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The Nugget Dec 11, 1903

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Vol. I.  No. 2
Poplar, B. C. December 11,1903.
$2.00 A Year .
E. Lewis is developing- the Gold Hill
group of claims a half mile west of
Rapid creek on the south side of the
Lardo. The group comprises two
claims, each running 1500 feet from
the railway south. The open cuts on
the property show ledge matter from
7 to 10 feet in width, carrying iron and
copper pyrites, zinc blende and galena.
On the hanging wall is a stringer of
carbonates from 2 to 6 inches wide and
carrying high values in gold. The
showing is about 150 yards from the
railway track. Development work
done consists of open cuts and a 20-
foot shaft. The ledge has been opened
up in three places. It is the intention
of the owner to continue development
during the winter.
A. R Springett, Macleod, and F.
VV. Godsel, Cowley, Alta., came in on
Wednesday's train. Both gentlemen
are intere.-ted 111 the Great Northern
Mines, limited, and came in to have
a look at the Lucky Jack and Swede
groups. Barkley Crilly, assistant
manager of the company, is showing
them around. Wednesday they visited
lhe Lucky Jack and Thursday the
Swede group, and expressed themselves as highly pleased with the result
ol development. From here Mr. Godsel goes south lor the winter,   ,
mer. Well, your readers may ask the
question: What leads you to believe
that ? That will call for our explanation, which is as follows:
First—The country is within reach
of every one. You can gain access to
it by rail, which is an advantage that
scarcely any country ever had. That
naturally makes the price of provisions about the same as in the outside
Second—We believe that the mineral
is here lo be taken out. We have in
our company a man w ho has had years J
of experience in California, Alaska and
Idaho mines, and he passes his opinion
as such.
Everything is here in place; the
strata of rook are regular and uniform,
and all run parallel with each other.
The country is not broken up as in
most camps. The Lucky Jack is a
record-breaker and it lies only one
minutes walk from the railway track.
In other words, to sum the whole thing
up, it is the best mineral country that
we ever saw.
We have already staked two claims,
one of which has a 30-inch and the
other a 46-inch lead, which we intend
to develop at an early date. We also
expect to do more locating as soon as
the snow disappears.  Yours truly,
The W. Y. O. D. Mining Co.
Poplar, Dec! 1, 1903.
Tiu'o Du .esno made an important
strike on the Royal ^roup of Claims
Monday. The lead is 1 ieel in width
oi iron pyrites, carrying good values in
j;old. The Royal group comprises ihe
Royal King, Royal Crown and Royai
Prince and were locale*! In Theo. Du-
iresne, Aug. Buffalo and l\ VV. Hasil-
nian. The group is situated about
ei^ht miles west oi Poplar ond \yi
miles Irom the mouih of Meadow
creek; Development work \\ iil be
lOinmenced at once and carried on
during the winter.
A contract has been let lo A. Garvey
and S. L. Williams to run a 100-foul
tunnel and 50 Ieel OI drilling on the
Home Run, by J. L. Whiiney, the
owner. The home Run is situated
about a mile south of Poplar and
south of the Lillle Phil, one of the
Lucky J a k group.
The tunnel on   the Lucky Jack is   in
240 feet, and  lhat on   the Swede group
00 feet.    Sinking   has also been commenced on the latter ^roup.
The W. Y. O. I>. Speaks.
Editor Nugget : I would like to insert a few words in your columns this
issue and slate my, or rather our,
opinion of this country in and around
Poplar creek. W7hen I speak of my or
our opinion I include the members of
the W; Y.'O. D. Mining company.
) |\)pfa$<cee1t, it & our hPW^tf *belje/,
is going to be the best uvnin^campJn.
Phil CTConnor went to Rossland on
George Morgan made a flying {rip
to Nelson this week.
Bob Dewar captured and corraled a
Hying squirrel the past week.
John Keen, townsite agent, came in
from Kaslo on Wednesday's train.
Andy Foote, who has been laid up
with the grip for a week is arounc.
Edward Bailey, J. P., wife and
child returned Friday from a trip to
outside points.
Never kick a man for calling you a
donkey unless you are anxious to prove
the truth of his assertion.
A. O. Ostbv of New Denver came
in on Wednesday's train and will become a resident of Poplar.
