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The Nugget Feb 5, 1904

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Vol.. I.   No. 10.
Poplar, B. C. February 5,1904.
$2.00 A Year.
E. M   Morgan, superintendent of the
„ucky   Jack  and  Swede groups,   re-
jmed to   Poplar Wednesday  from at-
•nding a meeting of the directors of
le  Great   Northern   Mines,  Limited,
leld at Camborne Saturday Ia>t.    The
inject of the meeting was  to ratify the
let ion  of the  provisional  directors in
;onsolidrting   the   different   properties
inder   one   company.      On    Monday
»ext, the 8th inst., the  transfer will be
lade to the Great Northern.
This week the tunnel on  the   Lucky
lack passed the 300 foot mark, and on
[Wednesday was  in   312   feet, giving a
[depth of about   170  feet.    For the last
[thirty feet the  tunnel  has  been   in ore
[of good  quality,   carrying galena and
[free gold.    In  another  hundred feet a
[depth of 200 feet will have been reached
on the  lead, and  then  stoping will be
; commenced  and  the  mine  become  a
regular shipper.
On the Buffalo group No. 1 tunnel
is fairly started, being in about twenty
feet. It is expected the ledge will be
encountered at between fifty and sixty
feet, after which No. 2 tunnel will be
commenced and run about one hundred
feet to tap the lead at a vertical depth
of 100 feet.
The shaft on the placer claim south
of Poplar is down 55 feet. In the last
seven feet first a cement and then a
hard-pan was encountered. It is believed that bed-rock will be reached
within the next ten feet.
K. Lewis returned from Trout Lake
the past week and has resumed work
on the Gold Hill group of claims, situated about half a mile west of Rapid
creek and a few hundred feet from the
railway track. 	
O. B. Wilkie, P. L. S., came down
from Trout Lake Monday and is surveying a group of claims adjoining the
Swede, and owned by J. Verschoyle,
[Jos. Paitinson, W. Jennings, and J no.
and Oscar Nelson.
C. C. Poyntz of  Kaslo  was  in town
this   week   making  airangements ^o
[commence work on his claims, situate
above the Marcus  and   Gilbert properties.
On the Swede group four men are
sinking on the lead from which very
rich specimens were taken a lew weeks
C. W. Hartman and Theo Dufresne
are running a tunnel on the Royal
group at Meadow creek.
The Right and the Wrong Way.
The uproar caused by some recent
remarks of a contemporary, highly derogatory to British Columbia mining
in general, and to Poplar creek in particular, renders it advisable in our
opinion to say a word on the subject.
We object to squabbling with our con
temporaries, and will merely say that I 00000000000000000000000000
the journal in question has gone to J LOCAL NEWS ITEMS. 2
work most  decidedly  the  wrong way   to %
Watch repairing, O. Strathern, Kaslo
Win. McCue of Fernie is a visitor in
about, although possibly  with the best
intentions.    If Britieh Columbia can be
hurt   by    injudicious   "booming,"   it
must   be   remembered   that   she   can
be—and has been—a great deal more
hurt by  injudicious  "knocking," such
as has for years been carried on against
certain districts under the spacious plea
of "anxiety   for   the  province's   good
name."     This  province  is quite rich
enough to take care of her  own  good
name   without   either   "booming"   01
"knocking"    affecting    her    position
either one way or the other, so long as
she is given a fair show  for the outside
capitalist to come in  and  investigate.
