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The Nugget Nov 4, 1904

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VOL. I,   NO. 40.
oPLAii, B. c., November 4, 1904.
$2.00 A Year.
*| ;|u. World's Fair in St. Louis i-, a
I uesting plant erected and mainlined iv> !'K' United States govern-
I ,n! for determining the composition
ig the fuel value ol America!1.
fhe j> 1;111'   includes   machinery
id testing
e manufacture of briquettes.    The
,0vermnenl made an   appropriation   ol
• ... th lusand dollars to cover lhe cos;
■I ,\ i »    l
Berecting and maintaining   lhi_ plant,
i-iuuifIi   -UintJ   ol   lhe    machinery    was
bntributed by manufacturers, and the
hjiroads made no  freight charges  on
^equipment.    The object of the tests
ft to pul >'!)  record  .t   mass oi  careful
•rjnipiled data thai   shall   have  all   the
C1irhi that   comes   irom   governmenl
iipervision and shall serve to establish
lertain   standards    for  comparison  of
ijiemi al composition   and   fuel   value.
x-omincnl   manufacturer   pertinently
Lj«gests   that    lhe   tests     he   further
KaborateJ by lesting  the   practicability
burning coal in the form ot  dust   .is
fellas :   the form of briquettes.     This
jmjtfoiion   i-   so    reasonable  that   we
: lh    ill attention to ihe matter.  The
ire ol briquettes, while an   h\-
r.i live pessihility in this country, is at
ircseni   practically    confident    \o   the
ilale of California,  and   its  growth   is
:arceh likely to be of importance,   ex-
ertain   localities   where    low
[radecoal can be Oriquetiexl al .1 profit,
win^ to ihe high price   ol   good   coal.
<odoub  the   process   will   be   utilized
!!• J 0 for  making   good   fuel   Irom
■ ii 1 i friable lignite deposits in   lhe
csi,   1  for  utilizing   mine   wastes al
nt '■ 1 le _;re.tt coal-bin niu
lhe e.isi.
As a fuel pulverized coal is an actual)', not a possibility. In the manu-
icture ol portland cemeoi, it has   been
ii^'b value in   reducing   lhe  cosl   ol
urnmg . linker; indeed,   it   is   perhaps
w °ne fa1101 lhal has dune most for
l"e rapid advance of the American
Portland cement industry to its present
Ul"rnanding position. As .i boiler fuel
1 offers   ihese    special    advantages:
lorougli combustion, sm.ili amount ol
'^ tu he handled, and reduction of
manu«l labor. Special devices for
burni'ig coal dusl have been installed at
»numbei of manufacturing plants and
it results reported show a large per*
pentage ol saving. It would seem,
ll,erelore, that official tests of coal dust
Mboilei fuel  should  form pari  ol   the
^"k n0W   under   way    at    St.     Louis.
w wastefulness  of boiler  firing   by
Qy -is ordinarily practiced needs  no
P'llder'     Hence the utilization of the
Rnesi possible percentage of the  heat
ts '" « pound ol coal  should  appeal
coai°i l0 llle man vvll° Pavs lor the
(,   1 but to every  man   who   thinks   of
1 ,mporiance of conserving the fuel
f*""** onthj, country,
it. 0. Tobacco
k' 'asl issue of the Kelowna Clarion
,ns a most interesting  account  of
ml'  '(  I
,   Wco industry in that fertile sec-
U1,       K    I
,xu>»wna tobacco   is   of  superior
■  ,llu'   llHS   been   pronounced   hy
uls "Iniosi   equal   to  the  Havana
leaf in quality and flavor. Although
hampered at present by revenue and
customs regulations which actually discriminate against the domestic product,
the industry is hound to grow, and it is
expected that the manufacturing of
cigars on a large scale will soon be
resumed. The improved variety of leaf
now being grown has attracted the at-
leniion o\ manufacturers in the east
•«iiJ it is expected that there will be no
difficulty in finding a ready market for
all the tobacco thai can be grown.
I here are at least 10,000 acres in the
vicinity of Kelowna, capable of producing tobacco,and it is estimated that eight
million pounds of high grade cigar
tobacco might be annually grown.
Wedding Bells
A very happy event took place in
Lardo on Wednesday, October 26th
when two of Lardo's most popular
young people were united in matrimony. The contracting parties were
George A. Proulx, a prominent young
mining man, and Miss Catharine
Fletcher. This being the first wedding
to take plaCe in Lardo made it a most
interesting and pleasing event. The
ceremony took place in the dining room
ol the Commercial Hotel,in the presence
of about forty invited quests—Kaslo,
Argenta and Howser being represented.
Rev. Father Jeatmotte oficiated. The
Irride wa . assisted by her sister Miss
Rhoda Fletcher, who were both prettily
attired for the occasion and F. S. McDonald ably formed the duties of best
man. Alter the ceremony the guests
sat down to a well spread table, to
which ample justice w. is done. Songs,
speeches and dancing was indulged in
until a late hour. The music was
furnished by C. MacDonald of this
town and A. Anderson of Aigenta.