Henry Magnusson and Eric Strand
returned Monday from a business trip
lo Ferguson and Trout Lake.
A. E. McDougall, lumber merehant,
retu» ned Friday after a couple of weeks
spent in the Boundary country.
Everybody  should   send "Float"   to
some Jneud. ..in    the   East.    Just the   being erected and will be  ready for ot>
lliing for a Christmas present. cupalion iri a couple of weeks.
Want a School.
At a meeting of residents of Poplar
interested in ihe establishment of a
public school, held Friday evening, the
following trustees were elected : J. J.
Cameron, Chas. Dandell and E. L.
Masterson. Mr. Cameron was elected
secretary-treasurer of the board. A
request has been sent to the superintendent of education asking that a
school be established here, and as there
are. the requisite number of children o!
school age tri the camp ihere is no
doubt but that the request will be
favorably acted upon and a school
opened about Ihe first of the year.
" Float."
Copies of " Float,"  Lowcry's holiday
Bruce Craddock is now at home to
his friends in his new residence on
Marcus avenue.
On Wednesday Win. Schmock disposed of his interest in the Dominion
hotel to J. N. NeUon. *
This week the pack bridge air^ss
Poplar was repaired by the Lucky Jack
People and George Chataway of the
Poplar Transfer Co.
Church services were held in the
readtng room of the Grand hotel on
Tuesday evening by Rev. R. J. Gceen
of the Kaslo Methodist church.
D. P. Barsalou, who has been em-
employed at the Locky Jack for some
time, leaves today for Ferguson, where
he will spend the winter,
Sales in Poplar townsite lots were
made this week as follows: Lot 8 in
block A; lots 21 «nd 22 in block 3.
Lots 5 and 6 in block 10 were resold at
an advanced price.
Casey & Murphy received the furniture the past week for their hotel at
Gold Hill (Second Crossing) and will
open up for business about the beginning of the ye«r. '
Lumber arrived on Sunday for the7
Jost & Ostbey butcher shop and
Hambly's store.    The  butcher shop is
number, can be had   a(
50 cents a   copy.    The
this office lor
number is an
excellent one rind well worth the price.
It contains reminiscences of the early
days in Kootenay, by R. T. Lowery;
"The Wreck of ihe Jack Pol," by
Dave King ; "Why Some Men Walk,"
by Billy Devere; "A Farm Pupil," by
E. E. Sheppard, the well known Toronto author and journalist; "Old Man
Hosker's Weakness," by Blessdell
Cameron ; " Dramatic Episodes in
Canadian History ;" "A Legitimate
Hanging;" "His Holiday;" "The
Professor's Romance," a story of old
French Canada ; "Mismanaged Match
Making," by James A Tucker; "The
Tragedy of the Sway-Backed Pinto,"
by John Inues, the artist, poet and
cowboy; and other interesting articles.
All the articles are illustrated. The
book contains about one hundred
pages^oCfac^ matter by some of.the
fes.1 knbwri'w'rilers in Canada. '"
Rev. S. J. Green and Mrs. Green
spent a few days ill town this week,
the guests of Mrs. E. L. Masterson.
E. Ferguson, the wholesale liquor
dealer of Nelson, came in Monday on
his regular business trip   to   the camp.
Hank McLeod had a sad experience
in the Bodega ai Nelson the othor day.
Hank whispers when he talks about it.
Jacobson & Anderson intend building
a block south of the Grand hotel early
in the spring. Material for the build-
has been ordered.
The hotel men of Poplar have difficulty in Obtaining and retaining cooks,
and at present two hotels are short of
dyspepsia producers.
The proprietors of the Dominion
are getting in material to lath and
plaster the hotel. Work will be commenced in a few days.
Frank Hoi ton left for Rossland Monday on business in connection with the
litigation now in progress involving
the title to the Lucky Jack.
The Poplar Nugget is to hand, It
is a newsy little paper issued by R. T.
Lowery, the well-known newspaper
man.—Nelson Economist.
J. J. Cameron is going to build a
large hotel on the corner opposite the
Poplar hotel. Work wfll be commenced in about six weeks.
Fred Kaiser, of the Kaiser house,
contemplates building an addition to
his already large hotel premises. The
addition will be 40x60, two stories.
