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The Nugget Oct 28, 1904

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Vol. I.   No. 48.
Crow's Nest will be a town of some
importance. It is about fifty miles east
of Fernie at tbe summit Next spring
the C P. R W'H cut out Macleod as a
divisional point, and establish points at
Lethbridge and Crow's Nest Paitof
the lake at the latter town will be filled
in and need for swiieh yards. A Good,
the only hotel keeper at Crow's Nest,
intends to build a much larger hotel
thie winter.
Last Sunday, on a Jtrail near Coal
Creek Nansen and Shearer had a
row over a dog which both of them
claimed. Both men had been hunting and had guns in their hands.
They did not shoot each other but
had a row iu the old-fashioned manner. The case was heard in the pro
vincial court on Tuesday and dis
missed. This proves that even a dog
will sometimes cause expense and
trouble.    _	
Ride on  Freights
An order has been issued bv the
General Superintendent of ihe C.P.RT,
by which commercial travellers will
he permitted to use freight trains when
travelling between points on the Pacific
Division. The privilege was cancelled
wilh the inauguration ot' the double
daily train service, but after the withdrawal of (hat service travellers suffered
considerable inconvenience by often
having to wait over all day in some
littk   place. Representations    were
made to the C, V. K. and the privilege
<>l using freight trains was again
Flathead Oil Claims
W, G. Bumham, a locator of claims
in Ihe hat head valley, states that the
chief difficulty facing the locators of oil
lands, is to discover which of the locators have compiled with the laws in
the matter of staking and recording.
Mr. Rurnham is quite satisfied that
the country is rich and that those who
have acquired rights there will make
profits. He lays no blame upon the
provincial government, but says that in
'lie rush for claims prior Unations were
overlooked, and the multiplicity of
stakes on some ground will certainly
,;>us(.' litigation which may have the
effect of retarding the development of
die country. Mr. Bumham will have,
conceding every conflicting claim, over
6°0 acres of good oil lands, and is quite
intent with   his ptoperty.     He be-
,,eve9 that any Canadian company
grating in the oil fields can make a
handsome profit on any outlay.
k The Mollie Gibson silver nugget is
"He of the chief features In the Colo-
ni(io display in the mines and metal-
ll,rKV building at St, Louis. The
nu8get came from the Mollie Gibson
m'ne and is nearly pure silver. It
Weighs 397 pounds and if coined would
'Mj,kl' 6,630 silver dollars.
Poplar, b. COctober 28 ,1904.
$2.00 A Year.
London, Oct. 26.—Owing to the North Sea tragedy pre-
limmary orders for mutual support and co-operation have
been issued by the Admiralty to the Channel and Mediterranean home fleets.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 26. At midnight the Admiralty
announced that they had not yet received Admiral Rojeet-
venkys reasons for firing on the English fishing" fleet.
London, Oct. 26. Late last evening the foreign office
announced that no further statement in reference to the
North Sea tragedy would be issued tonight it being considered unwise to make any intermediate proclamation concerning diplomatic proceedings, in view of Great Britain's
announcement that the matter would not brook delav.
Hight Be So-
New York, Oct. 26. Yesterday, for the Standard Oil
Company, T. Dodd issued a statement denying that the
Standard was or ever had been in any way interested in any
business not directly related with and necessary to the petroleum trade. Neither had the company or any of its offiicers
taken part in securing nominations of any candidate for
office. '
Remember the Crane
London,, Oct. 26.—The firing of the Russian fleet at the
fishing boats off Spurnhead is looked upon as a deliberate
act to draw England into war. Last Saturday morning the
Russians fired into the fishing fleet sinking the Crane and
killing its skipper and one other man. Other trawlers
were seriously damaged by shots, the Mino having 16 shots
in the hull.     Intense indignation prevails all over   England.
Raised to Tens
Winnipeg, Oct. 26.— Quite a number of "raised" one
dollar United States bills are in circulation in Canada.
Clever 'penmen' are converting them into tens. The
Treasury secret service department says that the counterfeiters are men of ability. The word 'one' and the figure '1'
on both sides of the bill have been changed to read Hen' and
'io.' The substitution can be discovered only by the brownish, halolike appearance of the 'raised' letters and figures.
