable depth and at con-
side rat le cost."
Thus is peace and good order in
this glorious province maintained.
Who would want to have this province disturbed by an inrush of people
such as have made mining camps on
the other side notorious? Twere
much better that our resources should
be belittled than have a large influx
of people. British ColumbiA can get
along   without   populati #11 anyway.
Man has a n ttrty habit of spoiling
natural scenery, and scenery is what
every true British Columbian boasts
about. The province is of course in
debt, but debt only adds to the charm
of living so long as there is scenery
It is not the first time that Willi mi
Fleet Robertson headed off a threatened boom. Last year there was ex
ceding great danger that the Poplar Creek district would become
Possessed of a "boom," but Mr.
Uobertson went there and reported.
Since then all one hears ot Poplar
Creek is contained in the paragraphs
in the Poplar Nugget. And then
there is the Similkameen. A tew
years ago Mr. Robertson went there
and reported. Kince then the Smiil
kaineen, rich in mineral and other
^sources, has not been troubled with
a boom, and its peoply have had
ample opportunity to study its mag
niflcent scenic beauties.
A few misguided residents of this
Province who have not yet realized
that its ideal destiny does not lie in
the exploitation ot its natural resources, suggest that it is unfair to
Monopolize the valuable services uf
William Fleet Robertson; that otter
when you have a good thing to stick
to it. Experiments are sometimes
costly and in the absenee ot Mr. Robertson the mineral resources of the
province might be developed; there
might be an influx of capital and
men—in facta boom intent come. —
Boundary Creek Times.
One wav to dodge the divorce
courts is to stay single.
First Russian—You say the tight
was quickly over? Second Russian-
Yes; It was finished before you
could say Jackopoli sky Robinson-
The boy sat on the moon lit deck,
His head was in a whirl;
His eyes and mouth were full of htir,
And his arms were full ot girl.
Bates—That nephew of yourscille 1
me a blackguard. Yates—Just like
Ben; no tact about the boy. I've al-
was told him that the truth was to be
spoken onlv on occasion.
What is your husband's favorite
fiction? asked the inquisitive person.
I can hardly say at a momeut's notice, said the patient wife, whether
he prefers the invalid friend story or
the detained at the office on business
Whom do you consider the greatest
inventor of the times? asked one woman My husband, she replied
proudly. Whv, I didn't know he
ever invented anything. You should
hear the excuses he gi»es for coming
home late from the office.
Now, Will«am, isn't this coffee as
good as that your mother used to
make? It is better than that she
made at home, Ellen, much better.
Bui it isn't as good as that she used
to make for church socials.
Claribel, called out the old gentle
man. in a load voice, ra ping and
emphatic, from the head of the
staircase at 11 30 p. m., you tell that
long- haired, sallow-faced, spider-
W-ggei feller in the parlor there to
tike his hat and walk off; and if he
ever c »mes here again I'll kick him
through his necktie. Alfred, murmured the young woman, pensivelv,
something seems tu tell me wed bet
ter part.
Tkndkrs for Timhkk Limits.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the
undersigned up to noon of Wednesday,
2'M\ .hiiie.l:'v.4,uuiHany person who may desire
as Lots ri,47!t, tt,«U,   U,'im,   u,<xu.,
(i.48<(, West Kootenay District,
the aggregate 2,(5% acres.      B^^^^^^^^^
The  competitor offering the highest cash
w ill be entitled to a lease of the limits
{^unsuccessful »o»p*ttog
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands & Works Department,
L      Victoria, B. C, 2«<» •*"»«' vM'
Is one of the oldest hotels in the Slocan. It is
situated on the Plaza in New Denver and is convenient to the theatre and all the impostant business
places of the city. Prospectors are requeste to plunk
their packs and come in and have a shot when they
hit the Lucerne. Tourists and capitalists will find a
bank in the next building, and a piano in the parlor.
Square meals a specialty, Beer on tap and ice in the
A. JACOBSON, Proprietor.
Kootenay Railway and
Naoigation Co. Ltd.
International Navigation and
Trading Company, Limited,
Kaslo and Slocan Railway
& S. RY.    *
8::k> a
. m
, 4:2") p.
WArt a
, in
. 2:00 p.
, 1:80 p.
11:00 a.
8:00 a.