Percy Godcnrath expects to return
to Poplar in a few days. He is in
search of more romance, as he has Jone
well with his first story on Poplar.
John Healy, a rancher and packer
from the Duncan, dislocated his ankle
Saturday night in Poplar. "Parsdn''
Smith bandaged the leg and Healy
was sent to the Kaslo hospital on
Monday's train.
Armstrong &  Almstrom have moved
the Poplar hotel back from the railway
platform   about  twenty   feel, and  will
make   additions   to   the   building   in
order   lo  be  ready   for  the   increased
trade in the spring.
xf OUR
The Nugget,.published at PopJar^y
R. T. 'Lowery,   has   made  its a^pear^
ance.     In   the   future   Poplar   district
will have a slaunch advocate.  Jt Should
be well  supported   and   given . relia,bU»
information   to    disseminare.-rf-rftlelsonj
Tribune. j ^q
John L'lvin of the Second; Crossing
and Mrs. Ostlund, lately a resident of
Poplar, were married in Kaslo the
past Week. The ceremony took place
in the Victoria hotel and i was peTt
formed by Rev S. J. Green of Ithe
Methodist church0 After the ceremony
a number of friends took dinner with
the bride and groom. ,».., . ;,   , ,
The initial number of .'tihe; -Pppjar,
Creek Nugget has made its appear*
ance. It is a neat four-pagfi<pHper and
is fully up to the excellent standard
established by R. T. LoMpry, snathe
various publications which he has been
connected with since his advent in
Kootenay journalism, otl&fef] sec-tioft
around Poplar will be described faii%
and accurately and in such; a* way as to
show that it has merit. ; .With\f$fify
Lowery behind the pen The ;Nug<»BT
and Poplar should both be successful.—
I Nelson Daily News. tOloO ",TACHlX " Poplar, B. C, Dec. ii, i9°3
Is published every Friday at Poplar, B. C.
and is. sent to any address for &2.00 a year.
Commercial adve;tising is $1.60 an inch for
four insertions. Reading notices 15 cents a
line each insertion. Legal advertising 10
cents a line first insertion, and 6 cents a line
each subsequent insertion. Certificate of
Improvement notices, #7; Delinquent co-
owner notices, $10. Address all letters to The
Nuookt. Poplar, B. C.
"Ti. T. LOWEflY, Proi'RIKTob.
In twenty days the "swear-off"
season will be on.
Even Santa Ciaus will be in camp
before many nights.
The knocker cannot borrow any
hammers at this office.
The grading of the principal streets
should be commenced at once.
This journal will grow in a few
weeks. Poplar whs not built in a day.
The ra] id building of a smelter at
Kaslo wi'l explode a heap ot doubt.
Poplar needs a bank. We have
grown tired hiding money under a
cedar log.      	
It is probable that the case involving the title to the Lucky Jack
will be settled cut of court.
Everything 1ms its day.   It used
to be Klondike, but now the magic
word Poplar is storming the hopes of
A new discovery has been made at
Village Point, nearJJnion,Vancouver
Island. The discovery was made by
his majesty's cruiser Flora.
From reading the dispatches in the
daily papers one could easily come
to the conclusion that Cripple Creek.
Colorado, was located in Russia,
The little set-to billed some time
ago between Japan and Russia still
hangs fire. They are probably
holding back for a larger purse*.
The commissioner of lands and
works should be petitioned to build
two bridges at Poplur, one across
Poplar creek and the other across the
Lardo.   The cost would not be great.
The editor is sq.busy selling Float
that he has not the time to spatter
Poplar's greatest paper with editorials. He will open his editorial
battery in a few days and take off
the limit.        	
In the "Freest Nation on Earth"
a Cripple Creek editor is compelled
to show the proofs of his editorials to
the military authorities before he
can issue his paper. Better furl the
••Flag of Freedom."
Poplar is too near civilization.
People like to wallow through snow
about five hundred miles from a railroad when they strike out for a gold
camp. An> thing you get easily is
not appreciated, even gold nuggets.
"Float,"Colonel Lowery's latest
fad and sanesf insanity, is now on
sale in The Nugget office, at the
moderate price ot 50c for one copy,
or two copies for $1. Buy it; read it,
and slay others before you are yourself slain.