Coal in New Brunswick.
St. John, N. B., Oct. 26.—Branch railways from
Adamsville to Beersville, a distance of seven and a half
miles and from Beersville to Mount Carlisle mine, two and
a half miles, are now complete. The coal found in the
New Brunswick fields is said to be of excellent quality,
while the boring for oil has been attendant   with   results  of
the most encouraging nature.	
Another Race.
Raymond, Oct. 26. -Billy Smith is matched to run a
raCe with Kenzie here who is heavily backed by the Mormon
Several important meetings were
held raesday in connection with the
Great Northern Mines, Ltd. First
there was a special general meeting
at 10 o'clock in the morning at which
certain changes in the articles of association were approved these related
chiefly to quorums and to the borrowing powers of the company.
Afterwards the general annua
meeting whs held. The report ot the
directors was presented, outlining the
opeiations ot the past year. This
was discussed at length and finally
adopted J. M. Lay was appointed
audi or of the company and the fol
lowing* directors elected: W. B.
Pool, Nelson; W. F. Cochran, Mac-
le_d; J. J. Young, Calgary; F. W.
G-dsal, Cowley; T. Kilpatrick, Revel-
stoke; J. A. Lade and B. Crilly.
Camborne; ft. M. Morgan, Poplar;
and S. A Sutherland, Ferguson.
Last, night the first meeting ot the
new board of directors was held with
W. F. Cochran in the chair. The
following officers were elected: Presi
dent, W B. Pool, vice president aiid
general manager, W. F, Cochran;
assistant manager. B Crilly; solicitor
and secretary, li. Hodge.
Mr. Cochran has resigned his position as general manager ot the Cochran Ranch Co. to undertake the
management ot the Great Northern
Mines, ot which he is one of the largest stock holders.
The meetings were vtry largely
attended by the shareholders and
there was a lull attendance at the
directors meeting. At the close of
the latter all expressed then selves
as well pleased with the results.
The new general manager, W. F.
Cochran, ho has lived iu Macleod,
will arrange at once to make his
residence ana headquarters in Nelson, where the office ol the company
is situated.
Fire  at Marysville
The mill of ihe Laurie Lumber Co.,
at Marysville, was destroyed by fire
early Saturday morning. The fire
started at about 12.20 a. m., it is said,
in the roof of the building but before
anybody was on the ground the flames
had gained such headway that it was
out of the question to do anything In
the way of saving the building or machinery, all of which is a total loss.
.Some jinall amount of lumbe%pMm8
burned but only that which was close
to the mill. No further damage is
anticipated, though the manager of the
Sullivan smelter has a crew at work on
a large pile of sawdust which is still
smoldering. The loss is estimated at
$5,000. There is said to be $2,500
Melancholy Days
The melancholy days have come,
The saddest of the year;
Too warm for whisky strah/b'  '
Too cold tor lager *-
■ H
Poplar, B. C, October 28, 1904.
published every Friday at Poplar,
ia sent to any address for *2 00 a year
Kootenay  Valley  Railway
The annual meeting of the Kootenay
Is published every Friday at Poplar, B. C. and   central Railway was held at Fort Steele'
on Wednesday.     At the provisional dir- ,
Commercial advert^ +MM an inch for   ector's meeting a stock book was open- I
four insertions.   Reading notices 15 cents a line   ed and 15 per cent ot the total eapitah-1
each insertion.   Legal advertising 10  cents a   _.ujon Qf lhe COmpaOV  was subscribed. !
line Hrst insertion, and", cents a line each sub ■•
Owing to  the absence ot   V\ . A. .Mac
Capital authorized 84.000,000
Capidal (paid up) 3,000,000
Rest       -    -    -    -     2.850,000
Head Office:
Branches in the Northwest Territories, Provinces of British Columkj
sequent insertion.   Certificate  of  Improvemen
notices, ifi; Delinquent co-owners  notices,   -1
Address all  letters to R, T. LOWERY. Ferine. B.C.