Notary   and   Commissioner
A. N. VAR8
Baillie, Vara & Go.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
Slates and Canada via Great Northern
and O. K. & N. Company's lines.
For further  particulars  call   on   or
Manager, Kaslo.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
data I intend to apply to the Honoranle the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands: Commencing at a post placed on the north side of
Boulder creek, about six miles east from the
Duncan river, in the District of West Kootenay, B. C, marked "J. C. Moyle's South West
Corner," thence east 160 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence west l(i()chains, thence south
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this flth day of May, li«)4.
J. C. MOYLE, Locator.
\Tnti™ is hereby given that thirty days after
i»*2t intend to apply to the Honorable the
H efCommLioner oyf Lands and Works for
SSSSSSSm to cut and c» Wwjy timhjr
fenmfcha following described land*:, wm-
nSing at i Post placed on the north side of
n.Vu«ri.r«ek about six miles east from the
Duncan rver 'in the District of West Koote-
Dunoan rive , Movie'b North West
KSier'?th™ceeastChains, thence south
Stains thence west 160 chains, thence north
£ chains to point of commencement.
•«a tbis >th day o;Ma;V,M^LF|IocRtort
Mining Investments.
Mining Properties for Sale in all Parts
of British Columbia.
Starkey & Co., Oftjjs
Fruit Eggs, Bacon and other Provisions.
A. R. Heyland, Est,",!
veyor, Kaslo.
E.   Ferguson   & Co,
Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale  dealers in   Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars.    Agents for Pabst beer.
•   j. n. love:
Help   of  All   Kinds   Furnished
Poplar, B. C, June 17, 1904.
But very little iridosmine has been
saved, as it is rarely ever that a
miner was aware ol its presence in
the black sands which he was letting
go down the creeks with the tailings;
with care and patience, the practical
gravel miner will be able to detect
and save this very  valuable metal.
It'may be found, in the black sands
in the crevices on bed-rock, and will
lodge wherever gold will And a resting place in the placer mining districts.
When it is known that a teacup of
iridosmine is worth several hundred
dollars, it behooves the miner to ex
amine his black sands carefully lor
this metal.
During the past few years the uses
to which iridosmine has been put was
the cause of making a demand for it
in the markets of the world, and that
demand is increasing so rapidly that
it will be years before the price can
depreciate to any extent.
Iridosmine is heavier than gold
and about the same value, and every
miner should carefully examine his
ground for this metal.
Platinum in color and streak is
dark steel gray. Iridium is a steel
white, extremely ha I'd metal. Os
mium is an extremely hard, bluish
or grayish white metal. These metals
are to be found in grains and scales,
in round, flattened or irregular
Iridium and Osmium, when associated together as an alloy are
known as Iridosmine or Osmiridium,
and are Usually associated with
platinum, therefore those minerals
should be looked for in the black
Iridosmine is infusible and being
heavier than gold can easily be saved
in a miner's pan. The Batea is better than the pan, as the wood fibers
will assist in saving the fine grains
of the iridosmine.
T e black sands carrying chrome,
iron and other minerals, being
lighter, can to a certain extent be
washed over the pan, but great care
should be used in panning, and a
close search should be made for indications of iridosmine.
Inasmuch as some varieties of iridosmine are nearly as sensitive to
the magnet as magnetic irom, it will
not do to use the magnet in separating iridosmine from Magnetic iron.—
M. and E. Review.
loved me as much as he did the day
we was married; and -and he was
so slow answering me tha I up wid
the mop an' flung it at him, Squire
Benson; for if we poor women don't
have love our hearts just breaks
inside of us.
A Broken Engagement.
They were uttering the tender
nonsense that succeeds the great
And,   said  the  girl,  bravely,   if
poverty  comes we will face it to
Ah, dearest, the mere sight of your
face would scare the wolf away.
And ever since he has wondered
why she returned the ring.
Lost—Between the railroad br'dge
and the Bertha K mine, a lady's
walrus handbag The owner is
anxious to recover the article, owing
to its being a present from a near
relative. A reward of $5 will be given
to person leaving same at this office.
Bring You   . . .
to this office. It vvillflnot hurt
you, and will help the editor to
live in luxury.
Harrop Block,
p°Piar, B. c!
Quiet   and Comfortable.
&». W. J. cockle.