From the Lucky Jack to the Spyglass is about twelve miles, and
over the whole area between these
claims ledges of high-grade ore have
been discovered. . The provincial
mineralogist should call again and
make another guess.
The C- P. R. trains in other parts
of the country may not make con
nections on schedule time, but on the
Lardo branch the engineer brings
his train in on time, even if the
fireman has to sit on a crowbar
across the dome of the locomotive
to keep it in place.
The members of the provincial
legislature wili make the *'scale''
during the present session. It i3 tx-
ptcred that the session will l.-iat three
weeks, for which period hey will
each receive $800. In any other
calling? H would take some of them
three years to earn the same amount.
The new republic of Panama had
a narrow escape the other day Four
individuals attempted to pry the baby
nation on* its center of gravity, but
the tour were surrounded by the
army ot the republic and captured
after a sharp engagemci t. The
army U again engaged in its usual
occupation ot rolling cigarettes.
It only costs $2 to have a fully
paid up interest in The Nugget for
one year. We do not throw in any
of the cheap eastern publications for
this anount. The reading matter
published in this journal weekly will
be found sufficient to keep the brain
of the average adult in a normal
condition, therefore this publication
does not offer clubbing r.ites with
any of the low grade newspaper for
motions in the East.
Slander is the revenge of a  coward,
and dissimilation his defense.
It may be that matches are made in
heaven, Bec-iuse the ftre never goes
out in the other place.
The Nugget buildmg was completed this week and is one of the best
in the city. The dimensions are 24x50,
two stories, and 10-foot ceilings. The
work was done under the foremanship
of J. K. Fraserr
Does This
Interest You?
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best quality, fresh roasted :
6 pounds $1.00
50 pounds, per pound.  16
100 pounds, per pound.  15
Kootenay Coffee Co.
And get a copy of
Written and'compiled by
Address all orders to The
Ledge, New Denver B.C.
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Postoffiee in the building,, and mail
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In New Denver
Is one of the cosiest hotels in
the Slocan for a man in
search of food, drink or a
downy couch.    Ask for
when you get inside the door.
Is convenient to the depot and has accommodation for 50 quiet guests. The nerve-
bracers in the bar are free-milling, and an
orchestra provides music while the guests
are at dinner. The landlord has studied
human nature from Brazil to Alaska and
knows the way to make a stranger feel at
home. FRED KAISER, Proprietor. THE NUGGET.
Poplar, B. C, Dec. i   i, 1903.
Is the oldest hotel in Poplar,
and adjoins the C. P. R depot.
The wet grocery department
contains pure goods, any brand
of which will produce optimistic
so tar as it has been prosecuted count
tor anything, we will have one of the
greatest gold producing camps on
the continent. The fact that the provincial mineralogist is not very
sanguine as to the camp's future is of
very little iinportai.ee. Nearly
every dividend paying mine in the
west has been 'hammered" by a
tiliuii g engineer at some time in its
history, still that has not prevented
practical mining mer from investing
their money* and getting large returns on their investments. "Gold
is where you find it," and there is no
doubt as to its being found in the
ledges of the Poplar district and with
exceptionally high values.
Miner in 1892 3, and afterwards pub
lishing  the Times at New Denver
and   the   Miner   in   Kossland.    Mr.
Bogle is one of the brightest news
paper men in the province.
Smith—Why is it that intellectual
women do not make good mothers !
Brown—They don't usually get a
chance mv bov.
The Poplar Laundry
And Bath House.
Notary   and   Commissioner
Wholesale Merchants
Starkey & Co., 2£t
Fruit Eggs, Bacon and other Provisions
A. R. Heyland, fisfas
veyor, Kaslo.