Frank McQuiston ably filled the position of master of ceremonies. lhe
gathering finally dispersed, all joining
in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Proulx a long
and prosperous married life. The
bride was the recipient of many useful
and handsome presents, denoting the
high esteem in which she was held by
her many friends. The happy couple
left on the boal (or Nelson and other
places where they will spend their
honeymoon after which they will reside iu Lardo.
Ira Wetherbee, 7b years of age, and
famous among mining annals as one of
the discoverers of the second largest
nugget ever found in the golden state,
winner and loser of half A dozen fortunes, is working night and day in the
wilds of Trinity county, California, to
strike pay dirt This old man, who has
Bnduredwith stoicism reverses of the
sort which either make or break a
Character, became aware long ago of
the signiticai.ee of worldly riches. He
now wants only what he needs, ami
luxury has become a thing unwholesome'to the man who of old earned
rovallv and spent without care.
Wetherbee came to California fiotn
Massachusetts in  1854 at tbe age of 19,
going from San Francisco to Marys-
ville by boat, thence by freight wagon
to Pentz much, and from there to Dog-
town on foot. After two months of
working for wages at $8 a day he
bought one fourth interest in a claim
on the east bank of Feather river. After three years of steady labor,whieh just
made expenses for the four partners,
about one hundred feet, of the mountain
side slid into the claim, where all were
at work, covering their sluices and al
lowing a hare escape. Indomitably
they renewed work.
While working through the slide they
discovered-that the soil was of a different character and also the gold. The
grouud up the ravine where the claim
was located had been washed gravel,
but the material'm the slide was a mixture of broken red rock, quartz and
red dirt and the gold in much greater
quantity than before was unwashed and
Following this indication they worked
up lo the origin of the slide, aud the pay
kept «etting better, the nuggets running from $5 to $1,500. They hired 11
men to work the new pay and continued in the prosperity of the lucky
slide about two years.
''One morning L walked up to Dog-
town," save Wetherbee, "and while sitting on the hotel porch suddenly
noticed all but two of the men coming
up from the claim. Without saying a
word to me they picked me up and carried me in, sat me on the bar, and ordered the drinks for the crowd, invit
ing mo to drink with them, and
tnen they ordered me to pay the
bill, which I promptly did When
finished at that place, they carried me
to the next bar, where they put ine
through the same ordeal, and so on
until 1 had become an unwilling customer of every saloon in town.
"After all this was over they took me
back to the hotel porch and sat me
" Well, boys, now that you have
packed me all over town and got your
stomach" full of whiskey at my expense, tell me what all this is about.
"One of them said: 'We have found
the daddy of all nuggets, weighing 54
pounds, and worth $10,640.'
"The devil you have!" said 1. "Then
let us take another drink.
"We went down to the claim early
next morning, and arriving at the
cabin 1 saw the nugget jut-t as the hoys
said.    It looked as large as a house,'
Ten days more of work under the impetus of the wonderful strike and the
partners had gathered a little more
than a hundred pounds of gold, the
biggest load they had ever brought to
San Francisco in their monthly trips
with the treasure.
Soon after the pay dirt gave out, and
Wetherbee gave away his interests
and established himself in the hotel
business at Chico. He made money for
sixteen years, when his hotel burned to
to the ground. ,.
Another hotel, which he put up at a
cost of $65,000, suffered a similar fate
after nearly five years of prosperity.
Hampered hy debt, he faced the world
again, penniless, at the age of IS.
He took to the mines again, prospecting on Butte creek and winning fortune
back until the enactment of the debris
law shut him down. Then he worked
through Butte county and Pulmas with
indifferent Buccess. He found conditions changed from those of the early
50s. Mining had become a science and
men were delving deep into the bowels
of the mountains with machinery
For ten years he toiled with a partner, whom he lost by leath. Since then
he has been prospecting with his pies
Gilt partner, Jack Drenau, in Butte,
Shasta and Trinity counties, in the last
of which he is now at work.
That he will make another fortune
may be inferred from hi.s words:
' We have worked up this ravine, now,
100 feet, taking out pay all the way
Here is a specimen of the gold we are
getting. That piece weighs $8 and
one $8.50. The roughness of I be gold
shows that it has not traveled far, and
we hope soon to work up to the ledge
that it comes from and there find a
. Rubbed the Prescription.
It happened in one ot the large
hospitals in a big city, where it has
been found necessary to introduce
certain time saving devices in the
dispensary. The patient gets a
printed prescription that calls lor a
preparation that has been already
made up. At the same time he gets
directions for its use. One morning
in November a patient, a man, came
in and described the symptoms of
The interne gave him one ot the
printed slips and said, "Now, Pat,
when you go home have your wife
rub this on your back."
11 Thank you, doctor," and off'he
A few minutes later the Irishman
reappeared, seeming rather embar
rassed, and in his hand was the pre
"Well," asked the interne.
"Shure, doctor, and which side of
the paper must I rub on me back ?'
Unequally Endowed.
The animals in the ark were having
their first tussle with seasickness.
It will pass away, said the tortoise.
Keep a stiff upper lip.
That may be easy enough for you,
groaned the tepir, but what's the use of
giving thai kind of advice to me, you
Just a Mere Incident.