Gray   hair  is seldom   caused   by intellectual effort.
Many a woman   could   make  a     lor
tune if she had the face to do it.
A baby does not see why an\ one
else should want to sleep when it is not
donald, who  represents large financial
! interests in  the enterprise, the meeting
was adjourned till October 2qth.
C. Hungerford Pollen, who is financing the enterprise, stated that under an
agreement entered into with those for-
merlv in control ot the Kootenay Central Railway company the surveys made
in 1908 have been extended and are
now nearly finished. The Canadi in
Pacific ail way had shown a friendly
spirit toward the enterprise, and had
through president Shaughnessy promised reasonable  traffic arrangements.
Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. -""ma,
T. R  MERR1TT, President. D. It. WILKJEj Vice-Pres. undGan u
$. HAY, Assistant Gen. Manayer.       \V   M< >FFA T, Chief Inspector "
Trout Lake, B.C., Branch:   A General Banking Business Transacted
Savings Department—Deposits received and interest Allowed.
Drafts sold  available iu  all   | arts of  Canada and the United States    Suae'l
attention given to Collections, Mining Bondsmwl butineit traiismetod i
E. K.  BOULTBEE, Man*™,
One peculiarity about money is that j The president of the C. P. R. had also
it takes so much longer to earn it than ; permitted the employment of the most
it does to spend it.
A man may smile  and   be  a   villain
but   he  cannot   hold   his j->b as one on
the stage if he does.
A   man   feels   complimented   lo   be
experienced C. P. R. surveyors for the
survey of the route. It was now thought
certain that the provincial government
will no longer withhold the bonus that
was promised at the last session. In
conclusion he >ta!ed that he was auth-
orided to renew the contract  for innne-
called a "sly dog,"   but   justr  try "de- ; dia{e con>lruolion wilh th
ceitful puppy" on him once.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capita!, $3,700,000.        Reserve Fund, |B,000,000
Apsfrejrate Resource! Exceeding 188,000,000.
Hon. GEO A. COX, President. H. B, WALK Ell, Genera I Manager.
t        ELSON    . RANCH
i (.'posits Received ami Interest Allowed
J   L   BUCHAN, M.iii.g,.-
e government
should it assist the company in a reasonable way.
The Fort Steele Prospector from j
j which the above report is taken, sa\s;
that construction will be commenced as!
soon as the surveys are completed. The '
paper fun her says there is 00 doubt the
construction being commenced before
January 1st.  1905.
Adam certainly was not   a   financier, j
What did he overlook ?
When he proposed lo Eve, if he had
had the proposal copyrighted see what
royalties his descendants could be
They say that all the world's a   stage,
And it's a fact.
All girls, regardless of their age, Kul1   River  Placers
Think thev can act. Not since   1864-1866   has   Southeast]
Kootenay furnished a placer camp that
Frightened by Bladders. justified   the  general   attention   of the
The groundless terror of two ele- mining public outside of the district in
phants at some blown bladder* af- which the camp was situated. But
lorded amusement to the visitors at j latelv, a number of mining publication*
the   Zoological   garden,   Philadelphia,   have   discovered    that     the    old    lime
' *d *C  >«W    _*_t%
KEEP   tfOUR   OPTICS   ON |fl|
$     GOLD   HILL
It is the coming Citv at the Second Grossing
■Qnfl w"*_
34  MEN'S  SUITS 34
a while ago.
placers situated on   Wild   Horse   creek
4'.You know-that elephants are afraid j ha> heen a constant producer of the
of small objects," said the head keeper ! yellow metal since that time. It has
.«U the garden. "Last July we gave also been brought to the attention of
our elephants a bath every afternoon-j capital, and mining men, that Bull1
We threw half:a dozen inflated blad- ; ri\ er. "hidden away""' among the font-
ders into the pond one day when thev j hill* of the main range oi ihe R*j kie-,
were in to swim. Al first the bladders!»s one o\ the mosi attractive pU<\r
almost seated ihem lo death. Then J mining camps in British Columbia
Empress struck at one  with her trunk,   1h;it American capital i- now engage!
and when it boundeJ into the air both
trumpeted and scrambled out of the
pond. Venturing hack soon after,
Empress, who ha* the curiosity of her
se* and a mind of her own, gently
fished one of lhe bladders out of the
water and then kicked at it with her
hind feet. No serious results follow ing,
she continued her investigations, which
ended by her putting her front foot on
the bladder. It exploded with a loud
report and the two elephants scampered home in terror."