British Columbia has been excepts nally fortunate in the p.»st three
weeks: The Provincial Mining Association has mot and "resolved" and
"re resolved ; the delegates to the
Associated Boards of Trade have
mot and have also done some tall
stunts along the "whereas*' and
"therefore be it resolved" lines; the
legislature has met the member for
Ymir has made a speech, and the
Houston "incident1' has glided gracefully and peacefully into history 01
oblivion And all this has occurred
in three short weeks without a great
social upheaval, without an uprising ol
the masses in response to the "there
tore be it resolved," Hl'd without an
other goxeniueut being tunned to
ai range tor a still greater (Ielicit
In the past six   Weeks  1*.ovincial
Miiivralugitt    huberttk.U    has    been
sivoreh   criticized  by  the  press ot
the Interior  Mun\ hard things have
been written about one whom it iua\
le presumed  is an   estimable  and
conscientious gentleman.  The report
on JVplar eroi k is not, the tiist report
tor  which the  provincial  mineralo
fcist has been criticized.    His  report
on    biinilkaimcii    properties   some
tittie   ago   was   lot enthusiastically
neeived by the people ol that district, and h is sate to say that very*
I  tk enthusiasm has been manifested
b\ itie  ptoplc  ot  this district on his
Litest utterances.    For my part I am
quite wihing to Concede to the pro-
vineial  mineralogist a siuceic desire
u»   uiiiteientloasly   discharge    the
duties ol the oftice in so tar as mi in
expel i< i,ecu   mining   engineer   has
knowledge   or   rather   theories—in
retire nee to the formation on which
he i- about to (. ive an expert opinion.
All this district,  requires  is to be allowed the",privileue ot showing what
the mines ean produce, without either
eiiticis-mor  t ousting,    it the results
ot development do not pro.e equal to
ti e anticipations ot  pi opt rty owners,
the outside public are not losers; it
they 'do prove equal  to expeetalions
those   interested will reap   i;   rich
harvest.   It is impossible tor anyone
at present to lorm an estimate ot the
camp's  resources,     but  the   Ureal
Northern   Mines,  limited,   the purchasers of the Lucky Jaek and Swede
groups,   have already sufficient ore
in sight to more than pay the purchase price ot these properties.   If
surface indications and development
1 otten wonder how prospects in
British Columbia have been developed
into dividend payers, handicapped as
the* are by the inexperience ol the
higher officials ot   In-, department ol
mines,    Since the  portfolio ot  mines
was established there has not been a
practical mining man at the head ol
the department. This must important
industry   in   British   Columbia   has
had  two   lawyers,    an    implement
agent ami a  merchant at  its  head.
How Call  intelligent   legislation  tor
the  mining   industry   be   ixptcted
ironi such  people V   S ill  each  successive   premier   chooses   the   least
competent person  in the  whole aggregation to till the imjortant position of minister of mines, and as a
consequence each  minister succeeds
in introducing into the mi; ing laws
some   peculiarity   applicable to his
own Culling.    The   law\er will want
the wording of the act such  that it
will be biflicult ot interpretation; the
linker will wish to have a law enforcing the use ot the old dealt tunnel   instead of the air compressor;
and t e haberdasher  w ill insUt on
silk stockings being worn in mines
as a preventive against  premature
David B  Bogle, tor the past two
years editor of the Victoiia Colonist,
has severed his connection with that
paper.    K. Carter Cotton of the Van
couver News-Advertiser has been ap
pointed to the  vacant positi >n.    Mr
Bogle is well  known throughout the
interior of the province, having bi en
one of the publishers of the  Nelson
General flcrchani
Mining Supplies,
Dry Goods,
Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes,
Groceries.       Agent for
Hamilton Powder Co.
Wholesale dealers in Wine,Beer, Liquors and
Cigars. The famous Pabst Beer always in
stock.     A   special  line   is   Dawson"s   Extra
Special Scotch Whiskey
This noted fluid is a nectar fit for the gods
and Poplar pioneers, and a sip or two of it
will bring surcease of sorrow to any soul
weary of bucking bitter fate. Poplar, B. C, Dec. ii, 1903.
*  The
Best Menu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Come from the
Jacobson & Anderson,
Win. Kellem came tn Wednesday's
train from Nelson where he has
been for the past month. He owns the
Bertha K claim, which lies east of the
Lucky Jack, and was the discovorer of
the rich ledge on the Dominion, owned
by Aug. Buffalo. Mr. Kellem intends
to winter in Arizona.
"There will be a meeting in the reading room of the Grand hotel next
Wednesday evening, the 16th inst., at
8 o'clock, for the purpose of taking into consideration the advisability of
forming a branch of the Provincial
Mining Association. All residents are
requested to be present.