Manager—Well, I've engaged all the
specialties for our new musical comedy,
the scenery is done and the mu.-dc is
about finished.
Author—All right. I'll drop you a
postal with the libretto on it tomorrow — Philadelphia Bulletin
Plodder—My wife told me today she
wished I took after my brother.
Newitt—Oh, yes; your brother became rich.   That's what she meant, eh?
Plodder—Well, she's got me guessing. He died rich, you know.—Philadelphia Press
Have you practiced on the piano?
Yes, mother.
And read Professor Simson's lecture
on Greek art?
Yes, mother.
And studied your calculus;''
Yes, mother
Then you may go out aud play for
ten minutes.— Life.
i .
ii >
Poplar, B. C, November 4^1904.
Is published every Friday at Poplar, B. C. and
is sent to any address for *2 i>0 a year
There is but a thin partition between jealousy and insanity.
It is unlawful to bet or hold stakes
on an election in Canada. Remember this tomorrow.
The statement recently made that
there are yews in England which are
Commercial advertising is S1_5Q an inch for   the oldest living OB  this   earth, is not
four insertions.    Raiding notices 15 cents a line   eorree{.   sayS ThoillMS C. Ireland,
each insertion.   Legal advertising 10 cents a; '
line first insertion, and.} cents a line each sub •   .    These    VeWS    are    Old,     Very   Old;
sequent insertion.   Certificate  of Improveiiien j . d     b      ^  %   ^tf   some 0f
notices, >7; Delinquent co-owners  notices,   B,.1,uwg
Address ail letters to r. t. lowery. Fer-1 ot tjlem were stalwart trees even be-
u H V ' fore Caesar landed in Britain.   There
is,one now standing in the church
yard at   Fortingal,   in   Perthshire,
which Decandoie.   nearly a century
ago   proved   to   the   satisfaction   ot
botanists to be over twenty-five cen
tunes old.    How Decandoie arrived
at an apparently correct estimate of
Bailed   hav   is   advertised   in a  the  enormous  age  of  these living
Medicine Hat paper.   The paper does trees is a  simple thing, and the prin-
not say what it was bailed for. ciple is doubtless well  known  today
  to all.    Tiie   yew,  like  most oth r
A week  from today  most of the j trees, adds one  line, about the tenth
Grits and Tories in Canada will again j of an inch, to its circumference each
be on speaking terms, and the hat- year. He proved this alter an in-
chet buried in the backyard. vesication  extending over several
  years, and we know now, a hundred
In the U. S. presidential  election ! years later, that his deductions were
on Friday there will be 15.000,LOO correct The old yew at Hedsor has
votes cast.several people killed and the has a trunk 27 feet in diameter,
ozone split with shouts of both parties,  proving its  great age, and it is in a
  flourishing   healthy   condition   now,
It   has  been proven that alfalfa j like its brother at Fortingal.
can be grown around Medicine Hat. j Their years are few, though, com-
Little by little does tradition fade j pared with those of the trees I had in
away to the minimum end of nothing. j mind when I made niv first assertion
  i that the statement printed about them
According to many authorities this in a scientific journal is incorrect. In
Capital authorized $4,000,000
Capidal (paid up; 3,000,000
Rest      -    -    -    -     2.850,000
Head Office:
Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British C I
Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
T. R  MEHRITT, President. I>. R. WILKIE, Viee-Pres ,„i„
E HAY, Assistant Gen. Manager.      W MOFFAT, Chiel Inspector        'Man
Trout Lake, B.C., Branch:    A General Banking Business Trans
Savings Department—Deposits received ami interest allowed
Drafts sold  available in  all   parts ot* Canada and the United States
attention given to Collections, Mining Bonds And business trans       '^
E. K.  BOULTBEE  \[..„
 __-_______i      "* onager.
With which i* Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, |8,700,000.        Reserve Fund. 18,000,000
Aggregate Resources Exceeding 188,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX. President. B. E. WALKER, General Manager.
SAVINCS BANK DEPARTMENT    *«"*^- '____i] -  **-
KELSON   BRANCH. J    L   BUCHAN. Maiia-,.
is the age of graft, but  according to
one chapter ot his writings Humboldt
our experience for many  moons it; refers to the gigantic boabab tree in
looks entirelv  to us  like the age of
L\ Presse, the great French newspaper of Montreal, h is been sold tor
over a million dollars. The Leege
is for sale at the same price, one-half
cash, and the balance of payments
on easy terms.
Beware of the  newspaper  habit-
Central Africa as the oldest gigantic
monument in the world. This tree
has a trunk 29 feet in diameter and
Adanson, by a series of careful
measurements, demonstrated conclusively that it h;;d lived for not less
than 5,15J years.