[lllV-V'1'.'.!!,! ii. A»:,:V.'.!?,! WW/.'.M?-,! IW^1'.1?.^
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior in West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
Poplar millionaires.
B.   T0MKIN5,   flANAGER.
Tender and True.
Squire Benson was often consulted
in cases of family difficulty, resulting
from the storm anil stress of time and
temper, and he derived a good deal
of amusement from the tales told in
his little office.
Is it true that you threw somethinff
at Mike that caused the swelling
over his eye ? the squire asked a
little wiry Irish woman, who appeared sobbing at his door one day
half an hour after her husband had
lis, I did, said the little woman,
catching' her breath, but I niver mint
to hurt him, and he knows it well.
We'd just come home from me cousin's wedding, an' I was feeling kind
of soft to Mike, and I axed him if he
In New Denver
Is one of the cosiest hotels in
the Slocan for a man in
search of food, drink or a
downy couch.    Ask for
Is a literary blend, written, compiled, published
and shipped by R. T. Lowery.   It tells about
Booze in Nelson, Poker in the Silvery Slocan,
Gospel at Bear Lake, Rain in New Denver.   It
is free-milling' in poetry, and has a large chute
of stories cut from the Cent Belt, when the writer
was doing penance among the tenderfeet in the
East.      The   miserable  effect  of reading  this
publication is relieved by looking at the pictures
in it on the hanging wall.    You can tell Float
anywhere   by   the Bulldog* Oil the Front
PagTe.    It  is  not  selling  very  well, perhaps
owing to the fact that Mulock has not yet shut
it out of the mails.    The public are warned not
to buy it, although it is sent to any address on
earth for 25c.    Address
Poplar, Nelson, or
New Denver, B. C.
when you get inside the door.
TIMBER NOTICE.        ^_
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special lice se to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands: Commencing at a post placed on the south side of
Boulder creek, about two miles east from the
Duncan river, in the district of West Kootenay, B C marked "W. O. Robinson's South
Went Corner," thence east 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west Kiochains, thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated this 5th day of Ma v. 1!»04.
W. O ROBINSON, Loon tor.
The Spyglass Mining
and Dewlopment Company, Limited.
Capitalisation .*„.,„,, dtvicW Into SKUMti   I
• ■ »r-. «ohi «**», toil C; :::n, r i'*: "°r """•
>• put m in the treasury.
not put it off
fftfe^fe^ote^^ """.V days
the Chief Comm," sinner Poff°u 'Je Hf»nO'able
for a special Hc2n9e to r,,f,d^ and Work«
timber from the following ?nd ,?W aw»v
Commencing at a ro?t 5j™rf^rfb&d lam,s:
side of Boulder creek?«.£«»♦ °n th.e north
from the Duncan river inni r\ ^iles east
Kootenay, B 0 muik'ed ' w'ljstnct of West
South East Corne^\kheedllceWwe°A Mft"}**
thence north 40 chains, thenoe*eaJt VMB-nH»
thence south 40 chains to nninV!f 18> chains,
ment. ^"fl io point of commence.
Dated 1 his Oth day of May, 1904
W. O. ROBINSON, Louator.
is all underwritten'* with' ^'^ '">W before "le 8l"clt
P" "• ffive a bo„usof twoS *SE\ und«'«"-'"<='' «
the best prooertiM i„ .,  "8"*re3'   That we own one of
<*ded bv the bit n,       ***" Creck  »■*•« «• «"
<*'«p.ym «S mZ m\,7h0 have vi8itedtne
within three months Now vT * "' °ne dollar fll,t
one dollar, payable 107 Zh?J1n ** thrCe 8n"r8 for
now and yuu wjn „,..,.„' nd 10/ Per month. Invest
Particnlawapply," ,eCa8y  mSne*    For further
Room 16, K.W c ril*
♦ ivw.uBlk. NELSON i THE NUGGET.
) Stop at the old reliable place.
flie dininff room is now up to-
date. The bar contains the
best brands of liquors and cigars
and you can depend upon being
treated right.
It is proposed to increase the milling
capacity of the Rand mines, Transvaal,
by about boo stamps during  the year.
The first known discovery of lead in
America was made by an Englishman
near Jamestown, Virginia, in 1621.
The deposit wasgalenn and was worked
for a number of years, the product
heing manufactured into bullets.