But to remark that "she has never had
a rich   mine," and   similar derogatory
and untruthful  observations, serves no
good   end.    Our   contemporary's  original statements, which covered several
pages, were  so  obviously  and  rather
ludicrously based on an  entire misconception and lack of accurate  information as to the exact   stale  of the case,
and showed also so  unfortunate a bias
against one solitary individual, that we
did not think it  worth while  referring
to the matter.    But  when  it takes up
the   extremely   illogical   position   that
"this    never    happened   before,   and
therefore it can t happen now,   we reel
impelled lo beg it to  have a little more
faith in its country.    As  to rich.mines,
there are properties  at   Ymir,   Nelson,
Fish   River and  half a score of other
places which may very fairly be termed^
rich.    The  attitude consistently taken
up by some journals  in   the  province
that,   because   a   certain   district  has
made a bigger  mineral  strike than its
neighbors have yet  met with, therefore
that district is to be avoided and its inhabitants regarded as thieves and liars,
is singularly lacking  in common sense
or public-spiritedness.    Go and investigate   thoroughly,    but don't "knock"
every new discovery and  its promoters
because it happens to be  a  little richer
than anything you have  met  in your
own district.—B. C. Mining Exchange.
The Giant mine, Rossland, is shipping to the Granby smelter.
Over fifty thousand tons of ore were
treated at the Granby smelter during
The returns from the December
clean-up at the Eva mill, Camborne,
amounted to $11,400, being $400 more
thutl was first reported.
It is staled that work will shortly be
resumed on ihe Mollie Gibson, which
was closed down a year ago on account of the snowslide fatalty. There is
plenty of ore in sight on four levels in
the mine.
The delay in paying the lead bounty
is irritating to Slocan mine owners
who are short of money for development purposes. You cannot cut the
red tape away from the government.
It has to be unwound by a lot of officials with wax on their hands.—Ledge.
C. A. Porter of Spokane was in town
this week.
E. Baillie returned from a trip to
Rossland Monday
Mrs, Jowett and Mrs. Wilkie of
Trout Lake were visitors in lown Wednesday.
George Davis arrived in town Wednesday after spending the winter in
New Denver.
Dave Morgan, secretary of the
Miners' Union, came down from Ferguson Wednesday.
Ed. Almstrom went to Rossland on
Monday and will remain there for a
month or six weeks.
O. Slrathearn, Kaslo, sells stationery, wall paper, magazines, phonograph supplies, etc.
J. C. Murray, publisher of the Trout
Lake Topic, and R. N. Taylor were
visitors in Poplar Monday.
P. H. O'Connor and Monte Morgan
left Wednesday for a few week's visit
to Trout Lake and Nelson.
E'. L. MaSteTifoiT received a consignment of ready-made clothing this week,
of the best eastern make. Both fit and
quality guaranteed.
Chas. Hanson of Sandon has purchased the interest of Win. Hanson in
the Hotel Inn. He left for Sandon
Wednesday to close up his business
there and will return lo Poplar next
Thos. Armstrong, one of the pro.
prietors of the Poplar hotel, returned
to the city Wednesday from his country
residence in Rossland, where he spent
the holidays. He reports business in
Rossland very much improved in the
past three months, but, of course, in a
quiet way, and nothing as compared
with the rush in Poplar.
continued, and the stage finally overtaken, when the driver was ordered to
halt. At the sight of Stewart, Tim,
the Irishman, willed and cried out: "I
have it; here it is;" at the same time
handing over a chunk of pure gold
weghing eighty-one ounces, or $1,600.
The officer took the gold and they went
back to Marysville. There he charged
the Nugget up for expenses and Pap
Stewart went back to the camp on
Jamison creek without the gold, perhaps a wiser, but certainly a madder
man. A great many nuggets were
afterwards taken out of the mine, but
none as big as O'Brien's nugget.
Mineral Resources of Panama.
From the Bureau of American Republics it is learned that the mineral
resources of the new republic are vast
and varied.
Gold is obtained from the rivers
Marea and Balsas in South Darien.
There still lives the tradition of the famous mines of Cana or Espirilu Santo,
in the neighborhood of the Tuira. At
one time they were called Potosi, on
account of the abundance and fineness
of the ore produced. There are likewise gold mines in the neighborhood
of the rivers Code, Belen and indias
and their tributaries. * Of these the
most noteworthy is that of San Antonio, on the Code, which is reported as
yielding $40,000 a year. Copper, iron
and coal are also found in paying
Pearls are found in ihe Archipelago
of las Perlas and in many other spots
on the sea bottom, which would seem
to be almost covered with these precious
stones. As many as one million shells
a year are said to be secured by divers,
and, though all do nol contain pearls,
ihey are available as mother of pearl.