Still it is not the oldest organic
monument in the world, as Humboldt
declared, for now Mexican scientists
i ^-k _«A
It Is the coming City at the Second Crossing
34  MEN'S  SUITS 3'
Once formed it is almost impossible ! have proved that a huge cypress tree
to cure, and will lend a man often j standing in Chopultepec, wit!: a trunk
along trails full of thorns and into 1117 feet and 10 inches in circumfer
deep swamps that do not assay ulence, is older than it -older, too,
trace of gold to the mile. by mere than  a 'thousand years—for
  it has be- n shown, as conclusively as
A Calgary paper boasts that its j these things can be shown, that is
city has trebled its population within i age is about G 300 years To become
the past seven years. This looks j impressed with wonder over this one
small besides Fernie's record. In
the past seven vears the Coal City-
has increased its population a bund
red fold, and still the good work
goes on.
Abraham Linooln said that those
who deny freedom tor others deserve
it not themselves,   and  under a just
government cannot long retain   it
Abraham merely repeated what had
been known by   wise  men  for cen
turies.    In  the  human race selfish
ness makes us want others to act and
think as we do.   If they do not, our
first impulse is to knock  them off the
Wales wants a capital, but though
the search has been going on for
years, no city has yet been found
pre-eminently suited for the honor.
A number of towns on the north
em coast of France ,are now   connected   with London  by telephone.
The charge is $2 for three m inu.es j
has only to dwell  on  that, duration
for a little while in thought.
Yet it is not so remarkable when
one stops tor a moment to remember
that, given favorable conditions for
its growth and sustenance, the aver
age tree will nev. r die of old uge—
its death is merely anaccident. Oilier
younger and more vigorous trees
may spring up near and perhaps rob
its roots of their proper nourishment;
insects may kill it, Hoods or winds
may sweep it away, or its roots may
come in contact with rock and become gnarled and twisted, because
the. have not room to expand in
their growth, that they literally
throttle, the avenues ot its sustenance;
bat these are accidents. If such
things do not happen, a tree may live
on lor century after century still robust, flourishing, sheltering with
its wMc-sprcading branches the men
and women of age alter age.—St.
Louis Globe-Demacrat.
At Cost For Cash
We have only o4 of those fine suits left.   Come early am
Get vour choice.
\V e have just received a large consignment of the weli|
known Ames Holden Shoes.
We have everything that is wanted in rhe Mining Cam)
in  the way of Dynamite, Fuse. Caps. Picks, Drill
Steel, shsvels. liroceries and Provisions.
Hats, Caps, Overalls.  Hoots. Shoes, etc., etc.
S3BKS3 S3 S_3B
Poplar Townsite
See Future Ads.
0*C~'*m€W"HPC—"P4 pg^_J*A **00
S2KCS2 K- s
Poplar,  B. C, November 4, 1904*
"yearly pension of L000 yen (about
1 wandered  to  the grogshop, Tom.      C * "* ,tWo  men-    K" was paid
stood beside the har, 1 u^ulal'1V tiJ them through the J >pan
And drank a  howl of lemonade and |G8<3   locaI   autn01'ities.    Japan  is. a
smoked a bad cigar; .country where-wages and prices are
The same old ke^a nod juys were there,     . ] umc'' lower than   in  America.
the oneH ive umi to know For a Japanese workman a yen goes
When we were on the round top, r0m,  :,s 1;l1'("' farther that $5 goes  with a
some fifteen years ago. man oi the same class in this country!
I asked   about   our  old-tim.'   Mend-, Sl) ^-ita^aiohi  and  Makobata found
those cherisheu sporty men, t. emselves suddenly comparatively
\ - i 'oiiio were in the poor house,Tom, l'c'1 men and promptly retired.
;'"d some were in ii- pan, Thev are still Living", bat  the con |9
\ mi one., t.';<■  Hie -vi' like.il i he h« i    f;  •
!,;ii._ niHti laid him low
I'he  Vi" Id is mueh 1 he sa r»e. d »ar Tom
2   Commercial Hotel
(formerly hotel INN)
CHAS. B&NSON, proprietor.
First-class  in  every  department.      Wines,   Liquors   aud
Cigars the finest procurable.    The Menu haw no equal
in   the  Lardeau.    Call  and  be  convinced   that
ti'ast between the present position oi
Tiie Commercial is the Best
the two old comrade,  is one in-uv :^a/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^#/^^^^/^i
as lutfCti vea: • .\:
l'1'""1 thai  money counts for loss than 1
■ ■   ■ 11
\'..\'.' crowd**   line  up  a   i
aud call for ei tn   i
ii>\\ hands are trem' ! i
'1    ; nriiik;
...■...:   :e
fhe same old  cry of doom   we heard
-.mom' fifteen yenr- Hgo
cimracuu' as an element of a siicces.-  ^mo,.,., MMi.,Vu,ai>,M,^,,,
. «ul lite     Kita^aichi has „,,,,, to **^*^*^**-**^^ p
1 'ill 1 hey
liit tttill ' ii.' m;i in.' i..ii
lvo comfortably   in   iv ur, ment  im p.