And yet it would be easy to till a
volume with interesting accounts of the
intelligence of elephants, one of the
best of which is that doubtless familiar
to some of our readers, in which an
elephant puts ils trunk inside a tailor's
open window, expecting an apple or
some such luxury. The tailor pricked
it vvith a needle. The elephant with-
drew its trunk, went lo a dirty pool,
filled its trunk with muddy water, and
returning, poured il over the tailor.
not only in developing  its   placers,   but
also the immense water-power  of  that
river,   estimated   in   he  aboul    15,000]
horse power.    Within .. radius of ;1 few
mites are .1 half-dozen mines that   have
been panically developed,  that   have  a
considerable  quantity    of   ore  on   lhe
dump ready   for  shipment.      On   Fen-
wick  mountain,   overlooking   ihe   Bull
river placers, are situated not less   ihan 1
forty locations made upon ihe immense !
body of hematite iron discovered in this I
section of the district.      Several   thousands of dollars have  been   expended   in
the development of these claims showing up the largest body of hematite
iron ore in British Columbia.
The building of the Kootenay Central railway will give to these mining
and industrial enterprises adequate
means of transportation, anj the
harnessiug of Bull river water-power
will furnish cheap power and light to
the mines and towns in (fa Kootenay
valley. —Fort Steele Prospector.
At Cost For Cash
We have onlv 34 of those fine suits left    Conic early and
Oet vour choice.
w e have just received a large consignment of the well-
known Ames Holdcn Shoes
We have everything thai is wan; d in tin; Mining* Camp
in  the way of Dynamite. Fuse, Caps, Picks, I'rill
Steel, S!i>w!s. i roceries and Provisions.
Har*. Cans. Overalls. Ro«»ts, Snoes, ere, etc.
L _Wfc<!__J---l k% kwkVw % M:    3
Poplar Townsite
55   See Future Ads.   ft IT—nil -  i -Wi"
PofLAR, B. C.-| October 28, 1904.
The engine whieh runs the St. Eu-
,,, ,,ie mill broke down Friday alternoon
1IK1 ;,s a consequence it was necessary
,,, close down some of the workings
;llKl layoff some of the men. It will
probably lake five or six days lo repair
the damage and to get the mill in
operation again. Owing to the scarcity
,,i water the engine has been overtaxed
l0 mil the mill. It is an So horse
power engine and has been doing the
work of 100 horse power engine. Ii
will be repaired and a new one ordered
which will be of 200 horse-power. Wilh
[he new engine and new pump it will
be possible lo operate the mine regardless of the water supply Irom I In
flumes.- Leader.
A Great Benefit
|i 1 here should be any   douhl   in   ih<
uverage mind as  to   the  direct   beneli
ai\iuing    to   the   Boundary    from   in
cinsiruciion   of  the   ureal    Norther
branch from Grand  Forks lo   Phoeuixj
a realization of lhe comfortable  payrol
fir lhe month of September  will   throw
>»iie light on ihe subject—thai   payroll
b ing in lhe neighborhood of $125,000
Ii ,-> ihe custom with these railwav
contractors* to pay 00 ihe 20th of each
month for the work done during the
previous calendar month. Accordingly lasl Thursday an official from lhe
office o( J. VV. Siewart started out
alonv the line to distribute the pay-
checjues, and was expected to reach
Phoenix, where lhe largest bunch of
of men on the line   have   headquarters.
Of the total monthly payroll probably
$40,000 *>■' 850,000 is paid out in time
cheques before payday to the consider-
able proportion of laborers that are
always moving along. Of the $75,000
s,u remaining, al I0.1M $25,000 is paid
mil 10 men who are working on the
construction immediately surrounding
Phoenix. Wilh the $45,000 pnid out
I.im week to the miners employed in
Ore is now being shipped from the
new ore bunkers at the Brooklyn mines/
The owners of the Silver Cloud
Retting ready  to   make a shipment of
their high-grade ore.