Chalk and lime abound in various
parts of the country.
The Irishman's Nugget.
On Jamison creek, California, in
1^56, one Tim O'Brien was employed
on a mining claim belonging to Pap
Stewart, Bill Ford and Sim Conlin.
One day he left suddenly and very
mysteriously, notifying no one of his
intended departure. One circumstance
thai made his absence look queer was
that the company owed him for two
weeks' work, and it is generally a
pretty strong incentive that can draw a
man from wages due him. Alarmed
and suspicious, Pap Stewarl started in
pursuit. The fugitive had stayed all
night at Gibsonville, and left early in
the morning in a heavy snowstorm,
hiring a man to go with him to Rabbit Creek, to whom he had liberally
paid $25 for the service. From there
he took the stage to Marysville. When
Stewart arrived there O'Brien had just
left on the stage for Sacramento. Accompanied by an officer the pursuit was
Spokane parties have taken a bond
on the Combination claim, in the high
grade belt near Greenwood, and close
to the successful Elkhorn. It is an old
claim from which shipments were
made in the early days u>f the Boundary
A number of young girls in Hobo-
ken, N. J., have been praying in church
for husbands. Their prayers have not
yet been answered, but some of their
neighbors who have been out hustling
in the meantime have been much more
Dress robs the flour barrel,'dampers
the furnace, cheapens the furniture
back of the parlor and makes hypocrites of those who belong to our codfish aristocracy.
Next to knowing what you are talking about it is most essential to know
whom you are talking to.
It is impossible to convince the young
man who has three or four sisters that
all women are angels.
Love is like a photographic plate
when it requires a dark room for its development. Poplar, B. C, Feb. 5, *904
fa published every Friday at  Poplar, B. 0.
and fa sent to any address for $2.00 a year.
Commercial adve;tising is $1.50 an inch for
four insertions. Reading notices 15 cents a
line each insertion. Legal advertising 10
cents a line first insertion, and 5 cents a line
each subsequent insertion. Certificate of
Improvement notices, *7; Delinquent co-
owner notices, £10. Address all letters to Thk
Nuuoet. Poplar, B. C.
R. T. LOWERY, Proi'KIKTor.
Never hit a long trail with a short
candle in your "bug."
Phoenix has twelve gin-mills and
yet the editor of the Pioneer is always sober.    	
It is up to the C. P li. to buy all
the sawmills in B. 0. Its bluff has
been called.    	
Poplar needs a bank. At present
we have to hide our money in the
brick chimney.
There are millions oi dollars in the
Lardeau, but none ot them can walk
without the drill and dynamite.
A moral wave is hitting the social
evil in Spokane. By and by that
city will be fit for eunuchs and decent
people to live in.
Nelson expects to make money
out of this canvp, but its business men
are mighty slow in putting their ads
in this lusty journal.
Intolerance is rampant in Canada.
The excluding ot such publications
as Physical Culture from the mails is
a disgrace to any civilized country
and a menace to liberty and progress.
The story of Cashel would make a
great dime novel. Here is a good
chance for Percy Francis to get in
and 'throw the Romance of Poplar
Creek away back into the shadow of
Float is only published once in a
century, and the current number is
for sale at this office. On the 1st of
May, 1999 all copies are redeemable
at $10 a copy. Buy a stack and be
a speculator.   	
The various tourist associations
should advertise Kootenay as a winter resort. The thermometer has
not yet reached zero this season,
while in the east it is so low as io be
no longer respectable.
Pool and Poplar are two names
that will be handed down to posterity
to signify the effect of gold and push
upon the human race.
Dollar wheat is expected on this
continent. As wheat and silver run
together, the white metal may soon
be sitting on the higher steps
If Japan and Russia go at it we
may look for the greatest war on
record. The United States and Eng-
m%d will be drawn into it, and be-
foiv it can be settled it is just possible that the Poplar sharpshooters
will have to go to the tront and break
the hoodoo.	