» ven   per  annum,   bank   MCHinriOll  &
V. utiice, b i he is now w rili tu ij 11) \ ■ n
I Ins round s on me, \ >u kn •■
wandered to the churchyard, 1 oitnaud
nitf the  remainder  with the pension
•Mice, so he is now \v »rth L0,0j0 Vi-u,
a small fortune,    lie tells his mesh
bors that he does not com plain ol his n....... «-i . i        *.  _   1  •   _i    t
.   . ' ms Larry the largest stock 111 the Lar-
i pension  being stopped,  for '-war is!
war,'and  ie  has enough to live on
dean, including
SeThoLe.lt^Cwrti.e.nselves  l"   ll?   investa>ents.    He  has   even   Miners and
imai, tea-nieuted wares: | sent 500 yen  as his contribution to
\ tuithen >■«•■■<• •••.-■ >mi -i. •-.. 1 ere, tlle War ,uir1-    'Jl* comrade Muko-
wh'e e _iiass and d.d     » ^row,       i,;!'lM has always been a  poor man.
hi' kco  hearts  tie has spent his money  as 1
111. io •   a yuan  i„mj as he recei\ ed it.
and  died
i;;u'kl> Hardware,
si ■ hei i! were graves   w i        1 .   hen
-I-■, •. hn\ e -• ept tor ma  1  1 v   ■..
An Ingenious Captain.
retiul oM  •  woes that maiked their      Many  have  read  Mr.   Hopkinson 1
ujoiirii Smith's story oi  "Cap'n  Bab," who J1 J] RGUS ON     B.C.
:.':»: ta tall, white riioiiu 1 :.'.    ■  stopped up a hole  in  his ferry-boat
death there I iw, with   his arm, and thus sa ved many  ^®^C©^@^®^;®^©'^
"■'■■■■ "!"' '!H"i  t0 M'i; lhe ljooze lives.   The   London   Daily  Express
Sutherland I Has leased the dining room
of the KAISER HOUSE in
Poplar and serves Regular
meals at popular prices. A
trial will convince the public
that the man behind the
range understands his business.
T"?*      •
-"Im..  hi tei   1    • El 1 S ;:_■' ■
d scribes a method ol stopping ,1 leak
in n no less novel and ingenious way,  ®(§S®®@®@®g)®®®
and not so tn i \g to  1 ivsic.il well-1
The Jiaiser Mouse
First Street, Poplar.
w el v    \ eai - twoj  pa in
■ .  a   yen    humble  classs ol
-  have   been  drawing a pen
,      ot.    The Norman bark Flora,   AlltJ     ikclbj.1;     £lUtt?l
u 10
1 pe  Tow n.   experienced
iro n   the   Uussi w exch; qu< r
n  the  Bay ol   Biscay such  terrific
weather that she was obliged to lie
Is a pleasant  halting place
^ s the Londoi  Answ 1 rs.    i he pa s
. to ror six da\ s.
cin   ..a->   been  bitsi tmdi d   on   ac
,,:,,.   clua, ..,.    of warbe      f" the bufietmg that the vessel re- for pilgrims on their way to
. ,  ceived she sprang a leak and began
ween Russia and Japan, but  it will ,,,,,.,      ,    iv Ponlar
to taki in water at the  rate ol six   lujjich.
lertainlv be resumed  when peace is  .    , .,   .     ,
niches   an   hour.    All   nanus   wore
iv^ pt   at   lhe
\\ ii hout interim, ion. As the »al(
abat< d the hark olv>,\r. before il int<
calmer seas
ex laimed, when also the accumu
; arrears  w ill  be  hand* d ov< r.
1  |ve   \ >-a s    go 5 hose t wo men
iigalchi  and Mukobata, were jin
sha men   making their living b\
111 i n \
lit wheeled  chairs which are dim
nsnms of Japanese el los.    tn Mav, watel.ww! caMVas ,,,,■ 8jXtet,n n
:'''  Present ezar, nun  heir to 1()U„. ;ll,(1 ^ix ,eet in circu.nfererice.
'  RusBhn crown,   w is making a Th.g |jo kt,p| distended bv the;means
'' »r of Japan, and the two men were ofh(jopg ' A w|ndow of glass was 1h
" "•' to pud  bis im lerial   liiflfh ]nt()|1|, %{(X^ flve fee,  frulu !il(. hot
»through the streets of Otr.u, near ^^   Th(i (1;li,(;liii st(,Dpt,d into the
' •   The two in 11 relh \ d eacl ^   ftnd  hN  meana 0, tucklo wna
«r in running   between the shaft. drawu un(ier water so that he 1 Id
;   ii(' carriage. gee liu, |eak.   The other end of ihe
iborate   precautions   had   been baif heing. open and above water, he
ti to protect the imperial guest ol ^ plenty of air and could  com-
Jttpan  during  the tour, hut. at Otsu |nu|lil..,,r wjt,j, his inen. Two sleeves
111  liad a narrow escape.   Among the ( |( h iin made (n  (|u. trng and wore
police on duty was one Sanzo Tsuda, . ^ tightly about hid wrists so that
lanaticaJ  hater of the foreigner, |le 00uld work trce'y
1,nois da> anu   ui,ht;00CKLE     &     pApWQETH
T! ; ;I °«^in mtwn ,uund t!i" h,;,kl^v^-v^v^v^^v^
■' neWfeii  the  stialts 011 o.e . ,        ..   ,    •   ,  V<-\>c»-cvsr^v vc*<^cv<^~vv<v-:^v<
was getting worse and set  nis 1 rams   »\ «x «\ * n •> •%•>•> «n »\ »n • * •>
Lo  work.   He  c instructed  a  greal -
"r flie B^oyal
Poplar, B.C.