Copper mining operations are under
way on both the north and south
coasts of Cuba. The mines at Santiago were important producers for a
generation during the past century,
but were wrecked in a revolution and
allowed to remain idle until the establishment of a stable government.
There is upwards of $4,000,000 invested in the manufacture of lead pencils
in the United States, and the lead
pencils made are sold in every country
on earth To supply the demand no
less than 5,000 gross are manufactured
each day. The consumption of graphiite
in this one industry is very great, and
only the very best grades of the mineral
are used.
It can be understood to what nicety
the mechanism of a gasoline engine is
adjusted when it is stated that to make
1,000 revolutions a minute means that
in a 4-cycle engine there are 500 sprays
of gasoline forced into the cylinder,
500 times the electric battery makes a
spark, and 500 times the escape valve
is opened to let the gas out.
Every day in London scores of workmen's kettles are boiled in lime that
will afterwards be used for its proper
purpose—making mortar. Just before
the meal, one of the workmen empties
a quantity of the dry lime from a sack.
In the center of this lime he makes a
•lole and into it water is poured. Then
he puts his kettle into the water, and
•n a few minutes the kettle boils. In
thousands of cases a fire is thus spared.
Utah miners are in a wild state of
excitement over a peculiar incident. A
"umber of wild ducks have been found
dead near Basin City, caused by eating
small gold nuggets, which lodged in
their crops. Soon after the discovery
dozens of citizens began to hunt wild
ducks. The new scheme of mining
w«s profitable to more than one of the
hunters. A nugget In one of the duck's
crops was worth $11.85.
Cheap commercial acetylene gas was
discovered by accident. Wilson, a
sc,entific experimenter, believed that
nearly all metallic oxides could  be re-
Poplar, B. C, June 17, 1904.
duced to a metallic state by healing
them to an extremely high temperature
by the voltaic arc in the presence of
free carbon, He mixed a quantity of
quicklime wilh pulverized coke and
brought the mixture to a high temperature by the action of the voltaic arc.
He expected to obtain a white heat, but
instead he appeared to produce nothing but slag. Boys playing picked up
some of this slag that had been thrown
away and accidentally dropped it into a
pail of water. It produced a bubbling
effect and a strong odor. Thts attracted Mr. Willson's attention, and
upon investigation he found that it was
extremely inflammable. Further in-
investigation revealed that it was pure
acetylene gas. j ]
The statement that the British are
invading Thibet because of the existence there of great virgin gold fields,
would seem to be at least partially
borne out by the general reports in the
surrounding countries. The Nepalese
have a saying that there is more gold
than gunpowder in Thibet, and certain
travelers have asserted that there is. as
a matter of fact, a vast quantity of untouched gold in the southeast corner of
the country, and we have been regaled
with stories of how shepherds, watching
their flocks, often sit down for a spare
hour or two to wash gold from the
nearest stream. It is asserted that gold
is extensively employed in the manufacture of domestic utensils for the use
of heads of monasteries. But the
Thibetans will not dig for it, being
afraid of the anger of the demons who
they believe reside in the bowels of the
The curiosity of Mrs. Victor M. Clement of Salt Lake City, resulted in the
discovery of the only turquoise mine in
Mexico, says the Salt Lake Tribune.
The mine is located in the Santa
Rosa district of the state of Zacatecas,
near the town of Bonanza, and Mrs.
Clement is one of flie owners At the
time of the turquoise discovery Mrs.
Clement was living at Bonanza. Her
curiosity was a joke among the people
at the silver-lead mine, as she was in
the habit of prowling about the dump,
picking up pieces of ore and claiming
that they were all sorts of wonderful
things. One day, about thirteen
months ago, she went to the dump as
usual and picked up a pretty, light-
blue stone, which was very hard and
shiny. She took it home and compared it with a piece of turquoise. She
was laughed at, but was so persistent
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.   Reserve Fund, $3,000,000.
Aggregate Resources, Exceeding $83,(XXX000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President. B. E WALKER, General Manager
Sacings Bank Department,    Doposits received and Interest Alloved
Nelson Branch. BRUCE HEATHCOTB, Manager.
Capital authorized, $4,000,000
Capital [paid up] • 3,000,000
Rest 2,650,000
Head Offices
Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columbia,
Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R. MERRITT, President. I). R. WILKIE, VicePres. and Gen. Man.
E. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager.      W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.
Trout Lake, B. C, Branch: A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Department—Deposits received and interest allowed..