As a rule the legislators give away
the resources of the country and then
attempt to get even by taxing those
who are developing the province.
They should realize on the actual
goods and give labor and capital
every encouragement to work in
harmony without being cemented to
a wall of taxes.
the blue paper while your anatomy
is squeezed by the lovely arm of a
woman. When it comes to choosing
a trai' across the great divide we
would prefer above all others the
route taken by the man in Minnesota.   No time is lost between angels.
A zinc plant is the latest proposition in Kaslo. The energy ot the
citizens in that burg will yet merit
success. Kaslo will not down. It
must rise again and business boil
until the streets are paved with blue
chips, and overdrafts are nailed
against the wall as relics of a by
gone age.   	
A child may be spoiled and still be
too fresh.
It is better lo speak ill of the dead
'than of the living, for the live men
sometimes thump their traducerson
the jaw.
Ingratitude makes a man look like
a dollar minus 99 cents.
Poplar Transfer Co,
Freight moved to any part of the
city or tho hills. A heavy team ol
horses and a string of husky mules
always at the service ot the public.
Lots cleared in any part of the town.
George   Chataway.
Fresh and  Salt Meats, Fish and Fowl
The DeBeers Consolidated Mines
of South Africa made a net profit of
eleven million dollars last year, and
yet the owners want Chinese in order
to "reduce the cost of production/
It was for the purpose of giving those
pigs an annual protit of over 40
per cent that the workingmen of the
empire fought in South Alrica.
The boom is coming, and now is
the time to get your name on our
sub list. When we obtain a million
sulscribers no more will be taken.
Bill Galliher could help mankind
by inducing the postoffice department
at Ottawa to have some sense and
take out the plug against Physical
Culture. i  ||
Japan and Russia are no better
than the majority of pugilists. More
talk than fight, and we do not expect to see the mill pulled off this
Next summer thousands of tourists
will reach Poplar provided we reach
out for them. There is nothing like
gold to draw a crowd. It beats even
a dog-fight to a shadowy finish.
Is convenient to the depot and has accommodation for 50 quiet quests. The nerve-
bracers in the bar are free-milling:, and an
orchestra provides music while the guests
are at dinner. The landlord has studied
human nature from Brazil to Alaska and
knows the way to make a stranger feel at
home. FRED KAISER, Proprietor.
Smallpox is a filthy disease and
succeeds better in winter than in
summer, owing to the fact that the
people are not so clean when the
temperature nestles close to zero.
Dave Bogle has started a paper in
Victoria that will eventually wake
up the mummies in that city. Bogie
knows how to hit and his pen will
cut many a legislator down to the
right size.
Certain things are dangerous.
Near Anoka, in Minnesota, the other
night, a youth died while sitting in
a sleigh with his girl's arm arduud
him. This should be a warning to
young men when out riding with the
girls. Still there is a certain amount
of bliss in death when it hands you
General Merchant
Mining Supplies,
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries.       Agent for
Hamilton Powder Go.
It is the coming City at the Second Crossing.
Job Printing
•   •   •
The Nugget has one of the best-equipped
• Job   Printing establishments  in British
Columbia.    We carry a better quality
and larger stock of stationery than
any  other  weekly   paper  in   the
the    province.     Not   one   but
dozens of samples to choose
from. Mail orders promptly
filled   and  prices   right.
Poplar, B. C, Feb. 5, 1904.
Is the oldest hotel in Poplar,
and adjoins the C. P. R. depot.
The  wet grocery  department
contains pure goods, any brand
of which will pro-luce optimistic
the Lost river. The ledge occurs in
a granite dyke between limestono
walls. The cassiterite, or tin oxide,
is tound disseminated through the
rock in small particles. A group of
claims was immediately staked by
the lucky prospectors, and steps have
been taken to develop the property.