The Phoenix Pioneer has commenced on its fifth year, and is one of
newspaper propositions that ha? paid
from the start. This was probably
owing to the decided and positive stand
its editor has taken and the outspoken
manner in which he has treated all
questions effecting the public well
being. The Nugget wishes the Pioneer
continued success, and hopes its editor
will never grow weary of denouncing
evil and upholding the right.
Shooting Contest.
A shooting match will take place
Sunday for a purse of $15, between
Billy Holloway. champion shot of the
Upper Lardeau, and Shorty Higgins,
champion of the Ymir and Rossland
districts. Both gentlemen have reputations as marksmen with the rifle, and
also as close shots at the truth. Billy
has a record of shooting three grouse
and a rabbit at one shot, all through
the head. Shorty killed a cariboo and
a cougar with one shot while
both were on the move. Sunday's
contest will be a very interesting one
if the conditions are carried out to the
letter. It will consist of 1, shooting at
rabbit on run, going  from   marksman;
2, at rabbit coming toward marksman;
3, grouse on wing; and 4, at stationary mark, 120 yards. Joe Bush, the
referee, Is to furnish the objects to be
shot at under the conditions of agreement. The referee probably has the
most difficult part of the contract to
fill, but says he wilt be there with the
goods shorp on time.
Application has been made to the
provincial legislature by the Granby
company for permission to run a tunnel from a point near Greenwood to
tap the ore bodies at Phoenix.
Operations at the Cariboo. Camp
McKinney, have been temporarily discontinued; and in the meantime it is
is probable that the plant for treating
the ore will be added to.
The Ella and Dumphree claims on
Hardy mountain, near Grand Forks,
have been taken over by Boston capitalists and development will be started
at once.
It is claimed that there arc 15,000.
tons of ore in sight in the Betts claim
in the Boundary on which work was
started last June.
Within the past three weeks, says
the Camborne Miner, three rich strikes
have been made on Mohawk creek, a
tributary of Pool creek. The first discovery was made on the Del Rey, a
group of four claims. This property
has had a good amount of development
work done in the past season and exploratory work has shown up remarkably rich bodies of ore. On the Silver
Dollar about 15 tons of ore, running
from $70 to $150 'o the ton, have been
taken out. The chances are that next
spring Mohawk creek will be one of
the busiest points in the Camborne
Discriminating readers know what
the editor ment when he said in last
week's issue of the Minneapolis Messenger: There i$ a little matter to
which the Me$$enger beg$ 10 call the
attention of $.>mi of it$ $j'5scribcr$.
We really hate to Speak of it bat $Stiiz
have Seemingly allowed it to $itp tluir
mind$. To u$ thi$ i$ a very un^rt-
ant i$$ue; in fact it'$ nece$$iry in ojr
busine$$. We won't Speak further on
the Subject. Perhaps you litve already gus$$ed the drift of our rem.irk$ .
^■"■'   '       '    ' ■ — "   '    ■  ■ ■'   " ■ '■■   '■ ■■■  J ■■■■■■ 1 '— ii ■—«
Over four hundred men are now employed in the Granby mines at Phoenix
A meeting ot citizens nr;d miners
will be held in the Grind hotel,
Poplar, at 8 o'clock on Wedneoday
evening next, the 16th day of Decern ber. instant, for the purpose of
organizing a local branch of tho Provincial Mining Association of B. C,
electing officers for the year 1904.
and preparing for the election ol
delegates to attend the convention
which will be held in Victoria on the
22nd February, 1904.
All interested in the mining in
duntry    of   British    Columbia   are
heartily invited to be present.
*  *
Has cocktails tor the nervous,
beer for the delicate, whiskey
for the hardy mountaineer,
and cigars for those who prefer narcotic to alcoholic stimulants.
August Buffalo
Poplar  Transfer Go. j^j
Freight moved to any part of thecity or|tho FT
hills.   A heavy   team  of  horses  and  a Lig
string of husky mules always at the ser- wrj,
vice of the public.   Lots cleared in any Qfj
part cf townsite. *J
Hanson Strand & Johnson.
Dominion Hotel
Has ample accommodation for a
large number of people. The table
is supplied with the best in the market. The bar contains the popular
brands of liquid tonics and cigars.
Hambly & Schmock.


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