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada and the United Sues.    Special
attention given to Collections, Mining  Bonds and business transacted by
E. K. BOULTBEE; Manager.
that the specimen was Anally sent to
Salt Lake to be analyzed. The report
came back that it was pure phosphate
of aluminum, or turquoise. Turquoise
fever broke out at once and other
samples were secured and sent in foi
analysis. The report in each instance
was the same. At present the property
is being worked solely for turquoise.
The stones are very rich in color and
are much harder than the Oriental
turquoise. Up to this time the Zacatecas stones have not been placed on
the market, hut a number have been
forwarded to Tiffany of New York.
Several cutters are employed at 'he
mine and shipments will be commenced within a short time.
The Place to Buy
f Your Mail Orders
Ifentrusted to us in any of
the following lines will have
careful and prompt attention:
Office Supplies,
Blank Books and
Stationery, Wall Paper.
Drugs, Patent Medicines
and Drug Sundries
Kodaks and Photo Supplies.
Gramophones and   Records.
Canada Drug Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Is now on the shelves,
and we are i\ ady to
Do Business
And are bound to please
you, as they are
In all lines. Come round
and look them over. Respectfully,
John Hambly,F?£*l;
Furniture Dealers
Funeral Directors.
Has leased the dining room
of the Commercial hotel in
Poplar and serves regular
meals at popular prices. A
trial will convince the public
that the man behind the range
understands his business.
NOTICE is hereby given that John D. Mc-
Laohlan has made application under the
the provisions of of the "Liquor License Act,
1900 " for an hotel licence for the Commercial
Hotel at Lardo, and that a meeting of the
Board of License Commissioners of the Ainsworth License District will be held to consider "such application at the Government
Office'at Trout Lake City, on Monday, the 4th
,lfty of July, 1904, at thebour of eleven o'clock
in the forenoon. O. VV. YOUNG,
Acting, Chief License Inspector.
Chief Constable's Office,
Nelson, B. C, June 15th, 1904.
The Commercial
First Street, Poplar.
The Poplar Laundry
And Bath House.
JACKSON RADCLIPFE, Prop. Poplar, B. C, June 17, 1904-
. ■ <:>>.,
I  The $
!    Grand      I
I Hotel 1
Best Menu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Come from the
For years the wage-earners in
Canada have been endeavoring: to
get one of the political parties pledged
to government ownership of railways.
This plank was adopted by the Con
servative association of Brittish Columbia some years ago. the Liberals
and Independents also incorporating
this plank in their respective platforms later on. Now the Liberal-
Conservative party of Canada has
adopted this plank and will appeal
to the electorate with government
ownership of public utilities as one ot
issues.   As  the Conservative party
Wholesalers.   J|
Jacobson & Anderson,   5
A person in town was afflicted with
wood ticks.   He took a jolt at a local
bar.   In two'hours there wasn't a
wood-tick on Poplar creek.   The per
son may recover.
Some of the provincial papers have
announced weekly tor t e past four
months that the McBride formation
was broken up and that the ore body
faulted. If the development lately
done in Kamloops district is any
guide, the formation appeal's to be
quite solid and the lead continuous.
And it is probable that the Lillooet
stringer will give good assay values
when the returns are made public,
as the ore bodies in that district have
liitherto proved to be true fissure
There is something radically wrong
with'the people of Colorado.   From
the dispatches in the daily papers
one would suppose that  there had
been a  general insane asylum delivery previous to the election of the
present governor,  and immediately
«after  the  bedlamites   had   formed
themselves into a "Citizens' Alliance."
A shoat time ago the Alliance tried
.ran the union printers, as well as all
.other unionists, out of Denver.   The
highest explo ive a printer ever carries is Scotch whiskey,  and that, invariably, inside.
Perhaps the ablest of all the expert
reports that the provincial mineralogist has been safely delivered of is
that on the oil lands of East Koote
nay.   Had he njt informed the public that it was necessaiy to  "bore"
for oil, they might have gone with
dippers, and pails,   and   washtubs,
and bread pans, and other kitchen
utensils, to dip or scoop the oil out of
the little natural depressions on the
surface.   This boring must also be
done at   ''considerable cost."   Too
bad that a flume could not have been
run from a lake of refined oil to the
nearest point on   the  railway,  and
thus save the usual cost of obtaining
the crude oil and refining it.   Some
process by which the brain of the
provincial   mineralogist   could   be
lormaldehyded would be of inestim
able benefit to the mining interests
of British Columbia, for there are un
mistakable evidences of germs which
require a No. 8 hat for a No 5 head.