Has cocktails for the
nervous, beer U>v the
delicate, whiskey for
hardy mountaineer, &
cigars for those who
prefer narcotic to alcoholic stimulants.
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior in West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
POplar Millionaires.
fffit     €§•    <*v
f       ir       *t
fimps a little insane on this point.     [n (,|is waY) looking at the leak w     ^t    MO RAND,
was a danger against which do through the  inserted  window,   the
'dinarv   precautions   could   avail,  capta
worked steadily while  the
'uniarv   precautions   couiu   »v«n,  r.i,.•.>.!.  .--.. Tiie vessel rolled
da suddenly drew bis short sword ?h|P w ^eavy° swell, and  sometimes
iiishcd ;it.  tio.  liiioor.    He had  ",'   ' ...  ',, ,,.,„, fnnr.d himself ir»»in
rushed at tbe prince.   U<1 1>;,(1 QHptain Ma'ttson found himself trou
wounded   him slightly, and  wjuld BevFen to ten feet below the surface
*    e killed him hut for the twojln- A-ione time the &**£*!* ™uS
isha-ruen,oDe'ol  whom grappled llffainst the vessels side woie a no
lithe assassin, while the other, by in the bag and the.wateren eie
wift movement,  turned the little and covered h m.   latitews.
In grateful recogni ion ot their ser- paired, tne woi
Vl«cs the Russian government gives I leak Btoppeu.
Best Menu in the City
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Come from the
Help   of  All Kindt; Furnished   on I f        ( (
Short   Notice '^c&c&i^^^BfBfBff^BfMft
i Poplar, B. C, November 4^ !9°4-
Suddenly   he   stood   up  in   his hed,
changed his clothes for a  uniform and
Afewdavsa^oaladvinSt^uis,;.-   toward   ihe  doer.     He fumbled
while   walkin/down   one   of    the I nown at tbe entrance, and uttered his
Masontown, Nov.   2.—$teve   Borok,
employed at the Bessemer  coke  plant,
reported today that  late   last   night   he
last words, "Now let me go to the war.'
streets of that city was attacked by a     Qiie captain, who seemed gloomy and Isaw a rnaii thrown  into a  coke  »-,,«
bold highwayman  who attempted to tl.oar)lf^ was a8kedby his friend, "Are |and cremateti.     Corok   says
rob her of her belonirin_rs. Did she vou jl]y.- ]h> answered, "Not a hit, my
faint or scream or beg for mercy, or J,.jerui. I am awfully afraid that 1 will
do any of the other things novelists
delight in ascribing to their heroines'?
Certainly not. She calmly and deliberately drew her rapier like hat
pin and proceeded to do business.
The footpad struck a gait that Major
soon be promoted. That's my cause of
" Whv so ? I shon'.ri say that it ought
to cause rejoicing," the friend said.
The officer replied, "Don't you know,
my friend, that if  one becomes a majoi
ie saw
three men scuffling on top of an o\\i\
and a moment later saw two of them
jump to the ground and disappear in
the darkness. Just then flames issued
from the oven as though fuel had been
tossed into it. Boroner Hagan todaj
ordered the oven drawn   when hkuken-
; Exchange   Hotel
, ,. [H'   \\ lie     J1UVOU      IV     'in     I'm..     pv.cn   iupvi
De mar might  envy, and according '
i^enu.11 imhui  ou   >, a   deprived of the great chance of going
— j.    _       _ j
he will lie moved   to  an   idle  post and   ed human bones and teeth were  Found
to late accounts is running yet. And
the lady still possesses her goods and
Another story from Rforristown, N.
J., is to the effect that a Mrs Stephen
to the front ? '
The murdered man  and   his   assailants
were unknown.
The Most   Beautiful
Love of country mav grow   at   home
tt'■*      7"       """',«!•*«_,»,.   _.-',   n   like the sturdy plant, but in a  foreign
Haines,   bv a  terrific nght   with  a - •.     '
mad  bull, saved   her  husband's life.
It seems the   animal   had  attacked
land it blossom? into glory      A   writer
From Tin  Herald 1
ork is progressing in a most  >.ui>-
on   the   waterworks
factorv    mannei
in the New York Sun   savs   that   Bonn ,
. .      ,    ,      ,' 1 plant and the water will  be   turned   on
1 mouths ago hundreds ol owenes  were '
Mr. Haines and   trampled  upon him,   turued away from Carnegie Hall, where in a few days.    It is going  to  prove  a
when the good lady   rushed out. and ■ t|ie  Swedish   students were giving  a great convenience to the people and  a-
wilh a few telling jabs with  a handy  concert.    Every   seat   was   filled,  bin rapidly as the work can   he  done  con-
pitchtork put the enraged animal oat the unfortunate late comers lingeied nections are being made for  the  mam
ot business. . for hours, hoping that  there mighi   be applicants.
Still another btorv, illus rating the turned tickets, which they could pit!