York is situated about ninety miles
from Nome.—E. and M. Review.
mince pie,  three sticks of candy, a
hull lot of peanuts and my dinner.
Go half way to meet a man and he
will go twice the distance without a
Notary   and   Commissioner
The Hotel Inn
Wholesale Merchants
This is a tale of tin.   It has its be
ginning back in the summer of 1900,
when Alfred H. Brooks of the geol'o
gical sarvey noted an occurrence ot
stream tin in  the York   region   of
Alaska.    He wa& studying the gold
placers of the field at the time and
observed the preset ce tin in associa
tion with  gold.   As this was a new
locality for the mineral and as he
realized that there whs a possibility
that it might be found in the region
in commercial quantities he at once
wrote a briot report of the discovery,
which was included in the volume ol
"Mineral Resources," published by
the geological survey in 1900, and in
his  general   report  on   the  Nome
This report undoubtedly stimulated
activity on the part of the prospee
tors. Some ot them began to Familiar-
ize themselves with the physical
properties of tin, so as to be able to
reeognize it if Chey had the good tor
tune to find it. The placer tin- was
tound to have a wide distribution
and the perseverei.ee of some ot the
prospectors has finally had its reward, tor last summer tin was found
in place in the York district, and the
men who traced the placer deposits
back to their source in the granite
may   become materially richer for
the find.
It is interesting to note that as a
representative of the geological sur
vey had, in the first place;' pointed
out the way another representative
of the same bureau was on hand to
assist in finally locating the bod rock
source. Some of the prospectors met.
Mr. Collier in Teller soon alter the
latter had arrived in that nei.hbor
hood to study the mineral resources
of the peninsula for the governtneir.
They showed him their specimens.
Most of them proved to be only shin
ing crystals of tourmaline, but among
the lot was one piece of mineral, per
haps an inch long, which had strayed
into the collection from a locdity regarded as of little economic importance. Examination showed this to
be the coveted tin stone. When the
blow-pipe test actually produced a
tin button great wa the excitement
that followed. Mr. Collier's faith in
the indications was sufficient to send
him across the sea from Teller to
York In an open dory. The tin-bearing ledge was located about fifteen
miles east of York, on a tributary of
English Geography.
. The following selections are made
from the geography text books in
use in English schools :
"Manitoba is treeless.
"Halifax has the essentials  of a
"The chief states in the Dominion
at present are Quebec, Maine and
New Brunswick.
"Victoria bridge is over 3,000
yards long and connects Montreal
with the mainland to the south.
"Niagara suspension bridge has
two stories.
"The Atlantic coast is most useful.
It has splendid communication inland
by railways, hut has one great draw
back—most of it is trozen up in the
"Ottawa, though quite a small
town, is a suitable place tor the capital of the Dominion."
The only hotel in town that is
plastered. The rooms are
large and well furnished. The
menu is the best in the whole
Lardeau district. The bar is
supplied with the choicest
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Poplar
Barber Shop
Starkey & Co.-, ffifir
Fruit Eggs, Bacon and other Provisions.
1 Nklbon, B. C.
A. R. Heyland,
veyor, Kaslo.
Land Sur-
Pioneer   Shop   of the  City
Does This
Interest You?
We offer Rio Coffee of
best quality, fresh roasted :
6 pounds $1.00
50 pounds, per pound.  16
100 pounds, per pound.  15
The Right Way.
Dv. Norman Macleod lost his way
as he was going to a place called
llafflin, to christen an infant, when
he met a herd boy and the following
conversation took place:        -
"There's gaun to be a fine shine at
the Dafflin th* nicht."
"Aye, what's going co be up at the
•'The meenister's com in to baptise
the wean. I've goi the cookies i' th'
Norman did not tell the lad that he
himself was the meenister in question, but said: "Nooo, how d'ye get a
"Oh, I'm Just a herd laddie. I,
split the wood, and carry the water,
and bring the kye name, an'do jnst
what I'm telt.'
There was a moment's silence.