Total ore shipments from the Mother
Lode mine for the month ot September
were 14,784 tons.
The work of erecting the ore bunkers
at the Rawhide mine has been started,
and is now well under way.
Nine cars every 24 hours is the output of ihe Brooklyn mine at present,
making 1,890 or more tons per week.
The Senator, in Summit camp, is
once more on the shipping list, begin-
nihg last week to send out ore. A
dozen men are employed.
For the month of September the ore
tonnage of Kootenay and Yale runs
about 115,009 tons, Boundary mines
contributing a good deal more than
The new No. 3 tunnel ore bins of the
Granby mines are beginning to assume
shape. Foreman Wright has a large
force of men at work at that point.
October 251I1 the annual meeting of
the Providence Mining Co., Ltd., will
be held at Greenwood, and the report of
a most successful year will be heard by
the shareholders. It is not unlikely
that another dividend will be declared
at  lhat time. — Pioneer.
Commercial Hotel
CHAS. HANSON, proprietor.
First-class in  every  department.     Wines,   Liquors   and
Cigars the finest procurable.    The Menu has no equal
in   the Lardeau.    Call and be  convinced   that
The Commercial is the Best
McKinnon &
Carry the largest stock in the Lar-
Gust  -  Almgren
dean, including
Miners and
Has leased the dining room
of the KAISEK HOUSE in
Poplar and serves regular
meals at popular prices. A
trial will convince the public
that   the   man   behind   the
range understands his busi
■ lroperties of Phoenix, this makes a
round total of $70,000 paid in waives
Ii iv ibis month.     Pioneer.
The Jajw fnttffbt an engagement at
JattVay lastSundav and caused one
lumber jack tu Hash the white flag,
Another lumberjack, hy the name
of Connor, :00k a can <>! coai oil from
ji brownie at the point ot a gun,
piU'tl hay under the Jap boarding
mi; poured oil over it, touch d «
match and let the fierce flames chase
the bed-bogi while he held the
brown men in subjection with the
fear of his gun. When the lire had
burned long enough to suit Connor,
ot in true cowl) »v fashion waved his
tfun and the brownies extinguished
ll>e cleansing but destructive tlement.
By this time excitement around the
uimp was pushing the safety valv
juk1 telegrams poured into Fernic
Cranbrook   yesterday,   hm.   Connor
w&8 not among them
Hl)ly cached in some lum
snd wondermjj why man issostrenu
ous when he is loaded to the upper
BtPpe with lighting whiskey.
Oil in Alberta.
Says ihe P'nuher Creek Echo: On
Wcndesday Mr. John Lineham presi-
Jent of the Rocky Mountain Oil and
Development Co. reached town with
the goCKJ news that one of the company's wells was pumping at the rate
of two or three hundred barrels per day.
The How was sudden and steady. Not
having the necessary tanks on hand a
good deal of oil has been wasted. On
Friday Mr. Lineham left for the oil
wells with a tinsmith and a large supply of iron sheeting for tanks. It is
lhe intention of die company toinciease
lhe How. There is now no doubt that
lise oil is there in large quantities and
the company is to he congratulated on
lhe success of its long and faithful prospect, in which
arge  sums   have   been
Lasted  n  Year
Denver, Colorado.- The strike ol
C0H| miners of district No. <5. United
Mine Worker of America, which has
been on for a year, has been practically
dosed up according to a despatch 10
the News from Trinidad. The commissaries are closed, most of the tents
have been taken down and the men are
looking for situations whereevei
can gel them.
The Kaslo Hotel
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
How it is Done
Certain newspaper once
• - „        . \ ivitron o   a cci i«»i" i»v-.-j-"-,
"I  telegrams poured   into kernle     A P»w» „„„. is u Vl,u never
•ting that » riot wm In progress |««'o.      • for        for ym„. pa|«r?
id to tend .11 the police in .i.-ht. A «   «» ' ^ ^ rf lv|WS ..we
'tachment   went tprwnrd   and w-    "»' eenileinan for money."