He recognizes, to my mind perhaps
better than any of his confreres, how
overvalued have been the pomp and
circumstance ot our Canadian courts—
the details or accessories of costuming
and stage setting in comparison with
the serious purpose ot t he legal drama.
Yet he has not demeaned himself
with dreary and doloroun denunciation of ranting rhetoric of reform.
The shaft of satire has been his weapon. Knowing that to make the millinery of the bench and bar unuier-
ably ridiculous is to prepare it for
inevitable destruction, he has (as
something ot a Major Maude of the
judiciary) thus lent his aid—and most
effectively—to   the  cause ot demo*
Poplar Drug Store I
We have opened a Drug
Store  on Second Street
Drugs  and Medicine
has taken the initiative in all great M* -simplicity  and desirable
movements for the advancement of
Canada, it is only inaccordjwith their
form.   And 1 for  one congratulate
him that he in his delicate way is
previous policy'that they should be! succeeding infinitely better than all
the first to take up this very import-!the blundering politicians that ever
ant matter. With Hon. K. L. Borden' raade t,,f)n-al att},ck uP°n tne common
as leader, should the Conservatives I enemy-the? with their legislative
have a majority in the house, there
is no doubt but what the party
pledges will be carried out. The
government ownership plank will
place Kalp • Smith and A. W. Pui;ee
in a rather awkward position. Both
claim to be Labor,   but  in real it j
bludgeons; he with his slender rapier
of ridicule."
have  always been  Liberals.   Row*!      BLACKSMITH
Horseshoing and Tool-
"**' """' ' mil   1     . ii  ... 1
they   must either support the Gun
servative platform or step down and
The following by a correspondent
iu Victoria Progress requires no introductory remarks: "I have been
niuui impressed on reading the provincial newspapers of late, with the
superlative density displayed by
numerous writers who fly into, print
at every opportunity to have a fling
^t Mr. Justice Martin. Can it be that
the hole Province ot British Colum
bia is so essentially unable to perceive a delicate wit, as to have built
up an utterly erroneous conception of
the distinguished jurist's temperament and purpose ? It seems to me
that his Lordship Js indeed proving
himself a worthy successor of that
grand old man, the late Sir Matthew
Baillie Begbie, in hU displayed
knowledge of human nature and his
love for a jest oi worthy proportions.
We are getting in shape to fill
youroiders, let them be large
or small, they arc appreciated
alike. We have had years of
experience filling orders for
mining companies and prospectors. We endeavor to send
nothing up the hill bur. first class
goods. Give us a call. We think
we can please you. Our prices
are right and goods first class.
A. GARVEY, Propr.
McKinnon &
Miners, Prospectors
and Hotel Men should
see our stock before
placing* their orders.
It is new and on the
top peak of excellence
I The Elite
When in Poplar»lrop into The Klite
and get separated from your whiskers.
All surface work done with a delicitcv
of touch that leave, the temper ineit.
Haircut while you wait, ami sea foams1"
furnished that make you feel like a
man who has J tut found a hill full of
gold. Next, door to Pi:pa Kuser's
Booze Foundry. First street.
GEO. M. DAVIS. Ppopr etor.
Transfer   Stables. «j
Wood for Sale.
o      Having purchased the
t draying business of Geo.
0 Chataway, I am prepared
1 to attend   to all orders.
Lumber and Builders' Material, Hardware, Granite-
ware. Stoves, La in 1 )3, Tents,
Paints, Oils, Etc, Etc.
Kaslo Hotel
Kaslo, B. C.
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way
to Poplar.
Cookie A Pap worth
Supplies delivered to any
part of the district at
reasonable rates. Prospectors outfits moved and
Saddle Horses furnished.
Furniture and
Bargains  in   all   kinds  of
Furniture,  Stoves, Crocker},
etc.   Wall  Paper.   Two
complete sets of Bar Fixtures
1 British Plate Mirror 46x96
inches, new, Letter Presses,
Barber Chairs, Bath Tubs
and other specialties.
Mail Orders   Receive  Prompt Attention


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