Then the boy, turning to Norman,
said with a mark of interrogation in
each eye: "Hoo d'ye get a livin'?"
"Well, that's a, fair question ; I
asked ye how >e got a liviu* and ye
telt me; now I'll tel ye how i get a
livin'. 1 get a livin' by tellin' auld
folk and young tolk, and little folk
like ye the way to heaven."
That little boy stood sail and simply
screamed with laug iter.7 When the
tumult of merriment was over he
said to Norman: "That's a good
'un." Another burst of laughter, and
then this profound inquiry: "lioo
can ye tell the way t' hivven when
ye dmna ken th' way t' th' Dalflin ?''
A Teacher and Her Pupil.
A estern teacher instructing her
class in composition, addressed her
pupils as follows: Do not attempt any
Wights of fancy; be yourselves and
write what is in you. The next day
a bright pupil handed him the fol
lowing: We should not attempt any
fiites of fancy, rite what is in you.
In me there is my stomach, lungs,
heart, liver, two apples, one piece of
In New Denver
Is one of the cosiest hotels in
the Slocan for a man in
search of food, drink or a
downy couch.    Ask for
when you get inside the door.
Kootenay Coffee Co.
nelson, b. c.
Kaslo Hotel
Kaslo, B. C.
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
^Cockle & Papworth.
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior in West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
Poplar  millionaires.
Bring You   .
to this office.    It will not  hurt
you, and  will  help the editor to -|
live in luxury.
Is a literary blend, written, compiled, published and shipped by R. T.
Lowery. It tells about booze in Nelson, poker in the Silvery Slocan, gospel at Bear lake, rain in New Denver.
It is free-milling in poetry, and has a
large chute of stories cut from the cent
belt, when the writer was doing penance among the tenderfeet in the East.
The miserable effect of reading this
publication is relieved b^ looking at the
pictures in it on the hanging wall. You
can tell "Float" anywhere by the bulldog on the front page. It is not selling very well, perhaps owing to the
fact that Mulock has not yet shut it out
of the mails. The public are warned
not to buy it, although it is sent to any
address on earth for 50 cents. R, T.
Lowery, Poplar, Nelson or New
Denver, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that «0 days after
_ate I intend to apply to the Chief Commis-
sioner of Lands and v\ orks for permission to
purchase the folio wing lands, situate in
Kootenay district on Lardo river, about
three-quarters of a mile east of Lake creek:
Commencing at a post planted about three
quarters of a mile east of Lake creek and
about eighty chains from the Lardo river,
marked " John J. Malone's North- West Corner
Post," thence east 80 ohains, thence south 40
chai-s, thence west 80 chains, thence north
40 chains to the point of commencement,
uDated December Itfth, 1!M«.
JOHN J. MALONE. Poplar, B. C, Feb. 5, 1904
\ The
Best Menu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as Theij
Come from the
Jacobson & Anderson.
The Trail News is anxious to have a
a dry goods store established in that
town. What is the matter with Tim
Eaton of Toronto ?
The holiday number of the Phoenix
Pioneer has been issued. The edition
is an excellent one, descriptive of the
development and resources of the
Boundary, with illustrations of Greenwood, Phoenix and Grand Forks, and
the smelters and principal mines of the
district. The number is a credit to the
editor and the city of Phoenix, not only
on account of the large amount of information it contains, bnt also because
it was printed at home:
unthinking   and illiterate.     There   is
the   faith   cure   insanity    and    other
equally sane theories by  which  hundreds of people   have   been  murdered.
Physical Culture, a panacea for all the
ills of humanity, like all  new  theories
of people who have never been taught
how to  think, is aggressive and   intolerant.     Being  intolerant,   it must
find some other system  to attack, and
hits upon  medical  science,   the established method by which  large numbers
have been assisted into  the world and
also  assisted   out   of  it   long before
nature intended  the   final  dissolution
should take place.    The new  bigotry
attacks the old bigotry; the old, being
human,   hits   back:   neither   one   of
course stopping to consider that each
might   be an aid to   the   other.    Of
Physical  Culture   Elbert   Hubbard, a
sort of deity   to   many   of  the New
Thoughtists, writes :    " The man who
follows physical culture as a business is
as big a fool as the  man  who flouts
physical culture entirely."   While the
government of Canada cannot compel
other countries to keep their insane in
places where they will do the least injur)', it can at least protect  the weak-
minded of this country  by excluding
from  the   mails   pernicious literature,
emanating from diseased brains.