•ted four men who were token to never hsk .in                      ,.Ho_
ranbrook   yesterday,   bnt   Connor    Indeeai he
He i. P«b4f^r^" Tad the clicker
amber pile, don' pay? Wy,              .^ ^
and ask him."
The Royal Hotel
Poplar, B.C.
Has cocktails for the
nervous, beer for the
delicate, whiskey for
hardy mountaineer, &
cigars for those who
prefer narcotic to alcoholic stimulants.
The Kaiser House
First Street, Poplar.
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior in West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
Poplar Millionaires.
ejt    c$t   cf»
E.   MORA N I).
Help  of All Kinds Furnished   on
Short   Notice
Besl Menu in the City
®   $   ®
I tod Rooms Large and
We Hell Liqupra
Jus! ms The\
(Jonie from the
$   9   ®
■ ■
Poplar, B. C, October 28,  1904.
DON'T   SCAB Connor In Montana.
When vou smoke « eh>ar     Jaffray,   Oct.  26.-P. F. Connor,  who set   fire   to   the
^er«^ boarding car here on Sunday, and generally  played   the
&«vR„a Whip Cigars are Union Goods j wjid West act, has been seed  in   Hayden,   Montana.     The
ruade bv
]\.   P.    KIIBOURNE &   CO.JC- P. R. and Provincial police have gone after him,  and   he
Winnipeg, Man
Represented by GEORGE HORTOX.
will likely be extradited on a charge of arson.
Is the pioneer hotel of
Three Forks, and a pleasant home
for the wearv traveller. Rooms
reserved by telegraph.
HUGH NIVEN, Proprietor.
Opposite Court House and now Pest-
office.   Best 25c meal in town.    Euro
peati ami American plan.   Only white
labor employed.   First class har.
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Street. Nelson.
All  Over Sheep.
Lethbridge, Oct. 26. —J. Seeley, a prominent Mormon
sheep owner of Stirling is charged with stealing 1,200 sheep
belonging to B. Grote. In a storm not long ago the sheep
strayed from the band and found Seelev's. When charged
Seeley stated that he had bought them from Gray, another
rancher, and denied that Grote's sheep were with his.
Seeley has been remanded until next Saturday, bail being
W. E. MuCANDUSH. Proprietor.
Bot dollar a-day   Hotel   in   N«'!so:i
Hoard and   room, .six  dollars a   week.
Board and r«.«oiii by the moi th, twenix -
live dollar*.   Meal Tickets (_'l  meaih)
live dollar*
No LtQUO-t Sold on* the Premises
Vhosk IH8.
4,   A   SHAVE,   4,
*    SHAMPOO    ▼
4> 0R BATH 4*
*+        AI.W.Ws READT AT        ▼
»»lo \\>« tin in* ter It oh it.
The Rev. Homer L. McKinney. a
Methodist minister of Freeport, Pa.,
and one ot the best known evangelists of the Erie conference, has been
working a new and strange graft.
Representing himself as two or more
girls, he entered into c trreapondence
The jrovertunent will build A wagon
n>ad into tie Flathead country and have
appointed a surve.er to look over the
ground At present the V V. It. has t
pavk trail leading into it from Crow's
Neat ami Monis»ey. All think that the
hept   route   i*   fnm    their   ie-pcetive
Exchange   Hotel
Keeps a line of Nerve
Bracers that are not
surpassed in the Golden
West, and there is not a
cigar in the boiue needs
a windy day to smoke
it. Furnished rooms always ready fur the
needy. Poplar prospectors always welcome and
given the best
®   ®   ®
IOO.OOO Bulb*  now in   -Kick limn   H(»1!;iik1
Wnupe and Japan.
lliOl"AM)S     OF     HilMT     AMI    OK-
It luxlode ii<lron«,       Hdmi,       <.r«rn lionmc
and    Hardy    Plant*    for    Fall    riaiOinjf.