. ^. *!    i    , ♦ 1'or the henent ot ino>«.
,n  js ehaee at the last moment
Btrenuofiity of the modern worn:
,vho do not
happen lo  knew,   it   might   be  stated
Keeps a line of Nerve
Bracers that are not
surpassed in the Golden
West, and there is not a
cigar in the house needs
a windy day to smoke
it. Furnished rooms always ready for the
needy. Poplar prospectors always welcome and
given the besl
®   ®   ®
toldinthe  dispatches  irom  Omaha. I    Onewoman with  tears  in he,  ^res | ^^/^^^^^jioU^nrm.  |7 o7lhe I Notary    and    CommiS.lOIiev
Louis J. Piatti, a   prominent  lawyer jaml ™**< declared that she  liad  come •  ' . J wmw
and   Democratic   politician   of   that
place, tiled suit for divorce against
his wife, alleging that his better halt
assaulted him with an ice pick and a
revolver.     Shades  of   our   grand
mothers!     Talk   not   ot   man's  superiority   over   woman.    That   is a^
happy delusion enjoyed by our grand
But the average man of today must;
speak suit while the  wife  of his Do '
som carries the  big stick—and uses \
it   when   occasion   demands.—Commercial Appeal.
twenty -five niiles to  hear the Swedish »'sl wlil be entitled to .. Heal anj   plact
national hymn- within the legislative district   in which
For more than   two   hours  a lovelv he is registered.    That is to  say,   if a
blue-eyed girl stood with her  pale  face perspn living in the Femi   district   wa
almost    pressed     against    the   glass registered in that district In. might vote
door     Finally some one   said   to   her, any place in thai   disttict   from   CrowV
"Comedown here by  tin   opun   tenter Nest to   Kiko,   hul   lie   would   nol     1
\>or. and you wi.l hear better ' ,11 „„ Mi  ,rt   v. ., ,   ...    \v ,. 1- ,,.
aiioweu  10   vote   at    \\..tjiiv'i
i4No. thank you." said   she,   in  the place in the Cranbrook distri t.
hi WAKD BAH L1K A.N   \  ..,
Baillie, Vars & Co.
I .-•■ ite     Mi      -•  .■    I   i
r ipl .r b.c
'■■ H<,-i\U
or   .
Starkey & Co.,
softest voice.    '"I can see the flag here.'
Then, toward the end of the p.njra'fn.
came the national  livmu.     Everv  wn
r .
ppVl .;
A.    U.    I.1C> KUlu,
man's head   was  bowed  in  reverence;   SAODI  E     '111(1     PACTK    '•.*">*. Ka*l<
p\ ery man's hat came off     A  Swedis-h
LieutenantYoshichiyo Sato armed
at tiie Pnkusbima station on ins way to
the front, where his old mother was
waiting to see him off. As boom as she
caught a glimpse of her ?on, she ap
preached him, ami _.av.- hue a drink of
sake \\ uich she had brought with her.
It is a proper thing for a Japanese woman to offer the cup on such an occasion. And then she gave him a potato
thrust through with a bamboo chop-
stick, and saiu: '• Stab the enemy
through like this, my son, when you
arrive 011 the battlefield."
It was ht Kokura garrison that
some of the train-corps men were toeing
sent to the trout, while others were to
he left behind. A lirsr class private
listener, to test one of  tht-  bystanders,
a young girl, said to her,  i  diff rently,
"I don't think that nine  i-   v sry   w
instant'y tiie ev«S  flashed , -nark-   1 f
tire, a;ni the 1 >w,  soft voices  retun ed,
"Everyone loves his own country  hesl
Us own dear song is to   him  the most
beautit'ul in all the world
Supplies delivered to any
p ni of the district at
re tsonable rates. Prospectors outfits mo vTed and
Saddle Horses furnished
E. Ferguson A: i)
'' A_.-'.r
,      u il.i.i.v \! si MN..I.!.. OKORi ■ ;'
lAN.or t    mj   •   -     ■■■   1
m iy h        •    n.-fi n«d   Ii -   ''"
•  -i.i.. ■»!  K Ij.itl «•:    ■ .
i.,, 1    Mi; is...   tavlsiun    ■   W        K
Dial k'l
V .11.    i,. !      )       ::.,,.        I .
I -,, n I'1    « 111 :i-''-Minr w
....   li.u, t i«ctli r u Uli   •'
1I1.    :.me -i ■ " '■ Quti 1 ■
List llth   iu ii, audi r thw pr»>   ' 1 '■ "'
umuiuci viucuuuuuur course tli«Min.ml Aft and aniftudlHl ' , ,:
I , (»'-;.yv-ry--.-r-»^-»v       f.T.T.T ?▼.▼ V T.T^.T 1 :ia> •  _|el P.t tU.ii   .?   till JN "   .