The promoters of the  petition  could
not give a siwash  blankets enough to
flag a salmon.    They cover themselves
with a local paper, a New York World
would cost too much.
A Subscriber.
Small preachers have  long prayers.
Reputation is sometimes more valu-
ble than character.
A luxury is something that only a
lucky man can afford.
A man begins to talk of his resignation after he gets the grand bounce.
Kindness is a language the dumb
can speak and the deaf can hear and
Many a man will notice a decided
coldness on the part of his annexed rib
this winter if that sealskin sack is not
Before marriage every man has a
theory about managing a wife, bat
after marriage it is a condition and
not a theory that confronts him.
Truthfulness is a corner stone in
character, and if not firmly laid in
youth there will be a weak spot in
the foundation ever after.
The chronic kicker seldom practises upon himself.
The Place to Buy
In a letter to the president, the secretary of the Provincial Mining Association of British Columbia writes that
he "has long resisted the call to tight
under the Christian banner for the salvation of mankind," and lately the
"responsibility has been brought home
to him of making a decision whether
he will serve God or mammon," so has
decided to sever his connection with
the association. It is not known
whether the young man will commence
his evangelical labors at Westminster
or Zion City.	
The Mohave County Miner break
loose and says that when a Nogales
mining man gets his yellow leggings
properly adjusted there is no telling to I
what extremes he will go after ge'ting |
his jaw lossened np in the regular No-
gales way, This is the latest hot air
output of one of them: "Is the ledge
permanent?" asked the cautious investor of the old prospector who was
trying to sell his claim. "Permanent ?
Well, I should smile. If you had Niagara for the water power, the territory of Arizona for a dumping ground
and hell for a blast furnace you could
not work that ledge out in a million
After all the postoffice department
may not have been ver) far wrong in
excluding from the mails the publication known as Physical Culture. Of
late years there have been so many
theories advanced for the benefit of humanity without any practical results,
that the government is justified in taking measures for the protection of the
The Man Behind the Bar.
Editor Nugget.—No doubt readers
of your valuable paper have heard of
the man behind the gun, Tommy behind the rail, Johnny behind the deuce,
and the Boers behind the rocks, but in
this case it was the man behind the
bar. It would make you laugh out
loud to see two local wrestlers on exhibition in one of the houses which is
helping to circulate petitions against
the establishment of a hotel. The man
behind the bar, when the wrestling
match was going on, looked wise.
Some one yelled fight and he believed
it and got behind the bar. However,
the petition in question should be examined by the provincial authorities, or
the license inspector should enforce the
liquor license act, and compel some of
the dumps to run hotels and keep
order in them, and scrub out once a
month whether it is required or not.
The hotel is furnished and fitted up in the
most modern style. Best of Accommodation
fer mining men and touriittg. Only A 1 brand*
of liquors and cigars kept tn stock.
Casey & Murphy,  Props.
D. J. Robertson & Co.
Furniture Dealers
Funeral Dlreotors.
Sells many kinds of goods
including groceries, provisions, hardware, tinware, etc. Canned goods
of rare quality always in
stock. Postoffice in the
building and mail sent to
any part of the universe.
Poplar Townsite
We have a stock of miners'
supplies that place them
beyond the pale of commercial chubbers.   %
McKinnon 6
See Future Ads.
The Poplar Laundry
And Bath House.
Dominion Hotel
Has ample accommodation for a
large number of people. The table
is supplied with the best in the market. The bar contains the popular
brands of liquid tonics and cigars.


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