Uuimu (jridwii  .ni'i tin ported
i.inil.ii,    * i«-l«l    and    Flower   »iii:U,
A 1 w t\<i in    t'l.'k in >t.'H.» hi.
(Iretrii   house   I11I   nl   Hants.  Cut   EloWeM.
r'lor I Work.       Huy 'lirect and wcure fluent's
■ 'iiniiiii>-)i<iii.
Catalogue   lice,    'ir    1 • «i 11   Hilil   .'■v.Hlililn-   >tock.
Vancouver,  B.C.
with men living in the west, wrote Jiowna. Dalley,.who hna I., en nil over
them affectionate letters an i promised
to £0 and marry th iu if they would
send car tare. He can hi quite a
number at $50 each, but tw.> Cali-
rbrnians who started east to investigate met on the train compared
notes, and Seeing that they had been
swindled, placed the matter in the
hai.ds of the uos a 1 authorities. The
reverend evanffclis. is now in jail at
Pittsburg awaiting a court hearing.
Wanted Immediately
AOfMltw ' " ~" r nu M'ecs, Kanpl.crr..
^LUIS liofiM'lwrry and Currant Inislu*
etc "Good pay uvel.l/: o ilit live. Then; if»
tdir money  in   'liw w  rk   i■ r luetw.rli     men.
Over 000 acres. JAftli
tlvation, over 6fX) acres of Nursery Stock including the choicest and best varieties for Orchard
and Garden planting. We will deliver goods to
customers in good condition, freight paid. Our
agents have every advantage that this line of
business can offer them.   Apply now for terms
Pelham Nursery Co.,
l_r   Will make .irr.uigementrf for local aguncy
or the len.dlliiK of exclusive terrtlorte*.
Fernie is well supplied with ho els
and has more building The King
Edward and Imperial are hard to
beat in anv town. The Central,
Northern and King's have an immense business. The Roma is run
by two Welshmen, and the Queen's*
appeals to railroad and lumber men.
IheNapanee was opened a month
ago and is up to date, a splendid sya
tern t/f electric call bells having been
put in last week. The Wald >rt will
! soon be opened. It will be heated
with hot water and have all modern
j improvements. The Hotel Femi ,
I with its 46 elegant rooms and steam
! heat, will be open to the world about
the end ot November. \Y. Ttrtle is
now building what will ultimately
be the wing of his new Hotel Royal.
He has the plans ready lor a three
story brick and stone building on the
old corner, which will have elevators
and all modern Conveniences When
the corner building is ready foroc
cupancy the wing now building will
be used for a hall. By the end of
the year Fernie willl have more and
better hotels than any city of its size
in the world.
the Flathead, states that the Le?t route
for a w.il'O road i* from 1\ niie in the
direction »4 Coal creel;. A meeting of
the Fernie Board of Trade will he held
in a gh'nli time to di-euss the matter.
The hviMing of such a wagon road to
Fernie meat B a great deal of trade for
this city.
Supplies delivered to any
part of the district at
reasonable rates. Prospectors outfits moved and
Saddle Horses furnished
eopjiVlt,   is.e,
Notary  and  Commissioner
KDWABU Daii.i.ik
Baillie, Vars & Co.
Real  Beeate,   Mining and  Eaeoranoe  AgeiiU
Starkey & Co., JO*
Fruit. Kgg*. tivo >n unit dti er Provisions
NI.!.sun. B.C.
A. K. Heylaml. KS
veyor. Ka.-io
E. Ferguson & Co.*ST
WM »ak   Dealer-   In   Wim's   [aqnon *ni
(Jnrars.       Agent, lor Pftbit Beef.
ASSAY Eli,     ' M
^AM>i»n,  B.C. Wt
It is easier to find a man with money
to invest in a good mine than it is to
find a miner with a good mine for sale.
When was beef tea introduced into
4£ugland on a large scale ? When
Henry VI11 dissolved   the Pope's Bull.
A Pittgbusg copper dealer has received a shipment of 15,000 pounds of
copper from Korea. The shipment
represented a lo.id of mutilated copper
coins, estimated to be from 2,000 to
3,000 years old. The copper was
boughi at the rate ( '
K. & S. By.
Lv 8:3oa.m.-Sandon-Ar 4:25 p.m.