ot debate on   proposals   of  certain   de-   ;4>-h-fc-AA--kA-'A~*   *.**--__*•**>-_»■___-• ,ni» noticei Xi-
Madrid, Nov. 2. — Prolonged ihd tumultuous scenes have occured in the
chamber of deputies during  the course
at MADRroiGeorge CHATAWAY,
POP1.AB,   B.C.-,
i3t>  i«»C^ ^JtMJ^   iJI
When the  discussion   was   resumed  tl
Saturday the    i consequent   on   M V>" l'
the opposition s obstructive tactics com-  H
■ 1     , -      r.   >  -_t.^-. U-yottiaUorri-fuuc t-> t-oiiirlUu
m   F. II. HAWKINS   m 11 "n™
***  1   _r> t   In
Viiir zzxzzzizxzzrzxxxzszS
I <t»li»-r with nil
JJ ' in th.' * 11<1 ••lailtii "l»-i.
pelted* a suspension of the sittini»  and
anlywent to his officer, dragging   the appointment of a secret commitiee
a comrade, aud snid:-I am a bachelor   t0   give judgment concerning  th,   hi-  K m>TENAY li\UA\'.\\ & NAN \i„\
andean go wuhout wy anxiety; but  wlM e3tchanRed dun       lhe   debales : lMN CoMi,ANVi LIMITEDt
my friend has a wife and three children
.•ii' 1
»|||      r  ,    .   .     . in- .      '.(UiUlJI
<»-«cv In tltJir tiehtill    i»e oftlUn '•   !,i
'vviluu *«..* the  JUt»e*nl Acl   A- ' v' '■
k'jtnt. .    ,
.:.;■ .>.J M» ;.fi .10. ..f a   v?i-i   A. I
•  •. ... ...   in 1 i< 1 foi   iiniile M
Lei no*, tro in nis stead."'
u sitting was subsequently renewed
The'other woild'uot hear of U, and The °PPosilio» ohsiinatvlv demanded
said: "it is true that Nakoa isa bache ro11 calls on votes» and lilL' proceedings
lor, but he is an ouiy son, and hi.-, old were healed and disorderly.
mother has no one except him to care The president, being threatened with
for her. Let me go, pray, rather than personal violence, had to lie protecte i
let him leave his mother."   The officer by  the  clerks  and   attendants.     The
crucifix   behind    the  president's  chair
hardly knew how to decide
A tirst recruit was in nis sick hed,
murmuring all the time, "My sickness
Arrows worse and mv strength is dis
appearing. And this is only one chance
of a tbou&a years to light Russia. 1
am enlisted in the military reserve,
and am not able to respond to the call.
What a misiortune !" And he began to
grow worse,
was gone.
and   presently ail hope
1 ;';.i, \ hng
Kasi.o & SLOGAN ftAILWA. .
K. & S. Ry,
!iV- 8:3oa.un.-Sandon~Ar 4:25 p.m.
Ar lo:45a.m.-Ka8lo-Lv 2:oo p.m.
Steamer ECaslo.
floor, and  inkstands I Lv l:3o p.m.-Kaslo-Ar Ll:oo a.m.
• |M>ll    "I     I
was overturned by blows of stocks;  all
ihe writing material on adjacent  desks
was swept lo ihe   fl<
were flung ai the vice-president.
Premier Maura was present in the
ministerial bench. It is reported thai
Premier Mama will suspend the sittings
and ask the chamber Tor a vote of eon-
fide nee.
T ' N  l'   in (MAN,oi toauj . •
n. wham In may havo ti inHfarwO"* ^    {
■ .   11 ii.    iv like mineral uliom -■   ■
on TumiiTfoul   ereek,   i    th«   ";"     '|M.
Mi.on-   Ulvi i n    -I Wwl Kowteiiaj
\-   r nn liereb) itoiilial thai »•« hove < ■      hd
1 mini ■••   loo in  ;.- •••;-i'i.i.i '■",| 4 ;
V,   flaim.toRelher with   " •" ' !
mm«   Hivli work Imhm requlit-a ai n     |i|1(j
mii \ to thi Bald I'l'iiiu for the y«ai,,11, V     ili«
uTiilla      September    md.    i;""'  ,"'""    ,,. g
,.,ivUI n   ol  the Mln. rnl a.-  and  ••      d .j
Ai '  • i   I   ii  ni   X|.11  ol  iu    .      •,,
i, mi ih« explrntlou of th.   lii ' i;"1 L   M
1   ....        . .           i ■, i I i it
Ii' i noti
.     . „". Tin' Nuirgol   you fail or
Ar4::h,!,.,n.-Nelson-1.v 8:00 a.m. 'iSX^S\rX^^^ ^   ill!
v\..u   ♦■       ii,        ii                   i           ,• il a Vi   tlalliu viur iiil-iv-t O"   ;';'hI  ""''   ...    mini)
rickets sold to all partB of the I tilted Khali becomei vested In ui youre..-«>w      ;1( ',,,„
btatesandl anads via Great Northern niUmcin the nroiwr oflica in tn« •« Mll,.l-1
andO It &N Comparw's line. _fflA.W7Aff
_                                                            I       .. ;   ,\K-\   ASHtWlIlCUl   Aft.   lWlHI.                                 .      |,     pill.
For further partieulai   call on or ad-
d iBERT i K v ING, Id wager, KH«
"«'■'«'Id--"'Olay V'^^'MUi'M^'^'
Eric btrand.


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