Ar lo:4.~>u.in.-KaKlo-Lv 2:oo p.m.
Steamer Kaslo.
LV l:3o p.in.-Kaslo-Ar ll:oo a.m.
Ar4:3op.m.-Nelnon-l.v 8:00 a.m.
Tickets sold to all parts of the United
States and Canada via Great Northern
and 0. H & N Company's lines.
For further pmticulai   call  on or address
~ .IUV.JNG, M umger, Kaslo,
1() WILLIAM s^HNKLh, QIOROE HAGERMAN. or t.»iiny i»«'r.-*on <>r i».t*)ii» W wlloni
ihei unyli.u.; trtneferred tli«-Iriiii«r\*« "
the' Corned miweral eUlia. -ini*t« 011 w
nofflewe-l tMuat It.ipiilcne-, in the Trout
Luke   Mining   D-ivfcU.rti  of  Wn*   koo(«i»y
V"i' *r.' Iicr.-l.y.otirtfil that I t»»vf t"ipe_*«]
I     the -mil of -U)»(«»In li'MNMneht work o\\w
.|.MV,u-l.ilm. twth..r with rt.M ('"■ 1Vord'"5
lli.u -mmo -iii-li work l.<--lnp hm"*1'-*1 *"? .""^
Mtry lo  \u-.*;uA claim for tin/  >ear» !»»»». ,u"
iMKAllKll^tllth.   IJM4.  uiiilnr Hi* |.rnvi.«wiji •»
tin! Mineral  Act anil  AiiumiiIIiiic Aet-; »na  n,
uttlin.-xplnitloiiitf ninety <luy» from   '"'.''
ol th   th** piib.ir.itl n of IIih ni'tn■■■■ni IM xinr
Kft. w..« fiillorr.fiiM-to coMiiilwite yoar jw;
I'Mition  uf-ucli MMiidllure, MiiiiHs.;. "■',,!.__.—_■
is'ctli.T wllli all coilKofn.lvorlhii..' '"!'" V"'1.,,
In the Mtd diiitn ^Imll 1'i'ciiic v«-i'"« '» "' '
(vour   i-.. owner)    liMil   tilllnix l«  ,1"'1,1', L
0 ;,», inih.it behalf the eWiUvil '"i"'' %!;
n'c.loiitof Hi.'  Mini'ial Act   lufcietemeni  >» •
1 WO, i,
Ditel ihl* i.th <Ihv of Aimtftt A. i» i|KM
Knlwr Hotiftt. Poplafi ''•    •,, MllIlZ.
Attorney in fact for Minnie Mi""
TON   P   ROMAN, or to any .icrflon "r fjjjjj!
t.. whom he may have tran#wrrea an. ,
uatinthe Klondike mineral claim I»»"%„
on Tenderfoot creek. In the U l d^
Mining   Dlvtotun     Of West hoot.i.n.v
VOU arc hereby notille.1 that wc have Mj» ^
I   the iam of «loo hi iwrtiinent ***£.dioa
above claim, together will. 0M to\     <'
the lame, men wurk being rwiuirea •>'"  , H,„i
"aryto thi. said claim  for the jean   ■»•     the
•ndhi     September   tud. t__W, .uP°fendtog
p ovinloiiB of the Minerol Act anfl *" (lliy»
AOt'lfand if at lhe expiration of Mfjoll of
ftom the expiration of the flrtt PUl,IIC fUlrt, (0
thin notice in The Ntarget, you n.11'''r,.,„iitnre.
contribute your poition ol lOcn "*Jj (i(),,g 0f
■ amely. #1 .HI l-l. together wltn . c,a|„i
adveitlflltiK your Interest in ,flW ,,ri) u|X)"
shall become vested In u* lv<>»"' W°? .inif tl,f!
HlliiiK In the proper office In thai '""jjineffl
affidavit! required hy section 1 of in*
Act 4ueumenl Act. 1800. . . n. |904<
Dated thli ami day ofgefjtemMif «• rTagoN.
Krlo Strand.


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